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Full text of "1964 BUFORA Publicity notice"

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From; Lionel Beer - Publicity Officer 

A memo to you from our Chairman, Mr. C-.N.P. Stephenson, dated 6th 
February, 1964, confirmed that on 25th January, 1964, The London UFO 
Research Organisation (LUFORO) amalgamated with The British UFO Associa¬ 
tion (BUFOA) to become The British UFO Research Association (BUFORA). 

A new constitution (kindly prepared by Mr. J. Cleary-Baker) came into 
being, which included some practical modifications. Therefore I shall 
take this opportunity to amplify certain points, which seem to have 
caused some misunderstanding. 


The new BUFORA membership application form , published May 19&4, 
automatically cancels all preceeding forms published by either BUFOA 
or LUFORO. A further supply of forms will gladly be sent to you when 
requested, by either myself or the Hon. Secretary, Mrs. A. Lloyd. 

All new membership application forms should be sent direct to the 
Hon Secretary, Mrs. A. Lloyd, 9 Guilford Street, London, W.C.I., with 
an annual subscription of one guinea. 

The Hon Secretary anticipates changing her address in the near 
future, and when this happens you should make a special effort to amend 
application forms in your possession. 


All individual member’s subscriptions and subscription renewals 
should be paid in full to The Association, and sent to the Hon. Secre¬ 
tary. (Member-Societies, under the terms of the present constitution, 
may not deduct ten shillings from any subscription, which belongs to The 

Each Member-Society shall pay a minimum annual subscription of one 
guinea to The Association, which should be sent direct to the Treasurer. 

At present, Branches of The Association are not liable to pay any 
subscription to The Association, but it must be remembered that the 
secretary of a Branch is a subscribing member of good standing. 


Member-Societies and Branches may claim for legitimate expenses 
(e.g. postage, stationery, etc.) incurred in the work of The Association. 
While it is realised that no one would abuse their claim, please remember 
that reimbursements cannot be guaranteed unless prior authorisation has 
been obtained from The National Executive Committee. 

urgent ;i 

In order to assist the Hon, Secretary, each Member-Society and 
Branch is asked to send a typed list of the names and addresses of all 
Association members.they know to be in their area, together with the 
date at which their membership becomes due for renewal. (BUFOA appli¬ 
cation forms should provide the bulk of these names.) 

N.B. The subscription renewal date for individual members who joined 
only The Association, is being extended until a fourth Journal has been 


The Association has no wish or intention of interfering with the 
way in which Member-Societies administer their internal affairs. 
Member-Societies may use The Association’s headed note-papier for 
Association business (e.g. correspondence with Association members, 
following up sighting reports). However, it is probable that they 
will wish to use their own note-paper. 


Member-Societies who wish to claim expenses for advertising the 
Association locally, are first asked to contact me personally, as the 
allocation of funds for this purpose largely depends on such funds 
being available.