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Poster: garthus1 Date: Mar 2, 2016 1:53pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: I Must Protest


To all that are concerned about this. A group of us are working on such a front-end...since we are using our own resources, this may take a little time, but rest assured that it is being done. Many of us who do not work for the government or non-profits, either do not have time to waste or do not like wasting time. My philosophy is that technology should be utilized to save us time and not waste our time; also, it should be used to uncomplicated our lives and not to further complicate them. We have said all that can be said about the upcoming fiasco and now it is time apparently for people who want better to take action and make things better. While the new front-end is being created, it would be useful to set priorities concerning what should be done first. We will shortly have a forum up which will be dedicated to those ends. I already have some contact information from interested people and if anyone likes they can contact us at to keep up to date on what is being done. Also, ideas concerning what should be done first realistically would enable us to determine where we should expend resources first. The entire process will be placed on-line for all to see...perhaps others can learn how such things should be done...that is with full-transparency and input from those involved or from the old worn out methods of obfuscation, deception, and abuse of power.


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