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tv   13 News 5  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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this is not over aw aw melissa and clyde are going leave the commonwealth's attorney's office friday after learning no charges will be brought against the officer who shot and killed their son cole wants a bb gun battle at my right and i wouldn't know what to write about myself a donation today after an intense meeting with the family howard quinn defended his decision to not charge officer randy gibson then the winners here today gwen says gibson and two other officers chased and confronted bd last july in the city's east end a told gibson beatty had a sawed off shotgun gibson shot bb after he raised that shotgun and another officer but no fingerprints were found on the weapon and b's family question witness accounts the kkk amassed over the weekend with bb's
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without a gun in his pocket but return to talk to reporters with one pledging to fight for justice the goal he's going to be that the other foot and the window we see the commonwealth report says the department of justice will review their investigation. meanwhile the beast of a multimillion dollar civil lawsuit pending against the city will have more on that coming up at six recovery efforts under way in waverly right now after a tornado ripped through the small town the mayor just gave an update a couple hours ago and here are the highlights thirty seven people are without a place to stay tonight nineties five percent of the town's power's back on and a seven o'clock curfew is in place the f one tornado killed two men at a two year old child the loss is emotionally draining on
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in waverly with more on how the village and here is what the scene looks like today you can see they were able to get a lot of it cleaned up but there is still a lot of debris and personal belongings scattered about you know the feeling out here today was a little bit different. yesterday everyone was still in shock. there was a sense of helplessness but today there was really a sense of hope. we saw so many people coming together to support one another and comfort to families who lost their loved ones the terrific sometimes in tragedy. these people have lost a lot and i have a lot together we see the best in people with pride the community together that spent at this picture perfect sky a far cry from the violent tornado that ripped through waverly wednesday where the rubber dam but it's probably
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handing out water the in breaking away debris fast is this storm moved out volunteers are moving enjoys that so many people. com how the hell is no you don't know these people he she gets and feels blessed to our top and the roof for me because up there when i'm the better and i headed out is if he were here to hear short board felt repairs that are being done by complete strangers makes much more sense to be here for another couple tears away. we had the in coming up tonight at six we'll hear from the family members of divine string field he'll tell us about his contagious personality and a special bond he had with his brother reporting live in waverly i'm jenny thirteen years now the better business bureau
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watch out for fake repair contractors. the bbb says the so called storm chasing contractors just want to make a quick buck they go door to door offering to fix houses but it never ends well they don't fix their hair they don't get things back to in to livable condition they sell me take that money really to make sure you are using a legitimate contractor check out the bb's website for customer reviews and company ratings a tornado also hit at the hammock seriously hurting to people and we sat my footing there to check out the recovery efforts look for his report coming up in the next half hour. an elderly woman nicknamed grandma by her neighbors died a duplex fire in office. we brought you the breaking news on daybreak this morning for other people were hurt in the fire in kingston avenue. christina's for j co talk to neighbors who rushed to help the victims one based on what remains here of the duplex
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the flames were neighbors tell me this fire spread very quickly if it wasn't for him store neighbor there could've been more lives lost some and fire warehouse it was the only thing that bradley casual new to do in a sheet of the moment my neighbor's door title equal thanks to the quick thinking sandra now in calhoun who live on the bottom floor of the duplex and got out ok know that sensation through a tomato that's on the two others who live on the second floor jumped they jumped out of the window because the stairs were totally involved. while an elderly lady that was also on the second floor it didn't make it out. service very sweet very quiet very quiet spirit. sandra bowman lives in the duplex across the one that caught on fire she heard commotion right before the fire started
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um that's what woke me up others in the area say they heard a loud bangs all of which is going in to consideration by investigators as they now try to figure out if this fire was started intentionally in norfolk racine ezra j co thirteen years now and his serial killer with ties to happen roses tried to avoid a trial william powell originally is from hampton is serving fifteen years for the murder of a connecticut woman also was charged with killing six other people and dumping the bodies behind a shopping center judge recently ordered a probable cause hearing for those cases that means prosecutors now have to show there is enough evidence to continue to trial and that hearing is set for may. a portion of man is behind bars accused of breaking into a woman's home and stabbing her. police say ray jones got into the home on bold street last night by breaking the sliding glass door then investigators say jones started yelling at a woman inside the house it quickly grew physical. police say jones stabbed the woman
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away. officers caught a short time leader in their county a nineteen year old woman got busted selling cocaine deputies found the drugs today inside an amber rose's house on newport street in kill devil hills. ambrose is behind bars charged with felony possession with the intent to sell cocaine for other people were also arrested in this case and they are charged with surprise endorsement today for the gop frontrunner here why former presidential hopeful chris christie is siding with donald trump and holistic treatments for people aren't that uncommon but what about yeah for your dog were looking at the growing trend. plus gender neutral signage starting to pop up on the campus haired old dominion university on joe flanagan coming up we'll have the story and we're still looking at a cold flow of air at canada across the great lakes and toward hampton roads that changes by the end
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much it warms up and here are your top rush hour backups happening right now headed to portsmouth to sixty four westbound at the downtown tunnel you can see both sides
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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the welcoming diversity on campus old dominion university has posted gender neutral signs on some bathrooms now joe flanagan was on campus today and found out this is only the beginning gender neutral signs are now open bathrooms in the band march in letters building on the campus of old dominion university the bathroom issue was an
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myself included i didn't feel comfortable using the bathrooms and a couple of male bathrooms. i wanted a bathroom that i can call my own and i kid you just use the bathroom without feeling judged a soft tender beef as a senior and president of oatmeal out which is described as a living learning community advocating acceptance on campus regardless of anyone's identity. mikey said when the discussion first came up two years ago mikey did not feel too much push back on the issue of gender neutral bathrooms. oh not that i saw on the faculty and staff was very willing to work with us and on through another organization safe space week that the proper signage order to pay for students danced and barry told us there are forty seven bathrooms in twenty one buildings the redefined the purpose of single stall facilities abilities come into play was as a school to see the signs going up a lot of them on social media people posting pictures on facebook
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greater includes sanity on campus the gender neutral campus at old dominion university hopes to have a pilot program in place at the start of next school year in over joe flanagan thirteen years now and my sex or police on the road in newport news this weekend starting at eight thirty tonight officers will conduct dui patrols will be out in full friday and saturday as well a d in the grant covers the overtime costs for the extra patrols a major road closure for the weekend in virginia beach kings grant road will be closed at the intersection of north lynn haven for utility work that work will take place between seven in the morning and nine at night and drivers need to follow a detour dollar tree is set to open his nose sore tomorrow. it's located along center brook lane in suffolk grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at seven forty five in the morning special family friendly activities for the public are scheduled
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bent and dollar tree is headquartered in hampton roads and operates more than fourteen thousand stores in the us and canada. he was hitting widespread levels in virginia that's according to our partners at the virginian pilot doctor say it's not too late to get your flu shot this year's vaccine is boasting boasting rather a sixty percent effectiveness rate as compared to twenty percent last year. next week virginians will cast their votes on super tuesday presidential candidates now are zeroing in on hampton roads in just a few hours ted cruz will speak at regent universities candidate forum sunday night marco rubio will host a rally at the virginia beach convention center and democratic candidate hillary clinton will be here monday details of her visit have not been released. ben carson will be at region on monday absentee voting is going on right now today senator tim kaine cast his absentee ballot in richmond. he posted this picture on twitter these were first time voter robert albert payne says
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restored alberts voting rights. another milestone for the uss abraham lincoln right now the ship is undergoing an overhaul in newport news shipbuilding a crew member started to move back onto the ship they had the first meal inside the ship's newly refurbished mess that in the coming months more sailors will move in and the overhaul should be done by november or your pet is probably an important part of your family thirteen is now is looking into a growing trend of holistic treatment for pets is that i'm giving a dog medicine and surgery some are turning to chiropractic in laser therapy treatments veterinarian paul rowland has a practice in virginia beach and he forms a special connection with each pet and treats the dog holistic lee who has been sponsoring him i don't do any of those who are seven am and i made a very conscious decision to do
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even a strong believer in the ability of healing to occur near him when he does it's physical it's emotional and spiritual are coming up at six see firsthand how holistic healing could help to pack a limb and breezy definitely a little chilly out there tonight is going to get downright cold i think most of you would agree as we get toward the morning and everybody almost their bodies into the twenties so right now i can say a few clouds we've certainly had some at times today has been partly to mostly sunny instead of mostly sunny as we talked about yesterday but everything else ways you can see in general with the temperatures all right on target. generally clear skies on radar as well. so right now forty eight degrees and humidity that's pretty low the dew point all the way down to seventeen with that dry air mass in the winds easing a little bit tonight that's why we're going to get
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pretty cold levels. meanwhile wind gusts right now i show you earlier the peak wind gusts and they were up generally the most i saw are almost everywhere is upper twenties. well right now we're not even looking at that's thirty four mph norfolk and twenty franklin in eighteen twenty one in hampton eighteen in the event and so still a little bit breezy but again not as bad as earlier when giving a few statistics about the tornadoes or even the specific tornado in waverly. this one just absolutely is astounding these are just tornado warnings that are issued by wake the other three national weather service offices in virginia black spur wakefield in northern virginia in the pound sterling. they issued a warning so this is roughly for the eastern third of virginia all of last year the entire year there were twenty one tornado warnings
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third of virginia just on wednesday in one day thirty nine tornado warnings out of those how many actually turned into tornadoes so far we know of seven that were here in the eastern parts of the state and will continue to do a couple more surveys and see if that number goes up supposedly are still surveying it looks over does and for the entire state is what we saw on wednesday but just seven here in the east unbelievable almost double the amount in one day that we saw all of last year meanwhile five six four five six degrees below what we were at this exact hour yesterday temperatures this evening dropping off with that north westerly wind continuing to look for ratings falling through the thirties this evening down in the twenties by morning in a lot of spots the spots where you get a little bit of a wind off the water some more metro urban locations probably won't get down into the twenties but it will be in the thirty s maybe low thirty mark something like that and it will feel ever so
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little bit of a breeze tomorrow not as much of a breeze in the afternoon so i'm hoping it'll feel a little bit better than what we had out there today tomorrow evening was certainly chilly to cold someone calling his readings dropped back again through the forties and toward the thirties and by morning we're going to look and thirties. instead of twenties like a lot of us tonight so that leads to some slightly milder conditions then during the day on sunday as we get back up near sixty for the highs so that'll be a welcome improvement find tcher for a lot of you little bit of snow left over snow again. out west to the mountains thirteen point five inches as of two hours ago just today in snowshoes so i'm sure there's a pretty good power out there and some good ski and thirty then tonight little colder for the end when the rural areas with some twenties not quite as cold right near the beaches and then forty five tomorrow thirty seven tomorrow night. that's not much of a drop not nearly as cold and that leads to
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on sunday sixty six on monday and sixty two tuesday at all looking great right sixty s wednesday while the and the cold highs and remember what happened with this powerful cold front this and doesn't look as strong in terms of the severe weather potential. anytime you get twenty her home's twenty degree drop in to watch an eye on that yet. karen thank you jeff and i with three cases of the virus already in virginia the governor plans to try to stop its spread in the commonwealth plus an escaped pet cause some unusual nine when one calls about a possible unicorn
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virginia is most in efforts to fight disease the virus today governor terry mcauliffe created a statewide task force the group is responsible for making sure cities have their mosquito control programs ready before
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me first. there've already been three confirmed cases of zeke a virus in virginia the cdc says all three patients got the virus while in other countries. the virus causes mild illness or no symptoms in most people but officials are investigating a possible lead to babies born with abnormally small heads and today the cdc released new numbers of the cases in the us right now there are nine pregnant women with confirmed cases all got the virus overseas three babies had been born one with the brain defect and the cdc says it's also investigating ten additional reports a pregnant travelers with zeke a consumer alert now for parents even flows recalling thousands of child safety seats because kids can fall out of those seats the company says curious kids can loosen the internal harness this recall covers transitions three in one combination booster seats made since december twenty
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owners a kit to fix the problem. next week the virginia department of veteran services will hold its first ever pro bono veterans legal services clinic low income vets can get free legal help to draft wills powers of attorney and advance medical directives the clinic here in hampton roads will happen tuesday at tidewater community college in chesapeake to see if you qualify go to thirteen years now. com an ef three tornado devastated the oldest town in essex county. now the people of panic or rebuilding hear from residents who survived this life changing storm and new information on a mass
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i picking up the pieces in top a headache on my getting that story coming up another marine brutally attacked in washington d c the victim left for dead in a neighborhood details on how police found him. new jersey governor chris christie now taking sides the republican presidential candidate now getting his support and reaction to the endorsement recovery efforts under way in waverly right now after
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the small town the ef one tornado killed two men and a two year old child the loss is emotionally draining on the residence and jimmy lee shares details on the outpouring of support in waverly community coming together in prayer and song after a tornado tore through the town of waverly tragically killing two year old ian us his stepfather larry turner and even some called divine string field affecting the community is no question about that will be changed for the better until this morning dozens piled into waverly united methodist church to pray for the victims and their families. the turner family says the outpouring of support is overwhelming. this is so good as the people taking a timeout and coming
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as support and happen to get the real way the divine string field youngest brother john says his family is still trying to come to grips with one hand and assist them with the boys is given so much in the dodgers trailed in the go fund me page has already raised over fourteen thousand dollars in just a day hundreds of people offering their condolences and support giving the family says sense of hope and encouragement as hope hope that keeps us all off and they are picking up the pieces and top hat a devastating tornado ripped through four counties in the middle peninsula and northern that lightning our homes destroying the church and sending up to two dozen people in the hospital amazingly the storm didn't claim any lives in that part of the state my coding is just back from there where people are thanking their lucky stars that is right david and janet it looks like


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