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Monroe Institute Explorers Project (1974-1990)

The Monroe Institute

The EXPLORERS PROJECT was unique to the Monroe Institute Research Division. Each tape consists of actual recordings, taken during experiments with the MIAS tapes, which explored the far reaches of altered time and space. In these altered states, certain individuals learned to extend their consciousness into non-physical realms of existence. 


Monitored by Robert Monroe and other trained monitors, the Explorers’ report from these non-physical environments, and communicate their perceptions. In many instances, foreign "third parties" would enter the experiments to aid in the understanding of their non-physical worlds. 

In many of the experiments a total emergence from one being into the Explorer's physical body took place, causing definitions and concepts relating to our physical beings to be drastically reexamined.


Go to The Monroe Institute Explorers Project (1974-1990) - Table of Contents to access audio files, transcripts and summaries.


NOTE: This collection lists the document files only. Audio files can be accessed via the above link.

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