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tv   WYFF News 4 5am Saturday  NBC  January 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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kids. we do not know how that would go over in your house. if they want to see snow coming down, for many of you in abbeville and greenwood county, getting the heaviest you have seen so far, it might be ok to wake up everyone. decent snow this morning. the storm system itself, the low pressure system that is responsible, is winding through and drawing in the last bit of moisture. the atmosphere is perfect for the big, fluffy snow. we do not have any mixing in the atmosphere. we are continuing to watch it move out of the north and west. it will rotate. snow in columbia with a winter
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if you are traveling, trying to get out of this mess, you will be in it for a while. very light and home in spartanburg. we have had light snow coming down. that will be off and on for the first part of the day. reflecting all of the lights. temperatures close to 30 right to the clock with the wind picking up. it will be very cold. in asheville, where the wind has stayed calm -- stayed strong, the 23 feels like the single digits because of the northerly wind at 20. on top of the ice and snow on the roads this morning, we do have reduced visibility because
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blowing snow in the mountains. it is not a morning to get out there if you don't have to. the wind is light this morning. anderson at 5. through the day it will be gusting higher than 20. the wind in western north carolina could reach advisory levels near 50 in the highest elevations. 30 for most of western north carolina. bundle up. the winter storm warning is in effect and advisories are through the state today. give us this day to sort things out. tomorrow, we will have melting and it will be a better day. behind this? we will look at how things are being impacted about the country? allyson: she is saying bundle up because there's cold wind. geoff: the wind is the difference. i was outside and it felt great.
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geoff: a lot of work to do. that is the concern. the snow and ice. geoff: in north carolina, troopers responded to 70 accidents. most happened over 24 hours. there was a fatal wreck near tenley on i-94 involving three tractor-trailers into passenger vehicles. south carolina highway patrol responded to over 390 accidents. geoff: as of midnight, , 4 maintenance employees were workwestern north carolina has received the brunt of the snowfall over the past 24 hours. allyson: the last time we checked with corey davis, the wi
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corey: yes. this narrow has returned. the window was pickim gusty. it is delivering a better punch. i want to show you what is going on behind me. it is easier to walk on the snow because it is packed in on the sidewalks. you can see the snow plows have moved this out of the roads and onto the side. the truck drivers have sprayed salts on the roads. it is starting to be clear. we can see the black asphalt on the roads. that is good. they have been able to catch up, considering the snowfall has stopped a little. road crews are catching up. emergency crews are working around the clock. last night before some of the firefighters went to bed, i spoke with one of the fire leaders. he told me they have responded to a lot power lines that were down.
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customers without power in the asheville, western north carolina area. the eastern side of the state, more than 70,000 electric customers are being hit with this storm. they are feeling the worst fx right now. police officers, i spoke to one of their lieutenents, he told me they have been dealing with cars that are abandoned. chchking them to make sure no one was left inside. a lot of the cars and stranded drivers are on i-26, i-40, and i-240 in the downtown area. do not come out unless you absolutely have to. road crews are doing their best to make it safe if you have to be out here. in asheville, mike
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geoff: greenlink bus service will delay service until after 12:30 because of ice on the roads. allyson: the greenville zoo and community centers will be closed today.geoff: in greenville county, tim waller is out there this morning. allyson: where are you? mike: it is unusual. --tim: it is unusual to see haywood road this desolate. i'm not sure how many cars they usually have at 5:00 a.m., but it is very peaceful on one of the most popular and traveled roads. look at this snowflake. this is not asheville, but in greenville the flakes are coming down again. another round of winter snow. i walked over a few minutes ago.
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that is a solid sheet of ice on haywood road. dot crews have done a good job putting down salt and the brine solution. we traveled secondary roads, it is a, but if you go slow -- and is possible. what a sight to see haywood not a car insight. -- not a car in sight. we passed one coming down the big hill. this is the situation over the upstate. the further north you go, the deeper the snow is and the thicker the ice on the roads. if you are going to be out, if you have to go to work, be if you are going to haywood mall, take your time or come late.
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tim waller, wyff news 4, live in greenville. geoff: you don't see that often. haywood road, not a car insight moving to pickens county. geoff: --allyson: aly myles is in clemson. aly: you can see a little buildup in the roads. these were plowed overnight when the snow came down. you can see the sidewalks where it has not been plowed. you can see how much there is where it has not been touched. probably a solid two to three inches of snow. anyone wanting to get out now, this is perfect snow ball snow. we want to see the pictures.
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she is making snow angels. he is enjoying the snow on his tractor. this is from paul county, north carolina. this family is enjoying the snow. they built their snow angels together. her husband measured eight-inches of snow on their back deck. if you have pictures of your winter wonderland am a we want to see them. i will try to make a snowball with one hand. it is perfect, even with gloves on. that is how you know it is good snowball-making snow. we want you to stay safe, and if you can, stay inside. aly myles, live in clemson. allyson: the floodgates have outlined at the lake hartwell
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it is only the third time they have relieved water levels. the last time was in 2013. before that you have to go back to 1964. the army corps announced yesterday they would open 12 floodgates one foot each, allowing water to pass through. the water level is five feet above where the engineeee want it. the army corps stresses this is not breaching the dam. it is preventing water levels and getting high enough to breach the dam. geoff: mike mccormick bringing us the latest on the conditions. he was talking about the ice on the road. allyson: he was in the middle of the road, because it was icy andn it. where are you know? mike: flurries continue to fall in spartanburg on blackstock road. the westgate mall is down the
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spartanburg. here, you have it is barely passable on each side of the road. it is hard to tell which side you are on, because it is a thick sheet of point. -- thick sheet of white. the flurries keep coming down. there has been a few cars coming through that have left tracks in the snow and ice. that is what people are following. we have seen cars trying to stay in the grooves left by vehicles that have passed through before them. 300 or so power outages in spartanburg county. duke energy working to get those restored. here comes a car. we are seeking few cars.
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stay home, the roads or mess. the snow is packed down. it will be slick. given on highway 29, a major thoroughfare, only one lane is somewhat passable. we know the crews are working on it, but the roads are dangerous. that is the latest in spartanburg. geoff: we will check this out. if you cannot recognize the stadium -- it has a blanket of snow. a championship game will be played tomorrow evening. this is the panthers on their practice field. there's cam newton smiling. he is the nfl player of the year . it will be the panthers against the arizona cardinals tomorrow in what should be a great game. our sports team will bring you the panthers' playoffs special
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we will tell you more about the cardinals' roster. a number of former clemson tigers are part of the arizona team. allyson: pamela? pamela: it is beautiful. the snow is heavy across northeast georgia pickens, and oconee county, greenwood -- getting snow. this is the last big batch. let's talk snow totals, coming
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geoff: a storm turned deadly in charlotte. a crew was sent to the queen city to see what conditions are like. >> the storm in north carolina turning deadly. 4 have died and weather-related car crashes. charlotte remained a ghost town on friday.
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roads, as rain, sleet, and snow came down. most of the roads had slush and/or slippery, but the crews were trying to keep them clear during the storm. we know at least one hundred 10,000 customers in the carolinas had power outagesovernight. we know that crews are working to restore power to these people . we know the focus today turns to cleaning the city and getting it ready for the nfc championship game. the cleanup effort will take time. allyson: you are taking a live look at our camera and helen, georgia. snow coming down in many parts of the area.
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allyson: there is snow and ice on the ground. this is i-85 near the airport. cars are driving slowly. a tree down on howell wrote in greenville. many trees are falling with the weight of the ice. an accident on 3-d five in
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marker. plenty of ice on the roadways. the interstates are moving smoothly. this accident and haywood county has cleared. the interstates look good, but if you don't have to leave, don't leave. if you are heading out, take extra time. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. pamela: good saturday morning at 5:21. in asheboro, you cannot usually see a lot from this shot, but with the snow and reflecting light, we can see it this morning. 23 with light snow in asheville. the wind is gusting out of the north at 21. a new record for snow totals in asheville, over one foot yesterday. these numbers will continue to be updated as the snow continues
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not expecting a lot more in western north carolina. hendersonville, you have heavy snow now. that seven-inches will continue going up. across south carolina, these numbers will continue changing -- but from 7 inches in chesnee 10 2-inches in mauldin, there is more coming through as we speak. beautiful views, 20 nine-degrees, a light breeze in greenville out of the northwest. those winds will pick up and it will be biting, as far as the cold goes. in the mountains, it will be an issue with blowing snow. in spartanburg, all snowden at 28-degrees, calm, with light snow. one last push that has been
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fog as well, so the visibility is down. in georgia, the totals in hartwell, where it has been snowing for the last couple of hours, the wind-inch will be going up. we will update those. check out the wind chill. 17 in franklin, 8 in asheville, 29 in greenville. the wind is coming out of the north and northwest. the low pressure system has a counterclockwise flow, so this is the last bush. -- last push. there will be snow off and on across the mountains. lunchtime is when we will see most areas having one inch or less.
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batch moves through. it is moving south, because that is the way the wind is rotating around it. south carolina is now under a winter weather advisory. mills river, hendersonville, and it is especially heavy from pickens, piedmont, to princeton. we do have snow coming in this morning. in the northeast, it is on as far as the blizzard warnings. check new york city. with blowing snow. our day will slowly clear out. the actual snowfall will be held to the mountains, where it will be very windy. we will get much needed warming
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it will start cold. highs in the 20's in the mountains. 37 across the upstate. tonight, gradual clearing, but breezy and cold temperatures and wind chills. welcome sunshine per our sunday. we have more versification in the next few days. it is liquid, as temperatures will be in the 40's and 50's. geoff: it will get slushy. that is a nasty phase. let's look at the pictures you have see -- you have sent to you local. allyson: this was sent in by nikki denson after 9:00. davies first snow. thank you meg bishop. -- baby's first snow.
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pamela: what about elsa, jacey barnes, she is four years old. she wanted to open will let it snow." allyson: if you have pictures, you can share them with us by uploading them to the u-local section of the wyff 4 mobile app and geoff: this is pickens county, where aly myles has been reporting.
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geoff: great to have you with us here this morning. many waking up without power. chris: here is what duke energy is reporting. greenville county spartanburg , county, more than people are without power. we have team coverage this morning across the carolinas. corey davis is in asheville. mike mccormick is an spartanburg county. geoff: aly myles is live in anderson county and tim waller is live in greenville county, but let's get with meteorologist pamela wright in the weather center. let's begin with pamela wright. we continue to see snow coming down this morning.
5:28 am
in pickens, especially because county, greenville county, now down to lawrence, some of you getting some of the heaviest snow you have seen so far in anderson, abbeville, and down towards greenwood. we are getting the last big match of moisture. the cold air continuing to full in. heavy snow and hendersonville this morning. we can see it down towards greenwood as well. light snow and spartanburg. it will be off and on, especially for the next several hours. especially between now and 9:00, we will have this moderate to heavy snow blowing through. i want you to know that is the last big batch for us. we continue to add up the snow totals. and spartanburg, 28. the winds are called. know that those will build as the day goes on. that could have an adverse
5:29 am
the woodruff road skycam, snow coming down. temperatures in the 30's. lots more to cover this morning, but news has to speak up as well. allyson: in north carolina, receiving the brunt of the snow. geoff: in asheville, that is where corey is. it will get nasty throughout the day. corey: the wind just put some snow on the ground. it is big enough. it has been gusty most of the morning. right now, i just checked with duke energy on the power outages. they went up by nearly 100 over the past hour. for now, they're more than 700
5:30 am
there five counties that are affected. a lot of people are feeling the effect of this massive storm across the east coast. i want to show you behind us here. you can kind of see, we can now see a lot of the roads at the intersection near the dumping county courthouse. it is starting to look like this and a lot of downtown asheville. crews are working their best to clear the roads. i will check with them to see what kind of calls there they are responding to. we will continue to bring you asheville. geoff: pamela just told us,
5:31 am
allyson: 13.4 inches. the fourth single snowiest day. geoff: on that particular day, tops. for overall. incredible the amount of snow we have seen. we would check in in pickens county. allyson: we were seeing a lot of rain, i think you has turned to snow. aly? some issues there. i don't think she knew we were coming to her. we have team coverage all over. geoff: mike showing us the conditions on the road. a good bit of ice right now.
5:32 am
mike: you can take a look behind me. the intersection is pretty much a mess, a solid sheet of white. there has been a good bit of trafc here in this intersection. there has also been scraping by cplows. the roads definitely are slick. what is interesting is this part of spartanburg is really a ghost town. of course, it is early in the morning, but more than likely, more traffic on a saturday than we are seeing now. we are in a parking lot of a gas station. it is open. we have seen a couple of cars get gas and go in the story. there are couple of stores, fast food restaurants, and a gas station appears to be the only
5:33 am
that is good because hopefully it will keep people from getting on the roads. it is hard to tell what lane you are in if you're on the road. definitely dangerous on the road and spartanburg. geoff: thank you. allyson: i believe we have aly myles back. aly: good morning. i tell you, the snow could not make up its mind here in minute, tiny flakes, another minute, thbig fat ones. every now and then, we get a huge gust of wind. the good news is, if you are a snow lover, you want to go skiing today, this is the perfect snow to do it. we are finally getting just enough where you can see --
5:34 am
up on the road. that guy is honking. he is in a good mood for a saturday morning at 5:36. take a look at the photos you have been sent again. a beautiful downtown greenville. this gazebo in easi easily. here is the bridge and downtown greeeeille. a bird feeder covered in snow. a. playing in the snow and her backyard getting hit hard by the winter weather. again, if you want to get out today, make sure you are giving your fellow drivers a lot of room because it will be really slick on the road, especially when people start waking up, when it starts hitting a little busier out there. we are live and clemson. allyson: take a look at this behind us. this is our front door.
5:35 am
geoff: just in case youhought it was coming to an end, it continues. allyso it's not. we thought it was over. geoff: as we said earlier, this is great know ball snow. we have to get out there and have some kind of snowball war. let's get more from tim waller in greenville county. where are you now? tim: let's talk a moment about the big roads in the upstate. i'm talking specifically about woodruff road. that is where i'm standing right now on this early saturday morning. so far, so good. right down here, they have treated it very well. we have seen a lot of traffic. not at this very moment.
5:36 am
flush. absolutely clear. it is what you would expect on a morning like this. cars are able to navigate the roads. we got here from traveling from lawrence road. it was unbelievably clear. i want to caution you when i say thati'm not saying, perfect. a lot of flush out there. we saw some big rigs traveling the highway. that is what we saw as far as traffic this morning. geoff: thank you.
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(church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum geoff: we know was going to cap a happen, and it has. washington has been slammed. >> good morning. it happened here in our nation's capital. we are in front of the capapal here. it has been coming down for about 1717ours straight.
5:40 am
we are talking an inch or so. they're thinking 20-30 inches total series so far, cells has pushing through here, trying to clear out serious some old. capital we've had the stay in hotels, so that they would not be snowed out of the area. geoff: clearly it is windy there. that is not helping. >> no, really is not helping. winds here overnight, 30-40 miles per hour. that is significant. visibility is low. officials say stay home, there is a parking ban, for the most part. the low visibility is dangerous. allyson: we are seeing a lot of power outages here.
5:41 am
>> that is a good question. so far, no power outages that we know of. i'm looking at the streetlights on right now, as well as the stop lights. fortunately, no outages that we are aware of. with the snow and the wet snow, that is something hato keep an eye out on. geoff: folks are hunkered inside, so to speak. >> it's funny, people were told to stay inside. most restaurants and everything are closed. you can see here, a woman traversing the avenue with an umbrella. there are some folks braving it. if you're going to do that, you should be safe. a little bit of fun, they are now allowing sledding on capitol hill, which is something that was previously not allowed.
5:42 am
in a few hours. geoff: you need to get in on that. that something a good shot for social media. allyson: absolutely. geoff: he was like q the people -- cue the people walking. thank you. allyson: stay warm. geoff: don't forget, we have your forecast and delays posted at as well as our mobile app. pamela: the storm system, going out with a bang. another nice dose of snow. a lot of snow across the upstate.
5:43 am
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. pamela: 5:47. the totals continue to go up and snow continues to h come down. these are official reading so far. in pickens, two inches will be closer to three. here is the view this morning. we see, still some clearing on the interstate, which is impressive as this has continued to come down overnight often on. the snow will continue to do so. 29 in greenville right now. the winds shifting out of the north.
5:45 am
that will keep it quite cold. 28 with light snow on top of snow in spartanburg this morning . in anderson, fog as well as lighghsnow. visibility reduced across the area. certainly, snowfalls higher, setting a record in asheville. it has been especially heavy in the last hour or so, and hendersonville. we will watch those numbers go up. international, lots of snow on the ground, needless to say. winds gusting into the 20's. northeast tour jack, you have
5:46 am
again, likely seeing another three quarters of an inch over the last hour or so. the wind speed, not so much of an issue in abbeville now. as the day goes on, the wind picks up. that will be the case for all of us. it could be enough to add stress to tree limbs and power lines. across western north carolina, the winds will stay strong through the day, gusting 30 plus miles per hour. what it is doing is really drop in the windchill across the mountains. it feels comfortable across the upstate. 30 in columbia, 30 in charleston. what we have?
5:47 am
south of columbia, racing towards arms bird. it has been very light, but holding together. a few light snow flakes possible we're seeing that around myrtle beach. this is a statewide deal, and in fact, an east coast deal. this is the last big push for us . snow will be off and on, especially cross north carolina throughout the day. this is going to be with us for another couple of hours as it winds down. that is exactly what the system is doing, winding. the strong system in the northeast. just checking tc, the wind gusts , in the 40's. we will have some clearing
5:48 am
much until tomorrow, when we will have a lot more sunshine through the day. sunday shows things nice and clear. a few breaks of sunshine. blowing snow, and issue in the mountains today. tonight, seriously cold. teens across the area. we look forward to our sunday for many reasons. we will look for warmer days ahead. geoff: we will head outside in just a moment and throw some snowballs. some more pictures. we appreciate them. a lot t them have made us smile. allyson: check out this contraption. where did they get this thing? geoff: a fabulous shot there.
5:49 am
i keep getting all the cute babies. that is kennedy, taking a walk in the snow. geoff: they are terrific, and once you will enjoy even more years down the road. we are heading outside in a moment. allyson: we are taking a live look outside. this is beautiful. we will be out there in a minute. song: "that's life" song: "that's life"
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details,
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allyson: let's take a look. that snow still coming down. moderate to heavy snow from anderson to greenvwood. this is the last big push. this has added onto what has already fallen. it is still coming down. when the conditions coming in. geoff: we have moved outside. it is beautiful out here. allyson: it is gorgeous. i have not come out yet, i'm glad to come out. geoff: absolutely pristine. we will have a little bit of a snowball war. your husband is a former major league catcher, so i'm assuming you have thrown at him. we have set up the target. obviously, it is a little too
5:53 am
grab us know if -- grab a snowball. you are too close. let's see what you've got. allyson: it is really far away. i'm going to throw it. you have to move or i will hit you. geoff: it did not go! allyson: this is unfair, i think . i think you have a better arm that i do. oh! geoff: that was a bit of a joke right there. mark the line here. let's go. your doctor down. you win. ok, come on. one of these right here. how we doing? allyson: one more.
5:54 am
was way too close. this is not good. allyson: no. here we go. geoff: there we go. here it is. we will be back in just a
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>> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. geoff: it is 6:00 on the saturday morning, as we bring you a live look. take a look at the flag. the wind is whipping up in a big way. allyson: the storm brought
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