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Report of Trio by to 

from 1 I larch to In "arch 19b3 

I. The 1-roposal 


Tlic purpose of tlie trip was to inve stigate the tx3ssibilltic3_ 

f) of u sing t’no r ^~” y ‘ t - ic ‘ V • ' 

'J - , a0 a place furnishing sufficient cover to carry on re- 

search in the area of interrogation vrith the use of drugs and to 
■ include possibly interrogation with the combined use ^of drugs anu 
hvonotism and polygraph interrogation with the use of drugs. Fur- 
ther. a survey was rndn of other agencies wnuch could I'C rcscncu 
through the f '< lines of coiauunicntion for similar research 

The best method of financing ihe project, rca;.iiretaenta for 
supplies end equipment and an overall estimate of costs were to 
bo estimated* 

[. Previous Investigation 


'3 ■■ ■ 

•' *’ eu-fl? •'Ccenber 1912 indicnlgd that 

T; crj Id furnish natural cover and* that war 

tiic l i t/ouiu l.irmsa nawiaj. _ 

O willing to eo-orcratc in such a project.. The present trip was to 
investigate thoroughly the feasibility of such a research project. 

“ : exists as one of many agencies under 

rduinistrr.tion which might possibly be used 
for an AT.TICH .‘13 project. " is n fully-cleared consultant 


1 U1 cUi :V i Awn \ 1 

to the -Agency so that possible programs ajid ^proacnes could be 
iiilly di 'cussed with, bin, but could not be discussed w±tu other ^ 
individuals who would be concerned if such a program were active ocd. 

In order that the reader nay get a 1 otter picture of what 

possibilities for research exist in the area of _ ' 

the following outline is presented. Attached is a 


/7^f~ J was 

J ~ dicalcd by an asterisk the individuals with when he is well acquainted 

* w 

'i’Jic various organisations nhich nipht be utilised a s nlaces 
for research uill be reported r-ivin- the purpose of the orcanisa- 
txon, the population ;;ith ;;h.Lch they arc concerned, the staff 
ornanication, the niniriun clearance requirements n:xl the pros a?ri 
cons or usin^ the organisation as a location, for research'. 

/' III. The 

at the 

^>7 1„ V >'-a * „* * .. 7 ,r-9* s ' -- V 

k- •,.* • • • •*' v *• v:\ . * *> 1 . •r—.-**-- ^ 

^ “ < 
' The f errists as a service organisation to the . /it the 

discretion > eases arc referred to the ! ’ for diagnosis, 

p ersonality evalu ation and surjections for treatment., 

' ' All clients, uith rare c^rcertions . are pconlc 

vrho have been ’ 

The clinical r eport is ar> aid to the ' 

TJic - sent to tho arc ;-iven a physical c:a:iination 

.including a blood and urine test, a variety of nsvcholortical tests' 
and a psychiatric cxariination * are routinely checked 

for previous records and social agencies or other sources of in- 
format ion nay bo utilised, iho average tine these peonlo spend 
in iho ; is five hoiU’S. 

ba ch case is staffed and a one or two-ease rg >or t is prepared 
fer tlic vino, sent the case. ><oinq — oass .tiirourh 
the yearly. ~ ' 

y r . ■? "*■ t --T ’ S ?' V ,~ r " : ~ rr ‘ r ~ r ~" — ” » "T ' . r i 

• •*>*% ^ * ’ir' • «£ ~ 12 - **-■**■. > • 

M b | 1C3 .£ rarely and voluntarily cone to 

b - ic for exa: dilation, it is unlikely they would bo £ood 

subjects for this project. However, the space” :d{;ht be used for 
other types of Agency research. 

v /3 


Tlierc arc T full- Line psychiatrists 
j part-tine e;:a* lining physician. There a**'' ■’ 

! support s taff nenbers — i 

^on the staff and 
] psychologists and 


- If a research nrojoct were co nducted in the ,-i 1 ' 

it would lx; ess ential to clca.r t he gr id the three 

rtcribcro of the y * concerned with activities. "* 

Inasmch as the* —"—■'and coirittco no iters rotate assi;:n- 

wen ts front y e si* to year and cases arc referred to the r 7 * T _ s ] ivr a ; n 
the « it would be desi rable and pro’ ably ncccssaiy to clear 

all ten . It likewise v; eu.l/J. be iiirjiily desir- 
able, if not necessary, to yet individually from the : cith.r 

a blanket auth ority t o adninister drills to ail cases at the dis- 
cretion of trie ! or to receive individual authority fron case 

to case. If tnisicro not done, it is possible that trie 

dainaycs , etc. even Liiouyh the su bject, volunteered for such a re- 
search procedure. If the were not previously advised,- the 
entire procram niylit be jeopardised. 

Tor the personnel of the ! I itself, *“"" in .already 
cleared and it would bo necessary to clear others — the mm ~ m 

- 3 - 

psychra Ins t, a.^ the doc Lor w ho au ’ ini > tors the ] hys 1- 

cal rnd neurological tssts, It i r, not contemplated 

to ucc any o C Vac psychologists . In addition, it would be desirable 
to obta in clea rances on - ~~ ~ secretory and tiie " 7" ~ 

of the fitifiii'Vrwt' "" they would have access to none of the activities. 

Discussion of the Pros and Cons 

The * 1 is i deally situate.!. It is next to th e ' ‘ ' 

y ‘ - mm • ’ The clients 

of the seine * xxould bo good subjects for 

ARTICIircX experimentation. The Director of tiie 1 . who has 

worked in t tie for the last \ 

veil-acquainted with all of the officials of 
with the ' and dealing with 1 

1 years, .ir 

lie is also a cleared 
consultant of the Agency and is willing and even enthusiastic to 
participate in such a research project. 

There is amnio space in the . ... to conduct each a research 

project, .. J'l.iiJjJ.J can be easily-wired for sound recording 

and tiie largo . could be used Tor the administration 

of drugs. Teds and toilet facilities would l.<! available if re cos - 

On the oilier hand, there are sone difficulties. The conduc- 
tion of such an experiment would not fit easily into the routino 
of the 1 - 1 cm assuming that the ad uni.strati.on of drupe and 

subsequent interrogation would require from four to si:-:’ hours. 

This woul d probably have t o be do ne in addition to the ^rputii ie 

^ -■ zz l procedure of the i 1 — um a j aixl vohld probably mean the in- 1 

dividual v-wild. have to be called bade for the second visit. “LU re- 
vise, it sc sms .to me essential that a medical is an be present during 
the entire mount of this tine. If somethin*; untoward occurred. 

it possibly would le necessary to hospitalise the individual at 
the '' — — c , y j event tiie admitting officer or 

admitting physician would have to be told what led up to the ex- 
isting physical condition . It is possible tliat someone at the 
hopital could be cleared but inasmuch as tliore is a great deal of 
variation in duty hours for the medics at the Hospital, the 
situation would be almost impossib le to control. Other possible 
difficulties arc that an " hearing of such a research nro- 

j eet ™lrht Lit to take adv antage of it as a norms of obtaining 
a , 'gain it must be borne in .iind that the 


«t j-nLita pfcltalt/if the-/ tho-pht 
or the, selves. '•houlr! pordssion be required fron the 

;^r°r i^ividual, the adrdnlrl.r-tion of th^nro^ct ' 

wexild be . tJ-Lf C:icnlt . finally- there is the possibility that sene 
mx^ht die approve of the project a.-u t’.ixr'h they :iirjit not 
:e aolo to dtoo the project they night well create difficulties . 


p— — — : " i 

. ihcrc ere r iof the w : iici , 

!.uf-ut be v.jer.q in cendnctir:; AfTIC^T. research p rojects. The 
ia^heided by’ whose title is 

. '• resides the • . there are PH fu 11 - 

ti.r officers, one p.harnaciot and two ” ~ c i 

There are four fell -tine nodical officers who derate entirely- mtV 
ride of t.v: 0 .. ic e nalang hone calls on police person-el. The 
.. . - aJ1 oatnat?.cnt clinic in the I’olice i'ceartuont, is e pvinped to perforn niror ovr-cry mu lim die all fyje:; 
Oi .anor conplain .,c . iV.ei'c lo a f t Lie a loo dee- -.liiarnr.c •. ,"p" 

pi lalisat ion is r-eccss.-r y, the ~ n3cs ^j ;c . 

'. T hcrc t.iey have ’ beds assigned to the-. 7 —"] of these 
ci e x or 'rir.p c ry an d • ^ . i f or illness, ir. thr^ p ^‘‘x. 

t.u^e room • :iir;ht be utilised for research pur r 'oecr;, 

• l 1 ic 

1 th 're 

Anot he r depar t: sent j..; '.ir: • • ' 

1 ■'■ t - ■■■-‘‘ iis ~ '' ”• - 

• ere l -w-- i. i nssi me;- incl::di.r.“ ■ 

r ' cheriiete various erpertr; ja science. due la: ora- 

tory itself is 

jri equipped ir.ith various apparatus. < 

1 ■ - ' t to one of t.ic ro-ris i s e- ccnlient 

1 In addition, then 

*n t*/"* , 

in a central r oo i in t !re 

1 have teen with the 

■of th" :e 
for oyer 

yea rs. The administrative contr ol of these divisions cor-cs under 
the - • 

"by the . . . 

would have to be approved by the 

who is appointed 
Here again, any expenditure of fluids 


K research project night be set up with the co-operation of 
these two departments. The subjects would be who arc 

bcinc For exarvle , 

over a year ago in the 
over three hundred were run on the alone in a 

natter' of a few we'-'hs. Currently, there is another — 

case b eing investigMed and any nunber of ~~~7 TF will be - .. . v 
’ " • In certain instances, rr “ r " have been given drug:; although 
tills is not publicly admitted. It would lie possible to set up a 
. project whereby 1 ecru Id be with the use of drugs, 

drugs and hypnosis or the use of drugs •>nd the in the 

event th at hospit alisation was required, they could be sent to the 

and use the beds assigned to the . 

perhaps uitho 't further clearance with the Hospital. Host 
cases could sleep overnight if necessary in some of the 
rooms . The number of cases tlius f urnished would be variable de- 
pending on the number of 
there arc sore ®" =ss== ■ 

stantinl number of cases could be built up. 

lyv- 1 . ?, o*.:evor, in 

a non til so that presumably a fairly sub- 


r v 


If a project wore initiated in the 
be ne cessary - I o secure t’.io permission of the 

and perhaps the " , but probably 

would be the only ethers who would require cl*arancc. The 
ether members of the department would not lihely question a research 
project, particulrrly if it would assist them in their activities. 

Tiscussion of Hr os err’ Cons 

The nd.vawin- s of the 


■'.ro that -they have 
adequate space, they have nodical men attached to the staff and 
could conduct c-rr-rincnta ticn under controlled conditions, i'oth 

ore very much interested in the field 
cf and would, probably Id interested in participating 

in such a research project as it would assist then in their day ’ 
to day activities. They leave the advantage of being able to 
sleep people overnight if this is necc scare o^d hs.vs a current 
arrangeme nt with the ’ for admitting — — — 

which could b e utilised in iinndli :g seie case:; which 
’light 1-c required. 

7-C 1 ^ ' * 

' '4 * • 







J “ 

S" 1 




s -7t 

,r; . 

i . i 

■ t- 




* ►- . 















VI ic; disadvantages ai -c that f ig pa 0 ale being 

before they arc- for cry nni it 1: . 

blc that errtcnsivc use of dr ags r eight result in Publicity and 
possible Isr^uita uhich tiie ' • would not" favor. 

It ; ought be cd.fficult to obtain sufficient nutbors of subjects 
inasm eh as they would have to receive perriission iron the ■ . 

.rho arc nr.tura.lljr resistive to such procedures. burrentious 
ac-iinistrntion of drugs night be norc feasible in connection with 
ocher procedures. 

0 v 11 

. j one of the larg est in 

the country , has a population rang ing fro- 1 ft f 3 

located at ~ so: to nil,;;; fro: i ", 

i.iey^havc tnolr ou n o ospi ual w.iicu lias beds. There 

ai’o , full- Line nodical office rs, r— ; full- tine dentis ts, 
anf resident interns fren the : ~ ~ ' attached 

to the hospital. There arc nodical specialist cons-'lUnts *• 

no are mred on a fee 1. ?.s Is for s:>cciali:v- 1 nrullci -e . and s-.rgerv 

There ere varied n-u’ers o 

IT.- *1 • 

v:n 1 y tee ad; dnlstrcbivo our Tier.: of he 

"ho is s >nc Intel by tho 

•■'ho was recently appointed. The chief physician is 

arc well ’mown by * . 

'^ 7 activity in the ! seild have ‘to be a ' roved by 

and possibly by Jith this approval, 'the 

wo uld concur. It may be necessary i n tills instance to 
clear' olie • . . end th : Chief Physician 

at tue Hospital. 

VIII. i\incu33ion of the i'ros and Cons 

There arc many advantages of using n seLun for con- 

ducting c:: 'er.i. '.unis of this niter :. The subject s are" read i lv 
available •, all -r-o “ ‘ muftier - is s^idc* 

range of Intel ’igcncc. It is e:i y to get vd.rnteers in the 


'■>: :»v 


•; “ + . 

* r : 

> 'V, ' 

iCx. * • 

•*>*». ’ 

IT for no otlior reason. The coniuc- 

tion of tho expcrbionts would bo cccuro end there would bo no 

_^.i _L _ _ .« « t i < • A . 

/,V T I' 


/.'tri** • ; r 

• — — — — — — — ■ — vitwiw wo>uu yu jitj 

•..*.' nocooalty for publicit y* ' Aty acvero pliysical reactions could bo r *?;.:>• sU 

treated In tho ' hospital ’and even If a death occurred* it ‘ • 

. - ^ . a *. < _ _ • 

la not U ro ly that it woild create *a borious crisis «" ’ fbqicx’iircnta— : ' : ’ 
ticn with different drugs cad various dosages of drugs could bo 
tried out hero ca piiyslcians are always available and tlio lino of 

the subjocts is ; . Hany of tho of this 

have passed tlirough tho 

. in conse- 

quently , infoiTuatloa about, tho subjects would be available fraa an 
iudopondoat oourca., 

,-Cv j 

■' >* 


•V.'. . 

.. * • 


V ; v :i: .1; " • .■ '• "i • ' ‘ -- v-. v T- ; - V*. ,vi V,-:,., , I • ^ y.: 

After sufficient escparionco is gairiod frori tho uso of a drug,' 

,t night then bo usod in a noro open situation and terhapa ad-" ’••fv 

i f rv4 »♦ nf«\r^ 4 ii ****m 1.. ^ i.. * t ■ « . 

nirdsterod surreptitiously. Ibcporinouta using hypnosis and drugs .. 
could also bo noro readily conducted in the 


Hone disadvantages occur. Cna, the location cf tho 

is such tliat participation of, Agency consultants would bo noire ' •*• 
di fficult « A lso, si nce th is is a 1 . tlie co— operation 

.of., _ . i3 noceooory and they ; 

*1 A mb a *«4 v / 

, * -V* ^ • 

:fa-V ■ 

*p?r * ; • • 

- , 4 tUU MMJ t - ' • ■>' . --•« . 

v aight bo noi^o lilxly to lot infornction loak out. 

Vv*’.* r f vhvT-pv-/K' , U/v -.*,/•. *• v 

1 - • . — , •. , \’C * i ^ .» -* _ %v . _f ,• . ' V- • .7 ••*,'■.* •** p < 

I . 


Tills Hospital 
: ctitution for tho ' 
naa-ps^tihotic , 

: '•■» 

> located in k is a aantal in- • 

• . t. . ; Insa ne and in rocon t yea rs ha3 housed 1 
psychopaths. is about 

■ • Tho ir pspit al lias r bods* and the currant 1 
non a nd * — wonon* Of those, ' i are psychotlca 
psychopaths. Tliero are r 'full-tLMo 
psychiatrists including tho superintendent. Thors era no other 


population in — 
and ere 

r*~ l - 

fuU-tino physicians or interns on tlio staff Local physicians 
.are available on a contract basis for nodical and surgical uso. 
The superinte ndent . who is woll Imam ty 

direction of t ho 

A duiiistratlvoly, tSio Hospital coiabs uixl:y tlio 

of the 

) « , who is appointed by tlic Any 

work conducted in tlii3 institution would probably require tho 
clearance of tlio 


•J- ; 

\ > • 



i ' 


Wt ’ 

h r* • 

. The Pros and Cans 

The advantages of doinr work in this institution is that a con- 
bination oC psychotic an-.: non-psychotic patients would he available. 
Practically *all of the ’ psychopaths have passed t'irour]i 

the f r at and independent information would be available 

on then. foMO of the other patients will have likewise none through 

t]ic . Th.e staff of .this hospital is very small 

and it is likely that they world, t; ;lconc such an gc serln ont inasmuch 
as thev are able bo do nr ac tic ally nothing wit.t the psycnopaths 

- - - * • • ■ " (Jith 

The disadvantages of this institv.tien are that any work conducted 
there would probably have to be done by pers onnel -furnished by the 
project. A-ain, the distances Iron would make difficult tin 

participation of consultants there. It nay be felt that the number 
of non-psychotics will not furnish enough material for oui’ purposes. 


into a 

\s a 

•whi ch was converted 
nenro-v'sycl lia.tric hospital . 

/3 . , 

S*~ 2.11 t/u a. - * u - # % 

1 — " was one of the { pen to start this ins titut Lon* and he still ratarns 
^ y... ' ; one work ui'iit possibly 1 c done here. This has tin 

advantage "o'T teln~ a ornanisation where no oilier approval 

S' than " ’ \-rrriyi required. Th? t difficulty inyth'ia instance 

C — would be obtaining. sub jects. They would probably have to be volunteers 
who could cone -to the j and perhaps stay overnicht. 

All. Other institutions 


Other institutions were considered -as possible locations for 
research programs but were rejected after thoro ugh discus sion . 
These included thc_ lb 0 

, the tlie 

and several hosnitnls . 

of ‘ the 


* , nd in particular the 

• ■ nust he cons idered becaus e if any lisrl: is dene in 
in the 

, uil.1 likely ho rcT-'ire;l . 

. of the Recorder ' 3 
L 10 facilities of the 

operated under the r/iilnlstrstion of the. 
trols .all 

which ccn- 
li likewise has charge of 

The r in responsible to the end the — ■ 

— of the "sar d appointed by the is 

•- " ‘ There is also a : . node an 

of prominent cilisens who ere ap -ointed without pay and serv e 

in an advisoi-y capacity* • ♦ ; 

f T is in charge of nodical .'nrviccs and has ad ministrati ve 

control of the is i 

of the I-euro- 1 ’sychiatric frsnch of tiic l'osnital. T. f tiic facilities 
of the ' r.r e used, it nay ho necessary to obtain 

clearances of s one one in the as wall rs in llos- 

nital. t 

Considerable thought was riven to the problca of cover- and to 
the method of finances; such a research project. The fo£lcr.iins or- 
p nils at ions and institutions are mentioned because they night' bo in- 
volved in the arrannias of the financing of ouch c:tp irincntation; 




“is a organis ation founded by th e 

the owner of the we?.l known 

i _ 

heads l he r is a friend of bo possible to use this orrr.nir.nt 1 on Cor the 
fund for the project. The actual advance of money 

, r, recently 
: . It 

PTan tin;’ of a 
iiirht he from the 

- 10 - 


V^cncy 1 nt dime hod through * his • . it mr,y possible that 

■ none «• iroct n^nt -fter Inctriis: of such e project.. 
If t xl^ orrani:;rt ; on t/nr o it \;ould »c jicc oozrzrr to clear iTT, 

ov*^lr.-.lly "‘.r: :c.'tc-! I.hnt. •* i~- jo.rcb i reject ulnhl 
Initialed Ur ■:■■■ '. ^ . ;• Uj n 

• ovr.unih.niioTw 7 he'"“"' In h -nded 1 ; 

_dclL>i 3 1 . The ’ ; of Ur.: • i.:? 

i’’” P""* of the ! o'* hoyc* dairy . uho is li!:c- 

v ire ■ ’of t.ho Uoyahinlric ’ nrvior at the 

r ^ r>" ■ rcsixonslVilibir::' m - 

■'ir-nctor o r the ^•aro-.'r’/c’ via trie ’/ranch of tin 1 1 * 

ho tv: h-i-! cl<vv‘ f'laMono with th.V 

' The wen 

rrrt.ypoi.nd r.r, n no? -ab le o .loirsorlnr* ar/roey for tho re a .rrc’; project *-e- 
• rw* Uv: has recei ved ^T-onle fr-v > .my’ on:? to 

c .-_vr;, on rr : U~ ml in ~:i ' j’ - ’.n "f , 

[■.r.r ihoy nor all covdi’ct m.y r-n-risorod res :nrcf i vr-n ;r?:»s, it 
rArhns n. v-*ry n*.' rover fo r a ; 'vo '-ra - > re •t;v . , ■ 

has r-:v:v*.I r out-el * V’ tVs , m p ’rwr,; • • ~ • _ -•») 

f* : -V'-’i’-y -.-oil. • ronn;p.!.dy, vie’ 1 , n p'roar" 1 vu?!.! r . *n ursO-vr ’ 

_ • Vpr'.rrrit rtk! other selected by the Avow* 
would v?c n.-'-: with hl-i. The ; • . in ndjrc *nt to the 

\ • % -• •'ccor- vi:r;i./, r --m-ch 

project vn-l^r. . In the ~ • • would be iilo-J.1.y 

Ion" ! r*d f f'T '-oner ro:io~' It, or 1 tn 4 

TIpi’o ri'n fjoy-.vrl tUnrtlvanbofjos i: r.'.-tr-ptL::- t > act up n r::~ 
prorv.ri thro'!'';': or nnr otlier r "> . Tiie ad-dTii at-ra- 

ti.on of fi’.rU.n i;n -.L-- rncen^aril'r ro triroj-'- l'v n *’vn I. ’ “ 

nnln . It mo 'lei ho difllcvlt to ubv'i in r .L : . control of titn co.itur l of 
ihn '"“vori-'.er.tntVor.. ’M'^sreus i’xllvidrrln in -the ihuvorolty would 
hnv? to v e riv-r. ot novic i.nfcr.'irtj - n about the uot'.re of U»e 

ron-verr’', , h 1.:: ri/.-ys l.!n ronei!-iJJ.ty -'f :;oi n norh orr: of Up 

f ' ’ rnerUnr^ ii:to:x\nted Jbi : he xro joe t w!so nj.' jit not Up. 






desirable iron the Agency* 3 point of view who could not be gra- 
ciously excluded. It is likely that a considerable mn'.'cr of ncoolo 
•voule iiavc to be clearer;, buck a g rant am the conflict of research 
would necessarily receive the usual 1 1 publicity. It is ~i ~ 0 

possible tli. at certain individuals of the r-^hf voico 0 v.' 

jccoions to work of this typo after nuch work had ’'em put into the 
pioject. It. j.iignt be difficult to have " appointed an dircc~ 

tor-of the researc h project as lie doss not hold a nr o lessor -al ran"* 
xn the “ 

nor arc his connections with tlie" 


Firec t methods of boons or ship 



It is possible that a research program could lie conducted direct!” 
ij personnel recruited by the Agency . Tor example, it r.tiaht bo 
icaslblo and plausible : — 

ccivc a grant to conduct research In the field of iu 

- which they arc all Interested. They in turn could use their ^ 
departments to conduct research and convince their superiors that it 
would not interfere with their usual routine. This method has the 
advantage of the Agency retaining a- solute control over the direction 
and supervision of the project. It is also po.r-.V l-; the above 
neusa irdividualn or others night be given grants singly and carry 
on simultaneous projects at different locations. 

r .I. General Discussion 


Fur AilTICllOIlV research purposes , a place is needed for exten- 
oi/c experimentation i:ith various ding s to deter:;’ nc effectiveness 
dosages, possible side effe cts, methods of acb-unistrotiou, etc. " * 
i;iC best place in for s uch oicuoi-incntatlon would be " 

1 would be the second choice • 

After certain drugs are selected for effectiveness, case of 

aliLl l ustration and patient acceptability, the 

r " offers good research poos ibiliti or. . In exa 'Luirr- 

actual field coirliti one arc approached . "ost will have unsavory 

backgrounds’, o ne or more will be canf j t j 1R 

others will be If tj in 

discovered, the 
indcfiendertl” of the 

persons arc 

iTust find acceptable 
""for p 1x1 sen tat ion in . If 

are sclectc 1 , there will ic little co;i- 
plaiiio on the nnrt 01 the citisenry if it boa ones known clru^s wore 

- 12 - 

—'•SI 1 facilitie s could 'ost v.o utilised Tor 

research usiuyTL'- up: and the' j nr porh.-r'S dr’r;s and hypnosis. 

duns tin t could ho pi von surTun bi ll our;!;/- rould lo prorrrrnblo'. The 
..... .. • would not bo ideal for riaro ox Lena i in use of dru.';s because 
of the umber of people who would have to i*a clcai--;b because ail of 

the sub jects (wo trust n Cter -, ) W0 :tld be 

} ^ sido effects could 7 tot bo cosily handled, etc. 


/ At tlic p?-osonb tine, •_ . river, 

feenle cneiur. -in1.n the ! “ not’for the favpobo 

'teat a to 
oT dctomlwinf’ 
but as a ncthod of probin;: their c lolioual com- 

plexes. ’is doe:? rot -require any additional au:.s->rity to do fiis rnd 

he * in ov ” n ‘itr-c-Lcd by thcRb^ ato administer 
-\ ^ • • < ' v \^y ;tn for the purpose of do icr«alTu.a';~r 'b --*>•■. j 

is Imown a a so.iewhat of an :! c::.'erL' , 'j.n I’.vjr- 

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