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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning -- super bowl stunner. peyton manning leading the broncos to a championship, a historic win for the gb and devastating loss for cam newton. the league's mvp criticized this interview. final push. countdown to new hampshire, the first in the nation primary, just one day away the candidates stepping up their game in the granite state. extreme weather. a massive storm swirling off the east coast. where it will swing back inland, bringing up a foot of snow. plus, the cruise ship right into the storm.
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must-see commercials. lady gaga nailing the national anthem and a wipeout caught on camera. oh, boy. we do say good morning on a monday. of course, we're starting with the denver broncos pulling off a big win. >> peyton manning and the broncos defeating the carolina panthers in super bowl 50. manning celebrating with his kids after the game. first player in history to win a super bowl as a starting teams. >> take a look at this. broncos' fans taking to the streets of denver overnight. the city's first super bowl win in 18 years. >> and on the other side, cam newton and the carolina panthers unable to pull it off. left heartbroken, many people thought they would run away with the win. brandi hitt is live in santa clara. what a morning, brandi.
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it wasn't a high-scoring game but still a very exciting one for broncos fans. trust me there was a deafening sea of orange cheering on the broncos. now, everyone is waking up to this -- champs. a supersized super bowl 50 celebration for the denver bron kes, defeating the carolina panthers, 4-10. 39-year-old peyton manning now a two-time champion is the oldest quarterback leading a team to victory. >> i just feel very, very grateful. >> is this your final game of your career. >> i'll take some time to reflect. >> reporter: credit also to the tough bronco defense. stopping the panthers from scoring. >> on the ground and still on the ground. picked up by t.j. ward at the 4 yard line. >> reporter: time and time again. >> and jackson and then ware.
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named mvp. coldplay's halftime show was bright and cheerful. beyonce and bruno mars joining in the celebration. and this year's commercials went to the dogs. this moment, though, belongs to broncos fans. we are the champions >> reporter: celebrating here and on the streets of colorado. the team excited to take the vince lombardi trophy home to denver. what an exciting night. lot of fun to be inside that stadium, i have to tell you, an experience i will never forget. they're not wasting any time planning a victory parade and celebration. expected to take place on tuesday in denver. brandi hitt. >> brandi hitt has been everywhere the past couple of weeks. >> i have been busy. >> brandi hitt live in santa clara.
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the nfl mvp's cam newton is being criticized for how he handled his postgame interview. >> his face said it all. head dejected. newton was visibly upset before walking away. >> yes. not outplayed. 7 we lost. i'm done. >> after just a few minutes, he shakes his head after questions and he says, i'm done. special dedication for broncos owner who was not at the game, he's battling alzheimer's disease. john elway hoisted the lombardi trophy and said this one is for pat. bollman handed the trophy to elway and said this one's for john. >> beautiful night there in santa clara. much more on the super bowl on
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live from the bay area. and later in the pulse, lady gaga's national anthem being called one of the best ever. >> it was good. and donald trump called the game very boring. tweeted from new hampshire. >> okay, he still has a comfortable lead in those polls in new hampshire and among democrats, hillary clinton is closing the gap with bernie sanders. abc news' kenneth molten joining us at this early hour. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a day away and the polls show still a good bit of undecided voters. today the presidential candidates will crisscross the granite state in this high-stake high-stakes contest. it's crunch time the day before the new hampshire primary. >> we need a political revolution. >> reporter: bernie sanders fired up but taking presidential punches from his rival's
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clinton. >> for her, this is not about grand theories of revolution, this is about whether we can improve people's lives. >> reporter: hillary clinton was in flint, michigan, taking on the lead-contaminated water crisis. >> what happened in flint is immoral. >> reporter: gop front-runner donald trump maintains a double-digit lead in the state. 12k3w4r quiet. >> the republicans fought it out during the abc news gop debate. the attacks continued on the trail. >> poor, poor jeb bush who brings out his mother who needed help. nope, he needed help. mommy, please help. >> reporter: marco rubio spent super bowl sunday defending his debate fumbles. >> this fiction this barack obama doesn't know what he's doing.
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that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> there it is. >> i'm going to say this every chance i get. america. >> reporter: and the candidates have a total of nearly 40 campaign events today. i can tell you, donald trump, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are expected to bring big crowds for rallies. 24 hours until the first votes, reena and kendis. >> kenneth moton, thank you. another big story we're following right now, a massive snowstorm sideswiping the east coast, this system on radar, blizzard warnings are posted for cape cod and new england. the brunt of the snow, up to a foot of snow could fall in the boston area. look at the numbers on this map, tomorrow morning, minus 19 in duluth. minus 16 in minneapolis. 3 degrees in st. louis.
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that storm system, you saw off the east coast, a cruise ship damaged overnight after hitting rough seas. new pictures coming in. and buried alive. two people pumd alive after that
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well, it's been anything but smooth sailing for the royal caribbean cruise ship off the eastern seaboard overnight. they have been tweeted images of rough seas.
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to 150 miles an hour. many are wondering why the pilot didn't steer around the bad weather. more condemnation, new sanctions after its latest rocket launch. pyongyang had successfully launched a satellite into or bit yesterday. the u.n. security council held an emergency meeting and pledged to a adopt new resolution with new sanctions. they say it's a security threat to the entire world. at least two people, two additional ones have been rescued after an devastating earthquake rocked taiwan. one survivor, the woman there, pulled from the rubble more than 48 hours after the 6.4 earthquake toppled an apartment building. at least 36 people were killed. more than a hundred others are
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collapsed high rise. and plane explosion in somalia that left a hole in fuselage. surveillance tape shows two men handing off a laptop to a third man before the flight. they believe the flight was rigged with the bomb that triggered that explosion. the suspect that died was believed to be a member of the al shabaab terror organization. volkswagen will offer generous connell pen sags packages for those whose cars exceeded the limit. when we come back -- a london bus exploding on a bridge. who's behind the stunt sparking panic. and memorable moments from
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emergency crews scrambled to save of the cars. 10 of them a total loss. drivers in the parts of midwest may have limited visibility this morning. in new england the snow will be heavier and could close highways. roads may have been wet in the mid-atlantic region as well. if you're flying, airport delays likeliest in boston, new york, philadelphia and chicago. this morning, shock on an annive i have league campus. a president of a frat is due in court. >> he remain in jail over the weekend charged with sexual assaulting a female student on campus. he says that he's innocent. school has suspended his fraternity. a white chicago police officer is suing the state of mentally ill black college student that he shot and killed last december. the officer is seeking $10 million in damages saying he was
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the actions of 19-year-old forced to open fire killing the teen and accidentally killing his neighbor a grandmother. a frightening scene unfolding on london. double-decker bus, an explosion and fireball were part of a movie stunt. not everybody knew that. some adults it brought back memories of the deadly terror attack in the summer of 2005. time now for sports. let's get to more of the high heights from our friends at espn. >> nicole briscoe here. super bowl 50 took place, peyton manning cam newton. it's the panthers. and the broncos. that guy, steph curry banging the drum, but it was the broncos
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newton dropped back to pass. but von miller sacks him and stripped the ball. jackson falls on the ball in the end zone. we got a touchdown. teams entering sunday into the super bowl with defensive touchdowns are 15-2 in the game. a sign of things to come and just the beginning of miller. panthers down six, newton dropping back and miller, again, stripping, this time, the. j. ward comes up with it. no touchdown there. it would come for the broncos on the next possession. c.j. anderson would lt get into the end zone. von miller wins super bowl mvp. peyton manning gets his second win and the super bowl and his 200th career win in the nfl. that's what you missed on sunday. good morning, america. a new live "sportscenter" coming up at 9:00 a.m. eastern time on espn.
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most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. time now to check a special super bowl edition of the pulse. like the game, we'll start with the sing og of the national anthem. >> yes. >> consensus is that lady gaga nailed the difficult song. >> praising it on twitter were a number of sports stars who after all hear the star spangled banner almost every day at work.
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and the home of the brave the brave >> the jets soaring overhead, gaga nailing it and getting lots of praise for her stirring rendition. >> i loved the double-fisted -- the double bump on the heart. >> yes. >> she did a great job. she nailed it. and you know, what more can you say. >> she did a good job. lot of people saying, nice. which super bowl ad hit the high notes. most picked the hyundai ad starring kevin hart. are you ready are you ready for this 12k3w4r you're messing with the wrong daddy. >> well done. >> hart played overprotected dad, hands the keys off of his
4:22 am
man who's taking his daughter on a young daughter. it allows an owner to track its location. it keeps showing up everywhere. >> you know how many teenagers are very upset by this ad freaked out. okay, and this plug's for you. at least twice during on-field interviews following the super bowl, broncos quarterback peyton manning was asked if he's continuing to play. >> but he said he had more important things. >> i'll take some time to reflect. couple of priorities first. i want to kiss my wife and my kids. i want to hug my family. i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight, promise you that. >> he wasn't getting paid by the
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didn't get anything for the plug. in another mention, we were worth $3 million just mentioning it. first person manning he kissed after the game was not his wife or his kids it was papa john of the pizza chain. >> he knows where his bread is buttered. and california being coors country fighting words there. >> denver cornerback aqib talib was anything but sure-footed. if we didn't know better we'd think he had a few beers. >> okay, and the nfl season ended just hours ago, but las vegas already looking ahead to next year. >> seattle, new england and pittsburgh, the favorites to win
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checking our top stories -- the denver broncos are champions this morning after beating the carolina panthers, 24-10, in the super bowl. there's speculation about whether or not that was peyton manning's final game. all the presidential candidates are in new hampshire today, ahead of that state's first in the nation primary tomorrow. donald trump leads the republican pack while hillary clinton is closing the gap with bernie sanders. millions of people around the world, billions really are celebrating the new year today, the first day of the year of the monkey, among the events, a huge fireworks display in beijing. looking at today's weather, dry and warm in the west. getting colder in the midwest. okay, so the super bowl was a pretty good game. until the fourth quarter. many viewers tuned into the
4:27 am
year different. abc's clayton sandell has that story. >> reporter: let's face it, a lot of last year's super bowl commercials were downers. >> i couldn't grow up, because i died from an accident. >> reporter: the super bowl was more like the "bummer bowl." but tonight -- >> puppy monkey baby. >> reporter: advertisers are bringing back happy, singing sheep -- take a look at yourself in a mirror >> reporter: aliens -- >> this simple puzzle was actually considered unsolvable by the humans. >> did they not have brains? >> simple ones. >> reporter: weiner dogs in costume. hollywood hotties. what a man what a man what a mighty good man >> reporter: kids are back, but this time, it's girls getting hairstyle help from their nfl dads. >> can you like put the bow inside the braid? >> reporter: this being an election year, there is politics. >> that's why we're forming the bud light party. >> reporter: but it's a lot more fun. >> today we celebrate our independence day!
4:28 am
even spoofs the old spice guy. >> hello, ladies. look at your panda. now look at me. i'm on a tiger. >> reporter: even the serious stuff, like dame helen mirren telling us not to cink and drive is funny. is funny. >> if your brain was donated to science, science would return it. >> reporter: so this year -- >> you get a little cranky when you're hungry. >> better? >> much better. >> reporter: even if your team gets you down, advertisers are making sure the commercials won't. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> can't wrong with animals, aliens or hot guys. >> yes, absolutely. unless we forget the big advertisement for the beyonce's world tour. all right, that's what's making news in "america this morning." >> stay tuned to "good morning
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