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Approved For ReleaslP^O0 1/07/1 2 : CIA-RDP86-01019R00020WT80005-1 , V / 9 6 > 



A, Pr-v^orty : Basic CIA Tract 
hr -xi : 12 L . o63 Acres 

uisition Data: Transferred to Agency on 15 Karen 

1937 j Accepted 5 April 1957 
Frees.: Bureau of Public Roads 

Coats: 1.) Land ~ Transferred without reimbursement 
2.) Buildings* - Sea below 

^Buildings: The total cost of — $43,670.00 

a . Headquarters buildings 

b. Clearing and grading land 

o. All roadways and parking areas 

(only first portion of west lot) 

*i. All utilities such ns water and 
power on property 

e. Complete powerhouse, cafeteria, and 

« i. Security and property line fmuces 

A, Property : Viner Tract • 

Area: 13.8227 Acres 

Acquisition Data: Property condemned and transferred 

to tea Agency on 12 June 1963 

From: Viner 

Costs: 1.) Land - $172,000.00 

C. Property: River comb Tract 
Area: 12.8279 Acres 

Acquisition Data: Property condemned and transferred 

v; -i A<r. on 12 June 1 bob 

Cos ts : 1 . ) Land - $ 13* > . 000 . 00 

d. Property : Travers Tract 
Area; 11.2 Acres 

Acquisition Data: GSA -purchased land from Travers 

oti 11 August 1966 

Cost: 1.) Land - $145,463.00 " . 

S. Property: Scat ter good - Thorne Tract 

Area: 32 Acres ■ . 

.Acquisition Data: BPR purchased on 27 July 1947 

F. Property: West Parking 

Area: 19.75Acres 

Acquisition Data: 30 day revocable use permit from BPR 

G. Property: EAA Ball-fields 
Aron: 29.5 Acres 

Acquisition Data: 30 day revocable us© permit from BPR 

Approved For Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200080005-1 

Approved For ReleasWO0 1/07/1 2 : CIA-RDP86-O1O19ROOO20W8OOO5-1 

Approved For Relea^SO0 1/07/1 2 : CIA-RDP86-01 01 9R00020i^8b005-'1 

ti 0 0 0 

^ - ~ 

/VQ.pondi.x 2 

JABI Cl Icy P r opcrty 
Nov; Under CIA Control 



Land transferred from BPR .... 


• / SC J 

Viner tract ...... 


/ ji y 

Rivercomb tract .... 


/l-* - ' 

// / '? / i • „ 

ii-rnuxs uract 


"i\ ,• . £ v-' 

" s " ^ * • • * .. • ' • 

I09 . 4 

*’ * f 

Now Under BPR Gor.urol 

Under sore control of BPR 


In use by CIA under 30 - any 

revocable use permit • 




/Cl - /*■ 





i.y^ • - ••••'. j __ 

V . 2- 5 

Grand Total, CIA & BPR Property ..... 




o . . 


^^^^■Qproved For Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-FPP86-01019R000200080005-1 

Approved For ReleaslPSOO 1/07/1 2 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200080005-1 


Headquar ters Building Planning for 1980. 

Over recent year- 

of Agency activities has resulted in an a 
problems . Dispersal has brought on increase c 
guards, transportation, couriers, message cei 

o, the. continuing prol 

ray of 



In a: 

>, machine shops, laboratories, classrooms 
space and communications . 

An associated problem 




st in 

,, S!.C. , 

;ravei an 

o . Iiw . ua 

a r king . 

us for 

0 c* .u 0 G 0 x ' ... m 
C O Ti 1. 0 88 o 88. 


eccxng rieaaquar cers sp< 
funds availability and location, 
especially in the light of the large nurnbe : 

The most significant . 
ice planning for i 960 are 
Man ag e r i a 1 efficie n cy , 

involving the Agency, would be improved. 

consolidation. Security has arc. s n< 
handling of papers among buildings 
a consolidated environment. Voice 

• Of jo 





J - V 
O * 1 


■ed thr 


Vv V- 

■ mini rn 


ed in 


0 C LX. j8 _L 


i dated 

eah be provided far less expensively under consolidated 
than under- dispersed arrangements. 

The present Headquarters building was constructed 
primarily for office occupancy and with only minimal space 
for file rooms and a signal center. During the past seven 

years, tremendous 

las occurred in filing, corr.pul 

ana communications activities 


1 esui t e a 1 n t n e 

displacement of employees and movement to outlying buildings 
The power, air conditioning and water- systems were not 
designed to support machines and other special purpose 
activities. The Headquarters building air conditioning 
system was designed' to cool during hot 'weather and heat 
during cold weather. Computers and communications equip- 
ment require year-round cooling, heavy electric power and 
floors configured to accommodate extensive wiring and 
heavy floor- loads. Modifications in a building which was 
never intended for. such use have been and will -continue to 
be both expensive and inadequate . The telephone equipment 
room will soon need expansion. Much of the equipment in 
use. today will be obsolete by 1980. It would be economical! 
sound to put the new equipment in .a special purpose buildin? 
with its utilities system designed to support machines and 
equipment, laboratories, machine shops, file rooms, class- 


pproved For Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200080005-1 
A 25X1 A 

Approved For ReleaStrfO0 1/07/1 2 : CIA-RDP86-01019R0002(»«r80005-1 

rooms :uid other activities having special configuration or 
utilities requirements or common use characteristics. 

Drastic changes in speed, size and capab 
of computers and communications equipment are bo in. 
dieted. Trillion bit data stores with favorable r 

, ... -J ... v 


j. O'. • l u. , , 

are now being constructed. Termi; 


<1 L O v_ VO O O O VO* '•L ^ 

will, in a few years, drop drastically. Video equipment 
now is use permits secure data storage and retrieval 
without printing. 

Modern communications and computer technology 
will introduce systems of information storage and retrieval 
affecting printing requirements and records management. 
Although printed copy will always be necessary, the Agency p 
focus on long-range planning should anticipate less hard 

copy stoj 

:e ana more computer storage. 


The .existing situation in the Headquarters area 
results an suos^anciai bunding alteration costs wmch an 
being incurred each year to accommodate technological 
developments . These investments will be lest when and if 
consolidation occurs. it 2430 H Street, N. W. , Agency 

components could someday be evicted 

i p o i id ci 
- K' LA Li ► J 

1 , 

designated for use by the Kennedy Center for the Per 

, vr j. 


25X1 A 


The National Capital Planning Commit 


gency popular: 

on has 
on wrow 

on g 

i . i l* na c j_ c an c icsps, uos : 

of ||^^Hernp 1 oy e e s by the year 1385 - n the Langley 
quarters area. This assumption relates to popular 
and not to consolidation. If regional planning agenci 
to provide roads, transportation, and: supporting ssrvl 
they must be given information on which future plans c 
based. Appendix 2 lists the real estate at Langley an 
occupied by the Agency. and the Bureau of Public Hoads. 
Appendix 2 also enumerates those outlying facilities w 


>-j cx, 


n b= 

should be considered fon 
Agency is now occupying 
an additional 

existing ou.ti.ymg activities. 

,n a i 



an a 

ft. at Langley 
be needed to consol 


review of the 



automated data processing activities which now occupy 

ft. Indicates an inc 
soace occubie ' 

’ease of 10 percen 
;, by 1980 an 
needed for AD?. The 


0 e - 

Task For. 

Approved For Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-RDP8§ T j>1019R000200080005-1 

25X1 A 


Approved For Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200080005-1 

25X1 A 

climates for- presenter: 
a Headquarters - conscn- 
frorn initiating its pi: 


1 f ' £ 





i o: 

a re quo 
While the: cost of new c 
accurately at this time 

arch i tact u r a 

The Office of Logi; 
of $100,000 and 8 personnel for 
Planning Staff. This Staff should be activated 


ble budge 


ary a: 


1 o 








r” • p. 




uld not p 





-S. w 


orts nov/. 

in vi 

(3 VI 



- iC 

ng requir 


df I 


w ct 


V f ’ 
J. - ■ . 


972, the 


re sen 

■v 'hi 

* _.L O 



nd engine 


y r -1 r '-‘ 


a a 

C .7 

on cannot 

be os 

t :. 

- c 

m 2, 

k Force b 


j. " 0 V O 






oximate 4 


-90 m 

li. i. 

_L f. G 

. o 

v-.-. <*j 

to it v h.hici v 


s an 


n'u a 



the creat 

on of 

* a 


3. 1 

r! - 

U _x. 

- : o 

earliest possible 
>e pr 


the resources require 

be provided from within existing Agency fund; 

and. personne 

V 25X1 A 

For Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200080005-1 


o. o 

Approved For Releas^SO0 1/07/1 2 : CIA-RDP86-O1O19ROOO28Q08OOO5-1 

1 1 . I Ip” cry. art erg Co nference Sp e.ce ‘ 

There are 36,281 sq. ft. of conference space, 
controlled as follows: 

DD/S&T . 
DD/S . . 

dd/p . . 

DD/I . . 

DC I. . . 

Sq. Ft. 






Total . . .36,281 

This conference space Is distributed among the Directorates, 
and, in turn, among the Off ice/Diviqion components of these f 
Directorates. Sixty- two percent of this space is situated 

\ u 

in the neaaouarters nur . 
percent is source rad among or 
me ns s r g.> .iran i o_. conxw— cji.oo 
results in unc e rut 2 . .u z a , 
common . 

The ctner tnarcy-ergn 
y . ,_r ueaaqunr te r s 
ace by Directorate/ G~ 

There are no central co..trc 
recoras x or oo.u L/./Gjice spavG . Cro.-. 
“Wherever posers..^, the e sta 02 . ashmen t 
should be based on need e 3 ta clashed :: 
experience, rather than on anticipate 

.‘3 ll:Tl 0 n t OX C O i 

g S k> 0 Cl L/ tt 2 

iferen cc 3 
■it record: 

neeu 0 . 

£ y 3 t e m ox* come: 

ice' space sc h a du 1 i r. g 

utilization devised by the Office of Logistics 
the use of some of this space for other purposes 

i Q 

i 25X1 A 

. ^^^^torpved For Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200080005-1 

Approved For Releas^O0 1/07/1 2 : CIA-RDP86-O1O19ROOO29fl08OOO5-1 

12 . Wasni n g t on A r e a_ 





rn Space. 

ce in the 

Washington 15 

■ 7,500 so. 

ft. of which 

■he Office 

of Training, 

mel, and 

1,800 sq. ft. 


5,700 sq. ft. 

WQ f.f'A 

8 , 0 r ' 


'eU A/ uj_ 

C Jflo 

Office of Logistics. Tnt _ - - 

assigned among the Office of Security, tne Office 





e Technical Services Division, to 
'oecialized training requirements . In 

of Computer 


he Central Reference Service maintains two -j, _ 

• • is the custodian ox une 

no a c r O' 

.LOli ; 

rooms and the Office o 

b. The space at Ar ii;.^,to.n ^.o^ca g j.. 

exclusive purpose ox .p.;. - c\ - w ~ 

i o roarv ■ • i r-~ . ... ■ . o Gj — . ■■ ; ■ 

.. .. - . . ■ . a p ■' , , * ■- y , erv.'av to 

because of maintenance :.. ..■■•■uu. acres . £ n - 

provide for c ompar tme^h • at 1 o. i cons is can- w_ 
clearance levels of tne 

)V the 

>pe are to 
the school 

O X iO o 

... bOUx 


c. The OTR clerical training facility anc^ cr.e^ 
CP clerical pool at Ames consume lo,0C0 so. 1 c 
room so ace . Of this area, 3,000 sc. x t . t 1 w “' 

specialized clerical training and 7,000 sq. ft. couxc sc 
used for conventional lecture- type courses ^curing vnc^ 
months of October through hay when demand tor clerrcax mom 
training and orientation crops of x snarply. 

25X1 A 

Proved y 

or Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200080005-1 

Approved For Releas^O 0 1 / 07/1 2 : CIA-RDP 86 - 01 d 19 R 0002 Qap 80005-1 

d : Tj ?° Cr] - ebe Road Building contains n clas — 

- S of S Q :L ?nn apaCj ^ y fr ° rn 25 t0 50 students fon a 

V 00 , sq * The lar-ger classrooms a-e 

xocc^eu in ohe dog- leg angle of the building on each 

0° c b r f SUj '° J i s ‘ m Poorly designed classrooms. p mo'-o 
fv.-fv^ b v y classroom design could have been achieved hr, 

rectan Sular wln £s had been devoted"’”* 
. ~ -o—l ly vo classrooms, rather than to office soece sc 
is now -one c° ^ ^ — - - - 

ci.o <2 , 

The current Inadequacy of the C-lebe' 

V~> vTU „ _ i j_ _ 

?:: 2 V' C ;i nS f S * s rauch the result of poor configuration a^d 
aoo^iffienu ox space within the building as it 'is the" a-*r 
conaitiomng, transportation, and othe? physical Inade~ 

planned ! M ° V8 t0 m ° re "*■*“*»* quarters is being 

1 h 

25 X 1 A 

® ♦ Cf A occupiesj^i^ppp^o . i’t. of soace ir» 

hhhSf niP?i S9 ' ft ’ ran3ln S ln capacity fJlPi8°to 
i“cc 'h nf r °“- .Permanent allocation of this 
, J - 0j - -°- Le use oi management traim'po- ± 3 v - an& 

xianagemem; and support training is S enerally°cornpati' 
OyO '-2 enc y_ Headquarters training handled by OTR. T 
orainxng could be given in a centralized OTR cla' :; s^o~ 

coS?d C b; Unf ?^ SG ^ acquirements or scheSuling^onn 
coala be me c through expand ed utilization of clncsroo 



9 nc , 1 * Assuming an optimum utilization level 

Cciys a year i or each individual classroom 
tne days of running scheduled for each course' 
must meet a tonal requirement of approximately 
aays per year or a minimum reauirement of nine 
inis would require very precise scheduling 


and summing 
the Agency 

1 Pro ... " 

c 1 s. s X s o orn s . 

, precision in scfrsdxiiinfsi is ’* rnoossi o" p 

ana a moderate excess over .statistically computed i'c- 

b°°ahSS?i- ShOUld ? S Pr0vided - Therefore; OTR should 

O" 0 ten- to- eleven classrooms to accommodate the • 
Oi b °0 preEent and Planned j Headquarters training 
rnO i Of e ^ fc '^ 1;s ^ excluding only the Language and Clerical 

o-s "d O 0/S° ' and the speclallzea class-rooms of TSD, 


irmteiv oc' , A Applying GSA suggested standards of aoorox- 
i- n Q :.i O P ? r s uUaent . and OTR statistics con- 
3 “ u ^ Dej -‘ r -' oP students, tne following distribution o H 
classroom by size suggests itself: 

-• 11 - 

proved For F®^A 2001 / 07/12 : CIA-RDP 86 - 01019 R 000200080005-1 

i-y, ry 

25 X 9 

Approved For Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200080005-1 

25X1 A 

f ! 

W ' 

1 room for 80 students , 

4 rooms, for 50 students 

5 rooms for 25 students 

2 , 500 

Total Required ...... 8,100 

UUJ. - 1 - 1 - 

Total number of courses planra 

19o9 in the Washington 

.s -a: 

ft yi -* v- •' a Ci 1 1 via r* 

v u- -l. >»•' O u-v ^ O' V' 

at an Increase 



,‘ss or 

Q ; 

i a c u 

.i . o.. '-.,OOUt y "'v 

per cation and per diem expenses. 
.Cj»fyr.»f>^t1rur Immediate action to tee.. 

the Task Po 

i>. O ’ 

OTP. facilities now ao f j ebe heal ana ..rlingmn Towers, plus 
tnau portion usee . or . ej a g m on a Training ar. me .magazine 
Building, should provide for not more o'" -a. 5,100 sq. ft. 
of general classroom space. . This would save about 5,000 
so. ft. of space. 

^25X1 A 

Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200080005-1 


25X1 A 

Approved For Releasfi^OO 1/07/1 2 : CIA-RDP86-01019R0002Q^80005-1 

25X1 A 

25X1 A 

if J. j. c; v_: 

"C'xlO S O 

con cal 

1 O L'. It L' 

of end 

con sun 

liiiu x en i ree J.oc a provides exc o 1 lent cover' 
curity and the buildings are well constructed and 
.cnt^ m • nature . All space is- now being utilized 
.Lvoiy and. TSD nas plans for construction to connect 
par ate structures now in being. The laboratories 
n resting rooms and equipment in the fields of 
.iC-Dj elec oronj.cs, optics, chemistry, and other areas 
oavor supporting clandestine activities. Clandestine 
c cures involving leathercraft, metal fabrication, wcoc- 
g and machining were noted. The facility's principal 
ers are located in the Headquarters area and* this," 
er will other TSD relationsnips, results in time 
mg L-ravel . Tne Task force conn! d^ps r> » -> •» - 

TS D c on s o j. a G a : 

■a ia g o. on snip s, re suit s 1] 
LSk ounce concludes that 
^ - ■ ■ - l x "u "cup c cons x: 
-- - vr '• Headquarters ar*-. . 

o-s. vl t/ _J. .. * 

25X1 A 

20. B'ulldln po.s at 243 0 E Street 

In the S Street complex, TSD occupies 
following space: 

The non- office space includes 
chemical communications, audl 
and biology. Supporting act! 
photographic dark rooms, repr 
engineering model shop, and 1 
Construction is nearly coraple 
facility in this complex. Th 
Commission has plans for use 
Kennedy Center for Performing 
aware of any definite time fr 

1 a d o r a t o ry f a c i 1 
o operations, apt 
vi ties such as gr 
eduction faciliti 
ibrary are also h 
ted on a $537.-000 
e National Capita 
of this property 
Arts. The Task ] 
arne for such acti 

110Q p fi 

evohic a 


i i-o/ 1 

.1 Plan 
by the 

at c ry 

i s ur.- 

25X1 A 

In the context of this survey, therefore, TSD 
occupancy of South, Central and East id u g. i ci . l r"i is^ ui o. j/ 3 ; .i a — * i 
undisturbed for the foreseeable future. The complex affords 
adequate, but not super-fluou b j it ct c G for activities presently 
being conducted. There is no unused space available which 
would bo suitable for other activities. 

Approved For Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200080005-1