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tv   13 News 6  ABC  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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i'm running because i have a deep passion for our city it's a line we hear often from those running for office but was it me. the portsmouth native says the current city council has broken the trust of the citizens and has made government lacked transparency. many people would say that it's easy to be a critic it's easy to pick apart what somebody else is doing but it's more difficult to create solutions. what could you offer as mayor to move this city forward i have a strong background in local government for a half decades of experience in working with a diverse groups and know the region and most importantly portsmouth road address the turmoil we've seen lately we've told you about council finding its own members and the showdown between the mayor and the sheriff he says instead of weighing down the region
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in hampton roads we can be the port city of the future and i specifically astro if he thinks there is a race issue in portsmouth. he says he believes some members of council are trying to make race an issue but he doesn't believe leader should be taking this city back to times like the nineteen fifties and encouraging that kind of division. laura geller thirteen years now and it is a three way race for portsmouth mayor john rowe will compete against current mayor kenny wright and local business person. shannon glover. she's also running when asked to comment on the race glover told us quote john wrote and kenny wright are the architects of the public distrust we have in portsmouth today let's get over here to jeff because of wet weather is headed our way tonight adjust your tracking the rain and there's some
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now including over top of us i was just fiddling around with the camera here and you can actually see some of the snow falling and not reaching the ground or number of things you can see he can see a little bit of a break in the clouds in some spots that shows you the clouds aren't terribly thick and notice how this area right here the sort of feather in the is c down to this line right about here that is where we have snow falling but again not reaching the ground in here it is on radar. you could see that as we looked out and looked up a few thousand feet gradually that will start to fill in and we send each level the atmosphere meaning get more more down toward the ground so eventually we'll start to see that moisture hitting the earth but it's going to take a while you can see this a setup to not show the stuff a lot. only the stuff that has a chance of reaching the ground and as we put that emotion it's going to take a while obviously for that to continue to fill and later
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one said does the temperatures will slowly be rising in the middle levels of the atmosphere above freezing and that means we're looking at rain around here for most of our area once you get back in line you'll have a little bit of a mixer. even some snow in and through the day tomorrow. a similar sort of a setup of eventually on the backside that's when we'll start to see the temperatures again dropping but i want to talk about some other big deals around here the winds look at not much at all this evening and then as we go through the late evening early overnight they begin to pick up wins will be very very strong late tonight early tomorrow gusting over fifty mph. that'll be an issue will also deal with some heavy rain at times and again especially for the inland areas will be talking about some snow and or a mix all have more on how much you can get coming up in just a minute. i think staff of four life sentences for jesse matthew for killing morgan
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abducted and murdered. now we're learning more about the crimes and whether anyone could have helped these with marcello robertson look through the court documents which show several people saw graham the night she died and surveillance video of the anagram and jesse matthew on the downtown mall over and over ghana left her friends at uva the ninth of september twelve to go home because she wasn't feeling well. instead she's seen here on camera visibly intoxicated making her way to the downtown mall the opposite direction of home she passes the bar were a bouncer asks if she's okay she eventually makes it to downtown were several witnesses see her stumbling follower i knew that. please don't stop there. other people recall seeing hannah and matthew together trying to intervene after matthew
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witness said you don't even know her. matthew replied hush now are learning hannah was at matthew's car telling him i'm not getting in the car with you. a witness saw that interaction to but never call nine one one year stint in lucia newman is with the ywca she says stepping up is crucial even when it seems uncomfortable with is your your sister your brother to me in stitches when she wants someone stepping in and interact and say he was going on. court documents reveal matthew strangled hannah and dumped her body behind this vacant home or green crop top was down year by the now convicted murderer will spend the rest of his life behind bars for his brutal crimes he will never be able again to
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when in other news hampton police are looking for the driver who hit a cyclist and kept going yesterday afternoon a twenty one year old man was on his bike and grimes road near east pembroke avenue. he says a white van have come as it left that awful del parking lot then headed north and grimes call police if you know that right for millions of dollars from tourists visiting williamsburg getting visitors in the summer. no problem. now officials are working on a plan to keep
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the carmel art in newport news ten man shot outside a strip club one is fighting for his life he said the men were shot in the same incident this happen over night at club paradise on jefferson avenue when police got to the scene they say they found a fifty year old man who had been shot in leg five minutes later a thirty four year old man showed up at a local hospital with several bullets in his chest and stomach is still fighting for his life. neighbors told thirteen news now they saw people running and screaming car zooming off a chaotic scene. i just know something was mentioned and to be that mean in row h s one right
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all required to fuel was launched in a no smoking cigarettes was a sudden i was well nigh said they don't have any suspects or persons of interest at this time anyone who heard anything or saw anything is asked to come forward with that information no hard news is trying to keep at risk kids on a problem by giving them jobs were talking about the youth and gang violence prevention summer training and enrichment program also called stop the city will give jobs to about six hundred teens about three hundred spots are still available. the teens what worked for ten weeks starting the q you have until march eleventh to apply online that the city also needs businesses to participate at no cost to business owners links to the applications are on thirteen years now talk of a tulsa bank officer and another person were horton across today. police say the officers corps and a toyota van collided at moses gran teatro and millville road were told everyone
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is under investigation. boyle spurred hopes to score a homerun by bringing more sports tournaments to the city sports stations at places like columbus park that's what the williamsburg alliances successfully marketing. i'm joe flanagan will have the story and we are bracing for a wet and cold night that could even bring some snow jeff has
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williamsburg has a new city council building the new striker center opens monday just in time for the next council meeting as in the same spot is the oldest ryker center on north boundary street the williamsburg regional library will share the space you can start checking out books about two weeks now the williamsburg area has been finding success in sports marketing during the offseason when tourism is down soccer to softball the effort has been a big cat joe flanagan tells us it's been hard work by the chamber and tourism alliance for greater williamsburg chamber tourism alliance has a game plan that includes sports in its marketing plan. looking at where we are this destination covers all aspects of what the family would want and the facilities are top notch they are getting a quality performances while
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with erica wants park where the girls national fast pitch world series was held in two thousand thirteen and two thousand and fourteen the national softball association's girls fast pitch world series was chanukah was parked and two other parks in james city county and york county hundred sixty teams used over a ten thousand room nights and each year resulted in a four million dollar economic impact we have several road races rat three which is a trap one will be coming here again in twenty sixteen as well as some field hockey and lots of five k's someone who knows a thing or two about sports marketing is boo williams with his sports plex in hampton. we're fortunate here could i get the clothes looked at me they are boys ago that could occur to us a bath go back to that as with most of them add a bit isn't economic impact of ten to twelve million dollars the greater williamsburg chamber tourism alliance as full speed ahead in
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thirty news now taking time to remember some fall and the citizen soldier. they are the eighteen lost airman from the camp pendleton base to a third red horse squadron they died fifteen years ago today it didn't happen on some global battlefield is dead the virginia air national guard troops are returning from a peacetime engineering mission their plane crashed in a cotton field in georgia as they were flying home from florida to virginia beach in life that they continue to honor them and that's what i appreciate is that they continue to honor them but it's difficult the test takes you back a new reel of thread or scrub will leave later this year for the unit's fourth overseas deployment since that fatal crash. well the clouds continue to thicken with some sunshine this morning then high thin clouds and mid level clouds now starting to see lower and lower cloud deck move and you
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pictures here looking live across the region and don't look nearly as nice as they did the last couple of days we were getting some pretty decent sunset. now that it's later and later in the evening when we're seeing again the time the sunset it's now after six o'clock so he can see a lot of clouds across north it doesn't matter really where you go here's williamsburg same sort of thing comes in tons of clouds out there. why well you can see the reason we're talking about even precipitation across the area but not the ground. this is a loft or radar literally measures a few fat you can set somewhat but it's thousands of feet up in the atmosphere it is snowing right now but is not getting anywhere close to the ground and out here in central virginia little bit of a mix of sprinkles that are not reaching the ground by the time it does start to moisten the atmosphere up and up later tonight we're going to talk about enough warm air that most of us just see rain so mostly cloudy right now thirty seven. this is a mass
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steady or even go up a degree or two as we go to the evening by nine o'clock a possible shower a couple spots certainly a few showers out there by midnight right now thirty seven norfolk but thirty eight newport news thirty nine elizabeth city and a slightly colder thirty six degrees on the eastern shore wall of silence to notice those temperatures gradually creeping up this evening all of that moisture goes from appearing on radar to finally appearing down at the grounds we have this set up to only show us when we think the lower levels are going to get moist enough to produce a precipitation and that's again later this evening during the overnight into tomorrow with mainly rain around here early tomorrow mainly snow well north and west of us are far northern areas and then that transition zone in between where we're going to get a little bit of both that will swing for parts of the region late tomorrow morning and give us i think at least little bit of sleet or maybe some snow mixing in and
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that we get we can have some minor accumulations especially areas up you know the farther north you go up the peninsula some significant snows possible up closer to richmond northern neck some of those areas meanwhile temperatures then saturday night into sunday morning little chilly but by sunday after next is me saturday afternoon. they're back up near fifty in the same thing during the afternoon on sunday up generally close to fifty sauce take a look at the snowfall potential this one i like what it does here in our immediate area but it's way too low up here near richmond. here's another one again this is sort of a conglomeration of all of them we think mainly rain here in our immediate area which saw in terms of how twitter will see accumulation will probably get some spots getting at least some snow or sleet mixing in but it will likely not be able to accumulate. however on the peninsula there is a chance for anything from nothing up to an inch
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happens and then two to three inches when she get back around williamsburg north and west of forty three tomorrow precipitation mainly in the morning or early afternoon then tapering off some mix or snow north and west forty nine o by saturday fifty by sunday on a beautiful weekend in terms of temperatures or even crystal clear conditions next week that's when we hit the jack my mid to upper sixties and sunny. i think after the re will be coming down when you wake up in the morning so before you head out the door tomorrow morning check in with thirteen news now at daybreak they get thing started at four thirty nine hours playing basketball. yet somehow busy around here the public schools get real busy with the state tournament tomorrow as we have had basically the whole week off so forth. games are concerned the private schools have been working on their state semifinals last night norfolk collegiate the oaks won the best teams in our area maybe the massed against virginia episcopal school in lynchburg and bishops are
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the oaks giving norfolk collegiate three point halftime lead. second half adam grant a couple three pointers. otro play eight still applied to. there's one player going to pit one going to kentucky from virginia episcopal i told you they're good they still his pocket away make the shot and the foul for the win the fifty two fifty one that was with twenty eight seconds to go hop's against pitt last night justin babes work on top of your screen from the corner they want to run in the second half of the work they were tremendous and second haven't been playing great lately. exactly eight twenty points ten rebounds and the hop's won their fourth straight game in the acc is the first time they've been able to do that says the year two thousand ten they beat pitt twice sixty five to sixty one less than a big college basketball game tonight when hanson takes on norfolk state in tackles hall and when we come back you should really make
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. so tiger woods design is golf course in texas the jets had their grand opening and what the grand opening to turn out to be it's called blue jack national the playgrounds course there montgomery texas little bit north of houston it's a par three course with an emphasis on families in june offers one of tiger on hand when the youngsters got to take the inaugural shut off the tee from corpus christi texas a man with a perfect school attendance record into its entirety the close for killer kroger is eleven years old in corpus christi texas is an eighty
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time ever on this golf course on the news that also on the wooded side of the byzantine was simply after him and the lid on the tiger behind the resize the good news for the gravestone of a lifetime of these owners will buy one more to catch it with me that
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tonight, donald trump under attack. the republican revolt under way. mitt romney taking aim with a blistering new attack on trump. >> donald trump is a phony.
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>> trump tonight, firing back. >> mitt, drop to your knees. . >> and don't trump about to face someone else. fox host megyn kelly after a very public feud. breaking news tonight. a young police officerer charged with murder. authorities say he thought the suspect was holding a weapon. new developments. the urgent manhunt right now, after nearly a dozen men make off with ar-15-style rifles. where they're searching now. the billionaire ceo and the deadly crash. less than 24 hours after he was indicted. new tonight here, the 911 calls. you'll hear them. was it an accident? and, the 11-year-old boy, tiger woods watching, as that boy sinks the hole in one. that 11-year-old, right here tonight. good evening. and it's great to have you with


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