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tv   13 News 6  ABC  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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not as clear but court documents of the massive picture us in this house is a striking both families say this plea agreement will allow them to heal from our tea and accountability that has been achieved today with this plea agreement will allow or allow our family to re direct energy into healing and recovery. we have the full statement of fact on a web site at thirteen years now dot com in charlottesville by marcella roberson thirteen years now four life sentences for the graham in harrington cases are in addition to three life terms matthew was already serving a jury convicted matthew of sexual assault and attempted murder for attacking a woman in fairfax county in two thousand and five matthew was also accused of sexual assault in newport news christopher newport university released the two thousand three criminal incident report for an alleged assault on campus after matthew was arrested in
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never officially charged or convicted of the crime but he left the school soon after the allegations. jesse mathews family was also at today's sentencing the family's reverend spoke on their behalf and apologized to the victims water after hampton cram in a gray own house alr oh well now found in them. jesse you are a mac you do chose to do to your door or go on the stay and hang the show transformed into dust i am in the village there is so much more to this story we have complete background on both cases online. we will also post the court documents
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well as other crimes that in thirteen years now. com reports with murder suspects are back behind bars all the way in georgia u s marshals found robert britt andre keel in jail and trotter hiding out in atlanta this morning the three are accused of killing a woodrow wilson high school student last year in january the commonwealth's attorney let them go then re filed the charges but the men took off. eric cain explains how detectives tracked him down after a month on the run three portsmouth murder suspects are back behind bars after a predawn raid in georgia the u s marshals zero in on an apartment in atlanta where roger britt and ray killen to launch charter were hiding out early this morning chris killen try to learn that the u s marshals service's fugitive task forces across the country after receiving a crime light of yesterday portsmouth police passed along the information to the feds yesterday afternoon we contacted u s marshals in atlanta with a address or leave the three might be stained. the three men are
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in the drive by shooting that killed woodrow wilson high school are jus a b a hill last may a few months after the shooting police arrested the suspects and they spent five months in jail but in late january the commonwealth's attorney had to drop the charges and let them go after running out of time to bring the case to trial. a spokeswoman for stephanie morales said prosecutors were held back because of new evidence writing in a statement. are prosecutors must make every effort to ensure that such evidence is available for trial in order to secure the best possible results including delay prosecution when absolutely necessary that delay led to a search spanning multiple states ending with an early morning wakeup call for the fugitives well they're woken up very early this morning by the u s marshals they don't have an opportunity and they were arrested without incident the suspects are expected to be transferred back to virginia and a couple weeks
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now. tonight police are searching for a pair of armed robberies investigators there on that night two men walked into the seven eleven on grandview street near lafayette park. both men had guns and wore bandanas over their faces they got away with cash but no one was hard to call the crime line if you know anything about this case in less than an hour local clergy will host a second the goal is to keep the conversation going about how to improve police and community relations. police chiefs in the commonwealth's attorneys from hampton and newport news will take part in the discussion the last form you see right there to a crowd of more than fifteen hundred people thirty news now anchor jenna roach will be the emcee. it's tonight at seven o'clock at hampton high school in hampton of course virginia senators called on republicans today democrats mark warner and tim kaine both spoke on the senate floor. they demanded republican senators to connect to hold hearings and votes on supreme court nominees the president has
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commitment to nani and eminently qualified jurist that is his duty and we must do ours but to not entertain the nominee at all in my view would violate her oath would violate the constitution and would express a significant this respect for all three branches of government. some republicans say they want the next president to fill the open seat in the supreme court rather than president obama for uncovering information that will shake up the race for mayor in a city buried internal sources tell us the former portsmouth city manager who was ousted by mayor kenny wright and others is now running from an investigative reporter laura geller joins us now with those details. one interesting twist here sources tell me former city manager john rowe is running for mayor of portsmouth against one of the people responsible for his abrupt departure from that very same city we learn grow will make
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tomorrow evening. it is and for the last year has been a tumultuous time in portsmouth politics. so how did john rowe get to this spot in the fight for city hall in portsmouth future. remember the vietnam veteran along with then city attorney george wilson were voted out almost a year ago the decision was made in a closed session of city council in april of last year the vote which was not unanimous stirred controversy in the city and eventually even a movement to recall current mayor kenny wright organizers of that effort are still gathering signatures the well has remained out of the public eye for the most part after his departure from city government. thirteen years now spoke with him for the first time in january when he was the featured speaker any people for portsmouth forum in the interview row hinted at the run i really think that there's some right days of portsmouth a hit but it's
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could get interesting. mayor kenny wright has already announced he's running for another time. also competing for the leadership position as local business owner shannon glover and the other candidates will have until june to throw their hats in the rain it will be decided in the general election on november eight. laura geller thirteen years now days after that massive fatal fire at a marina in urbana state police have identified the victims more on who they were an update to the investigation into the blaze and thousands of women reporting injuries from a birth control device
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we now know the identities of the victims
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urbana said police say seventy five year old francis blacks and sixty five year old julia plants died monday flames ripped through the doe's report urbana marina the fight is more than twenty boats. investigators believe this could be a case of arson but right now the cause is still undetermined. police are searching for those behind the very death of a celtic man. officers found forty two early tuesday morning in a small cemetery off old mill road police say someone killed was for it's unclear if he was killed in the graveyard or his body was dumped there by now. officers will tell us how long he'd been dead or how he died we'll learn more once the medical examiner's report comes out. suffolk police say a woman was intoxicated when she assaulted a police officer a fifty two year old annette clark is charged with assault and battery of an officer police say officers went to an apartment on west to constance road because of
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when they reportedly found clark who was allegedly drunk and fighting with her brother police say she hit an officer investigating the situation the small people adair county can learn more about plans for a special tax district thirteen is now told you about this last year the dare county board of commissioners wants to make a new tax district in buxton the money would help pay for a beach replenishment project which could cost twenty five million dollars there's no word on what the tax rate would be the public hearing is april fourth ten o'clock in the morning in adair county administrative building in many of our control and played lincoln to major health issues will stay on the market but with a big warning attached will explain what patients need to know
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for a few snowflake patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for
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fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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controversial form of birth control the thirteen years now has investigated for months the shore female sterilization made by behr yet this week the fda chose to leave it on the market despite adding a black box warning to the box and demanding a new study on the effects it has had on thousands of women men are now stepping forward saying this is not acceptable alyssa bustamante has an update to our investigation thousands of women these local and around the country have filed complaint after complaint thirty one years old never imagined i was to have adventures or can puncture wounds nickel allergies even feel death. we all have what we call it a valley where her stomach
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device called the shore. it consists of two small nickel titanium coils inserted into the fallopian tubes scar tissue forms around the device and it's meant to prevent pregnancy if you are burning i can hear it sizzling which is why these women were hoping that this week the fda would announce it was taking it off the market but it stopped short of that they ordered bayer add the strongest safety warning label but they decided to keep it on the market are not listening to a jock protect the american people the fda once the german drugmaker to conduct a post market study of the device. this move infuriated congressman mike fitzpatrick of pennsylvania who introduced the e free act last year to get the product removed saying there's enough evidence already my view that action should be. they were hoping that the cream or cool and remove the device from
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reviewed trials rerun and determined number one twice and negatively affecting so many women when they report getting pregnant anyway. even olympic skier peek a boo street is no longer the product spokesperson after she got pregnant after getting the implant. now when weights once again hoping the fda will validate their complaints and how long you've been fighting but they are and what the fda for so long when you get the same answers over and over their pharmaceuticals tells me that the standby the product safety and reports seven hundred and fifty thousand women have had it implanted with success the fact is the adverse events that have been reported in the news and online about a sure are known and are listed in the issue of product information. there are thousands of us were adding hundreds to the curb by the week. now the fda tells us that it will be even and twenty seventeen by the time that they are can report preliminary findings on their mandatory study on
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will not be considered conclusive for couple of years lucy bustamante thirteen years now. a nice crisp evening out there temperatures again below normal and they're going to continue to get even chilly as we had her tomorrow friday as well and as i mentioned a little bit of a chance of some winter weather across the region. take a look first of all clear skies so we can move right pass rate others nothing at all out there for this evening. right now is mainly clear forty six officially on the southside be down to an average of thirty nine or so by nine pm and then let's call it thirty six on average at around midnight remaining nice and clear couple of other temperatures out there you can see i mention forty six outside same thing on the peninsula forty nine degrees slightly moderate now in elizabeth city and a little bit chilly air while asylum much of eastern shore right now in the thirties specifically thirty nine up their wallets island captures
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fall as we said back through the forties quickly this evening into the thirties and then by morning the most in london spots are going to be upper twenties most of us i think will be in the lower thirties where the wind comes in off the water a little bit closer the coastline it's generally going to be more like lower thirties maybe even lower to mid thirties actually the water temps of course is slowly going up this time of year my lot of sunshine to start the day but cold temperatures and then the high thin clouds move in mid day maybe a little bit thicker cloud deck as we get layer later on in the afternoon and it looks like temperatures will be even cooler than they were today not today. well i guess that's sort of a misnomer because they were in the sixties today but that was just after midnight we continue to watch them drop them throughout the day let's get to the important stuff this is thursday night into friday morning. notice the rain snow line well west of us on this picture i show
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i like better but i'm going to show you a second version here in just a second the point i want to show you this one though is because of the temperature staying in the forties during the day friday it would be hard to get much of an accumulation at that kind of a temperature structure. so here's one i like in terms of the snow potential this might be a areas but remember this is how much pics not necessarily how much falls because we get a lot more falling than melts but it looks like generally the more in line to go the better chance of having a little bit of snow sticking on the ground especially when you get well to the north and west so hard to believe it's march. with that kind of a forecast but i guess it's not unknown or unusual for around here clear skies then on radar been on the eastern seaboard as well as the satellite tonight thirty two upper twenty s inland mid thirties at the coastline the rest of the seven day
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only forty three thirty eight the morning when we would see some that potential mixed or winter weather mainly for the inland areas and forty eight on saturday fifty three sunday but with a few more clouds and a chance to shower nice by mid week was a circus called tackling that so and that's all we know so we're tracking the weather for a day night so before you head out the door tomorrow morning check in with thirteen news now at day break starting at four thirty nine two days and i wake up to the start of march madness at the conference tournaments are coming our way regina and once again william mary has a decent chance to get to the ncaa tournament for the first time ever. they just need to win the caa conference tournament and just starts this saturday in baltimore. they've been in the final the last two years actually for the last eight they made the finals of the caa tournament they lost a best player this year probably ever but they're still very good to win saturday would make the twenty win season for the third year drought that last happened in the late
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the consistency of our success right now it's been been long hard process to try seen the tribe play half a dozen times this year and when they're good they're really good thing we really didn't play with anybody mccutcheon in my mind were all clicking on all soldiers and the cashier i really have to be. having said that u s mosques lately. if you like consistency might be a problem with the consistent through the baltimore which is a phonetic system needs to home. we never quite sure of our defense has been solid during this stretch offensively our execution levels dip a little bit in the unrest that's been our strength all year long so little puzzled by that there is still something at the heart of this team that could take it to the ncaa tournament. i think this is the togetherness of the guys i mean i think we've done
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assuming the camaraderie that we have one bite each other when you get the bike on the team now known selfish of me. amazing the their saturday game in the caa tournament quarterfinals against jmu when we come back
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. a they'll need a little help but uva could end up in a tie for the regular season acc title they kept their hopes alive last night by beating clemson on the road. malcolm bronson continue to work on his player the resume in the acc and help them to it well but nothing lead against the tigers brought in had eighteen points most of them came the first ten minutes of the game clemson came back though came back strong devon all watched the baseline year worked the baseline gets the ball and drives to the hoop course he's from virginia beach at nine point seven rebounds last night and took the lead the second half of virginia came back strong to win it sixty four fifty seven they are the two time defending
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breaking news tonight. is one of the candidates about to drop out? after donald trump's string of victories, tonight, trump's promise. >> i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find that a little bit hard to believe. >> ted cruz and marco rubio taking aim.
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other republican candidate to get the delegates they need? tonight here, we do the math. and the smile's gone. will it be clinton versus trump? draekt hit. the tornadoes touching down. tonight, we're on the scene. homes destroyed. and the new system bringing snow and bitter cold. it is moving east. breaking news. armed and dangerous. and the reworld at this hour. nearly a dozen men making off with several ar-15-style rifles. that manhunt, right now. the zika outbreak. tonight, the new headline. in the northeast, as the number of cases here in the u.s. now grows. and astronaut scott kelly, back on earth tonight. is he really taller and younger after a year in space? the stunning reveal. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and the dust has now settled after super tuesday, and this emerged. donald trump, winning seven


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