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Sammy the Sea Serpent is an interactive story de¬ 
signed for young children. While the children watch 
the computer screen, a voice tells them about a little 
sea serpent named Sammy. One day, a storm dis¬ 
turbs the sea where Sammy lives. A big wave carries 
Sammy out of the sea and throws him on the land. 
Sammy wants to return to the sea but he is lost. By 
moving the computer’s joystick and listening to the 
narrator’s instructions, a child can help Sammy re¬ 
turn to his home. 

A second program consists of two games that a child 
can play with Sammy: (1) working a maze and 
(2) catching bugs. 

Sammy the Sea Serpent is designed to develop listen¬ 
ing and motor skills. 


Place your BASIC cartridge in the computer. Make 
sure that a joystick is plugged into jack #1 in the 
front of the computer. 

Cassette Version 

Side A contains the story of Sammy. Side B contains 
the games. To load a program, type CLOAD and 
press RETURN twice. Press the PLAY button on the 
cassette player. 

It is possible that you may wish to immediately re¬ 
peat the program. Here is how to do this without 
reloading. The first time you load Sammy, set the 
counter on the cassette recorder to 000. When the 
program has finished loading, record the number on 
the recorder. Then proceed to listen to Sammy. 
When the program is finished, press the RESET key. 
Then rewind the tape back to the number you noted 
earlier. Type RUN. 

Disk Version 

Place the voice cassette in the ATARI Program Re¬ 
corder. Insert it Side A up to hear the story. Rewind 
the cassette to the beginning and depress the PLAY 
button on the recorder. Next, turn on the disk drive. 
When the “busy” light goes out, insert the disk. Turn 
on the computer and TV set. A voice narration will 
explain what is happening. 

NOTE: In order to protect the TV screen from “burn 
in,” the ATARI computer will, after a period of time, 
change the screen color or even blank it out. If this 
happens, simply press the space bar and continue 
with the program. 


The following activities will reinforce and expand on 
the concepts and skills developed in Sammy the Sea 

1 On a piece of paper, create a simple maze. Have 
your child draw a path through the maze. 

2 Find an article in a garden book or an encyclo¬ 
pedia on garden mazes. Does your child think it 
would be fun to go through a garden maze? Why 
or why not? 

3 Discuss the meanings of “up,” “over,” and 
“through.” Ask your child to draw pictures of 
Sammy going up a wall, over a wall, and through 
a wall. 

Copyright © 1981, 1982 by Program Design, Inc, 

All rights reserved. No part of this material may be 
reproduced in any form without the prior written permission 
of the publisher. Printed in the U.S.A. 

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