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Information Commissioner’s Office 

Management Board minutes 
Friday 8 November 2019 

Members and other attendees present 

Paul Arnold Deputy Chief Executive Officer 
Ailsa Beaton Non-executive Director 
David Cooke Non-executive Director 

James Dipple-Johnstone Deputy Commissioner (Regulatory 


Elizabeth Denham Information Commissioner (Chair) 

Peter Hustinx Non-Executive Director 

Jane McCall Non-executive Director 

Simon McDougall Executive Director - Technology and 


Steve Wood Deputy Commissioner (Regulatory Strategy) 

Nicola Wood Non-executive Director 

Caroline Robinson Corporate Governance Officer (secretariat) 

1. Introductions and apologies 

1.1. There were no apologies for absence. 

2. Declaration of interests 

2.1. Nicola Wood reminded the Board that her husband is a 
partner in an organisation which also acts as one of the |CO’s 
external legal advisors. He does not work on ICO matters 
directly nor is involved in work commissioned by the ICO. 

3. Matters arising from the previous meeting 

3.1. The minutes were confirmed as accurate. There were no 
outstanding actions. 

4. Commissioner's introduction 

4.1. The Commissioner highlighted issues of importance for the 

ICO not covered elsewhere in the agenda. In particular, she 
highlighted her attendances at the Select Committee relating 
to Immersion and Addictive Technologies and EDPB meetings, 
along with recent meetings with Parliamentarians. 






The General Election and the Children’s Code are key 
upcoming issues. 

Steve Wood updated on the guidance for the use of data by 
political parties and the various engagements carried out with 
each of the political parties. We continue to highlight the key 
messages and issues. 

Elizabeth Denham thanked Steve Wood and the International 
team for their hard work and support during the ICDPPC in 
Albania. The conference was busy and challenging and was 
very successful. The conference for 2020 will be held in 

The Commissioner thanked Paul Arnold, Simon McDougall and 
Louise Byers for their hard work on the regulatory landscape. 

Discussion items 

General Election 

5.1. James Dipple-J ohnstone provided a summary of the work 
being carried out in relation to the General Election. 

5.2. The Board were reassured by the arrangements already in 
place for this work. 

EU Exit 

5.3. Steve Wood updated on the plans around EU Exit. In the run 
up to 31 October 2019 the focus had been on a no deal exit. 
Guidance was published and plans were put in place to deal 
with increased calls to the helpline. The Government had been 
content with the level of preparation and this would still be in 
place in the event of a future no deal exit. 

5.4. We continue to work closely with the Home Office and DCMS 

with regard to post EU exit data issues, including regulatory 

Management Board Terms of Reference 



Paul Arnold reported that the revised terms of reference 
incorporate the outcomes of previous discussions on this 
subject and reflects the responsibilities of the Board and its 
future governance. 

The Board agreed the Terms of Reference with discussed 
minor amendments. 

Action: Louise Byers to update the terms of reference to 
reflect the comments at the meeting, including transition 

6. Quarter 2 performance against the Information 
Rights Strategic Plan and the Resource and 
Infrastructure Strategic Plan 

Performance against Information Rights Strategic Plan 

6.1. The quarter 2 report on performance against the Information 
Rights Strategic Plan was presented for information and 

6.2. James Dipple-J ohnstone explained the new Relationship 
Management Service and how the team will work. Through an 
account management system, the team will co-ordinate 
contact from across the office with stakeholders who have 
been identified as high-risk organisations. 

6.3. It was suggested that Public Service priorities and issues 
across government departments could be a focus for an 
informal discussion at a future Management Board meeting. 

6.4. Simon McDougall provided an update on the Adtech 
workstream. Progress is going well and there have been 
positive responses from within the industry. The next Adtech 
fact finding forum will be held on 19 November 2019. 

Performance against Resource and Infrastructure Strategic Plan 

6.5. The quarter 2 report on performance against the Resource 
and Infrastructure Strategic Plan was presented for 
information and discussion. 

6.6. The Board expressed an interest in the efficiency savings 
achieved as a result of the service excellence programme. . 

6.7. Paul Arnold confirmed that there would a formal report 
coming to Management Board in January confirming the 
completion of the objectives of service realignment. 

7. Management accounts 

7.1. The mid-year financial report, which had previously been 
considered by the Audit Committee, was presented for 



The main headline was that fee income at mid-year was lower 
than projected, which will make financial planning for the 
remaining year a challenge. Paul Arnold outlined the work 
being done to increase fee income. 

Travel and Legal are the main areas of overspend. It was 
confirmed that interim solutions are being progressed. 

8. Risk and opportunity management 




Paul Arnold introduced the risk and opportunity register. 

The risk relating to in-year finances has recently been 
increased to take into account the current projected year-end 

It was confirmed that a number of risks have been 
downgraded following the recent corporate risk review. 

The Audit Committee had discussed whether to reduce the EU 
Exit risk, in light of the excellent work in this area to date. 
However, the Committee agreed to keep the risk rating the 

Any other business 

There was no urgent business