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To: File 

Subject: SI and H Experimentation and Research, 16 December 1953* 

On Wednesday, 16 December 1953, Si and H experiments 
;ch w$s carried out in Room 20, Building 13 



Aftc*r a brief discussion, the writer ran all hands on a slow 
induction- w’i'th apparently complete success. At the conclusion 
of the induction process and before awakening all hands, the 
writer gave, a simple PH that each individual at whom the writer 
pointed his right hand Would pass without further instruction.' 
into a deep H sleep.- Thereafter, the writer using the above" 1 . 
PH passed pointed at each subject in turn and they passed into ^ 
a deep H trance stale. During each subject's test, a simple;' 

PH or creation of hallucination or catalepsy was tried with ' „ : 
mixed success. .Some subjects responded, other did not respond., 

to the direct suggest but responded to other suggestions. ■ , 


Since the writer was the only person present at this 
session, work was concluded at about 8:30 to enable the 
writer to take all present home.