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Full text of "Peggy Lou, queen of the shows from the home of champions / originated by G.W. Wilson, gladiolus hybridist."

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Historic, Archive Document 

Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 




Queen of The Shows 
from the 

Home of 

■ Champ ion 

!✓ I B R A R 

Originated by 

. <W. <WiL 


Gladiolus Hybridist 



Apricot Glow X Emily Aubrun 

(81 Days) . . . The greatest show sensation of all 
time. Thirty-six firsts, specials and grand champion¬ 
ships and Award of Merit at Maryland Trial Gardens 
in 1938. FORTY-THREE blue ribbons alone at major 
shows in 1939. Best basket, best vase and longest 
fiowerhead at several, many seconds to own firsts. 
Rosette ribbon for best recent introduction at two 
N. E. G. S. seedling meetings in succession. Big pure 
pink with rosy cast. Commercial growers are stocking 
heavily now. It would take too much space to give all 
winnings here. You have all read or heard plenty 
about this great exhibition and commercial glad or 
seen it at the shows. Our prices this year will interest 





























100 . . 














Janet X Minuet 

(69 Days) . . . First year exhibited 1939. First Mahon¬ 
ing G. S. against six entries of Minuet. Second only to 
PEGGY LOU in recent introduction class. First Ohio 
State three spike commercial with four entries of 
Minuet in class. At Wellsville, our vase first and the 
six judges voted it the most beautiful flower in the 
show taking the McIntosh Memorial Trophy. At 
Sioux City first from No. 3 bulb. Our bulblet planting 
made 80% bloom in 1939. Light pinkish lavender, 
delicately ruffled. Beautiful made up in basket or 
corsage. A good stock warrants a neat cut in prices. 
(L., $1.00; 10, $8.00.) (M, .70; 10, $5.60.) (S., .40; 
10, $3.20.) (Bits., 10; 15, $1.00; 100, $5.00.) 


Morocco X Commander Koehl 

(70 Days) . . . Dark purple red with black sheen. 
Four inch floret, 28 inch flowerhead, 8 open, 20 buds, 
56 inches tall. Standing the roughest climatic condi¬ 
tions with the best. Stem always straight and strong. 
Difficult at times to get good placement, but when 
placement is good it is unbeatable in its color class. 
Shown six times only that we know of, taking six 
blue ribbons and one second to own first. (L., .60.) 
(M., .40.) (S., .20.) (Btls., .05; 12, .50.) 


Janet X Betty Nut hall 

(68 Days) . . . Rich smoky coppery tinted old rose 
with blue border around all petals. Small velvety 
cherry blotch bordered slate. Ruffled and heavily flut¬ 
ed. Extra heavy substance. Well liked by all smoky 
fanciers who have seen or grown it. Again we were 
unable to catch any shows with it from large bulbs. No 
indication it is no good, if it were not we would throw 
it out. For five years it has been our favorite smoky. 
Same prices as MALAY CHIEF. 



Morocco X Commander Koehl 

(76 Days) . . . One of the richest and most beautiful 
reds ever introduced that is a consistent field per¬ 
former. Clear bright velvety dragon red self except for 
slightly darker shade on lip in throat. Seldom a two 
lip floret. Double row placement. Five inch floret, 10 
open, 30 inch flowerhead, 25 buds, 70 inches tall in 
the field. As seedling under number took second to 
PEGGY LOU at Pennsylvania G. S. 1937. Placement 
averages excellent. Strong, healthy, upright, dark 
green foliage. Bulbs very clean. While we have missed 
show dates with our planting of this two years in 
succession, we are p'acing our bets on it to go places 
from here on. If you don’t like JULES AMOTT, you 
just don’t like glads. Fine propagator, husky grower 
from bits. No. 1, 2, or 3 size, $3.00 each. No. 4, 5, or 6 
size, $2.00 each. Bits., .30 each. 


Dr. Bennett X Mother Machree 

(75 Days) . . . Here is a honey. Clear rich orange 
scarlet with small rose red feather blotch over yellow. 
Double row placement. Up to 12 open, 21 buds, 4 inch 
floret, 25 inch flowerhead, 52 inches tall. Fine propa¬ 
gator and excellent performer. Shown at three differ¬ 
ent shows in 1937 with only three large bulbs avail¬ 
able, took three blue ribbons as sdlg. under number. 
At 1939 shows, Mahoning G. S. first in large class 
which included four good spikes of Beacon. At Ohio 
State, first and second commercial; first and second 
recent introduction. Don’t pass up getting a start in 
this one if you hit the shows. Mr. J. H. Odell—“I 
think it is the most beautiful blotch I have ever seen.” 
Fine report from Legion Trial Gardens 1939. Same 
prices as JULES AMOTT. 


Commander Koehl X Pfitzer’s Triumph 

(80 Days) . . . No joke in the name, and one mam¬ 
moth that is a good propagator. Shown at four shows 
only, largest floret at all. Clean clear color, no flaking. 
Indian lake shading to rose doree towards throat. Lips 
creamy light yellow. Floret to 8/2 inches, 32 inch 
flowerhead, 20 buds, 68 inches tall, opening 5-6. Many 
have been waiting for this introduction and stock may 
be sold out early. If you fail to get it by not ordering 
early, blame yourself. No real mammoth has ever been 
introduced at such a low price. Prices same as JULES 


Betty Nuthall X Pfitzer’s Triumph 

(95 Days) . . . First and only time shown at Wellsville 
1939. Our three spike entry won the American Home 
Achievement Trophy. Being the first three spikes to 
bloom in our field we had no choice. One spike of the 
three was awarded grand champion seedling, taking 
NEGS rosette. Rich clear golden salmon self. Double 
row placement. Six inch floret, up to 10 open, 34 inch 

flowerhead, 25 buds, 68 inches tall over all. Strong 
stiff stem. Florets buckled on tight. Foliage strong, 
healthy, dark green, upright, forty-six inches tall. 
Bulbs very healthy and clean. Heavy, ruffled husk. 
Excellent propagator, bits, germinating easily and well. 
One thing to REMEMBER: plant deep or hill up 
when starting to spike as plant is so heavy it will tip 
sideways causing spike to turn upwards. You will 
want this one sooner or later, why not sooner? Prices 
for 1940 to be: Each, No. 1 or 2 or 3 for $3.00; No. 4 
or 5 or 6 for $2.00. Choice of sizes while they last. 
Bits, may be purchased ONLY with bulb purchases. 
One lot of 12 bulblets obtainable with each $3.00 bulb 
purchased for a further sum of $3.00. One lot of 8 
bits, obtainable with each $2.00 bulb purchase for a 
further sum of $2.00. No bits, obtainable without bulb 
purchases. Prices net. Bonus bulbs do not apply on this 


Commander Koehl X Picardy 

(82 Days) . . . Grand champion sdlg. at Wellsville 
1938. At Mahoning 1939 show in large—any other 
color—class, took second only to our APRICOT 
Model, only times shown. Light old rose self with 
cream pen line around all petals. Neatly ruffled and 
frilled. Nine open, 5 inch floret, 20 buds, 26 inch 
flowerhead, 50 inches tall. Double row placement al¬ 
ways good. Fine propagator. A real beauty if there 
there ever was one. One of our largest growers and 
cataloguers was very keen to buy this one at the show, 
lock, stock, and barrel, but it was not for sale that 
way. No. 1, 2, or 3 size, $2.50 each; No. 4, 5, or 6 size, 
$1.50 each. Bits., .30 each. 


Picardy X Commander Koehl 

(78 Days) . . . Grand champion sdlg. at Mahoning 
1938. First at Maryland 1939. Only times shown. Fine 
big tall exh. medium red. Seven inch floret, 20 buds, 
9 open, 27 inch flowerhead, 62 inches tall. Have passed 
several chances to sell this one outright. We don’t 
think it will disappoint you as a show glad. Same 
prices as JULES AMOTT. 


Mother Machree X Roderick Dhu 

(90 Days) . . . First at Ohio State 1939, only time 
shown. A distinctly new shade in glads that is appeal¬ 
ing. Orange heavily overlaid gray with bright velvety 
orange crimson blotch. Just seems to take the smoky 
fanciers off their feet. We feel safe in saying you will 
hear considerably more of this one at future shows. 
We used 98% of our spikes from large bulbs for 
hybridizing the past summer. Six and one-half inch 
floret. Seven open, 20 buds, 34 inch flowerhead, 63 
inches tall. Very well behaved. Propagation excellent. 
Same prices as JULES AMOTT. 


Commander Koehl X Morocco 

(90 Days) . . . First Penna. 1938 as exh. seedling. 
First Wellsville 1939. Only times shown. Big dazzling 
red scarlet of monstrous appearance. Exh. type. Seven 
inch floret, 7 open, 30 inch flowerhead or better, 20 
buds, 68 inches tall. Expect to do a heap more winning 
with this one. Otherwise not saying much. Just giving 
you something to think about. Same prices as JULES 


Picardy X Aflame 

(87 Days) . . . First at Wellsville 1937 as sdlg. We 
have been laying down on the job on this one. Am 
sure it would have several good ribbons to its credit 
by now with a little cooperation from us. Sort of a 
forgotten soldier in our fields. Was not going to intro¬ 
duce it this year but so many have asked for it we 
decided to hang it out. Many voted it the most beauti¬ 
ful flower in the show. Smoky old rose showing very 
little smoke. Heavy substance. Fluted and well open. 
Five and one-half inch floret, 8 open, 20 buds, 27 inch 
flowerhead, 55 inches tall. Excellent propagator. No. 
1, 2, or 3 size, $2.00 each; No. 4, 5, or 6 size, $1.00 
each; bits., .20 each or 10 for $1.25. 


Minuet X Picardy 

(97 Days) . . . Grand champion sdlg. and grand 
champion of the show at Mahoning 1937. Smoky 
light violet orange, cream throat blotch, good facing, 
strong, stifl stem. Six inch floret, 9 open, 21 buds, 27 
inch flowerhead, 56 inches tall. Fine propagator. 
Priced very low for its position in life. No. 1, 2, or 3 
size, $2.00 each; No. 4, 5, or 6 size, $1.00 each. Bits., 

.25 each or 10 for $1.50. Champions are not very often 
introduced at such a price. The pessimist will say, 
“Something wrong." “Wrong again—pessimist.” 


Picardy X ]anet 

(80 Days) . . . Shown but once as sdlg. at Penna. 
1939 taking second from No. 3 bulb. We don’t doubt 
but it would have moved up a couple of notches from 
a large bulb. Large cream with yellow throat and 
small light lavender feather. Nicely ruffled. Good tex¬ 
ture. Not hooded. Five and one-half inch floret, 6 open, 

28 inch flowerhead, 19 buds, 62 inches tall. Don’t mind 
telling you we know this is good. Excellent commer¬ 
cial prospects as well as good show timber. No. 1, 2, 
or 3 size, $3.00 each. No. 4, 5, or 6 size, $2.00 each. 
Bits., .30 each or 12 for $2.00. 


Tycho 7,ang X Paul Pftzer 

(86 Days) . . . Shown at two shows only. First Penna. 
First Mahoning 1939. Fine report from Legion Trial 
Gardens. Closer to real purple than most. Placement * 
ideal. Mr. Lins, of the Legion Gardens, says: “A very 
worth while purple that stood up in our very hottest 
weather.” Four and one-half inch floret, 8 open, 25 
inch flowerhead, 50 inches tall. Rides high in the 
purple decorative class. You should have a few bulbs 
of this for your show. No. 1, 2, or 3 size, $2.00 each; 
No. 4, 5, or 6 size, $1.00 each; bits., .25 each or 10 for 

All varieties subject to prior sale. Feel sure we will 
have plenty of stock of all our introductions in small 
sizes to meet demands. If you should want No. 1, 2, or 
3 sizes in anything herein described, except PEGGY 
LOU and LAVENDER RUFFLES, we would advise 
correspondence before ordering, as we are about out 
of these sizes in several varieties now. 

We honestly believe our big bonus plan un¬ 
ORDERING. Are you listening? With every $5.00 
RETAIL order for bulbs from this folder sent direct 
to us, we will include TWO No. 4 or 5 or 6 size bulbs 
of FASHION PLATE, and ONE No. 4 or 5 or 6 size 
bulb of PURPLE CLASSIC. A $5.00 value in bonus 
bulbs. The bonus will be duplicated on each additional 
$5.00 retail order from each customer up to $50.00 
order. With one exception, the bonus does not apply 
on orders for stock of TREASURY GOLD. 

Wilson creations are all good show material. All 
winners before introduction except two. All excellent 
propagators. No need for us to tell you the big head¬ 
ache come from late ordering. Many wait thinking 
they will get a cut in prices. NOT HERE. We plant 
’em instead. 

We don’t keep reindeers or whiskers, but we make 
Santa Claus look like a July 4th explosion with our 
bonus extravaganza. 

We have a very bad habit of sneaking something 
extra into orders that we know you do not have in the 
bulb line. Giving our bonus does not mean that all 
overcount is taboo. With a cockeyed squint at the size 
of your order we play ball accordingly. 

Be on the lookout in 1941 for our introductions 
APRICOT MODEL, a big live apricot, not a washout. 
First in large class at Mahoning 1939. Our PEARL 
NECKLACE was voted by the EXHIBITORS the 
most beautiful flower in the show. A big ruffled and 
fluted cream that sneers at crooks and kinks. Also 
large ruffled 6 inch light cameo pink designed by 
Pastel himself. 

Our customers all know we appreciate their orders, 
so why harp on it? We show our appreciation where 
it counts, when we fill their orders.