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Full text of "Nuon Manual: Ballistic (2000)(U)"

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Getting Started 

1. Set up your NUON-enhanced 
DVD player according to the 
instructions in the User's Manual 

2. Make sure your NUON 
controller(s) are connected 
to your player and turn the 
power ON. 

number of people may 
experience epileptic seizures 
when exposed to certain light 
patterns or flashing lights. 
Exposure to television images 
or video games may provoke a 
seizure even if the person has 
never had an epileptic seizure. 

If you or anyone in your family 
has ever had symptoms related 
to epilepsy when exposed to 
flashing lights, consult your 

3. Insert the Ballistic™ DVD 
into your player and close the 
disc door. 

doctor prior to using your 
NUON-enhanced DVD player. 


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Puzzle Players Unite! Welcome to Ballistic ™ where your goal is 
simple. ..keep the balls from reaching the center gate. The objective 
of the game is to rotate the launcher and shoot the balls into a 
constantly growing string of balls. Matching 3-of-a-kind creates a 
"chain reaction" and makes them disappear. Combine multiple chain 
reactions for even more points! 

Ballistic ™ offers two exciting modes of solo play along with a VS. 
mode for head-to-head competition. 

Game Modes ; After pressing START, you will be able to select one 
of the different games or access GAME SETUP. Use the directional 
buttons to choose an Option, then press the A button to select it. 

Panic Mode: In Panic Mode, you're faced with a never-ending 
string of balls with no rest between levels. 

Hints and Tips: 

j Build your combos. The easy shots are not always the best shots. 

Stage Mode: Similar to Panic 
Mode but with additional Left Fire 

features and short rests 
between levels. 

VS. Mode: The ultimate 
challenge as two-players 
compete head-to-head. 

Options: This adjusts 
the Game Difficulty. 



Right Fire 



Look to set up multiple chain reactions even if it means passing 

up the obvious easy shot. 

Plan ahead! Look at the next ball in the Launcher and plan your 
following shot. 

.ji Try to set up multiple chain reactions for higher bonus 
multipliers in the Stage Mode. 

If you have a useless ball, shoot it outside the chain if you can. 
You don't need to use every ball to clear a stage. 

Please note: Do not insert or remove controller during game play. 

Infogrames and Ballistic are trademarks of Infogrames Entertainment S.A. © 2000 Mitchell Corporation. All rights reserved.