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Poster: GodHatesGodRecords Date: Mar 10, 2016 3:50am
Forum: artsandmusicvideos Subject: GodHatesGodRecords new out

What the fuck sur God hates God Records:

Objective Tinnitus part 3.
Part 3 of 6 coming on GHGR.............

Recorded at IRL (Paris) le 2014 – 01 – 18

Objective Tinnitus is a collection of live recordings of Exomène's performances. Exomène is more a soundsmith that a musician, which means he works sound as a raw material carving it to create a soundscape.
With a mere drum machine and effects, Exomène generates hypnotic and psychedelic journeys in an experimental industrial style. Each Objective Tinnitus part is one of these journeys.

On stage, Exomène's sounds are often enhanced by the live visuals, acting and dancing of his fellow members of L:ED.



Twenty Minutes EP / Love Kill & Pan Pan

By The Hell's Blue Band:

Hell Seb (Bass, Treatments)
Jane Hell (Guitar, FX)
Aaron Steele (Drum Samples)

A anti f:Orm collection dedicated release



Radio 911 / Paradoxalement vôtre

Enregistré et mixé au Polski Studio par Lau et Vince (2015)

et masterisé par Bastinez (2016).

Pochette par Rémi Libert.

Sorti chez 2K10 Records (BE) et God Hates God Records (BE).