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(Covers to) Map of New-York Bay And Harbor And The Environs. Founded upon a Trigonometrical Survey under the direction of F.R. Hassler Superintendent of the Survey Of The Coast Of The United States. Triangulation by James Ferguson and Edmund Blunt Assistants. The Hydrography under the direction of Thomas R. Gedney Lieutenant U.S. Navy. The Topography by C. Renard, T.A. Jenkins & B.F. Sands Assists. Published in 1845. A.D. Bache Superintendent. Verified by Lieut. A.A. Humphreys ... Topography Engraved by S. Siebert & A. Rolle, Views Engraved by O.A. Lawson. Engraving supervised & Views of the Coast drawn by J. Farley. Hydrography Engraved by F. Dankworth, Lettering by F. Dankworth & J. Knight.

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