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Approved For Release 2002/05/09 : CIA-RDP82-00357R000&)0070038-2 

1 9 MAY 1970 


Deputy Director 
Better Director 
Deputy Director 
Deputy Director 

far Intelligence 
for T1&S3M 

far Science end Technology 
for Support 

SUBJECT : Inter-Directorate Rotation 

l» It having been agreed at the Deputies meeting with the 
Director on 13 Msy that we will go forward with the 
development of rotation plane and a 30-day dea d l ine being estab- 
llehed for conpleting the plane, it la Imperative that the natter 
of ids© goes where be tentatively decided right away. 

2, On the assumption there well nay be same competition among 
the Directorates for one or more of the nominees, I would like to 
suggest that each of you provide me within the next few days with 
your choices and the proposed assignments. This will Identify any 
duplications which need to be resolved before undertaking Interviews 
with the individuals. 

3. I would propose, once the tentative patterns are agreed on, 
to advif e eadh of you of the proposed assignment in order that you 

first surface the proposal with your respective careerists 
vith the understanding that, if it is felt necessary or desirable, 

I in tom review the program with them. Staxt I would arrange 

far the needed interviews with the gaining Directorates and then, 
with the pasties in agreement to principle, get your respective 
esrts? saiagisnsnt or senior personnel officers together to arrange 
the timing. 

k. It may be that we cannot reach full agreement on the actual 
s chedule s within 3® days, but certainly should be able to rail down 
the who and where, if not the when. 

/s/ Robert S. Wattles 

Bebert S. Wattles 
Director of Bsrsonnel 

cot Executive Director- comptroller 


O&l - Each Addressee 
1 - 

App^ove^EY^el^fei Mrtl/05/09 : CIA-RDP82-00357R000600070038i: 

1 - D/Pers Cnron© CfpDCT t. 

OD/Pers/RSWattles:mtw (19 May 70)»J tlbl