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Full text of "04132022 Meeting Summary AHTF Action Plan Working Group"

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Affordable Housing Trust Fund 
Board of Trustees 
Action Plan Working Group 

Date: April 13, 2022 
Time: 8:15 AM — 9:00 AM 
Location: Conducted via remote participation 

Attendees: —_ Karen Kelleher, Calpurnyia Roberts, Jaclyn Pacejo, Neal Mongold, Kelly Lynema 
Meeting Summary 

Karen walked through a rough draft of an outline of the Action Plan and consultant scope of 
work, which would include (1) helping the Trust shape its strategies and priorities before 
community engagement; (2) acting as a substantive resource in some limited parts of the 
engagement process; and (3) revising the action plan with the Trust pursuant to the 
engagement process and additional work/research, and providing some substantive support 
through the Select Board approval process. 

The Working Group discussed the content and how to present the draft outline to the Trust at 
their April 14 meeting. It was decided to review the document with the full committee, discuss 
the timeline for hiring a consultant, implementing the engagement process, and developing the 
Action Plan. 

Once the Working Group receives feedback from the Trust and eventual consultant input, key 
elements will be included in the public engagement process to obtain feedback from under- 
represented groups, town bodies and organizations involved in approving, permitting, 
financing, developing or managing affordable housing, and the general public.