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tv   WUSA 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 10, 2019 12:00pm-12:04pm EDT

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coming in. 86 today. tomorrow we will add to week after he decided to use his money he was saving to go to disney to pass out dohot and chips to i love that. >>he is getting aliz kid bring out the best in do op. good thinarn gswe ca the tropics? dorian is gone.
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eak. > just because we are not we avi disturbances. this is our trackihameng ngthe clusters of thunderstorms we are it that time of year outhat we do exicpect more tropical i systems. tha graph showing you the frequency of hurricanes, named systems as we go through the hurricane season. as we start hithe grat the beginning of the season, we don't see a lot of daactivity. is actually the pe ofseon, lf of ptthe opic systems than the front half of the season. we do expect an active seco half of the season. part of the reason it is this year especially is we had an el nino at the start and that is over. a osllation
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so we are exlead to more tropical development. --we de rit t rinow gh stlye sunny goto partly cloudy but today wey forecast. humidity is more noticeable than wher e werebu unbearable. to our west though, i want to sh point ouers and storms moving through parts of e is hotter. i showed you the high temperatures. temps right now are climbing into the 90s through the dictio an the time we get to tomorrow urmoer onyo u willt and mi. dad. tint
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by friday but nde ekmps are going back up to the thto u 80s with feels like temps in the 90s. it is not feeling like fall even though we are less than two weeks from the start. am monitoring that for yellow eather alert, cooler friday sh anoud t, 88 trthr e e hu coun breakfast npay $1new menu going nationde next
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year. right now there is only 300 restaurants that e se breakfast items ipevt. hos annual kicks off in4 updates on ese stories are available on our mobile app and our website body hair for women, should it stay or should it go? i will tell you about the
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female emt: meopy? we've got a 16 year old trauma victim going into shock. male emt: pulse fading. morialwe gotta move. (siren wailing)
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announcer: imagine if the care we needed... wasn't there when we needed it most? remind senator warner that government rate setting could mean closed hospitals. it's not the answer for surprise billing. a popular rapper chose to dey s g in moonparnity about this. smelling a da
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