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VFO 139-166 


On June 15, 1972, Mr. MC CORD Instructed security 
officer TOK VISE to go to the Statler Kilton Motel and 
buy sore tear gas canisters. VISE returned with a, box con¬ 
taining approximately thirty ‘'Sheriff v tear gas canisters, 
black In color, and In plastic boxes. HC CORD pulled 
$30 cash from his pocket and gave same to VISE for purchase 
of the canisters. During the week of June 26, 1972, Miss 
GLEASON looked In the box containing the aforementioned 
canisters and discovered that approximately seven or eight 
were Kissing. At the time when MC CORD told VISE to pur¬ 
chase the canisters, he (MC CORD) said that he wanted Kiss 
GLEASON to have some of the canisters for her personal use. 
Miss GLEASON found this strange at that time Inasmuch as she 
already had a “General KK-VTI Chemical Baton Tear Gas Car¬ 

tridge.* She noted that the receipt reflecting VISE’S 
purchase of the aforementioned "Sheriff* canisters is still 
somewhere In the security office and that there Is no list 
of Individuals who were issued the canisters* 

On June 17, 1972, while Miss GLEASON was at the 
is going to be the one to fry." Kiss GLEASON stated that she 
did not know what DUNCAK neant by thib^itatenent>~ ^ H 

On June 19 or 20, 1972, BART PORTER'» ae*l«tant, 
ROGER STONE, called the Committee headquarters and asked ’ 
of PORTER'S whereabouts in California, stating that it 
was a matter of life and death that he, STONE, get a hold 
of him. Mr. STONE then called again and pleaded with Kiss 
GLEASON for Mr. PORTER'S number In California. Kiss GLEASON 
then gave Mr. STONE two numbers where PORTER could be reached 
In Beverly Rills, California. PORTER then called and asked 
to be connected to Kr. PREP LARUE who was staying at Mr. 
KITCHELL's apartment because CLIFF MILLER had some Impor¬ 
tant Information that had to be passed on. PORTEF. did not , 
say what the information was. Mr. STONE then called and 
asked if Kiss GLEASON had been advised by Mr. PORTER of the ' 
Information. Miss GLEASON replied In the negative and STONE 
stated "I can't discuss It." u. 

On approximately Wednesday or Thursday, June 21 at >- 
22, 1972, Mr. LARUE called and asked Miss OLEASON to get 
HUGH SLOAN. Miss GLEASON attempted to gain the whereabouts 
of Mr. SLOAN but was unsuccessful In her efforts, w