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Poster: garthus1 Date: Jan 23, 2016 9:50am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: A Better Archive?

Micah, I understand about having responsibility but no power, this situation is so typical in large and government organizations. All I can say, is welcome to the new world of technology where I can administrate hundreds of networks when it used to take hundreds of administrators to do this job less than ten years ago. In the minds of too many of us, they Archive was supposed to have been different ... and was when it first started. We have the technology to make things better and instead, how they look is increasingly becoming more important than how they work in a society where thinking is becoming less common and irrationality and selfishness is becoming the rule. Why will he not respond if that is the case ... another hallmark of our record (the deepest snowfall in the last 10 years, as if that really mattered) infatuated me society where my ideas are the best and screw everyone else. Young children learn by asking questions ... what our culture has become is a world where if a child asks the 'wrong' questions, they are criticized or worst. Yes, they want us to think that we are one happy family, but only if you think and live your life the way those in power (i.e, government and the corporate world, both for profit and nonprofit) think you should. Brewster should think about this when he delivers his next tome to the news media and the academics concerning freedom of information and speech ... that freedom goes in both directions especially when one has the power, that is when it is most easily abused. They do have the responsibility to respond concerning why they refuse to allow others to maintain a classic site at no cost to the Archive, otherwise words that are spewed in support of freedom are mere verbiage meant to sooth their own increasingly irrelevant egos. In the free-market of ideas, which our corrupt corporate/governmental system has still not found a way to completely control, new ideas will push aside others if those other refuse to get better ... note I did not say 'look' better. Looks are transitory at best; quality and functionality trump looks every time in the long run ... and the long-run is being decreased in duration by technology as every second passes. Gerry PS. Here is my contact information, Brewster can contact me any time as I have tried and still am trying to contact him. Gerard Arthus 409 Lowell Avenue East Mishawaka, Indiana 46545 Cell - 631-335-5250 Home - 574-217-8726 ​Intructor ITT-Tech - Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering.​ (For Course Portal) (Philosophical Discussions) (Poems) ​ (Zoe Book) ​ ​ (Medical Record) ​ ​ (Musical Recordings)​
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