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tv   Today  NBC  February 5, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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what is that? sax by flur east. or west. you know what it is today? thirsty thursday. it's february 4th. today. with us. she's like the biggest thing -- >> she's hot. >> -- in all of new zealand. >> she came all the way to see us. >> annabelle langbine has flown us. and we're not going to say and boy are her arms tired. no, i'm not going to say that. >> how is that guac? is that delicious? >> it's hers. so we know it's going to be -- >> so good. >> then she's going to make some sort of a popcorn thing for us for the big game on sunday. >> popcorn. and homemade fries. chipotle mayo. >> don't you love her accent? >> she could talk to us all day long. >> she could talk and talk. two ambush makeovers are coming. we chose one lucky lady from the lazza. and one of our staffers. how about that? she's celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary. so we're going to talk about
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little boy miles who's so delicious. >> oh, that baby. >> christine's holding him. >> bobby's downstairs, and miles is upstairs? >> yes. we'll just -- >> we'll get a close-up of the baby. >> you've got to see this little boy's outfit. >> oh! >> he went over to joanne. because christine is -- drives me crazy. look how precious he is. >> she's going to have some beauty items, and you're going to wonder how we ever lived without them. according to bobby, you may never want a face-lift again. >> what do you mean again? >> because we all want it. >> what have you heard? >> i've been wait forget this day for so long -- >> i can't believe you didn't indulge yourself for the last 15 minutes. >> it's finally arrived. ben & jerry's has done something they've never done before. they have debuted an ice cream with no cream in it. four flavors made with almond milk. >> no dairy at all. >> no dairy. so i've been reading about these and i've been thinking about them and i've been wondering about them.
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vanilla -- that's peanut butter cookies and vanilla. i posted a photograph of this on my instagram page because i was dying for it. >> i'm using a spoon. notice who's using a forklift. delicious. >> this has caramel and coffee -- oh, look at the chunks. >> it's chunky! >> i'm so glad that -- going? >> not well. >> hold on. >> she went to her trainer for the first time this morning. now she's digging -- a bite would be good, hon. >> okay. here we go. i've been dying for this. it's got caramel. they said it tastes like ice cream. okay. hold on. >> a lost bigft lot of big chunks of chocolate. >> oh, my god. >> you love this, and you couldn't have it for the longest time. it's a good day? she's breathing very heavy. >> it's totally chemical for me. this kind of stuff is -- i feel it. when i bite into something -- oh, my gosh. it's got coffee, caramel, and chocolate. and there's no dairy.
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show bays don't think she's coming up for air. >> no, i'm not. so good. >> you don't want us to try all these flavors, do you? >> i do. what's this one? >> there's going to be -- they're going to be rolling out in the grocery stores this month. that one is the chunky monkey. what's in a chunky monkey? >> everything. all kinds of chunks of things. >> ooh, i love banana. >> oh, my god. i'm so happy. i like that one better. >> that's really good. >> how's yours? >> really good. i love this. i hope this is making for fascinating television. >> there's no dairy in it. >> while you're sitting there drooling. i wish we could share it with all of you but it's going to be rolling out soon. what do you think? what's your -- >> chunky monkey. >> they're all good. >> chunky monkey! >> let's take a look at something we don't usually see. this is the way we're used to seeing j. lo. right? just all glammed up. and that's casper smart, her boyfriend. she's just one of the great beauties of the world. but her boyfriend casper posted a behind-the-scenes video. they did a dubsmash of a popular vine called the white girl rap.
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>> starbucks. >> yes. >> chipotle. >> yes. >> yoga pants. >> yes. >> more starbucks. starbucks yes chipotle yes yoga pants yes more starbucks >> i don't get the dubsmash. but all anybody's talking about is how gorgeous she looks without makeup. >> she hasn't got a drop of makeup on. she looks like a little girl. >> she does anyway. she's 46 or something. she looks 20. >> you know what's bad about me? >> yeah. >> when i start something -- i'm picturing myself with that ent entemann's cake just shaving it, shaving it. then it's gone. >> a lady we love a lot, celine dion, honored her husband yesterday at a memorial in las vegas. guess it lasted almost three hours. and rene angelil passed away last month after a really lengthy battle with cancer. then her brother, remember, died tragically a couple days later. so celine spoke for about 20 minutes.
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fans. and -- because she has an adoring fan base. >> she really does, yeah. >> here's a little of what she said. >> i feel the love in this room. i feel the strength. and his warmth being reflected in all of you. thank you again for being here with us this evening, for this beautiful tribute to mon amour. rene, i love you. so much. merci. good night. [ applause ] >> oh. >> maybe we shouldn't have shown that. yeah. >> that was hard. that was hard. >> god bless her. >> we love her. >> all right. so let's segue, hoda. >> the super bowl was this
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so pantene just released some super bowl commercials -- >> you almost said pooper bowl. >> i did. and this is starring football players trying to do their daughters' hair. >> what a cute idea. >> they're calling it daddy do. one of them features pittsburgh running back deangelo williams with his daughter rhea. take a look. >> daddy? >> yeah. >> can you like put the bow inside the braid? >> yeah. >> i didn't know she was going to hit me with this. she changed the game plan up on me. boom. >> it's got to be the same as >> yeah. it's going to be the same as the other braid. just -- boom. look at that. this is the deangelo williams curtain call. it's the first time we've had hair. all you do is pony tails, can you do something else? yes, i can now. >> how adorable. >> how cute.
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>> i can't wait for all the super bowl commercials, though. you know? >> yeah. >> they're going to be good. there are going to be some good ones. >> this happens all the time. have you ever told a story -- >> you're at a dinner party and you're telling a story and it's getting really long and gaspy. >> and you're hoping there's going to be an end to it or even a punchline of some sort. >> well, the audience is bored and the person telling the story has no idea. they just keep on -- >> they think they're fascinating. >> gasbagging along. on and on. you know when you're like, is it still going on? >> you just can't believe it. you think there must be a point to this. and then they stop and there's no point! >> okay. research from uc berkeley found that there are cues which you should be able to see in people's faces. zack's yawning while our chat's going on. that's -- >> he's always bored. >> they say we should be able to pick up on it very quickly. >> some people just do not have the chip. they don't have the chip. i don't know why we even talked about it because we've got the chip. >> we thought we skipped that topic. >> yes. okay. let's go back to the ice cream,
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now, that's true, that a lot of people cannot read a room. they just come barreling in, they don't realize that two people are sitting there having a very in-depth -- or deep and maybe -- >> important conversation. >> yes. >> exactly. all right, yosef. >> very funny. everybody's just -- >> we're just trying to stall till ihoda, but let's get it over with. >> this one is a little throwback. it's from a group called tlc. >> oh, i remember them. >> and it is a song called "baby baby baby." hit it. love be there with you morning, noon and night but you've got to be good and that's all right in my life >> when's it going to do something? >> coming up right here.
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sexuality >> oh, that's why you love it. waiting. there's got to be a reason for this. >> here's the chorus. >> you spend too much time on this, hoda. eat some ice cream. >> go. baby baby baby >> come on, amanda. come on, go, joe. get my girls over here. get my dance crew. baby baby baby >> it's only because they have miles. they have a baby. it makes sense for them. you're a grown woman. >> tlc, "baby baby baby." >> but when is it going to do something? >> that was it. that was happening. >> just a reminder, hoda is on sirius xm -- >> playing stuff like that. >> every monday and wednesday. and we are together on xm channel 108. you can find us there. we don't know why you would want to. especially if we're doing something like eating ice cream. >> but it's dairy-free. and finally ben & jerry's has done it.
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their hair are in our makeup chairs getting ambush makeovers as we speak as hoda eats. plus finger foods with big flavor if you're throwing a party for super bowl sunday. and look at this adorable little new zealand thing that came over to be with us. >> love it. >> we're going to have some fun. and hoda's going to keep eating. >> keep eating. >> all right. perfect. right after this. i'm just going to watch you.o and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. working on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my knees. but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain.
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from phillips'. it's just three more days until the panthers face off against the broncos. and chances are if you're not throwing a super bowl party you're going to be going to one. >> so today's food team asked new zealand culinary star annabelle langbine to pack her bags and bring along some recipes for something sweet and savory. >> annabelle is a lifestyle expert and the author of "the free range cook." welcome. >> you came all the way from new zealand to see us? >> i love being here. >> you do. awesome. >> she's going to make a ton of
2:20 am
>> so we'd better get going. we're going to make homemade fries and we'll just do them with potato, rice flour, which really makes them crunchy in a little bit of oil-s so they're really lean, and then a chipotle mayo. and then we're going to make some popcorn in a bag and some guacamole. >> and some guac. >> the trick with potatoes su want to parboil them for about ten minutes. that way when you come to cut them they're not going to take so long. >> softer. >> they're softer. and then it just actually means you can either cut them into thin chips or -- i quite like cutting thepg cutting them in chunks. and i like getting an organic potato because then i can eat the skin. >> which is the healthy part of it too, right? >> and the nice thing is by parcooking them you release some of the starch. so they'll be crunchyiercrunchier. three tablespoons of olive oil. and this is the magic ingredient. it's rice flour. and if you wanted to you could spice them up. put cajun spice in here, cumin, something like that. >> just coating it with that? >> just coating it.
2:21 am
>> and some flaky salt. >> you like paper bags, don't you? >> oh. that one's going to be good. there's something friendly about a paper bag. >> there's something friendly about a paper bag. and here's the important thing. is you don't put them more than one layer thick. otherwise they steam. and you want them nice and crunchy. can you see how that's going to get them all crunchy and crusty? >> and you have paper on the bottom of that -- >> that is so you don't have to do any dishes. >> she doesn't do dishes. >> no, i don't. >> mayonnaise. get a little -- >> usually we have one. >> she has paper towels down there. >> here's the mayo. the trick is you can do this. we're going to put everything -- thank you, honey. everything goes in here. you used to think that when you made mayonnaise you had to have your tongue hanging out the side of your mouth and -- lime makes it really fresh and fragrant. and zest.
2:22 am
we love it. >> of course. >> oop. >> don't say it, kath. >> that sound. a familiar one to most people. >> honestly. get over here. >> okay. that looks familiar too. >> i don't know if i can cope. house. >> hey, look. excuse me. >> wow, that was fast. >> did that just happen in one second? >> that just happened in one second. >> wow. that's crazy. >> and is it delicious? >> it is delicious. >> it is delicious. >> and you can flavor that any which way you like. so you can put -- >> so you dip these in? >> that's it. >> we have a minute. we'd better go. >> are we going to try these? >> so come over here. this is another clever little thing. >> there's several over here. >> what are we making, chips? >> no, we're making popcorn.
2:23 am
>> in a little bag. >> in a little bag. we like bags. you know in my show i don't use any plastic. >> oh, you don't? >> you don't use any what? >> no plastic. >> oh. >> and when you've got it in the bag when ruhr doing things in the microwave all the heat builds up in the middle. so so it doesn't burn you just make a little flat ring like that. you should be doing it on here. >> okay. >> and then you just pop that in the microwave. and it takes about three minutes and you get popcorn. >> this is delicious, by the way. >> spices. so some cinnamon, chile, salt. >> okay. shake it up. >> i like it. >> and then -- >> are you putting a chocolate top on that? >> yeah. >> what are you talking about? >> this is your day. >> and the other -- everything's on our website. >> yeah, yeah. >> her guacamole's awesome too. >> we've got guacamole, homemade tortilla chips. toss that up and you are -- >> all righty. find out which jobs could earn you thousands of jobs from home.
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they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long.
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if you're ready to look younger and more beautiful, then you're ready for -- >> bobbie's buzz. >> "today's" style editor bobbie thomas is here with some quick beauty fixes for your skin, your hair, and your nails. >> where's miles? >> watching mommy over here. >> so these are some products that came across my desk. and one of the new categories i'm finding a lot of skin care specifically aiming, they're trying to defy gravity. of course. >> of course. >> so estee lauder has come out with something called liquid tape. this came out in late 2015.
2:27 am
>> and we have a picture of alma, who's here on set with us. >> hi, alma. >> let's take a look at this picture yesterday in my office. we used the tape on her eye. and look at the before and the after. >> wow. >> it was kind of impressive. they're polymers that when they dry they lift and tighten. >> they tighten the skin which makes it appear to lift. >> i thought it was impressive. however, if you're going to wear makeup over that it might start to peel. sow want to be careful how much you apply over that. >> alma, you look beautiful. >> next, doctor brant has something called no more needles, a whole line. and this is his 3-d filler mask. and you leave this mask on. you actually apply it with a brush after you do your skin care in the morning. >> now we know why alma's here. >> and you apply this with a brush and you let it fill in. it's essentially like a primer, a filler. so you get this really smooth appearance under your makeup
2:28 am
and again, it gives you that subtle plump and reshape. it'll help tighten the lower to midsection of your face. like the jowls. >> so you can wear makeup over that. >> you can. >> how long do you let it dry for? >> this takes a few minutes. you can and it works like a primer. one of my favorite products for the neck is dr. dennis gross has a faruic retinol that lifts really well. we'll have that online. and then rita hasan. >> we love rita. >> she colors beyonce's hair, madonna's hair, j. lo's hair. she knows how to deal with hair that's been through everything. brand new. everybody's been awaiting the release of her shampoo and conditioner and her split end remedy. it'll protect your split ends in three ways and instantly make it look like you almost had a haircut. she can revive overdyed hair. she's been in the lab working on this for over two years. i was so excited to try this. and last but not least, one of my favorite things, zoia has come out with this naked manicure. >> everybody's talking about that. >> not me. i haven't heard about it.
2:29 am
>> this is like makeup for your nails. after you wear red nail polish or gel manicures, your nails are yellow. this is a color corrector. i have it on this hand. and this hand has nothing. even though it looks purple in the bottle, it goes on sheer, and it just helps tint the color to your natural nail back. so it's a great quick fix. >> people love this. >> yeah. >> can we see little miles, please? >> he's knocked out. taking -- >> we'll just get a close-up. the baby is asleep. >> oh, he's so cute. >> the gardener shuffle. that's what put my kids to sleep. it still works with cody. >> from the kardashian collection. the little leather. >> susie welch with some money ideas. >> she should know. plus the plaza ambush makeovers after your local news. 99.9% of bacteria on more than just the trashcan. it's the "pungent gym bag stink" neutralizer.
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it's thirsty thursday, and damp weather couldn't dampen the energy on our plaza. >> we did a little something different today. we plucked one lucky lady from the crowd and the other out of her chair right here in 30 rock for "ambush makeovers." >> and now they're ready for their big reveal courtesy of our crack make joer team. "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- louis licari, la, la, la, la, la >> thank you, ladies. >> and "today" contributor, guinness world record holder. >> and miss qvc herself, jill martin. >> and a woman i adore, by the way. >> don't we all. all righty. >> now, tell us, you did something different this week. >> yes. one lady, as you said, was from the plaza. >> yes. >> and then the lady who et cetera the videos for us, you know, does all the -- >> ambush work. >> what we do before and everything. we picked her. and she was so excited because today is her 25th anniversary. >> how fantastic. >> we'll talk to her in a second. but first let's meet pat wilson. she's 66 years old from york, pennsylvania.
2:33 am
currently works as a corporate event planner. she is an avid ambush watcher and she came a few years ago but she wasn't picked, but she didn't give up. she describes her everyday look at frumpy. >> you're giggling. and i know that's out of happiness. because you've been through such a tough time. so what does this mean to you? >> i am so excited about doing this. i've wanted to cut my hair for such a long time. and i hardly wear any makeup at all. but it's been kind of a rough year. and i just want something to take my mind off of it. >> well, we are going to make you look even more beautiful. okay? >> thank you so much. >> got to love pat. and we've got her good friend ruth is here. ruth, please keep your blindfold on for just a second. okay? and i'll tell you when to take it off. here is pat wilson before. >> let's bring her out, hoda. >> let's see the new you! oh, my gosh. get over here. >> okay. ruth, get ready, ruth.
2:34 am
get ready. >> oh, my god! you look so wonderful. >> you see how good you look in your friend's eyes. you ready, pat? all right, pat, it's time. spin right here. take a look. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my god. >> you look so beautiful. >> we're going to need some, baby. thank you, dear. >> you look gorgeous. >> camera 12. don't move. >> don't ruin the makeup. >> we've got you. >> tell us the story. >> number one, her hair. she did color her hair, but she didn't color it enough, obviously. it faded. it was a gray, it was a blond. now she's a definite warm blond. >> that's crazy. >> remember, as i always say, how hair color is so important. to skin color. then the makeup of course. and then arsene we're lucky enough to have today. gave us this great haircut.
2:35 am
and you look younger, more vital. beautiful. >> thank you. thank you. >> can you stand it? >> i'm going to have to up my game. >> all right. jill, perfect fit. >> so perfect. >> well, that's how to wear white in the winter. we love winter white. this is new by shawnie. and i love how -- you don't even need jewelry with it. >> it looks so beautiful. big round of applause. you can join your friend. >> now our second lady is karen dekahn. she's 50 years old from manalapan, new jersey. she is, as we said, one of our staff members. she works an ambush every week. she's been working at nbc for 25 years. and today is her 25th wedding anniversary. so we decided to surprise her with a whole new look. let's watch. >> ah! >> surprise, karen. >> oh, my gosh. >> today's your day. >> thank you so much. >> are you mortified? >> i am so mortified. i am -- i'm shocked. i'm just shocked and excited. thank you.
2:36 am
so we pulled you out of an edit. >> yes, you did. i was working. doing my job. >> we're going to yank you away. >> okay. >> and take care of you for three hours. >> thank you. >> bye. >> such a lovely thing to do. she's here with her husband tim. >> tim, raise your hand. >> and a few of her co-workers. >> nbc posse's in the house. >> that's right. >> let's look at karen before and bring out the new, 25 years married karen dekime. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, yeah. get ready, kids. >> all right, you guys, take off >> wow. oh, my god. >> can i look? >> yes, you can look. >> oh, my god! oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you so much! oh, my gosh. >> yeah, i think you're good for
2:37 am
i really do. >> tell us about it. >> okay. tammy did such a common color mistake. she used the right color but just overlapped, overlapped, overlapped, so her hair was almost black. it's even blacker than in that before picture there. so what i had to do was i lightened the base, added these highlights, which all of a sudden erases years. don't you think? >> yes. >> i mean, really. and it also makes the thin hair, it adds so much texture. >> but that's an arsene haircut. >> of course. i always get that ace in my back pocket. and of course the beautiful makeup of enid oh to make it all come together. >> oh. >> what do you think, tim? >> beautiful. i love the hair. i really do. it's fantastic. >> and tell us about this dress, please. >> it's new by shawnie. you know, i'd like you to talk about the dress.
2:38 am
>> we were going to go to a french steakhouse somewhere. but we'll see. >> you may have to ante up your game too. >> order in. posse? >> great job, you guys. >> arsene, edith oh, everybody. thank you all so much. >> next week, a special valentine's day. if you and your significant hit the connect you. >> how to make money from the it is possible. right after this. here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to ah! (car alarm sounds)
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there have probably been a few times when you thought about what it would be like to work from home. >> or maybe you want to make
2:41 am
flexible schedule so you can take care of your family. >> oftentimes the obstacle is just getting started. >> so career expert -- >> susie welch is here. she did an extensive search and narrowed down the list of industry for people looking to 4r5u67 a business from home. there must be many because of the unemployment situation. >> a lot of people looking for them. >> so your number one is direct sales. >> yes. >> i would imagine you need a certain type of personality, right? to go into that. >> absolutely. i mean, there's 18 million women, it's estimated, that are in direct sales. you know, they throw parties and they sell everything from makeup to pots and pans to -- >> tupperware and all that. >> i think this is an industry, if people have ever said to you you can sell anything. if you're very extroverted, a real go-getter -- >> or passionate about what you like. >> you have to like the product. >> you have to. >> and love throwing parties and have a lot of friends. but you can't keep going back to the same people again and again. >> you need a big circle. >> plus they really like the product and keep coming back for
2:42 am
>> how much do you make in this kind of thing? >> there are startup costs. it's anywhere from $100 to $2,000. and then you can make -- the sky's the limit. that's what they tell you. but you know, the average consultant makes about $25,000 a year. not the first year. okay? it takes a while. but the real money comes in recruiting other women to be consultants. >> you get a piece of the action. >> you get a commission on their sales. that's how you make the -- you have to have a comfort level with asking your friends to be consultants. >> confidence. >> and your friends and family to buy from you. >> hoda has no problem with that. >> all right. let's move to -- this is kind of a cool idea. we're talking about a virtual assistant, right? >> yeah. this is a real growing field. virtual assistant. this is basically doing all the things that an assistant does but doing them from your own home. >> okay. >> we actually -- we have a virtual assistant here who's on skype. hi. >> what's your name? >> melissa. >> hi, melissa. >> so melissa would be our virtual assistant, suzy. how does it work? >> melissa's been a virtual
2:43 am
she has several clients. she's built this business over that time. she has two daughters, 7 and 9, and a husband who works very long hours. so melissa, how'd you get started? >> my mother-in-law's a realtor, and i started working as her assistant. and people in the office asked how i'm doing everything and just started inquiring. and i ran with it. and then i developed a nice clientele of all industries from that network. >> that's a fantastic idea. >> it seems like it's such a smart thing. the only issue would be like if skype didn't work or if something dropped out in the middle of an important moment. does that happen? and how do you deal with it? >> yes. a lot of the things i do are actually off camera. you know, off of skype. so it's mostly e-mail, text. it doesn't really matter about that. but it could happen. definitely. >> she doesn't have to go and pick up nin anybody's dry cleaning. that's what's good. >> it's a very flexible job, right? you are able to balance work and life with this, with working at home as a virtual assistant, right? it's flexible? >> yeah.
2:44 am
>> she's really sweet. >> and suzy, you can make a pretty good living doing that? >> you can make about $25,000. depending -- after you've worked for a few years. it is a little lonely, though. you don't have a lot of -- >> your children are there. >> right. it gives you flexibility but you don't have that water cooler chitchat every day. >> you're talking about in-home daycare. i would imagine there are a lot of layers with insurance and licensing and all that. >> a highly regulated industry. >> as it should be. >> it should be. >> it's one of the ones that should be. unlike so many others. >> totally agree. this feels natural to many women. they raise their kids, they have the skills, and so they want to take on two or three kids or four kids. the problem is that it is highly regulated and there are high startup costs. it can be up to $10,000. $20,000. because you have to retrofit your home. you have to have safety regulations. you have to change the bathrooms. >> high insurance. >> so you're not going to make money right away probably unless you just have a few kids. and there is a cap. you can never have more than 15 kids in your home. >> sure. but who'd want to?
2:45 am
joke. all right? don't e-mail me. i don't do e-mail. thank you, suzy. >> all right. these ideas sounded sweet. check out what we've got for you next. >> easy valentine's day treats
2:46 am
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happy anniversary dinner, darlin' can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand.
2:48 am
valentine's day is exactly ten days from now. and nothing makes hearts melt more than homemade goodies. >> if you want to surprise your sweetie or whip up some treats for the kids we've got delicious ideas from the founder and editor of style me pretty and "today" tastemaster abby larson. why do you have us in french maid outfits? >> aren't they cute? >> they're spanky. they're very spanky. >> adds to the ambience. >> you're saying we don't need to know how to bake to make any of these things. >> no, no. and you don't need to spend a fortune. and you can get the whole family involved. we're starting with xoxo cookies. you need to start with a sugar
2:49 am
my favorite recipe is on style me living. but you can use anything. store bought, whatever. if you want to grab a cookie we're going to load up on the frosting. >> oh, just ice them. >> she's already made the little cookies. >> you already cut them out. >> we used cookie cutters, baked them in the oven. and pile it on, girls. this is not the time to watch our waistlines. >> oh, we never do. >> and then after you get that kind of smeared around. >> schmaer. >> schmear it, hody. >> that's looking beautiful. >> we take it very -- well, one of us does. very seriously. >> sprinkle it on. >> so you have these great little xoxo kiss cookies. >> very cute. and bad for your teeth but who cares? >> they're a little bad for your teeth. it's worth it. worth the splurge. >> cherries, hoda. >> we're doing onlymbre chocolate
2:50 am
add a little food coloring. dunk them in, set them on your parchment paper, let them set up for a couple of hours. these are do for a gallentine's day party. galentine's is for the ladies. >> that's adorable. >> let's go over here. >> thanks for asking. >> these are cinnamon rolls. this is like -- >> that you buy in the store. >> this is the definition of awesome. because you buy them in the store. we unrolled them. you may need to use some scissors. now what you're going to do is roll them toward each other. >> make a heart. did you see that, addy and grace? >> so even the kids can do it. and then you pinch it. >> make a little heart. >> are these them? >> these are them. if you bake them like this they hold their shape really well. >> they're heartish. >> heartish. >> i don't know that -- hi, guys. addy and grace. >> addy and grace. >> no one told me they were coming.
2:51 am
healthier-ish optionoptions. we're ishing today. we've got strawberry kebabs. if you cut a strawberry lengthwise and cut a little divot out you have a heart. >> that's so cute. and what are you kids doing here? >> what are you guys doing? >> that. that's what they're doing. >> they're making something else. >> you need some heart gummy candies, some pretzels. stick them on in. eat a few while you're at it. i'm going to enjoy. and it's a good snack. >> is it working or not really? >> not really. >> you know what? but it's all fun. >> it's cute anyway. >> new recipes on >> we are back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc. >> excellent job. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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it is time for "ok, not ok." we see a lot of celebrities photographed with their cats and dogs but some celebs have a taste for the exotic. >> floyd mayweather was given a rare and exotic two-month-old tiger. paris hilton had a kinkajou pet. i don't know what that is. and lisa vanderpump has eight swans. >> we asked is it okay or not okay to have exotic animals. >> here's what we had to say, if you care at all. >> i'm always uncomfortable domesticating animals that would be happier in their own natural habitat, hoda. >> that makes sense. i say as long as you're abiding by the law you can have any kind of a pet you want. but as for me i'm sticking with blakie. blake shelton. my dog. >> and i'm sticking with bambino and lois. no, it's -- what are the other ones? >> lulu. i don't know. >> sometimes it feels like i -- i do care. i love those other ones.
2:55 am
party this weekend, look what we have. this is dessert. it's a football made entirely of chocolate. >> it's $50 from harry & david. which is an amazing company. >> if you order it today you can get it for the super bowl. >> for tuesday. it will deliver for tuesday. >> no. saturday. >> what did i say? >> tuesday. >> oh. >> tomorrow emmy -- 50 bucks. >> you'll definitely get it by tuesday. sorry about that. just -- the show was over for me at that point. we might as well go.
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