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UFO Newsletters from the Archives For the Unexplained


A large collection of newsletters from around the world and through the decades, dedicated to Unidentified Flying Objects and related gathered research. The vast majority of these come from the Archives for the Unexplained in Norrköping Sweden. More information about this organization is here:

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UFO Newsletters from the Archives For the Unexplained
Jan 5, 2021

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UFO Review Issue 08
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Topics: ufo, alien, ufos, roswell, carter, extraterrestrial, phenomenon, force, air, documentary, air...
UFO Newsletters from the Archives For the Unexplained
Jun 18, 2020

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Fortean Society Magazine No 09
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Topics: quake, princes, fortean, sept, atom, rickard, quiescent, bohr, scanned, india, bob rickard, light...
UFO Quebec No 03 1975 09 11
Topics: les, des, une, dans, qui, sur, est, nous, pour, par, sur les, dans les, les ufos, par les, les...
Australian UFO Bulletin 1995 12 December
Topics: ufo, bulletin, australian, object, lights, objects, autopsy, flying, sprites, roswell, ufo...
Journal of the Fortean Research Center Vol 1 No 2
JUFOF Issue 154 2004 04
Kosmologie Bindeglied Nachrichten No 2 for Europe
Stendek Vol 03 No 09 August 1972
Skywatch No 41
Skywatch No 18
LDLN No 092
SPI Newsletter no 02
Topics: spi, woodlea, upo, dpi, sauchie, mckay, strange, malcolm, phenomena, science
Notizie UFO No 22
Probe Report Volume 1 Issue 2
Topics: ufo, ufos, lens, sighting, flare, depressions, witnesses, scufori, skywatching, appeared, lens...
UFO Newsletters from the Archives For the Unexplained

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BAE 1.7
1991 6th International Congress Sheffield
Topics: ufo, object, sightings, bufora, lights, witness, ufos, light, phenomenon, gulf breeze, red light,...
CENAP Infoline no 070
AFU 19710000 Vimana no 1 English translation
Topics: phenomenon, light, bright, talala, seppanen, saapunki, sighting, object, observed, oulu, light...
AFU 19550800 APRO Bulletin August (underlinings)
Topics: object, objects, sighting, air, tho, arc, apro, saucer, saucers, observed, air force
Australian UFO Bulletin 1971 10 October
Topics: ufo, mcclure, condon, radar, monitor, ecm, lobe, gci, chase, signal, condon report, relative...
Awareness 2000 01 Vol 24 No 3
Topics: ufo, alpha, ufos, object, sighting, lights, sedative, aircraft, sightings, speeds, alpha power,...
Animals and Men No 01
Topics: species, marten, pine, wild, animal, specimens, frogs, fortean, sightings, fron, pine marten,...
Animals and Men No 30
Topics: animal, squid, creature, cfz, sightings, species, giant, beast, cat, fortean, big cat, giant squid,...
CENAP Report No 156
Contact USA No 02
Topics: tho, observed, pooplo, thoy, thon, star, ono, object, largo, obsorvod, tho sky
FUFOR 1990 Q2 Quarterly Report Apr Jun
Topics: ufo, friedman, ufos, fund, sightings, ufoline, sighting, physicist, mexico, unidentified,...
Disclosure Australia (AURA) No 06 Oct Pt.2 2003
Topics: raaf, file, digital, copy, dept, object, air, light, tas, ufo, digital copy, raaf file, file...
MUFON Arizona 1994 12 19 Vol 03 No 12
Topics: ufo, freeway, mufon, sighting, san, arizona, bght, object, moss, gila, tom taylor, test watch,...
MUFON Colorado News 2004 11
Topics: mufon, colorado, ufo, comufon, min, director, glendale, center, investigator, denver, glendale...
MUFON Michigan Newsletter 2008 05
Topics: ufo, mufon, michigan, sightings, cia, newsletter, mimufon, ufos, witness, object, michigan mufon,...
MUFON Michigan Annual Report 2005
Topics: michigan, mufon, sighting, mimufon, ufo, membership, nuforc, detroit, director, meetings, michigan...
MUFON Arizona 1999 10 27 Vol 08 No 10
Topics: ufo, craft, sightings, mufon, newsletter, arizona, sky, object, channel, sighting, black diamond,...
Magonia No 63 1998 05
Topics: ufo, ufological, grail, science, alien, eth, abduction, human, nazi, ofthe, ufological religion,...
Magonia No 49 1994 06
Topics: ufo, alien, magonia, aliens, ufos, abduction, extraterrestrial, bufora, flying, flying saucers, ufo...
UFO Canada vol 1 no 3
Topics: ufo, canada, object, continued, sighting, canadian, sighted, picton, triangle, bureaux, ufo canada,...
UFO Magazine vol 1 number 5 New Look
Topics: ufo, ufology, saucer, sightings, magazine, saucers, sighting, congress, researchers, object, ufo...
UFO Informations No 08 mai juin 1975
UFO Information 1976 3
UFO Magazine vol 4 number 6
Topics: ufo, saucer, hilberg, magazine, sightings, saucers, texas, spokes, commodore, flying, ufo magazine,...
UFO Magazine vol 4 number 11
Topics: ufo, saucer, hilberg, radar, magazine, sightings, hypnotic, object, cases, easley, ufo magazine
UFO Mail No 064 2005
UFO Mail No 225 2016
UFO Mail No 249 2017
UFO Mail No 015 2003
UFO Newsclipping Service 1978 03 no 104
Topics: ufo, object, sighting, reported, ufos, bigfoot, unidentified, flying, objects, sky, close...
UFO Mail No 053 2005
UFO Newsclipping Service 1992 03 no 272
Topics: ufo, object, sightings, lights, ufos, bigfoot, reported, sighting, strange, unidentified flying,...
UFO PRESS No 16 (Abr 1983)
UFO Potpourri No 312
Topics: faa, ufo, jal, crew, steucke, air, object, controller, reported, anchorage, air force, crew reported
UFO Review No 07
Topics: ufo, psychic, ufos, sally, hodan, mona, earth, space, continued, send, ufo review, flying saucer,...
UFO Quebec No 08 4e trim 1976
Topics: les, des, dans, qui, une, nous, est, sur, cette, pas, sur les, les ufos, tous les, ufos sont, des...
UFO Potpourri No 432
Topics: objects, flying, air, force, korea, object, sighted, saucer, crew, elgin, air force, crew members,...
UFO Times No 19 & 20 Summer 1992
Topics: ufo, bufora, witness, ufos, alien, abduction, sightings, witnesses, eth, craft, ufo times, ufo...
UFOmania No 39 2004 04
Ufologia No 06 nov dic 1979
CENAP Newsflash No 23
CENAP Report No 022
1997 Cover Up Press Release R.Conway & M.Williams
Topics: ufo, mod, air, public, ufos, files, records, document, file, raf, public record, record office,...
1999 3 skeptikko
AFU 19570100 APRO Bulletin January
Topics: uao, object, ihe, bulletin, observed, tombaugh, tion, senator, aerial, irom, air force, aerial...
AFU 19600700 APRO Bulletin July
Topics: uao, object, sighting, apro, ufo, luminous, air, bulletin, sightings, air force, physical evidence,...
AFU 19580100 APRO Bulletin January
Topics: object, ufo, stokes, sightings, sighting, sputnik, observed, bulletin, air, air force, lake county,...
AFU 19530715 APRO Bulletin v2 n1 (CUFOS)
Topics: object, saucer, apro, sightings, objects, saucers, tho, bulletin, ject, sighting, unidentified...
AFU 19791000 APRO Bulletin v28 n4
Topics: ufo, ufos, bigfoot, objects, color, witnesses, bulletin, vallee, phenomena, craft, air force,...
AFU 19790400 APRO Bulletin v27 n10
Topics: ufo, object, lights, sighting, bulletin, reported, aerial, prospector, laporte, klass, aerial...
AFU Saucer News Non Scheduled Newsletter No 27
AFU 19810700 APRO Bulletin v29 n7
Topics: ufo, object, apro, smelter, bulletin, arizona, light, appeared, sighting, phenomena, red light,...
ACUFOS Journal vol 4 no 6
Topics: ufo, lightning, ufos, journal, quake, earth, files, ball, persinger, acufos, ball lightning, earth...
Info OVNI Special SD Catalogue d'Observations Atterrissages en Auvergne
JTAP Vol 5 No 2 Mar 1988
Topics: ufo, journal, esp, bufora, phenomena, transient, aerial, steuart, formations, cont, transient...
JTAP Vol 3 No 3 Oct 1984
Topics: solar, ufo, phenomena, magnetic, journal, transient, aerial, ufos, convection, sun, transient...
JTAP Vol 5 No 1 Sep 1987
Topics: ufo, journal, bufora, transient, aerial, extraterrestrial, icur, cont, ufos, september, transient...
JUFOF Issue 009 1980 09
JUFOF Issue 056 1988 02
JUFOF Issue 051 1987 03