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Poster: garthus1 Date: Aug 31, 2015 9:23pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Reply To An Interesting Message On Copyright

Micah, Great link. We have almost completed the INFOPORTAL Main Pages and the Archive Portal is part of the project; this will be a Shared Community Project which will allow all of its members to benefit from all of the services, almost all of which will be in the Public Domain: It is a work in progress ... when all of the links are up an announcement will be made. We are all working as we speak, we are doing the work in Phalcon Framework: So basically, we are writing everything from scratch. It is lightning fast on hand-held devices and we are creating all page images svg files so the rendering time is also 'very' fast even over slow connections. Resource use will be optimized, bu the down-side is time frame for development is longer. We are attempting to address many weaknesses in the Information System fields over the Internet ... in the end I think the additional time spent will be worth the effort. Gerry
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