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Poster: garthus1 Date: May 1, 2016 5:24pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Where is the old


I will not waste any energy arguing with these people, (the people who created this mess), We intend to put up a new interface, utilizing that search feature created by stbalbach. My philosophy about web sites is that I could care less about the bells-and-whistles; and more about how they work. It is a waste of time to have to go through such a convoluted procedure to find one book. I found a book two days ago and wanted to check whether it was posted on the Archive and had to waste about twenty minutes sorting through a bunch of crap. This is not optimization, it is obfuscation, and the people responsible for this should explain why they created it in such a way. Big business, big government, and now the Archive...I thought that saner heads would prevail and instead here we are with a poor excuse for a web interface...but yeah, they and their fellow travelers in academia say that it looks great; and they know because they have 'secret' statistics to support those facts. We will develop another interface; contact me at the email below; I will send the links when the test site is up, we will except any and all recommendations and criticisms. The discourse and even arguments about what will make the site better are what helps make it better. By stifling debate, the current archive developers are guaranteeing that they will have an inferior product. The conflict of ideas is what makes all systems better. Not the kiss-ass-do-goodism (but they will never accept ideas different from theirs) we find among too many in the BIG-Academic, business, and governmental worlds today:

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