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Full text of "Redhouse's Turkish dictionary : in two parts, English and Turkish, and Turkish and English. In which the Turkish words are represented in the Oriental character, as well as their correct pronunciation and accentuation shown in English letters"

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By  J.  W.  REDHOUSE,  M.R.A.S. 


J^mtıîr  (ûrîftttön,  Mcfcteefc  antf  ^ıılargeîj 


CHARLES  WELLS,  Ph.D.  (Leipsic), 

Formerly  Professor  at  the  Imperial  Naval  College,  Constantinople,  Author  of 

(An  Essay  on  Political  Economy  in  Turkish),  of  “  Mehemet  the  Kurd  and  other 
Tales  from  Eastern  Sources .”  Late  Private  Secretary  to  Lieut. -General 
Sir  Arnold  Kemball  on  the  Turco-Persian  Frontier  Commission, 

Turkish  Prizeman  of  King's  College,  London,  Sçc. 









IT  is  an  extraordinary  and  lamentable  fact  that  the  language  of  the 
Turks  has  hitherto  received  little  or  no  attention  in  England, 
although  it  is  spoken  by  millions  of  people  belonging  to  a  vast  empire  with 
which  we  are  closely  connected  by  mutual  vital  interests,  and  is  more  or 
less  used,  in  official  circles,  from  Tunis  in  Africa  to  the  walls  of  China. 
It  is  the  Court  language  of  Persia,  and  in  many  provinces  of  that 
country  is  spoken  as  much  as  Persian.  It  is  difficult  to  account  for 
the  absolute  neglect  of  the  study  of  such  an  important  language, 
considering  that  it  is  used  by  a  people  who  once  influenced  half  the 
world,  who  overturned  and  established  empires,  who  have  possessed  the 
thrones  of  Persia,  Syria,  Greece,  and  Arabia,  whose  power  was  once 
dreaded  by  Italy,  Germany  and  France,  and  to  whom  our  proud  Queen 
Elizabeth  applied  for  aid  against  the  Spanish  Armada.  The  Turkish  lan¬ 
guage  has  always  been  of  the  greatest  consequence  to  us,  owing  to  the 
importance  of  our  political  and  commercial  relations  with  the  Ottoman 
Empire,  and  the  complete  ignorance  of  it  on  the  part  of  our  countrymen  has 
greatly  impeded  proper  communication  and  intercourse  between  the  two 
nations  and  given  rise  to  most  serious  misunderstandings  and  difficulties,  both 
in  the  diplomatic  and  commercial  world.  Hitherto,  the  only  means  of  com¬ 
munication  between  the  two  peoples  has  been  the  employment  of  Levantine 
interpreters,  who  seldom  or  never  know  either  English  or  Turkish  properly, 
and  speak  the  latter  unidiomatically  and  with  a  vulgar  accent  peculiarly  dis¬ 
tasteful  to  the  educated  Osmanlis.  Pecent  events  in  the  East,  by  which  we 
have  become  in  one  sense  identified  with  the  Turkish  Empire  through  having 
undertaken  the  Protectorate  of  Asia  Minor  and  the  administration  of  Cyprus, 
now  render  the  acquisition  of  the  Turkish  language  by  English  officials  and 
commercial  men  more  urgent  than  ever,  and  indeed  it  is  absolutely  indis¬ 
pensable  if  we  wish  to  fulfil  our  task  efficiently  and  avoid  endless  complica¬ 
tions  with  the  natives  and  the  Turkish  Government.  We  may  therefore  hope 
that  this  subject  will  at  last  receive  the  attention  it  deserves  on  the  part 
of  the  Government  and  the  nation,  that  proper  facilities  will  be  afforded 
for  the  acquisition  of  the  language  by  a  Professorship  of  Turkish  being 


founded  at  one  of  our  Universities,  and  encouragement  and  reward  being 
offered  to  those  who  devote  themselves  to  this  arduous  study.  Persons 
wishing  to  become  student-interpreters,  or  officials  in  any  part  of  Turkey, 
in  Asia  Minor,  or  in  Cyprus,  should  be  required  to  possess,  at  least,  some 
knowledge  of  Turkish  before  being  appointed  and  before  leaving  England,  as 
they  will  find  the  want  of  proper  teachers  in  Turkey  an  insuperable  barrier 
against  beginning  its  study  in  that  country.  The  only  persons  who  teach 
Turkish  in  the  East  are  Greeks  and  Armenians,  most  of  whom  appear  phys¬ 
ically  incapable  of  pronouncing  Turkish  correctly,  and  possess  in  general  little 
or  no  knowledge  of  the  literary  language.  As  we  have  in  English  nearly  every 
sound  existing  in  Turkish,  an  Englishman,  if  properly  taught,  can  pronounce 
far  better  than  a  Greek  or  an  Armenian.  For  the  same  reason,  as  I  found  from 
experience  in  instructing  the  students  at  the  Imperial  ISTaval  College  of 
Constantinople,  Turks  can  pronounce  our  language  far  more  purely  than  the 
Christian  races  under  their  government.  A  good  dictionary  is  indispensable 
for  acquiring  any  language,  and  Mr.  Pedhouse  rendered  a  national  service 
when  he  produced  his  excellent  work,  which  I  hesitate  not  to  say  is  incom¬ 
parably  the  most  correct  and  trustworthy  Turkish  lexicon  in  any  European 
language.  The  original  edition  having  been  exhausted,  I  willingly 
consented  to  Mr.  Quaritch’s  proposal  that  I  should  edit  a  second  issue,  as 
all  students  of  the  language  would  find  such  a  book  most  necessary,  and  the 
learned  author  sanctioned  my  undertaking.  While  preserving  all  the  valuable 
matter  contained  in  the  first  edition,  I  have  attempted  to  increase  its  use¬ 
fulness  by  the  addition  of  a  considerable  number  of  words  omitted  originally 
for  want  of  space,  or  which  have  been  coined  by  the  Turks  during  the 
last  twenty  years  to  meet  the  requirements  of  their  advancing  civilisation. 
Amongst  other  things,  the  names  of  countries,  towns,  rivers,  mountains,  and 
other  geographical  words  were  entirely  left  out  of  the  English-Turkish  part, 
and  nearly  completely  omitted  in  the  other  part.  These  I  have  supplied, 
giving  special  attention  to  names  of  places  in  the  East.  The  English-Turkish 
portion  being  scarcely  copious  enough  to  enable  a  Turk  to  read  an  English 
book,  or  an  Englishman  to  write  or  speak  on  all  subjects  in  Turkish,  I  have 
introduced  a  large  number  of  fresh  words  into  it,  and  I  have  also,  to  some 
extent,  augmented  the  Turkish-English  part.  Thus,  the  present  edition  will 
be  found  to  contain  several  thousand  more  words  than  the  original  work 
published  twenty-five  years  ago,  which,  however,  was  far  more  correct  and 
copious  than  any  other  European  Turkish  lexicon. 

It  is  a  strange  fact  that  the  number  of  Englishmen  who  can  read  and 
write  Turkish  is  so  small  that  they  can  be  counted  on  the  fingers  of  one 
hand.  The  English  public,  and  what  is  more  astonishing,  the  English 



residents  in  Turkey,  know  scarcely  anything  of  this  curious  and  interesting 
tongue,  and  rarely  succeed  even  in  speaking  a  few  words  properly;  yet 
to  understand  a  nation  rightly  a  knowledge  of  its  language  is  most 
essential.  As  I  once  remarked  in  an  article  in  the  Gentleman’s  Magazine 
published  some  years  ago,  the  physical  features  of  the  East,'  the  length  and 
breadth  of  its  rivers,  the  height  of  its  mountains,  and  the  costumes  of  its 
peoples,  have  been  ascertained  and  described  by  enterprising  European 
travellers  ;  but  the  spirit  of  the  East,  which  only  can  be  comprehended  by  a 
thorough  acquaintance  with  its  language  and  familiar  intercourse  with  the 
natives,  has  remained  a  sealed  book  to  Europe.  Indeed  many  works 
which  have  been  written  for  the  purpose  of  enlightening  us  with  regard  to 
the  East,  have,  with  rare  exceptions,  only  misrepresented  and  burlesqued  it, 
although,  I  admit,  that  the  writers  did  this  in  all  sincerity  and  unconscious¬ 
ness.  If  Europeans  ever  learn  what  the  inner  life  of  the  East  is,  they 
will  find  that  their  ideas  have  been  wonderfully  narrow  and  one-sided; 
that  many  things  they  believed  to  be  universally  true  are,  under  certain  cir¬ 
cumstances  and  in  certain  places,  absolutely  false;  and  they  will  discover 
much  that  is  good  and  valuable  in  the  institutions,  and  much  that  is 
admirable  in  the  manners  and  customs  of  the  Turks,  as  well  as  some  things 
which  we  might  with  advantage  imitate. 

A  lengthy  discourse  on  the  language  and  literature  of  the  Osmanlis  would 
be  somewhat  out  of  place  here,  but  a  brief  account  of  them  may  be  interest¬ 
ing  to  the  general  reader  and,  especially,  to  those  about  to  commence  the 
study  of  Turkish.  The  Turkish  language  is  of  Tartar  origin,  as  the  Turks 
came  from  Central  Asia,  and  is  consequently  quite  distinct  from  Arabic  and 
Persian ;  although  it  is  true  that  in  modern  times  the  Arabic  characters  have 
been  adopted  for  all  three  languages,  and  that  the  Constantinople  dialect  is 
half  filled  with  Arabic  and  Persian  words,  but  these  have  been  incorporated 
without  affecting  the  nature  or  framework  of  the  Turkish,  which  is  as 
different  from  Arabic  and  Persian  as  Anglo-Saxon  from  Latin  and  Creek. 
The  original  Turkish  tongue  was  somewhat  barbarous,  but  extremely  forcible 
and  concise  when  spoken.  Very  often,  in  colloquial  language,  a  whole 
sentence  in  a  European  language  can  be  expressed  by  one  or  two  words  in 
Turkish.  For  example,  the  phrase  “  The  book  which  I  have  written,”  can 
be  expressed  in  Turkish  in  two  words,  viz.,  yazdighim  kitab.  In  fact, 
Turkish  is  a  language  in  which  pronouns  personal  and  relative,  conjunctions, 
and  other  parts  of  speech  constantly  recurring  in  European  languages  are 
almost  entirely  dispensed  with,  by  the  help  of  certain  peculiar  inflections  of 
which  the  verb  is  capable.  Unfortunately,  this  superiority  in  Turkish  has 
been  more  than  counterbalanced  by  the  cumbersome  and  inflated  style  which 


has  become  prevalent  in  writing,  especially  in  official  documents,  sentence  on 
sentence  being  strung  together  into  one,  until  the  reader  is  at  a  complete  loss 
to  catch  the  writer’s  meaning.  Another  mistake  the  Turks  have  made  is 
in  adopting  Arabic  and  Persian  words  ad  libitum  ;  so  that  to  understand  their 
language  it  is  absolutely  necessary  to  be  acquainted  with  nearly  all  the  words 
in  the  other  two,  and  something  of  their  grammars.  Thus  in  reality  to 
comprehend  written  Turkish  you  have  to  acquire  three  languages,  in  great 
part,  instead  of  one.  This  fact,  no  doubt,  is  one  great  reason  why  so  few 
Europeans  have  succeeded  in  mastering  Turkish ;  and  a  Turk  must  study  his 
own  language  many  years  before  he  can  either  read  or  write  it  properly. 
There  are  almost  always  in  Turkish  three  names  for  everything — the  original 
Turkish,  the  Arabic,  and  the  Persian — and  thus  the  student  has  a  triple 
vocabulary  to  acquire.  Had  Persian  and  Arabic  words  been  taken  only 
when  there  was  no  Turkish  word  to  express  what  was  required,  Turkish 
would  have  become  an  extremely  rich  and  powerful  language;  but  words 
having  been  adopted  indiscriminately  has  led  to  a  redundancy  which  is  only 
embarrassing  both  to  the  native  and  the  foreigner,  while  thousands  of  abstract 
but  most  useful  words  are  still  non-existent  in  Turkish.  Notwithstanding, 
therefore,  the  enormous  number  of  words  to  be  found  in  a  Turkish  dictionary, 
it  is  an  extremely  difficult  thing  to  express  one’s  self  in  Turkish  on  any  civilised 
subject,  or  to  translate  any  ordinary  European  work  into  it.  Great  progress, 
however,  has  been  made  during  the  last  twenty  years  in  simplifying  the 
Turkish  style,  and  in  coining  words  to  express  scientific  ideas.  Ali  Pasha 
and  Fuad  Pasha  took  the  initiative  in  this  matter,  and  they  have  since  had 
many  worthy  imitators,  such  as  Ali*  Suavi  Efiendi,  Kemal  Bey,  and  Zia 
Bey.  The  Imperial  Military  and  Naval  Colleges  have  also  been  most 
useful  laboratories  for  the  production  of  new  words,  the  necessity  for 
which  was  found  in  instructing  the  students  in  European  arts  and  sciences, 
and  in  translating  French  and  English  works  for  them.  A  great  number 
of  very  useful  books  have  been  prepared  by  the  professors  of  those  excellent 
institutions,  and  although  generally  not  original,  they  are  very  creditable, 
and  have  done  much  good  in  shaping  and  improving  modern  Turkish. 
Some  enlightened  and  unprejudiced  officials,  such  as  Said  Pasha,  who  was 
Minister  of  Marine  in  1878,  and  formerly  Governor  of  the  Naval  College, 

*  Ali  Suavi  Effendi,  a  well-known  Turkish  savant  and  a  very  able  writer,  was  the  editor  of 

a  Turkish  newspaper,  called  the  “  Mukhbir”  (  published  some  years  ago  in  London, 

to  which  I  myself  contributed,  which  aimed  at  introducing  not  merely  political  reforms 
into  Turkey,  such  as  parliamentary  government,  financial  control,  &c.,  but  also  recommended 
and  inaugurated  a  reform  of  Turkish  composition,  orthography,  &o.,  and  the  introduction 
of  a  clear  and  simple  style  similar  to  that  approved  of  in  most  European  languages. 



have  also  lately  set  the  example  of  writing  Turkish  in  a  simple  and  practical 
style,  and  encouraged  and  promoted  this  improvement.  This  able  statesman 
(Said  Pasha)  is  a  striking  illustration  of  what  I  have  stated  above,  that  Turks 
and  Englishmen  can  acquire  each  other’s  language  with  remarkable  purity,  as 
he  speaks  and  writes  English  like  an  Englishman. 

Yet,  notwithstanding  the  cumbrousness  I  have  above  complained  of, 
the  language  of  the  Turks  possesses  a  great  and  interesting  literature ;  works 
on  almost  all  subjects  known  to  Orientals  :  history,  geography,  astronomy, 
mathematics,  logic,  theology,  geometry,  arithmetic,  &c.,  were  to  be  found  in 
Turkish  hundreds  of  years  ago — in  manuscripts  only,  of  course.  Indeed, 
books  on  those  subjects  had  been  written  at  so  remote  a  period  as  a  century 
prior  to  the  conquest  of  Constantinople,  and  some  historical,  astronomical, 
and  poetical  works  by  celebrated  writers  of  that  day  are  still  in  existence. 
It  is  also  to  the  credit  of  the  Turks  that  they  always  had  in  ancient  times, 
and  still  have,  a  deep  reverence  for  learning  and  literary  men,  while  their 
sovereigns  have  been  great  patrons  of  literature,  and  have  treated  authors  and 
savans  with  the  most  liberal  favour  and  munificence.  It  is  reported  that  the 
last  words  of  Sultan  Othman  to  his  son  Orkhan  were,  “Be  the  upholder  of 
the  faith  and  the  protector  of  science ;  ”  and  no  sooner  had  the  crescent  been 
planted  on  the  walls  of  Broussa  than  Orkhan  gave  orders  for  the  erection  of 
a  royal  college.  This  example  was  followed  by  his  successors,  who  have  vied 
with  each  other  in  the  protection  and  encouragement  of  letters. 

The  Turkish  writers  excel  particularly  in  historical  composition.  They 
have  many  valuable  works  of  history,  written  by  private  individuals,  and 
a  regular  series  of  public  annals  from  the  most  remote  times  to  the  present, 
compiled  by  the  official  historiographers  of  the  empire. 

Among  their  most  celebrated  historians  are  Sead-u-din,  the  historio¬ 
grapher  of  Murad  the  Third,  the  author  of  “  Taj-u-Tevarikh ”  (“The  Crown 
of  Histories,”)  Jelal  Zade,  the  author  of  “  Tarikhi  Jelal  Zade”  the  Annals 
of  the  reign  of  Suleiman  I.  and  Selaniki,  whose  works  are  only  to  be  found  in 
manuscript,  and  Bashid  Effendi,  Sami,  Shagir,  and  Subhi,  whose  works  have 
been  printed  by  the  Imperial  press.  Amongst  historians  also  must  not  be  for¬ 
gotten  the  learned  Haji  Khalife,  who  wrote  several  historical  and  geographical 
books,  and  a  work  on  Oriental  bibliography,  a  universal  history  in  Arabic, 
and  also  the  History  of  the  Maritime  Wars  of  the  Turks,  the  History  of 
Constantinople,  and  the  celebrated  Oriental  geography  called  “  Jihan  Numa ,” 
(“  The  World-Shewer”). 

The  Turks  have  always  cultivated  poetry  with  the  greatest  zeal  and 
considerable  success.  Poets  have  ever  been  greatly  honoured  and  muni¬ 
ficently  rewarded  by  them.  Their  poetry,  it  is  true,  is  somewhat  wild  and 


extravagant,  but  full  of  power  and  imagination.  Amongst  others,  Fazli’s 
version  of  the  Gul-u-Bulbul  (“  The  Rose  and  the  Nightingale  ”)  is  a  really 
beautiful  poem,  and  a  mere  list  of  Turkish  poets  of  respectable  ability  would 
fill  pages. 

In  conclusion,  the  Turkish  language,  in  the  simplicity  and  regularity  of 
its  original  framework  and  mechanism,  is  only  equalled  among  European 
languages  by  the  Spanish,  in  the  attention  it  pays  to  euphony  by  no 
European  language,  except  perhaps  Hungarian,  and  in  the  richness  of  its 
resources,  if  it  would  make  but  proper  use  of  them,  it  might  rank  with  any 
language  of  Europe  or  Asia. 

To  cement  the  alliance  and  the  friendship  which  have  existed  for  so  many 
years  between  England  and  Turkey,  and  to  promote  the  interest  of  both 
nations,  nothing  is  more  indispensable  than  that  they  should  acquire  each 
other’s  language.  The  Turks  have  made  great  efforts  and  spared  no  expense 
to  this  end.  Hundreds  of  young  Turkish  officers  studied  English  under  me, 
after  my  appointment  by  the  Turkish  Government  as  Professor  of  the  English 
Language  at  Constantinople,  and  nearly  all  of  them  displayed  the  greatest  zeal 
and  ability.  It  is  to  be  hoped  now  that  the  same  ardour  will  be  shown  and 
the  same  attention  given,  on  the  part  of  the  British  Government  and  people, 
in  promoting  the  study  of  the  Turkish  language  in  England. 

Having  had  great  experience  in  connection  with  the  acquisition  of  Turkish 
and  other  Oriental  languages,  I  venture  to  call  the  attention  of  the  Govern¬ 
ment  and  the  public  to  the  fact  that  sending  out  gentlemen  to  Turkey  who 
have  merely  given  proof  of  possessing  an  ordinarily  good  European  education, 
and  who  have  evinced  no  special  aptitude  for  acquiring  Eastern  languages,  is 
not  the  best  method  they  could  have  adopted  for  obtaining  a  body  of  Oriental 
scholars  who  would  be  really  useful  to  them.  Facilities  should  be  afforded 
for  studying  Turkish  in  England,  and  then  only  those  who  gave  proof  of 
capability  to  master  Turkish — a  feat  by  no  means  in  everybody’s  power — 
should  be  appointed  student-interpreters.  Austrian  and  Russian  officials  in 
the  East  learn  Turkish  at  their  respective  universities  before  going  to  Turkey, 
and  Russia  and  Austria  have  consequently  had  for  many  years  good  Turkish 
scholars  in  their  service.  We  shall  never  have  good  Oriental  scholars  in  ours 
until  we  adopt  the  same  system.  No  one  can  learn  to  speak  and  write 
Turkish  by  mere  residence  in  the  country,  as  is  proved  by  English  and  other 
European  residents  in  Turkey  not  being  conversant  with  the  language  who 
have  lived  there  for  twenty  and  thirty  years. 

But  any  one  who  goes  to  Turkey,  having  already  studied  the  language 
successfully,  will  speedily  become  thorough  master  of  it.  He  will  find  plenty 
of  opportunities  for  practising  his  knowledge  of  Turkish,  if  he  have  any ;  but 



if  he  have  none,  he  will  never  pick  the  language  up,  as  it  is  called,  by  merely 
breathing  the  air  of  Constantinople.  Without  study,  Turkish,  as  written 
and  spoken  for  diplomatic  purposes,  can  never  be  mastered,  and  facilities  for 
this  study  at  first,  at  least,  are  best  found  in  England.  Moreover,  it  is  far 
better  that  the  government  should  only  help  those  who  have  given  proof  of 
their  ability,  and  this  could  be  tested  by  establishing  a  Turkish  Professorship 
here,  and  sending  out  only  those  who  should  have  passed  an  examination  in 
Turkish — the  plan  already  adopted,  I  believe,  in  the  case  of  Chinese  students. 

London,  December,  1879. 








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PREFACE  TO  THE  FIRST  EDITION  ...  ...  ...  ...  1 


„  „  TURKISH  AND  ENGLISH  ...  ...  383 

ERRATUM  ...  ...  ...  ...  ...  ...  ...  ...  882 




The  abbreviations  \  and  in  the  Turkish  character ,  and  et  and  ol  in  the 
English,  used  in  both  parts  of  this  Dictionary,  stand  respectively  for  the 
auxiliary  verbs  and  and  their  pronunciations  ktmek  and  olmak. 





IN  the  spring  of  1855,  on  the  occasion  of  the  formation  of  the  Turkish 
Legion,  the  author  of  the  present  work  published  a  “  Vade-Mecum  of 
Ottoman  Colloquial  Language,”  in  the  Preface  of  which  he  promised  to 
prepare,  “  for  the  information  of  those  who  may  wish  afterwards  to  penetrate 
deeper  into  the  arcana  of  this  really  beautiful  tongue,  a  series  of  more 
complete  and  scientific  works.” 

The  following  pages  are  a  first  instalment  towards  the  redemption  of  the 
pledge  then  given.  From  the  size  of  this  volume,  the  reader  must  at  once 
perceive  that  it  has  not  the  pretension  of  being  a  complete  dictionary  of  the 
two  languages,  which  it  would  require  several  years  of  constant  labour  to 
bring  into  existence.  But  as  there  does  not  exist  in  English  any  similar 
work,  it  has  been  judged  that  a  book  which  shall  contain  the  more  usual 
terms  of  the  two  languages,  and  explain  the  more  striking  modifications  of 
their  meanings — which  shall  give,  not  only  the  orthography  of  the  Turkish 
words  (whether  of  Arabic,  Persian,  or  Turkish  origin),  but  also  their  correct 
pronunciation  and  accentuation — two  things  never  achieved,  and  the  latter 
never  attempted,  even  in  the  best  dictionaries  published  on  the  continent — 
could  not  fail  of  being  acceptable  to  the  very  great  number  of  our  country¬ 
men  now  interested  in  obtaining  quickly  a  competent  knowledge  of  the 
language  of  our  Eastern  allies ;  and  the  author  has  therefore  undertaken  to 
provide  them  with  as  good  a  dictionary  as  could  be  prepared  within  a 
reasonable  space  of  time. 

For  the  materials  of  this  book  he  is  indebted  to  no  one,  even  of  the 
continental  authors,  unless  in  so  far  as  he  has  used  two  dictionaries  to  arrive 
without  loss  of  time  at  the  alphabetical  arrangement  and  selection  of  the 
words  contained  in  either  part  of  this  publication.  He  does  not  pretend  to 
be  absolutely  and  entirely  free  from  mistakes  of  any  kind  ;  but  he  confidently 
appeals  to  all  capable  of  judging,  to  pronounce  whether  the  great  number  of 
errors  to  be  traced  in  every  page  of  the  more  voluminous  continental  works, 
ancient  or  modern,  is  not  a  circumstance  which  greatly  deteriorates  the  value 



of  their  productions,  although,  at  the  same  time,  the  greatest  credit  is  due  to 
the  authors  for  the  immense  labours  they  have  undertaken  in  preparing  their 
works  for  the  use  of  the  public.  They  have  done  their  best,  and  the  thanks 
of  a  host  of  students  have  been,  and  will  continue  to  be,  their  just  meed. 
Neither  is  it  in  any  spirit  of  detraction  that  the  author  here  notices  these 
defects  of  his  precursors ;  but,  on  the  contrary,  by  alluding  to  them,  he 
desires  to  stir  up  their  authors,  or  others,  to  investigate  the  subject  with 
renewed  zeal  and  acumen,  under  the  conviction  that  the  greater  the  facilities 
afforded  for  an  interchange  of  ideas  between  the  East  and  Yv^est,  the  more 
rapidly  will  be  effaced  those  invidious  distinctions  of  caste  or  class,  or  nation¬ 
ality,  or  religious  denomination,  which  ignorance  and  intolerance  set  up  in 
bygone  times,  but  which  in  England  have  generally  given  place  to  the  more 
becoming  rule  and  feeling  of  respecting  in  all  the  conscientious  dictates  of 
faith  and  taste,  even  as  we  ourselves  wish  to  have  respect  and  consideration 
shown  to  our  own  by  all. 

As  above  noticed,  the  publication  of  a  complete  Turkish  and  English 
Dictionary,  if  ever  undertaken,  will  be  a  work  of  considerable  expense,  and 
will  require  years  for  its  performance.  Hitherto  the  number  of  those  who 
might  have  occasion  for  such  a  book  has  been  too  limited  by  far  to  induce 
any  one  to  make  the  attempt.  These  circumstances  appear  now  likely  to  be 
changed,  through  the  attention  drawn  to  Turkey  by  the  recent  aggressions  of 
Russia,  and  also  by  the  vitality  so  unexpectedly  discovered  in  the  Ottoman 
Empire — the  “sick  man”  of  the  aggressor.  The  author  would  be  proud  to 
answer  this  change,  if  effective,  by  an  energetic  attempt  to  fill  up  the  void  in 
English  literature  left  by  the  want  of  such  a  work.  The  Turkish  language 
is,  in  itself,  well  worthy  of  the  labour ;  and,  whatever  the  ideas  on  the  sub¬ 
ject  hitherto  current  in  England,  as  in  the  rest  of  Europe  generally,  there 
exists  in  that  language  a  literature,  mostly  in  manuscript  as  yet,  it  is  true,  as 
varied  and  as  refined  as  that  which  is  known  to  be  found  in  the  Persian 
tongue,  though  it  does  not  embrace  those  periods  of  time,  the  middle  ages, 
which  render  the  study  of  Arabic  and  Persian  doubly  interesting.  In  a 
political  and  in  a  commercial  view,  the  tongue  of  the  Osmanli  merits  as  great 
attention  as  any,  since  its  use,  or  that  of  its  congeners,  among  natives  of 
every  sect  and  nationality,  or  among  official  people,  is  spread  from  Tunis 
in  Africa,  throughout  the  Turkish  Empire,  the  northern  half  of  Persia, 
Khorassan,  to  Independent,  Chinese,  and  Russian  Tartary.  But  it  is  as  true, 
as  it  will  appear  singular,  that  whether  from  apathy,  or  from  the  fatal 
delivering  themselves  up  into  the  hands  of  double  sets  of  interpreters  (one  set 
consisting  of  Greeks,  Armenians,  Jews,  or  Levantines,  who  explain  verbally 



between  Europeans  and  Turks,  and  the  other  of  Turkish  writers,  who  reduce 
these  verbal  expressions  into  written  forms  of  their  own),  the  greater  part  of 
our  merchants  and  consuls  living  in  Turkey,  some  for  periods  of  fifty  years, 
are  unable,  with  a  few  rare  exceptions,  to  read  a  word  of  the  language,  or 
perhaps  to  understand  it  when  read  to  them  ;  and  many  are  even  incapable 
of  uttering  a  single  phrase  in  common  conversation.  The  fact,  however,  of 
servants,  working  engineers,  and  others  picking  up  Turkish  in  a  short  time, 
without  books  or  aids  of  any  kind,  is  sufficient  to  indicate  that  there  is 
nothing  peculiarly  difficult  in  the  language  itself;  while  the  mere  mechanical 
difficulty  of  the  handwriting,  as  is  known  to  all  students,  is  equally  easy  to 
be  got  over  with  a  little  practice. 

Hoping,  therefore,  that  a  taste  for  this  useful  language  may  spread,  and 
that  the  occasion  will  thence  arise  for  the  preparation  of  more  extensive 
works  on  the  subject,  to  which  he  engages  to  respond  to  the  best  of  his 
abilities,  the  author  now  offers  the  present  work  to  the  public,  in  the  trust 
that  it  will  be  found  as  useful  in  its  sphere  as  he  could  wish  or  expect. 

London,  1856. 




IN  representing  the  sounds  of  one  language  with  the  characters  of  another, 
we  find  that  all  or  many  of  those  characters  generally  possess  more  than 
one  value  in  their  original  language.  We  observe,  further,  that  the  authors  of 
pronouncing  dictionaries  are  obliged  to  have  recourse  to  various  systems  of 
orthography,  in  order  to  represent  to  the  mind,  through  the  eye,  in  a  way  freed 
from  doubt,  the  sound  of  every  letter  in  each  separate  word ;  and  that  a  con¬ 
siderable  difference  exists  between  the  current  orthography  and  the  results  of 
each  such  system.  The  reasons  of  this  divergence,  in  respect  to  the  English 
language,  may  be  reduced  to  three  :  1  st.  Many  words  of  foreign  origin  have 
preserved  their  original  orthography  and  pronunciation  (this  latter  more  or  less 
vitiated),  which  do  not  follow  the  same  rules  as  the  words  of  our  own  language ; 
2ndly,  Many  other  words  of  foreign  origin,  though  they  have  more  or  less  been 
submitted  to  a  process  of  adaptation  to  our  pronunciation  and  orthography,  still 
retain  so  many  traces  of  their  origin  as  to  require  explanation  on  the  former,  and 
authority  for  the  latter,  inasmuch  as  the  two  do  not  agree  together  with  sufficient 
simplicity,  or  according  to  our  received  ideas  of  the  fundamental  values  of  their 
component  letters ;  3rdly,  The  difference  of  pronunciation  of  even  indigenous 
words  in  different  parts  of  the  country,  whereby  an  orthography  more  or  less  in 
consonance  with  the  pronunciation  of  one  part,  at  a  certain  period  of  time,  was 
adopted  by  some  one  or  other  of  the  early  English  writers,  and  has  since  become 
(either  with  or  without  modification)  generally  or  universally  current,  although 
it  does  not  accord  with  the  usual  pronunciation  now  in  use  among  the  educated 
classes  in  the  greater  part  of  the  kingdom. 

Causes  analogous  to  these  have  also  affected  the  orthography  and  pronun- 



ciation  of  the  Turkish  language,  the  present  alphabet  and  orthographical  system 
of  which  are  originally  Arabic.  In  the  pure  Arabic  the  simple  short  vowels  are 
never  written,  being  merely  marked  over  or  under  the  consonant  affected  by 
them,  and  are  but  three  in  number — a,  i,  and  u  (Latin).  When  these  are  long, 
they  are  represented  by  separate  letters,  which  have  still  their  special  values  as 
consonants,  viz.  l,j,  and  o.  Of  these,  the  \  represents  the  sound  of  a,  the  j  of 
ü  ( oo  English),  the  of  i  (ee  English).  This  system  of  the  Arabic  language 
(common  also  to  the  other  Semitic  dialects)  was  next  adopted  by  the  Persians 
when  they  embraced  the  religion  of  Muhammed  ;  and  although  four  consonants 
(c—J,  ^  ,Jj\  viT)  were  added  to  the  twenty-eight  of  the  Arabians,  nothing  was 
done  to  extend  the  number  of  vowel-letters,  or  of  the  vowel-points,  beyond  the 
original  three,  excepting  the  definite  adoption  of  a  fourth  consonant  (Jî>)  to 
represent  the  terminal  broad  e  or  surd  a  found  in  so  many  Persian  words.  The 
three  original  vowel-letters  received  also  a  second  value  each  in  addition  to  the 
Arabic  one,  viz.  \  was  made  to  represent  the  broad  a  of  the  English,  the  ^  the  o 
of  European  languages,  and  the  l_?  the  e  of  the  same  as  heard  in  our  word  there. 
The  Turkish  nation,  coming  from  the  eastern  parts  of  Central  Asia,  first 
encountered  the  Arabian  system  of  writing,  under  its  modified  form,  in  Persia. 
Adopting  this,  and,  by  their  chief  and  early  conquests  in  Greece  and  Asia  Minor, 
escaping  from  the  direct  influence  of  the  Arabians,  they  in  their  turn  gave  a  new 
value  to  one  consonant  (cJ)  by  making  it  represent  a  nasal  n  in  addition  to  its 
Arabic  value  of  k,  and  its  Persian  value  of  g  hard  (gh,  or  gu ),  and  they  also 
greatly  extended  the  use  occasionally  made  by  the  Persians  of  the  three  long 
vowels  as  representatives  of  their  cognate  short  vowels. 

Passing  over,  therefore,  the  consideration  of  the  true  number  of  different 
vowel-sounds  which  may  exist  in  Arabic  or  in  Persian,  or  of  the  number  which 
may  exist  in  any  uncultivated  Turkish  or  Tartar  dialects,  we  may  now  proceed 
to  observe  that  there  are  eleven  distinct  vowel-sounds  in  the  cultivated  Ottoman 
Turkish  language,  besides  the  modifications  of  certain  of  them  by  mere  prolonga¬ 
tion  of  sound  ;  whereas  there  are  still  but  three  vowel-signs,  and  but  four  vowel- 
letters  to  represent  them.  This  necessarily  causes  great  confusion  and  difficulty, 
especially  to  learners  ;  and  to  it,  in  great  measure,  I  attribute  the  prevalent  use 
of  Arabic  and  Persian  words  (in  writing,  much  more  than  in  speaking)  in 
preference  to  many  of  their  most  common  Turkish  equivalents.  In  all  three  of 
these  languages  a  combination  of  twro,  three,  or  four  letters,  may  often  be  read 
several  different  ways,  the  signification  varying  with  each  modification  of  sound ; 



and  there  is  no  system  in  use  among  the  nations  speaking  them  whereby  the 
true  vowel-pronunciation  of  each  word  can  be  depicted  to  the  intelligence 
through  the  medium  of  the  eye,  in  a  manner  entirely  free  from  doubt.  The 
Persians  have  adopted  two  terms  whereby  they  describe  the  different  values  of 
the  vowel  j  as  representing  u  and  o,  also  of  lS  as  representing  e  and  i ;  hut 
further  they  have  not  gone,  and  these  terms  have  no  equivalent  mark  in  writing; 
so  that  the  number  of  vowel-letters  remains  but  four,  and  of  the  vowel-points 
but  three,  to  represent  the  eleven  vowels  existing  in  Turkish.  At  the  beginning 
of  words  they  employ  two  combinations  ( and  cil)  of  these  vowel-letters, 
which  have  been  looked  upon  as  diphthongs ;  but  this  is  not  really  so  :  they 
represent  no  separate  vowel-sound ;  they  are  merely  used,  or  rather  the  j  and 
the  lS  are  introduced  to  define  the  value  of  the  which  in  Arabic  takes  the 
Ihree  vowel-sounds  indifferently,  in  the  same  way  as  the  other  consonants. 
These,  then,  are  no  true  addition  to  the  number  of  Turkish  vowel-letters,  and 
is  read  u  the  same  as  j*  is  read  ku,  and  lJ\  i  as  (_£  is  ki* 

The  eleven  Turkish  vowel-sounds  are  the  following  : — 


of  a 

in  all. 


of  i 

in  girl. 


.  .  a 


8  th, 

.  .  0 

.  .  go. 


.  .  a 



.  .  u 

in  the  French  tu. 

4  th, 

.  .  a 

.  .  pan. 


.  .  u 

.  .  full. 

5  th, 

.  .  e 

.  .  pen. 


.  .  u 

.  .  fun. 


.  .  i 

.  ,  pin. 

Our  system  of  orthography  in  this  book  for  representing  the  pronunciation 
of  the  Turkish  words  is  founded  upon  the  two  following  axioms  : — First,  No 
character  shall  have  two  values ;  and  second,  No  value  shall  he  represented  by 
more  than  one  special  character. 

In  applying  these  two  rules  to  the  eleven  vowel- sounds,  we  have  been  led  to 

#  There  exists  even  at  the  beginning  of  some  Turkish  words  the  combination 
which  may  have  been  considered  in  like  manner  a  triphthong ;  but  in  this  case,  as  in 
that  of  the  two  combinations,  and  <-£■  at  the  ends  of  some  words  and  syllables,  the 
^  is  a  true  consonant,  and  therefore  we  are  justified  in  totally  denying  the  existence  of 
diphthongs  or  triphthongs  in  the  Turkish  language. 



adopt  the  following  eleven  characters  to  represent  them,  all  of  which  are  well 
known  modifications  in  form  of  our  own  five  vowels  : — 



as  in  wall,  thus 


7  th, 


as  in  girl, 





.  .  .  far,  .  .  . 


8  th, 


...  go, 

•  •  • 




.  .  .  about,  .  .  . 




.  .  .  tu  French  .  . 


4  th, 


.  .  .  pan,  .  .  . 




.  .  .  full, 

«  •  • 


5  th, 


.  .  .  pen,  .  .  . 




.  .  .  fun, 

•  •  • 




•  •  •  pm,  •  •  • 


By  the  use  of  these  modified  vowels  the  learner  can  see  at  once  what  par¬ 
ticular  value  is  attached  to  each,  and,  at  the  same  time,  he  will  not  be  obliged  to 
make  the  distinction,  unless  he  prefers  doing  it,  in  making  notes  himself  of  words 
he  may  meet  with  in  reading  or  in  conversation.  This  book  is  essentially  a 
pronouncing  dictionary ;  and  were  the  European  character  ever  to  be  adopted  in 
Turkey,  for  the  purpose  of  writing  the  Ottoman  language,  there  is  no  reason 
why  the  a,  the  e,  the  i,  and  the  u  should  not  bear  several  values  as  they  do  with 
us ;  whereas,  in  printing,  and,  if  necessary,  even  in  writing,  the  difference  could 
be  pointed  out  by  one  or  two  strokes  under  them,  thereby  leaving  the  upper 
part  free  for  the  introduction  of  special  signs  to  distinguish  the  long  from  the 
short  vowels,  and  the  accentuated  from  the  unaccentuated  syllables. 

We  have  adopted  these  characters  in  preference  to  others,  because  they  are 
to  be  found  at  the  printers’,  and  because  every  one  knows  them.  True  it  is  that 
their  special  value  here  has  to  be  learnt  and  remembered,  but  so  would  that 
of  any  signs  we  might  have  invented.  Our  special  reason  for  not  adopting  Sir 
William  Jones’s  “  dashed  vowels  ”  is  because,  their  dash  being  over  them,  it 
would  have  interfered  with  the  introduction  of  the  signs  of  syllabic  accent  and 
vowel  quantity.  We  have  further  felt  obliged  to  abstain  from  and  condemn  the 
diphthongs  ai  and  au  of  that  great  philosopher  and  most  distinguished  writer,  by 
reason  that  the  idea  which  caused  him  to  employ  them  is  fundamentally  erroneous 
in  conception •  and  we  have  been  grieved  to  observe  that  these  errors  have  been 
already  too  extensively  adopted  by  other  writers  of  distinction,  and  by  the 
numerous  body  of  missionaries  in  India  and  the  South  Seas.  It  is  singular  that 
an  Englishman  should  have  fallen  into  the  error  of  calling  these  combinations 
diphthongs,  when  his  own  language  contains  the  true  solutions  to  the  problem. 
Sir  William  Jones  appears  to  have  been  led  away  in  this  matter  by  the  study  of 
French  or  Latin,  in  neither  of  which  languages  does  the  consonant  w  exist, 
neither  is  the  letter  y  regarded  in  their  grammars  as  a  consonant. 



English  grammarians  have  laid  it  down  as  a  rule  that  w  and  y  are  consonants 
at  the  beginning  of  words  or  syllables,  but  vowels  at  the  end  or  in  the  middle. 
It  must  be  conceded  that  y  standing  alone  in  the  middle  of  a  syllable  is  a  vowel ; 
but  w  is  never  so  used  in  English.  As  the  second  letters  of  diphthongs  in  the 
middle  of  syllables  they  may  be  considered  either  as  vowels  or  consonants, 
without  much  practical  inconvenience  resulting  from  the  error  in  either  case ; 
and  y,  at  the  end  of  syllables,  when  immediately  preceded  by  a  consonant,  may 
certainly  be  considered  a  true  vowel.  There  remains  then  to  be  considered  the 
case  of  these  two  letters  when  they  terminate  a  syllable  and  are  preceded  by  a 
vowel.  In  this  case  Oriental  grammarians  have  justly  regarded  them  as  con¬ 
sonants  ;  nor  would  it  be  difficult  to  establish  that  the  practice  of  the  English 
tongue  fully  confirms  that  decision,  as  regards  the  letter  y,  and  also  as  regards 
the  w  if  preceded  by  an  o.  Take  for  instance  the  words  flow  and  flay  :  now,  in 
forming  from  them  the  participles  flowing  and  flaying,  we  can  perceive  that  w 
and  y  are  as  much  consonants  as  though  the  division  of  the  two  words  into 
separate  syllables  was  flo-wing  and  fla-ying,  when,  even  by  the  admitted  rules  of 
our  grammarians,  these  letters  would  be  consonants.  This  being  established, 
more  as  a  means  of  comparison  between  certain  conditions  of  our  language  and 
the  elements  of  the  Turkish,  we  may  now  state  that  we  consider  the  letters  w 
any  y  as  consonants  in  all  cases  where  we  use  them  in  our  system  of  orthography 
as  here  adopted  for  representing  the  sound  of  the  Turkish  language ;  and,  to 
complete  our  system  of  syllabic  formation,  we  have  but  to  follow  out  the  series 
of  vowels  preceding  or  following  these  two  letters  in  the  same  manner  as  for  the 
other  consonants  ;  thus  : — 





















b  u 














































Several  of  the  combinations  contained  in  the  third,  and  nearly  all  those  in 
the  fifth  of  these  lines,  will  be  met  with  in  the  following  pages.  The  learner 
must  then  merely  take  heed  not  to  give  to  the  combination  the  sound  of  a 
diphthong,  as  he  would  have  to  do  were  he  reading  English,  but  to  keep  the 
sound  of  the  vowel  pure  in  the  same  way  as  when  read  before  any  other  con¬ 
sonant.  Thus  : — Kaw  will  sound  as  our  English  cow,  and  yiw  analogously ; 



pay  will  read  like  pie,  rey  like  ray,  soy  exactly  as  in  English,  and  kzy,  as  also 
muy,  will  each  be  readily  understood,  though  we  have  no  similar  combination  in 
our  language.  It  will  thus  become  apparent  that  these  are  not  diphthongs  com¬ 
posed  of  two  consecutive  or  combined  vowel-sounds,  but,  on  the  contrary,  a  pure 
and  simple  vowel,  followed  by  a  simple  consonant. 

The  foregoing  remarks  are  of  more  consequence  than  appears  at  first  sight : 
not  only  is  a  correct  appreciation  of  any  subject  a  great  desideratum  in  itself,  but 
this  particular  bears  also  in  no  slight  degree  upon  the  question  of  reduplicated 
consonants,  since  we  frequently  meet  with  both  the  ^  and  the  reduplicated, 
and  this  could  not  be  unless  they  were  true  consonants.  It  has  also  a  very  great 
grammatical  influence  upon  the  words,  and  roots  of  words,  which  have  these 
terminations,  as  it  will  be  seen  throughout  the  Turkish  Grammar  that  affixes  and 
inflexions  vary,  according  as  they  are  joined  on  to  a  word  ending  with  a  vowel, 
or  to  one  ending  with  a  consonant ;  and  it  will  be  found  that  in  all  these  cases 
the  doctrine  here  laid  down  agrees  with  the  principle  upon  which  that  language 
moves.  It  has  the  further  advantage,  too,  of  confining  the  letters  w  and  y  to 
one  sole  value,  instead  of  using  them  sometimes  as  vowels,  sometimes  as 

Proceeding,  now,  to  a  consideration  of  the  Turkish  characters  in  themselves, 
and  of  their  values,  as  also  of  the  mode  of  transcription  here  adopted  for  the 
consonants,  we  first  observe  that  the  Turkish  alphabet  consists  of  twenty- eight 
simple  and  primitive  characters  of  Arabic  origin,  the  ordinary  names  and  primary 
forms  of  which  are  as  follows  : — 

\  blif,  bk,  CJ  tk,  lLj  se,  ^  jim,  ^  hX,  £  khb  c)  dXl,  <i  zbl,  j  n,  j  ze, 

(j~  sin,  (jt  shin,  sld,  dÂd,  L  û,  zi,  ^“ayn,  ^  ghâyn,  < _ 9  fk, 

(J  kXf,  cJ  kkf,  J  lam,  ^  mim,  ^  nun,  ^  wow,  lJ  yk. 

To  these  original  Arabic  letters  are  to  be  added  the  three  following,,  received 
from  the  Persian,  which  have  a  special  form,  distinguished  from  the  originals 
whence  they  are  derived  by  the  number  of  dots  under  or  over  them,  viz. — 



r5  PE> 

derived  from  bk. 

.  £  Pm“ 

J  zhk  (French  j)  ......  .  I  ze. 

The  additional  dots  of  these  letters  of  Persian  origin  are  often  to  be  found  in 
written,  and  even  in  printed,  books.  The  last  of  them  is  only  used  in  a  very  few 
(five  or  six  at  most)  words  of  Persian  origin. 



The  fourth  letter  added  by  the  Persians,  namely,  the  <1 T,  is  generally  left 
without  its  distinguishing  points,  and  these,  even  when  added,  are  sometimes 
used  as  marking,  not  the  Persian  value  of  the  character,  but  a  third  use  to  which 
this  letter  is  universally  applied  by  the  Turks,  that  of  a  nasal  n,  equivalent  to  our 
English  ng  at  the  end  of  sing,  ring,  &c.,  but  softened  down  to  a  common  n  in  the 
pronunciation  of  the  capital,  and  of  people  of  refined  manners  in  many  of  the 
provinces.  A  second  method  is  also  in  use,  by  which  to  distinguish  the  Persian 
value  of  this  letter :  it  consists  in  giving  it  a  double  dash  in  all  its  positions, 
whether  initial,  medial,  or  final ;  whereas,  in  the  case  of  the  Arabic  value,  the 
dash  is  single  in  the  two  first  positions,  and  totally  wanting  in  the  last-named 
one.  It  results,  therefore,  that  in  printing,  and  in  common  or  official  writing, 
the  one  character  cJ  has  three  distinct  values,  for  which  no  discriminating  signs 
are  employed ;  and  it  is  only  in  some  manuscript  books,  generally  when  the 
whole  of  the  vowel-points  and  other  diacritical  marks  are  inserted,  that  any 
distinction  is  made  of  the  three  values  of  this  letter. 

There  is  also,  a  compound  character  in  use,  which  is  always  to  be  found 
inserted  in  alphabets,  and  which,  for  that  reason,  cannot  be  passed  over  in  silence. 
It  is  the  character  X  called  lam-elif,  being,  in  fact,  nothing  more  than  J  lam 
joined  calligraphically  to  a  following  \  elif,  in  a  similar  manner  to  that  whereby 
our  printers  continue  to  join  the  f  and  l  in  fl,  or  they*  and  i  in  fi,  &c. 

Of  these  thirty-one  (or  thirty-two  or  thirty- three)  Turkish  letters,  the  \  (felif), 
in  its  various  uses,  requires  the  greatest  amount  of  explanation. 

This  letter  is  sometimes  a  vowel,  and  sometimes  a  consonant ;  the  latter  in 
some  words  of  Arabic  origin  only,  and  even  then  only  in  the  middle  or  at  the  end 
of  these  words,  never  as  an  initial.  To  denote  this  consonant  value  of  the  \,  it  is 
always  surmounted  by  the  diacritical  mark  ,  named  hkmzE,  so  that  no  confusion 
can  occur  between  the  vowel  \  and  the  consonant.  This  rule  of  the  hhmzE  never 
affecting  an  initial  1,  is  a  practical  rule  of  Turkish,  and  does  not  apply  to  the 
Arabic  language,  which  we  are  not  here  considering. 


The  consonant  then,  we  proceed  to  say,  follows  the  same  rules  as  do  the 
other  consonants  in  point  of  being  followed  or  not  by  a  vowel  in  the  same  syllable, 
and  we  need  not  dwell  upon  that  subject  here :  we  shall  only  remark  that  its 
power  is  that  of  a  slight  hiatus,  or  catch  in  the  breath,  and  that  we  have  repre¬ 
sented  it  in  this  work,  as  in  our  little  "  Vade-Mecum  of  Ottoman  Colloquial 
Language,”  by  an  inverted  apostrophe,  thus  (‘).  The  sign  hkmzE  represents  in 
Arabic,  I  apprehend,  the  transition  from  the  natural  state  of  the  organs  of 



speech  when  in  perfect  repose  and  closed  against  the  passage  of  vocalized  breath  : 
it  represents,  also,  vice  versa,  the  stop  applied,  when  speaking,  to  cut  off  sud¬ 
denly  the  emission  of  this  vocalized  breath ;  and  the  action  it  represents  differs, 
therefore,  altogether  from  that  whereby  a  vowel-sound  is  made  to  follow  the 
formation  of  any  definite  consonant,  or  whereby  that  sound  is  cut  off  by  such  a 
formation  following  it,  or  whereby  it  is  simply  allowed  to  cease  itself  from  being 
emitted  without  any  change  of  position  in  the  organs  of  speech.  This  view  of 
the  value  of  the  hkmzE  is,  as  before  stated,  altogether  overlooked,  however,  in 
Turkish,  at  the  beginning  of  words  ;  and  the  1  (elif)  is  then  regarded  always  as 
a  simple  vowel. 

As  a  vowel  at  the  beginning  of  words  the  \  may  represent  every  vowel- 
sound  found  in  the  language,  in  the  same  manner  that  any  consonant  may  be 
followed  by  every  such  sound.  Nor  does  it  differ  from  the  consonants  in  the 
modes  of  determining  the  vowel- sound  to  be  given  to  it;  and,  as  those  modes 
are  general,  we  proceed  to  state  them  here. 

It  has  already  been  noticed  that  there  are  three  signs  of  Arabic  origin,  used 
in  Turkish  to  indicate  the  vowel  which  is  to  follow  a  letter.  These  are  named 
hârekfi  (motion,  or  movement),  and  the  first,  consisting  of  an  oblique 
straight  stroke  marked  above  the  letter  from  right  towards  the  left  in  descending 
(thus  ),  is  called  usstun  and  ffitha  (t-h.)  It  indicates  that  the 

letter  over  which  it  is  placed  is  to  be  followed  in  pronunciation  by  one  of  the 
vowels,  a,  a,  a,  e,  or  d,  which,  it  will  be  perceived,  form  a  series  of  vocal  sounds 
of  a  cognate  character,  varying  merely  in  breadth,  and  capable  of  infinite  sub¬ 
modifications  of  tone.  In  fact,  these  five  vowels  do  not  correctly  and  fully 
express  all  the  modulations  which  an  experienced  ear  can  detect  in  Turkish 
pronunciation,  which  may  be  truly  compared,  in  its  nicety  of  differentiation,  to  a 
violin,  in  which  the  notes  are  left  to  be  formed  by  the  player,  rather  than  to  any 
instrument  in  which  the  notes  or  half-notes  are  absolutely  fixed.  Therefore, 
although  we  have  deemed  it  useful  and  very  necessary  to  indicate,  to  the  extent 
we  have  done,  the  different  vowel-sounds  of  Turkish  words,  we  admit  that  a 
still  greater  variety  exists,  which  we  leave  to  practice  and  experience  to  indicate 
to  learners,  believing  that  the  extent  to  which  we  have  pushed  the  subject  will 
be  found  sufficient  for  all  practical  purposes. 

The  second  vowel- sign  consists  in  a  precisely  similar  stroke  placed  under  the 
letter,  and  is  called  kss^rri,  or  kessrfi.  It  indicates  that  the  letter  is  to 
be  followed  by  one  of  the  vowels  i  or  i.  The  third  is  a  small  character  some¬ 
thing  of  the  shape  of  the  figure  9,  or  of  the  Turkish  letter  *,  placed  over  the 



letter  it  affects,  where  the  üsstun  would  otherwise  be.  This  sign  is  called  u 
«duru  (and  rarely  damma  or  zamma),  and  indicates  that  the  letter  affected 
is  to  be  followed  by  one  of  the  vowels  o,  u,  u,  or  u,  which  it  will  be  perceived 
are  of  a  kindred  kind. 

According  to  what  is  stated  above,  the  letter  \,  when  it  bears  the  mark 
iisstun,  is  equivalent  to  any  one  or  other  of  the  same  five  vowels  indicated  by 
the  sign  itself,  and  it  may  thence  be  correctly  inferred  that  of  itself,  and  at  the 
beginning  of  words,  it  has  no  real  value.  It  is  in  fact,  in  that  position,  a  mere 
representative  of  the  hkmzE,  which  is  itself  never  introduced  into  Turkish 
writings  at  the  beginning  of  words,  though  in  Arabic  it  is  figured  over  or  under  the 
\,  and  in  ancient  manuscripts,  and  even  common  African  writings,  is  sometimes 
made  to  precede  that  letter. 

It  may  now  be  readily  inferred  that  according  as  the  \  is  affected  by  one  of 
the  remaining  vowel-points  kss^rE  or  wturu,  it  takes  the  value  of  either  i  or  i,  or 

^  9 

of  0,  u,  u,  or  u.  Thus  \  is  read  a,  a,  a,  e,  or  6  ;  \  is  read  i  or  i ;  and  I  is  read 
o,  u,  u,  or  u. 

Not  to  have  to  repeat  what  is  thus  explained,  we  here  shortly  mention  that 
the  same  rule  applies  generally  to  the  whole  of  the  remaining  letters,  the  vowel 
following,  but  never  preceding  them.  Thus,  lLj  is  either  bA,  ba,  b a,  hû,  or  bd  ; 
is  either  bi  or  bi ;  and  is  either  bo,  bu,  bu,  or  b u  ;  and  so  throughout. 


It  may  not  be  amiss  to  notice  particularly  the  case  of  the  two  letters  ^  and  lJ, 
and  to  remark  that,  as  with  their  English  representatives  w  and  y,  they  are 


always  consonants  at  the  beginning  of  words,  and  consequently  ^  is  to  be  read, 

9  ' 

va  (or  wa,  &c.),  va,  va,  ve,  or  j  as  vi  or  v« ;  j  as  vo,  vu,  vu,  or  vu ;  while 


is  read,  yA,  ya,  y a,  ve,  or  y&\  u5  as  yi  or  y i ;  and  as  yo,  yu,  yu,  or  y u. 


To  make  certain  of  these  vowels  long  (the  others  never  being  prolonged  in 
Turkish),  the  letter  bearing  the  vowel-point  is  followed  up  by  that  one  of  the 
three  letters  \,  %,  or  lJ,  which  is  homologous  with  that  vowel-point ;  namely,  by 
\  when  the  vowel-point  is  usstun,  by  l S  when  it  is  bss^ru,  and  by  when  it  is 
wturu.  To  avoid  the  repetition  of  the  ^  itself  in  following  out  this  rule  the  sign 

— ,  named  cVc  medd,  or  mdddE,  is  placed  over  the  first  \  in  lieu  of  the 
usstun,  and  the  second  \  is  suppressed.  Thus  I  is  read  1  or  â,  (->1  I  or  «,  and 

9  '  9  '9 

ü  ;  u  is  read  bl  or  bâ,  bi  or  b«;  and  y  bü ;  &c.  The  combination  ^  is 



not  to  be  met  with  in  Turkish.  The  lj?  final,  as  a  vowel  in  some  Arabic  words, 
after  a  consonant  marked  with  usstun,  takes  the  value  of  a  or  a,  and  the  same 
word,  adopted  into  Turkish,  is  very  frequently  written  with  \  instead  of  the  uS, 
in  consequence;  as,  for  instauce,  ülâ  for  XksA  for  ^ni\,  &c. 

As,  however,  these  vowel-points  are  never  marked  in  common  writing  or 
printing,  the  three  Arabic  letters  of  prolongation,  and  lS,  have,  according 
to  what  has  already  been  remarked,  come  to  be  very  frequently  used  in  Turkish, 
as  in  Persian,  as  short  vowels ;  and  the  mfedd  over  the  1  is  sometimes  indicative 
of  the  short  sound  of  a,  when,  without  it,  this  letter  is  more  frequently  read  with 
one  of  the  four  remaining  values.  To  obviate  the  almost  insurmountable  diffi¬ 
culty  which  hence  may  seem  to  arise  in  relation  with  the  distinction  of  long  and 
short  vowels  in  Turkish  words,  a  very  simple  and  seldom  varying  rule  may  here 
be  noticed.  It  is,  that  in  words  of  purely  Turkish  origin  there  are  scarcely  any 
long  vowels  (European  authors  generally  state  that  there  are  none),  whereas  in 
words  of  Arabic  or  Persian  origin  these  letters  are  generally  esteemed  to  be  long 

There  remains  now  to  be  noticed  the  use  of  the  letter  Jb  as  a  vowel.  It  has 
been  seen  that  I,  as  a  vowel  after  a  consonant,  represents  one  of  our  vowels  a  or 
a.  The  other  three  vowels,  of  which  the  vowel-point  usstun  is  the  representative, 
are  therefore  left  without  an  equivalent.  But  even  in  the  original  Arabic,  the 
final  J5>,  in  the  case  of  feminine  nouns,  has  always  been  sounded  as  a  vowel 
of  the  fbtha  class,  when  the  word  is  final  in  its  sentence ;  though  it  is  changed 
into  the  value  of  CL?  (t)  on  other  occasions,  and  although  this  letter,  in  the  case 
of  other  words,  even  when  final,  preserves  its  value  as  an  aspirated  h.  This 
value  of  the  Jb  was  accordingly  adopted  by  the  Persians  to  represent  the  a  or  e 
wherewith  so  many  of  their  words  are  terminated ;  and  the  Ottomans,  finding  it 
so  used,  have  extended  its  sphere  of  utility  by  introducing  it,  in  certain  deter¬ 
minate  cases,  into  the  middle  of  words,  but  always  at  the  end  of  a  syllable,  with 
the  same  vowel  value  of  a,  e ,  or  6;  as,  for  example,  into  the  future  active  par¬ 
ticiple,  into  the  second  gerund,  sometimes  into  the  first  and  second  persons  (as 
Veil  as  the  third,  where  it  is  final)  of  the  conditional  aorist,  into  the  root  and 
entire  conjugation  of  the  impotential  verb,  and  at  the  end  of  the  roots  of  various 
verbs.  It  is  sometimes  to  be  seen  introduced  into  the  very  body  of  nouns  at  the 
end  of  some  syllable  ;  but  these  are  generally  words  of  foreign  origin,  and  the 
example  is  never  to  be  followed  without  good  and  sufficient  authority.  This 
circumstance  of  the  Jb  vowel  never  being  used  unless  as  the  final  vowel  of  a 
syllable  establishes  a  marked  difference  between  itself  and  the  three  letters, 



i,  â,  and  which  are  commonly  to  be  found  in  the  middle  of  syllables,  though, 
again,  \  alone  is  ever  used  as  an  initial  vowel. 

Into  whatever  part  of  a  word  this  letter  Jb  is  introduced  with  a  vowel  value, 
the  greatest  care  should  be  taken  by  the  student  of  Turkish  (as  by  those  of  the 
Persian,  Arabic,  and  cognate  languages)  never  to  transcribe  it  by  using  our 
English  letter  h,  as  this  practice,  more  or  less  followed,  has  the  very  great 
inconvenience  of  incapacitating  us  from  properly  distinguishing  it  from  the 
aspirate  consonant  value  of  that  letter,  and  of  its  cognate,  though  stronger 
aspirate,  the  letter  This  incorrect  and  incommodious  practice  may  be  seen, 
and  will  be  felt  in  use,  in  almost  every  English  author  who  has  yet  written  on 
the  subject;  and  even  the  French  are  by  no  means  free  from  the  defect,  as  is 
noticed  and  reprehended  by  Bianchi  in  a  note  at  the  foot  of  p.  xxviii  of  the  first 
volume,  second  edition,  of  his  “  Dictionnaire  Turc-Français.” 

Of  the  mere  consonants  the  letter  >  has  the  value  of  the  English  letter  b, 
by  which  it  is  also  represented  in  our  system  of  transcription  ;  although  some¬ 
times,  at  the  end  of  words,  and  when  preceded  by  certain  sharp-sounding  letters, 
such  as  t,  ch,  or  sh,  it  acquires  the  sound  of  p. 

l has  always  the  sound  of  p,  CLJ  of  t  (but  is  sometimes  changed  ortho- 
graphically  into  J  d),  and  of  s  sharp  or  double,  never  degenerating  into  z 
under  any  circumstances.  This  remark  is  equally  applicable  to  the  other  two 
letters  which  we  are  forced  to  represent  by  our  s :  they  must  never  be 
degraded  into  z;  and  to  avoid  the  tendency,  so  strongly  pronounced  in  English¬ 
men,  to  give  to  all  final  letters  s,  as  well  as  to  those  placed  between  two  vowels, 
the  sound  of  z,  we  have  thought  it  better  to  double  that  letter  on  all  occasions, 
when  it  is  not  the  first  letter  of  a  syllable.  Theoretically,  we  are  wrong  to  do 
so,  but  in  this  instance  we  reluctantly  sacrifice  consistency  to  the  practical  object 
of  trying  to  prevent  the  malpronunciation  of  whole  classes  of  words  of  which  the 
wrell-known  Kars  and  fez  are  instances.  In  both  these  words  the  final  letter  is 
5 ;  and  if  they  were  written  according  to  our  system  Karss  and  fess  respectively, 
every  one  would  pronounce  them  right ;  whereas,  in  the  latter  word,  French 
delicacy  has  even  changed  the  orthography,  and  our  travelling  countrymen 
have  adopted  it,  so  corrupted,  from  the  writers  of  our  gallant  allies.  The 
letter  lL^'  is  equivalent  in  Arabic  to  our  tlx  in  think,  but  that  value  is  not  known 
in  Turkish. 

^  has  the  value  of  our  English  j,  by  which  we  invariably  represent  it,  to  the 
exclusion  of  our  equivocal  g,  which  is  sometimes  hard,  as  in  gat,  get,  gird,  got, 
gully,  and  sometimes  soft,  as  in  gem,  gin,  gymnastics. 



**  is  our  ch  in  church ,  and  the  addition  of  a  t  before  these  letters,  as  is  often 
done,  is  of  no  use  in  English,  though  necessary  in  French. 

has  the  sound  of  h,  as  has  also  the  letter  &  when  a  consonant.  We  have 
not  thought  it  necessary  to  establish  any  difference  between  these  two  letters  in 
our  mode  of  transcribing  them,  as  there  is  no  difference,  perceptible  to  English 
ears,  in  the  mode  of  pronouncing  them  ;  and,  besides  this,  the  Turkish  ortho¬ 
graphy  being  at  hand,  no  error  is  likely  to  occur,  and  our  transcription  is  a 
system  of  guidance  to  pronunciation,  not  to  orthography. 

£  is  transcribed,  according  to  general  custom,  by  the  letters  kh  :  its  power 
is  equivalent  to  that  of  the  combination  ch  in  German  and  in  Scotch.  This  can 
only  be  learnt  by  practice ;  but,  until  the  true  value  of  this  consonant  be 
acquired,  we  recommend  the  learner  never  to  sound  it  as  a  k,  but  always  as  a 
strongly  aspirated  h.  Thus  the  word  khan  must  be  sounded  hÂn,  and  not  khn. 

J  is  a  d,  sometimes,  after  sharp  letters,  acquiring  the  sound  of  t ;  J  is  a  z 
(its  Arabic  value  being  that  of  our  th  in  though ;  but  it  is  never  so  used  in 
Turkish),  j  an  r,  and  J  another  z ;  J  is  equivalent  to  the  French  j,  and  of  the 
letter  s  in  pleasure.  We  have  represented  it,  in  the  very  few  words  where  it 
occurs,  by  the  combination  zh. 

is  the  true  Arabic  s,  ^  is  equivalent  to  our  sh,  and  is  also  a  pure  s 
in  Turkish.  Of  the  difference  between  the  and  the  ^  we  shall  have  occasion 
to  speak  further  in  treating  of  the  hard  and  soft  letters,  is  generally  a  z, 

but  in  some  few  Arabic  words  has  the  value  of  d. 

b  is  generally  a  t,  though,  as  an  initial  in  some  few  words  of  purely  Turkish 
origin,  it  takes  the  sound  of  d.  is  another  z.  We  may  here  remark,  that,  in 
a  few  words,  one  of  the  letters  t  (Cl^  or  L)  is  followed  by  one  of  the  letters  h 
(_  or  &)  forming  the  succession  th  in  our  transcription.  When  this  does 
occur,  the  t  and  the  h  are  to  be  kept  separate  in  pronunciation,  as  the  t  is 
generally  the  last  letter  of  one  syllable,  and  the  h  the  first  letter  of  the  following 

c^is  a  letter  that  has  generally  been  considered  and  treated  as  a  vowel  by 
European  writers,  always  excepting  the  learned  De  Sacy,  and  a  few  scholars  of 
his  stamp.  Nothing  can  be  conceived  more  erroneous,  since,  in  the  mouth  of 
an  Arab,  no  consonant  exists  having  greater  claims  to  the  appellation.  It  is 
pronounced  in  the  deepest  part  of  the  throat,  with  an  effort  that  must  be  learned 
in  infancy,  or  which  can  never  afterwards  be  attained.  In  Turkish,  however,  the 
letter  becomes  silent  at  the  beginning  and  end  of  words,  but  is  indicated  by  a 



kind  of  hiatus  in  the  middle.  We  have  mentioned  the  hiatus  of  the  humzE,  in 
treating  of  the  ^  ;  and  we  may  here  notice  that  the  letter  ^  and  the  hkmzE  have 
the  same  relation  to  each  other  that  (j~  and  {jz>,  and  that  CU  and  L>,  as  also  that 
Jj  and  cJ,  andj  and  or  )o,  have  to  each  other;  namely,  the  one  is  hard  and 
the  other  soft  in  pronunciation,  as  is  to  be  hereafter  noticed.  Of  the  two,  the 
C^is  the  hard  hiatus,  and  we  have  therefore  represented  it  with  a  double  inverted 
apostrophe  (“)  in  this  work;  and  we  repeat  that,  at  the  beginning  and  end  of 
words,  it  is  generally  quite  or  almost  silent,  after  the  fashion  of  our  silent  h,  but 
it  is  never  a  vowel. 

^  is  a  hard  g,  taking  sometimes  a  gliding  sound,  of  which  we  have  no 
example  in  English.  The  French  in  Algeria  have  taken  it  to  be  the  equivalent 
of  their  r  grasseye,  or  r  pronounced,  as  by  some  people,  like  a  w.  From  this 
they  have  formed  the  now  so  well-known  word  £‘  razzia,”  which  is  the  Arabic 
gazya  (a  military  expedition  against  infidels,  a  crusade).  In  the  present  work 
we  have  uniformly  transcribed  this  letter  by  gh,  instead  of  using  a  single  g,  on 
account  of  the  double  value  of  this  letter,  our  sole,  though  amply  sufficient 
reason,  for  rejecting  it  in  a  pronouncing  dictionary.  This  letter  is  sometimes 
softened  down  to  the  value  of  w  when  preceded  or  followed  by  o  or  u,  and  even 
by  i  ;  at  other  times  it  becomes  almost  imperceptible  in  the  pronunciation.  This 
we  have  designated  by  putting  the  gh  in  italics. 

is  our  f  (it  would  be  mere  folly  and  pedantry  to  represent  it  by  ph).  Jj 
and  are  both  simple  k,  as  far  as  the  first  or  Arabic  value  of  the  latter  letter 
is  concerned.  We  see  no  advantage  to  be  gained  in  a  pronouncing  dictionary 
by  using  the  letter  q  for  J as  is  sometimes  done,  and  it  is  a  further  violation  of 
the  special  rule  which  requires  the  letter  q  to  be  followed  by  a  u.  The  letter 
c  is  sometimes  used  for  and  for  cJ,  but  it  has  the  disadvantage  of  a 
double  value,  being  sometimes  equivalent  to  k,  and  sometimes  to  s. 

In  its  second,  or  Persian  value,  is  a  hard  g,  somewhat  like  c^,  and  we 

represent  it,  equally  with  that  letter,  by  gh  in  all  cases,  though  with  this 
distinction ;  namely,  the  Persian  value  of  ijJ  is  susceptible  in  Turkish  of  being 
softened  down  to  a  value  approaching  that  of  y,  as  the  j^does  that  of  w,  and  at 
other  times  becomes  imperceptible  also.  As  with  the  so  with  the  cJ,  we 
designate  this  by  placing  the  gli  in  italics.  To  render  this  quality  of  the  two 
letters  better  appreciable  by  our  readers,  we  here  point  out  that  the  very  same 
thing  obtains  in  our  own  language  in  the  case  of  the  combination  gh.  For 
example,  in  the  word  throughout,  that  combination  is  sounded  as  w,  and  in 



sighing  it  is  pronounced  as  y ;  so,  in  Turkish,  İ90  soghAn  (onion)  is  pro¬ 
nounced  sowAn,  and  di^M  is  pronounced  diyil.  In  both  these  values  of 
CJ,  the  letter,  when  followed  by  any  of  the  vowels  a,  o,  u,  u,  u,  takes  before 
the  vowel  a  short  and  incipient  sound  of  y,  which  we  have  denoted  by  intro¬ 
ducing  after  the  cJ,  and  before  the  vowel,  a  letter  y  in  italics.  This  is  often 
heard  in  English,  as  in  the  words  cure,  pure,  &c.,  some  persons  using  it  also 
before  an  a  in  the  same  manner. 

The  third,  or  purely  Turkish  value  of  cJ,  when  it  is  called  surd  kkf 

(< and  even  surd  nun  (^y^iA*?),  is  that  of  our  ng  at  the  end  of  sing, 

ring,  &c.  It  is  never  to  be  found  elsewhere  than  at  the  ends  of  words  or 
syllables,  and  consequently  never  can  be  initial.  At  Constantinople,  and 
generally  among  the  educated  classes,  it  loses,  almost  constantly  and  entirely, 
the  influence  of  the  final  g,  and  is  sounded  like  a  common  n.  This  also  we 
indicate  by  placing  the  g  in  italics,  showing  that  by  some  people  it  is  sounded, 
though  dropped  by  others.  In  the  two  words,  and  where 

the  cJ  is  followed  by  J,  the  sound  of  the  J  is  lost ;  and  the  first  is  generally 
pronounced  wnnamak,  the  second  dinumek,  instead  of  «nglamak  and  dinglumek, 
their  true  original,  and  even  now  their  provincial  sounds.  When  followed  by 
other  letters,  whether  vowels  or  consonants,  the  g  of  this  combination  is  never 
to  be  sounded  as  a  separate  letter ;  but  the  English  words  singer,  ringer,  are  to 
be  imitated,  while  those  of  anger  and  finger  are  the  models  to  be  avoided,  the 
division  of  syllables  being  different  in  the  two  classes ;  as,  sing-er,  ring-er  ; 
an-ger,  fin-ger. 

J  is  our  1,  ^  is  our  m,  and  ^  our  n.  The  only  remark  necessary  here,  is, 
that  when  the  ^  iş  followed  by  a  or  a  with  its  Persian  value,  forming,  in 
the  transcription,  the  combination  ngh,  it  is  to  be  understood  that  the  combina¬ 
tion  is  not  solvable  into  ng-h,  but  only  into  n-gh.  Also,  as  remarked  above,  the 
sound  of  the  is  entirely  suppressed,  in  the  ordinary  pronunciation  of  Constan¬ 
tinople,  in  the  words  ^J.^1 li=A  ^nglamak,  and  LLLcA&J  dinglumek  (pronounced 
respectively  «nnamak,  dinumek). 

The  letter  ^  requires  more  particular  remark,  as  it  has  three  distinct  proper 
values  as  a  consonant,  besides  one  other  incidental.  It  is  sometimes  a  pure  v, 
sometimes,  though  not  frequently,  a  pure  w,  and  more  generally  a  combination 
of  the  two,  its  pronunciation  beginning  as  a  v,  and  ending  as  a  w.  In  its  value 
as  a  pure  v,  it  may  be  classed  as  a  soft  consonant,  since  it  takes  this  sound 
before  the  soft  vowels  &,  e,  i,  and  u  ;  whereas,  before  a,  a,  a,  o,  and  u,  it  is 
sounded  as  a  combined  v  and  w.  At  the  end  of  syllables,  the  same  rules  occur 




w  ith  regard  to  the  preceding  vowel,  to  which  we  may  add  that  it  is  a  pure  v 
after  i  and  u. 

In  its  incidental  value  as  a  consonant,  the  letter  \  is  always  surmounted  by 
the  sign  hhmzE,  before  mentioned,  thus  J  ;  and  it  is  necessarily  and  constantly 
a  consonant  when  so  surmounted,  whether  it  be  placed  at  the  end  of  a  syllable, 
or  whether  it  begins  one.  In  the  former  case  the  vowel  preceding  it,  and  in  the 
latter  case  its  own  vowel,  must  be  an  wturu  (and  confined  to  the  two  branches 
of  that  class  u  or  u,  to  the  exclusion  of  o  and  u) ;  and  this  is  the  reason  why 
the  letter^  is  then  selected  as  the  recipient  of  the  hkmzE,  as  is  the  \  when  the 
vowel-point  is  üsstun  ;  and,  it  may  now  be  added,  as  is  the  l J  when  the  vowel- 
point  is  bss^rfi,  this  letter  also  being  then  always  a  consonant.  Whenever  the 
hEmzE  is  used,  the  letter  over  which  it  is  placed  may  be  considered  merely  in 


the  light  of  a  support,  the  hhmzE  itself  being  the  real  and  true  consonant  letter, 
which  in  Arabic  is  capable  even  of  reduplication  in  the  same  way  with  every 
other  consonant.  We  have  therefore  always  represented  it  with  the  inverted 
apostrophe ;  but  we  do  not  recollect  many  instances  of  the  employment  in 
Turkish  of  those  Arabic  words  in  which  its  reduplication  occurs. 

The  .5),  as  a  consonant,  is  an  aspirated  h :  in  fact,  the  idea  of  a  silent  h  has 
never  occurred  to  an  oriental;  and  whether  the  £>  consonant  or  the  ^  be  at  the 
beginning,  or  at  the  end  of  a  word  or  syllable,  it  must  be  equally  and  fully 
aspirated  as  a  rule  of  grammar  and  language,  whatever  degradation  it  may 
occasionally  be  subjected  to  in  the  tongue  of  the  common  people,  and  of  every¬ 
day  intercourse.  It  is,  in  this  respect,  something  like  our  English  letter  r  at 
the  end  of  words  and  syllables,  which  we  so  generally  omit  in  pronunciation, 
but  which  no  grammarian  has  ever  held  up  to  notice  and  imitation  as  a  silent 
letter.  The  two  letters  £  and  ^  are,  however,  generally  sounded,  the  omission 
being  quite  the  exception,  even  at  the  end  of  words. 

It  may  be  as  well  to  notice  here  the  circumstance  of  the  use  of  the  hkmzE, 
placed  over  the  letter  A>,  when  used  as  a  vowel  at  the  end  of  words.  It  only 
occurs  in  the  case  of  nouns,  substantive  or  adjective,  which  are  connected  with 
the  following  word  in  the  sentence  by  the  Persian  rule  of  construction,  which 
governs  the  relation  of  a  noun  with  its  qualifying  term.  The  Jb,  then,  performs 
its  proper  function  of  final  vowel  in  the  word  where  it  occurs,  and  the  hEmzE 
takes  as  its  own  separate  vowel  the  bsserfi,  which  may  always,  in  these  cases,  be 
represented  by  the  letter  i,  as  in  the  terms,  bendAi-khüdâ 

rutbrTi-saniyyE,  &c. 



The  lj>  consonant  is  our  English  y,  both  at  the  beginning  and  at  the  end  of 
words  or  syllables,  being  in  the  latter  case  always  preceded  by  a  vowel.  It  is 
really  a  sad  mistake  for  us,  who  possess  this  useful  consonant,  and  are  aware  of 
its  nature,  to  adopt  the  lame  expedient  to  which  other  languages  are  forced  to 
have  recourse,  namely,  the  use  of  the  vowel  i,  with  or  without  the  diaeresis  over 
it.  Take,  for  instance,  the  word  Oy ,  where  the  consonant  o  is  reduplicated, 
and  compare  the  lame  and  erroneous  transcription  by  an  eminent  French  author, 
terbiih,  which  is  at  variance  even  with  the  French  rules  of  diaeresis,  with  the 
plain  method  rendered  possible  by  our  estimation  and  use  of  y,  as  a  consonant 
equivalent  to  the  oriental  consonant,  namely,  tbrbiyyn,  in  which  the  syllables 
are  ter-biy-ys,  precisely  as  in  the  original,  the  reduplication  being  merely  what 
we  sometimes  practise  ourselves  by  placing  a  dash  over  m  or  n,  when  we  have 
omitted  a  second  one,  as  in  the  word  comon.  This  was  very  frequently 
practised  in  manuscripts  before  the  invention  of  printing.  French  authors  have 
an  excuse  for  not  using  the  y  in  this,  to  us,  natural  manner,  because  they  do 
not  recognise  it  as  a  consonant  in  their  own  language  ;  but  for  us  to  adopt 
their  imperfect  substitute  is  to  abandon  gratuitously  an  advantage  of  no  mean 

When  the  hEmzE  is  placed  over  a  J  in  the  middle  of  words,  the  two  dots 
which  usually  distinguish  the  letter  are  omitted.  But  it  is  frequently  the  case, 
that  whereas,  in  an  original  Arabic  word,  a  lJ  with  a  hnmzE  is  correctly  used, 
the  same  word,  on  passing  into  Turkish,  loses  its  hbrazE,  and  the  lJ  becomes  a 
long  vowel,  resuming  its  suppressed  dots.  Thus  the  Arabic  word  ^ 
(issti'zan)  becomes  generally  in  Turkish  (ısstîzân). 

To  finish  what  we  have  to  note  respecting  the  various  uses  of  the  hEmzE, 
we  may  here  say,  that  at  the  end  of  a  very  few  words  it  is  found  without  anv 
letter  to  support  it,  though  sometimes  a  ^  is  added  under  it  to  those  words. — 
Ex.  (or  juz‘,  (or  bbd\  In  this  case,  if  the  word  be  alone,  or 
at  the  end  of  a  phrase,  it  is  very  common  to  add  to  it,  in  pronouncing,  a  vowel 
homologous  to  the  one  in  the  word,  and  is  then  uttered  juzhi,  -S-AJ  as  bdd‘i, 
and  so  forth.  In  a  kind  of  imitation  of  this  rule,  a  certain  number  of  nouns 
ending  in  \  (but  which,  in  the  original  Arabic,  have  a  hEmzE  after  that  letter) 
assume  a  hicnızE  after  them,  with  bssdrE  as  its  vowel-point,  when  they  are  in 
Persian  construction  with  a  following  noun.  Thus  the  word  U.^  ifâ  (originally 
Asu\  Ifa'),  in  construction  with  the  word  dbyn,  becomes  ^  îfâ'i-dbyn.  It 
is,  however,  more  usual  nowadays  to  use  a  supplemental  lJ  instead  of  the  hnmzE 
in  this  case,  so  that  the  same  two  words  would  be  written  îfâyi-ddyn. 

d  2 



Having  had  occasion  to  mention  the  distinction  of  the  Turkish  letters  as  hard 
and  soft ,  we  may  here  elucidate  the  meaning  of  the  terms,  as  the  subject  has  a 
very  great  part  to  play  in  the  euphony  of  the  language.  Any  Englishman  can 
appreciate  the  distinction  between  the  value  of  a  in  wall ,  call,  tall ,  &c.>  and  of 
the  same  letter  in  father,  arm,  part,  &c. ;  and  perceive  that  the  first  value  is 
broad,  hard,  and  masculine ;  whereas  the  latter  is  soft  and  feminine.  So  to 
an  ear  accustomed  to  French  is  the  difference  between  the  vowels  of  hulle  and 
boule.  We  do  not,  however,  carry  our  distinctions  any  farther  than  the  vowels  ; 
whereas  the  Easterns,  as  the  alphabet  shows,  not  having  vowel  letters  by  which 
to  paint  their  distinctions,  have  introduced  them  into  the  consonants  instead. 
We  will  not  contend  that  this  is  the  correct  view  of  the  case  ;  for  my  practical 
knowledge  of  spoken  Arabic,  in  its  purest  dialect,  is  not  sufficient  to  enable  me 
to  judge  of  the  shape  into  which  the  organs  of  speech  have  to  be  thrown,  when 
pronouncing  respectively  and  L,  ^  and  Jb,  ^  and  ^jO,  J  and  b,  Jf  and  CJ, 
for  instance.  We  believe  they  are  really  the  representatives  of  effectively 
different  modes  of  utterance  in  the  original  language  ;  hut  we  are  also  convinced 
that  it  would  be  impossible  to  convey  to  an  English,  or  to  any  European  mind, 
a  just  appreciation  of  the  differences.  Nor,  as  far  as  the  Turkish  is  concerned, 
is  this  necessary  ;  and,  for  all  practical  purposes,  we  are  convinced  that  by 
throwing  upon  the  vowels  alone  the  effect  of  the  distinction  of  the  letters  into 
hard  and  soft,  we  have  adopted  the  most  effective  method  of  rendering  the 
subject  clear  and  easy  to  our  readers.  We  will  therefore  simply  observe  that 
jjfi,  \s,  1?,  and  Jj  are  the  hard  letters,  generally  followed  by  the 
hard  vowels  a,  a,  i,  o,  u  ;  whereas  CLJ,  j,  çj~,  s^J,  &,  and  hkmzE,  are  the  soft 
consonants,  generally  followed  by  the  soft  vowels  a  d,  or  e,  i,  u,  or  u ;  and  that 
the  remaining  letters  may  be  considered  neutral,  both  because  they  are  not 
ranged  in  pairs,  and  because  they  are  followed  by  vowels,  sometimes  of  the  one 
class,  sometimes  of  the  other,  though  far  more  frequently  by  those  of  the  soft 
class.  It  is,  indeed,  one  great  characteristic  of  this  beautiful  language,  to  soften 
and  embellish  every  word  it  adopts. 

Reduplication  of  a  letter  in  Turkish  is  not  the  mere  matter  of  orthography 
that  it  is  in  English.  On  the  contrary,  when  a  letter  is  doubled  in  writing,  it 
must  be  doubled  in  pronouncing,  as  we  do  with  the  letter  d  in  mid-day,  with  l  in 
full  long,  with  n  in  thin  nose,  with  s  in  less  smoke,  or  with  t  in  fat  turkey.  In 
Turkish  there  are  two  modes  of  reduplicating  a  letter  :  the  first  is,  as  with 
ourselves,  by  simply  writing  the  two  one  after  the  other,  as  in  the  word  !  J 

(hull Anmak),  where  the  l  is  doubled,  in  the  word  (ummak),  where  the  m 



is  repeated,  and  in  many  cases  where  the  locative  preposition  JO  (dfi  or  da) 
follows  a  word  ending  in  d.  The  second  method  is  of  Arabic  origin,  and  is 
confined  in  use  to  Arabic  words  mostly,  with  a  few  Persian  exceptions.  By  this 
method  the  letter  to  be  sounded  double,  that  is  once  at  the  end  of  a  syllable,  and 
again  at  the  beginning  of  the  next  following  syllable  of  the  same  word,  is  only 
written  once  ;  but  in  manuscripts  where  the  diacritical  marks  are  used  there  is  a 
sign,  called  (t&shdld),  and  figured  thus  — ,  which  is  placed  over  the 

letter  written,  just  as  the  dash  is  sometimes  employed  in  our  old  manuscripts 
to  indicate  that  the  letter  over  which  it  is  placed  should  have  been  repeated  in 
writing :  the  difference  is,  that  the  Arabian  sign  indicates  that  the  letter  must  be 
repeated  in  pronunciation,  or  so  dwelt  upon  as  to  be  equivalent  to  two  letters.  This 
Arabian  rule  of  reduplication  is  carried  still  further ;  for  in  cases  where  a  noun, 
preceded  by  the  definite  article  jjl,  commences  with  any  one  of  the  letters  lU, 
lLj,  J,  J,  j,  j,  fjL,  or  jj,  then,  in  pronunciation,  the  J  of 

the  article  is  omitted,  and  the  first  letter  of  the  noun  is  doubled.  As  this  rule 
is  of  pretty  frequent  application  in  compound  proper  names  and  adverbial 
expressions,  adopted  bodily  into  Turkish,  we  have  represented  this  suppression 
or  conversion  of  the  by  using  our  own  common  apostrophe,  followed  by  the 
letter  the  sound  of  which  takes  the  place  of  the  original  one  of  the  J  ;  being 
further  moved  to  the  adoption  of  this  method  by  the  consideration  that,  in  these 
compound  expressions,  the  \  of  the  Arabic  article  is  also  suppressed  in  the 
utterance,  and  its  place  taken  by  the  vowel  which,  theoretically  and  gram¬ 
matically,  always  terminates  ordinary  Arabic  nouns.  Thus  the  proper  name 
is  figured  by  us,  as  it  is  pronounced,  Abdu-’r-Rahzm,  &c.  In 
further  illustration  of  this  subject,  we  may  explain  that  in  Arabic  <01  (for  $]) 
ilâh  means  a  god,  and  this  word,  with  the  article  jjl,  forms  by  contraction 
AİİÂh,  the  God,  the  true  and  very  God  ;  from  wdiich  again,  by  composition  and 
suppression,  is  formed  the  proper  name  “  Abdu-’lllh,”  generally  written  erro¬ 
neously  Abdalla,  or  Abdallah. 

We  now  come  to  the  consideration  of  the  Turkish  consonants  when  they 
follow  a  vowel  in  a  syllable.  This  may  be  divided  into  three  branches  : — First, 
when  the  vowel  begins  a  syllable,  having  no  other  consonant  before  it  (and  we 
may  here  remark  that  in  Turkish  a  vowel  can  never  begin  a  syllable  which  is  not 
the  first  of  a  word) ;  secondly,  when  the  vowel  has  another  consonant  before  it 
in  the  syllable ;  and  thirdly,  when  the  consonant  under  consideration  is  followed 
by  another  consonant  in  the  same  syllable. 

As  to  the  first  case,  it  follows,  from  what  we  have  already  explained,  that  \  is 



the  only  vowel  that  can  commence  a  Turkish  word,  either  followed  immediately 
by  a  consonant  or  with  a  j  or  a  o  intervening  ;  thus  is  either  At  or  bt,  CLJj i 
is  ot  or  ut,  is  it ;  or,  as  in  the  last  example,  the  intervening  vowel  may  be 

long,  and  the  word  read  ît,  and  the  sole  \  may  itself  be  long,  as  in  J  I  âl, 

ân,  &c. 

With  respect  to  the  second  case,  the  syllable  is  composed  of  two  consonants, 
the  first  of  which  bears  (or  would  bear,  if  marked)  the  vowel-point,  and  may  be 
or  not  followed  by  one  of  the  three  vowel  letters  \,  *,  or  and  these  again  may 
be  either  long  or  short.  Ex.  ldb,  jJj  dil,  zull ;  < j!i\ i  bÂsh,  kdl, 

h'  kız ;  hljj,j^J  zur tiz. 

In  the  third  case,  the  final  consonant  follows  the  preceding  one  in  exactly 
the  same  manner  as  in  similar  words  of  our  own  language,  but  with  this  dif¬ 
ference,  that  with  us  the  preceding  consonant  is  limited  to  a  small  class  (except 
in  cases  of  orthographical  reduplication  or  composition,  such  as  11,  ss,  ch,  sh,  ph, 
th,  ck,  &c.)  called  liquids,  namely  1,  n,  r,  with  s,  and  sometimes  p,  if  followed 
by  t ;  whereas  in  Turkish  every  consonant  is  capable  of  being  followed  by  every 
other.  Thus  we  have  the  words  dakhl,  Wfv,  “âzv,  j*<\  emr, 

kÂtl,  vejh,  rhhn,  &c.,  which  must  appear  quite  unnatural  to 

English  eyes  and  ears,  and  which,  we  may  explain,  are  generally  Arabic  words  of 
two  syllables  originally,  from  which  the  final  vowel  has  been  dropt.  These 
words  are,  however,  not  in  perfect  keeping  with  the  spirit  of  the  Turkish,  for  in 
that  language  we  meet  with  a  less  combination  of  consonants  than  even  in 
English  or  any  of  those  derived  from  Latin.  The  consequence  is,  that  the  Turks 
very  frequently  intercalate  a  vowel  between  the  two  following  consonants,  when 
a  vowel  does  not  follow  the  word  ;  and  we  generally  hear  them  say  emir  for  emr, 
hukyum  for  hîıkm,  &c.,  in  the  first  case;  though  they  correct  this  when  the 
opportunity  offers,  and  say  ümrz-‘âlî,  hükmu-shhrîf,  &c. 

This  quality  of  a  consonant,  viz.  its  not  being  followed  by  a  vowel,  is  called 
its  quiescent  state  j  silky  ün),  and  is  denoted  in  manuscripts  by  the  sign 


—  placed  over  it.  The  sign  is  called  s>-  jhzm. 

We  must  here  add  a  remark  as  to  two  circumstances  which  will  be  noticed 
in  the  body  of  the  dictionary,  by  our  readers,  as  seeming  incongruities,  but 
which  are  only  the  necessary  and  regular  consequences  of  two  leading  bases  of 
the  Turkish  language,  its  euphony  and  its  euphuism.  We  have  already  touched 



upon  the  sequence  of  hard  vowels  with  hard  consonants,  and  soft  vowels  with 
soft  consonants ;  but  the  first  of  the  circumstances  to  which  we  now  allude  is, 
that  in  words  or  inflexions  and  affixes  of  Turkish  origin,  if  the  syllables  bearing 
the  vowel-point  bss^rh  (or  value  of  i,  i)  be  immediately  preceded,  in  the  same 
word,  by  a  syllable  having  the  vowel-point  wturu  (o,  u,  u,  u),  then  the  syllable 
or  syllables  having  the  ess^rh  are  influenced  by  the  preceding  wturu,  and  all  are 
sounded  as  though  they  bore  that  vowel-point.  The  word  wturu  is  itself  an 

9  9 

instance  ;  its  orthography  is  but  the  last  syllable  is  affected  by  the  vowel 

of  the  preceding  one.  The  rule  is,  that  when  the  value  of  the  preceding  wturu 
is  one  of  the  hard  vowels  o  or  u,  then  the  bss^rh  takes  the  sound  of  u ;  and 
when  the  preceding  vowel  is  either  of  the  soft  sounds  u  or  u ,  it  takes  the  value 

of  u.  Ex.  hukmunu,  'wzrumu  ;  lJj 53y  kolun^uzu,  or 

kulun^uzu.  These  latter  syllables  are  always  short  and  unaccented.  Attention 
to  this  rule,  and  freedom  from  obtrusiveness  in  the  pronunciation  of  the  affected 
syllables,  constitutes  one  of  the  niceties  of  the  Turkish  language  ;  and  I  may  add, 
that  after  the  first  affected  syllable,  the  sound  is  again  slightly  modified  in  both 
cases  towards ,  but  not  to,  the  value  of  u  or  i  respectively,  according  as  the  tone 
is  of  the  hard  or  soft  class. 

The  second  of  these  two  circumstances  may  be  said  to  be  the  very  reverse 
of  the  former,  inasmuch  as  it  consists  in  the  pronunciation  as  i  or  i,  of  the  vowel- 
point  Muru  accompanied  by  a  vowel  j.  Its  occurrence  is  limited  to  one  syllable 
of  a  few  classes  of  words,  viz.  the  last  syllable  of  the  aorist  indicative  and  aorist 
active  participle,  of  such  verbs  as  form  them  in  jj,  which  is  then  pronounced  ir 
or  ir  accordingly  as  the  tone  of  the  word  is  soft  or  hard.  Ex.  is  pronounced 
ghblir,  L?  is  pronounced  SAİlamr.  The  last  syllable  of  the  first  gerund  is  also 
affected  in  this  way  when  the  tone  of  the  verb  is  not  that  of  wturu.  Ex. 
ghidip,  C-nli  ghblip,  bÂkz'p,  &c.  Purists,  however,  pronounce  all  these 

words  as  they  are  written.  Again,  the  syllable  •!  which  ends  so  many  adjectives, 
is  pronounced  li  or  1  i  in  a  general  way. 

To  conclude  these  remarks,  we  have  now  only  to  add  that,  as  in  all  lan¬ 
guages,  there  are  in  Turkish  a  few  words  of  every-day  use  which  have  an 
accepted  pronunciation  more  or  less  at  variance  with  their  orthography.  We 
have  pointed  these  oyt  in  parenthesis,  by  the  side  of  the  correct  pronunciation 
(when  this  is  also  used  by  persons  of  education),  or  by  itself  (when  everybody 



uses  the  incongruous  pronunciation  alone).  We  shall  not  do  amiss  to  notice, 
also,  that,  in  ordinary  conversation,  a  few  words  are  used  as  Turkish  singulars, 
which  are,  in  reality,  Arabic  plurals  ;  but  this  is  not  correct  in  writing.  Such  are 
the  words  Sîj\  bvlâd  (children)  child  ;  rijâl  (men)  a  state  functionary  ; 

j\J  kibar  (great  men)  a  grandee,  & c.  Even  in  writing,  the  Arabic  singulars 
of  these  words  are  not  used,  but  the  phrase  is  turned ;  as,  one  of  the  children,  one 
of  the  state  functionaries ,  fyc. 



A,  An,  art.  y  bir. 

Abaft,  ad.  and  pr.  ^ jS  ghbrida, 

% kich-târafinda. 

Abandon,  v.a.  brâkmak, 

turk-et,  vaz-ghbchmek  ; 

chikmak  ;  klclımak  ; 

— ed,  p.p.  niEtrük ; 

“ârsiz,  chlpkin. 

Abash,  v.a.  (J^ojS'Ab^  utlndirmak, 
kzrmak,  1 L-J mâhjüb-et. 

Abate,  v.a.  ÂzÂltmak, 

kzrmak,  tenzil-et, 

Ashâghi- varmak  ;  — ,  v.n. 


Abbey,  s.jx~i\usc  mlnastir. 

Abbot,  s.  l^o  mAnastir-blshi. 

Abbreviate,  v.a.  kissAİtmak, 

ikhtissâr-et ;  — ed,  p.p.  <Uajj 
kAsa,^*^^0  mukhtAssâr. 

Abbreviation,  s.jL&ck!  ikhtissar ;  j^^kr0 

Abdicate,  v.n.  Icl-aLL-j  cJy  tkrki-SAİ- 
tAnXt-et,  jjd&JaLj  sÂltAnAt- 


Abdomen,  5.  karn. 

Abed,  ad.  SAjIsj  yatakda. 

Abet,  v.a.  ^  yuz-VErmek;  \^jb 


Abhor,  v.a.  LÜv«Lc*«j^A.k  hich-SEvma- 


mek,  menfür-tutmak. 

Abhorrence,  s.jkJ  teneffur. 

Abide,  v.a.  oturmak, 

kllmak,  ^Lj  sâkin-öl. 

Ability,  s.  jİJcjl  iktidar,  CUjks  kudret; 

JJb  hunEr,  klbiliyybt. 

Abject,  a.  misskin  ; 


Abjure,  v.a.  ybmin- 

-edup-brâkmak,  tkrk-et. 

Ablative, 5. ora.  JysA*  mbfulun^anh. 

Ablaze,  ad.  müshtâ<Jil. 

Able,  a.  jjlj  kidir,  j ^  klindan- 

ghelir,  jjcjkc  muktedir. 

Able-bodied,  a.  <p\*a  sâgh,  jJ.iL?  sâgh- 

lam.  [ghussl. 

Ablution,  s.  âbdbsst,  J—A 

Aboard,  ad.  ghbmi  ichinda. 

Abode,  s.  j\  hv,jit  ykr,  mbsskbm 


[  26  1 


Abolish,  v.a.  kÂİdz’rmak, 

laghv-et  fbsskh-et. 

Abominable,  a.  lii  fkna,  j^y6  murdar 
(mun-),  c  mbnfür. 

Abominate,  v.a.  v.  abhor. 

Abomination,  s.  LU.&J  nbfrbt :  bok, 

jÂ+ro  mbnfür-shby. 

Aborigines,  s. pi.  ^Xy  Assl-ykrliler. 

Abortion,  s.  düshuk. 

Abortive,  a.  bosh,  4İil3  nâfila, 


Abound,  v.n.  chbk-ol, 

(JU.-1  y  chbk- bulunmak. 

About,  pr.  btrâfzna, 

btrâfmdö  ;  y\  J  dâ'ir ;  Lo  .iu  tÂkrıba, 
takhmlna  ;  jzwarz'nda, 

&Siyz.~h  yakzYdarz’nda ;  uss- 

tunda ;  Hujxya  saralarda, 
sularznda  ;  — ,  ad.  vi*}'  zztd-bbri ; 

<*Jj\sy  Ashây^z-yukârz;'10 

muhztan  ;  .Xp  dolaştı - 

masszla-bbrâber ;  to  go  or  set  about, 
v.a.  bXshlamak  ;  LlAvkol 

etmek,  l>  yapmak,  çj.*. jjb 


Above,  pr.  yukarzsszna, 

2 j  \  j  y  yukarzssz’nda ;  fev- 

kzna,  fhvkznda;  dan- 

ziyâdE  ;  — ,  ad.  yukârz, 


Abrade,  u./z.  Âshz’nmak;  — ,  v.a. 


Abreast,  ad.  43 1>  ^l>  y«n-y«na. 

Abridge,  u.a.  v.  abbreviate. 

Abroad,  ad.  Xjtb  tÂshra  (dzsharz), 
tkshrada  (dzsharda). 

Abrogate,  v. a.  v.  abolish. 

Abrupt,  a.  cJjJ  dik,  ^cA-£>1  blsh- 

Asha^^z ;  (j-y  tbrss. 

Abscess,  s.  chiban. 

Abscond,  v.n.  kkchmak ; 

ghizlunmek,  sak¬ 
lanmak.  [ghâybübbt. 

Absence,  s.  yokluk, 

Absent,  a.  jy  yok,  ghk‘ib  ; 

dÂİghzn  ;  —  one’s  self,  v.a. 

ghitmek,  _ -ole.  ghâ*ib-öl, 


Absinth,  s.  pblin-otu. 

Absolute,  a.  mutİAk,  J‘i 


Absolutely,  ad.  lülk^  mutUka. 

Absorb,  v.a.  ichmek, 

chbkmek,  (J^XX  Xlmak. 

Abstain,  v.n.  !  L&j  pbrhiz-et,  <JUa.5 

sakznmak,  chekinmek. 


Abstemious,  a.  Jiy&y  pbrhizkyâr. 

Abstinence,  5.  y&y  perhiz. 

Absurd,  a.  ^ bjk?**  *  mXsskharalzk ;  JlsA 
muhal  (impossible). 

Abundance,  s.  ,•!!*)  bolluk,  /di*> 

chbkluk,  LUjtÇ  kessret. 

Abundant,  a.  ijy  böl,  Jy>-  chok. 

Abuse,  s.  <a\ — i  fbssld  ;  o  yol¬ 
suzluk ;  yolsuz -kill - 

İAnzsh ;  kyiifr,  &u- 

j  ^/^ub-sayma  ;  — ,  v.a. 

yolsuz-kullXnmak ;  szzp/z- 



[  27  ] 


Abut,  v.n.  dayanmak ; 


Abyss,  5.  &\?j\ j  varta,  Xjhs>-  hüfrE. 

Academy,  s.  mektEb ;  ApjX-o 


Accede,  v.n.  1 i  kâ'il-öl, 

Accelerate,  v.a.  '■*—>  T~J  tessri“-et, 
ta*  jil-et,  hızlan¬ 

dırmak.  [bül-et;  lid-1  âklız-et. 

Accept,  v.a.  cf*"  Âlmak  ;  İJ  kÂ- 

Acceptance,  s.  id-1  âkhz ;  kÂbül. 

Acceptation,  Acception,  s.  \ux*>  mâ“na. 

Access,  s.  ,  1*Al>  dukhül. 


Accident,  s.  idi  klzâ  ;  'araz. 

Accidental,  a.  J Ul>  ■  ittiflk?,  .JjLdi 
tessâdufı ;  “arazî. 

Accidentally,  ad.  idi  ;1  ez-klzâ,  bldi 

kAzârâ,  liliJİ  ıttifÂkâ,  <djlldi  kAzâ- 


Acclivity,  5.  yokush.  [ila. 

Accommodate,  v.a.  ykr- 

-viermek ;  Udb Vj^==>  \^p~*A  ishini- 

Accommodation,  s.  jJ  ykr  ;  (didJİ 
L ishiny-ghyarulmassi. 

Accompany,  v.a.  i^Aaz&jAjS  berâber- 
-ghıtmek,  lu^i'i^  rdfâkAt-et. 

Accomplice,  s.  kAbâ- 

hat-ârkadashz,  (j£lj<ti,l  ârkadash, 
^•U^o  müdavin. 

Accomplish,  v.a.  (jA^ssr  bbjErmek, 


hüssüla-gh&tirmek ;  yU"  tXmXnı-et, 
yu-'  ıtmÂm-et,  tjı  sc  ^  1  ıkmal-et, 
l  L*0  tbkmîl-et. 

Accord,  5.  jjlâJİ  ittifAk,  <j\csA\  ittihâd  ; 
— ,  v.a.  v Ermek,  l^l-w..^-!  ih- 

sân-et,  l^Uil  in“âm-et. 

Accordance,  L^ibUs^o  mutlbakAt, 
jij  wefk. 

•  y-"  ,5. 

According  (to  or  as),  pr. 

-E-ghyars  ;  Xjj ^  iizerE ;  — ly,  ad. 

J^idbl  Anga-ghyarn. 

Accouchement,  s.  /♦>=>- •  vwaz'i-hAml. 

Accoucheur,  5.  &A  dbu-libklm. 


Account,  s.  hıssÂb :  —  v.a. 

saymak,  tutmak,  Lvc. 

“add-et,  IjLıucl  i“tibar-et ;  —  for, 

v.a.  dJ  demek  ;  js- 

wAb-vErmek ;  sfebb- 

bini-ghyasstermek,  (JC.<\l£l  ^1:4 
hikmhtini-any/amak  ;  —  book,  s.j^s<3 

Accountable,  a.  (Jib—c  mdsshd. 

Accumulate,  v.a.  birikmek, 

toplanmak;  — ,  v.a. 
birikdirmek,  top¬ 
lamak,  jbm“-et. 

Accumulation,  5.  birikdirish  ; 

tdplânish  ;  ^.d-'  yzghm. 

Accuracy,  5.  djL  doy/iruluk, 


Accurate,  a.  ^pp  dbyAru,  sahih. 

Accursed,  a.  ft  mbr‘un. 

Accusation,  s.  LT-^ACia  shikyâyet, 
issnad,  ^il  itham. 

Accuse,  v.a.  İL^’lC^Jojd*-  hAkkmda- 
-shikyâyet-e-,  l^^il  itham-et. 

Accused,  s.  <uU  mııddâ“a- 




[  28  ] 


Accuser}  s.  .  mudda“i. 

Accustom,  v.a.  lleshde'rmak ; 

—  one’s  self,  v.n.  lleshmak, 

Jo^CJjlc.  “  âdet-Minmek; 

i“tiyld-et.  [mb‘lüf. 

Accustomed,  a.  lle’shek,  <— U 

Ache,  s.  iJjL\  a ghri,  slnje,  lJJ»İ 

sizi,  veja4<,  dbrd  ;  — ,  v.n. 

(J~Çj£\  Aghrimak,  sezlbmek. 

Achieve,  v.a.  J^V.  yapmak,  ibcs 
(JLXscjyZ  fi“İE-ghbtirmek. 

Acid,  a.  cL£\  bkshi :  sub-acid,  a. 

^•ik^Lc  mâykhosh.  Oıumüzlt. 

Acidity,  s.  bkshilik, 

Acknowledge,  v.a .  \j\Js  l  ikrar- et, 

!< _ i“tirlf-et,  tbsslîm^et, 

LLX*\.j  bilmek,  (JfcjWe  tin  em  ak. 
Acknowledgment,  s.  sbned;  jLtJ 
tbshbkkyur ;  j\j\  ikrar. 

Acme,  5.  evj. 

Aconite,  s.  khlnik-u^zîb. 

Acorn,  s.  pllamut.  [vkrmek. 

Acquaint,  v.a.  khlbEr- 

Acquaintance,  s.* khlbEr, 

mâ^lümât ;  cJ«lb  bildik ;  ülfbt. 

Acquainted,  a.  khlbErdâr, 

bilir,  khlbEri-oİAn. 

Acquiesce,  v.n.  rlze-ol, 

kl‘il-bl,  İL^İü^  muwlfaklt-et. 
Acquiescence,  s.  I *&j  rizâ, 

Acquire,  v.a.  llmak,  LL)^jc£<i}\ 

EİE-ghbtirmek,  pbydâ-et,  !ı _ 


kbssb-et,  tâhsel-et, 


Acquit,  v.a.  \  tbbriyvd-et ;  — one’s 
self,  v.n.  le^-cJ  tebriyyb-i- 


Acquittal,  5.  j+j  tebriv- 


Acquittance,  5.  iu>  mlkbüz- 

sbnedi,  ibrâ-sbnedi. 

Acre,  5.  deenum. 

Acrid,  a,  Ije,  CLJj~j  sert. 

Across,  pr.  bir-yanen- 


hlchwari-olarak,  ârkere  (ay- 

kere) . 

Act,  s.  (jLş)  ish,  J*j  fi* ‘l,  J.^wC  “irciEİ; 
J-öİ  flssl  ;  — ,  v.n.  ishİE- 

mek,  etmek,  yapmak, 


Action,  5.  jjJÎJİ  ish,  J-aİ  f i**l, 

“imEİ ;  L-5»r.J  da^wa;  ghâw- 

gha  (kawgha),  jbnk,  İJjls.'10 

muhârdbE,  duy^ush. 

Active,  a.  ishghyuzâr  ; 

kbsskin,  Ci^-j  sbrt ;  verb  active , 
^ J  fı^li-mâ^lüme- 
müta*  addı. 

Actor,  5.  j\  öyunju,  «liiuı  muklllid. 

Actress,  s.  dyunju-klre. 

Actual,  a.  UU>1  assI,  zât. 

Actually,  ad.  )ÎU-  hâla,  lJSaJ*  shimdi, 

el-ân ;  jJjtalb  bi-’l-fi  'l,  lüiUft=>- 
hlkekAtan,  (J,  fl-’l-hlkîka. 

Acute,  a.  uSj sivri ;  Ijş.V.1  inja  ; 

*  'ikile*,  dirâyetli ;  (disease) 

y  bnyi-zuhür-btmish ; 
—  angle,  zâviyyb-i-hâddE. 


[  29  ] 


Acuteness,  s.  dirayet,  L ^^\j3 

ferâssbt,  Jib  “Âkl. 

Adamant,  s.  pulld. 

Adapt,  v.a.  »\  uydurmak. 

Adapted,  a.  uvghun, 

munâssib,  ^\y<  muwlfzk. 

Add,  v.a.  kXtmak,  \ ^ilavu-et, 

zamm-et ;  — up,  v.a. 
ybkyun-et,  toplamak, 


Adder,  s.  bnghbrbk,  bf“a. 

Addict  one’s  self,  v.n.  Aİzshmak, 



Addicted,  a.  miibtela. 

Addition,  s.  SjLz  “ilavE,  zamm ; 
(arith.)  jem<£,  y  kkra- 


Additional,  Is  kktma,  'ilavE, 

Jo  \j  zâ'id  ;  cJaj  ybdek.  [churuk. 

Addle,  Addled,  a.  jzlk,  ^ 

Address,  v.a.  i^AaL\  ^  siiweylemek, 
khztlb-et ;  ghyan- 

dErmek  ;  (a  letter)  ^z.^\  Cbq 
^cjb  mbktubung-üsstunu-yâzmak ; 
— ,  s.  jjb  hunEr,  ma^rifet, 

(JLAAj\z>-  chabukluk ; 
mbktubAng-usstu  ;  sbmt, 

ykr,  [j~jA\  adrbss. 

Adduce,  v.a.  îrâd-et.  [üsstâz. 

Adept,  ussta,  jb,J  üsstâd, 

Adequate,  a.  blvErir,  j yeti- 

shir,  JK  kyafi,  wad. 

Adhere,  v.n.  J^lob  yapzshmak,  ^4o.L 
tutmak  ;  mülâzbmet-et. 

Adherent,  s.  tâb ı‘,j\ssjb  târafdâr. 

Adhesion,  s.  lııssük,  ya- 


Adhesive,  a.  yapzshkÂn, 

jtas liızüjiyybtli. 

Adieu,  int.  ey-vÂ-’llâh,  ztJJİ 

AİİÂha-ıssmârladik;  *ijl 

oyhur-bla,  bghm\ar-b\a  ; 


khosh-ghhldiny  ;  selâmbtla ; 

ed-du<£â  ;  jJLJb  wb-’ss-selam. 

Adjacent,  a.  yâkm,  jiU>-  jzwar, 

hemjzwar ;  bitishik, 

^.dLo  mulasszk,  Ji^a^o  müttÂsszl. 

Adjective,  5.  u^su>  szfkt.  [terflk-et. 

Adjoin,  v.a.  kltmak, 

Adjourn,  v.a.  J:'  * &ÂL.1  bâshka- 

-wÂkta-brâkmak  ;  — ,  v.n. 

'b ^LsA 3; j  *  1 
bâshka  -  wXkzt  -  toplanmak  -  uzbru  - 

Adjournment,  s.  bâshka- 


Adjudicate,  u.ra.  da£<wa-fASsl- 

-et ;  — ,  v.a.  hukm-et. 

Adjunct,  s.  tbtimmE,  za- 

mlmE  ;  yardzmjz. 

Adjure,  v.a.  ^ °y^V.  yalvarmak, 
rija-et,  ’jlJ  niyaz-et. 

Adjust,  v.a.  uydurmak, 




Adjustment,  s.  tÂsshzh. 

Adjutant,  s.  \  lJA  llay-bmini. 

Admeasurement,  mbssahh. 

Administer,  v.a.  bÂkmak,  \ 


E  30  ] 


ru*ybt-et,  idarje-et ;  LLX*Oj}J 

vkrmek,  yedirmek, 

ichirmek,  tenavul- 

-  ittirmek. 

Administration,  s.  idard ;  d^bj 

^ill?  vükelâ-tâkzrm. 

Admirable,  a.  ghyiizbl, 


Admirably,  ad.  LcldJj  pisk-a-  la. 

Admiral,  5.  bahrivyd- 

-pâshassi,  (Jb-^.1  amiral;  l-£ib<Jbl 
kApudana -  pasha ;  lord -high  — , 
klpudAn-pâsha  (kXptAn- 
plsha) ,  kApudlni-dEryd ; 

vice  —  of  the  fleet,  ^  .•* 

bahrivyE-fbrdd ;  vice  — ,  Lî>b<ü^laj 
pXtruna-pasha ;  rear  — ,  IdbdJLj^l 
iriyala  -  pasha  ;  —  superintendant, 

J  hmln-rh'yissi-pasha ; 
— ’s  ship,  ^y«-Mo\-2aU  pasha-ghk- 
missi,  jlr£X-j  SAnjak-ghkmissi. 

.  Admiralty,  bâhriyyE- 

-kXpissi;  (at  Constantinople)  ajbkrb.d 
diwAnkhann  ;  first  lord  of  the  — , 
hah  riyyd-nazm. 

Admiration,  5.  J  bb^dnish, 

**  —  M  \  \  v 

tahsln,  müsstahsdn. 

Admire,  v.a.  bb^fammek, 

)i^j+~.zzT  tahsln-et.  [mbrlkl/. 

Admirer,  5.  Âshik,  ^-l.i  1/  .✓c 

Admission,  s.  b^-1  âkhz,  kXbul ; 

ghirish,  J  •:>-  J  dukhül; 
tesslim,  (J^**  kÂbül. 

Admit,  v.a.  J^aJI  Âlmak,  \s^\  akhz-et, 


sokmak,  klbül-et,  tbss- 

lîm-et,  ^^31  izin-VErmek. 

Admittance,  s.  Jy~j  dukhül. 

Admixture,  s.  Ucli  kXtma,  <Uİjd£ ijd 
kArishdznlma,  h*ks-  “ilavd. 

Admonish,  v.a.  L nXssz- 
hat-vkrmek,  tbnbih-et. 

Admonition,  nXsszhat, 


Adolescence,  5.  ghbnjh’k. 

Adopt,  v.a.  tutmak;  ^ 

uymak,  imtissâl-et;  1 

kÂbül-et;  bvlâdlû/Aa- 


Adoption,  5.  Jj-A  kXbul-u- 

-ımtissâl ;  akhz-u-klbul. 

Adoptive,  a.  âkhirbtlik. 

Adorable,  a.  j^lcol-L  tXpmzh’r, 

^  4-j sbjdd  -  ve  -“ibadbtd  - 
-shâyÂn.  [“ıbâdbt. 

Adoration,  s.  XS-S.”3  sbjdd,  dJt>L*~c 

Adore,  v.a.  \ sbjdd-e-,  \dJ 
“ıbâdet-e-,  1  , *j-i  perestish-e-, 

lb  tÂpinmak. 

Adorn,  v.a.  zınetİEndirmek, 

1  ijtr.jj  tezyin-et. 

Adrianople,  cüj<Jİ  edirnd.  [fez i. 

Adriatic,  s.  lJj?  y£  cJ  jjj  Vbnbdik-kyar- 

Adrift,  ad.  cXcc  <& _  cJj  •m£>  ;C!l 

I»  *♦> 



Adroit,  a.  chabak,  CJ^J  tetik, 

V  v 

hünErli,  X'is  .x^c  mâ^rifbtli. 

J  j  j  j 

Adroitness,  s.  châbaklik,  .-jb 

v  v  > 

hunEr,  ma'Vifbt. 


[  31  ] 


Adulation,  s.  müdâhanE. 

Adult,  a.  and  s.  cJy-J  biyuk,  ijbzdüc 


Adulterate,  v.a.  sAflz- 

y^zni-bözmak,  l i* ichina- 


Adulterer,  5.  \j  zânl,  yl£t>J  zinâkyâr, 
$y'Aj  zünpâre  (zampara). 

Adulteress,  s.  \j  zaniyyn, 
rosspz  (örosspd),  JA^-li  fâhishE. 

Adulterous,  a.  Jtoj  zinâkyâr. 


Adultery,  5.  I jj  zina,  CALsyLdj  zenpâ- 
relik  (zz/mparalzk),  C AL-wyy  ross- 
pilik  (brosspoluk). 


Advance,  z;.zz.  ileri-gliEİmek, 

caL*-L y-i-  -j!  ildriİEmek ;  — ,  v.a. 

ıldriİEtmek,  cJ^yji^yLl 
ileri-ghetirmek,  CAL^-^Ls^L^  ileri- 
chükmek,  ileri- sürmek  ; 

dür-pısh-et,  \^y\  ırâd-et, 
(AL**!;»  suweylumek,  LL^cy 
ildridan-vErmek  :  — , 

ilerileyish,  ^  ileridzm- 


Advancement,  5.  ,  Aj.  .LI  ildrildvish  : 

v»#/  ••  >>  * 


Advantage,  5.  jli  kyar,  Sioli  fâ'idü, 

£■"  nef'L  münfa'Vzt ;  to  take 

— ■»  ^ÜLs  fürsati-kullanmak. 

.Advantageous,  a.  y!yl£  kyârlz,  ylsJoli 

Advent,  s.  kudüm. 

Adventure,  5.  I  j>-U)  mâjdrâ, 

sErghyuzesht,  zfcLcy»*j 

SErmâyüL-tijârüt-hisssEssi  ;  — ,  v.n. 

jessâret-et;  — ,  v.a. 


Adventurer,  5.  sürsün,  z^ilAt: 

Jy-^sr^y yi^yizr:  bakhtzrm- 

Adversary,  5.  ^<2.  A-  khassrn, 

düşümün .  [klıâlif. 

Adverse,  a.  ^j~y  terss,  lAÎIst16  mû- 

Adversity,  5.  bakhtsizlik, 

CJL^.CAjl)  düshkyunluk,  _ _ s£zrj 

nikbüt,  l^£1s  fülâküt. 

Advert,  v.w.  U^“J  îmâ-et,  Any- 


Advertise,  v.a.  1  .,W  z“lc7n-et; 
(AA <y,y y-*A-  kböbEr-vürmek. 

Advertisement,  z^lln. 

Advice,  5.  y-A.  khlbEr ;  nAs- 

-szhât;  y-jjJ  tedbîr. 

Advisable,  a.  münâssib. 

Advise,  v.a.  Lli^JyCArsAA  nAsszhflt- 
vürmek;  lylLiA-1  zkhtâr-et ;  ly-jJj 
tedblr-et  ;  — ,  v.w.  UjIA£«j1  issti- 

-shârü-et,  dAnzshmak.  Ill- 

advised,  J*JJLc  “aklszz. 

Advocacy,  s.  *^3!  iltizÂm,  L li-olsA* 

Advocate,  s.  szzhâbet- 

-üdEn ;  ^L£ytAy.cJ  dâ^vvâ-vükîli ; 
— ,  v.a.  e— £î- sâhib-chik- 

mak  (sâ’ab),  \  szzhabet-et, 


AEra,  s.  târîkh  ;  Caliyi  \<S^ 

mübdü  i-tâ^dâdz-üvklt. 

Aerial,  a.  .  ,jUü>  hawa^T. 

Li  v 


[  32  ] 


Esthetics,  s,  pL  CiSİ\as>-  ^  ilmz- 

Afar,  ad.  j\jj\  uzkk,  SAJ \jj\  uzlkd a. 
Affability,  5.  chblbbilik,  ^Jh\j 

talâttuf,  ujÜaİJ  tÂltif,  fjr'fiy*  n^“ 

Affable,  a.  chblbbi,  tll- 

-tzfji ;  to  be  affable  with,  v.a.  lu-iJali 

Affair,  s.  (jLA  ish,  mÂsslâhat ; 

jbnk,  &  »W*  muhârebE  ; 


Affect,  v.a.  te‘sîr-et.  [-nbzakkt. 

Affectation,  s.  bokdan- 

,\£  <  #  i 

Affected,  a.  P  lix^c  miitb  bssir  ;  <Uju 

y  v  •• 

yapma.  [dokunur. 

Affecting,  a.  yy o  mü  bssir, 
Affection,  hSssi-kAlbi ; 

mahabbbt,  khulüss, 

khussüss  ;  C^Xp.  “fflbt,  \j?j* 
maraz.  [bet-mbshmül. 

Affectionate,  a.  mahab- 

Affiance,  5.  aU-p’i  i“timAd,  tb- 

vbkkyul ;  — ,  v.a.  nikydh-et, 

\a£p  “akd-et. 

Affidavit,  s.  j  jijsu  XS^csA 



Affinity,  5.  w-o  \ji  ^jİA  ^  Ap-«^j 

tezbvvujdan  -  hlssd  -  öİAn  -  kârÂbbt, 
sihriyybt ;  münâssb- 


Affirm,  v.a.  tXssdik-et,  İCaLjİ 

issblt-et,  UcJİ  iddi“a-et, 

Affirmation,  s.  (J[>A*ai>  tÂssdik,  ClP\y\ 
ıssbÂt ;  IcA^  iddi*  â. 

M  * 

Affirmative,  a.  j  tASsdikz, 


Afflict,  u.a.  cX*^A?  khdEr-vErmek ; 


Affliction,  s.  jA^  kkdEr  ;  L^w^x<  mils- 

slbet,  bblâ. 


Affluence,  5.  j  zEnghinlik. 

Affluent,  a.  zknghin. 

Afford,  v.a.  vkrmek, 

ghbtirmek,  \  îrâss-et ; 


Affranchise,  v.a.  \p\j\  azad-et. 

Affray,  s.  U*i  kawgha. 

Affront,  5.  ijuijJz  tLc'sX*  mü“ÂmEİb‘i- 
-ghâyri-lâyika,  <&*oW«AJ  bed-mu- 
^ÂmEİE  ;  — ,  v.a.  jd  kârshi- 

komak;  ghyujEndirmek, 

j\i$  dlnltmak. 

Afghan,  a.  ^Usl  âfghân. 

Afghanistan,  5.  afghânısstân. 

Afire,  ad.  jyp^,  yâmor. 

Afloat,  ad.jyjy  yuziyor. 

Afoot,  ad.  X AjsM  âyakda. 
Afore-mentioned,  afore-named,  afore-  r 
said,  a.  mbzkyür,  mbzbür  t 

messfür,  <U1  muma-;- 

ilbyh,  mushârun-ilbyh. 

Afraid  (to  be),  v.n.  korkmak  i 

\i _ khavf-et. 

Afresh,  ad.  ^aX»  ybn^idan,  L'A^f 


miijbddcdan  ;  \j mukErrEran.' 
Africa,  5.  âfrika. 

African,  a.  J<Uîj  p\  âfrikalu. 

j  "j 


[  33  ] 


,  Afront,  ad.  ,Aj  b£rab£r,  »j'as-j  bir- 

J-  J-  j. 


i  Aft,  ad.  gheri,  ^ ghbriya, 

ghkrida,  k«cha- 


j  After,  pr.  dan-scmpra,  Sxj 

bâ  da ;  — ,  ad.  iJLa  songra, 
bâ  dahu ;  — ,  a.  (mar.) 

gheriki,  ghbridkki. 

Afterbirth,  s.  söny. 

Afternoon,  s.  l£.\zsj^£u~u\  ikindi- 
-wAkitlari.  [bâ“dahû. 

Afterwards,  ad.  ijL^>  sbngra, 

Again,  ad.  yınn  (ghbnE),  JJj 


tbkrâr,  t&krâran,  lösJ^  bir- 


Against,  pr.  âj  a;  ^Lj[sâj  a-kârshz ; 

kârshissma ; 


kârshissinda ;  “âlhyhina, 

“albyhinda ;  <UİİU-  khıİÂ- 
fma,  khiİÂfmda. 

Agate,  s.  sülbymlnl.  (?) 

Vge,  s.  ^b  yash,  sınn ;  j+az 

Xssr,  jjJ  dbvr,  ^Js  kârn;  of  age,  a. 
jJU  blh’gh,  iJbxliLc  "xkla-biligh ; 
under  age,  a.  sÂbı. 

Vged,  a.  C-Ü3^?  ghyünluk  ;  jJA  âyh’k  ; 
&&A>b  yashmda ;  ıkhtiyar, 

koja,  ^  mussınn. 

Agency,  5.  <ÜaJ»  wassita,  wess- 

âtht,  o  mâ^rifht. 

Agent,  s.  jJAj  vbkîl,  *  wassita, 
âdEm  (ÂdAm).  [btmeklzk. 

Agglomeration,  5.  cJİSU^I  L-)Jb  tbp 

Aggrandizement,  5.  biyııt- 

m  eklik. 

Aggravate,  v.a.  UujIûO  daha-fkna,  et, 
dâhâ-bbter-et ;  k îz- 

dfrmak,  dAriltmak. 

Aggravation,  s.  u-jLâc!  igzâb. 

Aggregate,  a  &  s.  mbjmû“. 

Aggression,  5.  J^Ls^  tejâvuz,  ^Jks?1* 

Aggressor,  s.  J^}hW 


Aggrieved,  a.  ^\lax  mÂzlüm,  JA< 
mâghdür,  *^X*z*s  sıtemdîdE. 

Agility,  5.  dJAGlrs-  châbaklak. 

V  v 

Agio,  s.  ^b  bksh. 

Agitate,  v.a.  chAlkamak  ; 

W  V 

iztfrÂb  -  vkrmek, 
muztarib-et ; 

Agitation,  5.  chAlkAmsh ; 

C-Jİpk-^l  ıztfrlb  ;  ^.bÜü*  tblâtum, 
•çjAj  tbmbvvuj. 

Ago,  ad.  ^Aİkc^jAi^.'  bundan-mııkÂd- 


Agony,  s.  ^Azım-iztirÂb  ; 


Agree,  v:n.  Uy  kAvl-et,  Uljlü^c  mu- 
kÂveİE-et;  C«k<^jjly3  kArar-viermek; 

râzi-ol,  Ic^aÜİİ^c  muwXfakAt- 
-et ;  lyi-ghklmek,  J+l)\ 

uymak,  uyghun-ghEİ- 

mek,  muwÂfzk-ghEİmek ; 

mutÂbzk-bl,!^ y  tâwaffuk-et; 
— ~  together,  v.n.  jl  uyushmak. 



[  34  ] 


Agreeable,  a.  tÂtli,  (J;  ghyuzbl , 

^yî-khosh,  shîrîn,i— iLD  latif. 


Agreeably  to  (or  with),  ad.  ÜL*--JaJ 

tktbikan,  liLiy  tbvfikan.  [mukÂvbİE. 
Agreement,  s.  kkvl,  jy :  saz,  talihe 

Agriculture,  s.  zira“at, 

and  cc-oly-  hirassbt,  h  fblahat. 

Agriculturist,  s.  Sj\  Jjfcl  bhli-zira“at. 
Aground,  ad.  \JLoj  s  kAraya- 


Ague,  s.  sitma,  <ükx*-ji  issitma. 
Ah,  int.  x\  âh,  tf\j  wah,  bywâh, 
‘ hâyf,  ^  j  J  dirigh. 

Ahead,  ad.  •  JA  ilbri. 

Ahoy !  int.  cA  by. 

Aid,  yardam,  tülci  ı“ânE, 

AxA  ımdâd,  mu  “âvbnbt ; 

— •,  v.a.  yârdam-et,  l<ULA 

i  ânE-et,  IclAjIx*  mu“avbnbt-et. 

Aide-de-camp,  s,  j ^l>  yâvkr,  C— ^r^V. 

Ail,  v.n.  what  ails  me  ?  j^<ü  nbm-vâr; 
—  thee  ?  j\ jCJü  nbny«var  ;  —  him, 
her,  it?  nbssi-vâr;  —  us? 

j^y c<ü  nbmiz-vâr ;  —  you?jljj£<ü 
nbn^iz-var  ;  —  them  ?  nblbri- 


Ailing,  a.  kbyfsiz,  khkssta, 

y+>z^\jsc>  mizâjsiz,  13  nâmizâj. 

Ailment,  .9.  kbyfsizlik, 

khÂsstal/k  ;  ‘‘illet ;  dbrd. 

Aim,  v.n.  nishAn -Aimak ; 

y  kurmak,  İJ.A  bmel-et;  - — ,  5. 
kASsd,  bmel,  mbrâm, 

Jysihc  mAksûd ;  JUSJLj  nishAn- 

Air,  s.  ly&  hewa  (hawa)  ;  ^^-Ji3  nbfess ; 
jAo  tawr;  — ,  v.a.  y £=  SJLj  \ 

ghyünbsha-SErmek,  hâ- 

wava-SErmek,  hava-vkr- 

mek ;  to  give  one’s  self  airs,  m 

At  war  satmak. 

Air-balloon,  s.  balon.  [(tûfbyfa). 
Air-gun,  yel-tufbnghii 

Air-hole,  s.  nbfesslik,  ^LİJ^JL 3: 

Airy,  a.  hawadar.  [nefess-deliyAhj 

Ajar,  a.  ^>-1  achik. 

Akin,  a.  khissm. 

Alabaster,  Ak-mErmEr. 

Alacrity,  5.  miıssâra  “att 

y^«  mbmnüniyybt. 

Alarm,  s.  fj}1  korku,  < _ i y 

khâvf  r 

d  duhshEt ;  khAbEr  ; 

v.a.  ( jjs  korkutmak,  y^ y  | 

kbrku-vErmek,  V  ,  qj jckT  takhwif-et 
Idilrk!  ikhâfE-et. 

Alas,  int.  lJ\  ây,  <-*'j  way,  Ay  wah 
hâyf,  dirigh. 

Albania,  s.  Jjl3jl  ârnâwd-vilâybk 

Albanian,  s.  and  a.  JjUy  ârnâwd. 

Albeit,  o.  jjJüyfc  hhr-nâkAdar, 

Alchymist,  kimiyâ-ghbr. 

Alchymy,  s.  W^^lc  “ilmi-kimiyâ 

Alcohol,  s.  ruh. 

Alcove,  5.  hüjrE.  [AghAjıi  d 

Alder- tree,  5. 

Alderman,  s.  ^Lc'  a“yln. 

^cs-lc  \j  mürvb® 



[  35  ] 


Ale,  s.  ^  b&yAz-arpa-suyu. 

Alembic,  s.  inbik. 

Alert  (to  be  on  the),  v.n. 

uyanik-dl,  j\  jj-ZdJjil  dart-ghyaz-o, 
\y>  ghywz-kulAk-61. 

Algebra,  5.  j+>-  jebr. 

Algiers,  s.  J6za‘ir. 

Alias,  ad.jL)£p\j  nÂmz-dîghEr. 

Alien,  s.  bjnbbi ;  (gsTl«J  yablnje. 

Alienate,  v.a.  âkhâra-tbm- 

llk-et,  İJü^J  tbbrld-et.  [mak. 

Alight,  v.n.  LL^+j]  bnmek,  kbn- 

Alike,  a.  jj'=y  bbiiyzkr,  <ull^c  mu¬ 
sh  âbih,  y  bir. 

Aliment,  s.  İÂİ.  ghzdâ,  ybyb- 

jek,  bbsslbybjek, 

Alimony,  nafaka.  [ybmek. 

Alive,  a.  lJ^j» J  diri,  çl*?  sâgh, 
bkr-hâyât,  XJjLz*-  hâyâtda. 
jjAlkali,  5.  ^lü)l  âlkalz. 

Ali,  a.  hbp,  bitun, 

jümİE  ;  above  — ,  Uu^aA- 
khüsüs ;  after  — ,  khiu 

.  Iâs6-*i  kelâm. 

Allay,  v.a.  tbsskîn-et. 

Allegation,  5.  dâ“wâ, 


Allege,  v.a.  \j\ ji\  ırâd-e. 

Allegiance,  s.  tbbaf<iyybt ; 

sİ  d  âkit. 

Alleviate,  v.a.  khAfifletmek, 

!wJ uiskT  tâkhflf-et. 


Alley,  s.  Jjlj u*a  J\<1  dâr-sökAk, 
lliance,  s.  jjlaJİ  ıttiflk. 

Allied,  a.  (jJcx*  müttbfik. 

Alligator,  s.  a3  timsah. 

Allocution,  s.  JjXj  nutk. 

Allot,  v.a.  takhs?ss-et. 

Allotment,  s.  <Us:>«  hissk. 

Allow,  v.a.  brâkmak,  (J..< 

kb  mak,  izin-vErmek, 

vkrmek,  ta“yln-et, 

takhsiss-et;  — of,  IJj.-S  klbul-et ; 
—  for,  hisslb-et;  — ,  v.n. 

tbsslhn-et,  l _ i^tirlf-et. 

Allowable,  a.y\>-  ja*iz. 

Allowance,  s.  ^j\j\  ayhTc, 

ghyiindblik,  yillzk,  ta^yln, 

tâ^yınÂt ;  to  make  —  for, 
v.a.  LJaJ  nÂzar-et, 

Alloy,  s.  Xltma- 

ghyumisha-kAtfİAn-bAkî'r  ;  ''ayar. 
Allude  to,  v.a.  iu,t  îmâ-et, 


Allure,  v.a .  jezb-et. 

Allurement,  s.  jazibk. 

Alluring,  a.  jâzib. 

Allusion,  s.  \*A  îmâ,  ânydî’nsh. 

Ally,  v.a.  *<Üajly 

rÂb?tâfi-wâhidE-tâhtma-idkhâl-et ;  — , 
s.  müttbfik. 

Almanack,  s.  tXkwTm,  &oULa 


Almighty,  a.  y  Ss  kidir. 

Almond,  s.  badem. 

Almoner,  s.  im  Am. 

e  2 


[  36  ] 


Almost,  ad.  hbmAn  (hismEn), 

<-£<Xİlîj!  Âz-klldi. 

Alms,  5.  AsXa  sXdaka. 

Aloes,  s.  sabr;  wood  of  - — , 


Aloft,  ad.  yukân,  yu- 

kânda  (yukarda). 

Alone,  a.  j—h  yiln g  iz,  V  tenhâ, 
Aiduab^Llb  bXshli-bXshma ;  all  — , 
jflbfcb  yapa-yAİnyzz. 

Along,  ad.  <L2£Lj  ^  boyunja ;  come 
along !  fSUbJS  gliEl-bXkXlzm ;  go 
along,  ^JUj  gbit-bAklKm, 


haydi- siktir. 

Alongside,  ad.  <U3b  yanma,  *Ji3b  y a- 
nznda  ;  —  one  another,  cüjlü  ^ 

kârn-kârna,  borda-bbr- 


Aloof,  ad,  XSs\j}\  uzXkda,  *  Jetimi  âlâr- 


Aloud,  ad.  lL)-J  pkk,  jbhran, 

Aj\&AiCUj*a  SAvtf-bulend-ila. 

Alphabet,  5.  bc-flll  blif-ba  (blif-bk). 
Alphabetically,  ad. 


Already,  ad.  shımdi-bıİE, 



Also,  c.  kbzâlik,  C3İ  ve- 

kczâlik,  dE,  dâkhi, 

vE-dâkhi,  vb-hbm-dakhi, 

vb-bir-du,  vb-hbm-dE, 


Altar,  5.  ^ jk^o  rnbzbah. 

Alter,  u.a.  diyAishdirmek, 

mak,  IJjiX-J  tbbdll-et,  \lu\A\  *y^° 

mahv-u-issblt-et ;  — -,  v.n. 

*  7  *>♦ 

diyAishmek,  ^**5  taghayyur-et. 
Alteration,  s.  tbbdil; 


Altercation,  5.  niza<r,  &£j\Usc  mil-- 

nazara,  Icji.  ghawgha  (kawgha). 
Alternate,  a.  jLi^r  mütbbâdil, 

miıtbnâvib ;  on  alternate  days,  ad. 

Alternate,  v.n.  llXaZA zJ>y  nubetleshmek.  i 
Alternately,  ad.  Aliy  niibbtla,  h  A 
miıtbnâvibbtEn,  “aİE-’l- 1 


Alternative,  s.  chare, 

bAshka-yol,  tankz-akhar. 

Although,  c.  jSsjjb  hkr-nakAdar.  .i 
\  issada. 


Altitude,  s.  jliujl  irtifa**. 

Altogether,  ad.  bitun-bitun. 

Alum,  s.  bi>  shÂb. 

7  » 

Alluminium,  )  s.  ^Xx^c  bir-durli  | 

Alluminum,  \  -madden. 

Always,  ad.  da*ima,  ^bcj  Jl.| 

hkr-zamAn,  hkr-WAkzt. 

Amanuensis,  s.  c— ^  kyâtib. 

Amass,  v.a.  b  toplamak  a 

cAscjdSji  birikdirmek,  ^*£>-jbm**-et  pj 

Amateur,  hâvbssli. 

Amaze,  v.a.  ta**ajjub  U 

-bttirmek ;  amazed,  a.  mil  r 

•  • 

ta“ajjib,  hay  ran ;  to  b 


- — ,  l-l 

shashmak,  hâyrÂn-kll- 

mak,  (JkkUj  kXlmak,  bâka- 


.Amazing-,  a.  c— *  Xjîb  (Aja'ib), 


v _ o^i-  gharib  ;  — ly,  ad.  chok. 

Ambassador,  s.  .  ^  ^d.\  blchi,  ,-jLj  sbfîr. 

Amber,  s.  b  kehrubâ  (kbhlibar). 

Ambergrease,  Ambergris,  s. <fanbkr. 

Ambiguous,  a.  kXpAm'k, 


Ambiguity,  s.  müghlâklik. 

Ambition,  s.  hzrssu-’sh- 

-shÂn,  hzrssz-hîıkyü- 

mbt.  [-’sh-shAn. 

Ambitious,  a.  ^,1^.! harissu- 

Amble,  5.  rahwAn,  bsh- 

kin ;  ,  v.n.  bshmek, 

C-Lcû  bshkin-ghitmek,  ^\y 

cU^  rahwAn-ghitmek, 

Ambler,  Ambling-horse,  s. 

rah  win,  eshkin-bârghîr 


Ambuscade,  Ambush,  s.  pussu ; 

to  lay  an  ambush, 
püssu  kurmak;  to  fall  into  an  am¬ 
bush,  jjb  püssüyyb  tutul- 

Amen,  int.  âmîn.  [mak. 

Amenable,  a.  Jy  mbss'ul. 

Amend,  v.a.  (J-az I  Ajl?  ddghrultmak, 
\^s*a3  tâsshzh-et-,  zsslah- 

-et- ;  — ,  v.n.  A  A-  bir-Az-îyi-dl, 

îyi-olma^a-y  61- 

Amendment,  s.  Jjy»  fark.  [-tutmak. 

Amends,  to  make,  v.n.  tXz- 

mîn-et,  j  tarzivyu- ver¬ 

mek  ;  (jyoj 1  Apssmz-chz- 

America,  s,  lib  «*!  Amerika. 


American,  s.  and  a.  jîlsb^  Amerikalı. 

Amethyst,  s.  ^kLc>-  jbbblokum. 

Amiable,  a.  ghz/uzbl- 

-khuylu,  jlj’lL  tAtlz.  [dosstane. 

Amicable,  a.  Amicably,  ad. 

Amidst,  pr.  jj\  ortassmda, 

j\  ârassmda. 

Amidships,  ad.  l orta- 


Amiss,  a.  fkna,  Lü«j  sakAt. 

Amity,  s.  dosstluk, 

ddsstî,  O-.sr6  mahabbbt,  L^-bjlsr* 

Ammonia,  s.  j JwJ  nishÂdzr. 

Ammoniac,  jjllJ  nishldA. 

Ammunition,  5.  LUjj\:  barut,  <bbsX:>- 

Amnesty,  5.  1£âfvz-££âmm. 

Among,  Amongst,  jor.  âras- 

sma,  J\  ârassmda. 

Amorous,  a.  zü'iuAc  “ÂshzkânE. 

Amount,  s.  ^-L^e  meblagh  ;  tdp, 

.  ybkyün;  — ,  v.n.  bl- 


Amphibious,  a.  jlAlj  x£ya  ^Jb 


Ample,  a.  bol,  ghenish. 

Amplitude,  5.  <kx~i  si'Vi-mbshrik. 

Amputate,  v.a.  i  kbssinek, 

k.\t££-et.  [kXt  . 

Amputation,  s.  <wl~ȣ  kbssilmE,  & 


[  38  ] 


Amulet,  s.  nüsskha  (misska). 

Amuse,  v.a.  byAİEndirmek ; 

—  one’s  self,  v.n.  bghl  En- 

An,  art.  y  bir.  .  [mek. 

Analogous,  a.  miıshâbih, 

maklss.  k«yass. 

Analogy,  s.  müshâbdhdt; 

Analysis,  s.  hall. 

Analyze,  v.n .  hall-et. 

Anarchy,  s.  t>L*i  f&ssâd,  ikhtilâl. 

Anathema,  5.  la“ndt,  IcJJo  bbd- 

-dü'â,  j âfordz. 

Anatomize,  v.a.  \rfjZ3  tdshrlh-et. 

Anatomy,  s.  tdshrlh. 

Ancestor,  s.  jddd  (pi.  djdâd.) 

Ancestry,  s.  J' djdâd  ;  3  ndsseb. 

Anchor,  s.  timer  (ddmir),  yJk 

ldnghbr ;  — ,  v.a.  ddmir- 

ldmek  ;  — ,  v.n.  j/fc-J  ddmirld- 

mek,  ddmir-Xtmak ;  at 

— '*  y. b y^t?  ddmirli ;  to  cast  — , 
çj*j\  ddmir-atmak ;  to  weigh 

— ,  uJj^od  ddmiri-kâldirmak. 

Anchorage,  %"♦>«*  3*  ddmir-ydri, 

«U j ddmirldydjek-ydr. 

Anchored,  a.  *1 ^ ddmirli. 

Anchovy,  5.  4İl^Lj  sârddla. 

Ancient,  a.  dsski,  aJjJî  kXdlm, 

ji ^  kyan-kXdlm. 

Ancients,  s.  pi.  ^m^dJLd^e  mutakXd- 
dimln,  (J^-Lc  ^Loj  dsski-za- 


And,  c.  j  ve,  id  dE,  dâkhi. 

Anecdote,  s.  ijsd  fskra,  aJu*  mankabis. 

Anemone,  5.  A**.*l«  mânissa. 

Angel,  5.  mdlek,  melâ'ikE. 

Angelic,  a .  melekl. 

Anger,  s.  darghmlik, 

kezghmh'k,  ghXzAb. 

Angina,  s.  ^Lc  jjL^  khunnlk-' 'illeti. 

Angina  pectoris,  s.  jXA\  y  bir- 


Angle,  s.  ky^shE,  zâviyyE ; ; 

• — ,  v.n.  *y  A-Jjl  dlta-ila- 


Angry,  a.  ^«z^d  dârghm ;  to  be  — , » 

v.n.  j\d  dknlmak,  kazmak, 

idXAdp?- j£==>  ghyujEnmek,  <U«â&  i 

ghlzAba-ghklmek,  idX^dJJjdc>-  hid- 

Anguish,  s.  djd^JÜız  "XzIm-dErd, 


dS  ‘  'XzIm-kiidEr. 

Angular,  a.  kyitehEİi. 

Animal,  s.  hay  win ;  — ,  a. 

>-  haywlnl. 

Animalcule,  s,  (J.2s^'\t+o-  haywanpk. 
Animate,  v.a.  CXcjiy  jXn-vErmek,  ; 
LSV*  -JjU-  jXnlandhmak, 

Animated,  a.  bdshâshdtli. 

Animation,  5.  bdshâshdt. 

Animosity,  s.  LU^dz  "adâvbt, 

kin,  klnE. 


Aniseed,  s.  ânassdn. 

Ankle,  5.  tdpuk. 

Annalist,  s.  ^ j <yo  miivdrrikh,  umiy&xsj* 
wXk"a-nbwiss.  [tawarlkh).. 

Annals,  s.  pi.  çTjlj*  târıkh  (pi.  ^2 j\y 

Annex,  v.a.  V  ;Ls)  \  llhxk-et,  \ 





C  39  ] 


Annihilate,  v.a.  vu- 

jüdmi-kXldî’rmak,  !jj»:>  ybk-et,  'Li! 

Anniversary,  s.  ghyün. 

Announce,  v.a.  khXbEr- 

VErmek,  tkbllgh-et,  LjLî! 


Annoy,  v.a.  Jj-jsf*’’  tâ‘"jîz-et,  ci’JoJu? 

*)  szkmti-vErmek,  j! 

bziyyet-vErmek,  j  rahatsTz-et; 

Cl)v^£=  ghyiijuna-ghitmek. 

Annoyance,  s.  t^oj!  ezıyybt,  uiAiü*» 

Annoying,  a.jJui  XdAmm^- 


Annual,  a.  l£jU~s  sEnEvî. 

Annuity,  .9.  p+ç*»  sbhlm,  t>!y!  Trad. 

Annul,  v.a.  \  '^~*s  fbsskh-et, !JIL^  ibtxl- 
et,  !  JlLj  bXttll-et.  [minda. 

Annular,  x£.L>-  hXlka-rbss- 

Annum,  s.  sbnE  ;  per  annum,  SjLj 

yelda,  sknEvî. 

Anoint,  v.a.  yâ^-surmek, 

tedhîn-et.  [dbhhbn. 

Anointed,  a.  messlh,  mü- 

Anomalous,  a.  Anomaly,  s.  *j!x!!c— 

Anonymous,  a.  J-jLxo!  imzasszz. 

Another,  a.  jifâJLi  bXshka-bir, 

Answer,  s.  jkwlb;  — ,v.a.Lrj\^ 

LLLo ^  j  jEwXb-VErmek ;  — ,  v.n. 
olmak,  uymak  ;  —  for, 

kbfîl-ol ;  j!  mbss"ül-ol. 

Answerable,  a.  J*1 _ -o  m&ss‘ül. 

*  .  M 

Ant,  5.  &s£?j\3  kXrmja. 

Antagonist,  s.  ** 2 khXssTm. 

Antarctic,  a.  jbnübî. 

Antecedent,  a.  sâlif,  JLjLj  sâbTk, 

mukXddEm;  — ,  s.  *SsL<  mu- 
kXddEm,  &3j\yay o  mbvsülun-bih. 
Antechamber,  s.  Xjbkr!^)  J  diwAnkhans. 
Antediluvian,  a.  tiiflndan- 


Antelope,  s.  jbyrln  (jbylln), 

%£>!  âhü. 

Antemeridian,  a.  Jj!  ^jxbj!  wylkden 

Anterior,  a.  u_i!Li  sâlif,  (J. j\~>  sâbik, 

Anthropophagi,  pi.  ^L^b  yamyam. 
Antichrist,  s.  JLj  dbjjâl. 

Anticipate,  v.a.  ummak,  !  J  *.*  to 

mîfmül-et ;  ^b<Jj!  EWEİ-dâw- 

ranmak  ;  Jj! 

/  îL/tjb  «  C— j»Jo!  tXleb- 

C/  v  >  ••  >  >  •• 



Antics,  pi.  bjk.""*  mXsskharalik. 

Antidote,  5.  "ilâj. 

Antimony,  s.  tîmür-bözAn 


Antipathy,  s.  CLJyJ  nefrbt;  C-^!^c 
‘"adavet,  khussûmet. 

Antique,  s.  <Ü:^.c.  ""antika ;  — ,  a.  ^~i! 
esski,  ‘"atık,  kXdlm, 


Antiquity,  s.  Ajhi-c.  “antika ; 

^bcj  ksski-zamXn. 


[  40  ] 


Antler,  s.  jyjy  boynuz. 

Anus,  m«k“öcL 

Anvil,  s.  wrss. 

Anxiety,  s.  dL}j\*as  klssavbt ; 
tblâshî  (telash). 

Any,  pro. J  bir,J^  bir-lz,  bX<£z i; 

hich,^,-^  hich-bir. 

Anybody,  pro.  kimbssnE 


Anyhow,  ad.  nâssl-olursa ; 

jljJ  ji'çfşP  hich-bir-durlu. 

Apace,  ad.  chabwk. 

Apart,  ad.  ayn. 

Apartment,  s.  oda;  da'ii'E. 

Apathy,  s.  kaydsizlik, 

<X*&j  ££adEmi-takayyud. 

Ape,  s.  ^**'0  maymun,  *-£>  shebek ; 

— ■,  v.a.  ^Juliu  tÂklîd-et. 

Aperient,  a.  müsshil  (ss-h). 

Aperture,  s.  dblik,  ârahk:, 

achzkhk,  cJL-ju  nefesslik. 
s-  ,  • 

Apex,  s.  {j~\j  rb  ss,  J  zirvE. 

Aphelion,  s.  hadzd. 

Apiece,  ad.  bbhErina. 

Apocryphal,  a.  mbshkyük. 

Apogee,  s.  ^**<32*-  hadid.  [İEmek. 

Apologize,  v.n.  “wzr-di- 

Apology,  5.  ksc\jjd£-  “azrnâmE  ; 

Apoplexy,  s.  dlmla,  nuzül. 

Apostasy,  s.  JİJjjl  irtidâd. 

Apostate,  s.  mürtedd  (murtÂd), 


Apostatize,  v.n.  dinin- 


Apostle,  s.  rbssül,  mürsel ; 

the  apostles  of  Christ, 
hawariyyun.  [isspenchiyâr. 

Apothecary,  s.  bjzaji, 

Appal,  v.a.  korkutmak, 

»rkr  takhwlf-et. 


Appanage,  5.  ârpah'k,  i 



Apparatus,  s.  tâkim, 


Apparel,  s.  esswlb  (bssbAb),  j 

(j-U  lıbÂss,  <L-J  \  elbissE. 

Apparent,  a.  zahir,  jİJJ  Jo  bedıdâr,  j 

hiiwEyda,  Âshiky  âr. 

Apparently,  ad.  Ulc.  ghlliba ;  J^U»  : 
zâhira.  [yâİE. 

Apparition,  s.  zuhur;  ^Uck  khâ- 

Appeal,  v.n.  LL)v*-£jj<J  düshmek, 

sığınmak;  mürâja££at-et. 

Appear,  v.n.  LLXa Jj<£  ghyarunmek, 

ghyazikmek,  )o  I 

zühür-et;  it  appears,  v.imp.  Ulc 
ghlliba  ;  ghelir,  j ^=>  ghya- 

Appearance,  s.  CUjya  sürkt, 

hby'bt ;  ghyarunush ;  j ^ 


Appease,  v.a.  tbsskîn-et. 

Append,  v.a.  zamm-et,  Ujic. 


Appendage,  Appendix,  s.  <Ujj  tb- 

tımmE,  zamîmE,  <£ılâvE. 

Appertain,  v.n.  J  \j  râji££ol, 
mbnüt-ol,  x+,o  m  uta £<  «İlik- ol. 

Appetite,  s.  '  \  ıshtfhâ  (ishtâh.) 


[  41  ] 


Applaud,  v.a.  sitayish-et. 

Applause,  s.  sitayish. 

Apple,  s.  LI!  Eİma. 

Applicable,  a.  jyijJ  dokunur; 

Application,  s.  dokundu- 

rush,  yapzshdmsh  ;  J 

düshush,  fjLj  *\  bÂsh-urush 

(wurusli),  mürâja“at; 

chÂk'shzsh,  sa^y- 

-u-ghâyrüt,  sârfr-zıhn, 

Sp>-  ,  jidd-u-jidid. 

Apply,  v.a.  dokundurmak, 

yapzshdAmak ;  cJy,  *-■ 
sürmek  ;  !  jyJaJ  tâtbik-et ;  1  A 

tzla-et ;  — ,  v.n.  blsh- 

wurmak,  J  düshmek,  L 

muraja‘7/t-et ;  —  for,  ısste- 

mek,  !Ua^A  isstıd^â-et,  !<Ulk-« 
mütâldbE-et,  mltlüb-et ; 

— ,  one’s  self,  chAh'shmak, 

!^»-j  sa“y-et,  !cyyA^y«j  sa<ey-u- 

Appoint,  v.a.  ta“yln-et,  !v— ^^5 

A  «• 

nkssb-et,  takhszss-et. 

Appointment,  s.  mErau- 

rıyyüt ;  (j£j!  ish. 

Apportion,  v.a.  ! y-~kj <La>- hisssE- 
-hısssE-tâksîm-et.  [nâssib. 

-Apposite,  a.  jl!y  yollu,  i. _ a-jLc  mu- 

Appraise,  v.a.  \y  Aiuui-^y  kimbt- 
-tAkdlr-et,  ^*=f,  l#  bâhâ-bıchmek 
(pkha) . 

Appreciate,  v.a.  lyjju  tÂkdır-et, 


Apprehend,  v.a.  ^<*3  A  tutmak, 

yakalamak,  j  &e>*\  akhz-u- 

-gbirift-et ;  J*ol£=>\  anglamak 

(annamak),  IcJjJ  dürk-et ;  J^y^y 

Apprehension,  s.  yjL^sS  ^  akhz-u- 
-ghirift  ;  cJly!  j  fühm-u-ıdrâk  ; 
y7y  korku.  [kussu-oİAn. 

Apprehensive,  a.  ^A! ^yyj y  kör- 

Apprentice,  5.  jA-A  slıâ^ird  ;  — ,  u.a. 

AIa^IA  sha^/drdli^/zE-VErmek. 
Apprenticeship,  5.  C3-I<^==L»  shâ- 

pfardlik.  [mek. 

Apprize,  u.a.  ^  khlbEr-VEr- 

Approach,  5.  Jy  yol ;  L-J^Üj  takar- 
rub ;  — ,  u.a.  &  w.  !c_yyJ  takar- 

rub-et,  yakmlashmak, 

y^km-vârmak.  [ısstıhsân. 

Approbation,  5.  s^tâhsîn,  l— rdL.! 

t  M 

Appropriate,  u.a.  takhs?ss-et ; 

— ,  a.  i _ wjLc  münâssib. 

I  *•  i 

Approval,  5.  isstıhsân ;  on 

— ,  ad.  j^0  mukhlyyür. 


Approximate,  a.  ^-jyu  tAkrlbl, 

tâkhmînî ;  — ,  v.n.  !<— jyj  tâkar- 

rub-et.  [takhmlna. 

Approximately,  ad.  L.’  Ü3  tXkriba,  u-ydsT 

Approximation,  5.  cyyJ  takarrub ; 



Apricot,  5.  kayssi,  zürdâli. 

April,  5.  nlssan. 

Apron,  s.  JL-—J  püslıtamÂİ, 

Apropos,  a.  &  ad.  münâsîb. 

Apt,  a.  Joc.^o  müsstâ<fidd.  [vwüjilü. 
Aptly,  ad.  ihçs-*  mün-âsibüti- 


[  42  ] 


Aptitude,  Aptness,  s.  iss- 

ti“dâd.  [kkzAb-suyu. 

Aquafortis,  5.  tîzlb,  yeL-AÜ* 

Aqueduct,  s.  y  ya  su-yolu, 
khmEr,^! kimErİEr. 

Arab,  s.  c—jyc  “ârab. 

Arabia,  s.  ‘Arabistan. 

Arabic,  s.  “ârabja. 

Arable,  a.  bkilir-bichilir, 

o  müzrü“  ;  — ,  land,  s. 

müzra“a,  'İJb  tarla. 

Ararat,  Mt.,  s.  u^cl  Ighn-dlghi. 

Arbiter,  Arbitrator,  hakEm. 
Arbitrate,  v.n.  \  Jyl  ayrd-et. 

Arc,  kâvss. 

Arch,  s.  khmEr. 

Archer,  s.  kümanküsh. 

Archery,  CJ  Ll.C} kümanküshlik. 
Architect,  s.  mi“mar,  kllfa. 

Architecture,  s.  fEnni-mi“- 

mârî  ;  uj  binâ  ;  J l-J  binalar. 
Archives,  s.  pi.  küyüdÂt, 


evrik- makhzEni. 

Arctic,  a.  sîıimâlî. 

Ardent,  a.  âtbshli ;  jl)l>  y^nar. 
Ardour,  s.  ghürmiyyet. 

Arduous,  a.  ghy&ch,  ^ 

chetin,y*»*^c  muta  assir. 

Area,  s.  saÛi  (t-h.) 

Argue,  v.n.  lakzrdi-et, 

mübâh^ssE-et ;  chünyE- 


Argument,  s.  lA^ü!  lâkzrd*, 
külâm,  j süz. 

Arid,  a.  jjjs  kuru,  chwl. 

Arise,  v.n.  kllkmak ; 

döyAmak,  tulu“et ; 

nbsh‘bt-et,  lazim-ghulmek. 

Aristocracy,  s.j\*$  kibar. 

Aristocrat,  s.  l Sj  kibâr-den-biri. 

Arithmetic,  s.  c-jL. £ 

İ£.  “ilmi-hisslb 

(hüs-).  [“ilmi  hissâb. 

Arithmetician,  s.  ^Lc.  J..&1  hhli- 

Ark,  5.  Noah’s  — ,  ^-y  nüh- 

-ghümissi ;  —  of  the  covenant. 

lyX-jLl^y lJ  tâbüti-seklnE. 

v.n . 

Arm,  s.  Jy  kol ;  ^X*a  silâh  ; 

silâhlanmak ;  • — ,  v.a.  . 

silâh-vErmek  ; 


Armada,  s.  UcJjJ  dünanmâ. 

Arm-chair,  s.  Jjbiyi  koltuklu,  i 

<fcj '  kültuklu-sÂndÂİiyvE. 

Armenia,  5.  \  ürmenisstln. 

Armenian,  a.  ürmünî ;  -— ,  s.  c 

ürmbnî ;  brmenijE. 

Armfull,  s.  jjls^yi  kujAk,  hi 

kuj  Ak-dolussu. 

Armillary  sphere,  s.  &£.JLsc  kyürE- 1 

‘i-müshübb^kE.  jj 

Armistice,  s.  <)£jlı*o  mütârekE. 

Armlet,  5.  Jcj  blzubend. 

i  ••  ... 





fünkji,  chakmakj/. 

Armory,  5.  jübE-khânE. 

Armour,  s.  tjj  zirh ;  silâh. 
Armpit,  s.  koltuk. 

Army,  s.  ^J\  ordu,  L-~ s.  “issksr. 
Aromatic,  a.  jlyy  kbkulu. 

:  •» 


[  43  ] 


Around,  ad.  and  pr.  btrâfa, 


Arouse,  v.a.  ^-3  kâldirmak, 


Arrange,  v.a ,  dizmek, 

tkrtib-et,  tanzim-et,<J^*3A^lk 

nizlma-kdmak ;  \j\Ji  kArâr- 


Arrangement,  s.  t _ j  tErtîb,  *lk) 

nızÂm  ;  jVi  kArâr.  [  sAff. 

Array,  s.  tfertıb,  ^lk  nizâm, 

Arrayed,  a.  ghıyili,  mü- 

l&bbbss.  [bAkâyâ. 

Arrears,  5.  pl.  mândE,  ll h 

Arrest,  s.  hAbss ;  — ,  v.a. 

âkhz-u-ghirıft-et ; 

fl-3y  tbvkif-et. 

Arrival,  s.  kudüm,  ghblish  ; 

vüssül,  U~J)  vân'sh. 

Arrive,  v.n.  ctUK  ghklmek,  var¬ 
mak,  wAssil-ol, 

wüssül-bülmak.  [tekbbbur. 

Arrogance,  s.  ta^azzum,  jSj 

Arrogant,  a.  jŞz^o  müt^khbbir. 

Arrogate  to  one’s  self,  v.a. 

kAlkishmak,  I  J\  üzErinE- 


Arrow,  5.  ok,  j*3  tir,  ^«3  sehm. 

Arse,  s.  CLZfi  ghyat,^J  dubr,  kyün. 

Arsenal,  s.  AjLsr^l  tbp-khanE. 

Arsenic,  s.  s?chAn-btu. 

Arson,  s.  Aik-  khânE-yakmak. 

Art,  s.  sân“ât ;  fhnn  ; 

mâ“rifbt ;  Aİ.*5>-  hiİE. 

Artery,  s.^Jb*l£>  shâh-dAmar. 

Artful,  a.  ^lk-2»  shbytAn  >  j  V 

Artfulness,  s.  ckj^Aks-  hdubazb'k. 

Artfully,  adv.  a]jIaL»>-  hzİE-iİE. 

Artichoke,  s.jlkjl  inghinâr ;  Jerusalem 
— ,  ykr-Eİmassi. 

Article,  s.  ^kc  mata“,  JU>  mAl ;  JOJ 

bend,  *pii  fikra;  definite  — ,  < _ 

lJİJjAJ  harfi- tahrif ;  indefinite  — , 

Artifice,  s.  Ak>-  hzİE. 

Artificer,  5.  uJU  bssnaf,  L^oc^Jjb! 

Artificial,  a.  sunk,  mii- 

sânnâk  <Uj\j  yapma,  JuÎJü  tAklîd. 
Artillery,  s.  jb  toplar,  ui 
tbpji-^AsskEri ;  —  man,  s. 

tbpji.  [hhli-san*  ât. 

Artisan,  5.  < _ ike!  bssnaf, 

Artist,  s.  rbssâm. 

Artless,  a.  ^âjkk  slfdbrun  ;  ^Ak>- 


As,  c.  A-Oys*-  chünku,  ^ chün ;  ad. 
^C.A  iken  ;  as  ...  as  .  .  .,  jA3  kAdr ; 

as  soon  as,  J  -diyAi-ghibi ;  as 

it  were,  as  though,  aOL?  sanki;  as 
for,  as  to,  Arsali  gbelinjE ;  as  much, 
jjj‘y  bu-kAdr,  ol-kAdr  (6-) ; 

as  much  as  .  .  .,  jSi  kAdr ;  as  well  as, 
ghibi,  jSi  kAdr. 

Ascend,  v.a.  and  n.  chikmak, 


Ascendency,  s.  Syj  nufüz,jL^cl  i  tibâr, 
^>-  hukm. 

Ascension,  s.  sü“üd. 


[  44  ]. 


Ascent,  s.  su  üd  ;  ;  yökush. 

I  M 

Ascertain,  v.a.  tahkik- et. 

Ascribe,  v.a.  issnad-et. 

Ash,  Ashes,  5.  J/  kyül  ;  ash-tree, 


Ashamed,  a.  < _ >.^fsr'c  mâhjüb  ;  to  be 

*  >  • 

— ,  v.w.  ^*3  ut  Anmak. 

Ashore,  ad.  kiraya,  kirada. 

Asia,  5.  L «j!  Issia. 


Asiatic,  a.  Issiali. 

Aside,  ac?.  «üb^J  bir-yana,  bir- 

-târafa ;  SJjby  bir-yanda,  X'S&Jbji 
bir-tarafda ;  ayri. 

Ask,  v.a.  çjycjya  sormak,  su^âl-et ; 


Askew,  Aslant,  ad.  ^  ârkuri  (ay  kiri), 

Asleep,  a.  uyuyor,  uyu- 

mush,  uykuda. 

Asparagus,  s.  j*jySfjLjS  kush-konmaz. 
Aspect,  s.  xj&'+so  mÂnzara  ;  ^ib  blkish; 

hüy^üt ;  CJjllâ 3  nüzârüt. 
Aspire,  v.a.  ghyüz-dikmek, 

hmel-et.  [khar. 

Ass,  5.  ^XJ*\  eshek,  jWs*-  himâr,  j3>- 

Ass-colt,  5.  &***&  sipa. 

Assail,  v.a.  hüjüm-et. 

Assailant,  s.  ^  hüjümju, 


Assassin,  5.  jbi  Is  kinli,  Jj'U  kltil. 
Assassinate,  v.a .  iddurmel 

^  kltl-et,  lu-Jj  tblef-et. 
Assassination,  s.  Jixj  kltl. 

Assault,  s.  yüruyush,  ^2 

hüjûm  ;  CXvjji  iızErinE-yiı 

rumek,  yuruyush-et, 


Assay,  v,a.  mahükkE-tüt- 

mak  (mehenkü),  ^jkfcib  hM  ‘  ayâ- 

Assayer,  s.  “ayyârji. 

Assemble,  v.a.  toplamak,  *£»✓♦,>- 

jbm^-et ;  — ,  v.n.  i}^{  ^b  toplanmak, 

A  g  ç  A  **  C  ^ 

jijt^s-jüm  -ol,  thjemmu  -et. 

Assembly,  s.  jem^iyybt. 

Assent,  s.  L \j  rızâ,  LL~*As\yo  muwlfaklt; 
— ,  v.n.  C3w \*3>j  rizâ-VErmek, 

Assert,  v.a.  |Uj|  iddi^â-et, 



Assertion,  5.  ıaJ3js'İ  lâkirdi,  swz, 

kavi,  IcJİ  ıddi  'â. 

Assess,  v.a.  \^slL&  ^>sf\  £ ^+-*3 



Assets,  l^rldLjJbo  mll-ila-lkcha. 
Asseveration,  s.  ybmln. 

Assiduity,  s.  ikdam. 

Assiduous,  a.  a33l<  mükdim, 

Assign,  v.a.  \ ^j++*3  taf£ym-et,  . 

takhsi-s-et;  hâwâİE-et. 

Assignee,  s.  J vekil. 

Assist,  v.a.  yardim -et,  U.< 

mü^âvenet-et,  imdad-et ;  — , 

v.n.  bulunmak,  ghEİ- 

mek,  hlzir-ol. 

Assistance,  s.  yârdim, 

ımdâd,  liWl  ı<£ânE,  mu  â- 

venüt.  [müdavin,  Jj ' yamak. 

Assistant,  s.  yârdimji,  ^U.o 


[  45  ] 


Associate,  s.  ârkadash, 

refik,  kârin  ;  — ,  v.n. 

konyushmak,  LlJv*A^£=)  ghyarush- 
mek,  1  jiAta<G^  arka-dashlik-et, 
\  DtaA-l  ikhtillt-et,  ulfet-et. 

Association,  s,  l^£,A  shirkkt, 

V  V  J 


İ  Assuage,  v.a.  j  tesskln-et. 

:  Assume,  v.a.  (J^\  âlmak,  \  J*.J  klbuh 
-et.;  üzErinE- Aİmak ; 

<jJysCj+!==>  ghirmek. 

Assurance,  s.j^  shz,  CjL-^U  teminât 
(pi,)  ;  yemin ;  jU>xc|  i^timld, 

C-?U  sebat ;  "arsızlık ; 

<!jjjX+~}  sighurta. 

Assure,  v.a.  \ l j  te'mln-et ; 
yemin- et ;  1  bmln-et. 

Asterisk,  s.  Cl^lAl  (*)  yJi»\ 

Astern,  ad.  6,u~:ikJ\  ârkassina, 

ârkassında ;  j\  ardma,  *JJ 

Asthma,  s.  ziku-’n-nefess, 


Astonish,  v.a.  cX« yJo.;!, _ ta-“aj- 


Astonished,  a.  muta“ajjib  ;  to 


be  — ,  v.n. 

Astonishment,  s. 
CUj+2*.  hâyrbt. 



Astound,  v.a.  hâyrbta- 

Astray,  ad.,  to  go  astray,  v.n.  jAKIj 



Astringent,  a. 



Astrologer,  s.  munbjjim. 

Astrology,  s.  “ilmi-nujüm. 

Astronomer,  s.  L^-w-fc  Jjfcl  ehli-hby‘bt. 

Astronomy,  s.  “ilmi-hey‘et. 

Asunder,  ad.  <£,>-yU  iki-parcha ; 

lJjA  âyri,  munfÂssih- 

Asylum,  s.  y  siy/iinajak-ybr, 

1^°  meljâ. 

At,  pr.  ij  e,  a ;  $  J  dE,  da. 

Atheism,  s.  <d!b  jKil  inky  âr-bi- İlâh. 

Atheist,  s.  <d)L^G.*c  mûnkir-bi-'llâh. 

Athens,  s.  L-j \  Atina. 

Athletic,  a.  u5y  kawl,  kuvvetli. 

Atlantic,  s.  ^ jk  tu^  j=s?  bâhri- 

Atmosphere,  kyura'i-hawa ; 

Atom,  s.  Hjd  zbrrn.  Oyb  hawa. 

Atone,  v.n.  İCI^U^  kbfaret-et. 

Atonement,  s.  kbfârbt. 

Atrocious,  a.  ^-A  shbnl“, 
bshnâ”.  [si 

Atrociousness,  Atrocity,  s.  l^\£uA 

Attach,  v.a.  ââyAlamak,  \  \x)  , 

râbt-et,  İJkiJ  bend-et ;  —  one’s  self, 
v.n.  J-*  JlLcU  b Xy Ulanmak,  \ 

‘  "alâka- et. 

Attach^,  s.  (French) 

mâ“iyybt-mdmüri.  [mahabbet. 

Attachment,  s.  <ü>)Lc  ‘ ‘alâka, 

Attack,  s.  hujüm  ;  nubbt, 

j zuhur,  cuol *A  issabet ;  — ,  v.a . 

hujüm-et;  AâçAz 

“âleyhina-chıkıshmak  ;  \  issâ- 

bbt-et,  zuhur-et. 

Attain,  v.a.  wâssil-ol;  ^ 




[  46  ] 


bâligh-öl ;  Jjlj  nâ'il-ol  ;  j&âso 
müzâffEr-bl,  JlPs*  muwaffak-dl  ; 
tahsil- et,  U _ -***.f=2  kbssb-et. 

Attainment,  s.  tahsil. 

Attar,  5.  (Arabic)  J&z  “itr ;  —  of 
roses,  gyul-yâgAi, 


Attempt,  s.  kXlkishish  ;  — ,  v.n. 


Attend,  v.a.  bbkİEmek  ; 

rbfakat-et ;  bXkmak, 

khidmbt-et  (hizmet). 

Attendance,  5.  3j  rbfakat ; 

khidmbt  (hizmet)  ;  lL> ^l-J ^  btba"- 
-tâkimi.  btbaf\ 

Attendant,  5.  refik ;  attendants, 

Attention,  s.  dikkât,  A*iu  t^kây- 

yud,  ihtimam ;  to  pay  — , 

\  dikkât -et ;  to  call  —  to, 

_ L>-  dikkât -j  bib -et. 

Attentive,  a.  JuiLc  mukâyybd ;  to  be  - — , 
v.n.  dikkât-et. 

Attest,  v.a.  yemin-vErmek  ; 

— ,  v.n.  yemin-et, 

shahâdbt-et.  [shahâdbt. 

Attestation,  s.  ybmin  ; 

Attic,  5.  tawln-Arassi. 

Attire,  s.  elbissE,  lJj  ziy,  i 

kilik,  Cl kissvet ;  — ,  v.a. 


Attitude,  5.  {j^j^  durush,  £--«^  wXz^i 
(pi.  bvza“)  ;  hby'bt. 

Attorney,  5.  vbkil,  dâ“- 

wâ-vbkili ;  power  of  — ,  <ubJ 

Attract,  v.a.  jezb-et, 

chekmek.  [-jâzibE. 

Attraction,  5.  jl.sş-  CUyS  kuvveti- 

Attractive,  a.  jâzib. 

Attribute,  s.  L^La  siflt ;  - — ,  v.a.  , 

*  VErmek,  \  jjc.  “azv-et,  \ 

Auburn,  a.  lipisska. 

Auction,  s.  d\yc  mbzâd  (mbzXt),  j 

muzâybdE.  [dellâl  (tblİAİ).  . 

Auctioneer,  s.  mezadji, 

Audacious,  a.  jbssür  ;  “ârsiz. 

Audacity,  s.  CC^L-.^  jbssârbt ; 


Audible,  a.  j  AjJC-jI  ishidilir. 

Audience,  s.  ıZj\î iL<  mulaklt  (interview); 

jemâ^ât,  samı  zn ,  < 

to  hold  an  — ,  ^y.^  diwAn- 


Audit,  v.a.  C-^'w—  >■  hissAb-ybk- 

lamak,  ItUwAs.^  muhÂssbbjE-et ;  — 

office,  5.  muhâssbbe- 



Auditor,  s.  J  dingleyen  (dineyen), 

%_^cL:  sâmi‘‘;  ^^«^l^^muhassbbbji. 

Auger,  s.  burghu. 

Aught,  5.  bir-shby ; 


Augment,  v.n.  ârtmök, 

(j^y.  izdiyad-bulmwk,  terak¬ 

ki- et  ;  — ,  v.a.  (J.xJJjy  ârtirmak, 
\jS=DJ  teksir- et. 

Augmentation,  5.  izdiyâd,  <^r^' 

tbzâyud,  terakki. 

Augur,  5.  kyâhin,  ^şrli  fXlji. 


[  47  ] 


Augury,  s.  Jls  fAl. 

August,  5.  a^Aosstoss  ;  — ,  a. 

“âlı,  ^cLs  samı. 

Aunt,  s.  (paternal)  <tlb>-  hAla  ;  (mater¬ 
nal)  XjJ  tbyzi ;  (uncle’s  wife) 
yhnghi.  [sâ“adi. 

Auspices,  aL 3  sâyi,  iwVcL-^c  mîıs- 
Auspicious,  a.  mııssâ“id. 

Austere,  a.  sert-tAbz“atlz ; 

ij  riyazath*. 

Austerity,  5.  e^ibj  riyâzat. 

Australia,  5.  Avstrâlia. 

Austria,  5.  Âvstria.  [bkr. 

Authentic,  a.  sâbîh,^!*.^)  mu“t6- 

Autbenticity,  s.  szhhat. 

Author,  s.  t-i^cb  bâ“iss,  bâdı, 

*1  ‘\s-  \  (\ti‘  r  * 

SAm  ;  l. JLjso  mu  eliit, 

Authoritative,  a.  âmirâni. 

Authority,  s.  c ^  kükm^cl  emr ;  ^b>- 
hakim,  ^c|  âmir,  LjL?  zâbit ;  ui' 

•  s> 

ızn,  rükhsAt ;  J  U 

mh'züniyybt ;  sened, 


Authorization,  (jJl  ızn, 

rukhsAt;  mebuniyyet. 

Authorize,  v.a.  izn-vhrmek, 


.Autumn,  ghyüz,  son^- 

-bâhâr,  J^2S  fAsslz-kharîf. 

Autumnal,  a.  .  Ju  j>-  kharîfî. 
w  *v 

Auxiliary,  5.  ^b  yardemji. 

Avail,  v.n.  Ujoli  fâ‘idi-et;  —  one’s  self 
of,  v.n.  \fjj~  kAbül-et.  hldE. 

Available,  a.^-iU-  hlzzr,  mbvjüd, 

Avalanche,  5.  (French)  chzgh. 

Avarice,  s.  khisssbt, 


Avaricious,  a.  khAssîss. 

Avenge,  v.a.  intiklmzni- 

Almak  ;  —  one’s  self,  v.n. 

Average,  a.  Lujj  wAssAt,  Aj ^  orta;  on 
an  — ,  bir-biri-üsstuna. 

Averse,  a.  Lî*i>  râzi-dıy^il. 

Aversion,  s.  “âdimi- rızâ; 

CLySÛ  nefrit. 

Avoid,  v.a.  kAchznmak, 

sâkznmak,  çivili*-  chekinmek. 


Avow,  v  a.  \yj\  ıkrâr-et,  ı“ti- 


Awake,  a.  J3  b  uyanzk  ;  — ,  v.a. 

uyanmak;  — ,  v.a.  ^J^Jdbjl 

Award,  s.  hükm,  j\ji  kArâr. 

Aware  (to  be),  v.n.  khAbiri-bl ; 

(to  become),  (J^\ j+s»  khAbEr- Almak. 

Away,  ad.  uzAg^a,  uzAkda; 

to  do  —  with,  kâldirmak. 

1  •  «•  # 

Awful,  a.  körkunjlu. 

Awhile,  ad.  bir-wAkzt,J^J  bir- Az. 

Awkward,  a.  j*Lİ  b  yakzshmaz.^Jiwjjb 

Awl,  5.  j+i  bîz.  [yakzshzkszz. 

Awning,  s.  tenta. 

Awry,  a.  chârpzk. 

Axe,  s.  <ü2İb  bAlta. 

Axis,  s.jjsr*  mihver. 

Axle,  s.  JİjJ  dinghil. 

Azure,  a.  achzk-mâ4ı  (mavi), 

gh//iîk  -mâ'îssi  (mâvissi). 


C  48  ] 



Babbler,  s.  bjy  ghövüzE,  bösh- 


Babe,  s.  ^Jyyy  chöjuk,  LLLj  bebek. 

Baboon,  s.  maymun. 

Baby,  5.  (jfö-y>-  chöjuk,  cXy  böbek. 

Babylon,  s.  Bâböl-shöhiri. 

Bachelor,  s.jlCy  bîkyâr  (büykyâr) . 

Back,  5.  ard  ;  Aj yİ  arka ;  sirt ; 

zâhr  ;  ^j~y  tkrss  ;  )j£  ghöri ;  \jj 
vkrâ  ;  — ,  ad.  ghöri,  A)jj*£=d 

ghöriya,  bây+A=:  ghörida ;  — ,  v.a. 
and  n.  (a  boat  in  rowing)  slyu-et. 

Backgammon,  5.  <ÜjLL>  tawla- 


Backwards,  ad.  A+yy  tkrssina,  (j~y 
tkrss,  jjS  ghöri-ghöri, 


Bacon,  5.  xAjjZJb  dönyuz  (do¬ 

muz)  passdirmassi. 

Bad,  a.  Li  föna  ;  Jj jy  bozuk;  l— 
kXlp  ;  kyütu,  Jy^}  ish-yök. 

Bag,  s.  Ajjy  torba,  A  £  köyssk. 

Baggage,  s.  LA!  östıyâ,  cJy,  yük,  yy 

Bail,  s.  kefil.  [pirti. 

Bait,  s.  y  yem  ;  — ,  v.a.  y 

yem-viermek ;  cJ/ii/iy  yemlfimek. 

Bake,  v.a.  <jjyyyb&jy  firinda-pishir- 
mek ;  — ,  v.n.  i^A^LJbSjy  firinda- 

Bake-house,  s.  ^y  firm, 

^  »i 

Baker,  s.  etmekji  (ekmekji)  ; 


Bakery,  s.  ötmekji-dük- 

Balance,  5.  j\\y  törâzi ;  xLai  fXzla ; 

bÂki-kAİân-möblagh  ; 

yyjj  mühâssöbö-döftEri. 

Balanced,  a.  denk. 

Balcony,  s.  shâhnishîn. 

Bald,  a.  ^IL^Sa'y  bXshi-tXss  ;  kkl. 

Bale,  s.  LlX>^  denk. 

Ball,  s.  l-JjL  top  ;  (J~y  yumak  ;  <d£ 
ghyullfi;  j*  kurshun ;  balo. 

Ballad,  5.  ^$y  türkyu. 

Ballast,  5.  byu>  sXfra. 

Balloon,  s.  ^ly,  balon, chXdir. 

Ballot,  s.  Ayy  kur“a,  j&Lj  piyanko. 

Bamboo,  s.  \J. u^clî  kXmish. 

Band,  s.  j  b \gh ;  takım, 

baluk ;  Asüj^  muzika. 

Bandage,  s.  sârghi. 

Banish,  v.a.  sürmek, 

sürghyun-et,  nöfy-et ;  \  *_-iJ 


Banishment,  5.  >  sürghyun,  yû  | 

nefy.  j 

Bank,  s.  l£j\u?==>  ^  su-kknari ; 
sedd  ;  A&A)  banka. 

Banker,  s.  u-sLo  sarraf  (saraf). 

Bankrupt,  s.  müfliss. 

Bankruptcy,  s.  Ltil— LLc  müflisslik. 

Banner,  J bayrak,  jjLsX-j  sÂnjak, 

Xj&Aj  bandara. 

Banquet,  s.  ziyafet. 

Baptize,  v.a.  \j^\^  waftiz-et. 

Bar,  5.  fjy  kol ;  JjS*  sırık ;  Jl—yi 

kumsAİ ;  ^Jl^c  mÂni^  ;  — ,  v.a.  1 

men^-et,  y  ^_3l^c  mânı-öl. 

Barb,  s.  j\  *  arab-Xti. 

u;  •  J 


C  49  ] 


Barbarian,  s.  cJy  tiirk, 

vâhshi-AdAm.  [sizlik. 

Barbarity,  3  i  insâniyybt- 

Barbarous,  a.  Lj]  insânıyybtsiz  ; 

Li  kÂba,  tkrbiyy  essiz. 

Barber,  s.yj)  bkrbEr. 

Barberries,  s.  “anburbariss. 

Bard,  s.jC- Lî»  shâ“zr. 

Bare,  a.  chiplAk ;  achzk ; 

kuru;  — ,  v.a.  achmak. 

Barefoot,  ad.  Jf  y^v.  yAlm-âyak. 

Barely,  ad.  5b  ghyuch-bela. 

■Bargain,  s.  pazarlık;  — ,  v.n. 

\Ji J\Jj  pazarlik-et. 

Barge,  s.  <ü^.c be  mâyAona ; 
sAndAl,  Aijli  îı\îka. 

Bark,  s.  J&irW  Ay^Aj-kAbuy^u  ; 

navi ;  — ,  v.n.  b>-  haw- 

lamak  ;  — ,  v.a.  kA- 


Barley,  5.  arpa. 

Barn,  s.jLil  anbar. 

Barometer,  5.  iy*  hawa-tbrazissi. 

Baron,  5.  bir-lâkb. 

Baronet,  5.  bir-lâkb. 

Barracks,  s.  İli  kzshla,  kzshlâgh. 

Barrel,  s.  fzchz,  varil ;  gun- 

barrel,  lJj cXx-JLj  tufey/dng- 
-  demiri ;  double-barrel  gun,  &£> 
CLLu  chiftb- tüfek. 

Barren,  a.  j-~+s  ldssr ;  chwl, 

j^lyOLSt0  mâhsülsiz  ;  khayrsiz. 

Barricade,  s.  bir-nev’i- 

Barrier,  s.  kApi.  [mani“-duwar. 

Barrow,  s.  J\  Eİ-“Arabassh 

Barter,  s.  <Ulbj  trânpa,  diyfaslı  ; 

v.a.  and  n.  trânpa- et, 


Base,  5.  kyiırsi ;  *Acli  ka“idE ; 

— >  a •  Alchak. 

Base-line,  s.  d^r  i-mâ  lüm. 

Bashful,  a.  L— mâhjüb,  ,-^Ljlhjl 


Bashfulness,  s.  C-J.-sr*"  hıjâb. 

Basin,  5.  <LjL  kyâssE,  JjL^-  clıânak ; 
Basis,  s.  ^.Lî!  bssâss.  hâwz. 

Basket,  s.  seped,  kyufje. 

Bason,  5.  ley/i  En. 

Bassora,  s.  ^a)  bâssra. 

Bastard,  5.  and  a.  pıch. 

Bastinado,  s.  jjLb  dayak. 

Bastion,  s.  OlL>  tAbiya. 

Bat,  5.  (J chomak  ;  yerassa. 

Bath,  5.  lûmmlm  (hAmAm). 

Bathe,  v.n.  foya  suya-ghırmek  ; 

JUÖ l£j  yıkanmak;  — ,  u.a. 

Battalion,  s.  jy  lb  tÂbur. 

Batter,  v.a.  duyAmek. 

Battery,  5.  Ay  Ih  tÂbiya. 

Battle,  5.  jenk,  uLi.  (kawgha), 

A^lsr10  muhârebE.  [bâyfo’rmak. 

Bawl,  u.w.  haykırmak,  ^J^cu 

Bav,  s.  (gulf)  ji\ yi  kyarfez  ;  (tree)  & s <J 
dbfnh  ;  (colour)  doru. 

Bayonet,  5.  sunghyu. 

Be,  v.n.  olmak;  bulun¬ 
mak,  mbvjûd-bl. 

Beach,  s.  lJj\u£=}^J^  yAh’-kEnâri. 
Beacon,  5.  nıshAn,  c^voîLc  ‘alâmet. 



[  50  ] 


Bead,  s.  tessbih-dânbssi ; 

beads,  s.  pi.  tfessblh. 

Beak,  s.  burun,  dsXc.  ghâgha ; 

cJj^c\  bmzik. 

Beam,  s.  (of  wood)  kirish ;  (of 

light)  shti“l“,^0  purtkv. 

Bean,  5.  (broad)  b  blkla  ;  (kidney) 

<Ü yni  fâssülya. 

Bear,  s.  jA  aye  ;  — ,  v.a. 

k  Aider  male ;  (J..*  J  L--b  dayanmak, 

chekmek,  taham- 

mul-et;  (fruit,  &c.)  vur- 

mek ;  (children)  ^yo.h.^o  doghur- 
mak ;  to  bear  in  mind,  \Jo der 

Beard,  s.  JU*?  sakAİ.  [khltz’r-et. 

Bearer,  s.  hâmil,  SJOjl  J  dârendk. 

Bearing,  (direction)  jihet, 

tij  k6rtu;  (armorial)  &*>J\  arma. 

Beast,  s.  hay  win. 

Beastliness,  s.  mur  dirlik. 

Beastly,  a.  j\^ c  murdar. 

Beat,  v.a.  J  düy/hnek ;  (over¬ 
come)  bozmak,  lit- et. 

Beating,  s.  Jjbb  dayak.  [dilbhr. 

Beautiful,  a.  ck>^=  ghyüzel, 

Beauty,  s.  £  ghyüzellik  ; 

Beaver,  5.  kunduz.  [hüssn. 

Becalmed,  a.  (to  be)  cWV. 
rüzghyârsiz  yltmak. 

Because,  c.  \  j  j  zira,  chünku, 

A  shu-sebebdan-ki. 

Beckon,  u.a.  isharet-et. 

Become,  z;.?z.  olmak ;  (suit) 


Bed,  5.  Jjbo  yatak,  düshek ; 

(stratum)  <tiuL>  tlbAka  ;  (of  flowers) 

Bedridden,  a.  kyuturum. 

Bedroom,  s.  Jjbo  yatak  ödassi. 

Bedstead,  5.  kerevet. 

Bee,  s.  lSj\  ah,  b  bll-Inssk 

Beech,  5.  ghyulghkn, 

Beef,  5.  szy4z‘r-eti. 

Beehive,  s.  Arz-kowlnz. 

Beer,  5.  arpa-suyu,  bira. 

Bees’-wax,  5.  ^cj/fclb  bll-mumu. 

Beet,  Beetroot,  s.jbsrb  plnjar. 

Beetle,  s.  (insect)  bajek  ; 

(fullers',  &c.)  dlbek-uli. 

Before,  jt?r.  (in  front)  anyuna, 

anyunda ;  (in  time) 
dan-EWEİ  ;  — ,  ad.  Evvel, 

aJJL*  muklddEm,  LcALc  -mukld- 
dEraa ;  ilbri. 

Beg,  u.a.  isstbmek,  adjj- 

dilkmek  ;  — ,  u.w,  CiUiLj  dıİEnmek.  j 

Beget,  u.a.  hlssz'l-et,  j 

îrâss-et ;  (procreate)  ^j^jb  yap- -  j 
mak,  IliXJ  peyda- et. 

Beggar,  5.  ^ssİL  J  dilknji. 

Begin,  v.a.  and  n.  £-< ^Ab  blshlamak.  j 

Beginning,  s.  ^ib  bXsh  ;  ^■’Lib  ) 
bXshlanghzj  ;  \s^\  ibtidâ,  Jj'  EVVEİ.  i;l 

Behaviour,  s.  j  jyo  tâwr-u-  1 

-harbkist,  yrM  Xtwar,  hâ-  1 


Behead,  v.a.  b  blshinz-  I 

kfessmek,  ^by ununu-  üj 


Behind,  pv.  ardma,  b^jûj 


[  51  ] 


ârd/nda  ;  ark«ssm«,  \ 

arkassznda ;  <L gh&rissin«; 
XSZ^ j^=>  gh&rissinda  ;  — ,  ad. 

gheri,  XSy^=z>  gherida, 

Behindhand,  ad.  gh&ch ;  to  be 

— ,  v.n.  jJİ  'ğ^=>  ghkch-kllmak ; 

Behold,  v.a.  blkmak,  cJ^j^— 

ghyzzrmek ;  — ,  int.  &xJ  ishta, 

13  nâ. 

Being,  5.  (thing)  shey; 

kyâ'in,  S^y<  mbvjüd,  lAjIA  vâr- 
oİAn  ;  (existence)  j'jI*  varlzk, 
vüjüd,  L mevjudiyy&t, 
kevn,  dCu  £  k&ynünkt. 

Being,  the  Supreme,  <dl\  Xlllh. 

^Belabour,  v.a.  cJvi^J  duy/zmek. 

iBelch,  v.n.  ^S<cJ^=>  gh^yAirmek, 
C. gh^y irmek  ;  — ,  s. 
gbhy  forma,  &^c.S  gheyirma. 

^Beleaguer,  v.a.  l^Asr*  muhlssera-et. 

^Belgian,  a.  JliL-s Beljikali. 

Belgium,  s.  Bfojika. 

^Belief,  i'ctikÂd  ;  ^Uj!  ımÂn. 

lâBelieve,  v.a.  Lj  \  inanmak, 

S^y  kulÂk-vErmek ; 
ı^tikld-et  ;  imln-et. 

İBeliever,  5.  mi/min,  ^X~+so 


:  IBell,  s.  (large)  cJl>-  chlny  ;  (small) 
chingharlk ;  (of  a  time¬ 
piece)  jJj  zil. 

;  ^Bell-hanger,  5.  lz-~xz*3  fj&\ 

Belligerent,  a.  and  s.  L-JjKs?0  muhârib. 
Bell-man,  5.  tellâl. 

Bell-metal,  s.  y  or  tuj  (tunch). 
Bellows,  s.  c)jS  kyzzruk. 

Belly,  s.  ^j\s  karn. 

Belong,  v.n.  mâkhsüss-ol ; 

muta"  allik-ol; 


Beloved,  a.  jjjz  “iziz;  •  SEVghili ; 

^  m  as.)  mâ/shük;  (fem.) 

&j*~+xsc i  mâ<cshüka. 

Below,  pr.  <C-il  Xltma,  Aİtmda  ; 

Xlt-yanma,  tftXjjbcU'll  Alt- 

H  •• 

yfoimda  ;  tahtrna,  x£<lz.=s? 

tâhtmda  ;  1  HA)  zîrina,  XSj yj  zi- 
rinda ;  — ,  ad.  llta,  XSzW 

Xltda  ;  libcull  llt-yana,  XSj  Ijlu-JI 
Xlt-vanda ;  XSj  ]  zlrda  ;  , 

Ishayfo,  £lX.CL£j3  Ashayfo’da. 

Belt,  s.  (strap)  kâyish ;  (waist¬ 
band)  khmEr,  JjLijJ  kushlk. 

Bench,  s.  Xj*a  sha,  peykfi ;  (car¬ 
penter’s,  &c.)  X^Z^S  desstghyâh 
(tezghyah) . 

Bend,  v.a.  by^mek ;  — ,  v.n. 

CJ^^l  eyAilmek,  charpzl- 

mak ;  bend  down,  v.a.  (J-  *y  \\  ydtir- 

mak  ; - ,  v.n.  yatmak. 

Beneath,  pr.  <SsxA\  lltma,  XSZZ}\  lltmda  ; 

XtS.z.uS\~<  ma-dununda ;  —  one’s 

notice,  dbghmâz ;  —  one, 

Ij  y«kzshm«z.  [veli-ni  met. 

Benefactor,  s.  uJSzi\  efendi, 

Beneficence,  s.  ıhsan. 

Beneficent,  a.  +>  £  kerîm. 


f  2 


[  52  ] 


Beneficial,  a.  J\ yarar  ;  to  be  — ,  v.n. 

Benefit,  s.  khâyr,  iyilik, 

menfa“ât ;  ıhsan, 

L^/fc*3  ni“mbt ;  — ,  v.a.  yara¬ 

mak,  Ujoli  fâ'idk-et ;  —  by,  v.n. 
li  fa'idh-ghyarmek. 

Benevolence,  5.  khâyr- 

endishlik.  [-bndish. 

Benevolent,  a.  khâyr- 

Benign,  a.  khayrli. 

Benignity,  s.  shafakAt. 

Benumbed,  a.  uyushmush, 

uyushuk ;  to  be  — ,  v.n. 
uyushmak ;  (with  cold) 
cddjb  donymak. 

Bequeath,  v.a.  vwXssiyet-et. 

Bequest,  s.  lZ^^j  vwlssiyet. 

Bereft,  a.  mahrum. 

Berry,  s.  ybmish,  dânE  (tânh). 

Berth,  s.  yt  yur ;  (employ)  lz^^c Jc>- 
khzdmbt  (hzzmet). 

Beseech,  v.a.  yXlvarmak,  1 

rija-et,  \j\j  niyaz-et. 

Beset,  v.a.  d^W^A  btrâfml-Aİmak, 
A  it  kushÂtmak,  \  hujum-et. 

Beside,  pr.  <L3b  yanma,  2f<Xl)b  yaninda, 
b  ^3  b  yam'-bAshmda. 

Besides,  pr.  dan-bÂshka, 

!ta\.C-Lc^L)  dan-ma“ada,  dan- 

-fXzla ;  — ,  ad.  Xndan- 

bÂshka,  bundan-bXshka, 

Besiege,  v.a.  is^lsr*  muhlssara-et.  [&c. 

Bespeak,  v.a.  ■  issmarlamak, 

!  siparish-et. 

Bessarabia,  5.  büjâk. 

Best,  a.  bny-Iyi,  ÎLtltjj!  bny-a“la. 

Bestow,  v.a.  vkrmek,  iru 

in“am-et.  [\  bahss-et. 

Bet,  s.  bâhss  ;  — ,  v.a.  and  n. 

Betray,  v.a.  Ijli  -jlrk  khâ'inlik-et, 
kh«yanet-et.  [kyah-et. 

Betroth,  v.a.  dile  “âkd-et,  ni- 

Better,  a.^UüJ  dâhâ-Iyi,  dj £  U>J  daha-  • 
ghyiızel,  Id  Uj  daha- â “la. 

Between,  Betwixt,  pr.  &z.J\J\  arassina, 
Midji  arassinda ;  bbynina, , 

bbyninda  ;  &^-jbc  mâbeynina, 
mabeynin  da ;  - — ,  ad.  d J\ 
araya,  djl  arada;  SAi-jLc  mâbbynda. 

Bevel,  5.  Beveled,  a.  shbv. 

Beware,  int.  sakin ;  — ,  v.n.  ' 


Bewilder,  v.a.  shashirtmak. 

Beyond,  pr.  atbssinE, 

z^t^ssindE;  — -,  ad.  atE,  Xj<GjV 

atbyü,  atbdk;  Xshiri. 

Bias,  s.  “iıdül ;  drr0  mbyl. 

Bible,  s.  ddedd  kitlbu-’llxh  (God’s 
book.  j  vErmek. 

Bid,  v.a.  bmr-et ;  (at  a  sale)  1 

Bier,  s.  tXbut. 

Big,  a.  biyuk,  i*Jy\  iri,  ^b«&>.^5 

kbjamln;  ( — with  child)  <U£i=:  ghbbk. 
Bight,  s.jsjy  kyarfez,  l_5Xİ  koy. 

Bigot,  5.  Bigoted,  a.  muta- 

Bigotry,  ta“assub.  [“kssib 

Bile,  sXfra  (sXfra). 

Bilge,  s.  sbntina ;  bilge- water.! 



Bilious,  a.  sAfrâvî ; 

ijZ.'Cj  Li  sAfrassz  -kAbarmish . 

Bill,  s.  (account)  jusd  deftEr, 

pussla;  (for  advertising)  yAfta; 

(bird’s — )  Aili.  ghâgha;  (for  cutting) 
sAt/r ;  —  of  exchange, 
tÂhvıl ;  (cheque)  aIL^-  hawaln;  — 
of  parcels,  aL?*j  pussla ;  exchequer 
— ,  kh^zInE-tahvili. 

Bill-broker,  s.  4~a  tAhvîl- 


Billet,  s.  (note)  aL^jJ  pussla,  xjxdo 
tezkhrE  ;  or  CJ  kyutuk ; 

(soldier’s  — -)  konak;  — ,  v.a. 

kbnak-et.  [nâma, 

illet-doux,  s.  (French)  “Ashk- 

in,  s.jLi!  anbar. 

Bind,  v.a.  bay^lamak ;  ( — 

books)  v^Xf!  Jklcf-  jildlemek ; 
kÂblamak.  [kÂb. 

Binding  (of  a  book),  s.  jild, 

Birch-tree,  s.  kâyn-Ây^aji. 

Bird,  5.  kush. 

Birdlime,  s.  iıksE.  [lâdbt. 

Birth,  s.  (jAcjL  doghush,  CUJjL  vb- 

iJBirthday,  s.  luSÎj  vbladet-ghywnw. 

Biscuit,  s.  peksimet,  cJyy==> 

ghbvrek,  A^JU  kalybta. 

Bisect,  v.a.  tanszf-et. 

Bissextile,  s.  keblssa. 

Bit,  s.  (piece)  A^jb  pârcha ;  ( —  of  a 
bridle)  ghem,  A^lk^î  kÂntârma. 

ditch,  s.  kAnjik. 

Bite,  v.a.  «ssîrmak. 

Bitter,  a.  Ajz. 

Blab,  bösh-bby^Âz ;  — , 

v.n.  lively  bbsh-boy^Azlik-et. 

Black,  a.  X y  kAra,  siyah ;  — ,  5. 

(negro)  c_J y:  “Arab. 

Blackamoor,  s.  l -JjZ  “arab. 

Blackberry,  5.  ijxy  buy/mrtİEn. 

Blackbird,  s.  ^j^bxji  kara-tawuk. 


Blackboard,  s.  dbrss- 

tâhtassi.  [kyülkhâni. 

Blackguard,  s.  chApkm, 

Blackguardism,  s.  chApkmlik. 

Blacking,  s.  XjSJjJi  kundura- 

boyassx.  [dbmirji . 

Blacksmith,  s.  .  or  , 

Bladder,  s.  sidik-kawu- 

y/^u;  (gall  — )  J*£.  “âd. 

Blade,  5.  (sword  — )  nAmh* ; 

(knife — ) j£.\Aghz  \  (shoulder — )cJ^ 
kyurbk  ;  (grass  — )  y^P^Ak. 

Blame,  s.  (fault)  kAbâhat ;  (cen¬ 

sure)  j\j\  Azar  ;  — ,  v.a. 

kAbâhat-bulmak,  cA>li'  Azar¬ 
lamak,  ta“vib-et. 


Blank,  a,  bosh ;  (without  ball) 

J — kurshunsuz  ;  point-blank, 
tAmm-menzil  ;  to  fire  with 
blank  cartridge,  Aj^iu^ 

kuru-sikzya-Atmak  ;  — ,  s.  (space) 

Blanket,  s,  Aİili  fâneîa-yurghAn. 

Blaspheme,  v.a.  sebb-et. 

Blasphemy,  s.  j'sS  kyufr. 

Blaze,  s.  jLc  “alev  ;  —  v.n. 

Bleach,  v.n.  Ay/^armak, 


[  54  ] 


beyAzlanmak;  — v.a.  Abart¬ 


Bleacher,  5.  ,  ccsXj  .o-  chirpiii. 

•  “  VV  V  J 

Bleed,  v.n.  klnamak ;  — ,  v.a. 

kln-llmak.  lbkk. 

Blemish,  s.  loju*)  sakAt,  1 _ -*-*.£■  *  âyb. 

Bless,  v.a. (man  to  man)  UcJ  .*c£-  khayn- 
dü<£â-et  ;  (man  to  God)  LX-îa  shukr- 
et;  (God  to  man)  c— 

khayr-nlsszb-by  İnmek. 

Blessing,  s.  (prayer)  lc  J  khayrz- 

du^â  ;  (fruits  of  God’s  goodness) 


Blind,  a.  kyar,  ^4^1  a“ma;  — ,  v.a. 
\j£  kyar-et. 

Blister,  s.  (of  the  skin)  d=r>  a  klbarjik  ; 
(vesicatory)  yakz ;  — ,  v.n. 
klbarmak,  ;  —  v.a.  JUiijLi  klbart- 

Block,  s.  (block  of  stone)  ^il-btlsh;  (of 
wood)  kyutuk  ;  (mould)  L_Jb 

(kllzp)  ;  —  v.n.  klpamak, 


Blockade,  s.  âbloka,  x^As?0  mu- 

hlssara ;  — ,  v.a.  abloka-et. 

Blockhead,  s.  bshek. 

Blood,  s.  kin. 

Blood-horse,  s.  jinss-at. 

Bloodshed,  s.  LcJ  sefki-dema. 

Blood-vessel,  s.  dlmar. 

Bloody,  a.  j lib  kinli. 

Bloom,  Blossom  5.  chichek;  — , 

v  **  V 

v.n.  /  chichek-achmak. 

V  V  *  V 

Blot,  v.a.  ^Sj-c  murhkkkb- 

dlmlatmak  ;  — up,  kurut¬ 

mak  ;  —  out,  chizmek, 

(J.* )jjJ  bozmak.,  1  tkrkm-et. 

Blow,  s.  (wurush),  chlh’sh; 

—  of  the  fist,  mushta ;  (mis¬ 
fortune)  felakkt ;  (injury)  jj*o 

zarar ;  tekmfi. 

Blow,  v.n.  (wind)  s\  essmek ; 

(mouth  or  bellows)  iıfİEmek; 

(flower)  achmak ;  —  one’s 

nose,  cJvfc!**; burnunu- silmek  ; 

Blow  up,  v.n.  JLsA'j L  pltlamak. 

Bludgeon,  s.  sopa. 

Blue,  a.  (light)  ^Uj  mâ'l  (mavi),  <^>y> 
ghyak,  Uc ghyak-mâ'ıssi 

(mâvissi);  (deep)  lâjivkrd. 

Blunder,  s.  yanyi/ish  (yanish), 

sehv,  lla>-  khltâ  ;  make  a  — , 

yangzlmak  (yangilmak) . 


Blunderbuss,  5.  karabina. 

Blunt,  a.  k yîır,J*~£  kessmâz  ;  (plain 
spoken)  lakirdi'ssmz-.- 


Blush,  v.n.  kizarmak. 

Boar,  s.  »jo erkek- dönguz  (do¬ 
muz),  Izîli-dömuz. 

Board,  5.  (k'xsT  tâkhta ;  (food) 

yembk,  cJ ybyejek;  on  board,  ad. 
and  pr.  ghemiyu,  X&+A&  ghb- 

Boast,  v.n.  ughimmek.  [midu, 

Boat,  5.  ^Jj\s  kavzk  ;  <kiSs  filika, 

Boat-hook,  5.  fcsf?  \i  klnja.  [slndll 

Boatswain,  s.  ^yajy  porsun. 

Body,  s.  (man’s  living  — )  viıjüd 

beden,  bsS  ghyawdu  ;  (dead  oi> 


[  55  ] 


alive)  jessed ;  (substance) 

jissm;  (troop)  tâkim,  o  y  siiru, 

Bog,  s.  jjbj  bltak,  bktaklik. 

i  Bohemia,  &>-  chn. 


Bohemian,  5.  and  a.  chnli. 

Boil,  s.  chibXn  ;  — -,  v.n.  yA+Ay 

kaynamak  ;  i^Aa. ~J  suda-pish- 

mek  ;  — ,  v.a.  kaynat-mak  ; 

<JasLİW.  hkshlamak, 

Boiled  meat,  5.  ^jt:\ ya  suyush. 

Boiler,  s.  uMj>  kÂzghln  (kÂzAn). 

* Boiler- maker,  s.  yyAcjs  kAzgAnji. 

Boisterous,  a.  ^£j\a£>  shamAtali, 

firtinali.  [shamAta. 

Boisterousness,  s.  sertlik,  <0’U»£j 

Bold,  a.jy^  jessür,  .5*-  jbssârbtli, 

Boldness,  s.  uUj\^>-  jessâret. 

Bolster,  5.  Jj  yassdik. 

Bolt,  s.  Sj *«5  sürghu,  siirmE ; 

(large  nail) enksEr,  jiwkta, 

yy  perno. 

Bomb,  s.  j*az>~  khumbara  (kumbara). 

Bombard, v. a.  ^Ja j!  bzErinn- 


Bombardier,  y>~yAc^  (kumbaraji). 

Bombardment,  5.  AA  Xj+a>-  j  c— 

top -ve- khumbara -ila-wur- 
maklik.  [gechmaz. 

Bomb-proof,  a.  jA^S  Xj+aA-  khumbara- 
Bomb-shell,  s.  X.*ac>-  khumbara. 

Bond, tahvil,  (>^A~+aj  temessuk; 
1--VJ  İp,  sarghi,  zinjir. 


Bone,  s.  a&  kemik. 

Bone-setter,  s.  jerrbh, 

chikikj  i,  yy'y  kirikji. 

Book,  5.  L-j\A>  kitlb. 

Bookbinder,  5.  aLs:'0  miijellid. 
Bookseller,  s.  yyr\.‘^  kltlbji ;  (of 
Corans)  sahhâf. 

Boom,  s.  seren. 

Boot,  s.  chizma ;  — ,  v.a .;  what 

boots  it  ?  J\j  <ü  na-faidassi- 

Bootmaker,  5.  pApuchji.  [var. 

Booty,  s.  U>*j  yapıma,  ^JL^Ayz.  ghani- 

Border,  5.  jU.^3  knnar;  (frontier) 
ser-hadd,  .  sinirbAshi. 

Bore,  s.  (of  a  gun)  L— chXp, 

dblik,  y\  kghz  ;  (troublesome  fellow) 
sakil  -  herif  ;  — ,  v.a . 

dblmbk ;  (trouble) 

Born,  a.  ^jLaz^o  dog^mush  ;  to  be  — , 
v.n.  (jA£.jc  dopAmak. 

Borrow,  v.a.  ddunj-Âİmak, 


Borrower,  5.  ^Jİ\  adünj-Âlân. 

Bosnia,  s.  Bossna. 

Bosnian,  a.  and  s.  j \&^>y  Bossnali. 
Bosom,  s.  ghyakss,  yy  koyn, 

sink.  [kalnssi. 

Bosphorus,  s.  ^«jcuLî  ^vu.>-  chanak- 
Botany,  5.  “ılmi-nbbâtât. 

Botch,  v.a.  (J-'ojy  bozmak. 

Both,  pr.  Ç=ü\  ikissi ;  — ,  c. 

.  .  .  hfem  .  .  .  VE-hem. 

Bother,  5.  sikindi ; 



[  56  ] 


cJ  *  lJ? sikzndi  -  vermek, 


tâ'  jîz-et.  [putkAİ. 

Bottle,  s.  4  shishk  ;  wine  — ,  Jtoji 

Bottom,  s.  t _ J  dib  ;  (fundy) 

Bough,  s.  dAl.  [ghyat. 

Bounce,  v.n.  sichramak. 

Bound,  s.  So  hadd,  ^bb  payAn,  CJy 
sdn g,  uj,  JjW».)  bujak. 

Boundary,  s.  hüdüd,  sinir. 

Bounteous,  Bountiful,  a.  Jy  bol,  j\s£=y 

berdkktli ;  jkmkrd, 

Mi-acMk,  sakhl,  Isr*  sakhâ- 


Bounty,  s.  ^\~+o\  ıhsan,  in“am  ; 

sakhâ,  CL^jls.**5  saklılı  vet. 

Bouquet,  s.  (French) 

Bow,  s.  (in  reverence)  <u£l(j£b  bAsh- 
-  ey/raiu,  <U U~^  bAsh-kdssmE  ; 
(weapon)  <-5b  yay  ;  (of  a  ship)  (j£b 
bAsh  ;  — ,  v.n.  ^b  bAsh- 

eyfrmek  ;  b  bAsh-k&ss- 

mek  ;  —  down  and  worship,  \xSyji 

Bowels,  s.  pi.  hhghirsak. 

Bower,  s.  mkhtabiyyE. 

Bowie-knife,  .9.  'jjW*  bichAk. 

Bowl,  cU;l£  kyâssE,  (jJio  tAss, 

chânak  ;  (wooden)  &3\y  kAwAta  ; 
(of  a  pipe)  AÎ^Î  luİE. 

Bowline,  5.  bolina,  y y  borina. 

Bowsprit,  5.  XjS\ao-  jiwAdira. 

Bowstring,  s.  k Irish,  xj  zih. 

Box,  s.  (chest)  sAnkik  ;  (desk) 

kutu ;  (on  the  ear)  jUJb  shamar, 
sili  (silk)  ;  (wood)  j+JLao- 
chlmshir  ;  (of  instruments)  ,-^v-d 
usstuj  (usstunj).  [ghâssi. 

Boxing,  s.  mushta-kaw- 

Boy,  s.  oyAlAn,  yzpjo  chojuk. 

Boyhood,  s.  chöjukluk. 

Boyish,  a.  y.ojo-  chdjwk-ghibi. 

Brace,  s.  (pair)  chift ;  (tie) 

bkgh,  Jjbiy  kushAk ;  (of  a  yard) 
Â^y  brâssa ;  braces  (for  trousers) 
.  Jksl  Asskz. 

Bracelet,  s.  <jJj^b  bilezik. 

Braid,  s.  S.\jJS>  sheri  d  ;  khârj  ;  — , 

v.a.  wrmek. 

Brain,  5.  beyn,  ^bcJ  dimay  A, 

Bramble,  s.  ,  Jb>~  chAli. 

Ü  V 

Bran,  s.  kepek. 

Branch,  s.  <J! S  dAl ;  (of  a  road,  &c.) 
(Jy  kol ;  (of  a  family,  science,  &c.) 
shü  'bk,  <çj3  fkr". 

Brandy,  s.  y\j  râkf. 

chkkmkjk  ;  (small) 

iw  J 

Brasier,  s.  b  bAkfrji ;  mAn- 

Brass,  s.  pirinj.  [ghal. 

Brassfounder,  s.  dakuju. 

Brave,  a.  yiyAit,  j^ssür. 

Bravo,  int.  l  âfurm  (âfErim). 

Bray,  v.n.  ^=z\  Anyzrmak.  [maz. 

Brazen,  pirinjden  ;  utân- 

Brazier,  s.  ^s^jib  bAkirjz, 
Brazilwood,  s.  /♦lib  bAkkam.  [(kAzanji). 
Bread,  .9.  (ekmek),  J^^b  nâm-- 

Aziz.  ["arz. 

Breadth,  s.  en,  cJbbl  enlilik,  ^y 
Break,  v.a.  kirmak  ;  —  off, 



[  57  ] 


koparmak  ;  —  a  promise, 

khülf-et  —  a  treaty, 
nlkz-et ;  — ,  v.n.  kirilmak, 

kopmak,  kkssilmek. 

Breakfast,  5.  kâhwÂltz. 

Breast,  s.  ^Jl^zS  ghyiikss,  sink  ; 

(teat)  memi 

Breastwork,  s.j+~3  sipEr. 

Breath,  soluk,  ^Â3  nkfess. 

Breathe,  v.n.  ^c*i ya  solumak, 

nkfess-Aİmak,  tenkffuss-et. 

Breathing,  s.  (j\3L<if±**p  sölumakluk. 

Breeches,  s.  shXlwâr,jjLy  potur. 

Breed,  s.  l Jya.  soy,  jinss  ;  — , 

v.a.  ^ Jyl  yâvn-VErmek; 

(^X^cifjy  tii rum ek  ;  — ,  v.a.  cJv*jj*j 
türEtmek,  \  J-cU-  hasszl-et,  ixj 

yetishdirmek  ;  well-bred,  a.  tkr- 

biyyali ;  good  breeding,  s.  <Ujy 
tkrbiyy  a. 

Breeze,  5.  &3J  ruzghyar  ;  (light  — ) 
J&j)j  khAfîf-riızghyâr;  (fresh 

— )  s«kz-ruzghyar. 

Brethren,  s.  pi.  ikhwln. 

Brevet,  s.  CuLj  bkrât. 

Brevity,  s.  kzssalik. 

:  Brew,  v.a.  b  faj\  arpa-süyü- 

!  Brewer,  s.  birâji.  [ylpmaklik. 

Brewery,  s.  \s ^ iyo &J\  ârpa- 


Bribe,  s.  CLltJ* j  rishvkt ;  — ,  v.a. 

LLkojij  LUjJlij  rishvkt-VErmek. 

Brick,  s.  tughla.  [diwarp, 

i  Bricklayer,  5.  yâpij*, 

Bride,  s.  ghklin,  *  ârüss. 

Bridegroom,  s.  ghyuwky/h. 

Bridge,  s.  J&  kyiipru. 

Bridle,  s.  blshlzk ;  — ,  v.a., 

tJ^o jj\  ghem- wurmak . 

Brig,  Brigantine,  ibrik. 

Brigade,  s.  U  liwa. 

Brigadier,  5.  \ mlri-liwâ.  [izbândut. 
Brigand,  s.  khirszz,  CDjtX) \jj\ 

Bright,  a.  (light)  achzk  (shining) 

parlak  ;  (polished)  jilah*. 
Brighten,  v.n.  achzlmak. 

Brilliant,  a.  parlak  ;  — ,  s.  <xL3^ 


Brim,  s.  j\‘J>  kknar  ;  jz\  \ghz ., 
Brimstone,  s.  kibrit,  dj£^==) 

Brine,  s.  Xjyoi*a  sllamura.  [kyükyurd. 
Bring,  v.a.  lLS*<j ^  ghetirmek. 

Brink,  s.Jt&  kknar.  [-ddlz. 

Bristle,  5.  JJ>  kzl,  jzb  (domuz)- 
Brittle,  a.  pek-.ghkvrek, 

j  »LkJî  pek-kblay-kzrzlz’r. 

Broad,  a.  knli,  {JtiS  ghenish, 

•  <  *  \  — 


Broadside,  5.  (ship’s)  borda;  (of 

guns  fired)  alabanda. 

Broil,  v.a.  kkartmak,  \ 


Broken,  a.  kzrik.  [simsar. 

Broker,  s.  dellâl  (tellXl), 

Brook,  5.  iil>'  chây,  yo  su,  8 durk ; 
— ,  v.a.  ~z>-  chkkmek, 


Broom,  5.  supurghk. 

Broth,  5.  ^jtyo  kt-suyu, 



[  58  ] 


Brother,  s.  karndash  (kâr- 

dash),jıj!y  bırâdEr. 

Brotherhood,  s.  kârndashlik. 

Brother-in-law,  (wife’s  brother) 

kâyn  ;  (sister’s  husband) 
enishtk ;  (wife’s  sister’s  husband) 
bljanak,  bljanakh. 

Brown,  a.  j*J\  dssmEr, 

kahwE-rknghi ;  —  sugar,  JL&çS»' 


Bruise,  s.  bji  bdrfi,  chiiruk  ; 

— ,  v.a .  dürmek; 

churutmek,  cJvidşy  bdrEİEtmek. 

Bruised,  a.  Xjj  bdrEİEnmish, 

Jv  bfer£li;  chiiruk  ;  to 

become — ,  v.n.  berkİEnmek. 

Brush,  s.  fircha ;  (fine  —  for 

painting)  kâİEm  ;  — ,  v.a. 

Brutal,  a.  il  insâniyydtsiz. 

Brutality,  s.  insaniyyetsiz- 

Brute,  s.  hay  win.  [lik. 

Bubble,  s.  kywpuk, 

kydpuk-tanussi,  lJu>  hablb. 

Bucket,  s.  ko<7^a. 

Buckle,  5.  teyo  tdka. 

Bud,  s.  Jjj \jAb  tomruk;  — ,  v.n. 
(J-*  'İ3j*h  tomruklanmak. 

Buffalo,  s.  sjjLc  mlnda, 

su-sh/Airi,  jâmüss  (jlmish). 

Buffoon,  s.  jjjUlİJ  dllkawuk, 
mlsskhara  (mlsskara) . 

Bug,  5.  <&£sT  takhta-biti, 


takhta-kuhlussi,  tzs?  takhta- 

Bugle,  5.  boru.  [-kurussu. 

Build,  v.a.  yapmak, 

yapdirmak,  Uij  bina-et,  \\L.j\  insha-et. 
Builder,  s.  (founder)  bânî ; 

(working  — )  lijU  kllfa. 

Building,  s.  l>  yapi,  bj  bina. 

Bulb,  s.  soghAn.  jurm. 

Bulk,  5.  biyukluk,  hljm, 

Bulkhead,  s.  balmu. 

Bull,  5.  liy  boghl. 

Bullet,  s.  y  kurshun,  dans. 
Bullock,  s.  ukyuz. 

Bump,  s.  sbish,  yumru  ; 

—  against,  v.n.  chatmak. 

Bunch,  s.  silkim ;  demet. 

Bundle,  s.  bo^/mba  ;  C-Jjb  top. 

Bung,  5.  mlntar. 

Buoy,  5.  shamlndara ;  — 

up,  u.a.  klldirmak, 

tutmak.  [u£JoJu?  sikindi. 

Burden,  s.  cJji  yük,  hamüTİE  ; 

Burglar,  khirsiz. 

Burglary,  s.  khirsizlik. 

Burial,  s.  ^^>\sj\uc>-  jenazE-llayi ; 

Burn,  uirc.  ^J^ib  yanmak ;  v.a.  <jl^b 



Burning-glass,  5.  jyiyjj)  pdrtevsüz 
Burnish,  u.a.  ,  ^.>*1  acbmak,  1xLsL2*oj 

w  V 

mlsskAİa-et,  LL\*<j:\ j  ib>-  jila-vurmek. 
Burnisher,  s.  (tool)  <ÜİU2a>  mlsskAİa. 
Burst,  v.n.  ^J^lta'b  pltlamak  ;  — ,  v.a. 

^Jv*j)b'b  p Itlatmak.  [ddfn-et; 

Bury,  v.a.  ghyammek,  ■ 

Burying-ground,  s.  mezarlik. 

Bush,  s.  ^Icl  AgliA],  chili. 


[  59  ] 


Bushel,  s.  cdji  kiln. 

Business,  s. 
ghyiich  ; 



mÂsslâhat ; 


Bustard,  5.  (greater)  l toy  ;  (smaller) 
v^JaLoJo  mbzmeldek. 

Bustle,  s.  çj!&i  telash,  “ÂjeİE. 

Busy,  a.  meshghül. 

But,  c.  lâkin,  Loi  amma,  eA  VE- 
lâkin,  kai  fakAt ;  — ,  pr.  < 

dan-bÂshka,  Â-Ld  dan-fÂzla, 

dan-mâ“âdâ ;  all  but, 
(hEmEn-hEmEn),  t_ikbjl 


Butcher,  5.  C—jLsÜ  kÂsssÂb  (kÂssÂp). 
Butchery,  s.  (jblks  kÂssÂblik;  UjkiJJLo 

Butt,  s.  ^j\Lj  nishln,  t _ 3<A£>  hedef ;  — , 

v.a.  and  n.  U~y  tbss-wurmak. 

Butt- end,  s.  C-ksXO  dibjik  ;  a—jk  sÂp. 
Butter,  s.  olj>  yâ^A ;  (fresh)  A  i? 
tkrE-yâgh,  ^iv jyy  tbrE-ya^/d;  (clari- 
fied)  (sây-yâghi),  *  J>1 


Butterfly,  5.  kelebek. 

Buttock,  s.  LjJ  but ;  jLolü  kaynak, 
jboli  kâynak-ykri. 

Button,  diı^mE  (duymu)  ; 

— ,  ı>.a.  diıymEİEmek, 

ılikİEmek;  — v.n. 

duymEİEnmek,  ilikİEnmek. 

Buttress,  JfJûjb  pâyendk,  jbl  ayak. 
Buy,  v.a.  Âlmak,  sÂ- 

tin-Âİmak,  Ikıl \  ishtirâ-et,  U^L^e 

J  M  • 

mııbâya  *â-et. 

Buyer,  s.  ÂİAn,  ^rsall  Âlzjz, 

müshtbrl.  [jzzzlamak. 

Buzz,  v.n.  chtyj  wzzzlamak,  (S^j=r 

By,  pr.  dan;  <ÜjI  11e  ;  &J  b  yanma, 
ÂJcdb  yanmda,  b  yankıdan  ; 

—  bye,  good-bye,  int.  'iSıJ^e  WJi 
Âli  Âh  a  4  s  s  m  ârladzk ;  Âİ.I  jj  oghuv- 

Bye-and-bye,  ad.  bır-Âzdan, 

J)J \jJ  bir  -  Âzdan  -  sözzgra, 
t jLsû  Jb  bır-Âz  -  wÂkztlardan- 


Bye-law,  5.  ^Ili3  nızÂm. 

Bye-word,  5.  zârbz-messeL 

Bygone,  a.  gechmish. 


Cab,  s.  araba. 

Cabbage,  s.  lahana ;  — ,  v.a. 

chÂİmak.  [2fj*Xs  kamara. 

Cabin,  s.  (hut)  kulubk ;  (ship’s) 

Cabin-boy,  s.  •  mıcho. 

Cabinet,  5.  (private  room),  Âbjl  oda, 
khalvet ;  (chest) 

chekmEjE,  sandzk  ;  (cupboard) 

L-Jİb  dbİAp ;  ( —  of  ministers) 

wııkEİâ-tâkzmz;  —  council, 

Cabinet-maker,  s.  tâwshÂn. 

Cable,  s.  &■<*£■  ghomana ;  chain  — , 

Cadet,  s.  £j>  1-2»  shâyMrd. 

Cage,  s.  ^j~as  kÂfess. 

Cake,  s.  (pastry)  kurÂbıyyE ; 

(moulded  form)  kÂİzp. 


[  60  ] 


Calamity,  s.  Lâi  kÂzâ,  Sü  bfela. 

Calcine,  v.a.  yakmak;  — ed ,  a. 

b  yanmzsh. 

Calculate,  v.a.  1<— -?L* s>-  hissab-et. 
Calculus,  s.  jjilt  tksh  ;  his sâb. 

Caldron,  s.  kkzgliAn  (klzAn). 

Calender,  s.  ^  *su  tlkwim,  L<\ Jj*j  ruz- 
nami  [jJ^b  bAldz’r. 

Calf,  s.  43  İJ  dAna ;  —  of  the  leg, 

Calibre,  ljW  chip. 

Calico,  s.  CJyiJli  kâlinkot,  Jı  bez. 
Caligraphist,  s.  Like?-  khAttAt. 
Caligraphy,  s.  khlttltlik ; 


Caliph,  4a-.L>-  khallfu. 

Caliphate,  5.  L^ilb>-  khzlafht. 

Call,  5.  chkghiri&h,  l>- 

chkghirma,  C. LOcJ  da  'v6t;  — ,  v.n. 

oghmmak  ;  — ,  v.a.  and  n. 

chay/zz'rmak  ;  —  at,  (j*o\ j£-*\ 
bghmmak  ;  on  or  upon,  (invite) 
\dJy:A  da/'vet-et;  (visit) 
bghramdk  ;  —  for,  isstdmek; 

—  in,  (visit)  ^  oghramak ; 

(collect  again)  ^4>)\  jjS  gheri- Ai¬ 
mak  ;  gheri- cha<//zzrmak  ; 

toplamak  ;  —  out,  v.n.  ^j^-cb 
ba^/zzrmak  ;  — ,  v.a.  İCIOO  4$b*,lkjJ 
duy4ushm6^E-.da*£vht-et ;  —  over, 

yoklamak;  ^ cyûl  okumak; 

—  together,  jb  toplamak;  —  up, 

I  tiyj  da'Vet-et;  C-kcj  cS 

viij  üda-ghbtirmek. 

Calling,  sân<£ât,  L hir- 

fet,  J  *kL..o  meshghûliyyet. 

Callipers,  s.  l-jL»-  chAp-phr- 

ghyâri  (pErghkli). 

Callous,  a.jAJ^  duymaz. 

Calm,  and  a.  (wind  or  water)  (Jİ3LJ 
limAnlz'k ;  — ,  a.  (morally) 

âssüdE,  rahat ;  - — ,  s. 

rahat,  ~>\  âssâyish. 

Calmly,  ad.  yaw  Ash.  [yish. 

Calmness,  s.  rahat,  (jAjLI  âssâ- 

Calomel,  s.  jb'lh  tltli- sulumun. 

Calumniate,  v.a.  \  jy-il  îftirâ-et. 

Calumny,  s.  \j£\  iftira,  bühtan. 

Cambric,  s.  JûJcJ  diilbbnd  (tiilbbnt)  ; 

Camel,  s.  J  devk.  [4-*«jb  batışta. 

Camelopard,  s.  4ibj  ziırafu  (ziırâfâ). 

Camlet,  s.  shAlz,  < — lya-  sbf. 

Camomile,  s.  40  b  b  pApAdiyu. 

Camp,  s.  lordu  ;  — ,  v.n. 

Campaign,  s.jL*  sefEr.  [brdu-kurmak. 

Camphor,  s.jy li  kyâfür. 

Can,  s.  a£;J  tendkk  ;  (mAshraba). 

Canal,  5.  jlcjJ  boy^Az  (strait), 

(hundek)  (ditch) ;  4^cjli  kAzma- 


Canary-bird,  s.  4jjbi  kânâriya. 

Cancel,  v.a.  bozmak, 

turkm-et,  bAttll-et. 

Cancer,  s.  (sore)  lc  ^Lj  ybyEn-' 'illeti, 
4İil  âkiİE.  [siıwbyİEr. 

Candid,  a.  (truthful)  ^  do^4ru- 

Candle,  mum.  [(shamdan). 

Candlestick,  5.  ^J4^A  shem/'a-dln 

Cane,  s.  dİ  kÂmzsh,  hfezârkn  ; 

— ,  v.a.  dii^/zmek, 

dayak -Atmak. 


[  61  ] 


Canister,  s.  d&u'j  tbnbku. 

Cannibal,  s.  yamyam, 


Cannibalism,  s.  dbWv  mErdum- 

Cannon,  s.  L. top.  [khörlik. 

Cannonade,  5.  top-Xteshi ; 

— ,  v.a.  jy?  top-ila- 


Canon,  5.  li*  kânun,  XAc-[i  kâ^idk. 

Canopy,  s.  shbmsiyyE,  *0 

sâvbbln,  *IL  tlk. 

J  u 

Canter,  s.  tmss  ;  — ,  v.n. 

tlrlss-ghitmek.  [je^4i. 

Cantbarides,  s.  y^yyjcJs  kunduz-ba- 

Can  tie  (of  a  saddle),  5.  kXsh. 

Canvass,  s.  b  yblkbn-bezi. 

Cap,  s.  fbss  ;  Xkb-i  shXpka  ; 

kXlpAk ;  percussion -cap,  jyş-t  ejzâ  ; 
—  of  a  mast,  dbsstambra. 

Capability,  s.  klbiliyybt. 

Capable,  a.  jjU  kidir,  j&xL<  muktedir. 

Capacious,  a.  {jt^  ghbnish, 
wâssi“,  biyuk. 

Capacity,  s.  (size)  biyukluk ; 

(capaciousness)  vuss^at ;  (in¬ 

telligence)  JJLc.  "'iki,  \J3  zbkyâ, 
JİtX*cJ  ısstı^dâd ;  (quality)  L^Ju> 
sifXt.  [cloak)  liü  yaka. 

Cape,  s.  (headland)  ^j^y  burun  ;  (of  a 

Capital,  a.  (good)  ^  â^lâ ;  (great) 
biyuk,  A-lac  “Xzim,^--^  kebir  ; 
(principal)  c-V  bXsh  ;  — ,  s.  (city) 
pâyltakht ;  (of  a  column) 
fjt\j  bXsh,  bXshlzk.  [mâyE. 

Capitalist,  s.  djLc^:  t— sâhibi-skr- 

Capitulate,  v.n.  ol j  ray-isstb- 

mek  ;  ^ol;  ray-ila-tbssllm- 

ol ;  »  Xjj j  vkra-vErmek. 

Capitulation,  s.  l j\j  ray;  ^  vkra. 

Capon,  s.  eblzk  (imhk). 

Capricious,  a.  ‘‘xjayb- 

-tXbi‘at II,  jl  ^ .  i, maymun- 
-isht ahâli ;  bir-dXlda- 


Capricorn  (tropic  of),  s.  cJk-V?-  jbdi, 
OJc>-  sc  mbdan-jbdi. 

Captain,  s.  (warrior)  jenkji ; 

(army)  ^Abjy  yuz-bAshl ;  (navy) 
siiwXri,  ^)\  Jy-Ji  klpudln 
(kXptAn) ;  (merchant)  \j~Aj  re'lss  ; 
(European)  J'dK  i  klpudAn  (klptAn). 

Captive,  s.  j+~i\  bsslr  (yessir). 

Captivity,  s.  esslrlik. 

Capture,  v.a.  llmak,  tutmak^ 

\\ı**â  zXbt-et  ;  bsslr-et. 

Carat,  5.  klrlt. 

Caravan,  s.  kkrwXn,  <dilî  klfila* 

Caravanserai,  s.  ^Ics-  khln. 

Caraway,  s.  kkrâviyyE. 

Carbine,. 5.  Xiy \Ji  karabina. 

Carbuncle,  s.  (disease)  shlr- 

pbnchu  ;  (stone)  ^Ul  la"  1. 

Carcase,  s.  ghyawdE,  s>-  jbssed ; 

dJ^İ  lâshE  (lbsh)  ;  (of  war) 
2Sj)\cg'v  yâ^MI-pâchâvra. 

Card,  5.  kyâghid  ;  muklwwa; 
(comb)  j\Je  tarak  ;  — ,  v.a. 
taramak,  atmak. 

Cardamum,  s.  Aid  kâkuİE. 

Carder,  s.  liXllXj  (hXİAj). 


[  62  ] 


Care,  s.  (attention)  J  dikkXt ; 

(anxiety)  derd,  kudEr  ; 

- — ,  v.n.  WAzifE-edin- 

mek  ;  — for,  blkmak; 

saymak  ;  take  care,  v.n. 
ghyazunu-achmak,  dikkXt-et, 

ÎU  sakmmak ;  (take  pains) 
tiUjjj!  iizknmek ;  take  care  of, 
bÂkmak,  İjL?  saklamak. 

Careen,  v.a.  kllafÂta-yatzr- 

mak;  — ,  yatmak. 

Careful,  a.  Juib«  mukâyyed ;  to  be  — , 
dikkAt-et,j^  Juitc  mukÂy- 

Carefulness,  s.  İJ  dıkkÂt.  [yed-ol. 

Careless,  a.j~*zs£  dıkkÂtsiz. 

Carelessness,  s.  dıkkÂtsizlik. 

Caress,  v. a.  okhshamak  ;  — , 

s.  &sc\L.s>-j\  okhshama. 

Cargo,  5.  yük,  hamüİE. 

Caricature,  s.  j-sr  hijv-ressmi. 

Carmine,  s.  jjx!  la“l. 

Carpenter,  5.  (house)  dulghEr ; 

(joiner)  J  dog^ramajz ; 

(ship’s)  marankoz  (mâran- 

ghoss) . 

Carpet,  5.  kili  (hÂlz),  kilim, 

kbcliE  ;  prayer  — ,  tfjLsr1  sejjadu. 

Carpet-bag,  s.  chÂnta. 

Carriage,  5.  (vehicle)  faj&  ‘ 'araba, 

hinto,  4İUİL»  talika,  ^yhAi  fayton ; 
gun  — ,  (field)  fayı  “araba,  (ship’s) 
jjİJüjü  kundXk;  (act  of  carrying) 
Jjü  nÂkl,  tAshhna  ;  ( —  hire) 

<ÜJü  nÂklıyyE.  [kÂtzrjz. 

Carrier,  s.  hÂmmAİ ; 

Carrion,  s.  lashfi  (lbsh). 

Carronade,  s.  Ji  külumbir. 

Carrot,  5.  ^lib  hawuj. 

Carroty,  a.  sir*. 

Carry,  v.a.  tXshzmak ; 

ghyaturmek;  (a  gun,  &c.) 
sürmek  ;  (by  assault)  1  zÂbt-et ; 
—  away  or  off,  Xlzp- 

ghyaturmek  ;  —  on,  yapmak, 

dXi'JJl  etmek,  uydurmak, 

bej  Ermek ;  —  the  day, 

ussta-ch*kmak,  j\ 
ghllib-ol,  kXzAnmak. 

Cart,  s.  fayı  “araba. 

Cartilage,  s.  jjİJjLf  kzkzrdÂk. 

Cartridge,  s.  (small  arms)  fishenk 

(fishek)  ;  (cannon)  hartuj. 

Cartridge-box,  s.  &&J&1  pÂİÂsska. 

Carve,  v.a.  (meat,  &c.)  doğra¬ 
mak ;  (wood,  &c.)  oymak. 

Carver,  s.  (in  wood)  oymaj*. 

Cascade,  s.  ^Ll i.l>-  châ^/zlayÂn. 

Case,  s.  (box)  sindik ;  dliisr0 

mahfaza;  'J y  kutu,  C—>\i  kÂb ; 
(sheath)  kin;  (condition)  (JU- 

hâl;  (matter)  maddu,  yj 

khussüss,  j*>\  emir ;  — ,  v.a.  y 
kÂblamak  (kÂplamak). 

Case-shot,  s.  misskut. 

Cash,  s.  tXa3  nlkd,  bj\:  park  (para). 

Cashier,  s.  slndzkdar, 

vfeznihdar,  khAzinudar 

(khÂznadâr) ;  — ,  v.a. 



[  63  ] 


Cask,  s.  fichi,  J \jj\j  varil. 

Casket,  s.  chfekmujE, 


Cassia,  s.  khiyarshfenbE. 

Cast,  a.  diikmE ;  — ,  s.  Atim, 

,^.31  Atish  ;  (in  the  eye) 
shashilik ;  — ,  v.a.  (throw) 

Atmak ;  (metal)  didanek ; 

—  down,  (jyOj+fi  kirmak,  LLX^ojj\ 

îızmek,  kkdEr-vErmek  ; 

—  up,  (accounts)  yfekyün-et, 

jfem  -et,  (J*ckjıjb  toplamak ; 
(vomit)  kussmak ;  —  off, 

Ativkrmek,  dfef“-et, 

\  Jİ?  tard-et;  LlX^cJ  sAlivErmek, 
\»a  c_ Jy  Ij  kÂptp-SAİivErmek  ; 

—  out,  koy/unak,  dfef“- 

-et,  \ûjb  tard-et. 

Castle,  5.  &x[s  kal' 'a  (kâyla). 

Castor-oil,  s.  ^cb  b  hınd-yây^i. 
Casual,  a.  tfessldufı,  ^iU)1 

Casualty,  5.  I *as  klzâ.  [ittifÂkî. 

Cat,  s.  lJ?cX£  kfedi. 

Catalogue,  *■>>  deftEr. 

Cataplasm,  s.  llpa. 

Cataract,  s.  sulariny- 

-uchmassi,  JjCo-  jfendfel.  [nfewazil. 
Catarrh,  s.  j*l£j  zükkyâm,  â]j]  nfezİE,  Jj j\y 
Catch,  v.a.  tutmak,  jull  İÜ 

yakalamak  ;  <JLX<j 4İ1  Eİa-ghfe- 
tirmek  ;  —  cold,  söy^uk- 


Catching,  a.  lJüL:  sârı^A^y  bulashir. 
Catechise,  v.a.  isstintÂk-et, 

imtihan- et. 

Categorical,  a.  klt^z. 

Category,  s.  züyU  mâküİE. 

Caterpillar,  5.  C l^y  kurt. 

Catgut,  s.  kırish.  [poss-kfelıssassi. 
Cathedral,  5.  (j*. ^İL*J  pisska- 

Cattle,  s.  haywInAt. 

Caucasus,  chferkfessisstân* 

Caulk,  v.a.  \  S?Uli  kÂlaflt-et. 

Caulker,  s.  LUU  kllafÂt. 

Cauliflower,  s.  karnabit. 

Cause,  5.  bâ“iss,  L^le-  “illet, 

sfebeb ;  lJjcJ  dâ“wâ  ;  — ,  v.a. 
Ij  bâ“iss-fel,  sfebeb-ol, 


Causeway,  s.  kÂİ dirim. 

Caustic  (lunar),  s.  jihfennem- 

tAshi  (jihannam).  yakmak. 

Cauterize,  v.a.  damlamak. 

Cautery,  s.  u  yaki,  J  dkgh. 

Caution,  s,  bÂsSîrfet,  ,JIj 

(  • 

tu  fennî,  j^=>~  hâzEr  ;  — ,  v.a. 

CüLc  J  »  khÂber-VErmek. 

Cautious  (to  be),  v.n.  ihtirâz-et, 

\j\  ihtizâr-et,  L?  sâkinmak. 
Cavalry,  s.  U?jL*+£L£j\y» j  süwâri-“âss- 
lcEri,  j\'j\  Âti  i. 

Cave,  Cavern,  s.  üj\x. c  mây^ara. 

Cavity,  s.  j£z>-  chukur. 

Cease,  v.n.  kussilmek, 

münklti  “-61. 

Cedar,  s.  JİJİ  SErvi-âzâd. 

Cede,  v.a.  \cJ>y  tkrk-et,  vkrmek. 

Ceiling,  s.  tÂwAn. 

Celebrate,  v.a .  ijrâ-et. 

Celebrated,  a.jjçt**  mfeshhür. 


[  64  ] 


Celery,  kbrbviz. 

Celestial,  a.  sbmâvî. 

Cell,  s.  hujrE ;  43 Id-  khânfi, 

Cellar,  s.  c^-^°  makhzhn.  [ghyâz. 
Cement,  s.  Alch/,  mâ  jün; 

— ,  v.a.  yap/shdz’rmak, 

JjJb  tut  durmak. 

Cemetery,  s.  <$)}*  m’ezarlik, 
kAbristân,  2fjJLo  mAkbErE. 

Censer,  s.  bükhürdân  (bu- 

khurdanlik) . 

Censure,  azar;  — ,  v.a.  ^--.x3 

taccylb-et,  zemm-et,  levm-et. 

Census,  cİa,*3  ta^dâdz-nufüss. 

Cent,  (per  cent.),  ad.  yüzdE. 

Central,  a.  mbrkezi.  [wAssAt. 

Centre,  s.Jiyc  mkrkEz,  Abjj\  orta, 
Centurion,  s.  ^a&b  yuz-bAshi. 

Century,  5.  4^L>  miİ.  yuz-yd, 

yüz-SEnjE,  ^Assr. 
Cerecloth,  s.  mushemma*f  (mu- 

shamba).  Ctbkllf ;  i_iL(j  tekeli uf. 

Ceremony,  s.  rbssm  (rbssim);  t 

Certain,  a.  mâ'lûm,  sahih, 

sbiibhEssiz  ;  fiUn  ;  ^xj 

hAzi,  bir  -tâkmı. 

Certainly,  ad.  klbetti,  La shiib- 

Certificate,  s.  Aiwj  sened.  [hfissiz. 

Certificated,  a.  senedli. 

Cessation,  5.  ^ILiül  mk«tâ“,  <uL*£b 

Cession,  s.  cJy  thrk,  \jt  ferâghAt. 

Chafe,  v.a.  i\  Ashmmak. 

Chaff,  s.  samAn.  [gbAl). 

Chafing-dish,  s.  JlÜLo  mAnkAl  (mAn- 

Chagrin,  s.  (grief)  13’  tE  bssuf ; 

(kind  of  skin)^i£  kelhr. 


Chain,  s.  j+zfj  zbnjir  (zinjir)  ;  — ,  v.a. 

Aj}  j+sf'j  zinjirdla-b  Ay /damak. 

Chair,  s.  <Ü^Jo*3  sAndlliyyE  ;  arm  — , 

Chairman,  s.  ^Ls'*  rd'lssi-mejliss. 

Chalk,  s.j+J*  L3  tbbashlr  (tAbeshir). 

Challenge,  v.a.  meydAn- 


Chamber,  s.  <tb*\  oda  ;  (of  a  mine,  gun, 
&c.)  khAzInfi  (hAzna). 

Chamberlain,  s. kApijz-bAsh/. 

Chance,  s.  < _ ;  jLa3  tbsslduf,  ,  «U3İ  itti- 

fAk,  L bâkht ;  by  — ,  Aİ£l 
rAsst-ghkİE  ;  — ,  v.a.  ]  Aixsk? 


Chancellor  of  the  Exchequer,  s.  <ÜL> 
csja  ti  mÂİiyyE-nâziri. 

Chandelier,  s.  &\i^\  avlzfi. 

Chandler,  s.  jJUj  bAkkAl. 

Change,  s.  diyfash,  di- 

y/dshish,  &*!L— =J  diy/dshma, 
thbeddul,  J^3  tebdil,  C— Aiül  inke- 
llb  ;  — ,  v.n.  diy/dshmek, 

LlX+jj/J  dânmek ;  — ,  v.a. 
diy/iishdirmek ;  ^  chbvirmek  ; 

^b^3  tebdîl-et ;  bozmak. 

Changeable,  a.  kArars/z,  | 


Channel,  s.  yol  ;jlcy  bdy^Az  ;  vlij  i, 
yatak,  mejra. 

Chap,  5.  ‘AjU*.  chatİAk  ;  t— a.' herif.  I 

w  v  '  'iJ 

Chaplain,  s.  imAm  ;  (j^bb  pApAss  is 

Chaplet,  s.  tessbzh.  [(pApAz).  (; 


[  65  ] 


Chapman,  s.  mÂdrabÂz, 


Chapter,  s.  c_A<  bib,  J.*ai  flssl. 

Character,  5.  (moral)  tlbi"at, 

L^L>-  jibiliet,  khuy  ;  (writing) 

yâzi,  h.=>-  khltt ;  (letter)  < _ lj>- 

hârf  (pi.  culijy-  hîırüflt). 

Charcoal,  s,  c*£  or  kyamur. 

Charge,  s.  (employ)  L^-v«Jck.  (khiz- 
met),  m^'mûrıyyet, 

ish ;  (command)  yc\  hmir,  4 
t^nblh ;  (of  powder)  yl  lü’m ; 

(attack)  yuruynsh, 

hüjüm ;  (thing  confided) 

Emânet;  — ,  v.a.  (fill) 
doldurmak-;  (attack)  hü- 

jüm-et ;  (command)  l^ol  kinr-et, 

^  t^nhih-et ;  (accuse)  \  jli J 


Charity,  s.  (alms)  <Gjw5  sldaka ; 
(humane  consideration) 
inslniyyet,  < _ iLail  inslf. 

Charm,  s.  (spell)  biiyu,  sihr ; 

charms,  s.  pi.  hüssn, 


Charmer,  s.  büyuju,  jl^sr5 

slhrblz ;  (beloved)  tejL, xsc  mâ”- 
sh üka ;  fitnikyar,  ,Jo  dilbhr. 

Charming,  a.  ghyuzel,  dilb  hr, 

i.*Ü  lâtif. 


Chart,  kharita. 

Charter,  s.  furmAn,  C2Jİ bkrat ; 

— ,  v.a.  (jAJyo  nevla-tutmak 

(navluna),  kim-ila- 


Chase,  s.  j  T  AV,  jK-İ>  shikyar  ;  — , 
give  chase  to,  v.a.  kola¬ 
lamak  ;  —  away,  kbghmak. 

Chasm,  s.  j jjb  cJj-J  biyuk-yârik. 

Chaste,  5.  wsLjLc.  "âfîf,  (woman)  4jLjLc 
af îfu  ;  (simply  elegant)  J!j^  20  Lo 

Chasten,  Chastise,  v.a,  <uy* 

tErbiyyE-VErmek,  tErbiyyE-et. 

Chastisement,  5.  oy  tkrhiyyE, 

dayak.  [met. 

Chastity,  5.  "iffet,  “zss- 

Chat,  s.  < _ iİ  Ilf,  cOOyi!  lakzrdi ; 

— ,  u.rc.  Ic-jS  llf-et,  :y 


Cheap,  a.  ujuz. 

Cheapness,  s.  uj  uzluk. 

Cheat,  s.  (fraud)  lL>-  hzİE;  (knave) 
hilukyar ;  — ,  v.n .  \ 


Check,  s.  (pattern)  gMa-i  shltrenj 
(slntranch)  ;  (in  accounts) 
mizln  ;  (upon  conduct)  r=  ghem  ; 
(slight  defeat)  jU*£>  shamar,  (banker’s) 
hawllfi  ;  — ,v.a.  \\2~3  zlbt-et, 
Alikomak,  durdurt¬ 

mak  ;  (defeat)  y  bozmak  ;  (the 
king  at  chess)  \  \Ji&  kish-et. 

Checkmate,  v.a.  IcuLo  mlt-et. 

Cheek,  s.  yanak. 

Cheer,  v.a.  sh^nlundirmek, 


Cheerful,  a.  shen,  f^rah ; 

Cheese,  s.j*u  p^nir.  y*  mhfhrrih. 

Cheesemonger,  s.  JIîj  blkAİ. 


[  66  J 


Chemist,  s.  kimiyâghEr ; 

bjzajz,jL^H  isspbnchiyar. 
Chemistry,  s.  ilmi- 

J  ?  ••  •  ♦*  l 


Cherish,  v.a.  <Ja3^d  jsjz  Aziz-tutmak ; 

> J  besslkmek.  [vishna. 

Cherry,  kiraz;  morella  — , 

Chess,  s.  shAtranj  (sAntranch)  ; 

- —  board  sAntranch- 


Chest,  s.  (box)  jj  sindik ;  (bosom) 

ghyakss,  sÂdr,  sink; 


—  of  drawers,  chekmEjE. 

Chestnut,  s.  kesstând. 

Chew,  v.a.  LLbc  chinbmek. 

Chick,  Chicken,  s.  pilij. 

*  •  ^ 

Chickpea,  s.  nokhud. 

Chide,  v.a.  Azarlamak. 

Chief,  a.  and  cJj-J  biyuk,  bAsh. 

Chiefly,  ad.  khussüssâ ; 


Child,  5.  chojuk;  children 

and  family,  J choluk- 
choj  uk ;  with  child,  ghebu, 

aLAs*-  hâmiİE.  sbg^uk. 

Chill,  v.a.  ushutmek  ;  — ,  s. 

Chilly,  a.  soyduk  ;  to  feel  — , 

v.n.  CX«j-£jjlüshumek. 

Chimney,  jU-jl  ojak,  bAja. 
Chin,  5.  <&.=>-  chbngû  (chbnn). 

China,  s.  (old)  bsski- 

-ma^dEn  ;  (new)  fağfur; 

(stone)  chini. 

Chink,  s.  Jjb  yank,  chatlAk  ; 

— ,  v.n.  atmek. 

Chintz,  s.  chit,  <U>*?b  bAssma. 

'  ••  y  ♦ 

Chip,  5.  AxjjJ  yongha ;  — ,  v.n. 

firlamak  ;  — ,  v.a.  firlatmak. 

Chisel,  kâİEm. 

Chocolate,  s.  aL  )!*,&:>-  chikolâta. 

J  V 

Choice,  s.  ikhtiyâr, 

intikhAb ;  — ,  a.  sechma, 


muntakhAb,  mukhtâr, 


Choke,  v.a.  ^  boyamak  ;  —  up, 

v.a.  tikamak ;  — ,  v.n. 


Choose,  v.a.  L sechmek, 
âyrmak,  İL-^bkAİİ  intikhAb-et, 
ikhtiyâr- et. 

Chop  (mutton),  s.  <Üj  by  brizolya  ; 

— ,  v.a.  Lt3vW ^  kessmek ;  —  up, 

v.a .  (small)  kiymak,  (large)  : 

doğramak ;  (wood)  ^J^b 

Chopper,  s.j^bLo  sAtir.  [yarmak,  i 

Chopping-block,  s.  kyutuk. 

Chopping-knife,  s.jyz Ls  (sAü’r). 

Chord,  s.jJj  veter. 

Christ,  s.  şS.  sUjâs>-  Hâzrbti-^Issâ. 

Christen,  v.a.  \  !j  waftiz-et, 

ad-komak,  ^  ad-vkrmek. 

Christening,  waftiz. 

Christian,  s.  khrisstiyân  ;  — , 

a.  “issbvi,  messlhz. 

Christianity,  s.  khrissti-  i 

yanlik.  [-pâsskâlya. i 

Christmas,  s.  AJULsbiJ-b-s^  kiichuk- 

••  V  J  v 

Chronicle,  5.  târîkh. 

Chronology,  5.  ^ sj  “ilmi- 



[  67  ] 


Chronogram,  s.  târikh. 

Chronometer,  tul-sa“at*. 

Church,  s.  kilîssE. 


Churchyard,  s.  y\ j\j*  nffizarhk. 

Chyle,  s.  Lj  k&ylüss. 

Chyme,  keymüss. 

Cicatrize,  v.ra.  kÂpAnmak, 

kabuklanmak.  [kyamur. 

Cinder,  s.  j  sanmush- 

Cinnamon,  s.  dârchin  (târchin). 

Cipher,  5.  (zero)  szfr ;  (secret 

writing)  XJ&r  jifra ;  (initials)  \yio 
t uyAra  (for  the  Sultan),  sâhh  (for 
a  high  officer),  Lsd  imza  (for  any 
individual).  N.B. — These  are  not 
initials  in  Turkish,  but  each  a  kind  of 

Circle,  s.  da'irn;  — ,  v.a. 
kushÂtmak,  ULld  ihata-et. 

Circuit,  s.  Lai  kXza,  L 

dâ'irE'i-hükyümbt ;  to  make  a  — , 


Circuitous,  a.  dblashik. 

Circular,  a.  mudewbr, 


Circulate,  v.n.  dbvEran-et;  (as 

money)  tbdavul-et ;  — ,  v.a . 

idârii-et;  nbshr-et. 

Circulation,  s.  ,1 j y  devnran  ;  (of 
money,  books,  &c.)  JjU"  tedavül. 

Circumcise,  v.a.  siinnet-et, 

khitln-et.  [khitln. 

Circumcision,  s.  sünnet, 

Circumference,  s.  chevrE,  k*« 


Circumlocution,  s.  db- 


Circumnavigate,  v.a. 

Circumstance,  s.  khussüss,  $jL* 

mXddE,  kbyfiyyet. 

Cistern,  s.  ^pL?  sârnij,  (khÂzna). 

Citadel,  5.  di^l  ich-kal‘  a. 

Cite,  v.a.  \ zikr-et;  Id-j-cJ  dâ^vet-et. 
Citron,  s.  ÂyAAj-kâwunu. 

City,  s.j£^i  shehr,  mEmİEkkt. 

Civil,  a.  jIjIL  tÂtli,  edebli, 

chbldbi ;  (not  military)  l^L.£ 

Civilian,  5.  blshf-bozuk, 



Civility,  jUilL  tÂtlih'k,  ^aLJjIL  Jil 

Civilization,  5.  tkrbiyyE. 

Civilize,  v.a.  tkrbiyyE-et. 

Claim,  5.  uyû  dâ<fwâ,  isstid*  â, ; 

mXtlub  ;  — ,  v.a.  \l JVcJ  dâ- 

'Lvâ-et,  llcjcd  isstıd^â-et,  I ^2.0 

mâtlüb-et,  UJlL^o  mutÂİdbE-et. 

*  • 

Claimant,  s.  da* 'wap. 

Clamp,  s.  kinbt.  [müddâ/'î. 

Clandestine,  a.  £w\  iJ'J!  M-iltindo,  jl}J 
ghizli,  ^JjL?  sakh’,  khafl. 

Clap,  s.  (disease)  bbl-sdyAu- 

yAu;  — hands,  v.n.  Eİ-chÂİ- 

mak,  puLü il!  Aİluslılamak. 

Clarify,  v.a.  \<L>suaJ  tÂssfıyyE-et. 

Clasp,  s.  d)  kopcha  ;  — ,  v.a. 

y  kuj Iklamak, 
a  2 


E  68  ] 


Class,  s.  smf ;  — ,  v.a.  \ 

tİErtîb-et,  \  târızzm-e't» 

Clatter,  s.  l chatz’rdz, 
takz’rdz,  pAtz’rdz. 

Clause,  s.  tX:J  bbnd,  şjij  fzkra. 

Claw,  s.  tzrnak;  pbnchE;  — , 

v.a ^£4]  l, scja  tirmalamak. 

Clay,&\^s)u  bXlchzk,  mzIu- to¬ 
prak,  lüMji-châmuru. 

Clean,  Cl,  temiz,  cJ\ J  pak,  jîb lb 

tlhzr;  — ,  cleanse,  v.a. 

Clear,  Qj\  temiz,  j\j\  berrlk  ;  (free) 
^>-1  achz*k ;  —  up,  v.n. 

achzlmak.  [^.V.  yapzshmak. 

Cleave,  v. a.  yarmak  ;  — to,  v.n. 

Cleaver,  s.  sltir. 

Clemency,  s.  mErhâmet. 

Clergyman,  5.  <j*bta  pXpAss. 

Clerk,  s.  -*jI£  kyâtib,  yazzjz. 

Clever,  a.  ^ySb  hunkrli. 

Cliff,  s.  j\.\  yâr,  uchurum. 

Climate,  s.  Uü>  hawa.  [su^üd-et. 

Climb,  v.n.  chzkmak,  \ 

Clinch,  v.a.  pErchin-et.. 

Cling,  v.n.  Jbi! \j\*e  sÂrzlmak,  [kessmek. 

Clip,  v.a.  kzrkmak^ 

Cloak,  (J-iAi  shinbl,  kkpud. 

Clock,  5.  mbydAn-saf'atz. 

Clog,  s.  (nÂlzn) ;  — ■,  v.a. 

doldurmak,  ^cliub  tzkamak. 

Close,  a.  szk  ;  szkz ; 

szkzntzlz ;  jIUj  klpAİz;  yakzn ; 

— ,  v.a.  kXpAmak;  — ,  v.n. 

kXpAnmak;  —  in,  v.a. 

*-rs-  chbvirmek ;  — ,  u.zz. 

V  "J  V 

szklashmak,  yâ- 

kznlashmak ;  (the  evening) 

j+J  Ikhsham- (tbz) -olmak  ;  — 

up,  v.a.  ^L*Lj  kXpAmak ;  — ,  v.n. 

kApAnmak ;  —  with,  v.a.  (in 
agreement)  uyushmak;  (in 

fight)  SArz’lmak. 

Closet,  s.  (room)  <ibjl  bdajzk ;  (cup¬ 
board)  C_jjLb  dÖİAp. 

Cloth,  s.  (broad)  (choha);  (cotton) 

y  bbz  ;  (table  — )  sofra-bezi. 

Clothe,  v.a.  ^JU^bbj j  ruba-yapmak, 

ruba-ghidirmek,  b  jj 
CijvOj  ruba-vErmek J  ilblss-et, 

\  L*£bl  iksa-ek;  artmek. 

Clothes,  Clothing,  bjj  ruba  (uruba), 
esswlb  (bssbAb),  blbissE. 

Cloud,  s.  LjL  bulut,  jIsl**3  sihlb. 

Clout,  5.  pâchâvra. 

Clove,  s.  {JajJs  kXrEnfil. 

Cloven,  a.  (Jin:*-  chatAİ. 

Clover,  s.  yonja. 

Club,  s.  ^jLcjrs*-  chomak ;  by  way  of 
clubbing  together,  züli^lc.  <fârifânE. 

Clue,  s.  ip-uju. 

Clumsy,  a.  (person)  yakzshmzzz; 

(thing)  hAntÂl. 

Cluster,  5.  kyumu,  L-J^L  top. 

Coach,  s.  fajC-  ‘  ‘araba,  ^Lzi>-  hinto, 

Coagulate,  u.zz.^i^Ldbnymak;  C-bii +Jb 
kes  silmek  ;  pekishmek. 

Coal,  s.  kywmur,  o  mâ- 



[  69  ] 


Coal-hole,  Coal-house,  elk! kyii- 
murluk.  [ky  u  mur-mad  kni . 

Coal-mine,  Coal-pit,  s. 

Coarse,  a.  Li  klba;  ^3j\  iri. 

Coast,  s.  (J^-Lo  sahil,  dbngiz- 

-kknari ;  lib  yaka,  kiyb 
Coat,  s.  J*~z  setri,  jbj ^  surtu;  yi+bjye 
sürtiko  ;  kherka ;  (of  a  horse) 

don.  [-tdkhmu. 

Cocoa,  5.  aiyu>-  chikolâta- 

Cocoa-nut,  cJj-J 


A  1 

Cobbler,  pâpushju  (pÂpujju), 


Cobweb,  s.  arumjek-Iy/u, 

jL  târi-^ânkdbüt. 

Cochineal,  s. j^cjt  kerimz. 

Cock,  s.  (bird)  khbross ;  (tap) 

<&■<  mussluk  ;  (of  a  gun) 
khoross  ;  (penis)  dk~:  sik  ;  —  a  gun, 
v.a.  iisst-tbtiy  Ak¬ 
ılmak.  [-ibiyAi. 

•Cock’s- comb,  s.  khoross- 

(Cocoon,  s.  Xjj£  kbza,  kozallk. 

•Cod,  s.  (fish)  L  ÜJj)*  mbrina-bWighi ; 

(of  beans)  klbuk ;  (scrotum) 

\*J  A-lAb  tlshak-torbassb 
o  'JJ  ^ 

offee,  s.  x*$s  kabwE. 
offee-pot,  s.  jezwfi ;  (large) 

ghyuyAyum,  ibrik. 

"ofler,  s.  sXndzk. 

offin,  5.  CLÎ*Aj  tlbut. 
og,  s.  dish. 

Cogent,  a.  miihimm,  L**^c  rmV'tkna, 

mııbrim  (miibrem). 

Coil,  s.  JLii  kÂnghÂİ ;  — ,  v.a.  I  JLii 


Coin,  5.  A$Ls  sikkk ;  para,  î 

Akcha  ;  (of  a  gun)  sil ;  — ,  v.a. 
darA-et,  kessmek, 


b  bAssmak. 

Coincide,  v.n.  Ik,  mutÂbîk-ol. 

Coition,  s.  sikish,  ^biSf-  jlmâL 

Cold,  a.  and  5.  soghuk  ;  (in  the 

head)  J \j\y  newazil,  Ay  nezlfi,  ^\ij 
ziıkkyâm.  [-AyAnssb 

Colic,  5,  sAnji,  kârn- 

Collar,  5.  lib  yaka ;  (horse  — ) 
hAmut ;  — ,  v.a.  ^kAlib  yakalamak. 
Collate,  v.a.  LlAibc  muklbEİE-et, 
Colleague,  s.  (J+&j  rbfik,  yL\<2tej\  arka¬ 
daştı.  [toplamak. 

Collect,  v.a.  jemC-et, 

Collection,  s.  jemC  ;  Axa^js?0  mej- 

mö*  a;  JAb  tâkim  ;  sıra,  [dressfi. 
College,  s.  mbktkb ;  me- 

Collier,  s.  ^xAi  jy*y  kyumur-kâyiyAi ; 

Sx*<  jy-<S  kyümur-mâ/- 
dEni-ishjissi.  [dfini. 

Colliery,  s.  kyi^mur-ma'b 

Collision,  5.  cbatishma, 

tassldum  j  to  come  into  — ,  v.n. 

chatzshmak,  tas- 

sldum-et.  \.\*y£’  igbmâz«-‘  âyn. 

Collusion,  s.  müssâmaba,  ^bL-cl 

Colonel,  s.  mır-Âlây  ;  lieutenant- 

— ,  s.  ka'im- makim  (kây- 

Colony,  s.  bjak.  [makim). 

Colour,  s.  (JlX’ij  rknk. 

Colt,  5.  tay ;  (of  an  ass)  sipa. 


[  70  ] 


Column,  s.  direk,  amüd, 

sütün  ;  (of  soldiers)  tkbur, 
Jjy  kol.  [taramak. 

Comb,  s.  jSJo  tarak  ;  — ,  v.a. 
Combat,  s.  dii^/msh ;  — ,  v.a. 

*3  b bzmaghci - ch  a!  i shmak . 
Combination,  s.  ^^Sy  türkîb ;  J*UM 

Combine,  v.a.  turklb-et,  !->-kc 

mezj-et;  — ,  v.n.  tytal  ittiflk-et ; 

Combustible,  a.jlib  orjbj  yanar  ;  — 
*•  &r  <G b  yakajak. 

Combustion, s.  ylib  yamsh,  <Uib  yanma. 

Come,  v.n.  ghklmek  ;  —  along, 

CXyy* ghblivErmek  •  —  asunder, 
kopmak,  yXpJ  âynlmak  ;  — 
at,  cXfc-Liy  yetishmek,  <fcAib 

yanma-vârmak ;  —  away,  L-jy\y 

CtX* ]S  brakzp  -ghhlmek  ;  —  back, 

ghEri-ghklmek  ;  —  back 
again,  or  LfcAy  bir-daha  or 

yinE  (ghenE)-gbEİmek  ;  —  between, 
CX<.-£  fc\J\  araya-ghirmek  ;  —  by, 

v.n.  cUtf  ghechmek  ; - ,  v.a. 

\  I  Ay  peyda-et,  yXy  bulmak;  — 
off,  yuM  olmak  ;  yyy  kopmak  ; 

cbikmak  ;  —  on,  (jAjjb  tut¬ 
mak  ;  ydbi>b  bÂsblamak  ;  cX*y 
ghklivErmek  ;  —  out,  ,  chzk- 

mak  ;  —  short,  cXikC-L-£l  bksik- 
ghklmak  ;  —  to,  eXiSj!  etmek, 

j^b  bâh’gh-bl;  — together,  y*3Îb^b 
toplanmak,  y  bir-yhra- 

gliEİmek,  bülushmak,  y 

CXcJ  birleshmek ;  —  to  light, 

mbydAna  -chikmak, 
jbllj  belli-ol ;  —  up,  y*jLr>-  chik- 
mak ;  cXoy  sürmek;  —  upon, 
y**sb  bÂssmak,  y^jb  tutmak, 
y  X  lib  yakalamak  ;  — ,  laJ  duy, 

dEy-blkAh'm,  c_£A.«!l-£J  dky  • 
-imdi  (dkyindi). 

Comet,  s.  JaL>  yJyy  kuyruklu-yffdzz, 
jJ  zu-zewabh.  [kErİEmü.  j 

Comfit,  s.j£z>.£>  shekEr,  <U>!y— -£>  she-  i 

Comfort,  s.  (ease)  rahat ;  (con-  j 

solation)  tessblli ;  — ,  v.a. 

LiX'cy  •  ^ ‘  tesselli-VErmek. 

Comfortable,  a.  rahat. 

Command,  s.  emr  (bmir),  ^Ly : 
furmln,  <UyJ  tenblh  ;  ( military )  ? 

*A3bey  komanda  ;  — -,  v.a.  emr-  | 
et,  tenbîh-et,  fErmÂn-et,| 

buyurmak  ;  \  XSj  Uy  komanda- 1 
et ;  (as  a  gun)  LLX<j ^  süpürmek 

du^mek  ;  (as  a  fort)ü 
t4âjlsrc  muhlfaza-et,  ydy  kXpA-t 

Commander,  s.  ;*\  âmir,  iyL?  zabit, id 
L-Xy  biyuk  ;  jL^,y^  sur-^ÂsskEr  ;i 
(navy)  mülâzmı-kÂp udini 

(kâptAn),  ikinji. 

Commence,  v.a.  and  n.  \j  bAsh-| 

lamak,  \j\i\  AghÂz-et,  Uaj  bed'-et. 

Commencement,  s.  evveI,  yllill 

blsh,  !jcj\  ibtida,  >Jo  bh&\ 

^  * 

blshlanghij . 

Commend,  v.a.  medh-et,  Uiİ[ 

SEnâ-et ;  \&+*ey  tâvsiyyE-et. 


[  71  ] 


Comment,  sliErh,  hl- 

shiyvE  ;  lakz'rdz,  dk- 

yEjek  ;  — ,  v.a.  shkrh-et ;  — 

upon,  v.n.  \  »ullkxj  mutala'«- 

Commentary,  s.  shkrh. 

Commentator,  s.  shânh. 

Commerce,  s.  Cl^UsT  tijâret, 

Aİzsh-VErish,  l->  bAzzr-ghyan/zk. 

Commercial,  a.  j\~s?  tijareta- 

mut«  öllik.  [târâhhum-et. 

Commiserate,  v.a.  (J^^\  Ajimak, 

Commissariat,  s.  ^jU  J \j)  nüzal- 

emâneti ;  *^<3  zwkhlrE. 

Commissary,  s.  J/  nu  zul-  emini. 

Commission,  siparish  ; 

khzdmet,  Cl^Oj^cLc  mb'muriyybt  ; 

Cc  mb  murm,^Jj^^c  U>  memir- 
lfitr ;  fkrmÂn,  u5<Aİ j ^  buyu¬ 
ruldu  ;  kbmission. 

Commissioner,  s.jyc  U>  me  mûr. 

Commit,  v.a.  yapmak, 

btmek,  irtikyab-et;  j 

tesslim-et,  sipârish-et, 


C ommittee, s .  1  1 


Commodious,  a.  rahat, 

kullÂmlzshlz,  AüL^i  kölaylzklz. 

Commodity,  s.  mÂtf<â,  JLc  iuaI  ; 

rahat.  [boy^u. 

Commodore,  s.  ^c*.»AIj  ^Li  fıloblsh- 
Common,  a.  *"âdî,  ^iA-J  bâyâ- 

ghi ;  mushtbrek ; 


chayrlzk,  â.£ysc  mkr  â. 

Commonly,  ad.  ekskriyya. 

Commons,  the  House  of  Commons,  5. 



Commotion,  s.  ita'  telâshî, 

Communicate,  v.a.  U'jlil  ifadu-et, 
tebllgh-et ;  —  with,  v.n. 

kbAburleshmek,  1  xj  l  A-"0 
mukhabErE-et ;  j!  muttASszl-ol. 

Communication,  ıfâdu,  CjIjLLj 

tbblighlt ;  Xji\s?°  mukhaburE  ;  JLj 
yol.  [millet,  jbma'Vzt. 

Community,  5.  ishtirak ;  t^l^o 

Compact,  s.  zsJ»liU  muklvbİE,  (JyS  klvl; 
— ,  a.  szk,  szkz. 

Companion,  s.  refzk, 

arködash  ;  jjJÎ.1  bsh. 

Company,  s.  (set)  takzm ;  (set  of 
guests)  JjL~c  müssâfirİEr ;  (people 
present)  hiızzâr, 

hÂzmn  ;  (public)  ztjL^jjj  kom- 
pânya ;  (companionship) 
arkadashlzk  ;  LZ^3\sj  rbfakXt ;  (of 
soldiers)  bwluk  ;  to  keep  — , 

v.n.  konyushmak, 


Comparable,  a.^-ikc  m«kzss,j^^j^^N.l*J 
kzyâss-olunur,  teshbTh- 


Comparatively,  ad.  kzyassla. 

Compare,  v.a.  y«n-y«no!- 

komak,  Izdjlibo  muklbbİE-et,  ]  lib* 
mukâyessE-et,  kzyâss-et,  1 



[  72  ] 


Comparison,  5.  ^b-î  kzyass,  L+L'J 
töshbîh.  [bwlmE. 

Compartment,  s.  Ajbk  khânn,  L^y 

Compass,  s.  hadd,  Zj\S>\  kndazE  ; 
ty\d  da'ird;  (mariner’s) 
pussla  ;  to  fetch  a  — ,  v.n. 
dölashmak ;  — ,  v.a.  ^Jaj  \£>y  kush- 
Atmak  ;  —  one’s  ends,  v.n. 
uydurmak,  merâmma- 

nâ'il-öl.  [(pErghM). 

Compasses  (pair  of)  s.  J&y  pkrghyâr 

Compassion,  s.  merhamet. 

Compatriot,  5.  hemshhhrl. 

Compeer,  s.  j&i  kyiifv,  kkrân. 

Compel,  v.a.\j^  j  bbr-et,  ijbar-et. 

Compendious,  a.  Lai  kzssa,  j*a& 
mbkhtlssar*  (J^^0  müjmel. 

Compensate,  v.a.  1  tlzmln-et ; 

— ,  v.n.  karshzlzk-ol. 

Compensation,  s.  tlzmin, 

Llj[ tAzmînlt  ;  kâr- 


Compile,  v.a.  \<^Ji*'+«aj  tXssmf-et, 
^  jbm“-et,  !c— aJ  0*  te'llf-et. 

Complain,  v.a.  shikyayet-et, 

tbshbkki-et,  %.-xL\  ishtikyâ-et. 

Complaint,  s.  shikyayet,  (-£*CS> 

shbkwa ;  maraz,  “illet, 

^  dErd.  [kzm  ;  <UcJ  tetimmu. 

Complement,  tbrtlb,  Jill?  tâ- 

Complete,  a.  tekmil,  Ju*izrc* 

mükemmöl,  ^b’  tAmm,  ^biJ  tlmÂm ; 
—  v.a.  l^L/f.0  tekmil- et,  ^4,L<  l  *3 
tÂmAmlamak,  bitirmek. 

Complexion,  s.  cjij  runk,  ^  levn. 

Complicate,  v.a.  (J*<jSJaj\i  karish- 
dzrmak,  kÂnshz*k-et. 

Compliment,  s.  sölâm  ; 



Comply,  v.n.  !Jl  r^C  \  imtissal-et ; 

Compose,  v. a.  \  L^-LJy  tkrtlb-et,  \^r^r^y 
tkrklb-et;  (Jsej b  yazmak, 
kal Ema- llmak  ;  suweyle- 

mek,  1^3  nÂzm-et ;  \  û  L.+Ly 

ejzâyz  -  murekkibESsi  -  öl, 
â  bâssz  -  öl ;  —  one’s  self,  v.n. 


Composition,  s.  <^^Sy  tbrkîb  ;  y 
tnrtlb  ;  ^j>-ı  ejzâ ;  mâ*  jün  ; 

kitabet,  jxL>  shi**r.. 

Compost,  s.  %y£  gbyübrE. 

Compound,  a.  murekkEb ;  — , 

v.a.  tkrklb-et. 

Comprehend,  v.a.  \  <d?Ub  ihâta-et, 
sbâmil-ol,  sh  u- 

müli-öl ;  jJS\  anglamak  (anna- 
mak),  ıdrâk-et. 

Compress,  s.  sârghz. 

Comprise,  v.a.  .luUL*>  sbâmil-ol. 

Compromise,  5.  sullı,  uz- 

lashma ;  — ,  v.a.  (J.* kkrzsh- 
dzrmak;  möss'ül-et; 

uzlashmak, jl sulh-öl. 

Compulsion,  5.  mejbüriyyet, 

ijbÂr,j^,L^l  iztzrâr. 

Compunction,  s.  nedamet, 

(pishmAnbk) . 

Compute,  v.a  hissâb-et. 


C  ?3  ] 


Comrade,  ârkadash, 


Concave,  a.  jXİ<  mukâ/*  “ar,  j 

Conceal,  v. a.  saklamak, 


Concede,  v.a.  tbsslîm-et. 

Conceivable,  a.  jj*  mutassAWEr, 
j\ k+*aAA£  “ikla-sighar. 

Conceive,  v.a.  tassXvvur-et,  IJiLc 

{<Âkl-et ;  — ,  v.n.  ^♦3lî<Ui=  ghbbk- 
kÂİmak,  hâmiİE-ol. 

Concentrate,  v.a.  toplamak; 


Conception,  s.  jyS)  tassAvvur, 

takhâyyul,  (jljuJjl  <tLol:>-  hâmiİE- 

Concern,  s.  XS Lc  maddn,  ish, 

mXsslahat ;  CLJjL-j  kXssa- 
vet,  js£  kkdEr ;  — ,  v.a.  ^Jaj 
dokunmak;  —  one’s  self,  v.n. 

Concert,  s.  jjlüjl  ittifxk,  tilrsrl  ittihâd  ; 

chllgfu  -mbjlissi;  — 
together,  v.n.  ittifik-et,  J\Ji 


Conciliate,  v.a.  jblb-et. 

Concise,  a. mukhtlssar,  kissa. 

Conciseness,  s.  kissalik. 

Conclude,  v.a.  LLLc ji)  bitirmek;  l<Aİlc 
“âkd-et :  — v.n.  bitmek  ; 

anglamak  (annamak), 

1  isstikhraj  - et,  ^  ^  V+x.c 


Conclusion,  s.  son^,  akhzr  ; 

-Vile  “âkd  ;  j\ji  kXrar  ;  ang- 

layzsh  (annayz’sh),  isstikhraj . 

Conclusive,  a.  kÂt“z,  £_1İU  mukm“. 

Concord,  s.  vis»  wiflk,  jls.'10  mu- 

Ls  ^ 

khâdenbt.  [(kklabAhk. 

Concourse,  s.  izdiham,  ^<uLc 

Concubine,  s.  ^lab.l  odah’k. 

Concur,  v.n.  *\  j)\jS  bErâbEr-bl. 
Concussion,  s.  sarszsh,  ^L^L? 

sarszhsh,  SAdAma. 

Condemn,  v.a.  kAbâhat- 

-bulmak  ;  l-J  kAbâhath- 

-biilmak  ;  \  jbzâssma- 

hükm-et ;  J\ /  tfS  yara¬ 

maz-  dbya-kÂrâr- vkrmek. 

Condensation,  s.  l_ ciO  tekbssuf. 

Condense,  v.a.  tbksîf-et ;  — , 

v.a.  \  L-S&6.J  tbkessuf-et. 

Condescend,  v.n.  IJjio  tbnbzzul-et. 

Condescension,  s.  fjjz'j  tbnbzzul. 

Condign,  a.  ^xjs)  mussta-s 


Condiment,  s.  jjS>~  chbrez,  kAtik. 

Condition,  s.  JU-  hâl;  pbrbssb ; 

\sjL  shârt. 

Condole,  v.n.  ta^ziyyh-et. 

Condolence,  s.  ajJ*j  ta^ziyyE. 

Conduce,  v.n.  muntij-ol, 

muriss-ol, mujib-ol. 
Conduct,  s.  harbkkt ;  — ,  v.a, . 


Conduit,  s.  su-yolu. 

Cone,  s.  mâkhrüt. 

Confectioner,  s.  shbkErji. 

Confectionery,  s.  jLJ*  sheker. 


[  74  ] 


Confederacy, 5.  jUjl  ittiflk;  mut- 

Confederate,  s.  müttefik,  [tbfikm. 

Confederation,  s.  ittiflk  ;  xlX^c 

müttefikin.  [^3İyü.i  kbnferanss. 
Conference,  5.  <U,il£c  mukyâlbmE  ; 
Confess,  v.a.  \  j\ji\  ikrar-et, 

Confession,  s.  J[r\  ikrar,  t _ $1 \jzsS  i"tiraf. 

Confide,  v.a.  \ 


tbvdl'ket ; 

— ,  v.n.  cm- 



Confidence,  1 

♦♦ • 

<\  emniyyet, 

Confident  (to 



J^U.1  hich-shubhESsk  olmamak. 

Confine,  v.a.  hlbss-et, 

klpAtmak ;  hlssr-et ;  to  be 

confined,  v.n.  doyurmak ; 

—  —  —  to  one’s  room, 

tlshra  (dishân)  chikmamak ; 

—  —  - —  (one’s  bowels)  ^l^eLail 

Confinement,  s.,  dJU3Li'  <0  •  jasp\  ichEri- 

V  ♦«  v  •* 


dish  ân  -  chi  km  amaldik  ;  hâbss  ; 

chbjuk- doyurmak - 
Confines,  5.  pi.  hudüd.  [l*k. 

Confirm,  v.a.  (ratify)  tassdik-et; 

(in  office)  1  \&A  ibkl-et. 

Confiscate,  v.a.  \  L^-o  zlbt-et,  UjJİ^ 
mussldara-et.  [hank. 

Conflagration,  ^-.*31)  yanghin,  ^ 
Conflict,  5.  tassldum ; 

jenk  ;  chekishma, 


Conform,  u.rc.  1  Jtad  imtissal-et,  Hail 

iktifâ-et,  ıci-dl'l*»*)  mümâssblbt-et, 

Conformable,  ö.  Jju^  mumâssil. 

Conformably,  aek  imtissâlan  ; 


liuJrf  tltbzkan. 

Conformity,  5.  miımâsselet. 

Confound,  v.a.  ^J^LkSCU^^o  mebhüt- 
-kilmak,lcjl$w^ isskz/ât-et;  (J.scjSJ*jXs 
klrishdirmak,  1  Ldssd1  takhlit-et. 
Confuse,  v.a.  sbXshirtmak ; 

li  kXrishdz’rmak. 

Confused,  a.  (things)  (J-tijXi  kXrishik ; 
to  become  —  (a  person),  v.n. 

Confusion,  J  l3  kXrishiklik. 

Congeal,  v.n.  don^mak, 

*\  munj&mid-ol ;  — ,  v.a. 

(j.scjd&lfc  don^durmak. 

Congelation,  s.  injimld. 

Congestion,  s.  suddfl. 

Congratulate,  v.a.  tebrik-et, 

U.X^3'  tbbniyyE-et  ;  I  —  you  !  CJj £ 
ghyazun^-âydin.  [tbbniyyE. 
Congratulation,  s.  tbbrik,  <Lxg3' 

Congregate,  v.n.  h  toplanmak, 

tejbmmu“-et,  l^Cüsr10  muj- 

temi  -ol.  jem,ciyyet. 

Congregation,  s.  jbma“at, 

Congress,  5.  mbjlissi- 


Conic,  Conical,  a.  siibu, 

mâkhrüti ;  conics,  5.  pi. 


Conjecture,  5.  zann  ;  takh-. 


[  *5  ] 


min  ;  — ,  v.n.  \{j\b  zÂnn-et ; 

Conjointly,  ad.  miishtEr&kEn. 

Conjugal,  a.  zevjl,  (jkx'x* s 


Conjugate,  a.  ^%dye  muzdevij  ;  — ,  v.a. 
tASsrif-et,  cXiil 

Conjugation,  s.  Ax«*a  szgha. 

Conjunction,  s.  t— a kc  < _ i,>  harfz-“ltf. 

Conjuncture,  s.  wlkzt,  (JU-  hâl. 

Conjure,  v.a.  \  pek-rıjâ-et, 

\  jLic3j  pbk-myâz-et, 
pek-yAİvarmak ;  — ,  v.n.  \  sihr-et. 
Conjurer,  s.  jb^s**9  sihrblz. 

Connect,  v.a.  bitishdirmek, 

ulashdzrmak  ;  Jj-.-dLclj 


Connexion,  s.  munâssebkt, 

bL Jj\  ırtibÂt,  Ajle  ‘‘alâka ; 
khzssm,  yy  \  İkrabâ. 

Connivance,  s.  is*  L_<  miıssâmaha, 
Ui  1  ighmÂz?-“âyn. 

Connive,  v.n.  jJj+scjjSz*  ghyzzrmEyi- 
vErmek,  ighmÂzz-‘‘âyn-et. 

Conquer,  v.a.  (men)  mâghlüb- 

-et ;  (places)  \^s  fbth-et,  zÂbt- 

A  f  ••  ^ - 

-et,  tbsskhzr-et. 

Conqueror,  s.  fâtzh ;  L-Jl-â  ghÂİib. 
Conquest,  5.  ^vî  fbth,^?-..S'~J  tesskhzr ; 



Conscience,  s.  kÂİb,  zamir  ; 

( _ îl^il  inslf.  [münsif. 

Conscientious,  a.  ^LîLaii  ınsÂflz,  u_c-*2i 

Conscious  (to  be),  v.n.  duymak, 

hısss-et;  j\ı~$j+k  kbAbEri-ol. 
*\l*- zA*  wÂkzf-ol ;  — ,  a.  t— ûJİj  wÂkzf. 




wuküf ;  hısss. 

Consecrate,  v.a.  \i^riSsü  tâkdlss-et ; 

Consecrated,  a.  ^jsy&k?0  mâklısüss, 
^2^2-k^  mukliASSsess ;  mu- 


Consecutive,  a.  JU*^o  miıtevâll,  ,  Jlı^-c 
mııtetâlî,  ı _ *Axi*o  nhıta“âkzb. 

Consecutively,  ad.  L; \xx^c  muta“âkz‘ban, 
Â'Jb^-c  m  iı t^vâliyy etEn . 

Consent,  5.  L öj  rızâ  ;  — ,  v.n.  M; 

rızâ-VErmek,  râzz-ol. 

Consequence,  s.  A.2CV.Ü  netıju,  %.X.) 
s^mErE  ;  of — ,  khltz'rz- 

-sâyzlz'r  ;  of  no  — ,  jA.A*o  sâyzlmaz  ; 
that  is  of  no  — ,  *  zarârz'-ybk. 

Consequent,  s.  ^jİJ  tâli;  — ,  a. 

tâbz“,  \s^o  nıbnût,  mî;rbüt ;  (in 

word  and  act)^  ^ 

^  ishi-VE-lkwÂİz-birbirinE-mutl- 

Consequently,  ad.  <uLc-4.J  bınâ‘an- 
-“âlbyh,  binâ‘an-“âla- 

-zâlzkE,  bînâbErın,  AuAÇ*: 

bun^a-bînâ‘an,  bun^a-mebnı. 

Conserve,  s.  rechel ;  —  of  roses, 

jCjLJjjS  ghz/ııl-bd-shbkEr. 

Consider,  v.a.  (a  thing)  Uxllbu* 
mutâla“â-et,  mıilâhaza-et, 

diıshunmek ;  (a  person) 


[  76  ] 


saymak ;  —  as,  \  &£■  add-et, 
\  i“tibâr-et,  saymak. 

Considerable,  a.  biyuk, 

jbssîm  ;  kyiilll,  ^lâc  İzim. 

Consideration,  s.  mülâhaza, 

<u!lia^  mütâla“â,  J.^D‘  tb'bmmul, 
sâyghi ;  &  tibâr ; 

kâr  sh  ilik. 

Consign,  v.a.  tbsslim-et,, 

tbvdi"-et ;  ^  sipârish-et. 

Consist,  v.n.  ^  cuj^z  "ibâret-ol, 
mutErbttib-ol.  [tbssliyyet. 

Consolation,  s.  j  tesselli, 

Console,  v.a.  j  tbsselli- 

YErmek,  İLd.*L-J  tessliyybt-et. 

Consolidate,  v.a .  lidoyu  tlkviyyet- 
et,  d-o  tlkviyyet-VErmek, 

1  A*f=>U>  te'kld-et.  [mutlbik. 

Consonant,  5.  i _ SjZ>-  barf ;  — ,  a. 

Consort,  5.  ,-^jJ  zbvj  ;  zbvjn ; 

ârkadash,  rbfzk;  — ,v.n. 
kon^ushmak,  \  ikhti- 

llt-et.  [-ünpunda,  asj\s^c  mbydlnda. 

Conspicuous,  a.  jj—3  ghyzzz- 

Conspiracy,  5.  jL -i  ^ jS  ghizli-fessâd,  Adi 

Conspirator,  5.  jl^Adi  fitnE-kyâr.  [fitns. 

s  ^ 

Constancy,  5.  CUUj  sebat,  £ y^j  rii- 
sükh,  sldâklt. 

Constant,  a.  ^«AİhjlİÎ  sâbitkldEm, 
râsikh,  jt)U  sidik;  dâ‘im, 

eAj\A  da‘imî,  sabit, 




Constantinople,  s.  ısstânbol ; 

dkri-sa^âdet  (the  Gate  of 


Constantly,  ad.  UjİJ  dâ'imâ,  Aj 

bır-düziyE,  lâ-yanklti  , 

Constipation,  s.  ^oLiü!  inkiblz. 

Constitute,  v.a.  cX*2Jİ  btmek  ; 

**  • 

nlssb~et  ;  olmak,  1  (J-cX- 


Constitution,  (man’s)  vüjüd, 

bünyln,  V^c  mizâj  ;  (state’s) 

Constitutional,  a.  .  ,-Ji-Lc^-  khilkz, 

dog^ushdan  -  oİAn  ; 
L^V'Cİ^l^5  ^ ^  C/~  W  bssâssi-kawâ- 
nîna-miıtlbik-oİAn;  meshrüt ; 

cX-ü^  mükâyybd. 

Constrain,  v.a .  1  jebr-et,  <jb<  bo 

zorlamak,  1  jLsş-1  ijbâr-et. 

Constraint,  5.  ,  <£-*?  szkz ;  LdJoJL,o 

W'  •*  •• 

sikindi ;  j *:>-  jbbr  ;  hlbss. 

Construct,  v.a.  i^mâl-et,  \  liJİ 

inshâ-et,  \  liJ  binâ-et,  yapmak. 

Construction,  s.  '  'imâl,  lUİ  ınshâ; 

Uj  bınâ,  yapi. 

Consul,  s.  £  konsoloss. 

Consult,  v.a.  dlnisbmak, 

\  Xj\iL‘X~J\  isstishârE-et ;  —  together, 
v.n.  müshâvErE-et,  \  C  ■  J  ^**+r*Q 

mhshvErEt-et ;  (doctors) 

Consultation,  s.  \  isstishârk  ; 

Xj*  \  müshâvETE  ;  c  mbsh- 

vnrEt ;  ^^^5  konsulto. 

Consume,  v.a.  :x)  bitirmek,  CWiJ 

-/  • 

dükbtmek,  cJviJ  ybmek ;  - — ,  t;.zz. 

C3vi- J  bitmek,  j!  t— âİJ  tblef-ol,c3v^u=5 



[  77  ] 


C  on  summ  ate ,  v .  a  tekmil  -  et,  ^  U 

itmÂm-et;  — ,  a.  mükbmmbl. 

Consumption,  s.  khârj  ;  (disease) 

çj)  vkrEm. 

Consumptive,  a.  j  vsrEmli. 

Contact,  s.  ^1^.7  thmASSs,  tblakz, 


Contagion,  s.  sirayet,  ^iJL'îy 

bulashma,  ghbchma;  <0 

Contagious,  a.  lJŞ^Lî  sâri,  j \y*$y  bulashz'r, 
y^  gbbcliEr,  sirayet- bdEr. 

Contain,  v.a.  Âlmak ;  A  Jil> 

hâvi- öl,  shâmil-öl, 

mushtbmil-ol;  1  zXbt-et;  — one’s 
self,  dayanmak. 

.Contaminate,  v.a.  (J~*jy  bozmak, 

ifsad-et,  (JyjXtihy  bulashdzrmak, 
'  ^ip  tblviss-et. 

Contaminated,  a.  jij y  bozuk, 

fâssid ;  (J-^y  bulashzk,  LiJjb o  mii- 
lbvvbss.  [ifsâd  ;  telvlss. 

Contamination,  s.  L^:\  .~s  sirâvet ; 

Contemn,  v.a.  *a  saymamak, 

b _ iU^Lo!  isstikhfâf-et,  iss- 

tihklr-et.  [mülâhaza-et. 

Contemplate,  v.a.  \Jn)  nXzar-et,  Ub>X« 

Contemporary,  s.  and  a.  o  mu^lssir. 

Contempt,  isstihklr ;  < _ *U:sfLo! 

isstikhfâf ;  Ll—olcj  /% ^adEmi-ri^- 
âybt,  “âdEmi-hurmbt. 


Contemptible,  a.  (person)  Jirs^ müss- 
tâhkâr,  JJ  i  zelil,  Jr^j  rbzil ;  (thing) 

lâ  -  shby- maküİESsi, 

^  «  •  \  ( — 

JUZ  1. 

Contend,  v.n.  niza'-et, 

mimaza<fa-et ;  iddz^a-et. 

Content,  a.  razı,  khoshnud; 

*-3li  klnz‘££;  — ,  v.a.  \  ^\j  razi-et ; 

\  khöshnud-et,  iknâ^-et. 

Contention,  s.  y  niza",  ttejllrv  mii- 
nâza  ‘a,  liji  (kawgha). 

Contentment,  s.  kAna^at. 

Contest,  s.  <^jWc  müjâdbİE,  &*s>- Laj 
mübâhassE  ;  — ,  v.a.  \  jll£.  *lnad-et. 

Context,  s.  ,  vL~>  vL«j  siylk-sibAk. 

Contiguous,  a.  muttXsszl,  ^yJLo 

mülâsszk,  ( jJJLüJ  bitishik. 

Continence,  s.  'bssmbt. 

Continent,  s.  Xy  kXra,  y  bkrr  >  <uL3 
kit" a. 

Contingent,  a.  ^Jibbl  ittiflk?> 
meshkyük ;  — ,  s.  hissE. 

Continual,  a.  L_£jbil.-c  mutbmâdı ;  — ly, 
ad.  bilâ-flsszla,  ^  la- 


Continuance,  5.  dewam,  Iüj  bÂkÂ, 

\  isstimrar. 

Continue,  v.n.  dewâm-et  ; 

da'im-bl ;  \  tekbrrur-et ;  — , 

v.a.  \\b\  ibka-et ;  \ tbkrar-et ; 

b  !  \  Aİt-yanznz- sü wey- 
lemek ;  b  yins  (gbcnu)  yap¬ 

Contortion,  s.  L—jb^^J  pich-u-tlb. 

Contraband,  a.  Jjbaj  yasslk, 

memnû££;  ghyiim- 


Contract,  5.  ghyaturu- 

pâzarlzk,  ta£<abhud ;  jAjbly 


[  78  ] 


könturâto  ;  müklvdİE ;  — •,  v.n. 

\  ta“ahhud-et ;  iSy jz  ghyu- 

turu-Âİmak  ;  uiy^i=>  gh yu- 

turu-vErmek  ;  cJv*!j  büzülmek, 
chükilmek ;  <J^!j!j  dÂrÂl- 
mak,  Azllmak ;  — ,  v.a. 

4^,1.!!  Aİzshmak  ;  Jo!  bdinmek, 

!  I  JuJ  püydâ-et;  !  Jjic  “lkd-et;  /J.^s>[s 
kÂssmak;  J  dârÂltmak, 


Contraction,  s.  kzssAİish,  ^jJİİX:>- 

chükilish,  bzzzulush. 

Contractor,  s.  müta“ahhid, 

mültbzim,  gbyzzturu-AİAn. 

Contradict,  v.a.  U _ tükzlb-et. 

•  ♦♦ 

Contrariety,  5.  < _ iL»-  khzllf,  cJi-— 

‘'aksilik,  cJ-ky  türsslik. 

Contrary,  a.  tkrss,  ^JÜs.  “aksı, 

i— allsr*  mukhâlif,  zuld. 

Contrast,  s.  jjy  fark. 

Contravene,  v.a.  khzll- 


Contribute,  v.n.  !^b  yardzm-et,  IdüU! 
i  ÂnE-et ;  — ,  v.a .  vkrmek, 

Uj  u  i  anE-et.  [vırghyü  (vErghi). 

Contribution,  '  <ÜÜ  ı“ânE,  »Sj, 

J  J"J 

Contrition,  5.  lj—Jjö  nüdâmet,<jLU*,İj 
püchlmÂnlz'k  (pıshmÂnlzk) . 

Contrivance,  s.  Jy.  yol,  Lj'İdi  kolay, 
chars,  i mahifüt,  üUr! 
Ijâd ;  hzİE. 

Contrive,  v.a.  !  jW;l  îjâd-et, 

bulmak  ;  — ,  v.n.  uydurmak, 


<Jiky  kölaymı- bulmak. 

Control,  s.  j*>\  emr ;  zlbt  ;  *>! 

ıdârE ;  LZJj  k3  nAzârbt ;  — ,  v.a. !  Lu*? 
zlbt-et ;  kûlllnmak ;  1  *yJİ 

ıdârE-et,  IcJU^lk  nlzârüt-et. 
Controversy,  mubahsssE ; 

Aİ  jLst"0  müjadEİE  ;  münâza“a. 

Controvert,  v.a.  !l-^-'3*0  tükzîb-et. 

•  ♦♦ 

Contumacious,  a.  **£*>  mûtdmErrid, 
ghâyrz'-mutz“,  ^y?lc  “âssz. 
Contuse,  v.a.  Sji  bbrEİemek. 

Contusion,  s.  şy  bürs. 

Convalescence,  s.  Lr— ilil  if  âk  At. 

Convene,  v.a.  1  £-*;>-  jüm“-et, 

Convenience,  s.  rahat, 

kolaylzk ;  mümshâ, 


Convenient,  a.  LZ^s>~\ j  rahat ; 
kolay;  i  kölaylzklz. 

Convent,  s.  (j^Ja-sli^J-i  kzz-mÂnâsstzrz. 

Convention,  s.  “ahd,  mu- 

“ahndE,  idjliho  mukâvüİE. 


Converge,  v.n. 

bırleshmek,  yâ- 


Conversation,  s.  sohbet,  l-T  J  ,â! 


lâkzrdz,  t__i^  lif. 

Converse,  u.zz.  \cL^+sra  sohbet-et,  İL^Jyii 
lâkirdi-et,  lâf-et,  cJvfcîJjy- j 

süwüyİEshmek ;  — ,  5.  “âkss, 


Convert,  s.  müht^dı ;  — ,  v.a. 

züİJcJbl  ıhtidâyE  -  ghütirmek  ; 
chevirmek,  dzzn- 



[  79  ] 


Convex,  a.  mühaddbb,  LL)'—-c J 

tümsek,  kübbEvârî. 

Convey,  v.a.  (carry)  nÂkl-et ; 

lLXs cjy&  ghbtirmek  ;  ghya- 

turmek  ;  (communicate)  ^-1-J  tb- 
bllgh-et;  (a  meaning)  lifjlil  ifadn-et, 
{JkcjAjU  klldirmak. 

Convict,  s.  prânghali ;  — ,  v.a. 

I  Cl?  LA  iunhassini-lssblt-et. 

Conviction,  s.  jezm, 

“ilmu-’l-yakm  :  te^^-CuLjt  issblti- 
-  ♦  • 


Convince,  v.a.  klndirmak,  \ 

ilzâm-et,  İdîlAA  isskyât-et,  ^^Lj 

ikna‘‘-et.  [-jbm“-et. 

Convoke,  v.a.  da$<vbtla- 

Convoy,  v.a.  convoy-et; 

rbfaklt-et  ;  — ,  s.  ^ 


Convulsion,  s.  tbshbnnuj. 

Cook,  s.  .  Ishii;  — ,  v.n. 

O  J  V 

pishmek;  — ,v.a.  pishirmek. 

Cool,  a.  sbrin  ;  (brave)  j 

jbssür;  (impudent)J~^L.‘arsiz;  — ,  s. 
LLX\uJj~3  sbrinlik  ;  — ,  v.n.^<^iya  so¬ 
lumak;  — ,  v.a.^J-4J^£-^*a  soghutmak. 
Coolness,  5.  cALj  -»  sbrinlik  ;  CU 

.■j  >  ♦ 

jbssârbt ;  «jjlc  “ârsizlik  ;  (want  of 

affection)  CUi^y  bürüdet. 

Coop,  kyümbss. 

Cooper,  s.  fichiji. 

Co-operate,  v.n.  C-L«j y>  ^Jli\  * Aİzr^J 


Co-operation,  s.  mu^âvbnbt. 

Copal,  s.  SAndaross. 

Copious,  a.  b 61,jli^J  bbrekütli. 

Copper,  s.  (metal)  yb  bikir ;  (boiler) 
klzghln  (klzAn). 

Copperas,  s.  (blue)  A  ghyaz-tl- 

sh i;  (green)  zlji-kibriss. 

Copt,  s.  kibti. 

Coptic,  a.  ^J)  LJ  kibtî-lıssâni. 

Copulate,  v.n.  sikishmek,  ^  ^U>>- 

jımâ^-et,  chıftİEshmek. 

Copy,  s.  (model  of  writing)  _ -c 

mbshk  ;  (writing  -  exercise)  b Js 

kiralama ;  (sample  of  scholar’s  wri¬ 
ting)  tamlım  ;  (of  a  book) 

nüsskha  ;  (of  a  writing)  iZJjya  sürüt; 
(of  a  drawing)  “ayn, 

arnek  ;  — ,  v.a.  (imitate)  \  aA  ÜJ  tlk- 
lid-et ;  (a  writing)  J.oj\  .*  or  c^liu>- 
or  surktini-llmak,  or 

chikarmak,  or  yazmak  ;  (a  drawing, 
&c.)  * 'aynim  -  llmak, 

< wrnb^Aini- Aimak. 

Coral,  5.  i^y^T j*  mkrjAn. 

Cord,  5.  1 _ ol  ip.  [iksir. 


Cordial,  a.  cA^^a  samimî  ;  — ,  s.  .+  Jt\ 

Cordovan,  s.  tblâtîn. 

Core,  s.  igS îch- 

Corfu,  s.  jijS  kyurfez ;  .i  korf a. 

Coriander,  s.  [^]***A' w.  ^  kishnish. 

Cork,  s.  mAntar ;  (stopper) 

tlpa.  [tlpa-achajak. 

Corkscrew,  bürghu,  LI? 

Corn,  s.  lAİAcjJ  bö^day,  hinta, 

zakhzrE ;  (for  horses)  1?^! 
arpa  ;  (on  the  foot)  nlssir ; 

(grain)  <0İJ  dann  (tank). 


[  80  ] 


Cornel-berry,  s.  (j-Sy*  kmljz'k. 

Cornelian,  5.  akik. 

Corner,  5.  kyashE. 

Cornice,  s.  j^jy  pkrwlz. 

Corollary,  s.  nbtîjE. 

Coronation,  s.  tbtwlj,  tb- 

Coronet,  5.  fi  tlj.  [tbvvuj. 

Corporal,  s.  onbAslıi;  — ,  a. 

jıssmlnî ;  —  punishment, 

^jLb  dayak. 

Corporation,  5.  ahâlî ;  tr^°  mhİ- 

liss,  l S j*£i\  shürâ  ;  t— 9\+*a\  bssnâf. 

Corporeal,  a.  jıssmÂnî. 

Corps,  s.  (jJjb  baluk ;  jy  IL  tAbur  ; 
lJV\  Alay;  1^1  11  wâ  ;  tâkzm. 

Corpse,  s.  şjL>- jbnâzE,  jessed. 

Corpulent,  a.  shishmAn, 


Correct,  a.  l dbyAru,  sahih, 

fi  tAmm,  tAmÂm  ;  — -,  v.a. 

ji  jL  döghrultmak,  1 

Correspond,  v.n .  (by  letter) 

mektubİEshmek,  \xy\js^°  mukhlbErE- 
et,  !<Uj'lCc  mukyâtbbE-et ;  (in  quality) 
uymak,  mîıtÂbik- 


Correspondence,  s.  l£«  mîıkyâtbbE; 

mütÂbakAt.  [mukhbir. 
Correspondent,  s.  y\kr°  mükhâbir^-Jr'10 
Corroborate,  v.a.  \jüıX^J  tâssdîk-et ; 

1  tAkvıyyet-et,  \  JujEst*  te'kıd- 

Corrob oration,  5.  tassdik.  [-et. 

Corroborative,  a.  mussAddik ; 

cb'tibc  mukavvı, 

Corrode,  v.a.  ybmek, 

chürutmek*  pAsslan-dir- 


Corrupt,  a.  (bad)  tX~Ai  fâssid,  jjj y 
bozuk;  (mercenary)  CU^j  rıshvbt- 
-ykr;  — ,  v.a.  <jj-'<jy  bozmak,  \  jl -i i 
ıfsâd-et;  (with  money)  LLX^y^ 
rıshvbt-vErmek,  cJv*jJü  Zj\j  pârE 
(para)  -ybdirmek. 

Corruption,  s.  bozmaklik,  j 


Corsair,  s.  js  J  dbnyiz-khlrsizk  , 

Corselet,  s.  bj  ghy  aks slik  -  zırh .  ; 

Corset,  5.  y  korsetE. 

Cortege,  s.  l Jİ\  Aİay. 

Corvette,  s.  CbJjj y  kurvbt. 

Cosecant,  s.  £.bl3^Uj  tAmÂmi-kÂt«“. 

Cosey,  a.  eb-%^ j  rahat. 

Cosine,  s.  tAmÂrm-jbyb. 

Cossack,  s.  j\J  kızak. 

Coss-lettuce,  5.  marul. 

Cost,  5.  bahâ  (pAha)  ;  uJy&so  ş 
mAssraf ;  — ,  v.a.  olmak. 

Costiveness,  s.  înkiblz. 

Costly,^J  pAhAİi^  mîıkbllıf.  üi 

Costume,  s.  kiyâfbt. 

Cot,  s-,  <tjj»  kulubn,  bvjbyföz. 

Cotangent,  s.  tAmÂrm-  a 


Cotemporary,  5  and  a.  j*a\x*  mu^Âssir.ffii 

Cottage,  s.  kyay-bvi. 

Cotton,  s.  pâmuk  (pAmbuk),  i 

Ayı  pbnbh. 

Couch,  mındEr;  <üA^i  kânapE ;  lq 

düshbk,  yatak. 


[  81  ] 


Cough,  s.  aksuruk ;  — ,  v.n. 


Council,  s.  müjliss. 

Councillor,  s.  ^ Ju-Ls: *  lS\^£c-\ 

â“zâyi-  müjlissdan  -  üİAn  ;  - 


Counsel,  5.  nÂssîhat,  CU^I 

iiyAut ;  — ,  v.a.  i^X+3 “Xkl- 
-uy^rlstmek,  nÂssih^t-et. 

Count,  5.  rütb^i-sâlissü- 

-hkghı ;  — ,v.a.  saymak;  — , 

v.n.  *a  sâyilmak. 

Countenance,  s.  J  ^  yüz,  chührE, 

J&'+so  mÂnzar,  sıma. 

Counter,  s.  <J  *J  pul ;  (of  a  shop) 
pbshtakhta ;  (who  counts) 
^££ÂjL?  skyi]i ;  (opposite) 
kârshî.  harü-bulmak. 

Counteract,  v.a.  y  büzmak,  <^\>- 

Counterbalance,  v.a.j\^jLj*j\$  karshih*k- 


Counterfeit,  a.  kXlp, 

sâkhtE ;  — ,  4Â-İ£3  tÂklîd ;  — ,  v.a. 

\  Juiiu  tÂklıd- et. 


Counterfeiter,  kÂİpazan, 


Countermand,  v.a. 

bmrini-ghbri-Xlmak,  İl 


İountermarch,  s.  _5j~~  ghbri- 


ounterpane,  s.  ^  yurghAn. 

ounterpart,  s.  "ayn. 

ounterpoise,  s.  kârshihk:. 

ountersign,  u.a. 

shadâdet-ichun-ımzâ-komak ; 
— ,  s.  parola.  [yAaza. 

Counting-house,  5.  xkjl  üda,  mâ- 

Country,  (native)  wXtAn, 
wilaybt  (wila'at) ;  (territory) 
msmlekEt,  IÛ1  ülkyâ  (ülkü)  ;  (out  of 
town)  (_? £  ky ay  ;  chiftlik  ; 

(open  — )  ySL*5  sahra,  k£r. 

Countryman,  s.  kyaylu ;  (fellow 

— )  hümshühri. 

County,  5.  jjWx-o  sÂnjak,  !j!  liwa. 

Couple,  s.  Â>-  chift. 

Couplet,  5.  bbyt.  [yiyAitlik. 

Courage,  s.  jüssâret, 

Courageous,  a.  L^-io  yiy^it, 

jüssür.  [kuriyül. 

Courier,  s.jkJ  tatar,  mbnzil, 

Course,  (whole  time)  Cl^J^o  müddüt ; 
(of  studies)  J  Xja  szra-dürssİEr ; 

of  — ,  EİbÜttE. 

Court,  s.  (royal)  lJ\ y*  saray,  ^-jLo 
mâbüyn;  J  dzwln,  «-—jI ^  rikyab, 
binish ;  (of  justice)  <U Ls* 
mühkemü ;  (martial)  c_ - 
dTwan-i-harb ;  —  plaster, 

jamfüss-yakîssî  ;  —  yard, 

havlf;  to  pay  — ,  v.n.  \j3jZ 
1  "ârz£-“übüdiyyüt-et, 

M-apmek,  ayak- 

apmek,  btek-apmek. 

Courteous,  a.  jLkjly  nüwâzishli, 
jly  khÂü‘r-nüwâz. 

Courtesy,  s.  khÂtîr-nüwâzh'k. 

Cousin,  5.  “Âmuja-üghlu, 

day-üghlu,  &c. 



[  82  ] 


Cove,  kyurfez,  u£jjs  köy. 

Covenant,  s.  &$£  <fahd,  kavi,  SL*o 

Cover,  5.  ürtu  ;  (case)  L— kip  ; 

(lid)  jUklpAk;  (shelter) 
bârinajak-yür  ;  — ,  v.a.  ört¬ 
mek  ;  klplamak;  klpA- 

Covering,  s.  artu.  [mak. 

Coverlet,  s.  jJ  yurghAn. 

Covert,  a.  kl-lltinda, 

ghizli,  jJj \*a  sakli,  khafl. 

Covet,  v.a.  ghyaz-dikmek, 

Î  tlma‘f-et. 

Covetous,  a.  j\Cx^s  tlmâ^kyâr,  ^2^.5^ 
hariss,  ^  âj-ghyazlu. 

Covetousness,  s.  tlma^kyarlik. 

Cow,  5.  CiiiJİ  inek;  — ,  v.a. 

Coward,  korkak. 


Cowkeeper,  s.  sütji. 

Cowl,  s.  kip ut-blshliy  Ai, 

(ji-lb  blshh’k. 

Crab,  5.  yönghöch,  châ- 

yAanöss;  uM^iLj  yablnî-Eİma. 

Crack,  s.  ^İ3 \ç>-  chatllk,  Jjjjb  yârik : 

pltlayish  ;  wurush ; 

— ,  v.n.  \ş>-  chatlamak,  j\j 

yârilmak,  \j  pltlamak ;  — , 

v.a.  lj>-  chatİAtmak,  cr°jV. 

yarmak,  pltlatmak. 

Cracked,  a.  vSjW-  chatllk,  » ,1) 

Ls  v  •• 

yârik;  (mad)  <JjU-  cblb'k, 


Cracker,  s.  pltlanghich. 

Cradle,  s.  i^XL. i  böshik. 

Craft,  s.  (trade)  sân  ât ; 

(cunning)  lL>-  hiİE ;  (shipping) 

ü£j  teknE,  kâyik. 

Crafty,  a.  hilökyâr, 

shöytln,  dübâraji. 

Cram,  v.a.  siki-döl-  • 


Cramp,  s.  bj) sinyirİEr-tü-  • 

tulmassi ;  — ,  v.a.  sıkmak. 

Cramp-iron,  s.  kin  öt. 

Crane,  s.  (bird)  &jy°  turna ;  (ma-  . 
chine)  mâcbüna. 

Crank,  s.  Ji  M,  Jy  kol,  dirsek  • 

— ,  a.jıjb  kolay- devrilir. 

Crape,  s.  bürunjuk. 

Cravat,  s.  boyun-bly^i. 

Crawfish,  Crayfish,  s.  bajek. 

Crawl,  v.n.  y  s ^  Smyrna,  s 

-sürunörek  -  yürümek ;  ,£■]  z 

ay  Air- yürümek. 

Crazy,  a.  (mad)  klchik ;  : 

(tumble-down)  L^>-Ab  yikilajak,  »I 
(ship)  b  bltajak. 

Creak,  v.n.  ,  j’l>-  chatirdamak,  il 

Cy  >  v 


Cream,  5.  y  Jy-o  sııd-yüzu  ;  (clotted  | 
— )  kâymak. 

Crease,  î;.a.  kirmak ;  — ,  s.  ı 

ç>jXi  kirim,  kirma. 

Create,  v.a.  yârltmak,  \j\j  vâr-et,  jf 

khalk-et  ^  (appoint  to  a  rank  or  ; 
office)  etmek, \  nlssb-et.  r 

Creation,  5.  (act  of)  yâri-  i: 

dish,  khalk ;  (being  created)  ; 

jl  yârldilish,  khilklt, 


[  83'  ] 


t  afisrmish ;  (thing  created) 
mâkhlûk  ;  (all  creation)  Jlc 

C  C  _  -  t  * 

aİEm  ;  (of  officers)  i _ nÂssb. 

Creator,  s.  yarldijz,  jlU 

khllik,  c5,l)  bârı,  afuri- 

nendk,  ^y|  aferin. 

Creature,  s.  j^Ls.-'0  mâkhlûk.  [i"tibâr. 
Credence,  s.  i  "timid,  jLol 

Credentials,  5.  pi.  <ulî«-'Lcxl  i"timld- 
-nâmE.  vkrûssiyE. 

Credit,  s.  jljxcl  i"tibâr;  on  — , 
Creditable,  a.  Creditably,  ad.  lyi, 
(Jjjf  ghyüzel,  )Lc!  a‘‘la. 

Creditor,  5.  *Usw4İl  Alajakli. 

Creed,  s.  imin  ;  LO^cl  âmEntü. 

Creek,  s.jli  ı.»  hoghlz,  Jc\  Igliz)  o'U^ 
chây,  derk.  [rek-yürumek. 

Creep,  v.n.  dJvtJjyJ  c  sürünü- 

Cremation,  5.  ihrlk. 

Creole,  s.  j Lo  mblez. 

Crescent,  5.  (new  moon)  hilâl ;  (de¬ 
coration)  olay;  (placed  on  spires, &c.) 
r  ‘  aİEm.  [(^«j By  sû-tür<3ssi. 

Cress,  5.  ^JJj\  xjj  terk-otu;  water  — , 
Crest,  s.  (ridge)  C sirt. 

Cretan,  s.  and  a.  ^ Ghiridli. 

Crete,  s.  <Aj  $  Ghirid. 


Crevice,  s.  âralîk,  chat- 

Crew,  s.  4İjIL  tâ'ifu.  [Ilk,  yank. 
Cricket,  (insect)  chbkirghE. 

Crier,  5.  JJj  düllâl,  münadi. 

Crime,  s.  lo-o-Lî  klbâhat,  jünhâ, 

t+j>-  jürm,  such. 

Criminal,  s.  ^.Lıo^-Lo  kAbahath*, 
Li  kÂbâhat- sahibi, 

mu  j  rim ;  — ,  a.  (wrong)  ^  J  klbih, 
khrtblss.  khmizi. 

Crimson,  a.  11,  (j-y-  ghuwbss, 

Cripple,  s.  Lio  sakAt ;  — ,  v.a. 



Crisis,  s.  (of  disease)  ^^^7  bührân ; 

(of  events)  nâzik- wlkzt. 

Crisp,  a.  ghevrbk. 

Criterion,  5.  jLxaj  mi' 'vâr,  ^J^s:'0  mâ- 
Criticise,  v.a.  jbrh-et.  [hbkk. 

Criticism,  s.  jürh.  [-rnkmlekEti. 

Croatia,  s.  CJİ^ y>-  Khirvât- 

Croatian,  s.  and  a.  Khirvât. 

Crockery,  5.  chanak- 

Crocodile,  s.  timsâh.  [châmlek. 

Crocus,  s.  (flower)  chip'/i-dbm. 

Crooked,  a.  lJ^.1  kghri,  JJj l>-  chârpik. 
Crop,  s.  (produce)  mahsûl, 

ClSLo\s>-  hâssilât ;  (bird’s)  js 

kûrslk ;  — ,  v.a.  kbssmek, 

bichmek,  kirkmak ; 

(trees)  budamak. 

Cross,  s.  ,—U*.  hÂch,  charmzkh ; 

— ,  a.  j+ij  titiz,  (j~y  tkrss,  * 

darghm  ;  — ,  v.a.  ghbchmek. 

Crossbow,  s.  ^J*\ jIjIj  tatar-oku. 
Crosslegged,  ad.  to  sit  — , 

Crosspatch,  s.  J  ^  U~y 

Crosstree,  5.  i  kûrchbta. 

Crossway,  s.  sÂpa-yol. 

Crotchet,  s.  (fancy)  Jji^o  mbrlk. 

Crow,  s.  4i^li  kârgha  ;  cock’s  — , 

h  2 


C  84  ] 


khbross-wtmbssi ;  — , 
v.n.  utmek. 

Crowbar,  s.  (dbmir)-kbl. 

Crowd,  s.  jîLb»  or  J.£.  (kÂİabÂk'k), 
izdiham  ;  — ,  v.a. 

sik-komak  ;  — ,  v.n.  s  i- 


Crown,  s.  (regal)  ,-^b’  tXj  ;  (of  head) 
(tbpb) ;  — ,  v.a.  (king)  J 

tbtvlj-et,  L iXySy  tÂj-ghidirmek; 
(heights)  (tbpbyE)- 

*  ‘  ÂsskEr-chikmak. 

Crucible',  s.  &3y*  puta. 

Crucifix,  ~-b>-  hÂch.  Crelmassi. 

Crucifixion,  s.  $  ct>*b>-  hÂchE-ghb- 

Crucify,  v.a.  &>-b>-  hÂcha-ghbr- 

mek,  \s>-  charmikha=ghbr- 

Crude,  a.  khÂm.  bmek. 

Cruel,  a,j~*ZA.o-jsc  merhametsiz,^-^;  U! 

insâniyybtsiz,  J&\sis>-  jbfakyar. 

Cruise,  s.  (at  sea)  yı~ı  sbfsr,  tab ^  volta  ; 

— ,  v.n.  vblta-wurmak. 

Cruiser,  s.  ghbmi. 

Crumb,  5.  (not  crust) 

(bkmek)-ichi ;  — ,  (fragment)  C-bij'l 

Crumple,  v.a.  y  burushdurmak, 

LLb-çjl  bzmek. 

Crupper,  5.  tJ.x*a  sâghn. 

Crush,  v.a.  cX<j\  bzmek. 

Crust,  s.  kÂbuk. 

Crutch,  5.  ^.yy^J^y  költuk-deynep&i. 
Cry,  s.  sbss,  \x*  sÂdâ  ;  nida, 
tayib  bhghirma  ;  — ,  v.n.  \  \x>  nidâ- 
et,  (jycjsus*-  haykırmak,  Ji^i-b  bâ- 

ghirmak,  cha^/wrmak ;  (weep) 

ahlamak  ;  — -  out, 
haykirmak,  ^^i-b  bâ^rmak ;  — 

aloud,  1 1  Jo  nida-et,  xb  ba^rmak, 

(J.sCjcXsy  châg'/fo’rmak  ;  —  up,  \  ^Xo 
mbdh-et,  lli  sbna-et. 

Crypt,  s.  fjjXi  bodurum, 

Crystal,  s.  bîllür;  (of  salts)  ta£>J 

Cube,  s.  C-— '.xCc  mukyâ<<f  Âb.  [i^faiE. 

Cuckold,  s.  pbzbwhnk, 


Cuckoo,  s.  ku^uk-kushu. 

Cucumber,  s.  jLrk  khiyâr. 

Cud,  s.  y  ghbv  ;  to  chew  the  — ,  v.n. 
kLbcjyS  £  ghbv-ghbtirmek. 

Cuddle,  v.a.  \\*a  sÂrilmak. 

Cudgel,  5.  sopa. 

Cue,  ^j>j\ ip-uju. 

Culpable,  a.  (person)  suchlu,  . 

^\J  kÂbâhatli ;  (act)  l-i  fbna,  ( 

Culprit,  s.  jb>-^  suchlu,  <^>Ay  kÂbâ-  i 
hath,  mujrim. 

Cultivate,  v.a.  (sow)  bkmek ;  : 

(plant)  cJw*-£==t>  dikmek  ;  (the  : 
ground)  \  hirâssbt-et,  jj  J 

zira“at-et ;  (science>  &c.)  1  j 

ishtighÂİ-et,  mbshghul-ol, : 

\^-  chÂkshmak. 

Cultivation,  s.  jj  zirâ^at ;  JU^,Aİ  1 


Cumbersome,  Cumbrous,  a. 

Cummin,  s.  kbmmün  (kimiybn).l 


[  85  ] 


Cunning,  a.  shkytln, 

brosstopollu  ;  — 5.  shey- 


Cunt,  s.  i*!  Âm,  ^ ji  fkrj,  kyuss. 

Cup,  5.  finjln  (filjln)  ;  — ,  v.a. 

\  hXjambti-et  (bÂjârnÂt). 

Cupbearer,  s.  ^îLj  sâkz. 

Cupboard,  s.  i—MJo  doİAb. 

Cupid,  s.  /*JLs>  “islik. 

Cupidity,  s.  tAma“,  ffirss. 

Cupola,  <Uj>  kubbü. 

Cupper,  ^sa^cls-5^  (hXjamXtjl). 

Cupping-glass,  s.  ^cl  (hX- 

jamXt)-jamz;  — horn,  jyjy  bdynuz. 

Curaçoa,  s.  J>  kbrasoa. 

Curb,  v.a.  \  b»~â  zXbt-et,  (J.scjj  \ 

Curdle,  v.n.  kkssilmek. 

Cure,  v.a.  \y\  lyi-et;  1— ^La\  kslah-et. 

Curiosity,  s,  (rare  thing)  <_s  \aer 
tuhaf- sh^y  ;  ‘’antika ;  (inquisi¬ 
tiveness)  nffirlk. 

Curious,  a.  (surprising)  “Xjib 

(“Xja‘ib),  gharlb  ;  (rare) 

c-ils?  tuhaf ;  (inquisitive)  y<> 

merlkli,  hbr-shey-sorar. 

Curl,  s.  (of  hair)  t— a!j  zulf ;  (general) 
j j+i  kavrlm,  ç&y  buklum;  — -,  v.a. 
ka  varmak,  bükmek; 

— ,  v.n.  kavrdmak, 


Currant,  s.  (fresh)  firknk- 

-üzumu ;  (dried)  kush- 

-üzumu.  [râ‘ij,  Jyja*  mfrtĞdâvfel. 
Current,  5.  Xk/nda;  — ,  a.  trb 

Curry,  v.a.  (comb)  \  jIkJ  tlmar-et ;  . — 
favour,  v.n.  yXltlklanmak. 

Currycomb,  5.  tarak, 

Curse,  s.  la“nkt,  bkd-dü“â; 

— , u.a.^L^u*!  la“nkt-et,  ^ cjijl 

Cursed,  a.  ^xLc  nffil“ün. 

Cursory,  a.  ja'^kr0  mukhtXssar. 

Curtail,  v.a.  kassAİtmak. 

Curtain,  s.  XJijJ  pkrdE. 

Curve,  a.  munhanl ;  curve-line, 

^.z£\sc  khXttl-munhanl. 

Cushion,  s.  y^ssdak,  (cylindrical) 

bâlin  ;  (seat)  jwXi^c  mindEr. 

Custom,  s.  CL>jle  “âdkt. 

Customer,  s.  lSjxL^c  musht&ri. 

Custom-house,  s.  ghyumruk ;  — - 

duty,  ghyumruk,  r&ss- 

mi-ghyumruk ;  —  officer, 

ghyumrukju,  dlduhÂn. 

Cut,  v.a.  .i=>  k&ssmek,  kXt“- 

-et ;  — ,  s.  (wound)  yâra  ;  (shape) 
Cutlass,  s.  ^r~  kalij.  [*cs^  bichim. 

Cutler,  s.  (knife)  bachlkja ; 

(penknife)  klİEmtrashjl ; 

(sword)  kalijji. 

Cutter,  5.  (who  cuts)  dogh- 

rayaja ;  (knife)  bachXk ;  (ship) 

^jji  kotra. 

Cut-throat,  s.  JjIj  katil;  JjU 
Cycle,  s.  da‘irE.  [kXnli-kXtil. 

Cylinder,  s.  usstuwanE. 

Cypress,  s.  s^lvi,  skrv. 

Cyprus,  5.  Kıbrıs. 


[  86  ] 



Dab  down,  v.a.  Atmak, 

AtzvErmek,  C-XojJ brakzvErmek. 
Dabble,  v.n.  JmA^I  oynamak; 

Dad,  Daddy,  5.  ^J>-blj  blbAjek. 
Daffodil,  5.  Altm-top. 

Dagger,  s.jSâsZ-  khAnjkr  (khAnchar). 
Daily,  a.  £  jh  hEr-ghunki, 

yiıvmî  ;  — ,  ad.  ghy&ndE-bir  ; 


Dalmatia,  s.  j  Dalmachia. 

•*  v 

Dam,  s.  (mother)  \j\  ana ;  (of  earth) 
sbdd ;  — ,  v.a.  \  Lu*?  aL>\  sedd-ila- 

zAbt-et.  khâssüret. 

Damage,  s.  j yo  zarar,  ^bj  ziyan, 

Damages,  5,  pi.  ClAu^oj  tAzmînlt. 

Damascus,  s.  (J.L* cJ  Damashk. 

Damask,  s.  jiusLoİJ  dâmâssko  ;  —  rose, 
iJ'-j}'6  mbr-ghyul. 

Damn,  v.a.  jihEnnEma- 

-ghyundErmek  ;  damn  you, 

Damned,  a.  jihEnnEmlik. 

Damp,  a.  and  s.  ^  nbm  ;  a.  nbm- 

nâk  (nEmlXk),  Jbj  rutubfetli ;  — ,  5. 
^■h  rutubbt ;  — ,  v.a. 
nbmİEtmek,  •  ^.,4J')LX  isslAtmak ; 

Damsel,  s.j+£  kzz.  [(JLAJjZya  soyAutmak. 
Damson,  mwrdum-briyAi. 

Dance,  5.  hbra  ;  — ,  v.n. 

CX*Xf  hora-tbpmek,  rAkss-et. 

Dandelion,  5.  b«AiJb  hindiba. 
Dane,  s.  Danimarkali. 

Danger,  s.  tehlikn,  korku, 

üjb Lsr°  mukhltara. 

Dangerous,  a.  ^ jij korkulu, 
t^hlikkli,  J^blsr10  mukhltarak*. 

Dangle,  v.n.  <JUij sarkmak. 

Danube,  s.  b»b  Tuna. 

Dapple-grey,  a.  lJ«*s <diû  bAkla-km. 

Dardanelles,  s.  ,  c~i&x \j  .  ?U,>-  Chanak- 

W  v 


Dare,  v.n.\cL>j\~+^  jbssârbt-et, 

jur'bt-et ;  — ,  v.a.  <üb 


Daring,  a.  jessür,  L^.Jj  yiyMt ; 

— ,  s.  LUjL^p  jbssâret,  cX'bi-jrzru 

Dark,  a.  \Ji  kAranh’k  ;  —  lantern, 
khirszz-fEnEri.  [zülmbt. 

Darkness,  s.  ^bbi  kAranlik,  L^viib 

Darling,  s.  j iki-ghyaz,  ? 

nüri-e<âyn,  jiy^Er-kyosliE. 

Darn,  v.a.  LlXcyj!  armek. 

Dart,  5.  jirld ;  — ,  v.a.  j\ 

Atmak  ;  — ,  v.n.  ^-Libl  Aü’lrnak. 

Dash,  v.a.  \  X^-yb  X^-yb  pârcha-pârcha- 
-et;  chalmak,  sy 

chârpmak,  wurmak. 

Dastard,  5.  Jjbj  korkak. 

Date,  s.  (fruit)  khurma ;  (epoch) 

^Cjb’  târîkh ;  — ,  v.a. 

Daub,  v.a.  (ysC  fiAdwJ  bulashdz’rmak. 

Daughter,  5.  j+s  kız,  kbrlmE  ;  — ~ 

in-law,  ghblin. 

Daunt,  v.a.  korkutmak. 

Dawn,  5.  (J&J*  shafAk, 


[  87  ] 


brtalz'k-Ay/zarmassz,  ^s*  fbjir ;  — , 
v.n.  ^cjA  AghdiYmagha- 

bAshlamak ;  Ij  ^  “Tv^IjSL**5  sbchil- 

meyME-bAshlamak . 

Day,  s.  ghyiin,  ^  yzzvm,  j}j 

rvz  ;  —  before  yesterday, 
EvvEİsi-ghyım  ;  —  after  to-morrow, 

Daybreak,  v.  Dawn.  [dEİikji. 


Day-labourer,  s.  l5j£tjSJü}İ=  ghyun- 
Daylight,  5.  aydznlz'k, 

£  ghyunduz-aydznlzy^z. 
Daytime,  s.JjA ghyimduz. 

Dazzle,  v.a.  ghyzzz-ka- 

mAshdz’rmak,  ghyzzz- Aİmak. 

Dead,  a.  y*\  Mu,  Mmush,  <3.^ 

miird,  x<X*>  murdd,  \iji*  mutewbffa. 
Deadly,  a.  nmhlz’k, 

â--c  X  S+~s  âsyj l>  zMdurma-  dbr  ej  Essinda- 


Deaf,  a. skghir,  Jaz£+A  ishitmaz. 
Deafness,  s.  sayAzrlzk. 

Deal,  5.  chok;  (wood)  *l>-  cham; 
— ,  v.a.  dlyMmak ;  —  in, 

v.n.  SAtmak,  tija- 

rbtini-et.  [ghz/an. 

Dealer,  s.  sltzjz,  blzzr- 

Dear,  a.  (in  price)  y\$J  (pAhalz)  ; 
(in  affection)  ‘"aziz. 

Dear  me  !  int.  c— -ol jsF  ‘Âjâib. 

Dearth,  s .  pÂhalzlzk,  kztlzk, 

İ2.5r  kâht,  Lc.  ghzlâ. 

Death,  s.  Mum,  LUy c  mbvt,  ClAxj 
wefat,  cJy*  mergh,  cJlk  hblâk. 

Debark,  v.n.  ghbmidan- 

-chzkmak  ;  — ,  v.a. 

ghemzdan  -  chzkarmak,  tyj* 

k Araya-  dzzkmek . 

Debate,  s.  meshvdrEt ;  — , 

v.a.  \  Xjj lA.^5  miıshâvdrjE-et, 
lakz’rdz’ssznz’-et,  mübâhdssE-et. 

Debauch,  s.  ^LiL.c  ''ayyashlzh; ;  — , 

v.a.  ayartmak,  \  ifsad-et. 

Debauchery,  /JİALc  ^âyyâshlzk, 


Debilitate,  v.a.  Il-İ-ju?  zâ^If-et, 
(JpAslsux^a  zayıflatmak.  [zariflik. 

Debility,  s.  zh‘f,  (J^h  X*£> 

Debt,  s.  frjj*  borj,  ^iJ  dbyn. 

Debtor,  s.ykzyj*:  bbrjlu,  mbdyün. 

Decadence,  5.  (J\y)  zbwal. 

Decamp,  v.n.  sawushmak, 

kÂchmak,  \  J\js  firar-et. 

Decanter,  5.  sürahi. 

Decapitate,  v.a.  <_£.« \ ^ ^  boyunu- 
nu-wurmak,  CA  bAshznz- 

s^’  • 


Decay,  s.  <JljJ  zbwal ;  JL i  fbssAd ; 

— ,  v.n.  (J./İ.İU J  bozulmak,  j£>- 

churumek,  zbwal-bulmak. 

Decease,  s.  wbfat ;  — ,  v.n. 

Mmek,  leulij  wbfat-et. 

Deceased,  a.  miitdwbffa, 

mErhüm.  [kizb. 

Deceit,  s.  yâlÂnjzlzk, 

Deceitful,  a.  yalXnjz, 

kyâzib  ;  Jtjy\  iki-yiizlu. 

Deceive,  v.a.  Aldatmak, 

byun-et,  hzİE-et. 

December,  s.  kyânüni-EVVEİ. 


[  88  ] 


Decency,  s.  L— fedeb,  Lr>-  haya. 

Decent,  a.j~y  tfemiz ;  jîuJİ  fedebli. 

Deception,  s.  hiİE,  byun  ; 

Xldadi'sh  ;  ^3^  Xldamsh. 

Deceptive,  a.^j<^w\M^c<j'  XdAim-Xldadir. 

Decide,  v.a.  fXssl-et, 

kXrarlashdzrmak ;  — ,  v.n.  J\ j* 


Decimal,  a .  a^shârî. 

Decipher,  v.a .  chikarmak, 

'Jl, cjijl  okumak,  sakmek. 

Decision,  5.  }j  kXrar  ;  mfetânfet. 

Decisive,  a.  kXt'%  bitirir. 

Deck,  s.  ghyuyAkrtE ;  — ,  v.a. 

don  Atmak,  tfezyin-et, 

LLkcSjJ  bfezEmek. 

Decker,  two-decker,  s.  ^jLü  kXpAk ; 
three-decker,,  s.  JA3'  "ch- 

anbarh*.  ifadu. 

Declaration,  s.jijsü  tXkrlr  ;  ^Lj  beyân, 

Declare,  v.a.  I^Lj  bfeyân-et,  bjlil  ifâdE- 
-et;  tXkrlr- et,  CX*X> ^  suwfeylE- 

mek.  [the  needle)  blh^s^İ  inhztXt. 

Declination,  5.  (astr.)  J^c  mfeyl ;  (of 

Decline,  s.  J'jj  zfewal ;  < — s\cs?\  in- 
hzraf.;  v.a.  kXbul- 

-fetmamek,  \  J j  rcdd-et ;  cJ^c 
ghirishmamek ;  — ,  v.n.  0^3*.  JVj 

zfewol  -  bulmak ;  jb _ mim- 

hârif-ol,  bozulmak,  ^  J.-^0 

mukhtfell-bl.  [^jb  bay^r. 

Declivity,  s.  [Jj\  fenish,  ^*3^  ybkush. 

Decoction,  s*  shkrbfet,  yc  su. 

Decompose,  v.  a.  \  hall-et;  C-LiJ. 

>yv  v 

chürutmek;  v.n.  chiirumek. 

Decorate,  v.a.  *)p  tfezyin-et, 

bfezEmek.  [nishân. 

Decoration,  s .  tezyin  ; 

Decoy,  s.  Jfljji?  tiizXk ;  — ,  v.a. 


Decrease,  s.  feksilish  ;  — ,  v.n . 

C-UL-?1  feksilmek,  Xz  Aİmak  ; 

- — ,  v.a.  Eksiltmek,  (JAZ. \\j\ 

XzAltmak,  S  kfessmek. 

Decree,  s.  Kj\j\  ırâdE  ;  ,  v.n.  &  a.  UJijl 

irâdd-et,  fErmln-et,  (^jyrt 

buyurmak,  \y<\  femr-et,  'r^  hukm-et. 

Decrepit,  a.  (jLsc\j ^  bunamish ;  #•*£ 

Decrepitude,  s.  "âtüh. 

>  t* 

Dedicate,  v.a.  takhsiss-et ; 

^ycj  1)  İ3  birinin^  -  nlmma- 

-yâzmak ;  —  one’s  self,  \ 

‘  ‘amrunu-  sarf-  et . 

Deduce,  v.a.  anglamak  (anna- 

mak),  isstintâj-et. 

Deduct,u.a.lJj^J  tenzll-et, 

Ashkghu varmak,  (J-'Ojr*  kirmak. 

Deduction,  s.  isstintaj  ; 

nbtljE ;  ı^ty*J  tbnzil. 

Deed,  s.  \  ish,  J*i  fi“l,  Jac  ‘  "XmEl, 
jb  ky  âr  ;  s^ned,  hüjjbt. 

Deem,  v.a.  (J^s#  saymak, 
sanmak,  c‘add-et,  zann-et. 

Deep,  a.  J  d  ferin,  ^amzk ; 

(crafty)  shfeytln  ;  — ,  s.  f* 


Deer,  s.  ghfeyik  ;  k^raja. 

Deface,  v.a.  bozmak. 

Defamation,  s.  iftira,  bühtan. 


[  89  ] 


Defame,  v.a.  \  iftira-et. 

Defaulter,  s.  börjunu- 

-VErmeyEn ;  3  khzd- 

metdan-kAchAn  (hiz). 

Defeat,  s.  bozghun, 

bozghunluk  ;  — ,  v.a.  bozmak, 

1  L-JjLXsc  mâgblüb-et. 

Defect,  5.  “âyb,  kussür, 

Jisk  khalel,  bksik,  ^Lsa) 

nbksân,  (jdkius  sakAth’k. 

Defective,  a.  Liûj  sakAt ;  ^  eksik, 

(jAS  to  nâkiss,  ^Laiü  noksan. 

Defence,  s.  «idâilsr10  muhlfaza, 

siyânet,  <oli»  vikayfi  ;  C-. i\y>-  jbwAb. 

Defend,  v.a.  kbrumak,  lAİâils?0 

muhlfaza-et,  ieu-oL*?  siyanbt-et, 
1  vikays-et;  tassâhhub- 

et,  sâhib-chikmak, 

^  himayE-et. 

Defendant,  iJx  mudda“a- 

Defender,  s,  ^-<U-  hâmî.  [*  albyh. 

Defensive,  a.  tedafüi ;  ofFen- 

sive  and  defensive, 
tbjâvuzî-VE-tfedâfu^z ;  armour,  Xjj 


Defer,  v.a.  ta‘kh£r-et ;  — ,  v.n. 


Deficiency,  s.  Deficient,  a.  C-)—- £=>\ 
bksik,  ^Uü  noksan. 

Defile,  s.  j bhy^Âz,  ghechid, 

derbbnd  (dbvrent)  ;  — ,  v.a. 
^Zişpjfa  sichmak,  murdar-et 

(mundar),  \ tenjlss-et. 

Define,  v.n.  !jo  Jcssr  tahdld-et ;  (explain) 

Definite,  a.  dy&sz*  mâhdüd ;  (fixed) 
mfi“ayybn,  ^Ix^c  mazlum,  jUj 


Definition,  s.  Jo-  hMd ;  i  cj  xj  tahrif. 

Definitive,  a.  assI,  y  kAt"?. 

Deform,  v.a.  bozmak, 


Deformed,  a. 

a^zâssî-  bndâmindan-khârij  -öİAn ; 
jy Jli  kXnbur,  bXjakszz,  ^y=y 

jujjE,  jL*i!  Xghsak. 

Deformity,  s.  cJi chirkinlik. 

Defraud,  v.a.  dolandırmak. 

Defray,  v.a.  i^Xojfy  vkrmek,  cXo 
ghyarmek,  C*Lc£j^  adfimek. 

Defunct,  a.  I muteweffa, 

Defy,  v.a.  mbydln- 

ökumak ;  karshz-komak. 

Degenerate,  a.  jt Jy  bozuk, 

bbzulmush  ;  — ,  v.n.  bozulmak. 

Degradation,  s.  tbnzîl-i-rütbE  ; 


Degrade,  v.a.  1J*4>  rbzd-et ; 

“ayb-bl  ;  rutbESsini- 

-  Aimak. 

Degree,  s.  ^ j J  dbrnjE,  mErtfibE, 

4r*  mfenzil^,  <0/  kErtE,  pfer  essE. 

Deign,  v.n.  lutf-et,  kkrEm- 

et,  \ L^-o  “inaybt-et,  I  tbnbz- 

zul-et.  [mâ<fbüd. 

Deity,  s.  4İI  ilâh,  <d!l  XllXh, 

Deject,  v.a.  mabzun-et. 

Dejection,  s.  <JU düshunma, 
tbkbssur,  ghXm,j<^  kkdEr. 


[  90  ] 


Delay,  ta/khzr,  jC>~  U  te^khkhur; 

Ar-cj  »J  durma,  zJUİls  klima, 
bekl^mu ;  mühlet,  Ldi» 

wlkit;  — ,  v.n.  durmak, 

kllmak,  dX*LG  beklemek  ;  ^rkU 

tb^khkhur-etj^jul  U^r  ghfech-kllmak, 


Li  gberi -kllmak  ; 

!  «ys»  [j  tâGdıir-et;  ^o^aA\  Ib’kbmak. 

I  £■  ( 

Delegate,  s.  jJ.  -i==j  vekil;  m&  - 

mür ;  mbtGüss ;  — ,  v.a. 

iJA  v&kil-et ;  U1L:>-  hâwâİE-et ; 

\jjsclc  miAmür-et. 

Deleterious,  a.  zararli,^^-c  muzzrr. 

Deliberate,  a.  oJ«2J  klssdl, 

“amdi ;  — ,  v.n.  dJvdA#^  diishun- 
mek ;  müshâvErE-et. 

Deliberation,  s.  ^3  U  t^nni  ; 

Delicate,  a.  cJjb  nâzik.  [mushâvErE. 

Delicious,  a.  AjIL  titiz,  jJ  leziz. 

Delight,  s.  skvinj, 

memnüniyykt,  siırür  ;  — ,  v.a. 

SEvindirmek,  1  m&ss- 

rur-et;  — ,  v.n .  \  )h.z>-  hlzz-et,  \  <i  jJj 
tkl&zzuz-et ;  suvinmek, 


Delighted,  a.  \ojias*  mâlızüz. 

Delightful,  a.  ghyuzkl,  d Q-U  latif. 

Delinquency,  $.  -LdP~lJ  klbâhat. 

Delinquent,  5.  süchlu, 


Delirious,  a.  ^.»xl.>-  chzlghin.  [jimün. 

Delirium,  s.  (jAdxLp*-  chzlghmlik, 

Deliver,  v.  a.  kurtarmak, 

tâkhlzss-et,  khalâss- 

-et;  t&sslim-et,  ,J  *  vurmek. 


Deliverance,  s.  kiırtârısh ; 

kurtulush,  khalâss. 

Delivery,  s.  kurtulush, 

khalâss ;  tesslim. 

Delude,  v.a.  lldatmak. 

Deluge,  s.  tufln ;  (flood) 

s&yl  (sel). 

Delusion,  5.  mkrâk,  kuruntu. 

Demand,  s.  IcAds!  isstid'G ; 

isst&dik  ;  da^wa ;  • — ,  v.a. 

sormak,  dA/d-A  issthmek. 

Demi,  a.  yârim. 

Democracy,  s.  d-^ j ^40*-  jumhûriyyet. 

Demolish,  v.a.  ^cj^J  bozmak, 
yzkmak,  hkdm-et. 

Demolishment,  Demolition,  5.  ^^Jbhfedm.  : 

Demon,  5.  sh&ytkn,  ^3bj  zablni. 

Demonstrate,  v.a.  Id'LA  issblt-et. 

Demur,  v.w.  \  tkr&ddud-et,  (jU-ül)  1 

>•  I 


Den,  5.  in,  S^lx.-c  mâlara. 

Denial,  s.  jlG!  ınkyâr;  (refusal)  ç>&£- 
jbsAA  ‘GdEmi-ınjâz. 

Denmark,  s.  lijldİJ  Danimarka. 

Denominate,  v.a.  IddJ  tkssmıyyE-et. 

Denomination,  5.  Jİ  âd,  ıssm,  zL^df 
t&ssmıyyE ;  (sect)  millet, 


Denote,  v.a.  A  *  ‘alâmet  -ol, 

delâlfet-et.  [mek. 

Denounce,  v.a.  j*>-  khXhEr-VEr- 

Dense,  a.  köyü;  szk, 

k^ssîf,  ghalız. 

Dentifrice,  s.  ^jy*Lr  dısh-tdzu. 

Dentist,  s.  dıshji. 


[  91  ] 


Dentistry,  s.  dishjilik. 

Denude,  v.a.  sbymak. 

Deny,  v.a.  \  jlOl  inkyar-et ;  (refuse) 
clLcWjj!  j\ş?\  ınjâz-etmamek,  1  Jj 

Depart,  s.  chzkzsh ;  — ,  v.n. 

(J.aJsu>-  chzkmak,  ghitmek. 

Department,  s.  (branch)  (Jy5  kol, 
fbr";  (of  state)  C-îyllâj  nlzâret  ; 
(business)  WAzIfu,  "iihdE. 

Departure,  s.  gbidisb,  kzyam, 


Depend,  v.n.  blkmak ; 

tabi"bl  ;  j\  merbüt-61, 

menüt-61 ;  £  ghyiiy/zEnmek, 

1  i"timld-et,  L.>j  rAbü'- 


Deplorable,  a.  Âjznajak,  Li 

fbna,  pbrlshln. 

Deplore,  v.a.  Ay^lamak. 

Depopulate,  v.a.  (J.* Li 

Deportment,  5.  jLL» I  Atwar,  cLijl  bvza". 

Depose,  v.n.  \  Jü*  tÂkrır-et ;  — ,  v.a. 
£_Lk  khal"-et,  tâkht- 


Deposit,  s,  L^JUcl  bmânbt ;  pey ; 

|  tortu  ;  possa  ;  — ,  v.a. 

tbssllm-et ;  ^JaS  komak,  waz‘  - 

-et;  brâkmak. 

Depositary,  s.jLvüLcl  emânetdâr. 

Depreciate,  v.a.  kraibtini- 

-AZAİtmak  ;  1  ,101  ,  ^  kAdrini- 

Depredation,  khAssârbt, 

j^K  ibj  ziyankyârlik ;  Jj  ^  khzr- 

Depress,  v.a.  j^Jti  fakzr-et ;  l^-L-sir0 
muhtAj-et  ;  1  jw\0 c  miikuddEr-et  ; 

LlXsOji*  kbssâd-VErmek. 

Depression  (of  spirits),  s. 

kbdiirbt  ;  (of  market)  <jL- .£=:  kbssâd  ; 
(of  ground)  chukur. 

Deprive,  v.a.  mâhrüm-et,  ^Lk. 


Depth,  s.  LL3Jj Jjd  dbrinlik,  çjAS.  "umk; 
—  of  winter,  kAra-kzsh, 

zkmhbrlr,  erba"ln. 

Deputation,  5.  vbkılİEr, 


Depute,  v.a.  Ij.*^  vekll-et. 

Deputy,  s.  vbkll ;  —  judge,  L-^oli 
na'ib  ;  —  governor,  kA'im- 

Deride,  v.a.  1  L^wjI  isstihzâ-et.  [makAm. 

Derision,  s.  lj£^0  isstihza. 

Derivation,  s.  (source)  Assl  ;  (of 

words)  ^Uh^l  ishtikAk. 

Derive,  v.a.  ly  bulmak,  1,-^l^xO*;! 
ısstikhrâj-et,  IJLzjsA^jI  isstihsAl-et. 

Derived,  a.  mushtakk. 

Descend,  v.n.  C-Lwl  bnmek,  ^  '  J> 
nazil -61,  jl  LjLo  sâkzt-ol,  1  hübüt- 
-et ;  bvladindan-61. 

Descendant,  s.  Sİj\  evlâdindan- 

-oİAn ;  descendants,  âl-u- 


Descent,  s.  ^jL'A  enish,  (Jjjj  nuzül, 
LjÜ«j  sukut,  Ly-Jb  hubüt ;  (relation¬ 
ship)  C_ i  ıntissâb  ;  (degree  of 

U!  bmânbt-vErmek,!  J 


[  92  ] 


— )  clercjjK,  c^aj  bXtn, 

kârn  ;  (attack)  kujüm. 

Describe,  v.a.  tâ  rif-et ;  (a 

circle)  ressm-et. 

Description,  s.  L—bjXJ  tâ  rlf ;  (sort) 
^ ijj  dürlu,  lS**£>  soy,  j'mss>  If 

nev“.  [-gyürmak. 

Descry,  v.a.  uzâkden- 

Desert,  5.  chwl,  badly yE  ;  — , 
a.  kharâb,  kb  âlı,  j~~J\ 

isssiz ;  — ,  v.n.  kAchmak, 

\ J\jS  fırâr-et;  — ,  v.a.y^j  brâkmak, 
cr°y  cJ^^m^truk-kbmak,^  cJyt&rk  - 
-et ;  deserts,  s.  pi.  isstihkAk. 

Deserter,  5.  l5i^İ  firari, kAchkm. 

Desertion,  s.  firar. 

I  •* 

Deserve,  v.a.  y^J.ssx^c  musstahAkk-ol. 

Deserving,  a.  ^££tL~<  miisstahAkk  ; 
seza,  shâybsstE,  ^ul-£>  shay  In. 

Design,  5.  niyy&t,  meram, 

4X^3  kAssd,  mAksAd, 

mAksüd,  kurduk ;  (drawing) 

rkssim ;  — ,  v.a.  niyybt-et, 

kurmak ;  \  kAssd- et ; 

(plan)  \  L-r-+'SjJ  tkrtlb-et ;  (draw)l^-^ 

Designate,  v.a.  tâ“yîn-et, 


Designation,  s.  t&ss- 


Desirable,  a.j^^J\  isstenilir, 
ârzu-dlunur,  niErghub. 

Desire,  s.  ısstâk,  3)}  ârzu, 

râghbet;  (strong)  hirss;  (yearn- 
ing)  \  ıshtiyâk;  (concupiscence) 

shehvEt  ;  (thing  desired) 
vjJjc»*:!  isstedik,  <— mAtlub  y  — , 
v.a.  cLXaLm>\  Isst^mek,  ârzu-et, 

c\j\  Aramak,  bmel-et, 

tAleb-et;  emr-et,  tenbih-et. 

Desirous,  a.  ârzumbnd. 

Desist,  v.n.  vâz-ghechmek. 

Desk,  s.  <!L£*^~  chekmEjE. 

Desolate,  a.  (person)  klmsESsiz  ; 

menkyüb  ;  kharâb  ; 

(place)  J*j>j  viran,  c_>Lt 
kharâb-u-ykbâb,  khâlıy- 

y£tun-khâvî;  — ,  v.a.  \lt kharâb- 
-et-  ''J'j.i  vırân-et. 

Desolation,  s.  c— kharâb, 

kharâb  iyyet ;  (desolate  place)  <Üla>- 

Despair,  s.  b  yfe'ss,  umid- 

sizlik ;  — ,  v.n.  mk‘yûss-61,  ! 

ij_y  klt^i-ümîd-et. 

Despatch,  s.  CL 'hyjs?  tâhrîrÂt,  - 

kyâghid.  [meyüss. 

Desperate,  a.  umidsiz, 

Despicable,  a.  (person)  Alchak, 

Jj3j  rbzil,  JJj  z^lll ;  —  thing, 

j  rkzâlkt. 

Despise,  v.a.  sâymamak ;  (a 

man)  AdAm-yErina- 


Despite,  in  despite,  J Ixc  inâdma  ; 

in  despite  of,  hich-bAk-  l 

pay  arak. 

Despond,  v.n.  me  yuss-61, 


Despondency,  s.  yb'ss. 


[  93  ] 


Despondent)  a.  miJyüss. 

Despot,  s.  (tyrant)  ^Jlb  zâlim;  (absolute 
ruler)  hâkimi- muti  Ak. 

Despotism,  s.  hükyümbt- 

-mutlAka,  zulm. 

Destine,  v. a.  l^-^kr'takhsJss-et; 
nÂmzbd-et ;  IjjJLc  mukAddEr-et. 

Destiny,  s.jSj  kAdEr,  kissmbt, 

«Jib  tâli  *,  bAkht. 

Destitute,  a.  fakir-u-bikbss. 

Destroy,  V.a.  \j^  yok-et,  mâhv-et, 
İtil  ifna-et,  vûJü- 

dini-kAldirmak ;  !c— kharâb-et, 

perîshAn-et ;  yakmak, 

(J^cjy.  bozmak  ;  âldurmek, 

jânini-Almak,  \ jçi  kâhr-et. 

Destruction,  s.  <-_-?] kharâb  ; 

tâkhrlb,  kharabıyyet ;  j-sr0 

mahv,  bil  ıfnâ. 

Destructive,  a.  b  bâ“iss-i- 

kharâb  ;  LL^-ç-o  mühlik. 

Detach,  v.a.  dis— '«  i  ckazmek ; 

lLİv^j^JU?  sAlivErmek ; 

koparmak ;  âyrmak. 

Detachment,  s.  ^Jilb  tâkim,  baluk, 
lJ*İ\  Alay,  &Lî  firka. 

Detail,  tafsil ;  in  detail,  L.*xİj 

tAfsilan  ;  (one  by  one)  j jijy  birEr- 
-bırEr  ;  details,  <JDİ**nsu  tafsilât ;  — , 


v.a.  \ tafsil- et,  I  JJü^L«xiu 

Detain,  v.a.  (Jİ^iUI  Ahkömak. 

Detect,  v.a.  tutmak; 


Detective,  s.  lJjû  <uk*i  ghizli- 

-zAbtiyyE-nbfhri.  [hâbss. 

Detention,  s.  e-flJy  thvkif ; 

Deter,  v.a.  «JU>  mâni-* ‘olmak. 
Deteriorate,  v.n.  fbnâleshmek; 


Determination,  s.  tAssmım, 


nıyybt ;  J\jt  kArar  ;  C^U  sbbât ; 

‘inâd  ;  <J.~c  mhyl. 

Determine,  v.n.  ^  J\Ji  kArar- 

-VErmek;  I tAssmım-et, 
niyybt-et,  kurmak;  — ,  v.a. 

•Ic- tAssmıma- sbbeb-bl ; 

Detest,  v.a.  {jX3^s mbnfür-tutmak, 

LLb<Uc*«j  -sAi»  hıch-shvmamek. 
v  CL“ 

Dethrone,  v.a.  I^L>-  khab'-et, 
CJ^Jol  tâkhtdan-bndirmek. 
Detonation,  s.  bârut-sbssi. 

Detract  from  one’s  merits,  v.n. 

IjlSbl  isstihkAkini-ınkyâr-et. 
Detriment,  zarar. 

Deuce,  s.  j  J  dü  ;  (jlbu-Sj  shbytln  ;  the 
deuce !  int.  AllAha  -  SEn  ; 


Devastation,  s.  kharâb. 

Develop,  v.a.  ^J^bLs^zül 

Device,  5.  aL:>-  hiİE ;  sân  “ât  ; 

ç->j  rhssim,  shbkil. 

Devil,  s.  ^lbu-1  shbytÂn,  <j~Jj|  ibliss ; 
(imp)  zâblni. 

Devious,  a.  hghri-bag^ri, 


Devise,  v.a.  (bequeath)  wAs- 


[  94  ] 


siyybt-et;  (invent)  bulmak, 

J  düshunmek. 

Devoid,  a.  ^  jUs-  khâlî. 

Devolve,  v.n.  düshmek,  \lz~*A*A 

isslbet-et,  \  Jliu3l  intikll-et. 

Devote,  v.a.  \ya~as?  tâkhslss-et,  1  Ui 

Devotion,  s.  *2— 1— ıkhtissÂss  ; 

tâkhszss  ;  Jİ  fedâkyâr- 

lik ;  “übüdıyyüt; 

diyanet  ;  devotions,  jL*J  nÂmAz, 
cUlîUc-  “ıbâdüt,  IcJ  di/'â. 

Devour,  v.a.  cJ**j  ybmek,  itZXojU 
bitirmek,  yutmak. 

Devout,  a.  sofu,  dindar, 

muttaki,  lyujjb!  ehli-tAkwI. 

Dew,  s.  LLX*>~  chi gh,  shebnem. 

Dexterity,  s.  Eİ-châbikliy^i ; 

.:Jb  hüner. 

Dexterous,  a.  cJjU-,  ji  Eİi-châbik. 

Diadem,  s.  tAj. 

Diagonal  line,  s.y*  vbtEr. 

Diagram,  5.  shekil. 

Dial,  5.  (sun)  *0^.3^  ghyünesh- 

sa£<atl ;  — •  plate, 

sâ^at-tâkhtassl.  [zabln. 

Dialect,  5.  bil,  lissân,  uVj 

Dialogue,  s.  l3ü^ü]  ^Jİj\  s 


Diameter,  s.  Jai  kutr. 

Diamond,  s.  nlmass. 

Diarrhoea,  isslıâi, 


Diary,  s*  rüznâmE  (jüznamk), 

<Sx**£T°  mbjma“â,  JW  zb  ürn  âl. 

Dice  (pi.  of  die),  s.  ^Jj\)  tawla- 


Dictate,  v.a.J^jAj jtJSJ  tkkrlr- 

-edup-yazdlrmak ;  CJ'^ 
jübran-kAbül-ütdirmek  j  — v.ra.^  ^ot 
âmir-ol,  l  j  bÂshlna- 

-zâbit-küssilmek.  [lüghât-kıtâbi. 

Dictionary,  s.  CL2 U!  lüghât,. 

Die,  5.  Ojl ij4Î.lb  tawla-zarl ;  (for  stamp¬ 
ing)  _ _ JU  klllp,  (for  coining) 

sikku ;  — ,  v.n.  j  \  almek, 

ghyachmek,  Iculij  wbfat- 
-et ;  (a  beast)  ghbbErmek  ;  ; 

(a  plant)  kurumak. 

Diet,  5.  pMiIz-ybmeyM ;  ; 

himyE,  purhlz. 

Differ,  v.n.  J\  y jljA  (turlu- turlu) -ol, 
jlu-A-L^-sr10  mükhtelif-ol ;  S j*  j 

biri-birina- uymamak. 

Difference,  5.  jîji  fark ;  < — ikhtiİÂf, 
LUjAk^o  müghlyeret ;  çjj3  niza'". 

Different,  a.  4İÜJ  blshka,  dlgliEr,  - 

âkhâr  ;  <ÜLİJ<tiiİJ  bAshka-bAshka,  1 
L^ixi^3  mükhtelif,  ^$13^  ghyünâ-  { 

Difficult,  a.  gbyüch,  chetinr  i 

sü£<ûbetli,  “iıssrütli. 

Difficulty,  5.  c3J-^-£=>  ghyüchluk,  i 
chütinlik,  su‘£ûbüt^  | 

uC.  ££iissret. 

Diffidence,  . .  u  mâhjübiyyüt. 

Diffident,  a.  c _ mâbjüb,  I 


Dig,  v.a.  klzmak,  1  hufr-et ; 

bbllnmek;  — up,  v.a,  (ground;  I: 


[  95  ] 


b&lİEmek;  (plants) 

sakmek,  chikarmak ;  (find 

by  digging)  bulmak. 

Digest,  v.a.  hÂzm-et. 


Digestible,  a.  t— khlfif- 

Digestion,  s.  hÂzm.  [-VE-thz-hâzm. 

Dignified,  a.  Jjyij  wakaretli, 
t&mkInli,^iA  Ip'Ar. 

Dignitary,  s.  rijali- 

-  kibardan- öİAn, 


Dignity,  5.  temkin,  jlüj  wakâr  ; 

Âghr  ;  rütbu. 

Dike,  s.  s&dd  ;  hnndek. 

Dilapidation,  s.  kharâb. 

Dilemma,  s.  miıshkil. 

Diligence,  s.  chlk’sfaklnKk, 

1*1  Joı  ikdlm,  sâccy-u- 

-ghâyret ;  sür“ât. 

Diligent,  a.  chlKshkhln,  ^w\iLc 

mukdim.  [sulu-et. 

Dilute,  v.a.  lî  yo  su-kltmak,  \  y*«s 

Dim,  a.  dumlnK, 

dumln-ichinda-ghibi  ; 

Dimension,  5.  bıyuklik ;  the 

three  dimensions,  lilloUA  bVâdi- 


.Diminish,  v.n.  az Aİmak  ;  C-Aa!  l^jsr 

küehulmek,  ufllmak  ;  — ,  v.a. 

ÂzAİtmök,  kessmek, 

CJvcJ j^kuchultmek,  ufltmak. 

Diminution,  s.  ÂzAİma, 

ÂzAİtma,  «uJdllj!  AZAİddma ;  <Uİ~.£l 
hksilma ;  <UİUjl  ufllma. 

uflltma,  ufliddma,  JuLi?J 

tlklıl ;  tlssghir. 

Diminutive,  a.  Jjlîjl  uflk,  liji  ufljik, 
kiıchuk,  küchujuk ; 

— ,  s.j+x*oj  +,J\  issmi-tlssghzr. 

Dimple,  s.  jıS is-  chukur,  &\sy  châh. 

Dine,  v.n.  yemhk-yemek, 

I,.IA  ta  ram-et. 

Dinner,  s.  LÜ*#j  ydmdk,  *\xb  tâ^âm, 
1  lkhsham-ydme^/d. 

Diploma,  s.  fkrmÂn,  berât, 

ruüss,  jaizfi. 

Diplomacy,  s.  Cl^l  jLj  c— >İJİ  âdâb-i- 

Diplomatist,  s.  CUİjLo  l—jİiM  i _ 

sâtıib-i-âdâb-i-süferât;  CU J  di¬ 

Direct,  a.  döghru, 

dbg  hru  dan- dbg  hr  \j  ;  biiâ- 

vvlsslta,  J  zâti,  kdndi  ;  — , 

v.a.  (on  the  road)  »  jUL 

sâ^/dlk - vfirmek  ;  (manage) 
idârfi-et,  Id^Alaj  nlzâret-et ;  (point) 
-c»L  doğrultmak,  1  “âtf- 

-et,  \<Lş^-y  tevjıh-et,  1< _ sârf-et  ; 

(a  letter)  üsstunu-yâz- 

mak ;  (order)  i  j*>\  bmr-et, 

Direction,  s.  ı _ ?^L>  taraf,  yan,  L^p- 

jıhet ;  nlzârdt,  2^1  Jİ  idârfi; 

.^û|  (Aixıı*«  tcnbıli;  CLJ>\*Axj  tâ<c- 


lîmât;  mdktüb-usstu; 

sâghlik,  "‘adrbss. 

Directly,  ad.  ,  shim  di ; 

ol-sâ^at,  ^Jöl^hemândem; 


[  96  ] 


LJjZ-jb  döghrudan-düghru, 


bila-wasszta,  \j\ J  zâtan. 

Director,  s.  mudlr,  direktör. 

Dirt,  s.j+^d  kır,  pisslik, 


Dirtiness,  s.  kirlilik. 

Dirty,  a .  ^ jS  kirli,  j^-0  piss, 
murdar,  lL^Lo  mülüvvüss. 

Disable,  v.a.  1  lag**»  sakAt-et. 

Disadvantage,  s.j zarar ;  j-oLe  mâni", 

Disagree,  v.n .  (jA&j y  bozushmak  ; 
(food)  mi'  d^yi-boz- 

mak.  [<üj£  kerih. 

Disagreeable,  a.  IL  tÂts/z,  Jo  büd, 

Disagreement,  5.  ikhtillf ; 


Disappoint,  v.a.  Aldatmak; 

ishini-büzmak,  jijlJ 

Disapprove,  v.a.  büy^En- 

mamek,  takblh-et. 

Disarm,  v.a.  »*&  süymak ; 

J-*!'  silâhmi-almak ;  — ,  v.n. 


Disarmament,  s.  ^Lj^Jy  türk-i- silâh ; 

i_ hjoj  Ciîl^İJj  tb- 


Disaster,  s.  Lâi  kAzâ,  L  bklâ, 

Disband,  v.a.  dAyfo’tmak;  — , 

v.n.  (Jp&cNb  dAyMmak. 

Disbelief,  s.  "adEmi-i"tikld. 

Disbelieve,  v.a.  inanmamak. 

Disburse,  v.a.  kharj-et,  \ t — 9jo 

sarf-et,  Ic-J,*: 2-*  mAssraf^et. 

Discard,  v.a.  \&Js  tard-et,  k ogh- 

mak,  def"-et. 

Discern,  v.a.  j  \jL>~  ch&karmak, 
sbchmek,  £  ghyarmek. 

Discharge,  s.  izin,  rukhsAt ; 

<So^«J  tebriyyE  ;  ^jtj\  Atesh ;  <Uo1 
.\tma,  <UJİİ  Atılma,  c^s-İJol  kndâkht; 
jürâhat;  — ,  v.a. 

izin-VErmek,  c^>-  kh£d- 

metdan-chikârmak ;  sAli- 

vkrmek,  hAbssdan- 

chikârmak ;  boshÂİtmak ; 

Atmak,  Endâkht-et, 

Atüsh-et;  \  UjJ  Ifâ-et,  HiL^I 
isstîfâ-et,  Ll3.-<y^  vürmek ;  1  \j*.\  ıjrâ- 
-et;  — ,  v.n.  yükünü-  ı 

boshlltmak ;  ^jXi\  Akmak. 

Disciple,  s.  shâyAzrd,  J^iö  l 

telmız ;  hawâriyyün. 

Discipline,  s.  nizÂm-u-in-  h 

Disclaim,  v.a.  \  jl&l  inkyâr-et.  Ctizâm.  t 
Disclose,  v.a.  ghyastErmek,  l 

cy  <ÜİJw<  meydlna-kömak,  ,i 

küshf-et,  suweyMmek,  t 

fÂsh-et.  sikmdz.  b 

Discomfort,  s.  râhats£zh*k,  | 

Discommode,  v.a.  râhatsez-et. 

Disconsolate,  a.  j+2j)  (J ^  tüsülli-U 

Discontent,  5.  khoshnud-iü 

suzluk,  \*âj  <fadEmi-rizâ. 

Discontented,  a.  süwüyİEniyor,  ;■> 

y»3Aj*Z+s>-  khüshnudsuz. 



Discontinuance,  s.  kÂt“. 
Discontinue,  v.a.  Civ*— £  kbssmek ;  — , 
v.n.  CiULS  kbssilmek. 

Discord,  s.  ,  »Ui  niflk. 

Discount,  s.  bÂsh,  fa"iz  ; 

jA\A  bÂshla-Âlmak, 


Discountenance,  v.a.  yüz- 


Discourage,  v.a.  julyjy  korkutmak  ; 


Discourse,  s.  kblam,  ci'^üi  lakzrdi; 

— ,  v.TZ.  bÂsstz-kblâm-et. 

Discourteous,  a.  ri“ayetsiz. 

Discourtesy,  5.  JJicy  riayetsizlik. 

Discover,  v.a.  bulmak, 

kbshf-et,  mbydlna- 

chzkarmak;  CXc^Xw^^ghyasstermek. 

Discovery,  5.  lJiZS  kbshf. 

Discreet,  a.  "‘Âkili,  JhU  “Akzl ; 

kbtüm  ;  bÂsszrbtli. 

Discretion,  5.  “ikl,  tbdbir, 

bÂsszret,  hÂzm  ;  < _ ? 

_ îL^il 

ınslf ;  to  arrive  at  years  of  — , 
jjb  “Âkla-bÂİzgh- 61 ;  to  surrender 
at  — ,  C-Lc^  *  vkra-VErmek, 

shartszz  -  tbssllm  -  61, 

[Discriminate,  v.a.  tefrlk-et. 

IDiscuss,  v.a.  «;  suwbylEshmek, 


tDiscussion,  5.  mubâhbssE. 

İDisdain,  s.  ısstikbâr,  ı _ îUAâJ 

isstikhfâf ;  — ,  v.a.  lu-ibbk  J  ısstikh- 

fâf-et ;  tenbzzul-etma- 


Disdainful,  a.  kzbrlzk 

Disdainfulness,  5.  jŞ  kıbr. 

Disease,  s.  ), maraz,  L^lx  “ıllbt, 
dkrd,  kbyfsizlik. 

Disembark,  v.n.  ^Jas ghb- 

Disembarkation,  s. 


Disengaged,  a.  (jLy  bosh,  JfıÂ-iy  boshda, 
JU-  klıâll,  wÂktz- 


Disentangle,  v.a.  chzbzmek, 

açlım  ak. 

Disfigure,  v.a.  ^J^cj ^  bozmak ; 

chirkin-ol,  ^ cliAib  yakzshmamak. 

Disgrace,  5.  "âyb,  rezâlbt; 

nıkbet,  d)İ3^£ırıAjJ  dush- 
kyunluk  ;  — ,  v.a.  “âyb-ol ; 

IJjJh  rezıl-et. 

Disgraceful,  a.  "âyb, 

yakzshzksiz,  kbrıh, 


Disguise,  5.  tebdlli-kzyâfbt; 

— ,  v.a.  kzyâfet-tbbdıl- 

-et ;  dıyhishdirmek. 

Dish,  s.  sahn,  t^bAk. 

Dishonest, a. khzrszz;  khl'in. 

Dishonour,  5.  j  rbzâlet, 

rüssvayh’k  ;  — ,  v.a.  rbzîl-et ; 

—  a  bili,  kÂbul-btma- 

mek,  C-ic^Jİ  ÂtzvErmek. 

Disinherit,  v.a.  1  mırâss- 




[  98  ] 


Disinterested,  a. 


Disjoin,  v.a.  ayrmak,  ı^yu  tefrik- 

Dislike,  v.a .  sbvmamek.  [-et. 

Dislocate,  v.a.  chzkarmak. 

Dismal,  a.  JjJcJL* <?  szkzndz'lz. 

Dismay,  5.  korku,  dehshbt. 

Dismember,  v.a.  tâksîm-et. 

Dismemberment,  s.  taksim. 

Dismiss,  v.a.  izin-VErmek ; 

koy/zmak  ;  L?  sawmak. 

Disobedience,  s.  L^.clU*<Xc.  “adEtni- 
-ita^at,  ita<fatsz’zlz*k. 

Disobey,  v.a.  dinglkmamek, 


Disoblige,  /v*ct9 

khltz’rznz-  saymanak, 

Disobliging,  a.  J~yj^o  mürüvbtsiz. 

Disorder,  s.  jJjLSbjlJ  kXrzshz’klz'k ; 
L^--. J  llyy  pbrlshÂnıyybt ; 
ikhtilâl  ;  nizlmszzkk  ;  — , 

v.a.  (JycjXtijKi  kArz'shdz’rmak, 

(J.^o jy  nizXmznz-bbzmak. 

Disordered,  a.  kXrzshz’k ;  ^jl,Cyy 

perlshln  ;  mukhtell. 

Disorganization,  s.  nızÂmsizlik. 

Dispatch,  s.  chabz’klik ;  L^Xy«o 

sür^atjidjsr^  ^ÂjeİE;  CL^yysr tahrîrât, 
iXcl£  kyây^zd;  — ,  v.a.  (jJ^pj^JA^- 
ch âb zk  -  bitirmek,  “ÂjeİE-et; 

i^X,ojX.j£  ghyandErmek,  ^J.^oj\a^ 
chzkarmak;  wldurmek, 

kÂtl-et.  [dbf“-et,  izalk-et. 

Dispel,  v.a.  ^J.4zJAa  dAy^ztmak ;  1^-iJ 

Dispense,  v.a.  (JazA  IL  dXyAztmak,  'tüy 
tbvzî“-et ;  — ,  v.n.  vâz- 

ghbchmek.  \_v.n.  dXyMmak. 

Disperse,  v.a.  ^Jasx^o  dlghitmak  ;  — , 

Displace,  v.a.  ykrindan- 


Display,  s.  ^y~y  ghyzzsstErish,  L^AA^i 
SAİtAnkt;  — ,  v.a.  LtbyyjS  ghyass- 
tErmek,  \  \\ji\  ibraz-et. 

Displease,  v.a.  ghyüjuna- 

-ghitmek,  <^Aa  kerlh- 


Displeasure,  s.  darghznlzk, 


Dispose,  v.a.  tcrtlb-et,  : 

tanzzm-et ;  —  of,  v.n.  SAtmak ;  i 

vkrmek ;  J*A!y  kulUnmak ;  \ 
<jAscjA*\  zzldurmek  ;  d^V.  yapmak ;  j 
dbf“-et,  \jA\  bmr-et. 

Disposed,  a.  JL*>  meyyal, 

ghy zzzzyulu- ol An  (ghyzznu - oİAn) 

ıssti^dâdz-oİAn  ;  to  bef 
well-disposed,  skvmek;  to  be! 

ill-disposed,  SEvmamek  ;  — 

of,  ^jLAj\^>  sltzlmzsh,  VEril-i 

mish,  ghitmish, 

dbf“-ol  unmush,  J-i-J  kAtl4 


Disposition,  s.  tertîb,  ^llâj! 

nizlm  ;  iȣy>-  khuy,  tXbz'ati 

jibillet,  khulk. 

Dispossess,  v.a.  \  ^ ^r6  mâhrüm-et. 

Disproportion,  s.  l— “adEmi«i 

Dispute,  s.  nızâ"  ;  (kawgha)  ; 



— ,  v.n.  \  <ç\jj  niza<£-et,  miıjâ- 

deİE-et.  [-i-bhlıyy&t. 

Disqualification,  s.  “adem- 

Disregard,s.  ££âdEmi-rı££âybt, 

Lc,  riayetsizlik  ;  — ,  v.a. 

kullk-ASsmamak,  tmmamak, 

^JkoUjL ?  saymamak,  eXcXi  jL:Xı 
i'  'tibâr-btmamek. 

Disreputable,  a.  âyb ; 

rbzıl,  \)  nAmussszz. 

Disrespect,  riayetsizlik, 

^^>-1  p&c  £<âdEmi-ihtirÂm. 

Disrespectful,  a  l Zj  riayetsiz. 

Dissatisfaction,  s.  i£}  «i^y+JLs*  khoshnud- 

Dissatisfied,  a.j~u2juLs>~  khoshnudsuz; 
to  be  — ,  v.n.  süwbyİEnmek. 

Dissect,  v.a.  )^yU  t&shrih-et. 

Dissemble,  v.n .  \  i  mudârâ-et ;  — , 
v.a.  ketm-et.  [neshr-et. 

Disseminate,  v.a.  J-V.V.  yaymak,  \jt J 

Dissension,  s.  ,  -;lA3  nıflk. 


Dissent,  5.  'adEmi-muwl- 

faklt,  mukhâlefet. 

Dissertation,  5.  Lİ-'Csr:  bâhss ;  ^IL^rıssâİE. 

Dissimilar,  a.  ghâyn-müshâbih, 

jsoXjCj  bbngznmaz. 

Dissipate,  v.a.  dl^’tmak,  \ 

mâhv-et.  [sbfîh. 

Dissipated,  a.  chlpkm, 

Dissipation,  s.  sbf abat, 


Dissolute,  a.  fâsik-u- 


Dissolution,  s.  ^îjl  alum,  ClMij  wefîıt, 
l)s>-  hall,  L âc]^Jjyu  tefrlkz-â/zâ. 

Dissolve,  v.a.  (JLXa~)j\  Eritmek, 
hâll-et ;  dl^^ztmak, 

iİzâssmz-tefrîk-et ;  — ,  v.n. 
erimek ;  dİ  (/Mm  ak, 

Jls**0  mimhall-ol. 

Dissuade,  v.a.  dX nıyyb- 
tindan-chbvirmek,  cXc vâz- 

Distaff,  s.  \  arekE.  [ghbchirmek. 

Distance,  s.  uzlkh’k,  <_\*J  bu<cd, 

lil  >M.C  mbssâfn,  yol,  ^Jj^c  menzil; 
jljjl  uzÂk,  uzlk-bır-ykr ; 


Distant,  a.  *1  i»l  uzlk,  'i\  i  îrlk, 
bâe£ıd  ;  (in  manners)  sogMk. 

Distemper,  s.  ijOj*  maraz, 

khlsstalzk;  <ü  \  jlj  rknkli- 


Distend,  v.a.  ghErmek, 

shıshirmek,  klbartmak. 

Distension,  {j sh'ısh,  cXİXx=) 

Distich,  s.  beyt.  [ghErghik*k. 

Distil,  v.a.  ınbîkdan- 

-chdkmek,  bJo&J  tlktzr-et ;  — ,  v.n. 
\J&su  taklttur-et. 

Distillation,  s.jJhsj  tiktir.  [bden. 

Distiller,  raki-taktir- 

Distinct,  a.  jDj  belli,  ^*^1?  wlzzh, 
££ayln  ;  LJy)  ayr i,  tâJLi  bÂshka. 

Distinction,  5.  yy  fark  ;  tbfrık  ; 

imtiyaz  ;  ri££âybt. 

Distinguish,  v.a.  LL^^cjy  ghyarmek, 
sechmek,  ch^kâr- 

mak ;  \yy  fark- et,  tefrik- et ; 

i  2 


[  100  ] 


—  one’s  self,  ken¬ 

dini  -  ghyasstErmek, 
shah  ret  -  k  zan  m  ak ,  \+û  J^ssTtâhsîli- 

Distinguished,  a.  j'jcdi  nlmdâr,  jy£~< 
mbshhür,  miımtâz, mu**- 

Distracted,  a.  ehliyim.  [t^bkr. 

Distraction,  s.  chllyAmkk, 


Distress,  s.  slkmd*,  dkrd, 

kndEr;  — - ,  v.a.  sokmak, 

'*J> AusL*e  szkmdü’-VErmek. 

Distressing, a.jd&  Im^iss-i-kkdEr. 

Distribute,  v.a.  (JazsÜo  dÂyMmak, 
'tüy  tevzı<f-et  tâksım-et. 

Distribution,  s.  ^yjy  tevzi ; 

District,  s.  nâhıyyE.  ftâksım. 

Distrust,  s.  hmniyyhtsizlik, 

^âdEmi-bmnıyybt ;  — , 

v.a.  hmnıyybt-et- 

mamek,  LtX«Lo$4Xj|  bmnıyybt- 


Disturb,  v.a.  kXnshdzrmak ; 

Chjf.  uT^l>  rahatım  -  bozmak, 
\y~z.s*-\t  râlıatsîz-et. 

Disturbance,  5.  ıJdbjıjS  ghyaruldu, 
sham  Ata  ;  glibly  lî  kXnshiklik, 
jLi  fessâd,  JJbaM  ıkhtilâl. 

Ditch,  s.  hkndek. 

Dive,  v.n.  dllmak. 

Diver,  s.  J  dlly^zclı.  [slpmak. 
Diverge,  v.n.  (J^y\  âyrdmak,  JUjL? 
Divers,  a.  bir  -takım,  bâ'  z i. 

Diversify,  v.a.  ItXwL^Jul^  chbshid- 

"  •»  y  °  V 


Diversion,  s.  <isA^ı  eylîmja ;  LJ-*Î , 
taghlît,  &aJj£»\ Jt>  shashırtma,  jJU-l!  \ 
ıshghll,  JUil  ıghfâl. 

Divert,  v.a.  chevirmek, 

slpltmak  ;  evlim- : 


Divest,  v.a.  «  soymak  ; 

chıkârmak ;  “âk-;. 


Divide,  v.a.  ll)v^  y  b  al  m  ek,  <J*j$  t 
âyrmak,  tâksîm-et,  !iU«AiLe, 

muklss6mE-et ;  — ,  v.n.  y  bıM 

lunmek,  taksim -kAbul- et. j 

Divine,  a.  ^11  İlahî,  rÂbbÂnî  ;s| 

— ,  $.  by&Uc  % û  yyjy  ^Lc  <lüiümi-  s 

-  dlnıyyEdE-mâhir-pÂp  a  ss . 

Divinity,  s.  <&!!  ÂİİÂh  ;  L^^SI  ilâhiyyhtp 
J  <Jyx*c  mâ^büdi-bÂtil ; 

C ( .Û  • 


Division,  s.  taksim;  &*]y  balmE,n 

haluk,  ^  kissm  ;  tejs  fırka 
jjU3  nifak;  ıkhtiİÂf. 

Divorce,  s.  talak,  tktllk  ;  İl 

— ,  v.a.  jyc\Jl»y  böshamak, 

Divulge,  v.a .  suweylnmek,  s 

l^lî  flsh-et,  İlli!  ıfshâ-et. 

Dizziness,  s.  llX K^jâJ  bXsh-  Is 

-danmeklik,  ghyazlar-| 


Do,  v.a.  cJvMJİ  btmek,  yapmak,  î 

CJvİİj!  byİEmek,  kümak,  \  l^^l 

ıjrâ-et,  LL^cjy&&*.s  fı^İE-ghbtirmek ; 
LLbcjjZ*!  pıshirmek ;  — ,  v.n, 
lıârekEt-et ;  {j-^  olmak,  l; 


[  101  ] 


uymak ;  ybtishmek  ; 

pishmek ;  —  away  with, 

klldirmak ;  how  do  you  do  ? 

nassl-sz'nyz’z,  jL*3j^ b<U 


nE-yapiyor-szngzz  ;  that  will  do, 
blvbrir,  ybtishir,  oldu. 

Docile,  a.  ^y.îâ^  mÂzlüm, 

kuzu-ghibi,  jUu.<  munkld. 

Dock,  5.  hawz ;  — ,  v.a. 

ujunu  -  kbssmek  ; 





Dockyard,  s.  züLy  tkrsânE. 

Doctor,  s.  (of  medicine)  *izru£>  hbykim, 
tablb  ;  (of  laws  and  divinity) 
3  müdbrriss ;  (of  philosophy) 

müdbrrissi;  — ,  v.a.  4  ılâj-et, 

IttjsiU^o  mu^llejE-et. 

Doctrine,  s.  &  kXvl,  CuLLi  kXv- 
liyylt,  dA**İ£  “ilmiyylt;  JjliLs 

Document,  s.  <xi-^  kyayAzd,  sbned, 
c^-sr**  hüjjet ;  documents, 

Doe,  s.  LÎ dishi-ghbyik, 
dishi-klraja.  it. 

Dog,  s.  ıjJkjjS=>  kyapek,  L— kklb, 
Dog-days,  eyylmi-bâhür. 

Doge,  s.  Vbnbdik- 


Dollar,  s.  iriyal,  xj*  kXra- 

Dome,  s.  <üi  kübbu.  [ghurüsh. 

Domestic,  a.  EVE-Xlzsh- 

mzsh-oİAn  ;  — ,  s.  ushAk, 


Domineer,  v.n.  U)L?  bX- 

•  * 


Dominion,  CL^iz^L*  mblbkyüt, 

hukyümet  ;  dominions, 
cJJU^o  mbmâlik. 

Don  (the  river),  s.  thn-suyu. 

Donkey,  s.  bshek,y>-  khar,jU^- 


Door,  s.  kXpz,  j  J  dür,  L— bib. 
Door-keeper,  s.  kXpzjz, 

Dormitory,  5.  (jZjCyS  koy^ush.  [dicrbln. 
Dose,  s.  ghida. 

Dot,  5.  idaiü  nokta. 

Dotage, s.  \  ikhti- 

y  ârin  -  b  un  galmish  -  h  âleti .  [ikhtiy  âr . 

Dotard,  s.  jL-ckl  c\iy  bimamzsh- 

Double,  a.  and  s.  CUÜ,  <£dA  iki-kXt ; 

— ,  v.a.  iki-klt-et. 

o  •• 

Doubt,  5.  shiibbE,  cJ  .£>  shekk,  ^Li,£=> 
gbyumln  ;  — ,  v.n.  shubhE-et. 

Doubtful,  a.  sbiıbhEİi  ; 

mbshkyük.  [shubhussiz. 

Doubtless,  ad.  iclbbttE, 

Dough,  5.  (khXmur). 

Dove,  s.  lJjaJ  kumru.  nıkyâh . 

Dower,  5.  mihri-mü'ejjbl, 

Down,  s.  l Jy  tüy;  xl s*J  pufla  ;  — ,  ad. 

Xshay^z,  XshayAzda ; 

Sjl  ykr a,  yurda. 

Downcast,  a.  mahzun. 

Downward,  a.  Downwards,  ad. 

Doze,  v.n.  uyuklamak. 

Dozen,  s.  duzina  ;  dbsstE  ; 



[  102  ] 


Drachm,  s.  dirhEm. 

Drag,  v.a.  LL)  aISj  ^  sürukİEmek, 


Dragoman,  s.  turjumÂn. 

Dragon,  jbj\  azhdkr,  \&<bj\  bzhdiha 
(ejdErhâ).  [“Assköri. 

Dragoon,  s.  l kilijli-Ath*- 

Drain,  s.  ^  \kghim  ;  ^5^*0  Ihghim- 
süzglıöchi,  ^3  lâ^zm-dölk^i ; 

— ,  v.a.  J*j  ta  *x!  lâ^zm-yapmak  ; 

s  rutubetini- süzdür¬ 
mek  ;  • — ,  v.n.  siızmek, 

Ll)vfcK.>-  chekilmek. 


Drake,  s.  erkek- ur  dek. 

Dram,  s.  j]  bır-râkî. 

Draper,  s.  (chöhaj«);  , 

(tulbentji);  j\jı  bezzaz. 

Draught,  riızghyâr;  ıchim, 

yudum ;  müssveddE ; 

Lj  kÂba  -  rössim  ; 

\s>-  gheminingr-su-ch&kmESSİ ; 

A^4-dolussu ;  —  board, 

d  Ama  -  tâktıtassi ;  — 

borse,  LbjSJudJjZ  4<araba-(böghiri); 
draughts,  <Uİ<3  dÂma. 

Draw,  v.a.  chökmek ; 

rössm-et;  — ,  v.n.  chekmek; 


ressim-yapmak  ;  —  away, 
r— c  chekup-ghyatur- 

mek ;  —  back,  gheri- 

cbekilmek ;  gheri-chek- 

mek ;  —  breath,  nbfess- 

Aİmak  ;  —  out,  üzAmak  ;  — 

in,  k?  s  s  Aİmak  ;  —  near,  — 

nigh,  (jA>£»hh  yaklashmak ;  - 


ghöchmek ;  —  up, 
durmak;  cJwcjjt)  dizmek; 
turtıb-et ;  <Uİ5  kâluma-Âlmak, 

C^^  V.  yazmak ;  yapmak ; 

£  y  u  kâri  -  chekmek . 

Drawer,  chekmeju ; 

ressÂm ;  chekiji. 

Drawers,  s.  pl.  ich-donu, 

dön,  ıjJjb  dön g. 

Drawing,  s.  ressim.  [fir-ödassi. 

Drawing-room,  s.  \  müssâ- 

Dread,  s.  korku,  t— J^ck  khâvf ; 

— ,  a.  mahâbetlu, 

muhîb  ;  — ,  v.a.  <3**jfi  korkmak. 

Dreadful,  a.  korkulu  ;  LicJj  \ 


Dream,  s.  rü'yâ,  dûsh;  — 

v.n.  LLX^cj*fi  r u ' y â- ghy örmek . 

Dreamer,  s.  ruyâ' 

ghy  ür  en  -  kim  se  . 

Dreary,  a.  sikmtzlz  2SSS2Z*  j 

Dredge,  Dredging-machine,  s.  j  j 

1  {fi  W  5 

1  \  İrmak  -  ve  -  lîmânin  - 

-küm  -ve  -châmurini-chıkârmak  -ıchin- 

Dredge,  v.a.  (Jajİ^s  mez, 


Dregs,  5.  pl.  ^J>jy  tortu,  tölvjs ;  — 
of  the  people,  âyak-tâkemi. 

Drench,  v.a.  U i  fenâ-essİAtmak. 

Dress,  5.  ÜJ»j  ruba  (uruba),  c— ;|j3l 
bsswlb  (essblb),  <L*JI  elbissE  ;  lJJ 
ziy,  j;li  kilz'k,  uu,iLjj  ldyâfet, 
kıssvöt ;  — ,  v.a.  ghıyin- 


[  103  ] 


dirmek ;  (a  wound)  sarmak  ; 

(food)  pishirmek  ;  (with  a 

dressing)  y  turbiyyE-et ;  (smooth) 
diizbtmek;  — ,  v.n. 
ghiy  inmek. 

Dresser,  <&&**■* (mutfAk- 

-t&zghyahz)  ;  L sÂrzjz. 

Dressing,  s.  (surgical)  j U?  SArghz ; 
(for  salad,  &c.)  &yy  turbiyyE. 

Drift,  5.  mefhûm,  mâ^na, 

^ jsc  mkrâm. 

Drill,  s.  1 _ -y'Â^c  (mXtkXb)  ;  tamlım; 

— ,  v . a .  J  delmek ;  LLX<j  Jcj  I 

tâ*  lim-dtdirmek. 

Drink,  s.  ichinek, 

♦  V  *«  u  V  M 

ichkz ;  — ,  v.a.  ichmek. 

Drip,  v.n.  damlamak. 

Drive,  v.a.  siirmek  ;  —  away, 

—  off,  —  out,  (jAC-j*  kokmak  ;  — 
back,  gheri-sürmek  ;  — 

on,  *Ju)  ileri- surmek. 

Driver,  5.  süruju ; 

**arabajz ;  ~\syy  kochach. 

N  v 

Drizzling  rain,  teskn  injE-yâ^mur. 

Drogman,  Drogoman,  s.  ^j^>-y  tjsrju- 

Droll,  a.  u- Jbsc'*  tuhaf.  [mÂn. 

Dromedary,  5.  bejin.  [tbnbel. 

Drone,  s.  yabAn-Ârzssz ;  Jlûj 

Droop,  v.n.  yyiij\*a  sarkmak; 

Drop,  5.  <d,ii  dÂmla  ;  — ,  v.n.  ^jscLtlb 
dÂmlamak  ;  cJvf«S^  düshmek ;  — , 
v.a.  LLX<j}£j^  diishurmek. 

Dropsical,  a.  zü,~«i  szsska,  ^^JuJ**** c 

Dropsy,  5.  Isuâ»»!  isstisska. 

Dross,  s.  jjybok,  jurüf. 

Drought,  s.  kurAklzk. 

Drove,  s.  suru.  [chobÂn. 

Drover,  s.  jk+*a  sh//zz‘rtmaj , 

Drown,  v.a.  fjAÂyfaya  suya-bd^4mak ; 
— ,  v.n.  ^4 suya-bo^4ulmak; 
—  one’s  self,  v.a. 

Drowsiness,  5.  C-UCili j \  uykussu- 
-ghEİmeklz’k.  [-ghEİmish. 

Drowsy,  a.  bj\  uykussu- 

Drub,  v.a.  dürmek. 

Drubbing,  s.  dayak. 

Drudge,  s.  kyâİE,  yessir ;  — , 

v.n.  ybssir-ghibi- 


Drug,  s.  djzâ,  ‘ e il aj . 

Druggist,  5.  ^jzâji, 


Drum,  s.  &y\y  tranpbta  ;  (big) 
dawul ;  (kettle)  cJ'Ljt)  dünbelek. 

Drumrmajor,  s.  j^Vojy^b  tAbur-major. 
Drummer,  s.  trânpbtaji, 

dawulju,  J  dunbelbkji. 

Drumstick,  s.  trânpbta- 

-deynez/Ai.  [kbyf. 

Drunk,  a.  j (sarkbosh),  i_ zJs 

Drunkard,  s.  bekri. 

Drunkenness,  s.  sbr-kboshlik. 

Dry,  a- jjj*  or  <-$jy  kuru; 

sussamzsh  ;  dry  land,  xjs  kXra ;  — , 

v.n.  kurumak;  — ,v.a.(J.AJ^y 

kurutmak  ;  —  up,  kurumak  ; 



[  104  ] 


Drynurse,  s.  (woman)  l dkdz, 
dXda  ;  (man)  B  İAİa.  [mhshkyük. 

Dubious,  a.  ^  shubhEİi ; 

Ducat,  (Dutch)  ^İJsbş-b  bkjakli, 

filnmEnk-Aİtmi ;  (Aus¬ 
trian)  ^bsr10  mAjar-Aİt/nz ;  (Vene¬ 
tian)  VEnedzk-Âİtmz, 

43 yl  \j  li  yÂİdzz- Aİtinz. 

Duck,  s.  zzrdek ;  — ,  v.a.  &L? 

suya-dkldzrmak;  (one’s  head) 

Duckling,  s.  ardek-pÂİAzz. 

Duct,  5.  Jy  t*o  su-yolu  ;  yho  dÂmar. 

Due,  a.  lazz'm,  e-— =f-!j  wajib  ;  (pay¬ 
able)  i wâ<cdESSi-ghEİ- 
mish ;  — ,  ^ rbssim,  c-jLKj 
teklif,  (vkrghi)  vırghyü. 

Duel,  s.  Icy  (kawgha),  diiyfeh. 

Dug,  s.  U^o  mbmE.  [-bfeyAi,  <s.js*  j  duka. 

Duke,  ^£j<U3\3  <LJj  rutbim-saniyyE- 

Dukedom,  s.  Ll dukalik- 
-hükyümet;  j^-UAjJdukalik- 

Dulcimer,  s.j^a^o  sXntur.  [-payfissi. 

Dull,  a.  (boy)  isstı^dâdsiz  ; 

(in  spirits)  kbyfi-yok ;  (place) 

f*o  szkmtz'lz,  AdAHl- 

-bby^ulur ;  (edge)  kg  ur, 
khssmaz ;  (day)  Jb  Li  kXpAnz'k ;  (pain) 
i  inja  ;  (sound)yiLs>  shghir,  yyy 
boyAuk;  (colour)  cJ3jJ  dwnuk;  (ear) 
jc\  Ighix ;  (of  hearing)  j£\*o  skghir ; 
(sight)  ghyarmaz ;  (trade) 

durghun,  kbssÂd. 

Dumb,  a. j«JJ  dilsiz;  —  creature, 
haywAn  ;  —  show,  isharbt. 

.  ♦ 

Dung,  5.  ıj*j  bok,  nbjâssbt ; 

f  zshkz ;  Xj) £  ghyübrE. 

■  ✓C 

Dungeon,  s.  (hApss), 

mahbbss,  ^,1  JjJ  zındÂn,  bodrum. 
Dunghill,  s.  cJ \AjIo  mbzbEİEİik. 

Dupe,  s.  (jA,/i3İjJI  Aldanimsh ;  — ,  v.a. 
\  <X \  Aldatmak. 

Duplicate,  s.  ikinji- 

-sürkt ;  in  — ,  ad. 

Duplicity,  s.  ^iLssTİb  yâİÂnjzlzk, 


shbytÂnlîk,  khiyanet, 

khabâsset.  [dayanzklz. 

Durable,  a.  jy  Lb  dâyanzr,  jtaüLL 
Duration,  s.  miiddbt ; 

siirbk,  ımtidâd,  j]?  kÂrâr, 

Um)  i 

}y*  *J\  isstimrar. 

During,  pr.  bssnâssmda, 

ichinda,  *  J  da  ;  ıJİ<ü<k^UJ 
bitinj^yE-kldar.  [klrârmassz. 

Dusk,  s.  1  Ikhsham- 

Dust,  s.  jy  toz,  jU£=d  ghubâr ; 
(sweepings)  L— >•>-  chap. 

Dustman,  s.  chapju. 

Dusty,  a.  (superficially)  Jy  toz  ;  (mixed 
with  dust)  â!j y  tozlu. 

Dutch,  a.  fiilfimEnk. 

Dutchman,  s.  C3w*ii  filfimEnk. 

Dutiful,  a.  (person)  y>-\ *oj  rızâjü  ; 
(conduct)  öj\ijZ>-\*oj  rizâjüyânE. 

Duty,  5.  (*£>)>  ish,  c^v-ejuA.  (khzzmbt) ; 

Ume  muriyybt;  eL^J*<Ur>-u 
wajibb  i-zımmtît ;  l ghyamruk, 


rbssmi-ghyamruk  ; 

f  J 


[  105  ] 


nübüt ;  to  be  on  — ,  j^r^Uy  nubbtji-bl; 
to  present  one’s  —  to  a  person, 
EİİErini-üpmek, ^^zxj\ 

Dwarf,  s.  jiijE. 

Dwarfish,  a.j^Jy  bodur. 

Dwell,  v.n.  jc^\  oturmak, 

kÂlmak,  sakin-bl ;  —  on, 

(in  thought)  cA/yjAbjJ  diishunmek, 
^Aklmz-vErmek,  \ 
kayd-et;  (in  speech) 
tbkrar  -  bb  -  tbkrar  -  Ânydhmak  ;  cAj 
mek ;  —  (a  note)  uz  Atmak. 

Dwelling,  s.  j  yisr ;  j\  bv,  <üU-  khânfi, 
mbsskbn ;  —  house,  j\  ev, 
<ül>»  khans.  messkbn. 

Dwelling-place,  5.  yer,  J)j y  yurd, 

Dye,  s.  l> y  bbya ;  — ,  v.a.  J^cljy 

boyamak;  — ,  v.n.  (j^uy  boyan¬ 
mak,  ^y^lty  bbya- llmak. 

Dyer,  ^by  boyaji. 

Dying,  s.  wlum  ;  jl  alms ; 

— ,  a.  j  wliyor. 

Dyke,  s.  hsndek;  sedd. 

Dynasty,  5.  bjak,  <d«*Lj  silsiİE. 

Dysentery,  s.  \  yJjlü  kAnh-isshal. 

Dyspepsia,  s.  zâ'f-i-hâzm. 


Each,  pron.  s.jijSb  hkr-bir;  — -,  pron.  a. 
hkr,  jij&  hur-bir ;  each  other,  l Sjj) 
bir-biri,  yek-dighur. 

Eager,  a.  *jj\  cAj  pbk  -  arzulu, 

Eagerness,  s.  dA-J  pbk-isstek, 

çjfiy*aj+*a  sÂbrsizlik. 

Eagle,  s.  ^Aysy  kÂra-kush. 

Ear,  s.  v^y  kulÂk ;  (of  corn) 

bÂshak,  sünbulfi  ;  a  box  on  the 

shamar.  [-beyAi. 

Earl,  ^  dwrdmjf-ratbE- 

Early,  a.  ürken;  SJolî^b  tur/andfi  ; 

ghünjlikda  ;  evveI, 

esski ;  ad.  ^J\  erken; 

Earn,  v.a.  kÂzAnmak. 

Earnest,  a.  jiddl,  hlklkT ; 

ghErmiyybtli ;  — ,  5.  pey  ; 
<ü^*3  numünfi.  [kuİAk-kÂnshdhajak. 

Earpick,  s.  <J1>-  khdal. 

Earring,  s.  <Uy  kyiipfi. 

Earth,  toprAk ;  y  ykr,  y j\ 

arz;  the  — ,  cyjyy  yur-yuzu,  iJJ 
dünyâ,  {jOj'+sS  kyure'i-arz. 

Earthen,  a.  toprAk. 

Earthenware,  toprAk-ishi, 

CALcip>-  chanak-chamlek,  .  Vub 

,  »l-^o  tÂbAk-mlbAk. 

Earthly,  a.  JjJt)  dunyfivi,  khaki. 

Earthquake,  5.  züİzeİe  (zkrzblfi). 

Earthwork,  5.  tbprAk-tabiya. 

Ease,  5.  j  rahat,  kolayhk, 

sühülüt ;  rüfâh, 
refâhıyyet ;  âsâyish, 

âsüdbghî ;  — ,  v.a .  cAyyj 
râhat-vErmek,  rahatlan* 

dfrmak;  \  tesskin-et;  LL\*zJLy> 


Easel,  5.  ressam  s^passi. 


[  106  ] 


East,  shark,  müshrik, 

ghyün-döghussu  (d ogh- 
Easter,  5.  UliLsb  pâsskâlya.  [russu). 

”  A  shark?. 

Eastern,  a.  l ?jr~ 

Easy,  a.  lJİj's  kolay,  siıhületli 

assan  ;  L rahat  ;  cilAy 
ghevshek ;  j!j\b  tltl?,  ^  yâwÂsh. 
Eat,  v.a.  yümek,  1  JjUj  tünâvul-et 

IjJil  hkl-et. 

Eatable,  a.  yünir,  yüyüjek, 

Cİsj-<Üj  yünsek,  mü‘kyül ; 

eatables,  üSİj£=z>  U  mü‘kyülât, 

Eaves,  s.  p/.  sXchak.  [ykydjek. 

Echo,  s.  j&j b  yânko;  — ,  v.a.  and  ??, 

Eclipse,  5.  (sun’s)  < _ kyiıssüf; 

(moon’s)  ( _ khussüf ;  — ,  v.a. 

ol  aydmkghmi-kess- 
mek  ;  (fig.)  ghferi-brak- 

mak,  Ashmak ;  to  be  eclipsed, 


Economize,  v.a.  \xj\  Jİ  idâru-üt. 

Economy,  s.  Xj\û\  idarfi. 

Ecstacy,  Ecstasy,  s.  vüjd, 

Eddy,  s.jjs\j\  anafor.  [vijdân. 

Edge,  5.  (margin)  künâr;  (cutting) 

Ji-I  Xghiz,  Jj  k?la^A?‘. 

Edible,  a.  JLito  mü'kyül. 

Edifice,  s.  yap?,  uo  bina. 

Editor,  5.  lJjI&so  tJjc.  ghazetA-mudlri. 

Educate,  v.a.  C }^!r^  okutmak,  1  *-1*1 
tâ'lîm-et,  tedrîss-et,  l<tjy 

tkrbiyyE-et,  purvErish-et. 

Eel,  s.  y^lkn-bAİ?^/??. 

Efface,  v.a.  .JVej y  bozmak,  CLL*İ~j  sil¬ 
mek,  chizmek. 

V”  V 

Effect,  s.^-jU  teessür;  ^Jİ  üsSEr;  — ,  v.a . 
,4jb  yapmak,  ütmek. 


hâss?l-et.  [saklı. 

Effective,  a.  ^U?  sâ#4  ;  j! I^>  yarar,  ^rL> 

Effectual,  a.  mürâm?- 


Effervesce,  v.a.  ^j^cbobi  kaynamak. 

Efficacious,  a.  jiy e  mü  essir, 
bA'  mürâm?-müntij-6İAn. 

Efficiency,  5.  ühliyyüt. 

Efficient,  a.  müktüdir,  Jjb!  ehl, 

C-A Jj\  erblb,  sakh. 

Effluvium,  s.y^i  koku,  ta‘‘affun. 

Effort,  s.  sa“y,  ghyüsbish, 

^w) vkrzish  ;  bAmla. 

Egg,  5.  Js^-4J  y?murta. 

Egg-plant,  s.  jjLsPb  pAtlijAn. 

Egotism,  s.  ünânıyyüt, 

kbodbmlik,  Jjrk. 


Egotist,  5.  khodbîn, 

khodpessend.  [hüsht. 

Eight,  a.  ji.  ~j  sükiz,  ^Uö  sümân,  sA-.Jb 
Eighteen,  a.  on-sükiz. 

Eighth,  a.  sekizinji, 

_  .  t>  \ 

samın  ;  — ,  s.  sıımn. 

Eighty,  a.  seksEiı. 

Either,  pron.  ya-6-yâ-bü ;  ^ 

nE-ö-nk-bü  ;  ji  bir  ;  j) 
ikissindan-birissi ;  — ,  conj.  b. 
Elaborate,  a.  inja.  [murür-et. 

Elapse,  v.n.  ghüchmek,  1  jjj'* 



Elastic,  a.  bssnkr  ; 


Elbow,  s.  dirsek. 

Elder,  a.  cJj-j  biyuk;  — ,s. 

kbja-bAshi,  Âk-sakAİli ;  — 

tree,  murvEr-Xy^Aji. 

Eldest,  a.  cJ*-j  biyuk;  —  son, 

ilk-oy^ul ;  —  brother,  lei  Xgha, ;  — 
sister,  4İJİ  Xbla. 

Elect,  a.  _ _ muntakhab  ;  L^s'c 

•  •  • 

mujtebâ,  lj  nâjl ;  — , 

intikhlb-et,  bey^Enmek, 

sbchmek,  âyrmak. 

Election,  5.  intikhlb. 

Electricity,  5.  ilektrik.' 

Electrify,  v.a.  ilek- 

trik-chârpdirmak.  [tiryak. 

Electuary,  5.  mâ/jün, 

Elegance,  s.  g-hyuzellik, 

zarafet,  latâfet,  s>-  hüssn. 

Elegant,  a.  <Jj £  ghyıızel,  zarif, 

û-Ll  latif. 

Elegy,  s.  <Ljjs 0  mursiyyE. 

Element,  5.  bssâss  ;  jüz“ ; 

elements,  erkyân  ;  ^ya\  ussül ; 

the  four  — ,  %-)J\  j*a Lc  “anâssiri- 

Elephant,  5.  uLi  fil.  [brba‘\ 

Elevate,  v.a.  1  rbf“-et,  tErfi“- 

-et,  <JUm  kXldirmak, 


Elevation,  s.  rif£<at;  jLc  “iiluvv; 

yükseklik;  ctj <»>  (tbpn). 

Eleven,  a.  j  on-bir. 

Elicit,  v.a.  chikarmak, 

J  isstikhraj-et. 

Eligible,  a.jjLiz*a\  isstunilir, 
ısstEniİEj  ek,  j ^Lj  \J\  Xranilir. 

Elixir,  s.j+~£\  iksir.  [-nâkiss. 

Ellipse,  s.  ^3-,-*  bbyzî,  kXt“i- 

Elm,  s.  ^UU^jj  kXra-Xy^Ach. 

Elogy,  s.  nfedh,  Lj  skna,  lA>.^5 

sitâyish ;  <Ls>-X<i  mbdhiyyE. 

Eloquence,  5.  l^^Loî  fXssahat, 
belaghXt,  jkrbbzE. 

Eloquent,  a.  mlri-kklam, 


Else,  pron.  <&£ jJ  bÂshka,  dighkr, 

ghâyri :  — ,  c.  yokhsa. 

Elsewhere,  ad.  bXshka-ykra, 


Elucidate,  v.a.  l-,Lâ>l  Izah. 

Z  - 

Elucidation,  s.  «-Lit  Izah. 

Elude,  v.a.  san<£at- 

-ila-sakinmak  ;  kurtulmak. 

Emanate,  v.n.  jt  Us  sidir- öl,  1 

Emancipate,  v.a.  \  Jİjt  âzâd-et  (XzXd). 

Embark,  v.n.  ghbmiya- 

-binmek;  —  v.a. 
ghbmiya-komak  ;  A-+-J 


Embarkation,  s.  j 



Embarrass,  v.a.  LLLc^J j lJ &+'îu*a  sikindi- 
-vkrmek. ;  to  be  embarrassed, 
s^kilmak ;  J  ^j)i  bozulmak, 


Embarrassment,  5.  sikindi ; 

Jj  dili-tutulmassi. 


[  108  ] 


Embassy,  5.  CUj\k^i  sbfârbt,  djldsTjlLj 
sbfârbt- khans. 

Embellish,  v.a.  tbzyîn-et, 

Cİ-'CjJoİüjJ  zmetlundirmek. 

Embellishment,  s.  tbzyîn. 

Embers,  yi  CJ'XJUj \ odun- 

Âteshinin^-korlan,  ^£->1  kor-Atbsh. 

Embezzle,  v.a.  chÂlmak. 

Emblem,  s.  “âlâmbt, 


Embrace,  v.a.  k  uyuklamak  ; 

(jd \j<*o  slnlmak ;  wpush- 

mek ;  »i  kushXtmak ; 

ihatA-et,  shâmil-ol,  y\l^)y*£> 


Embrasure,  s.  mlzgliAİ. 

Embroidery,  s. ,  Ink-ishi,  <Uİ1j1 

ishİEinE,  nÂksh  (nâg^ash). 

Embryo,  s.  jbmn. 

Emerald,  s.  zumrud. 

Emerge,  v.n.  chikmak. 

Emergency,  s.  C—j'şTİ  ıjâb  ;  in  case  of 
— ,  &&-ji‘Ssu  ^lasrl  ijabi-tlkdzrja. 

Emery,  s.  2$j\*a.~İ  sımpârE  (zampara). 

Emetic,  a.  and  s.  ^-İLc  mukayyz. 

Emigrant,  s.j>- muhâjir. 

Emigrate,  v.n.  tkrki-wXtAn-et, 

jLses-J  ikhtiy  âri-gh  urbbt-  et, 
\LUjjsJb  hijrbt-et. 

Emigration,  s.  Jby  CJy  terki-wÂtAn. 

Eminence,  s.  j \jü  tefevvuk ;  £IL  dXgh, 

Eminent,  a.  J,  fâ‘iku-’l-ÂkrÂn  ; 


Emissary,  5.  u~y~s\?y  jâssüss  (shashid). 

Emolument,  s.  ma^âsh;  JjlyC 

raa  id. 

Empale,  v.a.  klziklamak. 

Empalement,  5.  ^x-jL-o  JUİijlS  kÂzî'k- 

Emperor,  s.  pâdishâh, 

hukyumdâr,  impErâtor. 

Empire,  s.  dbvlet,  c^-~c^£=x>- 

hükyümbt;  \jh\j+Aj\  imphratbrluk; 
d)JU*<  mbmâlik. 

Employ,  v.a.  J*AAyS  kullanmak ;  (per¬ 
sons)  1  isstikhdlm-et ; 

(things)  ıssti^mâl-et ;  \jtş\ 

y  ish-vErmek;  — ,  s.  ^jt)\  ish, 

Employment,  s .  ish ; 

(khizmet),  mb  müriyyet ;  mbshghüliyybt. 

Empress,  j impbrâtorlcha, 

(regnant)  iLîbJu  pâdishâh. 

Empty,  a.  (jtyi  bosh,  ^Jlrs-  khâlı, 
tbhi ;  — ,  v.a.  boshAİtmak  ; 

—  itself,  v.n.  bosh Aİmak, 

böshAnmak  ;  (by  flowing) 
kkmak ;  (by  flowing  into) 

Emulation,  s.  CU>^c  ghâyrbt. 

Enable,  v.a.  ıkdâr-et, 

Enamel,  s.  mlna  (mins)  ;  — ,  v.a. 

^  li-^o  mınE-ishİEmek. 

•»  •• 

Enamoured,  a.  (J.£ >lc  ‘‘ishfk;  to  be  — 
(delighted)  baydmak, 


Encamp,  v.n.  brdy-kurmak. 


[  109  ] 


Encampment,  s.  ordu  ; 

ordughyâh  ;  J J  5* 

kur  ulmish-bir-klch-  chÂdfrler. 

Enchant,  v.a.  V  sihr-et;  L ibcjSjy* 
sevindirmek ;  C-biK  kho- 


Enchanter,  $.  jb  -s.*-  sihrbâz. 

Enchanting,  a.  dilbEr. 

Enchantment,  s.j£^  sihr ;  sbvinj  ; 


Enclose,  v.a.  chbvirmek, 

kushltmak ;  'c-fli  leff-et, 

Enclosure,  s.  hjb>-  ha'it. 

Encore,  int.  (French)  (J.*/'  cM/' 
afurim-afErim ;  l&Jy  bir-daha. 

Encounter,  5.  rlsst-gliEİish, 

< *<-'L 2J  tesslduf  ;  diiyAush  ; 

— ,  v.a.  -1;  rASst-ghklmek, 

^u-Jw'baj  tesslduf- et ; 


Encourage,  v.a.  j  j y  yuz-VErmek ; 


^^jessâret-VErmek;  pî:r- 


Encouragement,  dj‘  tbshvîk. 

Encumber,  v.a. ^  j\ı  bâr-bl ; 

sikmdz-ol,  j sikmdi- 


End,  5.  uj ;  L^Jya  song ; 

nihâybt,  ıd-oU-  ghâybt,  ^byl  bnjam; 
— ,  v.n.  'LLXa>'^  bitmek, 
kbssilmek,  C J  dükknmek, 
^Lib^e  munkAti<f-ol,  mün¬ 

kiriz- öl  ;  — ,  r.a.  LLX^cyj  bitirmek  ; 

LLXaJs  kbssmek  ;  dükkt- 

mek;  itmam- et ;  to  make  an 

end  of  ....  ,  LLX*~+5=d  kbssmek, 
bitirmek ;  —  —  —  —  of 
one’s  self,  dJwcy  w\!  ^  «ilX*!* 

kbndi-kendini-wldurmek ;  to  put  an 
end  to,  bitirmek, 

wngunu-llmak,  men" bet,  *yW- 

chârk-bülmak  ; - to 

life,  id  dürmek ;  —  to  suf¬ 

ferings,  ('j'Vj by y* ej X-:’ b ^  bziyybtdan- 
kurtarmak,  d)wcy  _\J J\  J  tab^-j 
kurtulsun-deyu-iddurmek.  [-kömak. 

Endanger,  ı;.a.  <Jbcy  tbhlikbyk- 

Endeavour,  v.n.  chXlishmak, 

*  L/  v 

sa'V-et,  (JkİjIj  blkmak.  [tassi. 

Endive,  firnnk-slla- 

Endless,  a.  nihayetsiz, 

dükknmaz,  4j\q>^>  bi-nihâyk. 

Endow,  v.a.  îrâd-bXy&- 

lamak ;  Jlo^o  miittlssif-kd- 


Endure,  v.n.  jpubi?  dayanmak, 
dbcyy-J  sürmek,  _*]  ^yb  bâki-öl, 
j^Job  pâydâr-öl. 

Enemy,  5.  düşümün, 

khlssm,  *&£■  ‘"adüvv. 

Energetic,  a.  ishghyuzâr  ; 

chXlishkln.  [ilk. 

Energetically,  ad.  ghâyrbt- 

Energy,  s.  dJ y -i.  ghâyrbt ;  kuvvet. 

Enfeeble,  v.a.  it— sL*-^  zâ^îf-bt. 

Enfilade,  v.a.  yandan- 

-llmak,  yandan- 

-  dürmek. 


[  no  ] 


Enforce,  v.a.  \  ^>-1  ljra-et, 

hükmunu-fı*  la-cbikar- 


Engage,  v.a .  /ytâşb  tutmak ; 

meshghül-et,  1  JU^>1  ıshghâl-et ; 

yazmak,  tahrir-et ; 

jenk-et;  — ,  v.n.  J ^ 

saz-vurmek,  \  ta^âhhud-et ; 

yâzilmak;  ULliko  muklv^İE-et, 
IJjS  kavl-et ;  —  one’s  self, 
sazİEshmek,  CJy-yj J s^z-vkrmek. 
Engaged,  a.^JbizA  S$xJ  ta'ahhad-btmish ; 
va^d-vbrmish ; 
Engagement,  s.  (j£j!  ish, 

meshghülıyybt ;  J  ^  saz,  Acj  va/'d; 

jenk,  <b j\sr*  muhârbbE ; 
muklvbİE,  kavl. 

Engine,  5.  ^y>-  chârkh,  âlet. 
Engineer,  s.  charkhjz ;  (civil 

or  military)  miihEndiss. 

England,  s.  Xj^kCj  1  Inghiltbrra. 

English,  a.jACj]  Inghliz.  [hakk-et. 
Engrave,  v.a.  JUjli  kXzmak, 
Engraver,  s.  hbkkz/âk. 

Engraving,  s.  *~ijt U«c>Ij  bASsma-rbssim. 
Enjoy,  v.a.  (possess)  yCJltc  mâlik-öl, 
nail-bl;  (derive  pleasure) 

b^İEnmek,  ^  j  ji^c  mutblbzziz-ol ; 
—  one’s  self,  khoshlanmak, 

eghlunmek,  \\su>  sâfâ-et, 
jl  J  miitblezziz-bl. 

Enjoyment,  s.  tblbzzuz. 

Enlarge,  v.a.  cJvfj  ^  biyutmek, 

ghbnishİEtmek ;  — ,  v.n. 

biyumek  ;  —  upon, 

Enlightenment,  s.  CuVoy*x*o  mâ/lûmÂt. 

Enlist,  v.a.  “ÂsskErlig^a- 

-  yazmak,  \yt>  .cs?'  tahrir-bt;  — ,  v.n. 

(J^j  V,  _ s.  '  ‘ÂsskErlk/^a- 


Enmity,  s.  dushmEnlz’k, 

«»^^jAörkkhussümbtji-^-?»!^'  adavet, 
<j0jZ  gharaz,  l^-^LJL3  nbfsaniyybt. 

Ennui,  s.  (French)  ^  jân- 


Enormity,  s.  L£-*»-lci  flzahat. 

Enormous,  a.  pek-hiyuk, 


Enough,  a.  and  ad.  yetishir, 

ybtEr,  j  JÖ  ybtishbjek-kÂdar,  , 

L^tksuıL^olso  kifâybt-mıkdârz. 

Enquire,  v.n.  sormak ;  —  for,  or  j 

after,  (Jyojye  sormak. 

Enrich,  v.a.  zknghin-et ;  i 

(embellish)  tezyin- et ;  (with  j 

jewels)  tbrsz^-et. 

Ensign,  5.  jjlsrUo  sÂnjak,  bayrak, 

b  ân  dara  ;  jUvilyJ  bayrak  dar, 
jIasWLj  slnjakdâr. 

Enslave,  v.a.  bssir-et  (yessir). 

Ensue,  v.n.  ^Ja3uj>-  chzkmak, 
hâssz'1-bl,  tbrettub-et. 

Enter,  v.a.  ghirmek, 

dukhül-et,  j\  J.ckİJ  dâkhil-ol ;  (write 
down)  \  kayd-et ;  —  into  (com¬ 
mence),  cJw*--2y..»-:!=5  ghirishmek, 
IdJjd&L*  mubasherbt-et. 


[  m  ] 


Enterprise,  s.  ish,  jK  k y  âr, 

CUjJ*  mübâshdret. 

Entertain,  v.a.  klbul-et; 

Ah’komak ;  b^/dEndirmek ; 

LLbcjJj  Ct^^ybrnek-VErmek;  Clivik-J 
bbssİEmek;  \ izmar-etjjj^-j^lji-c 
^Âklma-kÂbül-et.  [l^-AL-ö  ziyafet. 
Entertainment,  s.  <LsnJ£l  b^MknjE ; 
Entice,  v.a.  \l-jJ^  jbzb-et,  Âİ- 

Enticing,  a.  t— -o  dilfirlb.  [datmak. 

Entire,  a.  ybkpard,  bitun, 

I* to  tXmm,  tbkmîl ;  —  horse, 

lzj\  At,  jXj\  âyghfr. 

Entrails,  s.  pi.  bağırsak., 

Entrance,  s.  (act)  ghirish, 

dukhül  ;  (place)  y^s  kApf, 

Entreat,  v.a.  1  l z>-j  rijâ-et,  \  jl-3  niyâz- 
-et,  yalvarmak. 

Entry,  s.  yJ  kApz,  mbdkhal ; 

(registering)  kâyd.  [tâ^dâd-et. 

Enumerate,  v.a.  saymak, 

Envelop,  v.a.  sarmak. 

Envelope,  5.  t— ?k  zarf.  [hâssüd. 

Envious,  a.  ijs  kizkXnj,  £y~.j>- 
Environs,  j«wâr,  t— îl Jj\  btrâf, 

L— y  kurb. 

Envoy,  s.  orta-elchi, 

yzs^r0  mâkhsüss-elchi. 

Envy,  5.  ^aj\İJs  kizklnma,  J hâssed; 

— ,  v.a.  kizklnmak,  |jw&- 

Epilepsy,  s.  teya  sÂr<fâ.  [hâssed-et. 

Equal,  a.  y  bir,  mussâvi  ;  (in 

age)  y\  Âkrân ;  (in  rank)  ^£i=> 
kyiifv;  — ,  vm.j\lJj L— «  mussâvi-bl. 

Equality,  s.  mussâvât. 

Equalize,  v.a.  müssâvî-et. 

Equally,  ad.  *jjj\ Ci^L— «  müssâvât- 

Equalness,  5.  mussâvât. 

Equator,  s.  IjSUj!  ksk  kbAtt-i-isstiwâ. 

Equatorial,  a.  L-J*  k>-  khatt- 


Equilateral,  a.  cİJ^İ^l^o  miıtessâ- 

Equinoctial,  a.  kA  khatt- 

-i-isstiwâya-mknsüb.  [-l&yl-u-nihâr. 

Equinox,  s.  tbssâvdi- 

Equip,  v.a.  donatmak,  ij**5 

tejhlz-et.  [hAkklniyyet. 

Equity,  s.  “adâlbt, 

Equivalent,  a.  lSj\~+so  mussâvi ;  — ,  s. 
{jsy  ^vez,  karshzlik. 

Era,  s.  İA»  sc  mebdb  i-târıkb, 

(j^tot-r>L.r>-  hisslbz-târıkh. 

Erase,  v.a.yyy  bozmak,  tkrkm- 

-et,  lc«k>-  hakk-et. 

Erect,  a.  C-k  J  dik,  lJjCjJ  dbghru, 
kâ'im,  “âmüd ;  — ,  v.a.  LlX*£<3 
dikmek,  It— nXssb-et  ; 
kÂldfrmak  ;  ^J^jk  y«Pm^k>  U-J  binâ- 
-et,  \  \Lj\  inshâ-et. 

Erivan  (capital  of  Persian  Armenia),  s. 


Ermine,  5.  kâküm. 

Err,  v.n.  (mistake)  yan^dmak, 

\  Ik  A  khlta-et ;  (wander) 
dölashmak.  [kbÂtâ-sâwÂb. 

Errata,  s.  pi.  erratum,  s.  c— i\yo  lk^ 

Erroneous,  a.  yânydzsh  (yânish). 


[  112  j 


Error,  s.  y^n^dfsh  (yânish), 

(yânislılik)  IbcL  khÂtâ, 
sbhv,  dllâlet,  dklâl ;  one 

in  error,  <Jlo  dÂİl ;  one  who  leads 
into  error,  J*£2.<  mudili.  [bahhir. 

Erudite,  a.  “âlim,  jCSXx^o  mut6- 

Erysipelas,  s.  sTÎb  ydÂnjzk.  [-shbhiri. 

Erzroum,  s.  'Sjy*  Erzrum- 

Escape,  5.  ,y  kurtulush,  ^^U- 

khalâss,  shlâmet ; 

kXchish,  J\Js  firar ;  — ,  v.n. 
kurtulmak,  khalâss- 

-bulmak,  yakayf-kur- 

tarmak ;  kXchmak,  1  j\j. i 


Escort,  5.  yassXkjz ; 

i!j ihtiyltan-tErfzk- 
olunAn-<£ASskEr ;  — ,  v.a. 
bErabur-gbitmek.  [khlsss. 

Especial,  a.  mâkbsûss, 

Especially,  ad.  mâkbsûssan, 

khussüssâ,  U*.  khlsssâtan. 

Espouse,  v.a.  Âlmak,  thzbv- 

vuj-et ;  (a  cause)  ^Jj3Î\  iltizâm-et, 

Essay,  s.  tejribE  ;  rıssâİE ; 

— ,  v.n.  anda.  ^j^4jy  bXkmak, 
denumek,  tbjribE-et ;  y^ui 

ımtzhân-et,  tartmak,  PP. 

yoklamak.  [~-*j  rüh. 

Essence,  s.  ^*a\  assI,  kyunh  ;  (spirit) 

Essential,  a.  Asslî ;  (volatile)  jUL 

tayyar  ;  (necessary)  lâzzm, 

Establish,  v.a.  achmak,  (jk°jy 

kurmak,  te'slss-et, 

pâydâr-et.  [dükkyân. 

Establishment,  s.  U  tb'siss  ; 

Estate,  cJM  emlâk,  ^0^  ârâzl, 
ijjir*  mülk  ;  Ju  mÂİ-u-bshyâ  ; 

*%*  tbr^kd  ;  hâl-u- 

-hâysiyyet ;  *J3j  rütbE. 

Esteem,  jL*A£.^  ı“tibâr;  P  nXzar ; 
— ,  v.a.  \j\+xz\  ı“tibâr-et,  say¬ 

mak,  \Jk )  nXzar~et,  \  tXc  “add-et. 


Estimate,  s.  ı^JıJLk=D  kbsbf,  takh- 

mln  ;  — ,  v.a.  takbmln-et. 

Eternal,  a.  ^  lJJjI  eb6dî-VE-ez61i. 

Eternity,  s.  (past)  Jj'  bzel ;  (future) 
bbed;  (state  of)  bbediyybt, 


Ether,  s.  ^Uü!  lok mÂn -ruhu; 

(ethereal  matter)  bssîr. 

Ethics,  s.  pi.  “ılmi-âkhlâk, 

ClAjJİ  6d6biyyât. 

Ethiopian,  s.  sıyâh-£<ârab. 

Etiquette,  s.  “âdbt. 

Etymology,^.  ıshtikâk;  < 3j*e 

Eulogy,  s.  >  sıtâyish.  [“ilm-i-sarf. 

Eunuch,  s.  khasi;  khAdzm; 


Euphrates  (the  river)  s.  l cu\js 
fürât-nbhri.  [takhliyyu-et. 

Evacuate,  v.a.  chzkmak;  i<Ü^kr 

Evacuation,  s.  tâkhliyyE. 

Evaporate,  v.n.  uchmak, 

kurumak ;  — ,  v.a.  J*:  U^ljj  kaynat¬ 
mak,  uchurmak,  y 



C  113  ] 


Evaporation,  5.  c— 


Eve,  s.  Akhsham. 

Even,  s.  Akhsham ;  — ,  a.  JjJ 

diız,  j\y* &  hümvâr  ;  LJy^b  doyiiru ; 
*jül  ■  AaA^aJ  bir-siylkda  ;  ^UcLAL) 
bAsha-bÂsh ;  — ,  ad.  aLj  bilk,  X  J  d a, 
dakhi ;  even  so,  ad.  üylk. 

Evening,  Akhsham, 


Event,  s.  <uiy  wak“h. 

Eventually,  ad.  L^ylc.  “âkibet. 

Ever,  ad.  Uîb  dâ'imâ;  SJoijjj  bir- 


-wÂkitda;  for  ever,  ijol  kbkdEn  : 
•  • 

for  ever  and  ever,  bbede-?l- 

-âbâd ;  ever  and  anon,  bir- 

-düziyk ;  ever  since,  61- 


Everlasting,  a.  dükknmaz, 

J'jfjl J  bî  -zewal,  (Jy  J  lkm-ykzil. 
Evermore,  ad.  fımâbâ“d, 



Every,  a.  hkr,  yjSt>  hkr-bir;  — 
day,  hkr-ghyün ;  —  other 

day,  LSjyZ ghyiın-Âshm, 
y  X  \  iki  -  ghyimda-bir  ;  — 

thing,  hkr-shey ;  —  one, 

—  body,  hkr-kkss  ;  —  where, 

Xy,b>  hkr-ykra,  Xd}yy  hkr-ykrda, 

—  whit,  —  bit,  hkr- 

-wejhila  ;  bitun-bitun. 

Evidence,  s.  shahâdet ;  cJj!  J 


Evident,  a.  X&£j\  jjs  ghyüz-ünyunda, 

% \  Ju.o  mkydAnda,  JiA\  Âshikyâr, 

jb&o  zahir,  bedlhl, 

bkdldar,  \  y hhwkyda. 

Evil,  5.  kyatuluk,  y\  Li 

fenalik,  su* ;  jj*o  zarar,  iJiJyL* 

mXzarrat ;  ib  bklâ,  müssibüt; 

•  •  #* 

fülâket ;  “illüt,  ıJ^j* 

m<haz  ;  — ,  a.  £  kyatu,  Li  fkna, 
^-5  kXblh  ;  the  evil  one, 
shüytÂni  -  la  (<m  ;  the  evil  eye, 
nÂzar ;  evil-doer,  s.  majrim^ 

evil- speaking,  s.  bühtan. 

Ewe,  5.  byte  mâriya,  dishi- 

Ewer,  s.  (Jjy\  ibrik.  [koyun. 

Exact,  a.  L-^cyt  doyAru,  |*tiJ  tkmÂm, 
tlmm,  sahzh  ;  — ,  v.a. 

cf*»  Âlmak,  \ i_J>y i=r swkyub- 
Aİmak,  C^Vj  sc  mutİAİc- 

-isstkyub-Xlmak ;  tahsil- et ; 


Exactly,  ad.  ^t>  tÂmm,  ^Uj  tXmlm  ; 



Exactness,  s.  doy^ruluk. 

Exaggerate,  v.a.  IcûîL-c  mublligha-et. 
Exaggeration,  s.  Aw L^e  mublligha. 
Examination,  s.  yoklamak, 


Examine,  v.a.  yüklamak, 

bÂkmak,  I  mu^ây^nk  -  et ; 


Examiner,  s.y.4^0  mümeyyiz. 
Exasperate,  v.a.  ^01  tX-S  kizdirmak, 





Exasperation,  5.  Ui  fima- 

dârghmlik.  [bymak  ;  \Jlo~  hiifr-et. 

Excavate,  v.a.  kAzmak ;  0^ 

Exceed,  v.a.  ghkchmek, 

Ashmak,  \  sT  t&jâvuz-et. 

Exceedingly,  ad.  ghâyet,  <dsotc 

ghâybtla,  lj-oUj  bbghâybt. 

Excel,  v.n.  and  a.  fâ'ik-öl. 

Excellence,  s.  iyilik, 

â^lâlik;  jjjiö  tefevvuk,  L2— JlsrT^ 

Excellent,  a.  pbk-îyi,  itadcJj 

p&k-â^lâ,  chok-iyi. 

Except,  ad.  dan  -  bAshka, 

dan-mâ^ada,  dan- 

fAzla,  dan-ghayn  ;  — ,  v.a. 

İL&msI  isstissna-et, 
musstkssnâ- tutmak. 

Excepting,  ad.  dan-bAshka, 

dan-ma'ada,  ALai^J  dan- 
-fAzla,  l dan-ghayri. 

Exception,  LAaJ  isstissna. 

Excess,  5.  <d*âi  fâzla;  \s\js\  ıfrÂt;  to 
commit  excesses,  (Jaz£> IL  tAshftmak, 
(jscj Xshirmak. 

Exchange,  5. (jlGj  di#4ish,  tjAjj  trânpa, 
<sJjL^o  mübâd6İE;  bill  of  — , 
pölicha  ;  course  of  — ,  ^ Jlü  kânbiyo  ; 
— -,  v.a.  LLL<^4>,£jC><J  dighishdirmek, 
IJjJuj  tbbdil-et;  — ,  v.«.  di- 

^ish-et,  trânpa-et,  U!jL*  mu- 

Exchequer,  5.  khazink.  [bâd6İE-et. 

Excise,  5.  {— ihtissab. 

*  • 

Exciseman,  s.  Ui  ih- 


Excite,  v.a.  İLLta,£sT  tahrik- et ;  \j^  0’ 

Exclaim,  v.n.  chaghirmdk, 

bağırmak,  l^Jo  nida-et. 

Exclamation,  s.  1  Jo  nida  ;  note  of  — , 
t — harf-i-nida. 

Exclude,  v.a.  ıchbri- alma¬ 
mak,  -J  kâbül-et-memek. 

Exclusion,  s.  'âdm-i-kâbül. 

Excusable,  a  •  ^ ma  zur# 

Excuse,  s.  “uzr;  bâhânE ; 

— ,  v.a.  \  *İ£>  <£Afv-et. 


Execute,  v.a.  1  ijra-et, 

fı'İE-ghfetirmek;  \,Jzs  kAtl-et ;  iJ^>\ 

Execution,  ijra;  JsikXtl.  [Assmak. 

Executioner,  s.  Sh>-  jkllld. 

Exemplify,  v.a.  missal-  ! 

-ghbtirmek,  \^£*j  tkmsil-et. 

Exempt,  a.  bferi,  uJl^o  mu<£Âf, 

JİJİ  âzâd;  — ,  v.a.  1  ylc  “Afv-et, 

Exemption,  s.  u^AU^o  mu£<lfiyyet. 

Exercise,  s.  (bodily)  Ll^s*  har6kkt ; 
(for  improvement)  ta'  lim ;  . 

(military)  tabiim;  (performance)  j 

\j2-\  ijra;  (lesson)  d&rss,  s 

tabiim,  mutalara;  - — ,  v.a.  i 

ta/'lim-btdirmek ;  (a) 

profession)  CdviSol  btmek ;  (a  horse,  3 
&c.)  LLXscjAjZ  ghbzdirmek. 

Exert,  v.a.  \uJyo  sârf-et ;  \  ( 

ibrâz-et;  —  one’s  self,  sâ“y-et,  î 

\cl5jş£.  ghayret-et,  chabAİa-  1 

mak.  [JuSU^-  chabAİama.  î 

Exertion,  s.  sa<£y,  ghâyret,  I 


[  US  ] 


Exhalation,  s.  jlakT  bukhâr.  [bitirmek. 
Exhaust,  v.a.  dükütmek,  cX^yj 

Exhaustion,  s.  dukhtmeklik; 


J  • 

Exhibit,  v.a.  (*^X*y~y  ghywsstermek, 
i^X*j iS^j\  süyr-ütdirmek  ;  \  j\y>\ 


Exile,  siirghyun,  nüfy, 

münfı ;  - — ,  v.a .  e  sür¬ 

mek,  nüfy-et. 

Exist,  v.n.j\  vâr-ül,  kya‘in-01, 

müvjüd-ol,  bulun¬ 

mak;  LLXa^js?  ghechinmek, 

Existence,  5.  vârbk,  küvn, 

LZ^jyX  küynünüt,  müv- 

jüdiyyüt,  vüjüd. 

Exorbitant,  a.  j* Ucu  hâdden- 

-mütüjâviz  ;  j!l^  d)j  pük-pAhAİi. 

Exotic,  a.  üjnEbı. 

Expand,  v.n.  ^4-LIj  yayılmak. 

Expansion,  5.  ^JpJULb  yaydmakhk. 

Expect,  v.a.  bÂkmak, 

ummak,  me'mul-et. 

Expectation,  s.  (J^-cLc  mü'mül,  Ju^ 
ümıd  (umut),  ^Xiy 


Expectorate,  v.a.  (jX^ojyy  tükyurmek. 

Expediency,  s.  L^wil^c  münâssübet, 
pjj  lüzum. 

Expedient,  s.  chârü,  ij'İy  kolay, 

fjy  yül;  — ,  a.  münâssib, 

pjİ  lazzm. 

Expedite,  v.a.  \Si\~j£*J  ta‘  jll-et, 

Expedition,  s.  sür  “ât ;  4İ ^ 

ÂjeİE;  irsal;  y~a  süfEr ; 

lan-tâkiım.  [sürî“. 

Expeditious,  a.  châbzk, 

Expel,  v.a.  (jyizy  koyAmak,  ݣ_jJ 

Expend,  v.a.  khârj-et,  1<_ s^a 

sârf-et,  khârjamak. 

Expense,  s.  ^ y>-  khârj,  u -iyz*  mkss- 
raf,  u-S^Lau  mlssarif, 

Expensive,  a.^ii^ o  mkssrafb*. 

Experience,  s.  ghyürghi,  CuLojl^o 

ma  lümÂt,  tüjrubü ;  — ,  v.a. 

LLXcjjJ  ghyarmek,  L> 

bÂshma-ghEİmek,  tejrubE-et, 

LİXaJz^s>-  chekmek ;  — ,  dXodjJ 


dünüm  ek. 

Experienced,  a.  yü U^lx^o  mâ“lümÂtb‘, 
kyârdıdü,  miıjürreb. 


Experiment,  s.  <UysT  tüjrubü, 

Expert,  a.  üsstâz  (ussta). 

Expire,  v.n.  ülmek ; 

sünmek,  j\j^  müntüfi-ol ;  (a 

term)  lL)w*Ju£  ghülmek, 
tÂmAm-ol,  münkâzz-ol. 

Explain,  v.a.  \ı^X.yxj  tâ“rıf-et,  juiKI 
anglatmak  (annatmak). 

Explanation,  s.  c— aı yj  tâ“rif. 

Explicit,  a.  skrîh,  #ch«k. 

Explode,  v.n.  bL  pktlamak ;  — , 

v.a.  LLXsCjI)  Âtüsh-vürmek, 

Atmak ;  cbürutmek,  1  JILj! 


k  2 



Exploration,  s.  j  i _ keshf- 


Explore,  v.a.  (Ja yoklamak,  V&jW« 
mu^aydnE-et,  tejesssuss-et. 

Explosion,  s.  pÂtlayish, 

Aü’sh ;  ^  s&ss,  slda. 

Export,  s.  ıkhrâjât  (pi.)  ; 

— ,  v.a ■»  dsshari- 


Exportation,  5.  ^ jk-\  ikhrâj , 

<L<jıX)jZ  dishan-ghyandErma, 

£  dishârz-ghyandErilma. 

Exporter,  s.  ^  2>j\  lJj\L.As  &e»«1 

$jj  b  bmt?‘  ‘a-  dishari-ghy  anderer- 


Expose,  v.a.  (to  view)  mey- 

dAna-komak,  <üİJu*«  mby- 

dAna-chzkarmak ;  (to  shame)  IJjJj 
rbzil-et,  CJvc^cdl  Eİa-vkrmek,  dj  l*J 
lisslna-ghbtirmek  ;  (explain) 
I^Lj  bbyan-et,  c3v*Jj^«c  suwbylEmek, 
1  Lu*j  bÂsst-et,  ^4^-1  achmak. 

Express,  a.  .^yak?0  mâkhsüss ;  — ,  s. 
jL>L>  tatar,  suruju  ;  — ,  v.a. 

Ujlil  ifâdk-et,  l-ujL jXj  tahrif- et, 
beyân-et,  1^*5  tâ'bîr-et, 
C3v4İ>y**j  süwbyİEmek,  anglat- 

mak;  ^J^İuc»  sokmak,  (jAj\[^jj^ 
suyunu-llmak.  [i_jL> yC  tâ“rîf. 

Expression,  s.  ta“bır;  #jlil  ıfâdE, 

Exquisite,  a.  cJjbcJj  pbk-nâzik,  dJ J 
(— i^y  pbk-latzf. 

Extempore,  a.  j  ^uSux*  İL)  bilâ- 


Extend,  v.a.  JPwb  yaymak; 

uzÂtmak ;  * — ,  v.rc.  ^JviLl)  yâydmak ; 

Extensive,  a.  vÂsi“,  ghbnish, 

bıyuk  ;  kyüllî. 

Extent,  s.  ^c!  ımtıdad  ı 

vüss^at;  mıkdâr ; 

dbrbjk ;  bljm. 

*  ♦  »  **  _ 

Extenuate,  v.a.  \  u-a-sakT  takhfîf-bt. 
Extenuation,  s.  tâkhfıf. 

Exterior,  s.  d«sh,  khârij ; 

— >  “•  t frj*- 1  dıârijî. 

Exterminate,  v.a.  bitirmek, 

karmak,  kyakunu- 


Extermination,  s.  ısstîssÂİ. 

External,  a.  khârijı. 

Extinction,  s.  UW  itfa ;  JÜİ  inkzrÂz.  i 

Extinguish,  v.a.  L söndürmek,  I 
lUU  itfâ-et. 

Extirpate,  v.a.  cJv*£ ^ sakmek,  : 

chakârmak,  kXl'bet. 


Extort,  v.a.  ıj^>-  jebran-Aİmak  ; ; 

bW'  ij  baran -süweyİEtmek.  | 

Extortion,  s.  jbbran- 1 


Extra,  a.  Sj\j  zâ‘id,  fÂzla, 

Extract,  v.a.  chikârmak ;  i 

ı  Aİmak;  ikbrâj-et,  • 

isstikhraj-et,  s.  nebzE  ;  i 
j\&Â*cjJ  bir-mekdâr-;  bJhk  khulâssE.  1 
Extraordinary,  a.  fbvka-’l- J 

-“âdn;  (“Ajâcib), 


EXTRAVAGANCE  [  117  ] 


Extravagance,  s.  t-J! y\  issrâf ; 

sAchma,  .  Ju)  deli-sAch- 

W1  V  W 


Extravagant,  a.  miissrif ;  J 

deli,  mejnün  ;  iUljjXs.'10  mbj- 


Extreme,  5.  nihayet, 

ghâybt,  tej-jJcu-o  l$3  nihây6ti-dbrejE; 

— ,  a.  — ly,  ad.  hadddan- 

-zıyâdE,  lJj yti\  Ashzri;  shedTd. 

Extremity,  s.  d-olgj  nihayet,  üj  ; 

LUSJti  shiddet,  1 cjs  fkrt,  \s\j\  ifrÂt. 
Extricate,  v.a.  kurtarmak, 


Exult,  v.n.  y  sevinmek,  I  lir>-  hAzz- 
-et,  t\  j% mbssrür-öl, 
khdshl  anmak. 

Exultation,  s.  <U skvinmE. 

Eye,  5.  ghyîız,  "ayn, 


chbshm  ;  (hook  and)  — 
kopcha;  — ,  v.a.  bAkmak, 

J*£  ghy uj.- dikmek. 

Eyeball,  s.jjs  ghyaz. 

Eyebrow,  s.  ^15  kÂsh. 

Eyelash,  s.  kirpik. 

Eyesight,  s.J  S>  ghyaz,  yıi  bÂssar, 
Eye-witness,  5.  <-£tXkl  *  )£=>  ghyaz- 
-shâhidi,  JJbl-ij  shahid, 


Fable,  s.  Jli^o  missal,  JLxo  mAssAİ, 

Fabric,  s.  ^A  yap«,  ta  bina ; 

hby'et,  heykkl;  kumAsh. 

Fabricate,  v.a.  dhzmek, 


Fabulous,  a.  J-A  Assh’-ydk  ; 

Face,  s.  yiiz,  chehrE,  HJjya 

sürkt  (sûrAt) ;  — ,  v.a.  <Jk*Aj 
yuzuna-bAkmak ;  kar- 

shî-durmak,  dayanmak  ; 

iertmek,  kAplamak. 

Facet,  5.  <&rsAi  fachbta. 


Facetious,  a.  yyteJkh  lâtifiyi. 

Facetiousness,  s.  CJ'L^.A-k!  latiflilik. 

Facilitate,  v.a.  !  tbsshil-et.  [lbt. 

Facility,  s.  ki>layh‘k,uA}£~j  sübü- 

Facing,  s.  yiiz,  kAplama  ;  — , 

pr.  karsbissma, 

kârshissmda.  [-hâl. 

Fact,  s.  Axij  vak“a;  vÂki“i- 

Factor,  s.  ^ssAjL?  sAtiji. 

Factory,  s.  fabrika. 

Faculty,  5.  khAsssa,  CUy  kuvvet  ; 

jLasA  ikhtiyâr,  lJ\j  rb‘y  ;  l— h**a  smf. 

Fade,  v.n.  solmak,  ’\  Atmak; 

—  away,  zâ  ‘il-öl, 

ghâ'ib-ol.  [-ghibi-cbAlz’shmak. 

Fag,  v.n.  (JaJLj J  [aş*-  hAmmÂİ- 

Faggot,  s.  inja-ddun- 


Fail,  v.n.  (J.Aİ bosba-chikmak, 
uymamak ;  bdzulmak ; 


mufliss-61,  \ c_-? A  top- Atmak  ; 

\  kussür-et ;  btma- 



[  US  ] 


Failing,  s.  kussür,  “ayb, 

klbâhat.  [lik. 

Failure,  s.  iflâss,  Cİİ~lsl<:  müfliss- 

Faint,  a.  Jfs-  ibb  bayzlajak ;  (colour) 
CjLi>-  khXflf,  achzk ;  (smell) 

j£.\  Aghk  ;  (voice)  inja, 

bayghzn  ;  — ,  v.n.  bayzlmak. 

Fainting-fit,  s.  <uLIj  bayz'lma. 

Fair,  a.  (beautiful)  Jjj  ^  ghz/azhl, 
dilbbr ;  (fine)  ghyüzül, 

achz'k ;  (favorable)  uyghun, 

muwlfz'k ;  (not  dark)  LSj\*a 
slrz*,  beyAz ;  (hair) 

lipisska;  (kind)  Jj'll?  titiz;  —  play, 

hılüssizlik ;  to  give  fair  play,  <&->- 
(itaLcjl  hîİE-btmamek, 

khârijdan-klnshmamak ; 
the  fair  sex,  klrzlar,  LJ'OUjIL 

tâOfüO-nissa,  klrz-kzssmz ; 

— ,  s.ji  U3  plnayzr. 

Fairy,  s.  lJj*  pbri. 

Faith,  s.  Imln  ;  din  ;  Jl sbs\ 

iOikld;  ümniyyet, 

i  'timid  ;  bad  faith,  yalln* 

jzlzk,  khlOnlzk,  L^-vUrk. 


Faithful,  a.  (jjU>sIdz‘k;  the  faithful, 5.  pi. 
— <c  musslimln,  ^y^tyc  müminin. 

Faithfulness,  s.  sldâklt. 

Falcon,  s.  shâhin,  dö^An. 

Fall,  s.  düshniE;  — ,  v.a.  LLXa>£>j<3 

düshmek;  yzkzlmak ;  d)v*j| 

enmek;  [  pahassz-enmek ; 

^J^ÎLîAj  blshlamak ;  —  asleep, 

-  uyumak;  zzlmek,  vüfât- 

-et;  — -  away,  dzmup- 

-brakmak  ;  düshmek, 

yzkzlmak  ;  y^Ss.*x*â  za  Oflan¬ 
mak,  +*Zjî jİj  yAİznyzz-kemik- 

-kllmak ;  — back,  *j£  gheri- 

-chekilmek  ;  —  down,  düsh¬ 

mek,  ^‘^İsh  yzkzlmak ;  — -  in  with, 
IuJjL J  tüssâduf-et,  CJv*İ£=L 
rlsst-ghEİmek ;  muwlfaklt- 

-et ;  — off,  az Aİmak  ; 

Ct3v»lx>-  braldp-chökilmek ;  — •  out, 
tüsslduf-et,  wAki'O 

-öl;  bozushmak,  U (kâw- 

gha)-et;  —  short,  eksik - 

-ghEİmek,  nisslbznz*- 

-bulmamak ;  —  to,  blsh- 

lamak;  —  to  leeward, 


False,  a.  yanyzlzsh  (yünish),  | 

tX-oli  f  âssid  ;  yâlln ;  , 

yaİAnjz* ;  tl-1 Âj  tlklıd;  <Ujb  yapma,  ( 
&cj j J  dıızmE,  ^  uydurma  ; 

kllp  ;  <&:>-  l«j  sâkhtE;  < 

khlOn;  hlwhfa,  sldâ*  . 

kltszz  ;  j^y o  müzevvir ;  —  witness,  \ 
jjJAA \£>  shâhidi-zür,  . 

yâlln-shahidi ;  false-witness,  s.  \j^i\  i 
iftira,  bühtan,  yalln,  y'  J 


Falsehood,  s.  yalln,  kızb ; 

yallnjzlzk ;  khl  in-  1 

lzk ;  sldâkAtszzlzk,  lij  i 



[  119  ] 


Falseness,  s.  Jk  yailn ;  yân- 

grçKsh  (yânish),  l Lrs-  khXta, 
(yânishlik).  nlm. 

Fame,  s.  shiihrbt,  ishtzhâr, 

Familiar,  a.  dosst, 

sikî-dösst ;  <üL«î«J  dosstânE  ;  j~JıA£j 
teklifsiz  ;  Li  k.Xba. 

Familiarity,  s.  cXj~XJX>  teklifsizlik. 
Familiarize,  v.a.  Âlishdîrmak; 

—  one’s  self,  Ah'shmak. 

Family,  s.  chbjuk,  Sİj\  bvlâd ; 


bv-bârk,  hhl-u-"âyâl, 

^ j +İ  A  j\  ev-tâkimî ;  ^jLs-j^  ojak, 
SİİSİİE,  <ü  Ic*.  khânE, 

khânbdân,  düdmÂn,  <J  \  âl ; 

V  nbv*,  l Syc  soy,  L—J^l S^*a  soy- 
-söp,  jınss.  [^i-  ghilâ. 

Famine,  s.  âchhk:;  kâht, 

Famish,  v.a.  âj-kömak;  — , 

v.n.  jJK  ^  âj-kAlmak,  âjzk- 

mak,  âchlzk-chek- 

v  w  y 

mek.  [pbk-âjfkımsh. 

Famished,  a.  pbk-âj, 

Famous,  a .  mbshhür ;  y}LlXj 

pek-Iyi,  XAdX  pbk-â^lâ. 

Fan,  s.  üV^.  yfelP  âzE ;  kÂlbur ; 

— ,  v.a.  ^ilUşjLL  yblpâzE-sÂlla- 

Fanatic,  s.  muta“Xsss£b ;  — al, 

a.  tüLa?*^  müta^ASSîbânE. 
Fanaticism,  5.  c— -**ax3  ta^Âssub. 

Fancy,  s.  “iki,  zilin ; 

AJd  so  kuvvbti-mütbkhâyyiİE ; 
mferAk ;  kuruntu,  <U^L? 

sÂchma;  — ,  v.a.  (J-'Ojji  kurmak, 
(jX^cjyjS 4jjU“Âklma-ghetirmek ; 
zann-et  ;  CX*-*X  Ly  jÂm’-isstb- 
mek ;  bbp^Enmek ;  to  take 

a  fancy  to  ...  ,  cX^iJ^y  Ly  jln*- 
-isstemek ;  CX*^  bbp^Enmek. 

Fanfaronade,  s.  ı_ :*İ  lÂf. 

Far,  a.  uzÂk,  Irik,  <\+xj 

bâ“îd ;  —  and  wide,  ad.  <$3\Jb\ 

btr  âfa,  btrâfda;  — ,  ad.  (much 

more)  dâhâ-chbk ;  (very) 

<^X  pek,  chok. 

Fare,  s.  (food)  CiX>-  cXsy  ^  yeyb- 
jek-ichbjek  ;  (reception)  cXcL^o  mu  *- 
âmbİE ;  (carriage-hire) 
niibet-parassi ;  (passenger) 
müshtbri;  — ,  v.n.  cXi£sHc-J*.o 
ybyup-ichmek;  CX*:^  ghbchinmek; 
olmak  ;  uymak. 

Farewell,  int.  ^JLcJ  dubalar,  U^AJl 
^X\j\a*q  ÂlİÂha-dssmarladik ;  jy£j\ 

Farm,  s.  chiftlik ;  Xyi!  iltizâm; 

&xb\sL<  muklta 'a  ;  — ,  v.a.  <X!  1  S=z 
kırâ-ila-tutmak ;  cX^j^^ 
kırâya  -  vkrmek  ;  Vl^'  iltizâm- et ; 
LLX^  iltizâma  -  vkrmek  ; 

İyi  kull Anmak,  ^*j\j  bÂkmak, 
zirâ'  at  -  et ;  —  out,  &j\J> 
i^X^c kirâya-vurmek ; 
iltizâma- vkrmek. 

Farmer,  5.  chiftji ; 

bhli-zirâ^at ;  yjzXc  multbzim. 

Farrier,  s.  SuAxj  (nÂlbân,  nÂİbÂnt) 


[  120  ] 


Farther,  a.  jjljjj!  l&J  dâhâ-uzlk ;  — , 
ad.  IfcJ  dahâ-Meya, 

dâhâ-eetedE  ;  — ,  ?;.a.  yardem-et. 

Furthermore,  c.  j  VE-yinE  (vE-ghbnE), 
X&AJbj  vE-hbm-dE,  j  vE-hbm- 

dâkhi,  tjjsj  vbkezâ. 

Farthest,  a.  bny-uzlk  ;  at 

farthest,  ad.  olsa-olsa. 


Farthing,  (is.*!  Akcha. 

o  v 

Fascinate,  v.a.  ^ciLeb  ghyuz-bhgh- 
lamak,  \teJu  .3  fbrifte-et. 


Fascine,  s.  chibuk-dbmbti. 

Fashion,  s.  d-?jlc.  “âdet,  ressim, 

bichim,  moda,  jjb  tarz ; 

• — ,  v.a.  yapmak  ; 


Fast,  a.  (tight)  seke ;  (firm)  pCs?° 

mubkhm ;  (quick)  CiqU-  chabek ; 
— ,  s.  uruj,  siyam; 

Christian  — ,  perhiz  ;  — ,  v.n. 

âj-  durmak,  âj- 

kklmak;  uruj -tutmak; 

Ü^j3  j^j{  pkrhlz-tutmak. 

Fasten,  v.a.  İ.İ.  Ig  blpMamak ; 


Fastidious,  a.j<z3  titiz. 

Fasting,  a.  âj  ;  urujlu; 

^ purhezli. 

Fat,  çlj  yâ gh ;  — ,  a.  (meat)  ^Lclj 
yhghli  ;  (man)  shishmln ; 

(beast)  sbmiz,  &  tawle ;  — , 

v.n.  semirmek ;  — ,  v.a. 

bbsslnmek,  semirt¬ 


Fatal,  s.  ^>jyo  murissi-mbvt ; 

Aj y  \jj  b  ir-ishiny  - 

bozulmassena-sbbeb-oİAn ;  jAİU>  mu- 
klddicr,  {'j**-'*  mu“ayybn ; 
mesh/ urn. 

F atality,  5 .  0-^ *  mâsh'ümiyyât ; 
d->A5U^}  sha'amet.  [bnjâmi-kyâr. 

Fate,  s.jiSj  kldur  ;  Mum; 

Father,  5.  \Aj  blbA,  jJo  pEdur ;  wife’s 

• — ,  kâyn-âta;  step - , 

Lb  üvâyM-bAbA. 

Fatherland,  s.  vultAn. 

Fathom,  s.  ^-^-3  kulaj  ;  — ,  v.a. 

issklndil-et ; 

anglamak  (annamak).  [maz. 

Fathomless,  a.  J  dibi-bulun- 

Fatigue,  s.  J*  ybrghunluk,  1 

ta“b ;  (w— mbshakklt ;  — ,  v.a. 

Fatigued,  a.  yordun. 

Fatiguing,  a.  yorar. 

Fatten,  v.n.  semirmek;  — , 

v.a.  bâssİEmek,  LLX^j 


Fault,  s.  klbahat,  «-  «*?  such, 

♦  ^ 

jyAs  kussür,  AssXsy  junha, 
jürm  ;  ^Lius  sakAtlek; ;  to  find  — , 
v.n.  juiy  kÂbahat-bulmak ; 

bâhânE-bulmak,  (J*Ay.  jy^ 

Faultless,  a.J^j^^îs  kussürsiz. 

Favour,  s.  khrsm,  “inayet, 

U-Q-bJ  lutf  ;  mussa“adE  ; 

hüssnu-nlzâr  ;  JyJ  yuz, 
chuhrE,  CDjya  sürht ; 
kordela-bAy^e ;  to  curry  — ,  v.a. 


[  121  ] 


yeltenmek;  !&Jî>lcy<5  mudâ- 
hend-dt.  [mhssa/id,  uyghun. 

Favourable,  a.  (j's\yo  muwlfik, 

Favourite,  s.  sdvdik. 

Fawn,  5,  gheyik-yawWssi, 

kÂr  aj  a  -  y  awns  sz ;  — , 

v.n.  yklt Aklanmak. 

Fear,  5.  yjji  korku,  ı _ i ^  khâvf,  ++■> 

bım,  L£-wJb  J  ddhshdt ;  — ,  v.n.  and 
a.  korkmak. 

Fearful,  a.  korkulu,  ,ss?yjy 

körkunjlu,  t _ uk.^  mâkhûf. 

Feasible,  a.  yakzshlk-Aİzr,  j*\*\ 

olur,  mumkin. 

Feast,  s.  ziyafet;  (religious) 

bayram  ;  yorti. 

Feather,  s.  uJy  tuy. 

Features,  s.  pl.  sıma. 

February,  s.  LL-l  shiıbÂt. 


Fecund,  a.j ky  teryy  chokjd- 

chbjuk-doghurur  ;  mah¬ 


Federation,  s.  jUJİ  ıttifÂk  ; 

müttdfikm.  [l^j  ayak-tdri. 

Fee,  s.  yij  rdssim,  <3o^c  “awa'id;  jjM 

Feeble,  a.  u— a*x*â  zâ^ıf,  y  kuvvetsiz. 

Feebleness,  s.  zk“f,  aJij-jjî 


Feed,  5.  Lll'W  yemdk ;  — ,  v.n. 
ydmek,  ydmdk-ydmek  ; 

— ,  v.a.  bdssldmek  ; 


Feel,  v.a.  duymak,  hısss-et; 

dokunmak,  bakmak  ; 

(JsMs'jf,  yoklamak. 

Feeling,  a.  ^îa/i^y^mErhâmetli;  (jw L*>- 
hAsssâss  ;  — ,  s.  hısss  ;  LUy 

kuvvdti-lamissd ;  — cLw-c^ 

hÂsssâsshk;  ;  l  mbrliamet, 

L^nÜİlA  shefaklt,  rikkktl- 

-kklb.  [-yapmak,  İJuliu  tkklld-et. 

Feign,  v.a.  ^ S.J yâİAndan- 

Feigned,  a.  yal  Andan,  <UjI> 

yapma,  Julü!  tkklıd. 

Felicitation,  s.  LL)o^-j  tebrik, 

tdhniyyd,  ghyuzung- 

Felicity,  s.  sa“âdbt.  [âydm. 

Felloe,  s.  &~*j\  ipsid. 

Fellow,  s.  hdrif,  ârka- 

dash,  âyakdash, 

yöldash ;  ghedikli  ;  fellows, 


Fellow-citizen,  s.  hdm-shdhri. 

Fellowship,  s.  ârkadashllk  ; 

c^\  ikhwlnhk;;  ghddik. 

Felon,  s.  rJ' 

siz -vE-kÂtil-makül6ssi- İdAm, 
khabıss.  [khabâssetli. 

Felonious,  a.  khabıss,  jtajLck 

Felony,  5. 

khirsizkk  -  yâkhud  -  kÂtillik  - 

Felt,  s.  kechd,  kdbd. 

v  • 

Female,  a.  and  s.  dıshi ;  l Sj\i 

kkn  ;  j+ s  kzz. 

Feminine,  a.  (gram.)  miı  dn- 

ndss ;  —  (womanlike) 

Fence,  s.  takhta-pcrdd, 

pârmaklik,  j\y  J  diwar,  chit ; 


[  122  ] 


— ,  v.a.  chevirmek ;  — , 

v.n.  mbch-tâ^lîmi-et. 

Fencing,  s.  m^ch-tâ<£lîmi. 

Fennel,  s.  Xjl)  dbrE-dtu. 

Feoff,  5.  jUJ  tımar,  zi  âmet ; 


Ferment,  5.  <XjLo  mays  (mâya)  ; 
kaynama  ;  churumE, 

kzzma  ;  telâsh;  — ,  v.n.  ^J^Lj 

klbarmak  ;  kaynamak  ; 

I  jj^jssC  takhammur-et ;  — ,  v.a. 

J^jV5  kÂbartmak ;  kay- 

*  ♦♦ 

natmak ;  ı  kT  tâkhmîr-et. 

M  M 

Fermentation,  5.  j**s. kT  tâkhmîr,  j^kr 
takhammur;  klbarma,  «Lely  If 

kaynama ;  kezma;  Uijj> 

Ferret,  jLaiL?  sÂnsâr  (?).  [churumE. 
Ferrule,  s.  prlzwlna. 

Ferry,  s.  ghbchid-ybri. 

Ferry-boat,  s.  kayzk,  jl-^cy  tom- 

blz,  CJli==  kblek. 

Fertile,  a.  munbit,  bbrd- 

kktli,  mahsuldar. 

Fertileness,  Fertility,  s.  mun- 

bitlik,  bbrdkEtlilik. 

Fester,  u.w.  jbrâhat- 

-tbplanmak.  [^ y^y  yortu. 

Festival,  5.  ghyun  ;  Jy  bayram  ; 

Fetch,  u.a.  ghidup- 

-ghbtirm  ek,  c_yJ  1  yy 

ghidup-lkp-ghklmek.  [Xy4ir-kökar. 

Fetid,  a.  jliiy  Ui  fbna-kokar,  yM 

Fetlock,  s.  jyy?  topuk. 

Fetters,  5.  jp/.jyy  (dbmir),  zin- 

jir,  bukly^’. 

Feud,  s.  &  niza". 

Fever,  s.  humma;  (ague) 
issztma  (sıtma)  ;  (heat) 

Feverish,  a.  hararetli,  [hararet. 

Feverishness,  s.  e^U-  harârbt. 

Few,  a.  j\  az  ;  a  few.  y  y  bir-Az,  ^liy 
Fibre,  s.  Jj  tel ;  u-flJ  lîf.  [bir-kÂch.  j 
Fibrous,  a.  tel-tbl,  yİ3’  tblli,  i 

u-fl-i  lîf-ghıbi. 

Fickle,  a.y*jLj  sbbâtsiz,  jUyJ  y  , 

bir-dllda-durmaz,  mutdlbvvin.  , 

Fictitious,  a.  düzma,  j 

Fiddle,  s.  (jU.^  kkniln.  [uydurma,  j 
Fiddler,  5.  khmlnj i,  Jİ j 

kEinAn-cliAİar.  [kumln-oku,  : 

Fiddlestick,  5.  ok,  ^1*^=1  i 

Fiddlestring,  5.  kkniAn-tbli. 

Fidelity,  s.  sldâklt,  jUjU  I 


Fidget,  s.  merAkh’ ;  jl ^j3d^s^\j  I 

râhat-durmaz  ;  — ,  u.w.  mbrlk-  ; 

-et ;  rahat- durma-  j 

mak;  — ,  v.a.  ^cy-S^ls  kirişli-  . 

d  İrmak ;  rahat-  ; 


Fief,  s.  tımar ;  ^ 

yurdluk-ojaklik ;  p*c  malikyanE. 

Field,  5.  ‘İjb  tarla ;  Xj ^  owa,  yW-  < 
châyir;  Ujs.^  sahra. 

Field-day,  biyuk-  • 


Field-marshal,  s.j£.~*Sy~ s  skr-^lsskEr. 
Field-officer,  s.  bıyuk-zâbit. 

Field-piece,  s.  ^  chârkha- 

-topu,  (kubuss). 


[  123  ] 


Fierce,  a.  sürt,  hadld,  JoJJj 

Fiery,  a.  Xtesh-ghibi.  [shüdıd. 

Fife,  s.  cJjjJ  diiduk. 

Fifer,  s.  düdukju. 

Fifteen,  a.  ön-büsh. 

Fifty,  a.  ^J]\  ülli. 

Fig,  s.j+ssr\  injir. 

Fight,  li*i  (kawgha),  dii^b- 

ush ;  (^Xi*>-  jünk,  muhârübE ; 

— ,  v.n.  dü^Aushmek, 

\  Uji  (kawgha) -et,  jünk-et, 

l&jl.s.'10  mühârübE-et ;  — one’s  way, 
\  \  ishini  -  uy  d  ur  mak . 

Figure,  s.  (sbükil)  shükl ; 

bichim,  endam,  ^y^Jy  boy- 

-boss,  hey'et ;  Xij  râkAm ; 

— ,  v.n.  \(jL:^S  ghyasstErish-et ; 
i^X+jjy  ghyarunmek. 

Filbert,  s.  ^Axisjb’  tazE-fmdzk. 

Filch,  v.a.  chklmak. 

File,  s.  bghû;  (of  soldiers)  Xj*a  sira; 
(of  papers)  tak/m ;  — ,  v.a. 


üy^ü-ila-Aİmak ;  (papers) 

1  _ _ <3y  toplayup-tkrtib-et. 

Filial,  a.  iSyj  bünüvî. 

Filings,  s.  ey^enti. 

Fill,  v.n.  b  dolmak ;  — , 

\JsojS I^L>  doldurmak. 

Filly,  lJ\ \s  Xj~s  kissrXk-tay. 

Film,  s.  j\j  zar. 

Filter,  s.  süzghüch  ;  — , 

UX^ojj  s*>  süzmek  ;  — ,  v.n.  cw>. 
süzülmek,  [lik  (mün-),  ^L.^1  evsâkh. 

Filth,  5.  pisslik,  mürdar- 


*  y> 



Filthy,  a.  ^ j »  piss,  j\dyo  murdar. 

Fin,  s.  ufjbJ^b  bAbk:-kAnAd/,  jbJ> 


Final,  a.  cXya  son g,  j^>~\  akbir. 

Finally,  ad.  ^âkzbüt, 

âkzbütda ;  \J\  el-hÂssd,  \s>- 


Finance,  s.  <ÜL«  j^\  umüru-mÂİiyyE  ; 

minister  of  — ,  u^bbtübc  maliyys- 
Find,  v.a.  bulmak.  [-nÂziri. 

Fine,  a.  gbyüzel ;  inja ; 

khlsss  ;  kbaliss  ;  — ,  s. 

jürimü  ;  — ,  v.a. 

jürîmE-Âlmak,  tüjrîm-et ; 


Finedraw,  v.a.  <jX*>j»\  armek. 
Finedrawer,  s.  wruju. 

Finger,  s.  (J-^y  parmak ;  — ,  v.a. 

dokunmak,  yycjSj^Jbi  kÂnsh- 


Finger-post,  s.  cXyy^y^fi <Jy,  yol- 

Finish,  5.  sony-id  ;  — ,  v.n. 

CJ'-CJ  bitmek;  L^X+^jJ  dükknmek ; 
J^UJ  tAmÂm-ol,  tükmîl-ol; 

— ,  v.a.  LLXxjZJ  bitirmek; 
dükktmek ;  tükmîl-et. 

Finite,  a.  mahdûd,  ^îbUı-«  müte- 

Fir,  s.  ^bs-  cham.  [nahl. 

Fire,  5.  jjAj]  Âtesh ;  — ,  v.a. 

Atmak,  kndâkht-et ; 

Xtesh-et;  ^  j\  Atüsh-vürmek ; 

— up,  v.n.  b  parlamak, 

Firearms,  5.  pi.  tey Ub tüfünk- 


[  124  ] 


-tabAnja;  bsslihe'i- 


Firelock,  s.  LLXusj  tufenk  (tüfek). 
Fireman,  s.  fasc Ab^j**3  b  yanghzn- 

-tulumbajzssz.  [missi. 

Fireship,  s.  Atesh-ghb- 

Firewood,  s.  ^bj]  odun,  hAtAb. 

Firework,  s.  (tX+ts  fishenk  (fishek). 
Firing,  s,  odun-kyümur. 

Firm,  a.  mâhkum,  lJjJ  kawi ; 

szkz ;  jiij  Lb  dayanzklz,  jli3  l*A~: 
mütânetli,  mütln  ;  l^jIj  sabit; 

^\j  râsikh,  jLvb  pâydâr ;  — ,  s. 
imza;  L jt  shirkut. 
Firmament,  s.  ghyük-yüzu,  I^-j 

semâ,  âssmân ; 


Firmness,  5.  CL?bJ  sebat,  mbtâ- 

net ;  mühkumlzk. 

First,  a.  ^s^birinji,  C-M  ilk,  evveI. 
Firstborn,  a.  <±\j  nükhusstzâd, 

x£\jx~+2zr  nukhusstzâdE,  cJj+ş  biyuk, 

CiJJl  ilk. 

Firstfruits,  s.  pi.  \sy  türfAndu. 

Fish,  5.  J^b  bllik ;  — ,  v.n. 

Âvlamak,  b  bAlz’k- Avlamak ; 

di/ijli  kApmay/za-b  Akmak. 
Fishbone,  s.  b  bAlz’k-kzlchzp^z. 

Fisher,  Fisherman,  s.  ^.s^b  bAlz'kjz, 
bAlz’k-Avlayzjz.  [dAlyAn, 
Fishery,  s.  LİjljSb  bAlz'k-Avi ;  ^LHb 
Fishmonger,  s.  bXlikj*,  b 


Fishpond,  s.  ^2*>-  hawz. 

Fissure,  s.  Jjjb  yarzk,  chatlAk. 

Fist,  s.  müshta,  yumruk. 

Fit,  a.  münâssib,  j jtA:\  jciki- 

shzr,  layz'k,  jussbln ; 

Jjb!  bhl,  c— ?b j\  ErbXb  ;  — ,  s.  y 
nubbt ;  fa j*s  sir' 'a;  — ,  v.a.  y\ 

iyi-ghklmek  ;  yy 4J  y  uymak  ; 

Fitness,  s.  münâssebüt,  J^k 

yakz’slizk ;  liyâkAt, 


Fitting,  a.  wc  münâssib ;  — ,  s. 

*3  lb  tâkzm;  uydurmaklzk. 

’  ♦ 
Five,  a.  besh,  khamss, 


Fix,  v.a.  i  c^-ob  sâbit-et;  \^*xj  ta”ym- 
-et ;  kessmek  ;  <tXscy»  J\y 

kârâr-vErmek ;  — ,  one’s  self,  v.n. 

yy c  ^bjl  oturmak  ;  l^lCc  Jbkrl  itti- 
khâzz  -  mükyân  -  et ;  — ,  s.  Lt}]syy 

ghyüchluk,  Jit  sc  mushkil. 

Fixed,  a.  L^ob  sâbit ;  mü^ayyen, 

kessilmish  ;  Clb.O  dik. 

Flag,  s.  sXnjak,  bâyrak, 

SjSj  b  bândara ;  j\~i  saz;  — ,  v.n. 
cX*L~.£b^y y  küvvbti  -  kbssilmek ; 

yorulmak  ;  (J.4>£j\<a  sarkmak  ; 
3\  JLS  küssXd-ol. 

Flagship,  s.  pâsha-ghemissi. 

Flagstaff,  5.  vl^sX«j  sAnjak- 

-dırbghi  ;  lJj  Sİ sAnjak- 

Flake,  5.  (of  snow)  ^Ab^jJ  kush- 
bAshz ;  (of  pastry)  Cjli  kAt. 

Flaky,  a.  (pastry)  culjC-?'i  kAt-kAt. 

Flambeau,  5.  mesh<fâİE  (mAshAİa). 


[  125  ] 


Flame,  s.  j Lc  ‘‘alev,  43  bj  zaband  ;  <d*A 
shü“İE ;  “ishk;  mâ- 

“shüka ;  — ,  v.a.  dA^j  “alev- 
vErmek;  to  burst  into  flames,  dA*A 

Flaming,  a.  ‘  ‘alevli,  ^.£<0  IjJ  zabÂ- 
neküsh,  jjAİ*A  shu“levEr. 

Flank,  ^b  yan  ;  jünâh^  — ,  v.a. 


Flannel,  s.  Aİjli  fânela.  [mek. 

Flare,  v.n.  dA^AjbcdA J  pük-“alevİEn- 

Flash,  s.  Ac  ‘‘alev;  — ,  v.ra.  dA^jAc 
“alev  -  vkrmek ;  ^L^jb  parlamak  ; 
j^V  chakmak ;  to  flash  in  the 
pan,  Âlmamak.  [l3j^  vüznû. 

Flask,  s.  4A-A  shishfl;  (powder  — ) 

Flat,  a.  düz  ;  ^^b  yassse  ; 

lüzzûtsiz,  tltszz-tuzsuz  ; 

Flat-iron,  ütu.  [J~Aü~  “iklsiz. 

Flatten,  v.a.  dA^J^  düzletmek,  dü¬ 
zeltmek.;  ^J^ixL^b  yasszlatmak. 

Flatter,  v.a.  llLfcltX*  müdâhanfl-et ;  — 
one’s  self,  v.n.  sanmak;  cl 

ummak,  1  Ju^cl  ümıd-et. 

Flatterer,  5.  müdâhanEji. 

Flattery,  s.  müdâhanü. 

Flavour,  s.  cl?A1  lüzzüt, ,  gAb>-  chashni 
(cheshni)  CL? lb  tit. 

Flaw,  5.  LiLo  sakAt,  “âyb, 

kussür,  iCLvcl&-j  sakâmüt. 

Flax,  s.  (jl^  (kktEn). 

Flay ,  v . a .  dA^cj yüzmek,  ^ 

Flea,  s.  pîrfl.  [dûrissini-sûymak. 

Fleabane,  5.  ,  plris-otu. 

Flee,  v.n.  klchmak,  \j\j  firar-et. 

Fleece,  5.  posst;  — ,  v.a.  (jA)ya 

Fleet,  s.  LcJ j J 
Fleeting,  a.  ys 

[chabzk,  sür“atlz. 

donanma  ;  — -,  a.  dJoU- 
^CAj  U-  chabik-ghechEr, 

s&rı“u-z-züwâl,  fânî. 

Flesh,  s.  CL?Î  üt,  lahm,  ll-nAjİ=> 

Fleshy,  a.  ^j\  ütli ;  mülâhham. 

Flexible,  a.  ep'^ilir,  jj  LA 


Flight,  s.  klchzsh,  firar; 

(of  birds)  sûru ;  (of  arrows) 

^bb  yayzlzm ;  (of  stairs)  CL?U  kit. 

Flimsy,  a.  seyrek,  dJ^-j^AUi 


Fling,  v.a.  Atmak. 

Flint,  5.  chakmak- tlshz. 

Float,  5.  A  shamlndara.;  — ,  v.«. 

dA^iy.  yüzmek;  — ,  v.a.  dA^Jtj^ 
yüzdürmek.  [üshushmek. 

Flock,  5.  sûru ;  — ,  v.w.  cAAAjI 

Flog,  v.a.  dA*A>»J  dürmek,' 

Flogging,  s.  klmchi. 

Flood,  s.  J.--J  süyl  (sül)  ;  ^lijb  tüfln  ; 
müdd ;  — ,  v.a.  ^  su-blss- 

mak  ;  yo  sû-bÂssdzrmak. 

Floor,  Flooring,  s.  <C«4Ajl>  düşkümü, 
&ckT  takhta  ;  — ,  v.  a.  dA^s  <*A^  J 

Florid,  a.  t kirmizz.  [düshEmek. 
Florist,  5.  chichekji- 


Flotilla,  5.  LcJj J  inja-donanma. 

Flounder,  5.  pissi-bll^Az  ; 

— ,  v.n.  yzwarlanmak. 


C  126  ] 


Flour,  s.  ün,  dAkzk. 

Flourish,  v.n.  1*3  j  nbshv-u- 

-nemâ-bülmak ;  bür-hayât- 

-61.  [-hâlda-oİAn. 

Flourishing,  a.  hussnu- 

Flow,  5.  &•*>  medd ;  — ,  v.n.  Akmak, 
^(jAb/^T  jereyân-et ;  yıi^^^o  mim- 
sabb-ol ;  j\  <Xc  mbdd-ol. 

Flower,  s.  chichek ;  — ,  v.n. 


w  v  v  m  v 

Flowerpot,  sAksi. 

Fluctuate,  v.n.  X£j\Js  j>  bir- 

-kAr  arda-  durmamak. 

Flue,  s.  Ar>-b  bAja.  [vE-suhulbt. 

Fluency,  s.  j  mahâret- 

Fluently,  ad.  <wj  1  l^I siıhülbt-ila. 

Fluid,  a.  JL-j  seyyâl ;  — ,  JL-j  ,***.:>- 
jissm-sbyyâl.  [korkutmak. 

Flurry,  ^Xb'  tblash ;  • — ,  v.a.  JjJyjS 

Flush,  a.  j^J  duz ;  — ,  v.n. 
birdan  -  jevelan-et  ;  —  up, 

Flute,  s.  ob  nay,  ^3  nby,  <hjLi  flawta. 

Fluting,  s.  yiw,  yiv. 

Fly,  s.  sinek ;  \j^=>  kira- 

-‘‘arabassi;  — ,  v.n.  uchrnak; 

kAchmak ;  —  about,  &h\jA 
btrafa-firlamak  ;  —  at, 
uzürinE  -  Atzlmak  ;  —  away, 

uchrnak;  —  back,  y£> 

ghbri-fzrlamak ;  —  for  refuge, 
ûghmmaV,  Ursn.ll  iltijâ-et;  —  in 
pieces,  pârEİEnmek  (para¬ 

lanmak);  —  into  a  passion,  ^J^^b 
parlamak,  CXfcJj  Jo-  hıddetİEnmek ; 

—  off,  jAf-y  uchrnak ;  fırla¬ 
mak  ;  kAchmak ;  —  open, 

Ci)v< ijjXo-i  achih'vErmek ;  —  out, 

jJîi  Atilmak ;  sichramak ; 

(Jy <$j3  firlamak  ;  —  up,  (Jsc 

Flying-bridge,  s.  “ârıy- 

ybti-kyapru.  [doydurmak. 

Foal,  s.  cjlb  tay;  — ,  v.n. 

Foam,  5.  kyapuk  ;  — ,  v.n. 

kyapurmek.  [J*/*  mbrkEz. 

Focus,  s.  nokta'i-ihtirlk  ; 

Fodder, 5.  LUj\  ot,  âJj\  ârpa-samAn. 

Foe,  s.  dushmEn. 

Foetus,  s. 

)mln>  chöjuk, 

b  yawrz.  [siss. 

Fog,  Foggy,  a.  ^LjJ  dumÂn,  « 

Foible,  s.  merlk. 

Fold,  s.  CUljj  kÂt ;  sheep  — ,  (JX  Ighil ; 
— jV.a.lcubcuU  kAt-kAt-et; 
toplamak,  J  devshirmek ; 

^yscj\*a  sArmak,  cX*£jJ  bükmek ; 
karmak;  — ,  v.n.  ^Icî-îbcub 

kAt-kat-ol  ;  (j^jXj^-b  toplanmak, 

c3X.^j  devshirilmek,  sA-  j 

rz'lmak,  bukyulmek,  j 

kmlmak.  ‘‘alum.  J 

Folk,  jick.  khAlk,  ortah'k, 

Follow,  v.a.  ârkassina- 

-düshmek,  Cbvi-ljJ  ardina- 

-dushmek,  cXv>^=>  ârdma- 

-ghitmek,  CX&Xj  *a  ârkassi-  ij 

-sira-ghklmek  ;  tâbi^-ol;  — , 

v.n.  chekmak, 



[  127  ] 


Following,  a.  &jj>\  brts  ;  \  âti ; 

zîrdE-muharrEr.  [lilik. 

Folly,  5.  jljJiu  f  AklszzKk,  cXJj  db- 

Foment,  v.a.  szjAk- 

-su-ila- yıkamak  ;  (troubles) 

fit-vkrmek,  LlX*oy ^  pâr- 
mak-VErmek,  icX  tahrîk-et. 

Fond,  a.  pbk-skver, 

chok-SEver ;  dblissi ; 

bosh,  bîhüdE. 

Fondle,  v.a.  AiiU-y 

kuj  Ay/^ma-AKp-okhshamak. 

Food,  5.  cX^-4-j  yby  ejek,  ybmbk, 

ghida.  [diwanE. 

Fool,  J-JjLc-  “Aklsiz,  dbli, 

Foolery,  s.  mAsskharalik. 

Foolhardy,  a.  jbssür- 


Foolish,  a.  (person)  “Aklsiz, 

dbli,  4ÜİjjJ  diwanE  ;  (thing)  J-Jüc 
4  Aklsiz, 

Foot,  5.  jjb!  ayak,  kldEm,  b  pâ, 

<-5b  pay,  ^  pby;  (of  hill)  CXI  etek. 

Footing,  Jjbl  âyak-bAssajak- 


-ykr  ;  sefAt,  menzelbt. 

Footman,  5.  ushAk. 

Footpath,  s.  ^4J jXli  *dl-J  pıyâdE-kAİ- 
dinmi  ;  2fjbj  piyâdE-yblu. 

Footstep,  o^Jjjbl  ayak-izi;  y  \ 
bssEr ;  y\  issr.  [d ighi. 

Footstool,  jV.'  »  yak-y^ss- 

iFor,  pr.  (ichin)  ichun ;  dj  a ,  <U 

ya  ;  dan  ;  dan-dblayi ; 

-> c-  Uj  zira,  chunku ;  for 

all  that,  acZ.  diJ  yinn  (ghbna) . 

Forage,  s.  Cl^  ot,  arpa- 

-samAn ;  — ,  v.n. 

y  by  ejeghini- Aramak ;  —  about,  v.n. 
iJyC^^ljXjX&jXs  lJj)  wtE-bbri- 


Forbear,  v.n.  vâz-ghbchmek  ; 

\  kbndini-zAbt-et, 

l^u,Â3  jbbri-nefss-et.  [hammul. 

Forbearance,  s.  j~o  sAbr,  ta- 

Forbid,  v.a.  \  <U-oJ  btma-deyu- 

-tbnbîh-et,  nbhy- et,  ljjb*J 


Force,  s.  JV  zor,  ghyuch,  Ciy 

kuvvbt;  j?>-  jbbr;  jbo-1  ijbar;  — , 
v.a.  zorlamak ;  jbbr-et, 

I^Lîş-1  ijbâr-et ;  by  — ,  ad. 


zoraki,  l isstembyerek,  \y>- 
jbbrcn  ;  to  force  a  sale, 

JUJU  tutdura-bildi^Aina- 

sAtmak ;  —  back,  cXi^X  % ghbri- 
itmek,  îjl:^  ghbri- sürmek  ; 

—  down,  Asha^^i-bAss- 

mak;  — in,  ichbri-kAk- 

mak ;  —  out,  sakmek. 

Forceps,  s.  <LlUi  mAsha,  k?ssAj. 

Ford,  s.  ghbchid,  ghb- 

chid-ybri,  j?*~<  ma^bEr  ;  — ,  v.a. 

ghbchmek  ;  \  4<ubur-et. 

Fore,  a.  ^J>xd£j\  anideki,  J,}p\  ilferiki, 
ilbrideki  ;  —  and  aft, 


Forefather,  s.  dc>-  jbdd(pl.  bjdâd). 

Forefinger,  5.  shahâdet- 

parma^^/.  , 


[  128  ] 


Forego,  v.a.  vaz-ghbchmek. 

Forehead,  s.  Xh’n  (Ânn),  jebln, 

*&>•  jbhhE. 

Foreign,  a .  Foreigner,  s.  hjnebl. 

Foreland,  s.  ^  J  burun. 

Forelock,  s.  nâssiyyE. 

Foreman,  s.  dU  (ussta),  XiJU  kXlfa. 

Foremast,  s.  pruwa-dirby^i, 

bÂsh- direydi. 

Foremost,  a.  WcJl  bny-ilbrideki. 

Foresail,  s.  trinkbt. 

Foresee,  v.a.  kXbla-’l- 


Foresight,  s.  hlssiret. 

Forest,  s.  ormAn. 

Foretell,  v.a. 


Forge,  s.  ^jl£d^:> demirji-duk- 
kyâni demirji- 
-ojay^z ;  — ,  v.a.  ishlemek, 

C-L^jd  düyAmek ;  (a  forgery),  v.a. 
İ  jJdü*  tXklid-et ;  — ,  v.n. 

Forger,  s.  ^snju  yapzjz  ; 

Forgery,  sakhtnkyarhk ; 

torkLj  sâkhtE. 

Forget,  v.a.  unutmak, 

ferâmüsh-et,  nissyân-et. 

Forgetful,  a.  jAy» !  unudur. 

Forgetfulness,  s.  liXjLc  ghXflet* 

Forgive,  v.a.  \  *kz  “xfv-et,  l^İLckr: 
bâkhsh-et,  (bXyfo‘shlamak) . 

Forgiveness,  s.  ^kz  “xfv ;  (by  God) 
LUjkko  mâghferbt,  ^jkz  ghufrÂn. 

Fork,  s .  J'o>-  chatAİ ;  (for  digging) 
Forked,  a.  chatAİ.  [bbl. 

Forlorn,  a.j~++>-\*£>  sahihsiz. 

Form,  s.  <J.£-2b  shbkil,  bichim, 

Cl Jjya  sürüt,  hby'bt ; 

(ressim),  (Cddlc  Xdet;  sürüt ; 

'Hyo  sira,  aCj  püykeh ;  smf ; 

v.a.  1J-İ0J  tüshkîl-et, 
yapmak ;  olmak, 


Formal,  a.  ressmî ;  sûrî. 

Formality,  s.  (ressim),  ^jCJdlc 


Formally,  ad.  \*~>j  rhssman. 

Formation,  5.  Lri^  yâpfeh;  ya- 

pzlzsh  ;  (J-XlJ  teshkll. 

Former,  a.  ^XcdXc  mükÂddEmki, 
slbik  ;  db^  bssbXk. 

Formerly,  ad.  Uditc  mukXddEma,  UA 
sÂbî'kâ  ;  ^Ss\ bundan-XkdEm, 
EVVEİİErdâ,  ghüchEn- 

İErdh  ;  Jd^ljU >j  üsski-zamXn- 

larda.  [mâkhüf. 

«*?  i 

Formidable,  a.  kürkulür,  u-SjX'* 

Fornication,  5.  l)j  zina,  (zam¬ 
paralık)  .  [para) . 

Fornicator,  s.  zânî,  *jLij  (zam- 

Fornicatress,  s.  zânıyyü, 

(brosspo),  fâhishü. 

Forsake,  v.a.  brakmak,  IcJ^' 

tbrk-et,  vâz-ghbchmek. 

Fort,  5.  &x\3  kal' a  (kâyİE),  4üıL  pX- 

Forth,  ad.  XjJLb  tXshra,  dishân ; 

to  set  — ,  I^Uj  bbyan-et. 


[  129  J 


Forthwith,  ad.  >  shimdi, 

dEr-“akab,  ^JüLiJb  hkmând&m, 
b-sa“at.  [mat. 

Fortification,  ısstihkyâ- 

Fortify,  v.a.  isstihkyâm- 

VErmek,  kai'L-yapmak ; 

Ll)^Jy  l^-o  jSu  tlkviyyet  -  vkrmek, 
cX<jj  cuy  kuvvkt-vErmek, 

LLJ~<j )y  metânkt-VErmek. 

Fortitude,  s.j**£>  sÂbr,  tahammül, 

sebat,  l^-JL%o  m&tânkt. 
Fortnight,  s.  Jot  iki-hlfta. 
Fortress,  5.  <t*Lî  kal' 'a  (kâylfi). 
Fortuitous,  a.  L } ^  t&ssldufi,  JfUil 
ittiflkl,  tJ\j  rÂsst-ghkİE. 

Fortunate,  a.  j\+iss2  bâkht-yâr. 

Fortune,  s.  bâkht,  ^JlL  tali'  * ; 

JU  mil,  (para),  zkn- 

ghinlik ;  lLj\j+* o  mırâss.  chbhil. 

Forty,  a.  ^ijs  kirk,  J\  drba"ln, 
Forward,  a.  jUl?  • )^j\  ileri-ghklmish, 
Jj^LJ  il^rilfimish;  Erken- 

-yetishir  ;  U^U  “arsız,  J—J  Jİ  kdebsiz ; 
— ,  ad.  j Jb\  ileri;  bj  lleriyE- 

-doyfa-u;  — ,  v.a.  LLXojSiy*  ghyan- 
dErmek;  *J^]}  ılreiİEtmek;  v^ 

yardim-et.  [ileriyE-doyfau. 

Forwards,  ad.  jjb\  ileri,  LI 

Fossil,  a.  Jbj\j!L*si\s sf2^  tahajjur- 
-etmish-ölan  ;  — ,  5. 

w/  • 


Foster,  v.a.  cX*Lj  bksslemek ;  dy^ 
(JlXo jiy  sud-VErmek. 

Foster-brother,  Foster-sister,  s.  Ay*> 
I  Si Ji  sud-  (kârdashf) . 

Foster- daughter,  s.  u sud-kiz/. 

Foster-mother,  s.  l3^Jy«j  sud-ana. 

Foster-son,  s.  ^£.j\<ly*3  sud-oghlu. 

Foul,  a.  kirli,  piss,  jİJy 0 

murdar  (mundar)  ;  JjL>-  chapâriz  ; 
Li  fkna,  jijjJ  bozuk ;  tbrss, 

(—alls'10  mukhllif ;  — ,  v.a. 
kirİEtmek  ;  — ,  v.n.  kirİEn- 

mek  ;  to  run  foul  of,  l>-  chatmak, 

üzErinE  -  dushmek; 
jljjL>-  chapariz-ol. 

Foundation,  5.  J**j‘  t&mel;  Sssass, 

--b  tk'sTss  ;  pious  — ,  1— cJj  wÂkf, 
Lu\ \jfX~  khayrât,  L2Jj\as-  '  imaret. 

Founder,  5.  banı,  vlzi- 

“u-’l-cîssâss  ;  i— Li*  wlkf- 

-sâhibi,  CLj\j~s^\ sahibu-’l- 
-khâyrât ;  dakuju  ;  — ,  v.n. 

batmak,  ^cL-'li  kaynamak. 

Foundered,  a.  Lü-jl^ÜM  ayaklarz’-sakAt; 
dumb  — ,  ^jLvL'  X J  dili-tutulmush. 

Foundry,  5.  dakyum-khânE. 

Fount,  Fountain,  s.  <U..L>-  cheshmE; 

7  v 

jI^Lj  (punyâr),  ayazma. 

Four,  a.  CUjJ  dart,  ^-)J\  ferba'^j'^^- 

chi^âr.  [-kyashfi. 

Four-cornered,  a.  dart- 

Fourfold,  a.  CjliCL-'jJ  dart -kit. 

Fourfooted,  a.  dard-âyak. 

Fourteen,  a.  on-dart. 

Fowl,  s.  tawuk;  c^y  kush ;  — ,  v.n. 
(jX+zS  *3  kush-lvma-ghitmek. 

Fowler,  s.  jL-iy  kushblz. 

Fowlingpiece,  5.  Iv-(tüf^yAi), 

&Üİ  filinta. 



[  130  ] 


Fox,  s.  ^3  J  or  tilki ;  shüy- 

tÂn,  <a!j  vtded. 

Foxglove,  ^3  y-j'  Xn-kbwXni. 

Fraction,  s.  j~£  kessir ;  parcha, 

jPT  juz',  kzssm. 

Fractions,  s.  j  *~£  kyüsürÂt ;  vulgar 

küssr;  decimal — ,  yr 


Fractious,  a.  (j~ y  türrs. 

Fracture,  s.  Liyjy-J  kirîk-yüri, 
kirik ;  — ,  v.n.  karmak ;  — , 

v.n.  j^s  kirilmak. 

Fractured,  a.  kink. 

Fragile,  a.  kolay-kirdir ; 

inja,  <ÜÜV  yufka  ;  uj zâ^if; 
***ül  r<  mütânütsiz. 

Fragment,  s.  lSSjjJs  kirmtf, 

dakuntu  ;  parcha,  kit*  a, 

i  kissm. 

Fragrance,  s.  yyjj/  ghyüzül-koku, 
yy  koku,  râ'ihâ,  i-Sy  buy. 

Fragrant,  a.  jiyy^Jy  ghyüzül-kükulu, 
mukattar,  köshbû. 

Frail,  a.  inja,  x£i yufka  ; 

zâ  If,J«~sj  ’o^c  mütânütsiz;  cJj lj  nâzik  ; 
&SU&S-  pi.  gbâyri-  'âfîfE. 

Frailness,  Frailty,  s .  t^3l^^^“âdEmi- 
-mütânüt ;  “âdEmi-^iflüt. 

Frame,  s.  ^  chbrchivE ;  ^>L;j 
bünyân,  jl-JJbünyâd;  — ,  v.a.^^^JS  3 

France,  5.  Fransa.  [turtıb-et. 

Franchise,  s.  mu^Âfiyyüt; 


Frank,  a.Jjy* s ^  kütm- 
-  etmeyub  -  dö^ hv u  -  sü  wüyler . 

Frankincense,  s.  cJJjjj  ghyünluk,  j 
Fraud,  s.  *L:>-  hıİE.  [bukbür. 

Fray,  s*.  kawgha. 

Freckle,  s.  J  sil. 

Free,  a.  sürbesst,  JİJİ  âzâd ; 

(of  a  trade)  ghü  dikli ;  — ,  v.a. 

\  Jİji  âzâd-et. 

Freebooter,  s.  hâydüd. 

Freedom,  s.  SErbesstlik, 

sErbüsstiyyet,  û\j\  âzâd, 
âzâdb’k :  (of  a  trade) 
Freehold,  a.  &  s.  mülk,  [ghedik. 

Freemason,  s.  fârmâsûn. 

Freewill,  5.  a  Jİ ^  irâdü'ı-jüz'ıyyE. 

Freeze,  v.n.  v^Jv^L  don^mak,  Ju*jsXo 
münjümid-ol;  — ,  v.a.  dong- 


Freight,  s.  nüvl  (navlun)  ; 

yük,  hamûİE;  — ,  v.a.  *!y 

nüvla  -  vkrmek  ;  (J.VJ*bA)y 
nüvlla-t utmak ;  yükİEtmek, 


French,  a.  j~j\J  fransiz. 

Frenchman,  y  fransiz. 

Frenzy,  5.  chilghznKk, 

jınnüt,  jünün. 

Frequent,  a.  L*a  sik ;  — ,  v.a.  Jfy>- 

sik-op^ramak.  [chok. 

Frequently,  ad.  sik- sik, 

Fresh,  a.  sj\ j  tâzE  ;  (water)  tÂtK  ; 
(new)  ybugı ;  (cool)  sürin ; 

(horse)  oynak ;  (wind) 


Fret,  v.n.  IcJjWj  kXssâvüt-et,  \ 


[  131  ] 


kkder-et ;  — ,  v.a,  LLXaJxS 

ghy  ııj  e-  ghitmek . 

Friable,  a.  kolay- Ezilir,  Luİy 

jy  lijl  kolay- ufXnzr. 

Friction,  s.  <t*jjy~3  sûrunmE, 

sürushmE.  [jüm"â-ghyünu. 

Friday,  s.  jüm^â, 

Friend,  5,  J  dosst,  v— ^sr°  mühıbb, 

y  ♦ 


Friendly,  a.  (person)  dosst ; 

(thing)  dösstânE. 

Friendship,  5.  dösstluk,  L^^sr’0 

mahabbet;  khulüss. 

Frigate,  s.  firkatin. 

Fright,  s .  körku,  < _ jy-  khâvf. 

Frighten,  v.a.  (jXi  yij  y  körkutmak, 
tâkhwıf-et,  IdiU-l  ikhâfE-et. 


Frightful,  a.  yy  y  korkulu,  fÂy 
korkunj,  uJy-'c  mâkhuf. 

Fringe,  5.  »l^L?  sÂchak ;  — ,  v.a. 

dcj\Js\  ötrâfma  -  pbrwlz- 


Fro,  ad.,  to  and  fro,  yjftây]  wtö-böri, 
ÂshayAi-yukân,  âuj  i 

Frock,  s.  fısstÂn. 

Frog,  s.  <Uj j y  kurbÂy^a  ;  (horse’s) 

From,  pr.  dan.  İkbAn. 

Front,  s.  CJ)\  îcn  g,  iy.  yüz>  Pîsh- 

Frontier,  s.jy~*  sinir,  sör-hadd. 

Frost,  s.  cJyb  döny,  khkghi. 

Frosty,  a.jyS^a  dönyiyor,  jyy  soyduk. 

Froth,  s.  cJyy>  kyapuk. 

Frown,  s.  kXsh-chatmass£; 

— ,  v.n.  kXsh-chatmak. 

Frozen,  a.  dönymush, 



Fruit,  5.  yemish,  Xy+* j  möyvE,  SyJ 

semörE;  ^y&sz*  mahsûl. 

Fruitful,  a.  bbrekktli,  sr° 


Fruitless,  a.  bosh,  bıhüdE, 

Xİi\j  nâfiİE,J-j*juli  fa'idfissiz. 

Frustrate,  v.a.  (J^jyi  bozmak, 

y  sbktE- v  Ermek,  y\  Lc  mâni"  'öl. 

Fry,  s.  (of  fish)  bXh'k-yaw- 

rzssi ;  (lamb’s,  &c.)  jiy^Er  ; 

(dish)  »j\j  tXwa ;  — ,  v.a. 

tXwada-pishirmek,  (J^jyü 
kawurmak  :  — ,  v.n.  dJvi-İJ  2fJ$*U 

V  J 

tXwada-pishmek,  kawrulmak. 

Fryingpan,  5.  Xy\j  tXwa.  ky  îtaıur . 

Fuel,  s.  yXkajak,  ^joy\  odun; 

Fugitive,  s.  and  a.  kXchkm, 

<-i j\ \j9  firari. 

Fulcrum,  s.  mössned. 

Fulfil,  v.a ,  (jX*jyi£=> j  ykrina-ghb- 
tirmek,  ı^-ı  ijrâ-et,  \  \su)  ıfâ-et. 

Full,  a.  y^yU  dolu,  ^yi& yb  dölghün,  yLt** 
mömlü ;  —  moon,  jUU  bödr,  lLM 

Fuller’s-earth,  s.  kil. 

Fumigate,  v.a.  tütsuİEtmek, 

(jjXy~~'jy  tutsulfimek,  ijXojiy^uyS 

Fumigation,  5.  tiıtsu. 

Fun,  s.  [$£  shaka,  XrsxLl  öylunja. 

Function,  5.  ^jtş)  ish,  (khizmöt). 

Fund,  s.  sörmâyE,  (khXzna). 

Fundamental,  a.  XsslI,  össâssı. 

l  2 


C  132  ] 


Funeral,  5.  jknazE-Xlayz. 

Funk,  korku. 

Funnel,  s.  huni;  boru. 

Funny,  a.  i _ *bs^  tuhaf.  [X*^  possa. 

Fur,  s.  kyark  ;  (dirt)  ^*i=>  kir. 

Furious,  a.  jlj  As>-  hiddetli,  kk- 

ghm;  Cl pkk-s&rt, 
h^dld,  JoJJk  shkdîd. 

Furnace,  s.  ojak. 

Furnish, u. a.  (give)  hrmek;  (sell) 

sXtmak  ;  (a  house)  CX-cX^J 
dushEmek  ;  (a  house  by  the  agency 
of  another  person)  düsh- 

Furniture,  s.  X^cXAjJ  dushErıiE.  [Etmek. 

Furrier,  s .  kyarkju. 

Further,  Furthermore,  Furthest,  u. 
Farther,  &c.  ghXzAb. 

Fury,  5.  hiddet ;  CU&JSi  shiddet ; 

Fuse,  u.ra.  LlX^j\  Erimek ;  — ,  u.a. 

Eritmek  ;  — ,  s.  J  fitil  ; 
XjIL  tXpa.  [krimish. 

Fusion,  s.  fa\ö\  ızâbE  ;  in  — , 

Fuss,  t&lash  ;  to  make  a  — ,  v.n. 

\  tiflash-et. 

Fustian,  s.  lJJi  ^Ua-Jb  sh&ytÂn-bkzi. 

Futile,  a .  çjty  b6sh,  bıhüdE, 

j~ıXdJ  li  fa  idsssiz,  xlib  nâfiİE. 

Futility,  5.  bıhüdEİik; 

bıhüdE- ish. 

Future,  a.  LlXf-xis  ghklhjek,  âti, 
jHj'  blajak  ;  — ,  s.  ^bc)CX>-xi£ 
ghEİbjek-zamÂiı  ;  in  — ,  ad.  JfJuîl 
âtıda,  UJ  fî-mâ-ba“d,  xb 
bundan  -  bayİE,  Jü^j  b undan - 


Futurity,  .9.  ^L;J  <jX>*xi£  ghkldjek- 

Fye,  iwf.  c— ^ayb,  utXn. 


Gabion,  5.  lSX^s  Up  tXbiya-sepedi. 

Gad  about,  v.n.  j^Ls>- 


Gadfly,  s.  Cl^i  Xt-slney4I. 

Gaiety,  5.  ^\j  fbrâh,  (jL+'«s>-  j  ünbush. 

Gain,  s.  j\i  k y  ar,  kXzAnj  ;  — ,  v.a. 

(J^  IP  kXzAnmak,  \j  kyâr  -  et ; 
vâsszi-öl,  ctXiAjJ  ybtishmek; 
ayartmak ;  —  over, 
ayartmak  ;  —  upon,  L-Jy+ljjl.A 

y ıl6ril6yup-tutajak-61 ;  — • 

ground,  \Js  ^  ykr  -  kXzAnmak, 

cJJitjlA  ilbrilemek  ;  —  time,  cı^ij  j 
wXkzt-kXzAnmak.  [thkzîb-et.  , 

Gainsay,  v.a.  inkyar-et; 

Galata  (a  quarter  of  Constantinople),  s. 
xLii.  Ghâlâta.  [bora,  tijbjh  fktma. 

Gale,  s.  sfcki-ruzghyar ;  Hjyi 

Gall,  s.  “ad,  is jtbj  zehru ;  Cl^L-c 
mbrarbt ;  (rub)  *^b  yâra  ;  — ,  v.a . 
CJvCssXjJ  injitmek,  \  £^b  yara-et ; 

ghyiijE-ghitmek  ;  — nut, 
nutgall,  s.  LijLc  mazi. 

Gallant,  a.  yiy^it,  jbssur, 

J  dilâvEr,  bâhâdir ;  — ,  s. 

(Jyt >lc  “ishzk:;  (zampara). 

Gallantry,  5.  yiyAitlik, 

jâssârfet ;  ^îiŞybjj  (z^mparalik) . 

Gallery,  Xj bkrl J  diwXnkhans  ;  ^ll^o 
minarE  -  shurfüssi ; 


[  133  ] 


Jly^L iisstu  -  artulu-yol, 
sokAk,  kywpru. 

Galley,  s.  <L<jsC.c*-  chbktirma.  [prângha. 
Galleys,  s.  pi.  kyiirek ;  4x3  \y 

Galley-slave,  s.  kyurbklu  ;  y&xAj 


Gallipoli  (town  of),  s.  GhEİîbbli. 

Galloon,  s.  shbrid. 

Gallop,  s.  J^3  dart-(nXl);  — ,  v.n. 

LlX+A <Jxj  <J!jj J  durt-  (nXl)  -ghitmek. 
Gallows,  s.  dar-Xy^Ajz. 

Galvanic,  a.  ^iL3^1i.  ghalvaniki ;  — 
battery,  ^.»3^Lc  ghalvanik- 

Galvanism,  s.  (J-A  jlz  ghalvanik.  [tâkimi. 
Gamble,  v.n.  kumar- oyna¬ 
mak.  [kumarbXz. 

Gambler,  s.  kumarjz,  jbjUi 

Gamboge,  s.  4*^1  Ua:j  pântalömba. 
Game,  s.  oyun ;  (chase)  *\  Xv, 

shıkyâr,  sâyd.  [kumarjz. 

Gamester,  s.  jl> ^Ui  kumarbXz, 

Gander,  İLLX£j\  erkek-kXz.  [bwluk. 
Gang,  s.  takzm,  c_5y»~j  sura,  cJjİJ 

Gangrene,  s.  4*j^x3 li  kânghrina. 

Gaol,  s.  i^J\  SjJ  zindln,  43lsr*f;s“  hXbss- 
-khânk,  mâhbess. 

Gaoler,  5.  zindXnji. 

Gap,  s.  \J\  aralzk,  achzklz'k, 

J  ,  achzk-VEr. 

V**  W  v  17 

Gape,  v.n.  essnEmek ; 

achzlmak,  achzk-kXlmak  ; 

—  after,  —  at,  v.a.  bXkmak. 

Garb, 5.  uJj  ziy,  kzlz'k,  cı^iLj  kzyafbt, 

kissvet.  [pp.  <— ^..sr10  muharrbf. 
Garble,  v.a.  'l— a ija?  tahrif- et ;  — ed, 

Garden,  s.  bXyAcha ;  kitchen  — , 

bosstân  ; 

sbbzEwlt-bXy^chassi  (zbrzawlt) . 
Gardener,  5.  bXyhchawXn. 

Gargle,  ghârghara ;  — ,  v.a. 

and  n.  \  Xfy-z  gharghara-et. 

Garlic,  5.  sânmsak. 

Garment,  s.  4 ruba,  <— Jy  sbvb. 
Garnet,  s.  Jxl  lâ  1. 

Garret,  s.  y°  tawAn-arassz. 

Garrison,  s.  *c>4x1j 

kxT'ada  -  mevjüd  -  olXn  -  ^XsskEr, 

-^Assk^ri,  lJJL*+c.  jlyb'  oturXk- 

-  'Xsskeri  ;  — ,  v.a. 

^ASskEr-komak  ;  oturmak  ; 

to  be  in  — ,  v.n.  oturmak, 


Garter,  ^.cb  j-O  diz-bXyAz. 

Gash,  s.  bzchXk-yarassz. 

Gasp,  s.  ^r-A3  nefess  ;  — ,  v.n. 

^J^cL:4Î\  ^£3  (hEmEn)-nbfess-Xlama- 
Gate,  s.  j+s  kXpz,  c— ?b  bÂb, j d  dkr.  [mak. 
Gateway,  5.  ^jA\  kXpz-Xltz. 

Gather,  v.a.  (pluck)  koparmak  ; 

—  up,  —  together,  (jAA  jb  toplamak, 

dbvshirmek,  jbm<£- 

-et ;  — ,  v.n.  (J-a'A ta^h  toplanmak; 
(fester)  \j>-  jbrâhat- 

toplanmak.  [v.a.  alchmek. 

Gauge,  5.  chXp  ;  Mchu;  — , 

Gauntlet,  s.  t j  zirh-bldivbni. 

Gauze,  s.  bzzrumjik  ;  wire- 

gauze,  4 teldan-wrmE. 

Gay,  a.  jünbushlu, 


[  134  ] 


bylünjEİi ;  l— kbyf ;  ^>-1  achik, 
O^J^İ  Parlak  ;  ^}j3  f  tir  âh. 

Gaze,  5.  ^£31 sbyrji-ghibi- 
-bAklsh  ;  — ,  v.n.  b 
sbyrji-ghibi-bAkmak.  [âhü. 

Gazelle,  s.  jbyrân  (jbyİÂn),  y\ 

Gazette,  s.  JjJjz  ghâzbta. 

tAkwIml- vakâi *  . 

Gear,  s.  ylb  tâklm,  edawat, 

^\j\  âwadÂnh’k ;  in  — ,  jUlt 
takzli ;  out  of  — ,  ^Lilb  takilz- 

dip'/dl.  [larlm-kbssmek. 

Geld,  v.a.  Li \]a  tlshak- 

Gelding,  5.  tghdish,  (bbghir. 

Gem,  s.jb jbvhEr  (pl.y&y>-  jbwahlr). 

Genealogy,  5.  i_^w3  nbsseb. 

General,  s,  Lib  pasha;  mushlr; 

set-  ASskEr,  ~s  skrdâr, 

SErkkrdE ;  lieutenant  — ,  y 
f  brik  ;  major  — ,  or  brigadier  — ,  y 
mlri-liwa  ;  — ,  a.  *  'umûmi ; 

in  — ,  generally,  ad.  bksErıyyâ. 

Generalissimo,  m3  siird^r^^kr^ni» 

Generate,  v.a.  V >u-  hassH-et, 

Trass -et. 

Generation,  s.  ^y  kârn ;  j*a. c 

*  fÂssn-wâhid- XdAmlan ;  tbkbv- 

vun  ;  J^bJ  tbnâssul ;  organs  of  — , 
J-»bJ  âlâti-tbnâssul. 

Generosity,  sakhavbt, 

CiM  jwmErdh'k  ;  **£.!!  kkrEmu- 


Generous,  a.  yjjls*-  sakhâvetli, 

jümErd;  kErimu-?sh- 

Genesis,  s.  tbvrât.  [-shiybm. 

Genie,  s.  y*-  jin,  jinnT. 

Genius,  s.yJb  hünEr ;  issti^dad; 

^j^uayjb  hunEr-sâhibi. 

Genoa,  s-jj^  jenviz. 

Genteel,  a.  J+aj  tbmlz  ;  (person)  ^jS 
kishi-zadE,  lJSus\  bfbndi;  (lady) 
jU  han/m. 

Gentle,  a.  mülayim,  yawXsh; 

^  mAzlûm  ;  jljlb  tXtli. 

Gentleman,  5.  keshi-zadE, 

Xd\jL)  bbghzkdk,  u£Jkiit  bfbndi. 

Genuine,  a.  khâliss,  sahih, 


Geography,  s.  Lib*:>-  jâghrâfiya. 

Geology,  s.  ^ ^  iJi^liLL^Lc  “ilmi-tAbA- 

Geometer,  Geometrician,  s. 

muhkndiss,  <UîJkUî>  Jj&1  bhli-hEndbssE. 

Geometry,  s.  hkndessE. 

Georgia,  s.  ghürjistân.  [ghürji. 

Georgian,  s£  ghürji ;  — ,  a.  y>- 

Geranium,  s.  sârdblya- 

-chichb^Ai,  bbE-ghyümbji. 

Germinate,  v.n.  lLXoj^  sürmek, 

kyük-SAİmak,  filiz- 


Get,  v.a.  (procure)  \  pbyda-et, 

tahsil -et;  — ,  v.n.  (go) 
ghitmek;  (become)  olmak;  — 

above,  & lJj li y  3  ^  Vj  dan- 

-zıyâdE-yükânya-chikmak ;  — abroad, 
süwbyİEnilmek,  jt J 

nbshr-olunmök  ;  duyulmak ; 

dishân-ghitmek ;  — 
a  fall,  Cİvi^jJ  düshmek ;  —  a  foot- 


[  135  ] 


ing,  (JXaZjj  yhrleshmek ;  —  away, 
v.n.  kurtulmak  ;  ayrıl¬ 
mak  ;  chikmak ;  — ,  v.a. 

chikarmak,  âyrmak, 

CJv*^~sakmek;  jüjji  kurtarmak; 

—  before,  çj*c angana-varmak; 

—  by  heart,  üzbbrİEmek  ; 

—  clear,  v.  —  away ;  —  down,  v.n. 

ünmek;  v.a.  bndirmek; 

—  forward,  ileriİEmek  ;  — 

in,  ghirmek ;  —  off,  v.  — 

away;  —  on,  ıleriİEmek 

* \  üsstuna-chikmak 
CX+a>  binmek  ;  cJvi.-J=5  ghiymek 

—  out,  v.  —  away  ;  —  ready,  v.n. 

l>-  hazırlanmak,  j*â\s>-  hâzır- 
-ol ;  — ,  v.a.  hazırlamak, 

\  j*â\>-  hâzır- et ;  —  the  better  of, 
klkkindan  -  ghnlmek  ; 
CXcj  ybnmek  ;  ghÂİib-bl ; 

S-Jti » l _ *?  sawushdurmak ;  — 

through,  v.n.  ghüchmek;  — , 

v.a.  J  ghbchirmek  ;  —  to¬ 
gether,  v.n.  toplanmak;  — , 

v.a.  toplamak;  —  up,  v.n. 

j*i!U  kklkmak ;  — ,  v.a. 
chzkârmak;  <Jk--cjjJLî  kXld/rmok ; 
CX*£=uJ  dikmek  ;  —  well,  ^A  Tyi- 
ol,  ifakXt-bulmak;  — 

with  child,  v.n.  (jXXsiJ*  ghübE-kÂl- 
mak  ;  — ,  v.a.  \  ghebs-et ;  —  you 
gone,  int.  hâydi-ghit, 

Jiu>  yikil-shüradan  ; 
jd&~>  haydi- sikdir. 

Ghost,  5.  <uL>  khâyâİE ;  ruh, 

jXn  ;  Holy  Ghost, 
rühu-’l-kuduss ;  to  give  up  the  — , 
\  -j  tbssllmi  -  rüh-et ; 


Giant,  5.  dlp^-glıibi-ÂdAm. 

Gibbet,  s.  dâr-A^/iAjı. 

Gibraltar,  Jebel-târ. 

Giddiness,  5.  SErshmlik  ;  (j!A) 

bXsh-danmESsi,  ( 

ghyazlar-kÂrarmassı  ;  jljJjU  “Akl- 
sizl/k,  lilulîeti-mizâj. 

Giddy,  a.  shrsum ;  jjjic  ‘  'iklsiz  ; 

to  be  — ,  ,-^Ij  bAshi-danmek, 


Gift,  s.  hediyyE ;  *  XtiyyE, 

(^1— &X  ihsan,  *\xA  in' 'am  ; 
bakhshish;  mevhibe'i- 

ilâhiyyjE.  jesslm,  L> jXo  müfrüt. 

Gigantic,  a.  biyuk,  pAzz  "Âzım, 

Gild,  v.a.  yÂldızlamak, 


•  ** 

Gilding,  yÂldız.  [kullklari. 

Gills,  s.  pi.  bÂ%4ıng- 

Gimlet,  5.  burghu. 

Gimp,  s.  ^UxJ  (ghaytln). 

Gin,  s.  (spirit)  j  râki,  "arak ; 

(trap)  tuzAk ;  (machine) 

Ginger,  s.  zbnjefil.  [charkh. 

Gipsy,  5.  (chinghEni)  kıbtî. 

Giraffe,  s.  ^Ajj  zürafa  (zürafa). 

Gird,  v.a.  (J.A kushÂtmak  ;  —  up 

(a  horse)  koİÂnı’nı- 

-chükmek,  —  one’s  self, 

Girdle,  s.  kushAk,  khniEr. 


[  136  ] 


Girl,  s.  j+i  kiz. 

Girt,  v.a.  v.  Gird. 

Girth,  s,  muhit,  chfcvrE ; 

horse’s  —  bands,  kölÂn. 

Give,  v.a.  cX«y^  vhrmek,  virmek ; 

1  Ike!  i‘  tâ-et ;  hassil-et;  — , 

v.n.  (stretch)  cXwi-X.-j!  üssnEmek ; 

(frost)  CJ  <~~i  ghevshEmek  5  — 

a  call,  chay/^mvErmek  ; 

oghrayivEYmek ;  —  a 

guess, jAj bili  VErmek ; 

bir-tâkhmîn-et ;  —  a  look,  CJ  *oj j-ilj 

blkiv  krmek ;  — a  portion, 

jihâz  -  VErmek  (chehiz)  ;  —  away, 

vkrivErmek,  !<U£>  hibn-et ; 

—  hack,  —  hack  again, 

ghferi  -  VErmek  ;  —  battle, 

j  engliE-bAshlamak  ;  —  ear, 

kulkk- vkrmek  ;  —  forth, 

LLbcjfj  lSj\L.J^d  dishan-VErmek ;  !  ^Le! 

î<flân-et ;  —  ground, 

gheri  -  chiikilmek  ;  C-kiJ ^  ^jr-5 

sazundan-danmek  ;  —  a  hand,  V^jV. 

yardim- et ;  - —  heed,  !l^XjJ  dikkXt- 

-et ;  —  in  charge,  tüsslîm-et ; 

> — judgment,  !^Lc1  i“lam-et ;  —  the 

lie,  !c- -ojX>  tükzıb-et ;  —  notice, 
7  ♦  **  * 

CX« j+s>-  khAbEr-vErmek  ;  — one 
joy,  1  tebrik  -et;  —  leave, 

(jj!  izin -vkrmek  ;  j 

rukhsÂt-vErmek ;  —  one’s 
mind,  !^k^:jjl£î!  üfkyânni-büyân- 
-et ;  —  one’s  mind  to  (a  thing), 

!^Jî> J< _ ij*a  sârfi  -  zihn  -  et,  cXi-2b.t> 

diishmek,  !ul-x^-J  tkvaghghul  -  et, 

müshghül-61 ;  —  out,  v.a. 
<^XsOj)jlJj\L.+i0  dishari- vkrmek ;  l^^Lc! 
«f<lân-et ;  — ,  v.n.  yorulmak, 

(J.*: L?j!  ussAnmak  ;  dukkn- 

mek  ;  —  over,  v.a.  !  tüsslîm-et, 

\j*&  dkvr-et;  — ,  v.n.  waz- 

-ghechmek  ;  kessilmek  ; 

—  place,  chekilup- 

-ykr  -  vkrmek  :  —  suck,  cXv^el 
Emzirmek,  CXiL-J  büssİEmek ;  —  the  \ 
slip,  sawushmak;  —  up, 

tessllm-et;  cLXftaj-j  suwkylE-  • 
mek ;  —  warning,  cXc khÂbEr- 
-vkrmek ;  — -  way,  kirilmak, 

(J-+J  kopmak  ;  yikilmak  ; 


Glad,  a.  ^Ua^c  memnun, messrür; 
to  he  — ,  !  k»-  hkzz-et, 
khöshlanmak.  [jjj*3  sürür. 

Gladness,  s.  l^+İj*a<o  mümnüniyyüt, 
Glance,  5.  ^Jİjj ta  bkkish  ;  - — ,  v.n.  CtX*X-j  . 

sekmek ;  —  over,  Jkw'  j/  ghyaz- 
Gland,  büyz  (büz).  [Âtmak.  , 

Glare,  5.  pkk-parlayish  — 

V.n.  phk- parlamak  ;  — at, 



Glass,  s.  jam,  jy Ik  billur; 

(drinking)  kÂdeh ;  (looking) 

&+■+?}  ayina  ;  (eye)  ghyazluk  ; 

(telescope)  durbln  (durbun)  ; 

(hour)  L»  küm-sâc<at. 

Glaze,  s.j~3  sirr  ;  — ,  v.a.  cXcy^^U- 
jam-ghechirmek ;  jam- 

Glazier,  s.  jamji.  [-kÂplamak. 


[  137  ] 


Gleam,  6?.  shW'  ;  — ,  v.n.  lj  parlamak.  [Akep-ghbchmek. 
Glide,  v.n.  kaymak  ;  L-jy\ 

Glitter,  5.  ^JÎL:»S pârlayish  ;  — ,  v.n. 

Globe,  s.  kyürE. 

Globular,  a.  kyurdvh  [habâb. 

Globule, s.  habbE,  <ü danE:  < — 
Gloom,  5.  kXranlik  ; 

kkdEr,  mâghmümiyykt. 

Gloomy,  a.  &)?  klranlik  ; 

mâghmüm.  [tbmjîd-et. 

Glorify,  v.a.  \  Sao-  liamd-et,  \ 
Glorious,  a.  nlmdar, 

mkshhür  ;  yL JÜ rbvnXklf. 

Glory,  s.  £*=>■  hamd ;  mbjd ; 

shkvkkt ;  JjJj  revnXk, 
shin,  LZJjçJ*  shührkt. 

Gloss,  5.  jilâ,  pârlakh'k ; 

—  over,  v.a.  LLJajj^\  artmek. 

Glove,  s.  (kldivEn), 

(kldivEnlik) .  [Ât^sh-kdssilmek. 

Glow,  v.n.  yanmak, 

Glue,  5.  Jlüi^L  tutkXl ;  —  v.a. 

tutkXl  -  ila  -  y  a  - 


Glutton,  s.  j  obur,  Jj^l  ekyül. 

Gluttony,  s.  Jyjy^  oburlik. 

Gnat,  s.  *»  sivri-sinek. 

Gnaw,  v.a.  ghkmirmek. 

Gnomon,  s.  xS Lie  “izâdE. 

Go,  v.n.  ghitmek, 

yurum ek ;  —  about, 

dolashmak  ;  Jj^cİJâ Ij  bÂshlamak  ; 

—  abroad,  JjA.'i+z*- l3j\L.Ao  dzshaH- 

-chzkmak  ;  deshan- 

-ghitmek  ;  L L  dAg^ilmak, 

j-L.j  n&shr  -  olunmak  ;  — 
against,  «Xjlji  karshi-ghitmek  ; 

Jo  bed-ghklmek ;  —  along, 
/iJb  (hraiEn)-ghitmekda-ol; 

—  ashore,  JjXius>-foXy  kXraya- 
-chzkmak  ;  Jj* j^^Xyy  kXraya- 

—  oturmak  ;  —  astray, 

yolunu  -  shashzrmak  ;  Jj*i\*£>  <Ay\xi 

fsna  -  yola  -  sXpmak  ;  —  asunder, 

kopmak,  cX*  u  kkssilmek ; 

—  away,  ghitmek  ;  —  back, 

eXo  j jS  gh&ri-ghitmek  ;  —  back¬ 
wards,  J gh^riİEmek  ; 

C3viJ j \*l  (j~Ji  terss  -  yurumek  ;  — 
backwards  and  forwards,  L-Jj&Jx 

ghidup-ghklmek ;  —  down, 
LLXa'A  &nmek ;  JiXi Ij  bltmak ; 

—  for,  C-J^JuS"  ghidup-Xlmak  ; 

—  forth,  J}.*  Jjl  jL.)  n&shr-olunmak  ; 

(J.4  ju>-  chzkmak  ;  — from,  dX*3ju> 
danmek,  Jy^y}  ayrılmak ;  — 

halves,  ^,4,-iX'b  paylashmak  ; 

—  in,  cXo ghirmek  ; 

ichbri-ghitmek ;  —  off,  <jJJyyy£ 
ghidivErmek ;  bozulmak, 

Jjsc\Ajj\  uymamak,  Jyc\jAA\  blmamak; 

ghkehmek  ;  cJ/iL~£  k&ssil- 
mek ;  J-!'  ^jtA  Xtesh- Xlmak; 
pXtlamak  ;  uchmak  ;  —  on, 

xA  A  il6ri-ghitmek ; 
durmamak,  Is  kXlmamak, 

jyAsAA  ^jls  fârigh- olmamak  ; 
uymak,  Jj'A^  olmak,  c3>4.L£- 


[  138  ] 


ghiy ilmek  ;  —  out, 
dishan’-chikmak  ;  cJvijj-j  swnmek, 
muntafi-ol ;  — over, 
ghkchmek  ;  CJ  ^ \  üsstun- 
dan  -  ghüchmek  ;  ^ Jj ^S=> 

ghyazdan  -  ghechirmek  ;  ^^cj.£=> 

gh ezmek ;  yoklamak  ; 

—  through,  ^cX^srl  ichindan- 

-ghfechmek ;  LL^^oj ghywz- 
dan-ghüchirmek  ;  let  go  the  anchor  ! 
xSjj3  fonda. 

Goad,  s.  ay^End^ris  ;  — ,  v.a, 

dürtmek,  dür- 

tushturmek.  [mahalh’-mAksüd. 

Goal,  s.  sisr-münzil. 

Goat,  s.  ^s^kkchi;  he — erghech. 

Goblet,  s.  ^Ss  kXdeh,  ^W-  jam, 
pıyâİE.  [ilâh. 

God,  s.  <d!l  Aİllh,  tanghr/,  4İI 

Godhead,  5.  lUj&İ  lâhüt. 

Godly,  a.  sâUh,jİJOJ  J  dindar. 

Goitre,  s.  ür. 

Gold,  s.  Aİtm,  jj  zkr,  zhheb. 


Goldbeater,  s.  j  varakjz. 

Golden,  a.  Aİü'n,  ^  jj  zerin. 

Goldfinch,  s.  ^-2^i  Iü-j  saka-kushu. 

Gold-lace,  5.  sırma. 

Goldsmith,  s.  kuyumju. 

Gonorrhoea,  s.  bül-söy^uy^u. 

Good,  5.  khâyr,  LÜJjJİ  iyilik, 

Ji  felah  ;  — ,  a.  y)  iyi ;  j\;)t  yarar. 

Good-humour,  5.  keyf ;  to  be  in  a 

— ,  j\^Ju£=>  khyfi-ol. 

Good-humoured,  a.  y \jj)  JjZ  ghyüİEr- 
-yüzlu,  dXnlm^z. 

Goodly,  a.  ghyüzül ; 

bıyujük,  khayK. 

Good-nature,  s.  y  \  iyi-tXbi^at. 

Good-natured,  a.  *:\\  iyi,  tÂtK, 

<Jj £  ghyüzül-khüylu. 

Goodness,  s.  cJi^\  iyilik. 

Goods,  5.  pi.  L-i!  üshyâ,  ümta^â, 

ümvâl,  (JL-c  mÂl. 

Goose,  s.  jlS  kXz  ;  tailor’s  — ,  wtu. 

Gooseberry,  s.  y  bük- 


Gorge,  s.  jLcjJ  boy^Âz ;  — ,  v.a. 

C doyurmak;  ^jj^olaJs  tıka¬ 
mak;  — ed,  p.p.  ^  doymush  ; 
(jt*j  liub  tikXnmzsh  ;  to  become  — , 

v.n.  doymak;  tikXn- 


Gosling,  s.  lJjI b  j\j  kXz-pXlAze. 

Gospel,  s.  injili-shhrif. 

Gossamer,  5.  sheytÂn- 

-“ârabass*.  [ünîss. 

Gossip,  5.  bosh-büyAÂz  ; 

Gourd,  kXbAk. 

Gourmand,  s.  shıkümpüresst. 

Gout,  5.  nikriss. 

Govern,  v.a.  hükyümüt-et, 

\&j\  idârE-et,  I  j  zlbt-u- 


Government,  5.  hükyümüt, 

Xj\  ıdârü,  1 aij  j  \±**£>  zAbt-u-rXbt ; 

düvlüt ;  vükülâ'i- 

-düvlüt,  ^4-ilb  Kj  vük^lâ-tâkfmz. 

Governor,  s.  vali,  t— mütas- 

sarrif,  mütüssüllim ;  lieutenant 

— ,  ka‘im-makXm. 


[  139  ] 


Gown,  s.  (woman’s)  fisstAn  ; 

(man’s  outer)  tes?  jübbE ; 
blnish;  (inner)  Entari. 

Grace,  s.  kbrEm,  c-fllaJ  lutf, 

“ınâyüt,  ıhsan ;  L^ilLl 

lâtâfüt,  nüzâkist,  . >■  hüssn, 

\d>\  feda. ;  JLLj  tbshfekkyur,  IcJ  dü“â; 

afv  ;  CL?jZlx,<  mâghfdrkt,  jlc. 
ghufrân;  your — ,  l^LÎIclİ^İ  zâti- 
âlîlferi,  LsJjJ  zâti-düv- 

Ifetlferi  ;  his  — ,  *  fakhâmütlu ; 

— ,  v.a.  tbzyln-et, 


Graceful,  a.  ^~+s>-  hussunlu,  c3jU 
nâzik,  nbzâkEtli. 

Gracious,  a.  (person)  kbrlm,  di-la! 
latif,  "inâyütkyâr,  (jJjL) 

nâzik ;  (act  or  word)  d-ol*£jdfiL! 
j~<\  lütf-vü-“inâyet-âmîz,  <üUj^£ 
kbrîmânE,  <ü^I£:jL.c  “inâyetkyârânE, 

Gradation,  s.  te? J ^  dür^jü;  ^ tüdrîj. 

Gradual,  a.  tfedrljı ;  — ly,  ad. 


Graft,  5.  Ashi,  ^  kal  Em - 

-Ashissi;  — ,  v.a.  Ashlatmak; 


Grain,  s.  &j\j  dânk  (tânE),  <Ur>-  habbis ; 
•  #• 

zâkhîrE  ;  tokhum  ;  (of 

wood)  dAmar ;  to  go  against  the 

grain,  AdAmin^- 


Grammar,  s.  sarf-u-nahv. 

Grammar-school,  s.  mbk- 

Granary,  ânbâr.  [tEb-i-“irfân. 

Grand,  a.  cJj-J  biyuk  ;  jlcL^Uafi  “Azâ- 
metli ;  ^!<uLJb  tXntAnali. 

Grandee,  s.  rıjâh'- 


Grandeur,  5.  Hoc  “Azâmüt,  AiixJa 
tXntAna,  d-wJb  hbybbt. 

Grandfather,  s.  bbcJj-J  biyuk-bXbA, 
2Tk>b3  dbdfi,  Sz?  jedd.  [turAk-külâm. 

Grandiloquence,  5.  Jj! Ja.+b  tom- 

Grandiloquent,  a.  k&lâmi- 

-tümturâk.  biyuk-vâlids. 

Grandmother,  5.  biyuk  -ana, 

Grandson,  s.  torun,  »A-ia*.  hafid, 


Grand- Vizier,  jjic!  jXa  sAdr-a^zam. 

Grant,  5.  ^L-s-1  ıhsân  ;  fbrmÂn, 

Cu\jJ  berât;  — ,  v.a.  vkrmek, 

ıhsân-et;  tbssllm-et, 

!< îl^x!  ı“tirâf-et ;  farz-et. 

Grape,  s.  uzum;  —  shot,  d-£— « 
misskkt,  sXlkim. 

Grapple  with,  v.a.  (J-a* o^Arash- 
mak,  chbkishmek. 


Grasp,  v.a.  tutmak, 

kawramak,  1^-J  kabz-et. 

Grass,  s.  üt. 

Grasshopper,  s.  chbkirghE. 

Grassplot,  s.  chim. 

Grate,  s.  bjak ;  isskara ; 

— ,  v.a.  cJv4.îiJdj  r^ndEİ^mek;  — , 
v.n.  sürünmek,  ^şf 

ghijirdamak ;  —  on  one’s  feelings, 
LLXAzSteJ'  XdAminp-bbdina- 



[  140  ] 


Grateful,  a. 


Grater,  s.  *â3j  r&ndfi. 

Gratification,  s.  pA,^>  mfemnü- 

niyyet,  \sua  sAf  â ;  nic<met ; 

bakhshish,  ıhsan, 

in 'am ;  khosh- 

nüdiyy&t ;  Sâ^-  hAzz,  u~aj  îâs-  hAzzz- 

Gratify,  v.a.  \  memnün-et, 

\  khdshnüd-et ;  j  \&*a 

sAfa-vkrmek;  J^JjLSay*.  khbsh- 
landzrmak;  hâssz'1-et ;  \ 

ijra-et ;  \  b-yl  y^-LilXi \  iktizâssini- 
-ijrâ-et ;  j  tabl'd,  iiymak. 

Gratis,  ad.  ly&jb  badi-hewa  (bedawa), 
bl jş*  mej  anan. 

Gratitude,  s.  shükr,  tkshkk- 

kyur,  shükrâniyy&t. 

Gratuitous,  a.  jybjb  badi-hkwa  (bk- 
dawa) . 

Gratuity,  s.  ^LJLs+l  bakhshish,  .>-1 
ıhsan,  ^  l*3İ  in"am. 

Grave,  s.  J\j« o  m&zâr,  pi  kAbr,  XjJuc 
mAkb^rfi;  — a.  (person)  yM  kghir, 
temkinli ;  (affair)  j p\Jij pi 
korkulur,  kdrkulajak;  — , 

v.a.  kAzmak,  hakk-et. 

Gravestone,  s.  ^-2» l &  j\j*  m&zar-tAshz. 

Graving- tool,  s.  kâİEm. 

Gravity,  s.  (personal)  yM  ay^zr, 

tfemkln  ;  (of  affairs)  Jb>yy^<djy.» 
körkulajak-bir-hâl ;  (of  substances) 
Li— Lib  szklkt ;  specific—, 

Gravy,  s. po  su.  [yay/zlamak. 

Grease,  s.  cb  ykgh ;  — ,  v.a.  ^JuLib 

Great,  a.  cJ*y  biyuk,  pŞ  k&bîr, 

"Azım  ;  chok ;  the  — ,  s.  pi. 

j\Js  kibar,  lh,L£  kibâr-tak  imi, 

\jS  kyübĞrâ ;  a  —  many,  a  —  deal, 
yy.>> jJ  bir-chok  ;  —  grandfather, 
^^jbbclbJsJJ  d^diminy-bAbASsz ;  — 
grandson,  torununy- 

-ogh\v  ;  Alexander  the  — , 

Isskender  rami ;  Peter  the  — 
jJSJ  ddi-Pfitro. 

Great-coat,  s.  Jyj*  kapot.  ["Azamat. 

Greatness,  s.  (jJ\S pi  biyukluk ;  i^-v-ebac  : 

Greece  (kingdom  of),  s.  by  J 

Yünânisstân  ;  - —  (ancient)  rum.  , 

Greedy,  a.  \yf^  ach-ghyzzzlu  ;  y  j; \y>-  - 
chok-ykr,  jtfj\  dbür. 

Greek  (in  general),  a.  rüm, 

rümi;  (of  the  kingdom)  ^ by  yünân; 
(language)  s.  <Lsr rümjE. 

Green,  a.  y^shil ;  khAm. 

♦♦ « 

Greengrocer,  s.  sbbzEwatjz. 

Greenhouse,  s.  limonluk. 

Greens,  5.  pi.  A lahana. 

Greet,  v.a.  sdam-VErmek. 

Grey,  a.  pi  kzr ;  iy  boz  ; 

ghyiimishz  ;  y kurshuni  ;  — ,  1 
s.  —  of  the  morning,  , 

sabAh-aydmhy/zz ;  —  of  the  evening,  * 
\ji  ^ \L.s>~\  Akhsham-kAranlzy hi. 
Greybeard,  s.  Ak-sakAİK. 

Greyhound,  s.  lJ\\ j  tAzz. 

Gridiron,  s.  isskara. 

Grief,  s.  j ^  kkder,  djd  dkrd,  cy»LJ  Î 


[  141  ] 


kÂssâvüt,  jJ!  elem,  ghAm, 

Grievance,  s.  i _ mujibi-tesh- 

bkki ;  5b  bülâ,  J  dsrd  ;  jtXc  ghAdr ; 

Grieve,  v.a.  kkder-VErmek  ; 

— ,v.n.  IjuXi  kkder-et,  'jLJ 

kXssavbt-chbkmek,  C-LiJ  ghlm- 
-ybmek,  j\  j mükEddEr-öl. 

Grievous,  a.  “XzIm-VE-bllm, 

Li  fkna.  [kızartmak. 

Grill,  v.a.  çJajj\Js  XdXj\'suJ\  isskarada- 

Grind,  v.a.  (flour,  & c.)  ughxit- 

mek ;  chbkmek  ;  (colours, 

&c.)  üzmek,  sahk-et ; 

(iron,  &c.)  (jAjyz&JtiWs  tÂsha-tutmak; 
(the  teeth)  (JLaj\^ ^  ghzjz'rd  Atmak. 

Grindstone,  5.  tlsh,  bilüyAi, 


Gripe,  s.  <J|  e1,  &sru  pünchE,  kAbza ; 
— ,  v.a.  shd-tutmak ; 

kârn-ÂyAntmak  ;  gripes,  ijlikarn-AyAnssi,  ^asr'  L? 

Gristle,  5.  JjiLi*  kirdik.  [slnp. 

Groan,  s.  inyilti,  ünîn ; 

— ,  v.n.  CX^K-'I  inylürnek. 

Grocer,  s.  Jliü  bXkkll. 

Groin,  s.  li  kÂssik. 

Gröom,  5.  cIss,^J  isspir. 

Groove,  s.j^t  ylv,  yiw. 

Gross,  s.  bn-iki-duzina, 

<U  ^  J lUj  J •-.>  y  üz  -  k«rk  -  dart  - 

-(tânE)  ;  — ,  a.  Li’  klba,  Li  fkna, 

Xj  1 J  darass&-clnk- 


Grot,  Grotto,  s.  Xj\x*3  mayAara,  In. 

Ground,  5.  y  ykr,  &Oj£  ‘‘ars a ; 

zbmln;  üssâss;  i _ ^Ty6  mujib, 

L-— j  sbbeb,  münâssbbüt ; 

•  •  • 

— ,  a.  AyAudulmush ; 


chbkilmish,  bzilmish  ;  — ,  v.a. 

tb'slss-et;  — ,  v.n.  (a  ship) 


Grounded,  a.  müt^üsssiss, 

mubteni ;  Assli-var. 

Groundless,  a.  -O  dibsiz, 

Xssh’-ybk,  bbsh. 

Grounds,  lJJü  tblvi,  *jo jjb  tbrtu, 
<U>y  possa. 

Ground-swell,  5.  sXlsntt. 

Ground-work,  5.  J tümel. 

Group,  s.  <L- c£  kyumE,  cJjL  baluk  ;  — , 

v.a.  !l- JjL  top-et;  — ,  v.n. 

Grove,  s.  ormln.  [top-bl. 

Grow,  v.n.  biyumek  ; 

boylanmak  ;  sürmek  ; 

blmak,  cJ^L- i  kessilmek. 

Growl,  v.n.  chh^  khhlamak. 

Gruel,  s.  I yawXn-chorba. 

Gruff,  a.  boy  Auk ;  >•  khuysuz. 

Grumble,  v.n.  Civil Lu-j  suwbylEnmek. 

Guarantee,  5.  (person)  kefil;  (thing) 

küfâlüt;  rehin. 


Guard,  s.  (man)  yassAkji, 

Ilawass,  f'lsskEr,  Ls?^y 

nübetji  ;  (soldiers)  <U?L^ 

khAsssa-^Âsskbri,  tfAssa- 

kiri-khÂsssa ;  (time  or  duty) 
nübet ;  (of  a  sword- handle)  jLA>- 


[  142  ] 


chXprlz  ;  (of  a  gun-trigger) 
korkuluk  ;  — - ,  v.a.  saklamak, 

\  ]âsi^  hifz-et,  lAİâsls^  muhxfaza-et; 
b  blkmak. 

Guard-house,  s.  kulluk. 

Guardian,  s.  ^jcy  wass i ;  Jails?6  muhlfiz. 

Guerilla,  s.  Jf jrf  blshi-bozuk. 

Guess,  s.  zann,  takhmm  ; 

— ,  v.a .  cJvfL  bilmek ;  tâkh- 

Guest,  müssâfir.  [mîn-et. 

Guidance,  s.  hidâyet; 


Guide,  s.  kiİÂ^Auz,  d^lîl, 

cicAk  hâdı,  r&hnumâ ;  — ,  v.a. 

Jy  yol  -  ghy  asstErmek  ; 

Guild,  5.  < _ s\^a\  bssnâf.  [hıİE. 

Guile,  s.  ^Lctjx.  ghill-u-ghish, 

Guilt,  s.  klbâhat,  jurm, 


Guiltless,  a.  j_^LJ  klbâhatsiz, 
ghyünâhsfz,  *Uj=ruJ  bı- 
ghyünâh.  [junhah. 

Guilty,  a.  klbâhath, 

Guinea-fowl,  5.  b&ch-tâwuy4u. 

Guitar,  s.  ghitÂra. 

Gulf,  s.  (bay)  j*jy^  körfez  ;  (abyss) 
bjy  varta,  hüfrE. 

Gull,  s.  (bird)  mârti ;  (dupe) 

shashkm  ;  — ,  v.a. 

Gullet,  s.  jl'J ys  ghirtllk,  jlcy  boghÂz. 

Gum,  s.  samgh  (zamk) ;  (of  the 

eyes)  chapAk ;  (of  the  teeth) 

dish-etl£ri;  — ,  v.a. 

(Jtoj&Lj  b  <d,*l  (zamk)  -  ila  -  yaptshdîr- 

Gun,  s.  top  ;  tüfbnk  (tüf&k). 

Gun-barreî,  s.  LJy.-cJ  cJoJu  tüfbnk- 


Gun-carriage,  5.  JjİJci  kundak. 

Gun-cotton,  5.  P^mük- 

bârûti.  [töpjz-blshz. 

Gunner,  5.  ^jzs^yb  töpjz ; 

Gunpowder,  s.  bant. 

Gunshot,  5.  (distance)  tbp- 

m^nzili ;  kurshun-men- 

zili ;  —  wound,  ghyülİE- 

yârassf  ;  ^y^j yi  kur  shun- 

-yârass/.  [^ysrU,İİ.>-  chakmakji. 

Gunsmith,  s.  tufhnkji  (tüfhkji), 

Gunstock,  5.  dXuiJ  tüfbnk- 


Gush,  v.n.  fishkzrmak. 

Gust,  s.  yj  rüzghyârmy- 

-bir-bssmass* ;  bora. 

Gut,  s.  or  bâ^rsak. 

Gutter,  s.  oluk,  ^iİy\  Iwllk. 

Guzzle,  v.n.  and  a.  ichmek, 

v  - 



b&dEn-tâ‘  ‘lımi-mahali. 


Haberdasher,  s.  lA}J  khurdE- 


Habit,  s.  CJ J lc  “âdet ;  Lİysk  khüy. 

Habitable,  a.  jybjy&y\  oturulur,  JjIj 
kâbili-sükııâ.  [me‘vâ. 

Habitation,  s.  mbsskbn, 


[  143  ] 


Habitual,  a.  k+xLs>.  LU J Ic  “âdet- 


Habituate,  v.a.  ^ c^JdÜl  Ih’shdmnak; 
—  one’s  self,  Ihshmak. 

Hack,  v.a.  chentmek ;  — , 

hackney,  5.  bârghır  (büyghir), 


Hail,  s.  or  yje  dblu ;  — ,  v.n.  jbj 
<_y*i.b  dolu-yaghmak ;  — ,  int. 

C-Lİ-c  ess-sülâmu-  "âlüvkE  ;  — ,  v.a. 

yurun<7-düyu-k!bül-et ;  cha- 

Hale,  a.  dinj.  \_ghkmdk. 

Half,  a.  ^jb  yanm  ;  — ,  s.  L_^,b  yin  ; 

.  .  .  and  a  half,  JJy^  •  •  .  buchuk ; 

,  ad.  <Uu£jb<-£ ;b  yari-yanya. 

Half-moon,  5.  lJ\  ^b  yanm-ay. 

Half-pay,  s.  hlzar-ma^ashi. 

Halfpenny,  s.  a^b  ön-pârE. 

Half-seas-over,  a.  SErkhüshjE. 

Half-witted,  a.  4Î!  Jy  budAİa. 

Hall,  5.  dlwInkhanE. 

Halloo,  int.  by,  Jjb  bo  bana-blk. 

Hallow,  v.a.  l^j-oJkio  tlkdiss-et, 

mübarek  -  et ;  \  e^-olcj  ri‘  'âyet  -  et, 

\  AccJjl  mübarek- "add-et ;  — ed, 
pp.  mübarek,  ^ j+i  Oiü-c  mu- 


Halt,  s.  bylknish  ;  — ,  a. 

top Aİ ;  — ,  v.n.  cXcJj!  üylsnmek  ; 

töplllamak,  Ighs/- 

mak ;  — ,  int.  yu»-  hut. 

Halter,  s.Jİ^  yular  ;  ip. 

Halve,  v.a.  ikiya-balmek  ; 


Ham,  5.  by  but,  jboli'  kaynak ;  J 
^by  donguz-butu-plss- 
dzrmassz  (domuz).  [üflk-kyay. 

Hamlet,  s.  tyîıy]bgh\z. 

Hammer,  5.  ^=XT‘  chükij  ;  jUöjb 
tükmak  ;  sledge  — ,  variyoss  ; 

— ,  v.a.  Cbvfcb  J  dürmek. 

Hammock,  s.  *Jol y  branda. 

Hamper, s.  jlily  klpAkk’-süped  ;  — , 

v.a.  lJ. liiL*?  S2kmU’-VErmek, 

J^icb  ^yibj  Eİini-aya^Ami- 

bl^Alamak,  ^j^İLcb  blyMamak. 

Hand,  s.  Ji  e1,  düsst,  Jo  yüd  ; 

(man)  İdAm,  Jü  nüfnr, 

ishji ;  (signature)  imza ;  hour 

— ,  ^Jjs.  ‘  'akreb  ;  minute  — ,  JA 
yblkowln  ;  — ,  v.a.  vkrmek ; 

—  over,  \  Jl-j  tüsslîm-et ;  —  in 

hand,  ad.  cJ;*y M-Ma-vkrErek; 
yUjjSI  }s.  “al£-’l-ittiflk ;  to  live  from 
hand  to  mouth,  <ü 

CXoUL  İksham-nE-yüy^- 


Handful,  s.  awuj-dolussu. 

Hand-grenade,  5.  J1  e1- 


Handicraft,  s.  san"at. 

Handkerchief,  s.  mkndil, 

chüvrE,  ^y^o  ykmüni,  jlib  yay/dik, 
ksoj&so  makrama-(mah-). 

Handle,  s.  sip,  kulp, 

kuİAk,  klbza ;  — ,  v.a.  J^jb 

tutmak,  kulllnmak. 

Handsome,  a.  ghyüzül, 

ghyüsstürishli,  ^lülJb  yük/sheklı. 


[  144  ] 


Handspike,  5.  zJyUo  manavela. 

Handy,  a.  (man)  .  hbzâr-fknn 

(hezârifünd)  ;  (thing)  rahat, 

lJİj'İ  kolay,  &L.A  isha-yârar. 

Hang,  v.a.  Assmak ;  — ,  v.n. 

Asszlmak ;  —  about,  \yo 

dolashmak ;  —  back,  ■sC 
ıl6ri-ghEİmamek,  }J1^  Shferi- 

-durmak  ;  —  down,  (jXsj\*e  sarkmak; 

—  out,  v.a.  Assmak, 

sürmek ;  }*=>  sarkıtmak, 

kıldırmak,  ax*j  S  ghyasstErmek  ; 

sarkmak ; 

Asszlmak  ;  —  over,  (JaJ* lb  tAshmak ; 

sarkmak  ;  —  together,  lS £ 
j>  biri-birini-brâkmamak ; 

—  up,  Assmak.  [kz’lzj . 

\  **  ♦» 

Hanger,  s.  ^ J.  i*  kzssajek-bir- 

Hangman,  s.  Siz>-  jüllld. 

Hank,  s.  JU:İ  kAnghAİ,  turrk  (tura). 

Hanker  after,  v.a.  LLXa’^\  isstdmek, 
tjj\  arzulamak,  Aramak, 

Happen,  v.n.  olmak, 

chzkmak,  vAkz'££ol,  !< İjLzj 

tüssÂduf-et,  zuhur- et, 

vuku' "-bulmak. 

Happily,  ad.  sa££âdütla  ; 


Happiness,  5.  CJjl— *_«j  sa££âdüt  ; 

l^n mümnüniyyüt. 

Happy,  a.  \  >-\jX \ 

ishi  -  yolunda  -  râhatz  -  yerinda  -  üİAn, 
Ju x~i  sâ<£îd,  mfess£<ud  ; 

memnun  ;  mhssrür. 

Harass,  v.a.  yormak, 


^eUcjjj  rahat  -  VErmamek,  'j—b 

rahatszz-et,  \  tâ"  jlz-et. 

Harbour,  s.  (jl*J  limAn,  or  ^ 

mürsa ;  — ,  v.a.  tutmak, 

yatak-61.  [dipörto. 

Harbour-master,  s.  J  kâptan- 

Hard,  a.  kAtz,  sürt,  pek ; 

szkz  ;  ^  ghyüch, 

chütin,  mushkil ;  —  of  belief, 

jjj ghyuch-inanzr,  inan¬ 

maz  ;  —  to  be  believed, 
ghyüch- in anzlzr,  uL  W  inanzlmaz  ; 
—  of  hearing, yha  say^zr. 

Harden,  v.a.  çjsc  i  A»yj  zLsj  kAtzlashdzrmak, 



(jJ^c pükishdirmek  ;  — 

kAtzlashmak,  CiXfcîJjj«a 
skrtİEshmek,  pükishmek. 

Hard-favoured,  Hard-featured,  a.  jSy 

Hard-hearted,  a  mErhametsiz. 

Hardihood,  s.  jüssârüt. 

Hardiness,  s.  dayanzldzk. 

Hardly,  ad.  hümân  (hümEn) ; 

ghyüch-belâ ; 

cJ hich-müss⣑adE-ghyass- 


Hardness,  s.  J-  kAtzlzk,  . 

sertlik;  szkzlzk;  ghyü- 

chluk,  chetinlik, 

..  v 

müshkillik,  su££übüt. 

’  -j 

Hardship,  s.  LSX£+*a  szkzndz,  L^ü^o 

Hardy,  a.^UüUL  dayanzklz,  dinj. 


[  145  ] 


Hare,  s.  tawshAn.  [kulAk-visr. 

Hark,  int.  dingİE  (dink),  y 

Harlot,  s.  fâhishE. 

Harm,  s.  jj*â  zarar,  ziyan ;  — , 

v.a .  injitmek,  \jj*â  zarar-et. 

Harmless,  a. -jytj+i  zararsz'z.  [muwafakAt. 

Harmony,  s.  jdjWL  tAtlzlzk;  ojiilyo 

Harness,  y^y  or  pj~>y  koshum  ; 
j*jIL  takzm;  — ,  v.a.  (J^&y  koshmak  ; 

takzmznz-wurmak  ;  — 
maker,  sarrâj. 

Harp,  5.  chbngh. 

Harpoon,  zzbkzn. 

Harpooner,  5.  zzbkznjz. 

Harpsichord,  s.yLj  kyâr-kldîm- 


Harrow,  s.  Jb[ys\k>-  chiftji-tara^z ; 

— ,  v.a.  taramak ;  —  one’s 

feelings,  li  U  y&j y  LlX«  ÂdAm- 


Harsh,  a.  sbrt. 


Hartshorn,  s.  jjlU  nishÂdz’r;  (spirit 
of)  nishâdir-rühu. 

Harvest,  5.  hÂssÂd,  ^yasr0 

mahsûl ;  —  time,  bichim- 

wAktz,  brAk-wAktz. 

Hash,  s.  yahni ;  — ,  v.a. 

yahni- et. 

Haste,  s.  Ajsf-  “AjeİE;  châ- 

bz'klz’k,  sur^at ;  — ,  v.n. 

“ijbİE-et,  C-tab-  chabzk;-bl. 

Hasten,  v.  n.  chabzk- 

•  v 

ghitmek ;  — ,  v.a.  IJ.-jsl*-’  tâ*  jil-et. 

Hastily,  ad.  zÜjldLsf  “xjblb-ila,  Jic 

Hasty,  a.  chabzk  ;  sAbrs/z, 

&  chabzk-kzzar. 

•  V 

Hat,  Xİül£>  shlpka. 

Hatch,  v.a.  lJjj  y  y  awrz-  ch  z  - 

karmak;  — ,  ^y  klpz ; 


Hatchet,  s.  <da!b  bXlta. 

Hatchway,  s.  lJJz\  j\y\  zznbar-Ay/zzzz. 
Hate,  5.  (jÂÂJ  bûghz,  CU^İAc-  “üdâvbt ; 
CUjSÛ  nefrbt ;  — ,  v.a. 
hich-SEvmamek ;  IcUjİAc.  “üdâvbt-et. 
Hateful,  a.j^ku*  menfur,  mÂkbûh. 

Hatred,  s.  büghz,  ^adâvbt; 

CUjSü  nbfrbt.  [(kibir). 

Haughtiness,  s.  jJÜj  tekbbbur,  jS  kıbr 
Haughty,  a.  jJLr~n  mütekebbir,  ^jS 
kibirli,  ^yy  fir“âwn,  yy  nobran. 
Haul,  v.a.  ch  ekmek ;  J& 

V  •• 

Haunch,  5.  lSjX^s  saghri.  [hlsa-et. 

Haunt,  v.a.  jlujy Us  tâ‘if-ol. 

Have,  v.a.j\(J^\  mâlik- 61. 

Havoc,  5.  ^j\jJ  ziyan,  lUj\~+>-  khÂssârbt. 
Hawk,  5.  Âtmaja  ;  — ,  v.a. 

U?  ghbzdirip-SAtmak. 

Hawker,  s.  ’ y\\ ghbzdiriji- 
Hawser,  s.  pAlamâr.  [bÂzirghyân. 

Hay,  s.  cy,l  yjf  kûru-ot. 

Haycock,  s.  lUj\  bt-y ıghim. 

Haymaking,  5.  cJvfcasT  C I2y  ot-bichmek. 
Hayrick,  Haystack,  5.  CUj\  *jy  cJ^J 

Hazard,  s.  bâkht ;  < tbssâ- 

duf ;  — ,  v.a.  tbhlikeyE- 

Hazardous,  a.  tbhlikEİi.  [komak. 

Haze,  s.  siss,  dümAn. 



[  146  ] 


Hazel,  s.  fmdzk  ;  — ,  a. 

jKjj  kösstânk-rEnkli. 

He,j or.j\  Ö,  JJ  öl ;  — ,  a.  ürkek. 

.  s-  f 

Head,  s.  ^b  bÂsh ;  .« j  skr,  re  ss; 
(of  a  ship),  C^b  bÂsh ;  (of  a  cask) 

< _ *o  J  dib ;  (of  an  arrow) 

tömrkn ;  — ,  a.  ^b  bÂsh, 
birinji ;  — ,  v.a.  J  ^jib  bÂsh-ol, 


Headache,  5.  bÂsh-Âgfcssi. 

Headland,  s.  burun. 

Headlong,  ad.  bÂsh-Âshayfo', 

Jj  to  <0  J  (tüpk)  -taklak. 

Head- quarters,  s.Jsj*  merkEz. 

■  Headstrong,  a.  saz-dinglkmaz 


Headway,  s.  Jo  yol ;  y uruma. 

Heal,  v.w.  jIjj!  lyi-ol ;  — ,  v.a.  Tyi-et. 

Health,  s.  sıhhat, 

^âfıyyüt ;  i—jL£  küyf,  zr'>  mizâj, 
tÂb“ ;  your  health !  ZjC&Ls. 

Healthy,  a.  <pL>  sa gh,  ^Lc-L?  say/ihhn. 

Heap,  s.  kyümk,  yighin  ;  — , 

v-a-  &*l  yighmak. 

Hear,  v.a.  cJvCwM  ishitmek, 

isstimâ  f-et;  dinglkmek  (di- 

nkmek),  LlXojJ^  jpjyî  kulÂk-vkrmek ; 
W  kÂbül-et,  ijabet-et. 

Hearing,  s.  &x*\~iCL2jS  kuvveti-sami“a ; 
in  one’s  — ,  ıshitdiyÂi- 

hâlda  ;  to  give  a  — ,  C— 

izin  -  vkrup  -  süwüyİEtmek, 
(dinkmek).  [mek. 

Hearken,  v.n.  kulÂkvkr- 

Hearsay,  5.  müssmü'  Ât. 

Heart,  5.  yürek,  kÂlb,  Jj 

dil ;  (of  a  plant)  ghyübük ; 

(middle)  or  ört  a;  by — , 

üzbkrden  ;  to  learn  by  — , 
v.a.  ezbkrlkmek. 

Heart-breaking,  Heart-rending,  a. 

ÂdAmmy-yüröyAi- day  an¬ 


Heart-broken,  a.  shıküsstk-dıl. 

Hearth,  s.  jjlsj-j!  öjak.  [J-iLajl  inslfsiz. 

Heartless,  a.  J~JL- j|  insânıyyütsiz, 

Heart’s-ease,  5.  hür-jâ'î-  • 

bünüfshk  (münükshk). 

Hearty,  a.  kawl,  say/dam; 

samîmi,  yürük  dan. 

Heat,  5.  sıjÂk,  sijÂkKk,  ; 

CL>j\jS>~  harârüt;  Âtüsh;  I 

kizghinkk  ;  — ,  v.a.  issitmak,  | 

(J^cj  dy*i  kizdirmak,  tüsskhîn-  i 

-et.  [ ji\ jUi  kitAbsfz-kyâfir.  r 

Heathen,  5.  and  a.  ghyawr,^ib  kyâfir,  | 

Heave,  v.a.  (jXi\  Âtmak ;  — ,  v.n. 

Heaven,  s.Lr^o-jünnkt,  fırdâvss. 

Heavy,  a.  .i-1  Xghir,  Jto  sakil. 

Hectic,  a.  jLc^j  vürEmli;  —  fever, 

Hedge,  s.  chit. 

Hedgehog,  5.  ufÂk-kırpi. 

Heed,  s.  dikkXt,  tXJu  takâyyud, 

Juj  kayd ;  — ,  v.a.  and  ra.  1  J  İ. 
dikkÂt-et,  1  Jui  kayd-et. 

Heel,  5.  akchk;  —  over,  v.n.  ^J^j’b 

yatmak; — ,  v.a.  yaU’rmak. 


C  147  ] 


Hegira,  s.  hijrbt ;  fojfjCDysP 

hıjrüti-nübevıyyE.  [CJ'io!  ghbnj-inek. 

Heifer,  s.  Aîlb^İjJ  dıshi-dÂna, 

Height,  5.  kJj*  boy  ;  CJK— yük¬ 
seklik,  irtifa**;  day  4, 

(tüpü),  jAj  bayir,  Ll>j*  sirt ;  bvj, 
Xj zirvE  ;  &jj)\  orta,  k-oj  wXssAt. 

Heinous,  a.  ^Jc3j  pük-kÂbih ; 
shbnT**;  bshna**. 

Heir,  s.  (after  possession)  vâriss  ; 

(before  possession)  vülî-**ahd. 

Heiress,  s.  f.  djj\j  vârissE ;  <£x!^<Llj 
vbliyy£tu-’l-**ahd.  [-chichüyfö. 

Heliotrope,  vanilya- 

Hell,  s.  jihbnnem  (jihannam), 

|*-»srT  jahlm. 

Hellenic,  a.  U ş)  yünâni. 

Hellespont,  s.  Lİjliy^^cUİi  ctıâ- 
nak-kâiüssi-boy&Âzi.  ybkjE. 

Helm,  s.  dümün-yükESSi, 

Helmet,  5.  tÂss,  jkx^o  mighfkr, 

AâLx?  tuyAulgha. 

Helmsman,  s.  düniEnji. 

Helot,  bssir. 

Help,  5.  yârdim,  ımdâd, 

<ülc|  i*  *ânE,  c^Ojlx*o  mu**âvenüt,  w>“ 
**âvn;  y^rdimj*,  mu**în, 

mu“âvin ;  — ,  v.a.  yâr- 

dün  -  et,  İle— Jjlx^«  mu**âv4nüt  -  et ; 

ı“ânE-et;  İJİA^ol  ımdâd -et, 
LLXaL^iX^\x<\  imdada  -  yütishmek  ; 

mün**-et,  chârE-bul- 

mak.  [kli-âyayM-  tutmaz. 

Helpless,  a.  bîchârE,J^^L^iy 

Helpmate,  s.  (jL\  AteJ\  ârkadâsh. 

Hem,  kzvrilmish- 

-kknar;  — ,  v.a . 
kEnârme-kmrmak  ;  —  in,  C-Lc 
chevirmek,  küsh  Atmak, 


Hemisphere,  5.  £ £ nisfi-kyürE. 

Hemistich,  s.  missrâ**. 

Hemorrhoids,  s .  J-wj&Lj  mâyEssîl, 

Hemp,  s.jxS  kündir.  bâssür. 

Hen,  5.  JjjlL  tâwuk. 

Hence,  ad.  bundan ;  <Üjs  bj 

bınâ*an-**alüyh,  bunya-binâan, 

bunya-mübni,  bj 


Henceforth,  Henceforward,  arf. 

<&jjj  bundan-bayİE,  şJL&j  Jdy  bundan- 
soayra,  cXxjbwi  fî-mâ-bâ**d,  l&j  ^ 
bır-dâhâ,  shımdidan- 


Her,  pr.  s.  Âni,  önu;  \i\  Ânya 

(Âna),  önya  (ona)  ;  pr.  a.  i, 
si,  <^X>\  aniny,  onuny. 

Herald,  s.  ci'J münâdi ;  — ,  v.a . 
LLX<jI j  khÂbEr-vurmek. 

Herb,  üt,  cubj  nebat. 

Herbalist,  5.  LS^/  kyakju. 

Herd,  s.  suru ;  —  together,  v.n. 

LLy*jZ  lJj  ı y*  suru  -  suru- ghez- 


Herdsman,  5.  sighivtma]. 

Here,  ad.  \jtf  bura,  burassi; 

jJ  bur  ay  i,  burassini ; 

âj\ jj)  buraya  ;  bar  ada  ; 

burassina  ;  bürassinda  ;  — , 

int.  <$zJSi\  ıshtE,  U  nâ ;  —  and  there, 
m  2 


C  148  ] 


atE-bbri ;  cJj tek-tbk ; 
here  is,  ishtE,  13  nâ.  [buralara. 

Hereabouts,  ad.  buralarda,  fJbji 

Hereafter,  ad.  <^£^^3  ^3  y  bundan  - 
-songra  ;  CLJyA\&xJ  ba/'db-’l-mbvt ; 
* — ,  s.  CLd>j>\  âkhirbt. 

Hereby,  ad.  bu-munâsse- 

bbtla  ;  jJ  bu-wÂss«tâ-ila. 

Hereditary,  a.  LİJjjyc  mbvrüss, 

mütbvâriss  ;  lL>Jj  variss ;  ^  Jj 

Herein,  ad.  bunda; 

bundan;  bun^a;  bunu. 

Hereof,  ad.  <zX)y  bünün. 

Hereon,  ad.  bünün-uzErinE. 

Heresy,  5.  CuJİ*?  dÂİâlbt,  shâ, 

cl  iptizal.  [mu££tezil. 

Heretic,  s.  <JL?  dâll,  shl££z, 

Heretofore,  ad.  shimdiya- 

-kXdar,  shimdiya- 

-ghblinja ;  j\  ez-kldlm  (ab 

antiquo),  atEdan-bbri. 

•  * 

Herewith,  ad.  (inclosed)  te)  lbffan, 
UyıLc  mblfüfAn. 

Heritage,  s.  mîrâss. 

Hermaphrodite,  s .  khunsâ. 

Hermetically,  ad. 

hich-hbwâ-Âlmayaj  ak-  sürktla . 

Hermit,  s.  l münzevî. 

Hennitage,  s.  djj\j  zaviyyE,  dj 

£<uzletkhânE.  [^xbc-^Jki  fbtk-££illbti. 

Hernia,  s.  j^b>  kXssik-yhughi, 

Hero,  s.  yk/fat,  j  bâhâdir ; 

<Uj  Xs-"0  mahkiyun-flh. 

Heroic,  a.  bâhâdirânE. 

Heroine,  5.  bahadir-kkn ; 

l^£<L£sr°  mâhkiyetun-f  ıha. 

Heroism,  s.  yiyAitlik. 

Hers,  pr.  l£3İ  Âmnp',  onumjr ; 

Anrnyki,  onunyku. 

Herself,  pr.  lJSuZ  kendi, 
kendissi,  ^1— kbndissini. 
Herzegovina,  5.  C-b^Jb  Hbrsbk. 
Herzegovinian,  Hbrsbklî. 

Hesitate,  v.n.  b  blkinmak ; 

tbrbddud-et ;  13*  tb'bkhkhur-et ; 

isstEmamek  ;  ,  dj  b  dj 
nE-yapajaghini-bilmamek  ; 
1-^j  ^£=t£>-  <Uj suweyldyE-  ij 
jb^ini-shashzrmak.  [shubhE.  i 

Hesitation,  5.  tbreddud ;  <^-Sj  İ 

Heterodox,  a.  iJls?0  d^\  iimmbta  I 
Hetman,  s.  ^tcJb  hitman.  [mukhÂİif.  ij 
Hew,  v.a.  yarmak ;  —  down,  r 

v.a.  LÜvi~.i£  kbssmek ; 

Hexagon,  s.  müssbddbss. 

Hiatus,  s.  arah'k. 

Hibernate,  v.n.  ^o\L^s  kzshlamak. 

Hibernation,  s.  kishlama. 

#  ♦ 

Hiccough,  Hiccup,  s.  hmchki-  ill 

rzk ;  — ,  v.n.  hmchkzrmak.  f 

Hide,  s.  lJjA  dbri ;  — ,  v.n.  JU.3İİU  sak-  J 

lanmak,  ghızİEnmek ;  — ,  v.a. 

saklamak,  dXJ  'jS  ghizlnmek.  j; 

Hideous,  a.  pbk-chirkin,  ü 

Jîk+A&dj'jZ  kbrîhu-^l-mlnzâr. 

Hieroglyph,  Hieroglyphic,  s.lJJ  b  pjje  İs 



[  149  ] 


High,  a.  yüksük,  £_£3yc 

mürtüfi£<,  bâlâ;  ^jlc-  ‘"âlı, 
sâmi,  rüfî<f ;  ^k]jb  dölghun, 

jüshkun,  tÂshkm  ; 

chok,  LLXj  pük ;  the  Most 
High,  çj.z>-  hÂkk-ta<£âlâ  ; 

—  tide,  —  water,  X<  müdd 


Highland,  a.  Lc.lL»  dly^k'k- 

-yEra-mâkhsûss,  dXghi. 

Highlander,  s.  dly^-ldAim ; 

—  s.  pi.  dly^-ahâlissi. 

Highlands,  s.  pi.  dly^hk:- 

-ykrİEr,  dâyfastân. 

Highly,  ad.  chok,  khayli. 

Highness,  s.  yükseklik ; 

<-— ? shkvket  -  ma'âb  ; 

Highway,  s.  SjU-  jâddü,  yol, 

tank?  -  ''ânım, 


Highwayman,  5.  ^c£U«j  yol-küssiji, 

kÂtz^u-’t- tarik. 

Hill,  s.  jü?  dhgh,  (tüpü). 

Hillock,  s.  (tüpü). 

Hilly,  a.  ^_^LcAh  dlyMik. 

Hilt,  s.  klbza. 


Hind,  s.  LLX^  dıshi-ghüyik  ;  £ 

kyaylu  ;  — ,  a.  dj\  ard,  kzch. 
Hinder,  a.  gheriki, 

ghüridüki;  — ,  v.a.  mâni^-ol, 

(J*c\a3\j)  br akmamak,  koma- 

mak,  süktE-VErmek. 

Hinderance,  Hindrance,  s.  ^Jl-c  mânic<, 
&i£zd~s  sektü. 

Hindermost,  Hindmost,  a. 

Hindoo,  s.  L^JûJb  hindi.  [lıssâni. 

Hindoostanee,  s.  ^3LJ  AUb  Hind- 

Hinge,  s.  Xjj  rüzü  ;  müntüshü  ; 

— ,  v.n.  dbfcjjJ  danmek ; 

Hint,  s.  artulu-ifâdE,  ua 

imâ  ;  — ,  v.a.  artulu- 

-ifâdü-et,  IUjI  Imâ-et. 

Hip,  s.  4-slb  kllcha. 

Hire,  s.  \J>  kırâ ;  — -,  v.n.  L tXthyj&AjZ 
kırâya-VErilmek  ;  — ,  v.a. 
kırâya  -  VErmek  ;  jo&j\\Js>  kırâ- 

-ila-tütmak ;  —  out,  C-b« 

kirâya-vürmek.  [Âmnykz,  onunyku. 

His,  pr.  a.  viW  In  mg,  onung  ; 

Historian,  s.  yo  müvürrikh. 

History,  s.  ^  J3  târiklı,  ^i}y 

tâwârîkh  (pi.)  ;  hikyâyü. 

Hit,  v.a.  wurmak ; 

düy^mek,  isslbet-et. 

Hither,  ad.  büri,  fa  *y  beriya,  <üb  y 
bü-yana,  tâjb  ^  bu-tarafa. 

Hitherto,  ad.  jAidj  shimdiya- 

-kldar,  <kşsü£  l3tcj  y  bu-zamÂna- 
-ghelinja.  [kowAni. 

Hive,  s.  ^\y  kowAn,  arz- 

Hoarfrost,  s.  kirkghi. 

Hoarse,  a.  (person)  sessi- 

-kessdmzsh;  (voice)  boyduk. 

Hoary,  a.  jjl  Âk,  Xy^armish, 

Hobgoblin,  s.  zeblni.  ker. 

Hock,  s.  L j)  bir-nev-‘'i-shürâb. 

Hocus-pocus,  s.  hiİE. 


[  150  ] 


Hod,  s.  t&knE. 

Hodge-podge,  s.  j  bir-nhv“i- 

ta^am ;  jXs  kXrishiklik. 

Hoe,  s.  chÂpa.  [(domuz). 

Hog,  s.  A  ıghdish  -  donguz 

Hogshead,  s.  cJjy  biyuk-fichi, 

texrU  manjana.  [ch^karmak. 

Hoist,  v.a.  (Js<jıd\s  kıldırmak,  ^yc^liLs*- 

Hold,  s.  \J£ye  tutush,  kXbz,  L-*? 
zXbt;  (ship’s)  jlJl  anbâr;  —,v.a. 
JjAJ  h  tutmak,  l^âJi  kXbz-efc,  \  LuJ> 
zXbt  -  et ;  \j-J  brakmamak, 

SAİiVErmamek ;  —  back, 
v.n.  *j£  gheri- durmak ;  - — , 

v.a.  Xlzkomak ;  —  forth,  v.n. 

\  licj  va“z-et;  — ,,  v.a.  uzXt- 

mak;  —  in,  1L«m0  zXbt-et;  —  on, 
v.n.  ^ c\a3\jJ  brakmamak, 
vâz-ghbchmamek ;  —  one’s  breath, 
nkfessini-hXbss-et ;  — - 
one’s  tongue,  (jA*aya  sussmak.; 

dilini-tutmak ;  —  out,  v.n. 
dayanmak ;  — ,  v.a.  uzXtmak ; 

İJİy!  îrâd-et;  —  true,  —  good,  v.n. 
j\^s^  Jy  kXvlz-sahzh-bl ;  —  up,  v.n. 
juW  achelmak  ;  — ,  v.a. 
kXld/rmak  ;  çjAJyb  tutmak  ;  —  with, 

Hole,  s.  delik,  sürâkh ; 

^y  kuyu,  jyS chukur. 

Holiday,  s.  tâ“til ;  yortu. 

Holland,  s .  .  LtJwfcli  filumEnk- 



Hollander,  s.  cJwiii  filumEnk. 

Hollow,  a.  ichi-bosh. 

v . 

müjbvf  ;  jyb>-  chukur,  jjyjl  oyuk ; 
— ,  5.  jyi>-  chukur  ;  — ,  v.a. 
kXzmak,  oymak. 

Holy,  a.  c_sb^-2>  sherlf,  mu- 

kXddess,  c)j\  mübarek  ;  —  Ghost, 
ruhu-’l-kuduss,  —  Land, 

Homage,  s.  .yây  “arze-“ubü- 

diyybt;  “ubüdiyybt, 


Home,  s.  j\  ev  ;  wXtXn ;  — ,  ad. 
&jy  yhrina,  ybrinda  ;  Kj\  &va. 

Homely,  a.  &>-  U?  kXbaja ; 

chirkinja  ;  fukarâja.  [pilmish. 

Home-made,  a.  t_A*kV.  s^'  bvda-yX- 

Homeward,  a.  i^S.^cjb  bwa-doghrv ; 

Xiii?}  kbndi-vwÂtAnina- 

dbghru.  [khndi-vwAtAnina-dbghru.  J 

Homeward-bound,  a.  l5Jg£ 

Homicide,  $.  kXtl ;  JJL*  kltil. 

Homogeneous,  a.  mütajâniss. 


Homogeneousness,  s.  jj-JlssT  tEjlnus. 

Hone,  s.  -Xta  ^Ij  ya^4-bile^Aissi. 

Honest,  a.  (person)  Jbl  .ehli-“erz,  j 

tbmiz l£ jiys  dbghru,  î 

hmln ;  (living)  hâlâl.  [luk.  ; 

Honesty,  s.  ^rz ;  jJj^CjSs  d6jri  ru-  I 

Honey,  bXl,  bnghyubln,  f 

“âssel ;  —  comb,  *| 

chi^^-bXl ;  —  dew,  j>  tbrbn- 

ghyubm  ;  —  suckle,  l>-  ham’m- 


Honorarium,  5.  X&j\z  A'idu.  [bâ-pâyE. 

Honorary,  a.  c-^L^c-1  ı^tibârl, 


[  151  ] 


Honour,  s.  isstiklmbt, 

“hz,  ^yc\j  nÂmüs  ;  nÂm, 

shin;  sheref,  CUjz  “\zzbt; 

— ,  v.a.  ihtiram-et, 

s  Aymak  ;  U  o;^  ZJ  teshrif-et, 

Honourable,  a.  (person)  temiz, 

LJj-Ja  doghru,  musstakzm, 

ijGj£-  <Jjb!  bhli-<fzrz,  ^*^cl3  <, _ 

sâhib-nÂmüss  :  l-ûJ  ,-£>  sherîf, 
nejlb ;  (thing)  b  ba“issi- 

-shbref ;  the  Right  — ,  JûljJ  dbvlbtlü. 

Hood,  5.  blshlzk,  küku- 

Hoof,  s.  (jj tzrnak,^fili>  zzfr!  [lbta. 

Hook,  s.  J chbnghel;  Ars^lj?  kAnja; 

ilik  ;  *y olta,  <fcjü jJ  zonka  ; 

— ,  v.n.  ilishmek ;  1 

»♦  ♦♦ 

ilikİEnmek  ;  — ,  v.a.  LI  ilish- 

dirmek  :  iliklnmek. 


Hoop,  s.j+uo  chbnbEr  ;  <üiL>-  hAlka. 

Hooping-cough,  5.  j 1 bo^/z- 


Hope,  s.  Ju*ot  ümîd,  LU^cJ  umut ;  — , 
v.a.  \  umld-et,  (Ja* oj  ummak,, 

\  JS^-cUj  mb'mul-et. 

Horizon,  5.  <ji\  ufuk. 

Horizontal,  a.  ^iül  ufukz,  kjjyc 

Horn,  s.Jyj'jJ  boynuz  ;  bbrû. 

Horoscope,  s.  ksf' \j  za‘ijE. 

Horrible,,  Horrid,  a.  LicJj  pbk-fkna, 
ptik-kerih,  pfek- 

-chirkin,  pbk  -  kbrkulu, 

u pek-mâkhüf,  c— 

Horror,  s.  (active)  kbrahut ; 

heybet;  (passive)  JjJi  korku, 
Ll^ZJbtZ  dbhshut ;  LUyj  nbfrbt,  Jc. J 

Horse,  s.  At ;  yfj^  barghlr  (bby- 
ghir) ;  Jj\  Atlz ;  l_ $j\y-*  suwari ;  clothes 
—}UJis  kÂfess  ;  blood  < — ,  cjI  Lr^ 
jinss-At ;  led  — ,  cJjo  ybdek  ;  light 
— ,  Jj\  t— i-iri-  khafif-atlu- 

“Asskeri;  race  — ,  ^Ji\  koshu- 

-Âti.  [Ât-AİzshdzrAn-jÂnbÂz. 

Horse-breaker,  s.  jLjlsj-  CJİ 

Horse-cloth,  s.  Jo  jüll,  chul. 

Horse-dealer, u£jL3l>-  eul  At-jânbâzi. 

Horse-guards,  s.  jL*+z  lJj\^ 

suwari -“assker-khlssassi ;  /  j  <ww 

Horseman,  s.  Jj\  Atli ;  lJSUo  jindi, 
biniji.  binijilik. 

Horsemanship,  s .  jindilik. 

Horse-shoe,  s.  J.xi  nâ‘1  (nil). 

Hose,  s.  chbrab ;  pj&jS*-  khor- 

Hosier,  s.  chorabji.  [turn. 

Hospitable,  a.  gharlb-pErvur, 


Hospital,  s.  khÂssta-khlnE, 

«o 1  isspitâlya. 

Host,  s.  khânE- sahibi ; 

J:\~* müssâfir ;  ^j\  brdu. 

Hostage,  s.  rbhîn,  yj*  ghirlv. 
Hostile,  a .  dushmun. 

Hostility,  s.  düshmEnlik  ; 

— ties,  s.  pi.  hârb. 

Hot,  a.  jjls^Uî  szjÂk  ;  kzzghm  ; 

pj*  gliErm,^bj!^  hararetli ;  Jo-  hârr. 


[  152  ] 


Hotel,  s.  lökânda. 

Hothouse,  s.  sob  a.  [-ârd-dizi. 

Hough,  s.  lSJjJ  haywlnzn^- 

Hound,  s.yj  zkghsiY. 

Hour,  sâ“at ;  wXkzt, 


Hourglass,  s.  «5  1*  kum-sa^at. 
House,  s.  j\  bv,  Jjlîy  konak, 

khanu,  bbyt,  j\£  dâr  ;  — ,  v.a. 

artu-Alüna-kömak  ; 
J*!'  3f&  ichbri-Xlmak. 
House-breaker,  s.j*y>-  khirs/z. 
Household,  s.  ^4JUs  &v-t akimi,  j\ 


chbluk  -  chojuk,  JUc  j  Jjbl  bhl-u- 
**âyâl;  —  stuff,  L J*\  bshya,  CjIjI 

Householder,  s.  ^>Xa  bv-sahibi. 
Housekeeper,  s.  kbtkhudâ- 


Housekeeping,  s.  j!  hv-idarnssi. 

Housemaid,  s.  bkssl^mE. 

Hovel,  s.  cüy  kulubu. 

Hover,  v.n.  dblashmak  ; 

âynlmamak ;  Jf&XHwsjl  jlii 

A  kXnAd-usstunda-durmak. 

How  ?  ad.  (J-^3  nâssl,  XrsX3  nijE,  <Ü 

nk-dürlu  (turlu),  <& Jjyati  ne-sürutla, 

<Ü  nb-vejhla  ;  nâkAdar ; 

—  much  ?  j&$j  nâkAdar  ;  —  many  ? 

^[s  kXch,  nâkAdar ;  —  many 

times?  *Sr>- Ij  kAch-kkrrE, 

J  (k.  (£ 

kXch  -  dfcf* *  'a,  lt-u y  kXch  -  nubet, 

kXch-sefEr  ;  —  long  ?  jtX&3 

nâkAdar,  nk,-  muddbt ;  — 

often  ?  —  frequently  ?  y  ^13 


However,  c.  vk-lakin,  vk-yinE, 

&J  yinE  (ghbnE),  “ömmâ;  ^0 
<UiLo  mâ^a-mâ-fih,  jjy<d£}y  bu- 
nun^la-bErabkr  ;  — ,  ad.  (JudJyb  hkr- 
nâssl,  <j.«a3  nâssl ;  ^Jdü y>  hkr-nâkA- 

Howitzer,  s.  öboss  (kubuz).  [dar. 

Howl,  s.  ıj£iyj\  uluyush  ;  — ,  v.n. 


Howsoever,  ad.  hkr-nâssl,  jAöj y& 


Huckster,  mâdrabAZ, 

koltukju,  ,  ghâzdiriji. 

Hue,  s .  rknk,  ^  levn. 

Hug,  5.  jjJÜ j\*a  SAnh’sh ;  — ,  v.a. 

SAnlmak  ;  yâkm- sokul¬ 


Huge,  a.  pek-biyuk, 

kojamÂn,  \oJu>  mefret,  “âzlrn. 

Hulk,  s.  keshlaya- 

-chbvirilmish-ghemi ;  —  about,  v.n. 

Hulks,  s.  prângha. 

Hull,  s.  tbknE. 

Hum,  s.  Ân-sessi ;  ^3’  teren¬ 
nüm  ;  — ,  v.n.  atmek ;  \ 


Human,  a.  bbshbrl,  adum?, 

insani,  iJdyc  mbrdı ;  a  — 
being,  Ljl  insan. 

Humane,  a.^lcxyl^.31  insâniyybtli, 
müshfik,  jlaiu-2 j  shafakÂth". 

Humanity,  s.  1^.3  \  insâniyybt, 

d^iÂA  shafakÂt ;  bbshk- 


[  153  ] 


rıyybt,  insân-hâli ; 

nâssüt;  nâss. 

Humble,  a.  Xlchak-ghyan- 

gullu,  mutewazi^,  kum- 

tkr ;  <U  \j^\&  kEmtErânE,  y&s  fakir, 
nâchîzanE  ;  — ,  v.a.  dr‘.J 

Humbug,  5.  yalanje,  yâİAn. 

Humid,  a.  rutubetli. 

Humidity,  s.  ^3  nbm,  rutübbt. 

Humility,  s.  tewazu'4,  £y^j 

wüzü<4,  c^rk.  khııshü44. 

Humour,  s.  LJy>~  khuy,  (j>İck  khülk, 
tXbl^at ;  LL>-  khilt  (pi. 
akhlât);  ya  su. 

Hump,  Hunch,  5.  wrghyuj  ; 

klnbur ;  — backed,  kXnbur. 

Hundred,  a.jy  yüz,  <*jLo  or  mi's, 

&*a  SÂd. 

Hunger,  s.  jV'  «chlfk,  qpt  ju‘, 
ghyürissnbghî  ;  — ,  v.n.j\>J\ 


Hungered,  Hungry,  a.  aj,  £-jU- 
jaY*,  ghyürissnE. 

Hunt,  s.  çjLs^Xj\  Ava-ghidish  ; 

Arayesh  ;  — ,  cJvCi&Jjl  Avena-ghit- 
mek  ;  Aramak. 

Hunter,  s.  avJ i;  AV-At  İ. 

Huntsman,  s.  Xvjt-bAshi. 

Hurricane,  s.  klsszrgha  (sakzr- 


Hurry,  s.  dLsf1  “ajüIe  ;  — ,  v.n.  IctLp2, 
^ÂjbİE-et ;  — ,  v.a.  cJv^<A^<&jkP 
<cÂjbİE-etdirmek,  'cW°  ta‘  jll-et. 

Hurt,  s.  jj*o  zarar,  ^bj  ziyan ;  $>b 
yara  ;  *1 1 jJ  A  dükulmush- 

kenlmesh ;  — ,  v.n.  Ajemak; 

— ,  v.a.  Ajetmak; 

in j  itmek. 

Hurtful,  a.yoio  muzerr,  zararle. 

Husband,  s.  koja,  zevj,^5>^ 

shevhicr ;  sister’s  — ,  enishtE ; 

wife’s  sister’s  — ,  ^Ls^b  bljanak, 
^bsSj-b  bajanakh,  ^.Ls^b  bâ-jenâlı ; 
— ,  v.a.  idara-et,  j\ 


Husbandman,  s.  chiftji,  Jjfcl 


Husbandry,  chiftjilik, 

zira -“at,  and 

L^3\ hırâssbt,  L^>-İU  fblâhat. 

Hush,  int.  suss  ;  — ,  v.n.  ^jA.*aya 

sussmak ;  — ,  v.a.  ^J^ojXaya  süssdur- 

Husk,  s.  jiyli  klbuk.  [mak. 

Hut,  5.  <Uy  kulubE. 

Hyacinth,  s.  sünbul  (zünbul). 

Hybrid,  s.J^^o  mblez ;  — ,  a.j L«  mblez. 

Hydrogen,  s.  UlWyc  muwbllidu-’l-ma. 

Hydrophobia,  s.jj Si  kuduz. 

Hyena,  s.  sertlin. 

Hymn,  s.  ilâhı. 

Hyperbola,  s.  klt<4e-za<id. 

Hyperbole,  s.  <UİLw<  mübâligha. 

Hypocrisy,  s.  \jj  riya,  iki- 


Hypocrite,  s.  rıyâkyâr, 

mürâyl,  b&J*}  iki-yuzlu. 

Hypothenuse,  s.  vbtEri-kâ  imü. 

Hypothesis,  s.  farz,^>A&3‘  tlkdlr. 


[  154  ] 



I,  pr.  ^  ben. 

Ice,  s.  Jy  büz. 

Iceberg,  s.^s büz- Adassi.  [durma. 

Ice-cream,  s.  >  sütlu-dong- 

Idea,  s.  jLs  fikr  ;  takhayyul ; 

tassavvur,  as  mütâla  ‘â;  zann; 
I  have  an  idea,  j y  <Uİ£.c 
‘  ‘Xklzma-bir-  shey-ghbliy  or,  j \ynî 

Ideal,  a.  l zannî,  lSj^oS  tassavvurî, 

Identify,  v.a.  CivfcL  bilmek,  Cİvk-s?*5 
sechmek,  tAmmak, 

Idiot,  s.  budAla.  [tbshkhzss-et. 

Idle,  a.  ishsiz,  bosh, 

boshda  ;  — ,  v.n.  ishsiz- 

dürmak;  — ,  v.a.  bosh- 


Idleness,  5.  ishsizlik, 

boshluk,  civilize  ‘‘Atâlet.  [sürüt. 

Idol,  5.  L^J  (put),  sanem,  L2Jjj*a 

Idolater,  s.  pütpbrbsst ;  — s, 

s.  pi.  X<S,*&  “âbedb^-Assnâm, 


Idolatry,  s.  pütpbrbsstlik, 

pbresstishi  -  Assnam, 
(jL^C-^Lc-  “ibâdeti-bvsân. 

If,  c.j£=\  bghEr,  bghm ;  (even  though) 

Ignite,  v.n.  Almak,  tütush- 

mak  ;  — ,  v.a.  (Jsoj&ZJjb  tütushdur- 
mak;  \  Aldırmak;  C-L*^ 


Ignominious,  a.  <Jj<i^rbzil,  L-^l^-^rüssvây. 

Ignominy,  s.  CuJLij  rbzalbt, 

Ignorance,  s.  J.£r*-jühl,  jbhalbt, 


Ignorant,  a.  jâhil,  j*~j\ *<y*so 


Ill,  5.  jlLi  fünalzk  ;  zarar  ;  So  Mâ, 
lijd  dt:rd ;  — ,  a.  Li  fin  a  ;  <fc — si. 
khAssta,  i  kbyfsiz. 

Ill-bred,  a.  Li  kaba.  [mizâjsiz. 

Illegal,  a.y J ^  yolsuz,  zjjt^CjX'  ghayrz- 
-mbshrü“,  <ûyli  kânüna-mü- 

Illegible,  a.  okzznmaz.  [ghâyir* 

Illegitimate,  a.  pich  ;  yolsuz; 


Illicit,  a.  mbrnnü"",  ^L-J  yassAk, 

jXjl  yolsuz  ;  haram. 

Illnature,  s.  bbd-khuy. 

Illness,  5.  ^jJzÜL—ri-  khAsstalik,  >&*£■ 

kbyfsizlik,  (k^Xj**^\y «  mi  zâj  sizlik. 

Illuminate,  v.a.  ^^'L^Jj^i  kXndll- 
-  donatmak  ;  Ju  \  aydznlzk-et,  J 

J  tbnvir-et;  (a  book) 

Illumination,  5.  Jai  kXndil- 


Illustrate,  v.a.  JLs*  missal-  ■ 

-ghbtirmek,  tbmsil-et. 

Illustration,  5.  rbssm. 

Illustrious,  a.  mbshhür ;  Asj*  = 

<fâll-tbbâr.  ["‘adavet,  gharaz. 

Illwill,  s.  dushmunlik, 

Image,  5.  sürüt,  tXssvIr, 

mujbssbm ; 


[  155  ] 


Imaginary,  a.  fjLtfi  bosh,  J  dibsiz ; 
tâkhâyyulî,  zannî. 

Imagination,  5.  4L*^L«  mutakhâyyiİE, 
kuvvbti  -  mutakhâyyiİE  ; 
İki,  jLi  fikir,  jLsü  tbfekkyur, 
jy^J  tassavvur,  J-.ikT' t^khâyyul ; 
z^nn,  kuruntu,  jSj-<  m&râk. 

Imagine,  v.a.  tassavvur-et, 

takhâyyul-et ;  J^o >jy  kurmak,  <&LsLc 
(Jscjj£  ^Akh'na-gh^tirmek. 

Imbecile,  a.  l)İJy  budAİa. 

Imbecility,  5.  budAİalik. 

Imbibe,  v.a.  (JLXass?\  ichmek. 

V  - 

Imitate,  v.a.  İJuiüJ  tlklıd-et, 

Imitation,  s.  Jul sü  tlklîd. 

Immaterial,  a.  rühÂnî,  ^Jb j+h. 

ghâyn  -  hby yulânı ;  ^ *jı  b 

pekda  -  lıızümi  -  ölmayAn  ;  LSjjâb^Lb^ 
^L*îj|  pekda-zaran-olmayAn ;  it  is 
—  which, 

kAnghîssî-blursa-olsun.; - how, 

Immature,  a.  khlm,  nâ- 


Immediate,  a.  Immediately,  ad. 

dkr  -“akab,  l^cLj  dİ  -  sâ^at, 
Aş?5  I  Ja:  “âlâ  -’l  -"ijâİB  ;  *  JlJ  I 

-ânida  ;  LJX*£t  shımdi,  châbzk, 

♦  V 


Immense,  a.  cJj-J  cJj  pdk  -  biyuk; 

Immerse,  v. a.  dlldirmak, 

blü’rmak.  [-ydmüt. 

Immortal,  a .  almaz,  lâ- 

Immunity,  5.  dmân ;  L^-iU.0 

mu^âfiyydt,  jLx«l  imtiyaz. 

Impair,  v.a.  bdzmak,  JJ-sk 


Impale,  v.a.  JuJijli  kÂzîklamak. 
Impalement,  s.  klziklama. 

Impart,  v.a.  cXejJj  vurmek ;  lj_İJ 
tâblıgh-et,  cAAj  ,.j  süwbyİEmek. 
Impartial,  a.  L-g^^o  muns/f, 

munsifânE.  }  ghdchid-VErmaz. 

Impassable,  a.  ghdchilmaz  ; 

Impatience,  5.  slbrsîzkk. 

Impatient,  slbrsîz. 

Impeach,  v.a.  11^ 

Impeachment,  s.  b^jya^^Xş^°sj^\ Lo 

millet  -  m bjlissi-lıüzur- 

Impede,  v.a.  mâm '-ol,  'tT* 

mdn“-et,  sbktE-vkrmek. 

Impediment,  s.  ^jLc  mâm**,  sektE; 
—  of  speech,  pelteklik. 

Impel,  v.a.  sdvk-et. 

Impenitent,  a.  |4jl3 ghâyri-nâdim. 

Imperative,  a.  âmirânE; 

zarurî ;  —  mood,  5.  j*  1  sîgha- 


Imperceivable,  a.  ghy  anılmaz. 

Imperfect,  a.  jjaÎI)  nâkiss,  Cİ-^1 
dksik,  13  nâ-tlmAm, 


Imperfection,  ^Laiü  noksan, 

bksiklik,j^J  kussür,  “âyb. 

Imperial,  a.  shahâns, 



[  156  ] 


Impertinence,  5.  "ârsazlak. 

Impertinent,  a^«^lc“ars«z,J— J  <^\  üdebsiz. 
Impervious,  a.  j^f-  ghückilm«z  ;  —  to 
rain,  yâyAmür-ghüchnmz. 

Impetuous,  a.  pte-  hiddhtli,  jb'J^  h/zli.  [kuvvdt,  jjj  zor. 
Impetus,  s.  d^>£y-J  sür“öt,J=^  hiz; 
Impiety,  s.  dinsizlik,  kyüfr. 

Impious,  a.  kyâfir,  JdjJ  dinsiz, 

£  ^4^13  \  ÂİİAhdan-korkm«z ;  <ü  \y 

Implement,  5.  d-Jl  âlet  (/?/.  âlât). 
Implicate,  v.a.  kAnshdarmak. 

Implicit,  a.  kyâmil,  j*b*  tÂmm ; 

zamnl.  [niyâz-et. 

Implore,  v.a .  ^J^o^lb  yllvarmak,  IjLj 

Imply,  v.a .  mütazâmmin-ol, 


U  jti!  b.**?  zamnan-ıfâdE-et,^  d-J  i!<J  dü- 

Impolite,  a.j*ak+ijj  türbıyyüsiz.  [lâlet-et. 

Impoliteness,  5.  LzS)j^sLjJJ  türbıyyüsizlik. 

Import,  s.  ma^na;  müfhüm; 

ıdkhâl ;  — ,  v.a.  jjJcş-^bk. 

khârijdan  -  ghütirmek  ; 


tirtmek,  \  JlrkJİ  idkhâl-et ; 

hükmü- ol,j^^.^J  dakhlâ-ol,j 



Importance,  5.  d^wiJbl  ühümmıyyüt ; 
<İyü  nufüz  ;  of  — ,  M  *0  khl- 

ttri-sâyth'r ;  mühımm. 

Important,  a.  do  mühımm ;  c-^bU- 
j^Lılc»  khÂtan-sayilir,  mü^tübür. 
Importer,  s. 

^bjjb  dashâraklan-ümti^a-jülb- 

Imports,  s.  pl.  idkhâlât. 

Importunate,  a.y s*^>  mu"  jiz, 

Importune,  v.a.  sakashdarmök, 

ta“jîz-et,  \^\ ıbrâm-et. 

Impose,  v.a.  (J"<3  kümak,  jMl 
blg Mamak,  wlz“-et ;  — 

upon,  oyun-et,  Xldat- 

Imposing,  a.  jbdJb  hüybetli.  [mak. 

Imposition,  s.  waz”  ;  oyun, 

dük,  hîİE.  [ımkyan. 

Impossibility,  s.  “ödem-i- 

Impossible,  a.  muhal,  ^JLiaj+c- 

ghâyri-mümkin,  “ödımu- 

-’l-irnkyân.  [kyâzib,  hzİEkyâr. 

Impostor,  5.  yâlÂnja,  dJ<ib 

Imposture,  s.  aL,>-  hzİE,  oyun, 

dük,  or  d$jb  doİAb. 

Impotence,  Impotency,  s. 

“Innînlık.  [ghâyra-muktüdir. 

Impotent,  a.  ^innın  ; 

Impracticable,  a.J*od!jb  ylpikmaz. 

Impregnable,  0,  Aİmamaz, 

\Jysr**  tüsskhari  -  ghayra  - 

Impregnate,  v.a.  j  tü‘sîr-et  ;  yj\j 
^0 »  sır-etdırmek, 

<^~vy ,  müssâmmâtmzz-ghüchirmek ; 
UJ  ghübE-et. 

Impression,  s.  yj  U  tü^ır  ;  y\  üssEr  ; 
zann,  d^-bi  kayâss. 

Imprison,  v.a.  hAbss-et,  J 

tüssjın-et,  klpAinftk. 

Imprisonment,  5.  hAbss.  [mâl. 

Improbability,  5.  “admiıhti- 


[  157  ] 


Improbable,  a.  ghâyri- 

-mııhtbmil,  ^J^cU ^  ghâyrz’-me'mül. 

Improper,  a.  layzkszz,  J^lib 

yakzshmaz,  munassbbbtszz. 

Impropriety,  s.  cJîj— münâssb- 

Improve,  v.n.  ilbrilkmek ; 

C-bkiJ \y\  ıyiİEshmek ; 
ghyüzblİEshmek  ;  i^j 

yoluna- ghirmek ;  — ,  u.a.  CJ/CJ j J^} 
ılbriİEtmek ;  îyiİEshdir- 

mek,  ghyüzblİEsh- 

dirmekJ^bL?!  bslah-et,<J^jj  libJ 

Improvement,  s.  ^Xe\  zsslah.  [iktiyylt. 

Improvidence,  s.  LL^s-l  “adm-i- 

Imprudent,  a.J-Jd is.  “kklszz,  deli. 

Impudent,  a.  £Carszz, 

bdebsiz,  hâyüssz'z. 

Impulse,  s.  cÜJfcj  vbhİE ;  on  the  first 
— ,  ifjSjUJjbj  vehlk'i-ülâda. 

Impunity,  s.  ^buLl  l Jji  ^JjljbsT0 
müjâzâtdan-berî-blmaklik  ;  with  — , 
4İjlju>  ib  bılâ-muklbbİE,  £bls?°  &.) 

Impure,  a.  piss,  murdar, 

nbjiss,  cJbb  nâ-pâk. 

Impurity,  5.  pisslik  ;  cJi£b  b 


Imputation,  s.  Ju— I  ıssnâd ;  &  ‘  ‘azv. 

Impute,  v.a.  C-be^j  vkrmek, 
issnad-et,  \jJC  '  ‘azv-et. 

In,  pr.  öj  e,  a,  dfi,  da;  <UzxTİ  ichina, 
ichinda,  J  dbrünina, 

dbrüninda ;  t+ijâ  zarf zna. 

zârfznda  ;  ıj  murürinda; 

<Uj!  ila ;  iken. 

Inability,  s.  kÂbiliyybtsizlik ; 

“âdEmi-iktidâr^.s5’  £<âjz. 

Inaccuracy,  5.  LT^V.  yângzİZsh, 

Inaccurate,  a.  ^^b  yângzlzsh  (yânish), 

ghâyrz- sahih.  [-harbkut. 

Inaction,  s.  “âdm-i- 

Inactive,  a.  tbnbel.  [-kifayet. 

Inadequacy,  s.  “âdm-i- 

Inadequate,  a.  blvErmaz, 

ybtishmaz,  ghâyrz-kyâfî. 

Inattention,  s.  dikkAtszzlzk. 

Inattentive,  a.j~*Z3<J  d'ıkkAtszz. 

Inaudible,  a.  ishidilmaz. 

Inaugurate,  v.a.  \  jl-lb  kyüshâd-et. 

Inauguration,  s.  jllb  rbssmi- 


Inauspicious,  a.  mbnhüs. 

Inborn,  Inbred,  a.  khzlkz, 

jibillî,  tlbî^z. 

Incapable,  a.  Eİindan-ghEİ- 

maz,  ghayrz'-muktbdlr,  Ju&lb 

na-bhl,  4<ajiz. 

Incapacitate,  v.a.  skla- 

hiyy  btini-bozmak . 

Incapacity,  s.  <cadEmi- 

-SAİâhiyybt,  “âdEmi- 



Incendiary,  s.  kundAkjz;  i^o 

mufsid,  (jJ^sr0  muharrik. 

Incense,  s.  cJ'lj/  ghyünluk,  j 
bukhür ;  ‘‘ubudiyybt ;  — , 

v.a.  kzzdzrmak, 


[  158  ] 


dlnltmak,  ghyüjEndir- 

mek.  [J^Lj  sâ‘fik,  tâziyând. 

Incentive,  s.  sbbebjU-^-sfj'*  müjib. 

Incertitude,  s.  shubhE, 

shekk,  mbshkyukiyyet. 

Incessant,  a.  la  -  yanklti**, 

1^1  ^*»1 j \  ârdi  -  ârass?-  61  - 

may  An. 

Inch,  5.  (Jaj*  parmak,  £_-.*?)  ussbu“. 
Incident,  s.  *jLo  mâddE,  ^üi  fikra, 

<Lüi,-o  mankabd ; 

;S  lazim. 

-,  a.  ^jOj Ic  "âriz, 

Incidental,  a.  \^js‘  "^razî,  jitoi 
Incite,  u.a.  IcJy  .as?  tâhrîk-et. 

tâbrîz-et,  tbrgh?b-et. 

Inclement,  a.  fzrt/nali; 

soy/wk,  j! yâyAmurlu. 
Inclination,  s.  Ju*  mhyl ;  ragh- 

bet,  isstek,  khâhish. 

Incline,  u.ra.  mbyl-et,  yat¬ 

mak  ;  jl(J5Lo  mâ‘il-61,  JİtX«wJ 
issti^dad-gbyusstErmek ; 
râgbbet  -  et,  CtJviSuJ  ^l;>- 
j*Âm  -  ısstEmek ;  — ,  v.a. 

yaü’rmak,  İdlLcl  imâİE-et, 

Inclined,  a.  <J5U>  mâ'il ;  müsstâ- 

“idd;  yiztaV  ısstekli, 
ıssteyAi-6İAn,  ı râghbeti- 
-61  An.  [lbf-et. 

Inclose,  v.a.  \  ihâtE-et ;  1  t-iJ 

Include,  v.a.  dâkhil-et ; 

shâmil-61,  shumuli-61,  <j*ı\ 

Aİmak,  ULW  ihâta-et, 

Incog,  Incognito,  a.  Jj  Juj  tbbdîl. 

Incoherent,  a.jJhij  rlbtsiz. 

Incombustible,  yanmaz. 

Income,  s.  ırâd  ;  vâriyvet, 

j ghblir.  [-vkrghissi. 

Income-tax,  s.  îrâd- 

Incompetence,  Incompetency,  s. 


Incompetent,  a.  Jj&Ui  nâ-bhl, 

brbÂbz-dıyM  sil  âhiyy  etsiz. 

Incomplete,  a.  C-b— bksik,  ^as  1) 
nâkzss,  ^Ujl)  nâ-tÂmÂm, 

Incomprehensible,  a.  Ja^JS>İJ==\  angla- 
shilmaz  (annashilmaz). 

Inconsiderable,  a.  j\  İz,  (jAi  kim ; 
^sT  küchuk,  sdghzr ; 

juz  1* 

Inconsistent,  a.  ghâyn-muta- 

tâbik,  blr-wÂktf- 

-bir-w!ktma-uymaz,  &ZJjy*j3\*Sjy*aji 
j~*~l ^  bir-  sazu  -  bir  -  sazuna  -  uym<üz, 
j\ <Uİxi sazu-fi£Clina- uymaz. 

Inconstancy,  s.J\Js  |*A&  “adm-i-klrâr. 

Inconstant,  a.  klrarsiz,  jJj  LS 

sbbâts?z ;  bı-w6fâ. 

Inconvenience,  s.  zahmet. 

Inconvenient,  a.  râhatszz, 

lS&usL*#  sikzndi,  Jjdcju«0  sikzndih*. 

Incorporate,  v.a.  klrishdir- 

mak,  mbzj-et;  15  k Atmak. 

Incorrect,  a.  lAV.  yângilish  (yânish), 
^.jsîPj+h.  ghâyrz- sahih. 

Increase,  s.  *jl>J  ziyâde,  jb Jj!  izdiyâd, 
y  tarakk? ;  — ,  v.n.  biyu- 


[  159  ] 


mek;  artmak,  cho- 

^Aİmak,  ziyâdEİEnmek, 

zıyâdEİEshmek,  jloj! 
izdiyâd-bulmak,  p 

tarakkz-bulmak,  c  müzdâd-ol, 

mütarakkz-ol  ;  — ,  v.a. 

CXiJjjJ  biyutmek  ;  artzrmak, 


Incredible,  a.  inanzlmaz, 

j  «İ3  U  ghyüj -inanih’r. 

Incredulous,  a.  inanmaz, 

jyi  Uj!  ghyuj-inamr. 

Incubation,  hüzün. 

Inculcate,  v.a.  IjJjw  ta/'llm-et, 

ü<7^r  Etmek.  X^/^irh'k. 

Incumbrance,  5.  jb  bâr,  cJ*>  yük, 

Incur,  v.a.  Xrayub -bulmak, 

ghirmek,  oa/zramak. 

Incurable,  a.  (J ^  ^  shifa-kAbul- 

Incursion,  5.  ^s\  Âkm.  [-ütmaz. 

Indebted,  a.  borjlu, 

müdyün  ;  j  mejbür. 

Indecent,  a.  “âyb,  C—?Jİ 

mügh  ây  iri-  üdeb . 

Indeed,  ad.  hXkzkAt, 

h  Xkik  Xtan,  <Üuüs)i^9  fl-’l-hlkzka ; 
— ,  c.  4İ-J  bîİE ;  —  ? 
ghErchükmi,  ^c<0uj!  aylkmi. 

Indefatigable,  a.  yAİjyj  yorulmaz, 

Indefinite,  a.  utjiXsr*  li  nâ-mahdüd, 
ghayn-mâhdüd,  ^jjcc^c 
ghâyrz  -  mu“ayyen  ;  —  article,  5. 

< _ jp*.  hârf-i-tünkîr. 

Indemnify,  v.a.  tXzmm-et. 

Indemnity,  5.  tAzmln,  CuU***öj 

tÂzmînÂt ;  L*_<3  mü“âfiyyüt, 

berâ  atu-’z-zimmu. 

Independence,  Independency,  5.  JiihJ 

Independent,  a.  bÂshlz- 

-bkshma,  khod-be-khod, 

kendi-kündina;  <Sj*a 

skr-büsst,  j:lk<  mutlkk, 
müsstAkzll ;  kim- 

SEyE-mühtâj-di^Ail ;  zunghin. 

Index,  5.  shahâdet- 

-parmag^z ;  fihriss, 

fihrisst.  [tan. 

India,  s.  hind,  hindiss- 

Indiaman,  s.  yL s  hinda- 


Indian,  a.  uSSjJb  hindi.  [-bop'Mayz*. 

Indian-corn,  s.  missir- 

Indian-ink,  s.  chml- 


India-rubber,  s.  kümnâstık. 

Indicate,  v.a.  dblalet-et, 


Indifference,  s.  kaydszzlz'k, 


Indifferent,  a.  kâydsiz,  JuüS  lâ- 

-kâyd,  (J wAzIfESsindfi- 
-dfyM  ;  jS hüp-bir^jy  bkrâbEr, 
^Jsi  lâ-fârk;  ^cLj  bkyaghi,  u£jle 
"‘âdı,  ksha^Az,  lii  fkna,  1-J 

Indigenous,  a.  jS  j  yurli.  [kkba. 

Indigestible,  a.  jâ\  Ighir, 


[  160  ] 


Indigestion,  s.  ml“dE-f&s- 

sâdi,  imtila. 

Indignant,  a.  ghyujEnmish, 

dÂnlnnsh.  [dArgbmb’k. 

Indignation,  s.  ghÂzAb, 

Indignity,  s.  aLcU^Jo  bed-mu“âmeİE, 

Indigo,  s.  Jo chivid. 

I  M 

Indispensable,  a.  eb^mm, 

mutahXttem,  lüUx<  mutİAka-lâzim. 
Indisposition,  s.  keyfsizlik, 

inhirlfi  -  mizaj  ; 

'  'adEmi-ragbbet. 

Indisputable,  a.  «MrC  müsellem. 
Indistinct,  a.  bellisiz. 

Indistinctness,  s.  bellisizlik. 

Individual,  s.  fkrd,  yu  n^fEr, 
kishi ;  — ,  a.  LJy\  hyri,  Ay.**,  mün- 
Indolent,  a .  J .«Jo  tenbel.  [ferid. 

Indorse,  v.a.  \  ^  kÂbül-vE- 


Induce,  v.a.  y>  s^vk-et, 
tahrlk-et,  j\  iw  sebeb-bl. 

Indulge,  v.n.j\  mübteiâ-ol,  yidcS 
kendini-VErmek ;  — ,  v.a. 

I  *J^l~o  müssa^adE-et.  [!fcj|  ıbtilâ. 
Indulgence,  s.  müssâf<adE ; 

Industrious,  a.  chÂbshkÂn, 

J ±LLj\  ıshgbyuzâr,  ^Joud  mukdim. 
Industry,  s.  chlbshkXnb’k, 

ıshgbyuzârlik,  JjI  ik- 
dlm  ;  L birfet,  sanâ- 

Inebriated,  a.  sbr-khosh.  [‘‘at. 

Inefficient,  a.  J.&1  \j  na-bbl. 

Inert,  a.  {J-jJ  t^nbel. 

Inertia,  5.  L^llkc-  “Atâlet. 

Inestimable,  a.  y&}j\y<S&3 Hm6- 

Inevitable,  a.  y<kSjjy  kurtulunamöz, 

Inexact,  a.  yangeKsh. 

Inexcusable,  a.  jjJ^c  rna^zur- 


Inexperienced,  a. 

mübtüdi,  ghayn-miijerreb. 

Infamous,  a.  ^ 'âyb,  rezîl, 

russvây,y«— namussuz. 

Infamy,  s.  rezalet, 

rüssvâyk'k,  clj  nâmüsssuzluk. 

Infancy,  s.  chojukluk,  C-îjL »a 

sXbavet,  tufulıyyet. 

Infant,  5.  chöjuk, 

ufÂk-cbojük,  CXo  bebek.  [keri. 

Infantry,  s.  lJJL~£-X£ Lj  pıyâdE-“Âss- 

Infatuation,  s.  C-3İ-İJ  delilik. 


Infection,  s.  Aj  “illeti  -sârıyyE ; 

bulöshzklzk ;  sirayet. 



w  y  •  ♦♦  j  * 

Infectious,  a.  sâri,  .sf  ghechEr, 


Infer,  v.a.  anglamak  («nnamak), 

chikârmak,  1  Jcx«j!  ısstid- 
lâl-et.  [ısstidlâl. 

Inference,  s.  \ux-a  mâr'nâ ; 

Inferior,  a.  Ashâ^^’,  dCm; 

bâya^Az,  Ixifkna;  — ,  s.  cJyy 
kücbuk,  £  jJj  jl-c  mâ- 


Infernal,  a.  jıhEnnEmî, 

sbeytÂm ;  LicJj  pek-fkna. 



[  161  ] 


Infidel,  kyâfir,  münkir- 


Infidelity,  jS&  kyüfr, 

‘  âdEmi-“sXdAkât ;  lij  p&s-  “âdEmi- 
wbfa  ;  adEmi-“issmbt ; 


Infinite,  a.  ^fcu:v«0  nâ-mütdnâhî. 

bl-nihayE,  &Ujj  bl-ghayE. 

Infirm,  a.  LsLj  sak  At, 

Infirmary,  s .  khASsta-khânE. 

Infirmity,  5.  ‘‘illet,  dbrd; 

fLsJü  nakıssa,  kussür. 

Inflame,  v.a.  Lc  “âlevİEndir- 

mek  ;  iltihab-ghbtir- 

mek.  [nar,  j*L3yo  tutushur. 

Inflammable,  a.  “albv-ila-ya- 

Inflammation,  s.  iltihab,  CD y. =w 


Inflate,  v.a.  L-J *j lX3 ya  ha- 

wâ-  döld  urup-  sbishirmek . 

Inflexible,  a.  U.Ki  byMmaz  ;  Jw2j 

Inflict,  v.a.  \  j)  tertlb-VE-ijrâ- 

-et,  ‘  ariz-et. 

Influence,  s.  jyû  nüfuz;  y>  U  tb‘slr; 

hükm  ;  — ,  v.a.  CL^cj^  J  j-j 
saz-ghbchirmek,  dıngİEt- 

mek  (dlnEtmek)  ;  1/  JU  tb‘sir-et. 

Influential,  a.  nufüz-sâhibi, 

y  sazu-ghbchEr. 

Influenza,  s.  zükkyâm,  nezlfi, 

Inform,  v.a.  CD^oJy  khAbEr-visr- 

mek,  Cj/il suwbylnmek. 

Informant,  s.  J  *  khÂbEr-vkrEn, 
sii wfeylkyEn,  mukbbir. 

Information,  5.  jJ»  khXbEr,  Cl?Lo^U^o 
mâ“lümÂt,  ^Lc.  “ilm.  [-harbkkt. 

Infraction,  s.  j mughâyfr- 

Infringe,  v.a.  bdzmak, 

ıkhlâl-et,  \cc^y>-  müghâyfr- 


Infringement,  s.  ^âiü  nlkz. 

Ingenious,  a.  (person)  J  .iJb  hünErli, 
hezar-fknn  (hezârifknd)  ; 
(thing)  j] jDb  hünErli,  ^ zijXsc  mâa¬ 
rif  btli. 

Ingenuity,  s.  yJt>  himEr,  i^z^y.~x^c 
ma“rifet,  san“at,  JJLc  “Xkl. 

Ingenuous,  a.  JjsjLs  sadk-dil,  u-5İ »a 
sÂf-derün,  Jb jvnJyjb  doy^ru- 

Ingot,  s.  kyzdchE,  &C.  «a.a<m«2  süblkk. 

Ingraft,  v.a.  Xshlamak. 

Ingratitude,  5.  nân-kyürluk 

(nXmky  brink),  CL^xj  kyüfrÂm- 


Ingredient,  s.  jüz‘u-mürekkib 

(pi.  bjzâ'i-mürbkkibE). 

Ingress,  s.  ghirish  ; 

ghirEjek-yisr ;  J^^Jdukhul; 

Inhabit,  v.a.  oturmak, 

sâkin-ol,  ^^JLaDo  mütemükkin-ül. 

Inhabitant,  s.  ykrli,  sakin  (pi. 

&X-o  sükEnfi),  (pi.)  ahâli. 

Inhale,  v.a.  CLXa£z>-  nbfbssla- 

-ichüri-chekmek.  [mîrâss-yemek. 

Inherit,  v.a.j^LiJ;^  variss-61,  CLX^l  \j+a 



[  162  ] 


Inheritance,  s. 

i\  r+sc  mîrâss, 



verâsset ;  irss,  tüvâruss. 

Inheritor,  s .  vâriss,  jyc. k^\j^c 


Inhuman,  a.y~z+J l— it  insânıyyetsiz. 
Inimical,  a.  düshmEn, 

khAssm,  khussümütli. 

Inimitable,  a.  y c&Jj!  Juliu  tÂklîd-öluna- 
maz,  ,  l>  CL)J  tâLJ 

Ll  ^  *  ••  y  *♦  • 

Iniquitous,  a.  fâssid. 

Iniquity,  s.  ghyanâh, 

fıssk-u-füjür,  ma"siyybt. 

Initiate,  v.a.  w^rktmek, 

yülunu  -  ghyasstErmek, 

\  ta"llm-et. 

Injudicious,  a.  “iklsiz, 

üyghunsuz,J~£*«îl^c  münâssebütsiz. 

Injunction,  5.  ^ol  bmr  (ümir),  <L.Jj 
tünbıh,  siparish. 

Injure,  v.a.  \jj&  zarar-et,  \  IbiLs  sakAt-et, 
bozmak,  LLhcjfj  Jls*.  khalel- 
vkrmek,  ikhlal-et. 

Injurious,  a.  zararlz,  j*â*  müzirr. 

Injury,  zarar,  Jick  khalel,  c^-voliLj 
sakâmüt,  ^LiL:  sakAtlzk.  [hXkkszzh'k. 

Injustice,  s.j&h.  ghldr,  zulm, 

Ink,  s.  i _ Sj*>.  mürüklcEb ;  — ,  v.a. 

mürükküb  -  sürmek  ; 
red  — ,  s.  surkh. 

Inkstand,  s. 

-hükkassz,  hokka.  [kyarfez. 

Inlet,  s.  jz\  Aghiz,  jlcjJ  hoghÂz,  jbf 

Inn,  s.  khln,  *AjlsȔ  loklnda, 


c  murhkkEb- 

Inner,  a.  ıchbriki,  dâkhilî. 

Innermost,  a.  üny-ıchü- 


Innkeeper,  s.  IjJ  loklndaji. 

Innocence,  s.  yjy~2s>- Li  kAbahatszzh’k, 

ma"sümiyyüt,  L^j\ j* 

•  (  m 

bürâ  ati-zımmüt. 

Innocent,  a  1-sJ  kAbahatszz,  <kctXnu- $y 

beriyyu-’z-zimmE,  mâ* 'sum. 

Innocuous,  a.  zararsiz. 

Innovation,  s.  bid' 'at, 


Innumerable,  a.  j-AL  sayzlmaz, 
lâ-yu"add,  Laasr^î  lâ-yuhsâ. 

Inoculate,  v.a.  kshlamak  ; 

(jJ,z£Xz>-  chichek-Ashlamak. 

Inoculation,  s.  Ashlamaklik. 

Inoffensive,  a.J^j^â  zararsiz. 

Inquest,  s.  ^ ♦ .  •Vu^r*3  teftısh-rüssmî. 

Inquire,  v.a.  J^ojya  sormak,  1J!3-  sü'âl- 
-et;  \ Jû**s\  isstifsar-et;  isstl- 

"lam-et ;  \  isstifta-et ;  ^ 


tüjüsssuss-et,  \lSj^  taharrl-et. 
Inquiry,  s.  sürush,  J'3-  sü'âl ; 

ısstifsâr ;  ısstı"lâm ; 

ısstiftâ,  tkjüsssuss, 


lJj^P  taharri ;  pürsish. 

Inquisitive,  a.  mürkklz, 

J\j chok-shey- sorar. 

Inroad,  5.  i  Xkm. 

Insane,  a.  düli,  chilglim, 

IS  kAchzk,  müjnün. 

Insanity,  s.  cJİJj  delilik, 
chilghznhk,  kachzklzk, 

jinnet,  junün. 


[  163  ] 


Insatiable,  a.  doymak-bilmaz, 

Ujb  dâ'imâ-âj. 

Inscribe,  v.a.  yazmak,  \  Jui  kayd- 

-et,  \  J  ,5^  tahrîr- et. 

Inscription,  s.  yazz  ;  kitabn. 

Insect,  s.  bzzjek,  (pi.)  C 'S)jJLs>- 

hXsharAt.  [bmm-dkfM. 

Insecure,  a.  korkulur, 

Insecurity,  s.  bmniyybtsizlik; 


Insensible,  a 
jAj  bilmaz  ; 
Jâ^U  blkhod. 



hisss-etmaz  ; 
aAu\j  bayzlmzsh, 

Insert,  u.a.  sokmak, 

sökushdurmak;  dbrj-et,  IJb- Jİ 

Insertion,  s.  dbrj.  [idkhâl-et. 

Inside,  s.  ich,  ichbri, 

derün,  dâkhil;  — ,  a. 


Insinuate,  v.a.  0*3  ^  A  A  bir-ybl- 

ila-anglatmak  (annatmak),  ILfJİ  îmâ- 
-et ;  —  one’s  self,  sbkulmak. 

Insipid,  a.J~ jIL  tatszz.  [lezzetsizlik. 

Insipidity, 5.  jII?  tatszzlzk,  33 

Insist,  u.zz.  vaz-ghbchma- 

mek,  mutİAk-ısstEmek. 

Insobriety,  5.  sErkhbshlik. 

Insolence,  5.  edebsizlik, 


Insolent,  a.j~+)S\  bdebsiz,  "arszz, 

kyîısstâkh  ;  kyüsstâ- 

khânE.  [jjü^c  müfliss. 

Insolvent,  a.  mufliss ;  — ,  s. 

Inspect,  v. a.  yoklamak  ; 

nAzarbt-et,  \  b'+Axsc  mu^âyenE-et. 

Inspection,  5.  <uAjj.>  yoklama, 
nXzarbt ;  mu'aybnE. 

Inspector,  s.  SjJ  yoklamaji ;  — 

of  schools,  j+Aso  mumbyyiz. 

Inspiration,  vâhy,  ilham; 

A j  nbfess  -  chekishi ; 
tâ  lîm,  tbshvzk. 

Inspire,  v.a.  ilhâm-et, 

vâhy  -  tzzrzkzla  -  bildirmek  ; 
y iirbp/dna-kbmak ;  b-lxj 
tâ'hîm-et,  tbshvîk-et,  &Jjlc 

<£Aklma-komak;  — ,  v.n.  ^Aj 
nbfess-ehekmek,  ^J~A\  A?*?* 
soluk-  Almak. 

Instalment,  5.  tAksit,  \a~Ai  kzsst. 

Instance,  5.  I >-j  rijâ,  jl-J  niyaz  ;  i_,  thKj 
tbklif;  CUjCt>  da'Vbt ;  (Jb«  missal, 
numune ;  <UİJ  dbf£<a,  xj>  kkrrE; 
— ,  v.a.  missâl-ırâd-et. 

Instant,  s.  ân,  <ÜLİJ  dAkzka, 
dem  ;  — ,  a.  szkz,  >  mubrbrn. 

Instantly,  az/.  dur-hal, 

dEr-£<akab,  anıda. 


Instead,  ac?.  yurina, 


bedel-blarak,  Jjj  bbdel,  bbdelan. 

Instep,  5.  aya^Azn^-usstu, 

Lkbsa-'l  iniik. 

Instigate,  v.a.  kmdirmak, 

(j-*ij\A  ayartmak,  parmak¬ 
lamak,  tahrik- et,  \  ^jâijcs, C 

tâhrîz-et,  tbshvik-et. 

Instigation,  s.  tahrik, 

tâhrîz,  (Jfl jLj  tbshvzk. 

Instinct,  5.  hisss, 


N  2 


[  164  j 


Institute*  5. 

mcktub  J 

kâ-  idE*  mevzu  ;  — ,  v.a . 

chikârmak,  blsh- 

lamak,  '  ibdâ‘‘-et-  'jW-' 

ikhtira""-et  j  l^-dj  wlz"‘-et,  L 
tkrtib-et,  tb"siss-et. 


Instruct,  v.a.  dXiJ^I  wg^retmek,  Ia-Ix; 

tâ""lîm-et,  tbdriss-et. 

Instruction, s.  ^ilm,  ClJl^lxw:mâ""lü- 
mÂt ;  ^-IxJ  tamlım,  tbdrlss  ; 

J-Mûcsr1  tahsil ;  — s,  s.  pl.  djU^bu 
tâ  "limit. 

Instructor,  5.  khoja  ; 

mu""allim,  tâ‘"lîmji. 

Instrument,  s.  Lû-Jl  âlet  (pl.  CJÜİ  âlât). 

Insubordinate,  a.JdlcALI  ıtâ""atsiz. 

Insubordination,  s.  ILI  ıtâ"  "atsizlik. 

Insufferable,  a.  jscfa. tahammul- 

Insufficient,  a.  blvErmaz, 

ybtishmaZy,Oİd--oU£  kıfâyet-btmaz, 

Insult,  s.  hlkârbt ;  — ,  v.a. 

IdJjlib-  hlkârbt-et ; 

Insupportable,  a.  chhkilmaz, 

y o^iîjljJ^ûsT  tah  «m  mul-  ol  unamaz . 

Insurance,  s.  j  sıghürta  ;  —  com¬ 
pany,  5.  L^o s'ıghürta- 


Insurgent,  s.  “âssi. 

Insurrection,  s.  ^.jllibl  âyaklânish, 
""issyân,  ^LxL  tughyân. 

Integer,  s.  “adedi-sâhîh. 

Integrity,  s.  d--w«Uj  tlmlmıyybt ; 

^Jjlü  r-c^L  döghruluk,  ıssti- 


Intellect,  JJLc  âkl,  zıhn. 

Intellectual,  a.  “ikli,  "ibl. 

Intelligence,  s.  Jifi  “iki, 

kuvvbti-f<AİdiyyE,  fbhm,  ıjJ'jA I 

idrâk,  l£J  zbkyâ,  zbkyâvet, 

d-oljd  dirâybt,  d-olLd  fatânbt 
khlbEr,  CuV<Sx^  mâ" "l ümit. 

Intelligent,  a.  ‘"ikili,  J (ile  “ikil, 
zekî,  JjjUj  dirâyetli,  fatîn. 

Intemperance,  5.  cJJ jJ>j  bbkrîlik. 

Intemperate,  a.  d-y~:  sürt,  shbdîd, 

dJtXc*-  hadîd  j  b6krî  ; 


Intend,  u.a.  ld^-3  nıyybt-et, 

niyybtinda  -  61,  1  tlssmîm  -  et, 

kurmak.  [^iu*  s«ki. 

Intense,  a.  dy  skrt,  Ju  shedîd ; 

Intent,  Intention,  s.  d^-J  nıyybt, 
tlssmîm,  Jİ jsc  mîırld,  JusJ  klssd. 

Intentional,  a.  l S&*o£  klssdî, 

mâkhsüss;  — ly,  ad.  biİErek, 

*  * 

M^c  “amdan,  İJuaS  klssdan. 

Inter,  v.a .  ghyammek, 


Intercede,  v.n.  shıfâ""at-et, 

LLXkjJs  *j\j\  araya  -  ghirmek,  I  L^- j 

Intercept,  v.a.  tutmak, 

i  yolunu  -  kbssmek  ;  jIJ-jU»- 
hâ  il-ol.  [rıjâ. 

Intercession,  s.  shı^‘"at,  U -j 

Intercessor,  s.  shbfî"",  ^swlj>-j 



[  165  ] 


Intercourse,  5.  ikhtiİÂt, 

ülfet,  c  mü'ândssüt. 

Interdict,  s.  hr'  aforoz,  lâ“nüt ; 

— ,  v.a.  J  y^ssAk-et,  1^3  nühy- 

-et,  memnü^-et. 

Interest,  s.  ^j-sjIî  fâ'iz,  ghyü- 

züshtE,  U3  nümâ  (nama),  y j  ribv, 
1>J  ribâ,  tLo\x*  mü^âmdİE ;  J*i3 
nufuz,  Jb l>  khltz'r,  jLclc!  i“tibâr  ; 

tassahhub,  iltizâm, 

AiJ\  arka  ;  m  ah  abb  üt ; 

râghbüt,  j\j* c  mürâk  ;  J  jJj  tülüzzuz, 
4jsaLI  üyİEnju ;  <—^1  Ah'p- 

-VEi’Ejek,  w^rknEjek, 

bilnjek,  ghyardjek, 

WAzIfjE,  <Ua>-  hisssE ;  jjfli 
gh^raz,  mknfa^at, 

fâ'idü  ;  — ,  v.a. 

tassahhub  -  ütdirmek,  lLA*j  \ 

iltizâm  -  ütdirmek  ; 
üyİEnjE-VErmek,  1  yü- 

rü^ini-jüzb-et,  13'<Üİ  kAlba-tü*sır- 

-et,  LivJ j<u)ö  kAlba-rikkAt- 

ghütirmek  ;  to  take  an  — ,  cWj 
skvmek,  V'r1'  iltizâm- et,  1 
tassahhub-et ;  to  have  an  — , 

jl  WAzIfESsi-ol;  ^İJiLa>-hisssEdâr-ol; 
compound  — ,  h\  ^jtA: 

fa  iz-im-fa  izm-fa  ızı. 

Interesting,  a.  Jj/  ghyüzül ; dilb Er; 
jîtes^y  üyİEnjEİi. 

Interfere,  v.n.  kAnshmak, 

müdâkhala-et ; 

sdktE-vkrmek,  Lc  mâni  -ol. 

Interference,  s.  kAnshma  ; 

aLÜ<Xc  müdâkhala. 

Interim,  s.  h\j\  aralek,  CUX<  müddüt ; 
in  the  — ,  dur-iken  (dkr-’ken), 

dW  o’  -arahk,  öl-üss- 

nâda  ;  ad  — ,  L^i 'yo  muwAkkat ; 



Interior,  s.  ^r}\  ich,  dürün, 

dâkhil  ;  bAtm  ;  — ,  a. 

dürünî,  ,  J  dâkhill,  ,  bAtmi ; 
Minister  of  the  — ,  lJJo\j  <uL>^J 
dâkhiliyyE-nâzm.  [jünâzE-düfni. 

Interment,  5.  düfn,  ^»İJs)L.:>- 

Internal,  a.  dâkhill,  b  Atini. 

w  * 

Interpose,  v.a.  araya-komak, 

J^V  &Aj\  araya-sokmak  ;  — ,  v.n. 

&)j\  araya-ghirmek,  \  k^3* 

Interpret,  v.a.  thrjumE-et ;  — , 

v.n.  tErjumÂnh’k-et. 

Interpretation,  s.  <U ,s^Jİ  tkrjumE  ; 

\ ee  \ 
ma  na. 

Interpreter,  s.  türjumÂn. 

Interrogate,  v.a.  isstintlk-et. 

Interrogation,  isstintlk  ;  note 

of  — ,  ^alâmet-i- 


Interrupt,  v.a.  LiX*— £  küssmek ; 

mün^-et,  mânic<-61. 

Intersect,  v.a.  \  kAt^-et;  —  one 

another,  takÂtuf<-et. 

Interstice,  s.  arah*k ;  JjjV.  y^n'^> 

,  A chatlÂk. 
u  v 

Interval,  s.  arah’k,  mâ-büyn. 


[  166  ] 


Intervene,  v.n.  ghdchmek ;  tJ\J\ 

araya-ghirmek ;  y  X^\j\ 

arada-bulunmak,  ha'il-bl. 

Intervention,  s.  \a~ay  tavAsssut;  &)j\ 
Ls  «raya-ghirmeklik. 

Interview,  s.  Cl^liLo  mülâklt, 

Intestines,  s.  pi.  y.kı  ba^'rsak. 

Intimacy,  s.  J  sdd-dosstluk. 

Intimate,  a.  mâhrdmânE  ;  — , 

mahrem ;  — ,  v.a. 
bildirmek,  anglatmak  (an- 

natmak),  khlbEr-vErmek, 

civ/fL  suweyldmek. 

Intimation,  s.  j+>-  khlbEr,  #jlil  ifadjE, 

Intimidate,  v.a.  (J.Ajyjy  korkutmak, 
It— û^jisr’  tâkhwlf-et,  Uil>l  ikhâfE-et. 

Intimidation,  s.  ctiU^  ıkhâfE.  [ddrünina. 

Into,  prep.  <U  e,  a,  teasel  ichina, 

Intolerable,  a.  chdkilmaz, 

j^\  tahammul-olunmaz. 

Intoxicate,  v.a.  \ SErkhosh-et, 
kdyf-et;  — ed,  a.  t*Ji£  kdyf, 
ufiyyj* 3  SErkhbsh  (sar-). 

Intoxication,  5.  kdyf, 

SErkhbshluk  (sâr-),^**:  sekir. 

Intrench,  v.n.  mdtdriss- 

yapmak,  tahasssun-et ;  — , 

v.a.  LlX^y j \  metd- 


Intrenchment,  mdtdriss. 

Intrepid,  a.  yi^/dt,j^^  jdssür, 

cJU  bibak,  \y  •AA  }  bipbrwa. 

Intricacy,  s.  i U  kArishiklik. 

Intricate,  a.  yJt» j\3  kAnshek, 
dolastuk,  mushtebdk. 

Intrigue,  s.  fitnd,  <jL-i  fdssâd, 

byun ;  — ,  fitnE- 

-chikârmak,  l—i  fdssâd- 

-chikarmak,  byun- 


Introduce,  v.a.  *y*f\  ichdri- sok¬ 
mak  ;  LLXscjy£=>  icheri-ghdtir- 

mek,  \  <Jl>- Jİ  idkhal-et; 


ghyürushdurmek,  * 

kongmshdurmak,  tAnish- 

dirmak  ;  chikarmak, 

ıbdâ^-et,  ıkhtirâ^-et,  \  Jl^şH 

îjâd-et ;  achmak,  i) 

lakirdissini- achmak;  dbrj- 

et;  tAkdîm-et,  \  j\y\  ibraz-et. 

Introduction,  5.  mukAddimE  ; 

&?'•& y  tAvsiyyd. 

Intrude,  v.n.  \  tâ/jîz-et,  IJUa! 

ishghal-et,  mâm  *-61. 

Intrust,  v.a.  4*3  LJ  dmânetEn-tdss- 


Inundation,  s.  J-  seyl  (sdl), 

su-bÂssmass? ;  tughiyyân. 

Inure,  v.a.  Aİzshdhmak. 

Invade,  v.a.  bAssmak,  j 


Invalid,  a.  j*y  ghayrf-salih,  ^Jiy 
bosh ;  — ,  s.  cJjj  *>-  chiiruk  ;  — , 
v.n.  chüru^^E  -  chik- 

mak ;  — -,  v.a.  yy>~  chü- 

ru^y^E  -  chikarmak . 

Invalidate,  v.a.  bozmak, 

cjy  hiikmunu-bbzmak. 


[  167  ] 


Invaluable,  a.  lDj  pbk-kimbtli, 


Invasion,  s.  tejâvuz,  tâ- 

khüttı,  jtax~ .1  isstilâ.  [tira<f-et. 

Invent,  v.a.  \  Jtar!  ıjâd-et,  I  ikh- 

Invention,  s.  jl sTİ  Ijâd,  c\ jx>\  ikh- 
tim“.  [t&i“. 

Inventor,  s.  müjid,  mukh- 

Inventory,  deftEr. 

Inverse,  a.  '‘aksı,  (jLjj  tkrss ; 

— ,  s.  (<aks,  (j~jJ  turss. 

Invest,  v.a.  \  taa!  iksa-et,  ta.  Ln'ise  mut- 
tlssif  -  et ;  LA jji  kushltmak, 

chevirmek,  mu- 

hlssara-et ;  yatırmak, 


Investigate,  v.a.  tbftîsh  -  et ; 

taharri- et,  tbjbsssuss- 

-et.  [-dâtanâ. 

Invincible,  a.  UjU ^itaU!  bl-muzIffEr- 

Invisible,  a.  gbywrunmaz, 


Invitation,  s.  da*  vfet. 

Invite,  v.a.  da/Vht-et. 

Invoice,  j*ta  ‘  ilm-u-khlbEr, 

pussla,^i(J  dbftEr. 

Involuntary,  a.  ghayri-ikh- 

tiyârî,  EİdE-diyAil. 

Involve,  v.a.  klrishdirmak, 

!<J>U  dakhil-et; 


Inward,  a,  J  dâkhilî. 

Inwards,  ad.  ichhriya- 

Ireland,  Xdt)İj\  İrlanda.  [dbyizru. 

Iris,  s.  ,  'U) ;  zünbAk. 

O  •  V 

Irish,  a.  Irlândali. 

Iron,s.j^w  tlmur  (dhmir),  hMid, 

Iron-clad,  a.  ^  zirhli.  [^Jbi  ahun. 

Iron-monger,  s.  dhmirji. 

Irony,  isstihzâ. 

Irregular,  a.  Jb\  ittir  adsız  ; 

n  izim  siz  I  intizamsız  Jk.c.lİ 

kâ'idEssiz  ;  yolsuz  ;  <İL&  shÂzz  ; 

^  blshi-bozuk. 

Irreparable,  a.  UcU  <J ^ tâ**mîr- 
-klbül-etmaz ;  chârEssiz. 

Irresistible,  a.  kârshi-kö- 


Irresolute,  a.  kbndi- 

-  Aklini-bilmüz,  JJ^o  mütereddid. 
Irritable,  a.  tbz-kizar, 

j  *ij  1 J  châb  ik-  dirilir . 

Irritate,  v.a.  kızdırmak,  ^jjU^ 

dlriltmak.  [kin. 

Irruption,  s.  hujüm,  ^Ju?b  blss- 

Isinglass,  s,  bllik-tutkAİi. 

Island,  Isle,  Islet,  s.  lL>!  Ada, 

Ispahan  (town  of),  s.  ıssfâhân. 

Israelite,  s.  yahüdı. 

Issue,  5.  chikajak  -  yur, 

^ -j**  mâkhrbj,  kipi ; 

nokhud-yakissi ;  chojuk,  Sİj\ 


bvlâd,  zurrıyyet ; 

dâ'Vâ,  ıkhtilâf, 

mu^âraza ;  — ,  v.n.  chıkmak ; 


Isthmus,  5.  jli»J  boy/ılz,  dil. 

It, pr.  61  (6) ;  ^j\  İni,  onu  ;  ^  Inya 

Italian,  a.  Uta!  Italia.  [(onya). 


[  168  ] 


Italy,  s.  UW  Italia. 

Itch,  s.  uyuz;  — ,  v.n. 

ghidishmek,  kAshmmak. 

Item,  s.  jji  kâİEm.  [Xnmgki,  onun^ku. 
Its,  pr.  a.  cJJİ  Ining,  onumjr ;  ^J£j\ 
Itself,  pr.  kbndi,  kbn- 

dissi;  ,  kfendissini ; 


Ivory,  s.  ^£lj  fil-dishi. 

Ivy,  s.  çjJ*\r<>j\*a  sârmÂshik. 


Jackal,  5.  Jlib*-  chakXl.  [himar. 

Jackass,  s.  ciAl  bshek,  J>  khâr, 
Jackdaw,  s.  ai!  Xla-kargh«(?). 

Jacket,  s.  min  tin. 

Jack-ketch,  s.  Sh>-  jbllld. 

Jail,  JjJj  zindXn,  Xj  hXbss- 

Jailer,  zindXnji.  [khand. 

Jalap,  s.  jXlapa. 

Jam,  s.  L rbchel,  jlj'llb  tXtk*. 
Janissary,  s.  tJyslSj  ybnpichbri. 
January,  5.  ^315^3^  kyânüni-sânî. 
Japan,  s.  UjA >  yaponia  ;  rughXn; 

— ,  v.a.  rughXn-wurmak. 

Japanese,  a.  yapöniali. 

Japhet,  s.  yafetjh. 

Jar,  s.  kawanoss  ;  on  the  — , 

ad.  achfk  ;  — ,  v.n.  (JaAjÜ 

Jasper,  5.  ybshem.  [kXnshmak. 

Jaundice,  sarilik. 

Jaw,  s.  chbn^E. 

Jealous,  a.  ijs  kzzkXnj  ;  jyA  ghâyür; 

>-  hXssud,  hXssedli. 

Jealousy,  s.  kzzkXnjlfk, 

ghâyrbt ;  hXssed. 

Jeer,  v.n.  and  a.  zevkİEnmek. 

Jehovah,  s.  el-Hayyu-’l- 

-Kâyyûm.  [lü^âb. 

Jelly,  <U«sUi!  blnıÂssıyyE ;  <-—j US 

Jeopardy,  s.  tbhlikE.  [shbrif. 

Jerusalem,  ^«^-î  kudssi- 

Jessamine,  s.  yassbmm. 

Jest,  IaA  shaka,  «uLkî  lötıfE. 

Jesus-Christ,  s.  “Issa-’l- 

-Messih,  .  ^ hazrbti-*  Issa. 

Jet,  s.  <LiL-i  fesskzyyE. 

Jetty,  s.  ısskeİE. 

Jew,  s.  yâhüdı ;  Jewess, 

u~Jjl3s  yâhüdî-kXnss£. 

Jewel,  s.  Jewels,  s.  pi.  mü- 

jbvhbrât.  [jbwahirji. 

Jeweller,  s.  ^sr°^s  kuyumju, 

Jib,  5.  flok. 

Jibboom,  s.  ijjjiAı  bâsstün.  [u^J  >sh- 

Job,  s.  t— CLZjAz-  hazreti-byyüt ; 

Jobber,  5  .  j  sı  m  s  ar . 

Jockey,  s.  ^rsX:J  bhiij*.  [latifuji. 

Jocular,  a.  tuhaf,  ,  c:>~&Ly 

Jog,  Joggle,  v.a.  sarssmak. 

John  Bull,  s.  Sj^j\  mghiltbrra- 


Join,  v.n.  bitishmek, 

iltihXk-et,  mulâssîk  -  ol  ; 

vÂssfl-ol ;  —  v.a. 

bitishdirmek  ;  Ijlsh  ilhAk-et ;  IJ-oj 

Joiner,  doghramajf. 

Joint,  s.  Lİ'pcJı  bk-veri ;  vlij  ■! 

y  ••  u  ’  y**^y  •«  v 


[  169  ] 


öynak-ykri,  mXfsXl ;  out  of 

— ,  chik?k  ;  get  out  of  — ; 

be  put  out  of  — ,  chikmak ; 

put  out  of  — ,  chikârmak. 

Jointly,  ad.  mushtbr^kEn,  ^^-2>i 


Joint-stock  Company,  shirkst. 

Jointure,  s.  zbvj  bya- 


Joke,  s.  ^&-2>  shaka,  <£ÂJa!  latifi ;  — ,  v.n. 
I  lsL2>  shaka-et,  UjLU  ktifi-et. 

Jolly,  a.  Jjji  ghyüİEr  -  yüzlü  ; 

kbyf ;  jli  *  3  zbvkli ;  —  boat, 

Jolt,  v.a.  sârssmak.  fih'ka. 

Jonquil,  s.  a_!y  iUja. 

Journal,  s.  3j  jj  rüznâmE; 

tAkwımi-vakâY£  ;  Jl3 j  *J  zhurnXl. 

Journalist,  s,  ^j-sT'  ^  ghâzbtaji, 


Journey,  s.  Jji  yol,  ybljuluk, 

j&*>  sbfEr ;  — ,  v.n.  ghbzmek, 

t^Lus!^  yoljuluk-et,  I  .£«j  sefEr-et. 

Journeyman,  ghyün- 


Joy,  5.  €**  SEvinj,  mbm- 

nüniyyet,  sürür,  hiıbür, 


Joyful,  a.  memnun,  j  ^ 

mbssrür,  jl2»  shÂd  (shlz), 

Judge,  s.  bakim,  \'i  kÂzı 

(kÂdi),  ‘İj-c  mbvlâ  (molla)  ;  deputy 

— ,  ^oli  nâ'ib  ;  — ,  v.n. 
kiyâss-et  ;  zann-et,  \ 

<£add-et  ;  — ,  v.a.  mu- 

hâkimi-et ;  hükyümet-et. 

Judgment,  s.  zann,  ^~Li  kiyâss  ; 

Ji.c  “Akl,  ,-JjJ  tbdbır ; 

hiıkyümbt ;  \j>-  jbzâ,  ita  bblâ ; 

day  of  — ,  kiyâmet- 

-ghyıınu ;  —  seat,  £.?>-  <SU~~o 


Judicious,  a.  *1İÜ£  “ÂklK. 

Jug,  s.  dbssti,  tbssti. 

Juggler,  5.  hökka-blz.  [bâzlik. 

Jugglery,  Juggling,  s.  ^ljtaAİü>-  hükka- 
Jugular-vein,  s.  hablu-’l- 

Juice,  s.  ya  su ;  #^-2»  shira.  [-verîd. 
Juicy,  a.  sulu. 

Jujube,  s.  Lrj\^£.  “ünnlb. 

July,  s.jjAJ  temmuz. 

Jumble,  v.a.  kİMsbd/rmök  ; 

— ,  s.  ^-2>  (j^jü  kârma-kar- 


Jump,  s.  sichrayish,  ^^İLıitaİ 

Xtlayish  ;  — ,  v.n.  sichramak, 

(JAj \  Atlamak.  mbvsal. 

Junction,  s.  JLaj’l  ıttissÂİ ;  ^iita'  telâki ; 

Juncture,  s.  aralik,  W  essnâ, 

wXkit,  ^l^cj  zamln  ;  hâl. 

June,  s.  hazır  ân. 

Jungle,  s.  ormÂn  ; 

ormXnb’k-yEr,  chünghe- 

lisstân.  oy  Mu,  2JİJ  zâdu. 

Junior,  a.  sınnja-küchuk ; 

Juniper,  s.  ârdij-Ây^Aji ;  — 

berries,  ârdij-tokbmi. 

Junk,  s.  chin-ghümissi. 

Jurisconsult,  s.  müftî  ;  <t-üi  fak  di. 


[  170  ] 


Jurisdiction,  s.  hukyümkt. 

Jurisprudence,  s.  liLî^lc.  “ilmi-fzkh. 

Jurist,  5.  <Uai  fakzh. 

Jury,  s. 


Juryman,  s.  lJj]  j  <f 

mkzkyür-ykmînlllerln-bzrz.  [direk. 

Jury-mast,  âriyy&ti- 

Just,  a.  Jjlc  ‘'âdil,  hlkk- 

-shinâss,  t _ münsif,  ^LiJlİUa- 

hÂkkÂniyybtli ;  — ,  ad.  tlmâm, 

ç»\j  tim  m,  LoUJ  tlmÂman  ;  —  as, 
^£A  .  .  .  h&mân  .  .  . 

iken  ;  —  now,  OıUlj  U.&  hem  ân  - 
-  shim  di ;  —  so,  4İJ*J  tÂmÂm- 

-bayİE,  <tLj\  tlmlm  -  ayİE, 

<A.\y  ^Ujb  hemân-bayİE,  ^uJb 

hemân  -  shayhs,  <4»b^  ^Ujb  hemân - 

Justice,  s.  "adâlbt, 

hÂkklniyyet,  < _ iLsdl  ınslf, 

hÂkk  ;  hâkim. 

Justifiable,  a.  jA^-  jâ'iz.  [-zimmet. 

Justification,  5.  L^vc  J  tebriyyk  i- 

Justify,  v.a.  le^cJ  <U^-J  tebriyyk  i- 
-zimmet-et ;  cJ^J hlkk-VErmek ; 

jâ'iz-kzlmak,  \juss?  tbjvlz- 

Juvenile,a.  gh&nj,  jiwÂn.  [-et. 

Juxtaposition,  5.  ittissll. 


Kalendar,  5.  takvim. 

Keel,  s.  ongurgha  (omurgha). 

Keen,  a.  kesskin,  jLi-ili  kzlâ- 

ghi\  i,  burr  ân,  hadld. 

Keep,  s.  jUyJ  bbghİT.,  <JLA>- <U>  ybyejek, 
fa&k'J  tâghdıyyû;  v.a.  ^ ciliL»  sak¬ 
lamak,  \  hifz-et ;  (j^y°  tutmak, 
(J^yiA\  Aİzkömak,  \aAjJ  brâk- 
mamak,  cJ^Lc^JL?  SAİz'vErmamek ; 

b^ssİEmek;  — ,  v.n.  ^♦JLb 
dayanmak,  J^oUJj bozulmamak  ; 
durmak,  kil  m  ak. 

Keeper,  5.  biW-  hlfzz,  lülsr0  muhlfzz, 
L5Ş^  bekji. 

Keep-sake,  s.  ıbbl)  yâdighyâr. 

Keg,  5.  ufljek-fzchz*. 

Kennel,  5.  oluk. 

Kernel,  5.  ich,  Jk^c  mâghz,  ı _ 

lubb  ;  beyz  (b&z) . 

Kerseymere,  klzmîr. 

Kettle,  5.  c;4?  klzghln  (klzAn); 
ghyuy^um.  [CJ-b^J1  dumbdlhk. 

Kettledrum,  5.  ^liü  nakkârs  (nây/zara)  ; 

Key,  s.  anakhtâr,  miftâh. 

Khan,  s.  khân. 

Kick,  s.  tbkmE  ;  chiftu ;  — , 

v.n.  tekmE-ltmak ; 

chiftu-Atmak  ;  — ,  v.a.  CJv*.J 
or  tbpmek ;  —  out,  v.a. 

^J.a Adi  koy^mak,  \  sikdir-et. 

Kid,  s.  öy/zlÂk. 

Kidney,  s.  bay ^r ek  (bzzbrek)  ; 

—  beans,  <0**ai  fâssiilya. 

Kili,  v.a.  aldurmek,  \l}‘Ad 

kXtl-et,  It—ûb  telef-et,  hfelâk- 

Kiln,  s.  jU-jt  ojak.  [-et. 

Kind,  s.  dürlu,  <*Sye  soy, 

jinss,  nfev<c ;  — ,  a.  iyi,  Ib 



[  m  ] 


Kindle,  v.n.  (J.*L Jjb  tutushmak  ;  — , 

v.a.  ^jUİb  yakmak;  tu- 

tushdurmak,  I  jl&l  ikAd-et. 


Kindness,  s.  CJJjj!  iyilik,  pjZ  kkrEm, 
“inayet,  t— ÂÜ  lutf ;  Cbb 

Kindred,  5.  b  J>l  Akraba, 

v  *  y  \ 

khissim- Akraba  ;  kArâbet, 


King,  kzrÂİ,  J\  hükmdâr, 

*bljb  pâdishâh,  $b£>  shâh,  cJLc 
mblik,  cJJto  mâlik. 

Kingdom,  s.  cP'J  kzrlllzk,  jb 

pâdishâhlzk,  hiıkyümbt, 

dbvl6t,  milk  or  miılk, 

mkmKkEt,  lUjA^c  meK- 
kyüt.  [-“illbti. 

King’s-evil,  s.  sâraja- 

Kinsman,  Kinswoman,  5.  khissm. 


Kiss,  s.  apush,  ^Ibjbii  sheftâlz, 

büssE  ;  — ,  v.a.  apmek, 


Kitchen,  mAtbAkh  (mutfAk). 

Kite,  s.  (bird)  châylâk  ;  (toy) 

<UJ  uchurtma. 

_>  v  y 

Kitten,  s.  [jjj b  kedi-yâwrussu. 

Knapsack,  s.  4bs3b>-  chAnta. 

Knave,  s.  hıİEkyâr, 

chApkm,  (jJ'jjjJ  pezEwknk. 

Knead,  v.a.  yoghmmak. 

Knee,  s.  diz,  t'Aj  zânü  ;  (of  timber) 

Kneel,  v.n.  *jJ  diz-chakmek. 

j  *  j" 

Knife,  s.  bichAk  ;  (pocket  — ) 

chakz  ;  (turkish  pen — ) 
î  kâİEm-trâsh ;  (carver) 

b*î  sAtz’r;  (long  weapon)  ^Icbj 


Knight,  5.  h bgh,  j+)  \*i  kawallr; 

(chess)  CJİ  At. 

Knit,  v.a.  zzrmek ;  — ,  a. 

arulu,  arulmush.  [bAbA. 

Knob,  s.  c—^b  top,  tûp  uz  ;  bb 

Knock,  s.  wurush  ;  ^ 

kApz-chAlmmassz ;  — ,  v.a. 
wurmak ;  chAlmak  ;  — 

against,  ^J^bs-  chatmak;  —  down, 
^♦Jü  yzkmak;  —  in,  b  ^  .as?! 
ichbri-kAkmak ;  —  off,  cJwo^Jl 

bndirmek,  J  diıshurmek ; 

Cbvi— S  kessmek  ;  bitirmek  ; 

—  out,  chikârmakjCJs^-^jt} 

düshurmek;  —  under,  v.n.  j\  3’ 

Knocker,  s.  ^.cbiîjb  y*i  kApz’-tokmay^z. 

Knot,  s.  duydum  ;  — ,  v.a. 


düy^umİEinek  ;  — ,  v.n.  J 


Know,  v.a.  C-LJj  bilmek ; 

khAbEri-61,  j\  khAbErdâr-ol, 

wâkîf-ol;  tAmmak ; 

bcjl*.<  mâ“lümAt*-bl  ;  —  one 
another,  ^i-,3  lb  bir-birini- 

-tAnzmak,  mu“ârdfEİEri- 

-61;  — again,  ^^Jlb  tAnzmak  ;  — 
carnally,  sikmek, 

jimâ“-et,  !^bj  wAty-et. 

Knowledge,  s.  Ac-  ‘  ılm,  khAbur, 


[  172  ] 


mâ“lümÂt,  'irfan, 


Knuckle-bone,  s.  Âshfk. 

Kufic,  a.  kyüfl. 


Label,  s.  tüib  yÂfta ;  — ,  v.a.  teita 
y  Afta-  yap  zsh  dirmak . 

Laborious,  a.jc\  Ighir,  ghyııch. 

Labour,  s.  LLXsc\  bmek,  Cri'  ish- 
Cj-L-ş— il  îslıjilik ;  — ,  v.n. 

Labourer,  s.  rbnjbkr  (renchpkr), 

ısbji,  û\jj\  zrghâd,  <U-SjL> 

Lace,  s.  s  (ghâytÂn) ;  Jt— j  _** 

shbrid ;  <du3İJ  dÂntela ;  (gold)  (L*Cjvi 
sirma ;  ^UajSlS  kiİAptÂn  or  jjİJü&S 
kiİÂbdln  ;  — ,  v.a. 

Lack,  5.  ^Uiü  noksan,  <^=>\ 

eksiklik;  - — ,  v.a.  jlcj—  feksik-ölj 
eksiydi- ol. 

Lacker,  s.  rüghÂn ;  — ,  v.a. 


Lackey,  s.  jlAjl  irshÂk. 

Laconic,  a.  ^zi  kessa.  jüwÂn. 

Lad,  s.  (JLcj!  ogh\X n,  dblikAnb*, 

Ladder,  s.  nkrdibÂn  (mbrdivEn); 

<d£,*J  ısskel6. 

Lade,  v.a.  yü  kİ  Etmek, 

tâhmıl-et ;  — ,  v.n.  yiık- 


Lading,  s.  yükİEnmeklik ; 

yükl Etmeklik ;  yuk, 

hâmûİE;  bili  of  — , 

Ladle,  s.  kbfchE,  kbpchE. 

Lady,  s.  hamm  ;  <üyî»jj  kökona  ; 

dudu  ;  jl  sc  madama. 

Lake,  s.  ghyal.  [doydurmak. 

Lamb,  s.  lJJ kuzu ;  — ,  v.n. 

Lame,  a.  jb  topli ;  —  of  one  hand, 
,  vüo*-  chöİAk  ;  — ,  v.a.  İksLj,  -icW 

U  Vv  7  7  <w 

ayayım- sakAt- et. 

Lameness,  s.  jjb  toplllik. 

Lament,  v.a.  and  n.  Ay  Ulamak. 

Lamentation,  s.  Aylama,  jjU s 

fighln,  ^îl)  nâlish. 

Lamp,  s.  JjJcJj  kÂndîl.  [hijv-bt. 

Lampoon,  s.  j®*  iıijv ;  —  V.a.  \  js* 
Lance,  s.  HiezrAk ;  — ,  v.a. 

LLXa£>i3  dbshmek,  aehmak. 

Lancet,  nishtur  (nhshtEr). 

Land,  s.  kÂra,  j  berr ;  \JzJ\  arz 
(pl.  arazı),  l£!l  (ulkk),  cJj^o 

milk,  mumKkut, 

tbprAk  ;  plot  of  * — ,  &*Oj£-  “arsa  ;  — , 
v.n.  (j*sLs>- cOsjî  kXraya-chikmak  ; 
— ,  v.a.  'sus>~-&iXy  klraya-chikar- 

mak.  [iısstu-Achilir-bir-nbv-“i-hinto. 
Landau,  5.  jLlib  t?  J  dr1}* 

Landholder,  s.  .  ^ -  bmlâk- 

-sahibi.  [isskeİE. 

Landing,  Landing-place,  5.  rUİ_£_~:! 

Landlady,  s.  Jlî  ^-»>-1^  j\  bv-sâhibi- 


[  173  ] 


Landlord,  5.  mülk-sâhibi ; 


*\  ev-sâhibi, 
khânic- sahibi.  ishâret. 

Landmark,  s.  ^-uAL  sinir-tashi ; 

Landowner,  s.  cJLci  emlâk- 

Landscape,  s.  lUjWzj  nlzârbt.  [-sahibi. 
Lane,  5,  Jy.  dar-yol;  j\A 

dar-sdkAk  ;  jjbL^  y*jus>-  chzkm^z- 
-sokAk.  [^bj  zabln. 

Language,  5.  cb  dil,  ^LJ  lissln, 
Languid,  a.  bâyghm, 

jlnszz.  [-ghibi-ol. 

Languish,  v.n.  bâyghm- 

Lantern,  s.  jLi  (fnnEr)  ;  magic  — ,  s. 


Lap,  s.  kujak  ;  — ,  v.a. 

İ^ass^}  &Sİ  b  y  Hay  a  -  y  Hay  a  -  i  ch  m  ek . 

Lapidate,  v.a.  \  ^ j  rejm-et, 

Lapse,  s.  mürur ;  — ,  v.a. 

kllmak,  jljolc  ‘Vid-ol. 

Larboard,  isskblb. 

Larceny,  s.  khzrszzKk. 

Larder,  5.  JİS  kılar  (kiİEr). 

Large,  a.  biyuk,  j*£  kbbir, 

"'izim ;  kyulll,  kyulliy- 


Larkspur,  s.  hbzâr- 

-rEnk-chichb^Ai  hezârkn). 

Lash,  klmchi;  — ,  v.a . 

^Li.Ljs^U  klmch/lamak ; 

Lass,  s.  ) £  k«z.  [bA^Alamak. 

Last,  s.  t _ JIj  klkp;  cJya  son g;  — , 

a.  ^xj£.*aCJ\  bng-songraki,  j!>~\ 

âkhz’r,  pessin ;  — ,  v.n.  LLX 

sürmek;  dayanmak ; 

blki-kllmak,  j\  j^Jüta  paydâr- 
-ol,  c  musstbmbrr-ol ;  at  — , 

ad.  “âkîbbt, 

söng'- soncunda,  bnjâmz-kyâr. 

Lasting,  a.  ^ 'sû  Üs  dâyamkh' ; 
chok-sürEr,  paydâr, 


Lastly,  ad.  khulâssa^i- 

-kblâm,  bl-hlss*l. 

Latch,  s.  mlndAİ,  dil. 

Late,  a.  ^  ghej,  ^  ghbch ; 

sÂbz'k ;  mErhüm,  liy^o  mütb- 

wbffa ;  — ,  ad.  liüLo  sÂbîka. 

Lately,  ad.  ?  bır-lz-EvvEİ  ; 

yakanlarda,  «  mü‘âkh- 

kbaran.  [-takhta,  padawra. 

Lath,  s.  shıshu  ;  d.'^kr  cham- 

Lathe,  5.  İ/t  chârkh. 

Lather,  s.  sâbun-kyü- 

pug/hi  ;  — ,  v.a.  (jj/i lîyLs  sabunlamak. 

Latin,  a.  Lâtin;  — ,  s. 


Latitude,  s.  ^jo '"arz,  «AİJ  <^rz*- 

-bbled;  jj  vüss^at ;  ifJtel  <w^C 


Latter,  a.  ^ııjLe  sonraki,  âkbzr. 

Latterly,  ad.  JfJoJü  yâkmda,  y 

bu-yâkmlarda,  \j>y o  mu'âkhkbaran. 
Lattice,  klfess,  shbbıkE, 

Laud,  v.a.  mbdb-bt. 


Laudable,  a.  mıısstâhsEn. 

Laudanum,  s.  jj  Afyon-rühu. 

Laudation,  s.  clLJ<UÎL^)  mübâlagha- 


C  174  ] 


Laudatory,  a.  medh-müta- 


Laugh,  (jil-h.üb  ghyülush, 

khandd ;  — ,  v.n.  Cjv* \&  ghyülmek, 
UjCs>-  khandd-et ;  —  at  one, 
LLbJlS  birina-ghyidmek  ;  —  in  one’s 
sleeve,  ctUJji  ıchüriden- 

gyulmek;  —  out  loud,  LLX+  !/ 
kahkaha- gyülmek . 

Laughable,  a.  &J  S  ghyulenejek. 

Launch,  s.  sAndAl ;  — ,  v.a. 

dünyizE-ündirmek;  — 
out,  v.n.  para -khârj  -et ; 


Laundress,  s.  lJ Xs  chamÂ- 


Laureate,  bAsh-shâ^r. 

Laurel,  5.  yabAn-defnEssi. 

Lavender,  5.  *a3İ^1  lâvânda. 

Lavish,  a.  < _ 3j~*sc  müssrif ;  J»JJ  bezül; 

— ,  v.a.  \  Jjj  büzl-et,  (Jaj\  Atmak. 

Law,  5.  shür“,  shürî£<ât, 

u;3U  kânun,  |*llâ3  nızÂm. 

Lawful,  a.  müshrü'*;  jâ'iz  ; 

<J1L>-  halâl ;  mü‘zün. 

Lawgiver,  5.  kânünji. 

Lawless,  a.  ^liâ3  nızlmsiz. 

Lawlessness,  s.  LLÜj  MMriC  11 â3  nizamsizlik. 

Lawmaker,  5.  ^ysyy\i  kânünji. 

Lawsuit,  5.  dâ<cwâ. 

Lawyer,  s.  muftî,  cLİü  fakîh; 

dâ“wâ- vekili;  cu\'i  *t\  âvokât. 

Lax,  a.  LL^y  ghüvshük ; 

mussâ  adnji,  ^y>- ^.sr0  L*^c  müssâma- 
haji ;  lînetlija. 

Laxative,  a.  ^L«  müleyyin. 

Laxity,  Laxness,  s.  cJ&s»/  ghevsheklik. 

Lay,  v.n.  çJa^ûj^i  ymıurtlamak;  — , 
v.a.  (J^y  kömak,  3'b  yatz’rmak, 
İç-*?*  WAz<£-et;  (J-'Ojy  kurmak, 
târh-et ;  —  aside,  {J^'i\y  brâkmak, 
\sjJy  tkrk-et ;  —  before,  "ârz- 

-et ;  —  by,  v.a.  saklamak  ; 

— ,  v.n.  dinünmek,  \cl-«=>-\j 

râhat-et;  —  down,  J^y^ji  ykra- 
kömak,  brâkmak,  \ı>jJy  türk- 

-et;  —  hold  of,  tutmak,  j^V. 

y  apish  mak,  ^/♦îliü  yakalamak  ;  - — in, 
jyc'ijJb  toplamak,  tüdâruk-et 

(tedârik)  ;  —  on,  sürmek  ; 

^J^ıAİL?  sAİdirmak,  wlz<£-et, 

\’^jb  târh-et;  — open,^/i^-l  achmak; 

—  out,  khârj -et,  \t _ sârf-et, 

khârj  amak;  —  over,  \'i 
kAplamak ;  —  up,  v.a.  sakla¬ 

mak,  itecek  khÂssta-et;  — ,  v.n. 

kbAssta-ol ;  —  waste,  v.a. 
I<— -?ly>  ktıarâb-et;  — ,  v.n.  ^JUİli^l y ^ 
vırân  -  kılmak  ;  khâlî- 

Layer,s.  Cl^lîkAt,  cÜubtAbAka.  [-kAlmak. 

Lazaretto,  s.  tahaffuz-khânE, 

Ai-.ıüjljj  kÂrantlna. 

Laziness,  s.  CJİLj  tünbüllik. 

Lazy,  a.  (J-wJ  tünhel. 

Lead,  5.  ^y*jy  kürshun,  J  üssrub ; 

ısskÂndil ;  yy\y.\s  kzlâyAuz- 
luk,  bjl  Er-bAshih'k, 

saz-bAshilik  ;  — ,  v.a.  LL^cyy  ghyiı- 
turmek,  C*L«Jü  yüdmek;  — ,  v.n. 

(^  v^bAslıa-ghüchmek,cJvi.Aı.LJ 


[  175  ] 


ileri-düshmek,  wngE- 

diishmek,  kilâyAuzluk  -  et, 

hâdî-ol;  ~  away,  L-J^\ 
Âh'p  -  ghy  aturmek ; 

Aldatmak,  Azdırmak, 

ıdlâl-et,  WL-il  ıfsâd-et ;  —  astray, 

yoldan  -  chi  karmak ; 
Aldatmak,  Âzdzrmak, 

ıdlâl-et,  ıfsâd-et;  to 

cast  the  — ,  (jAj\  JjcJLo!  isskAndil- 

Leader,  5.  bÂsh,  rk'iss,  ^ 

skr;  ang-Atz, 

zzng-haywlnz’,  l J  A-l  b  dJj  JJji. 


Leaf,  s.  yaprAk,  jijj  varak,  te j* 

varaka  ;  —  gold,  Altm- 

-varakz;  —  silver,  glıyıı- 

mush-varakz ;  —  copper  or  brass,  jj 

League,  s.  sâ“at, 

sâ^atlîk-yöl;  jtol  ittiflk;  —  to¬ 
gether,  v.n.  ittiflk-et. 

Leak,  5.  d61ik,  achz'klz'k, 

j,jl)  yank;  — ,  v.n.  Âkmak ; 

szzmak ;  \t*a  su-et. 

Lean,  a.  zâ“îf,  zabun,  j [ij\ 

Ank;;  — ,s.  L2J>\  xb  ya^Aszz-kt;  ■ — , 

v.n.  hp'M-durmak, 

ey/zilmek,  < ’S b  yatmak  ;  —  against, 
v.n.  Lb  dayanmak, 
yassdanmak;  — ,  v.a.  cLb  dayamak. 

Leap,  Atlayzsh,  szch- 

rayzsh ;  — ,  v.n .  Atlamak, 


Leapyear,  s.  &  £  kbbîssE. 

Learn,  v.a.  LLkvJ>)\  a^^rknmek,  \  uL*2asT 
tâhszl-et,  isstifâdk-et,  I  *1x5* 

ta^allum-et.  dânishm6nd. 

Learned,  a.  jjlc  “âlim,  okumush, 

Learner,  s.  shâzf/zird. 

Learning,  “ilm,  ^li^e  “ırfân, 

dânish.  [-VE-isstijârin-hiıjjeti. 

Lease,  5.  ıjâr- 

Least,  a.  ijlviJl  6n^-ufÂk, 

^n^-küchuk ;  6n<7-AZ  ;  b  Jİ  6dnâ, 

p6k-jiızL ;  at  — ,  ad.  ,-^Jb 
hich-olmaz-ıssa;  — ,  c.  Jykb 
yâkhud  ;  not  in  the  — ,  ad.  ,g\i h  hıch, 

ÎLsl  âsslâ,  Ubi  klt‘%  ibbb’j  ULjj 

Leather,  s.  mfeshîn, 

sakhtiyân,  ı_^U! bulghârî ;  (sole) 
kyasseİE,  ghyzzn. 

Leave,  s.  ızn,  izin,  rûkhsAt; 

— .  v.a.  brâkmak,  \cJy  tkrk- 

-et;  — off brâkmak,  h'j 

vâz-ghhchmek ;  k^ssilmek, 

J  din^mek,^^  £-Lü  munkAtî  • 
-61;  —  out,  gh6chmek, 

Atlamak,  ^J^Lcjb  yazmamak. 

Leaven,  s.  <übo  mâyk;  — ,  v.a. 

Lecture,  5.  dkrss  ;  dkrssi- 

(<âmm;  İA^jvâf<z;  — ,v.n.  jd 

dkrss-vErmek;  \  lâc^  vâ^z-et;  — ,  v.a , 

nÂsszhat-VErmek.  [-^âmm-khöjassi. 

Lecturer,  s.  dkrssi- 

Led-horse,  s.  v6dek. 

'  H  t' 


[  176  ] 


Lee,  s.  ruzghyâr-Âltî. 

Leech,  s.  «j  suluk ;  hkkim, 

ı «,+Jb  tÂbîb ;  — ,  v.a.  l>  cJyy> 


Leek,  s.  prâssa. 

Left,  s.  sol,  söl-târafi, 

jLj  yüssâr,  châp  ;  —  handed, 

Jj^i?  sblAk. 

Leg,  jjb!  ayak,  jjWIj  bÂjak  ;  vjJ  but. 

Legacy,  s.  wAssiyyht. 

Legal,  a.  shbr“î,  mbshrü", 

y  ls>-  jâ'iz,  ^).JU  mb'zün,  <J^>-hâlâl. 

Legation,  5.  LZj\su>  sefârbt ;  —  house, 
«ülrkTjU^a  süfârât-khânE. 

Legible,  a.  jy> y^\  okunur,  yki\)yj\ 
ökunÂklz,  <£âyân,  <J-*r  jMî. 

Legibility,  5.  okunÂklik. 

Legion,  s.  Hay,  liva. 

Legislate,  v.n.  kânun- wÂz‘ 'et. 

Legislation,  s.  wÂz"-i-kânün. 

Legislator,  5.  L^îj J  1 y  \*  vwâzz"- 

Legislature,  s. 



Legitimate,  a.'^y  ybllu,  JfJoJjJ  yolunda; 
sher"i,  meshrü", 

hâlâl.  [L£-J i)  khâlî-wÂkzt. 

Leisure,  bösh-wÂkzt, 

Lemon,  s.  limon. 

Lemonade,  s.  llmonâta. 

Lend,  v.a.  CJ^j)  vürmek, 

"ârıyyütEn  -  vurmek ; 
âdunj-vkrmek,  1  kârz-et. 

Length,  5.  oy  boy,  Jjb  tül,  jijjjjjl 

uzunluk  ;  at  — ,  ae?.  "âkibet, 


Lengthen,  v.n.  uzamak, 

boylanmak  ;  — ,  v.a.  boy- 

-VErmek,  y*j\y\  üzÂtmak. 

Lengthy,  a.  uzun. 

Lenient,  a.  ^îa&Â-i»  shafakAtli. 

Lenity,  5.  lo-ââ-s  shafakAt. 

Lens,  5.  jam. 

Lentile,  s.  ruErjunıek. 

Leopard,  s.  ^Js  kÂplÂn.  [yy^  Âbrass. 

Leper,  5.  ■MM^O  mısskin,  Suj  Aİ  \  Âla- 1  Enli, 

Leprosy,  s.  mısskinlik- 

"ıllbti ;  )\  Aİa-tünlilik. 

Leprous,  a.  *£.****■ 4  mısskin. 

Less,  a.  kiıchuk,  dâhâ- 

-kuchuk ;  Jİ  Âz,  Jİ  l&J  dâhâ-Âz, 
CJ^irz.1  bksik. 

Lessen, v.n.  cJvdjjs.^ kuchulmek, 

üfÂlmak  ;  ÂzAİmak ;  — ,  v.a. 

kuchultmek,  ufalt¬ 
mak,  ÂzAİtmak, 


Lesson,  5.  dbrss;  CL^.o  "ıbrbt. 

Lest,  c.  shâyed-ki, 

mübâdâ-ki,  körkussundan, 


Let,  5.  çjLc  mâm";  — ,  v.a. 

brâkmak,  komak  ;  ^  fa\jÇ 

kırâya-VErmek ;  — ,  v.n.  cJviî^ı ^ 
kirâya-vurilmek  ;  —  down, 
ündirmek  ;  —  loose,  cXxy^JL? 

sÂİzvErmek ;  brâkmak  ;  —  off, 

<^X< j) jJU  SÂİZV Ermek ;  ^Jaj\  Atmak; 

\  yc  "Afv-et ;  —  fly,  (Jaj\  Atmak; 


[  177  ] 


—  out,  dishân-brâk- 

mak  ;  (JiXcjJj  kiraya- vicrmek  ;  — 
in,  \*jcs?\  icheri-Âlmak ; 

(J.-< y  idler  i  -  komak  ; 
parcha-komak ;  —  blood, 
kin- Aimak  ;  — ,  pp.  kirada. 

Letter,  s.  harf  (pi.  hürüf, 

hürüflt) ;  c_^Cc  müktüb 
(mektup),  <L«l3  nâmE. 

Lettuce,  s.  Jj»jX  marul,  SAİAta. 

Levant,  s.  4-j  LSMj  Li^o  memâliki- 

Levantine,  5.  ^jL+s-yo  £lJ<u3U1c  cXU^ 
mümâliki-  ‘  'ossmlniy  ykda-  dogh- 


Levee,  s.  vjL-sd  blnish ;  rikyab. 

Level,  s.  ufuk;  duz ;  — ,  a. 
ufukz,  düz,  doy^ru; 

— ,  v.a .  düzİEtmek ;  —  at, 


Lever,  s.  kol,  4İytc  manavda. 
Levity,  s.  L^ss>-  khiffet ;  -X 

khiffüti-mizaj . 

Levy,  5.  lJ y  “ÂsskEr- tahrîri ; 

ydiyi  -yâzîlımsh- 

“ÂsskEr  ;  sAlghm ; 


tahsil ;  — ,  v.a.  tahrlr-et, 

jdn<£-et,  toplamak; 

tabsil-et,  Ji^chjb  toplamak, 


Lewd,  a.  i Jlc  shehvEti-ghllib. 

Lexicographer,  s.  L^-v^î  lughat- 


Lexicon,  s.  lughât. 

Liability,  5.  mess'üliyyüt. 

Liable,  a.  JjU  klbil,  £#x~+sc  mussta££idd ; 

Liar,  yallnji.  [  mess'ül. 

Libel,  s.  \jxs\  iftira  ;  — ,  v.a.  \  iftirâ- 
-et.  [“inden. 

Libellous,  a.  \yi\  iftirâ-nüv- 

Liberal,  a.  kli-achik, 

jümbrd,  jJjjls.*10  sâkhâvütli, 
sâkhl;  ^LiXc  mükemmel. 

Liberate,  v.a.  \  S\j\  âzâd-et. 

Liberation,  s.  âzâd. 

Liberator,  s.  Xjl  âzâd-üden. 

Libertine,  ^*ü jI>-  chlpkin,  zen- 

park  (zampara).  [^2hLjj  zamparalik. 

Libertinism,  5.  chApkenbk;  ; 

Liberty,  s.  skrbesstlik  (sei-- 

büsslik),  L skrbesstiyyüt, 
SErbessti ;  ,=*-  hürriyyüt, 

Xjl  âzâd,  âzâdüghı;  izn, 

♦  S.  c 

me  zuniyyet,  L 

rukhsXt  ;  cJjJ  tkrki  -  edd), 

“ârsizhik,  CDj\~y-  jüssârüt ; 
jL^l  imtiyâz,  mü^âfiyyüt; 

JjJo-  hüdüd ;  to  be  at  — , 
ghezmek,  mâhbüss- 

olmamak  ;  boshda-ol, 

khâlı-wÂktLol ;  mü£- 

zün-ol,  izni-ol ;  to  take  the 

jüssâret-et,  I  j\~z.zp\ 
ijtissâr-et,  jür‘üt-et, 

ijtirâ-et ;  to  take  liberties, 
"ârszzlanmak,  \<Jj  «ile  £<âr sizlik- et. 

Libidinous,  a.  shehwânı. 

Libidinousness,  5.  shühvkt. 

Librarian,  s.  laiW-  hâflz-kyütub. 

Library,  s.  kyütub-kbânn. 



[  178  ] 


Lice,  s.J&ı  bitler. 

License,  s.  xJs&j  tbzkErn.  [fâssik. 

Licentious,  a.  châpkm  ;  i 

Lick,  v.a.  yllamak  ;  CX*£»4J 

dwg^mek  ;  İL^-J1  Alt  -  et,  İC— 
mâghlüb-et,  C^XiJJ  ybnmek. 

Lid,  5.  klpAk,  wrtu. 

Lie,  s.  yâlln,  c_j  jo  kizb, 
durügh;  kyul-suyu, 

bughâda ;  — ,  i\w.  yatmak ; 

olmak,  jjA&JyJ  bulunmak, 
vakzXbl ;  mbvzu<4-ol; 

CXiL y  âl  In  -  s  ü  wbylumek  ;  — 

down,  (jl/iJ b  yatmak, 

Ashay/zz  -  yatmak,  ^,*3  1 Uİ  uzÂnmak  ; 
- —  with,  !<U*oW*  müjâma^â  -  et  ; 
Its*  muhavvEİ  -  ol,  jl  \sy.^o 
rb^yina-mbnüt-bl,  ^ JaA j\  4İ  1  *=>  hâwâİE- 
blunmak ;  —  at  stake,  jlsJİ^l  arada-ol. 

Lieutenant,  s.  (navy)  yuz-hlslu; 

(army)  ^jllLo  mülâzzm ;  —  colonel, 
—  governor,  &c.,  —  of  grand-vizier, 

kâlm-maklm  (kaymakXm) ; 

—  of  a  judge,  t_Xl3  na‘ib  ;  — 

general,  (jj f  ferik ;  —  of  a  civil  func¬ 
tionary,  or  individual,  vbkll. 

Life,  s.  ^Ip-  jin,  CJJup-  hayât ;  — 
time,  amr,  Cl? muddbti- 

-' wmr  ;  this  — ,  L3<J  dzmyâ,  IJjJU 

‘âİEmi  -  dünyâ,  Ui^llc.  “âİEmz-fEnâ, 

“âİEmi-kbvn-u-fbssâd  ; 

the  —  to  come,  dJ^-l  âkhirbt,  liü  jl<J 
dân-blkâ.  [sıghürtassi. 

Life-assurance,  s.  ^i&3j ‘  rar- 
Life-boat,  s.  ^ycs^l 

J1  Aiuo  cJy-J  klzâzbdEİeri-kurtarmak- 
ıchin  -  biy  uk- s  İn  d  Aİ . 

Lifeless,  a.J~ .3  Ip-  jânsiz. 

Lifelessness,  s.  C&-  3  Ip-  jânsizlik. 

Life-preserver,  5.  ^oj  <J  ^y3  bir- 
nbv- ( 4  e1-  deyney  4i . 

Lift,  v.a.  klldirmak. 

Light,  5.  <JC.Xİ  zshzk,  jX  aydz’nlzk, 

L-i  zıyâ,  jjj3  nür ;  jjİJi  Itbsh; 

mum  ;  — ,  a.  u-i-Jbk  klıâfîf ;  — ,  v.n. 
*  «• 

jL  tutushmak,  ^JU.3  b  yanmak  ; 
^♦ijjjJol  aydınlanmak;  CLX*Jİ  en- 
mek,  konmak  ;  — ,  v.a.  J^b 

yakmak,  ^ojSL.j^s  tutushdurmak, 
İjliül  Ikld-et;  —  up,  v.n. 
aydmlanmak;  — ,  v.a.  ^J^b  yakmak; 

JOJJJ  Jol  aydmlandzrmak;  —  upon, 

\j  rXsst-ghMmek,  1< _ îtjLsJ 

tbsslduf-et,  ^y^3ji  uzbrina- 


Lighten,  u.rc.  Ip- dibi./*-!  shimshek- 

chakmak  ;  — ,  v.a. 

khâfıfİEtmek,  lecLjbsT  tâkhfîf  -  et ; 
^Jl^JoJjjJol  aydmlandzrmak,  1 
tbnvlr-et,  UjLpI  ızâ  a-et ;  ^J^^Xiip- 1 -5 

ferahlandz'rmak,  \^.yu  tefrih-et. 

Lighter,  5.  mhghima,  fojkjLa 

sllapuriya,  tomblz. 

Lighthouse,  s.jlX  fisnEr.  [bkrk. 

Lightning,  s.  shimshek, 

Lignum-vitse,  s.  ^s^li.İLlXs-*Jj  pbld- 

Like,  s.  ^41  bsh,  shibh ;  — ,  a. 

jjLs  bbn^zEr,  &  mushâbih, 
sheblh ;  — ,  v.a.  skvmek,  Uis- 


[  179  ] 


hÂzz-et,  t  JiL-  tkl&zzuz-et, 
khöshlanmak  ;  — ,  ad.  ghıbi, 


Likelihood,  5.  ihtimâl. 

Likely,  a.  JU^I  ihtimâl,  J./i’A.sr0 
müht&mil,  ^J^-cLc  mfemül, 
melhuz  ;  J \j£  ghyüzel,  ^liL£~îl»  yakz- 
shz*klz\  jL ghyasstisrishli, 
dilbkr.  [!^U  tfeshbîh-et. 

Liken,  v.a.  <jXûj~=ü  bfenp'ZEtmek, 

Likeness,  s.  L^$j\L~*o  müshâbtdiEt ; 
rhssm,^^7  tXssvIr. 

Likewise,  ad.  İjöli5>  hakeza,  ve- 

ktîzâ,  k&zâlik. 

Lilac,  5.  cJL!  leylak  ;  — ,  a.  mor. 

Liliputian,  a.  uflk. 

Lily,  5.  zanbÂk ;  —  of  the  valley, 


Limb,  s.  ‘"uzv  (pl.  Lâc-1  â"zâ)  ; 

j\^>  k&nâr,  lu-sr0  mühzt. 

Lime,  s.  or  kırbj  ; 

limon  ;  —  tree,  jycİi  fılâmür  (ıkhlâ- 
mür) ;  bird  — ,  —  twig,  zzksE. 

Limit,  s.  hzzdd,  cV,V,  pâyân,  ç>'  öj> 
UUoL>  ghâyet,  nihayet; 

hiıdüd,  j~i  skr-hadd,  jy**  sinir ; 
— ,  v.a.  hadd-tâ^yîn-et ; 

2^~  hlssr-et,  bÂ^lamak. 

Limited,  a.  mâhdüd. 

Limp,  a.  cJ~y£  ghevshek,  yliL/iJ  y*- 
musliAk;  — ,  v.n.  jb  töpÂİla- 

mak,  Akszmak. 

Limpid,  a.  berrak. 

Limpidity,  Limpidness,  btîrrâklik. 

Linden -tree,  fılâmür  (ikhlâmür). 

Line,  s.  ‘-Zhf  chîzi,  Sai  khitt;  Ja-> 
sXtr  ;  ı _ ip,  \s\s^  hÂİAt ;  — ,  v.a. 


yb.^1  Asstar  -  chhkmek  ; 
J^h[s  klplamak ;  branch  — ,  <L *-£> 
shu^bE-yol ;  main  — ,  İ3\ 

«na-yol ;  ship  of  the  — kâlyön. 
Lineage,  s.  nfessl. 

Linen,  a.  ylı^  kktEn  ;  — ,  s. 

kktEn-b^zi ;  j)  bfez  ;  y-.-£jlf.>-  chamA- 
shz’r  ;  body  — ,  U*>-  chamAshzr  ; 

table  — ,  {-$)y.  sofra  -  b&zl6ri, 

(peshghir  -  mcsb- 

ghir)  ;  bed  — ,  ı -- SyL c  c^-SyU»- 

(chârshaf-mârsbaf ) ;  —  draper, 

Linger,  v.n.  ^  ^ 

ghitmdyup  -  wlkz’t  -  gh&chirmek  ; 

,  İUjI»  «*.>-  Mum- 

w  V  V  V  •  > 

Linguist,  5.  yjüyi  y*İJ  ^L! 

Liniment,  s.  öl»  yây^. 

Lining,  5.  -A  «O  i  Âsstar  ;  <U^l>ls  klplama. 
Link,  5.  ^iiLs-j^rsTJ  zinjir-hÂlkassz ; 

âl*  mesh^âİE  (mAsbAİa). 

Linseed,  s.  khtEn-tokhumu, 

bkzir-tbkhumu ;  —  oil, 

yjo  bfezir-yâp'Az. 

Lint,  5.  yâra-bkzi, 

mErhkm  -  b^zi ;  {jh* l^»«y  ditil - 


Lintel,  s.  üsst-^sbiyAi. 

Lion,  5.  ârssİAn  (IssİAn),  ^,*,**İ 

shır,  i\J\  ^ssed,  gbAzAnfkr ; 

— ess,  J  dishi-(ASsİAn). 

o  2 


[  180  ] 


Lip,  s.  dudlk,  sh&fE, 

kb ;  j\'S  kknar. 

Liqueur*  5.  “anbkriyyE. 

Liquid,  a.  JL*o  sfeyyâl,  mâ  i  ; 

• — ,  s.  a!Lms  seyyâle,  Xktjt- 


Liquidate,  v.a.  adimek,  J^’LS 

klpAtmak,  Uibj  ıfâ-et,  isstîfâ-et. 

Liquor,  s.  ^  su ;  ^Ses^l  ichki ;  in  — , 
ujL?  kfcyf,  sErkhosb. 

Liquorice,  s.  ^Jb  mıyân-blh* ;  - — 

root,  mıyân-kyukyu. 

List*  s.  jû J  dbftsr,  pussla;  lij>- 

l_£jL£  (chdha)-kEnan ;  <Uib  yatma, 
ky^rilik ;  lists,  s.  pi. 
meydin  *  — ,  v.n.  CİvC-jI  isstEmek, 
jIm-isstEmek ;  jjXjS 
•  kullk  -  vkrmek, 

dinglkmek  (dînEmek) ;  ^J^b  yatmak, 
cJvd^l  ey/hlmek  ;  civil  — , 
jo^iUjb  jkyb-humâyün. 

Listen,  v.n.  kullk-vErmek, 

CX-ccd^J  dinglkmek  (dînEmek). 

Literal,  a.  ı>Jy&  lughavî. 

Literally,  ad.  < _ ij>~  harf-bd-harf. 

Literary,  a.  <bb£  ldtlbE-mu- 

ta^allik.  [dânish. 

Literati,  s.  pi.  Asshlbi- 

Literature,  s.  C^Uh-o  mu^llefât ;  i— iJ  U 


Lithography,  s.  Li  \j£.J+  J  litografk. 

Litigation,  s.  ihtij  âj , 

da  wa. 

Litter,  s.  plsslik ;  ^izzusJ  dkss- 

kern,  takhU*  -  rawln  ; 

ghyiibrE,  ljU  sip ;  —  down,  v.a. 

Xjut  cUixll  Aİtma-ghyübrE-SEr- 
mek  (or  l_jL?  sip) ;  —  about,  v.a. 
Itmak,  dakmek. 

Little,  a.  küchuk,  uflk, 

saghîr  ;  — ,  a<L  j!  Iz, 
lz-bir-shky,  jüz'îja  ;  a  — ,  5. 

bir-AZ,  Az-bir-shey, 

jiizd-blr-  shky, 
lz-buchuk-bir-shky  *  • —  one, 
yâvri;  chojuk  ;  —  by  — , 

jjlyjl  AZEr-AZEr,  ^I^Lj  yawlsh- 
yawlsh,  tedrîjk, 

<cak  - ’t  -  tkdrîj,  <&—.»-  <&*«.:>-  j&sstE- 

Live,  «;.??.  yashamak,  j\.a.Xsc 

mu^ammEr-ol ;  ghkchinmek, 

ta<fayyush  -  et,  < _ .?L£ 

kkflfr-nefss-et ;  b^ssbenmek, 

\lSAxj  taghaddî-et;  - —  upon,  LLXaj 
y^mek,  b^sslknmek  ; 


Livelihood,  s.  gb^chinejek, 

{j~Ân _ îL£  keflfz-nefss. 

Liveliness,  s.  jânlulik; 

o^maklik  ;  ^jS  firah  ;  the  livelong  day, 

u/  UT-!  bitun-ghyun. 

Lively,  a.  oyniyor, 

oynak  ;  shkn-shukh  ; 

miifcrrih,  j \ tarab-enghlz. 

Liver,  s.jCzpXji  klra-jiyAEr,  jiy/iER. 

Livery,  5.  cJ;bc^ci>- 


Live-stock,  s.  CD\)\ja>-  haywlnlt. 

Livid,  a.j}*>  mor;  AİAk-buİAk. 


[  181  ] 


Living,  s.  ghüchinEjek, 

; _ îUi  kefAfi-nefss  ;  ^ 

sûruti  -  ta"ayyush  ;  yümük, 

/♦l»?  ta"âm  ;  L^-v-cLl  irnâmüt ;  — ,  a. 

diri,  £L>  sa gh,  SJuLs»-  hayâtda, 
^Lr»^  kkr-hây ât, 

Lizard,  s.  ^JLîjİd  kkrt^nk^İEr 
(kkrtLnkeİE) . 

Load,  s.  cJjJ  yük,  jIj  bâr,  hâ- 

müİE  ;  — ,  v.a.  yiıkİEtmek  ; 


Loadstone,  ^.-.LLjuı  miknâtiss 

(mikhlâdiz-tAshi) . 

Loaf,  s.  somun ;  kklİE. 

Loan,  s.  üdunj,  karz, 

^jA fû.*A  isstikrÂz* 

Loathe,  v.a.  i^ürEnmek, 

tiksinmek,  isstik- 

râh-et,  ikrâh-et. 

Lobster,  5.  )y\'^A  isstâkoz. 

Local,  a.  £  ykrli,  mevki  i; 

jüz  î,j*ass\* o  münhASSir. 

Locality,  s.  j  ykr,  J^°  mahall,  *--Vc 
mevki' f,  ^âyç  müvzi". 

Lock,  s.  Jul£  kilid ;  ,  »Lür*-  chakmak ; 

.♦  9  v 

hawuz  ;  L^.«l  demet ;  — ,v.n. 
kilidi  Enmek, 
kitİEnmek  ;  — ,  v.a. 

kilidİEmek,  LLXAzZ  kitlnm  ek ;  — 

in,  ichüri-kitİEmek ; 

—  out,  Lt)viL£ı_^L,Js  dishâri- 
-kitlkmek ;  —  up,  Ll)vi \ş£  kitlumek, 
kitluy  iv  Ermek. 

Locksmith,  s.j^S-A.^-  chilinghir. 

Locust,  s.  chükirghE; 



Lodge,  s.  jAs  kÂpiji-ödassi, 

<-5^  \^TjA*  kÂpiji-evi ;  lJA  bX<7^- 
-evi;  — ,  v.n.  üturmak, 


müss âferdtEn  -  oturmak  ;  ^JkİİU  kkl- 
mak;  — ,  v.a.  oturtmak; 

(JUj!  Atmak  ;  "ârz-et. 

Lodger,  5.  klrâji,^iL*<«  müssâfır. 

Lodging,  Lodgings,  5.  AoA  oda, 

^  > 

Loft,  s.  [^\ tkwAn-arassi.  [tefi". 
Lofty,  a.  LLX— ' ^  yüksek,  mür- 

Log,  s.  odun ;  ijJjsS  kyütuk ; 

<Zz£\jJ  pâraküta ;  C— ?L.3  \  ünsâb  ; 
log.  sine,  wm«)  nissb&ti-jüy- 

biyyfi;  log.  cosine,  ^Lj 

tkmÂmi-nissbüti-jüybiyyE ;  log.  tam 
gent,  <Ü>1?  nissbüti-zilliyyE  ;  to 

heave  the  — ,  (J.*A  pâraküta- 

Âtmak.  [c_.jL.3I  ünsâb. 

Logarithm,  s.  <LOjU!  lughâritma ; 
Log-book,  s.  \ ghemi-zhürnâli. 
Loggerhead,  s.  ahmak  ;  to  fall, 

go  to  loggerheads,  bozush- 

Logic,  5.  (J>\ 2**0  m  Antik.  [mak. 

Log-line,  s.  P^raketa- 

Logwood,  s.  bXkkam.  [sijimi. 

Loins,  5.  Jj  b^l,  c— ^L?  sulb. 

Loiter,  v.n.  (JA'AjJs  ghbzinmek, 

dolashmak,  LlA^j ^  wkkit- 

-ghüchirmek,  \  c— ^  J  L  wXkit- 


Lombard,  s.  lombardiali. 


[  182  ] 


Lombardy,  5.  lombardia. 

London  (town  of),  s. 


Londoner,  s.  londrali.  pssszz. 

Lonely,  a.  tEnhâ;  j£ib  yalznyzz; 

Long,  a.  uzun,  (Jjjb  tawzl  ; 

as  —  as,  j Si  kldar ;  — ,  v.n. 

LLX*0j1^\  Ish  -  y Ermek  ;  —  for, 

isstumek,  jlnz- 

-ısstEmek  ;  Iramak  ;  —  after, 

Aramak,  mushtlk-ol, 

\jjLsjM  ishtiylk-et. 

Longer,  a.  daha- uzun  ;  — , 

ad.  any  — ,  no  — ,  artzk,  £jbj 

ziyadn  ;  a  little  — ,  IfcO  j\  j\  bir-lz- 

Longevity,  s.  jA£  J^b  tul-i-ffzzmr. 

Longitude,  s.  (J^btül,  jJj  J^b  tulibeled. 

Look,  s.  ^jb  blkzsh,  nlzar,  lbi.5^ 

lâhza ;  jij%  bbnyz,  chbhrE, 

sıma  ;  L2— iLî  kıyafet,  (JUjya 

sürüt,  hby'bt,  kzlz'k ; 

— ,  v.n.  ^JU-î  l.'  blkmak,  \Ja)  nlzar- 
-et ;  seyr-et,  \  L£> \a>'J  tlmâshâ-et ; 
ClLiK  ghulmek,  xj  ghyzzzE- 

-ghyzzrunmek ;  —  like,  beny- 

ZEmek  ;  —  about,  ^LV^jb  blkznmak ; 
Iramak;  — after,  çja'İ  b  blkmak, 
ghyüzetmek  ;  ^<\j\  Ira¬ 
mak  ;  —  big,  kurulmak, 

jLi*  klba-daybL-et ;  —  down 
upon,  ^4J b 1-1  \ ^ Sj j li y  yukarz- 


dan-lshay^z-blkmak ;  iss- 

tihklr-et,  khor-blkmak , 

—  for,  j\  Iramak  ;  Cb^K.'  bekin¬ 

mek,  o  müntlzzr-öl, 

mübnül-et;  — into,  \ teftîsh-et; 

tbjbsssuss-et ;  — on,  ^j^b 

blkmak,  sbyr-et ;  — out,  &>- y\ 

b  ıyija-bakmak,  dıkklt-et; 

—  well,  j\  ghyuzel-bl, 

yakzshmak,  yârashmak  ; 

j j»  L5m3^^"  chehrEssi-Iyi-bl.  [mir'ât. 

♦  .  *■ 

Looking-glass,  5.  zG-ji  âyinn, 

Loom,  s.  büz-dbsstghyâhz‘, 

dbsstghyâh  (tbzghyâh)  ;  — , 
L»^o  ^jb^-  khay  al— 


Loop,  s.  CXt»!’  ilmik;  C-3>J^  ilik. 
Loophole,  5.  b  blja, 

âydznlzk-blj  assz ;  ^ebs-li  klchamak. 
Loose,  s.  ıtllkz-^inân  ;  — ,  a. 

LLX£>j£  ghevshek ;  *ljj  chzzzulu  ; 
1]  Us  slllanz’yor;  mubhbm  ; 

rlbtszz  ;  r  lb  z  t  as  s  z  z 

yaramaz,  chlpkzn ;  — ,  v.a. 

achmak,  chazmek ; 

brâkmak  ;  *a  sllz- 

vnrmek.  lînet-VErmek. 

Loosen,  v.a.  gh bvsh Etmek  ; 

Looseness,  ghbvslı eklik  ;  (of 

bowels)  UL*cJl  lınbt ;  Jl^î  isshâl ; 
(of  morals)  ^L-.ÜjU-  chlpkznlzk. 

Loquacious,£  ghev^zn;  l  lâfzbn. 

Loquacity,  s.  clMsjyi  gheveznlik. 

Lord,  5.  u>cX^jl  bfendi,  bey/z ;  the 

Lord  God,  L-jj  rlbbu-1- 

_  ‘âİEinln;  the  Lord  of  glory,  c _ Sj 

rlbbu-’l-^izzet  ;  our  Lord, 
efendimiz ;  rlbbzmzz-tzz“âlâ; 


[  183  ] 


our  Lord  Jesus  Christ, 

j  ,*cs>-  \aj  JcJl  ‘‘Issa  -  1  -  Mbssfh- 
-bfendimiz  -  hazretleri,  or 


£  âla  -  *  'ıssâ-’l-  mbssıh  -  hkzrbtleri ;  our 
Lord  and  Saviour,  rlbbL 

mzz-VE-khzzllasszmzz ;  our  sovereign 
Lord,  j+jAuAj  4Jt>bS>jb  padishahzmz'z- 
-bfbndimiz ;  our  Lord  and  Master, 

1 1  ^  £*+**£' 

d j+'X*XJ 

J)  veli-ni'metimiz- 


Lose,  v.a.  b _ ole  ghâ'ib-et  (kaybet), 

zâY'-et,  iddan- 

-kAchz'rmak,  dan- 61 ;  —  ground, 

ykr-gha'ib-et,  ghb- 

riİEmek ;  —  one’s  way,  d^Jji 
yol-gha'zb-et,  yol-shzz- 

shzrmak.  [telef ;  CuLsi, j  tblefiyyat. 

Loss,  s.  zarar,  ^bj  ziyan  ;  i— ûIj 

«•  ♦♦ 
Lot,  s.  kzssmbt ;  lots,  teji 

kur^a ;  to  draw  lots, 

Lotion,  s.  yo  su.  [kurf<a-cbbkmek. 

Lottery,  s.  ji iübo  piyânko.  [JoJo  bulbnd. 

Loud,  a.  cJo  pbk,  db>  pek-sessli, 

Louse,  5.  L^J  bit,  kehlk ;  — ,  v.n. 

bıtİEnmek;  — ,  v.a. 


Lout,  e)-M  bshek. 

Love,  5.  J.Lc  “kshk,  skvghi; 

mâhabbet;  — ,  v.a. 
skvmek  ;  ^  dS>lc  *  ashz'k-oL 
Love-apple,  s.  ^WYbb  d)jy  firknk- 
-pktlzjÂnz ;  (green)  <XjUj  kAWAta. 
Lovely,  skvghili,  ghyuzbl, 

•J  J  dilbkr. 


Lover,  s.  (Jj* ic  “ishz’k;  ^Uj  (zam¬ 
para)  ;  y\. ~3*Jb  hâvbssli ;  mbrlklz*. 

Low,  a.  AshayAz*;  ^jsrl  Alchak  ; 

^jn^b  bÂssz'k  ;  j*A>-  hakzr  ;  J  dbni  ; 

chApkm,  d«l3  na-mbrd; 
yawAsh ;  jj-J  pbss ;  — ,  v.n. 
dbc^Jj  dbo  1  mbk-ghibi-sess- 

vkrmek.  [-diyâri. 

Low  Countries,  ui^LodlxYi  filmiEnk- 

Lower,  a.  dâhâ-Alchzzk ;  liO 

daha-Ashaz/Az* ; — ,v.a.ijJ^ojSj\ 
bndirmek  ;  Ash  apazlatmak; 

fJ.AZsX *o  sarkztmak;  U;obc  mayna- et; 
IjJjJy  tbrzll-et,  \jks?‘  muhAkkar-et ; 
(JfAM<sux*â  zâ*  îflatmak;  — , v.n.  ûv'J 
kArarmak.  [jlido  munkld. 

Loyal,  a.  sldzL,  mutz'b 

Lucid,  a.  vwazzh. 

Lucidity,  s.  vwuzuh. 

Lucifer,  s.  kibrit ;  'HJbj  zuhrE  ; 

shbytân.  . 

Luck,  s.  bâkht,  ^_!lb  talz*  . 

Lucky,  a.  J/ibkT  bakhtlz. 

Lucrative,  a.  lb  kz/arli. 

Lucre,  s.  kyâr  ;  ^b  pârE. 

Ludicrous,  a.  dip-  <xJ &  gbyülenejek. 

Luff,  v.n.  orsa-bt. 

Luggage,  s.  Ld!  bshyâ,  P^tz, 

JU5İ  bsskll,  yük, 


Lugger,  s.  JİJ biyuk-skndAİ. 

Lukewarm,  a.  ilijak  ;  jSi\  Ighir, 

ghbvshbk,  ghayretsiz. 

Lull,  v.n.  JaIj b  yatzshmak  ;  — ,  s. 


[  184  ] 


Luminary,  s.  jissm-mimir. 

Luminous,  a. munlr. 

Lump,  s.  pârcha,  top  ;  — , 

v.a.  <-£ ghyaturu  -  Aİmak  ; 

(jjyyy  lJjJ y>  ghy wturu  -  VErmek  ; 

ghyaturu  -  yapmak; 

V.  <-£^i==>  g^yaturu- yap  durmak. 

Lunacy,  s.  dJlJ  J  delilik,  jinnbt, 

Lunar,  a.  lSja'İ  klmdri.  jünün. 

Lunatic,  a.  and  s.  dbli, 

mhjnün.  [altissi. 

Lunch,  s.  4İJj!  ayİE-kâhw6- 

Lungs,  5.  pi.  jCzy  jiy/iEr,  Xk- 

Luscious,  a.^b’lbC-k  pek-tAtK.  [jiy/zEr. 


Luserne,  Lucerne,  5.  ydnja. 

Lust,  s.  shbhvkt;  —  after,  v.n. 

«Ll)v4iİJ shehvEtİEnmek. 

Lustre,  s.  (J.İİÜ ^k  pârlalik,  (Jjjj  rbvnXk; 
İjl j\  âviZE. 

Lusty,  a.  dinj,  jby  kuvvetli. 

Lute,  s.jLj  sâz;  oofi  lawuta ;  üd. 

Luxuriant,  a.  ^3 y  kuvv&tli,  y^^>y  bisrd- 
kktli,  chdk,  J^tk-wc  mbbzül. 

Luxurious,  a.  ^k:*kl**j  SAİtanÂth,  y  <&k:k 
tXntAnak* ;  ^JLc\  â' lâ,  nefiss. 

Luxury,  s.  L^-okL-a  sÂİtankt,  4ik*b 
tÂntAna  ;  sefahat; 


Lying-in,  5.  L cho- 
j uk-doghurajak-wÂkit ; 

Lymphatic,  a.  ^4.*k  bAİghamî.  [L\k. 

Lynx,  5.  (j£tj  vÂshak,  ^y*y  kAra-ku- 

Lyre,  5.  k^J  bbrbbt. 

Lyric,  Jj£  ghazbl. 


Macaroni,  s.  43jliu>  makarna. 

Mace,  s.Jyiyb  topuz,  ^xbjy  bozdaysan; 


jbvizi-kAbuy^u.  [lıwâ-i-SEİanîk. 

Macedonia,  s.  4ji  filibjE ;  k! 

Machine,  Machinery,  s.  ~r^-  eharkh, 

<^-^=iko  rnakina,  Cl^ll  âlet,  d-5^  âl  ât. 

Machinist,  5.  chârkhji. 

Mackerel,  s.  u!y*yi-d  üsskumru. 

Mad,  a.  dbli,  diwanE  ; 

mbjnün,  kkchz'k, 

childirmish  ;  to  go  — ,  v.n.  C-b«y  Jİs- 

childirmek,  dbli-ol,  te- 

jbnnun-et,  jinnbt-ghb- 

tirmek.  [13 y y  kokona. 

Madam,  s.  l£iX*:\  ^ik>- khânim-bfendi ; 

Madder,  s.  \ \ycJ£  kyak-bdya. 

Mad-house,  5.  43  timar-khand, 

43kk^U,*j  bîmar-khânE. 

Madman,  s.  Jj  d&li. 

Madness,  s.  cJLta  delilik, 

**  » 

jinnet,  jimün.  [yem. 

Madona,  s.  >^-0  LZJjJiz*-  hazrbti-mEr- 
Magazine,  5.  *)U,«  mâytea  ;  jl-JÎ  anbâr; 
^j-^0  mâkhzkn  ;  <k3y&  ghâzbta  ; 

powder  — ,  43lsar>-  jbb-khânE. 
Maggot,  s.  CU jy  kurt. 

Magic,  s.jS^  sihr  ;  —  lantern,  ^sSk^ 
<-5jki  khâyâljz-fEnEri. 

Magician,  s.jl^sr9  sıhrbÂz^ljsr5  sâhhâr. 
Magistracy,  5.  hâkimlik;  ^l^ks. 

hükkyâm.  [j*^U  me'mûr. 

Magistrate,  5.  hâkim,  kjU  zâbit, 


C  185  ] 


Magnanimity,  s.  Lc  “iılüvvi-jbnâb, 

CUja’sSs.  ‘hiliivvi-fitret. 
Magnanimous,  a.  “âli-jfcnâb. 

Magnesia,  s.  ghyuhbr- 

chiİE  -  kaymayız  ; 

mâghnısia-kASSAbössi.  [lâdz'z). 

Magnet,  s.  miknâttss  (mikh- 

Magnificence,  s.  skltanÂt,  teiaik 

tXntAna,  dbbddbfi  ; 


Magnificent,  a .  J Li/cij  pbk-ghyiizel ; 

sXltanltl* ;  fâkhîm, 


Magnify,  v.a.  biyutmek;  Ju^as? 



Magnifying-glass,  5.  £  pbrtevsüz 

(pbrtevsiz) . 

Magnitude,  5.  biyuklik, 

hljm;  &\  Mfemmiyybt. 

Magpie,  s.  ^)U^2Ü^  sÂksay/zân.  [-Ay/zajz. 
Mahogany,  5.  ^£.V<  mhghon- 

Mahometan,  a.  muhammddi, 

ısslâmî  ;  — ,  s.  musslim, 

ehli-isslam,  ^  miiss- 

limân.  [|*zLj1  dîni-ısslâm. 

Mahometanism,  s.  isslam. 

Maid,  Maiden,  s.  jJ>  kzz,  jjjlijjj 
kzz-oyMAn-kzz,  ^£=1)  bakirfi. 
Maidenhead,  s.  kzzlz’k,  jLi  bikr. 

Maidservant,  s.  (free)  besslemn ; 

(slave)  khklayz'k,  jariyyn. 

Mail,  5.  possta ;  Xjj  zirh. 

Maim,  v.a.  UaiLo.  Mini  -  sakAt  -  et, 



Main,  a.  biyuk,  01  ana,  Âssl; 

-  ..  >  deny  iz  ;  CL2y  kuvvbt ; 
with  all  his  might  and  main,  4İ.J ^ 
vâr-kuvvetlla  ;  —  land,  ZyiAJ\  assI- 
klra ;  —  mast,  orta- direk,. 

lJS'AjJZ  ghrandi-dirbghl ;  — - 

sail,  ghrândi  ;  —  topsail, 


Maintain,  v.a.  llUL-j  bbsslfimek  ;  <&J\ 
j\  arka- hi,  tutmak  ;  llcJİ 

iddz^â-et;  H&l  ibk  -  et ; 
siyânbt-et,  WUj  vikayfi-et. 

Maintenance,  s.  ghbchinujek, 

tz^ayyush,  <üüü  nafaka,  1 _ îli£ 

(j-Âj  kbflfi-nbfss ;  lib\  ibkl ;  Ll-OL-tf 
sıyânbt,  <ülîj  vıkâyk. 

Maize,  5.  ^\ski  j^o  missir-boyMayz’. 

Majestic,  a.  ghyüsstErishli ; 


Majesty,  5.  shuvkut, 

mahâb&t;  His  Majesty  (the  Sultan), 
J*aj  sliEvkutli  -  efendimiz  ; 

His  (or  Her)  Majesty  the  King, 
u$Ju  l-ş-  hAshmetli-kirÂl- 

jbnlbferi,  (or  kirâlıcha,  the 

Queen,  or  impurâtor,  the 

Emperor,  &c.) 

Major,  a.  bksEri  ;  Jâcl  â^zam, 

bkbkr  ;  kyüllî  ;  bâligh 
— ,  (^ALC.j  biny-bÂshz ;  drum  — , 
tlmb ur-mazhor ;  —  domo, 

1  kyâya  ;  vekîhkhârj  ; 

- —  general,  liwa-pasha. 

Majority,  s.  L '^J^\  ekskriyybt ; 
bid ügh,  Cj.L sinni  -  bill  ügh  ; 


[  186  ] 


Make,  s.  bichim,  sürkt, 

hey 'ht,  b  yapdish ;  <Ü 
i<finaliyyE  ;  — ,  v.a.  yapmak, 

iJUxl  i^mâl  -  et ; 
vüjüda-gh&tirmek  ;  y  hr  Atmak, 

i^jlr^khalk-et;  cJv*2ji  htmek,  dJvfcbi 
bylkmek,  ^Ja.  1-i  kzlmak ;  —  a  fool  of, 
^V*jİ.n!!  Aldatmak,  işjLi=>  kepâzE-et, 


-chhvirmek ;  —  a  mistake, 
yanydmak,  shhv-et,  İlke*.  khAtâ- 
-et,  IjLlKlı  yanyzk'shk’k  -  et ;  — 

angry,  dAnltmak,  dhj^jlr 

kizddmak,  ghyujEndir- 

mek ;  —  a  pen,  kâİEm- 

-yontmak,  (a  new  pen)  3 

kÂİEm  -  achmak  ;  —  at,  o^i  *a5  In*' 

sAlds'rmak,  hüjüm-et;  —  away 

with,  uchurmak,  it— âb’  thlef- 

-et ;  —  for,  J( *j  y ol-t utmak  ; 

—  good,  yErina-ghetir- 

mek ;  —  haste,  •IcjjU-  chabik-ol, 

>  *  V  7 

Uijsf  “AjhİE-et;  —  land,  sjs  xAjZj 
<JLXa->j*$  dhnyizda-kAra-ghyarunmek  ; 

—  many  words,  (Jaj\j^\  uzAtmak, 

chok-suw^ylumek  ;  — 
off,  ghitmek,  L?  sawush- 

mak ;  —  off  with,  JUİİ  Aimak  ; 
ch Aimak;  —  one  of  a  company, 
rhfakat-et,  dakhil-ol; 

—  one’s  escape,  ^JV^rs-ls  kAchmak; 
(JaXjjjS  kurtulmak  ;  —  out, 

ch  «karmak,  (Jyo^  okumak;  IcjUi 
İ8sbÂt-et ;  i<— j>  hissAb-et;  —  over, 
dhvr-et ;  !<fcjiy>-  hâwâİE-et ;  — 

towards,  (jAJ^o  J \jJ  yol-tutmak  ;  — 
up,  toplamak  ; 

thkmıl-et,  İ^U»j  tAmAm-et;  —  up  to, 
jUjbdJl)  yanzna-vârmak  ;  —  it  up, 
çJ.aJaj\i  bArishmak ;  —  it  up  to, 
\{^+A*aî  tAzmîn-et,  (J.aLoWj  tAmlm- 
lamak  ;  —  use  of,  kullAnmak, 


Maladministration,  s.  s  siı'i-idârE. 

Malady,  s.  d  dkrd,  L^i.£  *  illfet. 

Malaria,  s.  hawa-i-vwâkhraı. 

Male,  a.  and  CJ{,\  ferkek,y  nkr, 
jÇ<i  zhkEr  (pl.j^j  zükyür). 

Malediction,  s.  IcJ  cXj  bhd-dü<fâ. 

•  I 

Malefactor,  s.  1 _ sâhib-jiınhâ, 

py s?°  miıjrim. 

Malevolence,  s.  ''adavet, 

‘‘üdvln,  aiü>-  hıkd,  bughz. 
Malevolent,  a.  kyütu. 

Malice,  s.  Jwa3  ^  su'i-kAssd,  ^ 

su'i-niyyht,  Cjbj £>  kyütulik. 
Malicious,  a.  kyııtu. 

Maliciousness,  s.  kyiıtuluk. 

Malign,  v.a.  1  U-i'  iftirâ-et. 

Malignant,  a.  kyütu. 

Malignity,  s.  kyütuluk. 

Mallet,  s.  tökmAk. 

Mallows,  s.  \  hbE-ghyümhji. 

Malt,  s.  <0  j\  (j bıralik-ârpa. 

Malta,  s.  <xLİ U  Malta. 

Malt-liquor,  s.  İ^-J  bira. 

Maltreatment,  5.  L2-0t>l  eziyy^t. 
Mamma,  s.  İ3İ  ana,  nınn, 


Man,  s.  âdErn  (AdAm),  \  insan. 


[  187  ] 


-V  mkrd,  rv  mordum  ;  —  of  war, 

jenk-ghhmissi,  *-J  \: 
kalyon,  —  of  war’s  man, 
lJjSÛ  kalyonp-n&feri ;  — ,  v.a.  dJütaj! 
J  IdAm  -  ila  -  donatmak, 
XdAm-komak;  donat¬ 
mak,  L  bAshma-vârmak. 

Manage,  v.n.  uydurmak; 

bdinmek  ;  gh&chin- 

niek  ;  — ,  v.a.  kulİÂnmak  ; 

\h+*â  zlbt-et;  idaru-et; 

uydurmak,  ^£4jI>  yapmak, 

Management,  s.  idaru.  [ghyarmek. 

Manager,  5.  o  müdîr. 

Mandate,  s.  s Jİj!  iradd,  ^,1^3  fkrmÂn, 
^~s>-  hükm,^:'  enir. 

Mane,  s.  dJo  y^İE. 

Mange,  s.  j^*\  uyuz. 

Manger,  s.  Ci3>Li3  yemlik. 

Mangle,  5.  j önderi ;  — ,  v.a 

(J-AJji  yortmak,  pârEİEmek 

Xj X*>-  j&ndt'rEdan-ghk- 

Manhood,  5.  ^JlLcJİ  kdAmlzk.  [chirmek 

Mania,  5.  delilik. 


Maniac,  s.  deli,  ^ k\ chılghm 
43 1 jj  J  dlwanE,  ^ies*10  m&jnün. 

Manifest,  s.  jsr““ ghemininy- 
-hiıjjfeti ;  — ,  a.j\i.£>\  Âshzkyâr,  A. 
bMıhî,  ^£>11?  zahir,  bedıdâr 

İJjyî»  lıüweydâ ;  — ,  v.a.  LlX^cj^j— 
ghyasstErmek,  !^3b|  ızhâr-et. 

Manifesto,  s.  <kou3u  J  bkyân-nâmE 
<L<bJjLc!  i<cİÂn-nâmE. 

Mankind,  5.  ^Oİ  ^13  beni-âdEm, 

nev^i-beni-besbEr,  nâss, 

Manly,  a.  J^o  m&rd,  <üİJyc  mbrdânE, 
IdAm.  [-hklwassi. 

Manna,  5.  kudret- 

Manner,  5.  JJb  tarz,  jîjJ  dürlut 
(tiırlu),  vkjh ;  manners,  s.  pl. 

J\y& \  Xtwâr  ;  âkhlâk  ;  C-jW 


Manceuvre,  s.  L-Jİjh  doİAb, 

oyun;  Zjyi  L«  manevra;  — ,  v.n. 

L-Sİb  doİAb  -  chevirmek, 
oyun  -  chikârmak  ; 

XjjjVo  mânbvra-chbvirmek. 

Mansion,  s.  ,«l3» i  kbnak. 

W  J 

Mantel-piece,  Mantel-shelf,  s. 

u— f\ j  ^Jİj\  ojak-iisstindE-blam 

rkf.  [mântua-shbhiri. 

Mantua  (town  of),  s.  \jpj\so 

Manual,  s.  d\~sj  rissâİE;  — ,  a.  4İj! 

\j=>\  Eİ-ıla-ıjrâ- olunan  ;  —  exer¬ 
cise,  ijjs^îû  £AjEmI- 

tüfbk- tatlımı  ;  sign  — ,  Lie!  imza. 

Manufactory,  5.  <üb^U  fabrika. 

Manufacture,  s.  4iü^j Iî  fabrika,  43U^,L 
kyâr-khânE  ;  <jLc  mâl,  (pl.)  Cl^Lf-c! 
ı<cmâlât,  mlssnu^at; 

ı<£mâl  ;  — ,  v.a.  Y^P" 

mak,  \JUc\  i<£mâl-et. 

Manufacturer,  5.  li  fâbrikâji. 

Manumission,  S\J\  âzâd. 

Manumit,  v.a.  !  âzâd-et. 

Manure,  s.  ghyübrE ;  — ,  v.a. 


Manuscript,  a.  V. d ^  Eİ-yâzisst ; 

— ,  s.  l— \  V.  Eİ-yâzissi- 


[  188  ] 




chok,  j's\j  wafir ;  a  great 

— 5  J^-^chok,  birchok;  — a, 

Map,  5.  kharita.  [Irsl3  nljn. 

Maple,  s.^£.\  ji  bîr-jinss-lghaj. 

Marauder,  s.  yayAmajz. 

Marble,  s.j^o  mEraiEr. 

March,  5.  C1^L<  mart;  marsh; 

^AsskEr  -  yürumessi ; 

Jjj  yo1 ;  — >  or 

yürümek;  — ,  v.a.  LLX-*~j  *j 

yürütmek;  süvk-et,  S 

ghyiiturmek ;  — ,  int.  (jLj\  arsh  ; 

—  in,  (jJsCjJi  ghirmek ;  —  off, 

(JSazZ  ghitmek  ;  £  ghyatur- 

mek  ;  —  on,  cXo  ileri- ghit¬ 

mek  ;  —  out,  chzkmak. 

Mare,  s.  kzssrlk. 

Margin,  s.  \'S  khnâr ;  flzla ; 

marginal  note,  j\'S  knnâr;  <L-2jI>- 

Marigold,  s.  nhrghiss.  [hashiyyn. 

Marine,  a.  bahrî,  bahriyyn  ; 

— ,  5.  CLSk*.sf3  kyâffeh- 

-  tüjümmulâti  -  bahriyyh  ; 

bahriyyn  -  tüfknkjissi ; 
(jLy  bosh-putkAİ. 

Mariner,  5.  ghemiji. 

Maritime,  a.  oyxT  bahrî ;  ^L>-L:  sahili. 

Mark,  s.  chizi,  LUj\£»\  ishâret, 

jjliJ  nishAn  ;  J  \  üssEr ;  U aj 
(dlmgha)  ;  shâkhss  ;  ^  w* 

nishln,  hedef ;  — ,  v.n. 

yazmak,  dJ  chizmek; 

dikklt-et ;  — ,v  .a.^^c^CuJ\J3>\ 
ishâret-komak,  ^A*3  nishln - 

rkomak ;  ^j^WxXi  dlmgha-wur- 

mak;  damlamak  ;  j\ 

essEr-brâkmak ;  dikklt-et ; 

of  — mü^tübür,  ^  Utjlb  belli- 

bÂshh*,  i _ fj\xisa  mııta^ârif, 

mazlum.  charshk 

Market,  s.  pazar ;  chârsü, 

Marking-iron,  s.  dâgh. 

Marmalade,  s.  rechei. 

w  v  y 

Marque  (letters  of),  ^3 1 xjs  <jİ3l 

kursânlik-fErmlni . 

Marquee,  s.  jd iki-dirbkli- 
-chXdzr;  jjl>-  biyuk-chXdzr. 

Marquess,  Marquis,  5.  'Jj 

Marriage,  s.  ^Xi  nikyâh, 

evlknish,  tezbvvuj,  ^3^ 

izdiwlj . 

Marriageable,  a.  üvErşjek ; 

CîJİİmJ^  ghülinlik. 

Married,  a.  bvli,  mutd'ehhil; 

&  köjada,  münkyüha. 

Marrow,  s.  CjJ!  ilik  ,  jksc  rnaghz. 

Marry,  v.n.  LlXi-Jjl  evİEnmek, 

klrz  -  llmak,  IJjbİJ  tü'ühhul  -  et ; 

koj  aya  -  varmak ;  — *, 
v.a.  llmak,  tezüvvuj-et ; 

üvliendirmek,  tüzvîj- 

et  ;  fa \&z>-  koj  aya- vErmek  ; 

£'lkd-et,  ^^3  nikyâh-et. 

Mars,  .9.  ^2j<o  merrîkh-yddzzf ; 


ma  "büdün-issmi. 

Marsh,  bit  ak,  bltaklzk. 

Marshal,  s.  chawush  ;  earl  — , 

lord  — ,  chawush-blshz; 


[  189  ] 


field.  — ,  sErdâr-pâyu- 

lissi ;  — ,  v.a.  ]^*yy  tkrtîb-et. 

Mart,  5.  bedisstkn, 

bezisstkn,  bbzzâzisstân  ; 

(oLî  kip  An  ;  ,l>~  chârshh 

Marten-sable,  s.j (samur). 

Martial,  a.  harbî ;  u^ru-x- 

' 'is  skirl ;  court  — ,  L— >y- 

Martyr,  s.  shbhîd. 

Martyrdom,  s.  shahâdbt, 

shbhîdlik.  [s _ y  J:  gharib. 

Marvellous,  a.  'âjıb  ("âjâ'ib), 

Masculine,  a.  müzbkkEr. 

Mason,  s.  tXshji ; 


Masonry,  s.  tlsh  -  diwâr  ; 

jLs^U?  tlshpTik ;  \y£  diwâr- 


Mass,  s.  ^jsr*"  hljm,  jürm  ; 

Jtghm  ;  C-jA?  tüp,  <kc^  kyümk; 
t Ibur,  fevj  ; 

kâtolikİEriny-bâdarâkz ;  — ,  v.a.  \L-jb 
top -et yıkmak. 

Massacre,  5.  *lc  Jci  kltK-“Âmm  ;  — , 
v.a.  kirmak,  IJci  kltl-et, 

öldürmek,  (parala¬ 
mak).  [y-\  \gh\T,  ^Jii  kilin. 

Massive,  a.  metin,  LZ^jy  kunt, 

Mast,  5.  (jJ  dirik,  ^y^  sîıtün, 

"am  üd  ;  ^.!Zy  l-c-i 

ghy  ulghkn  -  ly^Aj  mmy  -  y  emishi ;  top 
— 5  ghlbiya-chıbüy^u  •; 

top-gallant  — ,  blbA- 


Maâter,  s.  lJSuî\  bfbndi ;  \z\  IghA ; 

<lvzJ\  usstâd  (üssta);  klıöja  ; 

mü^allim  ;  LjU?  zabit;  ı _ Jlc 

ghllib  ;  glıcmi  -  re'ıssi, 

J*.  «Js  klpudân  (klptAn);  — ,  i). a. 

hlkkmdan  -  girilmek, 
*\ ghllib-61 ;  —  hand, 
üsstâd-Eİi;  — key,  tlmm- 

anakhtâr  ;  —  of  the  Horse,  jy*) 
mîri-âkhör  (bmraklıbr). 

Masterpiece,  s.  zJ\  usstâd-ıshi. 

Mastic,  s.  ^Jh^o  mlsstald,JjLj  sâkzz  ; 

mâ  jün. 

Mat,  5.  hlssir  ;  — ,  v.n.  tyyy 

bir  -  bırina  -  yapîshmak, 

Match,  s.  kibrit;  (jL\  esli,  ^+s- 

"âyn,  missl ;  y&  kyufv,  ^}y\ 

İkrln,  ârkadash,  blsh, 

y  bir,  &  bErâbkr,  zS j\~~o  mussâvi ; 

childsldr,  ys>-  <$JL'Â+ş>-  chi- 
kîshajak,  ı*-L£ lılklandan- 
ghelir  ;  jdzs  lltda  -  kılmaz, 

A&hkghi  -  kllmaz  ;  TîJ 
tbzbvvuj  ;  — ,  v.n.  j\y  bir-ol ;  Jj 
bErâbur  -  ghitmek, 
bsh-61 ;  — ,v.a.  esh -bulmak; 

U^b^LT"^  bsh  -  Iramak  ; 

İl cJİ  üshi-yok-düyu-idd^'â-et, 
y^cydj\s^  yy  yy  ^shi  -  yok  --  dbyu- 


Matchless,  a.  bı-nlzîr. 

Mate,  s.  j\  ârkadash  ;  esh  ; 

jjU»^  yamak;  *j^Lc  mülâzım; 
yâzijî ;  CL>L«  mit ;  d^U^Lî»  shâhmât. 


[  190  ] 


Material,  a.  ^Uw jıssmÂnî, 

hbyyülânî ;  khaylz,  kyullT, 

"Âzım,  yjty  eh  ok  ;  — ,  s. 
kumÂsh  ;  dJd.~>j.f==>  kbresstu,  ~ y>- 
khârj  ;  — s,  LAzbcjlj!  lbwâzzmât; 
(old)  ^büi  enklz. 

Maternal,  a.  mâdurânE  ;  bl 


Mathematical,  a.  .  hkndessi. 

Mathematician,  s.  mühkndiss, 


Mathematics,  s.  pi.  hknddssE ; 

d^y  b j  a Xz.  "ülümi-rıyâzıyyE. 

Matrimony,  s.  ızdivâj,  tb- 

zevvuj  ;  ^10  n  iky  âh. 

Matron,  s.  <UJ  seyyibu,  seyyib, 

lJj\:  kÂrz  ;  ^JAs\sik\}  (kyâya)-kÂdzn. 

Matter,  s.  h&yyulâ;  ç,~+ sy  jissm ; 

*  mâddk  (maddu) ;  khu- 

ssüss,  kbyfiyyet,  y c)  emr  (pi. 

jy o\  iimür),  \jt}\  ish,  mÂss- 

lâhat ;  jbrâhat,  iriny ; 

chapAk  ;  jjâ  zarar,  çj~  b  bb'ss ; 
— ,  v.n.  zararz*bl;  no  — ! 

z«rar-yok,  he'ss-ydk; 

that  does  not  — ,  ,  » i_£  »  .*?  zarar/- 
yok  ;  what  is  the  — ?  jb<0  nk-vâr, 
A3  mÂsslahat-nk-imish 

(orjJ  dir). 

Mattock,  5.  dscj\i  kÂzma. 

Mattress,  s.jSu^o  mindEr  ;  &J.A  shiltk. 

Mature,  a.  dlmush,  ^L/İİâj  yet- 

mish,  yctishmish, 

yerishmish,  1U£  kkmâla-vâr- 

mzsh,  JUb=3  kkmâl-bulmush, 

k/wÂm-bulmush,  l 
kÂrârznz  -  hulmush  ; 
pishmish  ;  — ,  v.n.  (J^^\  olmak, 

kkmâla  -  varmak  ;  — , 

v.d.  j  kÂrârlashdz'rmak, 

\  tkkmil  -  et,  LL^-cj y^~zL<\ y 


Maturity,  r'y  kiwlm,  kÂrâr ; 
j^b  bill  ügh  ;  kkmâl ;  Lüül 


Maxim,  s.  £J.cb  kâ"iak,  ^3b  kânun; 

(Jju  t-jyi  zârb i  -  messel, 

mevzu''.  [Grammar. 

May,  s.  ^~jLo  mâyzss;  — ,  v.  aux.  See 

Mayor,  s.  ^Ab^bp  "âyÂn-bÂshz. 

Me,  p.  bkni ;  bo  bÂnya. 

Meadow,  s.  j:\jy  châyr. 

Meal,  5.  ün,  dÂkik ;  Ll3vW 

ybmbk,  ^UL  tâ"âm,  or 

ayun,  or  ^*^*1  ap'fom. 

Mean,  a.  L>  ~sj  VASsltz,  djj*\  orta  ;  s!l 

Aİchak,  dbnî;  khÂssıss, 

tAmâ"kyâr  ;  Vİ  lâyzk  sz’z, 

bi  funâ ;  — ,  s.  VASSAt,  djj^.1 

orta  ;  — ,v.a.  J  dbmek- 


isstEmek  ;  cXwJ  dbmek, 

•I  mâ"nâssz-bl ;  cJvCJİJİ^  murld- 

"  J 

-et,  tlssmlm-et,  (J^cjy  kur¬ 
mak,  niyyet-et. 

Meaning,  s.  \ux^o  mâ"nâ ;  Jİ yc  murÂd. 
Meanness,  5.  ^Jİ3j^  dünlük  ;  CbijlC^L 
tâmâ<fkyârlik  ;  fakzrlzk. 

Means,  5.  vlsszta,  ı»^— va- 

ssâtat ;  ^İJûS!  ıktidâr,  kudrbt ; 


(para),  <Ur|  Akcha. 


[  191  ] 


Meantime,  Meanwhile,  ad.  (o)- 

aralik ;  dkr-ikkn. 

Measles,  jyc \Ji  or  y  kizâmuk. 

Measure,  s.  alchu;  CXsIjl  idchek; 

ârshfn,  kndâzE,  ^\j3 

zira<£;  ^yAj  tedbîr;  (of  poetry) 
vezn  ;  — ,  v.n.  cXiK  ghhlmek, 

etmek  ;  — ,  v.a. 

alchmek,  wlchussunu- 


Meat,  s.  LZj\  et,  ^  lâhm,  *:==: 

ghyösht ;  LlX*Jt  yemek,  k  ta^âm. 
Mechanic,  s.  khli-hirfkt,  jJj&\ 

^hli-san£<at.  [ksskll. 

Mechanics,  “ilmi-j&rri- 

Mechanism,  s.  charkh, 

châkhlar,  cl-?) )\  âlât,  LZ-^x^c  ma"- 

Medal,  s.  ^kJ  nıshÂn ;  <\Xj  sikkn. 
Meddle, v.n.  kÂrishmak, 


Mediate,  v.n.  (JaJ* yti  kÂrishmak,  <h)j\ 
CXc araya-ghirmek,  Ik-y  tawXss- 
Mediation,  s.  k-yj  tawksssut.  [sut-et. 
Mediator,  s.  kyy.«  miitawASSsit,  dkJj 

Medical,  a.  .  tibbl ;  —  attendant, 


hhkim,  tÂbıb ;  —  at- 

p-  .  ... 

tendance,  hekimli  k- 

-khzdm^ti,  hiikiminy- 


Medicine,  s.  Xk  “ilaj,  IjA  dewa. 
Meditate,  v.n.  düshunmek, 

.  L4J«£jlk  tÂshinmak,  l<ullk.«  muta- 


la<£ö-et ;  IzLİj^c  mürâkaba-et. 

Mediterranean,  Mediterranean  Sea,  s. 
P  3  Âk-dknyiz. 

Medium,  s.  4k«sk  wassita. 

Medlar,  5.  mushmula. 

Meed,  s.  musstahAkk,  euUlXo 

milky  afat;  CUİjlsr'0  müjâzât. 

Meek,  a.  ^Lk^c  mâzlüm,  X,=>-  halım. 

Meet,  a.  t»_-v-:k,o  münâssib,  lâyik, 
^k~*:>-  jiissbln  ;  — ,  v.n.  k 

kawushmak,  telâki-et; 

toplanmak,  £_*:>-  jfem“- ol,  ij) j\j 
CXiX  bır-araya-ghEİmek  ;  — ,  v.a. 
cXi.kc^A-j  \j  rAsst-ghklmek,  IcukXo 
mülâklt-et;  — one  another,  ^y*dJy 

Meeting,  s.  CUkL-c  mid  âk  Ât ;  ^-Xsr° 
mbjliss,  j&mt£iyy<it; 

jemâ<£at ;  ^ikLc  multaka  ;  —  house, 
j^sr,'X5  m&ssjid,  jâmi££, 


Melancholy,  s.  X  ghÂmm,  jA£==>  kkdEr ; 
kÂra-SEvdâ ;  — ,  a. 

mâgh m um,  j aXc  miıkeddEr ;  ^kjüJL*? 
sikindik* ;  ki  fnna. 

Mellow,  a.  dlmush. 

Melodious,  a.^k'lk  tÂtli. 

Melody,  5.  terânn  ;  <W*j  nâghma. 

Melon,  s.  (water)  jy^U  karpuz  ;  (musk) 
^k  kawun. 

Melt,  v.n.  dXiJjl  erimek  ;  — ,  v.a. 

Eritmek,  kjlki  izabd-et. 

Member,  5.  ££üzv  (pl.  kicl  â£<zâ). 

Membership,  s.  ^ylkaX  â£<zâlik. 

Membrane,  s.  J\j  zâr,  CkcsTjc)  d^rijik. 

Memoir,  5.  tezkdra  ;  lâ'iha. 


[  192  ] 


Memorable,  a.  mbshhur. 

Memorandum-book,  s.  dx*.src  mbjma  a, 
ahmak- dbftEri. 

Memorial,  Jls^y  “ârzzhâl, 

“«rıza;  bErghyîızar ;  yİ  bssEr. 

Memory,  5.  dlasU-Cky  kuvvbti-hlfzza  ; 
^  j  zıhn,  Jüc.  “iki,  jtUk.  khÂtzr  ; 
in  —  of,  nÂmmfl,  dlyJ  liül^y^cli 

nÂmmi-ıbkÂ-nıyyetîla  ;  within  the  — 
Of,  Bjj) I  CJviKdlliic  c< Akima- ghklmek- 
-hzbrE,  wkktinda. 


Menace,  5.  y?jy  korku,  dilrk-Üy  kÂvlan- 

ıkhâfE,  dilrk-Dlxi  fi“lan-ıkhâfE ;  — , 

v.a.  korkutmak;  I  dilek.  1 

ikbAfE-et;  IdiU-ldLI  JU  JJ  lıssâm- 

Menagerie,  s.  d3lekrly;l  ârsslankhânE. 

Mend,  v.n.  jlyl  ıyi-61,  cX*~Syl  ıyi- 
lEshmek,  (j*> '  iyiliyAa-ynz- 
tutmak  ;  ^  ^1  ısslâh- ol unmak ; 

_ .t  v.a.  LLI  ısslâh-et;  \j+a.x.j  tâ“- 

mır-et,  thrmim-et. 

Mendacious,  a.  yâİAnji. 

Mendacity,  5.  jLsr%  yâlÂnjilik. 

Mendicant,  s.  dilsnji. 

Mendicity,  s.  cJsLşöAjJ  dıİEnjilik, 

Menses,  s.  pl.  âdet, 

ây-bÂshz,  bâyz. 

Mensuration,  s.  d.e-L^^.Lc.  Mmi- 

Mental,  a.  zihnî,  “Âklî. 

Mention,  s.JS  zıkr,  lâkzrdz ;  — , 

make  —  of,  v.a .  JUfb I  Âm/mak, 
^*1! Xjc\  ÂyAza-Âlmak,  \j££  zıkr-et, 

İdili  klla-Âlmak,  l^y*-yJyiS  lâkzr- 
dzssmz-et.  [nÂsszhatji. 

Mentor,  s.  deyisek,  khoja ;  ^sâ£SÂ*û3 

Mercantile,  a.  tujjârî, 

xZsc  tujjâra  -  muta  allik,  dJjleşT 

Mercenary,  a.  ^yl ^1  S J^Ltl ^jLL.zz?j klk^ş- 1 
üjrbt-VE  -  bakhshish  -  bmelindE-blan  ; 
— ,  s.  îıjretlu-hizmet- 

kyâr;  ^Mİ  C^y>.l/lb 

yâlzngzz-üj  ret-ıchin  -hizmet-  b  den . 

Merchandise,  5.  ^JUs  mil  (pl.  (Jlyd 
bmwâl) ,  &x'isc  m  Ât  â  (pl.  ds^t!  hmta  â) « 

Merchant,  s.  bÂzirghyân  (bbzir- 

ghkn),  j>- İJ  tâjir  (pl.  jlşr  tujjâr, 
generally  used  as  a  singular). 

Merchantman,  s.  +  âr- 

-ghbmissi,  ^l ijj\i  bÂzir- 


Merciful,  a.  j&A&y*  mErhametli,  j\zs\j 
rb'fbtli,  shcfakÂtlz ;  the  Merciful 

(God)  Rahmin ;  the  Most 

Merciful  (God)  Rahim. 

Mercury,  5.  (metal)  jiwa,  (M) 

zibak  ;  (planet)  djbz  “utârid. 

Mercy,  5.  mErhâmet, 

shbfakÂt,  iVfbt ;  (of  God  to 

the  blessed)  rahrnbt. 

Mere,  a.  ^<y  kuru,  sâdd, 

sÂlt,  /!  Ij  yllnyzz. 

Meridian,  s.  jl$3 <, — sLa3  *ylj_  da‘ire‘i- 
-nzssfz-nihâr ;  —  altitude,  ei^olc. 

*  I» 

çlijjl  ghâydti-ırtifâ  . 

Meridional,  a. 

Merit,  s.  isstihklk,  l^jIJ 


[  193  ] 


îiyükÂt,  bhliyybt ;  hünEr, 

JU^  kEmâl,  L^L^ii  fXzzlbt ;  — ,  v.a. 

müsstahÂkk-ol,  jl  \j^  sezâ- 
-ol,  shâybsstE-ol, 

shây Ân  -  61,  jüssbÂn  -  61 ; 

j^î?  kÂz Anmak,  tahszl-et. 

Meritorious,  a.  mV*  sbwlb ;  ^  y«W  J—ttW'C 
musstahsEn.  [k6yf,  ^slS  kbyfli. 

Merry,  a.  shbn>  fbrâh,  <«_ LŞ 

Mesh,  s.jj£  ghyaz. 

Mess,  5.  (J\j\ murdârlik,  C-Lw^jLj 
bErabEr-ybmek-ybyan-takzm ; 
— ,  v.n.  C-LiJ \j\jS  bhrabEr-y^mek. 

Message,  khÂbEr,  ^Lj  pbyâm  ; 

>  sipârish,  j.^ci  emr. 

Messenger,  ÂdAm  ; ^«Lj  pbyâm- 

bkr,  peyamrhss  ;  jİjIj  tatar, 

jV  ullk;  &*a\$  kÂssid,  ^cLj  sâ^î. 

Messiah,  s.  ^ Hâzrbti- 

Metal,  s.  j^Sx  c  ma^dkn.  [-Mbsslh. 

Metaphysics,  s.  *Lc  “ilmi- 


Method,  s.  <Jjj  y61,  ussül, 
tkrtTb,  ^^ijsu  tÂkrıb. 

Methodical,  a.  ^li^c  müntazam  ;  ^LclLj 

Methodically,  ad.  <Uj1  J ya\  üssül-ıla. 

Metre,  s.  vwbzn. 

Metropolis,  payz-takht,  JV 


Mettlesome,-  a.  oynak ; 

yiy^it,  jbssür. 

Mews,  s.  tja  szr^-akhorler. 

Miasma,  5.  vwakhzm-bukhar. 

Microscope,  khurdabln. 

Mid,  a.  yârz’,  orta. 

Midday,  s.  ghyunduz- 

-6rtassz‘,jl^jt-jLo3  nzssfz-nihar. 

Middle,  s.  6rta,  ^Syfij^  orta- 

-yün,  vÂssAt ;  J.J  bbl,  ^L*« 

mbyân  ;  —  ages,  tbuny* ^y  kürün- 
mutewassitE;  —  aged,  jLlJ  1 5jj\ 

Middling,  a.  orta; 

shzzyİE-bzzyİE,  Li  <U  nb- 


Midshipman,  s.  - jU 

Midst,  s.  orta,  vÂssAt ;  \j\  ara, 

<üL  a:  mbyânE,  ^.jLj  mâbbyn. 

Midsummer,  s.  jl>  yaz-ortassi. 

Midwife,  s.  bbE. 

Midwifery,  bbslik. 

Mien,  s.  8jg>~  chehrE,  u^-iL s  kzyafbt, 


Might,  s.  CUy  kuvvbt,  mj<\s  kudrbt, 
jİJCJİ  iktidar,  miknbt,  JV 

zor  ;  — ,  v.  aux.  See  Grammar. 

Mighty,  a.  yJjSİ  kudretli, 

miknbtli,  sâhib-ıktidâr; 

büyük,  kyulliyybtli, 


Mignonette,  s.  mah^- 


Migrate,  v.n.  ghyzzchmek. 

Migration,  5,  ghz/ach. 

Migratory,  a.  ghyüchbbE. 

Mild,  a.  yawÂsh,  mülayim, 


Mildew,  5.  uJi  or  < _ kyüf. 



[  194  ] 


Mildness,  s.  \ ^  yawlshlik  ; 

<*2~«4j)Lo  mulay^mbt. 

Mile,  s.  mil.  [“issk&rî. 

Military,  a.  <U jS>-  harbî, 

Militia,  s.  l JjL+*£imJu£j  rbdîf-££lssk6ri. 

Milk,  s.  sut. 


Milkman,  5.  siitji. 

Milkwoman,  s.  sütji-kÂn. 

Mill,  s.  dby&rmEn  ;  rolling  — , 

hâddE;  hand  — , 

Miller,  s.  dbyAirmEnji. 

Millet,  lJj\£  darz. 

Milliner,  s.  .  c~++z>-  lib  Ll  l_5"i  b"  klri- 

**  *  V 

Million,  s.  milion.  [shlpkajissi. 

Millionaire,  s.  -OjcU  pbk-zsn- 


Mimick,  s.  cXliLo  muklllid ;  — ,  a.  &A.&J 
tlklîd,  bbnyzEtma,  <U>jb  yapma; 

— ,  v.a.  \  Juliü'  tÂklıd-et. 

Mimicry,  s.  JulüJ  tAklîd. 

Mince,  s.  kzyma ;  — ,  v.a. 

kzymak ;  —  meat,  zU-*i’  kzyma ;  it 
won’t  do  to  mince  matters, 

nbzakEt-wlktz-  diyAil. 

Mind,  s.  (Jüc  “ikl,  j  zihn ;  jl£il 
bfkyâr;  L^-^i j  râghbbt,  hâvess, 

isstek  ;  — ,  v.n.  \  JuJ  kayd-et, 
CXii Sj\ li-bj  wlzlfk- edinmek ;  — , 
v.a.  J*3b  bakmak,  nX*jj ghyzzz- 
etmek,  lob*  J  dikklt-bt; 
dinyİEmek  (dînilmek)  ;  I  have  a  — 
to  .  .  .  ,  ıy-l£<Uİ&c  “iklzma-ghb- 
liyor,  hî:mEn- 

-bdbjbyMm-ghbliyor;  I  don’t  —  that, 


Emda-diyM ;  all  of  one  — ,  J 

hep-bır-bfkyârda ;  to  bear  in 
— ,  (jAjjbX jd&c  “iklda  -  tutmak, 

^ oUJyjl  unutmamak. 

Mindful,  a.  âghyâh,  J\  c^sk.  khlbEr- 

dâr,  intibâh-üzbrE ;  to  be 

— .  J blkmak,  dikklt-et; 

(j*c unutmamak;  Jile 

ghlfil- olmamak . 

Mine,  p.  bbnim ;  bbnimki, 

^jLm>  benimkilar ;  — ,  s.  ^<1*^ 
mâ  'dEn  ;  *  J  \hgh  zm  ;  — ,  v.a. 

layAzmlamak.  [layAz’mjz*. 

Miner,  s.  ma“dEnji; 

Mineral,  a.  ^Jjdx^o  mâ/'dEnî;  — ,  s. 

ma^dEn,  ^Jllb  tash,^li  f ilizz  ; 
—  water,  ma^dun- 


Mingle,  v.n.  klrzshmak  ; 

ikhtillt-et ;  — ,  v.a.  b> 
kltmak,  klrzshdzrmak, 

\  Liri-  khllt-et,  mbzj-et. 

Minister,  s.  khzdmetkyar 

(hiz-),  jl>*  khâdim,  &+£.  “âbd,  jsy 
nukEr;  (of  state)  l vuk6- 
lâdan-biri,  nâzir,  J U—j  vbkd  ; 

(foreign  — -)  elchi,  j+su*  sefîr  ; 

(of  religion)  pip  ass, 

imlm,  khlkhlm;  — ,  v.n. 

khidmet-et;  (jXi sb  blk- 
mak ;  CXc;;>^  hawl'ijini- 


Ministry,  s.  L^scdS*  khzdmet,  L^oJu^c 


[  195  ] 


“ubüdıyybt;  vbkyâlet,  cujki) 

DAzâr^t  ;  İLiîrj  vükdlâ-takimi ; 

cAAe  pÂpAsslik,  LU*so\*>\  inıâmbt, 
{JhLols*5*'  khAkhÂmlik. 

Minor,  5.  chojuk,  sÂbı, 

(Jit  tifl  ;  — ,  a.  juz‘ı,  ^y  Jİ 

bdnâ  ;  Asia  — ,  ânâdolî. 

Minority,  s.  cböj  ukluk, 

sAbâvbt,  tufülıyybt; 

<J Jjl  Âzlik.  [shâ'hr. 

Minstrel,  s.  <-Uj- L— <j  mutrib ;  jc\Ja 
Minstrelsy,  s.  CA-L.* JUo  mutriblik ; 
j*&  shı“r. 

Mint,  s.  (herb),  and  peppermint,  4i*3 
or  L*3  or  ^.uxj  or  ^U*3  (nânh) ;  (for 
coining)  zârb-khânE. 

Minute,  s.  AiL^  J  dÂkika ;  (paper) 
dİ2  mXzbAta ;  — ,  a.  yJî  J  dÂkik, 
jlijt  ufÂk,  teCUİ  inja ;  —  down, 
v.a.  \\a~â  zÂbt-et,  yazmak. 

Minutiae,  5.  Ljuk*»asu  tlfsillt. 

Miracle,  5.  Şys*'*  mu“jizE; 

kbrâmet ;  i  jLxJ^jLrk.  khâriku-’l- 

Miraculous,  a.  yı  gharîb.  [-“âdE. 

Mire,  s.  châmur ;  mired,  a. 

Xj châmura-bÂtmish. 

Mirror,  s.  te-Jİ  âyin  e,  jâm. 

Mirth,  s.  keyf,  ^.1 y  ferah,  jy?=>- 

hübûr,  LL **3İ  ınbissÂt,  ^yLcjl-S» 

Misanthrope,  s.  jjJjI  ybJ  ^J^LcJİ 

Misapprehend,  v.a.  ^JÎİfb  yâ- 

nish-annamak.  [yânish-annamaklik. 

Misapprehension,  s.  yiiuW 

Misbehave,  v.n.  yaramazlık- et. 

Misbehaviour,  s.  yaramazlik. 

Misbeliever,  s.  y^  kyâfir,  ımÂn- 

siz,  ghyawur. 

Miscalculate,  v.a.  and  n .  ui_L£L> 
\  C— >L.>-  yânish-hıssâb-et.  [hıssâb. 

Miscalculation,  s.  yânish- 

Miscarriage,  s.  cho- 

juk-düshurmESSi,  klü-sl  ıssklti- 


Miscarry,  v.n.  chojuk- 

-diıshurmek ;  yângilish- 

-ghitmek  (yânish),  ghâ‘ib- 

-61;  bosha-chikmak. 

Miscellaneous,  a.  fcP*  müt6nbvvi. 

Mischief,  s.  yaramazlık ; 

jJjU-3  l-Jj  zıyânkyârlik,  LU 

Mischievous,  a.  yaramaz. 

Mischievousness,  JpyJy  yaramazlik. 

Misconception,  s.  yiL£lj  yânish. 

Misconduct,  s.  su'harEkkt. 

#  ♦ 

Misdeed,  Arste-  jimha. 

Misdirect,  v.a.  LLboyj  JİİU 

Miser,  s.  khâsslss,  jımri, 

pinti,  tÂma^kyâr. 

Miserable,  a.  düshkyun, 

pbrishân,  ^Jü  fakir,  mihnet- 

kbsh,  ıSUsdlj  J  dbrdmbnd ; 
khâbîss  ;  jy  bok,  pbk-fkna, 

/c  mısskm. 

Misery,  s.  dkrd,  mıhn6t, 

U^-  jbfâ,  lJ ±usu«a  sikindi,  bblâ ; 

p  2 


[  196  ] 


Misfortune,  $.  kAzâ,  by  belâ, 

L^£bls  fblâkht,  dâhıyyE ; 

•; — s,  s.  pl.  dushj/unluk, 

nıkbbt.  [-hukyümbt-bt. 
Misgovern,  v.a.  \  L yolsiz- 
Misgovernment,  s.  y Jy  yöl- 

Mishap,  s.  LiJ  kâza.  [siz-hiıkyümet. 
Misinform,  v.a.  J+>- 


Mislead,  v.a.  \  Aldatmak; 

yanıltmak,  \  JUi!  ıghfal-et. 
Misrepresent,  v.a.  ^/♦JKİ  yânish- 


Miss,  s.  hanem-kez,  yy  kez, 

hanem;  — ,  v.a.  ^eW wur- 
mamak,  ısslbet- 

-etmamek ;  y^oİ'A  Atlamak;  \jy& J 
kussür-et ;  Aramak ;  —fire, 

Almamak,  Atesh- 

-  Almamak  ;  do  not  —  coming, 
<Ucj  \  L*l£  \ *o  sâken-ghEİma- 

m«zlik>btma  ;  I  must  not  —  seeing, 

Eİbetta-ghyarej  ee/4im 
(or  ghy  arm  aliyim). 

Missile,  s.  jıssmi-mErmî. 

Missing,  a.  u-*»îlc  ghâ'ib. 

Mission,  s.  ^iJ3  sc  ko  mb  murıyybt, 
khedmbt  (hız-)  ; 

blchilik,  CU>jU«o  sefaret ;  Cl^lA-î 
sbf  âret-tâkeme ; 

jl.J  w-2*-.Cl5 

,  i3u^ri!  nâsse-dîna-dâ^vet-zemnen- 


da-ikhtiyâr-olunAn-  pApAss-elchilie/^e’ ; 
bb  pApAsslar-sbfârbti. 
Missionary,  5. 

;jJs3^S  nâssi-dîna-dA'Vet- 

Missive,  s.  L-JyLsc  mbktûb,  8j£=>Sj 
tezkere,  pussla,  <L«l3  nâmE. 

Misspell,  v.a. 


Misspelt,  a.  jV.  ^*3  V. 

yânish- ımlâ-ıla-yâzilmish. 

Misstatement*  5.  ^JîA£X  yânislı- 

-ıfâdE  ;  J\>  yal  An. 

Mist,  s.  sıss,  dumAn. 

Mistake,  s.  yângelesh  (yânish), 

sehv,  l!a>-  khâtâ ;  — ,  to  be  mis¬ 
taken,  v.n.  JuK'o  yanılmak,  \ ^ 
sbbv-et,  \  Lk-.>-  khâtâ-et ;  — ,  v.a. 
CX*JJ$j  <U«j4Ü£j  bAshkassena-bbny- 

Mistaken,  a.  yânish.  [zEtmek. 

Mister,  s.  IX  IghA  ;  lJ&u'A  bfbndi. 

Mistranslation,  s.  yânish- 


Mistress,  5.  hanem,  bfbndi, 

kököna,  madama; 

o  mâ'shüka ;  odale'k  ; 

mâkhsüss-  (orosspo), 
)  zâniyyfi ;  lJj\s  (üssta)- 

-kAre,  ussta  ;  eti!  lü  kAlfa. 

Mistrust,  s.  LT^wc^A-c.  ‘ "âdemi -bmnıy- 
ybt,  d^MM)  shübhE;  — ,  v.a.  U^-Îj 
shubhE-et.  [(yânish) -(annamak). 

Misunderstand,  v.a. 

Misunderstanding,  s.  jliU'K!  j&A, 
yanish-annamaklik  ;  \j  *J  bozush- 
luk.  [^u-â-ÂsT  tâkhfıf-et. 

Mitigate,  v.a.  khAfîflEtmek, 

Mitigation,  s.  t— tâkhfıf. 


[  197  ] 


Mix,  v.n.  klrislımak  ;  \ 

ikhtillt-et;  — ,  v.a.  ^J^cjSJjaXs  klrzsh- 

Mixture,  s.  Jü  karzshz'k-shey, 

tkrkîb  ;  sherbet. 

Mizen,  5.  zULsr^Lj^j  kbntra-majâna. 

Moan,  s.  ingilti,  b\  âh,  ^*3! 

bnîn,  ı^\ki  fzghân;  — ,  v.n. 
âh-chekmek,  L^X-o <d£j|  iny  İnmek. 

Moat,  (hkndek). 

Mob,  s.  zuix^lrk M  ayak- 
lanmish  -  khllk  -  (kAİabAİzg^z)  ;  v.a. 
UUU^  <Aj  L-rJ*jl  khXlk- 


Mock,  a .  JuİÜj  tâklıd,  <Ujb  yapma, 
yâİAnjz ;  v.a.  zbvk- 

lEnmek,  \  ısstıhzâ-et, 

LLX^jJ'  *z>-  mASskharaya-chevirmek ; 
^jJi3‘  taklld-et. 

Mockery,  s.  mlssklıaralzk:. 

Model,  s.  Jjyc  modbl,  cJjyjl  z'zrnek, 
rbssm,  »ib  kllzb  ;  <0^*3  nb- 

münjE,  missal. 

Moderate,  a.  mu“tkdil;  İu&s* 

khXfif;  yawksh,  mülayim; 

jliLajl  insÂflz,  yolunda,  bSjJijS 

kkrânnda  ;  j+cf\j\^sj£ b 

kArârdan-zıyâdE-ybmaz-ıchmaz  ;  — , 

v.n.  cX*3l  enmek,  az  Aİmak, 

Lt)v*L~i=5  kessilmek,  kÂlmak ; 

İ^^L\JuÂs>-  khAfıfİEshmek  ;  — ,  v.a. 
\  <Jj  Sxj  tâ“dîl-et,  tbsskîn-et, 

Â-İ.AT  takhflf-et. 

Moderately,  ad.  &sr  jJ«\  oldiikjE.  [sÂbr. 
Moderation,  5.  i‘ 'tidal ;  j+«z> 

Modern,  a.  ybn^i,  J ybnga- 
-ussül;  bjL*a  Uj  daha-sbzz^ra,  j>- 
muta  *  âkhkhir ;  moderns,  s.  pi. 

lJj[s cJİ  ybn^i-zamÂn-kdAmlarz. 

Modest,  a.  < _ »,  mâhjüb;  t— 

bdib ;  Jw&l  ehli-pErdd,  ArJLc 


Modesty,  s.  L-Ajs?*  hijlb,  <— jJİ  edeb  ; 
L^sts-  “zffht,  "zssmbt. 

Modification,  5.  l}i.^  tfebdil- 

•  \  f- 
-JUZ  1. 

Modify,  v.a.  \ bir-kz-tfebdll-bt. 

Mogul,  s.  müghül.  [|*^Lal  ısslâm. 

Mohammedan,  a.  ^cL*j!  ısslâmî ;  — ,  s. 

Moist,  a.  jL*j  n&mli,  ylcj jbj  rutübbtli ; 

—  sugar,  khÂm-shbkEr. 

Moisture,  s.  L^-o 'jt;  rutübbt. 

Mole,  5.  kyzzsstdbbk ;  (pier) 

isskelfi,  rzkhtim ;  (on 

the  skin)  ^  ben  or  bbny. 

Molest,  v.a.  eziyyet-et,  juAUi  *a 

sltashmak,  LjI  ilishmek, 

♦♦  ' 

(jAJlijXs  kÂrzshmak,  rbnjish- 

-et,  Uju  “O  renjldn-et. 


Molestation,  s.  rbnjish. 

Moment,  s.  jjl  ân,  <dis)  lâhza  ; 


Momentaneous,  a. 


Momentous,  a.  mühimm. 

Monarch,  s.  pâdishâh. 

Monarchy,  s.  ^JpjblA-jb  pâdishâhlzk. 
Monastery,  s.  (or  c) 

mÂnasstzr,  dbyr. 


C  198  ] 


Monday,  s.  i^Jjb  pazâr-ürtüssi, 

yekshbnbih,  ywvmi- 


«*  . 

Money,  s.  tjfs\  Âkclm,  8j\j  (p«r«)  ;  <^iü 
nXkd ;  ready — ,  (pbshin- 

-p«ra)  ;  —  changer,  u-î^  sarraf 


Monk,  5.  ı râhib,  ruhbÂn. 

Monkey,  s.  maymun. 

Monopoly,  s.  j  \  mhissâr, 


Monosyllable,  5.  <Uİi  ^!Ls^ y>  bir-hfejâli- 

Monotonous,  a. 

ÂdAmin-j  anini- şikar- olan. 

Monsoon,  |*b  mossim- 

nâm-rü  zghy  ârler . 

Monster,  s.  khöbıss- 

kimbssnE ;  <U«~3  cJy  pbk- 


Monstrous,  a.  kh«biss. 

Month,  5.  (■$!  ay,  *bo  mâh,  jçJS»  sbfebr ; 
calendar  — ,  4İü^i  A  âllafrânka- 

âyi ;  lunar  — ,  ^yt  ^yyc.  arobi-ayi. 

Monthly,  a.  j,  ayda-bir-kerrE. 

Monument,  JA  essEr,  bkr- 

ghyüzâr  ;  jjiUs  t  Ash  ;  bj  binâ. 

Moon,  s.  ay,  i'L>  mâh,  jAJ  kXmEr ; 
new  — ,  M  ay-bAshi ;  Ji* 

hilâl ;  full  — ,  jSi  bbdr. 

Moonlight,  Moonshine,  5.  ^ythjJülol 
ây-âydm%4«,  cr?L^Jbl.«s  mâhitÂb, 
<— mehtAb. 

Moor,  5.  j+s  kir,  \jSia  sâhrâ;  (man) 
mâghribî ;  t— ^  “ârab. 

Mop,  s .  (j-bb  pXpass;  — ,  v.a.  ^bb 
ctUl  *a  AA  p  ap  as  s  -  ila- silmek . 

Moral,  a.  ^\*a  sâlih,  -<  musstakrai ; 

lJ^-L-x-s o  mâ^növî ;  morals, 
jjlbM  âkhİÂk,  âdâb,  lu\jA 

Morass,  s.  ^jbj  bAtak.  [bdebiyyât. 

More,  a.  IfcJ  daha,  Sjbj  ziyâdE, 
b  jlfc d  dahâ-ziyâdE  ;  no  — ,  not 
any  — ,  ^ j'  ârtik,  IfcJy  bir-dâhâ  ; 
—  and  — ,  xAijLsf dc&  ghitdikja- 
-ziyâdE.  [vE-dâkhi. 

Moreover,  c.  VE-birdk, 

Morn,  Morning,  s.  sablh, 


Morocco,  s.  sâkhtiyân  ;  L-Jjkso 

maghrib  ;  lJj^3  merâkesh- 

shehiri.  ekshi-sürEtli. 

Morose,  a.  (j~Ji  tkrss  ;  khuysuz, 

'jyo  ekshi-surktli. 

Morrow,  s.  &2jA  or  üj\  krtE, 
fkrdâ,  — 1 sablh  ;  to-morrow,  ^^b 

Morsel,  s.  <Uü!  lbkm«.  [yânn. 

Mortal,  a.  ybmut, CL3v=^  x! wlsjek; 

mühlik,  Cl^cLİ^cb  bâ^issi- 
-mbvt ;  — ,  s.  inşân, 

beni-âdEm,  jL.i  bbshEr. 

Mortality,  s.  ybmütiyyet,  Ui 

fknâ  ;  L beshkriyybt,  CUyAj 
nâssüt ;  jbssedi-fânî  ; 

kmm,  t— ÜJ  tblef,  CLiVs*  wefât. 

Mortar,  s.  khârj  ;  ^  siw a ; 

(artillery)  ^b&  (hXwAn). 

Mortgage,  s.  isstighlâl ;  — ,  v.a. 

A  isstighlâl-et.  [lahü. 

Mortgagee,  5.  A  müsstâghel- 


C  199  ] 


Mortmain,  s.  wXkf  (pi.  < slijl 

bvklf) ;  in  — ,  c  mevkuf. 

Mosaic,  s.  <UiD>  •  lJj\£  ^ys* 

Moscow,  l mosskof-slibhiri. 
Moslem,  s.  bhli-isslâm, 

müsslim,  %-<.  mu'min. 

Mosque,  s.  (large)  jami<£,  (small) 

tXjsr-^0  mhssjid. 

Moss,  s.  yossun ;  —  rose, 

J^L).^  ybssunlu-ghyül. 

Most,  a.  and  ad.  C-ta  pek,  chok, 

ci— jLc  ghâyet,  aJcujLc  ghâyetla, 
CI-oUj  bighayet ;  the  — ,  C J1  bng, 
SjbjtjJl  bny-ziyadii;  for  the  — 
part,  mostly,  tabili  bkskriyya. 

Mosul,  (town  of)  s.  mossul. 

Moth,  s.  a) \*j^  purwanE  ;  ghyuwE ; 

—  eaten,  ghyuwE-ybmish. 

Mother,  s.  1)1  âna,  ninE, 

vâlidE,  jj\^c  mâdEr ;  possu, 

tortu;  wife’s  — ,  Ul^ljj 
kâyn-ana ;  — ,  a.  1)1  âna,  1  Âssi ; 

—  country,  Xssl-WAtAn,  — - 

of  pearl,  < _ ?J u?  sldef  (sbdef). 

Motion,  s.  harekât, 

kzmildAnzsh ;  ^j^-c  ^aieeI  ;  cjL&j 

thkllfjjlk^-l  ıkhtâr  ;  Cl^jl«İİ  ishâret ; 

—  v.a.  İCJ,Lİ>1  isharet-et. 

Motionless,  a.y~zSjs>.  harbkktsiz. 
Motive,  a.  cJ^sr0  muharrik ;  — ,  5. 

sbbeb,  d-Xc  ££illbt,  cLdta 
bâ^iss,  zbrl^â,  mûjib, 


Motley,  a.  cJ)^l£) j  runghyarEngh. 

Mottled,  a.  jl&j  bhnekli. 

Mould,  s.  ^1 jAd  töprAk ;  or 

< — iS  kyuf;  dJU  kAL'b ;  — ,  v.a. 

kllzb  -  yapmak;  jl^  J 
pbrwlz  -  chbkmek;  1 

oymak.  [dUl$^  dakyulmek. 

Moulder,  v.n.  churumek. 

Mouldiness,  s.  < _ û£  or  c JfjZ  kyüf. 

Mouldy,  a.  kyuflu. 

Mound,  s.  J  (tbps)  ;  y\ghin, 


Mount,  s.  <ÜJ  (tbps)  ;  — v.n . 

clnkmak,  ^  yükselmek ; 

— ,  v.a.  CXcJ  binmek,  (Jaa*»-  4idjl 
usstuna-chekmak ;  cr*iV.y;^  tâkim- 
yapmak,  ddnatmak ;  — 

Ararat,  ^^11?  lJjc\  Aghn-dAyM ;  — 
Carmel,  kirmil-dAyfo' ;  — 

Hermon,  1  d**- jbbel-u-shbykh; 
~ —  Hor,  jbbeli-hârün ; 

* —  Lebanon,  jbbeli-libnân ; 

^clL  durzl-dlghi;  —  Olympus 
(Bithynian),  keshlsh- 

dXghi;  — Sinai,  J->-  jbbeli- 

müssâ.  [jbbel. 

Mountain,  s.  ^IJb  dây^,  kyüh, 

Mountaineer,  s.  ^Jİ  ^U!  clL  dÂgh- 

Mounted,  a.  bmmish,  binili; 

t/l’A  Ath,  siiwar  ;  jLiilL  takzmh', 

^ll)jj  dönAh. 

Mourn,  v.n.  J^/«)li.l  ây^lamak,  1 

Âpmak ;  l^U  yass-et,  1^)*  U  mathm-et. 

Mourning,  s.  yass,  j*)'U>  matkm  ; 

Cl kedüret. 


[  200  ] 


Mouse,  s.  fark,  fmcU'k- 

-szchlni ;  —  trap,  kXpAn. 

Moustache,  s.  (j+s  bzyik. 

Mouth,  s.  aghiz,  dihln, 

füm  ;  Py>.  bbghlz. 

Mouthful,  s.  <UJL'  lükma. 

Mouthpiece,  s,  aghizlik. 

Move,  v.n.  ke  mild  Anmak, 

harEkkt-et;  tXshin- 

mak,  li— ^  ghyüch-et,  !<j£3  nXkl-et; 

üv-dzyAishmek ;  — ,  v.a. 
kzmildAtmak,  cJvOjjt) 
dürtmek,  I  tahrik- et  i^Jaj  l-S»  ^ 

y^mushXtmak,  LlX^ojdcj] ^s>j'J  terah- 
hum-ktdirmek,  iZXscjjxt rzkklt- 
ghütirmek ;  begin  to  — *, 




Movement,  s.  kzmildAnish, 

j>-  hardkkt. 

Mow,  v.a.  bichmek,  <dA 

CJvfsT  tzrpXn-ila-bichmek. 

Mower,  s.  tırpânji. 

Much,  a.  chök;  kyüllî- 

^mikdar ;  — ,  ad.  Jîy>“  chük,  Uo 


Muck,  s,  Xjijs  ghyiibrE,  C-LXL-.-.J  pisslik. 
Mucus,  s.  sümük. 

Mud,  s.jj* b>-  chamur. 

Muddle,  v.a.  kXrishdirmak ; 

— ,  s.  j(s  kXrishikl/k.  [bulXnik. 

Muddy,  a.  chamurlu; 

Muff,  5.  J1  Eİ-kyüryAi. 

Mufti,  s.  \JMso  mufti. 

Mug,  5.  or  jjl  Jjb  bardak,  i 

(mXshraba) ;  jjyt  yuz,  chishrE, 

CDjj+a  (surXt). 

Mulatto,  5.  j\.*>  mb\ez. 

Mulberry,  s.  lUj£  dut. 

Mulct,  v.a.  \^jZfT  tejrim-et.  [üsstür. 

Mule,  s .  Je li  kXtir,  baghl,  j+>J\ 

Muleteer,  s.  kXtirji. 

Mullet,  s.  (grey)  yu!  lüfEr  ;  (red)  jj£j 
^*!b  or jjJJLj  tekir-bXliyAi, 

b  mErjln-bXby/zz,  XJ I yjb  barbunya. 

Multifarious,  a.  ghyün-â-ghyün. 

Multiplication,  yjtmJXjjJ  türeyish, 
choy^Aİish,  Ji&J  tüküssur; 
türedi  sh,  choghAİ- 

dish^iö  tüksîr  ;  (arith.)  L— >j*a  zarb. 

Multiplicity,  s.  CUjtS  küssret. 

Multiply,  v.n.  türemek, 

choy^Aİmak,  \j&  tüküsssur-et ;  — , 
v.a.  LLbtJjjJ  türEtmek, 
choy^Aİtmak,  teksir-et ;  \l-Jjo 


Multitude,  s.  wfcfrfct,  LUj.ijZ 

küssret ;  <J>J<uLc  (kXlabXlik), 
izdiham,  jüm'iyyüt ;  great 

— ,  j+Lzçp*-  jümmi-ghafir. 

Mummy,  5.  mümiyâ. 

Mumps,  s.  J 


Munch,  v.a.  chinümek. 

••  v 

Mundane,  a.  dünyevî. 

Municipality, shüh’r, cU^aJ  kXssAba; 


JW  ahâlî. 

Munificence,  s.  s^khâveti- 

-kyülliyyE,  LU  Ak?3  4-ibjO  d6ryâi- 


[  201  ] 


Munificent,  a.  sakin,  yjjlsf* 

sakhâvetli,  J^»bj  bbzul,  ys>-  ; 
jamkrd ;  (gift)  ^JS  kyüllî. 

Munitions,  5.  pi.  CuUj^l  lbwaz/mlt. 

Murder,  s.  kXtll-nkfss- 

-bi-ghayr/-liAkk ;  — ,  v.a. 

vldurmek,  l^jju  telef-et,  \  kXtl-et, 
LLX-*!  <Lj  tepelemek,  li 

kAnma-ghirmek.  [-kltil. 

Murderer,  5.  Jjlj  kltil,  kXnb’- 

Murmur,  s.  mirddama; 

süw&yİEnma  ;  — ,  v.a.  cXiib 

siiweylEnmek,  mirddAnmak. 

Muscle,  s.  blbk-feti, 

kÂba-et ;  ^2£  ‘‘Xssaba  ;  (fish)  <0  Ju*o 


Muscovy,  5.  mosskof- 

-mEmlekEti.  [kuvvetlu. 

Muscular,  a.  cJlj  azâlimâk  ; 

Mushroom,  .9.  ybnir-olan- 

-mXntar.  [müssîkz. 

Music,  9.  chXlyfo’ ; 

Musical,  a.  müsîkîyyE- 


Musician,  9.  bhli-müsîkî ; 

chXlghijij  *MjL  sazbndfi. 

Music-master,  9. 

Musk,  9.  dXC~«  mishk  (misk)  ;  — 

melon,  jjjli  kawun. 

Musket,  9.  cJ-bu  tufbnk  (tüfbk) ;  — 

proof,  a .  fi  kürshün-gech- 

maz.  [Atmaklik-san^ati. 

Musketry,  s.  tüfek  - 

Muslin,  9.  JcJj  dülbbnd  (tülbent). 

Musquito,  9.  sivri-sinek. 

Mussel,  9.  <l>  Jw«  midiyE. 

Mussulman,  9.  bhli-isslâm, 

musslim,  müsslimân. 

Must,  v.  aux .  see  Grammar ;  — ,  9. 
< kyiif  ;  shir  a. 

Mustaches,  Mustachio,  9.  biyzk. 

Mustard,  s.  khardAl. 

Muster,  9.  yoklama ;  — ,  v.a. 

yoklamak,  ybklama-et; 

*b  toplamak;  —  roll,  tUİi^ 
u^liJ  yoklama-dbftEri. 

Musty,  a.  kyüflu,  ekshi, 

^-W  chüruk. 

Mute,  a.  and  9.  dilsiz, 

akhrbss  ;  — ,  v.n.  sichmak. 

Mutilate,  v.a.  ^  L H)j>  bA“z/- 


Mutilation,  s.  Likj  < — kes*. 

sub  -  sak  At-  ütmeklik. 

Mutineer,  s.  > Ic-  “âssî,  ka3  zbrbâ. 

Mutiny,  9.  “issyân, 

tughyân,  zorbalik ;  — ,  v.n. 


ayayAa-kAlkmak,  “issyan-et, 


Mutter,  v.a.  and  a.  cXiJj J 

Mutton,  9.  kbyun-bti ;  —  chop, 

9.  brizola. 

Mutual,  a.  mushtbrbk,  jy 

iki- taraf  dan- oİAn. 

Muzzle,  9. ji!  âghz,  burun; — , 

v.a.  J^olcb^^cl  ÂyAzmi-bÂy /damak. 

My,  ^  im,  im,  bbnim. 


[  202  ] 


Myriad,  s.  L iX+)  ön-bin;  binler. 

Myrrh,  s.  ^\*a  j^o  mürri-sÂfî. 

Myrtle,  5.  mErsin-A^Ajz. 

Mysterious,  a.  öingkshzlmflz 

(«nnashelmaz),  m&rAk-VErir ; 

ghizli,  j\3\*a  Sttklz,  khafi, 

^As-'10  makhfl. 

Mystery,  s.  (ânnashzl» 

m«z)-bir-mâddE,  U*v«  muamma, 

/  ^ 

sirr,  (pi.  j|  bssrar),  y*j  rbmz  (pi. 
jycj  rumuz). 

Mystic,  Mystical,  a.  bÂtmî, 

makhfl,  mâ^nbvî, 

t«ss«vvufl  ;  mystic,  5.  (Jj&l 

bhli-tössövvuf,  sûfı  (pi. 


Mysticism,  5.  tössavvuf. 

Myth,  s.  (JL^c  mXssal;  jJa  Lo! 

Mythology,  s.  essatzru- 

-’1-EVVEİîn,  lJJi  Xj  esski- 



Nadir,  s.  hadzd ; 


Nag,  s.  \t,  jSj\i  (beghir). 

Nail,  s.  (natural)  tzrnak ;  (metal) 

<-£«.»>>  chivi,  bnksEr,  mikh; 

— ,  v.  a.  (Jm^c  mzkhlamak, 

cJv*L  *-£!»  chıviİEmek. 

“J"  V 

Naked,  a.  chıpİAk,  u£jlc  “ârî, 

fcJbj  ber&hnE. 


Nakedness,  s.  chipUklik. 

Namby-pamby,  a.  V,,*=~  höppa- 


Name,  s.  âd,  ^  issm,  nâm;  — , 
?;.a.  dbmek,  t&ssmiyyE- 

et;  âd-kömak,  ^  Xd- 

VErmek,  Jİ  âd-tâkmak;  to  call 

names,  s  wy/mp  -  say  mak, 


Namely,  ad.  yâ<£nî ;  mbssbla. 

Namesake,  s.  âdd^sh, 


Nap,  s.  ybj!  uyku  ;  (of  cloth)  jU-  haw. 

Nape  of  the  neck,  LJs\  enysE, 

Naphtha,  s.  (J^AJ  neft.  [“unuk. 

Napkin,  s.  jS (peshkir) . 

Naples,  s.  nâpoli. 

Narcissus,  5.  zurm-kXdeh, 

znrEn  ;  trumpet  — , 
bbru-chichbyfa ;  globe  — ,  or  daffodil, 

Narcotic,  s.jSk^0  mükhEddzr.  [yayn-et. 

Narrate,  v.a.  IJjü  nXkl-et,  hik- 

Narration,  Narrative,  s,  hikyâyE. 

Narrator,  5.  râvl. 

Narrow,  a.j\j  dar,  bnsiz. 

Nasal,  a.  L-Jj 


Nasty,  a.  Li  fkna,  piss, 

murdar  (mûn-). 

Nation,  s.  *js  kXvm,  kAbıİE,  L2--u.^o 

millet,  1 jinss.  [sub. 

National,  a.  c— >*— A11L0  mill^tE-men- 

Native,  a.  yerli  ;  doyuma, 

khilkz,  t,4bl“i  ;  — 

country,  jjLj  vwXtAn. 


[  203  ] 


Nativity,  s.  LUA'îj  vblâdbt,  mbvlbd, 
mbvlud,  milad  ;  the  — 

Si  milad  y  miladı* 

“ıssa  ;  to  cast  a  — ,  \  \j 


Natural,  a.  gX+Jb  tÂbî“i ;  .  Jilrk.  khılkî, 

V=_-  **  * 

jibilll ;  —  history,  LU\j  \ yy>-  ^s- 
“ilmi  -  haywlnlt  ;  —  philosophy, 

hikm6ti-tAbi“iyyE  ;  — 
child,  ,-^j  pich. 

Naturalization,  s.  \ 

hjn£bîyyi-tbba‘  ‘iyybta  -kXbul-et ;  let¬ 
ters  of  — ,  tebâ*  'iyybtnâmE ; 


Naturalize,  v.a.  \ 


Naturalized,  a.  S -yj^  ykrli- 
ghibi-olmush  ;  ^LiA.1  j  ykrİEshmish. 

Nature,  s.  L^x~~b  tÂbî“at  ;  IsS^ 
khâhk,  <dll  ÂlİÂh. 

Naught,  s.  ^Jb  hich. 

Naughtiness,  s.  yâramazlik. 

Naughty,  a.  y c\y  yaramaz. 

Nausea,  s.  jyi  yurbk-bulan- 


Nautical,  a.  bahrî.  [mass*. 

Naval,  a.  lJjZsT.  bahrî,  yix^< <L\ l*i3j  J> 

Nave,  s.  (church)  sâhn;  (wheel) 

yc  muylu,  blshlek. 

Navel,  s.  LLXsy  ghyabek. 

Navigability,  5.  &\j\ 



Navigable,  a.  ^ 


Navigate,  v.a.  LLX*y  <tb!  ghbmi- 
lla-gbzmek.  [sbfl'in. 

Navigation,  5.  j**»  ^  “ilmi-seyri- 

Navigator,  s.  cJ£  <Üü\ 


Navy,  5.  donanma. 

Nay,  ad.  yok. 

Naze,  s.  burun. 

Neapolitan,  a.  nâpolili. 

Near,  a.  yâkm,  i _ -o y  kArîb, 

LLİyjj  nbzdîk ;  khAssîss, 

tAmâ“kyâr  ;  (Jya  sol, 
^SxSsJb  sol-târafdaki ;  — ,  ad.  ^Uj& 
(hnmEn),  Lj Jsü  tAkrîbâ  ;  — ,pr.  <U3l> 
yanzna,  tfJcJb  yanznda ;  kur- 

bma,  S  Joj y  kurbmda  ;  <LJJp  n  ez  d  m  a, 
Xbjiby  nbzdinda ;  jiwarzna, 

XS)j\jcy  jiwarmda,  hâwâ- 

lîssina,  hâwâlîssinda ;  (in 

time)  sularında,  idjjjy 


Nearsighted,  a.  kyütâhbîn. 

Nearsightedness,  s.  LLİi^«& kyü- 

Neat,  a.  yXi  tbmiz ;  J ghyüzbl, 
sâdE-ghyuzbl ;  —  cattle, 

d> \j sıghir-mdkîj- 

Nebula,  s.  u-â-icî-  khafîf-bülut. 

Nebular,  a.  L^L  bülut-ghıbi. 

Nebulosity,  s.  bulutluluk. 

Necessaries,  hawa'iji- 

zarürıyyE,  Cl^LeJ ^  lawazimat. 

Necessarily,  ad.  klbetta, 

bı-’z-zarür,  JIj  bı-’z-zarürE. 


[  204  ] 


Necessary,  a.  lâzım ;  (very)  j*jl! 
felzbm  ;  — ,  s.  d^oj  i!  lâzimE  ; 

kenef,  IL/M>  mbmshâ,  <üIİs3Lj<AjI  âb- 
desst-khânE,  [btdirmek. 

Necessitate,  v.a.  C^^^^e-îbşTİ  ıjlb- 
Necessitous,  a .  miihtÂj,  j«Âi 

fakir,  hâjetmend. 

Necessity,  s.  ihtiyâj,  CUjjfâ 

zarürbt;  L^sş-lrs- bâjet. 

Neck,  s.  jî  boyun,  ghbrdkn, 


Neckcloth,  s.  ^cb  böyun-bay/d. 

Necklace,  s.  (jJİ.3  ^  ghbrdEnlik, 

Necktie,  s.  ^^i-b  *J  bbyun-bA^i. 

Nectarine,  s.  dürrâH,  y  y 


Need,  s.  ıhtiyâj,  LUjtjJ>  zarûrbt, 

L^-^b>-  hâjet ;  — ,  v.a. 


Needful,  a.  lâzim;  the  — ,  e-?b<^ 
îjlbz-mAsslâhat;  Jüsîl  kkcha, 
*jb  (P«ra). 

Needle,  s.  &C.A  ıghnû,  süzEn. 

Needlework,  s.  dıkish ;  AiSol 


Needy,  a.  ^U-s*10  miıhtlj,  j+Şi  fakır, 
Jü^ı>-b>-  hâjetmbnd. 

Negation,  s\jbbl  inkyâr;  ^3  nbfy. 

Negative,  a.  (jJol  ^3  nbfy-bden  5  dj 

i^^A  redd- eden  ;  — ,  ^&3  < _ \jS>- 

hârfi-n&fy ;  — ,  v.a.  I  dj  rbdd-bt. 

Neglect,  s.  dıkkÂtszzh'k, 

ihmâl;  — ,  v.a.  IJUjfcl  ıhmâl-et, 

J^oUib  b Akmamak. 

Neglectful,  a.  ^^bws>!  ıhmâlji. 

Negligence,  s.  JUjbl  ihmâl. 

Negligent,  a.  ihmâlji. 

Negociate,  v.a.  U/dbb*  mukyâlemE-et, 
*«i  suweyİEshmek ;  J*3’b* 
sÂtmak,  L tXojy^  sürmek. 

Negociation,  s.  mukyâl^mn, 

bJA&o  müzâkere,  <&>»Lh*0  mubâhassE. 

Negro,  s.  *  ârab,  £u-j  siy  âh - 


Neigh,  v.rı.  LlXiulS  kishnEmek. 

Neighbour,  s.  ^jL.’r-zAî  kongshu  (kbrn- 
shu),  jbş-  jâr  ;  jjbsr10  mujâvir. 

Neighbourhood,  s.  *  kbngshu- 

luk;  j\ jiwâr ;  lZjjA^0  miıjâveret. 

Neighbouring,  a.  yâkm,  £ 

Jİf  yâkmda  -  oİAn, 

Neither,  p.  hich-birissi,  jU3 

jU3  nE-b-nE-o ;  — ,  ad.  *J&3j  ve- 

nbdk,  <Ü  nk. 

Nephew,  s.  yby^En, 

birâdnr-zâdE,  X hbmshîrE- 
-zâdk,  kâyn-zâdE, 

enishtE-zâdk,  iO^p^bo-b  bâj^nâkh- 
-zâdk,  &c.  &c. 

Neptune,  s.  l-ŞJjjJj  neptım-yildzzz. 

Nerve,  s.  sinyor,  ‘‘issaba  ; 

Ak-dkmar ;  L^-ob^o  mbtânbt, 
Cİ^L.^  jbssârbt. 

Nervous,  a.  korkak  ; 

metânetli ;  jj!  kk- 

dkmardan  -  ‘‘ibâret  -  oİAn  ; 


Nest,  s.  y?wa,  ^3Ü  lânn.  [oİAn. 


[  205  ] 


Net,  s.  a gh  ;  (cast)  w  sAchma ; 

— ,  a.  [^' %J\ J  darassz-cldk- 

mz'sh ;  mAssrafz’-chzk- 

mzsh  ;  — ,  v.a.  kAzanmak. 

Nettle,  s.  hyo\  zssz'rghAn  -  otu ; 

— ,  v.a.  Ayfo’rzna-db- 

kunmak,  A_— >-^S  ghyüjuna- 


Neuralgia,  s.  sinyir-Ay/zrz’ssz. 

Neuter,  a.  kArzshmayan,  A3 

wV  ü  ^  nb-drkek^nd- 


Neutral,  a.  kArzshmayan. 

Neutrality,  bîtâraflik. 

Neutralize,  v.a.  \ mahv-bt. 


Never,  ad.  hich,  Assla, 



Nevertheless,  c.  AiJ  yink  (ghenn),  ^ o 
A-iUo  ma^a-ma-flh. 

New,  a.  ybngi,  jbdld,  y3  nbv; 

^Xs^°  mujbdded  ;  Xj\j  tâzE. 

News,  s.  pi.  j+s>-  khAbEr, 

hawadiss.  [tAkwIm,  £<Ajy>-  j&ridE. 
Newspaper,  s.  A  jj£  ghâzeta,  vyu 

Newsvender,  5.  u\jL  AJji-  ghazdta- 


Next,  a.  yandaki ; 

Alt-yandaki,  £^«5  sonraki ;  — , 

ae?.  songra,  bâ  ‘dahu,  > 

pbss  ;  —  day,  brtbssi- 

-ghyün,  fdrdassi-ghyun, 


d-bir-ghyun.  [kAt  -et. 

Nib,  5.  burun;  — ,  v.a. 

Nibble,  v.a.  a]j  j  J  l-Jj! 

d*0/^  ^n*  dishlarila-yawAsh-yawAsh^ 

Nice,  a.  *A  iyi,  J \jj$  ghyuzel,  ^b’lL 
tAtlz ;  f^o  mErAİdz,  c  .h 


Niche,  s.  hüjrE. 

Nick,  chentik,  ghddik ; 

in  the  very  of  time, 
t  Am  m  -  wAkt  z'nda . 

Niece,  s-jî>  biradkr-zadE-k^z, 

&c.  See  Nephew. 

Niggard,  s.  khAssiss, 

tAmâ^kyâr,  jimri. 

Nigh,  a.  yakzn,  u_y yj  kArlb, 

eJyjy  ndzdik ;  well — ,  ad.  u£jJ\3j! 
Az-kAldz.  [shdb. 

Night,  s.  A^sA^  gheyja,  JJ  Idyl, 

Nightgown,  5.  cJ3a^a£  ghdyjalik. 

Nightingale,  s.  (J«Jj  bulbul, 

“ândbllb  (pi.  JjU*  “zhıâdil). 

Nightman,  s.  lay/zz'mjz*. 

Nightmare,  s.  kyâbüs. 

Nightshirt,  s.  C-^ArsAi  ghdyjalik. 

Nile  (river),  5.  t-^y  J.-3  nll-nbhri. 

Nimble,  a.  chabz'k,  Cİ5J  tdtik. 

'  •  v 

Nine,  a.  Jy&>  dokuz,  j  tiss“,  Ax— J 
tiss^â,  A3  nuh. 

Nineteen,  a.j^b^\  bn-dbkuz. 

Ninety,  a.  .aL  doksan,  tiss^zn. 

Nip,  v.a.  kzssmak. 

Nippers,  *  kzssAj.  [-bAshz. 

Nipple,  s.  A^^o  mcmE,  Ij A^^o  memE- 

Nitre,  5.  ghyühErchiİE. 

Nitrogen,  aL>-^3|  muwellidu-’l- 



[  206  ] 


No,  ad.  yok,^-rk.  khâyr,  S  la ;  — ,  p. 
hich,  hich-bir  ;  • —  matter, 

jjjj \jj*a  zarar-yok  ;  —  more,  ad.  Jpj\ 
ârtik ;  fî-mâ-bâ^d. 

Nobility,  s.  I SjJ*  shureta ;  \*a\ 

Xssalkt ;  Asslzâdk-ghian. 

Noble,  a .  t _ nkjîb,  shkrîf, 

flj^3  kkrîm ;  âssîl, 


Nobleman,  s.  C-) jxa\j£dj  bk^A-zadk- 
-b bgh,  irJİjLtf!  Âsslzâdk. 

Nobody,  p.  kımsE, 


Nocturnal,  a.  ghkyja- 

-wÂktmd«-oİAn,  ^L!  leylî. 

Nod,  5.  bash-ila- 

-kdiİEn-ishâret ;  — ,  v.a.  and  n.  cA‘ 
bAsh  -  ila  -  ishâret  -  et; 


Noise,  5.  skss,  \s«p  sAdâ ;  *-*4/ 
ghyaruldu,  <ü'Uw$>  shamAta. 

Noisy,  a.  Aj\a~»  shamAta ;  ^!<GL*w2j 

sham  Atak’;  sham  Atop. 

Nomad,  Nomade,  a.  ghykehkbE, 


Nominal,  a.  lAfzı ;  ıssmî ; 

ı^tibârî.  [nÂssb-et. 

Nominate,  v.a.  tâ^yîn-et,  *23 

Nominative,  s.  l<A^c  mübtedâ.  . 


Nonchalance,  s.  ^dj-aJuS  kaydsizlik. 
None,  p.  hich,  j)^b  hich-bir ; 

kimsE,  bich-kimsE, 

bicb-bir-kimsE  (or 


Nonsense,  s.  sAchma, 

bosh-lakxrd^,  mâ  nassiz- 

-shky.  [-bir-ykr. 

Nook,  s.  kyushE,  kuytu- 

Noon,  Noonday,  Noontide,  s. 

aylk- wAkti,  zuhr,  JljJ  zkwal- 
Noose,  s.  ilmik.  [wAktz. 

Nor,  c.  vk-nk-da,  43  nk. 

North,  s.  (jUs-îi  shimâl,  JjJj  y«ld«z;  — , 
a.  tf-S*  shim  âlı ;  —  east, 
poyrAz  ;  —  west,  kAra-ykl. 

Northerly,  a.  Northward,  ad. 

’L$j£.jb  yihk'za-doghru. 

Northern,  a.  ,  JU*2a  sbimâlî. 

Norway,  s.  Lsyjjy  norvejia. 

Norwegian,  a.  norvkjiali. 

Nose,  s.  jj>  burun,  i*jâ3İ  knf. 

Nosegay,  5.  chicbek- 

-demeti,  gbyuldesstE. 

Nostril,  s.  burun-de%4i. 

Not,  ad.  See  Grammar. 

Notch,  s.  cJ  ghkdik,  chkntik, 

J dish;  — ,  v.a.  chkntmek. 

Note,  5.  tji  İJ  tezkerk,  pussla  ; 

4by  nota;  ta^ayyun, 

i^tibar;  — ,  v.a.  dikkÂt-et ; 

—  down,  Ik**?  zAbt-et,  >jb 

yâzivkrmek ;  of  — ,  muta- 

^âyyin,  mu<ftkbkr, 

bklli-bâshli;  — of  hand,  J^ysT» tahvil; 
bank  — ,  <UjIj  ka'imE. 

Note-book,  s.  Jxajs?6  mkjma  "â. 

Noted,  a.jjçL^o  mkshbür. 

Nothing,  s.  hich,  hich- 

-bir-shky ;  * “âdEm,  nısstî. 


[  207  ] 


Notice,  s.  j+s>-  khlbEr ;  i^lân ; 

dikklt;  to  give  — ,  ^-o- 

khlbEr-vErmek ;  —  —  public  — , 
ı“lân-et ;  to  take  — , 
Notification,  s -j?>-  khlber.  [dikklt-et. 
Notify,  v.a.  LLLcJ.,  aj  .*:>■  khlberini- 
-VErmek.  [üfkyâr),  tasslvvur. 
Notion,  s.  (J⣠ “akl,  jLs  fikr  (pl.jl^il 
Notoriety,  5.  shahrdt-rediyyE. 

Notorious,  a.  o  mutdwatir, 
âİEiııin  g  -  mâ'  'l  urn* . 

Notwithstanding,  c.  yind  (ghenfi), 

Nought,  s.yu>  sifr  ;  hich-bir- 

-shdy;  to  come  to  — , 
bösha  -  chikmak, 

Nourish,  v.a.  besslfimek. 

Nourishment,  5.  cXw  ydmek, 

ydyfijek;  <La Irk-  cJviJ—J  bbsslumek- 

-khlsssass/.  [hıkyâyE. 

Novel,  a.  ydnyi;  — ,  <ul£=>~ 

Novelist,  j\jO  djl Cs>-  hıkyâyd-tırâz. 
Novelty,  s.  yenyilik ; 


November,  s.  tdshrmî-sânî. 

Novice,  s.  ^AjEmi. 

Now,  ad.  shimdi,  hâlâ,  W»' 

dl-ân,  el-ydvm,  dl- 

-hâldtu-hâzihi ;  — ,  c.  l£Xo\  imdi ; 

—  and  then,  blazon, 

bAt£z/-kdrrE,  XjJ\J\  ara-sara, 

XAXja  arada-sarada,  uLr^-l  iby  ânan. 
Now-a-days,  ad.  u5A*-S»  shindi. 

Nowhere,  ad.  £J> hich-bir-yErda. 

Noxious,  a.  muzirr,  mlzar- 

rltl/.  Lujj 5*  burun. 

Nozzle,  s.  dmzik,  Icli.  gbagha. 

Nucleus,  s.jsyc  mErksz. 

Nude,  a.  chıpİAk. 

Nuisance,  s.  L  bdlâ.  [jl?b  blt/1. 

Null,  a.  (jLj)  bosh,  hukmsuz. 

Numb,  Numbed,  a.  (J.J* uyüshuk, 
1  uyusbmush. 

Number,  s.  say/,  “aded ;  — , 

v.n.  J^,\  olmak,  bll/yA-ol ; 

— ,  v.a.  saymak,  tâ£<dâd- 

-et ;  a  great  — ,  chok, 

kdssîr,^î1j  wâfir.  [kdssrdt-uzdrE. 

Numerous,  a.  chok, 

Nuptial,  a.  cvİEnma- 

-düyAununa-miıta'Vdlik ;  nuptials,  s. 
pi.  dvİEnma- duygunu, 

vdllmE,  sür. 

Nurse,  s.  u  <U  khlsstaya- 

-bÂk/j/ ;  chdj uyAa- 

-blk/j/,  u£JİJ  dâdi;  wet  — ,  <b\û 
dâyd,  süt- ana  ;  — ,  v.a. 

blkmak,  khidmet-et(hız-)  ; 

LZJjj^ı  süt-VErmek,  ^c\ 
ümzirmek ;  saklamak. 

Nursery,  s.  ^°  cho- 

juklera-mâkbsüss-oda  ;  ^  Jİ 


Nurserymaid,  s.  cf JİJ  dâdi. 

Nut,  s.  jjJcJ  fmd/k;  (of  a  screw) 

Nutgall,  5.  OjLo  mlz i.  [sümun. 

Nutmeg,  5.  hındisstân- 

•jüvizi,  jüvzi~büwwâ. 


[  208  ] 


Nutriment,  s.  y&mkk, 

yby&jek;  bbssİEmek- 

*khlssass«.  [-VErir-olan. 

Nutritious,  a.  kuvvet- 


O,  int.  cSİ  by,  l*  yâ.  [mbyshE-Ay^Agi. 

Oak,  s.  <XJL+*>  mbyshE, 

Oakum,  s.  usstüpu. 

Oar,  s.  C^>jS  kyürbk. 

Oath,  s.  Si\  Ând,  yemin;  to  take 
an—,  \Sj\  Ind-ichmek,  V4— 

Oats,  s.  pi.  i _ ily  yullf.  [ybmln-et. 

Obdurate,  a.  "inâdji. 

Obdurateness,  s.  "inâd. 

Obedience,  s.  itâ"at,  uLiül 

ınldyâd,  ımtissâl, 

mümâssblet.  [munkld,  ^ \j  râm. 

Obedient,  a.  muti". 

Obese,  a.  shishmân. 

Obey,  v.a.  eXc dingİEmek  (dînE- 
mek),  ıtâ"at  -  et, 


Object,  s.  ^  jissm,  mer  î  ; 

mbrâm,  mürâd,  6 yas.*  mlksüd ; 

mef"ülun  -  bih ;  — ,  v.n. 
\{js^s\  i"  tiriz -et. 

Objection,  s.  {Jc\ys\  i"tirlz. 

Obligation,  5.  c mbjbüriyybt ; 
^jy  borj  ;  Jj  *rsl  tahvil, 

Oblige,  v.a .  \ j*s>-  jbbr-et,  ijbâr-et; 

mbjbür-et ;  \^J>  kbrEm-et, 
"inayet- et,  İL-iU  lutf-et. 

Obliging,  a.  "inâyetkyâr. 

Oblique,  a.  JîLc  mâ'il,  s^o  mim¬ 
li  arif,  lJj£\  bghri.  [lik. 

Obliqueness,  Obliquity,  s.  hghri- 

Obliterate,  v.a.  (J-^jy  bozmak,  cA/fcLi 
silmek,  chizmek. 

J-'  V 

Oblivion,  s.  UL~İ  nissyân,  ^jÂyc\y 
fbrâmüshl.  [müsstAtzl. 

Oblong,  a.  uzun  ;  — -,  s. 

Obscene,  a.  pıss,  ^İLs>-li  fâhish, 

y \k<fod\  bdeba-mughâyir.  [shet. 

Obsceneness,  Obscenity,  fbhl- 

Obscure,  a.  ıP'J  klranKk,  ^İÎ2^C 
muzlim ;  ^-Lx-^c  mughlak, 

Obscurity,  s.  klrankk:. 

Obsequious,  a.  ^*â\y*c  mutbwlzz. 

Observation,  s.  Jai  nlzar  ;  CiÜCfSJİjlâî 
nlzar-etmeklik ;  &*aj  rlssAd  ; 

Observatory,  s.  rlssAd-khânE. 

Observe,  v.a.  blkmak, 

ghyazbtmek,  dikklt-et; 

tutmak,  ri"âyet-et, 

ittibâ"  -  et,  imtissâl  -  et ; 

süwbyİEmek,  j 


Obstacle,  s.  £_jU>  mâni",  sektE. 

Obstinacy,  5.  jLc  "inâd,  CUS  jU^c 
mu"ân6dbt,  dj\3  tbmerrud. 

Obstinate,  a.  "inâdjî, 

mu"annid,  o  miıt^merrid. 

Obstruct,  v.a.  c3vi«-^  kbssmek, 

klpAmak,  lü-L  tikamak,  sbdd- 


[  209  ] 


Obstruction,  s.  £_3L«  mânz“, 

Obtain,  v.a.  tahsil- et,  \  JLassLol 

isstihsâl-et,  jIJjİ3  nâ'il  -  61, 
muzÂffEr  -  61,  bulmak,  JU.H 

Almak,  koparmak. 

Obtuse,  a.  kyzzr,  kbssmaz ; 

dirayetsiz,  ahmak ; 

^ mimferij  (fem.  <L:>-^jL^c 

Obviate,  v.a.  chârEsszni- 

-bulmak,  Jy-J  “ilâjini- 


Obvious,  a.  achik,  âshikyâr, 

mbydlnda,  wâzzh,  jjLc 

<<\  - 

Occasion,  5.  xjZ  kkrrE,  <Uİ  J  def“â ; 

munâss6bet,  Lâül  iktizâ, 
hâjet ;  sbbeb,  cı^Lc. 

*  illbt,  zeri' 'a,  ^L«jj  vbssıİE ; 


sbr-rishtE ;  — ,  v.a. 

Irâss-et,  intâj-et,  İL^bf- jhlb- 

-et,  \l2Jj£.û  dâ“vfct-et,  bâdî-ol, 

j^Lİ^-cb  bâ"iss-ol,  j\ı*lJ>jyc  müriss-61, 
muntij-ol,  v6ssI1e-61. 

Occasional,  a.  zuhuri,  Xjc\j\ 

ara-szra-wâkz“-6İAn  ;  — ly, 

o  ^ 

ad.  L âxi  bâ 'zan,  ^a\J\  ara-szra,  bLs-l 
ihyânan,^$<A-£r^  ikida-bir. 

Occupation,  s.  kz-dycL**  mbshghüliyybt, 
Lri'  ish,  shughl  (j9/.  jJU^s! 

bshghâl),  jli  kyâr,  pîsh^ ; 

isstı"Âb  ;  ddâdls-'Sİa-Mtf  zÂbt- 

Occupy,  v.a.  ish-vurmek, 

ish-bulmak,  1  <J  b*.-£>  \ 

ishghâl-et ;  'J;  mbshghul-et ; 

tutmak,  (Jsijjb  wÂktmz- 

-tutmak,  islıindan- 

-Ah‘komak,^^3  Lo  mâni' '61; 
isstl"lb-et,  tutmak, 

doldurmak;  tabii  zAbt  -  u  - 


mbn"-et ;  isstumek. 

Occur,  v.n.  olmak, 

wÂkz‘"ol,  \j zuhür-et,  Ll^itabi 

Occurrence,  s.  ish,  shby, 
wak  "â  ( pl .  wakâ'z  ')  ;  — s,  CulcjJj  wiikü  "it,  LlS\j^â 
zuhürÂt,  Cl^b’J^>-  hawÂdissÂt. 

Ocean,  s.  (jA-b  dzsh-dbnyizi, 

kj^yscS  bâhri-muhzt,  "ummÂn, 
klmüss,  (j~y  ikyânüss, 
bjJ  dbryâ.  [-boyassz. 

Ochre,  s.  (red)  Âshz- 

Octagon,  s.  Octagonal,  a. 

müssemmEn,  £,»£j  sbkiz- 


October,  5.  tbshrlni-EvvEİ. 

Ocular,  a.  ghyzzz-ila- 

ghyaruİEn ;  to  give  —  proof,  — 
demonstration,  d 

ghyaz  -  ila  -  ghyasstErmek  ;  to  have 

- , - ,  ghyiız- 

-  ila  -  ghyarmek,  \  X&ü\  \J\j 
r b‘ja  -  1  -  '  âyn  -  müshâh6dE-et ;  — 

witness,  ^ j  ^<üjJ  ^  ghyazzla-ghyarEn, 



[  210  ] 


İJJbLia  shâhidu-’l-^ayn, 

Oculist,  s.  ghyazju-hkkim. 

Odd,  a.  LlXi  tbk;  “Ajlb  (Âjâ'ib), 

gharlb,  ( _ >Wj  tühÂf. 

Ode,  5.  (long)  xS+^zi  klssldh,  (short) 

Odious,  a.jys*  menfur,  X^jLo  mekruh, 
& £  kb  rlh,  c  müsstckrEİı. 

Odorous,  a.  ^ y y  kbkulu,  ^  ^s^\j 

Odour,  s.  yy  koku,  fas?\j  râ'ihâ,  y 
hu,  Liy  buy;  sweet  — ,  y y Jj y 
ghyuzel  -  kdku,  j  ra'iha'i- 

-tâyyibE,  ^ l Jy  buyi  -  shlrm  ; 
bad  — ,  y y  Li  fhna-kbku,  yyjîA 
\ghix  -  koku,  raiha‘i- 

-kerîhE  ;  in  bad  — ,  mbnkyüb, 



Of,  pr.  (jJ  ing,  cJd  nim?  ;  jjd  dan ; 
li,  lü,  *h\  ila  ;  dan- 

aturu,  dan-dolay« ;  j\  ez  ; 

ij-o  mm  ;  ^tc  “an. 

Off,  ad.  ^jSxs^\  üsstundan,  ^Sj j\j\ 
üzErindan  ;  j  \j*\  uzXk  ;  XSx\j j! 
uzlkda,  uz Xgha ;  to  be  — , 

ghitmek ;  ^JUİİü  yddlmak, 
i^X<jsL^s  sıkdirmek,  jihan- 

nam-ol ;  to  be  well  — , 
hüssnu-hâlda-ol,  hah'- 

uygbun-bl,  j  rfefâbi-hâlî-61, 

jljlsîldiyo  müreffahu-’l-hâl-dl ;  to 
come  — ,  chikmak,  (J^y 

kdpmak ;  (J^j\  olmak, 

wâki“-bl,  yy^y^s*  wukü“-bulmak ; 
to  go  — ,  cJ.^£=5  ghitmek ;  (JydA  jjJÎJİ 
Atesh- Aİmak ;  olmak,  (J^l^ 

uymak  ;  to  take  — ,  fjsoj\sus*-  chikâr- 
mak,  li  kÂldlrmak  ;  cJvi^wi-D 

kbssmek,  \^Az3  kÂt“-et ;  I  sAsü 
tlklîd-et ;  to  pull  — ,  (Jy}'*  y  kdpar- 
mak;  us  stun  dan -Aİmak; 

— ,  a.  shgh,  ^  xsijb^\*a  sâ gh- 


Offal,  5.  LjjVlJb  CL^I  cJ0U->- 


Offence,  s.  l^-^U.5  klbâhat, 

•  • 


junhâ,  jurm,  ^ya  such;  jAcyT 

tbjâvuz;  to  give  — ,  i^XscjSu^Jz 
gbyujEndirmek  ;  to  take  — ,  y 


Offend,  v.a.  ghyüjEndir- 

mek ;  - — ,  v.n.  \^i^>Ay  kkbahat-et; 

such-et;  gbyünâh-et ; 

—  against,  \i^Sy^y\^o  mugbâyir- 

Offender,  s .  sucblu,  ^L^Ljj 

kAbahatb”,  rnujrim, 
junbâ-sâbibi ;  old — ,  slbikab’, 

CU j y^^J\  esski-kurt. 

Offensive,  a.  yj>  kbrlh,  Si  bed ; 

LjjysT  tbjavuzl;  —  and  defensive, 

\ S'Jj lJJ j tbjâvuzî-vE-tedâfu^?. 

Offer,  s.  teklif ;  vnrish ; 

— ,  v.n.  LLA-*  ghyarunmek, 

\j zubür-et ;  — ,  v.a. 
vbrmek;  Iu-û-Kj  teldlf-et; 

<farz-et ;  —  violence, 

zorlamak; - to  one’s  feelings, 


[  211  ] 


\ y 3^5*^  soy^uk-bir-shby- 

Off-hand,  a.  phk-tbklifsiz ; 

c<ars*z;  (jJoU-  châbffi  ;  — ,  s. 
^ilrcLs  sây^-târaft. 

Office,  5.  jJj  kâİEm  ;  <bj\  oda ;  &>j\x*o ;  i^vcJu>-  khzdmet  (hiz-), 

i  (  . 

U=-Ur'u  mb  mürıyybt,  Jb\  ish. 

Officer,  5.  J>  zabit  ;  jy etc  me'mûr. 

Official,  a.  rbssml ;  — ly,  ad.  Lwj 

Offing,  s.  bnghin.  [rbssman. 

Oft,  Often,  Oftentimes,  Ofttimes,  ad. 

chdk,  Zj>  Jj jy-  chok  -  kkrrE, 
chok-dbf^a,  xJs&ssX)  nijE- 
kkrrE,  kAch-kkrrE ;  s«k, 

s^k-sFk,  \j\J>  kbrâran, 


Ogle,  v.a.  J^ib  ^b  &j\J&&jLs-  “ishvE- 

Ogre,  s.  mErdumkhâr. 

Oh  !  int.  b\  âh,  oİj  vay,  i\j  wah. 

Oil,  s.  ^b  y  agh,  r  ugh  An  ;  — ,  v.a. 

çjyeisAj  yâyMamak,  1  A  J  tedhin-et. 

Ointment,  5.  çb  ykgh,  ^Jb^o  mErhEm. 

Old,  a.  bsski,  ^Ss  kldim  ; 

bsskimish,  &'+<&  kywhnE ; 
(person)  köja,  ikhtiyâr, 

mussinn,  SJoaJLj  sal-dldh, 
üû^La  sal-khurdn;  —  man,  yJ 
pır,  shbykh,  ıkhtiyâr ; 

—  woman,  lJj\3  koja-kXn,  &yJ 
pirE-zbn,  jy-Ş?  **ajuz  ;  — Testa¬ 
ment,  tbvrlt, 

kyutubu- ' ‘ahde- ‘ ‘atık  ;  of — , 

bsskidan,  [SJj\  bz-kXdlm,  ^SA^\{yo 
min-el-kâdîm,  *  an-Âsslin, 

fî-’l-Âssl,  atisdan- 

bbri,  bsskidan-bbri. 

Oldfashioned,  a.  ^Lcj  bsski- 


Oleander,  s.  zakkum. 

Olive,  s.  ijyjj  zkytün  (zbytin);  — tree, 
i^ytj  zeytun-A^/iAji ;  —  oil, 
L^V.  &)H  j  zbytun-y  kg  hi. 

Omelet,  s.  kayghana. 

Omen,  s.  Jli  fll. 

Ominous,  a.  Jli  fil-nfev'  inden  ; 

^w»:sXc  mbnhüss. 

Omission,  5.  kussür  ;  -m^aj  tAksft*  ; 

a  tl  ay  ish ;  cJy  terk. 

Omit,  v.a.  Atlamak,  brâk- 

mak,  \jJj>  terk-et,  \  Jaj  ±-ijc  sârfi- 
nXzar-et ;  —  an  opportunity,  ' 
kussür-et,  ^JyojyXJ  firsAt- 

-kAch/rmak.  [“arabassi. 

Omnibus,  s.  chârshf- 

Omnipotence,  Omnipotencv,  5.  CUjSs 

Jjlb)!!  ^bc  kudret- “ald-’l-itİÂk. 

Omnipotent,  a. y  Si  kXdlr. 

Omnipresent,  a.  mbkyân- 


Omniscience,  5.  ^  “ilmi-mutkXk. 

Omniscient,  a.  a^lkm,  ‘"âlîm, 

On,  pr.  tâ  e,  a ;  irJ  dü,  da ; 
usstuna,  usstunda ; 

uzErina,  üzErindâ ;  J  bhr ; 

“a\a. ;  — ,  ad.  j^b!  ilkri ; 
hsstE,  usstdE ;  ihiJ  yinE 

Q  2 


[  212  ] 


(ghbnE) ;  l Jjj  t> jj  bir  -  diiziyE, 

boU&*o  mütemâdiyan ;  —  foot,  ad. 

JA*  yayan,  L-£>Uj  mâshiyan ;  — ,  a. 

jLj  piyadE  ;  —  high,  yuk- 

s egha,  yiiksekda  ; 

ghywy&E,  xc&S  ghyakdE, 
fi-’ss-sbmâvâti ;  —  horseback, 

Xt-ila ;  ^j\  Xtli,  j\y*i  siiwar, 
siiwari ;  —  purpose,  mâkh- 

süss,  kXssdan,  1  J^c  “amdan; 

—  that  day,  ^  Jjl  bl-ghyim, 

ybvmi-mkzkyür  ;  to  put  — , 
ghlmek  ;  cXe ^  Jd=3  ghidir- 
mek ;  to  go  — ,  ileri- 

ghitmek  ;  olmak, 

ghechmek ;  ghiyilmek ;  to 

come  — ,  ghklmek,  LLX^ ^ 

ghklivErmek,  CX*1£  j^bl  ileri-ghEİ- 

Once,  ac?.  bir-kurru,  <kxidy  bir- 

def‘\  bir-sbfEr;  bir- 

-wXkzt,  bir-zamÂn, 

djl^t  w Xktan  -  min  -  el  -bvkXt ;  — 
more,  bir-dâhâ. 

One,  a.  bir ;  cJo  yek  ;  ahad, 

wahid  (fern.  ihdâ) ;  — , 

pr.  XdAm,  ^U=s  kishi ;  some 
— ,  i Jj)  biri,  ji  birissi,  ^ J)\ 

XdAm  ;  no  — ,  kimsE  ;  every 

— ,  hkr-kbss  ;  any  — ,  lJjİ 

biri,  ■ Jji  birissi,  ^  Jİ  XdAm  ;  4 

kimsE  ;  — ’s-self,  lJ&£  k&ndi. 

One-eyed,  a.  ybkchbshm.  [insXf. 

Onesidedness,  s.  u-îLaM  “adEmi- 

Onion,  s.  iyo  soy^An,  bXssl. 

Only,  ad.jCWj  jllingiz,  küi  fak  At,  İ2İL? 
sXlt,  ^jLs  sadk,  safi, 

müjbrred.  [kitlbi. 

Onomasticon,  s.  d-?U!  liighXt- 

Onset,  s.  h«j  üm. 

Onslaught,  s.  hujüm. 

Onward,  a^.  ^L!  iMri.  [-tXshi. 

Onyx,  5.  suleymlnl- 

Ooze,  v.n.  skmak,  \  n&shv-et 

(or  1 1— i:ki  nkshf-et),  \Jo\su  takltur-et. 

Opal,  s.  “aynu-’sh-shemss. 

Opaque,  a.  dunuk,  d.â*l£  kbssif. 

Open,  a.  achik,  j\)  bÂz,  8<S\JL£d 

kyushâdk,  ^Ju>  mbftüh ;  — ,  v.a. 

achmak,  \^s  f&th-et  (f&t-h); 
— ,  v.n.  {_£/•!>*  1  achilmak. 

Opening,  a.  <J^— müsshil ;  — ,  s. 

(jk su>-\  achz’kh'k,  arak’k, 

kXpz ;  f?rsAt ;  achma  ; 

achelma  ;  f&th  (t-h), 

Openly,  ad.  (J^~\  ach«lc, 

achzkdan-ach/y^a,  jehran,  IjLü 

<fayânan,  Âsh2*kyâr. 

Opera,  5.  ^  bpnra.  [durblnl. 

Opera-glass,  s.  op^ra- 

Operate,  v.n.  ishlnmek,  LT$ 

ish-ghyarmek;  Ij-J  U  tb‘slr-et; 

‘‘XmEl-VErmek  ; 

Ophthalmia,  5.  X<j  remed. 

Opiate,  5.  jls.  ji  uyu- 

mak-echm-bir-“ilXj . 


[  213  ] 


Opine,  v.n.  t  ^  zann-et. 

Opinion,  5.  J\j  rb‘y,  Ji  zânn, 

kıyâss,  Jy  klvl,  J^-s  sâz ;  (legal) 
\yi  f&twa. 

Opinionated,  a.  is-  “ınâdji. 

Opium,  s.  Afyün.  [mukhÂİif. 

Opponent,  khXssm, 


Opportune,  a.  tÂmÂm- 

-wXktmda-olAn,  münâss£- 


Opportuneness,  s.  *UJ 


Opportunity,  L f«rsAt, 

wXkt,  miınâssebbt. 

Oppose, v. a.  karshi- durmak, 

!  chills'0  mukhâl6fbt-et,  'e^*3U.-c 
mumân«“ttt  -  et ; 
kâr  ski  -  ghyândErmek, 
kâr  shi-  tâ *  "y în  -  et . 

Opposite,  a.  j\i  kârshi,  JjliU  mir- 

klbil,  <k>\ycy  muwâjih. 

Opposition,  5.  ^  mukhâlefkt, 


Oppress,  v.a.  cJyyjuiJcj l*«0  s^kindi- 
-  vermek  ;  çjM L«tf  sokmak,  zülm- 
-et,  tö“«ddi-et. 

Oppressor,  s.  jjli?  zâlim. 

Opprobrium,  s.  “ayp. 

Optician,  s.  ghywzlukji. 

Option,  s.  jlycM  ıkhtiyâr. 

Opulence,  5.  cyy  servet,  sâmân, 

eJiyüj  zEnghinlik.  [t^m^vvil. 

Opulent,  a.  ıj^j  zknghin,  mü- 

Oracle,  s.  mkkhkn  (k-h) 


Oral,  a.  t  Arzdan,  ^y&U-ib  shıfâhî ; 


— ly,  ad.  shıfâhan. 

Orange,  J  Ujjy  pbrtakXl ;  (Seville) 



Orangoutang,  s.  maymun. 

Oration,  5.  ^jdai  nutk. 

Orator,  s.  j+sc  mîri-k&lâm.  [yol. 
Orbit,  s.  cJii  felek;  $yİJ  dâ'irn  ;  Jy 
Orchard,  5.  m^yvE-bÂ^i. 

Orchestra,  5.  chAİghijiler. 

Ordain,  v.a.  İL-^yy  tertıb-et, 

tönzraı  -  et ;  \  emr  -  et ;  t  c— *>*ai 


Order,  s.  n'ızÂm,  ıntizÂm  ; 

_ _ >yy  tertıb,  &j*c  sinz ;  j*>\  bmr, 

%S\J\  irâde,  <LyJ  t^nblh, 

sıpârish  ;  t _ smf,  jınss  ; 

t^rTkât ;  nıshÂn  ;  — , 

v.a.  \  * _ -yy  tbrtıb-et,  tân-zım- 

-et ;  \jJ\  kmr-et,  \  ırâdE-et, 

U-yJ  t&nbıh-et;  sıpârish-et, 

j\a«o\  issmârlamak ;  to  — >,  a. 

Ordinary",  a.  ^sly  b kjhffhi,  “âdı. 

Ordnance,  5.  L— top,  (hXvAn). 

Ore,  5.  madden,  Jki  filizz, 


Organ,  s.  âlet;  Erghanbn. 

Organization,  s.  L-^yy  tbrtîb, 

Organize,  v.a.  \ L-^yy  tertîb-et, 
tanzim-et,  tbnsîk-et, 


Orgie,  CL\L.z  j  “ish-u-“ishrfet. 

Oriental,  a.  sharkz. 


[  214  ] 


Orientalist,  s.  b*Al  klsinE- 

shârkiyy  e-  âshin  â . 

Orifice,  s.  cJJj  dblik,  Jc\  Xghz, 
ghywz,  fimi,  dihân, 


Origin,  s.  ij*£ ’  âssl,  mebdb  ,  l 

mbnshb*,  ^b  bAsh,  ^AillAb  blsh- 
langhij,  (J,aj  tbmel,  jy  EVVEİ,  \S+A 
ibtidâ,  bed*. 

Original,  a.  ^*e\  AsslT ;  u-ibsT  tuhaf, 
ajib  (  ajaib), 

ghanb  ;  dbli;  — ,  s.  <J.^Xssl; 
^♦^uJbsT*  tuhâf-ÂdAm,  deli. 

Originate,  v.a.  chikmak,  \j$o 

zuhür-et,  nbsh/bt-et;  — , 

v.a.  chikârmak, 

dushunmek,  İbdâ**-et. 

Ornament,  5.  zlnet,  zib, 

IjjJ  zîbâ,  j  zîbâyish  ;  — ,  v.a. 

tbzym-et,  zînet- 

İEndirmek,  donatmak;  — 

one’s  self,  (JZSajJ)  bbzEnmek. 

Orphan,  ybtlm,  wksuz. 

Orthography,  imlâ. 

Oscillate,  v.a.  SAİlanmak. 

Oscillation,  s.  iXi\*a  SAİlanma. 

Ostensible,  a.  lJj& lb  zahirî,  “albni. 

Ostentation,  s.  ghj/ijssthrish. 

Ostler,  s.  se'îss. 

Ostrich,  5.  dbvE-kushu, 

shütur-murgh.  [âkhar,^jLs  sâ  ir. 

Other,  a.  XslL.)  bkshka,  dighEr,  .>1 

Otherwise,  ad.  bÂshka- (turlu) ; 

— ,  c.  cty>-b  yâkhud  ;  nÂmi- 


Otter,  s.  su-sâmüru. 

Otto  of  roses,  s.  ^cb  ghyul-yâ^Ai. 

Ottoman,  a. ^Lib**-  ^össmânli.  [‘‘âliyyfi. 

Ottoman  Empire,  5.  <uLc.  dbvleti- 

Ought,  v.  aux.  See  Grammar. 

Ounce,  s.  (troy)  lb J ^ \  on- 
-dirhihnlik -târti ;  (avoirdupois') 
^jlbc^LiJ^O^cs^  sbkiz  -  buchuk- 
-dlrhEmlik-târti ;  (animal) 
bir-nbv  bkkpİAn. 

Our,*)  miz,J*J  imiz;  ^  bizim. 

Ours,  j^ro.  *jj  bizim  ;  bizimki, 


Ourself,  5.  IajxS  kbndimiz. 

j  ’* 

Ourselves,  s.  pi.  UjJûi  kendimiz. 

Oust,  u.a.  chikârmak. 

Out,  ad.  ,-^ybk.  khârij,  ^.L.b  tAshra, 
cJh  ll~b  dish âri ;  <U  \^Sj l^b  di sh ariya ; 
*^bL-b  dishârda ;  — ,  a.  t_£ jll^b 
dishâri-chikmish ; 
swnmush,  ^iib^o  muntafi  ; 
bitmish,  ijLamjû  dukunmish,  ^^asix* 
munkAzi ,  fjOjS^o  münkariz,  ^Jaiu* 
munkXti“;  —  oi,pr.^£  dan; 

dan-khârij  ; - ,  a.j~t  siz,  bilâ, 

^  bî,  b  nâ ;  —  of  hand, 

kldan-chikmish  ;  to  put  — 
—  — ,  hldan-chikar- 

mak  ; - humour,  J  dârghin; 

- place,  wkkitsiz, 

mîınâssebbtsiz,  J.js.^b  na-bb-mahall; 

& boshda  ;  Jjv-  ma  'zul ; - 

pocket,  Şijjâ  zararli,  ^jLa'^A j.*b  zarar- 

etmish,  t _ .oU  ijb  (para)- 

-(kayb)-btmish  ; - sight, 


[  215  ] 


ghâ'ib,  üyisu ı  mefküd, 
ghyarunmiyor,  5  ghywzik- 

mivor;  —  —  tune,  , 

Outbreak,  5.  “issyân  ;  j^b  zuhur. 

Outcast,  s.  mAtrüd- 


Outcry,  5.  v61v61e,  db^i  fkryâd. 

Outdo,  v.a.  Civi^SJdUjb  ylpmakda- 

Outer,  a.  ^jL~o  dish,  ^T) bk  khârijî. 
Outfit,  5.  khârjz-râh  ;  ^  >1 ?  tâkî'm. 

Outflank,  v.a. 

(JÜvi-sr  ^  Joj  U:>-  kbndi-jbnAbi-dush- 

Outgoing,  S'.  khârj,  < _ 3j^c  mAss- 

raf ;  khıırüj,  chikzsh. 

Outguard,  s.  ,  J>».b!  il6riki-kAra- 


kol,  nubetji. 

Outhouse,  s.  sundurma. 

Outlandish,  a.J~Ji~.îb  yakish/ksiz. 
Outlaw,  s.jîjl^i  f ErmÂnk",  ^?lc.  “ass«, 

kith'- hâl  âl- 61  An. 

Outlay,  s.  mAssraf ;  — ,  v.a. 

b _ Sj*a  sarf-et. 

Outlet,  s.  mâkhrej, 

chikajak  -  ykr,  yi  kip* ;  (JîSLJü 

Outline,  s.  H*r~  V?  ki,ru- 

-chizilmish  -  ressim,  J5-L2Ü  tlssİAk  ; 
shekil,  ^2^  bichim. 

Outlive,  v.a. 

(JsJjiA)'  blshkass*  -  aldukdan  -  songra- 
-bıİE  -  yashamak,  j) 

,  İlci J*  b  a  Ss  li  <d-J  blshka-bir- 

W  ♦♦  J 

-shby*iny  -  esseh  -  biln  -  kllmadikdan- 

Outlook,  s.  Cl^lbJ  nlzarbt ;  İÜLJ  tby- 
âkkuz  ;  on  the  — ,  <A-.iU  mukâyyed. 

Outlying,  a.  khârijda-öİAn, 


Out  -  manoeuvre,  v.a.  #tM  AMAw!  J  J 

(Jj  li  hiİE-VE-dbssîssEdE-fâ'ik- 

Outnumber,  v.a.  jUjbjufJtXc  “adedi- 
-zıyâdE  -  61,  jl  J^lsXo  mutejâviz-  61, 
glibchmek.  [ldssi. 

Outport,  s.  tAshra-isskb- 

Outpost,  s.  Jy*J  ileriki- 


Outrageous,  a.  ^JiAlb  tlshkm, 

fahish  ;  kizghm,  j\  J 

dârghm . 

Outreach,  v.a.  Aldatmak. 


Outright,  ad.  bitun-bitun,  LK 

Outset,  s.  ibtidâ.  [kyulliyyan. 

Outside,  s.  ^.-b  dish,  dishân, 

Xjtb  tAshra,  khârij, 

bîrün  ;  — ,  a.  kharijl ;  at 

the  — ,  olsa-61sa, 

nihayet ;  —  price, 

nihayet-  pAhAssz. 

Outskirt,  s.  LjjiySj\lLJb  dishan-ykn. 

Outspoken,  a.  j^,yi  do^Aru- 

-suweyler.  [<finad-et. 

Outstand,  v.a.  \  jld  inkyar-et,  \  jbȣ- 

Outstanding,  a.  L-Jy4^l*\  Ajy+jjyib 
L-J^lb^o  hbnuz-tbssviyyk-olun- 
may  ub-mAtlüb-bul  unan . 

Outward,  a.  -jlrk  khârijT. 


C  216  ] 


Outwards,  ad.  desharzya- 


Outweigh,  v.a.  bÂsskzn- 

-ghEİmek  ;  j\  ghalib-dl. 

Outwit,  v.a.  dessissE- 

ila- lid  atmak. 

Outwork,  b&Us- ^\:><Uİj5 


Oval,  a.  2-J  bbyzi ;  — ,  5. 

Oven,  s.  ^)y ji  fzrzn.  [klt'V-nakzss. 

Over,  a.  ghechmish, 

bitmish,  tlmlm- bimush ; 

<*Liâ  flzla,  klda ;  — ,  ad.  <^X^\ 

usstuna,  üsstunda,  &J*iLc 

mâ-fbvkzna,  tfJcijjl*  ma-fbvkznda ; 
bâlâsszna,  *  bâlâssznda  ; 

dan-ziyâdk,  J^lrsTUı  mut6- 
jâviz  ;  devrilerek  ; 

tlsharak  ;  — ,  pr.  dan, 
üsstundan,  'jj»\  uzbrindan  ;  —  and 
above,  dan-flzla,  \  Sz  J 

dan-mâ“ada,  Ai&JfoJ  dan-blshka  ;  — 
against,  l^j&j\£dd  a-kârshz,  ü+h+JmJü 
karshzsszna,  karshzssz’nda  ; 

to  run  — ,  v.n.  lb  tlshmak ; 

v .a.  L — Lc <!«».*,>■  c. .  j iA \  usstun- 

dan-ghbchup-chinemek  ;  to  fall  — , 
u J  devrilup-diishmek ; 
to  go  — ,  to  pass  — ,  (jJv/Ks?  ghbch- 
mek;  to  give  — ,  waz- 

-ghbchmek,  brâkmak ; 

kbssilmek ;  \j^  dbvr-et,  \  *  JuJ  tbssllm- 
-et;  all  — ,  L-^-k  hbp,  bitun, 

tbkrml,  blshdan- 

-blsha ;  —  again,  yen^zdan, 

j\j—j  tekrar,  ykngi- 

-blshdan  ;  all  is  — ,  bitmish, 

bitdi ;  ishi-bitmish ; 

^jtA  ish  -  ishdan  - 


Overbear,  t\ a. ghxlib-ol;  — ing, 
a.  jjli?  zâlim,  mutahakkim. 

Overboard,  ad.  dbn^zza,  J 


Overburden,  v.a.  s  jLj  is? 

yukİEtmek.  [nzk,  simbull. 

Overcast,  a.  bulutlu,  ^jdLi  klpl- 

Overcharge,  v.a, 

ziyadE-blha-suweyhimek-vE- Aimak. 

Overcome,  v.a.  ghâlib-61, 

ybnmek,  IcuJl  Alt-et,  bozmak. 

S  ■  ' 

Overdue,  a.  u^V'cr^'  vwa<£dEssi- 

Overflow,  5.  seyl  (sbl),  ^L*l? 

tughyân  ;  — ,  v.n.  ^j^fc-SalL  tashmak  ; 
— ,  v.a.  bAssmak. 

Overgrown,  5.  jjJLcjjOCJj  pek-biyu- 

mish,  ^  pbk-boylanmzsh  ; 

^jL*u\j[s  kAplanmzsh,  artul- 


Overhang,  v.n.  çJ^Sj\*a  sarkmak,  ^JuLsl 
Asszlmak;  hawalbli-ol. 

Overhaul,  v.a.  yoklamak ; 

ybtishmek,  tiitmak. 

Overhear, v.a.  Li)vi^-5sl  ishitmek, I 

Overjoyed,  a.  pbk-skvin- 


Overlook,  v.a.  bÂkmak, 


C  217  ] 


nâzir-ol,  nAzârüt-et ;  Uic. 


Overlooker,  5.  Jâ\j  nâzir,  bAkip. 

Overpower,  v.  a.  j\  ghalib-ol, 

yenmek  ;  (jp+s-ji  boyamak,  \j>jkx~»sc > 
müsstaghrak-  et . 

Overreach,  v.a.  Aldatmak. 

Overrule,  v.a.  isskyat-et, 


Overseer,  s.  Asi)  nâzir,  jl&*o  mudlr. 

Oversight,  s.  yangdzsh  (yânish), 

sbhv.  [jJoIj  kAplamak. 

Overspread,  v.a.  cJwOjjl  artmek, 

Overtake,  v.a.  ybtishmek, 

ülashmak,  tütmek. 

Overthrow,  5.  r'>  1  ınhizâm  ;  L-Jİpk 
kharâb,  ^J^i!  inhidam;  — ,  v.a. 

bozmak,  münhü- 

zim-kilmak ;  yıkmak,  I^Jub 


Overture,  5.  t— fl-iC’  tüklîf;  uf 

U>-  tüyâtro-kyüshÂdi-chAlglussz. 

Overturn,  v.a.  devirmek  ;  — , 

v.n.  devrilmek. 

Overwhelm,  v.a.  I  musstaghrak- 

-et,  boyamak. 

Overwork,  v.a.  JAİ ^ 


Owe,  v.a.  horjlu-ol, 

borju-ül,  düyni-öl, 


Owing,  ad.  c^-o  mübni, 

münâssübütîla,  süb^bila, 

^Jo^u  sebebindan.  [büy^u-küshu. 

Owl,  5.  baykush, 

Own,  pro.  a.  u£jAT  kbndi ;  — ,  pro.  5. 
my  — ,  »Jc*£  kendiminyki, 

thy  — ,  ^£f"n£}JJo  kündinyinyki,  his, 
her,  its  — ,  ^.CArrjj JCk£=  kbndininyki, 
&c.  :  see  Grammar  ;  — ,  v.a.  Aa3JL 
mâlik-ol,  sâhib-ül  ; 

ıkrâr-et,  \ P'tirlf-et. 

Owner,  s.  sahib,  cAlt*  mâlik. 

Ownership,  s.  sahihlik. 

Ox,  s.jk+*a  ûghir,  «Ykyuz. 

Oyster,  5.  <0  Jo isstridiyfi. 


Pace,  5.  ^AjuA=i  ghidish,  yiiru- 

yush ;  <Uj yürüme,  *i<j!  Adfm, 


Pacific,  a.  sulh- sever- olan  ; 

—  (Ocean),  s.  jss?  bahn- 


Pacification,  s.  sülh,  <Ls.Huuc  mussâ- 
laha,  bAWsh-ghyarush, 

bArishik ;  ^AL«j  tüsskîn. 

Pacify,  v.a.  1 - 3*  tüsskîn  -  et, 

(JA*  lAyW  yimushAtmak. 

Pack,  5.  CJ3(J  dbnk  ;  büy^eha ; 

<&u<J  düsstfi  ;  j*3Ü»  takim  ;  — ,  v.a. 

isstif-et ;  — ,  v.n. 

ısstif-ol ;  —  away,  ^ i—  d/xA 

kAldzrzp-ısstif-et ;  —  off,  lLXaz.£=> 

ghıtmek;  —  up,  &>jJ C*a  C_-^A 

düvshirup  -  sAndfy^a  -  komak, 



Package,  s.  boyAcha, 

sAndik,  kyay^id. 


[  218  ] 


Packet,  s.  uf  Ak-böyAcha, 

<A.cI£  kyaghid,  L— ijb  top  ;  — — ,  packet- 
boat,  ^sLj>  yolju-ghbmissi ; 


t  âh rlr  ât  -  gh  b  m  i  s  si . 

Packhorse,  s.  j*,~s  sbmEr- 

-(bîsghiri),  yuk-haywlni. 

Packneedle,  Packing-needle,  s. 

Packsaddle,  s.  sbmEr.  [chiiwAldzz. 

Packthread,  s.  sijim. 

Pad,  s.  küchuk-yassdzk, 

jj^ob  plmuk  (pknibuk)  ;  bj 

(beghir)  ;  — ,  v.a.  doldur¬ 

mak  ;  foot — -,J~y.=k  khzrszz. 

Paddle,  s.  kyürbk ;  \ 

• — ,  v.n.  cJvi Ccy  JlJj *£=>  kyiirek-ch ek¬ 
mek  ;  —  box,  jL*J  «I J  dawlumblz. 

Padlock,  Assma-kilidi. 

Pagan,  put-pbrbsst. 

Page,  sahifu,  J*J  yiiz  ; 

ich  -  oghlAui, 

Pail,  5.  koyAa.  [ıch-Ay^Assz'. 

Pain,  Âjz,  tJyM  Aghri, 

vbja“,  blem,  rbnj, 

rbnjish  ;  v.n.  ajimak, 

Ağınmak ;  v.a.  (J.a'A2-\  Ajztmak ; 


Painful,  a.  Ajiyor,  j>\  Ajz'r, 

bllm  ;  yc  murissi-kEdEr. 

Pains,  s.  sae<i ;  uzEnmE ;  to 

take  — ,  cXid  uzknmek. 

Paint,  s.  b  boya ;  (for  the  face) 
j J  duzghyun  ;  (for  the  eyebrows) 
rXsstzk  ;  — ,  v.a. 

boyamak  ;  ~,  v.n.  (as  artists) 

rbssim-yapmak  ;  (as  ladies) 
^ Jy^jhtS  duzghyun-kullknmak. 

Painter,  s.  (house)  çjL\aî  nkkkÂsh ; 
(artist)  p\~sj  rbsssâm. 

Painting,  s.  bbyalz-rbssim. 

Pair,  s.  chift :  - — ,  v.n. 

V  y  V 

chift-ol  ;  — ,  v.a.  bshini- 

-bulmak  ;  chift- 

Palace,  s.  saray.  [-cbift-komak. 

Palate,  s.  dimâgh. 

Pale,  a.  (colour)  achzk ;  (face) 

sarx;  - — ,  s.  ,  Jy>-  havli,  ayl  J 
dâ  irk ;  (jycj*  parmak,  fozzT  tâkhta  ; 
to  turn  — ,  C-b#b*-.i=3  ^Lj  ç)  <-5^j 
benyzi-bbm-bbyÂz-kbssilmek,  lJJJLj 


Paling,  Palings,  s.  tâkhta- 

-pkrdE.  [parmaklzk. 

Palissade,  s.  ***> sharampo ;  ^La-*^ 

Palliate,  v.a.  tâkhfîf  -  et ; 

runk-VErmek.  [lzghz. 

Pallor,  s.  ^bjL?  bbngzin-skrz- 

Palm,  s.  (tree)  ^sybcl  bcjsk  khurma- 
-Agh\]i ;  (of  the  hand) 

Eİ-âyassz ;  (measure)  skrE ; 

to  palm  off,  siırmek, 

s  Atmak. 

Palpable,  a.  j& lb  zahir,  j&£>\  âshikyâr. 

Palpitate,  v.n.  nlbz- 

-ghibi-wurmak,  chÂİk An¬ 
mak,  oynamak.  [khAfakln. 

Palpitation  of  the  heart,  s.  .,Uübk 

Palsy  (paralysis),  s.  ^xLe  ^  fblij- 
-“lllbti,  llub  bir-yanz- 

-tutulmassz,  .  il>~  ,  j*>.\  ninni- 


C  219  ] 


-charpmassz ;  palsied,  a. 

tutulm  ush,  jl.>- 

charpzlmzsh.  [slchma,  bosh. 

Paltry,  a.  misskin  ; 

Pampas,  s.  pi. 


Pamper,  v.a.  e  <U*x3j)jl3 

JL^cjSL.)\  l us  nâz-vb  -  nâ^îmE  -  muss- 

Pamphlet,  s.  rissâİE,  juz ^ . 

Pan,  s.  vbrs-  chânak,  sut  tÂbAk ; 

.  W  v  • 

ghyughbch;  —  of  a  gunlock, 
chakmak-(tAwassz)  ; 
knee  — ,  ^i-L jj,rO  diz-klpA^Az. 

Panacea,  s.  (JA&sc  ^lc  “ilâj-mutllk. 

Pancake,  s.  <k*!jy  ghyuzİEmE. 

Pandemonium,  5.  ^-bL A  mbjma- 


Pander,  cJj.jj  pbzbwknk  ;  — ,  v.n. 
IcJiSb >jjj  pbzewbnklik-bt. 

Pane  of  glass,  s.  ^\pp  jam. 

Panegyric,  s.  mbdiha. 

Panegyrize,  v.a.  1— mbdh-bt. 

Pang,  s.  vbjâ",  dkrd. 

Panic,  5.  i  >■  y  ^  j ^ 1 


Pannier,  4İb"  kyiifh.  [rbssm. 

Panorama,  s.  vwüss£<âtli- 

Pant,  v.n.  ^ pbk- solumak. 

Pantaloons,  s.  ^'kib  pantalon. 

Panther,  5.  (^jb  pârss. 

Pantile,  5.  kirbmid. 

Pantomime,  s.  jybj  y 


Pantry,  s.  JkjZ  (kıİEr).  [oyunu. 

Pap,  s.  A.j'i  llpa  ;  <i*.<  mbmu. 

Papa,  s.  bb  blbA,  j<AJ  pbdEr. 

Papacy,  s.  y*lbb  iscjj  rbma-papalig^i. 
Papal,  a.  ^Ixix  <u~bb  l rbma- 

Paper,  5.  <Aİ.b  kyaghid,  (j~ lb  .J  kzrtlss  ; 
43J.İ.  ghâzbta ;  papers,  s.  pi.  AjA 


Paper-mill,  s.  <üüy  Is  <Ail£  kyaghid- 

Papist,  s.  dblyb  kâtolik.  [fâbrikassi. 

Parable,  s.  missal,  (J.-İ4İ'  tbmsll. 

Parabola,  *-k.s  kAt'b'-miıkyâfi. 

Paradise,  s.  firdbvss, 

jbnnkt.  [ayü  fzkra. 

Paragraph,  5.  «Ay  bbnd,  jumİE, 

Parallax,  s.  <. _ ikhtillfi- 


Parallel,  a.  LSj\yc  muwazi ;  (similar) 
jAh)  nlzzr ;  —  to  each  other, 

Ljj\j1sc  miitewazi  ;  — ,  5. 
khlttz-muwazi ;  (similar  thing)  2yk3 

nlzzrjE.  [waziyu-  1-Xdll  . 

Parallelogram,  s.  miitb- 

Paralysis,  5.  yiLc  ^  fblijb'illbti, 
dbbby  bir-tarafmy-tutul- 

massz,  ^ - j  br>-  ijinni- 

-chârpmassz.  felij-' 'illeti. 

Paralytic,  a.  k^o  mbflüj  ;  — stroke. 
Paralyze,  v.a.  \  h«rbkut- 

den-mâhrüm-bt.  [para). 

Paramour,  s.  J')  zanl,  y)U3j  (zam- 
Parapet,  s.  Sip  El*  • 

Paraphernalia,  s.  pi.  Xghirlik ; 

^jjlb  tâldm,  âlât-bdâwât. 

Paraphrase,  s.  shkrh. 


[  220  ] 


Parasite,  kyâssb-lîss. 

Parasol,  shbmsiyyE. 

Parboil,  v.a.  (J^-cL&bs-  ı_5^b  yar?- 


Parcel,  boy^cha,  kyhghid ; 

ç,: lb  takz'm  ;  suru. 

Parch,  v.a.  jyoj^3  kawurmak  ; 

süss  Atmak;  kurutmak;  — , 

v.n.  kawrulmak  ; 

sussAmak;  kurumak. 

Parchment,  s.  tJ*y  tirshE. 

Pard,  s.  klpİAn. 

Pardon,  s.  yc.  “âfv ;  — ,  v.a.  \ 
“afv-et,  bakhsh-et,  (J.*  İLl*cb 


Pare,  v.a.  (J-^y 0  soymak, 

kXb  uydunu- soymak  ;  cXwf=s  kess- 
mek,  korkmak,  yont¬ 

mak  ;  ^jUojli  kÂz/mak. 

Parent,  s.  bb  bA.bA,j^  pbdEr;  \'A  an  a, 
ninE,  validk;  both  parents, 

validbyn.  [mâdErânE. 

Parental,  a.  jSi  pednrânE ;  <bj^<yL« 

Parenthesis,  5.  Lays.* c  mu‘‘tbriza. 

Pariah,  s.  joj&  hind- 


Paring,  s.  jj kÂbuk  ;  u5A^.f=>  kbs- 
sinti ;  lJSuSjİ  klrkmt?. 

Paris  (town  of),  s.  u^-2»  pâris- 

Parish,  s.  A^r°  mahalİE.  [-shbhiri. 

Parity,  s.  müshâbbhbt.  [cha. 

Park,  s.  \*<j  »\  ormÂnlik-bây/z- 

Parley,  5.  <uJlCc  mukyâlbmE. 

Parliament,  s.  ^  \J 


Parliamentary,  a.  ^ix^o  l^Lo 

millet-mbjlissina-muta  alik. 

Parlour,  s.  <Lbjl  sblâmh’k- 

Parole,  s.  <*^jb  parola.  [-odass?. 

Parricide,  s.  ^jLazj\  L  A-jbb 

-khabîss  ;  LL^a^j\  0bJj-  ^i»~:bb  lJ<X»£ 

w  ♦ 


Parrot,  5.  ^U-J  pApAyMn,  l*-J  bbbghâ, 
or  bbbbghâ,  j^byb  tüt?. 

Parry,  v.a.  def  -bt. 

Parsee,  s.  ghbbr. 

Parsimonious,  a.  khâssîss, 

\LxAh  tAma‘‘kyar,  misskm. 

Parsimoniousness,Parsimony,  s.  ^j\Cxa^> 

Parsley,  s.  (j~yS.'\sc  maydanoss. 

Parsnip,  s.  yabAn-hawuju. 

Parson,  s.  cr-'i'i  pXpASS. 

Part,  s.  te^b  pârcha,  ^b  yan, 
k?ssm,  jiız‘,  <La>-  hisssE, 

k?sst,  lA>  pay ;  tÂssâhhub  ; 

iSjb  taraf,  l -^bş-  jânib ; 
hâwâlî,jl  *£>-  jiwar  ;  kh?dmet, 

wajibb  i-zimmet ;  parts, 
s.  pi.  Ifi  zekyâ,  issti  dâd; 

^li^b  taraflar,  jbwanib, 

hawali,  jiwarlar ;  privy  — , 


âyrilmak,  \  L^ijU^c  muf âra- 
klt-et  ;  kopmak,  cX*!— 

kbssilmek  ;  —  with,  âyrilmak  ;s 

vkrmek  ;  SAtmak ; 

(J-AS-yi  koghmak. 


[  221  ] 


Partake,  v.n.  hisssEmknd-ol ; 


Partial,  a.  jüz'î,  ghây- 

re-' umûmî,  ghâyri-tAmm  ; 

J  Lw<  meyyal,  c^-sr10  muhibb ; 

gharazkyâr,  ^Lx-J  L-JÜ  n<ff- 
sâniyy&tli ;  to  be  —  to,  sev- 

mek.  hisssESsi-bl. 

Participate,  v.n.  Cjv^  sherik-ol. 

Participation,  (jJjuJjl  C— >b<U2s*- 


Participle,  5.  (active)  issmi- 

-fa“il ;  (passive)  issmi- 


Particle,  s.  z&ite;  Cl^İJİ  bdât. 

Particular,  a.  mâkhsüss,  ^Lk 

khlsss,  ^'xk?0  mûkhtÂsss, 
mukhlsssass ;  l ayri, 
bAshka ;  inja-bAkar,  <JlX> 

pek-dikklt-^dEr,  P's* 
mbrlldi ;  — s,  s.  pi.  tAf- 


Particularly,  ad.  \*a**a>-  khûssûssâ. 

Parting,  s.  aynh’sh,  l z^3j\su> 

mîıfârakAt.  [ghayretkbsh. 

Partisan,  s.  tarafdâr,  fjLİjj+z 

Partisanship,  s.  (JjJ\SsJ±d  târafdârlik. 

Partition,  s.  <uJ^j  balmû ;  —  off,  v.a. 

Partly,  ad.  ba"zi-mErt^bE, 


Partner,  ortak,  sh&rîk. 

Partnership,  shirkkt. 

Partridge,  s.  keklik, 

Parturition,  s.  wAz^i-haml. 

Party,  s.  takz'm,  cJjb  baluk, 

dijs  firka  ;  jfem'‘iyy&t. 

Pasha,  s.  l-l lj  pasha. 

Pass,  s.  ghechid,  A*JjA  dnrbbnd 

(devrbnd),  jlc^J  boghlz,  dbra; 

tezkdrE,  Jy.  yol-bmri, 

buyuruldu;  <JL>-  hâl,  L^İJb 
hby‘bt ;  — ,  v.n.  gh&chmek; 

(through)  \ j jjs c  mûrür-et ;  (over) 
“ûbûr-et ;  (current)  IJjİAJ 
t&dâvul-et  ;  — ,  v.a.  ghti- 

chirmek  ;  \J\ j^o\  imrar-et ;  —  along, 
dXi-s/  volunja-gh&chmek, 

ghechmek  ;  —  away, 
ghbchup-ghitmek ; 

bitmek,  dukunmek  ;  Li 

fbnâ-bûlmak ;  —  by,  v.n. 

Lj  yandan-ghbchmek  ; 
llX-*-  oradan-gh&chmek, 

ghbchmek  ;  — ,  v.  a. 

ghechirmek,  \yiz  “ifv-et; 

—  for,  v.n.  zann-olun- 

mak ;  — ,  v.a.  d&yu- 

-vErmek,  J  dkyu-sAtmak ; 

—  one’s  word,  J^«s  saz- 

-vkrmek,  kefil-ol,  —  over, 

'Afv-et ;  —  sentence. 


i“lam-et ;  to  come  to  — , 
blmak,  wâkz“-ol, 

wûkü"-bûlmak,  ^ zûhür- 
-et,  jâyghîr-öl. 

Passable,  a.  gh^chilir, 

kâbili-mûrür ;  >1  bp-îyija, 



[  222  ] 


Passably,  ad.  bp-iyija. 

Passage,  s.  jjj*>  murür,  jy*s-  <£ubur, 
ghbchish  ;  jA,^ o  memhrr, 
ma^bbr,  ghbchejek-ybr, 

yol;  bssnâyi-râh ; 

sbkAk,  kÂpi- dehlizi ; 

c<ıbârE,  «MJ  bbnd. 

Passenger,  s.  yblju. 

Passer-by,  s.  Cb-sr  gbchen. 

Passion,  s.  darghmlz'k,  <tCj 

(llfkE),  C— «2— C  gbÂZAb  ;  (j-.e—5> 

hawbss,  merÂk ;  ^Ashk ; 

İİİJİ  ibtilâ,  JUâjI  infial;  — flower, 

chârkhz- felek- 

VteP  V  M  {J  V 


Passionate,  a.  dârghm,  i—Jynz 

ghÂzüb  ;  — ly,  ad.  cJ  j  pbk,  LSjy£t\ 

Passive,  a.  ^  ,  Eİi-kolu- 

-bAp'Ak'-gbibi ;  verb  — ,  J  ifî^J  x: 
fl^li-mbjhül ;  — participle, 

Passport,  s.  yol-bmri,  (J*.> 

yöl-tezkhrESSİ,  lJlxJ j  ^.+.1 
buyuruldu,  b  passaporta. 

Pass-word,  s.  dîjjb  pârbla ;  j\xJ*  shz^ar. 
Past,  a.  ghbchmish ; 

mazi;  the  — ,  ghbch- 

mish-zamln,  4— byyâmi- 
sabz'ka  ;  — ,  pr.  dan-atbyE  ; 

dan-khârij  ;  —  cure,  — 
recovery,  charussiz,  ,-^Lc 

JasS  J ‘ ‘ilaj  -k lb ul-  htm  az,  ^JLa Xi 

Paste,  s.  j+az*-  (khXmur)  ; 

chirish  ;  — ,  vm. 

Pasteboard,  s.  o  mukawwa. 

Pastil,  Pastille,  kurss. 

Pastime,  5.  bylhnja.  [pAss. 

Pastor,  s.  ^b ^  chobln  ;  (j*.bb  pÂ- 

Pastry,  s.  (khAmur)-ishi ;  — 

cook,  j bzzrhkji. 

Pasture,  Pasturage,  5.  Jj^bj^  otİAk : 
jl l>-  chayr;  CUy  ot ;  — ■,  v.n. 

otlamak ;  — ,  v.a. 
otarmak,  (J.aj'İ’J*]  otİAtmak. 

Pasty,  s.  cJj  *j  bwrhk. 

Patch,  s.  <Lcb  yama ;  &>jb  P^rcha ; 
— ,  v.a.  !<ub  yama-wurmak, 

parcha-komak ;  —  up, 

\j.+.A.xJ ct>-  L^J  kÂbaja-tâ/'mîr-et ; 


Patent,  5.  y  bbrlt,  ^be^j  fbrmln ; 
&2ob  pâtbnta,  ^jİyjb^o'  imtiyâz- 
-bbrltz ;  — ,  a.  J kxx'J b  patbntaK, 

XX^o  \  imtiyazh’. 

Patented,  a.  yfaxi b  patbntak. 

Patentee,  s.  &xxj  b  CJ-3  S' zs?}  ^ 

tassi-sâhibi.  [ranfl. 

Paternal,  a.  lJ*A  bbbvi,  pbdfl- 

Path,  Pathway,  s.  J;!.  y01<  Ji .)*  t**. 
A  j  râh. 

Pathetic,  a.  jı^er-sûz. 


Patience,  5.  j+*C  sXbr,  tahammül, 


Patient,  a.  slbrlz,  slbür, 

mutahammil,  shekib ; 

— ,  5.  khlssta. 


[  223  ] 


Patriarch,  s.  pktrzk ;  — s,  5.  pi. 


Patriarchate,  s.  ^su>  pAtrik- 

lik-szfAU’ ;  pAtrik- 


Patrician,  s.  AsslzAdi. 

Patrimony,  s.Cjj^c  mirâss, 

Patriot,  s.  1  i Suij^z. wAtAn- 


Patriotic,  a.  j ^  wAtAnini- 


Patrol,  s,  Jy  kol ;  — ,  v.n. 

kol-ghfezmek ;  — ,  v.a.  CJ— ^—£=> 
ghfezmek,  dolashmak. 

Patron,  5.  vfelî-ni 'mfet, 

l_£Jûİİ  fef  fendi  ;  râghib.  [zam. 

Patronage,  s.  himayn  ;  r!r“  ilt  i- 

Patronize,  v.a.  \  iltzzam-et  ; 

1  Joil  fef  fendilik-et ;  jl 

Patten,  s.  (nAh'n).  [mushtferlssT-ol. 

Pattern,  s.  LlX'j j*\  wrnek ;  rfessim ; 
15  kAlib  ;  <Ü ^  aj  nûmünE. 

Paunch,  s.  t^jXi  kârn  ;  <L*x-£jl  ishkEnbE. 

Pauper,  s.  jJ> ii  fakir. 

Pause,  s.  IS  kAh'sh ;  CU^\^  süky üt, 
sükyün  ;  dürAk- 

-yEri ;  — ,  v.a.  (J>-a  ju  kAlmak, 
durmak  ;  bAkmak, 

J*j[l  bAkmmak,  düsh- 

unmek,  V  p  IJ  tfe'fenni-et,  15  tfe  fem- 
mul-et.  [-dushEmek. 

Pave,  v.a.  ^b^J-lk  tash-ila- 

Pavement,  s.  kAldmm  ;  foot  — , 

jjJ\5»jLj  piyadE-kXldinm?. 

Pavilion,  s.  kywshk,  âi  kAssr ; 

mfehtâbıyvE  ;  chAdi'r. 

Paving,  s.  <Uuk£> .J  düshEmE. 

Pavior,  s.  ,  \s  kAldmmjk 

Paw,  s.  jib\  ayak,  tecu  pfenchfi,  b  pâ, 
oU  pay. 

Pawn,  s.  ij&j  rfehn ;  rfehîn ;  (at 

chess)  pâydak  ;  — ,  v.a.  &u+£>j 

rfehlna  -  vkrmek, 

Pay,  5.  ghyundklik  ; 

hlftahk ;  (j\.A  âyl/k,  <tJfcLc  mâhiyyE, 
shfehriyyE  ;  yillik ;  ^  j**  ^^»^0 

ma ''ash  ;  — >  v.a.  zitdEmek, 

eX<y.j  vkrmek,  \İJİ  fedâ-et,  Uâj\  ıfâ- 
et,  \\LzJi  isstlfa  -  et ;  —  a  visit, 

dy/namak,  \cL?j\jj  ziyarfet-et; 
• —  away,  vkrmek,  l— .j!>~ 

kharj-et ; - ,  —  out  (a  rope), 

I  <£İyo  möla  -  et ;  —  down, 

pfeshin  -  VErmek  ;  —  off, 

'5  karshihy/imi-et, 

çj.<j 'iu>-  Ajzssmi  -  clnkarmak  ;  ^j\ 
izin  -  vkrmek,  Jİ 

C)vCJ.  ÂdAmlanna-izin-vErmek. 

Payable,  a.  wa^dkssi- 

-ghklmish,  \Sİ\, _ wajibu-’l-feda. 

Paymaster- General,  s. 

L^-kU  ‘"isskerin  -  ümümı- 

mâ  'âsh-nâzm. 

Payment,  5.  J  U  tfe  diyyk. 

Paynim,  s.  Ji li  kyâfir. 

Pay-office,  5.  skrghi. 

Pea,  5.  JysT  ndkhud,  <L.l y  bfezfelya ; 
sweet  — ,  “«trf-shahl. 


[  224  ] 


Peace,  (jJ$> ^,b  bArzshzk, 

bArzsh-ghy  brush,  sulh,  A^iLxo 

mîıssâlaha ;  go  in  — !  Abi-«l«j  selâ- 

mbtla,  ^Wlj^Sb  bi-’l-umni-vb-İ- 
bmân  ;  —  !  int.  suss  ;  to  be  at 

— ,  j\  fJ.Jui j\)  bAnshzk-ol ;  to  bold 
one’s  — ,  sussmak. 

Peaceable,  a.  jIAjLİ  âssâyzshlz. 

Peacemaker,  ş.  bArzshdmjz. 

Peach,  5.  ^ibJLSj  sheftâli ;  melting  — , 
j’bJLl  A^b  yârma-shhftâli ;  cling  stone 
— ,  kebâd,  jUiıjFjbtf  sArz-kbbad, 


Peacock,  s.  (j-yb  tawuss, 

tawuss-kushu.  [tawuss-kushu. 

Peahen,  s.  ^b  dishi- 

Peak,  s.  fail  (tbpis),  Xjj3  zirvE,  zjL£ 

Peal,  s.  mukkrrEr-sbss  ;  — , 

v.n.  \  jj^ro  mukmrEr-sbss-et. 

Pear,  ârmud,  hmrüd. 

Pearl,  s.  inji,  jl  diırr,  JİJİ  lüİiib 

İJ j\j yo  mErvarld. 

Peasant,  5.  £  kyuylu.  [chakd-tAshz. 

Pebble,  5.  Jibs-  chakzl,  fi-2jlbj Lsb>- 

Peculation,  s.  khu’sizlik,  jyo  l< 

uP>  mb‘mur-sirkAtz. 

Peculiar,  a.  mâkhsûss  ; 

<fÂjîb  (âjâ'ib),  j£-  gharlb,  < _ ibx? 


Peculiarity,  5.  <L? khy- 

fiyybti-mâkhsüssa,  A^U-  khAsssa. 

.  ♦♦ 

Pecuniary,  a.  Aj  Ajs?l  Akchaya- 


-muta^allik,  Akchaja. 

Pedestal,  s.  kyursl. 

Pedigree,  5.  shbjbrE,  c— ■ nbsseb. 
Pedlar,  s.  költukju, 

ghbzdiriji,  jbb^Lc  mAdrablz. 

Peel,  s.  jjj-J  kAbuk ;  — ,  v.a. 

soymak,  kAbuybunu- 

—  s  oymak  ;  — ,  ■ —  off,  v.n.  <JL*b  ^ 

soyulmak.  [mak. 

Peep,  v.n.  aralzkdan-bAk- 

Peer,  s.  zâdEghyândan- 

oİAn  ;  yS  kyiıfv,  Aju-iJ&  hbm-pâyE. 
Peerage,  s.  <l\jLa\  ÂsslzâdEghyân. 
Peeress,  s.  cr-u’j  ^  «a\  Asslzâdd- 
Peerless,  a.  jJai  ^  bî-nAzzr.  [kArzssz. 
Peevish,  a.  tbrss,  J~J khuysuz. 
Peevishness,  5.  CiL-y  tbrsslik. 

Peg,  5.  uSj-rfS'  chivi. 

Pelican,  s.  ^-2bysliLs  (saka)-kushu. 
Pell-mell,  ad.  U~J'  sfacj^'i  karma-kAnsh. 
Pelt,  v.a.  tAshlamak  ;  — ,  v.n. 

b  a!j!  shiddbt-ila-yayb- 


Pen,  s.  ^ i  kâİEm;  J.i!  AyM;  — ,  v.a. 
jJP<rJ  b  yazmak  ;  ^J^obj  Abe.!  \ghi\a- 
kApamak;  — down,  b  yazmak; 

—  up,  AyMa-kApamak  ; 

—  in,  chıniİEmek, 

v  7 

CJvfcL^r.,-0  mürbkkEbİEmek  ;  A.bc.1 
•  v 

^cLî  Ay/ida-kApamak.  [nbvf<inden. 
Penal,  a.  Lu\j\*şr°  mujazât- 

Penalty,  s.  jbrimE ;  L^jW10 

müjâzât,  jezâ  ;  under  — ,  Ck>ljbsT° 
Ai.jjb.-2j  mujâzât  -  (Munmak- 

shartzla,  aL  b^— 3  J-d  ^  fafaj^~  jerimE- 
Almmak-  shartzla . 

Penance,  s.  \js>-  ıkhtiyâri-jbzâ. 


[  225  ] 


Pencase,  s.  jj**  kubur,  kâİEm - 

^n*  [ghirlar. 

Pence,  s.  pi.  J Js lj  bAke’rlar,  JjZ**  mkn- 
Pencil,  ^  kâİEm  ;  lead  — ,  ,y 

^  kurshun-kalsm  ;  hair  — , 
tuj-kaİEm,  fircha;  slate  — , 

tAsh-  kâİEm  ;  —  of  light, 

cWA  shu‘V\ 

Pendulum,  5.  js[s j  rakkÂss. 

Penetrate,  v.a.  ufJ\ — ^  ghirmek, 



Peninsula,  s,  4?t  Ida,  XJ.j>-  jczirE, 

UJ^r3  nim-jbzîrk,  shi- 


Penitence,  s.  peshlmlnlik 

(pishmAnh’k),  nbdâmbt: 


clıilİE.  [^jli  nadim. 

Penitent, a.  pbshlmln  (pishmAn), 

Penknife,  5.  Ji  kâİEmtrash,  (pocket 
— )  Jl>-  chaki. 

Penman,  s.  L Hars.  khAttÂt ;  — ship, 
khÂtt.  [bayrak. 

Pennant,  s.  Xj&Ais  filândara ; 
Penniless,  pârkssiz. 

Pennon,  5.  bayrak.  * 

Penny,  bikir,  J^c  mlnghir. 

Pension,  s.  tXcULJ  taka“ud- 

-ma^âshi,  ma^ash,  A  âylik; 

— ,  —  off,  v.a.  \  iSz Lk  J  A.L£jLx«j 

ma'ashla  -  takâ^ud  -  et,  ^j^elLcb 

Pensioner,  s.  tXcljtt^o  lb  I  ^jL\x^o 

£  mâ^âsh-ila-mütakâ^id-olan- 
kimbssnk  ;  Greenwich  — ,  <L^rs^ 
bâhriyyk -mütakâ<fidi ; 

Chelsea  — ,  lS<S.c\’â^c  fay  berriyyk- 

Pentagon,  5.  mukhammess. 

Penthouse,  s.  sundurma. 

Penurious,  a.J&.x*!o  tlma“kyar. 

Penuriousness,  s.  ^y\Cxst!b  tlma“kyarlik. 

Penury,  5.  fakirlik. 

Peony,  s.  (JjlkA  shaka'ik. 

People,  s.  millbt,  kavrn, 

kAbılk,  <ÛjIL  tâ‘ifk,  jinss ; 

khllk,  örtalik,  <Lole  ImmE  ; 


ayak  -  tâkimi,  ^jİrkLü  klba- klillk; 
great  — ,  JJ*  kibâr-tâkimi, 

^13^1  bkyâbiri  -  nâss  ;  — ,  v.  a. 

mâ"mür-et,  \ abâdân-et, 
shbnbendirmek  ;  — d, 

p.p.  mamur,  ^*JL!  abadan, 


Pepper,  s.  j+s  bibEr  ;  — ,  v.a.  (JaSXs  j+i 
bibEr-kltmak  ;  — corn, 
bibEr- (tânkssi)  ;  —  box,  -o 

bibEr-kutussu  ;  —  mint,  <Ux3  nâ**nk. 

Peradventure,  ad.  <\£L  bblki. 

*  • 

Perambulate,  v.n.  (JaJS»İj)o  dblashmak. 
Perambulator,  s.  Jt 

^adjjC  chbjuk-ichin-Eİ-^ârabassi. 

Per  annum,  ad.  yilda,  lJ*u~ j  sedfvj 

Perceive,  v.a.  ghyarmek, 

tbshkhiss-et;  angla- 

mak  (annamak),  dkrk  -  et, 

idrâk- et,  \  re  fbhm-et. 

Per  cent.,  ad.  yüzda. 

Per-centage,  5.  ^ Jj ^  yuzdalik. 

Perceptible,  a.  (j~y~sz°  mâhsüss. 



[  226  ] 


Perch,  5.  tawuk- 

-konajak-sink,  sink,  ^.Icl  Xy^Aj; 

| terbiCfz-blli- 
-arshmKk-mbssâfE ;  — ,  v.n. 

kdnmak  ;  — ,  v.a.  dikmek. 

Perchance,  ad.  <t£]j  bblki. 

Percussion,  s.  wurush. 

Percussion-cap,  s.  İJ  kapsül. 

Perdition,  s.  L-J>\  J*  kharâb. 

Peregrinate,  v.n.  wtE-bbri- 

ghbzmek.  [brim. 

Peremptory,  a.  kÂt*X  mu- 

Perfect,  a.  tlmm,  <J*ol£  kyâmil, 

dan-khâli;  — ,  v.a.  I^Ujİ  itmâm-et, 
tbtmîm-et,  IJU£I  ikmâl-et, 

Perfection,  s.  Jl*?  kümâl. 

Perfidious,  a.  U-  khâ'in. 

Perfidy,  s.  JjLjU-  khâ'inlik. 

Perforate,  v.a.  delmek, 

achmak,  sakb-et. 

Perforce,  ad.  ,Uli  nâ-cbâr. 

-S  V 

Perform,  v.a.  yapmak, 

btmek,  \\jp?  ı  ijrâ-et,  C3^c jf&Axi 
fTla-ghbtirmek,  \^\ y-l  <lL*J  fi“la- 
-ikhrâj-et,  küvvü- 

dan-fi“la-ikhrâj-et ;  (as  a  machine) 
ishlfimek,  ghitmek. 

Performance,  s.  \j^\  ıjrâ;  ish; 

oyun.  [mukAİlid. 

Performer,  s.  ^ lyyl  ijrâ-eden ;  JtiX« 

Perfume,  s.  yy  koku,  J**  ‘  f«tr,  l— ■ -J? 
tib  ;  jys^  bukbür,  ^~Jy  tiıtsu  ;  — , 
v.a.  !  mü“attar-et,  !c— mu- 

y  •  •• 

tâyyeb-et;  — ed,  a.  Jax*o  mukattar, 
mutâyyeb  ;  — ing  -  pan, 

(JjysT  bukh ürdân  (bükhurdanbk). 

Perfumer,  5.  ^s-yae  “itrji;  .ylj  y kghji. 

Perfumery,  s.  L-Übl  ^k.\dj\*a 

Perhaps,  ad.  bblki. 

Peribelium,  s.  üvj. 

Peril,  y^y  korku,  tehliku, 

xjb\ s^°  mükhltara,  Jte~>  khktar;  — , 
v.a.  (J-c)  Mj  tüblikeyE-kömak ; 

at  your  — !  jjb&Jcjl  üt-da-bÂk, 
sbn  -  bilirsin,  &Jt£jyy 
ghyimâhi-bdyununyda.  [mükhltarali. 

Perilous,  a.  tbhlikEİi ;  jl^Llsr0 

Perilousness,  s.  teblikEİilik. 

Period,  s.  CJJuı  müddbt. 

Periodical,  a.  Clîlijl 

bvkât-mu^ayybnEda-vvvâk^-olan ;  — , 

5.  j 

evkât  -  mü^ayyenüda  -  neshr- 

Perish,  v.n.  lıelâk -61,  ^ uJİİJ 

tblef-ol,  bitmek;  cJvfcljl  wl- 

mek ;  kurumak; 

chürumek ;  — ,  v.a. 

Periwig,  5.  4.î*y  pbrüka.  [chürutmek. 

Perjure  one’s  self,  v.a.  Id-Uo-  hmss-et, 
\{£j+AiXj,ı$l  yaİAn  -  ykra  -  yemin  -  et ; 
İİ£>  khülfi-ybmin-et. 

Permanence,  s.  dbwam,  lib  blkâ, 

J\ jAZ*J\  isstimrâr. 

Permanent,  a.  dâ‘im,  blki, 

müsstümbrr ;  j\l Uo  temblli ; 


[  227  ] 


chz’kmaz,  bozulmaz  ; 


Permission,  s.  ı^j6\  ızn  (izin),  j 

rukhsXt,  ıjâzet,  jUs>-  jew  âz. 

Permit,  tbzkurE  ;  — ,  v.a.  Ijdl 

izin-YErmek,  ^  LL-~^2>-j 

rukhsXt- vkrmek,  \jjy~f'  tbjviz-et, 
\^a*s>yl  tErkh/ss-et. 

Pernicious,  a.jÂ<  muzirr,  ^  zârârl/. 

Perpendicular,  s.  “âmüd  ;  — ,  a. 

kâim,  LSûytfi  “âmüdı, 
dbyAru,  llJw)  dik. 

Perpetrate,  v.a.  b  yapmak, 
etmek,  !<-_->  ırtikyâb-et. 

Perpetual,  a.  J  dâ'im ;  — ly,  ac?. 

Uj^J  dâ^mâ. 

Perplex,  u.a.  (Jaj bXsh-XyAr/t- 
mak,  sikindi- vermek. 

Perplexity,  s.  izt/rlb. 

Perquisites,  5.  pi.  c<âwâ  id, 


Persecute,  v.a.  kopyalamak, 

dXlma-binmek,  L 
•  râhat-VErmamek, 
renjldn-et,  dushniEnlik-et, 

\lZ. *xya.>-  khussümbt  -  et, 

Perseverance,  s.  ikdÂm, 

dewâm  ;  — re,  v.n.  ikdÂm-et, 

dbwXm-et ;  — ing,  a.  |4<Xjto 

Persia,  s.  irân.  [mükdim. 

Persian,  a.  ^3^  irânı ;  — ,  s. 
"XjEm;  irânı;  “XjEm- 


Personal,  a.  zâti;  — 


Persian  Gulf,  uSjijji  Xj*2)  bâssra-kyar- 
fezi.  [vâz-ghbchmamek. 

Persist,  v.n.  Idlxc  ^ınâd-et,  cXcl 
Persistence,  Persistency,  s.J\j*a\  issrâr. 
Persistent,  Persisting,  a.j^  -o  mussirr. 
Person,  s.  .  kishi,  kimessnE, 


shâkhss,  j4L>|  XdAm,  JCi  nbfEr  ; 
(hypostasis)  uknum  (pi.  \ 

âkânîm)  ;  the  three  — s  of  the  Trinity, 
âkânîmi  -  sblâssE  ;  (gram.) 
first  — ,  A^o^sj  n&fssi-mutbkbllim ; 
second  — ,  dslsr10  mukhltAb  ;  third 

— ,  i _ .  jli.  ghâ‘ib. 

Personage,  s.  Ic lzj\ <i  zât-^âlı. 

İJ  zâti;  —  pronoun, 


Perspective,  s.  İ£  “ılmi-menâzir. 

Perspicacious,  a.  fXtânbtli. 

Perspicaciousness,  Perspicacity,  s.  ILi 
Perspicuity,  5.  achzkkk.  [fÂtânbt. 

Perspicuous,  a.  achik. 

Perspiration,  s.  y  or  jd  tur. 

Perspire,  v.n.  tErlfimek. 

Persuade,  v.a.  inand/rmak, 

U  kXnd/rmak,  IcJlACJ  ısskyât- 
-et ;  Civile,  “Xkl/m-chelmek  ; 


ijsc y  «iiAiLc  ‘Xkl/na-kbmak. 

Persuasion,  s.  Ji Ic  akim/- 

V  w 

Pert,  a.j~3j\z  “ârs/z.  [chblmeklik. 

Pertain,  v.n.  müta“allik  -  61, 

râj/^-ol,  \eysQ  mbnüt  -  61, 
fc  mErbüt-ol,  ^  J muhavvel- 
-61,  mâkhsüss-bl,^!c--'*^--.i.'<ı 

•  ♦I 

mbnsüb-61,  blkmak, 


r  2 


[  228  ] 


Pertinacious,  a.  y i*  musszrr. 

Pertinacity,  s.  <£mâd  ;  CUbJ  sbbât, 

ikdlm.  [munâssbbbt. 

Pertinence,  Pertinency,  s. 

Pertinent,  a.  munassbbbtli. 

Pertly,  ad.  A-  £<arsiz  ;  — ,  s. 

Perusal,  s.  okuma.  [arsizlik. 

Peruse,  v.a.  (J.* okumak. 

Pervade,  tb'slri-ol; 

ishlumek,  ghbchmek,  AAib 

v  0  J 

nafiz -61. 

Perverse,  a.  (j*y  tbrss  khayrsiz. 

Pervert,  v.a.  ayartmak, 

ifsâd-et,  ıdlâl-et ;  — ,  5. 

murtedd  (murtld). 

Pest,  Pestilence,  s.  bj  veba,  tâ<fün, 

y]  khlsstalik,  yimurjak. 

Pestle,  s.  (hXwAn)-Eli. 

Pet,  s.  sEvdik,  J&T  JÂn,  Ljj'f 

kuzu,  ^yjLs>-  ji^/iEr-kybsbE, 
iki-ghyaz  ;  \  J  darghinlik- 

-hâli;  — ,  v.a.  skvmek  ; 

okhshamak  ; 

Petition,  s.  .c  “ârzi-hâl, 

“ arıza ;  \>-j  rija,  j\J  niyaz, 

A*>-  dkr-khâsst;  — ,  v.a. 

“ârzi-hâl-vErmek.  [arzuhal. 

Petitioner,  5.  Jls^c  sahibi- 

Petrel,  5.  J?jb« cü ijoy  fzrtma-martissi. 

Petrifaction,  Petrification,  s. 

Petrify,  v.a.  tXsh-et ; 





C-b*L-£(jiAb  tAsh-kessilmek, 

Petroleum,  5.  ma/'dEn-nbfti ; 

jlc  ghaz. 

Petticoat,  s.  .  ich-fisstlni. 

o  \v~ 

Petty,  a.  cJij’jlijI  ufÂk-thfek,  yj^- 
juzX  <*,*,>-1*2  SAchma. 

Pewter,  .9.  bbylz-ma^dEn. 

Pharmacy,  s.  ^5=rb=r'  bjzâji- 

dukkyâm  (dukkuni). 

Pheasant,  s.  suyAlun  (sulun  or 

suylun),  jjS'J  tbzrbv. 

Phenix,  s.  Uix  “ânkâ,  kkknuss 

or  kkknuss. 

Phenomenon,  pi.  Phenomena,  s.  L2-^A.c. 

£<âlâmbt,  gharibu ;  pi.  ^ 

"ala,  im,  gharâ/ib. 

Phial,  s.  uflk-shîshE. 

Philanthropic,  Philanthropical,  a.  Jjbl 
ehli-shafakAt.  [kAt. 

Philanthropist,  5.  ehli-sh^fa- 

Philanthropy,  s.  shafakAt. 

Philology,  s.  ^LJ  jy  Sj  ^2  Almi- 
-tbdkzki-ghavri-lissan . 

Philomel,  s.  <J«Aj  bulbul. 

Philosopher,  5.  **£>  hakim  (pi.  l*£> 

hukbmâ)  1 _ 3j~+\Js  fbylasof  (pi.  Hi 

fhlâsefk)  ;  — *s  stone,  L*-£  kımiyâ, 
j*~&\  iksir,  Aİtin-otu. 

Philosophy,  5.  L2-^*£>y  Is  “ilmi-hikmbt. 

Phlebotomy,  s.  kAn-Aİmaklik. 

Phlegm,  s.  **b  bÂlgham. 

Phlegmatic,  a.  bklghami; 


Phosphorus,  s.  Xj fossfora. 

Photograph,  s.  rbssm.  [f iaji. 

Photographer,  s.  y>-  y'Ayyy  fotogra- 


[  229  ]  PIGEON-HEARTED 

Photography,  5.  fotoğrafla. 

Phrase,  s.  ş^Lc.  “ibare  \ ta“blr. 
Phraseology,  5.  tâ“birât. 

Phrenology,  5.  ^Uj.  c^iLi  “ilmi- 

-kzyâfdti-dımâgh.  [kkat. 

Phrensy,  s.  junun-muwA- 

Phthisis,  vbrem-“iildti. 

Physic,  s.  ,-^lc  “ilaj  ;  — s ,s.  pi. 

Physical,  a.  ^Jb  tabi“i ;  c3lw^ 

jissmÂnî ;  — ly,  ad.  UA  tAb“an. 
Physician,  s.  ++Cjb  hdkim. 
Physiognomist,  s.  bhli- 


Physiognomy,  s.  kzyafdt,  *.£>■ 

chnhre,  sıma  ;  UU-i  Li’ Ac  “ilmi- 

Physiology,  s.  <U3  CL>Lo-  ci^csT’  ^ic. 


Pianist,  j’a-^SU.ylj  piâno-chAlan- 
Piano,  Pianoforte,  s.  j3Lj  piano,  [-üstâd. 
Piastre,  s.  ^5  *c  ghurush. 

Pick,  (pickaxe),  5.  <Lçjls  kAzma;  tooth 
— ,  ear  — ,  khılâl ;  — ,  v.a. 

(pull  off)  koparmak;  (a  lock), 


dchmak;  (teeth,  &c.) 
kAnshdzrmak,  ji—uy  Anklamak 

(âytlamak);  (abone)  temiz¬ 

lemek  ;  (a  quarrel)  Ajl  Aramak ;  — 
pockets,  İlAİ-sö.-A^Ij  ydn-kdssiji- 
lik-et ;  —  out,  âyrmak, 

sechmek,  intzkhAb-et;  —  up, 

v.a.  kAldzrmak ; 

toplamak,  devshirmek, 

1  £-/♦>>-  jbm“-et;  tahszl-et ; 

—  — ,  v.n.  ıyiİEshmek, 

CJvA£  k*ljl  kuvvbti  -  yirina  - 

ghiolmek  ;  sdmirmek  ;  —  to 

pieces,  cjvA  2*+}  sakmek  ;  ^  j  1 

Picket,  5.  ildri-kAra^doli. 

Pickle,  (brine)  SAİamura  ;  (of 

vegetables)  turshu ;  — ,  v.a. 


Pickpocket,  s.  ydn-kbssiji, 


Picnic,  5.  kzr-yeme^/zz. 

Picture,  s.  rbssim.  ghyiizel. 

Picturesque,  a.  rbssim-ghibi ; 

Piddle,  5.  chish, 

küchuk-chish ;  cJtW  sidik,  bbvl; 
—  v.«.  C-)  ishEmek, 

sii-dakmek,  '  Jr-*  tbbbvvul-et. 

Pie,  5.  barbk. 

Piebald,  a.  A  Ala,  Alaja. 

Piece,  5.  pârcha,  zuLi*  kzt“a, 

j?-  Jhz<’  I ♦•***  kzssm;  — ,  v»a.  ^x<^\ 

Piecemeal,  ad.  parcha-pârcha. 

Pier,  5.  AC-A  ısskeİE ;  rlkhtzm. 

Pierce,  v.a.  ClAJj  delmek,  _ ^iu  sakb- 

-et ;  CAA.1.  A  ishlnmek. 


Piety,  5.  diyanet,  J 

dindar  h’k,  LJyu  tAkwa,  sAlâh. 
Pig,  5.  jZjb  dbnguz  (domuz), 

khznzlr,  khük ;  —  of  lead, 

somun,  kyalchu. 

Pigeon,  5.  ghyiip'/zErjin, 

kebutur,  hAmAniE. 

Pigeon-hearted,  a.  korkak. 


[  230  ] 


Pig-headed,  a.  ^inadji. 

Pig-headedness,  s.  “inâd. 

Pigmy,  s.  juju.  [nevi^-blh’k. 

Pike,  hârba ;  Wr- 

Pile,  5.  yi#/hn ;  liJ  bina ;  jjti 

kXzik  ;  (of  velvet)  y&-  haw  ;  — s,^i  bâssür,  J  XjLc  mâyAssıl; 

■ — ,v.a.(jAMt  jlghmak,  yighm-et. 

Pilfer,  v.a.  (j£  iîlrş- chAlmak  ;  — ,  v.n. 
khmsizhk.  -  et, 

sirk  At- et. 

Pilgrim,  5.  ^.U-  hljj,  hXjji  (hXji) ; 

Js\j  za'ir  {pl-j\jj  zuwwar). 

Pilgrimage,  5.  hXjj ;  LUj[)j  ziyaret. 

Pill,  5.  habb  (hip). 

Pillage,  s.  UA>  ya^Ama,  Cl^jlc.  ghâret, 
soygbun ;  emwali- 

-münhübE;  v.a.  soymak,  İl**;) 

yâ^Ama-et,  tc-jjlc  gharet-et,  b _ ->^i 


Pillar,  s.  dırük,  u~3  sütün, 

Pillion,  s.  JL  pXlln.  [“âmüd. 

Pillow,  5.  yüz- yassdi^Ai, 

balm ;  —  case, 

Pilot,  5.  kHa^Auz;  — ,  v.a. 

kelâyAuzl uk-üt. 

Pimento,  s.j\^t£'l  yün^i-bâhâr. 

Pimple,  s.  sivilja  ;  (on  the  lip) 


Pin,  s.  »b  toplu,  jb  toplu¬ 
lar  Arne  ;  chivi ;  jlwXta  ; 

— ,  v.a.  yb  toplu- 

-ila-ilishdirmek ;  CJ/fcİJ chıviİE- 
mek,  (j*cLs&\*  mikhlamak. 

Pincers,  s.  pi.  kisslj . 

Pinch,  s.  chlmdik  ; 

kissdmsh ;  (of  snuff)  *3jb  tutum ; 
(necessity)  sik i,  LUjtjJ  zarü- 

rüt :  — ,  v.a.  chımdikİE» 

mek  ;  kissmak  ;  (j^JuaS  kiss- 

dirmak ;  .  **$.**£>  sfkmak. 

Pinchbeck,  s.  tombak. 

Pine,  5.  cham  ;  cham- 

-Aghk]i\  — ,  v.n.  üzülmek  ; 

dkrd-chükmek  ; 

V  >  •* 


Pineapple,  s.  (  ânanâss. 

Pinion,  s.  (feather)  shuh-pur ; 

(wheel)  jiî  fienEr  ;  — ,  v.a. 

Pink,  s.  ,  >-  AJû  J  klrEnfil-cbi- 

V  ••  V  W 

chE^Ai ;  — ,  a.  <U:j  pbnbk ;  — ,  v.a. 
"  rs-U/i.-ut  oyma-achmak. 

Pinnace,  5.  ffb’ka. 

Pint,  s.  jy  jo  yüz-kırk- 

-  dirhEmlik-  Mcbu . 

Pintle,  5.  LLXs^^Sj]  iy /mujik. 

Pioneer,  s.  bÂltaji. 

Pious,  a.jtjcjJ  dindar,  ühli- 

-tkkwa,  miıttak/,  ,  Jiyb  sofu. 

Pip,  s.  chükirdek. 

Pipe,  s.  l Jjj)  or  boru ; 

cbibük  ;  duduk;  ^^>-0 

bıyuk-fichi,  tUrsT'L'O  manjana. 

Pipkin,  s.  toprAk-tenjErE. 

Pirate,  s.  dünyiz-khersizi, 

klıirsiz  ;  khirsiz- 

-teknESsi ;  — ,  v.a.  chklmak, 



[  231  ] 


Piss,  s.  chish, 

kîıchuk  -  chish,  bkvl ;  — ,  v.n. 

chish-et,  J  ^  su-dak- 

mek,  ^  küchuk-su- 

d  akmek,  tübüvvul-et. 

Pistachio,  5.  fisstzk. 

Pistol,  5.  tabXnja,  pishtow. 

Piston,  5.  ,-^Jü  bÂkraj.  [hufra. 

Pit,  5.  kuyu,  chukur,  £,&»- 

Pitch,  s.  zift ;  J  dkrejk, 

kkrtk,  râddk,  <Ujy<  mkrtebE, 

münziİE  ;  niha¬ 

yet- dkrejkssi ;  — ,  v.a.  (Ja Jİ  Xtmak  ; 
C^Lil isj  ziftlkmek  ;  kurmak; 

—  upon,  (Jaj\  ayrmak,  cA^jsr5 
skehmek ;  —  —  one’s  head, 



Pitcher,  s.  dkssti  (tkssti). 

Piteous,  a j i ;  Xjmajak. 

Pith,  s.jj\  uz, ytsc  maghz. 

Pittance,  CL^4jİÎCU^5  küti-lâ-yemüt. 
Pitted  with  the  small-pox,  a.  cJ'.sX.^- 

tjyi  chichkk-bozu^u. 

Pity,  s.  *r>y  tkrahhum,  mkr- 

hâmet ;  — ,  v.a.  \  Ajfmak, 

İLT-vf^-^c  mkrhâmet-et  ;  what  a  —  ! 

Pivot,  s.  mil,  mihvkr. 

Placard,  5.  toil»  yXfta  ;  — ,  v.a.  &Jl> 
ylfta-  yap  z  sh  d  zrmak . 

Place,  s.  j>t  ykr,  mahall, 

mkvkz“,  *.sc  mkvz  i“,  *< 

mekyân  ;  J  ykr,  khzdmkt 

(hizmet),  m^müriyykt ; 

v.a.  komak,  wAz“-et ; 

oturtmak  ;  cJv dikmek, 
1  J>j  rkkz-et,  nXssb-et, 

Placid,  a.  (jL\^  yawÂsh.  [ta<fyTn-et. 

Plague,  s.  vkbâ,  tâ^ün, 

yzmurjak,  ^  khXss- 

talzk ;  belâ,  musszbet, 

dkrd  ;  — ,  v.a.  j!  dkrd-ol, 

Sb  bkla-ol. 

Plain,  s.  düzlük,  owa, 

kzr,  sahra  ;  — ,  a.  düz  ; 

*t)Lj  sâdk  ;  Jj/"'  -j  sâdE-ghyüzül  ; 
chirkin  ;  achzk,  ylb  bklli, 

“ay Ân,  mûsstebân  ; 

Liw'lc.  ‘âdı,  bayay^z ;  — 

spoken,  c^cjL»  doyArü  -  sü - 

wkyİEr,  lakz'rdzssznz*- 


Plaintiff,  s.  da“wajz\ 

Plait,  5.  kzrma  ;  zzitoe  ;  — , 

v.a.^jscJl  kirmak,  -c^s  ct^Js  kirma- 
kirma-et ;  LlX<j  j\  armek. 

Plan,  s.  ç,~sj  rüssim,  kharita ; 

tkrtib,  tüdbîr ; 

ussül,  f\^t  yol;  — ,  v.a. 
türtıh-et,  \jJ Jj  tedblr-et, 
düshunmek,  1  J.üc.  “Âkl-et. 

Plane,  s.  sÂthi-müsstüvI ; 

ründu  ;  — ,  a.  l müsstüvî  ; 
— ,  v.a.  C3vf \&&)j  renduİEmek  ;  — 
tree,  chinar. 

Planet,  5.  süyyârE. 


Plank,  s.  <t:xAr  takhta ;  — ,  v.a. 

fazz?  takhta  -  kÂplamak  ; 
fas?  takhta- düshkmek. 


[  232  ] 


Plant,  s.  CU»\  öt ;  Xy^Aj  ; 

fidAn  ;  d?Lj  nebat ;  — ,  v.a.  J 

dikmek,  gharss-et ;  ^  — -^3 

nXssb-et,  'JO  rökz-et. 

Planter,  gharss- 


Plaster,  s.  szw a  or  <kx+*a  s igha ; 

(of  Paris)  \  Xlchz ;  (for  wounds) 
yâki ;  — ,  v.a.  ^o\^a  szwamak, 
/j^ol szg  hamak. 

Plate,  s.  »Lk  tXblk :  tâkhta ; 

gbyumush  -  takz'm  ; 
bXssma  -  rbssim  ; 
shökil ;  — ,  v.a. 

gbyumush  -  kXplamak ;  —  glass, 

*A  ayina-jamz. 

Plater,  a.  <CibL  ghyumish-kXp- 

Platinum,  s.  Xiwjlj  platin  a.  [lama. 

Plato,  IflXtun. 

Play,  s.  1^ oyun;  lüA  shaka ; 
j  \—*-i  kumar  ;  — ,  v.n. 

oynamak  ;  jLfc-i  kumâr- 

-öynamak  ;  — ,  v.a.  chXlmak  ; 

kornak,  bXssmak ; 

—  high,  chök-para- 

-kömak  ;  —  a  high  game,  lJ>J 

2\is&*jL, ghyazu-pök-ılörida-ol ; 

—  the  fool,  v.zz.  IcJK-M  esheklik- 

-et ;  dXlkawukluk  -  et ; 

V  ‘J*. mXsskharalzk-et ; - 

o  j  3 

with,  v.a.  ^lj{  CXM  eshek- 

-ykrina-komak,  Xldatmak  ;  — 

the  truant,  LLLoWij  mek- 

tubE  -  ghitmamek, 

mektkbdan  -  kXchmak  ;  —  upon, 

chllmak  ;  —  — 

a  word, 

C^X*Lu«j  mXzmun- 





Player,  s.  aLu;  mukkllid; 

Plaything,  s.  öyunjak  ;  XcstL! 



Plea,  s.  lakzrdz  ;  ffazr  ; 

Pleasant,  a.  Jj  &  ghyüzel, 

khösh,  jb'lL  tXtlz ;  jll La  sXf  alz ; 
jjjü  lözîz. 

Pleasantry,  5.  laA  shaka,  XiLkl  latzfE. 

Please,  v.n.  \  _ -O'  tensib  -  et, 

(J munâssib-ghyar- 
mek ;  isstEmek,  CX« x!jJ 

dilkmek  ;  — ,  v.a.  C-LfcJj yi==> 
khösh  -  ghywrunmek,  LLXa^  4JL%zk. 
khösh  a  -  ghöchmek,  4^rA-C 

mXkb  üla-ghöchmek,  cJvfcL£j  böyMn- 
ilmek  ;  —  one’s  self,  V  ^  .  cC)iXA~i\ 

w**  s— " 

isstediyAi  -  ghibi-et, 
köyfinj  a-hârökkt  -  et . 

Pleasure,  s.  t-jLi  köyf,  j  un¬ 
bush,  \La  slfâ,  XrsxL  1  eylunja, 

U~& j  k^-  hXzzz-nbfss,  jLIj  tölözzuz. 

Plebeian,  a.  Lj  kXba ;  — ,  s.  Li 


Pledge,  rehin ;  — ,  v.a. 

röhlna  -  komak  ; 


V  ♦. 

Pleiades,  b  J  sureyyâ, 

Plenipotentiary,  murXkh- 


Plenteous,  Plentiful,  a.  Jj.'  böl, 
chök,  berökEtli,  ghanl. 


[  233  ] 


Plenty,  5.  bolluk,  chokluk, 

bbrbkist,  ghanîmbt. 

Pleurisy,  5.  \lu\3  zatu-’l-jbnb 

(sAtlijÂn).  kolay-byMir. 

Pliable,  Pliant,  a.  yimusliAk, 

Plight,  «>  hâl ;  — ,  v.a.  LLLc^ 
VErmek  ;  \  ds-j  wa“d-et. 

Plot,  s.  fitnE,  c>L»i  fbssad ;  — 

of  ground,  ‘"arsa;  —  of  a 

tale,  khulâssa  ;  grass  — , 

chim ;  — ,  v.n.  fitnk- 

kurmak,  jL-i  fbssad-kay- 


Plough,  s.  u*s  sab  An ;  — ,  v.a. 

c3v«  sürmek ;  — v  n . ls 

Pluck,  s.  ^r}  ich,  jLscjL^-  yigliBY- 

-mighm' ;  cJJ  Jj^c  mkrdlik, 
yiğitlik  ;  — ,  v.a.  koparmak; 

Âlmak  ;  ^İAi^ya  soymak  ;  J^r! 

Plug,  s.  t«kAj  ;  (for  a  wound), 

fitil ;  — ,  v.a.  ükamak, 

<Jk«Lj  kXpAmak ;  <Jyxi  fitil- 


Plum,  s.  brik ;  kuru- 

-uzum  ;  Xj~)  yüz-bim/- 


Plumb,  v.a.  lehımlnmek ; 

IJjJûUJ  isskÂndıl-et ;  —  line,  5. 
jJ^SLSj  shâkül  (shâyAul).  [bkmek. 

Plum-cake,  5.  Ll)^\  uzumlu- 

Plume,  5.  sorghuch  ;  uiy 

tüy;  —  one’s  self,  v.n. 

Plummet,  s.  kurshun- 

-kâİEm ;  issklndîl. 


Plump,  a.  **5  or  J  semiz  ;  — up, 
v.?z.  dolmak,  shish- 

mek;  —  (into),  v.ra.  düsh- 

mek,  /  $4>\j\  Atilmak,  vJaLIj 

pÂtadak-düshmek ;  — ,  ack  jjJ&bta 
pktadak,  llpadak. 

Plunder,  5.  y&ghm&,  CL^jlc 

ghâret,  ghanîmbt  (p/. 

ghana'im)  ;  — ,  v.a.  I  yay^ma-et. 

Icicle,  ghâret-et,  U _ -^3  nbhb-et ; 

(Jy.Aitya  soymak. 

Plunderer,  s.  yayfanaji. 

Plunge,  5.  dlk'sh  ;  — ,  v.n. 

(J-^\  <■$  dÂlmak,  l^  ghatss-et ; 
— ,  v.a.  dkldirmak,  ^jAJya 

sokmak,  l(j*.lui  ghatss-et. 

Plural,  5.  jbm*’. 

Plurality,  s.  lUjLS  kbssret. 

Plus,  ad.  Sj\j  za'id. 

Plush,  5.  &LLj>  L-  klba-kAdifE. 

Ply,  v.n.  ishlbmek  ;  — ,  v.a. 

LLXAl.)]  ishlbmek,  1  btmek ; 


P.M.  (post  meridiem),  ad.  1 

bâf<d-ez-zbwâl.  [yErda-Âvlamak. 

Poach,  v.n.  ^ <$j|  ifJ^  j»L*J  yasslk- 

Poacher,  5.  Urh '  Xty  (jW 


Pock,  s.  chib  An. 

Pocket,  5.  * _ (jbb)  ;  — ,  v.a. 

&+++>-  jbbina-komak;  —  book, 

jüzdan  ;  —  money,  ^ _ -'yPT 



[  234  ] 


Pock-marked,  a.  cbdchek- 


Pod,  5.  kÂbuk ;  — ,  v.n.  ^J^bLib 

bÂ^Alamak ;  — ,  v.a.  yyyya 
kAbug^unu- soymak, 
kâb  ukdan  -  ch  Akarın  ak . 

Poem,  s.  (short)  ghazel,  (long) 

Poesy,  s.jxJ*  shi'V.  kkssIdE. 

Poet,  s.  jc\^,ı  sba<fir  (pl.VxJk  shi/Wa). 

Poetry,  s.yiJ*  shi“r. 

Poignant,  a.  L^.i  fbna,  \  Ip, 

kbsskin,  elim, 

vejl<f,  J ^  ji^Er-süz. 

Point,  s.  ^kiü  nokta;  üj  ;  ^jy 
burun ;  yz^z^  khussüss,  £ALs 
mâddu,  C-jb  bib,  y\  bmir,  e^JL£ 
kbyfiyybt,  &iCj  nüktE,  <ÜLjj  J  dAkika, 
C-İ^csnbâhss,  t-i^rsri^c  mhbhass 
mltllb ;  dbrbjE,  Adi  j*  mbrtbbE, 

&S\j  raddu,  d]j  m&nzıİE,  ~k Ert e^ 
p&r^ssE ;  (of  the  compass) 
kbrtE,  rıızghyâr  ;  — ,  v.n. 

(jn*jb  bAkmak,  LLb*3jA  danmek; 

parmakla-isharet-et ; 
— ,  v.a.  db^rultmak ; 

make  a  — ,  (J-y b  yi^k^0  mâkhsüss- 

Point  blank,  ad.  iSyb  do^Aru;  — 
range,  tlmm-mbnzil. 

Pointed,  a.j\.z>-}\±£jj+~:  sıvri-üjlu, 

sivri ;  b  do^Arulmush  ;  j ^Jb 

bAkiyor ;  yz^^k^  mâkbsüss,  JCjs,  I 

Poison,  s.  j&j  zbhir,  ^  sbmm,  Aj!  od 
(ot),  agtiu ;  — ,  v.a.  Cb/J.kj 

zehirlbmek,  \  - 3‘  tbssmîm-et ; 

i ■J.scj y  bozmak,  \  ifsad-et. 

Poke,  v.a.  sokmak,  L-iy^-a 

yy^cjS-Lij  IJ  sokup  -  kAnshdirmak  ; 

Poland,  s.  lbhisstân. 

Pole,  5.  sznk ;  dJ>yy  dirbk ; 

seren ;  ^  lbhli ;  i—^ks  kutb 
(kütub);  ^y^f'  AlU'-bu- 

chuk-arshm ;  —  star,  ^JjiS 
kutub  -  yzldzzb  (dbmir)- 

-kAzzk,  jüdeyv. 

Police,  s.  (matters  of)  Adz+djy^  umüri- 
-zÂbt?yyu  ;  — man,  y^y  zab- 

tzyyE-kAwwlssz ;  —  agent, 

Policy,  s.j+iSi  tbdbîr,  ussül, 
rbvish ;  «Ai.-:  sbned. 

Polish,  a.  ^4  lehli ;  — ,  s.  As4  lbhjE  ; 
jilâ  ;  A+iy  thrbiyyE ;  — ,  v.a.  \  'kz*- 
jila-et,  jılâ-VErmek  ;  \ A-j y 


Polite,  a.  ,  chblebi,  bfendi, 

'w''  v 

4  yy  tErbıyyEİi,  mükrim,jl-İJ^3 


Political,  a.  &S.\.scjy\  ümür-i- 

-milklyybya-müta<£allik  ;  —  economy, 
<LiXc  “ilmi-ıdârbi-mılkîyyE. 

Politically,  ad.  dbvletjE. 

Politician,  s.  L-SjI  jy\  umüri- 

-milkîyyE-âshinâ.  [-devlet. 

Politics,  s.  LA-JjA  "ilmi-tbdbln- 

Pollard,  s.  inja-kbpek ; 

ûy\ _ dkllarz-hbp- 

-budÂnmesh -\gh  Aj . 


[  235  ] 


Pollute,  v.a.  tknjîss-et,  ! 

murdar-et,  piss-et. 

Poltroon,  5.  jjl 3jjs  korkak. 

Poltroonery,  ^j\ sjÇs  korkaklık. 

Polyanthus,  s.  (chdha)- 


Pomegranate,  s.  j\j  nâr,  knar. 
Pommel,  5.  kvEr-klshi ;  — ,  v.a. 

LLXaZ «J  dürmek,  wurmak. 

Pomp,  s.  0  tXntAna,  &  JjJ  dkbddbE, 
sAlt  An  At. 

Pond,  s.  ghyal,  bawuz. 

Ponderous,  a.  js\  Xghir,  J.-İ3  sakil, 
UİT  ghirân. 

Pontiff,  s.  imim,  humâm. 

Pontoon,  s.j^ejb  tombXz. 

Pony,  s.  midilli. 

Pool,  s.  gbyM,  hawuz. 

Poop,  5.  össuruk,  zarta; 

(of  a  ship)  kamara-usstu. 

Poor,  a.  jJsj  fakir  (pi.  !^£i  fukara), 
j£.  (kAripIt) ;  zâ"îf 

(pi.  zu"afa,  the  origin  of  the 

French  denomination  of  “  Zouave/’ 
the  infantry  in  Africa  being  called 
"the  poor,”  or  "  the  weak,”  because 
not  able  to  afford  themselves  horses 
to  ride  against  the  enemy)  ;  Li  fkna, 

Jjiu^  ish-yök. 

Poorly,  a.  f kkyfsiz, 

mizâjsiz,  khXssta ;  — ,  ad. 

te-.fsj  fakzrja ;  Li  fkna. 

Pop,  v.n.  pXtlamak ; 

Xtilmak,  firlamak ;  — ,  v.a. 

(J-Lc ÂtzvErmek ;  —  in,  v.n. 

(jU^.c.1  o^/zramak  ;  jsf\ L-JÎ 

İAp  -  ichkri  -  ghirmek ;  —  — ,  v.a. 

C-Lc f*f\  _j;csT^  ichkri  -  Itzviermek ; 
—  out,  v.n.  dzsharz- 

-oz/Aramak  ; - ,  v.a.  f 

sündurivErmek  ; 

dzsharz  -  koyuvermek ;  —  on,  v.a. 

ghiyivErmek;  —  off,  v.n. 
LL) wc  « —A  il-o  sawushuvkrmek  ; 

J  »J  :  J  ’ 

wluvErmek  ;  —  — ,  v.a. 
LZX*rJ*J  ){&+£>-  chzkarzvErmek. 

Poplar,  5.  jly  kAWAk-Xz/^AJZ, 

,  »L-Î  kAWAk. 

Poppy,  s.  (jL lsr*s>'  hashhâsh ;  (wild) 

Populace,  s.  çj~\j  "awÂmmz-nâss, 
^JiLil  essâfili-nâss,  ^i\A 


Popular,  a.  mlkbulu-^Amm, 

tX^-J "zAvlmm-pkssend. 

Populate,  v.a.  \  jytx*  mâ^mür-et. 
Population,  s.  ahâlî,  nufüss. 

Populous,  a.jyi s^o  mâ"mür. 

Porcelain,  s.j^kxi  fağfur. 

Porch,  s.  J-lfcO  dehliz. 

Porcupine,  5.  oklu-kirpi. 

Pore,  5.  (pi.  d?Ul  mkssâmmât) ;  — 
over,  v.a.  dXlmak, 


Pork,  5.  ^Ji\  jitjs  donguz-eti  (ddmuz), 
.sİ  lâhmu-’l-khmzîr. 

Porous,  a.  *1jLL~<5  messâmâtli. 
Porphyry,  s.  ^J\a^İ  sâmmâki. 

Porpoise,  5.  lJv  ybnvss-bhlighi. 

Porringer,  s.  j^Xj toprAk-t^njdrE. 


[  236  ] 


Port,  5.  joUJ  limÂn ;  ısskbİE  j 

lumbar-klpA^i ;  jL^ojî 
lumbar;  Cl pört-sherâbi. 

Portable,  a.  »«»jLjick  kliAflf,  '  4^.— J  L> 


Porte,  s.  Aj  bibi- "‘âlı,  ' -£j  Ij 

pasha-kApzssz ;  <uLc.  dbvlbti- 

\1\  >• 

-  zzliyyE. 

Porter,  s.  ^JUo-  hXmmll  (liAmAİ) ; 
^r^-i  kXpzjz’ ;  j^U«j  siyâh- 


Porterage,  5.  /jULis»»  hkmmÂİlik. 
Port-hole,  J  lumbar-dklip^i. 

Portico,  5.  klpz- dehlizi. 

Portion,  pârcha,  cJAy  buluk, 

Iff  iüz<’  kzssm,  kzt  a , 

bisssE,  ota  pay ;  sbhm, 

skhlm ;  CU^~*.î  kissmkt ;  — , 
—  out,  ?;.a.  1  tâkslm-et,  CUljJ 

bzzlmek;  —  off,  v.a. 

J  hisssESsini  -  vkrup  -  dbf“-  et ; 
marriage  — ,  jıhâz  (chehiz), 

^yi-1  Az/Ztzrlzk. 

Portmanteau,  5.  sXndzk,  zt!a3l>- 

cliAnta.  [dJy^  sürkt. 

Portrait,  s.  ressim,  jl yc£  tlssvlr, 

Portrait-painter,  s.  ^cl y  ^:  tlssvlr- 
-ressâmi.  .  [tkvszf-et. 

Portray,  v.a.  \  rkssmuet,  \  c_ 

Position,  s.  £_.îyc  mkvkz"";  JU-  hâl. 

Positive,  a.  sahih, 

sâhlhzzn-mâ‘‘lüm,  muhXkkXk; 

j.L  lyi-bilir  ;  .1; ^ lJ *3 (jJj  pkk- 
-kzzvi-süwkyİEr  ;  “inâdji ; 


Possess,  v.a.  Lc  mâlik- öl,yİLtALc,,« 

mütkmkllik-bl ;  —  one’s  self  of,  \a+*a 

zXbt-  et,  LZXcj' >£&  ^  \  Me  -  ghktirmek, 

IJLar^Uil  ısstihsâl  -  et ;  whatever 

possessed  you?  cJ  Xj 

(hanghz)  -  sheytlna  -  uydunp?,  yl 

cJ JCj \  c^.-c Jo-  xlilc.  nk-durlu-‘"xkla- 

-(hizmet)  -  etdmz/  ;  — ed,  p.p.  J 
deli,  0^ijsr°  mkjnün,  zü^jJ  dlwânk. 
Possessed,  a.  dkli ; 


Possession,  5.  w_i^7  tzzsszzrruf.  [-ilkyh. 
Possessive  case,  zUlu-îl*2-<  muzXfun- 

Possessor,  5.  i _ sâhib;  > — Sj*sZ*o 


Possibility,  s.  ımkz/ân.  [4ÛJ  belki. 

Possible,  zz.  mumkin  ;  — bly,  ad. 

Post,  s.  (wooden)  ^jjls  kXzzk, 

dirkk ;  (for  letters)  X  J  posstzz  ; 

(for  horses)  J;  mknzil ;  (office) 

£  < 

pösst,  tc  mb  müriyyet, 

messned,  j&*c  sldr ;  (sentry) 
Jy  kol,  J ^  Xji  kArzz-kol,,  J  )£bj! 
kXrzz^Aol,  nubetji ;  (place) 

^  ykr,  mhvkz“,  u.zz. 

^  j  posstaya- vkrmek; 
komak,  \jP  brâkmzzk,  I 

tâ“yîn-et ;  — ,  —  up,  v.a.  (accounts) 
yazmak,  - kâyd-et,  J 
LîX*>jjjs^  dhftEra-ghhchirmek  ;  (per¬ 
sons)  yXftaya-yazmak ; 

— ,  z;.zz.  LLXxj^ mbnzil-surmek, 
c_3'  4^'  mEnzil-ghltmek ;  —  office, 

Irt-  possta-khânE  ;  —  house, 

Ail  .s^o  mhnzil-khânE ;  —  master, 


[  237  ] 


pbssta  -  mebnüru  ; 

mbnzilji ;  —  —  general, 

pössta-nâzm,  —  horse, 

^jrrj^:  Jy  u,<  menzil- (bbghiri). 

Postage,  s.  pössta-ujrbti. 

Post-boy,  suruju. 

Post-chaise,  5.  menzil- 

-  'ârabassi.  [jbbJ  evlâd-u-ahfâd. 

Posterity,  s.  d-Ojj  zürriyybt, 

Postilion,  s.  siıruju. 

Postpone,  v. a.  U  te'kbır-et, 

sowyraya-brakmak.  [hlshiyyE. 

Postscript,  s.  kknar,  «L-SjU- 

Pot,  s.  L— >Ij  kXb,  kawanoss, 

viJ.J  bardak;  4k:>-  hokka;  ,  dJ 

tbssti ;  L  J^  kyüp ;  tknjflrE, 

(kAZAn)  ;  flower  — ,  ^ 

sÂksz* ;  — ,  u.a.  kâwa- 

nossa  -  blssmak  ;  cXJj  <0, 


slksiya- dikmek. 

Potash,  5.  jy  potâss. 

Potassa,  s.  ^ pötâss. 

Potassium,  s.  potassium. 

Potato,  s.  ykr-Eİmassk 

Pot-bellied,  a.  *İ3 \jXs  kârnli. 

Potency,  s.  CU*:  kuvvet. 

Potent,  a.  kuvvetli. 

Potentate,  bükmdâr. 

Potential  mood,  s.  s?gha*i- 

Potion,  5.  ,-^Lc  f<flâj.  [-ıkü’dâriyyE. 

Pottage,  5.  chorba ;  lÂpa. 

Potter,  s.  ^  cbamlekji ;  — - 

about,  —  over,  1  <iL'  bb-i 

d-ij  bosh  -  sbeylkr  -  ila  - 

Poulterer,  5.  ^srjlb  tawukju. 

Poultice,  5.  İÂpa;  — ,  v.a. 

Poultry,  s.  jjb  tawuk,  JjU 

Pound,  5.  (weight)  libra  ;  (Turkish 
=  2 S  avoirdupois)  Hyyfl  (okka) ; 
(sterling)  lira;  (for  cattle) 

AyM ;  — ,  v.a .  CJ^.J  duyAmek, 
ezmek,  tjJ  dakk-et. 

Pour,  v.a .  dakmek, 

Ak/tmak  ;  — ,  u.rc. 
(sel)-ghibi-yây^mak  ; 

(sbl)  -ghibi-lkmak. 

Pout,  v.n.  çjAJycyo  somutmak. 

Poverty,  5.  Jls  fakr,  &>U  faka, 
fakzrb’k,  fXkaralzk, 


Powder,  s.Jy  töz,jLc  ghubâr ;  (medi¬ 
cine)  c-?yL)  süfüf ;  gun  — , 
barut ;  — ,  v.a.  y 

üsstuna  -  toz  -  silkmek  ;  I  Jy  toz-et, 
bzmek;  —  horn,  —  flask, 
<üjj  vbznfl,  bârut- 

veznflssi ;  —  mill,  djbsTjjlj  bârut- 
-kbanE ;  —  room,  —  magazine, 

Power,  5.  zdr,  d^jj  kuvvbt,  CDjSi 

kudret,  d-cCe  miknfct,  J  Jojİ  iktidar; 
djj<3  dbvlbt,  hükyümkt ; 

«iyü  nufüz  O’  te  sır  ;  ıLcls-  hÂsssa 
(pi.  hawlss). 

Powerful,  a.  hi)  zorlu,  jbji*  kuvvetli, 
kavi,  jbju\3  kudrbtli, 
mbkln,  muktbdir ;  nu- 


[  238  ] 


füzlu,  nâfizu-’l-kEİime- 

tbyn  ;  yyo  müessir  ;  sbrt ;  all 

— kAdir.  [-kuvveti-yok. 

Powerless,  a.  ^  hich-bir- 

Powerlessness,  s. 

hich-  bir-kuv  veti-  olmamaklik. 

Pox,  s.  firEnghi. 

Practicable,  a.  mumkin,  jAV. 

yap2h'r  ;  kullAnik'r. 

Practice,  s.  tâ'lîm,  dEwIm, 

mudâvembt ;  ^as-  "AieeI; 
LULL*,c  "AmEİiyyât ;  CJjla  "âdbt; 
u5.L j^L~<LLy*+Jb  tAbîbin^-mushter- 
iİEri ;  — ,  v.a.  cXi.yl  btmek,  ciyV. 
yapmak ;  \  tâ“lîm-et,  \ 

dEwlm-et ;  hekimlik-et. 

Praise,  s.  mbdh,  bo  sknâ,  ^1)1^ 

sitayish  ;  (to  God)  h<knd,  jL& 

shükr  ;  — ,  v.a.  ^uVo  mbdh-et,  Ui3 
skna-et,  sitayish- et ;  \ 

hamd-et,  \ JL*»  shükr-et.  [mbbrür. 

Praiseworthy,  a.  mkrzl ; 

Prance,  v.n.  oynamak,  ^c\.s^ 

Prawn,  5.  tbkk.  [sichramak. 

Praxis,  s.  tabiîm. 

Pray,  v.n.  Jb  y  Alvar  mak,  lb- j 

rija-et,  jjl-J  niyaz-et ;  KeJ  dü“â-et ; 

Prayer,  s.  rijâ,  jLj  niyaz  ;  IcJ 

du“a ;  (stated)  jUd  nAmAz,  ClSLa 
or  CDj La  sAlât. 

Prayer-book,  IcJ  dü^â-kıtâbi. 

Preach,  v.n.  \  loci  wâ"z-et. 

Preacher,  lâc’^  vwa“iz.  [meklik. 

Preaching,  5.  kc-j  wâ‘z-et- 

Preamble,  mukAddimE, 

dibajk.  [rkr. 

Precarious,  a.  j^.iU  ghâyri-mukar- 

Precaution,  s.  hAzar,  ihti- 

zâr,  ihtiyat,  iUıül  intibah ; 

to  take  — ,  sâkmmak,  jy> 

(Za^\  ghyaz-achmak,  hAzar- 

-et,  jUbL^-l  ihtiyÂth-bulun- 

mak,  jl  intibâh-uzbrE-öl. 

Precede,  v.a.  and  n.  Ici-Ju*»  sabkAt-et ; 

müssâbakAt-et ;  — ding, 

^-’Lj  sabzk. 

Precedence,  s.  miıssâbakAt. 

Precedent,  bmsâl  (pi.) 

Precept,  s.  s  ka'idk  ;  Ll^ssXaj 
nAssdiat;  (Ji-cL zârbi-mbssel. 


Preceptor,  s.  ,sA££X«25  nAsszhatji, 

Precious,  a.  «Lu-J  künetli, 

zî-ldmet ;  j-jj-z-  “aziz  ;  —  stone, 
yîusş-  jevhkr  (pi.  jbwahir)  ; 

—  rogue,  ^.Ss^=>  ghedikli- 

chlpkm.  varta. 

Precipice,  jb  yâr,  uchurum. 

Precipitate,  a.  — ly,  ad.  A-L-sl^ 

^Ajdlb-ila,  “âİE-’l-^AjeİE ; 

—  retreat,  rij^atf- 

-kahkara;  — ,  s.  j y  toz, 
châkundu ;  — ,  v.a. 

Ashâ^Af- atmak  ;  ^ tâ' jll-et ; 

— -,  v.n.  A-.J  J  dibE-chzâkmek  : 

—  things,  —  matters,  İaLs.^  "AjeİE- 

Precipitation,  Aİ^s .-0  "AjdİE.  [-et. 

Precise,  a.  (person)  merAkli, 

L^J bhli-dikleAt ;  (time,  &c.) 


[  239  ] 


tlmm,  tAmlm ;  — ,  v.a. 

ta'yln-et,  ' tefrlk-et, 



.  a 

Precision,  s.  jnbrÂk ;  J  dik- 
kAt  ;  sdihat. 

Preclude,  v.a.^^jV <  mâm^-öl. 
Precocious,  a. 

Predecessor,  s.  sblef  (pi.  uJU 

Predestination,  s.jSs  kXdEr.  [esslâf). 
Predicament,  s.  JL-  Li  fEnahâl. 
Predicate,  s.j+>  khXbEr. 

Predict,  v.a. 

wuku^  undan  -evveI  -  khXbEr  -  vnrmek, 

Prediction,  s.  J  *\^jSujz  »n 

wuku^undan  -  kvvel  -  khXbEr-  vErmek- 
Predilection,  s.  Jw<  mbyl.  [lik. 

Predispose,  v.a.  issti“- 


Predisposition,  s.  issti*  dad. 

Predominant,  a.  ghâlib. 

Predominate,  v.n.  ghalib-ol, 

chbk-ol,  ziyâdE-ol. 

Preface,  <Uîjju>  muklddimE,  Xr^L-'J 
'  «  •  *♦ 

dibâjE  ;  - — ,  v.n.  \  ıLo^'Â^ch^j  blssü’- 
-muklddimE-et.  [tErfî<fi-rutbE-et. 
Prefer,  v.a.  tbrjih-et; 

Preferable,  a.  murejjah. 

Preference,  s.  ^Pry  tcrjîh. 

Pregnancy,  s.  CJi  ghebelik. 
Pregnant,  a.  ghebd,  xLcL*-  hâmiİE. 
Prejudice,  s.jj+s  zarar,  cJJLi  fknalik  ; 
—  against,  su'lzann ;  —  in 

favour,  hiissni-zann ;  vul¬ 
gar  — ,  zanm-bltd  ;  — ■, 

*  • 
v.a.  zarar-et ;  — , 


Prelate,  s.  L-J  pisskoposs. 
Premature,  a.  — ly,  ad. 

wlktindan-  evveI,  wXktz- 


Premeditate,  v.a.  J 

düshunup -kurmak,  kXssd-et ; 

— d,  p.p.  lJ^^s  kAssdi ;  — dly,  ad. 

Ijuai  kÂssdan,  Lv*.c.  “amdan. 

Premier,  s.  sldri-â“ zam  (sad¬ 
razam),  bAsh-vbkîl. 

Premises,  s.  pi.  bv,  (jLL  dükkyân 
(dükkan),  dda,  bÂyAcha, 

“arsa,  jl  yur,  JjJo-  hiıdüd ; 
(logic)  mukXddimE  (single), 

mukÂddimbtbyn  (double), 
Cl^LcJjko  mükÂddimât  (several). 

Premium,  s.  bAsh,  j\S  kyâr ; 

ujret ;  ClMilCo  mukyâfât ; 


<Ls?  I  cLO^^l  shay4irdiyyE-A.k- 

Preoccupy,  v.a.  \  zihnini- 

-mbshghül-et ;  — ied,  a.  J 

Preparation,  5.  ijJ j\Si  tbdâruk  (tbdârik, 
pi.  ClîL^JJ  tbdârikyât)  ;  (compound) 
L-^Sy  tbrkîb. 

Prepare,  v.n.  hÂzManmak, 

j\jâ\z>.  hlzir-ol ;  — ,  v.a.  \^y\>- 

hlzir-et ;  —  a  table,  söfra- 

-kurmak;  (cook)  yapmak, 

pishirmek ;  (compound) 


[  240  ] 


\  tkrkib-et;  (arrange)  lu--' 


Preponderance,  <uLc.  ghalbbd. 

Preponderate,  v.n.  ghllib-ol, 


Preposition,  s.  ij>-  hârfi-jbrr,  j\>~ 

jârr.  [zÂbt-et. 

Prepossess,  v.a.  \  ghyünyul- 

Prepossession,  5.  mbyl ; 

‘‘«davet.  [-mughâyir. 

Preposterous,  a.  <dii£  ‘  Akla- 

Prerogative,  s.  khlsssa. 

Presage,  5.  “âlâmbt,  JJj  dblil; 

jjli  f Aİ ;  — ,  v.a.  “âlâmbt- 

-ol,  dblâlbt-et  ; 

«nglamak  (annamak),  iss- 

tikhrâj-et.  [blh-et;  li— tbrtib-et. 

Prescribe,  v.a.  \  j* c\  bmr-et,  ten- 

Prescription,  s.  hekim-tEr- 

tlbi,  A:x,=^i  rechbta. 


Presence,  s.  j** a>.  huzur;  vârlik, 

mcvjudiyybt,  viıjüd; 

—  of  mind,  X  AA-İ  l.j  Ü£ 

“ikli  -  blshinda  -  olm «klik  ;  j 
eJX  futur-ghbtirmameklik;  to 

have,  to  be  in  possession  of  —  of  mind, 
«-J  ^Jb  hich  -  bozulmamak, 
£  ‘Xkli-  b  Ash  in  d  «■  dl , 
y&j y's^xjb  hich-fiıtür-ghetir- 


Present,  a.  hlzir,  var,  öy>-yc 

mevjüd,  bulunur,  y 

bulunmush ;  ^-£-J shimdiki, 

hall;  — ,  s.  AjtXfc  hbdiyyk ; 
pishkbsh  ;  ‘  ‘Atiyyn  ; 


shimdiki-hâl,  Li— ih A* *“>  shim¬ 
diki -wlkit,  shimdi,  <JL>-  hâl; 

at  — ,  shimdi, 

shimdilik,  Jl-sH  bl-hâl,  bl-ân, 

hâlâ ;  — ,  v.a.  \u£, y s.  “arz-et, 
tAkdîm-et ;  ı  ibrâz-et, 

ghybsstErmek ;  ^J.a'1 

doğrultmak;  —  arms  !  L-j 

selâm- dur ;  present!  ni- 

shln-Al.  [dîm,J^Jİ  ibrâz. 

Presentation,  ‘arz,  tAk- 

Presently,  ad.  oJuw  shimdi,  ^uJb 
(hEmun)- shimdi,  bir- 

- Azdan.  [muhAfaza. 

Preservation,  s.  hifz ;  diiil.s.'0 

Preserve,  s.  Jjlb  tAtli,  rbchel, 

shekErlkmE ;  turshu ; 

jj  kdru,  (jpjjj*  koruluk;  — ,  v.a. 
(Jy Q'jfi  kdrumak,  (J.^\'sL*a  saklamak, 
\â&>-  hifz-et,  \  <U  Uj  vikâyE-et,  »a 

siyânbt-et,  UJa.ilsr®  muhlfaza-et ; 

L)  rbchelini-yapmak  ; 

<JUJ  türshusunu-yapmak  ; 

— ,  î;.w.  rbchel-ol ; 

tiirshu-dl.  [-bden-kimbssnE. 

Preserver,  s.  hifz- 

Preside,  v,n.  \  ^  riyâssbt-et ; 

jliJuSblj  bAshda-ol.  see. 

President,  5.  rb‘lss  ;  <Jk\i  bAsh, 

Presidentship,  s.  riyâsset. 

Press,  5.  ,  bXssma-dbsst- 

ghyâhi ;  mEnghunE  ;  XjSUz». 

jbndbrE,  blsski ;  »L>  ddİAp, 

;  jL^ bXss- 


[  241  ] 


majzlar-kssnâfz ;  Jtijz  ghâz&talar ; 

zoraki- "Ass- 

kEr-toplayAn-kol ;  — ,  v.a.  (J.* 'su*a 
sokmak;  bAssmak  ; 

szkzshdzrmak  ;  tÂzyik-et, 

K-kjs- jebr-et,  VjLryl  ijbâr-et ; 

(SV  V.  zoraki-  ‘  ‘AsskEr-yazmak . 

Pressure,  s.  sikzsh,  ^Jİ^b  bAss- 

zsh ;  ^k-«^  szkz,  ^U?b  bAsskz ; 
zor,  tAzyzk. 

Pretence,  5.  bâhânE ; 

ghyasstErish,  &A& ‘J  tAklîd,  yâlAn . 
Preterite,  s.  fili-mâzz. 

Pretext,  s.  AjUj  bâhânE;  aL.*jj  vbssîİE. 
Pretty,  a.  Jj £  ghyuzfel,  j+ dilbkr, 

hiissnlu ;  — ,  ad.  c— >| 


ep-Tyija,  oldukja, 

chokja,  ^<S^£S  ghkrkyAi-ghibi ;  — 


well,  do-*;  I  iyija,  oldukja- 


Prevail,  v.n.  ^ _ Jlc  ghÂİib-ol  ;  — 

with,  —  upon,  \( râzz-et, 
\^3Sj^=>  ghyâny  ulunu- et  (ghywnunu- 
Prevalent,  a.  jârî.  [-et). 

Prevent,  v.a.  mfen^-et. 

Preventable,  a.  mkn'  i- 

Prevention,  s.  m&n“.  [-murnkin. 
Preventive,  s.  £_3Le  mâni". 

Previous,  a.  EvvEİki,  ^£*eSsLo 

mukÂddEmki,  ksski. 

Previously,  ad.  ksskidan,  Jj' 

eweI,  ^jJL*  mukAddEm,  L^Juu 
mukAddEma,  EvvEİi-kmirdE, 


Prey,  s.  Âv,  shzkyör. 

sâyd  ;  tâ"ma ;  - —  upon,  v.a. 

LLSaJ,  yemek  ;  (js Avlamak, 
tutmAk,  \  &ş*a  sâyd-et,  \  j\ CJ*  shikyâr- 
-et ;  beast  of  — , 

Price,  s.  bahâ,  d?  Li  fi 'ât ;  high  — , 
d?  Li  Aghir-fıht,  d?Li 

dölghun-fi'ât ;  low  — ,  dün- 

-bâhâ,  l EhvEn-bâhâ  ;  fixed  — , 
l^(^rİ^L-.£z3  kESSilmish-bâhâ, 
d^Li  mAktü"-fi'ât ;  assize  — ,  İS 
nârkh,  ^‘Lİl^^-c  mîrî- fi 'âti ;  —  of 
blood,  diyykt,  Ig-J khün- 


Prick,  s.  dikhn,  jU-  khâr;  C-b*J 

sik,  S3  z^kEr,  J-^bJdJl  âleti- 
-tknâssul;  i^^nE-yârassz ; 

— ,  v.a.  sivri-shky- 

-ila-yâra-et ;  — ,  v.n.  bAtmak ; 

—  up  one’s  ears,  CUGj  kulAk- 

Prickle,  s.  ^$0  J  dikhn,  jU-  khâr. 

Pride,  s.  kibr  (kibir),  CLijckA 

nâkhvet,  tekebbür,  ç>\â~xj 

ta"azzum ;  fâkhr ;  jlsAİİ  ifti- 

khâr ;  —  one’s  self  in,  v.n.  tjlköt 
iftikhâr-et,  lLXaj S.A  m^rAk- 


Priest,  s.  ru  imim;  pApAss, 

ruhbÂn,  kfeshısh ; 


Prime,  a.  Slc!  â“lâ,  “aliyyu- 

-’l-â"lâ,  çj!l bAshdan-bAsh ; 
aIâcI  â“ zam,  bAsh,  evveI  ; 

Asslz ;  — ,  s.  ^n^- 



[  242  ] 


-â'lâssi;  —  of  youth, 

*  unfuvÂm-shbbâbbt ;  — ,  v.a. 

Ağızlamak,  ;  ybmlmiek ; 

lâlurdi  -  wyArstmek  ;  LaJ 
iJrsojdjii  kkfâ  -  kurdurmak  ;  cJo  \) 
(J* jj\  boyanmy  -  Xsstanm- 

-wurmak ;  —  one’s-self,  ^c^SUS 


Primer,  s.  blif-bE-jüzV 

Priming,  s.  IgA  z-otu ;  <U>LiJ 

yemİEmE ;  L> jJ  böya-Âsstaro  ; 

—  horn,  vbznfi. 

Prince,  s.  shbhzâdE  ; 

<Oj  birinji-ratbE-bbg^i. 

Principal,  a.  lA]  bÂsh,  biyuk, 

\'A  ana,  Issl ;  — ,  s.  &Uoj«» 

skrmayE,  rb'ssu -1  -  mâl ; 

SErkkrdE  ;  ^>Xa  JLc  ^a\ 

ASSİ-mÂİ-sâhibi ; 

Âssl-mÂsslâhat-sâhibi.  [-mkmİEkEt. 
Principality,  5.  be$7dik- 

Principle,  s.  (j-U  bssâss,  tbmel ; 

mbvzu“,  rükn, 
mâdde'i  -  Assliyyk  ;  “Âkzds  ; 

JfiXcli  kÂ<£idE  ;  — s,  JLJ  ussül; 
eı>U,l  EVVEİiyyât ;  JiJ\  brky  ân  ; 

JüUfi  ‘‘kkâ'id;  ı _ jLail  insâf,L2-^ljhJ 

ısstikÂmet ;  good  — ,  L^v«lkx«il  iss- 

tikâmet;  bad — ,  CJ •  U-l  shakâvbt. 

Print,  s.  £4*0  b  bkssma ;  — ,  v.a.  Ij 

blssmak,  tAb££-et ;  — ing-office, 

<5jlrk.  &A*a\i  bÂssma  -  khânfi,  &x*]o*o 
♦  * 

mAtba^a,  mÂtbâ“. 

Printer,  s.  bkssmaji. 

Prison,  s.  zindÂn,  hkbss, 

hâbss-kbânE,  mâh- 


Prisoner,  s.  (hApiss), 

mâbbüss  :  —  of  war,  r-+~i\  esslr 

>  ** 

(yessir).  [gbızlilik. 

Privacy,  s.  CU^Lk.  khalvet ;  CJİ 

Private,  a.  I baya ghi,  lJA £<âdl ; 
jjclrk.  khÂsss  ;  gbızli,  ^s\*a  s  akli, 

khafı,  mâkhfî ;  - —  person, 

lJjİ  ^X*i\j  “awXmmi  -  nâssdan- 

bıri;  — ,s.  u Sjk)jL~z  “ÂsskEr-nefEri ; 

bdeb-ykri,  <£âv- 


Privateer,  s.  ^g+***&  AuA 


Privately,  ad.  ghızli. 

.  *  •.£ 

Privilege,  s.  JU^ı  ımtiyâz, 


Privy,  a.  ^Irk.  khlsss;  mâhrkm, 

khlbErdâr ;  — ,  s.  ı_i*i=3 

kknef,  \JL^  mbmshâ,  <aj\kx  Jül  âb- 

Prize,  s.  klZAnelajak- 

-shby,  ^-1  \J  klzlniİAn  -  shby  ; 

CLJ lilCo  mükyâfât;  — ,  v.a.  yjz 
d-vk  ‘  'Âzîz-tutmak ;  —  open, 


-bır-  sbby-  sdkup  -  achmak . 

Prize-fighter,  s.  AAı  pebluwln. 

Probable,  a.  L\^sr'°  mülıtbmil, 

ihtimâl;  • — bly,  ad.  JU^I  ihtimâl, 

ihtimâl  an  ;  — bility,  s. 

Probably,  ad.  Üli  ghllbâ.  [ihtimâl,  j 
Probe,  5.  mil,  ^  isskXndil ;  j 


[  243  ] 


— ,  v.a.  yoklamak, 

isskÂndîl-et,  mîl-sökmak. 

Probity,  s.  isstiklmet,  (JbjS.Şo 

döghruluk,  ^J\ j  rÂsstı. 

Problem,  5.  dâ"wâyi-"ÂmEİî. 

Problematic,  a.^&çJS»  shfiphisli. 

Proboscis,  5.  khbrtûm. 

Proceed,  v.n.  chikmak, 

hÂssil-ol,  nbsh'et-et, 

thrbttub-et,  lâzfm-ghEİmek; 

wbylkmek;  ghbchmek;  j Jj\ 

LLXazZ  il£ri-ghitmek.  [pi.  da"wa. 

Proceeding,  s.  aLvW-c  mû£<âm6İE ;  — s,  s. 

Proceeds,  s.  pi.  Cl^L?l>-  hÂsseİÂt. 

Process,  **a\  ûssûl ;  JU*I  i'bnâl ; 
da"wa.  [cicili  nhsh'bt. 

Procession,  s.  Âlay  ;  hûssûl. 

Proclaim,  v.n.  \  1  Jü  nidâ-et,  l"lÂn- 

Proclamation,  s.  i"lÂn.  [-et. 

Procrastinate,  v.n. 

ishini-  sorcyraya-brakmak. 

Procrastination,  s.jC^  13'  ta  akhkhur. 

Procreator,  s.  muwbllid. 

Procure,  v.a.  bulmak,  ^jUÎl  Almak, 

Eİa  -  ghbtirmek,  luL?b>- 
hÂss2İ-et,  tahsil- et,  IJl^rsrLi I 


Prodigal,  a.  < _ mussrif ;  JjJJ  bbzûl; 

—it y,  « sKJ  issraf  ; 

mbbzüliyybt.  [biyuk  ;  chök. 

Prodigious,  a.  l— *ajib ; 

Prodigy,  s.  mu'jizE. 

Produce,  v.a.  hlssil-et, 

VErmek  ;  \  ihzar-et, 

chikârmak,  ghy^sstErmek, 

^yc^sâj\s^ c  mbydÂna-kömak,  Ijlyl 

ibraz  -  et ;  I  jl^Al  ishhad-et;  — ,  s. 

d^L?U-  hÂsseİÂt  (pi.);  XyZ  sûm^rû; 

û\jj\  Trad;  mahsûl. 

Product,  s.  mahsûl. 

Production,  s.  hussûl;  j>\  bsser. 

Profane,  a.  "adî ;  j+s.  &J J 

dînE  -  ghâyri  -  mîıta"allik  ;  oLiüûc 

^jL>1*.«<&3  b J  mûktÂzâyi-dıyânbta- 

mûghâyir-öİAn  ;  — ,  v.a.  j\~o 

\  JXsA  j\x~o  &£&>- 




Profess,  v.a.  ubc-  "âİEnEn-ıkrâr-et, 

da"wassmda  -  61, 

s Xtmak ;  muderrisslik-et, 

tbdrissila  -  mbsh- 


Profession,  s.  )}s  ikrar -"alûnı ; 

LİV.CJ  dâ"wâ,  bs Jİ  iddi'â; 


meshghûliyybt,  L hirfet,  u: 
sanf<at.  [khoja,  mu"allim. 

Professor,  5.  müdbrriss ; 

Proficiency,  5.  mahârût. 

Proficient,  a.  jb> to  mahir. 

Profile,  s.  rbssmi-müssbnnem  ; 


Profit,  s.  j\S  kyâr,  kÂzanj  ; 

fa'idfi,  ^i3  nef<£,  mEnfa<£at; 

— ,  v.n.  \  j\Ç  kyâr-et,  kXzAn- 

mAk,  intifa"-et, 

fa'idfi-ghyarmek,  fa'idfi- 

mend-ol ;  — ,  v.a.  kyâr- 

-VErmek,  ^^5  vi  fa'idfi-vErmek, 

s  2 


[  244  ] 


1  *<AjIî  fâ‘idE-et,  jUjüli  fâ  icİE  -  61, 
fâ'idESsi-bl,  fâ  i- 


Profligacy,  s.  L>-  chApkmk’k,  (J.~* i 

fıssk-u-füjür,  sefahat. 

Profligate,  a.  ^  chXpkm,  <LjL> 

skfîh,  füsszk,y>~U  fâjir. 

Profound,  a.  dbrîn,  “amzk ; 

— ly  learned,  jS^c  mütûbâhhir. 

Profoundness,  Profundity,  s .  CJLjjJ 

Profuse,  a.  bol,  ghanî ;  uJy-*o 
mussrif ;  büzül. 

Profusion,  5.  chokluk. 

Progenitor,  s.  Jc>-  jüdd. 

Progeny,  s.  zurrıyyüt. 

Prognostic,  v^-JLc  ‘Alâmet. 

Programme,  s.  ks.ı'İ  lâ‘iha. 

Progress,  s.  ılerileyish ; 

terakki ;  — ,  v.n.  ıİEriİE- 

mek,  ghıtmek. 

Prohibit,  v.a.  '  jLj  yassÂk-et, 
memnü“-et,  \^j  nühy-et. 

Prohibition,  s.  jL-j  yassÂk ;  ^3  nkhy. 

Project,  5.  tassAvvur,  mü- 

tâla  â;  — ,  v.a.  tassÂvvur-et, 

\  <Uİ  lia^o  mütâla/ ‘a,  -  et ;  (J.+3 1  Atmak, 

Endükht-et,  ı^c j  rümy-et; 
CJvCJİ  ütmek ;  — ,  v.n.  (JUİL^- 

chzkmak,  LLX*\£  jjb\  ıleri-ghEİmek, 
(j*>\ \jj\  uzamak. 

Projectile,  s.  ^  ç****^*’  j  ıs  s  mı  -  m  et  mı  • 

Prolific,  a.  bürekktli ; 

yhdi-vkrEn  ;  mussmıı,  j\^} 


Prolix,  a.  uzun,  mûfÂssAİ. 

Prologue,  s. mûkkkddimE. 

Prolong,  v.a.  uzltmak,  I 

medd-et,  j^bJJ ^  ıssti- 

kÂmeti-üzErE-ikhr  üj  -  et , 

Promenade,  s.j+~ a  süyr,  \J*\aj  süyr- 
-u-tAmâshü;  süyr-ykri, 

messiru,  müssırEghz/âh  y  0 

müssîr ;  — ,  u.zz.  ghezmek, 

^ dolashmak  ;  — ,  v.a. 


Promiscuous,  a.  kkrz’shzk. 

Promise,  s»  saz,  vâ'  d  ;  — ,  v.a. 
C^Lcpj  J^«o  swz-YErmek,l  <3.£«  vâ“d-et; 
— ,  u.zz.  LLXajj ghz/zirunmek, 

CXc;  umîd-vErmek. 

Promontory,  s.  burun. 

Promote,  v.a.  cJ-y'j  4-J ^  rutbu-yurmek, 
tErfı<£i-rütbE-et ;  I 
yârdzm-et,  mü<£âvenüt-et, 

il  ûril  Etmek. 

Promotion,  s.  <U3j  tûrfî^i-rütbE. 

Prompt,  a.  châbzk,  jJ  tiz 

(tûz),  *1  sur“atlz,  sûrı<£  ; 

— ,  v.a.  (J.'< ^ (jt <£Aklma-shey- 
-kömak  ;  LLXajJ*j\  lakzrdz- 

a^^rktmek,  3 ç,*\xJ  tâ' lım-et. 

Promptitude,  s.  (jJlCi châbzklzk. 

Promulgate,  v.a.  l^icl  i“lÂn-et,  \  jU 
neshr-et,  yaymak. 

Prone,  a.  ju  meyyal,  muss- 

tâ"idd ;  yüzu-koyun. 

Pronoun,  s.  Zövixııjr# 

Pronounce,  v.a.  1  İÜİ3  tellfluz  -  et  ; 



yüza-Aİmak,  klla- 

-  Almak,  UjÂj  tüfüvvuh-et. 
Pronunciation,  s.  İİâJJ  tülAffuz. 

Proof,  LTjlJl  issblt,  shned, 

hüjjüt,  b urban,  ^jlsJ 

firkin,  suit  An,  c IJl>  dfelll ; 

fcX^Lis  shahid ;  imtihan, 

tbjrubn ;  J\Js  karâr, 

kiwlm  ; 

tAsshih  -  ichin  -  bAssiİAn  -  sahifn  ; 
lJj] <Lk?~'J  C-) 1 1  ressminy- 

-  ilk  -  bAssiİAn  -  nusskhalari ;  — ,  a. 

tlmm-kArâr;  j  *4^  IjJiJî  kAbül- 
ütmüz, korkmaz, j  *3 IJj  dayanir. 
Prop,  5.  desstek,  ^UL  dayak, 

sJOjU  pâyündu  ;  — ,  t». a. 
desstek  -  wurmak,  (JycjSijto  tutdur- 
mak  ;  tutmak. 

Propagate,  v.a.  Sİj\  üvlld- 

-yetishdirmek,  ibikdPrj?-  chojuk- 
-yapmak;  yavri-yapmak ; 

CJsxijbjJ  türetmek ;  nüshr-et, 

yaymak.  [^U  neshr. 

Propagation,  s.  Had  ;  tüvellud  ; 
Propel,  v.a.  yürütmek,  1  jy-j 

süvk-et,  IcJjyasT1  tahrik-et, 
Propensity,  s.  mhyl.  [sürmek. 

Proper,  a.  münâssib, 

lâyik,  lj~j  seza,  shâyân ; 

tehiri»  shâyesstE,  jüssbân  ; 

Jjfcl  ehl,  <_ AiJ\  erblb  ;  or  lSSu$ 

kendi,  A^sl,  ^*c\  assI- 

-khndi,  zâtı;  khlsss. 

Property,  s.  JLc  mil,  menâl, 

»1  *  vâriyvet ;  khlsssa. 

Prophecy, J  4-VJ.  phy- 


Prophesy,  v.n.  \  ^i^Lc 

khlbEri  -  mülhümi  -  ikbbâr  -  et, 

•  r-k’^fc ,  ctl.tfk.s2j  ^Ijll 

yr.^  yr  o  •  ••  *y  ı  " 

ilbâm  -  tarlkîla-nâssa  -  gbâ'ibdan  - 
-  kblbEr  -  vErmek,  pey- 

ghAmb Erlik- et;  l-ycLj*  ^ J^Lü^^c 
\  müsstAkbeldan  -  bâhssla  -  kÂ- 


t  iyyan-hukm-et. 

Prophet,  s.  j püvghAmbür, 

rüssül,  nebi,  [fakAtini-tahsil-et. 
Propitiate,  v.a.  \  UL shü- 
Propitious,  a.  müssâ^id. 

Proportion,  s.  nissbet ;  t— 

tenâssub  ;  rule  of  — ,  cL^liJuc  £i>' 
ürba^i  -  mütenâss^bü ;  — ,  v.a. 

\  -ol u'J  te n âssub- ü  zurE- 

-takslm-et ; .  IaAj  nissbetinda- 

C-  •/  • 


Proportionate,  a.  _ _ mütenâssib. 

Proposal,  5.  ujLKj  teklif. 

Propose,  v.a.  \ l-û-Kj  teklıf-et ;  — ,  v.n. 

n'ıyyüt-et,  kurmak  ; 

(JtfLiJt)  dümek,  siiwhylumek  ; 

\ ^jOjZ  kündini-'cârz-et,jl  ^ _ JlL 


Proposition,  kivi,  da'Va, 

J  süz,  lJ'J.ÜÎ  lâkirdi ;  klziyyE. 

Propound,  î;.a.  1^1  tfk^C^  J  dür-müyân-et, 
1  İOtftfj  blsst-et,  I^ImJ  büyân-et. 
Proprietor,  m.  Proprietress,  f.  s.  ^JLc 
mÂİ-sâhibi  ;  CJ 

mülk-sâhibi  ;  s _ sâhib. 

Propriety,  .<?.  münâss^büt. 


[  246  ] 


Prorogation,  s.  J.-1 2xJ  tâ^til. 

Prorogue,  v.a.  ta‘*til-et. 

Prosaic,  a .  jy'^o  mensur;  j LT-Jil) 

Prose,  jtj  ndssr  (ndssir).  [siklet-vErir. 

Prosecute,  v.a.  müj- 

rima  -  dâ'Svâ  -  achmak, 
dâ"wâji-dl ;  dbwAm-et. 

Prosecution,  v.a.  dâ“wa- 


Prosecutor,  5. 

jünha  -  dâ'Vassinda  -  müddâ^i  - 
olan-AdAm.  [danmE. 

Proselyte,  5.  muhtddı,  <WJju> 

Prosody,  5.  "aruz. 

Prospect,  C^jlk  nAzârdt ; 
ümıd,  J^oU  md‘mül. 

Prospectus,  5.  <uli3İcd  i"lân-nâmE. 

Prosper,  v.n.  ^Ja\ y  3i  fdlâh-bulmak, 
LL)a'Js5~z  lSj^^s  1  fÎJİ  ishi-dog^ru- 
-ghitmek,  ı^_y+f}  ishi-yolunda- 


Prosperity,  s.  ddvldt,  JU1  ikbâl. 

Prosperous,  a.  JLj!  ^  c^>p>~L? 

sahibi  •*  ddvlet  -  VE-ikbAİ ; 

Prostitute,  s.  41.^  li  fâhishi,  jjl Şya 
sdkAk-(orosspossu) ;  — ,  v.a. 
\^\j  <**£*>- li  fâhishE- 

ghibi-rAsst-ghisİEna-râm-et ;  —  one’s 
self,  fâhishE-dl, 


Prostitution,  s.  fâhishEİik. 

Prostrate,  a.  yüzu-kdyun  ; 

— ,  v.a.  J*£>  yakmak,  JUJjU-  sj 
ykr a  -  chârpmak  ; 

kuvvetini  -  kdssmek; 
k  e  d£ra -bozmak. 

Prostration,  s.  jLiUJİ  *,J  ykra-Âtmaklik; 

CJ'İJ— JLşr10  mdjâlsizlik. 

Protect,  v.a.  \  kÂ>-  hifz-et, 

mühAfaza  -  et,  WU:>-  himâyE  -  et, 
Il^JL *a  siyândt-et ;  ârka-ol, 

tAssâhhub-et.  [hımâyE. 
Protection,  s.  flails.*16  mühAfaza;  &U.>- 
Protector,  5.  kils»  hlfız,  kilss*  mühAfiz  ; 
^cW hamı ; &j\  arka ;  «fckisr* mahfaza. 


Pro  tem.,  ad.  I ziy  muwAkkatan. 

Protest,  s.  protdssto;  — ,  v.n . 

prdtdssto  -  vkrmek  ; 
ydmm-et;  — ,  v.a.  \  k  Jİ  iddi*  â- 

-et,  kav'ıyyan-bdyân-et ; 


Protestant,  a.  prdtesstânt ; 

— ,  s.  L^ı— Ol prdtesstânt. 
Protestantism,  s.  protess- 

Protocol,  s.  4k*d*«  niAzbAta.  [tântlik. 

Protract,  v.a.  -£♦->' \}j\  uzAtmak, 
tdmdıd-et ;  rdssm-et. 

Proud,  s.  kibirli,  mutd- 

kebbir,  fâdül  (fddul),  jjycy 

f'ır"âvn  \  ysXk.o  müftâkhir. 

Prove,  v.a.  Icylil  issbAt-et ;  — ,  v.n. 

chikmak.  [-samAn. 

Provender,  v.a.  ot-ârpa- 

Proverb,  s.  yâ  zârbi-mdssel, 

oc^ül  lâkirdi. 

Proverbial,  a . 

Provide,  v.a.  u,u-  tddâruk-et(-rik)  ; 

tkrtîb-et ;  vkrmek  ; 


[  247  ] 


—  for,  v.n.  ta"ayyu- 

shunu  -  VErmek,  cXc^>  *  ^J*zf?\y>- 
hawa'ijini- vûrmek,  b  bÂkmak, 

CiX*L-J  bbsslnmek ; 
khidmet  -  bulmak,  A- 

khidmbta- sokmak  ;  — ded  that, 
4&liy2b  shû  -  shartla  -  ki, 

Providence,  5.  LLiblJjX  L^Jilc  "âki- 

#*  * 

bet-bndlshlik,  tJJLc.  "ikl,  CL2j+*a} 
bÂssıret;  4İ]|  Alllh,  hXkk- 

~ta  'âlâ ;  rbzzÂk,  hlfiz, 

pErvkrdighyâr ;  L^-oLi-c 

'  inayet,  ihsan, 

rnsrhamet.  [jA.m  ish. 

Province,  byâlbt;  wlzlfh, 

Provision,  5.  cJy^j  tbdâruk  (-ik)  ; 

ekmek,  ZjLj  13  nan -pars  ;  i;-i 
shârt ;  — s,  s.  pi.  J  zâkhîrE  (pi. 

Proviso,  5.  iyi  shârt.  [îrâss. 

Provocation,  s.  c-Ad&f  ıghzâb  ; 

Provoke,  v.a.^^cj^ji  kizdirmak, 
dÂriltmak  ;  \iJd\jA  îrâss-et, 

Proximity,  s.  L_J >  i  kurb,  jiwâr. 

Proxy,  5.  (J-.-?'*  vekil ;  vekyâlet- 

-nâmE.  [X  bÂssîretli. 

Prudent,  a.  j&Âz  "âkili,  <JiU-  Âkil, 

Prune,  ,9.  kûru-brik;  — ,  v.a. 


Prussia,  s.  Prussia- devleti. 

Prussian,  5.  and  a.  Prüssiali. 

Puberty,  5.  biılügh. 

Public,  a.  "aİEnî ;  rbssmî ; 

^cyis.  "umûmî ;  lJ mîrî,  LlXbj 
bby^lik ;  Xj^oLs.  "âmirE ;  Xjy*x* 
mâ"mürE ;  khâsss  ;  —  paper, 

tâji  ghâzbta;  —  house,  mby- 

-khânE,  ajdUjî  lökânda ;  —  service, 
dbvlet-khidmdti  (hız-); 
— ,  5.  jJU  "âİEm,  (jAli  nâss,  (jAss- 
kbÂlk,  ortalik;  jumhûr. 

Publican,  s.  mby-khânEji. 

Publication,  s.  jL.)  nbshr. 

Public-house,  5.  <ülix«  mey-khânn. 

Publish,  v.a.  ı"lân-et,  \.Lj  nbshr- 

-et ;  bÂssmak,  1  tÂb"-et, 


Publisher,  s.  kitâbji. 

Puddle,  5.  ghyal ;  —  about,  v.n. 

U-  châmürlarda-ghb- 
zinmek.  ["âbess,  \*a  sâchma. 

Puerile,  a.  chojukluk,  cA-^-c. 

Pugilism,  5.  ^.xXa  ,^*AxJ  &1*« 


Pugilist,  s.  müshtE- 


Puke,  v.n.  kûssmak, 

kây-ghbtirmek,  \ d  lyb-X .  ısstifrâgh-et. 

Pull,  s. .  İX2-  chekish ;  — ,  v.a.  lLAa£*2- 

W  V  V 

chbkmek  ;  —  back,  v.a.  <iXa£.2- 
gheri-chbkmek ;  — ,  v.n. 
ghbri-chekilmek ;  —  down,  j*k 

yikmak,  hbdm  -  et ; 

dushurmek ;  —  in,  .j=f\ 

ıchbri-chekmek  ;  —  off, 

chekârmak,  bndirmek ; 

(J"V^İ)*  koparmak;  —  out,  lJj\L.As 
CJvfcLs*-  dishâri  -  chbkmek  ;  cXXXj 


[  248  ] 


sekmek,  ^Jyc chzkârmak ;  — 
up,  v.a.  sekmek, 

chzkârmak  ;  S  4b  jL?  zübita- 

ghyaturmek  ;  —  — ,  v.n. 

durmak.  biyumush-pılij. 

Pallet,  s.  jjjlk  ghenj  -  tawuk, 

Palley,  s.  makara.  [p^Era-mbnsüb. 

Pulmonary,  a.  c— *J->-  j' 

Palp,  s.  ıjJjtj  mbyvEnim/-  bti ; 


Palpit,  s.  kyürsi,  mınbEr. 

Pulsate,  v.n.  nlbz-ghıbi- 

-wurmak.  [-harekEti. 

Pulsation,  s.  C^LbJ  nÂbzin- 

Pulse,  5.  ıu aJ  nÂbz  ;  hubübÂt. 

W  •  t 

Pulverize,  v.a.  \  jy  toz-et,  \<J^İ  sâhk- 
-et,  CX«jı  bzmek.  [-tÂshz. 

Pumice-stone,  s.  J>jy* :  simghEr- 

Pump,  s.  <U^Ü  tulumba  ;  ijJo y  4fiCUİ 
inj a  -  kundura  ;  — ,  v.a.  4-s^llb 

CiX*jİAj|  tulumba-ıshİEtmek  :  4-^AL 

9  *  j 

AA  tulumba-ila-chekmek  (or 

v  ♦♦  ' 

Aİmak),  12  u£dyi!  yel 


Pumpkin,  s.  jLi  kÂbAk. 

Pun,  5.  mXzmun ;  — ,  r.rc. 

CJvdjy*;  mAzmün-süwbyİE- 


Punctual,  a.  waktHa-ghklan. 

Punctuality,  5.  4L2İ5  waktlla- 

-gblmeklik.  [-wXktmda. 

Punctually,  ad.  B&iSJj  wXkitlt- 

Punctuate,  v.a. 


Punctuation,  s. 

dur  Ak  -  yErİErini  -  ıshâret  - 


Pungent,  a.  C Uj~s  sbrt,  kbsskin. 

Punish,  v.a.  \ * _ yb  15  te'dıb-et,  \  y  bO 

tbkdîr  -  et,  mııjâzât  -  et, 

jezâssini  -  vkrmek  ; 
CJv*/J££4j!  ınjitmek. 

Punishment,  5.  ı _ -ob 0'  tb'dıb,  LübljLsr10 

müjâzât,  \j>-  jbzâ,  Liyyic  <£  ukubet. 
Punning,  5.  mÂzraün- 



Punster,  5.  mAzmünju. 

Puny,  a.  <£âlll. 

Pup,  s.  kyapek-yâvnssz. 

Pupil,  s.  J^Lîa  shâ<?4ird,  b^JJ  tblmîz  ; 

4z^*5j  wÂsszya- 
-sipârish-blunmush-ybtîm ;  —  of  the 
eye,  ghyaz-bebby^i,  LiX'cby) 

mbrdumeki  -  cheshim, 

11  insânu-,l-£<âyn. 

Puppy,  5.  kyapek- 

-yawrussu  ;  impertinent  — ,Jb\ ij~+ıS\ 

Purchase,  s.  SAtm-ÂlmAn- 

-sîıby ;  Âh’sh,  jJ!  Ih'm,  \j£>  shırâ, 

ıshtirâ,  sıtbd  ; 
jerri  -  bsskÂİ  -  kuvvbti ;  CL>y 
mbssnedi-kuvvbt  ;  cuy  *4 LJj  WÂSSİ- 
ta'i-küvvbt;  — ,  v.a.  Jb!  Âlmak, 
sÂtm-Aİmak,  1  1 ıshtirâ- 
Purchaser,  5.  lSjxL^c  müshterî.  [-et. 
Pure,  a.  khâliss,  slfî, 

SAf  tbmız,  pak,^lL  tâhir. 

Purgative,  a.  and  5.  müsshıl. 

Purgatory,  s.  ı — s\j£.\  â“râf,  £jy  bhrzakh. 


[  249  ] 


Purge,  s.  Ji  musshil ;  — ,  v.a. 
4<AmEİ  -  vermek  ; 

Purify,  v.a.  LLXaI temizlkmek, 
tAthlr-et,  I  tAssfiyvE-et. 

Purity,  s.  temizlik, 

khâl/sskk,  CUyk^a  skfvüt ; 

^iffet,  “issmet, 


pâkdâmEnlik  ;  <JDj\$b  tahârüt. 
Purloin,  v.a.  chklmak, 


Purple,  a.  j ^  mor ;  — ,  s.  Cj»^ 

^£>1-1  jlj  kıssvüti-pâdishâhi. 

Purport,  JL  mâ'âl,  manâ, 

fahwa,  fy$k-<  mefhum  ;  — ,  v.n. 

y\xsAl<  ma^linda-ol. 

Purpose,  5.  cl-J  nıyyüt,  a\j*o  meram ; 

— ,  v.a.  (Jscjj*  kurmak,  l^^-J  nıyyüt- 


-et ;  on  — ,  mâkhsüss  ;  \ 


klssdan,  (<amdan. 

Purse,  s.  Lİ  kbyssu,  himyan ; 

(sum  of  500  piastres)  <lsr|  <fa~+£=> 
kbyssE-Xkcha.  [jassf. 

Purser,  ghemi-kho- 

Purslain,  s.  C ZJy\ o  semiz-dt. 

Pursue,  v.a.  -kyX  kolalamak, 

I* — -İUJ  tâ^kib-et;  faJfafa 

•  ••  >  ••  V 

pbshina-dushmek ;  I^I^J  dewlm-et, 
jl  meshghül-ol. 

Pursuit,  s.  c— tâ'kîb.  [-mdmüru. 
Purveyor,  s.  u£^-cU  zakhirE- 

Pus,  s.  cJdjI  irin^,  jbrâhat. 

Push,  v.a.  i^Xa‘±A  itmek,  sür¬ 
mek,  kâkmak  ;  —  back,  v.a. 

s  ^£=5  ghbri-sürmek  ;  —  - — , 
v.rc.  ghbriİEmek  ;  —  in,  v.a. 

(JfAâş'O  sokmak; - ,  v.n. 

sokulmak;  —  on,  v.n.  LLy^ojy^yy>A 
ildri-sürmek ;  —  out,  v.a. 

dishâri- sürmek  ;  —  — ,  v.n. 

Pusillanimity,  s.  ^J^i[ijy3  korkaklek, 
jübn.  Qj:.>-jl  uchuk. 

Pustule,  s.  <Lsk^-j  sivilja,  ^L,>-  chib  An, 
Put,  v.a.  komak,  İ£_*yj  wAz“-et ; 

about,  v.a.  ^ cUjl^Ji 


-brâkmamak ;  —  — ,  v.n.  ^ 
ghbmiyi-chevirmek ;  —  a 
stop  to,  I  men^-et ;  —  away, 
saklamak;  ykrina- 

-komak ;  l^_iJ  def4<- et ;  ^o\J^yi 
boshamak ;  —  back,  v.n. 

ghbri-danmek  ;  —  — ,  v.a. 
<J^y3  yj «*i=>  ghbri-kümak ;  —  by, 
(J.schVa  saklamak;  \xj^\  idarn-et ; 
—  down,  j  bXssdirmak, 

l^i.^o  mün<£-et  ;  bkssmak ; 

V.  yatırmak;  —  forth, 
chikârmak  ;  uzltmak ;  ^^4„>-l 

achmak ;  dishâri -et;  — 

forward,  I dkr-plsh-et;  — in 
fear,  korkutmak ;  —  in  for, 

jli _ Jib  talib-ol ;  —  in  print,  X)j3jh. 

(JyA*a b  ghazetaya-bXssmak  ;  —  off, 
chikârmak  ;  I  j-İJ  düf$<-et ; 
fax songraya  -  brâkmak, 

I 1^-A-sk.  Lj  ta'khir  -  et ;  —  —  one’s 
clothes,  ^-4-lJ ya  soyunmak ;  — 

on,  v.a.  ghiymek ; 


[  250  ] 


tâkmmak ;  —  out,  san- 

durmek,  \  UW  itfa-et; 
chzkarmak ;  achmak; 

uzAtmak  ;  - —  —  at  interest,  li 
fâ  iza-VErmek, 

fa'iza-yatzrmak ;  —  out  of  conceit, 
karmak,  bürnunu- 

-kzrmak  ; - with, 

bhzdirmek  ;  —  up,  v.n.  kon¬ 
mak,  'jV  konak- et,  hnmek  ; 

- ,  v.a.  tJLscjS  ykrina-komak ; 

• —  —  for  sale,  ^LjL?  SAtzh'k-et ; 

- to  auction,  mh- 

zada-vkrmek ;  —  up  with,  \ sAbr- 
-et,  chhkmek,  ta- 

hammul-et ;  evina-enmek, 

^  ^  ji  \#**+**Ci  &  \  hvinda  -  müssâfir  -  61 ; 

—  upon,  0*2  W!  Aldatmak; 
bziyyht-et,  \  rahatsiz-et. 

Putrefy,  v.n.  churumek, 

kokmak.  [muta‘ Affin. 

Putrid,  a.  ^jLa£  &  -  kokmush, 

Putty,  s.  L<S>F*-*LcŞ*V  jamp-mâ*  jünu; 
— ,  v.a.  ma‘j  unlamak. 

Puzzle,  s.  yangzltmaj  (yanz’lt-), 

oyunjak;  — ,  v.a. 
yangzltmak  (yanzlt-),  sha- 


Pyramid,  5.  hhram ;  the  pyramids 
of  Egypt,  fiEavn-thpE- 


Pyramidal,  a.  hhrâmıyyu- 


Pyrotechnics,  s.  pi. 

fishhnkjilik-san^atz  (fishkk-). 


Quack,  s.  yâlÂndan-hhy- 


kim,  bokdan-hhykim, 

j\j<tâs>-  hokkabÂz ;  t  ar- 

dek-shssi ;  — ,  v.a.  ^<Ls) 
lâ-^an-^ılmin-mu^âlej^-et ;  — ,  v.n. 
-  chj  ardek-shss-et ;  tj  J )3\ 




Quadrant,  s.  v'Jtu  rub<ci  -  da'irk ; 

Quadrilateral,  a.  and  s.  cSL^’ixjj! 
zü  -  erha^atu-’l-AdlX4*,  J 


Quadrille,  s.  bir-nev**i-rakss. 

Quadruped,  s.  ^ \A  dart- 

-âyaklz-haywÂn,  Ujl>-  chârpâ. 

Quadruple,  s.  dj\:CL>jû  dart-kÂt,  CUjd 
dwrt-missli ;  — ,  v.a.  \cL}\'İl1Jj£ 
dart-kXt-et ;  — ,  v.n.  1* 

dart-klt- 61. 

Quaff,  v.a.  cJwf.e^M  ichmek, 

Atmak,  (jA> jU-  chakmak.  [lzk. 

Quagmire,  s.  Jjlsj  bXtak,  Ijl^J  bXtak- 

Quail,  s.  bwldurjin ;  — ,  v.n. 

korkmak,  yzlmak. 

Quaint,  a.  uJ\s^  tuhaf,  ^Ijlb 


Quake,  v.n.  (jS* xjxi  titrumek, 
dıtrkmek,  A  İErzân-ol. 

Qualification,  s.  isstihklk ; 

jjUiadL.1  LZJ>j  sürkti  -  isstihklk  ; 


C  251  ] 


U-kJ  isstisşçıâ,  {jo\jic\  i"tirÂz,  Jou 
tâ  'dll,  <L*jJ  tbnbıh,  \sjt»  shârt. 

Qualify,  v.a.  tâ“dîl-et ;  jjlüflduo! 

rs  *  isstihkXk  -  vkrmek, 
jljjliisrL )!  vfessIİE'i-ısstihkÂk-öl ;  — , 
v.n.  l^£=,-,lisul  isstihkÂk- 

Quality,  5.  kbyfiyyet, 

klıÂsssa ;  «kJj  rütbE ;  soy, 

Qualm,  s.  ghywnyul-bu- 

lanmassz,  Jo  ^ Lj  yurek-bu- 

land/ssz  ;  —  of  conscience, 

shubhE;  nbdâmbt. 

Quantity,  s.  kbmiyybt,  jljJU 

mikdâr,  kXdr  (kAdar). 

Quarantine,  s.  jt  kXrantina  ;  laissT1 
Xjbk  tahaffuz-khanE. 

Quarrel,  s.  (kawgha),  niza", 
&cjlk*  münâza"â ;  — ,  v.n. 
bozushmak;  !  leyi  (kawgha)-et,  !^y 
mza  -et. 

Quarry,  5.  tXsh-ojay^z ;  jl 

av,  sâyd,  shikyâr ; 

biyuk-ok;  —,  v.a. 

chzkarmak  ;  ıshİEtmek. 


Quart,  s. 


Quarter,  s.  y*J öjJ  dartda-bir, 
rub",  char-yek  (chbyrek)  ; 

J  dilim ;  u-jjb  taraf,  (jb  yan, 
t— -^3b>-  jânib,  sû  ;  haw  âli ; 

jihbt ;  2y->ck<i 
sbkiz  -  kilelik  -  zakhirE  -  al- 
chussu  ;  — s,  s.  pi.  konak  ; 

da'ird  ;  a,Lj]  oda  ;  — ,  v.a. 

darda-balmek ; 

oturtmak,  l^by  konak-et ;  winter- 
quarters,  lli  kzshla,  JjiLlJ  kzshlXk, 
ciljjj  kishlkgh. 

v^uai  Lei  uei'K, 

j  (v^  v  j 

ghy  uy  A  e  r  tan/ny  -  kich  -  taraf/. 

Quatrain,  s.  b ^  ruba"/. 

Quay,  5.  isskblk,  nkht/m. 

Queen,  s.  tesnjjy  kirllicha. 

Queer,  a.  "ijib  ("âjâ'ib). 

Quell,  v.a.  y<j&*au  bXssd/rmak,  ^JjJi>- 

hXkkmdan  -  ghklmek,  \ 


Quench,  v.a.  sandurmek, 

i  ULi  itfa-et ;  sussuzluk- 


Query,  s.  su‘âl ;  Jlyü-^b?-  jayz- 

-su'al ;  — ,  v.n.  shubhE-et. 

Quest,  5.  Xramakl/k  ;  to  go  in 

—  of,  (Jm>I ghidup-Xramak. 

Question,  s.  J  su'al ;  LI-01Jİ  eziyybt, 
shikhujE  ;  — ,  v.a.  jJVj-j 

su'âl-sörmak,  sü'âl-et; 

isstintÂk-et ;  shiibhE- 

-et ;  to  put  to  the  — ,  \  1 


Quick,  a.  CİjI>  châb/k,  yJ  tlz  (tbz), 
j  sbrl",  sur"atlz ;  ^b)U- 

jlnlz,  diri,  ^y>-  hâyy ; 

hâywÂnmy-diri-bti,  CUİ  bt. 
Quicken,  v.a.  'J--?'0  tâ"jîl-et, 

tbssri"-et ;  jln-VErmek, 


diriltmek,  1  ihya-et; 


[  252  ] 


dirilmek  ;  chöjuyAu- 

-dirilmek.  [mish-kirbch. 

Quicklime,  s.  skma- 

Quickly,  ad.  chab^’k. 

Quickmatch,  s.  jjdi  fitil. 

Quickness,  s.  cJA£j l>*  chabzkbk. 

Quicksilver,  s.  *•*,:>-  jiw a,  (J??j  zibak. 

Quiet,  a.  suss ;  ^.L *o^\  usslu, 

tbmkînli,  sükyünbtli  ; 

âssüdu ;  — ,  a.  and  s.  d-o-U 
rahat,  (j^jLs\  âssâyish ;  — ,  s.  d-OX-j 
sukyünet ;  — ,  v.a.  tbsskin- 

-et;  sessini-kessmek, 

sussdurmak ;  — Î  int. 
suss  ;  to  be  — ,  tbk- dur¬ 

mak;  in  a  —  way,  M^a\  ussülla. 

Quietly,  ad.  yawAsh-yawIsh. 

Quietness,  s.  o  sesssizlik, 


Quill,  s.  kush-tiiyu; 

^i*c_5y  acbflmamzsh-tuy-kâİEm  ;  — , 

t»  *  <  «ı 

v.a.  ^=^'}  AsCUı  inja-inja-kir- 

mak,  «j+s  kirma-kirma-et. 

Quilt,  s.  &jj}'  yurghAn  ;  — ,  v.a. 

CXi£->  *3  ^  £=>  te yUsyc  lj  p Xm  ukb'- 



Quince,  s.  x*ş)  âvw a.  [sûlfâto. 

Quinine,  Sulphate  of  Quinine,  5.  y\£}ya 
Quinsy,  s.  khunnÂk.  [-’l-khulâssa. 

Quintessence, 5.  <La\^ \ khulâssatu- 
Quire,  kyayAzd-desstbssi, 

dbsstu  ;  khâ- 

n  bn  deghy  ân  -  ghy  u  ruhu. 

Quit,  v.a.  brakmak,  \cJy  turk- 

-et;  — ,  v.n.  chikmak. 

Quite,  ad.  bitun-bitun,  Ll£ 

kyulliyyan  ;  ^-<1-  kyamilan, 

Quitrent,  s.  ijark.  [hhr-wbjhla. 

Quits,  ad.  bAsh,^  bir,  y)j>  bbrâbbr. 
Çil ,cy*^  aj  ^sy4İ\  <ü  nk-Âlajak-nE- 

Quiver,  s.  dkdan,  6k- 

danl/k,  tirkesb  ;  — ,  v.n. 

oynamak,  t titrumek. 

Quiz,  v.a.  zevkİEnmek. 

Quondam,  a.  sâbik  ;  — ,  ad.  libLj 


Quota,  s.  u£b  pay,  bisssE. 

Quotation,  s. 


Quote,  v.a.  \  bAsh- 

kanmy-blfAzmz-îrâd-et.  [met. 

Quotient,  s.  — i^U-  khâriji-kiss- 


Rabbi,  Rabbin,  s.  khAkhAm. 

Rabbit,  s.  Ada-tawshAm. 

Rabble,  5.  ayak  -  takzrm, 

JiU  bssâfili-nâss.  [mush. 

Rabid,  a.  kuduz,  ^jtscj*tXs  kudur- 

Race,  s.  kosbu  ;  (jd:y  jinss,  l Sya 

soy,  i^ya^Syo  soy-sop,  <d~A«j  silsiİE  ; 
— ,  v.n.  koshmak. 

Racecourse,  s.  kosbu- 


Racehorse,  s.  dd  w^J  Lrk 


Racer,  s.  Aj  yansb-bden-lt. 

Rack,  .<?.  shikenjE. 


[  253  ] 


Radiance,  Radiancy,  s.  lhm“ân  ; 

jy  nur. 

Radiant,  a.  parlak,  miinTr. 

Radiate,  a.  o  mur- 

kEzdan-htrâfa-dÂ^Mmak  ;  — ,  v.n. 

tâ\Jo\  mkrkEzdan- 


Radical,  a.  kyülIT,  ^A-jLjİ  bssass- 

dan,  kyakdan;  — ,  s. 

Radish,  s.  c-JN A  turp.  [jümhürju. 

Radius,  s.JkıSı^JLnj  nissfi-kutr  ;  LLAjAj 

Raffle,  yi)  L;  piyânko  ;  — ,  v.a. 

(J.* y  &  «iü  1-j  piyânkoya-kömak. 

Raft,  s.  (JLs  sÂl,  khlek. 

Rafter,  kirish. 

Raftsman,  s.  ^sİL?  sÂlji. 

Rag,  s.  pâchâvra,  J 

•  bbz  -  parchassz ;  rags  and  tatters, 
bsski-pussku.  [chlpkin*. 

Ragamuffin,  5.  -jfiya  sökAk- 

Rage,  s.  (afkü),  LUS=>-  hiddht, 

ghXzAb,  khishm  ;  — , 

v.n.  hıddetİEnmek  ;  (wind 

or  sea)  pbk-fsrtma-ol. 

Ragged,  a.  (Jp  jl  yirtik ;  puruzlu; 

fa  .’-l  ^  \  hsskilar-ghiyili. 

Raid,  s.  Akm. 

Rail,  s.  parmak ;  — s,  s.  pi. 

(jk&sOjJ  parmaklik  ;  — ,  v.n.  \ı—üyjj 
tezyif  -  et,  Xghzini  - 

-âchmak,  *4İIL>!  itâl^i-lissÂn-et. 

Railing,  s.  Railings,  s.  pi.  JySLoy  par¬ 
maklık.  [-yol. 

Railroad,  Railway,  s.  J yj yyp  (dbmir) 

Raiment,  s.  (uruba),  bsswlb 

(bssbÂb),  libâss  (pi. 


Rain,  s.  y  ay  Amur,  JjU  bârân, 

j  rahmht,  ys^o  mÂtar ;  — , 

v.a.  ^L-ix-b  y&ghmak ;  — ,  v.n. 

(JytjA)  jyAxf'  yhghimjr-yhghmak. 

Rainbow,  s.  ^ j *  âlâ'imu-’ss- 

-sbmâ  (eRyAim  -  sâmâ),  U~5S 

Raise,  v.a.  (Jsoj&Ai  kAİd/rmak; 

£y  yiıkseltmek,  lç-Jy  tErfî“- 
-et;  \Lr^aj  nXssb-et,  dikmek; 

(the  dead)  j»  J  diriltmek,  \  Ls-1 

ihyâ-et ;  (the  dead  at  the  resurrec¬ 
tion)  \  jt+s>-  hAshr-et,  \  3  nhshr-et ; 

(plants)  bkip-filiz- 

İEndirmek ;  —  a  siege, 

muhlssaradan  -  chhkilmek  ; 


—  the  voice,  cJj  phk- 

suwhylEmek,  CJ-J  phk-okumak, 

(jycyAs>-  cüJj  pbk-chayAirmak ;  —  the 
price,  bâhâ-ârtirmak  ;  — 

an  outcry,  (j-Aj&yy-  yâyghara- 

-chikârmak;  — seed,  y=y- 

chojuk-yhtishdirmek;  —  one’s  spirits, 
Lm  C-^.  ‘—i  kbyf  -  yhtish  - 
dirmek,  shhnİEndirmek, 

pAj-S  fbrâhlandirmak;  — 
the  wind,  J^y  (para) -bulmak. 

Raisin,  s.  kuru-üzum. 

Rake,  s.  tarak,  ^ ^ 

bA^cha-taray/^ ;  zhndosst, 

^jLjJ  (zampara) ;  — ,  v.a.  (J-Ajh 



[  254  ] 



Rally,  v.n.  ^âc-  "Akli- 

-  bAshzna  -  ghülmek,  ayzlmak, 

(J-A-i davranmak;  Lj^-L 

töplanmak,  A.<lb3 

yün^idan-nizÂma-ghirmek ;  — ,  v.a. 

jAj  »L  tüplamak,  <uAii3 

yüngidan-nlzÂma-kümak ; 
ulashmak,  mülâkz-ol ;  jjjt 

takzlmak,  lJ  \.*a  sAtashmak, 


Ram,  5.  S?9  kdch ;  shâh- 

-merdân  ;  — ,  v.a.  JLscj^~su>a  szkz'sh- 
dzrmak ;  —  in,  (J-Ai  ^  sokmak, 
(jJsscjyi  sürmek;  —  home, 

LL)^cj ^  yerina- sürmek. 

Ramble,  s.  <L<j£=>  ghüzmü,  tüfür- 

ruj ;  — ,  v.n.  ghüzmek,^^.A^L 


Ramification,  s.  kül,  chatAİ, 

gji  für<f,  <Lx.A  shü^bE ;  — s,  pl. 
dAc-jk^o  müteferri^ât. 

Rammer,  5.  JjLfis^L»  tükmak. 

Rampart,  s.  J  <Uİi  kâr'â-divvâri, 

Jjj  kür'a-büdüni. 

Ramrod,  5.  cJ^âj  tüfenk-chi- 

büp'Au,  chibuk.  [bozuk. 

Rancid,  a.  — 1  ükshimish,  cJi 

Rancour,  kin,  büghz. 

Random,  a.  at  — ,  ad.  \j 

rXsst  -  ghMishina,  \j 

Range,  s.  %ja  szra ;  Jj^o  münzil ;  lSj) 
boy;  \jLJ*îjb  dülashzsh,  <Uj£  ghüzmE; 

mAtbAkh  -  0)kghi ;  — , 
— ,  v.n.  dolashmak,  cJ^i=3 

gh üzmek  ;  sürmek, 

ghıtmek ;  — ,  v.a.  d3vcj>  J  dizmek, 

«JJ  türtıb-et. 

.  ..  y 

Rank,  5.  dJjj  rütbe ;  l.  sAfF,  Xj*a 
szra ;  —  and  file,  ı^j\yu  nüfürât ; 
- — ,  a.  Aj i,  ^JL^=d\  ükshi, 

kokar  ;  jb' ^ j  kuvvütli,  szk, 

boylu  ;  — ,  v.n.  ghklmek  ;  — , 

v.a.  saymak,  \  Ac  ‘‘add-et. 

Rankle,  v.n.  JjA li*  c-yJjU>  yâ- 


Ransom,  s.  A.İ  fidyfi ;  — ,  v.a. 

fidye  -  vürup  - 

-kürtârmak,  tâkhlîss-et. 

Ranunculus,  5.  gbirid- 


Rap,  s.  chAlzsh,  wurush ; 

— ,  v.n.  chAlmak,  ^ jl 



Rape,  5.  < _ i^aj*  L*asi 

ghAssban  -  kArzyyü-vwâkz“  "  olan-tas- 

sarruf ;  — ,  v.a.  c3v43Jİ  ! _ î.~ûj  U *a 


Rapid,  a.  chAbik,  j+3  tîz  (tüz), 

j\z.Sy~)  sür^âtli,  sürî“,  ^j^>~ 

hzzlz;  rapid,  rapids,  s. 

Akmdz-yEri.  [sür“ât,  ^->5-  hzz. 

Rapidity,  s.  chabzklik, 

Rapine,  s.  yap4ma,  ghâret. 


Rapture,  5.  SEvinj,  j)j*-  sürür, 

mümnüniyyüt ;  Ji>~  hâl, 

Rare,  a.jjU  nâdir,  j\  Az-bülunur, 
ifjüjlj  nâ-didE. 


[  255  ] 


Rarefy.,  v.a.  liJU-  khâfîflEtmek ; 

(JajjL’İ  kXbartmak,  JJsM- 


Rarefy,  ad. j\  İz,  Ijjli  nâdiran. 

Rascal,  5.  ijiv)  Jûl>-  chApkin-pbze- 

WEnk,  khabiss. 

Rascality,  s.  lz-L>L>-  khabâssbt; 

Rash,  5.  k^rmızîlik,  Cfyi> 

hamrbt,  cU ghidishma ;  — ,  a. 

dbli,  jJjLc.  “kkls/z,  2J 

bÂssIrbtsiz.  [-dilimi. 

Rasher,  s.  L<j pXssdmna- 

Rasp,  5,  tiirpu ;  — ,  v.a. 


Raspberry,  s.  Â^^Aj-chi- 

\bghı,  aîtLcjjJ  izmawla.  [-sechÂni. 

Rat,  s.  mU^  sichln, .  ,3 1 s*5  ghbmEr- 

Rate,  5.  CJ  Li  fi‘at ;  hisslb  ; 

<u3j  rütbE ;  Ly^c  mkrtebd  ; 
jinss,  1 *Jya  soy;  ghidish;  — , 

v.a.  hissâb-et;  say¬ 

mak;  first-rate,  a.  .  Jxt  a'la;  second- 
rate,  evsXt ;  third-rate,  &c. 

bdnâ,  ^i-Lj  b hyaghi, 

Asha^fo’,  Li  fkna. 

Rather,  ad.  j\y  bir-Az  ;  <JL>-  jak  or  jzk, 
CJ  >-  jek  or  jik,  &>-  j a ;  I  would  — , 
^jS^^yy  tErjlh-bdbrim  ;  which 
would  you  — ,  {j*jİj Jy \  ySyTf 
kânghîsszm-tbrjîh-bdbrsin ;  death  — 
than  slavery,  ^  <*!  sj*Âs>-  bssir- 

-b\aydghimiza-u\bY\m . 

Ratification,  s.  ,£>  Juaî  tAssdîk. 

Ratify,  v.a.  tAssdik-et. 

Ratio,  s.  nissbbt.  [lânfi. 

Rational,  a.  JiL  “âM  ;  <üüilc  “xkz- 

Rations,  s.  pi.  CuL^-.*3‘  tâ/fyinât. 

Ratsbane,  s.  sichAn-otu. 

Rattle,  s.  zinlte ;  sbss ; 

— ,  v.n.  -j  sbss-et ;  — ,  v.a. 


Ravage,  jjâ  zarar,  ^yj  ziyan, 
khAssârbt ;  — ,  v.a.  !c— 
khârâb-et,  1  ykT  tâkhrîb-et,  \^ynj 

Rave,  v.n.  J  dbli-ghibi- 

-süwbyİEnmek,  chddzrmak, 


Raven,  s.  ^yijy  kuzghim.  [jzk-dErE. 

Ravine,  s.  Xj^yi^X^dL-Jyo  sârp-dâra- 

Ravish,v.a.  1  u,Aj>  yifyAma-et, 

zbr  -  ila  -  Aimak  ;  J^bv  zörlamak, 
Lj  zbr-ila-sikmek  ; 
skvinj  -  ila  -  deli  - 
ghibi-et,  ^jU3j*AL>-  chddz’rtmak. 

Raw,  s.  LLL>“  chi gh,  chi, 

pishmamish,  nâ-pukhtfi,  ^U- 

khlm ;  sbp'Auk. 

Ray,  s.  ^U-2i  shu'  a  \  yy  pbrtev. 

Raze,  v.a.  yakmak,  hbdm- 

-et,  \^\^JjtAj\yt  yEr-ila-ybksan-et ; 


Razor,  s.  by^s^  or  XjyJ\  or  xyJ\ 
usstura,  ^  ^ ^0  mussa. 

Reach,  s.  ^Jj^o  mbnzil; 

nbhrin^  -  iki  -  dirsb^Ai  -  arass/nda  -  oİAn- 
-doghruja-yEii ;  within  — ,  j* Lisy 


[  256  ] 


ybtishilir;  out  of  — ,  M- 

-ybtishmaz  ;  — v.a.  cXt-lSJ  ybtish- 
mek,  Îj\  ülashmak,  (jfofij  var¬ 
mak;  AİzvErmek. 

Reaction,  5.  <Üül&«  mükÂbbİE  ; 

Read,  v.a.  okumak, 

kzrâat  -  et  ;  tilâvet  -  et  ; 

ÜL*«>-  chzkârmak  ;  — ,  v.n. 

okunmak ;  —  well,  ıXcl£ 

Jdjjjl  kyây/zzd-uzer- 
inda-ghyuzbl-okunmak ;  —  out,  — 
aloud,  —  out  loud,  v.a. 
pbk-okumak  ;  —  on, 

^ Uj  dâhâ-ökumak ;  —  over, 
hbpsini-okumak ;  — 
again,  —  over  again,  j\  l&J  y 
bır-dâhâ-ökumak ;  — , 
bkumush,  “âlim  ;  ökun- 


Reader,  s.  okuyuju. 

Reading,  s.  okumaklik. 

Ready,  a.  U-  hAzzr  ;  U^o  miihbyyâ, 
tfjLol  âmâdu,  âlbssta;  to  make 

— ,  v.a.  Is*-  hAzzr/amak, 

hAzzr-et ;  —  — ,  v.n.  U- 

hlzzrlanmak,  hlzzr-ol. 

Real,  a.  gherchek, 

hÂkîkî,  ,^..5^  sahih;  —  estate,  cJü  ^cl 

Reality,  L2-^İL£>-  hÂkzkÂt,  faÇ  kyunh. 

Realize,  v.a.  J^3  UjJ  inanmak, 

<i*3  UjI  hlkzkltzna-inanmak  ;  c—y  L? 

sAtz'p- (parassznz) -Âlmak. 

Really,  ad.  ghbrchbkdan, 


hkkzkAtan,  sahlhan. 

Realm,  s.  cXîlv«  memâlik. 

Ream,  s.  im-jjb  tbp.  [hÂssld-et. 

Reap,  cX*.£=^  bichmek,  \ 


Reaper,  s.  orAkji. 

Reaping-hook,  orAk. 

Rear,  $.  ^yl*  gheri-yâni,  öj\  ârd, 

vbrâ ;  — ,  v.a.  LlXiX-J  bbssİEmek  ; 

ybtishdirmek  ;  LL Xaj *+) 
biyutmek  ;  \  lii  binâ  -  et ;  I 
tâhszl-et ;  — ,  v.n.  shâkh- 

kklkmak  (or  shâh);  —  admiral, 
\Jj3  Ij  A\>j\  ıriyâla-pâsha. 

Reason,  s.  <JiLc.  “ikl ;  t— sbbeb, 
*  'illet,  müjib,  zUjjj 

zbrl“a  ;  — ,  v.n.  düshun- 

mek  ;  LtXfLyj  suwbylEmek  ;  — 

with,  X=3İ  lJ c^k!  lakzrdz  -anglat- 

mak  (zinnat-). 

Reasonable,  a.  Jilt  “Akil ;  Jybc* 
mâ  kül.  [ghirmek. 

Reassume,  v.a.  cX« jS  tbkrâr- 

Reassure,  u.a.  I  U  ybnyidan- 


Rebel,  *  Âssz’,  bj^J  zorba  ;  — , 

u.zz.  “zssyân-et,  tügh- 

yân-et,  zorbah'k-et, 

ayaklanmak,  âya gha- 


Rebellion,  s.  zorba!  zk, 

“zssyân,  ^jUAİ?  tüghyân. 

Rebellious,  a.  ^<?lc  “âssz  ;  ^L*<ac 




[  257  ] 


Rebound,  v.n.  sbkmek ; 

ghbri-tbpmek.  [-et. 

Rebuild,  v.a.  \  Lj  ybngddan-bina- 

Rebuke,  s.  J\j\  âzâr  (Azar),  âzâ- 

rish  ;  — ,  v.a.  Azarlamak. 

Rebut,  v.a.  \  tbkzlb-et;  ijld 

inkz/ar-et ;  ^ j >-  jnrh-et. 

Recall,  5.  “Xzl; 

c<avdbt-bbrussu  ;  — ,  v.a.  'Jj*  ‘  *Azl- 
-et;  ^Jh^i.l^-^-,^=:ghbri-cha^/4zrmak; 
jj+£=>  ghbri-Almak. 

Recapitulate,  v.a.  and  n.  \ 

Recapitulation,  s.  khulâssa. 

Recapture,  v.a.  \  )a+*â  *.J>  ghbri-zlbt-et. 

Recede,  v.n.  1  ghbri-chb- 

kilmek,  chbkilmek : 

v  y 


Receipt,  s.  JcM  âkhz,  kAbz, 

Alish  ;  mAkbüz-sbnedi ; 

rechbta,  tkrtlb. 

Receive,  v.a.  ju)l  Aimak,  I  3o-|  akhz-et, 
1^-Js  kÂbz-et;  nâ'il-öl, 

mAzhâr-bl ;  \(jy 3  kAbül-et ;  CXiJ 
ybmek;  j\  ghiriftar-bl, 

düchâr-ol,  j\  mübtblâ-bl. 

Receiver,  s.  jo- 1  âkhz-bden. 

Recent,  a.  ybngâ,  miijbdded, 

*jb‘  tâzE. 

Recently,  ad.  ghbchEnİErda. 

Receptacle,  s.  <— J\j  kAb. 

Reception,  s.  Jj-J  kâbül. 

Recess,  5.  y ş.^  hüjrE,  l Sjsl-SÎ^o  dbİÂb- 
ykri;  ta^til-wAkti. 

Recipe,  s.  j  rbchbta,  tkrtlb. 

Reciprocal,  a.  târafbyndan- 

oİAn.  [dkumaklik. 

Recitation,  s.  (JXsL*j3j\  bzbnrdan- 

Recite,  v.a.  zikr-et ;  oku- 

Reckless,  kâydsiz.  [mak. 

Reckon,  v.a.  hissAb-et, 

saymak  ;  dâkhil  -  et  ;  I  tXc 

“add-et ;  \  &XJ  tâ<fdâd-et;  —  up, 
!<— >L, hissAb-et,  saymak  ; 

—  upon,  \  i“timAd-et, 


Reclaim,  v.a.  isslah-et;  (land) 

\  jjaxso  mâ^mür-et, 
ihyâyi-mbwât-et ;  ^ y&  ghbri- 

ısstEmek.  [uzAnmak. 

Recline,  v.n.  ^Jaj b  yatmak, 

Recluse,  s.  münzbvi, 

“üzlet-ghyüzîn,  J  dim- 


Recognition,  s.  A^-,3  lb  tAnima  ;  < _ i\y£-\ 

i'  "tir  Af.  [bilmek. 

Recognize,  v.a.  lb  tinim  ak,  ciUİj 

Recoil,  s.  jj+Z  ghbri-tbpish ;  — ,  v.n. 

Recollect,  v.a.  ^4İ,bU-  khltirlamak, 
\  J  dbr-khAtir-et ; 
khltirda-tutmak,  unutma¬ 


Recollection,  s.  khâtirlama. 

Recommend,  v.a.  ıssmârlamak, 

nlssihat-et;  tlv- 

siyya-et;  mbdh-et. 

Recommendation,  s.  tâvsiyya. 

Recompense,  s.  eUlîlCc  mukyâfât,  jS>-\ 
bjr ;  bakhshish  ;  — ,  v.a. 



[  258  ] 


ilXoj)' la  iCo  mükyâfâtini- vErmek, 

bjrini  -  vsrmek, 
,  2-+mLJL.s£?t  bâkhshishini- 


Reconcile,  v.a.  Ij  blrishdtrmak, 

(Jy*j  A  uzlashdz’rmak, 

bbynldrini  -  ısslâh  -  et,  Cl^İJ 
zâta  -1  -  bbynldrini- 
ısslâh-et;  \  khbshnüd-et,  \  \*âj\ 

irzâ-et,  tbsselli-VErmek, 

Reconnoissance,  s.  L 

fcj\x*o  *  < _ < _ v^v 



Reconnoitre,  v.a .  l^p- 

1  ^  w— dushmEn- 

-  hawalilerini  -  yoklayup  -  kbshf  -  u  - 


Reconquer,  v.a.  \  (j<A-So  ybngidan- 
fhth-et.  [dâha-düshEnmek, 

Reconsider,  v.a.  l&O  y  bir- 

Reconstruct,  v.a.  J^V.  yengidan- 


Record,  5.  Jua  kâyd,  <J  ^  sijill;  pi 

kuyüd,  kuyudat,  Cl^bs**1 

sijilllt;  — ,  v.a.  yazmak,  1  a-i 

kâyd -et,  tbssjıl-et;  \ 

zAbt-et,  \ jt'jZzT  tahrîr- et. 

Recount,  v.a.  lıliü  nAkl-et,  Uj1£,>- 

^  ♦♦ 

hıkyâyE-et,  \  jz>Â  zıkr-et. 

Recourse,  s.  l^>x.z>-  \j.*>  murâja^ât, 

tbshhbbuss  :  to  have  — , 
•  *  * 

dushmek,  miırâ- 


j«£<at-et,  \  ^11  ^  ^  "  ^  teshbbbuss-et. 
Recover,  v.a.  <JL*S!  ghbri- Almak; 

^  (ghbna)  -  bulmak  ;  — ,  — 
one’s  health,  jl  jA  ıyi-ol, 
ıfâkAt-bulmak  ;  —  one’s  self,  ,  Jsi£ 
(jAJjio  kbndini-tutmak. 

Recovery,  s.  gheri-Alma ;  U-£> 

shıfâ-bulma.  [tbdd  (murtAd). 
Recreant,  a.  korkak  ;  Jjy o  mur- 

Recreation,  s.  bylknja. 

Recriminate,  v.a.  L2-v4^j ^lüL-i \j la 
]  kârshzhkh*  -  blarak  -  tühmbt- 


Recruit,  s.  ,  “AsskEr- 

ua  ••  •  > 

-‘'ÂjEmİSSİ  ;  L JjSü  JL~S. 

ybn^i-yâz«lmish-££AsskEr-neferi  ;  — , 

v.ft.  bjL~.z  Jj  ybn^i-££AsskEr- 

-töplamak  ;  ^  1  ısstirâhat-et ; 

A3wV)  bbddna  -  kh«dmet-et ; 

•  * 

— ,  v.a. 

•  ybn^idan-tAkvıyyât-VErmek. 

Rectangle,  5.  müsstatzl. 

Rectification,  tAsshıh. 

Rectify,  v.a.  tAsslıîh-et, *L? 

doğrultmak;  t. ^ AcLJ t ^ 
mükErr  6ran  -  ınbikdan  -  chbkmek . 
Rectitude,  s.  dbyAruluk, 

L^vicIİUmsI  ısstiklmet,  j  rAsstı. 
Recur,  v.w.  <tjs* tekrâr- 

-wukü<£-  bulmak  ;  dunmek, 

j\jij  tekrâr-An^mak. 

Recurrence,  5.  ^diuly  tbkrâr- 


Red,  a.  kırmızı,  J ji  khü, 

âhmur,  sürkh ;  (hair)  sAri. 

Redden,  v.n.  kızarmak  ;  — ,  v.a. 

LLX*o i jJj (JfİJjsOjS  kzrmizzhk- YErmek. 


[  259  ] 


Redeem,  v.a.  kurtarmak, 


Redeemer,  s.  kurtar  An, 

kurtânje,  jjûîb*-  kh allâss. 

Redemption,  5.  ^  kurtansh, 

tâkhlîss  ;  kurtulush, 

fjoİı^.  khâlâss. 

Redhot,  a.  kzzglun. 

Redistribute,  v.a.  1  ybnyi- 

dan-tevzi^-et.  [-t&vzi^. 

Redistribution,  s.  *_Jjy  (j-X-io  yenyidan- 

Redoubt,  s.  <Ur'lL  tÂbiya,  pÂİAngha. 

Redoubtable,  a.  korkulu,  c— 

mühîb  ;  ghyüch,jjJ  zor. 

Redress,  s.  ıhkÂki-hÂkk ;  — , 

v.a.  \  sU>-\  ihkAk-et. 


Reduce,  v.a.  AzAİtmak, 

tbnzR-et,  tÂklîl-et ; 

küchultmek  ;  'J-o^  tahvil  -  et, 

CXc \ji" js>-  chevirmek,  etmek  ; 

^ jscji  komak,  sokmak, 

ghbtirmek  ;  \  jbbr-et, 

iJr< j>t  yurma  -  komak, 

sarmak;  tenzîli-rütbE-et ; 

1-s^i  f&th-et  (t-h),  \  zlbt-et, 

.  —  *♦ 

’  tksskhlr-et. 

Reduction,  5.  tenzil,  J-.İÜ5  tâklîl ; 

<  M  *  , 

tahvil;  j&br  ;  feth, 

j+k**  tesskher. 

Redundance,  Redundancy,  5.  £j\j  j 
jitXLc  fÂzla  -  ve  -  zâ  id  -  olan- 


Redundant,  a.  Jo\j  za'id,  flzla. 

Reed,  s.  kÂmish ;  çXi  kâİEm. 

Reef,  s.  (rocks)  dakuntu, 

kayalar;  culi  j> 

y^lkenin-bir-kAt-jâmEdânl ;  — ,  v.a. 

[^j  \  iy<ul>-  j  âmEdânini-bÂy^la- 
Reef-point,  s.  J  jÂmEdân.  [mak. 

Reek,  s.  dumln,  bvghu ; 

— ,  v.n.  JUİL^  ^ 3UjJ  dumÂni- 
-chzkmak,  buy^ussu- 


Reel,  s.  ajL c  makara,  L-Jİ^d  döİAp ; 
— ,  v.n.  Lf \sc  <Ü  Ai  -j  s&ndeRmek, 

(js c  l sjki  y  skrsEm  -  olup  -ayak¬ 
lan  -  tutmamak  ;  — ,  v.n. 

sarmak.  [ınü'khâb-et. 

Re-elect,  v.a.  !<—. ybnyidan- 
Re-embark,  v.n.  <ü,  ^ 

♦  >«L  y  *♦  •« 


A  ♦♦  _ 

Re-establish,  v.a.  )  SiSss»?  tkjdld-et. 


Re-establishment,  5.  JuJksr’  tkjdid. 
Refer,  v.a.  ghyandErmek, 

hâwâİE-et;  — ,  v.n. 
bXkmak ;  murâja<cât-et ; 

ghitmek ;  ghulmek  ; 

^  kinayE-ol,  dolayz-ol. 

Referee,  s.  hakem. 

Reference,  5.  hawals  ;  LJ 

mürâja^ât ;  kınâyE  ;  kefil ; 

to  give  a  — ,  kbfîl- 

ghyasstErmek  ;  to  ask  for  a  — , 
CivCuol  k&fîl-ısstEmek. 

Refine,  v.a.  tXssfiyyE-et ;  — ,  v.n. 


t  t*  J 

Refined,  a.  pek-nâzik. 

Refinement,  s.  nfezakut. 

Reflect,  v.a.  <fakss-et, 

t  2 


[  260  ] 



gheri  -  wurmak  ;  — 

diishunmek,  It  tX- 

shinmak,  !<Uİl!a*  mütâlaf<â-et ;  — 

upon,  \  ^y  tcvblkh-et ;  < **c. 


Reflection,  s.  “âkss, 

ın"ikyâss ;  mutalara;  ^y 

tbvbîkh,  i _ >*-.*7  ta<fyib. 

Reflector,  ây ina. 

Reform,  s.  isslâh  ;  *J\  issla- 

hât,  ClîUAiıJ  tanzimlt,  djliudj’ 
tbnsıklt ;  — ,  v.a.  (Jycy  ybluna- 
-komak,  isslah-et,  <wcliaj 


Reformation,  s.  ,  d*OtLw  tehzîbi*- 

-âkhlâk;  — isslah. 


Reformer,  s.  musslih. 

Refraction,  5.  djlcUAjL^Lil  ınkissâri- 
-shu‘ Vat. 

Refractory,  a.  "âss  1, 

"inadji,  mu<fannid,  dyz.* 


Refrain,  v.n.  j\j  waz-ghechmek, 

L?  sakinmak,  chb- 

kinmek,  kbndini-tut- 

mak,  /  dayanmak. 

Refresh,  v.a.  CiX«jıXJ$j \j  tâzEİEndir- 
mek ;  CtU-  ]*}Ij  tâzEİEtmek ;  — 

one’s  self,  L dlnEnmek, 
J-*"  y*xû yt  yorghunluy/iunu- 
-Xlmak  ;  tbfrihi-bbden-et ; 

to  feel  refreshed,  Xchilmak. 

Refreshment,  s.  CiXw  ybmbk,  L^V<U> 
y by  6j  ek-  ichej  ek . 

Refuge,  s.  j  (J.s>-&uk+*a  siy/iinajak-ykr, 

y  bârinajak  -  ykr, 

mblja ;  to  take  — ,  y*ukf*a  ûghm- 
mak,  bârinmak,  IsCUİ  iltija-et. 

Refugee,  s.  ^adlLo  multbji. 

Refulgence,  Refulgency,  s.  (J.\-  i  M  par- 

Refulgent,  a.  parlak.  [laklik. 

Refund,  v.a.  ghbri-VEr- 

mek,  \  l)j  reda-et,  \  isstirdâd- 

Refusal,  s.  dj  rbdd.  [-et. 

Refuse,  v.a.  ,  U-Ji  kXbul- 

-btmamek,  \  rbdd-et;  d)  ■sC 
VErmamek  ;  razi-olmo- 

Refutation,  5.  jkrh.  [mak. 

Refute,  v.a ,  \  ^ ,j s>-  jkrlı-et,  or 

\  habt-et,  LLXXj  chiirutmek. 

Regain,  v.a.  tbkrâr-bulmak ; 

J\J^  tbkrâr-wÂssil-ol ;  j\j& 
çjaj\Js  tbkrar-kXzanmak. 

Regal,  a.  kirlla-mâkhsüss, 

kirlland,  âj\j\Xi£p>-  hiıkmdâ- 
rânE,  tâjdârânE. 

Regale,  v.a.  !d-*i UJ  ziyafbt-et  (or 
LlX^oy  *  vErmek) ;  ^>~y} 

lyija-yembk-ybdirmek,  y^cjyy 
karnini  -  doyurmak  ;  -S 

ferahlandırmak,  khdsh- 

landirmak  ;  — ,  v.n.  LlivfJ 

ybmek-ichmek,  kar- 


Regalia,  s.  pi.  cu\yjy 

pâdishâhin  -  tezyinat  -  rbss- 


Regard,  5.  bXkish  ;  Jtai  nXzar, 

hiissnu-nAzar,  jldc-l  i“tibar, 
ihtiram,  iltifat, 


[  261  ] 


mahobbet ;  — ,  v.a.  J^ib  bAkmak  ; 
with  —  to,  \Jaj  nXzaran ; 


bahsszna-ghelinja ;  to  have  a 

-  for,  L?  saymak. 

Regarding,  ad.  or  pr.  sJcjIj  blbinda. 
Regardless,  ad.  ^jj<U*j>b  blkmayyErek. 
Regatta,.  5.  jb  3  kayzk- 

-  ve-  sXnd  Aİler-y  arzshz .  [-  s  Alt  AnXt . 

Regency,  5,  d-o 1-3  niyabeti- 

Regenerate,  a.  L^-l  ^,du£j 

mâ  "nan  -  ybngadan  -  ihya  -  blunmush  ; 

— ,  v.a.  \  L>-!  mâ  "nan - 

-  yenp'z'dan  -  ihya  -  et,  I  c— JJ  Jo 

Regent,  s.  o-iJaLj  _ _ ,îb  nâ"ibi-SAİtAnAt. 

Regimen,  s.  J-Jyj  pbrhlz,  zw*o>-  himyk. 
Regiment,  s.  Hay,  fi-  ""ass- 


Regimentals,  5.  <Uy*i  forma. 

Region,  5.  ^J\  arz,  mEmldkkt, 

jb  J  diyar. 

Register,  s.  yb J  deftEr;  — ,  v.a.  1 
kayd-et,  deftEra-  ghe- 

chirmek,  ^ojb  yazmak. 

Registrar,  5.  y-İJ  dhftEr-bmînî ; 

^-3‘li  sijillat-kyâtibi. 

Registry,  5.  tbssjll ;  <ul>- ysjJ 


Regret,  s.  bssef,  U  te"bsssuf, 

j  kkdEr,  mL  ghXm ;  — ,  v.a.  \  ls.~s\ 

bssef-et,  IujL:13*  te"essuf-et, 

Regular,  a.  yolunda-oİAn ; 

muntazam ;  J^b.-e  muttârid. 

kzyâssî ;  Juel  Assl  ; 
sAlt ;  —  troops,  L3^G~.£|*lb3  nizÂm - 
-""XsskEri,  j£=\~*z-  ""Assakiri- 


Regularity,  s.  ^Hâ3  nizÂm. 

Regularly,  ad.  y>jj\  ^lb3  nizÂm-uzbrE. 

Regulate,  v.a.  LLkojij  ^Ibi  nizÂm-vsr- 
mek,  \  ^-b-j  tanzzm-et ;  (a  watch) 
\  jLc  ""âyâr-et. 

Regulation,  s.  ^lb3  nizÂm. 

Reign,  s.  sÂltAnÂt;  Cu^bL^bl 

byy  âmi- SÂltAnÂt ;  — ,  v.n.  \  c^xbl«j 
sÂltAnÂt-et,  hükyümet-et, 

l^îLkb&ıjb  pâdislıâhlzk-et. 

Reimburse,  v.a.  CXcjj  vErmek,  «bo 
LLX^cjJ'J  (ghbnE)  -  vkrmek, 

Rein,  5.  dizghin,  “inÂn, 

^bçj  zimÂm  ;  to  give  — ,  l^bc^ilbl 
itİÂkz~£  ınÂn-et. 

Reinforce,  v.a.  imdâd- 

-VErmek,  Jaj\:  li'w 


Reiterate,  v.a.  1  Ju^sb  tb"kîd-et,  }p 

Reiteration,  s.  jJjj  tbkerrur  ;  tekrir. 

Reject,  v.a.  \  Jj  rbdd-et,  1  târd-et, 
dbf""-et.  [târd. 

Rejection,  s.  £_i  J  def“;  <Jj  rbdd  ;  ûjb 

Rejoice,  v.n.  sevinmek,  \  b^s- 

hXzz-et,^.!  leyâsf0  mâhzüz-61,jl 5 
mbssrür  -  61 ;  — ,  v.a.  0 

sevindirmek,  \  b mâhzüz  -  et, 
\  mbssrür-et.  [mâhzuziyykt. 

Rejoicing,  5.  ^  sh^nlik;  L^-bjbs'10 


[  262  ] 


Rejoin,  v.a .  j6wlb- 

Rejoinder,  5.  C-aUaf-  jbwlb.  [-vurmek. 
Relapse,  5.  nukss ;  irtidad  ; 

— ,  v.n.  ^Ju£>  y&^yidan- 

-fEnalashmak,  \  u~£j  ılleti- 

-nukss-et ;  jl  JJ^o  murtbdd-ol  (mur- 
tXd) ;  yenyidan- 


Relate,  u.a.  !<Jjy  nlkl  -  et, 

hikyâyE-et,  beyân -et,  '  jLJ* 

tlkrlr-et ;  — ,  v.n.  mensüb- 

-61;  jljJfLtXc  muta££allik-ol ;  — ted, 

p.p.  mbnsüb,  t+sc  muta  - 

«İlik,  khzssm ;  \)Js\  Âkrabâ  {pi-)- 

Relation,  s.  hıkyâyE,  yyü  tlkrîr ; 

munassebbt,  ,  j\*3  ta  'alluk, 

klussmkk,  Xkrabalik,  l^.^î 

kurbbt;  ıntisslb  ; 

nissbet;  ^as-khzssm,  yjs\  Âkrabâ  (pi.) 
Relative,  s.  khzssm,  vji\  Âkrabâ 

(pi.);  — ,a.  nissbbtla- 

-  wakz**-  oİAn  ;  —  pronoun,  uy*y « 
mbvsül;  — ly,  ad.  Âİ nissbbtla, 

<L~J  nissbbtEn,  âL-AJs  kzylssla,  \JaJ 
nÂzaran,  bjy>  ghyarE. 

Relax,  v.a.  (JJaz£>j£=i  ghevshEtmek ; 

c3>K-İî^£=  ghbvsheklik- 
-ghbtirmek ;  C-Lc^  llnet-VEr- 

mek;  — ,  v.n.  yâmushÂn- 

mak  ;  ^—^1— AiyA.j  y?mushamak  ; 

CX«<-£»y==  ghbvshEmek.  [tbnbffuss. 
Relaxation,  5.  byİEnja ; 

Release,  kurtulush,  ,j0^ak 

khalâss ;  — ,  v.a.  saII- 

YErmek,  khalâss- et ;  )! 

kurtarmak,  tâkhlîss-et,  \  JİJİ 


Relent,  v.n.  y^mushamak, 


Reliance,  s.  jUocl  i£<timÂd, 

Relief,  s.  râhat ;  Jİ  Xo\  ımdâd  ; 

<ülc!  ı“ânE;  )j3  kurtulush,  yoİz* 
khÂİâss  ;  in  — ,  kÂkma,  cUJ^Lj 


Relieve,  v.a.  râhat- 

-vErmek,  LlX<j  JcjJ  rahat- btdir- 

mek;  LLXscj  tSJL'Jj'  X-c!  imdâd-ybtish- 

dirmek  ;  kurtarmak,  UjUl 

i££anE-et,  def£<-et,  tbss- 

kln-et;  — the  guard,  LLXaJ^SjJ ^^X:y 

Religion,  s.  J  din. 

Religious,  a.  jİJCjJ  dindar, 
mütedbyyin,  sofu. 

Relinquish,  v.a.  waz-ghech- 

mek,  brâkmak, 

kl-chbkmek,  tkrk-et,  \ 

klssn-ybd-et,  t  &  keffi-ybd-et. 

Relinquishment,  5.  cJy  turk. 

Relish,  5.  b^o  mbzE,  kâtik;  Ck?^î 

lezzet ;  — ,  v.a.  }y  İjİj  lbzlz- 
-bulmak,  t  <i  jJj  tblbzzuz-et, 

Reluctance,  s.  ghyanyul- 

suzluk ;  with — ,  reluctantly,  cJj 
isstEmeyerek,  kb\j*  m⣣a-kerâ- 

hbtin,  ma£<a-’l-kbrahE. 

Reluctant,  a.  ghyanyulsuz. 


[  263  ] 


Rely,  v.n.  ghyüy^Enmek, 

\  jUclc!  i“timld-et,  \  ısstinâd- 

-et ;  —  upon  God,  tbvbkkyul- 

-et,  mutevekkil-ol. 

Remain,  v.n.  kÂlmak, 

oturmak,  sâkin-ol ; 

blkz-kXlmak,  J^jli  ztLai  fXzla-kXl- 
mak,  artmak. 

Remainder,  s.  kXlan. 

Remains,  s.  bliü  bÂkâyâ,  — ,  s.  pi.  <*Liî 
fÂzla  ;  mortal  — ,  ijL^  jfe  nâzE. 

Remark,  s.  lJl lakzrdz ;  tbnbîh ; 

u^'  ı  tirÂz ;  — ,  v.n. 

ghyarmek;  dıkkÂt-et ;  — ,  v.a. 

suwbylEmek;  \  jU-£j^  ısh/âr- 
-et.  [-shây  Ân. 

Remarkable,  a.  dikkXta- 

Remedy,  5.  chârE ;  — ,  v.a. 

ch  ârn  -bulmak. 

Remember,  v.n.  and  a.  khl- 

tz’rlamak,  \  jlj  yâd-et. 

Remind,  v.a.  ^  ıkhtâr-et, 

LLX'CjjS  khltzrma-ghetirmek. 

Remiss,  a.  J*jJ  tbnbbl,  ıhmâlji; 

to  be  — ,  IJUdbl  ıhmâl-et,  \ 
kussür-et ;  — ness,  s.  JUl  ihmâl, 
jyt 23  kussür. 

Remission,  s.jic  “Xfv,  sÂfh. 

Remit,  v.a.  \  jkz  “Afv-et,  \^a  safh-et, 
bâksh-et,  (bâyfosh- 

lamak)  ;  ghy  and  Ermek  ; 

— •,  v.n.  ghbvshEmek, 

CX*L~f==>  kbssilmek,  azaI- 

mak,  khÂfıflEshmek, 

Remittance,  s.  Ab\  <— 

if j\i  mbktüp-ıla-ghyandErılan-pârE  ; 

^l— J  park  -  ghywndEril  - 


Remnant,  s.  <d*â?  fXzla,  bakzyyE ; 

artmzsh ;  ârt- 


Remonstrate,  v.n.  u^xi 

i“tirlz-ghy  ünâ-bX‘  *zi- 

Remorse,  s.  nbdâmeti- 

-kyulllyyE,  (j~  b^cL^vol  Jo  nbdâmbt- 

Remote,  a.  uzXk,  Ju*j  bâ^îd. 

Removal,  s.  Jiü  nXkl,  ghywch ; 

“Xzl  ;  dbf“,  ikhrâj. 

Remove,  v.a.  kXldzrmak,  !<j£3 

nlkl-et ;  dbfet- 

-et ;  chzkzhrnak, 

ikhrâj-et;  — ,  v.n.  ev- 


Remunerate,  v.a.  hÂkkinz- 

-vkrmek,  muky  â- 

fâtini-VErmek.  bjr  »  pârE. 

Remuneration,  5.  ClMilCo  mukyafât ; 

Rend,  v.a.  ^J^l)  yarmak,  yzrt- 

mak,  IcJt^  chak-et. 


Render,  v.a.  btmek,  kzl- 

mak  ;  LLbcjJj  vkrmek ;  tbss- 

llm-et ;  gheri-VErmek. 

Renegade,  Renegado,  5.  lJSX^o  müh- 
tbdi,  dbnma. 

Renew,  v.a.  yenyilntmek, 

IjLpXssr1  tbjdld-et. 

Renewal,  s.  tejdid.  [-et. 

Renounce,  v.a.  \  kXt  î-‘  alâka- 



Renovate,  v.a.  tazkletmek, 

\  vX)  AîsT  tkjdld-et. 

Renown,  s.  L^-w>  sit,  shiihrkt, 

nlm,  nlk-nlm,  shin, 

j\^&\  ishtihar. 

Renowned,  a. jjçZ+sc  mkshhür. 

Rent,  s.  \j£=>  kıra ;  quit  — , 

ijârk;  Jjja  y&rtik ;  JyV.  yank;  — , 
v.a.  AA  \}^  kırâ-ila-tütmak  ; 

—  out,  <zX*j>  *  kiray«-VErmek. 

Repair,  s.j+AXJ  ta/'mlr  ;  tErmlm  ; 

^\ı.\  yatak,  £  ykr,  Is^'10  mkljâ ;  — , 
— ,  v.a.  \ j*ax.‘İ  tâffmlr-et,  tkr- 

mîm-et ;  1  <JJ y~j  tessviyyk-et ; 
isslah-et;  chârkssini- 

-bulmak  ;  — ,  v.n.  ghitmek, 

^  jAsl* szy^mmak ;  in  — ,  in  good 
— ,  f^'j+zXj+A&  tâ“mîra-ghâyn- 
-miıhtÂj  ;  out  of  — ,  in  bad  — ,  £^»**3 

Reparation,  s.  j+*xj  ta^mlr,  ^*^3  tEr¬ 
mim  ;  ^**«2 3  tAzmîn,  târziyyk. 

Repartee,  5.  jkwlb  ;  quick  at  — , 

l>-  hazz'r-jkwlb. 

Repeal,  5.  fksskh,  lâghv ;  — , 

v.a.  \^~J  fksskh-et,  \  lagbv-et. 

Repeat,  v.a.  tekrar -yap¬ 
mak,  thkrar-suwky- 


Repeatedly,  ad.  \jjC^o  miikkrrdran. 

Repeater,  s. 

^x,cLo  bXssmaghila  -  chXlar  -  olan  - 

-köyn-sâ  ati. 

Repel,  v.a.  dkf£C-et ;  —  an  attack, 

miıdâfa*  a-et. 

Repent,  v.n.A^y^L^  peshlmÂn-ol  (pish- 
mXn),y'^t>l3  nadim-61 ;  \  y  twbk-et. 
Repentance,  s.  3  nkdâmkt, 

(pishmAnlzk)  ;  vow  of  — , 
Repetition,  s.jjL'J  tkkkrrur.  [&y  tabk. 
Repine,  v.n.  uUi  tkshekki-et, 


Reply,  s.  jkwlb ;  — ,  v.n. 

^  jewlb-vkrmek,  \ 


Report,  s.  skss,  sÂdâ, 

awaz,  awazk ;  y'y  tewatur. 



hawadiss  ; 

jljsû  tÂkrîr,  ti  A i\  ıfâdk,  ^L.'  bkyân  ; 
— ,  v.a.  ifâdk-et,  b&yân- 

-et,  \jij&  takrir- et,  khX- 

bEr-vkrmek ;  tyly  tkwatur-et. 

Reporter,  5.  zAbt-kyâtibi. 

Repose,  s.  rahat, 

ısstirâhat,  (jukiLil  âssâyish,  ^$&yA 
âssüddghl,  silky  ün, 

sükyünkt;  — ,  v.n.  rahat-et, 

jiA  isstirâhat  -  et,  JtiilyA 
âssüdk-ol,  y*<X£-..>U  âssâyishda-öl ; 
—  confidence,  i^timXd-et. 

Repository,  5.  makhzen. 

Reprehend,  v.a.  \j\j\  Azarlamak, 

\^J y  tkvbzkh-et,  !^^Ü3  tAkbzh-et, 

1  ta<£yib-et. 

•  «♦  * 

Represent,  v.a.  gbya?stEr- 

mek,  rkssmi-ol ;  \&As\  ifadk- 

-et,  beyan-et;  jj^L^  vkklli-ol, 

Representation,  5.  tersim  ;  iu'lil 

Representative,  5.  vkkil.  [ifadk. 


[  265  ] 


Repress,  v.a.  m£n“-et,  Wj  z^jr- 

-et,  j  llXa* 1£^>A:JL>-  hAkkmdan-gh.Eİ- 
mek  ;  bAssdzrmak. 

Reprieve,  v.a.  1  Jl^ol  kAtlini- 


Reprimand,  j\j)  âzâr  (Azar), 

tbkdir ;  — ,  v.a.  Azarlamak, 

tekdlr-et.  [mak. 

Reprint,  v.a.  tbkrâr-bAss- 

Reprisal,  Reprisals, 

Reproach,  s.  1 _ >-,£  “âyb,  jlr.  “ar, 

rüssvâyî  ;  t _ tâ“yîb, 

^-Aİ  kAdh,  Aaj  J  tevblkh,  tAk- 

bzh  ;  — ,  u.a.  tâ<{yîb-et, 

1^-Aİ*  kAdh-et,  tbvbzkh-et ;  — 

with,  (Jaj  *]&>}'  jji  yiizuna-wurmak. 

Reprobate,  s.  fâssik. 

Reproduce,  v.a.  ^«aJo  y^ngir 

dan-hlsszl-et.  [âzârish,  tbkdlr. 

Reproof,  5.  j\j\  âzâr  (Azar), 

Reprove,  v.a.  Azarlamak,  \j.\ a£j 


Reptile,  y/; 


Republic,  jumhür. 

Republican,  a.  lJj ^a>-  jümhürı  ;  — , 
s.j^a>~  (J.&!  Ehli-jiımhür. 

Republication,  s.  jL.j 

ybn^idan-neshr-etmeklik.  [-nbshr-et. 

Republish,  v.a.  I  jL.)  yengidan- 

Repudiate,  v.a.  boshamak, 

tAtlzk-et;  (Jj+j  kAbül- 

-btmamek,  inkyâr-et.  [inkyâr. 

Repudiation,  5.  tAtiik  ; 

Repugnance,  5.  LA-vJ kbrâhet, 
ısstikrâh.  [für. 

Repugnant,  a.  kerih ;  men- 

Repulse,  s.  mâghlübiyyet, 

(JXj ^  bözghunluk  ;  — ,  v.a. 

\ hüjümunu-dbfCf-et  ; 

J  ^3  ^gwjW- j  rij  âssini  -kA- 

Reputation,  5.  LUjçJZı  shuhrbt,  nÂm. 
Repute,  v.a.  saymak,  1  A.c  ‘‘add- 

-et,  ı^tibâr-et. 

Request,  5.  rıjâ,jL3  nıyâz ;  — ,  v.a. 

Hcf-j  rıjâ-et,  ^Ju3  nıyâz-et. 

Require,  v.a.  isstEmek, 

miihtlj-ol,  ihtiyâjz-öl. 

Requisite,  a.  aJÎ  lâzzm ;  — ,  s.  A^cjİ 
lâzzmE  (pi.  CuVcj\^  lawazzmAt) . 
Requisition,  5.  IcAa-jI  ısstid^â,  <Ül!a*o 

Rescript,  s.  ırâdk,  khAtt. 
Rescue,  s.  AİA*>1  imdi  d ;  — ,  v.a. 

kurtarmak,  tâkh- 

llss-et.  [taharri. 

Research,  5.  tbjbsssus, 

Resemble,  v.a.  scüjL)  b^n^zumek, 


Resent,  v.a.  J  dAnhp- 

-kârshz'h’^Azni-et.  [c__-w2~  ghAzAb. 

Resentment,  s.  dârghmh'k. 

Reserve,  5.  ^  kbtm,  Cİ X*yA£=>  kbtüm- 

lik,  ıhtirâz  ;  ıhtiylt ; 


— ,  v.a.  ('h jLö  sz/klamak, 

^Isla  ıhtiyltan-saklamak. 


[  266  ] 


Reservoir,  s.  hawz,  kha- 

zuie  (hÂzna). 

Reside,  v.n.  oturmak, 

sâkin-bl,  mutbmekkin-ol, 

Id-vdil  iklmet-et,  mukzm-ol. 

Resident,  a.  ^£L#  sakin, 

mutemekkin,  mukîm ;  — s,  5.  pi. 

\lb\  ahâlî,  sbkbnE ;  minister 

— ,  kuchuk  -  hlchi, 

^sk.l j y*  UALclil  iklmbta-me'mur- 
-  bichi. 

Residue,  5.  blld,  cd^ii  fXzla, 

kAİAn,  ^j\ 'Jj\  art  An,  <UİÜ  bÂkiyyE. 

Resign,  v.n.  ısstk'fâ-et ;  — ,  v.a. 

(Jaj\jS  brakmak,  tkrk-et. 

Resignation,  s.  [&.*>]  ıssti^fâ ;  j*d<*J 
tbsslîm.  [cham-sakîzz ;  JjLj  sakîz. 

Resin,  s.  rbchina, 

Resist,  v.a.  and  n.  Li?  dayanmak, 
u**?  tahammul-et  ;  ^cjjs^-£j j\i 

Resistance,  5.  muklvbmbt. 

Resolute,  a.  yitrbyAi-pbk, 

ghyazu-pek,  ^«Aİh:’lİ  sâbit- 
-kÂdEm ;  jy^>~  jbssür. 

Resolution,  s.  lu\*3  sbbât,  L2-*JL*i 
mbtânbt;  L^J'  nıyyet ;  J\Ji  kXrar  ; 
jjr>-  hall,  <, _ LtS  kbshf. 

Resolve,  v.n.  niyybt-et ;  J\Js 

kXrar-VErmek ;  — ,  v.a. 
hall-et,  kbshf-et ;  —  itself 

into,  danmek,  juîjl  olmak, 

Ltd*^ oluvErmek,  C-LfcL«.i== 

Resort,  s.  Jjbj  yatak,  j *  mkrjad 

— ,  v.n.  iZXsiz£iljjj\CL>Ji£  kessret- 
-üzbrE-ghitmek  ;  \  teshbbbuss- 

-et,  düshmek. 

Resound,  v.n.  wtmek, 

C^XcjJ  j  sbss-vkrmek  ;  j! 

Resource,  s.  $>l>-  chars ; 

menba/i-servbt ;  Ci^sc— >L-sl  bss- 
bÂbî-kuvvet,  vbssîlb  i- 


Respect,  5.  hurmbt,  d-olc; 

rivayet,  ihtiram,  jLsjM 

i^tibâr;  *jL«  mâddk,  kbûs- 

sûss,  C-;b  bib,  jsc\  emir  ;  Jn:  nlzar, 
nissbet,  munâs- 

sbbbt ;  — ,  v.a.  hurmbt-et, 

ri“ayet-et;  in  — ,  with  — , 

z_3  nlzaran,  nissbbtla ; 


Respective,  a.  A&Z+j&âLj  bAshka-blshka, 

Respite,  5.  ci-d^*  muhlbt,  mebl ; 

— ,  v.a.\L ) \$'<\  imhâl-et,  C-Lc ^ L^-d^c 

Resplendent,  a.  ji parlak,  cJbjb‘ 
tâbnâk,  pErtev-Endlz. 

Respond,  v.n.  j  <- -- )\yy  jbwlb- 

-VErmek;  ULlk^c  muklbbİE-et. 

Responsibility,  s.  mbss^liyybt. 

Responsible,  a.  mbss'ûl. 

Rest,  s.  rahat,  j*  J 

isstirâbat ;  blkz,  d*^i  flzla, 

j kussür ;  J  çj.p>-&j[+b 
dâyanajak  -  nbssns  ;  — ,  —  one?s 

self,  v.n.  kXlmak, 


[  267  ] 


isstirâhat-et,  dinEnmek , 

— ,  v.a.  J  dinEndirmek  ; 

—  on,  —  upon,  v.n.  L-J? 

dayanmak,  J^j'u  yatmak; - , 

—  — ,  v.a.  l— -Jb  dayamak, 

dayandırmak,  V.  y^tir- 
Restaurant,  s.  #dûUj!  lokânda.  [mak. 
Restitution,  5.  ^  gheri-vErish, 

^  ^ I  isstirdad  ;  to  make  — , 
J j4  gheri-VErmek,  J* y  <U> ^ 
ykrina-komak,  |jj  rbdd-et. 

Restless,  a.  hich-durmâz. 

Restlessness,  s.  râhatsizlik. 

Restoration,  5.  Ji  r&dd  ;  *jUI  i‘cadE  ; 

tâ  mır ;  tXsshihz- 


Restore,  v.a.  dko y  •  ghkri- 

vkrmek,  r&dd-et,  Utilcl  i££âdE- 
-et ;  t⣣mlr  -  et ; 

sây^Aİtmak,  shifa-vurmek. 

Restrain,  v.a.  Ik  -MÖ  zÂbt-et, 

tutmak,  |^s>-  jbbr-et,  ly>-j  zbjr-et, 
İ£_^«  mbn££-et. 

Restraint,  s.  LuJ  zXbt ;  yyj  zehjr. 

Restrict,  v.a.  \j^>-  hkssr-et. 

Restriction,  s.j*zs>-  hÂssr. 

Result,  s.  hÂssil,  sfemdrE, 

•<t2Ö.:ü  nfetljE,  £Joli  fa^du  ;  — ,  v.n. 

^l(J^k>-  hZssil-dl,  chikmak, 

l<^J  j  tferkttub-et. 

*  ^ 

Resume,  v.a.  jl^xJ  t&krâr- 

-bkshlamak,  tekrâr- 

- Eİa~ Aİmak  ;  l&dkk.  khulâssa-et. 
Resurrection,  s.  kzyâm&t,  ^Li 

kiyâm,  bâ£<ss. 

Retail,  s.  \*a  ^LkjİJdl  <Uİ  (okka-)- 
-  EndâzE  -  ila  -  SAtzsh  ;  — ,  a.  <Lj 

^jjl  <&>l*j|jû|  (okka)  -  EndâzE  -  ila  - 
öİAn  ;  — ,  v.a.  (Jaj  U?  AA  <lİ* 


Retain,  v.a.  âlikömak, 

tutmak;  LlkoLc^j  SAk’vErma- 

mek,  4>U3'jJ  brâkmamak ;  c_^olc 

C-kcU~jl  ghâ'ib-ktmamek. 

Retainer,  s.  Jjl-Sul  ushkk. 

Retaliate,  v.n.  I^Jl^Slj  «djljkc  muklbeİE- 
-bi-’l-missl-et,  I^İ..*L-2j j\i  kârshiH- 
g  hini -et.  [bi-’l-missl. 

Retaliation,  s.  AAâ^o  müklbeİE- 

Retard,  v.a.  LLXoj^Ls$  ghbjikdirmek  ; 

(J-<yA\  Aİzkomak,  jl^jLc  mâni££-ol. 
Retentive,  a.  ^Sjl  jU^t  un  utmaz - 

Retinue,  s.  ^4-slk  btbâ '-tâkzım, 


Retire,  v.n.  chkkilmek ;  — 


from  the  world,  lu^-Jj*  "uzRt-et. 
Retirement,  s.  ^  ‘  'uzlet. 

Retiring,  a.  Lyys.^  mâhjüb.  [mek. 
Retract,  v.a.  ghkri-chek- 

Retreat,  s.  ^jL K>-  şjS  gh&ri-chekilish, 
^XPTJ  rıj“ât,  ruju';  CİJj 

d^lik,  £İ sürâkh ;  <LZi£  kyashk, 
\j  zâvivyE,  "uzlet-khânE  ; 

— ,  v.n.  j )j*£  gheri-chbkil- 

mek ;  eh  Ekilmek. 


Retrench,  v.n.  ^VcJıjl  ^jAs j\*a*  mkssâ- 

Retrenchment,  s.  çj^'O  m^tdriss  ; 
JJju  tÂklili-mâssârif. 


[  268  ] 


Retribution,  s.  CD  U^tae  mükyâfât; 

CUİjljsr10  müjâzât,^:>-  jezâ,  ^J.^1  lâyik. 
Retrieve,  v.a.  A\j\jL 'J 

lLX^oj ^  kidan  -  ghitmish  -  shby  yi  - 

-  tükr  âr  -  kla-  ghütirmek . 

Retrograde,  a.  <-5^tajta  gheriya- 

-do^4ru,  kichin-kichin, 

— ,  v.n.  jjJs  gheri-ghitmek, 

i^j+ssXs  kichin-kichin- 

-ghitmek,  1L 'd^x^j  rij“at-et. 

Return,  s.  CDCy  “avdet,  ^ J. U^t> 

dimush  ;  CDCj\—. * _ <  mu“âvüdet, 

cd^x>-j  rij“ât,  rüjü“  ;  <d:'liu> 

muklbüİE ;  (of  a  disease) 
nukss ;  — ,  v.n.  i dimmek, 
\dJCy  “avdet  -  et;  CXi-3»J 
ghbri  -  dimmek,  \<^yj  rujü“  -  et  ; 
nukss-et,  C-taiJj  jjS  gheri- 

-  tbpmek ;  — ,  v.a.  CL^^y  j  y^.£=> 
gbbri-vErmek,  \  Cj  rüdd-et ;  Wtalihe 

Reveal,  v.a.  'c^U  f  âsh  -  et,  \  ili  I 
ifshâ-et,  achmak,  h 

kbshf-et;  ilhâm-et,  <ttaj 

Revealed,  a.  mulhbm. 

Revelation,  s.  küshfi-üssrâr ; 

ilhâm,^2»-j  vahy. 

Revenge,  5.  ^J\  aj,  intikÂm  ;  — , 

v.a.  intikÂm  ini-Âlmak . 

Revengeful,  a.  kmü-khâh. 

Revengefulness,  s.  kînü- 

khâhı.  [CUİ Cj\j  varidat. 

Revenue,  s.  c\y\  ırâd,  ghülir. 

Revere,  v.a.  ilıtirâm- et,  yjz 

(Jaj jb  “aziz  -  tutmak,  \cd*<j>~ 
hürmet  -  et :  \  cJ  iliA-^c  mübarek  - 

Reverence,  s.  L z***cj>~  hürmet,  ç,\jd>~\ 
ihtiram,  L^ol s.j  ri“âyet ; 
dâmEn-büsî;  his  — UıL^âî  ld\3 
zâti-fÂzîlüt-ma'âbİEri,  u^Lilc  Cİ^İJ 
zâti  -  “âlıİEri ;  — ,  v.a.  I 

hürmet- et ;  yA cj  ri“ayüti-ol. 

Reverse,  a.  and  s.  çj~y  tkrss,  tej\  arka; 

felâkkt,  ita  belâ;  — ,  v.a. 
CLDoy  tErss-chevirmek,  fcyy 

cA  terssina-chüvirmek  ;  ta _ »tas 

kÂlb-et,  tâ“kıss-et. 

Revert,  v.n.  dimmek, 

gh  eri- dimmek ;  ı^jalac jVczdj 
1  jtalil  tükrâr  -“Âtfi  -  üfkyâr  -  et,  j^ta* 
\  tükrâr-Anp'mak. 

Review,  s.  ^ŞxJ  hiyuk-tâ“lîm ; 

<ÜjIx*o  mu“âyünE  ;  ghâzüta  ;  — , 

v.a.  I<1ÜJ  \x*>  mu“âyenE  -  et,  \jJL^ 
^ 5  mükerrerEn-ghyüz- 

Revile,  v.a.  \ı _ -wj  sübb-et, 

düshnÂm-et,  shütm-et. 

Revise,  v.a.  a&J  tenkıh-et, 

Revision,  5.  tlsshih.  [tlsshih-et. 

Revive,  v.n.  âyilmak,  Lİİ^Kj J 

dirilmek,  ^/**iL3l^.  jÂnlanmak, 

Cl3vi,L^  ta  ‘ 'ikli-bÂshina-gliEİmek, 
achilmak;  (ghünE)- 

-pârlamak ;  — ,  v.a.  dirilt¬ 
mek,  j yÇ  ta  *  'Âklini- 

-blshina-ghetirmek  ;  achmak  ; 



[  269  ] 


Revocation,  s.  fbsskh. 

Revoke,  v.a.  \^~*s  fhsskh-et ; 

Revolt,  s.  "essyân, 

tughyân,  âyaklane’sh ;  — , 

v.n.  "essyân  -  et, 

ayaklanmak  ;  — ,  v.a.  lLLc^Jcj!  b\y\ 

Revolution,  s.j*A  dbvr,  döverin, 

ghirdish;  <JjyJ  tbb&ddul, 
t—. inkellb,  tahavvul ; 

<J <S+'j  tbbbddulu-kyiıHî ; 


Revolve,  v.n.  dünmek,  \ 

devr-et,  dbv£rln-et ;  — ,  v.a. 


Reward,  s.  LU lilCc  mükyâfât; 
bakhshish  ;  — ,  v.a. 
müky  âf  âtini- vErmek . 

Rhetoric,  s.  CD\u+)JJ  "ilmi- 


Rheumatism,  s.  <Jj  yel,  rlhe‘- 

-tâyyâr,  vbja"u  -fl- 


Rhinoceros,  s.  gh&rghedln. 

Rhodes,  s.  rbdos. 

Rhomb,  Rhombus,  s.  mâ' "in. 

Rhomboid,  s.  ^-.x^-ctUA  shibhi-ma"in. 

Rhubarb,  s.  (drug)  râvknd ;  (gar¬ 

den)  (j-Vj  rübâss. 

Rhyme,  s.  <uils  kâf  iyye ;  sfej"; 

shi"r,  — d,  a.  Uilo  muklfFa, 

Rhythm,  5.  vkzn.  mus&jja". 

Rib,  klburgha; 

tlhli-b&yt,  lJj\s  klri,  zbvjE. 

Ribald,  a.  <-^c!  ly^zi-piss. 

Ribaldry,  s.  CuUîjJb  hezliyyât. 

Riband,  Ribbon,  s.  kord&la. 

Rice,  s.  pirinj,  jj\  iiruzz. 

Rice-pudding,  s<  sutlâj. 

Rich,  a.  zknghin,  ghanl 

(j ol.  Lix!  âghniyâ),  miitd- 

m d vvil,  j to  mild âr,  CLJjJs  w 

sâhib-shrvbt ;  .i. I  ly/ee’r,  S'S IL>  title, 
^li.h  yayAle. 

Riches,  s.  pi.  Jbc  mil,  CUUy  servet, 
CJJ-XjXjj  zEnghinlik,  (para). 

Rickety,  a.  muhkum-  • 

-olmayan.  kurtarmak. 

Rid,  a.  uZAjja  kurtulmush  ;  — ,  v.a. 

Riddance,  5.  \j^jy  kurtulush ;  £-iJ 
def  ".  [U>x,«  mu"amma. 

Riddle,  s.  j^Jl3>  kllbur  ;  ^Ls*4^  bilmejE, 

Ride,  v.n.  and  a.  binmek, 

suwar-ol,  râkib-öl ;  cu\ 

ClX«^=><0ul  lt-ila-ghkzmek,  iLU^c. 
CXc^  '  '  'araba  -  ila  -  gh&zmek ;  —  at 
anchor,  cJ  dkmirda -yat¬ 

mak  ;  —  out  a  gale, jSi fakstı 

-  demirli-  durmak . 

Ridge,  s.  CL>j*a  sert  ;  Jj  bkl,  y 
bbyun ;  Xj*o  sera. 

Ridicule,  s.  ısstihzâ ;  y#  hijv  ; 

mlsskharalek ;  — ,  v.a. 

\  ısstihzâ  -  et ;  1  hijv-et ; 


Ridiculous,  a.  c3 ghyulenEjek. 

Rifle,  s.  ajls.'-"*-  sh&sh-khânE  (shishânE); 
— ,  v.a.  soymak. 


[  270  ] 


Rig,  s.  lSJ  ziy,  kelek,  L^iUi 

key  affet ;  arma  ;  — ,  v.a.  iJ^j\ud 

donatmak;  CUjJ  3  uruba-YEr- 

mek ;  jJilL  takelmak, 

Rigging,  5.  &*j\  arma;  uruba, 

c—î] fesswlb  (fessbAb). 

Right,  a.  doyüru  ;  sahih  ; 

tlmm,  tÂmÂm ;  >sc 

musstakrai ;  ka'im  (fern.  <Uj li 

kâ  imk)  ;  sae//e,  yemin, 

rÂsst ;  ^L&>-  hÂkkle ;  — ,  s. 

hÂkk  ;  ^«2 


ad.  C)J  pfek, 


ghferfep'üi-ghıbi ;  — , 


doghrulmak  ;  — , 

v.a.  ( 

doghrultmak ;  LlX^j 


Righteous,  a.  fehli-sÂlâtı,  ^\*a 

sâlih  (pi.  Ijs.^  sulahâ). 
Righteousness,  s.  ^.L*?  sÂlâh.  [fe^Mmaz. 
Rigid,  a.  kÂte*,  CUj~»  sfert,  j*\S\ 

Rigorous,  a.  Cl^-o  sfert,  J 0  Jw£>  shfedld ; 
^£-«3  seki;  jtaij  dıkkÂtle ; 
müdÂkkekânE.  [CU?<«2»  shiddfet. 

Rigorousness,  Rigour,  s.  sfertlik ; 

Rill,  s.  &>-}*£>  süjay/eez. 

Rim,  5.  kknar,  1 _ J  lfeb. 

Rime,  5.  kerÂ^üe. 

Rind,  5.  kÂbuk,  JiS  kÂshr. 

Ring,  5.  hÂlka;  yüzük; 

l/V  chÂlesh;  ^**«3  sfess,  İJu*s  sÂdâ; 
— ,  v.a.  chÂİmak ;  — ,  v.n. 

chÂlenmak  ;  ütmek ; 

j  sfess-vfermek. 

Ringleader,  s.  Er-bÂshe, 

bÂsh,  l)L*İ  sErkferdEh-ffessad. 

Ringlet,  s.  kyakyül,  c— flîj  zülf. 


Rinse,  v.a.  chÂlkamak;  ^ 

dib  khaflfja-yikamak. 

Riot,  5.  (JİİLİü j\'î  kÂreshekle'k, 

(kawgha)  ;  chÂpkenlek, 

sfefâhat ;  — ,  v.n.  Jjİ sd*J& 

sc  kÂresheTdek  -  chekârmak  ; 

bÂshdan  -  chekmak, 
dr°j^  lb  tÂshermak. 

Rip,  v.a.  cXfci=y«3  sükmek ; 

Ripe,  a.  cAk*'  olmush, 

Ripen,  v.n.  olmak, 

kfemâİE-yfetishmek  ;  — ,  v.a. 
oldurmak,  yfetishdirmek. 

Ripple,  burushuk;  — ,  v.a. 

burushdurmak ;  — ,  v.n. 
çjA&jyi  burushmak. 

Rise,  5.  mfenbâ'*,  bÂsh, 

H.i.^0  mfenshfe*,  İJu^e  mfebdfe*;  ^•’L&b 
bÂshlanghej,  nfesh'fet,  ^  JCJİ 

ıbtidâ  ;  ylb  tulü**,  döyüush  ; 

— ,  J4jill3  kÂlkmak  ;  /  L*&! lisÂİ-ld 
kyhgha  -  kÂlkmak,  1  keyâm  -  et ; 

chekmak ;  yük¬ 

selmek  ;  CJ  *! [^b  1  il  erilumek,  ■J3 
\ı^r^'j\j^o  tüye  -  mferâtib  -  et ;  (jA£.Jh 
dop'ümak,  lylb  tulü“-et ; 
chekmak,  nfeb“-et ;  Uaj  bfed“- 

-et,  -U  nfesh'fet-et ; 

derilmek,  ba“ss  -olun¬ 

mak  ;  (Jscj  Li  kÂbarmak ; 


[  271  ] 


dolmak  ;  bâhâya-chzk- 

mak ;  ayaklanmak. 

Risk,  s.  korku,  <&!$  tehlike, 

mukhltara  ;  — ,  v.a. 
kömak,  \  \ ^  fozzT  bâkhta-hâwâİE-et, 

(Jsc yi tbhlikeyE-komak. 

Rite,  s.  âyin,  rbssmi- 


Rival,  s.  Jiol  bnghel,  rakzb  ; 

— ,  v.a.  V  bÂsh-öl; 


Rivalry,  Rivalship,  s.  rakâbbt. 

River,  s.  ya  su,  u>U*~  chây, 

İrmak,  dbrE,^3  nbhr  (ııbhir). 

Rivet,  mzkh;  — ,  v.a. 


Rivulet,  s.  ^*a  su,  c£l>~  chây,  dbrE. 

Road,  s.  yol,  (Jfj&  tarîk,  $jU- 

jâdde,  *\j  râh;  lımln ; 


Roadstead,  s.  lîmân  ;  l mbrsâ. 

Roam,  v.n.  ghbzmek, 


Roar,  s.  &&Xa  sayha,  pbk-sess, 

L<rL;J jy^-zr.  ghyarl6yish  ;  — ,  v.n. 

C^Lo^j  c3  j  pbk-sbss-VErmek, 

haykırmak,  iJyCjsAi  baghir- 
mak ;  \j£  ghyarİEmek. 

Roast,  s.  shısh  -  keblbz, 

drmÂn-kbbâbz ;  — ,  v.a. 

\i — kebâb-et. 

•  • 

Robber,  s.  khirsz’z,  haramı, 


Robbery,  s.  khzrszzlz'k. 

Robe,  s.  uzun-blbissE ;  — ’, 

v.n.  ^  ^»*3  (Lvı^l  \  uzun- 

elbissESsini-ghımek.  [kuvvbtli. 

Robust,  a.  çTJ  dmj,  lJjS  kâwî, 

Rock,  s.  Li  kaya  ;  kâya- 

-pârchAssz ;  SAİlanzsh  ;  — , 

v.n.  *a  s  Ulanmak  ;  — ,  v.a. 

sÂllamak,  ^J^Jü^İLs  SAİlan- 
dzrmak.  hâwâ'ı. 

Rocket,  5.  hâwa'î-fishbnk. 

Rocky,  a.  ^JJİL5  kâyalzk. 

Rod,  s.  chıbuk,  LL^J  J  dbynek  ; 

>\  ınja  -  dÂllar  -  dbmeti ; 



Rodomontade,  s.  bj 


Roe,  s.  J  dıshi-kÂraja ;  j!U 

^adbjy*Jt  bÂlz'k-yzmurtassz ;  —  buck, 

Rogue,  s.  châpkm, 

kyülkhânî,  ^fljdSîjb  dolan  dz’rzjz,, 
jjj-c  mîızbvvir.  [cJJ muzbvvirlik. 

Roguery,  s.  (JİL+Sy dolan  dzrzjzlzk; 

Roguish,  a.  <tr£Uİül>-  chÂpkznjE. 

Roguishness,  chÂpkz’nlz’k. 

Roll,  s.jV cy  tomar  ;  L -Jya  top  ; 

yzwarlanzsh  ;  J  tekErlsnish  ; 

— ,  v.n.  ^4-İ^Rj  yzwarlanmak ;  — 
over,  c^Lc^.0  t^kErİEnmek,  jjl> 

dbvrilmek ;  — ,  v.a.  yzwarla- 

mak ;  —  up,  tbplamak, 

cljx'C dbvshirmek,  Jy c j\*a  sarmak. 

Roller,  5.  v^j>  yzwalak ;  ı  bp 



SAİzntz-dAİghas  s  i ;  <_jjL  töp. 

pÂSStAİ . 


[  272  ] 


Rolling-pin,  s,  ^bİji  bWaghi. 

Ronaan,  a .  )  rümî ;  ^1Loj>j  romali ; 

— »  5-  fjj  rum;  ^eJt  Ldjj 

Romance, jL^onriAssAİ ;  — ,  v.w. 

C3^b j-j  mXssAİ-süwbyİEmek. 

Rome,  5.  u5.^2j  röma-sh&hiri. 
Romp,  5.  chojuk- oyunu ; 



-SEVEn  -  chojuk ;  — 


Roof,  dAm ;  flat  ,  bAja, 

sxth  (t-h)  p/.  sutüh  ;  — , 

v.a.  /  örtmek. 

Rook,  4b}  U  kargha  ;  (chess)  ^  rukh. 

Room,  s.  aLj!  bda;  ykr;  luzüm, 

sebeb,  münâss6b&t. 

.  •  • 

Roomy,  a.  ghknish, 


Roost,  s.  u~*cS  kyüm&ss ;  — ,  v.n. 

LrJ^y  konup-uyumak. 

Root,  5.  CJgfi  kyak,  J*$l  kssl  5  — >  v-n • 
i tutmak,  (jd^=>  kyak- 

-SAİmak ;  —  up,  sakmek, 

chzkârmak,  1 <J  1^2İ;«jİ  iss- 
ti‘sÂİ-et,  1«JJ£  kir'-et. 

Rope,  s.  _ _ d  ip,  bis--  hlİAt. 

Rope-dancer,  s.  jânbâz  (jamb az). 

Rope-maker,  s.  ipji. 

Ropery,  Rope-walk,  s. 

Ropeyarn,  s.  <JJ  t&l.  [ıpji-kyâr-khân6ssi. 

Rosary,  s.  tkssbih. 

Rose,  5.  ghyul,  vkrd  ;  —  bud, 
Arsii-  gboncha  ;  —  bush, 
ghyul  -  AghA]i ;  —  water,  J>£ 

ghyid-suyu ;  —  wood,  ^sdbl 

ghyul-ky^Ajz ;  otto  of  — ,  jos.  “ztr, 

Roseate,  a.  lJJsoJs  'kixmizi. 

Rosin,  5.  cham-sak«zz. 

Rosy,  5.  (cheeks)  ^Skoji  ’kixmizi, 
:,K  ghyulgbyün,  ghyülfâm  ; 
(lips)  J1  a1.  [CJvWjjj^-  chiirutmek. 

Rot,  v.rc.  churumek  ;  — ,  v.a. 

Rotary,  Rotatory,  a.  devri  ; 

jljJ  dbwar;  ^rölîjJ  danuju. 

Rotation,  s.  d&vr,  dkv^ran, 

jj  Jj  tedbvvur ;  in  - — ,  4jcj»3  nab^tla, 

4İ;  U  szra-ila. 

••  y 

Rote,  fezbkr  ;  to  know  by  — , 

LL\a\j  kzbhrdan -bilmek ;  to 

do  by  — ,  eJ! 

dushunm6y6rek  -  âlet  -  ghibi  - 

Rotten,  a.  chiıruk.  [-yapmak. 

Rouge,  s.  düzghyun,  <ks jjJ 


Rough,  a.  puruzlu;  LJ>  kXba; 

tXsslXk ;  —  draft,  <AJ 

tkssvld,  mussvkddE ;  ^i^lls 


Roughness,  s.  pürüzlülük; 

kÂbalik ;  cdl)\«s  sertlik. 

Round,  s.  J*i*  kol ;  d^vr ;  — ,  a. 

(circular)  dfey^frmi,  jjlX^o 

miidfevvEr ;  (globular)  c_J^L  top, 

c-sO  kyur6vi ;  ac?.  and  pr.  Jb\ 

fetrâfma  ;  K  u\_aJ  \j.b  \  btrâfmda  ; 

fos Jbj&  hbr-tarafma  ;  hbr- 

-târafmda ;  all  — ,  ad.  hkr- 

v  y 

tarafa,  xS3jbjSt>  hkr-tarafda  ;  to  go  — , 



[  273  ] 


to  come  — ,  dolashmak ;  to 

come  —  again, 

dölashzp-(ghenE)-ghEİmek  ;  —  about, 
ütrâfda,  jiwarda. 

Roundabout,  a .  fjJajjb  dolasluk;  &A*a 

Roundness,  s.  LL)1 dü^Azrmilik. 
Rouse,  —  up,  v.a.  uyan¬ 
dırmak,  (J~<j ^ ^  *  klldirmak  ; - , 

v.n.J*j\ij\  uyanmak,  1  ^ 
ghyazunu-  achmak,  kÂİkmak. 

Rout,  bozghunluk,  ^1^3^ 

inhizâm  ;  Xkhsham- 

-jüm*'iyyüti ;  — ,  v.a.  boz¬ 
mak,  dÂg'Mmak  ;  — 

OUt,  Ç  C  J  ^ 


gherü<7/zz  -  ghibi  -  silip  -  süpürmek ; 


Route,  5.  yol ; 

c  ^sskErin^-yol-tüzkürüssi. 

Rove,  v.n.  C*L«£  ghezmek, 

Rover,  s.  Jifjjf  Jj>  Jfi-  *A>' 

awarE  -  olarek  -  chok  -  y brier  - 
-ghezer-olan-ÂdAm ;  kursan. 

Row,  s.  t,*a  szr a,  OJ  J  dizi,  sXff ; 

Uji  (kawgha) ;  lS&j£  ghyarultu, 
4L1/İ.A  shamAta,  — ,  v.zz. 

Rower,  s.  kyürekji. 

Rowing,  5.  kyürük-cbekma. 

Rowlock,  5 

*  J '  liul  isskarmuz. 

Royal,  a.  kzrllânE, 

lıükmdârânE,  ztjljblA  shâhânE  ;  — ,  s. 

xJbjyS  kontra-bXbAfingho. 

Royalty,  s.  \Ji  kzrXllzk. 

Rub,  s.  oy/zalayish ;  y-3 

siirtusb  ;  sürunush  ;  j\*£i 

shamar,  CLiXSyi  tokAt ;  ,j£  müsh- 

kil,  gbyuchluk,  dbrd; 

— ,  v.a.  oghalamak;  —  on, 

—  in,  (JLX*cj y«j  sürmek ;  —  against, 

Rubber,  5.  silejek,^.'  büz, 

pachavra;  India  — ,  ko- 

malasstzk  (or  komanasstz’k). 

Rubbish,  5.  c_5<a3j süpuruntu;  heap 
of  — ,  Ll)ju Jsij süpuruntuluk, 


Ruby,  5.  Ciyb  yâküt ;  — ,  a.  XI, 
LjycJ  kzrmzzz. 

Rudder,  diraibn. 

Ruddiness,  5.  kzrmzzzlzk. 

Ruddle,  5.  Xshz-boyassz*. 

Ruddy,  a.  kzrmzzz,  Jjj?  kzzzl. 

Rude,  a.  l-J>  kXba,  hXntXl ; 

J— jJİ  üdebsiz,  "ârsz’z, 

khoyrXt.  [vwahshilik. 

Rudeness,  5.  kXbalik, 

Rudiment,  5.  bXshlanghzj,  \  JcjI 

5-  f  4  * 

ibtidâ,  İJu^o  mübde  ;  (pi.)  fjya)  ussül, 
lJl)\+a}  mübâdi,  CuUjl  EVVEİiyyÂt. 

Rue,  5.  _ sJu<?  or  südef-otu  ; 

— ,  v.a.  (pishmXn)-ol. 

Ruffian,  5.  j  2o-  khznzzr,  L khabzss. 
Ruffle,  5.  j! ztcjJi  kzrmalz-yünlik  ; 

y  b urush uk ;  — ,  v.a. 
burushdurmak ;  dXrzltmak. 

Rug,  5.  sejjâdE,  lS  kübu,  djs£ 

küchu,  posst. 



[  274  ] 


Rugged,  a.  pürüzlü, 

sivri-sivri,  J  dish-dish. 

Ruin,  s.  khârâb,  khâ- 

râbiyybt,  perlshlnl, 

pbrlshlnhk  ;  <ujy>-  khârâbü,  <ü  ^ 
vlrânE  ;  JU.'Jİ  jbl  âssâri-kÂdîmE  ; 
— ,  v.a.  khârâb-et, 

pbrlshln-et,  kyül-et ;  — ed,  a. 

viran,  khârâb, 


Ruinous,  a.  viran,  khârâb, 

jjl L)'jJ  perish  Ân  ;  L-Jjkl*  mukhrib, 
jsA  khârâb -üdsr,  cJ^ul^b 


Rule,  s.  Sekeli  kâ“idE ;  nizÂm  ; 

J-**! l^yu*îj  düsstüru-l-^ÂmEl ; 
üssül ;  L z~>*c^2»-  hükyümbt  ;  j*ks>- 
hükm ;  jedvel-tâkh- 

tasss ;  jbdvel ;  ârshm ; 

foot  — ,  *^3  kÂdEm  ;  — ,  v.a. 

\^L-^sctLz*-  hükyümbt  -  et ; 

Ruler,  5.  j*£=b>-  hâkim,  hükm- 

dâr ;  jbdvel-tâkhtassz. 

Rum,  s.  rum  ;  — -,  a.  “Âjîb 


Rumour,  s.  y '\y  tewâtur;  false  — ,  (pi.) 

brâjlf;  — ,  v.a.  \  y\y  tbwâ- 


Rump,  Ljjk*a  sây/zri,  ^a.3  kzch,  dj£ 
ghyüt,  jjUjIj  kâynak. 

Rumple,  s.  J&jjy  burushuk;  — ,  v.n. 
J.a£> *j jJ  burushmak  ;  — ,  v.a. 

J'Oj^jjj?  burushdurmak. 

Run,  s.  koshush;  cJjy*»  sürbk. 

J  dbwlm ;  bichim ;  — ,  v.a. 

CJvibbj  y  yürütmek,  Ja'^^\  oghrat- 
mak  ;  — ,  v.n.  Ja y  koshmak, 

sey/brtmek,  jAlyy  châp- 
mak,  bshmek  ;  J-*$\  Âkmak  ; 

etmek,  kÂt“-et,  cXw £ 

kbssmek,  ghitmek, 

yürümek;  —  against,  Jaj lj>-  chat- 
mak  ;  —  aground,  v.n .  jAU£*d&yy 
diba -dokunmak,  J^j^j ^  oturmak; 

- ,  v.a.  Ja3j%o*  i  oturtmak  ;  —  a 

race,  koshu-et ;  —  ashore,  v.n. 

yycjbj\fcjjS  kÂraya-oturmak,  <U*.i kÂraya-öy&ramak  ;  —  — , 

v.a.  jA>4jjjbı\<!U8ji  kÂraya-oturtmak, 
jXî\jj\fojy  kÂraya- oy Aratmak  ;  — 
away,  Ja.^-\s  kÂchmak,  J^J^»\^ 
sâwushmak,  by  firâr-et ;  —  —  with, 
Âh'p  -  kÂchmak,  y\y 

s  bErâbur-kAchmak  ; - 

the  idea,  zann-et ;  —  smoothly, 
Jaj  \  Âkmak,  kâymak, 

<JLXaZ^=>  ghyüzbl -ghitmek,  <^sXİy 
LlX*Z^=>  yolunja  -  ghitmek  ;  —  the 
gauntlet,  viJj  &j*a 

szrâ  -  ila  -  jümİEniny- 

shamanm  -  ybyup  -  tahammul-et ;  — 

through,  v.n.  ichin- 

dan-ghbchmek,j;^jî^Ai^^  ichindan- 

Âkmak  ;  —  — ,  v.a.  (JLXo^f. _ U+) 

ybyup-bitirmek ;  —  over,  v.n.  J*Z> IL? 

tÂshmak,  j  J  dakyulmek  ; 

— ,  v.a.  üsstun- 

V  w  J 

dan-ghbchmek,  LL^-s c<Lum«->-  chznE- 


[  275  ] 


Runaway,  s.  kXclikm, 


Runner,  s.  köshuju  ;  ^*£-5»! 

CL>\  bshkin-At ;  klssid. 

Running,  a.Jd\  Akar,  jârî. 

Rupee,  s.  y  cibJbudtAUb  hin- 


Rupture,  s.  y^j\,  klssik-jhrighi ; 


Rural,  a.  ^b kyaylu,  b  tAshralz, 

AA Z+Jb  dzshânTi,  sahrâvî. 

Ruse,  khüd<fâ,  4L*:>-  hzİE, 


Rush,  s.  jLî  saz  ;  hzzlz-Akzsh; 

^ hzzlz-koshush  ;  — ,  v.n. 
h/zlz- Akmak  ;  y 

Rusk,  5.  ghevrek. 

Russia,  s.  rüssia.  [kov. 

Russian,  rüssiali;  yiL-^c  moss- 

Rust,  5.  ^-b  pAss;  — ,  v.n.  {j^«j)L>b 
pAsslanmak  ;  — ,  v.a.  (jPcjJoL&b 


Rustic,  a.  jb y>  kyaylu. 

Rusticate,  v.n.  yAA  y 


Rusty,  a.  j^b  pAsslz,  b  pAsS- 


Rut,  s.  UjAk^JZj  tbkErlbk-izi  ;  — , 

rutting-time,  kzzghmlik- 


Ruthless,  a.  j~z*s*j* o  mErhâmetsiz,  y 
bl  -Âmin. 

%e,  5.  J\  Jjb>-  châvdar,  uA*y  kAra- 


Sabbath,  s.  y£  j|jb  pazar  -  ghyünu  ; 
^<—7 jA  jüm‘fâ  -  brtessi ;  ^ 

yüvmu-’ss-sbbt,  xJ 


Sable,  s.  sbmmür  (samur);  — ,  a. 

kAra,  iL**s  siyah,  bsswbd. 

\  ** 

Sabre,  s.  ^  kzlij,  seyf,  tlgh ; 

— ,  v.a.  chAl-kzlij-et. 

Sack,  s.  ^  ^  chowAl ;  yay4ma, 

ghâret ;  — ,  v.a.  \  U.*j  yây^ma- 
-et;  — cloth,  jy  (harEr);  large  sack 

of  — ,  A A  (hârsr). 

Sacred,  a.  ^ +\y>-  haram,  cJj[~o  mü¬ 
barek,  o  mukÂddess,  yy  ^Azlz; 

mâkhsüss,  y'Jskr0  mukhtAss, 
y^ık^0  mukhÂsssess. 

Sacrifice,  s.  ^b  kurbln ; 

fbdâkyârhk: ;  jy  zarar ;  — ,  v.a. 

y+*}  kzymak  ;  \^y  kurbln-et;  \  liSi 
fbda-et;  kirmak. 

Sad,  a.  o  mükkddEr,  kederli, 

ghAmnâk  ;  Li  funa, 
pürlshÂn ;  jtWLİ-scb  bâ^issi-küdEr, 
Ui  fkna. 

Saddle,  s.  y\  byer ;  (pillioned) 
pÂİAn  ;  (pack)  sbmEr  ;  — ,  v.a. 


byErini-wurmak,  ^i.jb  yapmak. 
Saddle-bow,  s.  byEr-klshz. 

Saddler,  s.  sbrrâj  (saraj). 

Safe,  a.  bmîn,  jJ-cbtf  sâ^^lam, 

y*yjy  korkussuz  ;  sâ gh, 

u  2 


[  276  ] 


süllm  ;  kurtulmush  ;  — ,  5. 

sindik,  L-j'îjS  doİAp. 

Safe-conduct,  s.  yol-tbz- 

knrESsi.  [net. 

Safeguard,  Ixsb^  hzfz ;  oJݻm0  szya- 

Safety,  s.  LZ.  \  ^mniyy^t, 

selâmet,  ^Ljsülm,^^  umn,  ^)VA  emân. 

Saffron,  s.  ^}J^j  za/'fdrân  (sAfrÂn). 

Sag,  v.n.  Jj  bbl-VErmek,  CJvݻKl 


Sagacious,  a.  *  Akllz,  ^Ajû  dira¬ 
yetli,  ^Jai  fÂtzn ;  ~»s>-  hasssâss. 

Sagacity,  s.  JjLe  “kkl,  diraybt, 

vJ^olki  fatânüt;  hisss. 

Sage,  a.  ^iliLc.  “ Aİdlz ;  tem¬ 

kinli,  usslu ;  — ,  s.  >-.£>-  hakim; 
^Is»-<U£>1  Âda-châyz. 

Sagittarius,  s.  ^ U*y  kAvss-burju. 

Sail,  s.  yblk  en,  bâdibân, 

shira*;  tbknE, 

ghümi,  sbflnE  ;  pans  (para), 

<ukü  kzt<£a  ;  — ,  v.n.  ghitmek, 

yurumek  ;  kXlkmak, 

y  ülken  -  achmak,  1*Lj 
kzyâm-et,  1  C-vk J j-£  ‘'izlmbt-et, 
j\  ll&ljjlj  bâdibân-kyüshâ-ol. 

Sailcloth,  5.  kirblss  ;  <~Jj) 


Sailing-master,  s.  i  kilayA  uz. 

Sailmaker,  s.  yblkenji. 

Sailor,  l5?U^  ghbmiji,  mellâh, 

Sainfoin,  s.  £  ybnja.  *  azIz. 

Saint,  s.  veli,  .Aİİİ^y  vüliyyu-’lllh. 

Sake,  s,  j0 1>~  khAtzr,  mahabbet; 

for  the  sake,  <Lr>-  hibbdtan  ; - 

—  of  God,  <di<Lo-  hıbbütan-li-’llâh ; 

for  God’s  sake  !  Ill  Aiiihz- 

Salad,  5.  sÂİAta.  [-sEVErsunyiz. 

Salary,  s.  ma^ash,  <J^j1  aylik, 

<UüA^ı  mâhiyyjE. 

Sale,  s.  çj  L?  sAtzm,  SAtzsh ;  for 

— ,  on  — ,  jLlU  sAtzlzk ;  —  by 

auction,  û\j*>  müzâd,  X&Ajsc  müzâyedE. 
Saleable,  a.  jy‘j\*a  sÂtilir. 

Saliva,  s.  tukruk,  ^j>j*aCAyA 

Ap^zmy-suyu,  ^L!*?  sklyâr. 

Sallow,  a.  bünyzi-SArâr- 

mzsh ;  '-s)-a  sÂrz. 

Sally,  hüjüm,  yüruyush; 

—  out,  v.n.  yüruyush- et. 

Salmon,  5.  !y  somon-bA%4z. 

Salonica,  5.  l selânik-shü- 
Saloon,  s.  biyuk-oda.  [hiri. 

Salt,  s.Jyo  tuz,  nbmek,  milh; 

— ,  a.  tuzlu;  — ,  v.a. 

tuzlamak ;  — ,  v.n.  ^jaAj^o  tuzlan- 
Saltcellar,  s.  dj)*  tuzluk.  [mak. 

Saltpetre,  5.  ghyüherchiİE. 

Salts,  5.  pL  ingllz-tuzu. 

Saltworks,  s.  pi.  tuzla. 

Salubrious,  a.  jA  lyi,  ^Us  say4,  p.Lcl^ 

Salutary,  a.  ^İli-İî  shifâli;  fa'iduli. 

Salutation,  s.  sülâm ;  -ij'lAshnalzk. 
Salute,  v.a.  selâm-vErmek  ; 

LlXoj -^3 £ çhji  selâm-ghy andErmek  ; 

Âshnah”k-et ;  selâm¬ 
lamak  ;  sülâm-durmak ; 

CİviJ^l  apmek,  büss-et,  IJ^Jü 


[  277  J 


tlkbîl-et ;  —  in  return,  \ 

selâm -Aİmak ;  — ,  v.n.  tbp- 

-Atmak ;  — ,  s.  sblâm  ; 

wpush,  büssE;  i^s  top- 


Salvation,  s.  kurtulush,  CUlssT 

nbjât,  kbrtlâss,  selâmbt. 

Salve,  s.  clj  y hgh,  mErhkm  ;  — , 

v.a.  ya^^-surmek, 

^LX<jy^  mErhsm- sürmek. 

Salver,  s.  tepsi,  sini. 

Salvo,  5.  shârt ;  isstissnâ; 

^4,1-jbc— ?*L  top  -  yayzKmi, 


Sal-volatile,  s.  1,1.3  nbshâdir- 


Samaria,  s.  b  nlbulus. 

Same,  a.  ylnE  (ghbnE)-b  ;  j\  o; 

oJü£  kendi ;  ji  bir  ;  “ayn, 

bsh;  — ,  a.  shbyi-wahid, 

_ JS»  hbp-bir,  ^l^J5  fârkı-ybk. 

Sample,  5.  ârnek,  xjh^yo  mbss- 

tra,  43^*3  numuni 

Sanctify,  v.a.  1^-jJju  tâkdîss-et. 

Sanction,  s.  ^jd\  izin,  rukhsXt, 

jbf-  jbwaz,  tbjviz, 

tASSwib,  isstisswlb,  l  *oj 

rızâ;  — ,  v.a.  şT  tbjviz  -  et, 

%*£ü  tÂsswîb-et. 

*  “7 

Sanctity,  5.  hiirmbt, 

kudsiyybt,  mubâreklik. 

Sanctuary,  s.  hârem  ;  U^°  mbljâ; 

ma<fbbd;  to  take  — ,y  ^j\^o 

\  lrdü\  «d-sr*  miıbârek  -  bir  -  m  ah  «İla- 



Sand,  s.  kum,  dJj j  r \gh,  fj^cj 

rbml ;  —  bank,  jU«y  kumsll. 
Sandal,  s.  chÂrzk. 

Sand-fly,  s.  b' b‘  tâtarjzk. 

Sandy,  a.  Jba^S  kumsAİ,  ^  kum  ; 

(hair)  slri,  llpisska. 

Sane,  a.  Jile.  “âM,  SJCwlb^bLe  “Akli- 


Sanguinary,  a.  *Li  Is  kÂnh,  lJIİLj 
sefFâk,  jiy  khünrîz ; 


Sanguine,  a.  lJ^o^  dbmbvı, 
khünın  ;  pbk-umıdji. 

Sanguineness,  s.  e  A.>yf  \  Cbj  pbk- 
-umıdjilik  ;  «^cJ  dbmbvîyybt. 

Sanity,  s.  Jüe  s*hhati-f*Akl. 

Sap,  s.  nbbâtİErin^-suyu  ; 

sâ  ;  khlm-A^Aj  ;  ^bcu? 

sichAn-yblu  ;  — ,  v.a. 

Aİtmz-kÂzmak,  cX*-M  bshmek. 
Sapper,  s.  Ihghimp. 

Sapphire,  s.  CUy\) ghyâk-yâküt, 
Saracen,  5.  'ârab.  s*kfîr. 

Sarcasm,  s.  isstihzâ.  [-edEr-ölan. 

Sarcastic,  a.  j<Aj\  \jf~ı\  isstihzâ- 

Sardine,  s.  ^gtîb  sârdeİE-bAİi^z. 

Sarmatia,  5.  bsski-lbhisstân. 

Sarmatian,  a.  L-J *~~u,c  ^ 

Sarsaparilla,  «L»*;  sbpârinE. 

Sash,  5.  kbrnEr,  ^vblji  kushÂk ; 

(window)  chbrchivE,  <^bJî 


Satan,  5.  shbytÂn,  iblıss. 

Satchel,  s.  jy  kitâb-torbessi. 


[  278  ] 


Satellite,  s.  Cj-J  peyk ;  mül⬠
zım,  âyrzlmaz-ghyM- 


Satiate,  v.a.  doyurmak, 

Satin,  s.  jjJlW  ÂÜass.  [ikna“-et. 

Satire,  s.  hijy ;  — rize,  v.a.  \  ye?* 

Satisfaction,  s.  \*âj  rızâ, 

khdshnüdî ;  târzıyyE ;  to  give 

— ,  \i}y+L.2>-  khoshnud-et  ; 

LZXeJj  târzıyyE-VErmek.  [-olunur. 
Satisfactory,  a.  jy^^  AyJLs>-  khöshnüd- 
Satisfied,  a.  vjA*Jl3  kAnmish  ; 

khö  shn  v  d .  [k  An  dtrmak . 

Satisfy, v.a. (Jyojy}. y>  doyurmak; 
Saturday,  5.  ^Jy\  &*.*&>-  jüm^â-ürtessi, 

Saturn,  5.  Lbj&U^P-j  zühâl-yıldızı. 
Sauce,  5.  tErbiyyE;  ye  su; 

Saucepan,  s.  tünjürE.  [bdebsizlik. 

Saucer,  5.  « — sjo  zarf,  ,  J: Lt  L.jls£\j 

O’  T 

finjln  (fıl-)-tÂbÂy^i. 

Saucy,  a.y*ij\s-  3,rS2Z  j  ^«wiJ  edebsiz. 
Saunter,  s.  ghbzinish  ;  — ,  v.n. 

CXw ghezinmek. 

Sausage,  s.  or  jjj.s.**’  sujuk, 

j\+sck*i  mumbâr  (bumbar)  ;  —  meat, 

<UJj  kıyma, - balls,  kyüftE. 

Savage,  a.  sÂldırzr,  ıs sırır  ; 

^£^5  kzzghzn,  j\û  dârghin ; 

wahshl,  yöbÂnı ;  — ,  s. 


yabÂn  -  ÂdAmı’, 


Savanna,  s.j+i  kzr.  [wahshl. 

Savant,  s.  Jlc  *  'âlim. 4 

Save,  v.a.  jjyi  kurtarmak, 

khalâss  -  et,  1  if2-*- takhliss  -  et ; 

saklamak,  \  )gsl.p~  hifz-et ; 
Ulâilsr^  mühÂfaza»et,  Jyo^s  koru¬ 
mak  ;  \xj\4\  ıdârE-et,  artır¬ 
mak;  — ,  pr.  noksân- 

-  olarak,  dA'  musstessnâ- 


Saving,  a.  kurtârzjı ; 

ıdârkji ;  s.  üj\<b\  ıdârE  ; 
kurtârzsh,  khalâss ;  — ,  pr. 

JJjcdil  ^Laiü  noksan- olarak, 

Saviour,  s.  kurtarAn, 

kurtârzjı,  klıalİÂss ;  our  — , 

khalllsszmzz ;  our  Lord  and 
— ,  J^Jİp>-  j  rAbbzmzz  -ve-khal- 

Savour,  s.  CLJS 1  lüzzüt,  W  châshni 


(cheshni),  dkd  (tâd)  ;  — ,  v.a. 

dÂdmak ;  — ,  v.n.  İJ 


Saw,  s.  xji** Jt)  dbsstErE  (tüsstErE),  Xj\ 
ürru  ;  (large)  ^A^bıchkz ; 

Sawdust,  s.  LJjy  dbsstErn-tuzu. 

Sawmill,  s.  errukhânu. 

Sawyer,  s.  bzchkzjz. 

Saxon,  5.  sâksön- 

-kAbâ'ili-AdAmi ;  — ,  a. 

L-Jj***-*  mezkyür-kÂbâ  ila-mbnsüb. 

Say,  v.a.  ^  süwbyİEmek, 

dbmek ;  — ,  u5  lâkırdı, 

ıLİJ ^  siiweylEynjek. 

Saying,  s.  lâkırdı,  Lj  kâba- 

lâkırdı,  zârbı-mbssel. 


[  279  ] 


Scab,  s.  ^i^sSjb  yara-klbuy/iu,  j i^y 
klbuk  ;  ^  ka’jyj'  uyuz  ;  — ,  v.n. 

Scabbard,  s.  km,  j*L3  niyâm,  t _ 

ghilâf  (kik'f). 

Scaffold,  Scaffolding,  s.  isskblh. 

Scald,  s.  j\y\i  kaynar-su- 

-yarassz ;  — ,  v.a.  ^cL2»b>-  hlsh- 

Scale,  ^IJU  mikyâss,  jüdvel ; 

blk’k-pulu,  (J pul;  (of  a 
balance)  ghywz  ;  pair  of  — s, 

türâzi,  mîzân  ;  — ,  v.a .  ^J\yd 

mak,  Atlamak;  (a  gun)  /^sb 

yakmak.  [-’1-az1â“. 

Scalene,  a,  ^^(^jala-sr10  mukhtblifu- 

Scamp,  yaramaz. 

Scamper,  v.n.  y  kbshmak. 

Scan,  v.a.  (poetry)  tlkti“-et ; 

b  blkmak,  ^Li3  nlzar-et, 

Scandal,  5.  iftira,  bühtan ; 

\j\  brâjîf;  Jj  rbzâlüt, 


Scandalous,  a.  <cayb. 

Scant,  Scanty,  a.  J\  az,  kit;j^ 

dar ;  kissa. 

Scapegrace,  5.  yaramaz. 

Scar,  s.  ^,b  yara-mshlm;  — ,  v.a. 


Scarce,  a.  Jİ  Xz,  kit,  ^.£=>y^y 

bulunmaz  -  ghibi,  j^y  b  nâdir- 
-bulunur ;  — ly,  ad.  İb— ghyüch- 
bülâ,  ^b*^  hemân  (hürnEiı). 

Scarcity,  s.  kithk,  nedret, 

kjsr  kaht,  ic  ghilâ. 

Scare,  v.a.  arkyutmek, 


Scarf,  s.  JLl  shll,  uzun-shll. 

Scarlatina,  s.  \*s>-  <J y  ujhÂek  kbaflf- 

Scarlet,  a.  11 ;  —  fever, 

kizd-hummâ ;  —  runner,>- 

V  ••  v 


Scarp,  s.  (hbn- 


Scatter,  v.a.  dlyMmak,  Ijbcjjlj 

tlr-u-mâr-et,  pbrishln-et ; 

— ,  v.ra.  dlyMmak,  jljbcjjb* 

târ-u-mâr-ol, pürîshln-ol. 

Scavenger,  5.  chapju. 

Scene,  5.  nlzar-olunAn- 

-hüy'üt ;  CL?jllâ3  nlzârbt;  <U 3s®  wak“a; 

(of  a  play,  or  as  a  picture  of  life) 
mbjliss  ;  (place)  ij-,* 

mevki  . 

Scent,  5.  yy  koku,  teA,  ra  İha,  iJy 

buy;  — ,  v.a.  JjAZây  kokutmak; 
cy*-o  yy  koku- sürmek  ;  ^y~syy 
kokussunu- llmak,  1^:>-  hlsss- 
Sceptic,  5.  lâ-idri.  [-et. 


Sceptre,  s. 


Scheme,  s.  < _ turtlb;  jya J  tasslv- 

vur;  lLs>-  hıİE  ;  — ,  v.n.  (J.. <jy 

Schism,  s.  ^[so  niflk;  jXz\  iptizal, 

shl<c^  ;  'İ.SÜ  tüfürruk. 

’  uJ 

Schismatic,  s.  ühli-i“tizal, 


[  280  ] 


shl''l,  jA° 


Scholar,  s.  ^Slc  ''âlim,  flzll ; 

*J\A  shap^ird,  *Lca _ Jib  talibi- “ilm. 

Scholarship,  5.  “ilm. 

School,  s.  müktEb ;  — ,  v.a. 

tâ' 'limit- vhrmek, 

—  master,  khoja, 


Schooner,  5.  «üj&J  ussküna;  brig  — , 

Sciatica,  “irku-nissa. 

Science,  5.  j*Lc  "ilm. 

Scimitar,  s.  4İta  plla. 

Scirocco  or  Sirocco, 

j]  jA  lodos-ghibi-Ak- 

Scissors,  s.  pi.  ^jûlü^c  makass, 

mikrlz.  [zevkİEnmek. 

Scoff,  v.n.  isstihza-et, 

Scoffer,  s.  o  j^z.ojs».  hürmetsiz- 


Scold,  5.  dârghm  -  kiri  ; 

— ,  v.a.  ^  dlrdmak ; 


Scollop,  v.a.  üymak,  oya-et. 

Scoop,  s.  Jlck  khffâl;  — ,  v.a. 

oymak;  —  out,  ichini- 

-  ovmak,  hoshAİtmak. 

Scope,  mltmahl-nAzar ;  p)j\ 

brim  ;  lSj)  büy ;  münzil ;  to  give 

— ,  'Ar0  müydln-VErmek. 

Scorch,  v.a.  yakmak. 

Score,  s.  yiyAirmi  ;  c_J>lw.:>- 

hlsslb  ;  khussüss  ;  < — >b  bib; 

khltzr,  sebeb, 

vüssîİE  ;  — ,  v.a.  chizmek, 

>-  V 



Scorn,  5.  jlüssi-Jİ  isstihkâr,  < _ jUidL»! 

isstikhf  âf ;  — ,  v.a. 


Scornful,  a.  jJo\  jl&rsrLjl  j 
ihanet- VE-ısstıhkâr-üdEr, 


Scornfully,  ad.  j  l^JW 



Scorpio,  5.  (Latin)  "âkreb. 

Scorpion,  5.  c—J.iic.  “âkreb. 

Scotch,  a.  isskochiali. 

Scotland,  5.  L>-yL^  isskochia. 

Scoundrel,  5.  ^yls^J=3  kyulkhanl, 
chlpkm,  j~ij uy^ursuz, 

Scour,  v.a.  llXA  ~3  silmek,  /^cliü  yika- 
mak  ;  V.  yâ- 

ghini  -  lekbssini  -  chikarmak  ; 

isshal-VErmek ;  —  over,  — 
about,  v.n.  ^İU-Sjjİ  koshmak, 

Scourer,  5.  lük^ji. 

Scourge,  5.  klmchl,  kir- 

blch,  iübjlj  tâziyânE  ;  âfet, 

bülâ,  dâhiyyE;  — ,  v.a. 

dayfanek,  dârb-et. 

Scout,  s.  if  A \ j  j\  uzlkda- 


Scowl,  v.n.  klsh-chatmak, 

(?;A A  yuz-burushdurmak. 

Scramble,  v.ra.  klpishmak, 

tirmAsbmak  ;  — ,  5.  ^jli 


[  281  ] 


klpish  ;  ^jk£>VoJb  tirmAsha- 


Scrap,  s.  ufÂk-pârcha. 

Scrape,  s.  bhlâ,  Lis  klzâ,  J  d&rd ; 
— ,  v.a.  (jUJjlî  klzimak  ;  —  to¬ 
gether,  chA- 

lisha-chAİisha-toplamak,  L 



Scratch,  s.  tzrnak-yarassi  ; 

— ,  v.a.  klshimak  ; 

tırmalamak,  ^V.^/T  juz'l-yara-et ; 
— ,  v.n.  klshinmak  ;  —  out, 

v.a.  chizmek,  \ tkrkm- 

-et.  funa-yazmak. 

Scrawl,  s.  fkna-yazi ;  — ,  v.n. 

Scream,  5.  jl-’^i  f&ryâd,  sayha ; 

— ,  v.n.  bayfo’rmak  ;  I  jlj Js 


Screen,  s.  AJy  pisrdE,  sipEr,  U- 
ha"il ;  Jli  kllbur ;  — ,  v.a. 
hâ‘il-öl ;  wrtmek,  ULil^r0 

muhlfaza-et ;  kllburlamak. 

Screw,  5.  £<Aj^  vldE,  ^  burghu ; 
k~<jy\  burma  ;  khÂssıss, 

tlma""kyâr,  jimri ;  — , 

v.n.  vıduİEnmek;  — ,  v.a. 

CJw^j chbvirmek  ;  cXd  **X> j 

vıdEİEmek ;  —  in, 

bir-yol-ila-sokmak  ;  —  up,  Icji-i 

k&yf-et ;  —  —  courage,  \CL2j\~.>- 
jessaret-et ;  —  down,  c__> yjLi  kj ^ lj‘ 
tXbuta  -  klpayup  -  vldn- 


Scribble,  v.a.  c~*!y  kiralamak ;  cJol>- 

(J. — « i  l-o  chabzk-yazmak  ;  ^cj  uLi 
fena-yazmak  ;  (J^<\  bjdi  J  dikkltsiz- 
-yazmak.  [-yâzan-mü^llif. 

Scribbler,  s.  Li  fnna- 

Scribe,  s.  kyâtib  ;  LH2S-.  khlttlt. 

Scripture,  s.  âvdti-khrîmE ; 

— s,  5.  pi.  kyütubi- 


Scrofula,  ^xlc  slraja-^ihbti. 

Scrofulous,  a.  ^ks>-\j*a  slrajali. 

Scroll,  s.  tomar.  [khayu-torbassi. 
Scrotum,  5.  (Latin)  ]j  y  &l>- 

Scrub,  v.a.  'l skrt- 

-bir-shey-ila-yzkamak ;  blt- 

mak  ;  — ,  s.  ufAk-chl- 

lik’k.  [-fircha. 

Scrubbing-brush,  l-s^i  skrt- 

Scruple,  5. 

sulssu-dirhiem  ;  cJ 
ch&kindik,  ijo\j^.e\  i"  "tiriz,  y j £ 
korku  ;  — ,  v.n.  ch&kinmek. 

Scrupulous,  a.  jy*L>-  C-L  pbk-chekinir. 

Scrutiny,  s.  ybklayish,  k  *li ^ 

yoklama ;  imtihan, 

Scuffle,  s.  Icji.  kawgha.  [taharri. 

Scull,  s.  khaflf-kyür^k. 

Scullion,  5.  Ashji-yamay^i. 

Sculptor,  5.  oymaji; 

mujbsssemji,  tlssvirji,  jya* 

mussavvir.  u»J 6  ymak. 

Sculpture,  s.  <LiJ  byma ;  — ,  v.a. 

Scum,  s.  ^3  kyapuk ;  —  of  the 
people,  ^ssâfili-nâss, 



[  282  ] 


Scurf,  s.  LL\*£  köpek,  jy  töz. 

Scurrility,  s.  shötm.  [shetm-âmîz. 

Scurrilous,  a.  shötâm, 

Scurvy,  a.  müruvötsiz, 

tlma^kyâr;  — ,  ^xlc 

Scutcheon,  s.  \*j\  arma. 

Scythe,  t?rpln. 

Sea,  s.  dönyiz,  bj<3  döryâ,  jcsr 

bâhr  ;  <USlb  dllgha,  y<  mövj. 

Seafaring,  a.  \^>j\  ghömiji- 

Sea-gull,  s.  mart?.  [-olan. 

Sea-kale,  s.  l£t>  dönpiz-lâ- 


Seal,  j^c  muhr,  ^ bk  khâtöm  ; 
(animal)  l.J  kyz/pek- 

b Xlighi  (?)  ;  — ,  v.a.  cdv*!y^«  mühür¬ 
lemek  ;  — ing  wax,  mühr- 


Seam,  5.  dikish,  dikish- 

-ykri;  lJjC J\  ek-ykri ;  ^'bü^b 
yara-nishlnz ;  (of  ship’s  planks) 
jycj\s«J\  Isskarmoz  (?). 

Seaman,  s.  ghemiji,  ^SLc  mellâh, 


Seamanship,  5.  cJİ-j2£u£  ghemijilik. 

Seaport,  s.  <d£d  isskklk.  [lamak. 

Sear,  v.a.  (JUib  yakmak,  d Xgh- 

Search,  5.  Irayish,  J\  İrama, 

yoklama,  lJ^szT  taharri;  — , 
v.a.  Iramak,  yoklamak, 

taharri-et  ;  —  for,  ^c\ j\ 

Iramak ;  —  into, 
hlkzkltm?  -  töjösssuss  -  et ;  —  out, 

^J.a  I y  y\j\  Ir  ay  up  -  j  ulmak . 

Seashore,  Seaside,  dönyiz- 

-kknân,  u^bj==^Jb  yll?  -  kknân, 
sahil,  J  denyiz-k?y?ss?\ 

Seasick,  a.  dknyiz-tutmush  ; 

— ness,  s.  dj£=ü  dknyiz- 


Season,  s.  mövsim,  f  Issl ; 

wlk?t ;  — ,  v.a.  ^*3 li  J 
tuz  -  bibur  -  kltmak  ;  ^sxLcl>- 

khlmhyAmi  -  llmak  ;  the  four  — s, 
J fussüli-örbâ^. 

Seat,  s.  j  öturajak-ykr,  ji 

ykr,  lJ\>~  jay,  d-2^  niahall ; 
mkssned ;  1  mkrkEZ, 

kyursı )  ıxiâ/k  ödj  ghyat, 

jib-’b  kaynak,  diibr,  \jj  vörâ, 

^  k?ch;  — ,  v.a.  oturt¬ 
mak,  i  jUd  ik^ad-et ;  —  one’s 

self,  be  seated,  (Uj^\  oturmak, 

\  ku<cûd-et;  - - on  the  throne, 

\  <j~y  İ5f-  j  ülû  ss-  et  J  tâkhta- 

-jülüss-et;  v.a.  ıjlâss-et. 

Secant,  s.  «JWS  klt?4<<. 

Secede,  v.n.  aynlmak,  ^d^r-^ 


Secession,  s.  djj^d  •  iftirak-ve- 


Seclude,  v.a.  (J^)  ayrmak,  ^cLi  lJj\ 
ayn-klpamak  ;  —  one’s  self,  s 

klpAnmak,  Ld/iK>-  chbkilmekj 
<füzlet-et.  [ıkhtilâtsiz. 

Secluded,  a.  l^J  tknha ; 

Seclusion,  s.  uzlet; 


Second,  a.  ikinji,  ^*15  sânı, 


[  283  ] 


diiwum  ;  — ,  s.  sânıyyE ; 

müdavin ;  jjUj  yamak  ; 
— ,  v.a.  yardzm-et, 

mu<fav6net-et ;  — hand,  a.^jJİUJjîUjS 
kullAmlmzsh,  mıısstâ<cmEİ ; 

— ly,  ad.  U13  sânıyyâ. 

Secrecy,  s.  LL3>! jyS  ghizlilik, 

mbktümıyybt;  ketm,  \is>-\  ikhfa. 

Secret,  s.j~i  sirr  (pi.  essrâr)  ;  — , 
a-  ŞjS  g'h'ızli»  4İJ  L?  saklz, 
mâkhfl,  khafî,  pyL*  mbktüm. 

Secretary,  s.  kyâtib,  sirr- 

kyâtibi,  kyâtibi-essrâr. 

Secrete,  v.a.  ghızİEmek, 

saklamak,  \  \k^\  ikhfa  -  et ; 
kbtm-et ;  (organs)  IJU1  i^mâl-et, 
ikhraj-et,  vErmek. 

Secretlv,  ad.  i.«j  sirran. 

*  j 

Sect,  5.  <G  J  fzrka,  l-^&X^c  mbzh&b. 

Section,  s.  kzssm,  baluk ; 

kAt^,  p+~*Aİ  taksim;  takzm ; 
p*sj  rbssmi-müssknnkm. 

Secular,  a.  <fAssrI,  dbhrl ; 

^J\  esski,  ^  Xİ  kAdlm ;  l_^JX 
dünyevî  ;  <-£Xlc.  *  âdı. 

Secundine,  s.  cJ.*?  sony. 

Secure,  a.  bmln  ;  say4 ; 

say 41  âm ;  uSji  kavi, 

muhkEm  ;  shubhESsiz  ; 

— ,  v.a.  JUJUU  say/datmak ; 


muhkEm  -  et ;  Uj  yakalamak, 

tutmak  ;  kAzanmak, 

jelb-et ;  bmln- 

yEra-kdmak ;  J^JLcb  miihkEm- 

-bây/damak ;  I  <0  Ijj  vikayk-et,  \  \+*a 

szyanet-et,  korumak. 

Security,  s.  bmniyyet ; 

umn,  emân,  tjjlx  *,sc\  bminlik ; 

say41amKk,  kavilik; 

kbfîl;  k&fâlkt; 

rbhn,  rbhln. 

Sedan-chair,  s.  4.>X«j  skdia. 


Sedate,  a.  -cl  A ghir,  tbmklnli. 

Sedateness,  s.  ussluluk. 

Sedative,  s.  ^X^ 

tbsskînî-ıztzrâb-bden-^ilâj . 

Sedentary,  a.  i-Sj&Jb 

^  dzsharz  -  cb  zkmaz  -harukEt-  etmaz . 

J  " 

Sediment,  s.  ^ tortu,  <L?^  possa. 

Sedition,  s.  xL*s  fbssâd,  jjUi  mfAk, 
Ai'ji  fltnE.  [  Assz. 

Seditious,  a.  fitn^kyâr, 

Seduce,  v.a.  ayartmak,  <jUJİx!l 

Aldatmak,  ıfsâd-et,  IJUi! 

ıghfâl-et,  İJ^I  izlâl-et ;  i—J 

Seduction,  s.  JLö!  izlâl ;  i—^XjJ  Jîli’ 
<Usji  ka'il-edup-jima^-btma. 

Sedulous,  a.  ^xiu»  mukdim, 


Sedulousness,  s.  cx-v*^X*ı  müdâvemet. 

See,  s.  pisskapossluk ;  — , 

v.a.  LlJsscj  yi  gbyarmek,  UxJfcl^ 
mushahddE-et ;  anglamak 

(annamak),  cXcj«j  sbzmek ; 
sâkinmak,  bAkmak ;  — into, 

(JscI^d]  hAkzkAtmz- angla¬ 
mak;  —  to,  bAkmak, 

^*jb  ıktizâssma-b Akmak. 


[  284  ] 


M  * 

Seed,  s.  tdkhum,  jXo  and  jji 

i  M 

bbzr ;  — ,  v.n.  (JsojU&assT  tbkhuma- 
varmak ;  —  time,  bkin- 


Seek,  v.a.  Aramak ;  —  for, 

- —  after,  \j\  Xramak,  \  jJUü* 

tafakkud  -  et ;  —  out,  j\ 


Seem,  v.n.  ghklmek,  LLXa'jj 

ghyarunmek,  CJ*k£b) ^i=>  ghyazuk- 
mek,  ghyasstErmek, 

Xj£j  bbnyzEmek.  [münâssib. 

Seemly,  a.  V.  y^kislur,  l- 

Seer,  s.  j+ax+j  pbyghXmbEr,  nebi. 
Seesaw,  5.  sXlmjak ;  — ,  v.n. 

JAJÜI*  s  Allanmak. 

Segment,  s.  <uLi  kit"a. 

Seize,  v.a.  (JaAs  kXpmak,  Uü  yaka¬ 
lamak,  1  LuJ  zXbt-et  j  tutmak, 

\lz-^İJZ  j  âkhz-u-ghirıft-et. 

Seldom,  ad.  jjlj  nâdir,  13  nâdiran. 
Select,  a.  sbchma,  ghyü- 

zîdfi,  muntakhab  ;  — ,  v.a. 

LlXA^3  sbchmek,  ayrın  ak, 

\c-jlisX3!  ınt«kbÂb-et.  [âyrma. 

Selection,  5.  c_AkW  ınüTdılb,  <U>j! 

*  J" 

Self,  s.  LJiXS  kbqdi,  (Ju\S  zât,  jj\  uz, 
^y>~  khbd.  [pbssbndlik. 

Self-conceit,  s.  LLX\  J  *rv.  khod- 

V  > 

Self-denial,  s.  jbbri-nbfss. 

Self-destruction,  s.  < _ dJj  lJ&'Js 



lik.  [pbssbndlik. 

Self-esteem,  s.  khbd- 

V  J 

Selfish,  a.  khodbln. 

Selfishness,  S'.  C3İ~J  jy>-  khodbînlik. 

Self-will,  s.  jlxc  “inâd. 

Self-willed,  a.  “ınâdji. 

Sell,  v.a.*  *a  s  Atmak, 

VErmek,  ^  furükht-et, 

bby“-et  ;  —  off, 

jumlfitEn-sab'p-dbf^-et,*  —  by  auction, 
\  jJj*ombzâd-etj  mbzâda- 

Seller,  s.  sXtije.  [vErmek. 

Selvage,  s.  kknâr. 

Semblance,  s.  lA'1  bbnyzeyish, 


Semi,  a.  yan'm,  i—3^3  mssf ; 

— circle,  }fy\^immÂaj  nissfi  -  dâ'irfi  ; 
— diameterj^Lji^û^  nissfi-kutr. 

Seminary,  s.  i _ mbktEb. 

Sempiternal,  a.  ^j\  ezelî  -  vd- 

-ebbdı,  ^yİJjb-  jâvidâm. 

Senate,  s.  mejlissi-vâlâ. 

Send,  v.a.  cJ>^jX3  &  ghyandErmek, 
w  ırsâl  -  et,  'J1  issbal  -  et, 
tbssyâr-et ;  —  for,  (JIXcmuJ 
isstetmek  ;  ghbtirtmek ; 

(Jaj\ j\  Iratmak  ;  —  word, 

khXbEr-ghy  wndErmek . 

Senior,  a.  sinnja  -  biyuk, 

yashja  -  biyuk  ; 
esski ;  bb  bXbA,  j&J  p&dEr. 

Senna,  s.  sbnâ,  sbnâ^- 

-mbkkı  (sbnambki). 

Sensation,  s.  hisss  (pi. 

âhsâss) ;  ta^ajjub  ;  tfr* 

SEvinj  ;  jSs  kkdEr. 

Sense,  s.  hisss,  hâsssa  (pi. 

hawlsss)  ;  <jpx,'<  na, 


[  285  ] 


mefhûm  ;  JiLc-  ‘"iki,  li  J  zekyâ, 
J  dirayet ;  the  five  senses, 
H?  d~*/*>-  hawÂsssi-kham- 


Sensible,  a.  hasssâss  ;  jAjj  J 

duyulur,  mâhsüss ;  jUü£. 

4 'Âkili,  dirayetli ;  dirile.  "iki- 

lânfi,  diljLGy dirâyetkyârânE  ; 

müteshkkkir  ;  J\dj^  khÂ- 




Sensitive,  a.  hasssâss  ; 

ch^kiniji ;  —  plant,  kyüsskyun. 

Sensual,  a. 


t»  sbebwanl. 

hisssı ;  ,  .JL-Âİ  nfefsânı; 

Sensualist,  s.  L2-^j  iy&  h^wâ-pfeı*^sst. 

Sensuality,  5.  \ yJb  hkwa- 


Sentence,  s.  ijLr.  "ibârk,  <U»<âs  kÂziyyfi ; 
clz\  i"lâm,  lJjxİ  f£twâ,  biıkm ; 
— ,  v.a.  hÂkkinda- 

-i'flâm-vErmek.  [jKil  efkyâr). 

Sentiment,  s.  u~.z>-  hisss ;  jii  fikr  (jpl. 


Sentinel,  Sentry,  s.  ^.sdJy  nâbetji. 

Separate,  a.  âyri,  dillj  d£,lj  bÂshka- 
-bÂshka,  (J^afc^c  munfÂssil,  Jyu*} 
münförid ;  — ,  u.a.  âyrmak, 

âyri  -  âyri  -  komak, 
!  (Jijü  tfcfrîk-et ;  — ,  v.n. 

âyrilmak.  [mufârakÂt. 

Separation,  s.  ^ \Jû  tefrik ; 

September,  s.  bylul.  [lâhd. 

Sepulchre,  s.  J^y-o  mezar,  j*£  kÂbr,  <Xs) 

Sepulture,  s.  d^fn,  tedfin. 

Sequel,  s.  sbng,  Âlt-yani; 

d££Â;j  nbtıjE. 

Sequester,  v.a.  mussAdara-et  ; 

lı— tbvkif-et. 

Seraglio,  5.  saray;  public  apart¬ 
ments  of  the  — ,  mâb&yn ; 

private - ,  çj>-  hârem. 

Serene,  a.  achik,  ghyuztd, 

U-Û-.L!  latif,  JU  sakin, 
sükyünetli.  [-kyaİE. 

Serf,  5.  dî^  rüssiada-yErli- 

Şerfdom,  s.  cJJdl*£  kyalilik. 

Sergeant,  s.  châwush. 

Series,  s.  sira. 

Serious,  a.jsS  Xghir,  temkinli ; 

sofu,  mütedeyyin  ; 

kyulli,  khâyli,  “Âzim. 

Sermon,  s.  İâcj  wâ'z. 

Serpent,  s.  ^b  yilÂn,  k+2-  hâyyfi,  j\  o 

Servant,  (male)  khidmet- 

kyâr  (biz-),  ushÂk,  l z\  XghA  ; 

(waiter)  khidmetji  (hiz-)  ; 

(maid)  <U.L*J  bessl^mE ;  (male-slave) 
d! ^£=d  kyâİE,  (female  -  slave)  d-> jU- 
jariyyfi,  khÂlâ'ik. 

Serve,  v.a.  Ic^v-cJck  khidmet-et  (hiz-)  ; 

ishini  -  ghyarmek  ; 
— ,  v.n.  yâramak, 

fa'idfissi-dl ;  "ÂsskErlik-et ; 

isstikbdlm-ölunmak  ;  —  as, 
—  for,  İC-b — ,  — lik-et  ; 

CJvc^£  ishini-ghyârmek  ;  —  one  a 
trick,  j\  oyun-et ;  —  out,  (dis¬ 
tribute)  dlghitmak,  Cİ'^j 

vkrmek ;  (punish)  yapmak  ; 

SE  E,  VI A 

[  286  ] 


—  one’s  turn,  LlXscjtf  ishini- 

ghyarmek,  felvErmek, 


Servia,  s.  s&rpisstân. 

Servian,  a.  skrp ;  skrpli ; 

— ,  s.  serpli. 

Service,  s.  khidmet  (hız-)  ; 

LU^/cU  mh'muriyybt ;  jjA>I  ish. ; 
L^xii.'C  m  unfa/ 'at,  fa'idfi ; 

kkrEm,  “inâvet,  CJJjJoJl 

7  M  •>  *  ♦♦ 

bfkndilik ;  to  render  a  — , 

ishini  -  ghyarmek  ;  I  cJl jyj 
iyilik-et,  iifendilik-et ;  to 

be  of  — ,  fa'idESsi-bl,  <İİjİ 

isha- yaramak, 

Serviceable,  a.jl^j  isha-yârar. 

Serviceableness,  5.  (J^ji  ^~*f}  isha- 

Servile,  a.  jA&&-  hlk?r  ;  JJj  zblîl. 

Servility,  s.  ^^Aij  rikkiyy&t;  C^JtVc 

Servitor,  s.  hizmetkyar. 

Servitude,  s.  l^-Jj  rikkiyybt. 

Sesame,  5.  ^  ^«wnv*wC  sîssâm  (sussam)  ;  oil 
of  — ,  shirlay/zan-yay/zz. 

Session,  s.  ic>-  jilsE. 

Set,  s.  ^jlh  takzm;  — ,  a.  r&ssmî; 

^**-0  mi)£<ayyen,  kessilmish  ; 

— ,  v.a.  kdmak,  WAz“-et; 

dikmek,  II-^-^  nXssb-et; 
1  Sj  rhkz-et ;  kurmak ; 

blshlatmak,  ^jA^ojS.'X.A  etdirmek ; 
(bones)  (j^*o  sXrmak,  \ jbbr-et ; 
(razors,  &c.)  bılnmek;  (a 

diamond,  &c.)  oturtmak, 

mzkhlamak  ;  (seed)  LLAa£\ 
ekmek  ;  (plants)  dikmek, 

gharss-et;  — ,  v.n.  (stars,  &c.) 
(Jyü b  bÂtmak,  I ghurub-et ; 
(clothes,  &c.)  \j\  olmak  ;  (jelly, 

&c.)  ^jAJ==:iJb  donymak  ;  —  in, 

(commence)  ^jUİLîab  bAshlamak;  — 
about,  blshlamak, 

İsla- Aİmak,  \lU.^A^o  mübÂsh6r&t-et, 
ici^jjL^o  mubâd&ret-et,  1  jİJcjI  ibti- 
dâr-et,  lc-ybu«  miıssâberbt-et ;  — 
against,  (indispose) 
ghyujisndirmek,  Jcj  I 

(as  a  counterbalance) 
kârsh/Kk- tutmak,  (jAA*a^Au^ij\î  kâr- 
shih'k-sâymak ;  — aside,  (Js cyteJ&j) 

bir-târafa-komak ;  I  < _ bisr-târaf- 

-et,  I^İJ  dbf£<-et,  I  <^Jb  târd-et,  ^j^cXa 
sawmak  ;  —  at,  v.a.  hujüm-et; 

LLA^cj  dcj  I  a jjsA*  hüj  üm- Etdirmek ;  — 
at  defiance,  —  at  nought, 
kârshz-kbmak  ;  ,  ;v«ujL?  *AJb  hich- 

O"  ..  (v_- 

-sâymamak,  bich- 

-ykrina-komak  ;  —  by, 
bir-târafa-kbmak  ;  —  great  store  by, 

‘  Azız- tutmak ;  —  down, 
yura-komak ;  \  sAi  kâyd-et, 
yazmak;  (J^A^>  sanmak, 
zann-et ;  —  forth,  v.n.  ^4.İL>- aj 
yola  -  chikmak,  s  k«yÂm  -  et, 

İl £<AzTmet-et ;  —  — ,  v.a. 

IjjLj  bbyân-et ;  —  free,  1  J İJİ  âzâd-et 
(XzAd)  ;  —  off,  v.n.  LLAaAs  ghitmek, 


[  287  ] 


kalkmak,  chzkmak ; 

w  Ls  ”  v 

—  — ,  v.a.  sAh'vErmek ; 

bAshlatmak  ; 

ıshİEtmek  ;  ghyasstErmek, 

j  hüssn-VErmek, 

LlXscjij  zîbâyish  -  vkrmek, 
yakzshmak  ;  —  on  edge,  U.j 

kamAshd/rmak  ;  —  on,  I^j jL'J  tbsh- 
vîk-et ;  —  one’s  hand  to,  )Li«l 

imza-et ;  —  out,  v.n. 

jola  -  chikmak,  î  kiyim  -  et, 

\  "âzîmkt-et ;  —  — ,  v.a. 

d<,«j  s  Ermek,  dizmek, 

•  >  tkrtlb-et ;  —  sail,  Jh 

^JU^I  y  elken -achmak,  kAlk- 

mak,  bâdz- 

bln  -  kyiishâyi-  "Azlmht-bl  ;  —  to, 

b  bAshlamak,  Ijlcl  âghâz-et, 

İLL^jl  ITlUİ3ciCl.0I  0t  y  ■  lip^  V M. 

dükkyân-achmak,  ^Isr’ 
tijarkta-bAshlamak  ;  jIj 

bAshlamak  ;  —  — ,  v.a. 

dikmek,  kıldırmak,  It— -^3 

nÂssb  -  et,  rekz  -  et  ;  k,  ~  j 

ghkrmek  ;  mâ- 

-Ibzemessini  -  vkrmek  ;  —  up  for, 

kkn  dini- s  Atmak, 
dâ"wâ-et,  llcJİ  iddz"â-et. 

Settle,  s.  ^JCm^  sAndik;  &~r-J  pkyghkh 
(peykk),  Xya  sha  ;  — ,  v.a. 
oturtmak,  I isskyan-et;  t^X-c^y 
vkrmek,  cX«*<^l  adkmek,  \  İJİ  kdâ- 
-et,  \\su\  îfâ-et;  kArâr- 

lashd/rmak, j\Js  kArâr- vkrmek; 
\  l *0j\  irzü-et,  Aghzini- 

kApAtmak,  sussdurmak 

CXc^jJjl  aldurmek ;  (money  upon) 
(JL^-cLiU  bAy^lamak ;  (accounts) 
hissâbİEshmek ;  — ,  v.n. 
oturmak;  tawAttun- 

-et,  l^'C-cjlrsT'l  ittikhâzz-mkkyân-et ; 

temelli- oturmak,  j\1aj 
tkmblli  -  ghirishmek ; 
(weather)  kArârlashmak ; 

(liquors)  durulmak, 

tortussu-chakmek ;  (walls, 
&c.)  CLX*£j.>-  chakmek  ; 

oturmak,  CX*<£J^>  ykrİEshmek. 

Settlement,  s.  fAssl ;  <0  J  U 

tk'diyyk  ;  mehri-mu*kjjkl ; 

jU-,1  6jak. 

Settler,  5.  ,  jli- 

khâli  -  mkmlekktda  -  tkwAttun  - 


khâli  -  mkmİEketda  -  ısskyân ;  «L^olsr10 

Seven,  a.  u£*X>  ykdi,  skb", 

s^b^a,  h^ft ;  the  —  planets, 

^L^j^cU-k-o  seb^â'i-s^yyârE. 

Seventeen,  a.  bn-y^di. 

Seventh,  a.  ybdinji,  sabi<(, 

hbftum,  hbftumln  ;  — , 


Seventy,  a .  ybtmish, 

sbb"un,  sbb"zn,  hbftâd. 

Sever,  u.a.  ayrrnak,  lul*ui  fAssl- 

_et;  — ,  u.ra.  aynlmak; 


Several,  a.  bir-kAch,  chbnd; 

’  >•  v 


[  288  ] 


oyi  <-y?}  hyri-hyri ;  &S.L.J  &ÂL.J  blshka- 

Severally,  ad.  jji  jJ  birEr-birEr,  l JjA 
âyn-âyr/,  AsJLi  bXslika- 

-bXshka,  munferidön, 


Severe,  a.  CI^-j  skrt,  shedid ; 

s£kt ;  ili  fbnâ,  ^i-1  a ghir, 
kyulll ;  blim. 

Severity,  s.  LLX İJy  sbrtlik,  C-î^A  shid- 
dbt ;  ÎAyl  ifrit/- dikk  At ;  (of 

life)  riyâzbt,  by  fbrt/- 

<f«ffbt,  \s\Js\  ifrltZ-pErhlz- 

kyârî.  [dikish- dikmek. 

Sew,  u.ö.  dikmek, 

Sewer,  layA/m,  ju^  vv  âriz 

(ghiriz).  [flzldt. 

Sewerage,  s.  ^Lix 1  lâyAZmler ; 

Sex,  s.  Erkek¬ 

lik-  dişililik-*  araz/. 

Sextant,  s.  £*j  sekisstânt. 

Sexton,  5.  mbzârjZ. 

Shabby,  a.  bsskimish, 

esski,  8£j*3j9  fbrsudE;  "âyb, 

(«ıu-11  rezâlbt ;  khasslss, 

tlma'kyâr,  Aili—rys»-.  chin- 
ghyânu  (chingheni). 

Shade,  s.  ghyzdgliE,  &L»  sâyE, 

zill ;  Ll)l  <A!y  ghywlghulik  ;  (in 
drawing)  siiss  ;  — ,  v.a.  Ufl/ 

ghywlghE-et,  jl  JiAjİİjL)  sâyE-ündâz- 
-61 ;  CUîjy  artmek ;  (drawings) 
(Jaj  süssunu-yapmak. 

Shadow,  5.  xfl  A  ghyalghu,  <oLj  sayk, 
Jb  zill  ;  —  forth,  J^esT^UjJ 

C3 .Aj dumln-ichinda-suweylEmek, 
\  uz  Akdarı -imâ- et. 

Shady,  a.  ghyalghE,  JİAİİ  &Lj 


Shaft,  5.  (arrow)  ok,  tır, 
sbhm;  (well)  ^yys  kuyu,  al>-  châh; 
(column)  direk,  J  mil  ; 

(cart,  &c.)  ok,  Jy  kol. 

Shagreen,  kbİEr. 

Shake,  5.  sUHn/sh  ;  A! L> 

slllay/sh  ;  — ,  v.a.  slllamak  ; 

çjA*oJ^a  sârssmak  ;  — ,  v.n. 
sXllanmak ;  J^a. sars/lmak ;  — 
off,  silkmek;  l^yJ  dbf<f-et; 

—  one’s  self,  silkinmek. 

Shako,  s.  ,  ^XiuLSj  ‘‘XsskEr- 

W'  v 

-shXpkassi.  [kbyfsiz. 

Shaky,  a.  Jjjb  jîjb  yarZk-yar/k  ; 

Shall,  v.  aux.  See  Grammar. 

Shallot,  5.  jL^L  ^L)  yüblnî- 

Shallow,  a.  sigh ;  ahmak, 

dirâyetsiz  ;  Li  kXba, 


Sham,  .9.  and  a.  jJju  tiklîd,  ,.,L 
yalXn  ;  — ,  v.n.  \  sAaj  tXklid-et. 

Shambles,  s.  pi.  cül>J’Mİ  sblkh-khând 
(sAİ-khânu) . 

Shame,  s.  jU  “âr,  hâyâ, 

shkrm,  cyls r*~  hijâb  ;  ^ -**.£■  "ayb, 
rbzâlbt ;  — ,  v.a.  (J>oj£j  iLjl 
utlnd/rmak,  L  .  ?j  T-^  mahjub-et; 
— ,  m^.  k _ "âyb  ! 

Shameful,  a.  s.  {<ayb. 

Shameless,  utXnmaz. 


[  289  ] 


Sham -fight,  s.  lJxIsu  jfenk- 


Shampoo,  v.a. 

(JUjIcjI  ossmÂnli-tbllâk-ghibi-ÂdAmi- 

Shampooer,  s.  cJÜJ  tellâk. 

Shank,  Jj jlyi  or  jjy  kuyruk, 
hXlka ;  (anchor)  1)1  ana. 

Shape,  s.  psg?  bichim,  shekil, 

ressim,  Ui-JLfc  hby'bt;  — ,  v.a. 
CXc  j  bichim- vkrmek,  Aass? 

bichima- sokmak ;  (a  course) 

Share,  s.  lJ\j  pay,  <Las>-  hisssE, 
bkhrE;  — ,  v.a.  l^wJu  takslm-et ; 
j!  hisssEmend-ol ;  — ,  v.n. 

y  Jw*<La>~  hisssEmbnd-ol, 
shbrlk-bl,  mushterbk-ol. 

Shareholder,  s.j\t3<La&~  hisse-dâr. 

Shark,  s.  £  kyapek-bahyfo*  (?), 

^byjl  hyi-hblighi  (?) ; 


Sharp,  a.  (cutting)  kbsskin, 

Jo  Jo-  hadld,  ^1 y  bürrân  ;  (pointed) 
J~J  tiz  (tbz) ,  lJj ^  sivri ;  (violent) 
sbrt,  JoJui>  shbdld ;  (pain) 
a j«,  *-!!  bllm  ;  (intellect) 

müsstâ^idd,  jinn- 

-“AklK;  (sound)  CL)o J  dik ;  (taste) 
bkshi,  türsh, 


Sharpen,  u.a.  C-bcAb  bilfimek,  % 
tAsha-tutmak,  *jl^o 

mXssIda-surmek ;  (the  wits)  ^J^>»1 

Sharper,  5.  jjfls^jJu^  dolan  dinjk 

Sharpness,  cj>Lbs,~o  kesskinlik ; 
LtiJo  .** j  sbrtlik  ;  bkshilik. 


Shatter,  v.a.  pâr616mek  (para- 

lamak),Uo-^lj^o- Ju  parcha-parcha-et. 

Shave,  v.a.  l^ly  trash-et;  — ,  v.rc. 

trash-ol;  —  off,  l^jil y 
trash-et,  usstura-ila- 

-Aİmak  ;  ^LiJl Jiljl^jjj  rendfi-ila- 
-  Almak.  renda-tAlashi. 

Shavings,  s.  pi.  or  tAlash, 

Shawl,  s.  JlA  shAl. 

She,  pr.  6,  Jjl  ol ;  ,  a. 

dishi ,  lJj3  kAr£ ;  kiz. 

Sheaf,  s.  c^-v-cJ  dbmet,  bAy^. 

Shear,  v.a.  kirkmak. 

Shears,  s.  pi.  like  makass,  JL< 
mikrÂz ;  (for  masts)  (Pub*  makass, 
^o-lcj^İJ  dar-Ay^Aji. 

Sheath,  5.  km,  j%lj  nıyâm,  <_ i^Lc 
gh'ılâf  (kih'f)  ;  —  (sheathe),  v.a, 

kXpAmak,  kinma- 

-kbmak,  l^L)  jJ  dhr-niyam-et ;  with 
sheathing,  kAplamak. 

Sheave,  s.  J<J  dil,  nji*  makara-dlli. 

Shed,  s.  sundurma  or  Loj^jya 

sundurma,  artu  ;  — ,  v.a. 

v^LiS^J  d&kmek,  1  <üljl  irâka-et, 
sbfk-et ;  — ,  v.n. 

dakyulmek,  Xkmak;  J 


Sheep,  s.  ^ )Js  koyun,  J\^o  dXwar, 
JL«  mâl;  (small-tailed)  ^ 

kmrpk ;  (large-tailed)  kXra- 

mXn ;  — fold,  J^cl  IghH. 



[  290  ] 


Sheep-walk,  s.  mkr^a. 

Sheer,  a.  ^iU>  sÂfı,  SjLo  sadfi, 

khâliss,  mâhz,  CiJLs, 

j jAs  kuru ;  (steep)  cJ J  J  dik  ;  — ■ 
hulk,  jjy  kuru-tkkn6;  — ,  — 

off,  v.n.  (JUİ jA  ayrılmak ;  C*LcJ==> 
ghitmek;  UiiL*?  sokulmamak. 

Sheet,  s.  (bed)  c— jarshbb, 
cJlib chârshaf ;  (of  paper)  <ÜLt 
tÂbAka ;  (of  a  sail)  LyL>!  isskkt 
(shkdt)  ;  winding — ,  kkfen 

(kkfin)  ;  —  anchor, 
öjaklik-dkmiri ;  —  iron,  s.  jy^AA 


dkmir-tâkhtassi ;  —  lead,  s. 



Shelf,  s.  u-ilj  rXf ;  (of  rocks)  Li  kaya. 

Shell,  s.  j^-i*  kAbuk;  bomb  — , 
(kumhara)  ;  — ,  v.a. 

(A^jvus*-  kÂbuy^undan-chzkârmak, 
c^-Js  kÂbuy/iunu-söymak ; 
(with  shells)  kumbara- 

-  Atmak  ;  — fish,  LlAzyjJ  bajek. 

Shelter,  s.  artu,  y-  mkljâ, 

mkVa,  ji.  stghina]ak- 

-ykr,  barmajak-ykr,  &L> 

sâyfi,  tİU^o  m« 'âz;  ■ — ,  v.a.  (J**jyS 
körumak,  1  Lâ:>-  hzfz-et ; 

Sheltered,  a.  Ai  kuytu. 

Shelving,  a.  C)jc>  dik,  j  fizy  chukur, 

Shepherd,  a.  chdbAn,  i_rb  raf<I. 

Sherbet,  s.  shkrbkt.  [-shkrâb. 

Sherry,  s.  j)  ^jA+i  bkylz-bir- 

Shield,  s.  (jliui  kXlkAn,^--:  sipEr,  çj+jJ 

türss ;  — ,  v.a.  JUjjy  korumak, 
\  hzfz-et,  U-jUj  vikayE-et, 

Id^oL^  szyanet-et,  bails'"0  muhl- 

Shift,  s.  (chemise)  ghyzzmlek, 

kamîss,  pirâhkn  ;  (of 

linen)  C^li  kit ;  (distress)  lS&usuo 
szkzndz,  CL2jjj*â  zaruret;  (substitute) 
<-£jLi  kolay,  charfi ;  — ,  v.a. 

£  yerini- diy/zishdir- 
mek ;  diyAishdirmek ; 

one’s  self,  LL  «Lc  \ 

y  J"  V 

chamAshzr-diy^ishdirmek ;  — ,  v.n. 

(in  place)  j  ykrindan- 

-oynamak;  (manage)  1 

uydurmak ;  ghechinmek ; 

ishini-ghyarmek  ; 
kolay  znz'-b  ulmak . 

Shin,  5.  injik. 

Shine,  u.zz.  parlamak,  L*i 

zzya-vkrmek,  ^J^jsA  aydzn- 

hh-VErmek,  CLL*^j  ishz*k-vEr- 

mek,  jl  munîr-61,  (with  borrowed 
light)  jLl^^o  musstenar-61,  jl  j 

Shingle,  5.  (sea)  yllz- 

-chakzllan,  Li  kÂba-kumluk ; 

(roofing)  pâdâvra, 

yitesi?  yarma-cham-takhtassz. 

Shining,  a.  j|S;L  parlak,  mimlr, 

mimevver,  jLx-^o  musstdnâr. 

Ship,  s.  ghemi,  &uC‘S  tiikne, 

s^finE,  £=>  k^shtT ;  — ,  v.a. 

(J* oj3  ghemiya  -  kornak  ; 

ghemiya  -  Âlmak  ;  (in 


[  291] 


its  place)  takmak, 

ghöchirmek ;  (a  sea)  db*J  ybmek, 
(ju\\  ichbri  -  llmak  ;  (men) 

yazmak ;  — ,  v.n.  b 
ghbmiya  -  yazilmak  ;  (in  its  place) 
jjilb  takilmak,  LLXa-^  ghbchmek. 

Ship-broker,  ghbmi- 


Ship-builder,  s.  ghbmi- 


Shipbuilding,  s.  dlli!  fknni- 

ınshây-sbfâ'in.  [sahibi. 

Shipowner,  s.  ^>Xa  ghbmi- 

Shipper,  JLo 


Shipping,  s.  ghbmiİEr,  U-ö 


Shipwreck,  Udi  kkzâ ;  to  be  ship¬ 
wrecked,  kXzaya- 

ö<7  Aramak,  j!  klzazedE-ol. 

Shipwright,  jı$û\jso  (mâranghöss), 
jZljA  dülghkr. 

Shire,  5.  jU!«o  sXnjak,  \ji  liwa ; 
LdJ  kkzâ ;  d-Jb!  eyâlöt. 

Shirt,  5.  CiLc/  ghyamlek, 
kamiss,  pırâhön. 

Shiver,  üshumE ; 

•  (titrbyish),  XjJ  IbrzE,  AUj  ra‘sh£ ; 
<t>^b  pârcha,  kirindi ; 

— ,  v.n.  ushumek,  dbo^yb 

(titrumek),  j)  ^\jj- 1  lkrzân  -öl, 

j\jJ\ hjj)  lörzbnâk-öl;  — ,  v.a. 
kırmak,  d-biJi^b  (paralamak). 

Shoal,  5.  y  sigh  -  ykr,  JUy 

kumsAİ ;  jib  bAİik-sürussu, 

l Jj suru ;  — ,  a.  sigh  ;  — , 
v.n.  \k+*o  sighlashmak. 

Shock,  5.  chatish,  aJLw 

tassâdum ;  ^jt*aj\*a  sârsish ;  jLk 
khaİEİ,  jyâ  zArar ;  (of  sheaves) 
^♦blb  on-dbmet-tak/m? ; 

— ,  v.a.  J^*$>L?  sârssmak  ;  bJ  d)j 
d)>/ii£  pek  -  fisna  -  ghklmek,  <Uji=5 

Shoe,  s.  jb!  ayak-kXbi,  Xjdjy 

kundura,  ^2^$  lApchm, 
pâpüsh  (p.Xbuch)  ;  (horse)  Jjv  na'  l 
(nXl)  i  v.a.  (nXllamak). 

Shoeblack,  s.  /•>-«£ ,.,bb»J  ^*jb 

C7  •  >v  ••  *^7*  (v_>*  v 

pXbuch-boyayan-chbj  uk. 

Shoemaker,  s.  ^s^jj  b  pXpuchji. 
Shoot,  5.  J'o  dÂİ;  pich ;  (jib! 

Atish,  jjl  Atzm ;  jİLjj^İ  firlayish ; 

— ,  u.ra.  (plant)  dXl- 

-surmek  ;  dX«j.> j  pich-vErmek  ; 

(pain)  zönklamak, 

sizlamak ;  (in  motion)  Jd*^ l^_i 
fırlamak,  jJjI  Atilmak ;  (with  a 

gun)  JUj!  CL)* +su  tüfbnk  -  Âtmak  ; 
(with  a  bow)  j^ij'!  Jj!  ök  -  Atmak  ; 
— ,  v.a.  C-Lb«;<AÎj!  al  dürmek  ;  j£*bjb 
yaralamak ;  wurmak ;  (as 

^  &mJ  j.Jtij  yİ 

kurshuna  -  dizmek ;  (branches,  &c.) 

sürmek  ;  —  out,  —  forth, 
db«j ^-«5  sürmek ;  —  down,  u.a. 

(coals,  &c.)  dwkmek, 

J  böshAİtmak  ;  (a  man,  ox) 
divc^lj!  wldurmek,  dJv^-ijJ 

x  2 

a  punishment) 


[  292  ] 


Shop,  dukkyân  (dukkkn),  XjVx^o 

may/zaza ;  — ,  v.n. 

Sliopkeeper,  s.  dukkyânji. 

Shoplifter,  s.  l J  dukkyân- 
khzrszzz.  [-khzrsz‘zlzy,ftz\ 

Shoplifting,  5.  dukkyân- 

Shopman,  s.  dukkyanji- 

kllfassi.  [dukky  ânj  i  -k  Aİfassi-klr  z . 

Shopwoman,  s.  ^Jj\s  4İİ  Ij 

Shore,  s.  sahil,  l £j\u$  jsd  d6nyiz- 

-kunarz,  kzyz‘,  ^!l>  yalz;  (prop) 

pâybndn,  desstek  ;  — , 

—  up,  (J.roj »,\  payendd-wur- 

mak,  dbsstek-wzzrmak. 

Short,  a.  &»as  kzssa,  boysuz ; 

(abridged)  mukhtlssar, 

mujmbi ;  (wanting)  CiX** 
eksik,  ^si;  nâkz'ss,  noksan  ; 

to  be  taken  — ,  cJui£  ,  c^.a£>-  chishi- 

O  ••  V 

-ghMmek ;  to  be  —  of  breath, 
(jkcbdll  u~Ju  nefess  -  Alamamak, 
y  (Jh**  zzku-’n-nefess-ol  (tzk- 

-nhfess-ol) ;  in  — ,  ad.  (J*?l J  i  61- 
-hlsszl,  zUfliij!  61-kzsssa. 

Shortcoming,  s.  jj*zs  kussür. 

Shorten,  v.a.  kzssAİtmak ; 

— ,  v.n.  kzssAİmak. 

Shorthand,  s. 

LUj\J*\  pbk-chabik-yazz’lz’r- 


Shortly,  ad.  <L*a.s  kiss  a ; 

mukhtAssaran ;  — after ,xjLe>j\ji  bir- 
Az-sozzyra,  *j>~a  j\  Az-sozzyra,  Liu-.* 

Short-sighted,  a.  kyzzr-ghibi, 

jscj  S  l Jj \j£=>  ghyzzzu  -  ghyzzrmaz, 
jnl\j4.«âs  kAsszru-5l-bAssar ;  (morally) 
^ <3  ikhizi  kzssa- dushunur,  J+S **a2m  i 

bAsszrbtsiz  fbrassbtsiz. 

Shot,  s.  sAchma  ;  <d£  ghyulİE  ; 

kurshun;  Atzsh, 

Atzm ;  jj-ibl  Atzlzsh,  <uJj!  Atz’lma  ; 
jbl  Atar,  ^sCl/1  Atzjz,  ^.rsrLi.J 
nishAnjz  ;  C-jL*:*-  hissab  ;  small  — , 
zU^L?  sAchma ;  gun —  wound, 
LS**5^»  kurshun -yarassz*. 

Should,  v.  aux.  See  Grammar. 

Shoulder,  s.  jy^  6muz  (omz) ;  — ,  v.a . 
(J.*, \jyej\  omuzlamak, 
omuzzha-wurmak,  om- 

uzzna  -  Aimak  ;  —  blade,  —  bone, 
cJj £  kyürek,  l kbtf  {pi. 
bktaf)  ;  —  arms  !  dl win¬ 


Shout,  s.  sayha,  u>l^i  fbryad, 

v6v61e,  hkghiriah.,  \pp 

chay/zirzsh ;  <L/*wSyib  bay/zzrzshma. 
Is»-  chay^zrzshma  ;  — ,  —  out, 
bay/zzrmak,  chkghir- 

mak;  (together  orrepeatedly) 
bay/zzrzshmak,  l»-  chaylzrzsh- 


Shove,  s.  klkz'sh,  itish  ;  — , 

v.a.  (move)  klkmak,  cXcj! 

itmek,  LL^^cjy* >  sürmek;  (without 
moving)  dürtmek. 

Shovel,  s.  kyurbk  ;  — ,  v.a . 

(jAj  \  zd kyurbkla- Atm ak. 

Show,  s.  ghyassturish  ; 


[  293  ] 


ghyarunush ;  sbyr ;  — ,  v.a. 

Çiviyi  ghz/z^sstErmek  ;  UjM  irâE- 
-et,  ibraz -et. 

Shower,  5.  j^ibu-fl-isk  khAfîf-yâ#4- 
mûr;  heavy  — ,  jy*s\)jLZJ j*a  sbrt- 
yâ^mur  ;  jLcL>  sag4anak  ;  — ,  v.a. 

yakmak ;  {j^ctiXcb  ykghdir- 
mak.  [j^b  parlak. 

Showy,  a.  ghyasstErishli ; 

Shrapnell  shell,  s.  Xj*as>~  ^3  ^  bir- 
nev*  i-khumbara. 

Shred,  s.  ^b  J  dilim,  kbssindi, 

&>yb  parcha;  — ,  v.a.  C-bbk)  ditmek. 

Shrewd,  a.  shbytÂn, 

jiım-“ÂklK,  jJwjJjJ  dirayetli,  jbxji 

Shriek,  5.  (tesXe  sayha,  t)b^i  fbryâd ; 
— ,  v.ra.  (j.<-cjL\j  bağırmak,  \  jb^i 

Shrill,  a.  db  J  dik,  inja. 

Shrimp,  5.  <bo  tbkn. 

Shrink,  v.n.  C-b*K.>-  chekilmek, 

kiss  Aİmak;  C-bi! büzülmek;  — , 
v.a.  isslkdip-clibk- 

dirmek ;  —  from,  chekin- 

mek,  (jAJjjs  korkmak. 

Shrivel,  v.n.  büzülmek. 

Shroud,  s.  kefen  (kefin) ;  (of  a 

mast)  charmlkh ;  — ,  v.a. 

^,-c^L?  sarmak,  artmek, 

\tt-sAO  tbkfin-et. 

w  ” 

Shrub,  ,9.  — lei  Ag/iAj,  chÂlz. 

Shrug,  5.  kÂİdmsh  ;  — ,  - —  up, 

v.a.  (J^cj<x[s  kÂldz’rmak. 

Shudder,  v.n.  <-^b.j  tuylen- 

-arp Ermek  ;  kkni- 


Shuffle,  v.a.  (mix)  kXrish- 

dzrmak ;  — ,  v.n.  \  hıİE-et ; 

c^^s^lb  yalÂn-süweyİEmek. 

Shun,  v.a.  ,  kAclimmak. 

w  v 

Shut,  a.  jl  Li  kÂpAİz* ;  — ,  v.a.  ^jpcbjj 
kÂpamak,  1  Jk«j  sbdd-et ;  — ,  v.ra. 
^Jkb'bi  kÂp Anmak ;  —  in, 

ichbri  -  kkpAmak ;  —  out, 

dishârz-brÂkmak  ;  — 
up,  kkpAmak. 

Shutter,  s.  jLi  klnAd,  C-b-o  kbpenk. 

Shy,  s.  jyi  Ibjl  utkmr,  ^bxilh*!  utXn- 
ghaj  ;  (horse)  cbbyl  arkbk  ;  — ,  v.n. 
C-b ürkmek. 

Sicily,  5.  sicIlia  Adassi. 

Sick,  a.  klıÂssta,  keyfsiz, 

c  marîz ;  to  be  — , 
kussmak,  \  isstifragh-et,  ^Js 

kayy  -  ghbtirmek,  1^5 


Sicken,  v.n.  khAsgtalanmak, 

kbyfsiz-ol ;  — ,  v.a. 
bbzdirmek.  [  mlhskd. 

Sickle,  s.  orAk,  dAss, 

Sickness,  s.  Cb '==>  keyfsizlik, 
khAsstalik,  L^bc.  ^illbt, 
^ jSjsc  maraz,  J  dbrd ;  ^jS  kayy, 
isstifrâgh,  kusssma ; 

sea  — ,  yhjji  J  den^iz-tut- 


Side,  5.  ^b  yan,  c— fjh  taraf, 
jânib,  sû ;  (of  the  body) 
jbnb;  — ,  v.n.j\  dan-yana-ol. 


[  294  ] 


\^tr  tarafim‘-tutmflk,^ljl  sijb 

Side-saddle,  s.  kArz-byEri. 

Siege,  s.  muhlssara. 

Sieve,  elek,  kklbur. 

Sift,  v.a.  elemek, 

ClX-e^yp  kXlb  urdan  -  ghechirmek ; 
(any  one)  b  1 lS  Jy  )î  ^  A3ji  1 

Aghzindan  -  lakzrdz  -  Âlm agha  -  bÂkmak  ; 
—  out,  Arayzp-buhnak, 

ânglamak  (annamak). 

Sigh,  s.  2Fİ  âh  ;  — ,  v.n.  âh- 

-chekmek  ;  —  for,  cX* J  pbk- 
-ısstbmek  j  Iramak,  LlSj^>- 

CX*£>-  hXssret-chbkmek,  \  j~~.£sT 
tâhâsssur-et ;  —  to,  cXyy  y 
kuİAy^zna-âh-dbmek,  “âshik- 


Sight,  s.j*ai  bâssar,  j*aiCL>îs  kuvveti- 
-bXssar  ;  >  nkzar,  mushâ- 

hedu ;  j+*s  seyr, 
ghyzzrunbjek  -  shey; 
ghyzzrunEn-shby ;  in  — , 
ghyzzruniyor,  f  ghyzzzukiyor, 

8&)\&+*o  meydânda ;  in  one’s  — , 
ghyazu-zznyunda  ;  —  of 
a  gun,  *&tU  nıshlnghyâh. 

Sign,  s.  CLJj\J*\  ıshâret; 

“alambt ;  (of  zodiac)  ^y  burj  ;  — , 
v.a.  \  Lir«t  imza-et ;  — ,  v.n.\cDj\jS>\ 
isharet-et ;  —  manual,  Ld.«!  imza. 

Signal,  s.  isharet;  — ,  a.  A 

bahir,  jXe  zahir;  — ,  v.n , 
isharet -et. 

Signature,  s.  LaJ  imza. 

Signet,  8,  j^c  muhr. 

Significance,  s.  ma'^nadarlik. 

Significant,  a.j^V^x^o  ma'^nadar. 
Signification,  s.  ma  nâ. 

Signify,  v.a.  cXyy  dbmek, 

dalâlet  -  et,  jl  mâ<fnâssz  -  61 ; 

— ,  v.n.  zararz^-ol. 

Sign-post,  5.  Jy 

j  J  yol  -  ghyasstErmek- 

-  ichin  -  dikilmish-  dir  6k . 

Silence,  5.  Oj.C  sükyüt;  — ,  v.a. 

sussdurmak,  Iculf-ruj! 
isskyat-et ;  — -  !  int.  suss. 

Silent,  a.  suss,  l^İ=Lj  sâkit ; 

sbsssiz,  sAdaszz. 

Silk,  5.  ipbk,yy-  harir  ;  (sowing) 

ibrishim  ;  (stuff)  jln- 

fbss  (jamfess). 

Silkworm,  s.  ipbk-bujey^z*. 

Silky,  a.  lLLM  ipbk-ghibi. 

Sill,  s.  bshik,  Alt- 

w*"  •• 


Silly,  a.  jJjic  'âklszz,  4 1!  Jy  budAİa  ; 


\  <<  N 

ma  nasszz. 

Silver,  s.  or  (jA«y  ghyumush, 

slm,  fzdda,  xJsü  nukra  ;  (of 

looking-glasses)  ^  szrr ;  — ,  v.a. 

j  Jİ  ta  4b  \  ghyumush - 

-ila  -  yAİdzzlamak  ;  (looking-glasses) 
Ujs+£s>-  j*j3  szrr-ch6kmek,  szrr- 

lam ak  ;  — -smith,  ^ysr°yy  kuyumju. 
Similar,  a.jj G  benyzEr,  y  müshâbih, 
sh6blh,  miımâssil. 

Similarity,  5.  mushâbehbt. 


[  295  ] 


Simile,  s.  tbjnîss,  missal, 

tbshblh,  A^aj  temsil. 
Similitude,  s.  l  **  -  --v>  mush  âb  diet  j 

CUjya  sürüt,  hby^t. 

Simple,  a .  a  jL»  sâdü ;  ufjlc-  ‘"âdı, 
bâyayAi ;  (in  mind) 
sadh-dil;  — ,  s.  l5j\s 

koja-kArz-  "ılâjz. 

Simplicity,  s.  cJJjfjL»  sadhlik ;  <jyjiL3 

Sin,  s.  ghyünâh, 

ma^siyybt,  issm  Q9/.  ^15!  âssâm), 
su'i-^AmEİ;  — ,  rura. 

ghyünâh-et,  ghyünâh- 


Since,  pr.  dan-bbri ;  — ,  c. 

chiinki,  aCcIjLc  mâdâmki. 

Sincere,  a.  samımı,  ^iLü^- 

hAkzkz,  hAkzkAtlz,  ^!l>- 

khâliss,  1^-3  bî-rıyâ. 

Sine,  s.  jbyb  ;  log.  — , 

n  i  s  sb  eti  -  j  by  b  iyy  e  . 

Sinew,  s.jS~i  sînyir,  <fAssaba. 

Sinful,  a.  (person) i  ghyımâhkyâr, 

âssim ;  (thing)  aL£  ghyünâh. 

Sing,  v.n.  ^J==> j  türku-chA- 

yAzrmak  ;  (birds)  atmek  ;  — , 

v.a.  cJvtl^ucd^liuı  maklmla-suwby- 

Singer,  5.  aJcJİ^k.  khânbndü.  [lumek. 

Single,  a.  (alone)  yAlmgzz ;  (jJJ 
tek,  tâk  ;  (not  double)  LU  l£iJ I» 

yXlmkAt  or  Cjl&^rib  yAlmykAt ; 
(unmarried)  jK-J  bîkyâr  (bbykyâr), 
<3^^°  müjbrred  ;  —  out,  v.a. 
âyrmak,  C-)  sbchmek ;  —  life, 

(bbykyarhk),  tbjrld, 



Singly,  ad.  yalznyzz,  mim- 

fbridan,  tbk-tek,jy  birEr- 

-birEr,  ybghyân-ybghyân. 

Singular,  a.  miifrbd  ;  j£!l>  yAlznyzz ; 

u— u \j£-  gharib,  < _ jUsT*  tuhaf,  < _ 

(  Âjâhb).  [^ii W1  tühâflik. 

Singularity,  CJ— mufrbdlik. 

Sinister,  oy^ursiz. 

Sink,  s.  Ajji  kurna ;  — ,  v.n. 

bAtmak,  ^ cL-j  kaynamak ;  — ,  v.a. 

bAtzrmak ;  (a  well) 
kAzmak ;  (a  die)  kAzmak, 

hâkk-et.  [âssim,  ^Assi. 

Sinner,  5.  ghyünâhkyâr,  ^3  \ 

Sir,  s.  ^Jûsl  efendim  ;  bby^. 

Sire,  s.  bl)  bAbA. 

•  • 

Siren,  s.  u£>lj)  ^izUjb-  jâzibbli-kAn. 

Sirname,  5.  uf<3 1  LLoli  fâmîlia-âdi. 

Sister,  fjL\Sij3j+i  kzz  -  karzndash 
(kârdash),  **  hbmshlrE, 

bAjz ;  eldest  — ,  4İj|  Abla  ;  wife’s  — , 
JjJlj  bAldzz  ;  husband’s  — , 

Sit,  u.w.  oturmak,  1  d^xi  ku‘*üd- 

-et ;  (in  council)  \  S'£-^[^°  mbjllss- 
-^Akd-et ;  (fowls)  (J-*j ^ 
kuluchkaya-oturmak ;  —  up  ;  0 

doy/iru  -  oturmak  ; - —  late, 

ghbch-oturmak  ; - 

all  night,  3 ^  bitun- 

-gheyjE-yatmamak  ;  —  in  judgment. 



[  296  ] 


Site,  s.  j>  ykr,  *sc  müvkz^,  J-sT5 
mahall,  müvz i“ . 

Situate,  Situated,  a.  (place)  vâkz“, 

kyâ‘in,  mevzu“;  (person) 

hâlda ;  situated  as  I  am, 
bünim -hâlimde,  ^uj 

#.Aİb-  bünim-bülunduyüum-hâlda. 

Situation,  5.  (place)  «Jy-c  müvkz*  , 

m&vzi“ ,  (JjsT0  mahall ;  (moral)  Jb>- 
hâl ;  L^İJb  hüy‘üt ;  (employ)  j.\  ysr, 

khzdmet  (hizmet),  U 

me'mürıyyet.  [^£-1  shesh. 

Six,  a.  Xltz,  L2^n«j  sitt,  sittff, 


Sixteen,  a.  on-Xltz. 

Sixth,  a.  Xltz'njz’,  sâdiss, 

shüshum  ;  — ,  5.  Xltz’da- 

-bir,  (j-uW  sudss. 

Sixty,  a.  jjiudl  Xltmzsh,  sitt  ün, 

sıttın,  shXsst. 

Size,  s.  biyukluk,  kzt"a, 

^.sP”  hXjm  ;  (height)  lJjİ  boy, 
klmet,  \  ündüm,  <±s  kXdd, 
bâlâ  ;  (glue)  tütkAİ. 

Skein,  s.  dümet. 

Skeleton,  »ü  kuru,  teshrîh  ; 

—  key,  mâymünjuk. 

Sketch,  tlssİAk-rüssim ; 

(in  words)  < _ ajjx. j  tej-Li*  kXbaja- 

-tâ“rîf  ;  — ,  v.a.  \  L  J  kXbaja- 

-rüssm  -  et ;  b _ HjXj  kXbaja- 

-tâ"rîf-et.  sikh. 

Skewer,  s  --?L^  kübab-shıshi. 

Skiff,  J  *b£ta  ^JusJ>-  khafîf-yül- 

Skilful,  a.  hunErli,  ^tai jX^c  ma'Vi- 

fütli,  JÜ  iısstâd  (üssta),^i>Uo  mahir; 
(physician)  jjjb>-  hâzik. 

Skill,}  himEr,  d— 3jX*>  mâ<frifüt. 

(JİJİaJ  (üsstalzk),  d^l^-o  mahâret; 
(medical)  bazâkXt. 

Skim,  v.a .  yuzundan-Xlmak; 

^Vi^^gdb  yhghini- Xlmak ; 

kâymayüznz*-Xlmak ;  (a  book) 
r3j^J=r  ghyüz  -ghüzdirmek  ; 
- — ,  v.n.  (as  a  bird)  bkk*^ 

y Ira  (or  <U  ya  süya)-hEmEn- 
-dokunarak  -  üchmak  ;  (as  a  boat) 

Skin,  s.  lSjlİ  deri,  Aİp-  jild  ;  (animal’s) 
pbsst ;  sheep  — , 
possteki;  whole  sheep  or  goat  — , 
*y!b  tulum ;  whole  ox  — ,  LüJcJo 
yedek  ;  — ,  v.a.  C^bcjy  J  yüzmek, 
JiAJtya  sbymak,  \^~s  selkh-et. 

Skip,  v.a.  (JkcÜjİ  Atlamak;  — ,  v.n. 

(jdj^  szchramak. 

Skirmish,  s.  «U  \s>-  cJj'upy 

charkhajzlarz'ny-chatzshmassz' ;  — ,  v.n. 
Ja>Lj  chatz’shmak. 

Skirmisher,  s.ji+zy-  charkhajiler. 

Skirmishing,  s.  chârkha- 


Skirt,  s.  ütek,  Jb<i  zeyl, 

dâmEn  ;  — ,  v.a.  jzwârznda- 

-61,  jbjcj  J  kurbunda-61. 

Skittish,  a.  ürkek,  oynXk. 

Skulk,  v.n.  ^S!L)\  Ishdan-kXch- 

mak,  hâyİAzlzk-et ;  CJ  *u)ju 

Skull,  s.  Ui  kXfa.  [ghızİEnmek. 

Sky,  s.  cJju  ghyük,  ^jy\  ghyük- 


[  297  ] 


-yüzü,  U.«5  sümâ  (pi.  sümâ- 

wat),  \  âssmân  ;  —  light,  <0  J 

(tüpE)-jamz  ;  —  rocket, 

C-biAi  hawa^-fishbnk  (fıshük). 

Slab,  <l>yb  pârcha,  lüvha,  kxsA 

Slack,  a.  ghüvshek ;  —  lime, 

szznmush-kirüch  ;  — , 



v.a.  ^*^=3  ghbvsliEtmek  ; 

Slacken,  v.zz.  ghbvshEmek ; 

— ,  v.a.  ghevshEtmek. 

Slag,  s.  ^Jsy^Sx^o  mâ^dEn-böku. 

Slain,  a.  Jijiiu!  mâktül. 

Slake,  v.a.  1  UW  ıtfâ-et. 

Slander,  5.  \j±i\  iftira,  ^jbx^J  bühtan, 
< _ kXzf ;  — ,  v.a.  \  \jû\  iftirâ-et. 

Slanderer,  s.  ^5>-l iftirâji. 

Slanderous,  a.  \  ıftirâ- 


Slang,  s.  chÂpkzn-lıssâni. 

Slanting,  a.  bghri,  ^,b  y<hn,  ^jp’b 

yatz*k,  l_>  ^yj\  ârkuri  (aykz'rz)  J5U 

Slap,  s.  sill  (siIe),  jbiJj  shamar; 

— ,  v.a.  j\aJ*  shamar-Atmak  ; 

— ,  ad.  ^bi.j’  tÂmÂm. 

Slash,  v.a.  lL)**— i  küssmek. 

Slate,  s.  ^-2jlbu5jb  yazz-tlshz ; 

jsCjsc,  siyah-niErmEr. 

Slattern,  a.  lJj\j  JLjI *a  pbk- 


Slaughter,  s.  ^Js  kzrzm,  aIc  kltlz  - 

'  Amm  ;  — ,  v.a.  cU-^  kessmek, 
zibh-et ;  zzldurmek. 

kltl-et ;  .  kzrmak,  IcJU 
^  A 

hülâk-et ;  — house,  a  j  1  ^  ^  sülkh- 
khânE  (sAl-khand). 

Slave,  s.  (male)  kyzzİE,  X&'A  bündd, 
&*£■  “âbd  ;  (female)  jU-  jariyyE, 
khXla'ik  ;  (concubine)  ^bjl 
üdalzk ;  —  (while  on  sale)  j+~*\  üssîr 
(yüssir)  ;  — market,  u^jb  üssır- 
-pâzârz  (yessir)  ;  —  dealer, 
üssîrji  (yessirjz) ;  — ,  v.n. 

(yüssir)  -ghibi-chÂİzshmak. 

Slavery,  essîrlik  (yes-), 

kyaldlik,  rzkkzyybt. 

Slay,  v.a.  aldurmek, 

kXtl-et,  helâk-et. 

Slayer,  s.  JJÜ  kltil. 

Sledge,  s.  kzzak  ;  —  hammer, 


Sleek,  Cl  •  sümiz,  tâviz. 

Sleep,  5.  *b _»!  uyku,  nevm,  C— 
khâb ;  — ,  v.n.  (JLoyy  uyumak  ; 

— ing,  asleep,  jjJjJj'  uyüyor, 
uykuda,  *jb  nâ‘im,  khâbldE; 

— less,  J-jybjl  uykussuz. 

Sleepy,  a.  üykussu- 

-ghİEİmish,  khâb  -  âlüd  ; 

(pear)  cJ chüruk. 

Sleet,  5.  sulu-sepken  ;  — ,  v.n. 

(Jaz b  ^yo  sülu-sepken-yây^- 

mak ;  Cİa--:  süpmek. 

Sleeve,  s.  kol,  yen,  or  cJy, 

y^n  g,  \  âssitîn,  kyümm. 

Sleigh,  s.  i  kzz^k. 

Slender,  a.  4^1?!  ınja,  ^jb  narin, 
yufka,  rakzk. 


C  298  ] 


Slice,  5.  dilim;  — ,  v.a.  £ 

kbssmek,  It)  J  dilim - 


Slide,  v.n.  kaymak ;  — ,  v.a. 

£  kaydirmak ;  — ,  s. 
ghechma-kÂpAk  ;  jl  kayda - 


Slight,  s.  hlkarkt ;  — ,  a. 

t— İJU-  khafîf,  «tsdJİ  inja,  yj  narin; 
- — ,  v.a.  blkmamak,  ^cUjL? 

saymamak,  hlkârht-et. 

Slim,  a.  tesil  ınja,  narin. 

Slime,  s.  cJyw  siimuk ;  j^cU-  charnur. 

Sling,  sap  An  ;  Isskf  ;  — , 

v.a.  (Jaj  \  &\A  s  ap  An  -  ila  -  Atmak ; 


Slip,  s.  kâyzsh,  <U.A £  kayma, 

L sui'chush,  Aj  zülİE  ;  (of 
paper)  shukka  ;  (mistake) 
yanydzsh  (yânish),  sehv,  lk^ 

khÂtâ ;  (for  ships)  issküİE  ; 

- —  of  the  tongue,  js\  Ighz- 

-yangili&hlighi  (yanishlk//d)  ;  — ,  v.a. 

o  kaymak,  *~j  surchmek ; 

— ,  v.a.  (j^ojtXjtlS  kaydırmak ;  —  in, 
V  .  Tt  .  ^urnJ  ghirivErmek  ; 


hghrayivErmek ; - ,v.a.(jJ^y^  'iya 

sokuvkraıek;  — out,v.ra. 
chilavErmek;  sawushu- 

v  hrmek  ;  klchmak  ;  - , 

v.a.  klchirmak  ;  —  on,  v.a. 

LlXsCj:\  y*£  ghiyivErmek  ;  —  off,  v.a. 

chikânvErmek  ;  — 

— ,  v.n.  chdavErmek  ; 

<*lXsCj£  y^y  sawushuvErmek  ;  — 

knot,  ilmik.  [CkS y  tkrlik. 

Slipper,  s.  (jivk  pâpüsh  (plbuch) ; 

Slippery,  a.  j\y  kayar,  kayplkh. 

Slit,  5.  jjjk  yank,  <L-c,h  yarma  ;  CLkJj 
dhlik  ;  (jJjl  yirtz’k  ;  *Jy  yirtmaj  ; 
— ,  v.a.  (Jyj^  yarmak  ;  yort¬ 
mak  ;  achmak ;  shakk- 

-et ;  — ,  v.n.  i^l>  yârdmak ; 

yirtdmak.  kotra. 

Sloop,  s.  CL£yjy£  kurvbt;  &j>\  îbrik ; 

Slop,  5.  J  dakyuİEn-su ;  — , 

—  over,  - —  about,  v.a.  C-kiÜbjt> 
dikmek  ;  — s,  s.  pi. 
lj j l.J j khlsstaya  -  yediriİEn- 
-chorhaj-  morba  ;  C-Ay  1  ^kik^-ok*- 
hlzzr- sltd An- hss wad  (essbAb) . 

Slope,  .9.  shbv ;  bayir  ;  - — ,  — 
off,  v.a.  llmak,  y+~i  sbbv- 

-yapmak.  [ma'il. 

Sloping,  a.  shbv ;  bayzr,  (Jjko 

Sloth,  s.  tbnbellik. 

Slothful,  a.  tbnbel. 

Slothfulness,  5.  tbnbellik. 

Slough,  s.  jyo charnur  ;  bltak, 

hltAklik ;  (of  a  sore)  L2^>~\yy 
jbrâhat;  — ,  v.n.  L 

Sloven,  s.  piss-gbbzEn-AdAm. 

Slow,  a.  jc\  Aghir,  yawlsh, 

blti ;  (watch)  ghbri ;  —  match, 

✓c  mahıtAb,  fitil» 

Slug,  s.  LlSppy  kXbuksuz- 

-sümüklü  -  bljek  ;  Jj2 



[  299  ] 


Sluggard,  s.  OUîİJ  dâ‘imâ- 

-uyur-üİAn-tünbel.  [uyumak. 

Slumber,  yüy  uyku  ;  — ,  v.n.  ^ 
Sly,  a.  shüytÂn,  j\£bL>-  hıİE- 

kyâr ;  on  the  — ,  £j£  ghizli- 

-ghizli,  1-oLsr'0  makhfiyyan. 

Smack,  s.  shamar,  sill  (siIe); 

lU^  lbzzbt;  yykoku;  (jpli*  kayzk ; 
— ,  v.a.  shamar  -  Atmak  ; 

(one’s  lips)  sbss- 

-ila-Ây/zzmz-yÂlamak.  [^**3  saghîr. 

Small,  a.  ufak,  ys^"  küchuk, 

Smallpox,  s.  Jlp  chichek- 

-‘‘illeti,  jüdürî. 

Smart,  a.  ijLaU+S  parlakja- 

-ghiyinmish;  4  .sr^b  parlakja,  yys^>- 

;  CJcj  tbtik,  müsstâ/'idd; 

sürt,  siki ;  — ,  s.  ^>-1  Ajz, 

vbja(<  ;  — ,  v.n.  Ajzmak. 

Smash,  5.  kanlzsh,  para- 

lamsh  ;  (bankruptcy) 

^ÜJİc-J^b  top- 

-Atzsh ;  — ,  v.a.  kzrmak, 



Smear,  v.a.  cX«jy*»  sürmek, 

Smell,  s.  y y  koku,  &ss?\j  ra'iha,  ciy 

buy ;  (sense  of)  <k«wjC^y  küvvüti- 

-shâmmE  ;  • — ,  v.n.  kokmak ; 

— ,  v.a.  (JpcisjS  koklamak;  ^yyy 

kokussunu  —  Aİmak; 

isstishmam-et ;  —  a  rat,  âL:>- 



Smelt,  v.a. 

^4  ma^drni-kAl-et. 

Smelter,  5.  kÂlji. 

Smelting,  5.  jJIj  kAl. 

Smelting-furnace,  s.  kll- 


Smelting-works,  s.  zübs-Hj  kÂlkhânE. 
Smile,  5.  iysk.  khâfîf-ghyülmE, 

tübüssum ;  — ,  v.n.  <— aJL>- 

khâflf-ghyiilmek,  tebüs- 

sum-et.  [darb-et. 

Smite,  v.a.  wurmak, 

Smith,  5.  tlmurjz  (düymirji), 

haddâd,^b.û>!  âhenghkr. 

Smithy,  s.  düymirji- 

-dükkyâni.  [chârpzlmzsh. 

Smitten,  a.  üftâdk  ; 

Smoke,  5.  ^yJ  tiitun,  ^LcjJ  dumÂn, 
J  dukhln ;  — ,  v.zz.  CXyy 

tütmek,  kiXoyj  ^Lc«  J  dumAn-vkr- 
mek,  dumÂm-chzk- 

mak;  (tobacco)  cJvfce^^yJ  tütun- 
-ıchmek,  chibuk-ich- 

mek;  - — ,  v.a.  tütsu- 

-  VErmek,  CLJw*Jy^*yy  tutsuMmek, 
tbdkhzn  -  et ; 

Smoking,  a.  dumÂni- 

-chzkan ;  — ,  5.  ^yy 

tiitun -ichmeklik.  [dumÂnli. 

Smoky,  a.  ^İJyy  tutunlu;  yjl^t> 

Smooth,  a.  düz,  jlyJb  hemvâr. 

Smother,  5.  (^)bo»<-5  yy  koyu  -  dumÂn  ; 
Jİ  <Üuc^JİİL^  pük-  szklzk-  (kâlabÂ- 

lik)  ;  — ,  v.a.  ^JL^-cy  boyamak  ; 

c ürtup-bÂssdzrmak. 

Smuggle,  v.a. 


[  300  ] 


ghyümrukdan  -  kAchz'rmak  ; 

Smuggler,  s.  JLc 


Smuggling,  5.  JU 


Smut,  5.  kurum-tanfissi. 

Smutty,  a.  kurumlu.  [-shehiri. 

Smyrna  (town  of),  5.  essmir- 

Snail,  s.  klbuklu- 

-sümuklu-büjek,  ^^iüLL?  sAlyankoss. 

Snake,  5.  yzlAn,  hayyfi,  jLo 

mar ;  (of  waterpipe)  mârpîch 


Snap,  s.  kzrzsh  ;  chakzsh ; 

(of  necklace,  &c.)  Acsr^jj  köpcha ;  — , 
v.n.  J*  .**  kzrzlmak,  kopmak; 

— ,  v.a.  kzrmak, 

koparmak ;  (a  pistol,  &c.) 
ch ekmek,  chakmak, 

szkmak ;  (one’s  fingers)  mi 

(j^4Jİ  parmak  -  chatz’rdAtmak  ; 

(one’s  fingers  in  one’s  face) 

LLXdj>  sakAİzna-ghyülmek,  cJvfiİJjJ 
zevkİEnmek  ;  —  up,  ^JUjU  kApmak  ; 
—  at,  ^ycyJ\  zssz'rmak,  L:>-  <kk^>j*a\ 

Snare,  s.  Jjy  or  tuzAk, 

dam,  AİL:>-  hıbâİE  (pi.  JjL^haba'il) ; 

aL.j>-  hzİE,  A  l)  dessissE ;  — ,  v.a. 

Snarl,  v.n.  khzrlamak. 

Snatch,  v.a.  kApmak. 

Sneak,  s.  sinsi. 

Sneaking,  a.  ^**i»*j  sinsi-ghibi. 

Sneer,  s.  isstihzâ,  jjs.*0  hijv  ;  — 

v.n.  1  ısstıhzâ-et,  I  hijv-et. 

Sneeze,  s.  Aksz'rzk,  Aksz'rzsh, 

A— Jac  "‘Atsa;  — ,  v.n.  Akszr- 

mak,  l^LJac  “Atsln-et. 

Sniff,  s.  li J  köklayish,  A.4.A  shemmE ; 

— ,  v.a.  (JUıziİy  koklamak. 

Snip,  s.  lSJc^Js  kzrkzndz ;  (tailor) 
or  tkrzi ;  — ,  v.a.  kzrk- 

mak,  kessmek. 

Snipe,  s.  yelvE-kushu,  Xjb 

yelvE.  [-yamayız ;  Alchak. 

Snob,  s.  ^cUj  kundurajz- 

Snobbisb,  a.  Alchak. 

Snot,  5.  sümük.  [bînî. 

Snout,  s.  burun,  uju!  bnf, 

Snow,  s.  jU  kAr,  bkrf,  ^  sblj  ; 

— ,  v.n.  j\s  kAr-yaz^mak  ;  — 

ball,  jXi  kAr-topu. 

Snuff,  s.  Ajut  bnfiyyfi,  su^üt ; 

(of  a  candle)  mumunp- 

burnu  ;  — ,  v.a.  j  burnunu- 

-  Aimak ;  —  box,  A.jD\  en- 


Snuffers,  s.  pi.  ç>yc  mum-mükassz*. 

Snug,  a.  rahat. 

So,  ad.  (absolutely)  aL  y  baylfi  ;  aL 
shüyİE ;  aL  *\  aylfi,  aUp-j y_  bii-wejbla; 
(in comparison) jSs  kAdar; — -,  c.A^ol^ 
bınâ'an  -“alüyh,  bınâbErîn, 

y  bü  -  sebebdan  ;  so  much, 
jJjtjJ  bu-kAdar,  shü -kAdar, 

ol(o) -kAdar;  - —  that,  aL^Ai 
A~z:  shzzyİE-ki. 

Soak,  v.a.  <— Aj \ya  suya- 


[  301  ] 


-kbyup-brâkmak,  > 

ghbreg^i  -  ghibi  -  zssİAtmak  ;  — ,  v.n. 
^ X^ya  suda- 

-  d  urup  -  gh  brbghi- ghibi  - z  s  sİ  Anmak  ;  — 
into,  cXi..s^ ichina-gh&chmek  ; 

—  through,  gh&chmek. 

Soap,  s.  ^,y>^  sabun  ;  — ,  v.a. 

sabunlamak ;  — wort,  chîıghmı. 

Soap-boiler,  ^ys^yL? 

sab  un- yapan- sâb  unji.  [-kyüpughu. 
Soap-suds,  5.  s^bun- 

Soar,  v.n.  uchup- 


Sob,  s.  •j^}  i  d^~-i.3 

dbtla  -  ichbri  -  chbkilmESsi ;  — ,  v.n. 

b  Aikc  Lc  \  Xghldi- 

Sober,  a.  (person)  (J.A  ay«k ;  jllftfi 
“Xkllz,  JjU  “ikzl ;  kXna- 

“atjz;  (thing)  A3İjl&xcl^3i  kÂnâ“atkyâ- 
rând  ;  (colour)  dunuk  ;  — ,  v.a. 

^J^xLJ  ayzltmak, 
Soberness,  Sobriety,  s.  ayzklzk. 

Sociable,  a.  ^~*3 \  hnîss,  < _ ?jîl  elüf, 

ll  tXtlz ;  — ness,  s  •  1  unsiyybt. 

Socialism,  c_î^2J  CJJ^I 

kz/atfu  -  bmwalin  - 
-  mushterbkan  -  tassaruf  -  olunmassi  - 

Socialist,  s. 

l jj\Si\Jb  ishtiraki  -  emwalin  -  ÜSÛİU- 

Society,  s.  Ckiil  ülfbt  ;  Llisk.1  ıktiİÂt ; 

î  ll  ( — \  âhb  âb  - 1  âkz'm  i ; 


jbm“iyybt ;  mbjliss  ;  (at  large) 

J.iljsT0. fjJ ljsr1°  mej âliss-ve-mahâfıl . 
Sock,  s.  C— kzssa-chdrab. 
Socket,  ^rru!  J  ghbchma- 

-dblighi,  (JJj  dblik,  j  yhr. 

Sod,  5. 


Soda,  5.  soda. 

Soda-water,  soda-vater. 

Sodom  (town  of),  bjî^-S>  shbhiri-lüt. 

Sodomite,  ^-L*J  lütî ; 

Sodomy,  5.  liwatE.  [kuİAmbara. 

Soever,  pro.  jib  hkr ;  whosoever, 
hbr-kim  ;  whatsoever,  <Üyî>  hkr-nE. 

Sofa,  5.  mindEr ;  (European)  <ül ii 

kânapb ;  raised  platform  for  a  — , 
jA-tf  sXdr  (sedir). 

Soft,  a.  yzmushXk,  nhm; 

(water)  ^JjlL  tXtlz. 

Soften,  u.zz.  yzmushamak  ;  — , 

v.a.  (jAjxJStyiJ  yzmushAtmak. 

Soil,  s.  (earth)  ^jjjb  or  jW^  toprAk, 
turlb ;  (dirt)  lhkk ;  night 
— ,  ^<3  \L.^  mbmshâ-müzâ- 

khrbfltz,  — ,  v.a.  kırİEtmek; 

— ,  v.n.  LLX**  kırİEnmek;  — ed, 
a.  kirli,  y  xQ  lbkuli. 

Sojourn,  s.  iklmet ;  — ,  v.n. 

so  mussâfirbtEn  -  kAlmak, 
kXlmak,  oturmak, 

İL^volil  iklmet-et,  sâkin-bl, 

jIaJU  mukzm-bl. 

Solace,  s.  tbssblli ;  \Â*a  sÂfâ ; 

— ,  v.a.  j  ^1~«3  tbsselli-vErmek, 

cJ  sCjiy  sAfâ-VErmek. 


[  302  ] 


Solar,  a.  ^  ^***<4ı +*)  shfemsı ;  —  system, 


Solder,  s.  ^  lehim ;  - — ,  v.a. 
lehimlemek ;  — ,  v.n. 

lehîmİEnmek.  \_jSJ  nbfEr. 

Soldier,  s.  j£.~+sz  <fÂsskEr ;  (private) 

Sole,  s.  (foot)  töbAn ;  (shoe)  s£ 
kyzzssdİE ;  (fish)  dıl-bÂ- 

lighi  (?),  pıssi,  Pıss*- 

-bÂİ igJıi  (?)  ;  — -,  a.  b  yAİznyzz, 
<Xi-2}b  £»[)  bAshlz’  -  bÂshzna, 

wâhid,  &>-\  öhöd;  — ,  v.a. 


Solemn,  a.  y\  a ghir;  <— QİC«  mükellef, 
mutAntan  ;  r^ssmı. 

Solemnize,  v.a.  \  ressmEn-ıjrâ- 

-et;  \  ressmıyyÂtznz- 

-ıjrâ-et.  [mak,  |jL3  nıyâz-et. 

Solicit,  v.a.  \  ip- j  rıjâ-et,  i^b  yAlvar- 

Solicitor,  \y£  dâ“wa- vekili. 

Solicitous,  a.  Jü^J j\  arzumbnd. 

Solicitude,  s.  ^  mbrak ;  JjUx-l! 
ıshtiylk ;  jjj\  43  khayr- 


Solid,  a.  ijUG  ybkpârE  ;  *&:*  muj es¬ 
sem  ;  kunt,  kAlz'n,  s\ 

Ighir ;  ^Lsr°  miıhkEm,  metin, 

cJ>y  kâwl,  Asv  musstâhkEm ;  — ., 

*  e 

5.  jıssm. 

Soliloquize,  v.n.  o 


Soliloquy,  s.  ^IbJj ^ 


Solitary,  a.  l^J  tEnhâ,  j£!b  yllmgiz, 
J$3b<ub  jâga-jllingiz  ;  zssszz. 

Solitude,  s.  tEnhâh*k, 

yÂlznyzzIzk ;  bbyâbÂn,  jir^ 


Solomon,  s.  suieymÂn. 

Solstice,  5.  C-Jİ&3İ  ınkzllb  ;  summer  — , 
. ^Sıiü!  İnkiİÂbi-seratÂn  ;  winter 
— ,  inkzİÂbz-jedî. 

Solution,  s.  (J,>-  hâil. 

Solve,  v.a.  hall-et. 

Solvency,  s. 

J[  Jci!  bi’l  -  jümİE  -  börjlerini  -  bdaya- 

Solvent,  a.j&'&o 


Sombre,  a.  yy  koyu ;  kÂranlik. 

Some,  a.  (one)  y  bir ;  (few) 

bl‘ ‘zz ;  (quantity)  j\  y  bır-Âz,  J\  &Loy 
bır-mıkdâr;  (number)  y  bır-kÂch; 
— body,  - —  one,  —  person,  ıj>y  biri, 
bırissi,  bır-ÂdAm,  y 

&+*+*£=>  bir-kimbssnE  ;  —  how,^ljJ y 
bir- (turlu)  ;  —  thing,  y  bir-shby  ; 
— -  time,  UjJÜc  mukÂddemâ,  UjLj 

sâbzkâ ;  —  times,  bAf<zffiı, 

bl**z*  -  khrrE,  —  what, 
bÂ^zz-mErtebE ;  — where, 
y  y  bır-yisro! ;  &<l>y  y  bir-yurda. 

Son,  s.  o^4ul ;  mâkhdüm  ; 

—  of,  Li oghlv,  y\  ıbni,  ifJİJ 
zâdn ;  —  in-law,  jUl  J  dâmâd ; 

step  — ,  j\  UYtbghi-bghul. 

Song,  5.  ^Sy  türkü,  sharkz, 


Soon,  ad.  châbzk,  1-J  tiz 

7  •  V  J  *• 

(tbz)  ;  I  would  as  soon  stay  as  go, 


[  303  ] 


J  &  <&?}  dXc.-^  ghitmek- 

-ila-kXlmak-bXnya-bir-dir ;  I  would 
sooner  stay  than  go,^*! 
j<A$u  ghitmekdan  -  issa  -  kXlmak  - 

Soot,  s.  iss.  [bXnya-ybyA-dir. 

Sooth,  s.  lz~*sLsl>-  hXklkXt ;  in  — ,  in 
good  — ,  hXklkXt,  dâuüsSl^s 


Soothe,  v.a.  tbsskln-et. 

Sophism,  s.  4L~ jLs  sXfsAta. 

Sophist,  5.  <&2~+&~3  sXfsAtflji. 

Sophistry,  5.  aLmJLj  sXfsAta. 

Sorcerer,  m.  Sorceress,  f.  s.  jXdl, 

sihrblz,  ^ghu]u  or 

\J?jW  buyuju.  [buyu. 

Sorcery,  s.  j^3  sihr,  buy^u  or 

Sordid,  a.  (chinghEni), 


Sore,  a.j^A  Xj*r,  %-^-j  vbjl"; 

darghrn,  jâm-s^kil- 

mîsh  ;  — ,  s.  Kj\^  yâr  a,  zâkhm, 

jitrh  ;  —  throat,  bbghAz, 

,  sUci-  khunnlk. 

Sorrel,  s.  kuzu-kulXyfo’. 

Sorrow,  s.  A  kkder,  blem,  djd 

dkrd,  LU  j  \ _ 3  kXssavbt,  u_2—o  U 

tb'bsssuf,  ghXm,  bndüh. 

Sorrowful,  a.  mukEddhr,  c JU*i. 


Sorry,  a.  mükEddEr,  i 

mutd'esssif ;  Us  fkna,  miss- 


Sort,  5.  durlu  (turlu),  sby, 

jinss,  yj  nbv<( ;  — ,  v.a. 


jinss-jinss-ayraiAk ;  — ,  v.w. 
wymak,  yârashmak. 

Sortie,  5.  tci/  wtyU.  *2  Ur3 

muhlssara  -  olunan  -“ass- 

Sot,  s.  lİ^o  bekri ;  — ,  v.n.  L-Jysg?) 

L~JjC^r\  ichub-ichub- 

Soul,  5.  jin,  rüh,  (jU^-  jbnÂn. 

Sound,  5.  sbss,  \Xo  sXda,  \\j\ 

âw âz  ;  (gulf)  'Jtj  S>  kyarfez, 

khallj  ;  — ,  a.  ^1*2  sâ gh,  *Lc.L? 

♦  -  .  ♦♦  '  * 
say^lam  ;  lyi ;  lS^s  kawl ; 

dinj  ;  *£sr°  muhkim  ;  (sleep)  js\ 

Xghir,  J  dbrin  ;  — ,  v.a.  Ak- 

chXlmak,  Ic—yi  darb-et, 

wtdurmek  ;  (depth,  &c.)  \  Jj  JcJiJ 

isskXndll-et ;  (persons) 

Xghzini  -  ybklamak  ;  — ,  v.w.  j! 

wtmek,  (JLXsCjl j  sbss-VErmek. 

Soundings,  5.  jo/.  xLJ  Jj  jj  l&J 

ye  ^Uîjl  isskXndil-ila-tahldk- 
-olunan  -  sû  -  derinliy/ii ;  to  take  — , 
(JjJoU-jI  isskandll-Xtmak. 

Soup,  s.  Ij j chorba. 

Sour,  a.  bkshi,  fjtJS  türsh ; 

— ish,  a.  L<  maykhosh. 

Source,  punâr,  punâr- 

bXshl,  *-■**'0  mbnbâ<c. 

South,  5.  jbnüb,  xLi*  kibla  ;  — , 

a.  jbnübl ;  — east,  tUİ^^.^=) 


Southerly,  a.  and  ad.  A  dLi*  kibla- 

Southern,  a.  jbnübı.  [ghibi. 

Southernwood,  s.  Jjjy İS  kyâfûrıyyE. 


[  304  ] 


Southward,  a.  and  ad. 

South-west,  s.  Jo  lodoss. 

South-wester,  lodoss ; 

j»  •  lodoss-rüzghyâri.  [ghibi. 

South-westerly,  a.  lodoss- 

South- western,  a.  wSlj  t&usjo 

Sovereign,  s.  $Lîbjb  pâdishâh, 

hukmdâr ;  (coin)  O  lira  ;  — ,  a. 

Sovereignty,  s.  hükyümet ; 

mılkiyybt ;  (JXhX  ısstiklâl, 
ısstibdâd  ;  dbvlet. 

Sow,  s.  .LjJ  dıshi  -  donsuz 

(domuz)  ;  — ,  v.a.  &a&\  bkmek, 
\^jj  zb/'-et. 

Space,  s.  j)t  ykr  ;  mahall, 

mbkyan  ;  ^Ju*o  meydin;  open — , 
achik-ykr,  (J-^  aehz*k- 

-mbvdln ;  oraltk;  absolute  — , 

khalâ  -  u  -  mblâ ;  absolute 
vacant  — ,  X>-  khalâ ;  —  of  time, 
LUSsc  muddbt,  arahh. 

Spacious,  a.  ghenish, 

wâssi“,  yzx~sy  vüss“ath‘,  achik. 

Spade,  s.  Jj  bbl, kyüıhk. 

Spain,  s.  Lj  L«o!  is  spank. 

Span,  s.  kXnsh ;  (of  thumb 

and  fore- finger)  sbrfi ;  (of  an 

arch)  knmEr,  actukh'k, 

wbtEr ;  (of  life)  lOjX*  müddet; 
— ,  v.a.  klrzshlamak ; 

X&+X*ay\  usstunda- 
-  kkmEr  -  ghibi  -  durmak  ;  \  djb  L&-1 

ihata-et,  ^JaW  Ilmak  ;  — -  new,  spick 

and  — -  new,  _ "V,  ybp-yenyi, 


Spangle,  5.  pul. 

Spaniard,  s.^LiLj  isspâniali. 

Spanish,  a.  y  Lj \^J\  isspaniali ;  - — ,  s. 

L«:  1  ısspânioljE. 

Spanish  fly,  s.  9  kunduz- 

-bu]bgh\ ;  —  liquorice, 


Spanker,  s.  (sail)  rlnda. 

Spar,  s.  (timber)  sbren ; 

chibuk  ;  (mineral)  Lh 
ma^dEn-tlshz;  - — ,v.a .  \^**J*J 

Spare,  a.  (extra)  cJ*X>  ybdek,  CJlibo 
yedeklik  ;  (superabundant)  <lL*3-S 
f  Azla  ;  fjLyi  bosh,  boshda  ; 

(lean)  L-i-xJ  zac<If,  zabun, 

(diet)  ^jy\  yaw  An,  j~*s-  b  yayAsiz ; 
— ,  v.a.  \  jkz  “ifv-et,  bâksh- 

-et,  Lj  bAy/«shlamak  ; 

y)&j\ö\  ıdâi’Eİi  -  kullAnmak; 
bssirghemek  ;  cJwc^->  y 
vkrmek,  vurE-bilmek. 

Spark,  s.  kzyMjîm,  Xjj-** 

shbrâr6  ;  (beau)  hoppa. 

Sparkle,  v.n ,  (JL<'îj\^  parlamak, 

SpaiTow,  s.  skrchE, 

skrchE  -  kuslıu,£  f<Assfûr, 
kyanjıshk  ;  —  hawk, 

Sparse,  a.  seyrbk.  [Itmaja. 

Sparseness,  sbyrbklik. 

Spasm,  s.  ısspâzmüss. 


[  305  ] 


Spatula,  s.  mAblAk. 

Spavin,  s,  shish. 

Spawn,  s.  bAİzk:-yzmur- 

tassz ;  — ,  v.n.  and  a. 

Speak,  v.n.  lâkz’rdz-et,  \p3 

tek&llum-et ;  — ,  v.a.  cJwtJjj*) 

siiwbylEmek,  dbmek. 

Speaker,  5.  ^LL^j  suwbylEyan- 

-XdAm ;  ^  jSj\  ^ki  nutk- 

-edEr-olan-AdAm  ;  j  rb‘îss. 

Speaking-trumpet,  s.  Jj y  ji.1  \ghz- 


Spear,  s.  mzzrAk,  ghârghz, 

Xjfj  nîzE ;  — ,  v.a.  1  j  \jj*> 


Special,  a.  <j<sU-  khlsss,  mâkh- 

süss,  ycaJsi*  mukhtAsss ; 

Speciality,  s.  khussüssiyy&t ; 

‘"ilmi-mâkhsuss,  ^Js 
^jsy^ik^  fEnni-mâkhsüss, 
istayak.^  sân^âtz-mâkhsüssa. 

Specially,  ad.  \*oya>-  khussüssâ,  L> 

Specie,  <a£3  nAkd. 

Species,  5.  y3  nbv“. 

i  M 

Specify,  v.a.  '^2 tâkhsîss-et, 

Specimen,  <ü*.*3  numüni  [zbrrE. 

Speck,  s.  leku ;  ^k£3  nbkta ; 

Spectacle,  s.  j+*c  sbyr ;  <U-~3 

sbyra  -  shâyân  -  nbssnE  ;  — s,  5.  pi. 
CJJj £  ghyazluk.  [Aftl-S»  shahid. 

Spectator,  s.  sbyrji ;  ^.kl3  nâzir, 

Spectre,  s.  d!L>-  khâyâİE. 

Speech,  s.  nutk  ;  4İikl .jCLJyS 

kuvvbti-nAtzka  ;  tekbllum. 

Speed,  s.  ghidish, 

sür“ât ;  — ,  v.a.  i. \*a  shgh- 

hTc-VErmek ;  — ,  v.n.  C«k*^==>  ghit- 
mek,  l>-  ch  âb  zk-gh  it¬ 
mek  ;  full  —  (of  a  horse)  }\p 


Speedily,  ad.  LL)-A>-  châbik. 

Speedy,  a.  dW.>-  châbik. 

Spell,  5.  buyAu  or  buyu, 

43l~il  bfsânE,  }\  bfsün  ;  — ,  v.a. 

ımlâssini  -  suwby- 

İEmek,  ımlâssini- 

-yâzmâk ;  cJvijisk  hbj6İEmek. 

Spend,  v.a.  khârj-et,  \u kyc  sârf- 

-et,  l( _ iyn^c  mAssraf-et,  bbzl- 


-et ;  (time)  (JlXscj yf?  ghbchirmek, 

\  j\yc\  imrar-et ;  —  itself, 

hzzz’nz’-Almak,  kuvveti - 

-kAlmamak:  — ,  v.n.  CJ«*K  i)  beli- 


-ghklmek,  nbfssi-ghEİ- 

mek,  mbny-inzal-et. 

Spendthrift,  s.  < _ Sy***  müssrif, 

uf  Jo  mırÂss-yedi.  [nutfis. 

Sperm,  s.  ^^0  mbny,  jj-.A3  nbfss,  <Uk3 
Spermaceti,  5.  bAlzk-nbfssi. 

Sphere,  s.  xj*  kyuru;  fblek  ;  by\^ 

Spherical,  a.  kyurevî.  [da'irE. 

Spherics,  s. pi.  \%j*  kaur^viyylt. 
Spice,  s.j\g  bâhâr;  (touch)  mays, 
jiy  kbku. 

Spider,  5.  wrumjek,  CL2*S±s. 

<fânk6büt;  — ’s  web, 



[  306  ] 


♦♦  * 


l?  tür  i- 



Spike,  knksEr;  — ,  v.a. 

,  £j\  knksEr-chakmak. 

O  V  J 

Spill,  v.a.  dakmek  ;  — ,  v.n. 


Spin,  v.a.  ey^irmek, 

ighzal-et ;  — ,  v.n.  iJLXajjJ  danmek, 
(J^\ jJy  fmld  Anmak  ;  (silkworms) 

Spinach,  s.  ısspânâk, 


Spindle,  s.  i gh ;  mil. 

Spine,  s.  ârka-kbmiyfö, 

önyurgha  (omurgha). 
Spinning-wheel,  s.  chzknk. 

Spiral,  a.  hbldzbni ;  —  line,  5. 

^JİJb  h&ldzon. 

Spire,  s.  <di  kullu  (kuhs),  in  in  are ; 

Xj\usc  minârE-kyülâbi. 

Spirit,  s.  ruh  ;  spirits,  erwah ; 

\j  rüh,  jyc-  “arak,  j  rakz. 
Spiritual,  a.  rûhÂni ;  lJ^x^c 

ma“ndvi.  [dan. 

Spirituous,  a.  (jA^cy  jy  “arak-nbv“in- 
Spirt,  ,yîj1  atish,  fzshkmsh; 

— ,  v.n.  Atmak,  (J^jALİ  fzsh- 


Spit,  s.  L^=  kbbâb-shıshi, 

sikh  ;  (of  land)  Jj  dil ;  — ,  v.n. 

Spite,  s.  nkfsâniyykt;  — ,  v.a. 

nkfsânıyykt-et ;  in  —  of, 
'ij&.+XsKs^Jb  hıch-bÂkmayarak  ;  in 

—  of  him,  LfcCj  b!  Anya-raghman. 

Spittle,  s.  tükruk. 

Splash,  o.  ^-yhj  zifoss ;  — ,  v.a. 

Jys^j  usstuna- 

-châmur-szchr  Atmak;  — ,  v.n. 

.✓V  v 

châmur-sichr Atmak. 

Spleen,  s.  (organ)  dALvk;  (passion) 
kAra-sevdâ;  ghÂzAb  ; 

merlk,  ussAnj,  0Ar>- 

JoJL*s>  jan-szkmdzssi. 

Splendid,  a.  \uc-j  ra“na,  )LAC-b  pkk- 
-a  la. 

Splendour,  rbvnAk, 

sAltAnAt,  tint  Ana,  <U  dbb- 

ddbE.  [t?.a.  cJv*l£=l  ekldmek. 

Splice,  5.  cJI  bk,  lSjİ^)\  bk-yuri;  — , 


Splint,  s.  kmkjz-Ay^Ap. 

Splinter,  s.  khurda ;  ,-*A-i.\ 

Ay/zAj  -kmndzssz, 
(kumbara)-kmndzssz ;  — , 
u.«.  kznndzssz- 

-hXsszl-ol ;  — ,  v.a.  I  Jyk-  khurd-et, 
khurd  -u-khlsh-et. 

Split,  s.  Jjjb  yarzk ;  — ,  v.a. 

varmak,  lıjJby  ehâk-et ;  — ,  v.n . 
cj^jV.  yanlmak,  (J.-< Aj'ly  chatlamak. 

Spoil,  s.  Uju  y  ay  4m  a,  gh  Ani¬ 

mat  ( pi .  ^jbi-  ghanâ^m),  c— -A~ » 
s&leb  ;  — ,  v.n.  y  bozulmak  ; 

— ,  v.a.  bozmak;  ^4Jy>  soy¬ 

mak,  \  Uii;  yâyAma-et,  ^CJ>jVc  ghâret- 
-et,  I  nfehb-et,  - i-o  sblb-et. 

Spoke,  5.  tbkerlbk- 

-pârmayAz,  parmak  ;  I’ll  put  a 

—  in  his  wheel, 


[  307  ] 


ben-Xn^a-bir- döl  Ap¬ 

Spoliate,  v.a.  \  lUj\z  j  <^$3  nöhb-u- 
-ghâret-et,  soymak. 

Spoliation,  s.  ^ jx) ya  söyghun. 

Sponge,  s.  Pi-1  sunghEr. 

Sponsor,  5.  J.J&  kefil. 

Spontaneous,  a. 


Spoon,  s.  (jJ# li  kXshik. 

Spoonful,  s.  kXshik,  ^-£>13» 


Sport,  s.  oyun,  öylknja ; 

Xv,  shıkyâr,  sâyd, 

CL?jL*ö  seyâdöt ;  — ,  v.a.  ^JmcUjj) 
öynamak,  Uj  j\  öynashmak  ; 


Sportsman,  5.  i  Xvji. 

Sportsmanship,  s.  XvjUik- 

Spot,  s.  X$3  lökE;  <tİ2İü  nokta,  ijjy 
bönek;  y  yicr,  mahall, 

mövkz^ ;  — ,  v.a.  U£i  lökE-et ;  — , 
v.n.  lkkEİEnmek  ;  on  the 

— ,  JJüls''0  mahallinda  ;  Jjis'*’ 
öl-mahallda ;  durdu ghu- 

-yhrda ;  SJu3İ  anıda,  y\ 

ö-sâ"at,  hömândöm. 

Spotless,  a.j~>&Q  lökEsiz ;  cJb  pâk. 

Spotlessness,  s.  CJJ lökEsizlik ; 
Pi  pakı. 

Spotted,  a.  j!x£î  lekEİi,^l£;j  benekli. 

Spotty,  a.  benekli. 

Spouse,  5.  zövj,  köja ; 

zfevjE,  kXri. 

Spout,  s.  emzik,  lili  ghâgha. 

UJJJİ  burun,  Js\  Ighz  ;  (pipe)  J^\ 
oluk;  • — ,  v.n.  ^J^oJULs  fzshkzrmak  ; 
— ,  v.a.  (j. — 4— * — i  fishkirt- 

Sprain,  s.  j  y  burkul  ush;  — ,  v.a. 

burkutmak;  to  be  sprained, 
(jA&jy  burkulmak. 

Sprat,  5.  hamsi-bXliy^f, 

«*>•  hamsi,  or  khamsi. 

Spray,  5.  (wood)  dXl, 

inja-dXl  ;  (froth) 

dön^izin^  -  yağmur  - 

Spread,  v.a.  u  yaymak ;  CJv* 
shrmek  ;  1  bÂsst-et  ;  \  jt J 

nöshr-et ;  — ,  v.n.  yâyilmak  ; 


Sprig,  5.  ınja-dâl. 

Sprightly,  a.  shönshûkh,  & 

förâh,  çjL- c  müfhrrih. 

Spring,  5.  (season)  j\y  bahar, 

EvvEİ-bâhâr,  ılk-bâhâr  ; 

(water)  J&y  (pun^âr), 
(pun^ar)-bXshi,  su-blshi, 

<JUjb(  ayazma,  sEr-chöshmE, 

mönba“,  yenbü“ ;  (lock) 

ol>  yay ;  (watch)  zenberek  ; 

(jump)  szchrayish,  (jÜj\ 

Atilish  ;  — ,  v.n.  sichramak; 

jAj]  Xtilmak  ;  fırlamak  ; 

nesh‘et-et,  ^^*3  n^b^-et ; 
hÂssil-öl,  İL^hî  t^r^ttub- 
-et;  — ,  v.a.  (a  mine)  <j^3t  Atmak; 
(a  mast)  \  Lîuj  sakAt-et ;  —  a  leak, 
İJ* 'o  X  “T ac~\ su-etme^^E-bXsh- 
Y  2 


[  308  ] 


lamak ;  —  up  (as  plants), 
sürmek,  chikmak. 

Sprinkle,  v.a ,  and  n.  ^  sbrpmek ; 
— ,  s.  s^rpish. 

Sprout,  s.  tomruk,  tom- 

rujuk,  j^s  filiz;  — ,  v.n. 
filiz- -sürmek,  cXcljli  filizİEnmek  ; 
<3**!*-  chikmak,  sürmek. 

Spun,  a.  üyfarilmish. 

Spur,  s.  (mahmuz)  ;  (mountain) 

kol ;  — ,  v.a.  mah¬ 
muzlamak  ;  tüshvık-et, 

L^Sscj&Ujji3  dürtushdurmek  ;  on  the 
—  of  the  moment,  bi-’l- 

bidâhü,  nSİjf t Üjbj  vühlk‘i-ülâda. 

Spurious,  a.  teei-Ls  sakhta,  yalkn. 

Spuriousness,  s.  jLSUj  kÂİplik. 

Spurn,  v.a.  1  £_i J â)jj lib*- l_j> 


Spy,  s.  jâssüss  (sh^shid)  ;  — , 

v.n.  jâssüssluk-et  (sha- 

shidlik) ;  —  glass,  dürbîn 

(dürbün) . 

Squabble,  s.  bökdAn-nizâ“; 

—■v.n.  bökdan-nizâ^-et. 

Squad,  s.  takzm. 

Squadron,  s.  (ships)  UiJjJ  dönanma, 
U.^3  As£lj\  inja  -  donanma  ;  (horse) 
cJjb  baluk. 

Squall,  s.  (wind)  Xjyi  bora ;  (child’s) 
l-£jL> ji  küchuk- 

-chojuy^ung-feryadx ;  — ,  v.n.  Ijb^i 
füryâd-et,  XyAlamak. 

Squander,  v.a.  lı _ issrâf-et, 


Square,  s.  mürübba  ;  (houses) 

Jju*  meydin;  (carpenter’s) 
ghyünya ;  — ,  a.  l5jC.^o  döyAru, 
ghyanya ;  dart-kyashfi  ; 

,  v.n.  uymak, 

doy^ru-ghMmek ;  —  accounts,  v.a. 

CİX*«Lİj  hissâbİEshmek ;  we  are 

♦  * 

— ,  lJ A*! [sj+£s>-  Xj.\ j <—r*j  \  lh’p-VEr4- 
j  4y4imiz-kAİmad/. 

Squash,  v.a.  cXcjl  ezmek. 

Squeeze,  s.  sddsh ;  — ,  v.a , 

sikmak.  [(satire)  ysf*  hijv. 

Squib,  s.  (firework)  c^UjbUî  mâhitlb ; 
Squint,  s.  jLâlfc  shasbîlek ;  — ,  v.n. 

shashz-ol ;  —  eyed,  ,^-Sil4 


shashi,  ahvEİ. 

Squire,  s.  la!  IghA. 

Squirrel,  s.  ^^3  tüyyün. 

Squirt,  s.  &u‘Â=>-  hokna  ;  — ,  v.a. 

fishkertmak;  — ,  v.n.  (JsOj&JLs  fzsh- 

Stab,  s.  ^g*sXj\jt  khÂnjar-yarasse ; 

— ,  v.a.  ıJscj j \ khÂnjar-ila- 

Stability,  5.  mütânüt,  CbLS 

skbât,  isstihkyâm. 

Stable,  s.jj£-\  Akhfr,  <&yo  tavla, 
ısstkbl ;  — ,  a.  sabit, 

metin,  müsstahküm. 

Stable-boy,  Stable-man,  5.  (^l4J^r~*İLî 

Stack,  s.  y'tghin,  kyümu ;  — , 

v.a.  ylghin-et. 

Staff,  s.  (stick)  cJojJ  düynek,  1-2X:  j 
“assü  ;  (body  of  assistants)  i 


[  309  ] 


lJjJjjsc  Uo  mâ(<ıyyit  -  mi'mürİEn  ; 
(army)  irkyâm-hârb. 

Stag,  5.  ghiyik. 

Stage,  s.  (of  a  journey)  menzil ; 

(of  transition)  hâl,  kirtE  ; 

(scaffold)  ısskeİE ;  (of  a  theatre) 
<La^o  manAsse,  oyun- 

julanny-ykri ;  (theatres  in  general) 
Lylj  tiyatrolar;  —  over,  v.a.  <&LJ\ 
jubis  ıssk^İE- kurup- 


Stage-coach,  s.  minzil- 


Stagger,  v.n.  cJvd  XX*~3  sindelimek, 
yikdajak  -  61  ;  — ,  v.a. 

zidEİkmek  ;  ji-  ^jLS 
LLkojlj  sibâtina-khaİEİ-VErmek. 

Stagnant,  a.  durghun, 

râkid ;  irkilmish ;  (market) 

4>L-^  kissâd. 

Stagnate,  v.n.  ^oUi!  Xkmamak,  LLXa£j\ 

irkmek,  irkilmek, 

durmak,  durghun-61,  j\ 

rakid-61;  (market)  jl  kissad-61. 

Stagnation,  s.  irkmE. 

Staid,  a.  timklnli. 

Staidness,  s.  timkln. 

Stain,  s.  likE  ;  — ,  v.a. 

likEİEmek  ;  likü-et ;  — ,  v.a. 


Stair,  5.  bkssamak, 

dirijE  ;  — s,  pi.  — case,  s. 
nirdibln  (mkrdivEn). 

Stake,  5.  (wood)  kXzIk ;  (wager) 

bâhss ;  — ,  v.a.  bahss- 

-et ;  at  — ,  tihlikudE, 

iO^Llsr0  mukhltarada. 

Stale,  a.  CI^Lj  bayat ;  esski  ; 

— ,  v.n.  j  klshanmak. 

Stalk,  5.  L— >w?  SAp  ;  — ,  v.n.  i** 

yürümek,  ghizmek ;  ku- 

Stall,  s.  khâni,  J  yisr.  [rulmak. 

Stallion,  s.  CL>\  At,  jkA  âyghir. 

Stalwart,  a.  Jjy?  j  J  \  l_5*j 


Stamina,  s.  kuvvet. 

Stammer,  v.n.  piltik- 


Stamp,  s.  UxiJ  (dXmgha) ;  — ,  v.a.  \xaj 
dAmgha-wurmak  ;  (in  a  mill) 
2ffcX£=^-jJ>  dibikda-day^mek  ; 
(under  foot)  chinkmek, 

âyak-Aİtma-llmak  ;  — , 
v.n.  (with  the  feet)  (tipin- 

mek),  j)\j\  âyak-chÂlmak. 

Stanch,  a.  lJjS  kawl,  mitin. 

Stand,  s.  (pedestal)  jW  ayak  ; 

kyursl ;  (stall)  ^£=y~>  sirghi  ;  (of 
arms)  JJui  <faded,  dxLi*  kit^a;  (op¬ 
position)  mukÂvimit;  — , 

v.n.  durmak  ;  (on  foot)  afjJbl 

j  âyakda  -  durmak  ;  (bear) 

dayanmak ;  chik- 

mek,  tahammül  -  et ;  (be 

situated)  olmak,  waki**- 

-61 ;  (a  course,  a  ship)  cXi^i=> 
ghitmek,  y61-tutmak  ;  (be 

permanent)  Cd^ı*«:  sürmek,  j\ 
pâydâr-61 ;  —  for,  dilalet-et; 

Jjo  bidel-61,  makÂ- 


C  310  ] 


mmda-kâ'im-öl ;  mâ^nâ- 

ssmda-öl;  (an  office)  jb _ tâlib- 

-öl ;  —  in,  (cost)  olmak ;  (a 

ship)  i&sj&js  kÂraya -yaklash- 

mak  ;  — -  off,  chbkilmek  ; 


(a  ship)  achelmak ;  —  one’s 

ground,  —  out,  j\^iXazj\j  sâbit- 
kldEm-ol,  Lb  dayanmak ;  — 

sentry,  y  nübbt-bbkİE- 

mek ;  —  stili,  durmak, 

kirmldAnmamak;  —  up, 
âyayAa-kÂİkmak ;  lJjCjs 
MoyJ  dbyfau-durmak ;  —  —  for, 

vıkâyE-et,  U _ ^*2-’  tassahhub- 

-et ;  ısstEmek ;  —  on  end, 

cJ  dikilmek  ;  to  come  to  a  — 

still,  J^c ^  J  durmak, 
pussulayi-shashz'rmak,  ^£*513  kÂlmak. 

Standard,  jjWus  sXnjak,  Az  ^âİEm, 
Ijl  liwa,  bayrak,  £;Job  bândara; 

(of  weight,  &c.)  “ayar,  jLx.« 

milyar,  mızÂn,  J\Js  kÂrâr ;  (in 

machinery)  ayak ;  (tree)  ^  %j^\ 
jj&yS  uzun-kyiituklu-A^^Aj ;  — 
bearer,  bâyrakdâr. 

Standing,  5.  LZ^sLa  sifât ;  <U5;  rütbE ; 
j\zxz\  i^tibâr  ;  (in  time)  ö  kidbm; 
— ,  a.  ^jJ>y  âyakda,  *513  ka*  im  ; 

JUSJU  kAlkimsh ;  (permanent) 
dâ*imî,jljüb  paydâr  ;  (water) 
durghun,  Ailj  râkid, 

Staple,  s.  (iron)  c5^£b  kyupru  ; 
(mart)  charshz,  ^bj  kÂp  An ; 

(of  wool,  &c.)  Ljy  boy ;  — ,  a.  cJjy 

biyuk,  te^jb&b  blshhja ;  L}*a\  Xssl, 
1)1  ana. 

Star,  s.  JaL  yildiz,  psf'  nbjm, 

kEvkkb,  &jt~i  sitarE ;  (of  knighthood) 
JcJ  nishln ;  (person  of  eminence) 

Starboard,  s.  jjbcLo  slnjak, 


Starch,  s.  UlJ  nishlssta  (<U«~,L) 
nishbsstE,  a  deposit  ?)  ;  — ,  v.a. 


Stare,  v.n.  .  iuibcJjJ  dik-bXkmak, 
p&k-bXkmak ; 

Stark,  ad.  bitun. 

Starling,  s.  s?yfo*rjek. 

Start,  s.  sichrayish ; 

kbpush,  chikish ;  Ja** 

mbydln ;  — ,  v.n.  (jump) 
sichramak ;  (in  motion) 
chikmak ;  (J^y  kbpmak ;  to  get 
the — ,  ilbri-dbprEnmek 

(or  davranmak) ; 

ghbrida-brakmak ;  — ,  v.a. 
c j  IL^>  chikârmak  ;  (game) 
(J* c j  Aİli  klldermak ;  (water) 
dükmek,  t>y  bosh  Atmak  ;  (the 

anchor)  oynatmak,  ^A-j  J 

dib  dan- ayrın  ak. 

Startle,  v.a.  cJ  ta^ajjub- 

-btdirmek,  hâyrÂn-kff- 

mak ;  korkutmak; 

^^ojAjb jl  birdan-birE- uyandırmak. 

Starve,  v.a.  çJa3\jİ^i  aj-brâkmak,  ^ 
(J~<y  aj-kbmak;  - — ,  v.n. 


[  311  ] 


ajhkdan-wlmek ; 

ojkk-chekmek ;  —  to  death,  v.a. 

<04r£\!y  Minj  ey  a-kldar-  aj  - 

-komak ; - ,  v.n.  (jAkİp-l 

ajh'kdan  -  âlmek  ;  —  with  cold, 

i£)Ssj£.ya  sby^ukdan-wlmek. 
State,  s.  (condition)  hâl;  (govern¬ 
ment)  devlet,  hü- 

kyümet;  (pomp)  SAİtAnlt, 

dJhls  tlntAna,  4jjuJ  d^bd^bn, 

•  • 

Hay  ;  — ,  v.a.  CJ — dernek, 

suweylumek,  IjJ JO  tlkrır-et, 
bkyân-et,  \J>1  zikr-et ; 

Statesman,  s.  mudbbbiri- 


Station,  s.jl  ykr,  (J-sr0  mahall;  J \ju*> 
menzil,  i-J&yo  mbvkif;  Jo.  hadd, 
<bl )  pâyE,  âJjj  rütbE;  — ,  v.a. 
komak,  brâkmak, 

Stationary,  a.  sabit.  [tât£yîn-et. 

Stationer,  s.  kyâyAidji. 

Stationery,  s.  ^-jdîylc  *li  Acb== 

Statue,  s.  ji yaJ  tXssvir, 

Stature,  s.  lSjJ  boy,  lp^*c\s  kÂmet,  J i 
kÂdd,  îb  bâlâ. 

Status  quo,  s.  »js  ısstâtü-kuö. 

Statute,  s.  ^jU  kânun,  Vi&j  nızÂm. 

H  ' 

Stave,  s.  fzchz-tâkhtassi. 

Stay,  s.  durush,  klh'sh, 

ıkÂmet ;  (prop)  dbss- 

tek,  »Lb  dayak,  iJCjb  pâybndk ; 
(moral)  rükn  ;  e1,  J  &>  ghyüz  ; 

jfjj9 tutar  -  kol  -  ghyârur- 
-ghyâz;  (of  a  mast)  ısstrâlya; 

— s.  s.  pl.  korsbta  ;  — ,  v.n. 

durmak,  kılmak, 

oturmak,  bybsnmek ;  (a  ship) 

b  m»!  orsa  -  alabanda  -  et ;  — 

one’s  hunger, 

i*l 5*1/^  sXfray*- 



Stead,  s.  bMel ;  in  stead,  )Jjq 

bedeİEn,  ykrina. 

Steadfast,  a.  mbtânbtli, 

sâbitkldEm,  ybv>b  pâydâr. 

Steady,  a.  uSy  kâwî,  jLs?*  muhkEm, 
j\j3  klrâr,  bır-diıziyu ;  jctJjA 

(thrum âz) rbkyâkut- 
-ghyasstErmaz  ;  (in  character)  \ 
bmın,  mü£<t6med,  usslu, 

j*.*i  temiz  ;  — ,  v.a.  ya  tutmak, 
1:j  6ynamassmi-mbn<<-et. 

Steak,  s.  uJJuöb  kyâl-bASsdî. 

Steal,  v.a.  chllmak,  ij~s 

sırkAt-et,  jPj\  öy^rulamak  ;  — , 

v.n.  khirs?‘zkk-et,  > 

sirklt-et;  (move  quietly)  4-1 J  4.^1 

ussülla-hâr^kEt-et ;  — in, 
ill yaj\  ussülla-ghırmek;  —  out, 
^♦Ju^4İb*2}l  ussülla-cb«kmak ;  — 
on,  ya\  ussülla-ghbchmek  ; 

time  steals  on, 

yââwAsh-wAkzt-ghbchiyor ;  — 
away,  sıvishmek,  4İJj*s| 

\*a  ussulla-sawushmak. 

Stealth  (by),  ad.  ghizli-ghızli, 

aljUW  klchamakla,  İ-ick.  İp  'âla- 

v  «• 



[  312  ] 


Steam,  hughu,  jlssT  bukhar, 

jyJj  vapor  ;  —  engine,  jy>\) 

vâpor-chârkhi ;  —  boat,  —  ship,j^> 
vapor,  charkh-ghemissi ; 

locomotive  —  engine, 
vapor  -"arabassz ;  — ,  v.n. 

(jsû L>-  buy^ussu-chikmak  ; 

charkh-ila-ghitmek ;  — ,  v.a. 

buy^  uya-ghy  asstEr- 
mek ;  buy^u-ila- 


Steed,  5.  At,  l— bssb. 

Steel,  5.  chblik ;  (for  striking 

fire)  i  kAv-chakmay^i ;  (of 

a  flint  lock)  karshlh'k  ;  — , 

v.n.  chelik-küssil- 


mek;  — ,  v.a.  chülik- 

■J  V 


Steelyard,  s.  kXntar. 

Steep,  a.  dik ;  — ,  v.n. 

suda-yatmak ;  — ,  v.a. 

Steeple,  s.  ^cL-K*  kilissE-kuİESsi. 

Steer,  ^  gh&nj-bby^a, 

ghenj-akyuz  ;  — ,  v.a.  kul- 

İAnmak  ;  LLXojjt  ghywturmek ;  — , 
v.n.  durnkn-kullÂnmak; 

(as  a  ship)  dümün- 

-dinylfimek  (dlnfimek)  ;  (a  course) 



Steersman,  s'.  dümEnji. 

Stem,  s.  fjJjzt  kyiituk,  ghuwdfi  ; 

(of  straw,  &c.)  sip  ;  (of  a  ship) 

fjL\)  bksh-bodosslamassi ; 
— ,  v.a.  karshi- ghitmek. 

Stench,  s.  yiji  Ui  fkna-kbku, 

tö^âffun,  râihâ'i- 


Step,  s.  aJ  Jİ  Âd2m,  khXtvfi  ;  (of  a 

ladder)  ^t^a\  i  bXssamak,  vW  ayak  ; 
(of  a  door)  üshik, 

âssitân ;  (of  promotion)  <Ljj  rütbE, 
dbrbjfi  ;  (of  a  mast)  lit 

j)  ana- direy /hny-b  ASsdz'yAz- 

-ykr ;  — ,  v.n.  ayak- Atmak; 

cf^vjy  ^  yak  -  blssmak  ;  (walk) 
yürümek ;  — ,  v.a.  (a  mast) 
ykrina-bturtmak  ;  — 
aside,  J.  bir  -  tarafa- 

-chükilmek;  —  back, 
ghbri  -  ghitmek  ;  ghbri- 

-ghklmek ;  —  down,  C^Lkil 
Ashay^e  -[bnmek  ;  — -  forward,  j J^A 
ileri-ghhlmek ;  —  in, 

ıchüri-ghEİmek ;  —  out, 
LlX'-cjj CJjb»-  châbfk  -  yürümek  ; 


—  over,  JjVc^Jİ  Atlamak;  —  up, 

(JASU&-L yukan-chikmak ;  — 
this  way,  tâja y  bü-tarafa- 

-buyuruny ;  — ,  a.  J\  üwüy4i ; 

—  son,  üwüy/d-oghul ; 

—  daughter,  üwüyfö-kiz ; 

—  father,  üwüyfa-bAbA  ;  • — 

mother,  üwüyfa-ana. 

Steppe,  kir. 

Sterile,  a.  (animal)  ldssir;  (land) 

bhayrslz,  chM;  (plant) 


Sterility,  s.  csjt-*3  kisslrh’k ; 


[  313  ] 


khâyrszzlzk ;  (jr mâhsül- 
s  uzluk. 

Sterling,  a.  hAkîkî,  khâliss. 

Stern,  s.  kzch ;  — ,  a.  Cy  skrt, 
skrt-khuylu, y\.s>-\j^o  JoJo- 
hadîd-mizâjK ;  — post, 

Stern-chaser,  s.  yb  ^3  kzch-topu. 

Stethoscope,  s.  slnE-bln. 

Stew,  5.  yahni;  (of  fruit)  te*ay»cy 

kdmpossta  ;  — ,  v.a.  pishir- 

mek ;  yahni  -  yapmak ; 

— ,  v.n.  (JLXaLj  pishmek;  to  be  in  a  — , 
y  korkmak,  j!  y  korkussu- 
-öl;  — s,  5.  pi.  kyâr-khânE. 

Steward,  s.  kbtkhudâ  (kyâya)  ; 

(ship’s)  khidmetji  (hiz-). 

Stick,  dbynek,  chibuk, 

\*a£>  **ASsâ  ;  — ,  v.a.  < _ >*;  îbUö  sW1 

•  /»♦  ♦/  ^  V  ♦ 

«Aİj!  bzchXk-sAplayup-aldurmek ; 
< — ty)bL>  vlc^T  bzchXk  -  sa- 
playup-yâralamak ;  — ,  v.w.  ^JaJLA) 
yapzshmak,  (jAJyb  tutmak  ; 

J^JU  yapzshzp  -  kXlmak  ;  —  at, 

gh^ri- durmak  ;  —  by,  çjyAdy}  âynl- 
mamak;  —  in,  v.a.  sdkmak; 

JhJüL*  sÂplamak ;  —  — ,  v.n. 

5bl«tf  slplanmak  ;  —  out, 

(jyo\y.y\  dzshan-oy^ramak. 

Sticky,  a.  yapishkXn. 

Stiff,  a. y^S\  ^Mmaz,  [^jy  kltf,  CUy 
skrt ;  smk-ghibi,  ^ 

tâsh-ghibi ;  ^.^Üİlİ  kÂlkımsh ;  (in 
manner)  /yyy  soyduk. 

Stiffen,  v.n.  phkishmek, 

kÂtzlashmak  ;  kXlk- 

mak ;  tAsh-kessilmek. 

Stiffness,  s.  byMmazlik. 

Stifle,  v.a.  J'+z-y  hbghmak. 

Stigma,  5.  lbki. 

Stigmatize,  v.a.  tâ*  *ylb  -  et, 

I  ^Sj  tÂkblh-et,  1  kldh-et. 

Stile,  s.  y+ 3jycy  parmak-kXpz. 

Still,  a.  d-^Ls  sâkit ;  ^£Li  sakin ; 

duryAun, sbsssiz- 
-sÂdâssz’z  ;  } — * — jr^  bar^kktsiz  ; 
L^-o*4 j  rahat,  CiJ  tbk  ;  — ,  s.  (J.y  \ 
inblk ;  — ,  ad.  yine  (gbens)  ;  ^l>- 
hâlâ,  hâlâ-yın6  (gbbnn)  ;  — , 

v.a.  tbsskln-et;  ^jyojXay 

sussdurmak.  [CjJ j^i^harekktsizlik. 

Stillness,  s.  ciUj— ; — ^  sesssizlik  ; 

Stimulate,  v.a.  1  yZJ  tbsbvik-et. 

Sting,  s.  <&£j\  ıghnû,  dikEn,  j\ z*. 

khâr ;  (pain)  Ap,  yyy  vbja“; 

— ,  v.a.  (j.+Sya  sokmak; 

Âjztmak  ;  — ,  v.n.  (JjA+pA  Âjz’mak. 

Stinginess,  s.  J^Lxa^  tÂma**kyârlik. 

Stingy,  a.  khâssîss,  J&xsb 

tAma(<kyâr,  jimri, 

(cbinghEni) . 

Stink,  s.  yy  Li  fkna-kbku,  {iy^  tâ“âf- 
fun,  ty'J*£csr\j  râ'ihâ^i-kerîhE ;  — , 
v.n.  Li  fena-kokmak  ;  — ,  v.a. 

(J.+jyy  Li  fima-kbkutmak ;  —  out, 
yy  lii  fkna  -  kdku  -  ila- 
kAchzrmak  ;  —  aloud,  Li 


Stinking,  a.J^y  Li  fkna-kokar. 


[  314  ] 


Stint,  v.a.  \ hadd-tâ^yîn-et, 
liASsr-et;  without — bila- 

Stipend,  5.  U^o  ma“ash.  [-hAssrin. 

Stipulate,  v.a.  meshrüt- 

-kilmak,  U!jliu>  muklvbİE-et,  U>> 
kÂvl-et ;  — ,  v.n. 

shârt-shiırût-bÂy  damak. 

Stipulation,  5.  \sj&>  shârt ;  Jly  kkvl, 
4İ^liu>  mukÂvbİE. 

Stir,  s.  ghyaruldu,  LJûJb\j 

pAÜ'rdi ;  telâşlı ;  — ,  v.n. 


hârbkut-et ;  — ,  v.a.  (^-^jJu-SbjU 

Stirrup,  üzknghi,  C—?^ 

rıkyâb  ;  —  leather,  ^İjlS 

Stitch,  v.a.  c3v4^jJ  dikmek. 


Stock,  s.  (wood)  cJy*  kyutuk, 

odun;  (flower)  lJj  ***yb  shebbuy ; 
(for  grafting)  lJ  I  ana ;  (of  an 
anchor) ,  chıpo ;  (in  trade) 

öAsOjmİ  sErmâyE,  &s\*Â)  bizara ; 
(funds)  sbhîm ;  Jİ y !  îrâd ; 

khÂzınE  (hÂzna)  ;  (for  the 

neck)  ^J.\ı  y  boyun  -  b\ghi  ; 

(race)  soy,  *L*Lj  sılsiİE ; 

(store)  Jyyyo  mbvjüd ; 
zâkhırE ;  ıhtiyât- 

-tbdâruku;  (of  a  gun) 
kundAk;  — ,  v.a. 
l&wazimattnt  -  vkrmek,  do¬ 
natmak  ;  —  out,  v.n.  dallan¬ 
mak;  stocks,  tbmruk ; 

(for  ships)  jî! ji  kizÂk. 

Stockade,  s.  \j&  shâranpo  ;  — ,  v.a. 

shâranpo -chbvirmek. 

Stockbroker,  s.  lJj  j  4^2^ 


Stockholder,  s.  j  <Ua2>- 


Stocking,  5.  c— >1 jy>-  chörap. 

Stoker,  s.  ^JJİ  ^  vâporin- 


Stomach,  s.  kârn,  X&xso  mi^dE, 

j*^-2b  shıkem  ;  — ,  v.a.  yutmak, 

\  JyJ  kAbül-et,  \,^.aos?  tahammul-et. 

Stomach-ache,  s.  ^ysrL?  sÂnji. 

Stone,  s.  ^  pfrt  Vb  tâsh  ;  hkjar,  Ck- 
sbnk ;  (testide)  ^LiblL  tAshak, 
khâya  ;  (of  fruit)  cJ  chbkirdek ; 
— ,  v.a.  ^J^dLSblL  tlshlamak, 
rbjm-et;  (fruit) 

(J^j\'sus>-  chbkirdeklbrini-  chikârmak ; 
— ,  horse,  Cbi  At,yk>l  âygtıir. 

Stoning,  s.  rbjm ;  dJL>- 

ju>-  cheldr  deki  brinin  g  -  eh  i  - 

kânlmassz.  [tksh-ghıbi. 

Stony,  a.  tAshlzk  ;  ^-J== 

Stool,  s.  isskkmni  (isskkmİE)  ; 

(of  the  bowels)  “aiueI ;  to  go 

to  — ,  “ÂmEİ-et, 

J>-  dishan-ehikmak. 

Stoop,  s.  bghilish,  yJ  Vs  kÂn- 

burluk  ;  — ,  v.n.  edilmek ; 

kÂnbur-ol ;  (morally)  \ 

Stop,  s.  durush,  yÜÖ  kÂh’sh ; 

kbssilish,  mbn“ ;  (in 

reading)  durAk-ykri ; 


C  315  ] 


— ,  v.n.  durmak, 

kAlmak,  CiLdbl  üyİEnmek ;  — , 

v.a.  (J durdurmak, 

Ah'komak ;  \  zAbt-et, 

tutmak ;  ^JUoliûL  tıkamak ;  \ 
m&n  et,  anyunu- Almak, 

küssmek ;  j\  ^lJU>  mâni-<fol. 

Stoppage,  5.  mâni*4 ;  mün'*; 
süddE,  ^jdü3  liLb  tzkAmkhk. 

Stopper,  5.  —I iüs  txkAj,  <blL  tApa. 

Store,  5.  (of  provisions)  zAkhlrE ; 

(of  necessaries)  müvjüd, 

Aj  tedârukyât,  bids»-!  ihtiylt ; 
(magazine)  j  L-J  \  anbâr  ;  (shop) 
^  L^=  A  dükky  ân  ;  — ,  v.a. 

(J^o jAİjt  ajjUjlj!  lüwâz«mÂtla-döl- 
durmak;  — up,  — away,  v.a. 
saklamak,  1  lbfz-et,  1  j\*j\  jA  dkr- 

anbâr-et ;  to  set  —  by,  cXoy-j 
skvmek,  jjz  “Azîz-tütmak  ; 

— s,  CuLcj^î  lüwâz2mÂt, 

Storehouse,  s.  makhzEn. 

Storekeeper,  s.  ol  jlJİ  ânbâr-ümmi. 

Storeroom,  s.  jlJİ  anbâr, 

mâkhzEn ;  (closet)  jM=  kzlâr 

Stork,  s.  l&y^lek.  [(kıİEr). 

Storm,  s.  fertma,  bora  ; 

(assault)  yüruyush, 

hüjüm;  — ,  v.a.  \  yuruyush- 

-et,  hujüm-et ;  — ,  v.n.  1^1  A 

dAnlmak,  bay/fo'rmak ;  to 

take  by  — ,  *Lij  jj  yüruyushla- 

Stormy,  a.  f«rtmali.  [-Aimak. 

Story,  s.  (tale),  Jl^c  juAssaI, 

hıkyâyE,  njsXi  fzkrA,  mankabü  ; 

(falsehood)  ^5L>  yalAn,  C->£=) 
kizb,  durügh  ;  (of  a  house) 

djU  kÂt.  [yâİAnji. 

Storyteller,  s.  ^\a*  müddâh ; 

Stout,  a.  kAh'n  ;  metin,  l Jyi 

kawl ;  dinj  ;  jüssür;  — ,  s. 

ıj.y*  *ij\  iL->  sıyâh-arpa-suyu. 

Stove,  s.  âJj*a  soba.  Aimak. 

Stow,  v.a.  isstif-et ;  (to  hold) 

Straddle,  v.a.  ^Aj\j\  AbAnmak. 

Straggle,  v.n.  or  JuL^J 

dAyMmak,  dlghinik- 

ghitmek.  [dan-ayrilan-AdAm. 

Straggler,  s.  ^Al  ^AjAjI  ordu- 

Straight,  v.n.  ^Sjiyo  dbghru,  o 

müsstakün  ;  J  düz  ;  — ,  ad. 

d-^cLj  Jjl  ol-sâ^at,  s_ -Xss-j£  dkr- 

Straighten,  v.a.^jAZ. doğrultmak. 

Straightforward,  a.  doy^ru.  [luk. 

Straightforwardness,  döyAru- 

Straightness,  s.  (JhjXyb  doy^ruluk. 

Straightways,  ad.  d^ilc-  jA  djsr-<cakab, 
Jjjl  ol-sâ^at,  hemân- 


Strain,  s.jjj  zor;  ghkrghilik  ; 

— ,  v.a.  zorlamak;  <jSsCjt==> 

ghurmek  ;  (with  a  strainer)  cJv«J ^ 
süzmek ;  — ,  v.n.  C-bJ  Js  ghürilmek  ; 
(jpd jjj  kündini  -  zorlamak  ; 

•  V 


Strainer,  s.  süzghech. 

Strait,  s.  boy^Âz,  ^«L>~  khalıj  ; 

— ,  a.jİA  dar,  zik,  (jJX>  tünk; 


[  316  ] 


— s,  s.  pi.  j Icjj  bbghlz,  khalîj ; 
iJi&su*a  sikindi,  ^j>r  zaruret. 

Straiten,  v.a.  J  dârAİtmak ; 

Aj&bLdU  muzâyakaya- 
-düslıurmek.  dârAİmish. 

Straitened,  a.  müzayakada. 

Strait-laced,  a.  LÜj  pek-söfu. 

Strand,  s.  c_5^L£^JIj  yAli-kisnâri, 

sahil,  kiyi;  — ,  v.a.  fa&J: 

j~zj\  kiraya  -  bghr Atmak, 
^  öt  urtmak  ;  ısy  &  ijs 

kAraya-chekmek  ;  — ,  v.n.  <U  X.i 


Strange,  a.  gharîb, 

‘  ajlb  (pl.  '  Aja  ib)  ;  ^İj 

yabAnji ;  —  !  int.  ı _ .olsf  “Ajâ‘ib  ! 

Strangeness,  s.  “Ajâ'iblik, 

CJl-bo  yenailik. 

Stranger,  5.  yabAnji ;  (foreigner) 


Strangle,  s.  hoghmak. 

Strangury,  5.  l Sjjj  sıdik-zöru. 

Strap,  s.  ^[s  kâyish ;  (of  plaster) 

LrJ^jV/LrV.ujjj'  uzun-yaki-pâr- 
chassi ;  —  up,  v.a.  lljlj 

kâyishlarini  -  chökmek  ; 



Stratagem,  s.  hiİE,  tejck  khüd“â, 


Stratum,  s.  C-îli*  klt,  aü-L  tlbAka; 

strata,  5.  C^liLb  tlbAklt. 

Straw,  (whole)  L-i\*a  sip  ;  (ground) 
sam  An. 

Strawberry,  s.  chıleyk. 

Stray,  a.  sâhibsiz-ghezEn  ; 

dushmE  ;  — ,  v.n.  jA 

ayrilmak  ;  LL^ — <j — *==»  ghözmek, 


Streak,  s.  chızi ;  j*b  dlmar. 

Stream,  5.  ıil>  chây,  f\  İrmak, 
derE,  ya  su,  ^3  nöhr ; 

İkindi;  — ,  v.n.  Akmak, 

(Jas\  chök- Akmak. 

Streamlet,  s.  chây. 

Street,  s.  sökAk,  zuklk, 

(J?j?  tarik;  —  door, 

Street- walker,  s.  örosspo. 

Strength,  s.  j j»J  zor,  ^y  kuvvöt ; 
L^jl:u>  mbtânöt,  isstıhkyâm ; 

CUsJm  shiddöt ;  kesskinlik. 

Strengthen,  v.a.  ciX- cjy  oy  kuvvöt- 
-VErmek ;  kaviİEsh- 

dirmek,  L^jlx^c  mötânet- 

-VErmek,  \ı*z-«£yu  tAkvıyyöt  -  et  ; 

tAkvıyyöt-VErmek  ; 
j  isstıhkyâm-VErmek. 

Stress,  5.  Jij  zor ;  —  of  weather, 

lilighi  ;  to  lay  —  upon,  SJuJjiS 
LLXscjJ'j  cUwaaI  lâkirdida  -  ehöm- 

Stretch,  5.  U~J  ghörish, 

ghörilish ;  — ,  v.a.  ghhrmek  ;  ; 

< J kAssmak  ;  — ,  v.n.  : 

ghcrilmek  ;  uzamak ;  (in  re¬ 

lating)  UiîL^o  mubâligha-et ;  on  the 
~  l/J  ghbrghi,  ghörili,  i 

kAssili ;  the  utmost  —  of  t 


[  317  ] 


imagination,  hawsala'i- 

-takhâyyul ;  —  out,  v.a.  (J^Aj y 
uzltmak ;  —  — ,  —  forward,  v.n. 

uzXnmak.  [(tbssk^rn). 

Stretcher,  s.  dbsstkyarn 

Strew,  v.a.  sAchmak, 

dikmek,  yu.’b  yaymak, 
sermek.  [mubtEİa. 

Stricken,  a.  ( jr^J^  wurulmish  ; 

Strict,  a.  siki ;  dXkzk ; 

mudXkkzk ;  müdÂk- 

Strictly,  ad.  siki.  [kikânfi. 

Strictness,  s.  ji-iu*  sikilik ;  JU£ 


Stricture,  s.  (moral)  jbrh,  ^J>\ j^A 

i  tirÂz,  f assI  ;  (physical)  X Ju*> 


Stride,  5.  ^û\  Adim ;  ,^AA  ayak  ; 

ilisril^yish ;  — ,  —  over, 
v.n.  . ,  üsstundan- 

v  w  J 

-ghechmek,  cU^LJ J  ]  Atlayup- 

Strife,  s.  ylü  niflk  ;  niza<(, 

<U«Lx>-  chekishma,  liy.  (kawgha). 

Strike,  v.a.  wurmak, 

darb-et ;  chXlmak ;  (lower) 

\  mâyna-et,  indirmek  ; 

(appear)  ghklmek,  => 

ghyarunmek ;  —  a  bargain, 
pazarlik-et ;  —  against  a  rock, 

<üLJ  kayaya-chatmak ;  — 
blind,  \ jy>  kyizr-et,  \ j 
zunu-kyizr-et  ;  —  down, 

yhra-yikmak ;  —  fire, 

Atesh  -  cb akmak,  kaw- 

-ch  akmak ; 

off,  CX*~*^=>  kbss- 

mek  ;  CX«U>“  .  issmini-chiz- 

mek,  tbrkzn-et  ;  —  out, 

a.,^1  issmini  -  chizmek, 

J-  v 

\^ijj  thrkzn-et ;  chikâr- 

mak,  düshurmek ;  v.n. 

4i“ucJ  y  yiizm^y^E  -  bXsh- 

lamak ;  mushta-Xtmak ; 

—  root,  kyak-SAİmak, 

tutmak;  —  (a  plant) 

^<X4İ5  kâİEmdan-ybtish- 
dirmek,  cyyzrj  J  dikup- 

-ybtishdirmek  ;  —  terror  into,  uj\i&\ 
ilkayi-dkhshEt-et,  ! c-^-Jby 
tbrhîb-et ;  —  the  hour,  — ,  v.n. 

l>-  cb Aimak  ;  —  up, 

Striking,  a.  c-^wsf  “AjTb,  i _ yi. 

gharlb ;  it  is  a  —  likeness, 

String,  s.  l_ ^A  ip,  sijim,  Jî  tel; 

(of  camels,  &c.)  kAtâr ;  (of 

beads,  &c.)  cJyJ  dizi,  2fy  sira;  — , 
v.a.  dizmek  ;  ^  ghb- 

chirmek ;  (an  instrument)  iyj 

tellerini- donatmak,  [^kkfed. 

Stringent,  a.  sikz ;  mu“- 

Strip,  s.  iizun-^nsiz- 

-pârcha ;  — ,  v.a.  soymak ; 

achmak;  — ,  v.n.  ^ 

soyunmak  ;  soyulmak. 

Stripe,  s.  chibuk,  parmak, 

Jy  yol,  Xj  zih ;  deynek, 

dârb,  darba. 


[  318  ] 


Striped,  a.  Jy  Jy  yöl-yöl ;  JL^J 


Stripling-,  s.  y  nev-juwan. 

Strive,  v.n.  ,  chllishmak,  \. 

sa“y-et ;  —  with,  \j£j\  o^4rash- 
mak,  chkkishmek, 


Stroke,  5.  (of  a  pen)  chizi ;  (of 

an  oar)  chkkilish ;  (of  a 

sword)  Aj  darba  ;  thunder — , 
yMdin'm,  <tücL?  sâ^ika  ;  — ,  v.a. 


Stroll,  v.n.  LLXscjZ  ghkzmek ;  — ,  s. 
d^cji  ghkzmE. 

Stroller,  s.j&i  jd  dkr-bE-dEr. 

Strong,  a.  Jjjj  zdrlu,  kuvvetli; 

Liy  kawi,  mktin,  jliüU?  dâyâ- 

nikli,  musstâhkEm ;  cy^-o 

skrt,  LJ  kfesskin,  AjLjsJ  doku- 

Stronghold,  4*lj}  kâİE.  [nAkh*. 

Strop,  s.  XJi~s}\  usstura-kayishi. 

Structure,  ly  bina,  bünyân, 

jL-J  bunyâd ;  _ _ tkrtıb  ;  j£-i& 


Struggle,  s.  <t*-2aL>  yarashma, 

dy/zrashma,  chdkishma ; 

Vc*i-  (kawgha) ;  — ,  v.w. 

yarashmak,  chekishmek ; 


chöbAİamak ;  —  for  life, 

j  Â  n  -  ch  dki  shm  ek . 

Strumpet,  s.  fâhisha, 


Strychnia,  Strychnine,  s. 


Stubborn,  a. 

<<\  - 


mu“annid,  mutem&rrid,  , 

V  W 

«<  _ 


Stubbornness,  s.  j\i.c.  “inâd. 

Stucco,  s.  XI chi ;  mErmEr. 

Student,  s.  m&ktEb- 

-shâ^Airdi ;  (of  law  and  divinity) 
sükhtE  (softa), 

tâlibu-’l-^ılm  (pl.  <Uİb  tAİöbE,  LU? 

Studio,  s.  kyâr-kbânE. 

Studious,  a.  U>-  chAİishkÂn. 

Studiousness,  JİJ  l&i]  l>-  chXlish- 


Study,  s.  (mental)  <u!U^c  mutalara ; 
(object  of  — )  disrss  ;  (closet) 

oda ;  (exercise)  tamlım ; 

v.fl.  mutâla^a-et ; 

chAlishmak;  ^ cyjl  oku¬ 
mak  :  tamlım -et. 


Stuff,  5.  kümÂsb ;  (woollen) 

u ^yc  sof;  (rubbish)  sÂchma; 


bread  — ,  z^khırE  ;  household 

— ,  L-M  dshyâ;  — ,  v.a. 
doldurmak  ;  (jj-cliü?  tikamak. 
Stumble,  v.n .  (horse)  <jX)  ly  kXpAn- 
mak  ;  (man)  ky&ghini- 


Stump,  s.  kyutuk,  kyak. 

Stun,  v.a.  s^rsEm-et. 

Stupefaction,  s.  s^rsEmlik. 

Stupefied,  a.  sbrsEm. 

Stupefy,  v.a.  \  yiy  sersEm-et. 
Stupendous,  a.  “ İzim . 

Stupendously,  ad.  vjJ  J  p^k. 


[  319  ] 


Stupid,  a.  ahmak,  dliU  “Xklszz, 

CA-il  eshek,  shashkm. 

Stupidity,  s.  hamakXt, 

"Xklszzh'k,  dJvK-it  bsh  eklik,  ^İlJLİ» 

Stupidly,  ad.  &\j\  "Xklszzh*k-ila. 

Stupidness,  s.  “xklsizlik. 

Stupor,  5.  bihushluk.  [vetli. 

Sturdy,  a.  jy> LL>  dayanır;  jii  kuv- 

Sturgeon,  s.  b j yc  mbnna-bXlzg^. 

Stutter,  v.n.  pbpb^Ai- 


Sty,  s.  donsuz- Xkhz'n 

(domuz);  (on  the  eyelid)  I 


Style,  (manner)  jjb  tarz,  yol, 
wbjh,  d-^^j  sürkt ;  (title)  * — -ÜÎ 
lökab  (la^Aab,  /?/.  blkxb) , 

"unwln  ;  (splendour) 
sXltAnXt;  (of  writing)  js\  \ghz, 
lissân,  LTSJ  rbvish  ;  — ,  v.a.  LLUjJ 
dbmek,  blklb-VErmek, 

(j* ©yu-AiiH  blkxb-kbmak  ;  old  — , 
%j  rûml ;  new  — ,  &xj\j3Î\  âla- 

Subacid,  a.  mâykhosh. 

Subaltern,  s.  mülâzım;  — ,  a. 

■  ^«jLc  mâ-dün,  mâ- 


Subdivision,  5.  tâksem ; 


Subdue,  v.a.  \j~k~*3  tbsskhür-et, 
rlm-et,  ıtâ"ata- 


Subject,  a.  (in  point  of  authority)  j 

tâbi**,  X>yz< tâht/- 

-hükyümbtda-öİAn,  j.<\ 

bmir  -  tahtanda  -  öİAn  ;  (physically  or 

morally)  mubtelâ,  jLjy  u*j 


bX"zan-ghiriftar,  il>-j  jLaxJ  bx"zan- 
-düchâr ;  (under)  muhavvel, 

iJ tahtanda  ;  JjX 
tahta’nda-dlarak  ;  (under  condition  of) 
shârtala  ;  — ,  (politically) 
tbba"adan-biri ;  (of  dis¬ 
cussion)  $jLe  müddE, 
mbbhûssun-"anh,  (of  a  recital) 

mahklyun-flh ;  — ,  v.a.  (in  point 
of  authority)  tbsskhir-et,  \p\j 

rXm-et ;  tahtaha-ghe- 

tirmek ;  tâhta’na-kömak, 

tahtana- ıhâİE- et ;  İ4İl:>-! 

ıhâİE-et;  tâb/"-et ;  (physically 

or  morally)  \ düchâr-et, 
ghiriftâr-et,  l&d*  mübtelâ-et; 
köshmak.  [ıtâ* 'at. 

Subjection,  s.  tebâ"iyybt, 

Subjoin,  v.a.  1  tezyil-et ;  I  is^ks. 

"ılâvE-et.  [hârrEr. 

Subjoined,  a.  zbylda-mu- 

Subjugate,  v.a.  tesskhzr  -  et, 

ıtâ"ata  -  ghbtirmek, 

i  jljded)  tsc\  bmrina-munkÂd-et. 


Sublimate  (corrosive),  s.  Xk- 


Sublime,  a.  "âlı,  samı,  j 

rbfı";  — ,  v.n.  uchmak,  \£***a 

su"ud-et;  — ,  v.a.  uchur- 

mak,  su"üd-btdirmek. 


[  320  ] 


Sublimeness,  Sublimity,  “uluvv. 

Sublunar,  Sublunary,  a.  arzi. 

Submarine,^.  J  denyiz- 

-dıbinda-vwâki“.  [dlldz'rmak. 

Submerge,  v.a.  foya  süyE- 

Submersion,  s.  dllmaklzk  ; 

jUU^SlL  dÂİdzrilm«klzk. 

Submission,  s.  ıtâ^at,  jLiül 


inkzyld  ;  tbsskhzr  ;  (presenta¬ 
tion)  “arz,  tlkdım. 

Submissive,  a.  muti",  ^yâ\jfoo 

mutewlzi.  [-11a. 

Submissively,  ad.  <&j  '  t  t6wazue<- 
Submissiveness,  s.  t^V  tkwazu". 
Submit,  v.a.  \  "ârz-et, 

tXkdlm-et;  — ,  v.n.  ıtâ<fat- 

-et ;  <ÜLctl  ıtâ(<«tö-ghEİmek, 

LLk*<jfo==>  ıtâ'ata  -  ghirmek, 

jl  munkld-bl,  rim -61  ; 

tessllm-61 ;  râzi-öl. 

Subordinate,  a.  mâ-dün, 

mâ-dünda,  İshali. 

Subordination,  ıtâ"at. 

Subscribe,  v.a.  ınızâl^niûik  | 

jb  yazmak,  kömak ;  (money) 

Subscriber,  lSjxL^o  musbt6rî. 
Subscription,  s.  LâJ  imza ;  pârE. 

Subsequent,  a.  xjL*a  sowyra, 

Subside,  v.n.  LL^aj\  bnmek ; 


ch ekilmek  ;  !  \j  \  AZAİmak, 

İ^Lİjusıâ*  khafîfİEshmek. 

Subsidize,  v.a.  \  fo\z\  &>-fos?\  IkchajE- 
-i  anE-et. 

Subsidy,  s.  4-s9!  <üU!  ı<£ânE-Akcha. 

Subsist,  v.n.  j\  <^y>-yo  m6vjûd-61, 

kyâ‘in-61,  var-61 ;  ghb- 

cbinmek,  t«£<ayyush-et,  u-jU? 

\u~su  kefafz  -  nefss  -  et ;  — ,  v.a. 

CJv*L-J  b^sslkmek. 

Subsistence,  Subsistency,  s.  vwar- 
h*k,  gechinma. 

Substance,  s.  sy  jissm;  JUo  mil. 


Substantial,  a.  j*£=r.s:c  muhkem ;  ^12 
kârn-d6yurur  ;  6ssasslz ; 


Substantive,  s.  issm;  common  — , 
“âİEm,  lssmz  -' Amm  ; 

proper  — ,  issmi-khlsss. 

Substitute,  s.  (Jjj  b6del ;  c^jI)  na'ib, 
vekil,  ^UU^oIj  ka'immaklm  ; 
,  v.a.  ty.jf.  y6rina  -  komak, 

ibdal-et.  [muklbilinda-61. 
Subtend,  v.a.  vbtEr-ol, 

Subterfuge,  s.  bâhânE,  “azr. 
Subterranean,  Subterraneous,  a.  j)j 
zır- zemin. 

Subtle,  a.  cJj  pbk-sheytln. 

Subtract,  v.a.  ıkhrâj-et, 

chzkârmak  ;  I  tarh-et,  \  Jb^jJ 

t6nzll-et,^j^«;^^i  W  Asbây^z- varmak. 
Subtraction,  s.  ^jo  tarh,  J jyJ  tbnzll. 
Suburb,  s.  vârüsh,  hawall, 


Subvention,  s.  mu- 


Subversion,  s. 

<JLy\x+2j\  nessnEyi-Aİt-üsst-6tmeklik. 


[  321  ] 


Subversive,  a.  j Jot  Ait- 


Subvert,  v.a.  llt-usst-et, 

\  kharab-et,  digliEr- 


Succeed,  v.n.  (a  person)  bbjEr- 

mek,  ^jUL.A  ishini-bbj  Ermek, 

nâ'ili  -  mbrâm  -61,  jstei* 

muzlffEr-ol,  A  (Jiyo  muwaffak-ol ; 

(  JL.A  ishi  -  dbghru- 
ghitmek,  <3*1^  \  ishi  -  uymak  ; 

(an  experiment)  olmak  ;  (j*l 

uymak ;  chikmak  ;  CXiXyJ 

lyi-ghitmek ;  (follow)  olmak, 

chikmak,  [))£>  zuhür-et ; 
(to  the  throne)  julüss-et, 

\  J^*3  mbssnedi-hii- 

kyümbta-ku“üd-et ;  — ,  v.a.  (follow 
another)  i  ta<câküb  -  et, 

muta‘‘âkib-61 ;  (in  power) 
^1— flLk  khalef-ol. 

Success,  s.j&o  zÂfEr,  l muwaffa- 
kiyybt,  hussülu-mbrâm  ; 

<Lİi.  ghalbbu,  Ci^2j  nussrbt. 

Successful,  a.  (J^yo  muwafik.  [-ila. 

Successfully,  ad.  a)j!  l muwafaklt- 

Succession,  5.  Xja  sir  a,  JV  tbwall, 

)\zj  tbtâlı,  X-w-L-J*  tessblsul, 

silsiİE,  i _ XU-j  ta^âkub,  c-fl-Hsk'* 

takhâluf ;  (to  the  throne) 

julüss  ;  l^L^oy  nubbti-jülüss ; 

L^isLL-.'L^— o y  nubbti  -  slltAnlt ;  in 

- — ,  AAxja  sira-ila,  lJj  TJ*  sira-vârı 

(vârdi) ;  J'r!'  J*  '  Xle-’t  -  tbwali ; 


&A\yX*>  mutdwaliyyetEn,  mii- 

taXikiban,  Xyc  ^Sdj \  bir- 



a.  Xja  uS<3j\  ârdi  -  sira, 
muta^âlab,  o  miite- 

wili,  Jlsc^o  mutbtall. 

Successor,  s.  flLk  khalef. 

Succinct,  a.  kissa,  j^X^r0  mukh- 
tAssar,  sr10  mujmel,  ijmâll. 

Succinctly,  ad.  kissa. 

Succinctness,  5.  kissalik. 

Succour,  s.  yârdim,  imdad, 

“âvn,  nâssr  ;  — ,  v.a. 

yardim-et ;  kurtar¬ 


Succulent,  a.  sulu,  Ibdar. 

Succumb,  v.n.  cXiXj  ybnilmek. 

Such,  a.  missillu,  ghibi ;  iLyJ 

bayİE,  shayİE,  lb  A  ayİE ;  —  a 

one,  fıİAn,  fiİAn-ldAm  ; 

—  and  — ,  (^lî  fıİAn,  jjİJ^ÜLs  fiİAn- 

-  fil  An. 

Suck,  5.  or  Jj«j  sut ;  — ,  v.a. 

emzEmek  ;  to  give  — , 
<JL\scjjsc\  bmzirmek,  LtXc^ ^  CL>^  süt- 
-VErmek,  cU,^c  mâmu-vurmek. 

Sucker,  5.  bÂkraj. 

Suckle,  v.a.  sut-VErmek, 

o  mbmE-vErmek,  J 

bbsslkmek,  bmzirmek. 

Sudden,  a.  bbdlhiyyu-’z- 

-zuhûr,  fujâ'l,  nâ- 

ghehânî ;  — ly,  ad.  birdan- 

-birE,  j~+)\  İnsiz,  ^j^'A  İnsizin, 
J^Al^j]  lp-lnsiz,  fuj  6tEn, 

^Jbljulb  bi-’l-bbdâhE. 

♦  • 



[  322  ] 


Sue,  v.a.  d-Uio-  mbhkbmEya- 

chbkmek  ;  — ,  v.n.  \  taleb-et. 

Suet,  5.  ich-ya ghi. 

Suffer,  v.n.  dX*£=^  zahrnet- 

-chbkmek,  sekmek'- 

'  V  ** 

-ch  ekmek,  dXfci==^  l^İLI^c  mb- 


shakkÂt-chbkmek ;  kXtl- 

-olunmak;  — ,  v.a.  dX*.=5..>~  chbk- 


mek,  tahammul-et, 

mutahammil  -  61,  jl  raze  -  61, 


Wa£U~«  mussa“ada-et,  tbjvlz- 

-et,  kömAk,  brakmak. 

Sufferer,  s.  dkrdmbnd. 

Suffering,  5.  bziyyet. 

Suffice,  v.n.  dX*-£*-*-J  ybtishmek, 
elvErmek,  kyafi-61, 

1  iktifa- et. 

Sufficient,  a.  yetishir,  dJ^^do 

ybtishejek,  blvkrir, 

blvbrbjek,  kyâfi,  wafi. 
Suffocate,  v.a.  boyömak ;  — , 

v.n.  çja li-yJ  boyöulmak. 

Suffocating,  a.  P*  L5^  W  XdAmi-bo- 

Suffocation,  s.  <Uİcy  boyöulma. 

s-  , 

Suffrage,  5.  lJ\j  rb  y. 

Sugar,  s.  shbker,  ^.£*0  sukkEr, 
kând;  —  candy,  l^CwjClAJ  nbbat- 
-shbkbri  (nübbt)  ;  loaf  — ,  lSJLZ»  <&£ 
kMİE-shbkbri ;  moist  — ,  ^£-2h 
khlm  -  sbbkEr  ;  — ,  v.a.  chy 

shbkEr-komak ;  — ,  v.n. 

Suggest,  v.a.  dX*jy^=«!  ^JiLc  'ikl- 
-öyörEtmek,  'Xkl-et. 

Suggestion,  s.  UM  imâ ;  jl JU.S  ıdîc 

Suicide,  5.  u£*Hi==> 

kbndi  -  kbndini  -  öldürmeklik  ; 

Suit,  s.  (of  clothes)  CU \3  kit ;  (request) 

U,  rijâ  ;  (cause)  dk^wa  ;  — , 

v.n.  (J-^l oymak,  olmak  ; 

— -,  v.a.  (jdj)  pZ+A  ishini-bulmak ; 

Suitable,  a.  c^^v-oLa)  mimassib,  J>.) 
lâye'k.  ^Âshe"k. 

Suitor,  s.  ı_ -*!lb  tâlib,  ,  isstbkli  ; 

Sulk,  v.n.  som  utmak. 

Sulky,  a.  kyussmish. 

Sully,  v.a.  kirlstmek. 

Sulphur,  s.  CL2j£j>  kyukyurt,  L 

kibrit.  khunkyâr. 

Sultan,  s.  ^ILLi  sultln,  Jl)  pâdisbâh, 

Sultana,  5.  (sultan’s  concubine) 

klden ;  (sultan’s  daughter)  ^Ua-Lo 
sultÂn  ;  (sultan’s  mother) 

Sultry,  a.  jjlscUo  sejlk,  j\z»-  hârr. 

Sum,  s.  (total)  yekyun, 

mbjmu<c,  v>  top,  jem^i 

(question)  J'5-  su'al ;  — ,  —  up, 

toplamak,  jbm* -et, 

ybkyün-et;  khulâssa- 

-  et,  | jS=>  ^  \.+>-  \  ij  m  alan  -  zikr-  et ; 
(Jsci.)  khulâssa-toplamak. 

Summary,  s.  kbulâssa, 

ijmâl,  ^\*=>\J)û  zikri- ijmâlı ;  — ,  a. 

ijmâll,  jusz^k?0  mukhtAssâr ; 
chabek  ;  — rily,  ad. 


[  323  ] 


châr-châbz'k,  chabzjek  or 


Summer,  5.  jl>  yaz,  sâyf, 

tâbisstân,  t <J>  ghkrmâ. 

Summer-house,  s.  ^  kyzzshk. 

•  S  ^  i  * 

Summit,  5.  (t&pk),  (j~\j  r&  ss, 

zirvE,  a kyunghyurfi. 

Summon,  v.a.  da"vet-et, 

jelb-et,  \ ibzar-et. 

Sumptuous,  a.  mükellef,  jz\ 

Xghir,  mutantan. 

Sumptuousness,  u-ûKj  tek&lluf. 

Sun,  s.  ghyim&sh,  ghyun, 

shkmss,  âfitÂb;  — beam, 

s.y pertev,  shu"a". 

Sunburnt,  a.  \\  S&LjjZ  ghyunbshda- 

Sunday,  s.  jjjb  pazar,  J1)—  J')\ 

pâzâr-ghyünu,  yavmu-ahad, 


Sunder,  v.a.  âyrmak ;  in  — , 

dü-nlm,  iki-pârcha. 

Sun-dial,  s.  ^ ^ zz\*a  gbyun^sh- 

-sa"ati ;  bkssita.  [bltmassi. 

Sundown,  5.  ghyimksh- 

Sun-dried,  a.  Jjj  ghyü- 


Sundry,  a.  mukhtklif;  r% 

bir  -  takzm  ;  4ü£j  4ÜİJ  bkshka  - 

Sunflower,  s.  l_51  ay-chichkghi. 

Sunlight,  s.  ghyünksh ; 

ghy  unesh- ay  dznlzyAz. 

Sunny,  a.  ghyünesbi- 


Sunrise,  Sunrising,  gbyün- 

doyAmassi.  [bXtmassi. 

Sunset,  s.  b  ghyünbsh- 

Sunshine,  s.  ghyiin&sh. 

Sunstroke,  s.  ghyunfesh- 

chârpmassi.  [-ybmeghini-ykmek. 

Sup,  v.n.  gh&yjE- 

Superannuated,  a.  Aclih*  mütakâ"id; 
— ation,  AcIüj  takâ"ud.  [lıcy  râ"nâ. 

Superb,  a.  a' 'la,  ghyuzkl. 

Supercilious,  a.  jyj**o  mâgbrür.J 

Superficial,  a.  sÂthı ; 


Superficies,  s.  ^2~J  sÂth,  j \ £  yuz. 

Superfine,  a.  a"la, 

"âliyyu-’l-â"lâ.  artzk.. 

Superfluous,  a.  Sı\j  zâ'id,  <*.Lâi  fâzla. 

Superintend,  v.a.  nkzarfet-et, 


Superior,  a.  JULfct}  daha  -  â"lâ ; 
(Jj\h  fâ'ik;  bASskm,  c— ili 

ghâlib  ;  biyuk,  Uo 

mâ  -  fbvkznda  -  oİAn  ;  — ,  5.  cJj-J 

biyuk;  iajli  zabit. 

Supersede,  v.a.  yurma- 

-gh^chmek  ;  'izl-et, 

chzkârmak.  sÂchma. 

Superstition,  s.  ^jLb  bÂtzl-ı  'tikâd, 

Supper,  s.  ghfeyjE-ybm^y^i ; 

the  Lord’s  — ,  bÂdarak, 

^3\j j  "zshâyz-rAbblnl. 

Supplement,  s.  zzzmımE,  <U.ij 


Supplicate,  v.a.  yalvarmak, 

U zyj  rıjâ-et,  niyâz-et. 

z  2 


[  324  ] 


Supply,  5.  mbvjüd,  ^Jİj\ 

EİdE-öİAn ;  yolda-bİAn, 

ghEİmekda-oİAn  ;  j^itc 
mikdâr ;  ^jLİJ>  ghelish ; 
hûssül ;  hawa'ij,  OtojljS 

lawazimlt,  LU  mühimmÂt, 

&j+>-  J  zakhirE  ;  — ,  v.a.  * 

vkrmek,  C-J^l y  bulup-VErmek; 


Support,  jjbl  âyak,  <J/iJ  tbmel ; 
desstek,  jjLL  dayak, 
paybndk;  ^  yârdim, 

imdâd ;  tâj)  arka,  L-^s.*^  tassâh- 
hüb ;  yemek,  LU*i 

Jlamİ  küvvet-VErbjbk-shbyİEr ;  <ülcl 
ı^ânE,  ^L-cs-1  ıhsan,  tetXa  sâdaka  ; 
^*Jü  t_jU£  kbfâfi-nbfss;  «iüi.3  nafaka; 
— ,  v.a.  'j^o  tutmak ;  (jycjCkXi 
kâldirmAk;  /  ^4>3  LL  dayanmak;  \  J^rsT* 
tahammül  -  et ;  V^v.  yârdim  -  et ; 

j\  tâj\  ârka-ol,  \  ı _ tassâhhub-et ; 

UjU!  1‘  cânE-et ;  bessbemek. 

Supportable,  a.  tahammul- 

-  olunur,  chhkilir,  jy^j\ 

sAbr-olunur.  [nâssir. 

Supporter,  s.  j\sijb  târaf-dâr;  j*a  \3 

Suppose,  v.a.  fârz-et, 

tutmak,  sâymak ;  zann-et, 

sânmak,  jylı _ zâhib-ol. 

Supposition,  s.  tjojt  fârz  ;  zann. 

Suppress,  v.a.  bÂssdirmak ; 


Suppression,  s.  ^Uo  mbn  . 

Suppurate,  v.n.  (\  LU>~\j>-  jbrâhat- 

-  Akmak. 

Suppuration,  s.  yy  jb- 


Supremacy,  s.  <Uj\*\  imaret. 

Supreme,  a.  ‘‘âlı,  â"lâ,  ^ 

vâlâ  ;  —  council,  mbjlissi- 

-vâlâ  ;  —  office  of  state, 

blbi-'âlî.  [jbzri-âssamm. 

Surd,  a.  ^a\  âssamm ;  —  root, 

Sure,  a.  (safe)  bmm  ;  (free  from 

doubt)  j+ i&ç+Mi  shubhESsiz  ;  to  be  — , 


CİviL  y\\  îyi-bılmek,  cXJj  IxJb 
yâkinan  -  bilmek, 

shübhbssiz  -  bilmek ;  to  feel  — , 

^-îAg-Mλ  ,gy&  (liEmEn)- 

-hich-  shubh  essi-  olmamak . 

Surety,  5.  kbfıl ;  m]\s&  kefâlbt ; 

of  a  — ,  ıteJ!  EİbbttE. 

Surf,  5.  dÂlgha-kyüpuy/uı  ; 

<UÎ  IL?  ^ ky iıpuklu-  dâlghalar. 
Surface,  s.  yüz,  sÂtlı  (t-h) ; 

^£.Jb  dish,  dishâri,  ^ j\>- 

khârij,  bırün. 

Surgeon,  s.  jbrrâh  ;  (bone-setter) 

chikikji,  kirikji. 

L5  • 

Surgery,  5.  jerrâhlik, 


Surmise,  s.  zann,  sân  ;  — -, 

v.n.  zânn-et,  \*s>  sânmak, 


Surmount,  v.a.  LlX^  ı^)&L$.s>-  hÂkkin- 
dan  -  ghMmek,  ghllib-ol ; 


Surname,  s.  kyünyn. 

Surpass,  v.a.  ghechmek, 

Surplus,  s.  <d,di  fâzla.  [fâ'ik-ol. 


[  325  ] 


»♦  it 

Surprise,  s.  t  a  ajjub, 

hâyrbt,  llj  vbİEİı ;  ^La\i  blsskin, 
shbbkhün ;  ^ LLX^j] 

$Jtr=>  ctkkA  birinin^-khbsh- 
lanajayAi-  shby^ngr  -  ghizli-ya:pilmassi ; 

— ,  v.a.  i ta*  *  ajjub - 

-btdirmek,  \ ^  hayrln-et; 

blssmak  ;  ^LtJjk  tutmak  ;  — sed,  a. 

müta^ajjib,  hayrln  ; 

to  be  — sed,  1-wO  shashmak, 

t  u^- -s"  ta  ajjub -et,  ^ 
muta-ajjib-ol,  l i’ a Jj^.:>-  hâyretda- 

-kllmak,  vbİEh-ghEİmek  ;  to 

my  surprise,  |*<x£jI-2j  ghyzb- 


Surprising,  a.  “ajîb. 

Surrender,  5.  j  tbsslhn ;  — ,  v.n. 

i  " 

^Lj  tbsslim-ol  ;  ,  v.a.  1  ^k.***j 


Surreptitious,  a.  ljJ>  ghizli ;  — ly,  ad. 
SJCAİI  Ji  Eİ-Aİtmda. 

Surround,  v.a.  chbvirmek, 

kush  Atmak, 

btrâfini-Aİmak,  l<tkb>^  ihâta-et. 

Surrounding,  a.  eA'  ZS^Jc\  btrâfda-olan. 

Survey,  5.  ^ik’b  blkish,  {j^jdsjS j j!==> 
ghyaz-ghbzdirish,  Jo)  nlzar,  &J 

mü^âybnE,  < _ hJLJ^  kbshf,  AaHjJ 

yoklama ;  (mental)  <UÎlla<  mütâla  a; 
(plan)  6İ2Jj>~  kharlta  (khârta)  ;  (plan¬ 
taking)  ik-^S-  kharîta- 

-isstikhrâji ;  — ,  v.a.  a^\j  blkmak, 
ghyaz-ghbzdirmek,  \Jn 3 
nÂzar  -  et ;  UijU^o  mü^âybnE  -  et, 
yöklama-et,  1ı*sLl.^=>  kbshf- 

-et  :  l<u!lk^o  mutâla'â-et ;  ,  A«jlkj 

Surveying,  s.  1.^-1  fEni-mbssâha. 

Survive,  v.a.  yinE-yashamak 

(ghend),  d  sc  zdmamek  j  — ,  d. a. 

C-k<sUJjl l JjOzojA  *a£=Aİ ij! lJj  bıri- 
-wldukda-digliEri-zdmamek ;  A^^=İ2jJ 
el  ✓C  UJjl  tej  )b-*«  bir  -  felakkta- 

mübtblâ-blup-yinE-idmamek  (ghbnd) . 

Susceptible,  a.  JjU  klbil,  jJolJj-J» 
kÂbül-edEr ;  (in  feeling)  ^Nwb**ı>" 
hasssâss,  jV.  châbik-düyar ; 

j cJj  l>-  châbzk-rghy uj  Enir. 

Suspect,  v.a. shubhd-et,  CJviJ 

Suspend,  v.a.  (hang  up)  Assmak, 

tâ' 'lık- et  ;  (a  functionary) 

Aİ  k’  ^  A^c  muwAkkAtan- 

-  khzdmetdan  -  kildir mak  ;  (action) 
LLX^^.^=î  kbssmek,  durdur¬ 
mak,  \  (JtAsjü  tâ^til-et,  !  mu^lt- 


Suspense,  5.  fyJa  shiıbhb  ;  j%*\ 
intizâr  ;  in  — ,  IW»^C  mbshkyük  ; 

^L^lk^il  intizârda. 

Suspicion,  s.  dk-£j  shbkk,  AfrjS»  shubhE. 

Suspicious,  a.  mhwbsswiss  ; 


Sustain,  v.a.  (support)  (Jajj k  tutmak; 

bbssldmek  ;  ^4.3  Lk  dayan¬ 
mak,  \İ}a=sT  tahammul-et ; 
issblt-et ;  tb'yıd-et ;  (receive) 

yemek,  mübtelâ-bl. 

Sustenance,  s.  cXfJ  ybmek,  CUy  küt, 
I Aİ.  ghzdâ. 



Swaddling-clothes,  v’tXj J:  kundAk,  LLX*J 
^cİJüji  bkb&k-kundAy^i. 

Swallow,  s.  jL-ij-J  boyAlz ;  (bird) 
kirlanghich  ;  — ,  v.a.  £ 
yutmak,  btd^-et ;  —  up,  v.a. 

lSjxi  bitevi  -  yutmak, 
bitirmek,  '  jy.  y°k-et* 

Swamp,  5.  Jj'cj  bXtak,  bXtakKk  ; 

— ,  v.a.  su-dolup- 

-bXtzrmak;  ^  su-bassdzr- 

mak  ;  (a  market)  boyamak. 

Swampy,  a.  bÂtaklik. 

Swan,  s.  yjs  kiighu. 

Swarm,  Xrı-8Ûrussu, 

suru  ;  — ,  v.n.  IS  kaynamak. 

Sway,  s.  hukyüm&t ;  — ,  v.a. 

sXllamak;  C chfevir- 
mek  ;  idaru-et. 

Swear,  v.n.  (an  oath)  ybmln-et,  1 
klssEm-et,  And-ichmek; 

(curse)  kyufr-et, 

Xy^zmz-bozmak  ;  (blaspheme)  I 
s&bb-et.  [-btmeklik;  jS  kyüfr. 

Swearing,  ye  min  - 

Sweat,  s.  jd  or  Jî  tbr,  jy  ‘‘arak;  — , 
v.n.  Cİvfî^j  tErlumek ;  —  out,  v.a. 

Swede,  5.  ^oJ|  issv&ch-XdAmi. 

Sweden,  5.  issv&ch. 

Swedish,  a.  issvechli ;  — , 


Sweep,  s.  djakj?, 

öjak-süpurEn ;  (oar)  kyur^k  ; 

— ,  v.a.  süpürmek;  —  away, 

CXo^ l—J silip  -  sbpurmek  ;  — 

along,  cJ'*-  hzzk’-ghitmek ;  — 

by,  bezb’-gh^cbmek. 

Sweepings,  s.  pi.  lJSjjj**»  supurundu. 

Sweet,  a.  J.j\b  tltli,  [j'.j?**  shirin, 
halâvetli ;  J \jj>  gbyûzbl, 
khdsh,  Lm  L+Jn  1  latif ;  joiJ  leziz, 
khosh-ghyuwar ;  — smelling, 
a.  ghyüzkl-kokar, 

khösh-bü,  mukattar ;  —  heart, 
s.  (jJS> lc  ‘‘isMk;  tâjL.xso  mâ^shüka. 

Sweetmeat,  s.  J.J  it  titiz,  shk- 


Swell,  s.  (of  the  sea)  u£JcJLö  silindi ; 
— ,  v.n.  shıshmek,  ^Jj^LS 

kÂbarmak  ;  — ,  v.a.  kabart¬ 
mak.  [klba,  LLX^scJj  tümsek. 

Swelling,  s.  sbısh  ;  — ,  a.  LS 

Swift,  a.  châbik,  shrî<c, 

sur*  âtli,  Jjrp^  hzzli ;  — ,  5. 
^.x3j ly  kzrlanghzch.  [bik. 

Swiftly,  ad.  lLXj  châbik- châ- 

Swim,  v.n.  yiızmek, 


Swindle,  s.  hiİE,  by  ün, 

4— dbUp ;  — ,  v.a.  y^cjS^Jb 


Swindler,  5.  ^Jb  dölandiriji. 

Swine,  s.  »  donguz  (domuz), 
khinzir,  khugh. 

Swing,  s.  SAİznjak ;  — ,  v.n. 

L!  SAİlanmak  ;  - — ,  v.a. 


Swiss,  s.  J\ys£lyJ\  issvıcherali ;  — ,  a. 

Switch,  5.  £İ^s:l-.-,J  ınja  -  cbibuk  ; 


[  327  ] 



silkish,  slllayish  ; 

— ,  v.a .  silkmek,  ■>- 

chârpmak,  sÂllamak. 

Switzerland,  5.  I issvichera. 

Swivel,  s.  (gun)  chakaloss- 

-topu ;  (for  turning)  J^c  mil;  ^!L*« 
milli -hllka. 

Swoon,  <U,bb  bay2İma  ;  — ,  v.n. 

bayfimak,  J>y£U  bikhbd-61 ; 
in  a  — ,  ^jAiLb  bayzlmzsh ;  to  go  off 
in  a  — ,  (JUsbb  baydmak. 

Sword,  5.  ^  kilij,  ujL«j  süyf,  tlgh. 

Sword-belt,  5.  kilij-kayishi. 

Sword-fish,  5.  kilij-bXk'yfo\ 

Sycamore,  s.  jbs*-  chinar. 

Sycophant,  s.  ^ J  kyâssfi  -  liss, 
^jjlüîİJ  dXl-kawuk. 

Syllable,  5.  Is*  hüjâ  (hbjE). 

Syllogism,  s.  <^-.1-3  kiyâss.  [^âlâmüt. 
Symbol,  s.  LUj\j$»\  ishâret,  cc-^.c 

Symmetry,  5.  LdcU _ j  tünâssubu- 

-â^zâ,  intizâm.  [-hiss. 

Sympathy,  s.  cJtyAİ  ishtirâki- 

Symptom,  s.  “âlâm  üt. 

Synagogue,  s.  Xj}=>-  hawra. 

Syndic,  5.  kütkhudâ  (kyâya), 


Synod,  ^-Lsr®  Ulc.  “ülümâ-müjlissi, 
^J\ Ulc  “ülümâ-shürâssi. 
Synonym,  s.  S\ j^o  mutfiradifE. 

Synonymous,  a.  e_ i  Jİ J^o  müteradif, 
u***/*J&  hüm-mâf<nâ.  [-nâhv. 

Syntax,  s.^csT  nâhv,  ydl|Ju&  “ilmu-’n- 
Syra (island of), s. xhl  Hj^s sırâ-Âdassi. 
Syria,  5.  shâm,  &ljy*  süriyyE. 

Syriac,  a.  süriânî. 

Syrian,  a.  sham! ;  — ,  s. 


Syringa,  s.jXtf  Jy  füli-bahâr. 

Syringe,  s.  &£>-  hokna  ;  b  tulum¬ 
ba  ;  — ,  v.a.  ihtikln-et ; 


Syrup,  s.  v s/ A  shürüb. 

System,  (practical)  ussûl  ; 

(hypothesis)  J y  kavl  ;  (physical) 
mÂnzümE ;  tâkzm. 


Tabernacle,  s.  mü^vâ, 

m&sskkn,  <üU-  khânfi,  beyt. 

Table,  s.  trübeze,  <C?Lc  massa ; 

(set  with  food)  8jLa  sofra,  *JjU> 
ma'idfi  ;  (mathematical)  J jjAs-  j^d- 
veI  ;  (astronomical)  ^  j  zij  ;  —  land, 
xJjIj  yayla, düz;  —  cloth,  &yu> 
lJJi  sofra-bezi.  [linda. 

Tabular,  a.  jüdvEİ-shük- 

Tacit,  a.  LJyA*>  mâ“n4vl ;  — ly,  ad. 

mâ“nAn,  lissâm- 


Tack,  s.  (nail)  cliivi, 

kârficha  ;  (taste)  Cl lüzzüt,  CldL 
tit,  (chüshni) ;  (of  a  sail) 

cyy~A  xjhj y  kontra- skot ;  — ,  v.a. 
cA  so,  Ju-IA  Lbâ-^s-  chivi-ila-ilish- 

J  ♦♦  J**  v 

dirmek  ;  — ,  v.n.  (a  ship) 
chüvirmek,  danmek, 

Udübü!  brsa-alabanda-et ;  to  be  on 
the  starboard  — ,  to  have  the  star- 


[  328  ] 


board  — s  aboard, 
ruzghyâr  -  slnjakdan  -  ol  (or 
sândan);  .  .  .  larboard  .  .  , 
isskblkdan  (or  soldan). 

Tackle,  s.  fîlt  tâkzm,  ^İ3İjy  a  wad  An - 
lik,  CU^ll  âlât,  bdawat ; 

(pulley)  plİAngha. 

Tackling,  s.  11?  takzm. 

Tactics,  s.  pi.  j+j  Jj  tedbîr, 

Tail,  s.  jiji kuyruk,  cr-'3j  zbneb, 
<s!L«J  dumbâİE;  (entail)  l^L^-cu _ajj 

Tailor,  s.  l 5jy<J  (tbrzi),  bLrk  khâyyât. 

Taint,  s.  jiy  koku,  jiylxi  fkna-koku, 
ta<faffun  ;  — ,  tea. 

bozmak,  (JazJjS  kokutmak. 

Take,  v.a.  cfj'  llmak,  I  akhz-et, 

'  klbül-et,  klbz-et,  ^  \sutâ 

zlbt-et ;  — ,  v.n.  Aİmak; 

l! !j-Ju>  mlkbüla  -  ghbchmek  ; 
moda-bl ;  —  after,  XjL) 
bbnyzEmek ;  —  a  leap, 

szchramak,  (jydu  \  Itzlmak ;  —  a  turn, 
L gh&zmek,  dblash- 

mak;  dünmek,  cXiA»f==tJ 

diy/zishmek  ;  =  tâjyo 

blshka- sûrkta- ghirmek,  Jl>-  l££j 
blshka-hal-kkssb-et ;  — ,  v.a. 

ilishdirmek ;  —  away,  kıldır¬ 
mak,  L-jjl  1  llzp  -  ghyatur- 

mek;  —  care,  d' 

-blkmak,  sakmmak, 

dikklt-et,  ghyazunu- 

-^chmak,  hazsr-et ;  —  care  of, 

{J.sch'Â*a  saklamak,  I  bis-  hzfz-et;  ^JUjb 
blkmak;  1,  <i^*nXck.  khzdmbtini-et ;  — 
down,  1  shay ^z  -  llmak  ; 

ClJvc  }S)\  endirmek ;  ^JUşjb  yazmak, 

1  jJs  kayd-et ;  burnunu- 

-kzrmak,  (JyOjif  kzrmak ;  - —  hold, 
tutmak;  —  in, 
icheri-llmak ;  llmak; 

dârAİtmak;  jJI  lldatmak, 
oyun-et;  —  in  hand,  /  kla- 

-llmak;  Ji  e1  -  sürmek, 

)!*J  bulashmak;  —  off, 
klldzrmak  ;  liL>-  chzkarmak  ; 

C3vw.^=>  kbssmek ;  \  Juliij  tlklid-et ; 

—  on,  v.n.  \  jd&  kkder-et ;  v.a. 

ghirmek,  £  kbssb-et ;  —  — 

one’s  self,  uzerina-llmak; 

—  out,  (J* jl&o-  chzkarmak,  lSj\L.A? 

\  \  dz  shâri  -  llmak ;  LLXcJJj  ^  bLsaj£=> 

ghezmey/zE  -  ghyaturmek  ;  —  ship, 

&y^t,!==z  ghemiya-binmek  ;  — 
to  pieces,  v.a.  szzkmek, 

bozmak ;  u.zz.  sakyulmek  ; 

—  to  task,  dlrzlmak, 

Izarlamak,  LlXxx  Jo  b 

yapdzy^miny  -  hikmetini  -  sormak ;  — - 
up,  llmak;  ^ cjjJli  klldzrmak; 

yukarz-llmak ;  (a  position) 
I  )a**0  zlbt  -  et,  j\  dâkhil-bl, 

ghirmek,  ghitmek ; 

(an  offender)  tutmak,  \ 

akhz-et,  ghirift-et;  (out  of 

the  ground)  chikarmak;  (a 

question)  L^o  mübâ- 


[  329  ] 


hissasina  -  ghirishmek  ;  (a  quarrel) 

Tale,  s.  iuassaI,  &l£>-  h'ıkyâyE, 

Xj&i  fikra,  kisssa,  dJ&sc  mankabn; 
(count)  sayz,  dAc  “aded- 

-hisslbz ;  —  bearer,  jl*i.  ghXmmAz. 

Talent,  s.  yuk-ghibi-bir- 

-meblâp^ ;  jt  JoCmûI  issti^dâd, 

Talented,  a,  i>  himErli. 

Tale-teller,  s.  mbddâh;  Ju«c. 


Talisman,  s.  tilissm  or  telsim. 

Talk,  s.  i!  lâkzrdz,  u-J^Î  Ilf ;  — ,  v.n. 
laklrde-et,  ^ llf-et ; 
tbkbllum-et;  \  sahbet-et, 

< kongmshmak ;  —  over,  (a 
thing)  lLci~»«3/5l  lakz’rdlssmz-et ;  (a 
person)  "AkKm-ch&l- 

mek,  fjycj <Ai li*  klndlrmak,!  jjj!!  ilzam- 
-et,  \  ıknâ<f-et. 

Talkative,  a.  a  )]r*  ghbvezE,  J'y 
kAwwÂİ,  bosh-boy^Iz. 

Talkativeness,  .9.  CJJ  gh^vdzEİik. 

Tall,  a.  uzun-boylu,  JjjL 

taw  II ;  bâlâ,  CJ — yüksek. 

Tallow,  s.  don^-ya^e. 

Tallow-chandler,  5.  mumji. 

Tally,  s.  chbteİE ;  — ,  v.n. 

uymak,  j\  JJ Ik  sc  mutlbik-dl. 

Tamarind,  s.  uJXJh  jAJ  tbmri- hindi 

Tambourine,  s.  < _ i  J  def. 

Tame,  a.  kh'shimsh ;  bv 

(bouse)  ;  mAzlum,  yâ- 

wÂsh  ;  — ,  v.a.  klzshdlrmak, 

U jj  tnrbiyyE-et. 

Tamper,  v.n.  \  hzİE-et ;  ^cjSİijG 

kÂnshdlrmak;  (with  a  person)  CUjJbj 
İ4—Â-1&  rishvet  -  teklif  -  et ;  UDj£»j 
rishvet  -  vkrmek  ; 

Tan,  s.  cbj  dibâghât-t&r- 

biyyESSi  |  ^of  the  skm) 
yanikhk-bssmEr%Ai;  — ,  v.a. 
dibâghat-et,  tkrbiyyE-et;  — , 

v.n.  (leather)  !  dibâghat- 

-kAbül-et ;  (the  face,  &c.) 
yanmak,  J  &ssmErİEnmek  ; 

—  yard,  <üUk^Jj  dbbbÂgh-khânE 
(tkbAk)  ;  —  pit,  cülsMjJ 


Tangent,  s.  ^Aa^o  mumlsss,  zill ; 
log.  — ,  4-1L nissbeti-zilliyyE. 

Tangle,  s.  klrishlklzk ;  — ,  v.n. 

^aJ^Jü  klrz’shmak ;  — ,  v.a. 
klnshd  Irmak. 

Tanner,  s.  debbÂgh  (tkbAk). 

Tap,  s.  (blow)  c-jLisk  khÂfîf- 

-wurush,  J  dokunush  ;  (cock) 

^La.*  or  mussluk;  (of  a  tavern) 

<ü\İ£Uj  mbykhânE-pbsh- 
takhtassz;  (tapped  cask) 
achdmish-fxchi ;  — ,  v.a.  (a  cask) 
mussluk-wurmak,  \ 
achmak  ;  (strike)  kliA- 

flfja-wurmak.  [shbrid. 

Tape,  shbrid,  Li  kXba- 

Taper,  a.  ^ ya  sübu, 

ghitdikja-inja ;  inja ;  — ,  s. 


[  330  ] 


shbm**a  (shama)  ;  —  off,  v.n. 
CitaiflSb!  ghitdikja-injelmek ; 

— ,  — ,  v.a.  ghit- 

dikj  a  -  inj  eltmek . 

Tar,  s.  kktrln ;  (sailor) 

•  . 

ghemiji,  kâlyonju. 

Tardy,  a.  ^  ghech. 

Tare,  s.  (in  weight)  Xj\  J  dara ;  — s, 
s.  pi.  burchlk  (?), 

dblija  (??).  [çiftli  kÂİkAn. 

Target,  s.  ^\L.j  nishln,  uJjdb  hbdef; 

Tariff,  s.  &3jXJ  tahrifi ;  £ y  narkh. 

Tarnish,  v.n.  klrarmak,  ik<3 

lbkEİEnmek;  — ,  v.a.  UL**s  sıyâh-et, 
JcJ  *£]  lbkEİEndirmek. 

Tarpaulin,  5.  mushbmma**  (mu- 

shamba).  [bkshija. 

Tart,  5.  cJy  burbk;  — ,  a.  <trsn..l£l 

Tartar,  tatar. 

Tartary,  s.  tâtarisstân. 

Task,  s.  (lesson)  dbrss;  (duty) 

u~~i)  kessilmish  -  ish, 

m^müriyyeti-mu*  ây- 
y^nE,  t— sLİ^dj  teklif,  t,j;  * 

wâjibb‘î-zimmbt ;  — ,  v.a. 
ish-kbssmek,  ish-tâc<yîn- 

-et ;  chAİzshdhmak. 

Tassel,  s.  jjX-y  piisskyul. 

Taste,  s.  (savour)  CD  lb  tXt, 
châshnî  (chbshni),  lbzzbt, 

ta**am;  (sense  of)  &su\6CDji  kuv- 
vbti-za*ika  ;  (artistic)  tÂbı^at; 

— ,  v.a.  (Ja3 IX  tatmak;  — ,  v.n. 
jlc_£j\X  tXdt-61,  (chesh- 

nissi)-61,  jJ  lbzzbti-ol. 

Tasteful,  a.  .X  zarif. 


Tastefully,  ad.  <uj|  zârâfbt-ıla. 

V  !  t» 

Tastefulness,  5.  CDİ\J&  zarafet. 

Tasteless,  a.  J— JlX  tÂtsiz. 

Tastelessness,  s.  JÜs  tltsizlik. 

Tastily,  ad.  Aj\  cdS^Jc  zarâfbt-ila. 

Tasty,  a.  \ja  zarif. 

Tavern,  s.  <üLku<5  mbykhânE. 

Tax,  5.  £ y  *  virghyu,  vErghi,  rbssm 
{pi.  CL>\scj~ij  russümÂt)  ;  property  or 
income  — ,  (vkrgbi),  ujLİ£=0’ 

tbklîf,  *UL  sâliyânE,  sllghm; 

capitation  — ,  ,-Xy>-  kharâj,  &y>- 
jizyjE ;  (expense)  j\i  bâr  ;  — ,  v.a.  (a 
thing)  \  rbssm-tâ^yîn-et ; 

(a  person)  (jd  L?  SAİghm- 

-sÂlmak ;  ^J^eîLc  kharâj -b  Ah¬ 
lamak,  &j!>-  jizyE-tâ‘*ym-et 

(or  1^-Li  kAt“et) ;  (accuse)  &Jjy 
yuzuna-wurmak,  ıssnâd- 

-et,  \  *  âzv  -  et ;  —  gatherer, 

^j-jşrT  kharâjji  ;  j  \  ‘XL^^a.csP> 


Tea,  s.  ı_5l>-  chây,  mosskov- 

-châyi ;  —  tray,  tbpsi ;  — 

spoon,  kahwu  -  klshig/ıi ; 

—  kettle,  ghyiıyAum. 

Teach,  v.a.  u  g  hr  Etmek,  \ 

tât*lîm-et,  tbdrıss-et. 

Teacher,  s.  khbja,  çXx~<  mual¬ 
lim,  mudbrriss. 

Teacup,  5.  ciW  chây-fıljAni. 

Tea- dealer,  s.  châyji. 

Teapot,  5.  chây-ibriy^i. 

Tear,  s.  ghyaz-yashi, 


[  331  ] 


sirishk,  dbm",  düm"â, 

(pi.  dümü")  ;  — ,  v.a. 

yzrtmak,  châk-et,  lj;.£k 

khark-et,  hetk-et. 

Teat,  s.  <Uw«  mbiriE,  j  pısstÂn. 

Teaze,  v.a.  takzlmak,  (JaJ*  \j  Ls> 

sAtashmak,  *il  eziyyht-et,  U-js^ 

tâ' jiz-et,  Ic-Jİİc  "âzâb-et. 

Technical,  a.  *  11ml ;  fünni ; 

isstzlahz ;  —  term,  ■ 

isstzlâh.  [ jjSj  UJ  ussAndzrz’r. 

Tedious,  a.  uzun ;  j\jj\  uzar ; 

Teem,  v.n.  kaynamak, 


Telegram,  s.  zkcliiLxb*  t&lkgrâf-nâmE. 

Telegraph,  s.  < _ i\ jk  Jj  tülegrâf. 

Telegraphic,  a.  L-jy^a  Jj  tülügrâfE- 

Telegraphy,  5.  A>1  ^jUL" 

tülügrâf  -  ila  -  khâbr-  ghyünder- 
mek-san"ati.  âyina,  jam. 

Telescope,  s.  dürbîn  (dürbün), 

Tell,  v.a.  shwhylumek,  Ijjü 

nAkl-et ;  (count)  -£*jU>  saymak, 

1  tâ"dâd-et;  — ,v.n.^LX^y 

khÂbEr-VErmek  ;  (in  account)  ^£4İj  w> 

sayzlmak  ;  (produce  an  effect) jl  U 
(  -  .  .  •£  e 

tb  sîri-öl,  I^-ju  tb  sir  -  et ;  (strike) 
wurmak,  dcyAmek, 

isslbet-et.  [dülilik. 

Temerity,  s.  jiır'üt,  C-UJj 

Temper,  s.  (natural)  khüy, 

tXbl^at,  khulk,  u^A+sy  jibillüt,  müshrüb  ;  (of  steel)  yo  su, 
L-J\  âb;  ■ — ,  v.a.  (steel)  ya 

su-VErmek ;  (the  cold)  I^ÎU  müla¬ 
yim- et. 

Temperance,  s.  pürhızkyârlzk, 

iptidâi,  C— 

Temperate,  a.  pürhlzkyâr, 

Az-yEr-Âz-ıchEr ;  (in 
quality  or  in  heat),  mü"tüdil ; 

—  zone,  <ü-İ2.x^o  mAntzka'i- 


Temperature,  5.  harârüt,  teyj J 

CDj\j>-  dürejü'i-harâret. 

Tempest,  5.  chok-fzrtzna,  Xjy> 

bora.  [fzrtznalz. 

Tempestuous,  a.  zü^Ly  firtzna,  jj  zü^Ly 

Temple,  5.  Ju*^  mâ"büd,  Lc 

''ibâdet  -  ghyâh,  zülârjLc  "ibâdet- 


-khânü,  (of  idols)  zülsâJ  (put)-khânE  ; 

—  of  Jerusalem,  A-şr*'0  mkss- 

jidi-Âksâ,  ül-messjidu- 

-’l-Aksâ;  —  of  the  head, 
shakAk-yüri,  shakAk. 

Temporarily,  ad.  muwÂkkatan. 

Temporary,  a.  muwAkkat  ; 

lT*>  ‘  'âriyyütı  (üyrüti). 

Tempt,  v.a.  ayart- 

may^a-chAlzshmak,  igh- 

wâya-sa"y-et ;  (an  object) 
dâ"vet-et;  —  successfully, 
ayartmak,  Aldatmak,  \\^\ 

ighwâ-et,  ighful-et,  I 

idlâl-et.  d^h. 

Ten,  a.  on,^!.^  "ishar,  XjLs-  Xshara, 
Tenable,  a.  JjU  kÂbili-mühlfaza, 



[  332  ] 


mümkin  ;  (assertion) 
issbltzk  mümkin,  salih. 

Tenacious,  a.  brakmaz. 

Tenacity,  “ınâd. 

Tenant,  kiraj«,  jS>- 

müsstb*jir ;  — ,  v.a. 
kırâ-ila-tutmak ;  oturmak. 

Tend,  v.a.  Ja3\i  blkmak, 

khzdmetini-et ;  — ,  v.n.  jIJjLo  mâ‘il- 
-51,  mütbmayyil-ol ; 

müntij-ol,  varmak,  LL 

dayanmak,  <*£CU3  nbtîjjE-VEr- 

mek,  j\  jS£\sc  münjbrr-ol. 

Tendency,  s.  mbyl,  JjUj  tbmayyul, 

issti^dld,  \*)£j  rükyün. 

Tender,  a.  nâzik ;  ymiu- 

shlk  ;  — ,  s.  (offer)  c-jLKj  tbkllf ; 

— ,  v.a.  Ic_jLKj  teklif- et, 

^arz-et;  vermek. 

Tendon,  s.  j£*~i  sinyir,  “issAba. 

Tenor,  s.  J  U  ma  al,  fehwa,  ^^0 

\  «  \ 
ma  na. 

Tense,  s.  ^Lcj  zamln  ;  — ,  a.  JJ 
ghkrghi,  kJ  ghbrili ;  present  — , 
JW*  hâl ;  imperfect  — , 
hâlz-mâzz  ;  perfect  — ,  «.-ilc  mâzı ; 
aorist  — ,  muzân’f<;  future  — , 


Tent,  s.  chldzr,  khayniE, 

d&js*  khârghyâh. 

Tenth,  a.  onunju,  “ishzr, 

dehum  ;  — ,  s.jLz  “ashr. 

Tepid,  a.  dija,  ^jJlscOü!  zhjlk. 

Term,  (word)  ^-.**3'  ta“blr  ;  (technical) 
-*a\  ısstzlâh ;  (stipulation) 

shârt ;  (of  time)  CD1X0  müddet ; 
(delay)  J^o  mbhl,  mühlbt, 

wa^dfi ;  (price)  fl,  CD  Li 
fl'at;  — ,  v.a.  \j++xj  ta*  blr-et,  1  j 
tbssmiyfi-et,  dXiJ  J  dbmek, 

Terminate,  v.n.  LLXazj  bitmek, 

müntbhi-ol,  ıntihâ-bulmak 

— ,  v.a.  bitirmek, 

kbssmek,  klt“-et. 

Termination,  sony,  L2-ol^3 

nıhâyet,  1^x31  ıntehâ. 

Terra  firma,  kira. 

Terrace,  s.  (on  hill-side)  sedd ; 

(house-top)  slth  (t-h), 

dim,  &>-  b  blja  ;  (of  houses)  Jl^i  Xja 

Terrestrial,  a.  dunybvl; 

arzz ;  —  globe,  kyüre‘i-arz. 

Terrible,  a.  t-Jysr10  makhüf, 
müdhısh,  c— muhlb. 

Terrify,  v.a.  ^4,-DSj korkutmak, 
İL-jhysT  takhwlf-et,  ıkhâfa-et, 

\±m^Dby  türhlb-et. 

Territory,  .9.  arâzi  (j ol.  of  ^joJ\ 

arz,  land),  cJvİU^j  mbmâlik  (pi.  of 
country).  [c^vUbJ  dkhshEt. 

Terror,  s.  yjj*  korku,  khavf, 

Testament,  s.  wlssıyybt-nâmE, 

wlssiyybt.  [nâmE-sâhibi. 

Testator,  s.  ^s>Xa  wlssiyybt- 

Testicle,  s.  jjlAlL»  tlshak,  ^’1^-  khâya. 

Testify,  v.n.  \  CD<^\ shahâdet  -  et ; 

İzhâr- et,  ghywsst Er¬ 

mek,  ıbrâz-et. 


[  333  ] 


Testimonial,  s.  shahâdet-nâmE. 

Testimony,  CJJ shahâdet ; 
ifadk,  jijiü  tÂkrir. 

Tether,  s.  pâybbnd  (pay w And), 

4 ip  ;  — ,  v.a.  b  Ây /damak. 

Text,  s.  (of  a  book)  mbtn. 

Texture,  s.  kumAsh,  nbssj. 

Thank,  v.a.  \JLl5  t&shbkkyur-et ;  — s, 
pi.  jLtJj  tbshekkyur,  jLd*  sbiikr  ; 
— ful,  mutbshekkir ;  to  give 

— ,  to  return  — ,  \jLj*  shukr-et, 

That,  pron.  yt »  shu,  Jj!  ol  or  j\  6  ;  — , 
rel.  pron. :  see  Grammar ;  — ,  c. 

Thatch,  s.  sApdan-z<rtu ; 

— ,  v.a.  sAp-ila- 


Thaw,  s.  j  j  \  l  J  kArlarmy- 

-brimEssi,  y.  buzlarmy- 

-chazulmassi ;  — ,  v.n.  LÜviJtl  eri¬ 
mek  ;  cXfij  chazulmek  ;  — ,  v.a. 
LlX*h\  britmek. 

The,  art.  See  Grammar. 

Theatre,  s.jj'J Lj  teyâtro.  [-muta^alik. 

Theatrical,  a.  fcjjAy  tbyâtroya- 

Theatrically,  ad.  aL  'j> 


Theatricals,  s.  pi.  Lj  tbyâtro- 


Theft,  s.  khirs/zhk, 

sirkAt,  tej* i  sbrika. 

Their,  a.  pro.  lJJ  lari,  Anlanny ; 

— s ,pro.  Anlarmykz. 

Theist,  s.  do-yo  miiwahhid  (Unitarian). 

Themselves,  pro.  pi.  kendileri. 

Then,  ad.  ol-wAk/t,  ol- 

-zamAn ;  (afterwards)  songra, 

bâ^dahü,  pbss;  — ,  c. 

aylb  -issa,  %  bu- 

-sürutda,  imdi. 

Thence,  ad.  Jj'  bl-mahaldan ; 

ol-vwAktden;  Jjl 

ol-sbbebden.  [ba^da-hu. 

Thenceforth,  Thenceforward,  ad.  X£x) 
Theology,  s.  f<ilmi  -  kblâm, 

h  ikmeti  -  il  âh  iy  y  e  . 

Theorem,  da‘  'wayz-nAzari. 

Theoretical,  a.  ca\.£  <filmT,  i-Sj&j  nAzarî. 
Theory,  s.  J  J  klvl,  yol,  t— 
mbzhbb,  (Jjje  tarîk,  J&î  nÂzar. 
Therapeutics,  5.  “ilmi-tdbb. 

There,  ad.  \j  J\  bra ;  &Aj *\  bray  a  ; 

orada  ;  \j  »-İ  shura ;  AjJ j shuraya, 
shurada ;  Xi\>\  ânda,  onda ; 
— !  ınt.  Aıx-£jl  ishta,  13  nâ,  1^7  tbhâ ; 

—  about,  —  abouts,  oralar, 

»M  oralara,  oralarda ; 

Jj!  (o) -sularda,  kJj&jbSj 
b-sulara-dbp'^ru  ;  — by, 
bl-munâssbbetla ;  —  after, 
Andan-sow^ra ;  —  at,  l£l  Xn^a,  on^a ; 

—  from,  Andan,  ondan;  — in, 

\£\  An^a ;  SS'A  Anda;  ^^3]  Andan; 
— of,  ^;^3\  Andan;  — on,  ân^a  ; 
£Jül  Anda;  fa An  ing- 
-üzErina ;  i  «A— 3jJ  ^  1 J  \  An  ing- 
-üzErinda ;  —  to,  —  unto,  \i\  An^a, 

l?l  Anya-do^ru  ;  —  out,  ^^31 
Andan;  —  under,  Anm^- 


[  334  ] 


-Aİtina;  Aniny-Âİtinda  ; 

—  upon,  Xmny-uzErina  ; 

zS: jj Âniny-üzErinda  ;  — with, 
A  A  cJj  \  Âniny-ila,  j}j%  <Aj\ C-L3  \ 

Anmy-ila-bisrabEr  ;  lx*o  inanan  ;  U! 


leffAn,*  mblfüf/m ;  —  withal, 

jAji  <Üj  i  LLİ3 1  Anmy-ila-bErabur. 

Therefore,  c.  l£A*c\  imdi,  bu- 

-sbbebdan,  bu-seb^ba- 

-blna'an,  bii-sbbeba- 

-mbbni,  bunya  -  mebni, 

l iğ  bunya  -  bınâ'an,  A-Ic^Lj 

binâ'an-^âlbyh,  cJJ  J  Juc^Lj  binâ'an- 

-**âlâ-z§likE,  jUj  bınâbErîn. 

O'V*  * 

Thermometer,  5.  mızÂm- 

-hârârbt,  hawa-tbrazissi. 

Thessaly,  5.  lıvâdia;  LSLJ  thssâ- 
They,  pro..  ii!  Ânlar,  önİAr.  [lia. 

Thibet,  5.  mÇj  tıbbet. 

Thick,  a.  (in  solidity)  kilin ;  (in 

fluidity)  y  *i  koyu,  L-  i+tfr:  kfessıf ; 
(coarse)  Lj  klba ;  (close)  (J.+&  sik  ; 
(intimate)  ‘L*a  siki ;  — ,  s. 
j)  eny-koyu-yisr,  Abjj\  or  &3jj\  orta, 
c 6rta-yEri,^jUicJl  eny-fbna- 

Thicken,  v.n.  kllinlashmak ; 

koyulashmak  ; 

siklashmak  ;  fknaİEshmek ; 

— ,  v.a.  tjr'tj AlliJ  1;  kllinlashdirmak ; 

koy  ulatmak  ;  (J^oj  JuLİju*? 

Thief,  s-  khirsiz,  sârik,  JjJ 

duzd,  t-5 j£j\  bghvi. 

Thieve,  v.n .  khirsizlik  -  et, 

\ sırklt-et. 

Thigh,  s.  but,  ^IcsT  bljak, 
uyluk,  &s?  fâkhz. 

Thimble,  s.  yüksük. 

Thin,  a.  (in  solidity)  JLaCUİ  ınjâ ;  (in 
flesh)  l— zâ^îf,  zabun ;  (in 

fluidity)  ^ ya  sulu ;  (wide  apart) 
seyrek  ;  — ,  v.a. 

seyreltmek  ;  — ,  v.n.  cJvd sey¬ 
relmek . 

Thine,  pro.  a.  cJ  iny,  n g ;  (jAu» 
skniny  ;  — ,  pro.  skninyki. 

Thing,  s .  shey,  shby*  ( pl. 

L«iti  eshyâ),  nessn£,  chîz. 

Think,  v.n.  düshunmek,  \JLsü 

tefekkyur-et ;  (ponder)  \  mü- 

lâhaza-et ;  —  over,  I  mutâla^a- 

-et;  — of,  ^/fl^Ll^-khltirlamak,  xjb U- 
khltira  -  ghetirmek  ;  — 

about,  J  dushunmek,  ^J^oj £ 

kurmak ;  — ,  v.a.  (imagine) 
sanmak, zann-et;  (esteem) 
saymak,  1  Ac  “add-et. 

Third,  a.  uchunju,  Lİ-JIİ 

sâliss,  sıyum  ;  — ,  s.  J 

üchda-bır,  L-İ^So  sûlss  (suluss). 

Thirst,  s.  sussuzluk, 

<£Âtsh  ;  LU hararet;  - — ,  v.n. 

sussamak,  ''Atshln- 

61,y<UwU  tıshnE-öl ;  — y,  a 
sussamish,  ^lÜac  <fAtshÂn, 

Thirteen,  a.  on-üch.  [tıshnE. 

Thirty,  a.  otuz,  seiâssün, 

sel  assın,  sı. 


[  335  ] 


This,  pro.  y  bu,  y*>  shu. 

Thistle,  s.  .  cXil  dshek- dikimi, 

ddvE- dikimi. 

Thither,  ad.  5!  oraya. 

Thorn,  s.  dikim,  <&L\ \  \ghnE,j\>- 

khâr,  shdvk ;  — y,  a. 


Thorough,  a.  J «A  assI,  tlmm, 

kyâmil ;  — bred,  jinss, 

lJ  *-*a  soy  ;  — fare, 

chikar  -  sokAk  ;  no  — fare, 

Jj \iya  chikmaz  -  sokAk  ;  — ly,  ad. 

i^yj  bitun-bitun,  U>kiJ  tXml- 

man,  L«K  kyâmilan,  Azyj  hhr- 
wejhla,  ghhr&yAi-ghibi. 

Thou,  pro.  skn. 

Though,  c.  sJcL-M  ıssa- da,  j&£j 
hhr-nakAdar  ;  yinh  (ghdne). 

Thought,  s.  jCi  fikr  (pl.j&i]  dfkyar)  ; 

<u!lk^o  mutalara. 

Thoughtful,  a.jyJ^y^  düshunur. 
Thoughtless,  a.  düshunmaz. 

Thoughtlessness,  s.  sây- 

ghisizlik.  [hdzâr. 

Thousand,  a.  ClX-J  biny,  uj21  elf, 
Thraldom,  5.  rikkiyydt. 

Thrash,  v.a.  cXiirsjJ  duy^mek  ;  (corn) 
khârmAn  -  et ;  (the  enemy) 
(j* bozmak. 

Thrashing,  5.  cXlCcoJ  khârmAn- 

-  itmeklik  ;  ^«Lb  dayak. 
Thrashing-machine,  s. 
khârman-  chârkhi . 

Thread,  s.  iplik  ;  tirn ;  JJ 

tdl ;  \j  rishtE  ;  — ,  v.a.  (a 

needle)  LLX*j ^  iplik-ghd- 

chirmek;  (a  path)  cX*i==y-J  silkmek, 
e^lju>-  ch «karmak,  ghech- 

mek,  \jj js o  murür-et. 

Threat,  s.  Lpilyi)  j  korku- 

-YErEjek-lâkirdz,  korku. 

Threaten,  v.a.  cX«y>j  ySjyS  korku- 
vhrmek ;  korkulu- 


Three,  a.  uch,  <&\j  shlâssE,  s&h. 
Threshold,  s.  ^  y^s  kÂpi  -dshiy^i, 

âssitân,  âssitânb,  <L:ıc. 

“at6bE.  ' 

Thrice,  ad.  uch  -  kkrrE, 

<UiJ  uch-ddf“a,  jk~i  —  ^  üch- 
-sefEr.  [idârdjilik. 

Thrift,  s.  Xj\a\  ıdârE,  CÜ-sj-SjİJİ 

Thrifty,  a.  idâriyi. 

Thrive,  v.n.  gh&lishmek ; 

— ving,  a.  ghdlishltli. 

Throat,  5.  böyMz,  ^üL>-  hiılküm. 

Throb,  s.  cJ yürek- 

-oynamassi  ;  »j  yâra- 

-  zonklamassi ;  — ,  v.n. 

-oynamak;  (Jscİjüjj  zonklamak. 


Throne,  5.  tâkht ;  mdss- 

ned,  j&*£>  sXdr ;  —  of  God,  L rjp 
J<arsh;  — ,  v.a.  it^’takhta- 


Throng,  5.  ^<ܻc  (kAlabAhk), 

izdiham ;  — ,  v.n.  j! 

hshushmek,  koshushmak ; 

(kAİabAlik)  -  et, 


[  336  ] 


Throttle,  s.  jlcjJ  boy^Âz ;  — ,  v.a. 
boyamak,  L*a 


Through,  pr.  dan;  ^JlA^sTİ 

lehin  dan ;  —  and  — ,  <ül>  uLV. 

yandan-yana;  — out,  ad.  b 
blshdan  -  blsha  ;  jSs 

Throw,  s.  İtim ;  — ,  v.a. 

Atmak,  kndâkht-et,  \  , 

rümy-et ;  —  away,  Atmak; 

\  ( _ 9\j» i\  issrâf-et,  Il-Sİj  tülef-et ; 

—  off,  chzkarmak, 


Thrust,  s.  {jti  lj?  klkish,  itish ; 

jjiJyp  durtush ;  sokush ; 

wurush;  — ,  v.a.  (Ja£  li’ 
klkmak,  cJviSJİ  itmek ;  cXpyp 
dürtmek ;  sokmak ; 

wurmak ;  —  away,  dbf**-et, 

\  J )Jb  tard-et. 

Thumb,  s.  blsh-parmak ; 

— ,  v.a.  < — Mİ  rJ>  Aü*  j  ,  lj  lib-J 

•  >  J"  Li  "J  j't" 

yaprAİdarzni  -  parmakla  - 

k  irlh  dup  -  ar  SEİEmek . 

Thump,  5.  tâJLm* j  müshta  - 

-wurush u  ;  — ,  v.a.  &xZ~< 


Thunder,  s.  cJ*üı=>  ghyak- 

-ghyurlumEssi,  ra“d ;  — ,  v.n. 

i^sA^jS  ghyurlumek;  —  bolt, 
yedirim,  <LİLcLw?  şahika ;  — clap, 

J*  ghyughmg  -  bir- 

-ghyürİEmESSİ ;  — stroke,  yzldz- 

rim,  sâ“ika;  — struck, 

yedirim- charpmish,  <KjLeta 
^ixAl^o  LA  sâ^ika-ısslbet-ütmish ; 

müta""ajjib,  ^L-p-  hayrln, 
SErskm,  shaslıa- 

-kÂlmish ;  to  be  — -  struck,  cflli 
kllmak,  ^JpdljzLlLyj  shasha-kÂİmak. 

Thursday,  s.  penjshünbıh 

(pürshamba),  y+A>-  khamîss. 

Thus,  ad.  <*L  l  bayİE,  1p~  <ÜJ y  bayluja ; 
li y  bu-sürütla  ;  j)  bu- 

-wejhla  ;  &>- v  jJiî  y  bü-tÂkdîrja  ;  — 
far,  jAsAjj)  büraya-kldar, 

Thwart,  v.a.  ıshini-bozmak, 

j  &x£«-î  sektE-YErmek. 

Thy,  pro.  a.  lA  ıny,  n g  ;  C-b^-s  sisniny  ; 
— self,  kündiny. 

Thyme,  s.  kükik  -  ütu, 


Tick,  s.  (insect)  ghünE;  upon  — , 
vkrESsiyE ;  — ,  v.n.  i? 


Ticket,  s.  dili  kyâghid ;  ylfta. 

Tickle,  v.n.  ghijikmak ;  — ,  v.a. 


J^cjıSksf-  ghijzkdirmak ;  —  one’s 

fancy,  khoshina- 


Tide,  s.  <Xo  •  jezr-u-müdd ;  high  — ,  ^ 
S*  müdd ;  müddi-kyâmil ;  | 

ebb  — ,  j  jüzr. 

Tidy,  a.  j+Xdi  türııiz. 

Tie,  s.  high ;  (in  architecture)  t 

kushlk  ;  (moral)  ' "alâka,  1 

münâssübüt,  < _ >\^j\  in-  1 

tisslb ;  (impediment)  ^JlİLc  “ükdE,  i 


[  337  ] 


mâni'4;  — ,  v.a.  b Ah¬ 

lamak,  1  jJLc  “ikd-et. 

Tier,  5.  X j*a  sh*a  ;  d-?li  kÂt. 

Tiger,  s.  -j  bobr. 

Tight,  a .  seki;  water — , 

su-ghechmaz  ;  air — ,  \ hawa- 


Tighten,  v.a.  ^JyojSJLS^a  sekishdirmak. 

Tigris  (the  river),  s.  aLsO  dbjİE.  [tu^Ala. 

Tile,  s,  kıremîd ;  (flat)  Ali. ys 

Till,  s.  pAra-chekmEjEssi ; 

— ,  v.a.  tımar- et, 

zira'V/t-et,  \  herassbt-et ;  — , 

pr.  y«w\jdj  a-kAdar,  E-dek, 

,  vJAj  a-dak. 

Tillage,  s.  zira* 'at. 

Tiller,  s.  zırâ"âtjt ;  (of  a 

rudder)  Aiz^j  yeku. 

Timber,  s.  Az~j.£  kbresstE,  i — £*>“1 
âhsh^b,  âhshîb  ;  —  yard, 


Time,  s.  wlkit,  zamÂn ; 

hbnghyâm  ;  period  of  — ,  CJ.Vc 
müddet,  devr,  j*zs.  “Assr,  ^Js 
kârn,  byyâm  ( pi .  of  yyi  yavm,  a 
day)  ;  (number  in  recurrence)  &J> 
kbrrd,  zy<  merrE,  A**J  dbf"a, 
şbfEr,  nubbt;  — ,  v.a.  LZ-J* 

\^+-x'J  wAkzt-ta'ym-et ;  JAi/jjj 

wAktma-dikkAt-et;  there’s  —  enough, 
wAkff-chok ;  from  —  imme¬ 
morial,  from  —  out  of  mind,  «^-3  JAJ.I 


wt6dan-beri,  ^Ss  j]  bz-kAdîm,  ^ 
aMaI(  min-el-kAdim. 

Timid,  a.  korkak,  arkek; 

L-jx^:^'0  mâbjüb,  j-y  utAnir, 

utAnghach.  [hıjâb. 

Timidity,  5.  ijyi  kbrkaklik,  t— jI  jst*" 

Tin,  s.  kAlay ;  (in  sheets) 

t^nekE  ;  — ,  v.a.  (JmAj  kAlaylamak. 
Tincture,  s.  (medicinal)  ruh ;  (slight 
mixture)  yiy  koku,  Ajjv, ,£>  sha'ibE ; 
— ,  v.a.  cA3 1 

♦  -  V  • 


Tinder,  .li  kaw  or  kAv;  —  box, 

.  vUjls*-  chakmak-kbysEssi. 

Tinge,  v.a.  Azcujş». 

jüz'îja-bır-rEnk-vErmek,  tblvln- 

-et,  (Jsc\ :  y  boyamak. 

•Tinker,  s.  Aj (chinghbni,  a  gipsy); 

— ,  v.a.  \  j+AXJ&zp Ls  kAbaja-tâ'mîr- 
Tinman,  5.  AxiJ  tknekEji.  [-et. 

Tinsel,  s.  )j  shamAta-tbli. 

Tint,  cheshid,  cJdj  rknk, 

Tiny,  a.  ufAjek.  [lbvn. 

Tip,  5.  ü j,  djJ  (tbps);  ^4^ 

bakhshish  ;  — ,  v.a.  vkrmek, 

(Ja?1  Atmak  ;  — ,  v.n.  j 

bâkhshish-vErmek  ;  —  up,  J 

bir-ujani-kAİdzrmak  ;  —  off, 
- —  over,  v.n. 
dbvrilip-düshmek ;  — ,  v.a. 

devirip- diishurmek. 

Tipple,  5.  ichkz ;  — ,  v.n. 

ichmek,  chakmak. 

Tippler,  5.  l j£j  bfekrî. 

Tipstaff,  5.  i  kkvwAss.  [(sar-). 
Tipsy,  a.  u-i4  kbyf,  skrkhbsh 

Tire,  s.  (of  a  wheel)  chbnbsr, 

2  A 


[  338  ] 


JJ+i?  (dbymir) ;  — ,  v.a. 

ybrmak;  (in  liking)  yycjdj\*aj\  ussÂn- 
dfrmak ;  (in  patience)  J 

SAbrini  -  dukhtmek ;  (cause  disgust) 
C X^ojdJi  bezdirmek  ;  — ,  v.n. 
ybrulmak ;  Ljj!  usslnmak;  LL)^y 
bbzmek ;  LJj.+.*a  slbri- 


Tiresome,  a.  munâssebbtsiz  ; 

^  ^K*aj\  ussXnj  -  vkrir,  jjSA^\ 

usslndirir;  ÂdAm- 


.  • 

Tissue,  5.  kumlsh,  <rJ  n&ssj. 

Tithe,  s.jLs-  ushr  (pi.  j\Ls\  â“shâr), 

Title,  (of  honour)  c— -*üS  lakab  (pi. 
<— A&ll  blklb),  unwIn  ;  (right) 

hÂkk ;  (deed)  sbned, 


Jjj'İ  l£i1j3 

To,  pr.  Aj  e,  a\jS Jdj  a-kAdar  ;  LJyjb&j 
a-doyAru  ;  ujcgj  ichin  ;  • — day,  py 
bu-ghyun ;  — night,  A^^y  bu-ghbyjjE, 

-ghbyjE ;  — morrow,  yârin. 

Toad,  s.  &y  kkra-kurbAy^a, 

6dlu-bAy4a ;  —  stool,  pbj 

p'^o  zhhirli-mXntar. 

Toady,  v.a.  W&lcX-e  müdâhbnE-et. 

Toadyism,  s.  o  miıdâhbnE. 

Toast,  s.  cx*f=>i  bkmek- 

-kzzartmassi ; 

‘  Âshkina  -  sharâb  -  ıchiİEn- 
-kimbssnE  ;  — ,  v.a.  k«zart- 

Tittle- tattle,  ,  ««j 

L  ^  ♦♦ 

mak  ;  <&ÂL.£  “Xshkina- 

-sharâb-ıchmek.  [dükhÂn. 

Tobacco,  s.  ^y3  or  yy  tutun, 

Tobacconist,  5.  y^yy  tütunju. 

Toe,  s.  parmak,  ,  jjbl  âyak- 

Together,  ad.  y\y  bbrâbbr,  saA y  bır- 
likda;  %jlj\  bır-ybra ;  Xdyy  bır-ykr- 

d  a  ;  U/irs*.  jbm^an  ;  jbım<fa:n. 

Toil,  s.  JLj\  ısh,  yjTj  renj, 

kyülfbt,  L^a£~«  mbshakkÂt ;  — s, 

s.  pl.  tuzÂk;  — ,  v.n. 

chÂh’shmak,  ehabAİamak, 

ıs  shİEmek. 


Token,  s.  nıshln,  ıshâret, 

“alâmbt ;  (of  remembrance) 
JMj  berghyuzâr. 

Tolerable,  a.  K>>  chekilir,  jjA 

tahammul-olunur ;  &>■ y\ t— >1  ep-îyija. 

Tolerance,  Toleration,  5.  tahammül, 

hlzm,  müssâ^adE. 

Tolerate,  v.a.  mussâ<fadE-et, 

tfejvîz  -  et,  IJj-î  kÂbül-et, 


Toll,  s.  p  bÂj,  p  kÂpi- 

-VErghissi,  mürürıyyE  ;  — , 

v.a.  (a  beli)  chÂlmak ;  — , 

v.n.  chklmmak. 

Tomato,  s.  domâta. 

Tomb,  5.  J\j*<  mbzâr,  j*s  kÂbr,  As! 
lâhd ;  yy  türbE ;  —  stone,  j\y< 


Tomfool,  s.  dAİ-kâwuk. 

Tomfoolery,  s.  mASskharalik. 

Ton,  AjLjL  tbnblâta. 


[  339  ] 


Tone,  s.  sbss ;  phrdk ;  (of 

muscle,  &c.)  kuvvet. 

Tongs,  5.  pi.  <l2jLc  mAsha.  [zabAn. 

Tongue,  5.  dil,  lıssân,  ubj 

Tongue-tied,  a.  dili-tutul- 

Tonic,  u5yu>  mukavvi.  [mush. 

Tonnage,  5.  gheminin- 


Too,  ad.  (also)  dâkhi,  da, 

LL)  i  4^i=>  kbzâlik ;  (more  than  needful) 
U  haddi-luzümdan- 

-ziyadE.  (This  particle  is  not  in  use 
in  Turkish  ;  the  simple  adjective 
fulfils  its  function.  Vid.  Grammar.) 

Tool,  5.  ulJ!  âlet  (pi.  CJÜİ  âlât) ;  — s, 
s.  pi.  hdawat,  bdâwât, 

awadanh'k,  takirn. 

Tooth,  s.  J  dish,  sinn  (pi. 

fessnân),  dbndân,  Ajljjj  dhn- 

dânk  ;  — pick,  khilâl,  J 

Xj<s£>j\î  dish-kanshdhajak. 

Top,  s.  usst,  uS/Sj)  yakan, 

fbvk,  )lb  bâlâ;  (summit)  <OJ  (thp6), 
XjjS  zirvE  ;  (of  a  mast) 
chAnaklik;  (plaything)  finl- 

dAk ;  — ,  a.  ^i==aJa«sjl  üsstdeki, 
^5=3$  J£Su«jj!  usstundeki ;  —  mast, 

ghAbiva-chibuy^u ;  — 

sail,  li.  ghAbiya  ;  — most, 

L5£=H j  kny  -  yukâriki,  1 


Topaz,  5.  zbberjed  (?), 

Ciyb  sAn-yâküt. 

Topgallant,  a.  C-byii  bb  blbA-fingonin. 

Topic,  s.  mâddE. 

Topography,  s.  kharita- 

-tAfsiİÂti ;  tAfsiİÂti- 

-zbmîn.  IjjjjÜ  zîr-u-zbbEr. 

Topsy-turvy,  ad.  Alt-üsst, 

Torch,  5.  mesh^âla  (mAshala). 

•  | 

Torment,  5.  CU-o  Jı  bziyybt ;  — ,  v.a. 

\  bzıyybt-et ; 


Tornado,  s.  Asy«as  kAssirgha. 

Torpedo,  s.  J İJjy  torpil. 

Torpid,  a.  uyushuk, 

uyushmush,  J~Jb>-  jÂnsiz-ghıbi. 

Torpor,  s.  yjLlJjl  uyushukluk. 

Torrent,  s.  sfeyl  (s&l)  ;  Jj\ 

Torrid,  a.j\s>-  hârr ;  —  zone,  2^b>-  «tük;* 

Tortoise,  s.  ^bb*  kApH  -  h'kgha 
(kApKmbAy^a) ;  —  shell,  bAyAa. 

Torture,  s.  û\  bzıyybt,  <JLsÜ£» 

shıkenjE,  A^saC-4  isskknjE ;  — ,  v.a. 

hziyybt-et,  ısskknjE- 

-  et,  \  uykussuz  - 


Toss,  s.  ^îj’l  Ata’sh,  JiSİJ  fhlâdish ; 
— ,  v.a.  (Ja Jİ  Atmak,  fırlat¬ 

mak  ;  — ,  —  about,  v.n. 
sichramak,  firlamak,  jjV*) 3\ 

Atilmak  ;  (waves)  kAbarmak. 

Total,  5.  ybkyün,  töp, 

£2+^°  mbjmü“  ;  — ,  a.  kyullî ; 

Totter,  v.n.  sbndEİEmek, 


Touch,  s.  dokunush ;  (sense 

2  a  2 


[  340  ] 


of)  dUrfS  kuvveti  -  lâmissE  ; 

last  — ,  sony-kl ;  (tincture) 

koku,  zLobi  sha'ibE,  Ji\  bssEr ; 
— ,  v.a.  dokunmak, 

Eİ-sürmek,  M-wurmak; 

j]  ^[.*2.*.^)  muttASSzl-bl,  j\  Jh^SU) 
mülâsszk-bl ;  LLİ.*£î=J  dbyfanek  ; 

bitishmek  ;  ^JJ^-jb  yapz’sh- 
mak  ;  (move  the  heart) 

LlS^cj ^■^=d  kAlbzna-rlkkXt-ghbtirmek, 
yzmushAtmak  ;  —  upon 

(in  speaking)  Llivijs^c— >• ^  Anydz'rzp- 
-ghbchmek ;  —  hole,  <Ü  Is  f Ilya, 

J  fllya-dbliyAi ;  — stone, 

rnahbkk  (mbhbnk,  mbhenk- 
-tXshz)  ;  — wood,  jl s  kaw  or  klv. 
Tough,  a.  LU> j~s  skrt ;  j**)*  kopmaz; 
kit i,j4\.~S  khssilmaz  ;  (difficult) 
ghyüch,  chetin ;  (of 

endurance)  jÂnz-pbk. 

Tour,  s.  ji  juz'l-bir- 

sbyâhat.  [ichin-giden-sbyyâh. 

Tourist,  s.  zbvk- 

Tournament,  5.  jly-*  imzrAk- 


Tow,  bhyÂz-usstüpu, 

kktEn-f  Azlass/ ; 

kztzk; ;  — ,  v.a.  ybdeyAa- 

-Xlmak,  chekmek ;  —  rope, 

,Lh  pllamar;  —  line,  ,  (jJju 

y  V  1  V 


Toward,  Towards,  pr.  l£j£»]s  a- 

-  dbghvv,  lSjzŞo  &u:Jd  taraf  zna  - 

-  doyAru,  u^i^b  jihbtina  - 

-  dbghru. 

Towel,  s.  hawk;  pbshta- 

mil,  lb >.i  futa. 

Tower,  <di  kulld  or  kulfi ; 

(in  town  walls)  burj  ;  — ,  v.n . 


Town,  s.  klssAba,  shbhr, 

mEmlekkt,  zUş^sr0  mâhrüssa, 
k+ASr*  mahmiyyE,  AiJiXo  mbdlnfi. 

Town-clerk,  5.  i  j£d  C-3 ^2»  shehirin- 

dbftEr-bmmi.  [-münâdîssî. 

Town-crier,  5.  cJ  shbhirin- 

Town-hall,  s.  ^cbyj  ^-2»  shehir-kona- 
Townsman,  hbm-shbhrl.  [yAz*. 

Toy,  5.  oyunjak ;  — ,  v.n. 

oynamak,  oynash- 

mak,  eyİEnmek. 

Trace,  s.  j)\  iz,  zübü  nıshânE, 

♦  I 

nishln,  J*5'  bssEr ;  (of  harness) 
bs  kbshum-kayz’shz ;  — , 


âssârzna  -  tbtbbbu^  -  et ;  (on  paper) 
chizmek,  rbssm-et ; 

C^)v*.f“l«5  silkmek  ;  ^Lcb 

yayAlz  -  kyayyfo‘da  -  llmak  ;  Jui 

1-Lj  1  issli  -  kyây/zzd  -  ila  - 
-chizmek  ;  cX ^^7"  jamda- 

-  chizmek. 

Track,  5.  j)  iz  ;  2fjbj  jlL 

belli-bhllissiz-piyâda-yblu  ;  — ,  v.a. 

v.a.  •  db*5 jA  izlemek,  \  < 

zdj|  C-3-^j  klradan- 


Tract,  5.  <U^b  nâhiyyE,  b3l  (ülkk)  ; 

(book)  ris:<âİE,  *j>-  juz*. 

Tractable,  a.  mlzlzm, 

swz-(dinEr),  Jlüi.^3  munkld. 


[  341  J 


Trade,  s.  sân  "at,  hirfet ; 

L'yJ-J  Aİish-vErish,  CDj\es?  ti¬ 
jâret,  IL.C  *  akhz-u-^Ata, 

dâd-u-sitüd  ;  — ,  v.n. 

Âlish-VErish-et,  t'ıjâret-et ; 

— sman,  dükkyânji, 

blzirghyân,  uJU^  üssnâf. 

Tradition,  s.  hadîss, 

4— a.>  ,-£>  hadîssi-shürif :  ri- 

wâyet ;  — al,  a.  J menkûl, 

Traffic,  s.  Âlish-VErish, 

tijâret ;  (on  a  road) 
ghüİEn-ghücliEn  ;  Ci)J£L£>l  ishleklik; 
having  much  — ,  ClJsLlI  ishlük ;  — , 
v‘n *  Ah'sh  -  VErish  -  et ; 

\  lZJj.cş?  tijâret -et. 

Tragedy,  5.  <u3j  J$j]  ,JLİlc 


Train,  s.  lLXj\  uzun-btek,  Jj  j 

z^yl  (pi  JUİ1  fezyâl),  dâmEn ; 

(suite)  btbâ"-tâkirai. 

khXdem,  hÂshem  •  (of 

powder)  <uLw  yümlemE  ;  fitil ; 

Jj*.ş^sujuk;  (series)  Zys  sir  a, 

Aİay,  sûru;  (of  guns)  ^L>  jb 

toplar  ;  siege  — ,  jk  tjc Isr0 

muhÂssara -toplan ;  — ,  v.a. 

tâ"lîm  -  et ;  I  <Ljy  tkrbiyyE  -  et ;  (a 
tree)  j  J  dXllanni- 

bir  -  rbssma  -  kbmak  ;  —  on,  v.n. 

uzamak,  sürmek, 


Traitor,  5.  goUkc^l;.L>  düvlet-khâ'ini, 

W'  ^ 


Traitress,  s .  khâ'in-kân. 

Trample  on,  v.a.  chinEmek, 

ayak-bXssmak ;  —  under 
foot,  jjlT  âyak-Aİtina-Âlmak. 

Tranquil,  a.  rahat,  iAyJi  âssüdE, 

sakin;  j^-cU  mü'mün. 

Tranquillity,  s.  rahat,  jjA>La! 

âssâyish,  sükyünüt, 


Tranquillize,  v.a.  tü'mîn-et. 

Transaction,  s.  <UJj  wak"â,  e-AÂİy- 
skr-ghyüzüsht ;  mü  'âmeİE. 

Transcribe,  v.a.  "âynmi- 

-yâzmak,  sürEtini-yâz- 

mak,  d*H  j*?  sürütini  -  Aİmak, 
(Js* i j'&af-  sûrktini-chikârmak, 

tjscj l> <Lk?~J  nusskhassini-yâzmak, 

Transfer,  v.a.  nÂkl-et,  \  düvr- 
-et,  chüvirmek,  <-k-yy£ 

ghbchirmek.  [hüy'üta-komak. 

Transform,  v.a.  dü-İJ  bâshka- 

Transgress,  v.n.  klbahat-et, 

jünhâ-et;  ghyünâh-et  ; 

— ,  v.a.  takhXtti-et,  \ 

tüjâvuz-et;  1  i khiİÂ- 


Transgression,  s.  l.Lss-  khâtâ, 

jünhâ,  jürm,  kÂbâhat, 

ghyünâh,  mâ"siyyüt. 

Transient,  a.  j~£jy 5  süreksiz, 

kXrarsiz,  j^İLj  blkârâr,  zâ'il. 

Transit,  mürur. 

Translate,  v.a.  tkrjumE  -  et, 

CiJvc  j  chüvirmek,  \  nXkl-et. 


[  342  ] 


Translation,  5.  tErjumE ;  Jiü  nXkl. 

Translator,  s.  mütErjim, 


Transmigration,  s.  iJ  tbnâssukh. 

Transmission,  s.  ^£3  nXkl,  J Lj;!  irsal, 

JLrJ  IssXl ;  j\ \ j*c\  ımrâr ;  mürur. 

Transmit,  v.a.  yollamak, 

LlXscj  ghyandErmek, 

ırsâl-et,  IjLajJ  IssÂİ-et ; 
ghbchirmek,  1  j\j<\  imrar-et, 

^  y^wÂsszWi-mürûru-öl.  [bbrrlk. 

Transparent,  a.  (_jli -$>  shbfflf,  j!\y 

Transpire,  v.n.  sbzilmek,  J 

duyulmak,  lj  J  shüy  ü  *  *  - 


Transport,  s.  (ship) 

“ÂsskEr-ghbmissi ;  (convict)  ^yjy » 
surgbyun-AdAm ;  mbnfî ; 

(excessive  sensation)  k^i  fkrt,  k^il 
ifrit ;  (ecstasy)  J  Jc^-j  vijdan  ; 
(carriage)  JSi  nXkl ;  — ,  v.a.  (a 

criminal)  sürmek,  1  1 

sürghyun-et,  1^Â3  nbfy-et ;  (carry) 
Ik  tXshzmak,  LL^oyjZ  ghyatur- 
mek,  ^<Jjü  nXkl  -  et ;  (cause  j°y) 
ei  *cjSj  «m>  sevindirmek. 

Transportation,  s,  sürghyun,  ^i.3 

nbfy,  jilâ,  ijlâ ;  place  of  — , 
mbnfî  or  rnbnfa. 

Transylvania,  5.  ferdül- vil⬠
yeti.  [tej-k  bXja. 

Trap,  5.  jlj^k  tuzXk,  J  dim ;  —  door, 

Trash,  s.  bük ;  sXchma ; 

(idle  talk)  xj yt>  hkrzE. 

Travel,  5.  sbyâhat ;  ju>  sbfEr, 

— ,  v.n.  sbyah^t-et,  \  jk~a 

sbfEr-et,  ghbzmek, 

yoljuluk-et.  [J^3  nevkrd. 

Traveller,  s.  sbyyâh,  yolju. 

Traverse,  v.a.  CXfcsr  3k  yandan- 

-yana-ghbchmek  ;  <^L<£  4-£>k 
bXshdan  -  bXsha  -  ghbzmek  ;  (impede) 
I  mbn^-  et,  mâni"-  öl, 


bozmak.  [tXbla. 

Tray,  s.  tbpsi* 

Treacherous,  a.  (person)  kha'in  ; 

(act)  <üL$k>»  khâ'inânE ;  to  have  a 

—  memory,  chabik- 

—  unutmak,  J^klsL  khl- 

tzrda-shby- tutamamak.  [khâ  inlzk. 

Treachery,  s.  c^oL^-  khiyânet. 

Treacle,  s.JaCj  bekmez,  pbtmez. 
Tread,  v.a.  ayak-bXssmak. 

Treason,  s.  JolteljJ  dbvletE- 


Treasonable,  a.  d-ju>- 


Treasure,  5.  ju  mil, 

Akcha  ;  (hidden)  J  dbflnE, 
khazinE  (hlzna)  ;  (in  affection) 
iki-ghyaz,  ji<7^Er, 

jly/^Er-kyashE ;  (in  estimation) 

illol  chök  -  isha  -  yarar- sh by  ; 

—  up,  v.a.  saklamak,  I 

hifz-et.  [nadâr). 

Treasurer,  5.  khAzînedâr  (hXz- 

Treasury,  s.  khXzinE  ;  ^yjlkydJU 

mlliyyE-nAzarbti  ;  <ÜU  ml- 

liyyE-  kXpzssz. 


[  343  ] 


Treat,  s.  zzyâfbt;  byİEnja ; 

— ,  v.a.  (use)  kulİAnmak, 

I  mu^ÂmeİE-et ;  (a  sick  person) 

bXkmak,  mu“alejE-et ; 

(feast)  z?yafbt-VEr- 

mek  ;  (pay  for) 

parassIm-vErmek ;  — ,  v.n.  (on  a 

subject)  lei-osT:  bahss-et;  (negotiate) 

Treatise,  s.  rıssâİE.  [mu<fâlbjE. 
Treatment,  s.  mu^âmbİE  j  ^jslU.o 

Treaty,  s.  *JubW«  mu^ahbdE,  “âhd; 

<Coli  “âhd  -namk. 

Treble,  s.  uch-klt ;  (voice) 

ınja-sbss,  kAr/- 

-sfessi ;  — ,  v.a.  iich-kXt-et ; 

— ,  v.n.  uch-kAt-bl. 

•  *  V!“ 

Tree,  5.  Xgh shbjEr,  Ll^s-jd 
dirâkht ;  —  nail,  <ub ^  kâvîlya  ; 

cross — ,  kurchbta. 

Tremble,  s.  4-c (titrbmE),  tjj  lbrzfl, 

iL&j  ra^shk  ;  — ,  v.n.  J 

(titrEmek),j^^Jy!  Ibrzan-ol ;  — bling, 
uiyy  lbrzân,  lbrzsnak, 

J\  £j  râ^shEdâr. 

Tremendous,  a.  muhlb, 

mudhish  ;  ȍ>-  chok,  Ll)j  pck. 

Trench,  s.  (hnndek) ;  (j~JZ~o  mb- 

teriss;  — ,v.a. 

^jU  iki  -  üch  -  bbl  -  dbrinli^Ainda- 

-klzmak  ;  —  round, 

(hEndek)-chbvirmek ;  —  upon,  IjjlssT 

tbjâvuz~et,  J1  kl-uzAtmak. 

.  ♦ 
Trespass,  s.  v^oVisj-  jınâyet ; 

jünha,  *ljs£=s  ghyimah  ;  — ,  v.n. 

!c^-oL>*  jınâyet-et,  liL£  gbyünâh- 
-et ;  —  on  one,  —  on  one’s  time. 

1JUAİ  ishghâl-et,  \  j*-^*'*  tâ/ jîz-et, 
\  j  tXssdi^-et,  ijXijcS  (jl  Ij  bXsh- 


Trevet,  s.  ^L>  skj-ayak. 

Trial,  s.  (experiment)  jjJÜLjdü  J  dandyish, 

OysT  tbjrubk  ;  (by  law)  u5^c  J 
da<fwa,  mühâkdmE;  on  — , 

a.j+jkr0  mukhayyEr. 

Triangle,  sc  müssblİESs. 

Triangular,  a.  SJoILi  mussblİESS- 


Tribe,  s.  kÂbıİE  (pi.  Jo  Li*  kXba^il), 

“ishlrbt  (pl.Jj\!Lz  “ishaV), 
Jj!  II  (pi.  CjW  IİÂt) ;  (of  Israel) 

L-mj  sbbt  (pi.  L>L*j1  bssbÂt). 
Tribulation,  s.  c^isr0  mihnbt. 

Tribunal,  s.  <UJ“rus:c  mahkdmE, 

Tributary,  a.  \  khörâj- 

-ghyüzâr-olan.  [kh«râj,  jizyE. 

Tribute,  s.  S;l  *  virghyu  or  vkrghi,  ^^>- 
Trick, 5.  I  by un;  dL^-hzlb;  (custom) 

khüy ;  — ,  v.a.  \  byun-et. 


Trickery,  5.  hlİE.  [-Ikmak. 

Trickle,  v.n.  ınja-înja- 

Trifle,  s.  sXchma,  byun, 


lâ-shby-maküİEssi ;  — ,  v.n.  (J~o 
bynamak,  sÂchma-et,  İC^LİJ 

dblilik-et ;  — fling,  a.  juz'l ; 

— ,  <U.5=-L>  skchma,  lLXlIj  dblilik; 

v  •• 

— fler,  dbli. 


E  344  ] 


jjx  “ilmi- 

Trigger,  s.  lLX* j  tbtik. 

Trigonometry,  s. 


Trim,  s.  (of  a  vessel)  tjJ-jJ  dknk  ;  (of 
clothing)  kzyaf&t ;  — ,  a. 

bichimli ;  — ,  v.a.  cJviJjtJ 
diizkltmek  ;  dknk-et, 


Trimming,  kharj,  (jlLJi  (ghây- 

tln);  (moral)  muwlz«“a. 

Trinity,  s.  <&'  aklnîmi-sblâssE. 

Trip,  5.  (slip)  ay ak-klp An- 

mass^  ;  (moral)  iLrk  khlta ;  (ex¬ 
cursion)  ghbzma,  <U>«& 

dolashma  ;  — ,  ^£*3  Li* 

ayagfo’-klpAnmak  ;  \  H2S-  khlta-et ; 
—  up,  v.n.  ClJ'A-Sy. 0  c_-? »3 Li 

aya ghi  -  klplnip  -  düshmek  ;  — ,  v.a. 

Tripe,  s.  <L*uCJL\  ishkknbE. 

Triple,  s.  üch-kÂt ;  — ,  v.a. 

uch-klt-et ;  — ,  v.n. 
j\  CL?li  iıch-klt-öl. 

Tripoli,  s.  (town  in  Barbary)  çj~Xj\Jh 
târâbâlüsi-gbârb;  — ,  (town  of 
Syria)  ^l-Sb  târâbâlüsi-shâm. 

Triturate,  v.a.  bzmek, 


Triumph,  s.  <ulc  ghaMbk,  CUj^zj 
nüssrbt ;  (procession)  l/1\  Hay ; 
— ,  v.n.  ghalib-61 ;  — , — 

over  (exult)  up^knmek, 


Triumphant,  a.  c-Jlc  ghllib. 

Trivial,  a.  sAchma,  jüz<fî. 

Triviality,  s.  slchmalik ; 

cL3L :j>-  juz'ilik. 

Troop,  s.  suru,  takzm, 

l-5^1  alay ;  (of  cavalry  or  horse- 

artillery)  bMuk ;  — ,  v.n. 

toplanmak ;  — s,  s.  pi, 

jL~*z  “isskEr. 

Trooper,  s.  l£j&)  siiwari-nkfEri. 

Trophy, s. cJ;£E?  zXfErin-<£alamkti. 

Tropic,  s.  mhdâr  ;  — -  of  Cancer, 

\sj~>  j&.<  mbdân-seratÂn  ;  —  of 

Capricorn,  u£Jcş-  j\>Xx  medan-jhdl. 

Trot,  5.  link,  <uJ£J  linklkmE ; 

— ,  v.n.  CJJ  link-ghitmek, 

civile  lınkİEmek. 

Trotters,  s.  pi.  pâcha ;  JjW  ayak. 

Trouble,  s.  lSS'Ju^  sekmdz, 

zahmet,  mkshakklt,  L^-o<S\ 

bziyyet,  (care)  dkrd,  5İJ  bklâ, 

l_5 -i>'  L^°.  blsh-Agfa^ss^ ;  —  v.a. 


l S  JcjLid  szkmd/- vkrmek, 
tac‘jiz-et;  C«Lc^.  zahmet- 

-vkrmek ;  —  one’s  self, 

zahmet-et ;  —  one’s  self  about  .  .  .  , 
kâyd  -  et ;  \dJLbj  wlzifE-et ; 

Troublesome,  a.  l sekendi, 
yj' szkmdz’K,  j zâh- 

Trough,  s.  teknk  ;  Avllk. 

Trousers,  s.  pi.  ^Uail j  pantalon ; 
shllwar  ;  jjby*  pbtur, 

Trout,  s.  JİIj  Aİa-bÂlik.  [chXkshzr. 

Trowel,  s.  mil  a. 

Truce,  s.  mutar^kjE. 


[  345  ] 


Truck,  s.  ElXarabassi ; 

(exchange)  <U3ly  tranpa ;  (of  a 

mast)  libLi  shlpka. 

True,  a.  (not  false)  ghdrchek, 

sahih  ;  (real)  ^İL&^  hakîkî  ; 

(faithful)  sidik,  wdfadar  ; 

(right)  jh-îjc  ddghru,  sahih  ; 

(well  ascertained)  ^Jsi sr*  muhlkklk. 

Truly,  ad.  wâki“â, 

hlkîklt,  <0LiLs)l  J  fî-’l-hlkîka. 


Trumpet,  s.  boru;  İ3j^~j  sürnâ 

(zurna)  ;  — ,  v.a.  i“lln-et. 

Trumpeter,  s.  jj y  bbruzkn  (-zan). 

Trunk,  s.  sindik,  lh3l>-  chlnta ; 

(of  a  tree)  cJyX  kyutuk  ;  (of  the 
body)  ghyawdE  ;  (of  an  ele¬ 
phant)  khbrtüm. 

Trunnion,  s.  jYj  ye  muylu. 

Trust,  s.  (faith)  i*  "timid, 

dmniyydt ;  (charge) 
dmândt ;  on  — ,  vkrdssiyE  ; 

— ,  v.a.  I pA~J  <L IX  dmândtEn- 
-  tdsslîm  -  et ;  — ,  v.n.  I  jUjx-cI 

i*  timld-et,  dmniyydt-et ; 

(in  God)  tdvekkyul  -  et, 

j\j£ysc  mutdvekkil-bl. 

Trustee,  jljcdlX  mutd- 


Trustworthiness,  eXjljus  sldaklt. 

Trustworthy,  Trusty,  a.  j»jL?  sidik. 

Truth,  s.  (absolute)  hlkk ;  (of  an 
assertion)  sihhat,  L^Xi-iX 

hlkîklt ;  (true  speech)  lJJJi $  <-5X1? 
dö^Aru  -  lâkirdi ;  to  speak  the  — , 
Ll)  Xj dop^ru-suwdy  İnmek. 

Truthful,  a.  lS jb ^2  doghru. 

Truthfulness,  (J^-jby  doghruluk. 

Try,  v.n.  (endeavour)  J  l_.>- 

chllishmak,  sa^y-et ; 

ghayret-et ;  — ,  v.a.  (as  an  ex¬ 
periment)  blkmak,  cXcl3j 

ddndmek,  \âj  ssb'  tdjribE-et ;  (as  a 
proof)  ımtihân-et ;  (cause 

a  great  exertion)  *J  zorlamak  ; 

(JyO'ft  yormak;  (JycjS)\*a<^  ussln- 
dirmak ;  ghyüjuna- 


Trying,  a.  j\s£İA*sd  tah^mmul-ghyudaz. 

Tub,  s.  1.oIj  bldiyA,  ghdrddl. 

Tube,  s.  bdru,  *3^j  ziwanE  ;  (of  a 
water-pipe)  marpich. 

Tuberose,  5.  y J  tdbEr. 

Tubular,  a.  bdru-shdklinda, 


Tuesday,  5.  slli,  slli- 

-ghyünu,  IjIj  sdlâsâ,  j  sdh- 


Tug,  s.  chdkish  ;  (ship)  cJ<^> 

lJj  o  ^  %  yedek-vaporu  ;  — ,  v.a. 

C_X*Xr.>-  chdkmek ; 

Tuition,  5.  ddrss,  tddrîss, 

aAxj  tâ“lîm  ;  ^1*3’  tazallüm,  J 

Tulip,  s.  lî^l  laid.  [tahsil. 

Tumble,  5.  düshush,  ^SİÂJ 

yikilish ;  — ,  v.n.  (fall) 

dushmek,  yikilmak ;  (be 

disarranged)  burushmak, 

iirsEİEnmek ;  — ,  v.a. 

dushurmek,  y*k- 


[  346  ] 


mak ;  ijjaJ  burushdurmak, 


Tumbler,  cJj-J  biyuk-kldEh, 

*.*a  su-kldEliz. 

Tumour,  s.  shish,  <^L^-  chib  An. 

Tumult,  s.  klrzshzklz’k ;  ijjb 

ghyuruldu,  pltirdt, 

shamata.  [-(bkkalzk)-fzchz. 

Tun,  s.  jJsjyjÇ**  sbkiz-yuz- 

Tune,  s.  yî>  hawâ;  in  — ,  âhicnk, 

uyghun  ;  — ,  v.a. 

âhknk-et,  (Jycj&t uydurmak. 

Tunnel,  5.  ykr-llü’-yöl,  ^y 

jA&  yEr-lltz-kEmEr.  * 

Tunny,  s.  du*c)b  pÂlamıd(?), 

Aİtz-pârmak(?) ;  (preserved)  &£.£=$ 

Turban,  s.  SArzk.  [lakerda. 

Turbid,  a.  buİAnzl;. 

Turbot,  s.  klik  An, 


Turbulent,  s.  (person)  bjjj  zorba  ; 
(meeting)  ^Lj gbyüruldulu. 

Turcoman,  s.  ^y^y  turkmbn. 

Turcomania,  5.  (j^y  turkmen- 


Turf,  5.  (green)  chim ;  (peat)  y 

^Sy  yhc-tbzbghi. 

Turk,  s.  y Lillie  ‘össmÂnlz ;  C)y  türk, 
^jc\jt»j\cJy  turk-ushl^/zz,  ^Ui 

Turkey,  s.  (fowl)  ^cjUb  JcJb  hınd- 
-tawuyAu ;  (empire)  dbv- 

ldti-<fâliyyE,  AjU&c  C^J»J  dbvlbti- 
-“dssmlniyyE,  d&v- 

lbti  -  âli  -‘‘bssmÂn  ;  (territory  of) 

zLj^-s?  cJ)  l^o  mbmâliki  -  mâhr ussa, 
<Lİ.c  J  CJ  mbmâliki-dbvlbti- 

-^âlıyyE,  “össmlnlz- 

-mEmldkEti,  L j'jt  b^Ll^lc  “össmÂnlz- 
-toprAp4z,  ^ossmÂnlz- 

-  vilâyeti  (wila'atz). 

Turkish  language,  5.  zLs^-J  türkja, 
tey L*lc  ‘  ‘össmÂnlzja,  <LcsT 

Turmeric,  s.jU=-£L>jj  ZErd^châv. 

Turmoil,  s.  gbyüruldu, 

hlrzldz,  lJaJoL  pltzrdz. 

Turn,  s.  (revolution)  ^13 j  J  dzznush,  jj  J 
d&vr ;  (deviation)  dzznush, 

lA^  SApzsh,  burghÂj, 

i*lX~>y ^  dirsek  ;  (in  rotation)  y 
nub^t  ;  (change)  ^jS:-3^J  dunush, 
^jtLyy  dıyföshish,  tdbeddul, 

inkzllb  ;  j; y  fark;  — ,  v.n. 
(round)  LLXajjA  dzznmek,  \j dbvr-et, 
\  ^ dev^rân-et ;  (to  one  side) 
L^XajjJ  dzznmek;  fjA.A*a  slpmak  ; 
(become)  kessilmek, 

İEnmek  or  lanmak  (as  a  verbal 

termination),  (Jy^  olmak  ;  (change) 
C. X*JL.Cjy  dıy/zishmek ;  (as  remade 
clothes)  ^  chevirilmek  ;  — , 

v.a.  (*zX*yy>-  ch^virmek  ;  (cause  to 
become)  ^tmek,  cXiJ  İEtmek 

or  latmak  (as  a  verbal  termina¬ 
tion)  ;  a  good  — ,  cJ3 y\  iyilik  ;  — - 
about,  v.a.  ch^virmek  ; 

yycj&£»jXi  klrzshdzrmak  ; - ,  v.n. 

dimmek  ;  —  away,  v.a. 

(^a. c*3i  kby^mak,  def^-et,  \ 


[  347  ] 


târd-et ;  (the  eyes,  &c.) 
chbvirmek ;  —  — ,  v.n. 

bkshka- tarafa- denmek ;  — 

back,  v.n.  CU3.J  gheri-dan- 

mek;  \  CUJ^c  “avdet-et;  (on  a  hinge, 

&c.)  «:chdmak  ; - ,  v.a. 

ghbri-chbvirmek  ;  — 
down,  v.n.  (a  street)  slpmak  ; 

(a  hill)  bnmek;  (leaves,  &c.) 

j  Asha ghi  -  kzvrdmak  ; 

- ,  v.a.  sApztmak  ; 

CLLc;  Jo ^£=>  âshâp'^e  -  ght/wndhrmek  ; 
CJ^Jo^  bndirmek  ;  k« var¬ 
mak,  bhkmek ;  —  in,  v.n. 

^4ob  yatmak;  %js^\  IchEri- 

-ghirmek,cXi«--  ichbri-ghitmek, 

ichbri-ghblmek  ; - , 

v.a.  LLLc^j %y^\  icheri- chbvirmek, 
<3**y*  ichbri-sokmak  ;  3jcf\ 

ichbri-kmrmak  ;  — off,  v.a. 
d*2\  Xtmak,  J  düshurmek  ; 

sApztmak ;  sbk- 

dirmek  ;  (a  cock)  (J* 5 Li  kApAmak  ; 
(water)  *^=>  kbssmek ;  (a  re¬ 
mark)  Aldırmamak  ; - , 

v.n.  ^*jU>  sapmak ;  (a  projectile) 
sekmek  ;  —  out,  v.n. 
kAlkmak  ;  d^shan- 

-chzkmak,  iJ>j\JL+b  deshan- 

-ög^ramak  ;  (prove)  chek- 

mak  ;  (the  weather)  cXi-îJ  İEshmek 

(as  a  verbal  termination)  ; - ,  v.a. 

lj..oj\suz>-  chekarmak ;  —  over,  v.n. 
CJvWjJ  danmek;  cXibj^t>  dbvril- 
mek  ;  —  — ,  v.a.  chbvir- 

mek,  CX^nJ  dbvirmek  ;  (in  charge) 
\j ^  dbvr-et;  (refer)  1<tl^^hawâİE-et, 
ihâlb  -  et ;  (in  one’s  mind) 
(^L*3  »-2j»<J  düshunmek,  tA- 

shmmak,  I^UİlL^e  mütâla^a-et ;  (dis¬ 
appoint)  iumdini- 

-hozmak ;  —  up,  v.n.  ^a-'sus*-  chzk- 
mak,  \j$>  zuhür-et,^l  peyda-bl; 
kAlkmak  ;  achdmak  ; 

J  lJ  ,li  *r’  yükân  -  danmek  ;  — 
— ,  v.a.  *•>-  yiikari- 

-chbvirmek  ;  cX* J*\  bshmek, 
kAzmak ;  kAld/rmak  ; 


Turnip,  5.  j*ULi>  or  shalgham. 

Turnkey,  zındânji. 

Turnpike,  s.  4J5  kAp/. 

Turpentine,  s.  tkrmbnti ;  spirits 

of — ,  ^c.b(^\sj  nbft-ya^‘. 

Turquoise,  s.  firuzE-tXshi. 

Turret,  s.  Aİy  kuİE,  kulejik. 

Turtle,  s.  dbn<^‘z-kaph*- 

bA^Aassz  (kaph’rn-) ;  —  dove,  lJjAS 

Tuscan,  a.  ^ItüljLîy  Tbsscânali.  [kumru. 

Tuscany,  s.  <üliu*y  Tbsscana- 

Tusk,  s.t j\  İzi,  , dish.  [-vilâybti. 

Tutor,  s.  khbja ;  — ,  v.a.  LL^ajJ)^ 

w^^rEtmek,  ta*  llm-et. 

Twaddle,  5.  (jZj*  bbsh-lak/rdi. 

Tweezers,  s.  jzmbiz. 

Twelve,  a.  bn-iki ;  — month, 

J.J  yd,  sini,  JUj  sal. 

Twenty,  a.  yi^^irmi,  *  ish- 

rün,  ijljZ+z  “ishrm,  blsst. 

Twice,  ad.  iki-khrrE, 


[  348  ] 


ıki-dkf^â,  ^>'1  iki  -  nüb bt, 

iki-sbfEr.  [j*^  chibuk. 

Twig,  s.  (J'l)  dal,  Jl  Jdrsnjl  ınja-dÂİ, 

Twilight,  s.  (morning)  Ic \ ^ Ajj \ 


ortah'k  -  Ay^armasse,  —5lj  fejir, 
shafAk ;  (evening)  ^^cj\js  J^*a  sular- 
-kÂrarmasse,  ortab'k- 

-kXrarmasse.  ikiz. 

Twin,  s.  ikiz,  tbv'am;  — s. 

Twine,  s.  sijim  ;  — ,  v.n. 

sXre'lmak,  (J^JAyc  dolashmak ;  — , 
v.a.  (J.scj<y£ dolashdermak, 
slrmak.  [LtXby  bukyulmek. 

Twist,  v.a.  cXiX>  bükmek;  — ,  v.n. 

Two,  a.  iki,  issnbyn,  dü. 

Type,  s.  (model)  43 ^  numunE ;  (for 
printing)  barf  {pi.  cXij^>- 

huruflt) ;  in  — ,  <^3j^o  murhttisb, 
tkrtTb- 61  unmush. 

Typhus,  s.  kAra-humma,  jSu'J  tifo. 

Typographer,  5.  ^^4,i*?b  blssmaji. 

Typography,  5.  ^*^4,i*?b  ClMij %jS>~  hü- 

Tyrannical,  a.  4-3  U!  l_b  zâlim  ânE, 
43^bXlb  zulumky  ârânu. 

Tyranny,  s.  j*lb  zulm,  lJAxj  ta“addî, 
jAz.  ghAdr,  U>-  jhfa. 

Tyrant,  s.  (Jfc  zâlim,  j\.A£.  ghAddâr, 
jhfakyâr  ;  cJbLo  stîffâk, 

Tyro,  5.  ^Ajurnı,  lJA'±~o  mübtddî. 


Udder,  s.  m^mi  [kbrîhu-’l-mAnzar. 

Ugly,  a.  chirkin, 

Ulcer,  <Şyb  yâra. 

Ultimate,  a.  cJ  ft  *2  s6ny. 

Umbrage,  s.j^-cl  ıghbirâr. 

Umbrageous,  a.  cXİ4.vî^  gbywlghklik. 

Umbrella,  s.  shbmsiyyE. 

Umpire,  s.  hakEm  ;  to  act  as  — , 
\çLs>-  hükm-et,  I  da'Svaye- 


Unable,  a.  jAZ^jA+W  Mindan-ghblmaz, 
jAZÂ,o  muktedir- diyM,  J=^b: 
<(âjiz.  [mesh. 

Unaccustomed,  a.  Aleshma- 

Unadvisable,  münâssdbbtsiz. 

Unanimity,  s.  V  ^1&3İ  ittiflkz  -ârâ. 


Unanimous,  a.  muttbfik,  bill  c 

müttâhidu-’l-ârâ,  ybkzabln. 

Unarmed,  a.  j  sılâhsez  ;  (ship  or 

battery)  topsuz.  [zarurî. 

Unavoidable,  a.  jl>- b  nâchâr  ;  lJj*  -*? 

Unawares,  ad.  4İiA!l^l^.  “âld-1-ghAfİE. 

Unbecoming,  a.  \*L.i  b  yakeshmaz, 
y~S.Li  b  yakzsheksez,  Aj  bbd, 
chirkin.  [ Ja  kyufr,  jahâlet. 

Unbelief,  s.  ‘"âdEmi-îmÂn, 

Unbeliever,  ghayre’-miVmin, 

kyâfir,  j.b”  ghyawr,  Jk^bş-  jâhil. 

Unbend,  v.a.  (a  bow)  ^i,Ljy=>cXu 
yaymg-kirishini-chekarmak ; 
(sails)  Ashay^e  -  Aimak ; 

— ,  v.n.  ^^AzA  achelmak.  [achmak. 

Unbind,  v.a.  CtXçjiy>-  chazmek, 

Unbounded,  a.  A^X:  blhadd, 
haddsez,  (^bL-J  bıpâyÂn. 

Unburthen  (one’s  self,  one’s  mind),  v.n. 



[  349  ] 


Unbutton,  v.a.  ,  achmak. 

w  v 

Uncertain,  a.  j bellisiz, 
bblli-diyM,  shiıbliEİi, 


Uncertainty,  s.  mbshkyü- 

kiyybt ;  mdshkyük-shby. 

Unchangeable,  a.  dâ‘imî, 


Uncharitable,  a.  &S*o  sXdaka- 

YErmâz  ;  iJu)  Li  fEna-shubhE- 

-bdEr.  [sizlik. 

Uncharitableness,  5.  insÂf- 

Unchaste,  a.  iJıs-^s.  ghayri-^afif. 

Uncivil,  a.  ^~yj  tbrss,  Li  kXba. 

Uncivilized,  a.  vwashl. 

Uncle,  s.  (father’s  brother) 

“imuja  (Amja),  “km, 

'  Ammi ;  (mother’s  brother)  ol  J 
day.  lu-z?  nbjiss. 

Unclean,  a.  piss,  murdar. 

Uncleanliness,  5.  >  pisslik. 

Uncleanly,  a.  piss. 

Uncleanness,  s.  cILj  pisslik. 

Unclose,  u.a.  achmak.  [-sbymak. 

Unclothe,  u.a.  JİAU*a  ^«mjL rubassini- 

Unclouded,  a.J-J^b  bulutsiz. 

Uncomfortable,  a.  râhatsiz. 

Uncommon,  a.  jl  Az-bulunur, 

jj'3  nâdir,  a-VjjL  nâdîdE,  jjb 


Uncommunicative,  a.  kbtüm. 

Unconceivable,  tassXvur- 

-ölunamâz.  [lâ-kâyd. 

Unconcerned,  a.  J-iJui*  kâydsiz,  Ju3$ 

Unconditional,  a.  yAbjZ*  shârtsiz. 

Unconscionable,  a.  J~jLa3İ  insÂfsiz. 

Unconscious,  a.  khÂbErsiz, 


Uncorrupt,  a.  ^SjLyo  doy^ru, 

}&\  musstakraiu-  ’l-Atwar . 

Uncover,  v.a.  achmak,  .^XcLi 

Li  kip Ag hini  -  klldzYmak, 
^cjliu>-  brtussunu-chi- 


Uncreate,  Uncreated,  a.  j+sz 

ghâyn-mâkhlük,  d-JİjJb  ^jb  kâ'im- 

Undecided,  a.  j~!j\ y  kÂrârsiz  ;  (person) 
y\li  kbndi-^Âklmi- 


Under,  a.  *Ja!l  Altda  -  oİAn ; 

Xd&Jjj  ^cLî^  Xshay^i-rutbEdE- 
-oİAn  ;  âshâyAiki ;  — ,  pr. 

Xltina,  Xltinda, 

Âltindan ;  tahtina,  iıAüac? 


tab  tin  da,  tahtmdan  ; 

zirina,  zlrinda,  zTrindan; 

^il-1 '  dan  -Âshây/ii ;  C-b-b'  ^  J  dan- 
-bksik  ;  —  age,  chojuk,  ^**3 

skbl.  [^ji.  Jli  chiyA-kAlmish. 

Underdone,  a.  j\  Âz-p'ıshmish, 

Undergo,  v.a.  y  ghiriftar-bl, 

duchâr-dl,^lb^c  mübtblâ-öl; 
tutulmak  ;  (JyAJ\  olmak. 

Underhand,  a.  ghizli,  ^bL?  sakli, 
khafl ;  — ,  ad.  Jl  e1- 


Undermine,  v.a.  Âltini- 

-kÂzmak ;  (a  person) 


[  350  ] 


Undermost,  a.  JcJI  cJl  kny-Âltdaki. 

Underneath,  pr.  tesll  Âltina, 

Âltinda;  — ,  ad.  tell  Âlta,  SJcJİ  Âltda. 

Under-secretary,  s.  (of  state) 

musst^shar;  (of  an  office)  ^Ix* 

Undersign,  v.a.  I  Uâ^ol  imzâ-et. 

Undersigned,  a.  Lidîl  zirdtf- 

vwXzi*  -’l-imza. 

Understand,  v.a.  ünglamak 

(annamak),  I^JLj  tkfkhhum  -  et, 
dhrk-et,  idrâk- et, 

|(Jjixj  ta-f<akkul-et. 

Understanding,  s.  Jjlc  “Âkl ;  (agree¬ 
ment)  Jy>  kÂvl,  4İjU*  muklv&E; 

Undertake,  v.a.  iizErina- 

-AİmAk,  I  x&qzjd  dhr-ulidE-et. 

♦♦  .  ^ 

Undertaker,  5.  ^ysr^JU  tâbütju. 

Undertaking,  s.  ish. 

Underwriter,  s.  âLI 

< — ghkmi-ila- 
gh&mi  -  yükünü  -  sighürtâya  -  Âlân  - 

Underwriting,  5.  ÂİJİ 

jiiUll  ghcmi-ila-ghcimi- 


Undesignedly,  ad.  Jwai*  lâ-“an- 

-kÂssdin  ;  snhvEn  ;  \j\su\  ittiflkâ. 

Undivided,  a.  ^y)  bitun ;  (common) 

Undo,  v.a.  bözmak ;  (a  knot, 

&c.)  ^JU^I  achmak,  ^  chwz- 


Undone,  a.  yapilmamish  ; 

(ruined)  t— >1^-  kharâb  ;  (in  reputa- 
tion)  JjJj  r&zll,  oUj  russvay. 

Undoubtedly,  ad.  sbubhESsiz  ; 

teJI  blbettE. 


Undress,  v.a.  Jj,4Jya  soymak, 

urubassini-chikârmak;  — , 
v.n.  J4*iye  soyunmak, 

Undulation,  5.  &x!l!b  dÂlgba  ;  (of  ground) 
jr>b  bâyir,  tümseklik. 

Undutiful,  a  I zj  riayetsiz. 

Undying,  a.  lâ-yhmüt. 

Uneasiness,  s.  b  râhatsizlik, 

sikindi :  < — iztirlb. 

•  J 

Uneasy,  a.  y*£s>-\j  râhatsiz  ;  (in  body 
or  mind)  l— muztarib. 

Unemployed,  a.  ishsiz,  bosh, 

bosbda,  J.Llc  “itil,  J.kx^3 

Unequal,  a.  Jf  blr-diyM,  y£ 

ghâyri-müssâvi ;  (to  a  task) 

“âjiz,  J  ^bjl  krbAbi  -  diyM, 
<f  ghyüju-yktmaz,  J4IÇ  ^JcJI 

Unequivocal,  a.  ^,y°  sÂrıh,  ^,>-1 
acbik,  JCj*  Âsbikyâr. 

Unerring,  a.  sâ'ib.  [nâ-hkmvâr. 

Uneven,  a.  duz-diy4il,  jl^bli 

Unexampled,  a.  ghywrulma- 

mish,  j~+ missâlsiz,  j; y^^y 

Unexpected,  a.  ,jjL*l*Lcjl  umulmamish ; 
— ly,  ad.  ^yX^cyZ^yc  min-ghayri- 


[  351  ] 


Unexpired,  a.  wa^dfissi- 

-ghEİmamish.  [slfsî'z. 

Unfair,  a.  hlkkszz,  h-iLıil  in- 

Unfairness,  s.  ^yJss>-  hAkks&zh*k. 

Unfaithful,  a.  ^ Uk  khâ'in.  [mughâyir. 

Unfashionable,  a.jAksc  mddaya- 

Unfasten,  v.a.  achmak. 

Unfathomable,  a.  dibsiz,  t— .«lî 

y  •  '  *  *v 


Unfavourable,  a.  tbrss, 

mukhâlif,  uyghunsuz. 

Unfeeling,  a  mErhametsiz. 

Unfeigned,  a.  khâliss,  b>- 

-riya.  [C*L-£!  kksik. 

Unfinished,  a.  bitmamish. 

Unfit,  a.  uymaz,  yakfsh- 

maz,  elvErmoiz  ;  (person) 

jJjbUj  na-bhl,  krbAbi-dipAil, 

sjU  liyakAts^z  ;  — ,  v.a. 

bhliyybtini  -  izalfi-et ;  j  1^3  Us 
mani'-bl,  m&n^-et. 

Unfold,  v.a.  achmak,  Ci-yj 

skrmek,  \JLj  n&shr-et,  Ua-J  bÂsst-et. 

Unforeseen,  a.  ^i=>  ghyarunm£- 

yEn,  dushunulmamish. 

Unforgiving,  a.  "Afv-fetmaz, 

y* Jjjj\  unutmaz.  [imsh. 

Unforgotten,  a .  unudulma- 

Unfortified,  a.  ghayr- 

müsstâhkEm.  [nâbiss. 

Unfortunate,  a.j~*Zs?l  bakhtszz  ;  (j— ^ 

Unfortunately,  ad.  £JJİi  <ü  nb-fâ'idfi, 

xSj\3&s>-  chi-fa/idfi. 


Unfounded,  a.  jjjj  Âssli-yök. 

Unfrequent,  a.jSü  nâdir. 

Unfriendliness,  5.  “âdâvbt. 

Unfriendly,  a.  J  dushmEn  ;  {ys.j\^ 
dârghm.  [*JLc  ‘‘akhn. 

Unfruitful,  a.j^ :»  By*  mfeyvE-vhrm^z  ; 

Unfurnish,  v.a.  soymak, 

(Jycj  A  U J  düshEmEssini-kÂl- 

Unfurnished,  a.  dushfimEsiz. 

Ungainly,  a.  <Aj  b&d ;  chirkin. 

Ungallant,  a.  kAriyyE- 


Ungenerous,  a.  khâssîss. 

Ungodly,  a.  (man)  fassik-u- 

-fâjir ;  (act)  <üliLAi  fâssikânfi, 

Ungovernable,  a.  \y*o  zÂbt-ölu- 

namaz,  SErt,  Jo  Jo-  hadld. 

Ungrammatical,  a.  Zyzz?  ^  < _ ; yo 

kawa^idi  -  sarf-u-nahvE-mu- 


Ungrateful,  a.  nânkyür  (nkm-), 

nbmek  -  bührâm,  ^lo- 


Ungrounded,  a.  Jîy^Uas^J  J *a\  Assk- 
-yök  -  fAssli  -  yok,  bösh, 

bÂtd,  bî-^ssâs. 

Unguarded,  a.  >  Jy  *J  j  l^’s 

-VE-isstihkyâmdan-khâli ;  <JiU  ghÂfil. 

Unguent,  5.  jhgh,  ç&yc  mErhEm. 

Unhappy,  a.  _j!jy  d^rdli,  J 

Unhealthy,  a.  (person)  churuk, 

£<alll ;  (place)  wakhlm, 

y^c\^  wakhametli. 


[  352  ] 


Unheard  of,  a.  jjAAJjuAİ  ishidilma- 
mish,  ghayn-mbssmu". 

Unhoped  for,  a.  ^JL<\aLc^\  ûmulmamish; 
\  ^jJye  U  me'mûldan-ziyâdE. 

Unhorse,  v.ct.  \  Âtindan- 

-düshurmek  (or  Âtdan). 

Unhurt,  a.  injinmamish. 

Uniform,  a.  muntazam,  X Si L«j y 

bir-siylkda ;  — ,  s.  uni¬ 
forma,  rkssm-tdbissESsi, 

nizlm  -  rubassf, 
j  “iskEr-rubassi. 

Uniformity,  s.  mutAbakAt. 

Uniformly,  ad.  l*JİJ  dâ'imâ;  l A 

shashmayarak  ;  * /*Lkj  nizAm- 


Unimportant,  a.  j+z.  ghayri-muhimm. 

Unincumbered,  a.  ^JkxiLc  j  Jo  y 

J  ki.  hkr  -  nev"i  -  bâr-ü-mâni“dan- 
-khâli ;  borjsiz. 

Uninhabitable,  a.  khayrszz, 


Uninhabited,  a.  ghayn- 

-mbsskyün,  bosh.  [-mÂssün. 

Uninjured,  a.  zarardan- 

Unintelligible,  a.  anglashîl- 

maz  (annash-).  [-nkv"indan. 

Unintentional,  a.  ^^.cy  Lsj  kAzâ- 


Unintentionally,  ae?.  an- 


Uninterrupted,  a.  arass/-y6k  ; 

— ly,  ac?.  ^  ara-vErm4y6- 

rek,  ardz-arasse- 

dlmayarak,  îb  bilâ  -  fAssda,  'l 

£-k&J  la-yankAti'\ 

Union,  s.  jWA  ıttzbâd  ;  j&m", 

tej&mmu",  ijtimâ", 

LT ji  bir  -  araya  -  ghblish  ; 

kArishish,  <UAJ*  li  kAtishma, 
o  mbzj,  jJX*>\  imtizaj ;  j*J 
tbzbvvuj,  izdivaj. 

Unit,  s.  <J )j3  fkrd. 

Unitarian,  s.  tXryyj  muwahhid,  (Jjbl 
tX^-y  bhli-tfevhid. 

Unite,  v.n.  birİEshmek  ; 

birlikda-ol,  ittifak-et ; 

jem“-bl,  bir- 

-  araya  -  ghulmek  ;  &jy  l  Jy 

biri-birina-kAnshmak,  \s  kAtzsh- 

mak  ;  \^\  imtizaj -et ;  Ayy  l Jji 
biri  -  birina  -  varmak,  1^-yy 
tkz&vvuj  -  et ;  kaynamak, 

C^^vV.  yapishmak,  blgh- 

lanmak  ;  j\  J*2-— 0  müttAssd  -  61 ; 
j]  kyyo  mrEbût-ol,  Ac— mim- 
tbssib-ol ;  — ,  v.a.  cA-< yXîJy  bir- 
İEshdirmek;  kAnshdzrmak, 

\ qsq  m^zj-et ;  lLLc^» -\y  \ im- 
tizâj-fetdirmek  ;  LîA-<j  ^vİEndir- 
mek,  tbzvîj-et,  VErmek; 

kaynatmak ; 

yapzshdzrmak  ;  ^J^cl U-Ij  bÂyAlamak, 
\  k-Jj  rÂbt-et,  LLX^j 1—  1- j  bitisb- 

lii-y-A  j^m âhîri-muj temi' ‘a-i- Amerika. 

United  States,  5.  /?/. 

Unity,  C3'-Î>r^  birlik  ;  (of  God) 
L^nJLv^-»  wahdaniyyet ;  ittiflk, 



kyulll  ; 


[  353  ] 



;  — ly,  ad.  '  umumon, 

“alb  -’l-‘ umum,  [kyâlnât. 

Universe,  s.  jjlc  “âİEm, 

University,  s.  J  dâru-’l-fünün. 

Unjust,  a.  (man)  ghâddâr,  jjte 

zâlim,  J— îL^u!  insÂfsîz  ;  (man  or  act) 
hAkkszz.  [sbbebsiz. 

Unjustifiable,  a.  hAkksiz, 

Unkind,  a .  (person)  jbfâkyâr ; 

(person  or  act)  y-Ji  terss,  ^~jl!b 
tAtsdz,  soyAuk. 

Unknown,  a.  J \#r  mbjhul,  ^y^x.c  l j 
nâ-mâ“lüm;  —  to  me,  ad. 


Unlade,  v.a.  (a  ship,  &c.) 

boshAİtmak,  yükyunu- 

-bbshAİtmak  ;  yü- 

kyunu-chikarmak  ;  (a  horse,  &c.) 

yukyunu-bndirmek ; 
—  «.».  j^31  J  böshAİmak. 

Unlawful,  «.  haram ; 

ghâyrd-mbshrü“ ;  mbmnü“, 

mbnhl,  yAssAk ;  Jr4** 

füzüll,  nâ  -  hAkk  ;  — ly,  ad. 

(J.z>j+Âı  bi  -  ghâyri  -  hAkkm, 

Unlearned,  a.  (Jj&ls*-  jâhil. 

Unleavened,  a  khAmz'rsd'z. 

Unless,  c.  c  mbyAer-ki.  (This 

conjunction  is  hardly  ever  used,  but 
the  sense  is  rendered  by  employing 
the  conditional  negative  of  the  verb 
which  follows  in  English.  Ex. — 
Unless  I  go,  bbn-ghit- 

m«ssam,  if  I  go  not.) 

Unlikely,  a.  j* L<jl  umulmAz, 

yAkd'shzk- Almaz  ;  it  is  very  unlikely, 
dbghmEdfi,  ummAm, 

J  jsc l/c  mb  mül-etmAm. 
Unlimited,  a.  hAddszz,  <A:sAr‘ 

Unload,  vid.  Unlade.  [bihAdd. 

Unlock,  v.a.  Achmak ;  Juİj^d 

kilidini  -  Achmak  ;  — ,  v.n. 


Unlooked-for,  a.  umulmayAn  ; 


Unloose,  v.a.  Achmak, 

eh  dizmek  ;  C-UcJ  Ls  sÂİfvErmek. 

Unluckily,  ad.  XSj li  d5  nb-fa/idu, 

*Jüli  chi-fâ  idn. 

Unlucky,  a.  (man)  bakhtszz, 

JJ  bbd  -  bâkht ;  (day) 
nâhiss ;  (house,  &c.)  shâ'â- 

metli,  mesh  "urn. 

Unman,  u.a.  chojuk- 

-ghibi-AyAlatmak  ;  to  be  — ed, 

(J^cLz\  =>  chbj  uk-ghibi-AyAlamak, 
LiJ l-L yurbyAi- dayanmamak, 
A_j  )Li.|  Ay  Alay  aj  ayAz- 


Unmanageable,  a.  zAbt-blu- 

namaz  ;  (ship)  dimriEn- 

-(dlnEmAz).  [-yAkzshmAz. 

Unmanly,  a.  f*  Lib  d^£=.J\  brkbyAa- 

Unmannered,  Unmannerly,  a.  Li’  kAba, 

Unmarried,  a.  (man)  bîkyâr  (bby- 

kyar),  evli-diyAil,  mü- 

jbrred  ;  (woman)  kdjada- 

-diyAil  (or  blmayAn)  ;  J-S  kzz. 

2  B 



Unmerciful,  a.  y^XA^j^  merhametsiz  ; 
— ly,  ad.  ui  fbna. 

4#  4# 

Unmindful,  a.  k-AîA  dikkltszz,  CkAA 
*  j 

i  diklvAt-iîtm«z,  Jile  ghâfil. 

Unmingled,  Unmixed,  a.  ^j-slUk  khâliss, 
L— 5  \*a  SAf,  ^5 1  *o  safı. 

Unmoor,  v.a.  LkU-oj  »e» 

bAsh-kzch-bAy^lanm-cMzmek,  U 

yllenyez  -  bir  -(de¬ 
mir)  -ila-brâkm  ak. 

Unnatural,  a.""«teny- 

-khellfz.  [bl-lüzüm. 

Unnecessary,  a.J~+*cjj 1  lüzumsuz, 

Unnerve,  u.a.  IJ^laki  ^jLj  sebâtini- 

Unnumbered,  «.  hısslbsez,  ^ 


Unobjectionable,  a.  ^jc\yx£-\ 

ı"  "teriz-  olunamaz . 

Unoccupied,  a.  fjtji  bosh,  ^Jlak  kbâlî. 

Unoffending,  a.y^ya  sucbsuz 
kAbâbatszz,^-jj^-i  z«rarsez. 

Unopposed,  a  t-o  mâni" "siz,  çjLc^J 
bilâ-mâni""m,  <tA! \^°  İj  bılâ-mukbâ- 
lefu.  [J^sr*  sâbibi-mejhül. 

Unowned,  a.  y++B*Xa  sahihsiz,  ^.5- Us 

Unpack,  v.a.  ^chmak  ;  ^AJAi^ 

crv  du>-  SAndikdan-cbekârmak. 

Unpaid,  a.  VErilmamish ; 

(officer)  y JZi\x*ı  m«""âshse‘z,  yAA 

Unpalatable,  a.  Ijz.  [âyleksez. 

Unparalleled,  a.  J  mıssâlsiz, 

^  JM» . •<  »Î^^—  ghywrulmamish, 

ishıdilmamish,  .^cVj 


Unpardonable,  a.  ""ifv-dlun- 

möz,  pek-lâyeksez,  kJj 


Unpaved,  a.  y+*)j& İli*  klldmmsiz. 

Unperceived,  ad.  ghyeerul- 

mdyerek,  duy  ulmay  arak. 

Unpleasant,  a.  Ui  funâ,  jIL  tltsiz,  AJ 
b^d,  k^rlh,  nâ-kbösh  ; 

J~J uyghunsuz  ;  — ness,  s. 

(j\ I yj yij\  uygbunsuzluk. 

Unpolite,  a.  U i  klba,  LL^rk  khoyrlt. 

Unpopular,  a.2A.>Al~-J  •  J^ikc  SA;a-j 



Unprecedented,  a.  jJlUİ  emsâlsez, 

Unprejudiced,  a.  (mind)  ^İL»  salim ; 
(person)  y*J>y  gh^ruzsiz,  u,jLa^« 

Unpremeditated,  a.  A*aJ  lâ-""an- 


Unprepared,  a.  J«^*rk  khlbErsiz ; 
İrs-  hâzir-dıyM. 

Unpretending,  a.  < _ mâbjüb, 

*A-1U>*  <-5Ai£  kendi-hâlznda. 

Unprincipled,  a.  cblpken, 

""ârsez,  J«:Lr>-  hâyâssez,  k-JAİ 

Unprofitable,  a.  ^j-«5£A.jLs  fâ'idussiz, 
Jlrk  (jJ^Ajli  fâ‘idEdan-khâlî, 
bösh,  <dilJ  nâfiİE,  blbudfi, 

JjlLü  lâ-tâ"il. 

Unquestionable,  a.  y&ç+J»  shübliESsiz, 
^iLsr0  muhlkklk ;  — bly,  ad.  &J1 
EİbdttE,  UJJx«  mutİAkâ. 


[  355  ] 


Unreasonable,  a.  münâssdbet- 

siz;  insAfszz. 

Unremitting,  a.  la-y^nkAtz", 

ardz  -  «rassz  - 

dim  ay  An. 

Unreserved,  a.  bilâ-kdtmin. 


Unrevenged,  a.  (blood)  jJdb  hddr; 
liuj|  intiklmszz. 

Unrewarded,  a  uku  mükyâfâts/z. 

Unrighteous,  a .  (person)  ghyü- 

nâhkyâr;  (act)  alii  ghyünâh. 

Unripe,  a.  khlm,  (ji^cUüjl  ol- 


Unrivalled,  a.  ijli*  mıssâlszz,  JIİ4.-J 
bîmissâl,  yüktü,  bîhdmtâ. 

Unruly,  a.  bjjJ  zorba,  <fAssz, 

mutdmdrrid.  [dmîn-diyM. 

Unsafe,  a.jjLİjj:  korkulur,  JSo 

Unsaid,  a.  ddnilmamish, 


Unsaleable,  a.  J^AİjLs  sktilam^z. 

Unsatisfactory,  a.^j^yOj+h-  ghayri-mErzi. 

Unsay,  v.a.  swzundan- 

-dünmek,  Ijliol  inkyar-et. 

Unscrew,  v.a.  «chmak, 


Unscriptural,  a .  Ail  U  LtJd  Aj 

'âlina-mughâyir.  [mührünü- «eh  m  ak. 

Unseal,  v. a. aehmak,^^^-!  ^i^f< 

Unseasonable,  a  wAkztszz. 

Unseaworthy,  a.  ^  U  Jth.  A 

Unseemly,  a.  {jJ> 'j >■  chırkin,  jaLj ta 
yakzshmaz,  UJLlita  yakzshikszz. 

Unseen,  «.  ghyürunmdyEn ; 

£  ghyürulmamish  ;  — ,  ad. 

cJ; ghyürulmeyErek. 

Unsettle,  v.a.  l_j>. j jy  j\j* 


Unsheath,  v.a.  chükmek, 


Unship,  v.a.  ^c^la-5»-  chzkârmak, 


Unsightly,  a.  chırkin,  Jo  bdd, 

j~+$JL ita  yakzshzkszz. 

Unskilful,  a.  L<^-ş,c'  <CAjEmî. 

Unslaked,  a.  (lime)  ^A«tai3 sün- 
mamish ;  (thirst)  cta*L~.J==>  kessil- 
mamish.  [fâssid. 

Unsound,  a.  ^3J)T  chııruk ;  c\«jIî 

Unsown,  a.  ekilmamish, 

j+£-  ghâyri-mdzrü<f. 

Unsparing,  a.  bdl-bol ;  — ly, 

ad.  lJjA  j~*\  ^ssirghEmeyErek. 

UnspGâ.kâbİGj  a*  tâ<£bîr- 

-olunamaz.  [sdbâtszz. 

Unstable,  a.  kkrârsiz,  k-Jtaj 

Unsteady,  a.  jtaj y\  oynar;  j*3İ11L? 
SAİh)nz'r ;  (tıtrar)  ;  (person) 

howarda,  chApkm. 

Unsuccessful,  a.  (person) 

(^-^c  L«  ıshini  -  bdjEramamish, 

s  muwöffak  -  dlama- 
mish ;  (attempt)  jjAoUjj!  uymamish. 

Unsuitable,  a.  Jb  y«kzshnmz, 


Untaught,  a.  üyArEdilma- 

mish  ; 


2  b  2 


[  356  ] 


Untenable,  a.  (assertion)  Jbb  bitil, 
( jtjJ  bosh  ;  (position)  Isr* 

Jls.'*  muhlfazassi-muhll. 

Untenanted,  a.  bosh. 

Unthankful,  a.  y&A  jCjti  shükr-btmaz. 

Unthankfulness,  s.  jLt*  “âdemi- 


Unthinking,  a.  diishunmaz. 

Unthought-of,  a.  dushu- 


khltira- takhattur-  btmamish . 

Untidy,  a.  jAjlS  ^  Jb 


Untie,  v.a.  chazmek, 

achmak,  \  hall-et. 

Until,  pr.  jSİöj  a-kldar,  hdek, 

or  adak,  Ede^Ain  (or  a-). 

Untimely,  a.  ySi^  wlkitsiz ;  —  end, 
wlkitsiz-alum,  C.İİJ  tblef. 

Unto,  pr.  <&  e,  a.  [vjJijb  helak. 

Untold,  a.  ^LoI^Ljİ^?  sayilmamish ; 

JjUjlil  ıfâdE-blunmamish. 

Untoward,  a.  chirkin,  frnia, 


Untried,  a.  jAaiUİüJ  denEnilmamish. 

Untrodden,  a,  b^jW  âyak-blss- 

mamish.  [Jlsb  bitil. 

Untrue,  a.  yâlÂn,  kyâzib. 

Untrustworthy,  a.  y i“ti- 

Untruth,  s.  Jk  yalXn,  <_>jo  kizb, 
tv*  durugh,  (JwaJ  butlln. 

Unusual,  a.  âdet- dty  Ail, 

kh^Lsfi-*cadet;  — ly,  ad. 
b  sa'ir-wlkta-nissbbtla. 

Unutterable,  a.  y><L ta^blr- 

Unveil,  r.a.  and  rc.  V. 

yashma^Aini  -  chikarmak  (or 
achmak).  [-blunmaz. 

Unwarrantable,  a.  tejvlz- 

Unwary,  a.  <Jilc  ghlfil. 

Unwell,  a.  keyfsiz,  mi- 

zâjsiz,  khlssta. 

Unwholesome,  a.  (air)  wakhzm, 

wakhametli ;  (food)  jâ* o 


Unwilling,  a.  issteksiz,  yjr+Jij 

raghbetsiz,^— .1^  ghy  imp'ulsuz  ,  — ly, 

ad.  \&J  kbrhan,  ma^a-’l- 

-kbraliE,  'CAj  isstEmeyErek, 

cJ  chbkinErek  ;  — ness, 




Unworthy,  a.  (person)  JjbilJ  na-bhl, 
isstihklksiz  ;  (act)  y* jüî 


Up,  a.  Ijj  kllkmish ; 

yukselmish  ;  pahâya- 

-chikmish  ;  — ,  ad.  ufjbuJ  yukâri  ; 
fyjJSji'  yuk  ariya,  XdjySji  yukârida 
(yukarda)  ;  LSj&^tyJj\s£  yukâriya- 
-do^Aru  ;  — ,  pr.  dan- 

-yirkâri ;  — ,  int.  Jti  dE-bÂkl- 
lim  !  kllk-bAkÂlim  ;  —  and 

down,  uJ^lSyJ  İshâ^Ai-yukâri ; 

U>yâjj\  AtE-bbri;  —  hill,  ij£sji 
yokush-yukâri ;  ghyiich, 

müshkil,  >  — 

there!  bJfj\%3^iyb  hby-yukarda, 


[  357  ] 


^  hüy-kim-var-yukarda ; 
—  with  the  helm  !  orsa  ! 

Upbraid,  v.a.  yuzuna-Xtmak. 

Uphold,  v.a.  tutmak,  U _ 

tassahhub-et,  sahabet-et, 

iltizâm-et,  arka- 61 ;  (a 

thesis)  lUtil  iddz'“a-et,  ^£>Jusj  tXss- 

Upholsterer,  s.  yurghAnjz, 


Upland,  5.  yayla,  jjîtal»  yaylXk. 

Uplift,  v.a.  iSjXiji  yukarz- 


Upmost,  a.  LjJdjJ  cJl  fen^-yukârz. 

Upon,  pr.  nsstuna, 

üsstunda  ;  uzbrina,  jjj\ 

üzErind  a. 

Upper,  a.  JiJ3?.  yukâriki, 

yukardfiki ;  usstd6ki, 

üsstunddki;  —  hand,  <uLc 
ghal^bfi,  JİJU  ghlliblzk. 

Uppermost,  a.  cJl  fen^-yu- 

kâriki,  6n^-usstd6ki. 

Upright,  a.  L  dog^ru,  ^jlika'im; 
(in  morals)  lSj£.^s  do^^ru, 


Uproar,  s.  ghyüruldu,  iW- 

hXrzldz,  LJd)Jb\j  pXtzrdz,  vUveİE. 

Upset,  v.a.  <^Xscjt  devirmek  ; 

keyfini  -  bozmak  ;  — ,  v.n. 

düvirilmek ;  — ,  a.  u~* 5/Jj4^ 
düvirilmish ;  {j^*^ ^  ^5^  kfcyfi- 

-kÂchmish  ;  — ,  s.  cUÎ^jJ  düvirilmE. 

Upside-down,  ad.  Alt-üsst, 

jij zîr-u-zübEr. 

Upstart,  s.  <3*^  N  J»v«* 


Upwards,  ad.  UjJ  yükânya- 

-dö^Aru,  yükârz;  (more)  #jl >J 

Urchin,  5.  pich.  [ziyadh. 

Ureter,  memürr-ül-büvl. 

Urge,  v.a.  ibram- et,  t^lsh  ilhâh- 

-et,  szkz’shdzrmak  ;  (a 

plea)  İJİyJ  Irâd-et,  dhr-pish- 

-et ;  (a  horse)  L ikcjy*>  sürmek, 

Urgency,  s.  âbjsf’  “a)61e.  [süvk-et. 

Urgent,  a.  J.şr*1**-'10  nmssta*  jbI. 

Urine,  s.  cJjA-j  sidik,  Jy  büvl, 
ya  küchuk-su ;  — ,  v.n.  LLXsc&Z-A 

IshEmek,  su-dzzkmek, 

t  Jk-J  tübüvvul-et ;  (a  horse) 
kXshAnmak ;  (a  dog)  v^Lfc-.«o  slmek. 

Us,  pro.  lSJş  bizi,  bizE,  bizldri, 

sjjj  bizİEra. 

Usage,  s.  kullXnzsh,  Jl 

isstUmll ;  (treatment)  muta¬ 

nı  61e  ;  (custom)  CuJlc  ‘"âdet. 

Use,  s.  kullXnzsh,  kul- 

lXnma,  jUxiJ  isstUmll ;  (benefit) 
XlSj  li  fa'idfi,  L^xj&sc  menfa* ‘at ;  — , 
v.a.  küll Anmak, 

ıssti^mâl-et ;  (treat)  ULclx*>  mu  a- 
melfi-et ;  to  be  of  — , 
isha-yaramak,  jl  fâ‘id£Ssi-ol, 

sJJî>lS~<  ^si iAjli  fahdfissi- 
-mûshâh6dE-olunmak  ;  to  be  used  to, 
Aİzshzk-ol,  \  Aİzshmzsb- 

-61;  to  become - ,  Aİz’sh- 

mak  ;  to  be  used  up,  (JlXaZ j  bitmek, 
J  dukbnmek  ;  (a  man) 


[  358  ] 


bitmek,  cXi-J,  ishi-bitmek,  J 
J^cbJ  15  lS j+s*-  bir-khâyrz-lvAİmamak. 

Useful,  a.  jUjzLLjI  isha-yârar, 
jlj  fa'idussi-var,  jİ20jIî  fa'iduli,  ^_il3 
nafi<f,  sJix  mufid. 

Useless,  a.  bir-isha-yaramaz, 

J«j20jİİ  fa'idfissiz,  bösh,  zdib 


Usher,  5.  (school)  zîüLLs-  khalıfe  (kÂlfa) ; 

(at  a  door)  (j!i j  l - chawush, 

teshrTfatji,  nmhzzr  ; 

—  in,  v.a.  \  icheri-ghb- 

tirmek,  ich&ri-ghya- 

turmek,  d&lâlet-et, 


Usual,  a.  ojU  ‘adî,  ^CJjU  “âdet- 
olfln  ;  — ly,  ad.  b \J+£=>\  eks^riyya. 

Usufruct,  5.  ^Lc.  ghalİE. 

Usurer,  s .  ^s^zd,cWc  fâhish- 

-mu^ÂmeİEji.  [I  ghXssb-et. 

Usurp,  v.a.  \)a^â^Jyâ3  füzuli-zlht-et, 

Usurpation,  s.  ghÂssb. 

Usurper,  s.  c-^-wslc  ghâsib ; 


j  {*)&*}  fuzuli- 

-olarak  -  tâkhti  -  pâdishâhiyyE  -  julüss- 

Usury,  s.  bj  ribâ,  zd*«  fâhish- 

-muf<ÂmeİE  ;  cJ'-Lp-  <d  ^olx-o 

Utensil,  s.  khan 6- âleti ;  — s, 

s .  pi.  Jjbs£c->15  klp-kAchak,  ,jd>- 

Uterine,  a.  (brother  or  sister)  *1  11- 
-umm,  ana-târafmdan. 

Utility,  s.  20  j  li  fa'idb,  £_A3  nhf**, 

Utmost,  a .  ^n^-uzAk,  Oj  •a 

son g,  ^*2-^  Aksa  ;  a  Jzte-jJ 
nihayet  -  d^r^jEdn,  20  bj  cJ  \  en g- 
ziyâdE,  d-ol— ^—3  nihayet,  Lizole 
ghâyet  ;  jSi  ^.£=rujd£  jjjJl  kldan- 
-gheldh/^i-kAdar,  mum- 

kin-mErt6bE  ;  — ,  s.  hldan- 

-gh^İEn  ;  to  the  — ,  ad. 

20zte>-^J  nihayet- d^rdjEdE,  zUly^C*^ 
mumkin-m^rtebE.  zd’olc.  ghâyktla. 
Utter,  v.a.  (pronounce)  siiwky- 

İEmek,  İSâiİJ  telaffuz  -  et ; 

^  / 

\ghza- Aİmak  ;  (coin,  &c.)  LLX^cj^ 

^  S 

ghfechirmek,  cJvtO  j  vermek,  ztCo^sr 
<_£*ib  gh^chirme^^d-blkmak  ;  — ,  a. 
(J^b  kyâmil,  *b'  tÂmm,  ^ib  kyüllî. 
Utterly,  ad.  bitun  -  bitun, 

blss  -  bitun,  İLob  kyâmilan, 

b«L*J  tÂmÂman,  Llb  kyülliyyan,  ^Kjb 
bl-’l-kyülliyyE,  zd  hEr-v^jhla. 

Uttermost,  a.  ^np'-uzAk, 

Xksâ  ;  sbng.  [clıuk-dil. 

Uvula,  s.  C-bs) J  diljik,  kü- 


Vacancy,  5.  bosh-ykr, 

achzk-yEr,  ^  ^  lek  khâlI-yEr  ;  J^L^r10 


Vacant,  a.  bosh,  khâlî, 

achzk ;  J mâhlül  ;  —  look, 



[  359  ] 


Vacate,  v.a.  brakmak, 

chikmak,  khâlî-brakmak, 

\jJy  tkrk-et. 

Vacation,  s.  ^jxsy^Aaxj  ta"til-WAkti. 

Vaccinate,  v.a.  Âshlatmak, 

4-L^aoLc  .  c£n:S4:>-  c3>^i 
mek-chlcheg^i  -mâddEssîla  -Ashlatmak. 

Vaccination,  s.  LLS^C-za\^>- 

V  M  V  *• 

înek  -  chich6^inin  -  Xshla- 
nilmassi ;  lJjAJ  telkih- bakarı. 

Vaccinator,  s.  uJaj i 

Tnek  -  chich^^ini  -  ashlayan  - 

Vaccine,  Vaccine  matter,  s.  cJ-^t 



Vacillate,  v.n.  \  dSjj  tbrbddud-et. 

Vacillation,  s.  SSy  tbrbddud. 

Vacuum,  s.  Li-  khalâ,  İJAl<  oiLss. 


Vade-Mecum,  s.  mkjma"a. 

Vagabond,  Vagrant,  s.  chÂpkzn, 

kyülkhânî ;  jJOjJ  dErb^dsr, 
lSj~1j~3  skrsdrl ;  — ,  a.  Xj\y\  awarE. 

Vague,  a.  mübhhm,  d&srVc 


Vain,  a.  mâghrür, 

khod-pbssbnd ;  (futile)  (jLyi  bosh, 
:0  dibsiz,  AssH  -  yok, 

4İil)  nâfiİE,  li  fa'idkssiz, 

blhudE  ;  in  — ,  vainly,  ad.  Aİili 
nâfiİE,  Âssli-yokdan. 

Valance,  s.  ^LjLî  say  bln,  or  JyjLs 
say  w  An  (saywAnt),  sÂchak. 

Vale,  5.  dbrE. 

Valerian,  s.  kedi-dtu. 

Valet,  5.  jlâj!  ushÂk,  J&a* khid- 
metkyâr  (hiz-),  lit  IgJiA. 

Valetudinarian,  s.  J.Jx  "âlll- 

-kimbssnE,  J.Jx  "alil, 
chüruk,  J  dâ'imâ-khAssta. 

Valiant,  a.  yig'Ait,  jessür, 

jAtf  bahâdir,  jJj  dilâvEr,  «titj^o 
mbrdânE.  [tutar,  jty  yarar. 

Valid,  a.  ^\*a  sâlih,  sahih,  j\'iy0 

Valise,  5.  dkib-  jknta. 

Valley,  s.  d&rn. 

Valorous,  a.  yh/Ait. 

Valorously,  ad.  AA  jbssarkt-ila. 

Valour,  s.  llAzJaJ'  yiğitlik, 

jbssârbt,  {jsAiyy  jur‘bt,  ^^rdt^is 


Valuable,  a.  C^wı_£<i  zî-kimbt,  yA*Js 
kimetli ;  J jJc  "aziz;  J\yktJ\  isha- 

Valuation,  s.  l~a'L.£=>  kbshf,  i^+a>sA' 
tâkhmîn,  L tb"ylni-kimbt, 

Value,  s.  J>S  dbghwc,  kimbt, 

paha;  (moral)  jSİ  kAdr  ;  — ,  v.a. 
saymak,  t^Lcxt  ı"tibür-et, 

)  mii"tebEr-tutmak  ;  J'f 
CUJ  'ya  "kzız-tutmak ;  kfeshf- 

-et,  ' JÜj  klınet  -  tAlalıl'  -  et, 


pâhâ-tâ"yîn  -  et ;  tÂkdır  -  et. 

cı)v^L,  i  Sİ  kÂdrini -bilmek. 

Valve,  s.  ^jLi  kÂpAk,  Jj  dil. 

Vampire,  s.j^o\y  vlmplr,  uJıAsy  jÂdi. 
Van,  5.  "araba;  (of  an  army) 


[  360  ] 




Vane,  5.  ^UrIj  yelkowAn,  bâd- 


Vanish,  v.n.  ghâ*ib-öl, 

ghyJtedcm-  ghâ'ib-öl,  jlJ-JİJ 


Vanity,  s.  j$j£-  ghurür;  (emptiness, 
worthlessness)  -J  boshluk, 

J  dib  sizlik. 

Vanquish,  v.a.  lc— i^k^o  mâghlüb-et, 
llt-et,  cXiAJ  yenmek. 

Vapour,  bukhâr,  ^ LojJ  dumln. 

Variable,  a.  htiradsz'z, 

klrârszz,  didişilir. 

Variance,  s.  ikhtillf;  at  — ,  a. 

(persons)  bozushuk ;  (things) 
biri-birina- uymaz . 

Variation,  s.  < _ ıkhtillf,  < _ }\jcs^\ 


inhiraf;  J  tbbkddul, 


Variegated,  a.  rknk-rEnk, 


Variety,  s.  (sort)  (turlu), 

chkshid,  ^3  nkv‘c;  (collection  of  dif¬ 
ferent  sorts)  (turlu- turlu), 

jijd  (turlu),  bnv â“i- (turlu)  ; 

(not  sameness)  diy&shma, 


Various,  a.  (several)  iy  bir-kXch, 
hx“zi>  bir-chök, 

chok ;  (different)  J  (türlu- 

-  turlu),  cjil ZS'*  mukhtelif, 
mut£nkvvi<f,  jj£  ghyünâghyun. 

Varnish,  s.  rüghln ;  — ,  v.a. 

cf'Vj '  J  rughln  -  w  ürmak . 

Vary,  v.n.  takhalluf-et,  t£> 

shashmak,  çXfciX> J  diy/zishmek ; 
— -,  v.a.  tbbdil-et. 

Vase,  s.  L- >U  kÂp.  [diy^ishdirmek. 

Vassal,  s.  J  yi  kül ;  châkkr. 

Vassalage,  5.  (j&y  kulluk. 

Vast,  a.  lzJj+J  biyuk,  "izim; 

chok,  kyulli,yslj  wafir. 

Vastly,  ad.  chok. 

Vastness,  s.  (JLJsK^  biyukluk. 

Vat,  s.  biyuk-tkknE, 


Vault,  s.j*&  kkmEr ;  zUi*  kubbk  ;  (under 
ground)  dodrüm ;  — ,  v.n. 

jH/t*  sichramak,  ^c'Ij i  Atlamak. 

Vaunt,  t-jS  lif,  jS>Xsü  tüfâkhur, 
^.jUj  tümâduh ;  — ,  v.n. 
uyAknmek,  (J.^ *j y  kurulmak,  \j=>\sü 
tüfâkhur-et,  tümâduh-et. 

Veal,  s.  dlna-eti. 

Veer,  v.n.  diyfoshmek, 

danmek ;  — ,  v.a. 


Vegetable,  a.  ^3‘Lj  nbbâtî;  — ,  5.  d?L3 
nebat ;  (for  food)  sübzE  (pl. 

CL2\jj«~3  skbzkwat,  vulg.  zkrzEWÂt), 
ykshillik  ;  — marrow,  s. 
klbAk  ;  ^.Li  jîL  sâkiz-kAbly^i. 

Vegetation,  s.  neshv-u-nkmâ ; 

l^-^3  nebt. 

Vegetate,  v.n.  ^cllj  yashamak. 

Vehemence,  s.  shıddkt,  CUS>~ 

hiddkt,  skrtlik,  Jv'j  zör. 


[  361  ] 


Vehement,  a.  shiddbtli,  JoJ JZ» 

shbdîd,  j\j hiddetli,  Jo  Jo-  hadid, 
sert,  zorlu. 

Vehicle,  5.  <Uy:  ‘'araba ;  (fig.) 
vbssllb,  wassita. 

Veil,  s.  (woman’s)  yashmak, 

niklb ;  (curtain)  *<J,J  pErdfi, 
sitr  ;  (covering)  ^ artu  ;  — , 
v.a.  cXiibjl  wrtmek,  !  sbtr-et ;  — , 
v.n.  yashmaklanmak. 

Vein,  s.  j/h  dÂmar,  “ark  {pi. 

“uruk),  cJ,  regh ;  — ed, 

Vellum,  s.  tâijj  tirsim.  [dlmarh*. 

Velocity,  sür  “ât,  jz>-  hiz. 

Velvet,  s.  <ûJai !  (kXdlfE). 


Venal,  a.^CJ^j  rishvet-ykr,  j\yk?yLj 
rishvetkhür,  mürtbshi. 

Venality,  5.  \L3j\  irtishâ. 

Vend,  v.a.  ^Ja jL?  sltmak, 
fürûkht-et,  bby“-et. 

Veneer,  u.a.  kÂplamak ;  — ed, 

a.  <k«ib  li  kÂplama. 

Venerable,  a.  (IT**  muhtbrem ; 

mübarek ;  (ancient)  A  bsski, 


Venerate,  v.a.  saymak, 

ri“ayet-et,  K hürmet-et. 

Venereal  disease,  s.  firünghi, 

^xLc^j ji  firEnghi-  'illbti. 

Vengeance,  5.  ^p\  u j,  in  tikim. 

Venison,  s.  gheyik-bti, 

^\te>-\j3  klraja-bti.  [ yj&j  zbhirli. 

Venom,  s.  j&j  zbhir,  ^  semm  ;  — ous. 

Vent,  s.  ^ — A3  nbfess,  hawa ;  (hole) 

CbL-ii  nbfesslik,  ^  j**  Ao.-c  mbnfbss  ; 

(of  a  gun)  <Ü  li  fllya  ;  to  give  —  to 
one’s  feelings,  *aJJ? 

-et.  [mek. 

Ventilate,  v.a.  el  sCjl  j  \ iy&  hawâ-vür- 

Ventilation,  s.  jjJb  hawa- 


Venture,  u.rc.  1  jbssaret-et ; 

jis  korkmayup-ghit- 
mek ;  — ,  v.a.  tbhli- 

knya  -  komak  ;  \  AiskT  bâkhta- 

Venus,  s.  ***.*<  &s*jx£i 

shi“rjE  -  hussn  -  mâ“büdEnin  -  issmi ; 
t-£jA Jj  zührjE-yeldizî;  J^-o-li  nâhıd. 

Veracious,  a.  uJ-Zya  doghru. 

Veracity,  5.  y^^Sjh-^o  dbghrxs- 

-süwbyleyijilik,  sldâklt. 

Verb,  s.  ^J^i  fi“l ;  —  active, 
f2“ji-mâ“lüm ;  —  passive, 
f«“li-mbjhul ;  —  neuter,  or  intransi¬ 
tive,  fV'li-lazzm, —  transitive, 


Verbal,  a.  (of  a  word)  llfzz;  (of 

a  verb)  J-'  f?“li ;  (oral)  ^ö>ü-u> 
shifâhl,  ^  <  Xghzdan ;  — ly,  ad. 

II2İİ  llfzan ;  IkU-Sj  shif  âhan. 

Verbatim,  ad.  lâablâsJ  Hfz-bb-lÂfz,  IbiJ 

Verbena,  s.^c mînâ-chichbyAi. 

Verbiage,  s.  hlshviyyât. 

Verbose,  a.  blfâzi-chok. 

Verbosity,  s.  bU!\  CL> f£>  kbssreti-blfhz  ; 

Verdict,  s.  J\jS  klrâr.  itnâb. 


[  362  ] 


Verdigris,  jlOj  zbnghyâr,  jlOjT 
zhbnghyâr,  bÂkzrzny- 


Verdure,  s.  yeshillik  ;  ot 

(grass),  yaprAklar  (leaves). 

Verge,  s.  (brink)  kknâr,  L-J  leb  ; 

(limit)  skr-hadd,  JjJo-  hudüd 

(pi.)  ;  (vicinity)  yakm, 

yakznlar,  kurb,j^:>-  jıwâr;  — 

on,  v.n.  chatmak,  var¬ 
mak,  yaklashmak, 

yakznlashmak,  *\<$S  yakznznda-bl, 

_jU _ karlb-bl,  takarrub-et. 


Verification,  s.  tahkik. 

Verify,  v.a.  tXssdzk-et ;  to  be 

— fied  (by  examination), 
tahkzk- olunmak ;  (by  the  event) 
tahakkuk-et,  >^si°  sahih- 


Verily,  ad.  wâkz“â,  4ü  JLsrl^s 

fı-’l-hÂkzka,  zdî^Lc  “âlimA-’lİÂh. 

Verjuice,  5.  koruk; 

kör  uk-  süy  u .  [r  lyy  e)  . 

Vermicelli,  s.  shâ“rıyy6  (shbh- 

Vermin,  (body  or  bed) 

kEhİE-pırE-mzzküİESsi ;  (house  or  barn) 



Vernacular  tongue,  s,  ana-dıli, 


Verse,  (hemistich)  djs  fkrd  ;  ^\j^o 
mzssrâ“;  (couplet)  (j^vobfeyt;  (triplet) 
müssblİESs,  (quatrain)  ij 
riıbâ^ı;  &c.  & c.  ;  (poetry)^*-£»  shi“r; 

(of  a  chapter)  âyet, 

âyeti-kbrîmE  (only  used  in  speaking 
of  the  Kur  an)  ;  SUi  bbnd  (paragraph). 

Versed,  a.  “âlim,  ma“lu- 

Versification,  s.  nâzm.  [mltlz. 

Versify,  v.a.  \  p&j  nazm-et ;  — ,  v.n. 

shi“r-ylpmak.  [rıwâyet. 

Version,  s.  tErjumfi ;  L^obj 

Vertical,  a.  (perpendicular) 

“âmüdî;  (angle)  re'ssda- 


-oİAn;  (sun,  &c.)  sbmti- 

-rb'ssda  ;  SJüjbjJCiJj J  dik-yukânda; 


Very,  ad.  pkk,  chok,  L^-olc 

ghâyet ;  — ,  a.  dj\j  zât. 

Vessel,  s.  (utensil)  <— ->15  kkb  ;  (ship) 
ghhmi,  teknfi, 

shfinfi;  blood  — ,  jh  dlmar, 

“ark,  cJ;  rbgh. 

Vest,  s.  yblek.  [<ütlİ  nıshânE. 

Vestige,  s.  J>\  hssEr,  ^li.3  nishln. 

Veteran,  s.  hsski ;  (soldier) 

“ksskEr  -  bsskissi ; 
— s,  s.  pi.  1«lXs  kudemâ. 

Veterinary,  a.  LSjva+i  bâytârı ;  — 

surgeon,  s.  iUoj  bâytâr. 

Vex,  v.a.  ghyujEndirmek, 

»  kazdırmak  ;  <JLXaz£ 
ghy  iıj  e-  gbitm  ek . 

Vial,  s.  &L.+£>  shishfi. 

Vibrate,  v.n.  s  Allanmak, 

oynamak;  orLZXoXy^ 

(tıtrfimek) ;  (a  pendulum) 
rakss-et ;  (inner  particles)  te£j>~ 


[  363  ] 


Vice,  s.  j£>  shbrr,  A+£=>  ghyünâh, 
su*i-**XmEİ,  sbyy^E ; 

“âyb,  su‘,  kubh  ;  (in 

horses)  khuy,  Uİ  fkna- 

-kh  uy,  LiLo  sakAt ;  the  — s, 
CuLm^^o  mu^âyyebât, 
sbyyi‘at ;  (a  smith’s  vice) 

mknghEnE ;  (locum  tenens) 
vbkîl,  nâ'ib,  ka'im- 

-makâm ;  —  admiral,  L&lj 

pâtrüna-pâstıa  ( formerly  dk  b egh), 
—  admiral  of  the  fleet, 

Vicious,  a.  kyutu,  shbrir ; 

(horse)  kü-o  sakAt,  yaramaz, 

(defective)  nakzss,  S~>\i  fassid, 

kâ->  sakAt,  sAkambtli. 

Vicissitude,  s.  inkzİÂb  ;  — s  of 

fortune,  cub^liül  inkflAbÂü’-dbhr. 

Victim,  s.  (for  sacrifice)  kurbAn  ; 

(of  slaughter)  (J^xiLe  mAktûl ;  (of 

fraud)  jjJ^mâghdûr;  (of  tyranny) 
mlzlûm  ;  (in  general)  j 
ghiriftâr,  jl>-j  J  düchâr,  'b’^o  müb- 

Victor,  s.  l— -'îlk  ghâlib.  [tblâ,^-..-^  &ssîr. 

Victorious,  a.  ghâlib. 

Victory,  5.  <Uİ.c  ghaldbfl,  CLJj^zi  nussrbt. 

Victual,  — s,  s.  ybyujek, 

ta' âm ;  — ,  v.a.  ı 
zâkhırE  -  tertıb  -  et  ;  (a  ship) 
\  <L3  Ley  kum  Anyassmf  - 

Almak  ;  L ku- 

Victualler,  s.  .  .rsViL? 

’  •• »  ••  •  •••* 


Vide,  v.a.  (Latin)  miı- 


Videlicet,  c.  (Latin)  yâ**nî. 

Vie  with,  chfldshmak, 


View,  s.  dJjlkl  nAzârbt ;  (picture) 
rbssm  (rbssim)  ;  — ,  v.a. 
bÂkmak,  \  l.*— «  muf<ây6nE  -  et ; 


Vigilance,  s.  J ghyaz- 

-achzkhyAz,  kiLJ  tbyâkkuz,  Juiu 

Vigorous,  a.  <^j^s  küvvbtli,  dınj, 

sây/j,  ^ÎLcLs>  sayılanı. 

Vigour,  5.  CDyj  kuvvbt ;  (energy) 
dj j+c.  ghâyrbt,  ıhtimÂm. 

Vile,  a.  (person)  Alchak,  jy 

rbzıl,  J  dbnî,  l rüssvây  ; 
(thing)  \j~.i  piss,  murdar. 

Village,  s.  lJjz  kyay,  Jûo  kbnd,  faji 

Villager,  s.  kyayla.  [kÂrıyyE. 

Villain,  s.  cL-wo-  khabıss, 
khmzîr,  pbz^wknk. 

Villainy,  s.  khabâssbt. 

Vindicate,  v.a.  i  JuJ  U  ,  hlkkini- 


Vindication,  s.  JujU  tb*yîd,  [duju. 

Vindictive,  a.  ^  kîn-ghyü- 

Vindictiveness,  5.  ı  intiklmE- 


Vine,  5.  (trained)  Xssma  ;  (pollard) 

Jr>  Ul  bÂy^-kyütuyAu. 

Vine-dresser,  s.  cst’^.  bÂghji. 
Vinegar,  s.  sirku. 

Vineyard,  s.  bÂy^. 


[  364  ] 


Vintage,  s.  ^\ı  bÂgh-bbzümü. 

Vintner,  5.  mby-khânEji. 

Violate,  v.a.  bozmak, 

ıkhlâl-et,  ^^cSli  nakss-et,  lei  hbtk- 
-et ;  (women)  zorlamak  ;  — 

one’s  chastity,  İL cJ&to 
hbtki-pisrdb'i-  ^iffbt-et. 

Violation,  s.  u^sii  nakss  ;  (jJzJb  hetk. 

Violence,  s.  (strength)  jjj  zor,  LUSJ* 
shiddet ;  (in  forcing)  j j>J  zor,  j 
jbbr,  ^unf,  ‘‘anvbt. 

Violent,  a.  CUjU>  sert,  J ySJt>  shedld, 

Violet,  s.  benbfshE  (mbnbkshE) ; 

— ,  a.^^omor.  [kbmânctiE. 

Violin,  (jU..£=  kbmân, 

Violinist,  s.  kbmânî. 

Viper,  5.  cJpl  bnghbrek. 

Virgin,  s.  jJ  kk,  j+3  kiz- 

-  bp^İAn  -  kız,  amfibi)  bâkirE  ;  the 
Virgin,  Jyül  el-Bbtül  (said  of 
the  Virgin  Mary  and  of  Fatims, 
daughter  of  Miihammed) . 

Virginity,  s.  jjjjj  kkh'k,  Jj  bikr, 
L2Jj\£j  bbkyârbt. 

Virgo,  s.  sunbuİE. 

Virility,  cJKiji  brkeklik. 

Virtue,  j+z>~  khâyr,  ,^La  silâh, 
flzîlbt  (pi.  JjLai  flza'il), 
LUS^^r*  mahmedet  (pi.  S-*<  Lsr^ 
mahâmid) . 

Virtuous,  a.  Jjb!  bhli-khayr, 

saklı;  (woman)  isuks-  "ifîfE,  C-îU^Lc 
^iffbt-mâ-âb,  ^issmbtlü,  j&kz 

<Ciffetlü,  Jjfcl  bhli-pErdE. 

Viscount,  s.  <$Jjj  rutbb  i- 


Visb,  a,  and  s.  bj)^  vize. 

Visible,  a.  ghyarunur, 

ghybzukyur,  bSj\s^ a  mbydlnda,  y&H? 
zahir,  «İJoJo  bbdıdâr,  Sı  Si  bbdld. 

Vision,  s.  (sight)  j*ni  blssar,  M* 
dıdâr  ;  (dream)  \ijj  rı/yâ,  çj 
düsh,  Jli*  jjlc  ‘  fÂİEmi-mıssâl. 

Visit,  s.  (of  respect)  zıyârbt ; 

(friendly  and  prolonged) 
mussâfırlik  ;  (medical)  •  vızita  ; 

(formal  —  on  arrival) 
lJS*>\  rbssmi-khosh-âmedî  ;  — ,  v.a. 

ghıtmek,  \cL2j\ıj  zıyâret-et, 
^jVj  zıyârbtina  -  ghıtmek  ; 

yi=r  ghyarushmb^^a- 
ghıtmek  ;  bjt> 1^.4^ \  ısstif- 

sâri-khlüra  -  ghıtmek  ;  (on  arrival) 

İ^X*jx£=>  J  cJs~İJ==> 

khosh  -  ghiddin#-  dbmb^^E  -  ghıtmek  ; 
(as  a  physician)  \  vizita-et, 

blkmak  ;  (search)  1  jsr 
taharri  -  et,  blkmak, 

Iramak,  Jk«Î 15^  ybklamak  ;  —  with, 
\ j$isc  mlzhar-et;  \jCSj£=>  ghıriftâr-et, 
\ düchlr-et,  mubtblâ-et ; 

to  go  on  a  — ,  l 


Visiter,  s.  mussâfir  ;  — or, 

sbyTJ1 »  nâzir. 

Vital,  a.  vbssîle'i-hâyât ; 

(important)  elzbm,  bhbmm. 

Vitality,  L2j\+>~  hayât. 

Vitriol,  s.  (green)  zÂjz-kebnss ; 


[  365  ] 


(blue)  ghykz-tÂshz ;  oil  of 

—  zÂj-y kghi. 

Vituperate,  v.a.  ^LjjJ  dushnam-et. 

Vituperation,  5.  ^LAJ  düshnâm. 

Vituperative,  a.  lJJz\  A<^zi-piss. 

Vivacious,  a.  ^.LLj  nishAtlu. 

Vivacity,  s.  LLü  nishlt. 

Vivat,  int.  (Latin)  ^-cL^b  y<zshasun. 

Vocabulary,  s. 


Vocation,  s.  lA.'  ish,  J jxZ+sc  mbsh- 

ghüliyybt ;  issti<£dad,  Ciy:<J 

<uJj  dâ<£vbti-kAİbıyyE. 

Voice,  5.  sbss;  Ijw?  sXda,  j\j\ 

âw  âz. 

Void,  a.  (j!ly  bosh,  khâlî, 

tbhi ;  Ji?  b  bltzl,  fâssid  ;  — ,  s. 

bösh-ynr,  khall-ykr ; 

— ,  v.a.  IJILj!  ibtll-et;  (excrement) 

Uy  tebbvvul-et,  sxchmhk, 

CJvoct.ljl  ishEmek. 


Volatile,  a.  uchar,  j  Lb  tayyar  ; 

(in  disposition)^)^  bır-dÂlda- 

-durm^z,  mutblbwin. 

Volcano,  s.  yanar-dk^. 

Volition,  5.  jL‘irk!  ıkhtiyâr,  iradn. 
Volley,  s.  ^LL  yayz’Km. 

Volume,  s.  biyukluk, 

hljm,  <uk 3  kzt<£a,  jurm  ;  (of  a 

book)  jild.  [mufkssAİ. 

Voluminous,  a.  biyuk, 

Voluntary,  a.  ikhtiyârl. 

Volunteer,  s.  JL~. ghyim^ullu- 

Voluptuous,  a.  (person)  JjLc 

hXzzLnbfsa-ma'il,  bhli-sÂfâ ; 

(thing)  nefîss. 

Vomit,  (emetic)  mukâyyî ; 

(vomiting)  kâyy,  ^ issti- 
frâgh  ;  (thing  ejected) 
kussuİAn-mâddE  ;  — ,  v.n.  and  a. 

kussmak,  1  kâyy  -  et. 

't!/-'  ısstifrâgh-et. 

Voracious,  a.  pbk-opk- 

ımsh ;  chok-ykr. 

Vortex,  5.  ghirdlb. 

Votary,  s.  Jule  “âbid,  pbrbsst. 

Vote,  s.  lJ\j  rb  y;  — ,  v.n. 

Vouch,  v.n.  kbfîl-öl. 

Voucher,  s.  sbned.  [in<£am-et. 

Vouchsafe,  v.a.  ihsan-et, 

Vow,  s.  (of  sacrifice)  j&j  nbzr, 

ÂdAk  ;  (oath)  ybmin,  \  And  ; 

— ,  v.a.  ybmln-et, 


Vowel,  s.  harbkE.  sbfEr. 

Voyage,  s.  dbn^iz-sbfEri, 

Vulgar,  a.  Li  kÂba ;  âyb  ;  — , 

s.  ££âwÂmım-nâss. 

Vulgarity,  s.  kAbalik.  [kârtÂİ. 

Vulture,  s.  LLjjt  Ak-bAbA  (?), 


Wad,  5.  ,  J. ~o  s«ke ;  (of  a  cannon) 

Wadding,  s.  Jj^cL  pAmuk  (pAmbuk). 
Wade,  v.n.  ya  su- 



[  366  ] 


Wafer,  s.  mbktüb  -  pulu  ; 

(cake)  {^\ »U-  Aİ.li=D  kyâg^id  -  h61- 
wassi ;  — ,  v.a.  (Jsoj&L-A 
pul  -  ila  -  yapishdirmak  ;  sacred  — , 
,  'i\  it  jl>  bldarak. 

Waft,  v.a.  ghyaturmek  ; 


Wag,  s.  latifEp  ;  — ,  v.a. 

jOll  *£>  sÂllamak ;  — ,  v.n.  jaA  ,)L 

Wage,  Wages,  s.  cJi  *  Jdji  ghyund61ik, 
jW  âylik ;  jib  yîllik ;  —  war,  v.n. 
wy  muhârebk-et,  harb-et, 

sbfEr  -  achmak, 

muhârib  -  61 ;  “adâvbt-et, 


Wager,  s.  bâhss ;  — ,  v.a. 

bâhss-et,  bâhss  - 

-tutmak,  ch?  komak. 

Waggon,  s.  yuk-“ârabassi, 

fojC.  “araba  ;  — er,  “ârabaji. 

Wagtail,  s.  kuyruk- sÂİl ah. 

Wailing,  5.  (jiJlj  nâlish,  ^Ui  fzghân. 
Wain,  s.  fajZ  “araba ;  Charles’s  — -, 
jŞ\  (— dubbi-ekbbr. 

Wainscot,  s.  doy/zra- 

maji-ishi,  J  donrama. 

Waist,  s.  jJj  bfel,  miyân ;  —  band, 
s.  jA&  kbmEr,  (jfijy uchkurluk  ; 

-  —  coat,  CJ'Aj  yelek. 

Wait,  v.n.  bekinmek ;  (serve) 

khzdmet-et  (hız-);  —  on, 

—  upon,  khzdmet-et ;  (for 

orders,  &c.)  ghklmek, 


Waiter,  s.  khzdmetji ;  (tray) 


Wake  (of  a  ship),  s. 

diımEnin^  -  suyu  ;  — ,  v.n. 

uyanmak  ;  — ,  v.a.  uyan¬ 
dırmak.  [-tayakkiz. 

Wakeful,  a.  uyanzk,  liiLwc  mü- 

Wales,  s.  \a*c  VEİîs-mbmâliki. 

Walk,  s.  kscjÇ  gh6zmn,  sbyr, 

tbferruj  ;  (path)  J iyj  yol ;  (pace) 
yu1"11)7118!1 ;  — s  of  life, 

âh w âli  -  bbshErıyyE,  t _ ^  \jso 

mbrâtıbi-beshErıyyE ;  — ,  v.n. 
LLAc*j*i  or  yürümek;  I 

mbshy-et ;  —  about,  ghbz- 

mek  ;  —  in,  cXc  .A  •  .^sT1  \  ichbri- 
-ghırmek  ;  ıchbri- 

-ghitmek  ;  ClX*!  £=:  *jCs?\  ıchbri- 
-ghklmek  ;  —  off,  v.n.  d)v*^£=> 

ghıtmek  ;  —  — ,  v.a.  LLX-<y jt==> 

ghyaturmek,  ^«_İJ  d6f“-et ;  —  off 

with,  C— Âîip  -  ghıtmek  ; 

kÂpmak  ;  ^jUJ  U-  ch Âlmak  ; 

—  out,  v.n.  chzkmak, 

dzshâri-chzkmak ;  — ,  v.a. 

LLX*j \y.£=)  lJj\L.A  dzshâri-ghbtirmek, 
^ lJj\L.A>  dzshâri-ghyâturmek  ; 

—  the  rounds,  kol-gh6z- 

mek ;  —  up  and  down, 

ghâzinmek  ; 


Wall,  s.  diwar,  jidâr,  LjI^s- 

hâ'it ;  — ,  v.a.  jjJ  dıwâr- 

-clıbvirmek  (or  cJviXrs-  chbkmek). 
Wallachia,  s.  if İÂk- vilâyeti. 


[  367  ] 


Wallachian,  s.  ıflÂklu. 

Wallet,  s.  KJy  tobra,  or  fajfJ  torba, 
chanta.  [buy. 

Wall-flower,  s.  kJyJSuJjba  sArz-sheb- 

Wallow,  v.n.  yuvarlanmak. 

Walnut,  s.  Jy>-  jdvzz. 

Walrus,  s.  lJJu)  jsd  dengiz -ayghzrz. 

Waltz,  s.  U*b  f  bir-nbv“i- 

-rakss-oyunu ;  (j-Jlj  valss  ;  — ,  v.n. 

u^b  j y*  ^  müzkyür- 

Wan,  a.  sXrz,  {JZX>\ mjj  bbngzi- 

-Xtmzsh,  li  ^S'j==x\  benyzi- 

-kXlmamzsh.  [Lac  ‘  *assa. 

Wand,  s.  cbibuk,  lLLjJ  dbynek, 

Wander,  v.n.  LLLc^£=>  ghbzmek, 

(JaJaİİo  dolashmak. 

Wanderer,  5.  Xj\j\  award. 

Wane,  v.n.  ınkzrÂz- bulmak. 

Want,  s.  hâjet  (pi. 

hâjât,  and  hawa'ij), 

ihtiyâj  ;  (severe)  zarürbt, 

u S&&+»o  szkzndz  ;  (necessity) 
lüzum  ;  (absence)  (oLaİü  noksan, 
<Lcl*Jy  bulunmama,  “âdEm ; 

- — ,  v.a.  isstdmek, 

Aramak ;  bksik-ol ;  — ,  v.n. 

muhtlj-ol  ;  to  be  — ed, 
j\fp>  lâzzm-öl,  lüzümu-ol, 

ıktizâ-et,  ıktizâssz- 

-ol,  c  muktÂzî  -  ül ;  — ing, 

CA— bksik. 

Wanton,  a.  (playful  and  innocent) 

«  * 

yss^yt  pek-SEvinjli ;  kÂydszz  ; 

(wicked)  ghyünâh ;  (shameless) 

< — >JL*.  achzk-mbshreb  ;  — ,  s. 

■  J  v  77 

li  fahishd,  (ürosspo). 

War,  5.  harb,  yua  sbfEr,  \zy 

(kawgha),  jenk  ;  — ,  v.n. 

harb-et,  UjjIsl'15  mühârebd- 
-et ;  “adâvet-et, 

khussümüt-et ;  at  war,  a.  <—^1^° 
muhürib,  bozushuk. 

Warble,  v.a.  and  n.  ütmek. 

Ward,  s.  (of  a  town)  dLsr0  mahalİE ; 
(of  a  hospital)  ^fyyS  ko^üush  ;  (of 
a  key)  chentik,  LL)J y== > 

kbrtik  ;  (orphan)  a-sj  ybtîm ;  —  off, 
v.a.  sawushdurmak. 

Warden,  5.  .sT0  mühlfzz. 

Wardrobe,  5.  (clothes)  elbissd, 

blbissE  -  müvjüdÂtz'  ; 
(closet)  L-Jl JjL  doİAp. 

’Warehouse,  s.  Xj\k*o  mkgh&za. 

Wares,  5.  pl.  cl  emta^â  (pl.  of 
mWa,  a  piece  of  goods). 

Warfare,  L-Jp-  harb,  lL^LsWc 


Warlike,  a.  harbî ;  —  stores, 


Warm,  a.  jjl  sijÂk, 

sıjAjzk,  ghkrm,  jW-  hârr  ; 
zlîjak  ;  — ,  v.a.  fy zssztmak  ;  — , 
v.n.  zssmmak.  [-sijXk. 

Warm-hearted,  a.  ^jf.  yüre^üz- 

Warmth,  s.  szjkk, 

szjXklz*k,  ghErnıî, 

ghurmiyybt,  CLJj\j=>-  hararet. 

Warn,  v.a.  LL^jU khlbEr-vErmek, 
ıkhhâr-et;  ikhtâr-et. 


[  368  ] 


Warning,  s.jfS-  khlbEr,  ikhbâr, 


War-office,  s.  hâr- 


Warp,  s.  (of  a  tissue)