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tv   13 News 6  ABC  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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roberts and thirteen is now a man's on dad and the sunset cemetery now police need help finding the killer investigators say eighteen year old carlton boone junior killed a forty two year old wayne watford vs balloons mugshot police have not released a possible motive call police if you know where to find a wild twenty four hours of weather we had some snow and sleet and have the roads last night. today when gus of close to forty miles an hour hit us and the strong winds are still blowing the sea surface tracking the system. yeah but things are improving and this just sort of shows you that overall effects were getting a nice sunset. let's look at that as the silver lining to the clouds quite literally and now as we go and the weekend is not going to be perfect but it will definitely be improved next week it'll be about perfect nothing on radar right now the system is long gone the last the number of hours you can see it has been continuing to pull away even from the eastern shore which by the way australia next
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snow the farther north we got the dark blue air temperatures the light blue wind chills as we go through the evening in terms of our forecast temperatures are going to drop a lot over the next few hours but notice how the wind chills actually don't change much either the wind will gradually diminish so that by morning we're going to talk about air temperatures and wind chills that are identical each other meaning there won't be any wind out there so that's the good news that will pick up a little bit during the day tomorrow i will certainly be an issue this evening. you can see winds gusting still over twenty mph in spots this evening but then as we go into the overnight the wind dies off. that may be right near the beaches and things should be much more powerful from that aspect and a home and a little below normal the next couple days i'll be talking about rain chance or two that's all coming up. i think just what the powerful ones rush and this is a live look from our skyline view and
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atlantic we've seen a lot of this and moved around to spend the day in crow a time where residents face an ongoing battle with mother nature it is a never ending process. pounding surf dragging tons of sand off the beaches here in cote and his big low pressure that passed through here is doing it again. there's a lot of concern here and not for good reason especially this house right here that's for sale and his backyard is almost gone so it's a prop the one more storm the never ending process as coastal storms like this one at present the showing issues are rooted in life that has to be dealt with a number of times throughout the year and one look around realize you knew showing we're working with army corps engineers will be sending one of their courageous and as of right
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the mariners for it so they can be of a watch for that and yes there were the curious checking out this dramatic surf scene for bread making and we came to check bring the cat the top of the old fen ming and cold and windy. from that state up about where going on a little bit warmer weather not the case in virginia beach still fighting the thirty news now the supreme court has a date set to hear former governor bob mcdonnell to appeal the high court will consider the arguments on april twenty seven mcdonnell and his wife were found guilty of public corruption and twenty fourteen bob mcdonnell appealed saying he was convicted on an overly broad definition of bribery the supreme court's decision is expected by the end of june. if an appeal fails mcdonnell will serve two years in prison. nothing city treasurer at the buffet will be watching the mcdonnell case closely for food is accused of public corruption like mcdonnell last week for
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news now he was filing a motion to delay performs criminal trial until after the supreme court ruled on bob mcdonnell eric cain explains why perfect lawyer thinks one case could influence the other indicted norfolk city treasurer anthony burr for its fate could be intertwined with bob mcdonnell's the former governor is hoping the united states supreme court will strike down his felony corruption convictions by deciding the definition of an official act is too broad the feds accuse barefooted doing official acts as a councilman to help a private developer in exchange for kickbacks. he also faces two charges for lying under oath and his attorney andrew sachs as the government set him up that's called perjury and trap the perjury charges stem from testimony buffet gave in twenty thirteen during the bank of the common law fraud trial which ended with this president going to prison prosecutors asked a birth but a defense witness to questions he was asked earlier solicited anything of
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official acts. he was asked has he ever has he ever accepted anything of value in exchange for official acts and he had already answered basically no sacks as the line of questioning was irrelevant to that case but the feds asked anyway knowing her foot was the target of his own corruption investigation. laying the groundwork for them saying ahh. his answer those questions in the negative he's not telling the truth we're going to charge him with perjury but has refused demands to step down despite a recall effort he not the people of norfolk elected them and the people of norfolk and firemen this is how euphoric constitutional officer the recall organizers say they're still several hundred signatures short of what they need but they hope to submit to the clerk next week. buffett will be in court in a couple weeks seeking to push back the may trial dates air came thirteen years now rises and some areas job cuts and others those are some of the things north into new schools
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home budget proposal will break it down for you and they may look cans but
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. just ended joint warning from u s marshals the fbi and the sheriff's office is in norfolk and virginia beach. local authorities say they've
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scammers who falsely identify themselves as a us marshall an fbi agent wore a sheriff's deputy a reminder from the authorities law enforcement agencies will not call you to request money or payment of fines if you get a call like this do not give your personal information to the caller hang up and report the incident to the fbi crime complaint center some new visitors at the oceanfront and we're not talking about for a rise in sales and kept on the shore recently in the virginia aquarium has gotten reports about sales and several local beaches this picture was taken around short ride in virginia beach. now the seals may look cute but aquarium officials want you to remember that these are wild animals and they're not news to him. it's learning more about seals are interacting with little more something that interests you you can see have some school friends here and there are some opportunities to do that at the aquarium. if you say a seal on so i stayed back at
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it and called the stunning response team so that they can be evaluated why health alert in james city county denied the peninsula health district says a skunk has tested positive for rabies officials found the animal just west of anderson's corner on richmond road. if you think you or your pet may have come into contact with that skunk called the health department right away untreated rabies can be fatal. health officials want to remind people not to touch wild animals and make sure your pets are vaccinated may be a support ship set to return an offer tonight is the way the us and its laramie has spent the last three months in the middle east in europe providing fuel and supplies to u s and nato vessels the homecoming was set for eight but rough weather at sea is stopping that return and a new homecoming date we're told has not been set. calls for cuts in the sense of the school budget proposal scene with a new superintendent has planned for the struggling school
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store for the weekend jeff is
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the more money for an offer teachers the new superintendent put a two percent raise in her budget proposal by teachers say that's just not enough now they want to work with
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jimmy lee has more on that and the rest of the budget plan for the education association of norfolk is asking for at least five percent ideally it once and ten percent increase. it's also hoping that the superintendent can find more room in the budget to keep some teaching positions that have been cut in the proposal a fourth grade teacher here are more elementary aged girls are ready to play is not enough for the education association of north asking dr melinda boone to increase teacher salaries by at least five percent to per se to me that the costs alone were we a lot more than that in her very first budget proposal the superintendent is calling for a two percent salary increase for all full time employees that case deserve as much as we can possibly have a responsibility towards
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the adults doing things two percent is enough to attract and retain highly qualified teachers but parents like danielle callum think it's a slap in the face on the way they add all the um do you play the game because while you might keep people there and do not paint him. anyway several math and reading specialist positions are also in danger of being eliminated cost cutting measures that don't seem to be worth it for some parents and teachers. we hope to own more employees because they were hitting thirty one position caught them that lacked employee and community advocacy group north again says it is hopeful that additional funding can be found to retain the ten middle school reading and math specialists that are slated to be caught it's all so happy to see that the proposal includes funding for part time grant writer to take advantage of more funding opportunities jimmy bean thirteen years now. newport news police say
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twelve year old life on a bus wednesday. now both are suspended fifty eight year old james hawkins was charged with misdemeanor assault and is suspended from his job the twelve year old is suspended from school were told there is video of the fight but the schools not releasing the footage because of privacy reasons. they also did not tell us what school bus which school of that bus was serving at the time governor mcauliffe is considering a bill that would allow police to access some cellphone data without a warrant the general assembly passed the bill yesterday it would require cell phone service companies to give police real time location that supporters say the bill applies to cases where a person is in immediate danger like kidnappings but opponents worry the bill violates the fourth amendment's protection against unlawful searches they all the national guard armory in hampton is about to be transformed into a new warrior called the vanguard the vacant buildings on north
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downtown last year the city call for ideas to turn the armory into a new attraction were told the vanguard will have a brewery and distillery and live entertainment on site no word on when the renovation will start. if the past few minutes you know we've been pointing out that a very nice sunset beautiful as the clouds begin to break up from west to east so we have pretty nice outlook again through the evening as well as take a look at the forecast live look outside and you can see that we were talking about obviously not for janine pease i about that williamsburg still loading but in general were looking a lot of clouds gradually breaking of nothing on radar everything that we had is long gone right now thirty nine it'll stay roughly thirty eight thirty nine blustery and chilly in terms of the temperature and how it feels out there through eight
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little bit of a drop back to about thirty seven as the winds begin to diminish that's will see those temperatures dropping off a little bit more right now same number almost as in norfolk but very close to one degree different in newport news same thing in northeast north carolina was the city checking in with forty and wallets island placing a lot more snow than the rest of us yesterday checking in with thirty five here as an actual map of how much snow fell this is directly from the national weather service they had and in shallow they are right there in wakefield they add an inch there was this thin little band up around richmond stretching back over to parts of the eastern shore and northern neck and sore interior motive middle peninsula loop south of there under an inch we had a dusting a lot of locations and turned over to the rain but three to six inches up around she could speak up or to areas north and east to tap the hand of a powerful system that again is slowly pulling out now to the north and the e so for tonight
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skies cold temperatures the diminishing winds mean the northerly twenty to start out men fifteen and can eventually buy morning five or even less for somebody in one area so that means less of a wind chill later tonight but temperatures again will get pretty cold for some inland areas especially down in the upper twenty s to near thirty minus thirty four partly sunny to start today by afternoon i'm gonna call it partly sunny to invariably cloudy and a temperature of only forty seven that's better than today with less wind it'll definitely feel considerably less cold but it won't feel normal showers possible by evening but not likely until the overnight when we're going to call for some scattered showers mostly cloudy skies in a southerly wind developing what does that mean then for the end of the weekend on sunday means a couple showers around likely mainly in the morning with a temperature of fifty and then some partial clearing i think during the afternoon hours with a lower risk of a shower monday fifty six that exactly
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should be this time of year sixty five sixty eight sixty eight and sixty from the middle part to the end of next week that is our springtime forecast i'd make sure you get an update on the rain chances before you head out in the morning joe and i should have that covered for you starting at six am we have some breaking news in the race for president. yes a usa today is reporting other sources are reporting as well the republican candidate ben carson has officially now dropped out of the presidential race and more an alumni and scott cast joining us now with the nevada sports were getting big big end of the race in a maniac at target right now was for me next week but both norfolk state hampton was sending messages last night the message from the spartans they're a force to be reckoned with in the me act women as they hosted hampton at apple's hall senior night for norfolk state in couple seniors came out strong. jeff short eighteen on the night five three pointers. the sean taylor another senior drops this three they let ate nothing in the game messi
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wasn't such a big game after all they sat their best player when she was to rest him up for the tournament reginald johnson who made the bucket had fourteen to lead the way but back to shore norfolk state pulled away big time in the second half and won eighty three to sixty three when we come back it's time to start getting serious about high school
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i things get crazy busy for the state tournament starting today and tonight high school hoops almost ten schools from our area in the quarterfinals let's go to the constant center for the group for a quarterfinal eight taylor against william byrd jail in jordan with a good spin move he led the way for the titans with fourteen the trail my
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the corner of the mind take pressure defense made all the difference in this game trey this myth with the steel and the flying dunk that was good back to jordan tanner came back strong after that slow start to when it's seventy eight to fifty five semifinals on monday girls wilson against mill brook number eleven wilton with ball here is what a player today she had twenty seven points ten rebounds six assists and seven steals taylor edwards was what a game and mariah coca was pretty good too she had thirteen off the fast break this was a close game back to the presidents were trailing into went ahead with this bucket from secure a bag b and the president won sixty three to fifty princes and again sadly this game still in progress but the outcome will not be in doubt danielle good hope singapore for the jump shot. this play can tell the whole story this game baseline three pointer
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tremendous player. now what you will just keep on because they just forced twenty six turnovers in the first half however now from the other corner. that's a pretty good way to go. they led twenty four nothing in this game and still in progress in the t
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several breaking stories this friday night. the o.j. simpson murder case. the lapd confirming they are now testing a knife, allegedly found buried at simpson's former
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tested now? the fallout after the republican debate. trump defending his own words on that stage. >> and he referred to my hands. if they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there is no problem. i guarantee you. >> the urgent effort to block trump. with many asking, is this the friday commuter nightmare. the storms. several chain reaction crashes. snow and ice sweeping through. the next system we're watching already. the cdc now on the scene tonight. the mystery illness in the heartland. a rare infection. more than three dozen cases. 18 people have died. and breaking news in the erin andrews case. what we've just learned. good evening. great to have you with us on a friday night. we begin with the new headline


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