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of the Dm River Region 

2012-13 Annual Report 

■ jfe* 

Confirmed by the National 
Standards for l/.S. Conimititity 
fmt ndatiopis in operaf tonal quality, 
donor service and ticrouriiobtiily. 

Message from the President 

Dear Friends, 

Since 1996, the Community Foundation 
of the Dan River Region has assisted in 
enhancing and enriching the lives of 
the people in our area. This year alone, 
your generosity has enabled us to give 
mare than $1.1 million in grants to local 
charities and scholarships to area students. 
Unselfish donors, like you, have made 
it possible for us to continue to strive to 
live up to our vision of recognizing the 
needs and providing resources to improve 
the quality of life in our area and to serve 
your wishes. Thank you for sharing in 
that vision and making it possible for your 

Foundation to continue its mission of 
improving and enriching lives. 

The Community Foundation now has 
assets greater than $25 million. Your 
ongoing generosity enables us to continue 
to serve the Dan River Region with our 
support. Some highlights of our work this 
past year include: 

* Receiving gifts of $ 1 ,0 2 6 ,9 5 O , 
from hundreds of donors. 

* Awarding 76 student scholarships 
of more than $125,000. 

Board of Directors 

Gerald Adcock 
Lamar Barr 

F Lawrence McFall, Jr., President 

Scott Batson 

Peter K. Howard, Vice President 

Brenda Blair 

William S. Woods, Treasurer 

P Niles Daly, Jr 

Margaret Scott, Secretary 

Gail Gunn 

Androniki J. Fallis, Post President 

Harry T. Kolendrianos 

Paul W Thompson, Jr, At Large 

Donald Nodtvedt 
T. Wayne Oakes 
Rev. Ed Pope 
Dora Pradhan 
Lewis F. Wall, Jr. 
Verb Wall 
Stuart Watlington 
Logan Young 

* Awarding grants of $ 1 ,025,360 
to 1.18 organizations. 

* Working with donors to add 
10 new endowment funds. 

* Continuing to build the Fund 
for Halifax County 

* Convening a quarterly Funders 
Forum of area foundations. 

* Serving as the fiscal agent for National 
Fund for Workforce Solutions-Dan 
River Region Collaborative, which had 
program expenses of $396,545. 

* Selling our 6,000th engraved brick 
for the local Veterans Memorial. 

Please continue to support your 
Community Foundation and in doing 
so, making our region a better and more 
wholesome place to reside, work, and 

Best wishes, 

F Lawrence McFall, Jr. 

President, Board of Directors 




What is The 

The Community Foundation 
of the Dan River Region is an 
independent, public charity 
established in September 1996 
by a steering committee of local 
civic leaders to gather permanent 
funds to support our area. 

While the Foundation works 
with donors to establish 
funds to benefit any geographic area, our 
primary service area is Danville/Pittsylvania 
County Virginia and Caswell County North 
Carolina. Donations are also being sought 
to build up resources for South Boston/ 
Halifax County with consideration being 
given to other neighboring counties. 

of the Dan River Region 

541 Loyal Street 
Danville, VA 24541 
(. 434 ) 793-0884 
Fax: (434) 793 6489 
Web site: 


Debra L. Dodson, Executive Director 
Sandy Carmichael, Ft nonce Officer 
Blair Lumpkins, Program Officer 

Community foundations are established 
to manage a collection of separate funds 
created by individuals and corporations 
- a community of donors - to enhance 
the quality of life in a local area. These 
funds are pooled and invested under the 
direction of a board of directors comprised 
of community leaders. Income from the 
funds is distributed in the form of grams 
and scholarships. The first community 
foundation was created in 1914 in 
Cleveland, Ohio. There are now more than 
700 community foundations nationwide, 
controlling aggregate assets in excess of 


$25 billion. Community foundations are 
the fastest growing form of philanthropy 
in America today and often are in the 
vanguard of charitable giving. 

The Community Foundation is fully tax- 
exempt as an organization described in 
Sections 501(c)(3) and 1 70(b) (A)(vi) of the 
Internal Revenue Code. 

Our Vision 

To recognize needs and provide resources 

Partners in the 
Dan River Region 

The Danville Regional Foundation and the 
Community Foundation of the Dan River 
Region are often confused by their names. 

At least once a week the offices are fielding 
calls looking for the other. While the 
processes for community investments are 
quite different, our common interest is what 
ties us together - to improve and enrich 
the Dan River Region. The Community 
Foundation works to help generous citizens 
find outlets for their financial resources 
from large to small and DRF works to make 
larger scale investments that impact the 
region through specific program areas such 
as education, economic vitality community 
wellness, and civic capacity. 

Through the Community Foundation of the 
Dan River Region, DRF is able to meet the 

to improve the quality of life in our 
community and to serve the wishes of our 

Our Mission 

To improve and enrich the lives of people 
in our community by encouraging the 
generosity of donors; by receiving, 
managing and distributing important 
resources; and by meeting a variety of 
charitable purposes in our community 

needs of a larger number of organizations 
that don’t quite fit in any of these areas. 

By providing funds to the Community 
Foundation, DRF can help provide much 
needed assistance to more immediate 
needs of local organizations. The Dan River 
Region is fortunate to have such a wide and 
diverse network of non-profit organizations. 
From physical to psychological; to 
educational to community services, the 
abundance of resources in this area is a 
reflection of the giving spirit of its residents. 
DRF is proud to call The Community 
Foundation of the Dan River Region a 
partner in making community investments. 

Ten Reasons to 
Donate Through Us 

Establishing a charitable fund or giving 
to an existing fund at The Community 
Foundation is easy, flexible, effective and 
lasting. We can guide you through the 
process. Giving should warm your heart, 
not burden you with tax complications 
and ongoing administrative details. We are 
uniquely prepared to help you connect to 
the causes that matter to you: 

I We are a local organization with 
deep roots in the community. 

2 Our professional staff has broad 
expertise regarding community 
issues and needs. 

We provide highly personalized 
service tailored to each individual's 
charitable and financial interests. 

4 Our funds help people Invest in the 

causes they care about most. 

We accept a wide variety of assets, 

and can facilitate even the most 
complex forms of giving. 

6 We partner with professional 
advisors to create highly effective 
approaches to charitable giving. 

Dan River Region 

Continues tofonn workforce 
development partners; 
launches work ready initiative 

Since 2008, the Community Foundation 
of the Dan River has 
sewed as 

the fiscal agent of the Dan River Region 
Collaborative and has been an active 
member of its steering committee. During 
this five-year timeframe, the Collaborative 
has leveraged $1.4 million for Southern 
Virginia primarily due to the successful, 
innovative workforce development 
partnerships it has helped to 

This year the Collaborative 
spearheaded an initiative to 
position Southern Virginia 
to become the first region in 
the Commonwealth to take 
the challenge of measuring 


f We offer maximum tax advantage 

for most gifts under federal law. 

W r e multiply the impact of gift 

dollars by pooling them with other 
gifts and grants. 

I We build endowment funds that 
benefit the community forever and 
help create personal legacies. 


We are a community leader, 

convening agencies and 
coordinating resources to create 
positive change. 


the region’s skill sets of its workforce 
and positioning the region to earn the 
designation, "Certified Work Ready 

It is the Collaborative’s position that the 
National Career Readiness Certificate 
(NCRC) is the employers solution 
to verify workplace skills of reading 
comprehension, applied math and 
locating information and validate our 
region as work ready. 

To earn this work ready designation, the 
region of Danville and Martinsville and 
the counties of Halifax, Henry Pittsylvania 

and Patrick, has agreed publicly to the 
following by July 1, 2014: 

• 2,311 individuals in the workforce 
with a NCRC 

* 287 employers who have signed on to 
support the region's efforts to achieve 
this -status 

While education attainment is important 
to the region’s future success, the ability 
to qualify foundational skills, required 
by employers, is invaluable in today's 
competitive business environment. 

Starting a Fund 


“I appreciate your assistance 
in expediting this agreement. 

I am certain that the Rotary 
Club of Yancey ville has made 
the best possible decision in 
trusting the Foundation with 
its scholarship.” 

Barbara H. Scott, CPA 

We invite you to join the thousands of 
donors who are working through The 
Community Foundation to build a strong 
future for our community. 

Perhaps you have had a lifelong 
commitment to a particular charitable 
field and wish to support that interest 
in perpetuity Yon may have a specific 
charity or charities in mind to receive 
income from your fund - or you may 
prefer an unrestricted gift, allowing the 
Foundation to determine where needs 
and opportunities are greatest in the 
community. You, and perhaps your family 
may choose to be involved as advisors 
to a fund. 

Four couples helped to 
establish die Bovs & 
Gu Is Chib Endowment 
Fund through 

The Community Foundation encourages 
potential donors to also consult with their 
attorneys, accountants and tax advisors 
to learn more about charitable giving 
and establishing a fund through estate 

Donors can create their own Named fund 
for a minimum of S 10,000 ($25,000 for 
scholarships) or they can contribute in 
any amount to an existing fund of the 

Unrestricted Funds give the Foundation 
maximum flexibility to respond creatively 
and effectively to the community's most 
compelling needs and opportunities. 
These funds are among the Foundations 
most important assets, capable of 
addressing community needs as they 
1 change over time. 


Field of Interest Funds are restricted 
\ by the donor at the time of creation to 
support a particular area of interest, 
such as children, the elderly, the 
arts, or the environment, etc. Once 
established, Field of Interest funds 
can grow through gifts from others 
who see them as a way to address 
their own charitable interests. 

Designated Funds enable 
donors, at the time funds are 
established, to name one or more 

specific organizations to benefit from 
the fund permanently The Foundation 
ensures that the designated recipients 
receive support as long as they remain 
in existence and continue to fulfill the 
intended charitable purpose. 

Donor Advised Funds allow you 
to recommend which charitable 
organizations should receive grants 
from your fund and in what amounts. 
Many donors choose to give to multiple 
nonprofits through a donor-advised 
fund. Our board of directors is legally 
responsible for approving ait grants. 

Scholarship Funds allow our donors to 
invest in the future by helping deserving 
students in our community As the donor, 
you determine the criteria students must 
meet to receive your scholarship. Your 
gift can help students - from preschool 
to postgraduate - achieve their lifetime 
dreams. The Community Foundation 
provides the expertise to handle all of the 
application and selection process. 

Agency Endowment Funds allow 
nonprofit organizations (agencies) to 
create a permanent and predictable 
source of funding dedicated for their 
organization. The agency can add to the 
fund as well as individuals, organizations 
and businesses. 


'‘Every animal available for 
rescue at the Pittsylvania 
County Pound has been 
rescued, and we have also 
been able to help many 
owners who could no 
longer care for their pets 
and surrendered them to us. 
Thanks to the Community 
Foundation for helping us 
give these animals a second 
chance. ” 


Of The Community Foundation Of The Dan River Region 

TOTAL FUNDS (September 30, 2013) - 108 


Unrestricted Funds can address ever- 
changing community needs. The Flexibility 
of your unrestricted gift enables The 
Community Foundation to respond to the 
area's most pressing needs for today and 

Administraiive/Unrestricted Fund ( l 96) 

To help support general operating needs 
of The Community Foundation and to 
provide unrestricted grantmaking support. 

Janies Russell Anderson & Zora Carter 
Anderson Endowment Fund (’05) 

To meet a variety of public, educational, 
and charitable needs. 

Faith Home Endowment Fund ( l 98) 

To meet a variety of public, educational, 
and charitable needs 

Clarence Giles Fund (’01) 

To meet a variety of public, educational, 
and charitable needs. 

Harry Melton Hood Fund 098) 

To meet a variety of public, educational, 
and charitable needs. 

James A, and Anne Y 
Robertson Fund 096) 

To meet a variety of public, educational, 
and charitable needs. 

Barbara H, and Herbert 
W. Sater Fund (’01) 

To meet a variety of public, educational, 
and charitable needs. 

John C Swanson, Jr. Fund C01) 

To meet a variety of public, educational, 
and charitable needs. •Wi; 


Field of interest funds can address needs in 
an important area of community life - 
arts and culture, education, older adults* 
youth, humanitarian needs 
or a specific town, city or county. 

Ahmed Children’s Fund 003) 

To meet humanitarian needs. 

Animal Welfare Fund (’ll) 

To support animal welfare in Danville and 
Pittsylvania County. 

Animal Welfare League 
of Pittsylvania County 

Elizabeth (Betty) W. Jefferson 
Fund (’ll) 

To meet a variety of public, educational, 
and chariEable needs. 

Autism Education Fund (T2) 

To support autism education-related programs 
or organizations benefitting individuals, 
families, educators and the community. 

Faye Carter Fund (' 04 ) 

To benefit youth in the Danville area. 

Domestic Violence Shelter Fund Oil) 

To support domestic violence victims 
in the Dan River Region. 

Bobby Hawker Memorial Fund 006) 

To enrich the lives of individuals and 
families affected by HIV and AIDS. 

The Fund for Halifax County (U0) 

To improve and enrich lives in 
Halifax County. 

Hospice Support Services Fund ( l 12) 

To provide assistance with expenses 
not covered by insurance to Danville- 
Pittsylvania County residents who have 
elected hospice benefits. 

Kang-A-Rhue Children^ 
Cancer Fund C04) 

To help 
with chronic 
and life 

Keokee Fund 002) 

To provide education for 
academically gifted students. 


Main Street United 
Methodist Church Fund {'07) 

To provide scholarships for local seminary 
students, with a preference for United 
Methodist applicants, and grants to local 
charitable organizations with a Christian 
religious affiliation. 

Morotock Arts & Cultural Fund ( 6 98) 

To promote the arts and culture. 

Mt* Hermon Baptist Church Youth 
Mission Fund ('07) 

To support Ml Hermon Baptist Church 
youth members on mission trips. 

Claudia Vernon Smith Fund (‘03) 

To support the education of youth 
in Caswell County 

South Boston Medical Fund (Tl) 

To support indigent care and other 
charitable causes in Halifax County. 

(V.E.T.) Fund 


To work with 
veterinarians in 
the Dan River 
Region to 
make financial 

available to give companion 
animals a chance to remain family 


Designated funds support nonprofit 
organizations named by donors. Grants are 
made each year to the named organizations 
to help them in their w T ork. 

Mr, and Mrs. R L. Anderson, Jr, 

Family Fund C04) 

To further the charitable purposes of 
designated area charitable organizations. 

Board Endowment Fund CIO) 

To help support the work of 
The Community Foundation. 

James L. Clark and Henrietta 
G. Clark Fund C09) 

To benefit Moffett Memorial Baptist 
Church and Danville Life Saving and 
Rescue Squad. 

Danville Public Schools Fund CO 7) 

To support and enhance the work of 
Danville Public Schools. 

Davis Family Fund 008) 

To benefit Mount Vernon United Methodist 
Church, Bassett Memorial United 
Methodist Church, Averett University; 
Longwood University Danville Cancer 
Association, Free Clinic of Danville and 
Martinsville Oakwood Cemetery Fund. 

Eugene Evans Library Fund (TO) 

To benefit The Danville Public Library, 


George and Helen K. Gantsoudes 
Family Fund 008) 

To benefit St. Peter’s Greek Orthodox 
Church and Danville Cancer Association. 

Garden Club of Danville Fund ('00) 

To further the charitable purposes of 
the Garden Club of Danville. 

Juanita G. w Nita” Grant Fund (T2) 

To benefit Averett University Library 
and First Baptist Church. 

Peter and Jo Ann Howard 
L’Dor VDor Fund (T2) 

To support Temple Beth Sholotn, 

Marshall Family Fund (TO) 

To further the charitable purposes of 
designated area charitable organizations, 

Alma Courtney “Sigje” 

Perkinson Rose Fund C05) 

To create and maintain the rose garden 
at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts 
and History 

Pittsylvania Animal Shelter Fund (’08) 

To benefit the Pittsylvania County 
Animal Shelter. 

Virginia Elizabeth “Betsy” 

Robertson Fund (Tl) 

To further the charitable purposes of 
The Community Foundation. 

Cora Taylor Younger Smith 
Memorial Fund (Tl) 

To support Berea College, United 
Negro College Fund and American 
Indian College Fund. 

Benjamin M. Sugg Fund 000) 

To support the Town of Clover 
cemetery perpetual care fund. 

Veterans Memorial 
Endowment Fund (TO) 

To enable the continued operational 
stability of the Danville -Pittsylvania 
Veterans Memorial. 


Agency endowment funds allow nonprofit 
organizations (agencies) to create a 
permanent and predictable source of 
funding dedicated for their organization. 
The agency can add to the fund as well as 
individuals, organizations and businesses. 


Girls Clubs 
Fund (T3) 

To support the 
charitable or 
purposes of 

the Boys and Girls Clubs of Danville Area. 


“Thank you kindly for 
showing your dedication and 
enthusiasm for education 
through this particular 
scholarship which commends 
academic performance. ” 

Erica Dixon 
Dinivif/e Academic Boosters 
Scholarship Recipient 

“1 am so grateful for the 
funds, and I am so blessed to 
have been selected. 1 i would 
like to thank the organization 
and its donors for making 
opportunities like this 
available for students like 
myself. It is organizations 
such as this one that give 
HOPE to our community.” 

Cassie Roark 
Herman C. Kelly 
Scholarship Recipient 

Urban Bible & Ministry Institute/NCP 
Endowment Fund (‘06) 

To support the Agency's capacity to 
supplement and enhance its programs 
and services. 


Donor advised funds allow donors or 
those they name as advisors to recommend 
grants to specific charitable organizations. 
All grant recommendations must be 
approved by the Foundation Board. 

W Earl & Flise M. G, Allen Fund (‘98) 

To benefit the people of Chatham and 
Pittsylvania Count)' 

Gary A. and Sherry M. Carroll 
“Good For Youth” Fund ('07) 

To support and encourage positive youth 

Ghristian Charities Fund 008) 

To provide grants to area charitable 
organizations that operate with Christian 
principles and a Biblical basis. 

P Niles Daly, Jr. Fund (‘98) 

To help meet a variety of public, 
educational, and charitable needs. 

Pat & Cathy Daly Family Fund (’04) 

To support youth enrichment. 

Philip and Frances Daly Fund 098) 

To help meet a variety of public, 
educational, and charitable needs. 

Dan River Inc. Endowment Fund (’08) 

To help meet a variety of public, 
educational, and charitable needs. 

Daniel Fund 097) 

To help meet humanitarian needs in 
Danville and Pittsylvania County. 

Game wood Technology' Fund (‘97) 

For programs utilizing information 
technologies for the improvement of the 
lives of children, the elderly, and persons 
with illness and disabilities. 

Holland Fund ( l 99) 

To meet a variety of public, educational, 
and charitable needs. 

Larry' Donald Huskey 
Memorial Fund 009) 

To provide grants to charities which 
support the mentally ill or disadvantaged. 

Alexander Heath Light & Mary 
Nelson Light Mission Fund 005) 

To provide community outreach for 
Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Chatham. 

Herman and Helen Melton 
Historical Fund 003) 

To support historical research and 
preservation in the Pittsylvania 
County area. 

Moses L. & Louise A, 

Merricks Fund 098} 

To meet a variety of public, educational, 
and charitable needs. 

Miller Woodbury Fund (‘99) 

To meet a variety of public, educational, 
and charitable needs. 

Audrey E Millner Memorial Fund {‘00) 

To meet a variety of public, educational, 
and charitable needs. 

Irving H. and Louise Hambrick 
Scarce Animal Welfare Fund (’II) 

To support animal welfare in Danville and 
Pittsylvania County. 

Eileen and Joseph Steudig 
Family Fund {‘99) 

To support Temple Beth Sholom in 
Danville, as well as other public, 
educational, and charitable needs. 

Wynne’s Falls Fund (‘98) 

To help meet a variety of public, 
educational, and charitable needs. 


Scholarship funds help area students 
achieve their academic and career-oriented 
goals. Donors may recommend specific 
scholarship guidelines, such as high school 
or college attended, merit, need or field of 

Adker son- Dodson Special 
Education Scholarship {‘12) 

To provide scholarships for deserving 
Danville- Pittsylvania County graduates 
who are pursuing an undergraduate or 
graduate degree or licensure in special 

William E, Barr Scholarship Fund C13) 

To provide scholarships for Danville- 
Pittsylvania County graduates attending 
Hampden-Sydney College. 

Bennett- Bushnell-Jones-Kaufmann 
Scholarship (’08) 

To provide scholarships to nursing 
students at the Danville Regional Medical 
Center School of Health Professions. 

James W Bryant, Sr. and James T. 
Collie Scholarship Fund (’05) 

To provide scholarships for Pittsylvania 
County graduates, preferably in the fields 
of education or nursing. 

Bernard C. Calvert 
Scholarship Fund (’04) 

To provide scholarships for deserving 
Tunstall High School graduates, preferably 
students who attended either Brosville or 
Stony Mill Schools, 

John Watson Daniel 
Scholarship Fund (‘97) 

To provide scholarships for Danville- 
Fittsylvania-Caswell graduates, with a 
preference for descendants of employees 
or retirees of John W. Daniel Construction 

Danville Academic Boosters 
Scholarship Fund ( l 03) 

To provide scholarships for top graduates 
of Danville Public Schools. 

Danville Regional Medical Center 
Auxiliary/Volunteer Scholarship 007) 

To provide scholarships for Danville 
Regional Medical Center employees and 
volunteers and their immediate families 
who are studying in a medical field. 

Roy L. and Mary G. Doss 
Scholarship (HO) 

To provide scholarships for Danville - 
Pittsylvania County graduates. 

Susan L. Edwards Scholarship ( c 12) 

To provide scholarships for students 
who are pursuing the field of radiologic 
technology with nursing students as a 
secondary preference. 

John R. and Betty B. Eggleston 
Scholarship Fund ( C G2) 

To provide scholarships for Danville, 
Pittsylvania or Caswell County graduates. 

Margaret Spruce Floyd 
Scholarship Fund (*03) 

To provide scholarships for female 
graduates of public and private schools in 
Pittsylvania County. 

Gantsoudes Scholarship Fund 008) 

To provide scholarships for GW graduates 
who attend Virginia or North Carolina 

George Washington High School 
Class of 1937 Scholarship 007) 

To provide scholarships for graduates of 
George Washington High School. 


Roy G- and Joan E Gignac 
Scholarship Fund 000) 

To provide scholarships for area graduates 
pursuing technical fields of study, with a 
preference for those attending the Illinois 
Institute of Technology 

Diane Marie Gross 
Scholarship Fund (’13) 

To provide scholarships for Danville- 
Pittsylvania graduates attending either 
Washington and Lee University or the 
College of William and Maty 

John B, Grubb Scholarship Fund 007) 
To provide scholarships for Danville- 
Pittsyl vania County graduates. 

Ray M. Harris Scholarship Fund 004) 

To provide undergraduate and graduate 
scholarships with preference given to 
graduates from high schools in Pittsylvania 

Stuart Harris Drama 
Scholarship Fund (*03) 

To provide scholarships for Danville Public 
Schools graduates who are outstanding 
drama students. 


“By awarding me the Ray M. 
Harris Scholarship, you have 
lightened my financial burden 
which allows me to focus on the 
most important aspect of going to 
school to become a veterinarian, 
learning. I will strive to 
become one of the most honest, 
trustworthy, and knowledgeable 

Victoria M. Cox 
fiery M. Harris 
Scholarship Recipient 

"This scholarship should make 
an impact for many years to 
come for area students. Thanh 
you for helping others each and 
every day of your life. It rubs off 
on others. ” 

Ho Lie Bird Scholarship 
Fund (H3) 

To provide scholarships 
for Danville-Pittsylvaiiia 
County graduates 
attending Virginia Tech, 

Pat and Cathy Daly 

Hokie Bird Scholarship 

John L. Hurt, Jr. Scholarship Fund C02) 

To provide scholarships for Gretna High 
School graduates with a preference for 
those who at tended John L. Hurt, Jr. 
Elementary School, 

Memorial Scholarship Fund {*03} 

To provide scholarships lor Danville- 
Pittsylvania- Caswell graduates . 

Robert and Bernice Milam 
Scholarship Fund (’10) 

To provide scholarships for members of 
Third Avenue Congregational Christian 

Onnie H. & Bertie W. Milloway 
Scholarship Fund (*98) 

To provide scholarships for local graduates 
attending Averett University. 

Patrick H. Mustek 
Scholarship Fund (’01) 

To provide scholarships for deserving 
Averett University students who have a 
tennis-playing background. 

Arnold B. Porter and Elizabeth j. 
Porter Scholarship Fund 006) 

To provide scholarships to members of 
Fairview United Methodist Church 
who demonstrate a reasonable need For 
financial aid. 

Irene L. Pritchett Scholarship Fund O01 ) 

To provide scholarships for black graduates 
of Danville-Fittsylvania County high 
schools and the Children's Home of 
Virginia Baptist, Inc. 

Alger Pugh Scholarship Fund (’00) 

To provide scholarships for George 
Washington High School athletes. 

Richard Ramsey Scholarship Fund (HO) 

To provide scholarships for top Gretna 
High School students. 

Riddle-Frauds Scholarship Fund ( l 05) 

To provide scholarships for Pittsylvania 
County graduates (preference for Tunstall 
and Dan River students). 

Rotary Club of Yanceyville 
Scholarship Fund (‘13 ) 

To provide scholarships for Bartlett 
Yancey High School graduates. 

Percy and Velna Scearce 
Scholarship Fund 000) 

To provide undergraduate or graduate 
scholarships for area students who actively 
support their religious convictions, are 
merited and have financial need. 

Skenderis Scholarship Fund 099) 

To provide scholarships for Danville and 
Pittsylvania County graduates who have 
overcome a hardship. 

Eileen and Joseph Stendig 
Scholarship Fund CO 5) 

To provide scholarships to Danville Public 
Schools graduates who have demonstrated 
a need for financial support. 

Louise R Surles Scholarship Fund 098) 

To provide scholarships for local graduates 
attending the University of Virginia. 

Florence P Wagner and Jennie Lee 
Wagner Scholarship 008) 

To provide scholarships to Pittsylvania 
County high school graduates. 

Andy Warren Scholarship Fund ('00) 

To provide scholarships for George 
Washington High School athletes. 


Acorn Funds allow individuals, families 
and organizations to build an endowment 
over time. Donors are allowed three 
years to reach the minimum required to 
establish a permanent endowment at The 
Community Foundation. 

Deputy Frankie Lynn Betterton 
Scholarship Fund (*12) 

To provide scholarships for deserving 
Danville/Pittsylvania residents who have a 
financial need and who are pursuing a law 
enforcement career. 

Kolton Brim Karnes Fund C10) 

To help families who are suffering through 
the loss of a child. 

Herman C. Kelly Scholarship Fund CO 9) 

To provide scholarships for Chatham High 
School students. 

Gideon Miller Cancer Fund (HI) 

To meet the needs of area cancer patients 
and their families. 


The Community Foundation enters 
into special Community Partnerships 
with a local organization after careful 
consideration. Community Partnerships 
represent specific agreements where The 
Community Foundation receives and 
administers Community Partnership funds 
that benefit the area. 

Danville Regional 
Foundation Fund (‘07) 

To support community grantmaking. 

Dan River Region Collaborative/ 
National Fund for Workforce 
Solutions 008) 

To be a catalyst for regional workforce 

Disaster Relief Fund (’12) 

To accept and strategically disburse local, 
regional and national funding on behalf of 
local disaster response and relief efforts. 

Fund (*04) 

To create and 
maintain a 
local Veterans 
Memorial to 
honor veterans 
of all wars. 


Our Donors 

{for July 1, 2012 -June 30, 2013) 

Adkerson- Dodson Special 
Education Scholarship Fund 
Judith A. Dodson 
Amy and Jimmy Flippen 

Administrative/Unrestricled Fund 

Gerald and Margaret Adcock 

American National Bank and Trust Co. 


Evangeline N, Avery 

Martha R. Bamberg 

Robert R. Blackwell 

Brenda Blair 

James and Rebecca Bolton 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Bray 

Jean and Pete Brown 

Margaret Bryant 

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Clark 

Barbara R. Cole 

Barbara S. Collie 

Leon and Nancy Compton 

Virginia H. Conway 

Joan Crews 

George and Gretchen Crowell 
Clyde and Becky Dalton 
Philip N. Daly and Frances K. Daly 
Charitable Lead Unitrust 
Ethelyne E Daniel 
Dawn H. Davis 
Gail M. Daws 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Helm Dobbins 
Jeff and Debra Dodson 
Bernice R Elliott 
Dr. and Mrs. Mar Escario 
Mr. and Mrs. G.W Watiher Ewalt 

First Citizens Bank 

Ed and Emily Fitzgerald 

Dr. Connie Fletcher- Whitlow 

Nan C. Freed 

Robert and Olga Floyd 

Dr. and Mrs. Danny Gnewikow 

Gary Grant 

Delma C. Haley 

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin j. Harvie, Jr. 

H.E and Faye Haymore 

Ralph and Ruth Hess 

Peter and Jo Ann Howard 

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Hurt 

Martha B. Hylton 

Ina R. Ingram 

Mary Evelyn Jefferson 

Nell H. Jefferson 

Robert Jiranek 

Danny and Brenda Jones 

Joan W Jurney 

Budge and Carolyn Kent 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kushner 

Lois A. Love 

E Lawrence McFall, Jr. 

Ken and Suzanne Miller 
H. Victor Millner Jr. 

William and Caroline Milstead 
Marie Y. Nales 
Mukesh and Dimpal Patel 
Sue E Rogers 
Margaret Scott 
Mary G. Shelton 
Jennifer and Chuck Snead 
Elizabeth S. Spainhour 
James and Diana Starling 
Michael and Dorothy Tate 
Mrs. Benton C. Thompson 
Elise C. Vernon 
Virginia Bank & Trust 


Jesse and Veda Wall 
Dr. Edward T. White 
Lucy F White 
Bobby and Virginia Wiles 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Logan Young 

W Earl and Elise M.G, Allen Fund 

Hon. Samuel M. Hairston 

Animal Welfare Fund 

Dan and Sandy Carmichael 

"Our jfiremen and community 
greatly appreciate the generosity 
of the Community Foundation 
and its commitment to help 
protect our citizens 

Casville Volunteer 
Fire Department 

Awareness 5K brings 
together hundreds of 
runners and walfem 
cadi year. 

Right: Frances Shenderi s, 
Martha Bamberg, 
Boo Compton and Ina 
Dodson enjoy the annua? 

App rcciati on Lu nchco n . 

William E. Barr 
Scholarship Fund 

Lamar Barr 

Deputy Frankie Lynn 
Betterton Scholarship 

H.E and Faye Haymore 
Sandra Payne 

Autism Education Fund 

Board Endowment Fund 

Dorothy W Adams 
American National Bank 
Lamar Barr 
Fred and Brenda Blair 
Dan and Sandy Carmichael 
Mrs. D. Randolph Davis 
Jeff and Debra Dodson 
AndronikiJ. Fallis 
Gail G. Gunn 

Dan River Autism Awareness 5K 

Sunny D. Holley 
Carl and Kathy 

Terry G. Templeton 

Peter and Jo Ann Howard 
Sam and Faye Kushner 
Adam and Blair Lumpkins 
F Lawrence Me Fall, Jr. 

Kenneth Miller 
H. Victor Mi lin er, Jr. 

Margaret Scott 
Jennifer and Chuck Snead 
Paul W and Harriet M. Thompson 
Robert and Wanda Vaughan 
Lewis E. Wall, Jr. 

Verla Wall 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E Warren 

StuarL Watlington 

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Woods 

Boys & Girls Clubs Endowment Fund 

James and Kristina Barkhouser 

Richard and Kit Barkhouser 

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Danville Area 

Pat and Cathy Daly 

P Niles and Carol Daly 

Eric and Rives Deaton 

Faye Carter Fund 

Faye Carter Trust - BB&T 

Christian Charities Fund 

George and Katie Brooks 
Danville Radiologists Inc. 
jerry and Ely Foster 
Franklin and Betty Hill 
Tony and Lyn Hill 
Laurel Kyles 
Bill and Mary Riddle 
Sammy and Dianne Saunders 
Kenneth and Jana Sloneker 
Mildred B. Wilkerson 
Vaden Wright 

Pat And Cathy Daly Family Fund 

Pat and Cathy Daly 
Jeff and Debra Dodson 

Philip and Frances Daly Fund 

Philip N. Daly and Frances K. Daly 
Charitable Lead Trust 

John Watson Daniel Scholarship Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Cassada 
Gloria H. Dodson 
Richard and Shirley Elliott 
Starwood Garden Club 

Danville Regional Foundation Fund 

Danville Regional Foundation 

Danville Regional Medical Center 
AuxiliaryAblunteer Scholarship Fund 

Danville Regional Medical Center Auxiliary 
Neal and Linda Dodson 

Disaster Relief Fund 

P Niles Daly Jr. 

Domestic Violence Shelter Fund 

Philip N. Daly and Frances K. Daly 
Charitable Lead Trust 
Carl and Kathy Reynolds 

Susan L. Edwards Scholarship Fund 

Ava Ayers 

Richard and Dolores Brackin 
Richie and Carolyn Brackin 
Shane Brackin 
Barbara Y. Bum 
Tammy Campbell 

Caswell County Schools Finance Department 
Lori Daniel 

Danville Professional Women's Association 

Tony and Lyn Hill 

Holley & Gibson Realty Co., Inc. 

Haywood and Dorothy Jacobs 

John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods 

Leon and Karen McCarter 

Lindsey and Ellen Robertson 

Jack E. Smith 

Richard and Deborah Turner 
Jean Hines Vernon 
Kathy and Glenn Barts 
Linda Godfrey 
Aloma and Robert Hawkins 
Carol H. Webber 

Gamewood Technology Fund 

American National Bank & Trust Company 
Drs. Franklin and Dugan Maddux 

George Washington Class 
of 1957 Scholarship Fund 

1957 GWHS Class Reunion 
Henry V Adams, IV 
Bob Ashby 
Darra Anthony 

Bill Bailey 
Nancy Clark Bailey 
Howard Barber 
Conrad W Barksdale 
Dillon Barnett, Jr. 

Ron Berman 
Fred Bevill 

Nancy Bennett Bourne 
Julia Dodson Bowman 
Becky Pugh Browder 
Bette Cannock Brown 
Susie Clements Canoutas 
D. G. and Sylvia Bragg Carter 
Joyce Yeatts Caudle 
Donald L. Chandler 
Jim and Helen Browder Cheyney 
Donald Clark 
David Crawford 
Paula Cochran Collie 
Bill Cook 
Robert Cotton 
Richard Fralin 
Meredith Wilson Gravely 
Alice Faye Carter Isom 
Bobbe Gray Hogan Jebson 
Isabelle Morris Johnson 
Hunter Jones 
Budge and Carolyn Kent 
Ernest Kolendrianos 
Fred Knowles 
Carole Dunagan Lupis 
Jim and Vera Martin 
Charlotte Guinn McBride 
F Lawrence McFalkJr. 

Tom Meadows 
Gayle Green Miller 
Sarah Shelhorse Miller 
Sue Leggett Miller 
Mae Harrison Moore 


Sandy j. Moore 

Judith Slayton Moss 

Lee Myers Norman 

Eva Stegall Palmer 

Don Patterson 

Kenneth Price 

Clara Lee Parker Ripley 

Jim and Nancy Cole Robertson 

Nancy Cole Robertson 

Rad Satterfield 

Jane Crutchfield Scott 

Jane and Becky Smith Scott 

Dick Slayton 

Eddie and Jeanette Payne Snead 
Hobart Statzer 
Jim Shields 
Bill Stephens 

Marion Hager Stephenson 
Wayne Stevens 
Mike Tate 
Tom Taylor 
Steve Turner 

Elizabeth Compson Waldrup 
Sally Thomas Wallace 
Curtis Walsh 
Gordon and Kay Watkins 
Ebb Williams 

W. H. and Melodie Williams 
Jerry Woodall 

Juanita G. “Nita” Grant Fund 

Juanita G. “Nita 1? Grant 

Diane Marie Gross Scholarship Fund 

Inara Aster Dodson 

Elizabeth (Betty) W Jefferson Fund 
Bonnie and Stuart Brown 
Sharon Celsor-Hughes 


Dr. Elizabeth Compton 
Jerry and Ely Foster 
Nell Fredericksen 
Martha B. Hylton 
Mary Evelyn Jefferson 
Richard and Terri Jefferson 
Ruth Sager 

The Fund For Halifax County 

Benchmark Community' Bank 
Chastain Home 

Clement Wheatley Law Offices 
Debra Dodson 
The Staff at District 8 
Probation Sr Parole 
Draper Aden Associates, Inc. 

Jack and Bertha Jane Dunavant 
Dolly Fallen 
H.F and Faye Haymore 
Phil and Carole Hollis 
William and Patricia Kelehar 
Mid- Atlantic Broadband Cooperative 
Victor Mi liner 
Physicians of Southside 
Urology Sr Nephrology 
Del and Nancy Pool 
Mr, and Mrs. Harman Saunders 
Margaret Scott 
Coleman and Barbara Speece 
Carroll and Frances Ann Thackston 
Frances Anne L. Thackston 
Mr. and Mrs. j. Logan Young 

Hospice Support Services Fund 

Patricia C. Bates (Aunt Trisha, 
Nanny, Lynn, Sr Ana) 

Jeff and Debra Dodson 
Hospice Support Services 
William j. and Kelly Phelps 

Prowdence Healthcare Group 
Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Williams 

Sally and Mich Wilkinson 
Bob and Sarah Williams 

Peter and Jo Ann Howard 
L’Dor V’Dor Fund 

Peter and Jo Ann Howard 

Larry Donald Huskey Memorial Fund 

Lora G. Blair 

Ernie and Myma Chestnut 

Edward and Jeannette Episcopo 

Don and Lynne Huskey 

Donald W Huskey 

Pamela E Hyler 

Kaye S. Millner 

Marilyn Rowan 

Dale and Judy Schell 

Thomas A. “Al” and Becky Smith 

George and Ramona Supensky 

Wanda Walker 

Kang-A-Rhue Children’s Cancer Fund 

Vincent P Kania 

Kolton Brim Karnes Fund 

Sue Abercombie 
Dana Glass 
Betty Leggett 
Carol Majors 
Lauren Moore 
Beth Payne 
Jane White 

Keokee Fund 

Barbara Bennett 
Budge and Carolyn Kent 

Alexander Heath Light & 

Mary Nelson Light Mission Fund 

Emmanuel Episcopal Church 

Herman and Helen Melton 
Historical Fund 

James P Harold 

Gideon Miller Cancer Fund 

Nathan and Evelyn Barley 
Brian Haskins 
Joyce R, Midkiff 
Dexter Miller 

Dexter, Sam, Tammie Sr Bruce Miller 

Melissa Moore 

Wendy M. Stephens 

Wells Fargo 

Heath Wood 

Audrey E Millner Memorial Fund 

Ted and Helen Jane Hodges 
H. Victor Millner, Jr. 

Metro lock Arts & Cultural 
Endowment Fund 

Joy Biggs 

Mt. Her mo n Baptist Church 
Youth Mission Fund 


Patrick H. Mustek Scholarship Fund 

Michael C. Guanzon, Esq. 

Ted and Helen Jane Hodges 
Mark and Carole Holland 

National Fund For Workforce Solutions/ 
Dan River Region Collaborative 
Jobs for the Future 
Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and 
Community Revitalization Commission 

Alma Courtney “Sigie” 

Perkinson Rose Fund 

Dr, and Mrs, Charlton B. Strange, Jr, 

James A. And Anne V Robertson Fund 

GE Foundation 

A. Lindsay Robertson 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Robertson, jr. 

Virginia Elizabeth 4 Betsy ? 

Robertson Fund 

Virginia Elizabeth "Betsy” Robertson 

Rotary Club Of Yanceyville 
Scholarship Fund 

Rotary Club of Yanceyville 

Skenderis Scholarship Fund 

AndronikiJ. Fallis 

Margaret Milam 

Frances F Skenderis 

Dr, and Mrs. Basil Skenderis, II 

John and Susan Zourzonkis 

Mary F Zourzonkis 

Claudia Vernon Smith Fund 

Brenda Brown 
Kenny and Jane Bryant 
Jim and Helen Cheyney 
Caroline Collins 

Goodyear Tire and Rubber - Dept. 2311 

Guilford Garden and Outdoor Center 

Vickie Harris 

Rnssell and Betty Hines 

Sterling and Carolyn Hudson 

Eddie and Cynthia Hyler 

Heidi Jones 

Chuck and Kitty Jordan 
Sandy Large 
Janet McGregor 
Jeannett and Walter Meetze 
Mount Hermon Baptist Church 
Darryl and Ida Robertson 
Douglas A. Seymour 
Cindy Smith 
jane M. Thompson 
David and Ellen Vernon 
J ean Hines Vernon 
Regina Walker 
Melodie Williams 

Bob and Addie Wilkerson 
Wyatt- Quarles Seed Co. 
Tom and Alison Youkilis 

Veterinary Emergency 
Treatment (YE.T.) Fund 
Animal Medical Center of Danville, Inc, 
The Brown Family 
Sherry Crews 

Michael and Joyce Ann Duncan 
Linda R Jones 
Mt Hermon Animal Clinic 

South Boston Medical Fund 

South Boston Medical Facility Inc. 

Veterans Memorial Fund 

(General donations other 
than I? pick orders) 

Atlanta National League 
Baseball Club, Inc. 

James L. “Pete” and Jean O. Brown 

Keith D. Brown 

C & P Co-Workers 

Sharon K. Cassada 

Clyde and Becky Dalton 

Dan River Region Pilot Club 

Shirley T. Garbee 

Laura E. Harrison 

Bobby Johnson 

Florence Lewis 

E Lawrence Me Fall, Jr, 

Lafayette McKinney, Jr. 

William and Caroline Milstead 
Carl and Kathy Reynolds 
Mildred B. Wilkerson 

The Community Foundation 
has helped to sell more than 
6,000 engraved bricks at 
the Veterans Memorial, 
with 4,000 still available. 

Andy Warren Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Schrum Family Fund of Triangle 
Community Foundation 


Grants and Scholarships 

July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 • Total paid - $1,153,955 


These grants were awarded from 
funds whose purpose is unrestricted. 

Averett University - to provide a 
“classroom of the future 1 ' on Averetfs 
North Campus, $21,500 

American Red Cross - to continue to 
be prepared to provide relief for clients 
of disasters throughout Danville and 
Pittsylvania County $15,000 

Animal Welfare League of 
Pittsylvania County - to provide 
medical care for animals in rescue 
and/or foster programs to reduce 
the number of unwanted animals in 
Pittsylvania County S475 

Arc of Strut hside - to support the 
job training facility and program 
services for its employees, $90,000 

Bachelors Hall Volunteer Fire 
Department - to purchase a Toughbook 
19" computer to enable complete K 
accurate, and timely reporting of medical 
emergency calls to the office of emergency 
services, $3,700 

ATT Search & Rescue Dogs 
of Virginia, Inc*— to assist in 
conducting the International 
police working dog associa tion 
recertification workshop, $1,500 


640 Community Rescue Squad - 

to acquire a Stryker Lift assisted 
ambulance cot, $6,500 

Air Force Association, Chapter 240 - 

to proride a “matching grant” proposal 
from K-12 science teachers to focus on 
STEM-based classroom projects, $1,500 

Demvdlc Area 
Choral Arts 
Society presents 
"Rags to Ritz " 
concert . 

Volunteer Fire 
Department - to 

assist with purchase 
of a new Thermal 
Imaging Camera, 


Cascade Community Center - to replace 
the windows to help with heating and 
cooling the building, $6,000 

Cascade Community Volunteer Fire 
Department - to improve the property 
and facilities by paving the parking lot, 

Chatham First - to develop a walking trail 
connecting the Pittsylvania County Visitor 
Center to the Chatham Town Hall, $5,000 

City of Danville - Department of Parks, 
Recreation and Libraries - to transport 

qualified Danville City residents under 
the age of 60 that need life-saving dialysis 
treatment, $5,000 

Caswell County - Family Services - 

to purchase playground equipment for 
the outdoor play area, $7,000 

City of Danville Division of Social 
Services - "Neighbors Helping Neighbors” 
- to make available critical and emergency 
needed financial assistance for home 
energy needs, $21,505 

Casw T ell County Parks & Recreation 

Department - to help air condition the 
gym so it can be utilized during summer 
months, $12,500 

Danville Area Choral Arts Society - 

to present the quality choral concert "Rags 
to Ritz” to the general public, $1,350 

Casville Volunteer Fire Department - 

to upgrade the vehicle extraction 
equipment through the purchase of a 
rescue spreader, $8,000 

Danville Cancer Association — to assist 

with the cost of cancer-related prescriptions 
for local cancer patients, $25,000 


Danville Community College Foundation 

- to purchase a welding simulator, $15,000 

“DACAS appreciates the 
support you have given ns 
to continue to have quality 
choral concerts in the Danville 
area. This is music neither 
the singers nor the audience 
would have if it were not for 
the choral society. ” 

Danville Area 

Danville Concert Association - to bring 
“6th Floor Trio" 1 to Danville and have the 
group's members conduct a master class 
with young local music students, $3,500 

Danville Historical Society — to help 
store and preserve invaluable records and 
collections of Danville's history $5,000 

Danville Museum of Fine Arts 
History - to help support exhibitions of 
the work of Elizabeth Austin, $3,550 

New shelving will help the Dttuville 
Historical Society store and presene their 
historical records and collect ions. 

Choral Arts Society 

Danville - Pittsylvania Community 
Services - to provide Crisis Intervention 
Team training for Danville and 

Pittsylvania County 
law enforcement to 
enhance their capacity 
to identify and 
respond appropriately 
to individuals with 
mental illness, $9,500 

Danville Pittsylvania 
County Chamber 
Foundation - 

to support the 
improvement of the 
Leadership Southside 
program, S8,000 

Danville - Pittsylvania 
Habitat for Humanity - 

to purchase building materials and contract 
labor needed to construct a new four- 

bedroom, two -bathroom 
home at 114 Brush Arbor 
Court, $17,300 

Danville Science Center - 

to help support the 
traveling exhibits, 
“Playing with Time” 
and “Raise the Roof/ 
$ 20,000 

Danville Speech and 

Hearing - to provide 
pathology sendees and 
supplies to uninsured, underinsured and/ 
or low/no income citizens of the Dan River 
Region who present a communication 
disorder, $25,000 

Students enjoy art classes at 
Danville Museum of Fine Arts and Htsfoiy 

Danville Youth GROW (First Tee of 
Danville) - to promote The First Tee Nine 
Core Values and Life Skills Curriculum 
through an outreach effort to the 
community $10,000 

Free Clinic of Danville - to replace and 

upgrade equipment used in patient care 
services and in patient- related tasks* 

God's Pit Crew - to purchase a new 
stretch wrap system for the warehouse 
operation, $9,920 

Gretna Little Theatre — to provide live 
theatre performances, featuring local 
actors, students, and senior citizens, 

Institute for Advanced Learning and 
Research Foundation - to purchase lab 
equipment to support STEM-based K-12 
educational outreach, $9,400 

Keeling Volunteer Fire Department - 

to purchase equipment for the new hre 
truck, $20,000 

Lady Astor Preservation Foundation - 

to provide historical restoration of the 
fagade of the Langhome House, $18,000 

Mt. Hermon Volunteer Fire & Rescue - 

to purchase safety gear and high visibility 
parkas/jackets for emergency responders* 
$ 8,000 


Northern Pittsylvania County Food 
Center - to provide food to those in need 
in the northern portion of Pittsylvania 
County $20,000 

Pittsylvania County Literacy Program - 

to provide literary services for 
adults ,”$1,200 

Preservation Virginia - to support the 
Tobacco Barns Protection Project, $4,000 

Riceville-Java Volunteer Fire 

Department - to purchase and equip an 
all- terrain vehicle to extinguish wild land 
fires or to transport injured patients from 
inaccessible areas, $25,000 

Ringgold Volunteer Fire & Rescue 
Squad - to re -chassis the 2004 ambulance 
with a new 2012 Ford F-450 4x4, $20,000 

Southern Area Agency on Aging - to 

provide emergency assistance to older 
adults in Danville or Pittsylvania County 
with income at or near poverty level, 
$ 21,000 

Field of Interest 

These grants were awarded from Funds 
established by donors wishing to support a 
particular field of interest 

Animal Welfare League of Pittsylvania 

County - to provide medical care for 
animals in rescue and/or foster programs 
to reduce the number of unwanted animals 
in Pittsylvania County $525 

Danville Area Choral Arts Society - to 

support the Poulenc's “Gloria” and “Four 
Motets for Christmas" performance, $500 

Danville Area Humane Society - to 

make financial assistance available to give 
companion animals a chance to remain 
family members, $475 

Danville Cancer Association - to support 
the treatment costs for area children with 
cancer, $1,875 

Danville Church-Based Tutorial 
Program - to provide educational 
materials for tutorial sites and summer 
enrichment activities, $4,000 

Danville Concert Association - to 

support the National Symphony Orchestra 
of Cuba performance, $1200 

Danville Museum of Fine Arts & 
History - to support the Sketches of 
Prison Life exhibit, $1,000 

Danville Symphony Orchestra - to help 
with preparation and presentation of four 
live orchestra concerts, $1400 

Free Clinic of Danville - to replace and 
upgrade equipment used in patient care 
services and in patient-related tasks, $275 

Institute for Advanced Learning and 
Research Foundation — to purchase lab 
equipment to support STEM-based K-12 
educational outreach, $2,600 

Mt. Her m on Baptist Church — to provide 
financial assistance to select recipients to 
attend a youth mission trip, $275 

First grants 
awarded from 
the Fund for 
Halifax County 

The Fund for Halifax County 
awarded its first grants this year, 
thanks to the work of the Halifax 
County Advisory Committee. Grants 
of $500 each were presented to: 

* South Boston-Halifax County 
Museum - to preserve the railroad 
history of Halifax County for 
future generations, 

• Southern Virginia Botanical 
Gardens & Environmental 
Education Center, Inc, - 

to complete construction of a 

teaching garden site. 

The Fund for Halifax 
County is a unique 
opportunity for citizens, 
organizations and 
businesses to help build 
an endowment to improve 
and enrich lives in Halifax 
County. Annual grant 
payouts will increase as 
additional donations and 
bequests are made to build 
the Fund for Halifax County 

Ha f if ax County Fund 
Advisory Committee 
in ember's Logan Votmg, 
Biff Kelehar and the late 
Mayor C a troll Thacfcston; 
Community Emendation 
Director Debra Dodson; 

South Bos ton -Ha lifax 
County Museum Board 
President Paid Smith; and 
Bill McCabe , Southern 
Virginia Botanical 
Gardens Board Vice 
President and President 
Dr. Charles Stallard. 


Pittsylvania County Schools, Graduate 
of Merit Program - to sponsor four high 
school students, $400 

Pittsylvania County Schools/Gretna 
Elementary' School - to purchase autism 
assessment software, $250 


Averelt University - Elizabeth Hyler, Cody 
Finch, Dennis Bouse, II, Margaret Burnette, 
jasmine Reid, Kelsey Harris, Devontae 
Panned, Morgan Williams, $10,480 

Bethel University - Tyler Cassidy $2,250 

Rivermont School - to purchase a Wii 
for Landon, $350 

Christopher Newport University - 

Sarah Oakes, $530 

University of Virginia - to send a local 
student to attend the Summer Enrichment 
Program, $1,050 

College of Charleston — 

Audrey Savage, $1,225 

College of William & Mary - 

Daniel Nuckols, Rachel Brown, 
Elizabeth Carman, $3,505 

Danville Community College - 

Sierra Hill, Haley Key Tyler Capps, $3,400 

Danville Regional Medical Center 
School of Health Professions - 

Mary Overby; Ebonee Terry, Ryan 
Wilkinson, Sean Woods, $1,275 

Duke University Divinity School — 

Edith Robinson-Davis, $2,225 

Greensboro College - 

Stuart Davis, $1,900 

Guilford Technical Community College - 

Shacolby Ferguson, $1,200 

Janies Madison University — Morgan 
Oakes, Hunter Reese, Taylor Slaughter, 
Brianna Hess, Jasmine Lovelace, $5,430 

Liberty University - Brittnie Cooke, 
Brianna Ryan, Claire Francisco, Joshua 
Estabrook, Tipree Graves, Victoria Gentry 
Lindsay Roberts, $18,405 

Longwood University — 

Jazmine Willard, $1,400 

Lynchburg College - Amber Suiter, 
Amanda Mayhew, LaDawn Noble, $5,530 

New York University - 

Christopher Hyman, $5,500 

Radford University - Shane Mayhew, 
Ashley Riddle, $4,430 

St.John's University - Calvin Bagby $5,500 

Toccoa Falls College - Kristen Light, $5,500 

University' of Georgia - Nathan Unger, 

University of Virginia - Latasha Jennings, 
Christopher Waters, Matthew Wyatt, 
Hillary' Hylton, Carrie Hartgrove, Dustin 
Marshall, Tyrabia Womble, Rachel 
Nicholson, $18,205 

University of Virginia - Wise 

Hunter Adkins, $600 

University' of North Carolina at 

Chapel Hill - Hannah Moore, $200 

University of North Carolina at 
Pembroke- Kaitlin Robertson, $700 

Virginia Commonwealth University — 

Tyesha Womack, Rachel Kilgore, $2,625 

Virginia Tech - Sarah Terrell, Olivia 
McCraw, Victoria Cox, Philip Dumont, 
Ryan Ross, Ling Guo, Matthew Riddle, 
Taylor Jones, Carlos Magana, Afton 
Richardson, $18,755 

Washington and Lee University - 

Richard Snyder, $225 

Yale University - Alistair 
Slephens-Pickeral* $1,675 


Donor Advised 

These grants were awarded from Funds with 
donor advisors . 

Animal Welfare League of 
Pittsylvania County 
Averett University 
Boys and Girls Club of Danville 
Campus Outreach - Durham Campus 
Chatham First 

Cross Roads Christian Counseling Center 
Danville Church-Based Tutorial Program 
Danville Community College 
Educational Foundation 
Danville Concert Association 
Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History 
Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber 
of Commerce Foundation - 
Ed Steffey Memorial Golf Tournament 
Danville - Pittsylvania Habitat 
for Humanity 

Danville Symphony Orchestra 

Free Clinic of Danville 

God's Pit Crew 

God's Storehouse 

House of Hope 

Little Life Pregnancy Center 

Lutheran Family Services of Virginia 

Mount Cross Volunteer Fire and Rescue 

Northern Pittsylvania County Food Center 

Sharon Baptist Church 

Oak Grove Residential Care 

Pittsylvania County Historical Society 

Temple Beth Sholom 

United Way of Danville - P i ttsy 1 van i a County 
Wayles Harrison Cancer Fund 
Westover Christian Academy 


“Thank you again for your 
generosity and support. My life 
goal is to leave this world better 
than I found it, and 1 promise 
you I will work very hard and 
eventually give something back to 
others, both as an administrator 
and possibly a scholarship to 
future students like myself.” 

Shontell White 
GW Class o/I957 


These grants were awarded from Funds 
whose purpose is designated to support one 
or more specific organizations. 

American Indian College Fund 
Averett University 

Bassett Memorial United Methodist Church 
Berea College 

Boys and Girls Club of Danville 
Boy Scouts 
Clover Cemetery 
Danville Cancer Association 
Danville Community College 
Educational Foundation 
Danville LifeSaving Crew and Rescue Squad 

Danville Public Library 
First Baptist Church 
Free Clinic of Danville 
Garden Club of Danville 
God’s Storehouse 

Grace Design United Methodist Church 
Longwood University 
Martinsville Cemetery Association 
Moffett Memorial Baptist Church 
Mount Vernon United Methodist Church 
New Community of Praise, Inc, 

Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation 
Piedmont Access to Health Services (PATHS) 
St. Paul’s College 

St. Peter's Greek Orthodox Church 
The Salvation Army 
United Negro College Fund 


Leaving A Legacy 
Collage Key 

L William E, Barr 

2. W. Earl & Elise M. G. Allen 

3. Claudia Vernon Smith 

4. Diane Marie Gross 

5. Roy Doss 

6. Susan L. Edwards 

7. “Sigie” Perkinson 

8. Gideon Miller 

9. Mary Jo Davis 

10. James W. Bryant, Sr. 

11. James T Collie 

12. Phil & Fran Daly 

13. Jimmie Anderson 

14. Elsie Carolyn Adkerson 

15. Judge Spiros Skenderis 

16. Frankie Lynn Betterton 

17. Dr, Eugene Evans 

Leaving a Legacy 

Many individuals have already created a 
legacy by giving through the Community 
Foundation of the Dan River Region. 

Since its beginning in 1996, The 
Community Foundation has received 
bequests and gifts totaling $7.5 million 
from the estates of the following donors: 

James R. Anderson 

Dorothy Braswell 

Henrietta Clark 

Mary Jo Davis 

Roy L. Doss 

Eugene Evans 

Dolores Feldman 

Moses Merricks 

Arnold and Elizabeth Porter 

Herbert Sater 

Mary Carter Stone 

Benjamin Sugg 

John C. Swanson, Jr. 

Harold D. Tinsley 

Some of the individuab who have notified 
us that The Community Foundation is 
included in their estate plans are: 

W Earl and Elise M G. Alien 
Virginia Collie 
Elizabeth Compton 
Niles and Carol Daly 
Pat and Cathy Daly 
Inara Aster Dodson 
Judith Noel Dodson 

Androniki Fallis 
Juanita G. Grant 
Doug Hayes 
Ralph and Ruth Hess 
Etta Jennings 
H. Victor Millner, Jr. 

L. Samuel Saunders, Jr. 
Frances Skenderis 
Garland Slayton 
Charles W Snead 
Jennie Lee Wagner 

Contact your financial or legal advisor 
to discuss how you can use one of the 
following gifts to establish a permanent 
legacy with The Community Foundation: 


Beneficiary of IRAs 
Charitable Remainder Trusts 
Gifts of Life Insurance 
Charitable Lead Trusts 


Honorariums And Memorials 

Many people have given gifts this year in JiomJr or in memory of special people in their lives. Such gifts 
ctin be designated for a particular fund or used to support the work of The Community Foundation. 
Notices will be sent to fionorees or family members as specified. 

In Honor of 

Nancy Clark Bailey 
Ted &r Leslie Bennett's 
50th wedding anniversary 
Ellen Seville 
Dr. Timothy Brotherton 
James L. * L Pete™ and Jean Brown 
Dr. & Mrs. Donald G. Cairns 
Sharon Celsor-Hughes 
Mr. Sr Mrs. W. James Cheyney 11 
Dixie Clifton 
Gil Collins 

Dr. Elizabeth Compton 
Mr. & Mrs. David Eagle 
AndronikiJ. Fallis 
Reverend Barry $. Foster 
Nell Jefferson Fredericksen's 

Dr. & Mrs. Todd Fredericksen 

The Gamewood Staff 

jnanita G. Grant 

Julie Hammond 

Mrs. Graham Hatcher 

Martha B. Hylton 

Frances jarrett 

Mr. James H. Jefferson 

Mary Evelyn J efferso n 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Jefferson 

William H. Jefferson, III 

Mrs. William H Jefferson, Jr. 
Claire Johnson-Hurry 
Dr. & Mrs. Norman Johnson 
Budge and Carolyn Kent 
John Laramore 
Betty Leggett's Birthday 
Tom Leggett 
CP Lewis 

E Lawrence McFallJr. 

Ken Miller 
Eddie Mitchell 
Mr. & Mrs. E.D. Morton 111 
Mr. & Mrs. James Moye 
Dave Newman 
Judith Noel's Wedding 
Clara Lee Parker Ripley 
Mrs. William L. Sager 
Nancy e G. Shelton 
Frances and Bill Skenderis 
Mrs. Spiros B. Skenderis 
Mrs. Jack B. Spainhonrjr. 
Jean H. Vernon 
Scott Waller 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wilkerson 
Kate Wilson 
Gayle Wyatt 

In Memory of 

Barbara Alderson 

Edwin Jack Andrews 
James Earl Bass, Sr. 

Nancy Short Barker 
Brantley K. Batterman 
Randy Beale 
Henry G. Bennett 
Frankie Jean Braswell 
Barbara Cole 
Roy F Collins 
Philip &r Frances Daly 
D. Randolph “Randy” Davis 
Susan L. Edw r ards 
Anunciacion X Escario 
Vernon Ferguson 
Florence Fitzgerald 
Mable Gatewood 
Josiah Bynum Gay III 
Mamie Jackson Gould 
Jean Hall 

Paul & Catherine Harold 
Kenneth Holland 
Larry Donald Huskey 
Mary E, Jones 
Elizabeth (Betty) Jefferson 
Be tty Jef ferson’s 
Christmas Birthday 
Danny Tate & Malcolm Jones Jr. 
Leroy Lewis 

A.H. Light & Mary N. Light 

Alma Courtney 
“Sigie Perhinson 
Rose Garden 

Dee Dee Mattison 
Dennis Miller 
Gideon Miller 
Audrey Millner 
Melissa Mitchell 
Patrick Musick 
Calvin Neat 

Captain Edward C Oldfield 
Forrest Pawling 
Edwin Boyd Parrish 
Isabella Pretty 

Edwin “Ed” Hughes Ragland, Jr. 

Thomas Reynolds 

Raymond C. Rigney 

Ellen Vernon Robertson 

James A. and Anne V Robertson 

Lucille T. Shelhorse 

Roy R. Shelton 

Judge Spiros Skenderis 

Dr. Jeff Smith 

Spencer T. Strader, Jr. 

Ramona Smith Supensky 
Lille Puckett Saunders Terry 
Major General Carroll 
Thackston (Ret.) 

Dennis Under wood 
Fred Webb, Sr. 

Bernard Wright 
George Zourzoukis 

In Memory of Pets 

Animal Medical Center of 
Danville, Inc. - clients' pets 
Sherry Crews 
Deborah Johnson 
Linda P Jones 
Susie L. Mitchell 
Mt. Hermon Animal 
Clinic- clients' pets 
Sandra Pugh 


Statement of Activities 

{Unaudited) The final audited statements will be available for inspection 
at the Foundation office and on the website wwwx/drrorg 

Support and Revenue 

Investments Income 
Net Gain on Investments 
Rental Revenue In-Kind 
Other Gifts - In Kind 
Other Income 

Workforce Collaborative Funding 


Grants & Scholarships 
Facility Rental Grant In-Kind 
Program Related 
Management and General 
Workforce Collaborative 

Net Assets 


Beginning Balance July 1, 2012 
Ending Balance June 30, 2013 




$ 711,630 



































Total Assets 

$ 8 , 330,000 

$ 10 , 792,184 

$ 15 , 753,320 


$ 25 , 348,584 



oj the Dan Rt ver Region 

541 Loyal Street 
Danville, VA 24541 
(434) 793-0884 





U S. Postage 


Permit No. 870 
Lynchburg, VA