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January 9, 1962 

Mr. Robert Welch 
Belmont, Massachusetts 

Dear Mr . Welch: 

A mutual friend has sent me a copy of a letter he received from you 
in which you show some considerable excitement over my publishing high¬ 
lights from your book (personal letter) "The Politician." I have read 
this book with interest and appreciation and am mystified by the fact 
that you would want to keep its contents under wraps. America needs to 
know what you have said in this book and you should not sabotage your 
own good work. 

I am not impressed by your threat to bring legal action against 
me because that would only serve to lubricate the interest in the 
circulation; but I am impressed with your expressed desire that I not 
publish the highlights. If you will write me a letter indicating that 
you prefer that I not publish them, I shall respect your wishes. 

You are doing a great work, and I would be the last to want to 
injure you or in any way hinder your accomplishments. 

may bless you and extend your years and give you wisdom and 

courage as you fight in defense of our Constitutional Republic, our 
Christian civilization, and our patriotic traditions. 

Sincerely and respectfully yours. 

Gerald L. K. Smith 


Belmont 78, Massachusetts 

April 24, 1 962 


Robert Welch 

The Council 

N. E. Adamson, Jr. 
Thomas J. Anderson 
T. Coleman Andrews 
Spruille Braden 
Laurence E. Bunker 
F. Gano Chance 
Stillwell J. Conner 
Ralph E. Davis 
S. M. Draskovich 
Rev. Richard Ginder 
Wm. J. Grede 4 
A. G. Heinsohn, Jr.* 
Fred C. Koch* 

Alfred Kohlberg* 
Clarence Manion 4 
Frank E. Masland, Jr. 
N. Floyd McGowin 
W. B. McMillan 
Revilo P. Oliver 
Cola G. Parker 
M. T. Phelps 
Louis Ruthenburg 
J. Nelson Shepherd 
James Simpson, jR.t 
Robert W. Stoddard 4 
Charles B. Stone, III 
Paul H. Talbert 

* Executive Committee 
t Deceased 

Mr. Gerald L. K. Smith 
Post Office Box 27895 
Los Angeles 27, California 

Dear Mr. Smith: 

The rumors prompting this letter may be merely delayed 
echoes of those started a few months ago, by your announce¬ 
ment at a meeting, as reported to us by a member of the 
Society, of your intention to publish the "highlights" from 
my unpublished confidential letter called The Politician. If 
so, I apologize for bothering you further about the matter, and 
this letter may simply be ignored. 

But just on the chance that these rumors might represent or 
indicate a continuing or renewed intention on your part of 
publishing any appreciable fraction of the document in question, 
it has seemed to me that it might be desirable to repeat the 
comments which I made to our member, at the time of receiving 
these earlier reports, and which were conveyed to you as ac¬ 
knowledged by your letter to myself written at that time. 

Just when, how, or whether I might ever want to incorporate 
The Politician, or any appreciable parts of it or chapters from 
it, in any longer work of contemporary history by myself or 
anybody else, or use the material in any other way, has not 
been decided. But the decision most assuredly belongs, and 
should belong, to myself. And in this connection I believe that 
any sincere anti-Communist will admit both the truth and the 
importance of the following point: In the little more than three 
years since The John Birch Society was founded, we have not 
only built by far the largest and solidest of the aggressive anti- 
Communist organizations, but have already done a great deal 
more than any other group to wake up more Americans to a 
realization that something is wrong. So my decisions in such 
matters cannot be entirely lacking in sense, insight, or courage. 

Hoping, therefore, that this warning is both unnecessary and 
unfair, I still must repeat what I said in my earlier letter, 
referred to above. That in the event of such publication I 
not only would bring a suit for damages, such as the one we 

Mr. Gerald L. K. Smith 


April 24, 1962 

now have in process against Fawcett Publications for plagiarizing forty 
pages of the Blue Book; but that I would put every bit of the strength of 
the Society which we could muster into exposing and condemning the un¬ 
ethical aspects and the illegality of such actions. 

In this fight against the Communist conspiracy, Mr. Smith, it is not 
possible for us to cooperate with you -- as we try so hard to do with 
most other anti-Communist groups or leaders, and successfully do 
with many -- because of a basic disagreement between us as to the 
main sources of the strength of the conspiracy. I believe that I have 
probably read everything that you have, on the subject at issue, from 
the earliest disclosures of the Protocols of Zion, through Henry Ford*s 
"The International Jew, " through the writings of Robert H. Williams 
and Conde McGinley and a great many more -- including some of the 
leading writers in French and Spanish on the same subject -- and I 
simply come out with a different conclusion. I know that there are 
plenty of Communists of Jewish origin who use their "Jewishness" to 
promote Communist causes; just as, unfortunately, there are today 
too many Catholics who are using their Catholicism and even too many 
Protestant ministers who are using their Protestartism, for the same 
purpose. But I simply do not believe that, at least since Stalin gathered 
into his own hands in about 1937 all the reins of Communist conspiratorial 
power all over the world, the Jews have played any such vital or prepon¬ 
derant part in the total conspiracy, or its management, as appears to 
you to be the case. My conclusions, arrived at from a lot of studying 
over a long period of time, are not for "political" reasons, but are en¬ 
tirely sincere. I am willing to concede the same sincerity to yourself 
in your views. And so, while this divergence of opinion as to the enemy 
whom we are fighting, or ought to be fighting, makes cooperation between 
us impossible or at least impracticable, I have been and still am entirely 
willing to let you fight your battle, without any interference from me, 
while I fight my own. And all I am asking is that you show me the same 
consideration. I have never gone out of my way to condemn, or take any 
"cracks" at, Gerald L. K. Smith and his views, because it simply is not 
my job or my province to do so. I am, aslhave said many times, fighting 
the Communists, and nobody else. And certainly I have never made any 
improper or unauthorized use of any of your research materials or 
writings or work of any kind. And all that I am asking is that you take 
the same attitude with regard to all that I have done and all that I am trying 
to do. 


Robert Welch 


Joe Kamp 

April 28, 1962 

Mr, Robert Weloh 

The John Birch Society 

Belmont 78 , Massachusetts 

Dear Mr. Welch 1 

This is to recognize your letter of April 24. 

I shall always be puzzled over your failure to reproduce 
"The Politician" for public consumption on the assumption that you 
believe that its contents are completely oorreot and accurate. 

I am not Impressed by your dignified threats as to legal action 
that you might take against me, or reports that you might put out 

0 among your constituents. You should know better than to believe that 
I could be influenced by threat. 

The only thing that Influences me is honor and self-respect. You 
say that this is a private letter. You request me not to republish it. 
J I shall respect your request. 

¥ X have been sentenced twice to prison and defeated my accusers 
in the higher court. Z have been threatened with Indictment and 
conviction because of my viewpoints on World War II and because of 
literature which I have distributed, and in each Instance JL have 
invited Indictment in order that I might establish in Federal Court 
logic to support my viewpoints on matters for which I have been perse¬ 
cuted and threatened. 

I have been spared from death at the hands of at least three lynch 
mobs. At one time an assistant U. S. District Attorney pointed into 
my stomach a nine-shot automatic and ordered me to leave the town. I 
took the automatic away from him and told him I expected to stay in 
his town as long as I desired and from then on would he please cross 
the street and go the other way when he saw me coming. He respected 

Mr. Robert Welch 


April 28, 1962 

my suggestions and I remained In his city until I had finished my 

At one time I was offered $50,000.00 cash to take a two weeks' 
vacation during a certain election while taking no stand on any side 
of the issue Involved. I declined and exposed my would-be corrupter. 

I was with Huey Long when he was shot, and by a hair's breadth 
of Providential mercy, I escaped the same fate. 

The late Joe Keenan, who was the Assistant Attorney General 
-^nnder Roosevelt, qffered me anything in the Administration which would 
[ interest me if I would desert the anti-Roosevelt forces and Join the 
Roosevelt forces following the death of Huey Long. 

■ . ** • ’ •• .. ' *•>>. V: 

When I first w«nt to Los Angeles, I was picketed by a lynch 
promoted by the Jews numbering over 22,000. From all appearances 
it would have been sudden death for me to have made my speech. I did 
In the Polytechnic High School Auditorium. The Jews and the 
flJpmmunists of Hollywood, including Eddie Robinson, Eddie Cantor, Olivia 
<!o Havllland, Bette Davis and others spent $18,000.00 on picket signs 
c '.one with which to picket my meeting. 

My enemies retained Mickey Cohen and his gang to assassinate me, 
and the Information concerning this matter came to me from the Subversive 
Sq uad of the Los Angeles Police Department. 

DJ This brief summary, which only represents a few incidents out of 
[“hundreds, is to remind you that 1 am not influenced by threat. In 
fact, if I wanted to violate my self-respect and publish this book in 
contradiction to your desire, the lawsuit and the publicity attending 
it would be one of the best ways to get the truth to the public which 
you, for your own reasons, seem determined to bury. 

The Ford boys threatened to take legal action against me for 
epublishing "The International Jew," but we republished it Just the 
Came, because the truth was more valuable than the cowardice of the 
joung Fords. The element of respect for a good man's desire^ did not 
enter Into the Ford situation as It does in my relationship to you In 
this matter. 

May I humbly suggest that I am not impressed by your threat to 
put out any kind of a message to your constituents. I am of the 
opinion that anything put out by you against me to your people might 
boomerang. I have no statistics to establish my theory, but I have a 
rather convincing hunch that if the people who agree with me on the 
Jewish question were thrown out of the John Birch Society, you might 
be surprised at how much meat would be taken off the bone. 

Will you forgive me If I take Issue with a sentence which you 

Mr. Robert Welch 


Aprll 28, 1962 

wrote on page one of your letter* "I believe any sincere anti- 
Communist will admit both the truth and the Importance of the follow¬ 
ing point* In a little more than three years since the John Birch 
Society was founded, we have not only built by far the largest and 
solldest of the aggressive anti-Communist organizations, but we have 
done a great deal more than any other group. . ." 

I am willing to recognize the fact that you have done something, 
but you take in a lot of territory with that sentence, and may I 
remind you that the following people have done something, and we will 
not deal in quantities or in race horse language including 'first 
place and show.' (l) Joe McCarthy; (2) Martin Dies; (3) Father 
Charles Coughlin; (4) Francis Walter; (5) Senator James Eastland; 

01(6) Dean Manion; (7) Joe Kamp; (8) Merwin K. Hart; (9) Carl Mclntire; 
(10) Life Line (H. L. H«nt). 

n Z could name another twenty, but I think when the objective 
hi8torleal record is written concerning the patriotic movements, you 
will be fortunate as of the moment to be Included in the above list. 

This is not intended to depreciate your sincere work, and I be¬ 

lieve that you have integrity and honesty. Everything that I have 
written about you has been complimentary, but I do not believe that 
you should permit the excessive amount of unfavorable publicity which 
you have reoeived within the past few months to threaten you with 
anything that might look like delusions of grandeur. Furthermore, 
don't you think that in the tradition of American refinement it should 
■p^remain for objective citizens of character and intelligence to identify 
he great ones? 


You will observe that I did not include my name in the list 
summarized above because only time can Judge the value of my work. 

It is easy for me to say that I believe I have espoused the greatest 
principles which can be espoused, but I have a very humble appraisal 
f my own part in this work. 

I have only one life to give, but I have given it all. I have 
not only been smeared by the enemy, but in many instances JL have been 
smeared and manhandled by those who should be my friends and who have 
been tempted sometimes to seek safety and praise, professing in loud 
voices their disagreement with my activities. 

I assure you that I shall do nothing to handloap your endeavors 
as long as it is understood that I am motivated by self-respect and 
integrity and not by fear or as the object of threat. 

The day that a single Rabbi or a single Jewish organization 
meets and approves the work of the John Birch Society will be a red 
letter day on my calendar. 

In summarizing the literature which you have read concerning 
the Jewish question, you did not mention "The Iron Curtain Over 
America" by Colonel John Beaty. What is your estimation of this book? 

Mr. Robert Welch 


Aprll 28, 1962 

As for myself concerning you, I respect you, but the maximum of 
my respect la limited and restrained against the day when you will do 
one of two thlngst (a) confess to some of us frankly that there 
Is error in your book "The Politician"} or, (b) insist onr its 
absolute accuracy and display the moral. Intellectual and patriotic 
courage necessary to republish for the public the deadly facts 
contained in this letter, or book, or whatever you want to call it. 

Ood bless you, Robert Welch. There is nothing you have that 1 
want. X am emotionally adjusted to smear and misunderstanding, social 
ostracism and isolation. There is no envy in my heart, and I praise 
all men who are attempting to do good. 

May Ood give you strength, wisdom and courage. 

Sincerely yours. 


Gerald L. K. Smith