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Historic, Archive Document 

Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 

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be la $ hid 


618 Realty Bldg., 
Spokane, Wr&h., 
April 26, 1928. u 

~ nO .. . 


Ge ~ 0 ED 

‘S we, 2 
eR BO \92e 
a 19 4 

Mr. G B. Posey, = 
Blister Rust Control, SSA ee 
Bureau of Plant Industry, 3 hee. a 
Weshington, D. C. 

Dear Posey; ee 


I am sending you, under separate cover by 

registered mail, two copies of the annual report for 

1927 on the work of the Western Office of Blister 2 IS ae 
Rust Control, and the following maps which are to ; 
accompany these reports: Pre-eradication Results, piri ra HQE 

Couer d'Alene National Forest; 1927 Experimental Ribes 
Eradication Area, Coeur d'Alene National Forest; 1926- Fan rok 
1927 Experimental Ribes eradication, Stanislaus National 

Forest; 1928 Pre~eradication Area Stanislaus National 

Forest. ie vou 

Sincerely yours, 

Ware an! 11.42 8-060. 

Stephen N. Wyckoff, 



Lath) ; xf 

ne hele pine ear, Loage~oxd G8 


ern PIGGY 

AMISNGN NY 2 { “6 ak 4@ 
souixe: (SoH 4ais 


eh ate 
e— i =D) 2 
277 Ny Ob : 
Zl tl — 

¢ gg6l T AVA 
bau ainoes 

Piee wee BUST PORE 

io ee RAR OES 

January 1 to December 31, 1927. 


SEP 261960 
" «. y 
SS sr st SF 

Spokane Branch 
Office of Blister Rust Control 
618 Realty Building 
Spokane, Washington 

aS miyid) 

ee =o oa 

Methods and equinment aa Page 
Introduction . foPned and resul te - = 
Allotment.o 4 32 ay Fe 
Fomnanea 3 bon ee oe 
hogs etndrinant; a ae 2 3e 

Blister :Rust wi kK “4a Montana 2 Qe B4 
Memory ahding 243-28? 
Contenlearepenes Pareental gatio 922.-1327 he 
Pre-eradi nee wnat mere Pan. 
SaSiE*.;, ogo SE BES 

Scouting) for., the 
eraai ca ti 

Bli evens Parbab 

pel eradicstion 
: ~ eradi cation 

Tact fotion of ts tox xi aetion Of halogens and 

a e Gt 13] ae 

i. nt ie 1éshe 1g 

Rechacking | Mid Ieee 

$ ue! tive wor¥ oH ori vate Lands 
et thy Protec tive Association 

: sho” 31 

O : saper Protective ®ietic 
x Me A660 tio 
hy pelle: Gatto Gat sociation 

J eaep rata ve “s sociation 
prbeates aber’ Preteétive ae ciation 
pment tests 

sooherac’t of field tests 

ee et ee am eradicati on 

Sul t) - fewer, egu ~¥ al allt a 

6 PK 
purpose, forms 

tem studies 

a 06 gas 

= eription of area 

LEC anand aok af AtoW Lottaod . 
e . _ Ratbaotetebal 0 

ee  gathosderebau * 
he actisothets duprive wos 

- aiten evolverq “¢ 
an Sole t 


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 Semgisps ap 

ny teemcivps 1 

sbiitshe owt to qowits 
ately ga biroy 2 
Reena: tewod xp stab bax 3 

adiveet to 

eet ae and 
W perf 
"Gree dre 

Methods “experiments 
Statement and gnelysis of cost 
bef nonaan for future work 

Sumiary of ental eradication, 1922-1927 
Suptlem Tt “péePort on pre-eradication 
Suppl éviental “repert on relation of time of 
eradicat: onl Wo Logging " 
Supflenental répo heéking °° - 
Control “recérriaiseance 
Definition and Yursese 
! Methods "of ‘woree* © Tureen >» 

“Results of wo Sdactetvonte Forest lands — 
“antksa Natt al Forest 
‘(Rend Oreitie Mationsl Forest 
“gt Joe National Forest 
Cost of work 
Bit Hésul ty ‘0 f°eddperative Work Gn 'private lands 
tér Timber Protective Association 
Tecgiegned Bvhe Timber Protective Association 
"Or -Péwd Oreillé Miubér Protective Association 
' °° 'Petlaten "Finer Proteétive Association 
‘(Py¥Pes# Lake Timber Proteétive Association 
Cost of work” 

% ares 

“‘for°the disease 

Scouting for the disease 

BL fete Rust Coutre? Wore 4 Washington 

Memorandum of Understanding 
ated black eurrant 

Control reconaissance = © 
Cupstrat tion ak purpee eradication 
“Me thidds “of Work ery Loom ote 

 Resul te of work 
Godt “ef work’) «lee 
Study sf Tatection condi tions in western Washington 
Purpose of work, méthods — 
"séduting for Pine infection 
ap eradication 
Mnir~ ny sp purpose 
Ona saeeal 
1 methods of work 
“Grays Rar bor County 
-Of@] and "County 
Jefferson County 
King County 

VSer-ssel ,aoltes e 
feasts ‘18 - 

CONTENTS (cont'd) 
CONTEMscs (eont'd 
Kitsap County 
““E¢titas Count 

Lewis County °° °° 

Thurston County 

Whatcom County 

“Forest Service white pine plantations 

re tenor sureection 

Ch: ' ‘and conclusions 

Inspecti i Nurseries 
Sosssing for. ibe, Staceae,, ap tern, Mgbiangton 

Quars on 

G 4 

Cost of work 
Poe Shamma 2°" 

Bister Rust Control Work in Oregon “°°!” 
seeaatat d of gore neste 

¥ ° Wo 

ag eee inspection 
“! Bole Mit” Sxperimental eradication 

Introduction and plan of work 
Still Creek area 
Prospect area 

General survey 

Scouting for the disease 

Recommendstions for future work 

Blister Rust Control Work in California 
Memorandum of Understanding 
Cultivated black currant eradication 
Quarantine and nursery inspection 
Educationel work 
Scouting for the disease 
Control reconnaissance 

Purpose and methods of work 

Results of work 

Cost and time analysis 
Experimental Ribes eradication 

Introduction and purpose 

Location of area 

Organization and methods of work 

Results of work 

Cost of work 


. bage 
~ 856-360 
re ae 

* 363-366 


° 395-379 


* | BR 390 

| 390-392 


* 492-494 

_ 403-428 
, ee 



S8j 429-430 

~ £3490 

49 8-500 


CONTENTS (cont'd) 
Checking THE PAR BEST 
Root and crown studies i 
Ribes studies» 
Cooperative shake | 
Experiments] chemical deudt cxbiien 
General survey of sugar pine(and Hibes conditions 

Quarantine Inspection 
Inspection of plant ag seo ied des} § to 
°° Ratomobile inspection | ; e Offices 
-°o Christmas tres shipments try, for t a] 
he 2O8F LpOor 
Pine ‘Damage ett 1h | Cheers; Britisn Golusbie 
and. eulmer, secur Eat 18 ere-of 
‘Eaucational Work an Oe. 5 
‘Scouting tor: the Di pease; ‘British: Columbia te of 
te uthwa ra resud + 
Pinanetol:Hovert ho and 

YO 8.3" ae petentisz 

‘General puatiate 

o 1927, 





, 580-581 



‘ ey 





Rh ee al es Bs Teh ANP 7 cs =) 

Paves LISTER RUST #01 

[2% gamuary] 1 to Sesember|3j,-1927: 

+ be, 

innit cere 

| ome is ¢ § UCTI * 

The following ceni.4 is designed to summarize the 
satesiies of the Western Branch of the Office of Blister Rust 
- trol, Bureavy of Plant Industry, for the calendar year 1927, 

a The most important development of 1927 has been the spread 
| et! the rust to lie : Idaho hid northwestern Oregon, A moist Epring 
~ and sun ing at.a<tine when the.centers.ofpine infection — 
His estern Washington = eastern British Columbia were sufficiently 

requisite number of aecia, resulted in one 
dic southward thrusts of the disease. The 

een oa eS i 

ern end of Idaho: as five counties. in northwestern Oregon must 
“ine regarded as potentially infected with blister rust. The following 
pl md the rate. of vere of the rust during the aan of 

to 1927; 


‘ > 

7 ~ oS 
- - 
4 ; 
a | 
} « 

OLA AO Em See ee pee 

ond rence 4 £ 
seh =e 





i sla Wi ry cd ee ee RAGGA PATI OO ! ; . 

Ws j iF f 
ante -- ~ ~ ——~ F 
‘ wt é ee 

‘ a 

; \ mo nO% 3% 0 
5 ; 

\ ( | Lae | 
it yy — | : fl oe ; A 
; wo * ; | See . : J | 

NOPFQOASUI ov td vee 

eon —_ ou ee: 

S6 (= == 

‘eeet Se nesene 

Si. TEL NI GShd WISI SNId “LIHk gO cv: 

Ata eee 

AS this spread of the disease was not known wtil near 
the’ end of the 1927 field season, it did not cause any alteration 
in) the plan: ofiwork for the year, which proceeded on the basis of 
the original plans, The most pmppeheatt results of the. se@son's work 
may. seal omar ees esitpllews: re 

Funds dine Cultivated black current: exattestdiets completion of 
program. with the, exception of California, where at least two more 
seasons of work are necessary. 

2. Control reconnaissance: a point has been reached where 
the end of this work in Ideho and Montana can be definitely seen, 
One more full.season of work will put this project. on a. basis whereby 
it could be discontinued if thought advisable, In California, récon- 
naissance methods are well developed, and the work well under way, 

ono “Experimental. Ribes. ‘eradication: the unit used in north 
Idaho in 1927. probebly represents the meximum size which will ever be 
necessary, ine single locality. The organization side of such an 
operation is_now. feirlywell, developed, and the number of units 
possible to put into the field is only limited by the available super- 
oe Tame ° neces 

sFinent “chemica 1 eradication: sprays are now avail- 
able of $y Sie ciemy, killing Ribes petiolare, Crew organization 
with knap sprayers is fairly well developed, and the initial stage 
of experime ito ft n power equipment is under way, Investigative work 
on chemical fT ghassaltre inerais ond Es lacustre is now thoroly 
crgucaeat™ ahide 4 +e: 

“Be peeks H6 studies: the ground work of experimonting on Ribes 
eradication ive experinen F Psd Well out of the way. This will permit 
more intensi ve _experimenta on on actual methods, 

6, Studies in Ribes ecology; this work has now passed thru 

a necessary preliminary stage; and has now reached a period of develop- 
ment wherein the problems to be solved can be definitely stated and 
worked upon, Sufficient information has beén secured to serve as at 
least ‘a preliminary ‘basis ‘for methods studies in eradication. 

., OW, Pine infection studies: thé rust hes now reached a stage 
of rtf rex pepe Si which will permit close study of local 
areas to dete the effect, in terms of pine damage, of known amounts 
of Ribes leafage, The information will be of direct application to 
local control 5 green 


<> : 

“eon Ligas swoax tom asw eeacatd ot mo Pane pian aA 

motieiei(s yas sereo tom Sib di ,nossee bfelt veer edt to aot Wy 

to ataad oft no bebesootg doidw ,teey odd 10b strom to aefq ast at 
dcew elaoesea od¢ ‘to ediseot dasdrogmt Jeom sdf .enelq [entaizo edé 
sewollot as bes Enema od - 

to goidefqaoo ;moiteoibete tmeT urs Jeaid beteviticd of. 

gion owt dasof ts etocdw —* to mottgecxe edt dtiw aeractq | 

sViseascen ors stow To eaonsee 

stetw hedose: casd aer dalog & :sonseatsanonst LowtaoD .& 
 yaeea yletinites ed aso smeadcoM bas odeb] af srow etd? to bee edd 
ydexedw atead s so d¢ostotg aldt iwq Lite srow to soeser [ist etom om0 
-sooes ,cisvetifeS al .ideeivbs tigvods tt hbevatinooris ed biros ti 
«ysw tshay {few srow edd fas rheqoLaveb {lew ets abodtem eonsecisa 

dduon at beaw dinv odt yaottanthaxe sedif [ednemiteged Bo 
ed «ove Iitw doidtw eats maminen od etaweetqes yldadotg TEL al odebl 
ne dove to ebke soitasiaggze od? «ydifeool efgate = af yreseesen 
etiny te xedamn ant ban ,begoleveb [few yirtist wou et solsstego 
-isoue eldellave odd wh bedini{ ylao et bileft edd ofml dug of eldiaseg 

siannoeteg skal 

oe ~lisws wor ava eyetae :toldaotbere Laoiuedo Sataomitegx® .} 

- gotdesiaagro wer .etelotjeg acdif gailita at yeloitte awomi to olde 
agate Lleidiat edd dan .beqoleveb (few virial ef steyetge dosegernt dy iw 

 Bxow evidegitesval «yaw sebor af interes hdelae ai soliaiaemiteagxe to 

is wail won ef etiavpsl si dae gisment sized Bi | SL bol o? alssimedo mo 


- Rodkt no gatdacmivegxe to aAvew bavotg eft reetbute abotteM .6 
' ¢imtag [ftw eld? .yew ead To tuo Liew wos ef noidssiasato aoidactbers 
regia eaborgon favdos mo aottatmemtrsgxe orceneeet som 

 -_ pyld peaeag won sed atew eid rygeloge Bec fie mk aoihote a 
 =goleveb ie boivag 2 bedoaet wom esd bie waste wealaiferg “yisassoon i 
: kne bodate yletiafteh ed axe bovloa ad ot emeldorg edd mtotedw inom 
38 9@ oviee o¢ bewoes ased eat notiantrotat tmetoltive  .coqy 

weofdeotbare at sebbate ehodtat tot etesd as Seana 

7  gtavoms ines to aeameb aniq to eared an ‘jootta. odd res se 

-enotisiedg foriaea J fool 

we ina at 

of moktsoilqgs Jsettd to ed {iin notjsmmotet out "fede gel sedi= to 

The activities of the Western Branch of the Office of 
Blister Rust. Control were,’ for the period January 1, 1927 to June 
30, 1927,° conducted from the funds of $160,000 allotted to western 
work for the fiscal ycer 1927, “For the period July 1, 1927 to 
December 31, 1927; this work was carried on from the funds of 
$260,000 allotted to western work for the fiseal year 1928, The 
funds indicated were officially alletted to the various phases of 
the west ene Pato grag oo as: follows: 

_ALlotment of puns, eg Year 1927. 

Period July 1, 1926 
rc — act to June 30, 1927, 

A. Study and Application Delay ieceuan 

le. Continuance toward eventual completion 
of eradication of cultivated black 
currants’ in the states of Montana, 
Idaho; Washington, Oregon and California. 
(Preliminary control measures, ) $15,000 

2. Continuance of necessary quarantine 
inspection to prevent further dissemi- 
nation of the rust through shipment of 
infected host plants — 9,500 

& Field inspections and surveys in Oregon to 
determine the spread of the disease from 
year to year and to apply practical measures 
of checking it. 10,000 

B. Study of Disease to Determine ‘Important fects 
Influsasing' its’ red 

le rubhdrontéar: Lavest igat ton 12,000 

C. Experimental Development end Application of 
aoeun seAseon nigrmanr tert 
omy! roekseen' pbcedhanesénce to deternine the 
potential blister rust danger in various 
localities and forest stand types and to 
estimate cost of control 

(a) In western white pine region 10,000 
(b) In sugar pine region 5,000 

ede wt SARE nk mememele  Aemang aa aul oem Lo 
are.d net og bed tol be pe pre oii aot 

ont 68S ef waoy . anak eat wot sein x 
to cannes esate “=? oF —— hin 

a see A eit beret 
ei SSC Oe at i * 

Bias sat 

* mo Yah, at power 
ct bas Aarne ue 





Period July 1, 1926 
: 200) \berJune 30, 1927 } (Cont'd) 
2. Large Saal laponstrahion in the 
application of local control on 
__ the national forests in the 

|) \Sqestern white pine belt ~~ $44, 500 

— Cooperative demonstration of 

“16eal control on Stets end private 

“Weetern” white pine lends 10,000: “ons cn 
he sin: wale ALARM vy in the 

riath shasmaape of;local control on the 

national reer! in the. a sad 

pase ine 16 * 10 ,000 

5, Riéveleymant of wheat control - 
‘methods, reduction of eradication 

.'gosts, and working out methods for 
assuring efficiency of eradication on 

.“-@entrol areas, including a study of 

Sibes ress on anne and aaas control 
‘ i? ; 

te) In western white pine ereas 10,000... 
| ~ (ob): Rigs pine areas. -civrcie lanc 4,000 

és inepirtenete: on Asbéreine. the toxicity 
ven of chemicals and to develop effective 
- means of applying ae in Bihes 
stu ‘eradication =<  § 5,000 
JG. 45 OF mina 
ies ‘Btudy of Ribes: ecology to determine 
-°. feetors influencing occurrence and 

-. © OPegrowth of these plents in western 

\" white and sugar pine forests 5,000 

D,’ Bdvcational activities to inform the public 
concerning blister rust and to secure its 

- cooperation in applying measures for the 

~eontrol of this disease 


SB Scucat lionel: eert Total. « ee ee 2 + 2826 2 
F, Field =m @erviaic ys is ; 7 

icoUs. Gg +-+-O8 

funde are tro items; nce ee #Qe whith, wees, i bi eo hit 
the westerappgagag) Droerex, are abt expe a Berle iis 

e mig afsbsest cars sivaidae black 

PRIMI Reto, 
a ‘D> ee of anf Ae 2 
y hes HAN iste Rage * ig alt OF genis an Siete Rt 

| re: Atle Esre 8 B raRSRORbaTtR ehte%e2: 0 


apg Tasho,,Rassineton, end, 
ee eeeetts only)... Me es G9 4350600 

ection of — PP.8 IN 2.608 
eS)}e ¥* «* * &+ Vv 


QEEEOM) nd or rice, western charge, .> 40385400 Wee? 
wit north estern states hive. cy: te B01 980 
‘location of dengeraus veces sQB0,6 

centers oe meen infection and to 

centre. 7 
: f 3. 6 majority of 
, eee } si ff local. gontrel. «tate lead 
LOW ; Bee ma ave headguartered in those ote tes 
cy ; a” a rs . re VP facilities an: ae 
make it aha. pnf. Rarthmesten. «1: RAE rp 0, e 
more, ae , ined Lote Tiy ist b 46 £00, O06 
one ue 9. boda and pina tend ie Wanamesete ia 






af tal °g BY OE £98. co 90,57 
come > Silat bo PCN. FEN <A Cs re25 0.0 OF 

eas: tie t Fara on ts costs in g, Do 
C 8. M,-Wycrort, Pathologiet } Sj jOawaa/io.00 | 

end Ribes survey, 
California sugar pine areas - ~ (70 nt ae yO, O° 0- 

6,..8 ontrol and recheck of 
ere ha eles can Oregon 5, oo% Pak ot g 00 0" 

yu ect *. ee Re Stinlaage: a 
Investigational work, office of Forest Pethology — ((21,600.00)/ 

ean shee eocieer gh edisete HA; M eo A gs. 90,0 80 

\4 0 
Educational werk, ~—) econ isuesce o> Bederal oi id 6 81848 ao. 0 0 | 
wena Tdaho Saabene ope iz, te cent ire sists 
eld supervision, :waintencnee of) spoisneioffice)i} (> vy 
nt age ansona, pug sans W. ¥. Geil, a. Ls wet tag lea 1. 95060: 6 Me op 

ers, Collaborators. , 
Mississippi Valley qunstneies work, maintenance oe 

of Washington office, Departuental reserves f 38,500, 500 
Total "$260,000.00 



CE sd Rn 
R wy oni _ pra tnse ree oi pe ery 
: vine epeat ee 

( SeeL ,£ let bolted 
| set 08 eee 

eon art yy 

“ans ine @ é) me 3 b4 

>) Ne: 

pes (Oy ce ite, ag ? oa 

(he 4 

99.80%, al hace eg 
ae aities we om 
00. an 0Gar- 

‘ik 2 oo. rowlee #0 ¢ 

pce ret a, 

" Nfoo.00a 

08,18 ) Waledtes toro to 

nae tarorrmneatigne te 

Neantingy moms 
a) BABIN UB a pc 

‘ Os on rn ye ad riesrre save a8 ootiaite: iu 
a OC &e ps nan 

“ee Me 
‘a a ty 

SoueHe sie A008 on 

Tti Will>belmoted thet included in this allotment of 
funds are two items,'"Ct end "G4" which,’ ‘while’ directl ‘effecting * 
the western controle program, are not expended by the Western Office 
of Blister Rust/Gontrol; «Notwithstanding this fact) each is indivik 
dually necessary: to! the. progress and “direction of the field work or 
administration general vase pdb coy pe i 
fe) Educational ff 
Item "G" is made én. as follows: : 
(f) Studies on Spree st and Dama, 
of Depaxtusubah-Reservessie.teibviecivi..$1:18°8}200 ; 
1% Bureau RegerVenies. Pores bes. Poe. sas re OB, 608” 
Maintaining of head office, western charge... 10,000 

t inger 


Pree te 20,700 —_ 
3. Bel Agente.  FWOtAl ss. os see. ee » $08 , 500 

The present -orgatiization of “the Western Branch of the Office 
of Blister Rust Control is yet in a transitional ‘stage between close 
centralization, in which the work is all organized under direct super- 
vision of «the Spokeme Office. The majority of the project leaders 
are permanently headquartered at Spokane, The state leaders for 
Montana, Oregon and California wre headquartered in those states as 
well as certain projéct ‘leaiiers' due to facilities and Gonditions which 
make it possible to carry on certain work the full year, Even thovgh 
more and more work 4s organized locally in the various states, the 
general supervision to: which the state leaders’ are responsible will 
remain with the Western Branch Office at Spokane, Washington. 

eériasl York: 

~~"he following is the permenent western personnel which wes 
employed py wegen 4 covered by this report:” 

%, ‘Dapervisery: S. WN. Wyckoff, Pathologist, In Charge of 
lee ». Western Bratthr Office. 

(2) Quarantine Inspection «°C. Rs "Stillinger, Associate 
¢ Tetlo 
(>) Ribes ‘Weelogical “studies 7 W. he wae. Assistant 


(c) Control Reconnaissance on Federal and Private Lands, 
Idaho and Washington - J. L. Bedwell, Assistant Pathologist, 
assisted by M. €. Riley, Junior Forester; W. F. Painter, 
Agent; and H. F. Geil, H. L. Whiting, G. M, Whiting and 
R. BE. Myers, Collaborators. 

to dnacdotia sind 'at 0 bu fort tads pede 
ee tee yisoortts olidw . pices woe ge ™ 
pe | “a Beer t Licdeaed i 

4 Oo ae 
O08. oat one vic 

mabsel foetorg edt rf 3 
 so% atebeel atata sats 
as osnek anadt ang s hrwtani she : 

Lite Ait egeadmet: SB Soha 
eee ase - 

an) ree aN ee ae = 

ese sotsin fenaow64 5 reveow Jc 
; ittoqert abit ve 
we 0 egadt9 ae .Fekgo loss 34 
- “Wosrrte 


é ae Som iarebet so eanee poner 
ofodtet jasdetecA ,liewbel sd ol - ao tat Haak 
¥ swede let ah Ph ptataete®: to bea, yeti a 
4 bas = alt 4 ann ete tf00) 8, 
| eratanotiel iam 

speriment2 : i) : 7 ‘on, Tdsho - C. €. Strong, 
Assistant Forester, ana ited by F. 4. Patty, Junior 
Pathologist; ii A. Anderson and P. §. Simcoe, Junior 

H. as , D. R. P ae te F 
The ret lat a A. ies te Pa aakiae rm i Swanson, 
terms of comp -; wo Peterveny eis as 

] t Pha Satie iia err, Associate Pathologist. 

3. State Leaders: ~*~ °° 
{Pe NA Meta, 828 Toman Assistant Pathologist. 

L. WN. Goodding, Associate Pathologist. 

(1) Pay eae , GAO Root Assi vtent Pathologist, assisted by 
euployees whe Sane? 0 ve Benedict, Junior Forester- 

ya oneates ist = (Reconnaissance. ) 
black eurfanta (Rives nigrum) wader sta$e authority: 

(3) ES Pawn te sipplement blister rust quarentines; 

(4) $e °in contre) reconnaissenc® end local Rides 
eradication, "dag Op pset pel Clerk ‘att "Peipotary Speci al Wisburbing 

arid obtain dk © spread ef the'rust; and 
“{6) Coordin&te control activities of the seve wal cooperating state: 

ana agencies by? feeMs y: Bpphership and sty orvision, end ti 
provide euployees a 6 SMeneld, Cle: BZ ezencias sith blister rust sub Jjec' 
batter re SOO Mpg? Late) Aeet. Clerk-Stenographer. 

i ee aides $f amie, tater Clete-Typiet 
(1) Pay t work of on@ Or wore 
mon who shall “Mise AP at? Fen proper ows, Under F Clerk yn: bat shipments for 

Violation of blieter' rust quarcotines; 
(2) Use ite regvlear oeployee’, ec far ns their ether dotie rn 
and direct their work in wystermtically losa bing and destroying cul ti- 

ie, " 

vated, dDlack currants, scouting for white pine bl eter rust and inspecting 
purserios for this diseassa; 
(3)? Umderteke such destruction cf white pine or Ribes in Montana and 

such enfortembat of etato: lew: ae oty be necesehry for the effective 

. preseoution of blister rust control work; and 
(4)eParnigh the. State Leader in chargs of blister runt control wer 
in Montana such office space ag is necessary for properly conduct iv; 
his work. 

tetso forts? ate iooend Rognhi ite ie 

-enhi o¢ egereO bas ten edd to b 
qd beiaises ,jetsolodial sieiot 
hoolosh .1 i Bae, totes 


de ton?i1e00 tebe! , 


Use 1ts reg — Po fan IY Hei 

in systematically 1: i . Gra 
gecut Lue ‘he Gutioutinn aa aie Bon enatar ong of und eratending under: | the 

pene ane pede pears nn is organized: 

VE ‘ BU 

he SCHOOL OF - between) 





relative to 

pam & 3 ¢ a] ly 1 Effect ive Js a 1927. 

(1) Pay the ‘salaries and necessary travel expenses -* one or more 

om ogeee ‘whe shall conduct such work; 
a2 ) Assist in systematically locating and destroying cultivated 
black: currants” bes 2 rum) under state authority; 
“© °9°€3) Inspect p ipments*te stpplement blister rust quarantines; 
4) Conduct sTchestianio Control ‘reconnaissance end local Ribes 

eradication, demonstrate the practical application. of control. “practices, 
- “obtain aaté on! the spreadoof the rust; and 

~©°(6) Coordinate ¢ontro] activities of the several sehen tide states 
naa’ ageficies by furnishing» regional Leadership and supervision, and to 
provide employees and the cooperating napa P with blister rust subject 
matter and teehnival regen 

The reg 


£00 elias 

erie: ay. hays thieo sateptue' and expenses and direct the work of ene Or: more 
men who. seme‘ neined ie ‘proper season, inspect pans shipments for 
Yapha tien. bf blister rust quarantines; 

(2) Usevate, regular employees, so fer as: their. Other duties permit, 
nom direct) their work in systematically locating end destroying cul ti- 
vated black currants, scouting for mise pine blister rust and inspecting 
iurber ion forothis disease; ©o © =. 

"(3)" Undertake such io thresttie of white pine or Ribes in Montana and 
oa enforeement of state: laws as may be necessary far the effective 
prosecution of blister rust control work; and 
ogric(4)oPurnish the State Leader in charge of blister rust control work 
in Montana such office space as is necessary for properly conducting 
his work. 

5 4 
ON Be Oh, 

god isnot han pee setae Tone 

; _asshion foriacs, to. fod lege Ls arg ect 7 , tok 
| 7 Bo art 4 | to hae ie 3 stab atetdo bas 

ot yh eae Sas qitdershaot . : 
SoRLERR tem. tate ifd sid Eve cebeaast a a 

Stow to ano to sow ea} teetkh bua eeansgy, 

‘ “ot atsomgise das lg” dosqemt soeasa % | eae 2 7 
a RGAE SURED a. prnry to nehtatety 
towns ae tinh teddo tied? a6 cat oe aseyo.te ss qaivget edt eal ts 

Ne ~igise guiyotioeh Sas gntvasol Ufsoliamedeye ai azow short tootlh bas 

— gabtoegess bis tact tote ltd eaig ot idw nat gatdsoas . 

bee enstooll gi aadin +o @akq sttdw to sottewsieeh do fo. 
eviscetle sat tol yiseeesoa od Yau aa ewal 9 

grow forinos gest tedetld to eeredo ut asSeet stat? edd detox (4) 

<ttow cul 

yoausads afdé pol —— a 

te bat sirow Louinon dawt vedabld to sotdwoesotg 
galtombaoo ylueqoty tot yeseseoea — as on sortie aia par mr 

Opies De S 
xPTox mateiy &3800, : AT Etre j 

QQ) “Use its secene? onapnéy ade $0 far’ ‘as mendis: other Fithes tote, 
pee nied tanh dell Dy Tosating and éradicating ctiltivated black currants, 
scouting for‘White pine blister rust and taking such action as may be 
necessary to delay the spread of blister a —_e white pine areas 
under its control and supervision, ' 

D, mhe | { FORESTRY . Sel Sener eer eos tor 

(1) Assist the cooperating agencies so fer as practicable in carry- 
ing out ‘the activities onvaterh Gtk in this netiorandum, 

LF The] a MONTANA ponmsmRy ASSOCIATION rees to; 

ait} Use its regular diatey Gai: so far es Rigi other duties porart’ 
in systematically locating and eradicating black currants, scouting for 
white pire blister rust and taking such Action as may be necessary to 
delay the spread of blister rust into white pine areas under its 
ae and supervision, 

fr, 1 18 “MUTUALLY AGREED ihake? 

(1) This memorandum may be terminated by either party by written 
notice, and may be amended by written mutual agreement; 

(2) The cooperative plan of work in this memorandum will be followed 

as being the best method of control of white pine blister rust in Montana; 

(3) All official records and reports of work performed under this 
agreement shall be open to inspection by any or all parties to this 
agreement, that all findings of blister rust made by any party to this 
agreement shall be promptly reported to all other parties to this agree- 
ment, and that all specimens collected by any party to this agreement 
which are suspected of being infected with blister rust shall be submitted 
promptly to the Bureau of Plant Industry for final determination; 

(4) The results of the cooperative work may be published jointly, 
or upon mutual agreement by either cooperating party, due credit being 
given to the cooperating agencies, All manuscripts therefor shall be 
criticised by the cooperating parties before publication; and all form 

ee a ee ee 

ee A aE 
lopes shall be submitted in manuscript form for approval by the Bureau 
of Plant Industry before being printed or distributed; 
(5) Obligations by the Bureau of Plant Industry are contingent upon 

appropriations being made therefor by Congress; and no funds of the United 
States shall be expended in compensation for host plants destroyed in 
control work; 

(6) For the Fiscal Year 1928, the Bureau of Plant Industry shall 
contribute in value approximately $6,000, the Montana State Department of 
agriculture approximately $5,000, the Montana State Forestry Department 

: 40) 

| Badia: askt te. aha’ On. Bae’ gee ag ad rote NS m mi 

tiaseq, eoliab ted¢o tied? es ta o@ sooyolgne 
ine voaid bedevis leo anistao kere has aeitaoor ylieotiameteys at 
3¢ Yom ea wottes eve yatdes bee tewrowedeild enty af hiwigot gal ivoos 
aaets oatg atidw otal dant tedalids 9" bmonge odd pelob.od ytsaesoen 

| — _ fortsos atl basinal 

 tivreq aotiub ratte sledt oe. 102. 
not aaidivoor ,einaaws aoe ke. be Sie Sr. Se 

od yieaacoes af yom es aoldes dave bas F 
aft tebeu esota onta otide cons dears aodetld to heasoe ait yelod 
—o. were Rvaecieeg 

nod? ‘ shai ‘oni - hots 
. pireeaeae, ja Leama 
bewoflot od Liiw mubussomen at grow to nat 

wnstiol nb devs xatelid eatg evisu, ‘to Tord tog. 30: 

eke tebay bearotreg sow ta. adxoge 8 

/ wide od eetdrey De re Yaa. yo aol 

esd os Yuag Yas ta ahew dans codeltd to. 

ee giddy od netizaqg wadto Ils o¢ betroges, 
dreiteerge aidd ad ysteo ye yd beige tion, 

bedstudere ed [fede dort sateild ddiw boteetat ge: a 
inoitentuteteS Lankt xol yatecha!t Jaeld Yo ux ast o 

yUliatek batletidug ed yan slrow paibata d= a 40 2azraes ‘ont t ) 
anted dibeto exh ,yitsg gatisieqoos ten to i taee ds 

ed Ilede zotereds atgizessna If, getone3 

aro) os bua. yuo taokideg etoted. nett my ott 

 nevae Yilameg ot Seiki et od eels. 

Phan eh 

ead ye tevorgga 2 tot mm mxot ¢ 22 

nap pay evi 

| ibeiudixdals to ce io Seaaiag sated ax 
elt saogittsneo ore. PHOEhST dae lt 10 vagmem aNd 

at hoypideeh etealq taost 30% oh tne at bal tee 

Phage eiteobat daett: te « penne wrk get e0t benade odd. 0% {a)e 
36 dxamtreged ofet2 snstaok edt (000,04 4 | 

ie 8 


i parow foxtaea | 

. vat lav ok etsrd ixdgoo to si 
ie ren, pees bid srauianin vents 000,88 ‘wistantizoraue: _—_o oe 

approximately ‘A, 200, the ‘School of Forestry, University of Montana, 
approximately $300, and the Northern Montane Forestry Association shell 
contribute in value approximately $1,000; thereafter the amount to be 
contributed by each shall be determined and agreed upon by supplemental 

correspondence. — 

tet Tar cae of Plant Industry. 

‘ Comissioner, Montene Departnent of cari btieers. 


3. hi e parker 

State Forester, Montana Forestry Ree y 

Been, School of Forestry, University of Montana, 

A. ‘z. Boormen 
Secretary, Northern Goathie Forestry Kssoeiation. 



saetnol to yllerewial y 
ifeda noidatoosed. beapaeiapin’ 

my wm 

ibep Conditians 

iia. ta» Nn Aton oneal nee 



w 5 v.83 S ; mea 3 ty x 8 nes I re | ; 

R. lecustre, L. viscomsgagenesom Toke f ih neat 

however, 8 very “Aetetent Fatholoetes 3 

2 gimil LY ie hae 

Forest 2 control hinéanhdials in 1927 was peers rat on the wabtenss 

and Cabinet. pational forests, both areas being very similar, the 
topography varying from gentle slope to stesp precipitous erags which 

_generelly serve asa boundary between the two forests, The principal 

drainage on the Kootenai are; The Kootenai and Yaak Rivers, Libby, 
O'Brien and Callahan creeks and tributaries to these streams, The 
Clarks Fork, Bull and Thompson rivers and their tributaries are the 
chief drainages of the Cabinet Forest. 

Economic velo nt 

Lumbering, mining and farming are the leading industries 
in the region. Only small areas on the Cabinet are adaptable to farm- 
ing, It is safe in stating that 90 per cent of the area of both 
forests is best suited for growing timber and whatever prosperity and 
means of livlihood comes to the inhabitants of the region will, in a 
large measure, be derived from the forests, 


Much of the remaining mature timber on the Kootenai Forest 
is very inaccessible. However, modern methods of légging will most 
likely solve the transportation problem, The forest is well served 
by trails for protective purpose, 

On the Cabinet Forest only small areas of mature white pine 
remain, but prospects are brizht for the future as there exists large 
areas of white pine reproduction and pole size timber which represents 
the next timber crop. Most of the timber is accessible either by water 
or railroad transportation or highways and logging roads. In general 
logging chances are good. The chief problem on the Cabinet is one 
of protection wntil the younger stands reach maturity, 

Forest Types and Age Classes 
White pine does not occur in pure stands but is found 

associated with larch, Douglas fir, hemlock, cedar and lodgepole and 

generally confined to north and east slopes, benches and levels to 
gentle; slopes. All aze classes from 1 to 200 years plus ocogur on 
both forests, but owing to its accessibility it appears that the Cab- 
inet Forest was the scene of greater logging activities which accounts 
for the younger stands, The 1910 fire was also more severe on the 
Cabinet Forests 


8 os ea navi ae "9 
ih ole its ore e 
oe Lom nega ® + os 

lanetooR edt a0 bearrotteq ean ose4 ak nail ectest : 

edt ,tailate yrov gated @aeie diod ,stewrot Ianobten # 

doldw a,ato esotiqtoerg eli ot egole eita 

me ud Fh at ows edd asewsed 

wo laaeuibet setasel aly ets eR 
-mwig? 6% oldatgabe ez dentdad Dicccdes (2 
.. sod Yo mete edd te. ines e gaiga 
= qiiseqeoty Teveisiw bas ‘qouat? ‘yaiwéty tot betina daed al ‘danetet 
SB at ae gorger edt te pe mans esd : 2 OOS boodtivil to ens earl. 

- gadeorteT béehreb oa | yetaaem- 8 

tented taasdook edt ao tedmts onutsat Witten edt Yo dow 
geom Lite patyy ol to ebodten atebem ,tevowol ‘eld teawoandt vrev at 
hevies [fen ef Jao10t ont noid org =— ons * ne odd evioe Beet 

enig. eiliw oissas, To asere Lieme yloo daeret pore at 20 
entel adeize eteds ea sisévi edd tot am ajos 

; adaseetyet finidw tedett este efog baa sot oer esta od tw to Beets 

 qa¢ew YW tedite sidtevsses ef tedmté ods +6 deok .gors redmid gxea ext 

igrenes sl webeet satygol bas eyausia Ia to soliedtoqene. + hart iat TO 

eo at dentde) od? a0 meldéxq teide aM boom ota enemas igsol 

_ it idee Ages: ebuate — ang if ge 20 to 

. bebot ef did ebaade sig at weg | te aeok on tg ., of 
bas gfogegtol bas rsbe> .aocimed vitt sefguod ,dovet ag. 
of efevel bas gatoaed jpacois Jess bra ddr ae 

ao thyoo enig eiasy OGG of £ mort aseonlo wee ta 489% coitaae 
Gah ede Jadd eisegga tf yilidizasons atl o¢ gaiwe ue ateero dito 

atawosss dotde veltivioss guizgol 15de0%% to enepe sit ese ‘teetot dent 

: add do s3ove2 erom oale saw orl? Ofes oat sbbnate Byer! ens 

3 “he pag od ‘wee & 

Ribes Conditions 

The three species of Ribes found ‘on the Kootenai end 
Cabinet forests are apes in boo of their predominance. They are: 
i Lacustre, & _viscosiss nd Grossularia inenais. inermmis. There ig, . 
however, a very noticeable e in the number of Ribes eenere ie 
on similar eradication types pr the two- forests. On the Cabinet. 
Forest the reproduction and pole eradication types are very short 
on Ribes. <The niger ‘of, Ribes along the streams on the Kootenai are 
greater in number than found along the streams on the Cabinet. ‘This 
seorcity of Ribes ‘may be partly due to the severity of the burns and 
the more ee ger “occurrence. of fires. whieh have. swept over the Cabinet 
Forest. | kp By mpd) 

pyr igs 

! ; ; Lg, a2 PD 4, 
3 si te J > 
| py 85, Ta) | tad yp & 
Ld Red sll CE as, en Oi 6,400} 
mc 5 v: , aan "i “ : amr . ‘ erg 
eatin iinaeliieses mt emt rons : 
' & ad 
j ae } 3 i Cs mid 
“4 — aren * me ao o -_ 
#5 "9 1k gy My * 4 
, y e.l«< 
) Ragin 9S i oS OL a3 , P40) 
/ : | GS, 7,16, 
; : : 
4 : : 119, 80,% 
H i pen oe > : 7 
1 sh Saw S a OS ye? | the Wndhe MBs i i ‘ 
|\Porest | ii, 
uv y | pease ; Nes 
: | aan 357) 29.30 MAS 
| oe init rpon ana be ie ee hove a.0+—a = : - 
: don : OS 5 " 
4 , fx : 
7 eS erm cae DPI RAE ea RI saseenne emt me Oe Nee Se a he ee a. ke Roc a ¢ Pd 
PG ¢ " | Feet as 
i? bmi ae ae erie ae ¥ | TER SSS ASE. ls Sd ng ek Oe 

rome, godt veonec tebe at 
sal ered? 9.2 i 
ar heihene ged If ‘to Tadmue one e yt r Yxev a 
fac ideo eld ad -2dae70t awi ¢ eo 8 | sotsdaotbare mba i 

) dvoe wie ets, cory? moitenthex is YETOT ef e10T 
“es iapojood orld so eeponda. mole, | 
— : erga gt be siningpuoh aah 

i i 

ose : ae Ue eine ts as ARR ae 2 i te ms p zi ut 
ee oR i aa aa eh wh i 
uae At OR a dh oe ih Oe, Dee oe aa phovtut 
oe: pee geek ight wie Nee eae, 
ee oe 
‘ ci wr Lee ey Coa eS ; 
oR : AS Sete 49 

ot ee tts aged 

F bie 
Co ae ae oR 

' ¥ 1s is COA Pewee Wem 
: “ itorare eb ae Sine BD a 
a! 2 
-, % 


3 STS, 

110 Lis 
: : : 
= i 
l\OsnlooWl a 
aa | 

Be | OP she am el A. 
Hi waw ile 

a) Loge 
«seme et tenant ve 

oe eee a ee ee te ~ 

=O Ba . Ams 


Land Description and Areas Reconnaissanced 

SAcSLs & BG . ait 






Beaten ae ermal: 



ee G 

oh 2 RUT eee ERT 
eo? Las 

ve Fe Pe tals 

Batt tsa a tae EE 
soe tse ea 

oer =| —{-tea|scaosl 11 gal el || —stas0 
mmo seol | reek SI aso 
FS | A 
fetal a AIRE ES 

| f ¢ 
fake Ade a ee : 7 lt Feat 

iF Shia ‘ada te Jettd-ards (Eee ee 37,692 acres of type 
Masih n oo pine cover a bd tdi Pb donnai seasce, These 
hon-white ine ere. = pinepitied into age class or 



$91 100 

t a / Lt 
ah ok a ie Te lat : 
=| }) H | : Bia } | oa? f “4 
4 ttl Glos | Sheet Tt tl 
ctl a} aot 3 i = io, 7 
by 4) ; w4iet Ge ch _ 2 Hts 
~t. i wl iohi-. 2 int i | 
@! Bier! one ee oe % 
bed i ot +) coyo : : ; ; 
i} wl ol tet oe om ef 
{ SL A ito 5 | : | : 
ot) ow "‘~ —--- § a + ~ 
@| bev } oli ce iat to} 
a>| E41 ito it 1S 
1 i's , - t- d t 
A ast ae 
iol t comic!) iz ' : 
nla} ina URrorel th | ' 
bast be fg -_ : | t 
Bis) | a CH 
ore Bric ©} | 14 
athe ' aint GEG im) ; ia 
Vr Sica) OftlCf 
eo! = a Dba | ; 
Oi ial , ' af a) | " 
4 ; , e ten) ~ie 7 
sl : i ay nfl 
| , 4 SS ; v 
>| AS 4 = ‘7 
£4} pe aden Po 
=) Ch et , : 
1} Cc sifpt 0 ae 
1 oe “t} te Peed 
= : “a al ’ , by 1 
AS ERE ‘ties SO Se Se Oe f 
; wy a, vw 4 
| pow { Oo) f 
PST 4 iO 4 
: | ; . : ~ ia Hy . 
{ , oe bond a ; f- ; 
' Sire Td) a) 
t t~! 4 aw ts 
| Conia ico! a} art] 
a | | | 4 Bact 
: 4 ' 5 eet 4 ‘ 
: iow nadine =o oe ; = 
: rrr T iaie 
7 Gl 2) » « 2] « " 
’ eS ce ehh AAG bl 
EGP 7%; ee e Pibie: fo} 
* a4 ii © | § i 
ieisnheamaadantatalal pe ak bap ae ate 

Be ta a i aaa 
¢ : 
Ry t 


Lt a me tn a 

‘ec etows 


ra rere cerca orp Ret Nm = ON APRON REE OCA ILA OPN I 

sig eR Fae 

2 os ne 
we fie a A al 

oo ae ae i A ea 

Soe ee oe ee 
Pesach ete 

i xo By ‘ $ ' : 
: sk TA BLE WO. 5 ; é 
Wamber of heres Inteasively. aiahebehahume tds Classified 
According to-Er ses and Bumber of Ribes 

by Acre Classes, Kootenai Bational Fores 

fypes| © 
ROE ‘Sane eee al 
pote EE eet 





! t 
. em 



- (810,812 

Sh ll ol 9B ve ne 

eae oe, = =e SS ee Te SE 

ha Ste 

inn ili. 

pepe pr 

ae | 




ees ances 

ana a 1 

pao -——-_o 



Senge Soe — < 
~ en -—> 


ee Cr eer 
4 poet eg 
eas ol es 

Seecc es i = 

) 80 

See aes Seales 

peTtst S810 poate yeuuoey ATeaySueqUT sezoY jo requ 

Ot “On Tava 

ao 3 

thine Ms 

H : 
H : 
a} a 
ae] 7) 
; i 
val 24 
i 4 
2) Of @ 
es ee 
>’ ; 
<a 4g 
* < 
Mj '- 
2) © 
ty) ; 

1 rome Nae set} 
Total 15,04 eat —et ses 

me sad EE BS 

' : 
Semele eames a aad 

eNOS 2 A a 



i a i uf BS ; Q 
1 as tibet J t. | 
ct iis eNo. ; 
aie oa ‘ % ; ; 
“2 pe mf ; : ’ 

2e Sp ies | 7 
Teation pes; cabinet Hat penal forest 

Sa nced 

<9} Lf ro - ; t = | ‘ ray 
__Number of Ribes by per..dere 
~ : | a il 

us in ESil01 be 11 Ribes 
eat 02 1 a 4.1 
O.M) pict a, fe) 6-191 1.7? 
p.P. is 905 Sas Te 

fined Sapte pt te =" 0 
Stream. 4) 248 ; | 24365 See fn 144.7 
Brash sigi | it et 

ce thea tat al a 
Aves. OA 

Ss) at | eS ' 

G! tt { 75 7 
| fay 1a * >! / or ' 
bal ; “ : Tens 
2) ‘air rei tw if ' 4 
a} ‘ | : ; \ , 
EI jal : oe oe a. 
Se} : xg fi: | “ ? i 
; 5 ; : Py ' ) a 
Pitt et i : : oy 

; ce | F 

i oF = a ae 


ys a « 
“ ,) 
tif 4] f ’ 
fi} ‘ s 
Rechiehoatins an  : ——h—-—-| 

' ae 
te ) eae ; ‘al 
a yj my | +9 
| ria a » 4} 
Rbertes sical oon 

bos, eetoede sec. Ne 
daetot igaotick 2¢ 

stadia iil ul cdl al Wh lad nh ab dll nla cal ah oT a 
25 ai 9M CY WAS iG Sd 
de aR SS HNL A dW cl at Pa 
Peep i I | ted tt) ere er 
bina A ied ORE ET 5 il Bn sl nl Rcd DP 
eT ee ed oe ee 
baths a a a arth arene ree] 
Prema pap aa A LD 

i SCS NES Ma SNL Nas til ol mie] meh eer . 

- “eos 8 eT eilov a2ead @27ZTnoey fT requ 


pee|2L10%e |269 "eT) ees "9/S88 
Ber etal ae gente 

ore ermpme saperern panne mene — EEE rol .. 

Te 2° 
pVU984 00% 
ue ser0v 

i ' 
i +e 4 
e r . oe 
ws ) 
eG : 
- ! / Neal ; sieg) . 
: | ord) 
| ae 2} 28 of 
. t ; coh Uae Sal 
; . 7 2 sel 
} ef at 
col ete 3 


' D. 



eerie Slo 
60) 80} 90 125} 150] Total | 

Loi ee; A 25875 

a » ot 
5 hee we 

+4 + 
' bee 4 
’ a} | t ; ] , ° 
: et aes i . : , 
/ ie ¥ »# tt A| )? g & ' 
7 éy Fe yan : ‘ 
a4 ¢ aD -o8 i 
i ae ee ee Be i “a ; 
' ra a 
Se De Eile Uilias Biss 
| $ ; : 7 \ ' : t 
, ey 2) ma oe $ ef é *? } ah 
/ pu | } 4 ai at t rt 
as 8 of + f ; 
TS, Tn: EE A, ns Bs 

chic il iil ed ill i Gd i pes deta 

——— ee eS ES Ee 

Ye ee ee i eee 
PEE RFU BTN Be Ow Vi ok bola Da 

a ool 2 
agate ee) eee ere eee 
nite ne is Wid iat | ae ao || 
pete : cnr nt nee apni 
el ie lela et eeey emerald 

- “LOF | -TSe |=T “18 

Oe “ON Tiavs 

oS Sa 



Intensive } ee os CSS. Ai) SBA OSsiAGsS..-+ 


Spe cies Per Acre 
Rh. All. — 

~ nary simum |Ribes 


Sait in Bee EAT 


Te sam eA 

ig! ae a RESO Kk 


Ae®igteant Pathoicziat 

Table No. 23 

Ther S Pipes Sot aE. Sein: a hs eh as bre eet é Lo 4°5 
éurise the later sea 2 rest : t ijzesa ta comagnue FE 

peer e- mete iS ag 8000 4s the weetha: te SMS as = work wt Gaveuac 

Table No. 24 

Number of Ribes per Acre on 

National Forests, Montana 

per Acre 
Pe a 
acustre inermis Ribes 


_ Ci Be aJohason 
Assistant Pathologist 

The pre-e radication work at Savenac Hursery was completed 
during the later summer so all is mow in resdiness to commence Ribes 
eradication as soon as the weather permits. The work at Savenac is 
principally 4 stream type eradication Joby: areas: ervnimerti of the 
stream are a ne nam. ay, olan 

‘ue Kootenai Fix ‘ 

made se {ne acreage: of the ot tts ape: for & Acdistance of one mile 
ie every direction from the nursery was computed and all areas ex 
Clusive of stream type for a distance of one=«half to one mile from 
the uursery*ecouted for Ribes, It remains to be determined which of 
the two methods, hand eradication or chemicals, will be resported 
to on the various streams, It is, however, an assured fact that both 
methods will be employed. 


“ ff 9 
g4.0 4 § 
% oa fs as ad 
3 o Lo | ° 4 2 
@ oA a 
eee a rire ia Ce ee eee 6-2 eS ee ee aS ee 
oes" nage na fe COR "T | pe Rae Sy. ASS S tae 
| ey LB a 43 at ee | eymreny Sy4°H| SeTAeENGT 25 pre! 
| Lo) | eo °o | : &iZEnd rT *7*am re ty | : . : So | 
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it Te ar Pg ab os! ria: menagendam’ of Cae aE ie tiderethe® . 
tévms of: which the. work ine Idaho: has: been orpexined: 0; 


tS ane Se SS. 


las 2 erg _ between 
g “© -and’ the 



relative to 


‘se (1) Pay the salaries and necessary travel expenses of one or more 
employees who shall conduct such work; 

(2) Assist in systematically locating and destroying cultivated black 
currants (Ribes nigrum) under steto authority; © 

tis Inspect plant shipments to supplement blister rust quarantines; 

(4) Conduct experiments in control reconnaissance and local Ribes 
eradication, demonstrate the practical application of control practices, 
and obtain data'on the spread of the rust; and 

if (6) Coordinate control activities of the several cooperating states and 
agenties by furnishing regional leadership end supervision, and to provide 
employees end the cooperating ry pagent with blister rust subject matter and 
teonniead Sat onnen seas les 3 

Bs Phe the ‘TDAHO omeh DEPARTMENT oF AGRICULTURE rees to: 

(1) Pay the salaries and expenses and direct the work of one or more 
men pir shall, during the proper season, inapest pleat shipments for vio- 
lations of blister rust quarantine’; — 

(2) Use its regular employees,-so far as their other duties permit, » 
aaa? direct. their work in systematically locating and destroying cultivated 
black’ currant’, scouting for white pine blister rust end inspecting nur- 

series for this @isease; and 

“°°. (3) Undertake ‘ aves faction’ ‘of white pine Or Ribes in Idaho and such 
Brirhiaaay “of State laws ‘a8 may be necessary for the effective prosecution 
of blister Ae ‘control work. | 

sald A ‘giboa ster oat ) 
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BONN G SUS TAS jet ‘tegvalld to pnoitel ’ 
‘teq eoissh a aes #4 16% 08 268 wait nO gor eit eat (&) as 
Io gaixottess bas gatiaoo! yllcotiamedaye at drow sled? Jootth bas 
aetemaest fosues Srey, tedaild aisig: 9 Siabe ot gatisoor ,ainerwo doeld 

‘DMB 79880 elds tot settee 
ofeht at sedis 10 eden qdiciw to: to dbase 18 Mowe evetrabey (5) 
et re CEE. Semen 4 ig | ewal aise to dneeoTotae 

tow: Toxtnos faure anes to 

(i) 2 Detail ene member of the staff of the School of Forestry to 

this work throughout the field season and to permit him sufficient, time 
during the rest. of. the year to supervise generally such work in.Idaho; 
o¢ 42) llake such studies,.so far as the-other duties of the staff of 
the School of -Forestry,,Will permit, as are considered necessary and. 
advisable on the rate of growth of. western white pine remaining on areas 
after. age and the expected yield of second growth white pine stands; 

) Examine, ‘through the Department of Plant Pathology, ell specimens 
ancy % being infected with the white pine blister rust when sent in 
by the field scouts and others, and keep the necessary records of such 

colleg ions. and examinations; 

(4) Assist the Bureau oF Plant Industry; through the University 
Extension Service, so far as practicable in the educational activities 
ABA He to ile rade AD) PAREN of the work, 

(i).¢ erate through its ‘Aeputizea agents, insofar as their other 
a in systematically locating cultivated black currants, 
scouting for white pine. blister rust, and locating infected or potentially 

infected host, plants; 

(2) Cooperate directly, insofar as practicable, in promoting end 
assisting the various blister rust control activities carried on in the 

ay bc eS the danvinas of its employees, insofar as their other 
duties will permit, in systematically locating cultivated black currants, 
scouting for the white pine blister rust on the forest lands of the 
Association, securing complete information concerning the age and quantity 
of white pine second growth on logged-off and burned-over land of the 
Association, and determining by field surveys the number and kinds of 
currants and gooseberries in timbered, logged-off and burned-over lands as 
@ basis for determining the cost and feasibility of local control of white 
pine PLSESEE rust on these lands. 

(1). Contribute. the services of its employees, insofar as their other 
duties. will, permit, in systematically locating cultivated black currants, 
scouting for the white pine blister rust on the forest leads of the Assoc- 
iation,, securing complete information concerning the age end quantity of 
white, pine second growth on logged-off and-burned-over land of the Assoc- 
iation, and determining by field surveys the number and kinds of currants 
and gooseberries in timbered, logged-off and burned-over a basis 
for determining the cost and feasibility of local control of white pine 
blister rust on these lands, 


oft yrtaet0% to Loaded elt to yiate ‘edd Yo sedmem eno Listed (1) 
auth troteftive mid tleraq of 4a soasem ble? ont srodgvoudd Siow atdd 
sorsbhi sk sow cove _liavemes saivieque.ot tesy sdf to saen odd gabuub: 
to Tate adit to asiivh tedio edt xa tet 08 ,2elbute dove soled (&) 
Bs ytareecen Sotebingog ete as ,ploteg Iliw yrdeetoT to Looded edd 
agers go gatatemet ent edtiw ateieow Yo diworg Xo Pil ae: a0 eldsaivbs 
 yebnade: enig aide diwerg Saoge: to bleiy betseqns, bas yyatggel setts 
gnemiooye Ife ,wolodtst Jasli to Jasmtraqge: shang! as : 
ak an tae tedatid. eai¢ ation oh tin bodoe 

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sae Sue ee mannaae ee ek te Laesivien-oold otodis 
Ps aah aveld bhetavit Go gaitacol yilast 

edd to ebasl teotot odd. no: tei tedatld eaig. diy eit 0%, gatdgone: 
Poa? Led el anhemAntOS, a ees pte. iqe09: g age apn 

Pee “ shat baw toda. ait: pil ona Biskt ye “pga 00 
aa abuel tevo-bemud bas Tie-bezg0! ,Lotedukt at pga fn a om am 
 siidw to Lotdace Lesof Yo Uilidieset saz daos. ad? gainierreseb rot eltaad s 

 webast seed) so gant retgild enig: 

—degb ‘Se ee “qetoeat , 289 Yo Lunas edt ne 2a oe Jo a 
" einer woald botanitiuo gatiacol Ulsottameda 
"-Soana end 10 sbaal teexot add so tart tote, 
yt 3o.ys iaawp, bae egs odtuztntooreo aoitamtotal ede fom bred 
ve ~ooaed edt to bast tevo-bemud bas 27 to=haggol mo. wots baooes 
Es pigs to aber tol hos xedmpa sit eyovare bist? xd rageds - ted. 
 alecd &.a8 eboet mevo-hemiund has tio~heggol Ad evedmis af rales 
este Stitt te fortace fasol to vtitidteast bar deco. 

; wean te no bert nehie 

—— doatd betevti ra eee \jaerey: gn Page at ee | aelioh — 

tisaataye mi ee iaediok. 

aya ah, ilar fire Seboub | 

on) Contribute the services of its employces, insofar as their 
phe duties will permit, in systematically locating cultivated black 
‘currants, scouting for the white pine blister rust on the forest lands 
of ‘the Association, securing complete information concerning the age and 
quantity of white pine second growth on logged-off and burned-over land 
of the Association, and determining by field surveys the number and kinds 
of currants and gooseberries in timbered, logged-off and burned-over 
lands as a basis for determining the cost and feasibility of. local control 
of ‘Witte pies ‘blister Fue on these asene 

(1) Contribute. a services of its employees, insofar as their other 
duties will permit, in systematically locating cultivated black currants, 
scouting for the white pine, blister rust,on the forest lands of the 
Association, securing complete information concerning the age and quantity 
‘of (white pine second growth on logged-off.and burned-over land of the 
Association, end determining by, field surveys the number and kinds of 
‘currents and gooseberries. in timbered, lLogged-off and burned-over iands 
ae 8 basis for determining the cost and feasibility of local control of 
ee renee PAADORA wedne ' 

(3.) Contribute the services of its employees, insofar as their other 
duties will permit, in systematically locating cultivated black currants, 
scouting for the white pine blister rust on the forest lands of the 
Association, securing complete information concerning the age and quantity 
of white pine second growth on logged-off and burned-over land of the 
Association, and determining by field surveys the number and kinds of 
currants and gooséberries in timbered, logged-off and burned-over lands as 
a basis for gebten | one the cost and feasibility of local control of white 
pine blister rust on these landss 


+ (GQ. )-fhis nanan ten may be “deeindhod at any time by any one of the 
parties hereto by written notics, and may be amended by written mtual 
Bere ement 5 
(2) The cooperative plan of work in this memorandum will e followed 
as being the best method of control of white pine blister rust in Idaho; 
(3)A1l official records and reports of work performed under this 
BA ee shall be open to inspection by any or all parties to this 
reement, that all findings of blister rust mede by any party to this 
: shall be-reported promptly to all other parties to this agree- 
ment, ape that all ne ag collected by any party to this agreement 


¥C% A 4 

» : 
’ ! } 
wr 9 

10d mogtye HOTMATCORRA ZVI" moe 

ations ef t8toent jeoayolqne’ ‘e#i to seated 
mosid ‘batavitive snttasol eee 2 7, 
fF Be ue dabtot ou fo tee xedek id’ onic otha 

2 erent edd Yo 
a entg Sites ‘to's 

sie nidiite in siptedss Fact uae ik i opiviee * 
siaeens Wosic betavid iv gntisool ee Se 

1 aes bus ass odd splice ones ‘pe djesitee bad gto lemon 
Sat to asl tevo-bemtud bas Yo-beysor sto Gee ees « diaeng ee car 
abot Bur xoduutt alt aieist picid hse ated tedoh bas okts 

sin “Toxta00 faoof to wilidtese? baxa-deoo ot gafaimeded 62 stead 2 
oo hte ~~ ae tert rodeb id fi it 

oe, ndechte sineeic ove 

fo tieit es wsteeut aesyoiqme adt +0 aeotvioe oats candbomen Ly 

oh ure wosld betavid ied goitecol vlientisueteye nt ,dimrey Lft w agtich! 
add to ebusl geerot odd wo deere sodetid ontg otisiw odd tok se tds 

vo DAE ose of) qulnreston noitaintolad ete lauiio’ golu: 
vedd Yo Stel re8ve—bemund bas Po-beagol 
} phate bas Tedioer ‘Sat Beovaue 6 fatty 

ottn0n Asoot ‘to: Sqbtiidtasot hits: doy ‘dk gatubareted tot # fe 
a _ egord ate te ie atthe ‘ 

it to eno yar WW owit yn de botaniane t od ‘een ashbsceen: hae Rip ss 
pagel sstiiow yd behasms od Yam bas | ‘saaktor shies i we? oe a . 

‘a er dent saberte anker ei oh to. pen at 
? tobaws Somme} sy sow ‘to ad T0G9T Sae abso! 

Po qiueg que vd obo dei tei0l lo Io gat 
‘pit od solfeay seddo Ife 04 ‘of deme ty hettod 
“wba oo “cottage ye beatae ites e 

which are suspected of being infected with blister rust shall be 
submitted promptly to the Bureau of Plant Industry for final determi- 

(4) The results of the cooperative work may be published jointly, 
or upon mutual egreement by one of the cooperating parties, due credit 
being given to the cooperating agencies, All manuscripts therefor 
shall be criticised by the cooperating parties before publication; and 

all form letters, bulletins and any other circulars to be mailed in 
ty envelopes shall be mitted in. 2 ript form for roval 

the Bureau of Plant Industry before being printed or distributed; 

(5) Obligations by the Bureau of Plant Industry are contingent upon 
appropriations being made therefor by Congress; and no funds of the 
United expended in compensation for host plents des- 
trepets in,.control,work; end... 

' (6) For the Fiscal Year ‘ieee, the Bureau of Plént Industry shall 
contribute in. value approximately ' $78,000 00 to, the support of this coop- 
erative work, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture shall contribute 
in value approximately $1,100, the University of Ideho approximately 
$4,000, the Potlatch Timber Protective Association approximately $3,800, 
the Clearwater Timber Protective Association approximately se the 
Coeur d'Alene Timber Protéctive Association approximately $3 280 800, the 
Pend Oreille/Vimber: Protective Association approximately $3,800, and the 
Priest Lake Timber: Protective Association approximately $4,340; there- 
after the amount to bé contributed by each. determined end agreed 
upon by supplemental correspondence, 

Da te: Aas i ture; 

7-20-27 2) Ges) John 5. 
mo with ono ce age pee Tdaho Bate ‘Depertaent of leah 
day. & uuti ea at sig 

July 31,1927 

University of Idaho, 

Aug, 9, 27 (s.) Ben BE. Bush 
State Forester, Idaho State Board of Forestry. 

Aug. 25-27 rd : | 
the end of ¢! ; Fapaldent., Potlatch Timber Protective Association, 

Sept.12-27 - 3.) Theo Fohl 

Secy-Treas. ,Clearwater Timber Protective Association. 
Sept, 16-27 s.) Sig Hofslund 

: Secretary, Coeur d'Alene Timber Protective Association. 

Sept.21-27 s.) T. Le Greer 

Secretary, Pend Oreille Timber Protective Association. 
Sept,27-27 S. - Jensen 

Secretary, Priest Lake Timber Protective Association. 
Oct.5, 1927 8.) Wm. A. lor 

Chief, Bureau of Plant Industry. 


9d Ofedertest setatldé tide pavea wie fs 
-taodob fants tot haat sein i to sbahaatul 

eit Riot podiei tairg ad — ee aviteragoos ode de 9 seen 
dbens ash ,deiiteq gatiereqoos edi to ano yd taumergs 
ae sotoreitd. wiqitonmien [14 .celnceas 
Bas apace wired baeelgeed ‘aat be 

‘ togst poapoe ata Refauial ‘$a to. 
eat Yo ebav't on bas j;aaerymod yd rotexed 
(«ree ataaly taod 40% mosiaenoisoo sid ga kh 

bos drm rong wokdetooaea eves Pugduly off 
A cogewar tao sotvetsons ov iseadeat Coane ‘ale teotrd 
La fo hkiedager he ot Boarscte edd tests 

Varese" poe lal . a ¢ 2 Sew | ‘eae ar 


C. R. Stillinger 
Associate Pathologist 

County Humber of Plantings 

trae Eon athe tiated “hale 

janeeck [he eradication of the black currant in Idaho during 
1927 was’ carried out as a cooperative project between the Bureau 
Of Plant’ Industry,U. S. Department of agriculture, and the Ideho 
State” Department of Agriculture, under the terms of the cooperative 
ht between these two agencies for the fiscal year of 1927 

P id 1928, a) 

¥remonut * Ai 115 
Kootenai * 69 
Mehtoan 1 bject of | roject. 
she 46 , The object of the preset during 1927 has been ‘te, 

7 the thorough eredication AF the cultivated black currant 

An on portion of Idaho which - By been eradicated as-weli as 
t ck the work which had been in the northern counties, 

* Cougties in »p Ade Personnel yas done, ii ef 

Idahe aorth plan Paw nen ond, Ff hae wae ra 
aby of Rey: re employed ahs work, Two 
be mene pede te thera Isbo' tron 

set oF ad eradication work 

in PL op m Ju 730''te September 10, 

lll, Results. 


The black currant eradication program was completed at 
the end of this season, During 1927 the following plantings were 

ud ad 

Number of Bushes 

Oa Ge LNSTBiE : pa vs ire 2 ' 126° 
re i4 ghould be inc! on in so ncy ne 
Topeak the eradication of thic te. 
Koo 5 10 69 

eurlates, | Pre Srecent cost : oe the c en @a&+t 

sho enn ik 9 sina at areneneten be cut 798 «» 
ies ie : a a wel a 57 

one 1 conde etn im &@ more ite % 

ap ety 42 442 

= hal éxpisiation of the 408 * 4a resction on 4n854 

species pny eo 37 a fPandwient#. one mei the worm of “th 

sh recheck ane was dante ret ‘of... 

Os gp aaa as well as». 

i pert of Custer me in southern, 
» found On the recheck 

pathered by Rockie end Bell 1 tah . 
gtarted at ence in th reenho une : 
1. sr *y f Y i reins i? ‘ey oN - ; et 

started ib eariy 

Logres ane “tens — }. netioier 
U e > “t - eee 
An fe vis ei eed cS ethere 

by wire to Mr. Bycke??. 
BRibes seedling i? ao f the f 
grogn on ecad oul tures : 

and Bell in icah 

4. RB. nigrae obtained by ‘ } 

Te. Tihs 
a3 Liew 

ji ta i D 
Whee wees eT 

5. Gultivated red OP Baetion I necesaery) purchased fr 
California nurseries. Ag i sila cai 
%. Morphology By err 
H. R. Offord, . 

Thies field e«hould provide 
tha 4iffarence of suscestibilit? + lai 3 mms and he in 
vol wekPter%a°earéfal | sirvey of eh iene epahiodetha work Bs it now 
pee pen die Bhd ik Mg idan “g0t8 “Present themselves for our consider- 

* The . A, 4 a~ ha ou 
asret 2 b Setadled atudy of the etomata ané Lenticel s of the abore 

four apecigg-p. tiguane" tah "Bes peeve eaety “ina” eegigas 82117" saner 
eradicated by” an°by hand palling. 

a: ceapekey ata "traces WEve Hot bedn Efficiently erad- 

featéed by” ‘yet. 

G. PhysiolggyG. inermis and R. lecustre are frequently associated with 

R. p tiolare and should be included in emergency delay rogram in- 
volvil ihe te Padication 6? thts t7p6. oO ei 

end chemical data, end m to make 2 much more extensive ap 
plicetion af pie peésent cost of chemicsl and the concentration of this 

chemical which is used at presen % can be cut in half if we could, set up 
the prope r con ditions 4a ns sore “dflut a aetdeied 

Rives Ae seme Q@Quploying the ni crosehent © 26 worked out 

‘. Yahe expladatton of the difference seiettoagn the S art “of ae 
Ces Mentioned ie a4 fundenent*1 one on4 th n a petay “problem: 
Sees tiacresarend of ‘tedearch. "Phe need is 2 vital and urgent one, and 
at the termination of our field season our program of research should 
ad with all possible speed and assistance. The Bey 4h men 

the paved fouled of vitetbe rate Wilt We cag sWadtoce Lead AS aay ot 

a measuring stick to sxpres mht 

Root and stem cutti of G. inermis and R. petiolare , 
gathered vate ‘ond Bell in atti of Sark oF trees : i fink 3 to be 
started at Auditions in nae Eevik e, part to be Planted at once out-of- 
doors and rem eept 4203 etornge’ over the” winte? and. 
started a enatntes to be ba 

° BV Leaves and stems or petiolare, G. inernis, R. lacustre 

Eee, fesheree, $3.¢ “ane Pitti | inetructions gent 

: 3. Ribes seo s of e the above four s pecies to. er 
grom ‘dn said MANtR Serer ry Pas aC ne be rae 
and Bell in Idaho. 

tot a etorEge 

4. R. ahinvien obtained by Mr. Root in California. 


2 gotines 


baottO -f .B 

i ceceappnyermmanainsrmceret 


won tt a sitow moldeothare Leoimeds to yeviwa f Ferso 6 ted" 
comming wo tot aavicsspad tnassty stoat. fgasiiogqud wey aot ,sbnate 
tote yout motte 

aoe S 2 

wees eéaainie need Jon ovetl esisgont 8 1B bas s esi 

» able seliionase yldnerpett eta tbs 5 bra iat reel 
at eisaaint hang Youegteme yao at B 7 i. 
iy Ban) y | ‘Z 

| an gate ares att bos po to tees dneactg ed? .» ee" teats aa 
> tueeeic te beay ai so irtw Tso fa d5.. ee is 
ter & af be seyatonaseee TOFOTT 

id ou atid to ao Fin foe odd bas eno ‘Iadnenebas? e et benotinem Aine eae 
T  .AO%6 see te Sige aa ni eoll ene 

ie founsaet to. “aed “a torts alta | 
gies. edt .sonedete win bedang od. ’ 
4 robitmeY ore ddw ons yiigdod Bas : tigivedo at Sontetd) 2 
duro yr od tebio at yrsaessen od [Lh >. me ide cua enh ee 

@teloties .f £ eimvent .2 to marth ede bas dood .f 

oo eh B® ee par %o dunS eh] at fief bas ehio of ud bevediag 

 sto-tro eono fa bejusia od ot disc -sevodtests ef? ni eono te bedisde 

Lael tetaix edt revo “anaes bloo xk tqea ef of rsbatemet fem vioob 
spritay yixes af heizeds — 

guteuos! i ,iomont D 2 Zo to queda bas ovaed -S 
; ie cake auinettes dab mt setedted itd noomty .£ 

re i of netseqe «vot evede edt to dose to agallbese nadie oe Mee Aes 
“it soe a betosteg ,einictiles ta eat ot aevsdive bose ge awotg 
| : se ica us sea bss 

solutions.5. Cultivated red currants (if necessary) purchased from 
dein taed ice ta 
Oa. Gar eroarinents ¢ 

By _Morpholozy t*hisrate te Lesvee 

This field ‘should provide the enetamiesl data which are factors in 
the ‘differénce “of susceotibility to chemical “treatment 2nd will be in- 
valuablé “in ‘our (studies of Ribes Ecology and iof disease host plants. 
Both leaves heind yard po dri be Aaa ga as: 

rat By v ndetainc eas stuay ‘of the stomata: vat ‘Yenteeers: ‘of the above 
four sasbiied. 3 o£Nis Comdsrative study to ‘coverssize, number, and manner 
of distribution of stonate and Papen noary Mark pertornaé by Patty. 
2. Ab 14.33 Vary. ag 
oxid an 2a B comparative mr ger of ‘the norpholosy: of stem) of the above 
nybabior Work’ by Patty. vos 

C. _ Physiol day” sting of 4 nana te. raya contain 

alia of this pee are udeoncar? to bridge the gap between botanical 
and chemical data, “and will enable ug te waké a mech more extensive ap 
en ‘of our results: at Bovi ' 
hlerdté. to be do ith contre! Ane 
1. Paykel ented studies of the dthéeviers and composition of 
Ribes tissue employing the micro-chemical technique as ‘worked out by 
J) For Priestley at the University of Leeds, England. Ifsework can*not 
be’ satisfactorily done in’Fngiand, a. ge lege op be‘estabbished by 
thesTaternational ‘Baucation Board. °°: 

D.C RECS SRAL Yeats 01 
Comprises the bulk of our eee works and tatends to answer 
sg pn scam ma gccaay  maes . 

en ape Bow! can we deteanetie a nessuring pene to Seoetee the 
toxtetty: rid bat chemical on rangers mad 

Ly tb , ne v4 t at % : 

ay ic Bee Mast te ‘the naturevof: this toxie action on the Ribes’ tissue? 
te ind qe and tea 

subst 3. cUnder: what: ovhdasduar of seetentuahs molaeure ant light 
(reera: Gendietons) is thig toxic action optimun? 

ve wieeveate Land is as follows: 

Se ite . 
GSvOraine waaay mu Clee ti e7 CuUBbtrain. CTace o 

-\. lav Ribes to: et greeny; on sand aan and eyets ager eh Sy ‘nutrient 
mixtures of ehleride ar lorate present ar 
some mothod other than oxidetion of the « 

I’ fore 

Ag eh oabibilat. ete Aotdw sted tao ubag ae add obfyorq. ‘nia biel eist 
i oh od ag baa -wcoaeigeed Peotouceh ii bee stag nh - sonore? tb ell 

soluti ons, . 

CBysO! yo Goreta saperieinte to ‘gee if attes can be mitted by appli- 
cation ‘of “a chlorate: to leaves and stems. 

Cc. Ribes eeaktinan on sand cultures to be treated with chlorste 
under Varying Conditions of light and moisture. These experiments to be 
‘duplicated using the relatively non-toxic chloride. 

a) 'R¥bes seedlings on sand cultures to which are added nutrient 
solutions containing various amounts of chlorate to determine the action 
of “the tente anion if it eaters through the roots. 

oi ‘se 

e. Addi tion of stele samounts of manganese (known to stimulate 
oxidation in plant tissue) to the chlorate sprays and to the nutrient 
solutions. Traces of iron and ethylene ges to be considered. 

f. Testing of ¢€hlorate sprays containing different and know 
concentrations of the paiee gen Lens 
° i deny ame of specimens of z. Ration ave are and G. Stemite stem 
eanpled 1. sprayed bushes at Bovill, Idaho. Ribes sprayed with ‘sodium 
i irk iy to ‘be ome nag with controls in each case. 

va h. Boderptton stadies on Nitella. Work on this cell which does 
not present the same difficulties as the more complex higher plants will 
give us data on the action of the chlorate ion on cell organization. 
aa gp pry Om. Caves in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco: ° 

It. Chemica oo 

basf= bran 

oi & 

and SHOWS gy ds: nienyens of Ribes tissue must be made before we con 
attack the ‘problem of difference in susceptibility of various species, 
from the chemical side. After an analysis of the normal healthy plants 
has been made, Ribes plants’ should be taken at several points along the 
death ‘curve and ‘a ‘similar analysis made! This work should be done prefer- 
ably by a trained plant chemist et the University of Californias with the 
advice of Professor Dore. Analyses to be made according to existing 
technique’and to incluie determination of: Cutin, suberin, lignin, pectic 
substances, cellulose, Foovaratien uc Since prise. essentisl oils, 
glucosides, etc. 

# of Ribes 

III. Ultimate analysis of technical grades of sodium chlorate to 
determine what impurities they. contain. “A trace of iron or manganese 
may. be catalysing the action of the technical grade of chlorate which 
te ee than have 8 of - C.F. Work a Youien and Offord. 

“Tw nvextiganaeie of the peeibility of determining quantitavely 
mixtures of chloride’ and'thlorate present 2s such in Ribes tissue by. 
some method other than oxidstion of the org=nic material. Work by Youden 
and Offord. 


-san ¥ heltns ad geo gedit tt ese of etnombyedns 1 ytex: 
: mote bas voveet ‘of otetol 

otal “ekg hw' hotest? ef od soratilieg bene na: ageiibooa | gedih so Ef . 
ville meters eued? .eovtetom bee tig tl to enokd thom ya ceesiaing 
vege a ebito Ltt he edema yet isa lex 


Pa a ee fee ey eel 

Roe ie, ee Re nh AIO 
5 bobbs one dofiw o¢ Sars b> fniee no anion ‘sod oe. 
board basin ot Den ony 48 id ——_ > ange — enottalos 

m od ae, ayer el 
sbareb tans od of aay eno 

| av Bas dnore?? Eb uintatines ayarqa: etatolls. to ‘gr kdeeh cok ow ih .B 
fcgeeg: ant ”, ano tdextsoone9 

2 fap 28t 3 ne 5 an0H ¢ -shtod 2h a , te 

° pealoncl ent ant ieng op ovis 

aT Leo. no mot atetoino edd 
meb Lom mk betaw Elon: esseivesell 

.opetoder® os@ ,x1el edad 

gon adated fetoves te inact se Leroriee 
ig enoh ed Pisvodle xtow eidt sham apres bt : tach 
} dibe etototitsd to ytieroviol edd te dalmeds insta beniets s ee “gn eras 
yetdaixe of gaitiosse ahem od od aeny lend stot ‘cToggetotd to soivbs he 
mit ,sisedge wteod ito aottentated ab shuyrlont of Bae evpindeeg 
. ei cue parenicon | 

ivnanee: seid antennas haat 

ot sietolds gethoa to eebara Leotstiost, to: wince ooh aad FO 
ingem to. moult to saeté | .alednoo yodd aeidinnca! dade 

dw atetoide to obsvg fedindsed odd to mottos ond a 

-DiottO fae wabyoY yd axo¥ «2.07 anit to Labial ate 

¥ Has yotetore ted to. q¢hlidiecog: ‘atl x0 aba oy Le 
. yan — a ove ied peach etero iia: bas ‘al sae 

peer tS A we @ 

from eastern yeseseaory ote not survive uncer greeanouse cones 

eight R. et) Lar rai ene 46 8 ise re els re 5e & 
tetk me: : Labia Pesannet tae iene Pvaiy Ta Acpli- 
det ition ¢ partially, break, down the cuticle before 
per licat pic : Peinioaaisne.aene dh gmt slapempennech 

vate enti9 ont 2 fros local mur ma ; , g: i — 

satel azene a heaeked-. “ vehads of deveLomment sui 

y. wishes, to. thank, the: Division of Forestry 
in sige person bbe 2 nt as oh Ta, atid the Division “of Plant Nutrition in the 

te. tbe § .DF> Hoagland. for, theivesststance:sne helpful. suggestions: both 
anahh pe ead gut during-the past. winborpesd: a ne Lprenpraston of 
sneOEE, , Pas FREE ME PHOF an: scmpaere it wit 

onu= i $Y. non Be NaCl and ERr. The naloge mréhithe LOnT then 34.9 @ 

amount of absorotion. 

se of the Investi phic 

a was esesen $i 
yeig of. sWaaiorvsia of 9 Pleiades B vasbe Akabieren 
varies considerably in its action on Ribes. 
ure, sunlight, moisture and chesical compesitien of 
ioi4 are rorsonaldle for the phystolegical condition 
i ly explain Wiactihteance capremihanebeheneiadl to 

atta : a We: 

re used to test the accuracy ef.the p 
I fe Fp he data e indicative of reeultes eS. 
nig eAVe Sn Fesearen program oe been instituted in the ail pe 

determining the “mechanism of, action" of our chemicals on Ribes, and 

to determine if possible, under what conditions of sunlight, moisture 
and soil this action is optimum. A satisfactory understanding of this 
basic problem is vital to the intelligent management of our field work 
and ging Dh tha foundation upon) which our permanent methods of control 
work are | e taken ge 33 For nd See. | a husks $y eve: — 4 

~ 4.610 |Br. -4.526 

; ivene in view. the Df fice of Bieter Rust Control 

Ls f the Division of Forestry ané Division of Plant 
Nutrition, mob ort ‘Wha provided office, greenhouse, 
and labore’ ° -Startea k EST rae of research in 
September, Sie. ee 6.09 / om Ee a Je ee FL 

12.66 [* = 6.00 | * 449 [-1.51 

a Set | and x ewitios of wae of rb apetlep of R. 
tiol pad were shipped from Idsho to Califor- 
aia if-tip perty TI of. 1926. _ greater portion of this material was 
ia id ame Lt by) the Forestry Division of 
er flores by showed promise ae after 

planti but a period of a tf fi ve f. very heavy 
rains xifieaabits J ge ones ad Cae (i ° R. cereum 

v¢taye Ri fevadense Mant neta ean E G?“roesii es , which were sent to Berkeley 


a;  =biqgA ernoae agristiine ont te aofios add to vite 
vied efoidso end. swob Aeord yileitier of Ao tan )) egyt. exo to aoktas 
 yefoo tive? .(e0f0el) jnage aois kb ixo Vloviesag ene o. mots 


NR Vee RS ES Paes ae ana. ce ae Be 

_ yatastot to motetvid oid inact es code tw Yi foo id aq 7 
 toidindeh toefi to wofaivid. edd baa , Dept ig -' y 

soiteeaane lotalel ine ennetpisea sheds 10%, 

Hateaqetg odd oi baa tedaiw deaq sald ae 

ie eed if no aleatmedo ito to Neo bm 
ust fom ,idyilore to anotiibacs tacky 9 
aé to gntbaedetsiow Yiotoste iter & std 
w bielt wo to tnemegenam ee ee : 2 old 

ae shane soimabtiiies we. Seite: ae! sotiabanot, oa Ob. 

; ue Sat etst. to enr%20. stit- (weir mh 
Yo. notebv it baa: yriaoiot to aoteivid, oat. 
yeavodses 4 soitte Sebivotr arte, js isrot tad to wt terenial 
yrtites eetminte To oerg0tg: gidd mo Stow» ima ae ege Yrod 

fo toatd 2 nh betaalq: 
veistott ied to at teceetal! gad 
A Vilage prepa 

hy sie! hewodas efae te of te 
en hes ee xe: — mies oli Be 

from eastern Californis did not survive under greenhouse conditions. Sixty- 
eight R. petiolare, 54 G. inermis and 48 R. lacustre were also carefully 
potted, but only a few healthy, vigorous: plants were obtained from these 
specimens. None of the wild material was subsequentiy used in the experi- 
mental work. After failure to obtain a supply of wild Ribes, some culti- 
vated red currants were gee from a local nursery and under green- 
house condi tions -seon- resehed ia »_etnae- of develocment suitable for experi- 
mental work. — page 5 giv 

p.- vor of His aborater eckats 

Sinée: Othe. BITS TS was. eniefly ntoregted: in: “the ‘action of NaCl0z 
and WH4Cl on-Ribes, it was décided to study the absorition, if any, of 
chemicals of this toxic type and compare it with the absorption of the 
non-toxic typé@ such Se °NWsCl and KBr Phe halogens readily lent themselves 
to ‘quantitative measuréments, so it wae purposed to use a quantitative 
meastrenent ‘of the hslogen content of Ribes ‘tiesue as an indicstor of the 
amount of absorption. 

rtment. Ff 

The sectiiqus used was Gaeeuahi ici y that of FP. L. Hibbard, Ind. 
Eng. Chem. Vol. 18, end it was found to be quite satisfactory even when 
a Targé atiount of orgenie matter was vrésent in the sample taken for 
analysis." In the suanary of the procedure, several minor changes are noted 
in the quantity of reagents used and in one or two small details of the 
apparatus. Blank solutions containing known amounts of chloride; chlorates, 
bromidés “and bromates were “used to test the securacy of-the procedure. 
Table I gives a a 2. be: epee which are ) indicative of results obtained. 

light and kept without wate: rable t fhe 

-4.584 |-0. “026 

{Bri=°2.42 | Br. 
a= 8.42 | 

Larze Pie 

wAtaty of ine aay) on” ‘re cet and ayers stems were run. 
Average ebett 18S were as 14sted on Table fT. © 


sgn 22 
2) ilatenee oe le orten Augen rm Sh bon er 

oped mon? erinido eter ada fg avenegty 

satan 9 jee wh Beas vid aerrdoedve maw Ie Pots 

okt uo amoe feed it bf iw to vigat® & graged if ; 
 —eerg, tehas fre yiecise Isool & aott hodadie Oe ‘et. ter" 
eagacae tot ofdat ie tasmyoleveb to onete a — DOR BE 

to the stems alone by means of 2 gmnll came) 

to get a fine sprey upon the Babheellit =: 
carefully wrap the serial steus of the ni-z ‘3 
sind shhert meovering of paraffin paper... Tablas LIL 1 BEY: 3 
gumafige| thal pGeenhouse data: 
.0.01N ‘ 2 of i 
| 4@25295 |Waterial Tested Halogen Found _ 

None _—«|Ribes stem untreated _ 
1.29  |Ribes stem untreated (Chlorine -0.622 

| .84 | fotal — Reagent Chlorine -0.405 
| .86 |Potal - Reagent Chlorine -0.413 
| 75 _|fotal - Reagent Chlorine -0.365 | 

‘None  |Ribes stem untreated (Bromine - None 

In this manner the proper technique for the quantitative de- 
termination of halogen in Ribes stew was worked over until the writer 
was satisfied as to the accuracy of his work. 

Treatment of Plant Material 

Cultivated red currants and subsequently a few cultivated 
black currants were used in the experiments. Your series of experi- 
ments were carried out, viz:- 

1. Plants placed in greenhouse under normal greenhouse 
light and given 1/2 liter of distilled water per week. 

2. Plants placed in greenhouse under normal greenhouse 
light and kept without water after the application of the chemical. 

3. Plants placed in dark box in greenhouse and kept 
without water after application of the chemical. 

4. Plants left outside under normal conditions of light 
and moisture. é 

The plants of each of the series were treated with the chem- 
icals according to one or all of the following plans: 

Application to: 

1. Upper and lower leaf surface and sten. 
2. Upper leaf surface and stems. 

Ke Stems alone. 

4. Leaves alone. 

In each of the above instances, the pots were covered with a 
large piece of filter paper and paraffin paber to preclude the possi- 
bility of the chemicals poisoning the soil. A small atomizer was used 
in order to accurately apply the mist spray. The chemical was applied 

* 46 

: “9b. vited tense ont 708 supinioss reqend | ae ‘venom east y Bae pea 
2k eo Bi "ie gottantagat . . 
tow. “she to etvonn of of an DolMastan aan. 


i cawusinseta fanteon! oe eesros! see 5 mtb 69 : | ai 
: eases. rodew beliteagh de r3dd Pali. nevis bas. fait: 

‘ va ae « } aida? 

‘swe {earcon <b ivclxetcs at poe fc adem ft 8 

Oh aohaaaains eft to dottectiogs eft redte revew dsrottin tqed bee dedgit 

‘dues hes eerodceoite of xed wish wk esate adasld .& 
- Isotuedia add Ye me fdactinas totts = trod tw 

Leer Oa 

idatt to SARESALTN: fame a be sbioene tet etn (2. oe 

ony te aig exit 
me sno" ia sakbrqeas alaot 

rod 0 tao 

& at ie heveye>. ery ado 3 
tare eld ebeinexa of tedeq kt te 
heey sev teninode Ilene A . Chow, 
“botlogs eaw Ieotueilo eft ie ye 

wid 4 eat onset 

aq og EY 1s seem eats! 
“., ip Lge to ywiitd 
cy ee at 

1 camel's hair brush. In order 

t+ was found necessary to first 

3 L stems ¢ plant in a layer of filter paper 
or BEN ee BE HDT Toy, gine 
nt se dats Yaad 

AEE AR NBN ON oe ann naeoveraitiretiny 


Gul Ltivated Ted et 

P wpper end lower 
: cohvabens: Ak ey 
vee a “myer warfoce 

a en aye 

# rn 

Aven me 

Menara prem me om Pe Sm ponerse 

* ® 

ee eee eo em at 

aco drapes mes 1 : 
part a and stems 
46. eres af Sieesvoes * 


et nae eee Nok 

earn me + carr me ema nee 

mr face 

een nae 

: a 
eve oF waved: surface 

of. mer warface 

— (italicised oka a } 

; “ rr) 4 

rete ae een a 

semanas | { 
‘ ; r t | 

ee te Ali lt memes 

NC a TT LT ES I Ei tym ae 

Plante ki: 

Zable IY 
Tabke IIt 
kept without water is ¢ ance 

end liter atatilled water “<7 om eek 
i Ng. i a ae Sprlied To 

ond kept under normal green= 


g ofoupper and lower |_ 
ce andostems:) ise" 

mes ofousper surface 
agéens useer end loser 

bee eed ontrol - no treatment " “ ft 

48. Ag 

bE ‘fiomdens 

a noman libel ~ eat ene AG Ne MN ett RE IO 

Table IV 

Plants kept without water in dark béx. 

| i 
sabe’ docaabpbinas’ Toons of i feo" sogpeeteat: ie 
Leaves - upper rag lower 
Cultivated red.currant | 

a Ld an 
& tt # | 
" 8 # 
; : : 
4 it “ t 

HaCl - 10% | Lb ‘a SSephe? = 9 F Tower | 
Z eistane 8 na sies ® a AP " 

ie is} wbens alone  -— : 
WHgCl = 20% ‘Leaves ~ upper and lower 
surface ‘and stems 2 : 

Plante given ® liter SO (igtede elawée” Per we: " erm oa 

4% \surfac “ee : 

surface and stems Cultivated red currant 
\)  fibeaves -- sapper and lower 
ag surface and steme " “d bd 

FE = eaves: + upper and lower) 
sutfass ‘and stems mee « ” . 
Leaves ~ woper and lower 
surface and stems . 7” a 

Leaves - ters any Saree : 

2. FPiantés le47 (@xcen> conmtrole ee Ys 

during bright, warm weather. 

i ae a ae 7 , > othragel ¢ ea # fy 
We Fi ants ay~ 4) vere ep%t . a ,u8i : 1: 
of-iworta. <A heavy rainstorm sccarres rt 



reper gpa 
ae So oe rae 

ac ie cet RAs ag a 

‘ eee yee [eoren | 


basa ae SRSA OS ORE a A meinen 

ble ated | 2eioedé 

doesnt by bet ster sl 

pe cccrnimmnome | te 


as By: Sa 8 
Femeneme enn vane p iin henitnaaunanditieatainte. ahaa eed ania en OF MASP 

ee : Pia : ares 

ree . oe eee 
_jtewot bane ORES, = 

Ja Shannen fence cimcteh eran ichatatpmetinciene Ai cB IOS ap adind ange OREN 

a no fi 

bw Fo Nemes lepnih o seni ema pal leer taal et b+ ith RA 

4. Plant Fo. $8. r SPFOv pda ai thee NathOs. 5:00. Pik 
ePréader used. Table VI od 
Plants placed guts je under Hori at ‘condi t10: ns “¢ of iz nt “and mofetars ©) 
shemi cal > Pi it : hae vin €8 ' 4 et 
dq fonceatration No. 

After a peri 

nas m tae | 0. e. tr Bios of A, Gilad as 


1@ contained 0. xB Volume of gltie. 

“by vol Volume of glis. 

COCs, foe eae gine.” “ 

= 20 by volrane | contatnet’ of by vorund of give.’ 
shad me EN H aasie controls) ‘were treated in late afternoon, 

cuming ian Tatee ri 4 hen quantitetively determine 

the PR odin ise Stes erhouse end ‘vhen piece Gat- 
’ the ‘first night of the ex- 

Y° Le 


R shen 


et tn Seis 

tt él ante: 

peas torr pent tame ee AS Bauer 
8 B # 

) MRS TEE inne . Yeeeah ogre tne 

i se 
a u  foaid 


ree wrath pace cape 


#& Sobhs only to scar low et e. 0 Sontadn 1“ 

ont to sun tov “f 88.0 hows ; t 
ects to smlov yd $5.0 Bemietnoo emtrfov. Rd &L bi 
auf to emiulov yi 2.0 bented¢non eamlov yd OL ~ ‘ost ‘eank | 
ir le, to eau lov ve P.O: bentedags ‘eam Lov ee Pos - he 

moomtetts. ede l at heteout oxew (afordaee ren Th-f stoelt .S 
wrediser uiew ,ddgtad gait 

-t00 eaihe edd bas earornweny, ehtagt seyezae | etow [b-85 adnelt d.. 
~xe edd to tdaio tetl? eft grit beriwoese mietanian qreedt A .etoob-to 


ae Ce “3 sprayed with Hasty. 520003 Padlsc Ko etioxen ar ° 

. “ (9.¢ is wes 2re & Ci eC 

te 0 ~ Sprayed. ‘with: -Hatlog 1a: 20 PS re oN? beseksk or 
de Heat her, finer Be wee B Whabos peabietaiee hohn te after’ 

few ve 


Sih to. ure rene loge fro PVesean 

and then ; om pte. Ps rye 8 a a gteem be. wy OF ne stl 

and pS gree “Ge ye “after Wacl0z treatment. -"Fhant lio. a had | teaver: Veaves 
beet fotéerigy tx spots... Mo 0 oer plants, afteated by vehemi cake June° 
Plenegagh wy = Ta ed if itis ys carefully done. 72 .: 

ont. LOZ, and WigCh. dengan shen whan Ave 
‘leaves = brown | nek : me on. nabs eneions ae. Bros, 
penn i eee ering - ¢ emul. af Pheri cahe aati ane at 
oe ie eben g nf SSRs 4 reemdi ne he 26 Lal 
of °B."stixte ent ‘Nec 0g. hed.rmeh. aude | erent’ on 
plants place a Pe renbroen Plant., Plant im greenhouse: 
which receiv a ch el y demaged then: one: receiving he = 
liter of a tlea (ae weeks Oe tr terotass Witho NH4Cl did not 
show tet ton > i tween. those. given’ water and’ those’ kept with> © 
ba oo WEACT 8 betsendiertivnses Blectvbafbnousstes. v=Hen0g? 5s) 

hia» alte tr¢ t placed, outside but none on grééenhouse re 
sie ghd Wact’ : “ge ce tian tere pnd evaporate to @ yo.une . 

oe © A°Six Gays after treatment. The leaves of plant which had been 
net outside were quite brown, while peure of: aay erp orhane treated 

BE GORE SOME AAR OEM HAY ABASIAGbo. For the eilorine « } 
, ~ af as 3 od Ol : 
LC. Gq, bar Os é Plants which had ‘béen Vet: 

nes) Saat and ‘examined=, HeClOg had timed the leaves 
ylor but. no browning action had tsken ‘place. Action 
Wut same. as that, of. wehbe or ebannes wf Reet tees ‘the p omnes. 


eters Mathie. The aude of Me, 
plied by the factor 0.255 Lliier 
caigadi 5 r nis of. Treated Ribes: 

me & period of twenty-one deys several samples of stem were 
Way aerton of. the Ribes» plants. The: stems were then cut 
ie Bey pee er sections, by mean® ofsa! sharp. razor’ and th’ the cose of 
Bg Bi Ae ae ai shown’ inicolwane 2°and 3 6f"Tablé VITI, the 
ive “ot cortex, was, removed) from the wdody stens® Samples ‘were then atiea 
28 aiael at a temperature of \854to\ 90°C for sa perida°of seven 
rial .was ground: im a‘small grinding machine and further 
ahi ne: mortar. . ‘Samples were skept in tightly 
sto: tect aad Vials prior to analysis. 

8 cedut 
a ae at then quantitatively determined according to 
the techni iB fome Hibbard» Ind.ding. \Chen+ Vol. 18; Noh 8, ‘page 
626, August, te. CM RARA URS tale tind ner Stren ‘followed ‘tiicliied 4 


ro texiolva oh «MT 0078 sta ais songs, - 

to sedate, of. i eek OBL a 
“gette edigia ‘bioo vtssio a 

eae sioner mi es 
taelg no doette dfgife « bed 
Hie hevraade ox - cn eet 

peed bad doidy dasi¢ “to voveet edt. 
beteet? Saale perenne: to aovee! af 

ptet need bat doteiw @ wats ae 
 gevaet et bemurd bad gOTe¥ 
sotto’ .eosi¢ aeded her fios 

so tmeris efit , digit to apnenee ae . 0K 

oxen amir Zo aie isrevee ayeh eao-yd 
oo ge 

a. 3 las “y tot ating ning 
4 bob float hewol for sed in) iw 

few minor changes, in amounts of reagents used in order to adapt. the 
procedure, to. the. use of larger amounts. of- organic: material. A sample of 
prepared Ribes stem, (6-07-0.09, ga.) is weighed. on a clean wetch glass end 
later removed, toa 100. .C,. nickel crucible and the material. moistened 
with, 2 little water. 008. -1,0, gms. of: Haggis added, and the 1id placed 
on, the. crucible to. prevent loss from effervescence. When the action hes 

Dh = ie 

sided, add a drop of alcohol and rinse the crucible lid and sides of 
the crucible. Warm gently on 2 steam bath until effervescence has cessed 
and then evaporate to dryness on 9 steam bath... Dry on @ hot. plete at,100° 
C... for, about, an, hour.) , The, mixture, is. then ignited at a low temperature. 

An electric muffle furnace is preferable but ignition over a low Bunsen 
flame» may be substituted if. very, cerefully done. The crucible should 
not, be, allowed to reach 2 dull,) red heat. When the fusion is cool, dissolve 
in about. 25.¢,C-», of distilled. water and. filter. (lf difficulty is exper-— 
ienced in. filtering, the strongly alksline solution,: neutralize a portion 
of, the alkali. by weans.of 5N-H2S04: keeping the solution oalkeline for this 
part of the procedure. -Ringe the crucible carefully: and wesh the carbon- 
{zed material. From 100 - 125 ec. of wash water is necessary to remove the 
lact trace. of helide, from the, remaining cerbens' To the filtrate while» 
still, alkaline, add. (1-2) gus+ «Nag -to reduce any halogen which might 
have become oxidized during the igni jon. Add a drop of methyl orange and 
diag ta a ee 2 Ll,slightly acid. Place 4 convenient sized watch glass 
on the beaker and boil on a hot plate until the exeess of S0z has been re- 
moved. Cool, neke, slightly alkeline and evaporate to a volume of 10 e-c. 
on, a stean bath. — bes stains 

The sample, ready for analysis, is transferred to the chlorine 
or bromine apparatus as the case may be. For the chlorine analysis add 
1 c.c. of saturated KMnO4 eolution and 1 c.c. SN-H2504.- The volume of 
the liquid for distillation: should be 25-20 c.c. Heat on 2 Woods alloy 
bath and distill over the liquid at about 125° ©. The liberated chlorine 
is titrated as it comes over by means of .O1 N-Nag&So0g- The liquid in 
the distilling flask should be evaporated to dryness in order to remove 
the last trace of chlorine. The number of c.c. of NagSa0- used; multi- 
plied by the factor 0.355 gives the number of milligrams of chlorine in 
the sample. 

For the bromine analysis, transfer the liquid to the apparatus, 
keeping the volume as low as possible. 12-15 c.c. was found to be very 
satisfactory. Add 1 c.c. SN-Hy80,4 and 1 gm. of fresh chromium anhydride, 
CrOz for each c.c. of liquid contained in the tube. Connect at once to 
the absorber and titrate the liberated iodine as the bromine comes over. 
When no blue color appears after 3 to 4 minutes, the reaction may be con- 
sidered as complete. ‘The number of c.c. of .01 N-Naj5o0, used multiplied by 
the factor 0.8 gives the milligrams of bromine present in the sample. 

a. Notes on Procedure. 

1. It was found desirable to use a 10 c.c. standardized Mohr pipette 
inetead of a 50 c.c. burette in the chlorine apparatus, since we were 


siti toebe os nabs at bens nine er Yo stmvons at neg 
to edqaea: s. - alsitedsm, 3 Fat Ao in che ia 
bee geadg. ttotew aeelo & no borg tow ai (. <8, @0. “0-50. 8) it 
henede. tom’ inixetem esd ‘bes 9 id fon ote 10.0 OOL 4 

hosele bit sit bre bobbs’2igdgall Ri one Ove a. i ee d020 a a 
gen nOitos edd cond .soneaeevistts mere’ anol > ie ge ot eldkorn 8 
‘td gable bos bit efdtayi 9 ¢ Geait bae logools to qos 8 bbe behialeh | 
boaceo gat soneggevietio tivar died paste: pee =» A aay eo 
"00k da to toa & Ito we _Ated : : 

py ia pe af no fect 
teqa9. ai qdis 
meisiog esilstived j 
etdy Tot, ont teafe 

: Md A Mant eh ot sodas 
te engem \@ iisd{e oft to. 
sip on t Yo. * | 

ie Ro ot a Pees ost, ato ae 

onrenhey. ane Jenrnastelbiatink 4 : chee 

bbe. atey lens. entre fri, ed oie od Ue 
to sme Lov ant «3 
vee dotted ; cit 

peg hocks ales to .o.% Ye tedware ot 
at entro fits to scsi ain? te 0 radia ont “— 

gh at: adg 

ogdarrscdes odltied bbopt tl’ ont voted ah Wt etaan ‘ehtnead ibe 
~ cra ad et herokt ear «S.a ai-al eee J wat ee ona tov dt aniqset 
Sebel: hea; hehe iret’, ae. ce ? eat =| “We” +9-5 t Lives - - Wrods ataldes 

att ad 

fpr’ agate? mies 
‘ : 

isles pom i-H £0. * sto vedo on vatefames ee herehte 
ee be Tracie srssead * to tet one 2 i, 3.0 a ite t ont, 

Pena ens ‘ede 

r atieg ia. atoll: posthiabeat el ia P ove piers ata ident te ii hes Rew get tl 
eiew oH eocis: <aotersate entice fd ae «2 stdout .o.0) C8 a seossht 

measuring relatively small amounts,of chlorine. A rubber connection with 
a small glass bead was found most satisfactory for these small measure- 
ments." A fine piece of wire arranged after. the fashion of a peer sight 
and which could be moved over ‘the length of. the pipette «as most useful 
in measuring small chamges in the position of the meniscus. By using a 
hand lens, * di fteregertt 2/100 of.a c.c- could be Seabed pceurately de- 

termined. © 2n0 a face and 
Ls Hacer itr atte 
Te cena penta e 3) EY 

2. A side filler. —s ‘the chr aipette was toute to” ve the-most con- 
venient method of ee the pipette. back 
‘eed A Mag8203 Solution was made ‘wp by dsedoPAie an accurately weighed 
portion of the C P drystal in distilled water that had been previously 
boiled and cooled out of contact ‘with the air: The solution was then Kept 
im ,200 c.c. black enamelled storsge bottles which connected directly with. 
the Mohr pipette by means of 2 side tube. Air inlets on the storazce bettle 
and. afehs. pipette were protected by means of soda-lime tubes= 

4, Fresh ‘peletions of starch indicator, potassium todide ond sodium - 
seat, wn were made up twice ‘a week. 

cere er’) atk = iby ; far 
* Samples Bibes ten were cut the ireat 
 T = t it) : , —a » dy 
lL © 9 
inthe case The f 
wad Se i sei sh fnoviag tes are’ the everace of two or 
more, samp e809 : : | 
AL  téi3 reture 85 : - 
guantitativel, deter ¢he fecha’ 
+o ry a 
18, No. 8, page 836, August, 1 
a 4d. 
r vent o al oven 
<r a 
% c Caer she { 
Ba pate S25.3% eS be ah. q J 
actos ol = MA) f oo 
(" 7° = * 
Wea sehen”. . 
= a = 
jo a iy 
KBr " AS 
bad a 
ontre! o 
eontrol 4 . ‘ . 
"she above plants receive: 1/% dter of 4 , 
peaced in a dark box where ths ne ke 
and analysis, 21 jaye: Le ber Srougd4 ure 
€: x i 



oad LO 

p i 
20.9 eo 

tf oe 

Table Vill 

Plants given water and, kept.under: normals greenhovre lig 
*Percentaze of Halogen Found ineRibegsSteng After ipnlieation of Spray to! 
SC aaned: Upper ard 

cS Se 
Surface and Stens per Sur-|Surface_and 
Chemical Used and — ice t 6fWoedyzon a “|Bewer Sur- Stems 
Concentration Bark ee , eI Pace | Only _ 
hgngs?) Dee 4} Leaves, 

WaCl0z 20 4 pea” | i emer: 1.46 
ETS fae a = 
KBr0z- 3.1% (sat.) lire Ndne of jul 3 0.245' _lpaint Trace | 0,175 | 

ERS canted ‘Plants - = for ‘ehlorine . = ~_ 0.622% 

*Samples of Ribes s ohreated Blante ; after 21 days. 
Stems were then sata eaie out. fron tae ‘Bections by means of a sharp razor and 
wad te a te Tanah Ap coluuns_ 2 ana3 above, ,the Layer of cortex 
a a Oe Re Samples .were,.then dried for 
2 85-90° C. Halogen content was then 
cas ative y Lag aren at vauvery of P.L.Hibbard; Ind. Eng. Chem. Vol. 
18, No. 8, page 836, August, 1926. yabie AT 

Plants Plee Gee. dhe eter 2 joraal 

Conditions of foist 
P *Per Cent of Halo, 5 “te Ribes Sten iter 

Application of Chemical To: 

Per teat of? Halogen in Ribes Stem After! 
Ay ‘Se! ° he ™ 

Contrek: antsa:~)| Chlorine) 9+ 0.748 | 
Control ts.- Bromine —— Hone. --— 
Control Plante -— Chi oy 
“The above plants received: 1/2 liter. of atetiaiea water°and were then 
placed in a dark box where they were kept witil their subsequent sampling 
ant analysis, 2lodaysleter-') Procedure was’ then as Sap atned Unter fable 
I? normal conditions of moisture and full sunlight for a per of 
Smapled and analysed as previously ste 


rigrineirate mil We: S anual 
ith nent Siew ao foamed Pere N aad 

} chet oxi ot : 
asw tneinos egret 2 Pse-c8 owdet ; 

teqee Baw 

Ho gas : 
shationotad yfevitediiasrp 
tone 268 egeqg ,9 -olf hd 

rests mete eedif of Igk ‘79. 
Ons, Teg ined 3 hae) sokjaot f 

omete Teswoud iS teda,e a ~ beat! Taoimend 
pind | __guese bas ooctins moles eos & 

adit oteH bas tetew beiilte£h To wed Ll Ve povieos etoe Lo ‘anes eat® 
trespeedcs ~ted} Litay igen evew yeds atenw xod Axed a at beoatg 
a bemtetque as mond saw surbeaord stoval ayeb is ene Snes 

* Y 

Hai ore Aten? 
een VOR SOR® Fable X 
ima ; fe res 4 me t 

"Piaiks Kane Witeak Wabix Wider Boreal 
ween tenn sen. AP RABHOUSS. manent 

: ot 4 nme ; : 
6] ‘| ion leg ‘ - Wey 
CORE Oe EUR eee tn rtm mae aunmateianeeninn 
. ; ae % F 
§ aI i | ¥ » » 
s & ee 1444 8C¢ me? WG " % 
; “ Sy 

Control Plants -- Chlorine - 0.823% 
_Con ze) Plants == tBromine mes ) 

4. } ‘ 

*The haawe plants received ‘no eal peg aailiieiites of the chemical and 
were placed under normal conditions of greenhouse liens and moisture. 

Sampled and anelyzed as mq mete ti stoted. 

{ on centration occas Stempahe XI. | 

_ & *~" _ Plants Pisced Outside Under Normal 

| wee » 9¢ Conditions of Sunlight and Moisture. 

pag It oA *Per cent o Halogen in Ribes Stem After| 

vlente, eeetlone! (n Control) Plants: --+ Chlorine,«-..0,624% 

The prepared samt Comtrol slants cc ee ro rMone.. 

*The. JPomba pve iia abd oneal and. then aed outside ond left under the 
/ normal conditions, of moisture, and full sunlight for a period of 21 days. 
Sampled and analyzed as previously stated. 


ah Le 
ve ugsim S 4 

bs ye Serpe * 
hie pede 

(Sesoh usta esi ai egol 

tat howe lg neds & Siam | AG evade Be 
sa et bare, sox don tos tokdtbaed: femon - “a 
¢ ee bosyiens bas ee 

Table XII 

1, Pots, Filles up with tap mater <_v: Ng 
two" panty ge “week. 

3. Plants tae + Tye 
water per-week: “Full greenhouse 

(Ag Biante Left in the full sunlight 
ek outdoors ~_ noymal moisture ~ 

< Halogent Peesat Ter “@ Halogen Present 

‘Treatment! of five’ ’ ““latter Treatment, of 
| et ee an Bead Sten 
Sl a ae eT 


PR Es a A 
| AOYTe Nath © ULV 10% ao M 8.14 wef, os n BY eae —_ ; : 
on » 18.08 iw. | 10.28 

1.09 0.70 | 
4.92 ti. 

Above samples of live and dead Ribes stem were cut from sreenhouse 
plants, sectioned into millimeter sections by means of a sharp razor. 
The prepared samples were then immersed in the above solutions for 24 
hours, dried on filter paper before placing in a drying oven at 85 to 
90 degrees Centigrade for seven days. After grinding and powering 
0.5-0.1 gram samples were taken and the Halogen content determined 
according to the method previously mentioned. 


| eet weno lek 

ea oe bid 
The toentserT rad T4 : 

. writ bp. ‘iiines evods 

" bunt coe a. ye ‘nae’ ey oat heaotines | naga 

BS tot anektn Lom eveda, 

Table XIIL— A 

No. of Chemical _ Max OL © nes i bes [ber gent | 
Root |Used in meget Conditions “wader =gitth =| Chlorine 
[Semple|Treatment|Chenical ~~" [plants were kept. .. . |Found__| 

| Leaves ,Upper |1/2 liter distilled H,0 | 

.jand Lower Sur-|per week. Normal greém- | | 
1R.__|NaCl0Z_ | face and Stems house ig t. 1.20 

La m= oiled i ee 
37k. Control 7 “ 4 0.85 
10R. | Nac he orn ay 

asi. |g peaoes eee eenetae ee 

No water after app- of. 
_jchemical.Kept in dark box 

Nofinal greenhouse light. 1.05 
: ~O 9 0.74 
) No water. WNornal green- 
3 peti J — li, ad =f) of _ 0.87 
D1 f e+ & 4 ~ bi ebu aun 14 \¢ 
ie ss a oo Olen Tae eee see ey es Pe ee 

“[Placea outside under 

pon light and mois- 

ase Des ae ro tu Bice 1.03 
Po 1.03 
43n.* |NaCl0g 0.94 _ 


*Cultivated Black i cecal 
Remainder Cultivated Red Currents as.ih Stem experiments. » 


ALthouch the GA» Sic 2 ehecil..: Aes 

ths we¢ ay > rag { «preyed. 4iL.8es over 2s 

romate, uae: ' Nacl0z -WNaCl 40.10 

wHQG ¢« 
obtained on dz 
to: Leaves u 
? NU twde 

date of soyllote: Gonat thon: Ive '4M 4 Le Mofsture ana Wight. 
surface) is done } TE = <eM -sL ='No moisture ‘and no light. 
SUZLOSS.. VHSB. VE “ III = =- 4+ L = No moisture and light. 

Or Meas 
on the 

chat tr 

tity of 
is i 6 

od we 


% 2 w3 

Light ead moleture ness te hi¢csate 
v.18 Ohay One? D Lact % £TE¢ Ctr . 
sunlight... Im view of pur of yations, wi 

0 de se unch. mo a Contr r 

sigaoifiennt. fact. 


ozption of 

val ues or th pe Dalaaen ji abe. Se, Foes | pest pate 0.1 20. 2° 

fossa [1-45 | a.m 0.04 | 0.26 

si ie iy. ee 

+ Wists: lA 


Weyl mantener 

3a et 
ra .-aiciaanane 





eee ee 



pts cde ere 

Discussion of Results 

highest vAbthouga the data show a slight increase in the chlorine content 
of; the woody stem of sprayed Ribes over that of the untreated plants, the 
difference is of the same order of magnitude 2s the amount of chlorine 
originally found present. Examination of the chlorine content of our con- 
trols, which were placed under different conditions of light and moisture 
indicates /that,Ribes,are able,.to concentrate in their tissue different 
emounts.of chlorine, depending upon. the external factors of moisture and 
sunlight. ; The observed) increase in. chlorine content ofthe woody stem is 
consequently not, indicative.of absorption having taken place through.the 
leaves, and steus,. It:is cuite possible.the bromine analysis in the case of 
the. cambi un. and .woody:stem.after potassium bromate treatment failed on 
account of the small concentration of bromate ion which might have been 
masked “by ‘the much,larger,amount .of chlorine. present. Inthe analysis of 
the:entire stem, the presence.of bromine in Ribes tissue after treatment 
with the bromide and bromate is comparable with that of the chlorine found, 
if we take.into, eansiferation, ihe mahiex, kotepennbeation of bromide .and;. 
bromate.used..f 1. 

4. ‘Ne: consistent,relationships are shown by comparison of the data 
obtained)on analysis),of plants where the different chewicals were applied 
to: Leaves,.and*stem,Leaves.alone,.stem alone (See Table VIII). The order 
of magnitude of any difference is obviously small. However, if we arrange 
the data of:any one.method.of. treatment (steus.and.leaves.wpper and lower 
surface) is: done in. Verse; XLV, 4V, AVI, several interesting points 
suggest. themselves. ¢te- eon) ) 

c. (Phe,difference,between the amount of halogen, found. present. in 
the. Ribes, tissuc,.after, treatment. with NaClOg and NaCl respectively is 
greatest under conditions of optimum moisture and sunlight, the latter 
factor; appearing. as the.more,iaportent.of the two...Compariren of, the 
bromate. pnd. bromide indicates that sunlight has the same limiting effect 
on the amount of the halogen present. Reference to Table XVI indicates 
that the chlorate, and bromate. alone. follow this, order,of.variance with 
changing, conditions. of moisture and sunlight... Although the smaller quan- 
tity of bromate determined renders the data prone to larger errors, it 
is interesting, to,note thet, the bromate, acts similarly to the chlorate 
ond; we find. that, the. bromate,is also greatest extent 
under, optimun ; ight.end moisture. Table XVI shows that the chloride and 
bromide content of Ribes tissue is greatest wnder conditions of minimum 
light and moisture. indicate that the chlorate and bromate are 
the only: ones, found in, greatest concentration under maximum moisture. and 
sunlight... Im view of our,field observations, sodium. chlorate 
to, be, so much. more, effec ize oben any, of ite aaa 2 chemicals, this. may be 
® significant. facts, ch» ii: 

liging action, tre d 

can ta Data. pv aane seal tens of. treated plents do not indicate. any 
dhenention of the halogen into the root parts of the plant. In some cases 
values. fer: the controls,are: higher than those of treated plants. The 

ere | or 

os unos. to cofseups IG 
tastmoo enitolds odd at ensersid digits s wode eteb endlé sysodd IA 
afd ,ateeta bedeouwus add to. dedd ‘Tove eed EH beyetqa ie wets yboow adit to 
exitoido te snrome end ee gbist berysn to ebme-omese.-a P%o et gometetTi th 
“KOO TE. TO: <tudteoo frokids odd 9 tod: inesetas beset qlinaigire 
ewdstom bae digit to prrold theoo duesettibe obec pasha oxew doidw ,elord 
tneretTih exewke wieds at gidcuimeorcs of + @lda ete vedi tadd setsoibal 
hoe etotetom to axcioct femtatxe edd coqy g ihmeqs’ soatre Icio to atmrome 
st mote ybcow eed To #netaop enttolde ai easex edt .ddatiase 
ets cgrerdt enoslg neds? autved noisotoeds * ib. er kinp Mat gon yltaevpesnoo 
o oseo ont mi ateylses entnotd edd oldigaoq etivp of $1 «erode bas neveol 
so Selle? saenieott afamord miewstog to owned yboow ban aridmes edt 
need evad jigim doidw sok etamord: 4o notietdasonen LLeaw ett to tavesoe 
to efeyisne edd ol 3008 919 eairo ida bo. Seurome: wegtsL dorm odt yd besleam 
jnsadestt rette eameetd sedif al scinotd to eenegeig edd ,nede exltae ont 
beret anitoles oAd Y9. dada. a bw sidateqmea et etemotd. bas ebtmotd old dt tw 
hee ebimoud to uid Sere eSIES a end anual ott ofed ow tr 
» ba@esr eed <4 

ho Ri 

séabh edd ro goa fuscmoo ae dean. S2s eueeertn te sande tates of ; 
beligqas eToW: giao lweria daotey? ib od evade edmela- to aieylane a0 bentatdo 
ebro od®  .(1IIV. eld 22) enole. aed. enol revaet .wete bas seveel ot 
SAKES ow tk “seven a: ie do ai eonotettih yas to shud tegem to 
guade } ‘doomtast Ro borden amo. yor to efsh odd 
WE Va ict dame mi ecob ef ¢f ee (eostise 

-aevier meds dias 

etn iow anktnonedad fen ee 

oi gaeeeng booret nga to Javonm edd Ss caes socetettib ed? 

el yfevitoecest all bas pOlGst dtiw dasmteett tedts exseid eed if ent 
vatval eds ,iigiiove See eisdetom s mak 10, gsoisibaos tebhar seotsets 
eft to sozducamod lows ant to Joedidam! eiom odd ee yatisecqsn totoet 
dootte gaitimil empe edd pan. peer age dost neteasiiant ehimowd bas etemord 

oe IVE efdel of songieteh . tases «eee edt te tavome edd? 0 
jiw esagixev to webte eldd pilot oad nuctd ne Steroido edd tect 
-sep teliene edd Agwods Ih a Sote.t fase eve. “erurde fou to anokéibaon gaigasdo — 
ti ,atowse segtal of enote edab edt. anebset Aotinvddeh efamotd Yo ys lt 
otarolio eft of yitelimig. eios oiemotd end tadt efoa of gutéeetedat at 
tagas odd ot boda leamone cela ei etanind add ded? bolt ew bas 
bas abbiofdo “‘enig tedd avons | TVX: eidet : -etuda Lom brs teig it wgmitgo tebrsy 
senioin to edit tinen tehur deedeety af ouand? vedi to daetnon ebimord 
exs etemotd bas stetofin ond dad edaoibnt sis eset? .swudeion has tfgit 
hoe etttetom smminam tobas notdeidaeenes teedsets at havot eeae ylao oft © 

eietotrlo atriboa wode dotde ,anoitavieado blelt fae to weiv al .ddykinwe 
ad yam eidd .eleoimeda teddo edt to yor asd¢ ovidostte orow dovm os ed of 
-dost dacoitimgle se 

yo dato tert ton ob etaeta ‘badsott to goextens teoa’ wad sted 
pease émoe ul -daslq odd to edise door one otal negoled edd te noltqroeds 
oi? ae bedvott to panes Kent rede hu ome alotdaes: edt tot sesfev 


hi ee, Hine Ye agai given by Yoots ‘of vlaite trested 
aa té ahd ‘kept ‘urider ‘optintan mofsture of ‘Pull ‘greenhouse Licht. 
Wiech are £0ie FO Liberate a gaseous consti twent under field condit 
would create a highly toxic medi Ra 
Ribes killers is being carefully Sti 
1. The amount of halogen present in Ribes tissue after treatment 
with sodium chlorate is greatest under optimum conditions of moisture 
and light. This also holds good for the potasciwn tromate, but we find 
that the halogen from sodium and ammonium chloride and potas:ium bromide 
treatment, is present in greatest smounts when the plants are kept under 
mimimua light end moisture. 

ee ana +> a 

a7 a? - 
> 2U8Cc. 

2. Absorption, if any, is small in magnitude and probably lecsl in 
nature when the above chemicals are applied to the serial parts of Ribes. 

3. Wo increase is observed in the halogen content of the roots after 
application of the chemical to the serisl parts of plants. 

4. hKetion of chlorate is much faster on Ribes placed in full gun- 
light than on greenhouse plants where a partial exclusion of the ul tra- 
violet end of the spectrum occurs. 

5. Action of chlorate is much faster on greenhouse plants receiving 
1/2 liter of distilled water per week than on greenhouse plante which 
received no water after application of the chemical. 

6. Action is more rapid in the case where chlorate is sprlied to 
the lower lesf-surface than when it is applied to the upper surface. 

7. Mo visible effects two weeks after chlorate is applied to the 
stems alone. 

8. Applied to the leaves alone, the action is apparently the came 
as in the case of application to the stems and leaves. 

9. Plants trested with chlorate and placed in a dark box, with no 
water after application of the chemical showed comparatively little 
browning of the leaves. 

10.Results to date sugvest that the toxic action of sodium chlorate 
is due to a slow change of the chlorate over to the perchlorate form 
under the actinic influence of the sun with the liberation of nascent 
oxygent Nascent oxygen can either diffuse through lenticels and stomata 
and act directly on the living cells or by virtue of its powerful oxi- 
diging action, break down the cutinized material itself until diasmosis 
can take place freely through the oxidized cuticle. The entire plant 
is killed to the ground in this manner and the roots and crown die due 
to starvation and winter kill. 

atin Tite ‘fond t er 
den Aft eet af 9 fo 

eaten, TT 
Pears YL LARS O 
ni away CES heen olen 

peat ate he 

| nen iuinowcer cee ee 

i a i ‘i ie d ek iG cae oe 7 Pry i 
: Rip alan alan oe De 
of ino tnerto. adit to atte 

f ‘ai er vine eb toner 

c "ome: Yo baw 68 by! 
it ese xe ory jr 

beth see! 

Hs edd to a6% — ake een leh et 

tw enee ‘oat r. aor een ek notfea 2 
me RP OF petty nett bo cppepetbene Fae on 

7, field activities which cterted in eastern Californis, May 1st and which 

Sete i 


r- ext ey 
St ere 

r : nn. Ty stine fiel- of 
cidihimatigstive work. It appears ao" writer that those compounds 
which are able to liberate = gaseous ‘céristituent under field conditions 
would create a highly toxic medium fé% Ribes and this field of Possible 
Ribes killers is being = ds investigated. 

iw maese 7ers 2rTs a marl 

ee eee | le 

In the Ldaho ge pine paeien a type commonly occurs which #4 4 
refer to os."aewacp:". Ia these erent, 2. petiolare ead G inemais grow is Ss 
yery heavy -concentration taterminglied with Salix, Alnus, Orateegue eat other 
brush: Shite pins; stands, renging frem 25% to 80% are within easy strixing 
dietence on the adjacent hillsides, and the nature of the type ie euch that 
the damp, moist conditions uniez sbigh 2B. petiolare and-G. inerais grow, 7 
lend themselves to en optimum production and spread of eporidia, &xperi- 
mental tegtse show that Reipetiolere, possibly next to BR. nigrem, is seat 
prolifieiin, the formation of «these sporidia. Sonsequently, from the stand- local control; itvis:neceesary te eraticete these areas, sné te 
erafioate. ‘then by the most. effective sai cheapert msthad. 

4¢ wee 2 4h taed 

dead aart ‘damage’ work ‘eeetnated. by sieakcat eratication erewe Gering 
vthe wyeare, 1925, 1926, 1927 shows that tuese -bichly coscentreted sresy can 
che more :cheapiy-eradiested by chomiesle, thas by bend. We figures «re avell-— 
able on the efficiency of hand pulling this tyve, Sut the writer. spesks 
from actual experience when he says that the roots eni crows of large 

A 4 
* pe we 

7 —<—) - a yo ' 5 
Ne 1 a Ree eng ey ee eae, ee le 

aa eloupe of R. are are “ygees | difficult, if not impossible to erad- 
Leate hy When we find R. petiolere in soft, marshy locations, with 

ite reote is bhiieey cases under Gater, and G. inerosig interming) ed with 
extremely thick brush, it is easy te appreciate. the difficulties of hand 

| ‘pulling. The actual physical labor involved in the use of chemical eoulp- 
ment, is also considerably less than thet of hand eradicetion. This is 

© very impertact factor, shen one takes inte consideration the morale of 

 @ @rew that is bound to suffer when working over an area of thie kind, 

ss presenting as it does such adverse working conditions. 

It should be observed thet Section II of this report covers the 

 gnded with our field work in Idaho, Septexber 10th. Research work ot 

Berkeley durine the winter 1926 an‘ 1927 1s fully covered in the firet 

. section of the report, and refs spence to thie work should be made in order 
beet understand Clearly the course followed by subsequent field experiments. 

st Karly in the year it war decided te keep separate our apolicstion i 
ies and our search for new Biber Killers. With thie ides in mind the ~ is 
eg ss ing errr working plan wue adopted: 

Aa 2 8 - Recheeking of 1926 work and data taking over the areas worked 

Section IT 

H. BR. Offord 

9S ak we 


BD. rad eati ox aS # ne 
Yack spravers ane x 16 +2 thels jucti 
e : ewel tek 

In the “‘Laaho white eahe region a wae’ domebaky occurs which we 
refer to as "awamp-'. Im these areas, R. petiolare and G. inermis grow in 
very heavy. menaeh tantiabasehantiaciet with Ssliz, Alnus, Grataegus end other 
brush. White pine: stands\ ranging from 25%:to 80% are within easy striking 
iiwenes on the adjacent hillsides, and the nature of the type is such that 
the damp, moist conditions undez which RB. petiolare and-G. inermis grow, 
lend themselves to an optimum production and spread of sporidia. Experi- 
mental tests show.that. RB. petiolare, possibly next to BR. nigrum, is most 
prolificlin.the formation ofsthese svoridia. «Consequently, from the st=2nd- 
‘Point..of local ‘control, itis necessary to eradicate these areas, 2nd to 
veradicate: “Shen, by the most effective ont ehounec¥cmatheds 
it wes @ difficult locate it rat 
dead aeri eetabsbinhad work conducted: by. ekesicat Cheliociiian crews during 
wbhe oyears,1925, 1926, 1927 shows that these bichly concentrated areas can 
woe more (cheaply eradicated by-chemicals.than by hand. Wo figures sre svail- 
able on the efficiency of hand pulling this tyne, but the writer speaks 
from actual experience when he says that the roots ani crowns of large 
clumps of R. petiolare are extremely difficult, if not impossible to erad- 
icate by hand. When we find 8. petiolare in soft, marshy locations, with 
its roots in many cases under water, and G. inermis intermingled with 
extremely thick brush, it is easy to appreciate the difficulties of hand 
pulling. The actual physical labor involved in the use of chemical eouip- 
ment, ie also considerably less than that of hand eradicstion. This is 
a very important factor, when one takes into consideration the morale of 
a crew that is bound to suffer when working over an area of this kind, 
presenting sas it does such adverse working conditions. 

It should be observed that Section II of this report covers the 
field activities which started in eastern California, May lst and which 
ended with our field work in Idaho, September 10th. Research work at 
Berkeley during the winter 1926 and 1927 is fully covered in the first 
section of the report, and reference to this work should be made in order 
to understand clearly the course followed by subsequent field experiments. 

Early in the year it was decided to keep separate our application 
studies and our search for new Ribes killers. With this idea in mind the 
following general working plan was adopted: 

1. Rechecking of 1926 work and data taking over the areas worked 

628 62 

io bas oy Ke Efag 
islitda ynee nea esa Se Oa | 
ig dove al oad efd to sicten: otis Dae! [Et Haast s 
rovg afatient .) Das eis lobiec # iotdw mobos enotdtbaon tatom por pool 
rota = BE. sfronre To. heotae’ bie nottou ety mumiteo me of eovioamedt bool 
pon af mista 8 of txen Nid tecod ‘ Hyeu.# tadd worle pteed [strom 
wwde odd sot eldaeupornol LOC t to: ‘wotdeniot edt ot oftiford | 
bok peers enetd Seas ihate: of syteagepen et tf ,fottsoo Isaol to tateg 
-boddom dneqhoro has ovitagite eon odd yd ment s anieniedl 

h swat noldaothete ‘feoines dl Be srbaco x0 Iednomtvsaxt 
aeote hedgersirssaoo: vlog tet eeadd Je grode | 4%. ef ,ooet ee a189y he 
ava e1S gem it of bret yt wacd. efastaets yd beteo these vigseda stom od 
_etleece ted itr sit dod .acyy cidt gnifing base to. yoreioitte end mo olds 
agist to enwet. : a at6o ent tadt | ed necw. sone treqne fevdos mort 
acre o¢ eldbesoqmt fon boa ‘yisomrdxs ois atafoiten .2 to aqumrto 
itiw ,enotteool Yeon dog. oh sielolved af bat OW nodW ‘bred yd esol 
. ddtw bofgataretat ¢ipror? 0 bas Tow % “xe brit eseco ynem nt etoot ett 
{ to eettinnittib edd aietosigds ¢ wee ait th ,degid #9 tds cenertzs 
line froimedg to oxt odd of haviovad % Ieotayda faydoa 3 3a 
et allt sotteo ties baa :Yo. decdé mand paet yidaxebiencs. oats. Mie ine 
» Letom etd mo tetebhtecos ont soda $0, wer totest dnedrogm: yrew 8 © 
ae a bet io gete 8 iovo gabtiow nodn sottua o¢ beurod ef dadd wero s 
a _1Ba0.Ed LbO9 ‘anblron eet fhe clove peob. tes as sein . 

sk duvoret. aid to. og gotiset tant hevieado Pm) “piacbete Sa 
vite bane fel va caper cree gs ok bediede dokdw gelskv toe bfet 
| fos 3 uebaa Pes, eat 2 dike bebme 

ca ates ® et, buede > abe. 2 titi oF oon Pa: Ses | 

aa qo otetaqes goon. ‘as: neh tae’ Be 
to ad sobs elitd fd ty ieee ili ned tt 
a Nia bans pont 

last year. 

2. Farther experimental work #ith new killing agents in California, 
and Idaho. 

; one 

- Expe rimental application studies. 
a. Eradication ofa large area of ewanp type using knap- 

Sack sprayers and WeCl0z asthe killing agent. _ 
. b. Testing of Power eget pases over a ‘relatively large area. 

OSS pte Se eel Pe caer in’Catifornis’ and one man in Idaho were 
procured. for. chemical experimental work and a crew of six men was hired 
to carry bie “the” 3 af scale spraying operation. 

= | 


Mmene ft Se 

es ae writer, together sith lL. I. Legrid, commenced work on the 
‘Wallace plots June 2. Data were carefully taken to ascertain particularly 

~the~-condition of R. petiolare the secoud year after spraying. Results were 
wery encouraging. Only an occasional sprout was found and in most cases 

“it was a-diffieult task to locate the old roots and crowns. Most of the 

Pes eden) aerial stems had broken off at the surface of the ground and had been 
“washed sway by the early season stream floods. No spraying was done at 

Peenteoy, bhis at _ Data on last year's spraying were also taken. 

jiscussion - 
of 1926 spraying. We 

not nearly so effective « 

esting problem of. tne 

Sprayed hk ong 1926-- Date Token » June, 1927 

Feet ‘of woe. Ss 

Meet aa ’ P Déad Stem/Per cent Kil 
1937 1927 

__|75 estimated } 



a mee a a 
i ee ee ee 

Table No. 2 
Recheck of Wallace Plots Sprayed 1925 

mai ‘ LEY a oe eee ’ » 7 * "A 
Fa a i a de ae Re a eee aye Gt Ree 
ie ee ~~ . wat a BS When on tec! ery tiae a -. , 

4 es 
is eS “ 
Fy iat ee 

eto eoaliew -: 

. 8SOL gach, cored ated--282! _onart Be eer 

-oe3d T80 DE 
fa 2108 gee 10 


Discussion - One very interesting point arises from the results 
of 1926 spraying. Wote that the strongly alkaline solution of KC103 is 
not nearly so effective asthe EC1% alone. This suggests the very inter- 
esting problem ofthe part, played by hydrogen and Hyaroxyl ions. 

A recheck of the plots sprayed in 1925 with WaCl0g.-.25% showed 
‘a WIT of tis 4S | average. Bushes were completely dead and roots were de- 
hagig? The 25% solutiba: wes! a prerpeny 6h more active” than’ the’ ere 
ber | fneci¢ ‘ i 
Cask) Ral oa a 
rds BOE ~-weenseRtag an the 1926 clots was ttarseas byib. 16lbechia ad-® 
se at on June.6th.° Data were taken on the scheme worked out in 
bet pied years. ‘and included height of bush, feetoof live stem, feet of 
/ , stem mi general notes on the condition of thé Ribes/ ‘These data: 
were taken for. “each “Ribes’ species present on the gPound. Yor the most 
‘part. data were taken and recorded’ ‘by one'man. Since the boundaries of 
‘the plots were ‘definitely marked, one man could readily work alone by 
bere a schene of string marker¢. Two ‘string Vines, laid across the 
OE of asection at distances of 3 feet to 6 feet, depending upon the 
pablo ration of..Ribes, enabled one to keep carefak. count wf all Ribés. 
Rata, are 1 ask inal in Table oo Be 

+... ner. | 
Letip-etiinerere eras Mn 
IVT (O+-} " an Vi e 
i We rhe ; 
ooo pepe =~ sere se olicnetaned enone — <> ~ 
El! lm2)F R. lac. . | Bu4Cl 
’ | a hi | 
‘2 12-33 1 ED ee Seo 8 ye. 
1 a as iS at F . 
i Wil 2—2 A ie. Se ih.B. rh 
i nl 1G. terme) ied 
a aeeellaae $7. e 
lvoe f a\ ‘ i. 4 a 
| VI a~4) 2 iR. - {R.B-) 
' 4 
| ’ | @. inerm. | ea 
ete A GER REE Meee ore tie aww ee ee eee 
17 5) if ..3 ae = 
Vil d=5) 8 iR- lac. .. 8. : 
’ : ‘ » / “ 
° iC. iners.| 
yo EE x rr + oon a oneal —_ apetonae 
‘2 (5-6 % ia ac. 7 
$ if Ly 7 ] 
. 3 te 25 .. He i } EES 
) ‘eae ou , 
VI(6-6.6)3 |R. Lac ' lage 
” * 
i G.inerm. | 
bi ® ; t 
” ¥ j mR. 1 AS .,. i ek 
Rh pmpete joe 
% - Vill (| 2-lee. | Ba) 
: : ? ; x 
} " Ba -Enorm!: ." 
rea ‘ : =k ¢ 
: i¥ (ay hase iz i 

ween ene oid ate 
sasrod inxo 

" bowoada 286 = gotan day 86 mb: 

Table No. 3 

Ribes Data - Santas Plots 
Data Tai 

Béincd ao se “ee 

_. pCon= Ft..of Ft. of Per cent 
sk ba ‘Stem|Dead Stem| Kill 
ie min 1927 | 1927 j 

‘5 |@.inerm.| " " __ 453 75 14.2 
a a . 16.4 

1 1175 285 19. 

6. nora. 

wick uppers at oo i 
[o-tners 12. : 

. Table No. 4 

tee BOR ta 
Bd sey nis ae bine 


eer tt ae eee a 
Ds Sal Uae emma ER 

bso oidst 

Table No. 5 
Senta Plots 

2. sof ase or More Applications of One Chemical 

ag Times, % % 
AD Kill tea 
_|plied|1926%}1927 | 




gele sh 
ee aa aa 

BS Bk esl sia 
pein INN od 
MQ Wim Jind ~yN Lv 1) 

Bas ae 
O Mio His 

O Nin oO; 

2 25.8) 52. 

TI f(O~¥.5) Ape Aine ra. | shows § 1 | ee a <P S91) 32.4) 
five. ‘alo 


29.0 | 

21.6) 39.8) 

; ee ax ce: sie of: new chemicale on Sante 

not bring ti seonsideration. amore efficient Rides killer than 

gh rn chloride, saturated solution, is probably more effec- 
ao. than WaCl0 in the matter of suppression of live stem. 
fin cous is less. ae weed ee: a3 

Woe i“ sath on chase: to. waieh 20H had teen: said hee two 
e : thes: does not indicate that succeserul methods can be devel- 
sa oped means of a cheap defoliator. Chemical defoliation closely . 

i ee Sa ue ag on ay ma sereaeaies by hand ‘sertppiig: 

ie tise i pabinets Wer: ee! ‘gdeot BSeL Yo: 
pert red Ut bed 18 trots tte. e1tot.< coite 
 apgtte otom yidadons 25 obtelor bodes 
tet, evht to molasetaqea to +otten eae nt gO Det nant ets D mo ¢ 
| Faia Seow saane. geal ei srevewed: efit etelumeo to t9dmra sb Na 
-eidezovet don. gtom ae al aber Ack i. a. ies 

Be Bh te a 

“ beidege ‘seed bad NOek ‘idee ot edald: po stab: 
bh of man zboties Setensonee tat? sfaotbat tom 
-gferols noideifete tea imedd wioteiloleh guetta °% 

ate bust A oniteF fo oh meds ont 20 + arene 

Re edinaty 





means of 
Ida. A 


ook place after 

final L.S. 




' : ( 
t I 

¥re ingnes apr sabe os a 
kept in mind t) ot Be . oa 
e hare: 4é Bie “Aceran of six men, ha eeeeg do er fee nee no Breas” 
“lspreyed.last year... Ribes data were: taken, and “respra ing “done” ‘on Blocks 
#% ovEaE, °¥, and.VI.. Part of. BlockIII. Wa. lett. ungpray “this year, 
ishakf-of.this section. willbe year. ¥e shall then have 
vobembaratine’ é ‘= on.the, results of resprayin ‘es in succeeding 
foand. alteruate. years. Table Yo. 6,comvares 1926 and 1927 work-— 

qhead cal |< “7 

5 ser 1927 

—_ tes eae we yee ED oR TF rece, dates 
¥ i Ko "es 

or Fare ‘Ta “ani ging the data in the above tablé-it is idgolec tena to 
refe t A, i ‘folle owing ening Phanyo whi ch fae the ei shan! on the eee 

arees: - _— Pe 33? be 

fir LOLAaTe 
O: le SG owt : 
Ri Beeetre .| | 

ie wes No. 7 ate ee : 
: = , =x J. 

Sprayed in early kugast. P 
Wa0103° aldie - weathers ot 
‘|clear and warm. ) 

Sprayed end of magast 
CaClp added to spray. | 
“24.2 |Westher very Kien ited: 

~~ fas, above - only | 
42. 2. weaher clear for most | 

Last Rope ohare. Bloek III ren: i tndetonl , $21.40; labor, | 
$16.47--Total, 87,.. For the gespraying work, applying percentsges 
of Table No. 7 ca =e 735; lebor, $8.30--Totel $13.65. 


fren or aw atthe 

BS- af eal - ofebl ,xtireld (©) 11 

asere oft seve Of enxl atow beoxesmos sem xte to wets & 
avool® me onoh guiyatqeet Bae maeaied stow efeab eedif@ .isey tael beystge 
bee ,teey aeidé beyerqene dtel sew ITI dooff to dred .TV bas .V ,ITI 
even medd [fete of .1e0ey teen heystge ed [lim notices aidt to tlad 
enibeeoove oi esete gotyetquet to ativees of? oo otoemineqze evisataqmos 
tsow SOL Bae SSCL setecmon 8 .of eldsT .sts0ey etentetie bas 

@ .of side? 


trea 18% | nell] ae] -aleo] 
teod Isitial , parse. am ystqe 
L NSEL at o A i6q|-A tog) A t98q 
otmen) soded) SSCi | O80 NSE dad 


3.88 _|bs08 SLL a&.S8) .8 | 

g.av i@.av | S.@ | ef-s fi 
ft a [ago ~ | 
of yattestedat ef tf eldet evods ant af steh od gnizylens oI 

fyotettib edd wo yometoltte add evis doliw sem, lt gaivelf{et edd of tetet 
| Teasers eeelt ae aeioeqe 

ash j@.v9 | 6.8 | £8.90] $.08 |8.¥8 

v.08 efdet 
ae legeteva | 
| .decgek yluse at beystee | a .3e 

qstisew - enols ,0l0et BLD 
me irtew bre ume ts | 
.tocged Yo bao Seyetge 
so .yetqe ot Bebhe gi0so 
beliteens yrev tedtas® 
eters ae 
yiso -. evoda af 
doom tot tagio terisew) &.Se 

i sees 

“ae es nL ne at NM IT ON EN ae 

todal ;0b.IS% ,factewdD imet TI] deol mo eteon teey tact 
aegednsoteq gatyicae ,ltow galyerqeet edd xo% .V8.NGR , fedoT--Vh.31¢ 
03.212 IstoP--08.8% ,t0del ;88.80 ,feotmedd sever ow T .of sidst To 

fies 5% of the origi: 
second cost on chente 

a The cost <n eck 
Scsth Geant estinate 

29,596, 5,109 
Set 27,120 

sat ede skah a 

err f 9 
. ia ° —- 


Eo ‘7 , Tach 

ad fasm 31 teos” ais tro add %o 

“ sere gira 

asis me a mld. 
othe tog ob. 

BEDS Sete 

* i 

to seg “pad. ed ekistitl — 
ager * to p See bie be 

pen eid? to dae tevo 4 oat bo ta, at dqed 

eteos neds gniyetce seliieees ont 


in foreground 1 year after treatment 

with NaCl0z. 



' A { 
, aR | 

Ihe € 
4 gly ee 
1 Hy 9? Ny, 
Wie | j ‘ly 
The ay f 
f ¥/ 
j Jf {i eet 


of killing procured by NaClO, sp 






“ae ee 



te 2 {2a VIT “WePé sprayed wach Tater fa the year then 
te ae &* Rey ‘the ‘spray foritul 4¢s°/Léwer “percen- 
fit aT. peeeienetty by the latenéss°6f the season’ 
rae m thie oe ig! “Constaerablée rain fel) during the- 
Fes “work on ck fe Pipeavent’ ‘resulted in the Tes of con- 
opps chemical, which cut Gown the kill. The position of R. lacustre 
and G. inermis in our scale Peay gnooed geems to be reversed by the - 

addition of the calsiuy eutoride: Spraying Date sheets 


tal Chemical Work 

7 va ° 
a UO C4 tZE 

Califor ia” Bumbex of @eaci SOC i 
a eemeaenenenameenemeanmnens Lave, eneurt., and me tio d of 

Work was started in “Califo nie ‘5! e's for the first time, 


when the Tt Sarg? ed stew. R? nevadense in the Stanislaus National 
Forest al sy esear ed Ya n ite July an experimental pro- 
gram was A ast aoe my iarer x perm=nent Plots at Leland 

. Meadow. along the boty fork of the Stanislaus 
just Pn os lien’ "sv ieee eradi °As a result of an unfor- 
tunate accident to | ‘ al, who was in” T hits of the California work, 
only a start was @ laid out, data taken and 
a little spraying Dened. However, suffi- 
cient spraying has ense is rather susep- 
tible to = action of . A check of . nevadense sprayed May 
7 with Na , showed 100% kill of live stem in all instances, and 
only 3 a 3 Sak ring from the crown. 

a a in : a cheekea over the ab 
PA Agri  a pee hat nee bal 


(1) New leaves on tips of-the-wushes in one or two instances. 

(2) Crown goal dv a sees elon the surface of the ground, 

several cases.. oo 

§ gal & gprs y. 

(3) A few ey of edies. 
(4) A large’ sao 3% ist apbear¥ to be completely killed plants. 

Releet . (2) Santa, Idaho 

with the mp eA 

in 1925, and w 

used for the eri 
data had already + 
"co Oe 

oy the season 1927 was done by L. I. Legrid 
3 ation on Flots I to V, established 
ed by ‘Chemical applied, were 
pe onsiderable time since Ribes 

those ‘areas. 

net te0y etd af tadel dovm beystga ete" Tiv bos .1V .¥ ecoolt . . 
—nooter tewol .eeiumxot yet¢a eft of bebbe saw RB - gfdad bas Ill woof 
noenon add to evonedal edt yf yltxeg bentaloxe eseltdvob at [fbi to ess? 
oft aniwh [fet ater eldatebtencd {ded Te acitithhs edt yd qltieq baa 
-xoo to aeol edt af bodluget tdgoh on bas ,.¥ xoold wo Atow odd to esir09 
™ eilavasl, .@ %o moftigog edf «LLbl edd owob suo dotdw ,fmotmedo eldetebie 
~ ets yi bdarevet od oF emese wiliditqeserse to efsor muro al eatorrent .@ bas 
: | .ebirolids mrtofes edt to soft ibbhs 

aiototi is) 

 jemis gertit edd tot 1808y eit etorottisd at bedists eaw Hrow | 
fanctéeX avelsined2 old af gene ‘ .f wot a beyst¢e xed tan edd cert 
~oxq Istneuitegxe ae yiok adel al .YeM mt yfise yriedwets® teen taetot 
hoefed ts adolg imeneoteg aie te notseoo!l edd déiw bedutivent 2aw oBT3 
aualetdaed2 edd to X1ct digeoa oft grote paashar to gos oA .wobsoM. 
“rote og to dieeet & at §=-bodsothete fesineds saw ,meb odd woled tant 
sow elaroti iso ae to eguado mt sew ow jadi0's .f .f of drebtons eteant 
pos nedad etsb .dvo bist even atolt .mexgotg odd ao obem ven tanga s yino 
 +~f¥ive ,tovewoH .bacegeed tnebioos edt mecw betelowos gutyetqe efisil a 
rome ‘tender ef eeasheven 3% fed¢ ed¢eanibmet of eaob need gad gaiyetqe dneto 
Yel beyetqe esasbeved "GSE to sinads A -nedstolno to moitos edd ot eldis 
See ,soonateat Ife mt mote evil Yo [fbl ROOL bewode MEG - gOL0el da tw v 
wots odd mott gatredose vodend & yine 

enoh giiyetqe odd seve banioedo to thereof .1M todmedqe? etal al 
we astioget bos aveleiast@ edd to urot dtyor odd guois sznebsvar 

geonstant ow? TO m0 of aedecd odd To acid ao sevael wait cf) 

bouror, edt to eostive of? woled tout, mort anitwozge sword (Ss) 
m 0: em -eenso feteven 

.eecined to adie? baga tn wet A (8) 

- setaelg ballia vfietelonon ed of etesqde dedw to egadasoted agisl & (2) 

 pitged .I .d yd acob aew VSEL moasee onlt TOT etOw fat mentrooxt bia i 
bedatidetse ,¥ of I ateLi ne anoiged@ .teditw is % equate ives ony dd tw 
orew ,bollans feoineda ect yo pedoetts seed ton bed doinw bea ,GheL af 
aod if eonts ealt eldevebteses fever ela -etnemitegce won ont tot beam 
"aaors spond eve seuled sood ybsorle ted atsh 

Bushes,” : ngced te Fagen and spraying was 
done with the three ga as type, of hand sprayer. Stakes, 
lettered in red on a white med bre at the northwest corner 
of each experiment ng the general scheme used in prev- 
ious years. Work at Santa Ron Oe the period July 1 to September 1. 

yy & 
. far Fat {ners 

ring >] ‘Date Sheets 

1. ¥ 2 GNaw00H 2é 
1. Foi —: Se , 
2) tmber of each, species. ... 

3. Date, sent aad method of Cat a 

sat. = saturated. 
4. Chemical used and concentration 
5. Soil temperature ty and relative humidity hr. 

6. Weather inemmiie 166 
PPT iy cei. sihm Rot 

is : wCl 24% R = Rain 
aie ne 68 Cd = Cold 
ee udy.. , 4% » eo oP Rs ind 

99% = Thunder 


es C1 Yr ow shoo he Sn: Sooky 

of eo 

Plot Ii A 
The sofolistioos saree 9/15/27 are my observations at that time. 
No frost to cause dropping of, leaves. had eceurred up to that time. 
4. Wagune, os “Reis si P-B-B. 
5. None given in tevert for 7/s/27. 
6. ¥.%.C. Senta, Idaho 

Tar» oH 

| motel Lat < 
1. Flot,Tp& =a) b varia 
2. H, 56 a> G. inne 262 
3. 7/7/27 ié gals. spray. 

A (3<3:9) 

~~ G. ine f 
» Cold nights. 

A PT Te eee ee PhS a Se ee ae 

rg tye Gots ‘dati pie Pty 
fe eivow we wi oleenel -@ Aas 

-astosga dose to tedmo® «! Os 
cotteotiqgs Yo bortem bas ,tetrome , otal hase dt Lun 
“> 2 ae eal 
mis pre 

Se ae cece ee ke eos oe nes 
ue : ao a ; ind Ps Neri oss ok ae ibex 

‘a Bs a tio toot 
a 7 of 

ae ome ssi ‘= 
wag wee pry sagen “Tees aes 

pa 1 eh hel 
aR RES Mw peel % beh 
7 aie =) TEN Tait Me. & 

an yore ee? woled Jast, 

tawd trekdens edtacad 
ie ow Whe & Yeo 
Sasiyeras wigelt a 
Bad yarywars dneto 

I é fiw wee ee ee o¢ ofdids 
i teh OE fe sis et dite FT 

wht ¥1 ty ig hee Spee ner? by “ino 

t tect te. ee ’ u 
“até tadd ot, a vee Rye ene 
<umad Lot 

xi ” a gi 

Peevet eat a. abs Towed kh ta) 
e & a ie) ee 
r ~ “ee Ove ee ne 

ge: ee id tee 
ie aptly a eowe | es ae Gen SOL ae 
WEE one ok COO ee ‘ai da ia yeaa a: a Sapese 

RMOEEY Fiveecoty Taer lke het aah 

6. F. #. C. heavy OW, cold nights. 
if oat 
Releaf 1 near base of stems. 
Some shoots confi bing op. 

ay 146 pps ur Ogaa- at rae r 

Mn 7 | 
i. ae gat. 

&. Plot I a'(6-6.6) 

2. Be wiser 9 9--G ermis 153 
3. y gate rSeray, 

4. WaClOz 25%  CHzCOOH 

5. tg 58. hr 40 

6. FHC. heavy » cold nights. 
". Defoliation 

ae Releaf 2B. St Syoots coming ub.” 
3. §j Sed ot 
4, Gall: Q! 255 

1. Plot /I1 “404i 

2. Gia ae Sie Suoky- 
8. Wirf/27 991k gels. Spray. 

4. WallOz 25% HCl 2% 

5. ty 56 hy 69 

6. Cy. Cl. rane ar om cool nights. 
ve Bombilétéon 

2. s Pome slnobd boating up. 
3. 7/ 6/27 é gst 2 ‘ 

4, KiinO, 15t : 

i. Plot Il 4 ey 

2. Vy GSSr, oe nights. 
3. ag ay. 

4. magies 10h 

5. None in oak bree’ ayer 
6. F.W.C. 

7. Defoliation 90% 

Le Réleaf 15%. ml variable. 

2. Re. doopstre = G. ineruis 

3. Beja? Leeie. Spray 
ah by iS ae st 

2». Doe eet gery G. inermis 95 
3s. “9 gales). “Spray. 
4.. Mp (S04)¢— 25% et AS Is 
5. ty 5B:' © hy 55 
6. Cy. Cl. little dew, cool nights. 
7. Defoliation 10% 

| Releef 0%: Bude swelling. 
“4 branches completely dead. 
3. ShGrand 6/2778 gia al 
4. Hallo, 25 Fish oil sop 1b as sticia 
5. te 57 and 56 Ry 49 ant é 


o apne 51 

, Pn ; . 
% Fi ie 

5; ric an d 70 

agsAt "Gs inermis’ 64 
t *12.pN. Bt (PEt 

5. ts a hr 48 

6.) F. We eno ah sl. smoky. 
ei - G. inermis 14¢ 
a] 27 2 gals. Spray 

‘ 0103 | 2h 
; 55 % og &Y ¥Y 
Me sath ois? 
- Spray. 

5. te 58 hy 67 
6. F.W.C, heavy dew, cold > sl 

sh rd He ”- 
: ot phslat mi aed | uy. 
. Ss hy hy 49 and 29 


Ls Plot 1B. (Q. tena 
2. Re G. inermis 64 
3. ae 12 gals. Spra Spray. 
4. NaClOg 25%. Glue 0.1% as sticker. 
Ss Fidei Many mae 
oa smo. 
72 Defoliation 96 =.100% ,.. 

« Releaf 25% >. 
5. Be 58 My RF, 
6G. F,W. avy dew, cool 

ly Plet 11.3. Genes) 

“3 Z B2o14 ef 
af aela? Meny? ‘spray. 
. Mie nag h oil soap et 4 as sticker 

5. tg 57 and 56 ~—soihhr 48 and 39 

wee en 
Teeamidaiel an 2 9 ) ae Ras a 

yeas ales, ‘S) 
vexoite ex BL geo fie soit 
ge acal 82 ol | 

Sante, idako 
Santa, Idsho 

Flot Itt £ Ts. e-4.5) 
. Fhe. Be in nemais 2 
a7 dliation ‘99% 1008 

58 br 3 
F920. Heavy 4a, G1. night 

‘4 . Prot 113 (¥5-2) 

SS ret rake Teeres aid sten 
3. and 12/27 ©°o0-7 gals. Spray. 

: wells 25% Ca Tiabbsate 2% as sticker. 
hr 39 and 70 
1 is > elstar  popeeé 8/12 R.Cy.Cl. 
2 ye Dy 
5. T/Releat a nen ‘stilDiabive. 
4. "ee saturated. 
Ge g be hh, 34 
647: ‘Plot IPBy(2-3) © . Bight. 
(2. Taoustre 10 -- " inermis 146 

“12 ¢g Spray. 
rep "ha CHSCOOH 4 
5. t, 57 and 58 = hy 39 and 40 
6. F.W.C.H. heavy dew, cold nights. 
\ 7s Defeliatt an 7% 
Per P/L8/ 27 | ga ts ar ay. 
4. (Wig) eG20_ 25% 
o1/ Plot Tit (2-3) 
6.27 g 68%- R. Taeustre 2 
a. 4 7 eaves stripped stripped hand. 

TI) ow ee 
ee .»® . 

~ oe 

1-7) Ipéfoliati dn 100% 
2. G. 4 % 
3. 7/18/29 S ye 

43 ( WH4) $..0,, 
51d Plot 1 hatice. 0) 
6. eo Gow 1, aight 
7 Be) om “gals. Spray. 

45 Mlag0rg07 50Gerer beet , 

5. ts 58 hr 36 

6. F.W.C. heavy dew, cool nights. 
\.7, Defoliati 
2. @ 420%. Old leaves and stems, 
3. 7 blacks Meany stems dead. 
te Min (S04) 2 vy 
§. ts 68 Mer 67 


ysta® din : 
.tezai¢a 8a stemtoned § 

‘gpa ee 20 
nia gals. Spray Spray. 

w, CL. night. 

» RA os 

Leaves ‘dua / fens 
Many stems dead. 

é. 7.8 Cs Licht. dew, Cl. right. 

1/P pe /5-5)" 
2. G. 
* vara “ig gg Sprey. 
eee le ao “tal ‘Btght. 
: ok 9/15/27 50% 
5: o. neayy dew, G4. night. 

¥. Defolietion 14-65% 

1. Pree THT # (96.7) 

2. G inermi 

3. 7/15/27... s. Spray. 
4. %) | 
5.) o~ %, inerwis < 

6. ?. 

. , Heavy dew, cr. e* 
7) Defolietton 100% - 

° Relest 10%. Sone Plante nearly dead. 
6. ¥: WiGe heavy ¢ jor, t4. gnt 
7. Boro lenst on. 1-6. 

DD ® 


6. T. ac: %2 jon, Cd. night 
7. Defobiatian 1 $~64 
1. phe cnt ( 6-6. 6) 

2. G inermis 9 
3. 71 [27 zh Spray. 

4. tat ave. 


8 ‘bs. bya it tolt .f 
sudan et .2).S 

4k OB yt A 
tigte 10 web qaed .0-¥-4 3 
RBC Moltsiticted .v 
enote bre coves a ae 
a mars. or 

[2 owiye’ 

_ ow Eee | 
Oni od 
oy ogff a? «2 

eta BO (tob yweed | pean. (28 

ms a. ofistioted «4 
Re, vs\a @ weddafoted 
pou tee fel: 

Bree Phe 
OF Gre 2 get. Bi bes 86 gt. > 
-ottags Gler , ¥.9.%,% .0* 
“Ceaaea) he bdo -f 
oe gs 

aye tae me Taler\y .o 
goeres on! = 

aga wed eS: Re =e a 
oe ep Ge fo 's elteted: .¥ 
pie Nits ‘one le emoe ‘Sor — 


et. ee inhteri.t 
wre .afes © Ss at ¢ 's 

taney web x seh ° 

ote Sen geveme f anc 

s qtin 
‘yoo be ee@B rs 

16. (Paik. 0.) heavy dew, Cl. night 
9. De ition 1% - 5% 
A. HCl 04 sid 

te 9 

a. “Free IID B (S-Bo65) © sight 
2. Ref iseustre 1 =-- G. teevals 39 
3. mae 4 gal. Cr. App. 
4, KMnO4 sat. 

5. ts 58 hr 34 

6. F.#.C.) light-@dew, Cl. night. 
Vs beds 14-56 ) nerni¢ Sl 
Be : j 4 ga! B« wor ay 

4. 8C1 “4 

5. te $2 hy 42 

4. Plot) IIMS (3. > ema nts 
2. Riflacustre 2 -- G. tabbaiy 38 
3. 7/is/27.. 4 gale. Cr. App. 
5. te 58 hy 34 

6. Fmt. C7 heavy-Aeti Cd. night. 
7. Defoliation 14-5% 

o- GS geile. Foray. 


5. te Sh Mr 43 , 

1. Plot Ide Br(4=5). i. night. 
2. See Feat inermis 44 
3. 7 6 gals. Spray. 
4. KMnO,g sat. 

5. ts 58 hr 34 

6. eps Mery J dew, Cd. night. 

. es tian 9/35/27 10°" 
naeree 06%. 

§. aR hy €3 

a. PloteIIt+B (5e6), night. 

2. an 73% 

3. sand) 7/21/27 13 gels. cr. 

4. Kp504 sat. 
5. ty, 57 hy 48 and 46 
6. Fiwsc. heavy. dew, /Cd. night. 
7. Defoliation 14-54 
3. Releaf 0%) | @2le.: Sotay. 
4. Metiog 26% Bch 2s 
GS. tg 68 “a, 44 F 
6. Pi¥e-O.F. teouvy dew, Cd. night. 
7. Defolistica 100% 
Releaf 10%. Ptedie still alive. 

ga? pe Og aR, A Sk DR 


. Plot IVA . (D1) 
* G.inermis 41 

0: ag & el 6. 

fBPS hy 46 

6. FeW.0 heavy dew, Cd. night. 
te Defoliation 50% °° btm, he Ue 3 

12) ame. Oe 


1. Plot IV A (1-2) 

2. Re Vecustre t -- G. inermis 51 

ro) | USE gale . Spray. 

5. ‘eae: = hy 43 

6. Fall-O. heavy te Cd. gen 

ms enare Mine neM ti. 9 
glee? Of 

1. Plot IV A (2-2. 35) 

2. G. i 
3. int © gals. pst 
A.. oe At > PAs 
Go. F.C.  heahie aan, i might. 
* Defoliation 

Releaf lges = 

ieitat “h 

1. Plot IV A (2.35-2.5) 

a.. G.} s 16> 
33, 7, Bg @als. Soray. 
4.. = Yay - 
Sis HEB thy Perrine ). 5% 
6. P.W.€. heavy dew, Cd. night. 
be, ingles. te ie 

”. Releaf 0% - iF BB 

lear Lan Sima oth 

&. Ram. heavy dew, Ca. night. 

7. Defoliation 100%. 

7, MARAE BPR Stas Still alive. 
Seleaf | 

Santa, [daho 
12 Pliét iV 4 (2.73): 

2258 a. 
337 Gal ano Svray.. Sop. 
44 Nags 20% 
Set & hyp Ade 
6h FP M.Lo, Lite tony ~ id. :im Dem. 

Releaf 0% 

La Fee TAs teAb-1 
36.7 2 gale. Spray. 
44, Nag80g 1s 
56 tg 63¢ he 40: 
66. PINeCs Little dew, ch. #4. in p-a. 
78 Defoliation 10%-15% 

ep anlar rte 


32.7 gels. : Sprayey 

46. agi 18h G6 fascinate 0. 26 as sticker. 
5.6. by 38 

= Pe tae. eT te sl. Wd. 

La POs UTA 6) 9, 
2a. 455 

le FoubetGvAs\Gaae tit 
a ae ai-- ezaft inemate 5é 
a Cr. ,App. 






Sante, Idaho 
, Flot IV B nore 

a tater” 3 Bh oe, ocr. Ape. , 

.. te a "ag hp 43 
6. F.W.C. ll dew, peta night. 
. seat ot 10% © 

awe] Li nmj. 


ot IY B (0.31) 

py Cr. App. 

> acai Cd. night. 
| dation 10% © 

7 m% 



7. Defolistion 906° 

1. Plot Iv B (2.2-2.4) 

2. | 
——— ah 

oe Nn Se ee | 


Vim oe a ty he 

oo * G Ww 

~~ © 


en x 

wo Ul » tte 

Sente, Idahe 

Sant, Idaho 

Arco arae 

+ Bie efmis | G2 forcy. 

. $e°R/26/27 = 10 lbs. Cr. Apo. 
» Se CAH glhy 100% 

» Bh. 540°. pera. 

- GerBiiGkion 5a 

7e\Defoliation 1% - 5% 
Releaf 0%. Buds swelling. 

- Plot V & (6-1) 


. 2. Gecdnermig715 | gale. Spray.. 

6 gals. “Spray. 

1% 3. 1 and .54 
: as ‘ “rr rhe. ‘ 
- SefGy.ClionRv@in a.m. 

7e\ Defoldation:lte= 54r to be fe 
Releaf 0% 

1. Prot ¥ a (i-1.7) 

2. ba 

3. . 816 Soray. 

4. 4 gals. Cr. App. 
5. rE 

7. Cy-Cliss 8f 4 A eck ig 

Bette tnned tos still alive. 
Releaf 0% 

» PlOt VA {1.7-2) 

4 ‘Seige 1004 
- Bt, 540i, by 7B. (9) 
: Be OL.s Sen Cay nighte 

Bi{ 66.1) 
ef hors y. 
24 Ibs. Cr. App. 

%. Defdliation 5% - 10% 
Releaf 0%. Leaves sll turned red. 

- Plot. ¥ A (2-3) 

3 (6.1-6.5) 
2148 Qnorey. 
27" .B\gals. Spray. 


BP poi Sey 

ts 540) bp 78) seeoy dey 

. DEBLatBen Cold webb stion 9/15 /or ” 

“@i Defolistion 7 Defoli-tion 9/15/27 
Releaf 0% 

. “} 
- % ‘ 
sp Fy ern 

atiom 9/15/27 LO 


eal ae Le Coleen il 

hoor ve\er\e soktsifoted » 

Be ue €o1i atio 
s appear to be dead. 

‘Sarg etion 9/15/27, 100% 
ea ae 

¢ Liati: 7 10 
pasa: 9/45/27 ‘1008 | 

ite Di - hy ro zi ht ¥ (S 
6. Fy. ia “heavy. e p 9/15/ 1004 
7. my ste Qh. Defoliztion 3 9/15/ 27 100 
af 1 



o/1G& > tea 
$f ee at ae 

por ve 
ined of 

be et 

5 ahet ; 

fe Ilite 

ils. Spray. 
iy Bey. 

ip oe ¥ 51 beg 

- oe i 
: Je ‘0 ; Ae Y denatatton 9/15/27 100% 

ae, Saat; 
4 ‘a = * 4 7* 

Bs Dated on, ‘O88 / 008. 

, : at. 9/15/27 , 100% 

. tems oti alive. 

ji Sa 

, a * re ‘ie | 


RooL Te\ar\e sotialicted | 

ieee OF ot 

soor ye\ar\e ao tts 

POOL Va\aL\@ aottetLoted 


(e) i 
ia Pha soe ) 

7" oe a Dw rey 

Phoegia® @ ber “PomeMiabeew ner POO oor 
o* 6” 6% eBuc tne +2 «0 2O 0 +O ms elt eae 
» 7 - aos Dic & - oy 
7 ¢ a. ~ . = woe a 
Of = “Bs -_ — : 
” a 
a =e . o —f “+ 
: +4 . a ate 
~ ‘ by | . oh : 
: j | 

. Cold. night, heavy dew. 
é ah Defelietion sfisfa7 100% 

hr 51 ; 
- + Gol 
lation 8 sa Defoiiation 9/15/27 90% 
ect ef 3 etili alive. 

,Gold night. R. (9 

; Heitiat o 60-70%. 2. Ree 9/15/27 100% 

Fe We Ge : "s.. Cy. in oa. 
cen § 9/15/27 100% 
Of Stems still al 

4 #4 So 
Ne ee oe} 

| | ke 

yoor ts\ar\e aottst 

a eo nee 

oor vs\s vevile 


Be, 7 & “Spray. 
= 4: a8 "hry 2.0% 
rs = 
es ia! ion B54 Patytation 9/15/27 100% 
tote eleit'l Hat “alive. 
‘3. BAG &_£ 14/9E* 9 ei Spray. 
F “4. Wat ay 25) _ Mage Glycerine 5% 
‘By ts “hr 43 «55 
ate ; a Cl.Cy. wa. 
R be NAP ative: 
Bs "Shray 

"204 @1 yceri ne 1% 

8/27 100% 

we growth dead. 
5 Li teted y $v 
23 and 8/20/27 “6"gals. Spray. 

‘al Het sat. 
Bet 5a 
ced Rete — 
7-7 PMetortattor Woop"! 225 2 o8 torsion vo 
Relea 0%, Stems ‘etill alive. 

oS? Lhe tae: ation 5 
nea. J 
oT eee Senha, Losng iy |. _ | Befoliation 
Eye EE wry ~ Bow * : seeug: Ueed sy? — 
July 2 and 7 -o Tet. v 3B (4. 55). etaee Stripvs 
s—i.£ pe t Se 
5 : 

a ee Defoliat: ron. 2 908 Fe 
aepricuny ' ‘Releaf 0% él Osteen growth a dead. 

“ Me Sad hl 
. 12 iSee notes 3 : = gallon 10 5 days 

h. Plot no - SR ieee 
= & inemajs, 1 ee fe ee 

4 = 
ns 7o% 7? days 
LS er 25% 
Q = weese 
| t 
De |< eck 
t —_ 
4 ye 
£ ic y 

22 [tv 4 35) | CBa OR . og ‘ fn? i. ne 18 3 days 
my ak ~ Why P ot X Tehiek.) |. at 
". st. agfa]ar 6 eheh oot sails onjaSh ponate 17 dare 
ema ae CHgCOOH 1% tonjech poonts [7 day 
a =... Se its 59> ic at 52 : _Spray  _ji8 gallons (70% 7 4 
26" 6. 7.0.6. gallons | 
ay Speers. 85%. Releaf of POG OS 
; ‘nibs Petiohare 100% defoliated = 
LS #7 | R. petiolere {7 i 85% me gallons (4 Gays 
[sar ._|rv Ades) _[xo903 : | 6 gations {108 4 Aas 
sar De Plot X 1:40-) calices |808 
[ ae - aot a measured. re —- 
et ae ee gals, Spray. os met 

St atone 40%. ‘Relea? 2% on terainal ‘buds... . 
r buds —— a 

aual Report 

a5 | 

| PS oF 

Table No- 10 

duly Chemical Application Ss:mary. 

Sante, Idaho 
Chemical | Concen- ; Defoliation 
Date Flot alu Used tration |How spplied| Amount Used Days 

July 2 and 7|III A (2-3) Leaves Stripped »y Hand. =e 
14 gallons lp 6 days 

50% 5 days 
12 gallons | 20% 12 days 

116 gettone [2008 1 day 
10 gallons |100% 6 days 

13 gallons |100% 4 de 

. 8 cellone ee ieee 
ee | as ae, 

2st of 6 days 
ff 14 above plot. E2804 Solution a 2 gallons 0% 6 days 

(NH4) 28203 
(WH4) 25208 

II_A (6-6.6) _ | HCl 


III agCr207 

Bal Atte. ae 
above plot. att 
III B cori HClgmia ae 
III A (4-5) Bal. | KMn04 

es Te 2 we 
10 on co 

Iv B (0.31 

IvV_A (2.52.7) |HCL 2% 
IV_A (2.7-3 Na2803 20% 

IV A (34 Na2S03 15 

"2 R. petiolare | 482803 154 
Ca Caseinate 
“27 sitw a (4-5 Ha2803 = 
SG ne = 
IV A (5-6 KC 
Cr Yo defoliation 
Seater a is re Sage 
R. petiolare WENO 5 Spra 4 gallons L 100% 3 daye | 
‘ v 4 
CESCOUR Ek @ 2 gal 1006 4 days 
=e lons 
WaclOz <_< 5 ta - 
meee R. petiolere NaOk 1 lons 108 4 sere 

i Nacl0z 254 | 
re< ee Ir. petiolare  (2Cl i a 14 gallons [100% 4 4aye ey 

1927 Anaual Report 
BR. R. Offerd 

apes “pide Sp va Seat @ eee Ly ee] ow . 
‘a*yoq “ant Ott et] 7 9N tw [- 8s F PSO Mw) s 

fess al 

| a op sts | lott ty | en beg 98 fon | 
re eA o| o tet Ce fy, BEERS I j I 8S ) Bt a / y 
| CEST site Wye pal a ee eee | Oy za let a 
| —"qasye Togo Faep FaeeH) 100d “FOMOTO| Sis] 2 | w | es pres sip 
[Seen eo ee ee Ce 
SL eee Puee TST sghegu ip 160 Ties PACH OME)  FI9t erly of en ae Tos) ey a |e 
ar a A) 7) equergu poo med faepH Oma] Cel ~) etl e"o ~) 09.) eo ve ee je 

| 4 et eee et er 
Fe este es ne ed ed i i 23 
| ee 

dinjeroduey, [TOS 

JOT 10yjeeh 


rest etre tee 

— witigin Food se 

-trigtn [ooo rob Vsen 8. 72 
i | diet [ooo ,web yveed ORF 
‘cae ss a siitale Broo ,.wab yee! .m.g¢ goH .2¥% 
9b ywses_,2WY 

Beek ele Ik Acal 

gs — eos ae 

189 {0—--9 saereW-—¥ ptist--t on 

Table No. 12 

t_ Chemical Application Summa. Sante, Ideno 

ee Concen- | Method of | Defolietion 
Date _Location _| Chemical tration Application; Amount in Days 
aa 14 6 gallons |85% 7 daye _ 

aan Saturated| " 2 gallons |40% 10 da 

“ 4& 5|V A (0-1 

Application) 2 gallons |20% 14 de mal 
Spray 12 gallons |98% 5 days |! 
IB (0-.5 

6 & 8/II B (1-1.5 Fish 0il Soap % " 9 % 
II B (1.5-2 Ca Casienate I Li 7 gallons |98% 7 days ae 
4 = 

ff 11 gallons |90% 6 days | 

ap tte a gations |96f 6 are 

VA (4-4.5 MnC12 

pace lie 
VA (4.5-5 MnCl 


6 days 

NHg g % 
3 zs 

VB (2.5-3 Glycerine Ceraae 5 gallons |99% days 
va (i.7oa) [pea ”? 

VA (3.7-4 HCl b 
VB (4-4.5 



O% 3 days 
1100% 9 days 
4 gallons |98% 8 days 

2 gallons |98% 8 days 

" 22 4 gallons |100% 7 days 
" 23 6 gallons |95% 7 days 

5 gallons |95% 5 days 

: 6 gallons |5-10% 4 days 


104 | Application 10%_ 4 days 
" IV B (3.5-4 CeH4Cl Saturated| Application 5h 4 days 
VB (6-6.6 pplication |5-6 5-10% 3 days 

pplication|10 = 12 5-19% 3 a 

Iv B (2.65-3 

IV _B (6.5-6.6) | °6#4Cl2 Solution | * 2 gallons 

: 7 5 Tooge="To ‘fqoug--S 

> Bi: Te. 4¢ RL 74 A a 2 



= |s 

& rt 
= = 


iO} o 

pa ee sasisiasiailiaas 

tes ome eas 7.2 ak yo 
meme hi: 


i Mall 

i¢0R--8 paisk--.8 :yirotte=.y0 pyivdalla--. [8 sa86[0--9 pmiew--# ;tist~--f :hbaess! 

food==. £9 pyseak-<e 

Discassion. Seventy-three spray formulae were tested as 
Ribes killers. A summary of this work apoears in the preceding tables. 
Early observations point to somé interésting results from a formul= 
NaClOg - 25% + NH4Cl - 10%. Ammonium persulphate also looks favorable. 
Addition of 1 to 2% of a strong or weak acid to NaCl0gz secms to have 
the same inhibiting effect as did the addition of a strong or ‘weak 
weet Amore careful ten as it of the Py value by means of 4 hyarol- 
re 2 ‘pe WH,CL- will-probably be more éffective.. Chlorate 
-sarays to- alee added | 

ast “to 2.08). WaCl> (Note: Mn ‘promotes 

ra oxidation fn 1ife processes of plants) look favorable to date but are 
jem rather too recemt experiments to be indicative of final results. Finel 
: date on. thts Hote will. oseren in the: Sapo of 1928. | 

OCAL | Tt 3,2 ~~ 4 : J : 

i ae ere peamas epee was traversed and mapped 
V1 ovdrS¢éq miles of” gtarting at Frye Meadow and ending at © 

(Vi ola mintéa tens: ‘the owas divided into eight ‘blocks and Ribes 

| data were taken -évery quarter mile (by a érex of mb five men in. 

i . a 
> lane ‘Peeérder) ‘on in a strin 1/2 ae and_itin a a over. 
GR scEaage on that oarfoutar Msce 369) © 

(Will | Stem per Acre| 3,170) © 1,512 “878! 0 a? 

Table No. 14 gives. bm complete Rides 4 data. 

Meet of stem per acré was cz 
chain etrips at beginning of each Slot 

Blocks I, II, and III were later reworked 

basie of a complete eruise. The folle + dat yhi ~ are 
ere rather interesting and are about s* Inconsistent e wm 
AD} + 16 
spectacdhiitsin posaetenengegnenndiunenennasinnimeasttietiatiemneecien = ee ore 
Mt R. petiolare , Lagustre 
7 py oe Cy eee ee eden . 

) ihive Stem: Live Stem ve Sten | e St 

iper Acre iper Acr ber Acre per As 

| Bloc ; -5-cl sin; Complet > ‘ ai Lomo lLete ad 

nT. c > , pm 4 re Tr 
hmemtsmamme dns nt 2 ae 8s uA Ss. ae ad mcd dee tot norm 7 eels soos 5! : 

| 7 1 44} 0 } etn 

or Slee eee es) ee ek es Revi! 

we L 

Leenita me = 2, 382 ; a" 62 6S ” 


| 223 | 11,950 2,775 757 ‘ 

2eldad at kbesare en? at ciseoges ates aidt to 

fen te ad tae Isai? be 

ae hedees stew Se fomtot Yetqe | ests sytasves 

alvwtet « aovt effnest aah eeteta! anos ot stor ed 
sidetovat efool ogfa et adq ia recent ROL - (Oph + 86S. - 

""evad of sean (phlei 4 6 bow srt lat 
3. anit “it an tootte Sheba hihe| abe 

sen to anoisa s Yo ug kd EP 
-foviyd «© to ansem yd eglev 2 @8% to saomee istetss etem A 
és2t0fd9 . .av fisetts gtom od Yidedotq [fiw vole, aly ee tae 
asdsomotg BM + 290 off, aee ROS of f. } bebbe eves. doidy of 
ats gud atab of Bint tala ‘to beenes ag 8 ot tal DI 

aa tea 

god Bf bdo Qwwding 
xt gem ovit .com the to vem s 
'S¥0 netiqae aenlt ‘oe Ab te: 0 

.odab ved if ete Lqp00 

Ae : 
NPR Gry j 5 a . 
7 | 
a ee A j 5 
¥ ' 


Rr. Ate 

at Oe 2 
j ore * 



’ a a A i 
a en aeneiel aeaee 

a> reaming ct OER NSN at 




oy ti 

a eth etree meet etme ae (i saab 

GY QoerpeL Re 


Yanery Fz 


Comparison of: Live 
{ii uUsStrates he errer waiter ¢ 
the line ie rom throvgeh ext: 
heayy concentration a tf 
crew men or recorder. 

7 + Ye Chieman crew - n = = 7m oe mAs . z. vi co. += 
nas enhdink Hon é pect LIVE... | Dead) Live ., Dead) Live |Dead 
Block|Strip| Area in Acres] Sten |Stem Stem) Stem Sees eee ee 
ce Y 2,289] 20 | 2,450; 5 | 776, 0 | 
‘et hae 441, 448! 0 
F“ae7| 0 | 3.425[ 0 ise +8 0 ; 
ee! | 4,130 Lo. te 
: [56,987 
cen eo Ton +34 
OT 1,448) 8.3) = bo 
Tit lestall hemes Waamear ais tapteertat tag matiie lar 237. : 

tv jlaat.... 1-14 {..8,049| 0 |. 407, 0 | 9,s00/10 |274 
ny | ____{sten ser sere]. 7,049} 0 --[ 3561-0 | 8,180} 2.81240 ag 
TY ite a . 

A . 
Bade os’ ae aioe . J 

|VITT | al 
Viti pos [Sten-per_serel —s.1701 0 | asia 0 | “evel o |. [0 

ROCK 2 AgGuel Spray: 

Feet of stem per natd was elk dat ehod in every Block fren the two five- 
chain strips at beginning ‘of each block. . 

Blocks I, II, oid III were later reworked for Ribes data on the 
basis of a complete eruise. The following data which compare the two methods 
are rather interesting and are about as Bs. haga as be on reid expect: 

ATter a number o aye © Ww sors 
able to recheck the eprayed “renmye weilas 1° te pce, jpoilrs, 
following table drawn up by ?. F Bell shaws the nature an 
missed ti 

G. inemnis ; 

Live Stem Live Stem Live Sten. ae “itea Live StemjLive Stem 
per Acre jper Acre |per Acre |per Acre |per Acre |per Acre 

Ee 5-chain|Complete |0.5-chain|Complete /0. 6-Chain | Complete 
No. | Strip (Cruise | Strip j|Crui e_ | _ St [Cruise _ 

; ‘ ’ 
CE eee ee a ir , nary ‘ae Le . yi SE a p=) eae weet 


t ACPRLUM GALE Pe, tee Ze 
1h aes eae: : 

ER S wate chia eeeis 
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| 068.8 | OBL,> | ona 80,1 

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| oee,8 [ouee | art | ver. 

Comparison of Live Stem figures for G. inermis on Block I 
illustrates the error which com‘eagily be made by the strip method when 
the line is run through extremely dense brush. Ribes can be present in 
heavy concentration 4 few | feet oftibel Ling’ and Ars. neyer seen by the 
crew men or recorder. | a a ao 

he dae rf ‘ le Me mld 2 6 op wot 

Large ache poraying ulbesilss at Sapte Idaho, were carried 
out by a six-man crew with |. Bell in charge? Details of the work are 
fully covered in a ial. report on crew aendggnent by Bell. A. summary 
of the spraying: a ‘ee? par Mil par er 

After a af he of days of crey Y spraying, 6 was thirught advis- 
able to recheck the ‘spr ed areas and take data on missed Ribes. The 

following table drawn up. by F. B. Bell are the nature and location of 

missed bushes: | : 
EE =. - t i ie 5 L, 
| ao ye 1 <2 
i” hex J J I 
re) : ich in i 
ee hee ee Se ae 
lo 1a les | a ind ry | 
; ; * +" . ee 
‘ | io ‘a | @4 
' | / e pi et 
: sind } aes : hs 
Pampa aan ae Soe 
le i>. ig > ih + erie ' 
jo he i; g wy x i f 
' : “e ” - be 
ae ee a ¥ 
} j i, ry =| 
i Te +) aed * iP, 3 | 
a i? } 7 te 
oe Ww ~J : ? 
=— + o 1 + + = } 
/ | bes ? 
B ie | | | 
‘>> has 1” ) ; 
i) - mo i 
KS it B 
ai ae ve q A i he RS ‘o | 

i tool ao aincreat 2 “- lanai mote ovis to noetisqmo) 
nedw hoddem giute and yo of om ef | yltese asd doidw sorte end eedeiten tit 
at dnezeng od oso sedi .deyad yfomettxe dggotdt mur et enti edt 
edt ¥d neee teven a, bas enti arid he? feet wet ¢ soitsutaesnos yvsedl 
"Si AM sIehbir0998t Toe ome wed 

saat beans ar Me py Wig 
ore Siow 6nd to eftsted ~.pytedo ah [106 iw we1g sexta s we duo 
. 2 te tie 5 *, ws iee 4. t x a ry 7 Paws 9, fe ri : 

ee LFS 

gh eee Le 
NS a hepa aaa iii *s ty eised 
Tk i (Wiser ete 

bis tiesodt ew “ie ailecuen ode +0. wes. ‘to ‘tedune & aodth 
ont .gedit Berelm no sishioted: I ft a beystqa oft abedoet of elds 
to coltsool bas otrden oft awode {Tex 

“8 «2 yd oe musth eldest gntwollot 
tasted beeeia 

PAY ? 
; i, ; 
ne Wee West hs ! 
i pie yi vik, me he 
ar { 
. . " ee pe Sy i on r a er ce ihe Sa Se eTS Nida naan “ae 9 REG, sc as. Ge tesa 
oi by * 4 Hp ae mo 
he ee” REA , (ae A ae a Paes gi i Pakie «3 i ‘ 
+e ; Na iat. RR IN ie, BN OR Pe nked 
:t : , 
ltt A ‘ ey we eek 4 7 
par Bi ai deh clin ghana ai Ne ae ot ae 0 
> ‘ 
‘ ‘ ' 
1 a3 A a ¢ 
rade ote ae we ~: oy iki “ z t 
| f 2 
i a 
, ee aa | 
a ee Py Mees 8. 

Ont i. exoeriwential wor < ¢ 
equipment at; ire 
rs) @ 
° a 
s 1¢ | rw, Lat - 
hose linge a “s 

lengths varyh 
length of hase 
main line arg 

ground to be 
solutions an 
equimment f 
pumpers for 
worked over 

& mechanic 

in the sore 
assistant “te 
mon at work ff 

a4 : 
gle to nm 
° oe 
a 2S 
Zo - 

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ahi neues yao 


yx ah enti 
to mee we td 

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d oetareo phict 
ev nee a2 te. 



zou ‘0% BYeap Bop 

a em ete Ne mame em 

i ci 


ot et "> 7? Se . “ a § “ 

On Gans 15th the crew started exverinental work with power 
equipment at Clarkia, — Ideho. 4 i are ¢ 
r2 on Spray Z 

Several days were spent in. Stryriaaenie various combinations of 
hose lines and volume discharge and pressure tests were made using hose 
lengths varying from 50' to 700'. Location and set-uo of the punper, 
length of hose lines,,handling of lines over areas; relative lengths of 
mein line and laterals, hose couplings, number of svrsying nozzles, 
ground to be covered, by each spray line, handling chemical, making up 
solutions and keeping. the. solutions in thejsupply reservoirs, moving 
equipment from one)set-up,to,another and combinations of two or more 
pumpers for spraying and relaying — were among the salient voints 
worked over and discussed. Pesit Le, Peeper 

The ranean, mo stbheeDha seems i lined ‘itseLt. 0 & seven-man crew, 
whose duties are,divided follows: Asforeman who blocks out the 
areas, selects the set-ups for the pumper, lays the main hose line with 
its attached "T";and keepe.the ‘hose lines,.of the men‘straightened out, 

@ mechanic who ‘rung .the engine and keeps :a‘constant sugply of solution 
in the spraying tanks; five crew men in line, one of whom acts as an 
‘assistant foremen and:is directly ‘responsible for the efficiency of the 
men ‘at work onthe nozzhkes. The assistant foreman and the mechanic are 
responsible for the movement of allvequiument. — ge, BI 

atomization of th pray obteined by working at hicher 

the Roe “Bloeks ih atid I Rovere beret over tu sarde:  gllp ee (6, Lt 
between each man) and the data on gaklons of solution used, man spraying 
hours, man-hours; handling of equipment were compared with that data 
obtained least jéar when the same mh telnggeete orpencgtespe by mand apeayars. 

eemaraarra  sesmnaliing eg -nenam mtlying secti if 
where the Ribes occur in lo concentr Ym 
be ré economicel Ml eget cat by ddan Ginn 10 
ing crew. 
Spraying time - 47 hrs. 42 mins. 
: de Galen epray ed weal pel OS Mdate on pow 
given in a spechadeag@ort on ~ 2unegembsk? | | 
Block I Power Spraying--Pacific Pumper 
Spraying time - 16 hrs. 24 mins. 
Handling equipment- 14 hrs. 12 mins. 
Gallons sprayed 109 
: Ross Pumper | 
Spraying time - 12 hrs. 2 mins. 
Handling equipment- 13 hrs. 54 mins. 
Gallons sprayed - 105 


ae more ey 
S: oe 1913, 

a of a daaryich 0 i ae 
np yh ‘ lta scematue we 

newor atin x20w Iptoemtte 

to enottentdmos avoltey Ie , i ‘tnoge 2 ereW aa a 08 i, 
aaol nates eben etet etaed on baw casedonit ‘Lov bre sent! seo 1a 

,Toqmg of? to Qurdor bas” -OOT of 108 moth as ; 
to addgcel svitelet ,esets te¥o gentl io aed 

.sefssom gaigetce To tosawe (geent 

qu gabism , fsofeedo gaklt, / @eil i nae YW be 
gaivem atiovisest yiggwe ed mi sao lis! a 8 ee i 
atom 10 owt To eee ae 188 fonts od Ge ‘oe “eet $nome Lrpe 
sintog tastise ond . nate 1 «ine tmed3”'s 

‘ Py i & BAe > 
: P a 4 sr masini porn Nein ii Lah hae ganna ABR Hei at 
| gee fl 


.ReTo oeni~neves « of Sines heal 
edt dao adsold ote ol Bec & 
dtiw eot{ cedd aiam est 2 “atte 40 ot ~f : toofee , 28978 
Re cre) ilies Reo nom act poe eo fais "Se ek i bedoedia ett. 
vottafos to, viguwe dastasde @ aces fs 
% es e¢oe modw to. anc ,9n8t 4 ; 
edt to youetadite edd tot aldkenogeot. 
ets oimedoem odt bre memotoy tosteiees 

a 3) in ‘deed ore 

os gartyatae fem ,boew agttelos to enol. 
eteb tedd dé tw bevegitiod’ 6 a ys 
-eteyetqe bead, x “ear otee evoold on 
i, femesiah & ” ons adab avidetaqmod 


INES ay > ade aes 


oe ter AS. a a - f 
-ogio Sf .aid BL 

ale Spraying 

Block II 

Fotel Costs nigel Ereodic : Ber 

ryt, a Septonbe 8 hrs. 36 mins. 

Gallons Sprayed - 
tetera pacg eee, ‘Ea: ia, 
/ iCreag ¥ 

[Bsvilt 2 | Severinent=1 | Experiment 

| I te { G alt ; OPEC 3403 ¢ Si : Power. Spraying--Ross Esper i =Ross paper 
i\Payrol} Spraying. time k. Sah sc?) 23 brs... 44 mins. 
re be i tong. Handling €q nt’ = > -19-hrs. 32 mins. 

}ezanapor gat ion Gallons, Lk hao 
[Equi pmen 1927 and; 

11926 & 2 1835 Charge} 162.2 2 
Repai ry Saskinghtpertae te " 
and Freight Handling equipment 

) ha TLS eal 

216 «- 

Pacific.’ aper 

ate 19-hre: 0 mins: 

ous sprayed = 
ane 241 54 2%, 34: 8. 45 
ut out one set-up by hose management. 

«» 11 hrs. 36,mins* 
et eg oe mee 

Ix aver Sprayer. rt es hhc first part of soraying 
- After wo king with the two. pumpers, Ross and Pacific, itis 
Betas bat ete Ee, “exactly mects our requirements. The light 

reRee taf & ROR REE EE Se) Pumper is a decided advantage, but the finer 

spray obtained by working at gher pressures with 
the Ross P also. rable. The work so far. been very en- 
P preted Bo be bvstd a Hace ‘can be affected by means’ 

ae “power 

nt, although it seems certain that hand spraying will 
Coe eh as 7. 

'¢ occur in lower concentra tion ané¢ somewhat scattered can 

integral part of our most efficient 
Out]. ng sections of our swamp type 

be more economically eradicated by means of the more mobile hand spray- 

ing crew. 

A detailed report and analysis of data on power spraying are 
given in a special report on crew management by FP. B. Bell. 

2 i a We. 
gunner Sete SOR GR Ceo Bae ee et 

-ente 88 att 38 Bae imonaione 

re eer Fee TI ee S\i-£ pal esd = i¢ ig iLO 
ig teih it BAR TRIE RR BN SER) yee Petree Gaus Sapo sandy nied 
ae dha Fae: 8S One at le a soot t pnbeingy add gave 
a tm adgaet 
ett aiem 

aa : mo eeer toe 
xy 2 seus Litpe 
ayy Shae ‘4 ‘ea eteunarg 
lalate SB bee ave hotter 

sai ; : ee os toe m8 pe wapja aad 
caotyeume te Hag eatgate & gewoyre wince “ineroom & 
SE SAS i RRS ae MP SOR ot ee peor ad nary eres GAS wt 
vet we pices tae vank ated mary OT <4: dte-aal LTO ES; 
digif oAT ieineusvinpst tao. eieom yltosxer no setter isit Iaebive 
menit ont dud jegsdaavbe bébdoeh @ af taqmytoltined: edt To osdgios 
pitie petweserr tedgid Je gaittow yd bected fo yerae off to soltertmotes 
Pi Pay egg: by : sb om: Fa ig 
enmem yf Seloet¥e od\ “1 edad ¢ 
Edw ae iver ‘Saadotede: iat si Agu ods fe 
jaeverYte deem ao To died: fevsedat: i ak bee nb beet 
ect qeewe two to enottose gaiyltrO .néids 
nen betotiece dsrwemea has nokisitsnesaes mit at we50 god if edd eterw 

“yee boat efidom arom: ‘add ke aneem Yo bots Lhe ¥Lino Laoaooe stom od 
: -wets gat 


ete gniysice Somnhe 6 : nade oth ae ER hanes 

et hawetge. 



MepRth goateteca 

Re ne eer 

fie® .€ .4 yd ‘smeandiaaie: wets WO. ‘recor ntoece eat sevig 

ee ee ee 


5 ERT Oo a aa 


me as i $2,321.76 

1 4. 26° a 1,424.94 | 
243.73 _ 

51.89 | 
541.37 | 
4 ie 786.00 | 
a $426.3 Bi 5, 369. 69 
- Man, Hous = $1.05 

= Qotobér, 1926 to June, 

$1,1 6.76 

> 700 - 

rt | 4 30 
,201.99 « 

nh epreying 


4 md. Loe if 


ees i) 
tie Bab: oie 

a shy Prac at oh a ce + Se 


(1). 3% 
at Wallace, Ideal 
out. Data whee 
stem and feet 
work on these 
form about ¢ 





-end 15.2¢ "a 




*Above costs are for a six-man crew.. Chemical cost 19¢ 3 

~ = 

Oz -- 

fon. for 



cP of 


3 % 






Labor cost 5l¢ per man spraying hour... 

a # 





} : 


8 aR RS a ee GE em, 

wens T | 



paeany berg | 

Gets FE 
oi r% 

teq &f8 teoo 

Pan a 

Summary of Work Done 

(1). During the seasons of 1924 and 1925 three one-acre plots 
at Wallace, Idaho, and five one-acre Plots at Santa, Idaho, were staked 
out. Data which were taken included height of Ribes bush, feet of live 
stem and feet of dead stem per bush. A crew of five men Carried out the 
work on these areas. Chemicals were applied (1) as a spray (2) in solid 
form about the roots and crown (3) in saturated solution Squirted on the 
soil at the base‘of the plant. A three-gallon hand-compressea sprayer 
was used and found to be satisfactory for the open type of country en- 
countered. : ° Kcepais 

(2) . During the 1926 season data were carefully taken over 411 
Plots. New chemicals were tested on an additional one-acre srea at Santa 
and fifteen acres! of R. petiolare and-G@. inermis were eradicated. This 
latter work was»done at Clarkia, Idahe, and special studies were made 
of equipment and crew working methods. A four-gallon knapsack sprayer 

was found to be most satisfactory for general crew work. 

(3). ‘Experimetital work with-new chemicals.and erey spraying 
work were kept ‘separate ‘during the 1927 field..season... Exverimental work 
was carried out at Santa, Idaho, while a large area of R. petiolare, 

G. inermis has been eradicated at Bovill, Idaho, according to our best 
working methods. _ ny mag : 

The following is a list of chemicals tested, giving name, 
formulae, concentration and comment on their effectiveness: 


aaa a 

atolg etos-enc eexdd SCL bas sail to anoaave oe et po «(f) 

bedesye eiew ,odebl ,stas? te: atole > bee bas ,dlebI ,eoalisW ta 
evil to teet ,dewd sedi to édgted Sébuloat + oxew dofdw ede@ tio 
eis tyo bettie nem evit to wets lend ioc ta teet bas mete 
htfor at (S) yatoe s as (L) botiqar etew efeoinedd .aseis esedd ao atow 
eit no bediispa acoituloe betewies at (5) swoto Sas efoot edt tod arrot 
‘toystqe beseexqméo-basd solleg-setdd 4 .taefe edt to eaad odd te Ltoe 
“ae Yitavoo to eqyd mego edt 10% Moe ic od ot agro? bas bees eaw 
iaahaasert de 

Ife t9vo neds cititiues atow etab oliiees éser oat evens (S)) ie 
sinsg je g918 etae-er0 Semoit ibbs is £0 betest ete wont -etole 
eidf .betsotbaxe’ ‘gtew atorrent 8 bos etslotteg’ .2 to getss s@ettit bas 
obsm siew aothete Isivega bus ,odabl ,s: cri @ 9c0b gew wtow tetial 
Toysi¢e Aopagent aol fegawot A .eboddem gobliow wore base dm lope to 
: wins id isteqeg es ie: snk alah “apap bed of Bavot sw 

aniyetde wot om oLakzuncis west, te L198 ind rome ms 
row fetnemitecx’’ .moeaee blelt Seer and gabreh —— scent ‘exon xzow 
.9isloiteq .f to sete sgisl g elidw ,of@hl .staee ta 
jeed “uro od pr tiigpoe age hee ie a te 

oie oti hnteed uhes todas to tobe & ab ‘sib aoe 
tsgeneytoeite et 20, nes lol 

a oT ee 

Table No. 20 

Observations of Chemicsl Action on Ribee 
—_ 1 ce Pao. cols one re 
: vane Z Formulae tration ae Remarks 
| Pe | 
Oxzeltc-acté (o00 Tminete. Has possibilities. _| 

[Manganese sulchate _MnSOg prablereuee ee | 
[Maenesivz sulphate MES 2 SSE Bao 
erate. ne | 
[tron sulphate ss =, Fe S04) 3 10% Indeterminate. 
Calcium kyechlorite  |C2(2C1)2_ | sata | 
[Caleim: cyanide | 08( C2) 2 | eS A ee es. Ue 
|copver sulphate S04 10-252 | Unfavorable. __ tet | 
[Meresric chloride eC 1-2-54_| ho: | 
[Lead acetate _ i ee Ee 
[Potassium ferrocyanide |K4¥e(C¥) eet 10-156 | " ae 
|Potassiuz cyanide [Rows 54 |_Indeterainste. | 
[Chronic acta [BetrO4 10% | Unfavorable. 

oso amet nek Ce: aa eo Bale a? Oe 
ex acid [Sr4#10% 10% | x sil 

| i | Favorable. This solu 
jused with the followi 
O41 Soav 0.1% (best). Glue 0.14. Lin- | 

bef. chlorate [NaClOg 25% seed Oil 1%. Calcium caseinate 2g. 
{Sodium chlorate and Vallos | 25% iFavorable. Not quite as good as | 
calcium chloride [cacle | 6¢é NaCl0g alone. 

[Sodium chlorate and |NaClOg | 25% 

| | 
sodium oxide Nak | Favorable. Not as good as ¥aCl0z. 
NaClog | | 

Sodium chlorate and i } 
C2H402 24 Indeterminate. Applied this year. 

acetic acid j 
* . 

ion has been | 

i ct 





Sodium chlorste and 
amxoniun chloride 

Potassiun chlorate 


Sodiwn fluoride 

Unfavorable. — 

Favorable. Frobably our best on 
G.inernis. jar a ae 

| anno ten chloride 

[wasontun carbonate 
| demnoni wan dischromate 

Indeterninate. | 

Amnoniun bromide NHgBr ( | 
Amnoniun fluoride NHgF 8-104 Favorable. Set eee = | 
Acnonium nitrate NH4NOS Lo s10=15%enUntavorable ss | 
Acmoniua persulphate NHgS20g |_ 1525 Favorable. Action ne 
Potassiua fluoride 4 Indeterninate. —_—+ 

Unfavorable. ok 

Sodium hydroxide NaOH 2-4 L ie See 

ee a ee | 

Unfavorable. a 
Sodiua dischromate ‘Wagtr207 | 454 Inde amtal: } 
zine chloride |znc1 104 ; po UENS | 
‘Aluninius sulphate a12(S04)3 $ | 

1927 Annus] Report 
wg. R. Offord 

rocks ©°teOQur bestoworking unit soefar is a crew ofssix men consisting 
of (a) a foreman who runs in string lines and blocks out the work ahead 
of the crew, makes. ud spray eolutions and keaps chemical» and equipment 
up'with the crewsand whenever possible ‘cheeks behind the crew, (b) an- 
Sksistant foreman’ who’ works right in the crew line and who supervises most 
of the actual spraying, (c) four crewmen who carry the heavy part of the 
spraying je¥) that, the ection of NeGlOg is much greatex 
gnen the Ribesr @re kept so thet ALL Gelle are in @ turgi® ¢ 

The best results to date from these experiments have been ob- 
tained by the useofse'syray solution of sodiua chlorate, Naclo3, 25% . 
by: weight, which killed 96.36 0f R. petiolare. ©» © per ay 

Fish Obl‘ soap: (0.1% of the dry weight of NeClOzi used) was found 
too be theimost satisfactory sticker.’ Sodium chlorate spray efter. drying 
on the foliage is highly inflammable. Addition of celcium chloride or 
ennonium chloride’ (25% of thesdry weight. of| N=C10g) used, ) reduces, the 
inflommebility hazard’ somewhat but partially destroys the. effectiveness 
of NaClOy as a Ribes killer. © Further consideration of this important point 

_ ts being’ given. built<and.which are n > te eno % 

eprayers. Field and laboratory experimental work is incomplete but re- 
sults appear to indicate:- 
MWSBLtsa « R. pet 

state that B. oe $101 Goncluded= from Field Experiments: : 

by méene 6f eodiua chiorete. then by mand pulling ue Le. + _ sO FUL 
etl) oreeda): that, R.opetiol sre’ can» be: killed by one application of the 
ebrey tor this. corte parts! o are will doubtless belp us in solving | 

spra ying o(2) that; Hibes of moist habitat ars: more suscepti ble than: 5 
Ribes of ary situation, but a marked dif/erence in susceptibility to.» 
MeaclOy occurs betweem R. petiolare and G. inermis which are both of damp 
habitat. 5 

(3) that, best results are obtained by applying chemicals early 
in the growing season. A period of warm dry weather with a slight fall 
of dew in the evening and early morning seems to provide ideal conditions 
for the action of the chemical. 

( Concluded from Laboratory Experiments. 

(A)ethat, absorption of the chlorate, if any, is small in mag- 
nitude and probably local in nature. 

(5) that, the amount of halogen present in Ribes tissue after 
treatment with NaCl0z is greatest under optimum conditions of moisture 
and light. This also holds good for the KBr0g.- 

(6) that, no increase is observed in the halogen content of the 

giitelenos sem <n to wets # ak tet oe tins ganhirow teod x0 
beede sow edt tuo avoold bae weeti acitde et ears ofw senet0t 2 (s) to 
daeomtinpe bae f[sotmerio sysex has encitoloe yetce cw eseclem ,weto oft to 
ae (fd) ,woto edd buided edoeda sidieeoy tevenerlw bas weto edd détw op 
teow sesivisqee ofw Bae enif wero edd ef tdait axlttow odw asmotot gneteiees 
oft to dieq yvsed ed yrteo odw memwets wet (9) »gatvetaa [estos edt to 
dof guiyerde 

-do osed eved efmemireqxe seed mott efteb of ativeet teed si? 
S88 ,p0fleH ,etet0f[do aythoe to actimfoe yetae a to oar oft wd bented 
.stslotieg .f to 8.8@ belibl doidy ,digiow yd 

basot eeaw (beer eOl0e to tdaiow yrb edd to #£.0) qeor [fo dealt 
aoiysth vette yerce otetol[do apibeo® .tedoite ytotostalies teom edi od of 
to ebitolds aytofes to molsibbA .eldsame lint yviigth et egatiot edd ao 
ait eaowbet (,bees g0l0s to ddatew ytb edd to 28S) shixolido owlnomms 
eagoevitoette eld eyots2eb ylisisieq tod isdwemoe btassd ytilidemme [tal 
jatoy ¢asditeqmi aidt to mottetsbiencs ted .1el[bi eedif sg ea ,O0[0sl to 
-1evig goied et | 

-st tod etelqsuoont ef x10w [etnemitecse yiotstedel Bas Sielt 
~:¢isotbat of tasqgs et ina 

atwemtiegxE bielt most bebsfomod — 

edt to mokteotiqgs smo yd belibl ed ago stalotieq .f ,tedt (£) 
; etieq ie tten edg of Yet7e 

nedd eldittqeoeve stom evs dadided getom to sedi ,jad? (S&S). 
of utilidivasosene al essete {Tih bediem 2 ted ,nottagtie y1bh to asd iff 
ee te dtod ete doit eimreni 2 Sas eisloigec .& seewted sisoc0 yO [dsl 

-tetided — 

 ¥tise afeotmerco saiyicas yd bentatde ate etiveet teed ,jadt (8) 

fie? tegife a dtiv sedteew yxh sisw to befteq A .coeser sniwors odd axl 
 eroitibseon [seb ebivors oft emoee geimtom fuse bus goioeve eft at web to 
-isoimedo edt to mottos edd sot 

saigemitegx® yiotetedsd moti betylon } 

~sen ot Ifema af ,yas tt .etstoldo eft to moktqroeds ,dsdd=(%) 
-eirten ai fasol yidsdewo base obstin 

 tetts evsetd sedth at daeeetc cegofed to tnwome edd ,tedd (8) 
_  stutetom to amoltibaos smmitqe tebay teeseeTg ef 30f0e% dt iw toomtsotd 
" -gOx8% edd tot boog abfod oels etdT .tdgil bas 

: ent Yo dset noo nezoled eit at hevisado al sesetomt on tend (a) 

roots after spplication of chlorste +o. the aerial parts of Ribes. 

(7) that, the aetion of NaClOz is much faster on Ribes placed 
outside in full sunlight than on greenhouse plants where a partial ex- 
clusion of the ultra-violet end of rele ‘spectrum occurs. 

(8) that, the action of MaClog is much greater on plant tissue 
when the Ribes are kent so that all éells are in 4 turgid condition. 

“=°(9)' that, action is more rapid when the chlorate is applied to 
the lower Po cmicory i then when it is bs gaat te the wEper surface. 
“yer weet 
7 as (10) that, the seakeradtion * ‘sgodiun anterave is evil to the 
Liveratioaof saapoenstesrept saat: altra-viclet ation’ of the sun. 

R. pettolare ie ore ealibestea in Tdsho with this chenical 
by crews of men provided with four-zallon knapsack ¢prayers. It is 
planned to take over moet of this work with small portable power sprayers 
which *hsve been built and which are now being tested out. See report of 
P. B. Bell for details of crew management with hand sprayers and power 

sprayers: °° 

“Results on R. petiolare are very encouraging and we can now 
state that R. petiolsre can be more cheaply and effectively eradicated 
by meane 6f sodium ‘enlorate, than by hand pulling methods. G. inermis 
still presents a problem, but a fundamental understanding of the action 
of sodium ¢hlorate on ‘Ro petiolare will doubtless help us in solving the 
G. inermis difficulty. It is expected that with the development of power 
spraying methods, will come. 2 materiel decrease in our costs per acre, 
which costs at present represent a definite saving over hand eradication 

for very ‘heavily concentrated areas. 

Wor & 98 hte werk in abs e ce hers 

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#1) @few wien were uettertences., : 5 
the see work a6 1 thé? mentors G 
forthe actions ef th rev thak 
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\G,s £08F Crey eo eI ; 226 SAL ete 
sirveying.  (Thic @ix-ans . v2! 

kaepeack ayraying. J 


- a . . re 
Laying our Area for Spray) Mg 
Ls  RAV SRE OO ee PEtt. BS 

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punaeneeriah ogg fatwa oe badd ote thiiale Ae sotdaobigen 209% 2toot 
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pen wow i 0) ahaa Home @h-gOKeR: 20! a0 kine: ail: atl: (Soro oe * 
ead I ook jeri oe tt gr ear ang ehiesae 
te ieq wees “utes che maawors toe? fh) yea losin Lerten any ‘te 
wind ine mo etre doum at pofoek to soltos one add (BO gu beexae 
+aokt Lhwee bot aed . at ets anes Ifa sedi oe hates ete ned iS edd nerw 
ie jon ape tarmtvadcre seed? wort gindh of pd ingced toed 
of un Lema at pprncanbe ‘ahi rene Goanet iain wd mphtnd should 4) we Sertad 
.soetise teqgy edd of bebkiqyeiet tf ned opih epetare-tee L, amok, oad 
' eile od ari et atstelia mirtbor to mottos otkot) “ealt>, tard 408) 
cial smelt ee noktos! te lotv~et Le sebnes mpaermnen ho ervegierrinet 
} ay te woke con eléneum Dia! yObtats 02 weaeilo? ed¢t go 
‘Sid tmantetckeld, sietens can 2c heathen apy igratal . ke. aif ‘taomics 
ga ae Meeyenge womegend! noiiing vised atte bobivo o ewer yd 
 papysuae vewog aidadueq Dieme ridin vow eitd To denm aero aah od beaneia 
to ¢vovet 998 -to betes? anied wom ete dobiw bes diied need), ip ist 
Taw OF ee hay bend Ad be eo w61o to arene tot {[fe8 .€ .f 
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—tqeen thas of tneage ad irs 
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hadeothets yleviseette, ban yt Stoo ad, ase eye felted 2 gadd eteta 
gtewent .) .ehoddem getline bosd yd ned? etstolio sutbos to ensem yd 
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oft gatvioe at ex qed 2eeltdyob Lliw gtaloijeg di ec. benolde uthor 2o 
 Yawog to tnemgoleveb odd diiw tends betoeqze e ef ai -Yilwoittib atarent .2 
ss etne teq atwos tre mf eexetaed Leivedam ¢ emog Liw .aboivem gaiyetqe 
hee soltéeibere Binet rev. decunevt od intish © dueeo1ge: toeeeta Ja -ateoo dolly 
o. apes bedarinesnea Yl iveed . yee! 

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. Tene ‘a AAs ne 
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aoe & .foemen geiwots e820 af 
¢tfiee Oe pe heery she af wah te 

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io ineds ad? Ye ecifee oe sot 
peices een) para ipag> 

i? So pedtersta ,gath dey. 
orotes #2 leaped ~iiedets Aun sind le 4 

iano hadt ly Fae ee 
sewitqy tatag 2 eer ef p0s 
Ole eft «eh Soe ehted orte 

‘oranda +) areweees vt 

tank. (§ 

large wocliek] Spaddiwe! Yor iniating solution, » ‘ini Tonner, Beng measures, 

and general> tam equi pent... petiolsare along si 

Il. Spray Used: 
(a) Block I, section 1, NaClOz 25% 


(b) Block I, section 2, NaClO,z 25% + whale oil soap 0.1% | 

(c) Block II,section 1, NaClO, 25% 4 Glue 0.1% 

(4) Block II,section 2, NaCl0z 20% 

oa "Rovill. Idaho. Upper end of 2 he ; ) 
HAM of brush. Typice f aiiu 
chemical methods. 

wot The be 1g atest ke: amnonbltes ‘ie naita ateor 
AB TEae A) : ass oa) ie a 
me ah a: 47h dhhetne 

ied ty dain: Femme atind wade 

Ais 2G Legs ew fice ae % 2 Pan Tt: BG has 7 ods ;Reate (ay rast 
” ¥ . g AG 2 7 - FS aod 1 aad cheat 

ime af agate tee ele: pede bao wth: we wed 

a &y y ‘ 
uri verge edd of be bleggegs ct mec) sate) ee tieee tee! ay or 

waxes dosecemt yasgmod bas djim® .& .€ end sew beer reyetce | 

bw Rls » plasd edited BR od-verwo a odéte ast aelleged a(%0 goitetencs 


ot qemy doenmeo ofvescd veddat s.has ef: sen 4 errant nee 

6 ve (Oe bar len tagere yasqmod & dt tae . + 992). 
sid aoe ote ah Retan there yes eee be pte lota: ae 
ponent caubbedubddinasdehdneateaes atte non den tedsc 
eg amg tana eurvermenry ‘enobiiien godxte xe a0 bbe boon. axial 

tet een @ Ne vigry vers ane eomret 
CEUMIC hate ag by Sedudeauiaies Sati! wit fet 

4 daciiibe bien ane U yergaeacdt 
RES: KeS goal yh motSoen..sT sisal (s) 

ee if is mace e Bae es, Bia Riiet) Buea lg MBs ‘Sees pee | is 4 eh gad gteda 
3.0 aon tte elects “+ RGR glidet Ss gb ai 08 hd )e ye 
Pe gir hioagaect tae el eee: Aad omit otaeneta IIlise 

pee vie as EB e Hae 20-Fiail: of mo tinee, Lk atuelibe)s . 

; ez ee a 3 yg Yo Peis) Tay Oe i ied Ry 4 Psp 2"? ae 4s eS ive ney F * 
sigs bene: ai lh. GIRS oe RO Oe eanitene th cteniital cece 
te kta as POD GRE A tapes ny te ateon hea Bese 

Rie. Sees Eee BIS Sh. 


Sah *is a ie a a Oa de og Megs 

-tise to egtedo etelqmoo ol zeaw ofw sametot (s) 

conte sametet odd yw yab dose betntoque sew ow neaat0t Saadetead (d) 
‘HES bos wots gaiyesqa ed? to emo asw oh .beomeliecxen! stew nem wexs ils 
eldiencgtet 2aw ef Jedd iasexe wore edd to atedaem tefdo as Atow omea. ent 

sew cumetot oft nedw semis grinch “ yes weto eft to emoltios edd tot 

isxdoe efd bib ceasiot tasteless end ddte ofw cam weto cot (2) 
Tot wet0 faetoltte teon edd ed of bavot saw diay oam-xte eidT) .gniyenge 

(. on tseeqned 

ato% tee® eri? wo saw meeodo sete of? piv ol Ath Yto arbloolt (s) 
wor Gmao) ,b .oK cmeD gntaued notaiW of wohseM eytl wott woetd doseltol to 
. (besobasds 



W.115. Bovill, Idaho. Alluvial valley at aouMe of 
Robs Creek. Note R. petiolare along sides of stream. 

W. 679, OTS Tdahe. Upper end of Block 2, Chemical Frail. Bete: Note 
centration of brush. Typical of alluvial bottom land that must be worked by 
chemical methods. 



a | 


-o tover the whole width tr an 

© Phe area was “blocked “oft: 1 wa tote mite Dick: by ~ adsaee strips Geghinine 
at: an colntind @hed at head of Frye Meadow and ending near Winton Camp. A 
traverse map of this free was msde. (See naps enclosed with this report). 



tare ha mor Den tiie 

fo 8) When saibiay tte ‘begin "ae tent spraying, parallel dtdins Tn "ie ‘majority 
of ‘eases were laid out approximately ‘at right “aneles to the: ‘drainage “by 
the ntoremns 2: / Mese “strips were .5 ‘chains wide “and marked by means of etring 
lines. --By pacing ‘the Tesgth of each strip was determined from which the 
Veet, was Mecano and Feserees. 

=e = . Pa x 

“otlm ‘some cases at was” inbaiit to be —_- vere et to ‘lay out rere 
parallélto°the Arainage.. This ‘was especially true when the creek cane 
quite ag find = oe gucna be we per Pee murer the work: was being 
dome.s°* er 


li S€ 

v. Hanading U Prange over rie. 

(a) Prebininary preparations.’ While the parallel ‘strivs were being 
lat@ out; the crew prepared ‘solution for spraying, repaired any defective 
ee = amare men yes a ky pian! for actual Seraying 

“The adit eit ab dovanrity nad’ to be ate ‘up near hie creek, ‘aha 
epreying on me “abe eih Meng veut bei ae creek. © 

1% a , w a he ehiLs & 


(b) The = were filled with reid by means of a gallon measure 
and a funnel. Im this way, the solution was measured as the tanks were 
filled. The solution was #11 strained through 5 double thickness of 
cheesecloth during this same process. 

{2} Rec e028 the fr reuse ; 5 d ~ Sar : ay #7 
to(e¢) Spraying was Aonieuwi tp a Pive-anes crew moving abreast taking the 
width of one strip (.5 chain). ‘Thus esch man was responsible for e strip 
less than seven feet wide or three and one half feet on each side of him. 
With this width of a strip he could Vhereugny spray 2 or leaf and stem 
of she Deter of ae ‘eres. : 


or Tift tor epivesniiera Cal: of” Ribew ona’ i Vengtn or $tHp allowed, the crew 
tried to make one complete round (two strips) before refilling tanks. 
Otherwise the crew eprayed until their solution was nearly gone. %n leav- 
ing a strip’ te refill, they generally stopved spraying at a plece which 
formed. a natural Dolund ary so thet ‘they dia not: miss any Ribes when they 

Heterds were kept ‘er DS y | c : 

“cif, due to varying Abies eee of Rives on different parts of the 
strip being sprayed, one man ran out of spray before the rest, the other 
men would each take a little wider hia aad go 8 little Slower in order 

Traile along 

indispensable ie or ti we 

considerable time fo. 

gninatged acixte esgqmos yd exooid ofim S\f at Tho bedoold asw sets oft 
4 .ame) sof¢atW reen gatbae bas woheeM eytl to beam te berls sof bio as ts 
.(ttoqet aidd déiw besefone eqn ee2) .sbem eaw sete aidt to gem eatevett 


ns ag 
a 7 4 

usisotem edt at aqitée felfeisq ,gniysige lestos aiged ot ybser aedW (d) 

yd egsaterb odd of selgns ddgit ts yleismixotags two biel etew eeseo to 

aeiata to eneen yd bextism bas ebiw eatedo &. otew aqitte exedT .asmetot orit 

ett dotdw mott benteretebh saw qitde dose to dégnel edt gutosaq yl .aeatl 
.bobtopet bas bedrqmes asw SgeeTos 

egitde tro yal ot tneinevaoo Stom od ot bavot sew di eoeso omoe al 
emeo seoto odt nefw exit ylisioeqes esw eid? .egenteth odt o¢ Leoliertseq 

gated eew wrow edd doidw mott absot to sents yisbrusod eft of seols otiup 

;gouk zsvo tio got lboell Vv 

gited stew eqitde lellets¢ odd elidk# .enoltieisqetq yisatmtferd (s) 
evijoeteh yrs beotleget ,gniyseitqe <o% noléyfoe bereqertg wets oft tro biel 
-gaiystqe [eedos 10l Yisseesen vinemtestbe tedto ye obam bas ,toomg tops 

- yftaexpeanoo ,ziseto edd isen ay sbem ed of bad yLinseesoon mottuloe off 

tees eft te orged saw aqinte edt ao gaiyezqe 

euesom moffey s to easem yd noltuloe détw belitt etow etast ofT (d) 
etsy exact edt as betsseom asw sotinfor edd ,ysw pid? ol -.fennut s bas 
to saentoidd ofdsob a dayotld benisida ile esw soféefoe ofT .belLlt 
segenotg seme sid aniteh dioloesesdo 

edd sailed ¢esetde gaivom wots asm-evit s Aviv asob eaw gatyeqe@ (o) 
qiite « tot eldienoqest sew asa dose awit .(atadto &.) gitde emo to dtbiw 
mitt %o ebte dowe mo ¢oet Pied oso bas sett to ehiw geet mevee asd? seel 
sete an teeit dose ystoe yldawotod? Sisco sd qitte s to dtbhiw aids ad iw 
pets eid to eetlesd eodtf odd to 

weto oft ,bewolle qitte to dégael Sue gedit to noigertneonoo edd tI 
-giged gatiftte: oteted (agitate ows) bewrot eteiqmon emo sism of beltd 
-veef a0 .en0g yftsen eew motinloe tledd Iktngs beyetca weis oft ee iwreddO 
dsitw eoeio a ds gaiystqe becqote yiferenea yous ,[iftet ot qitée a gat 

yet ses eedif yas selm gon Sth yodt tedt og yrebssed femisa © beatot 

adi to séteq ¢uersttih mo esdif to acottertasomes aniytevy ot anh Fs 9 
zedto add ,teet adt eroted yet¢e to dro ast asm 9f0" beyetqe gated gitde 
sebio at tewole efftii s og bus qivte tebiw efgiti a sist dose bivow sem 

ai i A tn aR alle 

“Yo cover the whole width of the strip. This enabled the epraying line 
to keep moving forward while he returned to the filling station to get 
_more SPI day PRM 

If two or more men ran out of solution Wefore the rest, ft was 
“found preferable to lieve the whole crew return and refill, or for those 
“not ‘out of solution to remain where they were until the rest returned. 
“In this way, there was no eet hes as to which bushes had been 
| Sprayed mee had not. 

*“°=y spraying it was found best Pedeiy very nearly a straight line 
sere te: ‘even st the cost of one man having to be idle while waiting 
for the rest to catch up. For if one man left his place to help some- 

_ one. else in his territory, the one being helped often would think the 
other person had sprayed a certain portion of a large clump and would 
leave it. aye eae In this way, it was found that the Ribes were not 
_alh sprayed. gs Sa Ere ees ‘ 

it a TD tn htt ch 

It has been found unnecessary and impractical to have the crew 
foreman checking behind the crew all of the time. Yor the first few / 
see until each member of the Crew became very familisr with esch species | 

thes present, the foreman checked very closely on most of the strips 
etene. but after they had developed an eye for Ribes, the foreman did 
‘not ‘have to check more than one-eighth of the time. Checking by the 
“foreman at all times was impractical: | 

(1) Becstise the distance between men was not so great but what 
: “air Ribes were readily seen even in very thick brush.” 

amy ay Because the foreman ‘Imocked more oF less of the spray from 
“the Ribes thus decreasing the efficiency of the spray. 

(3) Because the foreman’s time was needed for other work. 

The only need for checking by the foreman was to see that the men 

did not become careless in spraying too heavily, thus wasting solution, 
0 Cite spraying too lightly, thus getting 2 poor kill. 
oad Turing the time thus given to the foreman he was keeping recoris, 
cuttin, trails, mixing solutions, keeping up the supply of dry chemi- 
‘eal, ng filling stations, and laying out strips. 
 “SReeoras were kept on reguler Daily Crew Record forms for Chemical 
Eradication... Besides this, notes were taken on any special difficul- 
_ ties RE and elso on method Buggestions offered by the crew. 

 @rsi1s Along the creek ond from roads to creek were found to be 
indispensable. Most of these were made by the foreman. Trails saved 
_ consid erable time for the crew men on ‘coming back to refill tanks and 


enil aniyeras edd beldsns aide -(fute edd te dobiw eforw ote x01 a, oat 

. cht os hit capacecagiect oie oan bemigter ed of idw brswse%: patvom geet of 
fe etheew egs the Peatetia Pt _ vas obte Leto omont 
+ She 2B i ceme apvematy Bee ober ie Hea. ss fla ie eora iG *eyva'tt 
“aaw ‘cy deet, odd ‘oxeted para Poo to iso set nem oton 10 od TI 
oy » e083, 19% 10.4 Lider, bee: miter were, o Lode ect eved. o¢ efdaretesc’ favo? 
ie bent et, deo, ets Lid aur, eter. Yods, otedw, siamet od molitetoa: te, trenton o | 
me te" hii pacteress Sette od. 2g: gatbuederohovstm, om gen, ovedd) .voroatdd) whi) 
pgweeh aoe ciate doses To SS 2 
hob rooet boa hoirieme saw oBeetes 
exif tdgtettea s yitsea ytev qeet of teed barot ean th antysiae al 
gatdiew,oLidw rolls ed) od. gadved,comone Xo, droge gd? de, Mewes gods smrrot 
~an93 gigd.,o8 eal, etd. ste 1 sem,en0 Qdy TOE? Ceotladen oF spot) odd [Tot « 
gd} Jatdd bigow gedto-bogied gaied eno, edd: yredinset-atd steele eadiy 
bfivow bas garle egiel « to soitieg aisiteo & beystge bed moeteq t9dteos 
“3 don etew asdih edd gedit bawet eaw ff , yaw ane al .beysideay ti oveel 
‘ee eed, seve 2 aBeyerqeo dis -¥ 

_ wet odd ovad, ot. feoitessanl, baa vissresenan:, -pusot seed sed 31s 
sa ‘wot detid ods 19%. .omkd odds to. Le .wors. edt. beided gabioeds a 
&: -asiogae sone Stew ousdlime? ysev eagoed weso old. To. tedmon deeg:iitasoaysdy 
 agiade edé to deom mo yfosofo yrev bealoedo aemerot ed ,jnegetq eed ii To 
«Bib gemgiot.edd ,2ed la tct,eye ae -begoleveb bed. “yes sod te stud», beatton 
aft yd gnbloed® .omtt odd. te slddgte-eap sede, eo ton losds ot -event dom: 
t[esitoeiqmi eaw vomit [fe ta aamertot 

te helire «ten eduald oT {¢d) 

iy i % is 

deine ysev al aeve 99° ebthennowonn: owed Lh hig 
hay 2 OR QRH Gitte WRX if GES é o [SSeean ib 
mort eras eit to see to stom hedonadl nemetot edd coil (s) 
; osexge etd to wanders aa nap aresges apelgre 
vie ge Sah 76 Py 
ee A508, -aslto so bebess 260 utd, atucmere? a sesraned (ahecs vawl 
ae ‘ be @ fag ve o 
| eat eds jad sen et et gneiecot ont ud peg “ an amaatlt ° Gy te 
ttokinlos snttesw avid ,yliveed oof gaiystde si seefetso smosed fon bib 
7 ‘ Litt root s aaltieg ends i ae vieingencapting ft 10 
we af belts 
abtqnet acineed aa 9, od. cameo? arid ob sean. stallc tenth il gates eiets 0 
~imedo a to fess ent cm gait 
Pe re es | too gutyel bag. ~enottate git it gaivam jleoe? 
eae herrged et 
faofmet tot getet Broosil werd ylied teleget a6 toot exew sbioosedl 
~inoitthbh Igiseqs yas ao somes oxen eaten gatdlit gebieet iihiew 
a#eT2 OFF, ‘A aieivsiting ciation seaamneh acta eer ith phrusqotie Rats. « 

; We ty ae 2 Lie 1 a Hae Hse 'S; ae mei ef 
‘oe ‘od bayet stow ih iol of ehaox on bate xeors eft gnole alietT 

Beves aliet? .oametot ed? yd Shem otew ssedt to sacl .ofdeanegqe tbat 
ime saimed [Lites of toed grimos ao nem wets - ‘tot sutt eidatebtesos — 

odssie bed tarts 08. toa: poe os namcuamaliad eons 2 Lb and eeseood > ad" 6 bea 

acoitalon. gcixhe yaliert gabttcoo! 


ay pe eee eee 

ee ee 


e/ Ss = 

1 an ‘pattie the ary cease Nai ‘the raaing station 
of mixing AD Sia wes. 2s follows: | “Bwo. coper bo! 
ms each, 2nd 1 waghtub, capacity 16 Choe. 2 used. 
dé fog in petits os “Yor weighing it was at most. 
’ zed bucket and.  50-pound capacity. ag 

on xe nveaient neunge carrying it- ho 

LI ing poo taal One 32-pound lot: as Bumped inte each boiler and — 

. one )f water added aga % roughly stiz with large wooden = 
the ¢ “was uséd, the NaGl0= took some 

Papppunes. by continual sti pe 

— Ry 




a filling stittion pd fined | as that plete wicusn for the mixing iz: 
sbi and | hence the p } 

x tanks were ‘brought to be refilled. 
lay re: ites ea r 
The foreman while cutting trails selected places along the creek y 
most convenient to the area being sprayed so that the least possible aq 

tne tbhas ng station when their tenks were empty. | These filling ataties ns 

"were located on an average © “about 3 chains apart alonz the creck.” Tt 

“gas nécéseary’ for the foreman to watch the sPraying and to detérmine how 
much solution would be necessary to spray all Ribes half way to the next 
filling station. As soon as enough solution was mixed at that. station 

4 and one container was emptied, it was taken to the next station where 

\ more spray was mixed up. In this way a negligible amount of time was 

' Ryage a from pee. eeyos time for the moving of equipment “shank one sta- 

-- n ti ther. . 

ves ee hair's nothoa for. ‘laying out the area was eae in section 
*. IV of thie report. 

a he - 
ah b 5 seas, 

¥ out he ‘bind therein di cribed a compass was uced to get 
5 agi nearly parallel 2s possible. © Foreman laid out enough 
inés shead of the erew to keep a ge y one- 
“In this way, the crew did not)have ) area to be 
at the t eth of the 

x rata 
b S anni 
tng: a Tide asll toe if ie-idee,ghich. Malden, this 

sa © the sides can be: remoyed by some different method 
uch as used on ae year's tank. : 


ri te 1 ark 
ha ee et. 
he MR 


es. sugeested a vila of canvas mignt be lsced tightly 
mea thus formi cushion so that the tank will ride 
24 ¥ . ‘\ . 




er ee L ay aaa 1 Aik 
a 2 ai Lane 
y f 

are sohtats anti? edt oF, Apo timers - ot. sition a sali t 

‘etottod ieqcéo oe “tewolrot as “aaw “snoltwfon ge. x, d 
-beay orew ,emolleg Sf yi tosqes .dutieew I bas a eco og 
seom Meds ase ot. anid tox + 
iad ‘ gure pny iS bas. 
od VE ar Fa to wm 
“bea ISTiod does odat bea aw SS ott 
rehoow egital réikw beatitea bai bos bebbs 
gmoa toot 201s edd ,beay aew.sleo xt 
‘goitiife: Lena 34 09 va ca it ted pt ie sr ie 

adh ae a Stale. ‘yotis A199 ake at : ' Bt . 

gs * rors ia8d 

0. (iit. ah ‘2% ‘babe’ peste dand ed peg i esta ai cot 
-belfitet ed of tiguord stew eslasd end pias: orld Hehe 

Heer. edt es pone fg betes fea 
8 eidtceog Jas fh Tedd o8 hey 
he ioad griifevert “acts ane 1 Big! 
enolies @, gait ' 
Ft 2 gets folk Pek he Pe 
wot enterredsh of bas yalyetas ot Agts ) 
éxen odd od Yow tied eed if yo yetis 
ahitete jedd te bex aa 
eredy fottads | hat ef 

caw omit to trom a Faas 2 Year | ‘ ct th 
-ete 90 att dnemminpe to bathe oad a pling x nig 

nottees of heditoeeb. a sat tro ‘ana, ve ttn 7 

od of gars edt 10% tise, of pg ¢ no" 
ods to dégnul ont .stoold geile » fe ae t 
 aontt ‘grinds ond giivel oftiw y 

cao ise 

‘Jremg hug 

* aif ‘ab Lod dlp thie asre: ott” St 662" ty . 
hordde doexsttib omoe wie Sirol od a8 | es 

rir | 

a a) 

visita td heasl od tga gewndo % rs net 4, 
ebin Iftvw dans edd Gadd og aot ews 8 gat bar 

Bovill, Idaho 


W.693. The start of the day's work. Removing chemical from kegs, weighing it. 

Y sew a) = Ve 4 
Charging chemical intc 




672. The crew loading up with a charge of chemi 

687. Another view of the crew at work. 

easier on the back. 

ool ec)’ The ‘shoulder strep rihgs on the bottom of the tanks should 
be set farther apart. 4 ; as 

copper wash } : » wetwenteed tut 
est )e Saal ter straps” eno. ve wadeins WER 
the mans nee B. Horkin Plan Used With Fowsr Equipment 
¥ Za uinment Jeet: cay ee J 
~ &) ere De 

rea to »41)oPaetfic ahitie? peapsee genet sbeee oa rabaaler_9: Poet r= 
aed ‘one ‘cylinder gésoline motor, mounted on a base with a standard 
Srarterter, type A, a. ore. single stage pump, of bronze construction. 

helpe » Thee eget! cent aad mbGated overhead ‘and the ary cell batteries 
were pane a 5 separate box. The pump was equipped with an adjustable by- 
pass incorder’to°equalize the pressure regardless” of the nunber of 
nozzles which were anen The pressure was maintained between 75 and 

90 poundse ot 85 9 

) fhe whole unt mT, the ‘battery weighed a teeete bear’ 
cittprpeants! power 

(2) THe Rédé Sudper was 4 modi ffestion of the Ross Fire- 
fighter; and consisted of 4 4-horsépdwer, 2-cylinter, ‘thernosyshon 
cooled, gasoline motor mdunted on 4 Base with as ‘specially destened 
double stage gear tuud of moel mets! construction. — 

The battery wae a standard? 6 “volt water-proof, dry-cell, 
concealed with the ges tank in the base which is of light but strong 
metal construction. © °°" 
awn up against 4 ‘uture <cablantl on 

The Pump was equipped with an adjustable by-pass so that a 
constant pressure between 175 and 200 pounds was maintained. The weight 
of this unit was 8 pounds weeeoe: 

(bd) Metho ie: y é 

(b) Other ogtment 


> - : n 
“YY BY > 

ft. : 1% 7 tus) . 

9 the “witty feet of ” siesivy Civile tie: Una? was found to be in- 
adequate to handle pressures obtsined by the Ross Pumper). One hundred 
feet of 1" pressure rubber hose. — (this whe found to be too cumbersome 
and unnetessary even for main line). One hundred feet of 1/2" pressure 
rubber hose which was used in all later experiments as main line. Three 
hundred feet of 3/8” and 100 feet’ of 1/4" pressare rubber hose which was 

used” ag Latersl's in’ four sections, 200 Teet to the section with » nozzle | 

on’ the”'end of each section: ~~ ©” 
ne into 3/4 chains st: areliel to t é 
ores: = The nozzles first used were Vermorel type of spray nozzle, but 
later was exchanged for » combination of that type and the extensions 

hivode einsd eft to mottod edd ne agaist qatie tebisode od? (a) AS 
nance .t1sce teddist dee ad 

% Ly) 

.teblw slitiif s ed Sivede dati toh erode (b) Wis 
| sSromgptun® stewed dt iW bosU as lt ye tasol as ’ 
| | | :besU nos ! 

| -ereqeyt (c) 
tie , UH-S\E efo to betatenco seqauq enitem oitises (I) : 

.. «Bteboede « dt lw eesd & no hetovom ,totom enifloasg teboilya eno _befoos 
a  .moktowttencs esnotd to ,qarg egete sigaie @&SY aot ,A ecysd tetrobtedO ye 

 getystted [leo yb eft bas beedtevo bedavom esw inst seg oct 
-yd eidetestbe se dtiw beqginpe ssw qmrg edt .xod sfaitsqee e at e1ew 
to tedosa edt to ansibitagzet e1veesig eft esiieupe of tebto ai 2eeq 

Bae QS meewied beaisdnism eaw eweeetg edt -neqo etew dotdw eolsson 
-abosrog O02 

sevo atti! s berigtew yredisd ond gitbyfoat tins eLodw edT ; 
; -ebosvog yttit 

_eif% se08 edd Yo moltteoitibom s saw teqmurg eeof oft (S) 
sodcryeouteds ,tebatfyo-S  teworseton-b e to betefenos bas ,tetdgit 
bergteeb yiletoeqa’ s détw eged s mo bodnvom totom entlozeg ,bsfoos 

wnottosttacoo fetem fenmom to cag tae3 esate efduob 

 tfeo-yrb ,toorq—tetew jfov 8 Syebaste o asw ytedded oct . : 
grotde tud tgif to el fotdw saad eft at Yast asg odd dilw delssoaoo — | 
-moisouitenco Isdem if 

Z s gad? om sxsa-yd eTdeten(be a8 ddiw becaliups ae7 easy ght s 
sia tew ent -bonicdrtam eaw ebavog OOS baa OT! seeeted siseest] dastenoo » 
a .eselomen ebaved 3@ ecw tiny aint to . . 

tasmibepe ‘seagO id ) 

~~ =t of of bavot saw stdT) .eeod eavaso yvaed “fF to soot xITlE a eo ch ln 
 perbascd onO . (xoqnerg acd edt yd bentetdo getwaezets eibasd of stems : 
_ emoetsdaaro oot ed of bavot sae alist) .egod teddw1 otreeets “{ to | ast 4 
 eugexote "S\{ to dest betbaud oad (omit @iam tot meve yteasenecay bas 4 
ta mt boow 8m aecdet 

HE 2 ‘ , . 

>. sett vantl otem es etnemitegze tedel if 
gam dotrlw secd teddyt o1mseetd WD\L to se 
Exson s dtiw moitoea edd of Soot OOL ,am0 

dad .eiszon yetor to eqyt feromre stow re! 
soageotenedzxe enff bas eqys add to coltentds 

rn rtm, 
peace OA ah ~~, 

ies CALI ieee Sala salaie abateion ionatteniocionmenn aan 

—————ae 5 
er wash boilers, one ccidemiead tub, pails gable 
cery-for handling tae power equirment made 

equipment. | 

Two co 
measures, and too 
the balance of t 

and nozzles used in hend spraying. Creek | 
on eee 

nr nent nario tment hatatirensnhawesciesetieni 3 ~--—} | 

used for these experiments was water. 

II. The spr 

Ill. Personnel of} Unit: tae Ai a % SF TRE Sr 
‘ 1 

(a) The foreman aaa het Laid out the | 
area to be spray a Peed sae ines straight and move equip- 

ment, and kept r 

ES ee Oe a, ae 
-() The mechanic ran the motors, kept the tank filled with spray, 
‘helped move yoni and pick sites for pamping stations. 

‘(o) Four crew men “aia atu sproying oad helped move equipment. 

, per ad a), thd plate’ on Merry Creek, Clarkia, Idaho, were chosen for te 
L PUP AP TAG for the following reagons:.... ... 

pe has ies) ) the ‘firet. ‘two. blocks had ‘been sprayed with hand. sprayers 
» year before and interesting as well as valuable comparisons could 
be made. The chemical that had been used the yeer before had not been 
effective enough to make any Al Sfarenge in the actual spraying data. 

<* t “ 

oS” (aa Goad facilities were available for meals and lodging. 

(3) ..This area was about as difficult as any thet will be 
vette gereeg COP SAR eradication. 8 
a This. area had already been blocked off in 1/8 mile blocks. 

t 6 ‘oat 

(b) Waiheda used for laying out strips: . 

in aye bs Paw rallel. strips 50 ft. wide sere laid out perpendicular 
‘to om de = the foreman, wins strings as, boundaries. 
ve ¢) be? ¢ 

ing peodn am \ re. dust. a, narrom strip ‘along the creek had te he sprayed 
the ‘strips war laid parallel to the creak... . 

niegn ? aL , 
ee ey, “— wider drainages the best systen of laying out area was 

he ou Pee asad work at Clarkia, Idaho. This consists of lay- 
Ret bya tg ains ad perpendicular to the drainage, then sub-divid- 

nto “3/4 chains strips parallel to the creek as in the following dice 
pis th 

ri aaey ate fo notes i 
és wets he sits 2d Bh Le + gnlxetge . bess ab ey 

. + any Cacia ‘ton: od 
aolfeg ,alieq ,dod bos tus leg eso ,waeltod drew xeqqoo ow? 

abem $meme tarpe TON wet guilbasd tot yacnesoen alood bne | eetwesen 
—e oe to eonstied arid 

Rein, 34 ee PARED: re 
‘din to. aucon 79% rit 

ey cea ig 69 

att tivo biel ents hie: 4 ba efodw to egteds at esw- eases on? (2) 
~gieps evom bre. ndvplenem vont Ons O80: ee ,beystce ed ot sets 
4 1¢ Sadarom ~Totom onl l oeebteget Iget bas, ,d hear 
ae) fe me eye a & oy a eta out sd 0 

yesge dd bw eis Sane we ‘dqed rykeree oat net otnedoem eT @) 
' 2 ie id poigawg ict, paisa: Meee ee tnenqinps, 6vem beq fed 

nb se ag te 206 of etages & ut SrDH 
tonal ‘oom, Babes. bag. casepeenenee b1b, oom vera, woll: ipa mend 
S2e%G of OTe BPiew dside asiIseoe 

eidt x9 sonods otgw.,odehl ,sifrelo, .A9es9) abiox: ae alii: eat (2) 
“tenorset yaiwollot edt tot saiysice towed Iataeutier%e” 

ouoystge basd dt tw beystge, seed had axloold. ows, sexta edly (1) 

bisoo acceltsqmes elvexisy ea Ilow es.gaidsetoink bas, etoted.tgey sd) 
seed gon bad ototed rsey.odd beay. peed .bad. ied? l[eoimedo, ed, «sebemiods 
 .eteb sniyerge Leutog ,odd..ak aoneteii th. yaa sacm ot tgvene,evidostie! 

-peighol baw ofaat tot hilt sadi _ noiti tina, Hood.4 (8) 
tf wned sey, oo Bo fu Pe levoroo 
ad ftie deat {an 26 . diva ittin’ ee aa ‘she sete eldPishS)oarce odow 
ager 6 sigtot mt singe Cia “part 
POs £8 awe BY 
eloold atin ar ‘ak tte Seige ld. geed voeetde ‘a sors eit. ob) tantasoe 
#2 Yo 
reqinds t06 yp oa, 0} boew abodton te & 
vp gee od) 
iss ps shall tyvo biel sien ebiw .¢% OG agqizte a (r) ( 
_ «aatusbayod 2 santtie arian, shins odd iW wane ark: ‘eid of 

ud bax kadde, series a ths pial pele 
bows od ot. bed ieere orld banal ‘gitte ro tse saat ‘oxen. ah ve |  doat 
| bona 99 ah Cate xq biel o7em 4 * 

’ nd pos pene ooh Pls pendant | 
BP 4 cote tre siti 30 soi odd, sateth tobi hes orcad 
im ‘to steiagoo pint line de stom to yal ant edt, dri, heat: 
tvid-die aed? ,eganietd of telvotinegreq ebiw, eateds & aotita ho 
1 a —— efit xt sa dgeto odd of lett. agt ts “amt tedo A\E ofmt gat 

a +20 4 ferega wise Daae gest, gn {axon acy et! 
al dnd: PROM TS Si pest oo, seat ie: need faxe ee eau 

tfter the crew mee bad & praye oe Fay ae Cis hoes Thi 
allow on thre shrine, they whet thes 
venient for aii, —— = 
let the golution rr. f 
wes, that pqs 
eprayec.. Then, the. qh 
gtrips anéd the procass 

« § ” 
-~ | Th, a 2 ts 
Ld) Wen Strap" 

she procequr 
portion, of this repart, 
the stream.sand,instded o 
working away from it; 

¥. ¥. Hondling Unit ov over Area: Oe erg 
rips are laid 1 out -verpendieut<t to ‘the Arsinege!~ a 

aie a 2 ae 
Pa nesta 

Pee teh En an ay a or eT ee ne —{_p——— 

eth, Sf dai station was eet up on the ereek near the Beater 


boundary dividing two strips. fhe foremen laid out 100 ft. of main 
! ine placing the "Tf in the center of strip No- 1, 
& Phisie ttl of lateral rose to the’ '% anere 
ed on. iad a” 1A" W tHe 994” the erew wen took their 
ethes a L where they begta’ praying sfter the 
son's RAS Gne Ln TERA neal Bnd had begun the 

Wei fied th 


math; aa opts | DIO Ans Vo, ‘hat oid ed his hove Line 
afte Ata Fem dtop a ew? “™ but continued until the extres- 

ity nt the strip or the end of t joes line h had been reache?. 

‘he creq a: hi of na abredsst-in line forne- 
tion as th }-brush condi tic ne erat t,- and since the Bt¥ins_#sere 

Laid out about ns 7s Ade, each man wae responsible for 
at of | eis ae 2 beén Menened, the crew foreman 

about 6 f -on_dtion s140-< et een = 
Se aA ae a 
ee a 
signal ed tt ok mechanic oh ‘etopoed the puuper. The foreaan then un- 
couwled the laterals and moved the ~?" to center of strip No. 2 which 
wae worked) In the sane canner ae etMiy Woo 1S) In this way, 2 *trins 
were gprayea before the engine had to be moved. ‘then the strine were 

short, th ikke “worked before moving the engine. Since only 10° 
feet of main line were avaliable, it is obvious that the longest atrip 
whieh weuil > worked y thie eyetes was 200 fcet. 

Wa ong dpe than thin. a relaying systen was used which 

4¢ an follow: 


I el 

now Senee Dae, seer 

4 adoad oe \nereten " 
f? %0 eoue.tnd -, 

Ser rota sad 
4 a ‘. P ger OS ee ” 7 bf ty if J be sa 
ted die i an peli nial Ned, NS a et Bie 

somata gf telvtteoren fey bin one ae ne ri = 

retee edd tase deers als no a den: e8H rolgeda ae VAD 
fiew ‘to .8% OOF gwe bial annie? e828 ote'e 

4 -08 oPide to tetmeo edi at “T" oft yatoe fr on iuere . grt 
Is oibite SES oF Shen | ‘tetera t “$q° say OOD at ditgody r eats 
; ciadd Hood cea Sr mig eee leas peo Tgs peng bony : 

ge tadts atiqeauge neged yods_ oa alee t2 of Suveedul cre 
way cote Bae” tad et ti Baad Retss ines iodide akon 

SET oie RW Hi ei RELA OM Sy on rot ei, 

Na Be lee ae Breed ONS ee Lae Pearle a hE wong bem ad” - ert 

ant fo ha  entee err ctw Sa P gad ! hatte athe osagguoriivet oe: 

ond Itdew bommi¢nen tnd T" and ta ode oH mit todo 
hatte +t” Head hed oa ff ‘Séod ‘eats Yo® ‘bras 90 cto aga odd fe) at 

— oarT ont Pets YHeen ee’ “ted-v6e” A ag e jo ia 
: ow acindge edd sonts has 40d Bigow gito #2 169° ae W ike ey x 
ve 9d fesenaon men ie Asm av.) foot | ‘{  tarode deo biel = 
| 6 abe bw do scl veer : juods Es iy 

— y 


moses? wei ad? ,hetosen ‘Heed? hail "318d de” ‘+6 hi 

“Hes oat mem tot sek? -togamg en? a . 

dete Ole 6 F4en Fe Tetted of neil 
aginds 2? yaw Wie at ° Pi ee @ 
whe eqliie att nest shavow 

ROT eho oat? ee Ratio at ptt se ite t 
‘a ettte desysol edt gadd wre et Oda. 
| Y" 0 
oes ae 
“ts hile Bait in = ew aktye ror 1a ane 

RE ee uz Gia | bas 


After the crew men had sprayed as far as the hose lines would 
allow, on thru strips,, they. brought. their nozzles together st = place con- 
venient for all to, reach where, they took the: nozzles off the lines nd 
let. the solution. run,into.tubs.| When the tubs were filled, the enzine 
was, moved, to that point from, which the: rest of the three etrips were then 
spreyed.. Then the. engine. wasimoyed backytbythe creek on the next three 
strips and the process repeated. 

1 When strips are laid parallel»to arainace: 

“The procedure wee very similar.te that followed in) the preceding 
portion. of this report,,except that.the hose lines were laid parallel to 
the stream and Anstead of beginning spraying at station (S$ in diagram) and 
working away from it, the lines were laid out full length from the station 

oe reo , ig 
—— a i arr ll — 
i ral oe 

on one side, where spreying was. begun and everything sprayed up’ to the sta- 
tion. Then the main line. was moved to. the other site: and spraying begun 
at the station and continued until the ends of the hose lines were reached. 
In this, way, a.meximun strip.of 700, length could be epreyed with= 
out changing filling stations. 

(c) When on “wider drainages, 2 combination of the two forezoing 
methods is used... “aten, 

Afvow seail enod eft es tat ae beyo tre bel mem wet odd 19d TA 
-0o eosig a ta tedtogoh eefkxom tiedd deigvowd yedd ,eqitie writ ao sidhte 
has eontl std 9%o-2elsson-ets soot ‘Vets: esi ions” ‘0? Ile tot taotnov 
guigee ait ,ballit etew odet ont sedW ,edet ofat owt sottwlos ext tol 
sedt anew agitie penid-—ods--to- aos ond do istw aiort datog tads of bovom asw 
aoult dxenm off no desis oft of doed bevom eaw aaigos edd aed? .beyetqe 
i co heatseaget eseoory edd hte saiide 

onan texb ot \tettonag biel ow paitta senw (d) 

sotheoeny afd of bewollot isdd of nafimte YISv sew ‘exubodoia edt 

ot fel leteq igen oer venti sxort- alt tedt tqeoxs jiteget ald? to nolitog 
Soa (mmtysio al 3) erottadw ts, ariystoe gitluatged to bepteat bae morte. orld 
sottste edt mort déquet Lint évo-bisl-exew-eontl-ofd- ti mott yYsws goiltow 

FA ee, cae [Suen dae oe) ome, 


= = ea 

~dn of of om beyruge geiddyiove bas auged asm: guiyerqa otedty ebte ‘gto 0 
rege? aviyetae bee obta redo ofid of bevom sey sail nism edt sod? -stokd 
-bovisess a%ew. ventl esod eft to abom,odt Litew beontiaos bas notteds ent te 
oftiw teyetes od. tives signet ai toot ON to qinte soutzem 2 4 YER a idt at 
-enottete galllit: grigasdo ‘to 

gutosetet owd ant to sottanidmog.e , * ohio rehLwW 20 se0W (a) 

-bees at ahodiem 

A = : Var’ ia Te et 

“Whe area was Laid out in strips a8 diagramed and the punp- 
ing stebjonebened ete Paivety: two large areas. The hose lines were laid 
out as position y indicates. Spraying was begun at the station and 
conti to.the end.of strip 1,. then the,bose lines were moved to po- : 
sition 2), in.strip.2.. 4 fter. spraying that, strip. the hose lines wére 
moved to positions ( (3) ‘an 4 (4) successively. 

or, ok the equipment used last ficla season, two Strine fod 


the creek were all that could be worked in that manner, but it is obvious ; 
that if, 500 feet. ofmain.hose d, 8 or 9 strips from the creek I 
could be sprayed without areata eae water. There are very few drain- 1] 
sages where, Ribes, are very.concentrated, that could not be reached, with 
that: length, of main line. ) 

(a)) sail seats stendarttzetanict sowhing. on, the pump as well as on 
Ue Hees: AARORendency to take more cate because e remy 

(»)) An- shai f be mon, Fon use aps, be a. PS T reducing 
from Adana AdAPrive to vse uw solution. 

(@) An Amproved nozzle should be light, strong, fitted with a trigger 
valve, and 24". extension. Nozzle should have a finer hole. ~~ | 

* ie _ aad aie a stretcher should be made for carrying pumping units. | 
CO we | 
cle "Cay ‘Subst tantial tool box be made with handles for panini | 

‘s) The territory bo 
+» Man hose Line, be hose. put ao. {2 100" Wengene: "° | 
hi ah i w a f é 0 
Ae) LatersLe ‘should be. 2". ‘hese. af 100! length.’ 

wai og Mien 

oad sey “bereen for. Antake hose. is necessary. 

"aoe Gy" Motor “shoula ‘ps about 3°H°8. air-cooled. if aebartié: 
443) Ple 

Bact (3) Battery rts gas, tenk should. be enteelie ‘tn the base. 

wi th rt 
(e k) fr eath: be “double. stage. 

ay" eas’ Paxiasteckt’ “should be placed in A’more’ Céivenient position than 
that on the Ross. BaEROE ‘ ‘ 

: : 

oT ay \ are 7 ¥ Ye om. : 2 
‘1a A. thistle needed. for signaling. a P03 on ‘ 
C. Comparison of Hand Spraying and Power Spraying 

Ia Points in favor of hand spraying. 

qq edt hae fonetge thts: cngixde nt dro ince aa | 
dial -wyew sentl geod est -saeots -egrel owt Peake sdof mot 
hae nobinds edt te ceed wae grtyen¢?  ivédeo tint (1) mofe! 

| 80 0h hevom ete nentl eved oft mont , I qhte "Fo bine oft oF 
otpn. nana ee 00k att isp dunce ao hystoa +: Pcaceace iad ae 
-Wloviaseouve (8) ‘baw (8) pee pth 


LAE OR. See Bae 
mort eaiite ow} ,noreee bistt sesl bear tmemy f -ettd Dies ia 
avoivdo ef $i dod ,teneem datd nb below ot Bitroo |  Eiy erew eer “a 
deeto aft mott eqixda @ to 8 ,beas stew ssod ches to herby ore tl tect 

ite . Bera wie 6 i 

Ae te helena “tow en taal 8 
‘ae Be ah (en ‘BR commmatele @ 

Sone genset hg pe Doe oR Bees Reb gy AOR 2 » f on ig 

ot we 
ey, a “te eo sbok wah) 

ie oer See oak bicede Gi uth ben od 7 

basins 6 Sbiw batett geod < sitet food Hivede ereaens > 
iat nae names seems * ‘event Birétle be vipat a6 Ee 
in qe: bition Sete doses Ob biba ten 

BBB go's po re G4 
aitsharhan tot ne Shtcnst atte shen ed xod loos Gattentecse, (6), 

8, ES SERA: cui: oe eA Pi 2 

-oritgnet 400 ab ow al "fod ents snot Sebi @y pedgom 
— ebr Te) te Pi tbc! alstedal (s) ; 

-@idiezoq *t£ sbakoos~aiei 
-oaed oft aot ba {sooner re pitela- samy ay 

: sopeve idwak: of. ieee tie se @) 8 

aecy noltieocq dasinevaco eto & a bevel od bleeds toomfertis eat 
bi UMM see Zen Pha AC hace awoupaten | 

Pei iro Sam dca (aa 

aniysig? tewoS bar gatyexge 

(0) Wot much tine wasted in handling equimment. 0. 

helpy ‘ation wakted. age etraiczni, keeda eres receras, 4 i 
pati out fess Or soraying- ‘ 

a Easier to spray the patches of Ribes when. scattered and to ‘ 

ay, weal techies te @ distance from the creek. oe | 
Tout 1 Fay qilte = iL t t 2 . f 
ore” (@) Less ide? alae in unit to be trensferred from one Place to ; 
another. |. ‘ epee ne . 

(4) A mechani¢.to losk after-the care naling 0 

IT. Poin ity Viv ot wer slutiona to keep the puar sunt 

(2) Total tine to spray a concentrated area less than that taken by 
hand sprayers. , a 


4 “. - 2 
{s). Five men to handle hose lines and t 

°F Ley crew men carry no extra . Weight. while spraying. 



Cr re.apt to stoop. Set iat neg hey for Ribes low under : f 
the veh “Tendency to. tot t ahi ave’ ch five wetznt is removed.” f 
in Case 6 ’ 
the (@ Crew nen not so apt to iesetsu waste spray because they have : 
no WAR ghia! to. use Bp solution. et a cates ald roe | 


sant to) ay, paces centratiot sis nti P' 3 ay ed near % 14 sags | bs tha | 

the crew d.the terri 
seem fe ‘That id area near t 

i rity it’ wil 
é the very nen concentrations will be worked with power sprayers 

any the en t. dist f th kK, 
ot ufo Tug oF aut Hay astatiahon ste oer or 
reat em 

hand sprayers, . © 4 

es. « off peer iene to, the means 
creek and es- 


bing No. 1. This pei would be used in drainages such as the 
East Fork ofar ees se where there is a very wide alluvial bottom 
with many b s uld mean staying in one place for some time. 

core Fal? 0D an eails Ueto are the Crew ag follows: | 
und voy ds Ope to be in charge oF whole” wit” “camp, and all aquip- 
ad kee 

meat. fe : camp “guplied with equipment and chemicel. He —- 
would also keep and haat yle, reget’: cc seatia 8 oe 


i. Whistle endisteneling sys tam 

It was found to be very wmsatisefactory to signal by vocal meune. 

 pueom od¢ of gaibrooda to bedoold tot: 

Be gievetge zowog Adin bodtow ‘ed {fiw enoidetd 

et hog Bo nei ‘ity ® ae % 
teers ed? mex? gomeset : 

ot ol Sno mex DORAN NER E: od of ginr at | af et (b) 
’ deed aes " Fed oda 1 sea ‘ato m yd 

HO RE ATS DR a aE SO besitd Liat” we aye anet9 ead 
wai ‘ 4 ro ‘ oy 3 
yy ie ¢ nA 2 8 os ee = eon) dais oP *s zee 

D LF 9 

— , iia Be is) 
sae ha -eroqende Sdisd 
igiow etdxe on erties” dink dodnegay®_1) 

ae “got sedt® tot deusse of “tove Geotd od “tes Soe "aen ‘weTd (a). 
-bovouss &f ddgtew eeueved stso etom odes of Yeah ast senda oad 

ya monay ere seit adel dots sleet ig 

poiyerqe eftdw # 

oved yond ouisoed qavge odash (EWELCW of dae “be ¥ on Woatwe 7 : 
tolinlos qy esx ot ovivasdat? ai =r 

“ad oe ala ag tee Beato 90 tinsoi6d pres (0) 
| biges as wi teen. & ton wi eae * isi 

q x ae 43% 

‘ , fs ni ra bade Bei e ters A Bi Bein ae 4 fe ae 4 Bs eae 
Bae os at te solise idee & giien 
abe of sted foe fe te: Gey Buse Ce) 

3 etcted yidgarotod?, od tarp, a9vo etog ad of eved. [ltw vtod ixted oft & | sis 
re » oft 

¢ ond bad “ate gh 

~s6 See deeto edd teen gore afd ,2t ted, XeIGe ed [ftw af doidw yd 
Vae0aoe “evseH abet ‘Yt is tosq 

.fee19 off sett eomeiath amos ta eeodd Xiis tpeqe: - jae eay? ya 
is to tasn i9ddic nobdetd aasn03 uv ee, gear J 
seteysige based dé in Seottom od ity seer gor ent poten spends emog 

GS. on Lag eee oe ee 

afd s¢ dom, wmogsaisth at beag ed porte , fi Le . iy ite -f .08 nm ede 4 ig 
motiod isiveife ebiw yiev s ai © toiw tas 
aut? emoa xot ssaela ene af aniyada, ay: binou raat eee gold tw 

ale FSO" ied 

sgwollel as OTD, cem-neve fe * : qe? gine ; we ean 

are | Efe bas goes dine eLoske bag Rpt 0 at a oF Rie tOT ey? © am tackd 
© esl 

Ivow of .dnom 
: ane bivrow 

ah ae we oh 
Gea) hee Rs = ay fe 
BLE ooh RY A easa oe AO Rod pa 0. NO, SAS 

seep i schabeies 

(eae Dee ihe ny Meindl! eck ey Byte |” 
at nee Jess Bh etotos -t 

ear Te ah 

(2) Assistant foreman to be in charge of power unit who 
_-helps to move .and keep; hose lines ong aeeh maePa ares megane; and 
.-hays out territory for spraying. bie ' 

che es (3) Aesiptant ork ‘to be 3 in chives €7; a envayiue: He 
would be one of the spraying crew when not occupied laying out the 

| area, and keeping records. 

_ (4), 4 look after,the care and Tunming of ‘the 
_ Paning unit as wth as mixing up mlation to en: tbe camp: ree ebed. 

. < 

bean gn eayin out & ata tm p Veit 

to spend 7G) Crew eee ag th iY BOR : tn 

erew men t! eet e] vee 

Aidced Dar! : - 4a) Five men. ‘to. handle hane ianas ‘oad “te do the aateal 
spra ne: 

(ni $i fo) Bao men, to, spray with hand sprayers. 

Wi 9 plan calls for the oak’ sto be equipped with ten hand sprayers 
so that in case of engine eee. ene. spas sprayers could be used by 
the whole crew. Bi ar iy bral re% 3 

(c) Plan No. 2. This.plan would bemused on areas such as are found 
on the South Fork of Reed's Creek where heavy concentrations of Ribes 
Just fringe the actual.streams with scattering Ribes on the side streams. 

This plan calls for a seven-man unit as follows: 

(SP carmen ste, de dn charge of whole unit, to keep up supplies, 
to help in _— out the territory, to keep and anslyze records. 

(2) eet foreman to be in charge of actual spraying oper- 
ations. i f" po he Lf 

o/ 2 SLCH. 

(3) Mechenic charge of care ani running of the power 
unit and to mix up solutions while the power sprayer is being used. He 
would mix solutions, lay. out area and cut trails when hand spraying is 
neg * done. 

OTranen wii 
one . it itt crew men. 

In this pf the crew would.use until they had 
covered a fairly good sized ares, then they would clean up the fringes 
jee ut ying sections with hand equipment. Thus they would heve to be 

“with eight hand vain qulie. 

(7). Poel used in FP. mie 
of gagoline General Seceentians 
I. tl d. 8 aie & 

It was found to be very unsatisfactory to signal by vocal means. 


bom ,ebreoet wero aqeod ‘aapiente sent aa 

gs gettvaagh tual Yo gotads nb ‘od pd mameae? dosdelwak (8) eke 
ie ; “— ‘$90 gute le foe gon sory wet BA f 0 od Biron 
ee ' g Bis : a op hes i ' ebtoos asta Baa noms a 
is eval ees i 
ane to galeuet ‘bar ete odd sodte wool ot olnedoom & (e) : ons 

a at ene o 

rely Bila ‘smcid Peng noel es ¥ nd eed: Re feed . at % ees 7 0m ce : Aide le 
3 + ecedinege ‘a, 
aston sil? ob of be semi onod efbasd of mom evit Gye si Be ae 

F Pie a ae a one iy ¥ Mealy q 
-gtoyatge wish — yexae of sou owt yeh ioe _— i 

ye og & i 2 a0 & 
ed We ahs 4 x Ele s ee at ae te A S$. 

oe “ebiel ll red, is, ‘be org inp 
cea ie bear wi hte etsyerda 

Bane Selig Siew saree Beni Yl 

3 5 yesae 
5 Br ae A a 
fae Fels 

wil Sled | 

: j A — 1S 86 Mere aseis ao beer ed bloow 
gOS Zo" ano tterineonen Nyaeh, axe 
ee pee 

eee emsoide gis’ 3 

ca swextoaus au geo of ee eines to anes ‘an “a o8 peg or eT 
a es OR eens, bem, 2088, OF, nt PN: end deo, aA At aied of 
E pane a fe rel oy PG 
’ os tote, Lilia ‘Tewaoe 6 tua ah od, of, peat ot, i bade (8) pea eit 
oe: a Re ; oR a Cp ee? gah artsy “rE Oe loth r Gitt a RAO ME. 
eit Lear ae “ 

F ad J ao 

 teueg at te - oy tas eat to. 83 te 

of . beat aried at ae Tawor os: Ae Pet 5 “fe ee ye 
el aniye yetoe baer Z endinadiacoies: vat’ eadisw lo 
vue fs ite at oh 


bac yeds fitm anuain © Tewog Sait ar bE 3 
Sisgaint ede ar asset wie yor wants "A ts be 
Gch, avad blroy xed), aed? 9 tupmainpe. bape fl 

©, Mw. stands for Pacific Marine. 

R. etands for Hoes. 

All time recorded in terme of gan hour 
Whilerthevenginey (eevectally-true in the case of the Ross punver), was in 
action, the mechanic could not hear the foreman's signals. If a shrill 
basket-bell whistle were used, a°satisfaetory signaling system could be 

worked out. 

II. Checking 

a een 

Ribes) done. 


Daily Sumeary with Foner Spzayet 
in the 

eking thé first work done. 

Cheuice) Sradication Plete, +4 arkia, id 


“En'this way, the 
“ai sted Ribes OP 


c dint 1 anount of checking for missed 
this%year, I would say that after the crew has 
outs Week, it would be valuable for this same crew 

| erew b tose er 
e. Mins BLOCK: BOLE e) sed. jin nr. 
Fe nis re ~aneahel ns ewes = amine tas SRS 
haart he i ia ee ae reliminary |. 1/2) 59, 4 
, os Suggest to be aken, Ae | i 3 4 
14 ee ets ee $+. 9} at a at, o is =_— ey 
BR 8 ae 1A aed Eres aes EES ES ea ES 
Oe: as fire jeatton of udefolisted-dton, 0 87 8 
eS CS ee ee ee a> 
RES 1h iHigh'in brish (éver°S feeb), “9 | t 
) Se Se Be. ee 1 8 Taties al¥eaeh _- 54! 1/2 72 
a me pragh, under S.f¢ esis Ken thal = 
ae Th. Oy 6-60) Tet ae) Tf B68 {TH /2) 75; 3 
| a2 a or mC eS a Th 
jp SE ; thh apa. - 15) hae: Kee TS j deo [l= bd Ate 1 
a Mee do ANG) ae OS }.-- hd + hi 75 é 
= aratomat fe ete re enemy: ee ie 8 — . A 
| Ge eM. | vor. logs. 1.6 | 1/2 5) 15 
TR >? ER OE: WE 26: “3! Vi 6a) 1/2) 16) 
> Te ent sae Tvjealiene 7 a ee ge ——- : 
Sept ~2E* Rectal fi mised Ridéhs 9) 8/2 
a Bt ET BS 1 oda AD). Sh), SOL EE ° . 73. 
—— a - wwe t _ = a 

(b) One-half of stem. 
(c) Whole branch or sten. 

(a) Whole bush. 

TIT. Aesistant foreman should be permanent and not appointed each day as 
done last field season. 

E. Tables and Maps 

I. Lb a for le 

(v). Fuel used in P.M. Pumper was msde up 4 pint of oil to 1 gallon 
of gasoline. 

(T). Fuel for R. pusper was made up 1/3 pint of oil to 1 gallon of 



aay “aki ee Sw PAS eR eee Sie racenly's a ter tats 
ak ase « np tia enema’ he: oodinieereiapreekd: vile toetne 
[finde « 42 -siangtea a'ceme ct old tee Bom Bios Staetsenr 
od ainep — agp ee Sresgete tine £ gad based thaide Lied-deiead 
Ki ot og mbes EOS “to bextzow 
ze! gg bef Leroy 

egdiey ee gi . Peas Meds Pe sianl 
end zh 2 Ua a Ete of #*} tl 

beeeim tot auidoado’ to’ tawoor Pitan’ of9 ohana ‘mort (eb 
ned were ott teste dad? yse Bloow T sey @idd wetn ods) yd ooh god ia 
wets saee eitt tot eldemlavy ed blrow tt ,toow © tuods tot gatysige need 
odd ,yew eid? ol .enob Xxow dari? edd gaisloeds yeh onc teoda brege of 
TO dco beveta a Pas, 902 oF sonads 2 tox {i kw aevieremeds nem wats 
so) / one © [504 p@be98L ¥e 26618 to prior) Serb , 
aa ine 

ay ie ee beteosgu? (a) 

te a si aay M Sa 
ters rae ape ile % nottanan (1 dead o@ 
.{#ee% & revo) deri at dgif (¢)°°° ology ord 
Mawes: esa) dawtd hi wor’ @2e © 

at wrede 49970 ¢) tops. io, ate" dough «ct uO 

: on . ie SaG8 LF ie arebed edt 42" (3). BRE it onal. 
” tego L106 WLletbate “tebe (By! % 2 
sla Ol agp tiightiergie ‘Bowe Im'Yo Woldasttt8e8 [9 ‘(g) 

age oad of Set Petes, ene Teo, gas iel ms gice o3 

meee te bail Ma) 
y ade & oe es “9 Pay tga we es Bae ak + SBA 7 ye 
med B a xfase-o00 (@) “BEOLIS 


cae NT ay BaD he be 67 3m ot 

: is ? aces | meee a re oat een ‘stat () oh By avg a a ? 
* Lae ’ : baad 

Sp WEY ah 

tolles I of [to to tote a od oben 22% sect an a Tat haute + het (8) 
see Le aa? lossy to 
te noliss £ of {to to date &\L as ebem ie xo oo Tae CB) sm 

Ua eatlorsy — 
Lage Be CRE ae he ater wi ae banat @ee 82 

pooner ey ae ae re UI eh Be 2 a 

P. M. stands for Pacific Marine. 

R. stands for Ross. 
All time recorded in terms of man es: 

*“Spray used was fresh water. ~ MES. 

Sonten “fable. pi ay 

he ni cs Er 



Dail with Power Sprayer i 
. on Flots Clarkia Aéaho. ae ae 

io |wortcing|* Gel - | | 
“}Gals.jPres-. |lons } 
a/Fuel-|sure | Soray. | 


is c| Acres Uoet in Lbs. |Used | 


es 175} 105) 
ae 151 

po eee | ‘ 
eG" 5 gh Lea WHR jade: yt SEs Site 75 152 

aaa Bete ae at ete is? nae = 75| 25) 
woe ecsare of ial 5] — sls prance avat 9s 

ae SSShSh hee = 

bet iiarierans os on 
7s 3 
1. «BA ‘ 
| hh Se 5 a: < a 
[* ee ud 3 i 
po enewieentiens eeninae praaee ane & ~ xr 
- ; ~y ) . mt 
MIS eas x 
= aie mia " 
ine aD g sa 
ee | ee ke a be 
iP. 50) e, rz 
ine ae a 6% my 
* 2 > PA oe 
to: a ea i ae ~ 
je «Be 0 - 
1 aeaeemenaier ines a ee Ce ‘ 
i. isfy 
ia. 6 . 4) -—< ¢ 
o> eeiateee pee ee . 
LP ome TT BO ~~ 
os aan > seer 7 4 be 
r maa aaah oo o 
; . = 8) — 
ove ne a Sidimmegns = 
ru. ” T. - 
ES ee ee a Fer . 4 
’ er 
Mh. : SY) ~~ 
CORE > a Se ee . 
sy , “en 
g . : LH0 Pe = 
fe -o a iia deme 
i- ome “<= £100 
Se ne 
» il : H= i & 
ae | me. Se . 
ok : —— = 7 A9 hs, A ' 
hkl _ coe a, Ba ete eenit ae hy ‘ 3/ 
0 Bre aps eee ms. BS ‘. d “<a? 

Mo Preags. 6 ‘Tecorde f We avgere te 3% 

enizel oitiost 10? abuse ua Le eae 

9208 tot ahosite -B 

een ose to aurred or pebtooet emis [1A 
‘ogam dren’ pew bea yerge" 
Cie Rage ¥ ip, a tog any” ‘yao lios 
fbn wie os oebeg Lind-Sedead 
“there heatnon 


uraer tte tee re aes 
“T_* 188 pod Ge BBs aoa 



ab OS rene ated TN. 

PC. "ak Sigaetae Sige 

Pee me Les Be aah: 

ram, oa ‘ i a) a i Pe ee Pie’ 
Pia Be “eee Ra Be Bee Fees a ' 

"3 ‘2 y bh 
ehileeen, he 

a i ae sane 

» Zable No. 2 
~“"“Gondensed Spraying Summary 
Cheuical Eradication, Clarkia, Idsho 


whe FYreseurei secu | Fes 


re _» jkaterruptions of service, 
{fata —“lMendiing [Other 
Spray. Time |Bquivment {Causes | 
gal {Hours/Mine.|Hours Ming. |Hours|lias.| 
= | 

~ 24, 30 | moa] 1 

a Fab fe. [toe] 3 tost 
[Paras [a | 3 75| at ae 
[EEE ass fect —— af Ste 
vir -[2.63[e.u. | 75/141 aa: 

i] / af “ * c. ' 



ae —— ee | 


|) [umber ~|aaiiber | Gatione] 
of jor ~~ | per | 
| Lateral s | Nozzles! Miny 

2 a ee OE See TS Eee Ge 
SO a Se ee 
0 149 5 nner 

“Xn : : ; 5 
A Se ee ee 3-374 
_....M0_PRe@@sure the above tests. — * 



jeoiviee to sxol stirs 

| aaa aay dim oeerr™ 
led 00) ee ol 5 

ET Gee et whee % 
MAM * phasis .2 
: ot iter. Bo See ey aN: |: ayn & £ f& 
We Fe 

Ut a cg Hay HERG nat #,. 

: Ree 

* oe P 
t be ile Wee A aes 

OSI Os mM heel | 

—_— ee 

<n iy fr yl 28, am he mes z 

Da ae 

i : 

r { 

| Pei Meraenanieeres. ll: Umea neveure' NE 

3 | } 

SN SD asc atnh ED 
ia ee 

Oe si snparet aes set 

" z a: — a = NN RONEN BAK TN a 
aes en RN OT Me IN We 

(3 hee 23803 evoda and as | bebionet euree 

Table Wo. 3 ee '@ 

| Chemical Sr delivery Teste ..2, liars 
Chenicsl Eradication, Clarkia, Idshe 

e Feet is ary t [Peet | Feet 
read! lofi" [ofodtiot, ofa | of fa/aria 
51 _\phose aa HOSS 


ae ee ee ee, 
7 100 | 300 


ae ee ee ee ee 

os tane) 8 ota 

jemol isd ae ieee feet] ~ Yee] to soot oaaaeare 
Knaioss 1 DAE Yoel! B to Ve 3 
le tes bead og or |" af”) 

a a oa a ae ae tose 


Ze SS 

iar: cca ad he 5 wmerey 
t , 


Ce USES Da eer 
Whee? 4 
Me Ae ns 

ee eee 

Table Wo. ‘ow 4 

nelysis of Power Spraying 
Chemical Bredication Clarkia, IdahO) -9:= =. 

| qi jN= j 
ols ‘Man Time - We a | 
Pde | Equipment ~ 4} To tel “Tide 

aq fy “—aar | 
(2) Notes on he foregoing sumary. The year before both these blocks 

were sprayed by hard prayer. Figures Wor had spraying were teken from 
1926 notes. SS WA oo Ses RE at 
0} EN 7 a 
On Block I. e Paettic Marine pumper wes used before the Rogs punper. 
— | re ci , ~\ | 
On Block II. $he fess puuper was used first. (By manipulatiog of the 
hose lines, one se}- UW used with the Koss puaper way eliminated! when the 
Pacific Marine punper-wasnsed. When Ea Ge Weriee pumper was used, 
the brush was very wet, tMks saving much spray. 5 eam 

(b) Conclusions drawn from table. De 

a | L \ om 
(1). It hs difficult to tell whieh of the wer sprayerp was the 
more economical, due ito the fact that 6n both blocks |lees tine sprey 
solution were congumed by the Tent, epngyer used. ~ \ ee 

j yi es 

/ he ae 
(2). Ths would indicate, ag would pe-expected, that the second 

time through, the/trevel is easier and lese spray i8 wasted. 
Vv 4 = 4 

| . SR 
(3). Poger spraying for the’ aress Was profitable. 5 
GS) Because Thgugh atientty more-#ezey- saged on 

Block I, the time) saved would more th®m weke up for the extra sy used. 
. (pb) Because on Block I], time snd spray both were 
” gaved by power st ng. ‘The maxinran timefer Dower spraying slight- 
ly over 2/3 that Fequired for hand spraying. ». 
(c) The cost of running pumper_is very smals 

eneeiiheidieiheeaieeset tee 

aioe Ld needs tod stoted 29% ost oecenitus pat 
nov? neded ever y gakyergy Stoel tot = a: ee 

| F kpfectut a vw Sonar week ca id bw, ao cu~tea, yoann i$ engi 
proswbtry il eoqars: on ivan Se is8% ‘geld ae J. baer. 3am pdtiosy 

STR, eon, enn. wns. atew eid ah bd 

gi ne -eided sort meth notes i9q00 r- 
ra id 
edd exw eoyaree xewog ond X6 it babe Tied od “jive ete eh ef 41. me ed 
weree a foam. sate apel esidokd Stod wo sacit. oe O88 of BB... 

spees teyetae tae l ant 


9 t0Kr 
‘Swear ae 8 Sree 

r ee 

| Sapper ase eben on 

baogss ety teat  batsecxs od pitcow: BS phen tat Dale: WHAT $ Daten mem 
*ebodaaw et verge sagt bas Jaks. rae —_-  Pgwont " 

‘ wided ftom wey ae ‘evodd ‘seh 
oo heavy tay yYetce orem Ytdgtle dgvodd- on. 

-hoay Yaten etdxe edd TOT Gy calem.ced?d enon, Arai Soot ou ote (Foote 
axew ddod yetqe bee eid | Tiaoola fe oamefe8 {4 }.3% 

“atgtie bis ao tegtae Tewod; sot omits 

yarge ae ! 
Liar er at regmee tees. a 

? * “em | 
> ~ , ~ i motel 4S “ mAs 




ao Ol 

Re a 

Bt Eyl i py 

E - 
v ON AWudS 

1"ON AVudS 

“ST HSNYB JO 3903 


LYOd3uyY IVANNW 26] 

Ay parmdy 

4 SY 

043M FA/ 


ano ow —'|:« GONAVYMS 
LLL. MS 2°O1D*N| 1 ON AvUdS PNR 
Peco cee ° Tay J 


\ OVPvawW 
\ 'g 
SY = - ~~ 
7 eo 


—————_-IL¥3 01g——_> 
P6 | 
OHVal 17I1A08 



General Description of Experinentsel Study Ares 

Wame of Area RIBES ECOLOGY ae Range _ seat 
Ree 2A beet ee a 
W. Ae Rockie 76S a a eter | 

ee ee Ame ne 

Assistant Pathologist 
Tisber Composition (Species by 4) 

Age Clees_The objectiveef this project is to leary itidre about on 
how, when where Ribes do and do not grow. wwe | 

Eradication Type 


2.98 "Ee! ea 
Seti pe get t 
|) Sodt wasefound necessary to develop. individual ‘methods a 
work for each one of the several pears in progress). - 
All data St (@. Logs underg? ound Ps Ph eae : 
taken er the several studies were recoried o 
the folloning forma, ERGWFf3GcandgS6ie.) wi 

tee at = a LN A I OE A CN OT LEE OE A is I 

3) Mineral Soil (depth, texture, acisture, ete.) =: 

A RR a Ew 


Ground Gover: 
1) Shrube_ _ ANA eo ark! Oa aa A 


_ peoniiab sets tS Sa _. Greund. Covered. 
oe en Moe ord sobehr septagge 2 Re RD CTE A sD Sa ee * 
gate Eyes OR EE sel a @ an 20VES PSG oe 
Waa se i a ss sll cemsesnnnsibiplitlbathncieasaalin 
Ee i | ne re ACTER emer RONEN ONE ee Pee 
Type of Bura (Grown, Brueh, Ground, ete.) _ SEARO GRACE CEE Rs 

C.0ar ee ee ee eee eee 

Pinna pawns. on 

Uw tuods etom steel of at toefomq etdd to svitveldo 

to abodtem faybtvibat qoefeveb of esenooa bavot eaw 3I 
.seetgo1g af staentiiegze 2 aft to emo dose tot ato 

no bebrooet etew setbots L[atevee eg tebas aoxust stab [fa 
138% bee 88% THOR , aero t patwolfot 

wr Bes 9/2/2" 

General Description of Experimental Study Area 

Name of Area pO OY as Tip. Range 



Timber Composition (Species by %) 

Age Class Exposure % Slope 

Eradication Type 

Seil Conditions: 

1) Down stuff - ¢Ground covered by (a. Raised logs 
} (bd. Logs on ground 
“s(¢. Logs underground 

2) Duff (depth, texture, moisture, ete.) 

wei paneer ne 0 “ : \ : . ‘ — : 
3) Mineral Soil (depth, texture, moisture, etc.) 

Ground Cover: ~~~ 

a as cltbeoepaigeelinontesincansiomt 

% Ground Covered___ 

| 2) Herbs and Grasses 

4% Ground Covered_ 

Ribes : ( ee ee - by . : ¢) 

Class of Burn (A ~ B ~ C) 

ren me re ne ne rt an ee ne 

Type of Burn (Crown, Brush, Ground, etc.) 

Remarks). jt 
‘ . | ~~ . - - eed 

4, a ryvew 

Recorders Date 

ee i TR St A Rt ih Boatpot a 6 i 

cinelan ta 23 

R yd eotoege) wekt keoqmod todatt 


ak ion ob coat one hae 
“sed? aottantben 

mois acess Shion reds ce: eO ae oe som 

ae uk ones a pe ita 

se gel “ ee aia nee visgeb tbe (8 

Ss ee cr enor nde eligi nccni ci vbin ioeriath ie eq aaa 

eae (.ote ,emutetom ,otwixsd ,diqeb) Lee feremiN (% 

heme cher nant erent in ent tm ame 

proved basot 
edad (£ 

errata een le eer er em te 
__berevod basotd P___ aniline ee 

ber neve Sawond | ae: 


PDO pe cet a ATED eet aaah amend 

“tet ae i he A VNR Ip am AR REAGAN =m eyed NAR 

een ery irrarinetnemrag homers anor armen aap AN te en 


tin aesanioplaeoencelititens:ho piensa A iresiomdee wt eli 

WF-BRC-236-8/1/27 | 


ame ‘ats tividu al. studies > ad s aoe ztoused inte 
24 ieee > igs ve LLG7 ine NheSis2 ngs | : 
Date _____Range 


he .atolieabl« tug ier $$ $_—$ —______——_ 
| | I *Intensities 1. Unburned. f 
—_~—— — a foe iit pty. ut oat Seorehed. 
‘ pri aoy proven and part fans PBTRe su - Duff.partly burned 
ya Wh ae EF not yet. cop] deagettiy, the story fo “Total duff; burn. 
+ 7 north idane. 5. Hot burn. 

a “2 he . op a | . - 7 ’ 
¢ Ribes enparentiy ifie dormar 
maining Yiable for e@ much several 

edly nesesssry for tha seo. osrainet ion “Tt c8 $735 ia 8 
facé soil beneéth the duff «cvthe te slecrt w cold 6% ery 


ae Mics 


ioe eae 
aon Vents tnlooml segs Te we thotanest Le taqned 

Seta Te ened 

pe sberlin dumbest likeli i SR Ca ama 
a dae 

| apelin eaeetthenetememenetnnt aedinnmnedenentaanseatell 

i Si 70606 (Xe 
“qe dept tre teca epnicanhnenees i ah ee baa is seta ted 

<inasisssitpuitsadiisusung i GS Cee) ‘wobtkees 0 spoke 
tN caren bee lo=ega_ = ee ee 
map e. eta arr — ho atte cual 

— or ak ach Loncd Ltoe 

+ ra | 
- wo op et Seer ee Rene 
Pe ae nt. COMP oe res ree 

-bontodnl) .£ weld iaenedal®* 
botgnont .& te 

stod yldseq Tho .& . ee 
<td Tisb IstoT .& i Onaga F 
md ton .2 

ie aoe BE BOG EE 
Bae a. <er08 “Nanots” eae to ee 
29 we fo hae | -cet 
: “adweh| Sate (yska | vor 
huss: aoa Po t to 


me RSH fk : i PT aia 

Like Plot Index =, 

the. individual. studies have been Ones. pa seven major 
divisions under the following headings: 

ye Controlled Plot Study of Ribes 
7 Results of Duff Disturbance . 
. Restocking of Ribes after Eradication 
: a Root Competition Study 
‘DZ. Life Habits of Ribes 
F. Ribes Seed Germination Tests . 
G. Leaf-area Live-stem Studies. 

ing gs of these major divisions is the subject of a separate 

report, desling specificially is that, experiment. These separates 
are submitted with this report. 

Iv hes sults of. sity” 

br , The applicable results of these studies are briefly as, follows. 

‘mis story of. Ribes history is built partly. upon, facts which _ 
are F beh roven es, ae upon, deductions to be substantiated by 
data which” eres t yet complete. Apparently, the ATE as eres applies 
in S pias to. oh Bibes ge hes of north Idaho. 

“"" “Whe Seed8 of the native Ribes apparently lie dormant in the 
soil for long periods, vapeiied eet viable for a8 much oS several 
hundred years 

“ee staf pence of the Baek? efther a. partial destruction by fire 
or pgp iplngiSent disturbance, or any similar upsetting of natural con- 
a ons, is Setitty ‘sufficient to bring new germination. Without the’ 
disturbance, nnrnet fer a. of new seedlings is practically 

Iaeetng. vin 

“ae most frequent conditions under which these seedlings occur 
- abundantly are following light ground fires, slong new roads, trails and 
railroads, “on ‘the disturbed parts of logged areas, the site of burned 
brush Rig ih ‘camp-sites” and on “upturns. 

years sud ently the cause of no rmination previously is the ’ 
inodlating ature effect of the ‘mantle. A definite, though 
as "yet pr Teer, oH temperature “and Soil moisture condition is undoubt- 
edly necessary for thé seed germinations It ts proven that the sur- 
face soil ‘beneath’ the ‘duff mantle: ‘is! almost as cold at any time as the 

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efanaqen 1 2 ‘te sootdue eit ab. ‘anol att xetion overt a ae 
sedaytsqes seect deembee gee tent dtiw yileltoitioags gaifeeb ,d10oqet 
AWE iia aime cae! ee ee 

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_ dots #isat moqu ylttaq tithes et yrotatd /eodha-te yrote-etar- . 
ie, we bataitoriadwa of ot endttoubab moet vldteq has sevoig vhentie ou 
“ Wetings ~“ ad yrote edt Usthergqd. otelqmoo voy tom ets dotdw ateb 
-ofebl détoa to aetosga sedih- et tia ‘tazones ad 

oat mi tnamtob eff yfinetsags sedis evitan edd to ‘diet ott | : | 
fereves 25 doum &s ret eisaet gainkame eidadouy- ER to%-Lbo8 

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Pe away ee, web ye Lae 

eth yt aettourtesd faliteq. a eheted Bonk, ott 
 =tes" Isteter tH: gaidtee gow wlimta yas 10%; 
edt dwoilel® .noltenintes wen gatad of soko! 
winalig ant hal saehibore eve mer ‘eisai 

: ‘wisac pad ee poor aoe sip an saoktibooe ye * 
bes allest ,sbeot wen seole, ,zettt Savors. my = Seger 
_beausd to ethe sot... eeeta, beggol to eft 5 ent, 

: He rapaeioal bit 0 

aid eé elevokverq sottanleres,. on Fo. 

Hgvods aetiaiteh 4 .olitaan Tivb elt Yo 
atduobar at golitices ext étom, fioe. bog § 

tye edt tedt mevewy 282i #1 ssotsdantareg 

ate es anid yoe te bleo 34 teomle af old nem 

_ ground water of the immediate vicinity, even. when shielded from direct 
pagan’ by only oné inch of duff. It is: le that the Soil 
emperature does ‘not get sufficiently hi for geruination until the 
jee moisture content has Botten too low for germination. Insufficient 
actual data. are available <, prove this belief, but the meazer data 
available indicate this to be the case. 

Tt) now appears ‘quite conélusi vely that immediately efter the 
ORF. disturbance, germination of a’ large amount of Stored seeds occurs, 

The mortality of these new plants is very high in the first 
yee as ; many as 212 seedling Ribes have been found growing on a single 
inch of soil. Beginning in the third year, these Ribes start ~ 
pare? reaching their maximum fruit production when they are from 
5 to 10 years of age. During the first 5 years following the inception 
of the new og wee we of Ribes, they generally are the most abundant 
cally. plant. ng these years, the accumulation of duff is practi- 
AF, Bete (pain on succe ing’ 10 years, these Ribes produce and drop 
@ ground, where most of them are believed to lie un- 
ee hae fact that these seeds seldom germinate on this soil 
Teak ‘plant, it appears: possible that a long resting 
ery Aes Needy of this croup of plants. It may be, how- 
ere. that. the fact that germination of these new seeds is unusual, is 
to the edna eoeree of this exposed mineral S011: The | 
os a ea these conditions gets too low for germination much 
earliér in the season than does the normal forest soil, so the temperature- 
mositure relation previously mentioned may still be the cause. 

“From 10 to 20 years following the newly incepted Ribes genere- 
tion, the other eee] and the young conifers crow much more rapidly 
‘than me Pay on and many of the latter die.” A much heavier autumnal 
mant age 4s deposited on the soil with each succeeding year, 
See whidh have been dropped for several years past and which 
ring Ribes ‘bushes are still dropping, are covered with the be- 

: “of a new duff mantle. 

the time 30 years have passed most of the Ribes have ceased 
Sf ive, Pas yR along drainage channels, and a fairly heavy mantle of 
now covers the ground. Constantly increasing shaile brings a con- 
a he decreasing number of Ribes, so that in dense timber stands of 30 
years and. Bev core! no Ribes remain. In stands of all ages the 
Ain hi still persist in the openings and slong drainageways. 
Ths 9 ol es ‘ es bush that has yet been recorded in the Yést was 
t 42 years 3e age. This was reported from the eradication camps. 
The oldest bush encountered on the ecology studies was 40 years old. The 
new ony, i" eaaet mes tow maturity with practically no Ribes 
present un oe Oh ring or Some similar disturbance occurs to suffi- 

goerts mott bebfetde nedw neve ,yihtoky Stetienmt eft to t9e¢sw bayotg . 
Ltoe oft stadt of ei 3I .Yteb to domt emo yino yd pags 
odt fftai Wottenteres “cot dg tit yf fortive tog ton esob euwist: 
tnelottinen! .soldentmieg tot wolf oot Hetsos ted tnefmon stttetom 
&ie5 tegesm oft dud ,tetfed alt svot, of eldsiisve ets etsh [autos 
us 42889. ‘eit od ot sida , eet elds lleve 

eid totte ylotatboumf tady' ylevievTonos, oth Heys 
s@mp90 abeea berote to tavome egiel & te HOR: | 

gerlt edt at deid yrev at atns fo wort agen} to y#: 
efante s mo gaiwors bayot seed eval aedis aaFiboo 
dusta eediX stedt ,isey butdy ent at aetnntgsd {toe to dont 
mort oie yedt aenw so tisuboty Siott, snot xen aA f 
nolégeent edt satwolfot etasy @ gextt | Ppsgpiane' aR a ax! ot ‘ 
tosiaeds tzom oft ore Ylietenes yedt Pima to 
~itsetq el Yiwh to soltalumuoog of? .Bissy, oveds Rat wr Ten fiver 
orb baer esuberq redid eeedt , ewmsy- OL «Lia y{Iao 

was okt of hevelfed ovum meds to. #3om otedw ee sled 
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‘hoz py no otantmres mobiee ebeee seed tart -beduut ath 
suitest suof s ted? effferog eiseqge 31 , fasta, ar tpey, Ximse edt mt 

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_lepemey ef eboor vax seodf Yo 6 tots: nimrea te os tet 199 

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dom soitentmios tot wol oot e¢93 dict) tke eeed? vebr. wither ‘floe 
-sunateqmes ef of ,lhow daetot Lemon ed? s9ob aad} goseee ony ot trellises 
-s8uco ond of [lite yam bocottnem ylam ver. 60 RebtegrdcoTHi 29 

e8Tenes sadist hetgeoat ylwea ot gatwollot exeaey OS of OF mort np 
YlStqss evem, dos w worg STeliges ga tesco ond mots 
isdmtne telveed dose fo” .aLb 30 af + 0b ea 
189% galbesoons theo fats Tkoa 9 

Nokdw bus dteq, Siasy [eter 
~od oid mtiw bersvos ex 

beeeeo ovad ned! ett Io fon: ate 3 sii sy “pin es | x a bas bunga 
“to 6Gfoem yeed yfzist s bie prada. wae ateth aaole. tqgeoxe ,evil 
-ned #& BQanind ehede antceotant ) ect Teves, 
OS Yo ebnste tedmis eag6h at oad th "Dod Ee % eae cree 
ed? 2ege [fe Yo abate oT. heme 
-eyewogenion® ancls bac saalaegqo odd. oh. tat 
zaw fee’ oat ot bebxoosy. pe sey asd. eltaee de 
» SEES goitaahbaxe. oat mott botioqer. eam Bt. 
ea’ .bfo exeoy 08 aay aetbate ygolooe edt ao ber 
aodit on ulfseitoary sete yttutan “biswod che 
~itius of ersane eooedurtalh tealinde ewos to ankes 

; He removal of the siaie Feecer, Fithest dirt 
duff. doce not result is gersiueti: “SS. 

ciently axtose: and warm the stored Rites seeds. The seeds of any 
eurtivisg: Ribes! bushes which: still persist im this stand. Groen onto 
thie heavy duff: nesitle.ov The urer part of this éuff i* @o loose that 
to germinate Hibes seade. : 

The maximum number of Ribes per acre in tn 
plant is saacanunne tien dedatabeendseabbenreranaiatd: babes we. 
eouurs' 85 years tr 200 yoare later, thie story it re-enacted. = waesess ooh 
the succeeding Ribes stand is assured of successful perpetuation unless 
the stored seeds afooall déstroyed: by & severe pround fire or by repeated 
fire on a given areas oThe absence ef RMibes frém otf piven ares may be due 
to the fact that Ribes have never grown there. or that the seeds have been 

_ destroyed by fire. 


I. Definitioz the Experiment 

Laboratory geraination toasts required a einies of 8 onthe of 
dormancy beforeuthowingoany> permihations =! “iene o°e* 

whether or not viable seeds of £. ¥i ieeosiss imum are pré@eat in fore s4 
det) of (BieredoRimes* seeds! which mre in the botel portion of neaurr in 
Ribes free: timber stands may germinate af ter ery dioturbante | of” $s or. 
reesutiy deresited through some (itsemfnating agency, such r, 
birds, tnd: 44 tur dane may’ “may de light or abentavety ‘severe ena’ LW, 
spemienspanags? ‘trail -bull ding, apturne or any ike be ed 
S germinate, and tO 

whas @xtent sues pliant rvi.7s 

Als6é to determine the same facte regarding amy other 8pec 

woieh :) Abthough théeegoraination of phetec' mmenaousadiise dhears the first 
growing season after the duff disturbance, no iron-clad rule can yet be 
Stated. If the disturbanci!seeurt diritie GafIf“Boring, germination aay 

(1) follow almost immediately (2) it may hold over until the fall cerminat- 
ing season 6p'¢3) at coy not oacar unit? Bye te Rt a Oe 5. teeph 
iiaih, tishasnaatioens Sulimer, ferminstion hae o¢curred ods ion- 
ablyoin Septeabder amncdfutely shetaseerk*tenninuiats - ‘not “tn tf? the’ ** 
foklowingospriag. Fall and winter disturbances are generelly followed by 
®pring germination. 
if EB. viscosissjmm a2 ree¢@ent 3 

areas, LtStadies*tecdate ehow that sore than’ oot of mivee ebtaitags Bten 
follow: ony tistarbinee eons fron ‘S606 located in the bottom 1/10 inch of 

_ the decayed duff. 

Within these lis >” 
pleced esHsiné-pal jing ésabienkivn brbtiees’ ype" rebukes’ 808: uaege tuabder 
of mew seadling Shbee on those areas of the duff santle which wére ‘dis- 
terbeds. Thischobés for Sotege —_ » ‘Useds tte 6 sttes. ; 
previous to the year whes the Sapo riase Pia s 

; Bottomlands which were choateally Cabicaiak show many new &. 
petiolare seedlings on the oredicated area. 

me Fao i ta en 
one Sevens F Fay" witessuen 4 ene soon cast 

- pdgbrioe fhe 
Anan te Si 

The removal of the shade factor, without disturbing the 
poet does not result in Bont ta at Ribes. 
a Ribes trae area = t# 
om ‘eo SevBeneath a eiupnece. shade canopy, the phere of the 
duff does result in germination. Survival of seedlings under heavy 
shade is relatively low.» Survival of seedlings in an open situation 
is” _soatied i aches ye ‘aomoist site and (2) very low if on a dry site. 

Att & pe 

ce ar ‘aonlver of Ribes per acre in the life of the 
plant is the°first year following duff disturbance for P. YViscosissieum, 
and either the first or second year for BR. lacustre. 

Ribes of north Idaho begin fruiting in their third summer. 
eg fruiting g wed a8 wri hob ait or fifth summer. 
sabdivis B22n8 “2: : , 


I. “Definition of the Experiment 

A study of controlled field conditions designed to show 
whether or not viable seeds of R. viscosissimum are present in forest 
duff of different ages, or if the viable seeds of R. viscosissimum 
from which plants of this species normally develop on forest areas are 
recently deposited through some disseminating agency, such as wind, water, 
birds, and rodents. And by studying such plants as they appear and grow 
under the controlled conditions, to determine under which conditions 
the seeds germinate, and to what extent such plants survive to maturity. 
Also to determine the same facts regarding any other species of Ribes 
which may appear in the experimental plots thus established. 

Il. Types of Areas Selected 

Potential R. viscosissimum sites were selected, taking care, 
in most instances, to select areas which were definitely free of Ribes 
plants, and had been free for at least several years. The basis used 
was as follows: 

If R. viscosissimum was present in newly-disturbed adjacent 
areas, it was assumed that the adjacent forested aress not having these 

. plants represented potential sites. 

Within these limitations most of the experimental plots were 
placed as far as practicable from fruiting plants of 2. viscosissima. 
In most cases, the plots were placed in the center of an acre which 
careful search showed to contain no bushes capable of producing fruits, 
previous to the year when the experiment was established. Therefore, 

NS” Se Bee ee We ee 
ara fit BRAG tN 
i Pa Be 

end gaidiesers tyodiiw ,totost ehese edt to fevore: off 
-eedif to soltisntares al $ Ineex ton so0b- « tied 

edi te sonadrudelh ed? .yqones ebay sedition itpaneill'ss a htow 5 
prae! tebay agailbees to isvivwe «(jaelinaimtes of alt so0b Tieh 
golieusia seqo me mh eggbidees te Levivw’.:.9ol Ylevideles ebvobade 
od fe yh @ 0. YL wol yusy (8), haa eda dalhanieiient | gis vier (1) ie 
+ erty | ite Me } fet ro a Pe i 
edd to sti edt ai stoa tea Rediff to ienidit pean eat 
ae 62 es sonedumelh Td gaivoilei wey dealtiedt ef dasl¢ 
| sendauaal a mee houses iashenpriepapther’ Pate 
, $6 AOR ahi eeigise BAP 
| ena bubs ated. at ‘poke dest tgedconaht, ‘Sivoo swabs! wots eth 
Sh unt. aa ganna ae 9 germs sine = ed ook tal fo ok oP 
Pie ew : Pe RRS 8 Se ete! ay HE ae Se ae Pit at & 
shat 8 °F cA ary pat) 8 We we 

” "Worle od bens tees ‘hhets kbgen, pee ey age a se seed eumiesigds 
evteooeiy . bi gone praei ten ‘to todd edw | 

webs , few os ae wontas pathentnpent& emoe ghey aettberes vapesheye 
rouR, bas eet 22 stasl¢ dove gatyouie.yd det, sedmehoy bas , ebxtd 
enoliibaes. fin Lt “‘wobny entonoteb ci, anctilanon ‘beLforinoe edd xehmr 
swwtinetes ot sviviwe ateel> dowe taetze dedw ot bas .otentsrion abger ont 
aedifi to eeloege tedto ye anibtegot etost smee end entmreteh of o# Ls 

. .. .edelidates eadt etolg fataoubivoues —— see doidw 

oad, Scivgt ie an orew aot be. KGL RL SOD, = oll fetioeiet .. GR BN: 
aadit ‘to sex% letiniteb oxen doidw pacts foeler ot /Uaoent enh. daont ak 
boey, abeed edt .axaey, PaneT Ara, i 10% eon} anos: And bee , etosly 

= ¢awollot es Baw 

Pee tee Gee eS 

| +h Po tdonse. aad Lost poe: 16 Ret 

BS. iY e708. oa. to. uetaen aft of besalg own es Gq ait 4 

etinet setouboty, te oldeqas satecd on sletnes ot Sewode. 
etoterernl? uigenader acne aw devas gant 

bout the Lissa. iompenes aaa he usually ranged from 


| ; ertapatah iste were sniailel - envere| itis: : 
coment po ode of: the Idsho mite. pine : _ n to make. the study as wide 
} in scope as practicable. | 

, Insect etrtbe ries | xiliea areas ef Zatare| timber were 
desired 1 tor't 

his peers. t no satisfactory locations were found. 

j—-—_- ---—- nore | Bh kes a es iil i. er 
) IIL. Methods of Study 
| Mer Mu es 
bdi o | | 3d i 
base te | ¢ some ote couststed 
of 36 stlacrp units “4 id lows: 
| i 
| Tee a ae ae x. ’ 
) Ria 
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<4 FQ <2 «¢ (9 
[oo Py Py oS (2. . 
ot ert «4 ae a ne 
he fs fe ‘ ¢ 
+4" 4° - 4 $0 
7) wn n f 
Bleck I - ck 

geatid  sodoe? obec ett geese a 
Seedit Yo me ftwndwee ot tthe tom eoeh , Phorb 
moxt begast ylieven etolg {etnentreqxe oft suoda” ‘gots oat sedk end 
ay ta tonal saab ott a Gates ee O69 
ues Sma TS: Salts bE Ree es ye Lae bees | enh ama ote b's trae pi hab 
- gfebiw Levees ate betoofee e168 etasaeitegxs et inten 
biw ons thaw on palin od netger Satqvettiw onlebl ext to aneltiog betetp¢s! 
eldsottioetg as ‘eqooe ‘ak 
‘oe todewd man Fe aut 

Sey i Heat hye 

Oe Re Eee Ne See 

sa Mae ey ant cis 
duhaslt woah em 

# a + aiaet be deren he ae a ae 
Ms nahegey a bide etal Hitag se told ate 
} aaeak Blinky wok Ch 4 Gee Cer TTL te Tit 

eo yt Lairtog, oe ters maui nal nist do tcte monk 

ais ty ba "pai. rene eG arte Wet Sin aa Beggs AY g's “ SENT kot Pose as ULé nenet 
P coved thepey ald meaner 
é bine perne ae Ra: pit 
5 ah ature 6 ag oa le 
; cad ‘you dokiiv 
baa i eran d ishinetst 
i a Riana . « Bee? eo ee ‘adios ak 
: wf toh ae ca one o Mahe 
* ‘ Ws fee £FOe . Busy aoe 
v sition Sonn ting "4 Re we ds each ion 
? : » seohek he Oakes ae Le 5 Cane 

a Eats te: Ininenosaer omar 



af bat eos nee 4 

ate ne: ke teem esis Ley 
; poor De Ree AO al: 
ate eon oe Lohewma’ 
Y wht st srolverg 



q dta45 

Vv dta4s 

q dta45 

v dtais 

q dta45 

¥v dta4sS 

B 2.0. ¢:. 8 IT De Oe ke OTE 

Bie eek: “Ty 


The say re) area. is ong ened within a wise barbed fence. 
Block I is not otherwise protected, 

Block II ‘ss ange joes cten by a fenes of” window screen, which is 
intrenched below ground and stands 3 feet above ground. 

Block III is tdaced identically with Block II. Also covered by 
muslin roof which. is) jouppersed by: chicken wire.” 

Strip A of ‘back: block has. Ry viscosissimn fruits planted and 
staked at a ert ies intervals. 

Strip 3 was left niipialitea. : 
Plots #1 are. check plots, and were not dis tarbed. 
Plots #2 have the an as reprer duff renoved. 
if Plots i have artifically made skid-trails. 
Plots #4 have all ‘duff removed to mineral soil. 
Plots # have the surf ace duff lightly burned. 
Plots 46 have me duff mantle entirely burnéd. 

I. Plan for Recording Data 

Definite forms, WF-BRC #35 ond 436, were made for systematically 
recording results as they developed on the plots. 

During the first season, inspections were made at one month 
intervals. During following years, the first seasonal inspection will 
be made in the spring before new growth starts, and as often thereafter 
aS is necessary to keep a complete record of any changes taking place 
in the plots. 

.oonet bedasd ertw-d s aindiiw beeofone at sem ertiae ont 7 , 
| 3 shetvetorg ealwrerdio ton ei I seolt F 

at doidw ,neetoe wobniw to sonst s ys betoetotq cele at Il xoolt ic 
«favors ovods geet & ebuste bus bavorg woled bedonetsal © 

ud bereves o8f4 «II soold tiw ylisottnebt boone? at III soolt 
votiw sesioids ydibeditogque ef doidw toot allem — 

bae betnelg ad iext mumteetaooaly -H aed soold dose YtoA qgit#® . 
| -efsvieiat belitoege ds heres a 

: -botns fqn Stel eaw I girt2 oe 
.bedusteib ton etew bas ,etolg dosria stm Ih etolt. wu 
sbevomer tinh tecqy beysoshay ods eved Sh asolt 
veltetd—bisle ehem YLleettidrs eves a atoll 
.ftos Ietentm of bevomet tiwh [fe vad re at old a gees 
cbonued yftrdgil Tish eoetuve ont oved 3h etolt a 
bemuwd <iortine elinem Yinb edt sved 84 atolt a. 

qllsotiameseye tot sham stew 28h bas So} OSE-AW , amrot offal tod 
sztola edt no beqoleveb yeds es etiredt gathrcost 

ddeom eno fe hem etow emottoeqent ,coasea tetit edd sclwit 
Iibw sottesqant [emoasee derkt edd , tasy guiwolfot gaiwi .alevretal 
wef¢testsdt setto aa bas ,adiete déwotg wea etoted gatige edt ai ebam od 
esate anivist eegsado yor to Sioost etefqmos s qoed of yrseseoen al @s.— 
: ) : -etolg edt al 

[states Tere ad ed, 7 we 
= -adeg S i 

faq,e duiog 7 

[ey dmog 

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2 4 “dd 

peust aes sa 38s mT 
2 se oe syed 

T# Apnjys woTyeupurey yoory 


40la jo ele 

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Lace Pe Ay 


ane 8 emtarese am oe Aa 

Nese tmnt nemo in +m arene 

ae eee: 


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1 | | ; 
; | | ‘ ; Wc x 
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7 4 

. “” 
GQ) «4 iM 
A Gy 
<j a 
. =] 
mam 0 
Gm ti & 
o > o 
we) $24,c 
MO + Sue 
ao Oer 
Go re 
oe Pe OI 
on Noe 
ort mer) 
rie’ £9 
$2 Jd+- & 
b> wo oO 
1+ 40 - 
QOaaon ® 
FTO Cvricd 
- Cert 
® @ ® w 
HOnO hh 
GH E ® 
i fe! A 
nu » 
De 5D a | @) 
2 oO < 
mare Os 

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ort G4 
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turbed the 



the result. 

ons for a 

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later raked and 












Bah ~, ~ S @ ve 0? ear > . ~ + 14 F ~ rf ~ "aA T 
FAD szotd sututolpe [t3s pue sjOTd ewos wory peAaowel 
3 punog 3OTA [enzyoe yALew eitm pue sx 

$4.10d¢d Io] Ye4s asIeT ‘*peyoetdwoo ATTeYT3 

[eem “FOOL UTTsnu ey, YAPeouVEG 

Re iy ds 1) 
severe perederd ALTBTOTITQAS aud 48 Beate 

eu} fO apts au 4e@ SOUeT Ussei0s By4y 

3 © 

NIU} SUTHOOT -sqOTd Jo yas peyetduwog 


y *TeAOd punoris ayy JO Ieyoereys pue ‘fy Tsuep 
FUFTOY SUI SupyMoyus ‘uUCTYTpUCD pegdnjstpun [eUuTST10 ut Beuy 





XO Td TT 614 pt } 

pw - < > 
ATUO Q At ““UsT uo y AOU aA T , 7 ral Fe TA To 
L L < MO Led 9) 2 UW ¢ 2 -eca 3 ) eT A ATT ATAA A eit o 
a + ras ta OF . $ 4 vista sselzolida ut ; UITLG peTToOt IO9 $9 2 M 


"al JF eo 1 1Ing 4USTT uing Aaeey 392M 

ly Fi es : _ 





1 aS a Cam) 





per acre. 


The rigniebink. pkseg ison tel areas showed no Ribes at the 
time of the Les a 7 - 4 tle | aah | 

Area sae Region 
Cedar Cfeek Germination Study #1 St. Joe 
Camp D'S | Germingtion Study #1 © Elk”River 
Pierce | Germination Study #1 Clearwater 
Lakeview § Germifation Study #1 Pend Oreille 
Lakeview § Germination Stufy #2  . Pend Oreille 
Lakeview Germination Study #3. Pend Oreille 
Lekovieg Gormingtlin Study #4 » Pend Oreille 

Four hits of plots Slnowos dinitiation: during the same 
rs year that they were established, ‘None of ‘the planted Rs viscosissimum 
fruits have yet germinated, all of the new Ribes having been individually 
checked as of other origin. The results are shown in the following 
tables? .| | Bea Sree VR Ti tr 

edt ts sedi on bewode aso Lad memtraqxe. guiwollot eT 
saoitoeqent VSL deal ent to emit 

noises god 
20% ot I% Ybor? molisalerte)  iset) ished 
weviz aff ff yhut? solsentared @ qmsd 
todaewiseld [3 yore acltanimion eo tel 
elfterd Saet Ly ybute aold entarred | welvers. 
efitet0 bast $$ S& yhot@ solteantmred welvesal 
eli{tet0 baet & yhote? solsientaxed welvoret 
elf{te1G bret b& yhot2 sottantarred welversis.. 


emee sft antish softenieteg bewode atolq to atee wot 
momtasteosatv .f betasig eft Yo emo .dedeif{dstee siew yedt jadi as8y a 
ylfeubivibst seed saived eedif wen edd to {fe ,betsatutes sey eved etiuxrt 
gniwolfot edt at srode ots ativess edT ,algito tedte to ss Sexoedo 
ha teeldat 



“stay | stag 
wr! cere 

Be ;, : 
Es | | 
| «| | , pesod 
‘is it 3 Teieutw) peaow 
= “9G JO JO TV 





* & & 


t sires PdotdW aloft sotteainted to yismmye 

ee a 
: ie, nama) i tho ‘Study No. 1 

“wxty coustete set : of plote shoring posi tive resnite) 

Inight! Burn 
All Duff |jof Sur- ~n te 
s|Removed jface Duff 


ted es ee res 
Resultant 28 vis 192 vis lvis 

16,000 167 

eet oe 
dae’ A ren 
. -_ 9 
L P| Ps he 
ini {hal | 
rT ~ 
ew ~ oa > 
eo} " 
v 4 : 

ee ee ee ee 

fo Yams, 
ct Sete 2 eS 

. ee en 1a ne A aE 

he em atc RIM ETE 


ei ap a apa 2 mm mi ae 
e > 


ee a ee 

%: : mshe 
on issen fil 
‘Sesot ibe: SEES RE ES 

Rees. Sener aC ee ae SPS 
Bars sacre a ey = treme Tae tite-f 


er Wen 



iabbeted: 8 sce) a 

Summary of 1927 Results 

Four Controlled Germination Studies 
Which Show Positive Germination 

nemoved (Trails|Removed |f Burn 

Darmlndi [a edod| persed eased ounaal | 
183 as ie 196 R.vis. 
R. Lac 28 2 R.lac. 5lac 
"Taso est aaa ho 


oem sen sana NOES erg mtn 

ond tdaid : 
levesH| ~tx2 to | tit a 
| eect meee eDet| _bevomes 

wmrereorees nae em anneal 

a. PMOL ewe 

ighvé £| Oiv. = 

load a) oe anil as 
L vz | bee , 
} i 2H 
| SOL | i 

mer fear Uitte mee IT GI Nae itary 

The results of the soil acidity investigations are shown 
in the following table: 

Acidity of Soils. 

a eee 
lot 5B. 

Jus Ee 

ock I 
before b 
qMeadow Creek. 

Ed.Plot A 6 
after hot 

nwode ots enoliegtieeval ywibtes [tom edd) ba et ieset oAT 
anu galwolLot _ ot 

>) a eke dank 
x @ toll. nbs 

TABLE WO. 6 (Continued ) 

esr roe Burn 
aie saat at 2087 

—- Creek Burn 7.08 
#1,duff from allu- 


Meadow Creek Burn 

#1,upland mineral 


Meadow Creek Burn 
#1,upland mineral 

(Ssenttaod) 3 OW Raigar ie i towex ast 

1 >. wate t 
— ‘ Se bury tl fot aa 


- at Sbelx” 
ieventn aa tors 

RABLE NO. 6 (Continued) 

S & 


Burned. Burned 

eect te ipres 
af aera 7 ' = 

satan Crvek Bara 
(red mineral 

Samples 1 to 16 inclusive were tested from 1 to 6 weeks after they were 
collected. Samples 17 to 21 were tested about 1 year after they were 
collected. Semples 22 to 39 were tested as they were collected. 


wh de 

atew yodd teste exeew 8 ot © binct ay ee 


aA , a. 

orew vend. red ts seey L treda” hos est “OtO¥s, 

sbefsel ion exow youd as ith id orew | 

1 net gees jehaouk ee } 
| anit 8. me's ‘karl, LA 

sf nage | 
wt sive fie } “ 
j re ae Wor: + 
aa Smee te Mme 44 
’ ball ae, Li rx me As fern. ii 
¥ : * WO val a hat Re d 

; - ig a . : pony Wa. Bess it weds : 
} ‘ aay ng 

ye al bon aur, BR 
sanet= Bt we 

phi titer anise: sare gs ohm seb ava 

VIII. Summer 

The experiment already shows that viable seeds of R. viscosis- 
simum and R. lacustre are present in the basal portion of the duff, and that 
they they will germinate under some conditions. 

—— a 

The experiment shows that severe ground fire kills these stored | 
Ribes seeds, and that either a light ground fire or a mechanical distur- | 
bance of she: dart ‘results in the germination of these seeds. 

, ndrexperiaent shows that the conditions on undisturbed check 
plane do not permit the germination of Ribes seeds. (The germinations 
which oecurred on Check plots in 1927 were unmistakably the result of 
duff eck) = our ss mene In ier words, ny are not truly 
checks. i ; 

60 days after the duff conditions are changed, and that the season of 
the year is instrumental only in so far as it affects the fundamental 
factors which control ery ye 

The eae further shows that germination may occur within | 
aay 3 ‘The: ‘results indicate that soil acidity is of minor importance, if | 
any; regarding the germination of Ribes seeds. — 

The: a arab that the Ribes seeds are aged in the extreme _ 
basal noni rn . 

2.7 ,eAs 

It further indicates that rodents and birds play a minor ag in 
the distribution of Ribes seeds, 

The evidence indicates that the slightest disturbance of the duff 
may result din some Ribes germination from stored seed. The removal or 
‘destruction of most of the duff results in more new sRabes than any other 
= sresteant: chp tried, 

' weve 



~etsooely .ff to sbeee elfdatv tart awoe ea jnembteque ont 
eit ons. “Hiab edt erica tieets eas ee des 
wid : a heme amos tebar SaLei es iliw y 

povraiet | 

bekods, ‘aed. alits. oxi%i daivos exevacadt a woske: tenmbanigee © ont 2) ite) | 
opt ath retieetibes 6 To otkt bavorg pape 2 tedtte ¢add baa , bee? sed? ia ast 
a “6 @aheee cameit: te kp Het prey ent mb etdieen Tish fenth ¢ enged \ i 
f i 3 “webew Bn Me eke Regi ; ee s 3 
wooo bodurtatbar no emotttbnos edt tat amore ‘taomtregae. oth | | 
anoltaateteg edt) .sbesa oak Se nolfantanes, ef 
_ to tipeot edd yildedss elma otew VSOL at atotg.; 
ore. ton ois I ih , ab10 8 nner - nem bt 

wes ones 

aidé te <g090 yam oh on ted3 ewode ted i} sce OK 
to soesse odd tant baa , begnads ets anottibros ‘The ‘y 
ah manele ont” a salad i ae : a ‘oF a ee te 
Q —ae ef 1S2 a. 
pe saantoast tontn be ‘yrthiss ‘thoa-tustt- $89. 
) veioon 3 ace ba bedenr 
i i 7 
tie adt 40 comtioeall devtdnats old ted? 
40 favoms1 edT begs botode po ths moitat t 
sens i a geds headed wom erent ate sdk cal ba “ 
. a A PAR SY : 
Occ ES, Sy AONE: ate aa 3a Ae ign 4 ah males i ane 

ted Be re wv eueoutt BE oe of 

é ee! eed te fa 
“g a Pr RG oat Ki py I 
* 4 , g Set ee ie 1S. ai ak bale. 
ee ah ih ws Bare wen aan ‘ WN 
oo Hetwed stew OF ah me eae “ipa ica 

on the a aa ‘Definition of | the expe : riment 

\fhis axperinen ti is, a systematic study of forest areas within 
which: outside activities-have disturbed the normal life of the forest. 
It may be due to fire, logging, road-building, insect infestation, or 
to any otheryfactor:which upsets the neturel. balence.. The study is 
divided into three distinct points of cicheazie 

During @ne seaten of 1926,. 2 
uted, vot Disturbance: by fire is: outstanding veomre of the ‘ares: acre- 
@geowhich iS affected in this manner. wo a 

oP Gis 

Mechanical disturbance of the duff results from logging oper- 
ations, one, bud sng: ianate ogre achereye pe Hee and s1a33 an activities. 
(ailacr ) te further facilitate the co 
» eos woo Disturbance. of the shade, weet without. dinterhesse of the duff 
may result from slashing of the forest cover without later disturbance 
and may also occur on aréas denufied by insect or funeus infestations. 

The establishment, survival and growth of these Ribes is a .. 
secondary phase of this study. It will be continued as leng as deemed 
advisable. — recoried on Forn ‘39. 

II. Description of ged in Selecting Experimental Units 

Reeords wereobtained from the Forest Service, and from the sev- 
‘eral’ timber protective associations, of areas burned by fires during the 
past 30 years. These burned areas were drawn to scale on maps of the 
several forested areas.) Records of: logged areas were also obtained, for 
studies on disturbances of that character. Areas with the timber killed 
bat not Denioved! were wid. selerenad. for. od ividus) 
neludadé The cute tand ne ae 
with the Cilenineadtsi What annem eth tttpeaddhgeptern) lesations , a 
certain number of the smaller of these disturbed areas were designated 
as study areas. This Was done with the intention of sampling various 
conditions found in the white pine ‘belt of Idaho. Studies were made in 
‘thd Kanikew) Pen@ Oreille, Coeur d'Alene, St. Joe and Clearwater regions. 

Th Cooperatigars Me eh Set Stay: ¥ Experiment 

Several hundred ¢controiien nviets om bur 

“hese wll Systematic efforts were made to Neeite the teh arrow 8 oi areas, but 
only a part of these areas were located after careful searching. All 

of the designated burns which were found were carefully mapped to scale, 
showing the boundaries of the burned area and of the different sets of 
conditions resulting therefrom. On all burns which cover less than 


: ie Or j ess et Be £ FE 
aiddiw egos deer o to splert: amed 2 oA te x “ 
steex0% oft “to e wie i. is 2a bs nine ovad wi ¢ 

ta septate teh tooank quihitodmeet -paalgaol | rien 7 Ba aa yom $1 
pe Nisin sa ule eit, reseah ned nedio yas ot. 
$. edb x _ bpside 20 sinlad tealt b esd ota dolighte bite 
q we abant! ‘ti aha ttrh 
e198 ‘eatel edt to ‘etnaved setholbetos at ott we comadaut eld siinetio 
stennen efdt at betostie et tole e38 
tend ewosn wediawh foomioaeee ut 
“1090. aniagot. 0% ps ola ‘Hisb ont. to sonedtwi ath Leplandoel evn 08 
-teliivitos teiinte bas. show noltomtt ance baw: gekb Lad Lie mott eenolie > 
toiteninees Lewast meliv erator? 

ttvS odd to soneduwtetb teodtiw yqonso ebsile edd ‘to consdtate]erd 
somacusteth satel tyodtiw reves teerct edb ko gatdasla mort Tiveet yom 
-enclist@etcl eamaut 10 to@eat Yd bshuoeb eests 20 wwo9b0 ealeogem bag 


# ef, aedid seedt to devotg Sne Leviviwe-;¢uemdiatidsteas edt 
pio ee acof ee bewnitaon ed [{iw tI .ybute etdt to seaig tatiana 

ed Lal Led mem ceqxdl ‘Sechivh ied 

-voe eid mort Sum .sotv1e® ¢acret edt mott beniadds erow ebroset 
edt guid aerkt yo! bend ascot ko |, anclteisores evifosterg “tednit Tete 
ee 3a Aca ne-elene.o8 cewih eve :mnecd herrea Cundt <a, Ob fest” 
rot ,beaisddc cafe stow esexe beggol to ebiope) ‘uate chdiiannds Sndovde's 
befita tadmit ont diiw eeeti .tetostsdie tedd to teonsdiwtelS ano esibute 
«tot bedowest ols erew bevouot gon tad 

& ,emottgsce! tasolget bam yilidieszesos chodt gaiteblenod 
hotengteeS erew esete Dedasteib evedt to teffeme edt to redmen ntatteo 
auoliey gxiiqase te mol¢medat edd dilw emob saw etd? .egets ybute as 
ai obem evew eeihut2 .odebl to tiled onig etitdw ed? mt bavot anottihnos 
sanolget tetswreslS bas 90% .¢2 ,omeld'b weed ,effte10 buet ,sexiney ont 

yout? to ebodtem . TIT 

tad , seats betacatzeb and etsool ot sham otew eftotte oftemetey2 
iiA “3akdousee Iotexueo wetle beteool etew agetm eset to treq 2 ylao 
else of begges yliv ters otew bavot etew dotdw gawd betsagteeh edt to 

to 8398 YaoTSLILs edt to ise gots beowd edd to sefishbaved add gatwode te 
ants esef revoo doldw aried {fe a0 .mottetedd gaidiveet enoltthaxon — 

j ae age F 

ys eRe 



1/4 acre, a search for Ribes covering the entire area was nade by 

covering the ground at close intervals id crew formation. On 

areas larger than 1/4 acre, one or more Sample strips were run through 

the area, sufficient to sive a representative picture of conditions 

on tthe whole area. 
Areas disturbed in other “eh were Likewise deximated, 

searched for, and examined, 

eesen crew has been, continously used for okie work. 
ae g the season of 1926, a one=rod width of trig wes first 
used, but ae as later changed to 1/2-rod width of strip, after the 
fommnn bck to be ‘too wide for most efficient work by a two-man. 

lh 1929, the width of alr new strips was made 6.6 feet 

kanes to further facilitate the. compilation of data. Tach Ribes . 

paren’ was sralpred and its location represented on the map. 

Te loca aoe Wy. Plan for Hiseprd ing Data 

opie gMhe data taken for each Ribes and for its association is shown 
m Form WF $36. In case no detailed tS began | of the area was nade, 
the area was recorded on Foc? #85: 7 

et So. in rey 

Study areas ed » Listed ona under "VII. Results of 1927 In- 

A detailed abecktgtian WS aah. individual area studied is not 

included. The outstanding features of @ach area are fiven in connéction 

with the. tabulated list of reas on L Eaapeoding pages. 
: . Re ults 27_ Ins tion 
. Yire Disturbance 


hy ‘cooperation with the $rieat River Experiment Station, 

several hundred ¢gontrolled plots om burned areas were examined for Ribes. 

These will be sever en aye at the end of 1928. 
Lakeview Mt. burn 


yd eben sew sets @tidns end zalvevos, 2e¢f8 tot Hower « ,o1on &\f 

aQ .foltemrot wero at @feviedat eola ja hbaveta oft gaitevoo 

digvotdt avi stew sqiztds efemae atom to emo ,etoe }\L madd tegisl eeers 
anotilbros Yo wield evitetneseigen & ws o¢ Brean ere edz 
SEAS OE SG oo Bolg be lel wisete elodw edt ao 

Us aaa i a ete xedto’ bt betutath wading 
mat aad To Oth? Taawtok wel no lS Ogihara tinge! hae eee 


rie tdedt ge "taut Joomas OOS, OE ES A oak ieee ye $l 
pre atid? oY moka <fouocatsnee steed) hat: wero: femeows Ao soe at 
nigh to welled Mois Gee out gia! ebiy ibe. 

texkt eaw qitte to dt bin homens & .@SCL to noesee eff anired 
edd redte gis Yo adbiw boreS\ PF of beyanifo! retel eset) tod sionak 
nen-owd « yd atow tnetottte ¢ sont sro ‘ebtw oot @ ot Bevot abw temrot 
ahd ae fetes Glink ot Yo seat at & Save bouts: de 3; 
i“ aia — nasal wah Cie Yorithiw ong! VSR Lok. . eco) de 
“ods fost -ateb to aotialtqmoo odd etatiiies?t tediawit o¢ (e1oalim) 
ikon ‘ont a6 Se ee ee ee eew tosic | 
Hueisieg (2 ea Rae i) vemos oF Grhy, hon “ita mie mont tiveer yer 
ooekd rot melt suese onfle oper Boe s 

a = 

swore at noNetodsss at! tot. bas eddif wisse tot amendst aied eit 
Shar ew sot erld To. eae qiutdbeltstebier edeg SI «ash ThuaroT ato 
; 25% TW arot no beirtoset saw secant vals 

het eg Go Roitalverek .ry 

ery ite ae ae thee a “tokens yiro bodek! ots aso ybuse 

is be . trettekemine ey tppatety saigehtaaga 

Mo ESR NE Oe See ody Bee ima areal? G ae pee 
OT ge Ree Pepe té Serb intial Lanes ews > here « 

eG Mric wet ie f?.ta @onnedrisedy se eelbos & 

bux a bebbeds OTs fauhiythet fiose ‘to moitgiveeb belieteda fo5 fod 
nerepenane at —. evs gota does lo eetgtast gaoibasieivo eft .behelont 
jg ropa vy -asets ‘to dell beteluaiat edt diiw 

B evans “he ‘Te L Lessee ad? Yo redeem alates 

obsssgial Niel to let Goma esT Be. wetrrs yhots oe 
MOL tO I Tad oakiy odide en? ak faye #aottl bares 
#o% «92 ,go0tA'® awee) oti ierg | af) 

Kolinad? gnomireqxl teyhi PeshtT edt alt iwigoltersqooo al 7 

sued ba beck "porns erow esere bermsd oo etolq beflotimoa betbawd fateves 
Beh ects bs weed % Amoco dt ste cage hebapann: a: Iitw oxed? 

#30) ‘ feool etew seeta waede to tiag a ¢iao 
ett oO PERG ee 12 otow Solita saekad betouptand sored tS. 3 
Re he) RE ee ee, eRe iW at te wetraboed add gaiwods 
ah EO nal Mie aearel  f te Xt " atooreeea gals fveer teottthacs 

“ABLE NO. 7 

Fire Disturbance in Kaniksu Region 

Medium vis- 
8 " 

Some lac, 

Med. vis. 

Wed. vie.. 

5 259 vis. J 
9,511 vis. 
5,400 vis. 



zy vis. Hy 
- vis. 

yy vis. 

Med. viseo. 
Fire |MedJolsee.s. | 
|Lakeview Mt. Barn ee oe * (550 vis. _ 
4 Strip #2 - * {1,383 lac. 

eed ia 
Sisk TEI pic! 

i gaiwoffot | -a#if 

op lee biel ea 
Le BBS ee at 

cree Gas 
by | fees) ee 



is eae 
2008hT wr 


ices ic racine eich ppc Seto as ces 
i i S 
' : 

K Y Y a 2 
tie enna rae A me tore ciagyatnon: 

1 sau e Rex Tt 

frites Dasha naan Bee Sia 

TABLE NO. 7 (Continued) 


Bie BO. ¢ | Comt Liraed 

| ‘or 

9 ee Pinar. 
a Lac. 

Med. visco 

pa he-vaetlh Sintec SOPE el, > wee ¥ 

. s ng 

a, + - 

Med. vis. 

’ > — -* peed be 2 R ’ ¢ = 
u ) » ' A : 
eo Ra WEY ay io. ein ws r : Feu 
; . | , : ' 
: “ oe — — - . 
; es ee eee ae Oe eer nee a eee ~ . ~ ~ ~ - - — - —_ - -. _ ~ 

(bosnttaod) T .0v BnOrNy 
Te Be 

is gi ont gee tbo Be rug head 

schon een aioe st em meme foster iene 

t sedis | eqy?! 

Stok Taq | 
1. werd a 
a sen 

poem bing tnt 

ws iy 

bel etme f. bait] 
a a os 


TABLE NO. 7 (Continued) 

ft - 
4 sel 


peices a a I cl ee 


ty) ont 
be S tag 

TABLE NO. 7 (Contimed) 

Tow ae 
® lac. 

ie te ee 
"lac cen lac. 

vis. a 
est Few lac. 
Many vis 
ae | 
1 ,233 lac 

Pee ee 
20-40 |Reconn. a lac. 
200+ oe PRE 1,520vis 
20-40 200 lac. 
eset oe |= be 
160-200 i: hereon 
- 00025 ay 16,000 
ed 300,000 
ieee = ee 
00025 Bora [iacustr 
oP ite 
-00025| = a viscosis 
(Le [cael = flan 
-00025| - Burn jviscosis 


Bis Biss 

a5 a 

ria beicieierae Bec FF 
S518 we 
1 q 

j|Planted Plot z eee 


Y ‘ 


(homitaod) ¥ .oH Beat 

t Suman 

Re): Be Regen h | 
yeh sb Rion! Fe gdinibuaine: depen 

ae ap OM 


~~ RABLE NO. 7 (Continued) 

tri | 

Mpter- Areas” without. age thite! acreage and number of- Riber’ per acre: stated | 
_ din above’ table ire not enw voll the above “<a es | | 

hotote ize oq sete to edema me j 

aes i eaeet ‘foce' 

4 bi 

bi R ¥ : 

 dwodtiw enouh on 2 ot ow 


sgeTevs. frets. ait aks 

bs ne 

ore measeemegenteg tr the 
ts we ‘ 

» aia Me el se ih ee Ge ‘ OP Nie | Or 


Pete | 
4 r 

ea eT ee ee a ae 



; arb ty i 
: ‘ 43 iN ; y 
Fine Nery 9 wiioihibe rime enor S 
ge t 
sy f ” " it i 
pts ihe a 
as : Hipp aires aban sensi inant Aiton mabiabinsaAl 
rt ‘ i 
48 4 ‘ 
ei i fei . =ae 
J AGT Taner 8 ae SOREN AT 
st ft ' 
i ONE? ag ary t 
; i" 
bom ie wer: 14h in men i ARAYA ka a a fin 
V8 : rh 
} aaa 2 sid | 
“ \ we ae aah: F 1. hh 
4 seth: apes ANeaieb iach one riled inanimate” 
; | 
j ve 
th <4 a t a { 
* vA P ’ a 
5 Aig : 
¥ t ae 
5 4 4 
aged aa eap: j spe eee 
We hi corked 
° >, y 

Fears eae & baborneatene rbtoniaiy ” Hoe psaiostaay3) 
at ee tere ‘h 

ei aia wats 


ie i 

eview Burn © friweosiss 
[- ar ste to copa 
me | TAS COS ISS. 


oe le ee 

xeview Burn / 
tegen en an |e L 
Ceder Creek Fire viscosis. 

Burn #1 
Lakeview Cutover 
\jArear #1 

| Of , P ee ee! 6 ne . ih .0—ClU SS ee. ee = 

O00, aie 
sleeoeiy| donotT 
| OOD, G8 
apeiv;  §® 
008hy i  @tit) 

CO, 308 okt 
-opelvy | dons 
aiv Sas AE ” ont 

[ate Oey, oF fame geek | 

i ; ot aursi| 
sey ie A 

atv 026, 5 

TABLE NO. 8 (Continued) 


6 “te 

: — 

12,171 vis| 


fia Ag 

2M ‘ 
| : 
. é 
Bua) ae fish con mara nid dyes 
my cht 
; git Hee rah eine ile sllicegl 
; ue 4 em 4 4 Ss a ® i 
: ~ Sy + tee ‘ 
| avail 
2 ¥ . 
‘ ‘ | 
: ea 2) ei byeoient | 
, ) } oe Le € yowsd) 299 
: ct ee oA Na IM eth 
: < i fe ait | 
a ' : ea “say. ed a gg weivontez q 7 
+ Bo ¥ ‘ er ; f Mh 
Rogen) ? } of Hy ith rs ' 
ae ‘ 
ne n a 4 ; 
i tt emtosaahiw a: thw tis ONAN LN Wher ety Pee eee enh hershey | i Oe 
; te tee Sie 3 ee am 
% “a by 4 x oe ae a ee! er tee ee ya See al f 
aay nba ‘ 
‘ a a Saas 4 
eon oy Sem «a appr ria eer 3 
: ans eat IE NERS | 

7 me toa ree ttc “oy ae 

EE Pan 



ire Distavene in Harvard Rerion 


3 2/ 



167 vise 

Fire |4,650 vis; 
"1924/11 ,434vis 
3,194 lac}: 
es "1925| 889 vis 
§,333 lac} 
. — 514 vis 
Fhe a i71 ae 

eS ee ee ee ee eae To Le ee 
- =" 

000, S| days pet 
-oo8ly srrot | ator 
heb get | 
«x00; #6m) 
O00. 2 iyveeRhety OF} f00. 
doatv| met) tease] 

oy oie, Te 
| ae 5 O8e 
feed To) 

“Meee ne 

fo he mech dre sa nel en ett 

TABLE WO. 9 (Continued) 

) Ribes din, ti 
: {ort . in daa per A.|Type | Ribes 
es 1EE _ of Dis=| Before | of per Acre 
turbed [Dis [Dis- |Folloving 
Ares’ -}tur- }tur- Dis- 
sis Studied i | bance — bance turbance 


a 9 Al. PTE Hie ib .0705 



= ae 


; 0 
Meadow Creek # rye ait fe | 
o's — Wad #10 

a eel ota a Looe | = Ieee 

1004 | .020 Fire {1,500 vis 

dos SRF] 21 Ishoorzol us | = lpi ay Be 



Ps niswe tages ’ >) 2 on na 

PRBS. fgg ey bs de 


_—— ote 

«i 10 

ged ka 
ok TOG | PBs STOA 
ie ren to} 

sotisool . 

Seunen ence “Ko eam 
ri (patna ie ane Tay 
e beet} ia te) %! Rey 

go sae me see conneeen tevin 
or serreei 
2 gel 7 acl 

aM fiat et 

TABLE NO. 9 (Continued) 

ra EES = i " — 
Plarce Burn $3 Pilot if 

erce Burn #2 Ac~ 

an eng eee ae tegen nano 


a vpn ne 

Honeysuckle j4-| | 

\kepr. in aha. Afenpt't S (Simi i9 

1OaRs . ca 

peu tover ei 

iv SORE ag 

leataves Block 1 Camp i: 2 | 50m |” [120-16 yh eS . 
; . : 

; } 






oe 7 


*-490.R. * a . {33} a i ste 2.0 
: -— . 

Raeweavns |, 208 Lue 

“<r aes re tare = ee ea at ae Or Ne. 

abt Sm i& Saat she Sail 

Spe cot Watt Perce meat, * 
Ne ‘ f 


2. “BRO 
% a ii) 2 

15 = ctapeernernty mnie eae | te 

Sex: Aah 

anaes se Carry 

ii") ae 

2b istees j 

Fire Disturbance in Pips Re fon ae 

per Acre 
_ {Following | - 
Digs -_. 
a 1) 

21. 1 lac.| 
_§ inera. 

See > 

Nes ch om 2 vi 
. - i 

Ae: | 


Dy ee SET 


500" Le "Fi cat as 
B00. “foa-o0r1 TS| Bored Gh que) 0.0.1 

i. a SAG tad || 

eS ibe, 

ag eee ae 

ee age En ss oacledealt “o faloue yen 
ot OBL-08 WE . 4 . Si oe 
| & SL OGL06L ce a. soa 

oe “Ge oe ose ml 

gar ree > 

IS od : ’ 
= r Pe P as 5 
a 4 Stew 31s 4 Vance; — 
————S——— ees 
a - 
: ; 
; - 

1s lac| ra 11 vis. 

‘ —_ 
a nos 
as | i 

—~—— “ire a 
wos rage pet i = 

thee ies 3 {RUIN | On Sleep 
ro &|229 lac. 
32 lac; Burn »9 vis.|- 
gutare ver Ae) 
fil a ba plea PS 
160- 32 lac Hg thy 1.2vis. 
160-200 less 46.0 lac 
74 lac. 

22 lac!Pile 319 lac. 
a 58 visc. 

. 2 O.M. 49 lac|mostly |186 lac. 
jjCatover " #3 * wthnwan vis | Pile | 68 vis. 
= Burned&-7 inerm. 


SS a es eee 

ee ee 


(beara! 20) 


Tost goals wie 

ost SF 

stew mes Yom eo 

Benito set 2 

ye ae ‘ 
be gees f Moni ravens af 

TABL #0. li ‘(Gontinued) 


106 UuUtove 

NB As 33. 3 lad. 
Vig Double 1s 8 

, > peua oe: F 

Photo ade 
f Rides are further sube stantiation 

ny wae 8 a eats Ba an Beont re- 

eview Cutover | | 
rm em $5 Burn #1 1 = _j-00175; 8,000 R.wis|.90) +} OUR SS 
ma trol led Plot t 5,417 R.vis 
eiuhies _ FPlote*5) it 8) Rls 

. tei 
Fi gogesks ; «23a 

“ I — -* - = ° —* > 
UA StS a Ee, dey a eee ‘ rs z ¢ : « “= 

hh Ve a ie b he : 
Average of al] ovens |Ravise «02596) 186 Belec 657 

— st Sees 

SOT SO eee 


*~ “ie, rs 

nm ei w 



faot sina 

sci ecules 

<9 silt st Sumy antbeel ¢ ayele net Cuobasr ra | Vi Leaesal 
dT (208% cH otont 202). antwof fot e 
stindt advo yattxtt ote eedtt Yo Ser bs 

rere is _, fetded gakwe 

» area ~5 
F oe | 
ines i f 
Pine ‘ € L 4 A ry 
ie: he ( / : F . oh a 
“ dens Aas nike pittrig ase s ipeeme ~ eocivatvant 
2 yw tee ae 
; iF ‘ ie 

Xda lieth : 
ea lS We Wig, oe 


‘|Lakeview Cutover 
Are : 

The effects 

2s wson tre 3 LAE 
is very forcibly. drow of Lakeview Cutorer Area gl. 

(See Photos. Mo, 9705 and Ho. W204. } 


.00244| 9,589 R.vis 

cual dein 

+001 72 |R.viscosiss. |.00141/R.vis. | .00087 
iia 14. | 

-00267/13,846 R.vis|.00065 

655 R.vis/|.00145/|R.vis. |.00083 

- 00254 000 R.vis}.00150 

193 R.vis|.00310|R.vis. |.00167 
* He 
api .20essla.vie. 
R.vis|.00005| —- | 
00095 : 

| 00095 | 
| 00098 

s | per Acre (|B 


© oa 

0g sae poet 
2% se? w 


NALS a i Nas Sy 
4 ie ee ae 

cereal woiveset 

_ te se Sk SOTA 

me hs” ha 
> ee 
5 en o. 


of brush piles upon the Ribes stand 
Lekeview Cutover Area #1. 

x 705. Thies shows «a 
small cutting area of tot 
the brush hes been pijed 

Phe zune 













Bank Vit.W 












VOALE = 68 

WORK BY_iice aw 

t = BS 4 
~ & : ‘ 

mA Vir woorOveER AREA 

W 204. Thi lows the individual pile b 

f the preceding photo or arger Scale. It 

hows the hot center of the burn ehter 
more or less surrounding it eu 

on the outside. 

% rai 

4 5 
re " 
3 el 
; & 
ot C 
1 + 
4 f 
co * 
© ‘ 
‘ 42 
¢) Cw 
° Mm § 
f ond 
p H 
Ga 4 
r »& 
ay ¢ 
® G 
‘VW © + 
> ry 
¢ 3 + 

i } 
: a 2 eg r 2 é evi 
he, Sty 1s 
. ” bs i } . - . 
- fi rae : 
P * Rata 
- . . ‘ ce ‘2 
. f * : - 0 : 
> ¥ - 
‘ ty 
oe - eS 
- : ane?" ‘ 
aa i een G MiCtEOMN 

' graphically the 
actual results in one insta al disturbance: 

Profile cross-section of accompanying 
map, showing relation of Ribes to 
various slopes of the ditch adjoining 
the road. ; 

Ju. 4 -1928. 
li a hoches, 

1927 ee [4 CHAIN * 

you 4nq 
<— wid . ae re 
pect saa 
rl jo 



* STREAM FLOWS WEST ee acti 7 
a ; 


ed? (lfaotdqera eyerixed sotéattentit gniwollet aft 
—« ¢eoneduut]eth Leolmadoem to eomedent eno at etivect Iestos 





jou 4nq 


Profile cross-section of accompanying 
map, showing relation of Ribes to 
various slopes of the ditch adjoining 
the road. 

Sh. 4 -1928. 
les ahoekes, 




22 VIS 7Ivis, 
S vis. | 

lr ac 


14 CHAIN * 

Creek Burn #1 

W593. An island of "light burn" within a heavily burned area. Stored seed 
not destroyed in “light burn". 

in f thet tree a fel 
ing the seé abe ‘ose 
Ribes couka be found on the Ga jomine un- 

disturbed ground. t 

Oviat Burn # 2 
% aa as 


W596. String marks edges of "fire trench". The unburned area is to the left, 
burned to the right. Bach Ribes along the trench is staked with a paper ticket. 

ms BF rT ¢ 

—— i 

W695. Shows R.petiolare seedlings under a bush killed by spraying, Aug. 1926 
Clarkia, Idaho. 

"ePpTsyno WOIJ sZOOI [Te Jo yno 
*sdoTd uo punos se ucTyeyosoa SuTddew fo pouyeN *SLcM 04 FOTA punore SutTyouer4 JO poujeu SUTMOUS °S2eh 



x oe 

of ae 4 a a ‘ 
TR ‘ Fe 7 

*s3OTd uo punog se uozt4yejgesoa SuTddey, *9,e4 


Root Competition - Light Study - Meadow Creek, Idaho 

y it nas ik i 
_ : Svat c 
ue 1G 

Vy 7 MK 
alt : 
. ¢ 
; : 
‘ i, 7 . = 
. o © 
by Mir sy, 
= ejay 5 ; 
dig . ¥ 
a lee 
. rae 5 ‘ if 

The acchanical disturbance of the duff emphasives the 
effeete of logecing operations, road and trail builcing and similar 

disturbences upon the ‘Binee of any region. The tabulated 
results are as folloxs EE. | 

Megbanicel Dis turigaee jm Lggerios Yoglon 

1926 3 

Bradication Camp # 1 ' y lac. 
1926 Bincrch Greek : eredi- | 6,800 
Eradication Plots ention lee. 

edt agvtantiqme Mieb of? te eonadwtelb insimatpem eT 
sefimta han gxibited [lett boe beet ,enolsiwteqe aatagel to etostte 
hegeluded ef? .colget wo To baeda sedit ed? seqy ssonadistelb 
Wf rewelfot an sis etlveet 

7 fofi betoalt 

© o ” 
# tolt betas [%| 

w # 8 
doe ft 

a B 8 

fe r aemeae ae Gael 
; | 

| @ 201% 
- | befig] + |88000. | «008 | 

i+ Ie Gy } 
geen cee. | ee eee Be: 

a Ne U toll betas lt 
dea » ® a 

; _* ¥ ?of% betas? 


1 an 

| 60,8 Bettas} O08) 
wf ro) Gal. i\ AO. 

ri 4 
saeeetih crise wig. sasaecrioblicaiiidin Moblin sicko 

4 : phx 

2 cm ast cscs ated eeseensenstoatceccihgietaitioaaiaeneiaelsiatas 
oem 7 T 
; ; | 
; { I 
| ny e13y 20d eteceay| 
ERK SUT a 4 ar Ps eel: & alan (inten rote aa pnamexsperrenesasathinsamnancse 
a1; HOF | 9 | CF Gitg Yoweyes Azog 3sey! 
aSfiize EOE Bo eB) 
alimoe| ef iF Utes TF sopeen Vout 
Ne ee 

acises| vt].  t¥ 6 Sais yen @ STI 
Set aaet >  -. WEA cg) Tiber is dies! 

| pe yaa zo Logs Beywpo4zsow| 
pmo st Hee 0 re a ee ee op erence 

ay " 4 s ie 


- - —s ae | spines eS a! a | ae fn ee oe nme te j 


@ § kpeys ooyyeuyerep ItwE preg 

errant renner nal re Fa Ae em ee a a te ne a me 

*9eT OFZ 
l*SetA OGG 

fo ret re nena ce ene 

a SR le ee te 

it # 4£puyg woxygedyerses Neary 4 

| sao £93'°% 

1 teccme s 5 
ee oe 



| "*SSta i, 28 

| : ie = | | _ 1 $ Apayg eetgeuperen ttre prop 

1 | REY | og-we veg USSU TROg 
ROPES mae al of BR OO TE 

sole 2 aot we | 

tee nme 

j OS3 SHOE Ty 
| *TOr3e3 gprs 
[ @ouegrny etc re 
| Sapaortopssy 
eae 804TH 




it aos tiosoee Vteb wit ‘be samuel feglaeswes ad® 

tslinia Sos yaloitud fleet Som beet . seghteredy wetness! te adostte 

kote Ireland ont oo res $n *° f'n Hie ° Pata eon Sard 98S 
. Mee list tt ee of loaet 

Beer botnalt| 

; § ; 
08) Nig she ale ee oe eee > peepee ae 
¢ , 


} RE? . 9 gues, THE, Be 4 of Baden l4 
¥: y te * es a, he 9 : ; % * , 
Wa A es rm) bic he hs 93 Bras ie rhs ‘ es ee hemes BS oe ee Ce Cel tne ee ene ee ee ae pede ae } 
= : fe £& tol% hevaa ls} 
= as as ni A NSE i aaa A ‘ i W ba 
eh ae » z : i eo We Reise Fs os ee Sa Bee craynn “ye Y eae Cea RE AUIS. NN 
ieee eo tt. = iy % +omt betas {7 
CHRD Bs 4 er | Ty ” ah 5, x } j od i 
ee aes, mesial nh cennelieiellehecdibomesmlaiinieinss ccna digaiciacerstil et 
i” { UY soft Segnatt t 
i pene signs ’ i n 8 } 
49 2% Pucca Bede vehi oe cate BS SITES dr Geena ee oe ee ; 
t ( ue 4 
Ree ue ee ¥ 2of% bedaal®! 
¢ LG | L. fee hoe " m sit 
: ” * * ws o« Ae wang ; eo ee 
a | | Sai 

ROT vant Bei. | OR | Me MOB | OR £*% qawd moltaak herd 

misgialen’ «hy oonitenetinimespernei een 

“Maer mevanké B8eL 

‘site ! a 
“tal aolstopt hea? 

a ea Date) * 

- @419y ted e@ezcay 

i a 
st 3"400| ees % srat't 

"STA PIL 'T Treas PIAS ~ BOO? 

E, | 
"sta 253 °2 say seOT ie on ee 
m2 ooz"s He a it 
~*38T OOOO] Tt O9T-00T 

“T1013 04-597 

Supaetiepey | ze 
sed seqty | edéy 

7% is F ars 
+ : 
. ? 
: — 4 


(Ofte) - wa fwasie, 

fettavos | 

|E & bate aeitasiois) seats wolaall 

S & ghcs2 aoideninreD [£28 Brod! 

fsoimed> te ybut2 gaiseotses 

ts Bixtsl = solsestherw 
ei ; iA € fade ex) sobs elf 

st i & gixe® £ & wobzst pod 

9th Teveduo xis 
ee eae , ore dojaltol xo? saa | 
es eto t9q #aeteyvA 

Biv TSs,.S_ ae 
tty ati 

wi ee eee 

raat 3 G8e | ne 



Very few sarees having the Guff undisturbed. wit? eo +3 
eetegy removed, vere PO tine 
by covered during the co 
oy relation *& 
tHe tatvalation: 

Plante Flot I |Uneurveyed 
1? Ry~4 a ' ; 
anew ee SEASSE Re | 

Pianted Pp’ ta 

ae gee ee 
Cam) 120. 

Host 2 — 
€ 120-160; 100.0 {58,01 

Area 2 136lacj15 yrs. 241 lac 
Block 2 Camp 2 51N soe bis 225.0 |.6 “GvigCutover|1.2 vis 
|»1 ine jz. oir 

3.1 ib 

fear a 

oak § fiiae FoWlosl®.d 
ely ee i bewiwd sivy. 

Ded PR af 
if Win Bi oaToer] 

ee S. Liasvadd prac 8.) {OOS~08L| WE 
Bier le went fae je th 

isorg ad asthe | 
dg02y 2 ob: j 

Very few areas having the duff undis turbed, with the timber 
canopy removed, were found. This phase of the Study will be more thorough- 
ly covered during the coming season. All areas @Xamined, which bear 
any relation to this phase of the problem, are included in the follow- 
ing tabulation: 

fi ; 
a é ' ; ‘ — — 
—— a 
e ee 

Average ver Acre | | | | | .os85 se 

tedmit end diiw ,bedtudetbar Yhob ot gatved anerse wet yrev 

-fgyotott etom od titw vbute edt to eeedy seat: »% grew ,bevomet yaonso 
taed doidw ,benimexe esete [lh ery gntivh bereveo yf 
eetiet iit i bodeeiant ete .meldory pia ehg. oF molteler yas 
EG ESS wokta loaded gat 

a Sea i 3 hte Ppa t wat? i reat oo ee “BL om sagan nee Rerecntennsere}un nopiieammniet peer gsnnmmnsseneen 

{ «i Be 0 j « 
; = wv fore 
wt FT a 
a VF beh ee | 
} ee ot 

o tort bed ne £4 

‘ a » i ep Pt ™ 

lee i aie. be be ; | 
28 % yi] i ¥ re z i 2 
' aes & a ey PE OD f i if ' fy Pai # f ee ia a re) it { 9 & e / 
3 * -_" weomene sot ie f i) preven A ERTS ~fonne le shanti i 
“eh Gai las a | ole | be Dee 2 gosd i 

, si de is rsade oy Cai Cine LOOSE) Wubi wig) 8 & woe) & see le j 

: ; FURL js) wv) 

} ? i Ne, ineperetsey ER Satin she ott eee Alok Pia * + seahoecnalath cm iene 

Pk GS a he mara | / Bad Ge ie (: j 
Lie # ; : Wan Otan We eae x, 
loa ae ca iad pir hcl Wie ~ inh, tie) when Pedpe ba Oe aera ~ a) 2) ee ee rr ie 


yeeieturbed Stucy Areas in 

Undisturbed Stu Aress in eeview Region <:... 'D: . 

(Rast Fork Potieton | & mh ihe LEG-L3G71.0 a - 
Loren pnisieepmnmsinne ee a a Ok “ow Were: Saws > We ==-0 ct 

) ) 
Ps - « pate : } b. ys f | | | - Leake 
LAVORMEO DOT OOPS i he hoe Pres i) Cee eS 

iu "au 
vt # 

re] ei 
id oS Es 
. ere 
ee Pha et 

SR Wik 
iad he 


“o x 
"2 ~~ 
% Supt 

eee Byres 

oy “SO 

Ea - Te 


nee eka 


, evemst YWromso 
ch berevon ¥f. 


reer nt waa 



ao A ate soocod 

wyibromes rte 


a a = | 

ss Lilies Fe . ate ne te artis Swe S A | 


ca a TRG iain 

ce ys. 


sturbed S Areas in Harvard Region 

iper A. | 
ing Di 
|, Sarban« 


irl Pa 
Hog Meadow ; 2028 
momtiebalerle! + [oe |. |. 
momtielels Lele [on 
Meadow Creek 001 
ae bel a 
nt ao 
W "i 
re a a | alee fr | ae 
Area 1204 -006 
PPTL Ls bossa am 
Saat ia [a ser bor fiannea|o [> 
pee whi cel lt a al 
Strip #1 
East Fork Rabie: 1E (120516¢ 

t i} t 


| ; eed iff | ese9TDA 
| sedit| egy?) A teq eaptaos 
ey eed | to} stotell | ~ 
-wolfo%|  <-s8i2| «ei0 sbodamt | 18d toteo6d- 


~—niore) [iit bLod 
i & yous? aolt 

eo a 6 a 
oF tee aS 

hit ety ey ee 

nen ee i 



- "aa as 
A i 

prema ncn ete: tt Ah LCI NN eran ink tie 



pe enero hee Ie me cere ine 

del f c awe 

aes aeons oe wi Sak 7a f 
= ~ “ 

TH giv *, 
| doteltot sol saad) 


Wo Pek "ne 6 bs 
. a ss ia = 
aTTt eis TY A 
123. oO ti Fe 


Undisturbed Study Areas in Pierce Region 

gut om bs eit Ja + | + loo 
° C Lik hy 

Average per acre i re per Average per acre i 


ARNE 9 hh ona: 

Le en 

; iy y Ben ie 5 
ae ‘fs ya - in ba od ee r . A 
Wark | otetiet cot sand! 
‘ anki geen 
: Pee ; f 

artes) Sart 

“uns uoxeig : 


3, Oy: : : 900" *e ~- 
1k oa" eyyST 

. [Uns wexorg g0e 

ite gE A EE aa 
Sie er ae bea oid Lie 

ss -? ‘ant 


hts Sree 


‘evidmeeenoo ow pellet 
ae betosgxe od yea tadw 
ont wanieariitl aod hit 

< : a3 


Jak aerate Bh sibeaet Mee Hanbun ee i 

toe" 2a te tee Tae > sta eve 16 get 3 eee 
: a Ce s ; 
ood cath heer tite aed ny ee ee 

T#uimg’st9 aopeeR ‘g 
Gyiz5‘uoTZtog peumng 

é uns 9398 
“itp wolz aptus 
eyoTdwoo ysowTy 

uot 926 cane sae ask fala 
9 aoe TUsTT 

pevae gate 

Ysng sed 
mods eATT overeay - 

© : %) f : Db 3 "e "nl 
a z be 4? be +. Ia a 7 "a 
| 5 2% & OIF WUTROTION seqta jo wyaory pur 7 Faessa “Teapams 
& @ bs ot a @ @ - — 2. 2 4 
orev Oo & = eo n $s 
b= “wneS @ oS & hae : + 
3 <i @ bh @ ahs & 8 we > o% KS 
want Co ee a a co xe eS Oo 
3 _— 


ioal.i| sooabys 
weer see cane 

ete aes te ete ete tt 
12. ae yiele  e sete fea nc 223800. 

ede [qmoa teomia| 
atte t 

‘galvO. 26th bemused 
VSeLli fl & oh 
i i. i ooet) * * domes? exit 

3 frets Peet ee te 08 

2 " 
P > 
> = 
= Fe 



‘ sia atch ent at vebiiva: part or all of en insulating 
auft nankia. When stored seed are present in the Basal part of this duff, 
this seed either germinates. (when duff'is tut partially burned) or it is 
destroyed (when duff is entirely consumed). Where no stored seed are 
present in the duff, or’where the fire is sufficiently severe to entirely 
destroy the duff, @ Ribes free timber stand follows the fire. 

3 ary 2." 

Mechanical disturbance of the duff, such as occurs generally 
in connection with our present day ear wt of lozeing; with road and 
trailsconstruction, camp building, and similar activities, effectively 
Starts: the’ germination of stored Ribes seeds if they are ‘present. ‘The 
pine 4ee te areas’ ements: bears show: any Rides; th 

hax Shape hae gi $ th 

if. Disturbing of Soto nthe owhade odsyg' tensa! Vaibeirbing the 
aire aseer ‘not result. in anee-R nibs generation, until there is 4180 4 
disturbance 6f°the d@aff, 9" © 

‘Dis turbing Shehaceclarnaety the duff, ‘éven though” ‘the ‘tinbe?® canopy 
igonot'dis tarbed}*resul ts\ia'new new Rites germination, ©" © 

“learws - . 

before avpraaviy® it rabbelie*tilar, if timber crops of a sities area were 
iene or destroyed without disturbing the duff mantle, there would be 
no BRibes problem there. All native Ribes species of the north Idaho 
white pine region, in their respective sites, appear to be similarly 
affected by the disturbance of the duff. This control now appears more 
exacting and absolute for Ribes yvyiscosissimum than for the other species, 
but further data are necessary Sary before definite conclusions can be made. 


or 1 ny 4 

| } Reenget 

F Brute 
aes H ae 

in my | 
oe aoe 

‘ha ee 

‘ } 3 

goalie fvent ote to. “tte: ‘x0 nk’ i nS. Bh 
.«Yiwb eid? to daq dened ed? al yrs , 
ai gt to (bent (ilettsed dud at . 7 xesid | 
ets booe berota oa exrell® .( oo Yl 7B a) | ato 

vexttne of exsveet gris op ott anit ox . ELE Seyort 
sOtkt ob ewolho? busta 7 

YListones asiien é: Bs ae ene aa fore 3 
bas boot atin -aatasol to shodien yeb tas emg wee § 
ylevitostte © <eettividos te ltots bas baa | sath rh: hes 
ed? sinc» ul ven waht -4 ebeer pd pereae- 

onis axtdicneside epinety’ ve sia shes ntvomb 
a o8Le ak etedt Litaw was v9 2 won #. 
ps by iy F Foo | 1S hg tt ? 
ygones tedmid ont + uct neve. Tied. 5 en icigm ry: 
Seotinnte ea ‘ren il 
5 3 da he dain & | 

etlebl strom | enh te a ihe aed q 
VWisiimts od oe br ae ak 3) 

,setveqa tedte edi tot ect Rw. 
shan ed ses Bpoleuiowos of 

RY A EG TS See on NPE 

wat ee 

Survival of Ribes seedlings is Hote subject to 
wide variations under different conditions, = — 

Under heavy shade, the survival is relatively low. 

In open situations it is (1) very high if on a moist site 
and (2) very low if on’adroughty sites. 

The Bovill exposure study, on an area which originally 
apparently hai identical conditions on both slopes, shows.the Ribes stand 
on a moist:merth slope: in contrast) to the stand on a dry south slope. 
fhe north slope has more» than three times as many Ribes per acre as the 
south slope. A further contrast is noted in that the lower half of the 
south slope has almost three times as many Ribes per.acre a8 the upper 
half. The lower half of the north slope, on the other hand, has no more 
Ribes than hes the upper half. These Alsfarenaes: can opr ig be inter- 
preted a8 largely due to sarvinely ontis 
species was included ere #etarl 

ond chen chp, ples: studies established by the priest River Experiment 
Station. in the Kaniksu region and by the University of Idaho in the 
Clearwater region were examined, but later mpenien heen are necessary 
before any results can be) stated. ; 

af Thay were ther ; ; 
tai} ‘) ro ntinn of sac ’ "% S 
reguiaxy ecology ray © 
Pypii arcas of Ri vis 88 irom - 
re eforr® erafilce Son e © om 

cab teL ae nat © 
of fh Sead ci Yi netaggs ak kad thnek “sedis to Lavivwe 
fps i %e fla se ay smnoktibnon daststthi tebur anol atisy ebiw 

Try. hi “Yo Pepe eee age mat ge h westeme spas Reva Les eRe dhe ied eit ane teh 
st wo. (h mol Wevitesen ob feviense: at, vehndis creed abet Leos aids 
: onele’ .( deenranos “leriene vierh, monte) boyorts sh 

ae ‘od be; setone ao u digit yey 4: ab ¢ brenotiaut fw:aeqo nl: Peoaery 
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7 ipeaiiniel: dolde. sete oe mo .Ybute etweogxe LLitvel eaT 
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- My 1 Oy < of “en gapoeh ote Bind r48edtdel tod 


o] | ‘this ree: is a i oneay? related to ae “studdes ‘of. 
duff disturbance. It is a systematic study of forest, ereas within 
which Ribes eradication has disturbed the normal forest flopr, to 
determine the entire effect of Lane atesprwase. 

Several areas which had been eradicated of Ribes were sélect- 
ot for this study, At least one potential area for each native Ribes 
Bpecies was included, Areas were established within hand eradicated 
and chemically eradieated blocks. It was intended that every type of 
omens bean er had resulted from eradication be studied. 

“IIT. Methods of Study 

The depigantes areas were carefully measured and permanently 
staked. They were then mapped to scale, showing the position and de- 
tailed description of each new Ribes found following eradication. ‘The 
regular ecology form i 7 was hac we out for every Ribes bush. 
fypical areas of lacustre and -G. inermis were 
mapped werany: Hi cation 0 bead bo at sueceeding yea years. 

r ao sa | [Wg Flan for Recording Data 

a eine prt ibe data were taken for each Rides and- for ite 
eatookationss weg Form lt Ribes Boology, II. Methods of Study.) 

1 A 
. i - 
varreee woth 

i cs te 
. Fae 

petictisy ehiw 

(z. “ee Peas 

oe osm Bh dee er ; ae MA 5 ee ay ae gb Bb eo i De Ti 
Mie oS 2 GLH POS! id, Dee Pay Ree aires Oe Ma ee 0 a TR TER 

> foe 

to selbute eft ed: ‘hese for elosols Yow et taemltsqxe etd? 
x "held tw ageta 2 e9%6? to vhosts oldemed ayeom St IT leomed users bieb 
“ot Aweert ‘Beoto® ‘femmen oct Sedemteth esd nolies there eedindoida 
eRe ES Veepeieapene eing to soeTia: ondsne edd sniattoded 

rhe ‘> dunett ae Bes eb. dtasnt ee da teers A: bee diyar 

. Sebeten otew: adett teobbenpitatacina bad. diedirchnened dhrondneatts mad he 
| asdif eviten doze tot seta [eifaetog ho tekel fA .ghetesidg vor be 
| Soteotbexe bear aidiiw bedatidates erew eseta .bedyfont sew eolooge 
| bal oa —e bebastnt egw ol | .etbold Sedebthere yffsoimedo bas 
| ety: preehtientary’ « me 9 pedal ee ghgte hints 
| ; o eee a SOAs Ba tS Wess. Rese iy re Be ms Yeaterter [. 

et sah et ionet: wwe eveted 

yiinessereg baa bewwasem yilstetse stew ese1 betanalseb edT 
~#8 bow moliieeg edt geiwode .elsoe of beqgem aedt erew yon? .bereds 
ed? .sotisoiists zaiwoliot bayot aedif wen dose to noligktozeb belied 
lead aadis Rigs tot two bol{Lt anew 854 ere aaeinee aeluget 

exew 2. 2, ee to eset: Isolqyt 
<PIR8E iit aot Salud be od soltss ft. etoted Seggant 

ett tot Sae sediff rese stot gexled e19w etab gaiwollo? ent 
(.ybut2? Yo abedye »Tl .ypelood eedif ,054 aro ee&) penotiatooeas 

VV. Plot Index 

0 YT! pes} BEER LOrdi s: Date 
he only sees : Experiment 
1 aoe [Dis thPvdied Bs tabl ished 
aia nom isles ets 
eee fs abou ich sa 0 
Honeysuckle _ #133 | 51N|1¥|.080/SE [30] 200 | 
ener eee Fo algorl* [-xel t [iol 200 treme 

cw © 1 bee ee: 200 
dA ca end lll = nna 
about 1900 

28) Tae 4 OL 290 a ged. 

ee stan a ge 2-1927 

L 160-200 July 2-1927 
log i Vat. 

en Lael 
Binarch Creek #1A Pn —egate ttt ta 1926 Era- 1927]. 
Str. Pome See aheptien 

etad eteil 
$eomlreqril to 

“1} 5 

z : aes rn) rae Ble = he ; 
fesnentomm ee, “45 che. ner) 3 re - " San Dire 
7 a id Phy. Ie i a © ‘ ¢€ ws nm * okt © J 
. » ; ‘ i « 
; i am | 3 ; ogee a: 3 



a Gi] 
Te | 
gw e) 
aa bail 6 sh sisizs [0 
Ue a 
2 Ge 
2 Be 

mm Ff ae 
: i id 

{ene nineremh rennin mane RNC MIN cg Gincban «wane 
i R 2 ” 

[armen whe ee oe een eo 
; ? 



One mL NI NS eee (fem ent rey tenn te camer tN Nels 
a 4 

: sitreerenaroninssaninssnioselh mmmeicibishtin 

SOLE STR eT east 8 oP ae 


. is Ey penne 

: eee — 

wwe SF. 
be ; 

' tale Dieter 
|... arin Bree 
“ee orn Ling 
2.3 ; | 

a > a aE 3 we iP =. 

bA | 00088 | I ~ 



Oke & 

my are ~“Tipparen@y 
) janet diets 
vas is <A SELM 8 oral... 
ive B date 
ee. tia en 1k Sen 
kage. Sex — Ms. Oh [aetna Bat 80% Mi 
heex plot)15) 00) <—f = t ba NR 7 
Ae Th saith » . ak ie Bs cA 
(ghowk plotiae|.00)  (0.iser.- 9 | 9 ee A ese, AGATE 
be Ol (3. Leet on Weevy 24,090 i l | : 7 | 

Be xebat tora 4 

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' oe t ‘y 

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é : e Ls mg ; 

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‘Sak saapeeumces enone aor ested aaiesisnen ini 

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Sipe tice seen seep penile see tncctin mn pte a aad i dao HHeceneatny no Sree ty atset 
j i ie # bi ay 
‘ ¢ t 

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; . : & 


ermal thay egeer at B20 Som Bis 8 

Pores gyn atomistic sda sande sda Wai anldes deny 
f ® 5 ‘ 


RN © AOE Li RN Aone 

i cami 

i a ; if © 
/ceshcheiaeemelaatatienrcamnens tantiemomeeae wre arnt panne sag on le ste matneyic Me ABS. Peon 
i t 

; \ et : 
De ial ata Lee ee ee ASN on ris, nai hier wei TN Ptah OR ae: Cy dase ae i. 
: & Hf wt « 
: Bat 
ie inh eserves cekeloalwe hips uanissecgioliouadibltissainsinchdik ccckdaei kc: eS SHR ETE 
ee é e t % FS ii 
be ; 
ee Sn enema einen APTN abae © AF IL. AW We 
3 ae ESR OG S, 
i | o paar Re! ea ri ome marten hy natn) rsa tie Treeatoen-anty tg 
sae 3 nxt 

4) te. 
ibe SE Nee! Shoe Mende 


Beate delet trees ctebies ected > yr ethan Vos APO age te arn 

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mf pct 

ah, Railton % Stich tga ie i date Alc bs Ss pee ee eae eee Saks a 

: 8 : 18 a |e 
Yr: EM Se ls a sacar dt e's hohe ipl pss atc ie acobiad ae Nees go ys inva ; 
t y ; uM ify ood # 
bone Ane aie Ie ete tile ¥ «Se pd A herein ben. ee = eae i 7 
# Py 
f bane 
‘ bene Dine ettine Widen, uaniccie cok Pm met rate poe mss aig eiblasasee 
ix 4 +. 2 
BY 2 9 e im 
Ta NMRA c een dH) cele led hilia lah Haber oad aber ait eel care ae eee onan mea sean 
4 i Fy f. ” 
i ‘ ‘ we 8 
ta wea Delile thie ly stlpoerh Mit hSfhamlaehsstisioce es ie Mindamadeam 

De re reaeenath ademas 

TABLE RO = (. Continued } 

: * 
° ’ 

not dis tx 
during ered. 

le ia i hy oe OY ati ae 

: St tt cet 

rhaaed eke Sor | ) 

| toe 

é emitted ny ce ea Ee Leese 


Tht aroar op 
that. green. type 

Leet: Ge OTL » 

cs ei 
any present method re: 
of Ribes seeds whereve 
S trdies on 
wihd owe 

; be i £5, 

Hamtivulling and cheminel ¢raédication 
of 8 tream type Voth appear to actually increase 
in evens of BR. peticlarse, aes Lwrus tre and £4 in 
appears to.06 general on hand-pullea are 
true on the chenically ere g 3 

Tid new Libes om the hand oradice 
definitely the reeult of duff diaturhance. 
on Chenteal iy eradiented lands is in 

be at temp ted 

wl tud Lae 

ay & y nF me @ 



erat Labie wetid 

until thee 

a Upland or 

Seaeaevetgs hope anae): 


& tug 

Hi PeSaLits wer yay 
a Pe oy € or) . 
Gea wai nd LAG or 


&3 Ae 
CAS CHemer ol A 

tan oe . ‘ 
cay 2S He 

mmpleste, a 

4 ~ ’ 
‘ oe 
rG £ ms 
ren. m ¢ 
+ de Ms ee 
: a j 
aT « 

; Famer A iY Me: 8 
ae Ca ‘ 

. i] f i A ‘ A 
A und gv kcabl es nal rs tse ah ea pla dwidale i ’ 
i Sos apa p 

vee ne) pepe sary pani ph ether 

SPY \ AHS oj eG en te NR doa ty 
ii Me! 


i } ph La i Ah 
‘ 4 hho k ie BD 
alts ms aie ESE alert ae CAR Pre BAN yor in ne pacman rate td 
i ® “aie t, “ ot i  @ 
b: 5 % haber dome > nbet aa ct te e So Ente ptt Pa Lv ries i 
oY es a % F; 4 * a 
| “ey ay YG Maer tel) 
Ay sie o wie Maren Pi (i ay 2 At B, one eee erase 4a Y 
13 : a 
4 diestn 04 ‘ , het kasper ad ery ig spa ere | ‘ 
yf ‘2 * ih ve : 
ey ae bd + 
ae Pee on ne RN Ae OBC A BE MK 
4% £00 te ry ® H 
P A nA Ye f if 
" ee yee 2) eines A Ot a Ras eee ned sk Sane Mill pecan Aamatelhandt 

fa Prag 
Wal 0 iq atl W 
rave im ALA) etme la te her sonar gle sh 9s ee 

1. | * Y 

oe RY 
iguenda| 7 2 

v] ‘3 
‘ 48 : wt 
eae ea . mney ee ceaitenaanas ns vas eM 

* gk 
. é te ne 
saad wtonecagegryelivn dnl AT: 
Be ; j Bi } a 
ba lst fli nee 
i S000. At ns { 
Fs r ¥ Md . A 
fee ec, ts eb OI he Hem “SA ir sheng Opn 2 
es Py 4 , j 
eae 4 i" 
3 ‘ nO ae ‘ 
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j ieee staid ; 
Se ae ieee ites Me LE a ee een ee a a | 
4 BE hs me) 0 re 
Ravin. oY esa IE ae oe 
‘ r, (PR Oe Wah an 2 5 ans VN MOE ie A hee EATER, 1, 
ied Sh witha My +a te : rie 
“| f ; bil i ly 
a Gey 1 nse aie Po Rd Vi 
4 Y oc 3 : 

i vg 
§ frees ed ~l eonaiaield eee 
Ys B “ 
k ‘y Se te 
jes op A) «eae Ad HOH) Be 

, apart ops We amare + me eben 

adil poh 

} 2h dadh (Nha gto en art es tae xt 


psc he ge pena Tees \ Mi nena mas teers oon 

AA ngage Ee a : es ea mg saat raf 

owatand ty Wit hee aaa Lear, FD pee aha 

Wr *% wi £wt ° 




eT Ae ee , 

It Co 

Some of the areas ‘studied amy this Standpoint are 
illustrated in emer en 9 of this hen 


W10 of | this pe y Sasart rior an area observed in 1925 

which had obviously been disturbed in-1924. The area where the 
picture was taken had been eradicated: in 1924, se. tree new Ribes 
asi sepa pes desta rege) tank, theneisone parataly, ; 

effac of..the different 

f W292 of this: project: report. shows. an area, aheowend. in 1927, 
whighebndadea, eradicated in 1926. ‘The old bushes, which had been pulled 
from this spot, were found beside the area photogranhed. 178 R. lacustre 
seedlings were counted,on the area shown, 

The, areas om, which, results were obtained in. 1927. indicate 
Hie erat raat ot anrnenl athrertaid paiension asta “owen bee come 
Lng ae eoRAo igainst each study 
were alte 
astabli rer auviiap ia: pal antben ix that meatiestion of stream type by 
any present method results in multiplied germination of large quantities 
of Ribes seeds wherever the @uff, mantle is disturbed. 

Studies on upland areas are Bnet GDOSEVRMED « mate 
Widd ‘hey ewnhiedOe: nation the Tan pa ° the Xe 
perimental areas were laid out as fo? ch c 

one or more square ses WLTEe Summary 


[vcr with’ te OUR aS - * 

ony sis , Hand pulling seh canned ounieehl en of aiend we areas. 
efi tude type both appear to actually incresse the number of Ribes 
in areas of RB. petiolare, R- and G. ; This condition 
appears to be general on hand-pulied areas observed, and intermittently 
true on the ie aon = eee areas eet‘ 

f ever tie naw Rides anh taints hand Phe ye areas are quite 
definitely the result of duff disturbance. The examination of the seedlings 
ee eradicated lands isincomplete, and mo explanation will 
daratviegp 0 until. sade atyiiee bare Reon completed. 
wireling the 
a trench Studies on upland areas, are under Labaerenttons but_no data are 
yet availablee: 4. | 

ach plant then ErOow ins o aut. ea Fae 
6.6 fea: we 


.Geymisaod }) Pl s0E Flag 

818 } tatoqhaasl aidd mort betbute egote eff to sunt 

ae nett nal cag 

? Mise vas 95 PRT Dae « 

SOL al hepidade a oe, avons ‘t af, os 

deiivg ased me. dotdw , aedasd B. ie ati Se ae do tdw 
exdasmal ..9 BY _aaaeasit te: eit ébined: bavot erew .goge eidd a 

So ' ptotiode 2 ots “exlt so ‘Dahan. oust pation 

e@tsolbat VSel af beaietdo erew ativeer doidw ao agers of . 
“moo silt gaiieh yiuete ovianetnt setinper moitsolbers eqys mastta tacit 
eanozsea aot 

OS@L mi r bevbioont ine a ‘Hneg ‘ast 
Hons’ exesty ae oat ‘ : s 3 | | 

ys sqyt meexde Yo selvsothare deadd edsolhal ateb eldaliave Lia 
asliiinewp egret to seitenlmies Bbeliqitinm of e3 veer bodtem taeesetq yas 
«bedtuseib si oftnem Yiwb eli revetedw eboor eedti to 

ish oa tad ,aoltevieade sisbay ete assets basigu ao telthud2 . 
-8S0L Yo treme odd Lites sl{dalltevea od [ftw 

eae1e moti aedif Yo seiteothem Ieotmedo bas ant {louginach 
sedi to xrsdava edt eanetoatl ylfeudjos of sssqqe diod eayt meotte to 

aoti fimo ald? ese staloiteq .f to esete at 
yltnessimret at bas wreado Pas 5 at ym no [eteres od of a1sSqgEe 
sbevigedo agete beteothe19 yLisolimedo edt ac outt 

stlop ets ssete Seteogthste baed edt ne eediti wea orlT 

aguifseesr edly to soltsninexs eff .soneduwtelb ttneb to sioeet efd yletiatteb 
iliw aoltanaioxe om bas ,e¢elqmeomt ef ebnsl betjeothate yL{solmerio no 
-betelomen seed evad selbute ese? Litas betqmests od 

ew steb oa tud ome eren tebe ete esers Baelow no to ltbude Bc 
patentonvy fey 


> other wore wae Gene ca the 

“ _ ve - one 
i maakt aoumetit 

(2) Aight? and (S) Gulf dicturbence were staiied, wars vrepcred a 
Oni Laws t This experiment is a systematic study of forested areas 
to determine the relative effects of (1) root competition (2) 
light (3) du wurbance, each considered separately, and the: 
factors, on the vegetative ground cover, and, more specifically, 
on the erowth. of. Ribes, oh oa Cae farther prep 

Hits oy OF pn caot tion of Basis Used in Select Experimental Units 

Most of the areas studied were selected because of the 
relative or entire absence of shrubby and herbaceous ground cover 
from the area. Against each study plot on which natural conditions 
were altered, a check plot as nearly identical as possible was 
established closely adjoining the study plot. 

III. Methods of St 

The greater number of the areas established are checks 
on root competition only. For this phase of the study, the exe 
perimental areas were laid out as follows: Zach plot consists of 
. One or more square milacres, the ideal having no plant growth what- 
ever within its boundaries. In practice, areas without a Single plant of 
any Size can seldom be located. ‘The areas used had the least vegetation 
in their immediate vicinity. All plots for this experiment are limited 
to areas having no established coniferous vegetation inside the Plot 
boundaries, — 

Permanent surfaced cedar stakes were driven at each corner 
of every milacre. An undisturbed check plot was established closely 
adjoining each experimental unit. The duff surface of the experimental 
plots was carefully protected from disturbance of any kind. Aside from 
driving the stakes at the plot corners, the plot itself was not molested, 
Encircling the experimental plot and 6" from the actual plot boundaries, 
a trench 6" wide and 24" deep was made which severed all roots within 
that depth entering the plot from outside. ‘The location and species of 
each plant then growing on the plot was mapped on a scale of 2 inches to 
6.6 feet. : ; 


Youre worritwdMoy Toos : 

Sie Fahoome 5a @ kg nen’? wn Tia fa % arise eit: 12 SHod 
Soetor: thd te otaeee nette of dedeweael tt 4 

sl sis 4 

8 ae eRe NOMeS SOeL Ot REG 20 OLR F 

snort series + ville eaicsa dete toon timo bad Soke : 

(8) nokttseqnos’ soor (£) te RteStte' ov! sfer ort entmredwb of: , 

edt bone ,vleteteqe® berebfenoo dome ,eonedsielh tii (8) steer ; 

evens to sxom to owt to enottanidmon daerettib eds to atoette : 
Pay gitar 0 Bas revEo" ae eee ‘end Ho , arotos? 
ey ee ee ee eee to de wo'rg etl? ‘ne 

nd ORR whe Komy mee ald Ome went eres vie PW ytoge Blas mercy 

Es ipeiet WY heey fest to noktatiszel o1F ss (lee 

oft Yo eatvoed bevnefos evew belhote ageae sft to teow 
yovoo bavdts avceeadted Bre yddiixde Yo tonsads ertine ro evitaler 
enciikbaes tewten doldw ao folq ybute dose taniesA .sond end nipzt ! 
saw pier ae My earner yiteen an tofq aoeno a ,borstis erew 
Hole enced ~, ‘ge det bot te ““issoTo barelidstee 

yal heya ne etivben Dodie taseete Yas 

secktete sheen me: die. te 

"to ‘heb ar 

exigerio ots Bedetidetde ages ‘6Ht “Yo Modi tedsety ait 
~xe oft ,yhota edd Yo saad Stade xOT Matas tentsetedten ¢oor aor 
to ateteses tof deat seawolfot ee suo Sisal stew asets [ataomiir0eg 
-dadw diwota tuslIq on autved Deeb edt, getoslim etenpa stom To eno | 
to jaslq signie « twodiiw aeete ,soltoatq al .teltebavod eff aid¢iw seve — 
noliateger Saee! off Saxf Hoes aeons ed? |! beteool od mdblee asd este yas 
Sot lmPf ote Inetitogxe eids Tot etolg “LILA ottiatotvy stietbenmt thedt ato 
en eng obtarl ao ttetesev. srrtetetlan yn eel Meret ae ARStS OF. 
Laie ate “exaliebhesod - 
youros doge de mevinh otew pene ies heat pruiaat 
. yleeolo Bedstidagad Baw tofe: woods bedustelbas ah. ete fin yreve to 
Latcéulvegzs odf to soatevt Viob edt .tinw fatnomiteqze rises gata lope 
mort ebiet .bitol Yan to ease twdeth mort Setges org’ Esrterss kaw etol¢ 
«botaoiom ton gaw Meet? dole we feréeateo ‘dota eat edt os yop path way 
-8elishavod toig Iastos edt mett "8 bus tofq Lesaemize florloat 
 sildiw etosy [fs beteves solid gham ef Geob 938" oan donetd 3 
to seloace bus sottaoef ef! -obletwo mort tolq eft gatrotad Meqeh sald 
2 berooi S Yo eleoe 2 mo heqgem aaw tolq edt mo biti nedd tnsig dose 
vdeot 8.3 

OE A Ra A i ’ aed * WN “A ey are 
YR ia aa 20 a Ra a Sy I Sg Alter dG ies Uae Ne 


Root Competition 
f turd 
ve on the plots. 

het | 
DN R Ga aee eme 2 
The plots were Staked, and #18 galvanised wire 

was stretched slong the actual plot boundaries. > pol 
; Cleared 
The following diagram details the further prefiarations of 

the ] | = | 

| IES TS a ae ea Re 3! 




wan oo 7) uv 
is j ; g 
oe & a i 





wont SAee low ome Bel EBaRe ee a we 
fe ods nowhband eld hem eC? Bo Woleade Uti ae) wnttn Loe!’ 
egtic in bias ‘wearten dale mo foley yhods tae datteaa eee OS: na ge! 
be. Kobi eet cate i featioobe “item on dolg doedo # , borat le orer 
Pe EA 8 fc ee erat icy grates a a Hortekidates 
Bais ES RONDE aa i aM ‘ R Ces Paneer. Yee 

fi ) tity vite 3 ¢ 

The ghhly cee) , 

eet ott "hes whch, "pha an perer icy re Ma tour pores 
detg ton? seeetiet ae tay Dal etew spots Ledmentreg 

5 sia ay satved Daebiedy),tewalin etaxpe etom to one | 

jooMtiv weet .soltoevg al .tebsebowed e¢f miditw 1898 

ae “eat aati ea? oo detawo fad gl Gee ‘ome ente yous 

pases ‘Set rel ea A tt kabate etelieant ated nls. 

$ ESOS svcd aig blah nstaaeal ae galiad: ‘Saas OF. 

nae act. 

itt LEA MRSA A eRe MER ae or eat ee ase 
Li, ihiMhea dal “ade bona tene {nonnsrto8 ee 
abs Mod boner eerste hive A ent iin yews to 
Bu ioyt Latest segue Wade wetd tothe > 
mites eg EL Lerteras aw et eld 
a pie ‘Golq edd ge owiste oft qaiverk® 
tai: 4a sort OR See tok Goteomtisgxe ond tloxton® 
LY Teemu debtor nee new eek Meo hae ERS dorett a 
en toe al ates aot Iolg ot gatrotab legen” bene 
tot ie Recmen wow 86 Sq Bat mo “ee meds taafy dose 
; arent bad 



Root Competition 


Duff Disturbance 

Diagram of | 

4S # 'D 
o 3 o 
aS Been 
Ho BH mo 
ee ee Se oe ————., 
Plot #1 Plot #2 Plot #3 Plot #4 
6.6 Trenched 
24" deep 
on all 




. b fe - 

« poms Roars os Neer eye ahhtgh 

« \ 
( ap ri { 
4 1 
ree nat 
" N c “a yes if 

| eee cewee n  e e 
| Greekefl [14/42 /3%| & | 7/160-200; 6 [June 25-Sept.12-1927| 
Pe al | «| Obata mips | 
a a 1 Ee 
ON ee a 
te ( 

AS gTounc cov 
408 ¢ of the éurt nan tle is re tr ali rege" OF. 
' TABLE NO. 26 
te plots year nares, 2° 

timber sre@?goot ¢ tition - Light Study Areas 

Lakeview #4] S[esmiiw[ = [0] 40 | 2 mig, Sa — ser | 
‘fieadon Crecc#il 9 [4en|sw [ue |7| 20-40 | 10 [une 23 - ao.” 
SSA MaME | ch 2c C1 RC 9 DO 
ei wre Srey eer ete | i, Wane os, set | 
4 all raBomr* ai poss tc | ss A a er, PR ET Pe 

Roo ae gehen a3 
are in a 30-year dense tet of wi t pine type on th : etee 
Slope at a describe “tn the preceding parsers 
<ifference etween the two arent i i th of 
rushes still nersisy sUzasGs the z 
rencrally rather spar@e ad s*orage.ys 
this «tend inelnde both 4. yiscostor iu: a 
instances decadent. 
vA z a % 7 oa 

Ho résulte free this erperinent » 6 
year. So far at observeationt snes Yecorus wert ; lng 27 
nounced chanizs in the entiace regetet-on out t on 4 

Q repared DL he ts » 

Ho Gata are ye. & raiiadl yma thi Sxoe ms 

xebal sole .¥I 
as .0W SitaT 

eth 2 + ‘Joos 

+o — pene 
ee ated | sere ib Y atet a 

inser ceeree|_enasDRL aM 31M fect 3s sm 

| Ob Ol = | 
OITRT wet ee 2 ee ee es 
(NSeee ELS CORR ih el Male webeel 



ee OR ee 
A OG AA MAINE Ea we oie 
Sy RE SOR, AMA OR ee ene 

¥. Individual Area Descriptions 

These experiments. were established in two general regions 
near Lakeview, Idaho and near Harvard, Idcho. 

The plots “at taceview, -Téeho, are situated on a high level 
jy ° Ag cm ea ite This terrace is about 300 feet above 
resen Peni soil is a deep gravelly’ Téam:s* It has 
tet “slight pe igh sGeeb Ada. but Sts practically: level. 
ane * tinbeb 2°, a ahotbads stand of larch ana Doagias fir with 
be Pababaeteep 6f ‘cedar and white pine. -The area is fully ‘stocked with 
timber and the brushy undergrowth is on the decline. ‘The stand is 
Ribes free, but wherever the duff has been disturbed, a new Ribes 
generation has in ali: inStances germinated immaddatelys” The species 
of plants. Arg the a coyer are listed baler in the order of 

their a 

Fe cai ae: nar r the. bes ong aghouts: uniflora’ axis 
Logatie older. Joo. Suh! Pachystima myrsinites 
af ‘“Pubne parviflorus’ 

ic Spiraea lucida 

Itt. _Bepeeee petenlits 

Penh, fore er, has an average density of about 25 per cent, 
WE. of the. ne OE? man mantle 4 o Pee of all low vegetation. 

vn the. plots ‘hear’ eee Idaho, Bre on two distinct types of 
ee ereas, 

The Root Comperition’ Meadow Creek Plots #1 to #7 are in a. 
os tanta "eh, NS Aah of mature white pine type. The areas are 

D ee pe of deep residual silty or clayey 
fate ver vepheheete within the stand, and the ~ 

toate ‘are ustatly 1 Ramee the least vegetated areas which filled the 
as way specifications for, oP, aaa: The stand is Ribes free. 

Rig Ape oe genres mst on and Light Plots Meadow Creek #1 to 

are in a of White pine type on the same steep easterly 
Slope as is. the preceding paragraph. The only marked 

difference between 2g two areos is in the vegetative cover. Old Ribes 
bushes still persist. seasons a “although the underbrush is 
a. rathar ide Dot and ce > Ribes which still persist in 
tet uae *, : th Re ioram and *. lacustre sand sire’ in most 
i tahten bi ’ tin 

res - 
ys BB 0 tio 

—_ mgt ae ) surface sh mee was evident ‘on a, ‘of ‘these 
, 4) B rux ae wx ni Aches ' ; 

were below the top ef 1 ow Reh. 4 
; COM photeecr shy tae _ VII. Summary 

ccompany ing ry 

ts from this experiment were obtained during ‘the past 
ervations and records were made during 1927 no pro- 

No data are yet available on this experimen ty 


enotigttaeed sets levbivibal .¥ 

Ue PET» 
anolget letsaney owt at re paddy 
eos bl » bts ygaH os cand 

"fever fgid « mo betsstia om, iva is 
evods teet OOF toda et o ‘aio On. 
sad 3] «mmol <ilevars wht a ef Ltoe orié he fovel exal tneszetq ent 

dtiw <2 sefssod bas parr to yt tee 
dd iv Setoote YLint eb aore oft... enlq od ide dna. 
) 8h baste edt .entloob edt no°at. tworgisbae ydewnd edt. : 
_ sedi won s ,dedyot ald feed asd Teb-edt ror nere tod sext na 
geloege ed? .¥fetsthenm: betaminres peveay Sony ‘Lie at end sottstenss 
to webt0. att ae at woled Betatl ons. Jeten shiiete eat Tana 

. + | “ere ftivasg det 
aboot! 9a seat 
pared 8 

+ ae i o Lemyooabiee redinleisaeanl 

<t080° teq° as wean” % aver ‘egetsva ‘ha saa si qeveo bs 
ohtateasy wol Iie sett ef ofsanm Yuh ate to tao 

« kat 
to sou? foniselh owt mo ete otis” “paetal taon atolq oT 
; ion esots tedmit 

% aed vf pode ipte® oy, a Po x Hig eee: 
tered vite foie ke sok s tS oemet 

Cages Sik 

eb eros ve: of i # etolt ase): wotaekt mht! euGy TooR a tensed 
Wes a99%e ant “sa aye peel tdw omrten 6 eds SAND Taey OSL 
yoyeto to ytire fem re y to fe yiterese yoo ; 
edt bee, bad ps td diw y eitt 
oot boLLit ‘Tetdw ents hotategov teset: ert: rab botawee- 
.$6%% e0dkd ef bneda of? - ge Pe ont 26% ante 

ob} of [% doer) wobseW sioIt tdatd bas matédioqned took edt 
Yiretase agate emne sdv se soyt ania atidw to baste oeneb rs8ey-OF «= al sts 
Sexttan vine ed? .dqetgereg gatbeootq eddiaki Beditgeeb-el es eqole 
sedis BIO .weves evidaiasey eft al ef avetea owd odd meewled sonstettib 
ai dagedvebas ed? tewcdtie ,boatea od? tuodguouds? telareg [[its 2edend 
ai geletwo [Lids dokdw eedif od? “(fgge10e Sus eareqe redter yllerenes 
tom ai sta bme eriameat i bus somiceteooeiv .3 dtod ebuloat baste elds 
peantegen eeonsd ant 

in Teel to az Leos Ty 

Sasgq Off galteb bentetde erew daemiireqze aldd mott ad [vaon ot 
“wig on TS2L salah ebem oxsw abrooet Sas anoltevreade 86 tal of «189% 

seed? to yo oo taebive aaw helsategey eostive edt mt egaado beonvor 

Seis ——— 

moniveqre afnt no oldeLiave tey ets sich on 

Re ah ee Ma 


mpereus observatio WS yesrs 

VATE : a) Sty 
nat BEVIS ac | f, t tf. : r 

This is..the aggregate,of many imividual observations 
pertaining :to the life habits of Ribes. The various observations 
ofa shanks By anes of thot al order according to the life cycle 

of, the plant. . By ¥ eg ae Observations it fs more comple visualize the life habits of éach Fives 
species. aes 

cht 7 ona hed ps , Cm 
als particulier cond 

yonatvens: 7 Heat cate ‘ 


me) tr, by, te err were difeeted only 
a whad deen found to éxist at any given 

ave’ “ericountered and noted only 
eter ae working on Some othér systematic 

III. Methods of Study 

Specific instructions were issued to all field men on the 
project to definitely record all observations of ummsual conditions, 
on all occasions, Systematic efforts to answer some vosemacael points 
were mde during the entire season. 

IV. Plan for Recording Data 

Whenever possible the newly observed conditions were recorded 
on forms WY #35 and #36. Otherwise, the records were a simple state- 
ment of the conditions found, 

¥. Plot Index 

No plots were established for this stuiy, the data taken 
coming entirely through observations incidental to other experiments, 

Area ions 

Individual area descriptions are briefly stated in connection 
with each observation stated in this renort under the next heading. 

vil. Results of. 1927 Inspection 

So far as observations in the Inland Empire are concerned, 
Ribes bushes burst their buds earlier than any other associated croup 
of woody plants. This indicates that the physiological processes 
begin in Ribes at a lower temperature. In 1927, R. viscosissimum was 
found in leaf in 22 inches of snow on April 27. Even those buds which - 
were below the top of the snow had opened out. This is shown in the 
accompanying photograph, "W383". 


Covliel wie sexs favktythnt .¥ 

swelvesad wast 

B fix 8 are 


nee teoldartni cB Re eres es 
ok pe ea TI9RG 9 : 
fee nie eaiaer vet Py Bah 
Fad diy eaoltevrerde feaotd ir sate s8odt 
isbuiapaee 0, stated ers! ot sesh TOMREX,, 
He? & gt e8t LOR dt 0 af itromprabar, soleand sald 
i ae test fae 4 

we) one r'tad 


a ) lt Ste etd hati te 
go. sahabian. oxen - poe aids 10% rae 
sevig yes te teixe of bavet ased, J rete ree) ts Lc 

yino beton bre moe ae ree toad tfelogio off to t20M pion Poach 
oliameseye ‘redto emo so amlig | ftdw ,yew Istasbtont as at 
4 Youd 2 

a eek * one & az Bel % rs) Psy 7, shape bt na a rpege. if ae 
-snolttbaos ot thal He a agua o2et Yfosinktes of Poetote 

ee, ERR: emo TewanE OSE Ao nemee Nes SEH ches ae m0 

fis ie ah 

bebronst or pene be ade Pet cave cities 
ae nee 8 ee on ‘ss ae 

un Weald tab edd ,qbote sind tot boded Masse Baem efald ox. . 
AO eure ot ai doneeiny suai tes a. Ri er 10% 
De > et is Lanbty we es ek ad Sarees S828 
: BaLoe Se SatSy vad (i Levens 
i insbtoaoniie. at botata fete ‘ema. snot gan at er 27.) ) el 
: <yutheed txen eof reine trocet eit nt fF betade Ea, i 198 de Hos: atte 

ie a featgolotayiq ~~ tad? as 
es gumieateooaiy .f ,SSeL mi posh ap 

‘doicw ebud secd? geve VS fiagA mo wore to “benrot — 
oes af mwode et afaT 030. Penede bad. wont ent to qo? att woled erow 

ern fat ‘atypia (iiibiBabetta 

ey Ae ee 

in ape pease have also shown 
a eae a Gre Sam | associated shrub or tree. 

>. a of the new 
3 is-June 15th, but it is believed that further observa~ 
tions will advance ‘that date by at least 2 weeks. Data now on hand 
show that Ribes seedlings may come through the ieee during the 
entire season until as late as October 15. 

of 1,635 pepo seedlings carefully examined in June, 1927, 
to locate the positt 1 of, the crown (the location of the seed from 
t of sa = 

which each dling aid soil section, a total of 
1,614, or 98.7. had their crowns in the basel 1/10 inch of the 
duff, while 21 or % had their crowns well up into the duff mantle. 
None were found with the crow below the top. of. ne mineral soil. 
i : ay ye 
* ~ 5 " 

W353. R. viscosisst 
22 inches of snow © 
Santa, Idahe, on Aor 
re standing. stick is 
lepeth,. and ite hase 
me gromnd be 
eaf buds beneath tho sno » ole 

f ai. *. 

@ Md She bai oh ari 

sik fie oF beware) ode Ngo ty Duy pAPORhinee? 
7 gg wool +e Aa Vhs fgets ite rane Ulot kel tot ut 03 Poa ory 

Bot teas OF. seo Me Sitemasaye .taokegooo Ife mo 
i @eoe aritis ody Bnickh shes ptew 

APRS eles ciicemiaamiaa, Boga a 
Ce Geol? Roo Bate} yo faa eid BAF bss, ah yaad? 

ee | Pa Ah Nay AE Be St See eae ay ome lertonet . Bey Fleer. Soe, <2 hate ine 
‘ a fiikie’t NA SR Ey Se, Bee 



teh) ae & 
ate wah eA va 
Ei ae teh REO 


Nh aes Kee eet wane Mo ie ee ge ihr dint chad Ae ‘ave Rit 28 on Pog 
ast a slash : TMB RY aah a eS tate gs Ls Lavierde Sea cd eA, h salen 

adnan a Saisie 

fe mpeg Ske as da bit Soh, NY 

sitaee vig at th SEO evento Ae tet os 
we Yo oat atte ant alent pre | Sader 4 
gga fol arecte 

afd tect goteokhat atat  atmn fir | 
oe a .erctoregmad Yemer ge Fs GOOLE at 
cf ree hereed, Fe A a) te Rosin at oe ad Tier we ea 
' x See ney tee ae Aspagh wone oct Wo qet ett weled or9w “i 
Beadle Bae Xt by ve gnagared alanis: 

‘ ie a 
MEP UAGS aoe ero CR (lhe 



A \ 3 > 
J “2 \ 
4 aA 
fi s iS) 

W383. R. viscosissimum in leaf in 
22 inches of snow 6 =e e 
Santa, Idaho, on April ? 
The standing stick is s 
length, and it# base is touching 

+} 5 mM, 

the ground beneat e snow. he 
leaf buds beneath the snow were a 

in leaf. 

*OPpTM $005 991U4 S] punor#yOVd UT[snM sy *reek patuy 

*Ssulegs IeygZo TT@ St ygMOIs ZeGT 
*d qutod 04 

*ysnq ey} SUTT Ind eTTyM 4ySOT sem yoor 
JO YIU "Ze6T Tequeydes uy peprooey *og6T 


# p" 

the most vigorously growing «individual bushes were not all 
found in’ a°8ingle lecalitys «The most vigorous two-year-old §. 
riscosiet iawn # tind vas: found cn, Lakeview Born.# 1,),but the most 
+ Wiscosissinun ceaaigirshaad : Hater Greek 

ee 4 . ry e 
ate Fi, ruit. ao 1927 fy Only 142 of 

de ss 

the maximum size attained by these newly germinated Ribes 
in their early years is' indicated. oy the Sebhoninech erences | 
ruit#.fer admverace peried of 26 years 
ee DM RY Vaeubties: Plant gouh nahn. in, 1826, and the Stiga 
live stem of 17.25" during that years On June 29, 1$27, the Bat. 
had os 2" of live stem with a new growth of §5. gt, Meadow Creek 
Burn le TASL™ mr. ex 

ees eA 
eae eerie aren 

R. yiscosissinum, Plant. germinated in 1925, and attained 
a live stem of 9.0 during that year, In July, 1926, the plant had 

43.2" of live stem, with a new growth of 34.2'. Meadow Creek Burn #1. 

iBo. Phe minimun  Sizesattained by other “plants of the 
Same species are reagent secs hog stteace 0 linear increase, 

average per Ribe ier Fr 

i. 926 | fruits were gathered nere: thered artér ist 20th. In 
1927, ibe Beh le a ‘July, Pay meade an | 
curly Sepheiers| 15.5 | 60.1 |. 7,938.8 

—_ ~~ 

Ripe fruits were noted on the Subtle’ from July 14 to 
September) 14 inclusive... .. cervative, since 

Was mate after the fruits b ; e 
was wept forint RES Re Mic i can A 4360846 tik bin AG Re 

lacustre were broken, and the enclos in each were 
accurately coumtedss: «ith Lo gathe 
the past season, the lire : Sant Sten; eek new or ae 

Sl. °oren) @hel results were ‘as follows: ear " te 

foll: Owe7z 
Counts of Ribes Seeds in Individual Fruits 

Yo. Fruits | Max Minimum Average 
‘ ae As ra ‘eats wt Seeds |No. Seeds 
ee per Fruit|per Fruit/per Fruit 

+e =a I IR 
p. ecwt) roe | ss | o 


- Wisco sis 


41GCtéd averazed 

iis ton etsw serlend [evbivibat aniwors ylaworoatv deom eff 
-# blo-taey-ows avotosiv teom sa? .¥tifeool sigate 2 at bavot 
- geom edt tod ,f * aid welvesdel ao buvet eaw baste of oe SBRT 
deet) wobse¥ no brsot eaw dase oumisateosaty .f Laub iv. exotogiy 
a of & awa 

sedi betsntorres yiwen ocent yd boniedéa sete mmoixem ef? 
:eeonstent antwolfot edt yd bedaothai ei eiey ylise aledd al 

s bentstia bas ,dS@f af betsnimisg taalS «9 «ff 
tnelq oft TSF ,@& expt oO .teey ted? gaiwwb to sete evil 
deed wobhsell te, a2 to scaiapiin wen s dilw mese ove to 'S.S0L Serf 
of *& owe 

beatatts bas ,2Sef at Sopeubiinae taalt aetsoosty of 
bed guala oft ,a8@L .yfot aI .teey dant ab '0.@ to mete evil s 
.f % oul veer) wobsed .'S.38 to déwors wen s d3ilw ,mota evil to 'S.o2 

att to atnela feubivibat tedte yd Sbeniteséecexte ouminio ext 
<eassront teonifl to someeda ond tot gatstite es y{ivut ere seltoeq? emee 

ol .f¢0& tenant tette betedias stow ativtt sedi Ife aS@I al 
Sas J acraud Sich etsl gniqb betedias stow atiott sedif ,TSel 
etodmetqe? y{tse 

of Sf Uist mort eedaud od? mo Beton erow a¢tuxt sot 
eoviegloni #{ asdmesqez 

of Sos sumkeateoosiv .f Yo doss etistt COL yletamixotqgé 
etew slose atdtiw abear heeolone edt bas ,xesiond etew eitevost 
ebe3 noo vfetsiios 

sa"ol[[ot ag erew et fyse1 oT 

sitiort wibel at ebeee eedt _ 2 

abee2? ov 

ae ' 
| # tere fort t9q | Siort tog. ec i ne 

ee has * ern epee erin ened prteremsaty R — * M 
f f gar ety ep eon pee Lehpitws ae roe treat 
i iat ee a et. ‘x re (OU g ri : a ee eae SUT Lee) 
Pe te ree ‘>, “a | alt ea ak Fe oby Pe 4 oe De tg iO 

A clump of 1926 BR. viscosissi seedlines which numbered 
212 was: found in 1926. O@hevsteme of, 1 were in a solid bundle, 
the diameter of this bundle being .14 of an inch, the manner of 
growth indicating: that -the:212-plants were from the seaas’ ‘6f. an in- 

dividual fruit. In 1927, only 142 of these Ribes ae. were 
RM hihi ici oo aa 

vateaine ineherts 
ye mat th 

wie te oA te) ‘hs ead “Tex 

Thee Were 

seal 4s ae Lye@r 

Sathingt or $i ficat LOn. ‘he r 
these figure gures are very conservative, since the fruit count 

was thade ruits had begun to fall during a year which 
vas noticeably one. of, less. then average.fraiting.:. |.) 

th. the. ing of R. viscosissimm fruits 
the past wit eee: cian, @ stem, and new growth for the 

different aged plants from AS were collected averaged as 
follows; | | ae tn1e de 

Buda of sone 

Pakeview Giudy 4 2 ~ Mixture: 

Lakeview “tady #§ 3 - Wixture: 

% a . F sd tel ~ ve » 
Buss Of some conifer 

Gold Mill Pict #1 °- Wixtate: 
| Betula 8p. 
Acer Sy. 
Seeds of Syruce or Larch 
Buds of some conifer 

“BEE wR (seer TIN ROeeet ade: 6892 ih sah 
caine i a dam erp a if 

gg” de ah ‘Bhese el a Re ? 
etew enniibese esdif eeedd to SPI ~eee a8 

ares Pm Fue ny ao omer" 
‘etsnieres Yiwe scent yd haniedts @hke some Pea ad? 

.Uiaeiem' @ntsdeW Hottw taare eee re opeteva ett tadt, gelavera .; 
was at ct ond a i bas ,ersey OL To Sotreg as tO oye 

a) enka. ta: © Stwelfot amet dei webs © Yo. Bn 
2 ih ai boat *.GS te dowory wea s dtiw wade evel to 'S.S0L barf 

8s OM RIGA? ef & ow 

os einooaty A 
Gh th ae ke ee ee 10.2 fo mege evil « 
OOS 9 "oh Th ret wee a bw . mere evif Yo *S.5h 

$ Lare't 19¢ 
3 STR Y BI EL ' 
Se Oe Mt eetnerd add ne beter erew af dertt Saye 

davog tint? ed¢ enmte ,ovidevieaqoo yrev ora Settigt? ebédPed mot yo” 
5 ee? aay Eigse Ifa od etioxrt oft tetdts ebam eew 
: tt “deel te ene ULdscotion eau 

ates ,giglowd orew ett acca [ 

atiurt samt satin os to gaiuedtay ost détw softebmmoe gle! e022 
edt toi dtwor, wes a mese beeb Boy evil oft ,moeses teaq ads 

és beseteve betos foo o1ew oF Eifr't ‘fo fiw — Smorettib 
. gewolfot 

ey a fi 

KOwe Gg 


ihe htt MAES A Sh SOS SEE to me pee!) 

give ‘ al aataabita die: Arete ee ree " 
, } 
he ; 
i £ ihn ; 
ele ‘ 

; * \ 
Behan A Apa ape fin dite te ’ ers 
Tay. ith A pe aieih i dh aves rorya 

= =" 

Wold Hill » ie BABLE YOs; 28... 

Needs fy ‘4 33 “ee oT : 

R. viscosissimum Bush sh Fraits Were Gathered 

abe: ‘29, 1927, the Litter which had 
vers at a My Gola HiTl. was 
“¢ n 

; eubm Se ; Laboratory of ‘the Bureau at” 
fington for identification. The results as given by the laboratory 
were as follows: «. report er %4 38 Voerz ' se resent S@pai ate] 
Later page. Seeds Deposi on Plot fevers in 1927 

» nn % 

view Study + Pe Meche Or ™ who show corta 

be 7) 
cnaracter iS. 7 DLs wi _ P 2 > a . t. 
R. viscobiesinian usy crow Gea ye if 

m the well drained terrac Bull F 
“Tr, Buds of some tree Lic sinte a siniadnes 

> uf ic as Bae vie See ia : f ea 

~ pint rots to — Seeds of fpruce or larch 
R. petioilsa 

"Bade of Same conifer 

_ string baerleelly. Si dieiaies 

3. inerais ate tle ‘ 
bgttom Tehes “whieh are ab Gilad af Garin oe Tisza 
dany’ shabby ama.) some conifer 

species, Gold sts1t Flot : 

Acer Sp. 
Seeds of spruce or lareh 
Buds of some conifer 


Whee gaat hee gy wig 2 Ree age Mey aA eth hE ARMS Shae 
. te ~af ee ore 
ft apr ma home Te i eee 

Ch ae ae eh 
Ris yeu" 

Baw LIER biod bas: volvenat | 8 a Oo 
-boxes? orew 2hese ‘niefinos. | ‘ : 

is saowe efit to yrotetodal anti aa beee oft of Dodd dae « dal exed? 
s cxaadehich as ont al a ag etivest ent .nottsottitas: sotgalicde 

lo ,evilevie@tieon YLor ane se ee 0% 

he) Jee EOS foseet ay ke eo iia : 

ce ee ee be vilaso fiom 3 ey 


st seoiss steht Sardi Peat A ot 
tawo ilo 

linet to” + alba % eer Boe Baio 
“eld atdd ‘Tiel 
(xétinos s ufdedorr) eerd emoe To abseil 

ewan - & & Ghote wotvedsl 

totsl «2 eosige to abeoe bag tees 
relines emoz to shut 

“i touteak = 6 4 wane wolves 

fiotel to sanrqa to abeed 
tetinos enmoa to ebyi 

totel to sowig? to ebosg i - 
t8iisos emde to shyt gee , 
tems xIM - £ & toLt LIER bLod i 
ga sludetl vs 4 
@ t Bod 

vine 248% Of Sp . : » ee 
Gold will Plot + 3 = Mixture: 

th as rec ngs Seeds’ of spruce or larch ; 
e natked ¥ J ht 2% oo The rest of the material in’ 
fused with Rives are x ‘this Sample is’ not Seeds. 

‘ » 4 one *) 
tween the DLSetah mr 

This material is obviously carried hither either by wind 
or by birds. “From thé results of the laboratory identification and 
fromthe’ fature of thé stands in which the deposits occurred, it 
appears ree: E ere ee. ‘waterial is #31 wind-blown. 
Gola will Piet ‘ 1 is. the area on which many Ribes had 
germinated between Septenboee “and Oetober 29. The entire absence 
of Ribes “seeds from the plot cover ‘during and preceding this period 
of germination; lends Strong support to the theory that birds and 
wind «are negligible factors inthe distribution of Ribes. This plot 
cover was ‘placed on July 20 and was removed October 29, thus including 
practically the entire in Season. The immediate spot was with- 
out fruiting Ribes, bat is ney oe thousands of fruiting bushes are present 
within a mile of this site | 
tralia nudicaalis haDar 
SOR ibes fruits were ebtide ae ‘primarily for carrying on ger- 
mination: under ‘laboratory conditions. ‘This work has been done by 
, the School of Yorestry at the University of Idaho. 
e1 completed, ‘ut most of the tests are still in pro- 

Gaatiliess mw ata Indian 
bas th ey wabert ts Forts of his work is presented separa gly on 
a ident’ 
Ceanothus. veiutinus Laure 4 
0 the’ native jes species o northern Idaho show certain general 
characteristics re, ing growth habits which appear very definite. 
scosis: ma ‘may grow on all Tesidual soil areas, occurs frequently 
ed ‘terrace ayer eh but very seldom on alluvial bottom 

VOormue § LO.AGR A 2 ony , 
Lae 6 aca “may grow at any point where the water table is 
our iettatty a 6°the soil’ ‘surface during the early sumer for 

the plant’ Foot =46) secure a reserve food supply. 

apilerlum angu 

Oo. OUR. *petislare may crow at any point on moist alluvial or 
lacustrine bottomlands. 

ewe Mac rs of 

9. °°8) inermis generally “grows on moist alluvial or lacustrine 
dot tor” Yanas whieh are subject to ‘spring overflow. 

Ledum glandvi 

-/ 0) Many sh 7 end herb&eeous plant species are more of less 

closely ats “with Ribes in pat fdsho. Relatively few 6f these 
species, “however, ‘are - wae? associates of the Rites species. The 
Wen 5408 bi. fe 
Her tensia lanes olLate Lungwor 


 fommixit — Be told L1kH blob 
doref to soutg? to shesf ) 
SOE °8S tk ibis cient eds Yo Ser eMP HNL noel eri epoe ty 6M 
,ebose tom ef ofqmee aldt ' 

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nt ome eI Ciel balw fis eh ‘ince od sd Renae nya 

evan ee “es al 
e. ‘ied ‘woth yasm “Heide io beta eit ary: ¥ Fort tone eran feet | 
‘eonedds exritne eff cS St Scaent ar eeetet ese neaut od Ce ieee 
_boiveq, eld? gatbeoetg bas Mt ete rAsrate to! ‘ op Ben ree , 

be abtid tant osdy esti ase 
tol -aldY Si %o etedterals es a protest scaiarteur over 

gatbslont exit ,@S tetotsO bevometasw bas OF Yet rag sate conte 
eltiv 2a reais etheumt ed? .ndeeee aatdiurt « 
frezeny ote sl re te pao oo 

ee BGLYTIS9 | ae) the tie : 
eaob nosd igs al es ft 
| To wlerevid ods 
oa ab [itde 91a. sidhoan rues stom tad het < e 
i aS" »moltant yi risobi <0't ands ‘a8ReT3 
potty nt oe orow 
10 Usgareans: sists at sizow atd to dxoger atared 
Gi, SE MO PE ers eOc el Shue saa total s 

isvene3 nladyeo wode onset criteag mae 8 yer 
.otiutied yroy teeqqa dotdw ed 7 setbuaae eoitettotsstars 

vidnoupert erm9¢..kac%s {hoe ee ‘ae suebenotty 3 4 
 emotied Inivatie ao nobles ¥TOV, Am 8 ie scaxest beniarth [few 
Bee aye ay ae gp YARaE? +2baa l 
vt oldat tetew add stedw intog, yas te WwOTS, “Vem seeal 
tot taemne yftee odt gebuch eoah ye Liga ong of sols =, 
ae Uicqua boc? evrege: “& emoes of etoot tusfa ont 

to latvelie tefem ao talog Ym ie wors wan sxafoites i 
PORE RO ome » pbhae Laottod . pitereent 
entt suori to ietvetia tetom se ewors 
swoltieve. 3 iiaqe of de 

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aeext fo wet ylevitale® .edebl aera 

on! »teineqe sedif elt to sete stoves, oe eres ve 
vibe bpd 

pas yLeevolo B + 
ah .8efoeqs Py 

er «> Gite Net $2 plants spepresents the usual associates.of Ribes. 

(one ; Mhees: mpeei os which are most commonly associated with Ribes 
are canes eed aa *,.. Those plant species which might readily ‘be 
confused with Rives are marked with anX, (These symbols are placed 
vetagen; jorenctgeich Lond, the common: names +) 

ce &4@ Ss a 

Pio ee ‘List of 82 plants moennner ts all associates 
cncounterad during: a pent: season: . 

EAYSOS arpus vewail le 

in. Western White Pine St 

| Prunella. yu) gers 
Latin Name . suabek 
| Acer glabrua X*Mt, Maple A. G, 
Aconitum. visu X*Monkehood ... A. C. 
Actea.rubra.. ©. x lbceled Ay Bs 
Adenocazlon Dieoler - Be 
Alnus si » Adder ' 7 

Alnus. Persie * Alder .. 
amerlenchier ainifolia * Bite? berry 


Aralia.oudicaulis d sasaparilla ¥. 
Arnica cordifolia Wild, arnica Co 
Astragalus sp. Wild Pea. 
Berberis repense *Oregon grape R- 
Betula, aleve *Birch 2) P. 
Betuda glandulosa Bog birch G. 
Castilleja miniata *Indien. paint brush ws 
Castilleja sus suskiedergit *Indian paint brush Su. 
Castilleja avgustifo ia *Indian paint brush As 

Ceanothus. velutinus *Laurel.. 
Ceanothus sanguineus,..*Laure] 

Chimapbylla, umbellata "Prince's Pine v. 
Fe Pe uniflora *Spring beauty . Uh. 
Clematis 8 enatis 0. 

£. occident 
Coptis. occidentalis X*Gold thread 
Cornus stolonifera gt 


Aa AEAQoQnnN OO C80 eww 


Carduus. lanceolatum wae thik tle. 

Disporum trachycarpum *Solmon's seal 
Ephlobium augustifolium *Fireweed 

Geum Macrophyl1um 4 Geum 
Holodisous discolor "Ocean spray 

Galiun eParFAne ¢ 
Wane cn 

Kalmia, glauca _ American laurel - Ge 
Ledum glandulosum Squaw tea 4 
Linnaga horealis....,.. , “2win flower » we B. 
Lonicera utahensis.. Red twinberry U. 

Lonicera involucrata Black twinberry 
Menzétesia ferrunginea False huckleberry 
Mertensia lanceolata Lungwort 

REE eh eA aa to 



sedi to setelooses Laway oft etnezetqe ave $8 to tert antwolfot 
ie ag, tore Ite bree 
aedifi diiw betetooras. x Laommog, . $200 Ph wiotdw setoece aeodt 
ed yitheer jsigim dotdw ta. esecT .* » déiw besiam ots 
beon fg ots afodatys 6eedT) ce, Neg oi eedit dtiw beestnoo 
( Seinen ommo ont b bos aided edt ceewtod 
i Poe set Ft 
Beteloonas, ‘the fihdernars dipoer? $3 to ‘pate patwotie? PMB bk oy one 
| aye Castes inne otf wifey beantemoee 

ele: ik Steer ce 

sag: 942 einige hase Pye dS Zoho" fe aw geboke? © 

Send toieg metba 3 ey pans balvess eleollttesd 
 deord soleq ars ablotts evaue sieflitasd  . 
fotms..* avnideley audisonsed 
wag at TE aeRO, ra aed 
oaini* gteLLedaur 

ae sll. bl ica Aalhs i Hiises OS jetta as don a 
ke Aa ae heat dell eb LA 9) $ mbmmmde come £e os 
SAA Cee anh thick ODER Boe gue able amo igen 20 

aca a ’ sorted eolviee * gilottals te Exremal) ** 
«% A aifintagease SLLW pee ee wi lath 
0 .Mh Pa bas PRE DLEW > 
iiss aad aon cit Seine 
BRM gc oel oh ak ieee ft 
oe es “dortd go “tee 
aD . derad tate poe ateiatm nba lttened 7 


& & tego 

rye i iabioao ekte ee) 
 BEietmebtoso ettqod:... ¢ 
sietioofote egrriod 
seo esrro} 
 oftelns. Lids. mute loesae Reb EeDy 0 
face stgomiok* mugxeoyoart, myreqatd 4 .°; 


ek <a 

oe beowstlt*? mart Lo Ltd angus ovidoligh 

ca he hop BBOVEO DD 6. wee ene . etitegs api tsd- 

has) » Quien Lege: Saget  BRBMD 5 
wrod mul iydqotoeh mod 

; +o Pes ee ain OOOH. anosibolok ee 

bi vp Mpa Ly, Bbw La ¢.) 

t “ mwmeo Luba fy mubet 

, Towolt 9 oy _Bttieeted.gesnail 


« > o -~ = . a 
EP ter E58. f SE 

. ‘yreedaind | ‘ig sienedate. etestood. re 
: _ Yrtedated doele. starout ert 
a4 yvredeIisund eata' ‘senigauiretabastsnet 
sik } towgau.t apalaoenns, aknnet sen 

Latin Hane oe Name Symbol 

Mitella sp. RISES- 
Monesis uniflora "ha leaf M. U. 
Monotropa uniflora Ghost flower M. Un, 
Montia linearis ‘> Small spring beauty M. L, 
Oplopanax horridum Devil's club D. i. 
Pachistima Myrsinites *Buckbrush ~— P. M. 
Peramium secundis. | (.,,Rattlesnake plantain © P. Ss 
soodbaninenrere lewisii, .. Mock orange’ (Syringe) OP OL 
_ Physocarpus panciflorusX*Winebark:~ S piace. Pi 
. Potentilla. oe Mae Cinquefoil- is@inn several TPR 
| Prunella, vulgaris~. sBealnAlizs and a’ 
ipPrunus demissa«. s.o. \Ghokes cherry: ©«: ed. Pp. D. 
aad ~ Prunus, emerginate- |». © Wild’eherry” - s) in goeBl ade 
| . »Pteridium,sguilinun tor *Rwanicen Bern! if teu * tee i ) 
| ola rotundifolia... Shin leaf and an en Peo. | 
;oeRenumealas platyphylle Buttercup) ©. ‘@URS° PRS 
peepee Sint purshiena ©. -»,*Cascara « 8 . ly iBhiops 
o¢ Bhamnust,alnifolia», - Alder-Cascatfa Ri Ae 
of Begheiendren albiflorum Small Azalia ~ Rh. A. ) 
oo pROCaSpiant result | *Wild Rose: t of te ture-s 
Rubus parviflorus ©. -K*Thinbleberry’ R. P. | 
g - Rubus strigosus *Red raspberry R. S. 
Rubus leucodermis wuAy O12 *Black cap : : R. Ls. . 
»»-Rumex\ acidophilus .. . Sheep sorrel R. Ace ) 
-» Salix. rium collect is *Villow , , Sx. ; ) 
ieSembucus.glaucast» © ° ‘Elderberry © $.°R. ) 
| Shepherdia canadensis  §§ Buffalo berry $3°@) . 
if _Serbus scopulina Op 10 MtevAsh © $9"S% 
, Sorbusioceidentalis. «» MterAsh sv"0. 
 Streptopus.amplexifolius ‘Twisted stalk S. A. | 
Spiraea lucida *White spiraea Ss. L. 
Spirabeimensiesii.... Rosy Spiraea SoM. | 
. Symphoricarpus albus | Snowberry — | ABSVEAT 
* cffeLidme: tenella. > Téellimas: © . ?. 
_Piarella ential iata . X*Coolwort: 7. O. 
> friblium oratum White Trillum 
Trillium ceetalaten Purple Trillim . 
Urtica lyallii series die tthew) alrine . 
, Vaccinium membranaceumn *Huckleberry Vv. Me . 
Vaccinium ovalifoium *Huckleberry ¥....Be ) 
“Veratrum viridi False hellebore vy. V. 
(2 Vonetanen Galfer ium ; 
Vibmmmm pauciflorus — sod Vv. P. 
Vicia americana ciet : Ve he 

MEstmelied detercinatiou® of this let Wee uate dy 
R. A. Kienhols and P. J. Kramer. 

» * 

a is my 

ry 2 . > 



“ee re 7 eS : . le 
wie biwels Bian hy 
ra ta fy tote iy oo te free 

es | 

«0 .¥ 
i ¥ 

ah a 

Re chem oney sake ae do et daare fastastome(s| - 

pistasiq sileneslyie® 9!) 08 98! mtr kms tet 

* “.qe@ effotiM 
s Xin S Yeek alo © oo leuoP tee HteenoM 
“iqeaGre. feeds. oor qnBteta ote 

ns lar nae YS “ebisedt f eltaettcos s. 

gfs eC Live ° °°! sebitiéd xemsqofgo! oc | 
dastdaona*. _ sos amid aitinet il 

(agate) eanate S60 Lueteot ‘edgede Lda 
: dyed oaim*Xeur0 fiiomeq auqisoo0eylt 
LLG! _ Al igdgosite {9 ‘éllttaed oF 
@iuesinv ef fenurl 
stents met 
“ poted Lharger nat? Bi-te3% 
SiLotibastor’ oforys. 
‘ Rérbrsaieee -- 

quozedtid — 

slakeaaremnanadady . 
-Lbiniv surttetey 
mero bieto te £40" Prietev 

PR pw 86, wehs.s 

b +t bog. tfod.. 
Hom LE wimps! fowmd aoe trod. 
thal oa te ® Ro haces LTA l haoducoy Shae: 
YS oaciot Seloeotal ALioed 2M 5 tae 

i A 
we pee tangata ~ Ae 
oann’ ove anee eenest BE. Hubert - 

Se eS Seren * 

-. sine <,literature (2) gives us the fact that most Ribes 
seeds.require.a.resting period.of from two to eight months or more, 
depending upon. the species, before germination takes place. In order 
to test. the resting period of R. yiscosissimum, several fruits were 
collected.near Harvard, Idaho, in “and attempts made thoughout the 
winter to.germinate them. Various metho&éwere tried. Some of the 
seeds, were,exposed to the elements,.others’ were kept in the labora- 
tory, some. were. exposed.for an hour and fifteen minutes in a drying, a beginning temperature of 70° ¢. and an end temperature of 
90° C. From September 24, 1926 to April 22, 1927, no results were 
obtained. On. April. 25,, germination commenced, but only in those groups 
of seeds that had been exposed to oven temperatures. A resting period 
of eight months for this collection of seeds is thus indicated, but a 
more important result is seen in the effect of temperature and the 
possible relation to the heat of forest fires. 

A further study of germination is in progress, in which Ribes 
seeds collected from herbarium specimens are being tested. Most of 
the herbarium collections are five to six years old and have not been 
disinfected. To date, mt two collections of seeds have shown any 
viability. Up to June 23, forty-five per cent of one collection have 
germinated and developed healthy seedlings. This collection of R. 
viscosissimum seeds was made on July 21, 1922 by F. A. Brown in 
Clearwater County, Idaho. 

Within the same test period, 5 per cent of the seeds in an- 
other collection germinated. This collection of Ribes lacustre was 
made on July 22, 1922, by Goodding at Signal Peak, Washington. These 
seeds, therefore, remained viable for a period of 5 years stored under 
ordinary herbarium conditions. . 

The entire series of tests included 280 seeds from 16 different 
collections of two species of Ribes. 
SER RES LG 8 i OR Le ce A 
(1) Jancgewski, Hd. de. ; 
Monographie des Groseilliers« 

Memoires de la Societe de Physique et d'Histoire Naturelle 
de Geneve, Vol. 35, Fas. 3, 199-516. October, 1907, 

; \¥ 
¥ hae 

CHAN Ce 2 hres Lina st Es | 
arent WOITAMIMAND) Caw Sadia qe £tfod im 
ee ee Lhe. #hoanoM 
veo tl > yd os ae Lt) cot alee eee 
—— yh oeerit ahrmedhs wiht 
fof Fey f foot | ph Cheer ere Le 
steytst weet fiat oy ‘ot wild a Titty * 

a " to. wt 

sedifi eom #add font ott ew in vii aftareril ot exennwwan* row 

910m. To. eitnom teiyte bt Owd mor? to Boireq gakteor oe 
tebto ali stoalq esxet nolisniorres-etoeted’ |, selpege end Rvegt 

stew aitort fereves ,mumbeetabovtv’a a to bobreg attdecr ang tees > | 
ed? tyorguodt obem etquetie bas SSCL ok Yodebl , bravrek tket betel loo 

edt % smo2 .heltd orew horton exotteY .moct reagent nett ag 
~etods tort at dgex stew ceredito,aiaemele eft of sotewlaert, 

ee ee as 

sni¢1b so at aetonim seed tik bee wired te tot eeraten ot 
to euntsreqmes bre ae bas .9 SO To’etwiat 
stow vitvesr om ,VSEL ,SS Lhwgk oF BSET 4 ‘dothadqet bor i" 808 4 
eqsors epedtemt <ine tud _ bean eno. cotsedhnrres ase. a0  bentstdo 
beiteg ankiaet A .ao1dstoqmet- mevo- 0d beeoqxe noad’ drcinttbends to 

a dud ,boteoltbhat emit st ebeor' to molsoel [ow etdd tot : 
ond pans 4 pi tun to tootte edt ati neee ef ¢fveot taetto 
~serlt ¢eoret Yo teed edt OF aoivefet off teeog 

rae 3 ya cree Fy gar Pd 9rd ea paw: Rare opt 

aadia parang ai ,2eotg0%q at ef aot¢amtarreg’ to yhute: wont a 82007 
to ¢20M .bedse¢ anied ets aromigoye mwyiradied mort betoelloy thees 
aed toa oved bas bio eisey xe of evkt Ste amotsoelioo aviisétent odd 
ye aves oval ehoee to anoiteelfoo om taf ,otebo or! .beveetabalh 
eved sedteetlos sao to taxon deg Svét-ymot , eS ene ot atts vitiidstv 
«2 Yo aolsoe{loo eld?  .eanilbede) ydtiicod beqoleveb” et 
"oh somone A Ey SSUL soe De a eine aga are 

ry it 

. , ed Siow aeay? hye 
=ae at ehowe Sapir te nes t93q: +8 eer oe reat onus bie anit sy F212 
aew entavgel zedifi te aciioel loo: elm - -bodattntes’ a 

event? .sotgatden® ,xveeT Lemyt®? Ja gakbbbod yd ,S8er! (S5°RI6 Ab Shaw 
sala Setot 2 sraey 2 to ato 8 tot sidgiv ber hamet’ oxote16 AF! , obser 
(0) of) yGnotttinoo mybndred! yisatito 

[iar ei Ered: ( ets ‘ fe EV oe LS Te 

fuovettib £ mez? ebhese 08S hehufant eteod oto welree ortdidoadpeo! ss) 
“ened bate aeigeq2 one to amolisel{[oo | 

pou e Lahaye mlogtitets sebitooayV - 

SEO A a a nm tH at A eS OS OE CR NE PN AIR te NN 
2 " e "3 v7 

far awk s 

Glinn 2 isn 

«i brg ce 08 

aliquitsH orloteti"h #9 oupleydt eb stetoo2 af eh 
1 aac nd oe fap 25 28% .88 .LoV ,eversd: 9b 
ly ya) Wee ¢ ka Fm haoront aly fag Deda oe" r 

Ai. wea Ce afore ts» hai? 8 

Le Mork for. 1928.0 tes -* 20.68 

The 1928 tests have already been started. These include 
about 1,500 seeds of (five ispecies of Ribes: RR. viscosissimnun, 
R. lacustre, R. nevadense, G. roezli, and G. “inermis. Seeds of 
other species are being prepared for future tests. Twenty seeds are 
sed for each unit test, and various sets of seeds are subjected. 
oto mine, different conditions previous to testing for germination 
per. cent.» These conditions are: A--Heated 2 hours at 60° ¢. 
‘Bs-Heated 2 hours. at 809.6. CssHeated ‘2 hours at 90% ¢. D--Exposed 
to outdoor zero weather for 2 weeks, E--Soaked in hot water at 100° F. 
for 2 hours4 (¥-=-Soaked \in, concentrated sulphuric acid for 35 minutes. 
Ge-Not treated. H--Placed in carbon dioxide for 24 hours. I--Soaked 
in potassium chlorate solution for 25 minutes. J<--Soaked in water, 
room temperature, for 24 hours,» “The seeds, after tanatmentt : nehasl aced 
in ‘Special oar pesto fags fren At pate 

study ree thet ziv oe 

ten, rostheas tests vill be. contimed taroughaut 1928, 
b 1 esate 4 tati iva f > : 
Fo . thn .eRare nent of hm ~~ } + th ek ; 
linear soai ret tr 5 ar . < 
y be entirely unsuited to th: eeday 
&-circulier dcale wast derie: yi 
OOG-plemimetered iecaves of each ¢ 
ror Re bacu UPB. Re V Lecotiscimum and & 1HOrm 2 
2 Sees. ee ee = WL op 2ST st 
=O rf Lem & 
ile..the. lear ire £reen. 
ifice after the jieeves had in. th 
f ”.. bashes. -3 : 
Ba Ut t ce aE 
age. 10 #3 ae I i t 
ns BOrac eI or} 
this line, 
at ; » 
Thae..c ‘ 
: sLiowing or. PLS w 


ghislett pate... hebeabl wink "Veg RE ovad sacl teat oe 
sot gent tat i co Seigege ovit to ebook ie f 
to ahee@ .etmreni .o . ’ 

ete ehoor ytaow?t 

Lite. adem A “ 
“asta ab 10% 

tae ite tie > eertt af eboge te notiediiien ‘ebay “OX attila! Rare Bt) 
one Grbenignet, to tootte al? oti geese wl ¢ foves tied toqitd: @rom 
wOorlt P4yxet le gabd act GPomblen let oTélasog 

CoRR’ &e ,ckergete af sk woldwwlarreag” to. ebed 6 eedieare sd 
‘ Ve  ,Oataed poled ere dosmibere aglwisdded B6et bedeel los Shean 
. oo Ree ae o2eey xia od Wh? be amoldoetion ertindeen eds 
Meee ever efoot To anottoed fon. ait tof , eteboee  aeeeeeebet hb 
iphe tex ooo. te Seon yey eee RRS. eR ony: O° gS OST idaty 
Oe Tae RET ae eam Yittood Lago level ina: baeamterey 
1 gag 4 yf eg pe viz: fa. & Seen aie Pa a ihe e neal bey Re9 ely 
0 OHGBE Sol ‘wedewins {5 

SiG a Oe aes tne Cee ge toad qual Kaety aaeiee 
ere nee 2 ee te ee See a iE: hota iiwag robovoltse haher a. 
AT mae Luere pishbbod Yd -ASEL) (RS ete ab Gham 
TE 5 Fh See be eRe te as Soe Laer preety: tim , Rhoew 
tera ti Laie se lilideiadl ~Susize 

bapane Lesee b aves te watean pers ane 5 
aad do te neees ony Shon ‘a¥oat fos 


Dy aleeatn wh ne pt pe ASE AARNE ANN Came Uh ANDY are He 

| ie (bene LE descng wee “9, 
Aare nh Ee ee exp Lea ab atetoo® wl at bawtads? 
ek ola BEML 4B ate 88 jteV be ci 5 
kdacecd yoga ade pees ae aie 
Pe ase ea PO ot 

vga ihe “Maseinieit’ (ft). 


(0) beef Area - Live Stem Studies 

I. Definition of the Experiment 

A systematic studied measurement of leaves and stems of 
each of. the common native.Ribes species, under each of the several 
sites and shade conditions common to that species, to deternine 
the relation between a given unit measurement of live stem and the 
area of leaf surface. Each Ribes species is made a separate study. - 

II. Description of Basis Used in Meking the Study 

_ Ribes bushes were selected from every variation of site and 
of timber conditions, ultimately ‘totaling 4 largé wiimber of bushes 
from every variable and from every size of bush. The zoal of this 
study is that given a Ribes bush of @ certain species, height and live 
stem, from a certain site under certain timber conditions, that bush can 
be authoritatively stated to have approximately a certain area of leaf 

a 2 S St miawoden 
~~ ~Bor the measurement of the western leaves, the Carruthers 
linear scale was first tried for the several species, but it was found 
to be entirely ‘ted to the needs» momee an » 
~~~ eireuler scale was devised, which has been checked arainst 
1,000: planimetered leaves of each species, -The scales of this type 
for R. lacustre, R.-viscosissimum and G. inermis are completed. 
. Some..of the. leaf.measurement has been done in the field, 
while the leaves were green. -Other. bushes have teen measured in the 
Office after the leaves had dried. Still other leaves have been measured the green.and in the dried state...#rom this double measurement 
of some bushes in-1927, it has proven neeessary to apply « correction 
factor tothe measurements of oll dried leaves, asa very merked shrink- accompanies the drying of the leaves. The determination of 
the practical correction factor will be determined by further work along 
this line... a whilaiah oe 4 — in , 7 - 

—~- hea IV. Plan for Recording Data 
fae complete data for each Ribes bush is recorded on the 
following. form, SF #18. BRC: 

a. Seen eevee oy ot mes 

hee eaned @ hits ‘soeeet ‘0 Saikctiedaden: petbete: sipdeanel egdtnas =o! 
Lienees ant to dose «sbas),sefoeqs tedifi evitin somugs*edt ‘To. ieee 

eakorteteh of ,eelseqa tecdy of mommos eaolt hbues ohedé bag eetke 
rit bas wete evif to taenetyaaem tins aevig @ aeewted nolvalex edd 
ae peeny © sham at demipe eesti oat seogtuse tedi to acts 

ium tage Soe tedigew eter Toobtod et 
& i oy 

eer eaHna  s es 
brie ens 6 ablniiey cpedve nein evehae: eine thetiies aegis: ape 
 Béland to tedawe egies! « gatlefot yletamttin \paneltthinoe tedmtt “to | 

etd? to feo ed? dad to-eale yteve aott bas eldatmyv iyieve mot? 

evil hue defytod ,zetoece aletixes @ to dand eed if se aevis gadd ef ybose 
aso dest gedd | 2NOEELbdO® "odmtt mtedres tebas este aiedtes‘a mott , mete 
teel to sexe aledtes 2 yletemtxotqqe evad of botase Vien eee sd 
908 tre 

youte to ebodtew .IIt 

earecduettsD oft ,eevsel oreteew edt to tnemetsesem oft rot 
Soot asw ti isd ,eotoeqe Iarevee edd tot Settd tertt sew sileoe rsentl 
webesn ont ot botineay ylettine ed ot 

seniege besinerda seed sed doldw,beetveb eaw efeoa talvotio A 
eqyd aidt to eeolsoe ofT .aeinegqe doses to eevaeel betetemtasi¢ 000, [ 

shetelgmoo ore eforrent 12 bos owmbaateonety .f ,eatawost «ff tot 

.SfLett ent at enobh ased aed tnemetsesem tasl edd to emo? 

add mi bervessm neet ever sedand seftO .neets stew zoveel edi elidw 
Setresem meed evad aevsof terte [16 .heixh bel sevael eft teste eo tti0 
fnemewesem elfdueb eift mott .siete beitb edd at bas aeorm ont at dtod 
notioosrtes a ylqge of yYIseee0en mevorq sed fi .TS2L of esedand emoe To 
-initde becsltem yiev # ea ,@eveel betzh [fg lo atnememrasem ocit ot totoat 
to solisnionsteb eT yeoveel eft Yo gatyrb edt eekmeqmooos sets ai 93a 
asofs stow treddaut yd benimreseS ed [litw totost soistgettoo faoltosig edt 
P eoolt ais 

Stead antbronef tot -Vi 

ed? mo bebronet ef daud eedifi dose tot ateb etelIqmoo out 
308 3 Lh i mo 2 gatwollot 

w #718 BRC. 

Shrinmcege of Loeferress 
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i ‘our preliminary studies regarding ‘the etethibetiie of . 
individuel leaves from the erase | to the dried condition gives 
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“the Mae of 30 R. 1 tre bushes were measured when 
gathered im the field, were then dried in the press, and measured 
again in. the. Mea gy Sor The leaves of 36 R.- yiscosissimum 
Susie Were cared for in like manner. Records of both green and 
ary Soarerhdsntt “were kept Separate only by ‘bushes, and not by 
individual leaves. ' The. bie 7 area ail jeael is the basis of 
comparison. Li id a 

4 | “The rena of thesé: measurements are as follows: 

: PST MAE Te {esis oer | 666 Ip. sala.seje-48 | 2.00 
O71 get 2 dei — SSE ENS 1 SEIS SSE1 6. 86 9h 

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leaves on has just been 

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#.643.°" Denese mature’ s *pine in Lett 

+ —_ . sae 4 1o0 
cine in far center, oper reproducti¢c 
So@ur d'Alene National Forest. A. 


"Wo a y of this work can be made at 

pine in far cente¢ 

Coeur d'Alene National Forest. 



hadenet, yet worked a visit was made to the headquarters of the Pend Oreille, 

ads, pers. tsleomos ines, Seg.) « ine au 

rhe TRE Aat Cuiover areas ar 28 amount < aful 
ee @ ong out into sins ie whenaye: 
Ful any of the ar agree va TAL RI 3 ERADICATION In fOMH 
ee +4 Ge strong - Maat stink Forester 
around the Honeysuckle Banzer Station L eur 
Forest was tentatively chosen for tha } 3 
Goo Lae BS WAG poss. .ble. % Be. Ete [VERSE YEGiY @€rsmizied. 
region was atill heavil; 
thi aa ta 6 with, ye tag plan, set forth in previous 1 re- 
ne. ion of the wild hogts of white pine blister 192 dt .the Coeur d'alene National Yorest. Sampling of 

as, many genéral areas ° obi, Faas during the principal experimental stage 
of control work is imperative, It is true that conditions affecting | 
=" eradigation greatly on the various white pine areas of the In- 
To ay yn Papal para eradication to one of these general 
areas would result in .sscur Sy ne gD -bases for | spy eisenieh of local con- | 
tek in partiqularragioa wat eels Me Paha PSE PMA TAF 
nino where | {ions may differ geetly. It is 
cosonttal that. basis for ‘application in & general way be secured, — 

The Kaniksu National Yorest in north Idaho, where handpulling 
activities have been centered ‘Targely ia the past, was so severely burned 
over by fires | the 1926 conflagration Lag 4% would have been im- 
practical to attempt eradication so, soou.thereafter, areas not burned over 
in 1926 or logged over recently were broken up to. plac) #8 extent, that 
no large bodvensteovery® bane crennatect on or .timber type were available 
for a satisfactory experimental area, The avove mentioned conditions were 
alone Sei iglaak enee tew oP ott ication on the Kaniksu National 
Forest for the 1927.,seasen. ety.  a,honger period, 

So Development of. person 
Some scouting was done in the ‘Pal’ ‘of 1926 when the area center- 

ing around Prichard, , r0 Seeceashertn neehien: of. the Coeur dtjlene National 
Forest, was examined, fi wad fairly satisfactory mt it was felt 
that there were.other,areas where, the operation. could be better centralized 
and.where white pine Napeorepaeenated se) still, verveiar sPOFRODE AE of the . 
tahebrforsstediaxeene Wetional Forest, Lusho 

fr Sl. we ' elk £ me 

work oxteDuring. tbe; winter, of.1926.- 1927, ry ‘ onal ysis ef data... 
secured, by reconnsissance crews in the.past was made, Several areas were 
found having 10,000 to 15,000 acres of almost solid white pine type. 
However, most,of these.did not; represent a sufficient amegunt of the younger 
age. Classes. Furthermore, some of them.are agt now readily accessible 
batrprobably. wid de. bane: few raptor seyelaywons of roads and trails. 
period near tne Lhe eOum 

general aie, izaore. ‘ezehnst-overlooking areas, wnere reconneigsance crews 

Clearwater, Coeur d'alene and St. Joe Wational Forests. At each forest 
headquarters the: supervisor or deputies or, both were consulted. [aforw- 
ationwas secured relative to.timber types, age classes, forest improyomenis 

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to zniiqne® .tae10! Ienctisll enela'h tse00 edd o¢ hediide Sel at gest. 
eaate Iadnomiisgqxe Isqtoaltgq ods aninsh eldtsacog es aacta Ieteneg Yism es 
aatdgotis anctiibuoo tedt ett af 31 sevitetogmt al azow [otds0o to 
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et #1 «yitset, teTtlb yen anoltdibaco otedw exofger tedto ai soltsoliqgs 
eboruross od yaw Ieteneg 2 at notisotiqgs tot elesd « dads {atineea® 

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ove bentad tom eset, stedtsotedt coos og aoltaoibsrs éqmetts of Isoitost 
jad} taedxe me dove o¢ og noalord otew YLiaeost TevO beggol to aser iz 
offaliave crew egyt tedmi# to solsombotget enig etidw to eetbod sgisl om 
exer eaotéibseo benoltnem evotis eit 897s Isinemitegxe ytotostattee s tot 
Invoites sealtasll edd so solisolbete aninohasds tok eased tnsloltive enols 
ghoit ay tegael s 101 yldtesog bus aoasee VSCL ed¢ tot daet0T 

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_faxotés% enela's te00 ond to soltoee wrefase oft at ,btedotrd bawots gat 
dot saw 22 fad ctotostetves Uirist aew nokget eid? ,benimexe aaw ,teotot 
ggilevines totted od Bisoo aclietege odd? etodw aseta tedto etew ered? dadt — 

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ace aeote Ievevee <ebam aew tesq edd at eword eousegaianmooet yd botyoee 
soy ecto otidw bhfoa taomfs To actos 000,81 of 000,0L anived basot 
teganoy edd lo tasome foslolYtwe a daeaoctges ton bib eeedt to deom ,TevewoH 
_  e@fdigecooscs yilhset wom ton ota mod¢ ‘to emoe ,otomrodéiwt epeazesto e3s 
wiles? baa ebsor to taempoloveb détw etsey wot a at od [iiw yidedotq dad 
 gwexo eoaaaatannopet etedw seote anidoolzevo tantegs etwent K 
eiiiex0 bret edd to avetiampbaed edt od ebam aew tleiv a bedtow toy don bad 
daotet dose tA .ateetol Lemotdall e0% «¢2 bas enela'b tw900 stetswiselD 
weet .betivanoo etew déod 10 aelingeh 10 toatvregse edt aetedtanphesd 
apemevonqel daetot ,eeezalo e368 ,aaqyt tedals od eviteler beiseer sew solids 

‘(roads, “erails. tele shone Lines, ete.) ‘cutting and management plans and 
ned and cutover. areas... 4 larae amount of useful informetion was 

ae ete tad ana put into shape for future use whenever work is done on 

PA of the areas in question, 

= cet As. a result of. the iiventtiatiods made the area centering 
around the Honeysuckle Ranger Station on the Coeur d'Alene National 
Forest was tentatively chosen for the 1927 experiment. As early ia the 

spring ae was possible the ares was extensively examined. wWuch of the 
-Fegion was. *till heavily blanketed with snow and Ribes conditions could 
be observed only on the lower elevations. The preliminary survey showed 
the eree to be more desirable than had been anticipated. Plans were 
immediately, begun for opening up work as soon as the road over the pass 
into Honeysuckle was open. 

5 Previous to 1927 (with the ascuae Po of 1924) the checking and 
methods work was not uader the general supervision of the eradication 
project leader, In order to make the checking and methods findings more 
quickly and readily available to the eradication crews it wes decided 
-to place both projects: under the Ewe papareneted of the eradication 
project leader, 

Los Pargose 

. rnd Inu general the purgeses of the.1927 work in eradication of the 
wild hosts of white pine blister rust were: 
oot le Perfection of existing methods of hand eradication, 
2. Discovery and nba Rs of better methods of hand erad- 

3. Development of ghasking and efficiency methods, 

4, Development of a better preseradication method, 

Se apie ssp ty povnonnl, for future ee ' 

dl. “Location end. De peveripttes of Aree 

enls “ ghe area chosen for the 1927 field work watered around the 
‘Honeysuckle Ranger Station on the Little North Fork of the Coeur d'alene 
River, Coeur d'glene Hational Forest, Idaho, Most of the area lies in 
To, Sl. We, Rood Wey Of the Boise Principal Meridian. In addition the 
work extended into T, 52. N., R 1 W., on the north; 5l°h., R 2H, on the 
west and 7. 560 Nay FR 1) ™e on the south, 

Lv Phe entire area ‘arains into the Little North Fork of the 

Sober d*alene River. Subsidiaryydrainages covered were Skookum, Deception 
Burnt Cabin, Lone Cabin’and Cascade Creeks, Due to the extended rainy 
period near the end of the season certain small areas designated on the 
general me on file in the washer gsen and ne offices were not com- 
th . 

cashes wi oh whéle area coverea te classified as white pine type 
aivnoue only i ee are rte ey as pire) In general the area 

for Pome : 

'? Dp 

boa aselg sdoemeganem bus gatitvo (.ote wenkt enodo sled  ellart ,ebaor) 
ean soltsmiotal Luteey to tov ome esteal A .sse%a tevodyo baa 

20 enob al atow bi fe 328 at per bard 29%, ee tat jag, ine betelumuoos 

y emodteoup at. BaOTR edd to yos 

»Battedaes sets odd ebam “gheitagttabat end ‘Hg vives. 2 ed 
-Iencolta eueia'dS tve00 edd ao aoliat? tease efdoueyonoH edd Dbavots 
edt af ylise ch 8 »tasmitegxe VECL edd tot seaods Ylevisaiaet esw steo10% 
edd to dowd .beatmaxe ylevieuedx®-eaw seis edd oldiesog esw as guliige 
biseo asotiibooo eadtd bas wone diiw betedmeld yLiveed Iitte gew soiget 
bowode yoviwe Yisalntierg adT “.eqoliavels tewol odd wo yino Sevieado sd 
eton 2osl4 betagiarsis heed bad aadt oldatieeb ‘om od edd 
geag . edd te¥9 Seor EPs. od 008 es tow ane tot anged Le 

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boa shiuséud ‘edd eer 46 haestehaes ads ‘beray*eeen ot avolvetd dare aed tf 
“goltenibste ad3 to dolelvreqia Istsaeg “edt Mobab tod ean wedw ‘aboddem” 
erom agatbatt ebodiom Ens yatipedo od? extw' dd ehto "a1" Hébsel¥e elon: 


Sebloeb agw 3! eweig nolsaothere Sit 04 Sidaltava yithaet has’ ybiolap ” 
Botdie iBete ed? to note lvredua Igteady adi bh ‘atostong bod b0ang lee? 

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Vetew Fae" et ‘entq otfdw to°staod biiw’ 
_ goltsaoibar9 biad to abodtem safte bre’ t6 focsr ab bon) To OSS! as 
~bate bosd to ebodd om Tetsed To tnémge eve’ bas ywrsrosstg? ge" HT! s 
eT SiR reaghos elias 2 0% 
“eboddem Youslottio bak sutiselts to" taengotevet® ie tine anos 
pbodiem cotiasthavesetg tettsd sto Instcofeved 4h 1 taotol 
attow etgtot tot eae” to b acny p woedhing 2 
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enela’h vwereod ant to Mot Adow oltsiT eff ao noltate segaeh¢ 
ai aesil eexve edd to feo ,odabl ,tae10% Ieaotial ombIA* b tH00D° meta a 
ed? goltibbs al .astbirew laqtonixd eatod edt to ,W Li of ,.M IC .T 
of ag 0 oH a fe pitton ede mo 3 .W i 1 W884 ofab bobaetxe xA10w 
| “Wtires sae ao" + te Bat orb omer ie 
7) G , oe sand van Pittry 
| odd to Mrot AgrvoR’ oxen one ett: mare ites? wTNae eA , ro v5 
oitgoved ,mudooe erew bereved seganlier bh erelbiedse \revid’ enelal i nouns 
Uittet hebvotxe ont of Ge VerleeTd: ohadted baa cided onod’ jaded) tame 
ead co DedgagieeS esete [lame aladies soeaes edt to bao edt te0q boltaq 
“Hoo! Som StéW aaah TTo np peed sername oil? nt eff) wo eqsm Lat]eney 
wm aw @Letvy « Beatrer FY > ecraiong 
y } #0) wW boo enetétS speed ,sedewtse 
eqn Satq evtiw ae het tee abiny «a, iarbvow S0%% Slow ond stwala oreo bee: 
sors eat Levene, cl .etv¢ ae beeeeIo’ 64s snot érog! botiarh ylao sterwenstitie 

f fos conten oe 
% wen LEe out 

is heavily timbered with reproduction, pole or mature stands. All 
| age clesses, eradication types amd conditions prevail, Rives of 

- three species are represented, Ribes lecustre is heavily and gen= 
 @rally distributed. Ribes viscosissimuz is present but heavily dis- 
_ ‘tribated on omly limited areas. Grossularia inerwis is very heavily 
distributed on flats and swampy areas along the Little North york | 

_; @nd on other meandering streams. 

VE Ses “Heavy snowfall ani aa abundance of reinfall throughout 

+ (moat of the year results in heavy brush as well as timber. “White 
reproduces” “very satisfactorily after fires and cuttings on the 
‘6 area, However, the district has been well protected by the 
‘Forest Service and. ayieere pees wae the viene my) only smail 

ibe Y lovaviadett re ares on nse: ‘igi oe was done varies 
sible 000 to, 5300. feet, ‘Steep, slopes characterize the region, 

, eh gn e ehient truck. no aa ee Honeysuckle Ranger Station 
. the City © a ‘glene about 30 miles away. Good trails 

foe ere e to all parts of the In pee the 
-: /Feab ily acdessible oy truck and pack ¢ str née 

ny. 4 

“General improvements, aside from roads and trails, include 
logging camps and telephone lines. AKoplication of management had a 
tremendous effect on eradication of Ribes. On the other hand logzing 
operations and burning have greatly 3 increased the Ribes popnlation on 

acreas ent. ory BO TY Ta). SRE cual we RRL Hd, oe IME Ui 
eo" Deeg Sie e ae? ‘ e% ve BS m 
: ie > A — ; 4 ae < a? , : 

i wy Qe angst Kae 

4 . a alee pais rite on cre abla ti was igenstally 
rorise to that in other se with, 2 exception of size, Large 
crews. have,.in the past, ween: hv my eotot of mch lost time, 
Small crews have bate exten en paper was used as 
treil marking the nan layin as heel “an: the man following trail could. 
take only pe ie the < teade oie the crew could cover, This 
made it impractical tojtise With the use of string the 
man following trail can tover @ fuli strip and the man laying string, 
not being occupied with smuffling of paper is able to cover more than 

a half strive Due to this lessening of the time laying and following 

trail there is'very little time lost when strifg ie used aid small 
crews can be used to tage. Consequently the 1927 season saw 
intensive experimentation with smaller crews both on scout end regular 
Grew work, The results showed the ving of the experiment ‘Be, brought 

sige later in this reports gs 
a Tien ‘al four types of axbee: ies used. breas of more or 
less Pains 

: dpesers rn woe timber were worked largely by intensive end 
‘o enced men end promising uem: 

men, Streams, reproduction and prequiring close working «= 

were Boao it regular crew men under the supervision of an experienced 

foreman, The regular crews worked in inténsive or extensive formation 

depending oa the distribution of Ribes and the difficulty fettor, 

La sebaste siuten to elog sottouborqer dt tw horednit yt 
to sedis glteveta atottibaes bas eeqyd “Hot tao.tegte” (eeseats § 
eg bae Yiiveod at» ontesasl eodhs’ ebedaesotget exe estoeqs o6tdt 
waib. vliveed iud daeaetg at aunleslaosaly eedig 'besid tigate” | 
yliveed yrev et etorrent etrslseeot) seaere bed imti yido"no bétodix3 

areoi détolk eLtstd edd anata asete Yqumawe bas efalt ao betudiatalb 


| staisetde BetTindats ted¢o a0 bas e 
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odidN sedmid 2s Liew ad sieord yveed at ee iveernady add pref 

eid 40 agaidion bam. cetkt 1s%ts yWhirosostatise Yrev esouborqer eit 
sit yi Setoetotg Liew ased asd toltiwhs ed’ |, r6vewol? © 0 
Lema name nets tiseon: oid it iw er tite Oe ‘Bae 89 % 
4 ede be sbettvodo evan & 
: alte crt feat) ea oe or es 
asitev enob sew Arow dotde oo sets edt to soliavele eat _ 
setokeon out os Lies oetasio seqole qnoee: | ,de9% O082" 03 0008 nor? 
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sottede) s9g088. abinnb coast preenren beot sound jaelleoxewal Soe Lotg 
aliert boop. «yews eelia O8 trode efeLAl ay 190 te ystd ede aetw 

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«gnizte dosq dae doit yd eldteasosa yftbaet aw abies 

ebefont ,elletd bas ehsor wort ebies,edhemevorgmt Istenep F 

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aitasel hoged tedto,edd a0 | .eedI8 to softeolbate \ao° ‘teevt esobaemetd 
ao cage nooeg veh —— ox Hanami qitsers. evad. ipa tated bas’ anoise19co 

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‘taengtup bas ebodson + fe sole sa! 

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agtal ests to sobéqeoxe-add ditiw amossee Modtoe at add of 12limte 
emi? daol domy to eo1vor daateaoo @ aved ,deaq edt at ,evad eworo 
as bean saw T8qeq wedi «<daedxe omod of beee aeod evad ewots [leme 
biveo [tert salwoliet aam add ea Liew ea gatyel mem odd gatdtram [iets 
ald? .1svoo Aivos wero edt ai mem teiito Albiw edt ‘Yiademo yloo siet 
alt goltte Yo cen odd ely sewers £Leme cont it feottostom! ‘$i ‘odian 
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dgwotd ee spemlno gm ents to oman edits bewode et Lraer edt. ahrow were 
alee shoor.D Poutatioten emt att det elhowio 

io@ ete bo tae et ta0a Rotteg 

TO GO ReMhe, bandh asenounse: Tu.meyysiitiniat: Laity) eigia Laven ey 

hoe oviesedat yd ylegtal bevtow orew redmi? ersdan baa efoq seneb eeol 

ou goteimory ona cen heomefiegxe bie To qs ebsm ewets tuoon eviedetxe 
oot goivtow eaolo paliinpem ssetw t938ds9 bam noltsmbotyer yemeerse com 
Segasltegue ga lo soieivisque edd rebss sem. weTootalnger) yd’ betevos eter 
Aofiemiot evisaveixe 10 avieagbdai at bedtow aweto 1slyget ed .osnet0t 
-Todost ydivolitle edd bas sedid to aotsudizéalb od? oo gatbneqed 



string used in 


supplies for camps. 1927. 

The foreman on.scout crews works in the center of the line while the 
‘axon on alan crews checks chehiaa ‘tive Crevis = © 


* ‘the experiments pte yy on in 1926 using arise as trail 
marking proved that the poe of string was better and more economical 
than the use of paper, the economy resulting from lessening of time 
lost searching for paper trails, Accordingly all crews used string 
in 1927, String boxes similar to the one shown in the 1926 report 

on methods was first used, This proved fairly satisfactory but was 
later replaced by a Found straight stick fitted to. the cone on one 
_@nd and sharpened on the other so that 4t could be stuck in the ground 
when the trail a a 7p called out, of. dine to pull 

The tools used consisted of the army. ‘trench pick for general 
use and the minerts pick for i FSD} use where bushes were rooted in 
heavy rock, . : ot , 

‘ The Winton Lumber Company, operating in the mineegmsbie re- 
gion, very hha offered the use of a warehouse and one of their 
logging camps which offer was accepted, 

All men, supplies and equipment were transported to the 
central warehouse at Honeysuckle by means of the G M. C. truck pur- 
chased for that’ purpose just before the season began, 

A pack string consisting of 8 miles and a saddle horse was 
rented from Stonebraker Brothers at Orofino, Idaho for use during 
the season, All transporting of supplies and equipment from the 
central warehouse to the camps off the truck road was done by pack 

. Previous experiments showed that @ camp unit of about 25 
men was most satisfactory. Four of the units employed in 1927 were 
based on this number while the Camp 5 unit was smaller and made up 
largely of experienced men used as scouts. Camp 5 was a special unit 
experimenting on scouting methods for comparison with more intense 
work being done by regular methods in other camps. ach camp had @ 
competent supervisor who was responsible to the general supervisor of 
the eradication project. 

Checking work was done by 6 men one of whom, Ps S. Simcoe, 
was the head of the unit and under the general supervision of the 
eradication project leader, In general it was planned to check 2% of 
the regular crew work and from $ to 1% of the scout works 

Methods work, instead of being done by special crews, as 
was generally the case in past work, was done by the check crew and 
by the unit supervisors as a part of their regular work, By use of 
this system the methods work was more closely tied up with actual 
eradication work, 

a ee 


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.wero edd batded exoedo eweto talvget oo sametot 

[tart as gatite antew OS@L at no beitiso agmemitegxe edt te Se | 
Issimoncoe s10m bas tested esw gaitde Yo een edd dans bevotg ga bliss 
Gast to gatnezesl wort galéivest yaomose edd ,tegag to eeu edd asds 
gnitte bees ewoto Lis yfgatbrooaa »eilets teqeq 10t gatdotses gaol - 
froyet BSL edt at awode aco odd of taLlimle eexod gainsg -VGCL af 
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basotg odd at dowte ed bisoo tf dads oa sxedto edd ao beneqisde bus bae | 
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al betoot stew aedand etordw oa fslooqe 1ot doty elzenin odd bas sey 
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~bedgsoon saw teTto doldw eqmao gatggol 

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snaged soeaee of? etoted dent, Seoqilg gadé 101 beasts 

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to toaivieqwe Iateneg at of oie fenoga ot eas odw teeivieqse JIaesteqmoo 
er ae, a stootoig selisotbate edd 

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add to mokatvisque leteaeg edd sebay bas diaw edd to beed edt saw 
to ®& woods of boamaiq eaw ¢f Jareneg al ,tebast toe,o7g noitsolbare 
atten dsooa od? to PL of ¢ mott Sas atow wets ielaget sid 

ae pawero fatoege yd saob gated to bestegt ,atow ebodiex 
baa weto doedo edd yd emob sew attow taag ai eago odd ylisiene, esy - 
to ses VI tow taluget thedd to diaq s ea etoatvieqse Fias eas yd 
lauton déiw qu Belt? yleaolo etom eew wtow abodiem ed? medeye alas 
 httor moltactbate 

_Premeradication, that work done ahead of actual eradication 
for the purpose of collecting advance information on the area, was 
begun in 1927, Two exapred mqnpeds wee used. They will be described 
in detail later, a 

hee Progress | a 3 ‘a es om 

the shane of 1927 was 5 wagon! in-one ie Bre _ It was the 
first season since eradication was attempted on a large scale that 
crews were able to. go almost the entire season without being called 
upon for duty. ap tire fighters, Only in a few instances were men 
needed for fire fighting in 1937, On thes@ occasions only a few men 
were needed-and these more than a day at atime, The result 
was most noticeable in acreage covered and total Ribes pulled, further, 
the difficulty of keeping men on the job due to hardships met on 
fire duty was not encountered, / Table 1 shows the wien progress on 
hand pallies for the asch, 


ee a ne. 

een 2 
aw ,8OTS ae ao cuntantit? g Fiera aes 
bed i1oeeb od Lilw yout haan * e190 abods om is10n 
Liasd pe RElias. Beoes t ae VEU aD DI Ril SPOR, 
id Oo ond Bade” Reva 
is ( cee eo rps “tA em ah “4 ' 
Ae o oye RweiD LE LEGER TOS eae MC ee ae ts doses saol ‘ 


ip hae er 
Bal ca 
sos To 49 yor : ek 
W si his RATS ts ee x ROTH E Fe wha € 

Sis cow 40° stocquot eid bk hahaa dev SROEMS died “Gi 
OP aft eleod estat a x6 re rns eaw néfisotbax e cs vp 
& 8198 Fs) 

beliso sited trod¢ty woeéoy evteae oils Yeorle cs st 

_.--« 6m @tew goomaseal wot 4 at yao sabe Sh ehvea He 10% aogu 
* peer wet = YIn ‘eaetesoo0 ‘peeild nO aa : sat + arhesy 
“¢hteor od? “émtt's ta Yab & an cay ree a 4 eos 98m ae 
etods tt ebeiluq esdift fatod bas betevo egsetse at eldasot ‘Jeom : 
20 tom oie tatea el od eu ‘. edd co nen ahd ‘to ytinolttib os 
ydub ont’ 

hee tas so shh it ms : 

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lo ‘ P { Culvy Srogaotar Laidirey 
pass oy ig ¢aaée v0l yeas 
iy Sere fy it a Beard & A ie 
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2 oly ¥ y ~ 
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ttre pee se Pee? Bae aCe we. eared ladests ® 
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bs 7 : ty o Vieatad 
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. PP ” ute F se ao din {4 weather Seow 2B Bs fy tac y ea ee »«f Rosty ee 
Oh a * Bata 4 S WAR MS 3 “2 Dida Mine, Sei ew ae 4 ety 
* ‘ " ey ey 
domi of hegitio gaw i tavenay ol  gtiaet foete i KOs wok bos 
} ; ot ae ‘ wo ee ee aa CS S 
wane SiR Pee » Ge YY WoT? ign ies #eris 4» nategen wiht % 
ye § rf Bae Te Svea aie ry _giton eh AEH 
a : a9 i ao Rive Pha g a Bag ony Sin iF a ey, 3 eae 
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neat %y a Lee Pts we wy SR Oe LM wees ® Peak ee yd 

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° a oat. \ ascatt a oli wad heres : ee 

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Labesdedl la s-oT? +/ 1-826 102 "0Fe sedpdh: 
Isnt ae A RE ete es 

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+ 2 | 2 Ee © Ee 
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g ‘ty i et SB SS et a EY * 
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688 ,880,5(888 ,Vas| Sen, see/aes,eTS, 1) LatoT| 

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5 Ct ee 2 eee eee ~~ 
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perros ohiate ee — a 
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rave iy Tal a alaeler”~ SC‘ a sty luca tere - 7a % lave Yes 4 
Hy \Bse-est 1y/e-TéT le 7e00°t |ys0%st bee * i SL°L thie set 

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tae eae fant trae 

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Oe gpg “ait tae ene 

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- a 25 OS ae i ee oe ei a . oe an =e 
ersam agen gugeaene—(87I-t —_[e7mee ae forse fae 

Fae nce cai i tr 

da ‘ 

"Le61 > Steed FG aoypestpert yo Trewmang 
& “Oe Pmve 

tion pertaining to some’ 
does occur even on elosel; 
and that such variations 

the progress o 

of each unit. It 
building of eradicatio 
smooth out wide varia 
nations or accep 
present methods, 

oP wie SPRL = ens ssteortt 3o coe 

[Oe eae ee a ee a ere Sr sep iar ey Batis 

Ssh mimemean than eee et mt aint Se rm 

a Tae | sieges easier laa, 2081338. 

S\poBe- —{ aisete__[etses ——— if 
a Ay ea ie ae FF Nees oes 

73 : 5) é se 
: #5 Sel Jie joni. : 
2 ee vane ae Pe Re ne ‘te Seer ni Bt We eee — “pet? Ce ws 

ie 3 Fay : ERS 
—w =rtien oon nad, _fore 6 ; BOS gee 2 
f a ; 

‘creas  ja\ieste | SOS 5078 

oe nO Rega En Hoe Sy | 

3 = : = 
eS 55 Lk ae ieee te 

raarene ie pining Ne 

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ad, $4 ehi-e BF ch Pe 

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fa tors ete wer BR i e6G ff, 3 
Se es Tee Bee; BRD fanee So 


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e/t-ere"t [s/emest |[¥/e-T6T 


5 Abel =_soee 

e/t=e00*t [yeo*6te |eae*ze |tez%2. [ete *ezt 




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Sade Doe 

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i Ga = = 2 
eae ats is | ics 

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e\ines —sjS\se8ae (oes, eis jeee,Ts las 


2 “feature |elrouse,c ja\veser ja\eser |S \r-800,1 |2e0,e1s jese.ts lyev,t [pse,ets | isto? 
: 3 : wit SUC gs jPEV EIS JESS VE [FEV gt | se Ses : 

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won ato ta 28 

ser oi -}ea8, one. | 



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9*6ST j|O*°S9 ——— Tt i ibaieetea 

2°90 hy ae 

98%. Gee |6Ge"OIe 

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age ,5i [808,81 [268,686 | 

Ct ea | zee | ve/a-coe | et/z-Ste Ie/tesee sare: tapi ae 908 78405; | 
e/emece §«logé6* Tel jzeg"eTt ieee 
v/T-eet 842° 6h pert 3 T 


sAvg = outs 

oo STS wag za wapywoppeae yo eres 
oe . ; Ware aie Mt r ‘ 5 % : wave ~ . Ce, : - oer 

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: 34 es a Se b : ee , gt iaiareareame se = rs ao SS 
f cae par RE I 0 anaes aan ees i a ees FEE aad ee 

s\agas | Gr\veass [a\s-aee_ [teresa jeauees [vee [fo8.80n_ | later 

+3 es 

1927 Eradication Area 

—o 7 = 

er ee a ar we 

of virgin white pine timber 

ene National 

Dense mature stan 

on Deception Creek, Coeur d 




ery” rae 



NOGA SPS Sais. — 
aa SE Se Seip. saa akeagine 


~ee iiie aiwer rs a. “ 
Con Dy ge 
Pat .- 1 SS . 4 

- + ne ee gees ~\ oa GA RtOsaeree> 

wy 3 pie 
gee — 
Binwve ui 

se ageae: EAL Am eee = 
eat a Sa oer 


ae denceer ct 

~ eS ae aN 

Dense pole stand of white pine timber type near Mon 

Coeur d'Alene National Forest. 




» ¢ 


3) ¢é 
few % 


Bs Checking Results 
G00 i200 - 1800 2406 _3000 36004200 4800 5 i 

eR en 

The checking report by P. Se Simcoe is included at the 

ition | 

The tendency in the past hag been to experiment extensively 
zation, Experiments with size, speed, supervision 
perience of men on crew have been made, Although 

eas & be worked by ce : 

a * ic 74 
$ - ber oa 3 


—fa-1927 four goneral—types of crews were in use, These weres 

le tensive scout crew. 

“Gj @ {utensive scout crew, 
—de-Extenasive regular crew 

_4, Intensive regular crem 9 

co mia general scout crews were used on areas characterized by 
+ : ' itions and fewer Ribes, 
Generally the pole and mature timber stands were adapted to scout work, 
Regular crews were generally Wsé@ ot Yeas ‘Of many Rides, low visi~ 
bility and mote difficult working conditions, such as reproduction aad 

ews necessarily are made up of more experienced and 
yEnc le reguler crews are lesser @xperienced but well 
sur scout crews foremen seldom check behind the line while 
Om reg we forpmen seldom work in line, their general duties being 
AApyer pee the crew\and to check for missed Ribes, 
nit Wathen Hess 

prds showing the relative 
'eshowe graphically 

aofeivieqne ,boega ,ozte dilw atsemiteqea «.aotias 
dgsodti¢ bau seed evad wero oo nem to eoneiteqxe b 
—163 [eteneg ed ewero tegiel yd beatow ed yom BSOTS ot Emit 
etiow 1singet bas syooa ao déod ,awero f oF | 

se1ew seed? ,ee0 af orew aweto to eeqyd ietese, tw0t 2 veer al 

wets dyone eviensixd of 

swe19 duooe evienedal & 

ewero taluget eviasedxk »& 

wwe agimgot evieneial .? 

yd beslietosiads esets ao Seey st9ew swo1o tvoos. LIeteneg, al 
200i tewet bas anoltibnos galstrow ¢ivofttib easel ,colatv tesee1g 
aitow du00e of betqais otew abaste t9dmis otsseam bas elog edd ylleisae) 
«leiv wol ,2edif yaaa to esets ao beau Yilatoneg etow aweto isivgok 
bos aolsoubotgst es dove ,enoléthnoo auixiow divolttib erom bas ysiltd 
_ eaets eqs maoida 

bas beomettegxe siom to qu ebam eta yliiseesce0n eweto dxron8 
ifea sud beomeltegx® seesel ere awe1o wsinget efidw com eldabseqeb 
elidw exli edd baided aoedo mob{ee nametot awers guyooe a0 sboeltvieque 
gaied selink Iatemes ated? ,ealtl al tnrow mobles seme1t0t aweto rsinget 20 
s@0dlZ Seaata rot doedo of bos weto edd gRanem bas seltvieque od 

ovidaiet odé antworle ghrooes YEOL edd mott beLtqmos etew eta 
Vileotdqerg awode cts stah oeedf .tedal to eqyt dose to seenevitoette 
j fwoled 




P.S.SIMCOE 1927 







Ww A ea 


wi jw) |s/_| 2 | 

| Ww 
Ziwi/\/ 43) 2/2 Zw) 

fe el Sl) | |= E: 
zZunnunz2z\zZzunnn Fz 

By¥isnov7 Sadly WAWISSISODSIA S38lu JuLSsndv71 S3aiy WAWISSISODSIA S3glk 


We ate oy 

Ad, lng 
‘ e 



nm, # 

The curves, indicated scout or crew, represent the work 
of experienced scouts and that of regular laborers, The curves show 
the extent to which the average work done by a scout or regular laborer, 

“working in various sized crews and various types, was above or below 
“the season average, 

© Points at whieh no work was done ‘by a given crew are in- 

Pe 7 
‘dicated by breaks in the scout curve or by breaks centered by a "0! 
“fn ‘the ‘crew curve, Points represented by only a small amount of work, 
OP weak ‘points, ere indicated by 2 question mark on either curve, 

What do these curves show? 
© 98° T° the little data available indicates that work by 7-man 
crew, either scout or regular, is largely below average and that such 

a large crew should not be used, 

f Sem’ 

25°" The dest work done by scouts was by the 3 and 4 man crew 

‘where all work done was well above the season average, Five man scout 

Crews can be employed in the open timber stands and on cutover areas 
where crew management is simplified, 

bigh ie oo3sil€rewsdo) beste work’ in’formations df 4 to 6 men althouch 
@ Seman crew may be used under conditions favoring it. 


yds a a general scouts work far more effectively on timbered 
areas and, to some extent, on reproduction areas than do reguiar crews, 

Be Qn stream types, where the job is largely pulling, crew 

wen do about as well as scouts and, because they are lesser paid men, 

should be used if more experienced men are not available, 
he 6s Scouts work more effectively on cutover areas then do 
regular crews, 
icats a 

be Before eradication can be undertaken onan area theré must be 
® preliminary examination of thet area asa basis for organizing the 
Operation, This usually involves two steps, The first is the pre- 
liminary survey which determines whether or not the area is suitable 
for the experiment or whether or not it is economically feasible to 
protect the areas Reconnaissance date, if such work has been done in. 

tensively, will give this information, If not it is necessary to make 
the surveys _ 

The second step in preseradication is the actual covering of 
the area in a methodical manner in such a wey as to give a fairly 
accurate type map, locate work units and get other information suf fis. 
cient on which to base plans, . 

a veiug .. Mt attempt was made to apply premeradication in1927,- The 
late pnows made it impossible to start, this work uatil.June 7. Heavy 

hho sneesiget owt. To twove aiid esr ody Lia 
woda seviso ed? ,etetodal taiuge1 to Jad? bas aduoon besueltegxe 

verodal tsLuger to s098 & Ys e054 dtow saateva edd dobaw ot dno¢xe Be} Si 
wexne 10 evods aaw <2 9qyd evoltay bas ewer bosta asoltsy at gaittow — ef 

e88st9Va morsen edd ; 

wal era werd sevia a yd enob aaw ttow ox dotdw ta edatog 
"O" = yd betetsea edseid yd to evion fwone odd at axnoad wW hetsotb 
extow to tnssom Ifeme se ylao yd botaeeengey ataioY ovis wero edd at 
veviuo tediis oo A1am cottesup » yd beteothat ots ,atatog asew 10 

twode sevism seedt ob dad¥ 

aemeS yd wiow jadt setsotint sldeliava ateb elitil edt if 
tose dtadd bos egeteva woled yfestsl et .telomet to toca tedtie “wO19 
ebsens ed tos Sleoda wets egret s 

wero sem } bos & edd yd saw aduooe yd enob aitow teed ed? ,£ 
ixoos scam evil ,.ogatevs ooaseee oft evodsa Ilow aaw snob aiow Ile aie 
aeots tevotus oo bos ehmate tedmit aeyo edd af beyolqme ed as awe7to 
ebeliitquie ef taemen,soam wets etedw 

dasodtia oem 8 ot & to enoldaare? ai drow teed ob awetd 46 
wi paktovst aencitibacs thas bees ed ysm wero seme s 

betedmi? no ylevigoette etom tat wrow advooe Letenss al o> 
aw eto “er ob neat BS218 nolteshenger ao ,tactze emoe of ,bus ests 

WOtD’ ggut Ling ylegial et dot edd e1)edw s2eqyt mactsa a0 of * 
,iem Sieg tecasi ete yodt sevaced ,bus efuooe ee [low as tuoda ob aom 
idsileva ton o18 sem beopeitegxe stom ti bear ed blyode 

ob. cout Bse1s tevesno no Ylevidosiie s10m watow aiwoog 4d 
eewoto teluget 

gotisoibaremerd of 

oc tegm eredd sete sa co seadstrebay od ogo solteotbs1e e1oted 
edt gaotstaagze tol efgad s ea sets Jadd to soltianimexe yreoimiletg & 
«stg oft ef derkt off .eqede ows eevioval yliewes eld? ,aoltarteqo 
eidatinoe ei sets edd son to reddedw aenctarreseb doldw yoviwea yrasimil 
of efdtaget yilasimonoos zt #2 goa to 1¢ed¢edw to saemitegxe edd 10% 
~ai exob seed aed mrow dove ti .edab sonseeianncooh saste edd soovoTg 
evan of yYiseasesea ei ti gon 21 smottamrotal elds evlg iftw ,ylevienet 
aQovine odt 

Yo gaitevoo fautog edt al sottasibers~org ai gete baoses eA? 
yitist a evig of 2a yer a dowe al tenasem Iaotbodtem « af acta ol? 
ebittve aottsmiotal teite tom bas eating a10w otao0l .gam eqy? siazv00s 
eanala eased o¢ dofdw mo jneto 

eaT .V&eOL af vuitenibeesonn ylags of ebam sew iqmetis oA 
yveeH «VT eaul Ltdan wrow atdd giate of eldivaccqat sf ebes ewore otal 

rein” most of the ‘period between "Jane"7 Bnd ‘the start of eradication 
ong vane 15's #6.) | ether ‘work that the prewsradication créy Was sble 
or z, to trav rse “block boundaries.” “In a few chses the crew 
men was able to ee! interiors of blotks. Although the pre- 

"yee Pn results fell short of what was originally expected much 
useful information was gotten, acreage of blocks was secured and the 
camp bosses were enabled to spend correspondingly more of their time 
actually supervising the crew works. 

In addition to the work done on the area eradicated in 1927 
the préweradication crew spent more than a week making an extensive 
survey, of the.area lying just, north of that eradiceted,, after the close 
of Sradreatien work” enlarged crew of experienced men were employed for 

remeradication, pmrthenareaproposed for eradication in 1928, {he 
pee work was done by a new method devised to eliminate the defic= 
faneseas ef jpeseal tone Pe itis described in a Supplement to, this re- 
port, | 
a The . results of preaeradication are shown on 5 map, one “cony of 
which is. on | file, in poshingten, and one _ ihe Spokane, Office, 

E. Experi Sach case) the count vr the. recet 
sacn j eal PCOne fi € re 

ah : “gn authentic measurement of Ribes 

io, F number and feet of live stem, is 
ata i 1 YW ttt especially the ecological and patholog- 
ical. In the past the means used was to rely on a count by the men 
actuality par ae oe the bushes and recorded by the foremio at intervals, 
Size aP cael baie; was determined by an experiment cafried on by the 
checking crew and « scribed fn the checking report, 

jince there is. much difference of opinion as to what actually 
constitute “as bush, ly where bushes sre mumberous and apparently 
have layéred from other bushes, it ib evident that crew counts are shb- 
ject to error. Further, men engaged in pulling are liable to err in 
counting and in earrying numbers until recorded, 

In order to get accurate data on this point further experi-~ 
me; aaa will have to be made by use of advance strips on which number of 
cer feet of live stem are recorded and compared with counts 
sents fo by crews. It is pages said: to EPP the. mses of. APch, experi- 
cree men during the Paling, .. : bs 

nated ates 8 smell, experiment was made ‘ta 1927 to ascertain whether or. 
not, there were. apparent wholesale. variations in crew counts. Obviously 
thie. experiment. could not be conducted with the recorder, following the 
crews, because their counts may have been influenced by the presence of 
the recorder, It was necessary to select areas where the crew would be 

working at least two days with asenearly identical conditions as 

_ possible, Two areas: were chosen and the experiment tried on two crews, 

iy. | 23238 

ee aie liste ug 
a ¥ sie er Ton 

« £ o 

marie tre x8 PRist de® ‘Baa F baw geuded holteq ei to da0 _ 
“Wis aba Wérs aOFtaclbatewetg edd dads Se ai add b togsiad 08 whe ° | 
si edg eezan wet a al .eetisbawod aoold que | bas seteverd of Y 
~o1g odd dyvodtts -arloold to eroizedal qitje of aide saw sem $ to if 
“toni, bet odgx8 Yiiattstro equ tedw to Frode . ot atiuget gottsothere 
oct “has botugSe ‘saw ‘exoold | ‘to SASOTIS , (03S 03. aan Mat RomnAIs: Sateen 

cal “omtt atedy 39! ‘otOm Bapirece ee Ahaegs of bald ® oreH Boagod geo 
row wid off sateivisgqus yileutos 

SSCL af hetsotbhare asta odd pe dS8 aha eae GP Gola sihe 01 
eviecetxe s@ gaiilen foow s jaeqe, wero aghiestbatseetq edd 
eaols edd 1897A * Betatbare dadd to ergy jaul, salt ac ‘ald 20 wovrtsse 
ot Beyolgnie oxew nom beoustiegrs to ‘WOTD, bea teiae 19. om, actdaothete Ato 
edt ~86Cf al soltésothats 10t boeocotgse1s.eds m0. notteolbatese1q 
-olteh edt etantmife of, heatveb bodies woa,s yd. enol eam wiow r6dttal 
~et aidd of SEERA £ bi nee aan oe poy iactreapmeieutie orld im setonol 

ih i Ps eu Ca Lge ey Mee a ig 

5 we A a. Sal sted 
‘to Yoo eno ggem & Ho awode ots eile he een to ‘ad eat’ edt 

<ciliines basiacsoe ce wa pan peepee" ah eik® co at am 

chines tebhig foes 8G Yon Heo hltewe & 
gioomiztegns dl 
dine toonn Lavane® £1. ae ; 

sedi a to joometiesem otdaedtus: ani sleepin stp iy coe’ ee! & EB 
“gk ,saede evil to gest bas tedmua Yd dgod ,se%a os mott hevomet aodend 
~polodtag Sue Llaotgeioos, odd yileteeoqee ,edatoghbaate: {fia mett eidatieeb 
mag edd Ud. FAUOD: a KO: yier ot ae doe axaom old teaq ede ot al 
’  slavtedal j@ sametot edt yd bebropet ban wenawd: odd patiiog ¢lisdies 
ed? yd ao beltteo tacmiieqre aa yd bealmreteb aaw esiand esedd to oxlé 
stioqe: gaidoeds sad mk: bediroe eb: bus wero Miser 



qifestos tadw of ea motaige to eometelt ib doum ai ered? soale 
yiiaoteqgs bas avotedmon ete aedeud eredw Ylistoegas! deed. ‘g potest itanco 
wiua ore adawoo wero tadtd Jnebive at si ,sedaud teddo mowt beteysl ovad 
ot at ua Lcsamter ote galling of begayne’ som toiIt0T "torte a ot 
immer then erodmum gakyriss | ad Bla’ Soiaace m0 

yg a Liaowin wt 

wttagee tedd wt tetine: etdd a0ah al onueaeea ‘toy 6d 4ebt0 rn rogue cs 

Lo tedme dotde ao agitte codevbe to bau Yd Gham’ 6d OF” ovad fitw'ad ct on 
atavoo diiv betequeo bas bebteoet° eta mote OVIL To tee r 

wtteqxe dogea to escqing add — od “yrséeesén ot al” saws 

xe | 
waiting edd satis sod @ 

9 tadtetw nietxesend of SCL wt eben waw “ “taemht 

wlevotved « yatawoo wore nh endlieitey ‘efgee Lotte du 

aa? salwedfet vebtooet ele id iw betonbads od ‘ton “bf 

to eoneceug odd yd beonent tat seed ovad ant 

ed bisow wets edd etedw asets doelee of ee cae ce si. ttn gataaor odd 
ad enol¢tbnoo Lnottnwht ‘ulraenede fo tw o tes 

pawete ows Ro belyd! Vxromkregxe ‘ens brs aeodd even | sail eae 

nehones a to ea 

In each case the crew counted bushes in the regular manner the first 
day, On the second day the recorder kept the count and live stem 

record, Conclusions. based on sioner Be between the record kept 
by the crew and ithat en iY php ITT Te waee rr shown in table 
7s ei 

Crew count 
Recorder . ad de 
Crew ot v Rew 
; ‘ yee Pt wr) hep | got Cat aie ET Pasl De j 
‘ i a H 

- In each. the lby the tecordér was greater. The 

crest pe a ts from the crew working where 

second case re 
mp were even though the area was sggeereatly almost 
dential ried the firet dee), | i 

ae ster mperinanh! is too « he of great value, 
it da 2 re. Ml oe oe wholesal. e = dations in the counts 

by the “no o> wes. rT crews were 

under a rather t b overcount aieig! 
{s ie] ae Oy mal Pt} fbr bs 

2. rence of Ri 

conducted by the che 

ik * 

fhe exper iment was 

A —— 4 i. Aon ty 
ak pte experiment was also 
ia the checking report. 

ihe tes of speed as deter- 

3 check of all 
in tt éxgetiaeat stripe were laid out > 
each strip 20 chaixz ond 1 ¢hain wide, by compass, abuey and chain, 
All strips were in opeb mature timber with an understory of brush and 
reproduction and were laid out at right angles to the contour. By 
working up and down hill additio information was secured on the com- 
parative efficiency of up and down hill working, A crew of 5 exper- 
ienced men were used. jour men were in line om the foreman checked 
behind the line, | Results ere tts An fates 

oma i 

ees a 93g) 

sertlt, ed? 1s2K8m calopées end al. seteud beta 
oy, @ete evil baa. tavon, eg, #qax. teh19987 § ab brooe 
sqeal bros. edd seen tod, ipattagaoo & Ao. beead ‘ow apotento. 
sida ot swode ota ni ieee, ss “Hf, Xe. 6 oun fads Bos 

* me oP ity ‘ oy GY ute  $6.% a Fee he: > dan we & Le te 
' rit ABHILSBEGO A ale i oro GS wae, 2 ; he te I9S, ROLeROL Bae 
ere 53 Exe TG 5 Lom ste, 186s oe. tue ae tao ek Le taep 
(aM Vat tO Troy aren Of DSIvoe git geee cd pass 
ss whelvregss yllastoz 
esunet werd %6 yostioss °° ESS Ussare on 

wo go eneb Mrowr ene of Beles bee aT 

orm Ri Mace Os SARE Ses TS mo tee mw og ; 
i ey aodia: “bed mien aE ly ; wf ‘ae 4 RATES pe et tae we 
12d: adh xi aii ,2e Tsk | bel tal aey ott | pentane: 

4, talgh AN 4 > , q 
: P00 me 7 4 
% PEt DS B 4 ‘i ei rou Ws 
= és DB. 
Ltn Sage art Ooh - Aa PRA Ce TB BoP 
‘ BD ; 
ome 4 

yt 6 dt 

We Ban shes 

edt ,1etse%~m eaw r9ebross1 edd ¥ tasso9 edd s2a0 doa HE 2OUES, 

ered gaiztow we odd mont at iia 1 add Sod oliatiav tas 
_ seomts EPS Baw, “Bop, ® i3” thes . eotspane 

“RACE ARY DS LEGeol ane oz a aes “4 “hem ) a as 3 = G22 

© a ade vat my fp f 

swlay daox% Yo a ssid " 4 deizo id. Hn a 

adasro, edd ot ay oa pais Soh ahd S. bear? pr 


39 ft: tb 

even aweto dads eaw. 3t pica le 2a, LOX 12 odd ft 
canis Tun paris c 

2ow. jaowt TOAKS ad... ole f 

cel aaw dnombtogxe nade? F ein pe og mete o ” to Jos? ssazevA .b) 
‘ ia — ° mae on an = te ataar i pirded ee 
sstacet galssesds eif al beeevoats oe of 3 Seyouna 

a ate oY Oe ek ira taal eg in 
sto Rat eter ‘g: y ouitegxs elds al wi sie punienso Ws stole 
itsdo bose yeada Yeeqmoes Yd iw aistlo { bie gnof eafada 6 388 

bas desid to yrodetebay ag ditw tedarft Sacre ‘eco Soe tay Mie ry 
VA  .twotmoo ead of seigaa tdgit Je tuo a S18W bibs soltiaubotget 
ade’ ed? no “beruipee daw colteamotnt fen o: fttebs: iid amob Sits qu gciaiow 
wtegee @ Yo werd A’ .geidtow LL bef na Bus te Qoustottte av Ftzag 

bedvedy nsmeTo? of?” kad “eat f ‘nf erew roi tot .beey erew aéat 
alien... ofesd ar aworta ‘ets ebiveed  Jentt edt nalsies 

POOO se ia etehtooes Gay 
bee De Pe owed ¢ teoreweg: Sy etak ori. fegol te soisece 
‘Carre eeie hue ae sits nt oy 9% Wy ais Whe a OY 

‘segoe omy Sy198 yous jo Perv 
0 |] wre jail, © 1-6 | wien 
aries os 
—% _| Teuton | 

Jo pousen 


po an 

eh te £3 



>) so $trip 5S was also worked but no final check was mad@. 
strip 5 the crew worked down hill at a fast rate and then up hill. 
a normal rate, | On the first time,over 15 bushes and 419 feet.of liv 
stem were pulled, The second time over 14 bushes and 85 feet of live 
stem were pullé@sneymiccie = = 4 
Coeur d*stene to Honeysuckle - - = 
_«)o4 Wl though,the experiment was small it showed very ‘definitely 
thatcrews, working ate fast. rate of speed cet 4 high per cent of the 
larze or dominant bushes, In mature types on slopes suppressed bushes 
make up the majority of, those missed,.. Crema working at a normal rate 
of speed (a slow pace) do get higher efficiency put. the difference is 
principally ja-greater number of suppressed oushes pulled. Since the 
dominant bushes are the most dangerous from the stanmdpoint of rust 
control crews on pole or mature areas should be speeded up to the point 
where high efficiency ia secured.on dominant ‘gushes only, with no 
special effort to get suppressed bushes. 1.39 

HASSGG Of total 7 5 4 ty 


‘pibes on various d cutover areas 

5, Size, specieseud survival of sites on va 
to proper tinue for eradication, {his experiment is discussec 
in a supplement to this report. tal 1207, 

o8. Ove rivats L- 

6. Practicability of working swamps by hand. pullers.) Swampy areas 
along streams in the Inland Empire are ususlly densely populated with 
Ribes either Ry pétiolare or G. inermis. To remove the Ribes from,» 
fuch areés is°an expensive propositions In order to determine the costs 
of hand pullisie” such aress!a° large cxperineat wes. conducted in 1927. 
Results’ were as® follows: 15,5 acres worked, 48,580 Ribes pulled 
almost 99 per cent of which were Grinermis, $51.05,averege.cost per 
gere,been necessary to hire » competent man for ¢ ; 

Onia part.of this area where. bushes were densely matted over 
thei entire: ground and intertwined with brush and logs, a crew of 6 
men were able to cover about one-quarter of an acre ina day, At this 
rate Costs on such heavy swemp runs bout $150, 00. per scte.,) It, was 
necessary in the latter case to entirely clear the area of Brush aad 
logs in order to get at the roots of Ribes bushes, 

oy more rapid metho 

1048. accerc I2iyY Bien aic., . 
able area om handpulling of. sxemp, areas, show that costs by the 
method prohibitive when chemical erscicationcaa be done for much 
St least one scout crew w neces ¥ »} 
fer ove Oo Tenhspol s . wi ‘%*}- vate hauLing Dur= 

rnogent OwRed as Compare 
Gung ‘the 1927 field season #1) mauling of wen, supplies and equipment 
was done with government owned vehicles... The folloning figures show 
‘the ‘amount ond costs of hauling done by GMC. truck purchassa for the 

‘purpose; ia TeNC rails 

. The resulRreight (suppiies aad equipmeat),., : 
esek unit, Comp © WétweeneSpekane yand Honeysuckle Re S.., 1oSe9I5¥% 
scout work as compared Wit@oqam étaben@cemdars” showh ' 13,477% 

Relative efficiescylacvieinityiof .campes in the check 929.4509 

4 sebam eew dsedo Iantt on tad bestow cela ean & gitse 
s tLid gy aedd bos @tet test a $@ [lid pwob bextrow wero edé @ giite 
ii to see t OL8 bua eedend SL 19ve ould teri? end a6 .otet Iemron & 
evil to test n 6 ee df.% 2 e Tees iing ovew mete 
rth | f rT fing stew mete 

i ' f @| 

Yietiniteh vier olla ive: +r lelale dad dediteiels ait dis srostd La 
edt to ines 19q Haid » tes booge 2 eas dant 8 te gotwrow ewer tect 
eedesd beeestqque aeqole mo aoqye e iol .eoesd goectmob 10 eg tel 
eiat iemica s ds gataiow aor, .beeatm exods 26 Ytliojem edd qu edem 
at eoustetiib ere dud’ eeqaped tape deg ob, (e2%q wola #) boege to 
edd eonte .baLtug: rt Fiat qua | ejaemg af yileqtoatig 
tess bo Salogbusta sere @18 esdand goenimob 
tatog edd ot gu bebeinge p od otnsam 20° 8. slog go awero foxlaos 
tie is oiTte aN erecw 

aaote Yqmawe a ete it 
dtiy besalugog ue ao 

yates <2 3c0la 
wort eadih eid. avomet PR... phate pine 
feo add emtwisdeb od aebro in| aoltis: 
SSCL at bedoubiros paw suemfteqxe sito. fhe 
beling eedia OBA,8> persier aotos ya sro slik ar 
tq ¢a09 egeTeva 20 t ta amt 4 ST bw ow abide ras 
TE Pa Be fe ae es hes “ Teisia 

: athe raen ia =i 7 

<8vo bedtan chensnll. onan. bebede fos te Bors. aide. he, 
8 to wet @ ,egol bas deuid détw beatwarets 2 i 
alidd 4 «(sb 2 af e708 da to 19}taip— ) iy 
gaw d1 sprog teq 00,0819 “tuods anus qasw es weed dav 
bas desi pe sone edi tselo yletisase of eas tedtal. 
epodand yaa he aah oat it toy. os tebto ai agzol 
A Fy “ 

sig yd adeon: tests! pfu eanrh 4 
Hosm 10% ea ae am upigasis 

~100 pore etavixs déiw ber Logae 

taouqinpe bas nel Lceare. aiom, Xt ia 
woe getualt gatwellot vl Rate: beawo felesietd dtiw eneb saw 
add 20% 8g gt sound Pa ow Eaune fy atv bos tovoms odd 
ka Rue me jseoqieg 

re & i Y n i set 
* i 

HERR ,8bt ; 
ytd ef Lou 
08D , 0S pe ie 

 Seteeen Spokane and Honeysuckle R, Ss. - - - - - - - -248 

By private hauling the lowest commercial rates obtainable were; 

-° Spokane to Honeysuckle -------------=- - 90,70 per crt. 

~°'€oeur a*alene to Honeysickle => s----=------ 0,45 % 4 

-Wieinity of camps- - - - = - - Oe a eee ee ee i 2 EE ti 
ven (apekeas- te Ewer b igri ag! Oe -~---+--+------- 2,50 each 

‘Men= stalles & ate ~ 2-5-5 =- - 620,00 

sepageagibda he on’ aT eeby a SERS eifes)2": = °346,3? 
(Based on total run of 40,000 miles) © . 
Operation, including driver's: ‘salary 
fay or ge ~-5----- -- = §§861.05 
. Total $1207.42 
saving over private haul- 
ing’ = $ 502,63 

7% tn dadttion? to the do that : £60’ the 'truck was alweys avail 
dene hiede’ ‘néeded and much grief in connection with transportation wes 
eliminated, Fuarthermore, the truck driver acted as warehouseman at 
the central warehouse keeping proper records of all supplies sent to 
camps and cargoing all shipments for packing, Otherwise it would 
have been necessary to hire « competent man for this work, 

MRis venture in Government owned transport has thus been a 
decidea ‘success. 

8, Pure ‘gedut_ work as compared with work by regular methods, work 
by scout crews roe the 1926 season demonstrated the desirability of 

covering areas, a large part of which had mature or pole sized timber, 
by more rapid methods. Accordingly plans were laid, provided a suite 
able area was available, to make one of the 5 units as nearly a pure 
scout unit as conditions would warrant, Such an area was found, How- 
ever, the conditions on the areas worked by the other units were such thi‘ 
at least one scout crew was necessary in each of the other 4 units, 
There were not a sufficient number of experienced scouts left to make 
the fifth unit a pure scout organization so a small part of unit 5 
personnel were regular laborers, There was enough stream and repro- 
duction type to keep the regular crew men busy so that the method was 
satisfactory in general, 

The results as shown in tables 2 to 6 represent the work by 
each unit, Camp 5 being the scout unit, The relative costs of the 
scout work eas compared with the other work are shown in table 10, 
Relative efficiency of all work is shown in the checking report, 


ide Ae I alee et ott Marre y Rory faa ‘euiadout neers of 

| i et wey ods S olais 

_jotew ‘fda tte0 woven fo toromnoe doowor te stitend edaving va 

pe? bel ione etew note 

etwa teq OF .08 - + - = eH eee ee ~—— oltnrecondt te enedoga:s 
“ft tig G80 -~- > - 7-77 7 7 7 efteveyeno of enels'S z0909 
Or.0. ot eS eS Oe SR Ageing Re t tate ly 

does BPA al a0 AR A iy Bi a Hi ee ot sng, gh mold acid 

| palpi age! Pode iv ifs é a Mrs 3 exces 

-20,6e0r8 youvata ae 3 ongtepe se00 siideuad | a as 

.0Se ~- ae. e Ag he va ou ta "ii ag ale ed a! oe ANS By chacbee 

a sD ii ¢ al ete i lob gy ee oi ie SOanen Sear sees 

f 0 a " ial ee me Be ewe Lot peas 

“ rrr as 1% yateae 093 ito Maid et ese 

bags ~ =(eolia’ >, 88899 20 Peisaieoesons ia iooya 
a a (aelia 000, Ob to aut lejot ao beead) 
RBS OSES. Mog mit - qalea attavinb. galbiloal gmokseregd (oho 66 
hss a0 188 188° Sire Be Pe OL Pe Si mee rvaper baa Pye BF 

Sp 808 £8 fata? mee eM eM eC nak tee Oe rg 1 ae Ma 

= Lisa squirted T9v0 getvad ut 
Peat cer & ames eB ae ae SUN NS OD, 2 iP Ldastvaexs of 
Bae AR ! >i figis ee feud ies sae te a ey . 

Alavs earns eile stuaies om sii ihe Lest oe hor Ot) wotdd bbs pie sed 
aw wotisdtoqeustt Atiw mobsoensoo sb Yetzy doim baa heboon erode vr 
“t6 saeevodotaw as bedoe revirb aowtd! edd: ,wrowneds wi | betentmhLo 
ot thee esiiqgqna Ile to ebrooen teyory. Satqopa eapodetew, Tettaes, edd 
~. Bisow #F SetwredsO .antdoeq 1607 etmemdine [is gnhoanep bins agmeo 
sitow sidd 10% sem daedeqmoo 3 erid oF YIssaesen ased,.evad 

“seed etal ‘sai bday eri hesera ee, wuslbeney ‘ehdit 
3 he ed  Goe os pee in mpeuneang 

‘ow .abodiee tefdaer 5 si woe para : ahs i 
t6 vilfidartaeb ‘ode peace hodwes ‘ASOLl odd aniteb ewer: deoo8- vn 
etedal? beste efog 1S etuten ‘bad dotdy t¢ dtey egtsl @ seems grilrevo> 
mélue a Seblivotg ~btel stew anal Yigetbrosoa .shodtem bigqat etom yd 
sity 8 Yiises 26 atta Sede to ono: eolen-of ,oléalbave saw so1s olda 
-w0H .baw6t tow sete ae dont taste Pidow “emelsibaos 2s ting dgoon 
dome stew etlas sedte odd yd beditow aeaote vd? mo anoidibnos odd .greve 
ee thay d todto edt to deae af yisse99en saw wot> tyooe eno tesel te 
ete ot Mel stress besdatrsixs To tedmia daokaltiga « tom.o1ew eredT 
é tas to gtaq {lame @ de doliasiaagto Joes sig 2 3 fas AstEt ods 
-o1get bas maetie iy voR es - euw ored? “setorod al telsset etew Loancaeteq 
eaw Sories odd tat oa yard nom Weto tefoget ddd oqeed of e¢ys molsacb 
oleteneg al yiddostaddae 

yd Mxow ont saoaotaesB ofS, aoldad af owode ae: adineot ot 
odd 20 eteos ovidalort ed? «fia tedne odd gated & que) ,tias doae 
Ol efded of avode ste atow tedto sddodtiw betequoo aa aiow svooa 
‘itoget gntioeds edt at owote’et’ arow! Lier Ye: hia eng evitales 

¥. Discussion and Analysis of oe Experimeats 
BRSARASS Shalclok-|aletal: 
lad 4 yt RAPS BA AE doue on counting of 
Ribes pulled by. egletadiond. 1S te fat . startling conclusions, 
Generally it i +. ining progress by amount of 
host plants re kl bert of As been tod ddlatchars sare to continue 
this experiment by aa TT studied pred on advance check strips. 
As wa Rigas Oe ce woe: Ae “ia! seour camp was generally 
lower in effiei than was the cas “ia the regaler Camp units, An 
analysis of t ¢ , that b jleft were, to a large 
extent, those and Vitality. It now 
appears that faster than it should 
have been to give. ; “fhe value of thé experiment was 
not lessened, hows . 3¢ the its show ‘that créws moving at 
this rate of speed do not @nouzh of the live stém to zive safe 
results, Furth a, iets. not inconceivable that certain areas, in 
4 covered at alow costs Wor at such a rapid 

the future, mist t xing 
pace does give x toiteeti on te Ri re) ial a? better than 

not yr? the afee 
q + i eS a scout unit 
averazed $ x ¢osts if the other units, 

Owherevef practical, can 
rcost aad is very satis- 
ea! “still ei adequate 

: a 
; 6 
- : sf 
4 ee | fF i 
5 ; : : d : 
_ ; ' ’ ' : : 
si | , | : 
OM vit) © pS} >} 
baal 8 oy , 54 j* ‘¢ : “hh € : 
iw] + tal i Gul © : . 429 
Ziti ot tai | imi ao! ‘sa ’ 
{ ‘a7 6d] Ul ee is , s' © § Oo < 
mit 4 “af Co ws @ | & ' ' at ey 
ot fp} tiwal 2! Ghat e -. 
hae) bet st bd iwe? Fl bd al he 8 © 
Si et) Gai» OLs wi € wih € | @ ak 7 
Bi O) O10} Oj Se) 2] slo « Op a4 
oro! wi oro! ; hat we o! 
ft fen) CPB) C95 Roe} £44 2, : 
| ee | mt ei Sealine a tee 
2.1 : : 
¢ ' % "| 
.. | if | 
:} f : 
’ “ { ¥ be} 7 # ’ 
: ; £ : 
y ; ’ 
£ 5 ® : 
; | 
Pm. = 


ajseultegxs om aoe. 20, sLevlass toe soleavoeit. J coovieg 

to gatianos so en¢b atow Latcomitegxe to sovome, Lowe BIT oo or. y 
~anotesiones gatiitsde ys of deel ton esob sommes “ bellag aedin 
to danoms yo agetgotg gataimiessh to yew seotigt, odd at. ¢t, yLiatened 
ebinitnos of éidseivbs bemeeb need esd st, _s T@Vow OH... ae etoslg ¢aod 
.eqitta dosdo eonavhs mo beead aelbute abe. e314 xd, dgemitegxe) -eidé 
oot aduwoat) no 

(ilertenes aaw quae too ‘edd at snob Pils ‘a ‘hedoegxe aae ‘a : 
fA .attau qmeo teloge edd ai Seno edt gaw medi yonstoltie al 160d 
giafl s od ,o1ew steel sedand Jadt 1evewod. ,awodle dxoge1, edd. 20 ateylane 
won $1 ,vdidativ bos togty at antdosl sedensd rellams seodt ,tnetxe 
bisode 3f sadd tegeat bedesg aowdtas eldd at drow tyoos sadi ataeqqe 
sav gasmitegxe edd to exlav eff ,aottoetorq etaupebs evia ot ased eved 
ia anivom ewets tadt woda ative, odd sauaced. ,zevowod ,beneaeol son 
stse evis of mite evil ed? to: ‘dawone te3 Jon ob boege to otet aid 
at ,esets ateitss tad’ elfdevieengoat gon ai tt ger9smiedtust!  .edLvaer 
biqet @ dove te goldroy. ssa0o wot a ta, hbetsves ed: damm) ,e1ssut odd 
aad rested Yinlesres af bus doedee om0e.ot aotioatotq:evig.asok eoag 
r al nine + gets edt siisiindihe Jon 

dice tuooe edt at eteoo. badd or oldat ak ‘botae ed {{iw 3 
thos tedéo edt at atsos egsteve oft bib aadt etoa teq easel 18% begeteva 
899 glesitosig tevetedm «row tuooa jadt seiaoibal igemi:sqie elodw od? 
~elitee yiey ai bag taco teazel « te.en0b arom te3 ed soqubeiler ed 
ey any obs ovig iitte sale sedan Senrtent. ede. tent aas ¥retoat 
‘ 5 ree “y ig oR Peeps dheaggstines 

ae apts Moe c we a! 


edi to ataoo edé to yiemeye a eovig © elds? saguias ar $200, 8 pain 
A sa —n sae xe snr hene 

f 19 dauor: yd 
i bie PUG Ve 
i pF aay oT BR 7 a 
ad D3 a ¢ dnoee 
“% % ce et 
A 5 iJ 33 * 
9 F ape UE ou j J 
{ i if Sie bis we 
r & ag ee + 
" "ge a. wpa Sirs, tet 
* a ny oa 
Me ie ji 2 Say $ 3 £ 
2 é 
4 Les ha AP ah 
he * * a . we 
Bs 7 ‘ ¢ 
4) ee nD 

ijiw Soieqmes aa wtow sole 
Ys P 

"83809 WOTI8OTpRere-pid pur Fuyyoeus ut peFsey9 
*sosuedke [2 ieue? T5490 put prog TTeUS Buyyeredo Jo 7ysoo9 sepnTovr, 

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eT! ie ee cineca ao es 

“te — = 5 ta or a > ~ -* : "et 2 : we 
> << —_ fs 2 & te 2 2 ;= é 
eeou Sax ee tae ss ea Set $ 
“SG a > gee or + “— £ <= cn A @ G: = 
~ wv Pe - i a3 
~ = s & 33 “ne % ~ . 3; 
4. Se os Po Rs 3 se Me ree : 
Hy - “ eo ay w > “a Sry 53 
" od » ‘ t= = < - . 
p aS + : 
——— a 2 “ 
£ ? 
a “at 

sett [el = 

: =  siegegrs Sorvadin wodte bos prot iisme Baicswegs Io feos seiutoai* 
. adaoo Sa Saale ec Sas aqeineds si Septeds ao erctiaivy Sevres eleeu** 

es ~ 

2, Cost. re. by ¢ a ae 

chates per gan day, Overhead rate Peee vary 
ane Lar ge CAM Se Ot aw © ZABLE NO._10 ; 
bacuat Gost per bers by. Typsani2e? 

Baie [ETL | AT OO 
OsMetendd.02 | 2.40 11,22 | 1,36 | 0.58 
ape {tS |-1nis 10,85 10,0950 0358 0,37 9.80 
O.f. 5114.75: |: 5081 11994. 

Of this total checking cost $0,136 per acre and preseradication 
$0,044 per acre or a total for both operations of $0.18 per acre, 

Se Comioette men day_enarase. L Mls costa, of eradication must be 
charged against man who is actually doing the pulling, Salaries 

of pullers, while actually engaged upon pulling, constitute one division 
of costs and all ies: charges (supervision, checking, subsistence, 

pre~eradication vel time, transportation, equipment and supplies ~ 

other than teteben ence co auppiew ~ etc.) represent the coiiposite charge, 
Composite c charges | are lumped snd divided according to the actual number 
of man days pulling time. ‘The following table shows the Composite charge 
per man day im each camp ana also the total charges for each class of 

pe Se “Hats ag: 11 Lr eee eI 

iaiaoat ts Costs per Maa Day 

labo Ty 




7 Compo site| 

oy . Una 

2 yd e198 req d09 48 

~ we g 

he. thn Fess isis : 5 f 
racy * Pare OG ame | 2 
Ai eA AS TG : 

Tine) gad Famed gaed) yee Pama’ 
Ra Gcrw deri wil veer 2 ee 
S00 | OF .0 | ED Te oer T a B20 |, et 

YS | 80-1 O82 S801 OF Sap Soar! 
520. |$6e0 <0 Bel SLT ca pul sa 

Cees eae as aed 
a wor | SO.ff) 86.6] 80.6 | Hie] .t.0; 

10,0 | 80.0 | 08.8) 8c teat 0-9) 
‘eae bore yeni é gS eA 212 
‘Cone ier Paes tear Te a 3! 

rete mine id 20 

4 "Ee eo8 oe BBO .08 

nok jiu udruatatelle S198 16 4 
eTo8 14H: BL AOR ya ciate 

ed tess aotdpathaies ae tues” stig 
eeltele® pat ling pine nite 
nolelvib eno edstld % ti 
games aiedua. eng tale 
~ aeliogse bas Ja Lap 8 See 
s#atedo ef Laodgnés ts ice ge o Logse epi 
iedasa Lautos ‘edd of” paiStogas sebteis bas ior ; 
giado atleogmoo ot ewode: olds: gactw rf 
to eaats dose ae | Pent ca ds ogfe s usp | 

wSeees lo Lis 

& tis 
Secu manail aa 
riagh 88-9 mate aes i ee 

OR Non i hel EE NE AN Em 

dsae an Dat Be 

arr 0.2 

ae va le 
oy AE 

68.6 Brie Pie A oe 

OER a = RN Ie ON NS ame BR NOE ek 

te eh 28 aetguchiors ba 53 

yews © a PRR be,3) 

i ge Pr) Bead cs hs te 

°Size of camp has the greatest bearing on the composite i 
charge per wan day, Overhead charges vary but little between small 
and large camps. Camp 5 was the largest camp and Camp 5 the smallest. 

amount of paid tine lost tovactual eradication is next in 
importance. Loet timé includes travel” time, camp Construction, etc, 
Elimination of lost time is a probier in organization and adminstration 
of the unit, 

B. gubstatence,” 

“gable 7 ‘phsea subsistence charges for thé various units es 
well as the tot »Here again the greatest factor in determining costs 
is the size of the a watt in mumber of men, Economies mst be relied upon 
most by the ~ Staaten however, decause conditions usually determine 
the size Of camp which can be best employed, Further, a small camp can 
be so much more efficiently employed that a maximum in number of men 
pit unit falls between —_ and 30, 

PHC ceh iy Ane Erenetet tS ADL —_ 12 

olde mo kre 
ar eee 
| taste 

Sree ae rere TaecH 

wu Total upal..¢ costs Saétuab cost of food, cost of cooking and | 
cost of transporting food by truck and pack animals, Table 14 shows | 
what the fre* per mesl for each cost item mas. | 

etieoqmoo edd oo gulised teessonm eel, Gnas! To werd oo & 

fisme neowied eftiii stud yiev eentads AgedtevO e¥e5 gen teq eg tado 
pmellean edt 8 que) bos qua ‘Shaadi Silihtoon &é que) .egme egrel base 

aft dxon et notisotiste Lastoasot tool omte blag to tavsom 
ste ,nolsoottenoo qmsd. .oulé Levert eebslont emlt taod .eonettogml 
sottetsantabe bas a aontantaag 6 ah rune te @ al oak? tool ‘to ‘dottentnl £0 
A EA IR al: ate edt Yo 

" w Pe ae 1 SD Ae aa: a f 
eI A A ap Oe PR road WO i 

“ ded F é Ee . ‘ “ ‘ 
‘ } ae ¥, ; 7 § je ; rth he } t os 
ie el : ud & ot Pee. wide tat sae We oe. 
. citessor bestia 0 raqein Bet te + 
3 i = 4 i ; 

ae edinw evoitay ore hebida: > Nena aaa er ‘etter tet 
edeoo gaininteteh m2 notes? deetsety od? teas erek »Latod ‘ede vs iiew 
oqs boiler ed tama Betmonoc! om To alge Ai den diay odd Yo enta odd et 
ecimreseb Lae yee ep (92tB980 sg Par vieque 
geo gmso Ilaue @ rps tet Ligue tasd. BD 
sem to t9dmum at soso “erom down on od 


, 3 weewied eilad ¢ing 10g 

Sue gaicdooo to taon® boot to eos ebeloat ateoo. ‘Laem fesoren 
swede Ef sidet selauiae dpag dae Adutd yd boot aatdqo nerd 20 $209 
saan gest Jeoo dogs H ion req }209 eat hie 

‘ ee we OS 

x a 7 
i ey ih “ 
F , "Side Sie + a 4 
nN * 4 Soa 5 my iy i 
iabeabines aidan eae eae " 
% , r ye al } 
Pwd ¥, ali 0. TN 
“ . 4 
4 Ah 
Ges r be ty | 
Fed * | uD? | 
diincemanbnalien Soe 

sreas ant do not offor SABEcMGs7I31e field for developar 

=—>-> gait ae 

the rust a6 do stream ane 


fable 14 shows ‘costs ‘of checking and preweradication: 

and lja of 1% of other tyoes worked, 

ZASLE By 14 
9... _ Jae..of .deply “wis Tocer's twine on 2% scones 

De Cost of Gwing, or. sther o2tensive further reeer * : ry 
Po this @ Wore 4% 
(eo. ) Threesply white grocer's. twine on "3s. cones has, provea satis- trail markers...Coste for twine used were: 

los magi bere cost twine used =. .$590,55 . 

ing an area workecA¥eFage cost per acre : 

done was satisfac for twine on area worked. 
(16,437,5 acres) $ 0,0238 

VII, Recommendations for Future Work 

le Speeding up of work on timbered areas by more general use of 
scouting methods, Generally Ribes are losing out or "going* on such 

ae ) 

,= 2 a aS “ee aide 

fond, Re wera Me 
Wok Vy! «ved Fae ota) 7SqQ ae BaD 
Liew #42 9 oad bow (pittin, 2 Re A ee ao ae ‘ipa wane 5 Q pesik) a ani otal hse 
- SA MN BI at Me NO: ETERS NY ol NG NA SI my 
Lae," 19% mod 
rex nh RODD ES me is art er er": am 
ga . ee * a well Sar gebso0l) | be Io 

2 frie 

i éZ is 2 anf CR 
eds Yo 

elematey sf 

e noe Slow 

‘mig af 

yo Faun 

was Bua ee . ss bale ou? 

to ‘Vedas. ak sali be “e008 PO" SBC ye le ne.o : an oa 8d 
al > he 

Sits a Me eee ee fr eines Oy 

sea see Aa Sob st absoods Yo ‘stete ewode DI olds? 


merry ei | 


-sigag sevotg asd aeaoo 48 wo salwd 2! t0e901y stidw yigeserd? 
seyew bess ealwt tot e¢eo) ,«tedttem Iisit es yrotost 

33,0886 beew exiw3 sa0o. Letot 
8194 tsq 2809 SgetevA 
beadtow sa%a 10 enlwd tot 

BO # (aetse 3.TED,0L), 

wr0of stgieG tot en abienm 

to eau fetsce, ston yd esete botedats no Arow to qu gatbeeqe af 
dose 20 “actos” 10 to goteaol ete sedif yllatene) ,abodiom gaituoos 

pe Se 

areas and do not 6ffer such a fertile field for development of 
the rust as do stream and reproduction types, 

2, Greater concentration of effort en stream and reproguetion 
Se Development of ‘experts for delimiting timbered areas where 
the. rust would not Sevelop. Fepiely or at all, 
leole(S0 a) Uae ofS or 4 max “scout crews made up of experienced men on 
ane but stream and raprodaptida areas, 

c Use {of A. te 6 man  regalar crews -generably- on: stream and re= 
production. bi i 

: a by~—-Bee cot boda deesGny 25 man units unless ‘apecter Conditions 
oF errengousate eabl ici a smaller unit. 

= reg tise of ewe coaierad’s dation system described in a supplement 
lO: to. this ic} when: SBORA SOT Yn) 

4 pate : _ Gheeking of: approximately. 24 of streamand reproduction type 
ant a of 16 of other types worked. - 


Bate poem nts 

| ee 3 = 9. Uae. of Seely, white ereeer ts twine on “ty cones: for trail mark- 


j ~ 

Ri sea Wreae ' Sa J NS 
a¥CS — 

pen le ature | “The She asin Of # study on eradicated areas to determine the 
 Megres of ‘pretection afforded the area by each of the eradication 
Bese ee Phis work. should center around plot studies, plots 
out ahead of eradication so that date concerning What was 
BY sai plant} csoto! apa will de aveilable,-~Care will have to be teken 
__Am mas the plot thet no marks are~ Yeft by which crews would know 
“where” the ‘poundaries of the plot were. After eradication the plots mst 

be Eoin, marked mat enmal. study. 


an F so1bLe ‘Development. of ‘an Amp roved method: of sradic«tion type des- 
| ohenabton, The present method allows for many variations, Different 
individuals are too apt to differ in opinion as to border line types 
“and even distinctly different. types, A solution is offered, in the 
“Tsupplenental discussion of preweradication, whereby areas are divided 
| Chase as ree ahead of the crews, 
ay A odes extensive further research into eradication methods, 
aire work it is planned to assign & man experienced in Ribes erad- 
tation with temporary assistants necessary and authority to use 
\Greates tion crews when needed, 
[Swamp cen 
|| Totem a. “Development, at an early dste, of & fandom method of inspect~ 
ing an area worked by eradication crews to show whether or not the work 
done was satisfactory from the control standpoint, 

ee ey eee ONS gee ee ee te ey 

lo taemgoleveh tot bielt elktretlx ‘on zetto tom ob bas aB9Ts oy, 
s2sqyd colgesborger bra maette ob aa test edt 

nobdduborges bas agertde a0. trove x0 sobdersnecnos “retagwe s. 

i EE RROS | He im a 3 tyne 5 889% 
erery asets boredait salsinitos ie ‘ettegxe to feng fever "he 
' Gils. 2a°%o. ‘Riblqar. qoleveb-4 on bivow. sha way 

80 sem beoaslreqre Yo! qu. obas. avers tuosa nem enol oa! 4h 
| apelin pRamabe a8 Sas maorda | tad yaa 
SY HN ond a A a. Et a meee ined 

~e1 brs meorde so » vLLerone awern  Faliger nee. a 2K ¢. to eel! 
. de Wal el i hs. iabhcge Bab inset 
anold thnoo Tatonds eeeicn ation gam 8S yletsmtxc 
ie viaw 8 xi B TOT oe TO 
ye | ye s 

tsemelgqee a ot Bea kedees” end sotiostnere ot to eel 
wWiacesoea aedn rama oe a ) 

aqys soitouboxrget hin, mactte to PS, co Yo gaia: 
-bextow asgyst r9edéo. to f%0 i bas: 

ixea iiatd tot eenco 4S ao estwi e' tsdo13 etldw yiget to ore nt 

ij oalmreteb of Basis. bedcstbare ‘a0 > Wheee a: “to ey a oar ol 
solsiacibsté eft to doge yd eet edd bebtotia, aoliasdorg to setgeb 
atolq ,eetbute vofq: bavota 199009 biwode drow eid? .boyolqus abodtom 
eaw ted® golatesaes atab tadd .on, aattacibare ‘to baeds jue bial gaied 
sedat od of eva Lifw eis)~ .sidelisve ed [Liw-seta edd mo Yfiaatgiro 

Roo bivow ewato doldw yd titel ave exism.on ted tolq add gatdism at - 

m etolq edd agktsotiare vetta sorem gold edd 20 dettabauod edd eredw 
F's eh ‘hee 5 ae hekiae rh rod soe i ed 

—aeh egys solide me a to bidi bovorgat bes te .an jae sh Se 
dnerettid ,asotieliey yoom 16% ewolls Boddom- 3a itsagt 
eeqys eali tebted of ea noiaigo at 1eTilb ef tgs oot ela 8 eee a 
edt at ,heretto af soksuloe & © yweqyd FaeseITth-y ttelb.ceve bas 
bebivib ets ssete Ps ea engheag Met eee a to solsens ledaewelqqua 
strmarrs .odd ‘yo basda eeaaato otal 

‘Soidgem molisoibate otal dotseast seddigt evisaeixe tedidat’ ugwie po. $909 al 
share sedif ot beonelieqze sem 6 agleas fi heonnelg ef 3! row —_ or 

” se oy vetrodt ie” “bas ‘Vises eos aioe alees rer eerae yi da$fWaottaat 
 bobson nedw awets céltcotbate! oo > 

roeqent to Sodtem mobaet a to 10985 Yitse ns te (dademqoloved Sf 
ow sat gon to teddedw wode of sWOto MOLTASEDRYe Yd -bedtow sets as got 
4 prntoahalty ‘fovtnos | eds “aot? Ytosoatsises eaw enob 

coe) Eee ¥ oi. 
4 - mE a fae ™ ' + 5 ae an 
i@n BEG SADASES OSs a : 
sore dye gparsk fGen Wd has er > shen naan MPAA pe a 

duis’ ao stow Foe qa gakioegt ,f 
ioc ld yliewvene) yehedvem waltycee 


1922 - 1927 
Efficiency |Avg. |Avg. |No. za 
‘4 No. of Work Size |Size |Bushes/Ft.b.S§. | 
= No. Bushes|Cost |No. Bush /Bush Missed|Miss ed 

Bushes /per per j|3ush-|Ft. Pull-jliiss-—|per jper 


Ibe Type Acres |Pulled |Acre_|Acre ! es _ (|L.5S. ed ed _|jAcre_|Acre 
| Mature 2 Ee Ea eAEse [== 
|fPoie(50 yrajl_ 10 | _a260/ 326 | 2.55[ — | —— | Ses 

>! Dense Rep. aes theta pt re | 
“| Glad Burn-Rep =| 
(Open Rep. | 33 | 2606] 79 | 2.99] a aot 
|__Total (ee ee ee Ee Be 209. BB 1460, 64 | 
(3 Crew ae ee I ae ee == 
e\Scout sa a I oe 
| "total TEESE CEE a 
Stream 48626 | 190, 0) é. 60| -- 

Ribes Free 

zat or fl eg lasoual nel oadl 
iret oF 9) Passul onal el 14 
Patc 254.0 8850 34.8 57 == —= 
Pan ee eee 

Dense Rep. | 309.3 | 5925] 19.1] 1.54[ -- [| -- | -- | 
|Fresh Burn Hi ee) Ga ES a ee 
Total —— O | 267316] 48.4/$1.65]76.29/85.52|12.7 | 6.16] 12.9 | 79.46 

Stream Si a ne eae 
= WO ee ee ee ee eee ee ee 
Open Mature | 281.4 | 25860/ 91.9] 2.59] -- [| -- [-- | -- [-- J] -- | 
rush, Unifo a Tsir.e5| Triges] Teva eseah == t= a RSs Rees 
3rush, Patch 783.75] 66967 90.0) 4.86] —— fae at ae 
thicket | 574.9 | 28976] 50.4] 2.23[ -- [ -- [ -— | -- [— J -- | 

Fresh Burn ir eae see eet ee Pe 
Rock Type poe Bde ne 
Dense Mature| 465 | 1041 gal sat a= Pes Pa Po ree 
| 940.5 | 15651] 16.6] 1.13] emer oe 3. Hate en 
E73 [Tees eee es 
4300. 87 [120880] 28.0]. 20/88.63]90.94 = 2. 87 | 3.57] == 10. 0.24 
94.5019 0.815] 2.42 
501.63] 217995| 434.2| 9.87] 87.9119 30 8. 10 
Sees | 379262] 42.8]91, 26] 91.16|94.96| 5.06] 3.59| 22.72] 61.50] 
Baie eee eee re og 
14.17| 7.96 18.¢ 63] 149.94 
ERneaa 87/12.85| 5.42| 5.81/ 31.48 
rio sain a Pris mae 4.79| 6.62| 11.35| 75. a 
37160 34.3] 1.53/80. 38| 82. 57 14.24 104.6 
136863 ao] tol s0.26[ 05.24| 
840201 333.4 3.80 al. 72 = 85] 7. 174. 3h 
553385 eae 7 12. 6c/87.17|96.8 a 4.38[ 97.69] 

2]51.05 = 
2068533 =e 0/$2.40/86.47/95.59/15.03/ 4.60] 38.91} 176.97 


In other woras, this Glas BUPPLMANT “ 1 . 
‘ ‘i ’ 2.9 - 
anee Mature &o0 Dense Pore _—— Sie ar : 
et oe bie at oe yi SCout creer < ie 
k POD hd ae te See ** + 

.,., Since the eradication of the wild Ribes hosts of blister 
rust was first tried on an experimental basis, in the West,.a constant 
effort has” been made to find a satisfacotry method. of classifying 
“areas ‘into eradication types or classes, Such a classification is nec- 
“@s8ary because Of the wide variation in methods. and costs.of eradica- 
"tion between the” various forest types.or eradication classes, 

00 80rSo9°En' the Garly stages of the eradication experiment exp rience 
‘aha the data gotten from the work formed the only’ basis for a later 
type classification, The early types used were based on number of Ribes 
found, combined with the factor "working conditions,” However, the _ 
Classes cOuldbe @étermined only after the area has been worked by, crews. 
oitvwas evident that such & system would be of little value in attempt- 
-ing»to forecast best methods suited “to ‘a given area and the probable 
‘Cost of eradication, wae Psnamag 
bo Bebe neyrocuc l2on, 

where Mi vesthe*next step; then, “id attempting td Gestinate eradication 
sbypes was based on timber types afd ave classes almost solely since it 
owas felt that these did not vary greatly in working conditions and final 
e0at of coverage by crenss, In certain. barren and swampy areas where 

nO timber was present the conditions were recognized and éradication 
types based on conditions were established, ' 


While this system was better than any previously used and, in 
general, could be applied to almost any area, certain weaknesses began 

° show. Aan ehh of of these'was that within d siven type, wide varis- 

az wethode?end Cotes ee eel eet Tiete ate» ia ai Fecanh wantiia tion 

‘types it wes found that given types widely varying in timber,, age, density 
Ste,',) were ‘worked by similar methods which resulted in similar costs 
per ‘acre'for different tynes. It could be seen that such a system of. 
‘type ‘classification ‘could not be used as o basis for intelligent. and 
accurate estimation of costs and methods, | 

eee Yate’ in Mgust of the present season, 1927, it was realized 
that e better and cheaper method mst be found, This néw system was 
developed and was used in the pre-eradication work on the area to be 
worked im'1928, The method is based on experience largely... Five erad= 
ication class@s were recognized, These classes are based on methods 
now in Use*and-dnvolve no new ones, The following definitions apply: 


Class a 7° | 

a oY Class A areas are worked by préesént extensive scout crews. Class 
A &reasy* those oi which the conditions are such that a crew of 3 or 4 
experienced and reliable men including a competent leader can work with 
an interval ‘of*from'1’to 3°chain (67 = 200 ft.) between mensand be | 
reasonably certain that no cdtcéentrations of Ribes or single large Ribes 

_ bushes have been missed, 

{ OM Tauweisgaye 
QHAGI WI_MOITAOTCAs He %O uayso.uvea 

asjelid to staod esdift bliw edd to sotiasthste edt eont2e 

sjastenos & ,jeeW odd al ,eltesd Latnemiteqxe ag ao beltt tert? eaw test a 

gaiyttees{o to bodtem yrtoostetiae s batt of ebem meed ead t10tte 
~900 af solisoltisaalo we dox@ ,eezesio 10 aegyt motisotbhsre ofat eseta 

~solbsie to edaoo bas ebodtem at aolistiey shiw edd to eemgoed yraeee. 

e2ee2aei5 soligotbate 10 seqys seet9e? evolisy edi latte sold 

eoueit «axe sdoomtiegxe nottsotbare edt to segete yliae edt al 
iedel 4 10% efesd yiao edd bomtot Atow edd mort asettog stab eft bas 
sedi to 1edmum ao beaesd etew heen aeqys ylise ed? ,woltseolilesals eqyt 
edg ,1svewoH "“,esoltibaos gnidiow" togeet edd dtiw benidmoo ,bavot 
-2we7s 4d bedtow meed aad sets sit teste ylao bentmieseb ed bivoo eeasalo 
~tqmetis al eulev sltiil to ed bilyow meteaye a dove tad? tnebive saw tI 
eldsderq edd bos acts nevis 2 of betiue eboddom gaed gesoetct of gat 
wioltgzoibe1e to seo 

soiteolbe1® eianglaeh a galtquetis of ,aedt ,gqete txen edt 

tf eonte ylelos teomla eseagaio 926 bas eeqyt tedmis oo beasd saw aeqyd | 

faait bas esotiibaos galdrow ol yitsetg3 yrev tom bib seeds seds Jiet eew. 
ered~ egets yqmewa bos settad alatteo a] .swets yd sgetevoo Yo s¢e09 
soltsolbste bas besingoss1 erew anoisibace edt soesetq eaw tedmi? on 

; ehedeltidates erew enoldibmoo so beesd seqyt 

ai ,bus bees vlevolvetq ya sadd tetied saw moteye eidd oLtdy 
ceged eesesmisew aiatieo .se%8 Wie taomle of bel{qqe 9d blyoo ,lateneg 
me! ebiw ,oqys sevin s aldé¢lw tadi eew eaed? to teldo sdT .wode of 

2 » od 2 i+} 
aoltis. lites ost eit ‘a sutte «esertiee ah Estee bea tekent Fae 5 satets® 

yileneb ,eae ,tedmid al gatyiev ylebiw aeqyt aevig tad? bagot eaw a eeoqyd 
etsod tellmte ai hediveot dotdw ebodtem talimts yd bestow stew . 936 

“%o megeye « dowe dads aeee ed Bleoo #1 .seqys taetettib tot eroz 19q 
bue toogiifedat tot eiead s ea beay ed tom bisoo moiteoltleeslo eqys 
,ebod¢em bas edeoo to sotismisese sistvo90s 

begilges ear tt ,SSOL ,soesse tussetq sdt Yo sauguk at etal 

eae me¢deya wea efdy .bawot sd tesm bodtem reqaedo bore tetsed = stadt 

ad of sexe sad ano dxow solveotbate~s1q edt af been esw bas begoleveb 
~bere evil .vylegtal esmeitegxe oo beasd at bodiem eAT .8S°L of Sedtow 
abodiea ao bsead ote eeseals saedT .bexingooet siew seeee[o aottaot 
:yigqs anottinited gatwolfot edT .,sem0 wea om eviovat bas say at wor 

: . A seeld 

seel0 ,@wets djuoce svienetxe tuesetq yd bedtow ets aseta A eval 
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dijkw atew aso tehaet taeteqmoo s galibulont aem eldailer bus beonetiegqxe 
od bosenem asewted (.#% OOG = TS) alado & of { mort to ievretal os 
avoid egret efyate to aedif to eaotsdaréaeonon on tadd aist1es yidsnosset 

eboveta peed evad sedexd. 

“ppsetiimes e ets axetil i mg aie sa e Y 


15.8 or. tase tease élass- “‘ineludes areas of few Rites, includes*” 

Dens © Fo timber and” also other ‘types Where the method 

ie postcantes if itd ative “seout crew of 3 or’ 4 men ineluding foreman 
foltetas = 100 ibealy per day in Class a areas, ~~ 

~~. 7 > > ” E 
btu, Ae DOF 2a sae 

| ‘8 areas ald’ bs" tbel? £6 Mea hale 007 ne thed oxtapt 
that the interval ‘between men Would be much less (25 =- 67 ft,). This 
method is % is known as intensive scouting at present. Class B areas 
would include’ sémé’ Dénsé Mature and Pole, Dense Reproduction, pertially 
barre “areas, etc. , where’ Kibes are sufficiently scattered and visibility 
2 dee eased that’ extensive scouting would not obtain tatisfeevory res 
‘ 15° 25 acres’ at Spee Sesnpe tore, aaah Nae SWEDE ition 
re if tour be, OAL poeit uz 1eBe PY ® ole 52! he 
oPabgneee sear) @qoioment sre wrod & ti 
~~ Class C areas, while ers usually ieatiitthid a very large per-= 
centage of acreage of 4 given area does remire the greatest perceutace 
of man tecestary to eradicate the whole given srea, This has been 
the” xpi toate | date,” Claes’ 0 areas ere’ those: including much’ of the 
8 1 tion, “oven Me tem hn Open’ Pole, Open Mature, etes, « 
where’ nea ai , scattered throughout and the visibility is low 
r¥ing Conditions more’ or less’ severe,” Either experienced oF unm 
experienced men working i crew of 3 to 5 linemen and a foreman are used, 
u nentay the : “tas, ate ar crew method, The foreman checks behind the 
emen wy at intervals of from 8 = 20 or 25 feet) movihe 
oe. By de ges than do scouts, and the’ whole crew Covers 

8 Pedy day, 

Class D 

aie D aress dre those generally called Stream Types. Many 
rapidly flowing streams and some meandering streams (where conditions do 
ot approach Swamp) have narrow belts of brush and rather dense Ribes 
growth which require a crew working in ‘very close formation (6 or 8 feet) 
and moving very slowly, covering 1 +% acres per Gay. ‘The same crew as 
used on Class C is used here, A large part of each day is spent actually 
pulling bushes and very little time spent searching as on classes A, 3, 
and ¢. Class D may also cover cutover or lightly broadcast burned over 
areas where Ribes have come in incsuchofrofusi¢h thatca crew can cover 
only 1 or 2 acres per day, 

Class & 

Class E area includes only swampy areas where brush and Ribes 
(petiolare and inermis in north Idaho) grow in great profusion, lxperience 
has shown that a crew can cover only .1 ~ .25 of an acre per day in Class 
E and therefore such areas can be more cheaply and more effectively cover- 
ed by chemical sprays providing a chemical can be found which will prove 
effective on inermiss 

It is believed thet the above classes can be very accurately 
applied to a given area by our present method of preeeradication or erad- 

Bie MR Cui a) 

eebuloat ,asdifi wet to pasts sobs i _weato sidd ,abirew tedso al 

bodsem odd stedw seqys tedéo cafe’ Bus 1edmtt elo% eased baa otuta eaned 
sametot guibuiont aem $ to & to wets JH098 evi aA. «eldaoliqga af 
“‘yanoxe 4 aan) at yeb 18q 29196 COL ~ 8F r9v00 bison 

“wacom k id “ike to aokd te 2 wee | 
een poddeat wore ae eel ore enn 
ae ace gene xe Bir si papi gates pe “ed tadd 

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Pt »od9 (89s M91 Tad . 

vifeteisg sholtouborged penet .e eTyia 9 
eifidieiv Sue bervesixow envio Cem eedii evedw 
<—9OT, Medal rah cs alsido, {ef bivow. auld goos ars cota’ dads. beaseto9b o8 
sisi « 10% etend “ethos At BRRe HH Hob Eras 29198, 2S; = ALiy sedde 
ia dag sheved etree beau aoe ad yiuse edh%® ,woltwol Eves dard 
vow” to¢gost odg dtiw boo Riggs Diursro 
. Tog aiay \iey 8 er: pie tou. @ Lksiw. 986OTR Biased: soeveLs 
Sgataeotsg Jeetsetg edd o1rtupet,aeob nese, sevig.s to egeetos: to egadaeo 
need ead ald? 6014 covig, elodw ed? etagt here) Yiszeeoeqosyebooam: to 
ed? %6"Houm guiboloat oeed? o18 esere 0 ceall .9tabot.eonettoqxe.eds 
geote ,o1utel aeqd ,efo% mecD ,moltoubotqeh oeqO ,nolioubotge sensed 
wol at ytiitdisty odj bag swodysords betetieos yilates93,e1ajsedif otedw 
wat 40 beonetteqx® tedtig, ,ez0ves seel, Se Ptemiaae LAbbeeegaianes cet by 
boas O18 nametot..6 bas: semenkL 2 02 & te worscmt gatdvow! ném bosad it: 
ed’ daided exinedo.aemerot. edt  bodtemweto selegor ov tedsexe°ods at #1 
saltvem g@ee?t SS 20.08 «8 motte tocslavestaieds ten’ Byrne So 
arevoo wor efodw ed? bas ,eésodelobosadt *beegs t6w6ls ASum¥ te" Sabds 
«usb 18g ei OL to 8 = 8 

boy ie; eleauolveity Yas Sana 19ited eaw meteye elas off 
reggae } al sabe a Yee feos Ga ink Lore (OU ble denigtosee 
Yaak. waoact magtda: bel han | qf ieténey eeoit rn agote G°a8 
ob eaoltibacs etsdw) aceite aabteaas eal emoa fas at gre anes 


aedig ean06 vedsat bas dewid To at fed aes | b “dasorg ofon 
‘$e6% 8 to a) aoltamrot e209 yiev at gata hupet, daide dimer 
aa WOTS dese od yeh thq estsa 5 @ Lt anize ¥oo. Yiwole yrev,gaivom kas 
iidwsod dadqr af yet doae “Yo stag @gtel 2 esi mee a. 2, @2BL9 GO . 
12 VM #¢e8elo Bo es Rotdwia5oe frege tai eisai Wrev, bas 2odesd, gat aa 
seve bantud tesohsotd ylédyli to tevesas 1eV0o osla yom @ eealD 0 bas 
tevee A8D WOK acdadé, fein ame domiomt ai omop eved pedil eredw essts 
. soaps sat on SOLAS SAFAR, 30 of Khao 
vate m rT ~O7 4 et? mk boon saw bas Deqgoleveb 
& jue . cet th eontayens: tow 
sedie fil dastelt” etenw aaers a wis ae Loud J 
ala weaele ‘ptolentoty deo7g at ene, ( 9300, a1 
all ak yal’ tery ‘eres aa’ Yo Ok, ~ Tr, wee T9V0o 46 WOT) B dads awode aad 
teves Ylevidostie stom bua yigaedo stom ed asso ese1s dove erotenedt)} bas I 
svorg {ftw dotdw bavet ed a isotmedo 4. DESPIERE Na BOAT fasimeds yd be 
> eta Hit sikmedo Gi9 _ padamead ao ao eyidsoeltte 

* Ate 

Ray rt i font wom eldatier bos boon eeteqre 
‘Eletetho ss qe a 929 ° aaa. syods, ‘edd, jtaddt boveised)atedInyioint oe 
“bSte t6 sotto died, ane item, taeaerg. 3N0 Yd S018 aovtaos of beiLggs 

bocata good orad potewd 

ication reconnaissance, THis pre=traciication method has besn use 
in a very extensive way in the past to get a general idea of the a, 
Later the strip method of reconnaissaace to determine types and give 
data for map making, supplemented the extensive prelinitiary work, 

Duriag the present season it was found that the strip usthod o. 
.preseradication was, to.expeasive and baaele some to eR beg As &.subdstitute 
this BeesePt, wethod. was.evolyed. + btisfos 

, ee nee “the. present. ‘method includes two operations, inthe first place, 
the region is mapped according to timber types and eradication classes 

by triangulation, Triangulation points.are the highest peaks shere ample 
(and, satisfactory, views) are. obtained.and their exact.pesition can ve found, 
Having found, the,exact position of these points, the plane table, alidade 
end. other ange aged opiptst are weet to wake; bhe map. 

74 | RS 
there «er after cempbetedyt sapping: the area freee enough eoinks te give 
ccomplete data, and also a check»on mapping from other points, the area is 
wgone over by experienced men who pass through alliclasses and types 
Observing age of stand, density, fire scars, evidences of more than one 
oburn, standing trees left by previous burn, ete,, in an effort to check 
sono the accuracy ofithe,classification by planetable mapping, Where changes 
are needed, they are made, 
Obvious! ’, 

shere the oSaréhec on6t it is: cae that the mathed will prove most satis-—- 
factory as a preweradication method and become the standard method for 

use in forecasting or cabives ise the cost of any job in eradication of 
oWALG Rib@seticry a> 

This indicates that « 

b rust 06an teO8 pre~eradication on lv2s area; 
Acreage ‘covered 10,045.00 acres 
_ i» 9Cost of pre-eradication §. 292,81 
Pibee seed ine: - Average cost per acre 0.0291 
suf? it renson r delay 
7 " I 

da, 00d. asd, boddem, codjaot bare _- 

sivas Ob 2o, gobl. fersneg, 8 Jey, of. taag. 96 
avin: bas segyd ealeieded od, soussalaogoges, 
at ow yrs lat Loig. eviegssixe ods . 

o Seddem qitte odd toads basot saw th soesee daseotg ed? 3a rn 
w8 BB adssee & As 9: ee it pndae ntahtt at at 9%. sii 
ioe eke bee head oO OLe RH USS, Be, # A a 
ondit dunth, ‘este ai. | eons anna: ond aebulont. ius Heenaia fo ae 
rQvanto, aed sotbete, ana geqyt, 1edmt? .o anions ee epee ols 
Lqme eiedw aleay teelgid edt, ove etptog sotseluasiat 
aiot ed neo moltieoc tpane ales, posh oe a Morya seat 
gy te oldst enalq edt ,esatog esedd to goltteoq toaxe sd basot 
ee edt‘ edem of beay ots taemglups Viss2egen, xeddo ie 
wey eo tictost ellasgew don. oihoe py Be i SeedG- 
onte te isles doniinh mes, sote off gaigqua Uleieiqmoa 193%, ines 
I aera add yxtotog sedte moti galqqem A AAA A orks bas, sa lane, 
esqyt hac seaento Lis dawords sang edu fom beanett y eK sks ss 
sno past arom Xe enanshine-.enage 90k) antheanh ochte!s. gaivieeds 
woods of Pr1o%ie aa of gto ~wd avotverg yd 

mei uk, ote. gemecl 2 eh ee te wars Shem fond T& Xe 
~ « 
LS. mmone wey ark 8 * odd apie ey ee bogod at at, 8 edd, oe 

~ahiee, evel ‘evotg Litwbodtem, rn 
10%. dodiem piabogde edd emoaed. ‘ao non 4 aolia 
to aoitsothere at dot yas Yo se0o » gulsamting 19 Sat: 

| ri Bat 
jaw. steak cant se te LONER, A680 sntien hates to art 

seas it ‘bezeyoo Bily somos se Eales lt y th ldet 

* so 3 sam code aalit df 09 888 HE ADM Fah 
, Wi Pe ahate™ 2ibyte=e%5 te ta GERD Aa LS RRS 
ies ee 3 am si basinal ¥IO¥ SabOe Bas 

S bas Kt de Ad. MBBS iit) Aocay 


i Reliant Tioga tele et40il wev Las eedest. gaht ioe 
jIgGii Vo Cavetes Tevag osla tou Dd eeal® «4D Ane 

CH KEN S Peg GEOR 2. OOP eYAt pelt? etaie ensta 

aha Set eT, i tO of Ew 

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rn x = 
SB Seba 
(eee BAeO BebiLOOs sage. & supa) 

“ Dy grit We: 2 ee i, aa wo, ay ue ' 
ein ks Wy PROS Bo WOT. | Oh j is 4, we Ble jogs. baa x Pts ios tag 
vA se ics J Soa r leak tari ades ean es 
wm No fH. ~ I, ~Yao tevae aes wets @ fe de awode aad 
OF MA VeQieee bio @2 feo Beeta dows ere Y eta fas i 

bane itelwoto @ golblvorq ayetqe fapineds yd be 
MLsiank fo oridoel te 

feats *7V60a. of? Feld bevelsad wa at 
“ontGw teuente tue od sete wemkee of be ligqs 




_ The 1927 season saw the first large scale eradication on lozged 
over areas in the Inland Ewpire, All such areas which were logged over 
ten years or more ago were reproducing very white pine, 
most of the'@6ed having come from seed trees or from storage in the duff, 
Likewise all such areas were” ‘supporting a heavy growth of Rides, 

‘It was observed that most. of the Ribes growth resulted from duff 
dtetgebance either by the logging operation or by the brush disposal 
operation, On areas On which logging was done t2.1925 or 1926 and the 
brush piled and burned in the fall of 1926 or spring of 1927 Ribes seed- 
lings came in by the millions, It was not uncommon to find spcts where 
there were at least 100 seedlings on 10 or 20 square feet, Seedlings 
come in wherever the soil has been disturbed or around the edge of areas 
where brush piles were burned, ‘Practically no seedlings grew in the center 
of burned areas where burning was severe and thousands of them came in 
near the edge where ‘buraing’ TE Led same saate have béen observed 
» through edel vay rhoen ependy am tayo 

r ets rt £256 2 se Ae ty 
rt pe PB rath a ait ‘te not feasivre to attenps eradtéation : On areas 
where tee above ‘condition exists, 

Ons6veral ‘occasions first and second year seedlings were found 
j ‘together aloug trdile where soil was disturbed and alonz skidways, 
This indicates that eradication during the second year after logging or 
' Brush disposal would not be feasible since it is bee pees Sapessi bre to 
ly Ra wack small mers , 
‘ Li Le it w 
Jay eradic Ibis . weil ren fact that there is e ‘heavy mortality among 
)Ribes. seedlings during their first and second year, This fact alone is 
sufficient reason for delaying eradication unless the prime purpose would 
be to destroy those plants which were on the area at the time of logging 
and would beoproducing new seeds yearly, 

Considerable advance check strip work was done on several azed 
cuttings, Due to the large number of seedlings found on first and second 
year logged areas they will not be considered further. The date taken on 
advance strips and the check of such strips after eradication on third and 
fourth year cutting areas is shown in the following table, 

if Sy ae, - 
Sh Waa 

§ TMi MLTR is 
; K. 210 peat SAAMI 308 oa ie dCs ar ey nohiank 

7 ae i Oe 5, F Bay: Gita Sea Wy ea ee PKB YIrer & ar 
4 me 9 ee oF iv saiad ; 
mr yen Lox nied 

begsol fio Hottenthars lade estat gert? 9 By wae! Roasde SCI ene . 
‘qevo beggoi stow Moldw eeete Hove fia * .eTtomt bos tat” waatah ck ‘en ie 
sentg Stide of yitrolosteltsa tev auloubbtiet orew ose Fel Be mos 
tind edt ak egatote mort 16 seetd bee mort ‘emoo Setved Bears edt? to deom 
men “eed tt to fiwors Tweed a weal. 
vents s be, aaaye T8dels. oF BALMCe 2 berger ez ROLS ot eds 
nb nt Ron tider’ fdwors wedi pont earkia! tad? bevteedo" aew epasizs Ye 
Taaoge th destd oft WW to wolterend: gakggol exit ew 1edete | 
esd bits BECK xo 825 at enod eew aaiysel dotiiw £0 agers a0 Ga 
bee aedid SSCl-to saltqe to Gel te Med ede bt benred: baw belly: dawid 
otecdn atoge Salt of semmeoay dom eaw Si .anotiiim ed? yd af euso egatl 
‘egalibeos yioet otegpes 08 vo Of mo égatibees CO desel te o19w ered? 
eheta TO oghe ey boydte to bedumteth ased ead: Itoa: etd t9everedw! atoemoo 
taeo eft clower egutibees om qilsoltoe tt .bented stew gelig demid eredw | 
gi emso meds to ehasevods. bas etevie age gatnigd) etedw agets berawd! Xo 
a igre wean shesgpree gry page Peete Reg ier? ersdwy egies ed? 1260 

item Peano uated agvotdd 
1 gg OU, Cawid « Hai as 2h 
(88078 £0 | anneenhaen pumeene: beg eldtesst ton al, af yleuoivdd 
: wes DQM Aen wy b Ne abi shimoeieyels ed? oxede 
wit. .4 ae BLOT ROLE Bg Sabi 

halve? erew: nantes! tase aaveek? bas tere caokianey Drv xy" ut 368 
eyavhide xao0le bas bedustetb eaw Iloe stedw altatd gaols cedsened! Lathers 
10 gaiggol ustte 1884 baooes od? gaiimbh aoliselibate tad? eefsolbai etaT 
ot esidiegoqei yldevltingm wh ot eonle eidieset ed’ ton bitvew! Lasoqalh desid 
ip Lt pope! stom dose otanttars 

geome yYsiledtom soli @ of ered? taney tout: pwocw Sie 0 al 31 | 

et epele goat aide <teey bucoee bie’ fetlt chedd-gntteb sgailbess aed iff 
bivow exoqtsg embig od? exelow aoléeoibere auiysieb to% soeaet sasiol Time 
aalggol to omit edt te s91s elt ao oxvew dofde ainalq seadd youtseb of od 
eyiteey ebses wen gatoubougoed Sbigow baa 

bene Ia tever no oaeb saw dtow qitse doedo sonevhg oldatebiencd 
feooee Sas get£t ao Bawot aantibeee to t96edmum ogtel sdé of op = «epaltiiao 
ao cede? etab edt .vodtust boreblemos ed tom Iliw yeds assets hesgol te09y 
can Bald? ao sobtacthare tetts eqitge dove to doedo edd bus eqkije sonavbs 
eldest amtwollot edd at awode ai asets gatiiuo te0y déigot 


id 1923-1924 
Logging and Brush Disposal 


a pen aren es Pees 
Strip 275 _ 31,881) 5,421.0 
4,85 266.0 

CRT BRST: Ta gy 

General ufficieny based on NO. bushes 87,3 
n “tt. L. & 95.1 

ees feet of L.S. missed per “ee 55 

. Average He: fee eae il at 47 

while the average feet of Live ‘stem missed per acre is small 
“most of it is represented by young and healthy bushes which have gotten 
a start and will probably make heavy growth in the future, The 47 bushes 
left per acre represents sufficient numbers of young plants to produce 
Yather. heavy. Ribes., growth. 

In making conclusions it must be remembered that 1927 was the 
first year during which it wes possible to experiment on logged over areas, 
=) may be devise a method for more effective working on young 
gatover. @reas beyond the Ribes seedling stage whereby better results could 
“be gotten at a feasible cost. However, with the limited amount of data 
available it mist be concluded thet the safer course to pursue is to de- 
ley eradication at least until the fourth or fifth season after lozzing 
Seay brush anevesels, 

Res mes 

rene 8s sen" 8 fia? ade et bert PE beity died 
. Ba, prin ae yor’ re _beesd:, Woloitt feteseds oe yo at ameo opatt — 
a hel pateedawt, Ooo s Of af: egat i Pees OOfotacvh te sromeneds 

— 6 Bbw “eno: aed: berated. te deel easteyda adc apyerede' at-emeo me 

+ 0 Teorn? + eedead | (0d WRIA on galho eared, ae 

Noa eyes wet operas cee Tan ; peared to ies 

oe ee ei ezae cts weve evil Yo: test eyerovar odd eLtdWon sh Vote 

" geddos evad doidw sedesd ydileed bes gayoy 4d .betaosetyet | | 
eodand TS ed? ,erudut edt af diwoty yveed even yldadotq Iliw bos disée a 

. oubetg of ataalqg gawoy) to ateduum, tavtohtine adaeaeiqet: O198 teq Piel 

setaine aedowongvendaieyedederedtes. 

_ 28%, caw JECL tadd. borsdwonex ed denne, itinselavseneraetinucel ni 
_sesets 19yo besgol ao dasmixogxe 92 eldlesoq,aan id! doide gaiimbgeyeterit 
Baucy so guidzon evisoelie.stem: “10% bodies # ealveb ot.eldhegogied yam sl - 
.binoo etives: tetied ydorede egeda aalibeoe \2odiivedd ‘baoyedseseta tevosuo 
steb te tavoma betimt{ edt déiw ,1evewoH stead, oldiesotcavta‘aestogved | 
=9b of af suwtug of setwos tetse edd tedt bebylomoo ed Senmm ti eoldaliava 
aanioel Ladeiad a adaaie sepals 20. aaaaseccg oat Lites tasel talnotiaolhbate ysl 
j eee Bi wth ehodd ‘itt thblagedtbbedae iia 

> Salon  gatuaies ol saoagek teotos Vt 

ey or eS sal te aint ay tte, eR ta séoale wy tork S qyouteod ed of 
© pee oh *OR BE taatowgred Sven, digs 
ne gee ime eles daendo sonerhas chakcukteond 

‘y go teow? wcaelioees Ye teduax agtel ett of axl. gapetiem® 

“ rod lyn? cerabionns ef gon Iftw yold asecs Beane’ AON, 
fagibere tad'he galtte dows Yo doadto eft tne aqiiie scuaraa i ab 
»eidag aatwolict wit a2 awode ef eetta petite soy Aimeot 

peng ta 


A yg VY 



Cutover and light 

W. 704. 

years old, 

of A 


Stream type. 



ts 2 oy see 
Ps. 8. ‘simeoe - = ar. Forester 



gh ‘Gis work was iad for the purpose of analyzinz 

he ns of the eradication work of different crews, aad to make 
ee tee = POS of the arfeat af Lge ee a emi sions. on Ries growth. 

ork: was : done on “te aanatee eradichtive ress 
“Bittle perth a the Coeur Oem miter, 

a4 fe 4 isi 3 : 
ae ie aie 

me ‘cheek, isi inthe ‘ink ‘the advance ati ne thiod with its 

" subseg hal: checir ar ae: a asad, in sampling: the eredication ‘areas. : 

ce ns os + ta pee ‘stip: ata ‘consisted ef recording data. Bins one~ 


_ gords were totalled at the 

rod etrips,; which were run; by. the.use of compasses, These strips were. 
run following the completion of the eradication blocks, and the missed 
bushes were recorded by height and live stem and were pulled. The 


of “every two chains of strip (transects) 

ste! the eradication types in which the 
ts was numbered to correspond 
papaaries sccording ¢ to the direct- 


1a. pied or) aera: ie : 

a ance strips wine Piahenttarty the same ‘as the check strip 
= except that Say. were. ran before eradication had been started on the 
‘ argas, The data taken and the method of running them were practically — 

- the same but on the advence strips the bushes were left for the erad~ 

icators to pull, and the lines followed had to be so marked that they 
could be found again after the completion of the eradication work. {his 
marking was accomplished by having the compass men marx on trees and 

other objects along their lines with colored lunberserayon. Assurance ™ 

that the transects on the checks on the edvance strips, following ne 
ication, would correspond with their locations on the sdvance strips 

| was obtained by having the Compass men fasten swall strips of prone: 

ew in conspicuous places at) the euds of the two-chain transects. The 



markings were not too conspicusum, ond the alumigum strips were 

hardly noticeable to anyone not, looking for them so that this method 
2S by saat to be very tapeadest Bux: apeaye: thr ee of a series of 

siti ras Rae, 


&_ OA Tuamarsaue 
~oteot0l .t4 ~ eoomle 4.2 of 

ashived) to oaogtsr of 

gotsylsas to seoqiug ed? tot bearolieq saw ison gaidoedos sit a: ; 
exsm ot bas ,ewe1o daerelith to wrow sotisotbare edd to ysdileup edt 
digdwoug asdif no anold Lbmoo dnetstiib to ¢oette edd to bude 8 bet orm 

Aro" to nottasol wif 

esets notisotbare betelqmoo edt ao emob eaw wi0ow gataoedo ed? 
st9¥id enela'S rwe0d edt to arot déto eftstd ed# to egantetb edd at 
e0faebhl atedd10n 

boyolguil atoW to Bods of of iL 

ati détw bodtem qittea soaevbs edt bos ,bodiem qitte asedo edt é 
saso1e solisolbere edd gatiqnmse al bees s1ew qtite aire “en st 

~eno anole stab gethvese: ‘to betalenoo bodtem qitta doedo ‘ed? 
-etew eqitde seedT .eezeaqmoo to ses odd yd avi stew doldw ,aqitda bor 
bezetm edt bae ,atloold sotiaolbere edt to asottelymoo edt gatwollot aut 
~o1 off .belIoq otew bos meta evil bas tdgted yd bebteoet stew eodend 
(stoeenet?) gtage to aniado ows yreve to bae edd ta bollatot stow abroo. 
eit dotdw at 2eqys nottenthberve edt of gaibtoooa etatagee tgead etow bas 
Saogeettoo of betedusa aew atvo@enetd edd to dosi .bavol etew aedeud 
~toorlb oft of gaibtoove belileas{s eaw bue ,qitte edt at easlg att ditw 
esoalq jadt ta erseoqxe to aol. 

qitte dosde sdt as omer edt Yileitasaee stew agiite soasvbs 9dT 
edt ao bedtgte aved fad celidantbate stoted apt etew yedd sgadt Jqeoxe 
yiisoliesstgy avew sedd gaiaour to hodtéem edd bas nedad stab oT .asets 
~bare edt tot diel stew sedaud edt eqitta sougvba odd ao tod omega odd 
yeds ted¢ bedtiam ceed oF bed bewolict eentl edt Sas ,[ing ot etotsol 
ald? .#ttow aolteothere eft to aolseiqmoo edt 190¢%e allege Sasol ed Sivoo 
has eeet? ac Aten nem seaqwon edt gatvad yd dedetiqnosos saw galitisa 
soustpess ,noysto<-tsdmet berolos diiw eeail afedi saols etoeido tedio 
~fewte gitwollet ,aqitte eousvhe sdt ao adoede edt ao atosanstd edd dadi 
aqinds eonsvbhs edt so enoltsaool ited? dtiw baogeer100 bivow ,aolisol 
avitaels to eqitte Iieme set¢est nem eesquoo edd gatvad yd Bentatdo caw 
ed? wadoeacatt atedo~ows odd to abae edt te eseoaiq awoxolqanco at 
crew egitte motuots edt, bas yameuolganoo ood gon etew eguiszam betoloo ~ 
dodtiem aidd dsdt og medd tot gatdool tou snoyas of sldgeotion yibted 
to aeitee s to smo emeoed soegaetd dost .Ivteseooue y1ev ed oF bemesa 
o2t ola ames. 

eee oe . —e | bin ok epee . dyftye CT SL Cae: 1 oo i eT 


ion ty 




Swamp ¢ 

Bee % 
oy s 
Ss ci 
#4 ey Reet 

fhe three=man crew seemed to be the best formation for 
carrying on the checking work, ‘and the six checkers were used toe form 
two such crews. «Zach crew checked two camps and the fifth camp was 
checked by either of "the two crews as opportunity offered. Camp ¢5 
was checked by the strip method entirely and four-man crews were often 
used in carrying on these checks, 

fhe reason the advance strip method was used was because the 
advance plot method formerly used, although it gave a very good check, 
had to be changed so thst the location of the plots would become auto- 
matic. The location of plots where Ribes were plentiful was the old 
method, With the advance strip method the plots are in series and are 
located only along the compass courses, which are determined before 
the strips are run, by consulting type maps of the blocks to be check~ 
ed. Time in laying out the plots is saved by using the advance strip 
method, since no natural boundaries are necessary in locating them, 

Since two per cent of close formation eradication work and 
oneshalf of one per cent of scout work was agreed upon as being the 
necessary amount of areas to be checked, and since we were unable to 
cover the necessary acreage with the advance strips, the check strips 
were used to bring the checked areas, in cach type, up to the necessary 
quantities, This was our aim at least. 

Ivy. Work Performed 

Nearly all of the eradicated areas were checked, In addition 
to the checking work performed it was possible, by taking some addition- 
al data, to make several ecological studies, Studies were made to show 
the effect of slope on Ribes growth, This study was made possible by 
the methods of checking, which afforded these data at no increase in 
cost of checking, 

The total oumber of advance plots studied was 2,475, 
fhe total number of advance plots studied and checked was 912, 

The total number of acres in the check strips for the season 
was 17352, 

The bush with the average amount of live stem was determined 
for each eradication type to assist in computing the amount of live 
stem pulled by the crews, This information was also taken from the 
advance strip records, 

The sites of missed Ribes were studied, and classified accord. 
ing to the importance of each, 

FAN Fs me as a —s - Ow ky ep SS Ga ee ee a 
Cd sg Wh, y WO Ca Lae bd Oe ey 

Si , ae ‘ Ce Wye ' ; 

z : 

10t solisniot teed edt ed of bemese wero agr-eords oft 
mrot o¢ beay otew atexioedo xle odd bas ydtow satdoodo add ao gaiytiso 
saw qmss ditit edd bas eqmes owt bexoedo weto doe ,eweto dowe ows 
GC} gaed .hsreltte ytinustoqgo es eweto ows edd? to tedé¢ie yd bedoedo 
aesio etew awetds aseme1wot baa ylertiae bodtem qit#a edi yd bealoedo eaw 
«axoeds exedt oo gatyitas ai bees 

add eayaoed eaw beas aew bodiem gitte sonevbs edd scesex od? 
etoed9 boog yiev 2 eveg 3f davodiis ,beay ylremtot bodtem tolq eousvbs 
~otse emoosd bilyow atoiq sdt to mottsool edt tad? o2 begnads od of bad 
blo ed? aaw Istiinelq stew eediff stedw etole to molsacol sat .oliam 
ote bas 2eliee at ets etolg edd bodtem qitda sonavbe edd dity .bodtom 
ertoted bentaressbh ers doidw .aee1s0o easqmoo eft anole yino betsool 
~Hoeds ed of exoold edd to eqam eqys gatiivenoco yd ant ots eqitts oft 
qizte sonsvbs ef3 aates yd bevee at atof{g edi tuo gatyat at emi? .be 
emedt saizeascol at yieeaeses sie eelishasod [atuteaqn on coats ,bodiem 

bos wiow solisaibare soltiesrot seolo to tne 1t98eq ows sont2- 
edt anied es nogqy beetgs saw attow dyooe to jneo 1r9eq exo to tiadeeno 
ot eidanu siow ow gonia bus ,bedoedo od of asets to dayoms Yiserooen 
eqitge doado edd ,aqtisve sonavbe ed? délw egsetos yisseooen edd reveo 
viecesoen edt of qu ,eqyt dose al ,esets besoedo efi gaixud ot beau stew 
stesel te mia wo eaw aid? ‘.eeltisasmp 

bomtotted aroW .VI 

soltibbs al .bedoeds view ese1s betseolbs1e edi to [is ylisei 
soigitbbs omoa poised yO ,eidiesoq asw #i beartotieq Atow gaiaosdo edi of 
yoda o3 ebam siew eeibuse ,esibute Isotgoloos Isteves elem oF ,siab Ia 
yd eldieseg ebam eaw ybute aid? ,diwota eedif mo eqole to sostte odd 
ai eesetoot on ja ated seeds bebictte doidw ygatdoedo to abodiem edt 
«gatdoeds to taco 

sGVS,S eaw belbuotea sdolq soasvba Yo 19edamm Ietos odT 
Lf eaw bedosdo bas botbute atjolig eofevba to tedmun Iezod ed? 

a0eese oft 10% agitte aoedo edd at 2019s to 1sdaun Igtos ed? 
STL ecw 

Seninteieb eaw mote evil to jawomm sgatevs edt déiw deusd edT 
evil to ¢nuvome edd gaituqmos al salees of sqyt soltsotbats dose t0% 
ad? mott sedst coals eaw aolisarotal eld? .ewets odd yd beling mete 
sebtooet gitje eonsvis 

oreoes Heitieesio bas ,betbute stew eedif besalm to eetisa edt 
eioas to eonsttogqmt ed? of gat 


Vv. Re ined 
Efficiency of ‘Eradication — =~ 1327 

ee ee 

Pea i aoe ca Sarees or “each type, and for a= 
7 fc Byic 

j De ase ‘Mature 13.6] | wie Be 

Op en Mature 24.8! 4 4 | 

Deuge Pole 3.1 2 

Open Pole | 8.2! 2.7 3 

Dense Repro 40.9 63.5] 2.) ee, , ae Pr) i 

t-over 556.3 74,5] 2,481.6] 206.9] Oné) 89.6 

; Stream | 360, 2) 69.5) 7,416.9 06.8 2.4 80.1 94, 8! 
‘ ALL Dns 85.2 — Tabdeedl __ba508 —— ig -3T a 

1927 Annual Report 
¢. €.. Strong 

Ot sokdaono? tued edd ad a penoes ry ‘<2 
orogegysi die T0%v branyeqyd dosooto 
coe ptoatitieldal .beaiaido stew .2qmso 
OS cud ebomvotueq: throm: Lise to yometoliie aa 19893" 
noite Sie" awetn nom—nwol bas Ylortine bodtew qitze wit qi beaveds sew 
aloods eemdd He salureas ak des a 

edd ganeoed #aw boay saw hoitteom atebe eonevbe edd acseot aff | 
,loodo boo, yer a ovan #f dgwottle ,beus yeirommot boddem tolg eonavbs 
~otva emosed bivow etolq ed? to sokiasel add tnd? om begande of of Bed — 
blo edt ea Jstidnely evew aedig etedw e¢olq to melsanot ea? .ottam 
ote ine sobvee ai orm ntolq odt Sodtem qitts soeavba odd a2 iv ~bodtom — 
oxvted bontoneted ote doldy .seetwoo eaaqnoo ad? guole yino. begeool 
wikowdo ed ct edoold ed? lo eqam eqyd galtlessoo yo paar ots eqitis ot 
qiute sonavba off galaw yd bovae et atolg add two gatyel ol emt? abe 
wed? gaiteoo! af yiasweoon sia sic sleet eb on eoaka sbodion 


bus atow sobiasi bare goltamrss enol te dak ae wat oonlg i 

att uated se wood Seates eaw Seow Suope To Ineo teq eae to {admeno 

ot eitant orev ew wouka few beneda od OF satta To Sanome Tiaeseoes 
agitde unedn off ,aqiute eopavbe ed? délw @a0188 Yiaaseoen edd L9TOD 

yrecseonn odd of qu yoqyt dase af ,saots bovoeds oft amied of boas enen i 
; eeeel te mle W960 saw alee: mbieanes 

bearrortes x1 0W aS . : 3 gi ieee: 

wettivks al \dlebbain wrew eoere betentbare edt to kia <Liael 
aokt hit waon aotdad Y pelidiesoy saw #2 bomietteq stow gelsiosdo add ot 
Wile of wham orow aalbet® .selbute [aatgoloos Isteves gala Of atab a 
ys aidlvecy ciaw aaw phate eld? .ddwory sedi mo egole Yo soette edt | 
ak susieal oo t4 theb eeodd beinetia dotdw gutasede Yo abodiem od? 
go tiigeds to Jao. . 

OP S sox tlbote etoiy theevila Yo tedagn Latod od? 

BI eae bexineds baa BOltady etalg wohavin Lo vet Inted ec? 

gteaey edd tot. aglws dowie wid af cotee To toduen Sedo? edt on 4 ae 
: i a eth ant 

beg tuteteb eee aete evil Yo tuo snaxeve od? dtiw dowd edt rr 
owi’ te dneeen edd saideqmos at toleaa of tqye soitieotbhste dose aot 
vit wort avis? cols sew soltemolad ald? . qaweto ed? yd Sellag mote 
aprnonre. ig eonevha 

ie bes hwesls fas ~holigte exew wad is peudtel ‘ko wahte ‘edt 

To? yeh) 
CIA svat 

sous bo enatrogat at of 202 

Efficiency of Sradication -- 1927 
Senate Oe ee ft a ads.” Sec St eae 
/ > 8 ‘pushes Per Acre | {ui Live Sten | Per Cent Efficiency; f Era 
of Type BY B3 

meer Mature 
0 en Mature 


0) 0046 


Dense Repro. 


en Repro. — 

ae Mature [ 41.0]  —*5.9 ii: 
en Mature | 14 Dey 
Dense Pole 

Dense Repro. _ 

en Repro. _ 

Dense } —— 

ee aes 
LALL Dypes _ 
Dense Mature 
Open Mature 
Dense Fole 
Qpen Pole 
Dense Repro. 
Cut-over ___ 


all Tyoes _1,123.8] 3%. 
ae a ee osteo See 
Miia eo verage for all Camps (except Camp #5) 
passe Uaeaze 3. __383.1{ 84.1 2.0[ _75.5[ 82.0 
Open Mature _ 3 1,251.0 3 
Dense Pole _ ___ 736.8 fe 
en Pole 11.4 999.1 3 
Dense Repro. | oe 14.5] Sass 1.5 
pen Repro. 252.9 30.3 aos 28 ‘2 6.5 
t-over 250.0 55.0 2,287.2 174.81 2 | a 92.9 
365.5| _ 97.7! 12,956.1| 428.3) 2.4] 87,2] 96.8) 

tream | 
[All Types _'| 249.2] 38.9] 3,889.2] 179.0] ‘1.4! 86.5 95.6 

1$27 Annual Report 

The effects of direction of exposure, and of eradication 
type conditions on “Rives” growth were studied by using the data from 
the advance strips. © ‘he live stem averazes were ghia yg by the ©. 

number of bushes in oath ‘Live stem Fe ld head 
by the: totei mirtsre fouct thers 

strips. TABLE NO. 2 

A SE aS 
Flor 4,79 feet). 3294 feet 

11.12 feet 

2 ‘det feek 

a 13,44 feet! 3,12 feet 
a 80 feet; 3,13 feet 

The following illustrations show graphically the effect of 
slope and type on number and size of bushes of each species, 


solteasibers to bas ,e1se0ogxe to notsooukb to edoette ont 

- mort atab edd gatey yd betbste etew diworg aedti ao enottibaco ous 

edt yd Minti e1ew esastovea mete evil ed? ,eqtite eonavha edd 
ueeare mete evil dowe at eedend to 19dmuitn 

mete evid I egatevs gaievA 10 dea]. mete evil egeteva Yo dana 
mumteetecoaiv.d| egyt| {mumtaeteoosty.&|etsevosl a | 

toot OS > aan £6208 

se9% &Y pol 

deo? 23.f 

test Se test a af 

geet $2,¢ 

gest 00,8 

[soon oar _lavor cess | ut 
paperryaryg nee 
|__ toe s24¢_|ooon onc] on 
[test tron ate 

to toette edd yileotdqets wode enotierten[{t gatwollot edT 
asekoege dose to eedeud to esta bus tedmuo so eqyd bos eqola 

goot 59,81 ute 

The figures showing average size of bushes were the ones 
used in computing the total « live stem pulled by the crews, 

tne. average bush wes found by pia bomb cn the total amount-of live stem 
y thee” total D re. zeae A PR earanes: 

A} - 

amg sta § ah ea ily a peen nade: of- ee” tae ae Fabs are 
re ae frequently. missed, ‘The results of such studies are-of meh dene- 
“£4 te the- eradication crews in that: they: can Bt teem» care while 

a thilr ‘sich sites, — The” resulta of i 

to Adjecens = 5 eS 

ce in table 3,° a geen one a oon 3.39 | Pm 482 [15.05 

ee a32* ae eee S SP! 
Dry dra ite 
Findia wo r 

pecay 2D lLé 

LeCsr Pe 2. - 
J y anc 9 Li 
Lae LA 2 anh 


Raise im ao, me 
eo —— Ye 1 

B créee@s beak ; 

iv. en etee ot we 

Open . ‘- 

i. . — <= 

[Lerch 820 - 


AS” sss 

1927 Annual Reno 
Cc. Strong 

nokiavigzere to boa U Ne. wks te aoléo 
9 90NO edd exOM satient, to exte eBarorE. 

a eee ab ee 

eonevbe so ered? Lovet sx9sedmun Ladod segs yd ‘egy 10 ba ts ane, £0 
& OW GtAD waren 

MM Nay y sodit-beaetM to ost Bd) SN ea bok 

mess evi? Oy WIAA +o Sb Ge |. ie BO? 5h. Ovid Rad io dew) 1 


ete. eadit aterin, tin sat fo mm Lote 
ened som to orm ‘eeolbude di: gee “boas ‘a 

(idw etas Latoege saiotex® gso 2 aad de BE sm. 

sta vedid beaetm to eile no a e to afiveex say 

be Oe OC ed eee RAT DL) 80 = ed 21 tad] elas 
j pane ae a | & 

- i902 De. HOF SP Oi | $eoumecoomian 6, 8 __|tos2, aoe a 

OQ tedamd nota sada ot bopres é pxeligiiienitie! 
Tesatote s to eau sort of a es yiev ofw els. 

_ Ye: 3 ibitad, edt t enod 
eee eco ine stan sets oat 4 sime-tayroteeee ba 

L soit ae 2%, 

2 ‘ , i 

' ice yh te: %y an Re : im] i ors ae aT i: 

fase hd ho i oir ia & sal ay re «ol a 2 “BAO te eS. coms iad I me em wed | [eatery is had aes wines ee vi eee aa 
j i ‘ 

Rides Sa $ eo a a 
Eee TS ake oe ey ei 

oe 3 

to toetle ats esiaoldentg, wode ecolsertemlil paiwoliot ed? 
meteors tows to etdeed to ala fas rede oo eqyt boa eeole 

Per Cent of Totel Number of Bushes on the Area Foun 

+ + +e ee ee Se SS eee ee eee —_ —- ---~- 4 


d on Each Site 

Site LS EN ee CA A a 

Windfails, under or whind 

., ie a A ee 

pales. ae ee sar 4.35 | 12.50 0.55 

Raised ground adjacent to mature trees = 4.35 | == | 2.2 
See SE ee es ee ee — 
Upturas(root systems of trees and resultant cavities) | 16.91 | -—- | 7.73 
penis An i Criber ame ee 22.23 | 1.55 3.39 
Daup slopes ee S761 50200") _ 6560 
der bottoms ooo Ses Se Be ee A ee 

Rock outcrops | 
Dense orash 
Totale _ 

Hidcen oy brash 
Partially hidden 
Visible above brash _ 
No brush near Ribes 

2222 2 22 2 2 2 222 2 es 

Per Cent of Total Wunver of Missed Bushes on the 4 ea Missed on Each Site 

14.439 | 7,81 [| 32.60 

ee ET [100.004] 100.004] 100. 
Relation of Rites to 

00% 100. 00% 

a el ee a SS A ene a ae 

EE Oe eS ee) ees ee ee 0.96 = 0.57 | 0.54 | 
Windf.11ls, under or behind _ a route ta 10. 25.37 14.54 | 13.11 | 27.58 | 13.08 
Decayed stumps or logs AeA S'S 8.65 5.47 6.16 | -- 4.50 <a 
Decaying branches (oranch mich) 9.0. 57S 2899 2.85./) == 2} _ 2.15 
Raised ¢rounl adjacent to mature trees 3.75 = 5.84 | 6.56 | 3.45 | 5.50 

Qn creek banks 

Rock outcrops 
Dense brush 


futdden “by brash _ 
Partially hidjeo 

Visitle above brush __ 
No brush near Ribes 

turns(root ee ee a 

Seremeees ip peciet pete = 

a nto — 


0.86 -- 1.38] == as 

enings in timber ___| 15.85 | 14.93 | 2 15.83 | 40.98 12,03 [716.55 | 
Pavipee anes. eee peels ee een Us ee 076 | 6595 fe Bog. 9.13 | -—- | 3.45] 9.08 | 
(iI eS eee ee =-__| 16.91 eae == 0.57 anil 

= Bid Bees i eae Oa 
_ 32.05 | 2.25 | 29.51 | 34.48 | 36.80 
ese ae 
100. 00¢[100.00%] 100, 002] 100,008 
percentage as above) 

a ee ae 1.73 | 5.97 5.99 [12.21 |” 9.84 7 18.97 [14.34 ) 
RS SE a 12.97 | 24.38 26 ia 36.78 |. 35.30 

__Efficiency of Eradication, by lumber of Bushes on Zach Site 

1927 Annual Revort 
C. C. Strong 

Dry draws 


Windfalls, under or behind 64.34 
Decayed stumps or lozs Eiki 67.72 
Decaying branches (branch mich) 000 | 
Raised ground adjacent to mature trees ie. 
i Cra enes ee een 33.90 | 
root systems of trees anc resultant cavities a2 

"il. Methods: J. L. Bedwell 
Assistant Pathologist : 
brief, the.methed of piri ormin ) 
is a6 follows: Fach man Forks st i.0 r | 
’ the Chief of Party. de type limits ani 

. ; = +4.5 3 é ‘ . ‘ a " 
tyme ‘om the Stanadpoint af. bliste: » €0) 

plots. I. Definition and Purpose of Work | 

A Papiacand! systematic siitvey of the white” pite tezién to’ | 
dbbariagtivision of u section into efattcation typel, Taber trate 

timber saga classes; (2) o tacning > 2 aunt : ipl ope Gane in 

“ovme 6/0), Mhe°ex tent and distribution of white pitie s, and 

‘mn *.ne.2,0%he factors influencing the cost and methods of eradicating 

Ribes thereon. , 

"a. Typing: The sectic 

be readily anc “S™ YI. Methods of 

types wil] be. sketened in ant Srot 

As \Fheld ‘Methody® Simoer age close, ® shell. be | 

me thoc? 
The areas covered by reconnaissance on the several associations 

and national foreste "were ‘worked by" the ‘sané standardized methods. Part 
of each area was worked intensively and ‘part “extensively. “The intensive | 
areas were ‘typed and plots were taken every ten chiins (‘two to ‘thé forty) 
on a strip rum through the center ‘of each forty, ‘whereas the extensive — 

htatnin : € 0 


bh x 

areas ware typed only, no ‘plots being . peers * 
the section lise 4 tie mad . Feet ee Tee yet po Mage 
1 like ‘propertion:of intensive to ertensive work was mich Migtsr 

on the association lands than on the lande Within the National férests, 

Since the Coaperative agencies desired more of their Yand to be covered 

by. the -imtensive method. ‘The general division of areas into intensive ani 

extensive work on association lands was on the basis of a checkerboard 

or alternate sections, tut there was soms deviation from this due ‘to ‘the 

occurrence or absence of white pine on the section designated for a 

particular class of work. 

“Wietances will pac in , 
sor con Details of the methods employed are shown in the following in- 
structions for control reconnaissance, a copy of which was furnished each 
chief of party. for, his guidance. Samplesof the field map sheet, field 
note, sheets, and, field section summary she-ts are enclosed. 

of thes > trees ac 

} eee BY ela " ; 
wae ae s £ . « "8 ahs r \ 
"LaPurposers: ioc | 

"The purpose of control reconnaissance is to make a rapid and 


264 | ae 


Ifewbed .JI .% 
tetsolontal tnatetees 

zroW to szoqiwi bas sottintted .J 

ot notast enig etidw edt to yevive oltemeteye bas biqet A 

bas ,2eqyt eatg otidw to soltudiasetb bos tnetxe edt .f 
galjeotbete to ebortem bas teos end gniomeusltat exrotost edf .& 
 -foeteds sediff 

aroW to ebodtem .IT 
:bodtem Blot 2A 

arottetooees Lerevee ert ao sonse¢iaanooet YW berevoo asete oT 
jas .@boritem Sestbucbhussa omes odd yd Bbextow s1ew steetot Ienotiso bas 
svienedat ed? .yleviametxe tisq bas ylovienesat beatow asw sets dose to 
yttot oft of owt) ented ned yr0ve aezis} otew atolg bas beqyst etew ssets 
svienetze ed} asetedw .ytrtot dose to 1retmeo edt davords apt gitte 2 m0 
Ait Gis «teset gated etefq on ,¥lao beqys Stew assets © 

qedgid some aaw aiow evianetxe of evianstal to noltrogetg edt 
,ateetot Isnoltel edt atditw ebas{ edt mo apdt ebnel motistooves edt ao 
hereves ed of bart thet to etom hetiveb eeloness eviteteqoos eit eonte 
2 ovieneéat ofmi aeete Yo moletvib Istoneg od? -bodsem evienetat edt yd 
braodtexoeds se to eteed edd no asw ebasl nolteiooses mo stow svienedxe 
edt of sub etdt mort noftalveh emoe aaw exedt tad ,anoiioes efamzetia 10 
2 10% bedemyteeb noftose edt ao entg etidw to someads 10 OOKITIVSIO 
extow to eeslo taivolsteg 

-at sntwoffot ent at nwode sia beyolqme ebodtem oxlt to elistet 
one bedzinwt eew doidw to yqoo s ,somse2isanovet Lotiaoo tot enolttouty 2 
bfert ,toede gam blott edd to eelqme2 .eoneblug eid tot yitsq to tetdo 
.beeclons ets ateode yrenmee motioes bfelt bus , steers eton 


Systematic survey of the white pine region to determine (1) the 
extent and distribution of white pine types, and (2) the factors 
influencing the cost and methods of eradicating Ribes thereon. 

"II. Methods: 

“In brief, the.method of performing control reconnaissance 
is as follows: Zach man works a section alone, under the supervision 
of the Chief of Party. He maps in type limits. and then. studies each 

from the standpoint of. bi later rust control by. means of. sample 
Pp ots. 

"The actual details of work may be considered in 3 steps: 
(1) The division of a section into eradication types, timber types. and 
timber. age classes; (2) obtaining by means of sample plots detailed. in- 
formation on each type; and (3) compilation of data on sectional basis 
in final form. . ' 

Lee HGS 2 ng: The section and such areas adjacent thereto as can 
be s2n99,9 accurately seen will be covered in such manner that all 
types will. be.sketched in.and properly designated as to eradication type, 
Bipher type, and timber age class. This done, by.the following 
method; ith 7 

‘_ “fhe mapper will cover the section by starting at a section corner, 


offsetting 10 chains in a cardinal direction along the section line and 
then running 2 strip in a cardinal direction through the seetion. Plots 
will ‘be. taken 5 chains inside the section from the section line and every 
10 chains thereafter making & plots to the strip or 2 plots per 40. At 
pow: section line a tie will be a section corner or 1/4 corner at 

e discretion ‘of the mapper. A return strip will be run in the direction 
enathe ‘to and paralleling that of the first strip 20 chains.from the 
first strip, taking plots as before. A tie will be made at the end of 
this strip as before. 

"Strips will be run so as to cross bee fle nad 4 in order to en- 

counter Ribes conditions, 

"Distances will be measured by pacing and directions taken by 
box compass. 

"Designation of types: The standard classification of forest 
types” as used by the Forest Service will be used. A copy of definitions 
of these types accompanies these instructions. 


ri * wie age class of a timber stand will be that age class which 
#6 AGE be sea The following timber age classes will be recognized: 

On One | 

ranlling 1/10 of re. 

ae 1 UD Fear a Ny al we i 

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erotest edd (S) Bue ,eoqye Safa ofldw to mobtuditgeib bas tnetxe 
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bas seqys tedmts ,eeqyt noltsoths1e otml notices 3 to noletv hb ont, (£), 
-ti belieteb etolg efqmse to ensem yi antatatdo (S) jeeeeslo eas redmis 
atesd ' iapetsone, s10, bate’ vig oad Rn sloxe no, ro ltanrrot 
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4A 10h teq etolq & to givte edd ot etoig B gataiam cettesreds ‘sates OF 
& teotos ye f£ to tegzes moifes2 s o3 ehem ed [L[fw eft wo onti aotiose ort 
doerkb edt at aut od didn qiate amtes & ocincigaae ait ap we ANIONS edd 

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deere? to pel tantRianete; jrmbsase. eat pense te nett aéam: bo Sot ov 
aotinttes to ygea 4.» Reruved Liiwpohvectodeotet end ye Dost’ sa 2oqys” 
senoktonstnns neat aeteereens eeqyd _ogodd ‘to 

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fintiw eeeto exe’ “Sai wr (thw ag me 2 ‘/‘) “nits ens ect* 

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Jee SS Lee Pt Oe Lowen + he sreghed i 

ie vce Pee Eg aah Lily years _ Tg tg pares 
and ron in the directith tf 4a JU, niot to be taken 
ad eonserutiints -60 years. ; 
‘ “61 = 80 years 
$1 = 100 years 
"On strea at —_ 200 years a wi 
hata. eridun 2 str sam he ot SAGE, y 5 

3 cnn Wan eradication. typeis an area pn, which ‘eradication, ‘working - 
series are similar. . There will be eight eradication types defined 
as follows: 

4. Dense Mature. (D.M-) A stand of timber 12" D.B.H., or over, 
ite. | ‘ts fully stocked or nearly so, and génerally, but not necessarily, 

contains little brush and few Ribes, except in openings or moist spots. 

"2. Qpen Mature . (OM.) A Stand of timber 12" D.B.H., or over, 
which is understocked, this condition esitetagl PETA in the 
weneenet of brush ant Ribes.. —_ = 

mutagen #3. Dense Pole (D. ?. f A stand in which the trees next to be 
cut are predominatly 6" to 12" D.B.H., which is fully stocked or nearly 
S80, end generally but. ig necessarily, contains little brush and few 

Ae ‘Qpen Pole (0-5. LA stand in which the trees next to be cut 
are Seadantaaatey 6" to 12" D.B.H., which is understocked, this condition 
generally resulting in the presence of brush and.Ribes... 
form tuch work as the t 

"5. Dense Reproduction (D. R.) A Stand in which the trees are 
predominantly less than 6" D.B.H., and are uniformly and thickly distri- 
buted over the ota Brush and Ribes may or may not be present. 

16. “‘Qpen ‘Reproduction (0. R.) A stand in which the trees are pre- 
dominantly Jess ‘than .6".D.B.H., and are unevenly distributed in patches, 
over the ground, the intervening openings generally containing brush and 
Ripes. if other aaa? Sth qne are favorable. | P 

7 the Sloy pa to the 
for Mk Sieaeg tee: AS.) An area verying in width along a stream 
el rit. to the opening in the timber stand and presence of moisture, 
presents a) favorable situation for the growth of Ribes and associated 

“$» Brush (Br.),Am area either cut or burned over or of waste 
‘and on whieh reproduction has mot yet occurred, but on which Ribes may 
eceur, contiguous to white pine type. 

"Timber data on each type, except stream type, will be taken 
Om one man sample plots. Thesewill be circular plots of 37-foot radius 
equalling 1/10 of an acre. Ribes data will be obtained by a strip 

; (eGeias Soe Fueree 
siteiiin Tate Biot aN ae ger Pica nae Fea o 
‘ere! ao af 

re ee Ce ee ae | 
twbediam .Ti* 
BP Dest: ied Mi oes ey 

Pa Pine He at we PPL Mie de sit Ss as 20 PET Ss i Ey Risa gy 8 
Z fe i) Ris ig Be, ll we at £ 
ey % i & NIE cy BARS eee ear ae a 
: Or ae £3 8 ¥ 

prneire usa dtubhcs? il fib no 5! ad dm 5 Rs rt nots # 
bertt'ted beaut Hoftentbete Tigte ed Tltw ered? “re 

(Tove 40 HG.0 HRY edmts to Baas eA (.u.@) ordeal oenee a fa 
Ulirartoy en Fou tad |Ullerensn bie oe “its Zo besdore Yi ye sho tif 
abt oe! teFor to ‘enateego” ab tqsoxe Meds i ) x bax Ment | Wire toliee 

pT8¥O TO. Hd.G “SE redwid ‘Yo beste A (4.0) exutast aot 40 © 
one yee sede 9h Vi lereney apltibacs * edt f navi 
aedts 5 

al dolidw 

xe oN eoneeetg 

lee oe 


ae Be pce tees? pif seni? ie wate) a ¢ ‘#.a) 2 fe 
cidani 46 PeMobte Yin ef dokdw, .H.e.0 "eros WS Yihe: 
wet boe deotd sl{ttil entstnoo ,y~litesaenen fon tad ‘<iieseaes 

he rere gs rd égeathin 
ea SF hie cohol i 

as ue oy’ tie eee pon media wa Ved iq? ¥ a. 6)" : oo nego aw 
Lagi ekit eboainod ane bans @) soldw’,.8.¢-@ "ar of WO "yitheninobstg ox 
a OT Be Hewred to" 2 stele tet at al weer yi fete 

| vebnenes of tom geri ‘you sedi ei a % ir =e 

eadoteq ak hodud ied ath einevenu Ste brs ,. 
“is Hebd saeorsoiman! yltasenes Baatireqs ahinevisg at 
pene els akon 

storks A’sc6(e HPBiw at gatetev sere ak” (298) egy mastie” ae 
studeion to somesetg bus Bogie tedmtd eft mt antmeqo edd of end” io Fie 
_etakagace hace eect a boty kt De oat tot Raid, ida ae Wier 

cae gel ill ey T870 , down to: age? meer’ £678 ink % nef das 

it eaty ‘ies ‘od Batoarg sie 60 

“nai ed fLtw , sant mares twine .oqyt dase ao etsh setae 
apibear ¢oot-VE to atelq teleorto ed IL brecedt "ale elqms? mem eno mo 
qitia » q bentatdo od Litw stab eedtf e196 as to he a tieee 


lot 1 rod wide and 4 chains. long equalling 1/10. of. an acre, This 
latter plot will start from, the center of the circular timber plot 
and run in the direction of the next plot to be taken. The location 
of each sample plot should be indicated bya smali circle on the map. 
and. numbered consecutively 1 = 32, corresponding to its number on the 
note sheet. 

"On stream type only Ribes data will be taken omitting timber 
data. When a stream having. stream type is crossed on the line two 1/10 
acre plots will, be.taken. . These plots should be taken down stream from 
the. line in every case. Stream type plots to be numbered consecutively 
Sedepestent of of the Sample plot numbers. en 


— ae 

"A detailed explanation of the forms forrecording data is omitted 
here, because the forms are self explanatory. 

“IIL. Duties and Responsibilities of Chiefs of Party: 
My, Designating sections to be worked by each man. 

"2, Checking the work and seeing that all field work is in 
completed form and that maps are jibed each evening. 

"3. Directly responsible to field supervisor for all phases of 
the work and will take instructions from him either oral or written. 

"4, Planning work and camp locations so as to minimize lost 
motion and time in moving camps. 

“5. Om rainy days he will heve his men summarize in completed 
form such work as the time permits. 

"Data teken on plots MUST be accurate. 

"Type lines should be located as accurately a8 possible. 

“The radius of plots taken on sagen mist be extended up an® 
down the slope to the same degree that pacing is extended in order 
allow for horizontal distance. 

“The tendency to shorten the radius is greater in @ense 

"The reconnaissance man should make a study of types: - 
those, differences in degree of Slope, aspect, soil, elevation, 
moisture content, etc., that affect change in type, so that by 

ea Bini ‘ 

aif? .eros os to OL\f anita. gaol antado $ bas ebiw bor £ soLq" 
tolq tedmit twelyorto et Yo t9efmes eff mOxt guste [Liw tolq rsttsl 
aotisool ef? .aodet od o¢ tolg txon ‘edt %6 fottoetlb edd at out bos 
gem eft mo efotto flame a yd betastbal ed Bicorde tolig efgmae dose to 
exit xo toda ett of gaibnoqeettos 88 =f Vlevitsoeenos betedmen bas 
«toeeda ston 

tedmit anti¢imo mexst ed [iw ated Suede Ging egy ‘ina Qe 

OL\£ owt ontl odd mo bezaoto ei eqyd méotde “anived mpetta 2 cedW .atsh 

moti maexte nwob gered ed blyode atelq eaedT .mexlet ed [fiw atolq otos 

elev itso saitos beredanst od ‘ot atol¢ sqys mestve”Leaao Yreve at omil ont 
in eredmie ‘t6fq elgnee ‘edt “to Jnebmeqebat 4 

pin ae 

time al aie b aatbroser tot emtot eft to solisasiqze belisieb A" 
| eee ‘thee ote amie t eae otumoed | seted 

: sisi dane 1 Boxttow od ot eaoitose. anitemgteeT aye 
at ef strow Blokt Ife fede clage ah atow edly ‘geen tous ign 5 
aaineve, Hoa 6 doddy ous Aten ne tas miot bev eiqmoo 


‘to “eal fia tot “rostvreqse | bert oF SidPiabtead qissetid’ ‘aw ete 2 
“qetiiaw to Leto tedite mid mott edoitanrttast edad (fiw baa tow oats 

_, deol Ssimtatm of Bm 08 anelianes qmso Sas drow gainan [4 yt 
7 | sah sage gatvom at omtt bas aotton 

ras ray at oefebddek tiem ata Ses? tihw ed eyed tated: nO” van i : 
yuri pond a aes dove mot 

a pate Re . ee ao ea eps, Se maar 
‘ Pu a } Pee Ade Sov Rooks ie y 

BAY : ia 

. | seteuoo8 of aeoy aioly s ba estes seg" 
Lotdtevoe ae ‘letewosa a6 betsoo! o costa eonll env 

ete quar hahani-ze oe J iam sees 0 caesles arene: sé saath: sank 
tele Pal maoene ae at es edt seTgob emse orld ot ogole edt nmwob 
4 , etiaezaeA. wererapk ue 02 wolls 
Senet at sed ateg: ek anther’ rire domedte: Od temdihues actp® © ty 

~szeqvd to ybude se silan bidede aan eoataetanagger eft" 
ottsveals ,Lioa ,toeqea ,eqofe to sotgeb at eeonsielitbh eaosdd 
Yo tect o8 ,ogyt al sgusdo Soette tedt |, ote {Paetdon ettalor 

observing the lay of the land, he can Seren sgently connect up the 
type boundaries. between strips. . 

"This mapping of, types is very important, because if we pro- 
pose to figure out an acre averase for a certain type or age class, 
we must know, the approximate acreage to which to apply it. 

Ke wi Ho work in the field, however well done, is of any 
worth, unless is. recorded in a form that tia ee readily interpreted 
by someone else, and it is aes, to.reckon this “someone aca as being 
separ ome ths: an olianidl he asecs | 

Thea ; his 5 <i 3 {3 

hed fference methods over those Pade ae 

tT] . The same methods were followed as were used last year with 
the excaption oF the taking of plots. The same number of plots were 
taken my gf Pt section tut this year the plots were taken every 
ten chains on -ip zunthrough the center of each 40, whereas iast 
year the mite aioe ytaken on a traverse within each type. This strip 
system is the universal « me thod and leayes the least amount to the 
judgment ad Led field man. The strip method will be used in future 
work. “The following Dixos | 

a 3 

2 1 Orr rar Ree ? 
1. Compil ation Gr data. 

A standardized system has been devised for the keeping, in a 
permanent record form, of all reconnaissance data and maps. The map 
sheets and data sheets are approximately 14* x 19" and are kept in 
lock type post binders, indexed by township and range. In a given township 
and range the township ownership map, reconnaissance map and the recon- 
naissance data sheets are together for handy reference. 

Compilation of the reconnaissance data consists simply in 
areas. the field section summary if properly computed. 

’ The ownership map is prepared from records obtained from the . 
various county ee peneeer st offices and was brought up to date as of 
December 31, 192 ; | 

ent reconnaissance maps 

~ nme 

As mir iis ai above the permanent mf are recorded on a town- 
ae map, and iy’ post binder by township. and range. The method © 
of Papttyh e's f meer maps is covered in the following instructions, 
@,copy.of.which is furnished to each permanent reconnaissance” man’ 

vt agll soomnos Beier inhi one besarte hl "te sar ‘ott suavassse 
i pe i: mr te prey rey pa ners aE es Sees 

ony ow aKa amine aa Paaagt yrev ak inieegyt Neuindaia atape - to 
“abalone TOY Geers! # LOT egsrers etse' be tO" lr Geese 
tt ylqqge et doidw of egsetsa siermixotaga edt wou Htint ow 

ee Mh te oF ~ : =i tel fr ‘$ a a 

Uitte: aby witob <f Lew vevewou! "bret ott HE Ghew OR: us 
(heteupretnt (Ltiker of ney tet? imtot @ RE haben: OF fal seothy ,ddiew 
by seg ae Fonte: eaieeiade bel Hoxset od Faed at ef Dia, ovfe’ encom yd 

oiling & [io eee sam btqut ® hy garterar : 

Pa ees ih Bit & Ley sas eur Is satin. fa ‘get 

whe aut saat hans * dice ies abaialilins eer wine Sia ee , Tes 
etew asofa to tedmya emee off .atole to gataiat sd?¢ to oneal ery 
Viove nerisi stow stoke sit aaey Sint ted noltyer 2° n> sey dons| next’ 
taal asotedw .O& doze to tejaeo eft davotd? avr gitte es no aaisto ast 
qiuta eid? . seqyierines airtitw setevett @ no nedsy expw eiol ond «s¢y- 
sci ot teasvome dasef ed} eeveet bag bodiem Iseteviaw edd et moteye 
a en apnted ne jogger gy lb ‘Te tromabut, 

tiem See 2 ree gea0r Der ae 

parc, as Su hee moee a a pune Bik ee ES ee ie e vee ay reek pe 
eter LW “9 Jats tess ro Are Mest eee we ;. eS 

e odtaite .f 

F3 a ‘iethiied oxid at wares pike Sid eeeeiace: cia abianenr ic iS MOL Foun 
a ef? .2qem Bue ateb oong2eetennoost [fe to .mtol broset peroares 
ok dyed ow bee "Of 2 "bt yletantxotcqe’ om eteede afe2b Dre etooda 

ses sevig a sl .egcat bas qtdenwod “ed bexesbhrk ‘jerveinid: teug sys woot 
-Hoost of} bis gee semeeetansooot .qem giderenwo qidenwod eff} egne1 bas 
.eonerstet qined tok telvegos ere atdosde ateb sonseeten 

ak ylquta ateleanco adel eommeetadngper ent Io aottel kgriod 
a biome ts ‘veanientt a, genptep diet? your aniyqoo 
ff aT Piven tabs es BY ee Sag i Ol 
edt net bontstdo eben pen betaqetq at gen i btte-teawe ed? 
“to aaa 8 ‘ot be oh os heat Po yee atrsbroset ytairod evoliusy 
pee ee Stead MYR Sut 880 Lys wedmeoed | 
j o Ho rate setaosgtted rot wolla 


“a7o} 8 HO puircente ous pace palpi edt erode hanedticie | wa + ROLEBS B 

boritem eff .enmer bas qidenwod yd tebaid t2aoq s ni Seltt bane gam hte 

,enolisuitent gabwolfot snd ak Beveven Gl vysin Seledt to nottereqetq to _ 
$e seneleeinemotelt ———. ‘soa 09 ‘badetwest af ote eo YOO & 

Paotta Salt soke (emer eein emda bow 


6 +A, Tateuetien Shaeahnebons 

“et "Designations remy agree with those used rey mapping trpet 
the field. These should consist of (1) the abbreviated form of the 
eradication, type (2) the timber type with white pine stated first (when 
it is a white, pine type). and. the associated species in order of their 
ce, and.(3).age class of the stand. Type designations shall 
be written with Higgins Carmine waterproof ink. 

ren 7 ¢ 

"TI. Ty pe Lines: 

“Rype oe Te eatieend etrean tne, shal be dotted: into: made 
with Higgins Carmine waterproof ink 

"TII. Color 

Yer ® { re 5 
f ‘me. following Sines colored crayons walle be wed for color- 
ing white pine eradication types: 

€. Personnels Type Color Dixons Best No. 
The we 1 DM... reayr Yellow 4 tae j 353 
vi ¥. FP bd D. Prearveier Orange» 384 
Astocdation: FB 4. O.P.. Buss cis: /- 350 
peodiation: and 5. ; DR. iy divi Brown | y +. 335 
sew ieor em 6. Q.Rs hie . . Vielet } 323 
: vo tte Ste Red | 321¢ 

vo) soon "Meadons,.roek: type, burns, ete., willote designated but not 
colored. Timber types other than white pine will be designated but 
not colored, 

, "these colors should be applied Lightly and evenly and then 
dry rubbed. with clean cheesecloth wrapped over a finger or ~~ 

"IY. ‘bes ond sereage Fraction: 

. ‘tFor. each euatination type in each section indicate by means of 
a fraction. the number of acres of that type in that section and the 
average number of Ribes per acre on that type for that section. Let 
the numerator represent the acres and the denominator the Ribes. 

> - 
y Py 

’ 3 
: ie 
SE Ee ae ee eee a ae Se ie 

eat Ole Seg eS 
Sir Ses rea SG 

MaRye Oo Wate’ oles 

eft To miot Betetverdds edt (f) 6 tetencs Bivore de 
modw) dertt bedese eata etidw dtiw eqyd todmis edt (8) eqyt 8: 
sient to tefro at asinege betstooses edd baa “(2 ‘Gute “Od fw’ kat 
{fase enoitamateeh aqyT baste eft to eesis egs ($) baz , sonsntmobetg 
"saith Meorqtetew entntsd @atgg tt dtiwidetsixw od 

FB is Rie 

“sedut aaligem at beds suous ‘Htiw dotae 

dhe Boalt ee he ee a ae, AS ae 
i ate Des yee VET Ae PRS wae 

oban seni t betéob ed Itadé ,eqyd morte 

"Nf ¥ Ms 5 er as 
, * sae Wao ie 

=tofoo tot bees ed [lara RAOYStD hetefos moxit gatwolfet en" kita 
feeqys soligothete satq otidw gat 

‘ eat 

sO sae0c enoxid stofod pai sot bpagiants 

6 See. v » y re. ty is wolleY i ihe ithedel MT of ae 
fe Aight” * Weccgldhameninih Stic: i oh -mmiahell 
Rochen F j OBE A ns eut et | 8 2 
ment es 3 r Pie BES SA ; stWo" ae . Pit’ Hei ae te ree Te a vi ta 
Re orator chin AM aredis ond plete atch oe 
fae sek SRP mariet ond Pe Sge ath moo 

ton ‘tod botamteoh ed. tlie, ode eat “ ie ma } sot ie eon 

dud beteateed od [iw eniq otidw aadd weddo weqys tedmit § .bexeles 
4 ee Batley Be Hi ; : +botoLoo ton. . 

eo Cat Meee pine ym ro 


s ¥ De Salpian: ta & ie Ene , ory ‘ Pigg ty ces 4 % i argent 3 tre 1 da earings 
wot} bas Yineve bas yldigif befiaqe ef bivole wroles eeed™’ Ol ™ 

.Ltpneg to tegnit « teve eqqetw stofoeeseds aeslo Hitw betta Vth 

ey ores «5 : ¥ Gote S aan 
LR BESS he OY taleeee 

to annen yd edaothal motives iigee At Saye” Ho 
-, oft bas cottoes, tard a}. oq, t Boro! 

i ' 7 io 
er by 

“ded. .aeidoee todd not, egy sad 

“Veedi® eff votantmone edd bane 

"VY. Cultural meanest ; 
D. training of OKAY 31.9 } 
pe Wtrcans shall i ‘inked with vega seiner blue watarsrect | 
ink. Pr Le ce aps, EY ’ | 
“ool Lim, Ti ee Sa ah o% ae t ’ e . 

volee "Roads, : repaill me wukl Youd th: tebbeyiesae Tidew; buildings, names 
of. por noah and other pulsnsab" Bawtiirws 1 ier? ‘be: shown with Higgins - 
— Sa ane arews we ix | . 

ociation, Fs 

crews at Mie Lime 3% criee poner ‘streans, enna features, ~ 
acre-Ribes. fractions, etc. shall all be éntered on the map before the 
arvlines Veen ‘om ‘colors: are applied. 

falineg Faille 

vie ts 

“B. Extensive =222RNAhS ane e 

oative k4 Amy per jane me, roy dab igen whee: and ead tied: features’ shall 
Pata ha exactly as: in mapping intensive work. ‘heresRibes sp pease 
@hekile ben Abe. same;with: woyfacanes gph cs Mente . 

4, in the men in vethods m 

grour . by olone: fame euddAadihion types shell vay the same’ as in in- * 
Seoniate ‘but the colors shall be in horizontal cross hachures instead 
of in solid color. An exception to this will be stream type which 
will necessarily have to be solid color as in intensive work.” 

A e Pid ee mx ay ee 
SIL sw 5 SO 0 
vhs aloes ae neve e 

|. “fhe permanent» personnel consisted of the prdject supervisor, | 
J. L. Bedwell, his assistant, M. C. Riley and the five association men, | 
viz: “We Be,Painter, Clearwater Association; G: M. Whiting, Coeur d'Alene | 


AstociationsoH. (Fs Geil, Pend Oreille Association; R. E. Myers, Potlatch 
Association;"andoH.» Ls Whiting, Priest Lake Association. The project 
supervisor gave ‘mosteof his attention to the association work with general 
supervision to the work on lands inside the national forests. Mr. Riley 
devoted noet ofvhisstime to supervision of work on the national forests 
but spent considerable time on the supervation of field work on private 
Lends yh vork-on the Pend 

ak ineialiihe, pl ct eaversdait caghepes for the field season only, 
consisted of forestry students who were picked for this work because of 
special training and aptitude. The total of thirty-three temporary men 
were distributed among the several associations and forests as follows: 
Clearwater Association; three; Coeur d'Alene Association, two; Pend 
Oreille Association, six; Potlatch Association, three; Priest Lake Asso- 
ciation, four; Kaniksu National Forest, three; Pend Oreille Wational 

Rares bi —— — on the: St. Joe National Forest, nine. 

to the north 

caiiaidee omit oti, daa png poe of Linde ‘emeoxd2" 
AE Fa AS SO sci ide mh oaak 

agane tenth tet venil enodqe fed hail ba Liens (abson® oac” Tt" 
a ge $9 Sohgd avosis ed i tats pourtaot Jeu ine sadte bas amesite to 
ar ate a Sivque’ ting “fs iy Yoomred w 

sag dm Pirie eta ete fey thy Sok miod BENS aeee BLES Od wes 

ft “)abiaddes tetds tab. amastie , andttangtaeb arg ides tao! std 
“68g rsd Gem anit #0 ‘beregas ot oe pees oF \enelios1t ged i fetes 

gro ice mae ‘ate tere leg ogy nOEd ast hate 
oe ai ne we & AE rhs as an Me Pt ry 7 yy Hed * bys hs nei 
Gog 28 g v xd 6 E eee ae 
meres Zn 

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» fOtoett eodit-o1sd .xtow ovkanetul satoqen nf ee yitsex0 words od 
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afeerot fenciian odd ao axow to solelvteque o¢ emti ald to teom betoveb 

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4 Rts me 3 RS S maths ~ pabeok f 
sorta lo goa. 

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to gamed ayow efdt. 10% Bbepoig etew ‘onw ad aehud a ‘Yrtaerot ‘Yo bedatsaoe 
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sawollot ae edeor0t Bae amelistoosas Ierevee eft gnomm bojudixielb etsw 
buet ows ,noltstooseh eme LA'S wreotg! | {Ota o@AA Wie wees fd 
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- Mawottet ef ite hut seetaly eeerot Esvoliay restowN ; ‘esi notisto 

soatket aye ce: tam otean SOW .d8 eit wo ba Y tee 
sn gett m6 @tonm Tey BO IN “le Tae eyes 
Ds 2 “4 fs ae hag sotes. sat Seiec ret tel at emt ‘wae 

T See er ee t Pierce, Idaho; Fernwood, Idaho; 
Coolin, Téaho; avery , idaho; Falis ,’ Vashinzton, at the 
beginning) of, Seay th ga3 season aaa its Pe eae” of training the tem- 
porary erew men and to standardize the field ‘methods. “he? Coeur d'Alene 
and Potlatch Association crews were trained At Fernwood, the Priest Tike 
Associmtiom, Fend Oreille Association and Pend. Oreille Wational Forest 
crews mt Cooling the St. Joe National Forest crew at very, the Giéars | 
water "Asspeiation crew at Pierce and the oes katiota: Forest erew” 
and the crew which worked in northeastern a were trained at 
Metal ing Falla-4 1 ; 8 ahaa ct a ewes 

= 37 B, Bk 43 

rm | Preliminary sraining consisted in addr Forising the men with the 
native Ribes of ;the region,and the common sate ‘assoc ated with thea? 
They were also given a review in the identification of the tree species” 
of the. region». Th ater portion of the period was spent in instruct- 
ing the eon Te weTM eee and practical application of these methods on the 
ground by working sections, eheying b various types and conditions re- 

“Obtained on Federal Lands 

ghd woe Ui the reniOAy wePtional Here was perf dine on an area 
extending from-the-International Boundary south to the south line of 
Township 36 N. and was bounded on the east by the Shedroof Divide and 
on the west by the Pend Oreille river. 

2. Pend Oreille National Forest 

The work-on the Pend Oreille National Forest consisted of the follow- 
ing areas: Deer Creek drainage, the area from Myrtle Creek drainage to 
and including the Pack River drainage; Grouse Creek, Rapid Lightning 
Creek, Trestle Creek and Lightning Creek drainages. 

3. St. Joe National Forest 

On the St. Joe National Forest the main division was entirely 
worked on the south side of the St. Joe river and the area on the north 
side of the river was worked from the Montana-Idaho state line west 
to the north fork of the St. Joe river. 

ee _ 

Cait yt vedere. naan re Py eraw pean niciateet o vin! 
eal ts ,noganidagY ,eliat extiatev bas sodebI ,v~revA j;edabI ,atlood 
ooo yeted odd gakatent to. egoquia edt so? soasea Bfokt eds XS zalaniaed 
ene LA to | e900 ef » eboridet: (bLebt edd ex tbtehasde ot hie aom word’ 
evel saotxt anf ,boownreT ta banter? erow aweto aolt@fooeed doteltor bam 
vesrol [encliall off{leiO beet bus aottelnoeeA efftexO Buel ,moldialoozed 
~1e0l0 edt ,yrevd te wots gastro Ldaokfel se" .33 ont |, aloo) ta ewer | 
wore deerot Ismotiall wesitos® edt Eee sotett da wets aoidetodesa tetew 
te bentatt erew sodzotdeaW mreteasdtron ak Devow dotidw werd ety’ brs 
‘F,ellet ont Lat om 

ait déitw amom odd seiniestitaat my Sed ulema og ee yreniont [ort 
nent ddiw bedetooses adewie sommes ent. tne mofget ent to aedia evidan 
2eloage eet aft to noltsotbitcebh eft at wetvet so sevig cele stew Yort 
~tomtient al taece asw hebwey elt to moldtoy tetesty wah « aolgery aiff ‘to 
edt mo ahortem saedt Yo molisollcge Isolioatq hos ebortom ai som edd gat 
ot A apa haw a elo ba gag — no a bruroxg 

re 6 DS 

oo x BO aged Lo eae puaketth Samabratt evainit ‘edt ab Grek ie: 
te enti, ddmox odt ot teoe pra bepbis (anektearsanl ed. sahrseles Fas 
— awe er ot — ae no, hebnied agw. bor. 86 qidenwoT 
| stove: Bid tes6 Posey enter 

at Gere. ROE ne iy ey Siveteeseneo taore faa 
voltot ie to paneer paacie tenotéart eflfterd Soe ia no-sittow one 
ot sgamiath weet) of¢ityi mort sere oct ,ogeniertd Aese1d r98e98ed + Seer an 
pppnieiarge éinea: i aeend: srvorm jegeniaubsaeved weetoerit) safiolont Sas 
pals oe alows® gs bie’ creat sete eg 

iis. eee th a Be ee LP Fae kk 5 ee Ns a edeiel pi 

batsoreg Le $e 

Ue tiles & 

‘ahs 100 PORNRE SMOLFS IAC id 
mr xfer! rie enw aster the here end. teeter: fsnoksan. pear rn abi! hex 
dtvem. edt moneete on: bts; xevkt selout? Srdotocebie Adwee: oid a0" biinde 
deew onl! edate oceblsetedao edt mott.beoitot sew tevin sds Yo ebte 
stevia oo% .22 acid to wA1ot d¥arom ont of 

B. Kaniksu National Forest: 

1. Detailed Location 

Tf 65 N, 25 WW .,.Boise Meridian $,17,20,29,32 
7 40 NW, BR 45 © Willamette Meridian Entire Township 
T40N,R4E Foo"  tlge Entire Township 
T40N, R43 5 a " Entire Township east of Pend 

Oreille River 
7 39N, R45 E ® " 2~11 ,14-22 ,26-32 all inclusive 
T39N,R44E # . 1-12 ,16-21 ,25,27-35 all incl. 
T38N, 2 455 * " 19,30,31 
T38N,R 48 " " 2~-8514436 ‘all inclusive 
T 37 N,R 445 o u Entire Township 
'T37N,R 43 E " . 1,12,36 
'3Z6N,R 4428 " " 2-11 ,14—21,30 all inclusive 
T36N,R 43 2 " . 1=3 ,10-15 ,22-24 all inclusive 
2. Results of work: 


Per cent Covered by Reconnaissance 
Kaniksu National Forest 

Area in _| 1927 Worked to Date|to Date 

Pa oe 

“ ‘gethtreit sdioa ws 2 mika 2 
a mie eft ome (£28 “RSS gO OD ets 
ag ae ibe: nai OP OF Ob einen 
boat to dane qidanwo? extiqg ° “ # "0% es eed | bee 2°, WOR Beer sy 
sviewioat Ele SEn8S SSS L106 0c hones nd Kerr a8 tek AS eee aR 
fomh fle GES 28, 48-9 Sha0 0008 0 Ok ores ee 
; £, Bergre et ee ah ihe 
“evievloat Ife inten Ce 

tg gape PqeRguptede wr: 
OOS Or Bk PEEP) Ses 
tai otis ng S ousulleereacaten 


ty tiv ab-8L, 4 
‘eviewiont te. Be, ea Hat Lat RENO® Qeaihasd epegpe 
rete ip init SLE ak teh a ; * r, wes ta tt 7 hs wee oars 

Sh gy ora My 9) pity: 
Sue RRS TS a Se a ee “i 4 ae 3 i 

YS Daten} 
ede re AIO ey 
bexroW ¢neo tet! seta [stot] bexteW « |}. 2 Se A 


Per cent of Types Soverea by Reconnsissance 
Kanissa National Forest 

boty “™ 
Be eared 
a ban 
rat cb rae ye 

A 4 ge 
Leaps oF Ame! 


+ ashy a Pore 
romgeH sou Baay seoret [ 
Ce we -) deste aa 

La Fog ne 

2 edt: al 

oo eter 

tod 9 


Age Classes by fradication Types . 
(White Pine Only) 
~ Kaniksu Hational Forest. 
eg ese LTS 

f oe 

Pilaweolsrn| asl || | cons 
sasha 165|7 fabicaalia $23 

RAL Wg of Some ie, shoo 2 eo 

Open Heprofuetion —(ai2i3 prs seam Pel 75-51 [ids 78s Zoe) 
3 Wr een SO SAS BH PA AST 85S 

eteiled location 

“White. Pine Area Covered by Extensive — 
R aniksu National SS'2ees } 

Forest, 1927 

Open Mature 

Dense 212 

Ypen > Re eS. 
Dense. Reproduction 
Open Rep roduction 
Stream, , 

as 3 
wa wz 

aan 4as 

wo Sa 
J 7 & @« 

dass 2 3 Gis 
wo ee Pee, Ge eee ee ae | ey 8s SE SE ee ee ee ee ee 

Lat of Into? wk toq eedif.oll .evA 
ee LOM | sedis JoT| .atv.2| .o# ff EOS é 
at UNAURE i e Rcee : 
25,2 [SL BEL RGB LSE OEE Se, Seve | 

ROE gp ES ea 

a Lik. Ab 24T aR RDS sared | 

| hea hear eve, f) 
Ll Iv .828/ 95.5" 1 TS. che] VE -) 

_Agacinenelsiae et tee eae — ee 

elot senet 
elo seq0 
osborgel eened 
1013 SL:b0 yeh neqt 
neers 2 

White Pine Area Covered b ive and 

Dense ‘Dense Mature _—s 

Dense ln 
nara am 
Dense Reproduction) __144 _ —_ 

ee a eee ee ee ee 

on tnt gredlle Retlonel Forest h So. 

‘Boise Meridien sections | 
T. 645, Rk. BE $-10,15=-22 ,27=]34 all inclusive 
Tf. 63N, BR. SEY. 3=5 ,7-10,14—-20 all inclusive 
T. 628, Rk. 1W 5=8,17-20 29-32 all inclusive 
T. 6209R. 2H . Entire township east of Pend 
lagon raises ee Oreille National Forest Boundary. 
T. 62N, Rk. 3H Entire township east of Pend 
Oreille National Forest boundary. 
T. GLN, R. 2 1<12 ,15-22 ,27-34 all inclusive 
T. 61 N, Rk. SW Entire towtiship east of Pend 
“ ype Oreille. National Forest boundary. 
%. 60N, 8. 29 B={11 , 13-36 inclusive 
T. GON, Rk: 3 Entire township east of Pend 
thew ti when Oreille Wational Forest boundary. 
, T. 595, 8. 25 $610 ,15-17,21-23 ,27-82,51-24 all 
" inclusive. 
T. 5S9N, RR. 1E 1,10=-16,21-25 all inclusive.’ 
T.-5a.¥, 2. 20 4 | 
‘9 T- 590, Rk. 3 Parts of 2,11,14,23,25,26,36 ly~ 
Pal 64 eed ing east of Pend Oreille National 
rren Forest boundary.’ 
T.. NY, B. 7,18,19,89-32 inclusive.’ 
ew » ¥, 

Rk. 3 
Re 2B” ; 15 ,9=17,19-36 inclusive. 
Pe SSH Re 1 B 25-27,32-36 all inclusive. 
g 3 E Entire township 
2 Entire township 

eviensfont {fe booTS,S8-8f, 01-8 
eviesionl [In 0G—-6L,0[-¥,.d-0 _ 
evivwfont fla S886, 0G-91,2.2° 
beet to tease qidenwod stits®, 
gishoved tesrct [anolial ef{te10/~ 
bast to tase qidenwot otisiai” 
vishauod gsertot Lenotset olites90 ° ~~ 
eviesfont Ife d8-V&,S8-21, Sif 
buet Yo tene gidenwot exiin® ~~ 
‘tsiasod ¢teerot Iemolial .ef[ie1Q 
eviewfont 88-8L , [ff ~~ 
baet to dene qidenwod orkia® Satameaais ih 203 a wos". 
vishawed seeroT [enolie® elf{te10 ~ weit a ae A AY) A 
Ifa &8-[8, 2SNS, SS-(8, T7621, 0156 
‘.aviewfont [fe @8-[$,8f-01,f£ 
af 8&,68,38,55,d5, 11.8 to etre. 
enekwev off{ierd bast to dese gat 
‘,yrshaved teon0T 
‘,evierfont $8-08,21,31,7 
-eviewlont! 86-01, T£-8,d<L 
-oviawtont ifs 88-82, 7S-aS 
gitmawod astt mal 
qidecwot eritat 

worked by the Pend Oreille Timber Protective Asceciation crew in 

charge of Mr. Geil. This ezreage wat combined with that vo 
the FodePalSéclly Be kyBe oli the a5, 8-16 )52-26436.01) Aneiasive.- 
ag would Be dial table. Satire tornship - 
BW. R. BRO 1-4,7-36 inclusive 
. S58 8,Rk. 38 Entire township north of Clarks Fork 
: ; River. 

T. SW. Rk. 28 Taste i township north of Clarks Pork 

ge ere by Erwhd tion Type 

Pend a rede. pile Ma icaah Fores ¢ 

PAR ) 

= RR a 

clans 2m 2) aGres aT EE ee 
Rradieation et Cont) O° vere | aitcan bad | ) 
Typ "70, Qpedile ational, Yares' 2091 20 0] 2008 | [total | 

ee scam a 

|Denae yy ma a4! 3.6501 aes| 5 5 
n Met rt 

Dense ¥ 


evlenlont [fe SE 8S-Rh 08, 8-Lin0" Oe ite 88 e Meat oe 
idenwos erhtat a & PS ol BH a 
evi seiesleaita. Scliaue oR apes : 

wot atte! to ddcon Egy Pea paar 


* hae 

sio¥ extent) to diton qideawot orttak s : on a... 
sane ; ‘ 


a a ees pope 
hone ' 
bf me re maton akan 



i, ET Fea Se 

worked by the Pend Oreille Timber Protective Association crew in 
charge of Mr. Geil. This + see was combined with that worked by 
the Federal crew so that all the Pend Oreille National Forest acre- 
age would appear in one table. ; 

ee ee ee ee 

i ee ee Fe ee ee ees ne a ee 

ee eee 

at wero noltaioozed evisestora redaff efffetO beet elt yi bestow 
vd bestow ¢adé déitw beatdmoo vsw sgsetos eiAT -.{1e) 1M to sgisdo 
-stoe Jeerel iacolest- elfter0 boot edd Ife tad§ 08 wero [etebet edt 
| relied emo at Tae Silwow egg 

rede de. a4 
oan ae 5 Se 
oe ee ig pe # re 
OR Dee” Ph bby 
ce Dn ae 84 OS 

pot lel tt — 

evs, £ a:? 

ose, ee | aso, [uae arene 
| re alan 

Bats te 

wR pon 

peepee si ereeicmntnananainnls imeem 
f ? 
Beg 4 : 
70 (ba “ ve » . Me ete 
rth ob 3 4 i a pri 
h ’ 
weekly Hovsit > A 
A fy t ” 
7 ‘ t 
if sth rot ‘ i re 
Ra 4 
y* F 
f i i , ee vi 
ip shies pean 
a #pe fas to 
Ss y 4 ¢ 
4 5 
4 obi wg ot 
j / aT 
° ’ 4% 
oe 4 
> asap biovhd wtalpsnhon toe shot nantes ovale treme 
ait 5 
Bae suon ~ owen roads ine oR ee + sawed? ve sd eT) yap 
Pi ta a : se cu} 
oe i I H omy. 
Geanantingh® Do cpl Lage. iri yap iain Ta et eee Per ae ee Do De sient we 
ee y ; : oy : 
. hs. § } we ¥ Ay 
f of. Me aga eas Pea ee er a wend PR CM ET 
4 i 
1 , 

they ear ei rl banded e dalla fae i il > Dra wormuepetlaiioarss cer asin 

me ; Pay " | " 

(Loat Te post atet tes tp Or Le 8 [se 3e 

pf39 1690’ ch 2S" OTT) 90" [st’s Et“20t) 
LIS UL P66 P4e |99°9 | pest 2h" Os) 

{392 Sidi i: ee 

ate ealsee TT 
egg jos 
sso"@ Joes" | wopaer 
sua"e [ose | weraonpostou 

Open Mature ~ | 30.576 
vee ¢pRense Polen. | en S26) a1 east 
seve |Opem=Pole . | 454 
Dense Reproduction 661 
*. 6 °|Qpem Reproduction: |» 4,156) ©.) 6. 7. 
T. 42)5, 8. 3.5 -Potad 17,897] im 
i" 4 » Rake b=) mode 
T. 46 WH, Rell &. Se? Inelwes 
Eradication Type _ 

Dense Matui 
Dense Pole 
Open Pole 

Dense Reproduction 


MH , > ya, a0 ba a Md 4 Ta. ee vat fe 
net ae Ae | Ae Mea Ly Sa 
g ile we x t 


eee & * 
ree] Pet 


Se ag 


tT Sas & 


D. St. Joe National Forgs¥= NO... 
1. Detethegclooation Sent of “ypes Coverce i 
ty i 

The following townships which are all east of the Boise Meridian 

have been entirely .workeds‘ ions | ages t 1927 ti 

T.42 0,862; 242 N, B.S B; fT. 430, R. 5 Ti f. 43 


7.43 N, R.S By; T.43 N, R.G E; ". 438, R. 102; 7. 

tag n, RAG Ras HES ey 

iS tre potas 

‘The following townships which ane ar eat cot the Boise 

T-43N ,R.7B3_ 

Meridian have Seema oneNT ies shor: 

Lee Re > ~ Sections? Ass, ‘So16 PLazS,.36 inclusive. 
‘?. 420, Bare 5. ma | as "33, 94,36 inclusive. 

[Resta “1 — aie ,30 inclusive. 
LE a ab tel: re F-Asi0 16281 fneles ive 
Para ope 
‘ me : = wees £ os jet ‘fi 
rae RoR Be Bee taatsive. | 
?. 45 q, R. = %. 13,24,25,36. rh 

T. 4560, BR. 6 B.... | 4 16-21 ,28-30 inclusive. 
63,2. 7° * 16 ,21-23 ,25-28,33-36 inclusive 

T, 45 N,B-.f B..8 5 Bs. ph 35.: 48}-36 inclusive 

2. Results of.w He Fiz 
. ° haa dct 
» bs fee. es, 1927 

Re me ) #S. 

ae ee i, es Ee ni 
jEradication {§. a " ii 
ee, eel Be Bie 2 otal | | 
Den Se Ma tu xe. } ii : ey 
[open Mature oJ. eM of ME hnirin 2 Bp BE 1a 
‘Dense Pole | ! ; ; 
[Gpen Po: Te 26) | 
yw = | A 
peed - LU) 
(Open } Lai a 
. “ Me | 
zal | 
Rien 7] | 

i matic te 

pea ST 
_ MSR Ce ieee 

nn none aed 

1.WES-T 3h 8 18 USS oP ek A Ow BRT. Lee dihatierdied 1238 ew Sh 
19.9 Hae .T TOL LH ORT ; ee cee eB Bs 

[he LOD OT REE sein aoe ee SE BRT 2.0 W de.e 

: va ah o mG eR: gre s20L. A Pas 22.7 

os id a tS 

estof edt te tans 

oviewlont BE, 88-L8,dL-2, pe ; 
-ovieulont 38,25,88, [b<f 
-oviagiont 08, TSef) . Si 

eviesfoat [S-8f,0f-[ ; 

-sviselool T-8. | 2 If. iT 
ovienfon! G&—-EL eG & T 

seviawfont BE-3,8 22.0 2, 
-oviesfont 3&,o8-88 of 2 eae. 2 -? 
.88, 88, 26, 8£ een oh te te 
evienlont O8-BS ulSaBbj. cab hs eee. AO oh) MGR IT 
evieriont d8-58, 388-88, S-1S,af.. er ae 2 a, Oe Sy 
oviniwion£ @€—[8, £08 0° | ogo. (G+ Deh Ob .T 



Acreage and Per Cent of Types Covered 
by mi: : x - 

St. Joe National Forest, 1927 

’ . 

"Age Classes by Bredication Types 
(White Pine Only) - 
~ St. Joe National Forest, 1927 
Age » 1 S5e8 ’ | irk ica 
ee ea dd cpl ald 
ry 80; 100 

Dense Mature} | TS 



on c9) 
or Mog 
nie 0 
coy if 
re i 
-* = 
M “bf 4) 
: ” ty 4 
wth wet 2 3; 
ef .OF ee : 
a’ vs ] A f 3 : 
4 mn ste 5-1 
Pah ip H Ve 

Vind onlt os td) 8 elite 
Tse eo ed ones 

ede ie 
So wpseae SS lear fee: Hlap el ean Bl soxaee son0 

ees Sre. 18] 4 be, Le 

ese ty! OlZ°Ool's sata ol el £4°ST | Te°6T teats el ‘TS 08 

FT Ra ek] eral 
exev Jed ebay coquayy eFWioay: 
mmm SS me oh 

ot pst} 4 “ 3} % : eS ! ' i 
pron t - ¥ ~ (2 Zs. 7 
ab eh i wail | tetat Peleest Se ia | Stale! | 
bel & ' ont : - +4 ; i 
EY 8| 1. a1 By, Tew Bs FIN OOF “9S | “era Sist si 
va | : + taal = ‘ ot QD ey eapsuezuy ie} eo = mal "4 9} 
213i; i ~t ce 4 Pt he Bs £q wile Pad : = o|™| 0° 
eal ta! 5O LOA r | Sie ciaigis 
ial STOKOD a Peay UC SY Tetesetta | A] 5) 8) 55 
gue} | ‘ah a Pel fal ®t pi 8 4 2525 
if IQ 81538) - - ne EO nS 
Cee Reet SAS Binet RA Deed 37 “On ow, ml 

; S38, IS) OLS, 00L aE ee éf.3 | sv.BL {2.eL [ES.3e 

bal | 

a tae 


an wwe aby ge al 4 








Neer mapeeietrnnicomtenan | 

Le HH caannann 

av Lewy | TO. i 3 0S.818, foe _ {OL | pO ge bade 

ane i RS A | ne 

Fmeacadposeroecusancady sonanneieagiaeeerantmemarterceegeseneapenianens 

a 7 
[Dense Reproduction| 

open ieprodustion | 25 
atrane im a 

Eradication Typ 
Dense Mature 
|Qpen Mature _ 
pense ole __ 
Dense Rep re 

| ne | 
' ' 

C1 Ts ae 
\Totals and 
[AvVGT Agee 
* The erew on-the 
Camp cut @bared 
the same region~..--T 
S¢n80n on & pro rats 
cost szounted to : 

a = 


*® Crews working on 
from Fore 3 t be sry +0u 
enase at stores and 

*o9? Subsictense for the var 
‘urmished ly the Forest Serv 
“eyh day. 


, 4 bby, agp Pay 
Pe a en we 
ie Re Te 

Lah. Meee 

SS gt es rN ma FS) 

i _iengan 

4 nia ere -egene nena in? 


oe Mahlnn renin’ 

Tw? Ww Baw? «> 3 : Db _ 
| ™_ ¢ +” Ens ~~ : & 
a ¥ ROa } seOrritormeg anc se Lis C & 
Ss RUSS 2052 OF 060 ene Soo ee UO i 
Pit 9) 
A enérai ioe " 9 BABLE NO. 20 
BeBSr Rs 2.SS2 Bement 

cae 2On 
<=, . + * << _ . 
Seoonndtadming Losts, 1927. rien of of the five north = 

timber protective absociati ; 
sidlnn Estee Cost per 
Total jof menjman 

Wanikeu. 5-9 60-90|....... | 27-00 [3 47.90, 3) 

jRanLKSY . Do iw 60-90) otion: jp 27-00 jb 27.90) 3 
Pend Orelile[ 108-33| S1E-08 | 183-35 _ 318.76 
en 130.51 | 194.26 ee ne 

[en feet Gt a 
Forest tence ment of me Total j|Worked 

Finite |g 437.10 esmitle sls 1.511.88{149,260| 5.008 
Pend oretni seen ope -apina|aj060:20 2,677.41 |242, 755 |_| 

St. Joe Lif 3.943 32 (426,860) _.009 

area| 01 

03 rest dia not maintain @ separate 

A ice.crew making a timber survey of 
ned at the “termination of the field 

ny omy the aunee, of meals taken. This 

2 Ls. (2 

& BA 

cost amounted) to “$. 87 per ‘meal. 

*® Crews working on the Pend Oreille National Forest were supplied in part 
from Forest Service Central Purchase supplies and partly from local pur- 
chase at stores and from lumber companies. 

**® Subsistence for the various crews on the St. Joe National Forest was 
furnished ty the Forest Service on the basis of a flat rate of $1.50 per 

man day, 

sem | com ‘to. | Latot seiteleG| sie 304 288 

y-al ¢| 8  |OG.\P @| Oats a 

£3 cE | 38 |av.81e | ae cea | BO.amfer-eor [aliiino soot 
88.18 | @ jds.eet | (2.08% jiey.88 | 90% .t2 


sisters! s nieiniam ton Sib eect . ska eas edd so wero edt * 
Yevise sedmtd & gaicem woo epivibe ¢aet0% s dtiw qmeo bersde tod qmso 
eft eft to sottsaiared oft ta bentarret saw taco aT .nolget omee elt 
iat .mesied efeom to tedmea od? of aaibrooos slead sitet og 8 m0 moase2 
| ae aes zed gg ¢ of betavoms s8os 

q ok Setigqasce stew teotoT Lenotsatt-o£ 

hae ‘enl} no gaistrow ewer) ** 
ug Ian0l mort yLdreq baa eeliggnt ees 

; at Aantae) satvie® teerol moxt 
vodmul mott brs serote de easdo 

ew gaercot Ianctiah a0 .d2@ oft mo @werte avoizev eft tot eonetetadnwa *** 
eq Oivlg Yo star talk s to efaad sd mo solvie? teetoT edt yw Sedelatst 

eyeb oem 

IV. Work Performed and Results Obtained on Private Lands 
——— SS evince On Private Lands 

A. General location § 

—Reconnaissente work was carried’ on of! the five north Idaho 

timbersprotective association, viz: Clearwater T. P. A; Coeur 
d'Alene T.P.A3 Pend Oreille T.P.4; Potlatch 7.P.A; and Priest Lake T.P.A. 

B. Clearwater Timber Protective Association 

1, Det 

ailed location: 
na i Filon 

| White Bine Troe. — |-51,513| 85.63 | Sections 
T. 39.0.8, 4° Silver Creck iféa «67 /1+3,10-15 
Tt. 36H. -5.E.. Brown's Creek @ Orofino Creck ——«7-8, 11-36 
- SBME. 5B Upper Reed's Oreck Area = =—=——SS«:-3,,10-14 
- 388.2. A E Meadow Creek drea = 9 73 1-3,10-15,22-24 
- 3802. GE Washington Creek Meadows drea 1-22 ,29,30,33-35 



- 37 ERG E ~ Breakfast Creek Area 00 8-5,8,9 
Hon Forested Lan ; 
__Badesulis of wows 

Table Nov 92, 23, 2, 25, 25, 27. — 

Ho ck 

ONE PRE. Be PR SE a a 

ae 6 “Te 

Percen ‘ earw Association 
Covered by Réco SSance 

A ce (jae a yF reoi 


ebusl evsvixt xo beniatd® ej ivees bue bomiotred szo¥ .VI 
te 4 ~tahtow 20 sotésool Ie1teneD .A 

odabI A¢tom svit odd co mo Sefuvad esw atow éone oses 
tmweod 74 .¢ .f tetewiseld istv ,aotisiooees evitoetorq redmit 
+I. T-exted teeitt big 7A-t.P Aotalsot 2h0S.T eliter0. bast 74.9.7 enola'b 

mee Bk. of $9. 22 Sein stmt men Storactege se ee Begins ne: Bao ! ECO 2 
 @f-0L,8-£ seth Yeo1) tevii2 
/S82£L.9-30 sleet) onl totes. 2 2 
&f-OL, &-L B84 sles) e'bost ‘teqqU & 



SS~SS, éf-01, 5-1 sed wos1) wokeev 
S-SE.08,08,SS-[ _ setd awobss dcot) nodesidest 
€.8,8-5 sete. sa dasbiseré 

ot bein 

Mase ctine cp 

* e oe 
. rng i 
® ‘) * 
ho is 
ate FG #3 
» ae LO HOSG6SE 
‘ ars peat. Ce me De ait Ho we hoe Ewe ee 
i . P ; ee ne, = Fi sam on 
% ae ; j aivre? teens! sont 
+ Sem wevote ge eanclo 
ee ee ee ‘ ? vf ch ’ Wiese gel rere | oo ene ,. eo i ott 7 
Orta we ato: OF oe Sree tveitey af wet ecoetotedak *e* 
re " F ae ee ee Pits eas Se en ee ated ai , mall a oe 2 
chy 2 S7e% tall @ to Qhaat nit a@ sulvred geexroe edt wo Serietats? 

«yak sme 

(White Pine Only) . “© 
earwater Timber Protective Association 
1927 — wont 

lea | 

FTA PST st 6 i 5,378 
Open Mature | oo} | | 2 t , 903/37,158/ ef © 39,055 

Dense Pole — Pole ——+—} $8, 

liGpem Pole | | 1) | ae nla) cl ate 9 839) 
Dense Repro.| | 475| 463| $0). 

—“wotale | s20/2-418|2-012| @oli.0a5|2.6s5 46,801] | ss, 



uct Aotatacl Bhat A eo TRERO bask SAS eE orale ! 

Kokte oo Sih oy Saher ey oval? Tete wiael) 

rR ste 4 
A RN fea at OO A RE iY “cnr pr opielannese nana emo iene ot ca Neh ANNE he SCRAPE PL, OTD aR 

gesvileay pue 

Woyjonpoidey wed 

OFjoN posdey esuseg 

Fel 3 pe 

OO rer tee et 

eee Batrcg reg me 

Ee ee ene eee 

ere Cl 

Amouaditcneth * 

GC. Coeur dtAlene Timber Protective association 

1. Detailed losatiqn: WO. 26 

-. 4} x y. E 
£ 42 | Re a a = 

T. 425 8. 

T. 4582 & 

- Sd yg RY a zs 

T. 44 FR 

r. 459 RB. -23 7, 26 

5 See \GABIde NO. 2%, 
¥ Sec tions 7, 15-aR, 28.20. 

~ Oo 

l Eradteation 

"Exclusive of lands witht Bational Fore: 

a ie 



PS gine 


¥ 2 



ete a ct 

» fe pe 

» aes 


ner om oreo aie 


C. Coeur dtAlene Timber. Protective Association 

i. Detailed Location: a“ 

fT. 41 NR. 2 Sections..2,-3.- 
T. 42NR. 25 Sections 11, 13, 4, 23426, An36. 
¥. 42 5 R.d z Sections k Sy 19, u : . ws 
Stress “Gerpenter Creek “drainage 
T. 49H Rea By. Sections 68/1719. 
T. 43 N Rodel Sections 11-16, 21<23, 25-28, 33, Bh. 

3 [ ee Creek drainage 
1. 44-0: 2 Séetions 3-5, 6-10, 15-17. 
.Bond Creek drainage 
T. 45H R. 12 Sections: 25, 11, 14-17, 21-23, 27, 28. 

ok a ete) 200 Lie = 
7. 450 Rk. 20 Sectiaek 12, v3.) 245 L927 
7. 45NW RR. 17 Sections: 7 16-21, 28-30. 

' Avea Worked 
tin Acres __| 
Le eda ae te, 
oe 1 ee 102,577 

*Exclusive of lands within the National Forest boundary. 

s i. 

‘fottstooses syiiootorg tedmi? emelA'S ae0d .9 

EEE 8 

hm sf Sea Cy? am jan pote acevo: ct Eh ‘ a 
BS’ SS ,8S-IS Weer. oe “8S onotinee 28.2 uae 2 
SEL SL Mtottose 

ain a iS. ar . ‘enoljos® WW 
ec 4 Ones 


‘Yishavod teet0l Ismoitel ert aidtiw abasl to ov tauloxy* 


—-~ on peememew <n i +: 

; ot my | te 
: ee 

: ¥ ec minal < q 
Alene T.P.} 

Mee s ; 40 5 : 
(Open Mature | | ide | [660] 15,660) 
pense Pole 4} fa 
[Open Pole | | | j | a7] 935] 2) | S| 1 062) 
tT 34001 

[Dense Repros| | _ | 1,905| 495] | 
Open Repro. | _[180/105843/ S50} te 0 

——fetale | aso e461 7d e723 17 Si | | 31,760 

A gargs) Been a 
BPA te Slap penn ah * 
a; rt Feat - ro rf "2 a vee 
: + ee ti ee ee tad Ue ach . 

er loa sa iain 
oa ef ae ae a ees rea 
)  OOe 5 | | let caged) 
ee re 

oer 8 ons 

962 3T d0°2T 2s * £9°L |232°8 j9T TlOss'9 Se7B.L0AY 
se | pee sTP404 
er error td A i SAA i 

ait ae 990°9 

et ter aaa 
Ba LAE anata a 


Te “ON Flava 

vu ;* "© 

aeS.8f| aS0,008 




mEP ay faa 86,8] 


to aati 

YS Sess yvoQ 
fz Sef aylaca?: 

mre, A ow 7 
Sik. 296 

ht Se 7OSC 

D. Pend Oreille Timber Protective Association 
Ea rovective Association 

1. Detailed location: = 
FASE WO} 25. Sections 
T. 5S9NR.2W6 Pack River _ 1-3, 12-15, 22-24, 27 

T. 58 BRS ok = 

T. 555 We oMtay Casey” Sane 7 

T. 59 NR. 2° Wo Mtv Casey” =F 31 

T. 5SOSNR. SW Mt.l Casey 2, 11, 14, 23, 25, 26, 36 
T. 56NR. 12 Trout Creek 13, 14, 20.24, 28-30 

“i 58H R. 1 W Teele aaa _— 

Creek 12, 13 

t.! 58 WeRi hs htning™ =r cen) 
ite Pina typereek - aesernl 
1.59018 Rapid 1i ghtnin er 
Other Pimber 7: == | 
TSMR, 2E Rapld Ligh ef. 
rn) 59. N ee ene 2 6.7 
" . SSW R. 2.8. Grow Grouse Creek 17-20, 30_ 20, -30_ 

_-cutever Siete 


Yr A, Te Vee 

Ws al rn | “ 

Py 08 
a ,dS .aS eS A Lt 8 
O8-BS 88-08 of .SL 

Nt arama Hae mi 


3 1 ypdeegctomeedigesessen: SOMME en gis nave” 

ck eS ae Lee 

Pee mere CAL I RS I Pe oon we oa hctteage\tpaelion en idle vt vie 

ye ee oh 
scant SANNA 

| 1,040 | 2.2 | 
RES Teas wae 
 onhov eas ye | 7uR60 |  —. 56) 
eta 186 400 00k 
kines per pore on: | watane Is 
Covered oe Te SES a 2@ 
* In hat : i this: year the Pend 
Oreille Taber Protective i ‘Association crews worked 137,310 acres 
within the boundaries of the Pend Oreille National Forest. This 
137,310 acres were combined with = pereene | worked by the Federal 
ray Taibes | ake fees 

| Bradieation |Fxee Roe ae oer Ae 
_lype [ABres [Acres | ise ‘Saas. Total ’ 
REET: FES) SB BETTE SE bw ce ogioui ne. anwar senile 
2 if 5 ~ 
[Dense Mature, |7,107|2)] | A inal we pee Tie! See 
{Open Matuze Dold DOT 2 430) Be ee) Ss 7S | De ts 
| - | . 4) : ” ‘ 
[Dense Poke ap TO oe eile ach Se abet : 
S - : Ai ra 1 es Ww) aks ’ 
[Open Pole kun 751. diet eo 2.76.90) a 
if P at zak ; . e a4 & ie 
[Dense } Repros + ee Pe 1 oo. & Hage oh 4 ae St a 
\ i\Upen Kepre, | 26%, ’ 175) oa ; tr Meee se 
. 5 «+E wan oe. 4 —- ~ ¥ - 7 = : 
\Strean 7) aon! pA Sn Oe: k 4 
PERT EET SOT BT Re vale © PRR Wee oe OT Roe ’ 
; Totals : ; 
[and Aye agree & I9.£ Se, 3 , SO% . 3: ” - i ¥ 

5 Re eS Cee aD, tedmt? effteyd boot .& 

Sa eres eo: 

jiitveool bolinied f 

& C34 



beet ect by eh bestow Frage Sr ot moltétibs aI * 
getoe OL8,TEL eWete mol aah teodmifT efftex0 
aid? .deorst Sesoksew eLfiex0. BasT ads Yo asktabanod end atddiw 

fatebe% eft yd bestow onmertse sdf ditw bentdmoo etow eetos OLE, TEL 

“i jn sehen Stang elpetiasoae: 5 lliB eA en 8 ii as ae Raie ees See » Wet 
: BOTA late? j 

Lanvenretn tae. 
* vas wkend sore ti = ee | 
We oe ean mamas be ge ceihniaaneaman 

vow peewee =, s ti . were | 

se ote ytbreintet kote ae 

po A pier RUE te mem 



Repran af 2aee6leri4a70l 1 | nal 
COO Pc ike cin He citi onec Ore =) 
Y__Potals ]260]480|335|620|1,264|250|9,985|687 113,871 

; voli,040), . 450[ 37.31 [39.46] 56.78 [24,415/ 1,470 | 

ode SOB) |__0 | 20.00/ 2,900) 900 _| 
pen Foie |b %6|-chae|ie. 01 0-i7e.00126,224| 224 

Dense Repro. jo. 280/345). 6.17] 7 B.395| 565 _| 
Geen Roses {gest ate] es 1ites| Basta goss) 460 
Seem 7175, ome os ress ma a 

e a 
ef ffES 70 

Po be if ve ~ ae Oe be » “eo * IM ¢- 
7" “8 eed % Oe ice A ar Sa i f 
Pann? -O el eee Pooh) Biers aes ie i beat biithiod edd ofia ie 

Bence ee (Le onslsonay satan easel 
cawarr: ee a ee 

002  |002.f |00.05. | 0-05 jae | 
iss ese: 28 loo atic (o0-aNileet jay 

| 208 jee bed [it 18.8 [ene [08 “eee gr 
ops —fert.s 16t.O8 [ee. Tiled. jeu ens | cone uogo 
Sf less, £6/98.88 | 0 (Nees [ave | Solara 

aie a iy a. 
| 800, EL) 880, (8/VE.88 | 8.5 | tevA bre 

f s 5 , Pinvem ce Ft  P 
“aye OP: Ha ke kankdne sow tern OL6, VEL 

+ 2S a 




East Fork af 


‘ 50 5 Phy 1 

Township 4) 

vetween those = 


Dense Rep voduetion 
n_ Reproduction 

5 oe 


rata e pet ee 

Pot el 

be nding 



in BrmwO. 398 “otlai 

fogs oS 

on ranean 

_ Ss 


BE. Potlatch Timber Protective Association 

ae e) © 

1. Detailed location 

se ¥ a & 

Township 40." Range 1-5; Sestions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. &, 
9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14):15,°46,717;. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23; compris- 
ing parts of the drainages of Ruby Creek and the East Fork of Pot- 
latch Creek. 

Township 40 N Range 2 E; Sections 5 and 6; comprising part 
of the drainage of Rest Fork of Potiptah Creek. 

“Fownship, 41 41 ¥ Rangel T: tion 9, 10,;11, “3, 13, 14, 15, 
16, 20, Bl. 22, 22,.23, 24, 25, 26; 27, 28, 29,30; 32, $2133, 34, 35, 
36; oe A tet al of Rob's Creek and East Pork of 

Potlateb. Creck.. a Small p eS: of the St. Maries drainage 
lying near the. divs betreen that ga te; Bapg Fore of Potlatch 
Creeks " * Baz r . 

7 rownshs pa 1H Bange 2 z; ahevicns 6;~?, 8) Sy 16, 17, 18, 19, 
20, 2, bg. Bo, one » 33; comprising parts ofthe drainages of the 
East Fork of ‘ £ Thal and the Hest Fork of Blk Greek near the 
divide between streams. aa 

= ‘Nownthip-41-¥-Range-1 ¥; ond 255-26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 3% 
33, a4, 35-36, all in the drainage of Potlatch Creek. 

Township 40 N Range 1 W; Beetions L, &,. 3. Ss. Bs 8,19, 10, ll, 
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24; comprising parts of the 
drainages of the East Fork and Poa Creeks. 

2. Results of work. ‘ite aly 

AC eZ : ; Ae 


Tables No. 405, 4i, 42, bes 45. 

rn ST ee oe , A 4 hs 

a Fi a ia > .& a 4 Pu Nh 2G. 
~aitgmoo ;8& .SS .[S ,0& .ef . 824) 
-toF to stot sash exif Saw Seon +g 

22 OL, SL Re oe OE «e x G-rH I tguet E-id-qidenwot — 

ats be BE Se ee Obs BS-40E.., 88 . BRE “= aa H .08 ar 
to sol sas% bas deerd a “i to. 8$t#q 3a) 
egatiazh aoixel .32 eft to motixog.fieme o. adbetloat” .seer) Hote lto% 
foteitot to Atoll tas ond envi at ae ae teem gayi 

PO a5 rae PEROT Pa 3. en 
Day iJ QahOR OR Ea 

ley her gaps: 
OL BL TE LOL 8 8.48 ae {ES ania 1 gid 3 
edd to sozenterh orld to 2itaq aatelrqmoo 788 Res BS iS OS 
efit teen weet) ALM to axot ¢eoW edd bas wzoerd dodeltoT to aAtot tanh 
-Gnnette saony neowied ebivib 

fe 08 ,eS .BS .T& aS ,ee emct#osa iW {£ oguei U I qisenwo? 
+901) dojeltol to Spaaierh edd ot [le ,88 .88 $8 . oF 

sae OL 08 Oe Sf aagtie2 4 f egaet B08 qidaawot 
ef? to etas¢ ee ~~ State oe el AL LL , SL 
Let net, Dae, deat ont to seyenteth 

<a10w to etifveet .& 
"ab ah hol es od 0b .om seldet 


(——fotale [e255 S86 |6,a50 6418 TOMER oR 

pth OL ,8- 

) adiag gal 

a << , a “ y, 
Put oa ode f 

Fi 4 Wee ae : a i ys a ee 
aE tt. a hhcabs s2G02 ae A ae AM af i if Loe eT NT 
: é 
+e Age re : ’ wt i eee 2G 2s ord. g Su. 

: ¢ 
PH Beta a Pe te 

eoqyt Seen et 
(ylaO entT et id)... oy Yo #3 Liveeg 

At? dotalsog 

5b 1S|L6° lee ter 

=p ae a 
tl at ek RR lind 2 ee: 6 ee ictal ome 

rs abil all re 



oe oe ee 


pen ature} | 

en Po, 

(Dense Me tur 

[Den 38 

Rit T22} Te’ ¢ae 

‘TS'SRSTTT Veal ae FalTS TO ves Bebe WSO 

ne ee en eee 

siren lecromnanprmcstcl 

fi «), colisoliead 


A a a ing ea a mane rapt 


g ng | 
a ewaeG | 

# Lag OT : 

eo PR MA egies Rare mapas Mev aerate” 

¥. Priest Lake Timber Protective ssscei 

tolled loesat@ABLE NO. 44 

eo AS 
a mpm 


White Piné: " Cove: 

Extensive Reconnaissance 
64 0 2. Petiateh 7. P. Acesticn: 
T, 6B20.R. 47 1927 @gtion 


tet ed te eS 




H i 
4 . 
) we 
A ! jie 
‘ ’ it 
le4 : 
4s <a ane ie 
ne ye 



SO ln rn 0 ba Nae 



B¥OGs fat % 

ae t 

¥. Priest Lake Timber: Brotective Assoetation 

“ Secti 4. - 
£ Bac tio LaG “ 
; > " Sec e 4 y 
_ B®rapper Creek ; 
i le Ware Bast Riser 
T. 640 RoW detttons 21, 22, 27-34. 
T, 63.08. 40 Sections 409, 16-21, .28, 29. 
2. tesulte of wor , Garibou Creek 
rrer AP. _ Seetions,, , 35, 36. 
?. R. 4 Sections 1-3, 10-15, 22-27, 33-36. 
T. GN R. 47 Seetions 3, 4, 9, 10. 
T. 6SNR. 3 Seetions 5-9, 16-21, 25-31. 
T. 64N RR. 3 Sections 19, 30-32. 
Upper. Priest River 
tT. 64 jae fe a of th ions , 36. yie 
7. es Res re cas -Septions 2. 3, 10-18; 
Lion Head Creek 
. 62 Wi 2 SS B.. vande oP oak 
ha WE ZW ¥ See . Ne OO ON «“ — < 
| _ 237,00 “age we TR be a7 
: or F aa Bs . 160 as ia 
.. 6. R. 4 W- a pia 21-24, 26-28, 34,35 
sane i SA OS is i. austen, pa i LOT 
T. 6LNR. SW Seetions 1-6, 9-16, 21-23, 27-29, 34. 
t Cr 
Tf. 6OWR. 4¥ Sections 1-3, 10-12, 14. 
T. GOW R. 3ST Sections 10, 14, 15, 35. 
Jack Pine Flats 
T. SON R. 40 Sections 5, 8, 9, 16-21, 28-32. 
Lost Creek 
7. SONR.3W Sections 2-11, 17, 18. 

noltsioo : ont sedmi? oxiel taotrt .T 

vi een xen ad tet 

spe | 
PETS .SS .IS amotioem, |. 7 ves ee fu de ay 
QS .BS , {8-01 coe emotinee = Ws .2 058 .T 

28 .2E .OS-08 eryt nel Ma@H MD 

OL 2d oF 
L[e-8S {S88 , ‘a 

sins 1 i oe mA I at Se, Ee 
BLOL.E 5 Beeb we lr 
BLOL 8 Lf amolsoe? | WS £088 oT 
it at) agofios3 Be «eat uta & 4 % SB PA. 
SE ,GS-TS | ESHLS 01-8 Beh enebtaee pm ee a ser 7 
re gue fetta! boxe 
. De hae oo rr. Pi ae, BSED ait 
AI 81-01 af tattoos itd eae -. 
alii ahha RSA £ #09 .7 
; aoe wright Sapenlniaesiiaelal SLOT Be <i. d 
tes as hover Gy ait pers! 7} 
Sorc rae a 
SEBS ,(S-BL .2 aolioes lion W887 
| Be.. F a e 
ell | 
UL .SL , 11-8 enoktose — WE HH C8. 

North Fork Bast River 
T. 59 WR. g pee BO: 87 Sections 14-16, 20-23, 26-36. 
| tions 1-6, 9-16. 
nS 7=18. 

wea ast ctl <n 
iGther Piwbe iter Tass 


| at ee 
Acres c 

 eaeeneemmemettataemetenieneatieeds cenidn mameimmateieann meme ee re Ce we oye 

irateatton — ; ee ane ae a 
: sat sam “ i] c ae .%, i ; i ew A 


(yanse_| Mature | [336 J 
n ae oe 0 | 253 ta] 
Dense Pole | : A 

an are mene -- r Ye ; 

—_ Qs JM 

” waded am enrave: | 

2 SS) 32.383 

q AG 




-B8-88 . 58-05 OLobL palbtent 

Pee Sas 
hy He 


-QLa8 ,8-£ suoltood 
-8f-9 anoftose 


pnd Dol 


is @alg 
0 yo 

— ae E rey * 


Aine Bat txetitnot 
ot aed Ara os 
el! E aes Rae Maing: 
as OL? Spee Meek 


pag co Se 
Ghsag Stn 

“4 on et 
EP aera whe 

eS == 

red aet? 



oe A 
om Me 
>: C.: 

% = 

itnite 9 

Ue 2 OS OT 



biel 28ektT 


ee ee 




oclouiey Wlinber Typee ~~~" “[“yo"prat a7-a7s | 
-[Porest Tend no PaeiGinatag™ pote P| 28 

CR aaa a a 

So eo. a oo 

aan es ee 
ee ee 

[open Repro. [1 ,ga@ri20 
eee rotais [1-os7|10-s98|s S316 3 [1,431 |700|15 133 |698|32,383 

mem corer 

=a ruta oaned 

EE = £8 qiosetaer rise Tees elbee X oe 

ray ; ‘ ¥ 
Cw &; nf i uf 
a. a we Pe “ 1 t i MS Lee a ae 

Ts . ae oat = 
and mt ten s Cove: 78 a — 1 Seen ce 

Dense Pole {26} 23 7. 7.001 O|-8.001 a 

as ss Tai, 75 | 50,745) 

[Dense Repro 4... 989] 103, ~piloksva 10.476 see 
(Open Repro. [2,641 /4,179. 

eal ei an ae ae 

&. Cos tas 

Tables My. BB, 53, 5a, 


White Pine a Covered 
Extensive Reconnaissance 

Priest Lake T. P. A. 

| Eradication Type _ aye 
‘Dense Mature _—s=_—s_—i 

rman Nae ny 

Seal n= 

2 poli 


PE Nee Oe ee act OE Ry 

? oe ee ee ne Se 
Aen ae :  —— 2 2 = 

soltent iach | 
ye 9, eran 

fa ff 
aon oa: ‘i 
' o ahd 
tbe WF 

cep raneonigasonninairnene 

. @ by Intensive 

zt Ry i - ‘ 1,694 
say 5 - ~ areca eos 
a - 2 4 
t gb te ; w z We ioe | 
ee Tf * . j oe meena at 
r 1 , 1 : 
(ei B 4 v y ~L Lee Pua: 
atin = nee ae a ee no gm 
A ¢ 

oe a 

> or cicat -Ft se 
Lae Ae Z SalteTD | 
2 > —=- 2 Sat Ogre De RRP aCe ae rE ere 
~ + : “ pao % = vr 
IO} ets) [eABIZ: COT 2S 1 3c 3 | 

; | 

EL? St aeeonee is Sa 
a ee 6 ee SSS ee 


jee! 4 




4 5 Fis: ¢ : 
wr “<r oat] vine dg 


“wie -D 

vse -of eeldet 
‘ee. ba 8929. ait ae ‘ant ey 

Snagel eelanedt 

crores ne GOR 
wl aatd ics eed in 
‘ Lapin diem peqee= 
oy wa siston | aeciatane soon aa, i aN at rey i ot 
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Acreage and Per Cent of Types” 

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(1) This yr rrey ny be ene tinates 
written Mine £ollowing is, the, * of understandix2' wale: 
the temas of, yhich the mork Ma eaielh y 

ed as being the oe GRAN od one eee ro ine blis er ru 

Weshi ngba Bs 
(3) Ali offiekal. pac only SESS op 
aq" Th 3 ‘ Nu ida ° J 

ie, te 7 AZ YAS 2 eens Pl. ae B ‘ 4 
~ hn 
ager aemen t, that t ai om ee aye rt 
BET SeRent § TING _e bea ¢t 
agreement, te thi 
ie 2 LoS £18 . 23 ; ) BEbORe 
gubpmitted promptly te the Bureau ef Phant Industry t 
tion; Effective 1, ‘io27, 
{4) The results of the cooperative work om be ublisne 4gointliy 
_ ao SY ee ~ + 
or upon mutuel anchors ec =yy~ pe Gher-euanets: ing party, doe tracgit Bai 
given to the cooperating agencies. All manuseripts therefor ehs ; 
eri ticised by the rw tae! +a +188 22. OTs PROLaCe YAOND; 2nG id. 
. EN SE ve: . Se a S 6 de TS. i ed in penalit y any G=- 
= b.. A ” CF armel 
16 6s hal a ne psa a oa | in mans, sordme form fer 2pp rovnl by bhe Bureet 
of a Spare eevee °* one or more 
popeeaie 2 m ~% 
eateries pre aeAnOR. 7 

“ieia) anes gh ee a *Saaestaorte, bying euitiveted 
in SSG) tnepec, pant sh t paants to to rn § pt sureert + F ‘rst _aunbant ined} , 

denonst rete. prections aay of eect ftrettine ices, 

perp np er rapanrtecgeenrr ahs © ; 
trin(5) Coordinate contre] activi neyeral caapere tine stator 
by. furnishing coon supervision, and to 
s and the cooperating agencies with blister rust subject . 

and agencies 
provide employee 
matter and technical information, 

July 25, 1927 (a Se re 2 

(1) Pay the salarieaendsnsp stalin end dixect the work of, one or more 
men who shall, during the proper season, dnspect plant shipments for 
violation of blister rust quarantines; 

Lb Aa). He at s regular a ee ty sedating as their other duties permit, 
and direct aya r work in locating and destroying culti- 
vated black currants, scouting for white pine blister rust and inspecting 
nurseries for this disease; and 

(3) Undertake such destruction of white pine or Ribes in Washington 
and such enforcement of state laws as may be necessary for the effective 
prosecution of blister rust control work. 

AER: g§ 
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ebiur | gothaa exebus 2: biotomen edd ef gatwollot edt | 
yore sab a latin at y edd dofdw to esrret elt 

eto TO ‘exo lity eames “fovent wraneeoen 
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‘oh ye ite -gtene one Xe on fe edd go ated eho bas 
“eves edd to bos ® eteatbroo0 (2) 
ot bas | hotalvieque | boa gi snokget 
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TO : ae om tasla teogent 108 li j edt goth ,[iede odw mom 
soars tewt setelid to nottaloiv 

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~tiloe aniveztaeh bas astiagol ae ageteye at tow ttedt tootlb bas 
aaldéseqeat pany soft Tayenky edidw tot gaié ~atastivo sosid heisv 
{Be eidt rol seitea wa 

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evidoetie. a. to mene ad. 88 L etate to taemsototme dove bas 
“laa tons “os dears nodal ld to soltsinoeaotg 


be m4 aa iy he 
a ie . cre tu OO 

Cc. If Is es seaEED thas: 

(1) This cence or — Sorsientes by either party by 
written notice, and may be amended by written mmtual agreement; 

(2) The cooperative: plan of ‘work in this: memorandum will be follow- 
ed as being the best method we sae hea wise rina blister rust in 
Weshingtem@pric waa begun ins 
LS th) ALE official records ‘and aieionad tos soetersed under this 
agreanent: ‘shal ’be open to inspection by any or all parties to this. 
agreement, that, ail, findings of blister rust made by any party to this 
agreement shall be promptly reported to all other parties to this 
agreement, and thet all specimens collected by any party to this agree- 
ment which ere suspected of being infected with blister rust shall be 
submitted promptly to the Bureau of Plant. Industry for final determina- 

. (4) The results of the cooperative work may be published jointly, 
‘or upon mutuel agreement by either cooperating party, due credit being 
given to the cooperating agencies. All manuscripts therefor shall be 
criticised b y the res pie mater publication; and all form 

otters, br ale frie ae meiled in pensity enve= 

} ; n mManuscrir prove Shp serous 

» DE ore or distributed: - 

Sere sale Sef ons wt "Bureau of Plant Industry are pee: upon 
: Be SS ons being made therefor by Winged: end no funds 
ee ¢ “shall be mcm: in i ob scranmmnee for-hemt piadive tbotwared 

atrirate asey re approximately 13,000 to the support of this cooper- 

AL CB r st e 2S tec Of Agriculture ‘shell ton- 

ete me ; theresfter the amount to be con- 
A ed b each “be aster i agreed upon by supplemental 
corres Ths Lt: ' et : - | | 
8" Dat H ignature; 
July 25, 1927 (#8. ) Brie J, Barnes 

Direster, Washington State ae of Agri- 

ud vtieg tedtie yd hesegtorod 0 a an ‘baetonent eitdt (L) 
jJaomeorge Lautan neti : ‘ed “yam ‘bite eokton add tew 
-wolfot ed [ftw aubasrtomem eid? at sow to aalq evitereqdes edt (Yo oo 
ak teut tedetid eat oF Lt, 39 maken ae ae. bodtea A ad edt anted es be 

atdt tebay hemrotteg ow, a presen liproces, Pateltes fla ae 

aids 64 getixaq fla to ya8 ve . vaip ‘mage ‘6d. rin 
elds o¢ ydusg yas yd ebam Jevt tetel 
sidd of aetiteq sedto Iie of bad 
~setge aid? ot Ysxaq yas yd botoelléo een eee [fe tad? bm ,tnemoetgs 
od fftarle text tedgalid Adiw hedsstat guted to bedooqems ous! fo tdw dnom 
-snimisiebh L[antt zet Setewhat, | ra to hp nee oe af yliqmorg beds tadve 
het ; smotd 

*Yitalot bedetidsq ad you nae ‘ovtiaieae ods Xo ativeet edt (4) 
guted tibero exb ,ytusq gulivreqoon ieiitis yt tnemectgs Ievtom nogs 10 
ed [isde toteted? eiqgiumawnem [IA .wekonege yoltedqooo edd of sevis 
mrot Ifa bus ;noltsoliduq etoted ste ade eh ads bed Seetaterse 
eva vas yiisno th betism of o¢ ateiubetd todd s suttell ‘ 


erry Cartan : ge’ 0 ee itt yaser =80T ‘fever: ens 0%) (@)) 
-Yegoos atdt to Froqdtra’ edt et $ ex fav nt. stedivtaoe 
-m09 {fede eturilvoitga P< doom a ote 2 podgukieaW odd Biss altow ev tee 
<109 6d ot trom: of reiftaererd’ ;000 Yledentxorqgs ex law me @atydtat 

| fediome fergie! Ww nog ty cari Tee ah See Camas tints 
ere ey o'rivt : pr nae Bana 2634 am 

. sets 

[RGAW GT of 

¥ aa gi ek Pata a Avi, Bh hide orm: why ab cai We f a ee ge 4 
SIT Orie to cas seertead dean enediaba (Cf } 
Wid Ro te SMe i ae ae yee Re) at Tic dee " ie f A 
ee ae Oe Bal RRs ae hte orcd Bee efor Be Pee 
Tg Mons, PA age oll . “wae " er ~." : ? : 
tee Lo98a55 Pusey ros tig to moleooesote 

nee oy 

one in Sear 


1S Care » 192701 iv ORD mvyurrse 
rate of) P¢s per mrt “by 

Ba ial ote ont & he hes Agents. 

lote ciahenn-tashilindanedin eget on tay 19th with at mén.«. Qn»June 
15) ipes more men(were addeds:9'Bi A. Gandung was left in chargescof the 
work on WJuly°*29ths ‘Chelan County, the in eastern: Pasenegeeas 
st eames on Septembers2.«>. 

Fabakahes results are as follows: 

7 e 
roe Tae Omvrs wiBls 


Places ‘S$couted | Miles traveled | 
(Man jin personally 
atie Bushes + Tt rns Country _|Days (Owned Cars 

Sa 990 *|* st ee 

fastitas Oownty | 40 | 21 4 505 1,272 3 116 _ 

Kelan County (as 1103 [g's [e'as7— 1 soll 4-196 

[totals | des” [ees Tag,be [6,08 17 I 10,664 

sa Bight ‘plantings containing 86 ‘bush@s "were the ‘result of running down 

20 previously located but not eradiéated plantings indifferent parts 

Of ‘the County. The “other 8 plantinzs with 25 buches weré found in = 

strip one ted wide around the city, and in a small area» near Opportunity, 

eee ‘The eat: Ly the City,” had ‘beén previously stouted in 
acon L a 

se An egptomiad vec’ bat not based on an actual count. 

n contast #a% “Ke : Methods | r 
on the Fase : ; Mrraoee vb 
wan did one ebuaty 4 was the unit worked” at a time. Maps were secured 

teen: thé County Bngineer's Office, and@°in thickly settled areas these 
were supplemented with ownership MaDS» In towns, plats were obtained 
rok 4 the City Bnginger"s ‘errtcs. 

“Veo.« The towns were scouted on foot “as men working singly or in 
pairs. In the country an area marked by natural boundaries would be 
assigned to two men with a Car wha'wWere held responsible for scouting 
every place within that area. 

, 4 - - 
posters, wintow cisplays 
wae used 

2 Bai (fy } 
ay rian wet Sr or ‘sin bahia re ft bore 
| eh setaoah (AoLOT ekive. ban savensd:.4:2¢(<) 
ai 8a ca Lordges 34 wen Jeod elf anted es be 
ensl 20 .mem owd ddtw ger yeu m0 enealog? yi arged sew xr0# dda k cig we 
oad Yo egtado ol dielvasw gov0mede ss wh )sbebbs duéwitém didm eordt 21 
eg a mpl gba rg bd ‘cept ge er ‘teledd © ctOS ye Let ue oltow 
P ia 4 tuk td Te 18 ‘tednies gae PTY tegrated 
- yaey “SR OTe gal bo dese me. Coy et ciede tremaeras 
“HU5GS 205 Te Veter Yee Ye ‘rawoL Lor anrwta: av Likes: Deb abode ‘20s: ety 
e¢ Limam? total ic Hehe Dedoal et eateg '%: howoegads” ote. de hele shee 
one. mo jes mowg bedd Laos 


hy old wilh By wees 

pr if a 
4, “a yh as A aor ae pa 
‘ Ee DES, he a eS op 

. eee 
rr" ‘ioe ws ert dant 2.) 
di ovew'nededd 86 gata % he ; ; 
Nelxer toeweliib at spatda badaathe ey ssa a 

a mt bawot .o Tew a6 ad, 8S, re e5 9 

Fimirrcae’ tsen ‘sete Llane a at Veto "a kawora. eblw 9 , x * 
ok betsoos rr need bed .ywid eff tqeoxe “Nauep it -odzaideeW 
say eOaed 
SG el ees “| s@a. iN 
) va tl 2 ant as 50 boasd Jon tod nye ma 
Pratt "ese 46 Oe aia: | SAW onbe ‘ geen £5 
hy FG 
botsoee otew eqel .omtd s te beat Baw | yinwod . a 
eset ascites Beli tea Yldanit Far ater a'rseniga jiboo des? aet 

hentatdo erew etelq ,eawot al .ecam qideteawo diiw eg ab pti 
sisi e'xsenigad yiid edt mo1t 

ak to Yisate gnitrow mem yd toot mo haere atew anwot esl? 

ed bivow esitebavod Ieiwten x bedtem sets me yitauoo edt mI .etteg 

aaifvoon tot eldtenoqeet blei e1rew odw teo 2 ddiw mem ows o¢ bongtees 
sets tadt aldtiw esaig yrevs 

Some very thinly ba der ie ree ens 1 were scouted dy. one man 
alone in Hearwunt of Saveres’ as . 

with the awount of publicity. In Spcxane ' 

vecelved, ofthe cars: were: personally owned snd Teinbursenent was at the 
erate Of: 7g per mile. ~y°" rs eebeipylaey 

wumber } & anevesare 4 inh BaARny 0 $2¢ BeWSpane! LC LeSe 

: Every farm scouted was marked on the map with a dot, These 
dots werel.then counted*and compared with the U.°s. Census data for that 
-Countys» This tends»to more careful seouting, provides 4 means of 
“comparing the work of different crews, and gives a basis for estimating 
time required in he: el prt eb ap 

In cities the ar of \ ae sesuted v was figured 
from the population. — ly every wae 
miased ee and Soroeurs « vom 

own © Thecestimate of man days sheat eat in some "abanttés énd towns 
sbanthetn vibe previous ‘years ‘data Weré in error 4s much 25 200%, but the 
entire summer work was vi tits 25 of the estimate. 
The @ fle AUT DES et n' 
the Oity © The duties “of the porares were to get alg publicity, 
\interview county agents and staté horticultural inspectors, secure Maps, 
tallot:certain areas to each “two man crew, check the work of the crew, do 
extensive ‘scouting in eréss particularly unfavorable to the growing of 
black currants, and talk with owners | we had at 5 refused to PARRY 
their bushde 'to ‘be removed, © cor \hee 7 , 
ud forms were RA GO 

ersdicati o ay aston tit black ieratey Bhetd of the crew, and by rescout- 

behind them a check was made on their efficiency. It appears 
that even with the best of scouts there will not be a 100% eradication. 
A few people will intentionally or otherwise state that they have no 
black currant bushes, and y peansiagy a bush will be overlooked, 
Average number oF washes po . 
jusber of She members of the crew shed * ‘their own’ camp equipment, 
ande beta dni the tourist parks or other - aces close to the area being 
scouted... Thie arrangement works out ‘very veri” and is more, satisfactory 
than staying at hotels.. 

In contagt:with black éarrant owners the policy was to sell them 

on the reason why their black currants should be removed. If the first 
man (didrnotssuccecd in this he left the owner’ some tillétins aud reported 

the case tothe: bears? ge who ‘would: call a ‘day or two later. 
Soat per vlacé a: ee 
foteal cos tabl bushes found ‘were eradicated, and it wds ridt fecessary to 
call on yor state pee be le who =? Stored. to help, in cases of absolute 
refusal, Due to more | 0G Lng 

cost per nlant’ ng, Def bush, 4 Or Mae! 
in 1926, Publicity 

Publicity was secured through the newspapers, use of bulletins, 
posters, window displays, and in Spokane an automatic slide projector 
was used quite effectively, 

nam eno yd bedwoor stew enotget beltdoe qlaldsd yrev emog 
-ts9 a ai saols 

B 3 AS, Die Por Sal 
ed? ja saw $nementuduter bak henwe i Lenonred stew ets edt 
. we -6lima teq at to eter 
ey { Ae Nab. % re dary ih es @ ee. BAT DMS ey . fi. Py 

eesti? «toh « diiw qau eit «o bextvem esw betwoor misi yrevi 
jet? 102 stab evened: (2 WUSédt dttw bewiguoo basnbetasos medi e19ew etob 
-) VRevgmetm s eebivotey gnttvose .fotereo atom ot ombasdh atdt osytaved 
gattemtsee: tot etesd 2 eevty bas gawetg ¢eeitsttib to srow edd gniteqmes 
reali avo: reddo at heticpet emks 

horugit sew betvooe vessel) toiedait, oa #ottto. aT 
moitalugog ody mort 

i ‘Oe LSA? 
‘emwod bos eettavos smoe mt sorinper ayab san to etemttes edt 
; at. stat. «R008, ee dowm ae to1re at even atch eisey evolvetq edt no beesd 

tt ae vedamtieeedy to" add tw gow ATow Temas etijae 

see sin db 2) paakbeieckes tog 0} eres opty are © 


a Sect tae etea sie ctidactase digdets bag efnegs Vat tai 
[ab nite. ade “he saoy edtceeat. -weie Sagiect ged of eadua siadsen Jolie 
o anivots eid | od “eidaroys agers of ‘gat v9 "ev 

E aise ot: Aesvtex fart 

J toe 
- “8 ek deka 

1 fied for meee 3 8 bw by tas ‘bas 

—aaaagey xe ee »WOTD OF 38 “beds ae ris aare geitssor 
ma ee ae bel FE Ha “qpertt no ober esw woerlo es mort ogrt 
| ,goktsoibexe, 2001) 6 ed tom, Litw,eredd, adyoor, to: teed. ont. pryeneet tend 
on, oven yest gent ateteesinsenig: Byki isnossaeese. ILtw elgosg. wets 
| < abealoed 91m ed, tiiw desd, 2. Mefoupaees ©? bee bees ater, tanto dosld 

cn te olle ene ettde 
" ianeutoek quo, wo, sheds hedeterich wero, edd “Yo, atedmem ot 8 ¢ 

anied seta en? of e20ls sesel¢ tedfo 10 sxtseq taiayod edt ai "beqitas bes 

Yiosostelice etom ide bas Ifex yrev tuo edzow highs re aid? .bedyooe 

5 SU: A Boge: SO stlsiod. oe) gatyste sadd 

ae St 

wad4 [lec ot naw yotiog edt eteawo taatapp aosic ditw soastmoo nT 
text? edt tI .bevomes ed bivosde ‘efnettis Zoeld ttedt yiw moeset edd m0 
hotroget, bas, antieLiot Ompp SORFO) oddod ted, ot. etdd ot beapove don bb nem 
nites otatne sta PRs abil & dian: i ge one sonsuntgye eddo¢ eaeo edt 
wo Silw betoemelggra stow 
ot “yreaeesen ‘fom saw dt eg sbotantbate, Sereel, “Besdgand fLh& ry aon? 
stulozds to eeseo ai ~— of besetio bad ondw why SORA etste edt mo Ifso 

sow gem vs 160% eodiiderte eter amvot ent. -isautet 
fore ed howvtes sexe an yotateo oF AL .etied 
(itenoquet bled oxo My » ive mea owt O¢ ie wslees 
: ere ott mhitiw eoelq YTeve 

enttellud to sen ,eteqsqewen edt clauotadd bewose Baw ytotidet 
ni ogi ehile stiamotue as eneteg? af Bus ,eysigetb wobaiw ,stetsoq 
«Ylevidoette efiup beas aaw 

ail | “ 
The, siti ag HR cartat and ¢eoperation shown varied directly 
with the amount of public lty. In Spokane where the most publicity was 
received, owners rire phoais 4 the. location of their bushes at the 
rate of re ll rhe eye h, through an oversight, no phone 
number hed oe the newspaper articles. 
o % 4 1 

hee ‘beds feb some of the owners thanking them for 
giving up their | riers ing them, to pull or rsport any sprouts 
that appeared) Py 

a , 

A a ate ‘a 
t ; 

ae : ERC AN ’ = my 
Tal ct 7 
» Practically every case’ wilase rechecking has been done, 

missed Pee 6 and > prouts have been found, Some very limited work 
has shown a rate.of. resprouting as high as 10%. However, the plantings 
examined mt: p aaron Sastity taking this as a fair average. 
¢ be | 

a Bein ae 25 bashes found in a mile wide strip around 
the City an gmail area near Opportunity, all of which had 
been scouted in 1923) 4 ide tes one oF a combination of three things. 

Plantings were” hisse S have been planted, or there has been con- 
mee ¥ of aoa te @r with some help, 

oth G2: 

"I gi Plans! had en’ de for | e emehecki ng of Pend Oreille County, 
and forms were“made wpon which was Peiierred the data from the original 
ersdica ae mee at, due to the urgency of other work, no rechecking 

was do igs i! 
~ 12s Fain 
q 43) > 42) 3 
e& 5 1 
ont 1 | | 2 ee ; 
averagil! maser +n bushes per planting............. Sanbaltak 4.4 
Number’ of 6s scouted for each planting found......... 263 
Miles o AB eiga for each planting found.............. 56 
Average number of mam hours used for each Hanpins 
=a nh a uy oe ee > 45 Se Gs ay eseeee * *enreoeve 13.8 
Cost per planting ee eS eee SS 
Cost per bush eradicated... ‘ Mp eh esc ens ccccscene 4,79 
Cost per pl @ scou tH tebe tees eee as ee @eeeeceereveoceeeseeee . 08 
Total cost a ames: By 95 o> = in eet «> Re Eee ae -. 3,983.59 

Due | to Suerdiwbalen being found, and more places scouted, the 
cost per By mibe 'p bush, and Of each: place scouted is muuch less than 
in 1926, 


a> Eph 

Te tA | 

3 Ac¥ 

-_ i= BS nw ; : 
>? “2 > 2 
om 2s = 

a ed 
oa i 
om Sf.) 
3p SS oe 


{J YIey Gtage 
visser it “betray awore ‘nol¢areqéon. Son ioe to ‘tavene pat nt anoda 
asw yttoilduq teom edt etedw enadog® sl. .ytistiduy to tavoma end dttw 

edd ds veresd tledd to soijaood add of guiaodg evew eteitvo ,beviesst 
enodg on ,tdgletevo aa dguoidt .dgwodd neve yatie Lareves:toevet 
snolottza tecsgewen edd to Wass at botseqqs bet t98dmun 
+ beat RN ges eae eal ere 
: “499 insidd ‘go tzinedd. enemy, eal 20, eeioa..08 deem, snew auebdiebeio% afoh 
hatain me P NORE: 3 teh oF  mecg, 30b66 bas gaedand! ttedt ge yatris 
aan fy BE set 2 phere eh GO A Ele Ro SOW wbetseqqs tans 
maar 59 . : ’ woivavapo tade® ab besiire2emse 
| SEED oeOe 
05 Sp une gah geti.te XT 
,enob need” ead gafiloedoe: orate eaeo yieve yilsoitsstq, at © 
diow betimil yrev emog .bawol need syad eiuorqe bas egatt male Seek 
wor baat edd .teVewor . OL, 26 geitwoiqess) tocedst s awore asd 
me i -ORSTOTE aist, 8 es. gird. ante api eke set everest orew:.hoktmase 
. ow xtow Seuguers os l7 ne 

br: _ 
bauvots pen obtw othe d°e Manet” pri as d3tw petra 8 oft 

bad dotdw to Lie , eon ie Pat 18, <Lema & mi bas .easdogato yid ed? 
egal? sendt to A) f Tetane s ey eg secaoibal ,SSCiiab bedwosa esd 
SmkOo a6ed aad e1edd 10 ,b sa evade aecaa! oiDeenta poesia och 

bas i q 

* Noaeat 
: iw xfat Bas ot ng MeTero ard 
iepasen bs tPiie Hndd M i Sadness” cape cat slg maak bat andra sent 
ienigtto odd moit stab edt hetietenetd eew dotdw nog ebem etew emrot bite 
aatioedoet On row ‘todto Bs. wae odd, ot enh tut: pene arian 
bony (ee meet Bey BSG og ore? germs ag 

a +6 
yak . (yen: Stites Moese itty olgoog wet A 
s. a py on, er ey, vLLapeieg: % a egies geet, ase td 
eb 2 Nei hee capt a Aan aan sake Iq 10q er to TAdMUn eystevs 

: ! Lette ade , @ tol hetwoor @eoslg to tedmurli 
é OE ees nono Ot poktosle does, sot Levant:neo te eelth 

oe setg dose 502 bess, ewod mem to tediuwn. eyeTevA 

“ECG ‘akeeaee ce ex 06 Pig ae NY «i ERP ey <n Si ro sojhntne heme # gan’ 

odin ad hae . “ ak ner ene moO 

ses v0, 18 p TE sae aaa Set aabanankanne sadtuadexthah set 
oe) we Cac dttatrtageaansst stages teases eebodeokbers ses6 seq tao 
66 eas ie: vas 0 comes 3 a eosig teg +200 
-08.88e,8. sa°456701* han: ;tesantbagesesees Sean te. teoo Hise 
. ro 7 soomak oo te a6F #20 1160 
SSF” .bst 058 sedate’ stom bas ‘ bauot gated Hb nta etom of ed . ann he 
one seal doum et betwose eoal¢ dose to bus ,dend tog ene ltnete 19q te00 
utdoks re eERN e08Ol af | 

—pwee eff dquo bewwoete gaw wi nyt 
ch riaegt ak Dee .w ci cy pine giv ,stetaoy 
Fe hewitoette af tay , poss aan 

sep euo = Silty 4e0gs 

= aoe g 


. ¢ - 8t/S 

errer | ae = aero OseLt | 8/6 = t/zl00"O9e | 
ze he =gt/stsetat | 8/6 - ofzloosae | 8/6 — 9t/c) Oot 
= 9T/S/SZL° "06 T/4 = T/L; 00°C ¢/6 = 9T/S; OST 

P _™ ‘hae e. Sysop Jo WoTynqrayeta 
SEas.4 33 3 @ On @eve 


1 = It would be a good policy, particularly in the 
northeastern counties of this State, to have-soms knowledge of 
how many black currants remain or have come in since eradication. 
Some rechecking could {he (done (in this. région in connection with 
scouting for the disease, and,if done at this time, there would also 
be the opportunity of getting more information on the susceptibility of + 

Ribes nigrum. 

The rechecking formig with the data of previous eradi- 
cations on them for Pend Oreille yar 3 F ‘should be used ae any 
rechecking Ree: gies oe ante of tert. @ reconneist s 

of taking dats were the ae i the Annus? 
recon, @ =~ Gance the’ aeitk of each mumber of ‘ie® crew was very 

satisfactory they should ed | gga reed aay similar POF ieee 

The 9 iy Pece: & S UEea Ae uD 
connmiseance in northeastern ee % the revi 

of the Cownty Asseasore fo: i: 
At the’ very beginnat ) 3% 
. theke reccrie were not re} cama mecherer 

deal of extensive woi 

white pine ares 
connaisr ance. 

ver sonn 1 aT : ; et 40) Le » - - f 

pert for reconanais:s2 

tending frow the ter: 
vw on > | 
froxenshiv: 32 port 
ivide between the Ff. : 
: r : nage 7 

the American 

B. Worthesster: 




to ytiiidtiqoesese ec? no sold sare 

at emos 

diiw moltoennos mt 

oala blyow ered? . omit 

edt at ylrelvoti reg 
to sybelwond emoe 

colisoibers eonta 

-[bate evoiveig 

yre ai bees ed- 

viev saw weto ed? to te 

els deehesiniog Aone ieiaedioe tee : 



nines Teg Sei 
ee | ag 

. EON gh ie ad b> ig e 24 : . = os = 
ae titee intl) oa ee ¥ on os] : 
in tel Salone een. ..s "(ee | es at eee 

Seo Gace - otit tack? 

<anoltleeg taliata yas 

ee ee | ee Ye _ 

‘in ‘Tdaho. | 

ea a 

24 4 ¥ ‘77 atte ay 
ba Pat M Z a3 i . 4 sD 

“commoL nevonuarssance mm axgurianon ey 

T. 40 WH. 4 (R.- 58 by 

M. C. Riley, © 
Pr. 39 #. tL. 40 2. Junior Forester~ 

‘at . 42 5. I. Définition and se-of Work” 

This ie the same as in the Annual Report for reconnaissance 

“ IL. Methods of Work ° 
24 i. 45 2 
tT. of 3. The general methods of 'perforning recoanstet dies and method 
‘of ‘*%eking data were the same as discussed in the Annan) Report for 

ee in Ideho. 

The aka records available to be used as a basis for re- 
onhaissance in northeastern Washington were the records in the offices 
nf ane fuse Py te for the various counties. 

| At the very beginning of the work it became evident that 
these records’ wefe not reliable so it became necessary to do 5 great 
deal of extensive work. 

The crew spent the majority of its time in simply locating 
white pine areas rather than in Sirenest ig very much intensive re- 
a i,“ 

‘The ai triraane in methods of work from last year and the 
personnel and method of training has been covered in the Annual Re- 
port for reconnaissance in Idaho. 

lore Performed and Results Obtained 


General . Lecstion of Work 

- All possible white pine sites were covered on the ares ex- 
daeatel | ‘frou the International Boundary south to the south line of - 
Township 32 north and from the Pend Oreille River on the east to the 
divide between oe Fane Oreille River drainage and the Columbia River 
Orel Be cnet 

fan isolated area of nine sections was also examined on 
the American Fork of Sheep Creek on the Colville National Forest. 

B. Northeastern Washington 
1. Detailed location. 

Se ee ee eae ae 

1 ee aes <ountee een reaaaelicn of tk Debooet: 4X “4 
‘io ote oun empgedwedoll gekekt. 68: th. ae leaned Ktetened? son : 
wolteegbessn gonie al amine) a a Le Pee gotld ypiner word 
(0) wo cboces Ti bas gots ta sy Thlirde eettioetoet smog 
Onis Biro eredt , amt uldd $a eek Bh, ee eeeee sh one Bol guastyoos 
edase? tdacioset tot sroqefl Lemond ‘edt nto es ante: edd ‘et Va LABH TOqgo ede. od 
“QbEBhE whois 

Bh bos Bee gi isvedoes est 
‘ons al bes 0 =p eaten | eLii2nd Boel 263 et mo anobtes 

hodéem bas pacer tt snail ‘to ebedtom Latec0g. e880) niiseoedost 
tot “— feonnk ectt he beaasoe ih es ones eit etew sisbh gabisd to 
‘09 8p ott To tedeuite Mane 36 a? ‘@Shs ee lenro291 

: "alimiy ta 102 Bidar bitrode “ule: yxod sata lies 

eT det stank s es bear ed of ofdaliave pr hn yino ent 
esoltto edd at abtooet edd otew cotanidasY mictacedtion ai eonse2lacnoo 
.agtiavos avottey sat tot atozzes2A ytaro0d edt to 

ted¢ dnobive emaned th stow ond to goinotsed yrev edd sh 
teoug 2 ob of Bosses ensood tt of efdaifet ton stew ebionet eaodt 
tow evianedxe to Iseb 

goitsool yfomts at emit att to xi tiohem edt tnede wera oT 
-ot evianedat dogm yYIev aeksqg ste, at nedd tedtse: eseta onic ot tlw 
+9008 Baber gett 

eit bam wsey teal most atow to abodtem at sonete?t tb ait 
-of feonnd edt mi Setevoo seed en gotatets to bodtem baa fonmmoateg 
— ai sonaceteannooe1t tot tr0g 

of, Hot? sod fetsmed . 

-xe sgia sit so betevon stew setle bis et idw siktance {fa 
-%o omit divoe ond of Adwoa ytsbhosod Lenottemietal edd ott gotbaed 
eit of tese oft no tovi effie10 baed edf mov? bas détom SE qidenwot 
vovih atdourled oft bas egenteth tevii ef! tox0 bast ent. neouted ebivib 
agents tb 

so borimwexe oats sew enottoss enin To sete botefort {ieme Ai 
deo 1st Ipnotte efiliviod ed? no ager) geede to xr0t aso trom edt. 

T. 40 N. R. 43 E. Willamette Meridian All of township west of the 

Pend Oreille River. 
bio Tynes ( §Het4sP1<6,020715, 24 all in- 

Wa sero shiagt: elusive. 
_#, 395. RB. 43 E- * LL MA of township; west of the 
Eradicsti a) aE Clee es by Eracic Pend Oreille Hiver. 
T.0S80N. ‘Be 43 Ei-20 | 24-40 | 41-609 61-80 | S1- All of township, west of the 
= 1 eee aoe | Pend Oreille River. 
: oe wen. ie: 40n- Tr " Entire. township. 
"37 e. ik. Se. TT et " ‘Entire township. 
cen. |R. 22e. © Gg a2 Entire township. 
“. oo NW. |. 43/5.) Soe " EP of towiship. 
Go. 8a. 04 WN. 048 B-507 asc) ~~ Entire township. 
Y,)O0W.  Wecde B-cop atone 2 ot en) OT Cowan. 
+ Si cL Ss ee ee Cewnenip- 
T. 33 N. R. 42 E. " Be ning E 3 of township. 
T. 32N. R. 44 &. e seen All of township west of Pend 
Babes per be Oreille River. 
32. RB. 43.5 t «~~... 8-$_ OF. tomship. 
T. 3H. BR. 4582S Entire towmship. 
PPh hae EE ema? township. 
fT. S31 NW. R. 44 &E. # x Entire township. 
f.30-8. 8: 4458, * Entire townshin: 
fr ra § ‘ 
pica ~s 2. Re bsli3s of pork . 


White Pine _ 


Wie Hi 
Meadow , 
Stirs bes 

edt to geew gideowod to [fA agers cot ettomelihW .2 SB .A 1. Ob LT 
-tevill effites® baed,) »» 12 ha Pigs ge NeE Ge 
“af [fe S& ,@f{-Of |S=f£ ase" ae a 7 ae fa ey ae Gee 
Sviewlo oun a Mee or: ‘ 
edt to deew sqidemwot to [lbs gcnroe Swine ® 2h 8 eS Ft 
-tevill eSiie10 baed ‘ qa e 
end to deow qidenwod 30) Ld ooo aof gore to nee oT) BP) ee oe 
-tevifi offfexO bast. ; kad oon ott a re ons 
-Cilenwod extind " 
-Cidenwot ovitoa by 
-oidaswod to 4 si ye Bh 
-Giteawot siitag  ~ 
, Mfdeawot 36.4 €. pinot ron 
wed Aecwod exis em eer 
.ciderwot to 4a 
Brel to teow gidenmwos to rary 
ya ey tev Ef elitearo i. oF eit ea fare 
ee Aer * qidenmod. tod. Bes 6 ito the 
x eidenwos athhad, ‘gien bie 
qideswet to ¢ ¥ 4 

"oi sf SC 0-88 LT 
ay -ESh 68 pM VSolt - 
" i a Sh A i a& .f 
«ht 4 a3 Sh in i fo) > 
Porilaeet my 

a = 

* eG Sha! 6 boO.8 
ahide LavepeRh at Pe ult 
ws wmey Gt aol SE ly WBE eT 
Aifoht ol er een te ott 
® BD OH ‘WS SEF vs 

= ete 
i = 

£2 OF elixc ony 

Mocs cell Gab och A RBodt 

+ ae eel ES tlh oO. ESE hat 

" SS .& WI .f 
tiheowod, yh hl itd $ 

) ie yew Reo 60 IS of 
-qianmos exit ad... oft 

alia tion ten) pibelh sods wet OB et 
aoe dvtveatos Te Laeb 

axee to ad fovet f 

eo Fn et Pree 4 Oar. Wee: ORT 

44 . 
i ee 4 ab as oF ideal Ae ee hg ole pata of Erlw 
i a RE ae Ps 352 8 oS 

yon ee 


[ ¥aa0, 394 1. 
areard oe RODS. . 

; is aa co 
; 08.08 3ac byt 

b de Feed 
+ ed ah shear at) 

r mh iv ES 
peers Cet 

: P Yate Ra aad ; v1 
ire SO ae eee | Se ROT Ota Zee & 
f , Pe et ah ae r a Baw ok ef 
ott wiliviod. add so seer) eesnh Ye aio% seabtesd els 

‘ 5 os .. ei 
seine lieoy etatueaiston .o 

at endian Vb hy 

Lode ages be [be ies vd 

Table No. e 

e —— b Eradication z es 
No heas hin, 

Bite Pine Only) 
On °27 

¥ re setae Dy 

rai wakioa ves 

Type 8081-100 101-200 200+] Total | 
D. M. a Me war eS 
1, Mae Gel eae gp mee can: ~6,394| 894! 7,288 
ine 1 a et Tara 
oO. PF, dL | age edi oe] ave] tT 7,130) 
5 Re IL Balik wide “> ee Tee te es | 753 
COS PRA 1 27 = Cs ral 16,008 
Total [5,258] 8.58714, SelB, Yael, gel 15 156.894 894; 31,179) 
Table No. 3 
Ribes per Acre on White Pine Type 
Covered by Intensive Reconnaissance 
' Northeastern Washing ton, 1927 
Ribes Ribes Present . 
Eradication, Free Ave.No.Ribes per Acre Total iota | 
i. Type Acres|Acre|lec. | visco. Total | Ribes | Acres 
Dede a rae 
M. | __ 324] 526167.65| ja» 67.65] 34,908) 840 | 
CoE Zl 9178.25 se 32 97.58, 76,012) 1441 
Perlis. Fe 1 s Ford 
lO. R.  _——s| _—78912347/58.94| 55.92] 114.86/269,581/ 2136 

Total 1,881 | 3820 | 77.67 

Table No. 4 

361.88] 64,416 284 
116.48| 444,917 _5, 701| 

White Pine Area Covered by 
_ Extensive Reconnaissance 
Northeastern Washington, 1927 

Dense Mature 
Open Mature 
Dense Fole 

o Q 

Open Pole 5,689 
Dense Reproduction 
Open Reproduction '12,872 

Stream __ 

jut if Eeides Tbasd ra 

=i L OOS 18 08-18 [08 


Boe mas 

ECCI oa 
< BES — 82. £58 


AR RE eee 7 cere 

[Subst s=|Equi p- | Trae ~ ' es ber 
tence [ment tion of 7 nea] Solories! tee os 
ioe ei te seccbe ecearaeE eas Rae ne ak Set eee ome 

i \ 

» t 

sn1¢e cre 

their own camps. “ 

advance informatio: 
considerable vorti 
low cost per ac 

¥. Collection of Data 

C. Costs 
This hes been tally explained in the Anousl Heport 

reconnaissance in Idahe. Table No. 6 

Time Analysis 
Northeastern Washington - 1927 

Table No. 7 

Training Costs 
Northeastern Washington - 1927 

Subsis- | Equip-| Trans. | 
tence _jment. a 

l= rae ome ore Sew 

TS teestenaet aed) = A I 7 7 

i er resins dresctienvetiba tise 

ste he 

1; ; 


oe oer a 

aoe bas 


av pe gee eanicate Seat eR te he ney 



ae ore treet 

reer cord 
ottewrborgeh ae xo 
rumen | 

a ges ie ee ST CORIO RAR SICK hal a SRE ha LO 

Re Ge dagof 

creer ox maine heuapcipreisihiepatintiongien tbe enes 

: eT 
Ait rhe : ; 
i i ore t 


SP A RRS Rt ene AB 

7s * 


. * 
mn ea 


i + A 
if “0 



no Fao thal 

om ee 

a okt 

Ata Ree . artes tadesatiale 
we te? 


Table No. 8 

Reconnaissance Cost, Northeast Washineton,1927 

|Acres (Cost ver | 
Worked | Acre 

This crew boarded at various ranch houses sand at times hod 
their own.camps. Due to the nature of the work and lack of relisble 
advance | information, much time was necessarily spent in travel. 4 
considerable - portic on of the area wag burned which accounts for the 
low. cost per acre. . 

a * — 

o ewes aad 53 a see ¥. Collection of Data 

lngton ee t) 

This’ has been fully explained in the Annual Report ‘for 
Feconnalssance in Tdaho. — 

Se eae | 
ent r0% wbmrosai. aa bole Beawd: er tor wi 

| co fiat need ead etaT oe 
any ;  ,odeST at eonsee tenncoet 

aa We 0, t 
it % ost 1 
Ayes. nik 
4 Ro 
% ™ Se ADD. yep era lilt fs A Lg hk a seanrtrmaetiam taper pt 
eciacesiitelenia uh erp, -nemnrarenumnanieneoced re : ‘ . Ss r* 
' CS salt eyeeg te 4 wis Fe + " 
g bib ee ay bis bes ab sf a a 5 ‘a 

fi pW b 

Quakes! bs +01 io t elev. tT) 

seh Pe Ainge 

ose ten nS sors a4 


aa 8, i 

fo reign RP pv mr er | 

* pla oe tadte 
‘ f 
i dees yt 
ee es | a 
¥ sal = i " | 
j be 4 
xf : tom ¢ Py J 

a Ws % 
oye Pia. & 
crea... oa ra EO: Reema 8. Tk TORR 

te te ont tes 

agned 0 

on ie " a 
o Oe pee 
weer anal Sas Helene ate! y Bde cp arson ae Saeyoe om 






fovenser, beat: 2 
fureory, ¥i. Vornon. 
Sandee, Tih ane 
infection Fx 

Clali em Seats: "4 ‘Toasts mane if Teen Gennty, & ia 
Govaty, @ locations; ai b Ron Me: priya if Ge 
2 téeaticus: Diente Pathalocias 

T. Pursose of stork oo 

As Peal is Yhevpirpase of ius@uting for blister rust in western Washing- 
ton wes three-fold, In the first place, it was desired to know the 
extent of the disease. in its soréad ‘towards the white and sugsr pine 
areas 6f ‘Oregons’ -It was already known*to exist on Ribes in two counties 
of northwestern Oregon, and in practically all of the counties of Yoesh- 
ington west‘of the “emmmit of the Cascades. Scouting in 1927 hed fer 
its primary purpose the search for pine infection centers in western 
Washington, especislly-on ‘the epannanens yortions not covered in!» 
previous scouting, 969 5 

*- $eeondly) 1% Wasdesired to find areas offering suiteble con- 
ditions for future study of the dinease from the standpoint of its 
Controls . Pius LOGGSLS8 recs Koc ise | es: 

‘. @ike- third purpose was to°loeste ‘all “areas wheres white pine 
efi gies: ‘onthe “¢oast. This’was imortant not only on account of the 
intrinsic value of the pine, but also from the standpoint of such pine 
stands” “rélay points to fake the rast and form new centers 
of infection and thus aid it in its a Saar’ the white and L migat 
pine stanis"6f'¢¥e gon ‘Bad “Get teen tay” Perrerees Oh Oey BES) 

oreet, the Perect Su rie @ue visiied The cbhject «nd 
nateare of the we %“ war @ 
estalined r: c7ve te the Te PAY 
wility, nang etek te 86? beaten Ms xpeanaa het: sieps¥s ‘of. the" eanteden 
Pr” biel Pater in Washington; the Olympic Peninsula; and all areas 
bet ween, 

he " 4s 4 * HORS a; 4 sway 4 " 
te rel © @h he Sat Lonel Peps SIee Y * ; - & EP 4  : Pits 

. ecti 1 f adi tions 2 caine 1s ‘te 1927 
a Ribes Suleehbon 2, eS" Ps t Sete ea dade de 
we kd b ymag iS eB i¢ tiet ite 
The rust was firet foand “ti western Wiaghington on 1 Ribes 
nigrum in November, eo “at Jase! peatate in” the’ Puget Sound Regi Region. 
Scouting in 1922 in with the black currant campaign, aud 
a ists ad oF geen 1926 te 1926. inclusive, 4) a ae the 

‘i iA, oe c of Wash- 
pa f beth Sines with the shoe ion. or” 


ay a! -s tedwe| 

io 3 ed} 
pty seen, ane ie 2. it@ caer 

phone ie 

gifaliy: Cig Be ai ak so ‘i a 
ff pice Be Pet, pera 

Fe ami owt a asa "anu ao ¢eixe of wraiet uerte aaw $f arog ; 
~les¥ to selinsoo edd to soba a ae Naa stetaewdéron to 
tot bad TSCl af salttsoo8 tiomme ocd to teow sotant 
misteow al. eisdae9 goiiectal, bist s ane CPta th edt egoqtyg, ytamitg 0 
ui betoves don anoldiog evontadamam edt io, etuatee ar et Peate 

«too eldedine anitetio asets batt ot Beriseb aay 4k ine 
_ @@t Yo detonate edt mort ezssalh odt to oynee eurdet tot enolsib 

enig etidw esedw eacets Ife elzool-od eaw seogqisg build? oft 
elt to tavones ao yino ton daadio gow eld? .degoo edd xo pereren 
@nie dorm to dntoghaste oft mort oslg ded ,saig od? to omlev olentiial 
eresdaep wea arrot Sus gent adt esled of adutog ysiet yalmooed ebuate 
‘wane fas otidw odd Brewod comavis edt a2 $2 bis amit bas ackiostal to 
«ainanotif{ed bee moge10 to abaete ent 

o sofdsoal IT 
sebsoes0 edt Yo seqole ted Sebyfont Bedwoog od of aotget edt 

esets Ife baa jalvenios?t olga lo od yaodan ident ai dégael atedt tot 
190" Sed 

widbe i ao modgatdesw atoteow at bawot gotlt asw ¢enx oof 
<colaeh basro® togut edd mf aiatog west s #a ,JReL ,tedmevos at aurea tet 
has italaquss dastivo aesid edd déiw moktonuiaco ai SSELI al antivooz 
edt bedelidstes ,eviasfont Sel of SSCL ,gnttvoos to Jnwome bedimtl s 
~ieswW to ytanoo yreve at bawot weed fad eedig mo dent edd dedd tost 
Yo mottgeore odd dtiw ,eebacaed edt Yo timaye of? Yo teow sotgat 

ee et 

de Lige tafrotion 

were SoS! pine ‘fafectiod in Weaterd Washington wis first found da 
. 192k, ‘on two planter Pinus monticols in the ¥t. vernon 
ute Vernod. “these pines were from the D. Hill Nursery at 
aa Tllinois. ‘beta fous the 1925 field sesgon, 14 pine 
inate oe St tive counties He follows; © 
ty, 4 lo sete Je Lao Bot County, 5 locations; Rites 
ae YS Mah County, 1 location; and Shetconm County, 

fne feliowing 
issued to sach many 

~ tbs - a" 
Y 2a sa 

ance iia BV Hate eae Nt Aatspatton win 

= one Leahy ey ty Wy uch iaformation was uae er 4 from a 
the Soh} %; 20 #C0ous on Toot. Boxenmber thet wach 

pes. Deep cpitathe 40 Mi tab Gasket ‘fafecticas tn eae NNLzE°Re 
brded’ currant campaign ia 1922. 

Ain but iy Fecorde associations of Ribee end white vines 
Inapect 21 & 20F in tr they are infec ted, ineveet all. shite 

pines ocd ti dii’réda tid ‘ot pine infection by finding 
f out th 7 ion Htensil ication ‘this rust on Ribes, whens pine in. 

fectiop in Lonnie ddd dips ‘trod thé Vordst servfew Mowing IdcAtié 

of pines, netive and planted. 

by of susceptibility 

weefore actuel asides work was performed on on any national 
forest, the Forest Supervisor's + paz The object and 
nature of the work was cmpiatacd” | 
obtained relative to the locatiéas of pine er 
bility, se well os the locations of’ ré 

on the forest. 

end their accessi- 
eOns, Camps, etc., 


The enh mee national Foroet offices were interviewed; 

"Recording Rosu 
ecouting report fori 
accurately a6 possi 
traile eco sted yi4} < 

‘ * procbnts J ea me ‘ybreat ats . is 202 ccilent ie - 
iy and intelligestly @ern to strike a happy 
pi at dite PO683PRH198 Rad™Sbt.tned, Tne 
rae Sta ity ata ait re most cordial and willing 

to nelp out in every way possible. i ceabant instaaces letters 



al Sugot derlt eon setentseal ap hg ai eek cogent entt . 
nomteY .9¢ oft ak g bade, i? go .ISCL ,r9dasv0% 
tm yroetee ILK . odd mort Oren "eaale: a “Homwy wy yTeetal 

Salty Of .soueee Bleft BCL ed? Yo bue ads 24 .atoatl iT .09bau! 
rawoilet so avldauoa evit al kagot ved bad naotigoel soljoetat 
qaadld jenoisnool 8 ,ysnu0d aowteTtet, aaokinool > , yearned melialo — 
*USave) mooted baw sc rb rr ‘ee jancttaool atvoor 8 
BB Ret $280 gool 

‘ eee eneriiiaG ste sid 
sth eablabdetas eaitaosie! ‘tls: oateth-aus Lola cine ge hae 0 to gaesxe 
- woktedtat Ro. wmostagol suctvetg of evktalor. vebeesetieyet sbboek 

Becasivy hen kabte: ant shies 2008 i: “baat gay i eaiq Io eseituoed Soe 
speecoieh waht | RewoToe ‘pisgodiot eds 
a eS Oe ELAR. eae eeHowwy etal ty pot 
odd. dike go apaagsb a, seoolasolad. Anarte teal 29: 9520994, a igeii 
abSSL al ‘Galaqmen: healed Dab 

ee tie AC. oe tO Bete eae ¥ ‘ : es sabaoone metquene hha =e eat 
; he datontmnds wrresert OU i nose 
ssottio aide * so ‘sotdaool oala orice 

cnadtecel: acisaies — aneine i @otl igen ngvasoont - 
oe faadrogmk @. —— ane aahbirsii eoata: Ye 
‘heal Se ont a re i She ond ae Se o Lee a bs taut 
tk as bra. 10 *) toe te 
Janotsaa vas 2 me ig Hl eaw Atom, iene: icogenc fy Pe ante 
bas goetdo edt? .bedtelv saw eolTio ae deero% add jteerc! 

ae coljemotal sidiageq Lie pas. % eew tow ed? te otgtan 
-feseons tied? bas aeons #024 YO BHokIavol edd of evidelon beataddo 
nan gnee bats gene ntat? x finda be eneksneet neh 88 Siew.oa .gakitd 
LLL LAR wD Bae Foe san anil | a: oh osfeote?, ngs 0 

alo Othe initia sabi ag Ceamgglaingay eat 

ALON a $ ea) 

tavtct, fanoltak toast Jawow 6 salts otal. wedse ud 
Sseto% esob dai a 4 San : act 

“gab ity. tna pense yitee ree 
arstiel eeonedenl Teveves af 

en aie eerie rae Ghia 

ndisputable that the rust is muc} 

préead than the f oe mute would iadiasz "ES 

if you de 

‘mt rigs the Supetvisor's office td. the “aistrict’ £Fingeih 
air tery $e for th bill our work and asking them to help us 
a ssible, 

‘qelter of - Hitt te for “tach” bein teit?: was obtained 

sebfees ver es 4a Saas 

= Sart i excerpt from the set of instructions 

issued to ie a et Saal 
°° “aG@eheral pris 1 ror the! Sp rks rT hate the entire 
_Basigaed to you will be equally’covered, Do not concentrate 
seouting’ 4: one “portion to” the “neglect” ‘of other portions. one ey 
a — abut ihjes' Leading tron ha’ mountains, Go as Partbes 
possible car ag, ee on foot. ber thst much of this area — 
eab tte & vn 1 loud road ads but” pr ey none of at “Bway | trom” 
wts, either healt nc ts 

“In scouting look for associations of Kibes and white pines. 
Inspect Ribes for infection, If they are infected, inspect all white 
pines carefully, It may be possible to find pine infection by finding 
out the direction of intensification of rust on Ribes, when pine in» 
fection is found, try to find the center of infection and its extent, 

“Ribes may be given the following order of. susceptibility 
beginning with the most susceptible; 

1. B. nigrum 

2 R. bracteosum 
5. R, sanguineum 
4 3B. acerifolium 
Se G divaricata 
6. G lLobbii 

7, B. lacustre 

"Record esult All scouting performed will be reported on the 
scouting report forms, Each inspection point will be located as 
accurately as possible on a number in that county, All roads and 
trails scouted will be traced on the map, 

“precautions. Scouting is of value only if it is conscientious- 
ly and intelligastly done, Each scout must learn to strike a happy 
medium between the extreme of minute attention te a small area and that 
of covering a large area too hurriedly. 

338 | 

exeggat doiizaib ad? .o# eollio a! tosivreqné odd mort.dwo tose ots" 
ax tet ot meld hendiiagt. Ae! Lee enattsiedane BeOTCT noisostorg bas 
we EY ta 9  pe@ld Lesog yen, we he am 

beatatde a.5w gtuooe edd ‘ta. one 702 ca to. an Aas. ~ 
sth ae ' % fete. YESet® o dose mot 

2 eok 

bie st Re 

asotvourdeat Yo tea oat mOTK, ATES, a st gaiwollot edt 
sth tose - boyeael 

a a a a 

. otitae odd ‘todd oa dtow edd nelZ 19 
sistiasonos gon of _,betevoo aaa ci Tie SOY, OF Mini tetas aot 
., sagoddzog tedéo 16 toelgea edg of sotto eo at anissong 


as tat an 0b -edladawom oad moxt gatbsel esgeatar "pega * 
‘geta atd¢ to dows dad¢ 19dmema@ .do0t so tuose aedd ne ity ‘eldteadg 
mot? Yons tf to enon ylieotioatg tod ,ehaot ae Sees need gad 
‘ _ ebaor 

iq * ‘atu 
et sf ord ie 

eeonig otidw bas eedig to enoliatooaags 16% tool gald. gooe at 

etidw Ife goegant ,betoetal eta yeas I sont att {0% adi “fosqanl 
gatbatt yd molfsoetat entg belt of aidteaog ed Ysa $1 « {ilivterse eeatg 
wat entg aedy .sedig so ¢eut to softsolitiansia! to aotsoettb @dt tuo 
sigeixe 23f bag soitsesiat to tetses. a batt of yxt HES al gotsoet 

F ithhs ei tt PS ‘ a Rae ae | 

Wilidtiqeoase to tebr9 Bach bawrad > # sevis ed yam eedia* | 
Cee ‘edt Duy Scinatged 

edt ao bestoger ed Iftw benketees aaiditin: va 42 stsien : sattieeall 
28 betavol ed {itw gntog aolsoegest ‘Host = .emrot ttoger galduooe 
bas abaot [fa «ydagod add at. edn 6 a0 $Idteaog ea Yletetso0s 
Se edd G0. beostt é¢ Litw bedyooa eltatd 

nahn Guieed at #t %2 vino ‘oulav Yo. ak ‘apttvoog -s # 
yqqed a exditse of otael tenn tvoos doall Vidaagilietat bas yl 
tadg toe sete Ileae @ ot aM eet ise sian dea to ponent + xegwied mk bom 
i pioion 3 tt at Bets bei EMETOTER: # ; 

Lakin fo al #wo giaad’ oe 


a a 
ie Lh 



“It is undisputable that the rust is much more widely 
spread than the findings of scouts would indicate, In other words, 
if you do not find the rust, it does not mean it is not there, If 
you do find it, it is a safe assumption that it is much more widely 
prevalent that red believe it to be. 
WF-BRO~ ag/is 1s 
iiiseth Atetafont rour eletnes_rith ammonia shen Leaving 
an infected areas, Cases ha’ fn the east where scouts have 
“tne dtsense by sing infected ‘ether, —_—s 
y and corrying spores; ——-- - 4 aie 

zal th, LO ; 

; Pe. Se —“* 
7 Oe em ee peuatiemomang meneame - ~ —-~ ee 
r wte 
in SHEL I sev diel 
De Scouting Report ¥orms Used ee 
ite Pi ; 
sree a nas _— Wee retin A 2 ADE Spe: an — — aces 

OCCUMhNe’ form shown following is Soeig daa, in recording results 
of scouting, ° It may be ndted that the front side 18 devoted te pine 
i 2 er side to inspection of Ribes, "Space® das Bieaked 
for the recording of the average distance from Ribes to healthy 
pines and infected pines, These figures are necessarily very general 
but_do serve to indicate the Sears. of association on of pines and Ribess_ 
¥ aaa ‘Pine ne Infecti Lon ms 
ate: oxi ch Sacer. vabae. ‘beth fromthe Standpoiatcof —* 
Op-point, and jade Pas she‘ rebatienehipo: 

sina *bpalthy © or sateasetgn rs iva, ober = eee 
oh oat RR oe 


senneyete 2 au ease 

sec amet LL CAC ENO 


es i a r ee a EEEnneaennnennmememmnneand 

<—tee at eee | qe=urece a Ew — 
one | a an — 

ee GR SOR SUPT Bit en 

ii le BUN a Ce ee ee ee EERIREnEEE eas mat 

ame enene” a 
7 of 
Ta! fected | Symp? onis | Juvenil i Pycnia ars |Firs) : 
Mime | Twice ib 
amen nacsnnttliieiianiaiianions FN ae ee, On SD pant pt —~)- bab a 5 — 
1926 i / : i 
pate cen an nme werner a ann fn se anna apm CTine eres Cores py — 
925 : } 
ag a OTE i AE TOT OE eee, eee x aoomrtin 
1924 | i ; 
~ x, a o ee ee nee ~ ~~ ~ ene ~-- = 
195 / : : 
_ IP - eee wo —_—_ -~ 
G25 0 Stemateee! 
CCR Oe eee eee r . 
1921 = ! 4 
fo aed NES sic ncbslinlaeaptitick ‘ 
1920 on Bh tires oy ‘: ‘3 - 
191 vinta diabiatedl 
1918 Lit ; " 
19) 9 i 
Fintona oe en ei - ~~ -~ -” ~ a 
2 Saeko Aaa ON bs aitets siiigtul ‘i 
_——- ere | — = = ) —_ 
ee Pe —s 2 viene ii dienemmantey eS 

iebte etom doom al teor edd tadé eldetuqetbay et tx 
e2htow tedgo al .@daethat blyow stpooe to egathal? ent sadd baerge 

sone Ge ipa ot a ead. 

2% ‘ Lh he f ~ r 
ho RM So i tree hsp DN apn 

}s) me ue) Bos oe ” “ 
boas atuooe de tage ott aT "Tw off 

‘a 08 ite besjootat as mast oh 

saetiariianl To don ade BOTS tan ® a 

aifyae: gaiprose: al beau tedt at autwolio. aworde art 

ota ore od boageat 

ma § 
as senate eb ot sande yovzee ob aud 

3 at. f eidleads 


sede PES, NOSE to sole 
BETS 30 3 oabacd sod @ my Goons seg ar obs. é ap Stars 
antiga dentstends 2. mez oh i ad ae Metieka ? 

wbetoetal to apt Netra r98atie (at acd a Hala es 

ghteig tide buns aedlf To sa¢ijalooies 0% sool sadinow 8 Gy 

egine Lis ioenuat ener antes ets yode YW wcltooias 16% dou if Foogadl © 
guthalit ed colgoetal aity Deke ot ofddngoy oc va 49. elisiowme weake 

wii vzty sedi .eedhi ac duct to mang omeping to soldoerth. eat dae 

segue ott baa goldeciah Io qeiaes est Asst ob ytd ,batro.e2 noite’ 

ytiitdidgecess Fo voli gaiyollol sta sovle ed you eedig* 
piciicnoge tron ott feb aotaniyed 

Lak of 
“> | a 
he te. ay 
ak a 




= « 
fea f 

3 iddu. Song ttos salguote fe. at fuged so bovoosg® 
oot wi ite Paton gofaoenene saat” .garrok Fogo | An esees 
i‘ wt tela al godine: 4 a6 didlegog sa tletaxsoos 
: 4 oat” ae. (wOORIR OC Lity betuona eliend 
gree ee wh 2 RS edit ele be: ek ae $yoog sisgttacses 
Pi tas tive wh at feos oecon daa 4s ag omic hele yt 
See hes [ism & of sohieotte etveie So aamrsxe edi eae ted mnt bem 

ere OO) hayes wie rs eee at te. 


couting for Blister Rus 
State Cc Ho 

=. PE Se ae See, 


abundant, etc. 

Remarks: Trunk killed, number 
Branch|of branches killed, secondary 
infection, etc. 

“Age of Infection 

Year of Number of Cankers 
Growth lst 1st Pycnial | _ Produced Aecia 
Infected |Symptoms|Juvenile|Pycnia} Scars parehs—-}-Sevoret Dead 
Time | Twice Times 
1926 ee Na 


ast |. Se oes a ae eo 
FRAC RRA eae eC Te a A 
ee ee ea dL 

(2 aaa = a 5 i i sai iF ae 
———— Se a, 
1919 ‘ee i, 1 fc el 
i: ol Witla hal ed I aS al 


ot ide 

0 FI Bo RE AE Wl 
pe ee 


Sarin emai 

PO amas 

; ‘ 
F FS , ’ 3 
<. a a x 
: Sita es 
Fe pe . . 
- “ : ee 
. ‘ 5 ty : =a 
Lic 3° Be: to pee 
2 : 
4. a 4 ) as - 4 
: : 4 a Pewee SoG 7 areas 
Bye omen = . 

aoe nar ei 


2 ayreuey 
"190g = WOUt Tt opeag 

"sejtoeds seqty. fO TeTytur 
fa pewmotT Tor setosds seqyy 
‘peep poyooruy surTd sytum 

"OATTS payoesut ouTd satum 

“peyoojut jou sutd o1tum 
| dey 193 9%9 

Oo €@ 



sent ek eat 

monte ones 

ee tr mrsenemne nth rae 



peta a i ai ae ih Wee ee 
paysez Laer Tee hil Mss uhh Ml 

<e.2 8 oTpoLoSI “ea, |-20e FUT peroey peut 
RRO SRT ea , 
lie. eeereAy | grezarns peyoe zur | 1° 
Haibeoai au eave Woppoeasul seqry 



Soqty | 

a eS 5 


e » hd: ps a phe own dara 30 to eat rai & Ron 

sseutine trip was made by Goodding and Putnam by autcmobile,, Points 
in thé. Olympic Peninsule and northern Puget Sound region were scouted. 
The results are Wry tose tint in this twp arbh 

2 Scouting, simmers 1922, cmaataentian organization consisted 

of the field supervisor with his automobile,*and 3 field parties, each 
composed of 2 men and an automobile. Later another man was added to 
the force'to travel beige hae field p  abaai ‘ 
ie SCT RAS rye 
The entire “eadtese: ‘Range at: coast region was divided into 
three parts. and Gach"part allotted» toe one scouting crew, The division 
was a as be easier ate dl 
Pibhew inf 


. ) This region inclades All of the 
Olympic Peninsula sweat! f Puget Sound; and southwestern Washington ly-— 
ing west of the Pacific Highway from Olympia to Portland. 

“. Somne following’ counties, in whole or part, lie in this area: 
diate ehesdaatice ‘Kitsap, Mason, Grays Harbor, Pacific, Wahkiakun, 
and the west pone of oem rat an Lewis and Cowlitz counties. 

de Sorthurn Cascades, This region includes the timbered area 
on both sides of the Cascades in Washington north of the northern 
boundary of Kittitas ‘County and the myene between the Snoqualmie and 
Stilaguamishi. a ome , 

The following eoantics im whole or in part, lie in this area; 
Whatcom, Skagit, Island, Snohomish counties, western portions of Okanogan 
and Chelan counties, and: the northern portion of King County. 

rn Cascades, This region includes the timbered area 
on both ‘siden of the Cascades from the northern boundary of Kittitas 
County and the*divide between the Snoqualmie and Stilaguamish) rivers, 
south to the Columbia River, and west to the Pacific Highway. 

The following counties, in whole or in part, lie in this area: 
Skamania, Clarke, Pierce counties; the eastern portions of Thurston, 
Lewis and Cowlitz counties; the southern portion of King County; and 
the western portions of Kittitas, Yakima and Klickitet counties, 

¥, Training of Personnel 
During the latter sart of July, the men were given a few days 


drole @ gb Ihtga of 08 dota moth JNSEL syattge | éuoo' 
ataledt , .elidemotue Ye mended bas satkboek Ye ebae aew gitt gaituoos 
obot nuns etew aoigot Suve® teogx% ateddi0n bas alventaoe’y ofqaylO edé af 
ef Toqer aldd af go tadéwws swode eta atlvaet ed? 

boteleanoo solteainag 16 uatdeone odt — «ie : 
dose ,eettusg Sielt & bas ,olidomotus eid dd iw yr fielt odd ‘to 
of bebbs sav aem iedtoas total .elidomoetus as bug sem & to Seaogmes 
stoeiviequea BLoit edz die sovart ot eotot edd 

oink bebivib saw aoiget tesoo baa ogame chasse) orltae onl? 
aolaivib ed? wore gaitsesa ego of betdolla drag doxe bas attag corde 
sewollot a8 & 8aw 

edt to Ife eehelout solser eldt os olgary tL 
Wtf aoigathesW ntoteouddvoe baa ,bagog toged to teow alvanine?t mei 
abies £3104 of aiqaylO mort yawdgif oftios? ad? to teow gat 

gees eidd at off ,dteq to elfodw al .asidanco suxtwollot sat — 
 ymniabkiat poitiosd yrodisE ayet) ,nose ,qsediat ,noaretie® ,msiiel) 
-nstinues agiiwo} bus alwed ,xoteared? to amoidrog Jaew odd bas 

gota heredutd add eobuleat soiget aif? s,eobspesd atedi10k sd 
 #eeedéton edé# Yo déton sodsatdecl at soba add %0 sebte ddod so 
bas sluts one, sd? seowted ebtvib-edt bas ysasoy anétttin Yo ytebavod 

eetevit sdetmegss 1238, 

tee afd? af eff yersg ai to eLociw ai evoftasog -yutwotter ‘en? 
sagousetd Yo enoidte, sieteew ,setdavoo dealmondong ,Saelel .tiged& caenteds 

eYsagos gxik To sattyog atesexon’ cand baw hi ton asiod) baa 

BOTS boneduts edd aebeiont solget eid?  weebsoes)- aredés08 «oS sul 
- gadleein to ytabawod mtedéiom odd mort sebaoesd edt ‘to webte dod ao 

getoviy dddimemgahit@ bac simiswpoae edt avewsed ebivib-ed?t bas ysau0d | 

vuawnig Aa od tiowt*s ead oF tuew ‘tus stevie items d odd of ‘tien 

1BOS ede ak ots ,tusq at to olodw at noseuiiiile gatwoLiot oft 
,toteini? te enolsiog stedase edt gasitéavex- eoreld jeatisi (stosmse 
bas pytaved gati to aettieg atesddwoa ad? yaotdavoo at fiwod bas eived 
 aeettawoo ¢adidohia buy ambieY jaadistiy to exotitoq wretasw ad? 

wyeb wet s aovig orew com edd oye to taq tedts! edd gab he 

intensive training in the vicinity of Bremerton, where several pine 
infection centers had previously been found, In the training period 
the fol1o1 ming Punts were. SRASARCAS 

1. Life history of blister rust "1 O27 
a, How it spreads eee 

(1) Long ARIST Biss to Ribes 

~(2) Short: ‘distances, Ribes to Ribes 

val mer “gta AA ‘to Pines 

BS —— fier pedat of ona - 
ies ors t = givegittien of ali-stages of Beloved - 
5), + Ge Determination of year of or infected 

: = Babes doxtiest dah aa 

lwheteon | => ee ORS of nibes species S sbive: to the region— 

eat. anc Recognition of uredinial and “Sate: stages on Bihes: . 
(tesa) Leaves 

cen iy Scouting m thods . 4 oe G n , 

white pine: Ga, What constitutes | a pied tinpiet po sides ose - 
ptances ni bp ier to. scout pines * ; i . E 
Ce *¢* Ps ow ‘to ‘scout Ribes ' » the 

Pt Recording aeeiba 

seat idtaten ee Recording pine iuspéction 
caoein-es »Os, Recordin Ribes inspection 
oh ree ‘e. Making sketch map 

_ dew, met to put in notes 


de ras eccul 

2. el rt “"'Y, Results of scouting 

lice tr: 

re ior outl 

pas Ho. 2 iii a summary of the results of the spring 

SUpSsrviser age oOue te 
Crew AM eH 

Fsew * Oe a 
wtp a7 SY 

ont ladeven e1edw ,cotremerd to, ydiataiv: edt-ot potaien. sevigastal 

papi. ome 4 exis al shgust ased ylesotve1q bad etetnes aoitoetat 

js shorts il is mee: eéntog: alee ster eds 
ei i eee i 2 eo 3 i poten socvendd) Noo xrese ls: leatinaiee 1 reg 

ied of powbaesqe:i2ye0R ate xf luoncx od? 
aedia. ab Tlesia pet b- amor (£) 

eodit of sedis .acomstealh diode» 28): aa $90 — off 
‘eeakS ow: coats feamperrvmahe txoda: &) bistt ed? Yo 
BAYS Loe ks of a Te MOL 
, et wy ishelteees exis o odd 

‘<a te pre femtow a 

ole: osolvl> seffoetal to sesgsde fie. to aotdbaaocegy ads, 
betvd besoetad: diwets lo t#9y» to: neuaiiaiaes vata ame one’s at aeons 
Co3 YW 

guidewta? pare oy 

acnetess eid of evkites eetosge eedld Yo moideotifinebl, ia .» 

,[eedik se erent potagtet bua yon ene to ols hasooen wen oh ory £1 
, wont wa a ' ogevael on ro te sw mork 

1ROUR —ebodd sn. oe: Phy ab 
sera E heed viston sottoogen), boos a seaabhnueal Best aoe oe ret lals 

t tat seniq dgoce, of wel ad | odd § 
seein sieht ot won aD 
#. "Ww sta : ae Iwaek; Sarees a@od . 

‘sobtpeqaat foe: Ballit09eR) eB) 1y yx bance 
soltsoogent aedif satbtoeed ad <oimcey 4! 79 
gaa dojexg sais «9 
cf obey » £Q wt) ne ee 

} " opyary 
ge 's mei ge 

acing ada so etiveer edd te, teas 8 “awota is pot valida: ~—¢ teare! 
: { atdumtopiae gaidiooe 

4? m re) i 
: nm 
rae , oe 5 i 
y> “ 
4 Yr y 
Fd i P ed = ‘ 
x S Sebticelaate- nefits ‘ 
i isd 4 

r <f 
ay ie eS f ‘ 

“Summary of ecuite of:5 ee seout: for Pins 
‘be.N. Goodding and H, N. Putnam 

Marek a £2 2 ABER a1 1927 

Total Pies infected > Pine peebsr of Pines 
Inspection|Pine= Locations In- ¢-Pines 
County |Locations [Locations Infe< bee: act Pet am + STA ed 

Glalien | 10 S| SOS 
getterssal 8 —t 4} soe 

Infection on pines was found well distributed on the Olympic 
Peninsula,” In no case was A good association of RE. bracteosum and © 
white pines found without resultant’pine infection, In several’ in- 
stances pines were found infected associated with Ribes species other 
than"R, bracteosum. 

Infection in Whatcom County between Sumas and Maple Falls, 
was unusual in that altho 10% of the pines were infected, 
associated Ribes were ve omega present, 

No tate on Bide’ tat cuties was eeteattae that early in the 
season, The occurrence of. ew cong — at each inspection 
point was noted, i) Re 

B. Summer utin b; unties 

Aedes Owing to the fact that scouting on the coast was stopped 
in early September one month sooner than was expected, the entire 
region as outlined, was not scouted, © Scouting was performed by the 
supervisor and one crew August 1 to September 7 inclusive; by one 
crew sngust 1 to neyiane 8; and by & ohe-sman crew jugust 1 to 
—— 1a 

\ 4h VS Te ea eae ee Pee if 
BE A Sl ae a i eae 

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od { tenguA wets cameeno s yd bas ;8 tedmesqe? ot £ tanga wets. 
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The following list of counties show the status of work 
at the close of eaten 
astocl Pie a Coickitsiew! in whith ss was completed; -Clallbni, 
Quer aredaia King, Mason, i ag ore! Skamania, snohomish, fhatcom, 
and Kitsap counties, © 

(bo). Counties penne half ‘seouteds ~eCowlitz, Grays 
ean: 9 ew nn 1 

(e) * Counties: not scouted at) all, or much less than half: 
Chelan, Island, Kittitas,. Hafipicd tas» tara wy esa eng Wahiakom, 
pion. and Cntine pohatian . 

® white It: nie be saahdo rinbonil that: > sie a in those counitites listed 
iuseeniionda was necessarily performed only in a very general way. 
Owing to the large region to be scouted it was possible only to devote 
@ very limited amount of time to each county, Scouting was performed 
principally by aid of autos, However, on several occasions in 
pages yuee portioning scouting was done on foot and on horseback, 
Rives 4 Ghe, poner rice of scouting are given below, detailed by counties 
Scouting performed im each county was put up in final form showing routes 
scouted, in red, and the inspection points numbered consecutively in each 
county and indicated on the map by number according to the following 

an’ epitenic Uf the disense Seouting, ARQ? 

MBE TOUS BAe : rag er , 3 

these ; G. Pimes only present, not. infected 
in damace a yi % 6G a Pines only. infected . 

Tipe, dee Se bee -rocuM Ribes only present, not infected 

tomee inves O>Ribes only present, infected 
ot; @® Pines and Ribes infected 
<y Good association, neither infected 
L» : Les Gousty). Gy @ood association, Btbes only infected 

In the agai yes of scouting eon below by counties, the 
basis on which reports were classified is association of host plants 
as follows, (1) Healthy pines, no Ribes;. (2) infected pines, no 
Rides; (3) healthy pines with healthy ates (4) dnfected pines with 
healthy Ribes; (5) healthy pines with infected Ribes; (6) infected 
pines with infected Ribes; (7) No pines, healthy Ribes, and (8) 
mo pines, infected Ribes, 


stow ‘to etadga odd wode aottames to tall gntwollot edt 
spatinme to eeolo- edd te. 

} Puy 
Bo ce aif veyes 

sasifat9 sbetelgmos ea “gateuoos “doldw “i aotsitired (a) 

- enootadt” Aa tmodona. er as eootels ~noeaM qgokA « ttt 
+e, ee - sesitanos qead ty bas 

ayer) 82000: thedsooe ‘Vad lanes ebind (4) 

Ae iia lala ii kill a raneecios Papers bos todtsH - 
ar ete rl 46 fe ar pe 2h EE ae 7S ind og! 

tied aadt = yng eo so ta betgooe dom veld. 

vis me cri ~aipteseet eto meme Siw ait ‘ 

Bi asi 

ai 06 aT gory 

neat seilakbe madi ‘* ys Gaad lk 
| sew besolomos. . 

_ s¥aw Ieteges YIev & & oe 
etoveb of yao sidtaeog aew wr bedwooe be 
bemrot Taq esw galsgooe - “ateauoo dpee of eal 
Gt saoigaseo fexeves go “ieyewor — 
"Gibsdeatod ao bas feet #6 ecob usw” at 

aetinwos yt betisted. ,woisd sevig, e168, saisuon 30 s8igno. cy 

aedwot geiwode, arte? feat? at qx tug, zee ysewoe dose. wh eg galdvoss 

dose at (levideosenoo boredamn) atetoq softoogens ed? Das bet,  ieieans 
gatwoitot odd ot gaibtoses tedmu, YC gas ont age Robeas As BAe 

fie OBS oe | ge 
2 ae ABA) Ren ahee sot os OPE mee 
peaotte. Ee TE RS sea sine G SSCL aed A HOOR: SRL ore ete A 
i Se Ae Joa? af {essa Sar. 


ne petostal fan ,taeucty Uso, gant. ae deditn puauhsnenh 
bejoetsi yiao eeat ph oa 4 
-  petnetal som _iaenerg eine eeeiss Re so ocak oF 
- hetseteat ,imeapitq jarsoeabente ri aaron ost gAQEeee 

bedootat aedif bas wenid @ pbdten ene Tahow’. . | 
—-s hegostal tedtien ,~woltalooses hood /. Me Sk | 
bejostat ylno eodig ,noitistoossa Boo), Dei wdeuove ed meet | 

ed} ,nebtanoo yd woled covig: gni¢voom to efeylsng: odd) al 
ssoelg teod Yo, notteloceas ef boltieaslo etew adtoget, dotde ablaaben 4 
on’ puenig bédootad (8) pz0d ih om peakg yitisel <u): : aawohho® @8 8 
Ad der pov betoete: (>) qaedia yddleod ddiw seta yd ead: (ay . 
bedoptat (8). paedie betootnh dtiwepads | (@); predis yddtaed | 
(2) Boe ,sedif ydtiaed sent of (T) raedif betostal dilw, sent . 

«aod ig betoeiat 2esntg on 

| Distances from Ribes to pines where the two hosts were 
associated, were divided into 5 classifications as follows: (1) 100 
feet or less; (2) 101 feet to 300 feet; (3) 30lifaet ito 500 feet; 
(4) 501 feet to 1000 feet; and(5) over 1000 feet, 

| Certain terms descfiptive of stages of introduction and 
establishment of thé rast will bé used in this report and should pe 
described here, 3 th ¢ 

(1). Stage of introduction: Characterized by the 
initial infection of Ribes often at long distances from the infected 
pines, From thése infected Ribes nearby white pines become infected 
and thus new centers Of pine infection are formed, Wo actual damaze 
to white pine.ds apparent in this staze of spread, and usually the 
pine infections are go few that they are very difficult to find, 

_ (a) Stage of intensification; after a few years the 

‘pine infection centers, established during:the introductory staze, 
begin to produce gecia, at first, the volume of spores is insuf- 
fi¢ient to cause further long distance spread of the disease, but the 
Ribes in the surrounding locality become,well infected and each season 
», imtrease the amount of inféction om the pines. This process results 

| inj the establishment of numerous local centers of severe pine infec- 
tion, — | % | om 

am 6S i | (%) Damage stages Conditions are now favorable fer 

“\ an’epidemic Of the disease in this locality. ‘The annusl infection of 
_ ‘Bumerous Ribes causes very heavy pine infection, As time goes on and 
these pines begin to die, the results of this heavy local infection 
in damage to pine betome more and more ‘Striking. The time is also 
Pipe, due to’ the a of large numbers of aecia, for a new wave 
of long distance infection on Ribes, thus starting disease centers 
anew at other points fa localities heretofore free from the rust, 

1, Chelan County, ‘Chelan County was scouted chiefly incident to 
travel across the state, Wo infection, either on Ribes or pines, was 
found, ; a oe 

Record of couting performed, The following tabulation 

shows the results of scouting classified according to association of 
hosts; a § : - 


xe gh i ey: 
in! ap ae sg ¥ me ier ae gilt 
Pt oe SEE ER ate GENES GF ihe he Sok 4%, ed 


pmigth Bee Fe 
it | 
O0L (1). sewokfie? es enottsolticaslo & pedal bebivih etaw \pdstatooses 
_ -Spteet 068 GIA destAOE (&) gheot OOS od geod LOL (8): yeast zo toot 
steet OOO! revo (2) baw gtoot COOL modest 108 (2) 


etew eteod owt od? stedw acatg ot sedi mort ao: ta 

~~) Sas, aottouboital to aegede to evltybroned genet aiedre) aa ae 
od bigode bos sroqey eldt at beam ed I[liw dawn end, So toemlelidades 
eat gavert bedixsasb 

Soto yo beattedos tad), nebtonbortal to egede Ga) (a) 
betostul ad? mov? eodostellh ziol da mevto asdifi to gotsoe'tat Letitat 
betostal emeoed esciq edidw ydisen sedis betoeimt geod?) sort ...aantq 
epaneh tautos off .besrtol ots sottoetmt saic to eretseo wor andd bas 
bole edd Yilesws fae |, bsetge to onata sidd ot teeraggs eh omiq oiidw of 
broad ¢ ise tt ie prev ete cody tady wet of ‘ors enotdocin? emtq 
ageweS of Wino whee ouow #4) badwoon #6 oe actyat Gptal See O6 BL ip 
oe edd weRsy wet! @ Toft, ~woldwolrteastel To egate GR) HoT tals, Caey,# 
jee etetaan pe te baton tov 

{eats yrotembottol ent gaia berat iad toda 
‘styent ab devoqe Yo omslov wld ptawlY a4 wloog eouborg of atged 

edd dud ,cenoetbd edt to haotge eonatelb gaol tecjiwt eeueo of ‘dnetolt 
\toeser: dose bug bétoetnl Lew emooed yiilesod galbayovteq ad af sedlt 

josvetivest sesoorg eft? \.asnlg edd no wottostad Yo sinwoms edt eveeront 

june wpe tab enkg evevea to eredaes funot evotemim toe dasiviatidateo ed? ot 
edtwokiee gilded gain om, Mee mam BO geet ee RO Hoe criees IS Vee 

phot 2, Wa 

we a ae 

yot eldstovst wom ota atol¢ibao) yeyade egemed (&) ! 
to motdastat Levee od? .ysilavok etd ai eeaceth edt to oimebiqe aa 
bas co 290m emis eA  nottvetal enig yveod Yiev Bcauss sedi avetemun 
sottoetat Lavod yveod oitit 2o etisest dl? yalh of algod eenig eeadt 
oeis at ets edt .goidiudeexcm das Grom emooed ontg of gamed ak 
ovaw wai 6 10% ywtoes to aredmmm ogtal “te soliorbotg eit of ovb ,oqit 
eresueo cesesth geidrede aadt seedin mo molicetnt esonsieth anol to | 
dam odd mort oott cvolotered weititeonl at adslog tedto 32 wens — 
agoiss Leveat? 
Pal ebauot 

ih: RE 

ot tneitont ¥yLteido beswone, caw Ytuwed sg ladd , gawod 
ace ,2outg 10 aedif ao todéie ,molvostal of wotate ei 

Ny MAURER ied Pat ie MES) ge ae 



wey $8 wes 
$ BME tor tate 4 

pace Gina) ice agra RR NERS A SIR RE bh eae 
nottetudad aniwolfé% od? ,bewrotxeg gattpoog Yobudose yowe ne °° 
to obtwloowns of saibropse boltieasio gaitsooa towPiseet edd) ewode 
Me eT ee em en se etal BAe Rae eh AR > geteod 
te oe (SX) peedtte betooiak deka. comer - 

are her oa 


tT Ct ate 

7] pay 

Jed) <ul 
* ON 

Fuyynoos JO sy~sfpTeuy 
& *ON Tievs 

a eg “glibws the results 
agsociatios sf boats. 

Bictance From 
Abes to 

ef ition 

fected Healthy | fected 
AS Pe Gt & béa 

Powsdethity of R. bract 
et SS we Ba oe. . RCross e ver 

mid 3 
i diane 



5 ably oer) 

Analysis of Scouting 

' Clallam County 

Distance From 

Ribes Ir Kibes to 


none : 
Possibility of R. bracteosum 900 Feet 
f iver no 

ross r t inspected 
8 100 ft, 
8 or 
b, 19 less 
15 0 101 ft. 
hind OF 0 to ? 
» 20; 0 S00 ft 

Rs brace, | 5[ Of a 

A DD aL® Valea font 
PAT Na ibe 

Rerood elles th 

ee th Ws 
OR e ey %, ai 
ee Sk eo 
atmo j i © addi Mea ER ea 

mt * Rid fh Aken ¢ v On a TW us 
PTS) TEL od ea Re BaP re epee Ve 

more oonadald) | 
od aodiz|  solioegesl gedif 

~93 tT 
bet; ok 
Al seG) al 
botoot | ydélaek | betoot | ~oet 
Si vweontt| desi) bed; 

feet 008 aracotoatd .f to ytiitdtesos 
__eeioegent gon tevia aeotos gouty mot? 
“* (okt Col] — 

Table No. 5, Continued 

Pine inspection Ribes Inspection Ribes to; 


Ss ae were ? smehbSitbe oointe ditare winds only were Cound and 
ozani ned, At oue of thesé pointe infected pines were found, but no Ribes. 
This “indicates that associa ed Ribeg were scarce and that infection pre- 
sumably came from, some distance away. 

(2)there. were 20. inspections made bhare pines. and Ribes were both 
Pres At 10 these points or 504, either one or both hosts were 
ee er attens” of them, or 1Of, sho 
2 he ie a or 10% showed pines healthy with infected Ribes;. while 6 or 
CF showed both hosts infected, These figures indicate 
(a = at. infection on Lowi or infection on Ribes associated with pines 
distributed, and (b) that at 30% of the points, infection condi- 
oe are in early stages of regi meee 
(G)fhere. were 38 inspection pointe are: Ribes only were found, Ten 
rs i these points, or approximately 26%, showed infected Ribes, This would 
indicate that an aecial source existed sufficiently large to ddasadbate 
odin to Ribes and extend the Limité of the met. , , 

4) ‘the. average per cont of Ribes bushes infected end average per 
cnn of leaves infected per infected bush for different associations of 
hosts can best be shown in a email table derived bap Table No. 3, 

Agaie : 2ai7 


wed pines infected with Ribes, healthy 

besalsaod .& .of olda® 

pean Gp aR Appi sacs 7! 

mort oomad eid SE SLC BB oll Lined 
:o% eedif sotieed a “sod i _j| m0 


Tose oar seat _—s sh 

| bas base? sew <iao adits: ‘issn adalat laphdedinad’ 3 ere8 \grediR(Z): om 
nedtd on dud ,bayot otow gentq: betootal ataiog easdd to eng 34 etna’! 
-o1g sotdootat att. bas erunge ong acdaa ‘petstoosag stadt aodsotint sian 
, as ee ea panied ones mere aan pe oak 
déod stew ti bos eis lertcte prvi adolsoegaal os otew oredth( 8) 
stew edaod died 10 aac tonthe a 4Q «edalog ‘onedd Yo OL 34 | pr bona 
(ad Caed aodid dtiw begoetal asatg bewor meee %o .medd to & etal basso 
"oO SLitw yeodia Befsotak ddiw ydleod eoulke bewode FOL 10 mod?! ko & 
etanibai aowatt seed? .bedoetat steod dtod i vdie atatog ed? to #08 
esuto diiw begaiocaas asd ao: aoksostat, a0 ,eenkg ad sotipetat dada’ Gaye! 
-thaos aottoetut seiatog edd to P08 ts dads @ bas ,botudivteth [lowwt 
<anttant pepen? o regsia: ylise of ets esoht — 


aoe saat orem eine aot if on ecte béndme. obiseeenst BE exw ered@(&) ©: 

bivow wld? ..aedik botos'tat bewode pase. Yistentxorgges to .etatog seedt ae 
edad itdelb of ooval yitnetoltive bojeize eots0e [eines as tad? opao lied! | i 
fos eit 10 agit: ald babe, pas apd ARs 

“tes; egsteve ab S aakeeind eedand eecis “ab anes, wec syareva, oat (2) ® 

6 ‘anvitatooaas ¢heTSTTEh tot ded. bet ogtai req boineta etat seveol arene 
a. | ; Seay ae 4 sitet 1m 4 at Gwode we aay aseod 
ns a at ifs a. 
ee 4 Ly es rn WA coe a aapan se Soe eee ann anon 
Tee} end of } ; if oes ty “oll i 
a eet : ' asd th} 
| of oft} } gd leon | 
z wpoerafne af th an ss aan . peal we 
{ hte ri he ' : aeos Rt usk 
eee ee | ‘ [pet potas ; 


yt 4 : antl 
VWALSSe?r GHAivsis; 
Se ae ee a 

» ees SS. a ee SS oe 

[Year of .j i BAY #re dacs reat a ' 

0 te 

“Whe significance of evidence presented in Table Nov 4 is that 
Nedisies on Ribes associated with infected sant Lae dake: = 

in dither, ak Pgsed by aaa 

inf ection A ae ena ano un oe in- 
oe he 

other two “ anées, infection re ak bee ve ing in the 

ou git tfch Holds tie tf 1¢-1¢ waisted ‘ont infection of 

anown ee 6ecn 4.3 7wrnerrs in tne ric ty, Say 1% 
AN wn e- Es 
infected 3 

moh dla regarding 

since the amount of pine infection is the weak criterion of the status 
of the disease. Certain pine infection points in the county are discussed 

seperetel dane: Pyeht Infection, Inenec 

5 emia G26 48. T1° at ' 
Tue lanted in yard of 7. F. Rixon, 
13 miles fortheast of let Ae iis ; BR: 12.¥., Sec. 30. 
Ins .— oe r - “hagust 6, 1927. 
Pine Ins nfected 5: One tree, 20 feet 
tall, showed 101 Baneees and only lower ‘half of tree was inspected. 

a 4845 

Pe ee ee as 


ie ag ey on erect ot ord, Bang te 90 
me eet Hone oP ia tie po, atiw Setnts 
baleen aidt “to teiv th 

wat Innotsthbe to nefeaot aeeoee o rat “fis 
“edd gt eftnw tas et vente fear 4 

ditt nt Rated an belted ts od bit iS ie ‘og 

igantténeeges Io espada ey Se BY SYR BEOke 

_to wines dese ao age ‘a ad he nue ebfost earetany eS pre sat 
rans regent pith na ‘paeSivtbat 
Lod aml, perce hye eeeecor owes ta 

astate old te ahi eairy Sy a yee a i erates to jattom eat sonata 
hoaaioet ow ‘wonteo SAN ME abetted ‘no rtoPiaE ante aked reo “onaeel§ “edd Yo 

S dbesoeiel tee heloetat sey 8 
ene S10 2m ifs ome ae. eee call B a teed Gao sieor. 

tr -off peldaniae -olioetal teveef email. hg 
oxi .U . %o cbaee mt botnal Sieotlagn eaugkt :goliaool 

08 .o68 ,.7 Sf .2 ,.ROS o? .¥fav0d mafiel) ,xevael Yo seseddion seftm t 
-TSQl .& #eupged ,yolwak base doesdiatol : totoeqenl 

_¢set OS ,setd sm .2 betootal 22 bontuez® «nottoeqaal ont? - 
-Letvegent aaw etd to Ufed tewol vine bas ,etedneo [0 bewode , {Ist 

Canker analys is: 

‘able He. 5 

nes, ryenty 
Anal Te. ar Gaakies, ¢ fer Infection 

Clallam po ty 

Rep areatiy, 1923 and 1924 were good years so" Anfection 
of BRgneN erpemesteanines) tk 


Averaze tatiana 
Samia ¢ Sty oe ape Ribes to 
' , =f 

Health ny In ected 

‘ceed It: vas. quite oveseainbeddct R) nig was the Ribes re- 
Sepia fort he. severe infection of the slanted pines. Wo native 

te pines are known to occur anywhere in the vicinity, The nearest 
known pines are at least 15 miles distant, No ‘material damaze to t he 

: cc atacted pines wen neuidant titie ge | meer sg avers branch showed one 

- : 

roWe more caukers. 
. tom et eats 223 
he ame; orale acid Cncdpeltlidhs No. 32 
Merrill and Ring Lumber Comany woods Camp at Pysht, 
alete Sl, Noig, Ree Hvis, BOG.) 10. 
Inspectors: Hornibrook and Hawley, ‘august 9, 1927, 
Putnam and MacLeod, Seotember 3, 1927, — 
Detwiler and Putnam, October 17, 1927. 
Pine inspection; 

RegEd 9 ADDR FReee TIC aed. bias ae 4 Me ae ote ¢ oes be he 
LR awa ae aaah a $ mm anol i ~ . 
; 22h beatae 4 

reper meine oe 

ie i in rY : , i 

‘ " hi © Pies BOE ® Fo t 
BS Ba ate nate fh 

+9 ~ raveke x aslis cite pe tw ote 

mA aa seai% 
RS i RAO NE ld 
1 MES YB 5. EEL E} 09 or 

“aobidoiat xt many boca pearery ry eel ibbaiel aul 

: be a page ngendine ‘mot? venta to eanlt 
slog eee ee j + 9S besoo tal 
ie, fe rh aol sedige i? fila! 

eg isa on, 
f “wed ii, 
hé foo tay 

ee | 

fo etsop tat 
oO geeWah a 


7 ea ae 
wo Bathe ade Liane 

Pens aa See PEP EE tausgiaa 08° 
nat OOL] 4 [Soe Ties a a a: ani tau fire. ] tite 

ae aediz. eat Bae : $9, ft ® edisp a: .t : 
evidms of .eentq betusle en eeu ete ¢ 16% 
tasises off  <ydiatotv edd af Be ae ss000 o¢ awoit Ota ee: 
sidot «games ieitetam off stants b aciim Cf taael ag ot 
ano bewode doaetd aE eiaeew “[exeey, eld? daebive gan aeat 
: ae Fee wy el soklow ies “merle ne Sat xd 
ar atric; weltee@in! soley afereey  seeed bai te 
S& «0% oottoeganl .solsoetal sdayi : 
ideyt da gma sboow yasqae) tedauit nus weet ithe ur B90. 

aWSEL rE nit 4 el gate 
batt sey 




rn atin asttye's 


Zable Hg. id 

» iFirsda lfected | of. tee ied lreetea Inf. 

an intefesting"anzle"in connection with this inspection “point 

was that at°éach subsequent inspection, pines were examined not found at 
previous spapectonne. 

nepecbtic re 

ity, s “On august 9: panbeopeaa tne: in’ ‘thet rounds’ of the adress ™ ‘houses 
were reeha, On September's; additional pines planted in thé yarde of the 
officers’ houses were insseected. On October 17, the original source of 
these pines, the rows where the seeds were planted 7 years by Mr. Merrill 
were located. any one of these threé lécations, while in the same local- 
ity, is not readily visible from any other. This serves as an excellent 
illustration of the incompleteness of seduting-: Owing to the large area 
assigned to each scouting crew; time did not permit a complete survey of 
the vicinity of any given infection. point. Hence no criticism should be 
made of the scouts' actions in overlooking additional pines. The fault 
is chargeable to the foree. of” circumstances necessitating a rapid ‘scout - 
ing of the entire pegtam. ' 

a8 ; . t¢€ 
-ochnexaeination of: table Wo. shox thet 334% of the 5. Atrobus 

found | were dafected with an average of one canker per infécted- tree, 

1/3 of a eanker per tree; while 50% of the. P. monticola trees were 39 

fected, with 4 cankers ver infected tree, or ex Cankers ver tree. It 
would appear, in this instance, that there were 6 times as many cankers 
oroduced’on Pp. monticola as’on P. strobus, both pine snecies being ex- 
cog to asproximately “the: same" ‘source: "of Rides’ infeetion, 

: tal erticulér; ‘the trees inspected on October 17 were siudiet 

-to the. sane telial infection, since they were growing in two parallel 

rows 4 feet apart. In this instance, there was found 1/5 of a canker 
per BP, strobus, and 5 cankers per P. monticola, or 25 times as many on 

P. monticola as on a strobus: 


| Canker eanteete : ‘That infestion on pines was extremely young is 
shown by the eat ey ey # 


te lO feet Alen, % 



taiog. aorepedmit’s ‘etd, Adin. sali cekdog ki sia anteabuneiie . ‘4 i 
¢@ Sovot som bec tnexe “OT Sw “bealg lotsopgeni thenupeadue- es jadt asw 
| isy cr tire ad evolvetg 

sesuod 'otedtow edd to pS cal sani ‘thebennade: wine: ch ‘sangha x8 

od to ebaay ead of bodaale senty Lanokiibba saanie Hr rene eG ao ,basol etow 
to eotos Lantaito edt ,Si tedotod 20 .hetobgent nt Pstey ‘ereottto 
{itvtem .1M yw etesy T Setaslg e19ew abooe ot cool ewot edt ,aentq esendd 
~iaool emea odd af oltdw ,anolsaook eetd# o2add to eno yaa -betsool otew 
taolfeoxne ag va aevte@ieldT .19dto you wott eldiely qiioser gon el ,yts 
aete oytel odd of goby gaidoosg: eieeswet¢eloudsal edd Yo nottetdeniLt 
to yevise etelomon a tloteg ton bib emt# wero gaidwoos doge ot beagtazs 
ed binode malotiino on sone \.talog wokiertnt nevia wa te ytinkoiv edd 
tivet sd? .sente lanotétbba gaidooftevo at enolsos 'atuces edt to ebsm 
~tu908 bk qet & a eet hanes. peomadamuaata re ry ene 8 yh ea od eldgestads af 
avs.’ ese * | Olga et orisae edt to gat 

eB a} 

anges 2, ods ee es dada, fant © Jom reat % notfautmaxe Pr gee 

10 bre Apinetnk ape Texan eno to sge19vE ae ‘eter -bavot 
ot oWew aedvf “alootinom ,7 edd to $08 sitdw jena 19g. perce ty a\s I 
a ett Yeo a@xeniaas | ° £6 902. ovne tec eteaees A re Pap atias 

exosao yYoent es eemtt 3 tale siedt dacs sonedant aidt at + TBSG 08 res 
xe gated. gokgece, nig dtodqgudgutarsdao ee elodt trom BO neo 
oh eaeRar. nega: to eaaparagnanne ond’ yLotanitorces of sie 

te Oke wt 

jasiaue, ote. er “1adoda0 go bednontatuedeaté ede gua that itag*at?" 

felletsg owt af aah etey yYedtoesate” tottostaltat lod ema” a? os - 

“getlceo # to 8\f bavot anw oredd ,ecostant eld? al -d4aqe tests Pad 
HO Yoso es semis C& tS — iehood taom «4, seg etedngo © hoe ,2udotse 3 190 

Table No. 8 

Analysis of Cankers, Fysht 
Clallam County 

Tt ia evident fram table Yo. . that “pafedtion occurred chiefly 
in 1925 and 1926. b amy 
: Only two Ribes were found in the vicin- 
ity, wttuense it is eee ere bable that a more extended exsmination 
of this area would show aegnanier Ges of Ribes. . Table Ho. 9 shows 
the Ribes. dmspection made. t ix 

Table Noe 9 

C2 aS 0 ft. 250 ft. 
R.laz. bad lit Leaves gone el is te 
| Remarks: ‘Thic infection at Pysht is of importance from 
the standpointiof relative susceptibility of 2. strobus and F. monticola. 
These trees were planted from seed in two rows 4 feet apart, in 1920, 
by Mr. Merrill. (@hey\were replanted from these rows to different points 
inithe \village.° It. is the intention to:make.a more thorough study of 
this. eres he ae Carer me : 
Ww xi 4 vO 
§ fille, sew site oe Piedmont Plot. Inspection No. 62 
. Clarke ion: On East Fielding Creek, near Piedmont.  T.°30 N. 
R. 9 ¥., fection , ‘ 
tec] ota isphMecvoet September 4, 1927. 
ite of 0 aI: cola li examined, 10 infected, 
5. +0.10 feet: cry rl 2 oe we ser Piede veel tree. 

Canker analysis: 

Witenes doxsupan, sottoetat sas. 8 8K cae or. ta0b v9 ai: wy bs | 
wo’. dea ban titers wtte Honts ~rokimmmed Saupe at OB Rd beni ARs Ben 

~aloiv ont af bavot etew sedif ows yieO img idoogent ‘1a OGRA AGLTOTG 

mois en fone x@ ran 4 eton.© tact. ofdsdoun ylecoutxe ef #idawodg ie ,yst 
oR ORS | Be x oe nnenas. to said soheeme 2 woda. bivew agte. etht Yorow 
stoi shied eka Soe passers “ee to 

oe a bey me esl ad 

VPankaly sad 
my he Mo uy 

goosteld. Sgatevl, 14 i. os “tneo tae 
ot aedif mot sostise egos 

HOTT, soasisoqut. 0; at ddad. ts ‘dune ‘aid, seaixeamdl at wie Bb oeow 
slootiaom, . % bas, padord 2. 3 to ytiliditgesesa, avisjelex. to. de toubsste- ont 
,O8GL ai ,tisca. fost. & awor ows tt boon. mort bedselq-erew eestd pnelt®c 
etniog Jmotettib e¢ swot seers sott botasiqges erew yod .[Litreod .a yd 
to. sate or eee 8 ouam. sade pevpberniee odd» > io» .ogetiiv edd at 
wei’ porn spe-age aris. at Rotientia aldt 

b Po 
ee eee MAES 

She g CRO *e 

., hy a4 aN beset how ovens |, # Pe ae ia evil x ewes 

| “Son netedbiest “For zee ss oe | 
f O°. © .dmombe td tsen feet? a OPE: saan m0. tno. 
: & Yay 3 sp 3 i. Se 4 ‘Kee tet 

podpetiact of ben Lamexe tr pipet -% :goltoscen: | 
eet} boftoetni teq stedaes $ or nisi doot OL of @ 

‘ntevlenp texine) 


' : me na Tnspec zei e: ion at 1G8 
: ; et er re OAD A LOT a ac es aro tee = — prone? - 
i ti | ankeda ; ; Leaves Ri ; 

extents | ines 

lof Hosts! Po gin; 4 et MR SAM EF TS 

Heal thy S50 92 ee ese ae A Ge ee a 
jPines. © Pe ey ert at a 
\Bo Rives) 2 Seo SE as ae a a eS 
; 193 +2 RCG | 
jneee thy: | Infection probably occurred in 1925 and 1926. 
Ri bes : 4 : uu EH. brect! is 
[fotels | 5 | 10 it 4 baaaarert ecourred” ain abundance * 
along stream 75 to 300 cuiiies _— or Ribes. 
4. Cowlitz County Table No. 11 

2. _Recor 
of se uting fn Cowl i y 

- Infected 
ETERS [Gredinial folie [Pines se bies 
mm a 
| He 

|Associ~ | Inspec whilelinforeation was takeficon las iu z bracteosm, there 
{ation were'mahy showing *similareinfection condttione. (<5. | 

(of Hosts Fgints) ined [ted ifree Speciesiined | ted | Bus 

Peak tay Remarks: Thig area was first found “by esd as and 

7 ines. Patty in hey, 1926. In March, 1927, this plot was again visited by 

poe ‘@ooddiag ena P net. This area. eonstitutes an excellent situation in 
o. Sowhich to study damage to vigorous;© openosieid; faite pine from associ- 

ines asp & beacteo pum, ms | 5 | 10 

0é3 et Me wee Se OD ~~ :. Sr. 7? P 
No Pines! 3. ae re iR.brae.| 646 7 ¢ 
| Heal thy | ' eng ll -- 
bee ord of scout performed. Table No. 12 shows the 
ts oF seo ting n ais * mumty, classified according to associ- 
= Tee _ | + ee G2 Vy ~ dh a me ete . v7 aS 
jNO Fines ei HRA ee 52: OFSe.) 5S) 3 i oe 
Rides | i 
iInfected| 1 | none! R. brac. 42 | 208 (lise; é 
seaman maint“ aietees eaten eatin eae Ce a a ae a a none pe ae - ae 
jfesais | MA | B) Of = jR-drac.| m1 | 5 oy 
} ’ iw : 74 | 
; [B-wang-; Li | | ; 
: / : : )R- lax. : a0 ig 
: / 1}. a6. | 17 
TTS eee my woe 7 ee . : 

ETS? goes i 

ras im apie ! eidag oxe ele cadre mi te fauodk? ia .witt 
sonshatds it dijeerone matindton nd: a Spgottoogemh ged iho <oi9 ating Yo 

ssontg mort toot O08: dd atoebenad ‘gcofs 

id Ylto Ho nedet gan’ Ol Amiotat's Link 

B: alent shasta enegent: one Linde guiwode Yasar olew 
Ck. {hte * : z oa ..ceed ty) babar fe i al eeoil werent 
cba githided: yd bao? gern ee bond: @ldh reasemed liso . 1h ye 
yd B62 febrCalese Bow tolq aids (SQL: dors af» TeaCioyeshint: oytiag 
ai sottestie goolleoxe ae eetuditenon eo1e aid? meade Soe gatbhooe 
~isoxes mort eantq edicw ,biett aeqe ,esotogiv of egsmeb Ybotea of dotdw 

gee bets 

i tiga oF 

oft ewode SL. 0M eldat eo ant 
~feodwe ot SACEHUDOR beth ise fe, ytovod entail: ey 
pint ie aeeee Sy al Sandeod to: gotte 

5 ’ sa72 ey 
1 OY osisiae PON | Tae 

vfs tos ys INO Sas. ay Sel Sha enn Sa 

ere fo “Bans Wo. 12 

sere pepe raaslyéte J of POORER Clarke County, Wash. 

tye. of 

Associ- Inspe  inipled feees <P: Fo 2? , ee. 
ation’ «+etion/Zxam-|fec-jted =| Infected Healthy | ted 
Pines _ Pines 

of Hosts Roint ined od Bde 

+ my Apr ' ee = tai { ; ? 

; ome aim : ‘Reaees 

Heal thy RE! meres cP / wer 

Ribes 4 +9 '-bract) 116 

No infection was found on either pines or Ribes. 

4. Cowlitz County 

a. Record of scouti rformed. Table No. 13 shows the results 
of scouting in Cowlitz County, classified according to association of 


fable No. 13 

Analysis of Scouti Cowlitz County, Wash. 


Inspec In- 

-tion te fec-| fected 
Points ed |Tree 

28 NP Nae BD 

Tatected Og Gas Ln 


4 atnok to 

i es BS we EG BEATE Soe Be TAN ENE 
-eodiS 10 gomtg toitie ms Savot saw gotioetat of 

ytarod conan eS 

to aoitictoonss a pase 37) af , _ at ilwod me elf ott to 

An exemination of Table No. 13 shows that in Cowlitz County ~* 
no infected pines were found, and thst pines were scarce. The only part 
of Cowlitz County in which Bhike dre “owns, was in the extreme eastern 

ear Mt. St. 
ahintiaietiaae Periersy si gh 6f Scouting, Gray's Harbor County 

There were 23 a weenie ante. Three of these or 13% 
showed R. brscteosun infection. eae gisborne indicate that infection in 

g ig lila eT ction on | Distence ee from 
: breferred to in the gr eres tere in the _ 
soo sare fmaanis County deer Pere ls. |In- 

By Gray's Harbo count 
Paper ee ga. The aout 

med. |rabie. Noz-14 howd the , regul ts 
a6 rs gecording | to" association 

SS SS SS et ee oe S ae & __& | 
i ; Grand Total / van | 7 | 
a eet ie ee ee Se ee ee _ _ - i ~~ | 
4m examination of Table We. 14 shows thet no infecte ines 
were found, and that only one infected Bibes locatiaz : 
Infection is very dofixttaly in the intreductory etare 

6. Island County. 

Island County wae practice! ly mot eooete: ya) ° Lon 
was made. Wear Oak Harbor, r “J oysbhce!s were oe: maine? cece ¢! ear 
location of black currante for Séeted ani wulle¢ in 188. 5 tion 


dusaq ylao ed .eotese otew aon tat b | | 

nietese emetixe ardd at eew basso’ e1em Pry sagged at st sé tiwod e 
geek vt | sate 59 iene Mokttog 

ies to duis to seta ct one ae, 

oH TORRE vent” 

Lameennemy wy 

-etittog notss 

i his s 

r ae ab et6w me d0otcS Bar's 
bald, wee tae 
., nt . Cty 
gers Gad dwods F ed tear rae 
| etyer) at eontt prebewis ton ecw sontseg svete Sage 
ot. daendt son bre didtost ond. aie On: 
. ee lei 

hen sehen mx ani mri SrA on ene a a 

o9 Lee odd ae ng BM he iden bom otte¢ anisyo 
soltetoosss, of gatbto nae > YM t0d 

ee HS 

. , pusit hy ne wee Ah ane 
(apni “s vita ete angen seeiminacrionan cnnephit we : 

: thie TRO ee 

! . i sngteingdee aay meses Sea popes 
anne eahiten ee i ia amen dsl erty Ela ee ised rice akan OD wr rival rane eo 

each +o domi etn Bae ate here enw ‘camntah x 
xenrod ad $1 Eno? 2 at 

ei invert of3 awore SL p08 ae fooreg tie et se as ces $2 20 DX 008 : Pate 
“so ay tinioonee of goles ibe head to. wawed aiitived oi anteweot te 
: -ataod 

jh wos tooreat@ eae 4 ‘ ia 
wreane.) ; Os oi | 
jet SPEG i lowqnsl | ~ boo sed 

ie 4 
ie ; 4 ee 
Bi j: Dehoe biome hi cmd | aig ee ba (molte 
kigetoay®| bi 2 
h nr neni la: REN vse Ae 
} { H 
ER ee: Mig A vette Sin) te 
| J 0B Sh GOR Fa ere xi 
2 4 by re f ; x { Pe eae ae ae . 
' ! eu : 
ae aes oer ne ith; Fe a 
ws f: Been iy, ne x! 5 Eh 3 Reena ad Ses Ps ods Ha. RB TF xisniablfennihdt~imentrnonn eri 
’ ph UN Pai tee 4 i eS: eos 

Path. See Sewn 

; weit od | 

Jefferson Vowniy Table No. 14 

No Ribe al Fe none 

sen et Ee R. sar or tesh 
Ribes <aRiied R. brac 191-900! | 
Healthy | 2 |138/0 | -- J[R Sart aso ere ? 

R.bract 1 jible 1500! ? 

R. bract hs 
No Pines 


Infected R.bract 


Grand Total 


An examination of Table No. 14 shows that no infected pines 
were found, and that only one infected Ribes location was located. 

Infection is very definitely in the introductory stage. 
6. Island County. 
Island County was practically not scouted. Only one inspection 

was made. Near Oak Harbor, 30 P. monticola were examined near the former 
location of black currants found infected and pulled in 1922. Wo infection 

- Ms m6 Ay a 2 "a 2 et r ™ ¥ 
& gy tes REG Ani 2) ee A ‘ wie Oi ae Sai a ee ed iar yal a 
’ si is Rae DO fo Don Sei ork 
i . + py Kyte} ou ese : 
% hatow?: Psi 
at eee twos 

mott sonete iC £0 goods sat 20di8 

ot sed th) seveod .¢ ‘a 
“wi | ‘(bad 2e%er1 | A OL, Se RRROIN TD ak eich a) 
“29%. ile {oq ” - on 

bet} sydd Leek jbotoetal moet | mem) » +4» : 
gentt)  gontd | __ fest) bed | beck |seiseg’| 28 

vt Ge FP ORs f 
n°) £ 
a] as 
iO ed 
RES Be he 
£ CO jtoatd ff oa O01 ¢$ f 
0 | 88a |tosud. a) ip e 
| 0 | xel.#f 
0 £ -08L. 8 
0 _§ | -Vib.® PDH 
zenkt off 
aod if 
HP erate Were Kepner SMe SE TES Nat betostal| 
: es ee S83 jdoerd .2 -~ Tod | aleto® 
i j P @) 4 j prise 2 
: | © | 08 | .xefls 
| 0 £ .ogf ff 
ee | eo te ee ed ; 
Sli ERT as CO istof bee 

nenia betoetni om tedt awode AI .of oldeT to cottentmexe od 
-betanol sey solvaool aedif£ betostai exo yioo dedt bas ,bavot stew 

-onsie ytotorboutot elt of yletiniteb yrev af noitootal 
-ydearo? baslel .a 
noktesyest emo vie .betvooe don ylisoitoa1qg sew ysered bas lal 

tenrot sft te)er bentusxe etew slooticom .2 08 ,todieH ag0 tsell .obem asw 
eottostat of .SS@L at beliva ham betootal Barct etnsrws woetd to nolssool. 

was fount, on the white pines. No Ribes were found. 

_ Jefferso ount; TaWle No. 15 
RDA Totes. Heavies Cstnaty nat” sour Sa. go" fax ne it was accessible. 
This included the eastern trip south of Mt. Olympus, 
and a oleh pads 3 the southnestern corner of the ware? A large per- 

rete Furl 
% wea 

nat tare’ ais n was at the @is 

> found n preg O° howe 
(Re. te egy 
bollards [per 


hes einialbiacres. a 
103 ' trt ; 

feed 23EY ror evaart. | s50s 
weet! 17 [sao OE te re 
Caper) 25 | oy ~~» | 500" m 
: _— ae a wai 3 is 
ip eis ML perth: wl rere 
4 ; © rT ; tT ! Mi 1 
oe; aml | tT hoew : 
bee Aigo | 
wae SO ft. ij a 
zg Mm lijem. |? 

‘ M 00 | i] 
jR.ecer.; 3 | 6 ~ 
;R.lex. | 10 or , an 
| a. sang. | BiB Md Male ee 
4. lee. 31 6 | _ 
| rene ) Roe > | 
nef tsDORD-) 6) 0 | . & 
"Ee as a 2 a 

Tt is well to bring out certain pointe in Pable Yo. 15: a 



veld fenenpimam diag ts iii 
 aerqmy LO 2" to digoa Gist Tondeato Boy: 
‘toq egisl 4 .yasos ot to temt09 me 

dom eaw Sas etaotot fsnottet a 

ha st} 

ny 9 
Mise { 

| Bees ey 

ae sh ce Bi 



nations Sa seep ita re 

i; =“« 


ing! is 


A ote (atte oi mann nae 


oa a commana surreal tartas A apa AND OR 

Fy z 
z 3 


y pesagtak em CMe we 
“dapok say caldeeel a: 

wig ee 

Dee h, | . hestaraus ‘gen wh Ent ie sisteey eRe ae enn 
hone Louthatns eine glootinem .% OR ,redteH 20 ret 
Sik ee Debian fats ‘bate shat knwo Lapnalsr ta 


some LE AS oe 

Count. a ton : 
\ There were iv "rections wade where Dine 


nh : i These Ne Nts +P sll 43 ; + 

Bands Rites Ba 

b, oF os Infected) 
re ofifo 2» {ia- fron te 
‘}ixam| fee 

\ Fe a . 
’ 4 . 
” ¥ FY S¥ + 
' ” 4 
¥5 os . 2 x 
Q 24h s ¢ 
we U4? 3G 
: orem eet 
oe exee D . nye te 4s 4 
ee v oe = pi WAG “4 
ee 22 

Grand Total 

It is well to bring out certain points in Table No. 15: 

[siimibes Tags ection ag petalee tron . 

i inrsh pate. maven mev ee a ae ses ea a ao a hall . 
a Be OX ONE wit ERR yA eee eee ey Boece) gamer 

Cl .o% sidat | vinwsS conte te .% 
BR a cettr teartyapenen ey htapen byrne Neen eLananle-eebanlr etait 
Hh Ty 
vy Bs hy io if o bot D 
f ohne Cisd o bee 
® rs ~ p x“ 

ot *I0L 

$ Bee) as 

iOal|.d* OOL Preore 
7 |.$% 08 Lae 1 8 ae oH 
¢ | «im 8\l| ef & |@  |-gusa-a 
‘4 " RL Fut % -vib.® 



ma\f) at a 

i aaa 

eal a eonit olf 
ae BES face : |doendicl aed if 
“| pare we A: betootal 

ie | alato 

on eReamOrmsin de TOR EI 


fete? bret 

eae a ok 

:af .o8 efdeT nt vdmtog miedien two gaitd of Lfew et 41 

Fab) © he} bs 5 

a OA URN a 

{1)., There. were. abs dpsmpntscns made where pines only were 
examined. Wo pine infection these points. 

ore rr “2 - enere were LC inspections made-where pines and Ribes— 
| occurred in association. . Sa 5 of these points, or- or 50%- of them, either 
one or, both hosts ° nfected; 2 of them, or 20% showed pines 
agecdnfected, with Ribes, health , OF 20%, showed pine healthy with Ribes 
Son Ao’ d;, while 1 ins aasten point, or 10% showed both hosts infected. 

ui 188. tion in this last Sane, WAR Ome Leaf on 1 bush, ‘owing 
oe thatthe ic tema eee ‘yet reached the fruiting — 
ies] gree and hence could not have been dude fy for the Ribes infection. 
x evi ein this table, A ection conditions in Jefferson County 
intensi1 2 An -the stage of introduction. ~ 

tos se “were Sb Giipdetiond mite-snere pide Wie 
Hea) | ent t and a mite only | were rir At ‘9 of these Points, or at 45, | 

reo: eosun showed aerators Pt ths, 326 ‘inspections made : 
‘where both ie were Cresent, 8 ar tk 3.9 tien or 30%, showed Ribes infection, 
wike# smaller per cent than st points where Bines were absent. This fact 
Pe 1g, gat ttonal evidence of the lack « intensification, and offers fur- 

r Tt proof that. infection _ is in te, ah ak of introduction. 

hme 4 +5 ; 
iki | (4): Still more evidence 1 ae: thet fiction has not , 
Fags essed beyond the stage of i ice -att is presented in Table Mo. 


, rs. is" ealled to the “the per cent of leeves infected 
per in oe h where both host: present is evén less than that 
of infected Ribes not associated | Pines, or associated with healt 

pines. If the stage of intensif on had bedn reached, infection o 
Ribes associated with infected pines sents, ye ee ereeter | than if such 
ae ~ infected pines were” lacking. . 

ion A . on OP a Si, 13 i 

8. K “- , : 
Fx Aine Soupky, of Tato Ba. VS shows thet 

Lara se rt uty. was scouted. in a bie gfe manner. 

ng Cow 
Scattered a oes [cur on the coast, and in Gs ites abundance in the 
@astern portion of the country near the suniit of the Cascades. 

9. ae f scouti rformed. Table No. 16 gives the 
results of s n King County, classified according to association 
Oe NE Re dee nid be hen ink he 3 
the general vici nt iy of Brynerte aeyat 
nleted in a s&tisfactorr 

a. Record of - s€P wes A Deru. 3 
of seouting in Kiteap Covwitp, clseet Ted & s@o0rdinz 

tow ¥lao seaiq etedw ebam nosifaeaeak eS etew sted? (1) 
‘piragesenete, sae La sodtgetat eaig of .bentnaxe 

duah wba 
sedifi bus sented srecly BAS rer Met ‘etew ested? (8). 

sedite ,medt to q0C 38. sintog ezedt to 8 A .moitstoorss al che 


~ Uiegaigshawcda ¥08 1 id to -G. 3b fostat havot etew edzod déod to ano 
zed fi dd iw yattaed een Neel | a 10,8. een heer tw betoetal 
~—Setostal ataod. tod bewore ROL to Aor mobtoegent I ef tot 
oaittwo ,fend Lf soteel £yfaa: aw ees Saal add wt notiootat: Sy ae 
_ gathierkyeds $n tos. bawrot ‘kano anott cts fost ens eis, 

pe a arate 

motdoeiat pod ih odd x0. 
sient rosiettot ‘ai enold, 

a went aan ~ eihait saottjeqan Ea Sten deaane hie ex ¥ ay 
RA dene ,2tuiog szelt tq) hes ohomimaxe a1ew ‘iso Brel bas ao 
 ebau ‘anoldvaqent OL eds 20 togtrt bevosde gweogtperd . © madt to 
[HORMSeYE BotIT Rewode ROS to sak Ro tae a6 
. dost aiff .taaede egew eomta etonw atmtog ta mand Jaen "5 theme 
ay Nh oh. Prexte Fis 86 Hag Fttened ab ‘Yo. ase 

edd to eonebive Iesolsthba et 
makdontent es ta: septa ent ¥ Bod notdpet, & ted toot todd 

WBE te ae ‘ Me Mieke nee a WN 
) S't0m “EEE ey “sani 

to egete odd, akirent od beavotgore 1) 
tdosk edt, of belies alt nottned sé Gio!” 

(Pat rome 

| dtod sxedw ded betobiat wenn a 

A RA Ws fem: 

a eee: 

-paex aad WOLSEY Oly ih ipa aa mek 
of efdeT mt bad swale et mo idowhoxd 
bedootat goveel to. ieeo, Teg oud tert 
“TAS BRAD eael neve af inesetg ste. ete 
~ aid Ted 2 bw hepetooze 1S TO. id dw. 
26" fed 

addy. datoorae. Gor sagih betnetr? ton! 
“to notisetar” Secccar TS8 ‘podtsoltienedat to egede off tI -pemttre “4 
sno ti eadt waheets apie oe 6 Lrow, satan bessetal diin beteloozas Bed biked! |i 
Wie i ae ae 5 BS gehiat bo venta £ Deipetes) ] 
{ : : ; : L* 
| | | Spano pai. 2B bazoe% hs 
wend LA | 
: regen, cai li yinket Pose’ iebocoe _aey 3 gana: gard i ipetuote! | . 
“eid mi Gonahauds Togsery. nt vad BBO edd mo wope aeaiq be B “7 
weebsorsy. oid bs | add <88n. vrdaw 09 ond pe hues da 1 Sages 62) 
aes Ware aoe 98 fit pO Ua PN Vas, FE wile m1 wir L fe ok; 
effi dhaas i 3 ar Tol ota be a 8 rrr oil} 

"| Oo | o | ea 4 goth Roe o 
wt oo Ang oT : ale id | 
| ' 


amet ns omnes 



view lamin ates 

ere: - hae el 


pee beer 
7 a 


wiadteo tuo sarid of tlew ei $7 

inalvsic of Scoukine. Kit 

a Ph ae % thes ed US et : hs Fy 
we cen an a ENO 5 Im ae BS Rahal 3S I 8 pe ae 

“Zable pay 16 

; Analy sis of Scoutin, Could * Wash. 

: examination of Table a: 16 shows that no ; pines were found 

ee f the 29 Ribes inspection points, 6 of them, or 22%, showed 

Eee s infection, None of the 6 Ribes infection points were in association 

vo pines. ~ Hn. Sehba Tust ‘tn King County is stil in the introductory 
ategie toot treet ta 

ae. Si me) i ee 

"et 43 3 XS 
ae are Puke pbundent | in Ki teap Coed, Seeeiieriy so in 
the general vicinity of Bremerton. Scouting in Kitsap County was com- 

pleted in a satisfactory manner. | 

- Record of scout ommed. Table Wo. 17 gives the results 
‘Ee Kitran | County, classified according te asscciation of hoste. 

es i recom! penn nanos: 

ie . 
eff ona 
pip rad ai i 

8 : i. oa 

Beurot Me nents om ¢ecdd awore Of .of oldest to net thietiideDid- Pascal 
bewods. ,aSS to, cect. to 8 ,gintog nottgedent aed if @& edt betootat 
wae mk. dud Nig ai ern a i Ab: eng “HO enol” ne: ety od i oie 
ere TL et ier aed ail . 
rye Be we Hegre i | atteq. aids i j 
oS tae Bs Cie ny i aap veiore: rm 

nt om ¢lisiveqes tina Gees it mt an haiihey sibbdin lh ont: “ada Be ae 
~moo pew warod qeed it wf acitvoo® .cotiem td to eg sp Istenes old ag 
,tennem yrotosteiise « at betela 

atiueot off covts VL .of olde? .bomro%reg gaidsooa to broceh -s wD: 
ateod to soitetooeas of Poe beftteasto »vtaurod qant 1 at gaitsoon eg SEO 

ae toe 

sar bat > 

thir tat : 
aes a a 

Table No. 17 

“TDistanee from | 
% Leaves|Ribss to 
Infected). =... LLa- 
jper 4 te = ap tec 

| eqted be | ted 
Gash. | 

Pines *@7ens 
Infecti ay u 

| 600 ft. 0! 
‘| 25 ft. | 25! 

3 fof fe) 

Id@liees| T1110 10 tk TY ea STESIEETE 
oS praiis BSL isc Rik abe ed 

Bias a 
sd} = 


fof side? 
sodgnidash daved 2a amie 22 to eteylens 

[mort eomedeld| goddoocant pe 
ee eedifiiseevaed @|° “| 
; | besoeterl 

=ert- TST Wain ET 
bet “pid taed abcvaenetane 

(B6giT| ~ eontT)... ses 

4% 88 
itt 8S 

Attention is. Aisected. to -certain points in Table No. 17. 

ia, shestas sat 

with ine: 

atid Ho. "tabeetea bres Sie sie in Nac 

£ = t 
—- & 

“where” ‘were “32 inspections ade where pines ani Ribes were 
both, ‘present. At 9 of these points, or 75% of them, either one or both of 
the hoets were infected. Two of the, or 17%, showed pines infected 

with Ribes gegen 3, or.25%, showed pines healthy, with Ribes infected; 
and 4 green te 33% showed doth hosts infected. These figures indicate 
W thet infec re) pines or on, Ribes associated with ‘pines, is well 

ed = Me atthis ahes;- and Q that at 32% of the’ points, infec- 
tion. ‘conditions’ are well -edvenced in the stage of ihtensification and 

a ae ada From-white further advence of infeétion can be ex- 

pected. | 

“a There were 14 inspections made where only Ribes were 
found and inepe' ieee Of these-i4-inspections, Il or approximately 80% 
Be infect de: epeeiess either Re-nigran or RE. bracteosun. 
_ would a athe aecial sources existed sufficiently large end 
Lose. ¢ enov to. capse, a Moist shower of “Aecia over Kitsap County. 

(4) The The average, per cent of Ribes bushes infected for dif- 

ferent bes. s in different associations can best be show by 
Ratctits 6a erived from Table No. 17. 

ge: Casgéch 

on Tos. towariy 

the best youns 

tionticola Il to 20 yer + 


Yo Pines 
Pra sth 
tnfected| fi ih tract 

Sr .6h ekdet ar ad htog bb tbe Bb hit E-EE et tn 

Attn mottehoossa. roe PLIST at elow: Cae ae, betoetat of cit pence i 
ca’ ~ netoece. asd ts 

oe ee 
es 13 


219% and Ia pad aenid areiy ainnlantialaesll ‘gis ie pu cpp ™ wins Ca 
ttod =O eer eathe ert to v's ay .2tatog be 3 ya .tmonetg tod 
botsotat venta hexo a A 6 ,odt to ow Pm. bam te rer : 
H#oeial ‘mod laud tw yldteed Ebdet- bbs -beworde: “yReS ro Fis Firs ey 
tsotbat eomgtt osedf .bedostat edaod diod bewede gpd ro age b bas. ton 
Lfew at aenia dt tw hots Iso2zae aed iff 10 to seniq ro, acti? fedt | '& 
sogtal. ede log odd 19 ABE te dedd (¢) daa jhedetidedae- | 
bas agidag it tedetat ‘6 “eget odd © ft Seonsvis {few ers aio td ibaos to 
49. od. a6d- aobdsetad- “sonevhs- 2 tt ed inte ll soot oR saat 154008 , 2063 
s | ¢ “pt a on i F : ae ft « Pia | Es 
wide ‘bedi Stns exéite Lean anos deh J aS o18W om (8) Mert Nas {4 
oa ap nears mah 5 10 Sf ,eno Lineage: iE pan tO ~. befoecant bas babro¥ 3 ad iz) 

-myzostostd .# to omia i Lan selosge aedif hetoetat a apt} 
Ul canal ultanteitwde ‘bode tea medtiee™ a tend ofno IAF Blow aay 
-yimro) qsavia t9vo stoee to ‘tow one xvaed & eave, ot is eae stela 

eh, OW 

rh cer 

; ih 
ain bs 


ae 10% betooist shined nat 10 to, tags cen. ogeteve ont. (2) : i ir} 
NS smote 96 taps +s pears erettth mt eo aS nes poaat 
ogi a eee mor? eee sldes — int 
pape ae ae eed . 2 f pe LE | 
) 7 ieee sve Gok: | ic i Be “4 anit " e.. oe vices prep sania ripen 1 sve 2D a The eh atat ri 

The significance of evidence presented in Table No. 18 is 
that infection én Ribes asfociated with t{nfectea binds is wich Zreater 
‘Phan ‘on ‘Hibes “d8soiated with piles not yet infected, or where no 
“pines are present. ‘The greater amount of infection on Ribés esroctated 
with infected pines fg “dud “fo “such Unfected vines arid is evidence of 
ateeea ete oF ‘addtional infection ‘of Bibes from, nearby pine in- 

diward Pach e feather: of : : é 
of ©. ‘mont: tt as 6 noted that in ‘the assoctation of secede Pines © 
with infected Ribes théfe fis shown an even greater amomt of infection 
‘on "RY sangutnewm than on °R! bractedsum. Although it is @ well-estabd- 
Viehed fact that Rs bracteosun shows a higher susceptibility to the 
rust than does R. un, such differences tend to approach the 
same level when all species of Bi beg are in the Inmedi ate proximity of 
“frat ting cankers. , 

fection. Say £0 ipbeaite ‘filet RY nigrum ‘ataied aia Pale in puETervE 
Suscentivility to ‘the rust than does R. ‘bracteosum when it is noted 
Bini ‘separated by unknown distances frou gecial sources, R. nigrm — 
ows : of leaves infected 2s copared to 34 of leaves of R. brac- 
the next most susceptible Ribes host on the coast. 

“a Details of 4n inportant pine infection. Following is 
‘a det letatied or iption of pine infection center tn Kitsap County: ” 
os) 50. nee P "Wane Paschal? "s Ranch Thfection! Inepéction No. 22 
St po! > Goestict: 6 miles west of Bremerton, Kitsap County, 
on road 1 owavas ceback. ©. 248. RY E. WW 1/4 Sec, FY 
BBs es Pine Inspection: This infection Vies within one of 
the nied verre white pine stands ‘afown on the coset. ° Examined 50 

Pe tonticdla 11 ‘to 20 yesrs old. Fifty infected with an estimated 

- mumber of cankers of 20 per infected tree. Time did not permit a 
proper study of pine infection, but it was estimated that such infec- 
tion was the result of ‘Rives infection occurring ‘chiefly in 1920 and 
1923. This is the heaviest pine fufection known ‘it ‘western ‘United 
States chargésble to native Ribee species. “Practically every pine 
along ‘the stream was found cates 

Ribes ingspe : Ribes species were abundant, especially 
R. bracteosum, which was found ae profusion slong the stream running 

Circe ‘this infection. “Table "e 19 gives the results of Ribes in- 
spection. = 


cultivate! Ted enrranta not 3 . ee t m heel th; 

‘eet from Bh infected bn nable No. 19 ) 

feet Distance 
: front anes to . 
reisialtenic vines Pines 
foe ea ao 100 
a 3 
er ee te 

wt 8f .oW olfdsT af betnsmexq eonebive Yo ended Ht tmgte ent °° * 
tedseta doym et reatg betsetat di tw bedalooees, p [il so motsoetat gedit . 
“on @iedw 10 ,betoetal tey som 5 iy Ad tw ae all vehi. mo ag. 
betstooses asedifi no nottsetal to tnroms tetesig eff .tmerexg e128 Atte 
to somebive af bas ronig besoetnt dose of ovb at sentg. Reis: dt tw 

ral Ate, sais fot, ane hs mult sack 0 et as 4 

By " ai TS . 
oe uta su het to, soLjetoonae edt af. wit be of a he phi ebv 
aotinetat to douome t9te973 peve, fe. . wot a Bt 76 dt wedi, boss etat Atiw. 
~dsdeo-Llew, s el. tt. Saportd Lh B go. gens 
edt oF Yi bitd tigeoese elt iit r) ejowt sue ostonxd 
_ galt Sonotcgs. ot baed poonete tt th i 
to yWintxotc atatbemmt odd af ets ged t 

evitsfor aE 9H ls, sows 
baad BE $e: fosiw, waogy: 

c "og ‘bereqnos 2 as 
o deod rediff 9. 

ry “dag09 ‘odd on 

8& .of Y ablehaniet -solioetal domes teen i anes A 

wtowod qsetih ,sotremerd Yo Yaew geTin 3 randaoees ite 
“T -908 AL Wt, ff MSE .T -Hoedaon abtawgé beot no 

to eno aisd tw mett aoitastini wt f ecu ‘ay 

08 beximex®  .tesoo edd ‘do awom - te: 

hsiemtdse oe A¢iw betostal vItlt .blo ztasy os ot If afooténom .F 

> ~ @ timed dom bih-omt?-«eett-betoetat-t¢-0S-to-etedass- to | ae 
sogtat doue tudt bofemtise asw ¢h tod moidootat-enig te ybite' nots 2 ie 
’ ‘bas Oser af ylteldo gairivose ott ont aad Li to #1 ae ont P8y, mois 
_. fod fal prodeew havo! nofticctat endiq. de tvsed. « wide BSCE AT 

cata yreve ylleoitoett -ao toege on avitesan ot Pon eetat ia, : 

ss hodpe%mt bayot asw meeits. odd anc aon 

qifetseqae ,toebaeds etew poloeqe sedif imottseqpat eedt rao 
ge taviees meotde ald. gaele- aolavToty af Lavot gaw so A R-© ar 

“af eedif to adiveet. ee zovis § as , to tioe ak @ shat 

af é “ei : 
) a ee ie We ; ; ¥ 
wee Sushant i ‘ 
fo apeBisains ONES 

a = 9 Oe mae 
aa OOl | ORS tT ie Os 

The Ser cent of CORemarksiecThe circunstances attending the discovery of 
this infected area sre interesting. On December 18, 1926, our inspector 
at Seattle iatercepted.2 parcel post package containing 2 FP. monticola 
among other assorted evergreens shipped by Miss FP. §. Paschall, Route 1 
Charleston) to Mrs. ‘Lubow Bersony; Tucson; Arigonas The shipment nas 
Cope tarnéed *toe thecsender: -eInctorrespondence with this office, sir. Si» 
woRdwerd Pasehall)*the’ fether/of Miss°P.°S: Pasehally sent incespecimens 
‘Ter. ‘monticéla infected with<blister rust, and stated that «there was: ° 
oa’ great deal ofethis type’ ofeinjury’torpines im the vicinity of the 
source of the two pines sent to Arizona. The field men Loeked LP Paaghall's 
Rench and: 5 eet “tory heard pine Lifestien.’ ble } 
gf gcouting n 
ur. Pasenald is an ean op man extremely interested in 
natural sciences. He showed & very Commendable desire to cooverate with 
us in every way, offering the use of his land for the study of the in- 
fection. He ™is/interested in the Mountaineers,) who have 2 playground 
in the immediate region, and who own a tract of land suvporting an ex- 
cellent growth of youmg white pine. The symbol chosen by the Mountaineers 
Club is Pf, Stine tes hence they have a very» aes: anterest ins gue pros 
ie 6-6; of synbolical tree. a = 
kesoci- |Inspec| This inet dent serves agvan extellent: TTi wsheation ofthe 
tion vahub! o quarantine enforeement from two°standpoints: (1) Delaying spresd | 
fine 25 SORE mah e fact that the pines were consigned to Arizons instead 
oe of to some poin in the comaerci al 5-needled pine range does not alter | 
‘ethe importence of the work. The shipment might have been sent to Cali- 
Ho Ri tome rater Oregon or Idaho. (2) Bdueational. Asa direct result of this 
Pines ineident the Mountaineers Club was informed concerning the seriousness 
at ehaa ge the. disease and its extent in their stands: They.are no®.much in- 
‘bee terested in the protection of their whi te Pines. 

Besteny | ns Pee Mee A ~ of de #4. .. o> 2 e — a > 
Jotals || @ 112 

~- a rmepere ane 

“Meme: Mountaineers Fine Stand. Inspection No. 29 
Lewle Cobocation: 6 miles west of Bremerton on road yi ie Seabeck. 
On bien 1/4 mile east of Paschall's Infection, %. 24 at a 
Section Vines in Lew , Afime ). 
the western @)¢ “Pine ins>ection: E. Monticols very shundent ‘ine stand 
Be ‘nearly-100f; stocked with thrifty pines about 15 yeers.old.. One hundred 
‘ofAfty pines, exemined, 3 found infected, 1 canker each. 

Ribes inspection: Only Ribes found were 2 old abandoned 
sel hi vate Bees: currants not infeeted 50 feet, from heelthy pines and 150 
feet from on. infected pine. 

Remarks: This iafeahben point, ahile described separately, 
in reality belongs with the Paschal] Infection, since most probably in- 
fection on pines came from the same source as caused the Paschall pine 

The Mountaineer's pine stand is situated on a plateau 
about 200 feet above and 1/4 mile distant from the Paschall infection. 


aera aC mer Rae th OMA Laklie gee 
Lys 4 0 Ay POH ae 
6 A ap i 4 

-t0 ¢rovooath edd gathaesia astititel i? ey 5008 ge nk ded: 

od! a 
tosoegent two .aSel Bf redmeced 00 guitsetatal 9S ‘297s bedoetat, 
sloot#som .7$ git te aiooo eystoeg., dee. feoxaq = betqeotetat atrae 
stwot ,Lisdoent,.2 .1 sail yo beqaide eagergzeve fettocss red¢e yaous 
ASW. scompide ont. scoutth ,coaort. Yaoaisd. wodud. 2th of ., peageindags 

-@ .1M ,eoltto eid? détw eonebaoqsertos nt .1ebmea odd 
asw oyed? jedt betede bos ,fest sotelf{d ddiwn i oy $ rei 9 -t To 

anemioegqa al dase ,[ledoesd .2 .f acti to tedéeat sit . Iintioas 

088 Yo. Yekatoiv edt at. acants ot vishal to egyé rig Tapelis eTa.8 4 
fedoget ow ages om ha fr .enos pit kay het poll tape rim q 
od thi lidtaowocsre tea OR ead eet | 

ee whetzetstat parr nem {treble “a8 at ‘fledone? aM mgt’ Kr 

déiw efatecoos of siiseh sldshasmmes rev a hewode of pid one tos _fs sibs 

~ot edt to yhete add tot host eid to eaw odd antastto ,yew yreve at ar 

harotsyelg « oved ody ,etesnistavol edd sf hotaetetat al eh .mottoet 

-¥9 c8 antitocqye bast to Rast 2 nwo ow bas. ,notger eds theamt odt at 

rsentetauroM ent yd conos fodmye oct » seata otidw gavoy to diwotg sdneits 
“071g. oad mt sh hcacth ati Yrsv. 5 ct yout eoned .,.gfonisaom 43) 
te Leotlodaye . They 20 & 

add ‘to acitjentes tit ingifgoxs oa 28 2eviwe daebhinnt ate a 
ete sted (f), a¢utogbas a sere toemesiotns extineravp to .ayviev 
ype jaomr th og shes gt Poel ‘gontg oft tedt dost od? ‘ane to 

_ tetts ton 290b egass eatq Lelhesa-@ fe loteames att mf tatog emoe of to 
~tied of jase coed coved ddgim doomide edt. .t0ow eff Yo sonctroqmt edt 

aids 5 t ivee tootib. 8 ah - alice (s) ~orehT. 9 mogetO ,siatot 
aesnavoites off, acintegnod, ene Safe gen dxld axeentstaoM edt tasbiont 
anf dossog won eis yes? .shnate tiedt Psa tnetxe StY bis eases tb ett, o 
Aaah, maa ttedd to. SAAR CH odd. # Aedaoted 

ae perso haha srl eee AE Pewee nee Fete aus 

se Ke is SH O£0 
RS - oh agases baade “grekS. ateoniagawell 2 % ond dH aott 

pedee2 ehuewot box, ro. nod toned to gaow actin.9 3 slg fir. 4 
a of oe wl AS ..0 ..nobtootal ere am des ha es A print 

; ana wT POLAORE 
fate » of tasbards yreyv ev elootinom 4 rarey 5S 
 hetbausd aid sble ausey OL duods pon oa Ee, ad Tw ‘bexdode, ROL. ylraen 
age tealaso 1. ,bedostal daxot & ,donimaxe eocia 4st 
henobseds blo & etew bavot sedi& ead imottocoeat eed Ih 5 £deiooe 
O&I bas eenta yitleed mort geet 08 botootni gon atnetie bet Bedavtd Lio 
ee besostat oa ott dost 
-Uletexsces beditoneb © Li ntw tnton’ Post ir ari eid? :adltemes 
~oet Videdorg trom aotie ,solttoetal. Tfadpes% odd dite. egooted xt iser at 
enie {fedoss? edt beers an ‘sotroR Oui “edt aort ‘Gms eeatc no mottost 
cats : faites +. es Cro, a © spoltostal 
needs fg & Ao edad te at altegntadavol odT 
oo lioe tak Cfsdnaet ont ant tik mt sae eral toot con tuods 

' ip ery 
Ver acte nae ie cages 

The per cent il papas infected ‘droped off abruptly on the platen. 

10. Kittitas Shae 

Pines in Kittitas County are limited to the western portion on 
the upper east-facing slopes of the Cascades. Scouting in this county 
was very incomplete. The only scouting performed was that.incideat to 

otravel to and from the.coast region, and was the extreme western 

de ech oy rt infection: ‘on either pines or Ribes was found. 

> wd na ibe Eecent of neisera performed. Table Wo. 20 gives the Yesults 
+4 - — esau faa according to association of hosts. 

: Table No. 20 
Analysis of Scouti titsas Count Wash. 

| Rides section Distance from 

+ Leaves|Ribes to 

| A Se Pe Oe ee 
oy} 4 |g} 0} n= [rsdn] 0 | 0-9) = Loo 
© pec Tem: Maat: 

fotals 18 [Sia [on =e beset.) 8 LO 

Pines in Lewis County are situated in the castern portion on 
the western slopes of the Cascades. The eastern part of the county was 

satisfactorily scouted. No scouting was performed in that portion of Lewis 

County lying west of the Pacific highway. 

 &. Record of scouting. Table No. 21 gives the results of 

scouting in Lewis County clas:ified according to association of hosts. 

i “anodes edd 0 renee iar Byte picd betootah eeatc 0 toes Teg ott 
. aa LGN eete bedeetel gis 

Pp Toy FY: 

(Oleg “Leche wooo 

xo cae! ixedaliie ‘edit: at hottadt. 6 ore: tame pagite 1a. at, ronkt ee Jano 
Ytnwod 2iNd al gaitsos8’» .2ebhbsoesd edd to seqole guatost-tese: xeqor. edd 
od Swebioat tend eew bosrrotre;. antéroor: yime: ent setolqmoort yiev Rew 
redeem ryeeice § edt of ben ttnos. gow bane’, f6fg97 deseo. edd, moth, bas. ot, overt 
r “bank Rew eee s 10! t wenle Soild be no sotgontmtoel 4. stein 


tek a vibe 
% of 3 te. bi996 ie dene 
ageane to nobtetooses 08 gaiboooe | belt ieee.o anttrooe to 
" a ti oS 0th _ofdag ; . | a tH * wi oF ot ag j 
: aN M4 EE Sarkar Buy hme om LR A RO LE a | 
Oo gee hc gistase aiid ih batawdie ere ydanod “edwol at sent as itoa? 

‘ew Ydmuroo ett BO tied ntedsss ONT .,sehedast oft to. eegole poet so edd 
elwed To siete vadtd' hits wre rela ae ‘acw gaituépe of «.fetwone ylitotostattse 

pie oe _Nawtigtet fy bieeele ap ti bye haecathaatern’ tei 
to reieraieds ‘writ sev 1 aie | 

i Be eae a 

intropudory 4 1 
of inteote: fii 
whera pinec pir ' 



Table Nos 2 

te hn et wa eee) 
water hes igh Re 19 re Tey 


scbedlnadiadabertitie tascasés ‘ghowe. the following facts: 
—————r 7-8 ein tention. nat feud. nee Sok 


Li DG b-A LAD apection wRESERCS {5d 


2 CN ea made where both Laidens 1 ae _ % 
one bf Emery oe or 10%, showed Rives infection. At 

: Ww. and 1 R.brattéosum sere at giite 
ot icer and growi in ‘the pl@et ta gy me ga 
wh nine: ie » search for | ' pines. tated © 
“i a RPO {nfeetion. ) ) : | : 
No Biben| 3 o 4 | 
a rae ee wee =; } inkpeetions aadeof Riber aith Pines 

Ba : 
he t. At 5 of these points, or iy oie wi! 136 of then, ck 
Svcs . wae ent. a 2m. a 

P< 1 2 0 



jibes | 4 | 49m0 veliefthat scifee cn Mix tiie 
coe lamereenited | in Lewis — 
"°'doultity hee not reached the stace of Ynitensificatina, ant is *til’ ‘net 
deat ry 's 4 based on the following evidence: --(a) The per. cent 
| ‘Where pivies are aseociated ts no greater than. 

(where s are abdent. (b) The per cent of leaves infected per infected 
tas AJSe5 mhene pines are associated with infected Ribes is no 

. ater than »« Pies are ations" If infedtion had reached the inten-_ 
ee wnaet Wo in-€s) and Lee Sa 
x ; i. OPaeesi 72 } eae | iz : 
ue Be ‘2 - ” ji. wt : | 
Ri beg, hese csatennnds neteminan 5 ee ioe per. 
Tafogte Bota > {Rdeeet) IM iA: | 

\No Pines: . ahes in Mason loaawlere scattered | Abroighout “the ow 

a rds of the county. The aint free ve sh except 
To 20. gre ene ity Zi ae AA Y | 
Ribeg / { ie -breat| 288 | 7 | iv@ebhalon 2 4 oI 
: Table No. 22-gives the réesukts 
P hosts. 
/ . i rk. bract) 721 | 28 7 7 ’ 
| | ) | |Regang. }.20 {0 
}. div. 1a 
1. cee en, a ee - - i (2 BCs — se s nome 
Rape OSG FORM i es | RME | 28 7h 
)4b,48 90)! te bring out cart in pointe in Sebi 
. 1. There were © ius setious made are beth cin. sed 
were ascocieted. Of the & inepestien veiuts. 3 ieee ad ee poeta mi 
the other of the hoets adnfected. There rae 2 po! >. es 33 , nai a 

pines infected with Hikes AOA hy; Z, ar BD ’, shoved sines eat wi i 
Ribes infected. 3d Lafection eas found i he ry 

a2. There were 14 inevectioune «= & where vn ; 
’ ‘ . “e ae é ane 

tedoat gntwoflot ed? swoela [8 SO. otdet to cpiemeanetens : 

‘boye). 289 alin pet ee ORCL ROM 

ye KC Be 1 tag Ba) j eerie 

| Be rhea! taal feoxe entaeet 8 eae at antwovyh 
joa. ibe Llet fants. batatooags, ao: etednea +62 
“elton he, 

aentg tix eedti to: ae anoltserent. TE: oxo. oted?. ae 48322: : a 
betootat- ied te atF a EG fae EP petatog ovodt Yo ified 
Me L SLE a A _ bare pe 

WE ED ite t 

atwol mt hetwees. north and rr Nite hedenar’ deri tetled ont 3 
att mt [Lite ef bee ,adlteoitingetat 26 egate. oft fedaser ton-ead qtmvod 
“"daes xeg 6d? (s)~-1eda@bive gnivolfot end no-heasd et esets yrotorbortal 
. nedd tetserg of ef Sedefoogen etn eomta tere enottcool sed tf betoetal to 

| betvetat seq betostal eevee! Yo tneoited oct (4) .tneade e14 sdaten dl eterdy 
| om at gedii totgetat atiy Seteiaodes ots. aentt onedn. stat ee cand 
: syerar” 4} Bedoser bad ao ltootal (l..staads ox8 porsag etedw ast nh 
od on tol ah an vidi sol iNethqnses sont ive foogue Sicow av Tots “kK: at : 
Hi Bo 4 ra : ea us 
malaika 5 ein yeiaggisip ce) sane. al wee ponte 3 ie 
eae oa gy Bas ALLE oft wae TO ES ! oe aoe te at 
stediien edd dsyorguotmit boredteas ate Yiave? moeeh. ml seal? ce tae! 
4 mel betuens er wae: NaaurOD ai? douyoo edt to. ebridt-oud 
wae aie es “4 ye iad aneueae: edd -ah 2a 
, th.aail 

eA Sy 

Table Me: 22 

Ribes only were inspected. Of +) ecticne, 7, a: 
44%, showe pson "Eetat Washington 

a a NSE 

No. turevted 
_ gto. (|In- | per fec- | 
“| Exam-/| fec-| Infected | Healthy] ted | 
Pines |Pines 

) G. diy. 0 
R. bract 17 
ee a 
0 R.1ac. 

Ribes, . 
Infec e 

pal Its well, to ‘ing out.certain pointe ia ‘eble Ho. 22: 

are covere ai 

heiz vk care. we were 8 Lagpections made where. both atnet and Rides 

ae ‘associated. Of the 8 inspection points, 3 or 374%, showed One or 
thes atthe, hosts infected. There wae.l point, or 12}, showing © ©». 

Pines infected with Ribes healthy;.2, or 25%, showed pines heakthy with 

Pal AM —. was fmund where both hosts were infected. 

8 re mn 

$8 .of olde? af adniog nistites two wall: ot ffew at es 

aediff hae sentq Atod eteriw. eham enottoogant 8 etew otedT .£ 

no exo howode ,RANES to & ,edatog soktoeqent 8 odd TO -bedatoosss stew 

gciworle ,e48f to ,¢ntog I eew etedT .bedoetut sdeod edt to tedto ed 
iti yiLeed sentg bewede ,F8S to ,S ;ydtleed sedi ditw betootat seatq 
sbetostal otow adeodt died eredw bavot eaw aoltoetat aa Rtn weonid sod ii 

bag taeeds otew soak ane ial anoltoeqent af one exon? = 

Ribes only were inspected. Of ‘these 16 inspections, “ or appreximetely 
44%, showed Re ‘practeostim infected. 
gT'O Si nz ft ine 
3. i: bracteosum was the only Ribes species found infected 
in Mason Gowtity. The infection of R. bracteosum in different associa- 
ations can well be shown in Zable Ho. 23, derived from Table. 22. 
ines in Pierce Vo Sy. 7&3 ; pve 

mr P a i. la % . ale ce 
3 a 5 ee OR © 

37 23unt 

eastern edge of Fierce uur ‘Teble Wo. 23. 

vag perferned in a gensrai: 

((oebiee © "tafeetion of RB. brecteosum in Different 

Ribes Infected 
Ribes Infected 
The significance of data presentediin' Table No. 23 is that the 
per cent of infection of EB. bracteosum is much higher where pines were 
associated than where they were absent. This fact would indicate that 
an unknown pine infection existed where the two hosts were associated. 

In the absence of positive proof to the contrary, infection in Mason 
County must be considered as being in the stage of introduction. 

b. Details of pine infection. There is given below a descrip- 
tion of the one pine infection found in Mason County. 

Name: South End Hoods Canal Infection. Inspection No.3. 

; Location: South end of Hoods Canal on Skykomish Indian 
Reservation. T. 21 N., R. 4 W., See. 10. 
Inspectors: Training crew. July W, 1927. 

Pine inspection: Pines here are in a seed-tree group. They 
are growing on a sphagnum moss ledum swamp site, where conditions for pine 
growth are very poor. As a result the pines show very slow growth end 
are covered with lichens. Trees average 20 years of age and 10 feet in 
height. There were 50 P. monticola examined, 4 found infected, one canker 
each. Canker analysis showed 3 cankers ftruited once on 1920, 1921, 1922 
years of growth infected; 1 canker showed pycnial scars on 1922 pine growth. 

Ribes inspection: There were 12 R. bracteosum examined, 
and none found infected. 

Remarks: This area was first found by Goodding and Putnan 

vledemtxoraga to .¥ ,encltoogent Qf svedd 20 _Sesoecent oren vine nosit 

hajastat bayot astoegs sedi y¥lao ont sew swacetosid 2 .b  ~ 
<6 Peoaee® tretoTtLb of ‘stfpootonrd i to.noltoetat ef .ysatrod pe ey nt 
Liacenea Se eae mort, bovizab ae of oltat at vert oa: aien, 89 ee 



uit } eat m4 pale 5 Vere 

; - 

; 2 oe anes a no ke ise} 
etd to aottost wm etesa Indzow 30 

es SE 7 

a 4 qifieoh| 
ets cy ee >) eee eet Ob BOL De ieee re oil 
) Vas me i By L eomt | 
| __meostostd 28 aim 3 ° polisetat tise | 

| {eeveod PT eevesd &) 

hetoetal 0 bod oetnd toos soF |) aod ist) 
 jdev® t98¢ betseint | eedert) + - ) ad Leek 

nec Rie xa PS ef Hstsetal | .¥al| . mex 
at ae 

| ast | itn peal ne 

<te mets info ¢- peont vinge cera I nen BRI rape 

Pry ere Ak se ot: « taueaniabiaa ‘cab a comaitiinte “eft iene, | 

_bvew 2eiq'eredw:tedg if doom 2i sitredatoetd 42 to mettostst to daed Ye 

ted? otsotbni blow gost etdT .Jneade orow yond stedw med¢ betsioorss 
soconaienr sie” 

bets loorns ete edaod owt G4? otedw bogatxe cotsostal enig 
moee ai notiostat ,yrstinos edt of Toots evistecd to soneade oft nt 
soltemboital to ouese edd at pated 2s betebiagoo ef bee is awed: 

© eaten 



Hsien smn gear ~—varnk 

sqixoeeb 2 | woled sevts ef eted® erseotat exlg to pines toa Lid hess 

% 164 
‘imo noged nt bauot acttootat entg eae edt 2e pth 
ihe = Sette i lin te aie hae nrg rie es 
ar noljsegesl \.softestel. fend “eboot ‘bad ddvo® ‘tome ‘S| waaso?| 

netboal deimowdyt@ xo Ieoc) ebook. to bre ddsro® :foftagod 
Of $08-,.W dB . ,.e IS .F -olsevtoees 

a VSel .O6 ~~ hal sweto gainissT isteijera oe am 
yout -GOTS, seit-beée 2 ot exe stad asenil tnotsosgant Pane 

gate tot acoliibues eredw ,etfie qmewe mubel eaom amregedqe a 50 srivora sis 

bos dtwors, vole ytev woe aeniq eff dIveet s BA .r00g YTS O18 diwots 

at geet OL bae oye to etsey OS sastevs veo7T -eaedol{ dtiw beteves eis 

relneo eno ,hetostal Bavot '* ~bentmexs efoot fiom .1°O8 s187 sieit zig tod 

S8@L ISL ,OSCL no edx0 hed twiY evednss 8 Bewoda sinylens texamead’ dose 

—— ankey ser ao etace Istaoyr hewede 1teadnes “f° ibeddetat bh it 8 ‘fo' “otR6y 
Semtex mgsostoans 8 SE oaw otedh” ‘not aed 

"“Sedgetat “BReeY enon bite 

wiaiit Sue aboot ve baw. tant? aew avis ata? raed 


¢ . a> : mi 
e Wr iS ANP os PON PP ee EE. 
FU ee na OO tf Fore eae A ee ee ae 

growing pines. _, Sebke wo. #8 

on March 30, 1927. It was shown to the scouts during the training 
period in order for them to see the effect of blister rust on slow 

risree Goustrs 1 ashi caton 

Pines = Pierce | 
Coun os, x he “slop 

kb manner 
port é 

: SOU a 
= pete armnec n" - - 

iy bree, | SOL 

Li ¥e 112 
Sis bo : 40 
+ he ard 74 

te ee. 

ie Ane nahn mearetene ieee ee scabtpiateels 

R. cect wk 



_— a 


i, a 
i E 

EX Dine fec=| infec bea pools iy 
hes ine 


et i. 


ar. Seouting 

(with specks 


» t 

a5 oc % “at 

Pt oe ee el mete ee 

ely saree Tce 7 


6° fh Rydon) thy 


q | 

o | 3001) 
¢ a mile} 
o 4 q mile| 
Gg ; . afte, 

pee. | 
» ¢ 

pe a a a, 
1 ak 
Oe aad ees 
9 | 
* ; ; 
* | ; 
ser | 


\ 13 uae “9 | ! . 
ee Sane Oat ae a oom Fe TP SEA Ree ae ae 
oe s 

i ly 



YS SE a eee 

hh, wae 

AS a cl 

hudsetat Aaget,.ae coed onde ie. aelt. pone. Phe 20 etd 
sets LS vat ae toe wt lidbebeael. « «fh er hay hee’ ae 

etd: oF alias" et afte gl ie" 
gattsoo? .1etash .#M to yooh Me 9 
fatoegqe dttw ay nee: 

a pe ae i ag RH Me Spool 0 ENR IW NTeH os, Sa aia 

oo Re ivoueat ian 

jaavaal oi ovtad } 
liese ets ak iam 3 be sd necad | Pies “ce | 
gue. Tees hatoeian | yaclant. ps 

pert a i | bed oe’ tek 
Lber hae 6 ae MAE: bal; ! 

‘ } 
4 ¥ i? 
h % r Beara } 
i Pe ¥ Bo 4% iy ee 6 
LABEL... nike nee ni eee cy SRR pa “e Fie, ap | 
? Ae | 
' i , me 
ea if Tes es rug 
.) 1 a : j ‘ f ‘ eit 
ata ee BUS aen pe let me Pe RI gt Nc aieen inate in Phe Leip aber nnn gery Aer = Ps halle 
4 th i 

fect ok GE ett & idee ae a Sidaa wane Atak %o ms aisen tas oft. 

ie eae cacy et Core, Bs ee opened oi i te soldostal 2o-dn0 tee 
cotbel bircwe Fore ehey dooeds e7% ‘vet “Keotd wieder pede bye owe 
sian oak Aad oketie’ bad alae celtiowtel anl9, ew omladt re 

ant od Sean wviiteos %o enreada edt rg 

ar aw wi 
+603 hi 

seal ot xoltoe es. Sears 
ereawbhors a? wo apede edd ae pte we hetebtesep od. day eT 
A SY th Oe 
ePrneet a ywoled’ eee a) Oe? oTenetnt gute % te.  aLeeteg J ern 
: wee ed ard: eth Aa toniar birt LG eae xo aoat: 
i algal See ? ssa poarp aa : 
Be sey phlei dee) ehont ‘boll wd wer pees 
en 5 Bia J faa, Phook Ye hme trek iaotlaage * 
Of neh EP oR a OR ee no ttavpenel | 
Pps tos fol: nate Malan? sole CORRE.) o, sis coe i 
ing fag ja as —e 4 dont? tag ddaecead So 25. . 
he % eee Me ae 

1%) wote new ” wel edeio odd Peed? @ a Cvesq creer ere Hewotg 
(hot aga Bo wieeey 02 oma Lane pen aerator agle boteveo ox 

hae Hehe pemno'tal ‘aude a phaaenr6 we tte jepiom oe ota overt saints bout 

woe oie L etal suns le & ae anteony eis 4 

ues Rey gee o Sie bue'e ecole i Fedcks ton Tee cote” .eee 
Re, that ante —, betronte — if a a, aks $e" ik 1%: 

t = a - ‘ 4 ia isn + et a y 
SRBL I ORS OS bar SLAY - tae L: , WIRY » echoes 

AUN et Te NID Ce dom aT i Meee 

1 MMR: gh mel in Table No..24 unes to be pectton out: 
4 lo pine infection was lal : 

tir, | ine; pas | There were 11 shappctions made where bath hosts were present. 

MB only’ one of these points Was infection found on Ribes species. At 

(2° this point there was fonaa: 1 on divaricsta having 2% of its leaves in-" 
|= oreeter. ) ) 

, Rides! "32, | subte! waza! 18. inspecttais of Ribes made where pines were 
“lSgbsent. Of these 18 points, 2 showed 3 Ribes species infected, namely: 
‘°L°RY bracteogun, 1% of leaves infected; 1 G. divaricata, 1% of leaves 

is og anf 1 ER. sanguineun » ih of leaves infected. 
. ! ‘es Infection in Pierce ind is very 1e tab vad in the etage 
ie “of rel beadhett oi” —= 

Healthy 1d. Bing ota a 

pF Ipihes in. Skagit County are. Limited chiefly to. +4 ha! pantetn 
"portion, on the slopes of the Gascades. In particular, good stands of 
_o young white pine occur along the "Skagit River in the vi¢inity of 

“ ‘onerete and east to the sources of the river. General qenpaine stl 
as ie a over the entire county. —» g': 4 

Ye eh Rihhy | 
. y 


[Infocted| 2g. nablird Af seaubiiie Seiformsd.! Tania Yo. 25 cites’ the 


ty reeutts of scouting classified according to association of hosts. 

‘iso tdgvotd ed of neat eke wy the at etatog nietie9 

coraclies! ,viased sorrel? iroot “ko et ay Tag 
pce ls BS agent he ih ol Bes hae te moved tba 
-bavot naw ‘no ifoetat enig oN. 
f ae oo ~ ' ee aust ee ea we + le ene pig to PeLne PEAS APE & + ahh 

poate! e188, i aaa ‘gtedé aay ge not vserant 

tA) .cefseqe boxot sotdootat ' 
. =abygovent ati to iS arti st 

Bh &s 8 pe ae wildy af 

ii pak} sige » be 
aor TR ees ‘+ : 
foment hetostat asineca nod ii & \bevode ¢ fee es 8 
_pevae! to &£ ,sdeois of Be ital ns time 

Sia ttooay 
eclh of} 

eae ver >be eealy | 
a yas Leek | 
uy at ond gi sles tne visy e ade seis ate seems > wodtat 
| oatyail| | hitler TOyde Loot 
Bia dbuae AAA iaT ap eval Mea meer ein hi 


-rheian ‘ody of ultetdo: negzart 

t Se ebasda hoog ,welvottteq al, . 

. gh? Ydinioty edt ab, ravi a 
ea eee. ferened | 

/ : 7 4 ne 
ek [MOT i | 
14 ~ | 

Se phen 

: 1 le aed ci 
MAG of i 
iar ; , ne 
> ; ‘ef Bit Pee t ¥ an 5 
“ at } & 
tis fe 5 oo =) op eeu 0 * pm.) + alin 
eg a gianee:? 4 iesibbidnilictnaascnici 

. Table No. 25 


Ribes — 4-4-8.) 4 ras [ote po SS Q' 
Beal tig | TOP 

ei eee epee 
11 1 mile 
fectatl i | to] eateaed 6 ta | tog drowtes 

i je ona nes ae Mae cS SS Sa Oe 
rafectes Bs Ot RO Be MCAT a 

acta anata sete oe ey 

pe § lac. 

1-5. |R.brac.|a52 | 38 2.4% : 
[asi *| 2) | 20% 

Attention is called to certain points in Table No. 25: 
ere ‘nes ar » Was . : 
oa Le: No wa was found infected except ‘where Bssoclated with Ribes. 

‘vie. @- There were | inepections made where both hosts were associated. 
At 7, or | of them, one or béth of the hosts were found infected; 

3, or of them pines were infected with Ribes healthy; at 2, or 
about oy Pines were healthy with Ribes infected; and at 3, or 3744, 


&S_.o ofdaT 
sotgniceal ,ytovod ttnax® .onidwoo® to 2teylenkh 

mot? eomade id 
of sedth§ieoveetd & | 

«aT hetootal | 

: sak in Ls lke sea} 

eontd! aoatd|. 

enki off 
| eed ti 
Sf | bessotal 
' alia 

188.0% oldat mt afniog alsdies of meting et a4 Saiful oh | : 
sedi dtiy bedalsoves ornate tyooxe hetoetat haus esw omnia off f | . 

beiciseess stew at aod tod ered ebam anottoeqaat 8 exew sie .& 
:hedootnt Aowot etew egeod ed to diod to emo ,medd to ,AgNB to .T dA 

Be. 7h ge :witised aed Ih déiw betoetat etew aesig meds to to ,& tA 
Revs to ,5 de hee phetootal eed if délw witleed exew sent , Ras trode 

He eh Sao eae 

topography, It is cecupied entirely by 
distributed thr ‘onghent rst tages fey tals wae 
dant. The county was scoutee gensra*/: a 
both -hosts .were found datesteaat t These: rreites' indicate that infection 
has. reached .the intensification ‘stage,*in “st least 373% of points where 
both hosts were associated. cami may 
a. Record of scouting xi 
sf ici 08+ There were 14 ‘Seadiettous of Rives made where Auer were 
polars Of ‘this totabd2 or approximately 85% showed R. bracteosun 
infections: ail €.1 €. mbigt nb OR AE Sree Aap points where pines 


és * : not 5 cor 

eforne Ge [ma Seow. t 

in abundance to indre ‘enaet this wa debi at partner of R. bracteosun. 

4. The per cént of infection of Rites in the @ifferent ~~ 
nis of hosts’ can ‘best be shown in a separate table, Table No. 
26, derived from Table No. 25. 


: aes Ho. 26 : 

s + iva 

lg ReavesiRibee & 
( Ping Inapection _/ ; ToS \k 
pe ard —) | ; Ti P +7 
| Call core | “= 

(aT oat endl Suey 
ve b Leaves” "|% Leaves | | 
tea 2 Infected + 

[Bush _ Exami ned 

aps 3 0 

r f ¢ E st ea : sin s| . 

if F 2! ' : 

Piet Sara 1 


ine Infected — R.bract; © lL. 

Ribed Infected |R. sang. aah 3 ‘1004 « 20h ; cae 
| He - R.lac. 1 ie = i 
a gsrte2s | ris b | oe sth) 
; : Yam. v 2x8 | , 
| Tate ne fs ead at n —~; Table. Now 26 aubwe thet, the: per coi aoe : 
| Pine “Se oe intecte per bush Sg oe is a: at Ansvectiot points where ' 
| Ribe pines sent. it may: be observed that -Anfection of Ribes is higher 
me ay posnte here Pines were healthy than where they wer@ found infected. 
lg, Ma att cevof ‘this fact is that pine infection is very scarce, — 
Iho ta: agate. where hes] thy pines were reported, Tt is probable 
“pine, infect on occurs sew woes ee ch ge ed oe 
| l m1 pines bab oetied werei found Pe “the Bab torn! ‘part of the county 

wher Boal are abundant. This ieimuch more serious than if such in- 
fected Gh abe ot it were Pd pee individuals growing outside of the area of — 
oe yotSince much of the pine growing area is inaccess-—~ 
a enn “asaes inet Very.probebly acgreat many pine infections exist 

no discovered. 

15. Skamania County. Skamania County is in a region of rugged 

1 ie OR ON Re 
Mime vee 


we buf Fut ey 
oi o khan 
ie tiiawns bik : 

nolioetuat Jed? edealbat wish bak shetoet snug? ox ater ateod dtod 
—etedy eintog to RENE “SeasT tent, ‘gota! ted# bedossx eas 
ioe cai hal “bodetoones otew ataod dtod 
ie _ore¥ ges — baa aPuea latest ono Noegen | “one f ROW 5 ae 
-sgweoedos1d:.8 bowotle 888 clsieninenan 4 Sf etds. 20 treads a 
oan te etenwy atatog,. solsootnt, to eset nape ire 8 ef elif? “8 0 footer 
— obebetxe eved, teva eenivee Le toes a oe Bie: iG For e1ewee 
' doais. 8 to, Botvosiat Aspzqeebty ak ep aoe ot eonabe fs, ot 
one beset oe eee G8 fet 8 erica A B gob Oi > 
ae salcobe rs edt ht settH Yo noltoeteh to ¢avo teq ofT .2 bi avait) 
Ro eldaT ,eldat otsteqer’ s at nwofe od’ oe _ sito to eae pow. 
| srtalperviahetitichts ns unsiarbibinnetledi ital Kolieoa’ sual Oe rm ae fl ; : . 
7 . a, i eect “ 

{ ‘fa inal) 
2 6 wed fF} 
mun). Xd Emad | 
4 gan ty) 

24 boepetal] 

* to ¢aeo reg edt sand swode- as, gol 9 | 
“Seda atatog sorpostaat “ta eof” ra il 0g. i 
Tadgid et esdih te noldpeiat. j dard | J ys ed Went | $US eeds ete sonty 
-bojoetai basot, stew yeas oterte wns A Ui Leo eiow senia etoile ate ts (ij 
,soteee Yrev. af soligetrt, onkg Jedd. at gost pind to soneo ft ingte od? a 
aldacora ok ae, sDosteget sxsw genic yt Leon : iv -edatog 3s. snd 
‘Tberevoorth tom sew doidw eusod0' fn aig! 

yiaroo old to yeay” inshans el Ee Tide Wie bedoeter danse ‘foe? *! 

ott dome Dh cedd, avoizeg, tom Norn at ctnsbrurds eis geatq oreriw 
to eats ot to ebledso ey a Tek iehten’ sé S98 Stew ssnig bosoet 

s sapgrnininy 2i gets gatwory sri, oid to so. oa lB, dw eae dnebdouds 
daixs anoklise tad, pian ste Jaaty @, XS dedora’ ake ence Ft plo ids 
the Std se? i otew naade pied fe ae EB ey ‘ton 

ager! te no baer & ‘at “al sates atosdade yd dv8d in Ftd dyots 

yd Mia iti aa ane Oa, yi R tS. 

topography. It is occupied entirely by the Cascades, Pines are wel. 
distributed throughout the county, and at points are relatively abun- 
dant. The county was scouted generally, but’ not as completely as was 
desirable owing to the fact that scouts were called in a month ahead of 
time in order to atout™ Pe at Thi snd Enip ire, 

arinane or reeres ue pevrovnea,”: mm wédiing Skamania County 
eerenar wat @xperienced in finding good associations of pines and 
Ribes. In the northwest portion near Mt. St. Helens, pines and R, 
bracteosum and R.° laxiflorum were found associated quite frequently, 
but ‘in the sduthern part of the county im the vicinity of Wind River 
there was ‘Hbutidant pine growth but very few associated Ribes species, 

Table No. ‘27 gives a record of ton Cag pee classified 
according to Masve tennis: of hosts," 9 

‘ven folloing: Table ng 27 

Anal tise $s al t ash, 

-_ _—— 

> Rives ai tedpanision | Distance from 

4 Leaves|Rives to 
Lf. |Mo. | Infected 
NO, In= | per 


*P.m,e-Pinus mor icola; P.-E, strobes PolemBe Lambertiana, 


sion oxs sestd ,aehsoesd odd yd ylertiiac betqueso al $I penas inti . : 
asda Ylevitelor ots etatog ta baa ,ysasoo edt tuodzwordt betuditsath y 
saw e& YLedetqmos ea ton tad ,yliateme, hetvoos esw ydau0o edt ,»taab 
to baede ddsom.« At: belie esen atuoos tadé to8% odd ot gntwo'didarlasb 
He Sosy) pt hqett bas ial edt a ane od debt ah” omtd 
anh ot FS Gay PL) eteod Rec 

yonsrod algemed@ gaituoca o] ,bemroetreg autévoos to bien a 
bas eeaiq to 2nottaiooses boog gathatt at taut ye luok tb 
“i bas gent .anoled st@ (etl teen meltrog dacuddion ods al -swodla 
seidneng ett: Silnp betelooess -kovel even guioltinel \.G bie oveostosid 
tovig bali, to yiiatotv edd of ytayson edd to éusq mtaddmuoe™ ed? at tod 
ne8tooga, sedis, bedeisoass wed Yiev tad ddwotg esta taehaude asw eredd 

polttenala PORE NER aduensaidl aw here & — Sé of olde? 
warme’ a a hate egy me msiR = of gutbrozos 

VS of side 

a a sy taak 


amar neratesnie 0 sovtmenor Smet edit park Sass Te a 
mot t eonsd alt pay Se aeidseceat. “aodifi 

nee ee a meter 

=I on 00 184 
=tey : al j i WOR] PR 
het. iced betoetat net ex ; 
eentt eaid) ..¢ eat | seloege | 

\~ i S* 

Attention is directed to certain points in Table Wo. 27. 
22828 et 5, 
1. There wes a large percentage of inspections made where pines 
only were found, 19 0 Por pared Phese i inspections of pines 
only were made chiefly-in ¢hé-southern vortion of the county where 

young pines were plentiful, and maseei ated Ribes species, scarce. 

Yr Inf 

Pine] “Age gue, Ty ‘one infection was  toand. 4n the county. At thie point 
Poth Sines “snd Ribsd so Hes 1S ~~ and. R.-1S8Gs trewere- 
| found infected. | 

= 453. tbolpiks " ne — a 
nfection. The ere onty infeetion 

| dads Mirna 0a a considerable interést because it ic the southern-. 

moat ping saeaten, known in ”~ aah : a a of this infection are 

massnntnan se censiaitiiactmarcciineeth a 2 —_ 

SAA? ames Spirit. Lake- tdAction’ Insdection No. 6-2 
Lees beam Toegtion: 3.8 miles east of Y.N.C.A. camp on Spirit | 
Lake, eight-tenths of a mile west of weet end of Hetionsi Forest bound— 
ary, which is aleo boundary between Tt and Shanhe counties. 5. 
-—foutls Biver,)2--9-8- R..5-R. See.18.-- : —— 

_ (Inspectors: Joy, taylor, Putnam, chagugt 20, 1227. 
—Batetiss, dodaaing, Fatnss, Octoder-15,-1927.— 
| ; { $ituation: Thies infection oceuntes dpovoetaiatery ‘ad 
| hae de deed-tuevh-en-she- hawesteed, cleered 17 or ig 
| years now grown up to white pine, Douslad tir and Vierdwoote ~ 
bite po Sas “On the cov etbe-dhes pind ks Youtie River.- On 
uns eastern ye aby of a ecre is a small stream flowing through 2 
ive ewaaps The sere Ws’ eurrounded in on ell sider by A - 
nse oe of ahite Pane». papem, and bi kr tt “,? ro: 199 years. re 

Pens. ewe | oat 
he foil As pein en this clesret apace. ye and 

below Seay ig bade up chiefly of pumice stones fron Vi. 
See” He1 ¥ than water. White Pine grows on this puwnice for- 
mation in coms nuabers but the growth ig very slow. Thru the pumice 
formation flow « wit streams, bordered Ay BX, ‘hha popler, ana 
Yen Pie haere eee ‘Of R.” R.° Laiflorun sna R. “bracteoswmi. On sev- 

eral of these streans Hibes were were examined, but no infection was found 

above the infection. Below this point sbout 4 miles, in Clarke County, 
a suall - eae of Vins ae cat was coped. 

he altitude of, thie tae ts-2; 678 re above see 
vit toons Ue, 8. fer scus ‘Survey benchmark om the area. 

“were-60 Py abi cols exemine?, 
perticulerly heevy in the live swewp 
@ partial cover of deciduous trees. Padle No. 
# of pine infection found. —— 

. Anvarectiy there F) 
fection of Ribee in 1924 

’ A” aa 
Fi \ eg 
* “7. 
Ee RA 2 Oe Se ee 

a, "4 ‘ vi . 
eres bet Or 

Loy as hve: ah bons wiih nee 
nde Khaw igacen ety 
som ta RG oO okMaR fle a8: ¢129 0 
20 PRON BN Bee ee Mie &t BG Pe. She ey ntanaie bpeea 
aie pints ebnai anotteeqant, 3a ope on 
Panes %o enokdoecad? OL exodt -edalog. 
waren ghar ehh ke. gotdipg, mmedteom, ort, 
‘on sousne yeetooge sedi bedefooene fing, , l 
af, Aih« weer he es ia, oF gE. Ak Fee ‘Set 
dnbog ebldedh o/ yd even orld>anh een ee Joptmk exe, 
Lyte: extemal iit: ERTL Lf ogh 9L08MR, 28 tae, fied 

ab Ges SROCLR, B Ra ie Poe hs fpeteaa age Coe y aed dabeee whi whi suohatne tae bebe Se 

r nes mebiad Lan 

o its eben yratblon ed? «ag! joeha {tated eae 
-redduoes edt el t1 semeoed prepa paces ome oof dose daton — 
ore noftostal alld to eltetod new an ai ype nolfoetat eata teom 
we rgntwollet mevig 


| 2 .ctiacktoadeat .acktoctal ofdd ae rae | “i 
ond ba tg’..20.,q089 A 9 MeT. to gene eetin BB : os f RE. 
Hiited Pest oT Leno ilat to Beeodady se teen ‘efls s to ® fred -d ra ar — 

(a0.. odo Kineton «a teisana? hea eats soowded YEE og Leo: ; 


bal Re 

4 ee} | same ie -BL).00¢ ,+% : 
oy seekyreet 08 tasrpt 3 ae hal Ae. ck anqegT| <tooeed| 
| ted | gaid ion | bes oa) ant teste oe “snalinied ee ee 

Rae: yistenEiorass sae ogtads 
i | afxo Ti betaefo ioe ee 

; Rs eet bee xi? ax gu of veeit et ble of qn 
sly wy. igyif efégoT odt.sot be nae! eon as 
a0 s s aueud gaiwolt ogse Rarars . 

d sebte [leno at bow 
eet OL may ” ee es 

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.qunewe evi “gent 

dyer. 9° me 
| 9s teen 

fe hsuhrad 

‘ Apoaawa,..tE J. oan yraee Ae 
ok olde? agente aaroul 


‘|R.lax.15' away.Infection slig 

8 ii 

“|In midst of R.lax. heavily 
i 5 infected. 

10 aya OEY 3 
and ao Jes le tints 3 I ho 

adie Wo. 28 brings out the close association between infected 
pines ana R. laxifloru. 

“Canker ‘enalysis: Table, No, 29 gives the stage of cenker 
development ffs year of growth infected as found August, 20,1927. 

Table No. 29 

ysis of Cankers Spirit take Plot, Skamania. Count 

Apparently there was a wave of pine infection resulting from in- 
fection of Ribes in 1924 and 1925, and possibly in 1926. 

3%3 304 

8S .of sak ‘ 

) sgtéootal ‘enlT Ievbivibat | | yO | 
SURE GF ot ee | a é EG ed we : 

ade smo fi sii i , 4 sheet | ie ry 5% V(t¢ 
: seta mm | 

Lite te noitoetal.yswe 'Cl.xs 

-b9 te: ; 
tme9 tec OOL ..yews..'8 wale a 
i : ' shatoe' 

rand asitaptal gine "Of al ae t denandedl ge ae” [oe | 
Sarg San ‘Cerseeengore 
lan Ebbert eed Beets Be eal Ke a d tasatmob-o0 OL 

hetoetal seowded noitetooase eaols i dro agatid SS .of oideT, 
‘a core bas vents 

teainas to eyete ad aevig 2S of oldet jateylene texas). MBE 
VEEL 0S a baurot as Seigetat t Gam ‘to sas nied = wear 

te 4 cs 

Unwed siasmet® ,tol% oxlet ¢ittg® erocimsD to eteyienh | 

a a 
| Tek Besubord imiees 
| oait 38 Z S52) 

a ltt: A eh 5 A A SR a 


~xi moxvt acitieeet sottoetal entq to evew 6 eaw otedt yltaetscdé 
OSEL ai yidteseg bas ,GS@I hae SSOL at sed if to oottoest 

On October 15, 1927, there was found s- canker fruited twice on 
1921 ‘yeer of growth. mite ‘was the oldest ‘canker found, ‘and was ‘clearly 
of order origin thatthe ‘other ‘conkers found- “Meo Ih October, 1927, 
there were marly first’ sydptoms, enol] circular fufections 1/28 to 1/2 
fries in dismeter, around the bases of needles. These young infections 
were ms Wei bie 4 on ert 20, 1927. 

sounty’. rinées ord - Fins 
county on. the west-tacinug 2iover 4 
pines occur tiie gonad df Gitbes: 

i a Live ane 

=e ore ee ott. | 10 te. 
PR | 

*Small bushes, not over 10 feet live stem per bush. 

Attention is called to the fact thet infection on R. laxiflorum 
on north side of road showed 80% of infected surface bearing uredinia, 
and 20% bearing telia. This large percentage of uredinial production 
indicates that infection on the Ribes concerned is of recent origin. 

Ribes laxiflorwn on this plot occurs in large clumps of bushes 
averaging about 1 foot in height. It was estimated that 10% of the 
actual ground space north of the road was occupied by R. laxiflorm, 
and 30% on the south side of the road. 

Remarks: Inasmuch as this pine infection is the southern- 
most. known and since no other pine infection was found within 100 miles, 
it was deemed advisable to destroy all pines on the plot in the hope of 
reducing the aecial sources affecting Oregon and points south. The 
present owners of the property were written to, asking their permission 
for the destruction of the pines. The letters were returned unclaimed 
and state authority for pine destruction was requested and obtsined 
from the State Forester. However, by the time authority was obtained, 

ao eolwt bediowt tsxinso @ havo? sew 0% aS8@r ar nbdotne! MR FE ies. 
vitesfo sew hae ,bavet texiaso°% . ew eid? .ciwomg to ts0y rser 
matqaye gertt yosm etew erent 
hd -heaee tetemeth wt eecdont 
"SOE ame ———- * nO oid te ty tom tow 
a Ol toil ogh lent 
saan S A 

's\r ot 8\r yn > a 
anotdostal yruroy esddt © 


4 ,NSSCL ,xedotoO at os fA. iteerig exeniaes. Tedte, edt madd algito yo te 

i 1 
We) a f F | 
mein tanee font henna 

i 4 j 

0 a Lats | 

By. 2 f ai US. Se a aay) Sg Cave ‘emis Sei arene ree 
tenes dA porRee | 


Fret * H ne: ‘noHivere date fost ond gi bed 

Tp iaibots gebined eostis besootnt to woke 
“noftouborg Iginibery to egstagoreg, caret ate alg? gettin Pes ROS baa 
Fatty to tridgey To" eF hehrebived eed! 0 fo. Ai ehs $k Sertd, meted 

eedand to equy to onze! ni owypo0 dele atd? op oeto lt xe sl 

‘Sema? too es thet — ewitep ebwodt tdgtod nF foot f 
moro fttkef if YP Relorood sew Bede ond Yo’ Méron eseqe 
og beer st, to ebie Meir0e ect vi ater bre 

At sjaa pears 

-riedivoe edd ei mottoetat gh ente. stgt, ee. omy cf ie 
,29fim OOL nidsiw Save? ssw motdootal sata 4 m8 word Jzom 
to stot. oft at sole-odd--20- were: gcc: ee gew of 

saith. cased gerne” is OO --BE a fe e ote 
ea ‘then. at a $ - my Otgw yiregoty ody To wrecwo tnenetT 

“ headatd o. has. be onm.gots yo 

Sontatde. san witatdéien-ambt -ade-tf-snazonsli—- Moder vot Suge Slt ‘sit? 
jrseaninkg die pepstoan rw, 

ast sacle eiaaiech es 

‘enata* anh Yo omew 2 gew oseds ylsaomegds 
tos ,2n@l Ben S60£ af aed it Yo polioet 

“ipud 29 & Gad avi feet Or 3 Revo > fn ae cE J fent* 
vias Seas 

fete Wo. Si 

infected aren. Hence th s heve € stréyea. 2h 
should bis fone in ‘the epring as s00n as “it M¢ posetbie to reach the 

~eren~ if! ' | : } eid ” Bives | Tnssee tieh ‘ibd 4 Mstan a8 fron : 
16. on! & whecaarp >a Ribs 5 to 

= ye = 

on’ ee scouted in — way over vnc entire 
: tense et =m: ated echo 

simi tho malls crear 



prmed. Pine infection was found up 
‘er sone “plantations of. 
out by. he Forest Service. Ribes, bracteosun 
5 vrotnatnas at along She main river and along trib- 
aly water flume? 4 mite tn SPERM: Pips 
in | rekaee, of dense R. bracteos 
Sool tee ve, often 1000 feet wide for, the entire 
*~» ives the. 6f seonting ana 
to. asaoci tion of | degre Lg 

: 2 hs bitte. = nse cers ~~ je00! sep eae ca 
1R, OF a@e) Bone] eran ined | 15064) 2500! .! 
: Relame t 14 
' t ' 
neces ss ps ae ae ween SEE = : po ters SsP3 78 pmeeges = idl = ya) 
in, brags! 6° Pe | sage} 


Talb¥aes | @S?el 

, i 
13 | avdiws : 

: + P man 14 apn 

Reward | 40 ¢ 
rm . [Rs bee. : ie. a U ; G . “4 wo 

[Re bra. FAP 125 ey Te cee 

; te bie. i 3 ; =o ow - : 
Se ee cs oat e = a ee a ee ee ee a ee ew 
a Q "" » my ~ 

at Rh. SF ae. 

et. 12 
. bag! 49 
He Late. | 56 1 CG 
Lo 2 ER RS 

is gtrebus 
\B-. wonticols 


“i dun gate Py Popes Yate eh say cy pe , 4 yh Sade ub’ 

ee ( ol ot eidienoqut 2mm, df tnd beonethe an? 03,294 oases end . 

anow alst, ..heyotdaeb and hog aa aeniq sedi eonell ..ne1s befoetat, 

‘ade ale od, oldteaod at i tga elt at each o¢,b laode 
Pa were biehvooase ve pete 

even? sa 
onrgeres ng. etd He oTew 


Th i 

weeny he 1 "3 Fp eh eat 

ait. We ie ty 

stliae eft sero yew fasenog 2 at. ‘betwee ase (tnwod delsodéne i 
edd to notizeg mtedece edt of bar Stroo ng ete seakt greg 
to acets [lems ond Ie -2ebeoead eat “to ssc0le amioet-teon off so ysamroo. 

re iain Fs hai Sesetiont oe a es us990 fio sh 

Broa ghee i bgt Si RRA Ae ee yi aad 4 

4 to castiotinde om i ‘wevil da! wge 
td ~oiviee fsetct edd” ye pe PE ; 
ovis mien ocd rym Fancher 
SME eau tt tetew,. blo me apy motte IKE. — ae 

Ber er ee fee me Sst. 

a ‘| 
at piv te ek tieexiedi yeti ofldgned |.» 
- “8tROH To nots Toors of ‘ealhies S fmoone a 

“ding a pete. cise tice af 2 

ae % a Lee ie ul ae ; 
asraeet weg eet ahi tn a rw nf 
We i ca | OP ks exit at} 
ee fe im ge OR 
} : 
ra: t f 

ee figa pe ge ltyeetey ' 
ews sth ia or bind quan ty es dois pte) 

bite Bs tn Es eta h «V4 oe ses % TR 3 Lae ‘ 
k . ‘= : bt Bye 
Beas f e ony dy ie by, pod ri Naa. aatans Bi k.. 

4 ee ut i apts biethiacst 
Gee Ce a wa ehnve f ey Te vf ‘$e 
beat sdt Ba GGte terer sed ae GOO Bite 

ifothet acl® pled oe copeieaes 

| oe er few Sue 

poner oe ris ae lt 
¢ ads ean ig cl imenany 
Sige mekdonrdé moh edd tok 
te ee ub bpeltdde- wie bos 
ond oth. af: natewwkt> veedeowel i ad? most 

% ops) 3 

RER RS tex Bae ARP yest 

na $5 i £ Sp tne 2 & e ne 

Attention ia direct@hbie gectGy pointe in Table Bo. Si e 

d vine A vy 

ar both 1 hosts 

% J ; t Gths mttaer eed with 84 bec Eel 
infected: ter Bt, stewed pinse infected with Hi bes 


: _ monticola 

Be i 

‘Attention is directed to certain points in Table No. 31: 

1. There were 13 caaeuctionn made in Snohomish County where 
pines and Ribes were aésctiated. Of this total 5, or 38%, showed one 
or both hosts infected; 1, er 8%,- showed pines. infectea with Ribes in- 

fection not determined; 2, or 15%, showed pines healthy with R. bracteosun 
Anfestedi.. and By or 15%, showed both hosts infected. 

if 2. There: epee Be etiections. made where pines were absent... 

<7 T md. files Saly. ‘werd exemined. Of thie total, 14, or re showed 2. 

eee : 


ne nae 

3. ‘There’ was “no “imereasa ar the amount of R. bracteosun in- 

a pert where pines, either healthy or infected, were associated, over 
6 infection of R,_bracteosum where pines were absent. This indicates that 

* infection at » md scouted in SnoMesiesle Dovey ‘is still in the intro- 
- dudtery oe a Soa 4 i Be. | 

-*b, Details pind infection, . There Ag given below a detailed 
bo ee ae of each ao infection found. 

“Name: Long Mt. Plantation. Inspection No. 43. 

Location: Long Mt. Plantation. 14 miles up Martin Creek 
from Silverton Ranger Station, 7. BN., R. 9 E., Sec. 14. 

Inspectors: MacLeod and Putnan, August 7, 1927. 

Pine inspection: Inspected 110 P. monticola planted about 
1912 on hillsia#e,. ian in with native white pines. % trees found in- 
fected, 1-1/3 cankers per tree. Cankers showed wide range in year of 
growth infected sand in stage of canker development, as follows:1 juvenile 
canker, 1923 year of growth; 1 first pyenia, 1923 year of growth; 1 
clean - vee time, 1921 voor of growth; and 1 fruiting twice on 1918 

year of growth. 

$24 "Rides ingpertion: Many: R. er occurred south of 
the pine abet on, along the river 1 mile away. A few RB. bracteoswn were 
found within 100 feet of the healthy pines, and 125 to 250 feet from the 
infected Pines. 6 bushes were examined, 1 found infected, 1% of leaves 
infected ver infected bush. The infected surface showed 30 uredinia, 
and Bons heaaee 

Name: Buek Creek Plantation No. 1. Inspection No. 46 
> Approximately 6 miles west of Berlow Pass on 
Sano Gabe Re. ~ . ® Ney BR 10 B., Sec. 35-36. 
3! Inspectors: MacLeod, Swanson, Putnam, October 2, 1927. 
Pine inspection: Planted i. strobus intermingled with 
P. aa pm native. © This plantation was planted 1910, partly burned 
1914... In the. juignent, of the scouts, there were 104 P. strobus in- 
spected and ll found dafonied. Table No. 32. shows the details of 
lakpaie’: pines..... 

Lent thé « ares wal 


A oe eee a 

edi a 

ony 118 of olde al venteg some sateen at rontan 

stow youed detootons nt ebam amoite eanat ELer pyar 
eso hewore PBS to. leak, sient “eis “40 be ares S Sew rig bag ible 
~ti eed it dttw hedoetat soniq bewods .28 to \f ibetooint ageod ddod t0 Se 

I G8 dtiw Yit teed geniy hewore Ral x6 “er theatereteb ton ‘poldogt et” 
bs plore bedpstak edeor ated” Boned, ghOd ta , 

~pobeds ew genta er ade, ie, eno ld oeqent. SS. 
hasnt Sones path Pi wh, Seti add . 

/ i) ey angie.) 
te ) 4 " ge ide dh 3 fen 

mena mn pists bint ‘ 

Su hekeab naka’ Al to bulbed ‘das nt sasoipal on ‘ser Paes: pe 3 cwtit fi : 
ISVO ,betsioores stew ,betostat 10 ydd (eed vet fe noah oxeitn nolipst. | 
dans. notastbat eid? dogada ete nomtg ¢ AE POR ; 
.ToHat ontt wt ittte ak haga: He tort on at ee t 

petisteb- k noted decks ai exon 
i my é : te He 

at cise styl - Bates i ee ee “nt ‘ « sin ee / : 
i i “ae om. Batre ay ‘Lothasate 2M giro su bee ote : 
weet nidsek wy sefim ££ ino tiedak ft .9M gaod 00. a ed 
; et tare eee eee oo OBA ohtade 4 ed mett 

nasa oer 

EEE eh radon ‘oeeer abe damrauh.. Pee see baa baeloaM... cae rnc es a sone mesos 
ivi: hothwic slootd wom. i Or ‘betoocenT® 1 ico ttoee ta fy eee 
 -tl bavbdtizeett 8 .sentq ebidw evyitaa ddtw ai peti, SS ertia 0 seer oot | | 

to xe0y wt egnet ebiw hawoda ateins) .eext req exestnso S\i-£ ,bedget °°" a 

elicevst, . f:awolfe? ae.  teosoleved. “ezine To osata. at Ane. beta: "ddwoze, 

ih idgwoss to IHS eSer.. 8 Lay fat? | 5 iddwots tocrsey SSCL ,texlaso on 
ew HO, eodwt gaisiort f bre dh be te wer ser omtd tetit gertd ior: | 

: | Adwots to oh sae 

— ddven, heevtro50 aneoedgerd rs nex r imo tisegent as tn 7° 1 FT CLbesoetmt | 
elew oareoeds i wet A .yews efia [ ‘aavit. and oor 20s tostat eat ent Me 
erie Gor ioTt 96% OBE oF BEL hue poate yds Teer off Yo took bigots Ed Sao a a 
eoveel a EL. ,beteeta: favot I. bomtuexe gtew dedeud-2-- seta Leora 
eal edo 

ROS bowoda egetive bedootat edt send bed seta?’ mY 5 wad! 
| tie. tas 3B: ney 

i geo ne el + ip’ 
pompenne ses rock td =e 

TRE lon nelédeqentO .f .@& abaindaalt ieqs0 Aut sean a “Tavakt On| 
ao aged wollte? to teow aelim 8 yfletaaixnotogh~:n0 aed 
88-86 ioe@ ,.O0l) Mag Mics .f ,. < Beiun protdael id Lael | 

-TS0f ,S resdeteO ,meaded |, soamerd sbodiash : ato: 
idte befguimredat eudotte .i betaald: :mottoage 
hanved yléuag ,OfCl Bbednalg sow sc itsieg la air 3c 
-of exdoate .7 S0L bdo wooed etyooa edt Yo Jaompbyt, odd al 
Ps alia ietet Faves “Xx has 

»Pable Yo. 32 

Individual Pine Infection, 
Buck Creek, Snohomish County, Plantation No. 1 


IBS 8 yd ae arks . 
of X.D. acteosu on Buck Cres k 
a “# 
fi Py i 

" E02 

a Tis] 
San Me ae neh, ie pl thy. 
ae See mes 1501 ta 2. bracteosun. 
Se Le Oe ee eT Branch dead--Seleroderris sp? 
MEL Seat add bh BS 
Sih iim! Sas DAA RSE NOT Fos Ably P. monticols? 
Canker anal sitet é ent 
ft cei» Sablete. 33 
‘ ) Analysis of Cankers 
‘ , Buck Cree homish County, - tion No. 
2W gcatte ng Lhe Kiet im tn ¥ a s : 
utineg » ed ‘ fan F {aby : 
“ fear oF - Number of Cankers 
Growth eet |First |Pyenial |Produced Aecia| 
aie [lates ec gms | Suvenile|Pycnia Seat lst Pime| Twice, 
‘> Sie eee —+—3— 
1921 Darya hor : Spe RY 
ame feo 1 TAP Bil) y OSPF tm ae. 1 

It would appear that infection took place largely in 1922, 
1923, and possibly 1924. 

Ribes inspection: Many R. bracteosum occur in a belt 1 to 2 
chains wide along Buck Creek, immediately adjoining the plot. R. 
bracteosum bushes are abundent along Palmer Creek and the river 1/8 to 
1 mile away. An occasional R. lacustre was found associated with pines 
on slope. There were & R. bracteosum examined and 3 found infected, 
with an average of 5% of leaves infected per infected bush, within 50 
feet of healthy snd infected pines. The infected surface was entirely 
ant dre to production of telias. 

Remarks: The cost of eradicating R. bracteosum in order to 
eputaies this ares would be prohibitive. This area excellent for study 

a4 ‘ % 
y ne” ee it, on 4 
nay te (20 Ree Bemiy 
“ wot H908 x6 
23 Ee 2, rps 

‘myeostostd .f of 'Oal| S| © |on@f birahohe | 
{ge sFixobote fot—-Bee B a aaxt | se el ae 

eee + ea) ate . Pe. Be: wae 

“Tele DD pee 6, % 

ee ae 

“ser at cisgeal enala tout xen tend xseqe birow YE! LOT Lye 
pg 5 aaa baw ESer- 

& of ff tiad & ni wooo 
§ 86. fofa onde tn tat “iy i: gto fe | 
of @\C tevit eid See veer), nomi yao te tris Bieta weiietaiacinaed ie ad ne 
sow ddiw bevefooeen bard caw ’s 7 
peisete® beatot & Bus ben tinxe mreostoatd .1 S etew wredl ,ageLe xo 

08 nid@te dead Befoste® te betoetrt reveal to RA Te egéteve ao ditiw 

Yletitee saw sostere Kedostal oft Veeate hexostn ‘bre wit feet Yo Foot 
-Bi ied to noisouborg ‘ed bevoveb 

of sobre at muscetoeud .2 ¢eoo ef? teatemed 
“ybote tot taellesze sore elit sev itid tdang ed ren aoe aida vostor 

seiotescdo mh .yswa elim f 

of relative susceptibility of Fe strobis and P. monticola in the field. 

nalysis of Scouts . ; evor 

Name: Buck Creek Plantation No. 5. Inspection No. 47 
“Location: Aoproximately 2 miles west of Barlow Pass, : 
Snoqualmie National | Lmeeeet on Hartford Eastern R. R.j. a m0: HbeyRiolo &. 

[RR oe I 

Sec. 36... ’ 
Aceoci- | Inspec) Inspectors: geLtod, Swanson, tidnad vesOeteber 2, 1927: 
‘ation Mvp oBine dImspection: This plantation is madecmp of ©. ‘strobus 
lof a antenmningled, planted in 1910 ‘and partly burned in 1914: 

. Pa strobus ‘examined, all healthy; 25 P. monticols examined, 
I 2, pow Tak d if canyons ner see bey aard- Gankérs were-classified as 

He aeons: 1 | * ; 
ines! a eanker, 1924 © year of ‘growth, lst pyenia. | 
Lathes ) | 1 canker, 1922 year of crowth, fruited twice. 
Hates bedi L ho canker, 1921 year of growth, pycnial scars. 

es inspection: Gwing to darkness, no Ribes were examined. 
"R 4 tre occurred intermingled with. Pines, and) R. bracteosunm was found 
along Palaer Creek, 1/4 to 1/2 mile away. , 

pany fies “Ru braéteosum are too abundant to pay to eradicate 
to “protect pines This aréa excellent for a ‘study of relative suscepti- 

ial of AE cpa by ayers pane a pdinciene field conditions. 


| 2 brook found in: zavy 
in Tes aS Oe 55 7 lan or 
4 Br a GALL ule Uv 
| ak : ay " be F ; 
Pawhd at @ known £0, occur in Thurston. oe A a he very 
| few ad YOY lg 7 hs FY extreme northwestern part, . The only 
| _ scoutd Parterned, wa, done west of Olympia along the roads to Shelton, 
) and pares or. 
18. #hatcom Ceunty 
| ~ “B. Record of scouti rformed. Table No. 34 gives the results 
) of scouting... ... ., tcom mty ore quite generetly 
| the eeetern two-thirds of the conuaty, east of 
free Sumas. Feat this ne, pins se *e 
| fey LLi : eb 
Buel . % n 
{ oregt i¢ elly ‘ 
Scounes { 4g : ' 
@ ¢an i portio n t Alive 
) So) 2 #) a Re Gee 
‘ routs - : ? Lt 
Large ano tomy 8 
the gCO'U n Oy 
@.2% % Rs 2% nd 
tina yer reed 
a. Record 9! & pertorme 5 
results scouting els or f 



or, s i as tS are ey 14 ihe i 

Sd .oW oottoeqenl. .2- “sit my porn y 2 

so Of. Bogs bh -OS- 8, A. _oredeae buodeTAB. 0. deere, feno tial paplangban 
} | : ms pie, ate i Ni Kent | ‘te sel a ai i 
Pomme PSR L 7S -eedossh.. tents | nonaen’, DOS tosgegem] iy.) ) |. ots af 
and 0 %o cw sett ef mottetoalq eis? : me eeariee es a 

a * 

t so PlOL-nt bom yliteq Bue OfeL of ‘Betaala | 
- benteaxe efootscom.. i as iNAt feeel fis ‘aes ‘and ont ci Ss a “Stent 
Frere coeonemmone etew sieine) sett botootat eS : uns rf $ oo | 


ae Or a VEE NR: .einoya tal. teots, te 189% RSE ~ wees 4.44 
eins OW BALI dtworg:to rey /SSel tetas It ai : 
- tee Le kode. dds ota: to see a temas PO 
stoatrene: oten 20d if om ,2pentteb of gutw0 a 
ae —— Baw. meee toes Dae, nent 2 bee Piers ri 
x id axews oftm S\f on oLe- 
‘edaotbete ot 194 of serveur ‘pod ete myeootasrd dx ‘chine — pater ere eta 
-itgessuve evitaler to ybete s tot saei leoxe 2056, p07 .k Reals footora ot 
-attoiégtbnos bieit ateteon reba Silos tisom .T bas agdorte =% to ystlid 

+¥ &y bat 
ab al ak iid § 
- ; ; ated? Ph 

see p= 
7 Bs 4 

“qev xi etme nist ih.caben wet yte¥ 

marae  8Ts komt 
vino edt .dxaq mroteowdéton iy way “ede a daixe genic guiuetisoes wet 
ach had eheor edit or ee Xe eee egob ew. Sweast bina $ galsvona 

bE he mrs wpe tp bail 

Fable LE 34 


Anal aia. of Seoutin ‘Thurston Count . Washin ton 

Pine Inspection | is -|% Leaves Rides to ~ 

Gi ie Total 

thy The Bibes infection is of inberbat because in 1924 Goodding 
. and Hornibrook found infection heevy: on RB. bracteosus..Both-in 1924-end 
this year the scouts made. diligent but unsuccessful search for pines at 
thie point. The fect that Ribes. infection where pines were absent was 
'e4peefound at the same spot in successive. years argues that possibly local 

) wind currents were responsible. This infection is located 64 miles west 
of Olympia on the Olympic Highway. 

18. Whatcom County. 

- . = .. Pines in Whatcom County are quite generally atetributed in «+ 
the eastern two-thirds of’ the county, east of a line projected south 
““from Sumas. West of this line, pines were found in the general ,vicinity 

‘ of Faliiaghan , and in the ‘pilie north of Lake fhatcom. - 

Much of Whatcom County, where pines occur, is in the Mt. Baker 
Netional Forest, and is not easily resched. The county was satisfac- 
torily scouted, ghere inaccessibility did not prohibit: the work. In 
the eastern portion, the upper Skagit ‘River was scouted by two men over 
a period of two we During this ‘time it rained ps a ad making | 
scouting very diffic : : : 

4 large amount of infection; both on Pines and Ribes was found. 
in the area scouted...Pine infection ‘was. found well esteblished in 
pine stands. Ribes infection was found throughout the county, wherever | 
scouhins was. performed. 


a. Record of sinatuhiisial péiformea. Teble No. 35 shows the 
results of paenting classified according to asgociation of hosts: 


2 sil eles ee 

Solas pnd Los: sash . goer : 

[sort gonsdald|: woke oats pod it 

of eed iil eevsel dis 5 

| aeronanyny SOUL ti Westie Hacer Ne ald Mist ssle ver gaits mun t Yo ibid 
bas S80 at déof .oweoetoetd . ao yvserd moftoetat bavot Loord into bas 

ts vente 10? dowes Ivtereosoear tod snogi{ib ebsa etirose wild teay-e ind 

aew dnezds otew sont eredw moisoetak aediX tact toat edt -tnlog eidt 

\fedol yld tered dart melrete etsdy ovisveooue eh Pera oni 8 ‘eft ta, basot _ 

taow eeltn #8 betevol et onfiehstt wee sold teroqedt ‘stew Steevie baiw 
(entig 2H Stomelo enff” no etqany tO To” 

ba | ee. 

2 ark: Z at y. si iy 

at bated enna aftiehunl i hae S18 viaeee pace at peste eae 30 
discos betoetote eatl & to tere ,ytavoo oft to ebtidt-owd scéthes edt 
 WWintoiv fe1eses edt af haeot exew aentq ,onil eid? to ¢esW .neen? mort — ae 
mootaiW eset to diton efiid ef? at bon ,medantife® to . 

weved .dM ond mt et ,twoo0 semtq eteiw ,ytnwed mootail to looM 
~seteltee enw xtatros ef? .bedoset ylies® jon at base ,teet0% Isnoltdsi 
ul .atow edd tididota dom S2b yilidtesescrnt e1edw ,bedyooe YLitod 
tovo mou ows yd bedsrose gaw tevil tiged@ teqge edt  soltteg atetese ont 
gablem jifeontinon bexte $1 emis eid? getawl setoow ows to boiteq a 
.tivolttib ytev gaistcooe 

-bayot aew eedifi bus eentg ao dtod nottsetat to tavome egisl A 
af berletidedes [low bawet sew sottootal enti .bedsoon seta odd at 
tovetedy ,yteron old tyodignaomds bavot saw noitootat sedi .ebmstes sata 
-bomrotieq sax gaisveos 

ot awoke G6 .o oldat .bemugtieg paisvooa to breve! .s 
radeon to sottatooses of gathteoos betttess le gaiivoor to ad Iuaes 

‘Zable Wo, SB 
Analysis of Scouti Whatcom County, Washi a 

ed | Heal thy | ted 

——~— = 

somne: ae 168 nS 

ECL} 108} oor 150! 
10% aD 2001 

1% 100" | 1008 
_- 100! | 100" 
112 | 200-40 600} 

30% |8-200 /15-450 

11% 00-1000) 15—190 






; Be 

“Str | ef | OE 
mos | Si | af 
| ar | $s 

tr alte, 
4 a tear 
pak Spungen 

O08 8 

ie call 


Y.osnd 2] 
3088 oF) 
wih 2 

Attention is cal Deble fable No. 35: 

sally ware tfowfd, 
Car sieuk- 

mations feun 



b « 
ese t 
eo ft 


ees igeenee en 

"Bll made in the Kendall region, an area some 6 a long 

piper ts and of pe seme 
a rite ee Taw sie tenes" species che Treat unr 
acs 2, es £83 ame “eoid mn Table a. 36 Asrived trom 

Table Bo, &S: 

1. Infection in Whetcon Cowty is abundant and well distributeé 
on both hdgte: Out of 40 inspections made, 50, oF ~ 964 , €8oved either 
one or both hosta infected, 

bee eG. he gris 

ES 8: snruolh let Mes f eo inten nhe’ fu. wn 


oat ot 8 80H, Ppt 


sm nS 


par eG 

i . A 
} » OE en 
BARN eae 
{ahhh ai ; i E 
, 4 & A { i 
: ed 3 f 3 i 
sy F Seth Dah A See RIS One Ie A 

% , es \ 
beat j i: 
; ; ie 
a sib ata meate his 65 bias niin anol teehee 
ring ; om | i 
* - 
he ‘ & 
whe » 

emegen teete nbenls 


aon t 
ee stay tr rsa par’ 

Ais Re mt 

ba aoa ReiWeRiclcae aes 

ae ee oe tnt oa 


besa ee nL Ate 

j ' hs # al 

i afl 
vas ap Sth ds 
SiN Ph eS bis sulle i a 

Pies $i iG. ad 

Attention is called to certain ipgints in Table No. 35: 
Tabie ie 
1. Infection in Whatcom Deke is abundant and well distributed 
on both hésts. ‘Outcof 40. ag "30, 62-75%, showed either 
one or both hosts infected. °* 

2. There were 3. nispas Oke made where pines.only were found. 
Of this “omy 1 or 336 showed pine inféctioa: At thie particular 
| point, inspection’ was not complete, wy ‘neverthel eas conditions found 
_ indicate that Ribes were scarce. 7 

iecocietion...- tion Ri bee (. Nun 
' p Bet mie Scenes’ al Ere 
| | canef Beate. UReints beets s 

3. There Teo BP li neds de 3 | made where both hosts were 
 é$e0etated. Of this total 13 or showéd either one or both hosts 
infected; 1, or 5% showed pines infected with Ribés healthy; 2, or 10% 
showed ‘pines heal thy. with Ribes infected; and 10, or 50% showed. bath 

chante tedental... These figures. indicate that.infection was well estab- 
| Lished on pines and had reached the ‘stage of intensification, at least 
- Gn 506 of the points wiiere both hosts were pasociated. 

\Ribes Infec tg there died. ” soepections nad shard ‘pines were absent 
 an-any. Bsa en Goliad: Of this total, 16, or 94% showed Hibes 
| infected. This is eg of vp wideeprend abundence of the rust 
‘on Rives. Le - é | 
atv. - 

Ribes Lafecttuirection conditions on the Ribes species in the different 
associations of hosts can well be shown in Gable No. 36 derived from 

Table No. 35: 

ie 6vident Troe oa #fenitantion Gf Tadic Wi 
per cent of burhes infected x tor 
greatest wnere infected Ribes war® dvetut ated «ith 1 
In the Case of setact Pf jufectad pine 
Ribes, a1] 4 Rib@s species ware fesas int aa: ' “ 
heal t! y. only R, bracteos au _ mc ted: x 
only R. bDractecsiwm and ‘Th eum abowed int 
The fects that # ete » of Rib 
pines. were,.found infected ptecticn of Bibes 
waeu ageocioted with iafec acd ev¥i 
of Ri bes infection had. taxes Poe. . Pe 
nearby infected piner., 
Tt way be meted 
with infect ed tines ike the 
While thia is t eC ar 
that R. brecteorun hae ¢ 

ae 04 alde? gh: undies utero ot cuties et aoteaesth 

etud titelb ftom bee teebavde ef yorod moodaiW at sxoltoetal Lge, . 
tedilte hewode tlh to ,0& ,ebem enottioeqent Ok to tO .ateod dtod ao 
shetaetat . sings, fat. to. eae eae ey 

Ae Prva anagtN tte Ra et acla ne 

Biuro’® otew ¥Ino neni ipactw eben Serer a &. eteR | ‘ptorit ..8 | r \eoeta oF 7 

| aelvoitteg atd? #4 .mottoetat enta beworls WE to £ ,isdot eidt 20 adhe ta 
-haweh pid a Me een Iocttraven: tad -seke pees Jom sew gen beth eho irr ae 
a a ee smpnace oten qodlK Sedd Stes a "J 
oe . a ; sf wes FS sit aa 4 ; . * aad Be 
|. eee y |sesaebat | fi 
eee TOM at BOd, dddod oredw bam anoddooapnt 0& e108 eres oy ee q : 
Ron “eteodt atod: +9) ano “todd te: howorks ie 123 ‘{atot eg. 3 Cis fae tens tsae%, 4 
ROL to ,S putt ined vedis cttw npr. tanta bewore ke re al ybe Fad 

tod hewore ROG. a0 ,OL bas pee) aod iil dgiw Ng ieed eentg bewa ae 
-feine [few aew noftodial tadd sieolhat wewa!t ovedT sbotostat at ; 
tase! te ,dotisoitianetat to-egete edd beriseet bad dos sentg no bedat . 

| beta togens he Baht ddod otentw adatog ad Yo fs: at : oat 

or eievés eter Sener eek hast ‘snottveqant bs ~yrer-oraiit tye i aackial 
ped tf bewoda Rae i ahh gaan eiff 20. ,bedoeqant stew eedtf ue ane sited 
mabe meh ha att by eonabive eis 

casts idk . eas 


OF .. <i 

“ snees ini ost es eotooge “aed if add xo “a0 old #9865" fant 
mort Seviteh 88 ,o% olde? af mwode ed flew mao edeod 8 2 nt rie 
: 1a .oM efdeT 

Ribes om the coast, it may be,explgin by stating 

| . stating thet _bractec 
: in these aesoci atio a2 Fas » Bab € Ho. 56 nf e: ed ine: z " 
| the other Ribes specieg and + hus 


aeciel soukhbes Infection Grassi by. apest, teeta of ‘Hosts ’ 

fi sim 

Whetcom Count 
b eteile of pine infection cert 
e Agacrisb : boil hele 

Ribes Infection 

hee. |. ie on ie et AE per Infec) . 
ect dissent. Inf. |-tea Bush ee 

Pines Infected 

Ribes Infected]. 

otal | —aeah-50-baaseshte St} a 

| Cag Me Tig ‘Sf Table Mo. 26 that the 
| per. ‘ewaear ushes infected and tte per cent of. leaves infected was 
ereqteata ye ae were _Begociated with infected pines. 

oh Bla Gase of aseoclation of infected pines with infected 

Ribes, 2 1] 4 Rives spectes ‘were found infected; while where pines were 

| healthy, -infegheds,.eod share spines were absent 

| only R _brackeoswm and R. senguinews showed infection. 

| bea inevection scarce thd 
region. tTrtbe facts that all, ‘species. of f Ribes associated with infected 

| (pines, were, found Anfected,,.and.that infection of Ribes was createst 

| -waem associated with infected.pines, are + that tutensification 

pot Ribes infection .bad.taken place, caused by nears REAENS TCD from 
meorby, infected pines, over. the eres. At no pleee 
tion of pine infaction. neti 

It may be noted thet. infection on R. bracteosum associated 
with infected pines ig the lightest.of.the four species.of Ribes. 
While this is an apparent contradiction to the generally accepted belief 
that R. bracteosum has the highest relative susceptibility of wild 


oA reas UE AM Sans ig 
eee en ie 
SS ell 3 Hara 2 
‘ f 

D i ee oleate 22 Relien 2? aoktjaatsia 
ra of elias? ; 
Hussar Ta sl! Low Hig FA hyos KL. WPS) GO OE oem Baas ale ger he 


oral , 8a ing 
qe ode Lomh 

govaed.\ | eevaed.& " errs: 4 
res betoetal; tneo 
Mash teqiostal teq | sedan 

Sen tanxe Saud bss, 

edt gadd o& .of oideT to gotisntonxe me mort saebhive af t 
aew hetdostant eevesl to taeo teq eft Bas botoetal sefend to tae teq 
-senig begoetal déiw bedstoones etew eedif hesostal etedw sacdsets 

betostat dtiw eerta solttaloozes Yo easo edt al 
Siew eentg etedw efidw ;hetoetal bavot etew eetoeqs eedif b [le ,eed if - 
dneeds stew senig ately See jbedoetal eew mgoetoard .2 yloo ,.yddised 
molgestat bowoda syenivanee .f bas mreoetosid .# yino 

hetoetal dtiw betstoo2es sedif to eetceqe IIe tedt etost edT 
so teedsets sew eedifi to moitootat tadd bae ,bedoetat bavol stew senic 
sotisoltiesetat deft sonebive ers ,eenia botoetai ditw betcstooeges nodw 

mort aoltogborg Ie toes dics beagso ,9osiq metist bed sottoetat sedi to 
-eeniag betostat ydiser 

héedatooses mracetostd .f oo noitoetat ted? hetom od yom 41 
-2ediS to sefoece wot oft to deoddgif odd et aenia botoetat dite 

tolfed betqesos yiletenes edd ot mottotbeitaos taetscge me ai vids olidW 
| hiiw to yiliditaeorne ovitelex teedgid ent ead ageootoaid .. ted? 

4 4 
bien tte aie oe ee 

Ribes on the coast, it may be.erplained by stating that R. bracteosum 
in these associations was farther away from infected pines than were 

the other Ribes species:and Aes: bees. Eebsert teocinfection from local 
aecial sources. hates 

b. Details of pine infection. © wk ana of the pine infections 
are described in detail sarees vanaea hl oLenee 

| Bidet - » Mame: Kendall. rs op : sbcapertien| fies: 2.- Ih “Anelusive. 
; géations.An ares 6 miles Tongs. ‘sadcl to 2° ‘mikes wide 
Locate betveen n gf 8 “Whatcom County. T. 40. os A. B tay 4s 
Secs. ‘iS, 22 2, 25, 27, peers fe 
wre ~~ “Inspectors: Patan, ‘Wacteod; ‘BAmwads, “waguet 9,10, 1927. 
BRR ne Inspection: This area supports a growth of pines 11 
to 20 years ee scattered and in bunches throughout the area. , There 
ere 293 Sp aaticals examined, 12 henna Antaslar, l. ao cankers per in- 
fected tree. “That uteatnial ints enti in progre: 

bat hee. end Sn 

s 3 - se : > 
it 433 &. ¢€ivaricet 

peer Table No. 37 

sine infection. Poeesibly iz 

tive te dinasiighineaied infection, pacer al aan ‘e ieee: 
ne infection. 

| Ribes inspection: Ribes species are very scarce in this 
| region. There is a large flowing spring in the approximate center of 

the area, around which stream are G..divaricate, K. Lecustre in abundance, 
and R. bracteosun in less degree, of, abundence, No inereased mount of 
Pine infection was evident, near these Ribes concentrations. X.. sanguineuu 
was found very @parsely. over the srea. At no place wes yong eoncentra- 
tion of pine infection pediconP lane Lit 

s et ts . infected. os ean te ti i . ro wis 
etresn: which usb 2 88.shons. ‘the noseide of Ribes taapeetion on this 
area: Cc ter ons 1 ets 

musoetosad .f sede grttedia yd beats laxe od yem +f ,dgeson edd oo aad if 
siew asdd seniq hetostat mor eB. tat sew snotistnesss eget at 
fesof mort Pettoatet bef Rh ty ee tts rept pan goicege redii tedio sdt 

orgs oh. A OEE is ARR Qe e T .hedtwoe Is toes 

snoltoetai senigq ed pig stet0 

fro saith sh 

cc datae fr - = 8. Show’ notvsecent 
obin notim & of Re hoe gaol peli 3 
‘ A a, fi o i OP... of aiawe® montedt 66: 

TSOL of, @ ae Wee S buirab Pyeasan | 
{f semty to dtvotm s atrocase ROR & 
oven? 28978 edd W carine be Rrmuna 


bedoe'tal pact» | 


(havoatrl. sed ti 

REE stares emtetyiern ed 

a ob uit f: we 

3h ba tg i Me r foes 

Sal cr ager nt tind Botton 
_sidd of evisoe Yiev ete esiooge codif 1203828 rent asd. 
bia ‘T93n8d° between is ps ‘oa? at pi ite” 3a “sets l 4° 
veone bibs ‘bPetiavset 2 [ages ttavih | 2 ors ‘ino 
“Yo tac ome Boksoton. ~“eonchands to° Eipli e Lp fr nets Ines Pies 
won ttthie: © anéigerdneonéo eodt® east? toah dhobive saw moldoetal eitc 
-siineonos yas esw eoelg on JA .gete eft t9ve YTeeteqe’ Ctév Baio?” ter 
i -ofdaeoiton noftoetat pete to gold 

hits toons A Ac, BURA foehet feats helen od weet: 
eid? | 0 “ab idostanY ER Ye ne oitit iiads BS .bH ede © atowhant cd te 
aL etstos FoeraTIs ae at aids opps 
bile to yilitideeoens «4 te Lat var efgis a6) eeel imp oel foand | oh fede 

mer) a 
“Pable. Ho. _38 

Anplvete of Caniters, Glacisr 

i —_ 
mia lies 2 

lyfar of | Leaves, ! "TP: Average bistance 

| We wth : , iret : Tacecket bee oe wt Sur from | 
|| Rides mber . or! eeeerd, Besring j)Hesithy areca 
it. “pecies Heres Tit? tee sh Wredinia Te ‘ia iFines “(Pines 

pe eBeee 7 ee 300 ft 

Brac. 3. 
a eS a a 
Bor ee ae aes ee ti20s200' | 
bias by 
The fact that : a 2 large percentage of infected surface of in- 
fected R. braetéosum ana Ri” +g banei tes was devoted’ to uredinisl produe- 
tion indicates that uredinial intensificotionewas in progress on these 
pushés) and’ that° infection reached these buches later in. the season than 
it did G. divaricata. 
.  mebos Taspestion:” Bi - 
from 10 to 2° Reharker” 7 wor in’ this foncratat brea! thatok, nigrus was 
found and destroyed on thé Taternationel Cenent Comoany sroverty, in 
ASrtt) °1922,°°°R very thorough ex#nination of the ebundant pine crovth 
immead te iy! Bahia ng these H. nigrum bushes was made in 1922, 1924, 
and in 1927, but at no time were any of yee pines found infected. 
: April, 1924, publi’ found 2 pines infected out of 200 
examined, at gg Fegion, Dut sbout Siniles from the previous 

vat iPATTY oF R. Bigrun. 

on ae 8° 1927, Oooadine’ ena! Putten founé seatterinz 
aor 7 ‘Gea! THis drea offers an excel venti opportunity 
t ve stnay ney determine the relationship of the few Hibes: and 
fect bly information of value could be obtained rel s- 
e- dip {nee waco amt can travel from Aibes to pines 2nd) cause 

‘ DTP et }.: : ; : BS: Py } ; Bt T 

‘Mame: Glacier Infection. Inspection No. 235. 
° “Pocetion: I mile-weet of Glacier, Whatcom County, 
fdtingtsti on south eide of: road, T. 9 divy Re 6 8., Section 1. 
oS Wen Se * iene mag MacLeod and Edmunda, August 18, 1927. 
Pine inspection: One solitary pine, 15 years old, 25 
feet tell, “infected, Bl ceukers founds Tree growing close to enel) 
etre sai whi ch “supporte "R. Iseustre and \R. -sangvinewn. ) 
beoevett on on Quilter SHEL YEREF CE ion Le en | 

se ear 

oie ep 

optoand .& Jan’ seitady: 
ipa Gacy golle Berne tess “et an snotiatoeees eoult at 
Facey f poltees ch 13 HAP ¢ nod th “6fio sft 
oeotiron In tows 
etnl ealy edd th nlagies Soltoeres. ente to # ifs ied. “5 

eonad ® Ig saeTeyA af 
ot ved ii Yiwe botoetat ® botootnl 

‘phsdsetal | ~yad Ieeh | ga haset Onet+} Yat | t5e 

hy BD Zio! doattiatio be WES Phe Vane Ta 9 foe08 
ce Pr SHE MH ia uae ob EE pape sage 
| ic =| os | ee We SSS SR 

1 OOS es SS ee E 1 Ed “Ob eld it % 
“cone: ~~ prea: péygueere ¥é ager at oy Pa - f] 
-sehory fatePheue do Bodove® sew atom trust en 2 Boe mn 
events no eeotgotg at are moktes F tnastak bats Fi 

nadd aonase old mt tetel eaderd ongild hoddses 1 

“tedd : ised able 
don | .2d09trevt . : 5th tt 

wrt gh 
b wy me iy 

portale .# tect sets Lov989 aidé at aew ¢ ‘ Eke 
el yrrse es" qd gi ra : 

> hee fherrct 

fdwory antic pest or eit to soltantaaze dguered? cx oes Ae /SS2L eLiaga 
fw pes bas 

SOL SSCL at sham sawsedend. 
-padoadal hawrot noth? ‘sPedad 

AI EO 3 


00g to. fee Sodgvetal voted ‘Bia? ‘picid | 
asso Ferg anal stam ” 5 

ton NS Rab ypeey 

schist Bairot aad Eas. ‘Salbbood seer Ig yaaa “ 
‘yd imntiogse tee fleoxe ms vietto sots alt? .sorsoldd. ol sotsow, 

base eedifi wet edt to Gitapotiales. odd entamd9b of ybude : 
-tfet bentstdo of bitros ole to solssartots! fdtee faasi_stofJoeta sata 

gareo boe seate of Radi? word Lewat? doo - mt oe ‘ead of ovis 
" .motgootat enia 

Lime wine ieotae eal of a0 tiie iktasl® @ wane rt 9) ated? mo kget 

jaune aE aoe acta mesone Reo gite Pies ro ohne ert 

i osdontd: of hare 

aoe “Wee f OE. scene aaa oe Sogo fogsaqent Or Saree ; 
a ,bfo ateey Sf ,eatq yrstiloe end Gh gent oapd eat Xo anld 
{Tana os eae tn ut iwot,, eetT $s 

sare gaye eg 

Faeroe ‘enlg no wed hit stan MO 


um to mature. 
17. found infect 

o ny >» % - i bow 
RPT arentl7 ? RP et 

weine, the , cyaers found do not arrange themselves to show 
very definitely the’ ves of infection, ‘nevertheless + igen fe sugges- 
tive of 2 wave “et tr ioa ‘in 1923, and another in 1925, rT 

wagit kiver country, eg ¢ 
aspectic lectstre aide. san were found 
from 10 to 20 feet fron th ee ed Pabl No. 40 shows the re 
silts of teceeamdepsersrae” thie inspection réint: Tndividtel Bites 

_ specfes infection ie given for the purvose Of showing the ranze in the” 

dégres of infection. 3 
Aibee Luge PO UE & ’ Prope 

Sesatke: Tab¥e Noy 40 

the R we etynta Ane feen Bh ; - 

rag! on. 
Teiged nex 
Om ATS Dae 4 

ghd ; sh 

‘Wecrotic Heal thy| Infected 
. @*: (Pines |Pines | 

ae tonite t 

20 Heat 

-- vm Botte 4] 

tt < ot Sl ee Oe 

3) ‘vice Diente 

On NL 18, 1927, uredinial intensificetion of the rust on 
Ribes found here had ngarly ceased. “A large emomt of the infected 
surface wes dead. oui 
[enle Soa 45 die ’ 
anite pi ne pl: 

ave infection was first found by Goodding end 
Putnam in April, 1927. At thet time 12 cenkere were found on one whorl, 

2 feet above ground. This infection is an excellent one to keep under 
observation in future years. 

Name: Upper Skagit Infection. Inspection No. 38. 

Location: Upper Skagit River country. Near International 
Boundary on Hope. troil, Whatcom County, T. 40 N., R. 13 E., Sec. 3. 

sg A q : be Pay Fi is eet por fearon ft aidan : “gy te eho 
wore | se taeheeemianhoagaeass: feniibhe Saw ot erednse meee 
-eoagne® sk eauntions ere lettuewen ygolioetal to eovew.: 
G80 hint wider? bas sia en iamaaa » aae 

bavot etow ae a - hes atdevoe!s god ii 1aebtestier sina ia S a 
~ov ort swore Ob of oidet...emla hesaetad. eigy aos, tee? C&S of OL mort 
sedii feebivitnln.telom-mosoogent atdt) de sotisetegt aod ik to, at Loe, 

odd: at — ond: sip shes adele ied ast, 19% povig ef aottoo'tat, seltvega, | 
x sate 4 PRE EE LSE aks Ue nS er I apy eb es wok  motdostet ’ epzged. 

$3 ee ted ee eet a te a 4 wows tes ae erst 3a Size , ae ft ae reps 
i ¥ , 4 b { 

Pater te. , Seba Poe ny 
MS te At Io we ktagod 

fox) most soanda ll | we e bedootal te (he Piss aks | ROWSSEL 
| eS Eee bs ey , 7 

ba TSS od: RE 
hoa oid Ine siteraell 
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Ye MRE Ye T Fe FO" et pine: | ieee 4 
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astostat eet Yo #niomt! esti (A). hewamp ~yiasen bad ered, bowot sed th | 
Ry REE ih Ra? Nate ind seca aan ade ti0e 
; oy ‘ path: Oniae by 2 ahaha “2 pis ‘ . 
bee ‘ga tandep’ Srxor sar née coigootatoahi® a ‘ah 
 Ivodw ono mo Sasct ster arava . Sliemié stedd TA» fh IG 

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| there were) (15.Re 

e . 
. pectors: Séwand s and Robertson, satpaiit 27, 1927. 

ik Pia A spection: Pines scattered ana in. blanis. all azes 
uw to mature. wery cf. ow in ath. Exanined 150 F. monticola 
17, found ipfosted, averaze of Bec rs-per. infected tree. Infection 
apparently of old stending. > &b canker found on 1913 yeer of growth, 

2 on 1916 re, 2 on 1918 by a 9 << on 1319 wood. 


species scattered, along trail. 
tre; 6 k. laxiflorm, and 5 

eee ta inspect ed and none» und infeeted. These bushes were 
#00 1/8 = “af2 Sere ‘from infected pines. _ 

arks : Whigs area bas: not been exanined by anyone excent 
tne oitekel “tes should be scouted more intenstvely. There is 2 good 
rtunit Wér- “the 3 iy of the effect on Pines of pgrection on R. 

lahustre ab fig fpepah aa oe. 3 

| = gat “oi “< 

ie: i +e e Pues ‘Leke ibalie : Racpesti bh No. 47 

\@ i F atio : North and west. side- of Thundef Lake, upper 
Skagit River c atcom County, T. 37 Ne, Ry 13.E., Sec. 10. 

bert gon Septeaber: « 1927. 
on: FP. monticol 2 abundant. 21-H year age 
reported afected, No details of infection were 

Ke | pet om None found. 
te} Remarks: is area needs further scouting. No one but - 
the. “tina Ialgais has seen any of the infections in the uoper Skagit River 

on. ng the two weeks of scouting this country on foot, it 
ra ned nearly continuously, . Reports of scouting in this region, while 
ee ae indicate a hesyy and widespresd infection of pines 

| which has n in the region a long time, possibly since 1915 or 1916. 
+ ies aa wre oa 

on shovld be well scouted in 1928. 
4 & 

Cc. bs 


1A record * all Wiad Service waite: ee Plantations in- 
spec 4 hdl heen made, in this report,in the report of scouting performed 

in concerned. For convenience all inspections of Forest 
Serv’ ce plantations are discussed together here. 

| a ore & & 
iby a et 5h Be I. Inspection of Fi shbations. 
! Table Now 4l-gives the regulite of inspection of certain 
white pine plantations planted by the Forest Service. 



rn - 

at ti Jak 

-TSeL ,VS pane: \toastedof has abnarmbt iciehicaaaes 
gege Ils , ecriiL9 ak, bre bexetisce sentt tnottoegent onid 
slooisnow .2 08L beontmext srigworg mh fa yrov eentt -omtent of ow 
sottoetal .setd betostat req’ ‘etadtaes E -egeteve ,bofostal barrot $f 
,ftworg to 188% EL@L no barot texneo f melbasde blo to yfléaetseqcqe 
shoow 8 £eL ng ng $. odin efer id £ “boow erer ‘no s 
~fiexw gare fy bins at gotooas “| 
9 bre oft ize 
- 8r98 ue cata ones 


wi “bode 

; te. beg 
éqepxe eroyas A i Sontnexs dent tor sen Bets” ett?“ 
boo; * ef eted? ._¢fevigmetmt etom betvess ed 
i-n0 ss a ol to B sve su! no goetts “srl ‘Yo yhote 
on “meshed eth tay 

ose ea Ht 

coe ae sai paca sel sobs 
“aecon , e2e me Xa; 2 seew. bas 

eae ; fer VNe of , vtonr0d phys 

i it ty a aeduedaoe Bgloegys * 

ae 188% Cafe. treburde. k a i, Gl mevt. 

oxen noftoetat to efisteb. of ~Badpetal bedaoges,, OF, aidan Or 2 eee fo, 

rexmss. to aezete. Ife ni age, poldsehal dead. sham asw ieematedn th serine 


-haet omok Se ma ck eedik 

- dud exo ok .untdvong t98ddust efoon sore at texte mes 
tevil disel® teccr edd af seolvostat odé Yo yore nook ssi edsroon owe ond 

ti ,doot so, xadowes efdt gaitvese, to sdeew,.owd; edd gutiel .mokget 

el irlw nolaet eidt af seldsooe Yo adtoget ..vdewormtinon yfusem beats 
rent to noltoetat beergeebiw bee yvsed 6 etsotbat ,etefqmoont Ylidaevoxe 
-orer te eTRah enoke (idissoq ,emd? gaol s. aolger rey at need sad dotdw 

-BSOL at betwen: Hees oh: aati 1 nelpede alates pier 

; mapa eo rad 

[he Suis bbasante anda ad ise sotvrse: feet? -s “to yegex x a 
homotreg aaliwooe to droget eft at,troqet stay af eben need ead esa 
jaar to onpitooaamh, iis sone tnevacs 10T  . benieonos \¥davon Cr oe 
otter aaa alle Heasvbets ets enotiednela estvie? 

wiatis & Sek hinty LACES _hh amare 20 
mag MON iy ce Retard a gap | 4 

cut Sa PERS 

atedaeo to apiahieakd to ativeet odd nuchal ID 0k ‘oide? 
,eokyze® teorel oft. ‘i arene age itadaa fo eaig 93 idw 

edie SC est anges Soho SMa a pat 
; ; RY ey ‘A | ere 5.) Meerers ” ete reel s " 
sf ye oni eu 4 he } rats awe we Pik Fa 
Pym é “ii rat Te 
a necel inait« rad 
re wig eth Kies oat 26 qrehas of 
‘ 4 | bas 


) a i : § : 
ie a © - ~~ ee + Pad = ; o Os ,- ’ 2) 
iieiietihacieiin a. ee eS’ «wt @ 7 8 a a 24 f-FS F * & oD 
aT Cy SCT Sa bay pita “oF Korner aN 2 ee ee oe oe 
JO £BTRNO CBL2T Vv: “eye ssooeu pTnam Asn zdo4stiq| | Se BP {8 is 2 aa 
wor y SUOTZ24IE EC, ‘oid ony gooyGxt Apfodord or] ~ ° oe -: 
D sje vat *syoetd: OEE MR Oe | raTTeuy xoq376 pus: . sad om) 
Yoor) yor ets * oer stomped uo S7OTS os ou quay 5 “| Sgm@oted) ze6t G °ON | 
“unge Lx 8} qusrine Boetq PLFA 10 wnsoa3 qs°t SIOUNTEP of Supa : 4 li’ ' yeerp | 
= pauanq Ligpetdmaozo ALP yeed) = pet puwxe ti € ‘| Soxrqa’at) & °400 yong 
useq pet ¢ yore esau} Jo LIV” Spoyedsut you oxem|" © * T on yseral 
Zl pul 6'> St. pasaqurn syotr .tegoTd esoyy jo) » 4z6T Yoo Teu0yyeN 

morseegeet ue 20, PeMOTT! SUM ouyA< yMoToy FInMUy yong | oputendor 

aque Td aug 04 oousastp Fay fowsuy UPYI TA yuecang ove 
HOUT PUP oqgoppere of, "oats SUOTS 8 qunoure 
TTsws uy puto; qucrans HOS 1q PLP uO op yosuy 
moTpeqaVTG Jo yseut att g/T- “tyoad:Upasen 3UOTe yserog 
riled a” ‘mOPAeQUe TA "Jo yynos oTyM T Tea / 2 °4n TSUCT ISN 
SuoTS queprnaq: g Austrn FTA pty o Tmso are ‘ Zuo} eTuTerbous 
Ss 2 me a 3 O26! Y ou’ p> Oo ~ hy . 
eUtTT Ps BETTE ge Ttethuyroxian ‘axe'T ‘grays, jp ana a woreusg = 
PeZooJUT PUNO TZ. otom Seq pus sagzd yyor surg oz 09 ZY e 2 | sdew ggerog 
y omy | “A*N your 

-oroqay | JeATH pups 

UT SoUTC Jolyyrds Yoox OOF Qnoqe Bagnour 
pou uy ‘8an990 Fueurms Aoetq pre 20. ak ie 

eR I 

bd i? : rc: es : : Boys as as 
e a a = G » on ot & 
alt " 2 > ie 3 a  &< Pte ca ac 
$s <fatt F GaSe Nee? sat e. 
eo pa: é © Seyrewd yy f 


ae er Fol 
ey fost orew . 


Tee * “ae ; 
mots Lye meg eat, <5 
to yaliwo Sgtel «4 otett wodalis! « a So ee 1 ieee = et oe 
seiceyiae alos 85: ecid sdectbots 6 Xenon): oS ok Se Be = ae 


iy pte Oc Tenn 

aii = 
- | oe 
+ b> ® 
v4 oe re} 
5 La 
aaa . ey 4 ; - 
> = ; 


Ta DL @ Rds “ke 
23 Infection Gondi tions Around Plantations not Insvected. While 
j : itations were inspected other then 
those showas in able as tagn ts: £4 Walt to mention kmown infection 
conditions surrounding plantations not inspected. 
j Pe otal : | Granite te “Areas. phe end ott date tion ‘hanvest te “this area 
0° wae found about 2 wilés northof North Bend, where Ri bracteosun, or 

gn Dlack. erreah as Land tnfected,, “stout YS milés west.of the 

oril sg ratetael as Al 9.83) 8 64.55/4 S71. 84 iFie.28 

faly 22 Scenic Area. 1. 26 N., R. 13 z., Section 20, Hine County. : 

cite oes TASchaglon sumromasing. Fras ates was not “scouted. Lhe 



“Y uP ; nae |Atsas i022 30.82, BLO We). ey: ig) and 20; 9.30 2. 

on ctl ¥., Section 24. Olympic National Forest. Infection has been 
found of pines along?Solediuckiver within 1 to 3 miles of the vine 

» hantationss+ That *bbister rust is abundant in ‘the vicinity is evidenced 

\ 2 By the fact thet pine infection was found at Beaver, Fairholm, Moores, 
Coup Grounds;)vand Pyshty's)l points within a@°radiue of 12 miles. “At 

eoufeveral other ‘points within this ‘rediue Hives infection was found. It 
is —_ peswadl ¢ thet setection ie now nl in the Seneca 

(ace nevus t 
colore -afinesaiting was dene in the etary of the White Pine Creek 
ste Nae on the Wenatchee National ho et so blister Fp condi- 
tions re ee . expe 
sabaries represents earor Sas vot ma 
or STK ie the Pn “of . fosters Hash ort 1987" 
were hi ee Latrkiy Begone 47 oT Rs Bl is 
\ereon tly Bae costes: ef Sietathies tw western ‘Washington shown in Table 
~» He. Ma; sxe shone dmeurred in the spring ecouting from March 30 to 
April 6, 1927 inclusive; and in the sumer scouting performed from 
July 22,°1927. to! September 15; 1927. It doee not include coste of 
.» the following items: (1) Inspection of Forest SUITS COR GEVUR TONE at 
tn Bueck, Creek,: om October 2,°1927, while enroute to Cheekye, B. C. 
. (2) reinspection of. infeetion points by Detwiler and Putnam in the 
- middle of October, 1927, end (3) a similar trip made by Pesey and 
¢ Putoem to6Bremerton in early December, 1927. The costs of these 
»obPips are: not. included. in Leable No.) 42, because such tripe were not 
_-mede, for the purpese of scouting for therdd seasé' but for the purpose 
of determining the vabes of satentees igre as study areas. 



The coat of 
This figure ia oe ow iG 
ne coat of weqnt t 
of tne porn ox haahe tha? 
paid scouts was higher © 

its Telto bed deca! Stew BE enor’ 
 potdoetat mworgl' ge thc ral 2 

: ‘ stpigqmnat aha sols ; ie ite get mor v8 nord th 2 7 
“gete etd of tioreon ¢ : 
10 ,mvaoetosad i 96 Hi 
eft to yes as ie ct ie : sone 

08 .f ;0S bas » oaks Gi a: or at, eerie; 4 
need vad notipetat .teei0t Tenotest. o fuer fo. co 
ente off to refia & of Intl? iw t9¥ifserbel 08 fea 

beonebive at yiainiv edd ebacrda. ts Nad] 

-R@t00M ,mflorttte® ef ta jes! 

tA .eeftm SI to - js aid Lt oe 

#1 .bavrot sew mottos tat pede nar EB i 1B 

-enotistaciq eft nt tagaesg won zi-nol sidaetat sa Hele 
ioe at 

deer) exit et tw edd to Shinisty ox at eno’ ‘eaw auftveie es fi ja 
~thnoo text wetetid op bi sa {sgotish sedodsngW eft no # ae 
e . arworl tom ae cS ae fit fo 

3 ite 

TSO l nod Hare ) ateod is te 

i aa | 7 Naat 

sideT at pap nodgas das sixotebd at OT eteon © i iio 
of C8 dors aot? solisooe gainge of? ai hotipsal ar 6 Ailes 
mott besrotisa adivvess téameeuedt nt bas yevterlont Weer Bis 
to eteoo ehalont Jon aeob JT cer ef sadaesaer os VS Pal 
ts enoidedas f eciviet teetl to “polisecenl (£)) tamed f 1k 
.0 .3 ,ayteed® of stvorae olidw ,TSCL ,8 tedotoO nd” atomad a 2 

edt at mento! bos x0 Liwied ve. atatog wo tdoetak Ay i foliseqae) je 
bas yesot yd ebem gia ap itnds| a (5) baa , | toP to 6: lie 
exedd to edaoo ed .VSEL ,tefmeost yfuse & | ¥ 
tox etew agitd dere 0H eldaT sit iy 
oxoqia edd «6% ded ognse ih etd bt goltsoon ¥o 6 


-esete ybote as > eared wha to vel v 


2 Cate 


$ b]ae8 Bpeugepyous’. 



ge NR 

3 ‘ 

“a ; rine’ ex fy | J 2 ¢ +} 
2 | > and res POLS,’ 7 oe tai year tne eve 
SO OH _9@Cests of Scouting for Blister Rust, i - 
(2) The cost of wubsi steM@atexn ORs2 of the di 
164 . seats ; p> 
are 1 

eer ‘ -; Trane sreakies - 
Period Man “Taos pn Equip-|Miscel-| 
1927 Salaries |tence..jauto.@ 7%|Other.jment |laneous| Grand Totel| 
Sth casdiadin-sonieal 

worl 6 10.83 12.28 5 $249.00 _| 
Sept. 16|21 | 24356.26} 902.75|_.745.68.1.55:85| 

Sept. 15/321 B26] 902.75) 743.68. 95. 85] $94.05] $12.10 | 3,165.59. 

a4. 05! oe 10° $3,414.59 

geouti n In the ene in a Other" eolam is an ‘ites of $42.50 as 
2 packing charge ver a ded one into ve br son ted nM on ag 27 to él, 
1927. Scout 
Lay ’ The Soa el of $94.05 pipbhecnts: the entire office 
easiment depreciation ‘prorated to this project. 
eutome bile 
Miscellaneous costs are those ty 3 telegrams, Bl raged calls, 
colored orn eetato 

rw" . 
thre (nae len 4 4 

F eri ns pul Tecuty be dhaotena in Tabve No. AZ that the ‘Cxptodbeire for 
sabaries -represenat# approximately 43% of «the total cost. The difference 
orcS7% is thet ‘chargeable to general field expenses. ‘fhe field expenses 
were ‘high ‘bargely because of the great anount of ‘travel, chiefly by 
persouckly owied sutomobiles, operated at $.07 per mile. In order to 
céversthe large territory assigned, this expense of travel was necessary. 

The subsistence cost amounted to $2.84 per'man day, which is 
not rexzcessive, when «it ‘is considered that for the most part the scouts ate 
their meals at restaurants and stayed at hotels. Camping out for the 
sole purpose of ‘saving on ¢xfense was discouraged; because it was deened 
a better use of tide to ‘scout until dark, rather than to use daylight 
for making and breaking camp. A certain amount of ceuping out was done 
where conditions were such that a loss of time and increased cost would 
have résulted if wetiis: semn f out of ray wer to find lodgings and méals.- 

ere svmmari rs 
¥ The cost of scouting per man hae iden ted to: 
4 (b) Counties. $3,414.59 = $10.13. 

3 337 

a This figure is believed to represent a good average figure for 
the cost of ‘scouting. It was higher than the cost per man day of most 
of ‘the other ‘projects, chiefly for three ‘readons: (1) The average salary 
Paid scouts was higher than on many of the projects because of the 

\ itn anew 

| seadtD (clone aug mae Bash 
mm > % [| Gvedee BE = bs OH Ke DEG = 7 : re 

ae ion ane? alba ie Wt hasitéss oh aaa aliedabiicinaaaar ancl ! ) eres 
v8 oF TS targus ‘we he gpg it rgd pig by ae aged vient sgtasio gubiong 8 


“eo tht otiiae ous tated eenrit ao.nep A Sia sible sting tempi neat! 0! fer 
Hrag’? er 1p ap wk ake wssapyces, a et pear eres : 
ij t 3 te he os Tot Foe SS Land oy Seb . i . 
vets onodae fet .scongeies sot oradt ow ateos sivneon (teen tart 
i t bel cei tely end at ws fm Les, aya betoloo . 
: SRO RIT ‘oy @8o no tastier 
x0t prceehPie: cho fr dade GS. ol -ofde't adh iia yen wo ‘gett d 
gonetetith edt .ta0o l[etod ort to RS ylotamixoragqe etaseetqet astislea 
neansqxe batt ed? vesenegxe bfolt feveseg of nin ges todd al B88 to 
vi yftelfds , fevers to drome jeer edt? to eassood ylegis! dgid erew 
ot tefto ol .efin t9y TO. Ge hedktsao jeelidomotue poe i yiismoated 
“Viseuesein ‘wow Lown Yo enter a wate Domgteae rod trved egrs't — hbo dl 

wb doltdw .vebl main 200 pe. se od bitibrosihl pan aonedetedie eae: ae 
oda ntvaor add Stace teom otfd vot tadd berolteaoo ef Of nedw ov taseoxs’ ton 
etd 10? too aettiked “efoto te beysde boa avneteet ser de’ ‘efeomt todd 
beoweb asw df seuvesed , heagmivoon ib eaw seneqre wo Snivee Yo erotw7 elor 
dilgt yah os of madd veddey tried Lidat teone od SWIY to whe tetted 2 
snob wew dro yetqman to difome niséten A sepa gottee te ‘bors stittem tot 
bivow teoo beevetont Bea omits to wool a Sedt dove svow evo tt thaoo eredw 

-, eiewer basi euitipbol’ ai bad ae ‘cual’ og vit" brat wens’ ¥e Meson + ‘ved 
% tod © 

ve Sabine wen fam tog aidntes Sake eit 

OL.0L¢ » & PIB ES 

hyo . 
sot ourgit egetevs boos « taexetqet of bevet fed at eumgit elit 

deom to yeh sem 19¢ teoo edt nett redgin ecw #1 -gatéwoor to teoo ocd 

Yielee ogerevs off (£) tanoneet eotdd rot yLtetdo ,atoetotg tedto odd to 

elt to onseoed etostotq edd to yoam no madd todged nally htreee hisg 


wy 4 Ah) We 

desirability of using’ Tove rycen gs men who were capable of work on their 
own initiative and responsibility. This year the ever=ge salary paid 
scouts amounted to aoproximately $130.80 per month; or $4.36 per day. 
(2) The cost of subsistence was high because of the desirability of 
utilizing #11 daylight for scouting rather than for making camp, except 
when necessary. (3) Scouting necessitated a great deal of travel in 
order to cover the territory scouted. — wines eal 

2. . 
| aae.t\ 

—- 725 _ __ Summary ani Conelusions. 

sks Stmumary! of Scouting x, Sunuer, 1927.” 

at GG letio D I tia results of- he: *pring icletiee trip are not suomerized here 

oi --25 bebemae: the seme area was scouted in the summer, and also because Ribes 
; ne tafection had not developed in early April, ‘and hence the findings in 

_ 80. >the spring were not wigs se A mec to the results of the suaner 

Bi yeeuting. | bird.) : e 

llevan vette * : ewe soe — . . . 
a . - = 

. Pines = oer = the summer was carried on ves pay 22 to September 
bP V tafe. 15, 1927. During August, when the bulk of the work was done, there were 
+> 9) & two-man parties eo the field, each party equipped with a oe 

) prises owned: Fave |: i 

[aiv« en Te’ a: assigned to be gcoutéd included both slopves of 
iNeo] Cascades for their entire length in WasHington, and the Olympic 

: eriinsula south to the Calumbis River. ‘Owitig to the fact that scouting 
1 on the coast was brought to a clese in early Septeuber, in order to 
scout in the Inland Mnpire, the entire region’ assigned wag not covered. 
: Southwestern Washington, south of Grays ‘Harbér region was not ‘scouted, 

a ~~ Gamentes. oe a 3s =| , 

. Pines te. PIO UG. 924 rE ; . ee a. — 4 P 

| ee ‘The résults of scouting are Gusaded x04 below negurdiing to the 
ines ¢) three purposes as stated in the intro¢asthen, nanély? 

and practi¢ally 10" kin Sana ete > east of the summit of the 

de Extent of blister rust on the coast. 
2. Selection of study «reas. . 
a == Be peace af white Sasi <tscwe 

The results of scouting 

. , - . o 

ere summarized below on two bases as fo ows: 

Hibes (a) Associations of hosts. 
a4 fe) Counties. 

pal - [iota .- 
| ee “table” to. 4g 
"S927, clagsi 

: : of sherk aa in coguern washington, Saaesz, 
a spabhat he to a of. hosts. 

tiedd so x10w to eldeqao etew ow nem beans trogqxe ‘ga tar to wilibtestoas pik : 

bieq yielee egstovs edt ts0y eidt .ydhlidtemoqeet bas evidaltint awe 
.yeb ‘tog 88.2$ to ,ddivom teq O8.08%2 yledemtxorjos of Betavome stecos 
to ydiitdatiasb ed? to seireobd aalt sax sonedeiedve to teoo ed? (5) 
dqsoxe ,¢mso yaoidem tot oadd t)ed¢et goxttoooe tot tdgtfyeb Ils etn gy 
at ineb J29T..6. beted tessaea galdsvons .(S)._...uxsageoen necta _ 
Le --beditoos sprog bytey and torope#: teb10— 

SF 7 ais | § OLze% : 

"id o 

et | nyed, 

exoit dda LxBumee Sok 1A att? Sh tose atthe oft alas linet ett. te! les dae 

' gedif senaoed osle bas ,teamee odd ak bedwooe Sew S0% Oona oft snes 

ae me ed = encase: 3 

’ (gb égatbalt odd goted baw, (i4a4 Ylase at becoleveb som bad nottoetat!: iol 

Tenmere ont bi virco — me ieee yours baototaersnn ton otew gaiige edd 
Casa MR Ae ewe tS "eke. eR -gatterooe 

fe ue me gta te cose Whew PRY aogek eitase bie « 
encuneee: od ss eta wort’ coppers eew Teme edd gnitvoo® Mae f 
etew eteds ,endb- saw! xtoweedt To aivd edt nonw ,taigwdo grtiw@ '.YSeL ai 
Vilenosteq a néhy beaeiope ytieq dose Ade i ediont! aside s@arows 
ie-saadeare vital benwo 

e| ie 1 4 vif a Oe iv 

to eedole dred ial Boinl ‘tadidies od ‘a « heist quiiebeereaites he Taloo 
 ofemyfO edd Bae ,notgnidee¥ at digeaet etiine tierd 10% eohayent add 
pultcooe dedd soad odd of galwO.: luevih etdemiodeedt of déwod) eloentued 
ooo ed tebte hi ,tedmesiqé& yitae at seef9 & oF éofgword’ sews tesoo edd: n0° 
sbereves $é6n sew bomgtsec’ nolget etidme sms ,éTédeobnefal/ed? al tisoee 
 betroog tom saw modgen tediaBe eyed to divde yootgmiceaW missteondino®y 
oan ‘te: otaionrae ieee Aes tue" oe bent fe nec ok on actet aaeiaet 

ie Su we Be eo SPT OR eel .eeSepend> 

ante ied | amtbrosse: woled: bod Pthomee’ oie gaitcoos toleticeer edt’ 
oy . 4 haat eri gpsnyh mts ‘edd ne annatenne vegeogiwgq- sets) 

ve Fe et oey Pe a nego Rg tee 
} “sta0d. oft m0 Saran weenie wins econ ort esse a Lon 
ei 2 vocty Sepete ybataste mottos leB (s See wor Xn ied 6 
‘ seaors amig ro ~~ prs ann * ‘ia an tot 

A aa DA aay Fo ae Gee FF eel: sree 

open in to obittete: oes peredhes 

tewolfot ae event ond ioe woled bon Fiamaue ore 
St pe ty th ik RF ore gut 2 oi : Of : 

-staorl to pase phenstaty (a) 

22. MB BC .gettarod (d) 

enau®  mofaasenh exaveen = en peaactaans "Ro ind fovet ‘acid: suehigoRhtcolseséats 
ue Las ace (I setaens ke wretahenae " ise gabe ytSeTo 

wot tir £ 4% as x J ate Bing 

0p panes) Lines ees , 42 ar ot ce, 
At ei gr I ee Pale aa elgg 

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Table No. 4 _(eontinmes 
fotel Scouting Performed, Western Washington, 

nal ied According toss ation of Hosts, ....- 

io Rides | 


(ei Par eT 97 [0 | 

18 |P. mont. R.brac. | 322 | 57 
R. sang. 81 4 
G div, 150 6 
Gelobbi, 15 1 
R.lac. 77 

otal aa aban ape A hapa Raton 

Gh 0 eldat 


: io SEB pena 
Ls hada dado %o dzon wf? (2) 
) aatives {fa gwietli¢n 

n % m P 
Be ” i 3 ACM Smit Tpit. 2 

sovsox® | 

bodootat | 

byes hy ag | oft T : 
Hceiaetoniah Ook [ane ]io Ou To ap 

pe OPE 

id Lao 

: Rn hd 
POE Rn Nee me 


: aents 
de cwseese. | ¢ ‘gdlé Leek 

Table Wo, 43 (contimed) 

Attention i¢ called te cértéin scigte im Table No. 2 

Tio PinesT ; ou seasicabRamibeas oan oe ae eta 
[Ribes jhe pts i -P@ofl the 41 

Se. ae 

2o thont, 10882/}315 
stro,| 150] 14 
- Bam, pore 265 Outen 5 ihn of 
andl Sibee bPalyebbte| exeBObe®D | —& thie gy atv.” im y 

a bes 

im fea 

ing acer. $5} 0 
re 166 i spectio . a te ney ie Bie host 

und yeaa ay > tps vise.! 32 Por or Je 

5. There- 

of fhe Bogts were 

a rf F ve wfectai: TUS ar VS. — art yaad & ‘gig: 
: a2, wed t pth moete inet m 2 Trace 
pT evant gota —[innralsas 6,3 [totais 465 1625 | 15.3. 
4 6. All 6 eee Tigures in re wes 
Wathinzgton 14 *ocmdtant sad #6)) ¢! ststtes ed, int i¢ ve . 

‘ furdherasré; ft is beund te become vere s41 otre retedee 
g ultivated whag té°the large mmber‘of excellent s#05 7) stiew 

5 hoste, he feet thet the ruetvie'elready preeeat in meny af 
asticiatione: Figures precented. indica thet tafect: 

the séant°ranhcé ‘from the stage of Intreduetion te di ters 

{otensifi cation. 

etamping out. 

Peints in reger4 to vine infeetien are drough* 

y Mo. 44, derivéa from Pebie ho. 4a: 

ae NS eee ee ee ee 

on i 
Ras aaa as 

2 cep msanyamanyye: ta 

ee : a a 
Do r 4 

See NPE NH SE eT a 

; - j 7 u wi 5 

oe ae i eae Salk athe Se ee 
we yo tig < n ea 5 

a : ers | Gee! 

i fi 

rt ke AP ROS we 

mia See 

= Ee See 


SOM amc ce ak «noms DF 



a Sete 
; i Oe Met ths 
vin Tet bi. hatte, Rater saile 
ry wat $ em, 

Attention is called to eértsin’points in Table No. 43. 

1. ‘There were 508 inspections fade*in western: @ashington during 
the sumer of 1927. Of thie #etel 156 points, or 20.7% of the total 
showed either one or both hosts infected. 

of this total, 2 pointe’ Showed pines infected. “the fact that pines were 
found infected at points where no Ribes* were seen, al though indie>ting 
nak eas aiceeeen a shows that associated Ribes 

bebe etat 

va lh + 4 2ont 10 

jFines Ent mheve were 142 Sivipde Avie nae arose both hosts were 
found shé-extmined.. Of this totel, 57 points or 40.1% of the total 

s ‘ene or both hosts infected; “32, or 8.4% ‘showed pines only infected; 

18, or 12.66 showed Ribes rd Aniadind: oe. 27, or i 198 shawed both 
hosts le 

+4 O0Rs Rd. str 1.40 ' 14 5 Fe 
; — 

es, Se ‘There. teks 285 inspectiéna wade where pines were absent, 
and Ribes only were examined. Of this total 97 ) apaeed: ge. aug or 
34% of the tétal ‘showed Ribes infected: 9 9's 

5. there were 156 inspections made where either one or -both 
‘of “thé Rotts were found fwfected. Of this total, 14 points or ¥ ’ 
“showed Pines only infected; 115 or 73.7% showed Rives only infected; 
“and °2?; or 17.34 sliowed both hosts infected. 

6. All Of these figures indicate thot blister rust-in western 
Washington £8 Shunfant 4nd well @istributed, sand i¢ beyond hope of 
“Stamping 6ut/° Purthermére; it is bound to become more snd more abundant 
“and extensive, owing to°the large number of excellent associations of 
hosts) and the°faset that the rast is already present in mony of such 

ass6cfatione® -/Pigures presented indicate that infection conditions on 
the “eoaat rance fron the: otage ofetateéédaction: to different stages of 
ratéasivibstions rreat 
an’ at th ‘2 1 et. 

Points in regard to pine infection are Bewaget out in Table 
No. 44, derived beg ehs acheret MGse te chown’e eréat 
pe freted P. rac mnt bi Gc ia re te sty 
the Aer aeive sii ces s$4 4 °F ts ; , 
‘ gents: pio Me : 4144 -¢ 
met be exooed ta the on ~4 + “at » ; eifads 
POMS We. 44) In thé digeneetc 
im Shie revort, it wae fandnstreted t+ 

MGC more suscent: b) then | eteabne 

Infection af Ribéc apeetae oer 
of Tntts:t¢'shéun in Tile Wo: 45.4 

Se en a oe 


* week y * Pe aa yf ‘ 
perch Pavey}. Ogee ed ee ieee 
Ra 7 1h ht ey 2 


SS .o8 ofdal at wastes niedieo os beilso of noltnedth 4 

i ladle ay on mand a oe “caren ne 

srtiph notgcidasl atedeow «i sham inotheadank: B08 e165, pees 4 aT ar] ant oi] 
| - {ated edt to mil 08 to qadatog Gal eter eidt 20 .SSCL to tema edd?! *’ 
5 -bedoetat utaod died to eno tort te bowed 

Anavh- enee cine: oe etece aban | atoltvooqrat fe , ote? .S 
stew vente tedd gost ed? .befoatnt sent bewods ataieg S .fedot atid t0 
(Satdey bak “astrodd fe” qaees stow sedi on etedw statoq da betsetat bayot 
“wed th pete tones tadd ‘works al “aco gee te io jnetokYivgat fedt oo 
7 -@O189B STOW HH» | 

bod sea he = | 

otew etaod dod ‘etada” aban. Ares eb — e1ont 8 } 
Lado edt Yo We Ob to ‘adutég V@ ,letot eid? 20 .bentmaxe bas bivot 
eteetol-¥ no: sete: &b:8 to SL pbedoetal ateod diod to ond ‘bewore 
Adod. Seats Ta to ,TS- Sas ibeteelaa news node: bewoda 8.SL-10- =" 
cick neo ee a SOL dg ad ve So dof 

by. f 

coronene smi ee meh 
a & 


ee ere < ZZ a 

“diende o'Low prs Po A pre Nceltoueaa ‘aas yay orad? ah 
to ,edmiog mee oune:! ve, datet eidt 10 ‘hentimxe etew yao sedi ‘bon 
ne -betootat sadifi hewede Istot end to RBs 

nity RR ee) Pe 

a ag Ee cen POE Ph 

atod | 10 ena sesh ‘ordia, pg anottoeqamt aar Stew erent - a Be. 
Ye 10 edatog SL ,fetod widt 10 -hetoetat beret evew eteod sd? to 
earner xine sedi penece ae. SY 10 GIL ;besootat ylac seni beworda 
' OE gy Lopetapae!, ataoy staf bewee BES xe : t) pee 

Peed aes 


lie ae a 

co nly gil A Pee rb RA 

deetuey’ wt sere ‘eerie ‘go eiseTsat coieere Sends to ita 7 
to eget baoyed et bas ,betudiandetd [few bas tashards ef piace 
goeboode orem baa erom enosed ot Saved el $f ,otomeniwt .ivo goiquate . 
to enotistooees sneifeoxe to tedavn egisl edd of ga lwo, evlandimebbaay td / 1y0* 
dove to yosm ot toesetg ybeotie et gent edd start soet ond ‘bas veteor 
no enoltibros aoidostat tedt¢ otmeotbat heduevetq eetwgll .enotisioczss 
to vegeta dnetettih of soitowbotial to sgade oft mort egmeat gesoo edt - 

eldest at two ddgewoud ets noltsetat sutc of bteget at atatot Bue 
35h 20 eidst mort beviteb he olf 

ee — EE —— = 

an eee A i nee ne ARSE tion-— 

Inspee|- ee = _ {Genkers >} 

Association -tion | Nunber_ é Pings: | lper Infec-| |. 

Le dipe ‘Hosts |Points) Species| Exam. InZ. Infected tea az a 

stent aE celled t ported pein ia Table Na. 443. 

jRibes | 

{sar eeten 1)! ‘It “thay be obsefved thst at the Points where infected 
‘pines but no aie, eels found, 72% of the pines were infécted, The fact 

rons romml the fhe esate er torr os Simi signifi 

: oa & ) af 

Dat nes |) Mtb" Points at “hich infected ‘pines were Associated with 
infected) Rides showed a higher per cent of pines infected and a larger 
taster eof cankers per ‘Ainfected” tree than at pine infection. Doints where 
‘REbes ‘Were found infected. This indicates that infection had been 
‘present for 4 longer time at»points where both hoste were infected than 
where pines only showed infection. The greater per cent of trees infected 
and the larger nimber “6f “cankeFé ner infected tree at the Pirst named 
points cms a recent de roe of jatengi fication et ane first named 

points than a the "tas - gta astoci. : ‘ » 4 rey: nity i@s, 


pee Sere Soegp phe Pact that there fe shown’ a eréater rn of’ cankers 
per sekbuutes PPimdnthéot a’ thin “Ser infected FP strobist “sussestive of” 
thé relative susceptibility Of thé two trees. However, the siznifieance 
fendtpréperly brought out in Table No. 44. In order to properly judge 
the relative susceptibility of P. monticols and F. strobus, both trees 
must be exposed to thé same couree of sporidie, ani this is not shown in 
PARLE. 447°°In the dtecaksion ‘or thé Pysht, Clali'ai County “infection, 
in this régort, it was déndnetr=ted that “fw oné inftence B.tionticot4 was 
mich more “suscepti ble “thai ES Wtrébig. 2°" Te Oe rer in tec 

of BR. lacustre aa of BR. br: Wtecews. 2. bracteosun ; 

ETee ater dig di pbepettod "9  RUBES “Species occurring in. deeasa akiodfat tine 

sts 1s show 

in table No- 45, Gertved from ‘Pablie No. “3. 


y , ; ‘I ‘ “i t wae i rom 
pk RMS ee!) SL! Me es ty tg ie a Ps “ Wy t 1 yy 4 ‘ 5 
sl, wa ere f a n ‘ 4 ha sh ‘ ? 
caliente tins TY «VOR L Yor cane lode’ 
Helovta? atesd koi 

i 40 ana tentie Sagode 

Qaress Eeeten req) [sents Rh. 
| eb? bed | hedoe tok 

eee on 
OBL |.onte. 

a, yes ‘ fay, i 4! 
aS : oH tS a oles “vk 

= kiie god FT Thong 

a ol elder ot sdatog ntadreo of she Lag ab moiteeathcs ~ Phe 

‘betostet eredw dtnboq edd ta add /hovreadoced. Wee thank 2 
dost ed ‘tbedostat/étew eetiq edd \to RSV), havol essen eed if.og dud eegta 
~Htiagteyns qiceterés ‘bedwone RitsetelYient: etew ataiog, ows egedt. todd 


AS tw besatooras stew! docig bosoetat: doidw ds edaiey oaT ia 
tog ia [ca hae betootat nenie: te dmen tog sedgid gs. bewode oid id; betoeial 
‘ppete athter aoitsetat entd ge nadd cots: botoetat.199..e198dgR2 to sedaera 

ated had dottoetat Jad? asteoibaivaldT » sbetootat, don. bart, erew, sedi . 

nats. belostat etew! edeod died etedw atatomte omit tegmol-e tot taeaere 
hesoethl a6etd Yo sabe: teq teteotg- off: .noktoetad bhewode:vico, aeate, etedw 
‘hemam textt edt te. edrd hod0b tate tot: etedago to seduce, rep ted, edt, bas 
hemen seth? old te soltsoltlenetat to estg9e6 tsteetg 5, etsotbrl, sdoiec 

aon sa de sedd edmtog 

etexinso <a! cities anon 8 iat +b ouaitt, paid: owt on te Dh ut 
“to evitesgsue et exdotte .i hetoetat tex, asdé slootinom . 4 bedostit ao 

eonsoitingte eft ,tevewoN .esett ows oft to ytilidisqesens evitelet od? 

sgirt, yfteqorq of tebte al .82 .oK eldsT at too tdavotd yIreqotg gon 2t 
eeett diod ,avdoute .1 bas sfootinom:.7 te ytiliditqesers eviteloet art 
at mwode gon af sid? baa ,aibinove to sores emer oft of boaogxe ed tanm 

,aoitostat ytavod me [felO .dfeyT ed? to mofeepozrtb oft nl . dh .o8 SidaT’ 

pew alootinaom .% Sonatent eno of dads betetdemomeh sew tf ,trocet eidd at 

-erdoute . 4 nacit elditcesese etom dorm 

attotietoonss dnorettib at anivurooo setoege sedi to noitostal 
cd .o8 ofdst mort beviaeb ,ab ‘or ofdeT ni nwors ef adeod to 

ole! ps evadedy ta gemglt odt..tedd eoaao 

Table No. 45 

infected vines waz 

: pee fafection on 0h, ee ‘ashi 

infected pines; 4 Bibes species infected sescciated wit 
ete ee Ribes Infection _ 

pa abottide re ..}% Leaves \2.Leaves | 

socis- Ini pec! ye a “Teer. cent Infected jinfected | 

toe fei ie Bacnie * ae |Bushee..|per.Infec|per, Bush | 

ints|Species |#xamined Infected! Astectss -ted Bush| Examined | 

| >- 
:. : “~ 

ast % 10.1% 1.78% 
Heal thy 2 #9 Of 1.0% 05h,, 
PO ae, PE. a ee B71F | 1 108%. | 
bes s. 1 “Voo9 Gy caret , race | 

ected R -00 

18 as a a a a OS 1.10% | 

Pines 99.0% | 99.0% 
Infected eee: | 20.9% | 3.8% | 
74.2% | 37.44 | 27.8% 
|Ribes 65.24 | 80.0% | 52.1% | 
Infected 96.2% 40.0% | 38.5% | 
37. 8% 6.9% | 2.6% 
i. Trace Trace 
27 fetal | S86] aes [-a1-of | sat is. ot 
No 100.0 45.0% | 45.0% 
Pines 5, a. ng 16.1% 12. m | 0.76% 
26 a ee 1.0% | 0.04% 
Ribes 27 | 3 1.11.14 0.664| 0.07% 
Infected 59 0 

0.0 Bo) 6.8 

Attention is directed to certain points in Table No. 45: 

1. The per cent of leaves infected per bush examined is much 
higher where the Ribes were associated with infected pines, than where 
pines were absent or not found infected. This increased amount of Ribes 
infection is due to nearby infected pines. Infection of Ribes where pines 
are absent or not infected represents the general Ribes infection over 
the region. 

2. Infection on Ribes species astociated with infected pines 
was more dependent on proximity to infected pines than on relative sus- 
ceptibility of Ribes species. This is shown by the fact that the per 
cent of leaves infected per bush examined was nearly as high in the case 
of R. lacustre as of R. bracteosum. R. bracteosum was examined at 
greater distances from infected pines than was RK. lacustre. It is noted 
that R. laxiflorum showed a high degree of infection. The infected R. 
laxiflorum were all found at one infection point, at Spirit Lake, where 

| epboed q aide Yoied ‘xt 
| dexé red los tat “y90| edeaue es! 
ber topxe | de al hot — 5a: 


| RO.’ ; 
&80..£ 4 A 
| eosrt® | oongTt | 
ROL. L ee. OL | 
FO.e@ | 0.08 
e8.8 +06 
#8.9S | ae ‘on 
26-86 | @O0.0— |, 
"99871 goerT | mi aeate 
O.ab | ; 
ar.0 , 

eo aos 0 Mae Ya } 
bare  % efor, ai. assiog eiedtea, rs ‘oasoaih ei aotdaostA, hin 

sloarm ‘el ‘bontmexe ‘deed 1901 ‘palaotal sienel to dno err Pes ay anne 
etonw sed ,senig betostat dtiw betstooze2 etew eedifl ed? ot0ede tedytd 
2odi#. te, savers begsetont elil...hetostat bawot,tom io tnesds otow aenic 
neatg etedw,pedii to.ngitostal — .enkg betostal ydises,e3 exh at aotiostal 
te¥o, asda ned. casita edt, AAR SE sibibsibinhia “fom. 10,daeede ets 
. of of tagiro anak ie 

aenig hedootnt. div bade, 20368 Seren Ry a0 rrr s_ . oa fas 
-sca evidatot ao aed? eenia bedootat.ot yitmizowg so.daebueged a ase 
 teq edd ded? fost edd yo atdT.:.natoede2odif So, Matitditaso 
seco add nt fgid es yliseq saw hex tmaxe. decd t9q betoetat aevsel, to daeo 
tea benimaxe saw mrecod ante -H ” .me6etbsid.f to es ettewost .f to 

feton 2f a] Siewoad salt .reniqg betoestai mort segnetelh t9etcery 
«ff betostak es ie Ye semged. Agid-« beweds ftodh taal of peat 
eteiw .evel divtge Je Saab sotdoetat eno te bavot [is orew merroltixel 

- 4 qe aaa we a 2a 4 
ppp pi ji dd. 
E | aae uae 


infected pines sre 


a 3. ther 
; infected pines; ‘ 

ibes “species infected enedciated with heal thy pines; 
and 4 Ribes speci 

infected where ie ne were absent. 

2 eS SS SS oe . ae 

g 4. Where Rives" sbeciés were “fount infected, associated with 
a healthy pines, or pines absent, the degree of infection of Ribes 
; species followed closely the Previcvea known Telative susceptibility 

e s rr a 4 . 4 J 
, ra * P = a : | 

G ' . aenvked. Table No. 
re. scouting ‘performed Ts mesaee Washington in the 
sified by counties: faa g 

46 gives the sum 
summer of 1927, .¢. 

ia hs 

a a =| : 
ca c= = b ct awe EAS | | 
a ing 2 
7 a - 4 ~ 
ab a4 5 
4 153 ; a 
}-4 ’ 
; 444 as - , 
7 | 3 | 
| Sg : 
3 ; | b - = - ‘ 
o 4y ) ee 4 4 : 
4 49 ; isa | 
4a) at 
aah a : 
& + ; a) 
a aw ‘+ ’ 
x $3 : 
q e 
4 3 
7 | | 
) 7 ik 
x | 
‘ 74 ) 
} ‘ | i % 
y \s 
a &. 
: 7 
ire i EE 8 4 * 
z- | jae 
s 3 
‘= | | is 
q | igs 
Re ) Lf 
: ha 

| Pedaesiad i dhiiadil 
.- «a @ y > =F & see @ 4 
Lu rece ee 


na, 4 Te eet Mrs idol BIOTIC OE yee 
v4 3 mr , Se 
& oe, ey 4 4 ’ ; be a i ¥, +] 

ee Ke ele Tellin a ele ae =o 5 te eld sleied alll = 
be x ee 
‘ * . *; ,. 5 

tit by boda toosas ‘bald aver a nsibeqe | popes a 
b jrentq 

. Se. WE Baits fi) Ra Lg ated eo et ED 
; f ; ; g ; 3 “ “aie ‘¢ dia 
deve oh Seatatss iiant ted. iadoetad zsaveal To Pies soq oct os aah . 
tte. aed ee hetacts? fiw betaiodter eter god iH. erg ounie stale 

aed ke sar benetraateies. hetoe ial beret fo. agp taeeda otow onto * 
eqhy svete padi to. meagated «w3omkg batowkas yd aeae «98 eed al.modtgotal — 
iene ‘ere so aot es sate Lee Res, wld, shimoanditbs Res OAT 80. <Q. reneed 
expe sng oar Mek lg arty occas sats le 

: Agtnee bin) 3 abe pene oa mg 
i ol eee ao ae ripe ‘asi he be 

wer hay 

3 tng. 20 

ee ar ‘us en miles ‘an bec laze ai 
gee pea em Bt cima iy 
Pel att ok gow cory tg 
hi hia geese ets ‘eo 

gteel ¢ ¢ ee ied ath titer ies? 



wwuInd “A CH 
daodey (wnuUY LZ6T 

Z * 


eee a Bae Bost 

relative TUES! oti bility of wt 
An examination t Table No. 46 discloses She aay Avene 3 facts: 
(eo) Ur: ar Skagit region, 
antty te WWotnteetea: hah ow wate Pala. 19: eine eee assien y* 
Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, ow att A sete _Sachoni sh, x 

whatcon countiess ©2-°% Poglon 

“ata 34 bet ta cont xD rLsect. Hare, thi<z mks . 
bo sbooy eB. Ribee were found: naected in 14 ceeds dal: or in “Teh of 
total ‘coalteed examined. 
3. Loostion of white tite ateey« 
3. Ri at bushes were examined in 4 counties and found 
infected in™ PE oe then tee 
aleng the west slopes ¢ Gueceder chiefl 

of etrenbeg, bat witaasineie Bushhendbne 4xmaiket*in 27 souk ben end 
found’ infected in 13 6r 76% of them. 

5. R. sanguineum bushes were examined + iy hetero! and 
syenstanrepuee in’6, or 43%°of thems © 

9% {ee °meeatalne 

6. @. divaricata bushes were examined in ae counties, and 
found infeetedin 4 or 31% of them: rs evel 
bverett, and in Eitear, egos erach aD Lalian ecun 

Ti °R. {aki feren bashes were examined in 8 counties, and 

ye ‘sethotes Tin’l,| or 1234 of them. 

8.°R. scerifolium ‘bushes were examined’ in 2a reeenty end none 
found infecte@s  ~  %© c 

9. G. lobbii bushes were exemined in 3 counties 2nd found in- 
fected in 1 or sal of them. 

a. viseibanniidill bhaniaconbe’ eins hid? in 3 counties and 

none Oat infocted. 

Tose In-1], Boe bushes were exanined in 4s counties, snd found 
infected in 3, or 20% of een. 

$2). “a. “Cul tivated ro “currant : bose. were “exemined in 2 counties, 
cali Seiad infected, inl, or 50% of them. 

L9o3 re Pie 4 ~ 
i 98 Selection of study plots. As a result of scoutine ih the!sumuer 
of 1927 aeveral PT8ES were selegted as possible future study areas, as 
follows: ui 
19: " 
we eer vee a =: a 
Totel lam Co “Tr. ait and fF. eine grow- 

ee together exposed to same source “of sporidia. Excellent opportunity 
to study relative susceptibility of the two pine species. 

(b) Forest Service pine plantations at Buck Creek, Snohomish 

County. FP. strobus and P. monticola planted. Excellent place to study 



Haas — r e f y aes 5 a 
ragoet gaiwolfot eft seeofoetb 3S .of efdeT to notdentmexe mA 

‘efenen .2eidoson gdate mt basot stew senia botootal aren | 
bas ,detmodon® ,stosoet@ ,Jiget® ,noseM ,qeatiX ,nosiettet .me te £9 
-esttnasoo mooted ¥ 

to #8% mt to eeliowoo AL mt botootat bavot e1ew eodif .& 
-beatmsxe settavoa Lesod 

bavot bas esttavos } ot benimexe stew xedend ta A .é 
«meds to Fee to S at betostat 

bos ,esitnvoo Ti ot beatmexe stew sodend myegoesosid .f .d 
modt to #88 10 EL ni betoetat bavot 

bos esetimroo Sf af benimwexe eter eedend swontuanee .f .¢ 
-modt to #5h to ,3 at botootal benrot 

bas ,20ttauon &f at benitmmxe otew eetland steotievib .0 .d 
ment to IE to .# at Pats? ‘basrot 

bose ,2ettavoo 8 ai bentmaxe. eiew eedend myrtoftixzel .# .T 

-medd To REST to f at. hotoetat bosrot 

enon bre et I at bentmaxe stew “sedend Bib ish pees 2 .8 
-bedootat bavot 

-nt bosot bas seltavoo © at bentmexe otew rorend tiddol .d .e 
mont to REE to If mt bhetost 

has selttaves & at bentmexe etew aedecd wemterteooaty .# .OL 
-betostat burro? enon 

hesrot bae ,gettncoo Cf at honlenxe etew eeneud ottevoel .f .ff : 
ment to kos to ,& at botostat 

pre picnh S ot bentmexs etew eedeud dnetiwo bet betavidiIud .&f 
-medt to R08 to ,f at betoetai bavot pen 

«soma oft mt sativoorn to divest s ah eptoly ybute to moitoele& s 

RB ,BeeOTR ybote eisdut eidieeoq ee betoslea etew 2297s fetovee SSCL to. 

wots slootéaom .i bne audoxge .3 -ysouod melie lf) ,ddayS (s) 

Xf lass teqge tnoffeoxi .sibtioqe to esos smsa of beeogze aedtegot gat 
-26loeqe eatg ows odt to Wiltd téqeoare evits fer yhurtea of 

datmodone ,#e979 tov te anotistnalg entg eotvre2 trotol (a) 

ybude o¢ goelg dneffeox® .bedasia alooisnom .9 bas sedende «i .ytnoo0d 

relative susceptibility of the two vine species. 

Ge}. Uover Skngt't region, Siezit land Dalian Counties... Oppor- 
erat Gevesrreae Sateen peecont Dod agent meivng Ah ANCOR + ; 
Table. Ne. .47 shows a definite tneresse in & amount of 3 
in setters (@) Bredertow region, WU teay Comte Singe-eradication of | 
WAT a Wtbes te contempl ato? Here, this regkon presents good opeertunity 
to study effectiveness of control. 

Bcouting in western Wasi ns: sas given us evidence thet 
ee 32° tonto f oahite » : . of. pi 

unty, im the general vicinity 4? Erederto: 

ya e sfea Excélieab:whbte pine staads of vaptane ages. were: ae all 
“slong the western slopes «of the Cascades chiefly aear the upser Limite 
°@f “etreane; but oecasiinably ‘extending:dowm lower, s2 in Tretcom County, 

‘and CShéng Skagit Rivers (0+. 

Im sdébtionets the stanmis of white pineson the slopes .of.the 
Sevepanees rabpereerermerereysyecesee stonds cage we: fing org ead the 
Olyapicunduntaimes or two will be © nearby 
infection to. the Wind, River region of #aghin p nd to Oregor 

White pine stends exist near ses ‘tial in general ‘vicini ty of 
Everett, sadonei EotaapyRasomes) eh Serabhyepe Ohahben} ecuathetes of 
Washington west of the Cascades with a decreased mount fre 
SBec@éneral Stutement.of Infection Conditions in lestern dashington Raows 
to Date. 

‘ P e ea ae i 
SS «ASS ectis 4 ' 


Table No. 47 showe the nunber of pine infecti-ns found te 
date in western Washington classified according to year found and county. 

Table No. 47 

Sumery of Pine Infection 4reae, Yestern #ashington 
Known De r 927. 

Number of F Infection Areas 

——— SS, 
by Counties. yee 
P< OR A ae 
niajm aanhay heh -com)| Total 

VA Tea sant ee ie eae SO 
Sal pr if 
.wolvece ente ond odd to Sli idewens ~ sfox 

wallot erlt ce se0L> bpd afl «ot o fdat te noltacime xe mh 

He ch pik com {fn £9 hae 
+R Bk One its BARNS: a Eatte asl 3 8/Aow aos aOt Poebeat of Yd beer? 

bie .totwodonE ato cages stow eid a Cont 2 shoes tat om ile fo 

to nottenthete sont? staber cm, > mosvedh 
yd Limrdrocqo hoon ninenor nol aol3e% aid? “ore heda $09 a! sedia bitw 
to P67 ak to wetdowon OF al : ieee sitteeninnl: peenertigelte yhede of 
pos tue xe iaso0d 8 Lated 

MSS catinweoy Db wf beekesxe stow gtifemd gy ef) A 
Life eth ST9W ORF agro itsy te shaete ont anxk: hetostat 
atimtl teoqe edt is98en yLtelde eehesen? ef? to eegole ateteew ond gaols 
Vino apedet ml ge .tenel miobd gotbuedze yiiesetesooo ted.,emeette to 

codt Yo (0° weer, figesSs geo len bore 

ent to segole edd: no, emg. ea daly Devwhaate ont od aokesbhe a... 
end to esqole od mo bowot absete omdq otide booy etew | otedd.eebsoes? 
-eaiedasrom o loony lO 

bos ,esisnwes. if Sei imcre stew getesd giaoiiaevid . .d 
to yi inte ty fatenes a“ fovel one tsomdeize ebaede 8 Mig: SFLAHo oe! Sox? 
saderoweiite mtorr bose somtettel . soeak gst ih mi Bere’ shhh dn 
frie , po diteces haw Mins etiw vadaud mete tt tet Sa, 

Bw ont notantdas! ¢ wintest al ssolt thaed 

or ott beret; aaottoetal eke: to tedecm odd) emote Th .eM etdot 
-ytav09 hae beurot TROY od a holtteselo modgaidant “eed gm Bt adh 

~at buosot Bae eotteros & af oo Rbveef eidek ov ser “a siddot Ay .@ 

mond 9 bss to f of Sado? 

notarideen tae ~~, 2 rary Ty sats cee 

bos asitaves © wale beh | 

ea i 

~ Tes 160 TOL RN sae! (re river oI aso? — 
hamte ee ’ ; Helen To eourom ewes of beederze reddego! gat 
ony: wee oot to yal iitisqenage evitafert ybrde of 

g.osig eotvaet sxosol rt 

BUS na’ 
hoes od ie 3 ooisaom ., i bes bed ore wie «yd eurod 
4 " Bis a Hib 

While more scouting was done in 1927 in western Washineton 
than hadst dene, in eny pi prompone Woes: ertheless information in 

seer ows aA de. Fryer: in: amount of Dine infection. 
~“$here is also in@tested a 
definite extension and establishnent of, the rust on pines. 

seqciate Pathejogist 
Scouting in western Vesid udione hes given us evidence thst 
there ere two well established centers of, pine infection: (1) Kitsap 
County, in the genersl vicinity ae Bremerton; and (2) Kendall-Maple 
arth area ig A pk “er Aypeths Hirer. .. 
rated ileal ity es» It, Pi are? conceiyabl e, that. the, wide-. 9 
dagoclige. 4s, weber Weshington rae sbiefly, from, these. 
re ng ly NT a reperted paper because the ares 
is.a.sivgle wit,in regard z an 8% 
lg ° e infecti jon in igs erg County,.. near. "Spirit. Lake. is, 
a, fect rg.younger than fruiting are very numerous 
and in another yesr or two will be a nearby source of secia to spread 

infection to. adi dirk bhi Bhs eibbaahh of ~isetladaete and, to, Oregon, 

areas to be soputed.. are. sis structi 

each scoudnfection, om Ribes wes generally prevelent in counties. of. 
Tashi pater: wee’ of the Cascades with a decreased smount from the north 
towards the southwest. 


SVR LES Fs By ic ts ORR. Feo Ag 
at 5 AR 8 te See 
wes #7 ~~ 

; "The season of 1937 Bec deee paptioulas 
spread of the rasi fron vimes et bee * ic 2 
that Ribes ef ali active «vec henit aan fowrt iafected at 
well distributed points in. th« ro ‘ : 
tences from pines. ine &) 
B. ©... @ miles acrth of thea boris t 2 
fection on Hihes ia oresent aed Auris find thie infeotian, « s we. bays 2 
is here. ,. It} ia the vurvone 
that blister rust ie present ; 
ané northweetern Montana, an > oe bia 

*"Seouting in few 

parties, each having an automesiie wae 
Scouting in Montana sill be die ; 
vised by C. HE. Jonnen Bagh &: 
fasiliar with the diseAss en 

sea tee 
yotgo taal si oni rd. ai kth-eiteh founda ing stom oth | 
at nobtenriota heed isittever * te9y mrotwand pee uk, r aad 
notioetat entg to savome ad? st eesetsai etiniteb « ‘awode Sh .of eldeT 
ie canner seas eons el oved oo. TROL oF (eel cage sacs elpoer be mt 
b Sameday aad oe tert odt to teoudetidatee neatxe ot ial teb 
cova he geoeehpoeliea ehade of 
gedd sonmebive ass ‘nevis asd ootagnidesw santa a ae ever tod ‘ei 
qeedih (£) :mottoetat eaiq to etetaso pbade bidade ol fet sent ps ot 
/ ofgal-{ishosk (S) Bae :nodtemet® To Yinsioty aera .Ytourod 
wf ROtNOT TeVEA Ptgete “eq edd haw yt oat sets. alist 
at ee fads ‘oldevisodos ettepret #1! taotdmred mooted¥ bas tiga? 
; Grades mott — cc ) cememaanenir yr so TES 8 7¢e 
» hn tq.%o.etedae0\ ow 

Sete bietageareee ten pet nred stnemad’ iat no itestatienia eq't 
dxoremtra view 64s QiR ot? meddotoyassyyatesigs Oyo, cottsetas gaveye 
beetqe of atoee ‘to eomece yusen 6 od [liw owt 10 teetotaddons jmdy fae 
moget® of bas ,sotgeidseW to soiget tevill balW et of sottootal 
to yiiakaiv focenes, wi Teval oo@ Soom, te hee sired a ass hag ‘pitts ak Agere’ 
to settagos wi sadiavetq: _iietekss iasw ceed !d-no/aelioetal - tteteek 
peg edt next ‘teem bessetoeb s dtiw eebsoas) odd to Jeow sotanidesW 

aon codaniion® auptee! g) marc Ct Roath Be oetmy oat edd, abtewed 

tas of 
oe eae. sacdteootes b enhe Ye sosgetmand neotie Ve) a wal who 
tine bee feerdt teoy of getotevas he Thaw fo sara Agia ik ted ney at ata 

Pott eBieD nen Listas 8 eB 


poi 2 
neingiieee wiedgg” .poor? nolinatn! an ont 20 “ue satay) wnat Oi? 
TORE allie 209 vend aS Ep cas ee ie, 
Pin hd hs poldzehak: dabt To: iedag |“ TT al tasy] 

| fa) 
d dant | soepllias hes | Le are OTT wae es, 

a Sine é he 4 ms a th 
5 a ae ae a ie he ee Ey EN wai de 
sbi vv ener nos iets been enh nmin hag eR na Fs ca te ritinoshonns RE HOST 
4 ; 

. at 
‘. i 
so e wi 
it water oe as rons et at igen 
sep tty anf f i 
by hina tienlnaniiond wasih ernie 
Sa . & fee i 
$ ; 2 
a aa 4 § 
¥ one Ser rat soy ass ase ion, BAR 
: : 4 

‘sige aan seharaphoarooiend Apert NER perc 

i x ab isldnaligecn wi attndnas ea aaa DDE Bi 



"In LookGag for the rast cMwnubt: 
of Bibses anti infection is f ue N. | Pusnam 
mained carefully for si, Associate Pathologist 
‘the area allotted L. introduction — 
porais and: 
re This. neneats covers: the. setuniar. for blister rast performed in 

1927. aa the. northern,Inland Empire white. pine belt exclusive of north- 
western Montana. Work done in northeastern Washington, northern Idsho 
and adjacent British Columbia is: reported in one paper because the area 
is, a, single unit, in regard to pine- growing. and’ climatic conditions. The 
cRRPRG ted E classified under,work.done in Idaho, because the main body of 
white pines Aion in that state. 

The purpose, organization of sieht mothe’ of scouting, and 
areas to be scouted, are stated in the set of, instructions issued to 
each scout at the. veges asad the wages ~The paper is quoted in full 
following: ; 

supceptible taen these i» SMEIRE WHITE PINE BELT. 

{He rercence 6 noises va ; Oe : 
fears September 9 to September 30, 1927 


"The . seagee of 1927 has been particularly lle for the 

“spread of | the .rust from pines to Ribes. This is evidenced by the fact 
that Rides. of all mative species have been found infected at many and 
_well distributed points in the Dry Belt of British Colunbia at long dis- 
he es from pines. Pine infection has been found at several points near 

c. "SO miles north of the border. It is.amoral certainty that in- 
Peas on Fides is present in the Inland :Bapire.. It ig up to 
‘scouts, to. find this infection, since we have every reason to believe it 
is here. .Tt is the purpose of this scouting, then, to prove conclusively 
that blister rust is present in northeastern Washington, northern Idaho 
and Berean ARP and if possible to learn its extent. 

Organization of Field Force 

“Seouting in Washington and Idaho will be done by. five two-man 
parties, each | having an automobile under the direction of H. N.. futnan. 
Scouting in Montana will be performed by, two. similar field parties suner- 
‘vised by C. H. Johnson. Each scouting crew will. have at least one member 
familiar with the disease and experienced in looking for it. 


Higer’s oe balling ov Fotis ‘oben! ee: stn teat 
a MPs ods toned, do otitis 
i Ghee. AA axitueel, 
td e% «f few coed) 6%8 exes 
ty Letenop Me. at A aerto- 

nt seal iy Sh oe nt wi ai ot - 
-i¢ton to svierfoxs Flot Bag A Hi Gin | 
odabt sveddion ,movsn itt eee 
gers oft seusened tegeq ono aig bestoget ~") & : 
ent »sotd EbseD, oitemt{o bas Bee cure Pt of & ot re x eionie & ef 
to vbod" tes anit | paneaed aoe ‘gf exob rare éf> ef t1oqet 
vnlenatdiiauie oe Agger tate ar wot 

ae ee cetams & Oo : tS re Pare Fe “geal Rees, 


| a 

bas ponte ee Woasi war to deity!  itiiaht bat cofiootal 

of, beweet snckisuttant to doe oft nt beiete exes -betvooe od of asois 
La ae et 

yee eae aE Ree: penneme ate. te 2 

Peer de ae sareery* 

TSser .co redmed gee. ot & t9edmsdqse 

etd 10t eldetovet yfiaiwoiizeg reed ead SSCL to mozsea edt" 

toast ed yd boomebive ai aidT .eedifi of genta mort gest edd to iseren 

base you ds bedootal breot need evad eetoege eviten Lis to eedifi tedd 
-eth goof te sidawied deitin® to sel yxd ond ob aimtog betauditdeib Ilow 
asox gtatog Isteves de bavet seed zed notioetal eclS .escig wort eeonet 

-st tad? ysotedieo Ietom s ef ¢1 .1ebt0d end Yo déton eoltm OS ,.9 .£ 

es gcy of aw af 32 .etiqnl bos{al odd at taee2es9 at esdif no motiost 
$i evelled of noeset ytove eved ow eonte noksootai efds batt ot gdrooe 
 ~¥feviemionoo evorg of ,wedd .gativooe aldd %o seogmwg edd at tI eTed al 

cfebl ciettton ,soiguideeW nietesedston nt dnezotq ef teox todetid tedd— 

-$aedxo abt mast of oldteeog ‘ti bos ,enednoM stotgowddton hae 

saa-owt evit yd emob ad Iftw onfebI hac notantdes® ast pe ae | 
mentel . .H te softoetks add tebor elidomodme ae gatverd dose. ,sottied 
-reqee seidiea biel? tefimle owd yd ‘pheurotreg ed Ifiv enstnoll at gatdsoo® 

sedmen oxo fasel te eved [[lw wets gatisooe dost .covndiot .B .o yd hoatv 
-$f tot grbtool | at boone lreqxe bos eases Lb edt at tw seilioet. 

eqn eit ° “iow ‘Sa Yo seltnt ged bait te Yu00e — 

Fa re A ee 

ae. Se a 

north ef War v3) : i w aa 
the Kani k#gn! ihaendad tox the! faut sphaate ant Be 5s BEEBba” on “inepection 
ofrRibes untilsinféction-is found, at which time associated pines will be 
examined ap: spe FoR Aces of ane yy uh 
Nowa aTit awl ey 2G POR biG tas yi x 
fouth of ¢The ‘aoa ‘allbttcd° ta adh’ ‘crex airy “be sareiétently’ snes ‘to 
permit: ghotntenetve seS5réh fér the disesse. Tt will be one of the autiés 
ofeach leader to study°hié area and plan his work so that all vortions 
will be equally covered oe the B bed Piao ted. 
*Horni bros Lindh : G2 ROT ENG SS 
Vashi ng toMBegtadbdes vei theta sho kt suscep tests’ na ‘common Ri Bes in’ this’ 
region fell into the following order of stseentibility to thé, Fust and 
rept seeerranee' me Pay ccbigeln- it betusen 
includes th ka Eational 
Rides xt um, cultivated dlack currant. 


Woshington hou sstlatia “Enemat, white stemmed ‘gooseberry: 

o. thé boundorR; viscosiseimun, ‘stieky’ currant: . 

the San Poil ERy« paceetces Spiny — ; 

on the north by tne if t ; 

eastern U!?he shade’ and half-shade honed of most Ribes species are more 
susceptible than those in the open. Ribes growing along streams or in 
the presencé of moisture. present conditions favérable to blister Puct in- 
fection: ' Hénce in*scouting for the rust, epécisl attention should be 
given tovsacouting Ribes alone streams and in the shade. 

s are 

"Tnspection points for examining Ribés shold bé carefully 
chésens! “Pwo methods of selection will be used as follows: (1) Ribes will 
be inspected at 5 mile intervals along all roads or trails covered. The 
distances will -bé determined by ateedométér readings on roads, and esti- 
mated ag accurately as possible on trails. (2) If, in the judgment of 
the éxpérienced scout of each party, 2 particularly favorable location 
is seen between the 5 mile locations, an’ additional insvection point 
should be esta¥lfsied. These showld be based on ‘the presendé Of suscép- 
tible Rives) ‘oceurring in éonditions whieh the experienced scout Técog- 
nizes as favoring infection. 

B. N "Ihe “purtose of this double ‘dete is to (1) systematically 
cover Whe region, and (2) + Anspegt At points most fayorable to the de- 
bis -cped of Whe "ris t: adel 

thoroughly scouted Bach-year » @ aid n ‘ reel & 

vious > "RY eeouting’ waeeAnive air be Seddrddeed the scouting réevért 
forms. ' chews inspection point will be locsted as accurately as possible on 
a county or provincial map, end given a number. Inspection points will be 
nunbered chrénolosically ‘in é¥ch county or province. 

Assignment of Areas 


Hg smn hac. 

xehtanenad £0 ag i pr ‘itiw re mn add “— ncehar are 
ed Iftw aenic botstoores omtt fo tiw te , baurot et noftoetat [iter sedi to 
,eeeoer tb ort 6 engte at0% VUlsterse bonimexs 

of [lems yftnotoltiwe ed LLtn! kets! Hoed of boddolle so1s ont" 
aettsh eft to eno od Iftw tl .e@aeselth oft 10% dorsez svienetnt as timrsg 
apres fie gyal bag! Stow etd Ae le bas were bit rot tebsel a 88 te 
o tied  Bettolle omtt oat nt’! eravoo nae er 
f i Woshy Pet cbt tet oe SEY ee Tettem wt roteew 
eins at? Semi nonnner ede nq th reqbonet Sebel wit ih gickhigbenest sth 
 bexes Gert lent ot SAL ane to xrebto gnivolfot ent’ otal List ab tab: 


irk an a clk toaal id ‘somed'toqme Peete wn 


.toetiso dosld betsvitive ,mwigia ned Li 
pte Wastes Hoeld Hliw ers lotteq . 
-yrtodences Beanede ostiw jeimrent site [ere 

CV shetiwo Yoide otmtesteoosty of °° F898" Foe 

tnetis walge .otteuoel .f ‘gattwoEiok 

etom ets aestoetge gedih team to amiet ebere-t led bas ‘ebaite eiT® 
at to emsetés gnola galwoty, 2edif .netro. ed¢ nt eeodd madd eldi¢ceoare 
“at test asdetid ot eldetovet enold Ebaoo sSnezeo1g otytetom to sonezetg oft 
ad birode mottuedds L[etoedn” tent of% tot’ ‘anttrooe at eoneH .mottost 
-9hsde ond mt bos emseqee snole sedth aativoor of ar 

eee ed birosde nod} petateaxe. ‘<0% einiog softoscani" | 
Il iw" 890 f8 (£)°rewol fet ae bear sd [fiw to ttoe fea t6: abodtem ow? .meeoro 
of .heteves Bf fats to ehsot Ile anoles lévtedat ettmé: $e bedsegent 6d 
thee haa, ebeot #6: @gathest 1Sfomobsece Vd “Bsa tines eb od {ftv ‘goonete tb 

ito fremgbert edd At ,T'(S) “Veltert’no sidteeog aa ‘Yledetrose &a bedéa 

‘“wtotisool efdetovet yfte fio tied & vised dose ‘to bh ‘aon freaks” ond 
~dateg ‘notsecadt femotetbbe tas eo tteool: of to ya sewted NSSe " at 
~qesetie 16 esmemerg edt A6 Reved ‘od bivode opedt . bed int idstes od bIworte 
a neg Sosa er idal9 § a Ho Bifw’ ‘sito ft tboa ‘ak hog Lay (Red Et Sidts 
apeir tte ite at He toe ae Juice 

‘ettanredaabite* th) of et hotbed? ‘8dr bb bey ag seorurs edt ul 
-2h edd of oldstovet teom t steied te feoqgat oa Ie (&) Bue ,ootget edt t9evoo 
é ‘eet Fast. ent to tnemrc fev 


dtovet ‘arttvose ‘ent no bebtooer od ftw peorottec gatévooe tia" 
ao éfdteeor es yletsiwooe as fesésodl' ad “thw yededs te tale dost” eatot 
ed Aft Fiator softseqant -~otagn 2 méviy bas a Istortvorg to Ysaroo s 

Sona ivong “t6 vemos: eae ‘at NifegtgoLonordo | beredaun 

afoth to joommetead 

| Noe le Nee Ae 
eS aE hee ea Uh ey Sok eb! yp Oe eee 5 a 




62 Bi bea es nigrie ana one enlitivs red “ 

stage = fom 2 in 4 dep ext dif ‘a7 cover > at reins of, ld2ho. lying 
orth of Clark, Fork’ River td the boutdery.! This includes that portion of 
Pen oath Sh eae Yyine ti Tashovend the north half of ,the Pend » 
yp iced orest itp | : . 
Reeaatiseonrenecetty ae i¢ 2 no fact tor Oma 

anoung aid Hawley wil? séout' ‘that ediitatoes mts Iasho te , 
south dott Fork River ‘to the divide between the Coeur d'Alene and 
*e; ies R ae This includes all of the Coeur d'Alene National Forest 
rae nal? of the Pend Oreille Netionsl Forest. 


1622 rise hal Lindh #111 “seout that portion of northeastern 
woriitetin, bounded on thé west by the Columbia from Gifford north to the 
bound: on the north by the international boundery;-on the east by 
on the south by 2 line between Gifford end Newoort. ‘his area 

pi, “portion of ee ae peesveni eserent dying: in Wasbiveted- 

"Whidden and Sonntag will niiich that sextion of ere heahters 
we on pounded on the east by’ the Columbia River from Gifford north 

ndary; on the south by’ @ line extending weet from Gifferd to 
t A 1! River;" en’ the west by the’ San Peil River to: the boundary; and 
a the north %; the’ international boundary! © This includes the extreme 
qastern portion of the’ Colville National: Forest.99- 

J24nOS ware O44 Sno soe! ie : 

tafectod Wyacheod and Jones will scout that ceetbais of the Keotouet 
District of British Columbia along the pease from I ~ ths cies # Cren- 
brook and Miko to Gatews wee . ti 

"Putnam and Soy pakd scout points in the ‘entire region not 
otherwise covered." Ti iting 

As Ares. Scot sSgumary- of cepnitinn Performed Previous to 1927 
. x rthern T’shé © le roused 2 ; 22 \ inc ded % € mo rts vr js 


rsp enera doko ‘hike rheen more 6r'léss thoroughly scouted for , 
ster rare eo each ear mw and aay he 4. 1922. Previous to 1927 no 


B. W sila tiaie ton” 

Previous to 1927 northeastern Washington has been more or less 
thoroughly y scouted éachyear since aid. including 1922. \In no year.pre- 
vions to ‘1927 exeept in ‘1923 has'blister:rast‘been:found in northeastern 
Washifigton. “© 9 oe tion 

In 1923 blister rust was found in northeastern Washington on 


aniyl odehI te no kd 100 tedd tevoo..Liw. noadtedof bas shaumba" - 
to notétog tedd eebrfont efdt -ytebarod edd oF revih x10% wisld to détonm 
- baad, 9a. ‘+9, tied, sizes Ey ome efeatelet auixl. tdeotol tesotsehmex tach ost 
ed if} Jefoours emt? Modtw te” , biarc't #t- tneset: dena tied efftex0> 
ofh aft % eiao hoolaaxe 
goiyt odebI to sotéttog teat dross fliw ye fwak ae savonsd* 

has orels'b 1900. add. seonted ebivib, elt) of. r9vik.2xeTAxafd tovstuoe 
saotot fsgottet eceli th -meod;edt,. to. Ife zebulontigidgl, .eteveS: soineM) addy 
wre .t2e70%, fegotisl. ois tive anit to tied mzediémos (ond: bots 
yeti ri Beraveo Wl Tarne od Ei ty 

stetesediton to sotttog teft ivace ‘tite bait bae seotd tmrol®™ ‘2 
ef. od Métog Stott io sort eidawlod.edt yd deews eds wo behaved) motgnttea¥ 
ox ‘deco odd ao ;yt¢ebawed.tenottgatetai eft. yd atten: odd, ito SeYtSbascods 
sore aif?! .tr0qwe bas brotti) ssewded eakivs yd divoe edd me base :odebIo 
fotgnidesW at saiyl test0% foro tisk wetinen ent to macula ted? sebrfont 

atetessedditen to actixeq. dade. ‘ardnes Lite reateaud baat “gebb intw" 
détom biott f.wext.xevitlsidayled edt yddase sdé-co-bebaved aotgnidas¥ 
ot biotth mort seow antbasixea., entlis. acl dives edt. -9@ ixtebaod eft oft 
bas ;ytehmrod odd otf t9ovih [fot ne3,edé,ydudeow “edd a0: a tevi A [tol ms@ ond 
enettxe ett sebslont aid? .ytebmred lemottantednt eft yf déron eft x0 
nae © ioote andik sheared banetigKomlitegeinadds Raine dkTed nisdese 
st Pett > OY ni oeote gar s id <n cenere 
. banetool. er to \sallaen, ésaé, ‘agen séiime genol bag, bosleslt,; see1c afd 
~neT) sigeoudd oheawantts MOST adeor, edd anole 8 idan fod det isi. to todutei@: 
vite oa¥swodsd ot ot fy enn starts 

tom. eedaes etiiae edd bak Lath nee Lemans (Siiwetoby pas! op ordas SY 

sites fes te tehavercaxgs texedtito 

og ries ct « Ps #354 +? 6d 

cn Pda ‘ ; aly Q : 96.26 : (kiw secre nde? th 

‘in adbamiaialiie ea hy i } eit#+st ao afdtesor eae fetatedce be bé7aa 
Lf u iid : oe ; i a : i, ’ - ‘ : ¥ 

hat hedgoon,.yilgucnadt.anel.xe oxen iat pews ‘odebl iaeatiradls ef biwéite 
oa, Sel ot .eyeivessS S82 sathylont bas: gonla twey dose teutotedealid» 

-hosrot ased bad tast tatekld » 


ait seh he oy ft dsr ob e a ie] rs oasoh 
Ft Sot OF rev oOo . 

égef to etom ceed eat codahtesw \ Sulésaudining eser fF cal leeth es aro fev 
“sig tsey on mI .S&0L gnaibefont bas eonte 1sey dose bedsrooe yidgrotods 

FAR AEE NSE at boot illic voi tedelid est .cSe@L. “ tqeoxe YS@L of avoltv 
a ee) tp rap te bac ores eqac} gpntan tient 

 % J exros 4S 

0 nodgn ident Pkt sho ee at “pmsot. pee} ane setetsa ‘eset ‘Mk: . hevedumn . 

qOgtA To Inemon Feat 

» Mee Pet Wale | Ae. be ‘Wepre tae" 

PIO LPEM NM SL Karat 2 vee 

62 Ribes nigrun and one cvltivated red currant. These infected Ribes 

ere npenie che 

were found in nine plantings near the Genadian line, eight of which were 
in Okanogan County, and\onevin®¥erry:County. The one infected red cur- 
rant was touching an infected black currant. In the imnediste vicinity 

et oe nor ee 

r of the infected black currants, over 2,000 wild Ribes including 8. 
x ~~ petiolarei were examined and no. ‘infection found. The infected black 

an tle 

curran plantings sere destroyed. Ho rm vere near papeneel the infected 
Ags oci~ ‘Rides. ‘to Hato infected. | 
Pietion iinepecs n= 

biof Ce a3 it oc Pk. - ain~ | Lac p= ates ’ {Heel 


Hoste eed gant bai fh ned im ean. if b OBe 4 
ileal th vy eirmors us o Sage cecal th oe tes been ‘performed since 
‘Pines 1922, in Hoes oi pl British Golunbia imué@diately adjacent to eastern 

Washington, Idsho and western Mentana- In 1923 infection wee found on 
IHeal thy Bs _mi at one point neqr Grand Forks and at two points at Willow 
Ihibes Gays We ison. At Grand Forks no pinee were-associcted. At Pillow 
| Point pines were within 1 ,800 feet of the infected k. nigrun bushes. 

IRE Re sae ta 1925 the Blister rust on R. nigroa was found in the general 
vicinity of Helson, B. C. at four: lodslities, namely: Harrop, Proctor, 
Willow Point and Taghua. At Willow Point in 1925-mear the Kw 

found infected that same year, western white pines were found infected. 

. The pine inf tion wee young. «few cankers had resched the fruiting. stoge. 
rota) whese “pines were one ona one=h-if Miles from the R. nigrun found 
infected in 1923. 

In 1926 ‘two additional: mise Surectibnc « were found, nowely at 
_Crawfords | Bay and ‘Proctor, B-\.0>, botint infections. chargesbie to R. nigrum. 
Stand “Bo. tal 

~''ITT. Results of ne ‘in 1929 
naér County, Idan 

A. ares Seouted 
4 sy 

regults of sc be: eres Seaubedc re “1927. ‘Anel uded the aabtanehs listed in 
of »“ Assignment of Areas" as well as a part of Okanogan County, Washington 
and the region around St. Maries, and Clarkia, Idaho. 

B. Results of Scouting in Idsho by Counties 

There is given below a statement of scouting done in each 
county of Idaho. 

1. Benewah County. Table No. 1 gives 2 record of scouting 
performed in Beneweh County, Idaho, elessified saeccording to association 
of hosts. Mo infection was found on either vines or Hibes. 

Se ty 
"ea Sap 
jr 1 

gedit botostal eeofT .toatwo bet botnvts tee ero hen! morte tee matt 
eidw’ dot to dxtyte (jenit methanad. odd meen, a_etiae iy sak A 
Susi Bot heted tah emo eB ceydawed yx md s Bo Yasue 
NG ini Fy Se Ebeasifedd et hetnerung ane ld, fam. it Le ft 
») «fh gothufoad sedif bLiw 000.8 tovo ,stas aaTIES RE be 
! Yneld bedoeta! ef? .hrarot nottvoetat om bee fer tan 
betostat ee t gins isccaphirigioh ‘vemig.oK. «beyoyteeh 
le, eer Pam, ot bri pal. one 

‘. 1 ? * 
SP Se gin tee at ‘ ba a? a re 
+N ee Lue aay aa! we EE as 5 “he eee ey , 7 

* * Ome ae da! Ee eo set ey a ed eee Ga 

Hae] iin 
S2070%, loge soy ® ue hd Perse 

 GOHTH hemtottod desd nad gnideens | saldiiel sie 
‘iabiak ed dnsost ba elsdoatheamt.o idm [od be cae 
fo here?’ pew moktostmt! S8Al al). sagadso mie 
: : woTLiW- Oeoetrlogvont: d@” baw: adnet, basse. ae" 
aera PA Chedeloorea ete gente on, eto% hows |» ROR, on 
| De wpe serra te 28 porentad, att to ¢eet 000, f£ picid te bite genic 
Tas Bee ae i PP RE YOR i ie a an Fewall , ‘ 

threes ‘cepie bids Fe 
rebum, ine eat pean nee: sounde, o no\ tess sede Lids odd QSer 

hel OMe velompm yee bed inant 90% AP; oD aK, 4 
hav Phd Neer LAI at dataS, nok dh». a ; 
wieotet hore? exew senke 63 tiw otedeon “VEN, Aes: hed 
hanee gattior? off hedoset het wieder: wal » .gauoy aay noldsots anid ett 
bauret a ate end mort eolim tird-eno bas eno sisx sentq betednas esedT - 
" le qaddumy. ded) .Arene. fl be asao% hae 8k ad hodsotat " 
S ree Paired eee pe rh ee o axote ’ : i 
i & OM oo é tonut y wep 
eae} od Wiig yo wise io por ‘Innoté thbn anh sae Beak he ae as 
murals ai od  eldeegress asoltoetat dtod ,.0 .& ,totsord hes ht & Lote 
_ ol 0948 BS 89 0luG tone Sliw Vole bas med Tt? 
¢ wie * ae rood %o | bf I ". Deteves ae tesa dd: 
A upcolvent Sorpotial aektoune Io ~ Redwea® a97h A 
mt betel anokirog edd bobs [ont YS@L ni biked eee “4. sal 4 
bess, geen eg GegoneiO te tusq m en flow as “aseth Yo sets 

soda t | ogee ibaa gragial. . Niasailhabvabi iii ant - 

poe “ge ‘aor ty 6 we ae » ? 
ig Vir Pie BE A shea Wes hs Bee L. ie We Aa Fag Frees. Sa BI 

SAR 3 | bi fae ft Diet sake amr fea #2 pel Oa, Rat be an “| ; 
a inene vy oxehtt ‘ete £ “es oddeP: + 
‘Wetts toa ot antbrouse hat?ivents) odebl yydeured | ane 
-2edlT to secty teddle ne — asm nottoetn 

y tatgricsey mretaegaidney at rn «ee Bags ne tei id ees at. ak 4 ; 

Fabba.Bo- i, 

sis.of Scouti 
eS ma. County, Idaho 

~ Pine Jaseection —;__ 

-Ribes Inspection =} Distance, from. 
po Leaves |Ri bes -to | 

. | fec- 
Infected) Heal thy tea 
Pines |Pines 

-- HY-1008 aa 

R. pet. 

--  |101'-300! ? 

301 '~500! : 7 

-_ -_<— 

\ealthy a. card of scouti erforadd. Table No. 2 shows the 
results of scouting in Bonner County, classified according to association 

of ndambed | 


407% 5 

: thet i cf 
t . Pon ean kee 
kos Tr ua By 
% ‘ ahs eee ore ae ‘aed emu i) 
oy ° 
Pikes, Bae aoe Cail gt 
i Soni 
Mf ie te Bi 
a Dh, fey } ad Mie fa ras 


| ala oe 
a a 
Pe Si 4 c 

otasive setae he a2evaod: Bab anaigiiye Bye 
hetoetnal) .of 

teq, -ai 

yit [seh | hedostal | -oet 

sentt dasd| bed 

partes iota rts eps s an cpectreranen 

8 Kiar boo ret. 


) tomt. 2 
giztt o . 

oft awoke & .ok elds . beat t19 foe ; 
nol¢e iporee of Gattaocne: hoi¥isants ‘Qtawoo “BONE RE SidvOR oP ativast 
ee ae) - pit hint “ 

whew ny Gee Fe eae ae 

ros#. Township 67 8., Rg. SF. 

Be ae re Section [Dist tence  f9.3| 
wi tpt a0 Leaves |Ribes to 

paneeert Tn- | 
sa mae | Health| fee- | 
ram: i bea atected|-y pjbed 

ines Pines 


listed in Tab! € No. 2 is the only one wn to. bxiet! in Idaho at the present 

time. Ther ows a detailed sal ete te of this infeettons—~ 

nd Tota ect 
ee . eS a 

mont eonedeld) illo es 
of pedifjreveod 3 

atl botootet| -off| 
“pet ni feo ry 1 | a 
hes}. Y- bedos it} ~D97 |; 

-feph tb 

aontt) remtt) 

fst at i! 

fst oT 

‘pahdiate aimrent .» est -moisoetat wate to vthatelt .6 

jroretc eft te ofabI mt tetxe, ot mwoml eno ylao edd eat & .off olde? at be¢eltl 
-mottostat wide to cuiesiaonen boltateh 8 ewollot ered? somid 

Y 4 « 3 f oy pe eg “i 
Re |e en et a a Jie 

i. Hootenal aunt ; l 
Ribes was found iLeention: = me mal north of. Priest | River on text Branc. 
road.” nadine er We, Re 5S W.y Section 23." ° 

insvectort Robeisteem. ‘ad. ener gee —— 30, 1927. 

Spice ernciaaey There. were. ‘2, eae PR a trees, 11 to 
20 years old, within 40 feet of infected Gy inermis. 12 Pines were. examined. 
None was found infected. _©#fkers 
) AS GOGL= [74 fi ey avacte 

jation | inepec, imepection: 6 G. inermis bushes were examined. *2 
infected. 1% of nthe apeilied per infected bush. Infected surface bore 

pagina. Sanaa : patna eroee <ijerzsenl 
25 vs | fj : 

heal thy! Remarks: This iwkldnhe a 00 area for inspection of 
pate next fell and the year pel) ee 

loal tar 

ae he a 

we ’ 
pt 3 ee 


| undary Count tA a infeetion, either. on pines’.or Ribes 
was found. “Fable No. 3 gives the results of cies classified according 
to aesodiation of hosts. | ve * Seoea), 3 

Distance from 
Ribes to 

Health-| fec- 

| ted 
Pines ~|Pines 
1t-[00' ? 
pLQl!- ? 


& Goose 

Grand Total Pe ae et 

+. 2 - = ee” 4: 

- ohaael teok ao tovi teelrtl to aia 8% 8.¥ :golisood 
8 ef ,.¥ 2 - ,-a Te dithted »beot 
ane hy Teenel ps oy FERRE -. 98 BE egy et f is ke Path, 

Sel co rodinedqee:: ebb: bre roadred of an 
~~ Cd LE, peett gt f S35GNsaT BI 
pon tne xs | etew wonta viii. > ae rh te ‘ibe 2ts9y ‘og 
= Adame ss EN | so  *betoetat baxot sew mol 

pr) | mtd | ‘lpsqaal} ro ktm| | 

= tei baling oxo’ esing uit 28 ia 
| tod Oe haa ashi ot Petaenet ‘%0q .. 

4 * ad Oe 
i ai a OR Snare ene cay 
SERRE SREY! HOR I au. ea Py 

GE P| wee hie ; ha) 

to hetidenert avis gots boon 9 thy eid? :evcigmef 
pv gt net tot isey odd bas Afst dxen sexta 

# he i Ee be bea 


Co ee 
sed If 10 pees no ‘tedd te ‘Wincahal? “on. : andl 
Liat skeet bettiaes fo argon to ‘af Luger edt Paar & .oM olde? w 
ey air $A Siu wal insbeecs sears dus 

sort Sousdald|. sp hioogart eT mene 
ot aod if | sevasd ‘bee 

"wl Setostal | OW}... poe ves 
~Set|-fdieeH| ““seq, -aI} of], 
bet s ati ieee tu 
ventd|  sentt) faut) me boot) £2! 
; in : 0° i £e : “988 
WS Bi ries 
“1008 | ee mee qa 
4 oo fr — - 
4 ¢ 4] BIOHES  2 
7 } q | ‘ape F 
4 Me oan) oe } 2 
a cent 
fs ~ ee i.e 
| pl 

4. Kootenai County, Idsho. Ho infection, either on pines or 
Ribes was found in Kootenai County. Table No. 4 gives the results of 
scouting classified according #6 asseckation of hosts. 

Anzivels of Scoutimaptecmpoue Coumty, | 

Misi, er of Scouti Kootenai iaaky _ Tashe 


ion. _Ribes Inspection | Distance Feo | 

“> Begvee | Aibes to - 
No. | Pnfected Ta | 
No. |In- | tér  fec- 
Exan- | fec- Parected Healthy ted 
: 2. Pinés _{Pinés 

= |1*-2100" WR. 

a ae 

L. |101*- | | 
{ Bosnian 

stl ot eee eo 30145001, | 

BAS MAB eR s ag, 


o Oo ojo o off 

az 100 

“CIO 5 

The resulte of sc ts 
by count ep Shoehone County, ‘dab’ Wo infection, either on ‘pines or 
Ribee was found in Shoshone County. Table No. 5 gives the reeults of 
scouting classified according to aesociation of hosts. 

g. Recor? of scout erfo: 
Bs Pe Sis: 9! See erate 2S 5 0 hi 
results of scout: in Fer 
te saccelation f beets. 

pod th neveet a | 
eter Lo 
bea sed) omit Dp 9 
_hasp Seti. og 
eri. pees tT fet 

uth oo | 

ts pg eo tert he  hosadital, Eo 

St ‘to aie edt ~~. & - olf eldat: 

Re a ele aa 


hbo) ned &; 

——sRigies Pala int Liat ( ti 
| ‘Bost \Foints|ined jted Tree 

) : The results of ecouting in northésstern Washington ere shown 
| by gountieg. iT oe oe : 

| Ln LST ok eee | ie - 
| An @xé dof. t er - Table Yo. & gives the 

results of: seow n Ferry County, 

xan fibecd 
Howse Tom! | 

ah~ | Fece | 
[Sp ecies. ined ited 
TR. pet. 12.020], 

Analysis: o @7Wbs25 Ferry County b 

averted? [peattty 
Bush ___jFines __ 

H 2 | 





301 '-500 
2a ons 

ne en 

aoe gjola 

me were mee 
a fe ea 


Reton, classified sedording 

q to aesociation of hosts: 6 isnti nde ahre made where > ites 
| were both present and nagociated. 
‘ « . 
(2). Two Ribes species we 77 . 
R. petiolare, ond @.tnerais 
{3}. The one cine inadvdction mate 4 érry Coven 
wac meade at the wumnit of the divide betwee: slwille ferublie 

iPines fer) 


pet Id 
P |. y | Fine’ mevection |" es Inspection Pavey Di stat 
5 a ae f Leaves | Pi 
‘ Pine Inspeetion Ribes Inspection... ered eenee fron | i 
q \o- |Cankere 18 : Louves| Ribes to 
: Exan- |fec~ ifeetes Infeeted| . fae 


. ve eri hy cnmed ook « i 

i le ach Ay Leth * 

a ay Me et F boao? eae ta oi 

aetacd he. seh? (SB. .08 eldet wa eonk fut a a Fit: aniire 

| (most ite rn § : FOE 2 ech O SERRE BES co hie Pee Pye 
gt.sedifizevaal &) | cl) ae bck Ae 
“sail oe oe eat] to .o -feeaeh; 

rts amare 

eet | 

shed | ed witLeat botoo}al woe | -ae 

salle nda 

‘ “aweria on noted isdacona ron at pettzons to ef {user adit orga 
rity ee a Sra se PPS SS ages 5 Oe % . . A c va oe ion <a me ay 00 ; 
‘ete, 86 no kde tomnee: ed ‘ed ny Heater! «tugs 2 arbteobie: 
ott novia 8 .of olde? .b: | 0% 
or beltiees la ‘naantanat ewe creak af op eee to ot feet, 
-adeon te seltatacnee ot 

Table No. 6 

Ps obs avlis ai 


fro as pati olare are 

1 Distance from| 

i thaws Ribes to 9 

pos: ltarectea In- | 
lio. oTTHe | oer © fec- 
Exam- | fec- ian crere jHeal thy} ted 

Vined tee! Bas {Pines Pines| 

es ite 

8 olla °BO BO] | 

9 CO}0 OO 


Ingvection No. 15: Ferry Cour 

tN ee aye ee ent ees — oe pian loves 

An oxamiap tion, of Table Ho. 6 shows the following Pacts: 

“i gacavion: miles 

road to Tonasket, on @ygalgg Fepbets BarPaate made where pines aha Rites 
dindlmrcenites MAGGS 

| R, petiolere, and aff ! 
:Regbetholare, « pet att ined, * ‘a ected. wot CA 

infected bush. 10% HEHE tne one Sine insvection - anne ai? are abadty” 
‘was'made"at-the summit of the divide between Colville and Republic. 

) pines sear 

wo oh hes. species were Rite infected, nemely 

Ingpection No. 15: 

Location: 3 milee weet cf Recublic, Ferry 

» eA : 4 4 1 2 

“y fe 4 to” Ou) TTT, Ah. 
joegentl notte, 

ope eeee! aed 

oh) spore) 

ad [aes 

:afost gaiwoltot otf ‘awode @ sot SEtaT 40 nok 

‘pedia bas aeniq eradw ebem etew anoltoegent of egy 3 ota towne od 
»betsioogss bas sie ited stew 

yleusa bedootnt borct etew seloeca eedhi ow? .(S) 

-eiorrent .d .D hae »eteloiteg . 

utarod yrtet ot ebem nottoecast ente eno eff . (8) 
.otiducei bas elfilivicd seewfed ebivib edd to timmre edt ta obsm esw 

sat this point was abundent, and was located about. 3 miles 
etiolare found infected. 

b. Detaiis: of Ribes infection. There is given below a 
detailed description of. each. Ribes infection. point: . 

ined ee Wame; McKay Tareetian. tection No. 3 

Location: 3 miles east of Republic, Ferry County on 
road to Curlew on San Poil River. Township. 36.N.,,.R. 33 E. Section 4. 

Inspector: Tonning.. September 14, 1927. 
Pine situation: Wo pines known within several miles. 

;29 r 

dite = epee 14.G. -inermis inspected in partial 
shade. 2 found infected. 15% leaves infected per infected bush. In- 
fected surface bore 10% uredinia, 90% telia. No R. petiolare found. 

mpaigenoee No. 7: Ferry County 

sufenred. .. 104 on! ‘On San Poil River, 8. miles south of epublic 
on Keller Road. - “Township ¥., R. 32 E., Section 12. 

ge re a liens ‘Inspector: Tonning. September 15, 1927. 

bility of P. sib _ Pine situation: No pines found. 

r ares should be Shere tnspection: 24 R. lacustre examined, none found 
infected. 3 R. tiolare examined, 1 infected. 60% leaves infected per 
infected bush. set uredinis, 90% telia. Bushes growing in half shade 
under alder growth. ~ os 

co Poteet s. evn pybaspection No.15: Ferry County 

: 8 miles west of Republic, Ferry County on 
road to Tonasket, on Granite Creek. Township 36 ., R. 32 E., Section 3. 

Oe ae. cla ooo» Rime situation: No pines seen. 

; 24 BR. 1 re examined, none found 
examined, 1 infected. leaves infected per 
@ uredinia, 90% telia. Bushes. growing in half shade under 

Nection No. 15: Ferry County 

Location: 3 miles west of Republic, Ferry County on 

443° Ee ee 

B ‘siete alk ek ened, .16lt i Roe lkawe Lt syn on gem a 
ad aegis geyaed § Hintor aolfootal “BOOT # 7 i o ‘0. Ferpeen boftates 

ib by. 120 Leu) Feel 
ie. ‘4 & «ol sottoeceat., pho ttoetar viel hak | | oeqaat] notin 

oS pet! wey | me a sotte| ; hee 
. 9 Ydanurod yri6%, qabldargel ‘to. ‘tees, pane obteoot 
= EF MOLT SER” TES” eae ‘qitenwoT 

- ; rf as 7 i 

te : Seek | 

-VSer" af steabeeh -sotanot todoe Mars id 

-eottm Ieteves ated wom aenta Ze ‘nobtent te | bet it ‘atta 

fettxeq ni betoegest element 2 Sat too Ld 
=I .dlawd betostat req betootat eovael “betoota! basrot S. wate 
sbawet ba L: af om, Mana lap Seebous ROL es ered eosture 3 

Es anil “a ae ee oe 
oo a) ae | “setahi 
le Ks 8 vem piet & ol schioeueal . oe Be as 
pert as pas ‘tte ma 
“obidurel to dieroe eoltn F .xev Itot at er smottesol rs ga 

Set a ei es ane otoemat a “Tt 

caine aa Ba Te @ Me SGA | 

bayot enon bentaexe i eli as. tmotg OC 
teq botostat seveel oetal I , he 
ebsde Tie nt gaiwors enfant .ellet 

: feud botostat 
sitwoTg. ‘usbie Tebar 

a * , <i ad 

leat ane ‘a 
Oe ha 1 amatercrepatinrannad 

yaa “ci yar on » eaibemmuel 

aital Yo. nobiaplow ah, 
x0 eereny yiiet Sh idnwed 45. jean eatin & autiee ‘ag ‘ 

-6 sottoe? ,.H#, SE 2 Moe sili steer? hin dniig Pots) tosteemo? o¢ hawt 

Jroaearg Af o stew 

S; ae How % 
4 a Ce aaz 4 

bavot srok bentmexe ordappel of AG "olds 
teq fetostnat sevsel 868 .betoetat £ , beat 
redamy, nRees 2 3 fad. Hs dinardi net A ath mepipial ial betootat 
a ometed ehiehh ed? Ye tiomm edd “fai ‘tabs 

yinvod yrtet :af of iin 

no ytnved yrtet ,ofiducel to teow aelim & :moitsool 

? PT ea 1 De Se ope ei w® 
Pi ee eee He a Nee) i" eae i SMM 8 5. 

road to Tonasket, on Granite Creek. Townshiv 36 N., R. 32 EB. Section 3. 

The five Ribes infe: in Yerrs Cowity were 
all greuped around io fige situation: Fo, pines seen. eity te thee: . 
miles west; and = miles pawth. The ecetwtry ts the vict “4 ty 
te open, rollins, end Bkbes inspection: 6 3. cacustre, <= X- 
potinined. none: found, infected. 10 , examined ,. 4 
r 10f wh Reawen Anfested.par dnfected, bush... Bushes, vetoes vundey, alters.” 
ehowld be eeeuted im 1928 to find « : infected albicaulia if it is 

Inspection No. 23: Ferry County 

2. Okanogan Count 
“Location: 2 miles west of swanit 5 me Colville and 

Republic, 14 miles east of Beoublic ye » on road towsrds Colville, 
eullashinztoa;.on saall creek: “Tomenip 3 Ay 34 8. . Section 14." ~ 
astoctation of Boats. 

5 eae" Putnan and Joy. September 16, 1927. 


Pine situstion:: Ps albicaulis within 3 miles on summit. 

Not insvectedi».These pines ex7 examined later. by Sonning 2 oad | whidden. No . 
infection fou found. 

Pr cra eee ee le pei scnegtent 
infected. of af ‘Teves ageeted “att, -oredinia, 90%" 
Aseobeliave Le on bushéa,still green. Bushes,not + tea, a pin 
jatic open, note rounded. by; timber. Rev=tion spprostastely 4890 feathe za | 
of fasfon tai! fec~ | fected n- | 4 : 
Hoste : b peldtbalg, th strong posei- 

weneral vicinity. 

biden Sits 
saga ph dnp Tek No. | Tory cotety | 

: t+ ‘Whoeation: ah miles west of sumit between Republic and 
RM ee 114 miles emt of Yerry. en Ltt sn on road 
— : “Bs, “Section | 3 
| tana : and Joy: . moana 16, — 
Sly Grint Hote me eT NE 
:. ee oF ee hee situation: Ps al bicoulie opiieatansdag-5 niles 

‘ east of this Anfection, 
‘ Be Details. of Rides infegtion. There fi 
descrip tion of each 2 aged denies Staaws® a ineruis duntinnd. none found 
infected. 25 t e examined, one found infected. 10% of leaves 
infected per jaf gop wredimial production, 80% telial. Bushes 
growing in open. 



Losation: , On. Solkyllie Indien Re 
southeast of Di soutels x7 he re svoraxtantely 2 miles from 

q  Eaaeaaaaas ss ti tian 2 

© abtioe! OF SSOP YL Ce Steak er 

1988 sen ia. of: 


~x9 etetotaan: ‘as Get istinte! FB shotton: ia? te 
botostol basrot & bonimexe et ieee Weta ereapet bavo? eon ber tms +: 
setebis tebmas: ab twee? got tse . year vt Betootat zeveol te ‘ROL 

pilasce® to davon, aol hao obFe Mos 

Sreyea” V2 Ae Sep noes rhs “cekaiehk act’ KE #eTun éF Eabt, 


bus ellivicd ssewied Finaie te Yaowbeltm s’tnbi¥eser ets oe 
,ofLivfoo ebiawot beet mo Xd eo Vitel. cisumet ton to we aofim BE ,otidwcei 

SG rettoee |.8 BS (U0 88° otdeaw 
ee TROL’ at teditedgee” you: ton monet 39 

, f gavel We “earearit betros. & oberg y 

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inspestors: Jo pr ee =u OTisan : we 2G ; = 

The five Ribes infection Points in Ferry County were 
all grouped around ; hin 14 miles of the city on the east; 2 
miles west; and 8 miles country in the vicinity of infections 
is open, rolling, snd does not support coniferous growth, The findings. . 
point to a strong P re petiel sources of infection existing among 

. Bl diced on the | % OF the mountains east of Republic. This area 
should be Bie ate in 1928 to Ting, Cee. searpotes P. albicaulis if it is 
present. - 

ane oe Tm iinet Bee Go -fable No.7 gives the _re- 
sults of a short soqusine trip in 0 er te classified according to 

associatién of hos 

Species Sxaminot itnfe hed | hasan ore 33 see elie . 
ya ORL Woe ~! 
| Analysis of Scoutis Oke County, Washington 
fon ____Distence fran), - 
U - ibe tO... 
; A Preah: yes 
12 per fec- 
fec- Ene enrbes | etry | pet 

inenies h ‘Pines | Pines 
No Pine _ 

nm OF lée T35 ue. 
: was evident that congice rable ured : 
A . ‘Phere follows 2 detailed 
deactipiion of each Ribes infection — in emagen County: 
3. Pend Oreille Coun: the nor - 

| shesetne Santi: 

:, On. Colville Indian»Reservation, 14 miles 
southe Hi , 19 “niles: southeast. of Omak on road to Nespelen, 
Was QNays hip.33. N., BR. 29 B., Section 17. 

a oa le 

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eiew ywavod yitel ot etntog nottootal ‘esd il avit oT 
& ;tase off oo yYto edt to weolio Af niet tw Jb Mdwqel bawo1s beavorg, Ile 
anotiactat to YWintolv odd af yttnwoo edt .ddwow eeolim 8 bas ;teew aelim 
agatbatt ent co hd wots, evotetinon Ptogave Jon woob bas -gatttor tego ef 
Brome, aitteixe ‘aolioetat to esouvos falses Yo qd EL td feeor ‘gnorte: a ob ditog 
cers eit .sifdycell to ase antetayvom end Yo Pinan ‘end now tinedid fe |. 
ei ti ti eifssotdis .9 bedoetat dowa Balt of SCL mI hetwooe od birorle 

. ww = * ’ bE eae | a #7 by w *) Ar A. : J 

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ot gntbrooss 2 bof iase Yee? nesonet6" tf °aniioooe Ftode a to ad ine 
Te Tee ore er bck Vine oie aettiend. vod veteed Te aeisetecens 

{moat sonst) i. go MbSGenl ned Et 
god tt yavied 8 vii a 
= “1 Botgetit | i ae | 
~99% | eal atl” Con 
mel agape Pag root me EE | ie 


us X. , _ fepe _hat\ ber 
y i ees a 

white wake? ae % 

beliteteh «© awollet evant -moldostat ity to_ 2 Lbetet a 
Pk PS Pe ek: Reems aie boot malsoetal zed tf doas to nottelioasd 
een ' Seice Came sas tolt eg my eg w fits Fs so ¥at 
Sad) Ed: Skee ml ‘Lome NS BaTA? 

an Sy Orn 

: mp foqeell ot Kkot coclamO te desedtwor sal a 
“LI wottoe!® ,.Z WF . 

Inspectors: Joy and Futnan. ‘nage i hy PN kg Me 

. Pine situation: Possibility of ©. albicaulis existing 
on high ridges 8 or 10. miles, distant. 

Ri bes. inspection: Table No. : kives the results af 

Ribes: tnapection ae pan bas point. 
f z ate ints | ined t i ity - ’ Oe 8 

Ribes Inspection Colville Indian Reservation 

G. iderate 

These bushes on eali stream in open yellow pine type at 
elevation of about 4,000 feet. Considerable very recent uredinial inten- 

sification. G. inermis under infected R. seth showed uredinial 
development. There were a few spots on each leaf, but not so abundant 

jeoel ty. Inspection No. 3: Okanogan County 
[infec Location: 53 miles southeast of Disoutels on road 
"> © Yetween Okanogan end Nespelens Townshir SIN, R. 29-E., Section 22. 

Inspectors: Putnam and Joy.. September 17, 1927. 

jHeal th Pine situation: Possibility of P. albicaulis exist- 
my on high ridges 5 to 7 miles distant. 

prot ls; oo Ribes. inepecti on? 2 R._lacustre, 3 G. inermis ex- 
amined none found infected. 20 B. petiolare examined, 1 found infected, 
! 60% of leaves infected, 30% uredinial and 70% telial production. It 

l was evident that considerable uredinial intensification had taken place 
since the rains, or within 2 weeks of time of examination. 

: . Pend Oreille County... Pines are abundant and well distri- 
a buted in Les north and eastern part of the county. 

" a. Record of scouting iver formed Table No..9 shows the 

results of scouting in Pend Oreille County, classified according to 
association of hosts. 

VSOL. TL ent moped L ae hag carersemal 

j by tip id is Ko 
| + Pie 3 i a : eg a oa KE vr nd wi 

gpk a, 

Bers BEL Bao he Ti OTAa Xia Mt 
bed anh agbit dais go)» | 
Pek hae atttot ere at 
BH Be in be Cy aici a oF Prebor 
it: hei no tigegent aegis. © 
Oy wt Bedoope od Bieresis 
2 aeeere 

te. ? 

“lene ue bed petal dp s Ged 

my erage ene ata comemamaennen 

$8 eayt eatq wollsy nego nt ota Lana eo wemaide poe Ui 
~astat Tain thot: dweser rev of — seat, 00,2 saoda Ye = 

fe totbeur beworde. eee bodootal tebagetuent 0 sfotiealt boone. | 
tebawds oe fon stot se, 8 ae avoge sia s.9ToW eTacT a rab 78 

* We ee a ade al aes 

heot so aletwoett to dasedduyon ge fim fa :goltss | 
-85 motioe’ ~~ +E: hei tk ihe rr a Tege: bite : 

(Biz 2 ae} 

veer EL ‘vodnesqe? you. baa winds Sestoemnal 

indie xe: 21 Las ‘4 i ELld tae0%, ‘imotteutie eat : ‘olid ) 
els scien Porenn weit FoF ans gC BE Fier 

xe gtorent 2 e 6 onal 


-betostal basot 1 bes famxe 

; Wm ee 

a piteq 2 | a rsh Bap was ann 
dl. .cobtosborg lsdfed QO¥ Bas Telutben ROS jbefootar sevael to R09 
soos ane bed notjsoitieaetn! Isinthewy eldstebisaoo Jed? taebive asw 

+ meakd Biatmacce i outt to wise & mid te ste vactet odd os 

Lae CME 2 a ae renee Bet oe hed aes he a fopeh 
sfudeth flew bas ‘tanbleda ate eonil .ydnerod elftet0 baat .5 Se 
pharros vaslintalt q mtatese bas’ diten edd al ai p.m 

add ewoda @: .ok efdat». 

| ane 

od, aatbrosos fod¥ieaste vnwod 8 at ffero baa Dh! saddivoss * an ron 
rideek WG wee 

fable No. 9 ce 
b. Details of Ribose Ante@tion. Only one Hideo i fee 
pole’ wee Sees e Ceol ne. Om un ty,* Washington © 



Mistence fron) 
> Leaves Ribes to 

Infected Heal thy ted 

_j{ Bish“! (Pines® “Pines | 

4 fight | 

a a 

petting © AM AAO AGT tam ied i a 1 
peivieevnseeatiiriienia relia risa ne aetna sei aaron - Ah: Vel rey vit bets ev 
|momt eomede tC aotisecent sedtt ” 

1 0d) ped if |gevsel 3 
“oat : betosta 


hap tt 

S Kebaieam eos sou lene eae 

=~ ee enna 

I a ES Ce RNA, eR RR a 
= org 
es ~ 
: = * < 

Se See ae 
bs a 
. ese ey ¢s. SS = # 
‘ i aN tn aa i tee 
ee me we ee 
we. ee 

BH ge as 2 ot 

nt Te pottetan’ to by tiveee 
eet etal Ty at ta Poe aw 

Y b. Details of Ribes infecbion. Only one Ribes infection 
a point was found in Pend Oreille yrs This is discussed in detail 
F following. aasivats’ ‘of Seéuting, teoxsae Comty, Ssshington 

Insvection Point: No. 78 Pend Oreille County ... 
a AG: momar eT: * tidpeetion Rites fnesectisa. batence fro 
Se er 

| ¢ 10 miles west lof Cusiok: on 914 "rect to. 
“jopoBhetenane Towns! p 33;Br, R. 42 &. » Section 26. inf eted| Tine 

ita iT pe: 2 Poe 

: ‘ ; 
Tatton | Tastee! Ta-| | tn 
gee . shes se Cocdampeaters: ey Youden, aye eatiny Sestenber 
Vf 4, hte ie: 4 ited Tree Spee) ee. faied , ted jfush Pines 
Torn spec : BP. monticols found in mixture “with | 
tread rlas ‘eur 60 td 80 years old. A very few emsll pines along road right 
IRs of way. va oe 6 wed ke pines, none found infected. 

 Lghy| —<--+- Erbe ns i ee | asissimun examined along 

or. road. das. found infected; 1 ete ves in ected per-infected bush. In- 

whinge, aocted surface bore 25% uredinia, telia, 5% necrotic areas. Telial 

te pons styone and vigerwes. ‘There re pines within 25 feet of infected 
ih. One s 7 am neil 29 feet ‘of infected bush. 

. Remarks: Tai's ‘finding ‘of infection on R. vise sissimn 

9 fer-from any k -pine-infection” te on “thipor tant Mi scovery. ere 
are two. “of explaining this infection. (1) It may have 
resulted from aecial infection some distance away, in which case it shows 

the capa lity o sissiaun becoming infected from a distance. 
; (2) It uy et Serine that an undiscovered aecial source exists 
Bt close at mg ite ee he ih fe the? eta dis the more. log- 
a find wee quite hakeweoaely 
vt pebitel tae “ie Fete the fe 

etion found nearer than 25 miles. 

| an tea tiie Rbep. infection wot pave Basa. 200i ly oe * pilavedipin a 
J os: 

ff gt nowts. 4. Spokane Count 

. Only the northern portion of Spokane County was scouted. 
x Mt. Seat supports a good stand of white pines, associated with R. 

é lacustre and R. viscosissimum. R. petiolare wes found on Lake Eloike. 

This makes a good inspection point for periodic examination. 

a. Record of scouti ormed. Table No. 10 shows the 
results of scouting in Spokane County classified according to association 
of hosts. 

—_ a eo 

& en hed we hes ae, 
mottostat eadifi eno vind .xoidootat nod Ii +2 
fisteb, i, benacor Dh hs ee lee wood afltert 

Ot sew tatog 
| -gatwolfot 
aR PT ot tie10 Brod BR. of tarot aptineeent 88 | i 
ma eo | : 
“por Meer bites ne ¥9 tens to Yeew eoltm or eee pre an} | 
pe oc -aB$ cottped ,. Sk HI BE ¢teoomot!” of" wal ane” chy 
ee a% ; tye | % | “ee ste) | 

-sotasdces, pre nd 0%: amt yaotwo¥: {oftide jenotoaiiand: how i e tleiatod| steal 2< ; 
, 2 | Sysez fgertd, 
dd tw ewtxin at ‘Benet e foo it rom “at nodtsereat att” rate wud iseH| 
addgit beot ano fe eonlg ifeme wet ytev A .bfo ete ait 
; ~ Nbedoetal Barot- Mage: te-od dw 3 sata rgent* 
ns rig a Seek | 

| aaots hentmsxe same? te c.8 IS . 42 ;- 
‘-oI eched hotoetal 160 peidaval seveel to eal Se ae baurot ea0 “+beot 
feifef .ssdis otéorsem Pa. jailet OV) ,.etatbew stod eogtiwe batoe od LE | 
hetoetat to geet GS middiw genta etew. sted? -erotogiv Bue scott amautos °° | 
-Aeurd betostat ae Ba OS twine Sasrot Bow ands, 7 aa anh..end | 

Puls pee i . <. 

" sgmtee teooaty A x0. poitogtat ‘to gn tbalt 2H? eXreued | | | 
ered? .yrevosath tustrogmi ne et-mottoetnt ecig aworal (ne gon? tet on 
eved Ysa ¢1 (L) .notsostat eins eridielexe to ayew owt 918 

aware ‘tesed AS tin at | were soostath: mor. aottoetat fe loée mont. tiveet 
“venrrete ee. S wiext” basaetat: grimosed: x vV . to vd EL tdeqes edd 
edsixe exter Isioss bersvoomibsay os gets poiv ore. eonebive £8)... 
~agof-srom etd eh molisie fqxe teatiot eff. gpdé¢ etseqds tI ° .baed erols ru 
¢levienetat etteo sew bait efdd gutbavotise sotget ed? oaveoed ,Isot °°” 
tI .eeLim 8S melt tetsen basok aotioetat zedif redéo on bus sbedpoog?®! 1a 

pt teat caret te 

Aaa betopexe od of ew) tt .wWintoty eft nt betetxe, 99 urop gia 8 eT 
ee ae “baw ot cond ever blivor sien amend P aetto 
ue ne art es | 

i stat 2) 4 aro! Zs | aie 

| rye : ; £aG aay 

hiskesd Bey ydagod oleteat: te abieeaataehbdeon odd yind | - | Sg Dek 

 dtiw bedstooras ,eeciq ef tdwi to” basde bas & adtbaune mapas 3M 
saltost eed so.bavot gow. 8. somites teo 

intr OE teense Be ahi ge ah : eit 
od} awore OF .of @ideT — hee tivpoe to brooeh we | | 
aolistsorss ot ga ibirooss be feet ‘Wed: ea get tooo to ib Diwat : 
a a ea Mae t (90h fs } ; _ -ateod To 
err ee hi i | 

ae ih ‘h «5 / 

Ot) ane ing akc BNI ae as We 
ER a a) te (i) SP Gh A 


idan haeeneiaenaeeetetaeeinientaatns iamemaeimnenenmeaettane J nor et nem ee cinamenrtniedinme arenes ee ee 

' = . im ’ ; s rt > 2. tae T¥an 
ae tnepeetion___“Ribes. Fapsasie Feen| 

<-~-mvenf DES ance From | 
; te aves |Aibes te 
No: Tafected ins 
In- Tare fee= 
gis sy tde nlgaan tea 


comininameteede ee 

a See 
ret F “38 

See EIN. | 3 ing 
Pi Stevens County was te thelr a scouted. Pines eccur 
F the northera part and in tt areas on the eastern portion. 

> No.l shows the — 
se State association 

h aaansiteneneted eh eee 


: x . 
4 ) 

: | , 
Tes = 
: ' ; : 4 ve 

‘ | [Ry Lae 699} 9 
uae : ' Ty ewe 37 f 
a | ' Yaht J 

: ' : 
a = ee ea oisht ete them thcenpa Ref SBe ib * LB) u ae 
eae fo bal. : (2,012, 4 of 

Table’ Wo. 21 showe that R. petioleare was 
localities not ageociated with white vines 

by Detatis of Ribes fufection: There te give Silo 
\ detailed descrivtion of each of the teo Ribes infections in 

ou | ie tact petites fe 

% rd han f 


ai ini any oe chee 
niwe tier 


oy, MATOS) wt font ) Brak 2 oot Feats 

‘mort eoned eid _ftotito ani sedtt 
__piot gedit }eevesd’é ty %o | faew elim Oat 
-a1| betsetal ehdek Mine | {oe 
-oot 19qj)° +01) .0n 
tached ydd e08 bahsache hat 
leentt)  eentt 

iy ¢ ¢ ee t Pax tings 

uf haa aaa AMR oa 
OEE agri owl ig ia ren 00 ‘bod ivaer © 
a Lo oath irae $i cop says bea 


lea " 
pie ta aba, By. 

on a) baad te on ols : ; ' | 
< aero - ietoote ie M 4 

NK " 

nono. for dud ' Com hi 

i Le 

eitvoy svedtica att gino. 
rs te bud Soo 8 av apayee acatod? -2U 

ito .8 erate te oom tt. oft Lae.ecrsaanel 
mie res ne bie Tee Y bows un sedan othe 

th Stee 

ig os alder fi ne ml 

peep a? nc prone %e wt Tenet 
eke TO 

section "| Distance from, 

% Leaves eee. to 
: ates |In- | 
No. re per |fec | 

Exem- | fec- Infected Heal thy) ted 
ined ited | Bush tines. |Pines 

0 are 
soqeriae 1° bprmgooit. % 
| Oo x 
6) Pa | 
> Oy fant | 

oo uo Se006 |e 

of Nelson, =. Ri, i ems % | 
comPable’Wo. 11° shows that R. petiolare was found infected at two a 
localities not associated with white pines. _ 
Tabi « 

jribie) Sob Details 6f Ribes infection. There is given following 2 

detailed description of each of the two Ribes infections found in Stevens 


a mort eg Amie 


=9et =f 

bet ut Leak betostal “a 
228 id) a 23 


y roofet —— 


sai a peiv.a 
o. 1203 pal x 
~- 0 jSé suse cere - ii 
i pe QO. j8f i aa 
& jSf0,S) 


owd ts bedostat boot sew etelolies .& tad? eworle tr -olf oldet 
,pentg ot ily dé iw hbetatoosas ton neti taool 

# anivollot mevig at ered .sottostet eed li to alisted “ 
eceved® at bacot encitostai aedif owd eit to dose to ashiqiserad bottates 

>» Meme: - MibL Creek Infection. Inspection No. 9 

Pcs ada Location: On Mill Creek, 6 miles northeast of Colville . 
on road to Alladin, Township S6N., R. 39 Es, Section 26-— 

lMeslthy?* |) | 7 Ribes inspection: 4 G.inermis, 4 R. Tacustre examined. 
--Wone found infected. 105 R. petiolare examined, 3 infected. 10% of leaves 
‘e¢banfected per infected bush. Infected surface bearing 1% uredinia, 99% 

: Ba: \telie. 

7) Insp. . tors: Training crew. September 10, 1927. 
ay potion | mteme Situation: Along swampy creek. Wo pines kmown for 
124 1 — 


~~ yp pe Remarks: “This infection voint found on of 
scouting when néw men were being - val oe oi 

| [Fin ~ ee | 
\Infected ; ak ay 

| Ribes I Inspection Wo: 19: ‘Stevens County 

, Pines cS ie a a ‘ 

Heslthy | . . Lecation: bout 6 mfles southeast of Colville, Wash: 
‘ibe? miles southeast of White Mud Leake on McDonald Road. Township 35 N., R. 
\¥o yHRS., ‘Section 20. ‘ ' HO Ts: 


Ie bes Inspectors: Hornibrook and Lindh. September 14, 1927. 

infected | . : 
| ~cow-b--oo- Pine situation: No: white Dines known for severel miles. 
a ee Sate hee Pas mse Fatewante-cmifimrenctanny: rill BP = | Said, - inne ) 

| | | Ribes inevection? Biemined 85 R. petiolare, 1 infected. 
99% of leaves infected per infected? bush. Practically 100% telial pro- 

| duction. “Infected bush partly defoliated.. Leaves on ground heavily int 

| fected. ) Ms " ) . . 

| . Oe 
D. Results 6 | in Southeastern British Columbia 

' a. Record of scouting performed. ‘Scouting by the Office 

‘ei peof Blister Rust Control in British Coluabia ‘was limited to that portion . 
|e ~) of, the Province lying close to the northern border of eastern Wash’ ngton, 
. Ideho and western Montana. The results listed in this report include | 
i those of scouting in September and also a 2-day trip made in the vicinity , 
o.° Soar Nelson Bee in ar y duty for the purpose of familiarizing Federal 
y reconnaissance créw leaders with thé avpearance of the rust in the field. 

_ Table No. 12 gives the results of scouting in southeastern 
British Columbia elassified according to association of hosts. ie 

Oe ei: Saal 

a a 

= es a ole ve. 
2 eae ae 

he RIE at RT A 2 424 

@ ,oW sofssegeat noid otal or Mh EM iomeui 

efliviod to tesedtrom ae Lim, d-yxootd LEM av ieteeood 9 fuy len) 
-€& moldoo® ,.% C8 .2 ..WOS qideawoT .oltbelIA o¢ beot mo 

mys e OF todmetqaé eweto satdies? igtotoeqenT: hea td | oes | 

tot aetet venie: ol doors ymewe ecole ‘go ttabe ra . tte oh 289% ded 
“tps \egi o grit i ee paette of90/2" 
ue i bodawtal , aad Xa: 1, Bog ane “D4 4 pi | #O ey hd 

oi] pent iudat ye sdaok 

| ~bedootat & yf ‘pi = @@f avr ote t hawt enon” | 
am rotmbhery Rf jahean eagtive Setactar -deard hados nt 1eq beroaaaet in ag 

Lent il ac henntinnnesnote seem nim rindi ~ ee biot j 


i a. ~ a eee. es esd? ik) 

Yo yeh dettt 0 bawo® dmiee sete oe Wats ) ; oti Seed | 
yf c phon nent oTow n wen rete anitsrooe 

yi i at 

yanarod arovede ‘21 co sottoonaat Pos waramemss sone 

| a. | ae} 

Hest elfivlod to sesedtuee seftm 3 ‘tured snottsoot . |. aie EE 
AU GE citenno? ener et no erie “4 a? idl to teaerdtsson vuttil ganar 
a | ‘on ty 08 mottos? , .€ Pe oat | 

% a wont} 

SRL ,BL tedmstoe® .dbald bos sont terest secant bs ' 

209 Tt Astevez 107 srw onc aentg otidy oF sagitout te out ees 


2% ora 
petostat I ,ossfotteg .# 88 beatuaxt \aatonaed sl sedih i sneae! 
-o1g Isifet KOOL ylleatinet’d » .dewd bedesial seq betoetat. sevael to Ree ostet) 

“att Ylivesd bavorg m0 peyaed saeistinae citar san bitaatg) —petaant, nett) 

rRetage® LBs Os} 
re ele n | i 

sadeciod eattent stodasasn 20 gone to ai of 5 ) 
solttO ods yd gaitmone ben oi ite hrooe sl va “a 

molitog dadt o¢ betimif aaw rma date. xf 
oatgaideeW otetese to tehiod mioddton ‘edt oF evolo gaiyt eontvord edt To 

@byfont troget aldt mi Botail et Inget eit. pS cate ose BI ; 
qilnisty edt a¥ ebem qits yeb-S 2 oafe bas xedmetqe® of “to exodt BEN: 

letehet gotsitetfimet to seequrr off 10% ylol ylause ot .0 .€ ,moalel to 
‘bfert edt mt dau ond, to, eameteeqqa odd, By maeherh Reto enngaaiannooet 

: 2 
‘ieons Tov walt tlesor 

sistessdigoe al antisooe to et Ireet ‘ont rev ig "er" of ‘olde? 
,esaod to colts jnonea a, ieee deepest gebeastod waniend 

ee * 
atid PAKS =o no kig be foNo RID hy wit ab 


fable Ho. 12 

inst sis of Scout Briti h Col 

It<isve ; ’ Tams. + J _' : 

vated Tea garrests: were found anteated in @m thaaste ro British Colunl 
n the lease o} Peay taepection “'""Ribee Ins pect on” ste stonce from| | 
at twolpointe] 1: CARREHS}+ OR WISE pAarecyen Migs raawes bes Te 

No. of iNo. Infected | jin- 

Ass6cia~°|Iaspee! a 

2. dint per chemo | fee- 
tion ©! jStien | ef. ~ ~|tec-| tafectea| Heal thy| ted 
of Hosts {Pa inte) tned | tes Exes {Species ined | ted | Bush Fines Pines 

Papi tsent kets scores | 
to, “£587. pple: a 
66; 0 ste i 

ee eer ae | 

t ' : 
Ta fei we eS | 

Padabant ooa aa But =500 

R. ~ comey _15 


bedootnl| -on| 

~os%I AS phar 2 SNL eh + oat 

had wid Teo | Sedoetal ~oet “anit ii 
perth) Reet be. . 

ie te 

Sriewed | oy {, a re 


Six c See es <tc lee niet aitart tain 7 

BETAS the s@outing in nertheastera Wachingts rust ' 
on R. viscosissiwun and &. inereis eomernhat Tene ing the liad 
of blistez rest, al though r 
foun’ sine Itetsvevident ‘teen: abl e:toe) 1geynae: aeny Re vatered and eulti- 

owated fed currants ‘were found infetted in soubhesstern British Columbia. 
“In the ease of cultivated ‘red ‘currants, they were found infected only 
at two points, in direct association with aatocted im: nigrus. 
Table Ho. 14 shows the me 8 
EB. Ribes Infections Found in Interior Section of British Columbia by 
Office of Forest Pathology, 1927. a > 2 

Table No. 13 gives in sumary form ‘the Hibes tnfections found 

in the interior section €f Bri Wish Rotini; 1927. 

sashes 5 

Sumn of be Infections Found office of Forest 

1% Bushes | 
Points jaxamined |Infected| Infected | 

aies ee Ot 4 thine some 
: Oreille: ler 
a | +4. 
County | Mu igre 49 4 1,874 1,297 

\iInfection “Wanber | Number (% 

hudsonianun 6.1 

(5.Pend 7) (Br (ert eee 70 9.9 

|4-Fend : 5 | 38.4 
rei re . esas ; hee 

| 2°tecosissimun a 26 | 38.3 


| | Hetenntie ab hice 

L_ Cows y . [Potat( ; £90} -4,040---} 1,600 -| 39.6 

*There were actually only 90 infection points found, although the total 
in column 2 adds up to 116. The discrepancy is due to the fact that at 
several points two or more Ribes species were found infected at the same. 

The northernmost Ribes infection found was at Summit Lake 

approximately 375 miles north of the Internationel Boundary, where one 
R. huddonianum was found infected, out of 24 examined. 

F. Discovery of an Unknown Rust on Ribes 

4 AR 3 

af * 

~18 eo ban mrty fh i -Vtke dune bron ele Ree Fabive etal. | | 

eidmyfoD detdin&® oteteseedison at betooetat Savot eiew eiaatiss bet had . 
Yio Hetootat hoot view yest) ,ataptis, bet betav iso to easo ent gil 
geaaie % 4 boyootak dd tw folds Louse doottb ak , 2atator ows ts, 

‘ js ‘ 
FONG fi 08} 
iL: PAE . a 

vd stdaw foo debit 2 
iio welt to! 

“bmrot srottyetat Pica ont “nero iewee’ wr STN STAT aon meee een 
seed stdux tod Ap tthe ui “aa ee " treat lens Bh, 0% 

er Ba eigen a | ert rer dod t8 
y! rere) 
teetel To ebftto xe bait acolsbetal cae %0 2 xaamae phe 

S88! i sidamfod dete 

"wedeot 3 i ted torr f 
D9? 2e%nt | betes Ber 

eg Yr 

oom 4 

¥ 4) 

| | Pe eu (yee 
fates and sgrrodt le basrot efatog aokisetak Oe b rae yliasioa vad etedt* 
is tjedt tot odd of xb’ atyonsqetas tb edt .ait of 

“eee edd da betssiat ban e1e% porte ged ti stom a wat ae 
tae | ) 

eied tiumwe ie sw hayot nb tioatad: dears eommxed#t00 oat 

eno stefw ,yreboood Ismoltisntetal edd to déiom eethm aY8) ‘yletemtxotage 
hentene a as iso ,botoetat hovot - masisekieed 3 it 

ns war) eet to i a oe seve I i, ane 

i ene yi ie i iy ‘ y s 4 - ¥ th AL 
ey hay oy ee ee team aa) NA ed sa a ra 

During the scouting in northeastern Washington, a rust was found 
on R. viscosissimum and G. inermis somewhat resembling the uredinial stage 
of blister rust, although more gramular in appearance. These spots were 
found singly or very scattered,on one or. few leaves on very occasional bush- 
es. All specimens found weré sent in to W=shington, D. C. for identification, 
The identity efi this: rust,hae,not.been determined... 

Table No. 14 shows the,locations where this rust wes found. 

Gonts of Seouting for BistaBaMeNer bosons Seon! 
Inland Binirs @¢élngive ? Wowk = Ban tenh. nena 

~ Record of Locations in Was 

UE ERE PE Ribes was found in September, 1927 

: in Aeepsportation 

““{2(t- each Young pine 

Q@ .. | (0-10 years) 

{within 25! 

af oes is Infected bush- 
4(1-3 e2))es within 10' 

6 D.. ef road.Poplar 

- (nearby “heavily 
__- | hit.Pine(20-40 
©. #3 yr.) within 20' 

; : " 31 OY o.-*) 
43E|.5 |R.visc| 14 ee 1 
42E/SEz|R.vise; 31 2 | 2 R.visc. semi- 
“PSP TR. Yae. 2 oe | 0 abundant, north 
. exposure. Loca=-|_ 
ted in an old | 
| burn. Heavy de-j| 
|foliation has 
| taken place on 
iR.visc. | 

st| 35N) 435 S¥+| G.iner BM: fecerr' 1 “jene extra- 
. ;, j large pustule 

Of] g@o 
a) bey 


P-wen? Fy 

onete Ietotbeus edt gatfdmrer tetwenoe alevent 2) bos 
eiew stoge ered? .eonsiseq¢s alt telemeata etom dgwodd ic or a a: 
fivod Innokeacog Yiev so geveediwet 10: eno go) hbasetisoe yrevetol¢igate bavot 
ititiadbdaehaiil atv +0 U>gmotgaiddeW of at too exe% basotoenemtgscantiavisge 
1 yy} sbemtunedeh seed son: padedent i¢tsd Yo ybtdcebt eat | 
, Kee yay Nd he HOLGSIOORRe FORT fm ae ,Bt a LGC wud +2 f j 

bore? Bow tert enti veda anoltsool ane vic pg nil vom oidat. 

“sr : ot side 

12 “od Ra. outs nt 

ptismall (| 
ontg gasroY |§ 
(etsey OL-0)) 
(GS oll d bees ; 
dand hetoetal |. hstw Rel | bro Re 
'OL otdd twee wry 1) ac", i peta 
sfiqol.bsot be eee ae 
Stveedt ydisen lO 
penta ee te ao = oa 
os aiedint — NED. © | re | 


~fmea .oatv. fy a» 
gion, taabmrds| 
S90] .STVBOTKS; : 
Blo om ai be? 
ob yveet .omed) ihe 
acd notdeffor) i te 
i) eoela goaded. 1 7% 

s92l¥. ‘cn 

sintera este l 


| hisw etedt* 

y ‘ 4 
y he ee Hy \ ©: 
: ad ~ & 
4 ‘ 2 : ema Fer Oy 
of ach af 3 HOA ED $3 ; Uohe £ 

beat sew waked cod ie rug 1) ems into Biome 

. od z " r “ ‘ a allt as bat ee o ey atpare te 
a EO eae viire ® isa ah. eae Oe de nari eel oe pelt 
ron iteotedal vwaid Yo Aerem anlta Ve bein SEX OTs 
“ ‘ ** ae ey an a yet 4 ® 
hor tones AS te dave :Setpetel homer wow lige nue £ ake ie An men 
rye " ip ie@ mee eek) Ne a tal wVS¥E OS Hy 4 
201A oo Sous Re oe! cme ho Yrevooelt 4 

Tehis We. S 

IV. Costs of Seaut: ng 
able io. SB fae we he ut of seouting Wy » regione. 


~ z 
Clas#ified Ascordtac psoot 

1 ee “Table. . IS 7 

laesoci-|Bo. of| t Wumber oer | _Nmmber 
, ie, Fi rensportation i Exe o- | Infee 
ss e eee Subsis- een} hato to Other liiseel-|. “Grand 
2 [tence [2-7 ber mile. 

‘Travel |laneous | fotal | 

1.50) 184.02 | 

sa [a ate elie 

/ The cont of “ar per man 4. | Px. 

\ iTotals7s 7, DEC 

} : 
Pines | “oes watary - 4182.50 | = $4. 12° bia ty. or F $88.6 0. per month. 
|Heal thy) 75 

jRibes | Average daily subetstence - $706.28 _ 82. 57 

» it - .r ms 
| it feoved) — = . a —- i- —-- i. BIS2:: > a = > ~~ 
(Pines i a \2 eps Ba. | 3 nei infeeti n $4 lerw a « 

Inf. ' j 30 7 VY 2 Samar (Cul cur-| 
jRibes | ; | sutstty & goose) 1) 1 
: ; Tota) 
tw niz ae wie & 4% DE 

Pines “Mable No. 16 dots ine results of. ‘it ‘ddbrittng Seetarne, 
yale according to jessoctation of host. | | 

; oe & ; rrmecus 4 
‘Heal thy vises “ 
' : ; oa ; 
/ st 
: o. re 
; : ae 
} vul twee ° ‘ 
| ltokal * 
- a Se =~ = Secret 
= — “<r a ~~ ~ fo ae > ; : ’ > 
ee | : 

t oe eae et Be Riri $ paduod a Sea 
fs Ss) 
BLES wy ho % Why. bay Delta : N's oe 
! vy f i] "eat thas oy ty. fk ht ae 
my Fh Ch f _ 
| 7 Pie  teery totid ts 
* ry a Y “y i ; 
; ’ ERG eT! To's te Sexot 

AO? rembowe sok Tho le wey 

ono er w preven to" Bteoo oat bette Batioute NebMirehs wt 

ai | —aeHadietea | 
~~ bret wi i 

Ee e Ba {2-5 = oo. sem ‘Teg palivoon to Fees oc? 

hires Sh ae 

~ oll stom ted. 08. ast to ,yeb neq | ‘St. ee ~ a2. s8, 1 + vate ageveva | ne alae 
OT Om., Tos bi (es nt" y op. BS.0088 Py soatstnte tsb corierh Ifber0 

iy a uss 

i avs ¥ 

PPT ote . mapa Sy ; 
f : ; HUSK) Wey ea cht a 

| | | 
' ‘ 4 Xismmye .V¥ nebie o ; 
sh Pe blot | i aieoH to mo e tooash x oe 

aa ped tre” ag spaltincink “Eis to sk a aaa Bf om & f 
icine -anihiae't ateod to moatoouss of, an throcoos ooeeal 

Z 3 y vy * N 
ances eiie call plea atintcretinander nies. eek setae ell doles Brie eehenven Hicks ali tase ot UE tole $B a 

e a — —p——— te ~ “a + paeel 

> ~ : 
ie 3! | = =| 5 

Se See 

(2 ( ee fag “i | ; 4 My 

Total Seou ide 5 rr poaed -Sumuer, 1927 We srther Tgzho 

Worthens te: fd Nae lngton, sad Adjacent British G lumbia 
| Cae 1G: 

LIOR Hosts 
ig: i } : ; | ' ; ; 
rE L —— - ee 

co pe Tagine ra evection | 

vee | | Cankers | Leaves| 
Associ-|No. of Number jver § | Infected | 
~—+In=~ | In= | per 

Hen fec-| Infected | 
Species. ined ited | Bush | 
rie, = 4 
1 i 

-| fec-| fected 


0 0 
R. petiolare 1,2 0 0 
G.inermis 0 0 
G.irrigua 14; 0 0 
R.yisci. 1,748) 0 0 
R.lecustre-- (2,886; 0 Me) 4 cus 

Boose, I$ 2h 0 




R. petiolare 
G.inernis . 
R. aqpetre 

roma Soe 

a eo ee er a 


ra tte tad . ee 


ee 30 BER Tec ae 
betnetat | redi 
ve; (besa 

| Ot) ee i 
botootal | -90% ~mexd |. ‘ aa | 
dent) betjihenk) 

3 CF ALE 4 Toe Tra ee re 

ra ee ee, mene Snes! | Mareen stare peers ; 

; : 

; YGo- morte Ler. rf 0 ie Mi. 
10 qa@s., 1). eieletion. f° cee: ea Oe 
0+ |883 |: eternect.) 
) REL | OS eeatart Oy 
Call ftoeiv. a 
4888,8). eatenoe l.8|" 
40/9 bet. t fy 
ih, Frat sie Bs 
Tho fad of : 
oe ea Fe 
4 arent. 5 

a Ses 

ifs ORG SoA 

* ¢0m ce 
st bor. 2 

22003 % Jagat) 

ary him. 
8 jae oipieiter.A| 


starrent. 2 rh ¥» 
| pera ixtt.O) 

— f£ 

etdenvoe [.# 

awyretars . A 
: sa jestoece,dt [0d 
Gj 8ya,é fadoe 
ef eos | mtgin. fi 
| @f 886 | erelotten.H, 
; 2 je alurent.D | 
Oo [8 | entevosl.# 
Lapse i jOLL jmotoege.t In 
(Beer [ie i] tego] 

emote yo hettieseto gatisoos to et iveet eid swore of .ot efter 

umugng *N °K 
gaodey Twnuay L761 

ee ee ee 
oe etd hl a i I SES 2 A a Ls OR 
betel GL ee ee ee 
me pepe pat Pra ete Eo ee 
saeares epee 
eff soe aaa at a 
i eae al ree Ean ieee 
= — | ny mth ae gh a ee 

mt Perppe 
ke SS ai r ae eal Pe 
aaa one 

Poaceae me Tat a smenaset 
: seqty| seuy 


No Pe a tah Ree es -op-mortheastern Washington. 
Wo pine infection a was found not previously known to 

fan. following isthe memersudue of understanding wader the 

terme of waiBibes infection was.found Jocation in Bonner County, 
Idsho, on G.inermis. 


Ribes infection was po gonadal paren: te ret ive 

pb sty. Tnfeation {a a0 
ats ints o 

a priate eins a  GaRGOR AGE ICUL? 
 Selabive to 

te Ba ata es adjacent .to eastern #ashington Ribes in- 

fection was found at eight points on R. nigrus, sand at two of these points 

on cultivated red curragtetirs Jay 3, 19274 

- Vi. Gomelusion ._ 

raat Phe tease ve arly favorable for the spresd 
of the sease was at several points on Ribes near 
Leddieaemakantisthenaneg ur dnanhhins on Ribee =ssoci a- 
8 ae ie ers PEE be expected that at seversl of such penny ok 
infection will enter the pines, and #ithia two years infected pines - 
be located which: becsme infected in 1927. 

(3) Inspeot plan’ shipments te supplement. blister rust querantines; 
oot). Gonduct experiaenta in contral rssenacierance exc Leceal Kibes 
eradication, demonetrate the practical application of centre] prectices, 

anéd-chtein deta on the spread of tae rest; end 

(3) Goordinate control activities af the several cooperstiag states 
end agencies by furnishing regions) Igateredip and supervision, ang to 
provide aaployees and the cooperating agencies with blister rast subject 
matter aad technical information. 


(2) Pee the salerics and oxpentee and dbreot the work of ons or 
more nen who*shall, @uriug the proper season, inspect plant shipments for 
vielation of blieter rust quarantines; ‘ 

(2) Wee ite regilar exuployees; so far ss theiy other dutics permit, 
end diract-theit work in systematically locatiug and destroying oulti- 
vated tlheck currents; scouting for white pine blister rust ani inspecting 
mYreeries for this disease; and 

(3) Underteke guch destruction of shite ping or Ribes i 
euon @afercement of atete lawn au muy be necessary for the e 

mn ies qf blister rust control vork 

‘8. onzoon_e1 STATE BOARD OF FORESTRY ‘agrees to, 

‘(B) Wo ite regular euployseu) a6 far ae their other duties permit, 
Mieally locating sana erpdicating cultivated black currents, 

@r white pine Pileter rust and assivting the other goeneratine 

. (am carrying out the activities enumerated herein, 

Mar oe 

a em 


-todgnideeW atetesedtiom to ofsbl at Sayot sew noftostat ent off 
ot swond Verotemn gon Snv0% esw sidmylod deitind at mottostat entq of 



sYdar0d tenmol af subs ana eno Js bawol eaw nottoestal eedif 
-atorent.D no ,odabl 

evit ge notgnidesW otsteceddien at bovot sew moltoetnt eed ii 
owt de Bos ;ysnvod negoned0 ai statog owt de yysawod yr19e% at etntog 
bavot eaw sovanidesW mtetesedixon mt noltostal .ysmrod amevet@ at etntog 
ts bua j;atmient :) a6 atmteg seidt ts j;e1slotteg .f no etmtog mover ts 

-ntee teooe tv 2 ao satog sno 

-al eedif notgoideeW atetese of sneoatbhe etdorlod dettixd ol 
niatog seenit to owt te bas ,awigia 2S no etaiog tdate ts basrot asw nottost 
-ednetwo bet betsvitioo so 

sotewfonod .1V 

bsetgs eft tot eidetovet yfusIeotixisq esw TSCL to mogsee ad? , 
asen godt mo atntog fe1evee ts bovot saw oaseath eft .temt oft to 
~stoosea eedifi no seltilfsool renfto ynem de bedetxe easltdwob bas ,sentq 
-etatog dore to Ieteves is gst betoeqze od of ei 1 .ventq déiw bet 
senta betootat exsey ows oiddtw bas ,sent¢ edt t9tme [fiw sotsostat 
»TS@l at bosoetal emeoed doinw betsool ed biyode 

v , 




‘The. “following. Ae. the memorandum. of wedanehandéec: under the 
terms of cmuich the work in Outuen is ougrat sed: 


effective eon between 
relative to 

Co cooperative | White Pine Blister Rust Control Bork in Oregon, 
| ) “Effective Suly»1; 1927; 

ix sat sae-bendenienirebtba-r 
_(1)- Pay the saleries and necessary travel expenses of one or more 
cmeherens who shall conduct such work; 
_ (2) Aesist;in systematically locating and destroying cultivated black 
currants (Kibes nigrum) under state authority; 
ne Inspect plant shipments to supplement blister rust quarantines; 

(4) Gonduct. experiments in control reconnaissance and local Ribes 
eradication, demonstrate the practical application of control practices, 
and obtain data on the spread of the rust; and. 

.e(5) Coordinate control activities of the several cooperating states 
and agencies by furnishing regional leadership end supervision, and to 
provide employees and the cooperating pasnetes with blister rust subject 
matter and technical information, | 

a) tic 


(1) Poy. the salaries and expenses and direct the work of one or 
more men who shall, during the proper season, inspect mes shipments for 
violation of: blister rust quarantines; 

-© (2) Use ite regtlar employees, so far as their ounér duties permit, 
and direct their work in systematically locating and destroying culti- 
vated black» currants, scouting for white pine blister rust and inspecting 
mrseries for this disease; and 

(3) Undertake such destruction of white pine or Ribes in Oregon and 
such enforcement of state laws as may be necessary for the effective pro- 
sequels af. ister rust control work 


a) ory its regular’ dabvoyensi $6 far ws their other duties permit, 
imisystematically locating and eradicating cultivated black currants, 
scouting for white pine blister rust and assisting the other cooperating 
agencies — Am carrying out the 0 aa sammerate’ herein, 

. of: 


7! toktostat eaty of 
telxe 5 

odd soba gutbusterebay Yo mubastomem edd af gatwollot od? 4 

M ‘1 yRegtaagto ek goget0 AF stow eff doidw to amres 

i aa oF But a a “0 no . wtla.b - 

“od ovitalox pay 
weed dlenelnattalnent rorog ta toate’ —_ satan svisete o 

a B ie Ayo. @ae Soldoet 
+? rt ‘ iG “-< by s 3 #9 7 ia tera * © 
852 a4 wr yivt avisestan ak f 
own sit SU AIN9-2++----- ‘ 

orton 10° sao 0 ) soatoate acaih optaeeadeatinds.| wetentéd Hnab ean apate 
(0 Joo) (vow aiose daabaod [ladacédw ase yefqme 
tosid print satvorteas cori gattsool yliadttanssayé at ddteea lg)?! 
pybirodise esate nebay (axrgin aedit) ejasito 
' spemttaeteup tet cavatte tasmelqque od estmemyide taslq toegeal fs 
aedif [ec0l bas eonseatennovet [orgaos mk ainemitegxe torbaod (2 
weoltisaiq fortnos to soltisoliqqs [esitestq edi stetienomeh ,solisolbate 
bus ;te01 efd to bsetqa edd no stab atsido bas 
getste aattereqoos [etever off to aottividos [oréaos eieatbtoo) (8) 
od bas ,aoletvieqra bas qidetebas{ [anoigo1 gaidetniwt yi setonegs bas 
tostjdue dant tedalid dtiw eetonegs antisreqoos edt bas sesyolqme ebilvorg 
ssotsaurotal [solatoet bas tet ian 


to exo to axow edt toetif bos eseneqxe bae seiteles adit yeu (f) 
tOt atnoemqisda mabe teegent ,morsee teqotq edd gntish ,ffede odw mem atom 
;eeniinstayp vast tose iid to moidvsloiv 
-tisisg eettubh ais tied? es ist oa ,seeyolame rslsget ati eal (8) 
-fifive gafyoulseh bas gatisool y[lsolismetaye at aiew tisdt toerkh baa 
gaidgsegent fas tai totetld eatq ot tow 10% gativooe ,2tastivo dosld betsy 
hos j;eaaeeth aids tot eatreetan ; 
bas sogerO af aedif to eatq stidw to aoltouttaeh dove oalsirehbal (8) i 
- org evitoette edd rot yiaeeeoen of yam ea awat otate to fisemestotae dose 
awrow Loxtaca fast redelld to sotsuoee 


-ttorreg setivb rendto tiedd a6 tat of , 200 Yo Lqine aeivgot att ca (f) 
inert aosld hetavidine gatéeothate hae jaool yLiaotiameseya at 
guttereqoco edie odd guidetess baa tawt tedel. pow s edidw rot part 
evi besotinessaian aolitvitos | | 

—— oo 


(1) Examine all specimens. oeneabel of being infected with the rust 
sent in by the field scouts and others and keep necessary records of such 

(2) Assist, the Bureau-of Plant Industry , through the College Exten- 
sion Service,.so far asrpracticable in.educational activities necessary 
to the effective conduct of the work; . 

(3), Furnish the, state leader in serge of blister, rust control work 
in Oregon —_ office sanen as is necessary for. shin senaveping his 
works Lteret*> c Beyildi 


E, ie’ 18: ; 

“() thee abeane ton: may. ve herntaebets byneither party by written 
notice, and may be amended by written mutual agreement; 

(2) The cooperative plen Of work in this memorandum will be followed 
as being the best method of control of white pine blister rust in Oregon; 

°(3)\ Alle official records and reports,.of work performed wider this 
agreement shall be open to inspection by any or all parties to this 
agreement, that #11 findings eof blister rust made by any party to this 
agreement shall be promptly reported to all other parties to this agree~ 
ment, and that all specimens, collected by any this agreement which 
are suspected.of being infected with blister rust shall be submitted 
promptly to the Bureau of Plant Industry for final determination; 

o(4)- The. results of the cooperative work may be published jointly, 
or upon: mutual agreement by either cooperating y, due credit being 
given tothe coopereting agencies, 411 manuscripts therefor shall be 
cri nentete by the pannoreténc’ perbiet: > before Pee heercat; fee: Fe sth form 

5). parrot by, t Bureau of Plaat Bieter are contingent upon 
ti atetinn efor by Congress; and no funds of the 

United States. 16 apes expended in compensation for host plants @estroyed 
in control work; 

(6) For the Fiscal Year 1928, the Bureau of Plant Industry shall 
contribute, in value approximately $16,000 to the support of the cooperative 
work, * and. the Oregon State Board of Horticulture approximately $14,250, the 
Oregon State Board of Forestry approximately $7,000, and the tt 
Agricultural College shall contribute in value epproximately $1,500; there- 
after, the amount. to be contributed by each shall be determined and agreed 
upon by supplemental correspondence, 

Date: eM Signature: 
July WS yge7F I er s. A. Park 
a hes pPseR a4 dent, Oregon State ieard of iertiowture, 
July 13, 1927 (s.) F. A. Elliott 
State Forester, Oregon State Board of Forestry. 
July 13, 1927 (8.) S. M. Zeller 

Plant Pathologist, Oregon Agricultural College. 

q Aug. 5, 1927 (s.) K» F. Kellerman 

Chief, Bureau of Plant Industry,, 


test edd atin hesee tat gited to Siduaanae anemtoe qe Sfe estmax® (f) 
dove 20 ebrose pres aéoen’ sede besa ‘wtedito bite ebcope: ‘Beit ont wd at tase 
Hh Gog Ay ew ee sidealeaeried 

-netxE egelfo0 edt deyworsdé , cisunhat taal’ ‘to panes eld boieta (8) 
yrseaeoon aeitivitos Tanettesabs “it aldastingrq es xet oa ,eotvie? cote 
oqwtow old to toubaoo ovitoetie end of 

arow LOttaod! tact tetekid to. ‘aetna at sebael eteta oft datnusy (8) 
eid _ atric Bley a 3 fl Lyrae pen eth as Pooae teed Mowe are ak 

aa ‘3 a fj 

ait WE AREAS Ree. alli _\ .atow 
“hy * rah) wy i ee? “ Tes 
. Lak: - f Do 

PP se = aide wiatie pr hednlltetad ed Yom ae ‘els? (t) 
jinemee ye [auiaa asiiirw yd bebaome od yam bas ,sotton 
hewolfot ed {fiw avbasromen eid? of Arow 80 aelq eviisteqoos eit (&) 

jmogeTO af taux tetelid eatq-edidw-TteoLoraeo- to-bodiem deed odd gated as 

aid? rebas bearrotteg a10w to attogqex bas ebioosr Letottto LIA (8) 
aidt of wettzeq [la to yoacyd motsooegank of néqe od) [fede Vaomserga 

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—9etge aidd od astitaq tedie [ia of Setzoqes yitquetg: ‘ed@2lade" ¢heheorgs 
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for Festinsloiy enggoctate Patholocist 

Lime Sinden rust rie she dis Sreiwe is ‘poth Fedeviat and state. 
The reapoeter Rust Office of the Bureau of Plant Inaustry maintains 
an offices in Room 234 agriculture Hall, Oregon State College, Corvallis, 
Oregon, ‘The ‘chief ‘azencies cooperating with the Bureau of Plaat 
Industry are the State Board of Horticulture, with headquarters in the 
Fitzpatrick Building, Portland; the State Board of Forestry with head~ 
qaarters in the ‘Capitol Building, Salem, and the Oregoa State Colleze 
at Corvallis; Oregon, The United States Forest Service under agree- 
ment with ‘the Westera Blister Rust Office at Spokane is also a cooper- 
ating agent) “Besides these are other agencies, such as lumber companies, 
the public schools, and many —- citizens throughout the state. 

‘ ~ The fovlowine: epett covers wéxk done chiefly by the Office 
of “Blister Rust Control, Bureau of Plant Industry, é 

Educational Work 

A trip was taken in Jamary to southern Oregon. fire Wardens, 

pref Fruit Inspectors, County Agents ani teachers were interviewed 

blister rust subjects, Blister rust talks illustrated by lantern 
sit s were civen in Roseburg and ashland to high school students, I1l- 
‘ustrated talks were also given to botany classes at the Oregon State 
College, February 7 and 9, and to the Biology Club, an organization 
Consisting of members of the faculty from the Botany, Bacteriology, 
Zoology and Entomology departments of Oregon State College, and some of 
the» Corvallis city physicians, on February 15, Other educational work 
‘Consisted: invan address to the Fire Wardens in Salem in May, delivered 
by Es M, Hornibrook, in the absence of Mr} Goodding, amd in interviews 
with County Azents and Fruit Inspectors during the quarantine season, 
both spring and fall, — 

ois For use in connection with letters of inquiry received, for the 
letters to Fire Wardens and for the use of scouts and others, a new set 
nad an and answers was prepared, 

> During ghai year 270 letters were received and 750 sent out, 
euhtediaes those sent to Fire Wardens. Of the 270 received, about 25 
tattone: wore requests for special information which was supplied. 

“Including the sets of “Questions and Answers" sent to Fire 
Wardens, and those distributed by Nursery Inspectors, and those sent in 
reply to requests for information, about 750 copies were used, 

» £31 | ; 

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egelled eJad@ aogetQ end bas ,mols? .galtbling fod iqad ed? af etettam 
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diow iscoltteonbe seid) BL Yrewtdet ao | eadatoteytd: ‘ydis. atliewrop odd i 
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“@S avods ,bevieoet OTS add 10 ecobtal @ttt ‘ot “éa0 — 
sbatLaqos Baw Rolie eatemney fatosqa 1a ae “eter etettef 

eri% of dase "etewass ‘Ge imoltaeag® to etee eds a!hafeat , ha, ech 
ai duoe seodd bas ,erodoeqen] yreasl yd boimdiatath seodd bag an ist 
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Suresry 2 nd _querantine PASSES sak 
the soure Fs 
the merankine ponetine vie in fae, sata tg started off. with 
Fang nt attempt to stop the importation of red flowering curraats | 1 
from Washington, aswell as to check up on the shipments of mursery 
stock carrying quarantine violations. The state is to be commended 
on its efforts to cooperate with our office on the bridge work. 
practically all of this work was done by the state officials, signs 
were posted on both approaches to the bridze and men at advantageous 
positions to | Cars | currant bushes, Zhe bridges in 
Hood River county were cared. for by the toll collectors who were 
deputized by the County Fruit Inspector to intercept and destroy 
red. flowering currants, The state did not supply definite data on 
tas are, of Vidletions intercepted, but it amounted to about 100 
SKS the blister rast has spread to many points in ~ 
_ the state considera,that a further attempt to intercept red 
az currants will be & waste Of money. ~ 

Warsery iaspect Was carried.on during the spring and fall 
in the quarantined regio s of Orezon, “A check was also made of all 

nurseries throughout the states 
a summary of this check be. dem im she. Colloming table. 


mense nde.of white sine await? ' a1 ue ets 
agaessary to enve then RBs, Ors 1 aroads of ster rust, 

“ation 18 Oregon ia uneertain. ie Large commercis« ot es of westhr: 

‘ the best of my knowlédze only five nurseries, viz,, the 
Orenco, Carlton, pik Hom-r Brixey and Brooks Nurseries, made 

application for PR to ship ko end gooseberries, All of these 
are in the quarentine tone, Most of the nurseries in the newly . 

quarantine portions of. the, sate 8 eae dsscoatinaed or. expect. ie dis=. 
continue the.gale of. ede higpiobll _gposeberrics,. - a 


orl usual. quarantine ‘regulations were maintained at Portland 
and Pendle The, results, ef, their work is reported elserxhere, but 
not in the ren report. : 


moltcegen! on isazanp Aes yreszet 

Agiw tto betiate ‘galige odd 33 “abtedaaall ent dnetaup edt 
a; @toativa aulrewoll bet to soliettegmi.edt gots of sqmetia Lever ond 
Yisstm to eiaemqide edt mo qe aigedo.ot aa Liew se ,notaatdes® mort 
Sebsemmos ed of ef etate off .anottaloty enitasianp satyrtes aoote 
sitow egilad edt ac eoltto two déiw eiateqooo of edtotie ett a0 

asgie ,eisioltte stste edd yd emob iaawialiow eid? to fie elisositeett 

evoegsisavis 34 gem has eghiad edt ot sedoszorqges dicd ao beteoqoetew 
ah gegbind edf ssedeud dastiyo gatyi1ae wise teeotedat of snottizog 
stew odw erotoel{oa fet odd yd 10) heise ete ytasoo. tevla. book 
Yottesh bas tyeotetal of xotoegual sinwi ysawod add yd boaliuqed 

ao tab etiatieb ylaque tom bib eiate ed? .4eiaetwwo.gairewolt. bet | | 

QOL tu0ds. of ‘botawoms t4 Jud. ,betcgeates¢ai esoitaloty. 0. 19dau8- edd 
ak adalog Yosm os beenge ead dent tedeild edd ed: sysbave, ene go 
bot saetpaney ed of a8 cm tedstut ¢@ fadt.exebienoo state. ed? + ¢a03010 
| acai Yer plone 80d LLiw: catenin “aadzanes3 
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, > abtede odd. drodgyords. selteetas 

s@idad suinerset old af Aoedo, ata? 0 Yiemmye olf 

an a ihe aa cag wi cinaliclarietla pon ho walt pom of): Peete “Ye 

ebam ,selteatui exoord bas youlta tomo ,etseyatad ,notiisd ccemtee 

eon? to [1A ,veitiederodg bas’ tonto gkde of es lwteq vot gottacticgs 
 ¥fwen off ni eelteeiwh edd to teow, seaoe’ enlicatanp bLo edd oi sts 
walb of toegxe ro hernitwovwlh svad Siete’ ont Yo enotetog saline tanp 
(ep eting saoem Pe steer ine to eise edd euaigaoo 

Lope ai be homs 

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dud ,etodweale betroqe: af drow thety to eV Loesy edt © emens siseil iaak 
: attoget sogex0 adv al ton 

unl etis ambaE ML 

EE ——— 

In the course of the mursery inspection, establishment of 
inspection points, and inspection for blister rust, some plantings of 
cultivated black currants were located. The following table gives the 
results of ‘this \workg °°. cades, 

Ecolo “Eradication Pro ects 
le General Discussion 

Unlike the work in the Idaho situation where there are im- 
mense stands of white cine awaiting the saw, and likewise the proteetion 
necessary to save them from future inroads of blister rust, the sit- 
uation im Oregon is uncertain, Mo large commercial stands of western 
white pine exist, and the sugar pine stands, while extensive and 
valuable, seem remote from attack by blister rust. Also when compared 
with California, Oregon's sugar pine resources are not great. If 
Oregon were not a buffer state, it would not be entitled to so mich 
consideration, ‘There are many important reasons, however, for under- 
taking extensive work in Oregon; * 

(1). Until such ‘time eas we abandon all ideas of preventing the 
spread of blister rust artificially, we mst avply quarantine measures, 
and if possible, prevent local and general intensification of the dis 
ease for the protection of Iiaho and California, 

(2) Orezon offers @ set of conditions wi ich may affect vitally — 
the blister rust situatien in the west, conditions of which we are 
partially or utterly ignorant. Let me briefly state a few of these, 

& AS we go south, our first stands of sugar pine occur in 
southern Oregon, and we have only meager knowledge based on 
the reaction of this species to blister rust entirely out- 
_ side its natural range and away from its natural conaitions - 
from which to predict the results when once the disease 
Teaches southern Oregon, . vi 

a oa be. Our coast wild black current, hibes bracteosum, has been 


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to dnomiatidates alien paren saa ‘te. eeis0D ade al 
{o ayniiaelg enoe Jen Netelfd Yo? noltesqun! Baw jedatoy hottoegent 
sid stein age yg Pee a ~—e WE tig eta atari aoald hetevid Lito 
sai O° a lL mepe gee ‘Yow Lyeet 

a dx Fy i fo ang 4, ‘ . * 1 
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ae a R UTA, eed d fd LD he 5 Me aie: eee wy” mn i e r 
“ Ss 0b au Way. a i cory eek ye 
; oy Fea 2s Ae iss ay Bae i lil ee it ae ne 
th LASS GS Bwreee % ons b; SF) 2 Aiea OR, Lae tT aes 
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motisetor, ed? eetwodll bus ywee edt galitiaws onic stidw to-ebaate: eenen 
the edd ,deut retelid Yo sbaotat otstot mot? meds eves od yisesosen 
svedeow to ebneta Ieatoremmos egtel of etlatieene at aogetd ai soltes 
ios evienstze elidw yehuste ealq tagye edd bow ,tatxe saiq edidw 

betsqao0o necdw oe ly secs nedekided desta | / stomet. meee eld. 
tT «.deow, fom o7m eeotsoRNer snkg ane a! moze i gwintorsiad, ds ty 

doom os of boty tine fm ‘fom Blsrow #£ ,edede tetiod a jon o1]en nm 

ew tebas 107 ia cBORROT tastrogme: Youu ors. sted? Caotdarebiagas | 
- "Gnogst0: at stow ovisaelxe 7 

odd aaidaeverd to eaer ites onuabe ‘ow ae wits: Nowe” Ltrs = a4 
~setwesem ealiaetaup Yiqga taum, ow eVWieloitieas desi aeteild to es 

~elbh edt Yo dotisoltiensial feronss bae Level trevety Malionion WP ah bi 
¢ seiniotiie® bap, odect to aolyoesorg odd Oe ense 

MTORR net where x eee a wake 

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aie ow dotviw to enottinnos yteew ent’ at fautie dost meterid ‘odd 

eoaedd to wet # otats yitelad om Jed. sfaatong. xiteday to Mite a 

ab aurdao! cate “ioe Yo abagta Yexrt 0 Rc Of OB. ow ak i. pbonere he 
“a0 boxed eae ‘qegaom YIno ov rr eddie pott frie pr 
-tuo Ylorltod tent Tetatid oF gone vn” Yo cokvosen edt © : Pane rie 
addtéionos lativar atl mort y eanet feted eet ebte yam 

eesosibh edt como aonw at ee fie? ‘gotbery ot dotdw mov? 
20g S10 geen noe sedaaet. 

ae cress Ss bc Bae ae Mgt PIM 

need atl , mip oat ‘ard ead Lx ih Yuiitd? bit fe 30. 1) Cie 

XP 3) 

See ee ee ee 
: co ee ee 


the chief offender west of the Cascades, Today we know 

too little about it ecologically and otherwise, There is 
no more reason for studying it in Oregon than in Washington, 
bat it needs further investigation, 

ce, Oregon offers a great variety of Ribes, most of which 
are associated with white or suger pine, the ecology of which 
we know practically nothing, and of whose reaction to blister 
rust we know nothing, Among these Ribes we have some species 
which ere never leafless and which thus offer conditions for 
overwintering of the disease and uredinial spread not —_ 
north of Oregon, 

(3) While west white pine-is of little commercial importance 
in Oregon, there seems to be abunflant reason for believing that it will 
become commercially cestoten dn the future in both natural and 
artificial reforestation if it can be properly protected against blister 
rusts : 

(4) he sugar pine in southern Oregon mst be protected for the 

values at stake as well as for the protection of Galifornia, and the 

date at which this work must. be started on a large scale is not remote, 

2, Work in Previous Years 

The only work done in Oregon prior to 1925 was extensive in 
the extreme, Black currant eradication began in 1922 and has con=- 
tinued through to the present, though it was nominally finished in 1925, 
In 1922 some scouting which had an ecological bearing was done in saste 
ern Qregon, and during the three succeeding years, some data was 
collected by the scouts looking for black currants and those looking for 
blister rust. In 1925 Melis and myself did some scouting in southern 
Oregon preliminary to establishing the eradication plots near Prospect, 
and in 1926 a very general reconnaissance was made along the crest of 
the Cascades, All of this work revealed the fact that Ribes are abgn- 
dant and that much information on their ecology is needed, 

S- Plan of the Ecology Work 

ne he. C29 hyo 1 al lal ER ed LS GL CRT APIS oe pelt 1 9 ie” 

Since it was thouczht best to do some ecological work before 
going into any general eradication, a plan was formed for combining 
ecolegical and eradication work on a small scale, In the Ribes studies 
areas of sufficient size would be eradicated to determine the probable 
Value under different conditions and with different species of Ribes, 
Also a series of plots representing different conditions would be staked 
for study during a series of years, In the section where eradication 
Was done in 1925, checking on a good scale would be followed ups 

Mere ee 4 

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et aredt .eetwradio baa yileslgefose ti tuods efitil oot 
—fModgaldes ai sedt goge10 of #i gatybodte tot nceset stom on 
etolsagiteeval tedéiwt absex dt tad 

datde ‘he ge eed ia. te Ydelusy dae paianati aug i PaO. | 
dotdw to yaolepe ‘yotlg Taggye 10 odtdw din be: Tere als a ae oti 
teselid 68 aotteae’ seodw to baa” rgaldson YLisolisetd wordt on mr, 
eelooua omoe evad ev e6dIf eased? Bdoml ~~ Qaldtéa woud ew 7 ; 
tot ebdlsibges derts ended dotdw haa aes ltael qeved #16 ASldw | = Fi 
aw out “#60 roma Taintbots bus Saseetb sat Yo Sarverntereya’ ir Font 
sratogetd to 4 ddton  ggteset 

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fiiw $! godt gntveifed tol moaset tasbaude od od ameee oreds yaoge10 af 
bas fawten dtod sf etafst od¢ at sasitogat YLiatetemmos emosed 
sogeiid “ee hetoetorq ylreqotg ed aso $f th coltateatotet Iatoltitas 
a But 

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ad? Soe ,gtatotils> te solisetotq edt 201 ee Liew ee edete ta have 
-93900% Jon al slaoz vgtal.e ao Seitaia ed dams atow aids doldw Js etab 

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ioc aad bas SSC al adged sobtasiiats doetive doslg pcre ate 
*aser a bedelalt yllantwon sew $i dawoddog¢aesetd sid od awoids begait 
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) ao0 etab emoe  etaey galbessoue serdt edd gaiteb bas ynog3e12 ate 
103 gaideol eaodt dae etaariua apaid rol yaldool steode ‘add yd betoolloes 
atedives al gabtsooe smos bib Beeys bad el foM O8CT al tert retail 
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io deers ond gaols sham caw eonesalwanoos1 LIateney YISv & SEL at base 
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aainidmos 10t bse ot gew nelg a ott ddiber 19m yas otal antag 
sokhute asdif ad? nt ,elsoe' [lame «2 ao Mrow aoftss | bas ‘Lasigolooe 
_ oldadoxg edd ontwredeb of ‘heteotiers’ od ‘bivow oxte ‘trefotttire to eset 
sedi to eetooga dactesTtlb ditw Soe erolttbhod Yrorettib ebay ovlev 
betlata od blow amotsibnoo tnorstiib gattmeaetqe: atolg to eeiten & cel, 
nottsolbere erstiw molsooe sff al ,etaey To eelten * Rafiwd youts 10% 


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<=: —- 

4, Location of the Work of ; SPericetion are ¢tabclaten be 
‘The area chosen for the initial work is located in the. 
a) Mt» Hood. Hational -‘Borest in.a. planted, area, P This offers an.excellent 
»reband of pine and a set of conditions. typical of vast areas * cut~ 
over, soe Wonpedr over ‘Land im.the Cascades... > 
“ghe second area is located near Prospect Oregon, This is 
typical of extensive areas of suger pine and has many of the species 
of Ribes constantly associgted with-the sugar pines in Oregon, The 
checking of the oldueradication area also offered opportunity to 
study the results of eradication done in 1925, 

IGG TR [posites es ease ae of gealenr' aod eradication plots, 
scouting and aaissance ¢ both the regions above 
mentioned | and. a te Detriaty BF Hrebieatusk. gut northeastera Oregon 
ent cil . &o an 49, 295! }) TRF Te 7a. 3. ; ; " c / 

pear, wet, ‘plots were laid out and eradicated.” 1% addition, 
olen ates ried out in connection with several of the 
ecology p “this. eradication is icing in the report of the 
several ecolocy plots, 

tom par wen—day 632,35 

; re, i : 
Eradication Plot Ho. ls 


yThis.area was laid out on a so outheast-facing slope in the 
replanted area near “still Creek Comp, = is. area aloe aa $ Ome steep, 
rocky hillside, and some swampy, wet rou 

we 2 be f 

This was the first area for eradication that was laid out, 
and it included different types of conditions that the various species 
of Ribes might be studied, Om the higher slopes, the species were 
mostly Ry sanguineum, and in the lower, wet places, Re lacustre 
predominated, with some R. bracteosuiy 

Several small ecological plots were laid out in the area, 

The eradication work was started with a crew of all new men, 
and for this reason a portion of the work had to be rechecked, 

For the most part the crew was run with four men in line, 
and two checkers, The work was carried out more with an idea to very 
thoroughly cover the ground, rather than to show speed of eradication, 
For this reason considerably more time was spent then would ordinarily 
be. necessary for like conditions, A total of 115 man-days were spent 
in the eradication, The areas comprised 30 acres, making 3,8 man- 
days per acre, 


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: té No. 
results: of 
As will be noted from: the” a EL these bushes are nearly 

all old bushes, “A few seedlings were fount of Bs) lacustre and) Re 
bracteosum A few 3-4 year old RB, ingum were found, but no 

‘seedlings of; thet. ueperheter, The size of the! ‘bushes made eradication 
rather difficult, = a ee ee : ae a 

Su a} 4 5 

feragicntion s are, tabuleted below, = 

- 2 1 7S “ o-- = 28} 

| ow et 4 ’ \ . ; 
> ' ve . 4 os °°, . was > 
FOR ne eR CEE RR OS te = - perm an we «memes meh a ere ha eee a 
5 os . ~ =? =| " 
| Sem a be im te Ves Le i 4% 
[oo ee rere me on ee. Summary of a Vee Sie wr ay ene ~ - 7. 
oo + 2 4 2 
‘well £ Bt . P & , ~» | 2 : a 
? - 3 a . . } 

WO. Stem Per Bush Per Acre 
iesang, | 412] 13% beasts] a5} S0e 8]. 15.7] hiss 
Re lac, 12,547) = 80 }- 49,295) 7Ol'’ 25, | 78.2) 1,645, | * 
PAST 252| 7 |. 5,078] "S| 20,4]