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Ijis ^Ulmm 31llu«srra«s a 
feto pieces of ©ctCtttal 
|IcntcUctnt front rlje 
Dacca ©aUectiatt, 
some of toljiclj are quire 
unique, toljtle orders are of 
IjCstortcal fnteresr. 

3|t lias been compileb at 
tlje suggestion of seberal frienbs in* 
reresteb in rlje subject, anb of guests 
\oljo totsljeb to possess tlje recorb as a 
soubentc of rljefr bfsft to Dacca. 

No. i. 

DUST-BAND” or ARMLET. This ornament is composed 
of pure Indian Table-Diamonds. The centre stone is known 
as the “ Duria-y-auoor ” or “ River of Light.” It is one of 
the famous Diamonds of the world, and its history is closely 
associated with that of the “ Koh-i-noor.” It is absolutely perfect in 
lustre and water ; it was originally in the possession of the Shahs of 
Persia, and ultimately passed into the possession of Runjeet Singh. After 
the Punjab War it came into the hands of the British Government, was 
purchased by the ancestors of the present Nawab, and has remained an 
heirloom in the family ever since. 

The illustration is exact size. 

No- 2. 

1 HIS is an illustration of the CLASP of the STATE SWORD 
BELT worn by the Nawab. The entire centre is composed 
of a single Emerald of excellent shape and depth of colour. 
It is, for an Emerald, wonderfully free from flaws, and is of 
considerable antiquity. The border is composed of a single row of 
Brilliant Diamonds. 

No. 3. 

HIS BUCKLE is worn in change with that shown in the 
preceding illustration. It is remarkable for the very fine 
Lalrie which forms the centre. This stone is brilliant, free 

from flaws, and of the beautiful and delicate tint which is so much 
appreciated in the East. It is surrounded by a double row of fine Old 
Indian Diamonds. 

No. 4. 

‘SERPAITCH” or Head Ornament, composed of Rubies 
cut to form the petals of the flower, which radiate from 
the centre, unsupported by setting of any kind. The three 
centre stones are Emeralds, and six Emeralds divide the 
The ornament has been the property of the Nawabs of Dacca 
for a great number of years, and is an example of a class of jewellery 
now seldom seen. 


No. 5. 

“ BAZOO BAND ” or Armlet of great antiquity, reputed to 
have once been in the possession of the Mogul Court. The 
centre stone is an Emerald of fine colour, beautifully 
engraved with verses from the Koran. The two sides are 
formed of engraved Emeralds, inlaid with two engraved Table Diamonds 
bearing the word “ Allah.” The three Emeralds are cut in the form of 
a hinge and require no setting to hold them together; they are, however, 
for additional security set in a frame of Brilliant Diamonds. As an 
example of Engraved Gems this is an almost unsurpassed ornament. 

No. 6. 

TURBAN ORNAMENT in the form of a natural Rose Spray, 
composed exclusively of very perfectly cut Diamonds of 
exceptional brilliancy ; the centre stone is a large and 
perfect Burmah Ruby, well cut and of the true “ pigeon’s 
blood” colour. Behind the centre flower is a receptacle in which 
reposes a miniature Koran, which is in itself a wonderful specimen of 
microscopic oriental penmanship. This is known as “The Rose of 
Cashmere,” which is a family emblem. 

rW- :'£v i * i-f/ c%’ * 

No. 7 

HE STAR illustrated is composed of rare old Diamonds of 
matchless brilliancy. The ornament was formerly the 
property of the Empress Eugenie. It is worn by the 
Nawab on State occasions attached to a fine string of 
large Pearls. 

No- 8. 

“ SERPAITCH ” composed of fine Emeralds and Brilliant 
Diamonds. Worn by the Nawab in his fez with the rest 
of his Emerald suite. 

Nos. 9 and io. 

WO very fine Brilliant Diamond Stars, utilized in various ways 
by the Nawab and his son when in Durbar dress. 

No. ii 

JEWELLED FEZ. The band is composed of Brilliant 
Diamonds and lustrous Pearls. The tassel is formed of 
strings of Pearls with a large Emerald at the top. It 
illustrates the form of head-gear usually worn by the 
Nawab in full dress. 

No. 12 ^ 

HE NAWAB’S STATE SWORD. The hilt is gold with 
chased decoration, and is ornamented with a fine Crescent 
and Star of Diamonds; a large Diamond adorns each end 
of the crosspiece, and a group of Diamonds ornament the 
hole to which the sword-knot is attached. The sheath is of pure silver 
tastefully chased, and the mounts, rings, &c., are of pure gold. The 
family coat-of-arms is chased in relief on the centre mount. 

No. 1 3. 

Xy MALLA or NECKLACE, illustrating one of several in 
the collection, and pictured about one third of actual size. 
It is composed of Pearls, six fine Ealrie Beads and sundry 
Emerald Beads. “ The Dook-Dookee” or Pendant, is com- 
posed of spendid old Indian Diamonds of great purity, with Lalrie 
Drop attached. 


No 14. 

NECKLACE composed of three rows of fine round Pearls, 
with Diamond “Singhara” or end-pieces, and having a 
Diamond Pendant with Emerald Drop attached. A favourite 
form of Necklace. 

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