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Full text of "The Iron Realm Podcast"

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^bnrncter ^ome - 

JIucb /Joints ^wnrded - 

^f/Vitten alongside yi}e <Jvon ^enlm Chapter: 

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Listen to Chapter Sixteen of the Iron Realm Podcast for the Character 8 Heroic Death Writeup discussion. 

y\x\e, Author - ■ ^eeds^or the 

H ^eroic ]^riteup 

Retails of ^Cinnl pottle 
Outcome of ^Cinnl fission 
^/Jnst ^^ords Spoken 
^e«ction of the ^Vibe 
Retails of the ^tjemoriol 
Remembrances bg the ^be 
Reflection on 8 s v /life purpose 

See /A/so - The Iron Realm Campaign Sourcebook. 

Luck Point Bonus for Completion - On your next character, enjoy a bonus of 1 Luck Point per level that Character Eight achieved.