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scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 



Rie Order} yours early . .~ 

Depars, Ne 

From August until frost it is covered with “Tezrerewai/ 
powdery blue, fringed flowers. This shrub makes a small 
mound about 2 ft. in diameter. Foliage is slightly toothed 
and silvery green in color. 

BIOOIIfig SMe, PICT Sts a oscaccses Oe sckvhnctenrs tant Pe veeeen cane $1.00 

Plant Pat. No. 492 

Most outstanding new red flowering shrub. Bell shaped 
flowers of soft-ruby-red deepening to garnet-crimson. 
Blooms profusely during spring and early summer and re- 
peats in the late summer and early fall. 

10-24 ICI. -0 s Seeenes $1.25 ES pd (125 4 ohne $1.50 

New Dwarf Cherry 

“ . 

An improved strain of Montmorency, developed in 
Fruitland, Idaho. The red fruit is large, firm, fine flavor, 
the best of all Cherries for canning. Ripens about ten days 
after Early Richmond. The tree is a rather short grower 
so the fruit can be easily picked. 

TT Ned 1-1 epee lee a iy , VI a Pa Ee ONS ee Ae $2.50 


The ginkgo tree has been on earth since the time of the 
dinosaurs, millions of years ago. Its fan-shaped leaf is found 
in no other flowering plant. Because the ginkgo is resistant 
to insect or fungus attack, it is especially desirable as an 
Ornamental or street shade tree. The bark of the ginkgo 
is fissured into ridges of irregular shape and an old tree is 
deeply furrowed. 

Ais WEES Sees meant MEE inte t coy PEt ea bnpnes emanated vai $2.50 

Plant Pat. No. 538 
A new hardy very double pure white mockorange, 
originated in Minnesota. Unlike most other varieties of 
Mockoranges, Minnesota Snowflake holds its vigorous foliage 

on the lower branches, making it especially valuable for 
individual planting. Blooms in June and July. 

PrOTIGOL  wepcedinsteecot eres oaieo a teadtr ena ache roared $1.50 



CONCOLOR. A native of tht Colorado Rockies and very 
well adapted to the Plains and Central ‘States. The 
color of the foliage is from bright silver to a beautiful 
live green, varying with different trees. 

18-24 — inch........ $6.00 242-3 feet...... $ 8.25 
2- 22 feet..:....- 7.25 3 -3Y feet...... 10.00 
4- 5 feet or. ee es eee 16.00 

DOUGLAS. The fastest and largest growing pyramid ever- 
green. Foliage is a good deep green and disease- 

4-5) feete 2 eu: $12.50 6-/"feet.. 2. ae $16.00 
5-6 feet........2.00.. 14.00 J -BitGehi cores 18.00 


CANADIAN. Valuable for landscape use in partial or heavy 
shade, or on north side of buildings. Makes a regular 
conical form, tapering evenly from a broad base to a 
long thrifty shoot. Grows very rapidly and stands 

pruning well. 
12-1 Dench $1.75 2¥2-3  feet......$10.00 
2- 2% feet........ 7.50 3 -3Y% feet...... 15.00 


ADMIRABILIS. Long, trailing stems with upright spread- 
ing branches and dark green foliage. Grows rapidly and 
makes a very pleasing effect when planted on terraces. 
Loe eanich ee ee $3.00 15-18 inch............ $4.00 

ANDORRA. A trailing beauty of superb coloring. Low 
spreading branches, covered with finely cut foliage. 
Bright silvery green color during the summer, turning to 
mauve-pink during the winter. See illustrated folder. 
[PE da ata te ghee e eae $3.00 Lon tA me oinche ce. $5.00 
[5-1 8Aineh... 22 4.00 2- 2V2 feet........ 6.00 

CANAERT. An outstanding grafted variety of Virginia 
Juniper with dark green whip cord foliage and attractive 
bluish fruit. It requires trimming to produce and main- 
tain a formal shape. See prices of all Grafted Junipers 
on Page 3. See illustrated folder. 

COLORADO SILVER. Seedling form of the widely known 
Western Juniper. Silvery foliage, symmetrical growth, 
and thrives in hot, dry weather. 

27-3) feetzs... $6.50 4 -4Y% feet...... $11.00 
33 Ve teeta 7.50 A\a-5 feet... 12.50 
3 Vo-Awierteet ee 9.50 5 8-5 Vouteetien 14.00 

DUNDEE. Another upright-growing grafted variety of Vir- 
ginia Juniper which, with a minimum of shearing, can 
be kept a compact, symmetrical pyramid of moderate 
size. Its summer color is silver green and its winter 
color is an attractive plum purple. 

HETZI. A spreading type of evergreen resembling Juniper 
Pfitzer in habit of growth with silver-green foliage. 
Grows quite rapidly, stands shearing well, and makes 
up into a splendid compact evergreen. Often called 
Silver Pfitzer. 

18-240 inchs at. $6.00 OBO MY od 5 See! $8.50 

HILLBUSH. Natural habit of growth similar to Juniper 
Savin or can be developed into a perfect ball shape. 
The foliage is remarkably robust and healthy looking, a 
fine deep rich green color all year. 
$e 24 INC .ct ea. $6.00 2-22 feet $7.50 

HILL’S SILVER. Has very light, frosty blue foliage which 
is most pronounced during the spring and hot summer. 
Growth is compact and symmetrical. See prices of all 
Grafted Junipers on Page 3. 

~ath 2, ee 

JUNIPERS, Continued 

MEYER. The outstanding characteristics of this evergreen 
are its irregular habit of growth and unusual color. The 
leaves are plump, pointed and prickly, and of bright 
shining blue color. The foliage appears of different 
colors when viewed from various angles, with distinct 
tones of green, white and pinkish red. 

PH eT | gta pe oegeed Wu $4.00 15-18 inch............ $5.00 

MOFFETT. An attractive grafted type of the Colorado 
Silver, with mixed green and silver foliage. Can be 
grown without shearing. See prices of all Grafted 
Junipers on Page 3. 

PATHFINDER. Another grafted type of the Colorado Silver, 
which found favor almost instantly by reason of its out- 
standing silver foliage. See prices of all Grafted 
Junipers on Page 3. 

PFITZER. This is one of the most important low spreading 
evergreens ever produced. It will stand considerable 
shade and crowding, which makes it a great favorite for 
foundation planting, borders and in front of larger ever- 
greens. Color stays a deep blue-green all year. See 
illustrated folder. 

12-3 inch ee $4.00 2 +22 feet...... $ 7.50 
15s LS inch ye 5.00 242-3 feeti..-.: 9.00 
16-24. inchs. 6.00 3. +3.¥o. feet... 11.00 

PFITZER GOLDEN. An exquisite new yellow form of the 
widely known Pfitzer Juniper. The foliage comes out 
a clear canary yellow interspersed with green. It loses 
some of its bright color during the late summer but 
comes out again in the spring with the brilliant gold. 

18-24 inch............ $6.00 PEP Ao fh 11 | Peete $7.50 

ROBINHOOD. A columnar grafted type of the Colorado 
Silver with rather fine, dense, silver green foliage that 
does not require trimming. See prices of all Grafted 
Junipers on Page 3. 

SAVIN. The old familiar, low, many-branched shrub. Well 
covered with short, tufted, dark green foliage. Likes 
sunny location better than shade. 

ke-1Oe inch. $3.00 Pek a ts Sia fats eee $3.75 
18424: Inches faa Sb Ge inne tay: 4.50 

STUHR’S SILVER. A grafted type of the Colorado Silver 
that can be used to advantage where a slow-growing 
upright evergreen is desired. The whip-cord foliage is 
silvery green and very dense. See prices of all Grafted 
Junipers on Page 3. See illustrated folder. 

TAMARIX SAVIN. More of a low-spreading shrub than the 
true Savin. Juniper, having many fine needles of bluish 
green. Derives its name from the resemblance which the 
needles bear to the leaves of the tamarix. See illustrated 

15-18 \ linch.#.... $4.50 18-24 inchiee. ...e $6.00 
Le ORT ER Eee se or en Ne ene cape 7.50 


18 -24 inch ....$5.50 32-4  feet........ $11.00 
Zee e Ys feet... 7213 4 -4Y feet........ 12.65 
2¥2- 3 feet...... 8.80 4%2-5  feet........ 14.30 
Jaro vo feete. 9.90 Oi va teet. 16.50 

~oaft 3 ie 

JUNIPERS, Continued 

VIRGINIA. This variety is well known throughout the coun- 
try as Red Cedar. Dense and columnar, with bluish 
green foliage turning to a reddish purple in late fall. 
Used extensively in landscape work and also for wind- 
break protection. 

18 -24 — inch....$2.45 3”. -3. Yo" feet $5.20 
2 - 2% feet.... 3.60 3Y2-4 feet........ 6.30 
2¥%2- 3 feet.... 4.40 4 -4Y2 feet........ 7.40 

Extra bushy compact specimens of the above variety 
available in the following sizes: 

2 +-2\% feet........ $4.95 4 -4Y feet.....$ 9.90 
27223 10 feetv.c: 6.00 AY-5  feet...... 11.00 
ond Poteet reas rbd be Des a teeta e 12.00 
344-4 + feet... 8.25 5-6 © feet...... 13.00 

VIRGINIA GLAUCA. Often called the Silver Red Cedar, it 
is a grafted form of the Virginia Juniper. Its most dis- 
tinctive feature is the silvery blue color, which is almost 
a blue-white in the spring, darkening somewhat as the 
season progresses. See prices of all Grafted Junipers 
on Page 3. 

VON EHRON. An interesting variation of the Savin Juniper, 
and of extremely rapid growth. The compact branches 
are dark green. 

18 -24 inch........ $5.00 2-22 feet............ $6.25 
DVZCIS TOOT cvccsrconcececrscanreste ene etter Cee ne 7.50 


AUSTRIAN. Pictured in illustrated folder. Spreading 
branches with long dark green needles. Splendid tree 
for ornamental planting either in the background or as 
a choice specimen on the lawn. 

1o-240 8 inch... $4.00 25-3 tect , $6.00 
2-2 2 .feet.. 3 5.00 Sine 4ifeetii. ak 7.50 

MUGHO. Very hardy, spreading dwarf compact Pine. Fine 
for foundation plantings or used in front of larger grow- 
ing evergreens. 

LZehounchue ee $4.00 18-2400 Chae $6.00 

15-18inchea a. 5.00 2- 2Y feet........ 8.00 

PONDEROSA. Invaluable for solid backgrounds or enor- 
mous, spreading specimens on the lawn. Needles are 
longer than on any other Pine, extraordinarily thick, and 
of a rich deep green. 

18 -24  inch....$4.00 2%-3  _ feet...n: $6.25 
2 - 2Y% feet.... 5.25 ous Yorreet. =... 7.50 
3Y2- 4 Feat 2. ee eS Peek eh eee 8.75 

WHITE. Noted for its soft, light silvery green needles, and 
its graceful, majestic stature. It is extremely rapid in 
growth, hardy and dependable. 

18-240 Linch... $4.00 25-3, teets..d: $ 6.50 
2- 2¥Y% feet.......... 5.00 3 -4 feet........ 10.00 
4- 5 Feet oe Ce Ray Lee ee 12.00 


BLACK HILL. A compact little beauty, its thick foliage of 
dark green interspersed with blue tints. 

bi2- Banh. $3.00 bee TORT LL. $5.00 
18-24 inchits.a.. 4.00 242-3. feet.22.& 7.50 

COLORADO BLUE. The most popular of the so-called Blue 
Spruces. Like many highly colored Evergreens, this 
bluish color is a bloom or sheen—a sort of powdery 
substance on the outside of the needles; therefore, it is 
most pronounced after the new growth appears. 

18-24 _ inch........ $7.00 2%-3  feet......$12.00 
2- 2% 9.00 3 -3Y% feet...... 15.00 

COLORADO GREEN. Same as the above except that it has 
a greenish sheen instead of the blue. 

LS=24 0 inthe. $6.00 2%-3 feet...... $ 9.00 
2- 2% feet........ 7.50 3 -3Y feet...... 11.00 


No family of Evergreens has created such interest in 
recent times as the Yews. The reason lies in the outstand- 
ing merit of the tree in richness of color, which is main- 
tained at all seasons; the variation of form, the ease of 
training and pruning, the thriftiness of growth and the 
adaptability to various soils and planting locations. Yews 
are thoroughly at home in partial or even dense shade and 
will grow luxuriantly on the north side of buildings, and 
under the shade of other trees, maintaining their waxy, 
deep blackish green color. 


ANDERSON YEW (Taxus media andersoni) 

bal Sr inchie $4.50 15-18 incha 2a $7.00 
BROWN’S YEW (Taxus media browni) 

15-18 inch............ $7.00 18-24 inchaim@. 212 $9.00 
INTERMEDIA YEW (Taxus cuspidata intermedia) 

12? TStinch-:--seen $4.50 15-1 8:inchst223 $7.00 

1 Se2Avinchaciceterseaie terse ndkesvqadl eta 9.00 
SPREADING YEW (Taxus cuspidata) 

12-1. 5 inch... $4.50 18-24 ¥ inch 2% $ 9.00 

Be BC h a 7.00 2- 2% feet...... 12.00 


HATFIELD YEW (Taxus media hatfieldi) 

15-18 inch. 21— $7.00 18-24-inche.e $9.00 
HICKS YEW (Taxus media hicksi) 

2-22 feet.......... $12.00 22-3 feet.......... $15.00 

320 VAGTOC hea octet er phe tated ors es 20.00 
UPRIGHT JAPANESE YEW (Taxus cuspidata capitata) 

ZL YS TORU A sere ts. ee Pec AME TR wes ee ts $12.00 


Prices in this list do not include planting. 

For quotations on planting service and land- 
scape estimates phone 2-5454. 

~a6t 5 ee 



Save money by buying nice young trees and growing 
them into specimens yourself. These trees can be moved 
successfully bare-root, without a ball of earth. They have 
' been transplanted twice and will grow into valuable trees 
very rapidly. For descriptions of varieties see the preceding 
pages. See planting instructions for Bare-Root Evergreens. 

12-1 S°inch 25-7... $1.00 15-1 87inch® 222. $1.50 
12-1 5s inch) vc.-ceeet $1.00 15218" inch eee $1.50 
GREEK JUNIPER. Compact, brilliant green upright trees. 
Gal 2 ACU evecesscies $1.00 P23) Ouiicheaee $1.25 
TRISH. Silver-green upright, requires no trimming. 
12-1 5.inch © 2a $.75 15-18 inch. $1.00 
16724 ‘inch. 260) ope) A ee, BE per, 1.50 
Gol? inch... se.-- $1.00 12-1 5aineh tian $1.25 
Weed Belri iia bear $1.25 LS= Lier: $1.50 
be Ieee $ .50 15-1 Se inchiiveee $ .75 
18-24 inch. Aone 1.00 2=4 2.4 afeet........ 1.50 
9.4 Qulnch ppeticniced $.75 12.1S5tinchay 2 $1.00 
19-18 inches oSt....5...... 2 ee. eee 1.50 
9:72 inches af $1.25 12-15 inch..3-2:-. $2.00 
F mcd HITCH occ ve cet naascatcamncdseneaoresetoessiei <a Rea eee 2.50 


Dwarf spreading evergreen with glossy dark green foliage 
and large red berries in the fall. Will stand complete shade 
where all other evergreens fail. Available in the following 
“Young Aristocrat’ sizes. 

9.12 inch 2 $1.00 12-15 inch ee $1.50 

19318: inch) 22. ae ae eee a 2.00 

For larger balled and burlapped stock see Page 5. 

Plant Bare Root Trees Immediately 

Have your ground ready by the time your trees arrive. 
Do not expose the roots to the air. After unpacking the 
shipment, put the roots into a pail of water or thin mud 

and soak thoroughly. Take out one tree at a time from 
the pail; then holding the tree in place with one hand, 
fill the hole about three-fourths full with soil, packing 
firmly. Water thoroughly, and when it has soaked in, 
fill up the remainder of the hole. 

---<6f 6 eo 


EVONYMUS, Carriere. A low shrub with ascending and 
spreading branches and semi-glossy evergreen foliage. 
Orange fruit resembles bittersweet. 

Potted Plants.......... $.25 [BAS att af ets ORC GAM $1.50 

EVONYMUS, Patens. One of the most attractive of all 
shrubs. The bushy plants have glossy green foliage, 
brilliant coral red berries and stay green most of the 
winter. Excellent for north side plantings, but does 
equally as well in the shrub border or used as a hedge. 
12 Lanier ieee ences $1.00 JO=1 BMC ascent $1.75 

INKBERRY (Ilex Glabra) A loose, spreading shrub, 4 to 5 
feet high at maturity, with shining dark green leaves 
and a profusion of glittering black berries through the 
winter. An excellent plant for shady places. 

Pate Miers sar e') ss = 0 Weis eet Sees ener ieee Ce $3.75 

MAHONIA (Oregon Holly-Grape) An evergreen shrub with 
shiny large, spiny, metallic looking leaves which turn a 
bronzy red in autumn. In spring the clusters of yellow 
flowers are very attractive and are followed by blue 
fruit in June and July. Does not mind shade and has 
very Ornamental foliage for cutting. 

Potted: Plants ae = meintes she ote Tit oo $1.50 

JAPANESE HOLLY (Ilex Crenata) A very bushy plant with 
shiny dark green, Boxwood-like foliage. The glossy 
leaves are so profuse that twigs are invisible. Does well 

in light shade or full sun. 
b2- 15 inch Bi br are. oe ee Ot oF $5.25 

PYRACANTHA, Lalandi. (Firethorn) A most remarkable 
fruiting evergreen shrub. Bears attractive large trusses 
of white flowers during the late spring followed by 
brilliant orange-scarlet berries which remain late into 
the winter. A marvelous plant for foundation planting 
where soil is dry. Prefers a warm, well drained location. 
POtted Pl crite ti ene re alter t bay, $1.00 


BALTIC IVY. A most graceful vine with small glossy 
almost evergeen foliage. Perfectly hardy and a splen- 
did vine on walls with north or east exposure, also an 
excellent ground cover. Fac Gis. Ate $.50 

EVONYMUS, Coloratus. (Purple-leaf Wintercreeper) A 
trailing exergreen vine that can be used effectively as 
a ground cover or to train against wall or rocks in 
natural beauty. The foliage which is always good is 
at its height when in the autumn it takes on the rich 
colorings of red and bronze that are carried through 
the winter. 

Potted Plants.......... $.25 L2el Suinchis «dake: $1.50 

EUONYMUS, Radicans. An excellent low semi-trailing 
shrub, fine in either shade or sun. Its habit is a bushy 
growth with small dark shiny green foliage. This vine 
may also be trimmed into a small evergreen hedge or 
used as a ground cover. 

Potted Plants.......... 3:25 eR od Ed ee $1.50 

EVONYMUS, Radicans Vegetus. (Evergreen Bittersweet) 
A strong growing variety, with larger leaves than the 
above type, and producing bright orange-red berries, 
which remain on the plant the greater part of the winter. 
Can be used as a wall or ground cover, 

Potted Plants.......... $.25 ifs DRAIN Tg ed 9 mama ed $1.50 

JUNIPER, Admirabilis. (See Page 2) 

JUNIPER, Andorra. (See Page 2) 

VINCA, Minor. A trailing evergreen type plant, used ex- 
tensively for carpeting the ground under shrubs or trees 
or on graves, where it is too shady for grass or other 
PIGSHIT Sh rCC ti eset 2 Seer Pee hee idl hue uae fl: $.40 

—<6f 7 Be 


All our Roses are western grown, two year field grown 
specimens. They are well sprayed during the growing 
season and dug only when well ripened. 


BLAZE. Everblooming Paul’s Scarlet..........220..-----.---- $1.50 
DR. J. H. NICHOLAS. Everblooming rose pink............ 1.50 
PAUL’S SCARLET. Brilliant scarlet.............0000200000..... 1.25 
VAN FLEET JR. Everblooming flesh pink.................... 1.50 


BABY CHATEAU. Dark red blooms on tall plants. 
BETTY PRIOR. Large, single two-tone pink blooms. 
CAMEO. Shell-pink and salmon. Medium grower. 
CECIL BRUNNER. Sweetheart Rose—Salmon pink. 
DAGMAR SPATH. White, edged pale pink. 

ELSE POULSEN. Rose pink blooms on tall plants. 
EUTIN. Vigorous grower—dark red flowers. 
FLORADORA. New—cinnabar-red. Tall grower. 
FOLKESTONE. Tall plants—large rose red blooms. 
GLORIA MUNDI. Low grower—orange scarlet blooms. 
GOLDEN SALMON. The favorite low hedge rose. 
GRUSS AN AACHEN. Cream and pink— ideal bedder. 
IDEAL. Old favorite—small bright red blooms. 
IMPROVED LAFAYETTE. Large clusters cherry red. 
ORANGE TRIUMPH. Enormous clusters of orange red. 
PERMANENT WAVE. Rosy-pink with cerise edges. 
PINOCCHIO. Salmon pink and gold rosettes. 

SPRAY CECIL BRUNNER. Dainty peach pink buds. 
WORLD’S FAIR. Brilliant scarlet red flowers. 

$1.25 each 5 for $6.00 10 for $11.75 


AMI QUINARD. The Black rose, crimson maroon. 
AUTUMN. Orange, red and yellow, very double. 

BETTY UPRICHARD. Coppery salmon-pink. 

CALEDONIA. High-centered blooms of pure white. 

CHAS. K. DOUGLAS. Double bright red blooms. 
CONDESA DE SASTAGO. Yellow and deep rose pink. 
EDITH NELLIE PERKINS. Profuse blooming, two-tone pink. 
FRAU KARL DRUSCHKI. White hybrid perpetual. 

GRUSS AN TEPLITZ. Favorite dark red bedding rose. 
GROOTENDORST. Shrub rose, red flowers all summer. 
JOANNA HILL. Long narrow buds, bronze yellow. 

MME, JULES BOUCHE. Continuous blooming white. 

PINK GROOTENDORST. Carnation pink blooms all summer 
PINK RADIANCE. True pink, continuous blooming. 

RED RADIANCE. Rose red, also blooms continually. 

$1.25 each 5 for $6.00 10 for $11.75 

~aft 8 Yeo 


Everybody’s favorite collection ... see our illustrated 
folder for the pictures of these ten everblooming roses. 

Christoper Stone McGredy’s Scarlet 
Duquesa De Penaranda Mrs. E. P. Thom 
Editor McFarland Rowena Thom 
Etoile De Hollande Sister Therese 

K. A. Victoria Talisman 

Plant them early this spring, they will start blooming for 
you in eight weeks. Ten Everblooming Roses, only $11.75 

ROSES from either the Rainbow or Stardust 

Collection can be purchased individually at 
$1.25 each. 


CHARLOTTE ARMSTRONG. Long slender red buds opening 

TOL CEnse: DINK mr OL INO MAS) uw yc ee $1.50 
CRIMSON GLORY. Large blooms of deep vivid crimson 
shaded ox-blood red. (Pat. No. 105).................... $1.50 
FORTY-NINER. Inside of petals vivid Orient-Red, outside 
atraw=Yellows {Paty No) 792i es a $2.00 
HEART’S DESIRE. Deep red, exquisitely fragrant, beautiful 
tormuand textures (Pat: Now501).... ee $1.50 
LOWELL THOMAS. Long pointed buds of canary-yellow. 
Vigorous, bushy plants. (Pat. No. 595).................. $1.50 
MIRANDY. Large, long pointed buds of rich dark red with 
DIOCKs shui nOSam Omri, (a2). te ee eee $1.50 
PEACE. Creamy yellow edged with apple-blossom pink. 
Large double blooms. (Pat. No. 591).................... $2.00 
RUBAIYAT. Long pointed buds of rose red on tall free 
blooming: plants. (Pat, No, :758)..... .2eien 3ens $1.50 
TAFFETA. Perfectly formed buds of carmtne-Rose, reverse 
of petals is yellow. (Pat. No. 716)........................ $1.50 
TALLYHO. Deep Cardinal-Red buds opening to fragrant 
DINKADOOMISgIPOtEND Es 2 Bi. lite el ar, $2.00 
THE DOCTOR. Enormous fragrant satiny-pink blooms on 
DUSDYDIGMISE ane ees aS, $1.50 


GLOWING CARMINE, Fragrant flowers of brilliant carmine. 
PETER’S BRIARCLIFF. Long pointed buds of silvery pink. 
E. G. HILL. Long stemmed scarlet-crimson blooms. 
PINK DAWN. Perfectly formed coral pink buds. 
GOLDEN RAPTURE. Exquisite golden yellow flowers. 
MARGARET McGREDY. Continuous blooming; rose red. 
GRENOBLE. Beautifully shaped blooms of true red. 
PRES. HOOVER. Long pointed buds of pink and yellow. 


for several years. Plant them early and they will start to 
bloom in eight weeks. Eight for only $9.50 


Do not use Chemical Plant Foods or Ferti- 

lizers on new plantings of Nursery Stock. 
Recommended fertilizers for our area can be 
used after the stock is well established. 

~-9 ee 


Shade and Ornamental Trees 

BIRCH, European. Upright growing, white bark. Plant them 
individually or in groups of three and five. 

6-8 'ft,.....-.2. ATE aR od ten 2 $4.50 

BIRCH Weeping. Cut leaf, white bark, weeping branches 
Very ornamental. 
5-6) tty il ete $3.00 Gu 9 Ti eee eee $4.00 
FeS Ted cee a eek fhe oie a 8d te 5.00 

CRAB, Hopa. An attractive upright-growing tree that be- 
comes literally covered with large, rose-colored flowers. 
Very hardy and free from disease. 

S-AS TE eet $1.00 5 Git a ee eee $2.00 
ADEE LE: 1.50 6-8 'tfhie.)... 22m. 3.00 

CRAB, Redvein. Large deep pink flowers, red bark, leaves 
and fruit. Same price as Hopa. 

ELM, American. The most universally planted tree in 


5- 6 pe a $1.25 1Y4eel Vecinn ees $2.75 
6- 8 Ree ee ee 1.80 Ls) Sahin oe 4.50 
8-10 Lee eee 2.40 134-2 iriet:. 2s 6.00 
De AWD cit), Bias< Absacihe = Sen eci cate | canes as. ae en 8.40 

ELM, Chinese. Rapid growing tree that likes a dry territory. 
Veet dich MM nt) PUR NR Sa Be aL Ih 1 ae th $1.50 

ELM, Moline. A new pyramidal, vigorous growing elm, with 
large handsome green foliage. Being grafted, they run 
very uniform in shape and make excellent trees for 
street planting. 

Ose Bs Sts aie): $2.50 ldon2aniiit: cere $7.00 
Bet O ttre scare 3.50 2 were Va An aie tee 9.00 

GINKGO. See Page One (Unusual Items). 

HACKBERRY. An outstanding shade tree. Stands extreme 
dry conditions. 

Asti ee eee $1.00 6a0 Sti ae $2.50 
3 cr Oi teal. Beat 1.50 SO HAE ee 3.50 
LS oA rie ae ee sl Oe 5.50 

HONEYLOCUST, Thornless . Rapid growing tree, with deli- 
cate fernlike foliage of bright green. 

oo) O Tah eee. $2.00 6:8. .4t.4... Jee ee. $3.00 
OE Ft Rect, I CO ate ee SY als ee a 4.00 

LINDEN. A fine native tree, with large heart shaped leaves. 
Fragrant, cream-white flowers in June. 

2G ttt Steaua $2.00 6-8 ft eee | $2.75 
Sad DATE RT ede em ticks oac on eaaadaceiteev ack Sree ene ane ete Eetceet 3.50 

MAGNOLIA, Soulangeana. This is the most decorative and 
popular of the Hardy Magnolias, producing a wealth of 
very large, rose-colored blooms just before the leaves 
come in the spring. The blooms measure from 4 to 5 
inches across. Planted in bushel baskets for easy moving. 

MET age eee, eae $7.50 RE not d eee i wea $12.50 
BSW § Drege ty tae teehee alco Ral nek ptosis a nce 0 dete 93/4, 15.00 

MAPLE, Schwedler. This grafted hard maple has red colored 
leaves in the spring, shading to bronze by mid-summer. 

G- 8 Theis alsin stir oma ab ctpasicce Apbaps hain eee phecen et aan aaa a $5.00 

--#it 10 feo 

MAPLE, Soft. The fastest growing and largest of the Maples. 

8.) -1OSReit One: $2.50 Ble eee avin: ui... $ 6.00 
ate og ta Ae 4.00 ran Na eee: 9.00 
ROMA eee te ee 12.00 

MAPLE, Sugar. The hard maple that colors so beautifully in 
the fall. 

EPMO Car cehcstencers $2.50 Ga Ite, teecs ceeresteeee $3.50 
EE UES by Rage c et Yn gt ge ate 5 Caer a ee $4.50 

OAK, Pin. See illustrated folder. The fastest growing Oak. 
Leaves turn red in the fall. 

oS SM Rw Res aA $1.50 8 -10 ft. B&B..$..8.80 
SST AL RR ee 2.50 1Y%- 2 in. B&B.. 11.00 
nd bt Nag da ne 3.00 2 - 22 in. B&B.. 15.00 
GORI ay rete 4.40 24%2- 3 in. B&B.. 22.00 


Our biggest selling shade tree. Tall, slim pyramid, 
branching from the ground—the most striking formal 
tree for the landscape. Most effective in groups of 3 
and 5 or in rows 2 to 5 feet apart. 

PLUM, FLOWERING (Prunus Triloba). A profusion of hand- 
some, double pink flowers. Vigorous shrub or small tree. 

354 Off... eee $2.00 eS TE eee. weg $2.50 
PLUM, Blireiana. Reddish purple leaves and double pink 


pie CC t mere eure Oe oo ts aed le $2.50 

PLUM, Thundercloud. Rich bronzy purple foliage, single 
pink flowers. 

= TEE eS Ge ILE SON Eee ONENESS 8 $2.50 

REDBUD. Pinkish lavender blooms completely cover the 
branches before the leaves come out. 
£7 7 an I none $1.80 a RS PET RB ae $2.95 
Arnett: teecrtaal Ache 2.40 O-O/ ifthe OY 4.15 

WALNUT, Black. Valuable timber tree. Grows rapidly and 
produces large crops of nuts. 
- SEY MAS. ee $...75 Ae DETIO OS, atari, $1.50 
S24 tt it eat, te. 1.00 FO Ere. tlw 2.00 

WILLOW, Weeping Golden. Light green leaves, golden 
yellow bark. 
SA ar Cae. hea $.60 IWF 5 RENTER OTM $1.35 
oa ith 2 Pantone Gpltentonad ys .80 TESA 4 JEN DTMRE ioe i 2.50 

Give newly planted Nursery Stock 
a thorough soaking, once each week 
during the first summer and fall. 

-#Gt 11 bee 


ALMOND, Flowering. Double pink flowers early spring. 
oa Sha OFANCIEG acrecas ei dienacueetscnsneetecaeee eee eee $1.25 

ALTHEA, Red, Pink, White and Purple. Excellent for either 
speciment or group planting. Blooms in late summer. 

DA TC) ren iga tude saree yatiengs ca teh ceca dee tencecenett eee $1.00 
BARBERRY, Green. Red berries and coppery red foliage in 

the fall. 

1215 cin. Sate ee $ .40 15-1 O5inaaeeee $ .50 

= 5°": Nid |g Vek ilps ne a et eI nn Fs GenenA Late ing ie 65 

BARBERRY, Mentorensis. The evergreen barberry. Plant 
Pat. No. 99. 

LP al 5 Peer $ .90 Wia240 in scccstesee eee $1.10 

BARBERRY, Red. Planted in full sun, the leaves stay red 
all summer. 

L5al Bhiniaesc-cccsecs: $ .75 18-24 “inv eee $1.00 
BEAUTY BUSH. Delicate pink flowers, resembling Weigelia. 
Ih | ere Rome Mee UeRLl AE gan eR TE AU $1.50 

BUSH CHERRY, Nanking. Plant these for beauty and 
for fruit. In the spring, the plants are hidden by 
masses of white flowers; in the summer, the branches 
are covered with luscious red fruit. 

PE BY Ge ena \ AMOR, ir ue tie 3 $.75 
BUTTERFLY BUSH, Pink and Dark Purple. The lovely fra- 

gront flowers are beautiful in the garden and fine for 
cutting. Perennial shrub. 

BloomingeSize:Plants ere eee ene $1.00 
CALLICARPA (Violet Jewel Berry) Gracefully recurving 

branches covered in late September by masses of violet- 
purple berries that last until mid-winter. 

Bee aie rote aveekeccdct attics he adee ee tana ial cede oe $1.00 
COTONEASTER. Glossy, dark green leaves and black fruit. 
1 5 a TaN Uy Bib oicn Ge ME EN Ts BPAY et ak $.90 

CRANBERRY BUSH. Resembles Snowball, white flowers are 
followed by clusters of bright red berries. 

FST Ai oie porn het SENN One he TERR co $1.35 

DOGWOOD, Bloodtwig. Hardy, vigorous, upright shrub 
with bright red bark in winter. 
Pe Sg uennbnseier SUE Ac; WER 1. Nt oe JAR MERU ERS | $1.00 

DOGWOOD, Goldentwig. Same as above except the bark is 
a distinct yellow in the winter. 

AS Baty 8 aN ey ped bee AoC ORE eB i Aan aE $1.00 

EVONYMUS, Alatus. (Flame Euonymus) There is no shrub 
which will draw more attention in the fall than this 
compact cork-barked euonymus . . . the leaves turn a 
brilliant, coppery-crimson tinged rose. Easy to grow, 
thrives in full sun or partial shade. 

SoA Brae eee Me Ob Cs el ae ae dk PES PAOLO $2.50 

EVONYMUS, Alatus compacta. (Dwarft Flame Euonymus) 
Same as above except that its compact. growth, easy 
culture, and slow growth make it one of the outstanding 
shrubs for hedges as well as individual specimens in 
the garden. Ultimate height is only about four feet. 
Does well in shade. 
ant = ak | PoeentueeO Pea tnd Sc SS Oamge Mi rialy Oye ere Heb tny- na Enue ONSET, 9 $1.25 

~-2f 1 a fie 


EVONYMUS, American. Often called Strawberry bush. 
Upright growing shrub with pink fruit in the fall. Foliage 
colors beautifully in the late autumn. 

aS PTT. Reece cin: a ES oe eee epeenaaee Ol Oe $1.50 
EVONYMUS, European. Large shrub with dark green 
foliage—yellow and scarlet fruit in the fall. 
ees CPi. Pooks OME re Balin VLEs veut. Lbs doen’ $1.50 
FORSYTHIA, Spring Glor;. Enormous pale yellow flowers 
completely cover branches before the leaves appear. 
1G 24 ie a ee ee CIA fi ctl eadacsdt ba sho 4 $1.00 
GOLDEN VICARY. A most striking shrub, the thick leathery 
leaves are a rich golden yellow. Grows 4 to 5 feet tall. 
POS Ai eee eee, Peay ee oe $1.00 
HONEYSUCKLE, Pink Tatarian. Very hardy, vigorous, pink 
flowers followed with bright red fruit. 
Vee24 inchs. $ .60 roti t, sen ke $ .80 
HONEYSUCKLE, Zabel’s. A true red, not pink blooming 
honeysuckle. A tall upright growing bush covered with 
aright red flowers in early spring, followed with deep 

red berries. 
TR Bo Ea ty ct We, NAAR | So le RL NR NORA cl URE $1.00 

HYDRANGEA A. G. Large flat heads of double snow-white 
flowers. Likes shade. 

Pore ak ee $1.10 FS ye (roe al $1.50 
HYDRANGEA, Blue Prince. Flowers from July until frost. 
use about | tablespoon aluminum sulphate per plant to 
get blue flowers, otherwise blooms are a clear pink. 
Suggest same winte: protection as roses. Plant in shade. 

Bicomingesiz Ga olontes tat tA. covcohAhec ic, 5c $1.50 
HYDRANGEA P. G. Late flowering, turns delicate pink and 

buff. Can be used for winter bouquets. 

ES+24e ire cia, $1.10 PRN IS 9 Pe PR abana tat haats $1.50 
HYPERICUM (Golden St. Johnswort) Hardy shrub with 

bright yellow flowers in August and September. 

Rite th |e clare, een aitatsed Te a IRE a1 s, lls tel Oa 0k le $1.00 
KERRIA. Graceful shrub with small light green foliage and 
glistening jet black berries late summer and fall. 

Da PAM IN aioe ss ccciscasc cS. Rt, Hel Sa ee at $1.00 
LILAC, French Named Varieties. They bloom very young. 

generally the next year after planting. Each passing year 
adds to their beauty, and they last for generations. 

Charles Joly, double purple-red. 

Ludwig Spaeth, single maroon-red. 

Mont Blanc, single white. 

Pres. Grevy, double lilac blue. 

Tone4e ies $1.25 PEL 9 hy pa haled ...$1.50 
LILAC, Persian. Sometimes called Chinese Lilac. Various 

shades of lavender and purple blossoms literally cover 

the compact plants in May. This Lilac does not sprout 
away from the plant as the old-fashioned Lilac does. 

Le Date $.50 Patel Ws <Q a TD $ .85 
| LP Sed Te pe Pens tke tl Bl 65 SY 1h Pate ia BS ee ie 1.10 

MOCKORANGE, Virginal. Semi-double fragrant flowers al- 
most two inches in diameter. Repeats several times dur- 
ing the summer and fall. 

Vide VBR igi sesso $ .60 27S FRESE A es $1.35 
VOeeAe ir aie os, 1.10 SEAT OR SS ks 1.50 


QUINCE, Red Flowering. Sure to bloom, grown from bloom- 
ing wood only. An upright growing type with deep 
scarlet blooms. 

VO¢i re 24 Mine ewce inks $.85 De DV2E Tota cate $1.00 
FA ADS 9 YE MR URNA epee Nias SR Sap 1.25 

SHEPHERDIA (Silver Buffaloberry) Hardy shrub or small 
ornamental tree with silvery foliage. Small yellowish 
flowers in May and June. 

De Et pee een eke te sr cache ae $1.25 
SNOWBALL. White flowers, early spring. 
18224 vid? ae Re S96 2-3 ft, ¥en eee $1.35 

SPIREA, Anthony Waterer. Clusters of red flowers, in bloom 
all summer. 

4 2075 Fi, ktest ee $.50 15-18 %ine eee nee $.70 

SPIREA, Arguta. Delicate light green leaves and single white 
flowers early spring. 

ae Sal £ wrap ne UPeetadile eo. a es st eae te OE Rite QS te len al $1.00 

SPIREA, Frobel. Similar to Anthony Waterer, blooms rose- 
red. Foliage colors in the fall. 
Telok: to. $.35 18-24. $.50 
Divi D Vos fer i te seth aoe 7 Oy eS 75 

SPIREA, Van Houtte. The most popular of all the Spireas 
Arching branches covered with white blossoms in spring. 

B22 A ait te chee: ope $.40 PANG RY EAs tee eae ey ld YH $.50 
Ee Aes pe en ee ee ee eONenneeoer ne bree Mier le 75 

VIBURNUM, Burkwoodi (New English Hybrid) Improved 
Carlesi. Waxy blush-white, fragrant flowers are pro- 
duced in early spring when the leaves are unfolding. 
It likes a well drained, sunny place with plenty of 

15216) ine Boond (Bae te ee eee $4.50 

VIBURNUM, Dentatum (Arrow Wood) Attractive foliage— 
bluish-black fruit. 

ad EN aa ic dd Ei ue a a es eee ke gears $1.00 

VIBURNUM, Lantana. (Wayfaring tree) Bold, striking, fall 
color. Fruits red then black. 

223 hey eakh. Coat... aaa - Lae eee, $1.00 

VIBURNUM, Molle (Kentucky Virburnum) Similar to Denta- 
tum. Of slower growth and more attractive foliage. 
Single white flowers followed by blue-black fruit. 

PES HE § LPP POEM dma let aia int cae Ahn tel ts AM ee $1.50 

VIBURNUM, Pubescens (Downy Viburnum) Dwarf bushy 
shrub with slender branches—white flowers and black 

eS in ftinnihs tosphedee y. Deapliuvs. .teoset ered). eee «. $1.50 

VITEX (Chaste Tree). A graceful shrub with attractive 
spikes of lavender-blue flowers, blooms profusely from 
July until frost. 

BOOMING Size RiGhts 200 steve tes pe eee e eer $1.00 
WEIGELA, Bristol Ruby. The best Red Weigela grown, 
flowers throughout summer and fall. See Page 1. 

WEIGELA, Pink. Pink bell-shaped flowers in early spring. 
Can stand light shade. 

Bd) Ta asceceansalecoceenns wcncane asst ees be sear ee cee $.75 

~-46f 14 He 


BARBERRY, Green. Red berries and coppery red foliage in 
the fall. 

ETERS Ue 6 les tnt) Ce Per 100, $20.00 
ome M ALY Mrewsesseccorcdtcscesceevwcucestn +t Per 100, 25.00 

CHINESE ELM. The fastest growing hedge. The more you 
trim it, the more compact it grows. 
PSCUE DURE “copnap oly 2 ei ce NR AS eee ae a Per 100, $2.50 
PEPE Ey ROUTES Sie cae PREY ae Pee Per 100, 4.00 

LILAC, Persian. The most satisfactory fast-growing hedge. 
Can be left to grow informally or trimmed and boxed. 

PEA WoT) oh ARO os a Re in ee al Per. 25, $10.00 
POA MT c's Sages COS MER SA evar oe Per 25, 13.00 
Habe BOP G oo Sel 2 dT Se a Per 25, 16.00 

POPLAR, Lombardy. A unique and beautiful living green 
wall can be created by planting Lombardy Poplars one 
foot apart, and cutting the tops off straight like a hedge. 
Makes a solid wall through which no animal can crawl. 

Fe R Bc tat goo Pa in RR EO Per 50, $ 7.50 
Do ALTE Miceiecsesy ewer ance WR EAR sso... Per 50, 10.00 

PRIVET, Amur River and Thompson’s. For small formal 
boxed hedges, plant them six inches apart in a single 
row, and keep sheared. 

PAPA TN [py Seti Oe neater Satay Milas Per 100, $ 8.00 
ear OPA ceive ae oe, Per 100, 12.00 
BRP, BET pe Saas Tees EOE ENTER rede _alel bi Per 100, 15.00 
Dated ATs) cect ee Per 100, 18.00 

SPIREA, Bridal Wreath. Can be sheared for a boxed hedge 
or grown informally. 

Deni Balsa steko. eee ee Per 25, $4.00 
16224 Sin. <.ccc,.---. tee thedd nla. Sin Per 25, 5.00 

RUSSIAN OLIVE. Silvery gray leaves. Used extensively 
for windbreaks. 

PO ALOMAN tree ieee ee ee Per 100, $ .6.50 
LB PAM eer ee cee ee Per 100, 8.50 
PRS 14 ao RA on NO nl MEL Per 100, 12.00 


ELM, American. 

fas Oeins os. ee Per 100, $ 3.00 

LOSPAOITT ol lle lc Lee Per 100, 4.60 
ELM, Chinese. 

V2= Shiri neh eee eh ee Se Per 100, 2.50 

Bia? Lae ce ae ee i es Per 100, 4.50 

Te TS Ine bine ETF Per 100, 4.00 

DB a2 Ay i tet es et a paad ek, Vao th Per 100, 5.00 
HONEYLOCUST, Thornless. 

1TOe2 AN IN, Reece te ee. eee ory ee Per 100, 4.50 
MULBERRY, Russian. 

Mee US GIT te ee eee ee ee Per 100, 4.00 

gE Sead [p Ratmemie hlap ple: ete spite eralee tea And Seis Per 100, 6.25 

eee On Me at Pere UE cee Per 100, 6.50 

he CAR ire rrr ee ee Per 100, 8.50 

OPEN AS 05 A he tll caps eact hae Bee Nee Per 100, 12.00 

aff 15 }e-- 


Apricot Glow, new dwarf cushion........-...-222-----0--0--ee-2- 35 
Autumn Lights, brilliant orange...........-.-.-.-.---...-0----000 35 
Chippewa, large purple........-...-.-2.-ceeeeeeeeceee cence ence eeceee 35 
Early) Bronz6,; \POm-POmMs....-<.<ccascass-vss-cowerneroretstits eee 35 
Lt. Beckner, large, deep bronze blooms...................... .50 
Maroon ‘N Gold, excellent cutting...................2..22.2.-.- 50 
Old Gold, beautiful large pom-pom..................2.2..2.-.- .50 
Rose Pom Pom, new dwarf rose, carnation type.......... 35 
W. P. Snyder, early blooming, apricot bronze............ .50 
Yellow Cushion). -ocs0:ocsachcinccsassesnnweebedsveoncsh ods ccocenteaene 35 


ALGONQUIN. Large bright red. 
BLUE BEAUTY. Light blue. 

BUCKEYE BRONZE. Reddish bronze. 
BURMA. Deep rose, ruffled. 
CASABLANCA. Ruffled white. 
CONVOY. Purple. 

CORONA. Light pink, rose edge. 
ELIZABETH THE QUEEN. Ruffled lavender. 

GOLDEN ARROW. New light yellow. 
GRATITUDE. Tall orange. 

KING LEAR. Reddish purple, ruffled. 
LARIME. Orange. 

MARGARET BEATON. White, red blotch. 
MARSEILLAISE. Bright red. 
OREGON GOLD. Ruffled light yellow. 
PARNASSUS. Pansy purple. 
PICARDY. Salmon pink. 

REWI FALLU. Giant dark red. 
SPOTLIGHT. Yellow, red blotch. 
STOPLIGHT. Red ruffled. 

VALERIA. Scarlet. 

WHITE GOLD. Giant cream. 

12 for $1.50 50 for $5.50 


Plant them this spring— 
All growing in VITA-BANDS 

Amabile, reddish orange—spotted................ Weer A) 
Elegans, brilliant orange, May.........-..-..-.----- 75 
Madonna, white, June blooming.............. fees 1.00 
Maxwill, brilliant orange, July......-....2...2...... 75 
Regal, white, tinged pink, July.......2.20..20222.... 750 

Tiger, old favorite, spotted orange 

~-#@f 16 He 


DUCHESS. Excellent for pies and sauce, ripens in August. 

WEALTHY. Fruit large, splendid for either eating or 

YELLOW TRANSPARENT. Early and annual bearer. Pale 
waxen-yellow fruit ripens by August 1. 


GRIMES. Bright yellow fruit with pink cheeks. Very juicy, 
keeps well in storage. 

JONATHAN. One of the best known eating apples, fruit 
is medium size, bright red and juicy. 

RED DELICIOUS. Bright red, juicy fruit, excellent keeping 

WINESAP. Medium size, dark red, juicy apples. A favorite 
late winter variety. 

YELLOW DELICIOUS. Bears young and fruit is of splendid 
quality. Fruit is similar to Grimes in color and flavor. 

DOIECE soteatccresnetac et Tn Ee he Each $1.00 
Specimen—Heavy Caliper ...........0....00--..-.-... Each 1.40 


MANCHURIAN. New and extra hardy northern Apricot. 
Gold colored fruit, yellow flesh. 

Boecimant.neavy caliper oer ft elt) Fel ms $2.00 
EARLY RICHMOND. Bright red, early and a good pie 

‘“MONTMORENCY. Large red fruit, ripening ten days later 

S than Early Richmond. The most popular all-purpose 

ot Gabe Wie c  Taan Re ve on A a Naa MAAR Each $2.00 

CHAMPION. Large, high quality peach for home use. 
White meat. Freestone. 
CRAWFORD. Freestone. Yellow meat—good bearer, 

GOLDEN JUBILEE. Popular early peach, orange yellow bush 
pink blush. Heavy bearer. 

specimen, ‘Héavy calipers. Lace is Each $1.35 


BARTLETT. The well known summer pear, golden yellow 
and excellent flavor. 

DOUGLAS. Best bearer of any known pear and practically 
immune to blight. Ripens early fall, golden yellow 
flushed pink. Bears very early. 

LINCOLN. Large size, with often a beautiful blush to the 
sun; very juicy and high flavored. Ripens in August. 

specimen, heavy caliper .................................... Each $1.75 

~-<ff 17 fae 


EMBER. Rich golden yellow fruit that ripens on the tree 
without falling. September. 

KAHINTA. One of Prof. Hansen’s best. It combines hardi- 
ness, immense size, delicious quality and long keeping. 
Early bearing. 

PIPESTONE. One of the largest hardy hybrids, red with gold 
blush. Yellow flesh; fine for eating or canning. Bears 

UNDERWOOD. Bears immense crops of large rich red, 
delicious freestone plums. Excellent for eating fresh 

or cooking. 
Specimen, heavy caliper: 2.2) nantes eee Each $1.50 
ASPARAGUS, Paradise ..................------------+- Per Doz. $1.00 
ASPARAGUS, Paradisetie2 oe ee Per 100 5.25 
BUSH CHERRY, Nanking ¢22.4.--e--s.2 eee ee Gch ns? 
CURRANT, ‘Red: Lake 20 er AE ee aera Each 50 
GOOSEBERRY, Ghoripicnene...ccseeers cute cg cre ae Each .70 
GOOSEBERRY, Pixwell. 2-2...0..20-. ,nsctleanp.-cenede Eachetned> 
GRAPE, Caco—amber colored, sweet .............. Each ee) 
GRAPE?: Concord (oie ee ct eee: Each .35 
GRAPE, Fredonia—early black ............22.....2.-.--- Each .45 
GRAPE, Niagara—white sweet ..................-.------ Each .45 
RASPBERRY, Latham Jeaeeectt take -.-s-. cece Per Doz. 2.00 
RASPBERRY, Cumberland Trans. .............. Per Doz. 2.50 
RHUBARB, McDonald Seedless ...........222....-..--- Each (tom 
RHUBARB; Victoria: seuss cE sd dnt. ser Eachus .10 


Spring Blooming Shrubs, such as Spirea V. H. (Bridal 
Wreath), Lilacs, Forsythia, etc., should be trimmed 
shortly after they are through blooming. The new 
branches they produce during the summer provide the 
blooming wood for the next year’s flowers. 

Late Summer or Fall Blooming Shrubs should be 
trimmed before growth starts in the spring. Many varie- 
ties such as Hydrangeas, Spirea A. W. and Frobella 
should be trimmed back to within six inches of the 
ground . . . this promotes compact growth, profuse 
bloom and larger flowers. 

Shade Trees can be trimmed at any time during 
the year. 


~-a6f 18 }e-- 



plant food for the Rose Garden and Perennial Border. 
No danger of burning or over-feeding. Use an extra 
heavy application on your lawn, and notice the dif- 
ference im the texture of the soil. 

DOFIDS 2. $1.65 TOO Mbsie $3.25 


MILORGANITE . . . the finest lawn fertilizer available. 
High in nitrogen content, but will not burn. Only a 
limited supply available, get your order in early. 

20. IDSevccesteee ime $1.40 MME, enon ee ty $2.40 
LOO lbs ei eee 4.00 

LAWN SEEDS—Call 2-5454 for prices. 
High Test Kentucky Blue—Top Grade Only 
Red Top 

PEAT MOSS. Genuine Canadian Peat Moss. 
Dolestme times, slew fe et a $5.50 

WEED KILLERS—Call 2-5454 for prices. 
2-4 DOW, liquid and powder 


We guarantee all our nursery stock to be true to 
name, and will replace any that proves otherwise, or will 
refund the amount paid, but we shall in no case be liable 
for any sum greater than the amount Originally received 
for said nursery stock. 

We guarantee our nursery stock to be first class and 
to reach you in healthy, growing condition. All our stock 
is carefully handled and packed by experienced men and 
should grow for you under Ordinary conditions. We have 
absolute confidence in the nursery stock we send you and 
will replace any that fails to grow, provided we are noti- 
fied by July first after planting. No replacement after 
that date. 

~<6f 19 He 


AKEBIA. Very ornamental, hardy climbing shrub or vine, 
especially adapted for places where only a light shade 
is desired. Likes sunny location and good composted 
soil. Attractive lavender blooms in May. Each $1.00. 

BALTIC IVY. Hardy evergreen vine for wall with north or 
east exposure. Each $.50. 

BOSTON IVY. Clings to rough surfaces. Colors in fall. 
Each $.75. 

CLEMATIS, Lerge Flowering. Available in Purple, Pink, 
Lavender and White. Each $1.00. 

CLEMATIS, Paniculata. Fragrant small white flowers in 
the fall. Each $.75. 

HONEYSUCKLE, Gold Flame. From June until frost this 
vine is covered with clusters of large fragrant flowers— 
flaming scarlet outside, gold inside. Each $1.00. 

HONEYSUCKLE, Hall’s. Aside from being a favorite vine 
for both sunny and shady porches, it is extensively used 
for covering banks. Its growth is rapid and because it 
roots deeply, is an excellent plant to prevent washing of 
soil. Produces creamy white fragrant flowers all summer. 

Each $.50. 

SILVER LACE VINE. The fastest growing hardy vine. Tiny 
white flowers completely cover the plant in late summer. 
Each. $.75. 


an For 

‘“‘Sup-Ro” contains plant nutrients, so combined 
in a porous organic carrier as to effect their gradual 
release with each watering, and over a long period of 
time. Loss of the applied plant nutrients through 
leaching is thereby greatly reduced. Thus Sup-Ro 
will give a strong healthy feeding to plants each 
time it is saturated with water, for a considerable 
time after application. 

Covers 2500 Square Feet 

SMALL BAG—(25 Ibs.) 
Covers 1250 Square Feet 

LARGE BOX—(8 Ibs.) 
Covers 400 Square Feet 

4815 “O° Street Lincoln, Nebr.