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Poster: Jason Scott Date: Aug 6, 2020 11:24am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: emulators embed broken?

Which Browser and OS are you using?

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Poster: KyleCruse88 Date: Aug 9, 2020 9:51pm
Forum: forums Subject: Looking for song by The Steves

Hello, I see you uploaded a few songs from an album by The Steves at this link:

I'm looking for a song from this same album called Dip. Would you happen to have it? Thank you. (I replied to this post since I couldn't find another way to reach out to you)

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Poster: Retronator Date: Aug 15, 2020 2:31am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: emulators embed broken?

I can confirm this. Tested in Chrome and Safari on macOS.

The embedded page requires the ASJ library. That library is present on, so the embeds on themselves function normally. But when the embed is loaded as its own page (and not an iframe on, it fails due to ASJ not being found.

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Poster: vqifVS2020 Date: Sep 11, 2020 11:44am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: emulators embed broken?

Mr.Jason Scott
I am sending you English SubTitles of
DUSTY SPRINGFIELD I Only Want To Be With You 1963 English SubTitles.
Can you kindly add it or make subtitle better one and add it to video.
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