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Full text of "Sammy The Sea Serpent"

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The Interactive Storybook 
Joystick / 16K / Ages 4 to 

Program Design, Inc. 11 Idar Court Greenwich, Conn. 06830 
*ATARI is a trademark of Atari, Inc. 

Program Design, Inc. 

11 Idar Court Greenwich, CT 06830 

This is a combination game and story read to 
the child by the computer. As the story is told, 
the child is required to move Sammy from one 
adventure to another using the joystick. This 
program combines graphics, voice and sound 
effects into a unique product that will 
fascinate children and adults alike. 

Side B has a program containing 2 games for 
the child to play with the Sammy character. 

This course is recorded on a PDI 
Digi-Load cassette. The Digi-Load system uses 
digital recording techniques and chrome tape to 
make the finest possible computer tape. 

PDI will replace any defective cassette 
free of charge upon receipt of 
defective tape. 

Copyright © 1981 Program Design Inc.