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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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side of the field it should be no surprise donald trump has been running away with search interest followed by rubio and also ted cruz. ben carson and kasich are still hanging in but far and away donald trump has been dominating online. >> when we talk about donned trump on this super tuesday, texas is a big question. ted cruz polls have him ahead but trump seems to be getting a lot of momentum. what are you seeing in the search out of texas? >> that's right. when we look at what's happening in terms of who is leading, in many cases it mirrors what's happening offline. if someone says something on the campaign trail, says something on a debate stage, that starts to play out and we see people going to the web and asking questions. now, donald trump, for instance, when we look at what people are asking about him what are those questions that they are saying? the top search question right now is what did he say about the kkk and that's following the
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people are also wondering how many delegates does he have, all the way down to how much money is he worth. when we look at ted cruz, people are wondering a different set of questions. they are asking, how did he earn his money? who has endorsed him? those questions, they span a wide spectrum and they reflect people trying to get to know little bit more about what the candidates have said, and where their chances of winning tuesday is, super tuesday being such a big day. >> thank you for joining us. it's been so interesting to see what google is able to do when you could dig into the searches of people in these primary states, what their interest are and what their hot button issues are. it's great information. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> while governor haley stumps,
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in 2012 he dismissed the issue of romney's tax returns, this week haley expressed returns about his tax return. trump tweeted, people are embarrassed by haley. less than 30 minutes later, she tweeted to trump saying, "bless your heart." >> once the polls close we've got full super tuesday results. be sure to download it for all your commitment 2016 coverage. we'll bring you the latest results as they come in and you'll be able to check the bottom of your screen for scrolling results as well. coming up after 6:00 tonight, be sure to watch an hour long nightly news with lester holt from 6:30 to 7:30. and later, lester, guthrie and todd will host an hour long special tonight. an election special from 10:00 to 11:00 right here on wyff4. >> let's talk weather as we take a look outside. john says some interesting stuff
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>> here's our sky cam and, john, we can see that camera has been bouncing around. >> a little bit of a breeze to say the least. but it's a warm breeze. it's very, very mild. march 1, it feels like spring is in the air. but we have a strong cold front that's to the west that will pass by us later on well after midnight that will bring in much colder temperatures across the area. late tonight and especially during the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. for that matter, most of this week will be pretty chilly. so there is the front right here. some showers and thunderstorms lined up along the front. we had a couple of warnings earlier for knoxville but that's about it. the storm prediction center has a chance for severe weather mainly to our west and this is not a very strong storm system. the main threat is a few isolated pockets of maybe some damaging winds and larger hail but for the most part isolated to scattered as far as severe weather. it mainly will be showers and thundershowers across the area. here's our slight risk of severe weather.
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carolina and north georgia into atlanta and that's for the remainder of tonight. after that we cool down in a big way. >> breaking news, a coroner has been called to the scene of a wreck. emergency services says the wreck happened outside of a diner in seneca around 3:30. the victim's name has not been released. >> people in western north carolina are invited to way in on duke energy's plans to replace coal burning power plants with units fueled by natural gas. a series of public meetings are being held near the 14 coal plant sites and that includes this one in asheville. the meeting will be held on the campus of the technical community college starting at 6:00. state officials say the public's comments will be considered before the agency makes its final decision. >> the north carolina turkey population is booming. so state officials are encouraging people to go hunting.
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wild turkey population has reached an all-time high, an estimated 26 # 5,000 statewide. they say turkey harvests have dramatically increased, the commission is offering 24 free turkey hunting seminars across the state, in march and april, statewide season for male -- >> bearded turkey -- is april 9. >> i know nothing about bearded turkeys. april 9 through may 7, with youth only week from april 2 through the 8th. now, officials say the town of west pellcer hassed that their water restored but they are now under a boil water advisory. this is an update to a story we brought you yesterday. water samples have been tested and recommended that everyone boil their water until further notice. stay with us on our mobile app and find out first when the advisory is lifted.
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f.b.i. are facing off for the first time since the feds went to court to force apple to unlock a terrorist encrypted iphone. >> coming up later tonight, an astronaut who spent almost a year in space is coming back home. what his zero gravity stay will mean for a mars mission in the
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first, the u-s house judiciary committee is weighing into the >> the house judiciary committee is weighing into the privacy fight between the government and apple. a california judge has ordered apple to help the government hack a terrorist locked iphone. here's what lawmakers want to know. will that have far reaching privacy effect for all store owners >> the f.b.i. versus apple with phone encryption on the line and congress playing referee. >> until this, there was no safe in america, no garage in america, no basement in america, that could not be entered with a judge's order. >> the f.b.i. director says apple's new encryption is so powerful only the company can help it hack the iphone of the terrorist, but he acknowledges what the government previously denied. this fight is about far more than one phone.
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in requiring apple to unlock this phone, that won't really be a one time request, correct? >> the issue of locked phones, certainly not. >> apple says everyone's privacy is at take. >> building that software would not affect just one iphone. it would weaken the security for all of them. >> for lawmakers it's no easy choice. >> the big question for our country is how much privacy are we going to give up. >> the right to counsel, free speech and jury trial isn't of much use if you're dead. >> yesterday a federal magistrate cited with apple, ruling this is no law forcing apple to hack a locked phone. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> that case won't affect the california ruling but it shows the fight between apple and the government is far from over. >> the is whether the war of wills will be settled by
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>> oprah winfrey opens her closet to you. how you can buy something oprah wore or featured on her show. right now, an benefit charity at the same time. >> some must see video. see what happens when this basketball team celebrated a win
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show your support for the american red cross... on your car. >> show your support for the american red cross on your car. a new specialty south carolina license plate was unveiled today. it features the red cross logo and says proud supporter. it cost an extra $25 every two years and could be ordered through the department of motor vehicles a portion of the proceeds will benefit the red cross. >> $25, that money goes to the american red cross to do the work that they do all over the state. as we have really severe flooding in columbia, earlier last year. they were there on the scene right after. so it's so important for south carolina residents to support the south carolina chapter of
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>> the play was unveiled today because march is red cross month. >> special olympics world game athlete in south carolina will be competing in the heritage pro-am this april. this is the first time a special olympics athlete will compete in the event. scott said two special olympic rower records. he finished 12-under par for the week long competition. scott and his family are from clover near rock hill. the pro-am will be april 11. >> starting today, you can own something out of oprah winfrey's closet. e bay has teamed up for an online charity auction of more than 250 items including shoes, clothing and accessories, straight from the show closet. the money raised from the charity auction will go to the leadership academy. i checked out e bay.
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of bids for each item. >> fast food giant macdonald is reeling out a new promotion in sweden. they can transform it into a vr headset. users can use the happy goggles for, with a smartphone and play mcdonald's new skiing game. the headset will be available on march 4. mcdonald's has yesterday to say whether the headset would be available in the u.s. or elsewhere. >> a new study released today by aarp finds the average cost for a one-year supply of prescription drugs doubled in just seven years to more than $11,000. that's about 3/4 of the average annual social security benefit. price hikes imposed one or more times a year by drugmakers are making prescription medicines unaffordable for many especially those who take multiple prescriptions or need long term medication sbhchlt subway customers will now financially get a if the long sub when they order a foot long.
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a settlement for a class-action lawsuit filed against subway. it will ensure its bread is at least 12 inches long. the suit was filed after an awn teenager in 2013 posted an image on facebook of his sandwich that was only 11 inches. subway has agreed to ensure its bread is now at least a if the long. >> ford is working on a new way to park your bike where you would never have to put your feet on the ground. ford has been awarded an patent for an automatic kick stand. the new modification would help disabled people and could remove the danger of an able-bodied rider from falling if a foot or feet are stuck in place. no word on when the product will launch. >> after more than a million miles of self driving google ses one of its self driving cars is blamed for an accident. this is the first time google says its self-driving vehicle is actually at fault. the crash happened on valentine's day in mountain view. they say a self-driving lexus
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google says accident happened when the lexus suddenly was forced to switch lanes. there were no injuries. >> must tv. this happened during a high school game in rhode island. the team managers to steal the ball with just seconds left in the game and up one point the player throws it into the air. the team starts celebrating, thinking the game is over. even go to the ground, but the opposite team gets the ball, calls time-out. yeah, with one second left -- a long pass is scored making the would be victors into losers. >> take a look at the radar. you can see the showers and even a few embedded thunderstorms back here. developing just northwest of atlanta actually and back into northern alabama. so as long as the front remains to the west, we're not wedged in here with a stable environment. but we're not that unstable
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of clouds around with some sun from time to time but we're also very mild so i wouldn't be surprised to see showers and thundershowers march across the area as we go through the evening. only a slight chance of anything being severe but we'll have to watch it closely through the evening and the storm's prediction center has a chance for severe weather here from knoxville. southwestern mountains of north carolina through atlanta and back into montgomery, alabama. a closer look shows extremely northwestern parts of 0 conee, knoxville. southwestern mountains bryson city and southwest gainesville through gainesville and through atlanta and north georgia. a chance to a strong severe thunderstorm. the main threat would be damaging winds and even maybe a few pockets of some -- maybe some large hail. but it's really not a very strong system at all. the front itself is strong because it will bring in much colder air behind the front which i'll show now second. rain showers moving through madison county right now. these showers continue to make their way off pretty quickly to the east and northeast at about 35 miles per hour. live shot looking over lake hartwell in anderson county. you can see partly cloudy to
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right now. the sun goes down, temperature is still very warm across the area. anderson right now, 77. 68 degrees in taccoa. mid-60's in weatherton. 71 in greenville and 72 in clemson. low 70's all the way to newberry. ize breeze 10 to 20 bringing in a little bit more moisture but not a lot out of the gulf of mexico but bringing in milder temperatures. 73 in augusta. 72 in charleston. beautiful day along the beach. 70 in myrtle beach. as we go through the evening, showers and embedded thundershowers will march across the area. the best chance of severe weather, southwestern mountains and also the northeastern georgia mountains, all way through possibly the northwestern part of oconee county. at 7:00 this evening these showers and heavy thundershowers move quickly.
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east and now the cool air starts to spread across the area and even much colder air spreading across the mountains. rain showers could change to snow showers especially along the tennessee line. that will continue through tomorrow morning. a few of these snow showers could make their way as far as asheville but only a slight chance of that as you wake up tomorrow morning. otherwise, very windy and much colder conditions in the mountains and much cooler conditions with sunshine in the upstate. our forecast for tonight, scattered showers, maybe some thundershowers mainly this evening. low temperature 41 degrees. turning colder after midnight. showers likely, possibly a couple of thunderstorms in the mountains. for tomorrow, bright sunshine but much cooler, high temperature only in the mid-50s in the upstate. partly sunny skies. windy and cold. could be a brief snow shower earlier in the morning. high temperature upper 30's to low 40's. four day plus looks like this. still keeping it pretty chilly. on thursday with some showers coming in thursday into thursday evening. and then cool day on friday. but then a beautiful upcoming weekend.
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with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99,
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nasa is planning a very big >> nasa planning a very big homecoming celebration in houston as american astronaut scott kelly prepares to return to earth late tonight. >> he spent almost a full year on the international space station setting a record for an american astronaut. >> 340 days, 5,400 earth orbits, nearly 11,000 sunsets. for nearly a year scott kelly has floated 250 miles above the earth. >> probably almost half the time i've been here between sleeping and working on the computer, i've spent in basically a box the size of a phone booth. >> along the way he's captured and tweeted some breathtaking images of sunrises, massive weather systems, melting ice caps, and even a spacesuit selfie. he's also been the ideal test
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and emotional effects on long duration space light, because on the ground, in tucson, is scott's twin brother mark, himself a retired astronaut and husband of former congresswoman giffords. >> researchers have been comparing mark to scott to evaluate the effects of space, solar and radiation exposure on scott. critical if astronauts are ever going to mars. >> and twins will be twins. it was mark who sent a gorilla suit into space for scott to terrorize other astronauts but the science is serious stuff. >> they had an opportunity they have never had before. my brother and i are the only siblings that have ever flown in space and the fact that we're twins gave them this unique opportunity to do some pretty substantial science. >> cover of "time" magazine. >> at his home in houston just weeks before his mission began last year, i asked scott what he
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>> are you going to mistook coast, are you going to miss pizza, watering the lawn, what will you miss? >> i think what most people miss and what i missed last time are the people that are important in your life the relationships you have with people on the ground. >> from space, he says that's still true. >> there is certainly, you know, as will of connection with folks on the ground, that you care for and love and want to spend time with. >> still, half nearly 144 million miles, he says he's not climbing the walls. >> i could go another 100 days. i could go another year if i had to. >> no need, after 11 months in space. late tonight, scott kelly will finally be home. >> wish him safely travels back to the ground. >> thank you for joining us for news at 5:00.
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>> this is wyff4 news 4 at 6:00, in high-definition. >> literal signs of frustration. business leaders take to columbia demanding something be done about the roads as they keep up the fill buster. >> business leaders say south carolina lawmakers are putting politics ahead of road repairs. >> today they took that message to the statehouse in columbia. tim waller was there. >> south carolina's crumbling roads, a danger to drivers. >> how many people must die before we fix our roads. >> now a huge threat to the state's economy according to business leaders. >> wie got to do something about this problem if we're continue to continue to see economic development. >> they condemned state senators for not passing a roads bill. >> in the business community you don't get paid if you don't do your job so today what i'll calling for is i want every south carolina senator to start returning their paycheck back to the taxpayer on a daily basis,
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voting on the amendments on the desk. >> there has been no vote because of a senate fill buster with a handful of lawmakers opposed to an increase in the gas tax that would pay for repairs. repairs upstate officials say are desperately needed. >> what this is becoming for us is a challenge around how are we going to continue to grow the business community. to attract businesses to our region. >> even farmers weighed in with a message for lawmakers. >> it's not time to fix roads in south carolina. it's pastime. >> 320 days is how long the south carolina senate has had a roads bill without taking any votes. the group here today says that's got to change. >> tim waller, wyff4 in columbia. >> proof of the impact that roads have on business is right here in the upstate.
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>> the the roads can create a change reaction of trouble that ultimately affects the customer. >> if you have had to get your car fixed because of rough roads then you know the pain. >> we need them to be in good repair because otherwise we're paying for the roads and repairs to our trucks and tires. >> the family owned company which started in south carolina in 1907 says the roads aren't safe. >> i don't think people focus on that part of it as much as they should beware of that. >> he says on top of that they are expensive. truck repairs caused delays for customers and downtime means drivers can't work. owner brian -- says the state's law makers are the roadblock and the road to repairs. >> i wish there was a way to get the people that we elect, we elect them to vote, not to fill buster. so if they would do their duties


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