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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 6, 2019 7:00am-7:11am EDT

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put the cap back on t toothpaste and come on into your living room to lten to what vlad has to say. here's what you'll be talking about today. me accused of sabotaging a flight over stalledt
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it had toactr c dono with can l overtime work. pilots th tracks critical flight information and aborted the flight before takeoff. phew. 150 people were onboard. the aircraft was due to fly to the bahamas. the list of retailersing taking the stand in the gun groe among the list to ask customers to stop openly carrying even if the states allow it. the announcement came after walmart and kroger thee mad>> c >> we'll see how they try to ever.ce that wn he
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four more albums. ie you're setting a message ade sort of did the same thing. vell>>ett'ofaveave td sam mat's whate wn'a. doak that what know him asi' ll monet self-esteem and diversity. beat. >> stopkilyginul jt
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cool. ot i washeesdalues 10 .this. >> i was goi to say, v on o reaminwhg o'ses ic te her.cbsn. find it on or the cbnews app. iaitn not h oasver.ff ithe or bahamas for 48 hours. what a time to be alive.
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no rs youorlif yohave a ory of depressionrescribing information hi ment somet eople ustaking otezla nreported weight loss. ous. ory oupr iratoract infeiour information octoand headache may occ ur.yo tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. is still a bigevent. as y wer behd houryouou're getk loo gusts of5 g60 r enough to turn debris into projectiles. we've moved in a littl closer to try to avoid it. at taibbi where we rode out the storm in a condoine're sta next to, we experienced 90-mile-per-hour winds.out 13 of the eye. it was a prette y ab'rwe frightening
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thae winds strong enough to wh up tornadoes. yester ty 13nados touched down three the area. we were actually at emerald island yesterday in the tornados rippedgh an f those park, damagin dozens ifrv not over a hundred mobile homes there. o hwiethe gentlemen i spoke tod was trying to bunker down his place and leave in a bathroom with his wife. the tornado warnings have been lifted, but now it's the flaoo that are a big concern. we've already got atoo ff exp oe inchesto swaowars o e ro.. e'sthno a's e curfew for most of the coast here o north carolina. emergency vehicles are the only vehicles permitted on the roads. tony? thaounkth
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after they're back with their ho didn't hear from them for 48 hours. wes famiplus,r for u.n. ambassaa nter powks retired? p
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we've been hearing harrowing stories after people after hurricane doriantt fla i nikki battisin nassau, the bahamian capital. nikki, this sounds extremely >> scary. eporter: yes, it is, jericka. good morning. pam and joann tell usyhethe wr the phone with their husbands back in the u.s. when their screens went black, and for the 48 hours their husbands feared the worst. >> we were terrified. lallyfihe hse ale. nd- and we weer
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s.rrst television for 20 hours a day, elerdeatok was le o theac hricane to, but the people inen geur arreyefohebe t like 1-year-old raine and her mother. >> what kept me going, child. i look at her and isough not gf
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wood and breathing through his ne er ick. v'my uss experience told ushihith ma. 's time to ft'ocus i ons what's lyfa. so c bkmi e's regrouped.ony? those ories ithan n t eo peaspl d ambainss fadoramanporwea i i er a
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the ross fall fashion even
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has all the looks for way less... th's yesortoff >> y wriut aheedoi i
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w?edhoy to eromyryig a ns nte oowfnd t rvei
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taliban did do wit women. to defeating tht.eour leade ande t, stal and, again, after 18 years, i it'sem tat to bring our about
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balance th work ty waington b nationals ga omef , d neso o every parent has that expiencry j. declan. hi li pema n tcolleae, and it turns out she was h going throu tgh enere's ea community of should just know that ere's no n for havihe r pig kcihtilngwe'r b
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boutl barnett traveled on ahetis ofoafloadewhichod of ais uare friends. ch other's ndght
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>> yeah. ls >> imayoundhars buti o ounsnd you. >> you recognize your s it''s intimern to make the switch to as
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