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Approved For Release 200 

Security Information 

79-0154,1 A0001 000401 80- 

Official Diary 

Thursday, 26 February 1953 

25X1 A9a 

25X9A6 1 : Shenaan Kent reported that s about to publish 

®- bo^y^^^ytook a rather severe swipc^s^^^^^^^^^^^Jor being incredulous 
that^^^^Bwas a Communist. It took a similar but only one- sentence 
0 r Y1 a q„ swipe atB«B All this reported by^^^B Information was given to 
ZD A Aya 0 f the General Counsel *s office and. to the morning staff meeting and dL_ 
25X1A9cf iirec 'ked HHI to have P^ocxore a copy of the book and start drafting ocviAQa 

a statement to bs. released if serious publicity develops on the matter. ZOA Mad 

5X1 A9a 
25X1 A9a 

2. At suggestion, advised DCI that the Yugoslav 
situation would make a good major topic for next week 1 s briefing. DCI 
agreed, and DDC/I is proceeding to draw up the necessary paper. 

3. DCI stated that he was concerned at our production reaching the 
critical levels of the Government, especially those such as Treasury, MSA, 
and Budget, which did not have departmental intelligence organizations. He 
proposed an early NSC briefing to outline what we put out and soliciting, 
requests from the various members as to what they would life their offices 
to have. He talked in terms of assigning a CIA liaison officer to bring daily 
and spot inteligence to Sec/Treas, DMSA, and Director of the Budget. 

I suggested several caveats along the lines of keeping ephemeral 
excitable material away from top policy makers not primarily concerned and 
utilizing the IAC and its sub- committees as channels for improving utiliza- 
tion of our production at second echelon and lower levels of the Government. 
It i^juDparent that DCI would like to talk further about this with 
and ■Hi 25X1 A9a 25X1X7 


at th^DCO^meeting the question was raised of accepting 
■H made by I^BIB^^H^ 0 collaborate in studying gadgets in over- 
seas missions. He suggested raising this at the PSB meeting and I suggested 
that the LAC would be a more appropriate place, as I felt the service intel- 
ligenc^offj^ers would be better representative^of departmental views than 
25X1A9awould I mBUB on this rather tricky matter. is informally clearing with 25X1A9a 

interdepartmental committee set up to handle this. ■ " ' ’ 

25X1A9a 25X9A£^^_ 

5* ^His arranging a visit by will be received 

cordially but not with such r ed carpet treatment as to embarrass us in rela- 
tion to ONI. Later changed meet with DCI, DDI and ADDI. 

Already laid on. 25X9A6 

6. DCI reported that the Cabell Bill has been presented to both 
Congressional committees and that Saltonstall will shortly appoint a special 
subcommittee, the minority leader of which would likely be Stuart Symington. 
Apparently DCI will go before the Committee on Tuesday next. General counsel 
will take care of briefing him. 

(cont ’d) 

subjected to inlividual systematic revierfl 

Approved For RelQgse 2000/08/2^9^-201^79-01 Q4JA0001 000401 80-2 

25X1 A9a 

7. Attended NSC Senior Staff meeting which got about three-fourths 
of the way throi^tf^t&^China paper and recessed until tomorrow afternoon. 25X1 A9a 
At this meeting outlined the proposal for a panel of distinguished 
citizens to spend three weeks viewing national policies. 

p ns- , 25X1 A9 a 

o. Conferred wxth Mr. Pforzheimer who reported a call from WSKSIM 
of the Joint congressional Committee on atomic energy and requesting DCI's 
appearance next Tuesday to discuss the semi-annual report, the "joint report" 
and the demands made in a certain letter of last spring for detailed informa- 
tion as to intelligence sources, etc. Pforzheimer believes he has persuaded 
Borden to delay this appearanceu^il week after next. He suggests the desir- 

kil1 any action on the above letter. 25X1 A9a 
l ^^g^^^^^^g^^M should get together to discuss this in detail. 

25X1 A9a 

Later talked with ^^^^fland Pforzheimer >ho pointed out 
that a major decision on tactics to be used by DCX in dealing with this 
Committee will have to be reached. Suggest we get together 27 February to 
give DCI a coordinated staff recommendation on this . 


10. Conferred with Special Assistant to DCI, who was 

much . exercised over the Asia paper and the attempt s of the military to 
eliminate reference to promoting a negotiating attitude. I assured him that 
we and State would fight to the last f or this and I had PCI called from the 25X1 A9a 
meeting to urge him to discuss it with the P3B 

luncheon. Also agreed that the CIA Senior Staff Representatives would always 
be receptive to suggestions from ^^^based on his special mission. 25XlA9a 

\ c_ 

Conferred who is about to undertake an 

administrative survey of Agen^^pupTicauTonfS with the view to reducing costs 
and saving manpower. Told them the DD/l Offices, represented substantively 
by AD/IC, would cooperate fully but wished to stress the overriding importance 
of having finished intelligence vtldely and effectively disseminated even at 
the expense of printing and sending out surplus copies. 

.12. Received a call fromP^Hf|||^^^^|NSC, later joined in by HHHHj' 
regarding the revision of the EIESONLIsummary sheet. He proposed to put 
the correct totals down leaving our sensitive stuff buried in the military 
departments as they are in the official unclassified budget. I told him I 
could. see no objection to this provided, as he assured me, there was no way 
in which a clever computer could deduce the Agency figures by comparing any 
totals of subordinate figures with the totals given. 

25X1 A9a 


- 2 - 

Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : aA-fepyg-OI 041 A0001 000401 80-2