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Why are war crimes ignored? Date: July 05, 2020 in: ,, Weekly Comment Why are war crimes ignored? Last week Kabul regime forces lobbed mortars from their base at an open-air market in Sangin district of Helmand province where hundreds of civilians gather every week to buy and sell livestock. This attack took the lives of tens of innocent shepherds, farmers and young boys and maimed tens of other civilians on top of causing heavy financial losses. The locals recorded scenes of the carnage with their phones following this war crime and shared the footage on social media. These documented videos showed victims of the attack testifying that the attack was carried out by regime forces stationed at a nearby base however the spokesperson of Ashraf Ghani, Siddique Siddiqui, tried to find solace in lies by shamelessly twisting facts about the crime and attributing it to the Islamic Emirate instead of apologizing for the crime or sympathizing with the victims, A few days later journalists that visited the area reported that the attack was carried out by Kabul administration troopers and the UNAMA office in Kabul also published a statement confirming that the attack was indeed carried out from the base of Kabul administration forces. Contrary to other such incidents, it is good progress that the perpetrators of the Sangin genocide were identified however it is truly unfortunate that media outlets, UNAMA office and representatives of human right organizations stopped at this and did not ask for the arrest of these war criminals, bringing them to justice or questioning them about this cold-blooded murder. These organizations that consider themselves torch bearers of justice and human rights must be asked — is justice and human rights established with mere paper reports and statements about war crimes or is practical action also required so the victims receive their due right? Certainly, justice cannot be established with mere statements, condemnations or identifying culprits nor can such heal the wounds of victims. It is extremely unfortunate that the tragedy of Sangin is declared closed and forgotten even as the wounded have yet to recover in hospitals and the tears of the orphans have not yet dry with the perpetrators identified yet none arrested or punished nor the families of the martyrs officially consoled. The Islamic Emirate considers such indifference and apathy towards such war crimes in Afghanistan a crime on top of a crime against our oppressed nation. This foul culture of exoneration for war criminals must come to an end and all perpetrators of war crimes including those of Sangin must be brought to justice.

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