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188 COAL 




Brings Made-to-Order Weather 

Air conditioning is not only a summer¬ 
time convenience ... it is on the job 
all the time. The thermometer outside 
may read below zero or above the hun¬ 
dred mark, but it always will be health¬ 
fully comfortable in air-conditioned 

Air-conditioning has proved itself. It is 
a definite boost to business, a factor m 
increasing efficiency, and it makes 
home much more pleasant. 

Call Hammond 5200 and our engineers 
will make a free survey, giving an esti¬ 
mate on equipment suited to your 

Northern Indiana Public Service Company 


Industrial and Contractors' Equipment and Supplies 

"General Hardware” 


Tel. Hammond 3060 Tel. Chicago—-Saginaw 8060 


Hardware — Paints — Glass 
Plumbing — Heating 



nos noth st. tel. whiting k 



When You Want 
to Know: 

—where a person lives. 

—what his occupation is. 

—who lives at a certain number on 
a street. 

—where a street is located. 

—the correct spelling of a name. 

—the officers of a corporation. 

—the partners in a firm. 

—the solution to any of scores of prob¬ 
lems that pop up unexpectedly to 
annoy and baffle you. 

—you can quickly find the answer in 
the City Directory. 

(1939) R. L. POIJC ft CO.'S 


..i?*?,*!?* 0 . .yy*ue.Ujj>Mr B 








Concreting, Masonry, Plastering 
and Roofing Materials 

Steel Sash and Other Building Specialties 
Domestic and Steam Coal, Coke and Wood 
Stoker Coal of All Kinds 
Face Brick All Textures and Shades 

Our Storage and Handling Equipment Assures You 
Prompt Service At All Times 


527 Michigan St. 


What You Want—When You Want It 







Including Whiting, Indiana; Calumet City and Burnham, Illinois 

Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Pri¬ 
vate Citizens, a Directory of Householders, Occupants of Office 
Buildings and Other Business Places, Including a Complete 
Street and Avenue Guide and Much Information of a 
Miscellaneous Character; also a 


and a Complete 

Classified Business Directory 



R. L. POLK & CO., Publishers 

322 Board of Trade Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 


Member Association of North American Directory Publishers 


by ®. L. Polk & Oo 

Section 28, Copyright Law 
In Force July 7, 1909 

That any person who wilfully and for profit shall infringe 
any copyright secured by this act, or who shall knowingly 
or wilfully aid or abet such infringement, shall be deemed 
guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall 
be punished by imprisonment for not exceeding one year, or 
by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than 
one thousand dollars, or both, in the discretion of the court. 


The information in this Directory is gathered by an 
actual canvass and is compiled in a way to insure maximum 

The publishers cannot and do not guarantee the cor¬ 
rectness of all information furnished them nor the complete 
absence of errors or omissions, hence no responsibility 
for same can be or is assumed. 

The publishers earnestly request the bringing to their 
attention of any inaccuracy so that it may be corrected in 
the next edition of the directory. 

R. L. POLK & CO., Publishers 




Abbreviations.20 and 21 

Alphabetical List of Names: 

Hammond . 21 

Whiting . 581 

Apartment Buildings: 

Hammond . 534 

Whiting . 637 

Associations and Clubs—Commercial: 

Hammond . 534 

Whiting . 637 

Banks and Trust Companies: 

Hammond . 537 

Whiting . 637 

Board of Education . 19 

Buildings—Office and Public: 

Hammond . 542 

Whiting . 638 

Burnham Village Government. 18 

Bus and Coach Lines—Motor. 542 

Buyers’ Guide .opp 484 

Calumet City Government. 18 

Cemeteries . 543 


Hammond . 543 

Whiting . 638 

City Government. 17 

Classified Business Directory: 

Hammond . 533 

Whiting . 637 


Hammond . 544 

Whiting . 639 


Hammond . 545 

Whiting . 639 


Hammond . 547 

Whiting . 639 

County Government. 18 

Courts . 18 

Fire Department . 17 

Golf Clubs and Courses . 553 


Hammond . 553 

Whiting . 641 


Homes and Asylums. 556 

Hospitals and Dispensaries . 556 

Labor Organizations. 558 


Hammond . 560 

Whiting . 641 

Miscellaneous Information: 

Calumet City . 15 

Hammond . 11 

Whiting . 577 


Hammond . 563 

Whiting . 642 

Parks and Playgrounds: 

Hammond .564 

Whiting . 642 

Police Department . 17 

Post Office . 19 


Hammond . 567 

Whiting . 643 


Hammond . 570 

Whiting . 643 


Hammond . 19 

Whiting . 579 

Schools, Colleges and Academies. 570 

Societies—Benevolent and Fraternal: 

Hammond . 571 

Whiting . 643 


Hammond . 571 

Whiting . 644 


Hammond . 571 

Whiting . 644 

Street and Avenue Guide: 

Hammond . 385 

Whiting . 625 

Township Officers......... 18 

U. S. Officers . 18 

Whiting Directory . 581 




Abrahamson Motor Sales. 

.back cover and 3 

Ah)born Wm & Co.front cover and 17 

Bank of Whiting... .right side lines and 11 

Beckman Supply Co. B 

Better Homes Interior Crafts Shop. 47 

Bohling Auto Sales Inc. 3 

Borden-Wieland_top stencil edge and 21 

Brant Garage Si Trucking. 

.left top lines and 39 

Brehm John H. 4 

Brownsten Engineering Construction Co 14 

Calumet National Bank. 

...front stencil edge, left top lines and 9 

Chapman Laundry Inc. 

.right side lines and 29 

Checker Cab Co. 

.front cover, right top lines and 46 

Chicago & Calumet District Transit Co.. 14 
Citizens Federal Savings & Loan Assn 

Conkey W B Co. 

Dixie Dairy Co. — 

E & R Garage. 4 

Ellyson Realty Co Inc. 

—back cover, right top lines, 39 and 44 

Emmerling Funeral Chapel Inc. 24 

First Federal Savings Si Loan Assn. 44 

Godwin Garage . 6 

Goldblatt Bros . 21 

Good P B Inc. 48 

Goodrich Silvertown Stores. 2 

Green Meadow Dairy Co. 20 

Hacker Fred.left side lines. 28 and 42 

Hamacher Nursery... .right top lines and 34 

Hammond Exterminating Co. 23 

Hammond Furniture Mart. 

.left top lines and 25 

Hammond Lumber Co right side lines and 29 
Hammond National Co left top lines and 26 
Harris A R Heating & Ventilating Co.. 24 

Hemstoek Realty Co. 42 

Herman J Plumbing & Heating Corp.... 35 

Herschbach Motor Corp. 6 

Hilson Lumber Co. 32 

Hohenberger Bernhard N. 

.right side lines and 19 

Home Lumber Co.back cover, 25 and 30 

Home Owners Guild...left side lines and 18 

Hopman Co.front cover and 16 

Howard Realty Co. 40 

Indiana State Employment Service. 22 

Inland Supply Co. 35 

Jefferson National Life Insurance Co... 28 
Johnson Transfer & Fireproof Warehouse 

.right top lines and 45 

Lake County Agency Inc. 

.right side lines and 27 

Mathe Garage . 6 


Mayer Chas H & Co right side lines and 12 

Maywood Garage & Service Station. 6 

Memeck Auto Parts Co. 7 

Midway Realty Corp right top lines and 40 

Miller’s Travel Bureau. 47 

Millett’s Colonial Inc..left side lines and 45 
Milne R J Trucking & Excavating Co... 23 

Minas Edward C Co. 22 

Mottle’s Valeteria Service. 

.right side lines and 17 

Mundo’s Super Service Station. 2 

North State Publishing Co. 

.right top lines and 36 

Northern Indiana Lumber Si Coal Co.... 

.back cover, left top lines, 18 and 30 

Northern Indiana Public Service Co. 

.front cover, left side lines and 37 

Obresk Upholsterers.. right side lines and 47 
Peoples Building, Loan & Savings Assn.. 

.back cover and 15 

Polk R L & Co. 2 

Public’s Moving CO, Van Lines. 

.back cover and 46 

Quint Bros Inc.left side lines and 5 

Reissig & Phair Agency Inc. 28 

Richie’s Tire & Battery Service. 2 

Richter Accordion School back cover and 33 

Robertsdale Lumber Co. 

.right top lines and 31 

Roy’s Body & Fender Co. 7 

Schlatter Motor Sales Inc. 7 

Schmueser John & Sons. 5 

Smidt Phil & Son Inc left top lines and 43 

Smith Charles.left side lines. 28 and 42 

Smith Columbus.front cover and 35 

Smith Decorating Co Inc. 34 

Smith Motor Sales Inc. 7 

Southeastern Coal Co. 14 

Standard Equipment & Supply Corp.... 

.front cover, 19 and 33 

Standard Lumber & Coal Co. 

.right top lines and 31 

State Bank of Whiting. 

.backbone, right side lines and 10 

Stromske Walter L. 48 

Swarthout Si Craig Inc. 

.front cover, left top lines and 8 

Tapper A H Renting & Realty Co Inc... 

.... bottom stencil edge, left side lines. 

.27 and 41 

United Boiler Heating & Foundry Co... 

.right top lines and 26 

Walker Bros . 8 

Whiting Lumber Si Coal Co. 

.left side lines and 32 

Wilhelm John F. 28 

Woods Roscoe E & Associates. 41 

Yellow Cab Co Inc. 

.front cover, right top lines and 46 


R. L. POLK & CO., publishers of more than 750 city, county, state and 
national Directories, present to subscribers and the general public, this, the 
1939 edition of the Hammond City Directory, which also includes Whiting, 
Ind., and Calumet City and Burnham, Ill. 

Confidence in the continued growth of Hammond’s industry, popula¬ 
tion and wealth, and in the advancement of its civic and social activities, 
will be maintained as sections of this Directory are consulted, for the Di¬ 
rectory is a mirror truly reflecting Hammond to the world. 

The enviable position occupied by R. L. POLK & CO.’S Directories in the 
estimation of the public throughout the country, has been established by 
rendering the best in Directory service. With an unrivaled organization, 
and having had the courteous and hearty cooperation of the business and 
professional men and residents, the publishers feel that the result of their 
labors will meet with the approval of every user, and that the Hammond 
Directory will fulfill its mission as a source of authentic information per¬ 
taining to the community. 

Five Major Departments 

The five major departments are arranged in the following order:— 

and Burnham, pages 11 to 19, on white paper, presents lists of city, county 
and federal officials; post office and public school Directories; statistical 
review; and manufacturing, trade and civic surveys. A similar department 
for Whiting appears on page 579 

THE ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES of residents and business and 
professional concerns of Hammond, Calumet City and Burnham is included 
in pages 21 to 383, on white paper. This is the only record in existence that 
aims to show the name, marital status, occupation and address of each 
adult resident of the community, and the name, official personnel, nature 
and address of each firm and corporation. A similar list for Whiting oc¬ 
curs in pages 581 to 622. 

AVENUE GUIDE, for Hammond, Calumet City and Burnham, on pink pa¬ 
per, covers pages 385 to 482. In this section the names of the streets are 
arranged in alphabetical order; the numbers of the residences and busi¬ 
ness concerns are arranged in numerical order under the name of each 
street, and the names of the householders and concerns are placed opposite 
the numbers. The names of the intersecting streets appear at their re¬ 
spective crossing points on each street. Features of this section are the 
designation of tenant-owned homes and the designation of homes and 
places of business having telephones. A similar guide for Whiting extends 
from page 625 to page 635. 

THE BUYERS’ GUIDE, beginning opposite page 484 and separately 
paged from 1 to 48, on goldenrod paper, contains the advertisements of 
leading manufacturing, business and professional interests of Hammond 
and vicinity. The advertisements are indexed under headings descriptive 
of the business represented. This is reference advertising at its best, and 
merits a survey by all buyers eager to familiarize themselves with sources 
of supply. In a progressive community like Hammond, the necessity of 
having this kind of information immediately available, is obvious. General 
appreciation of this fact is evidenced by the many reference users of this 
City Directory service. 

and Burnham is included in pages 532 to 574, on white paper. This depart¬ 
ment lists the names of all business and professional concerns in alpha¬ 
betical order under appropriate headings. This feature constitutes an in¬ 
valuable and indispensable catalog of the numerous interests of the com¬ 
munity. The Directory is the common intermediary between buyer and 



seller. As such it plays an important part in the daily activities of the com¬ 
mercial and professional world. More buyers and sellers meet through the 
Classified Business Directory than through any other medium. A similar 
Directory for Whiting will be found in pages 637 to 644. 

Community Publicity 

The Directory reflects the achievements and ambitions of the com¬ 
munity, depicting in unbiased terms what it has to offer as a place of resi¬ 
dence, as a business location, as a manufacturing site and as an educational 
center. To broadcast this information, the publishers have placed copies 
of this issue of the Directory in Directory Libraries, where they are readily 
available for free public reference, and serve as perpetual and reliable ad¬ 
vertisements of Hammond and vicinity. 

The Hammond Directory Library 

Through the courtesy of the publishers of the iHammond City Direc¬ 
tory, a Directory Library is maintained in the offices of the Hammond 
Chamber of Commerce, for free reference by the general public. This is one 
of more than 500 Directory Libraries installed in the chief cities of the U. S. 
and Canada by members of the Association of North American Directory 
Publishers, .under whose supervision the system is operated. 

The publishers appreciatively acknowledge the recognition by those 
progressive business and professional men who have demonstrated their 
confidence in the City Directory as an advertising medium, with assurance 
that it will bring a commensurate return. 



Statistical Review 

Form of Government—Mayor and 

Population—Total, 64,560; males, 
33,639; females, 30,921; total colored, 
623; white males of age, 20,502; white 
females of age, 17,868 (1930 U. S. Cen¬ 
sus). Local estimate at present, 75,- 
443. American-born, 83.9%. Predom¬ 
inating nationalities of foreign-bom 
residents: German, Polish and Czech¬ 

Area—27 square miles. 

Altitude—585 feet above sea level. 

Climate—Mean annual tempera¬ 
ture, 49.2 degrees F.; average annual 
rainfall, 33.02 inches. 

Parks—14, with total of 250 acres, 
valued at $1,750,000. 

Assessed Valuation — $89,832,140, 
with $3.46 per $100 tax rate. 

Bonded Debt—$4,905,980 (includes 
park board, water board, sanitary 
district, school city and libraries). 

Financial Facts—2 banks, with total 
deposits of $7,434,471.98 (June 30, 
1939), and total resources of $8,017,- 
753.27 (June 30, 1939). 

Telephones in Service—10,157. 

Churches—57, representing leading 

Building and Construction—1,494 
permits, with total value of $2,445,- 
770, issued in 1938. 

Industry—'Chief industry is manu¬ 
facturing. 73 manufacturing estab¬ 
lishments, employing 5,467 men, pay¬ 
ing wages of $7,441,716 annually, and 
having products valued at $76,255,070 
annually (1937 report). Principal 
manufactured products: Oils, soap 
products, foods, animal and dairy 
feeds, railway cars, railway supplies, 
clothing, metal castings, foundry 
products, refined metals and heavy 

Trade Area—Retail area has radius 
of 150 miles, and population of 165,- 
000 . 

Newspapers—1 daily and Sunday 
and 1 weekly. 

Hotels—7, with total of 400 rooms. 

Railroads—10, including New York 
Central, Pennsylvania, Baltimore & 
Ohio, Erie, Monon, Nickel Plate, and 

Highways—U. S. 6, 12, 20, 30 and 41. 

Airports—2 (near the city). 

Amusements — Largest auditorium 
in city seats 6,000 persons. 7 moving- 
picture theatres, with total seating 
capacity of 7,300 persons. 5 golf 

Hospitals—1, with 260 beds. 

Education—19 public schools, in¬ 
cluding 3 senior high. 11 parochial 
schools. Number of pupils in public 
schools, 13,946; in parochial, 3,207. 
Number of teachers in public schools, 
475; in parochial, 86. Value of public 
school property, $5,000,000. 

Public Libraries — 7, including 
branches, with total of 100,000 vol¬ 

City Statistics — Total street mile¬ 
age, 255, with 155 miles paved. Miles 
of sewers, 170. Number of water me¬ 
ters, 13,788; electric consumers, 17,- 
977; gas consumers, 16,010. Capacity 
of water works, 45,000,000 gallons; 
daily average pumpage, 12,000,000 gal¬ 
lons; miles of mains, 200; value of 
plant, $3,700,000. Fire department has 
85 men, with 6 Stations and 15 pieces 
of motor equipment. Value of fire de¬ 
partment property, $145,000. Police 
department has 80 men, with 2 sta¬ 
tions and 28 pieces of motor equip¬ 

Location, Population, Etc. 

LOCATION—Hammond is located 
in Lake County, the second largest 
county in Indiana, in the northwest 
corner of the state. It is twenty miles 
southeast from the Loop district of 
Chicago; 954 miles from New York; 
304 miles from St. Louis; 442 miles 
from Minneapolis; 941 miles from New 
Orleans, and 2,281 miles from San 

BOUNDARIES — Hammond is 
bounded on the north by Lake Michi¬ 
gan, Whiting and East Chicago; on 
the east, by Whiting, Gary and East 
Chicago; on the south, by Little Calu¬ 
met River, and on the west by Chi¬ 
cago, Calumet City, Burnham and 
Cook County, Ill. 

POPULATION—The population of 
Hammond was 64,560, according to 
the 1930 U. S. Census. The estimated 
population for 1939 is 75,443, based on 
a school enrollment of 17,147, using 
the U. S. Government ratio of 4.4. 

The population of the Hammond 
trade area is approximately 165,000. 
Hammond directly adjoins Chicago, 
and for many purposes the trade area 
of Hammond is the trade area of Chi¬ 
cago, particularly for industrial pur¬ 
poses, which from that standpoint 
would give Hammond an additional 
industrial trade population of more 
than 3,500,000. 

Of the Hammond population, ac¬ 
cording to the 1930 Census, 83.9% 
were native white, 15.1% foreign- 
born, and 1% Negro. Of the foreign- 



born, more than 50% were German, 
Polish and Czechoslovakian nationali¬ 

The growth of Hammond is re¬ 
flected in the following population 

isuu . m,oio 

1910 . 20,925 

1920 . 36,004 

1930 . 64,560 

1939 .*75,443 


The unusual favorable location of 
Hammond at the tip of Lake Michi¬ 
gan, in the center of population, 
at the waterway terminus of all di¬ 
rections, and with unequaled railway 
distribution, makes its future growth 
inevitable. No industrial location in 
the U. S. can compare with it. 


Hammond is governed by a city 
council form of government. The in¬ 
cumbent administration is headed by 
Mayor Frank R. Martin, a Democrat. 
The administration *is regarded as 
conservative in its aims and has 
maintained an equitable balance be¬ 
tween the interests of all persons af¬ 
fected by the government. 

The police and fire departments 
operate on a civil-service basis. The 
heads of these departments having 
been in office for years, is conclusive 
evidence of the high efficiency of 
these protective agencies. 

The police department is equipped 
with a two-way radio system through 
which the possibility of crime has 
been greatly reduced. 

Both the police and fire depart¬ 
ments have gained national recogni¬ 
tion because of the low annual fire 
loss and because of the very high 
standard of law enforcement. 


The law of the State of Indiana es¬ 
tablishes a rate of $2 for each $100 
assessed valuation as the maximum 
tax levy to cover all taxing units, ex¬ 
cept for emergency expenditures. This 
undoubtedly is very beneficial in keep¬ 
ing the tax rate on a low level. 

The tax rate for Hammond for this 
year is $3.46 per $100 assessed valua¬ 

The general attitude of officials in 
making assessments on real and per¬ 
sonal property has been reasonable to 
industry. All assessments are sub¬ 
ject to review by the State Tax Board. 

There is a state gross income tax of 
1% on retail sales and individual in¬ 
comes, and y 4 of 1% on manufactured 

There is no state sales tax in In¬ 
diana, and no occupational tax. 

There is a tax ranging from $3 to 
$150 per year on retail stores. 

There is also an intangible tax of 
25c for each $100. 

The assessed valuation of Ham¬ 
mond for 1938 was $89,832,140, and of 
Lake County, $380,449,850. The state, 
county, township, civil city and school 
city tax rates follow: 

State .$ .15 

County .515 

Township .0137 

Township Poor Relief. .5063 
Township Road Bonds .06 


School City. 1.20 

Civil City .945 

Total .$ 3.46 


Transportation facilities in Ham¬ 
mond offer direct or inter-connected 
facilities with all parts of the U. S. 
The city is accessible by railroad, 
electric railroad, state and federal 
highways, bus and truck lines, water¬ 
ways and air lines. 

RAILWAYS—Hammond is serviced 
by ten railway lines; three belt lines. 

The ten trunk railway lines are: 
Baltimore & Ohio; Chesapeake & 
Ohio; Chicago & Erie; Chicago, In¬ 
dianapolis & Louisville; Michigan 
Central; New York Central; New 
York, Chicago & St. Louis; Pennsyl¬ 
vania; Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chi¬ 
cago & St. Louis; Wabash. 

In addition, the city is within the 
Chicago switching district and enjoys 
low freight rates, the same as those 
in Chicago. The three belt lines are 
the Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Term¬ 
inal, the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern, and 
the Indiana Harbor Belt. These make 
available a fast, direct service to all 
roads out of Chicago. Trap-car serv¬ 
ice also is available on 'belt lines for 
less-than-carload-lot shipments. Trap 
cars go to the Indiana Harbor Belt 
switching yards, where shipments are 
consigned to the various lines, thus 
offering a faster and more efficient 

The Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad’s 
largest terminal, Gibson Yard, is lo¬ 
cated in Hammond. Cars from the 
industries of Hammond and Calumet 
City are made up in trains and run 
direct from Gibson Yard to all east¬ 
ern, western and southern lines, mak¬ 
ing but one handling from the indus¬ 
tries to any one trunk line over which 
the shipment may move. 

ELECTRIC LINE — The Chicago, 
South Shore & South Bend Railroad 
provides a fast passenger and freight 
electric service to Chicago, passenger 
service operating every thirty minutes 
and requiring 36 minutes from the 
Hammond station to the Randolph 
St. station in Chicago. Low round- 
trip passenger fares are offered on 
commutation tickets. 

BUS SERVICE — An inter-city bus 
service including Hammond, Calumet 



City, Whiting, East Chicago and Gary, 
is maintained by the Chicago-Calu- 
met District Transit Co., which makes 
connections with bus and railway 
lines in Chicago at 63d St. In addi¬ 
tion, there are electric railway serv¬ 
ices inter-connecting these Calumet 
Region cities. 

TRUCK SERVICE — Past, daily 
truck service is operated between 
Hammond and Chicago and numer¬ 
ous other points by a number of 
trucking companies. Hammond is the 
focal point for a large number of 
highly improved highways radiating 
in every direction. 

WATERWAYS—Hammond is only 
a few miles from Indiana Harbor on 
Lake Michigan, which provides easy 
accessibility for water transportation. 
The Indiana Harbor is used by a 
number of large industries as a port 
for shipping to foreign countries, and 
also for receiving shipments from for¬ 
eign ports. 

The Great Lakes Dock Terminal 
maintains a shipping point at Indiana 
Harbor. Direct regular railway serv¬ 
ice is available to St. Louis and Cairo, 
Ill., for barge transportation on the 
Mississippi to the Gulf, and from 
there to other ports of the world. 

AIRPORTS—Hammond is less than 
three-quarters of an hour by automo¬ 
bile from the Chicago Municipal Air¬ 
port, and from the Ford Airport at 
Lansing, Ill. 

Public Utilities 

ELECTRICITY—Electric energy for 
Hammond is available in unlimited 
quantities with a rate structure de¬ 
signed to encourage use by industries. 
The rate schedule for electric energy, 
which is provided by the Northern In¬ 
diana Public Service Co., is as low as 
can be found in any large industrial 
city. Hammond is the location of one 
of the largest steam-generating plants 
in the world, and the company is 
equipped to take care of any indus¬ 
trial demand. 

GAS—A high-grade gas is also fur¬ 
nished by the Northern Indiana Pub¬ 
lic Service Co. at a very low rate for 
industrial users. 

COAL—With coal mines in Indiana, 
Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and 
Virginia, Hammond is assured of a 
plentiful supply of cheap coal. 

OIL—The largest oil refineries in 
the world are located within the Ham¬ 
mond district, and fuel oil is available 
at reasonable rates. 

PETROLEUM COKE — Because of 
the large oil-refining operations, an 
adequate supply of petroleum coke is 
also available, a special fuel valuable 
for certain operations and not to be 
had in many industrial areas. 

WATER — The City of Hammond 
owns its water plant, the supply com¬ 
ing from Lake Michigan, and the rate 
being a graduated scale based on the 
amount used. Hammond has the low¬ 
est water rate of any city in this sec¬ 
tion of Indiana. 

Hammond has recently completed 
a $1,000,000 filtration plant, with am¬ 
ple storage capacity, which guaran¬ 
tees a plentiful supply of the purest 
water for industrial and domestic use. 

served by the Illinois Bell Telephone 
Co., the Western Union Telegraph Co. 
and Postal Telegraph Co. It also has 
Radio Station WWAE, operating on 
1,200 kilocycles, and WHIP, operating 
on 1,480 kilocycles. 

Publishing and Printing 

There are a number of printing es¬ 
tablishments in Hammond that have 
a national clientele. Much Chicago 
printing is handled in these plants. 
The plants are equipped with all mod¬ 
ern facilities for color printing, off¬ 
set work, bookbinding, and the print¬ 
ing and preparation of catalogs and 
mailing pieces. 

There is one daily afternoon news¬ 
paper, The Hammond Times (Inde¬ 
pendent Republican), with a circula¬ 
tion of 23,009 (ABC report). It re¬ 
ceives full Associated and United Press 
services, and serves the entire trading 


Because of Hammond’s location in 
the Calumet Region, there is a large 
supply of both skilled and unskilled 
labor. There is a good market for fe¬ 
male workers, because of the large 
number of male workers employed in 
the steel mills and heavy metal in¬ 
dustries where female labor is not em¬ 

With the exception of the building 
and printing trades, practically all in¬ 
dustries operate under the American 
plan, and Hammond is well known as 
an open-shop city. A few industries, 
such as oil refining, clothing, etc., em¬ 
ploy union workers. 

There have been no industrial dis¬ 
turbances over a number of years, 
and the general attitude of the city 
as a whole does not encourage labor 

Housing and Living Costs 

Hammond is the residential city for 
a number of the surrounding indus¬ 
trial cities that are unable to provide 
suitable housing of the better type 
and which have no expansion possi¬ 

At the present time there is a short¬ 
age of homes, as is true in a major¬ 
ity of cities throughout the country. 



Good homes can be rented, when 
available, at $25 per month and up, 
this depending entirely upon location 
and type of home desired. 

Because of Hammond being in the 
Chicago area, prevailing living costs 
are about the same as in that city. 
Rentals, taxes and utility costs are 

Hammond is located adjacent to a 
superior garden and trucking area, 
immediately contiguous to the Michi- 
gan-Indiana fruit belt, and also is 
close to the large meat-packing oper¬ 
ations of the country, making these 
things available, with wide choice, 
and at reasonable prices. 

Commercial Organizations 

There are four commercial organi¬ 
zations giving direct servioe to the in¬ 
dustrial and commercial interests of 
the city. 

The Hammond Chamber of Com¬ 
merce, the largest, composed of the 
representative professional and busi¬ 
ness concerns, is constantly promot¬ 
ing the general welfare of the city 
from a business standpoint and has a 
constructive program of activities. 

The Hammond Safety Council, a di¬ 
vision of the Chamber of Commerce, 
has been successful in maintaining 
low insurance rates through its work 
in fire-prevention, public safety, etc. 
This division has received several 
awards in the Inter-Chamber Fire 
Waste Contests conducted by the U. 
S. Chamber of Commerce. 

The Chamber of Commerce, with 
other organizations, is constantly ac¬ 
tive in a study of proposed budgets of 
the taxing units and has been a strong 
influence in maintaining a low tax 
rate. It has also given much atten¬ 
tion to proposed legislation and has 
been successful in protecting the in¬ 
terests of the manufacturers in many 
legislative matters of a vital nature. 
The program of the Chamber of Com¬ 
merce is a general one and always in 
the interest of business as a whole. 

The Manufacturers’ Association is 
composed only of manufacturers. 
This organization deals entirely with 
matters affecting the interests of its 

The Hammond Merchants’ Associa¬ 
tion, now a division of the Chamber 
of Commerce, deals in subjects af¬ 
fecting the retail trade only. It de¬ 
votes most of its efforts toward trade 
promotion, trade practices, etc. 

The Hammond Credit Exchange is 
composed of a large number of re¬ 
tailers. This organization is solely 
for the purpose of giving confidential 
credit information. 

Other organizations active in mat¬ 
ters in their particular fields of busi¬ 

ness activity are the Hammond Real 
Estate Board, the Lake County Under¬ 
writers’ Association, the Calumet Re¬ 
gion Auto Parts Association, etc. 

Civic Organizations, Etc. 

Most of the civic, and practically 
all of the fraternal organizations are 
represented in Hammond. 

Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions and Opti¬ 
mists represent the civic luncheon 
clubs. Also there are the active 
Women’s Club, American Legion Aux¬ 
iliary, Parent-Teachers’ Association 
and Business and Professional Wom¬ 
en’s Club. 

All character-building and welfare 
work clears through the United Wel¬ 
fare Association, which conducts an 
annual drive for a fixed sum to pro¬ 
vide for these activities each year, 
thus relieving business organizations 
of solicitations more than once a 
year for these purposes. 

Organizations which derive their 
support from this Association are: 
American Red Cross 
Bethany Children’s Home 
Boy Scouts 
Brooks House 

Calumet Goodwill Industries 
Carmelite Home for Boys 
Catholic Associated Charities 
General Relief Agency 
Girl Scouts 

Hammond Fresh Air Camp 
Salvation Army 

Young Women’s Christian Associa¬ 

Educational, Religious and Cultural 

SCHOOLS—The Hammond school 
system consists of sixteen grade 
schools, three high schools, one Cath¬ 
olic high school and ten parochial 
schools, all of which are staffed with 
highly competent teachers and in¬ 

The Technical Vocational School is 
an important source of potential em¬ 
ployee-leadership and offers a train¬ 
ing course designed to fit young men 
to take their place in the industrial 

There are two highly-rated private¬ 
ly-owned commercial schools, assur¬ 
ing an adequate supply of stenogra¬ 
phic and secretarial help. 

For those desiring higher educa¬ 
tion, extension courses are provided 
from the University of Indiana, and 
engineering courses are given from 
Purdue University, oftentimes special¬ 
izing in such subjects as the heat- 
treatment of metals, electric welding, 
gas welding, and kindred subjects of 
particular interest to manufacturers. 

Many Hammond residents avail 
themselves of the opportunity to take 



night courses at the University of 
Chicago and Northwestern University. 

CHURCHES — All denominations are 
represented in the religious life of 
Hammond — 39 Protestant, 8 Catholic, 
2 Jewish and 8 miscellaneous congre¬ 

LIBRARY—The Hammond Public 
Library has six branches, and will, 
with the cooperation of the indus¬ 
tries, establish a branch within an 
industry if the demand for library 
service justifies it. There are 100,000 
volumes in the Hammond Library sys¬ 


PARKS — Hammond is equipped 
with all types of wholesome recrea¬ 
tion. There are fourteen parks, with 
an acreage of 250, and a valuation of 
$1,750,000. These parks are equip¬ 
ped with tennis courts and play¬ 
grounds with attractive landscaping. 

GOLF—'There are five golf courses 
within a few minutes of town — Wood- 
mar Country Club, Wicker Park, Lan¬ 
sing Airport Course, Lake Hills, and 
Burnham Woods. 

SWIMMING—There is swimming 
at modern pools in a number of the 
city parks. Numerous beaches are 
located in the Dunes territory and 
elsewhere within short distances of 

WICKER PARK — Within a few 
miles of Hammond is the famous 
Wicker Memorial Park, which is one 

of the few township-owned public 
parks in the country. It has 235 
acres. This park is equipped with an 
18-hole public golf course, picnic fa¬ 
cilities, modern swimming pool, and 
other equipment which make it a pop¬ 
ular place for company and organiza¬ 
tion outings. 

SCOUTING—For boys and girls of 
scouting age, there are active scout¬ 
ing troops in Hammond. Both organ¬ 
izations maintain camps for Ham¬ 
mond boys and girls. 

ly across the state line in Cook Coun¬ 
ty, providing bridle paths, trails and 
outing facilities, is one of the Illinois 
forest preserves. 

Public Health 

Hammond maintains an efficient 
health department under the direc¬ 
tion of a board of health of three 
members and in charge of a qualified 
physician, safeguarding the city 
against the spread of infectious and 
communicable diseases. The appro¬ 
priation of this department provides 
for free analysis of milk and water in 
a well-equipped laboratory, and also 
for a registered nurse. 


There is one hospital, St. Margar¬ 
et’s, operated by the Sisters of St. 
Francis, with a capacity of 260 beds. 
The hospital is fully equipped for 
surgery and for the proper care of pa¬ 



(Courtesy Calumet City Association of Commerce) 

Statistical Review 

Population—1930 U. S. Census, 12,- 
298; local estimate at present, 16,- 
000 . 

Area—8.5 square miles. 

Altitude—585 feet above sea level. 

Climate — Mean annual tempera¬ 
ture, 49.2 degrees F.; average annual 
rainfall, 33.02 inches. 

Parks—1 public and 2 forest pre¬ 

Assessed Valuation—$5,172,000. 

Bonded Debt^-$144,000. 

Churches—4, representing 4 de¬ 

Real Estate — 3,000 homes, with 
about 80% owned by occupants. 

Industry — Railway-car building 
plant, oil refineries, steel mills, can¬ 

ning, bottling works, brewery, meat¬ 
packing, fertilizer works, chemical 
company and stock yards. 

Trade Area—Retail area has radius 
of 2 miles, and population of 25,000. 

Railroads—10 trunk lines. 

Highways—U. S. 6,41 and 330; State 

Airports—1, privately-owned. 

Amusements—Largest auditorium 
in city seats 2,000 persons. 2 golf 

Education — 4 public schools, in¬ 
cluding 1 high. 3 parochial schools. 

Public Libraries—1, with 3,000 vol¬ 

City Statistics—Number of water 
meters, 3,600; light meters, 5,200; 
gas meters, 5,200. Fire department 



has 6 men, with 1 station and 4 pieces 
of motor equipment. Police depart¬ 
ment has 9 men, with 1 station and 
4 pieces of motor equipment. 

General Review 

This locality was first called West 
Hammond, later incorporated as the 
Village of West Hammond, still later 
incorporated as the City of West 
Hammond, and in 1925 the name was 
changed to Calumet City. It is in 
Cook County, 22y 2 miles from the 
center of Chicago. It adjoins Chi¬ 
cago on the north, and Hammond on 
the east. Residents of Calumet City 
are 20 minutfes’ ride from 130 differ¬ 
ent industries of the Calumet Dis¬ 
trict. The city is free of industrial 
gases and therefore very desirable 
for residential purpcxses. 

Joining Hammond and Chicago, 
Calumet City is served with the best 
of facilities. Theatres, banks, hos¬ 
pitals and churches of Hammond are 
closer to the whole population of Cal¬ 
umet City than to the people of Ham¬ 
mond. The north and west sides of 
the city have many desirable sites for 

industrial expansion and develop¬ 
ment. City improvements are avail¬ 
able in enough vacant property to 
double the population with new 
homes without additional facilities. 
For years Calumet City has drawn 
home-owners due to low taxes, fine 
water, good streets and tolerant mun¬ 
icipal supervision of business. 

Being a “City of Homes,” Calumet 
City has stood out as a desirable lo¬ 
cation for residential purposes. Many 
business men who have their offices 
and industries across the line in Ham¬ 
mond and Chicago, reside in Calumet 
City. Most of the population resides 
within walking distance of the busi¬ 
ness center of Hammond. The city’s 
liberal policies make it a desirable lo¬ 
cation for factories as well as homes. 
Property has a ready market in Calu¬ 
met City. 

The Calumet City Association of 
Commerce last year secured direct 
transportation to the Chicago Loop. 
It is now trying to get more play¬ 
grounds for the city, and seeking 
general improvements in every way 




Including Burnham and Calumet City, Ill. 


Copyright, 1939, by R. L. Polk & Co. 

Miscellaneous Information 

For information not found in this department see regular Alphabetical 
Section or under proper headings in the Classified Business Directory 



City Hall 5933 Calumet av 


Mayor—Frank R Martin 
Treasurer—Robert E Wilhelm deputy 
City Judge—Joseph V Stodola jr 
City Clerk—Arthur H Spoemer 
Controller—O Bertram Smith 
Attorney—Harry H Stilley 
Engineer—Clarence A Mason 
Sealer of Weights and Measures—Clarence C 

Chief of Police—Thos J Martinson 
Chief of Fire Dept—Joseph J Scherer 
Auditor of Water Dept—Anthony D Baker 
Building Commissioner—Joe P Guy 
Street Commissioner—Fred J Horst 
City Electrician—L H Davis 
Plumbing Inspector—John L Humphrey 
Health Officer—Dr H C Groman 
Supt of Parks—Dan J Brown 
Nurse—Victoria B Krawczyk 
First District—Wm Walsko 
Second District—Wm M Meisel 
Third District—Aug J Schuster 
Fourth District—Roy Sweitzer 
Fifth District—Frank Piper 
Sixth District—Wm Watts 
At Large—Danl W Bieker, Hugh D Stude- 
baker, Mrs Hattie Weiss 

Board of Health 

R O Ostrowski pres, H C Groman sec, Frank 
R Doll and Robert Prior members 

Board of Park Commissioners 
Irving Chayken pres Paul Bacon, Rev John 
M Hestens and Irving H Hill members 
Board of Examining Engineers 
Eug F Stonebraker, Ralph Wilder and Joseph 
P Kasper members, 307 City Hall 
Board of Public Works and Safety 
Harry H Stilley pres, Clarence A Mason, 
Bertram G Smith members, Ruth E Berg 

Planning Commission 

H C Groman pres, Jas A Malo sec, Gerald 
Humpher, Chas Fralich, A J Swanson and 
Steph Zabrecky members 

Board of Water Trustees 

Percy T Smith pres, Leonard Rosene, Steph 
D Moskoff, Hetman Scurfield, Dr R O 
Ostrowski members, Forrest E Gantenbein 
atty, Margt Tangerman clerk, 319 City Hall 

Sanitary District Commissioners 
Joseph E Haney pres, Clarence A Mason v- 
pres, Leo Besozzi member, Molly Imridh 
sec, 313 City Hall 

Zoning Board of Appeals 
Harry H Stilley, Galen Cart members, James 
A Malo sec 

Police Department 

Headquarters, 5933 Calumet av 
Robertsdale Station, 778 Indianapolis 

Chief—Thos J Martinson 
Judge—Hon Joseph V Stodola jr 
Captains—Sandor Singer, George T Hanlon, 
Fred G Fandrei, Edw H Warner, Oscar C 

Secretary—John Ratajczak 
Sergeants—W eiI ter A Sikorsky, Walter Whit- 
tig, Stanley Rosinski, Carl McFarland, 
Walter Brasel, Adam Funk, Chas C Plant, 
John E Fisher, Wm A Lute, Carl D Mc¬ 
Farland, Ernest E Steffy, Fermon A 
Schultz, Clarence H Tebodo, Walter Mroz, 
Albert Rickman, Louis Tebodo 
Matron—Mrs Eliz Voorheis 

Fire Department 

Headquarters, 428-30 Truman blvd 
Chief—Joseph J Scherer 
Asst Chiefs—Geo G Bader, Gerhard Schulte 
Station No 1-428-30 Truman blvd 
Engine Co No 1—Edw Olejniczak capt, Ru¬ 
dolph Hansen lieut 

Truck Co No 1—Wm Tamm capt, Wm Schir- 
mer lieut 

Squad No 1—Asst Chiefs in charge 
Station No 2—1732 Indianapolis blvd 
Engine Co No 2—Herman Lenz capt, Wm 
Mitchell lieut 

Truck Co No 2—Ernest Boldenow capt, Frank 
CaU lieut 

Station No 3—4751 Calumet 
Engine Co No 3—Chas Schroeder capt, Er¬ 
nest Pollex lieut 
Station No 4—6108 Calumet av 
Engine Co No 4—Wm Volkman capt, Jos 
Kingston lieut 

Station No 5—6215 HohmEin av 
Engine Co No 5—Wm Bachman capt, Alfred 
Siemering lieut 

Station No 6—169th and Marshall av 
Engine Co No 6—Joseph Pyplatz capt, Wm 
Koch lieut 




Village Hall, 13925 Entre av (Bur) 

An incorporated village in Cook County, 
Ill., with area of 4 square miles, and popula¬ 
tion of 994 according to 1930 U. S. Census. 
Oil refinery. 

Mayor—John J Patton 
Clerk—Geo P Meyforth 
Treasurer—Mrs Hazel Heigl 
Collector—Geo P Meyforth 
Police Magistrate—Chas Wittenberg 

Administration Building, 206 Pulaski rd 

Mayor—Wm P Zick 
Clerk—Steve J Maciejewski 
Treasurer—Julius Mayer 
Police Court—John J Wallace judge 
Attorney—John E Pavlik 
Building and Street Commissioner—Joseph 

Commissioner of Health—Dr Andrew Nady 
Engineers—Consoer, Townsend & Quinlan 

Plumbing Inspector—Henry Bartels 


First Ward—Peter Horst, Wm H Thraihill 
Second Ward—Joseph Breclaw, John Sume- 

Third Ward—Peter Soczyk, Frank Czerwin- 

Fourth Ward—Emil W Seehausen, Edw F 

Fifth Ward—Frances J Ryan, Russell J Cad- 


Court Terms: Thursday evenings and Satur¬ 
day mornings. Roman E Posanski judge, 
Fred C Drake elk 

Police Department 

Headquarters, 206 Pulaski rd (OC) 
Captain—Henry A Wleklinski 

Fire Department 

'Headquarters, 688 Wentworth av (CC) 
Engine Co No 1—688 Wentworth, Paul Gau¬ 
thier capt 

Police and Firemen's Commission 
Joseph P Mayer, Chairman 

(Lake County) 

(County Seat, Crown Point) 
Lake Superior Court Bldg, 5236-42 
Hohman av 


Judge Circuit Court, Jos T Sullivan, Crown 

Judge Criminal Court, Wm J Murray, Crown 

Judge Superior Court, room 1, John F Cody 
Judge Superior Court, room 2, Lawrence 
Becker, East Chicago 

Judge Superior Court, room 3, Bertram C 
Jenkines, Gary 

Judge Superior Court, room 4, Homer E 
Sackett, Gary 


Prosecuting Attorney, Felix A Kaul, Gary 
County Clerk, Geo Sweigart (E Chicago), 
Walter R Mybeck clerk-elect 
County Audit' 

Point, chf c 

County Recorder, Frank Borman, Crown 

County Treasurer, Ray J Madden, Gary 
Sheriff, John W Knotts, Gary, Arnold J 
Schulte, chf d— 

Coroner, Dr Robt Doty, Gary 
Law Librarian, Mrs Bertha Scherer 
County Surveyor, Edw F Schoenbeck, Crown 

Supt^ of Schools, Cecil A Grayson, Crown 

Supt Poor Asylum, James C Dexter, Crown 

County Health Commissioner, Dr Wm D 
Weis, Crown Point 
Highway Supervisor, Julius Gericke 
Inspector of Weights and Measures, Wm F 

County Assessor, Thos S Kennedy, Crown 

Probate Commissioner, Walter J Kecklch 
Department of Public Welfare, Russell W 
Ballard, director, Mrs Mary Peters, intake 
elk, Lake Superior Court bldg, Court Re¬ 
porters Office, Horace B Dakin and Geo H 
Faxon reporters, Lake Superior Court bldg 

County Commissioners 
District No 1, Chas Baran (President), Gary 
District No 2, John F Krause, Hammond 
District No 3, Joseph D Martin, Lowell 

County Council 

At Large—John Monahan, Gary, Frank 
Hoess, Hammond, Thos J Lynch, Gary 
Harry S Gallagher (First District), Ham¬ 

Geo E Webb (Second District), Gary 
Martin Howkinson (Third District), Cedar 

H Boyd Wasson (Fourth District), Lowell 

Township Trustees 
North, John Mehan, Hammond 
Calumet, Mrs Frankie Helman, Gary 
Ross, Harry A Holmes, Hobart 
StJohns, Michl J Rolling, Dyer 
Center, Francis Roth 
West Creek. Harry C Hathaway, Lowell 
Cedar Creek, Vivian Hayden, Lowell 
Eagle Creek, Winfred A Bryant 
Winfield, Julius Batterman, Leroy 
Hobart, J W Harms, Hobart 
Hanover, Frank Govert 


Lake Superior Court Bldg, 5236-42 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Lake Superior Courts Room 1, Hammond. 
Room 2, East Chicago, Room 3, Gary, Room 
4, Gary, Room 5, Hammond 
Terms, second Monday in January, March, 
May, September and November 

Lake Circuit Court—Terms, first Monday in 
February, fourth Monday in April, first 
Monday in September, third Monday in 

Lake Criminal Court—Terms, first Monday 
in January, first Monday in July, in Crown 

Juvenile Court—Frank K Hosier chief pro¬ 
bation officer, Walter M Jeorse probation 
officer, Lake Superior Court bldg, Ham¬ 


tomey—Luther M Swygert asst 
Army Recruiting Station—Adrian O Barton 
sergt in charge 

Civil Service Commission—Walter C VOlk- 
man sec 

Collector of Internal Revenue—Ollie H Link 

Commissioner—Chas L Surprise 
District Court—Convenes March and Novem¬ 
ber, Hon Thos W Slick judge 
District Court Clerk—Margt Wagner and 
Ruth W Springmann dep elks 
Immigration and Naturalization Service— 
Eug M Merriam inspr in charge 
Internal Revenue Agent—John L Aughey agt 
in charge 

Internal Revenue Dept (Alcohol Tax Unit) 
—Thos H F Clark chief 'nvestigator 
Marshal—Jos Morris deputy 



Hammond Post Office 

Federal Bldg, 507 State 
Office hours: Lobby open to 11 p m dally. 
General delivery, stamp and parcel post win¬ 
dows open 7 a m to 7 p m week days except 
Saturday and open at 7 a m and close at 1 
p m; closed on Sunday. Postal savings bank, 
and money order departments open 8 a m to 
5:30 p m week days except Saturday and 
open at 7 a m and close at 1 p m; Registry 
window open 8 a m to 7 p m week days ex¬ 
cept Saturday and close at 1 p m; closed on 

Postmaster—Joseph F Winkler 
Assistant-Otto H Rabe 
Supt of Mails—Walter C Herrburg 
Asst Supt of Malls—Geo S Rider 

Postal Stations 

Station No 1, 6822 Calumet av, Abr Ruskin 

Station No 2, 852 Hoffman, Carl E Bourne 

Station No 3, 5315 Hohman, Daniel J Brown 

Hessvllle Station, 6729 Kennedy av. Gale 
Thompson elk 

Calumet City, Illinois, Post Office 
680 Wentworth av 
Postmaster—James E Muckian 

Roby, Indiana, Post Office 

1134 Indianapolis blvd 
Postmaster—Ray C Austgen 



Board of Education—5935 Hohman av. Clar¬ 
ence A McVey pres, Columbus Smith treas. 
Chas N Scott sec, Clarence A Mason and 
Claude C Sohl members, Gerald A Gillette 

Superintendent—L L Caldwell 
Sec to Superintendent—Edith Hays 
Business Manager—Donald E Gavit 
Financial Clerk—Claude Lasater 
Maintenance Engineer—Claude D Neel 
Clerks—Sylvia Sommers, Eleanor Schauer, 
Geraldine Morton, Evelyn Mauck and 
Ward Fowler 

Attendance Officers—Rollis Weesner. Flor¬ 
ence Hagedom 
Physician—Daniel H Lawler 
Nurses—Edith Adams, Frances Locke 
Supervisor—Merle Gray 
High School—5926 Calumet av, A L Spohn, 

Technical Vocational School—231 Russell, 
Frederick E Benson, acting director 
Columbia School—1218 Michigan av, A W 
Clark, principal 

Edison School—7025 Madison av. J H Bald¬ 
win, principal 

Franklin School—1629 Indianapolis blvd, R 
B Miller, principal 


George Rogers Clark School—1921 Davis a 
(Whiting, P O), R B Miller, principal 
Harding School—3107 Cleveland, Dora 
McLaughlin principal 
Irving School—4727 Pine, O B Hayward, 

Kenwood School—6411 Moraine av, Mollie C 
Merklein, principal 

Lafayette School—5545 Calumet av, Frank 
Hammond principal 

Lincoln School—4221 Towle av, W F Collins, 

Maywood School—Howard av nw cor Mer¬ 
rill av, Susie A Shaffer, principal 
Morton Junior High School—7028-40 Mar¬ 
shall av, Carl A Spencer, principal 
Parrish School—173d nw cor Parrish av 
Porter Gene Stratton School—7044 Wicker 
av, Nina Pettet, principal 
Riverside School—5212 Calumet av, DeEtta 
Curry, principal 

Wallace School—736 Conkey, Blanche M 
Nixon, principal- annex 1138 Calumet av 
Washington School—41 Williams, B O Keeler, 

Wilson Woodrow School—1227 173d, J J 
Owen, principal 

(Burnham, Ill) 

Burnham School—13945 Green Bay av (Bur) 

(Calumet City, IU) 

District No 155 

Board of Education—Anton T Sczypior pres, 
Alphonse F Siegrist sec, Jos P Mayer treas, 
Chas Lochte, Aug Zimmerman, Wm Brown. 
Axel Olsen and Frank J Miller members; 
Eric E Brown supt 
Douglas School—471 Freeland av 
Wentworth School—Wentworth av and 152d, 
Anna Griffith, principal 
Woodrow Wilson School—202 152d 
District No 156 

Board of Education—Stanley Potocki pres. 
Phil J Hintz sec, Jos P Mayer treas, Frank 
J Nowak, Thos D Harle, Peter Stralko, 
Stanley Roski and Harry G Zajakowski 

Lincoln School—Freeland av bet 156th pi and 

District No 157 

Board of Education—Jacob H Meyer pres, 
John Harder elk, Jos P Mayer treas, Peter 
N Schrum member 

Globe School—Burnham av 1 mi w of State 

District No 215 

Board of Education—John J Huck pres. Jas 
F Kelly sec, Jos P Mayer treas, Walter 
Dempkowski, Arth J Meeter and Andrew 
Klein members 

Thornton Fractional Township High School, 
863 Pulaski rd (CC) 

Hoover School, Schrum rd sw cor Mackinaw 




agrl ... agricultural 


al . alley 


appr .... apprentice 
apts .... apartments 

archt . architect 

asmblr ... assembler 
Assn .. Association 

asst . assistant 

atndt. attendant 

atty . attorney 

auto .... automobile 


bet . between 

bgemn .. baggageman 
bkbndr .. bookbinder 

bookkeeping machine 

bkpr .... bookkeeper 

bldg . building 

bldr . builder 

blk . block 

blksmltb ..blacksmith 
birmkr .. boilermaker 


br . branch 

brklyr ... bricklayer 
brkmn .... brakeman 
cabtmkr cabinetmaker 

capt.. captain 

carp . carpenter 

cash . cashier 

Ch . Church 

chauf .... chauffeur 

chf. chief 

civ ....civil 

elk . clerk 

clnr . cleaner 

collr . collector 

CO ml ... commercial 
comn ... commission 
comnr . .commissioner 
compt .. comptometer 
cond .... conductor 
confr .. confectioner 
cons .... consulting 
contr .... contractor 

corres. .correspondent 

ct . court 

ctr . cutter 

del . delivery 

dep . deputy 

dept .... department 
dicta .... dictaphone 

dir .director 

dispr .... dispatcher 

dist . district 

div . division 

dmnstr. .demonstrator 

dom .domestic 

dr . drive 

drftsmn .. draftsman 

dremkr .. dressmaker 

_| . electrical 

electn ... electrician 
electro .. electrotyper 


embdr .. embroiderer 

. employe 

agey . 

ployment agency 

*- gr ,aSFs&e 


exch . exchange 

___'n \. expressman 

fety . factory 


. finisher 

a . foreman 

l ... forewoman 


. 'toot 

..... furniture 

furnished rooms 
furngs .. furnishings 

gasftr . gasfitter 

gdnr . gardener 

". *". government 

gro . grocer 

h . householder 

hairdrsr . .hairdresser 

hd . hand 

hdqrs . .headquarters 

hlpr helper 


hosp .hospital 

hsekpr . .housekeeper 

Hts . Heights 

lmplts .. implements 

imptr . importer 

inc ... incorporated 

ins . insurance 


instr . instructor 

internal revenue 

]r . Junior 

jwlr .jeweler 

kpr . keeper 


lbr . lumber 

lieut .lieutenant 

lino . linotype 

lltho .. lithographer 


lndrymn. .laundryman 

mach .... machinist 
mdse .. merchandise 

mech. mechanic 

mechl ... mechanical 

Met ... Metropolitan 
mfg . .manufacturing 
mfr .. manufacturer 


mkr . maker 

mlnr milliner 

mono .monotype 

msngr ... messenger 

master mechanic 
mtrmn ... motorman 

mus teacher 

n or N . North 

Natl . National 


ns.north side 

nw. northwest 

®... property owner 



osteo .... osteopath 
pass ...... passenger 



pharm .. pharmacist 
photog. .photographer 
phys . physician 

pkr . packer 

pkwy . parkway 

pi . place 

plmbr . plumber 

plshr . polisher 

plstr.. plasterer 

pntr .painter 

PO . postoffice 

PS ... Public School 

pres . president 

prin . principal 

priv sec.private 

prod . produce 

prof . professor 

prop .... proprietor 

prov . provisions 

prsfdr .. press feeder 

prsr .presser 

ptrnmkr patternmaker 

pub . publishing 

publr . publisher 

purch ... purchasing 

RC.. Roman Catholic 

RD .’.’ Rural' Delivery 


real est...real estate 

rec . receiving 

rep .. representative 
reprmn .. repairman 
restr .... restaurant 



RyMS . 

Railway Mail Service 
s or S . South 

Sav .Savings 

sch . school 


see . secretary 

sergt . sergeant 

ship . shipping 

slsmgr ..salesmanager 

slsmn .... salesman 
slswn ... saleswoman 
smstrs ... seamstress 

soc ..- society 


spl . special 

ss.south side 

stationary engineer 
sten ... stenographer 
stereo ... stereotyper 
stmftr .. steamfitter 


supt . .superintendent 
supvr .... supervisor 

surg . surgeon 

sw . southwest 

swtchmn.. .switchman 

tab mach opr. 

tabulating machine 

tohr . teacher 


tel . telephone 




tndr . tender 

trans.. transportation 
trav . traveling 

twp . township 

undtkr ...undertaker 
uphol ... .upholsterer 
US ... United States 

USA . 

United States Army 
USMC..United States 
Marine Corps 

USN . 

United States Navy 

vet . veterinary 


w or W . West 


whsemn . 

... .warehouseman 
wid . widow 



Alexander .Alex 

Alfred . Alt 

Archibald .... Areh 


. Benj 

Catherine . Cath 

Charles . Chas 

Daniel. Danl 

Edward . Edw 

Elizabeth . Elis 

Eugene . Eug 

Frederick .... Fredk 


Joseph . Jos 

Katherine - Kath 

Margaret .... Margt 

Michael . Mlchl 

Patrick . Patk 

Richard . Richd 

Robert . Robt 

Samuel .Sami 


Stephen . Steph 

Thomas .. 

William .. 

. Thos 
.. Wm 









Copyright, 1939, by R. L. Polk & Co. 

For List of General Abbreviations see opposite page 


Bur .Burnham I POWhi.Post Office Whiting 

■c I w . Wh,tln * 


CACDTCo.Chicago & Calumet District I NIPSCo.Northern Indiana Public Service C- 

Transit Co NYC&StLBR.New York, Chicago & StLouis 

IBTCo.Illinois Bell Telephone Co _ . Bail road 

thrrr Doi. SliEMCo.... Standard Bailway Equipment Mfg Co 

™ BRK . Indlana Harl,or Belt Railr ™ d Co UC&OPCo.United Chemical a Organic 

MORE.Michigan Central Bailroad I Products ~ 

Alphabetical List of Names 

A-l Realty & Construction Co Inc Louis 
P Kamykowski pres Jos A Gierwar- 
towski v-pres Sol AshbaCh sec-treas 
679 Wentworth av (CC) 

A O K Garage (Carson T Haxdacre, 
Godfrey Krc) 819 119th (POWhi) 

A & G Store (John and Helen Goran- 
owskl) gras 417 155th 
A & P Pood Stores gros 6134 Columbia 
av 516 Conkev 924 Hoffman 4537 
and 5637 Hohman av 671 Kennedy 
av 821 119th (POWhi) 556 State 604 
State Line av (CC) 

Aageberg Adler C (Alice) janitor h6020 
Wallace rd 

" Jas B filler Straube Pianos Inc r6020 
Wallace rd 

" Russell E (Marie) chemical opr h6122 
Noble av 

Aaron Chas sec Beatty Mach & Mfg Co 
r Chicago Ill 

" P Douglas (Lillian) elk hll2 Webb 

" Geo pntr h5511 Beall av 
” Georgia L sten r5511 Beall av 
" (Robt meat ctr Geo A Webb 
" Willlard H r5511 Beall av 
Abate Aug r218 State (CC) 

" Jasper lab r218 State (CC) 

" Sami (Rose) reprmn h218 State (CC) 
Atoatie Anthony (Martha) lab hlOlO 

" Frank (Gladys E) janitor FOofE h51 

" Jos (Anna) hlOlO Kenwood 
" Paul (Ellz) mach opr Padden Bev¬ 
erage Bottling Wks h6120 Marshall 
" Paul jr mach Padden Beverage Bot¬ 
tling Wks r6120 Marshall av 
Abbate Prank (Cath) h2 Ruth apt 29 
Abbett Clarence C (Vera) slsmn h940 

Abbey Geo E (Mila) elk PO h7331 Jack- 
son av 

Ahblett Bem^p iwrc r Abby’s Beauty 
Shoppe) h5749 Erie av 
" Fred D (May) h609 State 


" Fred D jr (Bernice) steel wkr h5749 
Erie av 

" Lloyd L (Alice P) elk IHBRR h: 
Waltham (OC) 

Abbott Donald (Caroline) electn r6220 
VanBuren av 

" Fannie tchr Maywood Sch r5927 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

" Fred W (Maude) hl604 Brown av apt 
E (POWhi) 

" Guy W (Lillian) electn h6226 Van¬ 
Buren av 

" Jos r6129 Noble av 
" Mary J (wid John) h6129 Noble av 
Norman P (Isabel) driver h24 Webb 
Pearl (Ada) lab h4840 Cedar av 
" Ralph W (Verda M) carrier PO h 
7108 Harrison av 

Raymond P (Cecelia) electn h733 
165 th 

" Thos r6129 Noble av 
" Willard L h6220 VanBuren av 
" Wilma r6129 Noble av 
Abby’s Beauty Shoppe (Mrs Bernice Ab- 
blett) 481 State 

Abel Ezra D (Martha) mach hd hl!62 

" Predk W atndt Louis N Cook r2826 
164th pi 

" Robt (Grace) carrier h2826 164th pi 
" Theo C (Caroline) auto wkr h231 

Abell Thelma tchr Edison Sch r7319 
VanBuren av 

Abelman Rose (wid Sami) h469 Logan 
Abeln Wm feeder W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 

Abney Raymond R (Edna M) h224 Doty 
Aboff Dine hll29 Kenwood 
Abraham Paul E (Ruth A) asmblr h6741 
Madison av 



114th Street and Lake Ave. Phones: Whiting 670-671 and Hammond Enterprise 1880 

Headquarters: Lake Shore Housing Guild Whiting, Ind. 
















_ « JC 

§5 O 

5 E 


Abrahamson Adelle sten Abrahamson 
Mtr Sis r5504 Calumet av 
" Alex L (Fannie) shoe repr h236 High- 

5504 Calumet av 
" Goldie elk Herbst & Co r5504 Calu¬ 
met av 

" Hortense bkpr Scott Mercantile Co 
r236 Highland 

Abrahamson Motor Sales), h826 
Becker, Tel 884-J 

" Leo service mgr Abrahamson Mtr Sis 
r826 Becker 

eph L Abrahamson), Chrysler and 
Plymouth Motor Cars, Diamond T 
Trucks. Sales and Sendee 5842-54 
Calumet av, Tel 2543 (For further 
information see back cover and page 
3 Buyers’ Guide) 

" Ray W slsmn Continental Oil Co r 
8033 Forest av (EC) 

" Sami (Sadie) barber 5504 Calumet av 
h do 

" Sami J (Anne) slsmn_ 

Mtr Sis h6739 Hohman av 
Abram Albert C rlOl Industrial rd 
Abrams Harry mgr Goldblatt Bros r Chi¬ 

Abramski Sigmund (Pauline) h713 Gost- 

Abramson Louis tavern 100 State <OC) 
h do 

" Maurice (Rose) gro 442 152d (CC) h 

Absher Elsie M Mrs elk SREMCo r948 

Ace Theatre 6733% Kennedy 
Acela Michl (Lottie) lab h5717 North- 
cote av 

Acella Louis hlpr Continental Baking 
Co r E Chicago Ind 
Achenbach Lulu K (wid Wm E) r633 

Acheson Chas lab Riverdale Products 

” Robt W (Mary) mgr E C Minas Co 
h7351 Monroe av 

Achor Arth (Thelma) printer h4751 
Cedar av 

" Beatrice Mrs r rear 1510 Roberts av 

" Dana E (Helen) ibus opr C&CDTCo 
h4524 Hohman av 

" Harlan J (Irene) mach hd h9l5 May 
" Merle fctywkr r5616 Claude av 
Ackerman Beni gro 1020 119th (POWhi) 
r Gary Ind 

" Jas (Bessie) gro 437 Indiana h4816 
Pine av 

" John (Margt) lab h rear 6625 Mc¬ 
Cook av 

Ackers Wm r6846 Missouri av 
Ackman Ray G (Mabel) pumper h836 

Ackors Elba L Mrs opr WU Tel Co r619 

” Robt W (Elba L) soap mkr r619 Mul¬ 

Acme Welding Co (Alan A Merchant, 
Elmer Pohlplatz) 5507 Calumet av 
Acton John W (Juanita W) dentist h 
5123 Oakley av 
Adair Oma Mrs r754 Indiana 
Adam Anna r945 Myrtle av (POWhi) 
" Jos (Jean) h4410 Cameron av 
" Louis S (Camilla) safety mn h7112 
Jackson av 

" Michl (Helen) h945 Myrtle av (FO 

" Michl ir r945 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Wm J (Mamie) asst formn Pullman- 
Standard Car Mfg Co h33S0 173d 

Adamchuk Steven fctywkr rlll4 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (PORoby) 

Adamozyk Alex (Mary) oil wkr h4421 
Towle av 

" John (Mary) lab h4418 Towle av 
" Jos oil wkr r4418 Towle av 
" Klemenz rlOl Industrial rd 
" Rudolph r4418 Towle av 
" Vincent (Mary) formn h3826 Grover 
Adamkiewicz Frances J maid StMargt 
Hosp r320 155th (CC) 

" Stanley (Josephine) lab Pratt Food 
Co h320 155th (CC) 

" Theresa r320 155th (CC) 

Adams Albert H (Emma E) auto wkr 
h5539 Sohl av 

" Andrew driver Henry F Eggers Co 
rl415 Roberts av (POWhi) 

•' Andrew fruits 2345 Indianapolis blvd 
(POWhi) h do 

" Apartments 1538-42 Warwick av (PO 

" Bert C (Irene) hlpr h'236 Russell 
" Carl (Elvera L) blrmkr hi324 Tru¬ 

" Carl slsmn r616 Truman blvd 
" Eber C (Gertrude) oil wkr h6943 Mc¬ 
Cook av 

" Edith nurse PS h5953 Park pi 
" Edwin B (Altha) civil eng h51 Condit 
•' Elmer W (Lillian) chemical eng h 
7443 Olcott av 

" Ernest E mgr J Rilev Cummings 
" Floyd elk Goldblatt Bros r38 Clinton 
" Frances (wid Jas) rl331 Truman 
" Frank (Ann) steel wkr h rear 4928 
Catalpa av 

" Frank R (Genevieve) press opr h903 

" Geo (Mary) lab h rear 1620 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

" Geo lino opr W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Geo (Sophie) pipeftr hl415 Roberts 
av (POWhi) 

" Harold R (Ruby I) oil wkr h5651 Sohl 
" Harvey E (Louise) lab NTPSCo h47 

" Henry (Rose) mach h2735 Cleveland 
" Henry (Rose) steel wkr h929 Kane 
” Jack S elk r240 Douglas 
" Jas (Joy) auto repr 4511 Calumet av 
h813 Gostlin 

" Jas D (Wilma) h4412 Pine av 
" Jas E (Corinne) tchr Junior High 
Sch (W) hl805 Davis av apt 206 

" Jas P steel wkr h7529 VanBuren av 
" John lab rl932 Calumet av (POWhi) 
" Jos driver City Garbage Dept rl415 
Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Jos T (Eliz) mach h4924 Catalpa av 
" Lawrence driver r427 Florence 
" Lillian Mrs h427 Florence 
" Loretto r427 Florence 
" Martha J cook Brahos Coffee Shop 
r Indiana Harbor Ind 
Mary (wid John) gro 1932 Calumet av 
(POWhi) h do 

" Max A (Georgia) hlpr NIPSCo h240 

" Max E fetv wkr r240 Douglas 
" Merrill B (Lillian) instr Goldblatt 
Bros hl534 Warwick (POWhi) 

" Michl lab rl932 Calumet av (POWhi) 
"Michl J (Anna) fety wkr h2122 At¬ 
chison av (POWhi) 

" Michl R (Pauline) mach h2116 Su¬ 
perior av (POWhi) 

" Myron J (Beulah I) carp h6817 Colo¬ 
rado av 

" Paul rlOl Industrial rd 
" Paul T (Cath) lab hl204 Lakeview 

" Reuben W (Imogene) hl3 Sibley 
" Roy (Anna) oil wkr h2009 Lincoln av 

" Ruby r7529 VanBuren av 




One of the Finest Fireproof Warehouses in Lake County 

Insurance Protection—Financial and Moral Responsibility—Your Household Effects Are Carefully Handled by 
Experienced Men — We Invite Your Inspection 



" Ruth M sten Quint Bros Inc rl331 

" Sella I teleg opr Postal Telegraph 
Cable Co r28 Ruth apt ID 
" Theo steel wkr r20 Elizabeth 
Adamson Lily (wid Jas) h2639 163d pi 
Adank Milton W (Gretchen M> mach 
h256 Doty 

" Wm P (Cassie) formn h5825 Erie av 
Adaska Andrew (Sue) mach h4920 Ash 
" Martha r4920 Ash av 
" Sue r4920 Ash av 
Adaskvich Helen pkr rl022 Moss 
" Julia sorter W B Conkey Co r7317 
Jefferson av 
" Peter hl022 Moss 
Addington Lee P (Ruth) printer LeRoy 
Printing Co h944 State blvd 
Addison Albert R (Dorothy) elk NIPS 
Co r Griffith Ind 
" Dorothy Mrs elk C&CDTCo r Grif¬ 
fith Ind 

Adduce! Alex J (Valaria) formn Sou 
Wheel Div r Chicago Ill 
Ade Louis P (Dorothy) reporter Ham¬ 
mond Times h237 Highland apt 202 
Adelsperger Albert J (Carrie) eng hl027 

" Chas R (Bertha) loco eng h3342 173d 
" Edw H (Helen) lab h6130 Kennedy av 
" Jas K (Prances) pntr h850 Indiana 
" Jeter-(Susie) maintenance mn h6626 
Arizona av 

" Thos (Olive) eng h6812 Alabama av 
Adema Wm (Mae E) sta eng h431 In- 

t water tndr 


Ader Geo P (Beatrice) 
h852 Truman 
Adkins Ernest A (Iva) driver h6827 
Carolina av 

Adler Clarence soap wkr r260 Highland 
" Geo appr W B Conkey Co r260 High¬ 

" Susan (wid Adam) h260 Highland 
Adlesperger Predk (Ruth) elk h38 Clin¬ 

Adley Albert B (Cath) oil wkr hl421 
Lake av (POWhi) 

'' Caroline Mrs hl524 Amy av (POWhi) 
" Daisy Mrs hl016 Bauer 
" Jas J (Ruth) elk h6043 Columbia a. 
" John M mach opr rl524 Amy av (PO 

" Hath tel opr Ill Bell Tel Co (W) r 
1524 Amy av (POWhi) 

■' Robt ir inspr rl524 Amy av (POWhi) 

Pulaski rd (CC) 

Admiral Alice Mrs tchr Geo Rogers 
Clark Sch h2004 Stanton av apt 3 

" Eleanor r2004 Stanton av apt 3 (PO 

Adoba Alex F (Isabel Mi steel wkr h 
1107 Moss 

" Michl (Susan) hll25 Field 
" Michl jr r!125 Field 
" Wm plmbr John Androff rll25 Field 
Adoskvich Julia bkbndr rl022 Moss 

Berau), Air Conditioning, Furnaces, 
Repairs and Oil Burners 417 Gost- 
lin. Tel 3414 

Adzia Geo (Theresa) car bldr hl301 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

N Carter District Agent, 208 Russell, 
Tel 236, Agents Residence Tel Muns- 

Affleck David C (Day) eng h901 Wilcox 
Agler Ardath elk Kroger-Consumers r 
1337 150th 

Agnew John C (Pearl N) trust officer 
Calumet Natl Bk hl2 Webb 
" Motor Co (Wm L Agnew) autos 5834 

h6325 Garfield ’ i 



538-42 STATE 

PHONE 6190 














Aikin Leo optical dept Goldblatt Bros 
r809 Forsythe av (CC) 

Aikman Edwin H (Irene M) inspr h4937 
Pine av 

" John W (Adah F) crane opr h456 
Truman blvd 

Ainslee Eliz fctywkr rl456 Brown av (P 

Ainsley Geo lab Riverdale Products Co 
Akeley Wm (Olive) porter Woolworth’s r 
Gary Ind 

Akeren Louise ship elk Mrs Rosa M 
Vivian r4839 Elm av 
Akin David L (Eloise) lab h2705 Ken¬ 

Alaimo Dominic (Angelina) lab h413 
Garfield av (OC) 

Alamo Delicatessen (Mrs Winifred L 
Morgenau) 6902 Hohman av 
L and Ralph W Margenau), Stand¬ 
ard Oil Products, Exide Batteries, 
Firestone Tires, Pickup and Delivery 
6906 Hohman av. Tel 10580 
Alaska Fur Co Inc Sol Zweiban pres- 
treas Jennie Zweiban sec 451 State 
Alb Mary waiter r2937 138th pi (Bur) 

" Peter (Theresa) h2937 138th pi (Bur) 
Albach Nellie (wid Wm) mus tchr 5809 
Calumet av apt 4 h do 
Albaugh Clifford E (Fannie) mill wkr 
h6518 Parrish av 

Albers Andrew F (Viola A) mach opr h 
7110 Jefferson av 

" Geo H (Mildred) maintenance mn h 
5618 Schultz av 
Albert Anton h5534 Walter av 
" Eliz M elk NIPSCo r5534 Walter av 
" Frank P (Florence E) supt h539 For¬ 
sythe av (OC) 

" John J (Marie) hlpr Hoess Bros h 
7536 Jackson av apt 2W 
" Kathryn C sten Frederick G Lisius r 
5534 Walter av 
" Margt r5534 Walter av 
Alberti Frank lab rll30 Conkey 
Albertsen Kath (wid Wm) h5235 State 
Line av 

" Rosella N elk IBTCo r5235 State Line 
Albertson Wm G (Eleanor) custodian 
Masonic Bldg Assn h45 Muenich 
Albery Carl L (Eloise) steel wkr h6828 
Delaware av 

■' Esther J r6828 Delaware av 
” Louis R (Mary) pkr h3107 171st 
’’ Mildred hsekpr r6828 Delaware av 
Albi Edw (Elsie) waiter Lyndora Home 
r5927 Columbia av 
Albin Albert driver r864 Michigan 
” Albert driver r5551 Walter av 
" Chas elk r5551 Walter av 
" Fred S (Amanda O) lab h!43 156th 

" John R (Edith) Janitor IBTCo hl341 
Truman av 

ALbiniak Chesterina pkr r2929 138th pi 

" Edw galvanizer h2929 138th pi (Bur) 
" Mary (wid Stanley) r2929 138th pi 

" Sevela T pkr r2929 138th pi (Bur) 
Albrecht Otto (Victoria) shoe repr 841 
Sibley h do 

" Wm fnshr W B Conkey Co r Chicago 

Albright Edw C prsr South Shore Olnrs 
& Dyers r735 Michigan 
" Harold W (Jean) hlpr h840 Gostlin 
" John (Augusta) steel wkr h733 Mich¬ 

" Kenneth (Lucille) steel wkr h6714 
Delaware av 

" Ralph G (Lena) shtmtlwkr h429 Lo¬ 

Alcome Carl (Mary) steel wkr h!019 

Alder Chas M (Florence M) civil eng 
h!311 Indiana 

Alderson Harold (Opal) oil wkr h4407 
Cedar av 

Alderton Bettv tchr Hammond Hi Sch 
r5927 Columbia av 

Aldobilt Co Julius J Latzko supt mfrs 
ry specialties 304 Hoffman 
Aldrich Clem (Ella) formn hl211 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

" Ivan R (Floy) oil wkr h6928 Jackson 
" Lillian waiter rl211 Lake av (POWhi) 

" Sherman L (Ellen L) porter h4720 
Cameron av 

Aldridge Eva waiter E J Grill r5125 State 
Line av 

" Everett (Daisy M) steel wkr h514 

" Jennie (wid Wm D) waiter E J Grill 
r5125 State Line av 
" Myron A (Alice A) r4303 State Line 
" Wm (Ethel) janitor h5125 State Line 
Aldrin H Franklin (Alice) mach h3111 
163d pi 

" Vernon (Caro) formn hl005 Myrtle av 

Ales Frances lab r534 Indiana 
" Kenneth r534 Indiana 
" Mary Mrs h534 Indiana 
Alex Julia Mrs maid h935 Kenwood 
Alexander Claude fctywkr r4922 Elm av 
■' Dwight G (Marjorie M) lab hl316 
Price av (CC) 

•' Edw O (Grace) coremkr Sou Wheel 
Div h rear 1031 Cleveland 
" Elden reprmn r4907 Cedar av 
" Eliz iwid Fred V) h4 Carroll 
" Ella Mrs tel opr r4531 Sheffield av 
" Genevieve h217 Ogden 
" Geo W (Bessie A) pipeftr h6829 Colo¬ 
rado av 

" H Alvin (Edna M) elk hl330 Truman 
" Jas (Corinne) welder h2736 162d 
" John J (Jean) chemist h656 119th (PO 

" Kath Mrs (Dixie Lunch) h6532 Mad¬ 
ison av 

" Rov (Kath) driver h rear 498 Ingra¬ 
ham av (CC) 

" Stella wrapper Indiana Botanic Gar¬ 
dens r Cedar Lake Ind 
" Thos E (Marie E) car inspr h423 In¬ 

Wm S (Kath) mgr Dixie Lunch h6532 
Madison av 

Alexanderson Cecilia H (wid Albert) opr 
IBTCo h4919 Oak 
Chas (Florence) steel wkr hlOlO Chi¬ 

•' Chas G rl235 Hoffman 
" Chas H (Genevieve H) electn hl235 

" Jens steelwkr r5409 Howard 
" Robt W lab Elmwood Cemetery rl235 
Hoffman ,, 

Alexchuck John lab rll43 Field 
Alexewich Sami (Lillian) lab h776 New¬ 
ell av (OC) 

Alexeychuk Michl (Josephine) car bldr 
h326 155th (OC) 

Alferink Albert lab Riverdale Products 
Co r Harvey Ill 

" Herbert mach opr Riverdale Products 
Co r Harvey Ill 

Alger Elwood K (Lillian L) stillwkr r4938 
Hickory av 

" Irvin V (Anna) bus opr C&CDTCo h 
6818 Colorado av 

" Kenneth H (Frances) madh opr h940 
Wilcox av 

Alimo Mario (Anna) lab h447 State (C 

Alishio Mary Mrs emp Chapman Lndry 
Inc h696 Ingraham av (OC) 

All American Bus Lines Inc Louis Ciucci 
agt 5035 Hohman av 
" Saints Convent Sister of Providence in 
charge 546 Sibley 

" Saints R C Church Rev Edw J Mun- 
govan pastor 576 Sibley 
" Saints R C School 550 Sibley 


Building Material, Hardware, Paints, Millwork, Insulation, Brick, Lime, Sewer Pipe 
412 VINE ST. TELS. 6666 and 6667 

Allan Janet officewkr Goldblatt Bros x 
E Chicago Ind 
" John M carp h830 Bauer 
" Robt (Alice) Installer hl004 Conkey 
Allard Halsey F sLsmn h6520 Jefferson 
av apt 2 

Allaria Peter office mgr Swift & Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Allee Mary B r7013 Jackson av 
" Boy J oilwkr r7013 Jackson av 
" Wm B (Charlotte) pipeftr h720 Mul¬ 

Allen Adrian J (Ann) stillmn r418 Flor¬ 

•' Alva D (Eda) mach opr h5357 Oakley 
" Anna M Mrs h477 Michigan 
" Basin steelwkr r6 Williams 
" Chas usher CSS&SBRR r Gary Ind 
" Cleo D (Elsie) carp h225 173d 
" Conn (Peri) inspr hll35 Truman 
" Conrad E (Lillie) mach opr h404 155th 

" Edw C (Elvina O) dairymn hl05 Wal¬ 
tham (CC) 

" Emil elk Thom McAn Shoe Co r7526 
Harrison av 

" Eug C (Esther I) lab h508 Michigan 
" Forrest L (Harriett L) chipper h7U0 
Olcott av 

" Frank r4326 Grover av 
" Frosty pntr r625 Indiana 
" Geo pntr Smith Decorating Co r Ce¬ 
dar Lake Ind 

" Geo H (Edith) wtchmn h5 157th (OC) 

" Howard E (Georgia A) pntr h512 Ing¬ 
raham av (CC) 

” Kenneth C (Margt M) oilwkr h5611 
Walter av 

" L Irene (wid Geo P) hsekpr 927 Sib¬ 

" Margt tchr Edison Sch r6616 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

" Margt (wid Wm) h526 Indiana apt L 
'' Marion Mrs slswn Three Sisters Inc 
" Mayreen Mrs mgr Ezra O Jones h5634 
Alice av 

" Morris (Myrtle) fctywkr hl614 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Nelson M exec W B Conkey Co r5946 
Hohman av 

" Norman (Margt) h937 Lyons 
" Oral (Nella Dean) still clnr hl336 In¬ 

" Orville E (Virginia) stillmn h7023 
Alabama av 

" Paul C (Elsie) tmkpr Morrison Constr 
Co h5251 State Line av 
" Pearl tchr Lafayette Sch rl635 Cleve¬ 
land av (W) 

" Raymond O (Rosalind) gauger h52 

" Roland (Clara) oilwkr h6927 Alabama 
" Ruby Mrs h526 Indiana apt G 
” Sarah (wid Arden) r473 Logan 
" Theo lab Lockwood Laboratories r 
Gary Ind 

" Walter J (Marion) electn h35 Clinton 
" Weber (Violet) welder h rear 4832 Ce- 
/ dar av 

/ " Wilburn W (Lois L) driver Prank B 
F Richwalski h473 Logan 

f " Wm mgr United Realty Co r Chicago 

" Wm (Mary) steelwkr h476 Michigan 

Aller Edw (Helen) refinerywkr h4412 
Sheffield av 

Alley Gus F (Winifred) oilwkr h5406 
Price pi 

Alii Rusetti (Eliz) refinerywkr h2327 
New York av (POWhi) 

Transfer & Fireproof Warehouse 
Agents, Nation Wide Long Distance 
Moving 401-407 Douglas, Tels 490- 


" J Willard (Virginia) trucker hl313 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" Minnie C (wid Harry F) investigator 
North Township Trustee h217 Webb 
apt 2A 

" Rochie tchr Geo Rogers Clark Sch r 
5946 Hohman av 
" Warner B (Freda) h739 Gostlin 
Allman Florence E head cataloguer Pub¬ 
lic Library r445 Detroit 
" M Aileen tchr Hammond Hi Sch r445 

" Mary L (wid Jesse D) h445 Detroit 
" Peggy waiter Walter Piecknick r23 
155th (CC) 

Allsop Jos J (Bernice J) pntr h507 In¬ 

Almada Gilbert R (Mae Z) lab h432 

Almans Wm meat ctr Alfons Kvedaras 
r13958 Green Bay av (Bur) 
Almason Steve rlOl Industrial rd 
Almasy Jos (Eliz) mach h4609 Oak av 
Almond Harlan D (Wilma) dispr h519 

Almy Edw (Clara) opr Paramount The¬ 
atre r227 Carroll apt 14 
" Wm R (Margt J) film opr Hoosier 
Theatre (W) h48 Waltham (W) 
Aloisi John plstr r7344 Marshall av 
Alpaugh Edwin steelwkr r217 Webb apt 

" Louise tchr Morton Jr Hi SCh r217 
Webb apt 1C 

" Lucretia (wid David) h217 Webb apt 

Alpert Rose J 1243 Warren (CC) 

" S Inc Sami Alpert pres Leo N Lynn 
sec-treas dry gds 108 154th pi (OC) 

" Sami (Bertha) pres S Alpert Inc h 
243 Warren (CC) 

Alsip A Stanley (Cecile V) steelwkr h 
764 Truman blvd 
Alsman John hi 136 Merrill 
Alspach Harold E drftsmn SREMCo r 
Chicago HI 

Alt Danl (L Irene) uphol h904 150th 
ALT EDWARD M (Agnes L), Asst Treas 
Northern Indiana Public Service Co, 
hl4 172d, Tel 4225-R 

" Marcella mgr Goldtolatt Bros r674 
State Line av (CC) 

Altenberger Anton h4419 Baltimore av 
" Chas (Emily) fctywkr h4417 Baltimore 
" Emily Mrs smstrs Bemat Shop h4417 
Baltimore av 

Alters Eug M (Marian J) bulldozer opr 
Calumet Eng Co h7213 Chestnut av 
Altfeld Lillian bkpr Viking Engineering 
Co r7217 Jefferson av 
Altholz Leo sec-treas Inlander-Steindler 
Paper Co r Chicago Ill 
Altman Clara elk Goldblatt Bros r211 
State (CC) 

" Henry C (Daisy) sand blaster h2622 

" Morris mach opr r211 State (CC) 

" Mullis paperwkr r2ll State (CC) 
AltShuller Nathan D (Eleanor) lawyer 
5141 Hohman av R110 h5532 May- 
wood av apt 4 

Alverson Erwin W (Georgia) oil treater 
h2932 163d pi 

Alvey Edw (Fannie) rl3912 Green Bay 
av (Bur) 

" Howard (Harriet) oilwkr r6S40 Calu¬ 
met av 

Alyea John r824 Gostlin 
" Mary (wid Otha) h824 Gostlin 
" Roscoe D (Elnora) truck opr h506 

" Russell B (Ann) lab h rear 470 Plum¬ 
mer apt 4 

" Vernon L (Oma) ship elk Standard 
Equip & Sup Corp h508 Spruce 
Wesley E swtchmn h4849 Pine av 












PHONE 6900 







< £ 




c# S 

^ OS 

a i 

S c 
H 1 

c* i 


OU 3 

£ s 


E — 1 

Amble Herlof (Margt) wtchmn Calumet 
Eng Co h6720 Arizona av 
Ambler Prank A (Helen W) acct IHBRR 
hl018 Eaton 

" Winston (Dorothy) oilwkr h7125 Mon¬ 
roe av 

Ambord Jos A (Louise) oilwkr hl336 
Davis av (POWhi) 

Ambos Eug J (Margt; Twentieth Cen¬ 
tury Cocktail Lounge) h37 Clinton 
Geo atndt S & A Service Sta rl7 

John rl7 Mason 
Susan A (wid John) hl7 Mason 
Ambre Henrv L (Anna D) chf elk IHB 
RR h5950 Hyslop pi 
Ambris Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Ambrocez Ohaa- r4303 Hickory av 
Ambrosic Jos jr r4742 Hohman av 
Ambrozy Jos (Anna) oilwkr h2260 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

Amfouehl Albert (Floy) driver hlll5 

Amdro Jos lab rl23 155th (OC) 

Ament Oscar (Reva) meat ctr r4608 
Pine av 

Ameri Mario (Margt) crane opr r322 
State (OC) 

American Chemical Service (Edgar P 
Seifert) rendering 95 Industrial rd 
(George Gavrilos), Hats Cleaned 
and Blocked, Wholesale Work Given 
Special Attention. All Work Guar¬ 
anteed, Shoe Shining Parlor in Con¬ 
nection 444 >4 Sibley, Tel 3166 
" Home Laundry Co Inc Jos Bruder 
pres Annie Sambor v-pres E Levin 
treas 415-19 Michigan 
" Legion Drum & Bugle Corps meets 
every Thursday 127 State 
" Legion Post No 330 Herman Wiening 
comndr meets first Thursday each 
month 578 Wentworth av (OC) 

" Maize Products Co P W Frankenfield 
supt food products 1134 Indianapolis 
blvd (POR<*y) 

" Optical Co Finn T Johannesen mgr 
5217 Hohman av R508 
Chapter), Gail Bradley Exec Sec, 
Lake Superior Court Bldg, Tel 140 
" Restaurant & Hotel (Sami D Korellis, 
Christ L Morfas) 424 Sibley 
" Savings & Loan Assn of Hammond 
Dr R O Ostrowski pres C B Knapp 
sec-mgr 4525 Hohman av 
" steel Foundries (Hammond Wks) 
Emil L Krejci mgr 4831 Hohman av 
” Store Fixture Exchange <Robt Schnei¬ 
der) 5018 Hohman av 
" Trust & Savings Bank (receivership) 
John A Rippe receiver 5231 HOhman 
av R201 

Amerman Kay M bkpr Liberal Credit 
Clothing Co r E Chicago Ind 
Ames Viola Mrs h827 Truman 
Amick Guy W (Clara I) h6632 Arkansas 
Keith E (Margt E) compositor Ham¬ 
mond Times h6417 Euclid av 
Amodeo Marie V opr Irene’s Beauty 
Shop r28 157th (CC) 

" Mary elk Goldblatt Bros r28 157th (C 

" Philip (Olive) lab h28 157th (CC) 
Amos Martin W dispr IHBRR r Munster 
Amrai Jos (Barbara) hlpr SREMCo r 
4117 Indianapolis blvd (EC) 

•' Jos A (Jolan) supt Western & Sou 
Life Ins Co r521 140th (EC) 
Amsler John D (Grace) hlll2 May 
Amundson Nels (Bertha M) lab hll8 

Ancis Michl (Mary) hU22 Ames 
Andel Michl (Susanna) steelwkr h2126 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

Anderberg Lenor Mrs r526 Indiana apt 

Anderlich Frank feeder W B Conkey Co 
r Chicago Ill 

Andersen Abbie C elk SREMCo r Gary 
" Carl (Nellie) inspr r6420 Garfield av 
" Duane r6420 Garfield av 
" Ernest S (Minnie) formn h6420 Gar¬ 
field av 

” Herbert B (Maude) ins agt h6331 Gar¬ 
field av 

" Jas (Nancy A) steelwkr h230 154th pi 

" Russell M elk NTPSCo r6006 Hohman 
" Ruth tchr Morton Jr Hi Sch r5946 
Hohman av 

Anderson A Mrs rl339 Michigan 
" A Gustav (Hilda) carp h4928 Pine av 
" Adah Mrs h5240 Sohl av apt 124 
" Adolph (Opal) formn h4429 Torrence 
" Alf R (Frances) hlpr h512 143d 
" Alice S Mrs slswn Mrs Carrie Long 
h583 Ingraham av (OC) 

" Alma (wid Gilbert L) sec-treas An- 
derson-Blackmun Inc r28 Roselawn 
" Anders B auto mech r5909 Columbia 
” Andrew asst bus agt hl050 Merrill 
" Anthony janitor StMargt Hosp r26 

" Arth J (Ann) city firemn h510 Flor¬ 

" Arth L (Gladys) tmkpr Youngstown 
Steel Door Co h421 157th (CC) 

" Arth R (Jessie E) formn hl27 156th pi 

" Arth S (Ruth B) h862 Wentworth av 
apt 1 (OC) 

" Arvid C (Irene) welder h-1421 Rob er ts 

" Augusta (wid Wm) r4729 Henry av 
” -Blackmun Inc Susan B Blackmun 
pres Warner F Blackmun v-pres 
Alma Anderson sec-treas children’s 
wear 138 Sibley 
" C David r6716 Carolina av 
" Carl (Alma) carp h6416 Jefferson av 
" Carl (Christine) steelwkr h6854 Dela¬ 
ware av 

" Carl H (Martha) trucker W B Conkey 
Co hi 106 Drackert 
" Carl J (Madalyn) funeral dir 6030 
Holman av h do 

’’ Carl M hlpr SREMCo rll06 Drackert 
" chas (Mildred) solr Home Finance 
Co h6243 Jefferson av 
" Cora D (wid Oliver) dep County Clk 
h6330 Harrison av 

" Dale W (Helen L) asst eng NIPSCo h 
6642 Monroe av 

" David S (Esther) formn h616 Caro¬ 
lina av 

Doris elk Wm Steinkraus r447 Gar¬ 
field av (CC) , 

" Doris instr Travis Beauty School 
" Dwight M r5516 Howard av 

V-Pres Northern Indiana Public 
Service Co, h6419 Forest av, Tel 2678 
A pump eng h6842 Colorado av 

_La.r /-il-~ , V>AA> 7 AT1/-.V, irron 

" Edw (Ruth) lab h5605 Alice av 
" Edw ship elk Hammond Modem Bak¬ 
ing Co r4413 Dearborn av 
" Edw H (Esther R) cond h2819 163d 


” Edwin 

V (Faye A) bkpr Carbide & 
Carbon Chemicals Corp (W) h6437 
Orescent pi 

« Einar A v-pres Junior Toy Corp r 
Munster Ind 

" Elgin W waiter White Castle System 
r46 Carroll 

” Elmo (Avoe) lab h rear 7514 Jackson 
’" Ernest C (Margt F) signalmn h5814 

" Esther L Mrs r471 Michigan 
" Florence L (wid Alf) elk IHBRR h543 
Ingraham av (OC) 



The Mark of Good Printing Since 1877 


Printers, Binders and Book Manufacturers 



" Prank E (Alice S) mgr Prosperity 
Clnrs & Dyers h583 Ingraham av (C 

Fred A (Esther C) mach h4815 Ash 
" Fred C rl45 Gostlin 
" Fred C (Clytie A) elk h7117 Wicker av 
" Froides (wid Carl R) r6842 Colorado 
" Genevieve Mrs h4421 State Line av 
" Geo E (Emma F) slsmn h447 Garfield 
av <CC) 

" Georgia I tchr Hammond Hi Sch r 
1106 Drackert 

" Gertrude (wid John* r414 Highland 
" Gordon artist Parthenon Theatre r 
Chicago Ill 

" Gustav A (Esther) blksmith h908 May 
" Harlan D (Margt B) slsmn h7210 
Hohman av 

" Harry (Ulrika) lab rl050 Merrill 
" Harry C (Cath) oilwkr h6351 Madison 
" Harry E (Sophia) city firemn hl45 

" Helen I office Hammond Times r511 

" Henry O (Emma) prsmn W B Conkey 
Co h717 Truman blvd 
" Hugh (Aletta) car repr h4729 Henry 
" M » . O (wid Andrew) hl604 Roberts 
av (POWhi) 

" Jas (Edna) shearmn h4823 Oak av 
" Jas (Sarah) steelwkr h6725 Arkansas 
" Jesse (Stella: Anderson’s Super 
Service) h2738 164th pi 
” John porter Margaret’s Geneva House 
rl349 Calumet av (POWhi) 

" John slsmn Borden-Wieland Div r4719 
Baring (EC) 

" John A auto mech r6018 Wallace rd 
" John A welder NIPSCo r Hobart Ind 
" John E (Beda) carp h6813 Arizona av 
" John L (Minnie) janitor E C Minas 
Co h6018 Wallace rd 
" John S tester r6813 Arizona av 
" Jos (Elsie) auto mech m 155th (EC) 

" Jos wheel roller Sou Wheel Div r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

” Josephine (wid John) h734 Thornton 
apt 2 

" Josephine E tchr Geo Rogers Clark 
Sch rl604 Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Leo F lab Champion Corp rl516 169th 
" LeRoy E (Ann) supvr h6107 Columbia 
" Lillian (wid John) r328 155th pi (EC) 

" Lillian P bkpr Obresk Upholsterers r 
4725 Henry av 

" Lola M tchr r6943 Arizona av 
" Louis A (Hazel) refinerywkr Ji2030 
Superior av (POWhi) 

Louise Mrs h824 Indiana 
” Mabel L elk IHBRR r447 Michigan 
" Martin (Sylvia) plstr h522 Cherry 
" Max G (Hilda) steelwkr hl226 5th av 

'' Mildred A Mrs sten Carl A Huebner 
h6243 Jefferson 

" Nellie (wid Harris) h7108 Harrison av 
" Nels (Julia M) plstr h607 Cherry 
Oscar A (Emma) loco eng h422 Gar¬ 
field av OCC) ~ 

" Paul (Hazel R) firemn h631 169th 
" Philip (Anderson Printing Sales) r 
Chicago Ill 

" Philip E (Wilma) reprmn NIPSCo h 
829 State blvd 

" Printing Sales (Philip Anderson) 5444 
Calumet av 

’’ Raymond H (Cath) steelwkr hll44 
Wilcox av 

" Robt lab r7032 Delaware av 
" Roy G (Helen) mach opr h6921 Ken¬ 
nedy aV 

" Ruth E tchr Geo Rogers Clark Sch r 
5946 Hohman av 

’’ Sami G (Alice) loco firemn h6626 
VanBuren av 

"Seth D (Naomi E) steelwkr hl344 

" Stella r734 Thornton apt 2 


" Stella Mrs bkpr Andersons Super 
Service h2735 164th pi 
" Thos S (Lucelia) ftr NIPSCo h709 
Truman blvd 

Vernon C (Madeline: Heckler & An¬ 
derson) h6541 Madison av 
” Virgene R sten NIPSCo rl27 156th pi 

" Vivian E sten Standard Equip & Sup 
Corp r908 May 

Walter C (Lenora) hl516 169th 
" Walter W (Lesa) steelwkr h523 Gost¬ 

” Warren C (Helen) driver h4632 Towle 
" Willard J inspr C&ERR r5338 Oak¬ 
ley av 

Wm E Rev (Marion) pastor First 
Christian Church h7132 VanBuren 
" Willis (Carrie) oilwkr h5543 Claude av 
" Wilton (June L) lab Riverdale Prod¬ 
ucts Co h7 Rimbach 
Yens (Agnes A) signalmn h4929 Ash 
Anderson’s Super Service (Jesse Ander¬ 
son) auto tires 6420 Kennedy av 
Ando Steph (Opal) reprmn h321l Black 
Oak rd 

Andreas Anton fnshr Greenwald’s Furn 
Co r Chicago Ill 

Andree Albert O (Frieda) asst Glenn L 
Ebright h518b Fayette 
" Arth F (Emma C) gro 516 Fayette h 

Betty J elk NIPSCo r516 Fayette 
Ernest G (Erna) mach opr h916 

Ernest W (Emily O) h5415 Webster av 
Marie r2644 Kenwood 
Andreoni Orlando (Lena) gro 4535 
Towle av h do 

Andres Carl H (Mary M) h626 Michi¬ 

" Ghas H (Martha) fctywkr h4745 Hick¬ 
ory av 

Edw lab r23 155th (OC) 

" Geo (Anna) springmkr h618 Michi¬ 


" Jas elk Western Tire Auto Stores r 
3935 177th' -- 

" Jos (Elsie) auto mech Snodgrass Mo¬ 
tor Sales h23 155th pi (OC) 
Andresen Meredith (Irene) dispr h545 
165th apt 4 

" Neils P (Alice) eng h939 Eaton 
Andrews Albert F (Ethel) still opr hll05 

" Blanche A (wid Wm) nurse StMargt 
Sch of Nursing h266 Carroll 

" Chas M (Nannie E) electn h6814 Ari¬ 
zona av 

” Frazier F (Dorothy) sub elk PO hl020 

" Irene Mrs r4142 Towle av 

” Jessie B tchr Edison Sch r5946 Hoh¬ 
man av 

" Jos (Eliz) electn h6733 Delaware av 

" Olga Mrs h7128 VanBuren av 
Andrewsen Harry W (Elise) reprmn h 

Andring Anna (wid John) rl225 Indiana 

Andrisko Alex (Eleanor; Rio Lunch) h 
6153 Columbia av 

Androff John (Helen) plmbr 913 Conkey 
h do 

" Magdalene officewkr Prosperity Clnrs 
& Dyers rl037 Ames 

” Theo K (Bertha) lab hl037 Ames 

Angel Anna bndrywkr r321 Pulaski rd 

" Eva (wid Martin) h321 Pulaski rd (C 

" Frank W (Mary M) slsmn h319 Pula¬ 
ski rd (CC) 

Angeli Mary r453V& State 

Angelie Maurice (Audrey) taxi driver h 
47 Carroll 

Angelo John (Bessie) lab h6126 Alexan¬ 
der av 


fr- tn—mictl TrompentftO^ 


Swarthout & Craig, Inc. 



1105 119th Street Phone Whiting 1073 

Aniszewski John (Agnes) blrmkr h650 
Gordon (OC) 

Anker Jas (Virginia) pntr r738 Mulberry 
" John mach Badoll Eng & Mfg Co r 
4410 Baltimore 

" Nicholas (Viola) mach h4410 Balti¬ 
more av 

" W B radio eng r48 Waltham 
Ankner Jacob fctywkr r409 Gostlin 
Jos h409 Gostlin 
" Jos 1r lab r40» Gostlin 
" Nicholas reprmn Central Chem Div r 
409 Gostlin 

Anna John lab Nickel Plate RR r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

Annadell Melvin B (Etta E) h4823 Pine 
" Robt J (Marcella L) driver r4823 Pine 
Annen Jos E (Elsie) brkmn h594 Free¬ 
land av (CC) 

Annette’s Shoppe (Annette Zimrock) dry 
gds 6735 Kennedy av 
Anosky Louisa (wid Frank) r614 Cherry 
Stacie J (Florence) elk h614 Cherry 
Anserello Anthony (Mamie) lab hl019 

Anspach Jonas A (Noedia I) laboratory 
asst UC&OPCo hll7 154th pi (CC) 

” Noedia I Mrs fctywkr UC&OPCo hi 17 
154th pi (OC) 

Antal Julius (Julia) steelwkr h2242 
White Oak av (POWhi) 

Anthenum Hall 44 Russell 
Anthony Anna fctywkr rl716 Lake av 

" Earl T (Isabelle P) electa h4745 Ash 
" John (Anthony & Brown) (W) rl716 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Michl (Anna) refinerywkr hl716 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

" Mildred sten Anthony & Brown (W) r 
1716 Lake av (POWhi) 

Antilla Alex (Eliz) stillmn hl637 Roberts 
av (POWhi) „ 

" Arth radio opr rl637 Roberts av (PO 

" Aug elk Jansen’s Mich Fruit Mkt r 
1637 Roberts av (POWhi) 

” Miriam elk rl637 Roberts av (POWhi) 
Antkowiak Stanley (Anna) oilwkr hl331 
Davis av (POWhi) 

Antkowicz John (Helen) oilwkr hl242 
121st (POWhi) 

• •' Stella rl242 121st (POWhi) 

Antlers The iWm R Schillo) tavern 5804 
Calumet av 

Antolovich Chas (Anna) hammermn h 
4713 Towle av 
" Peter rlOl Industrial rd 
Antone John F (Martha E) mach opr h 
5111 Oakley av 

Antonides Anton tchr Morton Jr Hi 
Sch r550 173d 

Antrim Chas (Mary) acct h5270 Ann av 
" Jos (Donna) fctywkr h468 Michigan 
Apat Lena (wid Chas) r5614 Alice av 
Apathy Jos (Magdalena) h6138 Ray av 
Apex Lunch Room (Azalea Smith, 
Maisie Briggs) 26 Plummer 
Apon June J typist NIPSCo r238 Vine 
Nelis D (Cora F) pntr 238 Vine h do 
Apostolou Gust J real est 810 State blvd 
r962 Summer 

App Edw W (Fannie A) ironwkr h rear 
425 Logan 

” John M <Lurline B: Physicians Sup¬ 
ply Co) hl5 Ruth 

Apple Clarence steelwkr r203 State (CC) 
" Homer (Pearl V) steelwkr h5517 Beall 
Applegarth Leo W (Hilda S) tchr Senior 
High Sch (W) h710 116th (POWhi) 
Applegate Emerson L (Helen) supt h44 

” Geo lab r504 Michigan 
Appleman & Taulb (Jos Taub) filling sta 
730 Fayette 

Appleyard Thos E r618 Douglas av (CC) 
Arauz Ferdinand B (Dorothy A) welder 
h4931 Magnolia av 

Arbanas Andrew (Mary) auto repr 1050 
169th h do 

Arbisi Evelyn maid StMargt Hosp r504 
Freeland av (OC) 

" Jasper J (Josephine) hlpr h504 Free¬ 
land av (OC) 

Arbuckle Fred E (Hattie G) oilwkr h 
1152 Indiana 

Arcadia Lodge No 1138 AF and AM 212 
155th (OC) 

Arch Cecil L (Lillie) lab h5518 Alice av 

" Steve (Mary) cabtmkr hl916 Atchison 
av (POWhi) , _ 

Archer Silver (Bertha) soapwkr h232 
Conkey _ 

Archibald Harley (Loveta) elk h6932 
Ari2ona av 

" John R r733 Mulberry 

" Robt B (Elsbeth) drftsmn h733 Mul¬ 

Arendas Steven (Veronica) lab h2041 
Lake av (POWhi) 

Arens Anthony J (Marie F) swtchmn h 
318 Webb (CC) 

" Arth (Mary) hlpr Johnson Tran & 
Fireproof Whse h445 Michigan 

" Frances elk Harding Sch r445 Michi- 

" Mathia 

_iias P r3 Mason 

Paul W (Barbara) h3 Mason 
Arentz Edgar H (Lovina N) mach h31 
156th pi (CC) 

’’ Fred E (Marjorie) soapwkr h938 

Ares Cora P opr IBTCo r231 153d (OC) 
Argadine Teresa M Mrs sec Provident 
Finance Co rl005 W 119th (POWhi) 
Argentine Frank (Myrtle) slsmn h6909 
Calumet av 

Argus Apartments 1749 Davis av (PO 

" Geo r4738 Torrence av 
" Gust lab r6921 Calumet av 
" Harry G (Mary) real est 1837 Davis 
av (POWhi) h do 
•’ Jas G (Julia) h4738 Torrence av 
•' Marv (wid Geo) rl837 Davis av (PO 

’’ Maxine Mrs elk Hook Drugs Inc r229 

" Theodosia (wid Christopher) h6921 
Calumet av 

" Wm lab r4738 Torrence av 
" Wm N r6921 Calumet av 
Arkin Anna (wid Chas) r54 Mason 
" Building 439 State 
” Eli*H (Jerry E) mgr Paramount The¬ 
atre hl2S 157th (CC) 

" Leo C (Bessie) optometrist h853 
Wentworth av 

Armentrout Donald L (Evelyn) steelwkr 
h6824 California av 
Armes Lottie opr Ella’s Beauty Parlor 
r Indiana Harbor Ind 
Armold Harold W (Florence J) electa 
h rear 527 Price av (CC) 

Armour Anthony musician Paramount 
Theatre r Chicago Ill 
Armstrong Chas swtchmn r864 Indiana 
" Edgar (Gladys) swtchmn h7412 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

" Geo E (Mabel) wtchmn h4748 Cedar 
’" Harry D (Lulu) cond h2 Ruth apt 26 
” Harry D (Marian) oilwkr h"" ”'-*-“** 

0 Detroit 

" Hazel T (wid Seth) elk NIPSCo r538 
Forsythe av OOC) 

" Marion M Mrs tech StMargt Hosp r 
7135 Madison av 

" Pearl (wid Roy) hostess 1230 153d pi 

" Raymond r7528 Jefferson av 
" Sami rT528 Jefferson av 
" Thos L (Helen) oilwkr h7528 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

" Vincent prsr Beaman Cleaners r Gary 
" Wylie rlOl Industrial rd 

Tel 89 

Arndt Edw sta firemn Riverdale Prod¬ 
ucts Co r Dalton Ill 
" Edwin E (Alma) auto repr 2920 165th 
h6603 Delaware av 
" Fred jr (Mary E) steelwkr h7536 Jack- 
son av apt 1W 

" Fred E (Anna) steelwkr h6312 Van 
Buren av 

" John (Sally) lah h934 Carroll 
Arner Helen L sten rl531 Lake av (PO 

" Richd G (Helen C) asst supt hl531 
Lake av (POWhi) 

Arnette Glenn M (Madeline) mgr Chi¬ 
cago Motor Club (Hammond Br) h 
6347 Calumet av 
•ney Donald E (Doroi 
4641 Cameron av 
" Helen r618 Fayette 
" Henrietta waiter Miner-Dunn Inc r 
430 Indiana 

" Jas E (Melba E) auto mech h4708 
Torrence av 

" Juanita waiter h618 Fayette 
" M Wayne atndt John H Brehm r5447 
Hohman av 

" Marion B (Clara) swtchmn h455 Gor¬ 
don (CC) 

" Walter driver Welsh Bros 
Arnold A Leonard (Cassie) refinery wkr 
h6814 Delaware av 

" Arlo F (Mary B) eng NIPSCo h303 
Elizabeth (CC) 

" Arnold A etcher Calumet Engraving 
Co r Chicago Ill 

" C Richd (Etta P) bacteriologist hl824 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Fern E priv sec Public Library r4849 
Oak av 

" Frances M slswn Kresge’s r684 State 
Line av (CC) 

" Garland D (Josephine) formn Sou 
Wheel Div H030 Field 
" Geo (ehmtine) lab h217 State (CC) 
" Gertrude r217 State (CC) 

" John swtchmn r468 Michigan 
" John F (Lillian B) baker Hammond 
Modern Baking Co h4413 Dearborn 
" Mary M (wid John D) h5418 Wood av 
" Richd (Elsie) lab h439 Logan 
" Robt refinery wkr r6814 Delaware av 
" Robt C (Mildred S) wtchmn rl2 155th 

" Robt H (Carol M) h234 Condit 
" Robt H (Nelda) trucker h684 State 
Line av (CC) 

'• Ruth r4849 Oak av 
" Sarah E Mrs sec Automatic Canteen 
Co of Ind Inc r E Chicago Ind 
" Steph A (Grace L) wtchmn OT3l:v 

h43$& Oak av 
" Theresa Mrs h7 State (CC) 

" Wm F (Sarah E) pres Automatic 
Canteen Co of Ind Inc r E Chicago 

Arnow Dorie mgr Moskins Stores Inc 
(W) r2016 Atchison av 
Arrvwald Helen r5619 Claude av 
" Paul F (Minnie) h5619 Claude av 
Arrigo Jos (Mary A) lab r4914 Catalpa 
" Jos (Frances) tavern 16 State (CC) h 
131 157th (CC) 

" Peter (viney) lab h4138 Towle av 
Arsneau Edw R (Clara) ship elk h4640 
Sheffield av 

Arsney Susan janitor Hammond Times 
Artemis Building 441-45 State 
Artim Alvin F (Lucille M) dryer h4728 
Hickory av 

" Clarence (Louise) driver h6614 Ken¬ 
nedy av 

" Ella r4729 Hickory av 
" J & Son (Jos M and Ralph R Artim) 
trucking 7105 Kennedy av 
" John (Alma) blksmith h4729 Hickory 
" Jos M (Pearl; J Artim & Son) h7108 
Alabama av 

" Ralph R (Josephine; J Artim & Son) 
h7108 Alabama av 

Arvay Eliz biller IHBRR rl326 Summer 
" Jos (Susan) hl326 Summer 
" Margt typist Indiana Botanic Gar¬ 
dens rl326 Summer 
" Susan typist IHBRR rl326 Summer 

Arvin Park (Mabel A) formn h609 

Arzich Anthony J (Mary) lab hl4015 
Green Bay av (Bur) 

" Thos (Kathryn) hl4039 Mackinaw av 

Asbury Edith G elk W B Conkey Co r 
243 Humpfer 

" Harvey (Stella) wtchmn h709 Gostlin 
" Jos (Grace) slsmn Sami C Ennis & 
Co Inc h243 Humpfer 
Aschenberg Anthony lab r4433 Cameron 
" Benj h4433 Cameron av 
Ash bach Sol sec-treas A-l Realty & 
Construction Co Inc r Cliicago Ill 
Ashbauoher Henry S (Edna) hl004 May 
Ashby Dardine pkr r4747 Cedar av 
" Estel (Leona) h5357 Oakley av 
" Geo T (Pauline E) roUer h7225 Van 
Buren av 

" Mitchell slsmn J C Penney Co r In¬ 
diana Harbor Ind 

” Nannie (wid Wm) r7149 Jackson av 
" Otis B (Mary J) elk h7136 Wicker av 
Ashcraft Henry (Mary) oil wkr h956 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Asher Jos (Agnes) paymstr h305 15Sth 
pi (CC) 

" Ovy (Leona) formn Central Chem 
Div h7020 VanBuren av 
Ashlock Clyde E (Ruth) asst div supvr 
NIPSCo h4336 Henry av 
Ashmore Grace Mrs r5657 Sohl av 
" Wayne (Hazel) oilwkr h31 Warren 
Ashton Adeline Mrs chiropractor 43 
Russell h do 

" Lyman (Ruth) lab h833 Truman 
" Wm (Adeline) h43 Russell 
Askren Harold J (Harriett M) tchr 
Tech-Vocational Sch h680 Douglas 
av (CC) 

Ason John H (Helen) kiln opr h20 
155th (CC) 

Associates Investment Co Gerrit H Bak¬ 
er mgr auto finance 5231 Hohman 

Astor Apartments 28-34 Ruth 
Atalevich Gust (Dorothy) hl033 Conkey 
Atanasoff Christ lab h2719 138th pi 

Atchison Elmer R (Signe C D) asst store 
kpr hl529 Davis av (POWhi) 

Atha Art (Jessie) millwkr h6829 Carolina 
" Nova L r6829 Carolina av 
Atkins Henry rlOl Industrial rd 
" Robt r723 Cherry 

" Robt E (Helen M) swtchmn h7120 
Jackson av 

" Wm B (Dorothy) steelwkr r723 Cherry 
" Wm C (Mary) linemn h723 Cherry 
Atkinson Clement L (Mildred) shipper h 
6939 Alabama av 
" Effie J O r4647 Cameron av 
" Lillian K (wid Donald C) librarian CS 
Reading Room h221 Webb apt 8A 
" Sami M (Josephine E) tester h524 

" Vern (Attie) eng h6408 Garfield av 
" Virginia nurse StMargt Sch of Nurs¬ 
ing r Pine Village Ind 
" Wm E (Mildred) lab h4825 Cedar av 
Atkison John R (Agnes) lab h6445% 

Atlas Phillip F (Marcia) sis promotion 
mn NIPSCo h737 Mulberry 
Atom Jas N (Peggy) steelwkr h6019 Erie 
Atterberry Josephine r€35 169th 
Attlesberger Andrew F slsmn Fred W 
Lute rll37 Eaton 
Atwood Elman r431 Logan 
” Flora (wid John) h431 Logan 
" Lawrence (Victoria) steelwkr hl048 

" Marion (Ruth B) servicemn hl240 

" Ruth B Mrs buyesr E C Minas Co h 
1240 Summer 

" Wm C (Luida L) maintenancemn I B 
T Co ro Williams 
" Zelman r431 Logan 
Aubruner Jos mach r543 Truman blvd 
" Wm J (Helen) mach ho43 Truman 

Aubry A Jos typist C&ERy r6350 Madi¬ 
son av 

" John V (Mary G) elk Wabash RR 
h6350 Madison av 
" Jos A (Cath) h2fl0 Dyer blvd 

r6350 Madi¬ 
son av 

Auch Chas T (Loraine) carp h416 De¬ 
troit av 

" Louise tchr r416 Detroit 
" Suzanne student r416 Detroit 
Auer Edw F (Margt) sheet metalwkr h 
510 Waltham 

" Herbert student r510 Waltham 
Aughey John L (Wilma) agt in chge US 
Internal Revenue h2 Ruth 
Aughinbaugh John E (Geraldine) teleg 
opr C&ERy h7335 VanBuren av 
August Steve (Ida) h469 Fayette 
Augustian Pauline rl534-42 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

" Wenzel (Anna; Whiting Garage & 
Sales) hl534-42 Indianapolis blvd 

Augustine Carl (Sophie) lab h4914 Ca¬ 
talpa av 

" Carl (Iris) oilwkr h505 169th 
" Farl M (Freda) oil treater h6349 Har- | 
rison av 

" John rlOl Industrial rd 
" John baker r4914 Catalpa av 
" Jos (Mary) lead wkr h4618 Elm av 
" Stephanie paperhngr r4914 Catalpa av 
Augustnowicz Frank maCh opr r21 155th 
pi (CC) 

" Leon C lab Champion Corp r21 155th 
pi (CC) 

" Lucy (wid Frank) h21 155th pi (CC) 
Augustuynek John baker Leo Tomczak 
Augustyn Anthony (Nettie) h4218 
Wabash av 

" Edw (Helen) mach opr h3031 138th 
pi (Bur) 

" Frank rlOl Industrial rd 
" Jos (Anna) lab h rear 4223 Grover av 
" Leo steelwkr r4313 Baltimore av 
” Stanley boxmkr r4313 Baltimore av 
Augustyniak Michl lab r514 Pulaski rd 

" Stanley (Julia) lab UC&OPCo h514 
Pulaski rd (CC) - 

Auieler Clara B Mrs slswn Martha Shill 
h486t4 State 

Auiler Clarence C (Hazel) elk IHBRR h 
837 Eaton 

Ault Albert (Marcello) h674 State Line 
av (CC) 

" Fay (Hazel L) elk hl09 156th pi 

" Forest F (Lou) chemical eng h6323 
Harrison av 

" Frank (Erma) soap wkr r739 Truman 

" Geo T reporter Hammond Times r6323 
Harrison av 

" Horace (Lydia) UJLW- IWl«fm 
" Margt sten rl5a Condft 
" Norman M steelwkr r6323 Harrison av 
" Robt W elk n6323 Harrison av 
" Vera Mrs sten r rear 13 Clinton 
Aumiller Wade C (Goldie) h3505 169th 
Aures Arne (Lillian) wtch repr Arm¬ 
strong’s Jewelry Store h212 157th 

Austgen Clarence J (Marie) firemn 
Pratt Food Co h724 Sibley 
" Edmund H elk IHBRR r7210 Knicker¬ 
bocker pkwy 

" Eliz pkr Indiana Botanic Gardens r 
S Chicago 

" Elmer J r5253 State Line av 
•• Frances M elk W T Grant Co r213 

" Frank C blrmkr hl019 '150th 
•' Geo pres Geo Austgen Plmbg & Htg 
Co h5627 Calumet 

’’ Geo Plumbing & Heating Co Geo 
Austgen pres 5627 Calumet av 
" Harold P (Florence A) dentist 5305 
Hohman R503 hl36 Ruth (CC) 

" Henry L (Marie) atndt John H Brehm 
h6834 Arkansas av 

" Herbert G (Cath A) head rate elk IH 
BRR h7210 Knickerbocker pkwy 
Irene K r722 Truman blvd 
" John (Cath) h4434 Sheffield av 
" John J (Antonia) h233 Carroll 
" Kenneth J (Othelia B) drftsmn h332 
153d pi (CC) 

" Lillian Mrs h722 Truman blvd 
•’ Margt M rl019 150th 
” Marie r5627 Calumet av 


" Marion C elk r7210 Knickerbocker 

•' Matilda r748 Michigan 
" Mildred M trimmer r722 Truman blvd 
" Nicholas (Mary) wtchmn h929 Becker 
" Nicholas J (Bessie B) meats 5935 
State Line av h2 Elizabeth (CC) 

" Olive V sten NIPSCo r2 Elizabeth (C 

" Peter N (Mary) lab Champion Corp h 
5253 State Line av 
” Ralph J (Mary; Austgen Super Serv¬ 
ice) h6219 Garfield av 
" Ray C (Eulalia F) elk h224 Condit 
" Raymond G postmstr r6138 Garfield 
" Raymond H (Evelyn) slsmn Standard 
Eouip & Sup Corp h6138 Garfield av 
" Robt J (Christine C) purch agt hi 19 
Ruth (CC) 

Super Service (Ralph J Austgen) 4702 
Calumet av 

Walter hlpr Geo Austgen Plmb & Htg 
Co r5627 Calumet av 
Austin Geo H'(Berta L) h41 Wildwood 
" Jas A (Lois) h934 State blvd 
" Lois Mrs emp Chapman Lndry Inc h 
934 State blvd 

" M Dora (wid Jas) r34 Condit 
Wm (Corrine A) bus opr C&CDTCo h 
1117 Hoffman 

Auter Harry F (Mildred) steelwkr li5518 
Alice av 

Automatic Canteen Co of Ind Inc Wm F 
Arnold pres Walter E Swanson v- 
pres-treas Sarah E Arnold sec vend¬ 
ing machs 5308-10 Sohl av 
Auxiliary Unit No 16 (American Legion) 
meets 2d and 4th Fridays 127 State 
" Unit No 168 (American Legion) meet 
at 721*4 State 

Avenatti Jos metal fnshr h307 156th (C 

Avery Alex A (Antoinette) cranemn h 
6847 California av 

" Bruce F (Mildred Z) student rl948 
Wespark av (POWhi) 

" Bruce W (Hazel L) dentist 1900 Indi¬ 
anapolis blvd R202 (W) hl948 Wes¬ 
park av (POWhi) 

■ Kendall (Cleo) h578 Douglas av apt 2 

" Lawrence E r704 Plummer 
" Martha A rl943 Wespark av (POWhi) 

" Sami K dentist 5217 Hohman av R415 
r Dalton Ill 

Awe Arnold H hlpr SREMCo r4312 
Grover av 

" Delmar E appr Calumet Blue Print Co 
r4312 Grover av 

" John C (Pauline E) hlpr SREMCo h 
4312 Grover av 
" Raymond J r4312 Grover av 
Axe Lee J (Fay) barber h49 Carroll 
" Robt L elk Harvey J Post r49 Car- 

Axelson Carl E (Sarah) carp h8 Warren 

Ayers Howard (Sarah B) cost analyst 
NIPSCo h7046 VanBuren av 
Ayersman Russell L (Nellie) formn h 
6033 Jackson av 

Aylor Ray T (Margt) oil opr h7347 Mad¬ 
ison av 

Ayres Roy (Mabel) electn hl334 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

Baars Raymond elk r580 Fayette 
" Walter T h580 Fayette 
" Wm (Marie) firemn h580 Fayette 
Babb Loren T (Edith) stillmn h633 Hoff- 

(Ora A) carp hl315 Mlchi- 

jitt Delbert (Fem) welder h rear 
1828 Stanton av (POWhi) 

Babcock Chas D (Agnes) driver h6007 
Hohman av 

" Dorothy r6007 Hohman av 
" Jas B (Nina) loco firemn h909 170th 
" Jas W elk Pictor’s Open Air Market 
r909 State 

Babe Edw W (Helen) sta firemn h rear 
26 Williams 

Babiak Ann C elk Peter Jamieson r730 
State Line av (CC) 

" Emil auto mech r730 State Line av (C 






W. S. GRINDLE, Mgr. 

2217 New York Ave.Tel. Whiting 730 

Lumber Co. 


Whiting, Ind. 


" Lillian beauty opr r730 State Line av 

'' Philip driver r730 State Line av (CC) 
" Philip driver rl304 Summer 
" Walter sec Southeastern Bldg & Loan 
Assn h730 State Line av (CC) 

" Wm r930 State Line av (CC) 

Babic Andrew r4328 Elm av 
" Cath (wid Andrew) h4328 Elm av 
" John rlOl Industrial rd 
" Louis iMary) h4320 Grover av 
Babinchak John mach opr rlll3 Conkey 
1 " Michl (Anna) lab h2031 Superior av 

Babitz Susan Mrs slswn Three Sisters 
Inc r Indiana Harbor Ind 
Babler Prank (Eliz) lab hl006 169th 
Babneau Edw feeder W B Conkey Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Bach Anna (wid Herman) h440 Sibley 
blvd (CC) 

" Carl R (Betty) crane opr h821 Hoff¬ 

" Eve rett W H (Roberta) steelwkr h 

4423 'JullJJiilMk. av 

" Marie J (wid Geo L) h457 Logan 
" Raymond H r457 Logan 
” Sami J mgr Simon Werbner r Chica¬ 
go Ill 

" Wilbert G (Iretta) weightmn h4411 
State Line av 

Bache Clarence O metal fnshr r241 157th 

" Oscar W (Hazel P) formn IBTCo h 
241 157th (CC) 

Bachelor Wm E (Lena G) electn In¬ 
land Steel Co h7329 Jackson av 
Bachi John (Ruth) stillmn hl440 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

" Marjene sten rl440 Lake av (POWhi) 
" Wm (Alma) oilwkr hl635 Stanton av 

Bachman Harold (Illiana Super Service) 
rl926 Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Jack (Clara) acct r818 Drackert 
" Oscar G (Edna I) electn h6028 Erie 
" Wm rS419 Harrison av 
" Wm H (Ernestine) capt Engine Co No 
5 h6419 Harrison av 
Bachmann Helen mus tchr 7647 Colum¬ 
bia h do 

" Henry P (Dorothea) carp h7647 Co¬ 

Henry P jr (Zoe) refinerywkr hl420 
Brown av apt 8 (POWhi) 

Bacino Philip (Jennie) slsmn hl4 163d 

Baclu Anne sten Lake County Medical 
Society r6029 Columbia av 
" Geo (Ann) janitor h6029 Columbia av 
" Geo jr elk Carbide & Carbon Chem¬ 
icals Corp (W) r6029 Columbia av 
" Mary sten r6029 Columbia av 
Backe Donald P v-pres Prank J Backe 
Agency Inc rll Carroll 
" Frank J (Teresa M) pres Prank J 
Backe Agency Inc hll Carroll 
J Backe Pres, Donald F Backe V- 
Pres, T M Backe Sec-Treas, Insur¬ 
ance and Real Estate 11 Carroll, Tel 

" Teresa M Mrs sec-treas Frank J 
Backe Agency Inc hll Carroll 
Backlund Anne L elk Hopman Co r6349 
VanBuren av 

" Elsie M elk NIPSCo r6349 VanBuren 
" John K (Anna) millwright Pratt Pood 
Co h6349 VanBuren av 
" Nels P a£st millwright Pratt Food Co 
rS349 VanBuren av 

Backmann Harry G compositor Ham¬ 
mond Times r Highland Ind 
Backus John (Eliz) lab hl408 Roberts av 

" Wm (May) stmftr Hilbrich & Connor 
Co h6422 VanBuren av 

Bacon A ^production mgr W B Conkey 

" C Harold (Ella) loader h2725 Cleve¬ 

Cyrus (Julia) plstr rl031 170th pi 
" Paul D (Almirah) formn hl525 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

Wm E supvr rl525 Davis av (POWhi) 
Bada Matthew (Sylvia) oilwkr r4214 
Hohman av 

Badall Engineering & Mfg Co Inc Fred 
F Badalli pres Jos J Badalli sec- 
treas rear 239 Douglas 
Badalli Fred P (Ruth A) pres Badall 
Engineering & Mfg Co Ine h239 

Standard Equipment & Supply Corp, 
hlO Ruth, Tel 4569 
" Ruth A Mrs bkpr Badall Eng & Mfg 
Co h239 Douglas 

Badankovich Jos (Justina) firemn h2014 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

Baden Jas meatetr Mrs Bertha Matting¬ 
ly r6946 Kennedy av 
" Jas E (Viola M) policemn h5539 
Claude av 

Badenhoff Louis L (Rose) blksmith 417 
Russell h313 157th (CC) 

Bader Earl r6805 Delaware av 
'' Geo G (Lydia D) asst chief Fire Dept 
h610 Spruce 

" Geo T (Artie) refinerywkr h6805 Del¬ 
aware av 

Badgley Addie (wid John) r2749 New 
York av (POWhi) 

" Glenn (Ruth) lab h888 Superior av (C 

Badin Roscoe (Florence) h rear 1103 

Badis Sami G (Mabel) h4422 Cedar av 
Badoski Prank h4117 Sheffield av 
" John hlpr r4117 Sheffield av 
" Stanley r4117 Sheffield av 
Badowski Steph (Helen) mach h4330 
Hohman av 

Badten Geo servicemn rll38 Truman 
" Louis A mech Beckman Sup Co rll38 

" Walter (Myrtle) lab hi 138 Truman 
Bady Jack lab E Popper Iron Co 
Baer Clifford R (Lauretta M; Calumet 
Beverage Co) hl22 Mason (CC) 

" Jack D (Prances L; Natalie Shop) 
r5946 Hohman av 
" Philip C r48 Waltham 
Bafia Jos (Mary) h5712 Hump rd 
Bagaloff Costa student rll22 Highland 

Lewis acct rll22 Highland 
" Numo T (Agnes) slsmn hll22 High¬ 

Bagamery Chas F elk NIPSCo r Lansing 

" Jas E (Grace) h4728 Baltimore av 
Baganz Albert W (Leona) lead burner 
h7129 Alexander av 
" Fritz rll29 Sibley 
" Herman (Marie)' hi 129 Sibley 
" Martha rll29 Sibley 
Bagby John paper baler Calumet Good- 
, will Industries Inc r504 Michigan 
Baggarly J Homer lab rl327 Indiana 
Bagxnski Alex (Prances; Maywood O K 
Bakery) hl049 Ames 
" Harriett elk Indiana State Unemploy¬ 
ment Compensation Div r East Chi¬ 
cago Ind 

BAGLEY CLAUDE E (Elsie M), Sec- 
Trcas Citizens Federal Savings & 
Loan Assn, h635 165th 
” Orvid (Hattie R) oilwkr h2620 173d 
Bahlke W Herbert (Agnes W) research 
eng hl922 Lake av (POWhi) 

Bah 1 man Lenore tchr Washington Sch r 
2 Ruth 

Bahn Prsdk (Ethel) mach opr hl646 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) 






















First Trust 

Bahnke Helen hsekpr 768 Lincoln av (C 

Baiaen Richd H (Bernice) steelwkr h 
1749 Davis av apt 9 (POWhi) 

Baier Danl P (Phyllis) pipeftr h846 Wil¬ 
cox av 

" Mary (wid Geo) r846 Wilcox av 
Bailey Adelbert D (Maude D) mech h469 
Truman blvd 

" Albert J (Pearl) driver hlll7 Indiana 
" Albert R (Alice) tchr Woodrow Wil¬ 
son Sch h6642 Jefferson av 
" Alice tchr Morton Jr Hi Sch r6642 
Jefferson av 

" Allen O (Virginia R) city firemn h 
6337 Monroe av 

" Clement E (Irene) chauf Johnson 
Trans & Fireprf Whse h201 Pulaski 
rd (CC) 

" Dempsey slsmn Daniels Motor Sales r 
Gary Ind 

" Faith nurse health dept Calumet City 
rl W Warren (CC) 

" Fannie h33 State 

" Francis W (Adeline; Bailey’s Auto 
Service) h rear 719 Mulberry 
" Geo (Maxine) mach opr h832 Hoff- 

” H a r le y R driver r435 Michigan 
" Harry (Sue) meatctr h6806 Arizona av 
" Hazel (wid Chas) r832 Hoffman 
" Jas E (Martha) oilwkr h6635 Alabama 
” Jos lab Champion Corp rl21 156th pi 

" Laurin A (Mabel) carrier h825 173d pi 
’’ LaVonne beauty opr r201 Pulaski rd 
apt 5 (CC) 

Mary - - ( wid Jem W ) rl Warren (CC) 

" Ola S (Mathilda -F) carp h435 Michi¬ 

" Peter page Calumet City Public Li¬ 

’’ Peter (Eliz) steelwkr hl21 156th pi (C 

Ralph R driver r435 Michigan 
" Wayne V (Dorothy) still opr h6253 

Bailey’s Auto Service (Francis W Bailey) 
4726 Calumet av 

Bailie Reuben slsmn Roberts Inc r227 

Bairn Jerome (Hessville Trading Post) 
r Gary Ind 

Bain Arth reprmn Calumet Goodwill In¬ 
dustries Inc r449 Plummer 
" Sarah waiter r449 Michigan 
Baine Chas W (Madine) mech Leo P 
Knoerzer Co h35 Carroll 
" Thos restr 467 State r Gary Ind 
Bainer Robt E (Ernestine) mach 1107 

Baines Paul R (Eliz J) mech Herschbach 
Mtr Corp MO S t- D e ck er. 

Baird Amos W (Bertha) janitor h908 

Fred A (Belva) blrmkr h533 Gostlin 
" John H (C Eugenia) mach h5715 Erie 
’’ Kenneth D (Alice) private police h 
6244 Jackson av 

’• Orville F steelwkr r571S Erie av 
' Thos L (Tressia L) oilwkr hl334 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

Bajda John (Cath) oilwkr h2322 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

Josephine r2322 Indianapolis blvd (P 

Bajdik Andrew (Helen) steelwkr h2256 
White Oak av (POWhi) 

Bajer Frank A lab r428 156th (CC) 

'■ Jos (Rose) blksmith h4746 Cedar av 
Stanley (Florence) tilewkr h613 
Hirsch av (OC) 

" Steph H lab r428 156th (CC) 

Bajger Stanley filling sta 910 Burnham 
av (CC) 

Bajkowski Caroline fctywkr rl312 Lake- 
view (POWhi) 

Helen fctywkr rl312 Lakeview (PO 

Paul oilwkr rl312 Lakeview (POWhi) 
" Steve (Stella) oilwkr hhl312 Lakeview 

Bajza Leopold r935 Chicago 
” stanWy (Julia) h935 Chicago 
Bak Walter rl3942 Chippewa av (Bur) 
" Walter hlpr Youngstown Steel Door 
Co r Chicago HI 

Bakajza John A (Muriel) oilwkr hl933 
Caroline av (POWhi) 

Bakala Agnes mach opr W B Conkey Co 
rll Locust 

" Aug M (Mary) city firemn hll Locust 
Bakaiar Eliz J dept supvr NIPSCo r 
40 Webb (CC) 

" Geo (Susan J) pntr h4848 Linden av 
" j Edmond elk r40 Webb (OC) 

" John jr (Marie E) elk h40 Webb (CC) 
Bakeman Emma (wid Frank) r5937 Wal¬ 
lace rd 

" Henry (Gladys M) electa h7116 Van 
Buren av 

Baker Aaron (Mary) pntr hl4013 Green 
Bay av (Bur) 

" Albert R (Nora E) elec eng h7019 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

" Anderson lab r433 State (CC) 

BAKER ANTHONY D (Isabelle K), Sec 
Hilson Lumber Co Inc, h28 Doty, Tel 

Arth F (Lura) drftsmn h6246 Harri¬ 
son av 

" Basil L mgr Commercial Credit Co Inc 
rl2 Forest Dale pi (CC) 

" Bennett (Ruby) steelwkr h612 Con- 

" Betty M bkpr r411 Douglas 
" Chris C (Eva) layout mn h6338 Jack- 
son av 

" Claude F (Freda) elec opr h2917 

" Dewey r612 Conkey 
" Donald elk r6139 Harrison av 
" Frank M (Margt) wallpaper 5503 Wal¬ 
ter av h5507 do 

” Fredk C (Esther) dentist 5231 Hoh- 
man av R511-12 h6231 Forest av 
" Geo F (Carrie A) steelwkr h411 Doug¬ 

" Geo P (Triffie L) mach h4824 Cedar 
" Gerrit H (Margt R) mgr Associates 
Investment Co h7343 Knickerbocker 

■ Gertrude (wid Michl) h231 Williams 
" Harold r5507 Walter av 
’’ Harold student r6139 Harrison av 
" Harry (Virginia M) oilwkr h6817 For- 
estdale av 

" Harry C (Elmira H) formn IBTCo h23 
189 th 

" Irvin E (Mary) refinerywkr h6813 
Delaware av 

’• Isabel (wid Winfield) r232 Carroll 
" John (Mary) ins adjuster h7442 Van 
Buren av 

" John T chemist r28 Doty 
” Kenneth T atadt Tytus Harasymowicz 
rl225 Lyons 

" Lloyd I (Karen) slsmn h686 State 
Line av (CC) 

" Nan B Mrs r447% State 
" Paul r 14013 Green Bay av (Bur) 

” Raymond slsmn Borden-Wieland Div 
rll22 144th (EC) 

" Robt D prsmn Hammond Times r 
Chicago Ill 

’• Roy M (Kath) steelwkr h836 May 
" Walter A (Mary E) mach h5334 How- 

" Willard E (Frances) formn h2844 163d 

" Wm emp John Schmueser & Sons r 
1049 Fields 

Bakiak Edw E (Anna G) auto mech h 
655 Freeland av (CC) 

Bakleda Anthony rlOl Industrial rd 
Bakos Edw fctywkr rl604 Lake av (PO 

” Jos (Clara) oilwkr hl604 Lake av (PO 

’’ Julia bkbndr rl604 Lake av (POWhi) 
Bakota Edw S steelwkr r621 Forsythe av 

" Genevieve sten r621 Forsythe av (OC) 
■' Wanda S (wid Stanley) smstrs h621 
Forsythe av (CC) 

Balanowski Helen waiter Calumet Res¬ 

Balazs Dennis (Marie) steelwkr hl039 

" John (Anna) caretkr h824 Indianapo¬ 
lis blvd (PORoby) 

Balbo Gesualdo (Grace) hlpr h4U High¬ 

Balcom Alvah A (Lucille E) driver 
Sprout & Davis Inc h4917 Hickory av 
Balczewski Andrew W (Rose M) mach h 
44 154th pi (CC) 





4909 Hohman Ave. C. N. NAU. Pres. TeW. Hammond 65 and « 

Bald Eliz (wid Wm) hll05 170th pi 
Balder Albert (Celia) h629 Logan 

Pon & Co Real Estate, 4919 Pine 
av, h do, Tel 4012 

" Emil P (Margt) steelwkr h7344 Mar¬ 
shall av 

" Florene (wid L) r48 Highland 
• Jas H (Pearl) prin Edison Sch h439 

" Maude (wid Chas) r233 157th (CC) 
" Neal (Harriett) rl7 172d pi 

Inland Supply Co, h48 Highland, Tel 

" Richd C (Cora) janitor h860 Indiana 
" Virginia r48 Highland 
Balenseifer Leo slsmn Smith Mtr Sis Inc 
r756 Michigan 

Bales Carl inspr r606 Preeland av (CC) 
" CUfford (Nemia F) slsmn h909 Hoff¬ 

" Ira A lab Calumet Eng Co h435 Indi- 

John (Audrey) filling sta 6905 Calu¬ 
met av r606 Preeland av (CC) 

" Jos A feeder W B Conkey Co r Down¬ 
ers Grove 

" Marie r606 Preeland av (CC) 

•' Michl (Frances) biller IHBRR r2706 

" Nemia P Mrs opr IBTCo h909 Hoff¬ 

" Olive (wid Silas) r bsmt 7536 Jack- 
son av 

" Robt H (Pearl) filling sta 700 Michi¬ 
gan h do 

Rose (wid John) h606 Preeland av (C 

Wm G atndt John Bales r606 Preeland 
av (CC) 

" Winford (Nancy) lab h435 Indiana 
Baliga Alex fctywkr r4320 Dearborn av 
" Prances fctywkr r4320 Dearborn av 
" John fctywkr r4320 Dearborn av 
" Matthew (Anna) h4320 Dearborn av 
Balio Agatino (Minnie) h910 Conkey 
" Jean C nurse Kuhn Smith Kuhn & 
Shulruff r910 Conkey 
■' Jos r910 Conkey 

" Josephine bkpr Whiting Motor Sis 
(W) rl940 Atchison av (POWhi) 
Balka Anthony P (Eliz) steelwkr h5915 
Columbia av 

Balkam Steph B (Alice W) mgr W T 
Grant Co r Tinley Park 
Balkcom Frank (Margt) h5417 Price pi 
Balki Geo Ftttuth L) driver h5730 Cal¬ 
umet av 

Balko Andrew lab r950 Myrtle av (PO 

" John (Helen) oilwkr h950 Myrtle av 

Ball Anna O (wid Oscar) r6618 Marshall 
" Chas pntr r5248 Ann av 
" Clarence F (Ruth J) oilwkr h649 Sib¬ 

” Claude H (Vera) drugs 820 119th (PO 
Whi) h do 

" David H (Myrtle J) mechl eng h6421 
Monroe av 

Edwin A bus agt r6244 Garfield av 
" Harold J (Prances) steelwkr r7041 
Woodmar av 

" Ida J (wid David) h6244 Garfield av 

John M (Agnes) lab h2738 Cleveland 
" of Fire (Leo Urbanski, Jos Ciardetti) 
tavern es Burnham av 1 s Schrum 
rd (CC) 

" Sami J (Anna) oilwkr h629 119th (PO 

" Sami T (Gertrude A) h7041 Woodmar 
" Wm M (Mildred) slsmn Leo P Knoer- 
zer Co r4732 Morgan av (EC) 
"WmP (Ann M)) wtcnmn h628 Spruce 
" Wilma sten r2713 Kenwood 
Balia Jos (Esther) hlll6 Field 
Ballah Harry V (Olga) h526 Waltham 

Ballantyne Robt A (Bertha) brklyr r 
4828 Elm av 

Ballard Clarence C (Ruth) hlpr rll65 

" Clarence E (Kath) chemical opr hll65 

" Felton C (Kath B) slsmn P H Muell¬ 
er & Sons h5519 Alice av 
" Fleet B (Kath) stmftr h962 Summer 
Lucas (Ruth M) h rear,405 Kenwood 
" Margt E Mrs r7131 Jackson av 
" Peggy M sten Kuhn Smith Kuhn & 
Shulruff r405 Kenwood 
" Russell W dir Lake County Dept of 
Public Welfare r East Chicago Ind 
" Ruth M Mrs smstrs E C Minas Co h 
405 Kenwood 

Ballhover Franz atndt Orth B Barcus 
Ballon Bernard USN rl748 Lake av (PO 

" Clias A (Veronica) oilwkr hl748 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

" Chas P (Anita) electn h938 Pearl (P 

" Paul oilwkr r2030 Superior av (PO 

Ballotti Alex (Esther) cement fnshr h 
633 Wentworth av (CC) 

Balo Michl (Eliz) h4932 Beech av 
Balog Fred A (Edna) driver h4755 Cal¬ 
umet av apt C 

" Johanna (wid Peter) hl007 Myrtle av 

" John (Violet) still opr hl432 Roberts 
av (POWhi) 

" John L (Rose) steelwkr h2729 New 
York av (POWhi) 

" Wm (Martha) soapwkr h2911 Janet 

Balogl Wohn J (Eleanor) pumper IrtO tT 

Balon Andrew oilwkr rl322 121st (PO 

Helen T rl322 121st (POWhi) 

" John oilwkr rl322 121st (POWhi) 

" Jos oilwkr r!322 121st (POWhi) 

" Mary oilwkr rl322 121st (POWhi) 

" Theresa (wid Andrew) hl322 121st (P 

Balser Chas F (Bertha) r815 State blvd 
Balsley Elmer L (Kath) h921 Summer 
" Florence B h4310 Hohman av 
" Henry B (Myrtle) sorter W B Conkey 
Co h6144 Harrison av 
Howard elk r921 Summer 
" Lawrence B driver Sprout & Davis Inc 
r4310 Hohman av 

Baltas Gregory G (Mary) inspr h7317 
Jefferson av 

" Mamie H emp Chapman Lndry Inc 
Bamber Byron E (Dorothy E; Thorpe 
Bamber & Harrison) hl5 Clinton 
•' Dorothy E Mrs elk Indiana State Em¬ 
ployment Service hl5 Clinton 
Bamboo Inn (Harry L Kwong) restr 144 

Barnes Winifred waiter r516 Lewis 
Banas Andrew (Anna) hl840 Lake av 

•' Andrew (Frances) oilwkr h2123 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

" Anne r642 Burton ct (POWhi) 

" John (Anna) gro 2104 Lincoln av (P 
OWhi) h do 

" John jr refinerywkr r642 Burton ct (P 

" John O (Anna) oilwkr h642 Burton ct 

" Jos (Mary) oilwkr h2125 Superior av 

"Mary (wid Andrew) hl830 Davis av 

Banaszak Edw mach rl947 Superior av 

" Helen rl947 Superior av (POWhi) 

" John (Irene) hlpr h4410 Towle av 
" Jos lab rl947 Superior av (POWhi) 





















415 Detroit 





5217-19 HOHMAN AVE. 



When You 
Need a 








Call Us 




Tel. 5080 



" Simon (Mary) janitor hl947 Superior 
av (POWhi) 

" Thos W steelwkr rl947 Superior av (P 

Banby Christina waiter Geo Levent r E 
Chicago Ind 

Bancroft A G (Lois F) estimator SREM 
Co r Chicago Ill 

Bander John (Margt) hl360 Sherman 
Bandora Wm (Eva) hl228 Field 
Bandos John (Anna) oilwkr h2134 Atch¬ 
ison av (POWhi) 

Bandura Stella Mrs tavern 473 Price av 
(CC) h494 do 
Bane Lester pntr r51 Doty 
" Wilbur R (Fern O) pntr h51 Doty 
Bangsberg Josephine tchr Wallace Sch r 
5927 Columbia av 

Banik Michl (Mary) oilwkr h2333 New 
York av (POWhi) 

" Paul S (Mary) h2408 Birch av (PO 

Banka Frank lab r6858 Parrish av 
" John steelwkr nS858 Parrish av) 

" Sophie (wid Steven) h6858 Parrish av 
" Steven (Barbara) steelwkr r6858 Par¬ 
rish av 

Banker Bernard R (Ruth) sta mgr Orth 
B Barcus hll Rimbach 
Banko Andrew (Mary) oilwkr hl710 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" Frank (Agnes) lab hll34 Ames 
" Frank jr rll34 Ames 
" John lab rll34 Ames 
" Rudolph (Jean) driver h4331 Shef¬ 
field av 

Banks Ann tchr Geo Rogers Clark Sch 
hl805 Davis av apt 203 (POWhi)) 

" Floyd L (Orvilla) formn hl626 Atchi¬ 
son av (POWhi) 

" John fctywkr rl040 Moss 
" Jos fctywkr rl040 Moss 
" Matthew (Mary) hi040 Moss 
Banner Philip S maintenancemn r413 

” Robt C emp W B Conkey Co r413 

" Sydney T (Mary J) maintenancemn h 
413 Lewis 

Bannerman Louis (Helen) mailer Ham¬ 
mond Times h720 Highland 
Bansch Gilbert H (Dorothy J) chemist 
h7 Warren (CC) 

Banse Louis F (Marie) pipeftr hll56 

" Wm (Anna) h6022 Erie av 
Banta Merritt H (Angely D) elk rll46 

Banzet Aug (I*«*iMe) bartndr State Line 
Tavern hll5 Plummer av (CC) 

" Wendalon C (Helen M) mach h6605 
California av 

Bapst Claude (Bertha) fctywkr h4733 
Elm av 

" Emil (Vida) h6620 Arizona av 
Baptist Leona tchr Lafayette Sch r5927 
Coliunbia av 

Bar Walter rlOl Industrial rd 
Barabasz John hlpr SREMCo rl3635 
Brainard av (Highland) 

Baradziej Anna (wid Anthony) h4136 
Wabash av 

" Edw hlpr Hammond Modem Baking 
Co r4136 Wabash av 
" Flo.ian r4136 Wabash av 
" Frank r4136 Wabash av 
" Helen r4136 Wabash av 
" John r4136 Wabash av 
" Walter r4136 Wabash av 
Baralli Bernard J L bkpr Barelli Appli¬ 
ance Co r5256 Ann av 
’• Elia (Elisa) tailor 123 State h5256 Ann 
Baranowski Albert (Theresa) swtchmn h 
5819 Walter av 

" Anton (Anna) driver h657 Price av 
" Bernard (Helen) formn h234 154th pi 

" Jos A (Magdaline) pumper hlpr h2125 
Lincoln av (POWhi) 

Barbauld Jacob E (Janet) eng W B Con- 
key Co h925 Kane 
’ Zephira janitor r925 Kane 
Barbazette John H (Cath) meohl eng h 
1504 Amy av apt 5 (POWhi) 

Barber Adeline rl631 Lake av (PoWhi) 

" Bros Co Richd Hammond mgr confrs 
938 Hoffman 

" Galen A (Mary E) eng IBTCo h226 

" Lester (Bernice) oilwkr h2706 164th pi 
apt 2 

" Orrin E (Hulda E) filling sta 473 
Burnham av h do 

" Paul J (Jeannette) city firemn hl631 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Ray barber Need & Burris rl463 Indi¬ 
anapolis blvd 

" Walter C (Lenora) mach hl08 157th 

Barbour Frances slswn Woolworth’s r601 
Truman blvd 

" Fred W elk NIPSCo r48 Waltham 
'• Homer (Grace) printer LeRoy Print¬ 
ing Co h601 Truman blvd 
Barck Louise r507 Vine 
" Matilda tchr Lafayette Sch h507 Vine 
Barcus Albert M (Mary) refinerywkr h 
7624 Madison av 

" Earl D (Alice) tmkpr h247 Douglas 
" Emory (Mildred) candymkr h510 In¬ 

" Orth B (Prudence) filling sta 6303 
Calumet av r7504 Jefferson av 
Bard John emp Straube Pianos Inc r 
Chicago Ill 

Barda Cecilia indexer W B Conkey Co r 
238 154th pi (CC) 

Bardens Philip I (Rosa) slsmn John 
Schmueser & Sons hlll5 Mary 
" Wm (Belle) wtchmn h4703 Torrence 
Barder Patk asst mgr Sincere & Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Bardic John (Nora) lead burner hll40 

Barecke Herman (Louise) h585 Freeland 
av (CC) 

Barelli Appliance Co (Dean R Barelli) 
elec appliances 459 State 
Aug (Leta) inspr h4333 Towle av 
Dean R (Anne W; Barelli Appliance 
Co) h312 Elizabeth (CC) 

•' Ralph tavern 708 State Line av (CC) 
Barenie Edwin C (Winifrede M) slsmn h 
4634 Torrence av 

" Ida D supvr IBTCo r919 Bauer 
" Oliver A r4634 Torrence av 
Barfield Fred M chauf Beckman Sup Co 
r504 Michigan 

Barham Clarence V millwkr r5504 
Claude av 

" Frances O r5504 Claude av 
" Frank J (Mary E) h5504 Claude av 
Baribeau Lucile nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r Wausau Wis 
Baril Bess (wid Bert) h909 Becker 
Laura A tchr Gene Stratton Porter 
Sch r909 Becker 

Barilla Anthony (Mary) oilwkr hl743 
Davis av (POWhi) 

Barilo Andrew refinerywkr h2047 Wes- 
park av (POWhi) . 

" Andrew jr oilwkr r2047 Wespark av 
(POWhi) * 

Barker Anna Mrs r7005 Jackson av 
Anna Mrs h4722 Johnson av 
" Chas P (Emma) trainmn h247 Detroit 
" Claire (Gladys) lab h766 Plummer 
" Clifford D (Doretta) loco eng h5411 
Columbia av 

" Gerald J (Dorothy J) mgr First Trust 
Optical Shop h37 169th 
" Jos (Sophie) lab hl006 Moss 

barker leer r fi 

" Lee rlOl Industrial ro ^ O')' • «' 

" Melvin (Helen A) auto mech r4935 
Walnut av 

" Paul J (Prances W) driver h W»a- 

" Paul W (Margt) lab h6607 Alabama 
Theo fctywkr r5051 Hohman av 
Virgil L (Goldie E) mach h595 For¬ 
sythe av (CC) 

" Wade formn Morrison Constr Co 
BarkeyRobt J (Luclle) elk PO h305 152d 

Barkley Bertha Mrs v-pres Hammond 
Musical College r E Chicago Ind 
" Pauline Mrs slswn Peggie Hale Inc r 
663 Ingraham av (CC) 

Barlag Andrew T (Patricia) teller h6428 
Euclid av 

Barley Julia (wid Carl) h718 Conkey 
Barlo Jos (Eliz) refinerywkr h952 Reese 

Barlow Kenneth (Lois) fctywkr hll02 

Barman Geo driver r5610 Claude av 
" Geo J (Mary P) compositor Hammond 
Times h613 Douglas av (CC) 

" John (Emma) mach h5609 Claude av 
" Louise (wid Bernhart) h3610 Claude 
" Michl (Martha A) h625 Ingraham av 

'• Walter M (Gladys) zonemn NIPSCo r 
5610 Claude av 

Barmore Acs P (Emma C) bus opr C&C 
DTCo h7119 Monroe av 
" lone W r7119 Monroe av 
" Ralph lab r515 State 
Bam The (Gus Romeo) tavern 12 State 
Barna Bernard D (Helen L) agt John 
Hancock Mut Life Ins Co hi048 
170 th pi 

" Michl F (Helen S) oiler h rear 1444 

Barnard Danl P (Eleanor) chemist hl945 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Harry E (Ruth A) furnace mech h 
1530 174th 

" John chemist r38 Highland 
T A (Helen) barber h2622 163d pi 
Barnes Chas V (Helen) formn h516 

Earl R (Cecil) soapwkr h231 Detroit 
" Earl S (Bertha) car repr hl619 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

" Edwin fnshr Clarke’s Camera Shop r 
4519 Hohman av 
" Predk oilwkr rl019 Hoffman 
Gwendolyn M tchr Hammond Hi Sch 
r24 Roselawn 

Herschel W (Reba) oiler hll35 Bene¬ 
dict (POWhi) 

Jack formn h843 114th apt 8 (POWhi) 
” Jesse W (Hazel) office 5305 Hohman 
av R706 hl2 163d (CC) 

" Jos M (Vivienne; Western Tire Auto 
Stores) h6331 Garfield av 

(wid Perry) rl049 Field 
" Lynn L inspr r447 >4 State 
" Marguerite tchr Columbia Sch r843 
114th apt 8 (POWhi) 

Mary F (wid Wm) hl019 Hoffman 
" Mitchell rl019 Hoffman 
" Norman wtchmn Pratt Food Co r456 

Walter E (Hattie B) inspr h7125 Van 
Buren av 

" Wm C r7106 Baring pkwy 
" Wm E (Gwendolyn) erection eng h24 

Barnett Allen- hl3 Clinton 
” Donald K chemist r44 Elizabeth 
" Edw G blrmkr h852 May apt 6 
BARNETT FRED (Edna M), Lawyer 
313 Hammond Bldg 5217 Hohman av, 
h44 Elizabeth, Tel 3936-M 
" Fred M press opr r7014 Marshall av 
" Georgia A br librarian Public Library 
rl3 Clinton 

" Harry L (Bertha) hlpr C&CDTCo h 
579 Douglas av (CC) 

" Helen W Mrs elk E C Minas Co r851 

" Jas H (Alta) asmblr h4921 Pine av 
" Jos r Hotel Jerome 
" Jos E (Bootsie G) hl008 Hoffman 
" Kyle J (Ann) millwright h7014 Mar¬ 
shall av 


" Lawrence A (Lois J) maintenancemn 
h rear 1244 Truman 
" Martin (Luella) fctywkr hl749 Davis 
av apt 3 (POWhi) 

" Neal L (Leona M) millwright h603 

" Paul E (Dorotliy) elk hl427 Sherman 
" Ruth sten Catholic Charities & Social 
Service r48 Waltham 
" Wm A rl3 Clinton 
" Wm O (Helen) h4754 Ash av 
Barnett’s Millinery Inc Mrs Rena Kat- 
aras mgr 5138 Hohman av 
Barney Burns T (Frances) steelwkr h 
6128 Ray av 

" John (Helen) dep sheriff Lake County 
h906 169th pi 

Barnhart Chas E (Velma) radio eng h 
42 V» Detroit — 

" Earl T steelwkr r5425 Webster av 
" Jos E steelwkr r6235 Monroe av 
" Lillian (wid Chas E) h513 Conkey 
" Margt E r5425 Webster av 
" Maxine sten r513 Conkey 
" Miles T (Agnes J) steelwkr h5425 
Webster av 

" Roy E (Grace A) steelwkr h6249 Mad¬ 
ison av 

" Wesley H (Ruth M) auto mech h rear 
6224 Calumet av 

" Wesley S (Mamie) driver h6235 Mon¬ 
roe av 

Bamiko Marion r4924 Cedar av 
Bamowski Paul lndrywkr r221 153d (CC) 
" Theo (Agatha) h221 153d (CC) 

" Theo jr grinder r221 153d (CO 
Barnwell Ervin (Ella) crane opr h948 

Baron Arnold (Evelyn) coremn r738 

" Boris (Melania) wtchmn h821 Conkey 
Geo G (Virginia) mgr Lincoln Loan 
Corp h221 Webb apt 3B 
" Steph r821 Conkey 
" Volga r821 Conkey 
Barr Arvid rlOl Industrial rd 
" Carl mgr Speedway Gasoline Corp r 
E Chicago Ind 

" Chas (Sophia; Commercial Auto Sal¬ 
vage) hl835 Calumet av (POWhi) 

" Edith S tchr Parrish Sch r50 Clinton 
" Ella M elk Kroger-Consumer r7226 
VanBuren av 

" Emma J (wid Harry C) hi 123 150th 
" Frank (Eliz) hl456 Warwick av (PO 

Barragree Emma E (wid Henry) elk 
Goldblatt Bros h248 Waltham (CC) 

" Jas L mach r248 Waltham (CC) 
Rarre Curtis G (Viola) fctywkr h843 
114th apt 5 (POWhi) 

Barrell Myron J (Fem L) lab h6648 
Howard av 

Barrett Andrew elk Hanna’s Pharmacy r 
48 Waltham 

" Anna Mrs h933 Lyons 
" Chas (Pauline) steelwkr h6618 Alex¬ 
ander av 

" Danl jr (Charlotte L) elk IHBRR h 
6409 Jackson av 

" Geo W (Delores) trimmer h4&3I-Henry- 
" Harry rlOl Industrial rd 
'' Howard W r23 State 
" Mary (wid Benj) r836 Indiana 
" Michl J (Olive I) elk Premium Oil 
Distributors h6219 Calumet av 
" SaHy-iwid Wm J) h23 State 
Barrick Burl (Lois) barber h832 173d pi 
Barrix Chas (Fannie) refinerywkr hl013 
Reese (POWhi) 

Barron Chauncey T (Ada T) metallur¬ 
gist h2 Ruth apt 11 
Barrows Fred S rlO Carroll 
Barry Michl ship elk Gt Lakes Brewing 
Co r Chicago Ill 

" Theo E (Laura C) lab h220 155th (CC) 
Barsic Matthew (Julia) lab h5711 Bar¬ 
ing av 

Barsile Carlo (Margt) candymkr h205 
State (CC) 

Barsits Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Barsted Arth (Marie) slsmn h4727 Ce¬ 
dar av 

Bartee Raymond E (Dorothy) atndt 
Clarence E Lowe h855 Wilcox av 
Bartell Chas W (Floy Q) roller h249 Wil¬ 


" Mart (Ethylene) oilwkr h2634 Cleve- 

Barteis Cath (wid Chas) hl836 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

" Edw E (Julia) real est 1844 Stanton av 
(POWhi) h do 

Henry (Agnes B) city plmbg inspr 
Calumet City h522 154th pi (CC) 

" Wm rl836 Stanton av (POWhi) 
Bartenders Restaurant & Hotel Em¬ 
ployees Union Local No 403 Helen 
Jordan sec 5114 Hohman av R8 
Bartenes Philip collr Michelson’s Pum 

& Clo Co r Chicago Ill __ 

Barter Chester (Thelma) tinner h6320 
Jackson av 

Barth Bernard (Prances) lino opr Le- 
Laney Prtg Co r Chicago 
Bartholomee Chas H supt Straube Pi¬ 
anos Inc r Chicago Ill 
Bartkowski John Rev asst pastor St 
Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church r 
5304 Hohman av 

Bartlett Andrew P (Lillian) extermina¬ 
tor Hammond Exterminating Co h 
737 Locust _ 

'' John feeder W B Conkey Co r Chicago 
" Kenneth P (Prances) steelwkr h7118 
Alexander av _ , „ 

" Louis body repr Echterling Truck & 
Body Works r Chicago Ill 
Bartley Edith elk Goldblatt Bros 5310 
Sohl av 

" Ralph (Stella) steelwkr h4115 Dear¬ 
born av 

" Thos E (Edith) welder h5310 Sohl av 
Bartold Fred (Jean) lab r!132 Ames 
” Wm S mach opr Youngstown Steel 
Door Co r E Chicago Ind 
Barton Adrian O sergt in chge U S 
Army Recruiting Station r Indiana 

" Bertha r4604 Hohman 
" Bros Fruit Market (Ray and Sami) 
5222 Calumet av 

•' Geo (Ida) elk r5415 Oakley av 
” Harry R (Rose) dentist 1225% 119th 
(W) h'1114 119th (POWhi) 

" Herman (Dorothy L) lab r613 For¬ 
sythe av (CC) _ . 

" Hyman (Rose) elk Barton Bros Fruit 
Mkt h5415 Oakley av 
" Jack (Dorothy) shoe repr 1712 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) h do 
" Jacob L (Jeannette) hll33 Sibley 
" John (Rosa) h713 Logan 
" Jos (Mary) h613 Forsythe av (CC) 
Louis (Wilda) carp h2640 Cleveland 
' Louis B (Roverta E) slsmn NIPSCo 
h6626 Meadow la 

” Morris (Lena) 2d hd furn 4604 Hoh¬ 
man av h do 

" Ray (Tressa; Barton Bros Fruit Mkt) 
hl339 Davis (POWhi) 

" Sami (Barton Bros Fruit Mkt) r5417 
Oakley av 

" Sarah elk Mrs Mary Spungen r4604 

Bartos Emil (Helen) welder h6807 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

" Jos (Emma) steelwkr h4911 Ash av 
Bartoszek Margt (wid Anthony) h4605 
Oak av 

" Stanley r4605 Oak av 
Bartram Harry E (Ruth) bus opr C&CD 
TCo r Gary 

Bartz Otto F (Hattie M) uphol 5238 Ann 
av h do 

Barycz Anna waiter r36 156th (CC) 
Barzda Chas P (Lillian F) pipeftr h311 
156th pi (CC) 

"Felix F (Anna) h309 156th pi (CC) 
” John (Clara) blr washer h41 155th (C 

Basala Mary Mrs hl217 Summer 
" Michl rl217 Summer 
" Peter rl217 Summer 
Basanda Michl (Margt) mach h2711 
164th pi 

Bascomb Marshall R (Hulda J) phys 704 
Wentworth av R202 (CC) hl3 For- 
estdale Park (CC) 

Basham Clayton W driver r944 Burnham 
av (CC) 

" Dayton W lab r944 Burnham av (CC) 
" Wm P lab h944 Burnham av (CC) 

Bashe Robt (Anna) oilwkr hl716 Brown 
av (POWhi) 

Bashore Bessie r6442 Woodward av 
" Beulah I cigars lobby 5231 Hohman av 
r7041 Monroe 

" Delphon r6442 Woodward av 
" Scott D (Susan) lab hl250 Sherman 
Basich John (Mary) lab h7045 Arkansas 
" John (Marguerite) mach h rear 1210 
121st (POWhi) 

Basil Albert bartndr Jos Boyles r5 
Plummer av (CC) 

Basile Laura rll32 State blvd 
" Mary (wid Jos) hi 132 State blvd 
" Michalena rll32 State blvd 
Baska Jos (Mary) mldr Sou Wheel Div 
hl042 Moss 

" Walter fctywkr rl042 Moss 
Bass Carl (Irene) steelwkr r4142 Towle 
" Morris slsmn r4519 Calumet av 
Bassett Bernice D Mrs h rear 470 Plum¬ 
mer apt 5 

" Russell J (Emma I) driver h6253 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

Bassow Chas W (Viola) feeder W B 
Conkey Co h911 Summer 
" Evelyn r911 Summer 
" Lawrence C (Yolanda) electn hll22 

" Robt wtchmn r5640 Alice av 
Bastian Arth A (Doris) crane opr h5344 
Oakley av 

Bastion Carl T (Azorah M) pipeftr h 
1344 Gordon av (CC) 

Basz Ethel V elk W T Grant Co r6805 
Alabama av 

" Jack (Melita) tmkpr h6519 Harrison 
" Michl elk h6805 Alabama av 
Batcheller Wm H (Annabell) oilwkr h724 
Hollywood ct (POWhi) 

Batchelor Jay G (Helen) div supvr NIP 
SCo h7318 Jackson av 
Batcho Andrew slsmn Barelli Appliance 

Bates Anna (wid Hiram D) h6118 Ray 
" Clarence E compositor Hammond 
Times rill 157th (CC) 

" Eliz Mrs h337 152d (CC) 

" E3mer B mach r905 Wentworth av 

Francis H elk r6118 Ray av 
" Gardner O (Marie) civ eng h2022 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Geo r53 Russell 
" John S elk r6118 Ray av 
’ Mary Mrs h2428 White Oak av (PO 

’’ Melvin J hlpr r337 152d (CC) 

" Walter compositor Hammond Times r 

Bathgate Robt (Elsie) soap wkr h5351 
Oakley av 

" Wm lao r5351 Oakley av 
Bathurst Wm (Eliz) linemn NIPSCo h 
7051 Arizona av 

" Wm E (Augusta) driver hl027 Field 
Batlaner Egon (Josephine) wtchmn h940 

Batsel Sami W (Mildred E) cable splicer 
IBTCo h6035 Columbia 
Batson Arman soda mn Walgreen Co r 
Hotel Jerome 

Batterman Alice Mrs r604 State Line av 
apt 31 (CC) 

" Mabel M mach opr NIPSCo h604 State 
Line av apt 31 (CC) 

Battesimo Vincenzo A (Kath) porter h 
519 Douglas av (CC) 

Battestala Agnes wrapper r920 Conkey 
" Paul (Alice) lab h920 Conkey 
Battle John E lab r428 Wilcox av 
Batto John washupmn W B Conkey Co 
rl016 169th pi 

" Paul feeder W B Conkey Co rl016 
169th pi 

Batuna Jos lab r2306 Independence blvd 

Bauer Alf J (Sylvia) swtchmn h5901 
Columbia av 

" Carl O (Caroline) elk h5952 Park pi 
" F Emil (Cecelia) lawyer 5231 Hohman 
av R927 r227 Douglas 
" Geo W (Eliz) steelwkr h4818 Linden 
" Jesse W (Eliz) oilwkr h2007 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

" Louis E elk NIPSCo r210 Webb (CC) 
" Olga (wid Carl E) h5 Elizabeth 






•' Walter E (Gertrude T) steelwkr h309 
Schrum rd (CC) 

" Wm A (Rose) mach h2045 Superior 
av (POWhl) 

Bauerlein Wm G (Palma) h953 Summer 
Bauermeister Bertha (wid John) h231 
Clinton av 

" Walter (Pauline) yd mstr h7032 Van 
Buren av 

Baugh Chas L (Sadie) core mkr h7142 
VanBuren av 

" Claude M (Ethel) steelwkr h7212 Van 
Buren av 

•• Ethel tchr Wallace Sch r6522 Meadow 


" Howard steelwkr r7212 VanBuren av 
Baugher Irene waiter Brahos Coffee 
Shop rll3 Rimbach 

Baughman Glenn D (Gladys I) sampler 
nTllO Magoun av 

" Jas J (Angeline) teller h2842 163d pi 
Bauhurst Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Bauman Arth elk Goldblatt Bros r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Chas V (Carrie) loco eng h6403 Jack- 
son av 

" Geo J driver Swift & Co r Munster 
Baumel Ann elk PO (W) rl925 Stanton 
av (POWhl) 

" Julia R (wid John) hl925 Stanton av 

" Libby rl925 Stanton av (POWhi) 
Baumgardner Octave (Rosetta) hlpr h 

Atchison av (POWhi) 

Baumgartner Fred r4533 Pine av 
" Fred S (Berta) bus opr C&CDTCo r 
RD 3 Valparaiso 

Baumhammel Fred A (Augusta) steelwkr 
h4909 Pine av 

Baunach Leo mgr Grennnan Bakeries 
Inc r Michigan City 

Baut Irene checker Chapman Lndry Inc 
r E Chicago 

Baxman Dorothy E waiter Walgreen Co 
r931 150th 

Baxter Harriett (wid Wm R) r727 Mul¬ 

" Herman B (Rose K) bus opr C&CDT 
Co h666 Forsythe av (CC) 

Bayard Jo Rhetto bkpr Dr Edmund C 
Hack r5851 Columbia av 
Bayer Frank hl314 150th 
Bay lander Arth (Gladys) heater h2817 

Bayles Marjorie waiter r5051 Hohman av 
Bayliss Sami L (Agnes tM) film opr h 
7207 Jackson av 

Bayly Jos (Sarah) steelwkr r439 Webb 

Bayne Harold E (Delma) car bldr h923 
State blvd 

Bays Henry C (Geraldine) driver Crown 
Point Transfer Co hl221 Indiana 
Bay ton Ernest G (Doris) display adv 
Hammond Times h261 173d 
Bayuk Louis steelwkr rll22 Ames 
" Mary Mrs hll22 Ames 
Bayusz Jas r971 Reese (POWhi) 

" Jos (Jean) pipeftr h rear 4428 Henry 
" Louis r971 Reese (POWhi) 

" Paul (Anna) oilwkr h971 Reese (PO 

" Paul jr oil wkr r971 Reese (POWhi) 
Baze LaVaga firemn r5638 Claude av 
Beach Clyde O (Emma) dispr IHBRR h 
548 Lincoln av (CC) 

" Clyde O jr mechl eng r548 Lincoln av 

" David W (Marie T) lawyer 5305 Hoh¬ 
man av R406 h6328 VanBuren av 
" Donald W lab NIPSCo r6328 Van Bu¬ 
ren av 

" Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
" Thurman (Anne) installer h223 Doug¬ 

Beacom Beulah rl931 Hamann ct (PO 

" Harold O rl961 Hamann ct (POWhi) 
" Kenneth rl96l Hamann ct (POWhi) 

" Sylvia M (wid Harry) hl961 Hamann 
ct (POWhi) 

Beaghler Roscoe E (Rose) slsmn Swift 
& Co h258 Humpfer 

Beal Julia H rl928 Lincoln av (POWhi) 
" Keith chemist rl616 Brown av (PO 

" Mary I tchr McGregor Sch (W) h 
1928 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Steph (Mary) mach hl532 Myrtle av 

Beam Donald M (Ruth A) agt CI&LRy 
h510 Highland 
" Roy lab r728 State 
" Thos G Rev (Lydia) pastor Wood- 
lawn Nazarene Ch h904 169th _pl 
" Wm F (Frances F) chemist h4907 Ash 

'' Cleaners (John C Shields) 438 Fayette 
" Edith Mrs waiter Mrs Mary A Farrell 
r833 Truman 

" Paul L (Betty) h4026 Cameron av 
" Ralph G (Dorothy I) bus opr C&CDT 
Co hl308 Indiana 

Beamer Harry C (Alice M) sampler h 
1506 177th 

" Harry C jr steelwkr rl506 177th 
" Leonard M checker rl506 177th 
" Vera M tchr Franklin Sch rl506 177th 
" Wm B (Bertha R) steelwkr h4724 
Towle av 

Bean Henry (Sarah) oilwkr h6635 Cali¬ 
fornia av 

" Ida (wid Bedford K) r6635 California 
" Mabel Mrs r236 Vine 
" Theo FMMary) steelwkr h7510 Jeffer- 

Beanblossom Chas A (Edna) spl mech 
NIPSCo hl023 Eaton 
" Dorothy elk Wm Sweitzer r244 Webb 

" Eliz (wid Clyde) r244 Webb (CC) 

" Hath Mrs elk Krogers h244 Webb (C 

" Ruth S Mrs emp E C Minas Co r 
Indian Hbr 

" Wm A (Kath) msngr Brinks Inc h244 
Webb (OC) 

Beaner Fred A (Anna) swtchmn h731 

Beard Earl L (Marie) refinery wkr h5 
Warren (CC) 

Beardsley Hugh R (Irma) swtchmn h937 

Beare Cletus M (Marjorie) electn h625 

Beasley Ann maid Danl J McNamara 


" Denzel (Leah K) auto wkr h6709 Cal¬ 
umet av 

Jack (Tillie) carp hl638 Myrtle av 

" Leah K Mrs elk Frank J White h6709 
Calumet av 

" Lonnie elk Goldblatt Bros rll6 Plum¬ 

" Noble S (Gladys) h261 Dyer blvd 
" Walter clo prsr Eagle Cleaning Shop 
r42 Plummer 

Beatson ftobt (Eliz) h5614 Maywood 
Beattie Matilda r828 Bauer 
" Robt E (Helen A) asst Bodie Photo¬ 
grapher h36 Douglas 
Beatty Chas E (Sarah E) formn Beatty 
Mach & Mfg Co h937 150th 
" Clive R jr (Lila; Service Mart) h6248 
Garfield av 

" Elsie D r4716 Towle av 
" Gertrude M r937 150th 
" L Crawford (Virginia) v-pres Beatty 
Mach & Mfg Co h21 Roselawn 
" Leonard L r937 150th 

Pi >5o 

► gll 






t k 





S O 
8 T3 









5 s 



pi E2: 



114th Street and Lake Ave. Phones: Whiting 670-671 and Hammond Enterprise 1880 

Headquarters: Lake Shore Housing Guild Whiting, Ind. 

>* ■ 



Q. - 






r- g 




3 | 










" Machine & Manufacturing Co Wm R 
Beatty pres I. Crawford Beatty v- 
pres Chas Aaron sec Wm Perz treas 
940 150th 

" Philip H student r50 Highland 
" Ralph E mach Beatty Mach & Mfg 
Co r937 150th 

" Raymond J (Josephine L) elk IHBRR 
h952 Murray 

" Robt N (Marie) swtchmn r935 Sum¬ 

" Robt S iKath) lab h935 Summer 
" Stella (wid Silas) h718 Conkey 
" Wm R (Jessie K) pres Beatty Mach 
& Mfg Co h50 Highland 
" Wm R jr (Vivian) slsmn h847 114tn 
apt 1 (POWhi) 

Beaty Arth (Myrtle) auto mech h4148 
Sheffield av 

" Thelma elk Goldblatt Bros r968 Wil- 
" Wm G (Thelma) meat ctr r968 Wil- 

Beaubien V Warren P (Bernice) oil wkr h 
1920 Wespark av (POWhi) 

Beaulieu Thos A (Grace) patrolmn NI 
PSCo h824 Field 

Beavan Harry barber 1331% 119th (W) 

h952 Pearl (POWhi) __ 

" Virginia sten r952 Pearl (POWhi) 
Beavers Lloyd (Lois) r6010 Wallace rd 
" Wm H (Orpha M) inspr hl524 174th 
Bebenek John confr 2422 Indianapolis 
blvd (W) 

" John refinery wkr r4310 Clark av 
" Peter (Magdalyn) h4310 Clark av 
■' Walter fety wkr r4310 Clark av 
Bebler Marvin steel wkr r5417 Webster 
Becchino Geo shoe repr 118 lo4th pi 
(CC) h464 Price av (CC) 

Bechjski Milan rlOl Industrial rd 
Bechtold Geo A car inspr r828 Summer 
" Geo A jr r828 Summer 
Becich Geo compositor Hammond Times 

" John W (Marie) mach h848 114th (PO 

Beck Adolph F (Virgie) office mgr Car¬ 
bide & Carbon Chemicals Corp (W) 
hl944 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Anthony (Cath) lab Oak Hill Ceme¬ 
tery hl047 170th pi 
" Dwight driver rl44% State 
■' Earl atndt Lettie A Osborn 
" Earl elk h2 Ruth apt 37 
•• Emil L (Pearl A) car opr h6 Doty 
" Frank (Eva) h458 Sibley 
" Gertrude L H elk NIPSCo r711 Logan 
" Fredk (Marie) h711 Logan 
” Helen rl047 170th pi _ 

" Jos cellar boss Gt Lakes Brewing Co 
r22 Harding av (CC) . 

" Jos (Mayme C) ry opr C&CDTCo h 
4518 Towle av 

" Kathryn elk NIPSCo rl047 170th pi 
" Kenneth E r212 155th pi (CC) 

" Laura Mrs elk Goldblatt Bros h212 
155th pi (CC) 

" Marie slswn Woolworth’s rl047 170th 

" M*ary C Mrs elk E C Minas Co rl5 
Elizabeth (CC) 

Michl (Helen) mldr Sou Wheel Div r 
E Chicago 

Paul (Harriett) rigger h4543 Pine av 
" Quinton F t 6 Doty 
" Rose (wid Fred) h4922 Cedar av 
•' Sarah F (wid John G) h6428 Jeffer- 

" Sophia V maid r!047 170th pi 
" Susie C (wid Geo) r6007 Wallace rd 
" Victor steel wkr rl44% State 
" Wm pipe ftr r4922 Cedar av 
Becker Armin (Mary) smelter wkr hl816 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Carl r485 Truman blvd 
" Florence J nurse rl5 Webb (CC) 


" Geo N (Henrietta E) archt 5245 Ann 
h315 152d (CC) 

" Glen R elk NIPSCo r Highland 

" Henry J (Emma A) electn SREMCo r 
RD 2 Lowell 

" Lawrence Hon judge Lake County 
Superior Court No 2 r East Chicago 

" Mina (wid John) rl5 Webb (CC) 

" Norman (Norma) refinery wkr h508 

" Peter (Frieda) contr 308 Elizabeth (C 
C) h do 

" Street Flower Shop (Mrs Grace 
Evans) 5752 Calumet av 

" Wm J (Mary E) driver City Street 
Dept h4739 Cameron s ■ 

" Edison P (Avis) wtchmn h228 Clinton 
" Harold L (Blanche L) mach h6632 
California av 

" Jas laboratory wkr h2728 164th pi 
Beckley Walter E (Cora E) zonemn NI 
PSCo h6745 Madison av 
Beckman Arth W (Lydia) dist mgr h24 

Augusta E (wid Herman) h5252 Ann 
" Betty tchr Edison Sch r38 Glendale 
" Edw J (Mafra) steel wkr h7210 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

" Eleanor bkpr Home Lbr Co r58 Glen¬ 

" Elmer M mach opr Am Chemical 
Service r448 Sibley blvd (CC) 
"Felix G (Evelyn) electn h837 114th 
apt 6 (POWhi) 

" Fred H v-pres Hessville Lumber & 
Supply Co r7744 Forest av 
" H e nr y-F t Minnie i ry opr C&CDTCo 
h48 Highland 

" Howard, W (Hildegarde) elk h!601 
Kenilworth av (CC) 

BECKMAN J WM (Mary), Mgr The 
Beckman Supply Co, 527 Michigan, 
Tel 1490, h6618 Forest av, Tel 614 
BECKMAN JOHN—P (Mary K), Pres 
Home Lumber Co, h38 Glendale, Tel 

" John F jr student r38 Glendale 
” John N 'Maey-Ai h57 Glendale av 
" Melvin C elk r448 Sibley blvd (CC) 

" Raymond P (Ann) acct h642 Spruce 
" Robt E lab h448 Sibley blvd (CC) 

" Robt H steel wkr r448 Sibley blvd (C 

Beckman Mgr, Mason, Plastering 
and Concrete Materials, Coal, Coke, 
Wood, Wholesale and Retail 527 
Michigan, Tel 1490 (For further in¬ 
formation see page B) 

Walter tchr StPauls Lutheran Sch r 
937 Becker 

'Wm A slsmn Beckman Sup Co r 

" Wm H (Emma) carp h529 Waltham 
Beckmann Erna F slswn Woolworths r 
Lansing Ill 

Beckwith Arth (Izora) lab hl041 Lyons 
" Clifford (Alice) steel wkr h824 Car- 

" Edwin lab r824 Carroll 
" Frank (Esther) steel wkr r943 Logan 
" Izora office girl W T Grant Co rl041 

" John (Delda) driver h841 Michigan 
Becky Dennis dep sheriff r431 165th 
Becze Chas (Rose) mech Abrahamson 
. Mtr Sis h4637 Henry av 
" Michl (Susanna) janitor E C Minas 
■Co h5416 Molsberger pi 
Beda John J (Madeline) filler hl704 At¬ 
chison av (POWhi) 

" Jos (Veronica) oil wkr h2439 New 
York av (POWhi) 

" Peter presser Tri City Clnrs & Dyers 
(W) rl704 Atchison av 



Real Estate 
410 Fayette St. 
Tel. 52 

J. CL1NN ELLYSON, President 
R. F. McPHARLIN, Sec’y-Trea*. 


5241 H Hohman Ave. 
Tel. 71 

Bedell Roy J (Donna) hlpr h517 Vine 

Bednar Steph (Anna) hl242 Lakeview 

Bednarchuk Chas lab rl4141 Green Bay 
av (Bur) 

" 'Maurice rl4141 Green Bay av (Bur) 
" Max rl4141 Green Bay av (Bur) 

" Steph A (Julia) hl4141 Green Bay av 

Bednarowski Stanley (Helen) hl036 

Bednarski Magdelene (wid Topel) hl04 
154th pi (CC) 

" Viola teleg opr rl04 154th pi (CC) 

Bednarz Edw cement wkr r2937 138th pi 

" Henry J (Marie) mach opr Youngs¬ 
town Steel Door Co h907 Ames 
" John (Mary) h2937 138th pi (Bur) 

" Stanley cementwkr r2937 138th pi 


Bedner Albert J (Marie) oil wkr hl028 
Reese (POWhi) 

Bee’s Fur Shop (Olympia G Bereolos) 
5426 Hohman av 

Beebe Clara J buyer E C Minas Co r 
8133 Harrison pi 

" Goo & -< Laura L) asmblr Beatty Mach 
& Mfg Co h4909 Elm av 

Beeby Geo driver Crown Point Transfer 
Co rl734 Calumet av (POWhi) 

Beeler Clara M (wid Coin C) h7337 Ma- 
goun av 

" Eva I nurse 7337 Magoun av r do 
Beer E Ralph artist Postlewaite-Thomp- 
son Co r431 Conkey 

" Sami H (Edna) auto repr 431 Conkey 
h do 

Beers Wm J rlOl Industrial rd 
Beezie Jos (Olga) steel wkr rl237 170th 
Beezin Wm (Anna) r4935 Ash av 
Begala Steve (Anna) mldr hl314 Sum¬ 

Begalla Andrew (Mary) lab hl255 Sum- 

” Marie elk Edgar V Harris rl255 Sum¬ 

Begenisch Dorothy waiter rl3934 Chip¬ 
pewa av (Bur) 

” Nicholas lab rl3934 Chippewa av 

" Sophie (wid Jas) hl3934 Chippewa av 

^Thos W'contr 223 Williams h do 
Begnoche Ollie I (Susanne) carrier PO 
h626 Locust 

Begy Ray N watch reprmn Goldblatt 
Bros r5129 State Line av 
Behles Barney J (Corinne) stm ftr hl007 
5th av (PORoby) 

Behling Benj h7050 Monroe t 

" Edw G (Elsie M) carp h4821 Colum¬ 
bia av 

" Gilbert F doormn Orpheum Theatre r 
4821 Columbia av 

Behlke Elmer driver Economy Coal Co 
r Hohman av 

Behnke Bernard (Anna) steel wkr h2731 

" Geo elk r2731 Martha 
Behrens Fred (Elsie) pipe ftr h914 5th 
av (PORoby) 

" Minna Mrs h4727 Calumet av 

" Wilhelmina iwid Christ) h914 5th £ 


Behrman Rica J mach opr r7018 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Behrndt Geo J (Bernice G) pntr hl336 

Beiderweiden Dorothy class adv Ham¬ 
mond Times r217 Webb apt IB 
" Erna L elk IHBRR r217 Webb apt IB 
" Herman H (Rose) tchr StPauls Luth¬ 
eran Sch h217 Webb apt IB 
" Hermine tchr Tech-Vocational Sch r 
217 Webb apt IB 


" Marguerite L bkpr Calumet Natl Bk 
r217 Webb apt IB 

Beier Eliz (wid Carl) r326 Webb (CC) 
Beihl Wm (Anna) hl313 Indiana 
Beilby Clarence H (Marie E) chef h578 
Douglas av apt 3 (CC) 

" Ethel P (wid Jas) h933 Summer 
" Homer O (Anna) hlpr hl509 174th 
" Josephine E Mrs h236 Vine 
" Lorraine J spl del msngr PO r933 

" Marie E Mrs opr WUTelCo h578 
Douglas av apt 3 (CC) 

" Nina M elk rl509 174th 
Beilfuss Fred C wtchmn W B Conkey Co 
r6226 Jefferson av 

" Geo ( M ar i e) mechl eng h829 Field 
" Harold C (Eliz) steel wkr h5545 Wal¬ 
ter av 

" Lillian nurse r829 Field 
" Louis C (Minnie) h6614 Lyman av 
" Louis H < Hazel E) electn W B Con¬ 
key Co h6226 Jefferson av 
Beilsmith Pauline r604 State Line av R24 

Bein Geo E rl225 Indiana 

" Geo H (Anna M) mldr hl225 Indiana 

" Jos (Mary) tavern 155 Gostlin h do 
Beinbooz Vern E (Birdie) rl23 Hanover 
Beining Fred (Dorothy) press puller h 
507 165th 

Beiriger Edw (Genevieve) cement wkr h 
240 Doty 

" Frank J (Veronica) pntr h233 Clin¬ 

" Hilary M (Thelma J) formn h7044 
Olcott av 

" Roy G (Mildred L) mgr A Schulte Inc 
h45 Condit 

" Sylvester M (Marie M) treas h23 Mid¬ 
way ct 

" Wm F jr (Constance) lab hlOll 

Beisal Eliz L Mrs hl740 Calumet av (PO 

" Roy slsmn Fred Beisal (W) rl740 

Calumet av (POWhi) 

Beison Tony (Virginia) steel wkr h6629 
Arizona av 

Bejger Stanley E (Martha) r642 Went¬ 
worth av (CC) 

Bejnarawicz Louis (Marie) chipper Calu¬ 
met Steel Cstgs Corp r Chicago Ill 

Bekaza Aug rlOl Industrial rd 

Bekzinski John (Anna) steel wkr hl4044 
Burnham av (Bur) 

Belaj Rudolph (Anna) filling sta 1960 
Summer h do 

Beland Fred S (Louise) refinery wkr h 
1629 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Geo W (Alma) eng hll05 Eaton 

Belchik John blrmkr h7023 Columbia av 
" Michl lab r7023 Columbia av 

Beldin Albert W (Louise) hlpr IBTCo h 
34 Ruth apt 3C 

Belford Rue L (Fannie) industrial eng 
hi 131 Lyons 

Belfus John F (Ruth) steel wkr h5644 
Claude av 

Belikan Bertha field officer rll21 Eaton 

Bell Allen R (Ruby) elk Claude H Ball 
h633 Burton ct (POWhi) 

" Audrey sten r5214 Howard av 
" Clifford B (Lucille) formn h504 In¬ 
graham av (CC) 

" E Cyril (Lola F) dentist 5404 Hohman 
av r25 Highland 
" Edith Mrs h424 Hoffman 
*' Ernest porter Schlatter Motor Sis Inc 
r Chicago Ill 

" Ferdinand C wood wkr r4840 Elm av 
" Genevieve L r6605 Monroe av 
” Geo W (Amelia C) formn h6605 Mon¬ 
roe av 

" Gerda H (wid Frank) h911 150th 
" Herbert R r5927 Columbia av 

4 ^ 

4 ^ 


4 ^ 




" Howard R (Lillian) pipe ftr h5214 
Howard av 

•' Howard R jr stockmn r5214 Howard 
" Jas J (Harriett) h4423 Torrence av 
" John D (Pearl) formn Borden-Wie- 
land Div h821 State blvd apt 1W 
" Jos W (Geneva) elk r911 150th 
" Jule F (Olive M; Household Appliance 
Shop) h208 Hanover 
" Kenneth K (Myrue R) lab hl327 
Hirsch av (OC) 

" Leslie B (Gayle) chf eng W B Conkey 
Co h219 Highland 

" Olive (wid Julius C) r219 Highland 
" Russell L (Lena L) oil wkr hl319 Tru- 

" Sami A (Ada) slsmn Jay E Trescott 
h25 Highland 

" Thos M (Della) steel wkr h6529 Jack- 
son av 

Vrrgtt-E (Ruth) installation eng h31 

" Walter steel wkr r241 Lawndale 
" Walter A elk r25 Highland 
" Warren elk W B Conkey Co r219 

" Wm M (Antonia) pres Industrial 
Sheet Metal Co h825 Lyons 
" Winifred L sten r6605 Monroe av 
Bell’s Appliance Shop (Jule F Bell) 4540 
Hohman av 

Bella Paul rlOl Industrial rd 
Bellamy Berry carp h240 155th (CC) 

" Bruce E (Julia) carp hlll6 Highland 
" Donald G carp r5509 Alice av 
" Edw B (Maxine T) mach opr h6409 
Madison av 

” Grant (Ida B) carp h791 Mackinaw 
av (CC) 

" Hazel W (Pearl) carp h5838 Wallace 

" John B (Irene) inspr h837 Logan 
"John M (Helen) h839 Logan 
" John T (Lucy M) carp h5509 Alice av 
” Mario I elk W T Grant Co r5838 Wal¬ 
lace rd 

" Talbot O (Verna) tmkpr r839 Logan 
” Talbot O jr lab r839 Logan 
Bellan Josephine r951 Reese (POWhi) 

" Lillian (wid Jos) h951 Reese (POWhi) 
Belleiewski Lottie (wid Geo) h4734 Bal¬ 
timore av 

" Pauhne waiter r4734 Baltimore av 
" Steph r4734 Baltimore av 
Bellen Geo cook Bellen’s Cafe r610 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (PORoby) 

" Wm (Bellen’s Cafe) h610 Indianapolis 
blvd (PORoby) 

Bellen’s Cafe (Wm Bellen) 610 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (PORoby) 

Bellovich John (Anna) oil wkr h2642 
New York av (POWhi) 

Bellus Irving slsmn Three Cities Fish Co 
r Chicago Ill 

Belman Wm G (Sarah) sec-treas Elm¬ 
wood Cemetery hl7 Glendale pk 
Belshaw Jas W student r6534 Forest av 
" M Elliot (Stella A) lawyer 5231 Hoh¬ 
man av R808 r Munster 
" Maude (wid Jas W) h6534 Forest av 
Belt Evelyn G nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r RD 1 Hall 
Belvidere Apartments 237 Highland 
BEMENT DAVID L (Sara M), V-Pres 
Northern Indiana Public Service Co, 
h35 Detroit. Tel 6782-M 
Bemisderfer Chas L (Dorothy) formn 
Central Ry Signal Co r48 Lawndale 

Bemish Esther N slswn Woolworth’s r 
907 Logan 

” Fred (Laura B) steel wkr h907 Logan 
" LaVonne M r907 Logan 
" Ralph C steel wkr r907 Logan 
" Raymond F (Ada R) roller rlO Lawn¬ 

” Velma L opr IBTCo r907 Logan 
Ben Steph I (Louise) lab hll33 Moss 
Ben’s Body & Fender Shop (Benj Hent- 
ges) 530 Michigan 

Benbow Chas W (Ruth) stillmn h822 

" Jean Mrs sec-treas Standard Business 
College r53 Ruth 

Benco Jos J (Mary) lab NIPSCo h920 

" Mary pkr W B Conkey Co r920 Morris 
Bencze Mary sewer W B Conkey Co r 
Indiana Harbor 

Benda Clarence r6241 Monroe av 
Bender Cath rl032 Kenwood 
” Clarence F (Mae) supt Fred C Rowley 
& Sens Inc h6403 Garfield av 
" Edw D (Lizette) lino opr Postlewaite- 
Thompson Co h6044 Calumet av 
" Fredk fety wkr r4728 Elm av 
" Geo (June) wtchmn Calumet Steel 
Cstgs Corp h rear 515 Douglas av 

" Harry feeder W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 
cago Hts 

M Louise r rear 515 Douglas av (OC) 
" Mary tchr Columbia Sch rl032 Ken¬ 

" Michl (Mary) steel wkr h4728 Elm av 
" Michl jr fety wkr r4728 Elm av 

Nicholas hl032 Kenwood 
Bendis Clara maid rl025 Reese (POWhi) 
Benedict Gabriel (Ibena) carp hl722 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Louis (Gertrude) pntr h626 Forsythe 
av (OC) 

Benefactor The Harold Brandt rep 
newspaper 113% State 
Benesh Frank (Bernice) h rear 513 154th 
pi (OC) 

Benetich Jas E (Mary) tavern 2229 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) h do 
Bengsten Leonard C (Lucy) mach h6942 
Arizona av 

Benich Geo elk IHBRRCo r Indiana 

" John (Barbara) inspr h2034 Lincoln 
av (POWhi) 

Benij|ht Alice (wid Chas H) h5434 Web- 

Benigno Jas (Dora) lab hl319 150th 
Benjamin Alf J rlOl Industrial rd 
" Mayer (Gussie) hll7 157th (CC) 

" Maurice elk Goldblatt Bros r Chicago 


Sol (Thelma) hll7 157th (OC) 

Benkel Carl (Theresa; Stark & Benkel) 
h650 Forsythe av (CC) 

Benko Anna r2118 Lincoln av (POWhi) 
" Emil lab r2118 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Eug (Marie) ship elk h6420 Harrison 
’’ John tester r2118 Lincoln av (POWhi) 
" Mary typist Indiana Botanic Gardens 
rl036 Ames 

’ " Mary (wid Michl) hl036 Ames 
" Michl (Frieda M) checker h5628 Wal¬ 
ter av 

" Michl (Susan) hlpr h2118 Lincoln av 

" Michl jr oil wkr r2118 Lincoln av (PO 

" Nicholas (Anna) oil wkr h2024 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

" Walter lab r2U8 Lincoln av (POWhi) 
" Wm steel wkr rl036 Ames 
Benne Jos F (Margt E) asst supt Prud 
Ins Co h34 156th pi (CC) 

" Michl G (E Kath) agt Prud Ins Co h 
1947 Wespark av (POWhi) 

Benner Carl L (Oda) yd formn h7012 
Arkansas av 

" Clarence (Neva) filling sta hll29 Wil¬ 
cox av 

" M Alice r7012 Arkansas av 
" Peggy L cash r7012 Arkansas av 
" Neva bkpr P B Good Inc P1129 Wilcox 
Bennett Aloysius L optometrist 5257 
Hohman av r do 

’’ Arch L (Elsie) oil wkr hl737 Brown 
av (POWhi) 

" Chas W (Ethel) elec eng h838 Eaton 
" Delmar L (Susie) meat ctr Fred 
Granger h929 Drackert 
" Dolores M private sec h473 Truman 
blvd apt C 

" Elwin C (Martha M) swtchmn h744 
Wilcox av 

" Ernest C (Frances) steel wkr h4908 
Pine av 

’’ Ervin elk r744 Wilcox av 
" Fay S elk r744 Wilcox av 
" Grace M Mrs elk E C Minas Co r3912 
Euclid av 

" Helen J r838 Eaton 
" Herman W (Mildred) h450 Truman 



Checker Taxicabs 

15c MILE 15c 




•• Howard H (Helene M) custodian h 
2008 Lake av (POWhi) 

John R (Dorothy M; Charmaine 
Studio) r49 Mason 

Kath maid Indiana Hotel rl2 Plum- 

" Lorenzo (Clara) heatermn h4429 Wa¬ 
bash av 

•' Nicholas (Josephine) lab h215 State 

Omar driver Hammond News Agency 
r744 Wilcox 

' Owanna r4429 Wabash av 

' Reba A Mrs sewer Hopman Co h592 
Douglas av (OC) 

" Robt H (Juanita) oil opr h7437 Jack- 
son av 

" Rocci (Beatrice) steel wkr r215 State 

" Serge (Pauline) checker h915 Michi¬ 


Ward < 

_ (Margt) ydmstr h6919 Col¬ 
umbia av 

" Woodrow (Cath) h4303 State Line av 
Benning Hazel elk r6948 Madison av 
Bennington Edw D (Anna M) sec-treas 
Industrial Sheet Meta.l Co h7227 On¬ 
tario av 

Beno John (Mary) lab h2458 White Oak 
av (POWhi) 
snoit Leo W < 

Shade and Awnii_„ ..._■ 

" Louise sewer W B Conkey Co r 'Mun¬ 

Russell driver Red Top Trucking Co 
r Munster 

Benschop Simon r ss Schrum rd 7 w 
Burnham av (CC) 

Bensic Imbro wtchmn Whiting Cleaners 
& Dyers r2008 Calumet av (POWhi) 

" Nick (Whiting Cleaners & Dyers) r 
2008 Calumet av (POWhi) 

Benson Alex B (Esther) electa h430 

" Chas D (Rae) slsmn hll50 Truman 
" Craig (Irma) fety wkr h6344 Van- 
Buren av 

" Fredk E (Rachel) acting dir Techni¬ 
cal-Vocational High Sch h4 169th 
" Geo (Ivy) dept supt h264 Detroit 
' Geo P (Jessie M) steel wkr h5524 
Beall av 

" Gilbert J r430 Lewis 
" Harry G (Eliz) trav frt agt h4623 
Johnson av 

" Jas A justice of peace 5244-46 Hoh- 
man av R410 r E Chicago 
John M (Marie) lab hl940 Warwick 
av (POWhi) 

" Russell R (Marian; Benson's Service 
Sta) h20 172d pi 

Benson's Service Station (Russell R 
Benson) filling sta 7349 Calumet av 
Bent Geo P r4907 Magnolia av 
" Peter (Margt L) h4907 Magnolia av 
Bentley Herman R (Martha) oil wkr h 
919 173d pi 

Benton David W (Hattie) inspr h607 
118th (POWhi) 

" Margt r607 118th (POWhi) 

Ben well Ralph H (Minnie) supt Beatty 
Mach & Mfg Co h6404 Harrison av 
" Robt J (Ruth I) welder Beatty Mach 
& Mfg Co r6 2o2 Ha rr is o n two 
Benz Carl A (Wilma A) tchr Hammond 
Hi Sch r6605 Jefferson av 
" Carl W (Martha) civ eng h20 Condit 
" Owen F (Virginia) phys hl916 Su¬ 
perior av (POWhi) 

Beotcher Rudolph hlpr r605 Ingraham 
av (CC) 

Berau Rudolph J (Advanced Heating 
Co) r Lansing Ill 
Bercaw Walter N (Modjeska) 
av (POWhi) 

Berchert Henry F asst formn W B Con- 
key Co r Blue Island 
Bercik Dorothy beauty opr r2034 Atchi¬ 
son av (POWhi) 

" Geo r2034 Atchison av (POWhi) 

" Jos J (Anna) gro 2040 Indianapolis 
blvd (W) h2034 Atchison av (PO 

" Jos J jr fety wkr r2034 Atchison av 

Berda John (Julia) steel wkr h5419 Oak¬ 
ley av 

" Julia Mrs elk J J Newberry Co h5419 
Oakley av 

" Mary elk Goldblatt Bros r5419 Oak- 
leigh av 

" Thos elk Goldblatt Bros r5419 Oaklev 
Berdine Donald (Marjorie) steel wkr h 
737 Michigan 

" Drue F (Viola A) ship elk h6950 Van- 
Buren av 

" Elsie Mrs restr 1143 150th hll41 do 
" Flint (Elsie) mach hll41 150th 
" Geo N r6950 VanBuren av 
" Harry G (Mary F) mach rl015 150th 
" Merle F elk rll41 150th 
" Neil W (Dorothy M) mach opr Stand¬ 
ard Steel Specialty Co h4930 Colum¬ 
bia av 

” Vernon C (Eleanor) private sec h rear 
4229 Sheffield av 

" Wayne E (Blossom) elk h6945 Harri¬ 
son av 

Berdis John A (Helen L) mgr Walgreen 
Co h220 157th (CC) 

Berendt Ambrose H elk r4816 Ash av 
Andrew A (Eva) meat ctr h725 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

Chas C r4816 Ash av 
" Dorothy E sten r725 Truman blvd 
Edw L (Frieda) maintenancemn hill 
Detroit (CC) 

Emma C (wid Chas) h4816 Ash av 
" Jos C bar tndr Mrs Alice Demerling 
r725 Truman blvd 

Margt Jacket books W B Conkey Co 
r725 Truman blvd 

" Mary E hand gatherer W B Conkey 
Co r725 Truman blvd 
Berens Edw J dentist 5231 Hohman av 
R301 and 6827 Kennedy r Dyer 
Bereolos Alexandria G bkpr Millett’s Co¬ 
lonial Inc r228 Webb (CC) 

Bessie (wid Nicholas) h446 Plummer 
Elpida (wid Jas P) hl38 Plummer 
" Geo rl38 Plummer 
" Gus lab rl38 Plummer 
" Gustav P (Helen) h228 Webb (CC) 

" Hercules student F138 Plummer 
" Jas N (Eagle Cleaning Shop) rl39 

Kath G private sec The Lake County 
Agency Inc r228 Webb (CC) 

Leo (Alyce) recreation dir h541 Vine 
" Marion G elk Brumm Distributing Co 
r228 Webb (CC) 

" Olympia G (Bee’s Fur Shop) r228 
Webb (OC) 

'' Peter J (Mary A) pres Jersey Maid 
Ice Cream Co h321 152d (CC) 

" Steve (Margt; Dixie Lunch) h414 

Beres Alex (Ethel) gro 1101 Sibley h do 
" Andrew rlOl Industrial rd 
" Jos (Mary) mldr hl319 Sherman 
Berg Alf M (Lorretta) pipe ftr h258 
>. s Florence 

" Alice r4109 Hohman av 
" Andrew (Helen) h6026 Wallace rd 
Ann Mrs r5927 Columbia av 
" Bernard H (Eliz) caretkr StJohns RC 
Cemetery hi605 167th 
" Bernard J (Edna) hlpr Continental 
Baking Co h2708 163d pi 
" Chas (Alyce) steel wkr h935 150th 
" Chas T elk NIPSCo hll03 Drackert 
" Chas W (Hattie) caretkr hl628 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 









The Mark of Good Printing Since 1877 


Printers, Binders and Book Manufacturers 


" Ernest W h4109 Hohman av 
" Florence rl605 167th 
" Geo H (Anna) janitor h41 Clinton 
" Henry r627 Cherry 
" Herbert O (Jeanette) air conditioning 
5231 Hohman av R923 r Chicago Ill 
" Marcella rl605 167th 
" Marie r6343 Jackson av 
" Otto R carp contr 6343 Jackson av h 

" Philip H (Dorothy E) loco inspr h5810 
Erie av 

" Reinhold hlpr r6343 Jackson av 
" Robt (Thelma) elk h7032 Hohman av 
" Ronald G r5810 Erie av 
" Ruth E Mrs sec Hon Frank R Mardn 
h5933 Park pi apt 8 

" Sami H (Ruth E) steel wkr h5933 Park 
pi apt 8 

" Verena V elk IBTCo r6026 Wallace rd 
Bergal Vange elk Tech-Vocational Sch r 
835 Field 

" Vange (wid John) h835 Field 
Bergan Frank rlOl Industrial rd 
Berger Albert (Betty) slsmn h757 Logan 
" Alex lab Nickel Plate RR r Chicago 

" Geo H rlOl Industrial rd 
" Glenn R (Helen) emp Standard 
Equip & Sup Corp r941 Drackert 
" Harry (Maria) oil wkr h2706 164th pi 
apt 3 

" Harry B (Helen) hl418 Brown av apt 
13 (POWhi) 

" Jos mgr Goldblatt Bros r Chicago Ill 
" ’-- —h6406 Jack- 

” Lee D (Virginia) stillmn h 

son a 

" Noah L (Lucile) carrier PO h6925 
Harrison av 

" Robt P (Clara) mach hl04 157th (CC) 

" Sami (Sophie; Oakley Hotel) h5236 
Oakley av 

" Waldo F (Gertrude) weighmstr h941 

" Wilfred (Lydia J) oil wkr h6419 Euc¬ 
lid av 

Bergeron Louis T (Louise) loco firemn h 
607 State (CC) 

Berggren Anna P private sec Conroy & 
Glendening r5809 Calumet av apt 11 

" Astrid (wid Nimrod) h5809 Calumet 
av apt 11 

Berghoff The (Cline C Hartley, Chas B 
Kruzick) billiards 413 Sibley 
Bergman Adene tchr Edison Sch r237 

" Elmer R (Anna) steel wkr h2104 At¬ 
chison av (POWhi) 

" John G (Elin) mech C&CDTCo h604 
State Line av apt 33 (CC) 

Bergmark Hilda M (wid John E) r7322 
Olcott av 

Bergner Emil W (Mae E) lab h828 Mul- 

" Jack*]* (Alice) elk John C Van Willi - 
gan h rear 2732 Cleveland 
Bergquist Axel E electn Hammond Elec 
Co r Chicago Ill 

Bergren Bert G (Josephine C) pump opr 
h6329 Jefferson av 

" LeRoy B rS329 Jefferson av 
Bergstrom Melvin T (Alice L) dist supvr 
IBTCo hi 12 Detroit (CC) 

Berkowicz Antoinette nurse StMargt Sch 
of Nursing r E Chicago 

" Michl (Victoria) scrap shearmn SRE 
MCo r E Chicago 

" Stanley slsmn Continental Baking Co 
rl3C3 149th 

Bern Bros (Irving H and Max Bern) 
shoes 5130 Hohman av 

" Irving H (Loraine; Bern Bros) h315 
152d (CC) 

” Max (Bern Bros) r Chicago Hts Ill 
Bemacki Adam steel wkr r2317 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 


" Bolesiaws (Josephine) pntr him 

" Josephine Mrs (Josephine's Beauty 
Shop) hllll Conkey 
" Stanley (Kath) oil wkr h2317 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Walter r2317 Indianapolis blvd (PO 

Bernard L Cosby (Hazel D) archt 7241 
Forest av h do 

Bemas Steph Rev asst pastor StAndrew 
The Apostle RC Ch r758 Lincoln av 

Bernaski Beatrice nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing rl07 154th pi (CC) 

Bernat Frank F (Gisella; Bemat Shop) 
h6356 Hohman av 
" Julian student r6356 Hohman av 
" Louis r6356 Hohman av 
" Shop (Frank F Bernat) furs 5254 
Hohman av 

Bematski Henry S tkt agt MCRR r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

Bemd H Donald (Jessie M) chf elk C&C 
DTCo h6003 Hohman av 
" Otto H sec-treas Chgo & Calumet Dist 
Transit Co r6003 Hohman av 
Berndt Aug (Margt) mech C&CDTCo r 

Bernekoff Frank O (Minnie) carp hl547 
av (POWhi) 

" Violet rl547 Myrtle av (POWhi) 
Bemie Fred (Ruth) mgr Goldblatt Bros 
h52 State apt 16 

" Ruth Mrs cash Goldblatt Bros h52 
State apt 16 

Bemlehr Bertha (wid Geo) hl6 Harding 
av (CC) 

" Geo C atndt John H Brehm rl6 Hard¬ 
ing av (OC) 

Bernotas Theresa Mrs presser h4927 
Pine av 

Bernstein Henry bar tndr r536 Douglas 
av (CC) 

" Nathaniel N (Maebelle) lawyer h6514 
Forest av 

Bemstorff Fred (Lola) r3 Webb (CC) 
Berri Violette M (wid Edw) maid hl037 

Berry Addi s on O - (Jessie A; Addison C 
Berry & Co) h8 Elizabeth (CC) 
Berrv), Architects 305 Ruff Bldg 5248 
Hohman av, Tel 4425 
" Bearing Co Inc Robt V Brady mgr 
auto parts 5811 Calumet av 
" Edw A (Leona) elk h703 Indiana 
" Grace Mrs r7132 Jackson av 
" Maxine r7132 Jackson av 
" Wm A (Lillie B) custodian First 
Presby Ch h6021 Hohman av 
Bersinski Albert lab rl718 177th 
Berst J Albert (Mary R) bldg estimator 
h6518 Alexander av 
Bertea Nick rlOl Industrial rd 
Berthold Andrew W (Kath) elk h50 
Coolidge av 

" Herbert elk Calumet Equipment & 
Supply Co rl324 Indiana 
Martin G (Erna) fety wkr hl324 In¬ 

" Peter E (Gertrude) feeder W B Con¬ 
key Co h6219 Madison av 
Bertin Delbert J (Caroline) formn h641 

Bertram Jos hl346 Michigan 
" Maxwell T (Mildred) auto repr 1, Wil¬ 
liams h859 Truman 

" Merton J mech Walker Bros r859 

" Mildred waiter Mary Mihalevich r85i. 

" Viola (wid Will R) h859 Truman 
Bervlin Eliz Mrs h225 Gostlin 
Berwanger Aloysius J (Glenna) delmr 
Goldblatt Bros h6344 Jackson av 








" Andrew (Mary) slsmn O E Bolls & Co 
r558 Ingraham av (OC) 

•' Chas E swtchmn r5417 Tell av 
" Clarence R hlpr r523 State <CC) 

Edw J (Gertrude) electn h535 Price av 

" Eliz (wid Frank) h41 Elizabeth 
“ Fred J (Margt) v-pres O E Bolls & 
Co hill Sibley blvd (CC) 

" Fred W h558 Ingraham av (OC) 

•' Helen R sten r443 Garfield av (CC) 

" Henry M (Cornelia C) day depot agt 
Ry Exp Agcy h526 Garfield av (CC) 

" Herbert driver Schappi Bus Line Inc 
r518 State (CC) 

” John J depot formn Ry Exp Agcy r 
479 Indiana 

” Jos P (Alice M) sta atndt h526b Gar¬ 
field av (OC) 

" Lucille beauty opr r6136 Harrison av 
'• Mary E h479 Indiana 
" Michl F (Martha) pipeftr h421 Pul¬ 
aski rd (CC) 

" Mildred L Mrs typist IHBRR h482 
Lincoln av apt 2 <OC» 

•' Raymond car bldr r6136 Harrison s 
"Regina (wid Michl) h443 Garfield av 

• Robt (Mildred L) atndt Arth W Lie- 
senfelt h482 Lincoln av apt 2 (CC) 
Wm F (Jean) car bldr h6136 Harri¬ 
son av 

" Wm F (Ella J) delmn Goldblatt Bros 
h461 Price av (CC) 

" Yvonne A r526 Garfield av (CC) 
Berzin Edw delmn Goldblatt Bros r24 

Besch Carolyn D (wid Ernest) maid h 
1018 169th 

Beschler B dw - r457 Logan 
Beshch Geo (Julia) confr 6717 Kennedy 
av h do 

Besozzi Leo (Mary A) cons eng 5217 
Hohman av R314-16 h52 Ruth apt 

Bess Lillian office wkr Goldblatt Bros r 
E Chicago 

Besser Oscar F pipeftr r827 Truman 
Bessett Harry slsmn Hammond Clean 
Towel Service r Harvey Ill 
" Hilda Mrs r918 Ames 
Bessler Alvin (Leona) lab h rear 6720 
Alabama av 

Best Delos E lab rlllO Cherry 
’’ Ewing M rlllO Cherry 
" Lloyd A (Marie) soap mkr hlllO 

" Vernon E (Beulah) crane opr h643 

Besterda Carl J steel wkr r722 Spruce 
" Matilda (wid Louis) h722 Spruce 
Bethany Children’s Home Emily Gustaf¬ 
son supt 918-22 Highland 
Bethea Dennis A (Magdalen) phys 1021 
Field h do 

Bethel A M E Church 42 Plummer 
" A M E Church 112 Plummer 
" Aubrey (Ellen) greasemn h6804 Par¬ 
rish av 

Bethke Aug C (Gladys I) driver h451 
Truman blvd 

Bethune Jas (Patricia) r509 Indiana 

SHOP (Walter E Stnacall), Custom 
Made Draperies, Slip Covers and 
Furniture, Upholstering, Venetian 
Blinds and Floor Coverings 5946- 
5948 Hohman av, Tel 1993 (For fur¬ 
ther information see page 47 Buyers' 

Betterton Harry O (Grace) driver h6837 
Carolina av 

Bettis Jas A (Ulricka) h215 Carroll 
Bettle Harold lab Central Chem Dlv r 
407 Plummer av (CC) 

Betts Ernest S rlOl Industrial rd 
" John S (Dorothy M) auto wkr h5604 
Walter av 

" Paul porter Agnew Motor Co 
" Ralph A (Mary H) reprmn NIPSCo 
h5513 Hohman av 

Betustak Anthony rl618 Myrtle av (PO 

" Anthony jr (Angeline) driver h4324 
Hohman av 

" Bros (John, Steve and Jos E) filling 
sta 5504 Hohman av 
" Frank (Helen) order filler W B Con- 
key Co rl226 Summer 
" Frank (Pauline) shop emp C&CDT 
Co h20 Locust 

" John P (Betustak Bros) r20 Locust 
" Jos E (Betustak Bros) r20 Locust 
" Steve (Betustak Bros) r20 Locust 
Betz Agnes Mrs v-pres Betz Corp h5146 
Hohman av 
’’ Building 440-42 State 
" Corp Lyman B Betz pres-treas Mrs 
Agnes Betz v-pres Jas O Dickson 
sec air conditioners 440 State R3 
Frank R (Esther E> physicians’ sup¬ 
plies 440 State R6-7 real est 440 
State R3 h8 Ruth (CC) 

Frankr 6 real est 440 State R3 h5746 
Hohman av 

” Geo r8133 Marshall av 
Investment Co Frank S Betz pres- 
treas Lyman B Betz v-pres Jas O 
Dickson sec 440 State R3 
” John (Fredia) mach hlpr h6133 Mar¬ 
shall av 

Julia C (wid Irving) h6508 Forest av 
" Lyman B < Agnes) pres-treas Betz 
Corp r5746 Hohman av 
" Marjorie red cross wkr r6508 Forest 
Betzold Florence (wid Edw) r6643 
Meadow la 
" Jos r5970 Park pi 
Beucus Robt R (Roy’s Body & Fender 
Co) r762 Michigan 
" Roy (Gertrude; Roy’s Body & Fen¬ 
der Co) h762 Michigan 
Beulock Morris cook r5129 State Line av 
Beutter Geo H (Florence I) safety mn 
h988 Wentworth av (OC) 

" Leona M opr IBTCo r988 Wentworth 
av (CC) 

Bevan Arth elev opr Calumet bldg rS346 
Madison av 

Elwyn T (Mildred D) musician Rus¬ 
sell A Burke hi 16 State av 
" Jos (Lulu) wtchmn h6345 Madison av 
" Sami r606 Truman blvd 
" Thos H (Marie A) mill wkr h6349 
Madison av 

" Wilbur R (Jean) driver r252 Detroit 
Bevels Clyde (Isabel) mach opr h6519 
Madison av 

Beverage Glen M (Valerie) auto wkr h24 

Beverlin Laverne (Sophie) auto mech h 
121 156th (CC) 

Beverly Marjorie Mrs r6804 Forestdale 
Beville Steph (Bernadette) lino opr r836 

" Susie (wid Steph C) h6542 Jackson av 
Bewley Arth (Edna) pipeftr hl703 Rob¬ 
erts av (POWhi) 

" Vivian slswn Liberal Credit Clothing 
Co r E Chicago 

Beyer Chas C (Minnie) h3 Ruth 

’’ Merrill (Edna) chemist h237 Highland 
apt 102 

" Norman A (Dorothy) tchr Hammond 
Hi Sch hl6 Warren 
Beyler Fred (Beatrice) fcty wkr hl509 
Brown av (POWhi) 

Beymer S L (Margt F) elk SREMCo r 

Bezauska A Patk electn r48 Waltham 
Bezdek Jos L phys 716 Wentworth '< 
(OC) r Pullman Ill 


- Swarthout & Craig, Inc. 



1105 119th Street Phone Whiting 1073 

Bezouska Milton radio eng Hammond 
Calumet Broadcasting Corp r Chi¬ 
cago IU 

BezrucKi Aiex (Kat/h) lab h667 Hirsch 
av (OC) 

" Theo P r€67 Hirsch av (OC) 
Biagini Durando (Tina) lab r404 Buf¬ 
falo (OC) 

" Forest (Lena) driver h404 Buffalo av 

Bialka Irene dress shop S15T Columbia 
av r928 Conkey 

Bialker Walter (Sophie) steel wkr hl'126 

Bialko Hugo rlll9 Moss 
" Valentine (Mary) hi 119 Moss 
Biallas Arth E elk W J Holliday & Co 
r Chicago Ill 

Bialoglowicz Carl (Julia) r6337 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

- Michl (Celia) lab h6337 Jefferson av 
Bianchi Arlene Mrs r5724 Erie av 
Biavaschi Jos (Anna) lab h3814 Towle 
Bicanic John (Rose) wtchmn r826 170th 

" Jos (Amanda) car repr hl934 Clay 
" Mary rl934 Clay 

" Rose ship elk Mottle’s Valeteria Serv 
r828 170th 

Bich Wm L prsmn W B Conkey Co r 
Berwyn Ill Jos (Della) h501 155th (C 

" Zismont (Helen) tavern 502 155th (C 
C) h do 

Bick Eliz Nl elk r24 Elizabeth 
" Mary K bus mgr r24 Elizabeth 
" Peter H (Mary E) ins 5409 Calumet 
av h24 Elizabeth 

Bickham Clifford M (Hattie H) auto 
mech h7'18 Sibley 
" Madalyn r718 Sibley 
Bicknell Leslie (Iva. M) oil wkr h rear 
5433 Webster av 

" Robt N r rear 5433 Webster av 
Biddle Houston (Edna) filling sta and 
restr 2408 Calumet av (POWhi) r 

Bieber Ludwig (Lucy) oil wkr hl252 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Biede Herman C (Ruth) car bldr h257 

" Ruth tchr Edison Sch r257 Oakwood 
Biederman Benj (Hannah) slsmn Fran¬ 
cis J Quinn hl007 Drackert 
" Edw B (Daisy C) elk h7112 Olcott av 
Biederstadt Emma (wid Wm) h4 Mason 

" Melvin br mgr Kroger’s r4 W Mason 

Biedron John elk McNamara Bros (W) 
r936 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Louis W (Wanda) ins agt hl515 
Brown av (POWhi) 

” Michl (Anna) steel wkr h936 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

•• Michl jr r936 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Steph R (Bernice) slsmn h4222 Dear¬ 
born av 

Bieganik Boleslaw < Anne) car repr h4430 
Towle av 

Biegel Alma r4518 Hohman av 
" Eleanor r4518 Hohman av 
" Frank r4518 Hohman av 
" Geo h4518 Hohman av 
" Henry slsmn Borden-Wieland Div r 

- Johr^B (Eliz) fndry wkr hl007 5th av 

(PORoby) , „ 

’’ Jos bundle tier W B Conkey Co r4ol8 
Hohman av 

" Rosemary r4518 Hohman av 
Bieger Wm marbler W B Conkey Co r 

Bieker Co Inc Andrew F Bieker (Chi¬ 
cago Ill) pres Herbert N Bieker sec- 
treas coal €24 Highland 
" Danl (Gertrude) dentist hl2 Lawn¬ 


' Edw G (Therese) slsmn Chicago Mo¬ 
tor Club (Hammond Br) h847 114th 
apt 4 (POWhi) 

" Helen M cash Parthenon Theatre r 
243 Ogden 

" Henry N (Ruth) autos 5749 Calumet 
av h6308 Forest av 

" Herbert N sec-treias Bieker Co Inc r 

243 ( 


" Marie J r227 Douglas 
Mary (wid Henry) h227 Douglas 
"■Wro ( Juhaw t ab ) h243 Ogden 
" Wm J (Lucille) still mn h831 Becker 
Biel Baltazer rlOl Industrial rd 
" John M (Susan) car repr hl006 Reese 

" Jos G (Estelle) asst dept mgr hl62S 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Julia M wrapper r432 Pulaski rd (C 

’’ Steven (Mary) oil wkr h2128 Atchi¬ 
son av (POWhi) 

" Vincent (Julia) tile wkr h432 Pulaski 
rd (CC) 

Bielaszko Charlotte r4225 Grover av 
Jos r4225 Grover av 
" Mary (wid John) h4225 Grover av 
Bielat Andrew (Victoria) chain wkr h 
4329 Henry av 

" Bruno shearmn r4329 Henry av 
' Jos rl08 156th (OC) 

" Peter (Anna) millwright h527 157th 

Walter shearmn r4»89- Henry av 
Bielawski Emily M nurse StMargt Sch 
of Nursing r Harvey Ill 
" Thos (Stella) h4521 Cedar av 
Bielefeld Theo E (Emma) h6219 Forest 
Bielefield Walter F (Mary M) real est 
7211 Magoun av h do 
Bielski Walter J (Mary) crane opr hl024 

Bien John hlpr SREMCo r4533 Hickory 
Bieniasz John hlpr r501 155th pi (CC) 

" P ete r (Frances) gro 501 155th pi (C 
C) h do 

Bienko Edw stockmn W B Conkey Co r 
1044 Highland 

Walter E (Kath) car bldr hl044 High¬ 

Bienkowski John (Mary) oil wkr hll26 

Bierly Margt M (wid Henry) sten NIPS 
Co r30 Condit 

Bierman Aloysius J (Ethel M) lab h571 
Douglas av (CC) 

Biernaczki John Rev pastor StCasimir’s 
R C Church h547 Huehn 
Biernat Agnes (wid Geo) h4414 Balti¬ 
more av 

” Rudolph car repr r4414 Baltimore av 
Biesen Arth J jr (Frances) steelwkr h 
7016 VanBuren av 

" Arth W (Minnie) maoh W B Conkey 
Co hl531 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Carl F (Mary) lab h947 Michigan 
" Mildred M waiter Woolworth’s r Gary 
Wm M (May) oil wkr hl€26 Davis av 

Bieszczat Bertha Mrs rlOSO Kenwood 
Bigford Clarence A (Loretta) slsmn Leo 
P Knoerzer Co h6604 Alabama av 
Bigger Wm M (Eliz) phys €111 Hohman 
av h do 

Biggs Richd E (Elsie) elk h2619 184tn 

Bigoct Jos A (Julia) mach h336 Pulaski 
rd (OC) 

Bigus John (Rose) pipe ftr h338 154th 
pi (OC) 

" Julia slswn Kresge’s rll7 155th pi 

" Theresa) ctr W B Conkey Co r338 
154th pi (CC) 

Bihlman Lawrence (Sophie) h442 Ken¬ 

" Ralph A (Mary M) h837 Chicago 

Bikle W E (Dorothy S) asst chf eng SR 
EMCo r Chicago 

Biko Cath (wld John) h614 Conkey 
Bilak Eleanor rl737 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Michl hl737 Davis av (POWhi) 

Biles Emma B Mrs sewer W B Conkey 
Co h6414 Euclid av 
'• Robt L (Emma B) lab h6414 Euclid 
Bilka Michl (Mary) oil wkr h2435 Birch 
av (POWhi) 

Billings e haa -B (Della) swtchmn h484 

•' T Jos (Mildred) elk h704 State Line 
av (OC) 

Billman Jos bartndr Pour Aces Club r 
204 State (CC) 

Billski Walter (Anna) punch mn SREM 
Co r Chicago 

Bilo Natko crane opr SREMCo r E Chi¬ 

Bilski John M (Josephine J) meat ctr 
r*10 156th (CC) 

Mary (wid Martin) h410 156th (CC) 
Biltz Marian instr StMargt Hosp r30 

Bince Wm (Geneva) mach opr h5217 
State Line av 

Binckes Allen R (Hazel) estimator h6134 
VanBuren av 

Bindas Ann H elk State Street Fruit Mkt 
r938 Ames 

" Helen Mrs janitor Calumet bldg h938 

'• John bend covers W B Conkey Co r 
938 Ames 

'• Jos (Ann) pulpmn h508 155th (CC) 
“ Jos (Helen) steel wkr h938 Ames 
Binder Chas W (Harriet) civ eng h2017 
Wespark av (POWhi) 

" Mary L (wid Wm) h6223 Garfield av 
Wm M student r2017 Wespark av (PO 

Bindis Anna elk rl003 169th pi 
" John lab rl003 169th pi 
'• Michl (Mary) lab hl003 169th pi 
" Sophia maid rl003 169th pi 
Bing Ernie cook Bamboo Inn rl44 State 
Bingaman Blanche (wid Chas E) rl333 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

” Wilbur W rep Household Finance 
Corp r Chicago Ill 
Bingham Edw R (Nancy A) firemn h 
6735 Arkansas av 

' Leona E sten NIPSCo r220 Detroit 
" Margt V Mrs elk E C Minas Co r2 
1157th (CC) 

Binhammer Carl A (Kathryn A) elk 
State Bk Of Whiting (W) hl929 

Stanton av (POWhi) 

Fred (Frieda) hl713 Myrtle av (PO 

Bini Anthony (Olendina) tavern 104 
State (OC) h do 
Binko Andrew elk r931 Chicago 
" John r931 Chicago 
” Mary maid 6316 Forest av 
" Mary Mrs h931 Chicago 
Binzen Gertrude (wid Theo) beauty opr 
h6237 Madison av 

Biondie Geo R (Frances L) baker Leo 
Tomczak h rear 26 Douglas 
Bippus John M (Cath L) h6432 Jackson 
Birbich Andrew rll36 Highland 
" Michl rll36 Highland 
" Susan elk rll36 Highland 
" Vasil (Eva) hi 136 Highland 
" Wm (Mary) steel wkr hl-138 Morris 
Birch Leighton lab r643 Kane 
" Wm L lab W J Holliday & Co r643 

Bires Andrew (Eliz) hl017 Reese (PO 

Birkett Bert (Sadie) key mkr h589 Price 
av (CC) 

" Fred r589 Price av (CO 
" Louis D (Dolores H) tchr Tech-Voca¬ 
tional Sch hl22 Elizabeth 
Birkholtz Chas L (Alvina) sta eng h2619 
< 169th 

Birkholz Hilda (wid Ernest) h409 Con¬ 

Birmingham Mary J nurse 6236 Moraine 
av h do 

" Thos F (Edith) mgr h6233 Moraine 
Biro Chas (Eliz) lab h6848 Missouri av 
Bisada Leo lab h4444 Torrence av 
" Mack r4444 Torrence av 

Bisdhof Orville F (Florence J) mach opr 
h305 159th (CC) 

Bischoff Alf (Martha) oil wkr h824 169th 

Biscon Nicholas fndry wkr r6148 Alex¬ 
ander av _ 

Bish Amos (Vera J) body repr Burgess | 
Auto Spring & Axle Service h4407 I, 
Oak av 

Bishop Deva L (Jessie A) lab h5722 Cal¬ 
umet av 

" Ernest M (Maude) restr 132 Sibley r 
109 do 

" Frank W (Virginia) swtchmn hlll4 

" Geo J (Margt) oilwkr hl636 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

" John J (Myrtle) wtchmn h4343 
Grover av 

" Lawrence O lab r4840 Pine av 
•' Louis orderly StMargt Hosp r7006 
Marshall av 

" Mannie (Helen) h4419 Sheffield av 
" Mary M (wid John) r4840 Pine av 
" Maurice A (Sophie) slsmn h809 For¬ 
sythe av apt 4 (CC) 

" Willis K r67o0 Idaho av 
Bisping Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Bissa Dorothy fctywkr UC&OPCo f37 
Wentworth av <CC) 

" Edw atndt Stanley Bajger 
" Jos E (Anna) formn UC&OPCo h37 
Wentworth av (CC) 

" Jos E jr (Lena) stmftr UC&OPCo h 
315 Plummer av (CC) 

" Leonard r37 Wentworth av (OC) 
Bitner Fay (Gladys) steelwkr hlllO 

Bittner Geo P (Pearl) driver h2834 165th 
apt D 

" Jesse P (Winifred) formn h6616 Cali¬ 
fornia av 

" Lawrence lab r625 169th 
" Wm E (Kath) crusher opr h7238 
Marshall av 

Bitsey Louis (Mary M) h4228 Hohmann 
Bitzer Chris r5640 Alice av 
Bixby Edw R (Marguerite P) elk SREM 
Co r Chicago 

” Jas E Rev (Naomi E) evangelist h836 

Bixeman Anna Mrs matron r831 Logan 
Bixemann A Clarence steelwkr r910 

Berths (wid Ignatius) h910 Hoff¬ 

Bizouk Nicholas (Calope; Manhattan 
Lunch) h579 Wentworth av apt 4 

Bjorklund Carl (Josephine M) lab hl323 

" Carl L lab NIPSCo rll31 Truman 
Blachly Cornelius G (Agnes) formn NIP 
SCo h4843 Hickory av 
" Frances L (wid Miller C) h511 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

Black Albert T <Bernardine> mach W 
B Conkey Co h623 (169th 
" Albert T jr (Mary) r623 169th 
" Alex G (Mae D) steelwkr h50 Eliza¬ 

'■ Arth R r623 169th 
Austin A oilwkr r5449 Columbia av 
C Paul (Ethel) prsmn hll28 Sibley 
" Chas W lab r5726 Erie av 
' Clifford W (Hazel) elk h917 Bauer 
Cora M faith healer 476 Michigan h 

Dale (Gertrude) lab r713 Sibley 
" Donald R (Flossie) lab h920 Plummer 
" Earl carp r476 Michigan 
Elmer F (Hazel M) towermn h630 

Bih« 19=39 (Bessie) mach !h2035 Su¬ 
perior av (POWhi) 

" Erma Mrs slswn Calumet Goodwill 
Industries Inc r Lowell 
" Harry H (Theresa) slsmn Borden- 
Wieland Div h911 Lyons 
" Isabel tavern 13819 Green Bay av 
(Bur) hl2 Warren (OC) 

" Jas E (Alberta M) elk h?523 Jackson 
" Jas G (Eva) wtchmn hl805 Davis av 
apt 192 (POWhi) 

Jas M (Rachel H) steelwkr h7219 On¬ 
tario av 

" Jas R (Hattie) oilwkr h5726 Erie av 
" John D student r50 Elizabeth 





Lumber Yard*' 







High Grade 








PhH and Peter Smidt, Props. 






Real Estate 


Real Estate 
Service in the 


Pulaski Rd. 
Calumet City, 







Real Estate, 


Now Is The 
Time To Buy 
Real Estate 


Pulaski Rd. 
Calumet City, 





" Jos A rlOl Industrial rd 
" Jos A (Evelyn) oilwkr h852 Wilcox av 
" Jos F (Maude) mach opr Youngstown 
Steel Door Co h29 Doty 
" Lindsey L (Pearl) car inspr h824 Wil- 

... (POWhi) I 
" Mary A (wid John S) r935 Becker 
" Mildred elk J J Newberry Co r5726 
Erie av 

" Nancy J (wid Frank) hl230 Indiana 
" Oak Church of Christ Rev Will J 
Wright pastor Stevenson nr Black 
Oak rd 

" Paul elk r rear 31 Carroll 
Paul C (Grace M> elk NIPSCo hl(H5 

'' Ralph (Tula M) wtchmn hT13 Sibley 
" Robt J (Julia) h9 157th (CC) 

" Robt M (Josephine T) car bldr h420 

" Sami (Laura) eng h4740 Cedar av 
" Sherman C (Susan M) still opr h 
7130 Wicker av 
" Vivian M r420 Indiana 
" Walter r935 Becker 
Blacka Steve (Margt) furrier Bernat 
Shop r Gary 

Blackburn Arth J (Mary) h3000 138th 
pi (Bin) 

" Arth J jr driver r3000 138th pi (Bur) 

" Faye Mrs restr 5206 Oakley av h537 

" John L (Ruth A) lab h6716 Jackson 
” Lavina Mrs drsmkr 479 Sibley h do 
" Roy V (Audrey) swtchmn h rear 6624 
Alabama av 

" Ruth A Mrs slswn Kresge’s h6716 
Jackson av 

Blackman Clarence dispr r5433 State 
Line av 

" Hugo L (Julia) bus opr C&CDTCo r 

" John (Julia) r6220 Columbia av 
" Robt baker r5433 State Line av 
Blackmon Jos rll30 Merrill 
" Robt (Sadie) lab h rear 1019 Field 
" Warren (Christina) lab hi 130 Merrill 
Blackmun Jos G slsmn r7340 Woodmar 
" Susan B (wid Franklin) pres Ander- 
son-Blackmun Inc 'h7340 Woodmar 
V-Pres-Sec The Lake County Agen¬ 
cy Inc, h28 Roselawn, Tel 2728 
Blackwell Ernest W (Mary A) still opr h 
2824 Janet pi 

" John A (Marion R) printer h4725- 
Baris-av- (POWhi) 

" Paul lab hi 108 Michigan 
Blade David (Madeline) fctywkr rll30 
Wilcox av 

" Frank (Julia) mach h4731 Cedar av 
" Hilda M Mrs h947 Wilcox av 
" Lewis H (Ethel) swtchmn hll30 Wil¬ 
cox av 

" Margt elk W Frank Holland T413 Sib¬ 

" Margt (wid John) h413 Sibley 
Blaemire Orton (Florence E) crane opr 
r523 State (OC> 

" Richd A (Lucille) steelwkr h546 Har¬ 
rison av (CC) 

" Sue (wid Robt) 5i718 Plummer 
" Wm driver r718 Plummer 
Blahunka Jos A (Anna) brklyr hl335 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" Steven (Apolonia) oilwkr hl842 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

Blair Bradley O elk r48 Waltham 
" Celia (wid G Arth) r6619 VanBuren 
" Earl (Helen) die str h2716 '162d 
" Emerald H (Aldyne) mgr Brinks Inc 
h335 157th (OC) 

" Fannie Mrs (Curley Que Beauty Sa¬ 
lon) h!5 Condit 


" Fred (Addle) still opr h527 State 
" Harry (Emma) carp h6345 Blaine av 
" John H (Fannie) swtchmn hl5 Con¬ 

" Lillian (wid John P) hl5 Condit 
" Robt (Earla L) swtchmn' h348 156th 
pi (CC) 

Blaiick Michl rlOl Industrial rd 
Blake Frank stmftr r5114 Hohman av 
" Garnet G (Elena D) const eng h912 
114th (POWhi) 

” Harry D (Rhue M) slsmn Sherman 
E McEwen r222 Ogden 
" John T (Lillie) driver h4T46 Elm av 
" Richd (Marie) pkr h4230 Henry av 
Blanchard -Ches-H (Ola) oilwkr h4327 
Baltimore av 

- Clifford (Loretta) hl229 Indiana 
" J ese phm e (wid Frank) r7212 Mar¬ 
shall av 

• M elk Goldblatt Bros r4327 Baltimore 
" Russell (Thelma) bus opr C&CDTCo 
r RD 2 Gary 

" Russell A (Edith) chauf Fire Dept h 
5627 Claude av 

" Sami (Betty) lab h rear 4524 Oak av 
" Wm (Lutretia) fctywkr r839 173d pi 
" Willis (Ola) lab r4327 Baltimore av 
Bianck Lee E asst opr NIPSCo r Lansing 
Blanco Leo (Dorothy) formn h rear 1038 

Blandford Fred elk Robt F Blandford 
r6550 Alabama av 

" Harvey F (Kath) driver Wulf’s Clnrs 
h6609 Jefferson av 
beauty opr I" 

_ Jefferson l. 

Robt F (Irene) gro 6550 Alabama av 
h do 

" Rudolph (Ruth) driver r944 Summer 
" Ruth Mrs offlcewkr Standard Equip 
& Sup Corp r944 Summer 
" Ruth (wid Harvey) mgr Goldblatt 
Bros r407 Waltham 
Blaney Wm R (Ora) lab h2039 Sherman 
Blanford Duff (Zella) crane opr h4730 
Pine av 

Blank Ernest steelwkr r251 Ogden 
" Harry oilwkr r251 Ogden 
" Martin elk Motor & Axle Parts Serv¬ 
ice r Chicago Ill 

Blanke Clyde W slsmn Montgomery 
Ward Co h331 157th (CC) 
Blankenburg Harry (Ethel) slsmn Bor- 
den-Wieland Div h5837 Erie av 
" Walter F (Ann) slsmn Borden-Wie- 
land Div h908 Bauer 
Blankenship Harvey W (Virginia) adv 
mgr h48 Warren 

Blanton Eug N (Thelma S) mach opr h 
119 Hanover 

Blaschke Herman hl738 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

Blashfield Dorothy sten r7132 Jefferson 
Blasko Andrew (Mary) hl433 Myrtle av 

" Andrew (Ellen) oilwkr h2724 New 
York av (POWhi) 

" Julia E maid rl433 Myrtle av (PO 

Blastick Anthony (Josephine) car repr 
hl514 125th (POWhi) 

" Dephine r2304 Indianapolis blvd (PO 

" John M (Frances) helpr h2304 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

Lillian r2304 Indianapolis blvd (PO 

" Michl (Marie) oilwkr h2307 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Peter (Eliz) car repr h235il Birch av 

Blatnicky Adam (Mildred) mldr h4724 
Elm av 

Blatt Ervin A div supvr NIPSCo r4614 
Johnson av 


Blatteau Jas L (Geneva M) eng h4735 
Hohman av 

Blau] John W (Bertha) slsmn Borden- 
Wiejand Dlv h'3611 Monroe av 
Blazic Jos fctywkr r626 Sibley 
" Mildred Mrs r626 Sibley 
Bleck Eva (wld Gustave) h4418 Clark 
" Fred H (Marion) elk h6232 Garfield 
" Theo J (Gertrude A) oilwkr h6222 
Jefferson av 

Bledsoe Gertrude Mrs hl39 156th (OC) 
Bleeder Mif^i lah Home Lbr Co 
B'leile Henry C (Clara C) h35 Clinton 
Blenz Jos R (Mirgia T) hl226 150tfh 
Blevins Esco W (Alva) oilwkr h2516 

Blink Maggie elk Goldblatt Bros r3449 

" Minnie elk Woolworth's r Lansing O 
Bliss Clarence lab r4228 Torrence av 
Blissmer Aug L (Mildred K) ftr NIPSCo 
h5307 State Line av 
" Clyde R swtchmn r691 Ingraham av 

" Floyd W lab r691 Ingraham av (CC) 

•' Jeannette rllO 155th pi (OC) 

" John H (Pearl L) ftr NIPSCo h691 
Ingraham av (CC) 

Wm lab r502 Ingraham av (OC) 
Blitsch Francis H (Loraine) soapwkr h 
7408 Jefferson av 

" Kenneth R (Beulah) formn h7>435 
Jackson av 

Blixt John A (Agnes C) 'h4908 Elm av 
Bloch Ralph (Paceine Laboratories) r 
Chicago Ill 

Blocher Keith C (Nelda) aoct h430 Wal¬ 

Block Alf (Lucille) millwkr h6405 Calu¬ 
met av 

" Frank A (Eleanor M> mach opr h609 
Green Bay av (CC) 

" Mildrel Mrs gro 487 Indiana h do 
" Norman elk Mrs Mildred Block r487 

" Peter P (Edith E) carp h4609 Cam¬ 
eron av 

Blocker Emma (wld Adolph E) r217 
Webb apt 2A 

” Frank A (Marjorie; Schonert & 
Blocker) h237 Highland apt 302 
" Howard (Norma) driver Hamnjond 
Clean Towel Service h6610 Calumet 
" Laura slswn Three Sisters Inc r38 

" Theo F (Nellie) stmftr h529 Highland 
Blockie Alice r822 Eaton 
" Geo J h822 Eaton 
Blockland Bert lab r412 165th 
" Edw (Ida) formn h412 165th 
Bloede Henry A (Augusta) slsmn h7341 
Magoun av 

Bloehs Wm (Beatrice) oilwkr hll38 

Blohm Alvin H r4622 Towle av 
" Edw J (Evelyn) oilwkr h.1712 Davis av 

" Edw J jr oilwkr rl712 Davis av (PO 

" John F (Lillian L) janitor h4622 
Towle av 

" Max C (Ruth) oilwkr h4018 Cameron 
Blokland Edw jr (Esther) lab h826 Mul¬ 

Blom Arie routemn Chapman Lndry Inc 
r Lansing Ill 

Blonski John r!139 Kenwood 
" Leonard (Mary) hi 139 Kenwood 
Blood Arth (Miriam) elk h2115 Lincoln 
av (POWhi) 

" Margt S (wid Geo L) hl313 Gordon 
av (OC) 

" Wilbur C (Mary) hl25 157th (OC) 
Bloodworth Henry D (Valeria) electa h 
2915 163d pi 

Bloom Edw T (Elsie P) investigator 
IHBRR h916 Eaton 
Bloom’s Inc Carmen H Louis mgr furs 
5255 Hohman av 

Bloomberg Harry E (Carrie J) formn h 
224 Waltham (CC) 

Bloomer Jesse E (Marie) still clnr h,1510 
174th pi 

Bloomfield Jos slsmn h5319% Hohman 

Bloos Andrew (Sara) ptmmkr h307 
Webb (CC) 

" Arnold A r307 Webb (OC) 

Blosky Ella elk Goldblatt Bros r East 

Blosser Chas S (Eliz M) depot formn 
Ry Exp Agcy h560 Ingraham av (C 

Blount Geo H (Mabel) swtchmn h7147 
Kennedy av 

" Geo T welder r7:147 Kennedy av 
Bloxon Ralph uphol r5944 Hyslop pi 
Blozak Walter lab UC&OPCo r Chicago 
Blubaugh Albert (Dora) oilwkr hl301 
‘Stanton av (POWhi) 

Blue Goose Diner (Geo Papanicolaou) 
restr 790 Indianapolis blvd (PO 

" Grass Liquor Store Inc John Kolanko 
pres John Rauer v-pres Stanley Ko¬ 
lanko sec-treas 4520 Hohman av 
" Homer (Marie) r4516 Pine av 
” Star Auto Stores Wilson W Cravens 
mgr auto accessories 5435 Hohman 
" Thurman (Eleanora) slsmn h6346 
Monroe av 

" Thurman E lab NIPSCo r6346 Mon¬ 
roe av 

" Virginia R socialwkr r6346 Monroe 
" Wm H (Eliz K) lab rl050 164th pi 
Blume Geo (Marge) h632 Indiana 
John W (Ola M) treas-mgr Emmer- 
ling Funeral Chapel h48 Mason 
•• Josephine waiter Donovan’s Coffee 
Cup Lunch r632 Indiana 
•' Ola M Mrs pres Emmerling Funeral 
Chapel h48 Mason 

Blumenfeld Clarence r rear 934 Carroll 
" Jack C (DeVere; Calumet Pharmacy) 
h572 Forsythe av apt 1 (CC) 

" Meyer J (Gertrude) slsmn Old Ken¬ 
tucky Liquors h rear 934 Carroll 
Blumenhagen Aug (Emma) brklyr h7510 
Jackson av 

Aug jr r7510 Jackson av 
" Elsie maid r7510 Jackson av 
Blumenkranz Harry slsmn Greenwald’s 
Fum Co r Chicago Ill 
Blummer Geo (Emily) elk hl024 Drac- 

Blunt Audra tchr Morton Jr Hi Sch r 
124% Sibley apt 26 
Blus Michl wtchmn h rear 4413 Tor¬ 
rence av 

Blust Kathryn buyer E C Minas Co r 

Bly Myrtle B opr Ill Bell Tel Co (W) r 
1513 Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 
Blythe Amos (Mildred) refinerywkr h 
1114 Indianapolis blvd (PORoby) 

’’ Deward bartndr Mrs Mildred Blythe 
rlll4 Indianapolis blvd (PORoby) 

" Jas (Isabelle) mach h407 157th (OC) 
” Jas mach hd r29 Clinton 
’’ Lawrence C elk Blythe’s Grocery r 
7441 VanBuren av 

" Leonard W (Laura; Blythe’s Grocery) 

h7448 Jackson av _ 

" Lester H (Ethel) bus opr C&CDTCo 
h7441 VanBuren av 
" Margt M (wid Peter) h29 Clinton 
'■ MUdred Mrs tavern 1114 Indianapolis 
blvd (PORoby) h do 
" Willis driver Rosenbaum Coal & Ma¬ 
terials Co Inc r7441 VanBuren av 
Blythe’s Grocery (Leonard W and Les¬ 
ter H Blythe) gros 7448 Jackson av 
Boals Frank G (Erma G) compositor 
Hammond Times h6829 Rosewood av 
mond —City of and Calumet City— 
City of) 

Boardman Jas F (Louise) pntr h rear 
4750 Hickory Sv 

" Wm oilwkr r7231 VanBuren av 
Boardway Edw C (Marie) carp h7434 
Madison av 

" Harold R (Alice B) teller r8 Elizabeth 

" Vernon E (Cleta) fctywkr h4726 Hoh- 

Boatman Sami C (Floy) hlpr h6011 Co¬ 
lumbia av __ 

Boatright Carl (Pebble) oilwkr h4938 
Pine av 

Bob White Sandwich Shop (Edw Mo- 
berg) 5238 Calumet av 

Bobak Bernice J asst Drs Wm T Smith 
and Romuald O Ostrowski) r208 
State (CC) 

" Thos (Mary) tavern 208 State (CO 
h do 

Bobal Susan maid 7214 Hohman av 
Bobalik Peter (Mary) steelwkr h2126 
Wespark av (POWhi) 

Bobam Paul r4246 Dearborn av 
Bobbin Ann maid r rear 6248 Columbia 
" M a ry (wid Miehl) h rear 6248 Colum¬ 
bia av 

" Miehl lab r rear 6248 Columbia av 
" Susie maid r rear 6248 Columbia av 
Bobbit Evert prsmn W B Conkey Co r 
Oak Forest Ill 

Bobbitt Avey R (Edna F) teleg opr h 
6534 Arkansas av 

Botoek Mary hlpr Brahos Coffee Shop r 
4409 Johnson av 

Bober Frank (Angeline) crater hi 132 

" Judith fountain mgr Kresge’s r5031 
Magoun av 

Boberski Frank (Josephine) lab h6410 
Columbia av 

" Geo (Julia) lab hl037 Morris 
" Geo jr pkr W B Conkey Co rl037 

" John estimator W B Conkey Co rl037 

" Susan rl037 Morris 
Bobiak Edw (Ann) mech Quint Bros Inc 
r655 Freeland av (OC) 

Bobil Anna (wid John) hl008 Merrill 
Bobinski Paul A (Constance) tinsmith 
h4724 Ash av 

Babonick Chas rl4010 Burnham av 

" Jacob (Eva) hl4010 Burnham av 

" Miehl lab r 14010 Burnham av (Bur) 
Bobos John (Mary) lab hl62T Myrtle av 

Bobovich Anthony rlOl Industrial rd 
Bobrick Steve r5951 Birch av 
Bobst Jos mach hd r479 Fayette 
Bochat Chas J welder Champion Corp 
rl35 156th (CC) 

Bochen Clara (wid Frank) r819 Indiana 
Bochenek Steve R lab Beckman Sup Co 
t Hegewisch 

Bochnowski John C (Esther) steelwkr h 
236 Pulaski rd 

Bocian Andrew F bundle tier W B Con¬ 
key Co rll26 Cleveland 
Bock Arnold (Loretta) elk hlll3 Sibley 
" Edw elk r5245 State Line av 
" Emil elk r5245 State Une av 
" Fred C (Jeannette) osteopath 18 Con- 
dit h do 

" Paul rl8 Condit 

•' Ralph E (Gertrude) slsmn h25 Detroit 
" Susanna (wid Emil) h5245 State Line 
" Wm P (Elfreda) steelwkr h4738 John¬ 
son av 

Bocken Elwood R (Ella M) mach hl435 

" Geo N (Grace) hlpr City Dept of Wa¬ 
ter Wks h5837 Wallace rd 
Bocock Robt slsmn r228 Ogden 
Boda Jas ydmn David Johnson Co Inc 
" Sami (Julia) steelwkr hl007 Myrtle av 

Bodak John J (Anna) lab hl930 Atchi¬ 
son av (POWhi) 

" Mary rl930 Atchison av (POWhi) 
Bodell Louise H nurse Kuhn. Smith, 
Kuhn & Shulruff r48 Waltham 
Bodeman Oscar F (Madeline) pres Ham¬ 
mond Ins Agency Ins h228 Dyer 

Bodenhofer Raymond hlpr rll21 Sum¬ 

Bodie Jos E (Virginia C) electn h5413 
Molsberger pi 

" Lewis (Anna) steelwkr hlll5 167th 
" Lewis jr rlll5 167th 
" Madgalene elk Walgreen Co rlU5 

” Oliver W (Bodie Photographer) r5114 
Hohman av 

" Photographer (Oliver W Bodie) 5114 
Hohman av R2 

Bodman John M (Helen B) supvr h 
6635 Monroe av 

Bodnar Beatrice mgr Goldblatt Bros r 
1050 Ames 

" Jas (Beatrice) hl050 Ames 
Bodney Miehl (Jennie) lab rl618 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

" Steph (Rheta) oilwkr hl635 Roberts 
av (POWhi) 

Bodor Chas A (Caroline; Riverside Oil 
Co) h4927 Oak av 

" Ohas J atndt Riverside Oil Co r4927 
Oak av 

Body Jas F lab r4728 Torrence av 
" Louis (Barbara) janitor Maywood Sch 
h4728 Torrence av 
" Louis (Katie) lab h942 Hoffman 
" Louis jr mach r4728 Torrence av 
Boehm Eliz r313 159th (CC) 

Boehmer Mary E sten NIPSCo r Griffith 
Boekhoff Wm F (Marian) steelwkr h 
1621 Stanton av apt 4 (POWhi) 
Boender Howard A (Anna; Calumet 
Dahlia Gardens) hl4 il57th (CC) 
Boerst Henry C janitor r573 Harrison av 

" John H (Irma B) formn h305 152d (C 

Boese Otto R (Margt) formn hl003 

Boetje Wm (Harriet R) mach hl243 
Hirsch av (CC) 

Boettcher Florence tchr Washington Sch 
r5946 Hohman av 
" Rudy lab r703 Indiana 
Bogard Lucille sten rill 152d (OC) 

" Otis (Nettie) custodian Florence Apts 
hill 152d (CC) 

Bogart Homer opr W B Conkey Co r 
Lansing Ill 

" Robt W hlpr W B Conkey Co r Lan¬ 
sing ni 

Bogdam Peter washupmn W B Conkey 
Co rl007 Cherry 

" Steve D (Mary) washupmn W B Con¬ 
key Co hl007 Cherry 
Boge Earl J (Helen) formn Woodman 
Lbr & Sup Co h7022 California av 
" Harold R (Marie G) slsmn Borden- 
Wieland Div hl510 174th 
Boggess Wm (Evangeline) driver r5851 
Columbia av 

Boggs Harold driver McLaughlin Hdw & 
Equipment Co r216 Condit 
Bogielski Agnes Mrs (Rio Lunch) hl853 

" Steph rl830 Michigan 
" Walter (Agnes) formn hl853 Clay 
Boglarsky Andrew asst formn r851 
Wentworth av (CC) 

" Ann waiter LaSalle Restr r851 Went¬ 
worth av (OC) 

" Margt A elk Montgomery Ward Co r 
851 Wentworth (OC) 

" Mary T (wid Thos) h851 Wentworth 
av (OC) 

Bogle Cliaa - (Monica) steelwkr r524 Sib¬ 

Bognar Jas (Eliz) soapwkr hS109 Wal¬ 
lace rd 

" Jos (Marguerite L) sign pntr h435 
155th (CC) 

" Julius filling sta r827 Morris 
" Sophia (wid Andrew) h827 Morris 
Bogner Geo (Pauline) fctywkr h4432 
Torrence av 

" John (Eliz) atndt h4822 Oak av 
" John ship elk r5631 Maywood av 
" John H (Mary M) swtchmn h537 

” Roman G (Frances) blrmkr h731 In¬ 

" Wm R elk r537 Douglas 
Bogosewicz Jos (Grace) oilwkr h)1126 
5th av (PORoby) 

Bogren Carl O (Bertha) h859 Truman 
" Frances tchr Harding Sch r Illiana 
Hotel (W) 

Bogucki Tiilie (wid Alex) h2028 Lincoln 
av (POWhi) 

Boguslaw Genevieve r4229 Sheffield av 
" Peter (Agnes) tilewkr h4229 Sheffield 
" Theo steelwkr r4229 Sheffield av 
Bogusz Stanley bellmn Lyndora Home r 
5927 Columbia av 

•" Thad (Martha) refinerywkr h4227 
Wabash av 

" Walter elk Lyndora Home r5927 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

Hamacher Nursery 

707 Ridge Rd., Hammond, Ind., R. D. 1 

Bohanan Jdnn L (Bertha) elk h7321 
Northcote av 

Bohlen Elmer T (Clara M) cranemn r 
6542 Jackson av 

Minnie (wid Theo) h5543 Maywood av 

Bohler Arvel (Lucille) oilwkr h5240 Sohl 
av apt 222 

Bohling Agnes elk Montgomery Ward Co 
r438 Wilson av (CC) 

J Bohling Pres, Dodge and Ply¬ 
mouth Motor Car Dealers 5425-5427 
Hohman av, Tels 265-266 (For fur¬ 
ther information see page 3 Buyers’ 

" Danl (Florence) steelwkr h6230 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

" Dorothy I sten r438 Wilson av (CC) 

" E Warren v-pres Bohling Auto Sis Inc 
r7142 Forest av 

Bohling Auto Sales Inc, h7142 Forest 

" Emma forwn W B Conkey Co h433 

" Emma Mrs slswn Meyer Magdeman 
r650 Cherry 

" Geo service mgr Bohling Auto Sis 
Inc h650 Cherry 

" Giles (Virginia) asmblr h6244 Jack- 
son av 

Harold H (Doris) meatetr hl820 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

" Herbert J meatetr Jos Tittle & Sons 
r433 Waltham 

” Jos A (Mary) auto parking 106 Rim- 
bach h561 Ingraham av (CC) 

" Kathryn (wid Albert) h438 Wilson av 

" Loretta E elk Joy Candy Shoppes Inc 
rl05 W Elizabeth (CC) 

" Luke H r561 Ingraham av (OC) 

" Madolyn M sten A E & J E Tinkham 
r438 Wilson av (CC) 

" Margt E sten Tinkham & Tinltfham r 
438 Wilson av (CC) 

Sylvester J (Wilhma L) elk h605 For¬ 
sythe av (OC) 

Bohnstengel Reinhold J (Anna) h4421 
Ash av 

Bohrer Bemat mgr Goldblatt Bros r 

Boies Grace tchr Morton Jr Hi Sch r48 

Boilek Anthony J (Irene E) asst chemist 

Bojarski Christina elk Royal Blue Food 
Shop r Gary Ind 

" Thos (Rose; Royal Blue Food Shop) 
•hl47 156th pi (CC) 

Bojda Edw r4417 Johnson av 
" Frank trucker W B Conkey Co r4239 
Henry av 

" Jacob (Mary) steelwkr h4239 Henry 
" John r4239 Henry av 
Jos (Agnes) steelwkr h4417 Johnson 
" Paul (Mary) fctywkr h4123 Hohman 
Sophia r4239 Henry av 
" Stanley hlpr Youngstown Steel Door 
Co r4123 Hohman av 
" Walter tilewkr r4123 Hohman av 
Bok Richd R (Esther L) formn h947 

Bokodi Julius (Irene) lab h433 Cherry 
Bokori Frank (Grace) printer h4728 
Baltimore av 

Bokovich Mathew (Milka) lab h2741 
New York av (POWhi) 

Bokowey John rll28 Conkey 
Bolan Geo D (Maenella) hl020 Highland 
Boland Eileen elk Morton Jr Hi Sch r 
2726 Martha 

" Frank F (Boland’s Blue Bird Tavern) 
r2726 Martha 

" Jas (Nora) supt h2726 Martha 


" Lenora E (Boland’s Blue Bird Tavern) 
r2726 Martha 

" Marie (wid Jos) r3342 173d 
" Ray A (Louise E) welder h7238 Ari¬ 
zona av . —- 

" Wm D (Eileen) city firemn h7001 
Alabama av 

Boland’s Blue Bird Tavern (Lenora 1 
and Frank F Boland) 6857 Kennedy 
Bolanowski Andrew (Lucy) hlll9 Ames 
" Chester coremkr rlll9 Ames 
" Helen waiter rlll9 Ames 
" Jos (Edith) autowkr h6110 Wallace rd 
Bolatek Walter (Helen) lab hll6 156th 

Bolch Frank (Helen) millwright h4712 
Henry av 

" Frank E ir (Ann) tmkpr hl012 High¬ 

Bolda Anthony G (Martha H) lab UC& 
OPCo h445 Garfield av (CC) 

Anton hl23 Pulaski rd (OC) 

" Aug J (Sophie) elk E C Minas Co h 
121 Pulaski rd (CC) 

Cecelia M Mrs slswn J Schloer Sons 
hl36 156th pi (CC) 

" Clement (Mary) lab UC&OPCo h318 
154th pi (CC) 

Edw elk rl23 Pulaski rd (CC) 

’’ John lab rail Pulaski rd (CC) 

Jos M (Cecelia M; Hybiak & Bolda) 
hl36 156th pi (CC) 

" Leonard (Lorraine) lab UC&OPCo h 
416 Price av (CC) 

Rose Mrs h311 Pulaski rd (CC) 
Boldenow Ernest C (Alma) capt Truck 
Co No 2 h7342 Madison av 
" Henry C rlOl Industrial rd 
" Peter J (Marguerite) acct r260 Vine 
Boldt Walter A (Marie) driver h7324 
Harrison av 

Boleck Stanley (Helen) oilwkr hl319 
Lakeview (POWhi) 

Bolek Anna smstrs r4306 Clark av 
Edw 'fctywkr r4313 Clark av 
■ Geo (Anna) formn Central Chem Div 
(W) h4306 Clark av 
" John G lab r4306 Clark av 
" John ’G (Helen) pipeftr h326 155th 

" Jos r4313 Clark av 
Julia (wid Vincent) rS51 Freeland av 

" Mary smstrs r4313 Clark av 
" Stanley (Ella) oilwkr h5431 Molsber- 

” Walter* life guard r651 Freeland av (C 

" Wojciek (Julia) h4313 Clark av 
Bolen Anna (wid August) smstrs r6224 
Calumet av 

" Jas (Margt) oilwkr r2119 Lincoln av 

Boleninec Jos (Mary) lab h rear 4421 
Baltimore av 


" Leonard S (Eliz F) asst sta acct I 
RR hi 128 Eaton 

" Orville D (Nevada S) mach h6431 
Euclid av 

Boletak Mary (wid Albert) hll6 156th 

Bolin Bernice M asst Dr Jas C Bolin r 
Cedar Lake 

" Jas C (Evelyn) dentist 5305 Hohman 
av R301-2 r Cedar Lake 

BOLIN JOHN T (Eleanor), Physician, 
Hours 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p m, Wed¬ 
nesdays and Sundays by Appoint¬ 
ment Only, Suite 301-02 Lloyd Bldg 
5305 Hohman av, Tel 264, r Cedar 
Lake, Tel Lowell 206-R1 

Boling Kermit W (Linda E) policemn r 
4939 Oak av 

Sales and 





' Mamie L sten r4939 Oak av 
" Wm B (Lorena C) heater h4939 Oak 
Bollen Rachael rep Boston Dental Lab¬ 
oratory r Gary Ind 
Bollenback Kath tchr Hammond Hi Sch 
r5927 Columbia av 

Bollhonst Maurice (Edna) hl933 War¬ 
wick av (POWhi) 

Bolling Prank (Hermie) steelwkr h534 

" Jos R (Effie A) crane opr Calumet 
Eng Co h816 Hoffman 
Bollinger Boyd W (Mary) meter reader 
NIPSCo h4026 Cameron av 
Bolls Mary J Mrs sec-treas O E Bolls 
& Co h23 Lawndale 
" O E & Co Otto E Bolls pres Fred J 
Berwanger v-pres Mary J Bolls sec- 
treas whol gros rear 481 Fayette 
" Otto E (Mary J) pres O E Bolls & Co 
h23 Lawndale 

Bolovski David rlOl Industrial rd 
Bolt Arth T (Ruth M) tchr Hammond 
Hi Sch h7121 Madison av 
Bomba John (Mary) fctywkr h4247 
Dearborn av 

Bom bar Louis (Sophia) slsmn Elly son 
Realty Co Inc h312l 163d pi 

Bomberger Peters & Morthland), h 
7142 Magoun av. Tel 5678 
Bombcrger, Peters & Morthland), 
h22 Glendale, Tel 220 
LAND (Louden L Bomberger, Glenn 
D Peters, John W Morthland, Rae M 
Rovce, Oscar Haney, Alfred H High¬ 
land and Chas G Bomberger), At- 
tomeys-at-Law 200 Ruff Bldg 5248 
Hohman av, Tel 2200 
Bomersback Anthony M (Rose) formn 
h9 Doty 

" Frank driver r9 Doty 
" Wm r9 Doty 

Bomfilia Frank (Carman) mach r752 
State Line av (CC) 

Bona Adam A (Anna) supt Holy Cross 
Cemetery h ns Michigan City rd 2 
w of Burnham av (CC) 

" Dorothy C r Adam A Bona 
Bonaccorsi Ottilio (Emma) h467 Truman 

Bonander Eric tool designer r592 State 
Line av (CC) 

Bonaventura Frank (Esther) shoe repr 
h2849 Black Oak rd 
Boncela Jos (Florence) oilwkr hl244 
121st (POWhi) 

" Jos ir rl244 121st (POWhi) 

" Stanley oilwkr rl244 121st (POWhi) 
Bonczkowski John (Mary) h301 155th 

" Leo (Mayme) r301 155th (CC) 

" Mayme sewer W B Conkey Co r301 
155th (CC) 

" Sigmund W < Helen) gro 301 155th 
(CC) h do 

Bonczyk Edw checker r2043 Lincoln av 

" John (Frances) h2043 Lincoln av (PO 

" John inspr h546 156th (OC) 

John P appr W B Conkey Co r546 
156th (CC) 

Jos blrmkr r2043 Lincoln av (POWhi) 
'' Marie r2043 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Marie A r546 156th (OC) 

Bond Apartments 5328 Maywood av 
" Brose E (Juanita) oilwkr h6428 Euclid 
" Brose H (Mildred) carp h441 High¬ 

Chas A (Donna B) bldg contr 7109 
Jackson av h do 

•• Claude H (Nellie M) lab h4925 Oak 
" Dorothy (wid Danl) sten h6614 Van 
Buren av 


" Elbert A (Jessie) pntr h851 Indiana 
" Mildred V opr IBTCo r441 Highland 
Bonder Emma J tchr Hammond Hi Sch 
r5266 Hohman av 

Bondich Tahon lab h2718 il38th pi (Bur) 
Bonds Fredk J (Sophia) oilwkr hl017 
119th (POWhi) 

" Kenneth J (Berdie) hlpr h633 119th 

Bone Alex (Julia) h4825 Hickory av 
Caiman T asmblr r4825 Hickory av 
" Frank asmblr r4825 Hickory av 
" Paul ( Emma ) h rear 5023 Trankle ct 
Bonechi Paul (Jennie; Hohman Buffet) 
h258 Carroll apt 1 

Boner John (Mildred) hl215 Lakeview av 

Boness Bertha rl917 Wespark av (PO 

" Carl oilwkr rl917 Wespark av (PO 

" Carl W (Minnie) oilwkr hl917 Wes¬ 
park av (POWhi) 

Elsie rl917 Wespark av (POWhi) 
Laura rl917 Wespark av (POWhi) 
Wm C (Malvina) reflnerywkr h942 
Pearl (POWhi) 

Bonesteel Lois I Mrs sten Lake County 
Business Bureau r51 Warren 
Bonfiglio Carmelo (Irene) gro 488 In¬ 
diana h473 Truman blvd apt B 
" Dominic (Mae) swtchmn h5247 Sohl 
Bongiovanni Angeline tavern 540 Fayette 
h do 

" Eleanor r540 Fayette 
" Tony (Fannie) h540 Fayette 
Bonham Cath C (wid Arth) h6146 Alex¬ 
ander av 

" Lillian (wid Chas C) h414 Detroit 
" Marion (Frances) fndrywkr r4919 
Pine av 

Wm H (Pearl E) mach opr h5513 Sohl 
Boniec Anton (Mary J) mech NIPSCo 
h4626 Cameron av 
" Bernice A elk r4626 Cameron av 
" John lab UC&OPCo r4626 Cameron 
" Stanley r4626 Cameron av 
Bonin Anna E sten Holy Cross Cemetery 
rl47 Pulaski rd (CC) 

Bonk Stanley (Rose) lab h4419 Wabash 
" Thos J (Leona) asst mgr Parthenon 
Theatre hlO Doty 

Bonkowski Jos J (Stella) formn W B 
Conkey Co h220 156th pi (OC) 
Bonneau Arth r4107 Wabash av 
" Arth=J (Louise) maoh hd h819 State 

" David (Pauline) blrmkr h4!107 Wa- 
oakh av 

" Dolores M elk W T Grant Co r819 
State blvd 

" Pauline cook J J Newberry Co r4107 
Wabash av 

Bonner Basil B (Madeline) mech C& 
CDTCo r Hobart 

" Chas V (Virginia) elk Continental 
Baking Co h766 Indiana 
" Clinton G (Eva; Seay & Bonner) h 
437 165th 

" Jas tmkpr r437 165th 
" Laurence (Thelma) lab h926 Wilcox 
" Lois Mrs elk Washington Sch h rear 
15 Rimbach 

" Seaborn pipe line wkr rT13 Rimbach 
Bonnett Aug W (Sanna S) mach 1*503 
Ingraham av (OC) 

" Donald (Mildred) bkpr hl36 (155th pi 

Bonsall C D (Elsie) research eng SRE 
MCo r Chicago 

Booe Warren A with Lincoln Natl Life 
Ins Co r Gary Ind 

Boone Faye tchr Wallace Sch r7116 
Madison av 

" Laurence J (Ethel) tchr Maywood Sch 
h71H6 Madison av 

k Skiba r6118 


" Peter J (Susan) elk hl805 Davis av 
apt 305 (POWhi) 

" Wm C r4434 Baltimore av 
Boor Sophia Mrs r510 Gostlin 
Boos Edw J (Lydia) loco eng C&ERR 
h632 Gostlin 

" Fred W mach !hd Viking Engineering 
Co r6635 Monroe av 
•' Geo J (Eliz) formn UC&OFCo h7617 
Madison av 

" Lillian M elk E C Minas Co r7617 
Madison av 

Raymond elk r7617 Madison av 
" Walter G (Louise) asst formn UC& 
OPCo h5548 Walter av 
Booth Henry (Lillian) pntr h627 Logan 
" Leah tchr Geo Rogers Clark Sch r 
1542 Warwick av (POWhi) 

" M Benj Rev (Jennie) cantor h960 

State blvd - 

" Robt C (Eliz M) shop emp C&CDT 
Co h6313 VanBuren av 
" Walter G (Mae) loco eng h7121 Van 
Buren av 

” Wm (Lucille) h rear 5238 Ann av 
Booz Kenneth W (Fern) adjuster hl014 

Bopp David E (lone) ins agt hl451 
Brown av (POWhi) 

" David W (Grace) phys 1900 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd R302 (W) hl608 Brown 
av (POWhi) 

Boram Wm auto meefh Crown Point 
Transfer Co r Gary Ind 
>rbas John bartndr Frank 
Columbia av 
Borbely Louis (R©se> carp h'1039 Field 
" Louis jr (Ola) lab hi 122 Field 
Borchadt Rose Mrs r4339 Hohman av 

" John A (Anna) carrier PO h6233 Van 
Buren av 

" Murle student r6233 VanBuren av 
" Wm r4716 Towle av 
" Wm H (Margt) oilwkr h813 Logan 
Borchert Edw (Caroline) h4742 Elm av 
" Ernest (Leila) steelwkr Ml Ogden 
Margt r938 Carroll 

" Oscar C (Mary) capt Police Dept h 
938 Carroll 

" Wm (Kath) lab h5530 Alice av 
Borck Conrad driver Grennan Bakeries 
Inc r Lansing Ill 

Borden Drug Store (Reuben Borden) 
1129 Conkey 

" Libby Mrs sec-treas Lurie’s Inc r824 

" Reuben (Libby; Borden Drug Store) 
r824 Highland 

" T O prsmn W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 

M F Cure Asst Mgr, Wm H Mauck 
Credit Mgr, Milk and Dairy Prod¬ 
ucts 402-406 Clinton, Tels 536-537 
(For further information see top 
stencil edge and page 21 Buyers’ 

Borders Elza L (Martha M) hlpr NIPS 
Co h407 159th (OC) 

" Henry (Lillie) reprmn h4916 Ash av 
" Lamar E r407 159th (CC) 

Borek Stanley (Julia) mach opr h918 

Borem Arth carp Home Owners Guide 
" Bert r580 Sibley 

" Burr S (Kathryn) elk h521 Forsythe 
av (CC) 

' " Dorothy elk Self Service Grocery & 
Market r957 State blvd 
" Mathilda (wid Chas) h957 State blvd 
" Robt (Veda) elk h'5649 Claude av 
" Tillman driver r650 Sibley 
" Vernon D (Mildred) mach hd h580 

Boreman Arth J (Edna) carp h932 Mich¬ 

Boihardt Aug carp r340 155th (CC) 
Borik Josephine Mrs rl421 Sherman 
Boring Cyrus L city firemn r6236- Mon- 

" Elmer H (Cath) lab h6849 Colorado 
" Harry G (Helen) oilwkr h249 1173d 
Irene A opr IBTCo r5641 Claude av 
" Jesse E (Kate) loco eng h244 ‘157th 


" Woodrow (Irene) steelwkr h5641 
Claude av 

Boris Mary beauty opr Pearl’s Beauty 
Shop r3529 Parrish av 

Bork Andrew (Helen) wldr Super Heater 
hi 14 154th pi (CC) 

" Geo (Gertrude) driver h344 T55th (C 

Borkowski Boleslaw (Kath) barber 1120 
Conkey h do 

Borman Arth G (Betty) acct 5114 Hoh¬ 
man av R7 h6550 Madison av 
" Elmer W (Marjorie) pipeftr h5943 
Wallace av 

" Erich r4634 Sheffield av 

BORMAN FRANK, County Recorder 
Lake County, r Gary, Ind 
" Gustav H (Erna) mach h4722 Henry 
" Herbert F (Laura) elk h6919 Madison 
" Ida B (wid Fred) r6919 Madison av 
" Lillian r4317 State Line av 
" Martha (wid Henry) h4634 Sheffield 
" Otto pntr 521 Florence h do 
" Shirley bkpr Brumm Distributing Co 
r6550 Madison av 

" Walter H (Hattie) dhauf Railway 

Bormann C_ _____ 

Fred (Matilda) h4317 State Line av 
Born Emil W (Edith B) oilwkr h820 
'169th pi 

Bomejko Jos (Lucille) h4419 Grover av 
" Peter P (Nan) rate elk IHBRR hl644 
DaVis av (POWhi) 

Born worth Harold (Audrey) cranemn h 
2622 Cleveland av 

Boros Karl mgr Sears Roebuck & Co 
(Modem Home Division Office) r43 

Borowiak Hans (Carrie) formn h427 

" Vergine office wkr Standard Equip *- 
Sup Corp r427 Lewis 
Borowiec Mirian emp Walgreen Co r 
4922 Reading 

Borowski Edw (Helen W) cementwkr n 
16 156th (CC) 

" Edw feeder W B Conkey Co r27 155th 

” Frank (Wanda) lab h27 155th (CC) 
" Frank J (Sylvia) prsmn W B Conkey 
Co h651 Hirsch av (CC) 

" John maintenancemn Continental 
Baking Co r E Chicago Ill 
John F (Rose) lab h666 Gordon (C 

" John M i Bertha C) feeder W B Con¬ 
key Co h rear 659 Price av (OC) 

" Jos (Agnes) hS34 155th (OC) 

" Kath H (wid Frank) clnr Pratt Food 
Co h430 155th pi (CC) 

Bortka Michl driver Whiting Motor 
Service r Chicago Ill 
Borto Stanley (Magdelena; North Ham¬ 
mond Dairy Co) h4307 Sheffield av 
Bortz Jerome mgr Goldblatt Bros r 
Chicago Ill 

Borum Marie officewkr Goldblatt Bros 
r47l0 Towle av 

Bos John hlpr r921 Becker 
’’ Jos W (Cath) hlpr h921 Becker 
Bosard Bert C (Ruby) millwright h4407 
Clark av 

Boschek Chas (Miriam J) musician h 
240 Ruth (CC) 

" Miriam J Mrs elk E C Minas Co h 
240 Ruth (OC) 

Bosco Elvira r917 Gostlin 
Boshnyak Peter (Georgia) driver Roose¬ 
velt Cartage Co h703 Indiana 
Bosiljevach Anna (wid Matthew) h2413 
Birch av (POWhi) 

Boskovich Frank waiter r2031 Sherman 
" Nicholas (Kath) h2031 Sherman 
" Steve r2031 Sherman 
Bosnioh Fred (Ada) firemn h4725 John¬ 
son av 

Boss Andrew sta atndt Morgenau Bros 
’’ Jos r3327 Sheffield av 
" Richd extractor opr Riverdale Prod¬ 
ucts Co 

” Susan (wid Sampson) h3327 Shef¬ 
field av 

Bossard Albert (Anna) crane opr SR EM 
Co h926 Michigan 

" Gladys H Mrs officewkr E C Minas 
Co r Griffith 


• John (Lyda E) slsmn Borden-Wie- 

land Div h5642 Walter av 
" M Paul (Edith) steelwkr h623 :119th 

" Marlin J r5642 Walter av 
" Rudolph (Mildred A) custodian h4923 
Hickory av 

" Walter O driver Sprout & Davis Inc 
r4923 Hickory av 

Bosstel Harry W (Meta I) mach h4705 
Hohman av 

Bost Gilbert tchr Edison Sch r Lyndora 

Bos ted Wm bkpr Burnham Refining Co 
iBostian W Herdie (Arminda) main¬ 
tenance mn h6112 Willard av 
" W Robt (Mary J) elk r9ll7 Eaton 
Boston Dental Laboratory Rachel Bollen 
rep 5241-45 Hohman av Rll 
Bostwick Jas driver r441 Logan 
" Margt E Mrs r4€33 Hohman av 
" Mary hll32 Michigan 
Boswell Caleb (Bonnie) oilwkr h2006 
Calumet av (POWhi) 

" Geo W iMargt) oilwkr hl946 Lake av 

" Reba (wid Henry) h'1626 Roberts av 

Bosz Eliz (Wid Michl) h6735 Kennedy 
Both Wm (Mary) hl25 Gostlin 
Bothe Hans H (Elly) controller E C 
Minas Co h7332 Madison av 
Both well Wnr-B (Myrtle) plmbr Hil- 
brich <St Connor Co hl021 Drackert 
Botsko Katlh (wid Carl) h rear 11122 

" Steve fctywkr r rear 1122 Moss 
Botterbusch Nina slswn r5641 Hohman 
Bouchard Harold J (Thelma) yd elk h 
4645 Henry av 

Boucher Hubert M (Esther) drftsmn 
Williams Bros & Miller h4735 Elm 
" Lena ill 122 Indiana 
' Louise M inserter W B Conkey Co r 
1122 Indiana av 

" Walter (Elsie) eng W B Conkey Co h 
1122 Indiana 

Boudreau Jas M (Prudence) h'1107 Wil¬ 
cox av 

Boughn Oren lab r419 Sibley blvd (OC) 
Boulevard Hotel (Victor Gorczyca) 4750 
Calumet av 

Restaurant (Mrs Helene Lundquist) 
4750 Calumet av 

Bounds Ohas A (Lulu F) hd frt elk 
" IHBRR h6417 VanBuren av 
Bourne Building 519-21 Conkey 
" Carl E (Barbara) drugs h4717 Calu¬ 
met av 

" Carlton (Standard Drug Co) h6514 
Calumet av 

" Cecil D (Flossie) pres Bourne Inc h 
521 Conkey 

" Flossie Mrs sec-treas Bourne Inc h 
521 Conkey 

" Inc Cecil D Bourne pres Geo L 
Bourne (N Y City) v-pres .Flossie 
Bourne sec-treas genl mdse 519 

Bourque Elmer (Elvera) millwright h 
7031 Jackson av 

Bourrell Lavina (wid Philip) h5426 Price 

" Leo P (Marie H) janitor Calumet bldg 
h618 Sibley 

" Raymond (Myrtle) bldg oontr 5431 
Webster av h do 
Bouse Bonnetta r776 Locust 
" Chas F (Ida D) formn h716 Locust 
Bousman Wayne (Emma M) elk Geo 
Webb h6216 Monroe 
Botuwkamp Roy (Jane) slsmn W5240 
Sohl av apt 205 

Bovenschen Chas (Edna) wldr h4238 
Sheffield av 

Bovshik Teofil hlpr SREMCo rlOlO 

Bowden Gustave B brkmn C&ERy u 
5410 Oakley 

" Harry A (Leta B) lieut police h6325 
Blaine av 

Bowen E S ins agt i*227 Douglas 

• Elvin T (Mary) hl724 Lake av (PO 


" Floyd (Millie) refinerywkr h4719 
h60O9 Columbia 

" Richd D steelwkr r6009 Columbia av 
" Wilbur (Irene) hlpr hl256 Sherman 
" Zenas J (Evelyn) inspr h538 Ken¬ 

Bower Clyde W (Kath F) supvr h32 
Detroit (CC) 

" Ralph W agt EJ&ERyCo r Chicago 
" Vincent C (Dolly) oilwkr h53A 
Muenich ct 

" Wm W r32 Detroit (OC) 

Bowers Norbert elk 1*753 Michigan 
" Ray lab Calumet Eng Co r RD 1 

" Wm E (Hattie) heat treater h753 

Bowie Agnes (wid John) r4410 Clark av 
" Bertha A sten r2Tll Kenwood 
" Russell A mach r2Tll Kenwood 
" Thos S (Minnie) mach h2711 Ken¬ 

Bowlby Earle H mgr Cable Piano Co r 
6434 Moraine av 

” Jennie V (wid Sami) h6434 Moraine 
" John W (Alta) elk hl036 Highland 

Bowles ,Edw H (Eda L) sta eng hl841 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Floyd L (Helen) hlpr NIPSCo h6647 
VanBuren av 

" Helen L opr IBTCo r6647 VanBuren 
" Herrrr-JL elk The Berghoff r453 % 

" Melvin R (Laura) mecfhl eng r5946 
Hohman av 

Bowlus Wm D h4547 ASh av 

Bowman Allen (Hattie B) mech John 
Schmueser & Sons h433 1169th 
" Bernard A (Sarah) wtchmn h5623 
Alice av 

" Bernard A jr lab 1*5623 Alice av 
" Claude (Elsie) h©15 Stewart ct (PO 

" Clem U (Margt) hoisting eng h846 

" David S steelwkr r515 Detroit 
” Evelyn tchr Washington Sch r29 

" Geo pipeftr rll26 State blvd 
" Harold W (Anna) driver h4835 Calu¬ 
met av 

" Harold W jr lab r4835 Calumet av 
" John bartndr r5623 Alice av 
" Merrill L (Marie M) electn h6742 For- 
estdale av 

" Oral H (Eliz) h6610 California av 
" Pearl (wid Robt) r6821 Kennedy av 
" Robt E (Helen) steelwkr h24 Webb 
" Theo W mach r4840 Ash av 
" Tyree (Dolores) chipper Calumet 
Steel CStgs Corp h'1049 Field 
" Velmar slsmn h6821 Kennedy av 
" Virginia C waiter r4840 Ash av 
" Walter (Louise S) Carp h48S0 Ash av 
" Wm lab rl305 Indiana *T 

Bowring Jas A (Florence) mach opr h 
240 142d 

Bo wton Do nald K (Elsie) formn 1*795 

Box Minnie (wid Albert) h4519 Hohman 
" Wm H mach opr Youngstown Steel 
Door Co r Chicago Ill 

Boy Scouts of America Raymond J Don¬ 
ovan scout exec 5217 Hohman av 

Boyajean^Arth fctywkr 1*1535 Lake av 

Boyd Arth C (Fern) rl015 Becker 
" Chas H auto mech r926 169th 
" CUfford auto mech riOl'l 177th pi 
” Edgar chauf Joe E Hanley r570 State 
" Frankie Mrs h570 State apt 3 
" Geo E (Ann) asst fire chf h907 Wil¬ 
cox av 

" Gerald (Nellie) h932 Michigan 

man av 

" Lynn oilwkr r6 Williams 
" M Earl (Edna) treater h6628 Mar¬ 
shall av 

" Nelson (Delia) wtchmn rlOll 177th pi 
" Richd (Marion) ydmstr h6631 Van 
Buren av 

" Stephanie (wid Lorenzo) h926 '169th 
" Wm ( Della L) h5240 Sohl av apt 209 
• Wm F (Tassie) pntr h737 Michigan 
Boyda Jos (Stella) '"•ueer h rear 233 





Boydston Hazel E Mrs opr Irene's Beauty 
Shop rll3 Rimbach 

Boyer Beauty Shop (Poster Boyer) 6734 
Calumet av 

Bud (Vangee) boxer rl5 Carroll 

" Carl W (Bernice) spotter Hopman Co 
h439 165th 

" Chas E (Bernice E) acct Volk New- 
berg & Mazur r Chicago Ill 
Dale P (Pearl) loco eng h6616 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

" Elery O (Ada B) mach Hoess Bros !h 
15 Carroll 

" Foster (Boyer Beauty Shop) h5734 
Calumet av 

" Prank A oUwkr rll60 Wilcox av 

" Glenn D (Margt) metallurgist h637 

" Henry elk Igloo Ice Cream Co 

" Henry E r4415 Clark av 

" Henry P (Anna) meats 803 State blvd 
h44!15 Park av 

" Howard A (Florence) carp hi 160 Wil¬ 
cox av 

" Lois r4415 Clark av 

" Rollle R (Virena E) dispr IHBRR h 
908 150th 

" Stuart r4415 Clark av 

BOYER WM D (Ella; The Hopman Co), 
h819 Becker, Tel 3694 

roe av 

" Jos steelwkr rll3 Rimbach 
" Paul oUwkr r6537 Alabama av 
" Robt J elk rl038 Bauer 
" Thos M (Margt) h814 Ames 
" Vincent T steelwkr rl038 Bauer 
" Wffl-S (Nellie) formn hll038 Bauer 
Boyles Prank elk r6945 Forest 
" Jas (Mary M) h30 152d (CC) 

" Jos tavern 5 Plummer av (OC) h do 
Box^Benj elk Goldblatt Bros r Chicago 

Bozack Miller (Helen L) millwkr h5418 
Webster av 

Bozak Salvo lab r6141 McCook av 
" Sami (Betty) lab h6141 McCook av 
" Stella (wid Nicholas) h6141 McCook 
Bozarth Roger A gas sta eng NIPSCo r 

Boze Mary A cash Conservative Life Ins 
Co rl438 Summer 

Bozek Lawrence (Helen P) lab h706 
Green Bay av (OC) 

Bra< land Alf E aSSt Cng NIP3Co r High- 
Brabant Jos pump opr Calumet Eng Co 
Bra bender Alf P lab r24l 155th pi <CC) 
Christ (Ora) mach h241 1156th pi (C 

" John emp UC&OPCo r3 Sibley 
Brarti Sophie (wid Walter) h rear 6348 
Columbia av 

Brackett Stanley F (Violet) autowkr n 
4928 Hickory av 

" Vernon (Helen) steelwkr h4525 Cedar 
Bradburn Gertrude A elk Elite Bakery 
r729 Truman blvd 

" Helen (wid Wm) h729 Truman blvd 
Stanley W (Meredith) auto repr 6396 
Calumet av h6238 VanBuren av 
" Theo D (Florence) driver h536 Ken¬ 

" Virginia bkpr Seifer Pum Co r Lan¬ 
sing Ill 

Bradbyer Myron W (Gertrude S) pres- 
mgr The Instone Co h43 Warren 
Brader Wade swtchmn r704 Plummer 
Bradford Jas M (Elsie) h6705 Alex¬ 
ander av 

N r1d 1 (Sarall) bus opr C«fcClTrCo r 

Bradham Kenneth R (Cath) steelwkr h 
40 Warren 

Hradler Donald R (Bemeita B) elk h 
6446 Crescent pi 

Bradley Abr (Nellie) formn h6646 Ala¬ 
bama av 

" Alf rlOl Industrial rd 
" Chas E (Anna) feeder W B Conkey Co 
hl'132 Michigan 

" Donald R elk NIPSCo h6446 Crescent 

" Douglas lab hlS35 Summer 
" Douglas N (Gertrude A) elk h815 
169 th 

" Elwood A (Glenna J) fctywkr h4«19 
Cameron av 

BRADLEY GAIL, Executive Sec Ameri¬ 
can Red Cross (Hammond Chapter), 
r Southmoor Apt Hotel 5946 Hoh- 

" Harley A (Minnie B) h428 State (C 

" Howard W (Oma) supt hll4 Forest- 
dale Park (OC) 

" Jas elk r522 Indiana 
" Jesse M (Gertrude) h831 170th 
" Jos T (Blanche) oilwkr h6811 Ken¬ 
nedy av 

" Mary sten Carbide & Carbon Chem¬ 
icals Corp (W) r829 Eaton 
" Oral T (Ethel) shoe repr 6824 Ken¬ 
nedy av h6815 do 

" Verlyn R (Prieda M) hlpr h428 State 

Bradshaw Chas A (Maude) lab h845 In¬ 

" Donald E (Janet) office mgr Provi¬ 
dent Finance Co r6331 Blaine av 
" E Janet sec Lincoln Loan Corp r6331 
Blaine av 

Bradtke Prank (Julia) h469 Payette 
Jacob mach h rear 226 154th pl (CC) 
JOhn rlOl Industrial rd 
" John A (Mary) loco eng C&ERR h 
344 155th pl (OC) 

" Jos r224 154th pl (OC) 

" Josephine (wid Jos) h224 154th pl (C 

" Julia pkr r224 154th pl (OC) 

" Paul r469 Fayette 
" Paul (Helen) elk W B Conkey Co h 
124 156th pl (OC) 

Brady Alice L sten Bomberger Peters & 
Morthland r5945 Hyslop pl apt 102 
" Cornelius J (Nora) genl fornm h319 
156th pl (CC) 

" Doris I Mrs biller IHBRR h232 Car- 

" Edw W (Doris I) yd mstr C&ERy h 
232 Carroll 

" Essie cook Woolworth’s r515 Sibley 
" John E (Mary A) r232 Carroll 
" Lizetta A cash W B Conkey Co h51 
Elizabeth apt 12 

" Lorene waiter Jack’s Caliente Club 
r2 Ruth apt 13 

" Louis E (Esther) oilwkr h4641 Cam¬ 
eron av 

" M Irene hsekpr StMargt Hosp r25 

" Robt V mgr Berry Bearing Co h5945 
Hyslop pi apt 102. 

" Roy r Hotel Jerome 
" Thos (Margt) hlpr h4540 Oak av 
” Thos P (Isabelle) mech C&CDTCo 
r E Chicago 

Bragg Thos wtchmn Riverdale Products 

" Walter (Grace) lab r609 Green Bay 
av (OC) 

" Wm E (Ottie P) carp h4!13 Garfield 
av (OC) 

Bragiel Alvin P (Rose) h4224 Henry av 
Barney (Pauline) tavern 1'56 142d h 

" Carl (Margt) h4113 Dearborn av 
" Edw fctywkr rl56 142d 
" Joan fctywkr rl56 142d 
" John bartndr Barney Bragiel rl56 

73 SS2 


^ >=2 
















*!> 2 in 

o gSq 

Pl E3 h3 



114th Street and Lake Ave. Phones: Whiting 670-671 and Hammond Enterprise 1880 

Headquarters: Lake Shore Housing Guild Whiting, Ind. 

.2 S 

Braglnton Fred phys 445 State R3 r do 
" Walter E (Mildred I) uphol h rear 
6346 Jefferson av 

Bragunier Lilly M (wid John) h530 
Truman blvd 

Braha Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Brahos Chris (Gloria) driver h rear 34 

" Coffee Shop (Peter Brahos) 5239 Hoh- 
man av 

" Dean bus boy Brahos Coffee Shop 
r54'53 State Line av 
" Dora cash Brahos Coffee Shop r5453 
State Line av 

" Geo (Mary B) h5453 State Line av 
" Jas reporter Hammond Times r5453 
State Line av 

" Peter (Agnes; Brahos Coffee Shop) 
h301 Mason (CC) 

Brajkovich Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Brakebill Chas (Mary) h4913 Calumet 
" Geo R (Margt) pipeftr h532 Gar¬ 
field av (OC) 

” Russell (Marie) lab hi 122 May 
Brakeley Loran C (Pauline A) lab 
O’Neil Auto Sales Inc h2019 Martha 
Braley Ohns-A - (Blanche L) hl940 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

" Floyd B (Florence) steelwkr h647 
119th (POWhi) 

Braman Fred E (Martha) carp h65ll7 
California av 

" Geo L (Margt) asst opr City Dept of 
Water Works h6550 Alabama av 
" Wm T (Myrtle) carp h6644 Arkansas 
Bramble Clifford (Sylvia) h4424 Towle 
Brambos Kath (wid John) h320 152d 
pi (OC) 

" Ralph A (Mary A) hammermn SREM 
Co h616 Pride av (CC) 

" Vincent r320 152d pi (CC) 

" Walter lab r320 152d pi (OC) 

Bramer Delbert H (Agnes G) hl418 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Paul (Marie) swtchmn h644 Burton 
ct (POWhi) 

" Wesley (Betty) h rear 647 119th (P 
OWhi) i, 

" Wm G (Lillian) formn h!428 Amy av Y 


" Wm J (Elsie) loco eng hlO Harding 
av (OC) 

Brandys Frank E (Ann) slsmn Borden- 
Wieland Div h934 Merrill 
Braner Edw P (Jessie A) oilwkr h6843 
Colorado av 

Branic Clarence gro 5348 Oakley av r 

Brammer Had wtchmn r23 Sibley 

" Walter ( Margt) cook hl20 157th (OC) 
Bramson Morris mgr Globe Glass Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Branohaw A1 J (Genevive) lab h3131 
163d pi 

Brandenberg Edna (wid Wm) h473 Sib¬ 

" Wm r473 Sibley 

Brandenburg Edna maid r2841 Cleve¬ 

" Elmer D (Adeline) lawyer 5141 Hall¬ 
man av R110 h418 Indiana av 

” Jas (Daisy) h910 150th 

" Vern D (Tressie M) coremkr h914 

" Warren r4!18 Indiana 
Brander Gertrude Mrs r3 Sibley 
Brandman Harry phys 1344 119th (W) 
rl542 Roberts av (POWhi) 

Brandow Olarenoc A (Minnie) oilwkr h 
6645 Marshall av 

Brands Lillian maid 6519 Forest av 
Brandt Carrie B (wid Albert) hl!03 

" Elbert J (Ruth) budget sis Goodyear 
Serv h247 157th apt 4 (CC) 

" Emma sec Gt Lakes Brewing Co r26 
Harding av (OC) 

" Harold organizer Direct Credits 
Society and rep The Benefactor r 
113% State 

" Jacob (Gwendolyn) reprmn h6646 
Alabama av 

" Wm A rlO Harding av (OC) 

" Wm H (Augusta) wtchmn h26 Hard¬ 
ing av 


Branick Clarence millwkr r237 Ogden 
" Viola Mrs r237 Ogden 

Brannock J Wm (Otha) brklyr h5240 
Sohl av apt 201 

Brannon Edw C swtchmn r5544 Hoil¬ 
man av 

Brans Rosalyn (Fashion Dress Shop) r 
Gary Ind 

Bransky Oscar E (Thelma) phys h37 

Branson Beverly A slswn Woolworth’s r 
rear 246 142d 
" Cora maid 30 Lawndale 
Edw (Helen) steelwkr hl956 Bummer 
" Jas E (Anna) carrier PO h rear 246 

" Wm L (Blanche) carp h6938 Jackson 
" Wm O (Cath) lab h526 Cherry 

Branstetter Loyal E (Opal B) oilwkr h 

" Meredith C storekpr NIPSCo r7t2T 

Brant Edw iMary) carp hH 

Brant), Ford Dealers, Used Cars, 
Towing, Repairing, 24-Hour Service 
6539 Kennedy av, Tel 5110 (For fur¬ 
ther information see left top lines 
and page 39 Buyers’ Guide) 

" Geo E (Mary A) real est h268 Fern- 
wood av 

" Harry E lab r268 Femwood av 
" J Walter real est r8638 Kennedy av 
" Jas R (Loma) h2827 Downey pi 
’’ Jordan E (Audrey) h6538 Alabama 

BRANT JORDAN R (Blanche), Realtor, 
Insurance 6539 Kennedy av, Tel 
5110, h6638 Kennedy av, Tel 5110 

Branyik Mary M emp Chapman Lndry 
Inc r E Chicago 

Braschler Martin comp Hammond Times 
r Chicago 

Brasel Walter F (Wallie) detective sergt 
Police Dept h732 Indiana 
Brashars Isabel maid 32 Highland 
Brasher Claude J (Stella E) barber 
Lochiel W Simpson h224 Brunswick 
" Helen I Mrs asst Herbert W Detrick 
h rear 521 Oherry 
Brashier Edw r rear 20 Plummer 
Brashler Clarence lab Riverdale Prod¬ 
ucts Co r Harvey Ill 
" John extractor opr Riverdale Prod¬ 
ucts Co r Harvey Ill 
Brasket Wesley G (Agnes A) janitor h 
476 Indiana av 

Bratten Rudolph (Betty) ironwkr h5 
Waltham apt 5 

Brauer Geo baker Hammond Modem 
Baking Co 

" Jos B (Helen; State Drug Store) h 
654 Sibley 

" Louise sten r4523 Towle av 
" Wni'-A-Aej* (Emilie) pastor StJohn’s 
Evan Lutheran Ch h4523 Towle av 
Braun Walter P (Ella M) barber 5919 
State Line av h9 Ruth (CC) 
BRAUND J D (Dorothy E), Optometrist, 
Office Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays 
and Fridays 9:30 a m to 5:30 p m, 
Wednesdays 9:30 to 12 a m, Thurs¬ 
days and Saturdays 9:30 a m to 9 
p m, 5133 Hohman av, Tel 7890, h 
8413 Greenwood (Munster), Tel 
Munster 41 




Let Us Prove We Can Mov 


One of the Finest Fireproof Warehouses 

Insurance Protection—Financial and Moral Responsibility—Your Household Effects Are Carefully Handled by 
Experienced Men — We Invite Your Inspection 


onder a. 

Brawley Roscoe (Bessie) lab h'1509 173d 

Brazina Geo (Mary) lab h4234 Johnson 
Brazinka Geo (Julia) lab h978 Reese 

Brazlovitz Albert steelwkr r6934 Ken¬ 
nedy av 

' Eliz (wid Jos) h6934 Kennedy av 
Brazzill Ann tchr r806 State Line av iC 

" Cath (wid Patk) h806 State Line av 

" Helen tchr r806 State Line av (CC) 

” Kath tchr r806 State Line av (CC) 
Wm P (Kath) heater h808 State Line 
av (CC) 

Brechner Ellsworth pntr r6714 Califor¬ 
nia av 

•' Geo E (Alice A) mach hlpr h6714 
California av 

Breck Geo rlOl Industrial rd 
" Jane tchr Irving Sch r5946 Hohman 
Brecka John G mgr Memeck Auto Pts 
Co r Chicago 

Breckman Helene (wid Herman) r2049 
Calumet av (POWhi) 

" Herman elk h2049 Calumet av (PO 

Breclaw Andrew J (Victoria C) lab h 
4749 Oak av 

” Jos (Martha) akiennn Jh728 State 
Line av (CC) 

' Mary (wid Albert) hostess r230 153d 
pi (CC) 

Br edsten Bjaine (Mary) steelwkr 

" Geo (Emma) fctywkr hl238 Indiana 
Breen Archie O (Mary) steelwkr h5240 
Sohl av apt 114 

" Chas C (Ruth) car inspr hl523 Brown 
av (POWhi) 

" Enunett driver DeLuxe Clnrs & 
Dyers r434 Gordon (OC) 

" Helen A Mrs elk IHBRR h533 157th 

•' Jas M (Helen A) rate elk IHBRR h 
533 157th (CC) 

" John S (Anna) carp h434 Gordon (C 

" Louis B whsemn r434 Gordon (CC) 

" Rita M r434 Gordon (OC) 

" Robt A (Helen) elk h6715 Carolina 
Bregen John (Mary) inspr hl710 Micn- 

Brehm Frank C (Ann) v-pres-treas 
John J Brehm & Sons Co h502 Har¬ 
rison av (OC) 

BREHM JOHN H (DOD), (Clara C), A 
Complete One Stop Super Service 
Station, Brakes Our Specialty, Ex¬ 
pert Lubrication 5105 State Line av, 
Tels 2320 and 9719, h504 Harrison 
av (CC) (For further information 
see page 4 Buyers’ Guide) 

" John J jr (Lawndale Service Sta¬ 
tion) r504 Harrison av (CC) 

" John J Inc M A Brehm pres-treas F 
C Brehm v-pres-mgr M R Brehm 
sec whol and retail gasoline filling 
sta 5042 Hohman av 
Brehm Pres, F C Brehm V-Pres- 
Treas, M R Brehm Sec, All Kinds 
of Fuel 125 Industrial rd, Tels 20-21- 

" John J & Sons Co filling sta 6 Sibley 
blvd (CC) 

" Mary A (wid John J) pres John J 
Brehm & Sons Co h519 Sibley blvd 

" Mary R sec John J Brehm & Sons 
Co r519 Sibley blvd (OC) 

Brehmer Chas H (Eleanor) hl031 Becker 
Edw (Margt) press opr h4220 Henry 
Fred L (Leah B) slsmn Borden-Wie- 
land Div h514 Spruce 



538-42 STATE PHONE 6190 I 

Briad Albert steelwkr r5538 Claude av 
Brian Steph (Augusta) h4710 Johnson 
Brieker Frank rlOl industrial rd 
" Geo driver rl’1'17 Indiana 
Bridegroom Kenneth C (Anna) h471 
-Fayette '-io r. ^ 

" Orville (Nelda) lab h769~TrttflMm4rtvd 
' Wm A (Irene) lab h4831 Cedar av 
Briden Chas J (Jeannetta) swtchmn h 
509 173d 
" Geo r509 173d 

Bridewell Viola elk Jacqueline’s Hats r 
223 Webb apt 9B 

Bridge Magdeline M tech StMargt Hosp 
rl2 Warren 

Bridges Leslie for inn rl05 Rimbach 
Briesacker Gerald G (Opal I) sta atndt 
h529 Mulberry 

" Russell P (Marie) oilwkr h527 Mul¬ 


Brieske Frank J (Martha) stmftr h665 
Freeland av (OC) 

’■ Leo J (Anna A) belt opr UC&OPCo h 
663 Freeland av (CC) 

Brietzke Carl W (Elsie) elk Whiting 
Motor Service r36 Warren 
" Frank-W formn 'h36 Warren 
" Harold A (Helen M) elk NIPSCo h 
243 Detroit 

Briggs Harley H (Flossie E) oilwkr h49 

" Harry B formn W B Conkey Co r 

" Harry S r5946 Hohman av 
" John M (John M Briggs & Son) r 
San Diego Calif 

" John M & Son (John M Briggs) gros 
404 112th (PORoby) 

" Maisie (Apex Lunch Room) r rear 26 

" Matt K (Arlene) ptmmkr h2820 163d 

" S P Hoyt (Marie) metalwkr h719 Holly¬ 
wood ct (POWhi) 

” Wm (Maisie) h rear 24 Plummer 
Bright Laney (wid John) r4308 Grover 
" Wm A (Maude) mach 842 Michigan 
h do 

Brill Floyd H r239 H55th pi (OC) 

• J Herbert (Phoebe) taxicabs 7 State 
(CC) h do 

" Jas E (Susie J) blrmkr h239 155th pi 

" Lloyd L r239 155th pi (CC) 

Brilmyer Edw C (Martha) lab hl432 

" Frank W (Helen E) h2833 163d pi 
" Lawrence rll78 Sibley 
" Maurice (Dorothy) capper h942 Wil¬ 
cox av 

" Minnie (wid Frank) h!1178 Sibley 
Brin Hyman feeder W B Conkey Co r 

Brinckman Arth W (Mary) gro 1952 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (W) h7029 Maple¬ 
wood av 

Brindise Jack (Frances) appr com¬ 
positor W B Conkey Co hl019 May 
Brine Frank slsmn Lake County Realty 

Briner Clarence O (Pearl) driver h'5261 
State Line av 

Brink Floyd (Cora) blrmkr h709 Logan 
" Gale mach opr r709 Logan 
" Helen maid 54 H72d 
” John T (Eva M) trucker hl301 Mich¬ 

Brink’s Inc Emerald H Blair mgr 5305 
Hohman av R305 

Brinkley Royce bartndr Mrs Ethel Reyn¬ 
olds r524 155th (CC) 

" Elmer (Pauline) pntr h920 Morris 
" Erwin R msngr IHBRR r4716 Towle 
" Pauline copyholder W B Conkey Co r 
327 152d (OC) 

Brinkmeyer Harry E (Maude) dentist 
201 Pulaski rd (CC) h6623 Van 
Buren av 

Brinsley Norman H contactmn Ham¬ 
mond Calumet Broadcasting Corp r 
233 Mason (CC) 

Brinson Dewey R (Muriel) formn h827 

Sibley -t- C- 

Brite Edw hlpr rl258 Sherman 
"Stanley iDicie) driver hl258 Sher¬ 

Britt Jas V (Beulah Mi welder SREM 
Co r S Chicago 

Britton Elmo r5434 Hohman av 
' H Ward (Della) real est h6317 Har¬ 
rison av 

Brnicky John (Mary) steelwkr h2403 
Birch av (POWhi) 

" Jos (Anna) oilwkr r2435 Birch av (PO 

Broadhurst Helen tchr Lafayette Sch n 
237 Highland apt 405 
" Mary tchr Irving Sch r237 Highland 
apt 404 

Broadnax John (Eliza) utility mn C&C 
DTCo r Chicago Ill 

Broadwater Norris S (Mildred E) sis 
supvr Continental Baking Co h229 
Fern wood av 

Brock Ann V filler Central Ry Signal 
Co rll27 Moss 

Beatrice iwid Jos) h2050 Davis av 

• Casey B (Anne) steelwkr h6425 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

" John F (Lena) slsmn h43 Carroll 
" Jos athletic dir hl611 Park View av , 

Lena tchr Riverside Sch r43 Carroll 
Malvin N (May) eng h929 May 
" Orville (Frances) restr mgr h6437 
Harrison av 

Percival S (Nora M) linemn IBTCo 
h4642 Sheffield av 
Ray H (Geneva) laboratory wkr Car- 
dox Corp h778 Burnham av (OC) 

" Sullivan (Anna) mach h rear 7120 
McCook av 

Brockman Carl R (Margt) mach hd h 
6407 Blaine av 

" Fritz A (Merle) eng Calumet bldg h 
224 Conkey 

" Johannes (Beulah I) janitor Calumet 
bldg h7041 Monroe av 
Pearl sten r5910 Hohman av 
Brockus Irene iwid Schuyler C) r722 

" Schuyler T i Edith) formn h7337 Mon¬ 
roe av 

Broderick Edw E Rev pastor StVictor’s 
RC Church h605 Hirsch av (OC) 

" Eug (Josephine) lab rl314 Indiana 
" Howard F (Hazel) steelwkr h2044 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" John rilOl Industrial rd 
" John M (Helen) fctywkr h945 Hoff¬ 

" Wm rlOl Industrial rd 
Brodie Jas K steelwkr r6238 Harrison av 
" John M (Mary) steelwkr h6238 Har¬ 
rison av 

Brody Lee A (Frances) teleg opr C&E 
Ry h6407 Euclid av 
Broear Geo baker r4329 Grover av 
" John (Frances) h4329 Grover av 
" John jr lab r4329 Grover av 
Broekema Dirk (Sophie C) h244 Walt¬ 
ham (OC) 

Broertjes Fred elk Beckman Sup Co r 
So Holland Ill 

" Stella C (wid Harry) h548 Lewis 
" Vernon student r548 Lewis 
•" Warren circulation Hammond Times 
r548 Lewis 

Broezel Edw F (Emily A) drftsmn h301 
159th (OC) 


Building Material, Hardware, Paints, Millwork, Insulation, Brick, Lime, Sewer Pipe 
412 VINE ST. TELS. 6666 and 6667 

Brogan John (Dorothy) crane opr hlI121 

Broggan Cath (wld Anthony) h4548 
Hickory av 

” Margt tel opr r4548 Hickory av 
Brom Frank J r4417 Dearborn av 
" Jas E (Mary) fctywkr r4417 Dearborn 
•' Jos h4417 Dearborn av 
" Jos J (Martha K) slsmn Montgom¬ 
ery Ward Co h6932 VanBuren av 
Bromels John (Ruth) formn h6711 Ark¬ 
ansas av 

•' Neal oilwkr !h6808 Alabama 
Bromley All L (Ethel) slsmn h5 Rim- 

Bronas Andrew H (Rose) plmbr 250 
Russell h do 

" Geo H (Edna) r250 RuSseU 
Bronson Loretta (wld (Robt) r540 Locust 
" Marion tchr Irving Sch r3 3 7 H igh¬ 

Robt M elk r540 Locust 
" Virgil (Lucille) refinerywkr h4824 
Cedar av 

" Winthrop bacteriologist DC&OPCo r 

Broockman Frank (Emma) eng SREM 
Co r Chicago 

Brook Cyril (Virginia E) driver hl312 

" Jos (Lois) clo clnr h6918 Arizona av 
Brooke John R (Lucille) driver h7037 
Arizona av 

Brookman Arth L (Iva M) h5625 Sohl 
" Carl J (Edna) elk hll Mason 
•' John L maoh opr Ml Mason 
Brookmeyer Jessie Mrs r6642 Howard 
Brooks Alton fctywkr r6519 Jefferson av 
" Aug (Dora) millwright hl460 Summer 
" Bennett B (Alice) barber 648 Conkey 
h623 7 VanBuren av 
" Bertha F (wid Wm) C S pract 5241 
Holman av R728 h27 156th pi (CC) 
" Chas elk r928 Bauer 
" Chas K dress designer rear 425 Logan 
h do 

" Christina (wid Chas M) h22 Douglas 
" Ctaronoo A (Mayme) h912 Summer 
" Dresden waiter r526 Lincoln av (OC) 
"Earl (Willa) lab M048 Cleveland 
" Emmett F (Helen) oilwkr h!251 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

" Ensley H (Jewell) carp <hl636 Atchi¬ 
son av (POWhi) 

" Fines E (Christine) oilwkr h626 

” Fred (Cora) janitor IHBRR r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Harvey C (Lizzie) towermn h228 Con- 

" Harvey O (Charity M) mstr medh h 
4540 Johnson av 

Barnett Librarian, 1047 Conkey. Tel 

" House of Christian Service Rev John 
M Hestenes supt 1047 Conkey 
" Howard W msngr W B Conkey Co r 
69511 Alabama av 

" Jos H servicemn Dreyfus Elec Appl 
Co r22 Douglas 

" Lester G (Hazel R) elk h265 173d 
JadTITs-G r824 Plummer 
" Maurine r228 Condit 
” Maxine folder DeLaney Prtg Co r228 

" Ralph W elk h6951 Alabama av 
" Robt rlOl Industrial rd 
" Thos H (Anna) caretkr Elizabeth 
Apts h5'l Elizabeth apt 15 
Brookshire Orval W (Eliz) mach h7005 
Harrison av 

Broomas Angelo rlllS Conkey 
"Jas (Amelia) lab hi 118 Conkey 
Broome Wilbur A (Jessie I) oilwkr h 
rear 4935 Walnut av 

Brophy Arth S (Barbara) formn h239 
'156th pi (OC) 





A. H. 

& Realty 
Co. Inc. 













Phone 154 

N. A. 


" Clarence E layout mn r5216 Howard 
" Clyde r485 Truman blvd 
Danl J (Gladys M) supt City Parks 
h253 Fernwood av 

" David (Nora) driver Fischer Clean¬ 
ers h rear 1141 Indiana 
" Denver (Lura) oilwkr hl858 Warwick 
av (POWhi) 

" Dorothy L HI 528 Amy av (POWhi) 

" Durbin G lab rl240 Summer 
’’ Earl Z fctywkr r710 189th 
" Edna Mrs h rear 1103 Conkey 
" Edw ironwkr r936 Merrill 
" Edw F (Florence) safety dir C&CDT 
Co r Gary 

" Edwin A steelwkr r249 Douglas 
" Eldon J tmkpr r683 Ingraham av (C 

” Elenora waiter Hook Drugs Inc r4812 
Elm av 

" Eliz (wid Chas E) 1515 Cherry 
" Ella M sten r5216 Howard av 
" Elmer D (Minnie) welder h4510 Pine 
" Emma Mrs h'1'16 Plummer 
" Eric E (Frances S) supt of schools 
Calumet City Board of Education 
Dist No 155 h216 Webb (CO) 

" Eug (Helen) lab h6214 Columbia av 
" Eug D (Aline M) uphol h6736 Calu¬ 
met av 

" Eva (wid Otto) h7215 Jefferson av 
" Everett (Sallie) fctywkr hl743 Brown 
av (POWhi) 

Fae T Mrs officewkr E C Minas Co r 
249 Douglas 

Brown), Flowers and Gifts 5315 Hoh¬ 
man av, Tel 5360 

" Florence L cash UC&OPCo r7215 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

” Forrest E lab r223 Williams 
" Francis V (Lillian) auto mech Fred W 
Lute h710 189th 

" Frank (Mary) drftsmn City Eng r 
6214 Columbia av 
" Frank driver City Garbage Dept 
" Frank (Kathryn) millwright h633 
Truman blvd 

" Frank usher Parthenon Theatre r538 

" Frank wldr h505 Forsythe av (CC) 

" Frank J dentist 5252 Hohman av R9 
r572 Douglas av (CC) 

" Frank M mgr Indiana Bonded Collec¬ 
tors r4239 Sheffield av 
" Fred ironwkr r936 Merrill 
" Fred C r48 Waltham 
" Fred P (Marjorie) formn h23 Coolidge 
Fred W refinerywkr hi542 Warwick av 
apt 2 (POWhi) 

" Geo H (Ethel M) refinerywkr h756 

" Geo W (Martha) elk h6727 Alabama 
Geo W (Ermil) wldr h7120 Carolina 
" Gilbert L (Permelia O) heater h429 

" Gladys M Mrs (Brown Floral Co) h 
253 Fernwood av 

- Gordon A lab r993 Williams —-- 

" Grace C (wid Danl) h34 Ogden 
" Harold B pntr h4546 Oak av 
" Harold H (Harriet) elk h6819 
Arkansas av 

'' Harold V (Johanna) oilwkr hl336 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Harry L (A Dalene) elk h315 152d 

" Harry O (Lola A) mach Champion 
Corp hl021 Chicago av 
" Harry R (Wilma IB) linemn h845 Tru- 

" Harry S (Alice E) safety dir h603 
Gordon (CC) 

" Harvey H (Ann) mechanical eng r 
862 Wentworth av apt 2 (OC) 

'' Harvey R (Jule) swtchmn h955 Sibley 
" Harvey R jr elk r955 Sibley 


" Hazel r52 Webb 

" Hendry K (Mabel) elk hl009 Bauer 
" Henry slsmn Borden-Wieland Div r 
131 Pulaski rd (OC) 

" Herman C (Anna) ticket agt h249 

" Homer A (Mamie) mach hd h6337 
Blaine av 

" Howard G (Alma V) blrmkr h711 Sib¬ 

" Howard O (Ann) steelwkr r6609 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

" Irving mgr Goldblatt Bros r Chicago 
" Iven R (Ercell) water tender h7345 

" J Frank (Maria) metermn r6620 Hoh¬ 
man av 

" J J auto mech r515 State 
" J Roger dentist 408 State R3 r5927 
Columbia av 

" J Walter ( Mai -g t ) chemical eng h39 

" Jack r5927 Columbia av 
" Jas carp r614 Michigan 
" Jas C (Dorothy A) lawyer 5217 Hoh¬ 
man av R204 

Jas H (Julia A) r4239 Sheffield av 
" Jas H (Sadie; Jim Brown Shade & 
Awning Co) h240 iDyer blvd 
" Jim Shade & Awning Co (Jas H 
Brown) 528 State 

" John (Theresa) electn Parthenon 
Theatre h6216 Garfield av 
" John lab r819 Ames 
" John J (Sarah E) whsemn h515 

" John W (Florence O) dentist h6727 
Alabama av _ 

" Jonathan auto mech Burgess Auto 
Spring & Axle Service r515 State 
" Jos E (Muriel P) diesel eng h235 

" Jos W elk W J Holliday & Co r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Josephine H (wid Ohas) h23 Condit 
" Josephine L r5514 Walter av 
" Kemey F (Armina) fctywkr h707 
118th (POWhi) 

" Larry (Letty) crane opr h6131 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

" Leo M (Gertrude) mgr H H BuUer 
Inc h912 Wentworth av (CC) 

" Loris Mrs slswn r215 Carroll 
" Louis (Gertrude) lab h730 Plummer 
" Louis (Lucille) soapwkr h6219 Jackson 
" Lucille sten hl5A Condit 
" Lucille O sten UC&OPCo rll21 May 

M Clyde lawyer 5141 Hohman av R106 
h6623 Monroe av 

Mabel Mrs elk Geo Rogers Clark Sch 
r968 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Martha elk A & P Food Stores r6727 
Alabama av 

" Marvel E lab r223 Williams 
" Mary slswn Wool worth’s r6214 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

" Mary Mrs (State Line Tavern) r520 
State Line av (CC) 

" Mary (wid Henry) hll56 State blvd 
" Mary (wid John) h614 Michigan 
" Mary A (wid Wm H) r39 Highland 
" Mary E Mrs r6736 Calumet av 
" Mary L r6550 Hohman av 
" Matthew G mach hd h927 Sibley 
" Mattie Mrs h936 Merrill 
" Maurice C (Lucille) elk hll21 May 
" Melvin H lab r223 Williams 
" Mendol C (Mary) hlpr h4440 Balti¬ 
more av 

Merton S janitor h4832 Ash av 
" Mildred Mrs sten r6535 Monroe av 
” Milo (Alvina) mach hl516 Brown av 

■" Mollie E (wid Robt R) hl240 Summer 
" Nora Checker Fischer Cleaners r rear 
1141 Indiana 

" Oral B (Opal M) electn hl323 Indiana 


The M?rk at Good Printing Since 1877 


Printers, Binders and Book Manufacturers 



" Ray C (Clara) wtchmn h52 Webb 
" Ray J chauf h538 Plummer 
" Raymond N hl528 Amy av (POWhi) 
" Robt A elk Standard Equip & Sup 
Corp r633 Truman blvd 
BROWN ROBERT C (Nellie B), Law¬ 
yer 408 State, Rll. Tel 3777, h4239 
Sheffield av 

" Robt L (Pern) r48 Waltham 
" Ross H (Adell L) oilwkr h7205 Hoh- 
man av 

Roy (Clara V) h6410 Calumet av 
" Roy R atndt Geo Vlahos r927 Sibley 
" Russell W (Helene R) dispr h736 

" Doph te - (wid Peter) h572 Douglas av 

" Stanley L (Ora) phys h6550 Honman 
" Steph D rl622 Roberts av (POWhi) 
" Theo atndt Leo P Glombeck & Son r 
Gary Ind 

" Thos (Josephine) h6230 Columbia av 
" Thos G (Edith) gas distributor h7146 
Alexander av 

" Truman barber Andrew F Szypezak r 
4546 Hohman av 

" Velma M (wid John W) h704 Plum¬ 

" Verlie E r rear 26 Plummer 
" Wallace W (Ella) lab h5514 Walter av 
" Walter (Addie) carp h632 Roosevelt 
dr (POWhi) 

" Walter (Verlie) hlpr Sou Wheel Div 
" Walter slsmn Borden-Wieland Div r 
4608 Wabash av 

" Wm (Eliza) lab Calumet Steel Cstgs 
Corp r Chicago 

" Wm shearmn Marco Iron & Metal Co 
r E Chicago 

" Wm A elk Standard Equip & Sup 
Corp r683 Ingraham av (CC) 

" Wm C (Laura) hi004 Bauer 
" Wm E (Isabella) car inspr h7229 Os¬ 
born av 

" Wm E (Cecille J) die str h683 In¬ 
graham av (CC) 

" Wm E (Freda) lab h6155 Columbia av 
" Wm J stillmn r6216 Garfield av 
" Wm L (Bessie) oilwTcf hi729 Warwick 
av (POWhi) 

" Wm R janitor rl250 Sherman 
” Wm T (Mabel) shearmn h4432 Hoh¬ 
man av 

" Wm W (Eleanore) slsmn IBTCo r 
Lansing HI 

" Willis A rlOl Industrial rd 
" Winfred R checker r736 Cherry 
" Wyman A (Anna) lab h713 Gostlin 
Browne Gordon S (Florence L) elk SRE 
MCo h32 Lawndale 

" H_S slsmn W B Conkey Co r653 Hill 

Brownell Carlton L (Clarmitta) hlpr 
IBTCo r4828 Pine av 
Brownewell Raymond S hlpr Abraham- 
son Mtr Sis r7037 Chestnut av 
Sherman B (Emma M) mech Ab- 
rahamson Mtr Sis h7037 Chestnut 
Browning Claude M (Cath) hlpr h941 
Reese (POWhi) 

" Wm M (Lottie) powermn h6617 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

STRUCTION CO (Samuel E Brown- 
sten). Builders of Better Homes, 
6447 Kennedy av at 165th, Tel 681 
(For further information see page 
14 Buyers’ Guide) 

Licensed Civil Engineer and Land 
Surveyor State of Indiana, Senior 
Member Am Engineering Council, 
Indiana Engineering Society and So¬ 
ciety of Residential Appraisers, r6447 
Kennedy av, Tel 681 
Broy Fred porter ,Tas J Finneran 

Broyfogle Ruth tchr Hammond Hi Sch 
r446 Detroit 

Jroz Annette student nurse r420 Lewis 
" Rudolph O (Emma) city firemn h420 

Brozovich Anthony (Mary) h2129 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

Bruce Agnes tchr Washington Sch r221 

Carol Mrs slswn Peggie Hale Inc h236 
Webb (CC) 

" Jas (Florence) h5447 Hohman av 
" Marshall bartndr Twentieth Century 
Cocktail Lounge 

BRUCE MILO M (Agnes M), Lawyer, 
Suite 206 Kresge Bldg 5129 Hohman 
av, Tel 791, h221 Carroll, Tel 918-J 
" Robt M (Carol) elk h236 Webb (CC) 
Wm S brkmn C&ERy r 144(4 State 
Brucker Robt elk r716 Fayette 
Bruder Jos pres Am Home Lndry Co Inc 
r Chicago 

Brueckmann Frank G (Ambie C) civ eng 
h236 Dyer blvd 

Brueckner Carl B (Henrietta) heat 
treater h4837 Ash av 
Bruggink Bertha (wid John J) r6422 
Jackson av 

" Garrett J (Lula) wtchmn h6422 Jack- 
son av 

Bruhn Edwin A (Emily) mach Beatty 
Mach & Mfg Co h6349 Garfield av 
Grace I elk NIFSCo r6349 Garfield av 
" Helen E sten r6349 Garfield av 
" Ove (Tillie) yd formn Hammond Lbr 
Co h819 Drackert 

Brull Martin cook Michigan Tavern r 
901 Michigan 

Brumfield Fritz (Clara) oilwkr h6821 
Colorado av 

" Willard R (Tillie H) plant supt Sou 
Wheel Div h6839 Rosewood av 
Brum ley Chas oiler W B Conkey Co r 
RD 2 Gary 

" Helen L rl224 Truman 
" John W (Alma L) swtchmn hl224 

" Wm W (Estelle B) crane opr hl314 

Brumm David E slsmn Brumm Dis¬ 
tributing Co r Michigan City Ind 
" Distributing Co Inc Willis H Brumm 
pres Walter G Brumm v-pres Elmer 
G Brumm sec-treas beer 822 165th 
" Dwaine W slsmn Brumm Distributing 
Co r Lansing Ill 

" Elmer G (LaNieta) sec-treas Brumm 
Distributing Co h221 Vine 
" Gilbert H slsmn Brumm Distributing 
Co r Chicago Hts Ill 
" Walter G (Harriett D) v-pres Brumm 
Distributing Co h618 165th 
" Willis H (Grace) pres Brumm Dis¬ 
tributing Co r840 Eaton 
Brummels Wm (Ethel) oiler h6612 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

Brummer Alf B elk Greyhound Bus 
Terminal r4919 Hohman av 
Brundage Eldon L (Gladys) steelwkr r 
524 Sibley 

" Harry G utilitymn NIPSCo r222 Wild- 

Brune Wm H (Bernice A) delicatessen 
5944(4 Hohman av h227 Carroll apt 

Bruner Ralph (Maurine) mach h6549 
Arkansas av 

" Wm P (Ethel) bartndr h498 Ingraham 
av (CC) 

Brunkhurst Carl atndt Herbert A Camp¬ 
bell r4823 Elm 

Brimn Lenora Mrs r612 Truman blvd 
Brunner Jos J tavern 337 Plummer av 
(CC) h do 

" Madaline waiter rll3 Rimbach 
" Sami A (Marie S) elk h831 Logan 
Bruns Henry D (Eliz H) h4402 Clark av 
" Radcliffe H slsmn r425 Waltham 


Swarthout & Craig, Inc. 



1105 119th Street Phone Whiting 1073 




insdon Curtis B (Xna) pntr hi 136 

Marilynn slswn Kresge’s rll36 Eaton 
Brunsell Chris rl012 Myrtle av (POWhi) 
Brunson Ernest mach rl610 Roberts av 

Brunswick Atron (Margt) h rear 7532 
Monroe av 

Brusch Lucy J student nurse r27 Ruth 
" NeUie J (wid Richd) h27 Ruth 
" Richd elk r27 Ruth 
Brusel Aug J (Emma A) janitor Wood- 
row Wilson Sch h408 Garfield av 

" Eleanor M sec Beatty Mach & Mfg 
Co r724 Cherry 

" Emily R elk r408 Garfield av (CC) 

" Emily R sten r6544 Meadow la 
" Geo E (Eleanor M) oilwkr h724 

" Geo M (Minnie) h4810 Oak av 
Henrietta M r408 Garfield av (CC) 
Kathryn A r408 Garfield av (CC) 

" Lillian R compt opr NIPSCo r4810 
Oak av 

Brush Marion E (Christine) steelwkr h 
542 Waltham 

Bruski Max officewkr Goldblatt Bros r 
Chicago Ill 

Bruso E Bradford (Dorothy O) oilwkr 
h6351 Monroe av 

Brusso Margt Mrs hfi_ W a lth a m apt 9 
” Mary J sten r5~-Waltham apt-9 
Bruzan Andrew (Mary) fnshr Straube 
Pianos Inc h8 157th (CC) 

" Helen mgr Joy Candy Shop r8 157th 

" Michl steelwkr r8 157th (CC) 

Bryan Herman lab r4423 Johnson av 
" Wm B (Ruth F) teleg opr C&ERy h 
6322 Jefferson av 

Bryant Clay D slsmn AbraJhamson Mtr 
Sales r242 Ogden 
" Roscoe lab r956 Murray 
" Wm C (Helen M) h4415 Sheffield av 
Bryar Robt announcer Hammond Calu¬ 
met Broadcasting Corp r Chicago Ill 
Brydon Melvin autowkr r6033 Jackson 
" (Laura) reprmn h6033 Jackson 

Bryner Harold L (Gladys) autowkr h858 
Wilcox av 

Brzezinski'Aloysius (Helen) meatetr A & 
G Store h305 156th (CC) 

" Frances (wid Frank) hl08 155th (CC) 
Brzinski Michl (Minerva) riveter hl319 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Brzwinski Valentine h225 154th pi (CC) 
Brzyckie Evelyn r2458 White Oak av 

" John (Agnes) h2458 White Oak av 

” Lillian fctywkr r2458 White Oak av 

" Sylvester atndt Jerry Roberts r2458 
White Oak av (POWhi) 

Brzyzinski Constance Mrs hlpr Lincoln 
Nursery Sch 

Bubacz Dorothy F smstrs r4612 Hickory 
" Mary M (wid Walter) h4612 Hickory 
Bubala Chas (Helen) oilwkr h2320 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

Bubas Geo hdw 4507 Hohman av r4712 
Towle av 

Bubewick Valentine rlOl Industrial rd 
Bubils Emil lab r706 Conkey 
Bublis Anthony (Anna) hl31 155th pi 

" Anthony (Anne) steelwkr h604 Conkey 
" Bert rl31 155th pi (CC) 

" Marie rl31 155th pi (CC) 

" Wm rl31 155th pi (CC) 

Bubolz Emil fdr W B Conkey Co r 
Berwyn Ill 

Bubonovich Angelus nurse StMargt Sch 
of Nursing rl347 169tJh 
" Anna maid rl347 169th 
' Josephine rl347 169th 
" Vaso (Anna) hl347 169th 

Bucan Peter (Anna) h rear 1012 Merrill 
Bucha Bernard (Rose) hlOlO Hoffman 
" Louis r4728 Henry av 
" Paul (Annie) carp h4728 Henry av 
" Paul jr r4728 Henry av 
" Rose Mrs gro 1010 Hoffman h do 
Buchanan Dee soapwkr r534 Florence 
' Hotel (Wm A Buchanan) 113 Rim- 

Jesse rlOl Industrial rd 
" Ruth H Mrs beauty Shop 113 Rim- 
bach h do 

" Terrance C (Maxine) steelwkr h534 

" Wm A (Ruth H) phys 113 Rimbach 
h do 

Buchele Ohas O (Martha) swtchmn h 
1117 Drackert 

" Edgar C meter rdr NIPSCo rlll7 

Bucher Wilbur E (Iddrise J) control mgr 
h2144 173d 

Buch'holz Alphonse L (Josephine) carp 
h7427 Harrison av 

Buchner Frank V (Cecelia) mach hl3924 
Green Bay av (Bur) 

Bucholz Anna (wid John) r842 Hoffman 
Henry p (Frances) mach opr h4839 

Buc hwalter Chester (Gayle) asst mgr h 

Buck Bernice tchr Hammond Hi Sch r 
5927 Columbia av 

" Donald N (Lolita) ins hl401 Brown av 

Geo R (Maudine) cond h504 Kenwood 
Herman (Clara) h5357 Kent av 
" John (Cassie) lab h231 Detroit 
" Theresa (wid Alf) elk County Clerk - 
h515 Lewis 

Wm M (Rose M) crane opr h541 State 
Buckingham Cassius S (Cath) custodian 
Maywood Sch h847 May 
Cath opr IBTCo r847 May 
Buckle Lawrence M lino opr W B Con¬ 
key Co rll3 Rimbach 
Buckler Chas R (Juanita) barber Her¬ 
man H Infange h660 State Line av 

" Harry J (Lulu B) mach opr h rear 
1334 Indiana 

Buckley Bros (Jas V and Jos M) in¬ 
sulating materials 201 Pulaski rd 

" Edgar C ( Mary E) custodian h938 
Wilcox av 

" Evelyn V Mrs bkpr Thos J O’Connor 
h583 Wentworth av (CC) 

" Jack J (Julia) swtchmn hll37 116th 

" Jas V (Buckley Bros) h201 Pulaski 
rd apt 9 (CC) 

" Jamr-4»- (wid Michl J) r539 Forsythe 
av (CC) 

" John 1r (Claire) elk hl802 Brown av 

" Jos M (Evelyn V; Buckley Bros) h583 
Wentworth av (OC) 

" Leslie L (Viola) swtchmn r732 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

" Lila C nurse Meyer’s Appliance Co h 
453% State 

" Lyle r5945 Hyslop pi apt 8 
" Mont (Zella) custodian Hyslop Apts 
h5945 Hyslop pi apt 8 
" Ruth slswn Woolworth’s r E Chicago 
Buckman Cecil E laboratorywkr r4 157th 

" Earl L (Lillian) mach hd h5407 May- 

” Jas T (Mary M) cond h210 Elizabeth 

" Rena (wid Calvin) elk Goldblatt Bros 
h4 157th (CC) 

" Wm r210 Elizabeth (CC) 

Buckmaster Clarence E (Margt) supvr h 
6833 Colorado av 
" Fred tavern 6 State (OC) 


" Hairy H (Violet) constr supt h6923 
Alabama av 

" Jesse A (Dorothy) auto mean h7025 
Kennedy av 

" Leianci L (Mildred) cranemn h rear 
6631 VanBuren av 

" Virgil V (Mary A) cranemn h6624 
California av 

Buckner E Ethel elk Goldblatt Bros r 
440 Conkey 

" Florence H hsekpr 122 Mason (CC) 

" Hiram J formn NIPSCo r Box 866 
" John W (Kath) riveter hl4040 Green 
Bay av (Bur) 

" Rudolph (Elodie) mach hl3954 Green 
Bay av (Bur) 

" Wm R (Margt K) linemn IBTCo h 
3032 Cleveland 

Bucksot Chas O (Alma) genl mgr W J 
Holliday & Co h258 Detroit 
" Robt r258 Detroit 
Buczek Harriett r611 Gordon (CC) 

" Joan r611 Gordon (CC) 

" Jonn (Tillie) formn John F Ahlbom h 
611 Gordon (CC) 

” John jr steelwkr r611 Gordon (OC) 

" Walter J emp W B Conkey Co r611 
Gordon (CC) 

Buczkowski Frank rl848 Lake av (PO 

" Iris Mrs elk C&CDTCo r Gary 
" John (Wanda) oilwkr hll44 5th av 

" Lawrence oilwkr rl848 Lake av (PO 

" Mary Mrs hl848 Lake av (POWhi) 
Budd Gladys L slswn Rothschild & 
Hirsch Inc rl009 150th 
" Ira O (June) cond h239 Locust 
" Jos F (Ruth) h322 153d (CC) 

" The Furnace Man (Budd Clusseroth) 
586 Fayette 

Budge Jas (Bessie A) car inspr h48 

Budkovitz Michl rlOl Industrial rd 
Budlove Earner (Rose) photog h2645 163d 

Budnick Geo lab rl308 Cherry 
" John (Cath) hi308 Cherry 
" Marie waiter rl308 Cherry 
" Michl lab rl308 Cherry 
" Nicholas lab rl308 Cherry 
Budnyk Alex r6651 Howard av 
" Frances Mrs tavern 106 154th pi (CC) 
hl39 do 

" Michl lab r6645 Howard av 
" Sami (Frances) oilwkr hl39 154th pi 

Budoi Geo rlOl Industrial rd 
Budwash Art mech Abrahamson Mtr 
Sis r Blue Island 

Budweiser Inn (Jos Jerzyk) tavern 630 
State Line av (CC) 

Budzicz Stanley rlOl Industrial rd 
Budzik John lab r2448 White Oak av 

Budzius Jos (Cath) pipeftr h4326 Henry 
Budzowski Frank sec Mercury Club 
" John tavern 502 Pulaski rd (CC) r617 
Hirsch av (CC) 

" Kath Mrs h rear 4417 Cameron av 
" Maggie Mrs tavern 416 155th (CC) 

Budzrus Martin (Alice) steelwkr h424 

Buege Frank (Martha) h3010 163d pi 
" Geo H elk Kroger-Consumers r3010 
163d pi 

Bushier Adam (Maude) flremn h4849 
Pine av 

" Carl H (Ella) genl contr 1513 Lake 
av (POWhi) h do 

" Carl H jr oilwkr rl513 Lake av (PO 

" Ernes.t (Bertha) brewerywkr h640 
Price av (CC) 

" Frank lab rl513 Lake av (POWhi) 

" Herman (Jeanette) substa opr NIPS 
Co hi 113 Chicago 
" Herman jr msngr rlll3 Chicago 
u Kath rl513 Lake av (POWhi) 

Buehring Carl w film opr r6621 Monroe 
" Chas J film opr Calumet Theatre h 
6621 Monroe av 
ChswM r819 Becker 
" Ruth L r6621 Monroe av 
" Walter lab r839 Bauer 

Buell Chauncey (Esther) mach rl521 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Jas R (Pansy P) lab h rear 4618 
Towle av 

" Raymond A (Eleanor H) asst supt h 
1509 Lake av (POWhi) 

Buerckholtz Florence tchr Irving Seh r 
1516 Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Wm P (Eleanor) tchr Senior High 
Sch (W) hl516 Roberts av (POWni) 
Buerger Aug W (Betty) slsmn h757 Lo¬ 

Bueschell Carl r Hotel Jerome 
" Delbert r Hotel Jerome 
Buettner Alvin W (Florence E) janitor h 
rear 518 Cherry 

" Geo P (Augusta) hlpr City Garbage 
Dept h940 Michigan 
" Katie h942 Michigan 
" Lawrence A lab South Hammond Coal 
Co r625 169th 

" Roy F (Lillian M) lab h5707 Erie av 
Buffington Howell R spl acct NIPSCo r 

Bugajski Frank (Anna) fctywkr hl324 
121st (POWhi) 

Frank oilwkr rl312 121st (POWhi) 

" Jos rl324 121st (POWhi) 

" Stanley (Bertha) oilwkr hl312 121st 

" Stepanla fctywkr rl324 121st (POWhi) 
Bugyis Andrew (Anna) oilwkr h2023 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" John oilwkr r2023 Stanton av (PO 

" MiCnl refinerywkr r2023 Stanton av 

Buhler Gerald R asst editor rl06 152d 
apt 11 (CC) 

" Ralph O (Alma D) office mgr Junior 
Toy Corp (H) hl06 152d apt 16 (CC) 

" ft o se -C (wid Chester) h6243 Harrison 
Buhring Alden r828 Drackert 

Edw F (Minnie) janitor h828 Drackert 
" Florence C sten IHBRR rl35 157th 

" Fred G (Eva) lab UC&OPCo h36 Ma¬ 

" Harold W (Florence) newsdlr hl35 
157th (CC) 

Jean elk Mercantile Bank r36 Mason 
" Marvin R elk IHBRR r36 Mason 
" Russell (Dorothy) h425 157th (CC) 

ser & Sons Dealers, 5412-14 Hobman 
av, Tels 5150-5151 (For further in¬ 
formation see page 5 Buyers’ Guide) 

Bujna Louis (Anna) h2023 Lincoln av 

Bukowski Albert (Antonia) h905 Merril’ 

" Anne office sec Doctors Laboratory r 
905 Merrill 

John (Evelyn) r905 Merrill 
" Thos (Irene) ptmmkr h931 Morris 
" Walter (Mary) ptmmkr h931 Morris 
Buksar John (Irene H) hl643 Roberts av 
Bukvich Ellen elk r948 119th (POWhi) 

" Emil lab rl511 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Ignatz (Martha) steelmn hlpr hl511 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" John oilwkr r948 119th (POWhi) 

" Martha elk r948 119th (POWhi) 

" Martha waiter Anna M Wagner (W) 
rl511 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

• Mary maid rl511 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Michl (Martha) oilwkr h948 119th (P 

" Wm city policemn r948 119th (PO 

Bulat John P prsmn W B Conkey Co r 
Downers Grove Ill 

Bulczak Edw (Martha) water tndr r324 
155th (CC) 

Jacob S (Anna) lab Champion Corp h 
543 155th pi (CC) 

" Raymond lab r543 155th pi (CC) 
Bulenic Steph (Ann) lab hl616 Rooerts 
av (POWhi) 

Bulla John W steelwkr r2140 Wespark 
av (POWhi) 

Bullat John prsmn r706 Conkey 
Bullers Walter L slsmn Home Owners 
Guild r E Chicago 

Bullington Sherman B (Jo Clare) formn 
hl622 Park View av (POWhi) 

Buis Erwin J (Lydia) tchr h556 Free¬ 
land av (OC) 


" Lydia F bkpr John F Ahlbom r556 
Freeland av (CC) 

Bultge Harold lab NIPSCo r Lansing 

Bultman Boyd millwright Riverdale 
Products Co r Dalton Ill 

" Chris formn Riverdale Products Co r 
Dalton Ill 

" Fred flremn Riverdale Products Co 

" John extractor opr Riverdale Products 
Co r Harvey Ill 

•' Lawrence hlpr Riverdale Products Co 
r Dalton Ill 

Bumhour Mary (wid Philip) r!322 Tru- 

Bunatli Betty waiter Geo Levent r E 

Bunce Elmer cook Donovan’s Coffee Cup 

ojpunch Geo F (Bernice) electn h6723 

Calumet av 
Bunchek Edw A (Margt M) blrmkr h 
2405 New York av (POWhi) 

Bunde Aug C (BertJha H) h919 150th 
" Edw F (Henrietta) welder Hoess Bros 
h7120 Osborn av 

" Edwin J ship elk Fuller Brush Co r 
919 150th 

” Emil A (Martha) wtchmn h28 Indi- 
IUi pk 

Fred A (Mary C) meatetr Herman G 
Frieske h223 Fernwood 
" Geo C mech Hoess Bros r919 150th 
•' Ruth r919 150th 
” Trrrrc-h701 Sibley 
Bundek Jos (Agnes) lab hl042 Field 
• Steve (Emily) H1040 Field 
Bundy Curtis (Nellie) office mgr Stand¬ 
ard Lbr & Coal Co h7425 Jackson av 
Harold A (Bessie G) lab h!316 In- 

" Wm F (Clara) steelwkr hl9% Rim- 

Bunger Chas W elk Wm C Pictor r231 

" Donald M r231 Doty 
Fred D (Myrtle E) pntr h231 Doty 
•' Fred G (Gladys) pdlr r5816 Erie av 
" Fred N student r231 Doty 
” Gladys Mrs r5927 Columbia av 
” Gordon R steelwkr r231 Doty 
" Lee R (Martha I) chemist h rear 4728 
Henry av 

” Mary E (wid Henry) r5816 Erie av 
" Robt (Vivian) lab h459 Michigan 
Bunk Chester r45 156th pi (CC) 

■' John (Eleanor) carp h45 156th pi (C 


Bunkofske Elmer E (Hattie E) pntr 
Smith Decorating Co h6240 Jeffer¬ 

son av 

Hattie E opr IBTCo r6240 Jefferson 
Bunnage Wm firemn r740 Plummer 

Bunnage Wm firemn r740 Plummer 

Bunnell Eben N (Vivian) hl318 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (PORoby) 

" John N (Daphne) steelwkr h246 Doty 

Bunting Chas (Dorothy) h578 Douglas 
av apt 4 (CC) 

" Dbrothy R opr IBTCo r578 Douglas 
av apt 4 (CC) 

Earl H (Ruth) slsmn h665 Wentworth 
av (OC) 

- Ruth Mrs slswn Roberts Inc h665 
Wentworth av (OC) 

Bunton Leo (Mary A) mech Shaver Mtr 
Co h506 Cherry 

Buono Mariano (Isabel) chipper hl007 

Buortinski John lab Pratt Food Co r 
Sibley and PaRR Tracks (CC) 

Buras Steph (Anna) barber h5623 How- 

Burba d j4 V (Henrietta) driver r708 Plum¬ 

Burbeley Cal (Mary) steelwkr r929 Ken- 

Burbulis Felicitas A nurse StMargt Sch 
of Nursing r RD 1 Crown Point Ind 

Burch Andrew P (Edna B) pres Burch 
Auto Supply & Service Stores Inc h 
6543 Jefferson av 

STORES INC, Andrew P Burch Pres, 
Firestone “One Stop Service,” Tires 
and Tubes, Auto Supplies, Vulcaniz¬ 
ing, Battery and Brake Service, 485- 
489 Fayette at Oakley, Tels 171-172 
" Jas O student r6543 Jefferson av 
" John E (Cora) custodian Harding Sch 
h2841 Cleveland 

" Perry E (Sarah) fumacemn h6632 
Lyman av 

" Willis L (Lena E) form str h832 Mich¬ 

Burcnardt Anthony (Lottie) marker SR 
EMCo r Chicago 

BurChet Jack (Gladys; Jack’s Caliente 
Club) r Burnham av nw cor Schrum 
rd (OC) 

Burczyk Bernard hlpr W B Conkey Co r 
336 155th OCC) 

" Edw A driver State Street Super Mkt 
r231 156th (CC) 

" Eleanor r336 155th pi (CC) 

" Geo P lab r231 156th (CC) 

" Helen (wid Barney) h730 May av (C 


" Helen H r231 156th (CC) 

’’ Henry (Estelle) printer 748 State Line 
av (CC) h746 do 
" Jennie r366 155th pi (OC) 

- ' il<fr h— - 

’ John (Lottie) mldr h336 155th pi (C 


’’ Jos furnwkr r336 155th pi (CC) 

" Paul (Harriett) h231 156th (OC) 

" Victoria (wid Stanley) h336 155th (C 


Burdeau Norman J (Mary M) auto mech 
Echterling Truck & Body Wks h6631 
Meadow la 

Burg Nicholas (Cora B) steelwkr h2037 

Burgard Leo H tavern 5633 Calumet av 
hlllO Eaton 

Burgess Albert W (Elmira; Burgess Auto 
Spring & Axle Service) h7115 Os¬ 
born av 

" Auto Spring & Axle Service (Albert 
W Burgess) 630 State 
" Cecil H (Zereue) hlpr Andersons 
Super Service h548 Oakley 
’’ Chauncey L (Myrtle) h48 Detroit 
" David F (Elsie) h542 Plummer 
’” Letcher T (Edna D) oilwkr h6836 For¬ 
es tdale av 

” Paul M (Ethel M) slsmn Calumet 
Auto Pts h738 Locust 
Burgher Wm (Marian) fctywkr Central 
Chem Div h5515 Claude av 
Burgherr Henry (Minnie) carp h5l0 
Garfield av (OC) 

Burhans Mary C tchr Hammond Hi Sch 
h35 Ruth 

Buric Peter rlOl Industrial rd 
Buring Harry J (Julia C) pharm Hook 
Drugs Inc h5256 Ann av 
Burk Deloss elk Claude H Ball rl725 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Jas G (Eliz) lab hl534 Myrtle av (PO 

" Jos G (Myrtle) oilwkr hl725 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

" Margt rl725 Stanton av (POWhi) 

.. ■* __* \TT / XX7\ irl 

■’ Margt asst Bruce W Avery (W) rl725 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Burke Albert E (Margt) mech h311 Ma¬ 
son (OC) „ „ 

” Beatrice tchr Haywood Sch r2 Ruth 
Chas S (Evelyn) carwkr h839 Drackert 
" Edw (Mary) pntr h2141 Atchison av 

" Eliz (wid Timothy) r308 Elizabeth (C 


park av (POWhi) 

' Hath E sten W B Conkey Co r240 

" Leo (Estelle) elk h242 Elizabeth (CC) 
" Roger K (Sarah C) formn r936 Chi- 

" Resell A (Flossie G) tavern 200 State 
(CC) h654 Freeland av (CC) 

" Thos jr (Sallie) wldr hl06 Gostlin 
" Thos J r5927 Columbia av 
” Thos J (Emily M) lab h240 Hanover 
" Thos J (Graee) tmkpr h6120 Garfield 
" Walter J (Vivian V) soapwkr h6649 

■’ Wm elk Goldblatt Bros r Block Oak 

Robertsdale Lumber Co. 



2217 New York Ave.Tel. Whiting 730_Whiting. Ind. 


" Wm E (Mary E) mstr mech h3735 
Black Oak rd 

" Wm J swtchmn h308 Elizabeth (OC) 
Burkett Albert (Sadie) steelwkr r4225 
Torrence av 

" Joan beauty opr Mrs Lottie Zeller r 
4225 Torrence av 

John (Christine) h4225 Torrence av 
" Willard G (Antoinette) h5 Warren (C 

_6 Arizona _. 

" Wm H (Mary J) h2850 165th 
Burkhardt Earl P (Bessie W) buyer NIP 
SCo h7149 Jefferson av 
Burkhart Chas W (Gladys) reflnerywkr 
h642 Stewart ct (POWhi) 

" Julia (wid Herman) h7445 Grand av 
” Rudolph gdnr r7445 Grand av 
Burkman John S (Ruth) bus opr C&CD 
TCo r Hobart 

Burkot Thos (Adeline) lab Calumet Auto 
Wrecking Co h rear 4604 Henry av 
Burkus Steph (Marcella) wldr h2831 
Downey pi 

Burley Frank steelwkr r510 Mulberry 
" Franklin (Jeannette) electn NIPSCo h 
4912 Cedar av 

" Geo (Angeline) lab h766 Newell av 

" Geo W (Iris) wtctomn h412 State (C 

" Hanna (wid Frank) h510 Mulberry 
" Herbert A (Viola J) brklyr h rear-54©- 

" Orville driver Northern Indiana Sta¬ 
tionery Co r rear 510 Mulberry 
Burnett Alf (Frances) wldr hlll7 Morris 
" Earl w (Leda) fctywkr r4621 Towle 
Frank L (Florabell) oilwkr hl625 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" Jas C elk h5450 'Colorado av 
" John E (Edna M) carp h255 Carroll 
Burney Andrew (Bessie) hlpr Burgess 
Auto Spring & Axle Service hl226 

Burnham Avenue Garage (Clyde Hunt¬ 
er) 778 Burnham av (CC) 

" Helen hlpr W B Conkey Co r28 154th 
pi (CC) 

" Refining Co Clarence R Geraghty pres 
John W Jaranowski v-pres-treas 
13901 Burnham av (Bur) filling stas 
1 State av and 722 State Line av 

" School 13945 Green Bay av (Bur) 

" Tennis Court 13915 Green Bay av 

VILLAGE HALL, 13925 Entre av 

Clerk Geo F Meyforth 
Collector Geo F Meyforth 
Mayor John J Patton 
Police Magistrate Chas Wittenberg 
Treasurer Mrs Hazel Heigl 
Burnham Woods Golf Course Burnham 
av se cor 142d (Bur) 

" Woods Swimming Pool 14045 Burnham 
av (Bur) 

Bumison Robt E tester r6108 Willard av 
" Robt L (Jewel) driver r852 State blvd 
" Thos A (Hazel) blrmkr h6108 Willard 
Burns Albert crane opr E Popper Iron 


" Albert J (Sophie) wtchmn h927 

Alex i (Margt) cond h5807 Erie av 
Alpha E (Florence) soapmkr h938 

" B slsmn r227 Douglas 
" Cora rl35 Rimbach 
” Elfa E sta eng r6237 VanBuren av 
" Frank P rl028 Bauer 
" Geo A (Frances K) funeral director 
hl7 Indi-UIi pk 


’’ Grace M Mrs h828 State blvd 
" Jas E (Mary) funeral dir 5840 Hoh- 
man av h do 

" Jas H (Eva E) elk r828 State blvd 
" Jerry S (Nellie) meatetr Jos L Hum- 
pfer & Co hl048 Orackert 
" John A (Kath) janitor hl028 Bauer 
John J weighmstr rl028 Bauer 
" Lee compositor Hammond Times r 

Palmer soapwkr r6417 VanBuren av 
" Patk W (Rose) bartndr h5840 Wallace 

" Robt E (Marjorie L) steelwkr hl4 
Schrum rd (CC) 

Bumstein Norman h947 Logan 
Buroczy Wm swtchmn rll43 Field 
Buros Geo (Mary) oilwkr h2412 White 
Oak av (POWhi) 

Burosh Agnes fctywkr r2030 Atchison av 

" Geo (Mary) oilwkr h2030 Atchison av 

" Geo jr r2030 Atchison av (POWhi) 

" Jos r2030 Atchison av (POWhi) 

" Margt 1-2030 Atchison av (POWhi) 
Burow wm A (Edna) car inspr hlOOS 

Burr Mabel I (wid Carl) rills Eaton 
Burrell Louis B Rev (Lily B) pastor 
Church of God in Christ hl024 Field 
Burnght Bryan J (Edna) steelwkr hll35 

Burris John (Nervia) formn h2945 Janet 

' Steven (Need & Burris) 

Wm L tchr Morton Jr Hi Sch h703D 
Forest av 

Burroughs Adding Machine Co Chas W 
Haugh sis rep 140 Sibley 
Burrows Chas F mgr Consumers Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Burruss David N (Eleanor M) mgr 
Metals Refining Division The Glid- 
den Co h7109 Knickerbocker pkwy 
Bursch Theo (Janet) mach opr hl635 
Roberts av (POWhi) 

Burski Jos (Mary) hlpr SREMCo h4331 
Hickory av 

Burson N formn r227 Douglas 
Bursott Neva maid 6419 Forest av 
Burtis Wm K (Mary O) elec eng h220 
Ruth (OC) 

Burton Alf H (Jean A) oilwkr h622 In¬ 

" -' i i’ i mrT 4719 Henry av 
Calvin R swtchmn r6812 Parrish av 
" Chas J (Mae) stillwkr h3337 173d 
" Clyde (Wilma) steelwkr rlll3 Indiana 
" Columbus D (Birdie) mach opr h960 

" Danl J r511 Douglas 
" Dorothy tchr Lafayette Sch r5927 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

" G Woodrow (Marie W) whsemn Swift 
& Co r6408 Monroe av 
Gordon steelwkr r613 State 
" John P (Georgia) electn h441 Logan 
" Lettie Mrs r2045 Superior av (POWhi) 

" Marie W Mrs cash Provident Finance 
Co r6408 Monroe av 
" Maxine P nurse StMargt Sch of Nurs¬ 
ing r Lafayette 

" (Robt O (Thelma) hlpr Standard Lbr 
& Coal Co h6327 Garfield av 
" Shirley lab r4719 Henry av 
" Victor A (Pheama) wtchmn h511 

" Walter H (Ina) wtchmn h613 State 
Bury Irene elk Rex Herb Co Inc r4345 
Henry av 

" Kasper (Pauline) mach opr h4345 
Henry av 

Busanic Geo (Anna) oilwkr h2329 In- 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Geo jr r2329 Indianapolis blvd (PO 






















First Trust 


•' Paul (Anna) reflnerywkr h2739 New 
York av (POWhi) 

Busch Albert E slsmn Smith Mtr Sis Inc 
r5970 Park pi 

■' Edw G (Elsie) lab r518 Garfield av 

" Gerhard H (Hazel) elk h438 Freeland 
av (CC) 

" Henry J fctywkr r4342 Clark av 
" Herman E (Helen) towermn h444 
Freeland av (OC) 

" John F h4342 Clark av 
" John H towermn r4342 Clark av 
" Jos R (Rose) trainmn h915 Logan 
" Marjorie student r915 Logan 
" Pauline D r542 Mulberry 
" Wm F (Kath A) driver Hammond Lbr 
Co h220 Brunswick 

Buse Alvin F (Margt E) lab Calumet 
Steel Cstgs Corn r44 Elizabeth 
" Carl F filler Central Ry Signal Co r 
951 State blvd 

" Ernest H (Mary) chemical opr hi 116 

" Jas plstr r459 Indiana 
" Olietha slswn rlll3 Roosevelt 
” Otto carp h951 State blvd 
" Raymond C lab NIPSCo r732 Indiana 
" Robt E filler Central Ry Signal Co r 
457 Indiana 

Buser Helen Mrs elk County Treas h 
4638 Hohman av 

" John stmftr Hilbrich & Connor Co h 
505 Chicago 

" Jos (Helen) h4638 Hohman av 
" Louis M (Clara L) delmn Goldblatt 
Bros h568 Forsythe av (CC) 

Bush Alf L (Martha A) oilwkr h734 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

" Arth S slsmn r7135 Jackson av 
" Chas W (Thelma) whol eggs 6708 Ari¬ 
zona av h do 

" Donald (Ann) steelwkr h7334 Jackson 
" MolUe elk Indiana State Employment 
Service r East Chicago Ind 
•' Nellie nurse StMargt Sch of Nursing 
r Chesterton 

" Robt J (Marie E) reprmn h852 May 
apt 4 

' Wm C n4933 Pine av 
" Wm C jr egg grader Swift & Co r4933 
Pine av ( 

” Zula M (wid John) h7135 Jackson av 
Bussema Mina mach oik r510 Garfield 
av (CC) 

Bussert Armeida elk IHBRiR r5927 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

" Herbert U (Margt J) loco eng C&E 
RR h628 Forsythe av (CC) 

■" Lloyd E (Anna E) chf opr City Water 
Works Dept h7006 Jackson av 
Bussev F E lino opr W B Conkey Co r 

Bussies Justin L (Minnie) oilwkr h2027 
Wespark av (POWhi) 

Buszkiewicz Laura maid 29 Kenwood 
Butcher Claude G (Florine) elk hl243 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" Laura D (wid Geo) rl726 Davis av 

" Ralph E. (Louise) mach hl728 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

Buth Carl r6313 VanBuren av 
ButkoviCh Peter (Mildred) formn h5942 
Birch av 

Butler Bonnie I Mrs h4628 Hohman av 
" Edwin O (Eva) car repr hl028 High- 

" Ferdinand J (Esther A) formn h4703 
Torrence av . w 

•• Geo D (Lelia H) slsmn h7305 Olcott 

BUTLER H H INC, L M Brown Mgr, 
Clothing for the Family, 447 State, 
Tel 1614 

" Horace lab Teller Iron Co r5017 Co¬ 
lumbia av , , 

" Howard elk h450 Truman blvd 
" Jas M (Norma G) driver h5436 Mols- 
berger pi 

" Murrel (Kath) firemn hi 141 115th (P 

" PhiUp S (Iva M) electn h4326 Tor- 

" Russefl E V (Teresa B) oil treater h307 
Waltham (CC) 


" Sami J (Genevieve) elk Goodrich Sil- 
vertown Stores hl08 152d apt 21 (C 

" Thos J (Kitty) h5623 Maywood av 
" Wm A (Jane) cond h533 157th (CC) 

" Wm F (F Clyde) pipeftr h5508 Beall 
Butterworth Lena M Mrs restr 535 State 
r do 

Buttner Jacob (Frances) mach W B 
Conkey Co h6404 Monroe av 
Butts Carroll credit mgr r6006 Hohman 
" Kath Mrs alterationwn Goldblatt Bros 
h201 Pulaski rd apt 3 (CC) 
Buturff Richd driver Grennan Bakeries 

Butynski Albert mill opr rl352 Sherman 
" Joan (Mary) caretkr hl352 Sherman 
" Jos pntr rl352 Sherman 
j Louis pntr rl352 Sherman 
" Peter diestr rl352 Sherman 
" Stanley steelwkr rl352 Sherman 
Buwa Mathias A (Mary A) carp h605 
Truman blvd 

Buxton Francis (Hazel) hlpr h6248 Cali¬ 
fornia av 

Buzinski Stanley R (Sylvia) supt West¬ 
ern & Sou Life Its Co h810 169th pi 
Buzzanca Carmela (wid Theo) h529 Price 
av (OC) 

Bybee Carl B (Mabel) mach h6412 Mon¬ 
roe av 

” Max mldr r939 May 
Byelick Helen (wid Michl) h6144 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

Byerley Frank L (Myrtle) carp hlll5 

" Oscar steelwkr r815 Kenwood 
Byers Hobart M (Delma) carrier PO 
(W) hl945 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Mary r6323 Jackson av 
Olive S Mrs tchr Tech-Vocational Sch 
h22l Webb apt 7B 

" Ralph W (Hilda S) tchr Irving Sch 
h528 Spruce 

Bylski Walter (Helen) steelwkr r6336 
Columbia av 

Byman Anna Mrs sec-treas E J Byman 
& Co h577 Ingraiham av apt 5 (CC) 

" E J & Co Elias J Byman pres Martin 
Byman v-pres Mrs Anna Byman sec- 
treas poultry whol 107-09 Plummer 
Elias J (Anna) pres E J Byman & Co 
h577 Ingraham av apt 5 (CC) 

" Leonard sturent r577 Ingraham av apt 
5 (CC) 

" Martin v-pres E J Byman & Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Byrd F red C (Maude) slsmn r6045 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

" Wm J (Anna M) steelwkr h6045 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

Byres Jas O (Clarice) steelwkr h413 

Byrley Theo (Ada R) steelwkr h5434 
Webster av 

Byrne Bernard F teller State Bank of 
Whiting (W) rl622 Atchison av (PO 

" Danl r5946 Hohman av 
" John E slsmn Chas J Lesser r5946 
Hohman av 

" John J (Isabelle) h2004 Stanton av 
apt 2 (POWhi) 

" Nellie (wid John) hl622 Atchison av 

" Roger mach rl622 Atchison av (PO 

Byrnes Kath (wid John J) h5536 Claude 
" Robt T sec-treas Byrnes & Schuh- 
mann Inc r Chicago Ill 
" & Schuhmann Inc Sanger Schuh- 
mann pres Eleanor S Schuhmann v- 
pres Robt T ‘Byrnes sec-treas Whol 
margarine 11 Industrial rd 
Byron Dora M nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r RD 2 Bur Gary 
Bysinski Frank (Sophia) mach h4310 
Torrence av 

Bzczinski Adam car bldr r637 Hirsch av 

Bzdawski John h439 Pulaski rd (OC) 

C & G Club (Del Chase, Jos P Gies) 
tavern 240 Pulaski rd (OC) 

Cabala Jos (Wanda) mach hl26 154th 
pi (OC) 




4909 Hohman Ave. c - N - NAU> Pres - Tels. Hammond 65 and 66 

Caban Andrew (Mary) car repr h3411 
Birch av (POWhi) 

Cabeen Harry H (Myrtle M) h258 Han¬ 

Cable Floyd W (Grace) heater hlll5 

" John H (Gladys V) lab h452 Michigan 
" Piano Co Earle H Bowlby mgr 210 

Caecavalo Peter (Fanny) 'h766 Plummer 
Cada Cyril (Anna) oilwkr h2452 White 
Oak av (POWhi) 

” Leo oilwkr r2452 White Oak av (PO 

Cadel Wm 'D (Lois) hlpr h7416 Marshall 
Cadle Clara Mrs cook StMargt Hosp h 
124 Vi Sibley apt 30 

Geo E (Hazel M) groundmn NIPSCo 
h972 Michigan 

Cadman Russell J (Irma) h213 Webb 

' Wm E (Dorothy L) slsmn h7225 Mad¬ 
ison av 

Cadwalader Enos (Martha) gro 2321 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) h2314 do 
Cad well John T (Matilda) guardian 
Order of DeMolay h4644 Cameron av 
•' Winthrop E (Helen) reflnerywkr h 
6826 Parrish av 

Caesar Anne maid 41 Indi-Illi pk 
Caffarella Ralph maoh opr WB Conkey 
Co r7036 Jackson av 
Caflisch Jack r944 5th av (PORoby) 
Cahall Robt L (Manola S) elk IHBRR 
hll46 Michigan 

Cahill Chas L (Effle) oUwkr h4434 Bal¬ 
timore av 

' Patk (Julia) hl231 Davis av (POWhi) 
Cain Alyce O tchr Hammond Hi Sch rl 
Warren (CC) 

" Floyd J (Irene) steelwkr h6726 Caro¬ 
lina av 

" Geo A (Lillie) h4508 Pine av 
" Raymond W (Mildred G) elk Harry 
Peaker hl38 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Verna D (wid Geo) restr 6124 Colum-, 
bia av h6122 do ’ 

" Zella L (wid R B) slswn Anderson- 
Blackmun Inc hi Warren (CC) 

Caine Edna L Mrs asst Louie E Wampler 
h627 Douglas av (CC) 

" Laurence (Edna) driver Wulf's Clnrs 
h627 Douglas av (CC) 

Caird Andrew (Marie) maintenancemn 
Goldblatt Bros h6321 Garfield av 
” David K electn r6321 Garfield av 
Oairl Walter wtchmn Sou Wheel Div r 
1136 Moss 

Cairo John opr UC&OPCo r Chicago 
Cal’s Food Shop (Calvin B Niquette) 506 

Calabrese Dominic lab r511 State (CC) 

" Russell (Sarah) lab h511 State (CC) 
Calame Horace A (Dorothy) pumper h 
5850 Columbia av 

Calander Robt C r653 Forsythe av (CC) 
Calder Geo (Mollie) h2034 Davis »v (PO 

" Geo tchr Junior High Sch (W) r2034 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" Max r Hotel Jerome 
Calderone Mary J mach opr Standard 
Equip & Sup Corp r5420 Hohman av 
" Sami h5420 Hohman av 
Caldwell Alberta Mrs pres Hammond 
Woman’s Club h6225 Forest av 
" AUce (wid Richd) r216 Condit 
" Harry (Josephine) cond h rear 6430 
Madison av 

Herbert (Marcella) oilwkr h6647 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

" Howard driver John F Wilhelm & Son 
r815 May 

" Jack (Louise) lab h960 Michigan 
" Jas W (Louise) slsmn h4841 Hickory 
" Josephine (Donovan’s Coffee Cup 
Lunch) r rear 6430 Madison av 

CALDWELL LEE L (Alberta), Supt 
Hammond Public Schools, h6225 
Forest av, Tel 1621 

" Lynton K student r6225 Forest av 
" Margt J r6225 Forest av 
" Paul A autowkr r960 Michigan 
" Sami T (Mary L) h960 Michigan 
" Wm chemist r6945 Forest av 
" Wm G (Etta J) ironwkr h4841 Hick¬ 
ory av 

Calfas Harry P elk Hammond Loan Co r 

Calhoun Jos (Cora) lab h rear 1037 Con- 

" Pau? (Nettie) lab h218 Doty 
" Robt D (Berniece) bus opr C&CDTCo 
hi 113 Michigan 

Calkins Dorothy tchr Wentworth Sch r 
Chicago Ill 

Call Eva (wid Frank W) r5533 Beall av 
" Francis meatetr r5533 Beall av 
" Frank W (Lucy) lieut Truck Co No 2 
h5533 Beall av 

" Geo B fctywkr r5533 Beall av 
" Helen r7434 Cline av 

Callahan Chas (Rita) driver h7029 Ma¬ 
plewood av 

" Chas i Anna) lab hl2 Williams 
" Geo r637 Gostlin 

" Geo J (Emma C) formn h659 Ingra¬ 
ham av (CC) 

" Jas page Calumet City Public Library 
Jne-D i!Louise) lab h403 Plummer a 

" John B (Louise) cond h36 157th (CC) 
" Jos (Mary E) h419 Sibley blvd (CC) 

" Richd M (Susie) h728 Plummer 
" Wm J (Cath) plmbr hlOO 158th pi (C 

Callantine Henry L (Dora R) tchr Tech- 
Vocational Sch h644 165th 

Callender Robt C asst mgr Woolworth’s 
r653 Forsythe av (CC) 

Calligan Jas (Sarah) h816 Summer 
" Jas jr lab Pratt Food Co r816 Summer 
" Thos E (Mildred F) purch agt Stand¬ 
ard Equip & Sup Corp h6251 Madi¬ 
son av 

Callis Danl K (Helen E) formn h5339 
Kent av 

Callow Alvah O prin Hammond Business 
College h5945 Hyslop pi apt 202 

Calloway Alva (Bessie) pumper h215 
154th pi (CC) 

Calnon Emma (wid Danl) r6650 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

" Geo H (Mtot-F) elk h6650 Jefferson av 
’’ Herman H (Rose) tmkpr h531 Vine 

inson, Martin W Thompson), Auto¬ 
mobile Accessories and Supplies, 
Automotive Jobbers, Brake Service, 
5503-05 (773-75) Calumet av. Tel 

” Auto Wrecking Co (BenJ Levin) 4421 
Calumet av 

Seitz Librarian, 5444 Calumet av 

" Beverage Co (Clifford R Baer) liquors 
209 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Blue Print Co (Ivar A Holm) 618 

" Builders (Herman H Hardt. Robt 
Long Mire) 5305 Hohman av R505 
" Building (office) R H Wellington mgr 
5231 Hohman av R801-05 
" Building & Loan Association Paul 
Klitzke pres Frank F Hammond v- 
pres Mabel J Sonntag sec-treas Nor¬ 
man A Tapper asst sec-treas 5217-19 
Hohman av 

Cash Wholesale Grocery (br) Albert 
J Thon br mgr 658 State 
" City Association of Commerce Walter 
L McDonough pres Henry F Lindner 
v-pres Oliver J Chambers sec Jos P 
Mayer treas 546 Wentworth av (CC) 























415 Detroit 






When You 
Need a 







" City Church of Christ Rev Robt Lillie 
pastor 214 155th (CC) 


Pulaski rd (CC) 

lik Atty, Administration Bldg 
Board of Education Dist No 155 (Cal¬ 
umet City) Anton T Sczypior pres A 
F Siegrist sec Jos P' Mayer treas Wm 
Brown Chas Lochte Aug Zimmer¬ 
man Axel Olsen and Frank J Miller 
members 568 Wentworth av (CC) 
Board of Education District No 156 
Stanley Potocki pres Phil J Hintz 
sec Jos P Mayer treas Frank J No¬ 
wak Thos D Harle Peter Stralko 
Stanley Roski and Harry G Zaja- 
kowski members Freeland av se cor 
156th pi (CC) 

Board of Education District No 157 
Jacob H Meyer pres John Harder elk 
Jos P Mayer treas Peter N Schrum 
member Burnham av 1 mi w of State 
Line av (CC) 

Board of Education District No 215 (C 
C) John J Huck pres Jas F Kelley 
sec Jos P Mayer treas Walter Demp- 
kowski Arth J Meeter and Andrew 
Klein members 863 Pulaski rd (CC) 
SIONER’S OFFICE, Joseph Grabos- 
ke Comnr, Administration Bldg 



Call Us 





Tel. 5080 






Calumet Memorial Park District, Chas 
Homer pres Wm Romandine sec 
Andrew J Stachowicz treas Sigmunt 
Paszkowski Frank Raszkowski jr 
Frank Magdziak members 578 Went¬ 
worth av (CC) 

CLERK’S OFFICE, Steve J Macie- 
jewski Clerk, Administration Bldg 
Townsend & Quinlan (Chicago) 
Engs, Administration Bldg 
hier Chief, 688 Wentworth av (CC), 
Fire Call Tel 90 

FICE, Dr Andrew Nady Comnr, Ad¬ 
ministration Bldg 

Mayor, Administration Bldg, Tel 301 
Henry Bartels Inspr, Administration 

POLICE COURT, Hon John J Wallace 
Judge, Administration Bldg 
Weklinski Capt, Administration Bldg 
206 Pulaski rd (CC), Tel 162 
Police and Firemen’s Commission Jos 
p Maver chairmn 

Treas, Administration Bldg 
tion Bldg, Tel 5072 

Water Works (pumping sta) 819 State 

Calumet City Garage (Jos Stockle) 401 
Plummer av (CO 

" City Monument Works (Andrew Ma- 
lecki) Burnham av ne cor Michigan 
City rd 

Benkel and Edw J Stark), Standard 
Oil Products, Complete Washing, 
Greasing, Tire, Battery and Service 
Calls, 700 State Line av at 154th (C 
C), Tel 9801 

" City Public Library 214 155th (CC) 

" City-State Building 704 Wentworth av 

" City Wheelsmen Athletic Club Edw A 
Gorecki sec 204 155th (CC) 

" Dahlia Gardens (Howard A Boender) 
14 157th (CC) 


" Dairy Co John Meskis pres Agatha 
Meskis sec-treas 45 156th (CC) 

" Engineering Co Inc A1 J Joyce pres 
John A Crain sec-treas sewer contrs 
4924-34 Calumet av 

" Engraving Co Wilfred C Peters pres 
Mrs Constance E Peters sec-treas 
422 Plummer 

" Equipment & Supply Co (Nicholas 
Johann) auto parts 5613 Calumet av 

" Expert Cleaners & Dyers (br) clo 
clnrs 5619 Hohman av 

Schultz, Frank J Tamowski), Re¬ 
tailers of Flowers, Seeds, Bulbs and 
Shrubs, 5462 Calumet av at Sum¬ 
mer blvd, Tel 4 2 

INC, Roger E French Exec Sec, A 
Charitable Non-Profit Organization 
That Turns Waste Into Wages for 
the Handicapped and Needy 610 In¬ 
diana av, Tel 5230 

" Good Will Store genl mdse 135 and 
532 State 

" Lodge No 49 (Colored Masonic) meet 
1st Thursday each month 146 State 

" Memorial Park John J Murray supt 
578 Wentworth av (CC) 

HAMMOND THE, Joseph E Meyer 
Pres, Charles N Scott V-Pres, Edw 
Meyer Cashier, Complete Banking 
Service, 5231 Hohman av at Fayette, 
Tel 6900 (For further information 
see front stencil edge, left top lines 
and page 9 Buyers’ Guide) 
Moor Mgr, Insurance, Real Estate 
and Rentals, Real Estate Invest¬ 
ments 5444 Calumet av, Tel 239 

" Oil Co (Fred Haehnel) filling sta 616 
State (CC) 

" Pastry Shop (Ruben B Mehlhaff) 
5809 Calumet av 

" Pharmacy (Jack C Blumenfeld) 5855 
Calumet av 

" Philatelic Society Robt A Lamb pres 
231 Russell 

" Pickle Works Inc Claus C Schrum 
pres Wm T Schrum v-pres Peter N 
Schrum sec-treas 32-36 Schrum rd 

" Pure Water Co (Jos F Kiefer) 614 

" Restaurant (John S Georgas) 5923 
Calumet av 

M Dombrowski), Phillips Products, 
Lee Tires, Greasing and Tire Service 
547 Pulaski rd at Burnham av, Tel 
Hammond 9868 

B A Zikmund Pres, J E Jehlen V- 
Pres, F G Schaub Treas, Emil Vese- 
lik Sec, Carbon and Alloy Electric 
Steel Castings, Dependable Quality 
and Service 1636 Summer, Tels 4406 
and Saginaw 8414 

” Theatre Melvin L Gold mgr 5622 Cal¬ 
umet av 

" Theatre Building 5618 Calumet av 
" Title Co Harold W Hammond escrow 
officer 5231 Hohman av R523 
Calvaruss Anne mus tchr 38 Douglas r 

faanra (wid John) h38 Douglas 
Calvary Church of Christ 724 Conley 
" Elmer meatetr Tittle Bros Packing Co 
Calvey Geo R (Helen H) steelwkr h57ll 
Calumet av 

Calzaretta Flora barber Jos Giovingo r 
666 Douglas av (CC) 

Cam Lan (Jim Jung, Jim Yee) restr 5256 
Hohman av 

Camon Chas lab r5538 Claude av 

Camp Benj C (Helen) oilwkr h7125 
Wicker av 

•' Clarence I (Clara) eng hll66 Summer 
' David H (Eliz) levermn h216 Gostlin 
" Edgar J (Vrona) welder h821 May 
” Edw S (Dorothy) servicemn h2638 

" Edw W (Mamie) flremn h6231 Monroe 
• Eliz (wid Elijah) h4233 Sheffield av 
" Fredk P (Stacey N) driver h657 
Douglas av (CC) 

" John C (CaroUne) florist 438 173d h 

" Mary E mach opr NIPSCo r249 Car- 

" Philip C (Susie) sta flremn h249 Car- 

" Wm (Marion L) mach opr h5740 Cal¬ 
umet av 

" Wm D (Bird) slsmn hl219 Sherman 
" Wm P (Evelyn M) elk hl2 156th pi (C 

Campa Andrew slsmn Merneck Auto 
Parts Co r Chicago 

Campagna Louis C (Lottie J) mach Ba- 
dall Eng & Mfg Co hS717 Baring av 
" Sami (Josie) h244 Williams 
" Sami driver Sprout & Davis Inc r244 

Campbell Amanda (wid Jas) r907 173d pi 
" Axuia P opr IBTCo rl019 Becker 
" Carrie (wid Earl) r818 Cherry 
" Claude opr Parthenon Theatre rl02 
152d (CC) 

" Claude J (Bertha) formn h6243 Har¬ 
rison av 

’’ Cyrus N (Doris) opr Parthenon Thea¬ 
tre h248 Elizabeth (CC) 

" Dale O (Verna R) h5725 Calumet av 
" Dean H (Maletta) steelwkr h520 Lewis 
’’ Donald (Edith) h958 Wilcox av 
” Donald T (Jane R) formn hl5 High¬ 

" Edwin J (M Gertrude) mach h6258 
Monroe av 

" Edwin M (Faith) maintenancemn 
Continental Baking Co h4409 Wa¬ 
bash av 

" Elmer rlOl Industrial rd 
" Esther C dept sec NIPSCo r5614 
Schultz av 

" Fred J inspr r5629 Alice av 
” Guy P (Eliz) elk E C Minas Co h 
6925 VanBuren av 

" Guy F jr elk NIPSCo r6925 VanBuren 
" Harley r7137 VanBuren av 
” Haven G (Anna E) appr SREMCo h 
640 Michigan 

" Herbert A (Campbell’s Service Sta) r 
946 Michigan 

" Hugh S (Edith E) slsmn Holland 
Furnace Co hl5 Elizabeth (CC) 

" Jas (Edith) towermn h219 Douglas 
" Jas wtchmn h5629 Alice av 
" Jas B (Della) tchr Tech-Vocational 
Sch h7137 VanBuren av 
" Jas B (Clara) treater hl616 Lake av 

" Jas M (Valla C) oil opr r511 165th 
” Jean r5614 Schultz av 
" John (Agnes) hlOlO Hoffman 
" John jr welder rlOlO Hoffman 
" John B (Nora) hl616 Lake av (PO 

" John G rlOl Industrial rd 
" Livingston (Helen) formn h7144 Mar¬ 
shall av 

•' Martin E (Hath) lab h5614 Schultz 
" Merle H (Helen L) testmn IBTCo h 
1019 Becker 

" Merrill C (Edna C) oilwkr h6429 
Crescent pi 

" Oliver F (Mary G) combustion eng h 
1533 Amy av (POWhi) 

" Robt meatetr Jas Ackerman r437 In¬ 

" Ross H (Mabel) hl35 Mason (CC) 

" Thalia tchr Lafayette Sch h237 High¬ 
land apt 413 

" Thos W r6330 Moraine av 
" Verna R Mrs restr 5725 Calumet av h 

" Wm A (Anna) bldr W B Conkey Co h 
617 Mulberry 

" Wm H (Joyce N) elk r505 Forsythe av 


(Herbert A Campbell), Sinclair 
Products, Complete Washing and 
Lubrication Service 6005 Calumet av, 
Tel 10007 

Camperman Carl W h5504 Beall av 
" Chas bundle tier W B Conkey Co r 
5504 Beall av 

" Wilbur bundle tier W B Conkey Co r 
5504 Beall av 

Camplin Harry J (Lulu) plmbr Colum¬ 
bus Smith h820 State blvd 
Campline Geo E (Leona) steelwkr h4835 
Linden av 

Canaday David compositor Hammond 
Times r3009 Michigan 
" Harold elk NIPSCo r704 Plummer 
" Harold W (Beatrice) electl eng h616 

” Togo C (Maude) hlpr r6311 Monroe 
Canady Percy W (Martha) reprmn n 
7115 California av 
" Wm P welder r7115 California av 
Canale Peter r28 Ogden 
" Ralph (Mao ) fruits h28 Ogden 
Canan Chas M (Matilda) oilwkr r964 
State blvd 

Canfield Jas C (Margt S) dentist 5435% 
Hohman av r Lake Dalecarlia 
Cannan Paradine (wid Jerome B) r457 

Cannavan Warren J (Mabel) lab hl618 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

Cannells Elsie typist rl631 Myrtle av (F 

" Helen elk rl432 Lake av (POWhi) 

" Jacob (Paulina) hl631 Myrtle av (PO 

blvd (POWhi) h!432 Lake av (PO 

" Valentine (Maisie) elk hi855 Indiana¬ 
polis blvd (POWhi) 

Canner Harold C (Dorothy) oilwkr h 
5635 Claude av 

" John (Susan) h’1522 Brown av (PO 

" John E (Irene) refinerywkr hl920 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" Oliver C (Mary H) elk hl710 Atchison 
av (POWhi) 

" Wm A (Rose) oilwkr hl714 Warwick 

Cannon Chas J (Anna) swtchmn h5711 
Calumet av 

" Crame (Dolores) msngr Brink’s Inc h 
922 Carroll 

Cantlon Sherman E del mn Liberal 
Credit Clothing Co r4307 Hickory av 
Cantrell Claude P (Ruth) mach h519 
Burnham av (CC) 

" Harry C asmblr r519 Burnham av (C 

" Horace (Martha) porter Monon Bar¬ 
ber Shop h411 Michigan 
" Louis reprmn r221 173d 
" Mattie r411 Michigan 
Caparelli Jas A stamper opr W B Con¬ 
key Co r Chicago 

Capata Julian elk Hammond Loan Co r 

Cape Cod Inn (Otto Heigl) tavern 12800 
Burnham av (Bur) 

Capek Simon (Cath) fctywkr hl636 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Capizzani Angelo lab NIPSCo r7445 Van 
Buren av 

Caporal Edw (Anna) carp h7100 Caro¬ 
lina av 

Cappage Jas (Dorothy) pipeftr h4309 
Hohman av 

Cappel Wm (Mary V) bkpr h823 Tru¬ 

Cappelman Hubert (Marie) mach r4238 
Sheffield av 

Capps John G (Ellen M) div supvr NIPS 
Co h20 Highland 
Caprara Anthony lab r645 Kane 
" Lena (wid Dominick) maid StMargt 
Hosp h645 Kane 

Capraz Arnold (Margt) elk Edw J Mos- 
til h2007 Stanton av (POWhi) 
Capuzzi Jas (J & M Bakery) r3726 Eu¬ 
clid av 

Caraway Kath Mrs r rear 26 Plummer 
Carbugh Isaac r4940 Ash av 
Card Bernice M opr IBTCo (W) r2011 
Lincoln av 


" Booth (Irene) oilwkr r3814 Towle av 
" Kenneth (Bemiece) oilwkr hl612 At¬ 
chison av (POWhi) 

Carder Ivan B emp W B Corikey Co r 
6432 Jackson av 

Cardinal Inn (Mrs Lillian Pietzak, Mrs 
Bessie Harper) tavern 248 Pulaski rd 

Cardoni Lillian M (wid Louis M) gro 
1305 Indiana h do 

Cardox Corp (laboratory) H Robt Har¬ 
per supt chemicals 4828 Calumet av 

Cardwell Gustav (Louise) mech NIPSCo 
hl041 Ames 

Careful Cleaners & Furriers Abr Kap¬ 
lan mgr 524 State 

Carey Cloice E r7446 Harrison av 
" Frank B (Tillie B) carp h245 157th (C 

" Glenn E (Opal) pntr h494 Harrison av 

" Roscoe V (Laura) h495 Freeland av 

" Thos C (Gertrude M) welder h4818 
Magnolia av 

Carl John W rlOl Industrial rd 

Carl’s Union Store (Carl Gabovitch) 
men’s clo 458 State 

Carley Earl G (Audrey V) driver r5630 
Alice av 

" Ethel J nurse StMargt Sch of Nurs¬ 
ing r233 173d 

" Jas asst Snyder Funeral Home rll48 

" L Grant (Pearl) trucking 1148 Sibley 
h do 

" Neodia R slswn Woolworth’s r7411 
Madison av 

” Paul (Dorothy) lab h rear 4535 Towle 
" Paul C (Dora M) driver h467 Indiana 
apt 4 

CARLEY RAY E (Dorothy B), Sewer 
Cleaning and Frozen Pipes Thawed 
By Electricity 233 173d, Tel 589, h do 
" Sami F (Mildred L) fctywkr h4424 
Calumet av 

’’ Sami G (Allie) truck opr r233 173d 
" Sami R (Sadie M) tester hS255 Van 
Buren av 

” Virgil H steelwkr r7411 Madison av 
" Virgil O (Ruth) steelwkr h7411 Mad¬ 
ison av 

Carlin Jas (Constance) formn h227 Car- 
roll apt 12A 

" Leonard E (Marie F) elk h6436 Mon¬ 
roe av 

Carlisle Kath (wid Chester A) h7122 
Madison av 

Carlo Jos F (Anne M> phys 5305 Hoh- 
man av R603 hl045 Forest Hills av 

" Joyce r515 State 

Carlotta John S (Wava A) mach opr h 
1325 Indiana 

Carlson Albert C (Anna) lab h7109 Del¬ 
aware av 

" Alf O (Mildred A) mach h4723 Hick¬ 
ory av 

" Aug P (Alma) hl226 5th av (PORoby) 
" Axel I (Esther C) oilwkr h4640 Cam¬ 
eron av 

" Axel K elk h843 Cleveland 
" Blossom emp Chapman Lndry Inc r 
451 Logan 

’’ Carl A (Ida) slsmn h447 165th 
" Clarence H (Janet) pipeftr h4905 
Cedar av 

” Clayton W (Jessie B) lab h519 Indiana 
" Dorothy elk Tip Top Food Mkt r447 

" Earl steelwkr i>U48-AVttro5rTnr 
" Edw E (Eliz) formn h7145 Marshall av 
" Edw E steelwkr h26 Douglas 
" Emma (wid Emil) r843 Cleveland 
" Ernest W rlOl Industrial rd 
’■ Esther (wid Edw) h2821 Black Oak rd 
" Evelyn tchr Geo Rogers Clark Sch h 
1542 Warwick av apt 7 (POWhi) 

" Geo E (Mary A) city policemn h7015 
Arizona av 

" Gottfried (Pauline) welder h2634 163d 

Harold J 

_I A tchr Tech-Vocational Sch r 

4640 Cameron av 

" Harry (Marie V) lab r5615 Alice av 
” Isadore (Josephine) mach hS845 Cali¬ 
fornia av 


" John G inspr r2422 Birch av (POWhi) 
" John O (Florence) mach opr h7207- 
Marshall av 

" Knute (Alice) reprmn h550 Plummer 
" Maybelle beauty opr Mrs Rose H 
Carris r546 165th 

" Otto (Ellen) electn h6631 California 
" Raymond millwkr r6333 Monroe av 
" Roy O (Margt M) r6333 Monroe av 
" Ruth M slswn Woolworth’s r South 
Holland Ill 

" Walter S (Ragnhild) elk h2829 163d pi 
" Yerde (wid Oscar) h6333 Monroe av 
Carlton Frank (Sadie) h2836 Janet pi 
" Viola maid 6741 Hohman av 
Carly Earl driver Welsh Bros 
Carmelite Orphange Carmelite Sisters in 
charge 4007 Sheffield av 
Carmichael Ivo (Vilma) eng r445 High- 

’’ Jean elk h206 157th (CC) 

" Wm H (Mary) hl51S Roberts av (PO 

Carnahan Dennis lab rl528 Atchison av 

" Jas lab rl528 Atchison av (POWhi) 
Carnegie Russell (Dorothy) hl838 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

Carnes Belle (wid Wm) r6528 Madison 
Carnoski Sigmund (Ann) fctywkr h4825 
Linden av 

Caroline Archie slsmn Simon Werbner r 
Chicago Ill 

Carpe John E (Anna) electn h839 Green 
Bay av (CC) 

Carpen Wm (Barbara) oilwkr r951 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Carpenter Albert (Liman) steelwkr h4830 
Cedar av 

” Beulah G r7130 Hohman av 
" Carl B (Dorothy L) mgr Chas H Hurd 
Consulting Engineer h6749 Hohman 
" Cath (wid Herbert A) h6317 Van 
Buren av 

North State Publishing Co Inc, h7130 
Hohman av, Tel 3322 
" Geo E (Bess) pntr hl336 Truman 
" John (Eliz) steelwkr h44 Webb (CC) 
" Jos L clnr rl327 Indiana 
" Lola Mrs rl523 175th 
" Merton A (Margt) electn h6817 Ala¬ 
bama av 

" Ruben R (Thelma) steelwkr h538 De¬ 

" Sami S r6317 VanBuren av 
Carr Donald (Lou) rl2 157th (CC) 

" Evelyn L wrapper W B Conkey Co r 
313 Schrum rd (CC) 

" Gordon (Lydia) mach h321 157th (C 

" Henry (Kathryn) steelwkr h rear 313 
Schrum rd (CC) 

" Henry W (Alice) driver City Garbage 
Dept h5T25 Columbia av 
" Howard W (Lulu) swtchmn h611 

" Jas W (Frances M) firemn h2716 163d 

" John J atndt r4241 Grover av 
" Jos mach opr Aldobilt Co 
” Kenneth (Doyne M) oilwkr h rear 
5510 Beall av 

" Mary (wid John) r409 Waltham 
" Matt slsmn Inland Supply Co r High¬ 

" Raymond lab r313 Schrum rd (CC) 

" Root L (Mary) br mgr A & P Food 
Stores h4329 Hohman av 
" Sarah E Mrs r4329 Hohman av 
" Vernon (Irene) lab r313 Schrum rd (C 

" Wm (Anna) Janitor h313 Schrum rd 

" Wm A (Mary E) formn h4241 Grover 
" Wm H (Norma E) lab r210 Webb (C 

" Wm M (Georgia) firemn Calumet City 
PO h950 Green Bay av (CC) 

Carrell Harry G (Lorena) chemist h6347 
Garfield av 

Carrier Burley W Rev (Prudence) pastor 
Hessville Christian Ch h7002 Arizona 
Carrigan Arth B (Edith) h506 Detroit 
" Earl (Helen) wtchmn h434b Sibley 
’’ Henrietta A Mrs r508 Ingraham av (C 





" Jas (Vera) pntr h6322 Garfield av 
" Marguerite r484b Sibley 
Carris Mitchell C (Rose H) city firemn 
h546 165th 

•' Rose Mrs beauty shop 546 165th h do 
Carroll Apartments 227-29 Carroll 
" Arth P (Vernal) steelwkr h6813 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

" Beauty Shop Mrs Amelia Wetzel mgr 
5324 Hohman av 

" Ervin D (Fern) steelwkr h32 Ogden 
" Eug C (Dorothy T) steelwkr h6336 
Jefferson av 

" Genevieve bkpr Northern Indiana 
Stationery Co r939 Carroll 
" Geo D (Grace) loader hT535 Jackson 
" Harry P brkmn C&ERy h rear 833 

" Hugh E (Gladys) lawyer 5231 Hohman 
av R501 h7139 Knickerbocker pkwy 
" Hugh E (Tillie) slsmn h597 Hirsch av 

" Jas J (Eileen) dist coml mgr IBTCo 
r Gary 

" John (Eliz) elk hll04 Highland 
" John F (Dorothy C) musician rl015 

" John M (Lorraine P) elk h5639 Claude 
" Leo E (Mary H) ins agt h6327 Madi¬ 
son av 

" Leo P slsmn Bohling Auto Sis Inc h9 
Webb (CC) 

" Marion (Madge L) mach opr h7215 
Osborn av 

" Ollie hlpr Sou Wheel Div h rear 1004 

" Robt E r597 Hirsch av (CC) 

" Rollie E (Ellen) whsemn h7217 Osborn 
'' Sami (Lamar) hlpr h928 Carroll 
" Sarah (wid Dennis P) h939 Bauer 
’’ Thos (Frieda) lab r5511 Alice av 
" Thos W (Milda M) formn r4926 Ash 
" Tillie elk Goldblatt Bros r597 Hirsch 
av (OC) 

Carros Thos D (Edna) pntr h249 Doty 
Carrouthers Clinton (Bernice) steelwkr r 
4836 Cedar av 

" John (Eliz) electn h4836 Cedar av 
Carrow G eo A (Clara M) lab h408 State 

Carrubba Guy (Mary) pipeftr hlpr h215 
156th pi (OC) 

Carsartetti Floy barber r686 Douglas av 

Carsman Edw C (Cora) acct hl035 Beck¬ 

" Jeanne sten rl035 Becker 
” John F (Barbara) agt Prud Ins Co r 

Carson Ira L film opr Capitol Theatre 
(W) r Hammond 
" John rlOl Industrial rd 
" Martha uvid^^^)^cIk^7M^IIohman 

" Williard B pres Hammond Mortgage 
Co r Chicago Ill 

Carstensen Geo (Beatrice) auto mech h 
6934 Kennedy av 
" Julius Z (Tina) h6239 Blaine av 
" Owen J (Olive P) formn C&CDTCo h 
4913 Elm av 

Cart Galen D (Cath) mechl eng hl939 
Lincoln av (POWhi) 

Carter Alf r429 Highland 
" Alf C (Cath) hlpr City Dept of Water 
Wks h429 Highland 
'' Chas oil opr r429 Highland 
" Clarence (Thelma) hsemn Indiana 
Hotel h823 Logan 

" Fred W (Marian) dentist 5404 Hoh¬ 
man av h221 Highland 
" Helen cash Wise Shoe Stores Inc r429 

" Hubert L (Inez A) oilwkr h5543 Wal¬ 
ter a 


" John T (Alice M) formn h6714 Ari¬ 
zona av 

" Kath (wid Fred S) h6039 Hohman av 
CARTER LESLIE N (Florence H), Dis¬ 
trict Agent Aetna Life Insurance 
Co and Insurance Manager Ilem- 
stock Realty Co, 208 Russell, Tel 236, 
hl30 Ridge rd, Munster, Ind, Tel 
Munster 313-R 

" Louis H (Addie I) car repr h5411 
Wood av 

Martin C rlOl Industrial rd 
" Nicholas (Lela) hl36% Sibley apt 6 
" Ray H (Ann) oilwkr h2637 164th pi 
" Richd E r Hotel Jerome 
" Robt E student r862 Summer 
" Rollin (LoVetta) steelwkr h rear 522 

” Sami (Julia) lab hl024 Field 
" Stanley rlOl Industrial rd 
" Wm J (Ardys) millwkr hS541 Arizona 
" Wm T acct 415% Sibley r415 do 
Cartwright Allen E (Gay) hl605 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

" Gay sten Carbide & Carbon Chem¬ 
icals Corp (W) r Hammond Ind 
" Harry E cond hl2 Elizabeth (CC) 
Caruba Vito (Phyllis) bartndr h498 In¬ 
graham av (CC) 

Caruso Lawrence (Kathryne) lab h424 
State (CC) 

Carver Paul D tchr Junior High Sch 
(W) r2003 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Ralph r918 May 

" Wilford L (Florence M) steelwkr h918 

Carwile Eva maid 1916 Superior av (PO 

Cary Clyde (Evelyn) autowkr h rear 
4339 Torrence av 

” Fremont (Stella) still clnr h7114 Cline 
Caryer Wm M driver Sprout & Davis 
Inc r255 Florence 

Casaletto Louis (Margt) crane opr r672 
Douglas av (CC) 

Case Commodore C (Adelia A) slsmn r 
236 Russell 

" Francis O (Winifred W) rep hl23 De¬ 
troit (CC) 

" Harold C (Edna) ydmstr h2705 163d pi 
" Harry feeder W B Conkey Co r RD 1 

Casey Edith Mrs cash Provident Finance 
Co r Garv 

•" Edw L (Sarah L) gro 707 Wentworth 
av (CC) h do 

" John (Violet) mach h3321 173d 
" John J (Ruth) elk h846 State blvd 
Cash Jos wtchmn hl240 Sherman 
Cashman Benj J elk NIPSCo r35 Doty 
Casorio Jos lab h608 Forsythe av (CC) 
Casper Ardes L bakery wkr Miner-Dunn 
Inc r5452 Calumet av 
" Egan J (Esther T) reprmn h5452 Cal¬ 
umet av 

" Ha H waiter Miner-Dunn Inc r5452 
Calumet av 

Cassaday Cecil W (Pearl G) inspr hS254 
Madison av 

" Forrest L (Mamie) h539 Hoffman 
" Kenneth E (Amelia) eng hl243 Sher- 

P aris J ( Grace) car fnshr h4434 J o hn * 

" Scott W (M Pauline) lab r539 Hoff¬ 

Cassady Jas M (Flora L) estimator h328 
Webb (CC) 

Cassell Amy elk r5641 Hohman av 
Cassidy Edw (Marie) carpetlayer h411 

Cassill Amy nurse StMargt Sch of Nurs¬ 
ing r5641 Hohman av 
" Maria (wid Alex H) F124 State 
Casteel Frank lab Riverdale Products Co 
r Harvey Ill 

?0 £32 
ff >So 










3 O 

P A 









114th Street and Lake Ave. Phones: Whiting 670-671 and Hammond Enterprise 1880 

Headquarters: Lake Shore Housing Guild Whiting, Ind. 

Caster Cath (wid Henry) r Prank Caster 
" Frank h ss Schrum rd 4 w Burnham 
av (CC) 

" Fred J prsmn W B Conkey Co r Lans¬ 
ing Ilf 

" Josie r Frank Caster 
Castle Ray M (Hazel) oil opr h545 165th 
apt 3 

Castleman Alice B beauty shop 2705 
Martha r do 

” Jas D (May) water tndr h2705 Martha 
Castro Abr janitor StMargt Hosp r25 

Cataldi Vasco (Yolanda; State Tavern) 
h4832 Hickory av 

- Vincent (CSth J; State Tavern) hl318 

Catchur Michl (Marie) janitor hl816 
Brown av (POWhi) 

Cate Raymond E (Docia) swtchmn h940 

Cates Woodrow bundle tier W B Conkey 
Co r446 Conkey 

Cathcart Earl (Freda B) rate elk IHB 
RR h6839 California av 
Cathey Fred J (Pansy) lab h943 Kane 
" Jessie emp Central Chem Div r943 

" Taylor M (Pauline E) pipeftr h5624 
Claude av 

Catholic' Central High School of Lake 
County Rev H Jas Conway prin 1519 

" Charities & Social Service Rev Edw 
Sweigart director Margt Muldoon 
exec sec 5241 Hohman av R400 
Catlin Edwin L (Lillian A) wtchmn h417 

" Grace L r417 Hoffman 
Catterall Alice student r2036 Superior av 

•' John (Peggy) h2036 Superior av (PO 

Cauble Gordie H (Martha) mach hd 
Central Ry Signal Co h6603 Alabama 
•' Gordie H jr r6S03 Alabama av 
Cauffman Floyd signalmn h rear 6519 
Montana av 

Cavan Chas H elk r8 Elizabeth 
" Eileen T biller IHBRR r8 Elizabeth 
" Harry (Maude) atndt VanSenus Bros 
h6349 Madison av 
" Jas elk r8 Elizabeth 
Jack M dancing tchr 8 Elizabeth h do 
" John M (Maude) pipeftr h8 Elizabeth 
Cavanaugh Chas (Thelma) steelwkr h 
4619 Pine av 

" Jas T rl933 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

Cave Auda R (Louise) pumper hl309 In¬ 

Cawley Edgar M hl034 Drackert 
" Edna M bkpr rl034 Drackert 
" Harry W (Rose M) dentist 5231 Hoh¬ 
man av R401 rl034 Drackert 
" John A (Frieda) mgr Crown Coal Co 
Inc h7147 Madison av 
Cearing Lloyd O (Agnes) chauf Borden - 
Wieland Div hl038 Highland 
Ceasar Jos wtchmn r633 Hoffman 
" Mary Mrs wrapper Whiting Lndry 
(W) hl510 125th (POWhi) 

" Steven (Mary) steelwkr h'1510 125th 

Cech Helen M r2106 Wespark av (PO 

" John (Justine) gro 2026 Davidson pi 
<W) h2105 Wespark av (POWhi) 

" Mary , elk John Cech (W) r2105 Wes- 

" MUton mgr Goldblatt Bros r Chicago 
Cechovic Frank (Anna) steelwkr h611 
118th (POWhi) 

Cedar Avenue Grocery (Herbert E 
Shearer, Keith M Wertz) 832 Hoff- 

Cedergren Fred h5536 Maywood av 

Cederholm Carl O mgr Cederholm Coal 
& Building Material Co r834 Chi¬ 

" Coal & Building Material Co (Olof 
Cederholm) 4634 Calumet av 
Olof (Dora; Cederholm Coal & Build¬ 
ing Material Co) h834 Chicago 
Cegur Frank F (Mary) lab hl415 Sher¬ 

Cekan Josephine office wkr Goldblatt 
Bros r802 State Line (OC) 

Celano Bennie r435 Price av (CC) 

" Jas (Anna) lab UC&OPCo h435 Price 
av (CC) 

" Rosalie r435 Price av (CC) 

Celarek Stanley (Anna) h4520 Hohman 
Celareke Walter (Lottie) loc eng hl55 

Cencion Atly H (Lillie B) steelwkr h7044 
McCook av 

Cengel Geo L (Magdelene) blrmkr hl944 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

" John lab h2117 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" John G (Mary) steelwkr h rear 1230 
121st (POWhi) 

" Mary maid rl944 Atchison av (PO 

Cenko John oilwkr rl520 Brown av (PO 

Centenary Methodist Church Stanley E 
Rolston pastor 507 Gostlin 
" Methodist Church 4515 Towle 
Centille Edw firemn rl628 Myrtle av 
Smith Mgr, Claim Adjustments 407 
Lloyd Bldg 5305 Hohman av, Tel 753 
" Chemical (Division of Wilson & Co 
Inc) Wm K Clayton plant mgr ws 
Wentworth av 1 n MCRR (OC) 

_• Co (Walter and Edw Pudlo) 

1137 Ames 

" Motor Service (John A Widmer) 484 

" Park Methodist Episcopal Church Rev 
Robt Victor pastor 462 Truman blvd 
'• Pharmacy (Sami Ostrow) 201 154th pi 

" Railway Signal Co Harvey O Bemis- 
derfer mgr 1301 Summer 
Century Club Harry Wikel mgr 5231 
Hohman av R901-10 

Cepil Henry (Angeline) lab h4224 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Cerajewski Alex (Pearl) steelwkr h4330 
Henry av 

" Eug (Beatrice) fctywkr hl916 Calu¬ 
met av (POWhi) 

Cergizan Peter (Marian) steelwkr h2820 
164th pi 

Cermak Geo (Pearl) h2235 New York av 

" Pearl Mrs tavern 2235 New York av 
(POWhi) h do 

Cemia John J (Helen) loader h4436 
Johnson av 

Ceroni Rudolfo (Mary) lab h4931 Hick¬ 
ory av 

Cerovina Danl (Sophie) mldr h28U 138th 
pi (Bur) 

" Doris r2811 138th pi (Bur) 

" Geo cement wkr r2811 138th pi (Bur) 
" Laura r2811 138th pi (Bur) 

Certa Eleanor R maid rl021 Moss 
" John (Lucille) hl021 Moss 
Chaby Andrew (Mary) mach h512 Doug¬ 
las av (CC) 

" Mary slswn r6111 Noble av 
Chado Wm A (Mary) emp SREMCo r 
East Chicago 

Chadwick Sonia beauty opr Mrs Alma 

Chagnon Leo r448 Wilson av (CC) 
Chaisson Abie J tmkpr NIPSCo r228 

Chajmik Jos (Mary) lab h2141 Atchison 
av (POWhi) 


Real Estate 
410 Fayette St. 
Tel. 52 

J. CLINN ELLYSON. President 
R. F. McPHARLIN, Sec’y-Treas. 


5241 & Hohman Ave. 

Chalaik Jeanette elk Jas Ackerman r 
5713 Erie av 

" Sami (Jeannette) dri ver h5713 E rie av 

Chalk Earl (Hattie) h43U( HiMnhiUi av 

Chalko Alex (Eliz) ollwkr h2123 Wespark 
av (POWhi) 

Chalmers Albert E (Lena) elk h6719 
Forestdale av 

" Wm C jr (Helen) steelwkr h6922 Ari- 

" Wm H (Kath) steelwkr r6719 Forest- 
dale av 

Chalos Peter P (Ethel) coal h937 Ken¬ 

Chaloupsky Chas (Mary) fctywkr h2041 
Lake av (POWhi) 

Hackett Sec, 6 Indiana Hotel Bldg 
5114 Hohman av. Tel 1000 

Chamberlain Hugh (Mary) whsemn 
Montgomery Ward Co h570 State 
apt 6 

" Ida Mrs r5927 Columbia av 
" Linwood M welder SREMCo r27 State 
" Paul J ( Nora L) lab h5422 Webster av 

Chamberlin Linwood welder r27 State 

Chambers Benj E (Amelia) eng hll26 

" Chester S (Mabel C) mgr Fuller 
Brush Co hl6 Waltham 
" Howard A (Rose A) lab h709 Thorn¬ 

” Ivan ironwkr r828 State blvd 
" Jos (Nora) janitor h6247 Monroe av 
" Mildred slswn r220 Russell 

CHAMBERS OLIVER J (Pearl), Lawyer 
622 Gordon (CC), h do, Tel 5143 
Richd C elk Fuller Brush Co rl« 

Chambly Ray M (Myrtle L) driver r6252 
Monroe av 

Chamnes Wayne E (Mary L) autowkr h 
4716 Cameron av 

Champ Isom C (Sarah) lab h217 Plum¬ 
mer av (CC) 

Champaign Alf N (Hattie) h6232 Forest 
•' Alf N (Lena) h6257 Garfield av 

Champion Corp Otto Knoerzer pres Arth 
L Knoerzer v-pres-treas Eliz Rippe 
sec agrl implt mfrs 4704 Sheffield av 

Chance Fred E (Lettie) oilwkr h4925 
Hickory av 

Chancelor Delbert (Dorothy) steelwkr h 
7041 Arizona av 

Chancey Lester H (Marie) servicemn h 
5653 Sohl av 

Chander Anna (wid Frank) r4640 Shef¬ 
field av 

Chandler Arth W (Ellen; Green Gables 
Tourist Camp) h6540 Calumet av 
" Byron F (Ethel) h472 Michigan 
" Chas A (Ada V) podiatrist 5141 Hoh¬ 
man av R104 h425 Detroit 
" Emery (Helen) formn Paxton Lumber 
Co h904 174th 

" Floyd (Rita) steelwkr h479 Truman 

" Frank J (Ruth) slsmn h934 Eaton 
" Freda Mrs h224 Gostlin 
" Geo (Mary E) custodian h4720 John- 

-3 (Celia) elk hl041 May 

" Morton V slsmn Clay B Beaman r 
Cedar Lake 

"Ralph G electn r4720 Johnson av 

Chandos Ormond W reprmn E C Minas 
Co rl206 150th 

Chaney Lloyd (Eva B) steelwkr h6712 
Carolina av 

Chansler Earl E (Ruth E) steelwkr h 
2834 165th apt 2 

Chant Frank J (Mary K) steelwkr hlll4 
119th (POWhi) 

Chapek Walter E (Helen) chf eng hl927 
Wespark av (POWhi) 

Chapelle Florence elk Goldblatt Bros r 
34 Russell 


Geo r34 Russell 
" Sami cook h34 Russell 
Chapin Geo M (Lilly) pres Chapin & Co 
h9 Highland 

" Henry K slsmn Shaver Mtr Co r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Perry R lawyer 479 State r Gary 
" Susan tchr Lafayette Sch r Chicago 

" & Co Geo M Chapin pres feed Co¬ 
lumbia av sw cor EJ&ERy 
Chaplin John V br mgr Roosevelt Cart¬ 
age Co r Chicago Ill 

Chapman Andrew emp Chapman Lndry 
Inc r Chicago Ill 

" Ann chf elk Toledo Peoria & Western 
RR r29 Detroit 

" Arth O mech C&ERR r227 Douglas 
" Chas lab r5539 Hohman av 
" Dental Laboratory (Maurice E Chap- 
jnan) 5305 Hohman av R504 
" E W (Isabel) slsmn h7135 Monroe av 
" Ella (wid Irvin) rS235 Moraine av 
" Evert L (J Isabelle) display mgr E C 
Minas Co h6942 Forest av 
" Florence L Mrs ins 5231 Hohman av 
R927 h29 Detroit 

" Geo L (Aliene) chemist h6235 Moraine 
" Geo N hlpr r935 Bauer 

man Laundry Inc, hl08()0 Normal av 

" Howard (Vera) gro 861 Logan h do 
" Isabel Mrs school nurse City Board of 
Health h7135 Monroe av 
" Jane sten r29 Detroit 
•' Josephine (wid Arth) h935 Bauer 
" Judy M sten r33 EUzabeth 
man Pres, Herman M Chapman V- 
Pres, Robert H Chapman Sec-Treas, 
Launderers and Dry Cleaners 5639- 
5649 Columbia av, Tel Hammond 5500 
(For further information see right 
side lines and page 29 Buyers’ Guide) 

" Louis L (Claire B) chemist h33 Eliza¬ 

CHAPMAN M H, Pres Chapman Laun¬ 
dry Inc, rl0800 Normal av (Chicago) 

" Mabel r29 Detroit 
" Marietta sec Memeck Auto Parts Co 
r29 Detroit 

" Martin H bres Chapman Lndry Inc r 
Chicago Ill 

Maurice E (Eleanor T; Chapman Den¬ 
tal Laboratory) h7220 Jackson av 
" Obert (Ethel) soap wkr h509 Indiana 
" Opal Mrs h5539 Hohman av 
" Pearl maid 6348 Moraine av 
" Raymond M (Florence L) h29 Detroit 
Chapman Laundry Inc, r 10800 Nor¬ 
mal av (Chicago) 

" Robt W opr r256 Vine 
" Rolland L (Vera) swtchmn h5833 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

" Ruth fountain mgr J J Newberry Co 
r935 Bauer 

" Sherman M chemist r33 EUzabeth 
Chappelle Sami cook Lyndora Home r 
5927 Columbia av 

Charohek Andrew (Ella) fctywkr hl733 
Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

Chariton Fredk A (Vera) h4517 Torrence 
Charles Anne Mrs sec to City Engineer h 
1134 169th 

" Dawn student rll34 169th 
" Eva (wid Clyde J) hl030 170th 
" Geo M lab rl030 170th 
" Jos H rl030 170th 
" Roy (Helen) lab h rear 736 169th 
" Russell G (Emma) steelwkr r41'l 

Charleston Earl E (May) supvr NIPS 
Co h7016 Jackson av 
" Geo r2031 Sherman 
" Jack (Ruth) lab r2031 Sherman 



c n 



I 2 
1 * 








Charlson Harry L (Neva) supt h6341 
Madison av 

Bennett), Distinctive Photography. 
Camera Studies, Children Our Spe¬ 
cialty, Wedding- and Family Groups 
Made In The Home or Studio 139 
Sibley, Tel 2139 

Oharnago John S (Anna A) mach opr h 
1620 Roberts av (FOWhl) 

Chartier Evelyn elk E C Minas Co r532 

" Glen J (Ethel H) h41 172d 
" Peter T (Eliz) slsmn h532 Sibley 
Chartos Ann E opr Veeda’s Beauty 
Shoppe r rear 1308 Summer 
” Balint (Mary) lab hl318 Summer 
" Bamey (Anna) lab h rear 1308 Sum¬ 

" Chas lab rl318 Summer 
" Eliz elk Hammond Clean Towel Serv¬ 
ice rl318 Summer 

Chase Bel-(Louise; C & G Club) hl36% 
Sibley apt 23 

" Donald H (Ethel) fctywkr hl604 
Brown av apt B (POWhi) 

CHASE FRANK DR, Licensed Drugless 
Physician, Chiropractor, Naturopath 
and Radionist, Clarks Friendly Fever 
Treatments, Office Hours 9 to 11:30 
a m, 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p m, Suite 5, 
O K Bldg 5252 Hohman av, Tel 6278, 
h do 

’’ Frieda Mrs rll29 Sibley 
" Geo L (Ada) servicemn O’Neil Auto 
Sales Inc h6434 Jackson av 
" Grant elk UC&OPCo r228 Douglas 
" Hal G (Olive) prod supvr UC&OPCo 
h6625 Jackson av 

Howard (Ellen) compositor W B Con- 
key Co h6339 Madison av 
Chasswood Anne fctywkr r5605 Alice av 
Chastain Albert (Hattie B) mach hd h 
903 Summer 

Chasteler Henry P (Victoria) hll34 Tru¬ 

" Honore (Ann) tinner h6304 Columbia 
" Paul (Nancy) oilwkr hlll5 Kenwood 
Chathas Geo mgr State Food Shop r 
Hotel Jerome 

Chavez Frank (Patricia J) crane opr h 
424 Indiana 

Chavis Wm (Doris) lab hl019 Field 
Chayken Irving (Ruth; Armstrong’s 
Jewelry Store) h6348 Moraine av 
Milton driver r6 Condit 
" Nathan (Bertha) shoe repr 6535% 
State Line av hS Condit 
Chec Michl (Sophie) lab hl27 155th pi 

lagher), For Prompt Service Call a 
Checker, 15c Cab, 5036 Hohman av, 
Tel 6800 (For further information 
see front cover, right top lines and 
page 46 Buyers’ Guide) 

Cheek Earl (Essie) oilwkr h43 Carroll 
’’ John W (Mary A) mach h4931 Beech 
’’ Mary M student r4931 Beech av 
’’ Rufus E steelwkr r4931 Beech av 
Chenault Earl h815 State blvd 
Cheney Denzil (Ethel) elk h6632 Colo¬ 
rado av 

Chenore Vernal steelwkr r427 Mulberry 
’’ Winnie J (Delora) steelwkr h541 169th 
Cher Jos (Julia) lab hl016 Field 
" Virginia pkr W B Conkey Co rl016 

Cherbo Andrew (Stella) fctywkr rl!30 
5th av (PORoby) 

Cherechinski Adolph J (Helen M) electn 
hi20 Brunswick 

Cherechinsky Adeline rl46 Gostlin 
" Adolph (Bertha) millwright hl46 

Chermak Eliz officewkr Goldblatt Bros 
r2450 Birch av (POWhi) 

" Michl (Mary) oilwkr h2450 Birch av 

" Michl jr oilwkr r2450 Birch av (PO 

Cherney Nicholas B (Annette) mechl 
eng h808 Forsythe av (CC) 

Chemota Andrew J (Geraldine) oilwkr 
hl942 Calumet av (POWhi) 

Cherry Albert W (Anna M) janitor rll39 


" Hannah Mrs maid J C Penney Co 
" Wm (Cleo) Janitor hi 139 Field 
Chervek Geo rlOl Industrial rd 
Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Co (pass 
sta) Alva M DeWeese agt 441 Sibley 
Chesmak Nicholas rlOl Indusrtial rd 
Chesney Agnes Mrs sten Woodrow Wil¬ 
son Sch r439 Sibley blvd (CC) 

’’ Michl R (Susan) oilwkr h2831 Black 
Oak rd 

Chet’s Meat Market (Chester T Gora- 
nowski) 516 Conkey 

Chevalier Francis J (Dorothy E) swteh- 
mn IBTCo h401 Warren (CC) 
Chevigny Marie tchr Lincoln Sch r21 

" Rose (wid Julius) r21 Wildwood 

Smith Motor Sales Inc Dealers, 5508 
Hohman av, Tels 182-183 (For fur¬ 
ther information see page 7 Buyers’ 

Chezem Delbert C (Dona) tchr Senior 
High Sch (W) hl805 Davis av apt 
406 (POWhi) 

Chiarelli Jos janitor 315 152d (CC) 
Chicago Daily News (sub sta) 5640 Hoh¬ 
man av 

’’ Indianapolis ' & Louisville Railway 
(Monon Route) Donald M Beam agt 
pass depot 423 Sibley frt depot 441 

Branch). Glenn M Amette and J E 
Ogren Co-Mgrs, 5444 Hohman av, 
Tels 3181 and 3180 

" Produce Co (Alex Diamond) 5233 Oak¬ 
ley av 

" South Shore & South Bend Railroad 
Louis E Keefer agt tkt office and 
pass sta 453 Hohman av 

TRANSIT CO, J C Johnson Genl 
Mgr, Offices and Garage 4923 Co¬ 
lumbia av, Tel Hammond 4580 (For 
further information see page 14 
Buyers’ Guide) 

’" & Calumet District Transit Co (dis¬ 
patchers office and shops) 304-12 

" & Erie Railroad Co Alva M DeWeese 
agt pass sta 441 Sibley car repair 
dept 548 Douglas frt dept 428 Doug¬ 
las round house 502 Douglas track 
supvr 441 Sibley 

Chick Marie (wid Geo) r620 Cherry 
" Wm - 6 (Violet L) tank mkr h7449 
Grand av 

Chick’s Recreation Parlor (John Kude- 
ro) billiards 6847 Columbia av 

Physician and Surgeon 111 Citizens 
Natl Bank Bldg 5141 Hohman av, 
Tel 291, h29 Wildwood, Tel 2012 

Chigas John (Eliz) steelwkr h327 152d 

" Michl hl948 Superior av (POWhi) 
Chila Andrew (Anna) oilwkr h2030 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

" Michl r2030 Stanton av (POWhi) 
Childers Amy (wid Delbert) mach opr h 
4740 Torrence av 

” Dean M (Margt) crane opr h7633 
Madison av 

Childress Howard (Mildred) steelwkr h 
rear 712 169th 

" Verna E nurse StMargt Sch of Nurs¬ 
ing r Lowell 

Childs Robt E lawyer r6 3 3 L ew is 
Chilla Andrew (Jennie) refinerywkr h 
1732 Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Jos J 1r (Antoinette) elk J J Chilla 
(W) hl926 Lincoln av (POWhi) 
Chintis Janet r610 165th 
’’ Nicholas student r610 165th 
’’ Peter (Sophia) elk h610 165th 
Chip Harry H (Harriett) h45 156th pi 

Chipps Andrew J (Golda M) plmbr h224 
Ruth (CC) 

Chirby Andrew M (Mary) car repr h2108 
Lincoln av (POWhi) 

Chivich John fnshr rll43 Field 
Chizmar Geo (Mary) hll IMinbach 
’’ John (Gertrude) mach h2704 Cleve¬ 

" Thos (Ellen) ptrnmkr h8848 Parrish 





15c MILE 15c 




i lUU 

Chmiel Frank V (Anna C) h2901 Gibson 

Chmieleweski Edw (Mary) driver hl043 

" Florence waiter Andrew Markel rll40 

“ John J (Dorothy A) atndt Lettie A 
Osborn h5610 Beall av 
" Lillian elk rll40 Ames 
" Mary (wid Vincent) h l -M O Am e s 
Chmielowski John sweeper W B Conkey 
Co r4117 Hohman av 
" Jos h4117 Hohman av 
" Walter bundle tier W B Conkey Co r 
4117 Hohman av 

Choate Wm C (Barbara) signalmn h5742 
Erie av 

Cholkosz Walter (Josephine) h4921 Oak 
Chorba Andrew (Mary) fctywkr hl232 
5th av (PORoby) 

'• Edw elk John M Briggs & Son rl232 
5th av (PORoby) 

" Helen fctywkr rl232 5th av (PORoby) 
" John G lab Elmwood Cemetery r7027 
Chestnut av 

" John J (Mary) lab h7027 Chestnut av 
" Jos steelwkr r7027 Chestnut av 
” Nicholas lab h rear 5557 Walter av 
Chores John steelwkr r6110 Kennedy av 
Choss Nicholas filling sta 6250 Columbia 
av r6248 do 

Chovanec Helen Mrs beauty shop 631 
Gostlin h do 

" Jos (Helen) oilwkr h631 Gostlin 
" Steph (Margery) wtchmn hl223 Lake- 
view (POWhi) 

Chovanecz Geo (Susie) car repr hl332 
121st (POWhi) 

Chrapusta Andrew lab r4310 Dearborn 
" John lab r4310 Dearborn av 
’’ Jos (Mary) fctywkr h4310 Dearborn 
” Steph lab r4310 Dearborn av 
Chraszcz John (Bessie) steelwkr rll7 
155th (CC) 

Chrest Chas (Lelah) railroad contr 52 
Ruth apt 401 h do 

Christ Jos G (Mary) oilwkr hl710 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

" Margt Mrs sec Dr Chas W Rauschen- 
bach h6047 Columbia av 
" Ralph (Margt) car repr h6047 Colum¬ 
bia av 

Christen Wm (Marie) carp h251 Vine 
Christens Victor presser DeLuxe Clnrs 
& Dyers r631 Wentworth av (CC) 
Christensen Alma A nurse StMargt Sch 
of Nursing r Cedar Falls la 
" Carrie .wid Henry) h714 165th 
" Chester H steelwkr r714 165th 
" Donald J rl020 Hoffman 
" Edw A (Lucille) fctywkr h2034 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

" Fred T slsmgr Fred W Lute r714 165th 
" Knute C (Adele; Domfeld-Stewart 
Funeral Home) r5020 Hohman av 
" Leo C (Grace) elk PO h5515 Howard 
" Leve O (Lucille) swtchmn h6134 Noble 
" Olaf J (Hope) formn hl020 Hoffman 
" Raymond J (Gladys) driver Welsh 
Bros h7037 VanBuren av 
Christenson Chas A (Ida E) sta eng h 
14217 Green Bay av (Bur) 

" Chris rlOl Industrial rd 
Christian D Glenn (Jean C) steelwkr h 
6330 Moraine av 

" Fellowship Church Rev Clyde Roda- 
baugh pastor 604 Highland 
" O Frank (Belle) lab hl30 Plummer 
" Science Reading Room Mrs Lillian K 
Atkinson librarian 5231 Hohman av 

Christiansen Frank P (Ethelyn) carp h 
4024 Cameron av 

" Helmar (Lillian) formn h2830 165th 
Christianson Andrew (Randi) eng h6630 
Forest av 

" Arnold pres Viking Engineering Co r 
5927 Columbia av 


" Christian (Florence G) treas Viking 
Engineering Co h6512 Hohman av 
" Erling (Eliz) sec Viking Engineering 
Co h223 Locust 
" Helga r6630 Forest av 
" Norman C (Gertrude) refinery wkr h 
1542 Warwick av apt 3 (POWhi) 

" Otto C (Amy) roofer h403 Warren (C 

Christie Albert J (Clara) oil wkr hl641 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" Lucille student r*1641 Davis av (PO 

Christine Lue I (Edris E) switchmn (h 
1250 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Roy (Julia) formn hl438 Myrtle av 

Chxistof Jos (Veronica) h20O4 Atchison 
av (POWhi) 

Christoff Geo hl032 Merrill 
" Nicholas h761 152d (CC) 
Christophersen Carl student r217 High- 

• Chas C (Martha) elk h'217 Highland 
" Ralph elk r217 Highland 
Christopherson John H (Ema) car repr 
h618 119th (POWhi) 

Christy Faye (Irene) h2639 Cleveland 
Thos (Stella) barber Sami Tarpoff r 
1219 Summer 

Chrisulaky Nicholas (Gladys) cook h220 

Chromchik Paul (Mary) stillmn 'hl65'l 
Lake av (POWhi) 

Chrustowski Steph reporter Hammond 
Times rl928 New York av (W) 
Abrahamson Motor Sales Dealers, 
5842-54 Calumet av, Tel 2543 (For 
further information see back cover 
and page 3 Buyers’ Guide) 

Chrzan Vincent (Mary) lab hl019 Ames 
Chuckley Clarence (Josephine) mgr 
Thom McAn Shoe Co r Chicago Ill 
Chudy Roman F (Agnes) lab h303 Pu¬ 
laski rd (CC) 

Chumbley Marion L (Emma F) lab hl345 

Chupp Danl M (Murriel) flremn h2621 

Orie N (Maude) asmblr h7217 Chest¬ 
nut av 

" Ray D (Lillian) formn h3613-SpniC£. 
Church Allen W (Edna F) radio repr 
2816 Martha h do 

" Chas C (Esther) switchmn h523 Lewis 
" Donald C meat ctr Clement Peaker r 
523 Lewis 

" Edna F Mrs dept store 2816 Martha h 

" Florence cash Hohman Theatre r523 

" Lewis A (Rose) inspr h41> .Waltham 
" Madeline elk r 4 M > Walt ham 
" of Christ 127 State 
" of Christ 212 155th pl (CC) 

'• of God 446 Conkey 
" of God 419 Logan 

" of God in Christ Rev Louis B Burrell 
pastor 1122 Merrill 
" of the Nazarene 815 Michigan 
" of the Nazarene 1040 119th (POWhi) 

" Roy E (Effie N) switchmn hl311 Tru- 

Stanton av (POWhi) 

Chutka Emil meat ctr Benj Ackerman r 
E Chicago 

Chylewski John Rev pastor StAdalberts 
R C Church hl340 121st 
Chynoweth 'Russell C (Helen) tester NIP 
SCo h7234 Monroe av 





w CO 


o % 

° f 


! 2 

F 5 k 



The Mark of Good Printing Since 187T 


Printers, Binders and Book Manufacturers 


Ciardetti Jos (Ball of Fire) r es Bum- 
ham av 1 s Schrum rd (CC) 

Ciastko Alex C feeder W B Conkey Co 
r318 Pulaski rd (OC) 

" Anthony mach hll8 155th pi (OC) 

" Chester (Mary A) inspr h318 Pulaski 
rd (CC) 

” Leonard laboratory asst Riverdale 
Products Co rll8 155th pi (CC) 

■' Walter meat ctr Misch Bros rll8 155th 
pi (CC) 

Cicero Jos (Nancy) mach hl!8 156th pi 

Cichon Leo lab r2134 Wespark av (PO 

" Valentino (Mary) hl331 Field 
" Walter elk rl331 Field 
Cichowicz Harry driver r809 Buffalo av 

" Walter (Bertha) lab h809 Buffalo av 

Cichy John F car repr h237 156th (CC) 
" Jos pntr r237 156th (CC) 

Ciciora Aloysius (Mary) driver h247 
155th (CC) 

" Casimir S (Mary E) barber Jos Fied- 
orowicz h313 152d pi (CC) 

” Mary (wid Jacob) h313 152d pi (CC) 
" Stanley F (Louise K) feeder h649 
Price av 

Ciecierski Julia (wid John) h4344 Dear¬ 
born av 

Cieler Frank prsmn W B Conkey Co r 

Cieplucha Eleanore (Eleanore’s Beauty 
Salon) r48 155th (CC) 

” Frank F (Victoria) supt h48 155th (C 

" Gertrude elk Calumet City Water 
Dept r48 155th (OC) 

" Jos L (Emma M) mech NIPSCo h5629 
Walter av 

" Loretta opr Eleanore’s Beauty Salon r 
48 Pulaski rd (OC) 

" Stanley (Josephine) driver Green 
Meadow Dairy h5144 Morton ct 
Ciesco John A (Helen) oil wkr hl908 Su¬ 
perior av apt 3 (POWhi) 

Cieslak Stanley (Ann) still clnr hl431 
Roberts av (POWhi) 

Cieszkewicz Edw r4246 Wabash av 
" Stanley (Cecelia) lab h4246 Wabash 
Ciez Jos (Marie) fctywkr h2434 Birch av 

Cigrand John (Anna) h4316 Grover av 
” Jos J (Eliz) oil wkr hl625 Stanton av 

Cihomski Frank (Hammond Fish House) 
r Chicago Ill 

Cillis Dominic (Mary) gro 935 Michigan 
h do 

Cimaroli John (Caroline) elk r927 Con¬ 

Cimity Anthony (Mary) lab h434 Gor¬ 
don (CC) 

Cinko Louis (Frances P) crane opr h912 

" Michl (Rose) crane opr h4830 Hickory 
Cinotti Chas J (Edna) agt John Han¬ 
cock Mut Life Ins Co h43'5 Lewis 
Cionta Nicholas (Anna) lab h4509 Pine 
Cipillio Alex (Mary) formn h492 Ingra¬ 
ham av (CC) 

Cipowski Felix (Gertrude) switchmn h 
711 May av (CC) 

•• Leo (Rose) lab hl26 154th pi (CC) 

" Paul A (Clara) lab h330 155th pi (CC) 
" Rose (wid Paul) h rear 506 154th pi 

Cisarik John (Anna) steel wkr h5751 
Erie av _ . 

" Michl driver Hammond Cash Whol 
Grocers Inc 

Cisco Edw S (Mila A) with SREMCo r 
6226 Moraine av 

Cisel Lowell L (Gladys) eng h7130 Mc¬ 
Cook av 

Cislak Andrew r221 142d 

Cison Anna r3828 Grover av 
•' Bernice fctywkr r3828 Grover av 
" John fctywkr r3828 Grover av 
" Jos (Antoinette) lab W J Holliday & 
Co h3828 Grover av 

1 " Jos J (Harriet) meter reader City 
Dept of Water Wks h4422 Cameron 
" Sophia ironer r3828 Grover av 
Cissell Chas C (Lucyle E) formn h604 
Forsythe av (CC) 

Cities Service Station (John G Meyer, 
Omer D Martin) filling sta 6044 
Hoh man av 

man Pres, C E Bagley Sec-Treas, 
5272 Hohman av, Tels 432-433 (For 
further information see back cover 
and page 44 Buyers’ Guide) 

" National Bank Building 5141 Hohman 
City Coal Co Mrs Isabelle L DuBridge 
mgr 1135 State blvd 
CITY HALL, 5933-39 Calumet av 
" Hall Confectionery (Chester W Spivey, 
Geo P Noonan) 207 Pulaski rd (OC) 
’’ Millwork Co (John H and Milton R 
Willis) 919-21 Kane 

met City—City of) 

CITY QF HAMMOND (See Hammond- 
City of) 

Ciucci Ada elk County Clerk r407 In¬ 

" Gregorio (Pia) filling sta 5035 Hoh¬ 
man av h407 Indiana 
" Louis confr 5035 Hohman av r407 In¬ 

Ciucki Edmund D elk Ry Exp Agcy r4417 
Oak av 

Lucius r4417 Oak av 
" Nicholas (Victoria) tile wkr h4417 Oak 
Philician autowkr r4417 Oak av 
" Theo mach r4417 Oak av 
’’ Wanda bkpr r4417 Oak av 
Claassen Bernhard (Alma) wtehmn h 
960 Wilcox av 

dabby Edw A welder hl728 Stanton av 

" John (Rose) reiprmn h947 Logan 
" Richd A (Helena) pipeftr h7427 Jack- 
son av 

Claibourn W Ivan (Gladys) tmkpr h6345 
Euclid av 

Clair Bernice J pkr r321 152d (CC) 

" Harry B (Rose) linemn NIPSCo h321 
152d (CC) 

Clancy Chas E (Lottie M) driver h4310 
Hickory av 

" Jas F (Phyllis) phys 5231 Hohman av 
R720-21 h7258 Forest av 
Clapp Raymond J (Hattie) h4615 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Clare Ray (Jessie) steelwkr h830 Wilcox 
Clarey Wm h449 Truman blvd 
Clark Albert W (Dorothy) prin Colum¬ 
bia Sch hi 118 Drackert 
" Allie V (Leila) hll70 State 
" Alton (Nellie) r641 State 
■' Amy tchr Irving Sch r5946 Hohman 
I-Anna (wid Geo) r4408 Sheffield av 
" Annette A r4119 Sheffield av 
Arth (Eileen) servicemn h973 Michi¬ 

" Arth B driver Welsh Bros r20 156th pi 

" Arth H sec Whiting Lodge No 1273 
(BPOE) (W) hl504 Amy av apt 2 

" Arth W boiler opr Lyndora Home r 
5927 Columbia av 

" Audrey Mrs br mgr Kennedy Lndry h 
744 State 

" Avery M (Eva P) autowkr h5524 Wal¬ 
ter av 

" Belmont L orderly StMargt Hosp r30 

" Bernard W (Iretha B) oilwkr h6526 
Beall av 









" Bernice rl015 Gostlln 
" Cecil B (Troy) flagmn h5616 Alice av 
'• Chas A (Julia) soap mkr hl521 Rob¬ 
erts av (POWhi) 

Chas C (Margt) firemn h6229 Harri¬ 
son av 

•• Chas P (Irene M) tester NIPSCo h 
1214 Hoffman 
" Chas W r6438 Garfield av 
" clarence D (Helen H; Clark’s Service 
Garage) hl253 Summer 
•' Clarence E (Lillie) heat treater 1)342 
155th pi (CC) 

" Clayton (Jeanette) lab h55 Ogden 
" Dale B (Sylvia) formn Whiting Motor 
Sis (W) h644 Cherry 
" Dan C (Mary: Clark's Service Ga¬ 
rage) h23 Sibley 
» Donald F elk PO r5822 Erie av 
•' Donald G carp rl016 Gostlln 
" Dorothy tchr Maywood Sch r5927 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

" Edw D (Bessie) oilwkr h6927 Harrison 
•• Edwin H r6249 Harrison av 
•' Emma (wid Robt B) h30 Warren 
" Emma E (wid Jas T) h223 Detroit 
” Ethel sten Welsh Bros r441 Highland 
" Oeu - tc t E S iz r oilwkr h4313 Towle av 
" Geo M (Dorothy) artist hl736 Atchi¬ 
son av (POWhi) 

" Geo Rogers School 1921 Davis av (PO 

Geo W (Eliz) mgr Lloyd Bldg h'542 

" Glenn R (Cath) elk NIPSCo h6249 
Harrison av 

■' Guy M (Ila) h5711 Calumet av 
" Harley D (Ruth) firemn h609 High¬ 

" Harold (Kath) steelwkr h4137 Grover 
Helen W sten IBTCo r939 Bauer 
" Homer E (Amy) steelwkr hl015 Gost¬ 

" Homer R steelwkr rl015 Gostlin 
” Irvin J (Iola) bus opr C&fCDTCo h 
6024 Wallace rd 

" Issiedore B (Lena) formn h.1228 Sum- 

" Jane nurse StMargt Sch of Nursing r 

" John driver r642 Plummer 
" John F (Mary) bus opr C&CDTCo r 
7233 Jackson av 

” John F (Myrtle) plant supt h249 Oak- 

" John H (Frances E) div supvr NIPS 
Co h211 Elizabeth (CC) 

" John W (Amanda) carp h5822 Erie 
" Jos J (Kathryn) wtchmn hl333 In¬ 

" Jos P r4119 Sheffield av 
■ Kenneth B (Helen) elk PO h7340 
Jackson av 

' Laura (wid Geo) r?128 Jackson av 
" Lena M typist Indiana Botanic Gar¬ 
dens r966 Wentworth (CC) 

" Lester E (Alice) gro 619 Gostlin h do 
" Linus M lab h679 Ingraham av (CC) 
•' Louis F elk Hammond Credit Exch 
r644 Cherry 

" Lulu (wid Elvin) h522 Plummer 
" Mae C tokpr Theo J Smith (W) rl504 
Amy av apt 2 

" Marguerite (wid (Walter H) h4743 
Towle av 

" Miriam tchr Riverside Sch r714 165th 
Neal R lab NIPSCo r522 Plummer 
Norman W (Ida L) shearmn h4308 
Sheffield av 

" Ora L (Mary M) wtchmn h486M> State 
•' Orrin (Audrey) groundmn NIPSCo h 
744 State 

" Paul (Mabel) slsmn h247 153d pi (C 

Polia W (Fern) slsmn h4831 Oak av 
" Quinton millwkr r5822 Erie av 
" Richd I carp rl015 Gostlin 


" Robt stillmn rll26 Indiana 
" Robt P (Mildred E) lab h5803 Erie av 
" Robt W (Marjorie M) agt Western & 
Sou Life Ins Co r618 Douglas av (C 

" Rosella Mrs h4731 Johnson av 
" Russell driver Welsh Bros r441 High¬ 
land av 

•' S Ella sten McAleer Dorsey Travis & 
Young hi36‘,-2 Sibley apt 24 
" Sami B (Kate) janitor h6639 Alex¬ 
ander av 

" Schuyler (Margt) driver h rear 6639 
Alexander av 

" Theron S (Mildred) driver E C Minas 
Co h?110 Kennedy av 
Thes rlOl Industrial rd 
Thos H F chf investigator US Internal 
Revenue (Alcohol Tax; Unit) r44 De¬ 

Viola J (wid Chas W) h6438 Garfield 
Vyeanna E tchr Kenwood Sch r6438 
Garfield av 

" Walter H r609 Highland 
Walter J (Florence A) hlpr SREMCo 
h4119 Sheffield av 

" Walter L jr (Dorothy D) slsmn W J 
Holliday & Co h4217 Wabash av 
Willard N h4408 Sheffield av 
Wm L (Alberta) driver Welsh Bros h 
4724 Columbia av 

Clark’s Service Garage (Dan C and 
Clarence D Clark) 472 Freeland av 

Clarke Alice iwid Chas A) r4524 Towle 
" Gerald A (Eliz; Clarke’s Camera 
Shop) h4524 Towle av 
" Jas E (Florence) elk h720S Jackson av 
" Mary E Mrs r5927 Columbia av 
Clarke), Representing Leica, Zeiss, 
Eastman, Bell-Howell Cameras and 
Accessories 5420 Hohman av, Tel 467 
Clarkson Maurice W (Glessnor) chemi¬ 
cal eng h5949 Wallace rd 
Clarridge Frances rl36Vi Sibley apt 11 
Class John F Health System (Kelley’s 
Mineral Fume) baths 5705 Hohman 
Claton Jas rlOl Industrial rd 
Clauber Jean waiter Bob White Sand¬ 
wich Shop 

Claude John radio eng Hammond Calu¬ 
met Broadcasting Corp r Chicago 

Clauson Claude W (Rose M) lab h5008 

" Robt C (Wava) lab h713 State - 
' Rose (wid Claude W) h47 Doty 
Claussen Eleanore proofrdr W B Conkey 
Co r Chicago 

" M mgr Goldblatt Bros r5943 Hohman 
Claver Henry (Clara) blrmkr h707 Sib- 


Lawrence E (Josephine) car bldr h 
506 157th (CC) 

" Lucile beauty opr Pearl’s Beauty Shop 
rill Detroit (CC) 

” Orville (Ethel) sta agt h237 Elizabeth 

" Robt W (LuciUe) biller IHBRR rill 
Detroit (OC) 

" Wm steelwkr r862 Summer 
Claypole Vinnie (wid Geo M) r438 Wal¬ 

Clayton Aug (Clara) lead burner hll37 

” Dorothy sten Hammond News Agcy 
r Lansing Ill 

" Eleanor elk Hammond News Agcy r 
Lansing Ill 

Harvey W student r7102 Lyman av 
Hugh student rl06 Forestdale pk (CC) 

" Jas E (Marie) lab h930 Conkey 

" Jas H compositor Hammond Times r 
Lansing Ill 

" Lawrence M (Blanche K) lab h5744 
Erie av 


P C/7 



o C“b 

I P 



S? C/3 





ill m 



Swarthout & Craig, Inc. 


1105 119th Street 


Phone Whiting 1073 


" Liliie W elk Hopman Co r Dolton Ill 
” Louis IB (Wilma) switchmn h5367 
Kent av 

" Roy A (Minnie) loco flremn hl012 
177th pi 

•' Thos L (Lula A) loco eng h7102 Ly¬ 
man av 

" Wm K (Grace W) plant mgr United 
Chemical & Organic Products Co h 
106 Forestdale pk (CC) 

Cleary Thelma Mrs gro 619 Thornton 
h do 

Cleavenger Edwin r6323 Forest av 
" Wm D (Winifred) mstr mech h6323 
Forest av 

Cleghom Herman oil wkr r262 Carroll 
Cleland Harvey G (Helen) driver h7318 
White Oak av 

(DorothyJ h516 Ingraham av (C 

Clem Chas W (Alvina) millwright r744 

” Mattie (wid Danl) h744 Plummer 
Clemens Geo C (Alta) real est h4 Wal¬ 

" Geo S (Grace M) ins h512 Kenwood 
" Grace M Mrs elk E C Minas Co hSIO 

Clement Harvey D (Lucille J) oil wkr h 
6433 Madison av 

Clements Chas M (Margt A) steelwkr h 
6804 Forestdale av 

" David H (Esba) oilwkr h!508 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Inez O opr IBTCo r226 Doty 
" Oscar W (Inez O) carp h226 Doty 
Clemenz Geo F (Margt A) oilwkr ho30 

Clency Ruth spl tchr PS r51 Elizabeth 
Cles Robt H (Doris) h4604 Johnson av 
Clesi Eliz (wid Peter) hl29 Plummer av 

Cleveland Anna E (wid John) r640 165th 
" Arth J (Grace M> asst mgr W J Hol¬ 
liday & Co h236 Mason (CC) 

" Chas A (Bertha S) hl6 Mason 
" Clyde S student rl7 Lawndale 
" Curtis (Wilhelmina) chemist h6425 
Monroe av 

" Henry C (Florence E; Cleveland & 
Hosier) h640 165th 

" Mildred (wid Clyde) hl7 Lawndale 

Cleveland, Richd M Hosier), Lawyers 
706-07 Calumet Bldg 5231 Hohman 
av. Tel 1519 

Clevenger Wm G div suipvr NIPSCo r 

Clevinger Adrian M (Ida) hlpr NIPSCo 
h827 May 

" Jeannette I hsekpr r827 May 
Click Peter r23 State 
Clifford Jas r445 Michigan 
" Virginia elk r237 Williams 
Clifton Clarence C (Eleanore) city sealer 
of weights and measures h6430 Mon¬ 
roe av 

" John M (Zoe B) mgr Public Service 
Co of N Ill h222 Webb (CC) 

" Landis B (Esther) steelwkr h411 Lewis 
• Merritt r6430 Monroe av 
Cline Frank (Madonna) dispr h6750 
Woodmar av 

" John H (Lauretta W) soap mkr h45 

" Jos H (Mary B) mgr Western Union 
Teleg Co h6326 Jackson av 
" Richd (Olive) car repr hl531 174th 
Clinton Chas A (Flora) slsmn Straube 
Pianos Inc h4441 Hohman av 
" Irene Mrs r939 Kane 
" Wm E (Mabel M> lab h55 Ogden 
Clipka Alex (Julia) fctywkr h4312 Balti¬ 
more av 

" Anne elk Goldblatt Bros r4312 Balti¬ 
more av 

Clippinger Ann (wid Gilbert) tchr Geo 
Rogers Clark Sch h36 Detroit 
" Bert (Hazel) steelwkr hl710 Lake av 

Clisbee Duane elk Graybar Elec Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Cloe Clarence (Cath) lab h5618 Howard 
Cloghessy Timothy F sewer contr 739 
Logan r Chicago Ill 

Cloninger Mary Etta waiter Houston 
Biddle r Shelby 

Cloud Orland J (Bessie) carp hS108 Jes¬ 
sie av 

Clough Bert maintenancemn Lyndora 
Home r5927 Columbia av 
" Philip W soda mn Walgreen Co r4719 

McCook av neci_ _ 

ouse Fi 
lay a. 

" Hugh H lab r4911 Oak av 
" Jos H (Carrie) h4911 Oak av 
" June J r4911 Oak av 
Lloyd B instrumentmn r4911 Oak av 
Clover Fred M (Fern) chemist h54 De¬ 

Clowers John oilwkr r29 Doty 
Club Hol-Hi Leo Koniak mgr 1105 Ken¬ 

" Hoosier Jos Corem pres 6218 Columbia 
" Oasis (Mrs Pauline Deleski) 103 Plum¬ 
mer av (CC) 

” Orion Jos Siwinski sec 315 154th pi 
•' Siesta (Frank Walenga) tavern 15 
State (CC) 

Clubb Robt elk Goldblatt Bros r East 

Clutoine Anne janitor h rear 914 Cherry 
" Pearl waiter Lyndora Home r5927 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

Cluck Wm E (Mamie) formn hl451 
Brown av (POWhi) 

Clusserath Budd <Mary; Budd The Fur¬ 
nace Man) h586 Fayette 
Clyne Elmer (Mabel) steelwkr h rear 936 

Coan Jos D (Alberta M) steelwkr h737 

Coasch Raymond elk rll43 Field 
Coats Clarence E (Grace) formn hl8 

" Edw lab Sou Wheel Div r Gary 
" Robt (Lula) porter h821 Ames 
Cobb Alvin S slsmn Rothschild & Hirsch 
Inc r25 Ruth 

" Guy E (Clara) compositor Hammond 
Tunes h6329 VanBuren 
" Jas C r2019 Calumet av (POWhi) 

" John F (Hazel) steelwkr h839 175th pi 
" Jude M (wid Lonnie) elk E C Minas 
Co h514 Locust 

" Leeon S (Doris A) oilwkr h6319 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

" Lucile r457 Indiana 
Coberly Marshall driver Crown Point 
Transfer Co rl328 Davis av (PO 

Cobine Oliver (Goldie) prsmn Sou Wheel 
Div r24 169th 

Coble Ernest B (Isabel) electn h6332 
Jackson av 

Everett hlpr r6332 Jackson av 
Cobum Elsie Mrs hostess hl34 Plummer 
Coby Horace E (Myrtle) soa/p mkr hl013 

ing C Frush Sec-Treas-Mgr, 933 
Madison, Gary, Ind, Tel Gary 2-3563 
Cochran Keller H (Alma) dep City Con¬ 
troller h7238 Monroe av 
" Otis V (Mildred J) shearmn h849 

" Philip S (Betty) industrial eng h262 
Femwood av 

• Wm M (Christina) bldg contr h227 
Carroll apt 3 

Cochrane Arch J (Gladys) supt h6347 

" Wm (Margt) lab hlOlO Hoffman 

Cody Cora K <wid Byron H) r34 Ruth 
apt 2A 

" P r an k - W- formn h34 Ruth apt 2A 
John F Hon (MtnA) judge bake 
County Superior Court No 1 h38 

Coefield Harry E (Clara M) barber 817 
169th r622 Sibley 

Cofer Lola S Mrs cash E C Minas Co r 
7211 Jackson av 

Coffman Crite lab r431 State (OC) 

" Curtis C (Daisy) filter opr City Dept 
of Water Wks h6623 Arizona av 
Graydon (Nora) steeiwkr h6830 Caro¬ 
lina av 

•• Harry lab h770 Indiana 
" Jas E (Gertrude) welder h7426 Van- 
Buren av 

•' IKendall (Bernice) lab r770 Indiana 
•• Melvin C (Muriel) slsmn Holland Fur¬ 
nace Co hs Waltham apt 8 
" Wm E (Agnes) brkmn C&ERy h235 
Mason (OC) 

" Wm E (Mary O) teleg opr h6324 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

" Wm F typist C&ERy r235 Mason (C 

Coglan Michl (Kath) car opr r4339 Hoh- 
man av 

Cogswell Jack R (Bessie) driver Sprout 
& Davis Inc h514 Michigan 
Cohan Ann elk State Street Super Mkt 
r4903 Oak av 

" John M (Monica) wtchmn h4903 Oak 
Cohen Abr lino opr W B Conkey Co r 

" Abr H (Esther; Economy Shoe Store) 
h220 Dyer blvd 

" Bertha bkpr Hammond Cash Whol 
Grocers Inc r912 Sibley 
" Chester T bkpr Consumers Fum Co 
r Chicago Ilf 

" Gertrude elk r220 Dyer blvd 
” Israel L (Rosa) paints 611 Sibley h609 

" Jas (Florence) slsmn h884 Wentworth 
av (OC) 

” Mildred r884 Wentworth av (CC) 

" Morris J (Consumers Furniture Co) r 
Chicago Ill 

" Perry E window trimmer Three Sis¬ 
ters Inc rl37 Rimbach 
" Ruth.slswn Economy Shoe Store r220 
Dyer blvd 

" Sami gluer W B Conkey Co r29 Doty 
Cohorst Henry J (Nellie B) switchmn h 
5408 Webster av 

Coil Luther oilwkr h920 119th (POWhi) 
Coin Roger auto repr 5030 Hohman av r 

Colt Pansy E Mrs roll Indiana 
Colby Averill C (Carrie) pres Chgo & 
Calumet Dist Transit Co h6519 For¬ 
est av 

COLBY AVERILL C JR, Supervising 
Eng City Water Works Dept 119 City 
Hall, Tel 3330, r6519 Forest av 
" Robt bartndr Frank C Roth 
Robt (Louise H) janitor h35 Russell 
" Roscoe H (Iva) slsmn Continental 
Baking Co h5614 Howard av 
Coldren Bessie elk r537 Sibley 
Cole Arth V (Roberta E) phys 6827 Ken¬ 
nedy av h7232 Magoun av 
" Bertha Mrs matron nurses home St 
Margt Hosp r30 Clinton 
" Chas (Euna) restr h507 Forsythe av 

Chris G (Veronica) printer h243 Fern- 

" Clarence car bldr r931 Wilcox av 
" Clarence J (Eva) compositor W B 
Conkey Co h7412 Monroe av 
" Edw E steeiwkr r266 Highland 
" Eleanor L elk Jos Thirion r5536 Beall 
" Eliz (wid David) rl038 Eaton 
Eva tchr Edison Sch r8927-Oohnnbia 
" Frances tchr Geo Rogers Clark Sch h 
'144 l'57th apt 4 (CC) 

1 " Frank E (Eugenia) type caster W B 
Conkey Co hl7 l?2d pi 
" Grace L Mrs r6143 Garfield av 
" Hal (Peggy) elec eng r32 Doty 
" Harry D (Olivia) slsmn Borden-Wie- 
land Div hl027 Drackert 
" Henry G (Rose) mach h4844 Pine av 
" Herscnel G (Hazel L) phys 5231 Hoh¬ 
man av R411-13 h24f7-Htimpfer 


" Inez B (wid Earl E) h266 Highland 
" Jas H (Mollie A) formn Pullman- 
Standard Car Mfg Co h6644 Jackson 
' " Joan waiter Ernest M Bishop r5535 
Beall av 

" John (Marie J) atndt J J Brehm & 
Son h589 Gordon (CC) 

" Leonard (Hettie) millwkr h7412 Beech 
" Marguerite (Curley Que Beauty Salon) 
h6615 Jackson av 
" Marjorie r266 Highland 
" Morin wtchmn r4842 Pine av 
" Orville (Doris) steeiwkr hi027 Ames 
" Oscar L (Bernice E) steeiwkr h5518 
Alice av 

" Otto N (Martha K) lab Sou Wheel 
Div r442 Plummer 

" Pearl O (Rose L) formn h585 Free¬ 
land av (OC) 

" Robt G bill del NIPSCo r243 Fern- 
wood av 

" Ruth iC fctywkr r243 Fernwood av 
" Romi £> wtchmn r936 Chicago 

- • • —TsOPCo h840 

" Thos B (Leta) lab 

" Veronica W asst Dr Lawrence M 
Merkley r243 Fernwood 
" Wm (Ora) mldr Sou Wheel Div h5913 
Wallace rd 

• Wm L (Nettie R) formn h5535 Beall 
Wm W (Joan) r5535 BeaU av 
Colegrove Gail B (Helen) collr H H But¬ 
ler Inc r4725 Elm av 
Coleman Asa E (Ida S) decorator h6645 
Jefferson av 

" Clarence T (Lauretta) tchr Hammond 
Hi Sch h6408 Jackson av 
Edw D (Marie) shear opr h4826 Oak 
" Ernest (Ruby) pntr h4236 Hohman av 
" Ernest C (Maude) formn h513 Lewis 
" Geo L (Gladys R) steeiwkr h4826 
Linden av 

" Jesse S washup mn W B Conkey Co 
r6136 VanBuren av 

" Philip J (Margt) slsmn h6610 Monroe 
Coles Thos W (Irma N) sta eng h210 
Waltham (OC) 

Colgrove Clarence S (Christine) hl021 

" Frank B (Isabel) slsmn Borden-Wie- 
landDiv hl015 Eaton 
Colias wm T (Emily; Peoples Coal & 
Ice Co) h«22 Fayette 
Colin Arnold (Helen) steeiwkr hl420 
Brown av apt 10 (POWhi) 

Colivan Harry (Ella) steeiwkr h7218 
Alexander av 

Collard John (Erma) oilwkr hl936 Blos¬ 
som row (POWhi) 

" Ralph (Beatrice) inspr h615 118th (P 

" Wm N (Mary C) oilwkr h970 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

Collegiate Barber Shop (Peter Poulos, 
Nicholas Gasparovic) 6148 Columbia 
Collentine Ray J (Evelyn A) h6222 Mon¬ 
roe av 

Oollett Lawrence servicemn Montgomery 
Ward Co r816 Ames 
Colleys Helen (wid Henry) r544 Lewis 
" Henry E (Christine A) mach h5843 
Erie av 

" Louis W inspr r5843 Erie av 
Collie Clarence slsmn Continental Bak¬ 
ing Co r599 Freeland av (OC) 

" John spl serv Goldblatt Bros r249 Doty 
Collier Robt E h928 Eaton 
Collingwood Jane Mrs r935 State blvd 
" Raymond D (Luzetta C) milhnn h4730 
Hickory av 

Collins Arth J (Esther D) elk SREMCo 
r Chicago 

" Carl T (Pearl E) barber 746 Sibley 
h6257 Harrison av 

" Chas F (Isabelle) lab h4123 Towle av 
" Clyde O (Berniece) reprmn Central 
Chem Div hll45 Indiana 
" Eliz sten r6257 Harrison av 
" Elmer O (Cath M) h519 Mulberry 
" F Miriam bkpr Prohl Supply Co r6257 
Harrison av 

" Frank E (Cath) fctywkr h9S3 Murray 
" Geo r6415 Jefferson av 
1 " Geo H steeiwkr r519 Mulberry 
' " Gerdon E (Mary) asst opr NIPSCo h 
6624 Marshall av 

/9 39 

I -1 





Lumber Yard” 







High Grade 







PhH and Peter Smidt. Props. 





Real Estate 


Real Estate 
Service in the 


Pulaski Rd. 

Calumet City, 






Real Estate, 


Now Is The 
Time To Buy 
Real Estate 


Pulaski Rd. 
Calumet City, 






" fienry~ r34 157th (CC) 

" Henry R (Hazel R) chemical eng h 
5415 Molsberger pi 

" Jesse H (Bertha) loco eng IRTlHQ Mar- 

" Orville J (Louise H) chf elk h34 157th 

” Otto mech John Schmueser & Sons r 
Black Oak 

” Rufus G elk NIPSCo r Harvey 
" Vincent Mrs autowkr r236 Douglas 
" W P prin Lincoln Sch r7041 Monroe 
" Wayne W (Agnes M) slsmn h37 War¬ 

" Win (Hannah) carp 4921 Ash av h do 
" Wm (Rozella) refinery wkr hl603 Da¬ 
vis av apt 4 (POWhi) 

Wm (Mayme) steelwkr h918 May 
" Wm H (Cath) h4318 Clark av 
" Willis L (Elvy M) potmn Central 
Chem Div h5017 Trankle ct 
Collis Michl waiter Roby Inn Cafe r802 
Indianapolis blvd (PORoby) 

Collison Edwin E iGliriysfr inspr Nickel 
Plate RR h7142 Alexander av 
" Thos R lab r*H4£ Alexan de r a v ’ 
Collum Ray mech Abrahamson Mtr Sis 
r5806 Erie av 

THE (See Millett’s Colonial Inc) 

Colton John D feeder W B Conkey Co 
r Chicago Ill 

Columbia Packing Co (Carl H Gellen) 
meats 6730 Columbia av 
" Park Columbia av bet Wilcox and 

" School 1238 Michigan 
Columbus Henry casting W B Conkey 
Co r Chicago Ill 

Colvin Danl E (Anita K) slsmn Abra- 
hamson Mtr Sis h910 State blvd 
Colwell Howard (Helen) driver h826 

" Mitchell driver Hammond Cash Whol 
Grocers Inc 

Combs Cath (wid Jas) r238 Carroll 
" Florence r238 Carroll 
" Georgia M teleg opr r238 Carroll 
" Icyl G teleg opr r238 Carroll 
" Jas W formn Chapman Lndry Inc r238 

" R Nelson (Daisy) steelwkr hl947 Blos¬ 
som row apt 6 

" Russell (Mary) steelwkr hl714 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd i POWhi) 

" Wm F (Hazel) lndrywkr h238 Carroll 
Comeno Anthony (Mary) lab C&ERR h 
7 Webb (CC) 

" Jas driver r7 Webb (CC) 

Corner Claude W (AUce) oilwkr h4545 
Johnson av 

" Jack (Margt L) investigator NIPSCo 
h4633 Henry av 

" Margt J (wid Jas) maid r4736 Ash av 
" Ruth tchr Hammond Hi Sch r5946 
Hohman av 

Commercial Auto Salvage (Chas Barr) 
used auto accessories 1835 Calumet 
av (POWhi) 

Baker Mgr, Commercial Bankers, 
Installment Financing 824 Calumet 
Bldg 5231 Hohman av, Tel 6080 

" Wall Paper Mill Inc Fredk M Lee 

? res Winfield S Hevenor v-pres-treas 
12 Hoffman 

Community Food Mart (Peter Szumils, 
Genevieve Knapp) gros 5'24 Gostlin 
” Liquors (Wesley C Gault) 536 State 
Line av (CC) 

Shearer), Ignition, Brake and Motor 
Repairing, Lubrication, Gasoline and 
Oils 6445 Calumet av cor 165th, Tel 

" Sunday School 1026 Spruce 

I Companlk Chas (Veronica) htl329 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

’ Edw J (Marie E) atndt h rear 4922 
Hickory av 

" Frank W (Anna) stillmn hlpr hl709 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" John (Mary) insulator h962 Myrtle av 

" Jos P (Mary) millwright hl834 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

Compeau Geo A (Ruth L) electn h657 
Hirsch av (OC) 

Compton Earl (Beulah G) steelwkr to 
6330 Madison av 

" Evelyn inspr W B Conkey Co r852 
State blvd 

" Herbert elk r5953 Park pi 
" Herbert B (Josephine) switchmn h 
6112 Ray av 

Kath (wid Chas) h852 State blvd 
" Otis (Blanch) slsmn Herschbach Mtr 
Corp r709 State 
" Warren r6112 Ray av 
Comstock Aldis E (Evah) tester h6419 
.VanBuren av 

" Chas B (Clara) pumper hl636 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

' Marie beauty opr r6419 VanBuren av 
" Ruth inspr rl636 Indianapolis blvd 

" Wilbert C (Josephine M) electn h221S 

Conant Allen J (Annabelle) city flremn 
h20 Elizabeth 

"CoraM Mrs rll60 Wilcox av 
CONARTY R J, Real Estate, Insurance, 
Loans, Illinois Auto License Bureau 
48 Pulaski rd (CC), Tel (H) 639, h 
130 156th pi (CC) 

• Walter J (Maude) hl30 156th pi (CC) 
Conaway Chas G (Beatrice M) switchmn 
h5353 Calumet av 

" Floyd (Ruth; Conaway Press) h5113 
State Line av 

" Leonard (Loretta) driver r605 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

" Lester L (Emily L) prsmn Conaway 
Press to7208 VanBuren av 
" Press (Floyd Conaway) S115 State 
Line av 

Concordia Cemetery Henry C Radloff 
supt 6561 Calumet av 
" Lutheran Church Rev Paul F Goiter- 
man pastor 6923 Marshall av 
Condes Demetrios (Mary) gro 1116 119th 
(POWhi) h rear do 

" Ethel cash r rear 1116 119th (POWhi) 
" Geo r rear 1116 U9th (POWhi) 
Condo Geo (Alexandria) cook h rear 
2941 Martha 

Cones Clinton B (Martha) elec eng h 
5664 Walter av apt 4 
Coney Island Lunch Room (Van gel 
Stoge, Jos Stavro) 6149 Columbia av 
" Island Restaurant (Harry Demos) 
5261 Hohman av 

Conforti Sami (Cath) lab h402 Price av 

Conger Hope G nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r E Chicago 
" Leroy L (Victoria) h4615 Johnson av 
" Louis M (Florence) plstr appr Harry 
L Potts h639 Gostlin 
Congles Jas G (Nellie; LaSalle Restr) h 
542 Lincoln av (CC) 

Congregation Ashi 619 Sibley 
Conine Bertha (wid Chas) r845 Chicago 
Conkey Cleaners (Theo Levin) 514 Con¬ 

CONKEY HENRY P, Pres W B Conkey 
Co, r Chicago, Ill 

•• Street Hotel (Walter Stefenski) 706 

CONKEY W B CO, Henry P Conkey 
Pres, Frank F Winans V-Pres, C M 
Dubs V-Prcs, A A MacDiarmid Sec, 
Printers and Book Binders 601-645 
Conkey, Tels Hammond 1530 and 
South Chicago 1445 (For further in¬ 
formation see top lines and page 13 
Buyers’ Guide) 

Conklin Owen P (Edith) lab hl643 Calu¬ 
met av (POWhi) 

Conkwright Harold wtchmn Calumet 
Eng Co r East Chicago 
Conlan Jas J ptmmatcher h499 Ingra¬ 
ham av (CC) 

Conlee Ruby T Mrs elk E C Minas Co r 
Indiana Harbor 

Conley Albert bartndr Thos Sylvano r 
305 Plummer av (CC) 

" Albert B (Bessie M) welder h5722 Cal¬ 
umet av 

" Bradford waiter r615 Stewart ct (PO 

” Clarence oilwkr r5722 Calumet av 
" Claude S (Helen J ) dentist 5142 Hoh- 
man av Rl-2 h252 Vine 
•' Clinton T (Christine) flltermn h837 

" Dorothy rll39 Truman 
" Genevieve M typist C&jCDTCo r48 

" Gertrude sten r48 Waltham 
" Ida (wid Albert) h5722 Calumet av 
'• Leo P (Cath) hlpr h2144 Superior av 

" Thos G r5736 Erie av 
" Wm L (Nannie) elk hi 139 Truman 
Conlin Eliz (wid Miller B> rl09 Sibley 
Conn Albert O (Jessie) electn h6437 
VanBuren av 

" Chas (Marietta) maoh h7224 Van¬ 
Buren av 

" Dewey (Edith) atndt Geo Stonebraker 
h826 Michigan 

'■ Earl (Edna A) electrotyper h923 

'• Jas M (Lillis) ins agt h6831 Calumet 
" Murl (Ruth) prsmn W B Conkey Co 
h931 Becker 

" Vem W (Leola) driver h717 Indiana 
" Wm (Mary) prsr W B Conkey Co h 
1143 Summer 

Connell John P (Cleo M) car opr C&CD 
TCo h426 Wilcox av 

Connelly Elsie tchr Lincoln Sch r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

‘ " Emma elk r612 Gordon (CC) 

" Jos J (Pearl) elk h7628 Monroe 
" Mary V sten r612 Gordon (CC) 

" Philip C (Luella) formn h612 Gordon 

Conner Elene Mrs rl038 Eaton 
Conners Germain S (Ruby) trucker h547 

” John rlOl Industrial rd 
Connolly Danl E (Genevieve) linemn 
NIPSCo h'585 Freeland av (CC) 

" Paul N (Ann) supt h538 Kenwood 
Connolo Lloyd W elk C&ERy r228 Og¬ 

Connor Danl M (Alice) sec-treas Hil- 
brich & Connor Co r Chicago Ill 

Earl sec-treas Home Publishing Co 
Inc r Crown Point 

Edw D (Hilda K) asst dir of educ 
h5247 Ann av 

H LeRoy (Laura) brklyr h25 154th pi 

" Jas O oilwkr h461 Truman blvd 
" Wayne driver h5415 Wood av 
" Wm (Mary) r5439 Webster av 
Connors Edw pntr r6445% Kennedy rd 
" John A (Emma B) mach h4747 Ash 
" Thos G (Helen) switchmn h609 State 
Conoco Service Station No 2 (Walter H 
Masepohl) filling sta Columbia av 

" Geo F (Mary A) inspr h662 Douglas 
av (CC) 

" Hennen O (Alice) oil wkr h474 Indi¬ 

" Nina priv sec Kuhn Smith Kuhn & 
Shulruff r StJohn 

" Vernon (Alice) service mgr Schlatter 
Motor Sis Inc h rear 2003 Lincoln av 

Conrad Alice M slswn Lynn Bros Inc r 
262 Hanover 

" Anna (wid Peter) h262 Hanover 
" Bess L Mrs tchr Lincoln Sch hS War¬ 
ren (CC) 

" Chas (Bess L) loco eng h5 Warren 


” Clement (Marie) h926 State blvd 
" Dwight E (Thelma) fctywkr h960 
Pearl (POWhi) 

" Edgar (Dorothy) refinery wkr hl009 
119th (POWhi) 

" Howard L (Esther D) metal wkr h232 

" Jos (Helen) driver h4752 Cedar av 
" Lewis N slsmn Kirby Co r5247 Hoh- 
man av 

" Maurice refinery wkr r2244 White 
Oak av (POWhi) 

" Willard laboratory asst UC&OPCo r 
728 Michigan 

" Wm F (Lydia) formn h7444 VanBuren 
Conrath Bernard J (Eliz F) inspr h607 
Douglas av (CC) 

" Jos B mach opr r607 Douglas av (CC) 
" Lorraine H sten Robt J Conarty r607 
Douglas av (CC) 

" Margt M sten r607 Douglas av (CC) 
Conrey Chas A phys 139 State r Harvey 

Conroy Dennie (Sylvia) iron wkr h5240 
Sohl av apt 104 

" Grace R Mrs sten Ronald L Molen h 
8 Ogden 

" Jos H (Conroy & Glendening) r5946 
Hohman av 

" Mary tel opr rll3 Rimbach 
M Michl maintenancemn Goldblatt Bros 
rll3 Rimbach 

Conroy and Wilbur J Glendening), 
Lawyers Suite 508-9 Lloyd Bldg 5305 
Hohman av, Tel 252 

Consentino Salvatore (Grace) fruits 133 
Sibley h229 Doty 

Conservative Life Insurance Co Clarence 
B Hamilton and Daniel W Scott 
supts 5141 Hohman av R)103 
Constant Orville J (Martha C) plmbr 
h6615 California av 

Constantine Walter (Willa) steel wkr h 
6515 Harrison av 

Consumers Co Chas F Burrows mgr coal 
and ice 4817 Hohman av 
" Furniture Co (Morris J Cohen) 1222 

" Roofing Co (Henry R Gluth) 539 

Conti Michelena nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r Richmond 
Continental Baking Co Wm J Kiedaisch 
mgr 5216 Calumet av and 818 Michi¬ 

" Casualty Co L L Bomberger counselor 
5248 Hohman av R201 
" Oil Co Clifford G Haller city mgr 
bulk plant 1475 Summer 
Contos Louis A (Emma E) taxi driver h 
718 169th 

Contus Jos bartndr Mrs Geraldine Sera- 
fino r311 Plummer av (CC) 
Converse Frank (Josephine) chemist h 
7534 Madison av 

Conway Alf (Mary) tavern 551 Gostlin 
hi 021 Morris 

" Bernice G (wid Walter A) bkpr Calu¬ 
met Natl Bk h7146 Monroe av 
" H Jas Rev prin Catholic Central High 
School of Lake County hl435 Hoff¬ 

" Henrietta Mrs r523 Highland 
" Lillie (wid Curtis) h4728 Cedar av 
" Martin L (Helen) steelwkr h2907 
Janet pi 

" Mary S bkpr Hammond National Bk 
& Trust Co r551 Gostlin 

CONWAY ROBERT E (Mildred), V- 
Pres Standard Equipment & Supply 
Corp, h6622 Meadow Lane av, Tel 

" Theresa physiotherapist Lyndora 
Home r5927 Columbia av 
Conwell S H (Josephine) v-pres SREM 
Co r Chicago 

Conyers Hollie F (Maude) lab h848 In¬ 

” Richd D (Jennie) elk h7150 Jackson 

Cook A A r Jefferson Hotel 
" Alber J slsmn First Trust Drug Store 
r Griffith Ind 

" Alva E (Agnes E) lab h5420 Webster 
" Cath Mrs h686 State Line av (CC) 
•' Chester (Bernice) metalwkr r6728 
Arizona av 

•' Claude V (Eleanor) acct h6121 Har¬ 
rison av 

" Clyde D (Fannie) drftsmn NIPSCo 
hll08 Indiana 

" Collie L (Lorraine) oil wkr h657 1119th 

" Donald B asst Glenn L Ebright r5420 
Webster av 

" Earl (Kath) lab h4823 Cedar av 
" Ervin L (Edith M) formn IBTCo h 
7335 Monroe av 

" Geo M (Naomi R) phys 5231 Hoh- 
man av R814-16 h6607 Forest av 
" Hazel Mrs r4530 Pine av 
•* Howard L atndt Louis N Cook r6944 
Osborn av 

" Hulda lndry wkr h5354 Maywood av 

COOK J TIDE (Julia M), Sec-Treas 
Merneck Auto Parts Co 4403 Calu¬ 
met, Tel 459, h647 165th, Tel 1956 
” Jerome steel wkr r6635 Meadow la 
" John (Irene) oilwkr h4846 Hickory av 
" Jos (Universal Auto Parts) 1849 

" Lawrence H (Myrtle) asst post mstr 
h6635 Meadow la 

" Leo (Helen) bndry wkr h644 Gordon 

- Louis N (Lillian M) filling sta 2007 
169th h6944 Osborn av 
" Mabel L slswn Rothschild & Hirsch 
Inc r542 Sibley 

'• Margt hsekpr Indiana Hotel r!49 

Margt M r6944 Osborn av 
" Marshall K (Ethel E) lab h6132 Noble 
" Mary maid 7048 Forest av 
" Mary Mrs r473 Michigan 
" Ned (Jessie) h55 Ogden 
" Norman r6719 Arizona av 
" Paul (Mable) oilwkr h258 Lawndale 
" Pearl Mrs r632 Roosevelt dr (POWhi) 

" Peter (Freda) h6719 Arizona av 
" Peter jr baker Jos P Solina r6719 
Arizona av 

" Robt (Ruth) lab r6012 Wallace rd 
" Roscoe L (Evelyn H) driver h6408 
Woodward av 

” Rupert C (Anna L) driver Sprout & 
Davis Inc h7010 VanBuren av 
" Wm C (Frieda) lather h35 Ogden 
" Wm J (Mae) h473 Michigan 
" Wm J (Marguerite) hlpr h424 165th 
' " Winnie Mrs (Martin’s Beauty Shop) 
r Calumet av Trailer Camp 
Cooke Dorothy elk r5©53 Columbia 
" Edw C (Frances) mech C&CDTCo h 
6142 Noble av 

" Hughla emp Chapman Lndry Inc r 
5653 Columbia av 

” Jas H (Adeline) gro 5653 Columbia av 
h do 

" Lee R (Maude) h5653 Columbia av 
" Millard F lab r5653 Columbia av 
" R J slsmn r48 Waltham 
" Wm W lab r5653 Columbia av 
Coombes Chas A (Theresa) carp h223 
Webb apt 9 

Coomer Carl P (Carmella) fum bldr h 
1141 Indiana 

Coones Ella hlpr Faye M Blackburn r 
629 Sibley 

’’ Lucille Mrs elk h629 Sibley 
Coonfare Ralph W (Helen D welder h 
4914 Oak av 

Coons Fern emp Walgreen Co rl24 Sib¬ 

■" Harr, --- 

Hancock Mut Life Ins 
Buren av 
” Mary J r7234 VanBuren av 
Cooper Albert tchr Maywood Sch r6831 
Jackson av 

" Chas H (Dorothy L) h4719 Towle av 

Elsie M maid 6518 Forest av 
" Eug S (M Gertrude) mechl eng h 
6949 Olcott av 

Fred A (Helen) soap wkr h6138 Har- 
rtson av 

" Harold mgr Goldtolatt Bros rll45 Sib¬ 


" Harry (Myrtle) slsmn h420 1165th 
" Isabel pkr r6138 Harrison av 
" Jas E (Lucy A) lab Pratt Food Co h 
7109 VanBuren av 

" Louis W lab Pratt Food Co r7109 
VanBuren av 

" Myrtle Mrs (Vogue Beauty Shop) h 
420 165th 

" Pleasant A towermn EHBRy rl33 

" Ray r712 Indiana 

” Ray (M Gladys) mach hl245 Indiana 
Richd C (Lois) elk n828 Carroll apt 2 
" Walter S h922 Plummer 
Wayne L lab r7109 VanBuren av 
" Wm L (Minnie) formn hl046 Eaton 
Cope Dorothy J tel opr r32 Williams 
1 Edw J elk r32 Williams 
Geo (Eva C) h32 WilUams 
” Lillian sten Hammond Ins Agcy r32 

Copeland Cora A (wid Jas A) r642l 
Monroe av 

Copelin Jas E (Lillian F) pntr h6831-36 
Jackson av apt 2 

Coppi Bruno (Sophie) hl236 Davis av 

Copple C Wm (Pauline) bus opr C&CD 
TCo h4816 Elm av 

” Dorothy (wid Clyde) h4934 Oak av 
Coppock Wm E (Clara M) eng h6629 
McCook av 

Corbett John E (Berte M) car inspr h 
1304 Sherman 

Mendell steel wkr r54 Ruth apt 102 
" Robt A (Kath) crane opr h4731 John¬ 
son av 

Corcoran Danl P (Cora E) stm ftr hi 12 
Mason (CC) 

" Thos rl39 State 

Cordell Margt G sten NIPSCo r32 Doty 
Corder Clyde E (Emma) formn h816 

" Glenn blr washer r7136 Alexander av 
" Gran E (Hazel) h660~6tate 
" Gran E jr elk Calumet National Corp 
r660 State 

" Lloyd T r816 Mulberry 
" Walter steel wkr r660 State 
Cordova Court Apartments 2-4 Ruth 
Cordrey Wm (Belle) hl053 Hirsch av (C 

Cordua Wm bartndr Ralph Barelli 
Corem Jeanette W pkr r4927 Magnolia 
" Jos pres Hoosier Club h6218 Colum¬ 

" Jos A steel wkr h4927 Magnolia av 
" Lucille H r4027 Magnolia av 
Coresal Albert rlOl Industrial rd 
Coriden Guy E (Lucy L) div supt NIPS 
Co h233 Vine 

Corley Wm (Artie) stillmn hlpr hll20 

Cormican June P nurse 62 Douglas h do 
Cornea Toma washupmn W B Conkey 
Co r6150 Columbia av 
Carnelison David soap wkr r821 State 
blvd apt 2E 

" John mach hd r821 State blvd apt 2E 
" Newman D waiter White Castle 
System Inc (W) rl923 Calumet av 
Cornwell Lowell C oil wkr r7 Williams 
" Lucile I chf tel opr NIPSCo r538 Sib¬ 

” Mary (wid Lester A) h538 Sibley 
" Sami H (Dora C) plmbr h7 Williams 
Wm H carp Calumet Eng Co r538 

" Wm R (Effie L) carrier h6338 Monroe 
Correll Alonzo A (Hazel J) maintenance 
mn Goldblatt Bros h533 169th 
" Ernest (Thelma) elk h7337 Madison 
Cortopassi Anthony (Mary) tailor h232 
154th pi (CC) ^ „ 

Cory John F (Nora) oilwkr h6648% Cali¬ 
fornia av . _ 

Cosgrove Edw O (Mary) tmkpr h505 

" John L (Mary) sub sta opr NIPSCo 
h551 Harrison av (CC) 

" Jos T (Mary V) ptmmkr h313 Webb 

" Kenneth (Dorothy) formn h5530 
Claude av „ 

" Lisbeth E asst Public Library r505 

Hamacher Nursery 

707 Ridge Rd., Hammond, Ind., R. D. 1 


" Thos E slsmn Jack Fox & Sons r505 

Costanzo Jos (Rosa) rll3 Plummer av 

" Jos 1r (Rose) lab hll3 Plummer av 

Costello John (Hotel Lincoln) r515 State 
Joe h6044 Calumet 

Costigan John F (Marie E) signalmn h 
2723 164th pi 

Costin Jos L slsmn IBTCo r Chicago 

Cote N Jack (Nell) hl443 Calumet av 

Cotell John lab r5236 Oakley av 
Cotner Clarence D eWBSfn hlpr h4424 
Elm av 

" Edw M (Grace G) pumper hl863 
Warwick av (POWhi) 

" Ivan (Mildred) oilwkr h6623 Alabama 
" Raymond oilwkr r507 Indiana 
" Wilbur R (Clara) oilwkr h4409 Hick¬ 
ory av 

Cotter Edw phys 6827 Kennedy av 
” Thos F phys 6827 Kennedy av 
Cotton Adeline E (wid Fred S) r4414 
Sheffield av 

Fred A (Helen) elk h4414 Sheffield av 
" Geo E (Margt M) carp h476 Truman 

Jas S r476 Truman blvd 
Jerry bartndr r515 State 
Cottrell Chas (Emma) pntr 34 Clinton h 

" Howard A h843 114th apt 7 (POWhi) 
Couchot Aug swtchmn h4548 Oak av 
Coughlan Joan M tchr Geo Rogers Clark 
Sch .T749 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" John M rl749 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Mar gt^ wid John) hl749 Lincoln av 

Coughlin Edw J (Martha) mgr Holland 
Furnace Co h211 Warren (CC) 

" Helen sten rl523 Roberts av (POWhi) 

' Kath (wid John) elk *466 Michigan 
Margt r!523 Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Miclri rl523 Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Michl J (Margt M) ry opr C&CDTCo 
r4339 Hohman av 
" Patk hl523 Roberts av (POWhi) 

” Patk J (Helen M) asmblr h4846 Hick¬ 
ory av 

Couglin Jas W (Thelma) switchmn h 
913 170th 

Coulis Paul (Angeline) cook Geo Stavros 
h4733 Hohman av 

" Steph waiter Geo Stavros r4733 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Countreman Jack I student r6250 Van 
Buren av 

" John R (Meta) inspr h6250 VanBuren 
Coursel Loretta bkpr Community Service 
r5012 Magoun av 

Oourtice Clyde J dentist 5252 Hohman 
av Rl r229 Locust 
" Oliver J (Julia I) dentist 5252 Hoh¬ 
man av Rl h229 Locust 
Courtney Dale mach hd r6243 Blaine av 
" Kath M waiter Brahos Coffee Shop r 
5809 Calumet av apt 12 
Thos T (Mabel) oilwkr h546 169th 
” Victor fctywkr h5809 Calumet av apt 

" Virgil bartndr Frank Gross 
Courtright Wm J (Bertha) barber Jos J 
Way wood h949 Pearl (POWhi) 
Couse Wm O (Hilda) yd formn hl038 

COUSINS INC. Charles Simon Mgr, 
Jewelers, Watches, Diamonds, Silver¬ 
ware and Radios 5133 Hohman av, 
Tel 25 

Covault Benf pntr r5061 Hohman av 
" Chas B (Ida) decorator 855 Indiana 
h do 

* Clarence R (Dorothy E) oil wkr h236 

Coverick Chas chef Walgreen Co rl09 

Covert Eva Mrs r rear 31 Sibley 
" Martin lab r rear 31 Sibley 
Covey Jas J (Lorene) refinerywkr hl824 
Lake av (POWhi) 

Cowan Martha dietitian hl338 Highland 
Cowell Maxine A sten NIPSCo r Mun¬ 

" Morton wtchmn r504 Michigan 
Cowgill Ural H washupmn W B Conkey 
Co r Crown Point 
Cowing Madge M optometrist 5305 Hoh¬ 
man R507 r Chicago Ill 
Cowles Edwin lab Calumet Eng Co r 
4910 Columbia av 

" Frances sten Calumet Engineering Co 
Inc r Lansing Ill 

" Letha F sten NIPSCo r223 Oakwood 
" Marvin elk r223 Oakwood 
" Robt A (Eva) supt Calumet Engineer¬ 
ing Co Inc h4910 Columbia av 
Cox Ada Mrs h813 State blvd 
" Albert M (Edna) lab h4739 Ash av 
" Arth (Gladys) cementwkr hl'141 Tru- 

" Clarence (Frances M) screener h601 
Truman blvd 

" Claude C (Bertha E) formn h3501 
Black Oak rd 
" Daisy r485 Truman blvd 
Edwin F r4739 Akh av 
" Effie M opr IBTCo r802 State Line av 

" Elmer J lab r437 Plummer av (CC) 

" Elmer W (Minnie J) crane opr h4750 
Oak av 

Glenn B (Mabel) steelwkr h514 

’’ Grey E (Loretta) electn h903 May 
" Harold (Susie M) lab h rear 470 
Plummer apt 18 

" Herbert H h437 Plummer av (CC) 

" Howard R (Mary A) lab UC&OPCo h 
6812 Jackson av 

" Jas S (Alvina E) driver City Street 
Dept h7023 Woodlawn av 
" John custodian FOE r415% Sibley 
" June elk Brown Floral Co 
" Keith barber Harley E Ingram r5051 
Hohman av 

" Marion D r4739 Ash av 
" Martha E Mrs r9 State 
" Ralph H (Thelma) tchr Geo Rogers 
Clark Sch h20O4 Stanton av apt 4 

" Raymond L (Lillian) lab h3447 Black 
Oak rd 

•• Thos C (Clara) lab Riverdale Prod¬ 
ucts Co h638 Indiana 
" Thos D (Roseline) chemist h619 Mul- 

" Wilev N (Caroline B) steelwkr hl235 

" Wm elk r5932 Hohman av 
•' Wm D (Valeria K) roller h6833 Ari¬ 
zona av 

•' Wm E (Adeline) tester h21 155th pi 

" Wm J (Bertha M) carp C&CDTCo h 
514 165th 

" Wm M (Margt) h712 Indiana 
Coy Nancy r4634 Torrence av 
" Vera P elk IHBRR r212 Mason (OC) 
Coyl Walter steelwkr h531 Cherry 
Coyle Clifford W (Jean) lather h51S Sib¬ 


" Henry A (Lois) mgr Empire Life & 
Accident Iris Co r Gary Ind 
" Ruth (wid Geo) h543 Gostlin 
Cozad Alice G bkpr r5546 Claude av 
” Chas (Gertrude) lab h55 Ogden 
" Earl W (Minnie M) mech Leo P 
Knoerzer Co r709 State 
" Edw (Sarah J) h5227% Calumet av 













Cozy Hotel & Restaurant (Kay H Niel¬ 
sen) 1304 Summer 

Orabb Albert A lab r rear 470 Plummer 
apt 13 

" Jas H lab r rear 470 Plummer apt 13 
" Kath M (wid Thos S) h rear 470 
Plummer apt 13 

Crabill Ermal A i Navarre E) carrier FO 
h640 Truman blvd 

Craft Lewis F (Mary; Hessville Electri¬ 
cal Appliances) h6731 Kennedy av 
" Wm mach opr rl304 Summer 

Oraidon Jas P elk LaSalle Hotel r5266 

” Muriel E nurse 37 Warren h do 
" Nick (Tasia) v-pres-mgr LaSalle Ho¬ 
tel h5266 Hohman av 
Craig Alex (Martha) pumper h4642 
Sheffield av 

" Allegria Mrs elk Morris H Truppe r 
37% Warren 

" Burl oilwkr r6338 Monroe av 
" Chester (Irma) punchmn SREMCo r 
East Chicago 

■' Darlene tchr Riverside Sch r833 Mul¬ 

" Donald (Joan M) stockmn J C Penney 
Co r East Chicago 
" Floris M r4642 Sheffield av 
" Harold (Mickey) steelwkr h37% War¬ 

" Jas (Ruth J) driver Inland Supply Co 
h4912 Ash av 

" Jas J (Adele) oilwkr hl838 Lake av 

" Jane I waiter Hoosier Walgreen Sys¬ 
tem Drug Store (W) r4642 Sheffield 
" John laboratorywkr Cardox Corp 
” John W (Bessie M) loco eng h7019 
Wood lawn av 

" Louis M (Johnnie L) lab h7128 Col¬ 
orado av 

" Ralph L (Mary A) supt Standard 
Steel Specialty Co h535 Detroit 
" Wilbur W (Charlene) filling sta hl805 
Davis av apt 204 (POWhi) 

Crain John A sec-treas Calumet Engi¬ 
neering Co Inc r4924 Calumet av 
Cram Robt E h’51 Carroll 
Cramer Chas J (Genevieve) bus opr C& 
CDT 'Co h7142 Jackson av 
" Earl H (Lucille M) swtchmn h4914 
Oak av 

" Jas L (Ethel) chauf Borden-Wieland 
Div hl018 Drackert 
" Kenneth G (June A) slsmn Hammond 
Cash Whol Grocers Inc h498 Ingra¬ 
ham av (CC) 

" Lawrence C (Alma) gro 603 169th h 
912 Drackert 

" Loid M (Irene) slsmn h4926 Oak av 
" Oscar I (Julia A) h5650 Claude av 
" Ralph (Bertie) city policemn h237 
Highland apt 205 
" Robt G (Hannah) h829 May 
” Ronald elk Lawrence Cramer r912 

" Viola Mrs cash Provident Finance Co 
r23 Webb 

Crane Claris C (Marie) hl424 Summer 
" E Louise beauty opr r446 Indiana 
" Jas J electn r939 Hoffman 
" Patk (Margt J) janitor North Town¬ 
ship Trustee h446 Indiana 
" Thos J (Beasie) mach h939 Hoffman 
" Thos J jr (Lorraine) r939 Hoffman 
" Wilbur G (Grace D) chemical eng h 
106 Warren (CC) 

" Wilbur L steelwkr rl06 Warren (OC) 
Cranford Pearl Mrs h5959 Birch 
Cranor Clyde (Mildred) elk hl925 War¬ 
wick av (POWhi) 

Crary Chas H (Doris V) bldg contr 7237 
Madison av h do 

" Frank G (Cora V) carp hl341 Indiana 
" Jas W (Nadine) bldg contr 728 Mul¬ 
berry h do 

Craswell Claude (White Diner) rl642 La 
Porte av (W) 

Craven Chas V (Clara) uphol h6935 
Southeastern av 

Cravens Geo W (Nina) chemist UC&OP 
Co h423 Florence 

" Harry R (Lois) swtchmn h540 Chi¬ 

" Jas J (Lucille) dentist Indianapolis 
blvd R502 (W) hl429 Amy av (PO 

” Wilson W (Ada M) mgr Blue Star 
Auto Stores h232 Ogden 
Crawford Chas carp r4733 Calumet av 
" Chas (Ruth) elk h5551 Walter av 
” Claire tchr Geo Rogers Clark Sch r237 

'• Dewey (Golda M) h5311 Calumet av 
" Jacob (Cath) restr 5747 Calumet av 
■h do 

Jas R (Gay) oilwkr h917 Sibley 
" Phoebe Mrs (Getridge & Crawford) r 
Indiana Harbor Ind 
" Robt F (Geraldine M) maintenance- 
mn h4530 Sheffield av 
" Thos D (Clara) h5948 Hyslop pi 
" Wm D hlpr r5619 Schultz av 
" Wm W (Mollie) formn h5619 Schultz 
Creamer Wm (Bernice) steelwkr h724 
118th (POWhi) 

Creasbaum Arth driver r402 165th 
" Chas L (Emma) slsmn h5619 May- 
wood av 

" Elmer M confr h402 165th 
Crede C E (Edna S) elk SREMCo r 

Creek Jas W elk Perrins Recreation r 
473 Indiana 

” Kenneth elk Goldblatt Bros r473 In¬ 

" Wm elk Morris H Truppe r519 Indiana 
" Wm H (Margt M) carp h473 Indiana 
Creer John (Florence) elk h5532 May- 
wood av apt 5 

Crescenzi Frank r3037 138th pi (Bur) 
Cresson Gloria r6252 Jackson av 
" Kermit slsmn r6252 Jackson av 
" Lawrence L mach formn SREMCo h 
6252 Jackson av 

Creswell Helen Mrs rl709 Davis av (PO 

" Horace C (Harriett M) agt Prud Ins 
Co h5945 Wallace rd 
Cretchfield Wm (Bessie) lab h25 State 
Creviston Donald E maintenancemn r 
591 Hirsch av (CC) 

" Isaac E (Audrey R) elk h591 Hirsch 
av (CC) 

” Isaac E (Dessie D) reprmn h5554 
Walter av 

" Wm C (Bernice) whsemn Nickel Plate 
Rd h rear 219 State (OC) 

Crews Chas W (Mabel R) phys 218 Rus¬ 
sell hi 142 Sibley 
" Maxine L student r538 Mulberry 
Crider Chas D (G Caroline) steelwkr 
h6715 Olcott av 
" David r6715 Olcott av 
" Lorene E opr IBTCo r4924 Columbia 
Crim John C (Maude L) h916 Plum¬ 

Crinm Wm (Clara) wtchmn W B Con- 
key Co h5659 Walter av 
Crippen Alice G Mrs sten h425 Detroit 
Crisman Wm (Elenora) shop emp C&CD 
TCo r Chicago 

Crist Chas K (Viola L) pntr 5603 Calu¬ 
met av h do 

" Gilbert G slsmn r21 Clinton 
" Jacob r4436 Torrence av 
" Leo A (Edith) slsmn h21 Clinton 
" Marcella sten r21 Clinton 
" Viola L Mrs paints 5603 Calumet av 
h do 

Cristea Abr (Priscilla; Standard Food 
Mart) hl645 Roberts av (POWhi) 
Crites Carl (Florence) formn h307 156th 

" G Kath (Fern) asst mgr Kresge’s h237 
Highland apt 300 



" Maurice E (Lulu M; Wilson, Crites & 
Wilson) r E Chicago Ind 
Critten Rail (Eva) barber Monon Bar¬ 
ber Shop h33 Webb 
Cmagaroc Jos ( LaMi e) lab h918 Ames 
Croach Chas (Margt) steelwkr rl849 
Warwick av (POWhi) 

Croak Angus P (Zelma E) plmbr h243 

" Arth E driver Wm F Croak r4742 Ce¬ 
dar av 

" Bros Thos J Croak pres Wendlen M 
Croak v-pres Wm J Law sec-treas 
plmtors 487 Michigan 
" Jas W (Mary) oilwkr h4434 Hickory 
” Jane E r4742 Cedar av 
" Jeraldine r2 157th (OC) 

" Paul W (Ellen) slsmn John G Phrom- 
mer h6329 Calumet av 
" Richd M (Helen A) electn r4612 Oak 
” Thos J pres Croak Bros r6 Williams 
" Wendlen M v-pres Croak Bros 
” Wm F (Mary) exp 4742 Cedar av h 

•' Wm F 1r bkpr T4742 Cedar av 
Croess Anthony T porter Swarthout & 
Craig Inc r Gary Ind 
Croffott Homer V (Viola L) news dir h 
6810 Colorado av 

Croghan Henry M (Ople S) safety dir h 
7244 Olcott 

Cromer Harold N elk NIPSCo r Scherer¬ 

Cromey Aug stillmn hlpr hl627 Roberts 
av (POWhi) 

Cromwell Eskin E (Dorothy) tchr Tech- 
Vocational Sch h227 Carroll apt 2 
" Oliver J (Crystal) loco firemn C&E 
RR r216 Condit 

Cronin Frances tchr r5946 Hohman av 
" Helen tchr Lincoln Sch r5946 Hohman 
Oronk Ruth spl tchr PS h227 173d 
Cronkright Jas (Frances) elk h321 157th 

" Lloyd M (Oberline) bartndr Geo C 
Mayer h317 153d pi (OC) 
Cronkwright Ruth asst dietitian r317 
153d pi (CC) 

Crook Bert (Lou) lab h939 Conkey 
" Byrel H (Nellie) driver h6646 Howard 
" Edw r6 Williams 

Crooks Bertha A Mrs elk Morris F 
Crooks hi009 Carrol 
" Glenn N (Caroline) mgr State Line 
Wholesale Grocers r5751 Erie 
J Lloyd (Mary) div supvr NIPSCo h 
418 Conkey 

" Morris F (Bertha A) dairy products 
5821 Calumet av hl009 Carroll 
Cropp Chas L (Rose) hl09 Sibley blvd 

Crose Corda L (Alma M) lab h5408 Price 

" Luther U steelwkr r5408 Price pi 
Cross Aci shearmn E Popper Iron Co 
" Amos (Ruth) lab h rear 470 Plummer 
apt 3 

" Carl P (Miriam) chemist h6523 Mon¬ 
roe av 

" Claude lab E Popper Iron Co rll26 

" Ellis B (Ora N) h262 Detroit 
" Ellis B jr r262 Detroit 
" Eug S (Ethel Bi barber 6845 Jackson 
av h6947 VanBuren av 
" Florence reporter r262 Detroit 
" Harold R reporter r262 Detroit 
Haroldine R sten Champion Corp r262 

" Herman (Linda) driver h6924 Ari¬ 
zona av 

" Jos (Helen) city firemn hl728 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

" Lillian sten r5945 Hyslop pi apt 208 
•' Lilly A Mrs tchr Wallace Sch h5945 
Hyslop pi apt 208 
" Mariie R elk NIFlSCo 
apt 208 
" Ocie lab rl035 Field 
" Sami (Vivian) lab rl031 Kenwood 
" Warren dispr r5457 State Line av 
Crossman Chas D mechl eng h6254 Har¬ 
rison av 

Crouch Jas M dept supvr NIPSCo r 

" Robt L (Lucille) millwkr h449 Michi¬ 

“ Sol steelwkr r504 Michigan 

o r5945 Hyslop pi 

Orout Arth L (Bertha E) ydmstr EHBRR 
Co h'27 Lawndale 

Crow Douglas (Ethel) trucker h rear 
2619 169th 

Root (Ida) stillmn h6638 Jackson av 
Crowder Henry O (Rachel C) wtchmn 
Standard Steel Specialty Co h445 
Truman blvd 

Crowe Beni A (Ruth) trucking h7086 
Alabama av 

" Ersehel A (Minnie; New Way Shoe 
Repair Co) r Munster 
" Howard M (Susan) cranemn h2723 

" Paul L formn C&E Railroad Co r 
832 Merrill 

Crowel F Elmer (Pauline) stillmn hl806 
Brown av (POWhi) 

" Otis D (Delpha E) sta eng hl314 

Crowell Sami D rlOl Industrial rd 
Crown Coal Co Inc John A Cawley mgr 
4545 Hohman av 

" Point Transfer Co (Henry. Walter H 
and Elmer M Heisterberg) 1734 Cal¬ 
umet av (POWhi) 

Crowner Rae tchr Harding Sch r5927 
Columbia av 

Crozier Kenneth steelwkr rl428 Amy av 

Crum Clive blr hlpr r6728 Arkansas av 
" Geo E (Mildred D) oilwkr h6728 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

" John W (Jennie B) oilwkr hl609 Car¬ 
oline av (POWhi) 

" Lynn blr hlpr r6728 Arkansas av 
Crumb Gertrude E (wid Gilson A) r7141 
Jefferson av 

Crumley Jas C (Barbara) loco eng h258 
Carroll apt 4 

Crumpacker Edgar D (Gladys M) real 
est h &337 Hamaon a v 
’’ Fredk C (Mary W; Crumpacker & 
Friedrich) h41 Glendale av 
” Fredk C ir (Rose T) lawyer 5217 Hoh¬ 
man av R300-04 h6133 Garfield av 
” Mary J student r41 Glendale 

ty Ha n-ujn Ch Township 7,113166 
" Orville (Eleanor) lawyer hl530 Atchi¬ 
son av (POWhi) 

" Owen W lawyer 1900 Indianapolis blvd 
R602 (W) rl530 Atchison av (PO 

erick C Crumpacker, Edwin H Fried¬ 
rich), Lawyers 300-304 Hammond 
Bldg 5217 Hohman av, Tel 119 

Cruse Ira E (La Alla) coremkr h rear 
6138 Harrison av 

” Mable M br mgr Mottle’s Valeteria 
Serv r5608 Calumet av 
" Roy E (Mary) lab h418 Florence 
" Wm E (Stella M) oilwkr h5608 Calu¬ 
met av 

Crussen Laurence A (Mary S) swtchmn 
h839 Mulberry 

Crutcher Edw lab r rear 1135 Ames 
" Henry (Ruby) lab h rear 1135 Ames 
Cryst Geo restrwkr r627 Hoffman 
Csecsi John (Julia) h4742 Baltimore av 
" Jos elk r4742 Baltimore av 
Cseka Geo- (Mary) lab h2046 Atchison av 

Csigas Midhl (Anne) hlpr hl948 Supe¬ 
rior av (POWhi) 

Csikos Jos Z (Velma H) swtchmn h4730 
Hohman av 

" Wm rlOl Industrial rd 
Csonka John (Eliz) oilwkr h2406 Birch 
av (POWhi) 

" Steve (Ann) lab rl544 Myrtle av (PO 

Csvercsko John (Helen) car repr h2042 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

Cubranich Edw rlOl Industrial rd 
Cudzito Valentine (Felixa) hl303 Field 
Cullen Jos D (Irene E) lab h rear 5542 
Claude av 

Sami (Mabel) carp h6237 Madison av 
" Wm B (Rose) elk h7420 Madison av 
Culler Lydia W (wid Arth S) h931 Sum¬ 

Cullerton Peter M (Estelle) lead burner 
h rear 229 Dyer blvd 
Cullin J J agt Ohio Oil Co r23 Waltham 
Cullum Ethel M (wid Willard) elk hl25 
156th pi (OC) 

_Pearl __ 

Culp Austin (Lucile) steelwkr h627 

" Chas W (Okal E) formn h216 Eliza¬ 
beth (OC) 

" I<eo D (Theodora M) metallurgist ho 
Warren (CC) 

Culross Gerald D (Frances B) formn h 
516 Ingraham av (OC) 

Cummings Bert (Elsie) meat ctr h6625 
Jackson av 

" Bert E (Rose M) custodian Harding 
School h6620 Alexander av 
" J Riley billiards 6821 Kennedy av r 
6825 do 

" Jesse lab r6110 Kennedy av 
" Lila Mrs maid h7029 Arkansas av 
" Milton B (Lucille) swtdhmn h936 

" T F r Hotel Jerome 
" Thos elk Hotel Jerome 
" Wm C (Frances) oilwkr hl536 Brown 
av (POWhi) 

Cummins Clarence L (Ethel) lab h4746 
Oak av 

" M Martha r4746 Oak av 
" Ronald G lab r4746 Oak av 
" Thos T (Mamie) poultry 5467 Calu¬ 
met av hS39 State (OC) 

" Verne A (Agnes L) stillmn hl'119 

Cundiff Ernest emp Fuller Brush Co 
r Munster Ind 

Cunningham Adele tchr Lincoln Sch r 
Chicago Ill 

" Alice E bkbndr W B Conkey Co r5663 
Sohl av 

" Arth atndt Jos Kamradt r245 153d 

" Austin W collr Home Finance Co r 
221 Webb apt 8B 

" Danl (Myrna) fctywkr rl714 Brown av 

" Edw P r5663 Sohl av 
” Ernest lubricationmn Andersons 
Super Service r E Chicago Ind 
" Geo candymkr h467 Michigan 
" Geo E (Maude M) pipeftr hl332 Tru- 

" Herbert P oilwkr T5663 Sohl av 
" Jas M (Clara) eng h929 State blvd 
Jean C social editor Hammond Times 
r54 Ruth apt 102 
" John slsmn r616 Truman blvd 
" Marie E (wid Martin F) h54 Ruth 
apt 102 _ 

" Ora tchr Hammond Hi Sch h rear 936 

" Ozro F (Alice L) carp h6339 Monroe 
" Plenny (Pearl) blrmkr h5663 Sohl av 
" R Wayne (Marguerite) tchr Geo Rog¬ 
ers Clark Sch h2038 Davis av (FO 

" Robt C (Naomi) bus opr C&CDTCo 
h245 153d (CC) 

Cupp Jeanette (wid Jacob) h504 Michi- 

" Vernon J (MabeUe) safety eng h258 
Locust apt 2E 

Cuprak Michl (Anna) hl314 169th 
•' Michl driver Columbia Packing Co r 
1314 169th 

Curd Faye waiter Walgreen Co r35 Car- 

Cure Michl F (Hattie M) asst mgr Bor- 
den-Wieland Div of the Borden Co 
r Blue Island Ill 

" Robt driver Calumet Beverage Co r 
Blue Island Ill 

Curl & Swirl Beauty Shoppe (Edw T 
Hoffman) 5445 Hohman av 
Curlev Mathias S (Mae) h6518 Meadow 


" Wm B (Alta) stillmn h2621 Cleveland 
Currant Buren (Mary E) h816 Ames 
" Mildred r816 Ames 
Currv DeEtta prin Riverside Sch rl2 

" Lloyd O (Jeanne M) lab h5651 Wal¬ 
ter av 

” Luella Mrs r5927 Columbia av 
Curtin Wm J (Anna L) inspr h5549 
Walter av 

Curtis Dale (June) musician r628 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

" Delmond hlpr r910 Bauer 
" Edw J (Helen) pipeftr h534 Waltham 
" Fred H (Josephine M) oilwkr h6645 
Marshall av 

" Geo maintenancemn Continental 
Baking Co r232 154th pi (OC) 

" Harry F (Evelyn) maintenancemn h 
819 Merrill 

" John D (Fern) chemist h910 Bauer 
" Jos auto mech r225 Gostlin 
" Lawrence W (Christine M) timekpr h 
412 Detroit 

" Lottie r6216 Monroe av 
" Roy G (Leona) pump opr h6347 Eu¬ 
clid av 

" S Sidney (Susan) atndt Albert C 
Rauh h823 Indiana 
" Virginia maid 6316 Forest av 
" Wm C (Rose; Hammond Oil & Supply 
Co) h7416 Madison av 
" Winfield S (Evelyn) timekpr r6228 
Garfield av 

" Zillah (wid Marshall J) hll08 May 
Curtner Eliz J student nurse r630 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

" Geo G (Luella) h4931 Cedar av 
" Georgia M (wid Paul) hT24 Truman 

" Gervase G cable splicer h4931 Cedar 
" Marjorie elk J J Newberry Co r630 
Truman blvd 

" Paul H (Ivy C) oilwkr h630 Truman 

" Paul H jr steelwkr r630 Truman 

Curyto John r4331 Towle av 
Cuscik Carol slswn r210 Webb (OC) 
Jessie (wid John F) tchr Lincoln 
Nursery Sch h210 Webb (OC) 
Cushman Thos E (Eliz) janitor Straube 
Pianos Inc h34 Warren (OC) 
Cushnie Frank steelwkr r6S43 Jackson 
" Jas lab W B Conkey Co r6543 Jack- 
son av 

Cusick John R (Ruby) auto mech h5243 
State Line av 

Cutka Steph (Susie) still hlpr hl5S0 
Roberts av (POWhi) 

Cutler Aline M >rl5 Lawndale 

Chas whsemn O E Bolls & Co ri5 

" Chas P (Leona L) supt hl5 Lawndale 
" Cora tipper W B Conkey Co rl023 

" Leslie H (Hermine L) metallurgist h 
603 Michigan 

” Raymond E (Cath) elk h213 Carroll 
" Theo M (Mary) elk IHBRR hl023 

Cutsholl Warden K (Lois V) mach h6455 
Crescent pi 

Cva n^ a Steph lab rl719 Myrtle av (FO 
•" Susan sten rl719 Myrtle av (POWhi) 
Cwetna Frank (Antonia) mach h234 
156th pi (CC) 

" Raymond r234 156th pi (OC) 

" Theo asmblr r234 156th pi (OC) 
Cwik Albert (Sophie) lab h654 Gordon 

" Frank (Marie) lab hl'14 155th pi (CC) 
" Louis H (Julia) gluer W B Conkey Co 
hl24 155th pi (OC) 

" Michl pipeftr rll4 155th pi (OC) 
Cwiklinske Stanley V (Mary) servicemn 
NIPSCo h555 Freeland av (OC) 
Cwiok Jos servicemn Montgomery Ward 
Co h325 156th (OC) 

" Vivian pkr r325 156th (OC) 
Cybulski Gabriel lab r2925 138th pi 

Cycak Bernice (wid Lawrence) h4341 
Clark av 

" Stanley r4341 Clark av 
" Walter r4341 Clark av 
Cyganowski Joan (wid Lucas) h323 155th 

Cyginiawicz Edw r2139 Sherman av 
" John (Pauline) r2139 Sherman 
" Peter lab r2139 Sherman 
Cykowski Stephanie (wid Bernard) h 
13942 Chippewa av (Bur) 

Cyman Aug (Stella) bkbndr h4932 Elm 
Cyrier Paul (Dorothy) checker h6629 
Madison av 





Cyrus Claude C (Oath) lab h6138 Lyman 
" Grace cook Hook Drugs Inc h828 

" Walter S shutoffmn NIPSCo r918 

Cyzo Bogumil J lab Pratt Food Co r4344 
Dearborn av 

Czach Anthony (Julia) ollwkr h4414 
Henry av 

Czagany Jos J (Anna) gro 4940 Oak av h 

" Thos (Helen) h4748 Baltimore av 
Czaja Bernard lab r215 142d 
" Jos (Lottie) driver h213 142d 
" Josephine waiter Carrie Neirson r215 

" Stanley (Stella) refinerywkr r213 142d 
Czajka Alex J (Victoria) driver h207 

Czakowski Constance maid StMargt 
Hosp r470 Mackinaw av OCC) 

" Julia (wid John) h470 Mackinaw av 

Czalbowski Raymond rl046 Merrill 
" Stanley (Mary) lab hl046 Merrill 
Czank Michl (Aranka) shoe repr 1042 
Conkey h do 

Czarnecki Edw rlOl Industrial rd 
" Mary (wid John) h239 154th pi (OC) 
" Stanley (Constance) lab C&ERR h 
4207 Johnson av 

" Veronica T waiter Ball of Fire r4207 
Johnson av 

" Victoria ctr W B Conkey Co r225 
Pulaski rd (OC) 

Czarnik Michl J (Cath) farmer hlOOS 

Czarny Jos (Louise) lab h rear 1014 

" Michl (AiuhH- h!038 Ames 
Vincent (Barbara) electn h331 154th 
pl (OC) 

Czasczwicz Jacob (Mary A) h802 State 
Line av (OC) 

Czaza Jos driver Geo H Mickow 
Czbere Nicholas elk Zigmund Czbere r 
1129 Field 

" Sigmund billiards 1129 Field h do 
Czecanski Edw (Stella) h248 155th (C 

Czech Casimer elk Goldblatt Bros r 
Hegewisch Ill 

" Paul p (Mildred) fctywkr hills 164th 

Czechanski Emily T dept mgr r218 155th 

;; Florence B dept mgr r218 155th (CC) 
Prank (Victoria; deUcatessen 218 
155th (OC) h do 

" Frank Jr sta atndt Frank Brehm r218 
155th (CC) 

" Funeral Home (Jos Czechanski) 248 
155th pl (CC) 

" Irene r218 156th (OC) 

" Jos (Minnie; Czechanski Funeral 
Home) r248 155th pl (CC) 

" Louis B steelwkr r218 156th (CC) 

" Stanley L (Lottie) lab h218 156th (C 

" Stella elk Paint Headquarters r248 
155th pl (OC) 

" Theo S lab r218 156th (OC) 
Czerkas Cyprian (Mary) hill 156th pl 


" Peter (Antoinette) welder hlpr h307 
153d pl (CC) 

Czerlota Vera Mrs r826 Morris 
Czemiak Anthony baker Mrs Rosa M 
Vivian r437 156th (OC) 

" Prank baker r437 156th (CC) 

Irene ^maid StMargt Hosp r437 156th 

“ Johrw Veronica) tilewkr h302 153d pl 
" Jos (Eliz) carp h437 156th (OC) 

•Czernikowskl Frank T slsmn Swift & Co 
r Hegewisch Ill 

Czerwinski Dorothy hlpr r245 155th (C 

" Eleanor slswn r245 155th (OC) 

" Frank r402 155th (OC) 

" Geo lab r437 Garfield av OCC) 

" Irene M r437 Garfield av (CC) 

" John lab r437 Garfield av (OC) 

" John (Agnes) lab h245 155th (CC) 
" Jos (Anna) operating eng C C Water 
Works h437 Garfield av (OC) 

" Jos jr lab r437 Garfield av (CC) 

" Pauline (wid John) h402 155th (CC) 
" Richd S r245 155th (OC) 

" Steph (Theresa) lab hl330 Sherman 
Czerwonka Valentine riveter hl046 Moss 
" Walter G (Anne) lab NIPSCo h907 

Czeszewski Bernard J slsmn Inlander- 
Steindler Paper Co r Chicago Ill 
Cziczson Jos (Katie) h4417 State Line 
" Stanley r4417 State Line av 
" Zigmund r4417 State Line av 
Czlonka John (Clara) lab h768 Newell 
av (CC) 

Czohara Chester elk r4311 Clark av 
" John (Anna) mldr h4311 Clark av 
Czub Andrew (Valentina) lab h2144 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

Czuba Edw lab rl323 Field 
" Gregory (Stephanie) hl323 Field 
" Helen rl323 Field 
Czubala Frank (Agnes) blksmith h4319 
Hohman av 

Czupryna Antoinette spotter Prosperity 
Clnrs & Dyers r East Chicago 
Czura Lawrence r4337 Towle av 
" Roman r4337 Towle av 
" Stella Mrs h4337 Towle av 
Czykut Walter (Rose) steelwkr rl55 

Czyszczon Jos (Louise) h4315 Sheffield 
" Peter steelwkr r4327 Hickory av 
Czyz Eug A (Eleanor) h4234 Torrence av 
D & P Auto Construction Co Inc Ralph 
C Pohlplatz pres Ruth Pixler sec- 
treas 5141 Oakley av 
Dabich Michl rll24 Conkey 
Dabrowski John A emp W B Conkey Co 
r545 154th pl (CC) 

Dade Stefan rlOl Industrial rd 
Dado Andrew rl644 Davis av (POWhi) 

" John R (June) oilwkr hl822 Sophies 
la (POWhi) 

" Jos rl644 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Julia tel opr rl644 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Justine rl644 Davis av i POWhi' 

" Theresa (wid Andrew) hl644 Davis av 

Dady Thos mgr Thos Baine r Gary Ind 
Daehn Wm jr (Genevieve) atndt n466 
Price av (CC) 

Daerr John C (Alva C) asst supt Pru¬ 
dential Ins Co of Am r East Chi¬ 

Daft Henry J (Louella) h529 169th 
Daggy Fred (Florence M) filling Eta 
1147 Hoffman h do 
" Mary E elk E C Minas Co r538 169th 
” Walter R (Rachel) elk h544 Cherry 
Dagley Wayne D (Rachel) linemn NIP 
SCo h423 157th (CC) 

Dahl Earl A lab W J Holliday & Co 
r Chicago Ill 

Dahlberg Edw driver Whiting Motor 
Service r Chicago HI 
" John R h6116 Noble av 
Dahlin Harry C lab W J Holliday & Co 
r Chicago HI 

" Warren M elk W J Holliday & Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Dahlkamp Bernard H (Lena) cond h678 
Douglas av (OC) 

" Florence waiter Calumet Restr r572 

" Henrv G (Lena) hlpr City Street Dept 
hS18 Highland 



* < 

£ wE 


rn 8: 


114th Street and Lake Ave. Phones: Whiting 670-671 and Hammond Enterprise 1880 

Headquarters: Lake Shore Housing Guild Whiting, Ind. 













-"2 S 3 

,o > w 


" John M (Bertha; John M Dahlkamp 
& Son) h572 Fayette 
" John M & Son (John M and John W 
Dahlkamp) coal 572 Fayette 
" John W (John M Dahlkamp & Son) 
r572 Fayette 

" John W (Ethel M) driver h912 Wil¬ 
cox av 

" Jos A (Anna) formn h6 Mason (DC) 

" Lena sten r518 Highland 
" Margt M dicta opr NIPSCo r518 High¬ 

" Marjorie cash Empire Life & Accdt 
Ins Co r3 Carroll 

" Raymond (Wilma) filling sta h554 
Lincoln av (CC) 

" Walter N filling sta 103 Pulaski rd 
(CC) r678 Douglas av (CC) 

" Wm (Marjorie) elk Borden-Wieland 
Div r3 Carroll 

Dahlstrom Theo A (Julie M) elk SREM 
Co r Chicago 

Dahms Arnold F lab Calumet Pickle 
Works Inc r Lansing Ill 
" Louis C hlpr NIPSCo r Lansing Ill 
Daigger Geo J (Edna M) lab hi039 169th 
Dailey Chas F (Anna) hlpr h6112 Noble 
" Geo J r6112 Noble av 
" Gerald F hlpr r6112 Noble av 
" Grace J tchr Maywood Sch r6112 
Noble av 

" John r3000 138th pi (Bur) 

" Marguerite fctywkr r6350 Garfield av 
" Thamen (Faye) musician h6537 Ala¬ 
bama av 

" Wm M (Dorothy) hl410 Sherman 
Daily Aug H (Louise L) firemn City 
Dept of Water Wks h6625 Jefferson 
” Carl G (Caroline) stmftr h7127 
Maplewood av 

" Clara (wid Geo) h6606 Jefferson av 
" H Merle (Lillian) furnaces 6622 Madi¬ 
son av h do 

“ Harry E (Josie B) formn NIPSCo h 
7202 Chestnut av 
" Rebecca r265 Detroit 
" Walter D elk r6625 Jefferson av 
Daisy Carl E elk John S Daisy r605 
Douglas av (CC) 

" John A elk John S Daisy r605 Doug¬ 
las av (CC) 

" John S (Margt M) gro 112 152d (OC) 
h605 Douglas av (OC) 

Dakin Horace B (Irene) court reporter 
Lake County Superior Court No 1 h 
6740 Indi-Illi Pk 
" Tim M student r6740 Indi-Illi Pk 
Dako John lab rll43 Field 
Dale Viggo (Martha) h6616 Arizona av 
Daleiden A T (Fay) bkbndr W B Con- 
key Co h6649 Monroe av 
Dales Robertina tchr Riverside Sch r 
222 Ogden 

Dalka Jessie elk Goldblatt Bros r243 

•' Stanley (Jessie) body bldr Echterling 
Truck & Body Works h243 Clinton 
Dali Fern bkpr Ellyson Realty Co Inc 
r6406 Woodward av 
" Frank (Fern; Dali & Verharen) h6406 
Woodward av 

" & Verharen (Frank Dali. Reginald 
Verharen) fillipg sta 5706 Calumet 
Dallis Geo L (Helen G) agt Western & 
Sou Life Ins Co h4204 Henry av 
Dalon Prank oilwkr r5236 Oakley av 
DalSanto Sylvio bartndr Royal Bros r 
Chicago Ill 

Dalton Chas T (Betty R) wtchmn h768 

” Jerome A (Sarah A) funeral director 
727 Carroll h do 
" John-rA (Ellen) h5643 Walter av 
" Maurice B (Susan M) tmkpr r5643 
Walter av 

Daly Edw J (Alice) supvr h913 State 

•' Ella (wid Jas) r913 State blvd 


" Julia G mach opr NIPSCo r45 Webb 
" Raymond E Hall 1134 Indianapolis 
blvd (PORoby) 

" Wm C (Helen) slsmn h45 Webb 
Damai Edw mgr Pratt Food Co hl4 
Highland (CC) 

" Edw jr (Elinor K) elk Pratt Food Co 
h24 Detroit (CC) 

" Paul K journalist rl4 Highland (OC) 
Damanski Anton rlOl Industrial rd 
Dambman Gladys tchr Irving Sch r5946 
Hohman av 

Dan’s Auto Parts <Danl E Eder) auto 
accessories 4762 Calumet av 
" Grocery & Market (Danl Rabin) 6013 
Hohman av 

Dana Andrew (Agnes; Parkway Service 
Station) h853 116th (POWhi) 
Danaher Jas E (Frieda) lab h5511 
Claude av 

" Wm H (Elsie) steelwkr h234 Conkey 
Danch Gabriel (Pauline; Michigan Tav¬ 
ern) h6034 Wallace rd 
" John r6034 Wallace rd 
" Wm coml artist r6034 Wallace rd 
Danchi Michl opr W J Holliday & Co 
rl025 Ames 

Dancisak Albert (Helen) oilwkr h2044 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Danda Edw emp W B Conkey Co r East 

Danek Marian J Mrs nurse StMargt Sch 
of Nursing r Gary 
Danesewicz Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
D’Angelo Franklin R (Neva) formn h 
1613 Brown av (POWhi) 

Daniel Jacob (Bessie) filling sta h7015 
Arkansas av 

" Lloyd L (Elnora) tester hl910 Supe¬ 
rior av apt.8 (POWhi) 
Danielewski Mary Mrs h4111 Sheffield 
Daniels Alex A (Lucinda) bartndr An¬ 
drew Daniels r647 Sibley 
" Andrew tavern 303 State (CC) h do 
| " Arion rlOl Industrial rd 

’’ David P (Ruth) driver Sprout & 
Davis Inc hl427 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Edw T (Florence) mach opr h6722 
Alabama av 

•' Ernest J (Rose) slsmn h426 Highland 
" Hattie iwid Norman) rl427 Myrtle av 

" Jos (Edna) lab h4218 Hohman av 
" Kalman (Rosa) h6330 Calumet av 
" Laura (wid Napoleon) r7324 Marshall 
Lawrence (Mary) oilwkr r2025 Supe¬ 
rior av (POWhi) 

’’ Lucinda waiter Wm C McMillen r647 

" Motor Sales (Wm L Daniels) 1174 

" Oakley R (Bertha) miUwright UC& 
OPCo h4423 Henry av 
" Oscar T atndt Carl Kleihege r234 

’’ Ralph (Ruth B) installer IBTCo h909 

" Roy (Bess) auto mech h7324 Mar¬ 
shall av _ 

" Rudolph T (Edna) steelwkr h5223 
State Line av 

” Thos ydmn Prohl Supply Co r6330 
Calumet av 

’’ Thos W (Mae) oilwkr h2025 Superior 
av (POWhi) , „ 

" Wm (Helen E) lab h7132 Marshall av 
” Wm F service mgr Daniels Motor 
Sales rll39 Summer 
" Wm L (Clara: Daniels Motor Sales) h 
1139 Summer 

Danielson Edw C (Dorothy) h4739 Ash 
" Oscar r234 Russell 
Danisewicz John (Stephanie) lab hl3936 
Chippewa av (Bur) 

Dankanioh Geo G (Gertrude) chemist h 
28 Ruth apt 2C _ 

Dankert Fredk C servicemn Wayland F 
Herring r532 Lincoln av (OC) 




One of the Finest Fireproof Warehouses in Lake County 

Insurance Protection—Financial and Moral Responsibility—Your Household Effects Are Carefully Handled by 
Experienced Men — We Invite Your Inspection 



" Louis ship elk Greenwald's Furn Co 
r Chicago Ill 

Danko Andrew rlOl Industrial rd 
" Andrew (Anna) oilwkr h2317 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Ignatius (Kath) fetykr h2042 Supe¬ 
rior av (POWhi) 

'• John r2042 Superior av (POWhi) 

•' Paul (Christina) oilwkr h2132 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

" Sophia r2132 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

” Steve inspr Nickel Plate RR r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

Dankovcik Andrew (Anna) oil wkr hl019 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Dankovis Jos L (Mary) lab h4603 Hick¬ 
ory av 

Dankowski Anthony (Anna) tile wkr r 
210 156th (CC) 

Dannehl Anna laboratory asst UC&OP 
Co r617 Douglas av (OC) 

" Fred W (Mary) steel wkr h7510 Van- 
Buren av 

" Herman O (Henrietta) fety wkr h4413 
Henry av 

" Wm (Anna L) hlpr UC&OPCo h«17 
Douglas av (OC) 

Danzik Mary Mrs rl704 Myrtle av (PO 

" Michl L crane opr hl721 Davis av 

D’Arcy Chas L electn Hammond Elec Co 
r Chicago Ill 

Darcy Emaline L opr IBTCo r684 State 


Darlak John (Sophie) h4526 Towle 
DarUng Ernest T (Edith) steel wkr h917 

” Jas P rlOl Industrial rd 
" Minnie (wid Ernest) r917 Murray 
" Raymond (Ellenora) service mn hlll3 

" Walter A (Eloise J) mach h267 Fern- 
wood av 

Darlington Jay E lawyer 5217 Hohman 
av R300-04 r48 Waltham 
Darnell Chas (Velma) steel wkr r723 

" Curtis R msngr WUTelCo r814 Sum¬ 

" Jas msngr WUTelCo r814 Summer 
” Jas W (Harriet) lab h842 Mulberry 
Ralph (Eleanor D) asmblr r858 Sibley 
Darrah Howard A (Ruth) hl004 Con- 

Dase Irvin (Kath) fctywkr h5641 Claude 
Dassel Wm- (Loretta) lab h4420 Torrence 
Daugherty Clara A (wid Oliver) h5 157th 

" Clifford H (Olive) oil wkr h2029 Su¬ 
perior av (POWhi) 

" Ellen r2029 Superior av (POWhi) 

" Geo P (Carolyn) sis mgr Swarthout 
& Craig Inc r25 Highland 
' Grace C opr IBTCo ro 157th (OC) 

" Robt loco firemn h516 Locust 
Daughters of America 1546 119th 
" of Isabella Kath McCarthy sec meets 
2d and 4th Tuesday 520 Sibley 
" of Union Veterans meets 1st and 3 
Friday 127 State 

Daukscza Alex O (Helen) lab h rear 3 
154th (OC) 

Dauksza Casimir J (Sophie) hl029 Field 
’ Viola Mrs hlpr Mrs Emily Pekoz r23 
155th CCC) 

Daum Harold M (Marie) v-pres-genl 
mgr Oak Hill Cemetery Co h225 

Daumann Edw meatetr Stanley Kolanko 
r4314 Grover av 

Daumer Arth (Anda) steel wkr h4409 
Torrence av 

1 Caroline (wid Chas E) r854 Mulberry 
Chas H (Rose) lab h738 Mulberry 


" Elmer (Irene) switohmn h5847 Erie 
'■ Frank C (Eva) yd mstr h6740 Calu¬ 
met av 

" Oliver (Anne) janitor h621 Cherry 
" Robt (Mary) elk John C VanWilligan 
r6740 Calumet av 

Dausch Adam (Rosa) mach h4723 Cal¬ 
umet av 

" Ella inspr r4723 Calumet av 
Davenport Chas rlOl Industrial rd 
" Floyd J (Florence) refinery wkr h3935 
Sheffield av 

Davich Barbara waiter r825 Cherry 
" Michl lab r825 Cherry 
" Paul (Helen) crane opr h825 Cherry 
" Steve lab r825 Cherry 
David Clifford (Mary H) lab r526 Mul¬ 

Davidanas Anastasia (wid Ludwig) h207 
155th (CC) 

" Louis slsmn r207 155th (CC) 

" Stanton slsmn r207 155th (OC) 
Davidson Boyd F servicemn LaMere 
Washing Mach Co r4306 Hickory av 
" Chas L (Bertha S) watchmn h631 

" Chas W formn hl604 Brown av apt A 

" Dorothy sten r2049 Calumet av (PO 

" Frank S slsmn Seifer Furn Co r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Fred R (Eleanor) servicemn LaMere 
Washing Mach Co h4306 Hickory av 
" Grover (Frances) barber Lochiel W 
Simpson h2049 Calumet av (POWhi) 
" Gwenith Mrs hl420 Brown av apt O 

" Harrison L (Bessie) electn W J Hol¬ 
liday & Co h934 Becker 
" John (Marie) storekpr NIPSCo h308 
Schrum rd (OC) 

" Roy E (Cecil M) loco eng h7007 Mar¬ 
shall av 

Davies Claude S (Viola R) formn hill 
152d (CC) 

" Ernest (Geraldine) elk hl538 War¬ 
wick av apt 10 (POWhi) 

Paul I auto mech r592 Ingraham av 

" Viola R Mrs bkpr Jack Fox & Sons 
hll3 152d (CC) 

" Wm H (Eliz) policemn hl931 Wespark 
av (POWhi) 

" Winifred Mrs waiter Miner-Dunn Inc 
rl004 Bauer 

Davis Alice H Mrs phys 264 Highland 
h do 

" AUce J Mrs sten r337 152d (OC) 

" Alphis (Mable) utility mn C&CDTCo 
r Gary 

Anthony rl334 150th 
" Arth E (Virginia) slsmn h OSil Cal u- 

' Boyd M (Sarah H) h244 Doty 
" Byford E (Lucille) burner Central 
Chem Div h5850 Wallace rd 
" Cecil (Clara) firemn h6135 Noble av 
" Cecil R sec-treas Sprout & Davis Inc 
r Chicago Ill 
" Chas lab r4431 Ash av 
" Chas E (Ola B) trucking h6649 Ala¬ 
bama av 

" Dorothy hsekpr" 7306 Forest av 
" E Maxwell (Mary E) steel wkr hl335 

" Earl H (Ora) slsmn h5619 Hohman 
av apt 3 

" Edw J r4614 Hohman av 
" Eileen Mrs waiter h5420 Tell av 
” Elmer rlOl Industrial rd 
" Elmer D (Attoile) formn h888 Went¬ 
worth av (OC) 

" Elza W (Hazel) steel wkr hl008 Hoff- 

” Emma R (wid Beni J) r819 Merrill 
" Eug A (Frances) estimator Genl En¬ 
gineering & Sis Co h7327 Monroe av 



538-42 STATE 

PHONE 6190 


^ 55 

H s 

t - o 

UJ i 


" Eug D (Margt) steel wkr h4620 Towle 
" Eunice hsekpr 522 Ingraham av (CC) 

" Evelyn Mrs h4424 Dearborn av 
" Fetna (wid Philip) h5809 Calumet av 
apt 9 

" Floyd E rl424 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

” Foreman R (Rose) asst opr NIPSCo 
h591 Price av (OC) 

" Foster M slsmn W B Conkey Co 
" Francis J (Lydia C) chemist hi 118 

M Frank vdmn NIPSCo r5513 Sohl av 
" Fred M (Kate) hlpr City Garbage 
Dept hi 120 Merrill 
" Fur Co Sami Friedman sec-treas-mgr 
5258% Hohman av 
" Genevieve r4935 Hohman av 
" Geo W (Thelma) constr eng h944 Wil¬ 
cox av 

" Harry (Velma) steelwkr h rear 413 

" Harry L crane opr r6104 Ray av 
" Herschel E sec Landeck Millwork Co 
Inc r Gary Ind 

" Herschie emp Central Chem Div r!07 

" Howard soda mn Walgreen Co r Chi- 

" Irene cook Dallas Schick rl021 Chica¬ 

" J Arth (Alice H) dentist 440 State Rll 
h264 Highland 

" Jas (Mary) lab hl424 Myrtle av (PO 

•' Jas J (Faye) water tndr h4729 Calu¬ 

" Jas S (Mildred) steelwkr h6818 Caro¬ 
lina av 

" Je fferson (Dorabelle) lab r&50 Plum¬ 

" Jefferson L gdnr r4432 Ash av 
" John wheel roller Sou Wheel Div r 
1005 170th pi 

" John E lab r6119 Marshall av 
" John M (Rosalie L) lab h4843 Oak av 
" Julia cash E C Minas Co rl005 170th 

" Kenneth G swtchmn r6119 Marshall 
Electrical Inspector 107 City Hall, 
Tel 3330, h529 169th, Tel 4129-R 
" Lawrence H jr electn r529 169th 
" Leo E (Wilma L) swtchmn h7116 Ken¬ 
nedy av 

” Leon (Fay) fctywkr h6636 Marshall av 
" Leonard H (Eliz) fctywkr h rear 470 
Plummer apt 2 

•' Lester C (Thursa) br mgr Kroger- 
Consumers h6617 VanBuren av 
" Lester F (Mary J) inspr h5361 Kent av 
" Lydia C Mrs mgr Monarch Laundry 
Co hi 118 Eaton 

" Marion D swtchmn r640S Euclid av 
" Martha (wid Wren) hsekpr 1011 

•' Matt (Caroline G) mill wkr h5716 Cal¬ 
umet av 

" Michl firemn r6135 Noble av 

" O Dale r4836 Pine av 

’• Odell (Mattie) lab h431 State (CC) 

" Oliver (Louise) formn h4836 Pine av 
" Ona M Mrs cash E C Minas Co r 

" Philip H (Margt) chambermn Central 
Chem Div h830 Summer 
" Raish C (Eliza J) h4614 Hohman av 
" Rant M (Relda) elk Calumet Equip¬ 
ment & Supply Co h828 Michigan 
" Ray (Hortense) driver h6730 Colorado 
" Ray L (Eliz L) prsmn Postlewaite- 
Thompson Co hi Waltham (OC) 

" Raymond F (Ellen) oilwkr hl528 Rob¬ 
erts av (POWhi) 

" Richd A (Cath) opr NIPSCo h5515 
Claude av 

" Roy J (Arline) fctywkr h6537 Arizona 
" Ruby (wid Theo) h6119 Marshall av 
" Sami (Julia) h4548 Ash av 

Calumet av h841 Indiana 
'' Shelton W (Luella F) )swtclimn h7139 
Kennedy av 

" Sherman (Gertrude) hl023 Cleveland 
" Sol (Myrtle) auto wrecker 1412 Sum¬ 
mer h do 

" Vasil (Mary) utilitymn Sou Wheel Div 
hl005 170th pi 

" Victor F (Helen H) eleq contr 6827 
Arkansas av h do 
" Virginia r427 Michigan 
" Virginia tchr Hammond Hi Sch h227 
Carroll apt 11 

W Homer (Metta L) formn h944 Wil¬ 
cox av 

•' Walter car bldr rl550 177th 
" Wilford L (Phyllis) crane opr h908 

" Wm r4620 Towle av 
' Wm bill del NIPSCo rlOOd 170th pi 
" Wm (Iva) lab hll08 Truman 
Wm -A (Virginia) car bldr h439 Pu¬ 
laski rd (CC) 

Wm H r238 Condit 

Wm H (Clara E) dentist 5141 Hohman 
av hl7 Highland 

" Wm L (Louise H) h rear 4706 Towle 
" Willie (Dallage) ; andblaster Calumet 
Steel Cstgs Corp r Chicago 
" Willie F autowkr rl407 Warwick av 

Davison Merle C (Imogene) steelwkr h 
6538 Arkansas av 

Davisson Roy L (Muriel) slsmn Hersch- 
bach Mtr Corp h307 156th (OC) 
Davits Peter (Pauline; Whiting Recrea¬ 
tion Parlor i (W) hi 116 119th (FO 

Davler Ida (wid Wilbur L) r4716 Balti¬ 
more av 

Dawson Hugh A (Sue) h48 Ogden 


Naomi student r6850 Delaware av 
" Peter (Bridgie) oilwkr hl338 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (PORoby) 

" Ralph J (Marie) teleg opr r524 State 

" Russell (LaVere) fctywkr h478 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

" Virgil (Polly) autowkr h634 Forsythe 
av (CC) 

" Wm J (Frieda) h34 Harding av (CC) 

Day Dora M r4613 Sheffield av 
" Earl L (Dorothy) h4303 State Line av 
" Erla M Mrs r731 Eaton 
" Hoover (Marjorie) oilwkr h rear 6329 
Monroe av 

" Howard (Emma) h413 Clinton 
John (Mary) cranemn h2834 165th apt 

•' Marie (wid Sylvester) r4613 Sheffield 
" Merlyn J (Kathleen) local rep hi 116 

" Myrtle tchr Lincoln Sch r5946 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Dayhoff Eudon paperhngr Smith Decor¬ 
ating Co r RD 2 Gary 

Days Cath elk Goldblatt Bros r604 State 
Line av (OC) 

Deacon Wm lab r527 State 

Deak Geo (Theresa) lab h2020 Hamann 
ct (POWhi) 

Deakin (Emma E (wid Harry E) h2 
Waltham (CC) 

" Harry E (Mary E) sten h2 Waltham 

" Jos F (Emma L) sta atndt r248 Wal¬ 
tham (CC) 

Deal Homer H (Esther) lab h861 Logan 
- Lucien P (Lillian) elk PO h7019 Ma¬ 
plewood av 

Deale Anthony elk r234 Russell 

Dean Chas L (Marie) hlpr hl817 Caro¬ 
line av (POWhi) 


Building Material, Hardware, Paints, Millwork, Insulation, Brick, Lime, Sewer Pipe 
412 VINE ST. TELS. 6666 and 6667 


" Chas R (Alleene) kettlemn h< 
Monroe av 
" Eug porter Abrahamson Mtr Sis r 
1033 Cleveland 

■ Floyd A (Grace M) mstr mech h560 
Forsythe av (EC) 

" Irma K Mrs r481 Logan . 

" Orpha W tchr Tech-Vocational Sch t 
124% Sibley 

'■ Wm H (Florence) mech h251 Hump- 

Dearborn Ervin oilwkr rl535 Lake av (P 

Deardorff Dorothy supvr Lafayette Sch 
r5946 Hohman av 

Dearth Wm J (Margt M) elk SREMCo r 

Deasy John F (Grace) swtchmn h914 

" Margt elk Igloo Ice Cream Co r4819 
Elm av 

• Margt A bkpr Hybiak & Bolda r4819 
Elm av 

" Peter W (Mary) steelwkr h4819 Elm 
Deaver Cleo inspr W B Conkey Co r rear 

13 Clinton 

DeBarge Morris E (Rose) h4203 Henry 
" Thos E (Pearl) formn h4130 Towle av 
Debbert Albert F (Florence) mach h 
4730 Torrence av 
" Eug F appr r4730 Torrence av 
” Raymond A r4730 Torrence av 
Debes Jos H (Eva) lab hl334 150th 
DeBoer Albert (Rosalyn) routemn Chap¬ 
man Lndry Inc h919 Summer 
" Jacob routemn Chapman Lndry Inc r 
919 Summer 

Debold Bernard (Agnes C) hl231 Indi¬ 

DeBold Frank waiter Anthony Visconte 
Debold Frank H (Victoria) formn Cham¬ 
pion Corp h570 Harrison av (CC) 

" Frank H (Victoria) mach h256 Wil¬ 

" Frank J (Violet) lab Champion Corp 
h404 Price av (CC) 

DeBold Jos P (Christina) asst sta eng h 

14 156th pi (EC) 

" Philip (Fern) lab h404 155th (CC) 
DeBoy Henry driver Calumet Beverage 

DeBriae Edw r5927 Columbia av 
DeBruler Rufus (Myrtie) oilwkr h838 

DeBruyan Roy (Anna M) oilwkr hl231 
Davis av (POWhi) 

Dec Anthony hlpr Brownsten Eng Constr 
Co rl006 Moss 

" Cath S (wid Jos) hl006 Moss 
" Frank (Lottie) lab r222 Hanover 
' Julia (wid Frank) h222 Hanover 
Julian chipper r4249 Johnson av 
" Mary (wid Wm) h4249 Johnson av 
'' Michl candymkr rl006 Moss 
Stanley (Sophia) welder h4518 John¬ 
son av 

DeCamp Beatrice slswn Peggie Hale Inc 
r667 Ingraham av (CC) 

Earl U (Anna) janitor hl028 Drack- 

“ Emmett L (Hath M) ry opr C&CDT 
Co h667 Ingraham av (CC) 

Harvey (Isabelle) cond h6723 Madison 
„ Leslie A slsmn NIPSCo hl008 Eaton 
Robt elk Goldblatt Bros r6524 Madi¬ 
son av 

DeChantal Emerson waiter Goldblatt 
_ Bros r527 Indiana 
Deck Geo L (Mary J) lab hll37 167th 
Decker Adam M (Olivia) tchr Geo Rog- 
„ ere Clark Sch h953 Pearl (POWhi) 
Genevieve beauty opr Mrs Hazel H 
Buchanan r6629 Jefferson av 
Jacob r828 Plummer 
' Paul rl29 State 
Roy A (Evelyn) h828 Plummer 

" W 8 ilf 


/ilfred r828 Plummer 
Dedelow Alvin F chemist r6936 Marshall 
" Edw W lead burner r6946 Marshall av 
" Emil A (Bertlia) elk h7031 Marshall 
" Fred W (Matilda) ins agt h6936 Mar¬ 
shall av 

" Herman J (Alice L) acct h241 Warren 

" Irene N Mrs r32 156th pi (CC) 

” Minnie r6946 Marshall av 
" Naomi R sten Lloyd Bldg r7011 Alex¬ 
ander av 

Wilhelmina (wid Wm) h6946 Marshall 
" Wm jr (Helen) electn h7027 Marshall 
" Wm F (Irene) lead burner h7011 
Alexander av 

Dedinsky Eliz fctywkr r2018 Stanton av 

" Steven (Angeline) hl640 Lake (PO 

” Steven (Hath) oilwkr h2018 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

DeDoes Wm driver Gt Lakes Brewing Co 
r547 State (CC) 

Deem Chas D (Mary E) oilwkr h6732 
Forestdale av 

Deering Aug A (Cath) mach opr h333 
155th (CC) 

" Betty Mrs r5319% Hohman av 
" Carl r4338 Grover av 
Dorothy A r344 154th pi (CC) 

" Edw E bndrywkr W B Conkey Co r333 

Grover av 
" Fred r4338 Grover av 
" Geo J r344 154th pi 
" John W (Eliz) h4338 Grover av 
" Jos G (Victoria) loader h344 154th pi 

" Leonard D hlpr W B Conkey Co r333 
155th (CC) 

" Wm E (Altha B) asmblr h4749 Shef¬ 
field av 

Dees Jas R (Edith) laboratory technician 

Jefferson av 
DeFabio Alfonse (Josephine) Janitor Or- 
pheum Theatre h789 Forsythe av (C 

DeForest Alton F (Evellyn) h4320 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Defradus Fred (Cleo) lab h620 Sibley 
DeFrates Harry (Ruth) elk h630 Thorn¬ 

DeFrier Frank tavern 12 Pulaski rd (CC) 
r5114 Holiman av 
" Paul bartndr Vito Mannino 
DeFries Henry cond h52 Ogden 
" Myrtle Mrs h52 Ogden 
Deglow Frank F (lima) contr 1519 Ken¬ 
ilworth av (CC) h do 
DeGragaris Pedro cook Goldblatt Bros r 
301 Plummer av (CC) 

Degree of Pocahontas No 439 (Improved 
Order of Red Men) meet 1st and 3d 
Thursday 447% State 
" of Pocahontas No 446 (Improved Or¬ 
der of Red Men) meet 2d and 4th 
Thursday 447% State 
DeHaven Benj elk h237 Highland apt 112 
Dehenes Mary maid r2132 Superior av 

" Paul (Mary) pipeftr h2132 Superior av 

DeHoll Henry R (Henrietta) genl supt 
h6243 Forest av 

Deignan Henry E (Mary) storekpr hl34 
Ruth (OC) 

Deisler Harley M (Iva J) agt Railway 
Express Agency h6607 Jackson av 
Deistler Kath maid 7124 Forest 
Deitz Henry wtchmn r5512 Beall av 
" Jas L (Ann) ' “ 

) firemn h6121 Alexander 





O s 

° f 

? f 

~ -n 

* I 





PHONE 6900 



O “ 

< £ 
UJ £ 
0 £ u 

O i 





c 2 






Dekoker 'Howard lEva) steelwkr h rear 
6912 Calumet av 

DeKreek Aririanus -(Nellie) h215 Douglas 
DeLand Edw O (Mary E) chef h235 
155th (OC) 

Delaney Arlene copyhldr W B Conkey 
Co rll02 May 

Carrie W elk IHBRR r840 Eaton 
DeLaney Chas B (Nellie) pres DeLaney 
Printing Co h7325 Forest av 
Delaney Donna B (wid Jos) elk r839 

DeLaney Grace D (wid Frank) buyer E 
C Minas Co h5519 Alice av 
Henry H (Rose) v-pres DeLaney 
Printing Co h234 169th 
Delaney Margt F (wid Chas W) h840 

DeLaney Patk dancing school 5141 Hoh- 
man av R309 h do 

Laney Pres, Henry H DeLaney V- 
Pres, Book and Commercial Printers, 
113 Sibley, Tel 656 

Delaney Stanley S (Louise) acid mn h 
907 170th 

" Wesley A (Emma) formn W B Con- 
key Co hi 102 May 

" Wm C (Louise) h784 State Line av (C 

DeLau Alma r6029 Erie av 
DeLay Clyde hlpr John Schmueser & 
Sons rl2 Detroit 
" Edw L steelwkr hl2 Detroit 
" Helen rl2 Detibit 

Delco Lunch (Jack McWilliams) 5041 
Hohman av 

DeLeeuw Bertha nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r Box 208 Lansing Ill 
Delegan John (Julia) lab hll31 167th 
Delegrange Florence hsekpr 570 Sibley 
Delehanty Albert M (Avis) slsmn Bor¬ 
den-Wieland Div h6647 Jackson av 
Deleski Pauline Mrs (Club Oasis) hl03 
Plummer av (C<?) 

" Stanley rlOl Industrial rd 
DeLine Jesse (Myrtle) janitor NIPSCo h 
4610 Ash av _ _ 

Dell Earl E (Margt M) crane opr h6137 
Harrison av 

” Forrest steelwkr rl305 Truman 
" John (Nancy) hl305 Truman 
Dellenbach Edw C (Eliz A) cigarmkr h 
4624 Towle av 

" Elmer L sht mtl wkr r4624 Towle av 
Dellinger Robt (Minnie) blr opr hll22 
177th pi 

Delmar H Associates (Harry D LeRoy) 
adv agey 570 State 
DeLoach Leslie lab h rear 1041 Ames 
DeLong Chas usher Paramount Theatre 
r616 Conkey ^ , 

•" Sami E (Mabel) pumper h616 Conkey 
DeLor Bernice I waiter Jas Grapsas r29 

" Clovis N (Bessie) steelwkr h29 Sibley 
" Nelson E (Florence) lab h rear 5016 
Trankle ct 

DeLore Leona rl235 150th 
Delp Darold J lab W B Conkey Co r5418 
Wood av 

Evelyn M tipper W B Conkey Co r5418 

" Henry E^Lillian E) mach h5418 Wood 
DelPogetto Mario (Julia) h722 Locust 
Dels an ta Frank J r4619 Oak av 
•' Jas (Loretta) frt hndlr h4619 Oak av 

Wm C Zajaczkowski Prop, 631 Went¬ 
worth av (CC) 

" Confectionery (Herman W Sikorski) 
526 State 

•• Motor Stages of Illinois Louis Ciucci 
agt 5035 Hohman av 
Delzer Robt (Myrtle) auto mech Contin¬ 
ental Baking Co hl222 Highland 
DeMar Vivian asst sunt Bethany Chil¬ 
dren’s Home r9l8 Highland 

DeMarais Frank D (Vivian) drftsmn h 
440 Highland , „ „ 

Demas Jas G (Helen) steelwkr h628 In- 

Peter J (Demas & Kouris) r Whiting 

" & Kouris (Peter J Demas, Michl Kou¬ 
ris) restr 1206 150th 

Dembowski Angeline Mrs h4428 Henry 
" Henry r4428 Henry av 
" Lawrence (Mary) lab hll22 Cherry 
" Stanley (Anna) city firemn h244 154th 
pi (CC) 

Demerling Alice Mrs tavern 608 Sibley r 
5338 Oakley av 

" Dorothy E cash NIPSCo r566 Ingra¬ 
ham av (CC) 

” June elk Hammond Calumet Broad¬ 
casting Corp r5338 Oakley av 
" Mabel E elk IHBRR r566 Ingraham av 

" Mary (wid Louis) h566 Ingraham av 

Demetry M atth e w (Irene) steelwkr h 
6534 California av , 

DeMick Lucille beauty opr McCreary’s 
Beauty salon r Dyer Ind 
Demiduk Charlotte maid StMargt Hosp 
r4334 Dearborn av 

" Michl (Helen) mach hlpr h4334 Dear¬ 
born av 

Deming Chas C r225 Dyer blvd 
" Isabel C (wid Edwin P) r225 Dyer 

" Murray W Rev (Dorothy) pastor Sev¬ 
enth Day Adventist Church hlOll 

R ^P r g :e chauf Champ i 0n corp h516 
Wentworth av (CC) 

Demko Chas r4322 Dearborn av 
” Michl (Anna) h4322 Dearborn av 
Demkovicli Chas L (Cath) oilwkr h2718 
New York av (POWhi) 

" Edw M r2718 New York av (POWhi) 
Demkowski Josephine asst Fred W Car¬ 
ter r442 155th (CC) 

Matthew P lab W J Holliday & Co r 
442 155th (CC) , , , J 

" Walter (Dorothy) h312 Pulaski rd (C 

•• Valter (Marie) carmn h442 155th (C 

Demlong Edw J (Stella) city policemn h 
1632 Park View av (POWhi) 

" Gustav (Anna) bicycle repr 2314 Indi¬ 
anapolis blvd (POWhi) h do 
•• Pauline (wid John) li2316 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

Demo Zella maid 64 Glendale 
Demopoulos Gust (Harriett) h714 Sibley 
" Lavina waiter Manhattan Lunch r714 

Demos Harry (Mary; Coney Island Res¬ 
taurant) h530 Douglas av (CC) 

" John (Marie) waiter Coney Island 
Restaurant h232 154th pi (OC) 

” Nicholas lab r2700 161st 
" Peter waiter Manhattan Lunch r447% 

Demps Frank (Lucille) elk 

2458 White Oak av (POWhi) 

" John F (Mary) inspr h224 155th pi (C 

" Stanley canner r4608 Ash av 
Dempsey Byron (Pauline) reporter Ham¬ 
mond Times h5945 Hyslop pi apt 101 
•' Dorothy A Mrs sten Wilson Crites & 
Wilson r312 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Fred W (Mary) batterymn C&CDTCo 
hl007 Bauer , . _ 

" Fred W jr elk Millett’s Colonial Inc r 
1007 Bauer 

’’ Grace rl007 Bauer _ 

•" Kathryn I compt opr NIPSCo rl007 

" Pauline Mrs mgr Tru-Value Shop h 
5945 Hyslop pi apt 101 
Demski Anthony J r234 156th (CC) 

" Eug J lab r234 156th (CC) 

The Mark at Good Printing Since 1877 


Printers, Binders and Book Manufacturers 


" John (Mary) electn h224 156th (CC) 

" John A (Josephine B) car repr h234 

156th (CC) 

DeMuth Prances M (wid Morris) fcty 
wkr h253 Douglas 

" Win M slsmn J St, R Motor Supply Co 
r253 Douglas 

Demyanovich Anna Mrs hi004 Conkey 
Denamur Leo (Hazel) carp W B Conkey 
Co h6610 McCook av 
Deneau Sylvanus D (Deneau & Phelps) 
r5240 Sohl av apt 122 
“ & Phelps (Sylvanus D Deneau, Ever¬ 
ett E Phelps) barbers 571 State 
Denehie Carl C (Irene) mach h6714 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

Denenburg Abr (Mollie) shoe repr 207 
155th (CC) h do 
" Doris slswn r207 155th (CC) 

Denham Dean elk h5512 Beall av 
" Dean W oilwkr r5512 Beall av 
" Mary Jane sten Maxwell Turner r5512 

" Orville J (Anna) h6223 Harrison av 
Denhart Harold O (Beatrice C) pipeftr 

Denney Chester V (Dorothy) dlspr NIP 
Sco h37 Midway ct 

Dennis Jeannette tchr Woodrow Wilson 
Seh r6244 Garfield av 
" John (Mary) h4935 Ash av 
" Jos D (Irene L) mgr P W Woolworth 
Co r RD Crown Point 
" Martha emp W B Conkey Co r6244 
Garfield av 

” Mary elk Goldblatt Bros r4935 Ash av 
Denniston Martha Mrs r5551 Walter av 
" Uriah R toolmkr h7513 VanBuren av 
" Wm R (Anna) asst eng r820 Highland 
Densmore Laura J tchr Tech-Vocational 
Sch h5945 Hyslop pi apt 306 
Denson Lucius lab E Popper Iron Co 
Dent Clyde W (Emma E) servicemn E C 
Minas Co r654 Sibley 
" E Prank (Mary) carp h925 Bauer 
" Geo rlOl Industrial rd 
Hamilton (Wilma) chemical opr hl818 
Sophies la (POWhi) 

" Mayme r925 Bauer 
" Walter H (Mabel) mach opr h2840 
Janet pi 

Denton Harry G (Salvina) oilwkr hl420 

'• Henry lab Hilbrich & Connor Co r 
Lansing IU 

" John P (Lois H) biller IHBRR r543 
Douglas av (CC) 

Dentrono Nicholas (Victoria) lab h242 

Eteos^Margt elk J J Newberry Co r4816 

Depa Andrew (Helen) autowkr r6424 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

Clt ’ G ” ba * e 
" John (Nellie) steelwkr h6424 Colum¬ 
bia av 

" Victoria ctrWB Conkey Co r6424 Co- 
lumbia av 

DeP ??o ;**»*"< Letta; Oakley Tavern) h 
D88 Sibley 

" Emil J (Esther) bartndr Oakley Tav- 
era hi 109 Summer 
DePeyster Apartments 52-54 Ruth 
Depka Jos rlU3 164th pi 

Martyn j (May) h3814 Towle 
Deppen Chas A (Marcella M) trainmstr 
IHBRRCo h213 Warren (CC) 

Deputy Bert E (Lillian M) iron wkr hl6 

Derbish John O hl023 Conkey 
Victor rld23 Conkey 

Derdoff Walter (Adeline) lab h2021 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

DeRemer Glenn D (Helen) printer hl820 
Davis av (POWhi) 

Deresch Harry r612 Plummer 
" Roy r612 Plummer 
Derflinger Grace Mrs maid 614 State 
Line av (CC) 

Dering Jos (Rosa) h339 Pulaski rd (CC) 
Derkacs Chas rl4044 Green Bay av 

" Chas L (Anna) lab hl4044 Green Bay 
av (Bur) 

” Mary sten rl4044 Green Bay av (Bur) 
Dermody Jack elk r616 Forsythe av (CC) 

" John B (Mary) hll 157th apt 1 (CC) 

” John L (Agnes S) elk h587 Preeland 
av (CC) 

" Michl V (Mary C) city firemn h5641 
Walter av 

" Nina (wid Doyle) elk Goldblatt Bros 
h616 Forsythe av (CC) 

Demer Geo B (Anabel L) florist 4704 
Hohman av h do 
Hans J (Elise D) elk h716 169th 
Harry F (Aurilla) slsmn r6333 Mo¬ 
raine av 

" Wm J student r716 169th 
Dernitt Lee refinerywkr r500 Gordon (C 

DeRolf Dell r6523 Jefferson av 
" Elsie I (wid Geo A) r5534 Beall av 
" Geo (Lacy B) elk IHBRR h6523 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

" Herbert farmer r6523 Jefferson av 
” John L r6523 Jefferson av 
" Jos (Prances) tmkpr h4721 Cedar av 
" Lee (Carrie) lab h4634 Torrence av 
" Lorraine pkr W B Conkey Co r6S23 
Jefferson av 

" Margt F hsekpr r5534 Beall av 
" Owen W (Dessie A) installer IBTCo 
h543l Webster av 

" Russell (Helen B) br mgr Kroger’s 
Consumers Stores (W) h4913 Walnut 
" Wm H steelwkr h5534 Beall av 
DeRosa Peter (Harriett A) slsmn h344 
156th pi (CC) 

Derosa Salvatore (Carmela) h6549 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

DeRouse^ Dewey A (Ruby) pipeftr lifl 

" Jas oilwkr r6606 California 
" Leon (Julia) car repr h rear 6609 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

Derr G C elk Penn RR Co r Chicago Ill 
D’Errico Anthony A (Joan) acct hl24 
157th (CC) 

" Helen instr StMargt Hosp rl24 157th 
(CC) 1 

' Jas aviator rl24 157th (CC) 

" Martin mach designer rl24 157th (C 

DeRuick Emil J hl9 Webb 
Derwinski Alex (Cecelia) fctywkr h2409 
New York av (POWhi) 

" Tillie (wid Jos) h2409 New York av 

Derybowski Edna r2013 Wespark av (PO 

" Jas F (Prances) slsmn Home Owners 
Guild h2013 Wespark av (POWhi) 

" Jos roofer Home Owners Guild r2013 
Wespark av (POWhi) 

" Sylvia elk County Treas r2013 Wes¬ 
park av (POWhi) 

DeSantis Mario mason UC&OPCo r Chi¬ 
cago . 

DeShencoe Michl C (Barbara) fctywkr 
hl810 Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 
Desmarais Prank G (Margt E) oilwkr h 
5741 Erie av 

Desmond John W (Ann) chf elk h5634 
Maywood av 

DeSutter Chas E (Marcella L) oilwkr h 
2015 Blossom row (POWhi) 

Detco John rlll4 Indianapolis blvd (PO 





Swarthout & Craig, Inc. 



1105 119th Street Phone Whiting 1073 

Detlaff John (Martha) pipeftr h768 
State Line av (OC) 

" Jos lab UC&OPCo r684 Forsythe av 

Detloff Jos A (Nellie) millwright h330 
154th pi (CC) 

DeToledo Arth (Vivian J) mgr Ham¬ 
mond Watch Shop hl06 Sibley blvd 

Detrick Herbert W (Mary A) phys 5231 
Hohman av R730-31 h6427 Forest av 

Dettner Delmar D (Virginia) chemical 


groundmn NIPS 




Detzner Frank F (Florence M) biller IH 
BRR h7443 Harrison av 
Deurbrouck Albert E (Lula) slsmn J C 
Penney Co h20 Carroll 
Deus Fay Mrs h23 Mason 
" Luther W slsmn r48 Waltham 
Deutsch Fred W (Caroline) mason contr 
2 4 0 C o nkey h d o 1 
" Leo E (Bertha; Southmoor Apart¬ 
ment Hotel) h5946 Hohman av 
" S Jules slsmn r5946 Hohman av 
" Wm M office mgr Southmoor Apt Ho¬ 
tel r5946 Hohman av 
Deutschman Fred driver Calumet Eng 
Co r7213 Chestnut av 
•' Geo driver r7213 Chestnut av 
Deveney Howard roofer Home Owners 
Guild r Dyer Ind 

Dever Bryon (Katie) still clnr h715 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

Deverick Jas E lab h440 Fayette 
DeVerter W T r5026 Hohman av 
Devine Robt L (Fannie) dropmn Sou 
Wheel Div hl027 Cleveland 
Devon Sami (Sophia) h6835 Columbia av 
DeVore Olan F (Mildred) electn hl616 
Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

DeVries Gilbert carrier PO r Lansing Ill 
" Johanna inspr W B Conkey Co r Lan- 
I sing Ill 

Ruth wrapper W B Conkey Co r Lan¬ 
sing Ill 

" Tina tipper W B Conkey Co r Mun¬ 

" Tunis (Evelyn) elk h7538 Madison av 
" Walter fctywkr Vanderby Screen Co r 
Lansing Ill 

DeWald Chas steelwkr r6119 Garfield av 
" Julia Mrs h6119 Garfield av 
Dewalt B C tchr Hammond Hi Sell r 

DeWeese Alva M (Verdia) pass agt C& 
ERR h240 157th (CC) 

Deweese Walter (Effie) lab h7419 Beech 
Dewell Chas (Justine) formn h2644 163d 

Dewes Edna E Mrs elk E C Minas Co r 
5722 Baring av 

" Helen folder W B Conkey Co h6616 
VanBuren av 

Dewey Clarence E (Mabel) head elk IHB 
RR r Lansing 

•' John C (Emma) h528 Garfield av (C 

" Mabel Mrs elk IHBRR r Lansing 
" Minta (wid Burt G) r6247 Madison av 
•' Philip W (Genevieve E) oilwkr h626 
116th (POWhi) 

DeWitt Melvin L (Ruth) refrigerator 
repr 6131 Garfield av h do 
" Wm rl313 Indiana 
DeWolf Earl F rlOl Industrial rd 
DeWolfe Ernest C (Grace L) crane opr h 
t 5417 Price pi 

Dexter W Arth (Mary) hl616 Stanton av 

DeYoung Maude L Mrs h614 165th 
" Roger C elk Louis Schreiber r614 

Dezamko Chas (Rose) elk h2922 Cleve- 

Dheur Alphonse (Kathryn) elk hll26 
Wilcox av 


" Emil (Bertha) hl621 Myrtle av (PO 

" Emil (Lois) treater h7 Himbach 
" Frank steelwkr hl621 Myrtle av (PO 

Diaeek Michl (Emily) oilwkr hl736 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

Diakum Roman (Julia) inspr h775 May 
av (CC) 

Diamond Abr driver r857 Sibley 
" Alex (Kay; Chicago Produce Co) h 
6236 Hohman av 

" Benj (Lena K; Hammond Fruit Co) h 
720 Highland 

’ Edw A (Mary) roofer Home Owners 
Guild hA384"Bo l timr>r e-a v 
Ida J dmnstr Woolworth’s r8 Wal¬ 

" Jacob (Dora) h857 Sibley 
" Jessie r962 Michigan 
” Lena r962 Michigan 
" Louis driver r5602 Calumet av 
" Maurice (Ida) h8 Waltham 
" Milton (Jean) slsmn h6028 Erie av 
" Myron E (Hotel Lincoln) r515 State 
Ruben (Celia) vendor h962 Michigan 
" Ruth M sten r4708 Towle av 
Motor Sales Dealers 5842-54 Calumet 
av, Tel 2543 (For further informa¬ 
tion see back cover and page 3 Buy¬ 
ers’ Guide) 

Dlamondstein Jos (Pauline) phys 796 
State Line av (CC) h do 
DiAngelo Theo asmblr r612 Plummer 
Dibblee Basil R (Lillian) dentist 446 
State h21 Elizabeth 
" Harold (Helen) elk h rear 618 Douglas 
av (CC) 

•' Jas L (Mary E) pntr h7117 Chestnut 
Kenneth O (Lucille) cond hllOl Car- 

" Paul A (Maxine L) agt Prud Ins Co h 
933 Drackert 

" Richd H elk r7117 Chestnut aiv) 

" Robt L (Mary F) h5626 Schultz av 
Dibbrel Geo (Ruth) car washer John H 
Brehm hl025 Kenwood 
Dibos Louella (wid Edw M) h6224 Hoh- 

Dichtsr 1 Morris (Lillian) gro 627 Hoff¬ 
man h do 

Dickens Michl (Helen) rl237V4 Conkey 
Dickerman Mary sten rl632 Davis av (P 

Dickerson Thos A (Irene) steelwkr h544 

" Wm H (Rebecca I) h5436 Webster av 
Dickey Arnold J (M Ellen) stillmn h85I 

" Bee Mrs hl5% Condit 
' Clyde L (Jean E) steelwkr h rear 28 

" Estella (wid Edwin E; OK Barber 
Shop) h544 Detroit 

" Jean maid 1816 Central av (W) rl734 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Johanna rl734 Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Thos (Johanna) oilwkr hl734 Stanton 

av (POWhi) _ 

" Thos Jr oilwkr rl734 Stanton av (PO 

Dickinson Dorothy elk Board of Educa¬ 
tion r5608 Alice av 
" E G r an t (Carrie) h2850 165th 
" Ernest H (Myrtle A) slsmn hl2 Ma- 

•' Francis R (Pearl) pumper h7227 Mar¬ 
shall av 

•• Gamer M (Helen) constr eng h5850 
Wallace rd 

” Geo C mtl wkr r735 165th 

•' Gerald G (Irma) firemn h2650 Cleve- 


" Thos <J (Marie) coin machine opr h 
626 119th (POWhi) 

Dickover Anna h44 Ruth 
Dickson Geo h5530 Walter av 

" Geo C (Olga) confr 5621 Hohman av 
h6639 Madison av 

" Jas C (Merl) restr 6149 Hohman av h 
418 Conkey 

" Jas O (Sarah F) sec Betz Investment 
Co hl6 Highland 

" John C (Viola) h6326 Forest av 

" John H (Esther D) ollwkr h6630 Mon¬ 
roe av 

Marjory M elk NIPSCo rl6 Highland 

" Peter C restr 473 State r6635 Madison 
Dlckus Anna (wid Simon) hll9 156th pi 

" Bernice L asst librarian Calumet City 
Publio Library r Chicago Hts 

" Helen elk Community Liquors rll9 
156th pi (CC) 

" John lab Champion Corp rll9 156th pi 

" Simon (Stephanie) servicemn hll24 

Dieball Ida r7031 Jackson av 

Dieck Henry J (Mary) roller h622 Free- 

Jefferson av 
" John (Kath) janitor hll22 Morris 
Diedrich Frances (wid Adam) h rear 838 

Diehl Bertha r6818 Carolina av 
" Chas L (Marjorie T) swtchmn h4524 
Oak av 

" Cleo N ball player r4833 Pine av 
" Danl W r6818 Carolina av 
" Dowe H (Wandaline) refinerywkr h 
4914 Pine av 

" Elmer P driver rlll4 Morris 
" Eloise rlll4 Morris 
" Jas (MUdred) driver hl-114 Morris 
" Jourden steelwkr h6818 Carolina av 
" Marie M dancing school 5135 Hohman 
av rlll4 Morris 

" Raymond (Grace M) laboratorywkr h 
4833 Pine av 

" Raymond jr (Gunda M) elk h4919 
Oak av 

Diekman Franklin elk MGR Feed Co r 
South Holland HI 

Diemart Harold W (Margt) mach h515 
Harrison av (CC) 

Diener Alice tchr Lafayette Sch r6748 
Jackson av 

" Henry (Agnes) lab h6748 Jackson av 
Dieninpr Sue Mrs beauty opr r234 Rus- 

Diercks Wm H (Hilda) tchr Hammond 
Hi Sch h840 Drackert 
Dlerhimes Jack electn r515 State 
Dieterich Alvah E (Ora M) slsmn Fred 
W Lute h6346 Hohman av 
" Alvah M student r6346 Hohman av 
" Vergene bkpr Industrial Sheet Metal 
Co r6346 Hohman av 
Dietrich Alf C (Ella O) tailor h7015 Har¬ 
rison av 

" Carl W (Irene) driver Welsh Bros h 
1520 Summer 

" Emil (Bertha; Dietrich Sweet Shop) 
h6257 Hohman av 
" Fred (Sophia) h7309 Columbia av 
" Fred C jr (Louise) slsmn h821 Sum- 

" Glenna L tchr Tech-Vocational Sch r 
5946 Hohman av 

DIETRICH JACK (Sarah), Treas Hilson 
Lumber Co Inc, h324 Sunnyside av, 
(Munster), Tel 398 

" John R (Wallie) city firemn hl’119 

" Jos (Gisella) barber 443 Conkey h do 
" Jos N filling sta 4805 Calumet av h 
814 Hoffman 

"Lawrence (Uhyana) steelwkr r7015 
Harrison av 

" Marion tchr Hammond Hi Sch r526 

" Sweet Shop (Emil Dietrich) confrs 
6257 Hohman av 

Dietz Geo (Betty) steelwkr h851 Sum¬ 

Dietzman Darwin (Mildred) electn h6811 
Delaware av 

" Elsie maid 4133 Sheffield av 

Diggins A E sec Inti Assn of Machinists 
No 327 r Chicago Ill 

Diggs Clarence W (Margt) driver h707 

Dike Howard E (Ottilia) lab h844 In¬ 

Dilbo Raymond (Cath) car bldr h4313 
Baltimore av 

Dile Govenor r707 Sibley 

Dill Arth C (Myrtle B) slsmn Montgom¬ 
ery Ward Co h6252 Monroe av 
' Jas (Edna) wldr r4144 Calumet av 

Dillen Helen class adv Hammond Times 
r237 Dyer blvd 

" John B (Lulu) crane eng h237 Dyer 

Dilley Lawrence atndt Wm Lawson 
" c <“y ra) Pipeftr Central Chem 
Div h579 Gordon (CC) 

" Leo S (Martha) analyst h6635 Monroe 


Dillner Arnold E (Emma) lab h4835 
Hickory av 

" Chas G driver Sprout & Davis Inc r 
1848 Ridge rd 

" Roy D steelwkr r610 Spruce 
" Wm (Cath) h6410 Calumet av 
DiUon Bernard (Naomi) steelwkr h6142 
Ray av 

" B blvd ° (Florence) roller h25(> Dy er 
" Carl E (Geraldine) civ eng h7509 
Monroe av 

" Cecil L steelwkr r7028 Harrison av 
" Cecil O (Lillian) oilwkr h7028 Harri¬ 
son av 

" Dennis J (Eliz P) supt h348 156th pi 


" Helen elk Hammond Modern Bakery 
Co r831 Bauer 
” John A r348 156th pi (CC) 

" Paula tchr Wentworth Jr Hi Sch (CC) 
r Chicago Ill 

Ralph D (Lila) carp h6224 VanBuren 
Dill s Edith (w id Wm) elk Frank J White 
1(1111" Qjsrucc 

" Geo still opr r577 Ingraham av apt 1 

" Frances forwn rl031 170th pi 
" Guy M (Lottie) tester NIPSCo h4T15 
Johnson av 

" John W (Marie H) elk h518 Michigan 
" Noah (Osa) mach h607 Michigan 
" Ray C (AnnabeUe) roofer h831 Sum¬ 

Dimitroff Namon city policemn r819 

Dimmett Lawrence D (Mary) acct h499 
Ingraham av (CC) 

Dimmock Alf elk Southmoor Apt Hotel 
r5946 Hohman av 
" Ruth Mrs r4522 Towle av 
" Thos F (Kath) elk hl325 Davis av 

Dinche Simon (Anna) hll07 Morris 
Dine Willard O (Audrey) oilwkr h2012 
Wespark av apt 3 (POWhi) 

Dinelli Albert J lab r433 Garfield av 

" Dora M waiter Greyhound Bus Ter¬ 
minal r433 Garfield av (CC) 

" Frieda waiter Greyhound Bus Ter¬ 
minal r433 Garfield av (CC) 

" Lillian M r433 Garfield av (CC) 

" Peter J (Stephen) h433 Garfield av 

" Roland J lab r433 Garfield av (CC) 
Dines Claude (Alta J) steelwkr h522 

" Elmer E (Nancy) driver h510 In¬ 
graham av (CC) 

Dinez Steve rS330 Calumet av 
" Thos r6330 Calumet av 
Dinga Edw lab rl954 Summer 
" John (Mary A) lab hl954 Summer 
Dinger Jay G (Adella) formn h6620 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

Dinwiddie Chas E (Ruth) oilwkr h531 

" Eue (Pauline) soapwkr h rear 7408 
Jefferson av 


ill Martha tchr Harding Sch r2 

Direct Credits Society Harold Brandt or¬ 
ganizer 113% State 

A Complete and Up-to-Date Library 
of City Directories of American 
Cities For Your Accommodation and 
Convenience at the Chamber of 
Commerce 5114 Hohman av, R L 
Polk & Co Publishers, 367 W Adams, 
Chicago, Ill 

Dirkie Alex blrmkr C&ERR r314 153d 

Disbrow Erwin S (Marie) mgr Tri-City 
Electric Co h7536 Jefferson av 
Discher Jos (Helen) h4905 Cedar av 
Dishaw Dewey (Gertrude R) pump mech 
h7227 Wicker av „ „ , , 

Dkhmon Pearl (wid Edgar) h5555 Sohl 
Disinger Berniece elk waiter Matter r 
2713 Kenwood _ 

'• Marvin (Bernice) h2713 Kenwood 
Dittrich -Geo- (Eliz) h4 Ogden 
" John mach opr r4722 Johnson 
" Louis (Hattie) oiler h6247 Madison av 
•• Rose (wid Louis) r4722 Johnson av 
•' Walter G (Prances) driver Hammond 
News Agency hl004 Conkey 
" Walter H reprmn r6150 Marshall av 
" Wm N (Cath) janitor h527 Indiana 
Dix Ollie tchr Lincoln Sch rll33 Wilcox 
Dixey Raymond C r7013 Harrison av 
DlxiE DAIRY COMPANY. Pasteurized 
Milk and Cream, Cottage Cheese 
and Butter Makers 1200-1208 W 
15th av, Gary, Ind, Tel Gary 6101 
(For further information see page 
20 Buyers’ Guide) 

" Lunch (Steve and Peter Bereolos and 
Mrs Kath Alexander) rsstr 5115-17 
Hohman av „ ^ 

Dixon Alice (wid Thos W) h842 State 

” Chas R (Eliz) h609 169th 
” Chas V asst mgr Orpheum Theatre r 
442 Fayette 

•' Floyd K (Nina M) lab h5445 Mols- 

” Glenn 6 E ^Thelma M) hlpr h6626 Ar¬ 
kansas av _ , 

•' Guy R (Ellen M) prsmn Sou Wheel 
Div h6628 Howard av 
” Isaac L ( Myrtle L) ctr r223 Femwood 
" John H (Maud) mldr Sou Wheel Div 
h838 State blvd 

" Jos E (Rose) mach Beatty Mach & 
Mfg Co h6531 Alabama av 
" Lovetta student r6531 Alabama av 
•' Wm (Margt) hlpr Sou Wheel Div r 
Chicago, Ill 

Djenka Anna pkr r4748 Baltimore av 
" John (Molly) hlpr h6027 Columbia av 
" Louis (Eliz N) lab Badall Eng & Mfg 
Co hlolfi 169th 

Dlugokienski Mary r4502 Sheffield av 
" Phyllis r4502 Sheffield av 
" Stella r4502 Sheffield av 
” Theo r4502 Sheffield av 
Dlugopolski Andrew (Anna) hl916 Mich¬ 

Dlugosz Frank rlOl Industrial rd 
Dluzak Leonard (Mary) tavern 148 155th 
(CC) h do 

Dmitruck Alex (Rose) tailor 1724 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) h do 
" Sophie slswn rl724 Indianapohs blvd 

Doak Czar C (Mabel G) steelwkr h632 

Doakes Ralph lab r704 Plummer 
Doan Howard F carp h465 Michigan 
" John (Bertha) landscape gdnr h910 

” Nancy M (wid Leslie E) r465 Michi- 

Doan^Wm R (Norma) pntr h6246 Van 
Buren av 

Dobbins Dorrance D (Mildred; Doc’s 
Service Station) r Burnham av ne 
cor Schrum rd (CC) 

" Geo H (Leila) h35 Mason 
" Juel elk Igloo Ice Cream Co r35 Mason 
" Robt A student r35 Mason 
Dobis Clarence (Evelyn) electn h718 
Green Bay av (CC) 

Dobos Anna (wid Jos) h7113 Columbia 
" Helen nurse r7113 Columbia av 

Dobosz John J (Julia) lab hl339 150th 
Dobrawski Alex rlOl Industrial rd 
Dobrich Peter J (Martha) steelwkr h 
7404 Madison av 

Dobrolski Aloysius oilwkr r2449 Birch av 
(POWhi) „ 

" Julia r2449 Birch av (POWhi) 

" Theo (Victoria) oilwkr h2449 Birch 
av (POWhi) 

Dobronovsky John (Helen) sta eng h 
1137 Merrill j 

" Stanley (Ida M) student rll37 Mer- 

Dobrowolski Edw (Lottie) car repr hl230 
121st (POWhi) 

" John A ydmn NIPSCo r4734 Elm av 
” Jos (Joan) lab h36 155th pi (CC) 

" Mitchell tTillie) steelwkr h4734 Elm 
” Stanley (Josephine) carp h328 155th 
pi (CC) 

Dobrzynski John J (Marion) hl004 Ken- 

" Michl F (Violet) carmn hl35 156th 

" Theo (Minnie) driver h254 Clinton 
" Thos (Pearl M) car bldr h37 156th 

Dobson Beatrice sten Indiana Botanic 
Gardens r539 Highland 
" Helen r539 Highland 
" Morris A (Carrie R) h539 Highland 
Dobyns Dorothy E r4S5 Logan 
" John C (Esther S) fctywkr h4614 
Hohman av „„„„ 

Paul B (Marion D) reprmn NIPSCo 
h4920 Oak av 

’’ W Emery r465 Logan ^ _ . 

Doc’s Service Station (Dorrance D Dob¬ 
bins) Burnham av ne cor Schram rd 

Dochik Bertha r216 State (CC) 

" Harry (Sophie) steelwkr h216 State 

• Stella r216 State (CC) 

Dockery Harry (Gladys) eng hl030 

Doctor Bert inspr r7628 Madison av 
Doctors Laboratory (Ruth F Schulp) 
5305 Hohman av R304 
Dodd Donald rll31 Truman 
" Laurence (Ellen) pipeclnr hll41 

" Leslie (Linnie) carp hi 131 Truman 
" Robt L rll31 Truman 
" Wm H (Mary) oilwkr h2835 Downey 

Dodge Harold R (Ida) fctywkr hl649 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Lawrence hlpr rl224 Highland 
" Merrill lab hll56 State blvd 
Sales Inc Dealers, 5425-27 Hohman 
av, Tels 265-266 (For further infor¬ 
mation see page 3 Buyers' Guide) 

" Rachel Mrs nurse 935 Michigan h do 
Doe Eug J (Eliz M) supt hl4228 Bum- 
ham av (Bur) 

•' Janis A tchr rl3823 Green Bay av 
(Bur) _ 

" Jos S hl3920 Green Bay av (Bur) 

" Jos W (Ida L) office mgr Gt Lakes 
Brewing Co hl3823 Green Bay av 

" Theo W (Eliz) mach opr hl3904 Entre 
av (Bur) 

Doebler Marie (wid Aug) elk Prevo’s 
IGA Store h5529 Calumet av 
Doege Bernhard J (Helene) ship elk h 
243 Detroit 

" Helena E bkpr Calumet Natl Bk r816 
State blvd 

" Wm waiter Dale Langmaid r816 State 

" Wm A (Martha) mach hd h816 State 

Doehring Albertina (wid Richd) h5608 
Walter av / „ 

" John C (Gertrude) mach h929 Murray 
" Richd A (Grace) h6618 Alabama av 
Doeing Evelyn M mus tchr 4421 Cedar 
" Henry F (Maud) toolkpr h4421 Cedar 
" Mary r4421 Cedar av 
Doell Bernard H (Myrtle) mach h4345 

" Emma° r (wid V G Henry) h708 Plummer 
" Herman H (Theresa) mach h6733 
Arkansas av 

" Wm mach hd r708 Plummer 




22 U New York Ave.Tel. Whiting 730 

Lumber Co. 

Whiting, Ind. 

Doelzel Bernard steelwkr rl6 Mason 
Doerman Ralph A (Melba A) slsmn Chi¬ 
cago Motor Club (Hammond br) h 
247 Vine 

Doerr Jos (Mildred) hl247 Lakeview (PO 

Dogan Matthew P tire repr Everett M 
Ellison r6645 Monroe av 
" Paul (Olga) steelwkr h6645 Monroe av 
Dohanyos Jos (Mary) firemn h2250 
White Oak av (POWhi) 

Doherty Chas B (Cath M) brklyr h644 
Douglas av (CC) 

" Virginia acct r644 Douglas av (OC) 
Dohot Dan rlOl Industrial rd 
Doidge Leona (wid Pred) 1908 Superior 
av apt 4 (POWhi) 

Doig Jas (Ethel) mach hl610 Brown av 

Dokulil Anton (Hedwig; Hessville Mill 
Wks) h2819 Gibson pi 
Dolak John (Mary) oilwkr h946 Pearl 

" Jos (Veronica) carbldr hl650 Lake av 

" Marcella bkpr Whiting Lumber & 
Coal Co (W) r946 Pearl (POWhi) 
Dolan Genevieve M tchr Lincoln Nursery 
Sch r536 Ingraham av (CC) 

" Roy J agt Western St Sou Life Ins Co 
r538 Ingraham av ,(CC) 

Dold Aug driver Gt Lakes Brewing Co 
r Chicago 

Dolek Michl (Rose) lab hl044 Mulberry 
Dolembo Betty nurse Nelson K Forster 
rl37 Rimbach 

Dolenskl John bkbndr r51 Ogden 
Dolhof Kathryn (wid Fred) h5623 May- 
wood av 

Dolinski Michl (Martha) fctywkr h2425 
Birch av (POWhi) 

Dolk Carl slsmn Borden-Wieland Div r 
East Chicago 

Doll Chas (Dorothy) electn Goldblatt 
Bros h603 Truman blvd 
" Frank r5340 Sohl av 
" Frank R (Hildagarde S) member City 
Board of Health hl948 Lake av (PO 

" Geo A (Cath) h5340 Sohl av 
" Harry G (Maude) bus opr C&CDTCo 
r351 Hoffman 

" jack B (Dorothy) tavern 706 Went¬ 
worth av h307 156th (OC) 

" Jack L (Juanita) h5342 Sohl av 
" John H r307 156th (CC) 

Dolnics Louis F jr interviewer Indiana 
State Employment Service r Gary 

Doloszycki Wm (Steffie) millwright h 
1334 Highland 

Dolson C Raymond tester r302 157th 

" Robt J inspr h302 157th (CC) 

Dolton Lloyd R (Leona) h409 Conkey 
Domagalsiu Mary (wid Leo) h520 Gostlin 
" Steve C rlOl Industrial rd 
Doman Eliz Mrs (Oasis Liquor Store; 

W) h2013 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Thurman (Eliz) oilwkr h2013 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

Domanski John lab UC&OPCo r522 
155th (OC) 

" Stanley (Victoria) wtchmn h522 155th 

Domasica Michl (Rose) lab hl537 Rob¬ 
erts av (POWhi) 

Dombroski Andrew F (Bernice) h4104 
Towle av 

” Stanley (Lottie) mach opr h653 Free¬ 
land av (CC) 

Dombrowski Anna (wid Martin) h545 
Pulaski rd (CC) 

Anton M (Calumet Service Station) r 
545 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Edw rl005 Moss 

'' Emily G r545 Pulaski rd (CC) 

” Frank (Mary) h228 Marble 

" Margt M maid StMargt Hosp r308 Pu¬ 
laski rd (CC) 

" Martha (wid Jos) mach opr h308 Pu¬ 
laski rd (OC) 

" Mary (wid Jos) h5722 Baring av 
" Matthew (Jos) lab hll25 Cleveland 
" Philip (Kath B) lab h533 155th (CC) 
" Rudolph rll25 Cleveland 
" Sigmund r5722 Baring av 
" Walter r5722 Baring av 
" Walter A (Agnes) pntr 137 Pulaski 
rd (CC) h do 

Domedion Andrew rlll7 Moss 
" Wm (Helen) elk hlll7 Moss 
Domelle Peter N mldr Calumet Steel 
Cstgs Corp r6239 Blaine av 
Domenski John (Marie) mach opr h 
rear 921 Wilcox av 

Dominick Benj (Martha) boardetr W B 
Conkey Co h6533 Jackson av 
" Delbert appr W B Conkey Co r6533 
Jackson av 

Dominik Jos (Anna) gro 2446 White Oak 
av (POWhi) h do 

Domke Albert W slsmn r6531 Madison 
" Allen M (Florence) lab hl025 May 
" Emma (wid Albert) hS531 Madison av 
" Louis R oilwkr r6531 Madison av 
" Norman A gauger Madison av 
Robt W (Edna) maintenancemn h6225 
Blaine av 

" Roy F (Grace) lab NIPSCo h467 In¬ 
diana apt 7 

Donahower Hen r y D (Emma) h939 May 
Donahue Bertha (wid Thos H) h735 Lo¬ 

" Emma D supvr IBTCo r6430 Wood¬ 
ward av 

" Harry R (Ruth M) slsmn Continental 
Baking Co h6411 Jefferson av 
" John P (Cecelia C) oilwkr r217 Og¬ 

" Mary elev opr Goldblatt Bros r East 

" Rose oilwkr rl641 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Thos (Mozella) elk has TViuglas 
" Thos (Mary) pump opr h5620 Beall 
" Thos H (Emma) autowkr ho430 
Woodward av 

Donaldson Alonzo H (Edith) lab r6837 
Columbia av 

" Anna Mrs hl31 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Dallas G (Pauline) electn h2936 Janet 

" John O (Alice E) plmbr 605 Sibley h 
4931 Elm av 

" John T (Wilda A) h5533 AUce av 
" Nile (Josephine) mech Leo P Knoer- 
zer Co r622 State Line av (CC) 

" Paul B (Helen) auto mech h308 Sib¬ 

" Theo (Johanna) steelwkr h7319^Jack- 
son av 

" Wendell elk r829 Sibley 
Donalik Sylvester (Louise) blueprint opr 
NIPSCo h4520 Towle av 
Donar Frank (Geraldine) hlll9 Ames 
Donham Ralph T (Ermina) chemist h 
1938 Lake av (POWhi) 

Doniak Fannie Mrs hllC9 Cleveland 
" John hlpr Viking Engineering Co r 
1103 Cleveland 

Donisage J Franklin prin Lincoln Sch 
hl332 Price av (CC) 

Donkle Verla mus tchr r4903 Ash av 
Donnaha Edw A (Ruth H) elk h240 Lo¬ 

" Ruth H Mrs interviewer Ind State 
Emp Serv (W) h240 Locust 
Donnelly Dorothy Mrs h850 Indiana 
" Herndon hlpr r5344 Oakley av 
" Jas swtchmn r6110 Kennedy av 
" John 3 (Margt) boxmkr h4544 Cam¬ 
eron av 






















First Trust 


" Bose A nurse StMargt Sch of Nursing 
r Rennselaer 

Donovan Esther (wid Harvey) r664 State 
Line av (CC) 

" Helen M rl(X28 Ames 
•' Howard announcer Hammond-Calu¬ 
met Broadcasting Corp r Chicago Ill 
" Jerry (Mary) hlG28 Ames 
" Jos bartndr Jack’s Caliente Club r 
Burnham av nw cor Sch rum rd (C 


" Josephine A sten Indiana Botanic 
Gardens rl028 Ames 
" Margt H addresso opr NIPSCo rl028 
Ames av 

" Nora L (wid Sami C) h428 Kenwood 
" Raymond J (Carrie) scout exec Boy 
Scouts of America h34 Ruth apt 3A 
" Richd R h433 Logan 
" Wanda M filler Central Ry Signal Co 
rlll3 Moss 

" Wm J printer rl028 Ames 
Donovan’s Coffee Cup Lunch (Josephine 
Caldwell) restr 137 State 
Donovsky Alex (Mary) clo clnr 6108 
Columbia av h do 

Dooley A J chf elk C&ERy r Chicago Ill 
Doolin Fenton r823 Drackert 
" Jaa - H (Cora) inspr h937 Drackert 
" Lawrence J (Marjorie) elk IHBRR r 
6331 Harrison av 
" Margt r823 Drackert 
" Richd P (Cath) h823 Drackert 
" Thos R (Genevieve) driver Mottle's 
Valeteria Serv h533 Waltham 
" Virginia R opr IBTCo rll03 Becker 
Doon John (Pearl) autowkr h511 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

Doppler Alice iwid Jos K) r4411 Clark 
" Francis atndt Arth Quinn h4411 Clark 
" Geo elk Wm W Fine r4411 Clark av 
" Irene A waiter Woolworth’s r4411 
Clark av 

Dora Anna Mrs tavern 645 Gostlin h do 
” Steph (Anna) hlpr h645 Gostlin 
" Walter bartndr Mrs Anna Dora r645 

Doran Alf F (Hazel) formn C&CDTCo h 
6418 Woodward av 
" Nora Mrs r5927 Columbia av 
” Wm R (Clara) janitor NIPSCo h6112 
Hohman av 

Dorfey Arth (Caroline) hl504 Amy av 
apt 6 (POWhi) 

Dorham Henry C auto mech Fred W 
Lute r618 Douglas av (CC) 

Doris Wilfred J (Rosalie) gas plane opr 
hl516 Amy av (POWhi) 

Dorky Albin r315 153d (CC) 

.. a iV* O 1 I 

Alex (Patrone) mach h315 153d (CC) 
Dorland Chas bartndr Jas J Finneran 
rll9 State (CC) 

Dormagen Amy (wid Robt) mus tchr 33 
Waltham h do 

’’ Irene C sten NIPSCo r33 Waltham 
Dorman John O (Bertha) wtchmn h4435 
Hohman av 

Dorminic John (Barbara) lab h445 156th 
(CC) , 

Dornfeld Cassius S (Frances C: Dom- 
feld-Stewart Funeral Home) h6020 
Hohman av 

" Donald W (Marjorie N; Domfeld- 
Stewart Funeral Home) h708 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

” Marjorie N Mrs, sr interviewer In¬ 
diana State Emp Service h708 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

” -Stewart Funeral Home (Donald W 
and Cassius S Dornfeld, Chas H 
Stewart, Knute C Christensen) 6020 
Hohman av 

Dorris Curtis rll29 Truman 
" Eldred steelwkr rll29 Truman 
" Kathryn (wid Benj H) hll29 Truman 
Dorsch Adam steelwkr r5008 Calumet av 
" Felix (Viola) h5953 Birch av 
Dorschel Wm E (Clara S) plant eng 
Pullman-Standard Car Mfg Co h 
6343 Garfield av 

" Wm E jr (Pauline F) hlpr r6343 Gar¬ 
field av 

Dorsett Abbie (wid Wilbur) h< 

Dorsey Francis J (Florence O; McAleer, 
Dorsey, Travis & Young) h231 

" Genevieve sten r517 Lewis 
•' Harold (Mary) mldr Calumet Steel 
Cstgs Corp r Chicago Ill 
’’ Jos (Ma gdalen) h515 Lewis 
” Jos A (Harriett) plmbr 517 Lewis 
h do 

" Jos A jr trucker W B Conkey Co r517 

" Mack J (Elsie H) stmftr UC&OPCo 
h788 State Line av (CC) 

’’ Richd C porter Greyhound Bus Term¬ 
inal r4935 Hohman av 
” Robt J appr Jos A Dorsey r517 Lewis 
’’ Walter L (Helen) sta eng r38 155th 
pi (OC) 

Dorton Alice (wid Jas) r6631 Jefferson 
’’ AUce E r5613 Claude av 
" Bessie R r5613 Claude av 
" Donald r47 Ruth 
" E Jeannette elk r5534 Alice av 
" Edith (wid Bennie) h47 Ruth 
’’ Esther J elk W B Conkey Co r5534 
Alice av 

" Ethel R r5813 Claude av 
" Harry L (Edna V) hostler h5534 Alice 
” Jos slsmn Lake County Realty Co 
" Roy S (Edith C) loco eng h5613 
Claude av 

•' Roy S jr (Dorothy) oilwkr h rear 5613 
Claude av 

Dosey Clarence (Mabel) switchmn h7122 
Jackson av 

" Rose (wid Reinhardt) h5522 Alice av 
Doss Lloyd B (Mildred) cementwkr h 
4636 Hohman av 

Dostatni John J (Josephine) pipeftr h 
688 Douglas av (CC) 

Doty Wilson R (Florine) h938 State 



5 rlO 


" Alf L (Charlotte) restr 1031 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (PORoby) r Indiana 

" Arth A h4721 Ash av 
" Mary (wid Edw) hlO Elizabeth (CC) 
Douglas Ammon (Ruby) hlpr h6929 Ala¬ 
bama av 

" Building 5435% Hohman av 
’’ Carl J (Elinor C) acct hl215 Hoff¬ 

" Drug Store (Edwin B Douglas) 5303 
Hohman av 

’’ Edwin B (Belle H; Douglas Drug 
Store) r Chicago Ill 
■' Floral Shop (Casimir B Nowicki, Jos 
and Lillian Zasada) 48 Douglas 
" Fruit & Vegetable Market (Geo Greg¬ 
ory) 5433 Hohman av 
" Harold L (Addye) elk h268 Oakwood 
" Henry T rlOl Industrial rd 
" John (Esther) inspr h229 Webb (CC) 

” Katie Mrs rll6 Plummer 
'• L C lino opr W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Mary waiter Jack’s Caliente Club h 
570 State apt 2 
" Park 3800-3900 Sheffield av 
" Sarah (wid Albert) r268 Oakwood 
" School Laural Fulton prin 471 Free¬ 
land av (CC) 

Doulton L Jane student r408 Lewis 
" Robt D (Neta A) stencil ctr h408 

Douthett Harold J (Ethel M) lawyer 
5244-46 Hohman av R302 r High¬ 

Douthit Dwight (Veneta) lab h rear 5634 
Alice av 

Dove Wayne tchr Hammond Musical 

Dowalwy Sami waiter Cape Cod Inn r 
Hegewisch Ill 

Dowdell Chas H (Daisy) carp h558 

" Sheldon lino opr North State Pub Co 
r6520 Jefferson av 

Dowgiellio Alf lab Brumm Distributing 
Co r Ross 

Dowler Alma J Mrs elk E C Minas Co 
Co r7211 Madison av 
’’ Delmer A (Louise) h7211 Madison av 
Dowling Bernard (Stephanie) mach opr 
r6129 Marshall av 





4909 Hohman Ave. c - NAU, Pres. Tels. Hammond 65 and 66 


" Edw C (Opal M) dist supvr City Dept 
of Water Wks h2727 163d pi 
" Margt (wid John) h6129 Marshall av 
" Paul V (Margt Z) driver h6604 Ala¬ 
bama av 

" Thos P (Kath) signalmn h6148 Alex¬ 
ander av 

Downard Neil (Bernice) oilwkr r2709 

Downey Apartments 734-36 Thornton 
" Henry P (Susan) bldg contr 5231 
Hohman av h734 Thornton apt 1 
" Henry P jr mgr Suburban Land Co 
r Chicago Ill 

Mar t in ■& (Lenora) lawyer 5231 Hoh¬ 
man av R318 h233 Oakwood 
" Patk hS625 California av 
Ray R (Meda) mach hll08 Becker 
" Raymond C (Clara M> dentist 5305 
Hohman av R303 hl030 Forest Hill 
av (CC) 

" Robie H (Alma M) cond hl244 Tru¬ 

Downing Clarence L (Mary) loco flremn 
h7618 Monroe 

" Donald G (Mabel) oilwkr h6344 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

" Edw H (Olive) slsmn h522 Waltham 
" Edw J (Mary L) asst purch agt h 
7131 VanBuren av 

Emerson (Leona) steelwkr h813 Hoff¬ 

Nina (wid Robt H) h435 Detroit av 
" Robt J hlpr r435 Detroit av 
" 3 Byron (Mary: Downing & Turner) 
hill 157th (CC) 

" Sami P (Barbara M) custodian r4754 
Oak av 

" Winifred inspr r435 Detroit av 
" & Turner Inc (S Byron Downing, 
John L Turner) men’s clo 5241 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Downs Benj rlOl Industrial rd 
" Chas A (Ruth) hlOlO Merrill 
" Clifford B (Anna M) elk PO h338 
159th (CC) 

" Harry O (Grace) h rear 1136 Field 
" Jas C fctywkr r338 159th (CC) 

" Lois J r6412 Forest av 
" Olin L <E Marie) office mgr h6412 
Forest av 

" Paul rlOlO Merrill 
Richd F (Kath E) formn h212 Wal¬ 
tham (CC) 

Doyel Cary W (Florence) dentist 5305 
Hohman av R500-01 h536 Highland 

Doyle Clarence R (Alice L) driver Stan¬ 
dard Equip dc Sup Corp h832 Hoff¬ 

" Francis D (Jean) elk hi 132 Wilcox av 
" Fred (Joan) electn hff4ll Harrison av 
’• Harry J (Kath L) h4428 Sheffield av 
" Jas J (Henrietta E) estimator W B 
Conkey Co h71ll Olcott av 
Maude Mrs hl310 Indiana 
" Newton r38 State 

" Robt P Rev asst pastor StVictor’s RC 
Ch r605 Hirsch av (CC) 

" Thos J h238 Detroit 
" Thos R (Jane) ydmstr r238 Detroit 
" Veronica sten Crumpacker & Fried¬ 
rich r238 Detroit 

" Wm M (Sarah) steelwkr hll31 Logan 

Dozier Jos fctywkr rl03S Cleveland 
Vincent (Nellie) hl036 Cleveland 
"Wm porter Perrins Recreation rl036 

Drabara Walter (Wanda) lab h4621 
Hohman av 

Drabenstot Herman R (Cordia) coal 
passer City Dept of Water Wks h 
4340 Hickory av 

" Homer h rear 4340 Hickory av 

Drabik Adeline (wid Casper) hl43 154th 
pi (CC) 

" Helen elk Goldblatt Bros rl43 154th 
pi (CC) 

Drach Paul J (Veronica) oilwkr hl814 
Lake av (FOWhi) 

Drackert dnh&- (wid Geo) h5129 State 
Line av 

Drackley Frank J (Eileen R) formn h 
1728 Stanton av (POWhi) 

Drady Duncan slsmn Empire Life & Acc 
Ins Co r743 Indiana 
Drager Lucy Mrs r827 Truman 
Dragon Jas rlOl Industrial rd 
Dragoo Harry L (Eileen) filler h7342 
Jackson av 

Dragozet Anna r2034 Lincoln av (PO 

" Dragica r2034 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Gabriel stillmn h2034 Lincoln av (PO 

" Mary r2034 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

Drain Jas C (Anna) tavern 903 Sibley 
h do 

Drake Cath Mrs r6006 Hohman av 
" Eliz T (wid Wm T) rl2 Mason 
’’ Fred C (Anna A) elk city court Calu¬ 
met City h211 Mason (CC) 

" Wm H (Florence C) steelwkr h6611 
McCook av 

Dramstadt Herbert r4431 Ash av 
" Wm J (Clara) lab h4431 Ash av 
Drangmeister Bruno E (Lydia) driver 
Sprout & Davis Inc h826 Plummer 
” Walter R (Florence) driver Sprout & 
Davis Inc h537 Douglas av (CC) 
Drapac Jos r2111 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Margt r2111 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Mary waiter John Bencur (W) r211L 
Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Peter steelwkr r2111 Lincoln av (PO 

" Theresa (wid John) h2111 Lincoln av 

Drapach Thos (Anna) oilwkr hl739 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

Drapeau Jos E jr (Alvenia E) metal¬ 
lurgist hll Forestdale pk (CC) 

Drasco Wm E (Eliz) fnshr hl928 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

Drasic Andrew (Theresa) lab hl303 169th 
Dratwa Edw S (Belle) mach h4438 Towle 
" Frank J (Helen M) mach opr W B 
Conkev Co h414 155th (OC) 

" Ray M (Gladys T) mach opr h216 
State (CC) 

" Steve M i Elsie C) mach h667 Free¬ 
land av (CC) 

" Walter (Sophie) welder h430 Pulaski 

rd (CC) 

Drayn Oscar Z (Crystal) tavern 221 
State (CC) h221% do 
Drees Leo (Clara) lab C&ERR hl044 

Dreger Wm (Helia) hl537 Myrtle av (PO 

Dreggors Reynols J (Agnes M) mainten- 
ancemn IBTCo h5347 Kent av 
Dreher Frank T (Mavilla) tchr Tech- 
Vocational Sch h438 Waltham 
Dreischerf Arth L (Lydia; Superior Bak¬ 
ery) h510 Conkey 

" Hilda bkpr First Federal Sav & Loan 
Assn r31 Elizabeth (CC) 

" Otto F (Charlotte) slsmn Borden- 
Wieland Div h31 EUzabeth (CC) 
Dremonas Anne waiter Hook Drugs Inc 
r434 Fayette 

" Christina (wid Geo) h434 Fayette 
" Frank atndt Geo Vlahos r434 Fayette 
•" Sophia slswn Woolworth’s r434 Fay¬ 

Dremstedt Harold J (Lorraine) oilwkr h 
6240 Calumet av 

Drendel Geo jr (Beatrice) parts mgr 
Herschbacn Mtr Corp h40 Webb (C 

Drescher John C (Helen) baker h524 

Dressen Edison C (Mercedes A) asst 
cash hl5 mdi-Hli pk 





















415 Detroit 





5217-19 HOHMAN AVE. 

When You 
Need a 








Call Us 




Tel. 5080 



Dreusickle Ernest J (Marchant Calcu¬ 
lating Machine Co) r Hinsdale Ill 
Drevynko 'Michl (Anna) oilwkr hl333 
Lakeview (POWhi) 

Drew Harley M (Mary L) stillmn h2038 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Jacob N (Rose) h2024 Davis av (PO 

" John H (Mary L) wtchmn h4607 
Towle av 

" Mabel Mrs r4607 Towle av 
Drewanz Adolph (Martha) mach hd h 
6437 Blaine av 

" Pauline (wid Aug) r4344 Clark av 
Drewenski Prank A (Salomea A) driver 
h308 156th pi (CC) 

" Stanley (Victoria) hl23 155th (CC) 
Drewett Guy slsmn Snodgrass Motor Sis 
r Minister 

Drews Arth L (Anna) asst div supvr 
NIPSCo h6351 Calumet av 
" Roger P carpet lyr r6351 Calumet av 
Drexler Prank C elk rl012 Drackert 
" Prank J (Emily) hl012 Drackert 
" Jos stillmn rl012 Drackert 
" Lillian instr Goldblatt Bros r Chicago 

(Milton Dreyfus), Monroe S Drey¬ 
fus Mgr, General Electric and May¬ 
tag Home Appliances, 136 Sibley, Tel 

" Milton (Dreyfus Elec Appliance Co) 
r Gary 

" Monroe S mgr Dreyfus Elec Appliance 
Co rl22 Beverley pi (Munster) 
Driemeyer Vallie N (Eva) mach hll37 
177th pi 

Driggers Chas D (Alma D) lab h5422 
Price pi 

Drinnan Wm I (Carrie) mach hd hll46 

Driscoll David oilwkr r48 Waltham 
" Edith K Mrs asst Dr Herschel G Cole 
h232 Ogden 

" Francis prsfdr W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 
cago III 

•' Roy B (Edith K) driver Sprout & 
Davis Inc h232 Ogden 
Driver Ina tchr Lincoln Sch r Gary 
Drndak Jos (Anna) fctywkr hl644 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

Drobina Jos (Agnes) steelwkr hl315 
" Margt sten rl315 Field 
Drobot John rlOl Industrial rd 
Drobus Vince (Helen) hll38 Cleveland 
Droege Anthony auditor StMargt Hosp 
r25 Douglas 

Drogmer Nick rlOl Industrial rd 
Dromitz Sami wtchmn UC&OPCo r507 
State (CC) 

Drossel Frank R (Maryanna) slsmn Gt 
Lakes Mtge Corp r Chicago Ill 
Drott Albin D (Charlotte) asst templet 
mkr SREMCo h7115 Jackson av 
Droysen Geo (Lillian) gro 1461 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) h do 
Drozd Mary waiter Brahos Coffee Shop 
r East Chicago 

Drozdzinski Frances Mrs r570 State apt 

'' Louis r570 State apt 2 
Drudge Melvin H (Helen) lab h6819 
Waveland av 

Druesz Prank (Sallie) h4212 Dearborn 
•" Victoria r4212 Dearborn av 
Drummond J o hn W hi 116 Merrill 
•' John W jr rlll6 Merrill 
Drun Donald (Elsie) drftsmn r218 157th 

Drury Ula J slswn Woolworth’s hl36% 
Sibley apt 23 

Drux Anton pntr h553 Douglas av (CC) 
Henry (Antonia) mach h536 Douglas 
av (CC) 

" Raymond H eng asst StMargt Hosp 
r536 Douglas av (CC) 

Dry Jos T (Beatrice I) pipeftr h247 
157th apt 7 (CC) 

Drygal Ploryan R (Leara) steelwkr h 
1162 Sibley 

Drzewiecki Prank rlOl Industrial rd 
Drzich John (Louise) h826 170th 
Du-All Auto Spring Service (Emery M 
Duvall) 5105 Calumet av 
Dubbert Anthony (Clara) tester h418 
Price av (CC) 

" Edw H (Erma) carp h511 Highland 
" Herman A (Gladys) mach opr 
Youngstown Steel Door Co h5649 
Sohl av 

" Lauretta J cash Montgomery Ward 
Co r5648 Sohl av 

" Rudolph P (Eliz M) custodian h6337 
Madison av 

Dubeck Anthony J (Anne) driver hl022 
119th apt 1 (POWhi) 

" Building 1022 119th (POWhi) 

" Edw slsmn rl022 119th apt 2 (PO 

" Eliz fctywkr r930 Myrtle av (PO 

" Jas (Rose) stillmn h930 Myrtle av 

" Mary (wid John) hl022 119th apt 2 

Dubich Geo rl846 Lake av (POWhi) 

" John (Adeline) oilwkr rl331 Davis av 

" Laura rl&46 Lake av (POWThi) 

" Peter i Aeatha) fctywkr hl846 Lake 
av (POWThi) 

Dubis Aloysius J (Mary V) still clnr h 
418 155th (CC) 

Dublak Michl (Mary) steelwkr h917 

Dubois Jos (Zella) filling sta 25 Gostlin 
h do 

DuBois Marvin A (Dorothy B) elec eng 
h7125 Jackson av 

" Oscar (Gertrude) autowkr h5851 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

•• Robt E steelwkr r7125 Jackson av 
DuBridge Isabelle L Mrs mgr City Coal 
Co hll36 State blvd 

Dubroka Louis (Tillie) oilwkr hl008 
119th (POWhi) 

DUBS CHRIS M (Nettie), V-Pres W B 
Conkey Co, h7035 Forest av, Tel 2537 

" Eva E (wid John) h243 Doty 
" Harry J (Margt) printer h6o46 Jack- 
son av 

Ducat Maggie (wid Alex) h5643 Hohman 
DuChene Franklin L (Ada B) welder 
hl242 Truman 

Duchow Robt (Agnes) h3 Elizabeth (CC) 
Duckett Earl R (Golda) mach h4629 
Johnson av 

" Edwin J (Anna E) wtchmn h212 

" Ralph (Vivian) r4629 Johnson av 
Duckworth Florence (wid Alf) rl519 
Roberts av (POWThi) 

" John (Martha) research eng hl646 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

" Otis D (Mary D) asst formn W B 
Conkey Co h6222 Harrison av 
DuComb Frank hlll3 Logan 
Ducommun Jesse C (Eliz) eng hl536 
Amy av (POWhi) 

Duda John (Stella) heater h306 155th (C 

" Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Dudas John (Margt) hS744 Columbia av 
" Michl (Mary) refinery wkr h2037 
Westpark av (POWThi) 

Duddleston Glenn (Muriel) oik Borden- 
Wieland Div h6320 VanBuren av 
Duddy Frank (Opal) soapwkr h845 Sib¬ 

Dudek Sophia (wid John) h4417 Wabash 
Dudicker Jas (Belle) formn hl518 Amy 
av (POWThi) 

Dudkiewicz Anton P (Eliz F) h4728 
Cameron av 


" Dorothy A waiter Temple Diner r4728 
Cameron av 

Dudleston Ernest C (Mary) eng h6438 
Harrison av 

" Ray elk 1-6438 Harrison av 
Dudley Paul (Bertha) inspr h5417 Price 

" Ray E (Ullian) lab h5328 Maywood 
av apt 8 

Dudo Michl rl754 Lincoln av (POWhi) 
" Steve (Winnie) steelwkr rll3 Rim- 

Dudzic Jos (Rose) h14043 Green Bay av 

Dudzienski Steven J (Leona N) lab h 
728 May av (CC) 

Dudzik Biazy (Theresa) oilwkr hl323 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Prank (Sally) h4244 Grover av 
" Prank (Mary) lab rl323 Stanton av 

John (Victoria) lab hl313 Lakeview 

" John (Eleanor) oilwkr hl520 125th 

'• John F (Anna) steelwkr hl332 Lake- 
view (POWhi) 

" Rudolph J (Nellie) oilwkr h2342 Birch 
av (POWhi) 

” Walter lab rl313 Lakeview (POWhi) 
Dudzinski John T (Julia) lab UC&OP 
Co h214 156th pi (CC) 

" Vincent (Lucille) chipper h231 154th 
pl (CC) 

" Walter M welder Champion Corp r214 
156th pl (CC) 

Duell Lawrence slsmn Swift & Co r845 

" Lillian (wid Sami) r5243 Ann av 
Duff Addie F tchr Lafayette Sch r5266 
Hohman av 

" Eliz iwid Bert) h617 Logan 
" Jas C (Eva) filling sta 1023 Hoffman 
h4824 Cedar av 

Duffala John (Cath) oilwkr hl744 Cal¬ 
umet av (POWhi) 

Duffy Ellen Mrs r823 State blvd apt 2W 
" Mamie (wid Raymond) h827 State 

Duffy’s Tavern (Wm J Nitz) 11 Pulaski 
rd (CC) 

Dufinecz Michl jr chemical eng rl543 
Roberts av (POWhi) 

DuFon Clarence oilwkr rl908 Superior 
av apt 4 (POWhi) 

DuFrain Jerry M (Alice) ydmstr h829 

" Vernon W (Jessie L) elk IHBRR h 
1027 Lyons 

Dufrane Earl (Evelyn) drftsmn K420 

DuFrane Neal H (Ina) ptmmkr hl'117 
May '4^ 

Dugan Francis P (Tillie) h4937 Pine av 
" Jas (Anna) stage mgr Paramount 
Theatre h5515 Alice av 
" Jas jr film opr r5515 Alice av 
" Jas P (Frances C) ironwkr h4850 
Hickory av 

" John rlOl Industrial rd 
" Mildred r5515 Alice av 
'' Myke F (Marie W) traffic mgr hlOO 
Forestdale Park (CC) 

" Thurlow L (Helen) oilwkr h716 Holly¬ 
wood ct (POWhi) 

" Timus L (Anna) mach h713 Indiana 
Dugeski Walter rlOl Industrial rd 
Dugger Frank (Ethlyn) steelwkr h934 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Duha Anna rlll7 Benedict (POWhi) 

" Jos oilwkr hlll3 Benedict (POWhi) 

" Pau^^So|jhie) oilwkr hi 117 Benedict 

Duhon John J (Sylvia) lab hi 128 Morris 
" Jos lab r4137 Hohman av 
Duke^Roy W (Viola) stUlmn hlpr h927 

Dukeman Allen B (Carol E) slsmn h 
1540 Hoffman 

Dukes Grace maid 6411 Calumet av 
" Grace (wid Perl L) h5128 Oakley av 
" Viola Mrs r23 156th (CC) 

Du lack Steph (Theresa) electn hl533 
Roberts av (POWhi) 

Dulejan Jos (Mary) h545 Gostlln 
Duley Edw C (Pauline) swtchmn hl426 

Dulijan Theo (Helen) h4331 Towle av 
Dulin Dan! J (Mary) crane opr SREM 
Co h836 Bauer 
" Maurice r832 Bauer 
" Raymond hlpr r836 Bauer 
Dull Hooks (Louise) lab h2933 Cleveland 
Dulle Leo J (Gertrude M) sta eng r4811 
Hohman av 

Dulski Agnes A sten Dr John D Braund 
r4434 Ash av 

" Jennie (wid Jos) h4434 Ash av 
Dulsky John frEva) crane opr C&ERR h 
21 Williams 

Dumagan John T (Margt E) carp h758 

Dumas Glenn pntr r5250 Ann av 
" Kath (wid Chas) h5250 Ann av 
Dumke Kath (wid Predk) h4605 Johnson 
Dummor Lee (Florida) lab h rear 1139 

Dumovich Michl rlOl Industrial rd 
Dunaj Steph lab hl308 170th 
Dunajeski Jos (Josephine) h4323 Clark 
" Victor r4323 Clark av 
Dunay Andrew driver City Garbage Dept 
hi 127 Ames 

Duncan Byrl A (Effle) formn h629 Ste¬ 
wart ct (POWhi) 

" Carson ( Mercedes) mech NIPSCo h 
457 Indiana 

" Connis J (Cath M) h410 Indiana 
” Dolores cash Goldblatt Bros r7604 

" Eliz H Mrs bkpr Brown Floral Co r32 
158th pl (CC) 

" Floyd R (Florence) slsmn hlO High¬ 
land (CC) 

" Geo J (Dolores) spraymn h7604 Mon¬ 

Ho w iett a-C (wid Robt F) h32 156th 
pl (CC) 

" Howard W (Eliz H) acct r32 156th pl 

" Jack oilwkr rlOlO Hoffman 
" Jerrold F (Ella M) elk h536 Florence 
" Robt C (Helen) elk hlo Webb 
" Robt F (Elise) research wkr h5957 
Park pl 

" Russell B (Mildred) fctywkr r629 
Stewart ct (POWhi) 

" Wendell r457 Indiana 
" Wm J (Marguerite S) dept mgr Sami 
C Ennis & Co Inc h6936 VanBuren 
Duncanson Lena Mrs h4439 Sheffield av 
Dunfee Fred (Edna J) clo clnr 5537 
Hohman av h do 

" Guy (Gertrude M) swtchmn h4752 
Columbia av 

Helen elk Fred Dunfee r5537 Hoh¬ 
man av 

" John (Lucille) emp agt Pullman- 
Standard Car Mfg Co h6620 Ala¬ 

" Rexford L clo clnr Fred Dunfee r5537 
Hohman av 

" Robt E (Aileen) slsmn r5537 Hohman 
” Russell (Willabelle) mach h4325 Cedar 

Wm clo clnr Fred Dunfee r5537 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Dunham Ernest (Aileen) oilwkr h4111 
Hohman av 

" Ferman J (Cleo) lab h8609 Jefferson 
" Harry P cook r519 Douglas av (CC) 

' " Robt H (Cath) tchr Hammond Hi Sch 
h36 Ruth 

Dunker Eleanor C Mrs h4828 Hickory 
" Ernest lab Badall Eng & Mfg Co 
" Wilbur auto mech r4838 Columbia av 
" Wm (Cora B) eng h4838 Columbia av 
" Winifred H waiter Lester J Morrison 
r516 Lewis 

Dunkerson Lura (wid Robt) h625 Logan 
Dunlap Andrew C (Agnes L) formn h 
6222 Jackson av 

" Asa J (Rose) elk h550 Forsythe av 

" Betty waiter h647 State (CC) 

" Jas G (Mary E) elk W B Conkey Co 
h648 Cherry 

Dunley Mary (wid Edw) r7139 Hohman 
Dunn Ary M (Dora B) mach hd h833 

" Cletus A lab r833 May 
" Emmet (Mabel) h6115 Noble av 
" Frank steelwkr r7124 Kennedy av 
" Gordon Mrs elk Montgomery Ward 
Co r East Chicago 

" Kathryn M tchr 
r5946 Hohman 
" Lawrence E (Vera M) swtchmn h 
2632 137th 

" Lloyd r470 Indiana 
" Lloyd M elk W J Holliday & Co r 
4735 Hickory av 

" Mabel smstrs Goldblatt Bros r6115 
Noble av 

" Marshall steelwkr r7420 Madison av 
" Philip rlOl Industrial rd 
" Ralph M sec-treas Miner-Dunn Inc 
r Chicago Ill 

" Ray O mgr Orpheum Theatre r Chi¬ 


" Sami K (Hazel J) slsmn Empire Life 
& Accdt ms Co h4619 Hohman av 
" Vera M sten Floyd R Murray r43 Doty 
" Zephniah S pntr r5410 Oakley av 
Dunning Edw r848 May 
" Harold H (White Diner) rl638 Sheri¬ 
dan av (W) 

" Helen G opr IBTCo r848 May 
" John C (Mary) h848 May 
Dunshee Howard C (Ruth) auto mech 
Central Motor Service h6234 Jack- 
son av 

" Ruth elk Kroger -Consumers r6234 
Jackson av 

Dunsing Daryl C (Emma M) h rear 931 

" Emma M elk W T Grant Co r rear 
931 Summer 

" John B (Frances) tmkpr h927 Sum- 

" May E (wid JuUus) h237 CarroU 

Dunski Sigmond (Alexandria) h235 153d 
pi (CC) 

Dunsmore Glen A (Eleanor) electn h 
6311 Blaine av 

Dunsworth Harlev A (Olive) mach opr 
hl243 Summer 

Dupen Chas (Frances) fctywkr h316 
110th (PORoby) 

" Steph (Rose) fctywkr r316 110th (PO 

Dupere Frank prsmn W B Conkey Co r 

Duplaga Anthony fctywkr r4432 Tor¬ 
rence av 

" Michl (Angeline) carp h4432 Torrence 

Dupre Louis A (Anele M) cook rl08 155th 
pi (CC) 

DuPree Claude (Agnes) carp 1}855 Ind¬ 

Dupzak Jos P mach opr Younstown Steel 
Door Co r Chicago Ill 

Durand Herbert A (Leone) chemist h 
2933 Janet pi 

" Mabelle G sec W B Conkey Co r243 

" Raymond A (Mabelle) asst sis mgr 
h243 Humpfer 

Duranleau Arth J (Lora) mech C&jCDT 
Co r RD Lowell 

Duray Clias city flremn rl948 Atchison 

" Josephine (wid Thos) hl948 Atchison 
av (POWhi) 

Durbin Hallie elk r537 Sibley 

Durdjak John h922 Conkey 

Dureck Paul J (Anna) steelwkr hl632 
Davis av (POWhi) 

Durflinger Lora B elk E C Minas Co r 
East Chicago 

Lena (wid Wm) r760 Truman 

D “U 


" O Robt (Laura) meter supvr NIPSCo 
h6220 Garfield av 

Durham Henry r600 State Line av (CC) 
" Jas msngr WUTelCo r619 Gostlin 
" Russell E (Hilda M) budget mgx 
Goodrich Silvertown Stores h600 
State Line av (CC) 

Durick John W (Irene) asst cash State 
Bk of Whiting (W) hl636 Davis av 

’’ Mary (wid Geo) hl524 Myrtle av (PO 

Duringer John W hl910 Superior av apt 
6 (POWhi) 

Durkason Anna Mrs r837 Gostlin 

Durket Anthony rlOl Industrial rd 

Durkin John (Agnes M) car repr h517 
State (CC) 

" Martin J (Hattie) ydmstr hl37 Rim- 


" Maurice J lab r517 State (CC) 

" Theo elk r5143 Morton ct 
Durkins Ann (wid Jas) r855 Truman 
Durland Sylvanus B (Laura E E) h455 

Duro Vangel (Christina) lab h918 Field 
Dust Ruth rll24 Michigan 
" Wm F rll24 Michigan 
Duszynski Barney F (Marie) driver h 
776 Green Bay av (CC) 

" Eliz lndrs StMargt Hosp rl28 155th 
pi (CC) 

Dutcher Jas barber Ross G Hardesty r 
475 State 

Dutczak Pearl elk Freeland Food Shop r 
636 Freeland av (CC) 

" Theo (Mary; Freeland Food Shop) h 
636 Freeland av (CC) 

Dutkiewicz Jos (Celia) collr h820 Merrill 
" Leonard steelwkr r820 Merrill 
" Raymond hlpr W B Conkey Co r820 

Dutton Clarence B (Lillian K) slsmn h 
6352 Hohman av 

" Clarence B jr student r6352 Hohman 
" Marie tchr Morton Jr Hi Sch r6352 
Hohman av 

" Ray D (Eliz H) tmkpr h rear 470 
Plummer apt 6 

" Richd K student r6352 Hohman av 
Dutz Henry (Lucille) glazier hl048 170th 
Duvall Dale (Ethel) lab hS131 Ray av 
" Danl W wtchmn h6319 Blaine av 
" Emery M (Ann; Du All Auto Spring 
Service) h903 Wilcox av 
" Nile I (Alice) linemn IBTCo h387 
Hirsch av (CC) 

DuVall Roy (Mary) bartndr Frank Ficht 

h6315 Blaine av ___ . »r 

Duvall Wm h6131 Ra/av 4 r 
" Wm H (Kath) lab h486% State 
Duykers John (Vera) wldr h736 Mich¬ 

Duzek Lawrence rlOl Industrial rd 
Dvojacki Albert h952 Burnham av (OC) 
Caroline Mrs r36 Douglas 
" Chester (Caroline E) lab r952 Burn¬ 
ham av (CC) 

" Geo (Marian) checker r952 Burnham 
av (CC) 

Dvorsack Jos F (Mary) hammer opr h 
1919 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

Dvorsay Marguerite B student r6649 
Madison av 

•' Max A (Pearl M) men’s clo 431 State 
h j S649 Madison av 

Dvorscak Andrew J lab rl721 Myrtle av 

" Anna rl518 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Edw M rl721 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Frances fctywkr r2040 Lake av (PO 

" Frank lab rl518 Myrtle av (POWhi) 
" Geo (Veronica) flremn hl721 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

" Geo (Susanna) lab hl020 Reese (PO 

" Geo (Bertha) refinery wkr r2042 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

" Geo B (Mary) fctywkr hl749 Davis 
av apt 8 (POWhi) 

" Geo J rl72l Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Helena pkr rl518 Myrtle av (POWhi) 
•' John wldr r2040 Lake av (POWhi) 

" Jos (Anna) hl«39 Stanton av (PO 

" Jos (Anna) pipemn hl417 Roberts av 

" Josephine r2040 Lake av (POWhi) 

" Lawrence pipeftr h2042 Lincoln av 


•" Peter (Anna) blrmkr hl610 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

" Steph h2040 Lake av (POWhi) 

" Steph (Helen) driver Henry F Eggers 

Co hl431 Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Steph (Clara) oilwkr rl518 Myrtle av 

" Stenh jr oilwkr r2040 Lake av (PO 

" Verona (wid John) hl518 Myrtle av 

" Veronica maid rl721 Myrtle av (PO 

Dvorske Emery lab W B Conkey Co r508 






•' John J (Loretta) asst mgr Singer 
Sew Mach Co r52 Locust 
•' John J (Mary) mldr h508 Lewis 
" Julius r508 Lewis 

" Steph dept head Montgomery Ward 
Co r508 Lewis 

Dwardy John J (Antonia) prs opr SRE 
MOo r East Chicago 

Dwarshus Albert G (Beulah) agt West¬ 
ern & Sou Life Ins Co r Highland 
Dwight Udora (wid Wm) h946 Murray 
Dwomiczek John (Anna) hlpr UC&OP 
Co h870 Pulaski rd (CC) 

Dwoznik Prank (Pearl) mldr Sou Wheel 
Div hl044 Merrill 

Dwyer Edw J (Myrtle) bus agt h3 Ruth 
” Paul E (Hazel) bus opr C&CDTCo h 
931 150th 

“ Schuyler C (Sylvia L) lawyer 5244-46 
Hohman av R302 r Lowen 
Dyba Tillie (wld Jos) r4212 Dearborn av 
Dybala Eug P r658 Gordon av (CC) 

" Steven (Cath) belt opr UC&OPCo h 
658 Gordon av (CC) 

Dybel Anna (wid Martin) h2428 White 
Oak av (POWhi) 

" John (Cath) oilwkr h2426 White Oak 
av (POWhi) 

" Martin (Victoria) gro 2474 White Oak 
av (POWhi) h do 

Dycus Glenn H (Esther) steelwkr h547 

" Jas C (Georgia A) chf elk UC&OP 
Co h527 Cherry 

" Jas T tchr Irving Sch r527 Cherry 
Dye Edwin B (Hattie) steelwkr h2928 

" Eug M barber 6715 Jackson av r High¬ 
land Ind 

DYE JAMES W (E Eudora), Pres and 
Mgr Standard Lumber & Coal Co, 
h73l8 VanBuren av, Tel 5091 

" Melvin D (Faye J) loco eng h oa tfr- 

Dyer Herald B (Maxine E) confr 576 
State h do 

" Raa_(wid Victor T) h6I17 Hohman av 
" Robt R r6117 Hohman av 
Dyke Wm S (Gladys B) br mgr A&P 
Food Stores h7141 Jefferson av 
Dykema Leonard W < (Beatrice O) elk 
SREMCo r Chicago 
Dyker Casper rl038 Merrill 
Dykstra Colby office sec Refrigeration 
Sales & Service r Oak Glen Ill 
" Louis (Eleanor M) driver Sprout & 
Davis Inc h6625 McCook av 
" Nicholas L (Johanna) teller Calumet 
Natl Bk r Munster 

Dymora Michl (Angeline) h4231 Grover 
" Peter M (Mary) h4120 Towle av 
Dyrke Theo J (Virginia M) elk E C 
Minas Co h650 Ingraham av (CC) 
Dysart Jane M tel opr r654 State Line 

" Mildred V sten r654 State Line av (C 

" Nellie Mrs h654 State Line av (CC) 
Dyslin Edw A (Dorothy) acct hll2 Webb 

Dyson Roger slsmn Singer Sew Mach Co 
r Crete Ill 

Dywan Stanley slsmn Continental Bkg 
Co r Gary Ind 

Dziacek Wm (Helen) lab hl305 Lakeview 

Dzialk Michl carp h862 Summer 
Dzialkiewicz Vincent (Antoinette) car 
repr h4426 Hohman av 
Dziegiel John (Antoinette) carp hl237 
L-ikevi w (POWhi i 

Dziepak Andrew (Pauline) h5721 North- 
cote av 

" Stanley bottler r 5721 Northcote av 
Dziewit Valentine (Lillie) car repr h 
1224 121st (POWhi) 

Dzikowski Bernard (Caroline) real est 
h533 Wentworth av (CC) 

" Mary (wid Tony) h4418 Henry av 
" Stanley (Eliz) h4403 Grover av 
" Stanley E wldr Champion Corp r533 
Wentworth av (CC) 

Dziuk John (Genevieve) blksmith h4228 
Johnson av 

" John G fctywkr r4228 Johnson av 
" Walter ship elk r4228 Johnson av 
Dzurilla Andrew oilwkr r941 Pearl (PO 

" Steven oilwkr r941 Pearl (POWhi) 

" Valentine (Anna) h941 Pearl (PO 

Dzurochak Geo (Minnie) lab h4330 Wa¬ 
bash av 

Dzurovcik John (Mary) hlpr hl645 Ind¬ 
ianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

Dzurowsak John J r4418 Wabash av 
" Paul (Anna) lab h4418 Wabash av 
E J Grill (Emanuel J Thompson) 428 

E & R GARAGE (Edw Mulvihill, Richd 
Mulvihill), Automobile Repairing, 
Expert Brake Service, Starting, 
Lighting and Ignition, Radio Service 
5612 Calumet av, Tel Hammond 4844 
(For further information see page 4 
Buyers’ Guide) 

Eads Dallas electn Hammond Elec Co 
r Jefferson Hotel 

" Fay (Mabel; Hammond Electric Co) 
h6036 Calumet av 

" Harrison R (Selma E) electn h720 

" Harry T (Maude) hl019 Morris 
" Henry C (Anna) h4425 Sheffield av 
" Henry E (Edna) mach Hammond Elec 
Co h7025 Maplewood av 
" Irving W (Agnes M) opr W B Con- 
Kfey Co h4928 Hickory av 
" Jas electn r Jefferson Hotel 
Eagle Cleaning Shop (Jas N Bereolos 
Chris Katsipos) 5117% Hohman av 
Eagles Hall 101 155th (CC) 

Eagleson Oscar porter dmith Mtr Sis 
Inc r Indiana Harbor 
Earl Edna h524 Sibley 
" Evelyn maid x4635 Hohman av 
" Freda (wid Geo) hJ24 May 
" Harvey L (Lela A) lab h4635 Hohman 
" Jas D mach hd r924 May 
" Jas R (Mary O) steelwkr h7150 Mon- 

" Wm rl41S Sherman 

Earley Wm F (Bonnie J) countermn h 
4603 Torrence av 

Earnest Albert R (Ella) roller h7106 
Magoun av 

Earnhart Chas hi 141 Sibley 
" O Gaiel (Kathleen) firemn h7109 
California av 

Eamheart Eliz maid 7426 Olcott av 

East Chicago Iron & Metal Co (Israel 
Siegel Jacob Horowitz) 741 Hoffman 

Frank H Whitmore Librarian, 3601 
Grand Blvd (EC), Tel Indiana Har¬ 
bor 412-M 

Easter Howard B (Marie) h6822 Ala¬ 
bama av 

" Marie Mrs br librarian Public Library 
h6822 Alabama av 

Easterday Franklin J (Cora M) asst 
reciever American Trust & Savings 
Bank h6413 VanBuren av 
" Vernon j (Mavera) sta eng NIPSCo 
h6236 Madison av 

" Victor R (Ann R) oil opr h'3428 Van 
Buren av 

Easterlin Chas (Elsie) driver r479 Mich¬ 

Eastes Earl G (Ethelyn G) steelwkr h 
rear 588 Douglas av (OC) 


114th Street and Lake Ave. Phones: Whiting 670-671 and Hammond Enterprise 1880 

Headquarters: Lake Shore Housing Guild Whiting, Ind. ’ 

>* -S 


8 . 
9 i o 
o o. 

E * 

Q w Q> 

« w & E 

00 o 

c « 

0) ■£ ■£ 

U ^ 

"5? O 4 - 

£ s ! 

fl) S.2 








-l9th (POWhi) 

" Harry R lab h5636 Alice av 
" Mae asst Alvin F Jurgens r5820 Hoh- 
man av 

" Raymond O (Anna) steelwkr h5820 
Hohman av 

Easton Millard E (Adamarie) tchr Ham¬ 
mond Hi Sell h254 Locust apt 2W 
Eastwood A Vera tchr Tech-Vocational 
Sch rl W Warren (CC) 

" Herman driver Rosenbaum Coal & 
Material Co Inc r Griffith Ind 
Eaton Andrew S (Nora) city policemn h 
3104 173d 

" Prank L steel tracer r6712 Arizona av 
" Geo A (Mabel) loc eng C&ERR h6643 
VanBuren av 

" Geo E (Louise M) elk h rear 542 Lo¬ 

" Guv W (Olivia) slsmn h7 530 Calume t 
" H 'Burton chemical eng r237 High¬ 
land apt 212 

" Leonard W (Dorothy T) carp r5632 
Walter av 

" Lois tchr r5228 Ann av 
" Marv maid Cordova Court Apts h2-4 
Ruth apt 13 

" Ralph E (Ada A) oilwkr hl750 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

" Richd O (Anna) elk r6643 VanBuren 
" Ruth B chf opr IBTCo h5228 Ann av 
" Thos W (Lorraine A) swtchmn hl443 

" Tressa (wid Morris) r5228 Ann av 
" Verne H (Viola K) asst dept supt h 
8712 Arizona 

Eaverson Marie maid 6826 Rosewood av 
Ebeltoft Lester supt The Instone Co r 
E Chicago 

Eberhardt Jos (Helen) pntr h39 Russell 
Eberle Anthony firemn StMargt Hosp 
r25 Douglas 

" Clarence (Dorothy) lab h5240 Sohl av 
apt 110 

" Edw (Nettie) lab Nickel Plate RR h 
5545 Claude av 

" Prank (Amelia) lab h5418 Price pi 
" Prank (Louise) swtchmn h rear 536 
Ingraham av (CC) 

" Fred J (Helen) lab h S443 Oak-toy av 
" Geo R (Eliz) bus agt hl022 Eaton 
" John wtchmn r728 State 
■’ John P (Rachel) auto wkr h252 Doty 
" Lawrence M (Mary M) autowkr h252 

" Louise waiter Phil Smidt & Son r536 
Ingraham av (CC) 

Eberly -Leroy- (Frieda) oilwkr h942 Pearl 
(POWhi) , 

RalphMMEdna) elk hl627 Roberts av 

Russell D (Birdena) oilwkr hl812 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Ebert Alwin J bkpr Physicians Sup Co 

" Anna C (wid Emil L) r4831 Hickory 
" Arlene sten r913 Eaton 
" Arth A elk r913 Eaton 
•' Arth E (Mary E) ins 5231 Hohman av 
R923 h4 Waltham 

" Aug r40 Ruth ___ _ 

•• Aug H (Mary—A) cigar mkr h255 Og¬ 

" Brunswick r40 Ruth 
" Clara H (wid Peter A) h623 Douglas 
av (CC) 

" Edna H Mrs biller IHBRR r4727 Shef- 

" Edw d B a (Elnora) steelwkr r255 Ogden 
" Emilie acct IHBRR r40 Ruth 
" Hattie (wid Adam) prsr Hopman Co 
h925 Drackert 

" Julius K (Caroline) slsmn Borden- 
Wieland Div h6637 Jackson av 
" Leal J (Evylena K) bartndr h6615 
Monroe av 

" Lillian (wid Julius) h913 Eaton 

Loraine M elk r913 Eaton 
" Martha (wid Predk A) h937 Becker 
" Ralph J display advmn Hammond 
Times r623 Douglas av (CC) 

” Wm elk C&ERy r228 Douglas 
Ebler Prank E (Cath) mach W B Con- 
key Co h851 May 
" Frank J elk r851 May 
" Josephine (wid Andy) h5608 Beall av 
" Otto W mach opr W B Conkey Co r 
851 May 

Ebner Jos (Mary) h4718 Cameron av 
" Michl (Johanna) lab h4753 Hickory 
Ebright Ethel tchr Washington Sch h 
221 Webb apt 6A 

" Glenn L (Elsie) vet surg 532 Fayette 
h do 

Echterling Edw E (Caroline) steelwkr h 
556 Plummer 

" Prank P (Cecilia) ydmn Hessville Lbr 
& Supply Co h6545 California av 
” Julius (Emily) lab Calumet Eng Co 
h743 Indiana 

" Truck & Body Works (Waldemar E 
Echterling) 6109 Calumet av 
" Waldemar E (Julia; Echterling Truck 
& Body Wks) h509 Lewis 
Eckenbov-ft'ed- r4913 Pine av 
Eckert Carl lab r22 Harding av (CC) 

" Dallas C (Teresa) ins agt h436 Con- 

" Prank (Margt) mach h715 Logan 
" Teresa Mrs (Teresa’s Dress Shop) h 
436 Conkey 

Eckhoff Thos C (Florence) asst roller h 
264 Locust 

Eckiss Edw E (Geneva M) oil wkr hl248 

Ecklebarger Clifford D (Celia L) electn h 
1305 Michigan 

Eckler Chas R rll2 Mason (CC) 

Ecklund Ashton W (Mildred) chemist 
and bacteriologist City Board of 
Health r927 Bauer 

" Chas F (Delia) sta firemn h441 157th 

" Clarence L (Edna E) formn h585 In¬ 
graham av (CC) 

" Gustave L h4744 Pine av 
" Oscar J (Emma) formn h5649 Sohl av 
" Russell O (Ruth V) mach r4744 Pine 
" Ruth A (wid Chester) sten h6314 
Madison av 

" Ruth V Mrs private sec Eli S Jones 
r4744 Pine av' 

" Wm (Anna M) elk h610 Freeland av 

Eckman Alyce A elk J J Newberry Co 
r6340 Madison av 

" Arth (Mildred) steel wkr h5927 Wal¬ 
lace rd 

" Chas A (Eliz M) wtchmn h6340 Madi¬ 
son av 

" Frank J (Luella) loco eng h5724 Calu¬ 
met av 

” Jennie M iwid Howard L) h708 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

" Philip (Kath) fety wkr h4332 Wabash 
" Russell (Helen) mill wkr r6311 Madi¬ 
son av 

•• Wm C display advmn Hammond 
Times r6340 Madison av 
Eckstein Henry A (Kath) city policemn 
h822 170th 

" Michl (Lillie) pntr Smith Decorating 
Co h502 Garfield av (CC) 

Economou Xenophon (Emily) tavern 9 
State (CC) h4117 Wabash av 
Economy Coal Co (Mrs Inez P Tribbey) 
1127 State blvd 

" Shoe Store (Abr H Cohen) 506 State 
Edberg Carl J (Loretta) elk h837 114th 
apt 7 iPOWhi) 

" Matilda Mrs r837 114th apt 7 (PO 

Edblad Eben P (Sylvia M) carp h556 
Buffalo av (CC) 


Real Estate 
410 Fayette St. 
Tel. 52 

R. F. McPHARLIN, Sec’y-Trea 

Eddelmon Kenneth oil wkr r6732 Forest- 
dale av 

Edder Rudolph (Gladys) driver hi 150 

Eddy Clarence K (Margt) mgr h942 Golf 
Court (CC) 

•' Franklin O (Jean) oil wkr hl420 
Brown av apt 7 (POWhi) 

" Ralph V (Marguerite A) announcer 
Hammond Calumet Broadcasting 
Corp r52S Lincoln av (CC) 

" Rebecca D <wid Clarence F) tchr 
Junior High Sch (W) h2027 Davis av 

EdeLstein Sami (Frieda) liquors 541 
State h do 

Eder Anna M (wid Geo) h26 Mason 
" Beatrice K 'Mrs nurse aid StMargt 
Sch of Nursing h6035 Hohman av 
" Clarence M (Beatrice K) fcty wkr h 
6035 Hohman av 

" Danl E (Cecile; Dan’s Auto Parts) r 
5946 Hohman av 

" Frances (wid Geo) r220 Carroll 
" Geo (Maffybelle) chemist ti6519 Harri¬ 
son av 

" Jas H elk Standard Equip & Sup Corp 
r26 Mason 

" Louis G asst cash Calumet Natl Bk 
h220 Carroll 
" Ralph J r26 Mason 
Edgar E E associate Roscoe E Woods & 
Associates r Harvey Ill 
Edinger Millard A (Monette F) slsmn 
Calumet Auto Parts h947 Martty 
Edison Thos A School 7025 Madison av 
Edmonds Chas E (Pearl) mach h2513 

" Edna (wid Fred) r4837 Ash av 
Edmundson John G (Neva M) inspr US 
Immigration and Naturalization 
Service h217 W Waltham (CC) 
Edward Merritt E mach opr Youngstown 
Steel Door Co r Chicago Ill 
Edwards Albert rl025 Kenwood 
" Anna Mrs h830 Conkey 
" Arth W (Sadie C) lab h519 State (C 

" Benj (Ella) steel wkr h6212 Columbia 
" Carroll G (Caroline G) metal wkr h 
4608 Johnson av 
" Claudia r963 Michigan 
" Drug Store (Henry C Edwards) 852 

’’ Edith emp Chapman Lndry Inc rll69 

" Edw (Emma) still clnr h5235 Jessie av 
" Emma (wid Benj G) r4740 Johnson av 
" Eug (Mary N) hll55 Sibley 
” Evan W (Nadine) steel wkr h4740 
Johnson av 

" Everett C (Genevieve) steel wkr h5635 
Columbia av 

" Frank A lab r556 Plummer 
" 0«M elk Edwards Drug Store r963 
Michigan av 

" Gertrude F (wid Andrew J) smstrs E 
C Minas Co h542 Sibley 
" Harold (Florence) driver r 4 437 Oak av 
" Harold slsmn r745 Truman blvd 
" Henry C (Edwards Drug Store) h963 
Michigan av 

"Hubert (Anna) h4344 Wabash av 
” Irene waiter Goldblatt Bros r5235 Jes¬ 
sie av 

" John W (Mary E) cond IHBRR hill 
152d (CC) 

" Jos J eng Gt Lakes Brewing Co r Chi¬ 

" Marjorie r4424 Baltimore av 
" Nadine Mrs elk E C Minas Co h4740 
Johnson av 

" Ollie r5051 Hohman av 
" Paul rl025 Kenwood 
” Pinckney W J (Betty) barber 485 In¬ 
diana h do 

” Ralph E (Virginia) formn h2826 Janet 


" Roy C (Lucille E) driver Mrs Rosa M 
Vivian h220 156th (CC) 

" Valley rl025 Kenwood 
" Vernon A swteh tndr r519 State (CC) 
" Vernon W (Frances G) mldr hl41 
Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Victor E formn Youngstown Steel 
Door Co r Chicago Ill 
" Violet r6036 Wallace rd 
Eelman Arie (Ann) driver h7043 Mar¬ 
shall av 

" Johanna (wid Richd) h7106 Marshall 
" Nicholas (Kath) driver r7106 Marshall 
Efron Frank S (Mary; Sachs & Efron) 
h6613 Meadow la 

" Pauline (wid Morris) r6613 Meadow la 
Efstathiou Christ (Emma) steel wkr h 
6944 McCook av 

" Constantine gro 7018 Kennedy av h 

Egbert Dorothy V Mrs buyer E C Minas 
Co r48 Waltham 

Eggebrecht Albert J (Lillian E) elk In- 
lander-Steindler Paper Co h436 W 
Sibley blvd (CC) 

" Albert-©-h528 State (CC) 

" Alf lab h465 Gordon (CC) 

" Chas (Helen) lab h465 Gordon (CC) 
Dorothy A sten NIPSCo r429 Detroit 
" Edw F (Anna) teller Mercantile Bank 
h566 Lincoln av (CC) 

" Edw T (Elsie) supvr North Township 
Trustee h429 Detroit 
" Edw T jr student r429 Detroit 
" Ernest (Louise) h848 Michigan 
" Fred (Maude) car repr h461 Gordon 

" Herman lab r462 Gordon (CC) 

" Lillie (wid Arth) slswn Schneider’s 
Dept Store r439 State (CC) 

" Walter (Clara) hlpr h409 Price av (C 

" Wm r411 Lewis 
" Wm (Cleo) r4604 Torrence av 
lagers C Warren elk rl651 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

" Chas H (Caroline) mason hl548 Amy 
av (POWhi) 

" Chas W sec rl548 Amy av (POWhi) 

" Eliz M (wid Henry F; Henry F Eg- 
gers Co) hl501 Lake av (POWhi) 

’’ Elmer H (Edith) oil wkr hl728 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

” Ernest city policemn r545 Detroit 
EGGERS ERNEST L (Sarah N), Physi¬ 
cian and Surgeon 204 Lloyd Bldg 
5305 Hohman av, Tel 148, h437 De¬ 
troit, Tel 3464 
" Geo D elk r437 Detroit 
" Godfrey L elk r437 Detroit 
" Gus E (Angeline) hostler hl620 Brown 
av (POWhi) 

" Helen G Mrs tchr South Side Public 
Sch (W) rl637 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Henry F Co (Mrs Eliz M Eggers) 
trucking 2227 New Ybrk av (POWhi) 
" Henry W (Esther) assoc phys Eli S 
Jones h6316 West av 
" Martin (Doris) brklyr hl728 Davis av 

" Norman E student rl548 Amy av (PO 

gers Co hl727 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Wm F (Mary) formn hl651 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

Eggert Jane L bkpr Hammond National 
Co r645 Ingraham av (CC) 

" John C (Magdelene H) slsmn h645 
Ingraham av (CC) 

" John W fcty wkr r645 Ingraham av 

Egilske John jr (Stella) h4323 Torrence 
Egnatz Chas S (Josephine) field rep h836 

" Nicholas (Vera) lab h833 Merrill 
" Nicholas jr studeht r833 Merrill 



















5 * 








Egner Vaughan B (Laura M) iron wkr 
h524 Plummer 

Egras Frank lab r2423 Birch av (PO 


•' Peter (Eva) lab h2423 Birch av (PO 

" Sophia maid r2423 Birch av (POWhi) 
Egry Frank r6106 Noble av 
" Steph (Barbara) tailor 424Vi Sibley h 
6106 Noble av 
" Steph jr r6106 Noble av 
Egyed Jos-mach Beatty Mach & Mfg Co 
hl041 Field 

Ehase Frank J (Evelyn) steel wkr h645 

Ehasz Nandor fnshr rl024 Merrill 
Ehinger Clement A (Gertrude C) mach 
C&ERR h566 Douglas av (CC) 

" Clement E jr hlpr StMargt Hosp r566 
Douglas av (CC) 

Ehlan Neva Mrs hl36% Sibley apt 9 
Ehlen Geo C (Florence) driver Gt Lakes 
Brewing Co hl3928 Chippewa av 

Ehlers Harold (Grace) marine eng hl452 
Warwick av (POWhi) 

Ehnen John L (Eva L) servicemn E C 
Minas Co h4937 Ash av 
Ehrenhardt Marian L sten r937 Murray 

” Marion A (Martha) driver h937 Mur¬ 


Ehret Albert C (Sadie) eng h854 May 
Ehrhart Geo servicemn Goldblatt Bros 
r Cicero Ill 

Ehrlich Howy-R (Kath A) h544 Gostlin 
" Isidore steelwkr r2834 165th apt 5 
Ehrsam Andrew J (Frances M) formn 
NIPSCo r5527 Walter av 
" Peter jr mech NIPSCo h5527 Walter 
Eichelberger Elsie L waiter Hook Drugs 
Inc r6934 Alabama av 
" Geo (Ruth) welder r3425 Black Oak 


„s G (Lona) constr wkr h6934 Ala¬ 
bama av 

" Lilbert (Lorene) mach r6934 Alabama 
Eichenseher Wm H (Florence) steel wkr 
hS109 Ray av 

Eichensehr Albert (Ethel) bundle tier W 
B Conkey Co h674 State Line av (C 



" Bernard bundle tier W B Conkey Co 
r409 Clinton 

" Dolores V tel opr StMargt Hosp r409 

" Wm A h409 Clinton 
Eichner Carl F (Margt) carp h6714 
Alexander av 
" Wm r2619 169th 

Eidam Adolph F (Mary) carp h222 De¬ 

" Adolph H (Cornelia) loco firemn h6251 
Jackson av 

" Edw A elk NIPSCo h45 172d pi 
" Rudolph A (Elsie C) asst supt h6623 
Madison av 

Eidner Rotot C (Gertrude D mach h458 
Freeland av (OC) 

Eigemann Martin F (Dorothy) steel wkr 
h6435 Euclid av 

Eilers Arth plmbr Hammond Plmbg Co 
r6646 Jefferson av 
” June cash h570 State apt 4 
Ein Sami steel wkr r907 May 
" Simon ddM h907 May 
Einsele Cath J (wid Sebastian F) h408 
State (CC) 

'• Emil (Hanni E) lab h430 Indiana 
" Fred J (Margt B) formn h714 Sibley 
” Jacob wtchmn Beckman Sup Co h930 

" Jas R (Clara) h5945 Birch av 
" John J (Lucille) city policemn h6531 
Monroe av 

" Jos A (Helen B) blrmkr h52 Locust 
” Jos G (Margt J) lab h5638 BeaU av 
" Lorraine bkpr State Glass Co r714 

Lucille A elk W T Grant Co r5638 
Beall av 

Michl J (Ellen) ftr NIPSCo h846 Wil¬ 
cox av 

Nicholas (Lottie) h6529 Monroe av 
" Sebastian r5645 Claude av 
" Susan (wid John) r5627 Calumet av 
" Valentine N lab r408 State (CC) 
Einspahr Peter F (Lottie) janitor E C 
Minas Co h227 Clinton 

Eisele Mary r5927 Columbia av 
Eiselt Lena (wid Emil) h€335 Forest av 
" Theo elk r6335 Forest av 
Eisenhutt Edw P (Anna A) meter reader 
NIPSCo h rear 28 Douglas 
" Gertrude r24 Douglas 
" Jos S (Helen) lab h953 Green Bay av 



Elbers Emil A (Evelyn) miller Pratt Food 
Co h409 Webb (OC) 

Elberth Walter (Golden) fndry wkr h408 
Price av (CC) 

Elbin Raymond tchr h807 Forsythe av 
apt 10 (OC) 

Elchyn Paul rlOl Industrial rd 
Elder Chas C (Halie) steel wkr h6403 
Jefferson av 

" Charlotte sten rll58 Summer 
Ray (Louise) formn h221 Ogden 

" Roy A (Merrell) slsmn h510 Conkey 
Eldmge Henry (Evelyn) steel wkr h912 

" Ira D y (Dorothy) electn h 83 7 S t ate 

" Jas E (Marjorie) loco firemn h7212 
Jackson av 

Eleanore’s Beauty Salon (Eleanore Ciep- 
lucha) 142 Pulaski rd (CC) 

Eley Maxine Mrs r51 Doty 

" Murl (Margt E) h4113 Dearborn av 
Elgin Joliet &■ Eastern Railway Co Ralph 
W Bower agt 4850 Hohman av 
Eliansky Sami (Sarah) slsmn h472 In- 

o Ill 


" Mary (wid Bertram) h24 Douglas 
" Ruth V r24 Douglas 
Eisinger John O (Helen) research eng 
h2114 Davis av (POWhi) 

Eisman Darwin G (Minnie) clo clnr 
Wulf’s Cleaners h5408 Webster av 
" Minnie Mrs spotter Wulf’s Cleaners h 
5408 Webster av 

Eismin Anthony J (Ann C) steel wkr h 
856 State Line av (CC) 

" Jos N (Lottie A) mldr h439 Webb (C 

Eitel Geo r Hotel Jerome 
Ejnik Jos JfdrWB Conkey Co 
Ekonomos Shirley waiter Temple Diner r 
928 Plummer av 

" Thos countermn Temple Diner h928 

Elich Sami rlOl Industrial rd 
Eliott Morris elk Goldblatt Bros r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

Elite Bakery (Michl J and Thos A Yu¬ 
lias) 5406% Hohman av and 526% 

Elizabeth Apartments 51-53 Elizabeth 
Elkins Arth H (Mary) h6407 Jackson av 
" Geo W elk Beckman Sup Co r965 Wil¬ 

Loyd M (Evelyn) asst credit mgr City 
Dept of Water Wks h948 Summer 
" Wesley L (Ida) lab h965 Wilcox 
Elko Frances slswn Roberts Inc r Chi- 

Ell Arth F elk NIPSCo r 5739 Oalimmfav 
" Geneva E Mrs nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r Hegeswich Ill 

Ella’s Beauty Parlor (Ella Jay) 457% 

Elledge Carrie M L Mrs waiter Brahos 
Coffee Shop h4026 Cameron av 
" Glenn (Came M L) steel wkr h4026 
Cameron av 

" Helen R r6415 Forest av 
" Ray (Effie) phys 5231 Hohman av R 
612 h6415 Forest av 

Ellen Apartments 1805 Davis av (PO 

Eller Emmett (Mabel) oil wkr h413 Price 
av (OC) 

" Geo plmbr J Herman Plumbing & 
Heating Corp r Indiana Harbor 
" Howard (Mildred) iron wkr h rear 
1321 Truman 

" Howard G (Laura) gro 1350 Michigan 
h do 

" Mabel laboratory asst UC&OPCo r433 
Hirsch av (CC) 

Ellinghausen Earl W (Rose) meat ctr h 

4930 Cedar av 
Ellingsen Ernest slsmn Borden-Wieland 
Div r East Chicago 

Ellington Robt (Elsie) oil wkr hl313 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

phone Checker Taxicabs 


(Min i5c m,le i5c 


UUUU | FIVE can ride for the price of one 


Elliott Carl (Edythe; Lyndora Garage) 
hi 160 Summer 

" Chas W (Mattie) pntr h845 Logan 
" Edw C (Wilma) chemist h839 175th 
" Fred H (Eliz) ydmstr h939 Lyons 
' Jas R (Vivian E) mach h6803 Alex¬ 
ander av 

" Jos signalmn r253 Douglas 
" Morris (Rebecca) dept mgr h708 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

" Ray (Daisy E) pdlr h6727 Olcott av 
" Sami R sta atndt Lawndale Service 
Station r Gary Ind 

Ellis Chas crane opr r5033 Hohman av 
" Earl D r242 153d pi (CC) 

" Esma D Mrs opr IBTCo hl36% Sib¬ 
ley apt 10 

Frank (Edna) formn h6738 McCook av 

ELLIS FRANK NX (Eveline), Mgr Ham¬ 
mond Furniture Mart, r538-44 State 

" Glenn (Lucille) swtchmn r7126 Ken¬ 
nedy av 

" Jas O (Rose M) formn hl248 Truman 
" Lloyd K (Helen) acct hl321 Davis av 

" Roy h5722 Calumet av 
" Wm E (Eva) formn h862 Wentworth 

Ellison Chas W°< Mattie E) h4705 Hoh¬ 
man av 

"Clinton E iEdith V) slsmn Holland 
Furnace Co h621 165th 
1 Eug J (Inez J> mgr hl2 163d (CC) 
Everett M tires 5355 Calumet av r855 
State blvd 

" Jesse (Cath) oil wkr hl023 119th (PO 

Lenore E twid Clinton Ei chiro 579 
Sibley h do 

" Leo steel wkr r211 State (CC) 

” Melvin C (Alpha E) fcty wkr h421 

" Michl chiro 579 Sibley h do 
Ells Clifford (Marcella) r6818 Calumet 
Ellsberger John r637 Gostlin 

ELLYSON J CLINN (Martha), Pres El- 
lyson Realty Co and First Federal 
Savings & Loan Assn of Hammond, 
h241 Dyer blvd, Tel 552 
Ellyson Pres, Roy F McPharlin Sec- 
Treas, 410 Fayette, Tel 52, and 5241% 
Hohman av, Tel 71 (For further in¬ 
formation see back cover, right top 
lines and pages 39 and 44 Buyers’ 

Elman Conrad (Johanna) bus opr C&C 
DTCo h4522 Henry av 
" Garet (Isophine) bus opr C&CDTCo h 
1109 Lyons 

" Harry (Jacoba) loco eng h6516 Lyman 
' Peter (Cornelia) formn C&CDTCo r 

" Renus (Stella) city policemn hll37 

" Richd (Mary C) mech C&CDTCo r 
Highland Ind 

Elmore Emma Mrs h5806 Erie av 
" Garland (Frances) Ibus opr C&CDTCo 
h4917 Ash av 

A Gilchrist Pres, Peter W Meyn V- 
Pres, Wm C Belman Sec-Treas, Of¬ 
fice and Cemetery 1413 169th, Tel 

Elo John (Vera) welder hl948 Lincoln 
av (POWhi) 

" Michl (Lillian) barber 1719 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) hl533 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

Elrick Louisa M (wid Wm) r932 Golf ct 

Elsemere Robt rlOl Industrial rd 
Eisner Richd A (Anna) sta eng StMargt 
Hosp h320 157th (CC) 

Elster Antonette (wid He 

s (wid Henry) h732 In- 


" Eliz H Mrs gro 659 Sibley h223 Webb 
apt 10 

" Jeannette L Western & Sou Life Ins 
Co r223 Webb apt 10 
" June E sten NIPSCo r223 Webb apt 

" Leonard G (Ruth) adv dept hl302 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Reinhardt (Hulda) sec Hammond 
Federation of Musicians h650 Sibley 
" Reinhardt jr musician r650 Sibley 
Elstun Betty ro330 Forest av 
" Wesley N (Leila) sec Hammond Brass 
Works h6330 Forest av 
Ely Geo E (Janet M) formn h243 Wal¬ 
tham (CC) 

Embor Stanley (Anna) formn Pullman - 
Standard Car Mfg Co h656 Went¬ 
worth av (CC) 

Embry Emerson (Mae) hl706 Myrtle av 

" W Douglas (Maude) slsmn hl31 155th 
pi (CC) 

Emde Lester S (Marie) steel wkr h2903 

Emenhiser Donald C (Mary A) phys 5248 
Hohman av R205 

Edna (wid Louis C) elk County Treas 
r4718 Ash av 

John L (Nancy A) phys 5248 Hohman 
av R205 

Emerson Arth L (Mildred) meat ctr Su¬ 
perior Meat Mkt r Munster 
Chas r485 Truman blvd 
Chester lab r627 Hoffman 
Elsa R elk NIPSCo r812 Summer 
" Elsie O (wid Drew) h812 Summer 
" Floyd A (Edith) swtchmn hll23 

” Floyd L emp Standard Equip & Sup 
Corp r7135 Madison av 
" Geo W (Freda) barber John B Filec- 
cia h5l2 Garfield av (CC) 

" John D (Irene) spl tchr PS h7128 

Matthew (faore a i no i oil wkr h2459 
New York av (POWhi) 

” Raymond C (Anna R) cash r4531 
Sheffield av 

" Richd D (Mary) electn h609 Roose¬ 
velt dr (POWhi) 

Russell (Evelyn) brkmn h49 Carroll 
" Warren (Helen) oilwkr h6515 Arkan¬ 
sas av 

Emery Anna tchr Riverside Sch r21 

" Christine J cash Jos Tittle & Sons "h 
136% Sibley apt 21 

EMERY DAVID T, General Insurance, 
Real Estate and Rentals 309-10 
Hammond Bldg 5217 Hohman av, 
Tel 72, h41 Waltham, Tel 748 
Hath I sten W B Conkey Co h21 Ruth 
" Margt A social wkr r41 Waltham 
" Theo Z (Mabel) h634 Thornton 
Emig Henry M office mgr Swarthout & 
Craig Inc r Lansing Ill 
Emigh Edw steelwkr hi 108 Michigan 
Mrs Ola M Blume Pres, Mrs Eltessa 
Paddack V-Pres, Bayless Paddack 
Sec, John W Blume Treas, Funeral 
Directors and Ambulance Service. 
“Hammond’s Beautiful Chapel” 5322 
Hohman av, Tel 9 (For further in¬ 
formation see page 24 Buyers’ 

" Geo (Josephine) asst Emmerling Fun¬ 
eral Chapel Inc h37 Webb 
" Louis J (Eliz K) acct h6911 Hohman 
" Rose (wid Jos) h47 Douglas 
Emmert Edith tchr Lafayette Sch rl36% 
Sibley apt 32 

Emolovich Andrew (Julia) h2328 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 



The Mark of Good Printing 


Printers, Binders and Book Manufacturers 

Empire Eire & Accmeiu imo-auv-e 
Henry A Coyle mgr 5217 Honman av 

Emrey Louis (Mary) lab h828 Truman 
Emrick Harry shoe repr r rear 6632 Col¬ 
orado av 

" Jos r464 Freeland av (CC) 

" Kenneth (Martha) hlpr NTPSCo h 
rear 4735 Hickory av 
Ender Chodie G elk Goldblatt Bros r542 

•' Clifton G (Louise) podiatrist 5231 
Hohman av R817 hl368 Shirley dr 
Endres Arth F (Ruth) chemist hl414 
Amy av (POWhi) 

" 'Mary waiter Mrs Ruby Regnler r5724 
Calumet av 

Engel Anthony (Anna M) janitor E C 
Minas Co h5535 Sohl av 
" Arnold M elk Ideal Feed & Supply 
r5535 Sohl av 

" Henry E bakery wkr Continental Bkg 
Co r5535 Sohl av 

" Herman P (Josephine) bakery wkr 
Continental Bkg Co h850 Truman 
" Leo F (Christine; Ideal Feed & Sup) 
h2719 163d pi 

" Michl die str r5535 Sohl av 
Engelberth Henry (Eliz; Indiana Tile 
Works) hl412 Michigan 
Engelcoff Geo L (Sophie) driver h939 

Engelman Geo T (Helen) supply agt h 
6410 Jackson av 

" Geo T jr student r6410 Jackson av 
Engelmknn Louis elk Nickel Plate RR 
r333 152d (CC) 

Engels Kenneth repr mn Kelley Indian 
Co r727 Indiana av 

Engerski Jos W (Jean) lab hll7 Pulaski 
rd (CC) 

England C W (Martha) bus opr C&CDT 
Co h4849 Hickory av 
" Philip r5613 Claude av 
" S Oscar (Ella) h926 Summer 
Engle Chas (Ruth) lab h6241 Madison av 
" Herman B inspr C&ERR 
•• John E (Clarabelle) hl413% Lake av 

Engleman Lewis elk r333 152d (CC) 
Engler Paul G (Mary P) statistician h 
.308 Elizabeth (CC) 

Engleton John R metallurgist r54 Eliza- 

" Josephine Mrs teleg opr MCRR h 13614 
Sibley apt 4 

" Leo F asst mgr Arth W Liesenfelt h 
54 Elizabeth 

English Gale E elk r481 Logan 
" H H r Hotel Jerome 
" John P h481 Logan 
" Robt K (Mary C) swtchmn hl223 In¬ 

" Victor K blrmkr r481 Logan 
" Wm G embalmer Carl J Anderson r 
6030 Hohman av 

Enlow Simon C (Mae) formn h4409 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Ennis John (Lucy E) stmftr h633 For¬ 
sythe av (CC) 

" Robt M (Ella C) stmftr h268 Vine 
" Sami C (Nellie) pres Sami C Ennis & 
Co Inc h7129 Alcott av 
Ennis Pres, Real Estate, Mortgage 
Loans and General Insurance 527 
Calumet Bldg 5231 Hohman av, Tels 

Enocksen Bert toolkpr r4418 Johnson av 
" Chas (Karren) h4418 Johnson av 
" Engert (Eliz) mach hd h844 Sibley 
" Ernest (Lila) car bldr h850 Indiana 
" Gea metal wkr r4418 Johnson av 
Enoksen Byer (Helen) reprmn h7338 
Marshall av 

" Edw (Ruth) millwkr h rear 6344 Ma¬ 
dison av 

Enright Cecelia nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r30 Clinton 
" Chester (Marion) lab h5328 Maywood 

" Danl & V \ Kathryn) agt h522 Detroit 
" Esther tchr Irving Sch rl8 Condit 
" Eug F pipeftr r848 Wentworth av (C 

" Irene (wid Wm) h848 Wentworth av 

" Jerome T adjuster NIPSCo r221 157th 

" John D elk r522 Detroit 
" Kathryn J supvr IBTCo r522 Detroit 
" Patk J (Anna H) cond hll30 Truman 
" Patk J jr rll30 Truman 
" Robt D r848 Wentworth av (CC) 

" Thos L (Josephine) cond h5536 Claude 
Ensweiler Chas auditor r21 Rlmbach _ 

" Geo r21 Rimbach 
" Margt (wid Henry) h21 Rlmbach 
" Walter slsmn r21 Rimbach 
Epker Raymond auto mech r315 154th pi 

Epple Rose r5243 Ann av 
Epstein Isador (Jennie) fruit hll45 Sib¬ 

" Lillian elk rll45 Sibley 
" Mildred elk Goldblatt Bros rll45 Sib- 

" Ruth i 

th elk rll45 Sibley 
Equalo Frank r485 Truman blvd 
Erb Arth B r225 Gostlin 
" Chas H (Frances M) h5442 Molsberger 


(Loretta) h4339 Wabash av 
Fred L (Helen I) printer h4842 Ash 
" John P (Alice G) steelwkr h440 Con- 

" Mary r225 Gostlin 
" Viola (wid Jos) h225 Gostlin 
" Wm lab r4842 Ash av 

Erchinger Christian (Marie) cabtmkr h 
97 Warren (CC) 

Erckman Chas D (Viola) formn IBTCo 
rl039 Becker 

Erdmann Cornelius T (Cath) mach opr 
h556 Plummer 

" Jas (M student r235 Locust 
" Morris H (Gwendolyn D) slsmn h235 

Eremich Steve car bldr r4846 Pine av 

Eret Darwin (Emma) spl tchr PS h830 


" Fred (Lida) porter Michelson’s Fum 
& Clo Co h6230 Jackson av 
’’ Geo r6230 Jackson av 
" Vernon L (Evelyn) steelwkr h6940 
Alabama av 

Ericksen Martin h5834 Wallace rd 
Erickson Arth A (Luella A) tchr Lafay¬ 
ette Sch h7041 VanBuren aV 
" Arth A jr tchr Lafayette Sch r7041 
VanBuren av 

" Arth L (Laura L) elk h2917 Janet pi 
" Carl G (Elinor) elec eng NIPSCo h 
6310 Jackson av 

" Cyril L (Mercedes) oilwkr hi532 
Brown av (POWhi) 

" Eric M mach hd rll24 Becker 
" Frank L cond h217 Webb apt 2B 
" Frank T r217 Webb apt 2B 
" Fred W (Irene E) policemn h6314 
Monroe av 

" Gertrude (wid Walter) hl09 Sibley 
" Inga E nurse Tech-Vocational Sch r 
5927 Columbia av 
" Melvin radio repr rll38 Truman 
" Roy S elk r217 Webb apt 2B 
" Wm L USA r7041 VanBuren av 
Ericson Carl E (Semmie) fctywkr hl643 

Davis av (POWhi) 










" John H violin wkr 5141 Hohman R107 
r Cedar Lake Ind 

" Rudolph C (E Louise) eng NIPSCo h 
6612 Monroe av 

Erie Railroad Co operating dept 428 

Erikson Alf (Mabel) inspr r5737 Erie av 
" Erik h5737 Erie av 
Erlandson Glenn E (Alice H) supvr h 
6538 Monroe av 

Erlenbaugh Henry J (Clara) h512 In¬ 

'' Lawrence G (Goldie) mech Police 
Dept h924 Drackert 
" Paul P r512 Indiana 
Erlewein J Lawrence (Violet) formn 
Central Chem Div h35 Wentworth av 

Erman Ella mgr Jacqueline’s Hats r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

Erminger Wm (Alice) meat ctr Joseph 
Tittle & Sons h533 Detroit 
Erndt Eleanor M elk Prosperity Clnrs & 
Dyers r522 Douglas av (CC) 

" Florence elk r522 Douglas av (CC) 
Helen r522 Douglas av (CC) 

'■ Henry O (Agnes A) lab h522 Douglas 
av (CC) 

Ernest Harry H (LaVerne) hlpr C&CDT 
Co h7037 Alabama av 
" Hazel sten Daniel D Lynch r2727 Mar¬ 

" Henry F (Lena) eng h2727 Martha 
Ernst Bernard sta mgr Burnham Refg 
Co r7508 Madison av 
" Edgar L (Helen) ins h217 Condit 
" Frank G (Florence) carp h7530 Madi¬ 
son av 

Geo blr tndr r543 Gostlin 
•' Jos E (Regina F) supvr h490 Freeland 
av (CC) 

Leonard (Emma) swtchmn h7508 Ma- 

" Raymond E (Mary M) h rear 4117 
Wabash av 

" Russell (Mildred) h rear 4339 Wabash 
Ervin see also Erwin Irvin Irving and 

' Archie (Frances) hlpr h236 Webb (C 

" Dorothy L sten Oil Workers Union 
Local No 210 r5937 Park pi apt 10 
" Etta (wid Archie) r6238 Garfield av 

tor, Brokerage, Mortgage Loans, Ap¬ 
praisals, Management, Industrial 
Property and Insurance 317 Calumet 
Bldg 5231 Hohman av, Tel 7233, h 
504-06 Highland 
" Mary (wid Jas) h511 Detroit 
" Realty Co (Lawrence S Ervin) 5231 
Hohman av R317 
Wm F acct h5937 Park pi apt 10 
Ervine David E (Crystal G) driver h4913 
Linden av 

Erwin John J (Clara) tavern 6732 Cal¬ 
umet av h do 

Esarey Irwin B (Edith C) shoe repr Mo¬ 
dem Shoe Repr hl516 169th 
Eschner Bertha (wid Herman) h263 

Eshena Michl (Etta) oil wkr h2018 Ben¬ 
jamin pi (POWhi) 

Esken Caroline E (wid Jos) slswn Calu¬ 
met Good Will Store h520 Lincoln 
av (CC) 

Eskey Alvis steelwkr rll3 State (CC) 
Nelson furn wkr rll3 State (CC) 
Eskridge Mildred waiter Mabel Ann Tea 
Room r Hegeswich Ill 
' Reba elk Goldblatt Bros r Chicago Ill 
Esmon Ren lab r329 156th (CC) 
Esparza Zetta Mrs h606 Michigan 
Essenski Wm rlOl Industrial rd 
Esser Andrew tavern 246 Pulaski rd (C 
C) r618 Douglas av (CC) 

-”-mk (Jessie W) h242 Carroll 

Estep Arnold driver r7130 Kennedy av 
" Howard L (Estella) h7130 Kennedy av 
Esterheg Jos (Julia) steelwkr hll34 

" Julia Mrs tailor Chapman Lndry Inc 
hi 134 Ames 

Estrup Hans (Alma) real est h261 Fern- 
wood av 

Etherton Paul D driver r403 Price av 

" Ulyssius G bkpr r403 Price av (CC) 
Ethier Angeline (wid Philip) r5538 Alice 
•' Camille E (Lenore) liner W B Conkey 
Co h6615 Madison av 
' Lenore Mrs elk County Clerk h6615 
Madison av 

Ethington Harry driver Seifer Furn Co 
r E Chicago Ind 

Etienne Adolph D (Loretta) mach h4844 
Hickory av 

" John B steelwkr r4844 Hickory av 
" Martha C sten United Realty Co r4844 
Hickory av 

Etling Clifford A (Mabel M) acct 5231 
Hohman av R923 hlO W Waltham 

Etrick Clemens A (Cecelia) bartndr Mrs 
Josephine Luko'wski r712 State Line 
av (CC) 

" Louis (Martha) mach h534 155th (C 

" Martha r712 State Line av (CC) 

" Walter (Frances) bartndr Mrs Jose¬ 
phine Lukowski r712 State Line av 

Etrych Frank M (Nellie) driver h336 
155th (CC) 

1 Etter Carl J (Adeline) chf dep North 
Township Trustee h€25 Sibley 
•' Chris (Eliz) h2023 Davis av (POWhi) 
" Herbert D (Grayce D) refinery wkr h 
2035 Davis av (POWhi) 

Eubanks Chas M (L Evelyn) fctywkr 
h5617 Alice av 

" Jas M elk Mrs OUve A White r5617 
Alice av 

" Leroy steelwkr r5617 Alice av 
" Warren auto mech r5617 Alice av 
Euler Lillian E super fnshr W B Conk¬ 
ey Co r2629 Calhoun (Bur) 

Eurley Edw W (Marjorie) slsmn Richd 
F Hoyt r831 Logan 

” Josephine (wid Edw) forwn W B Con- 
key Co r831 Loga>) 

Evan John (Eliz) car repr h2119 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

" Paul oil wkr r2119 Lincoln av (PO 

Evancho Kathryn beauty opr Mrs Elsie 

Evanko Steve (Kath) mldr hl270 Sum¬ 

Evanoff Alex lab r2719 138th pi (Bur) 
" Alex (Paula) steelwkr rll08 Highland 
" Christ N (Ethel) refinery wkr hl3829 
Green Bay av (Bur) 

" Frank S (Celia) hi 108 Highland 
” John (Carol) baker Continental Bkg 
Co hi 124 State blvd 
" Kate Mrs h4331 Baltimore av 
" Kostick steelwkr rl3831 Green Bay av 

" Michl lab rll30 Conkey 
" Sami rlOl Industrial rd 
" Steve (Mary) tailor 1119 Conkey h 
1116 do 

" Wm (Lillian) steelwkr hl024 Conkey 
Evans Ada L elk Lincoln Loan Corp r 
239 Fernwood av 
" Albert (Emma) lab hll55 
" Andrew gro 1050 Moss h do 
" Andrew jr rl050 Moss 
EVANS ANDREW J (Mary R), Attorney 
and Counsellor-at-Law, 5246 Hoh¬ 
man av R304, Tel 419, h542 Sibley, 
Tel 6008 

1 s 

3 O 



oo ^ 

3 pn 


• Is 

E~ po 

i ^ - - 


gs Ln 




5‘o En 


£ 5 



m Swarthout & Craig, Inc. 



1105 119th Street Phone Whiting 1073 


" Anne M waiter Woolworth’s r750 May 

" Beatrice M elk rl Warren (CC) 

" Bert (Nedra) used car mgr Smith Mo¬ 
tor Sales Inc r392 Crandon av (CC) 
•' Bert jr elk Goldblatt Bros r392 Cran¬ 
don av (CC) 

" Bonnie (wid Thos J) hl823 Warwick 
av (POWhi) 

~ ryant J (Katie M) pipeftr hl327 In¬ 

ti. • . 


" Carl r4508 Sheffield av 
" Chas (Bertha) lab h475 Michigan 
" Chas P (Anna) h4508 Sheffield av 
" Clarence B (Alein) oil wkr h918 Wil¬ 
cox av 

" David M (Bernice) city firemn r4723 
Cameron av 

" Delbert T (Prances) fctywkr hl626 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" Edw (Helen B) hooker hl517 174th 
" Ethel M Mrs (Van-Ets Frozen Cus¬ 
tard) h620 Indianapolis blvd (PO 

" Evan (Edna) h rear 1647 Davis av 

" Evan B (Edna M) oil wkr h7046 Os¬ 
born av 

" Forest W (Anna) formn h7526 Jack- 
son av 

" Frank B (Grace) car reprmn h6640 
Jefferson av 

" Geo (Marion) tchr Columbia Sch h 
7522 Jackson av 

" Geo F slsmn North State Pub Co r 
Chicago Ill 

" Geo G r5553 Walter av 
" Geo I (Margt) shipper h3345 173d 
" Grace Mrs (Becker Street Flower 
Shop) h6640 Jefferson av 
" Harold J (Cath E) elk h5410 Price pi 
" Jas (Lottie) h4303 State Line av 
" Jae-B- (Margt) hl826 Davis av (PO 

" Jeannette F Mrs sec Hammond Mach 
& Forge Wks r Warsaw Ind 
•’ John (Henrietta) h959 Logan 
" John R (Mabel) steelwkr hl512 125th 

" John T (M ari o n) h4721 Johnson av 
" John W (Martha M) bfcbndr h913 

" Jos E (Jane) car inspr h7021 Van 
Buren av 

" Julia beauty opr Trobey’s Beauty 
Salon r4604 Hohman av 
" Lester P r714 State 
" Luther P (Gladys) auto wkr h714 

" Mary B (wid Harry) r4 Elizabeth 
" Maude L (wid Wm) hi Warren (CC) 
" Myrtle (wid Joshua) h5553 Walter av 
" Nelson fctywkr rl531 Davis av (PO 

" Nick rlOl Industrial rd 
" Oscar C slsmn Swift & Co r258 Hump- 

" Robt S (Mae E) wtohmn Beatty 
& Mfg Co h4723 Cameron av 
" Robt T (Sue) steelwkr hl4044 Bum- 
ham av (Bur) 

- Roland lab r4849 Cedar av 
" Ruby (wid Geo) h20 Russell 
" Steven (Mary) fctywkr hl029 Ames 
Sylvan P (Bevy) metalwkr h6549 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

" Theo W (Myrta) barber hl!31 177th 

•' tKos A r485 Truman blvd 
EVANS VERNON K (Gertrude), Sec 
North State Publishing Co Inc, h239 
Femwood av, Tel 5291 
- (Bertha) prs opr h2711 164th 

Vigie (B 


" Wallace fctywkr rl823 Warwick av 

" Warren A (Hilda) electn h rear 1011 

" Wilbur L oil wkr rl823 Warwick av 

" Wm I C (Edith) inspr h6517 Harri- 

" Wm L lab r5553 Walter av 
Evanson Evan (Dorothy) soap wkr h2828 
163d pi 

" Robt R elk E C Minas Co r2828 163d 

Evens Geo W (Fern H) steelwkr h6644 
Madison av 

Everdon Bemey E (Della) carrier h6937 
VanBuren av 

" Norman R elk r6937 VanBuren av 
Evermont Apartments 5240 Sohl av 
Evernham Paul (Nona) oilwkr h6819 
Arizona av 

Eversall Ramsey musician Paramount 
Theatre r Gary Ind 

Eversole Mont L (Emma) traffic mn h 
1517 Amy av (POWhi) 

" Roberta student rl517 Amy av (PO 

Everson Geo V (Viola J) inspr h512 
Siblev blvd (CC) 

Wm (Star Coal Co) 

Evon Michl (Mary) slsmn h43 Carroll 
Evoy Chas (Josephine) driver hll29 Moss 
Evyan Jos J (Mary M) h4926 Magnolia 
" Jos J jr bartndr r4926 Magnolia av 
" Mary R S beauty opr r4926 Magnolia 
Ewaniuk Anne Mrs h7211 Columbia av 
Ewbank Norman M (Mildred) oilwkr 
hl325 Stanton av (POWhi) 

Ewers Margt E bkpr r32 156th pi (CC) 
Ewing Dorsie P (Galena) pntr h6319 
Harrison av 

John K electn r220 Highland 
" Jos W (Marjorie J) h4934 Oak av 
" Ruth tchr Lafayette Sch r44 Warren 
" Willis C (Zola E) yd mstr h5018 
Trankle ct 

Ex Gladys sten rl007 Drackert 
Excell Chas elk W J HoUiday & Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Exley Edna M tchr Hammond Hi Sch 
r5937 Park pi apt 11 
Eyles Raymond O (Ann) steelwkr h6609 
Harrison av 

Faber J Cath elk Montgomery Ward Co 
r46 Elizabeth 

" John R drftsmn Champion Corp r46 

" Oscar N (Ann) lab Champion Corp h 
46 Elizabeth 

" Rose Mrs h4249 Torrence av 
Fabian Gustave (Margt) firemn h6017 
Columbia av 

" John P lino opr r712 Gostlin 
" Jos L (Anne B) opr WU Tel Co r E 

" Mary A (wid Anthony) h712 Gostlin 
" Miriam elk County Treas r712 Gostlin 
" Walter A refinery wkr r712 Gostlin 
Fabijanic Slavo E (Cecelia) steelwkr h 
1026 Field 

Fabish Oi r as r7 State (CC) 

Fabiyanic Mildred (wid Matthew) hll08 

Facklam Lloyd W (Bessie E) driver h 
1609 Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Louis C (Agnes) refinery wkr hl609 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Fadden Beverage Bottling Works (Lyle 
E and Wayne E Fadden) 2742 161st 
" Lyle E (Grace; Fadden Beverage Bot¬ 
tling Wks) h940 Conkey 
" Wayne E (Edna; Fadden Beverage 
Bottling Wks) h7030 California av 
Fagan Chas (Barbara) oilwkr h5628 
Alice av 

” Jas E (Helen) h544 Plummer 
" Mabel Mrs h6537 Arkansas av 

F ^Rose P Mrs elk E C Minas Co r High- 
FagyasAlex (Helen) oilwkr hl521 Brown 

•• Ethel^sten^r 1521 Brown av (POWhi) 
Louis elk Jennings-Mattem Pharm 
(W) rl521 Brown av (POWhi) 

Wm oilwkr rl521 Brown av (POWhi) 
Fahner Fredk (Union Club) h6240 Mon- 

Faint°Harold W (Marguerite P) slsmgr 
h942 Wentworth av (CC) 

Fair Osie rlOl Industrial rd 
Fairchild Benj ft (Thelma) car inspr h 
7516 Jackson av 
•• chas F formn hi 114 Drackert 
" Ida (wid Benj F) rlll4 Drackert 
" John slsmn Prosperity Clnrs & Dyers 
rlll4 Drackert 

•• Ruth J Mrs elk r235 Williams 
Fairfield Leonard F supt Linde Air Pro¬ 
ducts Co r Chicago Ill 
Fairgrieve Bradford (Sophia) r4516 
Johnson av 

" Geo W h4516 Johnson av 
Fairley Oran M (Fannie) bus opr C&C 
DTCo r Gary Ind 

Fairlie Andrew (Margt) h6429 Euclid av 
•• Matthew (Madeline) oilwkr r6429 Eu¬ 
clid av 

Falssler Wm B (Louise) formn hl013 

Faist Geo A (Florence O) wtchmn Chas 
H Mayer & Co r316 Warren (CC) 
" Geo H elk r316 Warren (CC) 

" John E r316 Warren (CC) 

Falcioni Chas (Margt) h302 154th pi (C 

" John R (Elsie T) meat ctr h333 Pul¬ 
aski rd (CC) 

Falconbury Ora (wid N J) h!168 Michi- 

" WiUar 

illard rll68 Michigan 
Falendyz Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Faler Jos (Dorothy) lab h5319 Maywood 
Falk Adolph A (E Marie) blrmkr h4744 

" Alvin O oilwkr r4744 Columbia av 
" Evelyn H opr IBTCo r4744 Columbia 
Fallowes Roy P (Elsie E) acct h6244 
Monroe av 

Falls Barbara G student r51 Waltham 
" John D student r51 Waltham 
" John M (Viola) div supvr NIPSCo h 
51 Waltham 

Falusi Frank (Ermytrude) crane opr h 
2703 164th pi 

" Steven M (Irma) tel opr h2911 Cleve¬ 

Falvo Anthony (Mary) h3l2 State (CC) 
Fanchally Michl (Theresa M) mldr h 
1330 Sherman 

" Theresa M Mrs janitor NIPSCo hl330 

Fancher Donald (Mildred) mach opr h 
943 Green Bay av (CC) 

Fandrei Carl (Kath) city policemn h630 

" Emil rl25 Gostlin 

" Ervin C (Remona) maintenancemn 
NIPSCo h4338 Henry av 
" Fred G (Sophie) capt Police Dept h 
263 Detroit 

" Fred L (Amelia) h4531 Sheffield av 
Fred L jr steelwkr r4531 Sheffield av 
" Fredk J (Norma H) agt John Hancock 
Mut Life Ins Co h4721 Henry av 
" Herman A steelwkr r4531 Sheffield av 
" Louise sten r4531 Sheffield av 
" Mary Mrs gro 125 Gostlin h do 
" Otto city firemn r4405 State Line av 
" Pauline (wid Wm) h4405 State Line 
" Wilbert r630 Gostlin 
“Wm (Emma) levermn h4403 Grover av 
Fank Wilbur B (Rose M) lab hll3 154th 
pi (CC) 

" Wm rll3 154th pi (OC) 

Fannin Millard A (Velma) oilwkr h6321 
Monroe av 

Fanta Jas G (Cynthia; Green Meadow 
Dairy) h544 Ingraham av (CC) 
Fan tin Edw P (Ruth) burner h rear 4924 
Cedar av 

" Frank (Frances) tinner hl220 Hoff¬ 

" Geo fctywkr r!220 Hoffman 

Lesier A (Lillian) signs 840 Conkey 
h do 

Fanu Otto lab r 1216 & Field 
Fanzlaw Arth W (Mayme) driver h4140 
Sheffield av 

" Lorraine r4140 Sheffield av 
Farcus Steph J (Rose) film opr Orpheum 
Theatre h7006 VanBuren av 
Farina Alf (Rose) pdlr hl033 170th 
" Carl farmer hl007 170th 
" Jos (Vincenter) h6244 Monroe av 
' Leonard steelwkr r6244 Monroe av 
" Marietta beauty opr Mrs Elsie Trex- 
ler r6244 Monroe av 
" Sami lab rll24 Conkey 
" Tony hlOll Moss 
Faris Andrew carp h6549 Arizona av 
Farish Fred W (Margt) ptmmkr h6408 
Harrison av 

Farkas Bertha (wid Andrew) janitor h 
232 Conkey 

" Ernest F appr Beatty Mach & Mfg Co 
rl223 Summer 
" John rlOl Industrial rd 
Martin (Agatha) mldr hl223 Summer 
" Rose maid 6555 Forest av 
" Rose Mrs janitor Calumet Bldg h833 

" Steve (Rose) mldr h838 Plummer 
Farkes Peter lab rll43 Field 
Far less Leonard L (Mildred) soap mkr 
h5917 Columbia av 

Farley Clyde (Dorothy A) driver Mrs 
Rosa M Vivian h4931 Cedar av 
" Edw rl636 Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 
Marion C (wid Eric W) h826 Drackert 
Farmer Betty r43 Lawndale 
FARMER CHAS E, Dist Mgr Indiana 
State Employment Service, Affiliated 
with U S Employment Service, r 
Gary, Ind 

" Charlotte Mrs waiter r223 Douglas 
"Geo R (Lillian V) traffic mgr h43 
' Hazel r734 Spruce 
" John E (Etha H) tchr Irving Sch h 
7113 Monroe av 

Farr Henry C (Verna M) bus opr C&C 
DTCo h7034 Columbia av 
" Louis fdr W B Conkey Co r Chicago 

Farran Robt S (Alice M) wkr h5519 
Claude av 

" Ross B fctywkr r5519 Claude av 
Farrell Delilah (wid Francis I) h6037 
Jackson av 

Geo C (Julia) oilwkr rl604 Brown a 
apt C (POWhi) 

Jas A (Margt) chf acct NIPSCo r415 

" Jas F r Hotel Jerome 
" Margt Mrs confr 8"" ’ 
r415 Douglas 
" Margt C bkpr Genl Engineering & Sis 
Co r E Chicago Ind „ e , 

Mary C Mrs restr 421 Douglas h415 do 
P J prfrdr W B Conkey Co r Manteno 

" Pearl tester r€037 Jackson a 
Farrenkopf R V h604 State Line av apt 
24 (CC) 

Farrington Edna (wid John) r7035 Hoh- 
man av 

Farris Elmer L (Nellie B) mach h4543 
Cameron av 

" Farrell (Eliz) steelwkr h6732 Parrish 
" Nathan (Goldie) steelwkr h849 Sum¬ 

Farver Howard E (Pauline) weighmstr 
h6549 Alabama av 
Fary Jos roll turner r921 Morris 
" Mary A receptionist Eli S Jones r921 

" Victoria T (wid Valentine) h921 Mor¬ 

FAS AN IRVING E (Margt B), Asst Sec 
Northern Indiana Public Service Co, 
h244 Fern wood av, Tel 7266 
Fase Ja cob P i Daisy) lab hl630 Roberts 
av (POWhi) 

Fashion Dress Shop (Rosalyn Brans) 
5259 % Hohman av 

Fasiang Kaspar (Barbara) brklyr h2012 
Lake av (POWhi) 

Fasoletos Frank cook Frank Tullo rl4 
State (CC) 

! 119th (POWhi) 

I 1 





Lumber Yard” 







High Grade 







Phil and Peter Smidt, Props. 





PHONES WHITING 25-1612-1613 



Real Estate 


Real Estate 
Service in the 


Pulaski Rd. 







Real Estate, 


Now Is The 
Time To Buy 
Real Estate 




Father & Son Shoe Store 5127-A Hoh- 
man av and 406 State 
Fatz Walter (Mary) tablet mkr Indiana 
Botanic Gardens h6917 Harrison av 
Faucette Jas asst supt h5945 Hyslop pi 
apt 206 

" Sylvia M elk Hook Drugs Inc rl36% 
Sibley apt 21 

Faughn W Frank (Emma) maintenance 
mn hl437 Roberts av (POWhi) 
Faught Sylvester (Wilma) fctywkr hl729 
Brown av (POWhi) 

Faulkner Jack (Dean) lab h5434 Webster 
" John L (May) janitor City Dept of 
Water Wks h722 Truman blvd 
"LG (Mamie) h rear 20 Plummer 
" Sarah Mrs tchr Lincoln Sch r227 173d 
Faure Emile C v-pres and mgr Great 
Lakes Whse Corp r Chicago Ill 
" Emile C jr elk Great Lakes Whse 
Corp r Chicago Ill 
" Henry traf mgr Great Lakes Whse 
Corp r Chicago Ill 
" Herman elk Great Lakes Whse Corp 
r Chicago Ill 

" Lloyd S asst v-pres Great Lakes Whse 
Corp r Chicago Ill 
" Wm elk Great Lakes Whse Corp r 
Chicago Ill 

Fausch Chas F (Esther) mach hd h831 

" Chas F jr hlpr r831 Summer 
" Eileen elk r831 Summer 
Fauser Earl M (Louise) lab h5612 Beall 
Faust Bertha Mrs bkpr Home Bldg Loan 
& Savings Assn r Griffith Ind 
" Chas H waiter White Castle System r 
477 State 

" Herbert E slsmn Montgomery Ward 
Co r Munster Ind 

" Louis B formn h7412 Knickerbocker 

Herman A (Barbara) mach h4422 
Hohman av 

Fauver Gale V (Charlotte) electn h7030 
VanBuren av 

" John v (Ida M) electn h562o May- 
wood av 

Faverty Cassia (wid Jas) rl3905 Entre 
av (Bur) 

" Marion W (Charlotte) formn hil3905 
Entre av (Bur) 

Faxon Geo H (Minnie) court reporter 
Lake County Superior Court No 5 h 
6231 VanBuren av 

Fay Gordon C (Elma) mstr mech h331 
157th (OC) 

Fayette Furniture Shop (Edw V Honel) 

Fazekas Betty waiter Cape Cod Inn r 
E Chicago Ind 

" Emery L (Helen) steelwkr hll38 Hoff¬ 

" Frank (Ethel) welder h6842 California 

Fazio Vincent (Mary) steel wkr r764 
Green Bay av (CC) 

Fear D Ernest (Melva) ship elk hl8 


hl8 Elizabeth 

" Patk elk r6226 Garfield av 
Fearing Roy R (Mayme) lab h rear 5443 
State Line av 

Feasel Floyd (Myrtle) hlpr hll24 Becker 
Febech Anna h34 Douglas 
Febeck Thos tavern 24 154th pi (CC) h 

Fech Edw N (Theresa) lab hl620 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

" John (Mary) lab hl607 Myrtle av (PO 

" John jr lab rl607 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" M Whi) A nUrSC r1607 Myrtle av (PO 

" Wm elk Jansen’s Mich Fruit Mkt r 
1607 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Fechalos Antonio (Lillian; Fechalos 
Sweet Shop) h435 Waltham 
" Sami (Fechalos Sweet Shop) r435 

" Steph (Fechalos Sweet Shop) r435 

" Sweet Shop (Antonio, Steph and 
Sami) 5404 Hohman av 
Fedder Ellen student r6412 Moraine av 
" Emilie (wid A F Wm) h5958 Park pi 
" Helen elk r5958 Park pi 
" Lily sten Parkland Terrace Corp r 
5958 Park pi 
Meta r5958 Park pi 
" Paul H (Gertrude E) sec-treas Park¬ 
land Terrace Corp h6412 Morraine 
Fedek^^Stegh oilwkr r2034 Superior av 

Feder Alex (Anna) carp h6304 Columbia 
Federal American Cement Tile Co J 
Geo Geyer genl supt tile mfrs 24 


Federated (Metals Division American 
Smelting & Refining Co Max Rob- 
bins^enl mgr 2230 Indianapolis blvd 

Federoff Ann C sign pntr Woolworth’s r 
120 W Detroit (CC) 

" Sami (Edna) h4317 Baltimore av 
" Steven (Eliz) hammermn h4822 Oak 
Fedler Josephine (wid Wm) r!9 Sibley 
Fedor Andrew F (Mary) mldr hl'114 

" Emery (Margt) steelwkr hl325 Sher- 

" Geo E (Agnes) oilwkr hl341 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

" Paul (Sue) lab hl032 169th pi 

Fedorchak Michl (Bernice) shoe repr h 
211 156th (OC) 

Fedorko Geo A (Rose L) oilwkr hllil3 
Benedict (POWhi) 

Fedosky Edw (Grace E) tchr Lincoln 
Sch hl2S 156th pi (OC) 

Feeney Jas D (Velma) clnr hl022 Myrtle 
av _(POWhi) 

" Michl J chf elk Continental Baking 
Co r Gary Ind 

Peter (Mary) still opr h638 119th (PO 

Feeser Lucille sten r216 Condlt 

Fegely Sheldon (Helen E) grinder hl013 

Fehlberg Erich W (Elise) tailor Hopman 
Co h917 Kane 

Erwin G (Minnie) custodian StPaul's 
Lutheran Sch h818 Morris 
" Frank; (Minnie) janitor Scl 
Dept Store h709 Indiana 
" Fredk (Bertha) elk Calumet Natl Bk 
h5419 Webster av 

" Henry C (Violet C) elk Calumet Natl 
Bk h5627 Sohl av 

Matilda (wid Henry) r5413 Wood av 
" Wm clo prsmn r917 Kane 
" Wm H sta mgr J J Brehm & Son h 
rear 5419 Webster av 

Fehlmann H er man (Rose) h228 Lawn¬ 

Fehr Eug J (Mabel J) plant mgr Youngs¬ 
town Steel Door Co h6546 Forest av 

Fehring Anthony J (Helen P) steelwkr 
h417 Garfield av (CC) 

" F N & Son (Mrs Rose and Francis J 
Fehring) printers 470 Truman blvd 
" Francis J (F N Fehring & Son) r470 
Truman blvd 

Hertha A r470 Trutoan blvd 
" Marie I r470 Truman blvd 
" Rose (wid Frank N; F N Fehring & 
Son) h470 Truman blvd 
" Wm F (Eliz) printer 468 Truman blvd 
h do 

Fehrman Anthony (Kath) pntr h943 
Pearl (POWhi) 

" Kath (wid Richd) hil004 Myrtle av 

Feik John (Eugenia) madh hd h935 

Fein berg Carl elk Calumet Equipment 
& Supply Co r rear 5707 Columbia 
" Edw F elk PO r rear 5707 Columbia 
" Fannie Mrs h rear 5707 Columbia av 
" Harry mgr Hammond Fruit Co r rear 
5707 Columbia av 
" Henry cik r rear 5707 Columbia av 
" Louis elk Hammond Fruit Co r rear 
5707 Columbia av 

Feinsot Irving (Cypra D) phys 604 State 
Line av apt 21 (OC) hl7 Forestdale 
pk (CC) 

Feist Ray lab Riverdale Products Co 
Fejes Jolhn charger rl232 Sherman 
" Peter (Eliz) mldr hl315 Sherman 
Fekete John (Julia) agt Prud Ins Co r 
E Chicago Ind 

" Moritz (Mary) janitor Mercantile Bk 
h832 Morris 

Felder Mary (wid Robt) h829 Ames 
Feldman Fred elk Chicago Produce Co 
Harry S (Florence) driver hlll4 119th 

" Iielen e (wid Nicholas) h4414 Hickory 
Feldten Walter G (Helen) tavern 6919 
Kennedy av !h do 
Felias Edna rll36 Hoffman 
" Thos h 1136 Hoffman 
Felica Peter (Evelyn) hlpr h553 Freeland 
av (CC) 

Felicicchi Jos (Anna) h243 Douglas 
Felicichia Anthony (Margt) driver h40 

" Philip (Mary) barber Lloyd Bldg Bar¬ 
ber Shop h252 Condit 
Felix Birch B (Marion M) electn h4822 
Columbia av 

Fellero Thelma cook Max Pinkowski r 
6216 Monroe av 

Fellers Annette (wid Morris) h5434 Hoh- 
man av 

Felo Margt r4422 Dearborn av 
Felsecker Edwin J (Eliz R) mstr mech h 
237 156th pi (CO 

" Esther J cash Blue Star Auto Stores 
rl026 Forest Hills av (CC) 

" John J (Mtriftm—M) slsmn hl026 
Forest Hills av (OC) 

" Robt E laboratorywkr r237 156th pi 

Felson Irving (Ruth T) hlpr h550 Doug¬ 
las av (OC) 

" Ruth T Mrs asst Geo M Cooke h550 
Douglas av (CC) 

Feltbauer Louis W electn h239 154th pi 

" Minnie (wid Louis) r239 154th pi (C 

Feltman & Curme Elmer O Perkins mgr 
shoes 441-43 State 
Felton Albert (Ann) h'8731 Arizona av 
" Geo E (Fern) steelwkr !h51 Lawndale 
" Jos B (Emma A) lab h5122 Oakley av 
Feltzer Bros Tavern (Leo P and Roy F) 
6304 Calumet av 

" Howard L hlpr NIPSCo r6429 Calu¬ 
met av 

" John chemist r6126 Harrison av 
" Leo P (Bertha; Hammond Oil & Sup¬ 
ply Co) h6126 Harrison av 
" Roy F (Margt I; Feltzer Bros Tavern) 
h6429 Calumet av 

Femiak Danl (Julia) meat ctr hl049 

" Mary (wid Paul) rl045 Spruce 
" Paul lab hl045 Spruce 
Femminella Anthony (Kathryn) candy 
mkr h319 State (CC) 

Fendelman David asst dist mgr John 
Hancock Mut Life Ins Co r Gary 
Fender Hazel M Mrs tavern 25 Pulaski 
rd (CC) h624 Ingraham av (OC) 

" Jas D (Hazel M) mtrmn h624 Ingra¬ 
ham av (OC) 

Fenes Jos (Edna) crane opr h3435 Black 
Oak rd 

" Stepn (Amelia) carp h7442 Grand av 
" Steph jr lab r7442 Grand av 
" Velma r7442 Grand av 
Fenn John prsmn W B Conkey Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Fenstermacher Fred (Laura) cement 
fnshr h857 Truman 
'' Harry detective r242 Ogden 
" Raymond (B Bernice) metal hndlr 
Central Chem Div h!227 Indiana 

Fenstermaker Eug M carrier PQ h6540 
Jefferson av 

" Mane G Mrs maid r547 Douglas av 

" Max W meatetr Morris H Truppe r 
226 Oakwood 

' Robt G steelwkr r226 Oakwood 
" Wilbur B (Frances H: Jos L Humpfer 
& Co) h226 Oakwood 
Fenton Chas (Laverta) steelwkr h519 

Fentress Carroll (Harriett) h6l8 118th 

Ferch Mel tavern 606 State Line av (C 

Ference Chas rl731 Davis av (POWhi) 

•' Geo rlOl Industrial rd 
'' John (Mary) mach hl731 Davis av 

" John jr (Olga) inspr h2104 Superior 
av (POWhi) 

" Margt compt opr r2020 Stanton av 

'* Michl (Anna) oilwkr h2020 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

" Nicholas oilwkr r2020 Stanton av (PO 

Fergueson F Ray formn NIPSCo r Muns¬ 
ter Ind 

Fergus J J (Mabel G) elk SREMCo r 
Chicago Ill 

Ferguson Edw E (Dorothy I) mgr Peo¬ 
ples Credit Clothing Store r226 Clin¬ 

" Elmon atndt Herbert A Campbell r 
1012 Field 

" Gust slsmn Hammond Clean Towel 
Service nl046 Highland 
" Iris elk John R Kozlowski 
" Jas S (Sara B) waiter Goldblatt Bros 
h6809 Alabama av 
•' -John- soapwkr rl046 Highland 
•• Mark (Edna) formn h5624 Scnultz 
" Martha sten Perry R Chapin r5624 
Schultz av 

" Nicholas (Richta) lab h rear 470 
Plummer apt 21 

" Phil Mrs dept head Montgomery 
Ward Co r E Chicago Ind 
" Richd M (Jeannette) bus opr C&CD 
TCo h rear 4917 Ash av 
" Rose Mrs hl049 Field 
" Theodora (wid Louis A) hl046 High¬ 

'• Wm (Dorothy) steelwkr hl533 Calu¬ 
met av (POWhi) 

" Wm E (Nellie) carp hl012 Field 
" Wm K (Mabel Gi swtchmn h562 In¬ 
graham av (CC) 

Ferko Geo asst formn Pullman-Stand¬ 
ard Car Mfg Co r Chicago HI 
" Mary (wid John) h2015 Lincoln av 

Ferline Eliz sten Hammond Credit Ex¬ 
change r519 Douglas av (CC) 
Prank (Emma) h519 Douglas av (C 


Fernandez Hubert (Snowbelle) swtchmn 
h7020 Maplewood av 
Ferrantello Bernardo (Mary) lab h329 
Plummer av (OC) 

Ferrari Ado lp h janitor Oakley Tavern 
Ferree Movers (Thurman Ferree) 409 

" Thurman (Anna; Ferree Movers) h 
409 Logan 

Ferrell Jean Health & Beauty Products 
(Mrs Vera Flack) 139% Sibley 
Ferrence Bertha maid r685 Douglas av 

Ferrera Patsy (Katfh) lab r322 State (C 

rigno _ . __ 

1326 Stanton av (P_ 

Ferris Jeanette tchr Geo Rogers Clark 
Sch r5945 Hyslop pi 
" John (Edith H) supt h2-4 Ruth apt 

" Lawton (Edith) filling sta 6860 Ken¬ 
nedy av h6628 Arizona av 
" Ruth H student r2 Ruth apt 18 
" Wm (Ruby) lab h852 State blvd 
Ferro Annette sten Goldblatt Bros r818 

" Jos electn r818 169th 
" Lillian sten r818 169th 
" Vito (Rose) driver h818 169th 

Perron telle Jas (Lena) lab h316 State 

Feser Albert L (Estella C) electa h5847 
Columbia av 

Fess Agnes Mrs h rear 638 Indiana apt 3 
" John r rear 638 Indiana apt 3 

Fessenden Alanta M inspr r5629 Walter 
" Lucille M nurse 5629 Walter av h do 
" Martin L (Geraldine J) oilwkr h708 
Indiana av 

Fetta Anna Mrs elk h 124 Vi Sibley apt 21 

Petten Martin L (Mary I) h4705 Hoh- 
man av 

Fetter Geo A (Lois) steelwkr h5517 Wal¬ 
ter av 

" Walter plstr rl05 Sibley 

Fetterhoff Dollie D Mrs waiter h rear 
415 Indiana 

" John H (Marjorie M) lawyer 1900 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd R601 (W) h660 119th 

Patters Henry M (Frances J) optome¬ 
trist 5206 Vi Oakley av h922 Bauer 
" Jas J r922 Bauer 
" Kollis M (Vera) stmftr hil237 High¬ 

" Mayer D sta atadt Harold L Olsen r 
922 Bauer 

Fetzko Andrew (Susan) pipeftr hi648 
Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

” John usher rl648 Indianapolis blvd 

'Feucht Aug (Frieda) gro 550 173d h do 

Fevech Eenace J (Maude) slsmn h248 

” Jas R bartndr The Antlers r248 Rus¬ 

" Mary J sten r248 Russell 
Fialkowski Miohl (Violet) pntr h4301 
Wabash av 

Fiane Gertrude D waiter Mrs Vema R 
Campbell r5709 Erie av 
Fichback Eric (Emma) lab h850 Hoff¬ 

Ficht Frank L (Helen M) tavern 402 
154th pi (OC) h667 Gordon (CC) 

" Jacob (Theresa) lab h523 Pulaski rd 
" Steve bartndr Frank Ficht r523 Pu¬ 
laski rd 

Pick Hartwig h6327 Monroe av 
" Karl E (Ruth) acct h247 Waltham 

" Mabel M elk r6327 Monroe av 
" Margt H cash r6327 Monroe av 
Fickert Amelia maid 7258 Forest av 
" Martha Mrs maid 7258 Forest av 
Ficus Vem (Ethel) mach h4308 Hohman 
Fida Carrie (wid Peter) hlll3 Kenwood 
Fiebelkom Carl city policemn r822 Car- 

" Elsie waiter Solon’s Tap Room r rear 
818 Carroll 

" Ervin A (Clara) tchr h rear 818 Car- 

" Gust W (Ethel C) h5647 AUce av 
" Gustav W (Wilhelmina) h822 Carroll 
" Herman carp r822 Carroll 
" Viola wrapper Prosperity Clnrs & 
Dyers r822 Carroll 

Fiedler Floral Co (Mrs Ruth A Fiedler) 
219 Kenwood 

" Frank baker Mrs Rosa M Vivian 
" Hugh A (Ruth A) bus opr C&CDTCo 
h219 Kenwood av 

” John F (Pearl) wtchmn hl923 Super¬ 
ior av (POWhi) 

" Jos P (Angeline) lab h4429 Baltimore 
” Louis chainmn rl05 Rimbach 
" Ruth A Mrs (Fiedler Floral Co) h219 
Kenwood av 

" Susan (wid John) r4429 Baltimore av 
Fiedorowicz Anthony emp W B Conkey 
Co r233 il55th (CO 
" Bert J (Helen R) slsmn Borden-Wle- 
land Div h676 Douglas av (CC) 

" Jos (Mary) barber 141 155th (CC) h 

o : 

i do 

Fiefield Otto G Inc Mrs Helen M Ham¬ 
mond mgr real est 7028 Jackson av 
Fiegel Helen (wid Ignatius J) h543 Pul¬ 
aski rd (OC) 

" Lucille elk Goldblatt Bros r543 Pulaski 
rd (OC) 

Fiegenschuh Harold F (Madeline) purch 
agt h8 Forestdale Park (OC) 

Fiegle Elise A (wid Jos) h5342 Oakley 
" Lawrence (Eleanor) crane opr h7140 
Alexander av 

’’ Roland H (Elsie) crane opr r5342 Oak¬ 
ley av 

" Virgil r5342 Oakley av 
Field Anson L (Ethel B) garagemn IBT 
Co h238 Ogden 

" Robt E elk Calumet City PO r238 Og¬ 

" Robt F (Jean L) supvr h737 Cherry 
Fieldon Burton (Vera) ore wkr h3250 

Fields Floyd J (Elsie A F) mach opr h 
4613 Towle av 

" Gleason (Grace) asmblr h rear 544 

” Moses rlOl Industrial rd 
" Verlie R (Eliz) watch mkr Paramount 
Jewelers h408 Highland 
Fiene Geo F (Marie H) h5619 SOhl av 
" Louise bkpr Greenwald’s Furn Co r 
Oak Glenn Ill 

Fiesler W Woodrow r320 State (CC) 

" Walter (Freeda) cond h320 State (C 

Fife Maude tchr Morton Jr Hi Sch r48 

Fifield Earl (Evelyn) steel wkr h49 Og¬ 

" Warren (Doris) mldr r6537 Madison 
" Wm H (Margarete) eng NIPSCo h 
722 Jackson av 

Figenbaiun Marcus (Ruth) elk r5627 
Walter av 

Figler Jos W (Mary) steel wkr h942 
Myrtle) av (POWhi) 

Figlewicz Eleanor I Mrs mgr Mrs Lottie 
Kranoski r537 155th (CC) 

" Irene rl54 Polk blvd 
" John hl54 Polk blvd 
Figna Anton bartndr Andrew Szypezak 
Fignar Mary (wid Wm) hl237 170th 

FigUwhi)^ ean0r r1008 Myrtle av (po 

” John J (Susie) oil wkr hl008 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

Fike Blaine W (Dorothy) asst mgr W T 
Grant Co h rear 31 Carroll 
Fiksdal Barnes (Margt) opr R J Milne 
Trucking & Excavating Co h250 Rus¬ 

” Evelyn Mrs h rear 2615 Krueger pi 
Filas Albert r38 155th (CC) 

" Albert chauf Borden-Wieland Div r307 
156th (OC) 

" Edw (Evelyn) dairy wkr hl517 Brown 
av (POWhi) 

" Florence L elk Pratt Food Co r5 Sib¬ 

" Helen r38 155th (CC) 

" Jacob (Rose) h38 155th (OC) 

" Jos (Stella) formn h4332 Towle av 
" Robt L (Frances W) driver h307 156th 

Rudolph r38 155th (CC) 

" Victoria (wid Lawrence) h4409 Wa¬ 
bash av 

Fileccia Jack barber 5750 Calumet av h 

" John B (Josephine) barber 62 Clin¬ 
ton h243 Douglas 

" Philip slsmn Peoples Credit Clothing 
Co r243 Douglas 

Fllipek Frank lab r2125 Lincoln av (PO 

" Mary r2125 Lincoln av (POWhi) 
Fillebeck Jos A (Margt) supt h4124 
Sheffield av 

" Josephine (wid Max) h538 Ingraham 
av (OC) 

Fillilo Thelma waiter r6216 Monroe av 
Filok Thos rlOl Industrial rd 
Filser Chas (Mary) wtchmn h4725 ASh 
Filson Katheryn reception elk Hessville 
Medical Clinic r E Chicago Ind 
" Margt R elk E C Minas Co r E Chi¬ 
cago Ind 

Finch Danl W (Gladys) lab Calumet 
Steel Cstgs Corp r Gary Ind 
" Robt F (Marcella) steel wkr K451 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

" Wm carp r48 Waltham 
Finchum Hodge (Mary) steel wkr h3315 

Finck Fr ank R (Marguerite) brkmn C& 
ERy h421 Sibley blvd (CC) 



Hamacher Nursery 

707 Ridge Rd., Hammond, Ind., R. D. 1 

John E (Grace) electn h7216 Jackson 
" Kenneth M wldr r221 Ogden 
Findlay Laura (wid John) r838 Becker 
Findling Herbert (Irene) steel wkr h 
rear 418 Clinton 
Lillian sten r422 Clinton 
Martin J (Renata) radio repr 426 
Clinton h do 

Mathilda (wid Fred) h422 Clinton 
" Willard F (Ruth E) elec eng h7127 
Madison av 

Fine Herbert J (Pauline) mgr Goldblatt 
Bros h572 Forsythe av apt 4 (CC) 
Irving mgr Goldblatt Bros r813 Sib¬ 

'• Louis (Thelma) gro 813 Sibley h do 
Wm W (Sarah) fruits 506% Conkey 
h5706 Erie av 

Finerty John W <Mae) electn h512 State 

County, rlll6 Rush (Gary), Tel 

Patk C r492 Freeland av (CC) 

Wm F swtchmn h492 Freeland av (C 

Finger Paul E (Anna C) mech eng SRE 
MCo r Gary Ind 

Finke Albert (Ruth) r929 State blvd 
Eug lab r5236 Oakley av 
Finkel Jack (Stella S) h7230 Jefferson 
Finkelstein Lena (wid Jacob) hi 126 Tru¬ 

" Morris (Sophia) h570 Forsythe av (C 
C) —. 

Finks Roy O (Esta) inspr h855 Sibley 
Finley Carl E (Iva M) driver hll26 Wil¬ 
cox av 

" Donald lab r498 Ingraham av (CC) 

" John (Helen) oil wkr h5524 Walter av 
• Kenneth M (Georgia) driver r498 In¬ 
graham av (CC) 

Finn Bernard H (Betty) soap wkr h rear 


Finnegan Bart M (Mariellyn) oil wkr h 
1749 Davis av apt 4 (POWhi) 
Finneran Donald J life guard r501 Sib¬ 
ley blvd (CC) 

" Harold W lab r501 Sibley blvd (OC) 

" Jas J (Minnie H) tavern 10 State (C 
C) h501 Sibley blvd (OC) 

" Jas J jr bartndr Jas J Finneran r501 
Sibley blvd (OC) 

' Mamie E r501 Sibley blvd (OC) 

" Martin H (Blanche S) lawyer 704 
Wentworth av R205 (CC) h523 do 
Finnon Emma L (wid Thos) r5 Mason 

" Thos A (Helen) switchmn h5 Mason 

Fiola Barbara window trmr Byrd Lab- 
ertew r2014 Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Barbara F (wid Alex) h2014 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

FioreUo Michl rlOl Industrial rd 
Firchau Edw G (Bernice) purch agt W 
B Conkey Co h7109 Monroe av 
Fires Clarence (Margt) r237 Clinton 
Firestone Burdette H (Bernice) store kpr 
NIPSCo H430 165th 
Fir lick Michl (Anna) oil wkr h4545 Ash 
First Baptist Church 1830 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

" Baptist Church Rev Jesse M Horton 
pastor 523 Sibley 

AND LOAN ASSN, Anton Sczypior 
Pres, Steve J Maciejewski V-Pres, 
Emanuel Freeman Treas, Sylvester 
M Wleklinski Sec-Mgr, Accounts 
Federally Insured, “See First Calu¬ 
met City First” 695 Wentworth av 
at Pulaski rd (CC), Tel 227 
Christian Church Rev Wm E Ander¬ 
son pastor 5461 Calumet av 


" Church of Christ Scientist 5448 Hoh- 
man av 

" Evangelical Church 1010 116th (PO 

son Pres, J C Johnson V-Pres, Harry 
E Folk Sec and Treas, Irene Rybar- 
czyk Asst Sec and Treas, H A Mc¬ 
Connell Cash, 410 Fayette, Tel 52 
(For further information see page 44 
Buyers’ Guide) 

" Hungarian Reformed Church 603-05 

" Methodist Church Rev Jas Lawson 
pastor 215 Russell 
" Presbyterian Church Rev Thos 
Simpson 6021, Hohman av 
" Trust Building see Calumet Building 
Haney), Prescription Druggists 630- 
632 Calumet Bldg, 5231 Hohman — 
Tel 606 

” Trust Optical Shop Gerald J Barker 
mgr 5231 Hohman av R415 
" Trust & Saving Bank Harry E Folk 
receiver 5231 Hohman R320 
" United Presbyterian Church Rev Mau¬ 
rice F McCracken pastor Arizona av 
se cor 167th 
Fischer see also Fisher 
" Albert (Eulalia) sec Ahlborn & La- 
Vene Construction Co h33 169th 
" Albert J (Eliz) h956 State blvd 
" Alberta B tchr Lafayette Sch tf33 

" Carl R br mgr r226 Highland 
•' Clara (wid Richd) smstrs r226 High¬ 

" Cleaners (Edw Mur den, Clarence Ma- 
gill) 122-24 State 

" Frank (Frances) mach M938 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

" Frank jr rl938 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Fred L (Marv) lab h282S New York 
av (POWhi) 

" John A (Anna M) h239 Williams 
•' John K (Nora K) plant mgr h6253 
Monroe av 

" L Co Inc Carl H Buehler pres John F 
Rahn v-pres H E Radloff sec plan¬ 
ing mill 2227 New York av 
" Leo (Alice) wtchmn hl004 Drackert 
" Leo C (Marie M) still opr h251 Doty 
" Louis E (Olive) h620 119th (POWhi) 
" Louis J (Rose) planing mill 1433 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) hl537 Amy 
av (POWhi) 

" Lydia R bkpr h5225 State Line a 
Mary C Mrs r5927 Columbia av 
" Mary E student r33 169th 
" Oscar O (Edna) fcty wkr h647 119th 

" Paul (Martha) wtchmn W J Holliday 
& Co h20 Waltham 
" Robt A dk NIPSCo r239 Williams 
" Robt A (Helen B) pharm Jennings- 
Matten Pharm (W) h28 Ruth apt 

" Robt A jr (Mary E) clnr Mottle’s 
Valeteria Serv h6529 Jefferson av 
" Ruth M elk NIPSCo r522S State Line 
" Walter J asst mgr Home Lbr Co rl738 
Central av (W) 

Fischler Ross R (Hazel P) elk hlO War¬ 
ren (CO) 

Fiscus Austin (Gladys) h471 Indiana 
Fisihel Lucille assorter r7138 Jefferson av 
" Vallie A (Ruth E) steel wkr h7il38 
Jefferson av 

Fisher Allen O (Mildred J) lab h828 lT3d 
" Alonzo L (Rose) pumper h2014 Su¬ 
perior av (POWhi) 

" Arnold C (Helen) mgr J C Penney Co 
Ino hl35 157th (CC) 

" Carl (Anne) steel wkr h5240 Sohl av 
apt 210 


Sales and 




C) h23 do 
" Clarence E (Anna) steel wkr h647 

" Ella Mrs r5927 Columbia av 
" Prank D (Mary L) servicemn Barelli 
Appliance Co h828 Truman 
" Geo C appr r23 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Grace M bkpr r6126 Ray av 
" Hazel tchr Geo Rogers Clark Sch r 
439 Waltham 

" Henry A (Edith) oil wkr hl613 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

" Herbert D (Irene) firemn h6126 Ray 
" Herbert E (Mildred A) chf elk h6705 
Alabama av 

" Herman (Gladys) swtchmn h23 Con- 

" Herman A (Alice B) formn h6318 Mo¬ 
raine av 

" Howard M (Frieda H) linemn NIPS 
Co h6252 Madison av 
Jack maintenance mn Continental 
Baking Co 

" Jas C swtchmn r6397—Garfield-av 
" Jane Mrs tel opr Goldblatt Bros h5538 
Alice av 

" John carp rl412 Amy av (POWhi) 

" John C student r6318 Moraine av 
" John P (Rose) detective sergt Police 
Dept h2715 il64th pi 
" Jos rec Goldblatt Bros r S Holland 

Lawrence S (Anna B) steel wkr h4823 
Columbia av 

" Leonard A mgr Goldblatt Bros r23 
Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Louis E (Mae) rlllS Indiana 
" Lundy J (Ruby) h4335 State Line a 
" Luther lab r834 Plummer 
” Lydia Mrs sten Home Bldg, Loan & 

' Malcolm (Violet) oil wkr h7019 Van 
Buren av 

Maureen dept 'head Public Library h 
37% Warren 

" Michl (Dawn E) steel wkr h5636 Alice 

" Norman (Sue) still clnr r4629 John¬ 
son av 

" Saxon sten r6318 Moraine av 

" Terry J (Grace) chemist h6926 Ari¬ 
zona av 

" Thos A form wkr W B Conkey Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Fisk Fredk F ry opr C&CDTCo h6229 
Blaine av 

Jessie r6229 Blaine av 

Fisko Geo (Vera) refinerywkr r908 119th 

" Jos A (Mary) steel wkr h7405 Madi¬ 
son av 

Fiskus Augustus (Gladys) h485 Truman 

Fister Chas W (Eva) asst mgr J C Pen¬ 
ney Co h6823 Forstdale av 

Fistrovic Matthew r2417 Birch av (PO 

" Philip (Barbara) car repr h2417 Birch 
av (POWhi) 

Fitch Gilbert A slsmn r227 Mason (CC) 

Lynn H (Louise) lab Borden-Wieland 
biv h227 Mason (CC) 

Fites Albert carp h6534 Jefferson av 

" J Lynn oil wkr r6534 Jefferson av 

" Pearl W Mrs tchr Douglas Sch (CC) 
h621 Ingraham av (CC) 

’’ Ryval (Pauline) steel wkr h4903 
Hickory av 

•' W Wayne (Esther I) elk r6534 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

Fitts Dalian elk-sten U S Immigration 
and Naturalization Service r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

Fitzcharles H B radio eng Hammond 
Calumet Broadcasting Carp r Chi¬ 
cago IQ 


hlll7 Sibley 
" Edna A elk Calumet Goodwill Indus¬ 
tries Inc r4745 Sheffield av 
" Edw J (Dorothy I) electn h607 For¬ 
sythe av (OC) 

Attorney-at-Law 318 Calumet Bldg 
5231 Hohman av, Tel 5640, h728 Irw 

Circulation Mgr The Hammond 
Times, h243 169th, Tel 2618 
" Eug (Lucille) mech Smith Mtr 31s Inc 
r227> Condit 

" Harold E lab r4745 Sheffield av 
" J T slsmn Smith Mtr Sis Inc r5664 
Walter av apt 1 

" Jas F (Nellie B) firemn h5664 Walter 
av apt 1 

Kath A (wid J J) h7 Waltham (CC) 
" Leo h2923 Janet pi 
" Mae A r4745 Sheffield av 
" Marie Mrs r6038 Columbia av 
" Sarah Mrs h4745 Sheffield av 
Fitzpatrick Frank (Mary E> h526 Indi¬ 
ana apt I 

" Hattie maid Indiana Hotel r5030 Hoh¬ 
man av 

" John wtchmn r472 Fayette 
" John T service mn Burch Auto Sup 
<Sz Serv Stores Inc rl034 Becker 
" Raymond (Audra W) loco eng h848 

Timothy H atndt r2707 161st 
Fitzsimmons Arth lab r520 Truman blvd 
Fizer Omar D (Emma) h4713 Sheffield 
" Thos R r4713 Sheffield av 
Flach Herman M (Margt) elec eng hl36 
155th pi (OC) 

Flack Theo M (Vera) tchr Tech-Voca¬ 
tional Sch h6946 VanBuren av 
" Vera Mrs (Jean Ferrell Health & 
Beauty Products) h6946 VanBuren 
" Wm (Rovene) oil wkr h5240 Sohl av 
apt 105 

Flagg Earl J (Fannie) eng h5020 Trankle 

Harold (Rhea) carp h4721 Henry av 
Flaherty Carl trucker W B Conkey Co r 
6221 VanBuren av 

" Edw L (Lillian) agt Western & Sou 
Life Ins Co r21 Warren 
" Geo L (Calvaleen) driver h4 157th (C 

Helen M nurse StMargt Sch of Nurs¬ 
ing h21 Warren 

" John J (Louise) janitor h6221 Van 
Buren av 

" Lawrence A (Margt M) dept supt 
Continental Baking Co h246 Eliza¬ 
beth (OC) 

’ Michl (Patricia) steel wkr h304 il55th 

" Paul bakery wkr Continental Baking 
Co r6221 VanBuren av 
" Paul J acct NIPSCo r238 Vine 
” Thos (Frances) r21 Warren 
Flanagan Thos L (Mary A) crane opr h 
4836 Columbia av 

Flanigan Raymond (Mae M) electn h 
7042 Osborn av 

Flannery John R (Eliz A) ctr h633 Hoff¬ 

Flaris Anthony (Betty) elk North Side 
Fruit Market r4504 Hohman av 
" Gust (Cath; North Side Fruit Mkt) 
h4504 Hohman av 

" Jas (LaSalle Shoe Shine Parlor) r4504 
Hohman av 

Flarity Wm fety wkr r236 Douglas 
”’-- lher Maude (wid Chas) drsmkr h 
635 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Fleck Edwin K (Kathryn M) bottler r 
921 Hofftnan 

" Eleanor maid Lyndora Home r5927 
Columbia av 

" Harold eng r846 State blvd 

Fleener Orville A (Minnie) formn NIPS 
Co h710 Plummer 

" Otto F (June) phys 6034 Haliman ov 
r Gary Ind 

Fleischer Frank C (Cecelia) city firemn 
h7125 Madison av 

" Jacob C (Marie) phys 6827 Kennedy 
av h do 

Fleisher Anna (wid Gustave) rl35 Rim- 

" Sami fdr W B Conkey Co r Chicago 

Fleming Adolph lab r543 155th pi (OC> 
" Anthony (Agnes) chemical wkr h35 
Pulaski rd (OC) 

" Anthony lab UC&OPCo r Harvey IU 
" Aug E (Amanda) mach h786 Burnham 
av (CC) 

" Austin T (Helen) mgr (h751 Indiana 
" Chas (Margt) h745 Indiana 
” Chas (Eleanor) refinery wkr hl916 
Calumet av (POWhi) 

” Coal Co (Thos F Fleming) 5009 Calu¬ 
met av 

" Edw O (Marion) plmbr h453M> State 
" Elenore elk Fuller Brush Co rl916 
Calumet (POWhi) 

" Eliz J (wid Theo A) r570 State apt 1 
" Emil N< (Gretchen) steel wkr h2650 

•' Floyd G (Marion) eng h6608 Arkansas 
" Floyd J (Beatrice) formn h708 Cherry 
" Franklin J (Jeannette) mldr h4838 
Unden av 

” Fredk R (Cordelia) carp hl012 Hoff¬ 

" Harold R (Loraine M» hlpr C&CDT 
Co h529 Vine 

" Helen Mrs sten Indiana Botanic Gar¬ 
dens !h751 Indiana 

" John R (M Loraine) fety wkr h4926 
Columbia av 

" Llovd C bus opr C&CDTCo rll09 


” Mane (wid Jos) r4909 Ash av 
" Martha (wid Anton) rl9 155th (OC) 
Raymond J r4909 Ash av 
" Thos F (Mary; Fleming Coal Co) h 
751 Indiana 

Wm (Harriet) wtchmn h5618 Hohman 
Fletcher Arth H (Edith) carrier PO h 
1015 Hoffman 

" Bernard B (Rose M) h234 Condit 
'' Earl hlpr Riverdale Products Co r 
Hegewisch Ill 

" Gertrude supvr IBTCo r6644 Van 
Buren av 

FLETCHER R B, Special Representative 
Dept of Financial Institutions, 
Liquidating Hammond Bldg Loan 
& Savings Assn, Home Bldg Loan & 
Savings Assn, Mutual Savings and 
Loan Assn, 301 Lloyd Bldg 5305 Hoh¬ 
man av, Tel 2750, r Gary Ind 
" Vir^Nellie) diamond sawyer h510 

" Wm A (Jessie) elk PO h834 169th pi 
Fletemeyer May S dept supvr NIPSCo 
r5933 Park pi apt 1 
Flewelling John H (Sophie) mainten¬ 
ance mn h4)19 Conkey 
Flick Norman A (Gertrude) mech hl44 
157th apt 1 (OC) 

Flick’s Tavern (Noble O Flickinger) 6449 
Kennedy av 

Flickinger Noble O (Martha; Flick’s 
Tavern) h3024 Cleveland 
" Thos A (Elsie) wtchmn h915 Drack- 

Flieshman Anthony millwright r828 In¬ 

” Frank (Louise) carp h828 Indiana 
Flis Anthony (Rose) h4109 Hohman av 
Flisak Walter (Irene) steel wkr r2022 
Uncoln av (POWhi) 

Flitar Sami (Mary) inspr h7I17 Dela¬ 
ware av 

Flitter Wm H (Muriel) auto mech 
Swarthout & Craig Inc h946 State 

Flock Benj (Anna) designer h954 Wil¬ 
cox av 

Flohr Geo H (Hildur A) custodian h4918 
Hickory av 

Flora Adele Mrs cash Goldblatt Bros h 
6421 Jefferson av 
" Clifton driver r6031 Erie 
" Dorothy Mrs h6031 Erie 


" Kenneth L (Adele) dentist 5444 Calu¬ 
met av h642l Jefferson av 
Florek Adolph (Helen) steel wkr rl3929 
Entre av (Bin) 

" Apripine (wid Sylvester) hl3929 Entre 
av (Bur) 

" Felix (Josephine) inspr r13929 Entre 
av (Bur) 

" John (Josephine) lab h)13924 Green 
Bay av (Bur) 

" Jos F (Mary) chipper hl39l8 Chip¬ 
pewa av (Bur) 

Florence Alex W (Alice S) mach hl34 

• Apartments 111-113 152d (OC) 

" Apartments 575-77 Ingraham av (C 

” Philip C (Priscilla) checker h6111 
Noble av 

" Robt A oil wkr r!34 Plummer 
Florer Paul E (Betty M) musician r437 

Wm M (Ida) extractor opr Riverdale 
Products Co h5146 Morton ct 
Flores Anton (Olivia) lab h4527 Shef¬ 
field av 

Geo (Jennie) lab h2620 167th 
John L (Caroline L) driver Prohl 
Supply Co r2620 167th 
Louis (Stephanie) h5718 Hump rd 
Thos E driver Prohl Supply Co r2620 

Florey Andrew J (Helen C) printer h 
4726 Johnson av 

" Lettie (wid John) rl013 Chicago 
" Teddy W (Alice) prs opr hl013 Chi¬ 

Florian Norman P (Bertha P) steel wkr 
h6244 Jefferson av 
' Rose L (wid Frank) r6244 Jefferson 
Florkiewicz Emily sten r4412 Sheffield 
" Frank (Julia) steel wkr h4412 Shef¬ 
field av 

" Jean r4412 Sheffield av 
" Theo steel wkr r4412 Sheffield av 
Flory Adeline smstrs r738 Gostlin 
Flossmore Trailer Park (Marguerite Mc¬ 
Laughlin) 1516 169th 
Flournoy Walter A (Mamye A) formn h 
6648 Monroe av 

Flowers Waitman M (Margt) eng !hl021 
Forest Hills av (CC) 

Floyd Jas (Ethel) porter Echterling 
Truck & Body Works r829 Ames 
" Paul (Irene) steel wkr h/1417 Sher- 

Flusche Marie Mrs waiter h950 Plum¬ 

" Paul steel wkr r950 Plummer 
Flutka Jas J (Gertrude) pntr hll21 In¬ 

Flynn Darrell W (Goldie G) supt West¬ 
ern & Sou Life Ins Co h6519 Madi¬ 
son av 

Edith iwid Geo) r6321 Moraine av 
Edw P (Agnes) ptrn mkr h505 Lewis 
" Jerry W (Mildred) steel wkr h6831- 
33 Jackson av apt 4 
Margt (wid John A) r4316 Sheffield 
" Mattie h642 Plummer 
" Thos W (Bessie B) sec-treas Northern 
Indiana Stationery Co h7210 Jack- 
son av 

Wm J (Hilda) h221 Waltham (OC) 
FoOht Francis (Florence) steel wkr hl2 

Arth P (Mary G) swtchmn h 

5618 Walter av 
’’ Arth p jr dept mgr r5618 Walter av 
" Chas M (Mary E) mill wkr h5436 
Webster av 

" Paul J elk r5618 Walter av 
Fogelman Jos A (Gertrude) auto repr h 
5458 Calumet av 

Fogle Harold E lab r947 Wilcox av 
" Leo (Marie) h933 Kane 
" Robt F bundle tier W B Conkey Co 
r947 Wilcox av 

" Sybil tchr Wallace Sch h237 Highland 
apt 312 

" Wilbur lab rll32 Truman 
Fogleman Audley T (Dorothy) lab h5»16 

Fogli Chas B (Jennie E) eng hl543 Amy 
av (POWhi) h do 

" Jennie E Mrs beauty shop 1543 Amy 
av (POWhi) h do 

Foley Jessie Mrs nurse aide StMargt Sch 
of Nursing r3137 171st 
" John A (Josephine) bartndr Mel 
Perch hl31 Rimbach 
" John L (Margt) elk C&ERy h5615 
Claude av 

FOLK HARRY E (Gertrude C), Re¬ 
ceiver First Trust & Savings Bank 
and Peoples Co-Op State Bank, 320- 
321 Calumet Bldg 5231 Hohman av, 
Tel 1700, h31 Highland, Tel 3936-R 
" M Juanita bartndr Jack Doll r5438 
Molesberger pi 

" Ray E (Minnie) slsmn h 0 9 90 Jo e hs o n - 
Folken Edith tchr Edison Sch r44 War¬ 

Follmer Claude emp W B Conkey Co r 
Chicago HI 

" Peter PJr emp W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 
cago Hi 

Followes Roy P (Elsie E) bkpr h6422 
Monroe av 

Folta Bruno (Pauline) h4307 Wabash av 
" Ignatz (Victoria) h4237 Wabash av 
" Pauline r4237 Wabash av 
" Rudolph refinery wkr r4237 Wabash 
Foltz Francis (Elsie) lab h560 Plummer 
" Fredk driver r238 Condit 
" Mary (wid Harry) r223 WiUiams 
" Orville lab r560 Plummer 
Fonda Merle A (Mabel) bartndr Oscar 
Z Drayn r411 State (CC) 

Fone Thos rlOl Industrial rd 
Fontaine Wm (Bernice V) h46T Indi¬ 
ana apt 12 

Foogde Elis R (Martha E) chemist h428 
Pulaski rd (OC) 

Foot Osee W (Rose) electn hi328 Davis 
av (POWhl) 

Forauer Anthony formn rl748 Davis av 

" John (Henrietta) elk hl310 121st (P 

" Mary J (wid John) hl748 Davis av 

Forbeck Anthony B (Edythe) carp h54 
Coolidge av 

Forbes Alex (Clara) mach hd h54 Ma¬ 

" Lester M (Bertha L) distr eng NIPS 
Co h245 Femwood av 
" Murdock C h257 Conkey 
" Porter W (Eva J) lab Beckman Sup 
Co h717 State 
" Wm rlOl Industrial rd 
” Wm O (Nita) hlpr h851 Summer 
Forbis Arth ri822 Lake av (POWhi) 

" John (Ruth) elk h446 Gordon (OC) 

" Jos N (Della) hl622 Lake av (PO 

" Wm elk rl622 Lake av (POWhi) 
Forburger Gus A (Eleanor A) steel wkr 
h612 Sibley 

Ford Chas A (Bessie) lab hl513 175th 
" Clara (wid Peter) hl417 Lake av (PO 

" Cynthia Mrs rl4 Rimbach 
'• Danl J (Helen) h6519 Jackson av 
" David E (Esther) asst mech City 
Street Dept h837 Ames 
" Ernest steel wkr rl012 187th 
" Eug B (Helen A; Ford & Ford) h5220 
Ann av 

’ Floyd (Eula) auto wkr r47 Ogden 
” Hall (Bessie) firemn h5848 Wallace 
rd * 

" Helen A Mrs (Ford & Ford) h5220 
Ann av 

CURY MOTOR CARS, Herschbach 
Motor Corn Dealers, 5603-9 Hohman 
av, Tels 650-651 (For further infor¬ 
mation see page 6 Buyers’ Guide) 

” Mattie hsekpr 930 Eaton 
Motor Sales Inc Dealers, 1820-22 
Indianapolis blvd (POWhi), Tel 
Whiting 15 (For further informa¬ 
tion see page 7 Buyers’ Guide) 

” Parker L (Lois) wldr hl619 Myrtle av 

" Russell E (Ella Z) steel wkr h515 

" Thos E (Connie B) constr wkr h854 

Foreman Arth (Irene) driver h4844 
Hickory av 

” Donald r954 Summer 
" Fred opr C&CDTCo r833 Sihley 
" Harold delmn Goldtolatt Bros r954 

" Hazel r954 Summer 
" Herman (Lillian) yd supt h911 Oar- 

" John (Nellie) oil wkr h4104 Towle av 
" Mack (Dicie) dept supt h2014 Benja¬ 
min pi (POWhi) 

" Ray M (Helen C) electn h4718 Cam¬ 
eron av 

Ulva T (Edith) carp h954 Summer 
Forgich Danl lab h923 Conkey 
Forkasdi John (Julia) lab h6558 Colum¬ 
bia av 

For line Robt M (Nora M) custodian La¬ 
fayette Sch h444 Highland 
Forman John driver r516 Truman blvd 

Nathan fdr W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 

Formanick Fred rlOl Industrial rd Louis (Anastasia) lab hl41 
156th pi (OC) 

Fomal Jos lab r7214 Northcote av 
Fomari Therese clnr Seifer Fum Co r 
'E Chicago Ind 

Fomear John (Thelma) pipeftr h6231 
Jefferson av 

Forney Thos E (Martha) pntr h610 State 
Line av (CC) 

Forrest Geo K (Charlotte M) dept mgr 
h7I138 Madison av 

" J Robt bkpr Hammond Lumber Co r 
«17 Indiana 

Forristel Irene spl tchr PS r5946 Hoh¬ 
man av _ 

Forsberg C W formn Borden - W leland 
Div r Indiana Harbor 
■' David (Alva) mach h4716 Columbia 
FORSTER NELSEN K (Ethyl W), Phys¬ 
ician, Office Hours 2 to 4 and 7 to 
8 P M 137 Rimbach, Tel 205, h6608 
Forest av, Tel 4430 ' 

Porstka Anna fety wkr rl220 5th av (PO 

" Jos (Cath) fety wkr bl220 5th av (PO 

Forsyth Edw S (Clarice E) mach opr h 
rear 4933 Ash av 

Forsythe Chas J (Dolly) supvr C&rCDT 
Co r Gary 

David L (Cath L) janitor Belvidere 
Apts h23T Highland apt 101 
” Earl L (Edna) treater h918 Michigan 
” Ernest L (Ada M) steel wkr h7146 
Chestnut av 

" Jas E still opr h577 Ingraham av apt 
1 (OC) 

" Jos D (Adele G) bell boy h508 Ingra¬ 
ham av (CC) 

" Park 1400-1600 Caroline av (POWhi) 
" Winifred tchr Morton Jr Hi Sch r 
1620 Park View av (POWhi) 
FORSZT EDW A (Marie), Optometrist 
Operating Exclusive Laboratory For 
Grinding All Lenses, 308 Hammond 
Bldg 5217 Hohman av, Tel 5217 
" Walter R optician Edw A Forszt r In¬ 
diana Harbor Ind 

Fortener Carl J (Dorothy) mach hl545 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Louis (Lucy) h2011 Lincoln av (PO 

" Sylvester E (Ann) oil wkr hl408 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

" Walter barber r2011 Lincoln av (PO 

Forth Alvin H (Helen) h60»l Columbia 
" Helen Mrs (Helen’s Beauty Shoppe) 
h6031 Columbia 

Fortner Geo (Cecelia) oil wkr hl639 
Brown av (POWhi) 

Fortson Jas F (Zora B) bus opr C&CD 
TCo h640 Sibley 

Fortune Chas F driver r508 Ingraham av 

" Jos A (Christine J) driver h508 In¬ 
graham av (OC) 

Foss Edwin H auto repr 5300 Jessie av 
r2034 Sherman 

" Frances (wid Frank M) h314 157th 

•' Irene Mrs slsmn r4703 Torrence av 
•' Russell M (Margt) chemist h5424 
I MoLsberger pi 





Wm (Mary) driver Bieker Co Inc h 
761 May av (OC) 

Wm C (Martha) stm ftr hll07 Sib¬ 

Fossett Oscar D (-Rtrth-O h730 Cherry 
Foster Anthony (Iris) slsmn h6637 Har¬ 
rison av 

Edgar pipe ftr r5310 Sohl av 
" Edw (Mabel A) mech Herschbach Mtr 
Corp h7540 Jackson av 
" Frank (Evelyn) steel wkr h6946 Ala¬ 
bama av 

•• Frank (Faye) wldr h2721 Cleveland 

Fred D (Bernice) lab Oak Hill Ceme¬ 
tery h6216 Monroe av 
•' Georgina tchr Geo Rogers Clark Sch 
(H) rl915 Stanton av (POWhi) 

•' Glenn (Marguerite) liremn h849 
Hoffman av 

•• Harold H lab r248 Waltham (OC) 

" Harvey R (Marion C) distr h4927 
Elm ay 

" Laban L (Emma) refinery wkr h626 
Roosevelt dr (POWhi) 

•' Lawrence P (Roberta) mach hl922 
Wespark av (POWhi) 

" Lelah maid 1101 Roosevelt 
•' Leslie P (R Pearl) chemist h7210 Ol- 
cott av 

" Marguerite prfreader W B Conkey Co 
r6430 Monroe av 

" Nancy L asst prin Edison Sch h5945 
Hyslop pi apt 201 

" Owen (Helen) hlpr Peters Battery 
Service h5©59 Birch av 
" Ralph L (Vera) electn Sou Wheel Div 
hl034 Bauer 

" Robt L hooker r2721 Cleveland 
" Robt W elk Herschbach Mtr Corp r 
7540 Jackson av 

" Robt W (Henrietta) steel wkr h6219 
Monroe av 

" Stanley (Margt) brklyr h6430 Mon¬ 
roe av 

" Theresa Mrs r4914 Oak av 
" Violette tchr Woodrow Wilson Sch (C 
C) r641 Gordon (CC) 

" Wesley J rlOl Industrial rd 
" Wm H (Ann) h244 Clinton 
Foudray Edgar lab h784 Burnham av (C 

Four Aces Club (Dominick Nardi) tav¬ 
ern 204 State (CC) 

Foust Arth (Arvella) iron wkr h648 Sib¬ 

" Benton W (Clara M) wtchmn h251 

" Clara Ship elk Mottle’s Valeteria Serv 
r251 Wildwood 

" Herbert (Marie) slsmn h588 Forsythe 
av (OC) 

" Mary R sec Dr Sol V Panares r251 

" Sami A (Edna) fety wkr hl420 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

Fout Vernon J (Bessie) sta eng hl39(14 
Entre av (Bur) 

" Wm A (Anna B) mach h636 Spruce 
Pouts Arth C (Anna) gauger h7028 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

" Chas can) r7031 Arizona av 
Fowler Carl F r423 Indiana 

"Chas B (Amanda M) lab h423 Indi- 

- — ... —-7 Chicago 

Elza B pntr h544 Chicago 
" Prank R ties 407 State h5619 Hohman 
av apt 4 

” Garland W (Gretchen L) bkpr hl014 

" Harry A (Rhea C) formn h250 Flor¬ 

" Helen (wid L E) h 13614 Sibley apt 15 


" Howard J hlpr Hammond Elec. Co r 

" Nellie M h4842 Hickory av 
" Raylond (Emma) fofinn C&ERR h693 

" Richd (Marion) h6721 Arkansas av 
" Robt N (Allene) estimator h54 Ruth 
apt 404 

" Roger C (Dorothy L) typist IHBRR h 
4846 Oak av 

" Ward L (Evelyn) elk Board of Educa¬ 
tion h5015 Trankle ct 
Fox Albert H (Margt E) research hl527 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Arnold R (Rose) vending mach n7045 
Forest av 

" Carrie (wid Casper) r7130 Hohman 
" Clarence L (Evelyn F; Jack Fox & 
Sons) h7044 Forest av 
" Cora L tel opr E C Minas Co rl06 
Detroit (OC) 

" Edw h928 Bauer 

" Edw J (Margie) h597 Gordon (OC) 

" Elsie M sten NTPSCo r915 Drackert 
" Florence Mrs hsekpr 1048 Drackert 

FOX FRANCIS H (Msrr^), Physician 
and Surgeon 204 Lloyd Bldg 5305 
Hohman av, Tel 180, h6518 Forrest 
av, Tel 225 

FOX JACK & SONS (Ray, Roland F 
and Clarence L Fox), Men’s Cloth¬ 
ing and Furnishings, Home of “So¬ 
ciety Brand” of Clothes 5209-5211 
Hohman av, Tel 14 
" Jacob A (Susan) h216 Doty 
" Jacob A jr fctywkr r216 Doty 
" Jos H (Cora L) filling sta 4446 Shef¬ 
field av hl06 Detroit (OC) 

" Kath Mrs hsekpr 826 Plummer 
" Marie nurse 5946 Hohman av h do 
" Ralph J (Gladys E) pntr h5442 Tell 
" Rajy (Jack Fox & Sons) r Chicago 

" Raymond M supt Pullman-Standard 
Car Mfg Co r Chicago Ill 
" Roland F (Sylvia M; Jack Fox & 
Sons) h7048 Forest av 
" Wm r5614 Schultz av 
Fox-Hess Adelaide slswn r6518 Forest av 
Foyer Mary (wid John) r307 156th (CC) 
Fradgley Maria (wid Albert) r46 Condit 
Fragen Nathan (Ruth) chemist h2030 
Davis av (POWhi) 

Frahm Wm C plstr r220 Brunswick 
Fraikin Marjorie fctywkr r6550 Alabama 
Fraker Geo (Francis) mech Leo P 
Knoerzer Co rlU4 Pulaski rd (OC) 

" Jas elk Goldblatt Bros r588 Forsythe 
av (OC) 

" Sally (wid John) h588 Forsythe av (C 

Frakes Ira M (Flora) porter h833 Tru¬ 
man av 

Fraley Lawrence (Beulah) filler hl610 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

" Lawrence Jr msngr rl610 Atchison av 

Fralich Oh«s—C (Marvel) barber 6404 
Kennedy av h2934 165th 
Fralinger Chas A (Cecelia M) mach SR 
EM Co h6342 Jefferson av 
Frame Herbert T barber J Harold Wind- 
miller h570 State apt 5 
" Jessie I (wid Martin E) h25 Ruth 
" John r570 State apt 5 
" Kenneth M elk r25 Ruth 
Frampton Frank (Anna) carp h949 Kane 
" Geo L (Bobby) elk r223 Doty 
Frances Apartments 1 Warren (OC) 
Francia Peter (Anna) tavern 213 State 
(OC) h553 Douglas av (CC) 
Francis Dorothy rl26 State 
" Ream (Velma) lab r486 Michigan 
" Robt dryer opr r486 Michigan 
" Vem R (Thelma) lino opr h6641 


£ >5o 








I *n 
i ^ 

* ^ 
l X 





50 r 

Z o? 




114th Street and Lake Ave. Phones: Whiting 670-671 and Hammond Enterprise 1880 

Headquarters: Lake Shore Housing Guild Whiting, Ind. 

Francisco Eva B (wid Walter) h655 
Douglas av (CC) 

J Herbert (Hilda S) stmftr h4832 
Oak av 

Francouer Archie (.Hazel) driver h970 

" Francis I (Florence) h4813 Pine av 
Francuz Aponaley (Josephine) h44)13 
Cameron av 

" Casimir (Stella) oilwkr r4413 Cam¬ 
eron av 

" Victor (Helen) fctywkr h4413 Cam¬ 
eron av 

Franczek Stanley (Natalie) h219 154th 
pi (OC) 

" Steph r219 154th pi (OC) 

" Wanda M maid StMargt Hosp r219 
1154th pi (OC) 

Franczyk Benj rl40 137th 
" Frank rl40 137th 
" John hJ140 137th 

" John jr lab W J Holliday & Co rl40 
137 th 

" Jos J lab W J Holliday & Co rl40 

Franidh John (Margt) firemn r2120 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

" John lab r2l20 Lincoln av (POWhi) 
" Peter (Mary) oilwkr h2120 Lincoln 
av (POWhi) 

Frank Albert N (Greta) metal sorter h 
105 157th (CC) 

" Armond P (Esther) bkpr h5641 Hoh- 
man av 

•' Bernard E (Mary E) driver hl409 

" - Oha s (Martha E) h4628 Henry av 
" Dorothy D (wid Fredk) h!14106 Burn¬ 
ham av (Bur) 

" Dorwin G (Mary L) mgr Health Spot 
Shoe Shop h5317 Hohman av 
" Emma E siswn rl05 157th (CC) 

" Esther officewkr Goldblatt Bros r5641 
Hohman av 

" Fred (Mary) mach hd h513 Vine 
P itd -W (May) h5611 Hohman av 
'' John (Virgin C) shtmtlwkr A R Har¬ 
ris Heating & Ventilating Co r25 
154th pi (OC) 

" Louise (wid Christ) r527 Highland 
" Otto W (Mabel) janitor Hammond 
Times h6419 Blaine av 
” Peter (Frances) blr tndr hl3966 Green 
Bay av (Bur) 

” Ralph 3 (Nina) servicemn h541 

” Rhea (wid Walter) tchr Washington 
Sch fall Elizabeth (OC) 

" Ruth E Mrs nurse r5613 Hohman av 
" Virginia O rll Elizabeth (OC) 

Franke Fred J (Marie A) policemn Cal¬ 
umet City h610 Ingraham av (CC) 
" Peter H (Winifred) restrwkr h rear 
638 Indiana apt 2 

Franken Cyril oilwkr rl006 6th av (FO 

" Geo slsmn rl006 6th av (PORoby) 

" Henry G (Mary) fctywkr hl006 6th 
av (PORoby) 

" Sylvia elk ri006 6th av (PORoby) 
Frankenberger Frank J (Lois) office mgr 
li65 84 M u lir oe a y- 

Frankenfield F W supt American Maize 
Products Co r Chicago Ill 
Frankland Geo M (Dorothy P) ftr NIP 
SCo h7224 Wicker av 
Franklin Ohas (Bonnie) opr h7539 Jack- 

" Chas E (Lillian) laboratory asst UC& 
OPCo h4134 Sheffield av 
" Ohas L (Martha) driver G & 
Furniture Co hl423 Sherman 
" Garland D (Susan) oilwkr h630 Stew¬ 
art ct (POWhi) 

" John carp rl337 Truman 
" Jos E (Eva) tchr Lafayette Sch h51 
Elizabeth apt 7 

Hammond Exterminating Co), h615 
State, Tel 247 

•' Lee R (Marguriete) wtchmn h4716 
Baltimore av 
" Melvin rl423 Sherman 
" Oliver L (Marie M) janitor IBTCo h 
662 Douglas av (CC) 

" Omadean (Margt) mach hl528 Rob¬ 
erts av (POWhi) 

" School 1629 Indianapolis blvd (PO 

Franko John (Irene) oilwkr h641 Bur¬ 
ton ct (POWhi) 

" Michl (Anna) steelwkr h2438 Birch 
av (POWhi) 

Frankowiak Mary (wid Frank) hl247 
Lakeview (POWhi) 

" Stanley (Dorothy) stillmn h rear 4319 
Towle av 

Frankowski Anthony tavern 102 155th 
(CC) r!38 157th (CC) 

" Jos (Sophia; Landis Shoe Repair 
Shop) hS20 Truman blvd 
" Otto M (Stella E) driver hl38 157th 

Franks Emory E (Bertha S) loco eng h 
267 Lawndale 

" Ernest G (Gladys) wax' dept hl604 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

" Etta (wid John) h813 State blvd 
Franrick Louis driver Grennan Bakeries 
Inc r469 Tnunan blvd 
Franson Herbert T (Martha) mach h 
6948 Alabama av 

Frantz Chauncey E elk NIPSCo rlO 

" Clare G (Jeannette) steelwkr h5612 
Walter av 

FRANTZ EDGAR A (Beatrice M), Den¬ 
tist 404 Lloyd Bldg 5305 Hohman av, 
Tel 3080, h49 Doty 

" R Eleanor asst Dr Edgar A Frantz 
r49 Doty 

Franyi Louis (Jean) lab h4123 Towle av 
Franz Margt r47 Douglas 
Fraser Danl (Harriet A) driver Mrs 
Rosa M Vivian h4608 Elm av 
" Robt H maintenance mn r6315 Gar¬ 
field av 

" Robt O (jean) master mech Pullman- 
Standard Car Mfg Co h6315 Gar¬ 
field av 

Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie No 2296 
101 155th (CC) 

Fratter Ann Clk Goldblatt Bros r E 

Frazer Andrew A (Ruth) slsmn r7004- , 
Alexander av 

B Isabell siswn Natalie Shop r6537 
Arizona av 

" Carl L agt Prud Ins Co r7004 Alex¬ 
ander av 

Clayton E (Ema) electn h6922 Ala¬ 
bama av 

Clinton (Isabelle) paintwkr h6537 
Arizona av 

Matt (Agnes) electn h7004 Alexander 
" Robt C (DOlly) driver r7004 Alexander 
" Ruth opr Trobey’s Beauty Salon r7004 
Alexander av 

" Sami slsmn Smith Mtr Sis Inc r7004 
Alexander av 

Frazier Colonel A (Eva) brkmn C&E 
Ry h4732 Johnson av 

Wm W (Ann E) dist eng h50 165th 
Freade Wm G (Ethel) steelwkr h6609 
Arkansas av 

Freckelton Fay J (Dessie) soapwkr h 
6223 Jackson av 

Frederick Arth H (Evelyn) oilwkr fal724 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Benj milk dir r223 Douglas 
" Floyd C (Veva M) brklyr hl5H6 169t» 

" U Grant rl008 Eaton 
Fredericks Edw C (Anne) driver South 
Hammond Coal Co h627 169th 
" Harry (Margt) gro 650 Conkey r6039 



One of the Finest Fireproof Warehouses in Lake County 

Insurance Protection—Financial and Moral Responsibility — Your Household Effects Are Carefully Handled by 
Experienced Men — We Invite Your Inspection 





" Louis (Magdalene) lab h908 Wilcox 
" Thos J (Rose; Universal Sign Co) r 
3626 178th 

•' Wm G (Carrie; South Hammond Coal 
& Materials Co) h09O6 Harrison av 
" Wm G jr elk r6906 Harrison av 
Frederickson Harold F (Mary C) joiner 
h668 Sibley blvd (CC) 

Fredianelli Bruno lab r497 Wentworth 
av (OC) 

' Jas lab r497 Wentworth av (CC) 

" Jennie r4J7 Wentworth av (CC) 

" Jos (Mary) lab r497 Wentworth av 

" NCllo R (Loretta H) lab h rear 504 
Ingraham av (OC) 

" Paul (Helen M) driver h42l Garfield 
av (CO 

" Peter (Mary) lab h497 Wentworth av 

Fredrickson John (Bertha J) slsmn Con¬ 
tinental Baking Co h425 Mulberry 
Free Methodist Church Rev Christian 
Schumaker pastor 4633 Hickory av 
Freeberg Carl pianowkr Straube Pianos 
Inc rl017 150th 

Freeburg Gunard C (Edith) carp hl412 
Lake av (POWhi) 

Freeby Franklin L (Margt) h919 Cherry 
Freedman Paul (Lottie) mgr Whiting 
Motor Sales (W) hl548 Atchison av 

" Sami (Fannie) steelwkr hS Doty 
Freel Arth (Alice) oilwkr r20iio Atchison 
av (POWhi) 

" Earl E bodymn Bohling Auto Sales 

Freeland Food Shop (Theo Dutczak) 
gros 636 Freeland av (CC) 

" Philip F (Hazel B) swtchmn h234 
157th (CC) 

Freeman Donald D (Lucille) lab h rear 
4916 Ash av 

" Emanuel treas First Calumet City 
Savings & Loan Assn r Riverdale 

" Frank C (Evelyn) lino opr W B 
Conkey Co hl6 Roselawn 
" Helen I Mrs r5533 Alice av 
" Ival C (Louise) steelwkr h&2^U*t*n 
" Jas E (Pauline) asst traffic agt NIPS 
Co h41 Highland 

Treas Standard Equipment & Sup¬ 
ply Corp, h2 Ruth Apt 29, Tel 10445 

" Louis (Elsa) swtchmn h54!l 173d 
" Michl (Nettie) cigarmkr h500 Gordon 

" Norman W r909 Bauer 
" Robt F (Elsie) elk hl37 Gostlin 
Vera (wid Norman) h5620 Howard av 
' Wm (Beatrice) steelwkr h5248 Ann 
Freese Chas F < Augusta) h4522 Oak av 
” Erwin D (Amanda) compositor Ham¬ 
mond Times h4528 Oak av 
" Martin F (Ade l e ) h4526 Oak av 
Walter F sub sta opr NIPSCo r 

Frehling Louise (wid Alf) h637 Mul¬ 

Frei Max G (Mary L) lab UC&OPCo h 
t>03 Garfield av (CC) 

Frelich Jos bkpr Bank of Whiting (W) 
h2109 Lincoln (POWhi) 

" Mary (wid Andrew) r2109 Lincoln av 
_ (POWhi) 

French Allan E (Ruby) dispr NIPSCo h 
409 Detroit 

Aug (Dagmar) oilwkr hl827 Davis av 

Brent L (Muriel) blrmkr M&ai_13«h 

" Fred W filling sta 552 Fayette r463 

°(OC) (Rose) 0011(1 11348 Pulaski rd 
" Henry prsmn W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 


" Jas O (Josephine) driver h5725 Erie 
” Josephine flrwn Woolworth’s r5725 
Erie av 

" Michl E Janitor r6922 Osborn av 
" Roger E (Bertha) exec sec Calumet 
Goodwill Industries Inc r Gary 
" Roy tailor Elia Baralli rl29 State 
Owawn L i wid Wm) h463 Indiana 
" Wm slsmn Borden-Wieland Div r E 
Chicago Ind 

Frenchik Andrew (Julia) confr 1110 
l(19th (POWhi) h do 
" Andrew ( Cecil) oilwkr h2019 Calu¬ 
met av (POWhi) 

" Cecil Mrs beauty shop 2019 Calumet 
av (POWhi) h do 

" Jos (Anna) hlpr h2024 Lincoln av 

" Steph (Anne) refinerywkr hl310 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Frenchimont Prosper (Cath) fctywkr h 
4627 Cameron av 

Frenck Lucy (wid Fred) r7110 Jackson 
" Wilson C (Hortense) slsmn Smith Mtr 
Sis Inc h7110 Jackson av 
Frentress Chas W (Ruth) formn Cen¬ 
tral Chem Div h36 Wentworth av 

" Cohan sta eng Hydrox Corp of Ind 
r Dyer 

" John T chambermn Central Div r 
3835 177th 

Frentz Fred H (Mildred) mach h4730 
Henry av 

Freshly Irma (wid Oscar) hl5 Webb 
Freshour Irene Mrs h4'524 Ash av 
Frettinger Esther mgr Goldblatt Bros r 
522 Locust 

" Wm L (Esther) mgr Goldblatt Bros h 
522 Locust 

Fretz Chas A (Ethel L) mgr h4607 
Henry av 

Freunds Chas chauf Central Chem Div 
r Chicago Ill 

Frevert John (Selina) storekpr C&CDT 
Co r Lansing HI 

" Naomi elk Joy Candy Shop r Lansing 

Frew Jaunita elk Standard Drug Co r 
E Chicago 

Frey Anthony (Helen) mach h4422 
Hickory av 

" Coal Co (Wm J Frey) 4603 Calumet 
" Freda (wid Chas) h220 Wildwood 
" Martha B (wid Arth H) h422 Sibley 
blvd (CC) 

Wm J (Frey Coal Co) h558 Douglas 
av (CC) 

Freyer Genevieve E (wid Arth) elk NIPS 
Co h251 Detroit 

" Warren chemist r251 Detroit 
Freyman Arlouise elk IBTCo r4 Webb 


" Erma (wid Louis) tchr Edison Sch h 
4 Webb (CC) 

" Harry T (Margt) h542 Sibley ^ 

" Louis r4 Webb (CC) 

" Margt pkr r542 Sibley 
” Robt hlpr r542 Sibley 
" Wm (Margt E) driver h626 Ingraham 
av (OC) 

Frichbutter Paul (Helene M) h538 Chi¬ 

Frichtl Leo C (ArteUa F) carp h5626 
Claude av 

" Raymond P (Helen W) genl contr 217 
Ruth (CC) h do 

Frick Helen (wid Wm) h916 Wentworth 
av (OC) 

" Mauritz (Selma) cement fnshr h604 
State Line av apt 34 (CC) 

Fricke Edw (Helen E) oilwkr h302 157th 

" Evelyn (wid Herman) hl320 Sum¬ 

" Harry hlpr rl320 Summer 
" Henry J (Mary) driver Home Lbr Co 
h94ii Kane 





% ^ 






, X 






5 * 






538-42 STATE 


PHONE 6190 


" Leonard C lab r922 Michigan 
" Louise Mrs h922 Michigan 
Friday Casper S (Lucille) elec eng h 
1805 Davis av apt 404 (POWhi) 
Friduss Abr A (Lillian) mgr Friduss 
Furniture & Carpet Co hi Ruth 

" Fillmore E (Pearl) lawyer 479 State h 
227 Carroll apt 9 

" Furniture & Carpet Co Abr A Friduss 
mgr 543-45 State 
Friederici Anna r223 Humpfer 
" Arth (.Elsie) emp UC&OPCo h231 

" Ewald E (Jeannette) city policemn h 
740 Fayette 

" Julius (Anna) carp h223 Hinnpfer 
Friedhof Ora M (wid Wm) h526 High¬ 

Friedhoff Wm H (Margt A) lab r553 
Ingraham av (OC) 

Friedlander David sis mgr Friedlander’s 
Inc r420 Detroit 
" Jacob pres Friedlander’s Inc 
Friedlander’s Inc Jacob Friedlander pres 
uphol 463 State and 5033 Hohman 
Friedman Arth elk Dave Friedman & 
Son r829 Lyons 
" Benj purch agt h7 Ruth 
" Dave (Mae; Dave Friedman & Son) 
h5627 Maywood av 

Harold N Friedman), Lumber, 
Building Materials, Roofing and 
General Salvage 6149 Calumet av, 
Tel 2908 

" Harold N (Rosalyn R; Dave Fried¬ 
man & Son) hl27 Detroit (CC) 

" Irving (Ida) hlpr r5415 Oakley av 
" Jas (Frieda) elk Goldblatt Bros h rear 
28 Douglas 

’’ Jos (Ethel) gro 812 Conkey h5809 
Calumet av apt 10 

" Max (Ruth) ins agt h587 Forsythe 
av (CC) 

" Mildred slswn Shneider’s Dept Store 
r829 Lyons 

" Reuben I (Sarah) dentist 686 State 
Line av (OC) 'h2 157th (OC) 

" Sami sec-treas-mgr Davis Fur Co r 
Chicago Ill 

" Sarah Mrs nurse 2 157th (OC) h do 
" Sophie (wid Jacob H) h829 Lyons 
’’ Summer compositor Hammond Times 
r Chicago III 

Friedrich Edwin H (Anna; Crumpacker 
& Friedrich) h6336 Forest av 
" Elsie elk r620 Cherry 
" Emma (wid Chas H) hl4 Williams 
" Hulda E rl4 Williams 
" Karl (Minnie) carp h620 Cherry 
’’ Marthapkr Indiana Botanic Gardens 
r620 Cherry 

Friedrichs Adella Mrs r43il Freeland av 

Friend Homer r7034 McCook av 
" Randall mach r6613 Colorado av 
” Ross R (Pearl) steel wkr h6613 Col¬ 
orado av 

Frienier Dennis lab r414 156th (OC) 
Frieske Amelia (wid Gustav) r7014 
Forest av 

" Herman G (Esther H) meats 6831 
Hohman av h7014 Forest av 
Friesman Albert (Effie) driver h834 

Friley Carl (Myrtle) lab r616 Truman 

Frink Edw A (Ellen) filling sta 21 
169th h6624 Alabama av 
" Jas A (Wanda) mach opr h2850 165th 
Frisk Alex pntr r6706 Arkansas av 
" Arth W usher Orpheum Theatre r 
4737 Towle av 

" Carl E (Esther E) bldg contr 4737 
Towle av h do 
” Carl O r4737 Towle av 


" David O (Vida) turner Sou Wheel 
Div h530 Lewis 
" Ethel V tchr r4737 Towle av 
" Geo lab Calumet Auto Wrecking Co 
Geo F lab r4743 Sheffield av 
" Jos (Mary) driver NIPSCo r4427 
Hohman av 

" Mamie B Mrs maid StMargt Hosn 
r405 155th pi (CC) 

Wm A (Eliz) lab h3301 Black Oak rd 
Friske Tillie (wid Frank) h918 Michigan 
Frith Dorothy waiter r841 Sibley 
" Fred G (Leota) pipe ftr h7 Detroit 
" Jas shoe shiner Albert F Kuelbs r 
Chicago Ill 

Fritkin Saul mgr Goldblatt Bros 
Chicago Ill 

Fritts Clement slsmn Prosperity Clnrs 
& Dyers r Crown Point 
Fritz Anthony W (Josephine) driver h 
26 156th (CC) 

Frank (Victoria) wtchmn h2814 New 
York av (POWhi) 

" Jean fety wkr r2814 New York i 

" Marie fety wkr r4605 Sheffield av 
Peter firemn r2814 New York av (PO 

" Regina J nurse StMargt Sch of Nurs¬ 
ing r Kalamazoo Mich 
Zura J (Jennie) lab h565 Ingraham 
av (CC) 

Fritzen Ino (Grace) r6257 Hohman av 
Fntzsche Henry (Pauline) atndt Siblev 
Parking Service h2 Lincoln av (CC) 
Frizzell Owen (Ollie) bottler h444 In¬ 

Frklich Mike J rtOl Industrial rd 
Froellch 9 hac J - (Josephine M) h 
Truman blvd 

’’ Jos W (Ann L) trucker h453 Truman 

- Raymond H (Geneva) crane opr h 
1142 State blvd 

" Sami elk Goldblatt Bros r E Chicago 

Frohnapple Clem A (Eliz) opr NIPSCo 
h514 Waltham 

Froidcouer Perry (Gladys) auto mech n 
648 Hirsch av (CC) 

Froman Bernard oilwkr rl009 119th 
(POWhi) , t 

Fromm Bernard A (Alice) steel wkr n 
6604 Van Buren av 
" Matilda (wid Aug B) hl2 Warren 
Fron Anton hi 125 Ames 
Frost Albert lab r5236 Oakley av 
" Jack (Indiana Iron & Metal Co) r 
Chicago Ill 

" Morris (Indiana Iron & Metal Co) r 
587 Freeland (CC) 

Fruehling Theo E (Emma) tchr Ham¬ 
mond Hi Sch h7638 Monroe av 
Fruhti Jos h6819 Madison av 
Frunk Anthony S rl039 Kenwood 
" Geo (Cath) lab hl039 Kenwood 
" John A T1039 Kenwood 
’’ Stanley F (Tina) inspr Sou Wheel 
Div h!l048 Ames 

" Tina A emp Chapman Lndry Inc r 
1048 Ames 

Frush Irving C (Myrtle B) sec-treas 
Coca-Cola Bottling Wks r Gary 
Fry Arth C (Lilly I) supt h3 Highland 

" Edwin G (Lucille) elk NIPSCo h6251 
Garfield av 

" Jonas rlOl Industrial rd 
" Russell (Margt) recorder h840 In¬ 

’• Wm J (Grace) bus opr C&CDTCo r 
931 150th 

Fryar Chas L (Mabel) inspr h6615 Har¬ 
rison av 

” Frances bkpr Calumet Goodwill In¬ 
dustries Inc r6236 Van Buren av 


Building Material, Hardware, Paints, Millwork, Insulation, Brick, Lime, Sewer Pipe 
412 VINE ST. TELS. 6666 and 6667 


" Harvey J (Ida) ftr NIPSCo h6236 
VanBuren av 

" Vernon (Pearl) bkbndr h60i Douglas 
av (CC) 

Frye Lillian E Mrs h6706 Harrison av 
" Tony D (Frieda M) driver Sprout & 
Davis Inc h251 Douglas 
" Wihna E sten Straube Pianos Inc r 
E Chicago Ind 

Fryer Burdette M (Elsie) mach hd h 
5861 Wallace rd 

Edw (Janet) cond h43W- Sherman 
Fryman Robt steelwkr h7U5 Jefferson 
Frysztak Anna r4238 Dearborn av 
'' Frank (Kath) wtdhmn h4238 Dear¬ 
born av 

" Frank jr r4238 Dearborn av 
" Boy r4238 Dearborn av 
" Stanley (Helen) baker Hammond 
Modem Baking Co h4234 Dearborn 
Fudenski Oh as (Violet) delicatessen 
1708 Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) r 
1547 Ohio av (POWhi) 

Fueher Chlotilda smstrs r rear 6625 
McCook av 

Fuehrmeyer Chas W (Mary E) sta eng 
h 14032 Burnham av (Bur) 

" Fred J (Meta M) acct h5970 Park pi 
" Herman (Martha M) brewery wkr Gt 
Lakes Brewing Co hl4015 Mackinaw 
av (Bur) 

" Melvin B student r5970 Park pi 
Fugh Sami E (Anna) firemn h826 May 
Fukyter Jos (Theresa) oilwkr h2242 
White Oak av (POWhi) 

Fulk John elk Robt F Blandford r6550 
Alabama av 

Fulka Helen I r6837 Illinois av 
" Jos A (Theresa) h6837 Illinois av 
Margt I elk W T Grant Co r6837 
Illinois av 

" Mary A elk r6837 Illinois av 
Fulkerson Ray rlOl Industrial rd 
Fuller Brush Co Chester S Chambers 
mgr 5047 Columbia av 

R (Ruth) maintenancemn 1^1031 

C^rence w (Alice M) carp h959 

" Gerald W r959 Sibley 
" Gordon steel wkr h227 Clinton 
" Jane tel opr W B Conkey Co r227 

” Michl E (Minnie) elk h6248 Harrison 
" Norma L (wid Jesse M) h5945 Hyslop 
pi apt 4 

Robt E (Doris) lawyer h3 Carroll 
'' Whitman W (Sylvia E) steel wkr h 
2914 Janet pi 

'' Wm J (Alice) pipe ftr h713 119th 

Fullgraf Edw chauf Fire Dept h227 

" Minnie r227 Clinton 
Fullmer Franklyn (Helen) steel wkr h 
1725 Davis av (POWhi) 

Fulton Earl E auto mech Roger Coin 
r5033 Hohman av 

" Everett J (Clara) lab h851 Indiana 
" Henry R (Fondelete) bldg contr 6942 
Alabama av h do 

" John D (Clemance) auto wkr hi 104 
Becker apt 2 

” Laura M prin Douglas Soh (OC) r427 
Sibley blvd (OC) 

" Urban (Super Home Service) r6510 
Madison av 

Fumbanks Max bartndr Cape Cod Inn r 
Chicago Ill 

Funchik Julius J (Anna) oil wkr h2039 
Superior av (POWhi) 

IPuncik Jos (Helen) printer Conway 
Press h!223 Lakeview av (POWhi) 
Funderburk Harry (Kath) tchr M613 
^ Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Fundyk Steph (Eva) h4220 Johnson av 

Funk Adam (Emma A) detective sergt 
Police Dept h4726 Cedar av 
" Carl (Ramona) tavern 34 155th pi 
(CC) h do 

" Chesney S (Viola) buyer NIPSCo h 
7506 Monroe av 
" Delmas burner r915 Field 
" Dorothy R tchr Wallace Sch r4726 
Cedar av 

" Dorrance Wm r4726 Cedar av 
" Geo (Frances) driver h4 4H Clark .ov 
" Gordon tchr Edison Sch r74’17 Jack- 

" Harry B (Mildred) confr 6018 Calu¬ 
met av h221 Conkey 
" John W (Laura) formn h49 Indi-Illl 

" Mildred tchr Riverside Sch r221 

" Raymond (Jeanette) auto mech h 
7018 McCook av 

Funkhouser Chas usher Parthenon 
Theatre rlS Elizabeth (CC) 

" Jessie (wid Edw C) hlS Elizabeth 

Funston Eug (Margt J) h26 Douglas 
" Fred L (Nina) atndt r834 Summer 
" Rolla (Helen) loco eng h2707 Ken¬ 

" Wm (Margt) steel wkr h6603 McCook 
Fuqua Marcellus C hll22 Merrill 
Furda Geo lab rl539 Roberts av (PO 


FurgaT Ambrose h4245 Grover av 
” Virginia lndrs St Margt Hosp r4245 
Grover av 

Furiak John P (Rose G) oil wkr fa940 
119th (POWhi) 

" Josephine C fety wkr r940 119th (PO 

" Leona E waiter Brahos Coffee Shop 
r940 119th (POWhi) 

Furman Abr H (Esther) batteries 6346 
Jefferson av h do 

" Anthony mldr Calumet Steel Cstgs 
Corp h4421 Johnson av 
" Harriet fety wkr r4421 Johnson av 
" John rl35 155th (CC) 

" John fety wkr r442l Johnson av 
" Julian (Jewell E) elk h421 155th pi 

" Michl (Mary) lab UC&OPCo hl35 
155th (CC) 

Furmanski Edw (Kath) lab C&ERR 
h512 155th pi (CC) 

" Harry L (Elsie W) wldr hll8 155th 
pi (CC) 

" Louis emp Central Chem Dlv r512 
155th pi (OC) 

Fumeaux Fred C form wkr W B 
Conkey Co r Chicago Ill 
Furness Ingvald M (Cassie) insulator 
h604 Conkey 

Furtak Jos (Julia) oil wkr hl221 Lake- 
view (POWhi) 

Furtenbaugh Bernice L r516 Chicago 
" Frank (Maude F) carp h516 Chicago 
Furtyo Ann Mrs gro 1909 Calumet av 
(POWhi) h2050 Atchison av (PO 

" Peter (Anna) oil wkr h2050 Atchison 
av (POWhi) 

Fusner J ohn J (Viola) sis mgr h5l2 

Fuss Gustav E (Vera E) chauf Fire 
Dept h4915 Oak av 

Futschick Marie S (wid Aug) janitor 
Indiana Botanic Gardens n610 177th 
Fuzy Alice G tchr r€555 Forest av 
" Jos (Clara) sta eng h7004 Kennedy 
" Jos jr student r7004 Kennedy av 
" Marie M sten Jos Miller r7004 Ken¬ 
nedy av 

" Wm A (Gizella) lawyer h6555 Forest 
G H T Automotive Supply Co Oscar W 
Johnson mgr 5503-05 Hohman av 
G & N Furniture Co (Frank R Northern, 
Nina Greenwald) 534 State 











PHONE 6900 



A. H. 
& Realty 
Co. Inc. 













Phone 154 

N. A. 

Gaal Helen alterations Meyer Nagde- 
man r E Chicago 

Gabbert Marie Mrs waiter hl9 Webb 
Gaber Alex steel wkr r2039 Lincoln av 

" John (Eliz) oil wkr h2039 Lincoln av 

Gable Harold installer Holland Furnace 
Co r Maryville 

Gabler Henry —C (Lena) pntr h838 

Gabor Andrew r977 Reese (POWhi) 

" Andrew (Pearl) oil* wkr h2034 Su¬ 
perior av (POWhi) 

" Gregory (Mary) h4239 Torrence av 
” John (Sophie) pipe ftr h977 Reese 

" Steph elk Mills Auto Parts (W) r977 
Reese (POWhi) 

" Walter r4239 Torrence av 
Gabovitch Carl (Rebecca; Carl’s Union 
Store) h823 Sibley 

Gatorielos Andrew K (Stella) barber 
444 Siblev h729 Cherry 
Gabrielson Alf E (Myrtle) oil wkr h2041 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Oke (Gertrude) mach h654l Arkansas 
Gabrish Alvis F (Anna) fctywkr h2121 
Wespark av (POWhi) 

" John (Margt) wldr hl513 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

Gabrys Jos r4419 Wabash av 
" Leo r4419 Wabash av 
" Steve A (Ann) mach hlpr r4334 Clark 
Gaburiak Andrew (Theresa) oil wkr h 
964 Reese (POWhi) 

Gacek Julia (wid Jos) h2506 White Oak 
av (POWhi) 

Gachos Frank (Maiy) h4229 Johnson av 
" Geo fety wkr r4229 Johnson av 
" John r4229 Johnson av 
" Mary maid r4229 Johnson av 
Gaddis Lester B (Mary) servicemn h 
6005 Columbia av 

" Thos (Evelyn) lab h5422 Price pi 
Gaddo Evelyn A wrapper W B Conkey 
Co r347 156th (CC) 

" John D hlpr W B Conkey Co r347 
156th (CC) 

" Peter (Sophie) prsr W B Conkey h 
347 156th (CC) 

Gaddy Guy C (Clarice A) pipeftr h27 

GadiSh Mary (wid Michl) h955 Reese 

Gadomski Bruno (Bernice) hl009 169th 

" Stanley (Mary) meat ctr Columbia 
Packing Co hl0O3 169th pi 
Gadsby Sylvia (wid Chas) r408 Conkey 
Gaedtke John H (Glee) formn h30 

" June beauty opr Marie’s Beauty Salon 
r5826 Erie av 

’’ Ralph (June) driver h5826 Erie av 
Gaetzinger Chas S (Violet R) mldr h 
4834 Ash av ^ 

Gaffney Emery J (Grace) pipe ftr r578 
Douglas av apt 6 

" Frieda M office sec Masonic Bldg 
Assn r5962 Park pi 

" Geo R r578 Douglas av apt 6 (EC) 
•’ John L (Martha) car repr h851 Logan 
" John L jr lab r851 Logan 
” Paul elk EJ&ERy Co r5266 Hohman 
" Walter maintenancemn Continental 
Baking Co r851 Logan 
Gage Cornelia (wid Henry C) r6643 
VanBuren av 

" Nettie (wid Harry) r425 Detroit 
Gaida Bernice M emp Chapman Lndry 
Inc r4524 Torrence av 
" Mary (wid Jacob) r4524 Torrence av 
" Stanley r4524 Torrence av 
Gainski Benj J (Helen R) car bldr h29 
155th (CC) 

" Mary (wid Alex) Mil 13 Moss 
" Sigmund J lab Kills Moss 


Walter fety wkr Indiana Botanic 
Gardens rlll3 Moss 

Gaisser Julius (Kath M) pipe ftr h730 

Gaither Curtis B (Pauline) stmftr h 
1535 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Gajda John J (Stella) lab h4936 Walnut 
" Peter P (Helen D) hlpr h407 154th pi 

Gajdos Jos (Anna) oil wkr h2136 Atchi¬ 
son av (POWhi) 

" Michl oil wkr h2906 Janet pi 
Gajewski John steel wkr r923 Ames 
" Jos r923 Ames 
Philip (Frances) h923 Ames 
Gaios John (Josephine) h4522 Johnson 
Gal John (Mary) lab h4535 Henry av 
Galambos Anthony r2040 Stanton av 

" John (Susan) oil wkr h2040 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

" Mary r2040 Stanton av (POWhi) 
Galambus Frank J (Justine) inspr h6834 
Arkansas av 

’’ Gilbert G (Florence G) h6713 Arkan¬ 

Gale Wm E (Florence I) cement wkr r 
5528 Claude av 

Gaiety Chas (Mary) h3045 138th pi 

" MaTy inspr r3045 138th pi (Bur) 
Galiani Carl J (Nellie; Golden Gate 
Inn) h907 Eaton 
Harvey r907 Eaton 
Galicki Wm lab rlOSl Conkey 
Galiher Harry D h5-7 Waltham apt 3 
Galik Frank (Anna) die sinker h620 

" Wm F chauf Railway Express Agency 
r620 Gostlin 

Galinski Frank A (Eliza) h7026 Van 
Buren av 

Galinsky John H (Goldie) steelwkr h 
4827 Hickory 

" Louis (Blanche M) stmftr h4633 Cam¬ 
eron av 

Magdalene J compt opr Carbide & 
Carbon Chem Corp r921 Wilcox 
Galisin Anne fety wkr rl035 Mulberry 
” Chas (Julia) lab Elmwood Cemetery 
hl035 Mulberry 
" Chas jr lab rl035 Mulberry 
Galkiewfcz Jas (Sophie) tailor h’1221 

Gall Chas (Anna) mldr Sou Wheel Div 
h6304 Columbia av 

" Elmer F (Maude) maintenancemn h 
1156 Summer 

" Frank (Helen) r4301 Wabash av 
" Harold I (Claire) lab h6614 Colorado 
" Pearl emp Walgreen Co rl24 Sibley 
Gallagher Albert (Margt; Checker Taxi¬ 
cab Co) Pres Yellow Cab Co Inc 
h5036 Hohman av 

’’Danl J (Emma) oilwkr hl805 Davis 
av apt 205 (POWhi) 

" Edw J elk Indiana Hotel K149 State 
" Emil printer r841 Hoffman 
" Geo A (Helen B) electn h 4821 Oak a v 
" Harry S (Ethel) reporter Hammond 
Times h827 Bauer 

" John J appr SREMCo r Gary Ind 
" Josephine M (wid John H) h841 

" Marie (wid Leo W) h6517 Carolina 
" Mary (wid Owen) h458 Truman blvd 
" Patk hlpr hll31 Benedict (POWhi) 
" Paul J (Eleanor) boat eng hl604 
Brown av apt Apt C (POWhi) 

" Wm J (Irene L) sergt police Calumet 
City h224 Webb (CC) 

" Wm <J—jr typist IHBRR r224 Webb 

Gallant Lester (Maude) yd elk h6417 
Madison av 

Gallas Jos (Olga) fety wkr h4409 John- 


The Mark of Good Printing Since 1877 


Printers, Binders and Book Manufacturers 

New York 

Galles Valentine (Florence) mach h4438 
Hickory av 

Galli Antonio D (Anna) barber 4813 
Hohman av h4710 Towle av 
” Gertrude sten r rear 4813 Hohman av 
Galligan Edw J (Anna T) formn h553 
Price av (OC) 

Galloway Clifford (Louise) oil wkr h 
•1009 119th (POWhi) 

Gallucci Anthony (Esther) lab h6121 
Columbia av 

" Sami (Effie) shoe repr 1104 Michigan 
hl323 do 

Galocy Andrew (Anna) lab hl704 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

Galovich Geo (Pauline) lab h6621 Mc¬ 
Cook av 

John (Lucy) car repr hl474 Summer 
" Jos r6S21 McCook av 
" Michl lab r2040 Sherman 
Galster Anna R (wid Gottlieb) h421 
State (OC) 

•' Leo F (Marjorie) engr r421 State 

Galus John Jr r4208 Hohman av 
" John H (Barbara) driver h4208 Hoh¬ 
man av 

" Frank J (Mary; Galvin Galvin & 
Leeney) h51 Elizabeth apt 8 

othy P Galvin, Frank J Galvin, Ed¬ 
mond J Leeney), Lawyers 712-15 
Calumet Bldg 5231 Hohman av, Tel 

" Timothy P (Graziella; Galvin Galvin 
& Leeney) h21 Wildwood 
Gamblno Thos r32S> Plummer av (CC) 
Gamble Edmund elk r6226 Jackson av 
Edw elk r6226 Jackson av 
" Guy M (Cora A) supt h7 Forestdale 
Park (CC) 

" Jas rl044 Ames 
Lillian Mrs h6226 Jackson av 
Gambrine Lorenzo (Hammond Pattern 
Works) r'1440 Summer 
Gammie Jas (Gertrude) ptrn mkr h 
2850 163d pi 

" Paul R (Helen L) auto mech h335 
153d (CC) 

Gammill Opal Mrs tavern 326 State 
(CC) h do 

" Ralph A (Opal) refinery wkr h326 
State (CC) 

Gammon Jas (Vem M) signalmn h518 

" Oscar S (Dorothy) oil opr h6631 
Harrison av 

Ganczarsz Paul rlOl Industrial rd 
Gandy Frank (Anna) stillmn h2026 
Superior av (POWhi) 

Gangard Alf r4239 Sheffield av 
" Clarence dairy wkr Central Dairy Co 
” E Chicago Ind 


Gannon Fred J (Phoebe A) lab h4618 
Ash av 

" Milton electn r216 Condit 
Gano Juanita librarian r7434 Alexander 
Ganser Annbeth C sten NIPSCo r33 
Midway ct 

" Ohas L (Anna T) mgr Provident 
Finance Co h33 Midway ct 
Ganshaw Alvin W (AUce) supt h8 

" Eleanor M opr IBTCo r8 Detroit 
Gantenbein Forest E (Gladys) lawyer 
5231 Hohman av R808 h49 Detroit 
Ganz Henry G (Eleanor) gro 46 156th 
(CC) h do 

" Richd (Augusta) lab h5718 Erie av 
Gapinski Aloyzy (Victoria) formn City 
„ Cept of Water Wks h4733 Calumet 
Victoria Mrs janitor Calumet bldg h 
4733 Calumet av 

Gapszewicz Anna (wid Frank) h4709 
Henry av 


" Benj (Helen) cement wkr h3041 138th 
pi (Bur) 

" Bennie bar tndr Mrs Caroline Gap- 
szewicz r3019 '138th pi (Bur) 

" Caroline (wid Jos) tavern 3001 138th 
pi (Bur) h do 

Garahiy Mattie r629 Sibley 

Garastek Genevieve waiter E J Grill r 
4544 Hohman av 

" Peter K (Genevieve) shoe repr 4544 
Hohmon av h do 

Garay Wm L (Mary G) lab h5030 
Trankle ct 

Garbarczyk John (Cath) pvmchmn s: 
MCo r Chicago Ill 

Garber Emory V (Alice G) still wkr h 
6606 Monroe av 

Garck Sophia (wid Harry) h7346 White 
Oak av 

Gard Albert J h941 Logan 
" Chalmer (Theresa) auto mech r533 
169 th 

" Edwin J carrier PO hl'llS Sibley 
" Francis atndt r5315 State Line av 
" Jas E hlpr Seifer Furn Co r5315 State 
Line av 

" Jos E (Frances) chauf h94'l Logan 
" Paul J hlpr Seifer Furn Co r5315 

State I_ 

" Robt H soap wkr r5315 State Line av 
" Wm P (Eliz) Janitor h5315 State Line 
Gardner Chester H rl412 Lake av (PO 

" Clarence J (Myrtle) refinery wkr h 
2012 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Dorothy Mrs r960 Pearl (PoWhi) 

” Fred A (Mary J) swtchmn h3 Ruth 
" Geo (Cora) oil wkr r5529 Alice av 
" Gilbert (Lucille) oil wkr h6837 Col¬ 
orado av 

" Henry (Minnie) mldr Calvunet Steel 
Cstgs Corp r Chicago Ill 
" Hilda prsr Mottle’s Valeteria Serv r 
425 Highland 

" Ida B asst Dr Lawrence M Merkley 
r Gary 

" John emp UC&OPCo r498 Ingraham 
av (CC) 

" Jos L (Martha) electn h6312 Madi¬ 
son av 

" Kenneth E student r2012 Davis av 

" Leslie E (Freda) mgr h6334 Madison 
" Michl (Jeannette) checker h6338 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

" Miriam D sten r6334 Madison av 
" Marie slswn Bemat Shop r Gary 
" Peter G cEliz) lab h496 Ingraham av 

" Raymond (Betty) steel wkr h2727 

" Robt H (Gladys) refinery wkr h2008 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Sarah (wid Jacob) rl018 115th (PO 

Gardomski Leonard (Sophia) lab rl009 
il69th pi 

Garee Clyde (Cora) hlpr W B Conkey 
Co h4322 Torrence av 
Garelick Harry (Dorothy) marker 
Whitney Lndry (W) hl718 Brown 
av (POWhi) 

Garfield Lodge No 569 (F&AM) Clar¬ 
ence J Cole sec Masonic Temple 
Gargas Chester student rl023 Gostlin 
" Josephine Mrs tavern 4503 Hohman 
av hi023 Gostlin 

" Leonard (Josephine) genl contr 1023 
Gostlin h do 

" Steph J fety wkr nl023 Gostlin 
Garigan Ethel Mrs nurse Lyndora Home 
r5927 Columbia av 

Garland Lawrence R elk NIPSCo r47 


Swarthout & Craig, Inc. 



1105 119th Street Phone Whiting 1073 


" Roy E (Bertha) auto wkr h685 Doug¬ 
las av (OC) 

Garman Louis printer r5946 Hohman av 
" Mary J r5946 Hohman av 

Gamer Clarence K (Hazel N) atndt h 
40 Webb (OC) 

" Hubert D (Ethel) oil wkr h251 Carroll 
" Leon E barber 57 Russell r216 Webb 


" Malcom W oil wkr r251 Carroll 
" Nadine r251 Carroll 
" Ruth M r251 Carroll 

Garr Fred J i Yale-Harvard Tavern) h 
107 154th pi (CC) 

" Jos M (Rose A) bar tndr Yale- 
Harvard Tavern rl07 154th pi (OC) 
" Louis J (Anna) pharm Central Phar¬ 
macy h229 153d pi (CC) 

" Robt P (Helen) elk PO h254 Williams 
" Robt P jr elk Central Pharmacy r254 

" Rose A Mrs maid StMargt Hosp rl07 
154th pi (OC) 

Garrard Erastus S (Marinda) r530 Mul¬ 

Garretson Marsena M elk r6650 Jack- 
son av 

" Willis B (Emma H) chemist h6650 

Garrett Chas G (Rosemary) tchr Ham¬ 
mond Hi Sch h7049 Forest av 
” Ohas G jr porter Woolworth’s r7049 
Forest av 

" Eug O (Ida L) lab h609 Sibley 
" Fern L tchr Edison Sch r36 152d (CC) 
" Jas wtchmn h7123 Chestnut av 
” John R (Nora) driver h36 152d (CC) 
" Jos (Lucille A) lab h609 Sibley 
" Kenneth C pipe ftr r36 153d (OC) 

GARRETT SERVICE (Willis Garrett), 
Sinclair Products, Groceries 7248 
Indianapolis Blvd at 173d 
" Wm N (Bertha S) policemn h265 
Fernwood av 

" Willis (Lillian; Garrett Service) h 
4915 Pine av 

Garris Lawrence (Onetha) h427 Flor- 

" Winnie (wid Rufus) h520 Florence 
Garson Chas E (Leona) elk IHBRR h 
1111 Roosevelt 

Garthwaite Geo driver Green Meadow 
Dairy r544 Ingraham av (OC) 
Gartner Leo roofer Gartner Roofing Co 
r Crown Point 

" Mary T (wid John) hlOS Rimbach 
" Norbert W (Cath) mgr Gartner Roof¬ 
ing Co h'52 172d pi 

" Roofing Co Norbert W Gartner mgr 
5336 Oakley av 

Gartong Glennard L (Helen H) lab !h 
4221 Sheffield av 

Garuener Chas E restr 6817 Kennedy av 
Garvey Homer (Esther) oil wkr h630 

Gary Willie prsr Victory Cleaners & 
Dyers r Gary 

Garzotta John (Lillian) fety wkr hl239 
Davis av (POWhi) 

Gas & Electric Building 5265 Hohman 
Gasaway Bert E (Olive) pipeftr h6644 
Alexander av 

" Chas W (Mayme) firemn h4609 
Henry av 

" Lucille M sten Holland Fum Co r 
4609 Henry av 

Gasenica Jos (Barbara) genl contr 1716 
Stanton av (POWhi) h do 
Gaskey Geo (Helen) lab r2444 Birch av 

Gasparovic Frank bar tndr Nicholas 
Gasparovic r6242 Columbia av 
’• Nicholas tavern 6324 Columbia av 
r6242 do 

" PauUne (wid Jos) h6242 Columbia av 

S727 Harrison av 
Gassner John (Mary) lab h444 Indiana 
" Wm lab r444 Indiana 
Gast John piano wkr Straube Pianos 
Inc r Steger Ill 

Gaston Walter A (Gertrude) brklyr h 
1*109 Eaton 

" Walter R student T1109 Eaton 
Gasum Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Gasvoda Louis J (Ann J) steel wkr h 
6639 Arizona av 

Gatarich Anna fety wkr rl516 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Theresa (wid Frank) hl516 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

Gates Eleanor E (wid Mortimer B) h 
54 Warren 

Gatarich Gerald O (Emma L) elk Bor- 
den-Wieland Div h234 Fernwood av 
" Nelson (Bertha M) lab h4935 Walnut 
Gatewood Wm A (Mary) formn NIPS 
Co h730 Highland 

Gath Jas whsemn Pgfh Plate Gls Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Gauder Jos (Mildred) steel wkr rl020 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Marie sten EUyson Realty Co Inc r 
E Chicago 

Gauler John V (Dorothy E) eng hl741 
Brown av (POWhi) 

Gault Wesley C (Julia M; Community 
Liquors) h239 Warren (OC) 

Gaura Andrew punchimn SREMCo r 
Chicago Ill 

Gauthier Adelbert waiter Dale Lang- 
maid r832 Eaton 

" Bette Mrs bkpr Julian Goldman Store 
r733 Michigan 

" Constance nurse r538 Gordon (OC) 

" Ernest C (Frances) asst chemist NIP 
SCO h832 '169th pi 

" Geo H (Elsie) opr Paramount 
Theatre h832 Eaton 
"Jas film opr r832 Eaton 
" Paul E (Florence) chief fire dept 
Calumet City h538 Gordon (OC) 
Gautsch Murray C (Anna L) h212 
Warren (CC) 

GAVIT DONALD E (Helen S), Busi¬ 
ness Manager Board of Education, 
h422 Waltham, Tel 4739-J 

" Hubert E formn NIPSCo r6316 Harri¬ 
son av 

- Russell N (Mabel) gro 743 Indiana 
h do 

Gavor John rlOl Industrial rd 
Gavranic Matt (Mary) oil wkr h2039 
Lincoln av (POWhi) 

Gavrillos Geo (Fannie; The American 
Hat Cleaning) h6739 Madison av 
Gavrilovich Doris sten r5334 Maywood 
" Mildred pkr r5334 Maywood av 
” Sveto (Roze) gro 5334 Maywood av 
h do 

Gawlinski Jennie fety wkr r702 May av 

" Jos lab r702 May av (OC) 

" Louis (Lucille) driver Green Meadow 
Dairy h652 Price av (CC) 

" Marion (Josephine) hl'17 Pulaski rd 


" Michl lab r702 May av (OC) 

" Stanley (Anna) lab h702 May av 

Gawronski Andrew (Adeline) meat ctr 
Stanley Krzewinski h303 (Pulaski 

rd (OC) _ 

" Edw C (Mildred M) ftr NIPSCo h223 
Waltham (OC) 

” SMseph r303 Pulaski rd (OC) 

Gay Eliz Mrs janitor Public Library h 
6827 Arizona 

" Elvira cash Personal Finance Co of 
Hammond Inc r6827 Arizona av 
" John (Eliz) h6827 Arizona av 
" Marcfc h201 Pulaski rd apt 6 (OC) 

" Patricia waiter Four Aces Club r 

Gayle Birdie (wid Jas S) hi 114 Becker 
” Sheldon rl940 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Vera elk Krogers-Consumers Stores 
rl940 Lincoln av i POWhi) 

Gay lor Harry r2022 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Jos (Genevieve) blrmkr h649 For¬ 
sythe av (OC) 

" Thos oil wkr h2022 Lincoln av (PO 

Wanda r2022 Lincoln av (POWhi) 
Gaynor Leo C (Edith E) oil wkr h9©4- 

" Merle T (Lola) sta eng City Dept of 
Water Wks h407 Lewis 
Gazdich John oil wkr hU211 Lakeview 
(POWhi) - 

Gazdik John (Vern) crane opr h2932 
Janet pi 

Gazewski Edw (Philomene) blrmkr h 
fear 4109 Hdhman av 
Gearhart Lenora maid M2 Riml>aoh 
Gebauer Albert lab rl304 Summer 
" Fred prsmn W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

Gebbie Matthew A (Harriet) mechl eng 
h954 Wentworth av (OC) 

Gebel Aaron journalist r908 Hoffman 
Harry elk Meyer KutchiMsky r908 

" Jacob (Fannie) shoe repr 908 Hoff¬ 
man h do 

Gebert Marie Mrs waiter Mrs Helen 
Urbanski r9 Sibley 

Gebhard Frank (Anna) refnshr Siefer 
Fum Co h6250 Monroe av 
" Wm lEliz) drftsmn h933 117th pi 
Gederian Albert (Susan) pntr hl013 
169th pi 

Gee Glenn A <Eliz K) lab h470 Plummer 
” Henry lndry wkr Jas Jung ro349 
Calumet av 
" J Arth r2721 163d pi 
" John W (Tishie) formn h2721 (163d pi 
" Willa M sten NIPSCo r2721 163d pi 
Geer Hilary I (Meta E) refinery wkr 
h6823 Carolina av 
Geeve Evelyn r6543 Madison av 
" Fred h421 Conkey 
" Wm A (Louise) 1 loco eng h6543 Madi¬ 
son av 

" Wm F (Esther) lab NIPSCo h rear 
6231 Jackson av 

Geffert Anna Mrs r2125 Superior av (PO 

" John A (Frederica) rl005 119th (PO 

" John J (Veronica) oilwkr h2050 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

Jos (Anna) refinery wkr h2123 Sup¬ 
erior av (POWhi) 

Jos slsmn Spurrier Co (W) r2050 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

Jos Jr r2123 Superior av (POWhi) 
Gehike Herman rlOl Industrial rd 
Gehlaar Albert stovemn W B Conkey Co 
r Chicago Ill 

Gehring Albert F h5523 Calumet av 
" Bertha r5523 Calumet av 
" Eleanor sten r5523 Calumet av 
Jos elk North Township Trustee r5523 
Calumet av 

" Leo H (Nellie) asst mgr Northern Ind 
Lbr & Coal Co hl716 Davis av (PO 

" Nina (wid Robt) maid h938 Becker 
Gehrke Arth A (Ella D) driver Schappi 
Bus Line Inc h430 Freeland av (CC) 
Carl F (Emma E) h663 Kane 
" Clarence C (Eliz L) inspr hl4l8 Brown 
av apt 12 (POWhi) 

" Edw H (Emma) h2012 Davis av (PO 

' Fredk C (Kath) elk h613 Kane 
" French (Nellie) h4319 Sheffield av 
" Geo reflnerywkr r4750 Calumet av 
" Meta hlpr Mrs Verna R Campbell r 
6123 Columbia av 

Geib Marguerite tchr Lincoln Sch r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Mathias rl20 157th (CC) 

Walter E (Ruth) lab h7120 Delaware 
Geiger Alois (Theresa) steelwkr h6231 
Madison av 

" Eug (Barbara) Janitor h598 Forsythe 
av (CC) 

" Henry J (Florence) slsmn h6530 Jef¬ 
ferson av 


" Herbert W (Helen L) signs 484 Plum¬ 
mer r do 

Geiman Isabelle tchr Douglas Sch r 
Harvey Ill 

Geise John H mach r606 Truman blvd 
” (Richd G rlOl Industrial rd 
Geiselman Maurine officewkr Goldblatt 
Bros r807 Carroll 

" Sheldon W (Maurine) h807 Carroll 
Geisen Emil S (Helen H) baker hlt)44 
lo4tn pi 

" Peter H (Wilhelmina) h235 Douglas 
" Wilbur J r235 Douglas 
Geiser -John (Mabel E) lab h2519 173d 
" p eter F (Emma) roller h7136 Madison 
Geisler Edw (Hilda) hl4024 Green Bay 
av (Bur) 

" Edw E (Edna E) autowkr hl4108 
Burnham av (Bur) 

Elmer rl4024 Green Bay av (Bur) 
Lenora spl tchr PS r6352 Hohman av 
" Lloyd C (Edna) credit mgr City Dept 
of Water Wks h6352 Hohman av 
Geitz Harold J elk h572 Forsythe av apt 
7 (OC) 

" Veeda Mrs (Veeda’s Beauty Shoppe) r 
Cnicago Ill 

GCll Webb fcc> H (Rose) meatetr h237 
" Geo H jr elk r237 Webb (CC) 

Gelot Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Gemmei Mathew J (Opal) auditor C& 
CDTCo h7432 VanBuren av 
Genaro Thos G (Bernice) bartndr Wm 
Johnson h579 Freeland av (CC) 
General Drivers Union Local 362 Frank 
W Grunewald bus agt 488B Sibley 
" Electric Shop Allan C Oltz mgr 522 

Engineering & Sales Co Allan C Oltz 
mgr 522 State 

North State Pub Co Inc Agts, Steel 
Office Furniture, Safes, Shelving, 
Etc, 4818 Calumet av, Tel 1067 
Tire Sales & Service (Wm P Hodon- 
os) 5440 Columbia av 
Geng Barthasa*- ( Ma g da l en a-) h228 Rus¬ 

Genko Constant S (Clara) car bldr h37 
156th pi (CC) 

" Loretta elk Parthenon Theatre r37 
156th pi (CC) 

Genova Jos (Marie) h318 State (OC) 

" Jos jr (Vita) lab h331 Plummer av 

" Michi hlpr r318 State (OC) 

Genovese Jos A (Marie) slsmn Genl Tire 
Sis & Serv h413 Waltham 
" Mary r5927 Columbia av 
Genrich Anna (wid Chas) gro 440 Free¬ 
land av (OC) h do 
" Aug r925 Drackert 
Elsie Mrs tchr Hammond Musical Col¬ 
lege r440 Freeland av (CC) 

" Paul (Elsie) slsmn r440 Freeland av 

Genshimer Jean (Charlotte) supt h6756 
Indi-Illi pk 

Gentry Clarence R (Zelma O) steelwkr 
h5447 Webster av 

" Helen (wid Carl W) h5716 Baring av 
" Ralph B (Grace) inspr h513 Lewis 
Gentz David C (Goldie) carp h5409 Oak¬ 
ley av 

" Ernest W r5409 Oakley av 
Genung Harvey rlOl Industrial rd 
Genzler John M (Cele) electn h4130 
Sheffield av 

Georgas John S (Mary; Calumet Restr) 
h5923 Calumet av 

" Peter (Vietta P) steelwkr h4414 John¬ 
son av 

George Alvin baker Mrs Rosa M Vivian 
r6136 VanBuren av 

" Anna E (wid Chas) r4133 Sheffield av 
" Bernard lab rl2 154th pi (OC) 

" Bertha Mrs gro 1639 Roberts av (PO 
Whi) h do 

" Carrie A bkpr Mrs Rosa M Vivian h 
6136 VanBuren av 

" Despean (wid Christ) r788 Forsythe 
av (OC) 

" Eliz tchr Lafayette Sch r Highland 
" Harrison I (Maude E) grinder h459 

" Josephine (wid Alf) hl2 154th pi (CC) 


" -Lawrence city editor Hammond Times 
r5114 Hohman av 

" Oscar (Lorene) sismn hi 103 Lyons 
" Raymond (Mjrrthss-M) pntr h2637 

" Steph (Bertha) crane opr hl639 Rob¬ 
erts av (FOWhi) 

" Wm H driver E C Minas Co r459 In¬ 

" Ziso G (Alexandria) h940 Field 
Georgeff Jas (Nadine) lab h2829 1386h 
pi (Bur) 

Geraci Jean E (wid Jos) h411 157th (C 

Geraghty Clarence R pres Burnham Re¬ 
fining Co 13901 Burnham av (Bur) 
Gertxa Anna (wid Paul) !h2264 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Jos A (Anne) coml artist hl639 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

" Michl B rl639 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Paul M (Genevieve) oilwkr h rear 
2264 Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 
Gerber Bums L (Lenora) elk PO h961 

" Cecil (Trilby) driver Crown Coal Co 
Inc h rear 547 Douglas 
" Fred C (Edith) driver h612 Plummer 
Gerbracht Edw E (Dorothy M) barber 
h5174 Morton ct 

Gerdich Louis J lab NIPSCo rl514 Sum¬ 

v " Thos (Ida) car repr hl514 Summer 
Geren Olen elev opr Calumet Bldg r404 
155th (CC) 

Gerenda Geo (Sarah) oilwkr h2134 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

" Paul oilwkr r2134 Lincoln av (POWhi) 
Gerhardt Alice Mrs h636 Plummer 
Gericke Frederic A structural eng Tim¬ 
othy F Cloghessy r Gary 
" Julius J supt Lake County Highway 
Dept r Gary 

Gerka Christine maid r7122 McCook av 
" John jr r7122 McCook av 
” John S (Helen) formn h7122 McCook 
Gerlach Genevieve maid 6330 Moraine 
Germak John rlOl Industrial rd 
German Otto M (Goldie) inspr h6224 
Jackson av 

Germanski Frank J rlOl Industrial rd 
Germek Michl (Anna) janitor h70l4 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

Germick Jothn J (Genevieve) elk h2348 
Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Jos (Rose) tank repr h rear 2322 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

"Michl (Emily) oilwkr h2316 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

Gerold Winfred M (Thelma) hl2 157th 

Gerrity Jas E (Louise) loco eng hl44 
157th apt 2 (OC) 

GerShman Wm mgr Goldblatt Bros r 
Chicago Ill 

Gerson Ernest rl05 157th (CC) 

Gerth Geo C (Nu-Enamel Paint Store) 
r Chicago Ill 

Gescheidler Alice F priv sec Hammond 
National Co r39 Warren 
” Fred J (Martha) asst receiver h839 

Mgr Hammond National Co, h39 
Warren, Tel 3734 

•' Howard J jr sismn Hammond Na¬ 
tional Co r39 Warren 
" Wm E asst receiver Hammond Na¬ 
tional Bank & Trust Co r940 High¬ 

Gesicke Frank fdr W B Conkey Co r 
Chicago Ill 

Getridge Frank (Getridge & Crawford) 
r4804 Calumet 

•' & Crawford (Frank Getridge, Mrs 
Phoebe Crawford) restr 4804 Calu¬ 
met av 

Gettig Gerald sismn Automatic Canteen 
Co of Ind Inc r E Chicago Ind 
Gettinger Hal rural service eng NIPSCo 
r Griffith 

Gettler Edmund P supvr NIPSCo r Dyer 
" John L (Helen) h6007 Hohman av 
" Stasia C cash Hammond Ins Agcy r 

Getty Albert G (Hannah) mldr h225 
Elizabeth (CC) 

" Geo F appr r225 Elizabeth (CC) 
Getz Michl (Dorothy) auditor Ind State 
Housing Assn r Chicago Ill 
Getzinger Danl P sismn h6405 Euclid av 
" Nick (Myrtle M) millwright h4878 
Pine av 

" Willis T (Elaine W) shipper hl235 

Geunther Carl (Neva) musician r347 
154th pi (OC) 

Geurts Alf A (Clara) toolkpr h4538 
Cameron av 

Gevirtz Jasper (Mollie) dentist 5244-46 
Hohman av R501-02 r5946 Hohman 
" Milton B (Madeline) phys 5244-46 
Hohman av R501-02 h5951 Hohman 
" Mollie tel opr Southmoor Apt Hotel 
r5946 Hohman av 

Gewartowski Geo (Frances) meatetr r 
6822 Arizona av 

Geyer Chas O (Minnie E) chemist h7214 
Knickerbocker pkwy 
" Geo A (Margt A) supt h230 Fernwood 
" Ira B (Beatrice; Monroe Food Shop) 
r Riverdale Ill 

" J Geo (Bessy) genl supt Federal Am 
Cement Tile Co h30 Indi-IUi pk 
Geza Philip (Kath) hl009 Conkey 
Ghent Wm (Ida) sismn h445 Michigan 
Giannini Nello (Golden Gate Inn) r920 

” Norma elk Pete Giannini r920 Drack¬ 

" Peter (Angela) confr 5624 Calumet av 
h920 Drackert 

Giba Nick (Kate) chipper hl034 167th 
" Nick jr lab rl034 167th 
" Rose waiter City Hall Confy rl034 
167 th 

" Stanley rlOl Industrial rd 
Gibbard Sadie (wid Caleb) h638 Hirsch 
av (OC) 

Gibbons Roy J (Leoda) sismn hl5 FOr- 
estdale Park (CC) 

" Wayne S (Sadie) steelwkr h7120 Mad¬ 
ison av 

Gibbs Edw H (Marie) elk h294 Schrum 
rd (OC) 

" Gerald usher Paramount Theatre r294 
Schrum rd (CC) 

" Margt (wid Lowell) rll70 Sibley 
" Mary M slswn r294 Schrum rd (CC) 

" Wm T elk NIPSCo r294 Schrum rd 

" Wm T (Roberta) wtchmn h6430 Euc¬ 
lid av 

Giberson Geo N (Lillian) civil eng h525 

Gibson A Bert (Leota) elk E C Minas 
Co h6833 Rosewood av 
" Arth tchr Morton Jr Hi Sch r6247 
Jefferson av 

" Ina M opr IBTCo r6026 Erie av 
" John N (Emma) swtchmn h6128 Noble 
" John N jr r6128 Noble av 
Giczewski Bert (Lottie) pntr h525 Harri¬ 
son av (CC) 

" John r525 Harrison av (OC) 

Gidenak John hl310 Lake av (POWhi) 
Gidnay Richd stmftr r504 Michigan 
Giecko Anthony steelwkr h7215 Colum¬ 
bia av 

" Demin (Anna) lab hl043 Cherry 
Gielachowski Frank fctywkr r43l5 Cam¬ 
eron av 

" Helen sten r4315 Cameron av 
" Mary (wid John) h4315 Cameron av 
Giertych Henry opr Parthenon Theatre 
r Gary 

Giertz Glenn P (Ruth) steelwkr h4432 
Elm av 

Gies Elmer E (Irene) steelwkr r247 
Warren (CC) 

" Jos P (Bessie A; C & G Club) h247 
Warren (CC) 

Giesecke Arth A (Ann) elk h234 Locust 
Gieseking Wm D (Louise) mechl eng h 
7234 Madison av 

Giesen Florence sten r5523 Sohl av 
Jos elk r5523 Sohl av 
Giewartowski Jos A (Helen M) v-pres 
A-l Realty & Construction Co Inc 
h630 Green Bay av (CC) 

" Louis mach opr r808 Green Bay av 


Robertsdale Lumber Co. 


W. S. GRINDLE, Mgr. 

2217 Hew York Ave.Tel. Whiting 730_Whiting, Ind. 


" Marion (Victoria) 'h808 Green Bay av 

" Suzanna elk Community Liquors r808 
Green Bay av (CC) 

Thaddeus E (Prances) agt Western & 
Sou Life Ins Co h806 Green Bay av 

Gif fin Arth D (Minnie A) wtchmn h 
4617 Sheffield av 

Chas (Pern) cranemn tol310 Sherman 
" Fred T (Amy) carrier PO (W) hl006 
116tn (POWhi) 

B Virgil E roofer hlpr Gartner Roofing 
Co r4617 Sheffield av 
" Wm rl310 Sherman 
Gifford Curtis E (Edna) electn h7344 
Madison av 

" Geo elk Kroger-Consumers r6233 Har¬ 
rison av 

" Harold E (Sarah) auto mech City St 
Dept h6640 VanBuren av 
" Harry E (Mary E) h536 Gostlin 
" Leighton E (Edith M) heat treater h 
4615 Towle av 
■ Madeline elk r536 Gostlin 
Paul D (Grace) formn h6233 Harri¬ 
son av 

Giglio Anna (wid Anthony) hl29 Plum¬ 
mer av (CC) 

" Leo lab rl29 Plummer av (CC) 
Gigliotti Jos (Frances.) lab h rear 319 
State (CC) 

Gilbert Cyrus J formn h714 Truman blvd 
Geo N (Mildred M) elk IHBRR h6443 
Meadow la 

" Grace L nurse StMargt Sch of Nurs¬ 
ing r N Buffalo Mich 
" John (Rebecca) inspr h6623 Arizona 
" Melvin agt Western & Sou Life Ins 
Co r546 Waltham 

" Mildred elk Goldblatt Bros r East 

" Mildred M Mrs elk E C Minas Co h 
6443 Meadow la 

" Nathan (Mildred) steelwkr hl956 

Gilboe Adeline L elk NIPSCo r5738 Erie 
" Jos r5738 Erie av 

" Josephine (wid Thos) h5738 Erie av 
" Lillian elk W B Conkey Co r5738 Erie 
Gilchrist Bertha maid 5840 Hohman av 
" Geo A (Dorothy W) v-pres Calumet 
Natl Bk h6749 Indi-Hli pk 
" Lillian (wid Ernest) r6749 Indi-IUi pk 
Giles Jas D (Bertha E) formn h821 Mer¬ 

" Joshua (Lucille) dropmn Sou Wheel 
Div r Chicago Ill 

Gilice Kath (wid Anton) h2012 Atchison 
av (POWhi) 

Gill Alex millwright h543 Harrison av 

" Carroll J (Lena) lab h rear 580 Price 
av (CC) 

" Leo (Mary) reprmn r6414 Euclid av 
" Mary hlpr W B Conkey Co r6414 Euc¬ 
lid av 

" Thos N elk PO r821 Becker 
" Wm B (Olga M) elk PO h251 Wil¬ 

" Zigbert I (Estella) h4238 Sheffield av 
G 11am Thos H (.Mary) hll52 State blvd 
Gillard Prank r5514 % Calumet av 
" Helen bkpr Meyer’s Appliance Co r 
4315 Cameron av 

Lloyd (Della) slsmn h5620 Hohman av 
" TUBe (wid Louis) h4218 Johnson av 
Gillespie Alton L (Beatrice) oilwkr h 
6710 Marshall av 
Arth city firemn r5417 Wood av 
Florence Mrs r640 Indiana 
Prank S (Helen L) genl storekpr NI 
PSCo h523 156th pi (CC) 

" Geodice (Lesseran) servicemn Burch 
Auto Sup & Serv Stores Inc hl049 

" Gladys tchr Maywood Sch r 499 Detroit 
" Jas M elk rlO Ruth VovMvrx-ti 

’’ Lucille sten rlO Ruth 
’’ Myrtle (wid J Will) ihlO Ruth 
" W Lee (Eva L) formn h6619 Meadow 

" Wm asmblr r237 Highland apt 211 
Gillett Gerald A (Gillett & Waller) h5 

” & Waller (Gerald A Gillett, Kal Wal¬ 
ler) lawyers 5231 Hohman av R806 
Gillette Earl chemist r434 Sibley blvd 


" Lucille emp Chapman Lndry Inc r 
5608 Walter av 

" Robt P (Jessie D) cond h964 State 

" Verda Mrs hlll4 167th 

Gillian Byron J (Edith) steelwkr h5442 
Tell av 

Gillis Harry L mech C&ERR r221 Doug¬ 

GILLIS ROBERT R (Katherine E), 
Dentist 134 Rimbach, Tel 708, h45 
Glendale av 

Gillman Arth r485 Truman blvd 

Gillmurray Prank A (Gertrude) hlOlO 
Wentworth av (CC) 

Gillott Thos (Hammond Plmbg Co) r 

Gilman Geo F (Vivian) compounder h 
1610 Park View av (POWhi) 

" Jas (Helen) oilwkr hl947 Blossom row 
apt 1 (POWhi) 

" Ralph oilwkr rl512 Myrtle av (PO 


" Wm E (Irene) swtchmn hl605 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

Gilmore Getchel (Chloe) caretkr New 
Hammond Raceway h2701 Sheffield 
Gilpin G G (Jessie) chf eng SREMCo 
r Riverside Ill 

Gilson Apartments 55-57 Ogden 
" Deyo R (Pern M) lab h7431 Beech av 
Wm N (Grace) elk h7146 Lyman av 
Gindl Florence musician r30 Detroit 
" Geo S (Rose) musician h30 Detroit 
" Lawrence M (Martha A) filling sta 
301 156th (CC) h307 157th (CC) 

" Peter J (Marie S) tuner Straube Pi¬ 
anos Inc h218 Warren (CC) 

Gindroz Albert (Mary W) asst eng NI 
PSCo h5 Warren (CC) 

Gingery Myrtle (wid Clyde) hl44% State 
Gingher Bertha rl722 Davis av (POWhi) 
" David E oilwkr hl722 Davis av (PO 

Ginn Norman r7122 Madison av 

" Wm T (Marie G) pntr h451_ 

Gintert Glen produce mgr Kroger’! 
1317 Michigan 

Giojos Kunegunda Mrs hl409 Sherman 
Giordano Michl tailor 56 Muenich ct r 
415 % Sibley 

Giotte Fred (Mary) mach h rear 6920 
McCook av 

Giovingo Jos (Mabel B) barber 580% 
State Line av (CC) h522 Lincoln av 

" Sami (Mary) lab h430 Hirsch av (CC) 
Gipson O’Neal (Bertha) lab h520 State 


” Esther A (wid Geo) h2033 Stanton av 

" Frank elk rl Warren (CC) 

Girl Scouts Inc Frances M Keck dir 
Lake Superior Court bldg 
Girman Elmer (Anne) refinerywkr h 
1943 Warwick av (POWhi) 























First Trust 


" Elsie elk J J Newberry Co rl542 Myr¬ 
tle av (POWhi) 

" Geo (Veronica) carp hl540 Myrtle av 

" Geo sexton rl529 Brown av (POWhi) 
Geo jr (Mamie) weigh mstr hl542 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Geo m rl542 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" John oilwkr rl520 Brown av (POWhi) 

" Mary sten Robt C Brown rl542 Myr¬ 
tle av (POWhi) 

" Robt S lab rl531 Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Steph (Prances) carp hl531 Roberts 
av (POWhi) 

Girton Francis L (Ruth) dispr Keeshin 
Motor Express Co Inc h4516 Towle 
" John B (Mary) driver r4516 Towle av 
Girvin Matthew J (Eliz) pntr h911 State 

Gish Sigmund (Virginia L) r27 Ogden 
Givers Geo meatetr Walter Matter r6822 
Arizona av 

Gjdrum Pin r476 Michigan 
Gladish Ann elk Goldblatt Bros r2012 
Lincoln (POWhi) 

" John (Gladish Sign Studios) r Ind¬ 
iana Harbor 

" Sign Studios (John Gladish) 5063 
Hohman av 

" Steven (Anna) oilwkr h2012 Lincoln 
av (POWhi) 

Glancy Everett H (Luella H) auto mech 
h526 Indiana apt E 

Glanowski Walter (Amelia) hl047 Moss 
Gians Arth (Josephine) oilwkr h2041 
Lake av (POWhi) 

Glantz Mathew rlOl Industrial rd 
Glascott Alvin P (Doris D) mach hl2 
Warren (CC) 

Glasheen John B (Eliz E) pntr hl533 
Calumet av (POWhi) 

" Lawrence fctywkr rl533 Calumet av 

Glasmire Fred chemist r950 Plummer 
Glass Harry A (Cath C) city firemn h 
4614 Towle av 

Glasscott Wm B (Irene E) electn h685 
Douglas av (CC) 

Glatt Auto Wreckers (Sydney Glatt) 
1030 Indianapolis blvd (PORoby) 

" Sydney (Toba; Glatt Auto Wreckers) 
hl030 Indianapolis blvd (PORoby) 
Glavin Cath waiter Brahos Coffee Shop 
r607 Indiana 

" Jos B (Mary E) h607 Indiana 
•" Julia waiter r607 Indiana 
•• Mary cook Goldblatt Bros r607 In¬ 

Glaze Floyd motorcycle mech r734 Sib¬ 

" John (Martha) lab hl3932 Chippewa 
av (Bur) 

” Martin (Frieda) steelwkr h907 Hoff¬ 

Gleason Grace r973 Murray 
" John slsmn Byrnes & Schuhmann Inc 
r Harvey Ill 

” Margt librarian Geo Rogers Clark Sch 
r48 Waltham 

" Tessie Mrs hi 166 State blvd 
Gleba Frank rlOl Industrial rd 
Gledhill Aaron pntr r231 156th pi (CC) 
>■ Bernard R (Cecelia) formn hll26 

" Levi (Emma A) slsmn Home Owners 
Guild r5529 Claude av , 

W Leonard (Mary K) pkr h7637 Mon- 

Gleg^Mw E (Florence) ptmmkr h6727 
Arizona av 

Glendening Adeline Mrs elk Ind State 
Unemployment Compensation Div h 
7326 Monroe av 

" Wilbur J (Adeline K; Conroy & Glen¬ 
dening) h7326 Monroe av 
Glenn Delores fctywkr r517 State (CC) 
■" Edw h595 Price av (CC) 

" Eva G (wid Oscar) h517 State (CC) 
” Fern E r517 State (CC) 

Howard R (Rose K) steelwkr r244 
156th (CC) _ _ „ J 
" John collr rll74 State blvd 
" Louis lab rl023 Kenwood 
Glick Chas J (Pearl 'R> chauf Johnson 
Tran & Fireproof Whse h6l43 Gar¬ 
field av 


Clinton O atndt J Stewart Smock r 
6143 Garfield av 

" Lawrence F (Gretta) hl09 State (CC) 
Glickman Herman J v-pres Queen Anne 
Candy C or Chicago Ill 
Glinski Edw J (Bernadine) lab h6421 
Crescent pi 

" Harry student r632 Plummer 
" Theo rl330 150th 

Globe Glass Co Morris Bramson mgr 
5807 Calumet av 

" School Burnham av 1 mi w of State 
Line av (CC) 

Gloff Gertrude (wid Harry) h236 Doug¬ 

Gloger Ohas (Pauline) h2943 138th pi 

Glombeck Alice elk Leo F Glombeck Sc 
Son r6851 Arkansas av 
" John L (Noreen) opr C&CDTCo h7041 
Jackson av 

•" Leo F (Stella; Leo F Glombeck & 
Son) h6851 Arkansas av 
" Leo F & Son (Leo F and Thos F) hdw 
6910 filling sta 6906 Kennedy av 
" Thos F (Leo F Glombeck & Son) r 
6851 Arkansas av 

Glomski Victor rlOl Industrial rd 
Glos Carrie ctr W B Conkey Co r935 

" Janet r935 Field 
" Louis (Helen) stelwkr h935 Field 
" Sophia sewer W B Conkey Co r935 

Glosser Harry (Marie) loco firemn h516 

Glover Arch A (Belle) billiards 446 Sib¬ 
ley h4913 Hickory av 
" Chas (Louise) lab hl030 Kenwood 
•• Ernest (Mary E) mach h6950 Colum¬ 
bia av 

" Loraine r819 Field 

Glowacki Floyd (Helen) auditor h226 

Glowinski Albert (Celia) lab rl274 Sum¬ 

Gloza Aug formn W B Conkey Co r523 
155th (CC) 

" Bernard L (Nellie) mach opr W B 
Conkey Co h!14 155th pi (CC) 

" Frank r525 155th (CC) 

" Gertrude clnr W B Conkey Co rll4 
155th pi (CC) 

" Helen R ctr W B Conkey Co r334 
155th (CC) 

" Mathew emp W B Conkey Co r5841 
Columbia av 

" Rose Mrs h334 155th (CC) 

•" Wm A (Frances) pntr h5841 Colum- 
bua av 

Glucksman Louis C (Dorothy) filling sta 
422 Fayette h6426 Jackson av 
Glueckert Albert J (Marie E) pres-treas 
Woodmar Lbr Sc Supply Co h6436 
Forest av 

" Kath E sten Woodmar Lbr & Sup Co 

" Lawrence H lab r6436 Forest av 
Glugla Frank W (Loretta) chf sta eng 
h6922 Jackson av 

Gluth Betty bkpr h51 Elizabeth apt 9 
•' Emil F (Hattie) formn h828 Becker 
" Geo C (Mable A) mach opr h7114 
VanBuren av 

" Henrietta Mrs h5413 Wood av 
" Henry R (Martha; Consumers Roof¬ 
ing Co) h539 Florence 
" Herbert T elk r828 Becker 
" Howard W elk Harvey Bros r828 

Glynn Louis porter Shaver Mtr Co rl020 

Gmerek John (Mary) oilwkr hl330 121st 

Gnajek Casimir fctywkr r4429 Cameron 
" John (Kath) lab h4429 Cameron av . 
" Stanley r4429 Cameron av 
Gnass Edw W (Ella) oilwkr hl630 Myr¬ 
tle av (POWhi) 

Gnerlich Agnes (wid Fred) r700 State 
Line av (CC) 

” Anna (wid Wm) r4711 Johnson av 
" Geo A (Helen G) splicer IBTCo h 

GoacfHenrjM^LUlhin R) plmbr h553 In¬ 
graham av (CC) 






4909 Hohman Ave. c - N - NAU - Pres Tela. Hammond 65 and 66 

Gobek Leonard (Anna) formn h4319 
Henry av 

Gobel John G janitor Woolwort'h’s r4524 
Ash av 

Gobitz Ida elk Goldblatt Bros r714 

" Rachel (wid Sami) h?14 Plummer 
•• Sarah T elk Goldblatt Bros r714 

Goble Peorl sten r5747 Erie av 
" Lee (Lillie) h5747 Erie av 
• Nellie maid r5747 Erie av 
Goborav Peter car bldr r4846 Pine av 
Gocken Anna (wid Remmer) hl03 Rim- 

Gocko Konstant (Sophie) lab hl4133 
Mackinaw av (Bur) 

Goddard Patk elk r547 State (CC) 

" Ralph A (Lula E) swtchmn h242 153d 

Godfewski Stanley (Wanda) mldr h435 
155th (OC) 

Godsell Jos J (Alice F) industrial eng h 
809 Forsythe av apt 2 (CC) 

Godwin Aaron L (Ruby; Godwin Gar¬ 
age) rl35 Rimbach 

GODWIN GARAGE (Aaron L Godwin), 
Automobile Repairing, We Specialize 
in Cleaning and Repairing Radiators 
and Welding, rear 135 Rimbach, Tel 
3680 (For further information see 
page 6 Buyers’ Guide) 

Godza Gladys elk rl030 119th (POWhi) 
Michl (Sadie) janitor hl030 119th (PO 

Godzinski Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Goeb Henry J (Elsie C) baker Superior 
Bakery h4732 Hickory av 
Goebel Henry (Matilda) hl716 Brown av 

" Herman W (Mina G) oilwkr hl713 
Calumet av (POWhi) 

" John emp SREMCo r Chicago Ill 
Goeckel Fred chemist r6239 Hohman av 
Goehringer Anna (wid Edw) h717 Sib¬ 

” Eleanor A slswn Woolworth’s r717 Sib- 

" Henry C (Eleanor L) h5620 Claude av 
" Lewis C (Elma) storekpr hlOlO High¬ 

" Richd C rlOlO Highland 
” Theo A (Caroline) formn h246 Warren 

Goeke Vinnie Mrs r939 Lyons 

Goerg Clarence fctywkr r616 118th (PO 

” Florence r616 118th (POWhi) 

" Otto A (Freda) oilwkr h616 118th (PO 

” Wm r616 118th (POWhi) 

Goethe Otto (Edna) mill opr hl734 At¬ 
chison av (POWhi) 

Goetsinger Edw atndt J J Brehm & Son 
Goetze C Fred Rev (Lillian A) pastor St 
Lukes Evang Luth Ch h7(H6 Mad¬ 
ison av 

Goetzen Edw - J (Agnes) formn North 
State Pub Co h835 Merrill 
" Isabel (wid Richd) r835 Merrill 
Goetzinger Albert J cond rl020 Chicago 
Edw J (Marie) atndt h547 154th pi 

" John F (Panzola) steelwkr hl020 Chi¬ 

Goff Eliza J (wid Jos) r6 Williams 
" Grace (wid Dolph) r4215 Johnson av 
" Harvey B (Daisy) slsmn Herschbach 
Mtr Corp hl316 Freeland av (CC) 
Jos R (Anna) eng h6950 Arizona av 
" Martin L custodian Wallace Sch h 
6218 Madison av 

" Wm pntr Herschbach Mtr Corp r953 

Goga Michl rlOl Industrial rd 
Gogg Adeline Mrs gro 5635 Alice av h 
5634 do 


" Reuben H (Adeline) loco eng C&EiRR 
h5634 Alice av 

Goggin Jos D stereo Hammond Times r 
Chicago Ill 

Goginsky Jos A (Sophie) swtchmn h 
2004 Stanton av apt 1 (POWhi) 
Gohde Edw P (Mildred M) mach hl232 

" Herman r4752 Columbia av 
Goin Walter L (Irene) bus opr C&CDT 
Co r StJohn 

Goins Harry porter Tru-Value Shop r 
1004 Field 

" Jas porter Marlene Shop rl004 Field 
" Jessie (wid John) rl004 Field 
" Willard F (Rose) janitor hl0O4 Field 
Golab John (Cath) refinerywkr h2512 
White Oak av (POWhi) 

Golarz Cath marker Prosperity Clnrs & 
Dyers r E Chicago Ind 
" John J (Helen) lab h907 Ames 
" Jos (Marie) car bldr h4510 Ash av 
" Walter (Sylvia) fctywkr >h4510 Ash av 
Gold Dorothy mgr Goldblatt Bros r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Fred (Fred Gold & Son) h847 114th 
apt 3 (POWhi) 

" Fred & Son (Fred and Wm) filling 
sta 1541 Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Harry F (Frieda) filling sta 2070 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (W) hl538 Warwick 
av apt 11 (POWhi) 

" Jas (Belle) hl725 Brown av (POWhi) 

" Julius barber 113 State r Chicago Ill 
" Melvin L (Rae H) mgr Calumet Thea¬ 
tre h7120 Monroe av 
" Wm (Eliz; Fred Gold & Son) rl620 
Cleveland av (W) 

Goldberg Edw M (Kath L) formn hl36 
Waltham (OC) 

" Harold A mgr Hammond Loan Co r 

" Irving mgr G R Kinney Co Inc r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Loeb (Ada) h853 Michigan 
" Sami A (Clara C) tavern 5407 Calu¬ 
met av h257 Fernwood av 

GOLDBLATT BROS, Philip Mossier 
Executive Store Mgr, Department 
Store 5206-5228 Hohman av, Tel 1400 
(For further information see page 21 
Buyers’ Guide) 

Golden Anna r2013 Lake av (POWhi) 

" Anna (wid John M) h2013 Lake av 

” Beulah tchr Maywood Sch r244 Dyer 

” Edw atndt Garrett M Knight rl213 

Gate Inn (Carl J Galiani, Nello Gian- 
nini) tavern 5602 Calumet av 
Geo (Marie) driver h4907 Calumet av 
" Geo A (Edith) elk h6827 Alabama av 
" J Beni (Clara) reprmn Central Chem 
Div hi 141 Truman 
" John R pntr h640 Truman blvd 
” Jos (Frances) h4313 Sheffield av 
" Kenneth T lab hl320 Truman 
” Lester r5209 State Line av 
" Marie Mrs br mgr Kennedy Lndry Co 
r4907 Calumet av 
’’ Mary r2013 Lake av (POWhi) 

’’ Mary Mrs hlll6 Michigan 
" Michl J (Mary) oilwkr hl822 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

Goldenstem Elmer C hl946 Superior av 

Goldhagen Carl E (Anne) oilwkr hl007 
Reese (POWhi) 

" Jos A ydmn StMargt Hosp r25 Douglas 
" Josephine r5304 Hohman av 
Goldie’s Beauty Shoppe (Goldie Kovach) 
1042 Conkey 

Golding A If R civil eng r6337 Moraine av 
" Augusta (wid Harry) hl624 Myrtle av 





















415 Detroit 




When You 
Need a 








Call Us 






Tel. 5080 







" Chas T (Frieda) mach hd h6341 Har¬ 
rison av 

" Geo E (Agnes D) yd formn Whiting 
Lbr & Coal Co (W) hl535 Lake av 

" Howard formn W B Conkey Co r5266 
Hohman av 

" Jeanette cash New Way Shoe Repair 
Co r Munster 

" Josephine B waiter Brahos Coffee 
Shop r4828 Elm av 
" Leona Mrs r24 155th (CC) 

" Sidney elk Goldblatt Bros r258 Carroll 
" Sidney (Josephine) meatetr h4828 Elm 
Volchok Mgr, Men’s, Ladies’ and 
Children’s Wearing Apparel 4' 
State, Tel 2225 
" Melvin mgr (Rio Theatre 
Goldstein Barney H (Millie) dentist h 
1749 Davis av apt 2 (POWhi) 

" Chas R chiropodist r617 Forsythe av 

" Chas S (Bessie) pdlr h917 State blvd 
" Jos (Norma) mecnl eng hl02 152d apt 
12 (CC) 

" Lewis L (Sylvia) slsmn h'1835 Davis av 

" Nathan (Libby) comn mer h617 For¬ 
sythe av (OC) 

Goldstine Milton ( Mlhli ett T) fa rear 470 
Plummer apt 22 

Goldyn Anne L sten Hugh E Carroll r 
1004 Moss 

" Frank (Anne L) sta atndt rl004 Moss 
" Peter (Louise) lab Sou Wheel Div h 
1004 Moss 

" Stanley (Eleanor) rl004 Moss 
Goldys Helen sten r4314 Sheffield av 
" John J (Nellie) h4314 Sheffield av 
Golec Frank J (Pauline) hl018 Kenwood 
" John (Helen) elk Lurie’s Inc r Heges- 
wich Ill 

" Louis B lab rl536 Hoffman 
" Mary (wid John) hl536 Hoffman 
" Matthew hlpr rl220 Field 
" Mildi ' ccl - inserter W B Conkey Co r 
1018 Kenwood 
" Paul (Agnes) hl220 Field 
" Philip lab h rear 1121 Cleveland 
" Wm rl220 Field 

Golembenski Jos (Belle) swtchmn h823 

Golembiewski Jos (Anna) lab hll22 

Golla Martha maid StMargt Hosp r25 

Gollner Wm (Beatrice) blrmkr h5415 
Maywood av 

Gollobitsch Jos (Anna) reprmn r597 
Hirsch av (CC) 

Golonka Edw student r508 Gostlin 
Jean sten Carbide & Carbon Chem 
Corp (W) r508 Gostlin 
'• Matthew r508 Gostlin 
" Valentine (Julia) oilwkr h508 Gostlin 
Golterman Paul F Rev pastor Concordia 
Lutheran Church >h6917 Marshall av 
Golub Vicent r2344 Birch av (POWhi) 
Golumbeck Betty C waiter r4938 Elm av 
" Chas W (Alice) linemn h907 Murray 
" Dorothy (wid Edw) h4938 Elm av 
" Gust r907 Murray 
" Gustav h5323 Maywood av 
" Gustav jr mach r5323 Maywood av 
" Ralph C steelwkr r4938 Elm av 
Goluszka John oilwkr h2140 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

" Stanley oilwkr r2140 Indianapolis blvd 

Gombert Wm C (Antoinette) slsmn h 
6709 Louise ct 

Gonczy John (Dorothy) lab hl226 Lake- 
view (POWhi) 

Gondring Maude r7132 Monroe av 
Gonsierowski Matthew (Mary) hll5 
154th pi (CC) 


" Mayme ctr W B Conkey Co rll5 
154th pi (CC) 

Gonsiorowski Andrew (Victoria) h4415 
Hohman av 

" Chas (Jean) formn h4344 Sheffield av 
’" Chester atndt John Gonsiorowski r 
4408 Hohman av 

" Edw C (Anna) wtchmn h4406 Shef¬ 
field av 

" Frank r4338 Sheffield av 
" Frank jr (Helen) h4342 Sheffield av 
" Geo r4344 Sheffield av 
" John (Magdalena) filling sba 4406 
Hohman av h4408 do 
" Leonard r4408 Hohman av 
" Lorain atndt John Gonsiorowski r4408 
Hohman av 

" Lottie emp Chapman Lndry Inc r4415 
Hohman av 

" Stanley r4408 Hohman av 
" Theo lye treatmn h4236 Grover av 
" Wallace (Anna) mach h4707 Johnson 

Gonyov Leo elk C&ERR r3131 W Mon¬ 

Gooch Carlyle (Olive) steelwkr rll29 

Good Allan P (Alice) supvr NIPSCo h 
5948 Park pi 

" Frances elk Wallace Sch r6831 Jack- 
son av apt 1 

•' Geo (Edith M) mach h4826 Cedar av 

’’ Henry L (Susie) oilwkr h6831-33 Jack- 
son av apt 1 

" Laurence L (Marguerite A) asst mgr 
Montgomery Ward Co h306 Waltham 

" Lung Laundry Carol Mroz mgr 5638 
Hohman av 

" Norman B mgr Over-Awl Paint Store 
h5963 Park pi 

GOOD P B INC, Pharis B Good Pres, 
Maurice M Robertson Sec and Mgr, 
Wallpaper, Paints, Window Shades 
and Venetian Blinds 130 Sibley, Tel 
7141 (For further information see 
page 48 Buyers’ Guide) 

" Pharis B pres P B Good Inc r Bour- 

” Ray E driver h607 Ingraham av (CC) 

" RoDt L ship elk r607 Green Bay av 

" Susie super fnshr W B Conkey Co r 
6415 Harrison av 

" Virginia G elk NIPSCo r5963 Park pi 

" Wm J (Jean) inspr h4410 Clark av 
Gooden Colonel lab r411 Michigan 
Goodfriend Mary (wid David) h820 
State blvd 

" Sol elk r820 State blvd 

” Thelma copyholder w B Conkey Co 
r Chicago III ’ 

Gooding John K (Edna) groundmn NI 
PSCo hi 166 Truman 
Goodknight Frank (Ruth) towermn Cen¬ 
tral Chem Div hi 15 State (CC) 

" Harold driver rll5 State (OC) 

Goodlander Geo W (Mae) caretkr Ch of 
the Nazarene h815 Michigan 
" Gerald T musician r613 Truman blvd 
" Glenn (Marie) groundmn NIPSCo h 
833 Lyons 

" John E (Zoa) electn NIPSCo h613 
Truman blvd 

” Marie elk Indiana Botanic Gardens r 
833 Lyons 

" Vera F waiter r613 Truman blvd 
Goodlow Harriet Mrs sten Welsh Bros r 
5016 Frankie ct 
" John h263 Florence 

Goodman Abr chemist r21 Ogden 
" Jos (Anna) v-pres Parkland Terrace 
Corp r Chicago Ill 

" Leo A (Mary C) phys 5231 Hohman av 
'R506 h6349 Forest av 
" Mayor r4612 Hohman av 

Goodpastor Ohas wtchmn r7043 Ken¬ 
nedy av 

" Robt (Esther) reprmn h7045 Kennedy 
Shaw Mg;r, Automobile Tires and 
Batteries 5457 Hohman av, Tel 2100 
(For further information see page 2 
Buyers’ Guide) 

Goodson Phil W (Beulah M) radio repr 
h5441 Molsberger pi 

Goodwin Calvin L (Margt) formn hl20 
Detroit (CC) 

Goodyear Harold (Marie) tinmillwkr h 
rear 7 Carroll 

Mgr, Automobile Tires, Accessories 
and Supplies, Our Budget Plan is 
Available to All 5529 Hohman av, 
Tel 7375 

ICE (Maywood Garage & Service 
Station), 5818 Columbia av, Tel 10299 
Goon Lula M (wid Sami) hl726 Atchison 
av (POWhi) 

Goot Clara sten r6333 Calumet av 
" Herman (Eileen) bartndr Henry P 
'Reitz r5908 Calumet av 
" Sami (Fannie) h6333 Calumet av 
Gootee Delbert (Minnie) refinerywkr h 
4407 State Line av 

" Herbert (Mary B) lab h5516 Alice av 
Gora Chester lab r4335 Sheffield av 
" Helen r4331 State Line av 
" Michl (Helen) lab h4335 Sheffield av 
" Sigmund r4331 State Line av 
•’ Stanley (Stella) levermn h4331 State 
Line av 

’’ Theresa ctr W B Conkey Co r4331 
State Line av 

Gorak John F (Josephine D) lab Pratt 
Food Co h4606 Hickory av 
Goranowski Cecelia (wid Peter) h419 
155th (CC) 

" Chester T (Violet; Chet’s Meat Mkt) 
r405 Pulaski rd (CC) 

’’ Clarence r419 155th (CC) 

" Helen slswn r419 155th (CC) 

" Helen Mrs (A & G Store) h523 155th 

” John (Helen; A & G Store) h523 155th 

" Michl (Clara) tavern 506 154th pi (C 
C) h419 155th (CC) 

Goranson Chas (Juanita) refinerywkr h 
1708 Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

’’ Geo (Rika) inspr hl616 Myrtle av 
- (POWhi) 

Goray John T (Eleanor B) steelwkr h 
780 State Line av (CC) 

Gorches Bertha office asst Am Red 
Cross (Hammond Chapter) rl226 

" Bessie (wid Steph) hl226 Truman 
" Steph rl226 Truman 
Gorczya Helen r4242 Sheffield av 
" Victor (Mary) gro 4242 Sheffield av 
h do 

Gorczyca John (Rose) h6330 Columbia 
" JOhn r4409 Henry av 
’’ Mary maid r6330 Columbia av 
" Rose janitor Parthenon Theatre r6330 
Columbia av 

" Stanley (Agnes) h4409 Henry av 
" Victor (Helen; Boulevard Hotel) h 
4750 Calumet av 

Gordon Belle (wid Wm) h909 Wilcox av 
" David D ('Ragnhild) eng Hammond 
Pure Ice & Coal Co h676 State Line 
av (CC) 

•’ Dennis O (Alice) r6818 Delaware av 
•' Edith I (wid Robt A) h5 Ruth (CC) 
" Edw W ( Daisy F) millwright Sou 
Wheel Div h662 Douglas av (CC) 

” Eliz (wid Thos) r562 Ingraham av 

" Elmer G greaser Bohling Auto Sis Inc 
r913 Wilcox av 

" Eug C (Madeline) firemn h930 Drac- 

" Frank E axle turner Sou Wheel Div 
rll43 Fields 

" Geo (Mabel) slsmn Continental Bkg 
Co h299 Schrum rd (CC) 

" Glen (Minnie) lab r ss Schrum rd 7 
w Burnham av (CC) 

- Harry (Josephine) metallurgist h6818 
Delaware av 



" Helen bus agt r263 Conkey 
" Julius H (U Auto Park) r676 State 
Line av (CC) 

" Mary elk r2028 Lake av (POWhi) 

” MaybeUe L cash r5 Ruth (CC) 

” Melissa (wid Howard) formn W B 
Conkey Co r826 Drackert 
" Myer B (Rita C) restr 5114 Hohman 
av h221 Webb apt 8C 
" Nicholas (Anna) oilwkr h2028 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

" Nicholas C chemist r2028 Lake av 

" Rita C Mrs office mgr Bomberger 
Peters & Morthland h221 Webb apt 

" Russell D (U Auto Park) r676 State 
Line av (CC) 

" Wm J (Emma) crane opr h913 Wilcox 
Gore Fred C chemical eng h237 Highland 
apt 212 

Gorecki Anthony S (Sophie) autowkr h 
1315 Field av 

" Edw A (Julia) bartndr John Orkis h 
rear 32 155th pi (CC) 

" Edw A (Helen) collr h7050 Columbia 
" Eug (Mary) slsmn Prosperity Clnrs & 
Dyers h38 156th (CC) 

" Mary wrapper W B Conkey Co r38 
156th (CC) 

" Theo (Helen) gluer W B Conkey Co 
h328 157th (OC) 

Goreham Jas M paintmkr Paceine Lab¬ 
oratories r Chicago HI 
Gorley Ernest O (Minnie) millwkr h 
6807 Carolina av 
" Walter r6807 Carolina av 
Gorman Ella E (wid Thos) h4 Waltham 

" Frank slsmn r266 Carroll 
" Jas M (R o se m a r y) carmn h300 Webb 


’’ Paul V elk NIPSCo r727 CarroU 
Gorneck Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Gorney Alex J (Antoinette) steelwkr h 
rear 4912 Catalpa av 
" Angela elk North Township Trustee 
r rear 4912 Catalpa av 
Gorscak Mark J (Josephine) hl229 169th 
Gorski Alex (Geneva) h6304-06 Colum¬ 
bia av _ 

" Geo Rev asst pastor StAndrew The 
Apostle (RC) Oh r768 Lincoln av 

" John lab r6304 Columbia av 
Gorsline Frank D pres Mercantile Bank 
r Chicago Ill 

Gorsuch Harry J inspr h905 Summer 
Gortat John (Pearl) h517 155th (CC) 
Sigfried P (Mary) oilwkr h4419 Cam¬ 
eron av 

Gosch Don R r992 Wentworth av (CC) 
" Ernest mgr Evermont Apts h5240 SOhl 
av apt 207 

GOSCH MARTIN G (Carolyn), Estima¬ 
tor Hammond Lumber Co, h992 
Wentworth av (CC), Tel 2625 
Gosene Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Goshen Ernest (Goldie) oilwkr hl331 

Gosnel Lee (Delia) blrmkr h619 Truman 

Gosnell Evelyn sten r37 169th 
" Harley (Lula) crane opr h724 Ind iana 
" Howard (Fay E) ironwkr h rear 

Gospel Tabernacle Rev Douglas G Scott 
pastor 5547 Sohl av 

Goss Lonnie steelwkr h6722 Parrish av 
Gossetto Frank gro 322 State (OC) h do 
Gostlin Nell I (wid Wm H) h24 Eliza¬ 

" Wm H student r24 Elizabeth 
Gostylo Antoinette r928 Ames 
Casimir pipeftr r928 Ames 
" Jos h928 Ames 
" Rudolph oilwkr r928 Ames 
" Stanley r928 Ames 
" Theodore r928 Ames 
" Walter steelwkr r928 Ames 
Gosztyla Edw F refinerywkr r4310 Shef¬ 
field av 

" Jos r4310 Sheffield av 
" Lottie fnshr Clarke’s Camera Shop r 
4310 Sheffield av 

" Lukas (Anna) h4310 Sheffield av 

Gotham Reginald E (Florence E) ptm- 
mkr h6232 Harrison av 
Gottardo Ernesto lab Sou Wheel Div r 
6346 Columbia av 

Gouge Grace B Mrs elk E C Minas Co 

Gould Geo J (Irene) swtchmn h3155 

Goult Albert (Mildred) lab h6715 Ari¬ 
zona av 

Gourley Presley J (Maria) lab h2613 

ICE (Calumet Division), Chas E 
Farmer Dist Mgr, Byron Jordan Jr 
Local Mgr, Men and Women, Com¬ 
mercial, Professional, Technical, In¬ 
dustrial (Skilled and Semi-Skilled) 
Men, Home Service, Industrial and 
Institutional Women, No Fee 
Charged to Applicant or Employer, 
423 Vi Fayette, Tel 3360 (For further 
information see page 22 Buyers’ 

Govert Bernard (Cath) car repr h244 

" Genevieve tel opr Hammond Credit 
Exchange r244 Condit 
" Geo J (Clara G) chf elk C&ERR h 
1119 Drackert 

" Maurice A agt John Hancock Mut Life 
Ins Co r Griffith 

Raymond J (Helen M) elk h463 Gor¬ 
don (CC) 

Govlat Sigfried lab r4750 Calumet av 
Gowell Dona M asst Hughe C Hayden r 
5649 Wallace rd 

" Frances L typist NIPSCo r5849 Wal- 

Goyke Jule (Lillian) auditor h434 155th 

" Paul J (Sophie) piano tuner h596 In¬ 
graham av (CC) 

Gozanski Ignatz porter Jos J Brunner r 
337 State (CC) 

Graban Eug (Ann; Michigan Tavern) h 
1135 Drackert 

Grabara Viola G Mrs hl330 150th 
" Walter (Wanda) lab h6933 White Oak 
Grabarek Adeline wrapper r412 155th (C 

" Clement atndt Harry Zaleta r412 I55th 

" Jos i Mary) lab UC&OPCo h412 155th 

Grabelle Josephine maid StMargt Hosp 
r439 Pulaski rd (CC) 

Grabill Burnetta waiter Paramount Cafe 
r616 Forsythe av (CC) 

" Herbert L (Opal) bus opr C&CDTCo 
h919 Wilcox av 

Grabner Carl A elk E C Minas Co r817 

" Mary L r627 Truman blvd 
Grabor Albert mgT Goldblatt Bros r 
Chicago Ill 

Graboske Anna (wid Jos) h580 Ingra¬ 
ham av (CC) 

" Jos S (Kathryn) city bldg and street 
comnr Calumet City h576 Freeland 
av (CC) 

Grabowski Otto W (Marie E) crane 
hooker on SREMCo h844 Chicago 
Grabski Chester steelwkr r4733 Hickory 
" Helen elk r4733 Hickory av 
" Jos (Helen) steelwkr h4733 Hickory av 
Grace Edw J (Jeannette) eng r5635 
Maywood av 

" John lab r5236 Oakley av 
" Nellie h44 Webb (CC) 

" Robt T (Marie) 'h479 Sibley 
" Thos r23 State 
•' Walter E elk r44 Webb (CC) 
Graczkowski Jos (Stella) whsemn h225 
154th pi (CC) 

Graczyk Andrew (Mary) formn r222 
155th pi (CC) 

" Bernard (Graceann) lab h758 Green 
Bay av (CC) 

" Dorothy M slswn Woolworth’s r212 
156th pi (CC) 

" Felix h4426 Baltimore av 
" John L (Kath) lab h4428 Baltimore av 
” Josephine (wid Albert) r4426 Balti¬ 
more av 

" Lawrence (Anna) slsmn Borden-Wie- 
land Div h4328 Torrence av 
" Martha Mrs r758 Green Bay av (CC) 


" Stanley W (Mary) meat ctr h212 156th 
pi (CC) 

" Teofil (Rose) h6420 Jefferson av 
" Walter steel wkr r6420 Jefferson av 
Gradek Andrew (Agnes) oil wkr h2514 
White Oak av (POWhi) 

" Helen r2514 White Oak av (POWhi) 
" John (Attgehne-) steel wkr h2456 White 
Oak av (POWhi) 

" Walter (Helen) steel Wkr h2510 White 
Oak av (POWhi) 

Grady Anna r605 Hirsch av (CC) 

" Anthony G (Alma) chemist h849 
Wentworth av (CC) 

" Edw C (Clara H) hl943 Superior av 

" Fred (Anna) h5111 Calumet av 
" Malcolm r5518 Alice av 
" May (wid Wm) h8S2 Summer 
" Rita Mrs cash J C Penney Co r3506 

" Robt (Beatrice) bus opr r4409 Hoh- 
man av 

" Theodore steel wkr r862 Summer 
" Wm A (Fannie J) formn h6612 Van- 
Buren av 

" Wm A jr r6612 VanBuren av 
Graegin Cecil (Estelle) millwright h2839 
Janet pi 

Graf Aug (Charlotte) h336 Pulaski rd 

" c Leighton (Ellen) steel wkr h6719 
Madison av 

" Raymond r336 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Theo M h5616 Beall av 
Graff Glendine maid StMargt Hosp rl44 
154th pi (CC) 

Grafton Alma Mrs elk h7050 Arizona av 
" Ercel r640 Michigan 
" Forrest W (Winifred) driver Sprout & 
Davis Inc h45 Ogden 
" Virgil O driver Sprout & Davis Inc r 
520 Plummer 
" Wm K r520 Plummer 
Gragido Albert (Rena) h5S10 Beall av 
" Arth H (Kathlyn) cond h64l4 Jack- 
son av 

" Blanche M Mrs asst Edmund C Hack 
r34 Condit 

" Gail A (Hazel) swtchmn h7444 Jack- 
son av 

" Irvin (Blanche) mach opr r34 Condit 
" Kenneth (Anne) mach h7225 Osborn 
Grah Anthony G (Verena) formn hl024 

Graham Albert T (Nellie A) asst supt h 
305 Schrum rd (CC) 

" Alice spl tchr PS 

" Arnold R (Agnes) hl805 Davis av apt 
303 (POWhi) 

" Carl G (Ruth) lab r451 Michigan 
" Chauncey elk Arch A Glover r4913 
Hickory av 

" Dennis (Ora) lab h954 Green Bay av 

Edith M maid r rear 939 Wilcox av 
" Eldon G (Henrietta E) atndt Julius 
A Hoppe r425 State (CC) 

" Elmo atndt Theo O Schmidt (W) r 
Hammond Ind 

" Everett musician Paramount Theatre 
r Chicago Ill 

” Frank D (Ruth M) pntr h451 Michi¬ 

" Genevieve elk Lyndora Home r5927 
Columbia av 

" Gladys W Mrs medical librarian St¬ 
Margt Hosp r37 Warren 
" J Ernest (Carrie) loco eng h64M Cal- 
umet av 

" Jamie (Marge) lab Holland Furnace 
Co h703 Indiana 

" Jos H (Estella M) dripmn NIPSCo h 
rear 939 Wilcox av 

" Jos R (Amelia) slsmn hll29 Lyons 
" Lawrence M (Ethel V) dept mgr hl931 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Leaton (Ellen) elk A & P Food Stores 
h6821 Kennedy av 

" Mary Mrs private sec Sami C Ennis 

" Thelma B maid r rear 939 Wilcox av 
" Vauehn auto mech Theo O Schmidt 
(W) r Hammond Ind 
" Walter H (Mary) elk h5719 Hohman 






" Wm I (Thelma > mech Walker Bros h 
7418 Tapper av 

" Wm J (Edith) soap wkr h6135 Colum¬ 
bia av 

Grainger Thos F (Mary A) mldr h6550 
California av 

Gralak Cecelia A asst Stanley H Skrent- 
ny rl40 155th pi (CC) 

" Edw P oil wkr rl40 155th pi (CC) 

" Frank (Anne) formn hl40 155th pi (C 

" Thos (Mary A) slsmn Prosperity Clnrs 
& Dyers hl40 155th pi (CC) 

" Walter A (Lucille) tavern 134 155th pi 
(CC) h do 

Grambo Apartments 703 Indiana 
" Erwin C (Frances C) city firemn h635 

••sf (Reba) lab r6720 Calumet av 
" Harry J welder h703 Indiana 
" Josephine (wid Edw) h705 Indiana 
M Louise nurse 705 Indiana h do 
" Madeline C typist r705 Indiana 
'• Wm B (Irene B) carp h5432 Tell av 
Grammas S to ve (Mayme) billiards 485 
Sibley h235 Detroit 

Granachi Regina tchr Lincoln Sch r 
Chicago Ill 

Granack Jos (Anna) caretkr hllll Con- 

Granback Robt F (Margt M) auto mech 
h7344 Jefferson av 

Granberg Elmer L (Anna M) agt Prud 
Ins Co hl910 Superior av apt 5 (PO 

Granda Stanley (Pauline) lab hll35 
169th pi 

Grandbois Florence Mrs asst Irving 
Feinsot h604 State Line av apt 23 (C 

" Wm G (Florence) elk NIPSCo h604 
State Line av apt 23 (CC) 

Grandy C Walter mach opr rl531 Calu¬ 
met av (POWhi) 

Grandys Francis T dep elk Lake County 
Criminal Court r Crown Point Ind 
Granese Flora elk Goldblatt Bros rl47 
W 113th 

" Fred blksmith rl47 W 113th 
" Jos welder rl47 W 113th 
Granger Clyde elk rll27 Indiana 
" Clyde elk Tri-City Electric Co rl224 

"T5S- (Emma W) br mgr Kroger’s Con¬ 
sumers Stores h265 Oakwood 
" Florence Mrs cash Associates Inv Co 
h6441 Euclid av 

" Forest L (Eliz B) lawyer hlO Carroll 
" Fred (Bessie) gro 980 Michigan h5334 
Howard av 

" Herman E driver Brink’s Inc r Cedar 

" Leon J (Emma) assessor h817 Drack- 

" Lucy r817 Drackert 
” Marcus J (Margt) hlpr hll27 Indiana 
" Olin C driver Hammond Clean Towel 
Service r Cedar Lake 
" Ord O (Ethel) electn h848 Chicago 
" Pauline cash Fred Granger r5334 

" Tony (Florence) driver hS441 Euclid 
" Virgil driver r315 154th pi (CC) 

” Wm F (Lucy M) h864 Indiana 
" Wm J (Margt) electn h953 Murray 
Granholm Einar J steel wkr r6723 Caro¬ 
lina av 

" Elaine C r6723 Carolina av 
" Herman J (Anna) mach opr h6723 
Carolina av 

’’ Pearl r6723 Carolina av 
Granlund Ejnar rlOl Industrial rd 
Grannon Roland C (Hazel E) hlpr h809 
Forsythe av apt 6 (CC) 

Grant Clara (wid Thos) hS91 Freeland 
av (CC) 

" Cora Mrs r848 Summer 


" Jas (Mildred) driver Grennan Baker¬ 
ies Inc h238 Carroll 
" Jas lab r rear 470 Plummer apt 24 
" Jo b J (Bella) printer h25 Mason 
" Leigh M (Grace) compositor Ham¬ 
mond Times h7139 Hohman av 
" Loy (Leta) blrmkr h852 May apt 7 
" Steven usher CSS&SBRR r Gary Ind 
" Thos (Josephine) carp hl320 150th 
" W T Co Steph B Balkam mgr dept 
store 5213 Hohman av 
Grantstrader Edw (Pearl) waiter h6342 
Madison av 

Grapp Emil h7044 Arizona av 
" Paul r7044 Arizona av 
Grapsas Jas tavern 401 State (CC) h do 
Grashoff Ira W (Ida V) slsmn Empire 
Life & Accdt Ins Co r Indiana Har¬ 

Graska Geo reprmn h224 153d pi (CC) 
Graum Albert C (Adelle) electro plating 
4932 Pine av h do 

Graun Carl (Bertha) tester h4914 Cedar 
Graves Arth C (Florence E) mach opr 
W B Conkey Co h4735 Cameron av 
" Bernard S (Alta) pres The Graves Co 
h422 Conkey 

" Caroline (wid Adolph) h956 Summer 
" Chas E elk r217 Williams 
" Clarence E (Myrtle E) mach hl530 

" Co The Bernard S Graves pres paint 
mfrs rear 5009 Calumet av 
" Doris L nurse StMargt Sch of Nurs¬ 
ing r Morocco Ind 

" Dorothy M tchr Edison Sch rl530 At¬ 

” Drug Co (Harry R Graves) 422 Con¬ 

" Edw A hd caser W B Conkey Co r956 

" Frank E elk r29 Doty 
"Grover (Grace) janitor Buchanan 
Hotel rll3 Rimback 
•Guy W (Anna R) hlpr h824 Merrill 
" Harold (Leona) auto mech h4823 Ce- 

" Harry 8 A (Barbara) blksmith hlpr h 
4304 Towle av 

" Harry R (Graves Drug Co) r250 Car- 

” Jas R (Edwina) swtchmn h584 Sibley 
apt 4 

" Jas R (Eliz F) wtchmn h5521 Walter 
" John A (Lily) stillmn hl049 Eaton 
•’ Louis H (Blanche M) lab h4938 Oak 
’’ Melvin L elk rl530 Atlas 
" Rella G (wid John C) h250 Carroll 
Grawcock J Arth (Laurette; Grawcock’s 
Furniture) hl9 Clinton 
" Kenneth A (Edna R) mgr Grawcock’s 
Furniture h438 Kenwood 
Grawcock), “Trade Your Old Furni¬ 
ture for New,” Cash and Credit 5421- 
23 Hohman av, Tel 420 
Gray Allen porter Shaver Mtr Co r6442 
Howard av 

" Audrey D (Myrtle M) pntr h6222 
Garfield av 

” Dale W (Eleanor) electn h415 High¬ 

’’ Emma L (wid John D) h217 Webb apt 

” Flash lab r6442 Howard av 
" Francis ins agt r217 Webb apt 1A 
" Glen A (Martha L) elk PO h7128 
Jackson av 

" Hazel Mrs waiter h5240 Sohl av apt 

" Jas A (Eliz) swtchmn h5532 Maywood 
av apt 6 

" Jas C (Lena) steelwkr h854 Wilcox av 
" Jas M (Nora M) steel wkr h7222 Alex¬ 
ander av 

" Laura maid 6328 Forest av 



114th Street and Lake Ave. Phones: Whiting 670-671 and Hammond Enterprise 1880 

Headquarters: Lake Shore Housing Guild Whiting, Ind. 


" Matilda S (wid Andrew) hsekpr 7139 
Knickerbocker pkwy 
" Merle elem supvr PS r217 Webb apt 

" Robt R (Ruth W) h55 Ogden 
" Rollie L (Beulah B) slsmn h255 Dyer 

" Russell lab r515 State 
" Russell A (Audrey) oil opr r6226 Gar¬ 
field av 

" Stanley oil wkr rlOlO Hoffman 
" Wm E (Anna) maintenancemn hl541 
Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Wm E jr rl541 Roberts av (POWhi) 
" Wilson oil wkr r522 Indiana 
Graybar Electric Co Inc Wm E Guy mgr 
5830 Calumet av 

Graybeal Lasel (Virginia) delmn Stan¬ 
dard Pipe Line Co (W) h4529 Ash 
Grayson John O (Eliz) sta firemn h4022 
Cameron av 

Grazack Jos formn Great Lakes Whse 

Great Lakes Bottling Co (Martin J 
Powell) 14053 Green Bay av (Bur) 

" Lakes Brewing Co Inc Ralph L Mosher 
pres-treas John Ott v-pres Emma 
Brandt sec 548 State (CC) 

PORATION, R H Wellington Mgr, 
801-805 Calumet Bldg 5231 Hohman 
av, Tels 497-498 

” Lakes Warehouse Corp Emile C Faure 
v-pres-mgr 11 Industrial rd 
Greb Conrad (Anna) h5237 State Line 
" Hilda Mrs hi006 May 
" Wm G (Hannah) utilitymn Woodrow- 
Wilson Sch h573 Harrison av (CC) 
Greek Catholic Cemetery 6840 Kennedy 
Green Albert F (Mary M) fcty wkr h 
rear 1312 121st (POWhi) 

" Alvin (Martha) lab h563 Harrison av 

" Alvin H (Elvina) formn h251 173d 
" Annette rl346 Truman 
" Chas C (Beatrice) teleg opr Nickel 
Plate RR h6720 Alabama av 
" DeGraff E (Jessie D) swtchmn h734 

" Edw P (Josephine F) pntr h268 165th 
" Ernest (Ruby) oil wkr hl516 169th 
" Florence sten r594S Hohman av 
" Frank r449 Gordon (CC) 

” Franklin D (Irene A) sta firemn rill 
157th (CC) , J , 

” Fred (Mabel) mach opr Riverdale 
Products Co h822 William (CC) 

" Fred W (Veronica) elk E C Minas Co 
h5945 Hyslop pi apt 107 
” Gables Tourist Camp (Arth W 
Chandler) 6540 Calumet av 
■' Geo (Rosalie) lab h rear 1004 Field 
Geo W (Kath) formn h6320 Forest av 
" Howard C (Kathryn) supvr h2104 Su¬ 
perior av (POWhi) 

" Irene M opr IBTCo rl028 Eaton 
" John elk Hotel Lincoln r515 State 
" John W (Irene) h517 Gostlin 
•' Lloyd C rlOl Industrial rd 
" Louis E (Elsie) stillmn hl518 Roberts 
av (POWhi) 

" Louis E jr student rl518 Roberts av 

" Lyle appr W B Conkey Co r Chicago 

G Fanta), Ice Cream, Milk and Spe¬ 
cialties 544 Ingraham av. Calumet 
City, Tel Hammond 1906 (For fur¬ 
ther information see page 20 Buyers’ 

" Min ni e - (wid Zenas D) h822 Truman 
" Ora U lab hl346 Truman 
" Paul (Pearl) electn h409 165th 
" Paul F (Irene M) dentist rl028 Eaton 
" Philip (Eleanor) carp h4522 Towle av 


" Richd (Cath) formn h2129 Lincoln av 

” Richd A mach r822 Truman 
" Ruth Mrs r243 155th pi (CC) 

" Sami porter Shaver Mtr Co r E Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

” Thos servicemn Barelli Appliance Co 
" Walter L (Lavinia) slsmn h6416 Jack- 
son av 

" Walter S (Hannah) mach hd hl024 

" Wm A (Cath) restr 1923 Calumet 
av (POWhi) rl725 Davis av (PO 

" Wm A jr fctywkr rl725 Brown av (PO 

" Wm G (Gertrude) reprmn hll30 In¬ 

" Wm M Rev (Hazel P) pastor h7113 
Jackson av 

" Zenas D (Marjorie) h942 State blvd 
Greenberg Alf elk r460 Michigan 
" Arth elk Sol Greenberg r460 Michigan 
” Frank (Stella) hl026 Reese (POWhi) 

" Louis L (Frances) steel wkr hl024 
Reese (POWhi) 

" Sol (Mary) 2d hd clo 5051 Hohman 
av h460 Michigan 

Greenberger Max (Pauline) awnings h 
226 Clinton 

Greene Herbert M mgr Goldblatt Bros r 
5708 Hohman av 

" Jack D (Frances D) dairymn h rear 
510 Gordon (CC) 

" Richd D (Alice) fcty wkr hl603 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

" Wm E (Marion) formn h521 Detroit 
Greening Herman stereo Hammond 
Times r222 Clinton 
Rose M maid 315 152d (CC) 
Greenland Victor mach hd Motor & Axle 
Parts Service r Chicago Ill 
Greenwald Nina (G & N Furniture Co) r 
Chicago Ill 

•' Pauline rll22 Conkey 
" Rebecca (wid Wm) hll22 Conkey 
•' Sami (Mildred) sec-treas Greenwald’s 
Fum Co r6348 Moraine av 
Greenwald’s Furniture Co Morris L 
Greenwald (Chicago) pres Sami 
Greenwald sec-treas 485-87 State 
Greenway Floyd W (Lazora E) roller h 
7032 Olcott av 
" Laura Mrs h615 State 
Green well Albert J (Eva P) mill wkr h 
294 159th (CC) 

" Homer (Lois) steel wkr rl548 Amy av 

Greenwood Donald (Helen) millwright h 
326 153d (CC) 

Greenya Caroline (wid Fredk) elk h230 

” Kathleen E elk Kroger-Consumers r 
230 Doty 

" Ralph E steel wkr r230 Doty 
Greer Everett E (Margt E) punch hlpr 
SREMCo r RD 1 

" Glenn R (Mary) steel wkr h6724 Tap- 

" Henry' (Joan) h6616 Alexander av 
" Jacob R (Meda C) prsmn SREMCo 
h939 150th 

" John (Gretchen) fctywkr r717 Sibley 
" Lawrence (Carrie) steel wkr h905 

" Mildred Mrs weigher h625 Indiana 
” Orville R driver r625 Indiana 
Greeson Wm stock rm Kresge’s r303 
Elizabeth (CC) 

Gregar Thos (Anne M) lab r2410 169th 
Gregg Edna B Mrs elk E C Minas Co r 
857 Truman 

’’ Henry bartndr Frank C Roth r Lans¬ 
ing Ill 

■’ John L (Blanche) steel wkr h855 Tru- 



Real Estate 
410 Fayette St. 
Tel. 52 

J. CL1NN ELLYSON. President 
R. F. McPHARLIN, Secy-Treas. 


5241 H Hohman Ave. 
Tel. 71 

Grego Anna smstrs rl920 Michigan 
" Geo lab rl920 Michigan 
" Mary (wid Andrew) hl920 Michigan 
Gregor Dorothy (wid Raymond) h4929 
Calumet av 

“ Earl crane opr rll68 Indiana 
'■ Norman Q (Della) cond hll68 Indiana 
Gregorczyk Kath hi 118 Kenwood 
•' Steve rlll8 Kenwood 
Gregorich Nicholas F (Pearl E) mstr 
mech h444 Wilson av (CC) 

" Rita beauty opr Ella’s Beauty Parlor 
r444 Wilson av (CC) 
egorovich Ann M rl723 Myrtle av (PO 

G re goro 


" Anna E h942 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

- Anthony A atndt Julius Gregorovich 
rl723 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

•• John r942 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Jos (Emma) sta atndt hl723 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

" Julius (Mary) bldg contr 1723 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) h do 

" Julius filling sta 806 119th (POWhi) 
r942 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

” Ju iius jr sta atndt rl723 Myrtle av (P 

Gregory Bryant elk rl5 Waltham 
Geo (Elvera; Douglas Fruit & Vege¬ 
table Market) h224 Vine 
" Jack M student r52 State apt 9 
" Lawrence (Violet E) lab h248 Condit 
” Leonard F (Mazie E) acct h62 State 
apt 9 

" Penelope tchr Lafayette Sch r224 Vine 
" Phyllis elk Douglas Fruit & Vegetable 
Market r224 Vine • 

" Robt W (Edith) formn h5809 Calu¬ 
met av apt 2 

" Stanley (Rose) eng hl005 Field 
" Thos porter Leo P Knoerzer Co r20 

" Thos C (Muriel) eng Travelers Ins 
Co hl5 Waltham 

Greider Ovid D (Margt) steel wkr hl648 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Greiner Dorothy M sten r6236 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

" Frank L steel wkr r6236 Jefferson av 
" Fred H (Bertha C) steel wkr h6236 
Jefferson av 

Grekoff Carl (Genevieve) mixer h4615 
Torrence av 

Grelak Geo (Mary A) lab h927 Ames 
" Irene maid r927 Ames 
'' John r927 Ames 

Grelecki Chester steel wkr rl522 Hoff¬ 

" Stanley hl522 Hoffman 
" Stanley jr fety wkr rl522 Hoffman 
" Steph steel wkr rl522 Hoffman 
Gremaux Kenneth L (Gremaux Service 
Station) r718 Conkey 
" Service Station (Kenneth L and Wil- 
mer M Gremaux) 4941 Hohman av 
" Wilmer M (Ruth; Gremaux Service 
Station) h718 Conkey 
Gremillion Frank W (Ernestine) eng h 
609 State (CC) 

” Frank W jr (Sarah) elk h609 State (C 

Grenchik Helen r2122 Atchison av (PO 

’’ Steven (Mary) firemn hl719 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

Grencik Prank A (Eva) steel wkr h2003 
Lake av apt 1 (POWhi) 

Grenda Jerome r4215 Henry a. 

" Peter welder Champion Corp h4215 
Henry av 

Grendowicz John r34 155th (CC) 

" Mary h34 155th (CC) 

Stanley mach opr W B Conkey Co r 
34 155th (CC) 

Grenert Chas L (Phoebe M) loco eng h 
6145 Alexander av 

” Dam j (Carrie) blksmith h6116 Alex¬ 
ander av 


Floyd (Cecelia) lab r6329 Moraine av 
" H H tchr Senior High Sch (W) r626 
119th (POWhi) 

" Jas J (Olwen) pres Ben Franklin Press 
Inc (W> h2004 Wespark av (POWhi) 

'' Robt H (Mary) loco eng h7608 Mon¬ 
roe av 

" Walter S driver r4745 Pine av 
Griffiths Jas h4330 Torrence av 
" Jas W (Ann) steel wkr r4330 Torrence 
Grigas Wm C (Eliz) hll62 State blvd 
Griggs Jack B (Bertha I) hlOlO Hoff¬ 

Grigolis John reprmn J Schloer Sons r 
141 State 

Grigonis Bernard J elk r661 Forsythe av 

" Frank (Marcella) reprmn h661 For¬ 
sythe av (CC) 

" Frank J welder r661 Forsythe av (CC) 
Grigsby Jas J shearmn h rear 22 Plum¬ 

Grigspa Richd D (Marjorie) lab River- 
dale Products Co h4433 Johnson av 
Grillo Leo elk r552 Forsythe av (CC) 
Grills Hiley (Pearl) car bldr h6324 Van- 
VanBuren av 

" Pearl Mrs guardian Job’s Daughters h 
6324 VanBuren av 

Grimala Bernice elk State Drug Store r 
E Chicago 

Grim berg Fredk H (Frieda) levermn h 
141 Gostlin 

Grimes Annetta (wid Chas C) h6612 
California av _ ,, 

" Chas C reprmn IBTCo r6612 Cali¬ 
fornia av 

” Melvin D (Lois C) carp h6631 Ar¬ 
kansas av __ 

" Russell L (Eutha R) oil opr h7332 
Monroe av 

Grimm Frank V (Opal) asst dept supt h 
1521 Davis av (POWhi) 

Grimmer Clarence steel wkr r631 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

" Delores trmr r631 Truman blvd 
" Harry F (Edna M) elk h4 Mason 
" Leo J (Agnes) bus opr C&CDTCo r 
430 Highland 

"-fceuiea (wid John) r4 Mason 
•' Ralph candy mkr r631 Truman blvd 
" Ulva (wid John M) h631 Truman blvd 
Grim wood Mary A maid 9 Highland 
Grindle Jas K (Charlotte) supvr Drey¬ 
fus Elec Appl Co h6237 Garfield av 
" Mark (Edna) brklyr r6432 Euclid av 
" Ovid (Ada) h rear 6237 Garfield av 
" Wilma elk r6432 EucUd av 
Wilford S mgr Robertsdale Lbr Co 
(W) hl411 Stanton av (POWhi) 
Griner Robt (Kathleen) lab r241 Gost¬ 

Grinstead Jas E (Magda) sta eng h4917 
Elm av 

Grinter Chas A (Deborah) relief supvr 
NIPSCo h7122 Jefferson av 
Gripp Anna Mrs hl211 Lakeview (PO 

Gripton Helen Mrs r928 Eaton 
Grisby Richd waiter Cape Cod Inn r 
Hegewisch Ill 

GriSko Edw rll26 5th av (PORoby) 
Grismore Otto formn r8431 Euclid av 
Griswold Ara tchr Kenwood Sch r228 

" Chas E (Dollie E: E A Griswold & 
Son) h601 Forsythe av (CC) 

" E A & Son (Chas E and Eug A Gris¬ 
wold) hdw 578 State 
" Eug A (Addie D; E A Griswold & 

Son) h636 165th _ 

Gritton Jos V (Glendora K) lab h«» 

Groat Chas E (Eleanor) oil wkr hl838 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Dorothy E r862 Michigan 
" Geo M wtchmn r862 Michigan 
" Jacob A (Dora) h4916 Oak av 
" John (Rose D) h4745 Oak av 
- Virgil A (Cath) electn h4925 Linden 
" Wm F (Cath T) mach h4844 Oak av 
” Wm J (Eva) h862 Michigan 
Grobner Geo A (Lydia) signalmn h927 

" Richd J (Clover G) h4731 Elm 

Groce Amos W (Rosine) welder h221 
Webb apt 6B 

” Verne W (Cath) stmftr h37V4 Warren 
Grody Clifford (Carmella) steel wkr h 
rear 914 Morris 

Grocke Casimir F (Stella) r916 Conkey 
Grody Jessie nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r Chicago Ill 
Groendyke Wm H (Helen B) elk Pull¬ 
man-Standard Car Mfg Co h6631 
Meadow la 

Groesch Fredk restr mgr h5240 Sohl av 
apt 119 

Groesche Bruno (Mary) lab h634 173d 
" Fred W gdnr UC&OPCo h7505 Har¬ 
rison av 

" Fred W jr hlpr Continental Baking Co 
r7505 Harrison av 

" Mary forwn Indiana Botanic Gardens 
r634 173d 

Rudolph travel bureau r7505 Harrison 
Groff Alice sten r246 RusseU 
" Anna iwid John B) h246 Russell 
" Donald R (Irma) slsmn NIPSCo hl5 

" Frank A elk r246 Russell 
" John P (Kathryn M) elk h605 For¬ 
sythe av (CC) 

" Robt H (Eliz) elk h838 Summer 
" Rosemary r246 Russell 
" Wilfred J tmkpr r246 RusseU 
Grogg Edw P (Florence) chemist h7127 
Jefferson av 

Grogloth Frank (Marie) lab h6529 Jack- 
son av 

Grohowalski Edw (Frances) reprmn h235 
155th (CC) 

Gromaire Alex J (Mary) purch agt h6635 
Madison av 

" Eug E (Florence) stmftr h6325 Harri¬ 
son av 

" Lucy (wid Ernest) r6325 Harrison av 
Groman Herman C (Jannette E) phys 
137 Rimbach 

Gromann Ralph S (Ann) adv hll War¬ 

Gromler Evelyn elk State Drug Store r 
654 Sibley 

Gronkiewiez Alex (Josephine) h41P8 
Sheffield av 

Gronowski Ray student rl620 Stanton av 

" Stanley (Helen) oil wkr hl620 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

Groot Jennie tipper W B Conkey Co r 
Highland Ind 

” John (Myrtle) teller Calumet Natl 
Bk r Highland Ind 

" Marjorie tchr Hammond Musical Col¬ 
lege r Highland Ind 
" Nick slsmn Continental Baking Co r 
Highland Ind 

Grose Howard H (Flora) carp h745 

" Lewis C (Ann) supvr NIPSCo hi 10 
Webb (CC) 

Groshek Robt J (Veronica) iron wkr h 
6520 Jefferson av apt 6 
Gross Clabron J lab r4935 Hohman av 
" Clarence (Eleanor) steel wkr hl749 
Davis av apt 7 (POWhi) 

" Clarence A (Ethel V) agt Prud Ins Co 
h7145 Hohman av 
" Edw r4-106 Wabash av 
" Edw (Beulah) h6611 VanBuren av 
" Ernest (Margt) elk h7130 Magoun av 
" Frances slswn r4406 Wabash av 
" Francis r232 Dyer blvd 
" Frank (Marie) tavern 21 State (CC) 
h311 152d (CC) 

" Frank I (Anna) h4727 Johnson av 
" Geo J (Billie) elk h7141 Jackson av 
" Herman (MftbeD brklyr h rear 6228 
Harrison av 

" John (Bernice) h4406 Wabash av 
” John S elk W J Holliday & Co r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Jos B (Fannie H) v-pres Hammond 
Cash Wholesale Grocers Inc hl08 
152d apt 22 (CC) 

" Leanelda teletype opr r232 Dyer blvd 
" Peter E (Katie) brklyr h692 Douglas 
av (CC) 

" Robt A (Carolyn) brklyr h6239 Harri¬ 
son av 

Grosse John-F (Pauline) wtchmn h438 





15c MILE 15c 



Theo A (Louise E) office mgr Provi¬ 
dent Finance Co r714 165th 
Grossman Edw mgr Goldblatt Bros r 
Chicago Ill 

•• Geo S sismn Seifer Fum Co r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

Groszewski Jos (Lottie) lab UC&OPCo 
h4344 Sheffield av 

Grote Benj A (Pearl) oil wkr h267 Lo¬ 

" pearl Mrs mgr Mrs Kath Strauch h267 

" Wm (Lena) mach hd h6620 VanBuren 
Groth Edw L (Verna M) teller Calumet 
Natl Bk h213 Ruth (CC) 

•' Renata sten r48 Waltham 
Grothe Donald sismn Smith Mtr Sis Inc 
r49 Detroit 

•' Rudolph C (Olive) formn Hammond 
Times h49 Detroit 

Grotstuck Henry bartndr r593 Douglas 
av (CC) 

'• Henry (Mary) fctywkr h570 State apt 

Grove Albert N (Perna) refinery wkr h 
4923 Pine av 

" Richd embalmer Jas E Burns r5840 
Hohman av 

Grover Danl rl646 Indianapolis blvd (P 

" Glenn V (Valda) gro 1024 119th (PO 
Whi) h do 

Groves Donald K (Louise H) pres 
Groves Stationery Store Inc h43 
Coolidge av 

" Louise H Mrs sec-treas Groves Sta¬ 
tionery Store Inc h43 Coolidge 
" Robt R elk r529 Detroit 
" Robt T (Emma) structural iron wkr 
h529 Detroit 

" Stationery Store Inc Donald K Groves 
pres Louise H Groves sec-treas 137% 

Growe Geo (Winifred) refinery wkr h841 
116th (POWhi) 

Grsitz Donald rl504 Summer 
" «©sta-hl504 Summer 
" Peter rl504 Summer 
Gruba Geo delmn Quint Bros Inc r335 
Pulaski rd (OC) 

” Victor A (Mary V) formn UC&OPCo 
h335 Pulaski rd (CC) * 

Grubb Calvin checker r6413 Garfield av 
" Cleveland r6413 Garfield av 
Grubbe Edw (Mary) driver h4427 John¬ 
son av 

" Jos r rear 107 Pulaski rd (CC) 

Grubbs Schuyler (Martha) firemn h6237 
Blaine av 

Grudrzien Sophia Mrs r4241 Torrence av 
" Stanley h4241 Torrence av 
Grudzien Cecelia elk Lake County Mon¬ 
ument Co Inc r512 154th pi (CC) 

" Frank A (Pauline) reprmn Central 
Chem Div h512 154th pi (CC) 

" John r512 154th pi (CC) 

Joh» (Sophia) potmn Central Chem 
Div h4304 Hickory av 
" Leo fum wkr r512 154th pi (CC) 

" Stella lndry wkr r4304 Hickory av 
Gruen Chas r7522 Jackson av 
" Chas W (Pauline; Modem Upholster¬ 
ing Co) h203 Pulaski rd (CC) 
Gruener Edw r3704 Sheffield av 
" Frieda (wid Jacob) h3704 Sheffield av 
” Wm C (Clara) tavern 3704 Sheffield 
av h do 

Gruener’s Grove playground 3704 Shef¬ 
field av 

Gruhlke Aug R (Dorothy M) lab h3037 
138th pi (Bur) 

Gruich Geo M (Leona A) steel wkr h 
rear 125 Pulaski rd (CC) 

Grumbles Edw E (Frances H) sismn h 
5217 State Line av 

" Nealye (wid Eug) r5217 State Line av 

Grummer Hubert atndt John H Brehm 
r488 Indiana 

Grundel Wm furnacemn rt26 Sibley 
Grunenberg Richd Rev pastor StJohn 
Bosco Church r5927 Columbia av 
Grunewald Ethel rll74 State blvd 
" Frank G (Opal) lab hll4 156th pi (C 


" Geneva (wid Wm) hi 174 State blvd 
" Minnie (wid Herman) h950 Michigan 
" Robt lab Elmwood Cemetery rll74 
State blvd 

Gruszka Felix H (Antoinette) steel wkr 
h7146 VanBuren av 
" Jerome R barber rlOlO 170th 
" Waiter F (Mary) steel wkr hlOlO 

Grutzius Michl P (Sadie) steel wkr h630 

Grws Roman rlOl Industrial rd 
Grych Peter (Martha) hi 17 156th pi (C 

Grysiewicz Emily boxer W B Conkey Co 
rll7 156th pi (CC) 

Grzebelucha Adeline r439 Pulaski rd (C 

" Anton (Antonia) h439 Pulaski rd (C 

Grzelak Boleslaw A (Helen T) lab Pratt 
Food Co h4609 Hickory av 
" Clara ctr W B Conkey Co r339 Pulaski 
rd (CC) 

" Geo (Clara) lab h339 Pulaski rd (C 

" Helen (wid Witson) h4928 Beech av 
•' Zugmunt J (Ann J) lab Pratt Food Co 
h4928 Magnolia av 

Grzeleska Jennie Mrs smstrs h4307 Clark 
Grzello Bernard (Mary) saw opr h37 
155th (OC) 

•• Theo (Frances) baker h4834 Elm av 
Grzybowski Edw (CeUa) driver Green 
Meadow Dairy r21 154th pi (CC) 
Grzych Jos (Celia) welder h234 154th pi 

GrzyckPcecilia inspr W B Conkey Co r 
234 154th pi (CC) 

Grzywacz Jos lab r4328 Baltimore av 
•' Lillian sten r4328 Baltimore av 
" Thos lab r4328 Baltimore av 
" Valeria Mrs h4328 Baltimore av 
Grzywna Michl (Mary) h4513 Henry av 
" Stanley (Anna) h rear 4513 Henry av 
Guarantee Supply Co (Chas B Miller, 
Sami Levy and Sami Janovsky) 
plmbrs supplies 5514 Hohman av 
Gubitz Ida m 2 Hanove r 

" Irving pdlr r212 tlauuvcf _ 

" Morris (Lena) pdlr h211 State (CC) 

" Sarah (wid Philip) h212 Hanovar 
Gubowski Michl hl237 Conkey 
Gudde Jas B (Florence) elk h733 Spruce 
Gudel Wm rlOl Industrial rd 
Gudgeon Wm A (Mary M) formn NIPS 
Co h311 152d (CC) 

" Wm E be limn Indiana Hotel r311 152d 

Guenther Tony A (Martha) caretkrPark 
View Apts h bsmt 5933 Park pi 
Guerin Francine (wid Paul) rll38 Eaton 
Guering Fredk lab rllO Gostlin 
•' Fredk jr (Christine) sismn hllO Gost¬ 

" Geo B (Alma) gro 605 Sibley blvd (C 
C) h do 

" Herbert M r605 Sibley blvd (CC) 
Guernsey Clifford A (Margt L) sub car¬ 
rier PO r4835 Oak av 
" Maurice R (Edith R) hlpr NIPSCo h 
rear 939 Hoffman 

” Ray H (Florence) sta eng h529 Lewis 
Guess Ernest H (Pearl A) loco eng C&E 
RR hi 124 May 
" Helen elk rll24 May 
" Wm M (Oma E) formn h4914 Ash av 













The Mark of Good Printing Since 1877 


Printers, Binders and Book Manufacturers 

HAMMOND, INE>. New York 

Guido Bruni (Mary) gro 302 154th pi (C 
C) h do 

Guies Esther waiter h473 Indiana 
Guilfoyle Donald E hl6 Doty 
" Nelson lab rl6 Doty 
" Norman rl6 Doty 

Guimm Jos (Edna) swtchmn hll30 

Guiney Prank P (Alice) fcty wkr hl308 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Guinn Clifford B (Bose) elk hl024 Mer¬ 

" Geo (Pearl) washer C&CDTCo r RD 
1 Dyer Ind 

Guise Albert P (Elva) pipeftr hl039 

" Arth E (Rosa M) carp h6S15 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

" Edw A rl039 Drackert 
Gula Cath M (wid Stanley J) h4325 
Cameron av 

" Janet elk Goldblatt Bros r4325 Cam¬ 
eron av 

" John (Stella) bartndr Mrs Maggie 
Budzowski r416 155th (CC) 

" John (Mary) chipper h6635 Howard 
" Mary Mrs janitor Calumet bldg h6635 
Howard av 

" Stella r4325 Cameron av 
Gulassa Jos A (Margt) watch repr Aron- 
ber<r & Kissen (W) hl330 Lake av 

Gulatta Jasper (Fannie) h rear 220 State 

Gulek Jos r2129 Wespark av (POWhi) 
Gulich Ienatius (Cath) lnspr h328 153d 
pi (CC) 

Gulick Frank (Anne) elk Smith Decor¬ 
ating Co hl020 Kenwood 
Gulinski John J (Cath) h539 Gostlin 
'• Wm r539 Gostlin 

Gulledee Walter E (Barbara) laboratory 
wkr h6727 Delaware av 
Gullic Frank W (Elsie M) oiler r487 

" Gilbert G (Ora J) h6837 Kansas av 
Gullich Stella (wid Andrew) hl020 Ken¬ 

Gullickson Albert O (Jennie) formn h 
6435 Forest av 

" Lester D (Ruth) welder h443 165th 
" Russell (Constance) oil wkr h2020 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Gullitch Michl (Helen) hl048 Ames 
Gulotta Anthony candy mkr r434 Free¬ 
land av (CC) 

" Eliz r434 Freeland av (CC) 

" Lawrence (Josephine) candy mkr h310 
State (CC) 

" Lawrence lab r434 Freeland av (CC) 

'• Philip (Kath) lab h434 Freeland av 

" Sami (Laura) lab h464 Price av (C 

Gulvas Geo r2012 Calumet av (POWhi) 
" John (Mary) hlpr City Garbage Dept 
h2012 Calumet av (POWhi) 

Guman Paul (Eliz) hS2 State apt 18 
Gumbel Geo C (Anna K) reprmn h593 
Douglas av (CC) 

" Helen elk Goldblatt Bros r521 Douglas 
av (CC) 

" Jos F (Kath) iron wkr h521 Douglas 
av (CC) 

Gumbiner Bernard (Lorraine) driver h 
5240 Sohl av apt 204 
Gumbos Frank (Josephine) rl311 Tru- 

" Moses (Theresa) janitor h6743 Leland 
Gumkowski Frank (Vemie) tavern 243 
155th (CC) h do 

Gumm Andrew H (Irene) inspr h5425 
Wood av 

" Helen A compt opr IHBRR r Lansing 


" Mildred M compt opr IHBRR r Lans¬ 
ing Ill 

Walter r5425 Wood av 
Gumula Andrew (Angellne) asmblr h 
4233 Dearborn av 

Gumz Arth lab r6706 Arkansas av 
Gunder Leroy E (Janet) fcty wkr hl538 
Warwick av apt 12 (POWhi) 

Gundy Cecil V (Bessie L) linemn IBTCo 
h4434 Henry av 

Gunn Jes e ie 0 -r322 Webb (CC) 

Gunnell Robt W ( Itutl ' i ¥) chemical eng 
h6353 Forest av 

Gunsten Paul H jr (Dora) meat ctr h 
1947 Blossom row apt 7 (POWhi) 
Gunstrom Harry A piano wkr Straube 
Pianos Inc r Chicago Ill 
Gunter Fred R janitor W B Conkey Co 
r583 Douglas av (CC) 

" Robt H lab South Hammond Coal Co 
r429 169th 

Gurah Helen (wid Jacob) h904 Wilson 
av (CC) 

Gurevitz Wm H (Frances) oil wkr hl422 
Brown av apt 2 (POWhi) 

Gurka John rlOl Industrial rd 
Gurley Ann L emp Chapman Lndry Inc 
rl257 Sherman 

'' Genevieve maid 5945 Wallace rd 
" Kenneth elk r6719 Colorado av 
" Tullie F (Ann) steel wkr hl257 Sher¬ 

Gurlinski John (Frances) steel wkr h 
4937 Beech av 

Gumak Frances (wid Geo) hl014 Ken¬ 

" Frank (Susan) lab rl014 Kenwood 
" Rose inserter W B Conkey Co rl014 

" Stanley benchmn rl014 Kenwood 
" Stella rl014 Kenwood 
" Sue pkr Indiana Botanic Gardens r 
1014 Kenwood 

Gursansky Ethel fcty wkr rll21 Field 
" Frank rll21 Field 
" Jos (Mary) lab hi 121 Field 
Guscoff Donna elk Kirby Co rll27 Ken¬ 

" Theo (Dola) lab hi 127 Kenwood 
Guse Arvilla elk W B Conkey Co rl029 

" Chester E (Clara) elk PO h7542 Jack- 
son av 

" Emil janitor rlOll Bauer 
" Fern ctr W B Conkey Co rl029 May 
" Gust carp hi 029 May 
" John driver Bieker Co Inc rlOll Bauer 
" Wm G elk hlOll Bauer 
Gusic Perry hlpr StMargt Hosp r242 

Guss Arth W (Evelyn) carp h510 169th 
Gussman Fred (Ruth) steel wkr h827 
State blvd 

" Louis G (Eliz) mach hlpr h5315 May- 
wood av 

Gust Alf W (Renada) elk NIPSCo h543 
Ingraham av (CC) 

Gustatson Arth - W electn r565 Price av 

" Elmer O (Frances) water tndr h7149 
Marshall av 

" Emily supt Bethany Children’s Home 
r918 Highland 

•' Hattie (wid Fred) r3033 138th pi (Bur) 
" Marie S tchr Hammond Hi Sch r221 
Webb apt 5B 

" Ted (Marie) wire drawer h4504 Shef¬ 
field av 

Guthrie John (Elsie) caretkr Hammond 
Woman’s Club h Golf sw cor Ruth 

Gutnecht Edw J (Eva L) formn hl238 

Gutowsky Elsie waiter Louis Abramson 
1129 Conkey 

Gutry John lab hl040 Field 
Gutter Harold lab r457 Logan 






outyl Wasyl (Annie) hlOlO Spruce 
Gutz Mary slswn Marlene Shop r7141 
Madison av 

Gutzwiller Henry ('Helen) lab hll33 
Henry A (Edith D) oil atndt h6352 

M M Edith e jacket books W B Conkey Co 
r6352 Monroe av „ . . 

Guvitz Sami (Anna) h5432 Webster av 
Guy Arth W (LaVeme) pntr h584 Sibley 

GUY P JOE P (Marie), City Building In- 
spector 107 City Hall, Tel 3330, h525 
169th, Tel 3849 

" Jos C (Mary H) filling sta hl626 Park 
View av ( POWhi) 

• Wm E (Kathryn M) mgr Graybar 
Elec Co h3S 169th 
Wm E jr msngr NIPSCo r36 169th 
Guyer Harriett Mrs hi 125 Roosevelt 
Guyerson Jos (Rose) steel wkr r338 154th 
pi (CC) 

Guyott Carry (wid Louis) r7223 Olcott 

- Sami B (Mary B) ydmstr h7223 Ol¬ 

cott av 

Guza John P 'Martha) carp h542 Gor¬ 
don (OC) 

" Jos mach opr r542 Gordon (CC) 
Guzek Anthony (Sophia) confr 2128 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) h do 

- Ignatius rl518 125th (POWhi) 

Lorraine r2128 Indianapolis blvd (PO 


' Pearl fctywkr rl518 125th (POWhi) 

•• Theo (Mary) hll32 Highland 
" Walter (Helen) steel wkr rll32 High¬ 
land v.- a- 

Guzell Matthew (Leila N) inspr h34 

Guziar Arth r4333 State Line av 
" Michl (Helen) crane opr h4333 State 
Line av 

Guzzeo John r255 Carroll 
Gwen Annie Mrs r6007 Columbia av 
Gwinner Floyd K (Merle) loco eng h509 
Garfield av (CC) 

Gwizdz Edw oil refiner r4240 Henry av 
Michaeline fcty wkr r4240 Henry av 
" Szymon (Stefania) barber h4240 
Henry av 

Gyoker Andrew A (Sophie) lab h6633 
Jackson av 

" Andrew A jr r6633 Jackson av 
" Eliz compt opr NIPSCo r663i 
son av 

Gyure Andrew (Margt) mach hl522 At¬ 
chison av (POWhi) 

" Helen slswn r2027 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

- Peter (Wilma) pipeftr h2027 Lincoln 

av (POWhi) 

Gyuricza Alex G hlpr SREMCo 6146 Ray 
Gyuritza Alex hlpr r6146 Ray av 
Gyurko Jos (Vera) hi 115 Morris 
" Jos steel wkr rl632 Lake av (POWhi) 
" Jos jr rlll5 Morris 

Gzelak Walter stockmn W B Conkey Co 
r Hegewisch Ill 

Haack Fred G (Edith E) mach opr h4506 
Sheffield av 

" Oscar r523 Freeland av (CC) 

" Robt elk South Shore Food Mkt r4506 
Sheffield av 

Haag Fred G (Edith) hl804 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

Orval O (Margt S; Haag Sign Co) hl8 

I Jack- 

Sign Co (Orval O Haag) rear 18 Rus¬ 

Haagar Peter A (Mary) lab h5541 Claude 
Haage Elmer r204 Hanover 
’’ Henry H (Mary) lab h204 Hanover 
Irma technician Physician’s Labora¬ 
tory r204 Hanover 

Haager Peter A (Mary) lab h5541 Claude 
Haak John A (Ella) stereo h6314 Gar¬ 
field av 


" John A jr steel wkr r6314 Garfield av 
" Robt r6314 Garfield av 
Haan Augusta (wid Nicholas) h6105 
Hohman av 

" Jacob C jr (Grace) formn h rear 5536 
Howard av 

" W G Post No 3029 VFW 551 State 
Haas Bernard M (Kathryn) drftsmn h 
437 Highland apt 114 
” Clifford (Maxine) oil wkr h51% Con¬ 

” Kathryn B Mrs sten U S District At¬ 
torney h437 Highland apt 114 
" Pauline elk Swiss Dairy Store r609 

Russell (Grace) hl37 Rimbach 
Haase Chas J (Mina) millwright h7447 
VanBuren av 

Habben Geo J (Margt) carrier PO h224 

Habda John r2443 White Oak av (PO 

Habel Morris steel wkr r5953 Park pi 
" Virginia cash Paramoimt Theatre r 
5953 Park pi 

Haberman Carl W r637 Thornton 
" Marie Mrs r974 Wilcox av 
" Max C (Ida) mach h637 Thornton 
Habil Geo (Helen) steel wkr h318 154th 
pi (CC) 

Habzansky Jos (Bertha) oil wkr h2111 
Superior av (POWhi) 

HACK EDMUND C (Margaret), Physi¬ 
cian and Surgeon 111 Sibley, Tel 
1098, h6335 Harrison, Tel 1099 
" Theo A student r7147 Olcott 
Hackenberg John (Julia) fcty wkr h4223 
Grover av 

Hacker Albertina (wid Henry) h682 
Douglas av (OC) 

" Alice M elk r563 Ingraham av (CC) 

' Donald J welder SREMCo r682 Doug¬ 
las av (OC) 

HACKER FRED (Meta A), Real Estate, 
Loans and Insurance 125 Pulaski rd 
(CC), Tel Hammond 241, h563 In¬ 
graham av (CC) (For further infor¬ 
mation see left side lines and pages 
28 and 42 Buyers’ Guide) 

" Howard W (Eileen) mach hlpr h4227 
Johnson av 

" Mabel (wid Chas W) hSll Indiana 
" Margt elk r682 Douglas av (OC) 

" Robt inspr r819 Eaton 
HACKETT ED C (Pauline), Sec Ham¬ 
mond Chamber of Commerce 6 In¬ 
diana Hotel Bldg 5114 Hohman av, 
Tel 1000, res Southmoor Apt Hotel, 
Tel 6100 

" Merle R (Julia) h5241 State Line av 
Hackney Roy mus tchr rear 6608 Jack- 
son av h do 

Hacks Michl rlOl Industrial rd 
Hadach Jos (Angeline) steel wkr hi 127 

Hadadv Albert (Rose M) furnace opr h 
4609 Oak av 

" Anthony E (Irene) mach h4718 Tor¬ 
rence av 

" Anton (Adamena) h rear 4712 Tor¬ 
rence av 

" Benj mach opr h943 Chicago 
" Gaspar (Irene) elk h4436 Sheffield av 
" Irene Mrs (Irene’s Beauty Shop) h 
4718 Torrence av 

Hadel John gdnr h7142 Lyman av 
Hadema Ann J r2925 138th pi (Bur) 
" Anna (wid Nicholas) maid Cape Cod 
Inn h2925 138th pi (Bur) 

Hadley Fred N (Dorothy) laboratory eng 
hi604 Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Marquard (Louise) oil wkr hl928 Cal¬ 
umet av (POWhi) 

Hadu Martin (Laura) potmn Central 
Chem Div h209 State (OC) 
Haeberlin Bessie M (wid Henry) h839 
173d pi 

I 5 

P 3 







g? C/3 




5 ? En 





Swarthout & Craig, Inc. 


1105 119th Street 


Phone Whiting 1073 

Haefer Leonard J (Ida M) custodian h 
431 Detroit av 

Haehnel Amelia (wid Otto) hl052 State 
Line av (CC) 

" Bernard r4045 Sheffield av 
" Carl (Ella) mach h4045 Sheffield av 

" Eric C (Metr' - - 

mond Pure 

" Erick r4045 Sheffield av 
" Fredk C (Verna M; Calumet Oil Co) 
hl050 State Line av (CC) 

" Gust E (Martha) br mgr h3253 Shef¬ 
field av 

" Herman (Kath) h3251 Sheffield av 
" Wm (Kate) pipeftr rl050 State Line 
av (OC) 

Hafner Mathias E (Margt E) policemn 
hll7 Hanover 

Haga Henry H maoh Hoess Bros rll30 

Hagberg Harold P (Amelia F) electn h 
7119 Jefferson av 

" Paul T (Cath) hl809 Stanton av (PO 

Hagedorn Florence Mrs attendance dept 
Public Schools h416 165th 
Hageman Emerv W (Edna) auto wkr h 
708 Conkey 

" Henry (Ellen) oil wkr h5561 Sohl av 
Hagen Blanche M investigator North 
Township Trustee r5846 Hohman av 
" Eva D Mrs artificial flowers 5846 Hoh¬ 
man av r do 

" Fenton (Mildred) del mn Goldblatt 
Bros r7328 Monroe av 
" Frances H sten Harold C Hector r515 
Douglas av (OC) 

" Furniture Home (Geo O Hagen) 5846 
Hohman av 

" Geo O (Eva D; Hagen Furniture 
Home) h5846 Hohman av 
" Helen H cash Goldblatt Bros r515 
Douglas av (OC) 

” Thos (Nelle) hlpr h515 Douglas av 

Hagenmayer Jos Rev chaplain StMargt 
Hosp r25 Douglas 

Hagerman Harry J (Mary) hl4009 Green 
Bay av (Bur) 

" Harry J jr elk rl4009 Green Bay av 

" John L (Violet) slsmn 'h 14111 Green 
Bay av (Bur) 

" Vernona Mrs maid r4413 State Line 
Hagios Lewis (Edith) aud r23 155th (C 

Haglar Jas rlOl Industrial rd 
Hahlweg Geo F ( Ha r riett) carrier PO 
h309 Webb (CC) 

"-Rosalie-(wid Richd) r255 Doty 
Hahn Bertha (wid Chas) h rear 719 

" John (Sophie) lab hl444 Hoffman 
" John (Melba) steelwkr h6627 Cali¬ 
fornia av 

" Marcus J (Frieda G) oil wkr h431 

" Matthew rl444 Hoffman 
" Ray D (Mabel) blrmkr h903 17»th 
Hahnev Chas W (Emma W) elk h4822 
Ash av. 

" Kenneth W (Elsie) janitor r4822 Ash 
" Robt (Edna) lab hl34 142d 
Haight Chas W solr Crown Point Trans¬ 
fer Co r E Chicago 
Hain Jos L (Victor V) formn NIPSCo 
h6619 Madison av 

Hainer Wm V (Elsie) oil wkr hl253 
Davis av (POWhi) 

Haines Carroll V (Margt) metallurgist 
h226 Webb (CC) 

" Georgia Mrs r6222 Harrison av 
" Gerald A (Caroline) still mn hll27 

” Mildred bkpr Schlatter Motor Sis Inc 
r6605 Jefferson av 

" Norman R (Mildred) drftsmn h6605 
Jefferson av 


" Ray V (Emma) formn Central Ry 
Signal Co Inc h5847 Columbia av 
Hajduch Andrew (Anna) hl946 Superior 
av (POWhi) 

" Andrew jr rl946 Superior av (POWhi) 
" John A (Pauline) oil wkr hl708 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

" Paul (Mary) h2013 Lincoln av (PO 

Hajduk Geo oil wkr r2347 New York av 

" John (Eliz) oil wkr h2347 New York 
av (POWhi) 

" Michl steel wkr r2347 New York av 

Hajdusiewicz Walter pkr W B Conkey 
Co rl24 155th pf (OC) 

Halaburt Bernice J elk r4614 Cameron 
" Bertha A (wid Jos) r4614 Cameron av 
" Marjorie I elk r4614 Cameron av 
" Wilbur J elk h4614 Cameron av 
Halajcik Anna r2264 Indianapolis blvd 

" Geo (Barbara) tank repr h2264 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Geo jr r2264 Indianapolis blvd (PO 

Halajcsik Irene bkpr Cousins Inc rl546 

" Michl (Ann) lab hl533 Summer 
Halajesiak Steven (Mary) oil wkr h2144 
Wespark av (POWhi) 

Halapy Geo waiter Alf L Dougherty r 
Indiana Harbor Ind 
Halasz Eliz beauty opr Mrs Rose M 
Timar r5905 Columbia av 
" Ignatz (Margt: Maywood Garage & 
Service Station) h5905 Columbia av 
" Ignatz jr atndt r5905 Columbia av 
Haldeman Geo efficiency mn rl2 War- 

Haldman David (Hazel) gang leader h 
7410 Monroe av 

Hale Chas D (Mary F) h450 Truman 

Dawson r477 Michigan 
" creostaieng rl328 Davis av (POWhi) 
" Geraldine I tel opr W J Holliday & 
Co r Chicago Ill 
" Loren (Dorothy) h4937 Ash av 
" Peggie Inc Mrs Kathryn Powers mgr 
women’s clo 5205 Hohman av 
Haley Ellsworth W (Eliz R) hlpr NIPS 
Co hi 137 Hoffman 
" Jos J prsmn W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 
cago HI 

" Lorraine sten Hammond Housing 
Authority r817 Bauer 
" Wm G (Viola) lab h817 Bauer 
Halfacre Estel (Mary R) steelwkr h937 

" Lester clo presser Wulf’s Cleaners h 
829 May 

" Noble F rlOl Industrial rd 
" W Delbert (Edna) h4437 Sheffield av 
" Willis 3 (Ruby) h4335 Hickory av 
Half man Peter J (Mona) elk PO h549 

" Walter P (Nettie) office mgr Provi¬ 
dent Finance Co h600 Ingraham av 

" Walter V broker r600 Ingraham av 

Halford Birdie A bkpr r212 157th (OC) 
Halgach Michl (Anne) hll25 164th pi 
Halgas Michl (Anna) car repr hl636 
Lake av (POWhi) 

Halicki Eleanor r650 Conkey 
" Tony A (Margt) steel wkr h650 Con¬ 

Hall Albert C (Grace) switchmn h6444 
Crescent pi 

" Alf M (Bonnie T) W226 Ruth (CC) 

" Coleman S (Mary.F) lab h474S Ash 
" Dennis S dishwasher Walgreen Co r 
431 Plummer av (CC) 

" Donald A (Dorothy) elk r913 Kane 

H Donald E (Marie F) cranemn h6705 
Alexander av 

Donald F (Helen) fctywkr h634 Roose¬ 
velt dr (POWhl) 

Edrie Mrs elk r947 May 
Eleanor rl28 Warren (OC) 

Emily L prin Woodrow Wilson Sch r 
20 172d pi 

Eug A (Hertha) slsmn h4248 Hohman 
-Forrest Realty Corp Peter W Meyn 
sec 5217 Hohman av R208 
Geo (-Stsiei lab h849 Mulberry 
" Geo C (Grace) h7446 Harrison av 
Grace M elk NIPSCo r4248 Hohman 
J RObt iGrace I) formn h6626 Mon- 

JasV slsmn NIPSCo hl08 152d apt 20 

Jdhn (Mary) steelwkr h921 Wilcox av 
John A bellmn Lyndora Home r5927 
Columbia av 
Jonah r38 State 

Laura (wid Ralph) rl038 Eaton 
Lelia E <wid Geo R) r7305 Olcott av 
Orris lab r431 Plummer av (CC) 

" Pauline elk r609 Thornton 
" Ralph E (Dorothy) chemist hl038 

Riohd elk Calumet Equipment & Sup¬ 
ply Co r Gary Ind 
" Robt elk Robt F Blandford r6550 Ala¬ 
bama av 

" Roy (Sadie) pipeftr h650 Sibley 
" Roy B (Gertrude D) real est 4903 Ash 
av h do 

” Ruby Mrs r7126 Madison av 
" Sterling (Kitty) h830 Merrill 
" Sterling P h6342 Jefferson av 
" Suda J Mrs nurse 20 Mason h do 
" Thos S lab r5032 Hohman av 
Hallberg Frieda hi 129 Michigan 
•' Hugo A blr opr Central Ry Signal Co 
rll29 Michigan 

•' Philip R (Florence) pntr Roy’s Body 
& Fender Co h605 Cherry 
Halle Alvin W (Eliz A) eng NIPSCo h 
7113 Harrison av 

Hallead Lillian M (Waltham Apartment 
Hotel) h48 Waltham 
Halleck John (Mary) fctywkr h632 
Roosevelt dr (POWhi) 

' Paul W (Cath M) crane opr h6227 
VanBuren av 

Hallenburg John E supvr C&CDTCo r 
Munster Ind 

Haller Clifford G city mgr Continental 
Oil Co r416 Detroit 
" Gorden R (Marie) steel wkr hl035 

Hallett Bertha D private sec Jos Meyer 
r915 Becker 

" Frank J (Bertha D) sta acct IHBRR 
h915 Becker 

Halliar Chas R (Helen) oil wkr hl641 
Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 
Halloran Hugh D (Armella) sis mgr 
Burch Auto Sup & Serv Stores Inc 
hoi Elizabeth apt 1 
Hallowell Marvin C (Anna) buyer E C 
Minas Co h6729 Forestdale av 
" Noel E (Verda E) asst eng NIPSCo 
h8536 Meadow la 
Halon Edw laib r4525 Henry av 
" Geo (Kath) mldr h4525 Henry av 
" Henry mldr Calumet Steel Cstgs Corp 
r4525 Henry av 

" Stanley atndt Harris Parking Lot r 
4525 Henry av 

" Walter driver r4525 Henry av 
Halpern Leo asst mgr Federated Metals 
Division American Smelting & Re¬ 
fining Co r Chicago Ill 
Halsey Gertrude H Mrs bkpr Jos L 
Humpfer & Co r6608 Jackson av 
Halstead Nadia P tchr Standard Busi¬ 
ness College r Gary Ind 
Halton Thos B (Lucille) formn h329 
152d (CC) 

Haluczvnski Emily rll 156th (OC) 

" Michl (Frances) hll 156th (OC) 
Haluska Geo (Sophia) janitor StJohn 
Lutheran Ch (W) h946 Myrtle av 

Ham Coy chemist r821 Becker 
" Oscar rl8 State 

Hamacher Emma A Mrs gro 603 Mul¬ 
berry h do 

” Floyd H (Emma A) electro h603 Mul¬ 

acher Nursery), h707 Ridge rd, Mun- , 
ster, Ind, Tel 247-J 
acher). Complete Line of Shade 
Trees, Evergreens, Shrubs and Per¬ 
ennials 707 Ridge rd, Munster, Ind, 
Tel 247-J (For further information 
see right top lines and page 34 Buy¬ 
ers’ Guide) 

" Wilford C (Phyllis) oil opr h6728 Ala¬ 
bama av 

" Wilma beauty opr McCreary’s Beauty 
Salon r Lansing Ill 
Hamadey Geo (Eliz) fctywkr h2418 
White Oak av (POWhi) 

Haman Evelyn elk rl632 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

" Henry W (Minnie) oil wkr h4632 Iir- 
diaaapolis—Wrd- (POWhi) 

" Richd H oil wkr rl632 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

" Wm F (Olive) lab h4912 Elm av 
Hamann Amelia r3613 Black Oak rd 
" Elmer E elk rl940 Lincoln av (PO 

John J lab h3613 Black Oak rd 
Hambv Elmer (Jennie) inspr h rear 125 
Pulaski rd (OC) 

" Jas L (Lucille) auto wkr h6253 Van¬ 
Buren av 

Hamer Bertha (wid Henry) h533 Lewis 
" Eva cash Goldblatt Bros r533 Lewis 
" Henry carrier PO r533 Lewis 
" Mary (wid Aug) h232 Brunswick 
Hamerly Joanne maid rl312 150th 
" Marie A smstrs rl312 150th 
” Stanley J lab hl312 150th 
Hamersley Jas W brklyr r766 Plummer 
Hamilton Clarence B (Marie) supt Con¬ 
servative Life Ins Co r943 May 
" Dee (Eliz) driver r402 165th 
" Earl D (Dessie M) brklyr h531 Flor¬ 

" Lewis B (Myrtle) tool elk hl332 Mich¬ 

” Mary D (wid Wm H) h216 Condit 
" Mason J (Dorothy) driver Standard 
Lumber & Coal Co h7518 Jefferson 
Hamm Archie J rlOl Industrial rd 
" Bros (Roy H and Herman A) barbers 
864 % Indiana 

" Beauchamp (Mary) lab h604 Indiana 
" Claude W linemn r5639% Hohman av 
" Edith r Hotel Jerome 
" Herman A (Grace: Hamm Bros) h 
1107 Roosevelt 
" Jean h5639 % Hohman av 
" Margt (wid Jas) r816 Summer 
" Roy H (Sylvia: Hamm Bros) hU53 

Hammer Frances M Mrs rl4000 Bum- 
ham av (Bur) 

’’ Frank O (Frances) driver Gt Lakes 
Brewing Co hl4232 Green Bay av 

Hammerschmidt Geo L eng NIPSCo r 
5970 Park pi 

Hammond Aerie No 1252 FOE Wm A 
Malone sec 131 State 
" Alyce L elk NIPSCo rol Glendale 
" Bathing Beach ft Calumet av (PO 

" Billiard Parlor (Thos Pettas) 422% 

•' Branch Workmen’s Circle No 238 
Julius Gold sec 119 State 
" Brass Works Sami Greenwald (Chi¬ 
cago) pres Jas F Lammering v-pres 
Wesley N Elstun sec Irwin L Alt¬ 
schuler (Chicago) treas 1844 Sum- 

" Broom Works (Chas E Nichols) 747 

’’ Building 5217 HOhman av 
" Building Loan & Savings Assn R B 
Fletcher liquidating agt 5305 Hoh¬ 
man av R201 

" Business College Alvah O Callow prin¬ 
cipal 5141 Hohman av R30S 
” Calumet Broadcasting Corp Geo F 
Courrier (Elgin Ill) pres Doris 
Keane (Chicago Ill) sec-treas 5935 
Hohman av 

" Carl G (Grace) lab h6110 Noble av 





Lumber Yard” 







High Grade 














Real Estate 


Real Estate 
Service in the 







Real Estate, 


Now Is The 
Time To Buy 
Real Estate 






" Cash Wholesale Grocers Inc Herman 
Hofman pres J B Gross v-pres Leo 
Levin sec-treas 4535 Calumet av 

MERCE, Ed C Hackett Sec, 6 Indi¬ 
ana Hotel Bldg 5114 Hohman av, 
Tel 1000 

" Chapter No 117 (RAM) All E Braam 
sec Masonic Temple 

" Chapter No 370 (OES) Mrs Ella Ma- 
harg sec Masonic Temple 

" Chemical Service Inc Lewis Lofgren 
pres Chas W Lofgren v-pres Mrs 
Sarah C Lofgren sec-treas 241 

" City Mission 455 Indiana 


A McVey Pres, Columbus Smith 
Treas, Chas H Scott Sec, Clarence 
A Mason and Claude C Sohl Mem¬ 
bers. Gerald A Gillette Atty, Office 
5935 Hohman av. Tel 415 
Board of Examining Engineers Eug F 
Stonebraker Ralph Wilder and Jos 
P Kasper members 307 City Hall 
MD Pres, H C Groman MD Sec, 
Frank R Doll MD and Robt Prior 
Members, 328-34 City Hall, Tel 3330 
ERS, Irving Chayken Pres, Paul 
Bacon, Rev John M Hestenes, Irving 
H Hill Members, Anne Charles 
Clerk, 135 City Hall, Tel 3330 
Board of Public Works and Safety 
Harry H Stilley pres Clarence A 
Mason and G Bertram Smith mem¬ 
bers Ruth E Berg elk 212 City Hall 
Board of Water Trustees Percy T 
Smith pres Leonard Rosene Steph D 
Moskoff Herman Scurefield Dr R O 
Ostrowski members Forrest E Gan- 
tenbein atty Margt Tangerman elk 
119 City Hall 

107 City Hall, Tel 3330 

City Sealer C C Clifton 315 City Hall 
CLERK’S OFFICE, Arth H Spoemer 
Clerk. 225 City Hall, Tel 3330 
Clinic (Hammond Board of Health) 
C B Matthews in charge 322-26 City 

ram Smith Controller, 113-15 City 
Hall, Tel 3330 

A C Colby jr Supvr, A D Baker 
Auditor, Edw C Dowling Supvr of 
Maintenance for Distribution Sys¬ 
tem, Lloyd E Bussert Chief Opr, 
Forrest E Gantenbein Atty, Office 
119 City Hall, Tel 3330 
OFFICE. Robt E Wilhelm. Ill City 
Hall, Tel 3330 

Electrical Inspector, L H Davis. 107 
Citv Hall 

Mason Engineer, 129 City Hall, Tel 

Scherer Chief, Headquarters 428-430 
Truman blvd, Tel Fire Only 17 
Martin Mayor, 214 City Hall, Tel 

Nurse. Victoria Krawczyk. 322-26 City 

Brown Supt, 135 City Hall, Tel 3330 

Plan Commission, H C Groman pres 
Jas A Malo sec Gerald Humpher 
Chas Fralich A J Swanson and 
Steph Zabrecky members 313 City 

Plumbing Inspector John L Humphrey 
107 City Hall 

POLICE COURT, Hon Joseph V Sto- 
dola Jr Judge, 243 City Hall, Tel 

tinson Chief, Headquarters bsm.t City 
Hall, 5933 Calumet av. Tels 1040- 

Sanitary District Commissioners Jos 
E Haney pres Clarence A Mason 
v-pres Leo Besozzi member Molly 
Imrich elk 313 City Hall 
Sewer Pumping Station Forest E 
Nicholas supt. 5135 Columbia 
Horst Supt, 426 Truman blvd 
helm Deputy, 111 City Hall, Tel 3330 
Water Department (maintenance 
dept) Edw C Dowling supvr 4832 

Water Department (pumping sta and 
filtration plant) end Lake av (W) 
Zoning Board of Appeals Hariy H 
Stillev and Galen Cart members 
Jas A Malo sec meets City Hall 
Hammond Civic Center A B Scott dir 
5825 Sohl av 

" Clean Towel Service Albert B Har¬ 
rison mgr 43 Ogden 
Commandery No 41 (KT) Alf E 
Braam recorder Masonic Temple 
" Community Chest Inc Arth J Weiss 
pres Rollis Weesner v-pres Henry 
B Snyder exec sec May S Flete- 
meyer treas 5114 Hohman av R6 
’’ Cornice Works (Chas W VanSickle) 
134 Plummer 

Council No 90 (R&SM) Alf E Braam 
recorder Masonic Temple 

Lina Lindner Sec-Mgr, 307 Ruff 
Bldg, 5248 Hohman av, Tels 4444- 
Motors Sold, Bought, Repaired, 
Rented, Installed and Exchanged 
Rockwood Pulleys, Lamps and Elec¬ 
trical Supplies 6036-38 Calumet av, 
Tels 5400-5401 

R Franklin). Exterminating, Fumi¬ 
gating, Moth Proofing, Disinfecting 
615 State, Tel 247 (For further infor¬ 
mation see page 23 Buyers’ Guide) 
" Federation of Musicians Local No 203 
Reinhardt Elster sec 650 Sibley 
'• Feed Store (Chas E Pope) 5508 Cal¬ 
umet av 

" Fish House (Frank Cihomski) 5034 
Calumet av 

ionek), “Flowers of Distinction’’ 7048 
Hohman av, Tel 3490 
" Frr.nfc F (Nellie) v-pres Calumet Bldg 
& Loan Assn h5'l Glendale av 
" Frank H (Wauneta W) prin Lafay¬ 
ette Sch h6 Waltham (OC) 

" Fruit Co (Benj Diamond, Jos and 
Louis Weiss) 5522 and 6031 Calumet 
(Adam T Pokorski), Complete Line 
of Furniture, Stoves, Electrical Ap¬ 
pliances, Carpets and Rugs 538-42 
State, Tel 6190 (For further infor¬ 
mation see left top lines and page 
25 Buyers’ Guide) 

" Hal r485 Truman blvd 
" Harold R mgr Paint Headquarters r 
541 Douglas 

Lawyer 523 Calumet Bldg 5231 Hoh- 
man av, Tel 31, h30 Lawndale, Tel 

" Helen M <wid John) mgr Otto G Fi- 
fleld Inc h7028 Jackson av 
" High School 5926 Calumet av 
•• Hotel <& Improvement Co Inc Sami 
C Higgins pres Harry E Folk v-pres 
Artih G Borman sec-treas real est 
5114 HOilman av R7 
■' Housing Authority F Marshall Smith 
exec sec 320 dity Hall 
INC. Oscar F Bodeman Pres, Ed¬ 
mund H Klein V-Pres-Mgr, August 
C Riechcrs Sec-Treas, R Forrest 
Hobbs Asst Mgr, General Insurance 
140 Sibley, Tels 3880-38*1 
•• Iron & Metal Co (Bernard W Eman¬ 
uel, Abr Marcus) 554 Indiana 
" Jewish Cemetery 167th nr North Cote 
" Lead Products Inc Wm Wilke jr pres 
Erwin L Wilke sec-treas 5231 Hoh- 
man av R723 and 2308 165th 
" Leslie janitor Southmoor Apt Hotel 
’’ Loan Co Harold A Goldberg mgr 5118 

Lodge No 210 (Knights of Pvthias) 
Harry Rice sec meets every Monday 
5454 Hohman av 

•" Lodge No 485 BPOE Paul Gafney sec 
526 State 

" Lodge No 570 LOOM Howard M 
Fisher sec 536 Sibley 

Treas and Mgr, 5019 Oakley av cor 
Wilcox, Tels 3400-3401 (For further 
information see right side lines and 
page 29 Buyers’ Guide) 

WORKS. G A Kuehl Pres and Treas, 
Henry Kuehl V-Pres, J F Evans Sec, 
Engineers and Machinists, Struc¬ 
tural Steel 462 Wilcox, Tel 479 
" Manufacturers Association Frank L 
Hoess sec 5114 Hohman av R6 
" Merchants Assn A C Fisher pres J 
Gordon Millett v-pres Edwin C 
Hackett sec-treas 5114 Hohman av 

" Modem Baking Co Louis Lohse pres 
Ohas J Maroc sec-treas 34 State 
" Monumental Works Inc Bernard H 
Krueger pres Benj E Krueger v- 
pres-treas Wm H Krueger sec Wal¬ 
ter Krueger asst sec 235-55 Kenwood 
" Mortgage Co Williard B Carson pres 
John A Tokarz v-pres Oliver C 
Holmes sec-treas 5444 Calumet av 
" Motor Parts (John P Schneck) 5905 
Calumet av 

" Musical College Wm Lake pres Mrs 
Bertha Barkley v-pres Mrs Dora 
Lake sec-treas 5519 Sohl av 
" National Bank & Trust Co Elmer W 
Heitman reeciver 5217 Hohman av 
Howard J Gescheidler Treas-Mgr, 
W A McNary Sec, Agent United 
States Fidelity and Guaranty Co, 
5217-19 Hohman av, Tel 4000 (For 
further information see left top lines 
and page 26 Buyers’ Guide) 

" News Agency (Archie A Murray) 424 

" Oil & Supply Co (Leo P and Roy F 
Feltzer. Wm C Curtis) 6304 Calu¬ 
met av 

" Packing Co (Wm and Steve Tokacs) 
meat pkrs 6436 Columbia av 

WORKS (Edw A Kirk, Earl Pierce, 
Lawrence Gambrine), Wood and 
Metal Patterns, Brass and Aluminum 
Castings 1440 Summer, Tel 1695 
•' Plumbing Co (Thos Gillott) 5305 
State Line 

" Post No 16 Am Legion Stanley L 
Lukowski commander meets 1st and 
3d Tues 127 State 
" Press Club 5217 Hohman av R512-14 

A Howard Librarian, es Hohman av 
bet Michigan and Truman av, Tel 
1623; Brooks House Branch 1047 
Conkev, Tel 3516; Calumet Av 
Branch 5444 Calumet av, Hansen 
Branch 2833 Martha, Keeler Branch 
Oak cor Hoffman, Rupp Branch 847 
117th (PO Whi). Tel Whiting 111-W, 
Sawyer Branch 649 Mulberry 
” Pure Ice & Coal Co Eric C Haehnel 
pres-genl mgr 241 Russell 
" Real Estate Board Jay E Trescott 
pres Carl A Kleighege v-pres Wm 
E Schaefer sec-treas 208 Russell 
" Realty Co Stewart A McHie pres Mig- 
non Wooldridge sec-treas 417 Fay¬ 

" Republican Club 526 State 
" Richd br mgr Barber Bros Co 
" Richd student r7007 Forest av 
" Russell H (Cora J) lab hl534 174th 
" Sangebund Fidelia meets every Fri 
447% State 

" School of Music (Wm O’Donnell) 
5722 Hohman av 

" Shoe Repair Shop (Jas Petkow) 461 

" Sign Co (Melvin C Herman) 4144 Cal¬ 
umet av 

SERVICE. E Franke White Grad¬ 
uate Surgical Corsetiere in Charge, 
17 Years Experience 4-5 Mercantile 
Bank Bldg, 5245 Hohman av, Tel 

" Temple No 73 (Pythian Sisters) Mrs 
Dessa Hepner sec meets every other 
Fri 5454 Hohman av 
" Theatrical Co Carl A Kleihege mgr 
real est 5142 Hohman av Rll 
■' Thos D (Genevieve) dept mgr Sami 
C Ennis & Co Inc 5945 Hyslop pi 
apt 204 

Printing & Publishing Co), Tri-City 
Calumet and Home Final Editions, 
Publishers, 417-419 Fayette, Tel 3100 

'• Walter L (Irene) chf probation officer 
h6928 Madison av 

’’ Watch Shop Arth DeToledo mgr jwlrs 
147 State 

" Welding Works (Robt E Law) 646 

" Wilbur C (Isabelle) mach C&ERR h 
7007 Forest av 

•’ Wm C (Mildred N) lab h3305 173d 
" Wm C (Lula M) mach h486 % State 
” Wm L (Irene) asst eng h7406 Jack- 
son av 

" Wm T (Mabel) lab h941 Michigan 
” Willie rlOl Industrial rd 
" Window Washing (Peter Hasiak) 458 

" Women’s Club Mrs Alberta Caldwell 
pres Golf sw cor Ruth (CC) 

" Wrecking Co ( Wm A Moore) lumber 
4810 Calumet av 

X-Rav Laboratories Nelsen K Forster 
dir 137 Rimbach 

Hamnik Jdhn (Mary) slsmn h2719 Ken- 

Hampsten Gilbert P (Golda E) driver h 
1119 Hoffman 

" Harvey E (Ethel M) formn r!119 

Hampton Carl (Rose) pntr h6116 Ray av 
" Clyde L (Mary E) formn h609 Sib- 

" Edna E nurse 6116 Ray av h do 
" Eleanor bkpr Calumet Natl Bk rl46 
157th apt 11 (OC) 

" Gilbert (Eleanor) lab hl46 157th apt 

" Jas (Gloria) dept supt h7206 Van- 
Buren av 

" Leonard r7206 VanBuren av 
" Peter r7206 VanBuren av 
Rose proof rdr Hammond Times r 
6116 Ray av 

Hanagan Eliz (wid Thos J) h4816 Hick- 

" Robt K bellmn Indiana Hotel r4816 
Hickory av 

’’ Thos J r4816 Hickory av 

’’ Wm L cash Swift & Co r4821 Hick- 

HanaWOhn B (Mary) lab h5511 Claude 

Hanaway Herbert (Mary) steel wkr h 
3309 173d 

Hanchar Andrew (Anna) refinery wkr h 
1704 Atchison av (POWhi) 

" Andrew K (Lillian) lab hl704 Atchi¬ 
son av (POWhi) 

" Edw (Mary) oil wkr rl848 Lake av 

" Geo (Eliz) oil wkr h2112 Lincoln av 

" John (Barbara) car repr hl815 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

" Jos fctv wkr rl815 Stanton av (PO 

Hanck Herman piano wkr Straube Pi¬ 
anos Inc r Steger Ill 

Hancock Dorothy rI725 Davis av (PO 

" Elsie maid 506 Detroit 
" Jas W (Fern) mldr h5935 Wallace rd 
" John J (Frances P) drftsmn SREMCo 
r Chicago Ill 

" John Mutual Life Insurance Co Kahn 
Mayer dist mgr 5244-46 Hohman av 

Hand Geo A (Lillian) tester hll43 115th 

" Gerald W (Ann) steel wkr rl510 Myr¬ 
tle av (POWhi) 

" John (Cora) steel wkr hl506 Brown 
av (POWhi) 

Handley Clifton R lab rill State 
" Gilbert C (Ellen H) furnace opr h 
6927 VanBuren av 

" Gladys Mrs beauty shop 4546 Oak av 
r do 

" Jas G (Kath) valve mn h309 152d 

" Wm M elk W J Holliday & Co rSOS 

j yfnlhprry 

Hands Beni' G (Viola) gdnr h942 Sib¬ 

" Harry lab Calumet Eng Co r E Chi¬ 

Handy Jas fety wkr r5418 Wood av 
" Jas T alley mgr Perrins Recreation 
r41S% Sibley 

Philip W (Laura) lab hl237 Sherman 

Hanes Alex (Melita) mach h4721 Oak 
" F l o rence O (wid Thos J) gro 5449 
Columbia av h do 
" Kenneth O oil wkr r5449 Columbia av 
" Wm K (Eva) cook h904 Carroll 

Haney Dorothy nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r5584 Hohman av 
" Edith Mrs r5927 Columbia av 
" Harry J (Helen J) templet mkr h503 
Freeland av (OC) 

" Jos E (Edna P: First Trust Drug 
Store) r Munster Ind 
” Mabel (wid Wm) elk Mrs Olive A 
White r5605 Alice av 

HANEY OOOA p R (Bertha; Bomberger, 
Peters & Morthland), h436 High¬ 
land. Tel 4505 

" Paul (Martha) hlpr Echterling Truck 
& Bodv Wks h471 Fayette 
" Thos W (Dorothy) steel wkr h834 

Hanford Edgar F (Eleanor) drftsmn h 
18 Midway ct 

Hanifin Mary J (wid Michl W) r7042 
Madison av 

" Russell R chemist h7042 Madison av 

Hanish Carl L (Myrtle) lab h rear 51 

" Clarence (Helen) pntr h5910 Hohman 
" Edw driver r4722 Johnson av 
•' Jos (Eliz) oil wkr hl938 Atchison 
av (POWhi) 

" LilUan waiter E J Grill r220 Clinton 
” Mary A r4722 Johnson av 
" Raymond pntr r4722 Johnson av 
" Wm C (Lillian) welder h220 Clin¬ 

Hankins Anna L bkpr Smith Mtr Sis Inc 
r6243 Jackson av 

" Bernice P opr IBTCo r6224 Calumet 
" Earl V (Elena) formn h834 Plummer 
” Eugenia r834 Plummer 
" Helen Mrs cash r6311 Jackson av 
■' Jesse L (Mabel) oil wkr h728 Cherry 
" Jos C pntr C&CDTCo r6540 Meadow 

” Orley W (Anna) electn h6243 Jack- 
son av 

" Roy hlpr r834 Plummer 

Hanks Albert E (Agnes M) lab hi229 

Hankwitz Leonard E inspr Nickel Plate 
RR h6713 McCook av 
Hanley Bernice podiatrist 408 State R9 
" Scott hlpr h541 Detroit 
Hanlon Albert rlOl Industrial rd 
" David rlOl Industrial rd 
” Lawrence (Irene) acct h911 r 
" Marie Mrs rl48 157th (CC) 

Hann Albert h rear 914 l50th 
" Claire (Kath) h4705 Hohman av 
" Geo supt Central Chem Div r Mun¬ 

" Owen A (Edna S) slsmn Borden- 
Wieland Div h6805 Madison av 
Hanna Wm P (Hanna’s Pharmacy) r 
5927 Columbia av 

Hanna’s Pharmacy (Wm P Hanna) 6011 
Hohman av 

Hannah J Gilbert (Reba) supvr NIPSCo 
hl05 157th (OC) 

Hannapel Emma (wid John) rl943 Supe¬ 
rior av (POWhi) 

Hannauer Louis (Helen) inspr h7138 

Hanneld Albert C (Agnes L) steel wkr 
h'5826 Erie av 

" Harry H (Margt) electn C&CDTCo 
hl24% Sibley apt 20 
Hannemann Henry r4331 Johnson av 
" John (Lydia) mach h4331 Johnson av 
Pearl elk PS r4331 Johnson av 
Hannigan Wm (Eliz) formn r4821 Hick¬ 
ory av 

Hanrahan John—W“ (Helen) lab h ss 
Schrum rd 6 w Burnham av (OC) 
" Walter J (Florabelle) hl314 Indiana 
Hansel Gertrude waiter Geo Schrepher 
r27 156th pi (CC) 

" Paul O (Emma) cooker UC&OPCo h 
27 156th (OC) 

" Rudolph (Mabel) baker Hammond 
Modern Baking Co h32 State apt 3 
Hansen Alice R sten Central Chem Div 
h438 Garfield av (OC) 

" Arth H (Alta) phys 5252 Hohman av 
R8 h28 Wildwood 

" Augusta (wid Julius) h434 Garfield av 

" Axel M (Ollie M) hlpr hl626 Lake av 

LIC LIBRARY. Marie Easter Libra¬ 
rian. 2823 Martha 

HANSEN BROS (Leslie T and Clarence 
E Hansen). Florists 5320 Hohman av. 
Tel 202 

" Chas pntr Southmoor Apt Hotel r 
5946 Hohman av 

" Chris (Alice) contr h327 152d (OC) 
" Clarence E (Mary; Hansen Bros) r 

" Curtis C (Nettie) bus opr C&CDTCo 
r Gary 

" Edw J roofer r438 Garfield av (OC) 
" Elmer H (Lois) driver Sprout & Davis 
Inc h429 Russell apt 1 
" Ernest G (Joanne) gro 730 173d h545 

” Ernest H (Matilda) lab h4 Detroit 
" Evelyn C slswn Mrs Carrie Long r327 
152d (OC) 

" Gerald -M (Edith) elk h28 Ruth apt 

" Gilbert D (Idell M) mgr Western & 
Southern Life Ins Co r Cedar Lake 
" Gladys smstrs Goldblatt Bros r4243 
Hohman av 

" Hans H (Bertha A) formn h4615 
Cameron av 

" Herbert auto mech Continental Bak¬ 
ing Co rl222 Highland 
" Jerome M msngr r419 157th (CC) 

" Johanna (wid Thos) h55 Wildwood 
" Julius E (Verna C) elk h419 157th (C 

" Kenneth M brklyr r327 152d (CC) 
" Laurits (Dora) oil wkr h4932 Colum¬ 
bia av 

" Leslie T (June M; Hansen Bros) h 
237 Highland apt 303 
" Lillian waiter Ezra O Jones r5413 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

" Louis L (Dorothy M) lab r5 State 
" Milton L (Lillian) formn h850 Sum¬ 

" Nettie (wid Herman) hl7 Sibley 
’’ Olaf W (Beatrice) mechl eng h4 Webb 
" Richd M sec-treas Twentieth Cen¬ 
tury Recreation 


Hamacher Nursery 

707 Ridge Rd., Hammond, Ind., R. D. 1 

A Rudolph J (Eva) lieut Engine Co No 
1 h4610 Towle av 
Theo r4610 Towle av 
Hanski Josephine Mrs h4413 Johnson av 
Hanson Arth (Florence) service mn h 
1138 Truman 

" Chas pntr hl03 155th pi (OC) 

(Lena) drftsmn h6519 Jefferson 
» Florence nurse StMargt SCh of Nurs¬ 
ing rll38 Truman 

" Florence tchr Riverside Sch r416 De¬ 

" Francis M (Twentieth Century Prod¬ 
ucts) rl!38 Truman 
' Frank L (Frances) h6228 Forest av 
■ Geo F (Maude—L) millwright h636 

" Herman (Gladys) steel wkr h5751 Erie 
" Irene Mrs r821 Indiana 
« Jack (Irene) pipeftr hi 108 Summer 
apt 4 

•" Jacob E (Abbie) asst sta acct IHBRR 
h6423 Forest av 

" John O (Dora Z) acct h?124 Kennedy 
Louis refinery wkr rl535 Davis av 

•' Marion r6423 Forest av 
" Ron (Louise) tavern 487 Sibley r417 
165 th 

" Rudolph W (Alice M) rep h7608 Mad¬ 
ison av 

" Wm lab r912 Bauer 
Hanula Amelia sten rl640 Myrtle av (P 

" John (Anna) lab hl640 Myrtle av (P 

•' JohnPjr > lab rl640 Myrtle av (POWhi) 
Han us Sigmund J (Victoria M) laib !h 
1023 Chicago 

Hanusin Andrew (Mary) steel wkr h2112 
Superior av (POWhi) 

•' Jos A meat ctr Standard Food Mart 

r E Chicago __ 

Hapner Geo C (Marie) flremn h520 
State (EC) 

Harakel Geza (Rose) hl303 Conkey 
Haralovich Beverly mgr Goldblatt Bros 
r East Chicago 

Harasty Andrew W cash Standard Equip 
& Sup Corp r6134 Columbia av 
" David city policemn r6134 Columbia 
'• Jos (Mary) h6134 Columbia av 
" Jos jr r6134 Columbia av 
" Louis (Olga) elk h rear 6136 Colum¬ 
bia av 

Harasymowicz Tytus filling sta 6133 Co¬ 
lumbia rl315 Field 

Harayda Marv (wid Alex) h2041 Lincoln 

av (POWhi) _ 

11 Michl chemist r2041 Lincoln av (PO 

Harbaugh Ross L (Mabel L) chemist !h 
1539 Kenilworth av (OC) 

Harbert Doris M opr IBTCo r249 Fern- 
wood av 

" Viola N r249 Femwood av 
" Walter F (Helen G) genl ydmstr h249 
Femwood av 

Harbin Cath student nurse rl504 Amy av 
apt 2 (POWhi) 

" Fred E (Margt E) h7116 Woodlawn av 
Harbison Noble M (Clara M) electa 
UC&OPCo r910 Plummer 
" Otto L (Ethel) carp h910 Plummer 
Harbour Albert V (Eliz) carp h606 118th 

Harbrecht Caroline P (wid Fred C) h 
543 Forsythe av (OC) 

" J Lester (Zara J) comp Hammond 
Times hSIO Harrison av (OC) 

" Zara J opr IBTCo r510 Harrison av 

Harbst Ohas A (Lydia A) maoh opr h 
531 Hoffman 

" Raymond C drftsmn r531 Hoffman 
Harbut Frank (Helen) h4217 Grover av 
" Thaddius fctvwkr r4217 Grover av 
" Theo r4217 Grover av 

Harcharak Jos (Anna) brklyr h2046 Su¬ 
perior av (POWhi) 

Hard Malcolm (Marv B) mechl eng h 
147 Pulaski rd (OC) 

Hardacre Carson T (Eliz; A O K Ga¬ 
rage) h642 119th (POWhi) 

Harder Clere W (Mildred E) electa h 
4903 Hickory av 
" Edw steel wkr r513 Waltham 
" Fred (Minnie) oil wkr hl522 125th 
(POWhi) _ 

" H J prsmn W B Conkey Co r650 Ridge 

” Henry (Anna) h513 Waltham 
" Herman prsmn W B Conkey Co r 
513 Waltham 

" John elk Calumet City Board of Edu¬ 
cation Dist Nb 157 r Calumet City 
RD 6 

" John H (Pearl) brkmn hl301 Price 
av (CC) 

Lillie Mrs nurse 7031 Arizona av h 

" Pearl E elk P B Good Inc r4903 Hick¬ 
ory av 

'• Wm J (Ema) slsmn hl418 Lake av 

" Wm O (Pearl E) custodian h4903 
Hickory av 

Hardesty Chas D (Fay) barber 415 Con¬ 
key h do 

" Clayton appr Calumet Blue Print Co 
" Delman P (Louise) lab hll36 Merrill 
" Deloss C tmkpr Calumet Steel Cstgs 
Corp r415 Conkey 

" Doran T (Henrietta) welder h828 Wil¬ 
cox av 

•' Eug (Hattie) pumper h3219 173d 
" Eug R (Louise C) supvr hll4l Wil¬ 
cox av / 

' Fredk C (Dorthey R) still opr h739 
Herman* 1 ? (Marie) steelwkr h6720 

•• Pearl H Mrs smstrs E C Minas Co 
r Lansing Ill 

•' Robt (Hazel) oil wkr h3244 173d 
■ Ross G barber 475% State r Lansing 

" Russell auto mech Swarthout & Craig 
Inc r Gary 

Hardies Erwin C (Ella M) personnel mgr 
h257 Vine 

Hardin Jas E tchr Tech-Vocational Sch 
r6104 Woodlawn 

" Julius W (Anna) oil wkr h2104 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

Harding Dorothy M (wid Lester) sten 
r7210 Knickerbocker pkwy 
•• Emma E Mrs restr 464 Indiana h do 
•• Harvey r464 Indiana _ , 

" Henry (Mary) lab hl041 Conkey 
' Jane sr interviewer Indiana State Em- 
ployment Service h237 Highland apt 

" John (Virginia) dep County Treas h 

" S^ool M Etorothy C McLaughlin prin 
3107 Cleveland 

Hardroad Marion bartndr State Line 

Hard^|Jerman H (Calumet Builders) 

•' Kath (wid Julius) r238 Ig d 
" Roy E (Eva M) wire chf IBTCo h212 
Webb (OC) 

Hardtke Reinholdt H (Lydia E) ins 5803 
Erie av h do 

Hardy Ella Mrs tavern 46 155th pi (C 
C) h do 

" Lome (Mary) auto wkr h922 State 

Hare Lida (wid Frank) r973 Murray 
Hargens Chas (Ila) steel wkr h943 150th 
" Fred A (Rose) formn h6818 California 
Hargis Chas N (Della M) mach opr h 
4740 Cameron av 


mm i'n'i l 

INSURANCE | I \ j ■ 
HAMMOND 5110 \ \ | } ■ 


" Oscar E (Mabel) chiro 4904 Oak av 
h do 

” Oscar R lab r4904 Oak av 
Hargrove Clinton A steelwkr rl5'17 Cal¬ 
umet av (POWhi) 

" Dennis H (Viola) welder hl517 Calu¬ 
met av (POWhi) 

Harjes Herman J (Grace M) elk Harry 
E Folk h512 Kenwood 
Harkins Jane r5927 Columbia av 
Harkrader Frank R (Irene) lab h408 

Harlan A B slsmn Chicago Motor Club 
(Hammond Br) r Gary 
" Robt (Allie) ins agt h5240 Sohl av 
apt 116 

Harle Eug (Adelaide) steel wkr h6837 
Delaware av 

'' Thos D (Nan G) purch agt h221 War¬ 
ren (OC) 

Harless Agnes E Mrs sten IHBRR r Box 
194 Dyer 

Harley Wm F rlOl Industrial rd 
Harlo Moses r485 Truman blvd 
Harlovich Leo collr Roberts Inc r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

Harlow CJhas lab r633 Hoffman 
" Warren fdr W B Conkey ©o 
Harman Reginald R elk NIPSCo r Lan¬ 

Harmanowicz Alex T (Mary) lab C&E 
RR hl031 169th 

’’ Mary Mrs gro 1031 169th h do 
Harmering Clifton V wood wkr National 
Live Stock Remedy Co r732 Truman 
" Eileene r4519 Oak av 
" Elbert L 'Jessie) h4519 Oak av 
" Grover (Flaut) wtchmn h732 Truman 

” Roy pkr hi 119 Wilcox av 
Harmon Fern waiter Geo Tarjack r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Frances (wid Otis) r850 Indiana 
” Fred R (Blanche) auto mech Burgess 
Auto Spring & Axle Service h rear 
5824 Columbia av 

" Howard A (Kathryn) elk hl621 Stan¬ 
ton av apt 1 (POWhi) 

" Jas J (Eliz) fctywkr h837 114th apt 
8 (POWhi) 

" Jas L (Marie B) slsmn h7009 State 
Line av 

" Stanley B (Ruth B) driver Bieker Co 
Inc h6300 Jo e sl e ar 
" Sylvester A (Anna M) brkmn h6613 
Marshall av 

Harms Bernard maintenance mn Gold- 
blatt Bros r4333 Clark av 
" Geo R (Myrtle) furn fnshr h4333 
Clark av 

" Henry H hl543 Lake av (POWhi) 

" Henry J (Maude) oil wkr hl422 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

" LaDoit O (Bernice) oil wkr hl836 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Lawrence W (Hazel) hlpr h2830 Janet 

Harnack Vernon L chf chemist UC&OP 
Co r8015 Forest av 
Harness Donald r90S Michigan 
" Emery (Mary) grease mkr h905 Mich¬ 

" Harold coil washer r905 Michi 
Harnett Wm J (Helen) slsmn Nil — 
h579 Wentworth av apt 3 (CC) 
Harney Jos N rlOl Industrial rd 
Harold Cecil (Eleanor) h5l Doty 
Harper Agnes display adv Hammond 
Times r Chicago Ill 
" Bessie Mrs (Cardinal Tavern) r Mich¬ 
igan City 

" Fred steel wkr r6921 Harrison av 
" H Robt supt Cardox Corp r Chicago 

" Hugh (Thelma) h rear 7002 Arizona 
" Jas beauty opr Mrs Margt Harper r 
706 Conkey 


" Jasper (Henrietta) hlpr Sou Wheel 
Div hl033 Cleveland 
" John (Rita) lab h rear 1139 Field 
" Margt Mrs beauty shop 5119 Bulletin 
av r706 Conkey 

" Stanley H (Jessie) dropmn Sou Wheel 
Div hl028 Field 

Harrell Frank M (Martha) firemn h2650 
163d pl 

" Jerry (Jane) hll66 State blvd 
Harrett Wm rlOl Industrial rd 
Harrigan Wm J (Helen T) business agt 
h7317 Woodmar av 
Harrington Jennie Mrs h5739 Calumet 
" John C (Evelyn C) mach C&ERR h 
rear 5665 Sohl av 

" N fdr W B Conkey Co r Homewood 

" Ralph (Sadie) auto repr 6215 Blaine 
av h do 

" Robt (Ruby) hlll9 Indianapolis blvd 

" Robt H (Ethel Mi v-pres Citizens Fed 
Sav & Loan Assn h5 Waltham (CC) 
" Ruby Mrs restr 1119 Indianapolis blvd 
(PORoby) h do 

" Theo B (Winifred) crane mn h446 

Thos (Margt) r733 Spruce 
Wm R (Margt) crane opr h705 Kane 
ING CO (A R Harris), Sheet Metal 
Workers, Furnaces, Air Condition¬ 
ing, Etc, 4548 Hohman av, Tel 3023, 
Residence Address 13328 Carondolet 
av (Chicago), Tel South Chicago 
9704 (For further information see 
page 24 Buyers’ Guide) 

HARRIS ALBERT R (G e r t r ud e; A R 
Harris Heating & Ventilating Co), h 
13328 Carondolet av (Chicago), Tel 
South Chicago 9704 
" Amy L tchr Morton Jr Hi SCh r2 Ruth 
" Apartments 1947 Blossom row (PO 

” Betty L rl233 Hoffman 
" Billy Garage (Wm H Harris) 6012 
Calumet av 

" Bros Co Walter W Pollack mgr bldg 
materials 139 Plummer 
Carl A plant mgr Red River Refining 

" Chas S (Tillie A) formn h652 Sibley 
" Clyde R (Grace) chemist h841 173d 

" Creighton W (Elma B) acct C&CDT 
Co hl233 Hoffman 
" Donald A (Helen) oil wkr hl916 Wes- 
park av (POWhi) 

" E K r5946 Hohman av 
" Edgar V (Lynn C) gro 550 169ih h 
544 Spruce 

" Edw E (Lillian) switchmn hll56 Sum¬ 

" Eleanor sten rll56 Summer 
" Florence (wid Fred) rl838 Davis av 

" Food Shop (Nathan Harris) gros 442 

" Francis janitor Paramount Theatre 
rll 156th (CC) 

" Geo D (Frances Z) ship elk h6252 
Harrison av 

" Geraldine emp Walgreen Co r5239 
State Line av 

" Gustave (Rose) refinery wkr h4516 
Elm av 

" Harry M (Adelaide L) field rep h7105 
Jackson av 

" Harry S (Margt T) hl947 Blossom 
Row apt 3 (POWhi) 

” Henry B (Mae E) formn hl33 Warren 

" Henry M T1916 Wespark av (POWhi) 
" Jacob (Mary; South Shore Food Mar¬ 
ket) hl08 152d apt 19 (CC) 

" John S r5927 Columbia av 


" Jos L lab NIPSCo r5612 Claude av 
" Lathrop r7105 Jackson av 
" Leonard E (Ruth) switchmn h6406 
Euclid av 

" Lucius lab r431 State (OC) 

” Marguerite Mrs (Harris Parking Lot) 
r627 Roosevelt dr (POWhi) 

" Mary Mrs (South Shore Pood Mar¬ 
ket) r20 Detroit (CC) 

" Michl eng r6723 Arizona av 
" Mildred elk Harris Pood Shop r230 

" Nathan (Helen: Harris Pood Shop) 
h230 Highland 

" Nathan mgr Goldblatt Bros r Chicago 

B MHUB W 1 (Anna) janitor h634 118th 
' (POWhi) 

" Parking Lot (Mrs Marguerite Harris) 
138 Rimbach 

" Phillip R (Dorothy C) elec eng h33 
Warren (OC) 

" Raymond (Gertrude) h4412 Johnson 
" Richd F (Margt E) oil wkr h6422 
Madison av 

" Robt D elk Igloo Ice Cream Co r5239 
State Line av 

" Robt L auto mech Merrill L Miles r 

" Sami M wtchmn r479 Payette 
" Sol (Harris & Lemmon) r230 High¬ 

" Walter circulation Hammond Times r 
11 156th (CC) 

" Warren D r6252 Harrison 
" Wm A jr (Mildred H) elk Calumet 
Auto Pts r6435 Jefferson av 
•• Wm B oil wkr r2041 Lake av (POWhi) 

" Wm H (Maye; Billy Harris Garage) 
h6438 Calumet av 

" & Lemmon (Sol Harris, Jas A Lem¬ 
mon jr) lawyers 442 165th 
Harrison A Woodrow maCh opr r25 154th 
pi (CC) 

" Albert B (Odetta B) mgr Hammond 
Clean Towel Service h6436 EucUd 
" Althea (wid Wm) r823 Mulberry 
“ Apartments 217-23 Webb 
" C Ballard (E Marguerite: Thorpe, 
Bamber & Harrison) hl6 Highland 
" Chas B ( Darlene M) mgr Lake Coun¬ 
ty Business Bureau Inc r Cedar Lake 
" Edw (Marguerite) steelwkr hll20 In¬ 

’’ Eldeen student r6804 Carolina av 
" Emma E (wid Edw J) rl6 Highland 
•• Geo W (Bethel) refinery wkr h6804 
Carolina av 

" Herschel E tmkpr Beatty Mach & Mfg 
Co r5111 Calumet av 
" Homer H chf eng ITC&OPCo r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" John rlOl Industrial rd 
" Octave M (Lillian) civil eng h6609 
Jefferson av 

" Park es Hohman av bet Webb and 

" Patk (PauUne) oil wkr hl828 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Thos J (Myrtle I) hlpr h557 Harrison 

" Walter (Mary) mach h6522 Parrish 
Harrod Robt H (Prances) steel wkr h 
2722 Kenwood 

Harry Edmund (Ellen) hlpr C&CDTCo 

" Wm N (Alice) oil opr h6313 Garfield 
Harshbarger Lee P < Ethel) reprmn h702O 
Jackson av 

" Mark carp r7020 Jackson av 
Harsher Millard (Josephine) steel wkr 
h803 Sibley 

Hart Albert C (Anna) switchmn h603 

" Albert C jr refinery wkr r603 Logan 
" Alf C (Estelle) loco eng h6435 Calu¬ 
met av 

11 Aloysius K (Irene) firemn h2617 

" Cath r537 Highland 
Doris F biller IHBRR r6320 Harrison 
" Earl B (Thelma R) whsemn h711 5- 

" Edw J (Anna M) lab r580 Ingraham 
av (CC) 

" Edw J (Allegra) welder h6240 Mad¬ 
ison av 


•• Ellis P (Sarah E) h4934 Ash av 
" Elmer E (Tancia) burner r909 Hoff¬ 

" Elton C (Elsie) dispr IHBRR h6320 
Harrison av 

" Emil G (Mary) r604 Forsythe av (C 

" Frank (Hart’s Service Station) r927 

" Prank (Alice) switchmn h52 Wild¬ 

" Preda elk r6320 Harrison av 
" Harold P (Irene) steel wkr h6315 
Monroe av 

" Hazel Mrs h451 Logan 
” Jas L r4934 Ash av 
" Josephine fctywkr r2617 Cleveland 
" Jule C slswn r604 Forsythe av (OC) 
" Margt (wid Frank) r2931 Janet pi 
" Mary Mrs elk r6519 Jefferson av 
" Roberta Mrs r6347 Harrison av 
" Thos (Dorothy) del mn Goldblatt 
Bros h958 Wilcox av 
Hart’s Service Station (Prank Hart) 
Schley av nw cor Morton ct 
Harter Bertha (wid Chas P) h955 Mich¬ 

" Odd A (NeUie) restr wkr hl610 Rob¬ 
erts av (POWhi) 

Hartfleld Chas (Eliz) brklyr h731 Logan 
" Mabel elk Johnson & Co r216 156th 
pl (CC) 

" Mary B Mrs h216 156th pl (CC) 

" Mary L r216 156th pl (OC) 

’’ Ray (Mabel) restr 5832 Calumet av 
h332 156th pl (CC) 

" Wm (Leona) h316 153d (OC) 
Hartigan Van W (Florence N) driver h 
5616 Walter av 

Hartke Carl P (Bertha) carp h918 Sib- 

" Wilbur 

>ur A (Marion) switchmn hl022 

Hartlerod Cecil C (Verna) brklyr h720 

Hartlerode Andrew r4819 Cedar av 
” Ann emp Chapman Lndry Inc r 
Whiting Ind 

" Earl hlpr Caliunet Goodwill Industries 
Inc rll54 Truman 

" Irving (Carrie) switchmn hll54 Tru¬ 

" Lyle F (Mary) elk h6033 Erie av 
” Walter (Ruth) carp h327 157th (CC) 
Hartley Cline C (Esther P; The Berg- 
hoff) hl36 Highland (CC) 

" Guy C (Betsy) lab hl219 Lyons 
’’ Jacob (Lillian) steel wkr h590 Price 
av (OC) 

" Ray (Theressa) slsmn h6613 McCook 
Hartline Jas A (Harriet E) brklyr h 
823 Bauer 

" Jas W (Mary) brklyr h9Sl Logan 
Hartman Albert (Antoinette) lab h819 

’’ Albert (Dolly R) lab h448 Michigan 
" Arth lab Hammond Wrecking Co 
• Arth J asst purch agt NIPSCo r Dyer 
” Betty r6717 Arkansas av 
” Chas 13 watchmn Youngstown Steel 
Door Co hlllO Wilcox av 
" Chas W (Irene) stockmn hlll2 Mich- 

" Clifford C (Helen B) lino opr W B 
Conkey Co h6331 Jefferson av 
•• Edmund L (Evelyn) agt Western & 
Sou Life Ins Co r833 State blvd 
” Edw lab r815 Huehn 
" Emanuel B (Louise) h4243 Hohman av 
" Emil (Anna K) blrmkr hll24 Mich¬ 

" Ernest lab rt8 State 
" Ernest (Fannie) steel wkr h821 Huehn 
” Fred (Josephine) r815 Huehn 
•• Fred P tavern 13907 Burnham av 
(Bur) hl4215 Green Bay av (Bur) 

" Frederica (wid Wm) h622 Payette 
" Glen M baker r4425 Henry av 
" Jacob H (Anna) h815 Huehn 
" Jack copyholder W B Conkey Co r6331 
Jeffenyn av 

’’ Jesse M (Lena) h4425 Henry av 
" Martha r622 Payette 
" May M r 033 S tat e b ird 
" Patk driver Hammond Wrecking Co 
" Paul E (Gertrude) oil wkr h44ST 


" Raymond A (Margt S) prsmn W B 
Conkey Co h620 Ingraham av (CC) 

" Walter lab rH8 4 M ic higa n^ 

" Waiter O (Jennie) chain mkr r4243 
Hohman av 

" Walter P (Gladys E) asst shipper h 
6717 Arkansas av 

" Wm (Alice) lab r606 Truman blvd 
" Wm T baker Mrs Rosa M Vivian r 
4425 Henry av 

Hartnett Jerome P (Anna K) pres 
Standard Business College h6807 
Porestdale av 

Hartog Elmer H atndt Sibley Parking 
Service r Munster 

Hartsell Harry M (Anabel) oil wkr h 
1549 Lake av (POWhi) 

" Jas D (Ruth) oil wkr hl828 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

” Wendel M (Nina) formn h rear 1510 
Roberts av (POWhi) 

Hartzell Donald V (Virginia) oil wkr h 
1522 Park View av (POWhi) 

" Roy A (Ella) elk hl603 Davis av apt 6 

Hartzler Lewis G (Effie) auto wkr h829 

Harvat Colin S slsmn Swift & Co r 

HARVEY BROS, Chas M Slater Mgr, 
Clothing, Factory-to-You Store, 450 
State, Tel 5329 
" Christine r4142 Towle av 
" Damon P (Clara D) formn h232 
Elizabeth (CC) 

" Earl M (Ada) carp h6804 Arkansas av 
" Frank pres Twentieth Century Re¬ 
creation r Chicago Ill 
" Geo R (Ruth E) steel wkr h ns 164th 
3 W Hirsch av (CC) 

" Hugh rilOl Industrial rd 
" Ludora Mrs maid Peggie Hale Inc r 
819 Ames 

" Omer F (Harriet) reprmn h6123 Alex¬ 
ander av 

•• Perry A (Ora) barber Addlie E 
Routien h5407 Calumet av 
Harvich Louis waiter r445 156th (CC) 
Harwath Josephine emp Chapman 
Lndry Inc rl311 Truman 
Harwell Grant E (Carrie) hlpr Sou 
Wheel Div hl512 Summer 
•' Lawrence (Willie) lab hl031 Cleve¬ 

Harwood Earl C oil wkr rS36 Locust 
" Eston R (Evelyn) storekpr NIPSCo h 
536 Locust 

" Harry F (Eva) signalmn h403 Lewis 
" John (Kath) chemist hl035 May 
" Lena (wid Walter) r5128 Oakley 
Harworth Howard (Helen) lab h4 Ogden 
Haryasz Frances M lab Pratt Food Co 
r5013 Northcote av (EC) 

Hasek Henry J (Rose; Union Clufo) h 
618 Conkey 
•' Jas r729 165th 

Hashu Geo (Anna P) driver rl231 In- 
" Nicholas D (Anna) car bldr 

" Nicholas D jr rU22-- Wilcox av 
Hasiak Peter (Anna; Hammond Window 
Washing) h rear 754 State Line av 

Haskell Cleo R (Adeline M) mach opr 
Standard Steel Specialty Co h227 
Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Emory (Wanda) pntr h7420 Walnut 
Hasken Jas (Ethel) lab hlO50 Cleveland 
Haskett Noble R (Virginia M) opr WU 
TelCo h524 Sibley 

Haskins Alberta Mrs hl017 Cleveland 
" Chas (Alberta) lab Sou "Wheel Div 
" Earl (Charlotte) constr formn h906 
177th pi 

" Robt elk r906 177th pi 
" Willie (Sadie) hlpr hl942 Warwick av 

Haslam Leroy G (Martha) steelwkr h 
11425 Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Virginia rl425 Stanton av (POWhi) 
Haslett Earl (MilUe) oilmn h6427 Van 
Buren av 

Hass Emil lab r226 Wildwood 
" Herman (Ida) h226 Wildwood 
" Raymond steel wkr r226 Wildwood 

Hassan Ramon (Mary) stillmn h2749 
New York av (POWhi) 

Hasse Adeline M cash Inlander-Steind- 
ler Paper Co r573 State 
" Chas B (Pauline) h5433 State Line av 
" Mary E (wid Wm) h573 State 
" Wm A (Mayme) sec-treas Public Con¬ 
struction Co h’128 Porestdale pk (C 

" Wm C (Pearl) bridge opr h7034 Cali¬ 
fornia av 

Hassel Francis (Gertrude) oil wkr r5612 
Hohman av 

Hasselbohm Albin O (Hannah C) eng 
h7 Mason (CC) 

Hasselbring Ernest F (Gertrude) trim¬ 
mer h922 Murray 

" Irvin H (Lauretta S) driver NIPSCo 
h4608 Towle av 

" Johanna (wid Henry) r922 Murray 
Hasselgren Carl G (Flora) wtchmn 
Youngstown Steel Door Co h512 

Hastings Ann Mrs r807 Carroll 
" Eldon E (True) aoct h268 Locust 
" Wm J (Marie B) real est 5217 Hoh¬ 
man av R208 r6927 Columbia av 
Hatch Lyman E city firemn rl948 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

" Russell O fety wkr rl948 Davis av 

Hatcher Dale L (Beatrice) steelwkr h 
1129 Wilcox av 

•' David S (Cora M) steel wkr h241 

" Harry (Garnet) carp hll23 Truman 
Hatchman Albert H (Fanny M) inspr 
h6828 Arizona av 

" Betty compt opr r6828 Arizona av 
Hatczel Jos (Bertha) refinery wkr hl810 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Marguerite fety wkr rl810 Lake av 

Hatfield Geo H (Maxine M) instrument 
eng hl437 175th 

" Geo L (Grace) oiler hl218 169th 
" Guthrie r4326 Torrence av 
" Trueman rlOl Industrial rd 
" Vernal E (Bertha F) gro 1830 Michi¬ 
gan h do 

Hathaway Alma (wid Jos V) elk h5536 
Maywood av 
" Ann tchr r828 Bauer 
'•-Benj-P- (Eliz) h828 Bauer 
" Carrel F (Genevieve) asst chemist NI 
PSCo h8 Waltham 

" Chas IC (Maude D) janitor h544 

" Harold O (Ruth) bridge opr h446 

" Harry H (Henrietta) h6223 Monroe av 
" Isaac N (Myrtle E) carp h7002 Ala¬ 
bama av 

HATHAWAY JOHN E (Nellie L), In¬ 
surance Agent 811 Carrol, Tel 257, h 
241 173d, Tel 771 

" Robt E (G Louise) unit opr h6009 
Wallace rd 

" Ruth B cash Woolworbh’s r828 Bauer 
" Thos H (June) slsmn h9 Sibley 
" Wm L (Eliz) eng r820 Plummer 
Hatten Agnes J pkr Indiana Botanic 
Gardens rll32 Indiana 
'' Amos E (Agnes) city firemn hll32 

" Eunice Mrs r6616 Jefferson av 
Hatton Peter T (Eva A) mech h6542 
Arkansas av 

Hau Carl A (Emma) bookbndr hll31 

" Emma rll31 Drackert 
" Harry A h626 Sibley 
Hauber Eliz r648 Douglas av (CC) 

" Emma r648 Douglas av (CC) 

•' Eroesnst electn h648 Douglas av (C 

Hauck John J (Frances A) oil wkr h 
5433 Webster av 

*’ Jos W (Lila) carmn h'16 156th (CC) 
" Lila janitor Lloyd Bldg iU6 156th (C 

Hauer Wm L (Jane) formn h222 Ruth 

Haugan John F (Lena) mach h2919 

" John F jr slsmn Holland Furnace Co 
r2919 Cleveland 






Haugh Chas (Caroline) hl51S Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Chas W sis rep Burroughs Adding 
Machine Co r Chicago Ill 
» Eleanor rl515 Indianapolis blvd (PO 

Haugner Aimer J A driver Wulf’s Clnrs 
r5829 Columbia av 

” Elmer (Virginia) slsmn Qnpire Life 
& Accdt Ins Co h5829 Columbia av 
Hauk Wm A (Maude) pipeftr h845 Tru¬ 

Hauman Henry (Violet) oil wkr h838 

Haun Robt W rl550 177th 
Hausenfleck Edw lab Riverdale Products 
Co r Cedar Lake 
■ Melba D supvr IBTCo r RD 1 
• Paul driver Brink's Inc r RD 1 
" Robt G (Virginia C) lab Riverdale 
Products Co h4749 Hickory av 
Hauser Harry barber Otto D Schwartz 
r848 Indiana 

Bausknecht Clarence J (Helen) stm ftr 
h913 Bauer 

" Harry P (Emma) mach repr h835 

Haussner Thekla r6127 Garfield av 
Hauver Leona tchr r5946 Hohman av 
Havely Wm B (Hazel O) servicemn 
Goodyear Serv rl03 Rimbach 
Havengar Albert driver r6803 Kentucky 
-J aoob - (Julia) h6803 Kentucky av 
" Wm J (Julia) inspr h6723 Alabama av 
Havesko Adele emp Chapman Lndry Inc 
r439 154th pi (CC) 

Havil John (Barbara) oil wkr h4848 
Magnolia av 

Haviley Michl (Anna) oil wkr r2343 New 
York av (POWhi) 

Havill Dale (Ivo) h4234 Johnson av 
" Wade W (Garland J) lab h6346 EucUd 
Havlin Chas r622 Truman blvd 
" Earl rlOl Industrial rd 
" Elvis (Dorothy) msngr Brink's Inc h 
221 Webb apt 7A 

" Geo paper hngr r622 Truman blvd 
" Lawrence I (Edna I) crane opr h434 
Wilcox av 

” Ralph slsmn r622 Truman blvd 
" Willis V (Essie M) crane opr h422 
Wilcox av 

Havling Chas r622 Truman blvd 
" Geo lab r622 Truman blvd 
" Margt r622 Truman blvd 
" Mona (wid* Ralph) waiter h5037 Wal¬ 
lace rd 

" Orpha (Dolly G) oik h622 Truman 

Hawk Francis R (Goldie) slsmn hlll7 

" Fred (Bessie) wtchmn h820 Summer 
1 " Geo (Dora) welder h905 Summer 
" John R (Bertha G; Hawk’s Standard 
Service) h544 Lincoln av (CC) 

'' June bkpr O'Neil Auto Sales Inc r 
6233 Garfield av 

" Mary A (wid Fred B) h5630 Alice av 
Paul j (Clara A) dep prosecuting atty 
h6233 Garfield av 

Hawk’s Standard Service (John R 
Hawk) 530 State Line av (CC) 
Hawke John A (Marian) acct NIPSCo 
„ h223 169th 

Hawkin Michl lab h4740 Hickory av 
Hawkins All W steel wkr hl36V4 Sibley 
apt 26 

" Amanda (wid Alf L) supvr IBTCo ti 
660 Gordon (CC) 

." Brooklyn (Ethel) h4539 Pine av 

Carl G (Hazel E) mech Smith Mtr 
Sis Inc h6435 Woodward av 
Earl C (Viola) prsfdr W B Conkey Co 
h929 170th 

' Edw L lab r7526 Jefferson av 
" Edwin mach opr 1*1108 Summer apt 1 
Frances typist r4744 Torrence av 


" Gordon (Florence) steel wkr h5644 
Hohman av 

" Gustav lab r4839 Oak av 
" John E carp h rear 5215 State Line av 
" Myrtle (wid Percy) hi 108 Summer apt 

" Orland B (Carrie) pipe ftr h4337 
State Line av 

" Richd lab r4935 Hohman av 
" Rosa (wid Benj) maid rl033 Cleve¬ 

" Stella matron Goldblatt Bros r rear 
5215 State Line av 
" Tolita (wid Geo) h4839 Oak av 

Hawley Clifford E (Mary R) pipe ftr 
hlpr h669 Gordon (CC) 

" Edgar O (Elma M) lab h465 Indiana 
" Edw bag catcher Riverdale Products 

1 " Geo A (Violet M) refinery wkr h444 
Garfield av (CC) 

Hawn Albert N (Eunice) janitor h935 

" Bruce J (Evelyn B) mach h rear 828 

" Ebert T (Mabel) trucker hl218 High¬ 

Haworth Albert (Margt H) h5532 Walter 
" Albert—fi- (Mary) steel wkr h5523 
Walter av 

" Raymond (Agnes) h456 Sibley 

Hawver Leona H librarian Hammond Hi 
Sch r Southmocxr Hotel 

Hay Cecelia J (wid Bert) hlll5 150th 
" Geo (Stella L) oil wkr h5510 Beall av 

Hayden Gladys N Mrs h2834 165th apt 1 
Hughe C (Flaey) dentist 5231 Hoh¬ 
man av R813 h7216 Olcott av 
" Lorena L buyer E C Minas Co r4425 
Indianapolis (EC) 

” Radford N (Genevieve) supvr NIPS 
Co h6256 Madison av 

Hayduk Anthony lab rl238 Field 
" Geo (Mary) hl238 Field 
" Geo jr asmblr rl238 Field 
•' Mary rl238 Field 

Hayes Clayton L steel wkr r242 Condit 
" Edith tchr Geo Rogers Clark Sch r 
1925 Lake (POWhi) 

" Eug B r242 Condit 
" Floyd barber rl038 Merrill 
" Floyd (Blanche A) lab h430 Wilcox 
" Fred (Dorothy) slsmn h rear 730State 
Line av (CC) 

" Geo H (Hattie B) oil wkr hl829 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

" Harley I steel wkr r24'2 Condit 
" Harold M (Bessie) mech Smith Mtr 
Sis Inc h530 Lincoln av (CC) 

" Howard P (Minor) eng h rear 1124 

" J Russell solr Welsh Bros r Chicago 
•' Jas r531 State (CC) 

" Lee R (Emma P) pntr h242 Condit 
" Robt C r242 Condit 

Hayhurst Howard (Gladys) fctywkr r 
4622 Hohman av 

Hayman Fred (Dorothy) steel wkr h6706 
Delaware av 

" Harold mgr Wormser Hat Store r 

Haynes Onas P (Helen A) stillmn h7030 
Woodlawn av 

" Homer F (Letha I) checker h533 
Wentworth av (CC) 

" Margt R tchr Lincoln Sch r225 Webb 

Hays Dalmer H (Dora A) cond h559 
Gordon (CC) 

" Edith sec to supt Hammond Public 
Schools r223 Webb apt 10B 
" Gladys (wid Ernest L) tchr Edison 
Sch h223 Webb apt 10B 
" Jas O (Mary A) hl737 Lincoln av 

" Queen (wid David) hi 130 Wilcox av 








l o 
$ “ 









Northern Indiana Public Service Company 


114tl« Street and Lake Ave. Phone*: Whiting 670-671 and Hammond Enterpri.e 1880 

Headquarter*: Lake Shore Homing Guild ' Whiting, Ind. 



Wm I (Vemell L) iblr mkr h753 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

Haysak Helen elk Carbide & Carbon 
Chemicals Corp (W) rl908 I>avis av 

Louis (Mary) oil wkr hl908 Davis av 

Mayme sten Am Trust & Savings Bk 
(W) rl908 Davis av (POWhi) 
Hayward C B prin Irving Sch r8339 
Northcote av 

!dw G (Edith) appr Walgreen Co r 
433 Hirsch av (OC) 

Haywood Suzanna Mrs h4438 Calumet 
Hayworth Carl A (Edna B) agt Prud Ins 
Co h24a Conkey 

" Lloyd M (Bessie) mach opr rll05 
170th pi 

" Otto S (Nellie) driver h936 Murray 
•' Ralph (Garnet) driver h6535 Jeffer- 

Walter V E (Alena) driver h7631 Mon¬ 
roe av 

Hazelton Dorothy M asst Drs Dean 
Ringo and Clifford Troop r Hotel 

•' Lillian beauty opr Abby’s Beauty 
Shoppe ro34 Florence 
Hazelwood Lennie W (Nana) oil wkr h 
4241 Hohman av 

Hazen Alf E (Rose) mach opr h4736 

" Alf R (Milda M) swtchmn h4924 Ash 
" Carl W swtchmn r4924 Ash av 
Hazlett Anna Mrs r952 Pearl (POWhi) 
Head Edmund T (Rose H) electn h6940 

McCook av f _ 

Headlund John S (Blanche) collr h6243 
VanBuren av 

Headquist Wm riOl industrial rd 
Health Spot Shoe Shop Dorwin G 
Franks mgr 5317 Hohman av 
Healy Harry fety wkr r450 Truman blvd 
" John E (Carol) laboratory wkr hl520 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

Heap Oris gauger r502 Forsythe av (CC) 
Heard Llewellyn (Helen) chemist h6547 
Monroe av 

Hearms Geo fnshr Hammond Furniture 
Mart Inc 

Hearn Arle auto wkr r726 Sibley 
Heame Mary Mrs r5927 Columbia av 
Heath Edwin L (Clara S) elk h7120 
Monroe av 

" King R (Doris L) oil wkr hlll5 Ken- 

" Leonard L (Ruth) elk h32 Carroll 
" Mary tchr Washington Sch r2 Ruth 
" Wm A (Hazel) mach h6323 Jefferson 
Heatter Geo E (Leona) elk C&CDTCo r 

Heavyside Jos (Ellen) mach h629 Logan 
•" Thos lab r629 Logan 
Hebner Wilhelmina tchr Tech-Voca¬ 
tional Sch h 12414 Sibley apt 35 
Hecht Arnold (Helen) oil opr h6244 Van 
Buren av 

" John rlOl Industrial rd 
" Martin stringer Straube Pianos Inc r 
Steger Ill 

Heck Edw W rlOl Industrial rd 
Heckerman Cyrus (Frances) lab h31 

Heckert Mabel tchr Lincoln Sch r5946 
Hohman av „ „ 

Heckleman Edw J (Nettie) slsmn W B 
Conkey Co h42 Indi-Illi Pk 
" Wm (Lucy) trucker W B Conkey Co 

h38 Locust ___ 

Heckler Edw pntr Vermett’s Pntg <Se 
D ec Co r Griffith Ind 
” Henry (Heckler & Anderson) r RD 1 

Crown Point _ _ 

Heckler and Vernon C Anderson), 
Real Estate Brokers 406 Lloyd Bldg 
■ 5305 Hohman av, Tels 2757 and 2767 

Heckman Wm B (Alice P) oil burners 

6423 Calumet av h do 
Hector Elsie (wid Walter) h482 Lincoln 
av apt 4 (OC) 

•• Harold C (Adelaide) lawyer 5244-46 
Hohman av R305 h7341 VanBuren 
Henry J (Bertha C) supt h28 Detroit 
•• Wallace C hooker r482 Lincoln (CC) 
Hedden Ellen tchr Columbia Sch r5949 
Hyslop pi 

Hedder Sami lab r640 Indiana 
Heddon Ellen Mrs tchr r5949 Hyslop pi 
Hedeen Rudolph rlOl Industrial rd 
Hederick Irma G tohr PS r5954 Park pi 
Hedges Roderick slsmn Swarthout & 
Craig Inc r Gary Ind 
Hedlof Ernest V (Ellen) mach hl534 

Hedreen Sigge O (Nellie J) oil wkr hl831 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Hedrick Agnes V Mrs elk I C Hedrick & 
Co r5341 Calumet av 
" Elbert elk h85d Indiana 
" Harriet D Mrs cash E C Minas Co r 
842 State blvd 

" Harvey (Edith) insulator h946 Mur- 

Havilah M (Esther) steel wkr h rear 
920 State blvd 

I C & Co (Ivan C Hedrick) lock¬ 
smiths 5341 Calumet av 
" Ivan C (Agnes V; I C Hedrick & Co) 
h5341 Calumet av 

Jas M (Edith E) pipe ftr h4249 Dear¬ 
born av 

Thelma Mrs bkpr h6639 Alabama av 
" Virginia asst librarian r6639 Alabama 
Heegn Conrad (Grace A) watchmkr 
5206)4 Oakley av h575 Ingraham av 

Heeseman Adolph chemist r829 Eaton 
Hefner John D (Martha) mach Hoess 
Bros r RD 2 Orown Point 
Hefron Michl C hl2 Webb (CC) 

Hefter Eliz R (wid Chas) r311 EUzabeth 

Hegarty E»g-V hlpr r573 State 
" Margt (wid Jas E) h373 State 
Heger Arlo D (Cath C) h4633 Hohman 
" Ralph E ship elk r4633 Hohman av 
Hegmon Fred oil wkr r2015 Lincoln av 

Hegwein Chas H (Nellie) formn Pratt 
Food Co r Chicago Ill 
Heibel Frank H (Theresa) carp h637 

" Theresa J sten NIPSCo r637 169th 
Heichel Frank G (Linda A) installer 
IBTCo h6238 Jackson av 
" Gerald F elev opr Lloyd Bldg r6238 
Jackson av 

Heidtman Charlotte (wid Fred) h836 

" Edw J (Amanda) pntr hl024 Bauer 
" Martin C (Jeannette) elk hl008 

" Rose r836 Becker 

Heier Richd (Johanna) metal fnshr h 
13960 Green Bay av (Bur) 

Heigl Adelaide rl4020 Green Bay av 
(Bur) _ 

'■ Freida (wid John) hl4217 Green Bay 
av (Bur) 

" Hazel Mrs treas Burnham Village h 
14214 Burnham av (Bur) 

" Lois I tchr rl4214 Burnham av (Bur) 
" Loretta rl4020 Green Bay av (Bur) 
" Otto O (Hazel; Cape Cod Inn) hl4214 
Burnham av (Bur) 

" Wm J (Eliz) stillmn 'hl4020 Green 
Bay av (Bur) 

Heili Jos J (Agatha) welder hl608 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Heilmann Fredk (Augusta) h519 State 

Heim Anthony (Ethel) mach hd h910 



One of the Finest Fireproof Warehouses in Lake County 

Insurance Protection — Financial and Moral Responsibility — Your Household Effects Are Carefully Handled by 
Experienced Men — We Invite Your Inspection 



» Anthony G (Florence R) mach h636 

Geo bender IW B Conkey Co r6 
Jefferson av 

" Jacob mach h6253 Jefferson av 
' Jacob G Jr lab NIPSCo r6253 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

Virginia M Mrs dietitian P Quentin 
Row r E Chicago Ind 
Heim an John lab h4720 Cedar av 
Heimbach Kathryn M sten Wm C Heim- 
bach r611 Douglas av (OC) 

Wm C entertainment bureau 611 
Douglas av (CC) h do 
' Wm C jr (Ruth E) driver Mrs Rt 
M Vivian r611 Douglas av (CC) 
Heimke Aug A (Pearl) elk Central Ry 
Signal Co r5806 Erie av 
" Pearl (Pearl’s Beauty Shop) 

" Wm F (Terese H) driver City Dept 
of Water Wks h940 Murray 
Hein Alf L oil wkr 1*1548 Myrtle av (PO 

Ernest D (Kathryn) mach hl944 Lin¬ 
coln av (POtWhi) 

" Frank maintenancemn Continental 
Baking Co r Cedar Lake Ind 
" Fred rl413 Lake av (POWhi) 

" Gertrude elk Harry A Stross rl548 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

John N (Olive) mach opr hl548 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Milton T (Gladys) laboratory wkr h 
1413 Lake av (POWhi) 

Willard J (Margt E) elk PO h227 

Heineman Fred stereo Hammond Times 
r8245 Navin dr RD 1 
" Lilyann office wkr Goldblatt Bros r 
E Chicago Ind 

Heinemann Alex (Famie) formn h4815 
Oak av 

Heinrich Wm C ' Min n ie ) wtchmn h6338 
Euclid av 

Wm R (Ellen 1) opr UC&OPCo h4412 
Dearborn av 

Heins Chas J (Pearl) h4308 Grover av 
" John O (Cora) elk 'hl39 Gostlin 
" Louis (Hilda) pipe ftr h4304 Grover 
Heintz Anna (wid Louis) h406 154th pi 

Anthony (Martha) detective sergt 
police Calumet City h417 Pulaski rd 

Eleanor sten r4‘17 Pulaski rd (OC) 

" Frank W (Helen) driver r520 Lincoln 
av (CC) 

” Fredk lab r5051 Hohman av 
" Fredk L rlOl Industrial rd 
” John h42i Pulaski rd (CC) 

" John L (Stella) lab h539 156th (OC) 
" Kath Mrs janitor r4740 Pine av 
" Leo M zonemn NIPSCo r406 154th pi 

" Siegfried L (Dorothy) whsemn Swift 
& Co h2817 Janet pi 
Victor M elk r406 154th pi (CC) 

" Wm (Anna) lab h4418 Dearborn av 
Heiseg John pntr r5051 Hohman av 
Heiser Edgar W (Jewel) elk Nelson’s 
Drug Store hlllO Eaton 
" Frank r230 Condit 
" Geo E (Sarah) fdrWB Conkey Co h 
228 Carroll 
" Henry r230 Condit 
John W r230 Condit 
" Lonias F (Etta) pipe ftr h837 Bauer 
" Rose elk h230 Condit 
Heist John R slsmn Snodgrass Motor 
Sales r550 Highland 

Heisterberg Elmer M (Crown Point 
Transfer Co) r Crown Point Ind 
" Harold driver Crown Point Transfer 
Co 1*1126 Summer 

" Henry (Crown Point Transfer Co) r 
Crown Point Ind 




538-42 STATE 

PHONE 6190 

Hemphill Arch (Maude) wtchmn <h949 

" Chas R (Mildred) h5615 Alice av 
•' Chas R (-Nina B) crane opr C&ERR 
h6341 Euclid av 

" Geo (Nola) oil wkr r6922 Jackson av 
" John A (Mabel) oil wkr h435 169th 
" John L lab r949 Michigan 
" Mark O (Christine) mach hd h914 
State blvd 

" Ralph (Rose) mach Sou Wheel Div r 
949 Michigan 
" Stella M r949 Michigan 
Hemstock Realty Co), h224 Fem- 
wood av, Tel 1542 
" Jane r224 Fernwood av 
Hemstock), Realtors, Brokerage, 
Renting, Commercial Leasing, Prop¬ 
erty Management 208 Russell, Tel 
236 (For further information see 
page 42 Buyers’ Guide) 

Hench Andrew lab r520 Truman blvd 
Henderson Bazaar lab h411 Michigan 
’ " Donald elk Carbide & Carbon Chemi¬ 
cals Corp ( W) r Hammond Ind 
” Earl H (Evelyn) h5951 Wallace rd 
" Enid tchr Harding Sch r Lyndora 

" Eric F (Matilda) body bldr Echterling 
Truck & Body Wks h7630 Jefferson 
" Evelyn waiter Goldblatt Bros rl24 
157th (CC) 

” Harold r453% State 
" Harold J (Marie E) oil wkr r217 

" Jack (Alice) driver r5949 Wallace rd 
1 " Jas mldr rl048 Ridge 
" Jas A (Lucille) oil opr h508 165th 
” Jas K i Eliz E) maintenancemn Ham¬ 
mond Times h6548 Monroe av 
" fittml ’ g (Jennie M) mldr Sou Wheel 
Div hl048 Ridge 
" Thos lab h4719 Henry av 
Hendricks Chas W r403 Waltham 
” Clifford (Hallie) elk h506 Kenwood 
" Glen H (Dorothy) tchx Hammond Hi 
Sch hll35 Eaton 

" Jos H (Edna) formn Pullman-Stand¬ 
ard Car Mfg Co h403 Waltham 
" Mary r403 Waltham 
" Morris W (Cora E) lab h5529 Claude 
Hendricksen Harry I (Inga) car bldr h 
6114 Willard av 

Hendrickson Jacob N (Anna) mgr Pleas¬ 
ant View Dairy Store (W) h2024 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" May Mrs h492'l Pine av 
" Mildred r2024 Stanton av (POWhi) 
Hendrix Chas R (Janet) lab rll60 Sum- 

" Ida M Mrs h734 Thornton apt 4 
" Jack musician r734 Thornton apt 4 
Hendron Cath L tchr h946 Golf Court 

" Clara M r946 Golf Court (CC) 

" Eileen M tchr Wentworth Jr Hi Sch 
(CC) r946 Golf Court (CC) 

Paul (Lucille) steel wkr h6413 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

Heninger Eileen elk Hook Drugs Inc r 
916 165th 

" Myron L (Marie) welder h516 165th 
Henke Robt C meter reader NIPSCo r 
6808 Arkansas av 
" Wm (Ella) h6808 Arkansas av 
Henkel Erich W (Ruth G) mechl eng 
h221 Mason (CC) 

" Wm (Lillian A) city firemn h506 Mul- 

Henneberger Anthony A janitor St 
Margt Hosp r25 Douglas 
Hennebohle John driver rl05 Sibley 
" Vernon A greaser Bohling Auto Sis 
Inc r264 Vine 

" Wm C (Hattie) mach hd h923 Eaton 
" Wm F (Cath) mach hd h827 Drackert 

Hennig Lorraine tchr rl40 Gostlin 
Martha, (wid Ernest) hl34 Gostlin 
" Milford R (Fern) refinery wkr h2041 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Vera compt opr rt40 Gostlin 
Walter fety wkr rl34 Gostlin 
Wilfred A welder rt4 6 GoatHn 
Wilfred R (Alvina L) supt hl40 Gost¬ 

Hennin John r626 Ingraham av (CC) 
Henning Alfred A (Emma) axle turner 
h4730 Johnson av 

" Augusta (wid Herman) r945 119th (P 

■ Geo (Anna) cooper h413 Plummer av 

•' John C (Anna) car distr h821 Sum¬ 

Whs— R (Emily E) janitor Hammond 
Times h52 State apt 10 
Hennings Chas F r234 Condit 
" Cleo A orderly StMargt Hosp r234 

" I Woodrow fdr W B Conkey Co r234 

" t.uUp (wid Chris) h234 Condit 
Hennison Fannie maid r493o Hohman av 
Hennon Wilbur F (Gladys) h6523 Jack- 

HenosVm C fruits 1123 119th (POWhi) 
h do 

Henre Roy C (Halcyon H) asst chf dispr 
NIPSCo h'1321 171st pi 
Henrikson Alice nurse rl919 Superior av 

" Arth L (Nellie) formn hl423 Lake av 

" John E (Mary) hl919 Superior av (P 

" Leslie rl919 Superior av (POWhi) 
Henry Albert L (Effie) press opr hlll6 
119th (POWhi) 

" Audrey ri908 Davis av (POWhi) 
Bessie r Hotel Jerome 
" Curtis A (Ann) eng h3303--W9ttr 
" Dalton E (Avonell) oil wkr hl419 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" David G (Karin) formn h928 May 
'• E Maybelle nurse rl854 Warwick av 

” Edith rl968 Davis av (POWhi) 

Floyd driver Edw C Jepsen r6814 Par¬ 
rish av 

Frank A (Ella) electn hl854 Warwick 
av (POWhi) 

■■ Glenn R (Blanche) elk hi 123 Bene¬ 
dict (POWhi) _ 

" Harold R (Frances L) driver hlQ24 

" John oil wkr hl908 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Jos R (Olive M) oil wkr h6544 Madi¬ 
son av _ 

" Lucille elk A&P Food Stores r Indi¬ 
ana Harbor Ind 

HENRY M ALBERT (Mary L), Probate 
Commissioner Lake County Superior 
Court No 1 and Lawyer Lake Su¬ 
perior Court Bldg, Tel 3440, h244 
Detroit, Tel 3407 
•' Mary E student r244 Detroit 
" Nannie E (wid Wm) h4435 Sheffield 
" Wm G (Laurine M) lab h rear 467 

Hensen LeRoy (Elsie) drftsmn h732 

Hensick Chas-C (Ottilie) blksmith 438 
Plummer h809 State blvd 
Edw lab r809 State blvd 
Hensler Jos J (Sadie E) janitor Ham¬ 
mond Theatrical Co h5815 Alice av 
Hensley Audrey I asst Sami L Stem r 
5618 Schultz av 

" Burton E (Lillian) mach h6834 Kansas 
" Edwin W inspr h754 Indiana 
" Fred F (Belva) mach hd h635 State 
" Geo (Bertha) oil wkr h2039 Sherman 
" John C h5420 Webster av 
" John W oiler r643 Kane 



Building Material, Hardware, Paints, Millwork, Insulation, Brick, Lime, Sewer Pipe 
412 VINE ST. TELS. 6666 and 6667 


" Ray J (Ethel S) lab W J Holliday & 
Co h643 Kane 

Rlchd (Bemadine) h4610 Pine av 

” Russell P (Pearl) driver City Street 
Dept h843 State blvd 

Henson Bustern oiler Calumet Eng Co 

Geo P (Helen) opr eng h4743 Tor¬ 
rence av 

" Jas A (Elinda) lab Calumet Eng Co h 
6145 Marshall av 

Hentges Beni (Bessie M; Ben’s Body & 
Pender Shop) h612 Sibley 

Henthome Kath investigator North 
Township Trustee rl735 Central av 

Hentz Charlotte T Mrs elk E C Minas 
Co r31 Warren 

Hepburn Donald G (Ann) hlpr h306 
Waltham (CC) 

Hepker Danl A (Thelma I) substa opr 
NIPSCo h6928 VanBuren av 

Hepler Angeline waiter John C Karr r 
7 State (CC) 

Hepner Harold J (Caroline E) adjuster 
Lincoln Loan Carp h237 Highland 
apt 313 

" John C (Florence A) efficiency expert 
h304 157th (CC) 

John F (Mary A) loco eng C&ERR 
h229 Conkey 

Margt J compt opr IHBRR h548 

Norton L (Dessa) city firemn h74l 
Truman blvd 

Hepp Albert r6326 Harrison av 

Barbara (wid Louis) r426 Waltham 

Doris Lctr W B Conkey Co r839 Tru- 

Evelyn asst J Wesley Powley r6326 
Harrison av 

F r ank A (Lena) steel wkr h6326 Har¬ 
rison av 

Frank S maintenancemn Goldblatt 
Bros r5508 Walter av 

Jas L trucker W B Conkey Co r839 


Sylvia waiter Lincoln Cafe r839 Tru¬ 

Ursula r5508 Walter av 

Verne L (Sylvia) steel wkr r839 Tru¬ 


Heppeler John F driver h315 154th pi (C 

” Rudolph (Mary) oil wkr h517 173d 

VonBorstel), Standard Oil Products, 
Atlas and Gillette Tires, Lubrication 
Service 520 Conkey av 

Herber Alberta J elk W T Grant Co r 
5520 Walter av 

" Anthony J (Augusta E) mach h5520 
Walter av 

Herbert Hector (Carmela) pumper hl926 
Calumet av (POWhi) 

" Victor L tester r2029 Davis av (PO 

Herbold Emily tchr Irving Sch r6245 
Garfield av 

" Wm H h6245 Garfield av 
Wm O (Bernice) brklyr h72>16 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

Herbst Afton L (Magnolia I; Herbst & 

, Co) h2621 163d pi 

1 " Alvin C (Mabel) steelwkr h941 Mur- 

„ T /ay 

Henry A (Marie C) slsmn John 
Schmueser & Sons hl20 Mason (C 

" (wid Alwin) h&647 Hohman av 
Wm F (Mary) filling sta 6508 Calu¬ 
met av h941 Murray 



PHONE 6900 



o i 


< £ 
UJ 2 
02 & 

O i 

, bfl 

P | 
Z J 


CeS i 


OU 3 

Dm ^ 

fS i 

Supt of Mails Post Office, h6240 
Moraine av, Tel 2873 
Herrell Noah B Rev (Lillian) pastor 
Church of the Nazarene h858 Tru¬ 

Herrick H P prfreader W B Conkey Co 
r Chicago Ill 

Herriman Bernard (Luella) stillmn h 
7333 VanBuren av 

Herring Archie (Effie) swtchmn h709 

" Aug D (Pauline) utilitymn h420 Con- 

" David (Pauline) oil wkr hlll3 Logan 
" Leslie N (Christian) burner r3 Lo¬ 

" Patsy tavern 321 153d pi (CC) h do 
" Sami steel wfcr r518 Lincoln av (OC) 

" Way land F (Helen L) typewriters 60 
Clinton hl02 152d apt 11 (CC) 
Herrington Jennie Mrs waiter Mrs Mary 
C Farrell 

Herrmann Wilbur elk r5417 Price pi 
Hermdobler Louis t Kath -f hl427 Lake av 

Herrold Howard H loco eng r2707 161st 
Herron Alonzo V (Mary C) patrolmn h 
1445 Caroline av (POWhi) 

" Eddie L h6442 Howard av 
" Idah Mrs h4705 Hohman av 
" Kenneth (Rosetta) atndt Arth J 
Quinn h2723 164th pi 
Pres Herschbach Motor Corp, h50 
Wildwood rd, Tel 8006 
F Herschbach Pres, Edw M Schaef¬ 
fer Treas, Authorized Ford, Lincoln 
Zephyr and Mercury Sales and Ser¬ 
vice 5603-09 Hohman av, Tels 650- 
651 (For further information see 
page 6 Buyers’ Guide) 

Herschberger Ora (Bessie) storekpr City 
Dept of Water Wks h547 Highland 
Hershberger Della M maid 6253 Harrison 
Fred (Lorena) stmfbr h74(19 Jefferson 
Hershey Henry oil opr h6144 Garfield av 
" Ina sten Hammond Credit Exchange 
r6144 Garfield av 

Hertel John A (Mary E) slsmn Leo P 
Knoerzer Co r Chicago Ill 
Hertenstein May r450 Truman blvd 
Hertko Julius A servicemn Wayland F 
Herring r32 Douglas 

Hertzing Edgar L (Lillian) maintenance 
mn n6520 Arizona av 
Hertzlieb Louis (Mary) h635 169th 
" Louis jr mill wkr r635 169th 
" Wm J lab r635 169th 
Herz H Seymour mgr Michelson’s Fum 
& Clo Co r Chicago Ill 
Herzfeldt Walter J elk xl027 Eaton 
Herzog John bkbndr Whiting Public 
Library (W) r Hammond Ind 
Heskett kath (wid Wilber) r636 165th 
Hess Adelaide Mrs slswn Meyer Nagde- 
man r6518 Forest av 
•' Albert r6941 Kennedy av 
" Arth A r750 Indiana 
" Arth L (Gertrude; Hess Tire & Re¬ 
pair Shop) h807 Forsythe av apt 8 

" Carroll R lab r6922 Alabama av 
" Clyde G (Apphia L) supvr h6525 
Monroe av 

Edw steel wfcr r5946 Hohman av 
" Edw W (Gladys M; Paramount Jwlrs) 
h6331 Madison av 
" Emily B Mrs r542 Michigan 
" Erwin (Viola) plstr hi 127 Drackert 
" Erwin jr elk rM27 Drackert 
Florence priv sec Guy W Slaughter r 
904 Becker 

" Frank E formn UC&OPCo r728 Michi¬ 


" Hanna (wid Wm A) h728 Michigan 
" Julius (Mathiide) h750 Indiana 
" Lee G (Mary) lab Nickel Plate RR h 
7121 McCook av 

" Lloyd W (Marie) tmkpr h233 169th 
" Loralne sten r825 Becker 
" Lorraine elk W T Grant Co rll27 

" Louis C archt r750 Indiana 
" Lydia h6941 Kennedy av 
" Lydia r439 Mulberry 
" Martha (wid Frank) h439 Mulberry 
" Martin S (Goldie) slsmn h904 Becker 
" Maude (wid Geo F) h82S Becker 
Milford M (Margt) layoutmn r825 

f Nathaniel elk State Street Fruit Mkt 
r515 State 

1" Nelson (Eliz) steel wkr r7023 Colum- 
> bia av 

" Ray L (Bess) burner h6922 Alabama 
" Robt lab h7008 Arkansas av 
" Ruby tchr Irving Sch r Chicago 
" Tire & Repair Shop (Arth Hess) 5419 
Calumet av 

" Walter (Georgia) archt eng h6337 Van 
Buren av 

" Walter B car bldr t 750 Indiana 
Hesse Hildagarde A elk r675 Douglas av 

" John F (Augusta H) mach h675 
Douglas av (CC) 

Hesselbrock Benj J 2d hd fum 105 State 
h do 

" Genevieve rruis tchr 121 State r5543 
Hohman av 

Hessville Baptist Church 6445 Kennedy 
Body & Fender Repair (Thaddeus 
Klamut) 2830 169th 

" Christian Church Rev Burley W Car¬ 
rier pastor 6803 Kennedy av 
" Electrical Appliances (Lewis F Craft) 
6809 Kennedy av 

" Emporium (Mrs Bertha Schmitt) 
notions 7028 Kennedy av 
" Lumber & Supply Co John F Beck¬ 
man pres Fred H Beckman v-pres 
Oscar F Ahlgren sec-treas 6837 
Kennedy av 

" Medical Clinic 6827 Kennedy av 
" Mill Works (Anton Dokulil) 2817 Gib¬ 
son pi 

" Park Black Oak rd sw cor Arizona av 
" Trading Post (Jerome Baim) gros 
6737 Kennedy a 

Hestenes John M Rev (Hattie) supt 
Brooks House of Christian Service 
hl047 Conkey 

" Margt investigator North Township 
Trustee rl047 Conkey 
Hester Chas B (Dorothy) rate elk IHB 
RR h6118 Willard av 
•' Earl H (Hattie) ydmstr Pullman- 
Standard Car Mfg Co h760 Indiana 
" HaUett L (Marguerite) slsmn h2940 

" King D (Cora) dispr C&CDTCo h4429 
Sheffield av 

Hesterman Arth (Frances) bartndr 
Flick’s Tavern h5711 Calumet av 
" Clarence W (Mae) chain mkr hl337 

" Eliz F chf tel opr Hammond Credit 
Exchange r633 Cherry 

" Henry E (Emma) filler Central Ry 
Signal Co h719 Cherry 

" Melvin H (Dorothy) steel wkr r6621 
Monroe av 

" Wm F (Frieda) toolmn h633 Cherry 
Hestermann Albert H oil wkr r954 Mich¬ 

" Carl F (Ann) dairy wfcr hlll5 Wil¬ 
cox av 

" Maria (wid Fred C) h954 Michigan 
Hetfleld Ralph W (Margt) loco firemn 
h532 Locust 


The Mark of Good Prlntln K Since 1877 


Printers, Binders and Booh Manufacturers 


Hettinger Pauline Mrs h4524 Ash av 
Hetzler Harold J chauf Beckman Sup 
Co r6806 Calumet av 

Heumann Eug (Gertrude J) hlpr hl4216 
Green Bay av (Bur) 

Heuser John lab hl36 Gostlin 
' Margt (wid John) rl36 Gostlin 
Hevenor Winfield S v-pres-treas Coml 
Wall Paper Mill Inc r LaGrange Ill 
Hewett Eulah (wid Lawrence) nurse r 
519 Indiana 

Hewit Forrest A (Edna P; Service 
Hardware & Electric Co) h6544 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

Graydon F (Esther M) mgr Service 
Hardware & Electric Co h225 Wild¬ 

Hewitt Ernest A (Mildred) lab h526 

John brklyr r4727 Cedar av 
Thos J (Goldie M) mach h7122 Jack- 
son av 

Wm waiter Dale Langmaid r7122 
Jackson av 

Hewlette Wm (Edith) tmkpr h3339 169th 
Hewson John T (Clara) mach h4834 
Hickory av 

Heyde Martin (Gertrude) electl eng h 
339 157th (CC) 

Heyl Alfred C r6333 Garfield av 
" Kasper C (Olga) ins agt h6333 Gar¬ 
field av 

Lawrence (Genevieve) welder hi635 

" Oscar (Etta) swtchmn h920 Becker 
Heymig Helen elk Elite Bakery r752 
Truman blvd 

" Mary elev opr Goldblatt Bros r752 
Truman blvd 

Mathias (Mary) gra 5311 Calumet av 
h752 Truman blvd 

Hiawatha Gardens (John F Toomey) 
tavern 6450 Kennedy av 
Hibbs Antha (wid Carl) r834 Plummer 
Hickel Kelly elev opr Calumet Bldg r 
5236 Ann av 

Hickey H Eug (Alma) dry clnr Chap¬ 
man Lndry Inc hi 169 Summer 
Jas A r845 150th 

1 John E (Minnie A) elk h4849 Pine av 
Mary (wid Jas) h845 150th 
" Thos mldr r844 May 
" Thos L lab r845 150th 
" Winifred A spreader r845 150th 
Hickman A Lee (Edna L) dentist 5129- 
31 Hohman av R202 h34 Indi-Illi pk 
" A Lee Jr student r34 Indi-Illi pk 
Alf B (Nellie R) pipe ftr h6715 Calu¬ 
met av 

" Louis (Antona) lab h855 State blvd 
" Louis jr r855 State blvd 
" Martha r6413 Euclid av 
Hicko Irene compt opr r2046 Lake av (P 

" Ja^chemical opr r2046 Lake av (PO 

" Steven (Eva) oil wkr h2046 Lake av 

Hickox Laura B (wid S C) elk Beatty 
Mach & Mfg Co r50 Highland 
Hicks Amelia J (wid Henry A) h655 

Chas (Nannie) hlpr h824 State blvd 
Chas (Betty) steel wkr rl023 Cleve¬ 

“ Dorothy r655 State 
" Eliz tel opr r5426 Wood av 
Glenn E (May) stmftr r222 Wildwood 
" do (Emma) ipllys 6927 Kenned V 

" Juanita Mrs asst Dr Francis H Fox 
1)1328 Gordon av (OC) 

Leland A (Juanita) stm ftr hl328 
Gordon av (CC) 

Murle restr 725 State r do 
Raymond E (Goldie) servicemn h222 

Walter (Lacey) lab h!023 Cleveland 

Hidinger Harold H (Anna) loco eng h 
6605 Jackson av 

Hidy Philip (Marion) chemist h227 Car- 
roll apt 15 

HIDY REX L (Mary), Editor Hammond 
Times, h251 Conkey, Tel 4265-M 
Hieber Max R (Rose) tailor Rothschild 
& Hirsch Inc h6632 Madison av 
Hiermeier Virgil H (Helen J) electn h 
6718 California av 
Hiestand Emma E Mrs hl519 174th 
" Horace (Edith) h6S31 Madison av 
" Virgil sta atndt r5638 Claude av 
Higby Margt (wid Bradford) h7435 Jack- 
son av 

Higel Wm bartndr Henry E Noonan r 
Standard and Calumet 
Higgins Earl R (Mabel E) cond h44 Ma¬ 

" Eliz J opr IBTCo r6342 Garfield av 
" Genevieve elk Goldblatt Bros r242 

Gerald elk NIPSCo r6342 Garfield a 
" Geraldine r6342 Garfield av 
" Ralph F (May) plmbr Columbus 
Smith h6342 Garfield av 
" Sami C (Cath) pres Hammond Hotel 
& Improvement Co Inc h6315 Mo¬ 
raine av 

High Geo D (Dorothy A) driver h650 In¬ 
graham av (CC) 

Highland Adeline E billing mach opr 
NIPSCo rll22 State blvd 
(Bomberger, Peters & Morthland), 
h7 Ruth, Tel 2346 
■ Della Mrs hi 126 Indiana 
" Michl H (Anna E) swtchmn hll22 
State blvd 

" Thos A (Rose) carp hi035 Lyons 
” Wm G (Ruby O) dryer h6620 Califor¬ 
nia av 

Highsmith Edgar (Ida) steelwkr hl264 

" John K hl339 Michigan 
Hightower Homer (Lorine) tchr Lafay¬ 
ette Sch h34 Ruth apt 1A 
Hiland M J millmn Standard Lumber & 
Coal Co r Lansing Ill 
Hilbrich Alf J (Clara) elk h7121 Magoun 

" Imclij 1 nr ’^ VtllAI Xfn<> 

larr^ l 

" Helen (wid Wm) r4707 Henry av 
" Howard F (Mildred) pres Hilbrich & 
Connor Co hllll Drackert 
Howard F j r plmbr Hilbrich & Con¬ 
nor Co rllll Drackert 
" Marie (wid Arth F) h854 Sibley 
" Mary (wid John) h748 Michigan 
" Peggy E waiter Woolworth's r51 Webb 
Wm barber Leo Shiprek r4707 Henry 
Hilbrich Pres, Danl Connor Sec- 
Treas, Plumbers and Steamfitters 
5437 Hohman av, Tel 328 
Hilbrick Cath (wid Nicholas) h644 Sib- 

" Walter J (Clara) elk h5553 Claude av 
HUdebran Chas (Dorothy) sta eng h465 

Hildebrand Fred J (Cath; Hildebrand 
Shade & Awning Works) h678 State 
Line av (CC) 

" John spl mech NIPSCo rl714 Cleve¬ 
land av (W) 

" Shade & Awning Works (Fred J Hil¬ 
debrand) 678 State Line av (CC) 

" Wm (Anna) flask ftr hll48 Truman 
Hildebrandt C hon F (Theresa E) formn 
h6736 Lindbergh av 
" Chas K (Martha) bartndr Ernest 
Knabenhanes h526 Green Bay av 

” Edw A (Isabel R) mach Beatty Mach 
& Mfg Co h7442 Jackson av 
" Otto (Esther) h6445% Kennedy av 
" Wm H (Eleanora) supt h64 172d pi 

Swarthout & Craig, Inc. 



1105 119th Street Phone Whiting 1073 


Hildebranski Chas J (Florence) electn 
h4420 Hohman av 
" Felix (Stella) h4713 Torrence av 
" Frank city firemn r4713 Torrence av 
" Lottie r4713 Torrence av 
" RObt C electn r4420 Hohman av 
Hildreth Norton slsmn Singer Sew Mach 
Co r Chicago Ill 

" Otis (Josephine) lab hl023 Field 
Hile Robt P (Viola F) wtchmn hS2 State 
apt 8 

Hilgren C Benj (Ruth) mach Hoess Bros 
h230 Conkey 

Hill A Mae social wkr Brooks House of 
Christian Service rl047 Conkey 
" Albert oilwkr rl338 Indianapolis blvd 

" Alpha (wid John) r617 Triunan blvd 
" Ann Mrs hi942 Warwick av (POWhi) 

- Arth D (Nadine) elk Herschbach Mtr 
Corp r Lansing 
" C Guy r617 Truman blvd 
” Chas metal boy W B Conkey Co r 
Chicago, Ill 

•' Chas O (Beatrice) structural eng h 
504 Waltham 

” Churchill (Nora) lab h512 143d 
" Cleo S (Dorothy) filling sta 1340 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (PORoby) h do 
" Dick (Veronica) h594 State Line av 

" Donald B (Mary C) millwkr h6830 

" Dorothine maid 35 Indi Illi pk 
•' Dorothy opr IBTCo r641 Ingraham av 

" Edgar V (Mildred) asst genl frt agt 
Toledo Peoria & Western RR r Blue 
Island Ill 

" Edw C (Thora) maintenancemn hl039 

•' Esther cash r612, Truman blvd 
" F B r4231 Hohman av 
" Frank E (Nell L) cond h414 Sibley 
blvd (CC) 

" Frank J (Eva) stock elk Abrahamson 
Mtr Sis h5839 Erie av 
" Fred W (Ruth) chauf h823 Mulberry 
" Harvey V (Mary R) city policemn h 
6922 VanBuren av 
" Hattie (wid Robt) rl012 Spruce 
" Henry J compositor Hammond Times 
r East Chicago 
" Herbert rl39 State 
” Herbert porter Club Siesta 
" Irving H (Eliz L) slsmn hl5 169th 
” Jas D (Mildred) steelwkr h2834 165th 
apt 3 

" Jas L (Helen J) h828 Cherry 
” John B fctywkr r4922 Elm av) 

" John H (Amy) auto wkr h2641 164th 

" John M (Ethel) hlpr h6420 Arizona av 
" Jos B (Mabel R) brkmn C&ERy h641 
Ingraham av (CC) 

" Lawrence A (Ruth) asst mstr mech h 
1503 Brown av (POWhi) 

" Leo (Vera) oilwkr h617 Truman blvd 
*' Leona M opr IBTCo r616 Plummer 
" Margt (wid Jas) h5433 California 
•' Marjorie tchr Harding Sch r5927 Co¬ 
lumbia av 

" Orlo G (Gertrude) mech C&CDTCo 
h rear 831 Field 

Phyllis waiter Woolworth’s r2641 
164th pi 

" Ralph (Elnora) h521 Vine 
" Ralph E (Marguerite) slsmn h4619 
Jonnson av 

" Robt E (Mildred R) elk h6346 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

" Robt F formn h6615 Arizona av 
" Robt M steelwkr r6615 Arizona av 
" Russell (Elinor) steelwkr hl724 Sum¬ 

Sami S (Eva) steelwkr h6139 Harrison 
" T R lino opr W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 


" Thos (Margt) gatemn h5240 Sohl av 
apt 228 

■' Thos oilwkr r617 Truman blvd 
" Virgil fctywkr r457 Logan 
" W Clay (Martha) hlpr r2621 Spruce 
" Wm A (Carrie H) elk City Board of 
Park Comnrs h28 Highland 
Hilliker Burton J (Ida M) li223 Oakwood 
Hillyer Lola (wid Albert) r5249 Ann av 
Hilsnikowsky Aug (Josephine) oilwkr h 
2040 Superior av (POWhi) 

" Jas driver Ind Plmbg & Htg Supply 
Co (W) r2040 Superior av (POWhi) 

" Jos (Margt) lab r2040 Superior av 

HILSON JACOB L (L Marie), Pres Hil- 
son Lumber Co Inc, h6549 Hohman 
av, Tel 3938 

Hilson Pres, Anthony D Baker Sec, 
Jack Dietrich Treas, 520-524 Doug¬ 
las, Tels 3650-3651 (For further in¬ 
formation see page 32 Buyers’ Guide) 
Hilt Leonard L (Geraldine) wldr h26 

Hilton Chas M (Isabelle) lab W J Holli¬ 
day & Co h533 Hoffman 
“ Effie V (wid Wm F) h976 Murray 
- Helen Mrs biller IHBRR r4415 North- 
cott av (EC) 

" Ira L (Muriel M) formn h7226 Mon¬ 
roe av 

" J Clifford lab r976 Murray 
" Muriel M Mrs opr WUTelCo h7226 
Monroe av 

Hilty Cath (wid Uriah) h rear 5353 Oak- 

lty Ca 

’’ Karl E (Fay A) chemist h7121 Van 
Buren av 

" Michl lab r6824 Kennedy av 
Hllyard Otis E r935 Drackert 
Hinchman Carl E (Christine) supt h7135 
Hohman av 

Hindie Norman F (Jeanette B) h5 War¬ 
ren (OC) 

Hinds Roy pres opr Home Publishing Co 
r Chicago Heights Ill 
Hindson Cecil elk Goldblatt Bros rl216 

Floyd K (Belle) wtchmn hl216 150th 
Hineline Orville A (Florence J) electn 
h5418 Molsberger pi 
Hines Merton H (Maymie) swtchmn h 
1340 Highland 

Hinkel Chas G (Wonder B) production 
mgr h5959 Park pi 
" Moses A lab hl345 Indiana 
" Wilson C (Margt F) loco eng h7038 
Lyman av 

Hinkle Elma Mrs rlllO Eaton 
Hinkles John (Dorothy) oilwkr r631 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

Hinton Elmer (Vonnie) steelwkr hll02 

" Geo (Zubia) lab h4729 Torrence av 
" Wilson F (Olive) h3939 Sheffield av 
Hintz Frank S steelwkr r6619 Arizona av 

" Philip (Agnes) stmftr h537 154th pi 

Rose (wid John) r33 154th pi (OC) 
Hinz Harold R (Virginia R) lab h4938 
Oak av 

Hiplock Eleanor Mrs beauty Shop 5404 
Hohman av r do 
" Frank (Eleanor) h5404 Hohman av 
Hipp Evelyn r6420 Arizona av 
" Harold mixer-opr r6731 Carolina av 
" Leonard oiler r6853 Colorado av 
" Louis firemn r6420 Arizona 
” Maude (wid Herman) h6853 Colorado 
” Morris (Petie) h6533 Arizona 
" Wm O elk Alf A Labs r5420 Arizona 
Hippie Harold E bus opr C&CDTCo r 
Gary Ind 

Hipsher Gertrude (wid John H) h4727 
Cedar av 

Hirsch Building 5244-46 Hohman av 
" Emanuel O v-pres-treas Hirsch Shirt 
Corp r Chicago Ill 

” Fred (Mildred) mach opr h4611 Pine 
" I e nn e -R (Dora) slsmn Rothschild & 
Hirsch Inc r Chicago Ill 
HIRSCH JOSEPH L (Helen), Pres 
Rothschild & Hirsch Inc, h6238 For¬ 
est av, Tel 1740 
" Laura (wid David) r4I 172d 
Treas Rothschild & Hirsch Inc, h 
6537 Forest av, Tel 566 
" Maurice L pres Hirsch Shirt Corp r 
Chicago Ill 

" Shirt Corp Maurice L Hirsch pres 
Emanuel O Hirsch v-pres-treas 730 

Hirshberg Maurice A Rev (Rosalie) rabbi 
Temple Beth El hi 10 Webb (CC) 
Hirtz Jos (Louise) dept mgr Hammond 
Times hl015 Forest Hills av (CC) 
Hisey Augusta (wid Crandon B) r911 Lo- 

" Wm 

Wm C (Charlotte) carp hll23 Morris 
Hishon Hazel fnshr Clarke’s Camera 

" Margt P bkpr Wm H Hishon r248 
155th (OC) 

" Wm H (Leta) hdw 248 155th (CC) h 

" Wm H jr rl2 Warren (CC) 

Hisle Norman J (Matilda) slsmn h948 

Hite Wm R (Marguerite) lab h6127 Har¬ 
rison av 

Hitt Edgar A (Maude) ironwkr h950 

" Helen C (wid Jos) r7216 VanBuren av 
" Wm .S (Janie T) reprmn h7216 Van 
Buren av 

Hittle Clarence M (Emma) lab hl4108 
Burnham av (Bur) 

" Earl E rl4108 Burnham av (Bur) 

" Lawrence M (Jane) car foldr h3029 
138th pi (Bur) 

Hitzemann Alma M addressograph opr 
NIPSCo r47 Douglas 
" Edwin custodian Edw H Larsen Post 
802 (V of F W) r824 Carroll 
" Fred h824 CarroU 

Hively Chalmer (Christine) h45 Condit 
" E (Alice A) credit mgr h851 116th 

_Roy (Ka 

Torrence av 
Hjertquist Adolph (Mildred) loco fire¬ 
man h 7506 Jackson av 
" Gustave (Fanny) inspr Calumet Steel 
Cstgs Corp r446 State 
Hladeck Andrew (Pauline) crane opr h 
1938 Michigan 

" Jos (Vera) lab hl921 Clay 
Hlatko Emil (Irene) mach h4526 Shef¬ 
field av 

" Jos (Gertrude) lab h740 Indiana 
Hlavach John O (Mary) elk hl210 121st 

Hlebasko Geo (Mary) oilwkr h2037 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

Hlinka Andrew (Woko) shop emp C&C 
DTCo r4315 Wabash av 
” Jos A lab NIPSCo r4315 Wabash av 
" Martin W r4315 Wabash av 
" Mary Mrs cook Geo Levent h4315 
Wabash av 

" Wendell (Mary) wldr h4315 Wabash 
Hmurovich John (Anna) brklyr hi738 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" John F (Theresa) oilwkr hl815 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

" Jos (Susanna) oilwkr h2115 Superior 
av (POWhi) 

" Jos F (Margt) carrier PO hl646 Myr¬ 
tle av (POWhi) 

" Milton porter Winsberg’s (W) rl815 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" Paul (Margt) oilwkr h2124 Lake av 

Hobaugh Jas E (Margt) driver North 
Township Trustee h6750 Idaho av 
Hobbic Chas A (Ruby) water tndr h5847 
Wallace rd 

Hobbs Arth H (Betty M) h515 Ingraham 
av (CC) 

’’ Hazel tipper W B Conkey Co rl009 * 


R Forrest asst mgr Hammond Ins 
Agcy h539 Detroit 

" Rodney C (Dolly S) h539 Detroit 
Hoblitzel Betty J compt opr r837 Bauer 
" Carl H (Florence) sub sta opr NIPS 
Co h837 Bauer 

Hobson Bert (Rose) steelwkr h rear 
1304 Sherman 

Hoch Wm Z (Marie E) mech C&CDTCo 
h7237 Jefferson av 

Hochlek Martin (Josephine) refinery 
Wir h4342 Dearborn av 
" Stanley r4342 Dearborn av 
Hochstetler Clifton R (Minta M) mach 
opr h4731 Ash av 

" Doyle (Jessie) oil wkr h47 Carroll_ 

" Edw P (Nelle M) crane opr r63T7 ‘ 

" Emmett^Trances M) pipeftr h4743 
Hickory av 

" Verlin R ( Helen F ) lab h4754 Oak av 
" Wayne prs opr r4743 Hickory av 
Hodak Anthony lab r2052 Sherman 
" Margt r2052 Sherman 
" Matthew H (Mabel) inspr hll62 May 
" Miller car repr h2052 Sherman 
" Sami rlOl Industrial rd 
Hoddy Benj F oilwkr h4504 Elm av 
Hodel Christian hll4 Lincoln av (CC) 
Hodge Anna M Mrs hl445 175th 
" Madeline Mrs h4219 Dearborn av 
" Manford (Ann) auto repr 1138 Field 
h do 

Hododuski Mary (wid Geo) hll02 Cleve¬ 

Hodonos Eli (Anna) h5442 Columbia av 
" Wm P (Anne; Genl Tire Sales & 
Service) hll64 Indiana 
Hodor Albert G (Marie M) asst supt 
Prud Ins Co r East Chicago 
" Josephine (wid Frank) maid h414 
156th (CC) 

" Walter r414 156th (CC) 

Hodsell Willard E (Norene) electn hl614 
Warwick av (POWhi) 

Hodson David M (Grace E) blrmkr h852 
May apt 2 

Hodurek Jos driver Geo H Mickow r4511 
Calumet av 

Hoduski Alex (Jean) lab hll23 Moss 
" Emily Mrs rl030 Moss 
Hoebeck Olga bkpr Wulf’s Cleaners r220 

HoecKelberg Harry r33 Ogden 

Walter F (Eleanor) steelwkr h33 Og¬ 

Hoeckelmann Barbara F hsekpr 481 Lin¬ 
coln av (OC) r do 

Hoefling Harvey C (Helen M) millwright 
hl516 174th 

Hoeft Peter (Anna) steelwkr hl3930 
Entre av (Bur) 

Hoek Anna (wid Simon) h424 Wilson av 
" Jack tmkpr r543 Gostlin 
Hoeksema Albert driver Mottle’s Valet- 
eria Serv r Box 200 Chicago Hts Ill 
Jacob driver Brumm Distr Co r Lan¬ 
sing Ill 

Hoekstra Conrad T routemn Chapman 
Lndry Inc r Lansing Ill 
Hoelzel Geo A (Frances) elk NIPSCo 
h928 Bauer 

Hoeppner Albert r4421 Ash av 
” Frank J (Anna) inspr h835 Lyons 
’’ Fred C (Clara A) agt Western & Sou 
Life Ins Co h49 Elizabeth 
” Michl h4421 Ash av 
" Walter W (Florence A) hlpr SREMCo 
h6347 Jackson av 

" Wm (Caroline) r7025 Woodlawn av 
Hoesanger Gaston constr wkr rll3 Rim- 

" Irving pipe line wkr rll3 Rimbach 
Hoess Bros (Frank L, Jos S, Wm M 
and John P Hoess) mach 1818 Sum¬ 

" Frank L (Hoess Bros) r Munster Ind 
" John P (Hoess Bros) r5946 Hohman 
"Jos S (Mary A; Hoess Bros) h20 

" Wm M (Hoess Bros) r Munster Ind 
Hoevet Jean bkpr r220 Russell 
Hofbauer Angela A elk IBTCo r6323 
Monroe av 

" Anna Mrs h6323 Monroe av 
" Eug G (Myrtle J) swtchmn h6612 
Madison av 

Hoff Carl B Rev (Minette) pastor South 
Side Christian Ch h902 173d pi 
" Jos (Josephine) h949 State blvd 
•' Jos R (Doris) chauf UC&OPCo h4312 
Hickory av 

" Sami C (Fern L) carp h607 Green 
Bay av «XJ) 

Hoffic John r4746 Ash av 
Hoffman Ann M (wid Edw) rl2 Detroit 

" Anna (wid Lawrence J) mgr Gold- 
blatt Bros r939 Bauer 
" Catli M r548 State Line av (CC) 

" Chauncey V (Aimee L) elk SREMCo 
h233 Humfer 

" Clarence F (Mary) carp hll35 Michi- 

" efarence I (Sadie) carp W B Conkley 
Co h7348 Monroe av 
" Clarence I jr (Betty) carp W B Con- 
key Co h7435 Monroe av 
" Dorothy Mrs br mgr Igloo Ice Cream 
Co h49 Mason 

• Edw T (Curl & Swirl Beauty Shoppe) 

r649 Cherry 

•' Florian D (Mabel M) driver h547 Gor¬ 
don av (CC) 

" Frances M (wid Walter) h4723 Shef¬ 
field av 

" Frank H (Eliz) city firemn hlll2 In¬ 

•• Geo (Lucille) furnace opr h6851 Dela¬ 
ware av 

•' Geo B (Mary L) maintenancemn h 
7415 Jefferson av 

" Georgia M (wid Wm S) h438 Indiana 
" Gust (Nancy) wtchmn h5344 Sohl av 
" Harold lab Lockwood Laboratories r 
438 Indiana 

Harold C elk North Township Trustee 
r6846 Illinois av 

" Harvey A (Irene) driver r3 Warren 

" Helen P bkpr Hammond Exterminat¬ 
ing Co r Gary Ind 

" John C (Lucille) city firemn h513 

" Julius (Dora) h587 Forsythe av (CC) 
" Lauren D (Amanda G) h rear 465 

•' Lawrence J (Mary J) city policemn h 
5 Ruth 

" Lawrence R (Charlotte) chauf Rail¬ 
way Express Agency h5517 Sohl av 
•' Lillian M sten Howard - Realty Co r 
East Chicago 

• Marjorie tchr Maywood Sch r825 



” Mathias (Ottillia) h5948 Hyslop pi 

" Matthias E (Leona L) dispr hl33 
Ruth (CC) 

” Robt steelwkr r5710 Hohman av 

” Sami (Florence) mach Hoess Bros r 
Chicago Ill 

" Walter B (Florence M) elk County 
Treas h6846 Illinois av 
Wm G (Daisy) formn h6239 Van 
Buren av 

" Wm G student r6239 VanBuren av 

•' Wm P (Mary G) carrier PO h608 
Douglas av (CC) 

Hoffmann Mildred elk r7348 Monroe av 

Hoffner Henry A (Josephine) swtchmn 
hl26 Warren (CC) 

Hoffstetter Robt (Ann) fctywkr r468 

Hofman Dorothy E asst buyer r7133 
Magoun av 

” Herman (Sarah) pres Hammond Cash 
Wholesale Grocers Inc h7133 Ma¬ 
goun av 

Hofmann Andrew phys 5231 Hohman av 
R601-02 r Munster Ind 

" Renner R (Nettie; Superior Bakery) 
h7521 Jefferson av 

Hofmiller Jos J (Ema) toolmkr h6632 
Jackson av 

Hofrich Steph (Mary) oilwkr r2435 Birch 
ir (POWhi) 

Hogan Gale B (Helen M) framemn IBT 
Co h854 Wilcox av 

Hoge Edw H (Clara O) formn h208 154th 
Pi (CC) __ 

Hoggatt Rollin H stillmn l*A334Tnghiana 

Hogue Helen E student r242 Oakwood 
" Jesse S (Emma M) supt h242 Oak- 

" Robt A student r242 Oakwood 

Hohalek J-c hn P r4227 Grover av 
" Julia r4227 Grover av 
" Valentine (Mary) mixer h4227 Grover 

E). General Contractor, Designer and 
Builder, Specializing in High Class 
Residence Building, Commercial and 
Industrial Work, Estimates Cheer¬ 
fully Given, 415 Detroit, h do, Tel 
2732 (For further information see 
right side lines and page 19 Buyers’ 

" Otto R (Ann) h6256 Madison av 

Hohenegger Philip (Luzie) refinery wkr 
h4714 Johnson av 

Hohman Appliance Service (Marine T 
Owens) 5422 Hohman av 
" Buffet (Paul Bonechi) tavern 5507 
Hohman av 

" Caroline r54 Ruth apt 304 
" Chas G steelwkr r54 Ruth apt 304 
" Christine J (wid Chas G) h54 Ruth 
apt 304 

" Theatre Jos E Wallerstein mgr 5311 
Hohman av 

Hohney Robt hlpr City Garbage Dept r 
6837 Columbia av 

Hohut Fra nk (Mary) lab h33 154th pi 

•' Steph r33 154th pi (CC) 

h6638 Marshall av 
Hokanson Carl G (Anna) h4420 Elm av 
" Einar fctywkr r4420 Elm av 
" John G ' Ada) carp h6 Webb (CC) 
Hoke Walter A (Theresa) elk PO h226 

Hokinson Chester lab r4420 Torrence av 
Holbrook Gladys waiter E J Grill r5445 
Hohman av 

Holcom Dale cementwkr r715 Truman 

Holda Louis (Mary) dripmn NIPSCo h 
4245 Wabash av 

Holder Raymond W (Nellie M) cond h 
228 Carroll 

Holdorf Henry h4315 State Line av 
Holewa Jos F hlpr SREMCo 
Holik Geo (Julia) oilwkr h974 Reese (PO 

Holland Ernest carrier PO r526S Hoh¬ 
man av 

" Floyd Lfdr WB Conkey Co r Chi¬ 

" Furnace Co Edw J Coughlin mgr 418 

" Ruth Mrs tel opr StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r6311 Jackson av 
" W Frank poultry 530% State r Tefft 

Hollander Geo mgr R & S Shoe Store 
r Chicago 

Holler Henry (Helen) steelwkr h441 

Holley Wm J (Lillian) millwright h6341 
Blaine av 

Holliday Miles (Dorothy) mgr Schiller 
Trucking Co Inc h4904 Ash av 
" W J & Co Chas O Bucksot genl mgr 
steel products end Polk blvd 
Hollihan Leslie G (Pauline M) mach 
erector h4727 Ash av 
Hollingsworth Kenneth G (Bethel) glass 
wkr h662 Sibley 

Hollins Roosevelt lab r819 Ames 
Hollis Gerald (Juanita) fctywkr rl317 

Holloway Harold E (Angie L) tchr Tech- 
Vocational Sch h7205 VanBuren av 
” Helen maid 4926 E3m av 
" Jas A (Hattie) slsmn h519 Truman 

" Jas H (Stella M) carp h6937 Arizona 
" John F prs opr r6937-Arizona av 
" Jones (Fronie) autowkr h538 Plummer 
" Leo A (Goldie) cooker US&OPCo h 
4542 Oak av 

Hollschwandner Michl (Mary A) lab h 
233 Mason (CC) 

Holly Byron F (Edna) maintenancemn 

” Frank 1 bartnd?°wflter G Feldten h 
7037 Kennedy av 

Robertsdale Lumber Co. 


W. S. GRINDLE. Mgr. 

2217 New York Ave.Tel. Whiting 730 


Whiting, Ind. 


•' John h7550 Cline av 
" Otto driv er Indiana Botanic Gardens 
r7047 Arizona av 
Robt r 0701 Ca ro l i na a v 
" Wm (Marjorie; driver h7050 Arizona 

Holm Ivar A (Wilhelmina; Calumet Blue 
Print Co) h616 Gostlin 

Holman Carl G (Marie) oilwkr hl530 
Brown av (POWhi) 

" Prank C (Alta B) filling sta h7136 
Jefferson av 

- Jos (Helen) oilwkr hl714 Lake av (PO 

•’ Karlo (Theresa) fctywkr h2041 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

■' Mary (wid Thos) hl714 Lake av (PO 

" Robt J rlOl Industrial rd 
" Steph (Mary) oilwkr rl714 Lake av 

" Thos M (Lucille) refinery wkr hl648 
Lake av (POWhi) 

Holmes Bertha (wid Walter) hsekpr 
6420 Jackson av 

" Fred L (Ada M) loco eng h4920 Pine 
" Geo W (Marie) elk h6404 Kennedy av 
" Gilbert L r4920 Pine av 
Hobart (Marguerite) oilwkr h6624 Ly¬ 
man av 

" Ivan (Anna) lab r432 Pulaski rd (CC) 
" Lawrence (Margt) lab h6834 Delaware 
" Luverne (Evelyn) lab h814 Hoffman 
" Oliver C sec-treas Hammond Mtge Co 
r Rockwell Ind 

” Sami (Carrie) ydmn Dave Friedman 
& Son h825 Ames 

Holmgren Ernest r830 State blvd 
" E mach Beatty Mach & Mfg 

Co r4419 Cameron av 
" Walter h4419 Cameron av 

Holmstron Dorothy r6628 California av 
" Thelma r6628 California av 
" Thure M (Gerda) asst eng h6628 Cali¬ 
fornia av 

Holobowski Michl F (Stella B) swtchmn 
h670 Freeland av (CC) 

Holohen John J (Anna) h6113 Alex¬ 

Holom John (Emma) steelwkr hl4025 
Green Bay av (Bur) 

" Nicholas (Stella) steelwkr rl4025 
Green Bay av (Bur) 

Holsclaw Earl A (Margt) swtchmn hi 140 
Wilcox av 

" Julius C (Violet) wtchmn City Dept 
of Water Wks h818 Becker 
” L Roy hlpr W B Conkey Co r818 

Holst Carl H (Leona) treater hlpr h7230 
Alexander av 

" Sterling B (Ruth) wldr h905 State 

Holt Arth C (Bessie) car bldr r5244 Ann 
" John (Johanna) stillmn hl720 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

" John jr fctywkr rl720 Stanton av (PO 

" Wilma J bkpr Northern Ind Lbr & 
Coal Co rl720 Stanton av (POWhi) 

Holtz Agnes Mrs h6520 Lyman av 
" Anna (wid Rudolph; Holtz Florist) 
h4203 Sheffield av 

" Clayton elk North Township Trustee 
r Gary Ind 

" Ernestine (wid Ernest) h252 165th av 

HOLTZ FLORIST (Mrs Anna Holtz), 
Flowers. Funeral Designs, Seeds, 
Bulbs and Potted Plants 4205 Shef¬ 
field av, Tel 789 

" Henry A (Minnie) lab h6636 Howard 
" Mary (wid Robt) h7038 Hohman av 
” Paul (Erma) city firemn h7141 Madi¬ 
son av 

Holway Ethel C (wid Chester J>) mus 
tchr 224 Ogden h do 

Holy Cross Cemetery Adam A Bona supt 
Michigan City rd sw cor Burnham 
av (CC) 

" Ghost Russian Orthodox Cemetery ws 
Northcote av 1 n 169th 
" Trinity Hall 1104 Ames 
Holzbach Geo A (Rose C) formn h37 

Holzberg Philip P (Charlotte) v-pres 
Winer Mfg Co r32 Kenwood 
Holzwarth Ernst F elk r909 Michigan 
" Margt F (wid Philip) h909 Michigan 
Homan Arlen elk Igloo Ice Cream Co 
■ Ervin C (Mildred) oilwkr hl344 Stan¬ 
ton av (POWhi) 

" Herman W (Winifred) stmftr h4820 
Elm av 

Walter F (Eileen) lab h4434 Ash av 
Homberg Edgar (Anna) sta eng h4022 
Cameron av 

Homco John (Anna) fndrywkr hl935 
Superior av (POWhite) 

Home Building Loan & Savings Assn R 
B Fletcher liquidating agt 5305 Hoh¬ 
man av R201 

V-Pres-Mgr, Automobile Financing 
820 Calumet Bldg 5231 Hohman av. 
Tel 5550 

HOME LUMBER CO, John F Beckman 
Pres, Louden L Bomberger Sec, 5720 
Columbia av and Summer Blvd, Tels 
4420 and 4421 (For further informa¬ 
tion see back cover'and pages 25 and 
30 Buyers’ Guide) 

tarik), Builders of Homes, FHA 
Loans, Kitchens Remodeled, Roofing, 
Siding and Plumbing 5343 Calumet 
av, Tel 5080 (For further informa¬ 
tion see left side lines and page 18 
Buyers’ Guide) 

” Publishing Co Inc R Leonard Joiner 

g res Earl Connor sec-treas 5719 
alumet av 

ASSOCIATION, See Citizens Federal 
Savings & Loan Assn, 5272 Hohman 
av, Tels 432-433 

Homsck Tony (Anna) r rear 1105 Ken¬ 

Homer Edw (Mildred L) elk Herschbach 
Mtr Corp r Lansing Ill 
" Harry < Emily) wtchmn h4227 Hohman 
" Roy r4227 Hohman av 
Homewood Apartments 3-5 Ruth 
Homner Andrew (Mary) lab h6928 Ala¬ 
bama av 

Homnik Mary cash J C Penney Co r E 

Homrich Raymond J (Violet M) hlpr 
IBTCo h846 Mulberry 
" Susan (wid Sebastian) r835 177th pi 
Walter J (Agnes) slsmn Borden-Wie- 
land Div h5414 Oakley av 
Honea Herman (Anne) lab h5422 Price 

Honel Edw V (Fayette Furniture Shop) 
r Chicago Ill 

Honert Augusta (wid Fred) h441 Plum¬ 
mer av (CC) 

Honn Emory M (Lucy F) h4629 Hickory 
Honolulu Conservatory of Music Chas A 
Robertson instr 5252 Hohman av R4 
Hood Earl fctywkr r738 Gostlin 
" Jack rlOl Industrial rd 
'• Jas rlOl Industrial rd 
" Jas L (Doris; Hood’s Garage) h323 
157th (CC) 

" Oscar L (Lillian) elk h738 Gostlin 
" Richd W elk h5328 Maywood av apt 1 
" Theo K tchr Washington Sch r221 

HOOD’S GARAGE (James L Hood), 
General Repairing. Motor Tune-Up, 
Carburetor and Ignition Service, 
Brakes Relined and Adjusted 6430 
Calumet av, Tel 5353 























First Trust 

Hook Chas H (Maude) eng h852 May 
apt 8 

" Coieman D (Helen B) mach hl033 

'' Drugs Inc Anthony G Maecher mgr 
5145 Hohman av 

" John (Marguerite E) driver hi War¬ 
ren (OC) 

" Russell (Margt) driver h3812 Towle av 
Hooker Blanche E nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r RD 2 Francesvllle Ind 
" John H (Ethel) millwright h817 Beck¬ 

Hookwith John H (Flora) h417 Sibley 
blvd (CC) 

Hooley- Jas C r5741 Erie av 
HOOPER LEON T (Dorothy), Registered 
Patent Attorney, Patent, Trademark 
and Copyright Causes 408 Lloyd 
Bldg 5305 Hohman av, Tel 609, h 
8235 Greenwood av (Munster), Tel 
Munster 292-R 

" Ralph (Evelyn) oilwkr hl749 Davis av 
apt 1 (POWhi) 

Hoopie Elta Mrs slswn Meyer Nagdeman 
r E Chicago 

Hoos Wm A (Betty) h5539 Claude av 
Hoosier Style Shop (Mary Kaufman) 
women’s clo 5260 Hohman av 
Hoot Hugh D (Edith) hllll Summer 
Hoots Lowell E (Ruth) oilwkr h6526 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

Hoover Alma Mrs h2823 Downey pi 
■' Alphonse R (Viola) wtchmn h6243 
Blaine av 

" Calvin S r43 Coolidge av 
Carl (Zana) mach hlpr h.6516 Arkan¬ 
sas av 

HOOVER DONALD D (Pauline), Ac¬ 
count Executive Bozell & Jacobs Inc 
(Chicago)), h8 Beverly Place, RR 
1, Hammond, Tel M212 

” Dortha waiter Phil Smidt & Son r 
RD 1 Gary Ind 
'' Guy R r6142 Noble av 
” Jos (Olive R) steelwkr h6643-Ari0ona 
” Mary (wid Henry) rll42 Truman 
" Ruth maid 245 Dyer blvd 
" Sami r5020 Trankle ct 
" School Schrum rd sw cor Mackinaw 

Hope Floyd L (Dorothy) steelwkr h6122 
Ray av 

Wm M (Wreatha) lab h5508 Beoll av 
Hopek Paul bakerywkr rll03 Ames 
" Peter (Mary) hi 103 Ames 
” Sophie smstrs rll03 Ames 
" Stanley lab rll03 Ames 
Hopkins Beni F (Louise) loco eng r6142 
VanBuren av 

" Blanche Y sten r730 Truman blvd 
" Calloway C (Phyllis) cement fnshr h 
5441 State Line av 
" Freida r6 Williams 
" Geo hl8 Ogden 

" Geo K (I Margt) slsmn Gerald J 
Humpfer h22 Coolidge av 
" Geo S (Loraine) eng NIPSCo h6327 
Calumet av 

" Mary (wid John) r7124 Carolina av 
Robt -B (Mary C) constr eng h730 
Truman blvd 

" Wm H lab r5441 State Line av 
HOPMANANNA B (wid Fred: The Hop- 
man Co), h731 Sibley, Tel 5040 
HOPMAN CO THE (Mrs Anna B Hop- 
man, Wm D Boyer), Cleaners and 
Dyers 731-733 Sibley, Tel 5040 (For 
further information see front cover 
and page 16 Buyers’ Guide) 

" Fred C (Marion) clnr The Hopman Co 
h731 Sibley 

Hopp^Alford (Ethel) firemn h3620 Black 

" Alf G (Annetta) lab h6908 McCook av 
" Aug (Esther) oilwkr h7032 Delaware 
" Chas F supvr NIPSCo h617 Kane 
" Fred A (Anna) lab h7054 McCook av 
" Helmut E (Eliz) crane opr h673 Doug¬ 
las av (CC) 

" Melvin J (Kath) mach opr h6915 Mc¬ 
Cook av 

” Robt elk W B Conkey Co r673 Doug¬ 
las av (CC) 

” Roland driver City Street Dept r6908 
McCook av 
” Ruel r550 Plummer 

Hoppe Amelia r847 I14th apt 2 (POWhi) 
" iaa supvr h847 114th apt 2 (POWhi) 
’’ Julius A (Alma G) filling sta 1842 
Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) hl938 
Wespark av (POWhi) 

Wm (Dorothy) h620 Roosevelt dr (PO 

" Wm (Lucille) supvr hl34 142d 

Hopper Russell C (Mary) elk PO h!127 

Hopple Irene Mrs r6713 McCook av 
" Judson W (Iras) pipeftr h860 Plum¬ 

Horan Harry F elk r259 Oakwood 
" Harry H (Mayme B) slsmn Swift & 
Co h259 Oakwood 

" Ruth M sten Siegrist & Kaufman Inc 
r259 Oakwood 

" Steph S (Wanda) mgr Father & Son 
Shoe Store h533 State 

Hordinski John r567 Price av (CO!) 

Horenburg Archie (Martha) city firemn 


" Anne maid rll09 Merrill 
" Michl rll09 MerriU 
Horlbeck Carl (Grace) refinery wkr h 
914 119th (POWhi) 

" Elmer refinerywkr r914 119th (PO 

" Frank A (Mathilda) fire marshal h 
1427 Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Theo C (Ethel) ydmstr B & O Chi¬ 
cago Terminal iW) h6926 Jackson 
Horn Chas E (Mildred) pipeftr h922 

" Clarence (Bernice M) carrier Calu¬ 
met City PO h312 Warren (CC) 

" Eliz waiter Phil Smidt & Son r6348 
Euclid av 

Grover C (Eliz H) carp h6348 Euclid 
Margt elk IHBRR r6714 Alexander av 
" Margt (wid Herman) waiter rl240- 

" Odessa beauty opr Ella’s Beauty Par¬ 

Hornaday Chas (Eleanor) inspr hl233 

" Walter A phys 5252 Hohman av R3 
r5946 Hofunan av 

Hornak Wm J (Emily) slsmn Woodmar 
Lbr & Sup Co h543 Douglas av (CC) 
Hombaek Bruce (Hattie) carp h448 
155th pi (CC) 

Homberger F Wm (Alta) filling sta 6505 
Calumet av h6430 do 
Home Margt tchr Irving Sch r5955 Hys- 
lop pi 

Homer Anne Mrs nurse aid StMargt Sch 
of Nursing hl4141 Greenbay av 

" Chas A (Ethel) teleg opr hl4112 
Green Bay av (Bur) 

" Clarence E (Eva) lab h7126 Kennedy 
" Geo (Anne) driver hl4141 Green Bay 
av (Bur) 

" Geo W (Eliz) stillmn hl235 Summer 
" Irene V elk NIPSCo r7126 Kennedy av 
" John R crane opr rl235 Summer 
" Roy lab rl235 Summer 
" Theresa (wid John) h5730 Erie av 
" Valeria J (wid Frank) r510 Harrison 
av (CC) 

Homey Claude A (Anna) carp h833 

Homing Earl E (Emogene) oilwkr h rear 
238 Clinton 

" Emogene Mrs waiter Mrs Mary C Far¬ 
rell h rear 238 Clinton 
Homyak Steph ( Helen) oilwkr h2002 
Benjamin pi (POWhi) 

Horowitz Jacob (East Chicago Iron & 
Metal Co) r Chicago Ill 
Horr Paul D (Dorothy) steelwkr r4746 
Hohman av 

’’ Wm C (Edith) steelwkr h703 114th 
(PO Whi) 

Horrell Edith (wid Oscar) r5618 Alice av 
" Ralph oilwkr h5618 Alice av 
Horsch Frank N (Stella) loco eng h238 

" Geo C (Henrietta) eng hll04 Eaton 
" Harold J (Frsuices) slsmn h6403 Jef¬ 
ferson av • 

Horst Edw P r5815 Erie av 




4909 Hohman Ave. c - N - NAU, Pres. Tel*. Hammond 65 and 66 

HORST FRED J (Elda), City Street 
Commissioner 426 Truman blvd, Tel 
573, H1536 Atchison av (POWhiting), 
Tel Whiting 454-W 

• Jas J steelwkr r5815 Erie av 
" Margt C opr IBTCo r645 Wentworth 
av (CC) 

" Peter E (Matilda M) fdr W B Conkey 
Co h645 Wentworth av (CC) 

" Ruth C receptionist Kuhn Smith 
Kuhn & Shulruff r645 Wentworth 
av (OC) 

'• wm J (Cath) lab h5815 Erie av 
Horton Dorothy M bkpr Cousins Inc r8 

•• Frank F (Helen L) lab hl315 Indiana 
" Henry pkr W B Conkey Co r627 State 
" Jesse M Rev (Margt) pastor First 
Baptist Ch h8 Highland 
'■ Rose < wid Minor) r8 Highland 
" Virginia social supvr r8 Highland 
Horvat (Cecelia) h6125 Wallace 


Andrew jr r6125 Wallace rd 
" Chas lab r6125 Wallace rd 
" Edw r6125 Wallace rd 
" Michl (Ann) lab hl546 Summer 
Horvath Alex (Horvath Bros) r4137 
Dearborn av 

" Bros (Frank N and Alex) gro 4137 
Dearborn av 

•' Frank (Margt) oilwkr hl612 Lake av 

" Frank J (Irene D) trackmn h4930 Ash 
"- Frank N (Horvath Bros) h4137 Dear¬ 
born av 

•' Geo (Anna) steelwkr h4938 Chestnut 
" John lab rl040 Field 
" John E r4930 Ash av 
" Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
" Jos lab Calumet Auto Wrecking Co 
" Jos & (Mildred) auto mech hll64 

" Michl lab Beatty Mach & Mfg Co r 
1040 Field 

•' Paul (Theresa) oilwkr hl016 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

" Robt elk Lyndara Garage rll64 Sum- 

" Steve fctywkr h4026 Cameron av 
" Steve J (Olga) slsmn Borden-Wieland 
Div hl028 Mulberry 
" Winifred typist Indiana Botanic Gi 
dens r Highland Ind 
Horvatich Cath rl522 Myrtle av 0 

" Felix (Mary) lab h rear 412 State 

" John A lab rl522 Myrtle av (POWhi) 
" Michl lab hl522 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

” Michl A (Olga) lab rl422 Roberts av 

Horwath Andrew (Cath) lab h4843 Calu¬ 
met av 

" Andrew jr (Jennie) steelwkr r4843 
Calumet av 

" Wm (Mary) soap mkr r4843 Calumet 
Horwich Philip mgr Goldblatt Bros r 
Chicago Ilf 

Hoselton Raymond L (Edith M) oilwkr 
r4435 Henry av 

Hosford Albert J (Rena) oilwkr hllll 
115th (POWhi) 

" Arth mgr Norwald Truck Line Co r 
1111 115th (POWhi) 

" Maxine rllll 115th (POWhi) 

Hosier Chas E (Alice A) lab h6610 Mar¬ 
shall av 

Hoskins Wallis A (Leah O) acct h731 

Hosier Frank K (Maude) chf probation 
officer Lake County Juvenile Court 
h6610 Madison av 

" Richd M (Cleveland & Hosier) r6610 
Madison av 

Hosszu Jos (Theresa) formn h4818 Hick¬ 
ory av 

" Jos jr (Violet) h943 Chicago 

Hostette Earl (Loretta) ydmstr h4 War¬ 
ren (CC) 

Nel N nurse StMargt Sch of Nursing 
r Flossmor Ill 

Hotaling Bernice wrapper W B Conkey 
Co r630 Cherry 
" Paul E steelwkr r630 Cherry 
" Robt E (Bernice) atndt Hawk’s Stan¬ 
dard Service r630 Cherry 
" Winfield S (Emma) atndt Hawk’s 
Standard Service h630 Cherry 
Hotchkiss Andrew L (Eliz) meter reader 
NIPSCo h227 Carroll apt 1 
" Eliz Mrs asst Dr Guy L Solt h227 Car- 
roll apt 1 

" Wm (Zetta) oil opr h6431 VanBuren 
Hotel Jerome Roy J Krotser mgr 22 

" Lincoln (Myron E Diamond, John 
Costello) 515-19 State 
Hotinski Frank (Elsie) lab h4624 Henry 
" Helen inspr r4624 Henry av 
Hotobic John lab Oak Hill Cemetery 
Houbert Andrew (Julia) h4440 Towle av 
Houchens Albert C (Margt K) carp 
contr 4730 Hickory av h do 
" Howard M (Maxine) sheet metal wkr 
r4730 Hickory av 

" Margt S elk r4730 Hickory av 
Houchin Hollis (Lucille) slsmn hl329 
Price av (CC) 

" John S r6711 Marshall av 
" John W (Jennie M) eng h6711 Ms 
shall av 

" Lucille biller Fuller Brush Co rl329 
Price av (CC) 

Houck Eleanor Mrs r214 State (CC) 

" Floyd O (Elsie) gro 5904 Columbia a 
h do 

Houdasheldt Jos D (Bertha) steelwkr h 
7112 McCook av 

Hough Jesse (Viola M). swtxJhmn h54U 

” Milton H (Leora A) claim adj Travel¬ 
ers Ins Co h7215 Madison 
Houghton Marvin W (Margt) lab h718 

Houk Wm H (Maude A) pipeftr h845 

Houldson Essie elk r617 169th 

John R (Mary) oilwkr h617 169th 
Houldsworth Stella (wid Geo) drsmkr 
1011 Myrtle av (POWhi) h do 
" Winifred M elk IBTCo (W) rlOll 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Houpt Benj H (Emma M) h5638 Walter 
" Emma M Mrs gro 633 Carroll h5638 
Walter av 

" Vem (Gertrude) brklyr h7346 Alex¬ 
ander av 

Housbv Dorothy r 1164 Wilcox av 
" Jas E rll64 Wilcox av 
House Jos W drftsmn SREMCo r Chi¬ 

" Murray (Mildred) auto mech hl021 

Mgr, Loans Made to the Man and 
Wife on Their Own Furniture, 
Amounts $30 to $300, 503-508 Hirsch 
Bldg, 5244-46 Hohman av, Tel 5250 
Houser Carl (May B) formn h9 Eliza¬ 
beth (CC) 

" Edw G slsmn Schlatter Motor Sis Inc 
r Harvey Ill 

" Gee—& (Hazel) routemn Chapman 
Lndry Inc h838 Truman 
" Harry C (Madeline) barber h843 In¬ 

" John B (Lorene) fctywkr h5809 Calu¬ 
met av apt 6 

" Lorens E slswn Natalie Shop r5809 
Calumet av apt 6 

•' Nancy A (wid Wm) h819 Truman 
" Willa M slswn r843 Indiana 
Housley Albert (Margt) slsmn h626 118th 






















415 Detroit 






5217-19 HOHMAN AVE. 

TEL. 4000 

When You 
Need a 








Call Us 




Tel. 5080 




" Blanche sten r5955 Hyslop pi 
" Cath (wid Jos) h5955 Hyslop pi 
" Jos W r5955 Hyslop pi 
" Kath sten r5955 Hyslop pi 
'' Martin R (Laura) crane opr hl009 

" Nellie tchr Woodrow Wilson Sch (CC) 
r5955 Hyslop pi 

Houston Bert L (Dolly) car repr h721 
Truman blvd 

" Chas elk NIPSCo r5114 Hohman av 
" Ida M sten r6620 Jefferson av 
" Norman W (Willa F) carp h229 Wil¬ 

" Warren ( Gora» inspr h5736 Calumet 
Housty Steve (Theresa) h4927 Cedar av 
Houtchens Roy rl613 Park View av (PO 

Hover Orlin W carp r6647 VanBuren av 
Hovey Nilo W (Ruth) band Geo Rogers 
Clark Sch hl815 Davis av (POWhi) 
Hoving Cornelia R elk Western & Sou 
Life Ins Co r904 Eaton 
" Richd (Grace) slsmn h904 Eaton 
Howard Alex A (Josephine) lab h608 

" Arth L (Helen) refinery wkr hl542 
Warwick av apt 4 (POWhi) 

" (Lillian happr hrm~Cal*t~ 

" Chas S (Clara) swtchmn h36 w4bb 
" Clarence N (Esther A) pntr h4832 
Linden av 

•' F Kennedy (Margt) hlpr h5943 Hoh¬ 
man av 

" Gilbert S r608 Michigan 
" Harold E (Rachel C) trainmn h7119 
California av 

HOWARD JAMES A (Viola), Librarian 
Hammond Public Library, h8 Mid¬ 
way Court, Tel 185 

" Jos E (Norma L) sta atndt h6806 
Delaware av 

" Lewis W (Ethel B) slsmn Home Own¬ 
ers Guild rll41 150th 
" Luella slswn r36 Webb 
" Menzo (Lucinda) lab NIPSCo hl340 

" Philip (Alma) wtchmn h8 Pulaski rd 

ard), Realtor, General Real Estate 
and Insurance, 59 Muenich ct, Tel 
5544 (For further information see 
page 40 Buyers’ Guide) 

" Sami (Cath) steelwkr h905 State blvd 
" Stanley (Ruth L) h6011 Wallace rd 
HOWARD VANE R (Vivian E) (Howard 
Realty Co), Realtor, h7240 Wicker 
av, Tel 5566 

" Vincent E elk IHBRR rl008 Highland 
" Warren A (Clara R) soap wkr h545 

Wilbur E (Irene) lab h4411 Cedar av 
" Wm H (Thelma) phys 5231 Hohman 
av R405 h29 Kenwood 
■ Wm W (Clara) hlpr h4916 Oak av 
Howarth Albert E (Alice L) slsmn O E 
Bolls & Co h28 Midway ct 
" Lillian cash Hammond Times r Dyer 
" Wm jr (Martha) ptmmkr h903 Sum- 

Howarton Paul W (Ernestine L) chem¬ 
ist h506 Kenwood 

Howat Fred M (Helen) city policemn h 
537 Highland 

Howe Chas F (Martha) h4442 Sheffield 
" Corbitt C (Anna A) opr C&CDTCo h 
4215 Hohman av 

" Irma E (wid Francis) rll Williams 
" Iva office wkr Goldblatt Bros r E 
Chicago Ind 

" Wm C (Cordelia) firemn h6720 Calu¬ 
met av 

" Wm H (Susan R) tchr Hammond Hi 
Sch h6435 Jefferson av 

Howell Carl G (Anna C) mach h4843 
Linden av 

" Danl A (Ida S) electn h846 Summer 
" Ethel (wid Jas) hS957 Park pi 
" Jas C slsmn Standard Equip & Sup 
Corp hl36 l 4 Sibley apt 7 
" Wm carp rl9 Mason 
Howerton Wm C (Kathryn) mgr Stan¬ 
dard Drug Co (W) h6220 Jackson av 
Howisen Louis F (Dorothy) hooker-on 
SREMCo h707 169th 
" Minnie (wid Wm) r541 155th (CC) 

" Wm C (Marie) heat treater h541 
155th (CC) 

Howley Genevieve Mrs h45 Condit 
Howmiller Kenneth elk Kroger’s r Lan¬ 
sing Ill 

Hoy Andrew bartndr Frank C Roth r22 

Hoyda Chas (Marie) oilwkr li2138 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

" Jos J (Rose) wldr h2112 Atchison av 

" Stanley (Wanda) steelwkr h2112 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

Hoyles Harry E (Helen E) inspr hll56 
Wilcox av 

" Reuben S (Claire) steelwkr h6841 
California av 

Hoysoyn Harry lab rl005 Mulberry 
" Nicholas lab rl005 Mulberry 
Peter (Tillie) riveter hl005 Mulberry 
Hoyt Chas A steelwkr r826 Bauer 
" Irene N (wid Walter W) elk h826 

" Margt V sten r826 Bauer 
Richd F (Jeannette F) typewriters 
5319 Hohman av h7009 VanBuren av 
Hrapcak Andrew (Mary) hl350 Lake av 

av (POWhi) 

Hrapchak John (Mary) driver rl329 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

Hrasch Andrew T (Pauline) oilwkr hl7I4 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

Hrdnia Antonia (wid Frank) h4433 Bal¬ 
timore av 

" Wm dispenser r4433 Baltimore av 
Hreha John (Susie) oilwkr h2243 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

Hrivnak Jos lab r736 Indiana 
Hronsky Frank (Marie) oilwkr hl012 
Reese (POWhi) 

" Frank jr oilwkr rl012 Reese (POWhi) 
Hruskovich Florence rl550 Atchison av 

John J (Alice) oilwkr hl812 Davis av 

" Jos S (Anna) hl550 Atchison av (PO 

" Mary rl812 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Paul rl812 Davis av (POWhi) 

Hrycak Anton (Cath) tavern 6651 How¬ 
ard av h do 

" Dorothy r6651 Howard av 
" Julia A r546 155th pi (CC) 

" Stanley (Anna) h546 155th pi (CC) 

" Stella Mrs gro 1212 150th h3645 How¬ 
ard av 

" Theo (Stella) h6645 Howard av 
Hubbard Chas (Pauline) oilwkr hll58 

" Chas W gro 1106 Michigan r!158 do 
" Julia C (wid Fred C) r918 Michigan 
" Mervin J (Ruth) electn h5409 Howard 
" Walter C (Kath) elk Carbide & Car¬ 
bon Chemical Corp (W) hl802 

Brown av (POWhi) 

Huber Chas W (Ruth) mechl eng h5967 
Park pi 

" Clarence J (Ellen) eng hlOll Drackert 
" Clifford bundle tier W B Conkev Co 
rl016 Becker 
" Dorothy r5967 Park pi 
” Edith slsmn rl016 Becker 
" Glenn K janitor NIPSCo rl03 Rim- 


" Henry (Lucy) lab h4604 Oak av 
" Jos mech r515 State 
' Louise E (wid Luther) h824 Truman 
" Marjorie tchr Lafayette Sch r44 War- 

" b/ichl O (Mary) millwright h718 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

" Nema elk r4604 Oak av 
” Paul (Catii) stillmn h4125 Wabash av 
•' Raymond W (Ethel) eng hl016 Beck¬ 

Hubert Adelore bartndr Wm Johnson r 
38 State 

" Lila Mrs nurse aid StMargt Sch of 
Nursing rl 131 Logan 
Hubler Claude P (Marie) mach hd hll23 

" Edith r918 Carroll 
Ida (wid Norman) hll'31 Summer 
" N Harold blrmkr rll31 Summer 
Hubley Ralph I (Gladys) refinery wkr h 
1401 Brown av (POWhi) 

Huck Barbara (wid John) h235 Han¬ 

" Eleanor maid r542 Douglas av (CC.) 

" John proof puller W B Conkey Co r 
224 Warren (CC) 

" John J (Mathilda E) chf elk IHBRR 
h224 Warren (CC) 

" Lillian B sten NIPSCo r224 Warren 

" Lucille E sten r224 Warren (OC) 
Hucko Andrew (Kath) chipper hl50 
Gostlin „ _ 

" John (Margt) foimdry wkr h'150 

Hudak Andrew (Mary) carp h'110 157th 

" Andrew F (Odette R) trucker W B 
Conkey Co h935 Chicago 
" Anna Mrs hl016 Ames 
" Edna rl016 Ames 

" John (Anna) oilwkr h2145 Lake av 

" Julia rl016 Ames _ 

" Michl tester Sou Wheel Div rl016 

" Nicholas steelwkr r2145 Uake av (PO 

" Vincent hlpr Goldblatt (Bros r6017 
Columbia av 

Hudor Walter S lab UC&OPCo r414 
156th (CC) 

Hudson Bert (Dorothy) lab h597 Gordon 

" Betty A r233 Elizabeth (CC) 

" Chas (Irene) fctywkr hl34 142d 
Claude (Nell) cement fnshr h rear 21 
155th pi (OC) 

■’ Clyde H (Bernice) driver h929 May 
" Dallas M (Hattie) pntr hll’12 Sum- 

" Edgar M bill del NIPSCo rlll2 Sum¬ 

" Fletcher M (Mary E) h950 Wilcox av 
" Ida (wid Wm F) h411 Indiana 
" Ira bartndr Mrs Opal Hammill r326 
State (CC) 

" Jas D h4510 Elm av 
" Jas D jr r4510 Elm av 
" Janet elk Wm H Brune rl!23 Sum¬ 

" Morris M (Elsie) vdmn h5526 Claude 
" Raymond V artist Calumet Engraving 
Co r950 Wilcox av 

" Robt F (Genevieve) pntr r5515 How¬ 

" Shelby (Alice) still clnr h27 State 
Hudspeth Harry F (Angela) shearmn r 
547 Wentworth av (CC) 

" Paul E (Ruth E) driver h724 Truman 

Huebers Martin sta mgr WWAE and 
WHIP Broadcasting Stations 
Huebner Anna tipper W B Conkey Co 
r526 Waltham 

" Arnold G lawyer r35 Indi-Illi pk 
HUEBNER CARL A (Lucia), Lawyer 530 
Calumet Bldg 5231 Hohman av, Tel 
28, h35 Indi-Illi Park, Tel 6935 
" Hugo O i Cecelia M) prsmn W B Con¬ 
key Co h48 Locust 

" John O (Edna V) elk h5613 Sohl av 
Huehn Arth A h415 Logan 
" Block 5051-53 Hohman av 
" Building 5258 Hohman av 
•• Ethel L (wid Wm H) h6227 Madison 


" Laurine W beauty opr Pearl’s Beauty 
Shop r6227 Madison av 
" Myrtle M r415 Logan 
Hueste John J (Leone) wtchmn h218 
Mason (CC) 

Hueston Thos J Rev (Marie C) pastor 
Pine Street Presby Church h4836 
Oak av 

Huff Courtney sander r447 Truman blvd 
" Emile atndt Wm Lawson r676 For¬ 
sythe av (CC) 

" Geo W (Bertha) brkmn h628 Truman 

" John (Amelia B) blrmkr h3838 173d 
" Wm A watchmkr 5206% Oakley av 
h809 Forsythe av apt 3 (CC) 

Huffine Karl B (-Math) tchr Hammond 
Hi Sch h7319 VanBuren av 
" Mary E r?319 VanBuren av 
Huffman Elijah R (Wava B) oilwkr h 

Halfred H (Edith) mach h7013 Mc¬ 
Cook av 

" Lawrence L (M Agnes) lawyer 5244- 
46 Hohman av R509-10 h935 177th 
" Luella (wid Albert V) h830 State blvd 
Hufford Albert G (Cath) ironwkr hT138 

Hug Geo H (Evelyn) mgr Goldblatt 
Bros h5209 State Line av 
Huggins Gilbert E (Hazel) coremkr h 
610 Michigan 

Hughes Chas S oilwkr r239 Doty 
" Earl E (Phyllis) elk h826 Merrill 
" Edw (May J) oilwkr h6427 Madison av 
" Eug V (Gertrude) rivet heater h4823 
Cedar av 

" Grace waiter Thos Baine r E Chicago 
" Jas E lino opr Hammond Times r 

" Jas M (Caroline) carp h239 Doty 


” Michl P (Ruth) inspr r670 Douglas av 

" Morris E (Florence C) slsmn h6226 
Moraine av 

" Oscar T (Lottie) pdlr h4908 Walnut 
" Robt (Mabel) brklyr h301 Michigan 
" Willis O stillwkr rl8 Warren 
" Winifred Dkr h5313 Calumet av 
" Winnie Mrs r5313 Calumet av 
Hughey John F (Mary) blr opr h405 

" Ruth M student r405 Kenwood 
Hugo Bertha elk Goldblatt Bros r49B 
Muenich ct 

" Clara r49B Muenich ct 
" Emma r49B Muenich ct 
” Selma L h49B Muenich ct 
" Walter E whol popcorn 5447 Hoh¬ 
man av h do 

Hugoniot Julia (wid Paul) h425 Logan 
Huisenga Geo E (Beulah) crane opr h 
238 Williams 

Huisman Marion (Zella) slsmn r588 
Forsythe av (OC) 

Huitema Rov (Doris M) chf chemist h 
6935 Jackson av 

Huizenera John fctywkr Vanderby Screen 
Co r Munster Ind 

" Richd rural carrier PO r Highland 
Hulbert Henry G lawyer 48 Pulaski rd 
(OC) r Chicago Ill 
Huledt Frank r38 State 
Hulen Gayle (Grace) lab Riverdale Prod 
Co h834 Green Bay av (CC) 

" Grace Mrs nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r Calumet City Ill 
•• Kiah (Pearl) firemn Riverdale Prod 
Co h rear 5443 State Line av 
Hulett Emery C (Marguerite) dentist 
5305 Hohman av R603-4 h49A Mue¬ 
nich ct 

Hull Abr prsmn W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 

" Harold R (Anna D) maintenancemn 
h4637 Cameron av 
•• Helen r5746 Hohman av 
" Jesse W (Nettie) oilwkr h6643 Ark- 
ansas av 

" Malcolm N (Irma) unit opr h951 Sib- 
Hullihan Jas B (Minnie) car bldr h2056 

Hulpa John (Yolanda) pipeftr h2049 
Lincoln av (POWhi) 

Hulsey John B (Georgia B) inspr h4745 
Elm av 

Hulstrand Hall pntr r75<29 VanBuren 
Hultgren Alf J (Blanche) condr hl534 
Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Dorothy M compt opr rl534 Roberts 
av (POWhi) 

Humbert Max S elk Dan’s Grocery & 
Mkt rll34 Michigan 
" Paul C (Vera) personnelmn hll34 

Humbles Ralph H (Myrtle E) substa opr 
NIPSCo h4746 Columbia av 
Humboldt Louisa (wid Aug) h427 Plum¬ 
mer av (CC) 

Humburg Mary tchr Maywood Seh-rWO 

Hummel Earl D (Emily) ins 407 Detroit 
h do 

" Edw G (Jeanne D) h603 Truman blvd 
Hummerich Wm r835 Lyons 
Humpfer Gerald J (Nelda C) real est 
5305 Hohman R503 h237 Oakwood 
" Jos L (Matilda: Jos L Humpfer & Co) 
h6748 Indi-Uli pk 

" Jos L & Co (Jos L Humpfer, Wilbur 
B Fenstermaker) gros and meats 
484 State 

" Matthew (Pauline) h240 Humpfer 
" Robt J driver Jos L Humpfer & Co 
r Oak Glen Ill 

" Wm J chf elk Jos L Humpfer & Co r 
Gary Ind 

" Wm J jr elk Jos L Humpfer & Co r 
Gary Ind 

Humphrey Ethel C Mrs h731 Eaton 
" Geo W (Nellie) plstr h63 Kenwood 
" Jas C student r63 Kenwood 
" Jennings B (Beatrice G) lawyer h228 
Elizabeth (CC) 

HUMPHREY JOHN L (Margt), City 
Plumbing Inspector 107 City Hall, 
Tel 3330, h6228 Garfield av, Tel 

" Percy M (Mabel) swtchmn h325 Webb 

" Richd H r228 Elizabeth (CC) 

" Valier G (Edith) plstr h830 Becker 
" Walter G (Lillian) slsmn NIPSCo h 
6316 Columbia av 

'• Wm E (Lillie) mach h6927 Arazona 
Humphreys Chas (Hermina) slsmn h 
234 Condit 

Hundley Frank M lab hl518 Summer 
" Jack H (Lillian M) mech Harry 
Molenaar h5608 Beall av 
" Juanita M nurse StMargt Sch of Nur¬ 
sing r Noble HI 

Hungara Mike rlOl Industrial rd 
Hunley Chas J auto mech r5051 Hoh¬ 
man av 

" Kenneth M (Lela) steel inspr h6340 
Alabama av 

Hunsley Schuyler L (Velma A) stillmn 
hl404 Lake av (POWhi) 

Hunt Alice M (wid Wilfred) h4845 Pine 
" Amos G (Eva V) paymsfr h'6517 Har¬ 
rison av 

" Amos M (Sarah) formn h918 Drackert 
" Anna M (wid Albert S) r30 Mason 
" Arth B (Myrtle) elk PO h907 Carroll 
" Chas V (Dorothy M) h323 157th (C 


" Earl W (Mary) slsmn Inlander- 
Steindler Paper Co h237 Highland 
apt 215 

" Edw (Anna) lab h4615 Johnson 
" Eleanor elk r907 Carroll 
" Elmer rlOl Industrial rd 
" Elmer r23 State 

" Ethel M super fnshr W B Conkey Co 
r5626 Walter av 

" Eug (Vera) tmkpr h731 Truman blvd 
" Eug W r4615 Johnson av 
” Francis (Luva) pntr r6550 Arkansas 
" Fred (Marie) lab h220 Conkey 
" Gale K rlo08 Hoffman 
" Harrison (Mabelle) eng h914 Cherry 
" Kenneth r220 Conkey 
" Margt B (wid Arth) custodian h5626 
Walter av 

" Mildred elk Harry Scatena r220 Con¬ 


" Opie A (Dale) fctywkr hl620 Park 
View av (POWhi) 

" Ralph B (Dorcas A) carrier PO h7207 
Jackson av 

" Winifred M asst Public Library r4845 
Pine av 

Hunter Alma (wid Grant) nurse 6105 
Hohman av h do 

" Byron C laboratory wkr r321 156th pi 

" Clyde (Helen; Burnham Avenue Gar¬ 
age) h321 156th pi (CC) 

" Dale lab rl328 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Eleanor D (wid Hollis) filling sta 1 
Williams pub sten 5231 Hohman av 
R806 h5 do 

" Frances (wid John) rl961 Hamann 
ct (POWhi) 

" Glenn electn rl328 Davis av (POWhi) 
" Herman sta eng r5051 Hohman av 
" Hilbert A sub carrier PO r645 Cherry 
" John (Muriel) crane opr h rear 1349 
Calumet av (POWhi) 

" Leo M (Lillian) lab h rear 845 Cherry 
" Leonard (Emma) crane opr h645 

HUNTER MICHAEL H (Irene), General 
Insurance 6922 Alabama av, h do, 
Tel 2981 

" Otto oilwkr T1535 Lake av (POWhi) 

" Theo (Ann) fctywkr r4740 Columbia 
" Thos (Henrietta) mach hd h6331 
Blaine av 

" Wm C (Alma) spl policemn hl630 
Indianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Wm H (Audra) unit opr h528 Lewis 
Huntington Harold N carrier PO r217 

" Harry asst Baran & Son (W) r Ham¬ 
mond Ind 

" Harry L (Gladys B) blrmkr h4723 
Sheffield av 

" Jacob R (L Edith) carp h217 Lawn¬ 

Huntley Lynn (Anna) asmblr rl3802 
Chippewa av (Bur) 

" Welcome H (May) ftr NIPSCo h4437 
Torrence av 

Hupke Josephine cash Brahos Coffee 
Shop r E Chicago 

HuppenthaUftnton (Matilda) mail msngr 

" Earl H asst msngr r39 Carroll 
" Lawrence A (Cath) sub carrier PO h 
rear 21 Clinton 

Hurd Chas H Consulting Engineers Carl 
B Carpenter mgr 5518 Calumet av 
Hurdish Richd R steelwkr r4619 Towle 
Hurley Edw E sta mgr NCRR h5517 
Walter av 

" Eleanor elk r 5517 Walter av 
" Eleanor priv sec Marion R Pierce r 
220 Russell 

" Mary (wid Chas R) r 5209 State Line 

Hurowitz Sol (Wonder Clnrs) r Chicago 
Hurst Elmer blrmkr rll59 Michigan 
" Enis (Georgia) lab h rear 26 Douglas 
" Wm L (Corinne) mach hl303 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

Hurt Bmeet-G (Floyd) electn h31 Wal¬ 

" Gwendolyn biller Fuller Brush Co r 
31 Waltham 

Hurtko Julius reprmn r32 Douglas 
Husakoff Geo (Bertha) h2927 138th pi 

Huseman Ira J r216 156th pi (CC) 

" Lucille E maid r216 156th pi (CC) 

" Marie (wid Anton A) h216 156th pi 

Husich Michl J (Ann) steelwkr h535 

Husinez Julius (Theresa) blksmith h 
419 Lewis 

Huspek Louis L (Emma) sta eng hl422 
Lake av (POWhi) 

Huss Annette sten Michelson’s Fum & 
Clo Co r Chicago Ind 
" Armand F (Cyrilla) musician Para¬ 
mount Theatre h259 Conkey 
ssak Jos barber Jack Kuame r35 






Hussey John P (Opal E) bus opr C&CD 
TCo h32J 153th (CC) 

" Laveme Mrs r728 State Line av 
Husted Robt G (Jeannette W) phys 5248 
Hohman av R205 h5946 do 
Huston Chas L (Nova) pntr h38 Clin¬ 

• Donald O mach opr r832 Hoffman 
" Nova elk Goldblatt Bros r38 Clinton 
"Sami S (Jeannette) reprmn IBTCo 
, hill 157th (CC) 

liuta John (Hattie) lab h4203 Johnson 
Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Hutchens Anna Mrs designer Brown 
Floral Co h7207 Hohman av 
"Glen V (Anna) inspr h7207 Hohman 
" Glen V jr r7207 Hohman av 
Hutchings Sidney R (Anna) field officer 
hll21 Eaton 

Hutchins Clarence rl29 State 
" H slsmn Bohling Auto Sis Inc r Grif¬ 
fith Ind 

" Jennie C (wid Herbert) r416 165th 
Hutchinson Alf T (Elsie E) tchr Tech- 
Vocational Sch h7021 Madison av 
" Cora E (wid Jesse L) hl2 Mason 
" Harry (Lulu E> mech Calumet Auto 
Pts h6732 Carolina av 
" Jane r6732 Carolina av 
"John A (Mildred) driver h6007 Wal¬ 
lace rd 

" Mabel waiter Mrs Clara LaMont 
" Perry student r6732 Carolina av 
" RalDh D (Tillie M) inspr h906 174th 
" Robt L (Harriet; Calumet Auto Pts) 
r Munster Ind 

" Tillie M Mrs bkpr Downing & Tur¬ 
ner h906 174th 

Hutchison Donald student r703 Cherry 
" John oilwkr rl926 Davis av (POWhi) 

•• Percy hlpr Perrins Recreation 
Huth Peter h212 Ruth (CC) 

Hutt Irene (wid John) h932 Sibley 
Hutton Bert (Mary) carwasher John 
Schmueser ,8a Sons hl041 Ames 
" Governor (Martha) lab hl043 Ames 
" Rose (wid Jos T) h221 Webb apt 3A 
" Wm C student r25 Wildwood 
" Wm S (Gretchen B) archt 5231 Hoh¬ 
man av R202 h25 Wildwood 
Hutz Alf (Eliz P) ironwkr h6640 Dela¬ 
ware av 

Hvostal John C rlOl Industrial rd 
Hybiak Prank (Marcella) h rear 308 
Pulaski av 

"John J (Anna A; Hybiak & Bolda) 
h650 Price av (CC) 

" Jos G (Sophie) mach opr h580 Price 
av (CC) 

” Richd atndt Hybiak & Bolda 
" Stanley A (Margt E) wool puller h312 
Ruth (CC) „ x 

" & Bolda (John J Hybiak Jos M Bolda) 
filling sta 696 State Line av 
Hyde Edw (Clara) steelwkr h940 Sibley 
" Harlow jr r Hotel Jerome 
" Park Methodist Church Rev Walter T 
Wilson Dastor 6348 Harrison av 
’’ Raymond G fum wkr -r5310 Sohl av 
Hydrox Corp of Indiana Geo J Johnston 
mgr ice cream mfrs 4808 Hohman 
Hyland Edw rl534 Warwick av (POWhi) 
" Thos P (Mabel) stmftr h227 Clinton 
Hylen Harry A (Mabel A) mgr Monroe 
Calculating Mach Co Inc h706 165th 
Hynek John (Angeline) punchmn SRE 
MCo r Chicago 

Hynes Claire elk Board of Education 
(W) rl320 Superior av (POWhi) 

" Donald W ins 1920 Superior av (PO 
Whi) r do 

" Dorothy elk rl920 Superior av (PO 

" Margt Mrs hl920 Superior av (PO 

Hynson Fred R (Mary) service eng h47 

Hyslop Apartments 5345-47 Hyslop pi 

Iattoni Bug (Caroline) policemn Calumet 
City ho37 Gordon (CC) 

Iback Betty emp Natalie Shop r6640 
Hohman av 

" Eleanor R r6640 Hohman av 
" Jos G (Florence D) slsmn r6640 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Iceno Prank (Anna) h2849 Black Oak 
rd x , 

Ickes Della (wid Basil) h46iit Pine av 
Iddings Maurice H (Marie) dentist 408 
State R3 h6107 Hohman av 
Ideal Coal Co (Clyde A Strange) 1117 
State blvd 

" Feed & Supply (Leo P Engel) 726 

" Mattress Shop (Geo Peterson) mat¬ 
tress mfrs 4913 Calumet av 
Idziorek Amelia (wid John) h4309 Shef¬ 
field av 

Igloo Ice Cream Co Geo Malo dist mgr 
5835 Calumet av and 236 165th 
Ignarski Michl (Eva) h4326 Towle av 
Ignas Edw (Margt) driver h4843 Elm av 
Ignatowski Jos (Julia) refinery wkr h 
13936 Entre av (Bur) 

Ignazzitto Andrew r752 State Line av 

" Dominic J (Dorothy) steelwkr h527 
Price av (CC) 

" Paul r752 State Line av (CC) 

" Salvato h752 State Line av (CC) 
Igyarto Robt potwasher StMargt Hasp 
r209 State (CC) 

Ihnat^Geo student rl513 Myrtle av (PO 

" John (Helen) lab hl513 Myrtle av 

Iliff C Warren (Evelyn) hlpr NTPSCo h 
2619 169th 

" Cecil L (Marguerite) crahe opr h5437 
Mjolsberger pi 

" Eliz (wid Franklin) rl412 Sherman 
" Eug B (Georgia) genl mech h7133 
California av 

" Kenneth driver hl412 Sherman 
" Paul C (Pauline) sec-treas Snodgrass 
Motor Sales Inc h6548 Jefferson av 
" Pauline Mrs beauty shop 6548 Jeffer¬ 
son av h do 

" Van E (Anna) dispr IHBRR h2530 

" Wm (Esta) signalmn hS533 Alabama 
Ilijanich Michl (Anna) shearmn h4406 
Pine av 

Illiana Florist & Nursery (Ralph E Por¬ 
ter) 1857 Warwick av (POWhi) 

" Super Service (Harold Bachman) auto 
reprs 2049 Calumet av (POWhi) 
F Wiedemann Local Mgr, Commer¬ 
cial Dept 421 Fayette, Tel 9981 
" Bell Telephone Co dist office 725 Chi¬ 
cago traffic dept 5231 Hohman av 


Imer Forest W prsmn r25 State 
" Henry B (Hazel) mech Calumet Steel 
Cstgs Corp r Box 544 Highland 
" Robt W r245 Lawndale 
" Wm H (L Maude) h245 Lawndale 
" Willis J carrier PO r Lansing 

Imhoff Harry H (Meta S) ptmmkr h 
265 Vine 

Immanuel Evangelical Church Rev Paul 
G 3chaeffer pastor 670 Sibley 

Immig Ernst (Lena) refnshr hll25 177th 

" Fritz (Helen) sheet metal wkr h7508 

Imre Brownie (Ethel) h2041 Lincoln av 

Imrich Geo H (Molly) chemist h2 Ruth 
apt 20 

" Jos F (Alma M) lab h5535 Claude av 
" Molly Mrs sec City Sanitary District 
Comnrs h2 Ruth apt 20 
" Steve T (Pauline) chemist h5633 
Claude av 



114th Street and Lake Ave. Phone*: Whiting 670-671 and Hammond Enterprise 1880 

Headquarters: Lake Shore Housing Guild Whiting, Ind. 

^ -a fc 


S oa 

E § § 

M oo o 

S s 

Q) ~ - 

O « "5 

E >i 
JJ j!§ 







Imrie Eliz (wid John) waiter Cape Cod 
Inn h517 Truman blvd 

” Eug J (Frances M) steel wkr hl308 

'• Fritzie waiter r517 Triiman blvd 

” Kenneth L steel wkr rS17 Truman 

" Wilhelmina waiter Cape Cod Inn 
Inboden Mary Mrs r504 Michigan 
Ince Oran (Viola) lab h4307 Hickory av 
Independent Shade & Awning Co (Leo 
W Benoit) 628 Locust 
Indiana Batanic Gardens Raymond B 
Meyer mgr drug mfrs 626-32 177th 

" Bonded Collectors Frank M Brown 
mgr 408 State R12 

" Harbor Belt Railroad Co Wm P Lamb 
supt genl offices 2721 161st frt sta¬ 
tions 4952 Calumet av 5839 Hump rd 
and 59 Plummer Osborn sta 6625 Os¬ 
born av 

" Hotel Chas West mgr 5114 Hohman 

" Hotel Building 5114 Hohman av 

" Hotel Garage (Jack Parks) 144-50 

" Insurance Co of Indianapolis 5305 
Hohman av R407 

•• Iron & Metal Co (Jack and Morris 
Frost) 36 Plummer 

" State Housing Assn Michl Getz aud¬ 
itor real est 5258 Hohman R102 

Automobile License Bureau Frank J 
O’Rourke mgr 124 Sibley 
Department of Public Welfare (Un¬ 
employment Relief Div) Cath J Sin- 
claue sr visitor 304 City Hall 
Division), Chas E Farmer Dist Mgr, 
Byron Jordan Jr Local Mgr, Men, 
Women, Commercial, Professional, 
TechnicaL Industrial (Skilled and 
Semi-Skilled), Domestic and Per¬ 
sonal Service, No Fee Charged to 
Applicant or Employer, 423)4 Fayette 
Tel 3360 (For further information 
see page 22 Buyers’ Guide) 
Unemployment Compensation Division 
423% Fayette Otto H Johnson dep 
Indiana Tile Works (Henry Engleberth) 
1412 Michigan 

Industrial Sheet Metal Co Wm M Bell 
pres Edw D Bennington sec-treas 
759 Logan 

Infange Dale Mrs beauty shop 438 Con- 
key h do 

•• Effie (Sulphur Vapor Baths & Mas¬ 
sage) r5114 Hohman av R15 

" Herman H barber 476 State r5114 
Hohman av R15 

" Carl G rl35 157th <OC) 

" Edwin (Irene) oilwkr hl251 Stanton 

" Jos J (LaVeme) elk hl35 157th (CC) 
Ingram Carlos (Joan) constr eng r718 

H ar o Id™ Dor othy) driver h4303 State 
Line av 

" Harold (Marjorie) oilwkr h rear 914 

" John A (Ada) steelwkr h6607 Arkan¬ 
sas av 

Ingrum Evelyn L Mrs br mgr South 
Shore Clnrs & Dyers h923 Hoffman 
Harley E (Evelyn L) barber 5C49 Hoh¬ 
man av h923 Hoffman 
Inklev Eliz E Mrs h50 Webb 
" Roy lab r6539 Jacksou ar 
” Stanley (Kath) driver h4212 Wabash 

Mgr, Wholesale Plumbing and Heat¬ 
ing Supplies, Authorized Jobbers for 
Kohler Plumbing and American Ra¬ 
diator Heating Equipment, 5238 Sohl 
av, Tel 2880 (For further informa¬ 
tion see page 35 Buyers’ Guide) 

" Trading Co John F Summers mgr 
whol fruit 11 Industrial rd 
Inlander-Steindler Paper Co Albert 
Steindler pres Leo Altholz sec-treas 
4624 Sheffield av 

Inlow Walter T (Lois D) investigator U 

5 Internal Revenue (Alcohol Tax 
Unit) h5933 Park pi apt 6 

Instone Co The Myron W Bradbyer pres- 
mgr stone dlrs 4543 Torrence av 
International Alliance Theatrical Stage 
Employers & Moving Picture Mach 
Operators Local 133 5141 Hohman 
av R304 

" Association of Boilermakers No 18 J 
E Brill seo 536 Sibley 
" Association of Machinists No 327 A E 
Diggins sec 535 Sibley 
" Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 
Local No 697 Elmer McKay bus mgr 
6445% Kennedy av 

" Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen 

6 Engine Men No 685 Geo T Smith 
sec 536 Sibley 

" Brotherhood of Railway Steamship 
Clerks No 357 R Zimmerman sec 
536 Sibley 

■' Union of Operating Engineers Local 
No 834 6445% Kennedy 
Inwald Jos (Gertrude) cabtmkr h rear 
6238 Monroe av 

Iorio Modesto (Mabel) inspr h6612 Colo¬ 
rado av 

Iovan Geo (Eliz) lab hl020 169th 
Irbv Donald L rl232 Summer 
" Everett W (Amy E) blksmith hl232 

" Jas W (Robbie E) oilwkr h4635 Cam- 

Irene's Beauty Shop (Mrs Irene Hadady) 
5231 Hohman av R330 
Irish David K (Winifred D) treater h 
6942 Alabama av 

" Marie tchr PS r5946 Hohman av 
Iroquois Apartments 15 Waltham 
Irvin see also Ervin Erwin Irving and 

" Eileen asmblr r517 Vine 
" Floyd W (Lettle) oilwkr hl726 Davis 
av (FOWhi) 

" Jennie (wid Cyrus) hll20 Drackert 
" Morton H (Mable H) inspr h4815 
Pine av 

" Robt (Frances) USN r2317 Indiana¬ 
polis blvd (POWhi) 

Irving Park Columbia av 1 s Chicago 
" School 4727 Rine av 
Irwin Chas E (Evelyn M) shear hlpr h 
824 Wilcox av 

" Marion C Mrs rl034 Drackert 
Isaacs Jas R (Lois) still clnr hi 154 

" John E (Mary) lab hlll9 Wilcox av 
" Norman stock elk Quint Bros Inc r 
509 Huehn 

" Philip (Margt) elec opr h509 Huehn 
Isaacson Albert (Pearl) hl27 Elizabeth 

" Pearl Mrs elk IHBRR hl27 Elizabeth 

Isack Alex driver Swift & Co rl7 156th 
pi (CC) 

Isay Hans mgr-Goldblatt Bros rl05 157th 

" Louis (Hattie) cook h52 State apt 19 
Isberg Edwin S (Ernestine) eng hl930 
Davis av (POWhi) 

Ischie Wm V (Dorothy A) oilwkr h7120 
Hohman av 

Isenagle Carl E (Christine) stillmn h 
6124 VanBuren av 



Real Eitate 
410 Fayette St. 
Tel. 52 

J. CLINN ELLYSON. Pre.ident 
R. F. McPHARLIN, Sec’y-Treas. 


5241 H Hohman Ave. 
Tel. 71 

Isham Clyde L slsmn NTPSCo r52 State 
apt 12 

•• Harry J (Hertha) oilwkr h808 For¬ 
sythe av (CC) 

Iski John (Barbara) steelwkr hl341 
Davis av (POWhl) 

- John jr rl341 Davis av (POWhi) 
Xskszycki Frank (Rose) h4916 Chestnut 
Isler Oscar E (Edith) mach Hoess Bros 
r Blue Island 

Istrian Michl rlOl Industrial rd 
Itter Harry A counternui UC&OPCo r 
Blue Island 

Ivak Andrew lab h6727 Olcott av 
Ivan Michl (Anna) oilwkr h2432 White 
Oak av (POWhi) 

" Steven (Theresa) formn City Street 
Dept h6038 Wallace rd 
•' Steven jr (Margt) steelwkr r3038 Wal¬ 
lace rd 

Iversen Ida M tchr Geo Rogers Clark 
Sch h237 Highland av apt 31 
Iveson Kenneth steelwkr rl6 Ogden 
" Mark (May) driver hl6 Ogden 
Ivko John (Cena) h922 Morris 
Ivy Chas M (Helen) oilwkr h833 114th 
apt 2 (POWhi) 

Iwan Ted elk Salvatore Cosentino r Chi¬ 

Iwasuda Paul (Mary) lab h4733 Hohman 
Izydorek Jos (Anna) swtchmn h4334 
Torrence av 

J & M Bakery (Jas Capuzzi) 510 State 
J & R Motor Supply Co Wallace F 
Strain mgr 5428 Hohman av 
Jabczynski Rav T barber 621 Gostlin h 

Jablonowski Constantine (Julia) tavern 
6204 Columbia av h do 
" Julia Mrs restr 1146 Conkey h6204 
Columbia av 

Jablonski Albert driver Fischer Clnrs r 
654 Ingraham av (CC) 

" Beeker r5051 Hohman av 
" Edw r4442 Cameron av 
" Frank (Anna) swtchmn h654 Ingra¬ 
ham av (CC) 

" Steph steelwkr h229 Pulaski rd (CC) 
” Waiter J (Gertrude) tavern 4442 
Cameron av h do 

Jacewicz Jacob (Helen) h4319 Towle av 
" John hlpr W B Conkey Co r4319 
Towle av 

Jachim Cath (wid John) h4321 Balti¬ 
more av 

" Frank J (Stella) blrmkr hl312 Sum¬ 

" John atndt Edw H Meehl r4321 Balti¬ 
more av 

" Stanley driver r4321 Baltimore av 
Jack Doris Mrs matron Hammond Civic 
Center r740 Michigan 
Jack's Caliente Club (Jack Burchet) 
tavern Burnham av nw cor Schrum 
rd (CC) 

Jacko Michl (Eliz) oilwkr h630 Stewart 
ct (POWhi) 

Jackowski Stanley (Stephany) lab hl045 
164th pi 

" Stephany charwn Goldblatt Bros r 
1045 164th pi 
" Steve rl045 164th pi 
Jacks Olga Mrs r823 State (CC) 
Jackson A4£ian~B (Kate) blr opr h6247 
Jackson av 

" Ancel B (Grace) steelwkr h4603 John¬ 
son av 

" Arch P elk Morrison Constr Co r415 

" Azalie Mrs waiter h rear 26 Douglas 
" Bryce E atndt L Bryce Whitaker r 
6247 Jackson av 
" Chas (Cora) r506 Cherry 
" Club 5454 Hohman av 
" Clyde B agt Western &> Sou Life Ins 
Co r4918 Columbia 

" Earl (Sylvia V) crane opr h4917 Pine 
" Ed W (Frances) la' h530 Cherry 


" Eldridge (Bertha) lab hl004 Field 
" Emmett H (Dorothy M) formn h4620 
Oak av 

" Emmett M announcer Hammond Cal¬ 
umet Broadcasting Corp r48 Wal¬ 

Ernest r7636 Jefferson av 
" Eug cranemn Calumet Steel Cstgs 
Corp r Chicago 

" Everett E (Grace A) trucker h4811 
Pine av 

" Frank L (Estelle E) formn h4828 Oak 
" H M lino opr W B Conkey Co r852 

Hammond Lumber Co, h527 Flor¬ 
ence, Tel 2158 

" Harry L (Sadie) stillmn h7636 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

" Harvey (Addie E) carp h4918 Colum¬ 
bia av 

" Harvey jr elk r4918 Columbia av 
" Helen elk Hammond Cash Whol Gro¬ 
cers Inc r235 Webb 
" Henry (Maude) lab h20 Plummer 
" Herman E (Eliz) millwright h7424 
Madison av 

" Irma B (wid Grove) r516 Wentworth 
av (CC) 

" John C h 124 Mi Sibley apt 22 
" John C (Gussie) sta eng h5974 Park 

" Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
” Jos washer Bohling Auto Sis Inc r 
rear 22 Plummer 

" Kenneth (Geraldine) steelwkr h6109 
Columbia av 

" Lawrence G (Esther) oilwkr h5828 
Erie av 

" Lloyd r4435 Hohman av 
" Lucille G r4835 Oak av 
" Lyle A (Mary L) signalmn h717 

" Maurice (Freda) steelwkr r3251 Shef¬ 
field av 

" Mildred sten IHBRR r5974 Park pi 
" Othel K (Carrie M) driver John F 
Wilhelm & Son h315 Chicago 
" Othel K jr (Harriet) mach h4746 
Hickory av 

" Otto J mldr hi422 Summer 
" Ralph steelwkr r7636 Jefferson av 
" Robt A (Agnes J) inspr h4835 Oak 
” Roy r5828 Erie av 

" Sami A (Cath C) oilwkr rl6 Carroll 
" Vermont F (Isabel) lab h238 Clinton 
1 Walter inspr r588 Forsythe av (CC) 

" Walter C (Frances C) lab h550 Doug- 

Jacoo^AfSert Tr813 State 
Jacobs Adolph uphol Obresk Upholster¬ 
ers r Roseland Ill 
" Alfonso r411 Michigan 
" Arth G (Esther) mach hl846 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

" Claude R mgr Wm H McPherson r 
1161 Summer 

" Clifford H (Margt) hl244 Sherman 
" Duke M (Florence) elk h821 Mulberry 
" Edgar J (Belle) blr opr hll61 Sum¬ 

" Eldon P (Ruth) compositor W B Con¬ 
key Co h rear 1122 Becker 
" Elmer slsmn Singer Sew Mach Co r 

" Flora Mrs h27 State 
" Florence I opr IBTCo r821 Mulberry 
" Frank r4535 Oak av 
" Frank (Helen) lab hl254 Sherman 
" Harry r4535 Oak av 
" Homer elk A&P Food Stores rl-161 

" Jacob (Helen; Paramount Cafe) h788 
Forsythe av (CC) 

" John J (Margt G) slsmn h6345 Cal¬ 
umet av 

" Jos C (Eliz) lab h6116 Kennedy av 











. co 











" Jos S (Tenie) electn h5543 Alice av 
•' Kenneth E (Lotchen) tavern 45 155th 
pi (CC) h do 

" Louis elk Igloo Ice Cream Co rl254 

" Martha rl05 157th (CC) 

'• Nellie (wid Fred) h613 State 
" Raleigh steelwkr rll61 Summer 
" Ralph elk hl7% Detroit 
" Victor elk NIPSCo r Hotel Jerome 
" Walter wtchmn r30 Douglas 
Jacobson Carl student r6019 Wallace rd 
" D B h52 State apt 17 
" Darlene Mrs r206 Hanover 
" Edith (wid Jacob) h4612 Hohman av 
" Emfrid R pres Straube Piano & Mu¬ 
sic Co Inc r Chicago 
" Eug N (Loris J) steelwkr h6458 Cres¬ 
cent pi 

" Gustav H (Nellie K) slsmn h6019 
Wallace rd 

" Harry L (Ann B) cloth ctr h4612 
Hohman av 

" Helena M compt opr NIPSCo r24 

" Hilda (wid Carl) r908 Michigan 
" Jas F (Hilda M) sec-treas Straube 
Piano & Music Co Inc h24 Ruth 
" Minnie S Mrs elk E C Minas Co r52 
State apt 17 

" Nels R lawyer 5141 Hohman av R110 
r533 Gosthn 

' R H pass agt Nickel Plate Road r 
Chicago Ill 

" Richd L stillmn h908 Michigan 
" Root H lab NIPSCo r637 Hoffman 
" Vernon H (Violet) formn h6017 Wal¬ 
lace rd 

" Wm formn North State Pub Co r 

“ Wm (May) tchr Edison Sch h4724 
Torrence av 

Jacobstein Harry real est r849 May 
" Simon N (Rose) h849 May 
Jacomb Wm G (Eva) steelwkr hlll8 

Jacqueline’s Hats Ella Erman mgr mlnrs 
5132 Hohman av 

Jacques Armand J (Nora) laboratory 
wkr h241 Webb .(CC) 

” Bruce elk J J Ruff Hardware Inc r 
241 Webb (CC) 

" Josephine r241 Webb (CC) 

Jadeyak Jos (Pearl) maph h213 153d 

Jaeger Albert (Irene) elk Nick & Son 
Food Shop h590 State Line av (CC) 
" Edmund M (Mona F) elk h?142 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

" Edw W (Marie) slsmn Swift & Co h3 
Midway ct 

" Fredk W slsmn J & R Motor Supply 
Co r4708 Torrence av 
" Jos F (Cecelia) mach opr h4833 Elm 
" Louis B elk r5969 Hyslop Dl 
” Louis J (Margt L) formn h5969 Hyslop 

" Wm E (Grace) mach opr h223 Clinton 
Jaffer Kamil (Kath) hl842 Michigan 
Jagodzinski Annette cook r316 155th (C 

" Casimir bndrywkr r316 155th (CC) 

" Martin (Agnes) h316 155th (CC) 

" Stanley W (Anne) pntr h514 154th 
pi (CC) 

" Theresa maid StMargt Hasp r316 
155th (CC) 

Jahnke Frank W (Nellie) mach C&ERR 
h4711 Henry 

" Otto r4307 Baltimore av 
Jakov Matthew (Josephine) lab hl435 
Roberts av (POWhi) 

Jaksak Geo (Mary) lab h5432 Alabama 
Jakubas Walter (Frances) tinner h646 

646 Ingraham av (CC) 

Jakubczyk Michl (Agnes) h4410 John¬ 
son av 

" Stanley (Irene) r4410 Johnson av 
Jakubielski Adolph fctywkr r2012 Wes- 

S ark av apt 5 (POWhi) 
ce r2017 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Anna kitchenwkr Phil Smidt & Son 
r2012 Wespark av apt 5 (POWhi) 

" John (Antoinette) fctywkr h2012 Wes¬ 
park av apt 5 (POWhi) 


" John jr n2012 Wespark av apt 5 (PO 

" Jos oilwkr r2017 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

" Josephine fctywkr r2017 Lincoln av 

" Vincent (Antoinette) formn h2017 
Lincoln av (POWhi) 

Jakubowski Jessie M slswn r738 State 
Line av (CC) 

" Thos J (Cath) carp h738 State Line 
av (CC) 

Jallo Frances (wid Stanley) h4303 Hick¬ 
ory av 

" Jos steelwkr r4303 Hickory av 
" Louis r4533 Hickory av 
" Stanley (Rose) lab h4533 Hickory av 
" Walter r4303 Hickory av 
Jalokla John (Lottie M) janitor StMargt 
Hosp hl26 155th (CC) 

Jalovecky Ann Mrs sten Moser Hdw Co 
(W) r2008 Superior (POWhi) 

" Jos (Ann) bus mgr Moser Hdw Co 
(W) r2008 Superior (POWhi) 

" lab hl821 Stanton av (POWhi) 
" Michl h2008 Superior av (POWhi) 

" Steph (Irene) mach h2020 Superior 
av (POWhi) 

James Barbara mus tchr 663 119th (PO 
Whi) r do 

" Beni E (Matilda) swtchmn h835 177th 

" Betty M slswn r584 Douglas av (C 

" Danl P (Margt) swtchmn h817 State 

" David R chemist r817 State blvd 
" Eug (Marion) h4931 Oak av 
" Geo H (Dorothy) stmftr h943 Logan 
" Geo W (Beulah M) lab hl327 Tru¬ 

" Harold E (Grace) metal wkr hl3907 
Entre av (Bur) 

" John J (Eliz A) carp h584 Douglas 
av (CC) 

" Jos W (Bessie) lab h663 119th (PO 

" Olin E (Eleanor L) loader h4824 Hick¬ 
ory av 

" Thos (Caroline S) atndt Appleman 
& Taub r523 State (CO 
" Thos (Marie) hlpr h6603 Arkansas av 
Jameson Harry D (Minnie) h4304 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Jamieson Peter butter and eggs 5457 
State Line av r E Chicago 
" Robt H (Verna M) maintenancemn 
IBTCo h666 Freeland av (CC) 
Jamriska Anna sten r4718 Pine av 
" John (Anna; Jamriska Poultry Co) h 
4718 Pine av 

" John jr elk Jamriska Poultry Co r4718 
Pine av 

" Poultry Co (John Jamriska) 512 Sib¬ 

Jamrose John (Genevieve) h517 Gostlin 
" Stanley (Mary) dryermn h4722 John¬ 
son av 

Jamrosz Jos oilwkr r2421 New York av 

" Jos (Mary) oilwkr rl316 121st (PO 

" Mary (wid Martin) h24i21 New York 
av (POWhi) 

" Walter r2421 New York av (POWhi) 
Janaji Stanley (Irene) h304 155th (C 

Janas John F (Dolores D) lab h646 Sib- 

” Michl 

_ (Virginia) oilwkr hl304 121st 


Jancek John (Kath) h2130 Lincoln av 

Janci Martin rlOl Industrial rd 
Jancik Michl (Bernice) carrier h4244 
Johnson av 

Janco Elias (Cecelia) slsmn hl749 Davis 
av apt 6 (POWhi) 

Jancouski Mary (wid Walter) h4822 
Magnolia av 

" Valjimar r4822 Magnolia av 
Jandne Steve (Tilla) oilwkr h'1128 Moss 
Janeczko Adam (Kath) tavern 4503 
Hickory av h do 

" Alphonse student r4503 Hickory av 

" Wm A hlpr SREMCo r4503 Hickory 
Janery Lester C (Eleanore M) mldr h 
520 Harrison av (CC) 



Checker Taxicabs 

15c MILE 15c 




Janes Arza P Rev (Flora M) h7421 Van 
Buren av 

■ Cecil E (Florine F) water tndr h5430 
Tell av 

»Ida r7421 VanBuren av 

janiak Irene M slswn Woolworth’s r216 
156th (CC) 

■' Jos (Rose) hlpr SREMJCo h216 156th 

Marion C opr IBTCo r342 155th (CC) 

" Walter (Cath) millwright h342 155th 

Janicizek Peter h Superior av cor 157th 

Janicki Anna Mrs tipper W B Conkey 
Co r E Chicago 

•' Esther elk Goldblatt Bros r E Chicago 

Janiga Bernard r4X46 Baltimore av 
BSw- r4J46 Baltimore av 
•• Elsie r4246 Baltimore av 
" John (Rosalie) h4243 Baltimore av 

Janija John J (Martha) h42 155th pi 

Janik Albert refinery wkr r4222 Grover 
•• Anthony (Agnes K) lab hll3 155th 
pi (CC) 

" Antoinette (wid Adam) h4222 Grover 
” Elsie r2041 Superior av (POWhi) 

Jos J (Sally F) driver Leo Tomczak 
h323 156th (CC) 

" Josephine r4222 Grover av 
" Louis (Mary) h2312 White Oak av 

" Marie T chocolate dipper r430 156th 

" Paul P (Mary) lab h2041 Superior av 

Sally F Mrs sten Wilson Crites & 
Wilson h323 156th (CC) 

” Stanley (Sophie) tilemkr h430 156th 

Janis Dolly maid Hotel Lincoln r4926 
Ash av 

Geo (Anna) firemn r4404 Torrence av 
" John (Dollie H) pntr h4926 Ash av 

Janisco Therese slswn Meyer Nagdeman 
r5634 Hohman av 

Janizar Andrew rlOl Industrial rd 

Janka Chas L (Margt M) formn h948 

Jankoski John J (Emma) lab h4705 Tor¬ 
rence av 

Jankowski Edw C meter rdr NXPSCo r 

" Irene elk r4520 Henry av 
Jacob rlOl Industrial rd 
" Jeanette fctywkr r4520 Henry av 
John (Anna) lab h2121 Superior av 

John L jr (Tlllie) welder h2113 Davis 

"Leo (Rose) formn h4418 Torrence 
" Mary Mrs lndrywkr h3001 138th pi 

" Michl (Kazimiera) h4520 Henry av 

Janos Ludwig (Kath) welder hll05 Tru¬ 

" Marie elk J J Newberry Co (W) r 
1744 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Michl (Mary) hl744 Davis av (PO 

Janota Jos (Anna) oilwkr rl520 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

Josephine elk rl520 Myrtle av (PO 

Rudolph (Eliz) gro 1520 Myrtle av 
(POWhi) h do 

Rudolf jr student rl520 Myrtle av 

Janovik Rlchd r235 Pulaski rd (CC) 

Janovsky Sami (Guarantee Supply Co) 
r Gary 

^anowicz Harry (Kathryn) millwkr h 
1116 Mulberry 

Janowski Edw M dipper r539 Freeland 
av (CC) 


" Helen I sten Barelli Appliance Co r 
539 Freeland av (CC) 

" Ignatz J (Marion) mach h539 Free¬ 
land av (CC) 

Jansen Barbara hsekpr 5304 Hohman av 
" Cecil mgr Jansen s Mich Fruit Mkt 
r Highland 

" Francis J Rt Rev pastor StJoseph’s 
RC Ch h5304 Hohman av 
" Harry r952 Plummer 
" Louise forwn W B Conkey Co r Gary 
” Percy M (Jansen’s Michigan Fruit 
Market) r Highland 
" Wm B (Martha) bus opr C&CDTOo 
r RD 2 Gary 

Jansen’s Michigan Fruit Market (Percy 
M Jansen) 1715 Indianapolis blvd 

Jansky Geo E ?Ann) pipeftr r4822 Oak 
" John (Anna) oilwkr h2132 Wespark 
av (POWhi) 

" John G (Antoinette) oilwkr h2713 
New York av (POWhi) 

Steph (Susie) oilwkr hl320 121st (PO 

" Steven r2132 Wespark av (POWhi) 
Jantzen Abr (Emma M) janitor Pros¬ 
perity Clnrs & Dyers h4750 Cedar av 
Ernest (Helen A G) mach h4607 Oak 
" Helen bndrywkr North State Pub Co 
r4750 Cedar av 
" Kath pkr r4750 Cedar av 
Janus Jos A (Josephine) steelwkr hlll4 

" Michl A (Lottie) chemist h'S59 Price 
av (CC) 

" Nellie (wid Anton) rlll4 Merrill 
Janusonis Jos (Mary) lab C&ERR h 
7516 Madison av 

Janusz Julius S steelwkr rl4006 Green 
Bay av (Bur) 

" Victoria F (wid Andrew) h14006 Green 
Bay av (Bur) 

Janz Wm F (Frances) elec eng NIPSCo 
h233 Carroll 

Jaques Archie 3 (Hetty) hlpr hl045 

" Edson L (Anna) gauger h6643 Jack- 
son av 

" Edson R auto mech Fred W Lute r 
6643 Jackson av 

" Eug usher Paramount Theatre r6643 
Jackson av 

Jaranowski Anthony (Monica) asmblr r 
211 153d (CC) 

Building 230-32 Pulaski rd (CC) 

’’ Chas J (Pauline C) driver State Line 
Coal & Material Co h429 155th (CC) 
Frank J mgr State Line Coal &, Ma¬ 
terial Co r211 153d (CC) 

" Jerome (Frances) slsmn h244 Pulaski 
rd (CC) 

" John W (Salomena) v-pres-treas 
Burnham Refg Co h642 Wentworth 
av (CC) 

" Jos (Agnes) lab h648 Gordon (CC) 
" Josephine (wid Valentine) pres State 
Line Coal & Material Co h211 153d 

" Michl (Frances) lab h335 155th (CC) 
" Salomena Mrs sec-treas State Line 
Coal & Material Co h642 Wentworth 
av (CC) 

Jarchow Benj (Mary) wtchmn h506 In¬ 
graham av (CC) 

" Eleanor sten Michelson’s Fum & 
Clo Co r506 Ingraham av (CC) 

" Fred E driver Sprout & Davis Inc 
r515 State 

" Helen J slswn Barnett’s Millinery Inc 
r506 Ingraham av (CC) 

” Willis (Esther) lab h6706 Alabama av 
Jarczyk Anthony (Josephine) h4235 
Hohman av 

Jarek Casimir (Anna) janitor h4434 
Cameron av 








The Mark of Good Prlr 


Printers, Binders and Book Manufacturers 


" Evelyn maid StMargt Hosp r409 Pu¬ 
laski rd (CC) . 

" Hettie (wld Jos) r409 Pulaski rd (C 

" Julia fctywkr r4434 Cameron av 

Jarett Glen R (Ethel M) mach h4719 
Johnson av 

Jarmakowicz Alex (Lottie) mldr hl234 

Jamagin Frank (Dorothy) wire drawer 
h6122 Alexander av 

Jarnecke Aug E (Mary) h6732 Indi-IUi 

” Grover W (Hath) pumper hS319 Van 
Buren av 

" Robt H student r6319 VanBuren av 

" Walter H (Lulu) carrier hl015 Bauer 

" Wm H slsmn John Schmueser & Sons 
r6732 Indi-IUi pk 

Jarosz Michl (Bernice) city firemn h 
4414 Hohman av 

" Stanley (Anna) shear opr SREMCo 
h4410 Wabash av 

Jarrard Geo F (Mary E) asst opr NIPS 
Co h'5657 Sohl av 

Jarski Florence r347 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Jessie candy wkr r347 Pulaski rd (C 

" Peter (Mary) lab h347 Puliska rd (C 

Jarvis Almira (wid Fred D) hsekpr 848 

” Arth^(Emma) inspr C&ERy h622 

•' Bernice^A (wid Steph) h5434 Hoh¬ 
man av 

” Carl r637 Gostlin 

" Frank rlOl Industrial rd 

" Harry C driver Brumm Distr Co r4li 

__ Jtrry c 

" Howard L (Evelyn) cond h411 165th 
Jarzembowski Aloysius welder r42 155th 

" Ben/driver Schappi Bus Line Inc 
" Frank cement wkr r42' 155th pi (CC) 
Jarzombek Edmund (Angeline) elk TJC 
&OPC0 h30 155th (CC) 

Jarzonbek John (Helen) lab h49o Hirsh 
av (CC) . 

Jasiewicz Koetanty (Palina) hl304 Field 
Jasln Agnes inspr W B Conkey Co r954 
State blvd 

" Frank lab r954 State blvd 
" Jos (May) driver City Garbage Dept 
h4335 Ash av 

■ Jo s -d- iM ae gC h954 State blvd 
Jasinski Alex lab rl335 Field 
" Anthony confr 1106 Conkey h do 
" Chester (Helen) lab rl335 Field 
" Lottie (wid Peter) hl021 Conkey 
" Michl mldr rl06 154th pi (CC) 

" Pauline (wid Frank) rl335 Field av 
” Stanley (Anna; Standard Cement 
Block Works) tavern 6304 Columbia 
av hl335 Field 

" Walter (Josephine) hl042 Moss 
Jasionek Alexandria Mrs elk r7052 Hoh¬ 
man av 

" John r740 Gostlin „ 

" John S (Sophie; Hammond Floral Co) 
h7044 Hohman av 

" Leo (Alexandria) mgr Hammond Flor¬ 
al Co h7052 Hohman av 
•• Louis lab Calumet Auto Wrecking Co 
r740 Gostlin 

•' Stella (wid Frank) h740 Gostlin 
Jaskulsk Stanley (Sophia) lab hl031 

Jaskulski Geo (Anna) hlpr SREMCo r 

E Chicago __ 

■■ Mary (wid Valentine) h4630 Cameron 
Jasnowski John (Anna) funeral dir 4404 
Cameron av h do 
" Marguerite r4404 Cameron av 
Jasper David H (LuciUe) pitter Sou 
Wheel Div hl023 Field 

Jasperson Chas E (Kath A) lab h537 

Jastrao John (Joan) lab h4104 Wabash 
Jastrzab John (Mary) h4324 Clark av 
" Stanley fctywkr r4324 Clark av 
Jaszczak Henry stock checker r243 155th 
pi (CC) 

" Mary (wid Walter) h415 155th pi (C 

” Stanley (Julia) welder h243 155th pi 

Jaunta Nettie (wid Jas) h715 Truman 

Javorcik Jos (Anna) lab h6153 Columbia 
Javorka Edw (Anna) h2141 Atchison av 

" John (Helen) h963 Reese (POWhi) 
Jaworski Andrew mgr Swarthout & 
Craig Inc r Whiting 
" Casimer (Angeline) welder h433 Pul¬ 
aski rd (CC) 

" Henry (Sophie) ydmn h91 6 Conkey 
" Irene wrapper r*C52Field 
" Josephine (wid Geo) hUMJField' 

" Lawrence (Mary) hl06 154th pi (CC) 
" Stanley rl«4£-Field 
" Stanley J (Marie S) bndry wkr h245 
154th pi (CC) 

Jay Ella (Ella’s Beauty Parlor) r231 173d 
" Jos Y (Emma) h231 173d 
Jaynes Emmett (Clara V) coremkr h433 

Jazyk Allen (Irene) pntr h6144 Marshall 
" Simon furnacemn r6144 MarshaU av 
Jean Wm H swtchmn hl516 169th 
Jebb Lucille r6253 Jackson av 
Jednak Michl tJosie) hd opr UC&OP 
Co h528 155th pi (CC) 

Jefchak Andrew (Anna) hlpr City Gar- 

Whi) _ 

" John refinery wkr rl016 Reese (PO 

" John L elk hl830 Lake av (POWhi) 
" Susan (wid John) hl722 Atchison av 

Jeffe Mandel elk rl27 Detroit (CC) 
Jeffers John R bill del NIPSCo r4712 
Torrence av 

Jefferson Apartments The 6520 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

Hotel (Paul C and Harry C Primis) 
415 Sibley 

John F Wilhelm General Agent, 206 
Hammond Bldg 5217 Hohman av, Tel 
451 (For further information see 
page 28 Buyers’ Guide) 

Jeffrey Jack C (LuciUe) refinery wkr h 
2112 Stanton av (POWhi) 

Jeffreys Luther (Helen) lab hl9 156th 

Jeglowski Mary A lndrs r662 Price av 

" Stanley mach hlpr r662 Price av (CC) 
” Vincent D (Victoria) roll opr h662 
Price av (CC) 

Jehlen Jerome E v-pres Calumet Steel 
Castings Corp r Chicago Ill 
Jeka Angeline r318 154th pi (CC) 

" Anna (wid Sami) restr wkr h526 154th 
pi (CC) 

" Bernard chemical wkr r526 154th pi 

" Edw P (Virginia V) candv „nkr h526 
154th pi (CC) 

" John brklyr h318 154th pi (OC) 
JeUnek Frank A (Sylvia A) drftsmn SR 
EMCo r Berwyn Ill 
Jelk Mary Mrs hl232 150th 
Jeliiga Sophie (wid John) h4705 Hohman 
Jen Frances (wid Geo) h4l4 Lewis 
" Jos jr (Stella) h4249 Dearborn av 
" Stella sten W B Conkey Co r E Chi¬ 







Jendo Thos S mach Youngstown Steel 
Door Co r Chicago Ill 
Jendreas Prank (Virginia) h524 154th pi 

•• John J (Margt) agt Western & Sou 
Life Ins Co r E Chicago 
Jeneck Henry F gdnr r829 Eaton 
Jeney John (Julia) h4715 Sheffield av 
«John S (Annabelle) brkmn h659 
Hirsch av (CC) 

Jenkins A R rll3 Rimbach 
'• Cecil A (Marjorie) crane opr h rear 
949 May 

Earl prsmn North State Pub Co r 
Chicago Ill 

" Edw (Lily) porter Chas Nowotny r6442 
Howard av 

" Edw R (Anna) prsr h7320 Arizona av 
" Enoch P (Grace) h4823 Columbia av 
■ Plavel E guager r6407 Garfield av 
•' Franklin r6227 Jackson av 
" Harold r6407 Garfield av 
" J Elmer driver Hammond Lumber Co 
Co r4614 Towle av 
•• Jas C rlOl Industrial rd 
' John W (Nettie V) eng W B Conkey 
Co h<5407 Garfield av 
" Kath S (wid Jos) h6227 Jackson av 
" Leigh (Bessie) oilwkr hl756 Lincoln 
av (POWhi) 

'• Leo steelwkr r4919 Pine av 
" Margt (wid Harley) hl214 Hoffman 
'• Milton O (Arrietta) janitor h604 Con- 

" Richd (Eliz) formn h6316 Harrison av 
” Thos H (Mary J) mstr mech h255 

- Vernon (Lena) mason h rear 1139 

” Walter R (Ella) mach h536 Gordon 

" Wm F oil opr r6227 Jackson av 
Jenks Dorothy sten City Controller's Of¬ 
fice r543 Lewis 

" Henry J (Jeannette) h543 Lewis 
" Merlin bartndr Sami E Jenks r5355 
Oakley av 

annrr (Eva D) tavern 510 Sibley h 
5355 Oakley av 

Jennette Arth (Virginia) real est 618 
Freeland av (CC) h do 
Jennings Chas D (Evelyn) steelwkr h 
1108 State blvd 

" Charlotte (wid John B> r573S Erie av 
" Clarabelle rll30 Sibley 
" E Thos (Edith) h786 Forsythe av (C 

" Ella (wid Wm E) rll08 State blvd 
" Elmer F elk hl4006 Green Bay av 

" Evelyn beauty opr Abby's Beauty 

" Herbert CMerl) lab hl309 Sherman 
" Hugh student r6239 Hohman av 
" Orville D elk rl4006 Green Bay av 

" Paul (Lois) lab r838 State blvd 
" Perl H (Essie) steelwkr hll30 Sibley 
" Ralph E r14006 Green Bay av (Bur) 
" Robt G (Ella E) elk Goldblatt Bros 
hl35 Rimbach 

" Thelma R elk r14006 Green Bay av 

' Tilla (wid Ned C) h220 Condit 
" Waldo B sec-treas Robertsdale Pharm 
Inc h!842 Oliver (W) 

Jenny Andrew (Deta) shearmn r6637 
Meadow la 

Jens Arth (Marjorie) steelwkr r7348 
Monroe av 

" H Wm (Almyria) meter reprmn City 
Dept of Water Wks h909 State blvd 
" Harold steelwkr r911 Drackert 
" Herman H (Florence) drftsmn h911 

" Margt asst Dr Robt R Gillis h525 Wal¬ 


" Minnie r525 Waltham 
” Victor r911 Drackert 
Jensen Albert F emp North State Pub 
Co r2712 163d pi 
" Anna C r6425 Euclid av 
" Beauty Shoppe (Ethel Jensen) 5140 
Morton ct 

" Byron H (Ruth A) swtchmn h5417 
Tell av 

" Chas L (Lois F) lab r4 Lincoln av 
(CC) • 

" Earl M (Bertha) formn h571 Sibley 
•' Edw (Pearl) ironwkr r903 Sibley 
" Ethel (Jensen Beauty Shoppe) r5140 
Morton ct 

" Konrad (Elna) mldr h6326 Jefferson 
" Leo A (Lucille) buyer E C Minas Co 
h7124 Forest av 

" Leroy P (Reva) buyer E C Minas Co 
h7509 Jackson av 
Meta (wid Carl) h2712 163d pi 
" Pearl (wid Fred) mach opr h214 State 

Peter chauf Johnson Tran & Fireprf 
Whse 405 Douglas 

" Peter J (Edna) mldr Sou Wheel Div 
r6326 Jefferson av 
Wendla (wid Benj) r939 Sibley 
Jent Gilbert (Helen D) steelwkr h6516 
California av 

Jeppeson Kenneth W (Neva) inspr h7113 
Alexander av 

Jepsen Edw C ice 2841 169th r Black 
Oak Addn 

Jercha Balbina (wid Anthony) h801 
Green Bay av (CC) 

" Leo roofer r801 Green Bay av (CC) 

" Peter (Frances) lab h806 Burnham av 

Jergens Geo (Ruby) pipeftr h5457 State 
Line av 

Jernberg Aug jr (Florence M) steelwkr 
h5739 Calumet av 

Mgr, Dealers in Milk, Cream and 
Dairy Products, A Home Owned In¬ 
stitution 150th cor Cedar, Tel 4469 
•' Maid Ice Cream Co Peter Bereolos 
pres Mrs Charlotte Kostopulos v- 
pres Jas N Kostopulos sec-treas ice 
cream mfrs 821 150th 
Jerzy Victor (Angeline) mldr Calumet 
Steel Cstgs Coro r Chicago 
Jerzyk Anna (wid Geo) kitchen wkr Phil 
Smidt & Son h2404 Birch av (PO 

'• Jos (Olga; Budweiser Inn) h614 For¬ 
sythe av (CC) 

Jos (Sophia) lab h4421 Cameron av 
Lottie kitchen wkr Phil Smidt & Son 
r2404 Birch av (POWhi) 

Jesak John h rear 1320 Sherman 
Jesemig Fredricka Mrs h819 Indiana 
" Rudolph A (Matilda A) asst traffic 
mgr h4743 Pine av 
Walter H ('Mary A) formn hl332 
Kirsch av (CC) 

Jessup Roy (Fay) br mgr Kroger’s h 
1016 Drackert 

Jesuwitt Jos rlOl Industrial rd 
Jevyak John L (Pauline) pipeftr hl20 
155th (CC) 

" Jos mach Badall Eng & Mfg Co 
" Pauline Mrs hlpr Brahos Coffee Shop 
hi20 155th (CC) 

Jewel’s Beauty Shop (Jewel Stefhano) 
204 154th pi (CC) 

Jewell Ruth B Mrs asst librarian C S 
Reading Room h227 Mulberry 
" Wm H (Ruth B) ship elk h727 Mul¬ 

Jewett Harry R (Verna) ins 5231 Hoh¬ 
man av R924-25 r Munster Ind 
" Lee R (Josie W) oil wkr h6536 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

" Margt (wid Edw) hl5I3 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

A O 


p 171 

P C/3 

_ § 
b era 


o s tn 

- - t 

“ ~ s 





•1 o 

?| t 71 

f oW 
^ WM 


Swarthout & Craig, Inc. 



1105 119th Street Phone Whiting 1073 


" Ralph W (Edith) swtchmn h545 
Wentworth av (CC) 

" Robt L (Margt) oilwkr r6536 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

Jez Jos (Caroline) hl37 142d 
- Lottie bkbndr rl37 142d 
Jezuit Casimir elk r4206 Hohman av 
" Mary (wid Jos) h4206 Hohman av 
Jezurt John (Prances B) lab r472 Tru¬ 
man blvd 

Jiemkiewicz Jos lab rlOlO Ames 
Jillson Emily P (wid Arth) h6622 How¬ 
ard av 

" Prances W janitor E C Minas Co r 
6132 Harrison av 
" Norma r6132 Harrison av 
" Norman D (Prances) barber 203% 
Pulaski rd (CC) h6132 Harrison av 
Jinek Andrew (Anna) h4520 Torrence 
Job’s Daughters Mrs Pearl Grills guar¬ 
dian Masonic Temple 
Jocha Andrew (Kathryn) h508 Pulaski 

" Kathryn Mrs janitor Lloyd Bldg h508 
Pulaski rd 

Joclay Nina waiter Mrs Nell Runyon r 
1509 174th 

Johann Nicholas (Helen) Calumet Equip 
& Sup Co h945 State blvd 
Johannesen Finn T (Ethel) mgr Ameri¬ 
can Optical Co h256 169th 
John Lucille tchr Irving Sch r5722 Hoh¬ 
man av 

Johns Arth L (Verna) janitor Lincoln 
Sch h225 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Richd (Genevieve) h914 173d pi 
" Stanley (Barbara) core roller h535 

" Wm T appr Sou Wheel Div r5927 
Columbia av 

Johnson Adolph lab r29 Doty 
" Albert (Anna) h951 Pearl (POWhi) 

" Albert E (Eva) oilwkr r6711 Alabama 
" Albin A electn NIPSCo hl436 173d 
" Alton E (Nettie M) electl opr h574 
Preeland av (CC) 

" Amelia (wid Alf) h754 State Line av 

" Anna (wid Sami) r518 Lincoln av 
" Arno’d lab rl638 Indianapolis blvd (P 

" Arth H (Bernice) mach h6948 Ar- 

" Arth L lab r922 Wilcox av 
" Arvit lab h755 Buffalo av (CC) 

" Augusta (wid Chas) h4512 Hohman 
" Bernard L (Gertrude) tile mkr h671 
Ingraham av (CC) 

" Bessie (wid Drueck) hl034 Bauer 
" Carl A meat ctr r2708 Cleveland 
" Carl F (Vera) heat treater h758 New¬ 
ell av (CC) 

" Carl M (Mary) bus opr C&CDTCo r 

•' Car^M (Susan) pipeftr h6718 Color¬ 
ado av 

1 Carl O (Ann) roll turner hl050 Drac- 

" Carlton L musician r7513 Jackson av 
" Cecil R (Mary C) eng NIPSCo hl017 

” Chas rlOl Industrial rd 
" Chas (Ella V) lead burner Central 
Chem Div hl333 Price av (CC) 

" Chas H (Zella E) carp h6347 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

" Chas J (Charlotte A) h6415 Harrison 
" Chas W (Xath) hl517 Lake av (PO 

•' Chas W < Prances M) elk Champion 
Corp h570 Harrison av (CC) 

" Chester (Clara) wtchmn h4911 Hick¬ 
ory av 

" Clara (wid Jay) h7117 Alexander av 
” Claude H (Evelyn) milk dir h7231 
Marshall av 

•' Claus T (Gertie) h4544 Johnson av 

" Claus W (Ida) h662 Stewart ct (PO 

" Cleo E (Mattie L) steelwkr h6607 Mc¬ 
Cook av 

” Cleo W (Ruth W) checker Puller 
Brush Co h rear 1129 Wilcox av 
" Cora A (wid Edw H) h6414 VanBuren 
" Dale A (Marie) inspr hlo Detroit 
Darrell A refinery wkr r951 Pearl (PO 

" David (Minnie) pres David Johnson 
Co Inc h738 Chicago 
" David Co Inc David Johnson pres Mrs 
Minnie Johnson v-pres Harold D 
Johnson sec-treas coal 738 Chicago 
" Dorothy tchr Woodrow Wilson Sch 
(CC) r638 Douglas av (CC) 

" Earl (Marjorie) autowkr h947 May 
" Earl E (Mary) atndt J J Brehm Inc 
r6414 VanBuren av 

” Earl R (Mary) lab h7044 Columbia 
" Earl W (Mabel) lawyer 218 Russell 
h6636 Jefferson av 

" Edw C (Mary) supt h5835 Columbia 
” Edwin (Marie) steelwkr h6122 Harri¬ 
son av 

” Eliza (wid Geo W) r6611 Harrison av 
" Emil prsmn W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 


" Emily tchr Geo Rogers Clark Sch r 
Southmoor Hotel 

" Enloe C (Alma) steelwkr h956 Plum¬ 

" Eric rlOl Industrial rd 
F Elliott (Kathleen) stillmn h2939 
Black Oak rd 

" Farina (wid Jesse) r433 Mulberry 
" Frances P student r7526 Columbia av 
’’ Frank (Helen) lab h903 May 
Prank (Jane) steelwkr hl34 142d 
Frank Ar6735 Arizona av 
" Prank L (Johnson & Co) h407 High¬ 

" Fred rlOl Industrial rd 
Fred (Pearl) lab h22 Douglas 
" Fred E (Prances M) window trmr 
Schneider’s Dept Store h6326 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

" Furniture (Hans A Johnson) 590 Fay¬ 

’’ Garvis E (Ida) ftr NIPSCo h7331 Ma¬ 
dison av 

Geo C (Carrie M) carp r637 Gostlin 
" Geo H (Mary) firemn h7050 Arizona 
" Geo H (Mildred) steelwkr h933 Sibley 
" Geo M (Bertha) h4630 Hohman av 
" Geo W (Ada) formn h509 Forsythe av 

" Geo W (Jane) installer r922 Summer 
" Gerald N (Lucile N) crane opr h7208 
Monroe av 

" Grant steelwkr r5051 Hohman av 
" Gunnard E (Hilda) mgr h6218 Forest 

JOHNSON GUY M (Bess), General Gas 
Supt Northern Indiana Public Serv¬ 
ice Co, hl908 Ridge rd (Munster), 
Tel Munster 38-R 

" Gwyneth beauty opr Southmoor Beau¬ 
ty Shop r5953 Park pi 
" H Raymond (Helen) service mgr Ab- 
rahamson Mtr Sis h2625 164th pi 
JOHNSON UA’ f 'r A (Anna; Johnson 
Transfer & Fireproof Warehouse; 
Johnson Furniture), h52 Kenwood 
av, Tel 2311 

" Harold steelwkr r7117 Alexander av 
" Harold (Lucille) taxi driver h5725 Erie 
" Harold C (Mary A) lab hl43 154th pi 

" Harold D elk r6539 Jefferson av 
" Harold D (Cath M) sec-treas David 
Johnson Co Inc hi 162 May 
’’ Harry (May) millwright hl525 174th 

" Harry C (Birde) carp h6611 Harrison 
" Harry C jr lab NIPSCo r6611 Harrison 

J °Harr?P (Mildred) gro 523 Uncoln av 
(CC) h518 do 

• Hazel elk J J Newberry Co r218 Con- 

Helen M Mrs h4635 Hohman av 
■ Herbert (Margt) hlpr hl041 May 
Howard (Jean) autowkr hi 104 Beck< 


Irwin A (Alma) checker h4829 Pine 
Irwin E elk Wm A Montgomery -r im 

JOHNSON J C (Emma), Genl Mgr Chi¬ 
cago & Calumet Dist Transit Co, h 
423 Arthur (Gary, Ind), Tel 2-6230 

■■ j Edwin (Margt H) formn h7322 Ol- 

r<Jo Ella) lab rl024 Field 
»jas (Emma) lab Sou Wheel Div r 

- Jasper C (Emma) genl mgr C&CDT 
Co r Gary 

• Jerry W (Gertrude) steelwkr h6830 

Alabama av 

" John rlOl Industrial rd 
" John (Waunita) asmblr h 14018 Bum- 
ham av (Bur) 

■■ John mach r4428 Elm av 
" John (Zyla) whol meats hll29 Bene¬ 
dict (POWhi) 

" John A elk Morris H Truppe r25 Car- 
roll . , 

John G driver Sprout & Davis Inc r 
White Oak av RD 1 

•• John G (Carrie) mach h7124 Arizona 
" John S (Emily) pntr h6718 Louise ct 
" John W (Huldah) supt h6354 Forest 
•' Juanita elk Dan’s Gro & Mkt r4548 
Hohman av 

" Julius car washer Indiana Hotel Gar¬ 
age r Indiana Harbor 

* Kenneth E (Lauretta) swtchmn hll2 

Webb (CC) 

" Laura tchr r5927 Columbia av 
" Lawrence R (Ruby) elk Champion 
Corp h6404 Jefferson av apt 2 
" Leonard (Service Mart) r6248 Gar¬ 
field av 

" Leonard (Dorothy) oilwkr h5412 Mols- 
betrger pi 

" Leroy rlOl Industrial rd 
" LeRoy driver r25 154th pi (CC) 

" Lester (Eliz A> oilwkr h458 Michigan 
" Lester W (Gertrude) spraymn h6T14 
Topper av 

" Loren steelwkr r5051 Hohman av 
" Lucille H slswn Wool worth’s r5725 
Erie av 

” Margt elk rl517 Lake av (POWhi) 

” Margt (wid Delbert W) h7050 Arizona 
” Marjorie Mrs sten Personal Finance 
Co of Hammond Inc h403 Detroit 
" Mary E (wid Peter D) h922 Wilcox av 
" Max (Janet) steelwkr h6735 Arizona 
" Minnie Mrs v-pres David Johnson Co 
Inc h738 Chicago 

" 'Morris A (Mabel) tester hl734 Atchi¬ 
son av (POWhi) 

" Nels asst formn W B Conkey Co r 

" Nicholas lab r481 Indiana 
" Norman R (Emma) carp h7513 Jack- 

" ( toifr n (Ethel) elk NIPSCo h25 Rose- 

" Oscar (Hille) millwright h754 State 
Line av (CC) 

" Oscar W mgr G H T Automotive Sup 
Co r Palos Park Ill 

" Otto N dep Indiana State Unemploy¬ 
ment Compensation Division r Hotel 

" Owen atndt Austgen Super Serv r E 

" Perry A (Pearl A) pntr 7526 Columbia 
h do 

" Peter J (Mary) h4733 Cameron av 
" Ralph r4548 Hohman av 
" Ralph (Ruby) gro 550 Florence h do 
" Ralph S (Mary C) millwright h507 

" Raymond chemist r5424 Molsberger pi 
" Raymond (Eloise) city policemn h6129 
Marshall av 

" Raymond M (Grace L) h862 Went¬ 
worth av apt 8 (CC) 


’’ Remola student nurse rlOll Becker 
" Richd (Drewcella) lab hll22 169th 
" Richd M appr Sou Wheel Div r Lan- 

" Richd P (Maggie) driver Mrs Rosa M 
Vivian h rear 4325 Baltimore av 
’’ Robt lab h6633 Delaware av 
’’ Robt soap wkr r5953 Park pi 
" Robt L (Ann) oilwkr hl6l4 Lake av 

" Rob? A W li ('Mae) ironwkr h7208 Alex¬ 
ander av „ , 

•• Roscoe J (Mary) formn Sou Wheel 
Div r Lansing 

•' Roy (Pearl) lab h548 Plummer 
•' Roy steelwkr r7H7 Alexander av 
•• Russell H (Marjorie) elk Johnson & 
Co h403 Detroit 

Russell H (Lila K) driver h256 Lawn- 

Ruth E elk Neumode Hosiery Shop r 
6347 Jefferson av 

" Sami F (Minnie) swtchmn hlOll 

” Siefrid 6 J lab h756 Newell av (CC) 

•• Sivart (Ida) oilwkr h2038 Lake av (F 
OWhi) , „ . 

" Stanley T tchr Tech-Vocational Sch 
r6345 Madison av 

•' Sylvia (wid Ingwald) h914 Carroll 
" t Lyle (Dorothy) asst formn h318 

157th (CC) _ 

" Theo (Barbara) dispr Welsh Bros h 
1122 Morris 

" Thos (Anna) blr opr hll24 Field 
" Thorsten ^otmn Central Chem Div r 

WAREHOUSE (Hans A Johnson), 
Furniture Storage, Crating, Packing 
and Shipping, Local and Long Dis¬ 
tance Moving and Agents Allied Van 
Lines Inc, Long Distance Movers, 
401-07 Douglas, Tels 490-491, Res Tel 
2311 (For further information see 
right top lines and page 45 Buyers’ 










•• Walter (Mary L) plmbr h22 Douglas 
Walter G (Loma D) coal dir 6519 
Jefferson av h do 

•' Walter H (Ruby) formn h613 Carroll 
" Warner (Elma) carp h5737 Erie av 
Warren L fctywkr r7526 Columbia av 
•• Warren M oilwkr r951 Pearl (POWhi) 

•• Wesley L (Ellen E) formn h7205 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

' Willard lab Riverdale Products Co 
" Willard H driver Standard Equip & 
Sup Corp 

" Wm billiards 5034 Hohman av r5030 

" Wm meat ctr Morris H Truppe r25 

•' Wm (Meda A) tavern 101 State (CC) 
h561 Harrison av (CC) 

” Wm C (Eleanor D) lab h510 Hirsch 
av (CC) 

" Wm E elk r6414 VanBuren av 
Wm a (Dorothy) hl805 Davis av apt 
401 (POWhi) 

" Wyetta waiter Robt Aiken 
" & Co (Frank L Johnson) gros 403 

Johnston Alyce M sten Guarantee Sup 
Co r240 Waltham (CC) 

" Alzier A tr240 Waltham (CC) 

" Ambrose E blrmkr h6105 Ray av 
" Chas janitor r433 Mulberry 
" Chas (Thelma) steelwkr h907 173d pi 
" Don E (Opal) lab hl4 Rimbach 
” Donald driver Hammond News Agcy 
r6105 Ray av - 

" Edw news dir r6105 Ray av 
" Eliz (wid Hugh A) h20 Rimbach 
" Eug I bndrywkr W B Conkey Co r244 
Waltham (CC) 

" Florence A sec US Dist Atty r Chi¬ 
cago Ill 

" Francis J elk E C Minas Co r909 

- Genevieve tchr Singer Sew Mach Co r 
240 Waltham (CC) 

" Genevieve M (wid Thos) h253 Carroll 
" Geo rlOl Industrial rd 




High Grade 








d Peter Smldt, Props. 








Real Estate 


Real Estate 





Pulaski Rd. 







Real Estate, 


Now Is The 
Time To Buy 
Real Estate 





'' Geo J (Clara C) mgr Hydrox Corp of 
Ind h240 Waltham (CC) 

" Georgia A elk Montgomery Ward Co 
r240 Waltham (CC) 

" Gordon (Vera) watch repr 119 State 
h do 

" Gust mach hd r234 Russell 
" Hallie Mrs fctywkr h219 Douglas 
" Harold S (Georgia) tmkpr r237 Wil¬ 

" Hayward E (Ethel) lab h6031 Colum¬ 
bia av 

" Hugh A (Irene) lab hl5 Webb 
" Jas D (Louise) cloth ctr h51 Webb 
" Kathleen elk r253 Carroll 
Laura tchr Hammond Hi Sch r Lyn- 
, dora Hotel 

f " Lowell S (Lourene) atndt Garrett M 
Knight hll62 Trtunan 
" Lucille C bkpr Hammond News Agcy 
> r240 Waltham (CC) 

" Mildred Mrs r935 Michigan 
" Q r l e y O (Anna M) plant assigner IB 
TCo h7546 Monroe 
" Russell lab h433 Mulberry 
" Thos R lab r253 Carroll 
•' Walter M elk r244 Waltham (CC) 
Johnstone Edmund H (Mary) elk EJ&E 
RyCo h7448 VanBuren av 
" Eliz sten r6142 VanBuren av 
" Geo S (Dorothy) formn h7138 Jack- 
son av 

" Georgina E elk Pratt Food Co r6142 
VanBuren av 

" Norman (Audrey L) coml artist h6528 
Madison av 

" -ftebf- h6142 VanBuren av 
Joiner R Leonard (Melinda R) pres 
Home Publishing Co Inc h5719 Cal¬ 
umet av 

Joizielo Frank (Victoria) car bldr h4240 
Torrence av 

Jokich Peter rlOl Industrial rd 
Jolley Chas W (Lillian B) cond h5710 
Calumet av ' 

" Margt (wid Jas W) h640 State Line 
av (CC) 

" Walter N lab Calumet Steel Cstgs 
Corp r5710 Calumet av 
Jonard Alf (Thelma) steelwkr h743 Gos- 

" Thelma Mrs gro 743 Gostlin h do 
Jonas Chas F < Cath E) welder h5642 
Beall av 

Clarence D (Ethel M) paymstr h7007 
Jackson av 

" Claude mech John Schmueser & Sons 
r Lowell 

" Emest W lubricator Shaver Mtr Co 
r46 Munich ct 

" Frank (Anna) lab h582 Ingraham av 

" Frank E (Helen L) filling sta 576 
State Line av (CC) h239 Ruth (CC) 
" Geo elk h833 Michigan 
•’ Minnie (wid Wm) r5642 Beall av 
" Otto steelwkr r833 Michigan 
" Otto J (A Beulah) welder hS420 Mols- 
berger pi 

" Reinhart J A (Bertha) whsemn h5407 
Howard av 

" Rose (wid Paul) tavern 576 State Line 
av (CC) hl5 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Walter slsmn Smith Mtr Sis Inc r5604 
Calumet av 

" Walter V (Marne J) weigh mstr rl5 
Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Willard tchr PS r5407 Howard av 
Jones Aaron (Inez) firemn hi 138 Drac- 

" Alma Mrs beauty shop 5246 Ann h do 
" Alvah supvr r6804 Parrish av 
" Arth E (Letha M) lab h4904 Ash av, 
" Belva tchr Lincoln Sch h20 Mason 
" Bert D (Cath) sta firemn h4437 Henry 
" Bert M (Nettie G) mach hl015 Hoff¬ 


" Bertha tchr Edison Sch r52 Ruth 
" Bill Auto Sales used cars 5239 Calu¬ 
met av r714 Indiana 
Chas crane opr E Popper Iron Co r 
5172 Morton ct 
" Chas lab r746 Michigan 
" Chas B r4519 Pine av 
" Chas W autowkr r515 State 
" Clara M Mrs gro 5267 Monroe av h 

" Claude E (Viola M) driver h925 Ken¬ 

" Claude R (Mary) oilwkr hll49 Michi- 

" cSfford M (Edna H) phys 1421 119th 
(W) hl925 Wespark av (POWhi) 

" Cloris tchr Wallace Sch r714 165th 
" Coralee h4935 Hohman av 
" David M (Mabel) wtchmn h833 Sib¬ 

" David W (Bethel) crane opr h4412 
Ash av 

" Dewey A (Clara M) h6257 Monroe av 
" Donald E elk r670 Douglas av (CC) 

" Donald H (Juliana) h4340 Torrence 
" Donald L (Alma) filler h5246 Ann 
" Doris A (wid Arth P) h6238 Garfield 
" Dorothy librarian Edison Sch r2 Ruth 
" Edw F storekpr h746 Michigan 
" Edw I (Helen M) swtchmn hll32 Tru¬ 

" Edwin steelwkr h705 114th (POWhi) 

JONES ELI S (Berta). Physician and 
Surgeon, 619-621 Calumet Bldg 5231 
Hohman av, Tel 12, h50 Kenwood, 
Tel 16 

" Ellen N Mrs auto trailers 5314 Calu¬ 
met av h714 Indiana 
" Evelyn Mrs elk E C Minas Co h323 
152d (CC) 

" Evelyn (wid Hobson) hl041 Conkey 
" Ezra O (Helen C) filling sta 5306 
Calumet av and restr 138 Pulaski rd 
(CC) h5644 Walter av 
' Florence Mrs h234 Russell 
" Francis L (Rose I) steelwkr hl34 War¬ 
ren (CC) 

" Fred J (Margt) h4511 Ash av 
" Frieda r5630 Alice av 
" Geo (Dorothy) h45l Logan 
Glen msngr WU Tel Co rl232 Truman 
" Grace (wid Bert) h820 Truman 
" Griffith E (Marie) refinery wkr h 
6822 Carolina av 
" Gus rl44*4 State 

Harold (Mary E) tchr Morton Jr Hi 
Sch h6641A Meadow La av 
" Harold B elk Calumet Steel Cstgs 
Corp r Harvey Ill 

" Harold M policemn rl232 Truman 
" Harry A (Eva I) fctywkr h478 Plum¬ 

" Harry G (Iona B) refinery wkr rl831 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Harvey F (Nancy F) gauger h7212 
Oakdale av 

" Henry driver h37 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Herman A (Eva) h4842 Linden av 
" Howard J (Jeannette) hlpr h548 

" Idwal H (Violet) acct h308 157th (C 

" Jacob L rlOl Industrial rd 
" Jas rlOl Industrial rd 
" Jas (Ida F) carp h7134 Harrison av 
" Jas W (Lucille O) oilwkr h rear 5438 
Molsberger pi 
Jennie Mrs hl232 Truman 
" John B (Susanna) mach hlpr h7420 
Alexander av 

" John L usher Orpheum Theatre r323 
152d (CC) 

" John P Rev (Betty Hyde) pastor Ply¬ 
mouth Congregational Ch hl538 
Warwick av apt 14 (POWhi) 

" Jos D (Martha) h4912 Hickory av 
" Jos L (Edith H) welder hl516 Truman 


" Kath (wid Grant) rl942 Warwick av 

" Knoefel inspr rll55 Indiana 
" Latitia tchr Woodrow Wilson Sch r23 

Leonard P (May) steelwkr h929 Drac- 

•' Leroy lab E Popper Iron Co 

" Lillian slswn rlll)9 May 

•' Mabel (wid John) h404 154th pi (CC) 

" Margt tchr Edison Sch h237 High¬ 
land apt 415 

" Marvin elk r670 Douglas av (CC) 

" Mary L rll09 May 
•' Matilda r637 Gostlin 
" Minnie r746 Michigan 
•" Nolan J (Marion E) electn h4849 
Hickory av 

" Paul student rl538 Warwick av apt 
14 (POWhi) 

" Piercy E (Evelyn) statitician h323 I52d 

”Rr515 State , „ 

" Raymond M (Thelma) slsmn hl719 
Davis av (POWhi) 

' Robt E fctywkr r705 114th (POWhi) 
" Shelby (Helen) oilwkr h5506 Walter 
'■ Theo R (Edna) h rear 4618 Oak av 
" Thos A (Ida M) teleg opr h7013 Har¬ 
rison av 

" Thos B (Grace) stillmn hi 109 May 
" Thos E slsmn NIPSCo r48 Waltham 
” Thos J (Stella) hlpr hl220 Highland 
1 •• Thos W (Hazel A) fety wkr h901 173d 

" Walt 

alter E (Olive) lab h929 Summer 
" Walter K (Rae) stillmn h754 State 
Line av 

" Will (Ora) formn h9 Detroit (CC) 

" Wm bartndr r538 Sibley 
•• Wm (Letha) mldr Calumet Steel Cstgs 
Corp r Chicago 

" Wm E (Cora B) carp h5514 Claude 
" Wm H (Ida) mgr Greenwald’s Pum 
Co h5620 Howard 
" Wm K (Ellen N) h714 Indiana 
" Wm K atndt Walter N Dahlkamp r670 
Douglas av (OC) 

" Win a rt Nellie) ydmstr h670 Douglas 
av (CC) 

Jongsma Bert (Feme E) whsemn h rear 
6325 Jefferson av 

" Clarence firemn r5437 Webster av 
” Peter carp rl416 Sherman 
•' Peter (Madge) wtchmn h5437 Web¬ 
ster av 

Joriec Andrew lab h)420 173d 
" Jos (Nellie) h6342 Columbia av 
" Mary Mrs rl420 173d 
Jonkier Stanley (Mary) hooker-on SRE 
MCo h4624 Johnson av 
Joost Clarence C (Louise) pumper h 
2012 Wespark av apt 4 (POWhi) 

" Mary (wid Louis) rl012 Wespark av 
apt 4 (POWhi) 

Joracki Walter fctywkr rlOlO 167th 
Jordan Anderson (Onie) janitor YMCA 
h2741 161st _ J „ 

" Anna (wid John) h213 Pulaski rd (C 

JORDAN BYRON JR (Jean), Local Mgr 
Indiana State Employment Service, 
Affiliated with U S Employment 
Sendee, h2 Ruth Apt 10, Tel 1-0445 

" Chas E (Bess) refinery wkr hl925 Lin¬ 
coln av (POWhi) 

" Darrell (Helene) -elk Goldblatt Bros 
r419 Lewis 

" Dorothy maid StMargt Hosp 
" Edw A (Kath H) mstr mech r42 Lo- 

" Fred E (Cora J) formn hl3950 Green 
Bay av (Bur) 

" Helen sec Bartenders, Restaurant & 
Hotel Employees Union Local No 403 
•• Helene elk Goldblatt Bros r419 Lewis 
" Jas V (Lydia) barber Peter V Fied- 
orowicz h4242 Henry av 
" Jean C tchr Franklin Sch h42 Locust 
" Lulu Mrs r4509 Pine av 
" Michl signalmn r5051 Hohman av 
Ojpal mgr Shallberg’s Inc r3939 Shef- 

" Ray L (Beulah) oilwkr h4750 Hickory 
- Ruth tchr Edison Sch r237 Highland 
” Thos H bkpr Gartner Roofing Co r 
105 Rimbach 

Walter E (Hilda) ins agt hl8 Webb 
" Wm wtchmn Rosenbaum Coal & 
Matls Co Inc _ 

Jordon Thos (Helen) carp h655 Price 
av (OC) 

Jorewicz Mary L hsekpr 312 Elizabeth 

Jorgensen Helen G tchr Irving Sch h 
124(4 Sibley apt 36 

Joros Jas E (Caroline) appr W B Con- 

key Co h905 Wilcox av __ 

Josa Valentine (Ag n es) opr NIPSCo h 
4711 Sheffield av 

Joseph Joan check girl Jacks Caliente 
Club r Burnham av nw cor Schrum 
rd (CC) 

" Walter (Loraine) steelwkr h7521 Van 
Buren av 

Josephine’s Beauty Shop (Mrs Josephme 
Bernacki) 1120 Conkey 
Jost A E office 5305 Hohman av R203 
r Villa Park Ill 

Jostes Bernard P (Dorothy) landscape 
gdnr h4522 Ash av 

" Clemens A (Margt) slsmn r5627 Alice 
" Eug B (Grace) h5627 Alice av 
” Hubert A (Rose K) steelwkr h5616 

Josway Alex J lab r6736 Carolina av 
" Alex S (Anna) steelwkr h6736 Caro¬ 
lina av 

" Margt r6736 Carolina av 
Jovin Eli rlOl Industrial rd 
Joy Candy Shop Inc Helen Bruzan mgr 
5126 and 5239(4 Hohman av 
” Jos S (Alice) leader h524 Plummer 
Joyce A1 J pres Calumet Engineering Co 
Inc r Lake Bluff Ill 

" Billie Mrs beauty shoo 1321 119th R3 
(W) h952 Pearl (POWhi) 

" Danl h6834 Carolina av 
" Dominic M (Irene) steelwkr h823 
State blvd apt 2W 

" pmi) (Mabel) mixer opr h6834 Caro¬ 
lina av 

" Harold M (Billie) oilwkr h952 Pearl 

'■ Patk J (Bridget M) policemn h204 
Brunswick _ . 

" Wm formn Calumet Eng Co r Lake 
Bluff 111 _ „ ^ 

Jozens Jos J (Jean; Kenneth R Vaughn 
& Co) h47 Roselawn 
Juda Stella Mrs clnr Michelson’s Fum 
& Clo Co h4415 Torrence av 
" Thos (Stella) h4415 Torrence av 
Judd Raymond O (Rachel) lab h740 
Plummer __ ^ . . 

" Richd (Hazel) lab r438 Detroit 
Judson Arch W (Gladys) oilwkr hl758 
Lincoln av (POWhi) 

” W L (Mayola; The Radiolab) r614 

Juergens Barney uphol 456 Sibley h do 
- Fred E hlpr Fred L Juergens r437 

" FretTl! (Anna) electl contr 437 Lewis 
• Kenneth electn Fred L Juergens r437 

•' Ruth^W sten Sachs & Elfron r437 

loff Steve steelwkr h6116 Columbia 
asz Albert (Thelma) supt Am Chem¬ 
ical Service h4718 Henry av 
•• Ann Mrs elk Goldblatt Bros rl036 

M Louis (Mary) maintenancemn Am 
Chemical Service h6809 Colorado av 
Louis ir (Ruth) still opr Am Chemical 
Service h5743 Erie av 
Julian Wm M (Bertha) cond h5854 Wal- 

Julier^Edw J (Jennie) pumper hl618 
Warwick av (POWhi) 

" Virginia elk Jos P Bandor (W) rl618 
Warwick av (POWhi) 

Jung Eng (Jung Eng Bros) h5234 Oakley 
1 Eng Bros (Jung Eng) lndry 5234 Oak¬ 
ley av 

" Jas lndry 5349 Calumet av h do 
•• Jim (Cam Lan) r5266 Hohman av 
" J oh n F (Doris) lockup mn W B Con- 
key Co h543 165th 

" Leo F (Claire E) elk hl28 Warren 

•' Mathias (Barbara) hl2 Williams 



Jungsma Bert pntr r754 Indiana 
Junior Toy Corp Bert R Anderson (War¬ 
saw Ind), pres Einar A Anderson v- 
pres Richd T Turner sec Wm J K 
Volk treas 235 Marble 
Junk Alf Rev tchr Catholic Central Hi 
Sch of Lake County rl435 Hoffman 
Junkens Ralph E (Icy J) carmn h6613 
Alabama av 

Junkin Carl (Dorothy) firemn h6650 
California av 

" Edwin H lab r47I8 Baltimore av 
" Mary L r4718 Baltimore av 
" Wilbur E steelwkr r4718 Baltimore av 
" Wm H (Daisy) carp h4718 Baltimore 
Jurac Jos stillmn r2129 Superior av (PO 

Jurak Jos r4438 Calumet av 
Juranovich Emil rl503 Summer 
" Jos (Helen) hl503 Summer 
Juratovich John (Josephine) blksmith h 
rear 1007 Becker 

Jurcak Fred fdr W B Conkey Co r Chi¬ 

" Peter (Anna) car repr h2l37 Superior 
av (POWhi) 

Jurczak Anna (wid Jacob) hll33 Cleve¬ 

" Frank (Mary) lab hll33 Cleveland 
" Mary Mrs sewer W B Conkey Co h 
1133 Cleveland 

" Michl (Mary) hlll2 Cleveland 
Jurczewiski Frank blksmith h4336 Towle 
Jurecki Ignatius (Helen) lab h36 156th 

" Jos (Corinne) meat ctr r4513 Henry 
" Michl (Helen) tilewkr h324 Pulaski 
rd (CC) 

" Pearl r324 Pulaski rd 
" Stanley J welder Champion Corp r36 
156th (CC) 

" Walter mach opr r324 Pulaski rd (CC) 
Jurek Ignatius r2444 Birch av (POWhi) 

" John F oilwkr h2444 Birch av (PO 

" Stanley oilwkr r2444 Birch av (PO 

Juresa Steph (Helen) gro 2736 161st h 

Jurgas Frank E slsmn Lynch Office 
Equip r Chicago Ill 

Jurgelos Stanley J (Rose) wheel rolTer 
Sou Wheel Div hl034 Ames 
Jurgens Alvin F dentist 5404 Hohman 
av r8020 Forest av (Munster) 
Jurick^John (Susan) hl703 Lake av (PO 

" Steph E (Anna) steelwkr rl703 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

Jurigas John M (Ann) lab hl732 At¬ 
chison av (POWhi) 

Jurko Michl (Eliz) lab rl935 Lincoln av 

Jurkovic Sami (Julia) caretkr StPaul’s 
Ev Lutheran Ch (W) hl625 Roberts 
av (H) 

Jurman I R eng Paramount Theatre r 
Chicago Heights 
Jurzak Jos elk rll22 Ames 
Juscik Andrew (Barbara) soap mkr h 
6112 Wallace rd 

" Christena (wid Michl) hl031 Ames 
" Frank rl031 Ames 
" Frank r6240 Columbia av 
" Jos life guard rl031 Ames 
" Michl (Mary) lab hlll8 Morris 
" Paul (Pauhne) mach opr h6240 Col¬ 
umbia av 

Jusko Andrew (Mary) oilwkr hl732 Lake 
av (POWhi) 

" Elmer J elk Standard Drug Co (W) 
r2139 Wespark av (POWhi) 

" John (Bessie) firemn h2139 Wespark 
av (POWhi) 

" Michl (Mary) barber 53914 State h712 
Truman blvd 

Justinski Chester r928 Merrill 
" John (Stella) lab h928 MerriU 
" Lottie fctywkr r928 Merrill 
Juszezak Steve metal handler Central 
Chem Div r Chicago 
Juzwik Genevieve r4313 State Line av 
" Jos r4313 State Line av 
Jzuwicz Stanley (Mary) h4112 Grover av 
Kaage Albert hlpr r404 Conkey 
" Alf appr W B Conkey Co r Chicago 
Kaay John slsmn Hammond Calumet 
Broadcasting Corp r Gary 


Kabaczy Geo E (Mary) welder hll50 

Kaban Wm (Viola) oilwkr rl535 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

Kabo Adeline Mrs tavern 2826 138th pi 
(Bur) h do 

" John (Adeline) mgr Mrs Adeline Kabo 
h2826 138th pi (Bur) 

Kacer Michl (Mary) lab h2131 Lincoln 
av (POWhi) 

Kachmarek John (Katie) millwkr h253 
Condi t 

Kachnowski Bart M (Victoria) tile mkr 
h240 156th (OC) 

Kacmarek Stanley (Ann) steelwkr h6709 
Calumet av 

Kacneske Kazimer rlOl Industrial rd 
Kacz Frank emp UC&OPCo r E Chicago 
Kaczka Albert F (Helen M) teleg opr 
r410 156th (CC) 

" Jack tower mn IHBRy r E Chicago 
Kaczmarczyk Geo (Cath) oilwkr hl508 
125th (POWhi) 

Kaczmarek Emil (Ethel) lab h413 Con¬ 

" Walter (Cath) h4514 Towle av 
Kaczmarowski JuUa dental asst rl3916 
Entre av (Bur) 

" Leo rl4045 Mackinaw av (Bur) 

" Leo (Anna) millwright rl3916 Entre 
av (Bur) 

" Martha hl3916 Entre av (Bur) 

" Max hl4045 Mackinaw av (Bur) 
Kaczmarski Benj lab r507 155th (CC) 

" Frank (Anne) ship elk h237 154th pi 

" Margt maid r rear 237 154th pi (CC) 

" Simon h507 155th (CC) 

" Thos (Clara) lab h rear 237 154th pi 

" Walter J r507 155th (CC) 

Kaczmerk Peter (Blanche) hi 127 Cleve¬ 

Kaczocha Frank r4330 Sheffield av 
" John lab r4330 Sheffield av 
" John Jr r4330 Sheffield av 
" Jos refinerywkr r4330 Sheffield av 
Stanley (Anna) sta firemn h4330 
Sheffield av 

Kaczynski Arth news dir r247 157th apt 
6 (CC) 

Chester rl3938 Burnham av (Bur) 

" Frank B carp h672 Forsythe av (OC) 

" Helen wrapper rl3938 Burnham av 

" Marie dental asst Jos L Mankowski r 
247 157th apt 6 (CC) 

" Stanley elk Public Service Co of N Ill 
h247 157th apt 6 (CC) 

" Virginia asst r247 157th apt 6 (CC) 
Walter (Camelia) shipper hl3938 
Burnham av (Bur) 

Kadel Philip police h4719 Johnson av 
Kadron Bernice (wid Frank) h rear 1138 

Kaduk Alex (Mary) auto wrecker 1340 
Summer h do 

Kaegebein Clarence atndt r7323 Madison 
' Edw r3115 Black Oak rd 
” Erich L (Bertha Z) pipeftr h252 Fern- 
wood av 

" Esther M Mrs h607 Thornton 
" Fred O h31l5 Black Oak rd 
" Henry J (Margt L) lab h4627 Shef¬ 
field av 

" Margt L opr IBTCo r4627 Sheffield av 
" Walter F (Anna) gdnr h7323 Madison 
Kaelin Edw B real .est 5231 Hohman av 
R410 h247 157th apt 2 (CC) 

" O t to J (Anna M) cash IHBRR h520 
Wentworth av (CC) 

Kaetzer Louis slsmn Inlander-Steindler 
Paper Co r Chesterton 
Kafehl Ho r r y (Mary; State Line Tavern) 
h520 State Line av (CC) 

Kagebein Henry W lab r642 173d 
Kahl Waymond H asst eng Lloyd Bldg r 

Kahle Chas (Irene) firemn h rear 954 
Wilcox av 

" Howard (Joyce) mach opr r839 Drac- 

" Joyce Mrs slswn Rothschild & Hirsch 
Inc r839 Drackert 

Kahler Walter (Ella M) driver h264 

Kahn Jos (Lillian) slsmn h7525 Jeffer- 


Hamacher Nursery 

707 Ridge Rd., Hammond, Ind., R. D. 1 


iver dist mgr John Hancock Mut 
life Ins Co r Gary 
Raiding Carl r2020 Wespark av (P O 

• Ebba A r2020 Wespark av (POWhi) 

■ Emily Mrs h2020 Wespark av (PO 

Kaim Andrew (Ludvika) farmer h7214 
North Cote av 

Kain Kath nurse r441 Lewis 

Wm E (Louise) barber Monon Barber 
Shop h441 Lewis 

Kaine Jas J brklyr rl509 Amy av (PO 

Margt A rl509 Amy av (POWhi) 

" Mary A private sec rl509 Amy av (PO 

•' Patk J (Cath M) hl509 Amy av (PO 

Kains Motor Service (br) 415 Wilcox 
Kaiser Anthony M (Lucille) auto mech h 
634 Locust 

Beni (Freida) trucking 1526 Roberts 
av (POWhi) h do 

" Benny (Irene) trucking hl545 Rob¬ 
erts av (POWhi) 

Christine C sten Bomberger Peters & 
Morthland r820 Eaton 
Prank A (Dinah) oilwkr h7317 Jack- 
son av 

Geo lab r436 Locust 
Hattie Mrs r820 Eaton 
J M r239 Beldon pi 

" John J fdr W B Conkey Co r Blue 
Island IU 

" Karl W mach Champion Corp r Chi¬ 

" Margt (wid Frank) h436 Locust 
" Margt E Mrs waiter E J Grill h7 Rim- 

" Marion L elk NIPSCo h507% High¬ 

" Nicholas r246 Oakwood 
" Otto (Ella) lab hl025 Becker 
" Walter T (Marie) mach hd hll30 

' Wm H (Christine C) h820 Eaton 
Kalarek Aloysius r905 Morris 
" Edw r905 Morris 
" Jos (Mary) hlpr h905 Morris 
Kalavinski John (Mary) lab r2923 il38th 
pi (Bur) 

Kalb Clarence driver r819 Truman 
Kalbac Leo M (Audrey) hlpr h611 Bur¬ 
ton ct (POWhi) 

Kaldin Walter (Agnes) lab h924 Ames 
Kalemba Jos (Bernice) lab hl30S 150th 
Kalena Geo (Anna) hlpr h2144 Lincoln 
av (POWhi) 

Kaleta Anthony (Rose) h533 Pulaski rd 

" Anthony (Mamie) opr UC&OPCo h 
305 153d (OC) 

" Bertha Mrs sec-treas Lake County 
Monument Co Inc r Gary Ind 
■B dw (Rose) driver Green Meadow 
Dairy h rear 441 154th pi (OC) 

’ Esther r533 Pulaski rd (OC) 

" Frank (Frances) caretkr h680 Ingra¬ 
ham av (CC) 

" Geo (Jessie) driver h761 Green Bay 
av (CC) 

" I g nata rlOl Industrial rd 
" Jerome furn wkr r533 Pulaski rd (C 

" John A mach opr Youngstown Steel 
Door Co r Chicago Ill 
" Leonard (Marjorie) appr W B Conkey 
Co h305 153d (CC) 

" Paul A (Rose) mach h670 Ingraham 
av (OC) 

" Wm (Mary) opr h798 Green Bay av 

Kaley John slsmn rl004 Bauer 
Kalicky John (Lillian) carp hl513 Brown 
av (POWhi) 

" Stanley elk r242 Ogden 

Kalies Walter A ticket elk Nickel Plate 
Rd h543 Sibley 

Kalina ehas-IP (Mary) lab h839 Mer¬ 


■ Peter r839 Merrill 
Rudolph r839 Merrill 
Kalkmann Hans constr wkr r245 Carroll 
Kallas Aloysius fum wkr r322 155th pi 

" Cath (wid Jos) r322 155th pi (OC) 

" Cornelius M (Julia) fnshr r595 Ingra¬ 
ham av (OC) 

" Geo (Anna) bundler h324 156th pi (C 

" Jos (Lucy B) eng Calumet bldg h595 
Ingraham av (CC) 

Raymond mach opr r322 155th pi (C 

" Sami mixer r322 155th pi (OC) 

" Wm A (Agnes) janitor h322 155th pi 

Kallberg Marcus h851 116th (POWhi) 

" Sarah sten r851 116th (POWhi) 
Kallen Eric A (Marie) iron wkr h4415 
Pinei av V3o7 

" Ralph H (Grace H). iron wkr h333 

Geetlin 5heff)tW - t._ 

Wm H (Gertrude V) steel wkr h4842 
Hickory i 

Kalmar Edw (Alice A) pumper h6145 
Ray av 

Sigmund (Eliz) blksmith SREMCo h 
6146 Ray av 

" Steph A hlpr SREMCo r6146 Ray i . 
Kalodziej Annette prsr Prosperity Clnrs 
& Dyers r E Chicago 
Kalshan Marie slswn Woolworth’s r I 

Kaluf Peter (Elsie) hlpr C&CDTCo ) 

" Peter (Estelle) pipe ftr hl5 156th pi 

Kalvaites Emily B r442 Gordon (OC) 

" Peter (Martha M) blrmkr h442 Gor¬ 
don (CC) 

Kalwa Albert J lab h32 Harding av (C 

Edw F (Tillie) carp h245 Hanover 
" Fredk r824 Truman 
" Fredk (Louise) porter Michigan Tav¬ 
ern h824 Truman 
" Henry E driver r824 Truman 
Herbert lab r32 Harding av (CC) 

" Louise r824 Truman 
" Wilbert E mach opr r32 Harding av 

Kambiss Georgia r6146 Noble av 
" John (Anna) h6146 Noble av 
" Michl city policemn r6146 Noble av 
Kamin Fredk (Anna) mach hl638 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Geo (Susan) oil wkr h964 Myrtle av 

" John (Pearl) lab h2431 New York av 
i POWhi) 

" Rose r964 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Stanley oil wkr r964 Myrtle av (PO 

Kaminga Teena rl337 Truman 
Kaminsh Eleanore folder girl LeLaney 
Prtg Co r Calumet City 
Kaminski Andrew bndry wkr r29 154th 
pi (OC) 

" Andrew (Wanda) metal wkr hll8 
154th pi (CC) 

•• Benj (Anna) h7014 Arkansas av 
Edw paster W B Conkey Co r29 154th 
pi (OC) 

" Frances sten r4420 Baltimore av 
" Frank mach opr W B Conkey Co r434 
Sibley bivd (CC) 



" Frank L (Cecilia) justice of peace 6__ 
Wentworth av (OC) h26 155th pi (C 

" Jack (Marie V) mach opr h227 156th 
pi (OC) 

" Jos (Anna) h29 154th pi (CC) 

" Jos (Mary) fcty wkr 'h4229 Dearborn 
" Leonard h235 155th pi (OC) 

" Lucyan (Mary) wtchmn h4237 John¬ 
son av 

" Mary A Mrs h4420 Baltimore av 
" Walter jr potato chips 617 Gostlin r 
4420 Baltimore av 

" Wm W (Agnes R) bartndr Mrs Hazel 
Fender h225 155th (CC) 

Kaminskv Adam G lab rl426 Roberts av 

" Agnes elk Aronberg & Kissen (W) r 
1422 Roberts av (POWhi) 

Albert lab rl515 Myrtle av (POWhi) 
" Andrew S (Julia) driver h2111 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

'' Anna (wid Andrew) hl426 Roberts a 
U POWhi) 

" Anna (wid Steph) hl422 Roberts av 

" Frank B rl426 Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Geo A < Victoria) tester hl547 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

• Geo J (Eliz) yd mstr h844 U4th (PO 


" Helen refinery wkr rl743 Davis av (P 

" Helen (wid Andrew) hl743 Davis av 

" Henry lab rl412 Roberts av (POWhi) 
" John (Anna) lab hl539 Myrtle av (" 

" John oil wkr rl743 Davis av (POWhi) 
" John (Sophie) oil wkr hl515 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

" John (Veronica) steel wkr hl71T Myr¬ 
tle av (POWhi) 

•' John A (Mary) genl contr 1628 Davis 
av (POWhi) h do 

" Jos (Anna) lab h2352 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

' " Julius (Johanna) rfg wkr hl807 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Margt fcty wkr rl743 Davis av (PO 

" Mary maid nl412 Roberts av (POWhi) 
" MoHie rl737 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Morris M (Jean) chf eng W J Holli¬ 
day & Co h849 Wentworth av (OC) 
" Peter oil inspr rl422 Roberts av (PO 

• Steph lab rl539 Myrtle av (POWhi) 
" Steve (Jeannette) madh h2049 Davis 

av (POWhi) 

•' Steven carp hlll5 115th (POWhi) 

" Steven (Mary) porter Roby Inn Cafe 
hl412 Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Victor M (Ethel) mach hl426 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

" Vincent lab r2435 New York av (PO 

" Vincent (Mary) oil wkr h rear 1116 
119th (POWhi) 

" Wm M (Stella) oil wkr hl610 Stanton 
av (POWhi) 

Kammer Chas A atndt Nicholas Maraye 
r735 165th 

" Edw N (Nora) elk r2005 Wespark av 

" Frank (Mildred) steel wkr hlll5 Ken¬ 

” John N (Mae M) mill wkr h735 165th 
” Raymond J elk r52 Locust 
" Raymond M (Mary) instrument wkr 
hl233 Davis av (POWhi) 

" Susan (wid Nicholas) h52 Locust 
” Theo A (Alvina) elk h319 153d (OC) 


Kammerer Edmund (Ruth H) slsmn h 
6417 Crescent pi 

Kampmann Jos (Clara) pntr StMargt 
Hosp h245 Carroll 

Kampo Anna Mrs gro 709 119th (PO 
Whi) h do 

" Chas student r709 119th (POWhi) 

" Michl (Anna) h709 119th (POWhi) 
Michl jr student r709 119th (POWhi t 

Kamradt Betty maid r529 Pulaski rd (C 

" Edw lab r529 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Frank M (Josephine M) city firemn 
h685 Douglas av (CC) 

' Jos (Julia) filling sta 666 State Line 
av (OC) h670 do 
Leo chemist rl48 156th pi (OC) 

" Loretta rl48 156th pi (OC) 

" Marie r529 Pulaski rd (OC) 

" Paul iEliz) lab h529 Pulaski rd 
" Paul jr r529 Pulaski rd (OC) 

" P a ul -M (Anna) hl48 156th pi (OC) 

Kamsfield John J (Anna C) blrmkr h 
1323 150th 

Kamyati Paul (Caroline) car reprmn h 
925 Wilcox av 

Kamykowski Louis F pres A-l Realty 
& Construction Co r Harvey Ill 
Kanady Vaughn (Anna) cloth ctr h465 
Price av (OC) 

Kanas Sami (Kath) driver h5223 State 
Line av 

Kandalec Anthony (Jennie) lab hl242 
121st (POWhi) 

" Jos (Mary) janitor h956 Reese (PO 

" Jos G (Elizr agt Prud Ins Co r E Chi¬ 

" Michl atndt Fredk Poppen r956 Reese 

'' Steve (Mary) wldr h957 Reese (PO 

" Theresa r956 Reese (POWhi) 

Kandelak Geo oil wkr rl312 Lake av (P 

Kane Gayle nurse StMargt Sch of Nurs¬ 
ing r258 Carroll apt 2 
" Jas (Anna) yd mstr h4850 Elm av 
" Jas jr oil wkr r4850 Elm av 
" Leon (GJenna) supvr h6922 Marshall 
" Robt bottler r4850 Elm av 
" Robt (Cath N) hlpr City Garbage 
Dept h832 Hoffman 
" Wm (Edna) auto wkr h258 Carroll 
apt 2 

Kanelopoulos Elias lab M420 Sherman 
Kangiser Fred A (Esther) swtchmn h 
238 Carroll 

" June B r238 Carroll 

Kania Frank J (Lillian) mach opr W B 
Conkey Co h4120 Hohman av 
" John (Sophia) oil wkr r4105 Hohman 
'' Jos (Barbara) h4212 Henry av 
" Mary (wid Vincent) r4120 Hohman 
Kaniaz Jos lab Oak Hill Cemetery 
Kanich Paul G (Celia) electa h417 

Kaniewski Irene lndry wkr r44 154th pi 

" John (Sallie) h44 154th pi (OC) 

" Jos L (Stephanie) hl013 Kenwood 
Kanka John (Frances) mach hd h444 

Kankaska Paul elk Kroger-Consumers r 
6623 Harrison av 

" Reinhold (Matilda) wtchmn h6623 
Harrison av 

Kanney Marcella M nurse StMargt Sch 
of Nursing r CollegeviDe 
Kanocz John (Barbara) oil wkr h2029 
Lake av (POWhi) 

" Margt elk F W Woolworth Co (W) r 
2029 Lake av (POWhi) 


" Michl (Mary) oil wkr h2006 Atchison 
av (POWhi) 

" Steven r2029 Lake av (POWhi) 
Kansfield Marino (Nellie) driver h832 

Martin A (Martha) formn h7026 
California av 

Orval R (Margt) driver h7047 Osborn 
" Ruth E bkpr Burgess Auto Spring & 
Axle Service r5525 Claude av 
•’ Stafford (Florence A) formn h5525 
Claude av 

•• Wm (Carrie) h7035 Marshall av 
■■ wm P jr (Vivian) firemn h7046 Ari¬ 
zona av 

Kantor Milton men’s fumgs 1415 119th 
(W) r6649 Madison 

Kontowicz Anthony pntr nl9 Pulaski rd 

" John auto mech rl9 Pulaski rd (CC) 

Michl hl9 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Stanley (Jennie) lab h525 154th pi (C 

Kantowski John refinery wkr r4342 
Grover av 

Josephine (wid Louis) h4342 Grover 

Stanley E (Elizt stockmn NIPSCo h 
1832 Lincoln av (POWhi) 

Kiantz Jas C (Josephine L) inspr h245 
Williams _ J 

Kanuch Rhoda hlpr Jim Brown Shade 
& Awning Co r Gary 
Kanyur Jos J (Ann) steel wkr hl516 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

Kapang Pete r- rlOl Industrial rd 
Kapcic Peter (Rose*-lab hi 123 Wilcox 
Kapers JOhn F (Verna E) ctr h434 State 

Kapetanovic Anton (Ann) steel wkr h 
7125 McCook av 

Kapitan Andrew poultry 1113 119th (P 
OWhi) r Indiana Harbor Ind 
" Peter (Anna) stillmn h4327 Hickory 
Kaplan Abr mgr Careful Cleaners & 
Furriers r Chicago Ill 
" Benj (Rose) whol produce 4930 Oak 
av h do 

David mgr The Kirby Co r Chicago 
' Edith elk r4 9 30 Oak a v 
” Geo M (Ethel) whol candy 245 Dyer 
blvd h do 

Harry (Nettie; Whiting Plumbing & 
Heating Co; W) 1*1018 115th (PO 

Jack hlpr Whiting Plumbing & Heat¬ 
ing Co; W) rl018 115th (POWhi) 
" Leon (Matilda; Leon’s Floor Cover¬ 
ing Store) h5 172d 
" Meyer (Kath) elk Tip Top Food Mkt 
'h5417 Oakley av 

" Morris elk Hoosier Walgreen System 
Drug Store (W) rl018 115th 
" Nathan student rl018 115th (POWhi) 
’’ Sami lab r5236 Oakley av 
" Sol (Anna) fruit dir h6650 Madison 
Kaply Elmer r6812 Montana av 
" Jos (Eliz) h6812 Montana av 
" Leonard r6812 Montana av 
Kapornyai Andrew steel wkr r6844 Cali¬ 
fornia av 

•' Jos (Sidia) inspr h6844 California av 
Kappas Bertha rl35 Highland (OC) 
Kappel Wm slsmn P J Mann Printery 
Kaprocki Frank clo prsr r32 155th (C 

" Michl (Theresa) h32 155th (OC) 

" Steph M (Eliz M) prsmn W B Conkey 
Co h705 166th 

Kaps Edw (Anna) mldr hl308 Summer 
Kaptur Kate P (wid Aug) h4345 Hoh- 
man av 

" Raymond A r4345 Hohman av 
” Thaddeus J (Winona R) mach opr S 
REMCo r4401 Wabash av 
Kapucinski Jos r4339 Torrence av 
" Stanley (Antoinette) lab h4339 Tor¬ 
rence av 

" Stanley jr r4339 Torrence av 
Kapuscynskl Andrew (Pauline) h4127 
Grover av 

•' Helen fety wkr r4127 Grover av 
Karabes Geo cook Roby Inn Cafe r802 
Indianapolis blvd (PORoby) 
Karagias Alex (Emily A) taxicabs 116 

Karambelas Geo elk Goldblatt Bros r 
Dalton Ill 

Karas Angelo (Athena) dairy wkr Jersey 
Maid Dairy h6117 Columbia av 
Karch Alvin F (Edith) loco eng h6617 
Jackson av 

Karls Jos bartndr John C Karr 
•" Peter J (Virginia F) steel wkr h250 

Kark Geo (Eliz) steel wkr h2422 White 
Oak av (POWhi) 

Karkos Ernst (Magdalen) carp !h7316 
Jefferson av 

Karl Louis (Anna) out layer h4 Locust 
" Ruth E tel opr C&CDTCo r4 Locust 
•' Wilford L (Ruth J) millwright h267 

Karlen Walter E (Amy) slsmn h9d0 
174th pi 

Karlock Jos meat ctr Columbia Packing 
Co r DeMotte 

Karlowicz Eug (Helen) h4518 Torrence 
" Eug jr lab r41518 Torrence av 
Karlsten Herman porter Geo Tarjack r 
637 Indianapolis blvd (PORPby) 
Karmanoff Anton (Mary) lab hl026 

Karmanus Rosalie restr wkr r302 157th 

Karmelkom Shop (Adolphus J Murden) 
confrs 5311 Hohman av 
Karnafel Metro (Ethel) riveter h927 

Karnas Frances A elk IBTCo r4336 

Towle av _ 

Karner Eleanor r493 Gordon (CO 
" Ernest (Clara) baker 5446 Hohman 
av and 122 Sibley h493 Gordon (C 

" Ernest H (Loretta B) baker Ernest 
Karner h497 Gordon (CC) 

" Herbert H (Bernice) baker Ernest 
Karner h308 153d pi (OC) 

Karnes Chas S steel wkr r rear 1103 

Karailowicz Stella hsekpr 931 Merrill 
Kams Clarence H (Janice) bus opr C& 
CDTCo r Gary 

Karos Theo J (Hannah) firemn hl248 

Karr Arth P (Mildred I) agt Continental 
Oil Co h6935 VanBuren av 
' Bernard lab r311 State (OC) 

" Chas lab r31il State (CC) 

Cynthia (wid Martin) h311 State <C 

• Forrest r6849 Arkansas av 

" John C (Rose J) tavern 5 State (CC) 
h248 Ruth (OC) j t ^ „ 

Martin H (Opal L) bartndr John C 
Karr h5519 Alice av 
" Stanley i Agnes) h1228>4 Field 

• Walter J elk NIPSCo r311 W State 


Karras Andrew r5915 Wallace rd 
" Aphrodite (wid Nathaniel) r6345 Jeff¬ 
erson av 

•' Louis N (Kath) mgr Jersey Maid 
Dairy h6345 Jefferson av 
Karsnevech Michl (Matilda) car bldr h 
450 Freeland av (CC) 

" Wm r450 Freeland av (OC) 
Karsnevich Orest (Sophie) car repr h619 
Sibley blvd (OC) 

” Wm elk r619 Sibley blvd (CC) 
Karson Grant (Gloria) electn h6801 
Kansas av 

Karsten Chas r935 Cherry 
" Edw C prsmn r935 Cherry 
" Eleanor (wid Edw) hsekpr 6421 Gar¬ 
field av 

" Helen mach opr NIPSCo r5831 Erie 
" John W (Stella A) prs opr SREMCo 
h’5831 Erie av 

” Ruth sten Hammond National Co r 
5831 Erie av 

Kartch Richd driver Grennan Bakeries 
Inc r Chicago 

Kartz John (F June) h 434 - H o ffm a n — 
Kasarda Julia rl'113 Benedict (POWhi) 
Kasch Edw (Helen) r207 Gostlin 
Wm A (Emma) oil wkr hl524 Brown 
av (POWhi) 

" Wm J (Dora) lab h207 Gostlin 
Kashak Elinor sten John A Melyn (W) 
rl946 Atchison av (POWhi) 

" Leo (Martha) oil wkr hl946 Atchi¬ 
son av (POWhi) 


" Norbert (Irene) firemn hl724 Park 
View av (POWhi) 

Kasher Stanley R (Genevieve) steel wkr 
h4120 Towle av 

Kasin Oscar (Mary) handy mn h6737 

Kasony Betty elk Superior Bakery r E 

Kasper Beatrice M bkpr Singer Sew 
Mach Co r5541 Sohl av 
•' Carl lab C&ERR r612 Sibley 
" Edw steel wkr rl652 Indianapolis blvd 

" Eleanor r445 Waltham 
" Geo A lab r5541 Sohl av 
" John (Augusta) blr mkr h445 Wal¬ 

" Jos elk Harry A Stross rl652 Indian¬ 
apolis blvd (POWhi) 

" Jos (Helen M) sheet metal wkr h4722 
Elm av 

" Jos P (Daisy) sta eng City Dept of 
Water Wks h6924 Hohman av 
" Louis A (Cath) wldr h5714 Erie av 
" Michl R (Margt) steel wkr hl652 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

Rudolph D (Genevieve) Janitor 
Herschbach Mtr Corp 'h5541 Sohl av 
" Stella sten Sevald & Sevald r E Chi¬ 
cago a 

Kasperan John (Mary) oil wkr hl921 
Superior av (POWhi) 

" Margt sten nl921 Superior av (PO 

Kasprowicz Lawrence CMew y) hl230 
121st (POWhi) 

Kasprzak Celia B asmhlr r657 Freeland 
av (CC) 

" John pipe ftr r415 Pulaski rd (CC) 

" Tillie A h415 Pulaski rd (OC) 

" Vincent (Marie) h657 Freeland av (C 

" Walter car bldr r415 Pulaski rd (CC) 
Kasprzycki Walter porter Peter Levent r 
6019 Schaack av 

Kasprzyk Matthew J h4844 Magnolia av 
Kasser John (Frances) slsmn Montgom¬ 
ery Ward Co r6847 Arkansas av 
Kaste Alton (Photo Press Service) r 

Kasten Charlotte bkpr Beatty Mach & 
Mfg Co r838 Drackert 
" Janet elk r838 Drackert 
•' Marie (wid Walter) h838 Drackert 
" Th eo sw tchmn r838 Drackert 
" Walter' E (Florence) pres h220 Car- 

Kasti Lakaras (Agnes) barber 7 Pulaski 
rd (OC) r Chicago Ill 
Kaszak Celia (wid Walter) h241 156th 

” Chester V elk Seifer Fum Co r241 
156th (CC) 

" Ervin M lab r241 156th (CO 
" Frances hlpr r241 156th (OC) 

" Frank r431 156th (CC) 

" Steven h431 156tfh (CC) 

Kaszuba Albert (Veronica) custodian h 
4422 Calumet av 

" Basil (Mary) shoe repr 30 154th pi (C 
C) h do 

" Genevieve elk r2905 138th pi (Bur) 
" Helen sten Calumet Auto Wrecking 
Co h4422 Calumet av> 

" John J r513 Pulaski rd (OC) 

" Jos (Mary) driver h2905 138th pi 


" Stanley r2905 138th pi (Bur) 

” Steph (Mary) hlpr h4428 Henry av 
" Steph (Josephine) inspr h513 Pulaski 
rd (OO 

" Theo atndt Frank Ondo r4422 Calu¬ 
met av 

'• Thos (Phyllis) h4508 Elm av 
" Vincent rlOl Industrial rd 
•' Violet ctr W B Conkey Co r513 Pul¬ 
aski rd (OC) 

Kaszula Walter (Violet M) lab h448 
155th pi (CC) 

Katalinik Ivan rlOl Industrial rd 
Kataras Rena Mrs mgr Barnetts Millin¬ 
ery Inc r Chicago Ill 
Katch John J (Irene) oil wkr h2260 In¬ 
dianapolis blvd (POWhi) 

Katona 'Ale*-(Ethel; Maywood Garage 
& Service Station) h5824 Columbia 


" Alex jr slsmn Maywood Garage & 
Service Station r5824 Columbia av 
" Chas (Marjorie) atndt Ohas F Ka¬ 
tona h6237 Madison av 
" Chas F (Ethel M) auto mech May- 
wood Garage & Service Station h 
6104 Ray av 

" Wm atndt Cnas F Katona r6104 Ray 
Katsipos Chris (Eagle Cleaning Shop) r 
446 Plummer 

Katsma Simon (Grace) h4536 Ash av 
Katz Geo elk Goldblatt Bros r Chicago 
" Sol (Mary E) driver h239 Waltham 

Katzbach Henry C (Stella) loco eng h 
264 Florence 

Katzy Book Shop (Marie Moran, Mary 
Kristel) 5270>4 Hohman av 
Katzjinsky Carl (Susan) r313 155th (C 

" Frank J tester h313 155th (OC) 
Kauchak Andrew (Eliz) oil wkr hl411 
Roberts av (POWhi) 

" Frank (Lillian) hlpr hl439 Myrtle av 

" Martin P (Eleanor) oil wkr hl816 
Davis av (POWhi) / 

" Thos J (Julia) carrier PO (W) h2138 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

Kaufer Chas (Tillie) slsmn hl25 157th 

' " Norett tchr Woodrow Wilson Sch 
(CC) rl25 157th (CO 
" Stanley C slsmgr Seifer Furn Co rl25 
il57th (OC) 

Kauffman Kenneth B (Ruth) city fire¬ 
mn h553 Highland 

Kaufman Chas (Charlotte) sec-treas 
Siegrist & Kaufman Inc r Highland 
" Chas N (Dorothy) elk h314 156th pi 

" Emily Mrs elk Victory Cleaners & 
Dyers r235 Williams 
" Harry (Florence J) pdlr h6241 Jack- 
son ay 

" Mary (Hoosier Style Shop) rl813 
Sheridan av (W) 

" Wm elk W B Conkey Co r5932 Hoh¬ 
man av 

" Wm H (Lydia) car inspr h714 In¬ 

Kaufmann Harlan (Ruth) rl2 Warren 

KAUL FELIX A, Prosecuting Attorney 
Lake County, r Gary, Ind 
Kaun Robt F (Wilma) mach hd h2 Ruth 
apt 7 

" Robt H (Gertrude) h929 Lyons 
" Walter V (Mildred D) sta eng h7226 
Madison av 

Kaupke Harry C (Kath F) wldr h546 

Kavalunas Peter rlOl Industrial rd 
Kavanagh Cath (wid John) rll Webb 

" Walter J (Leone) film opr hll Webb 

" Wm ‘S (Florence) film opr Hohman 
Theatre h935 State blvd 
Kavanaugh Dorothy tchr Douglas Seth r 
E Chicago 

Kaveckas Frank (Mary C) car inspr h 
5616 Beall av 

Kavocik John S (Mildred) lab h2422 
Birch av (POWhi) 

Kavor John (Anne) oil wkr hl61il Rob¬ 
erts av (POWhi) 

Kavosick John (Mary) still clnr hl633 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Kawa Henry driver Hammond Furni¬ 
ture Mart Inc 

Kawohl Wm J (Dorothy) printer h623 

Kaye Albert L (Helen B) metallurgist h 
232 Vine 

" Rose Mrs r610 165th 
Kays Ellen (wid Harry M) h907 Drack¬ 

" Harold E elk r907 Drackert 
Kazen Evelyn r32 Williams 
" Garrett (Mitzie) carp Fred C Rowley 
& Sons Inc h533 Douglas av (CC) 
" Jacob (Julia) supt Fred C Rowley & 
Sons Inc h32 Williams 
Kazimer Andrew M (Jean M) chemist h 
44 Locust 

Kazka Jos rlOl Industrial rd 





Kazlowski Prank rlOl Industrial rd 
Kazmierczak Adajn (Rose) chipper h 
4231 Cameron av 

" Cecelia smstrs r4231 Cameron av 
■ Helen smstrs r4231 Cameron av 
Kazmierski Alex (Helen) chain mkr h 
4632 Sheffield av 

" Clara R emp StMargt Sch of Nursing 
r6238 Columbia av 
" Edmund J lab r6236 Columbia av 
Edw (Julia) lab rll24 Ames 
•• Helen Mrs gro 4632 Sheffield av h do 
•' Henry lab C&ERR r6236 Columbia av 
" Irene elk r6236 Columbia av 
Je»- (Anna S) poultry 6236 Columbia 
av h do 

" Stanley (Prances) hi 124 Ames 
Kazmirski Adam (Agnes) fety wkr h4431 
Towle av 

" Casimir M (Mary D) madh opr W B 
Conkey Co h605 Gordon (OC) 

" Edw appr Badall Eng & Mfg Co r605 
Gordon (OC) 

Kazynski Edw coal rl6 Mason 
•' Floyd coml artist rl6 Mason 
Keane Eileen tchr Keane’s Dancing Sch 
r5832 Hohman av 

" Mary E (wid John G; Keane’s Danc¬ 
ing School) h5832 Hohman av 
Keane’s Dancing School (Mrs Mary E 
Keane) 5832 Hohman av 
Kearby Jerome C (Dorothy) news agey 
6151 Columbia av hll41 Field 
Kearney Virgil J i Prances M) solr Home 
Finance Co hl31 157th (OC) 
Keating Jas rlOl Industrial rd 
Keay Harry L (Kathryn) dispr h564 
Harrison av (OC) 

Keck Frances M dir Girl Scouts Inc r 
Waltham Hotel 

Keckicih Danl (Salome) layout mn h7138 
Magoun av 

" John A (Lucille) formn h632 165th 
'Thos hl024 Myrtle av (POWhi) 

" Walter lawyer rl024 Myrtle av (PO 

Kedar Geo S (Christine) brklyr h436 

" Lota M Mrs office mgr Home Finance 
Co h237 Highland apt 301 
'Thos (Lota M) investigator h237 
Highland apt 301 

Kedrowski Casmir B (Thelma) elk Calu¬ 
met City PO h328 153d (OC) 
Frances sten rl31 155th (OC) 

" Frank (Mary) hl31 155th (OC) 
Nettie A bkpr Woolworth’s rl31 155th 

" Stanley mach opr W B Conkey Co r 
131 155th (CC) 

Keefe Jas compositor Hammond Times 
r5953 Wallace rd 

Keefer Louis E agt CSS&SBRR r E Chi¬ 

Keegan Ethel beauty opr Trobey’s 
Beauty Salon r726 Locust 
" Prank (Mamie) steel wkr hTOfr Locust 
John J (Helen) driver 11514-Florence 
Mary A (wid John J) h491o Elm av 
" Thos J wtchmn r4910 Elm av 
Keehn Harry G (Edith) mech Bohling 
„ Auto Sis Inc h637 Hoffman 
Keeler Bert O (Edna) prin Washington 
Sch h6527 Jackson av 
LIC LIBRARY, Mrs Winnie Opp Li¬ 
brarian, cor Oak and Hoffman 
Eug M (Henrietta M) lab Riverdale 
Products Co h6717 California av 
' Harvev L (Dorothy) prsmn h932 

" Helen Mrs r222 Doty 
” John R chemist r4849 Ash av 
" Marion lab Riverdale Products Co 
" Mary L (wid John) h4849 Ash av 
Robt, S (Blanche C) trav rep h7226 
Jefferson av 

" Wm atndt Garrett M Knight 

Keeley Paul D trmr Roys Body & Fen¬ 
der Co r Gary 
" Wm lab r7D3 Indiana 
" Wm H (Georgia A) steel wkr h4530 
Sheffield av 

Keeling Lloyd Z (Juanita) steel wkr h 
832 Indiana 

Keen Louis E (Anna) h47 Waltham 
’’ Louis E jr (Dorothy) formn hll Mid¬ 
way ct 

Keene Annice Mrs h7206 Marshall av 
" Bernard L (Bernice) janitor NIPSCo 
h4712 Torrence av 

" John N (Madelyn M) slsmn Dreyfus 
Elec Appl Co h919 Eaton 
Keener John S (Charlotte) maintenance 
mn h444 Kenwood 

Keesee Roy C (Margt) h302 157th (C 

" Walter (Anna) pntr hll04 Becker 
Keeshin Motor Express Co Inc John 
Viderito mgr 464 Sibley 
Keever Matthew C (Eliz) sta eng h427 

Keevill H Orville (Rose) div mgr h7118 
Forest av 

Keffer Albert (Adda) h5542 Claude av 
Kegebein Fred W (Nathalie) sub sta opr 
NIPSCo h4612 Elm av 
Kehle John J formn Beckman Sup Co 
r Oak Glen 

Kehler Edw J rlOl Industrial rd 
Keidel Wm (Anna) h rear 832 Merrill 
Keightley Harry A (Georgia) wtchmn h 
5625 Sohl av 

" Harry A jr lab r5625 Sohl av 
Keil Eug r3644 Arizona 
" Peter L (Caroline C) yd mstr h6644 
Arizona av 

Keilman Anna (wid Leonard) h686 For¬ 
sythe av (CC) 

" Anthony P (Marion) supt h6132 Ray 
” Chas M (Grace E) ice 1435 Steiber 
<W) h684 State Line av (OC) 

" Clarence bar tndr r25 Ogden 
" Clarence gdnr Indiana Botanic Gar¬ 
dens r Dyer 

" Earl coil clnr r25 Ogden 
" Edw (Sally) elk Harry Peaker h rear 
29 Clinton 

" Edw P coil clnr rl2 Doty 
" Emma (wid • Henry) hilll3 Sibley 
” Grace E Mrs opr IBTCo h684 State 
Line av (CC) 

" Henry J (Gladys) h4130 Sheffield av 
” Herbert J (Sylvia) baker Superior 
Bakery h6215 Harrison av 
" J E compositor Hammond Times r 

" John M CEhst r4124 Sheffield av 
" Jos F (Teresa) driver h563 Douglas 
av (CC) 

" Marcella A asst mgr Peggie Hale Inc 
r563 Douglas av (OC) 

" Marie r25 Ogden 

" Mary M sten Hammond News Agency 
r8 Carroll 
t Michl h25 Ogden 
’’ Peter C (Margt) hl2 Doty 
" Raymond r25 Ogden 
" Robt J (Frances) steel wkr h644 Sib¬ 

" Victor r25 Ogden 
" Wm F (Flora) hlpr City Garbage 
Dept h8 Carroll 

" Wm M (Anna) h554 Gordon (CC) 
Keilny Francis Rev tchr Catholic Cen¬ 
tral High School of Lake County r 
1435 Hoffman 

Keim Frank W (Ruth C) oil wkr h'1504 
Brown av (POWhi) 

’’ Rita M tchr Lafayette Sch rl504 
Brown av (POWhi) 

Keir Thos (Irene) swtchmn h012 Gost- 

Kelser Fredk J (Min nie) custodian h860 
Wentworth av (OC) 

•' Wm O (Hettie) formn hl!12 Drackert 


> ZHZ 

r- ozR 


















114th Street end Lake Ave. Phone*: Whiting 670-671 and Hammond Enterprise 1880 

Headquarter*: Lake Shore Housing Guild_Whiting, Ind. 

Keister Roy (Chloe) oil wkr hl516 
Myrtle av (POWhi) 

Keith J Kenneth (K Irene) body wkr h 
4604 Johnson av 

" Oral (Mabel) car repr h934 Myrtle av 


" Wm C (Ida E) chiropractor 5141 Hoh- 
man av R105 h5909 Wallace rd 
Keithley Prank T (Myrtle) sis mgr 
Herschbach Mtr Corp h534 High¬ 

'• Hattie (wid Herbert) r534 Highland 
Keitzer J Wilbert (Ellen) drugs 4539 
Hohman av h do 
Kekeis Arth mach r4834 Pine av 
" Dagny R (wid Micfhl) 'h4834 Pine av 
Kekelik Esther nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r454d Johnson av 
" Harry r211 Hanover 
" Henry (Frances) ship elk Pratt Food 
Co hl23 155th (CC) 

" Irene D lab Pratt Food Co r211 Han¬ 

" John E (Theresa M) lab r4608 Hick¬ 
ory av 

” Loretta C lab Pratt Food Co r211 

" Metro B (Victoria K) formn Pratt 
Food Co h4541 Johnson av 
" Michl M (Bessie S) formn Pratt Food 
Co h211 Hanover 

” Steph H (Mabel) lab h4217 Hohman 
Kelavos Leo G (Helen) auto wkr h5945 
Hyslop pi apt 305 

Keldenich Albert G (Hazel) city firemn 
'h807 Carroll 
" Rose sten r807 Carroll 
" Rose (wid Arnold) h807 Carroll 
Kellams Arvel (Inez) tmkpr h744 Plum¬ 

" Forrest cook Goldblatt Bros r Chi¬ 

" Jas (Pauline) oil wkr r744 Plummer 
Kelleher Edw J (Cornelia) steel wkr h 
5535 Walter av 

" Jias P (Lorena) loader hl021 Lyons 
Keller Anne Mrs h243 Elizabeth 'CC) 

■ Anthony (Mina) lab h544 Green Bay 
av (OC) 

"CJws-W (Olive M) elk NIPSCo h552 
Forsythe av (CC) 

•' Donald (Frances) tchr h253 Vine 
" Edw J credit mgr W J Holliday & Co 
r Chicago 

" Elmo R r660 Freeland av (OC) 

" Eug L elk IHBRR r3 Mason (CC) 

" Frank C (Myrtle E) slsmn hl2 High¬ 
land (OC) 

•' Gene (Isabelle) auto meefh h3 Mason 

" Geo slsmn Standard Equip & Sup 
Corp r6140 Alexander av 
" Geo B (Irene) elk Standard Equip & 
Sup Corp h236 Russell 
" Gustav G (Anna M) carp h6233 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

" Guy V (Dorothy) slsmn h343 157th 

" Hattie A cash Western & Sou Life Ins 
Co r4918 Cedar av 
" Henry (Marie) instr r620 State Line 
av (OC) 

" Hildegarde sten r6233 Jefferson av 
" Jacob r609 Michigan 
" Jennie bkpr Abrahamson Mtr Sis r 
4918 Cedar av 

KELLER JOHN M (Lacy A), Ham¬ 
mond’s Pioneer Chiropractor, Office 
Hours 8:30 to 11 a m, 1:30 to 5 p m, 
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday by 
Appointment Only, Evening Hours 
Mondays and Fridays 6:45 to 8 p m 
459 S*-»te, Tel 1753, hl050 Highland, 
Tel 557 

•' John S h4918 Cedar av 
" John S Jr r4918 Cedar av 


•' Julia R hsekpr 268 Waltham 
" Laura Mrs sten Chas H Hurd Con¬ 
sulting Engineers r Chicago Ill 
•' Margt waiter Dallas Sdhick r609 Mich- 

olTj (Goldie) loco eng h660 Free¬ 
land av (OC) 

" Richd F steei wkr r660 Freeland av 

Kellert Ethel Mrs gro 633 Wentworth 
av (CC) h do 

Kelley Alex D (Louise) formn h7022 Van 
Buren av 

Chas C (Doris C) carp h406 15Sth (C 

" Edna L sten Champion Corp r509 De¬ 

Frank J (Margt) carp h818' 174th 
" Frank J jr driver r818 174th 
" Geo E (Louise) mech NIPSCo h6539 
Jackson av 

' Harrv H (Marie R; Kelley Indian Co) 
h6229 Madison av 

" Indian Co (Harry H Kelley) motor¬ 
cycles 7138-40 State 
•" Jas E (Maude; Kelley’s Mineral Fume 
Baths) h5705 Hohman av 
" Jos (Antoinette) hll27 il64th pi 
• Jos D (Viola B) ssmn Herschbach 
Mtr Corp h6319 Garfield av 
'• Lester K 'Margt) sub sta opr NIPS 
Co h4341 Ash av 
'• Mabelle maid 6552 Forest av 
" Mina sten r818 174th 
Patk (Lavonia) inspr h248 Humpfer 
•• Robt R (Mae) lab h410 Detroit 
" Russell carp r818 174th 
' Theresa rll27 164th pi 
Wm E (Lucille) mach opr h903 Mor¬ 

Kelley’s Mineral Fume Baths (Jas E 
Kelley) 5705 Hohman av 
Kellison Laura B (wid Carey W) r809 
Forsythe av apt 3 (CC) 

Kellner Albert L (Kath) slsmn r524 Har¬ 
rison av (CC) , , 

’■ Herman A office 140 Sibley r Highland 
Kellogg Eliz (wid John C) rl08 152d apt 
21 (OC) 

Kelly Annette waiter r524 Sibley 
Carl D pres LaSalle Steel Co r Win- 
netka Ill 

’ David slsmn r224 Carroll 

■ Edw r23 State 

•• Edw J (Helen) blksmith h4737 Oak av 

■ Edw J (Ruth) steel wkr h6320 Jeffer- 

•' Francis (Louise) formn h7548 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

” Geo lab r5236 Oakley av 
I ’’ Georgina Mrs r5422 Hohman av 
! " Honr y -9 slsmn Herbst & Co r6238 

" Jas F (Eunice M) civil eng rl501 Ken¬ 
ilworth av (CC) 

•' Jas J elk W J Holliday & Co r Chi¬ 

" Jas J sec Calumet City Board of 
Education hl501 Kenilworth av (C 

’ John cook r662 Sibley 
•" John (Mary) crane opr h5443 Tell av 
" John D (Cath I) inspr h45 156th pi 

” John P (Mary E) plstr h30 Carroll 
’’ John P Jr elk Standard Equip & Sup 
Corp r30 Carroll 
" ‘ Jos r- rear 51 Doty 
" Jos L (Helen) constr mech h2732 Ken¬ 

" Lester J confr 635 Wentworth av (C 
C) rl501 Kenilworth av (CC) 

’’ Luke H (Helen) elk NIPSCo h5249 
Ann av 

•' Mack G (Eliz) hl22 Ruth (CC) 

•’ Mary waiter City Hall Confectionery 
r236 "*“■ --- 

154th pi (CC) 


ic — SHIPPING Let Us Prove We Oan Move 

One of the Finest Fireproof Warehouses in Lake County 

ranee Protection — Financial and Moral Responsibility—Your Household Effects A 
--d Men—We Invite Your Inspector 




Carefully Handled by 



Nelle Mrs h608% Sibley 
" Nettie Mrs r4403 Clark av 
Patk J (Amelia) city policemn h25 

•' Robt J (Alice) shirt ctr h919 Eaton 
" T Lloyd v-pres LaSalle Steel Co r 
Winnetka Ill 

Thos J rlOl Industrial rd 
KelSheimer Harry oiler h516 Indiana 
Kelso Geo J < Helen C) buyer h216 Ruth 

Keltner Alvin lab r760 Indiana 
Kemp Clarence E (Mary E) car inspr h 
6815 Madison av 
O l i ver F hi 158 Sibley 
Kempanski Walter (Mary) mach hlpr h 
23 156th (OC) 

Kempf Kath (wid Jacob) hl012 Myrtle 
av (POWHi) 

Kemps Wm (Annai riveter h829 May 
Kenda Andrew (Susan) hl530 Roberts 
av (POWhi) 

Ann fety wkr rl530 Roberts av (PO 

" Anthony J hlpr City Dept of Water 
Wks rl528 Myrtle av (POWhi) 
d uli rr i Anna) lab hl528 Myrtle av (P 

" John (Mary) oil wkr hl738 Lake av 

" Julia elk Oasis Liquor Store (W) r 
1530 Roberts av (POWhi) 

Julius lab Whiting Shade & Awning 
Co <W> rl528 Myrtle av 
" Sophie fctywkr rl530 Roberts av (PO 

Kendall Clarence O (Myrtle) h550 

" David (Peggy) hlpr Seifer Purn Co 
hll36 Wilcox av 

" Eliz Mrs slswn Anderson-Blackmun 
Inc h426 Waltham 

Kender Elmer A (Mabel L) electn h6846 
Colorado av 

Fred F lab r2842 New York av (PO 

" John lab r2842 New York av (PO 

" John oil wkr rl638 Davis av (PO 

" John jr (Eliz) steel wkr h2026 Su¬ 
perior av (POWhi) 

" Jos h2842 New York av (POWhi) 

" Jos (Lena) oil wkr rl726 Atdhison av 

" Sue beauty opr Ella’s Beauty Parlor 
Kenfferick Wm steel wkr r6843 Alabama 
Kendo Anna cook rl531 Myrtle av (PO 

" Julius lab rl531 Myrtle av (POWhi) 
" Steph (Anna) oil wkr hl531 Myrtle 
av (POWhi) 

Kendrick Wm F (Clara) eng h6734 Cal¬ 
ifornia av 

Kenealy John J (Edna) steel wkr h939 

Kenes Michl (Mary) h2110 Lincoln av 

Keniston C Elbert (Ruth V) soap mkr 
h6720 Hohman av 

Kennard Chas S (Ethel M) 'h7029 Van 
Buren av 

Kennedy Ada M (wid Walter) hl031 

Amy Mrs r915 Sibley 
" Arth J (Margt) tavern 5262% Hoh¬ 
man av hll Mason 
’’ Bernice H sten r725 Mulberry 
Chas L (Cora I) pipe ftr hlpr h905 

" Doris slswn Marlene Shop r903 Bauer 
Edw L (Gladys) oil wkr hl622 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

;; Edw T (Marie) elk h404 Waltham 
Forrest J crane opr r3219 173d 
Harold F (Louise L) h5545 AUce av 

" Harry S cond 'h5411 Price pi 
" Helen tchr Hammond Hi Sch r223 
Webb apt 9B 

” Howard H (Genevieve) electn h903 

" Jack S (Edna) formn r5946 Hohman 
" Jesse C (Beulah) driver NIPSCo h604 
Ingraham av (OC) 

" John C (Chloe) formn Pullman-Stan¬ 
dard Car Mfg Co h5945 Park pi 
" John J (Florence M) mach h443 

'' Kath r404 Waltham 
” Laundry Mrs Audrey Clark br mgr 
744 State and 4907 Calumet av 
" Lilly (wid Otis) h725 Mulberry 
" Louise (wid Jas) h630 Truman blvd 
” Loyola tchr Woodrow Wilson Sch (C 
C) r Chicago Ill 
" Maude Mrs r5545 Alice av 
" Myring (Lorraine) gro 5502 Claude av 
h do 

" Oscar (Blanche) bus opr C&CDTCo 
r Gary 

■' Richd J (Dolora B) mach h617 Ingra¬ 
ham av (CC) 

" Roy H (Hope) firemn hl009 Lyons 
" Sarah L (wid John L) h223 Webb apt 

" Thos S county assessor Lake County 
r Crown Point Ind RD 2 
Kennell Edw C (Marie H) emp Riley 
Banking Corp h7031 Magoun av 
Kennett Grover w wtchmn h232 Marble 
Kenney Jas (Gertrude) oil wkr h461 

" Raymond (Teresa) ins agt M015 
Wentworth av (OC) 

KENNEY TERESA. V-Pres Rothschild 
& Hirseh Inc. hl015 Wentworth av 
(CC), Tel 7422-W 

Kenny Bernard (Wilma) loco eng h967 

Howard chf elk r967 Michigan 
Kent Jack lab r637 Ingraham av (CC) 
" Russell loco eng r2707 161st 
Kenwood Food Shoppe (Alvin H Pbppe) 
gros 6243 Hohman av 
" School 6411 Moraine av 
Kenyeri Steph rlOl Industrial rd 
Kenyon Karmel C (Bertha M) steelwkr 
h564 Douglas av (CC) 

" Stanton T swtchmn r4826 Elm av 
" Thos F (Netta V) swtchmn h4826 
Elm av 

Keogle Owen r Hotel Jerome 
Kepert Agnes elk r38 Detroit 
" Arnold student r38 Detroit 
" Frances compt opr r38 Detroit 
" Maude S Mrs h38 Detroit 
Kepes Paul rlOl Industrial rd 
Kepke Ruth tchr Maywood Sch rl!3 

h6813 Ontario av 

Kepperling Ray H (Ruth) pipe ftr h252 

KepDle David W steel wkr h417 Wal¬ 

Kerber Clarence (Ann) elk r6246 Jeffer¬ 
son av 

" Ida (wid John C) r6637 Jackson av 

" Walter K stockmn W T Grant Co r 
6637 Jackson av 

Kerger Mathias H (Anna A) sec Secur¬ 
ities Guaranty Corp h7 Elizabeth 

Kerkian Geo (Mary) still clnr h6820 
Columbia av 

Kerlin Geo (Sonhia) steel wkr hl712 
Davis av (POWhi) 

” Harry oil wkr rl712 Davis av (PO 

” Rebecca M asst Aubrey E Sceerey 
(W> r2045 Superior av (POWhi) 


c n 






1 ° 

4 ^ 






538-42 STATE PHONE 6190 

Kerman Edwin A (Signa) furrier 5270 | 
Hohman av h Cedar Lake 
" Robt furrier Edwin A Kerman r Ce¬ 
dar Lake 

Kermives John rlOl Industrial rd 
Kerner Anna iwid John) r4331 Sheffield 
" Bert R (Olive E) elk h825 115th (PO 

" John H h4330 Grover av 
" Roy W r4330 Grover av 
Kerns Marie waiter Vito Mannino r5266 
Hohman av 

" Nannie slswn hl06 Sibley blvd (CC) 
Kerr Benj U (Laura) h4608 Pine av 
" Chas P (Gertrude) brklyr h6245 Jef¬ 
ferson av 

•' Chas P (Olive) lab rl610 Roberts av 

" Chas S hlpr NIPSCo r518 Plumber 
" Dellace D (Joycie) oiler h864 Plummer 
" Edw P (Irene M) dentist 5241-45 Hoh¬ 
man av Rll r308 Elizabeth (OC) 

" Geo r864 Plummer 
" Irene M Mrs elk E C Minas Co r308 
Elizabeth (CC) 

Kerrick Anthony T fdr W B Conkey Co 
r Chicago 

" Claude (Pearl) lab h915 Cherry 
" Dorothy waiter Nicholas Gasparovic 
r915 Cherry 

" Ernest (Dorothy) oilwkr h6614 Mc¬ 
Cook av 

Kerrigan J J r5946 Hohman av 
" Walter student r5946 Hohman av 
Kerschbaum Karl L (Blanche) metallur¬ 
gist h7317 Magoun av 
Kerschofske Prank D (Margt E) opr 
NIPSCo h465 Michigan 
Kershaw Edw mgr Goldblatt Bros r 

Kersting Chas lab r814 Hoffman 
Kerwin John H (Cora C) formn NIPSCo 
h433 Michigan 

Kesling Harold D orthodontist 5231 ^Wh¬ 
irl an av R720-21 r LaPorte 
" John H (Margt) elk First Trust Drug 
Store hl805 Davis av apt 202 (PO 

Kessel Libbie M mgr Three Sisters Inc 
r6009 Hohman av 

;ssing A J (Josephine) elk Carbide & 
Carbon Chemicals Corp (W) h6415 
Garfield av 

Kessinger Eliz tchr h334 157th (CC) 

" Sami W (Ruth M) slsmn h334 (157th 

Kessler Cecil D (Pearl) hlpr hl217 Lyons 
" Chas r515 State 

" Chester J (Gladys) tchr Hammond Hi 
Sch h6325 Moraine av 
” Edw W (Clara A) formn h538 Gar¬ 
field av (CC) 

" Ernest L (Rosa) pumper h911 Logan 
" Glenn W elk Carbide & Carbon 
Chemicals Corp (W) rl550 Amy av 

" Harold G oilwkr rl550 Amy av (PO 

" Harry C (Esther) asst signalmn h4435 
Sheffield av 

" Harry C (Anna K) inspr hl550 Amy 
av (POWhi) 

" Helen elk Kroger-Consumers r6632 
Arizona av 

" Karl K (Agnes) oilwkr h2728 New 
York av (POWhi) 

'• Norman H hlpr rl550 Amy av (PO 

" Richd (Wynona) steelwkr h6825 Ar¬ 
kansas av 

" Russell (Helen) steelwkr r6632 Ari¬ 
zona av 

" Sami C (Belle E) welder hl725 Davis 
av (POWhi) 

" Ward J (Stella) barber 6937 Kennedy 
av h6728 Arizona av 
Kestner Mattie (wid Patk) h5718 North- 
cote av 


" Patk A (Johanna H) lab h5726 North- 
cote av 

Ketchum Alden W (Irene) hlpr IBTCo 
h4524 Pine av 

” Harry (PtorenceL) loco eng h6520 
Jefferson av apt 1 
Keterick Margt elk Pete Gionnini 
Kettel Max mach rl8 State 
Kettler Claimsr J (Audrey) asst service 
mgr Smith Mtr Sis Inc h907 Cherry 
Kettwig Geo .Mildred) hlpr h441 
Plummer av (OC) 

" Mildred cash Goldblatt Bros r441 
Plummer av (OC) 

Kev Gertrude mach opr rll40 Highland 
Keyes Thos I (Anna M) swtchmn h638 
Douglas av (OC) 

Kicho Eva iwid John) hl216 1 ^ Field 
" John r 1216 '4 Field 
" Mary sten rl216V4 Field 
~ Steve delmn Goldblatt Bros rl216(i 

Kick Robt R (Veronica) mach opr h4735 
Towle av 

" Veronica Mrs elk E C Minas Co h 
4735 Towle av 

Kickich Nick oil wkr rl920 Lincoln av 

Kidd Arth L (Grace) lab h634 Plummer 
" Orville E (Juanita) roofer r634 

Kidney Jos E (Anne) student hl638 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" Mary A (wid Robt C) h5634 Hohman 
Kieckheafer Henry F (Mary M) tchr 
Tech-Vocational Sch h6523 Jackson 
" Mary M tchr Tech-Vocational Sch r 
6523 Jackson av 

Kiedaisch Wm J mgr Continental 
Baking Co r Gary 

Kiefer Chris V dockman Crown Point 
Transfer Co 

" Jos F (Janet F; Calumet Pure Water 
Co) h614 H73d 

Kiekenapp Ernest (Wanetta) sta atndt 
h 1817 Sophies la (POWhi) 

'• Floyd pntr rl945 Warwick av (PO 

Ralph F (Margt) pntr hl945 Warwick 
av (POWhi) 

" Raymond H (Florence) elk NIPSCo h 
6814 Carolina av 

" Walter W (Mary J) pntr 634 Stewart 
ct (POWhi) h do 
" Wm A (Eliz) pntr h49 Condit 
Kiel Peter (Leona E) lab h4920 Hickory 
Kielar Eleanor maid r4525 ASh av 
" Joan elk Benj Shrago r4525 Ash av 
" Vincent 3 (Anna) car bldr h4525 Ash 
Kleib Stanley (Cath) r905 Merrill 
Kielbania Lawrence (Stella) h911 

" Mary fety wkr r911 Morris 
" Stanley fety wkr r911 Morris 
Kielbovich Eva elk rl'118 Kenwood 
Michl (Sophie) hlll8 Kenwood 
Kieras Adeline N sten Ruben I Fried¬ 
man r207 156th (CC) 

•• C Stanley lab C&ERR h34 156th (CC) 
" Genevieve wrapper r34 156th (OC) 
" Helen G r207 156th (CC) ^ 

" John (Sophie) caretkr h34 156th (CC) 

■ Jos (AUce) hl4 156th (OC) , ,, 
" Jos (Helen) lab C&ERR h223 Pulaski 
rd (OC) 

" Mary clean cases W B Conkey Co 
r34 156th (CC) 

" Stanley (Kate) inspr h207 158th (CC) 
Kieronski John (Anna) h4422 Dearborn 
Kiersey Clark G lab rl3915 Entre av 

" Ottmar J hl3915 Entre av (Bur) 
Kietzman Augusta (wid Aug) r6230 
Madison av . 

Kiger Benj F (Florence) steel wkr h 
7130 McCook av 


Building Material, Hardware, Paints, Millwork, Insulation, Brick, Lime, Sewer Pipe 
412 VINE ST. TELS. 6666 and 6667 


"Oscar N (Doris) slsmn Borden-Wie- 
land Div h6023 Erie av 
Right Lola A elk h826 Indiana 
” Richd r826 Indiana 
Kijak Eliz janitor Calumet bldg 
" Frank < Emily) mldr Sou Wheel Div 
hl030 Moss 
" Stanley rl030 Moss 
Kfjowski Chester (Lillian) mach opr 
SREMCo r E Chicago 
" Edw M mech Merneck’s Auto Pts Co 
r940 Gostlin 

" Frank (Flora) punchmn SREMCo 
• Jos P (Genevieve) mach h4312 Elm 
" Julius (Pearl) wldr SREMCo r Gary 
' Mary inspr r940 Gostlin 
" Pearl Mrs mgr Club Siesta r Gary 
" Sami C (Cath) crane opr SREMCo 
h4417 Ash av 

Kikkert Cornelius A temp carrier PO r 
RD 1 

Kilarski John investigator North Town¬ 
ship Trustee H044 Highland 
Kilcullen Harry hl933 Lincoln av (PO 

Kilduski Andrew (Josephine) h‘1317 
Stanton av (POWhi) 

" Lillian rl317 Stanton av (POWhi) 

’ Robt rl317 Stanton av (POWhi) 
Kiley Edw J (KatfcL) supt h20 Rose- 

Kilian Christopher (Wilma) asbestos 
wkr h621 Kane 

" Stanley (Julia) steel wkr hl3942 
Burnham av (Bur) 

Kiligen Edw M rl4047 Green Bay av 

" Frank (Margt) hl4047 Green Bay av 

" Genevieve J mach opr rl4047 Green 
Bay av (Bur) 

" Stella P mach opr rl4047 Green Bay 
av (Bur) 

" Walter T rl4047 Green Bay av (Bur) 
Kilinski Andrew bar tndr Anthony 
Visconte rl05 154th pi <OC) 

” Casmir (Eliz M) bartndr h36 155th 

" Frances B slsmn iH05 154th pi (OC) 

" Michl pres Southeastern Building & 
Loan Assn hl05 154th pi (OC) 

" Walter rlOS 154th pi (OC) 

Kilkeary Mary (wid Patk J) r211|2 
Davis av (POWhi) 

" Paul F (Gertrude) oil wkr h2112 
Davis av (POWhi) 

Killian Ignatz rlOl Industrial rd 
KiUion Homer (Nellie) electn h6534 
Alexander av 

Kilmer Josie Mrs maid hl045 Moss 
" Lee E (May) steel wkr h816 Bauer 
"Olithia B Mrs elk E C Minas Co r 
1113 Roosevelt 

" Oscar auto wkr r816 Bauer 
Kilmon Albert (Anna G) gro 602 State 
XJne av (CC) h ss Schrum rd 3 w 
Wentworth av (CC) 

Kimball Aurelia tchr Maywood Sch r 
5927 Columbia av 

" Thos B (Gertrude C) chemical eng 
. h7137 Knickerbocker pkwy 

Kimble Harold lab r4912 Cedar av 
Lucille M Mrs bkpr Agnew Motor Co 
r916 Carroll 

'Orel L chemist r916 Carroll 
Kimbrough Chas T (A»ie) formn h248 

" Lawrence G (Margt A) acct h254 
Locust apt 1W 

"Mildred R typist IHBRR r248 Detroit 
Kimmet Florence ctr W B Conkey Co r 
4932 Elm av 

' Jesse L (Julia H) mach h2H6 153d 
Pi (OC) 

Klnach Frank steel wkr r332 153d pi 
.. „ (oc > 

Stanley (Mary) h332 153d pi (CC) 

Kinas Stanley (Mary) tavern 247 153d 
pi (OC) r do 

Kincade Dwight reprmn Genl Tire Sis 
& Serv r247 Douglas 
Kincaid Lillian rlll2 Truman 
Kindel Chas r3257 Sheffield av 
" John F lab h3257 Sheffield av 
Kinder Anna cook Margaret’s Geneva 

Kindig Bessie (wid Estel) rl227 Indiana 
Kindle Roy D (Myrtle M) ins agt h 
6242 Calumet av 

King Albert R (Florence) slsmn Borden- 
Wieland Div h6407 VanBuren av 
" Bert R (Mary S) formn h249 Lawn¬ 

" Betty waiter Thos Baine 
" Chas F (Margt) lab h831 Bauer 
" Clarence F (Josephine) formn h7334 
Jackson av 

" Elmer T brkmn C&ERy r927 May 
" Flora M A Mrs elk IHBRR rl2 Webb 

" Frank H (Anna) cooper h972 Murray 
" Harold W (Bernice C) sorter W B 
Conkey Co h545 169th 
" Harry (Effie) lab h5606 Calumet av 
Harry C (Alphia L) carp 1W548 

! —- tey _ . --— —_ _ 

mobile Wreckers h4427 Cameron av 
" Harvey W (Freda) auto mech h rear 
4427 Cameron av 

" Hubert M (Cora) chemical opr h 
6138 Lyman 

" Jas J (Laura M) meter reader Calu¬ 
met City Water Dept hll2 Webb 

" Josephine Mrs mlnr Mrs Carrie Long 
h7334 Jackson av 

" Keith D (Ada) oil wkr h6431 Madison 
" Kold Ice Cream Co confrs 5638% 
Hohman av 

" Morris (Esther) oil wkr hl505 Roberts 
av (POWhi) 

" Raymond N (Ruth) cond h26 Locust 
" Steph (Mary) wtchmn h217 Doty 
" Wm (Nellie) lab Champion Corp h 
4735 Cedar av 

" Wm C (Nina) carp hill 11 Logan 
" Wm P (Mary K) elk W B Conkey 
Co h6642 Madison av 
Kingery Albert (Lucy) r729 Michigan 
" Alice elk r825 May 
" John (Callie) steel wkr h825 May 
" Sherman F (Eliz) driver C&CDTCo h 
735 Michigan 

" Wesley (Annabelle) mldr h5227 State 
Line av 

Kingeter Lawrence G (Geneva) hlpr h 
933 May 

Kingsbury Ted H (Goldie) wall paper 
printer h939 Wilcox av 
Kingsley Chas lab r716 Fayette 
" Walter J (Hazel) pipeftr h«58 Wilcox 
Kingston Ann elk Goldblatt Bros rl02 
152d apt 9 (OC) 

" C Budwelle (Frances) slsmn h5455 
State Line av 

" Jos M (Eliz M) lieut Engine Co No 
4 h5654 Claude av 

" Kathryn (wid John) rl02 152d apt 9 

" Lawrence J bar tndr h)102 152d apt 9 

" Margt L r5654 Claude av 
Klnman Benj N (Hazel) mach opr 
Riverdale Products Co hl4 Schrum 
rd (CC) 

Kinnane Jas J (Marcella; Hoosier Dry 
Cleaners; W) hl828 Indianapolis 
blvd (POWhi) 

" Patk atndt F Wm Hornberger rl012 

" Thos C (Irene) agt Western & Sou 
Life Ins Go h728 Cherry 












PHONE 6900 



A. H. 


& Realty 
Co. Inc. 













Phone 154 

N. A. 

Kinnerd Barlowe lab National Live 
Stock Remedy Co 

Kinney O R Co Inc Irving Goldberg 
mgr shoes 134 State 
KLnowski Anton rlOl Industrial rd 
Kinser Harriet tchr Edison Sch r 237 

Kinsey Clarendon (Hulda) car rep r264 

" Hartsell D (Cath) genl supt Carbide 
& Carbon Chemical Corp (W) h 
1421 Amy av i POWhi) 

" John (Lottie) lab h708 May av (CC) 

" John C (Jean B) maintenancemn h 
916 Wentworth av (OC) 

•• Raymond G (Anna A) mach opr h 
6931 Van Buren av 
Kinsman Ohas r637 Hirsch av (CC) 

Geo F (Agnes) brklyr h637 Hirsch av 

Q e o » r 637 Hirsch av (OC) 

Merritt r637 Hirsch av (OC) 

Kinsock Bernard r 14115 Lake av (PO 

Julius L (Mary) supvr hl415 Lake av 

Kintz Olive (wid Edw) h5407 Calumet 
" Robt F (Virginia) ednr h537 Sidney 
Kintzele Caroline elk W B Conkey Co r 
954 Sibley 

John C (Mildred) formn W B Con- 
key Co h954 Sibley 
Kinzie H L elk C&ERy r Gary Ind 
Kinzinger Amos F chemist hS07% 

Klral Andrew r4438 Calumet av 
" Paul P (Mary) h4336 Baltimore av 
Kirby Co The David Kaplan mgr 
vacuum clnrs 5435% Hohman av 
" Ernest E (Geraldine) elk Kroger - 
Consumers rll09 Eaton 
" John L (Eleanor) asst mgr h20 156th 
pi (CC) 

" Jos E (Clara) lab h5240 Sohl av apt 

" R Clifton (Virginia) hlpr h rear 910 

" Ralph E (Esther) lino opr W 
Conkey Co h565 Price av (CC) 

" Wm L (Veronica M) crane opr SI 
MCo r RD Box 94 St John 
Kirincic Bartol (Theresa) shearmn 
H225 169th 

Kirk Edw A (Eileen; Hammond Pattern 
& Foundry Works) r Gary Ind 
" Fred r485 Truman blvd 
" Jas H (Marjorie F) chemist h3038 

" Jas S (Nina) firemn r926 Carroll 
” John B (Eliz) h6838 Parrish av 
" Margt elk J J Newberry Co r Gary 
" Mary Mrs h6846 Missouri av 
" Pursell F (Alta) formn h6533 Arizona 
" Sidney L (Loretta) trimmer Abra- 
hamson Mtr Sis h rear 7017 Mar¬ 
shall av 

" Wesley (Eliz) carp h926 Carroll 
Kirkeiner Harold (Anna) mgr Goldblatt 
Bros h6351 Madison av 
" Harvey G (Lillian) mgr Goldblatt 
Bros h5751 Erie av 
" Hollis E elk r635 Kane 
" Sales & Service (Wm Kirkeiner) 
coal 306 Condit 

" Wm Ellen; Kirkeiner Sales & Ser¬ 
vice) h635 Kane 
Kirker Geo r224 Russell 
•' Jos E hlpr W B Conkey Co r224 Rus¬ 

” Mary Mrs r224 Russell 
" Ruth waiter r5054 Hoh 
" Thos (Mary) sulphur burner Central 
Chem Div h49 Muenich ct 

Kirkhoff Marie E elk r6252 VanBuren 
" Morris (Grace) gauger r6252 Van 
Buren av 

Kirkland Emma Mrs h20 Plummer 
" Fred (Melya) elk hl2 Elizabeth (OC) 

" Rueeett-C (Ethel) h«124 Garfield av 
" Vernon rl26 State 
Vernon D r6124 Garfield av 
Vernon V (Irene) firemn h934 

Kirkley J Floyd lab rl216 150th 
Kirkpatrick Alonzo G (Goldie) brkmn 
C&ERy h6413 Garfield av 
Maxine compt opr r256 165th 
" Velma L nurse StMargt Sch of 
Nursing r do 

Kirlies Fred (Augusta) lab h826 State 

" Gustav lab r826 State blvd 
Kim Emmet R (Theresa) chemical eng 
h!542 Warwick av apt 5 (POWhi) 
Kirschsieper Henry J (Frieda C) lever 
man h80Q State (OC) 

Kirsieper Walter C (Mildred C) elk r 
14028 Burnham av (Bur) 

Kirstein Mollie elk Goldblatt Bros r 
East Chicago 

Kisch Frank V bartndr Alex Posa rlH 
155th (OC) 

Kiser Kath J tchr Edison Sch r44 War- 

■' Kenneth W r913 Drackert 
Richd E asst mgr Calumet Theatre 
r913 Drackert 

" Robt E (Clara) eng h913 Drackert 
. Kisfalusi Eliz slswn Kresge’s r East 
" Chicago 

' Geo jr -(Mary I) welder h4927 Cedar 
;Kish Andrew (Anna) lab h7638 North- 

'' chas C (Julia) mach opr hl262 Summer 

- " Chas jr elk rl262 Summer 

- •' Gabriel (Rose) lab h7110 Alexander 
’ "Gabriel jr (Emily) constB eng hT124 

■' John E lab r7638 Northcote av 
" Jos (Pauline) lab Riverdale Products 
Co hl226 Sherman 
" Jos porter Solon’s Tap Room 
-.aura V elk Mrs Margt Kish r684§ 
Calumet^aV) w€l<Jer ^1935 superior 

Mrs gro 6845 Calumet av h do 
wid Jos) W1935 Superior av (P 

•' Wm^TCidh & Papais Super Service) 
rl262 Summer 

(Wm Kish and John Papais). Linco 
Gasoline. Washing. Greasing, Free 
PickuD and Delivery, 1261 Summer 
cor State 

Kisich John rlOl Industrial rd 
Kison Otto R (Frida) cabtmkr r530 

Kissee Ira F (Eva) h4742 Hohman av 
" Lester C (Anna M) lab h4723 Shef¬ 
field av 

Kissen David (Ada; Aronberg & Kissen; 

W) hl742 Davis av (POWhi) 

Kissler Betty elk Igloo Ice Cream Co 
Kistler Calvin (Lena) lab h5748 Calu- 

" chas G < Mary E) steel wkr h6431 

Woodward av __ 

" Dale elk Mrs Margt Farrell r Griffith 
" Earl F (Daisy) swtchmn h917 Eaton 
" Keith B slsmn NIPSCo r Griffith 
Kiszkan Paul (Wilma) driver Calumet 
Steel Cstgs Corp r584 Silbey 
Kita John (Anna) oil wkr hl3U6 121st 



The Mark of Good Printing Since 1877 


Printers, Binders and Book Manufacturers 


Kitchell Michl (Mary) detective r2138 
Lincoln av (POWhi) 

Kitchen John oil wkr r2049 Lincoln s 

" Susanne sten h634 173d 
Kitohin Chas E (Olive) h255 Webb 
Kitfinski Felix (Rose) lab h850 Indiana 
Kitsberg Michl service mgr Richard F 
Hoyt r Chicago Ill 

Kitts Corum C (Estelle) cond hSll 165th 
Kiwanis Club Geo W Clark sec meets 
each Wednesday noon Masonic 

Kizer Cleo (Martha A) fcty wkr hlll3 

• Russell A (Mabel) bus opr C&CDTCo 
r Oak Glen 

Klage Edwin C (Martha A) carp h431 
Sibley blvd (OC) 

" Wm F i Ida) carp h427 Sibley blvd 

Klaiber Carl J optometrist 5114 Hohman 
av R4 

Klak Edwin emp UC&OPCo rl04 155th 
pi (OC) 

Klamczynski Frank (Julia) h6307 Col¬ 
umbia av 

Klamm Anne bkpr Hessville Lbr Supply 
Co r492l Elm av 

" Jacob (Antonia) pntr Abrahamson 
Mtr Sis h4725 Cedar av 
" Jos (Helen) h4921 Elm av 
"Leo (Helen) city policemn h443 

- Walter (Sue) formn Landeck Mill- 
work Co Inc h4844 Cedar av 
Klampfer Jos stenciler h414 State (CC) 
" Mollie r414 State (CC) 

" Rose sten r414 State (OC) 

Klamut Ethel elk Kroger-Consumers i 
7111 McCook av 

" Thaddeus (Ethel; Hessville Body & 
Fender Repair) h7111 McCook av 
Klank Jacob (Julia) h603 Wentworth av 

• Jacob T jr (Marie E) stm Itr h301 
153d pi (OC) 

Klapak Andrew (Mary) oil wkr hil728 
Atchison av (POWhi) 

Klaper Carl C (Mode Beauty Shop) : 
Hotel Jerome 

Klapkowski Anthony (Mary) lab h4235 
Grover av 

" Jos r4235 Grover av 
" Josephine r4235 Grover av 
Klaprodt Henry F (Lillie) yd hlpr h933 

Klasner Chas J brkmn C&ERy r323 
152d (OC) 

" Claude S agt John Hancock Mut Life 
Ins Co r Gary Ind 

Klassen Cecelia A Mrs elk E C Minas 
Co h5647 Hohman av 
" Frances r230 Williams 
" Gertrude M r20 Doty 
" Herbert J (Cecelia A) formn h5647 
Hohman av 

" Jos P (Mary) hlpr City Garbage Dept 
h20 Doty 

" Michl paymstr h230 Williams 
Klatt Anna r5252 Ann av 
Klaubo Chas J (Flora) h940 Gostlin 
" Jean r429 Conkey 

" Walter <Anne) supt Nowak Milling 
Corp h429 Conkey 
" Walter jr lab r429 Conkey 
Klaus Emil F (Clara C) pipeftr h4741 
Ash av 

Klawitter Emil J eng UC&OPCo r Chi¬ 

" Geo slsmn rl43 155d pi (CC) 

" Jdhn (Mary) hl40 156th (CC) 

" Jos (Martha) gro 147 156th (CC) h 

" Sophie rl43 155th pi (CC) 

Stanley T mus tchr 143 155th pi (CC) 
h do 

Klebs Bros Service (Mrs Susan, Murray 
and Richd Klebs) filling sta 5511 
Calumet av 

" Geo J (Frances) elk h5525 Beall av 
" Marie (wid Wm) hS525 Beall av 
” Murray (Klebs Bros Service) r5521 
Beall av 

Richd (Klebs Bros Service) r5521 
Beall av 

" Susan (wid Leonard; Klebs Bros Ser¬ 
vice) h5521 Beall av 
Kleckner Jas (Nina) lab hll03 Kenwood 
" Lowell O (Margt) carp h452 Garfield 
av (OC) 

Wm E (Mabel I) hl451 Brown av (P 

" Wm R chemical eng rl451 Brown i 

Klee Anna sten r6605 Missouri 
" Arth H (Harriet) fcty wkr h4407 
Grover av 

" Emma J twid Henry) h7 Williams 
" Henry O (Lena C) cabtmkr h575 In¬ 
graham av apt 4 (CC) 

" John (Sophie) lab h6605 Missouri av 
" John jr lab r6605 Missouri av 
" Max F (Yida) cond h9 Forestdale 
Park (CC) 

" Robt lab r4610 Pine av 
Kleeberg Heinz H (Charlotte) bakery 
wkr Continental Baking Co h756 

Kleiber Richd E (Ruth) librarian hl919 
Lake a