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2 a Sue 

This zine is dedicated to black women. 
Read the stories of 11 black women who have been 
killed by law enforcement. Know their names. 
See their faces. Remember their stories. 

Underground Sketchbook was inspired by a 
subversive Alsatian artist and holocaust survivor, 
Tomi Ungerer. He has published over 140 books 
ranging from classic children’s books to controversial 
adult work, including a book called “Underground 
Sketchbook,” which was filled with controversial 
anti-war illustrations. His outspoken nature and 
erotic art caused his books to be banned from all 
libraries. In 1971, he left America and went into 
professional exile for 23 years. It was not until 2008 
that his books began to be republished. 

Underground Sketchbook is a multi-platform for 
collective ATX based artists to create social justice art. 
As our world seems to teeter upon destruction and 
perpetual war, we must come together against those 
with lust for power and wealth. Art is a strong bond 
that connects our humanity, across all races, 
nationalities, genders, cultures and demographics. 
Let our voices grow together in diversity and unison 
to break through the barriers of this harsh reality. The 
depth of your experiences should not be measured by 
your ability to explain yourself. 

Mainstream media is obsolete. Let’s render it useless 
with compassionate and creative messages through 
our preferred medium. 



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The Prospect @theprospect 
History seems to have eeccticni that the pecreilepeaTieny bus a were led by 
black women. #BlackWomenMatter @k2doe 

Sfend]é @MissSende - Dec 9 
Black women die at the hands of the police, yet the silence is deafening. 


flesh-colored @haitreason - Nov 26 
| Li tter —_ also mean #Bla 

| “ej i ckWomenMatter 
BlackTransFolkMatter #BlackLiaBIlUsMatter. 



“Iam a Black Feminist. 
I mean I recognize that 
my power as well as my 
primary oppressions 
come as a result of my 
blackness as well as my 
womaness, and 
therefore my struggles 
on both of these fronts 
are inseparable. 

— Audre Lorde 

Mother of Two 
Location: East Austin, Texas 
Time of Death: June 11, 2002 

(8:45 am) 

Sophia was shot and killed by APD officer, 
John Coffey, at Rosewood Courts. 

Her body laid in the street for 3 hours. The coroner 
was not even called until an hour and a half after 
Sophia had been declared dead by EMS. 

Even before the investigation of King’s death was 
complete, Officer Coffey was invited back to the 
academy to lecture police cadets on “what it is like” to 
be in a police shooting. Officer Coffey was promoted 
to corporal October 2003. 

Mother of Two 
Location: Bastrop, Texas 
Time of Death: February 16, 2014 
(Right after midnight) 

Bastrop County Deputy Daniel Willis arrived at 
Yvette’s home for a reported domestic disturbance 
alleging that two males were arguing in the presence 
of a gun. Yvette opened the door. 

Willis opened fire and murdered Yvette. 

Police initially claimed that she had a gun and then 
retracted the statement. 

Mother of Two 
Location: Houston, Texas 
Time of Death: December 6, 2012 

Shelly Frey was shot dead attempting to drive away 
from off-duty sheriff deputy Louis Campbell who 
suspected her of shoplifting. He fired when Shelly 

and her two alleged accomplices accelerated when he 
opened the car door.There were two small children in 
the car at the time of the shooting. 

Someone called 911 to report Shelly with a 
gunshot wound in a car in a parking lot of a nearby 
apartment complex. Shelly was pronounced dead at 

the scene. 

Known to her neighbors as “Miss Sully” 

Location: Hearne, Texas 
Time of Death: May 07, 2014 
(Before 10 pm) 

Pearlie Golden’s nephew called 911 about his aunt’s 
possession of a gun. A few days ago, the Texas 
Department of Public Safety refused to renew her 
driver’s license. The nephew was trying to take her 
keys away. Golden got upset, grabbed her gun and 
threatened him. 

When Officer Stephen Stem arrived, he asked Golden 

to put down the weapon and then ultimately fired his 

own sidearm, killing Miss Golden. City officials called 
it a “knee-jerk reaction.” 

Multiple witnesses say they heard at least five shots. 
Golden was pronounced dead at St Joseph’s Hospital 
in Bryan. 

This is the second time Officer Stephen Stem has 
killed somebody. Stem was fired. 

The investigation continues with the likelihood that it 
will be presented to a grand jury. 

Mother of 6 
Location: Lima, Ohio 
Time of Death: January 4, 2008 

Tarika was shot and killed by a police officer during 
a drug raid and has settled a wrongful death lawsuit 
against the city for $2.5 million. 

Wilson was holding her 1-year-old son in her arms 
when she died. The child was also shot and later had a 
finger amputated. 

Police Sgt. Joseph Chavalia, who killed Wilson, was 
acquitted of criminal charges in her death and has 
since returned to work, though he is no longer 
allowed to patrol the streets. 

Location: Chicago, Illinois 
Time of Death: March 21, 2012 
(Around 1 am) 

Rekia Boyd was shot in the back of the head by Officer 
Dante Servin while she was with a group of friends 
near a park in Chicago’s West Side. 

Witness Antonio Cross, the man Servin shot in the 
hand, claimed the off-duty detective was drunk when 
he fired on the group. 

Servin faces a trial for involuntary manslaughter 
sometime in 2015. He could be sentenced to two to 
five years in prison. 

Location: Detroit, Michigan 
Time of Death: May 16, 2010 
(Around 12:40 am) 

Officer Joseph Weekley, the lead commando—who’d been 
featured before on “First 48 Hour,” a reality detective TV show 
on A&E Networks, Detroit SWAT—burst into the Aiyana’s 
house. His weapon fired a single shot, the bullet striking 
Aiyana in the head and exiting her neck. 

Weekley claimed Aiyana Jones’ paternal grandmother Mertilla 
Jones attempted to grab his gun, causing it to fire. 

On October 4, 2011, Detroit police officer Joseph Weekley was 
indicted on an involuntary manslaughter charge. 

Allison Howard, a videographer and photographer with A&E 
who was also present at the raid, was indicted on obstruction 
of justice and perjury for allegedly showing a recording of the 
raid to a “third party.” Federal prosecutors say that Howard 
had provided false testimony to investigators about the 
shooting and that Weekley’s action were reckless and he had 
lied to the police in an effort to blame Jones’ family for her 
death. In June 2013, Howard pled “no contest” to an 
obstruction of justice charge, and the perjury charge against 
her was dismissed. She was sentenced to two years of 
probation in July 2013 and was fined $2,000. 

On October 3, 2013 the judge dismissed the involuntary 
manslaughter charge against Weekley, leaving him on trial for 
only one charge: recklessly discharging a firearm. 

On October 10, 2013 the second trial ended in an another 

Location: Detroit, Michigan 
Time of Death: July 8, 2012 

Adaisha Miller was “accidentally,” killed by off-duty 
deputy police officer the day before her 25th birthday. 
At a fish fry hosted by Detroit police officer Issac 
Parrish in his backyard, Adaisha hugged Parrish and 
the weapon discharged, puncturing her lung and 
striking her in the heart. 

David Balash, a former Michigan State Police firearms 
examiner, said the investigation should look at the 
gun’s angle given that Adaisha was shot in the chest. 

“What’s going to be very important here is the angle 
of the entry of the wound to the victim (and) if there 
is in fact any gunpowder residue,” Balash said. “I’m 
having a great deal of difficulty understanding how 
a weapon that’s pointed at the ground can be turned 
literally 110 degrees minimum to be in an upward 
position to strike someone.” 

Johnson was never suspended or taken off-duty, 
though he was temporarily assigned to desk duty 
following Adaisha’s death. Miller’s family tried to re- 
open the case for an extensive independent 
investigation. It was denied. 

Location: Queens, New York 
Time of Death: March 15, 2012 
(12:25 am) 

Shereese wasn’t taking the medication prescribed for 
her schizophrenia. Her sister called 311, hoping to get 
Shereese to a hospital. 

Four police officers responded to the call, arriving at 
10:20 pm. They chased Francis through the house, 
ultimately cornering her in a basement bedroom, 
forcing her face-down on the bed and applying 
pressure while they cuffed her. 

Within 20 minutes of police arriving, Shereese had 
stopped breathing. A few hours later she was taken to 
Jamaica Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. 

Location: Harrisburg City, Pennsylvania 
Time of Death: August 9th, 2012 

Shulena was found lying under a police SUV while 
crossing Market Street near the intersection of South 
20th Street. Officer Steven Novacek was driving and 

hit Shulena who was waiting to board a bus. 
Witnesses say he looked preoccupied. 

Location: Rubidoux, California 
Time of Death: December 28, 1998 

Tyisha was shot dead by police officers called by 
family members who could not wake her as she lay 
unconscious In a Car. 

The incident sparked demonstrations and protests 
amid claims of police racism. The officers involved 
were fired from Riverside Police Department but did 
not face prosecution due to insufficient evidence.