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Full text of "NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) 20150014498: External Wireless Communication System Status for POIWG"

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Status: "Define input and output 
data rates for the External Wireless 
Network and define the 

Project Title: EWC Date: 7/15 


Chatwin Lansdowne 

management of those data rates/' 

• Work in Progress 

• EWC Network Load Projection 

• Multi-user performance interaction test completed recently, analysis in progress for 
traffic model 

• Hidden Node issue is being addressed by protocol requirements changes; one existing 
user may now require a lightly loaded network 

• Preliminary EWC Network load projection is being developed 

• EWC System expansion planning 

• US Lab Nadir coverage antennas (Orb4 launch) 

• 802.11ac COTS WAPs/clients (approved; selection in progress, inventory in 1Q16) 

• Early expansion candidates: 802. lln coverage from Node 3 location, or EHDC camera 
locations (unapproved) 

• Long-term expansion "100% coverage" (unapproved) 

• Future Work-flow 

• EWC commitments to payloads will be managed through the EWC SPRT, which includes 
representation from ISS program, Operations, and Engineering 

• EWC network traffic management within capacity will require real-time coordination of 
payload schedules 

Avionic Systems Division