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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> the the roads can create a change reaction of trouble that ultimately affects the customer. >> if you have had to get your car fixed because of rough roads then you know the pain. >> we need them to be in good repair because otherwise we're paying for the roads and repairs to our trucks and tires. >> the family owned company which started in south carolina in 1907 says the roads aren't safe. >> i don't think people focus on that part of it as much as they should beware of that. >> he says on top of that they are expensive. truck repairs caused delays for customers and downtime means drivers can't work. owner brian -- says the state's law makers are the roadblock and the road to repairs. >> i wish there was a way to get the people that we elect, we elect them to vote, not to fill buster. so if they would do their duties
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>> the owner there says truck drivers from other states talk about south carolina's road conditions, all the traffic congestion, and the accidents. mike mccormick, wyff4, life tonight in spartenburg. >> this is super tuesday. a new nbc news poll shows trump and clinton are holding big leads right now. according to the latest online poll. this is registered republicans. donald trump leads with 40% of the vote followed by senator marco rubio at 21%, then senator ted cruz in third with 18. the race is closer on the other side. among democrats, 51% of democrats selecting hillary clinton in the poll. bernie sanders in second place with 41%. >> a big early turnout in georgia for super tuesday. unlike south carolina both democrats and republicans will vote in their primaries today. the chairman of the board of elections here in hartwell says, in 50 to 60 years of voting and watching politics he's never seen such a controversial
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he says he's encouraged by the amount of voters he's seeing. we asked some voters why it was so important they got out there early to cast their vote. >> seeing the numbers that have gone before us, in huge quantities that they didn't expect, i'm glad to see it, people ought to take an interest in what's happening in our country. it's one of the most important elections in many years in the history of our country. we're seeing that all over the country with increased voters turnout. >> the voting sticker a little different than in south carolina
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>> franklin and stevens county here's more from taco with a. >> you can see the line behind me and workers in this county say at least a third of registered voters came out today. >> a clerk told in us franklin county, lines weren't long when our camera was there but poll workers say turnout has been pretty good. >> voters trying to show their support. >> it is possible. so many people out there need need education. kids. >> ben carson is logical, he's reasonable, a real christian commitment, he's not an entertainer, he's a thinking person.
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>> i believe -- i am a republican. so -- i'm kind of hoping that the better person of the republican party gets nominated. >> after watching the debates and doing a little research, agree with most of everything he has to say. he's young. i feel like he's got a lot of energy and i feel like he would lead us in the right direction. >> officials in franklin county told me they had more voters than they were expecting. >> once the polls close we'll have full super tuesday results on the wyff4 app. download it for our coverage. we'll bring you the latest results as they come in. you'll be able to check the bottom of your screen for scrolling results as well. >> coming up next, be sure to catch an hour long nightly news with lester holt from 6:30 to 7:30. they will host an hour long election special tonight.
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here on wyff4. >> as governor haley stumps for rubio, trump took direct aim at her on twitter. trump's social media director posted a video of haley from 2012 of her dismissing the issue of romney's tax returns but this week you may recall haley expressed concern about trump's returns so trump tweeted the people of south carolina are embarrassed by haley. in under 30 minutes the governor replied, to the real donald trump, bless your heart. >> a chance for showers tonight as we take a live look from our wofford sky cam. john is tracking our forecast. >> there is a chance that even some showers are possible and a slight risk of some severe weather especially to the west. i'll talk more about that in a second. you can see how mild it is for this march 1. it feels like spring is definitely in the air but unfortunately that will change as we go through later on tonight. here are some showers, even heavier showers moving through north georgia. about ready to move into jasper.
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make their way across the area. it's produced showers with a few embedded thunderstorms. nothing severe rate now. there are no watch boxes across the area but in the from the storm prediction center. a threat of severe weather from knoxville to atlanta to montgomery, alabama. a closer look shows the southwestern mountains are under the gun for an isolated strong to severe thunderstorm. the main threat would be damaging winds through north georgia and maybe as far east as the western part of oconee county. this is not a powerful system and once it goes by it will get much colder and maybe some snow for the mountains. i'll talk more about that a little later on. >> we don't know where he is.
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death atdeputies call him armed and dangerous. his girlfriend say >> his girlfriend says he's innocent. >> a double murder suspect is still on the run and one of the victim's relatives is speaking out. here's more. >> we spoke to the sister of jamal justice who says she's still waiting to hear why the man accused of killing her brother and another man was released on bond and placed on home incarceration. >> we want to know why. we just don't understand why. the guy does not deserve it. >> johnson says having her brother's accused killer on home incarceration was bad enough and now that he's escaped it's even worse. >> the family is upset. they are scared. >> williams is accused of killing johnson's brother and fuller outside a nightclub early thanksgiving morning in 2014. >> we don't know where he is. >> williams' girlfriend washington says her boyfriend is innocent.
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monitor and ran off because he failed a drug test and would have to return to jail. he says we all know there are people in jail right now who are innocent. just the thought that he might never come home again is terrifying for him. washington says she believes williams will turn himself in. she says, i'm scared that law enforcement will shoot him if they see him. i don't want him to die and do not believe he wants to die either. >> she's out on double murder, and we're trying to investigate the reason why. >> the judge who said williams $200,000 bond with the condition of gps monitoring was not available to explain how he reached that decision. in the meantime, williams' attorney scott robinson says the bond his client posted was set pretty high. >> and deputies say if anyone sees bradford williams they would like him to call 911. >> deputies say someone accidentally shot a 5-year-old boy last night. >> deputies say it happened around 7:40 on rose street
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spartanburg regional. there is no word yet on his condition. >> a 5-year-old girl pulled from a house fire over the weekend has died. the coroner tells us rose died last it in at the burn center in augusta. smoke inhalation caused her death. she was pulled from the burning home sunday night. she had crawled between a wall and a sofa in the burning house. the rest of the family managed to escape uninjured. the cause of the fire is still unclear. >> up next on news 4, the brazen theft of a greenville a.t.m. in broad daylight. >> outside right now with that
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quite a sight here ... a case of show up and just take it. greenville police are investigating the theft of an a-t-m from inside a hotel. surveillance pictures show a >> quite a it should. watch what happens. a man wheels the machine right out of the crown plaza. it appears he put the machine inside a early 2000 jeep cherokee and took off. it was recovered. he just walked away with it. if you know anything about this person or crime, call crimestoppers. you don't have to give your name. >> the zoo is mourning the death of one of its newest additions. the new baby monkey has died. a necropsy will be performed and they won't know what caused the z death until the results are back. the zoo is keeping a close eye on the baby's mother to ensure
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the grief process. >> water main break left people without any water yesterday afternoon. and now the town is under a boil water advisory. that will last until further notice. officials tell us they are testing water samples and they have not yet said when the water problem will be fixed entirely. you can find upsets on the facebook page. of course, we'll keep you up to date as we learn more. >> a small earth hit north carolina overnight a magnitude 2.4 quake hit outside of burnsville and yancey county so far no reports of damage. reports the quake happened a little after 9:30. >> you can see some showers beginning to move in quickly from the west. right along and ahead of this cold front, which is a very strong cold front. it gets colder behind the front.
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it's march 1st. once again, psychologically, it makes you feel like spring is around the corner. it's only three weeks away. you can see some thunderstorms developing just north of interstate 20 from birmingham over toward metro atlanta. there is a risk that we could see some severe weather but the storm prediction center has it from atlanta through most of north georgia into knoxville and back into alabama and birmingham. >> this risk as far east as western oconee county from franklin, bryson city and southwest bound through gainesville and back into atlanta. it does include you folks in taco with a, in stevens county. most of these -- it's not a major system. and really i'm talking about maybe a few isolated strong to severe thunderstorms and the main threat would be damaging winds as we go through the evening. we'll have to watch it closely. here are some showers developing just west of gainesville heading toward lake lanier. we had some stronger storms move
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as it made its way closer it fell apart. hopefully we'll stabilize the atmosphere enough to where we'll see just thundershowers and nothing strong to severe but i'll keep you updated. look how fast we warmed up. 71 degrees. 11 degrees above the average but missed the all-time record of 80 set back in 1918. started off at 33 degrees this morning. pretty close where it should be for this time of year. warmed up nicely to 64 degrees. 10 degrees above the average and missed the record by 12 degrees. 76 degrees set back, not too far back, just in 2006. >> a live shot from our camera, there is downtown spartanburg in the background, partly cloudy skies, sun continues to go down. low 70's everywhere else. 56 degrees currently in asheville. >> nice breeze out of south-southwest. 10 to 20 miles per hour. in the mountains of north carolina, and especially back
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showers come in from the west. 73 degrees right now in columbia. 70 in savannah and 76 degrees in orlando. 75 in new orleans but behind the front look how it cools dawn dramatically. heavy snow moving through michigan and heading up into canada right now on the northern edge and here's the cold air behind the front. it's 23 degrees in chicago. they had a little bit of snow earlier and that's what's coming in behind the front. 7:00 this evening, showers and possible thundershowers moving off to the southeast by almost midnight tonight. and after midnight tonight is they had a little bit when the cold air will start to come in. maybe some snow showers along the tennessee and north carolina line. slight chance of one of those showers by tomorrow morning drifting into you folks in asheville. only a slight chance of that occurring. more sunshine but chilly as we go through wednesday afternoon. >> forecast for tonight, scattered showers, some thundershowers, overnight low 41. most of this will occur between now and midnight. showers likely, some thunderstorms possible, southwestern mountains, overnight low colder, 35
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tomorrow in the aniston area bright sunshine but much cooler. high temperature only in the mid-50s. 43 at 9:00. warming up to 50 at lunch time. maybe a brief snow shower early. otherwise, partly sunny skies. high temperature in the upper 30's to low 40's. maybe upper 30's by lunch time. next fast moving system comes in thursday afternoon and thursday night with some rain showers spreading across the area. might end up as a snow shower early friday morning but perfect timing. the weekend looks dry and pleasant. back to you. >> thank you. >> making a move to secure josh norman. >> not the long term deal norman wants. panthers using the franchise tag, i'll explain that coming up next. senior night.
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in the finalespecially with me and senior night so.. my last time playing in front of the ho >> especially after such a long break, in front of the hometown. i feel like we'll be ready to play. >> the senior playing in what could be his final game in front of home fans if clemson does not host the game in the nit. he said tonight will be emotional. he's one of three tiger seniors being honored in downtown greenville. as expected the panthers have slapped the franchise tag on cornerback and greenwood native josh norman. he said he would like to sign him to a long term deal but the franchise tag buys the panthers some time.
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in place july 15, he'll make just under $14 million next season. it's a nonexclusive tag which just means norman could listen to offers from other teams. playing a midweek game for the first time this season. the tigers have won fave in a row playing host to a red-hot wofford team. 1-0 clemson in the fourth. wilson singles through the left side. a run comes in to score. clemson out to a 2-0 lead and chris williams with a shot to third base. eats up the third baseman. another run comes in to score to make it 3-0 clem son, right now in the sixth. clemson leads wofford 6-0. more college baseball tonight. fuhrman is playing host to usc upstate that game is in progress. south carolina is down on the coast facing the citadel. they get started at 7:00. the south carolina women finished a perfect 16-0 season and today they announced postseason awards. the gamecocks claimed house. for the third consecutive year
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in the sec. what he's built in columbia is incredible. wilson named player of the year and defensive player of the year and, first team all sec. mitchell was also named to the first team all sec. south carolina opens play in the sec tournament friday in jacksonville. the southern conference basketball tournament begins this weekend in asheville and coaches in the league say this year there are probably eight different teams that could snag the dance. croone has been named as player of the year a big reason why they have had the success they have had this season. fuhrman has a buye in the first round of the conference tournament. the head coach says now they want to go win it all. >> we're one of those teams that has a chance to beat anyone as well. we have beat everybody at some points in season. whoever is playing their best here this weekend. has got a chance to win it all. >> fuhrman opens the tournament against greensboro on saturday at 8:30 p.m. they have got a late game saturday night that conference
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there is no clear-cut favorite. >> the rain is coming. some of -- take a look at live super doppler. you can see the showers spreading across north georgia. no watches, no warnings, so a slight chance we could even hear a couple of claps of thunder especially south of i-85. most of the showers and thundershowers will be over with by midnight tonight and then it gets colder. >> look at that. no snow, no ice. >> just rain. >> thank you for watching.
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>> we appreciate
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we're minutes from the first poll closures as voters in a dozen states have their say. a dramatic night in the race for president as donald trump and hillary clinton try to pull away from the pack. also tonight, high-stakes showdune as the fight between apple and the fbi moves from the courtroom to congress. new twists in a battle that has major implications on your privacy and national security. living a nightmare. an emotional erin andrews back on the stand describing the daily horror she endures after being secretly taped. what she does when she enters a hotel room now. a wild chase. a kidnapping suspect at large after a police pursuit, kids in the car. tonight the manhunt to find him. "nightly news" begins right now.
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headquarters on super tuesday, a night that could be the tipping point in both the republican and democratic races for the presidential nomination. 12 states are in play tonight with the first poll closings just a half hour from now. but ahead of that, we have a new snapshot of the state of the race nationally. republican donald trump has a 2-1 lead over marco rubio, who's now in second place, according to a new nbc news/survey monkey poll. democrats, hillary clinton with a 10-point lead nationally over bernie sanders. will she pull away from sanders for good? will trump close the deal tonight? there's an awful lot to cover. our team is in place. let's start with the trump campaign and nbc's katy tur. >> reporter: another dramatic entrance for what's shaping up to be a dramatic super tuesday. trump is riding high. chris christie by his side. and brushing off the insults. >> he said i had small hands? they're not small, are they?


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