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Poster: Carlos108 Date: Aug 2, 2020 4:12am
Forum: audio_religion Subject: Ho'oponopono – The Spiritual Healing Mantra

I don’t know if many of you already heard from ho'oponopono. It’s an ancient Hawaiian healing and forgiveness technique which is very simple and easy to use. I already practice it for some time and it really helps.
Basically you can use it to release any limitation or negative belief, and you can use it for any problem.

I found a nice podcast on this site about it:

If you have other good resources about it please share!

The simple healing mantra goes like this: “I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

You can also find more information about all aspects of Ho'oponopono on this site:

All prayers, cleaning tools, techniques, … you can find here.

I hope it may help you!