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Full text of "Descendants of Samuel Hills : a supplement to The Hills family in America, W.S. Hills and Thomas Hills (published 1906)"

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A Supplement t o 

The Hills F a mil y in Amer ica 
W. S. Hills and Thomas Hills 

(Published 1906) 



F.A.S.G. -- 






. i vif reA V.. H 0 \fAaw' 

,T *r>rvcoi-^ FW-, L^yxN'a'torv, 


To my wife 


through whose constant effort this hook has been published 

Francis J. Hills 

s w o ’\ 

aiJiH (ov snt-) a/ri'BiHirj HTKia 

f o, vq. ivM '<yy. v'.-' : A W\ta \kx^.sv<w su rortiU 


If it were not for the patience and generosity of Francis J. Hills 
Esq., of Rahway, N. J., this book would never have become avail¬ 
able. It is important to note that his earliest known progenitor, 
Samuel Hills of Duxbury, Mass., and Lebanon, Conn., wrote the 
final “s” to his surname. While some of the descendants changed 
the spelling, most of them, including Mr. Hills’ branch, retained the 
original form. 

Samuel Hills was not a son of John Hill of Saybrook, Conn., nor 
was the latter a son of William Hills of Hartford, Conn., as has been 
claimed without evidence or proof. Of these facts I am certain. 

Throughout the text, reference is made to the Hills Notes , a typed 
manuscript, with many photostatic copies of original documents, 
which I compiled and which Mr. Hills has presented to the New 
England Historic Genealogical Society. 

Mr. Hills has particularly requested that full acknowledgement 
be accorded to the late William Sanford Hills and Thomas Hills for 
their Hills Family in America , published in 1906. I wash to thank 
Mrs. Charles D. Townsend of West Hartford, Conn., and Donald 
Lines Jacobus, M.A., of New Haven, Conn., for their able assistance 
in some of the local research, also Miss Marion C. Reed of Brookline, 
Mass., for her help in reading proof with me. 

Lexington, Massachusetts. Winifred Lovering Holman, S.B. 

January 1957. F.A.S.G. 

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. ? A.' 5 ! 


Privately printed at 

The Rumford Press 
Concord , New Hampshire 

Only One Hundred Copies Printed 


of which this is No. 





Frontispiece.Francis J. Hills 

Hills Lineage 

Samuel 1 Hills. 1 

Ephraim 2 Hills. 18 

Lebbeus 3 Hills. 24 

Asahel 4 Hills. 36 

David 5 Hills. 50 

Delos Charles 6 Hills.. 55 

Delos Charles 7 Hills Jr. 58 

Francis J. 8 Hills. 59 

Delos Charles 9 Hills IV and Francis J. 9 Hills Jr. 60 


John Hill of Say brook. 63 

Sergeant Philip Leonard of Duxbury. 67 

Ancestral chart of Hannah (Brown) Hills. 74 

The Browns of Woburn and Colchester. 75 

Full Name Index. 89 



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1. SAMUEL 1 HILLS, birthplace and parentage unknown, aged 
sixty-two in 1735, hence born in 1673, resident of Duxbury, Mass., 
from at least 1694, died in Lebanon, Conn., between 6 Sept. 1748 and 
12 Oct. 1753, testate. He married, in Duxbury, 6 Nov. 1694*, Phebe 
Leonard, probably living in Lebanon, 28 Apr. 1733, daughter of Sgt. 

Philip and Lydia (-) Leonard, about wdiom see the Addenda. 

As a second wife, he married, in Lebanon, 25 Feb. 1735, Abigail 
Hinckley, born in Barnstable, Mass., about 1693, living in Lebanon, 
26 Oct. 1753, daughter of Ensign John and Mary (Goodspeed) 
Hinckley, f N o issue by this second marriage. 

W. S. Hills’ and Thomas Hills’ 1906 Hills Family in America , page 8 , 
places our Samuel, without any proof, as the Samuel, born in Say- 
brook, Conn., 29 May 1671, son of a John Hill, by wife Jane, widow 
of John Bushnell; I find nothing to warrant such an assumption. 
Our Samuel of Duxbury was not a mariner, but a shoemaker, there¬ 
fore there was no reason for him to backtrack from Saybrook to Dux¬ 
bury; the trend was ever westward; nor did the Bushnell children 
apparently have relatives in Duxbury. Of our Samuel’s eight chil¬ 
dren, none w^ere named Jane or John, or bore the names that Jane 
gave her Bushnell offspring. Nor was this unknown John Hill of 
Saybrook a son of William Hills of Hartford, likewise claimed, for the 
latter’s son, John, left no male heirs, as is clearly set forth in Jacobus’ 
careful 1952, Hale House and Related Families , pages 581-582.% 

Therefore, we start this Lineage with the progenitor, Samuel Hills, 
of Duxbury and Lebanon, born in or about 1673, died about 1753, 
who evidently had just attained his majority, at the time of his 1694 
wedding. Apparently possessed of no real property, this marriage 
with Phebe w r as a fortunate step for young Samuel, for she was sole 
heiress of her parents and in this way, Samuel and Phebe, eventually 
became owners of all of her father’s holdings in Duxbury. It has been 
stated that Philip Leonard, her father, removed to Duxbury from 
Marshfield, Mass., but as w^e shall see in his account, which has been 
carefully compiled, this is not true. He lived on the line between the 

* Intention not of record. 

t Nephew of Gov. Hinckley, for my Hinckley Notes, see N. E. H. G. Society. 

t Data about John and Jane (-) (Bushnell) Hill, in the Addenda. 

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afKlooiiu uf r in o' to* y # h .-loio ai pb *mroff oIbui Of 11$1 ,adol ,noa e’rattal 

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two towns and his farm and other lands fell within Duxbury when that 
line was straightened. 

Before we continue with the account of Samuel Hills, it is well to 
point out that a most exhaustive search for his parentage was made 
and with a negative result. The name of HILL and HILLS was 
often interchanged and this was borne in mind. A list of the principal 
authorities consulted has been kept. The only other family of the 
name in old Plymouth Colony was Ralph Hill and son, of Plymouth, 
but the Samuel, son of Ralph Jr., born in 1672, lived and died (1755) 
in Billerica, Mass., so is eliminated.* 

The bounds between Duxbury and Marshfield were established, 
23 Feb. 1683; earlier, 2 Mar. 1658, “Namassakeesett” was annexed 
to Duxbury; more lands were granted both towns, 5 Mar. 1661; the 
bounds between Duxbury and the Major’s Purchase were established, 
5 July 1670; later, in 1813, the bounds between the towns were again 
stipulated. 21 Mar. 1712, Pembroke was set off from Duxbury, being 
that part called Mattakeeset, the Major’s Purchase and land known 
as Marshfield Upper Lands. (In 1734, Halifax was set off from a 
portion of Pembroke and in 1820, Hanson was also set off from Pem¬ 
broke.) This will help us to understand why, when the Pembroke 
Vital Records (1911) were printed, they contain, pages 107 and 289 , 
these records, for Hills: 

“Abgell,” b. 26 Mar. 1697 

Philip, b. 9 Aug. 1699 

Richard, b. 3 Feb. 1702-03 

Samuel Jr., b. 25 June 1701 

Samuel Hills and-, m. 6 Nov. 1694 

The reference to the above is Private Record which was in the 

possession of a Henry Torrey, of North Hanson f; doubtful if authen¬ 
tic or ancient, it was evidently copied, in part, from the Duxbury 
Vital Records. 

It is most unfortunate that the Town Proceedings (Minutes) of 
Duxbury are lost prior to 1686; that the Proprietors’ Records only 
commence in 1709; and that the old First Church Records (now 
Unitarian) are only extant from 1739. 

A personal trip to Duxbury, confirmed the above; also there are no 
Warnings in the records. The town proceedings are complete 1686 
through 1711, then scattered until 1729. All the material about land 
grants, divisions, etc., was printed in 1893 in the Duxbury Town 
Records , 164-2-1770 , fully indexed, the preface of which states that 
the “Unimportant” town meeting records, as also the vital records 
are omitted. Important to us surely! The vital records were issued, 

* Holman’s 1938 Pillsbury Ancestry, 1005-1006; Register , S3: 443~444; Mayflower 
Dcsc. 13: 84; Hazen’s 1SS3 Billerica, 69, et als. 

t Possibly a descendant of Richard 2 Hills, tide post. 

ADAZVIU &L 11 I 1 

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(?X?I) baib bna bo /il /T ij ni mod ,.Yl dqlafl lo noa Jotfaia 1 odi Jud 

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V, io ju ry's f p/icvWh oiH oiii ladi oJ tonq ip.ol *n« indxuCl 

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or ns < A , ;f>vodB *>di bmmftiioo ,7 .udzu<f ol qnJ iaiioBioq A 
>J uJoIqmoo eta e^arb^sooiq nwol od'L .tbioosi orlt ni agnirpuiW 
•ii'ioJr.r ofil • .r»S-X idnn bv" JJ»*w n it ,f fTi d^norrdt 

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in 1911, down to 1850. Also, in divers volumes of the Mayflower 
Descendant (34 volumes, 1905-1937), are the early vital records, 
verbatim, and exactly by page. Volume 10 (1908), pages 184.-185, 
gives the “Hill” Leonard items, which were checked with the origi¬ 
nals and found, page 41, to be exact. The final “s” is therein 
omitted. However in other records we find both spellings, for varia¬ 
tions in spellings of surnames did not worry unduly our ancestors. 
All the land grants in names of Samuel Hills and Philip Leonard were 
checked with copies of those printed with the Town Meeting Records , 
a small volume preserved by the Emery Process. The General Rec¬ 
ords, 1645-174-9, were read to 1730, this is also rebound by the same 
process. In this volume appears the Hill-Leonard record referred to 
above, page 41. There is also a volume of Miscellaneous Records , 
1642-1745 , again covered to 1730, rebound by the same process; a 
volume of Fragments, no dates but mainly 1779 to 1791 within and a 
few pages in the back of the book 1684, and Proprietors Second Divi¬ 
sion, 1712 and 1754 and families. And finally, a book of General 
Records, 1710-1786, and some miscellaneous items, 1816-1826. This 
last is a much larger book than the rest, and here the town meeting 
records commence regularly in 1734, after our family had left. These 
original Duxburv sources are explained so that the references given 
regarding Samuel’s residence there will be clear. These books are 
not indexed and much of the writing is difficult and faded. 

At the time our Samuel appears in Duxbury, 1694, the town was 
within the newly formed Plymouth County, with the county seat at 
Plymouth. Prior to 1686, and before the establishment of this 
county, both Duxbury and Marshfield were part of the old Colony, 
so-called, Plymouth Colony, which had been annexed by the Bay 
Colony (Massachusetts).* 

I wish to stress that the first actual record we have for our Samuel 
is his marriage in 1694: 

Court of Common Pleas, Plymouth County, 1702-1773, volume 
one, page three: “Registry of Marriages within ye Town of Dux- 
borough ” “ 1694 Samuel Hill married to Phebe Leonard,” 6 Novem¬ 

ber. An examination of this original entry shows no final “s” to 
the name of Hill.f 

The complete record as it appears in the General Records of Dux¬ 
bury, 1645-1749, page 41 •> and which is exactly printed in the May- 

* Therefore the records of Plymouth County, as such, only date from 1686 (actually 
in most cases 1692) and before then one must turn to the records of Plymouth Colony. 
Fortunately the records of this Colony, except the deeds (after the first volume) and 
the probate, are printed. There are moreover, copies of the deeds and probate at the 
Mass. Archives , but these are not cross-indexed. 

f This marriage has been printed in these copies of published vital records: Genealogi¬ 
cal Advertiser (1898), 1: 2; Bailey’s Mass. Marriages (1900), 2: 54; Mayflower Desc. 
(1908), 10: 184; Duxbury V. R. (1911) and Pembroke V. R. (1911); Mayflower Desc. 
(1924), 26: 37. 

ittuotygo:II odJ 'io fcoanilov ai-wib ai ,otdA .0: 1! ot nwob ,1101 ri 

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,ti>KX& wl of . v *j£uq ,bnuo\ fma ?Jaa 

• bi: y. ‘ < u i b*i t f-.fbi [ f.'.uiitaS o i/*( i£ i ui tin. qj bi u »dj UA 
» i Ab sviio orf) fit n iuiiq «*iodt lo a^iqoo dit n tadosdo 


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aav/ nv/ot ■ , , y*iuJ/ij(t nr ai*;>qqji hmiBri *wo sniii *dj iA 

Jj: 5,k s vim >) ; it ,v;aiioD dtuonjyj'i bsanol yfvioa dj aid, 4 rw 

it K in' juu* d sdi nolod bnii «d frl ot iohfl[ 

,Vj 1-: > io i:, t *m Jwi ‘»ivw bi nhi bn i vtud/nd riJod ,yim/oo 
y mU yd b^/oKii, lo xi hnd dbidw t yno'a ) diuoarJ4 JbvIIao-op. 

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:JG3I ni sgairMai t id ei 

s# u r ,C: l-WTi ,ytnno ) diuoaryfl .RBvf‘1 nomine ) fc> JinoO 
-*i b> - T * y iiidii/7 ^ainaM lo tpJgh;*JI" losnrii ,*jao 

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ou / oib. yiino Ijiui^ho aidi lo noitaniauixo nA .lad 

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ol » »r>:rr^!M V* *f*W3*i »dj <*J n uJ J jm t#no D ull diottMl baa (H'ai * h«o J*oui ni 

’*■• " • ff 1 • 'L»»%b *>i: k» ky.qo’i .n/oMom * : id 91 >d r r .b*»jnno yis j 

- ,n ^ »/v i>« ImI, :<*q to ibmcn oj foftutq owe! f’aH f^arnaxa .dT t 

Hi’) th, mi, , 1 «’ c? i. r{ ;l .. | , K 

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.V - ,:..:vfi[) 



flower Descendant (1908), volume 10 , 18^-185, follows below: 

“Samuel Hill and Phebe Leonard were married upon y e 6 th day of Novem¬ 
ber. Anno Dom. 1694 

Abigail Hill y e daughter of Samuel Hill & Phebe his wife was Born, May 
y® 26 th Anno Dom. 1697 

Philip Hill Son of Samuel Hill & Phebe his wife was born. August y® 8 th 
Anno Domini. 1699. 

Samuel Hill Son of Samuel Hill & Phebe his wife was Bom, June y e 25 th 
Anno Dom. 1701. 

Richard Hill y e son of Samuel Hill & Phebe his wife was bom, February y e 
3 d Anno Dom. 170^ 


Ebenezar Hill son of Samuel Hill & Phebe his wife was Bom. December 
y® 6 tb Anno Dom. 1705 

Ephraim Hill son of Samuel Hill & Phebe his wife was Bom, December y« 
13 th Anno. 1707 

Joseph Hill & Lydia Hill Son & Daughter of Samuel Hill and Phebe his 
wife were Bom upon y® 25 th day of August, Anno Dom. 1710 

Lydia Leonard v e wife of Philip Leonard Deceased upon y e 13 th day of 
November. Anno. 1707 

Philip Leonard. Deceased July y e 3 d Ajino Dom. 1708 

Joseph Hill son of Samuel Hill and Phebe his wife. Deceased July Anno 
Dora. 1711. 

John Norcut y e son of Ephraim Norcut & Elisabeth his wife was Born April 
y e 6 th Anno Domini. 1732” [end of page 41.*] 

The Hills evidently lived with the Leonards and after they inherited 
the Leonard place continued there until they went southwest to 
Lebanon, at which time, many from Plymouth County, disgusted with 
the poor soil, settled in eastern Connecticut, in and near Lebanon. 

Before 1702, we only have record of Samuel, as follows: his 1694 
marriage to Phebe Leonard and the births of their three eldest: Abi¬ 
gail, Philip and Samuel, in 1697, 1699 and 1701. At this period, he 
was not a land owmer and did not join a church until 1707, vide post. 
He then bought land of the town of Duxbury: 

15 June 1702, The “town have appointed . . . Capt Arnold and Mr. David 
Alden to sell and lay out to Samuel Hill of this town, about twenty acres of 
land of the town’s commons, they returning the money to the town.” ( Dux¬ 
bury Town Reeds., 1893, 193.) f 

“Duxburrough July the 9 th 1702. We whose names are here unto sub¬ 
scribed being Agents for the town, have sold unto Samuel Hills, and laid out 
to him, a certain parcel or tract of land containing Twenty acres more or less, 
bounded as followeth, Begining at a small birch tree marked on four sides, 
standing in the edge of a swamp, and from thence by a line between Dux- 

* The last item re “Norcut” was written-in, paper was scarce and every iota of the 
pages were used; page 43, commences with a Chandler reed. Throughout the final “s” 
in this record, page 41 , is omitted. 

t No final “s” in this record, I checked the originals. ( Duxbury General Reeds., 
1643-1749, p. 56.) 


-mavoK l) y*4> 1 b-ih'iijiU waw bumoatl sdo/N ban IliH loamaS** 


.rm moa 

^ nod oir itu ^ ijjytoVi oai/ndq/l 1<> : r oft*v t;mo/ nrfol 


v/jjJ !r rr [>■ ijnon ;3clq IrfjicKKkl odi 

■ii >, tJiiiji .) dJuomvP' j uni /jii jj J-jiJy/ js .nonsdoJ 

■■ ' ' o u i d v>;;j n o l b»d'i o f o^iiitiJiaj 

°'. i J j f it/ • Jj i; >r ioa bffii v>r f? !>;,;;i a ion raw 

: ^iudy.ij< I \o jxwoi a J to bui Jd^uod uadi all 

' il u rn/ -iii.O . . . hafcioq** td nwoi** t.dT ,S»0T[ amilei 

c t rtioda ,nv?oJ r.ii-t Jo 1 . i - “tuuisi? oi luo yal bn?* Hag of rubiA 

dl of yatji a f».(J nuiai yadf f enoinnioo «- irv J odl Jo onal 

j . A ,i :«! iA .rat /1 \jnud 

- ' r-j i:. anod yia Raman oaod.7 $7/ .£0H d, <: 'iff dirl H?.ui<miidkuQ M 

?> •; , A-U I mu ', o inu bfoe avail ,nv/of ori j lol <.fnapA ijniod badhoa 
,ev a. iu v uavr'j jjnjniajnoa hna! Jo JomiJ. jo laounj uioSvjo a t taid oi 

* x ’-' a J; ’ ’ * * id nadi mail K c i*v»* c Jo ai .9 >.{j ni g libnait 

(.» x W4M. 



burrough and Marshfield till it meeteth with a large Pine tree standing in said 
line, and from said tree, on a Southerly line to a maple tree standing in the 
side of a swamp marked on four sides, and from that maple tree on a straight 
line, to a Pine tree marked, standing a little within the swamp on that side 
next to Phillip Leonard’s land, near said Leonard’s range, and from the afore¬ 
said Pine tree, directly to said Leonard’s range, and by said range to the end 
of Leonard’s land, and extending from thence about Six rods till it meet a 
red oak tree marked on four sides, and from said tree till it meet with the 
aforesaid Birch tree marked. 

Seth Arnold 
David Alden.” 

{ibid., 196.) 

17 May 1703, both Philip Leonard and “Sam 1 Hill,” protest, with 
others, an action of the town of Duxbury relative to lands. (Miscl. 
Reeds., 16J&-1745, 285.) 

In 1909, the records of the First Church in Marshfield were pub¬ 
lished in the Mayflower Descendant , continuing in later volumes. The 
foreword states that this, the oldest known record, begins in 1696, 
and that if there was an earlier book, it has been lost. The records 
that interest us are below: 

31 Aug. 1707, “Samuel hill receaved into this Church.” 

2 May 1708, “Sam: Hill” had daughter baptised: Abigail. 

- March 1709, “Phebe hill Wife to Samuel Hill was baptised and five of 
their children.” 

15 July 1711, “Sam: Hill had a child baptised called Lydia.” 

Also, 25 Aug. 1723, Samuel Hill Jr., and wife had son Joseph baptised and, 
27 June 1725, had daughter “Hanna” baptised. 

(Mayflower Descendant, 31: 118, 119, 164, 165.) 

Thus we learn that although Samuel and his son and namesake 
were considered legal residents of Duxbury, they attended church in 
Marshfield, living in the northern part of Duxbury near the town line. 
A few months, after Samuel joined the Marshfield church, his mother- 
in-law died in Duxbury, 13 Nov. 1707; no estate. When the latter’s 
husband, Philip Leonard, died there within a year, 3 July 1708, an 
administration was effected on his estate: 

“To Samuel Hill Son in law of Phillip Lean&rd Late of Duxburrough in the 
County of Plimouth . . . Deceased Greeting ... I do by these presents 
Committ unto you full Power to Administer,” to the estate of the deceased, 
etc., 12 July 1708. In this connection, an inventory was made, 8 July, by 
William Carver and Arthur Howland, to which “Samuel Hill” made oath, 
11 July, 1708, only personal property was listed. ( Plymouth Probate, 12663.)* 

6 Aug. 1709, “Samuel hills ” witnessed the will of Joseph Waterman, 

* There is no bond on file, in the volumes are copies of the inventory and the letter 
of administration, 2: 99, 100; see the Addenda. 

a i t-.ion biu: n k aooJ i-- k i sh . *!»i tuo%| qilbd' 5 ol 1 mi 



:t^o; xf 'Mii r.u iimfnr Jail J 
•••,■ ’ 1 I ■ - ft'. 

.£1 > T JiiJ 

jftibvJ haifflD I. lirfo i bad H 1 H :hir< ' , 14.1 dt/T, £1 

,hni> b«i?t i Jq« ol. no- bud oli v bu« Hill iaomx ' , *f f.§ .oafA 

.baeilqad afffi rH *t*>J d*;»**•.£> bed ,6' TI aauU VS: 

,< v d w /ill ,V.', . \ -msoi u&U) 

bn nr* j i< ».sn i- :n dguorfil rr.aat dw ?U£lT 

w • n;ib -■< ifioiiii v/afj ,vtuHxf:<I lo land l>'W<*bi?.n<n stsw 

• nil fl. > d i«imj 71 j jyj’CI to Jiaq msiitioa aify in ^dvil .bioSif-naM 

• fe • lv : " >; 1 fc >i !•( fe.m f >m v/sl A 

.ijJtoJi-a on ;Y(‘~ l .voX t J .f f vu 1 , [ tti baib wbI-itx 
i • • yJiiL :: 'it. £ a nit Ui.v 'mot - >ib JyiiqiooJ 141!in’” .Lmin f nd 

: Ji, »o id no obmla <sB7£ noijjw..<diiiiii 'a 

1 uor id :jj(1 10 aJx- 1 bmnRo ; qji' 1 to ; ji ii no2 blllonm 8oT 

* o s o. ] ol ’VioJfc;i;i:nhi oJ v "0*1 ILit oov ol'iu timunoD 
f<- ,J -8 tiu . n'fr -rioinevni » * .noi^ouno^ > nJ nT go. '■ vfwl S5 t .ol9 

" ol hn .*• I I rA bn : . iovo ) rrfj&HHW 

. w >V\ Ahtou . ! d a4l. rl Kjcrq o ??v. j ^1,(0 ,P07f 4 i£ftll (I 

t 1 mj vioj ; vai Wi to v.vqo*> >i eoirudov sHj ni .old no Loot! «n « yitufT* 

'a orit V -H ■' > iUniin ■ ■is mb* \o 



of Marshfield, to which he did not testify *; and, in 1710, we note: 

“an Account to whom the Lotts fell that belong to ye first Division in the 
Common lands in the town of Duxborough Anno Domini 1710 . . . the 
second lot fell to Samuel Hill and James Thomas.” Earlier there appears the 
bounds of “The Second lot lyeth joyning to y e first and beginneth at a stake 
and heap of Stones by v e County Rode and from thence it runneth North 37 
degrees East eighty Rods to a gray oak tree & from thence it runneth South 61 
degrees east eighty rods to a stake and heap of Stones and from thence it 
runneth South 37 degrees West eighty Rods to a Stake and stones by y e 
Country Rlioad and as the Road runneth to y e first mentioned stake.” {Dux¬ 
bury General Reeds., 1710-1786, 9, 3.) 

And, the same year, the following record was preserved: 

“List of y e Names and those that have a Right in y e last Division of y e 
towns Cofnons upland & medow in Duxborough . . . June ye 5 th 1710 .. . 
Samuel Hill.” ( Duxbury Proprietors 2d Division Reeds., 16-17.) 

Having received Leonard’s property, through his marriage with 
Phebe, sole heiress, in addition to the town grant, made in 1702, of 
twenty acres in Duxbury, Samuel was now in a position to appear 
in the land transfers: 

18 Nov. 1710, “Samuel Hills f of . . . Duxborough . . . cordwainer f 
Sendeth Greeting Know Ye that I y e sd Samuel Hills for . . . Nine Pounds 
. . . Paid by James Thomas of . . . Duxborough . . . Yeoman . . . Con¬ 
firm . . . unto him . . . Land . . . within . . . Duxborough . . . being y e 
one Half of a fourty Acre Lot of Land which fell by Lot to me in y e first Divi¬ 
sion of . . . Duxborough Common Lands . . . [in] One thousand Seven 
Hundred & Nine . . . y e Second Lott in Number” the said land being now 
in partnership between the said Thomas and the said Hills; bounds not of 
interest as no names cited; wit: Edward Arnold and Seth Arnold Jr.; ack. same 
day and reed. 16 July 1718; no release of dower. ( Plymouth Deeds, 14: 64.) 

24 Dec. 1712, we have the following record 

“We the subscribers being desired by Samuel Hills to renew the bounds of 
his land viz Of that -which was his father’s Phillip Leonard, which we did as 
followeth We began at a swamp and stones — showed to us to be the corner 
bound, and from said stump, we run S.W. by W. to a white oak tree marked 
on two sides standing on the Westerly side of a branch of the spruce swamp, 
and then bounded on the Northerly side by said spruce swamp, till it come 
near the end of the neck, where we marked a spruce tree on four sides standing 
upon a ledge of rocks, and from said spruce tree marked on four sides, South¬ 
erly 48 rods to a maple tree marked on four sides, standing by the side of the 

* Photo copy of the original will which shows his signature included in my Hills Notes. 
It was proved by the other two witnesses, Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas and Isaac Thomas, 
12 Mar. 1710-11. The signature clearly shows the final “s” and is the earliest I have 
found for him. Also see Mayjloicer Descendant, 24'. 147-149. 

t Italics by W. L. //., note he signed this deed. 

X Duxbury General Reeds., 1645-1749, p. 55. 


A .0171 ui .bun ;* vidayJ loc bib oil of ,blacbitfAl£ lo 

/isfc^yjq a v? n ttsn -Hcwolh^ wh ,i /iv a smoa odi t bnA 


. . 

t * Meii ft* I ' 7 7 v : - I{ .. : ,'> f it-,bno 3 

. : » ;smorfT ismst ;c bUl . . . 

'•') dbi/i •/ba^i !o i<xl'n /, -hi . lo Mul. -mo 

• n v/ii ^ bn \ ,i 'jill trJlBBf'^L ai fioJ f»i >o-td »y . . . sm r /[ % boibnuH 

^ 11 * x I81J i.iaa 4. 5 »#£'*?jiiii>fl i bins o-. J n9o.vj*>d (vrfnsnlMq ui 

; . .it MoniA di* : J e {‘on L I i*v?b 3 : ii w l» iit> ?.yimw oil ea ieyiatoi 

J:bioo9i gahr/oUo" >iJj 9vmf aw ,SXTI .;>o(I 

> ' >ii w ,in«noaJ qMbii*! g - dfi-} aid ^>w ibidw 1 ;Hfj 1U r.iv bfl*l aid 
'■•ii «J o.i r« <»J ]v i wo !> —a* iciici bna qm t>« r Jr, ai^o-. 1 *'// dJvtroIlo} 
>‘jAui * ii dco oJiil w £ ot 77 yd .77 ' ttiw .qcausfe bi±a ffioil boa bmiod 

-••uja biaa yd $bb y! ji ho >5 odl no baJuoti jiyid bna 

0 biro odj i£^n 

> ' di, r ooTt s'rinqa bfu* rurd bo.: ~:ioo ]«> 9^bsl b noqu 
*j ? >0 1 i .; ,?&'&. mol no iwshofn **>1* jdqiua a oJ nxn 8 * ylid 

\o ... , oJol ff• 

i ■ • 'I n« Si-«n,-.?iT djv JusiKi .«!£ <wj 1 ;<iju rfj ,f» .. nq kx» Jl 

•v ■ 1\ ,.• A iuv. -d v -^Xi. -1 ■ 



brook, and then bounded by said brook up stream through the meadow spot, 
and so by the Southermost branch of said brook, till it comes to a red oak 
tree blown down, which was accounted to be the S.E. corner bounds of said 
lot, and from said oak tree on a straight line to the stump and stones first 

Edward Southworth 
Seth Arnold.” 

(Duxbury Tenon Reeds., 1893, 90.) 

Again, two years later, Samuel Hills appears in the deeds, as 

9 July 1714, “I Samuel Hills of . . . Duxborough . . in the County of 
Plimouth in her Majesties Province of the Massechusetts Bay in New England 
Cordwainer for . . . the sum of Eighteen pounds . . . paid by Solomon 
Hewet of . . . Marshfield . . . yeoman . . . Confirm from me and my 
heirs . . . Twelve Acres & an half of Land . . . within . . . Duxborough 
. . . part of the Seventieth Lott . . . Second and Last Division of Comons 
belonging to the town of Duxborough . . . and Pembroke in the County 
aboves d . . . Layd out . . . one thousand seven hundred & thirteen,” 
bounded S.E. by the said Hills’ home, etc.; no r.d., signed “Samuel Hills”; 
wit: mark of Elizabeth Arnold and by Ichabod Bartlett, ack. same day; reed. 
5 Oct. 1714. (Plymouth Deeds , 11:1^9.) 

14 Aug. 1714, “I, Samuel Hills of . . . Duxborough . . . for . . . fifteen 
Pounds . . . paid by Israel Thomas of . . . Marshfield . . . confirm from 
me . . . unto him . . . ten acres ... in Duxborough . . . being part of ye 
seventieth lot in . . . ye late allotment of lands,” bounded on the Marshfield 
town line, etc.; signed by “Samuel Hills”; ack. same day, at which time 
“Phebe his wife” released her dower rights; wit: Elizabeth Thomas and mark 
of Elizabeth Holmes; reed. 3 July 1728. (ibid., 23: 85.)* 

There are two volumes for the General Sessions of the Peace of Ply¬ 
mouth County, 1686-1721, f and one volume, 1723-1730 , preserved 
by the Emery Process and no index; i scanned all three volumes past 
1725, for both Hills and Leonard, but in a hurried search found but 
one mention, that of Hills: 

In March, 1717, “Sam 1 Hills” served as a grand juror. ( Vol. 2, not paged.) 

I regret that I did not have time to run the concurrent, from 1702 
Records of the Court of Common Pleas , although the period most 
valuable to us is that pre-dating his marriage, in Duxbury, 6 Nov. 

He again appears as a grantor, the same year, 1717: 

23 May 1717, “I Samuel Hills of Duxbury . . . for . . . Three Pounds 
. . . paid by Henry Josselyn junr of Scittuate . . . Have Sold unto him 
. . . all that my tenth Part of the third & the twenty third Lots of Cedar 

* 23 is a copied volume. 

t These contain many Warnings from about 1715; many fornication cases, which 
would serve as valuable clues to marriages not of record. 

. >7«<)ffl 

ci? t ebiob ndJ t .na->qq& feUiil Io;;iiia2: <1 id u. »*/ owl 

i^u« k f >< . . . !o *i*if f \'iurtu>& 1 


[J»U 2“ taogfe # Jxi on ;.ai3 ,$inod ?! fl >i > iJ / Jy mod 

u d V fomsnO odi io> wrnu’ov ov/J -m. ordT 

ojirufov jam bnxi r t r ^d-d r di ,v,jnoo fl din .>m 
* * n ' * li flii b »,m .*)« i sbiji >n biu> i rxn'i vt.i rbi odf ^d 

Jin iiio! dmuia b rwd & ni Jifd <b’mflos*! bur, alii I died iol ( &&Ti 

:e!ii)I io tad.f t«>ai sno 

.. (ijq >u . .11) .tcwii btura L*o vvxe eHB 1 *m 2'* JtiTI t d‘nafi ftl 

mil lu^nuafifo >di urn ad omiJ ev/.'i ion db I isd* j*rT*>,n ( 
•jdi ij jnOflJU , ; .d \ c { > \o \> > uV, \ 0 totjR 

-vo r lud, ii(I tii t 9^um6in aid ^niisb-siq Judi pi su ci i 'ifiolav 


:VfVf ,?ad^ odi t ioiiu:iy a as BTB^qqB nil j VH 

. :«» uoiJ/u»imo'i ^aara ;■ fTI iiunJc molt ^ainmW y u risrnoo 9*>»HT t 

.1 iosoi to ion m .:-UB 5 rn oJ ^ *nb M* iL;v so ovr» bluovr 




Swamp ... in Mattakeesett Swamp now in . . . Pembroke,” signs as 
“Samuel Hills”; wit: Patience Norcott and Mary Little Jr.; ack. same day 
and reed. 5 Jan. 1736. (Plymouth Deeds , 31: 16.) 

In 1725, Samuel Hills conveyed to his second son and namesake, 
mentioning a deed of even date to the eldest son, Philip: 

5 Jan. 1724-25, “Samuel Hills of Duxbcrougli . . . & Phebe his Wife . . . 
for . . . Eighty Pounds ... to us ... in hand by our Son Samuel Hills 
of Duxborough . . . Paid . . . Confirm imto y e s d Samuel Hills after the 
Decease of us the s d Samuel & Phebe Hills ... a Certain Parcell of Land 
Situate . . . in . . . Duxborougli . . . Containing about fifty Seven acres 
. . . & it is all y e Land W ch we now have in y e s d TownShip, Except what 
we have this Day Sold unto Our Son Philip Hills * as by one Deed under 
our hands & Seals bearing Date w th these Presents & it is Adjoyning to y e s d 
Land which we Sold to y e s d Philip Hills Reference being had to the former 
Grants of y e s d fifty Seven acres of Land for v e Bounds of the same . . . 
Memorand m It is Agreed before Signing & Sealing . . . y e . . . Samuel 
Hills . . . shall forever hereafter Allow a Cart Wav for his Brother Philip 
Hill s . . . through v c Land of y® s d Samuel Hills from the West Side of the 
Orchard until it come to Marshfield Line,” he signs as “Samuel Hills,” and 
his wife, Phebe Hills, makes her mark; wit: Caleb Samson and Gideon 
Thomas; ack. same day and reed. 4 Dec. 1725. (ibid., 19: 173 .)f 

There is no doubt that the above conveyance was drawn New Style 
1725, since it was recorded in that year, but we are puzzled as to 
whether the deeds, abstracted below, were drawn in 1724-1725 or 
in 1725-1726. Since the Hills, father and son, were selling out their 
Duxbury holdings, and since the elder bought in Lebanon “late of 
Duxbrough,” in May 1726, it would appear that New Style 1726, is 

15 Jan. 1725, “Samuel Hills and Phebe Hills & Samuel Hills Jun r all of 
Duxborough . . . Know that We . . . for . . . four hundred & fourty five 
Pounds Currant Money of s d Province [depreciated currency] . . . paid by 
Samuel Baker jun r of Marshfield . . . House Carpenter . . . Confirm unto 
him . . . Our whole ffarm ... in Duxborough . . . Whereon We now live 
& dwell Containing . . . about Sixty Acres,” bounds of no interest; signed 
by “Samuel Hills”, mark of Phebe Hills and by “Samuel Hills jun r ”; wit: 
Kenelm Baker and Arthur Howland Jr.; ack. same dav; reed. 8 July 1729. 
[1725-26?] (ibid., 2\: 128.) 

7 Mar. 1725, Samuel Hills Jr., of Duxbury, labourer, and Hannah, his wife, 
a “daughter of Elihab Turner, late of Scituate, deceased,” for £37, sold 
William Withered, of Scituate, cordwainer, all rights to certain land there, of 
which our father the said Turner, died seized, and passed by deed of our 
brother, Elazarus Turner, late of Scituate, by estimation some twenty-five 
acres; signs as Samuel Hills Jr., wife Hannah makes her mark; wit: John 

* Italics by W. L. II. 

t The cited deed to Philip Hills is not of record and there is no sale by him ante 1802. 


u.vrS 7Uo \rd hji/isi ni . . . rif oJ - . . fdiaui/i \it 

ff$ilot 0 dxtf€l 1© 

fc-i. i > ’u< - .oin< . . . .1 ' -\i <!. . . . ni . . . *itou : :-i 

■■ >*n»> 



\ *.v>A ..WO X: 1 .>oCl £ .bo i re > -r u 4 *•j-cbob 

*i iki o.I m Jd od V} do jrli buc ; egmh;od '■ufd/uCI 


. - . j, • T •• • ■ • 

■>v Vriu< I i Ij*>v m: .• i iml . . . to * . . . *7f Jx i wonvl . . . H .jjaiodisf''! 

•<d I- ' | , . . i'otiomo 1 mfab) eorirroi 1 '. fa k vonob Jn,nM ) .iciuc'l 

>\i j.’i o N floeT ff . . . d&uunodJUfCI ci: . , . n i otodr.v mO .... a! 

; lotn. c;» i )ttuod *"** 7 . - jxfrl Jmx » . . . ^uinlu ,u> o'^b V*« 
1 , uijJ, ! ia !.•:*“ v bi Jlili vdsd'i \<y duun ( ”g{tf}X iw<p‘:3 w id 

.Q *f id. 8 ir.-‘.n ^ab j ua do r. it bn 7»n fiA bon Todafl mIou-j>i 

(. U . ..&&) {*&e~csr!) 

fxi« : i iflnll bna .lOTiic ia! ,/7od/u * lo ,.il. ioi irur .Cirt ; ,aI4 ? 
*iof ’\b>' , ,-iJ vYv& -\o ©Jftl ,7or tlT fisdi ' 1o idbi <»ab’* a 

3 -’o :»nn! ni ■}•■> * oj eiihii Ji » ,■ w.r .wbiao mi ^ '.•> norii// ffifii // 

i ■ • i i. hn .1 >ii* , . • ; oili iod: •••. 'iuo <’ 

y/t ii- J /j. . flo .• tgo v d , Jiii Jio 3: Ac! **!9£fr||'] n icsjdH ,7adJold 

nd I. : iw ;>!- i ii go m damn tl /i:vt ,.il ^Uill loor.’ ,3 ac an^i ;pH3« 

\\ M tailoil * 



Jones Jr., and “Samuel Hills”; reed. 2 Dec. 1728. [1725-26?] (ibid., 23: 

182.) [Note the father acts as a witness]* 

Our attention now* turns to Lebanon, Conn., to which the Hills 
family removed before 25 May 1726. An old township, incorporated 
October 1700, and now in New London County, it was settled largely 
from Plymouth and Barnstable Counties, Mass., and from Rhode 
Island. Originally beautiful and with fine old Eighteenth and early 
Nineteenth Century houses, it is now quite foreign in population, 
although Miss Abell, the town clerk, is of the original old English 
stock. The proof of Samuel Hills of Lebanon being identical with 
Samuel Hills of Duxbury is contained in the invaluable land records: 

25 May 1726, “I Caleb Hammond of Lebanon . . . for one hundred & 
thirty [pounds] to me in hand [paid] by Samuel Hills late of Duxbrough in 
the County of Plymouth . . . and now in . . . Lebanon . . . confirm unto 
him . . . two certain parcels of land ... in Lebanon . . . two fifth parts 
of one hundred acres . . . which I bought [of] Nathaniel Gillet once of 
Lebanon,” wit: Samuel West and Daniel Foster; ack. same day; reed. 28 May 
1726; he signs. (Lebanon, Conn., Deeds, 6\)f 

16 June 1726, Joseph Gillet, formerly of Lebanon (present res. not cited), 
for £56, sold Samuel Hills, of Lebanon, part of a 100-acre lot there, in all some 
20 acres; wit: Amos and Samuel West; he signs; reed. 14 July 1726. (ibid., 


Of the Lebanon churches, all Congregational in that era, we note 
that the First Church was organized, 27 Nov. 1700; the Second or 
Lebanon Crank (since 1804 in Columbia), May 1716, by division of 
the older society, and the Third, or Goshen parish, was formed, 26 
Nov. 1729, 'with the Rev. Jacob Eliot, who died in 1766, as first 
minister. This Goshen parish, is generally called the Second Church 
of Lebanon, since the Crank became the town of Columbia. Goshen, 
which the Hills family were instrumental in forming, was in the south¬ 
west part of Lebanon, on the Colchester line. A typed and alphabeti¬ 
cal copy of the Lebanon First Church Records , 1700-1883 , at the Conn. 
State Library, shows, page 90: 

Hill, Ann & hus. Philip, owned covenant, 4 Aug. 1728. 

Eliab and James, baptised 21 Apr. 1728; no parents given. 

Samuel and wife [worn off at bottom of page] admitted 3 July 1726. 

Thus we learn that our Samuel and wife joined the First Church, in 
July 1726, their son Philip and his wife also owning the Covenant, 

* The grantor and grantee indexes were covered at Plymouth, 1685-1801, for Samuel, 
Philip and Ephraim and their wives. A Samuel “Hill” appears in Pembroke, 1782, 
and a Richard “Hill” of same, in 1764 (vide post); no early Hill or Hills estates. A 
search of the copies of the Plymouth Col. Deeds, ante 1686, Mass. Archives, proved 

t Vol.4, is a copy made by Miss Abell’s mother, now deceased. The original cannot 
be examined as it is in fragments and under seal. 

rcff/i lifttftl 

,ai ,hj,< -q t tij ♦>!.-' i ; i ip ^011 fci it .fr-tut i ^uitvj.J «U i ini A 
U 'noc n bon! sldBul ivni odi n UoniMnoo <r ^fudy ;*< 1 lo elliH louring 

. y 

. j, :•,. . . , '■■:!!/ ‘. ’■ JntK r > sdi 

. r.-yvjx be? baud eao So 

\) ,ii ,'i • -nl. : .i)ori ; h in a' bum & hi:& ..aA : : - 

> [1, /h ' ' ,r; rr \..u t {-lie « loO r '• i.’* ouh> .•» xionsdoJ 
a& J K;1 ,H !‘K nodeo») ic .a *>rfi bnr. . ioL’o 

nui 1 ) \}roo»> v - »ili bellao vlhnea'yo ci ..fferusq JXedeoO cid'l 

jjIcO k> J ot 1 j i j j n a L ooniti t ao;i ide. j *o 

it't r iiw sartmoi fli fjtftfoiriij tJsiii o‘io// gflii. exit ifoidw 

.n Mb ,u »?A-v..j v vl , a* vn'l it.\.'A nos ^ V of 0 ^qoo r ftt> 

:0ft >q /.woi! [fac' oJ iij'd 

,8SvI .gjiA i iv-.«■■> btwr«o qilui# .>.»; im .HiH 

.\VJvV \j\uY. V. bdlhrabs (ogaq lo uioiic»ci Ji* Mi mov/j p bf has 1 miula£ 

ii , .briiiD fxnH orli L Mtioj, oli 7 bm. loiwifiH lua isd. m£ol e / audT 
t jaftn >v«0 euj ^niir7/-) oeM eVi / eid brifi qili t^I nog iied.1 /dSTl 

l<» 5 i r .i* tj- yi f ’ Jii /i» -yiow mi:»ni i*tt noJitSTg ».■* i‘ * 

71 .•«(•> 1 -t/i-jqqa I »*j-. .. : i A a».o i v l»a* awwidqtf : ta* i 

iK i<' ill yhi i ou h'-v) 4-iVit ii a. !o HiH* (a .d' fi a I«is 

Xtv. ishftJ f> ii ?n.u: $inl a: r.l Ji k« btwtunaaty 9<< 



in August 1758, and that Eliab [Elihab], son of Samuel Jr., and James, 
son of Philip, were both baptised in April 1758. Samuel Hills Sr., 
made further purchases of Gillet property in 1726 and in 1727: 

28 July 1726, “Nathaniel Gillet of . . . Litchfield . . . for . . . fourteen 
pounds . . . [paid] by Samuel Hills of Lebanon,” conveys to him six and two 
thirds acres there, formerly part of Nathaniel Gillet’s land, of Lebanon, and 
in part by brother Jonathan Gillet’s land; wit: Samuel and Nathan West; 
signs; reed. 58 July 1726. {I^ebanon Deeds, 4: 1J.) 

21 Sept. 1727, “Elijah Gillet of Wethersfield . . . and formerly of Leba¬ 
non,” for £53, sells to “Samuel llill of the afores d Lebanon” *, part of an 
one hundred-acre tract there, formerly part of the land that hond. father 
died seized of, being one fifth part of same; also mentions loving brother, 
Jonathan Gillet, deed.; in all conveys some 26 acres; wit: Gershom Clark 
and Ebenezer Gillet, ack. 22 Sept., reed. 29 Sept., 1727. {ibid., J: 56.) 

Preserved in the Connecticut Archives, in the State Library, Ec¬ 
clesiastical Papers, series 1, volume J, document 38: a, b, c., is a petition 
to the General Court of 15 Oct. 1727, seeking a new parish in Lebanon, 
and signed by “Phillip hills,” “Samuel hills iu r ,” and “Samuel hills.” 
All three signatures clearly show the final “s” in the surnames. The 
Court appointed a special committee to view T the situation but the 
matter dragged and a second petition was presented at the Court of 
May 1728, as see the said papers, series and volume, document 13: 
43a, which was again signed by “Samuel Hills iur,” “Philip Hills,” 
and “Samuel hills.” Again all three signatures show the final “s.”f 

The original records of the Lebanon Third, or Goshen, Church may 
be consulted at the State Library, from which all Hill and Hills items 
were copied ante 1753. From this source may be noted: 

Samuel Hills signed the Covenant, no date, probably 1729. 

Hannah Hills admitted to communion, from Lebanon First Church, no 

Philip and Hannah Hills admitted to communion, 3 Aug. 1730. 

Abigail Hills admitted to communion, 4 Oct. 1730. 

Samuel Hills Jr., admitted to communion, 3 Oct. 1731. 

Abigail Hinckley admitted to communion and baptised, 13 Oct. 1734. 

Ephraim and Hannah Hills admitted to full communion, 4 Apr. 1736. 

Ebenezer and Margaret Hills admitted to communion, 6 Aug. 1738. 


The baptisms of the children and later admissions will be given in 
the account of Samuel’s issue. It seems possible that Phebe’s name 
was omitted, for Samuel’s wife was alive in 1733, and she had been 
a member of the First Church. Hannah, above, was probably wife 
of Samuel Jr., and Abigail was his eldest sister, who did not marry 
until 1735. The same day that Ephraim and his first wife became 

* No final “s” in the grantee’s name in this copied volume. 

t Photo copies of these two original documents are included in my Hills Notes. 

not h i*x: e k! ,.3 ^ ,1* Mu>4wt A Wrm ,i* h^v>'\ k:nWi?.rvb 

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•0£ f . !> r aoiaummoo oi bfcJJube ?.MiM Lu^rfA 

* 71 . : r Jv lijqud biiF. u a .liau/i nj b-.i mbc vobloi.iH fir,; <l.h 

. wT: .jjii \ 9 .aoimuanuri u; > i.a b ellrH i'jnt r, J lyjK -mansdS 

js li ivrj <*! 1 i // felloe Aaibu to!*! ona rr^bfitb jiii \o mu ijqxd t :iT 
vn, ;;i {* xi-wf ff\ ij fcfiVoq itrites* il .«»ml fe’lounuj^ lo Jnuooo* *>i& 
nM ‘ : *i oif-- ‘ » «8C7: ni evHr pjbv/ vHw iol .bottimo rjw 

• V < ' » j ( .r. tfiuD ’i.' ii Tipi’.o c ri ■ .tij fo l k; • oJwh t 



members, his youngest sister, Lydia Foster, joined. Of course, 
Richard Hills does not appear as he was of Hanover, Mass., from 
at least 1729. It is unfortunate that the parson did not give the 
children’s parents in recording the baptisms of infants.* 

The Lebanon Town Records , 1692-1802 , preserved by the Emery 
Process, and difficult to read, were scanned from 1725 to past 17fi0, 
from which we learn that Philip Hills was a lister, 21 Dec. 1730; 
Samuel Hills Jr., a surveyor of highways, 20 Dec. 1734, and a member 
of a committee in 1735; and a Freemen's List of 1730, includes “Sam 11 
Hills,” 28 April, as does another such list, 11 Sept. 1739. 

Samuel Hills then appears in a few more deeds in Lebanon in con¬ 
nection with the settlement of his sons: 

15 Feb. 1730-31, “I Samuel Hills of ... Lebanon . . . for £35 . . . 
paid by my son Samuel Hills,” of Lebanon, convey land there bounded by 
land that I bought of Hammond and Gillet; signs; wit: Joshua and Sarah 
W est, ack. same day and reed. 23 Mar. 1731. ( Lebanon Deeds, J): JJ5.) 

28 Apr. 1733, “Sam 11 Hills of Lebanon whereas I the s d Sam 11 Hills Did 
formerly give to my Son Samuel Hills a Good Deed of a peice of Land in 
Lebanon ... in which Deed war Some Limitation that wear not to his satis¬ 
faction,” (viz 1 ) in which deed I reserved to my life and to my wife's life,\ but 
now on further consideration do forego part of said deed and now absolutely 
give him the said property and is part of the farm on which I now dwell; 
signs; wit: Joshua and Sarah West; ack. same day and reed. 30 Nov. 1734. 
{ibid., 5: 88.) 

22 Feb. 1734 [1734-35], “. . .a Bargain made Between Sam 11 Hills and 
his Son Ephraim Hills both of Lebanon . . . the above named Samuel Hills 
upon Consideration . . . Do Covenant . . . Unto my son Ephraim Hills 
. . . one acre of Land of my farm wheir I now dwell ... at the northside of 
my now Dwelling house . . . and also ten acres of my farm . . . and . . . 
above mentioned I give to my son Ephraim If he shall Ever Marry and in 
case my son Shall out Live me then the above s d Land shall be his,” but if 
my said son die first and not marry and does not have an heir, the said prop¬ 
erty shall return to me; I also give him an ox, two cows and ten sheep, and 
my son is to provide for them and to allow me the benefit of the milk, butter, 
cheese, etc., a very long and detailed document, “and also provide for me and 
my wife if I shall have any what more may be necessary for the comfortable 
support of life,” both firewood, meat, drink, clothing, washing and lodging, 
during the whole term of my natural life, in sickness and in health, and if it 
please God to continue my life so long that I lose my reason so far as I may 
think that my son doth not do his duty towards me then the case shall be 
laid before the two deacons of the church in Goshen and they shall judge 
the matter, etc., and I the said Ephraim do hereby covenant for myself, my 

* Goshen Soc., in Lebanon, estb. May 1728, as Southwest Soc., by division of 1st Soc., 
named Goshen, Oct. 1729. (Bates’ 1913 List of Congregational Societies of Conn.) 
The church was formed 26 Nov. 1729. (Hine’s 1880 Hist, of Lebanon.) Jacob Eliot, 
Harvard 1720, A.B., A.M., ord. Lebanon 3d Ch., 26 Nov. 1729, etc. (Weis’ 1936 
Col. Clergy in .V. E.) 

t Italics by W. L. H. 

ns a-yd j; )nu; :;?! jti o-jWicnrt oo * to 
lanoa aid to tstec sd? dixw aoii9WI 

rljn " brt/j i.m>»l : / ; . v; ;f >fb > I) it L > i»i k* id^Hoci l ;&dt haal 

!1 >. i &am. t./oj;; yd* . . . nonsd- I lo rftod /’ iH miitidqlJ ao3 siil 
( , i i c ... h ti'../«.'> . . , ru>! fi., A'iwoO aoqu 

■> i . Stfb ‘.’/Off 1 ! >■ V i ■ j 1 V'?I . biu 1 xO STOfi ^ . 

i OC . . . / 7 to «*>:»« 13) 0?ifi bil£ . . . S?U *>l r </<J *.*OU Vrtl 

>. J r ii is >i II citinidq?! ■»< ' uj of - *i I bonoi in svooh 
\i *nd .till dd Had* hiuaj ^ svoda 4*1) irulJ dm svLI Jlto UaH2 uoe vrn ssao 
-4i*> ] bii. •» t ,ii*» j b *.» i! Joa 4->«;b i ni vi.iiin Ju.: bttn •,»j 1 *> > uoz I a yen 

■ lu ,(1 » i Itnt T >’tf} y/oo OWS -TO Ha; m 1 •»Vt;< o-fit 1 ;oni oj IJHj j-T ji'adft yJlS 

,v * , j: o >iij oot woH* oj In !) lo'i roaq ot ri noe ym 

i u; Mffl lo si.- - /oiq oeltt boa” ,liior ij ob boiuJ&b iuj.. _ it ' n . » oj » .ososdo 

o', i • it it * . j, v* 3 u y,J / tJ - no,a ad.7 ym. jv ri lb \i »tiw yen 

|tv>l : ii ; . p, ’ .jjni flo'> h ..1 . \ on - . d ..<j { to tioc• [irt 

* i ,< ;>{ ri i»n« vftloi> o ,?!!) i .UJBo yin k uv A sioH it sell gahub 

i si oe noai.Di . tn d-r>! j <|| uaol os d* % n •>uaitaoo <»J) 1 k>D 

yjbui rrd- ysdi bn t osdaoU .u xbitido sdf to r.aooxtsb o ) orJ nolmi bi«I 

* . .1 ■•! to' Jr V r» ' ■- J 1*1 a . Mi; f : i, , »11 U .idl 

i'-« V ! 1 H t 

s * 



heirs, etc., to perform and fulfill these obligations, and I the said Samuel do 
give also unto my said son Ephraim, with my farm abovesaid, all my hus¬ 
bandry tools and my gun and all my wearing clothes, “wlieirof wee the s d 
Samuel Hills and Ephraim Hills have hearunto sett our hands and seals this 
twenty second day of February in the year A.D. 1734 Sam 11 Hills” and “Eph¬ 
raim Hills”; wit: John Huntington and John Woodward; reed. 29 Mar. 1735. 
(ibid., 5: 120.) 

Three days after the above life care and maintenance agreement 
with his youngest living son, Ephraim, through whom this line de¬ 
scends, Samuel took a second wife, 25 Feb. 1734-35. The record 
of this marriage is unusual in that it gives the ages of the bride and 
groom, the first matrimonial venture for the former, Abigail Hinck¬ 
ley, aged forty-two, and the second for the latter, aged sixty-two. 
(Goshen Church Records.) * 

Five years later, we have the last record for Samuel Hills, as alive, 
with the exception of his will, drawn 6 Sept. 1748. This 1740 instru¬ 
ment is another agreement for life care with the son, Ephraim: 

29 Aug. 1740, “I Ephraim Hills of Lebanon,” in consideration of a good 
and ample deed of gift, of even date, given by “my Honored Father Sam 11 
Hills,” of same town, do confirm unto him all that farm and mansion house, 
“In which we do Each of us now Live & Dwell in Lebanon,” said farm contains 
sixty-five acres; mentions as a bound, the S.W. corner of “my Brother Sam 11 
Hills Land,” with life tenure of said property for my said father and his care 
and maintenance, etc.; wit: Jonathan Trumble and Ichabod Robinson; ack. 
1 Sept. 1740 by “Mr” Ephraim Hills; reed, same day. ( Lebanon Deeds, 

There are seven original documents in Samuel’s estate; all are 
recorded in the JVindham Probate District , Willimantic, Conn. (-£•* 
392-395; 5: 351.) The copies and abstracts below were made from 
these original documents: 

“In the Name of God, Amen This 6 th day of Septem r A Dom: 1748 

I Samuel Hills of Lebanon in the County of Windham & Colony of Con¬ 
necticut in New England, being old and full of days, but of Sound & Dis¬ 
posing mind & Memory, for ^\hich bless God: Knowing that it is appointed 
for all men Once to Dye, do make & ordain this mv Last Will & Testament, 
Principally & first of all, I Bequeath my Soul to God, The maker Thereof, 
& my Body To the Earth To be Decently buried by my Executor hereafter 
Named, Nothing doubting but That I Shall receive the same again at The 
General Ressurection Through the Power of Almighty God: And as To The 
Worldly Estate Where with it has Pleased God to Bless me in This World, 
I having made provision in Security which I have Taken of my Son Ephraim 

*A photo copy of the page of the original Goshen, or 2d Ch., in my Bills Notes. 
The last mention of the first wife, Phebe, by name, 15 Jan. 1725, of Duxburv, appears 
in the deeds. 3 July 172G, Samuel had a “wife,” and again 28 Apr. 1733, but in the 
last two instances, her name is not given. Presumably he had but the two wives, 
Phebe Leonard, mother of his children, and Abigail Hinckley, who survived. 



}• • *3 • !i-f rtf mil hiiR ruo .VI jv< do jrfj i Ik 8 'jib *ndT 

r» ** t; >(flj 'Oiieiiiqtf ,nod 31 r/ii t ; • >rrf djfw 

' ( wu- ,\\ '.\o*vmV?> oiuWO) 
H'H jfeit. 11 iiY ;ib ,Hrw frirt lo aojdq»x* >riJ Hjiw 


Jj.j' ► 8 birfiTX:^ j B|m ii'ioob Ifiniiiiio novo?, (tjb wjdT 

-ai a ■r,uo > to iiid *>b to ‘lot bizs bio 2 i f wbK cd 


t'-' »'i * • OiiT ,b «) oJ iuoeS 10 dJuaupatl I T lij to feiii $ vita loan'd 

t ail v.i. ( s /d b bird vbnoooU. d oT orii oT yboH/ni A 

in **11} * on oviw !'*iife i b d'i bjd &itiidi»ob gnbiteV. f b awVI 

, " ,i I -7 7j . .k-./i tod v 1 h fin tt .i r ... . . <>*, t 

. *vi\n;« u, li4«fA bua t n mr!»iido ud to 1 dio;<rx tvujao* 1 • M * 



Hills, That My Just Debts & Funeral expenses should be paid by him Do 
Therefore hereby order That he shall do The same, and I do further Divise, 
bequeath & dispose of my Estate in the following Manner & form — viz — 

Imprimis, I Give & Bequeath to my well beloved wife Abigail all my 
household stuffe (except what I have already given to my daughters Abigail 
& Lydia; Together with all my books (except Calvins Book on y e four Evan¬ 
gelists & my old English Print Bible) — I Also give her Two Cows & one Sheep 
now in The Hands of my Son Ephraim or Twenty pounds in Money To be 
paid To her by him in Leiw of Them, Also I Give her Seventy one pounds in 
Bills of Credit old Tenour, for which I have bonds on Interest To me, Together 
with The Interest which may be Due Thereon, To be To her Dispose for¬ 
ever — 

Item To my Grand Children The Children of my Deceased Son Philip I 
Give no Legacy, because I have given him my s d Son in his Life Time what 
I think proper for him To have — 

Item To my Son Samuel I Give no Legacy, because I have already given 
him, what I Think proper for Him To Have 

Item To my Son Richard I Give The aforementioned Book of Calvins 
and a Pocket peice of Gold which I have, together with what he hath Already 
Had of me. 

Item To my Son Ebenezer I Give Five pounds in Money To be paid out 
of An Ox which my Son Ephraim has in his Hands. 

Item to my Son Ephraim, I Give my Wearing Apparel & my Cane My 
Riding Mare or horse If I Leave any, & an Ox He paying To my Son Ebenezer 
Five pounds as aforementioned & Five pounds To my Daughter Abigail, as 
hereafter To be mentioned, Also my Husbandry Tools & my Gun I Give to 
him said Ephraim. 

Item To my Daughter Abigail I Give my old English print Bible, & five 
pounds in ... to be paid by my Son Ephraim; and Whatsoever other 
Things I shall Dye possessed off & undisposed off In This my Will I Give 
to Her 

Item To my Daughter Lydia I Give no Legacy, because I have Already 
Given her what I Trust proper out of my Estate 

And Further I the said Sam 11 Hills do hereby Constitute & Appoint 
Amos Thomas of s d Lebanon To be The Executor of This my Last Will & 
Testament Hereby Revoking all other wills & Bequests heretofore by me 
made, holding & Allowing This and No other As my Last Will & Testament 
— In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my Hand & fixed my Seal The 
day & year first mentioned 

N.B. The words (seventy one) on the other side Entred at y e writing 

Signed, Sealed, Published pronounced Samuel hills 

& Declared by The Said Sam 11 Hills 

as his Last Will & Testament in presence of us — 

Andrew Churchell 

Isaiah Tiffany Jun r 

Jon. Trumble” * 

* I think that Trumble wrote the will. 

*i r T <*> »«i turlT 'tolro 


fl ivi- •; {.- n •/ ri ' ^Ur r. J/ >J:V' K os 

WbU of mill < I Jr,dw «mitl 

•i ki jlhji < i 1ml ifJi ft la.i^oS « 

.901 >o bsH 


" ’1-4 £ a * ! ' *1 

bat ^ ( >mioq *rl\ 

\ .,], . ji. KuM h(o vm‘v/iO I li^iviA ffX. vrn o ; oiSiX 

n :.J-. ' . r ’ sil ito b >i tlbcf A fio h>a« or o/Q s - I feaniilT 

-.oH oJ 

Bf '• • 1 •>■ :itK' ,*£>!. -si oil »V J » Cihv 1 >£I * O'! 

-jj t-'f '/in k> too ■nqoiq .bi: l' I * led roviO 
j lA -.ii . in, ) yov.i o > ?•.}, i ‘fit I-.-'a ayi* > - *1 7iii 

r>il •/ allii? loifjo iix anbiltw *1 v<fs •> l 

‘ / IhYf J /Ill feA TQii ba& iiiT qni ■/■-Jl/. & ^.liJ/lod *bimi 

I oo • i fc >x Z uc! I \ta 5io8 oJ! .i n- il ovftti 1 ‘otnuii // nzjnis t / al- 

boaoiJxiom toft 4 ^*b 

j • i !• iJn2I abi* iodto otfl no (*juo vjaovst) « = // .11. 

• * kmad 


f.ii .11 1 ixi : b < T vv! \yyu b*y I A 

— ii: }<>•) •: >>■ [ tffK fit I /> m/‘ * *kl Fid BB 

itafdtwii > fdibflA 

* «' 

.Hi/r jii* >J arw larnT Jflit -iaiij I 1 



The will was proved 22 Oct. 1753 by the last two witnesses, who 
swore that they saw the testator, “Mr” Samuel Hills sign, etc., and 
the executor was confirmed on the same day. 

The inventory, dated 12 Oct. 1753 , made by Joseph White and Jo- 
siah Bartlett, came to a total of £281-00-06, and comprised his 
personal estate including the stock. Among the items listed are two 
silver spoons, a Bible at £9 and a book at 4s, also “one Book of 
Calvins,” at £o, and “one Bible English print,” at £9; a gun, cane 
and pocket Book.* 

Receipts were then filed by the heirs for their respective legacies: 
by Ephraim Hills, Lebanon, 9 Nov. 1753; by Abigail “Barnrick” 
her mark, Lebanon, 10 Dec. 1753; by Ebenezer Hills, Lebanon, 9 
Nov. 1753; and by Richard Hills, “Handover,” 24 May 1754. Eph¬ 
raim’s and Abigail’s were witnessed by Joseph Hills, eldest son of 
Samuel 2 , and Asa Foster; Ebenezer’s by Joseph White and Samuel 2 
Hills; and Richard’s by two Duxbury men, Isaac Peterson and John 

Since this Hills lineage descends through the youngest living son, 
Ephraim, his receipt is given below: 

“Lebanon november the 9 day 1753 

then Recived of Amos Thomas Executer to mv honoured father Samuell 
hills will Late of Lebanon Deceased one Gun Prised att six Pounds oald 
tenor and one cane Prised att two Pounds oald tenor I Say Recived by me 
And Do here by Discharg s d Executer from all further And future Demands 
on s d Estate as wittnese my hand in Presents of us wittnesses 
Asa Foster Joseph Hills Ephraim Hills” f 

There is also, dated at Lebanon, 26 Oct. 1753, this receipt: 

“Rec d of M r Amos Thomas Exceter To the Estate or Moveables of Samuel 
Hills Late of Lebanon Deceas d W ild to the Widow Abigel Hills By A power 
of A Tomey of S d Widow By Me Garshom Hinckley” various items were 
listed including two silver spoons, a Bible at £9, a book at 4s., also “By Cash 
old Tenor which was Due from Ephraim Hills to his Mother £20-0-0.” 
Witnessed by James Mackall Ju r and Archippus Mackall [McCall]. ( Wind¬ 
ham Diet. Probate, 18S9, C. S. L.) + 

Reference is made in the Hills Family , 1906, page eight , to the 
“Kingsley’s Record,” of Lebanon. This record was made from 
various town and probate records, also some deeds, in and near Leb¬ 
anon, including family records, by W. G. Kingsley, a former town 
clerk, according to a letter written, 2 Aug. 1910, by Mrs. L. W. Abell, 

*One wonders what became of the two Bibles especially the "old English print” 
one; undoubtedly one or both contained family records. 

t Ephraim Hills’ inventory of i Oct. 1778, on his estate, includes “A Cane” at 18s., 
tide post. 

t Photo copies of these original documents in my Hills Notes. C. S. L. refers to the 
Conn. State Library. 


jI'kyIv *Jj guibubm iimosioq 

•-dj; ,?! Ifi /I *«x( i-: ;-n« (H. ; ' Q £ ^nooqa *ldvli>. 

4 ini'.; 

‘jiob' 9 \ -'/■'?**[ i , ; viU lot <;[] v i > uxt n tdJ 9ro« aJqnmH 

./«•./ < .nliili f<’ : nirfq3[ yd 

■1 ; ri .:>j* I 0! ,no ifid xl ^od 

■[’>'. i iiiH i;. yd I*.-.. \ { ?.{I .▼(>VL 

l >i ,?7i J< vb bo^.v l'',v Ptqv ?. , nir> 



ii /d >>• )•> yji -! r noo^f i»Mo b o 'd t.ts hot : ttr*o .no bus lonst 

! -idiot ‘ A '■ rl i tdUjdoz S . Hi »; K /d noil oCf boA 

r-> /7 I lo r.ifl .'Mi { ! fii boot! rut >11 JJ V .L dj -.1 b « f'» 

nil ill dq eoi aaA 

aidi ,5&ii JoO bSr t aoojB<IcO tjr. bojisb 4 qcIb si eiodT 

i iia’r»8 lo ?ok xvol4 lo *»J.&fe3l obi oT . 1 nmttodT aornA ’l l lo 

•< I til ill bgi i/i 7oi "■ -i \ 0 !•!. ' 7 K rrj<\ kI to *1*1 «HtH 

•n ! Ji H/onsv ’'yoUonill mor-■ » ylf. y& b 3 lo vomoT A lo 

I’* c !• ,,e »/loot! i M 1 b n viill a xfioot.*-. i*vlia o//j ubulDiii bsieii 

d l/. 2 id of dfrr in ..-<3 n^oni ».C1 <ntf (oixi y lonVf Mo 

. ••■O.lq ’« ■ r. -<u<n. o A bn- 'ib- IM. >l\ l a^mal yd Mo* ■.•mtVIf 

+ «.A .& .0 MWi woA 

orfJ oJ .iA\yn '»v'K\ ,dOUI ^VrswjA i\\s\\ odi ni ob»m gi ©onanah^I 

i -1 jbiiiii ur biou a aiil ■’ • .noiuulxl lo bioti '1 

- \ son < dft ni ,< >nob omoa oglfl ,ab*iot>oi o bc! nq bno n/roi auoh,6V 
■ ’5 "» i/l .O .7/ yd « *1 im i v. uloni ,noin 

7! cM .«i! y 01.^1 .gb*/ t tr a 0^ §«iiyi >swi ^iyb 


ii n..-» d I ?; ono ylfwidu' jOU ;sao 
3 v .A X. I .t (. \ikV /o n. -.‘r x>l* inniji jo *: : ! - ojo 

.'Ci k.!« : ■ >: ■ .3 .LiCi>'J 



wife of the then town clerk and mother of Miss Sarah Abell, the pres¬ 
ent town clerk. It is now in the office of the Town Clerk of Lebanon 
and was evidently consulted by the compiler of the 190G work. 

The names that Samuel and Phebe (Leonard) Hills gave to their 
eight children are of interest: Philip, for Philip Leonard, Phebe’s 
father; Samuel for Samuel himself; Richard for ? and Lydia for 
Phebe’s mother. Was Richard named for Samuel’s father and Abigail 
for his mother? Of course, Ebenezer, Ephraim and Joseph are strong 
Biblical names and this was the Bible Commonwealth ne plus ultra! 

In this connection we note that Clarence-A. Torrey in his manu¬ 
script, Marriages in New England ante 1700, lists no Richard Hills 
and the only Richard Hill was married around 1613 in England, 
much too remote. There was also a Richard Hill, early in Maine, 
but again this seems rather farfetched. 

Children born in Duxbury, Mass.: * 

By Phebe Leonard, 

i. Abigail 2 , b. 26 May 1697, bapt. 2 May 1708, Marshfield, Mass., 

living 10 Dec. 1753, Lebanon, Conn.; m. there, Goshen, or 2d 
Ch.f, 12 Feb. 1735, William Batharick: no issue reed. Abigail 
Hills ad. Communion 2d Ch., 4 Oct. 1730. William Batharick, 
bapt. same Ch., 27 June 1736. No further reed. 

ii. Philip, b. 8 Aug. 1699, bapt. March 1709, Marshfield, d. ante 6 

Sept. 1748; m. 7 Feb. 1726-27, Lebanon, Hannah “Cutten.” 
Philip and wife owned Covenant, 1st Ch., 4 Feb. 1728, and were 
ad. to Communion 2d Ch., 3 Aug. 1730, the names of “Ann” 
and “Hannah” are interchangeable; Hannah his widow was 
alive in 1757, if her name was Cutting, her forbears were prob¬ 
ably of Watertown, Mass. Philip was a lister in Lebanon, 21 
Dec. 1730. Children (Hills), b. Lebanon, (1) James 3 , b. 31 
Oct. 1727, bapt. 4 Aug. 1728, 1st Ch., d. in service, between 10 
Aug. 1757 and 15 Nov. 1758, test.; m. 4 Oct. 1753, Lebanon, 
Keziali Cutting, they were ad. Communion 2d Ch., 2 Feb. 1755, 
had Dorothy, b. 3 Sept. 1754; (2) Dorothy, b. 20 Nov. 1730, 
bapt. 6 Dec. 1730; m. there, 25 May 1748, Jonathan Webster; 
(3) ? Jonathan , cites 1906 Hills Fam.; perhaps, all bapt. 2d Ch., 
Anne, 10 Feb. 1740, at her house; Philip, 15 May 1743; and 
Ebenezer, 9 Aug. 1747; or do the last three belong to Ebenezer, 
Philip’s brother, vide post ? Research needed to settle these 
points. Anne may refer to Philip’s wife, 

iii. Samuel Jr., b. 25 June 1701, bapt. March 1709, Marshfield, d. 14 
Feb. 1792, Lebanon; m. 1 Nov. 1722, Duxbury, Hannah Tur¬ 
ner, of Marshfield, who d. 17 Mar. 1777, aged 77, Lebanon, 
dau. of Elihab Turner of Scituate, Mass. ( Plymouth Deeds, 23 : 

* No exhaustive research has been made re the children, with the exceptance of 
Ephraim, but such facts as were gathered are included. 

t The Goshen Ch. in Lebanon was actually the third church in chronology; Conn, 
had a strong parish system, and the church records are important. 

-H'i-iu idi r li9dA wul )o i*>d 4 / » r boa Awh xr//ot n**HS odl lo o\iw 

i'jnalui tt* mu noibliifD Jrf$b 

U v > r %A-\ \i\ HJbwtfnocn: ip’) Idifl >ilt a aw v.iilJ bar. hwu a laoiidi i 

ir .V:- A aj$7i jjtis vsw wsAL ,jqii!>e 

r \ r 



■ n"• • I . ? I ...: > J f .in d? r o diiff Im» ««{ c I 

PE V ' Jli ..H E*J®iuaHn9^Gf OTtt 

- iq n-’W ru nil I i ^.avr sma vjd r .vo'i ai avila 


X (I) t iu xj v . Ii v T) a&ibtir ) .OSTI .ooCI 
•• * * t\ ,8VTI .*>1 / r ■ t: A' r .to 1 ' > 

[ .1 i ) i'V flo .iui:. . 3 .! ; v ii ) fii.i .j/l 

V ( t 1 I' ( \ ;l. S' ,vt -./i .rit ,i)8TI ->4Q it Jgsd 

, > •'r .!♦ f <;<ihoq;. » i v (\\ ’KJ) c . (£) 

<>1 Wilt J> '»f!l oh *U; ; 14 ’ .JJi'A 0 .TT'a!' 

•i J oi oJ n Hoijiv. 

,^r<r h til ii l oJ v*Vji ^am tanA v toioq 

i ' t :■■/ - 

. I 1 ,rrirdxij(j . r&Ti .vur' i .in ;i .j “I .dd*l 

.» bc i .Yaoi.if. 1j t ri til t**iJ dnt > iw ntt i m .dO d-*.! i) ',iff f 

!£ j ;i »ia p.biooM d/iuib *»rfj h e tftIpityK d:.r:nq gt n>* u had 



182, vide ante.) We have seen the deeds in which Samuel ap¬ 
pears with his father in 1755 and 1726, as of Duxbury, and in 
1731 and 1733, of Lebanon. As Samuel Jr., he was ad. Com¬ 
munion 2d Ch. Lebanon, 3 Oct. 1731; served as town official, 
30 Dec. 1734, and member of a committee, in 1735. Of his 
early Lebanon Deeds, 1731-1767, see 379; 7: 6, 116, 317; 8: 618 
(, 2), 640; 9: 52; 10: 39; also Colchester Deeds, 4: 340; in 17C6, 
he conveyed to his son. Consider, and in 1767, passed deeds with 
son, Darius. lie made his will, 15 May 1767, as of Lebanon, 
proved 1 Mar. 1795. ( Windham Dist., Probate, 1890.) Chil¬ 

dren (Hills), 1st two b. Duxbury, rest. b. Lebanon, (1) Joseph *, 
b. 31 July 1753, bapt. 55 Aug. 1753, Marshfield, ad. to 5d Ch., 
Lebanon, 58 May 1738, d. 5 Mar. 1815, aged 91, Columbia, 
Conn., and bur. there as Capt., where his 1st wife, Huldah, d. 
11 Sept. 1786, aged 58, and bur. there ( Register 60: 371, incorrect 
therefore); (5) Hannah, b. 7 June 1755, bapt. 27 June 1725, 
Marshfield; (3) Phebe, b. 10 Dec. 1726, d. 28 Dec. 1726; (4) 
Eliab, b. 9 Mar. 1758, bapt. 21 Apr. 1728, 1st Ch.; (5) Samuel, 
b. 28 July 1759, m. Sarah Little and Thankful Rowley; (6) 
Leonard, b. 4 June 1731, bapt. 13 June 1731, 5d Ch.; (7) Abner, 
b. 19 Jan. 1733, bapt. 21 Jan. 1733, 2d Ch.; (8) Elijah, b. 6 July 
1736, bapt. 11 July 1739; 2d Ch.; (9) Darius , b. 28 Aug. 1739, 
bapt. 1 Sept. 1739, 2d Ch., ad. full Communion said Ch., 16 
Sept. 1758; (10) Consider, b. 7 Sept. 1741, bapt. 13 Sept. 1741, 
2d Ch. 

iv. Richard, b. 3 Feb. 1702-03, bapt. March 1709, Marshfield, d. 
between 15 Apr. 1773 and 5 Mar. 1779, intest., Pembroke, Mass., 
when son Thomas appointed admr. his estate. ( Plymouth Pro¬ 
bate, 10095.) He m. 20 Feb. 1728-29, Hanover *, Mass., bride 
and groom of same, Jemima Ramsdell, b. 28 July 1710, Pem¬ 
broke, bapt. 14 May 1715, Scituate 2d Ch., dau. of Thomas and 

Sarah (-) Ramsdell, who were m. in Duxbury ( Scituate 

V.R.). Evidently Richard did not accompany the family to Leb¬ 
anon for there is no record of him there; he was of “Handover,” 
24 May 1754, when he receipted for his share of his father’s estate 
(vide ante), and was given in the will a book of Calvin’s and a 
piece of gold, having received the rest of his portion; he receipted 
for this book and the value of the gold, but did not receive either 
of his father’s Bibles; he and his descendants dropped the final 
“s.” Between 20 June 1754 and 23 Mav 1764, Richard went to 
Pembroke.! There is no estate for the widow who was alive 
as late as March 1782. By trade, Richard was a housewright. 
Children (Hills), b. Hanover, (1) Richard 3 , b. 1 Sept. 1729, d. 
by 2 May 1757, Pembroke, intest. ( Plymouth Probate, 10094)', 

* In 1727, part of Scituate was included in the new town of Hanover; for a further 
study of Richard’s descendants see Pembroke, Halifax, Hanover and Hanson V. R. 

t The land transfers of both Richard Sr., and Richard Jr., appear in Plymouth Deeds, 
32: 21; 44:11; 55:151; 49:148; 53:7; 57:125; 61:42, 43:127; 77:123; 58:81; 86:89. The 
research in probate and deeds in Plymouth was accomplished by F. R. Sears, LL.B., 
and his careful report is on file at the X. E. H. G. Society. 


I m .in v i m oii a Wabi »} f 7 

’ - t/{ j, n * Yo - / •»;1 : n *: ! t mid Yo fcros t on A <mdl io; 70m; 

1 . \ > « Hi ft = ■ »>'• «’ ' ' ' 

,] r i IO *-> 1 h- -IW- " -d A ° -! ‘ ' 

- it,* V . tJ JII.I .Wo* »dHo >di 7 » :IotH: it ml 

J, a i- . -a >» ■■ » b-orl- K .■>!' ') v.« -**W *“*« “ •*' ?* 

.b >*TI I I .d * V rvV iV. (0 ,invr H d d<» H) 7 'id > 

, „ .0 t! . / i. it si r no i h<xj 1 b' i*> *J bm» 



m. by 13 Apr. 1754, Hannah -, who as wife of Richard 

Hill Jr., and with Nathaniel, their son, was bapt. 13 Oct. 1754, 
Hanover; Jemima, bapt. 3 July 1757, Pembroke, dau. of widow 
Hill, was another child, and was living there, unm. 8 Jan. 1787, 
and m. there, 14 Jan. 1787, Benjamin Bowker, for will of latter, 
in 1797, see Plymouth Prohate , Hannah, widow of Richard, 

was living as late as 19 Apr. 1799; (2) Thomas, b. about 1733, 
admin, his father’s estate in 1779, living 22 Mar. 1782, Pembroke; 

m. Mary -; (3) Leonard, b. July 1739, bapt. July 1739, 

living 23 May 1764; m. Jerusha-, who d. 30 June 1769, 

Hanover; had Jerusha and Richard, both bapt. there, 5 Aug. 
1770; (4) Lettice *, bapt. 2 June 1745; (5) Samuel, bapt. 26 June 
1749, prob. living, a yeoman, 11 Mar. 1782, Pembroke; (6) 
Joseph, bapt. 12 Apr. 1752. There may have been other chil¬ 
dren but no others have been revealed. Apparently Richard 
Jr., had but two children, Nathaniel and Jemima. It would be 
of interest to work out the descendants, now ‘‘Hill” of this 
Richard 2 Hills. I am grateful to F. W. Wead Esq., for his 
assistance in some of the material about Richard, 
v. Ebenezer, b. 6 Dec. 1705, bapt. March 1709, Marshfield, living 
9 Nov. 1753, Lebanon; m. 28 Oct. 1737, 1st Ch., New London, 
Conn., Margaret Ingraham, of Lebanon. They were ad. 
Communion 2d Ch., Lebanon, 6 Aug. 1738. He has no deeds 
recorded in New London or Lebanon. Possible children (Hills), 
bapt. 2d Ch. Lebanon, (1) Margaret 3 , bapt. 27 Jan. 1740, at 
her father's house; (2) ? Anne, bapt. 10 Feb. 1740, at her house; 
(3) Philip, bapt. 15 May 1743; (4) Ebenezer, bapt. 9 Aug. 1747; 
but see brother, Philip, for last three; (5) Rebecca, bapt. July 
1749; (6) Abijah, bapt. 8 Sept. 1751; (7) Ephraim, bapt. 21 Jan. 
1753; certainly (8) Submit, bapt. 8 July 1753, dau. Ebenezer 
[not at New London as cited in 1906 Hills Fam.}. Undoubtedly 
further research would settle the names of Ebenezer’s children 
and those of his elder brother, Philip’s. 

2. vi. EPHRAIM, b. 13 Dec. 1707, bapt. March 1709, Marshfield; m. 
Hannah Bentley and Lydia-. 

vii. Joseph, a twin, b. 25 Aug. 1710, d. July 1711, Duxburv. 

viii. Lydia, b. 25 Aug. 1710, bapt. 15 July 1711, Marshfield, d. post 

1748; m. 1 May 1735, Lebanon, Phineas Foster, bapt. 25 July 
1703, Topsfield, Mass., son of Daniel and Katherine (Freese) 
Foster. Her account in the 1906 Hills Fam., evidentlv was 
copied, sans checking, from Pierce's 1899 Foster Gen., p. 15 J, 
which is not correct. As Lydia Foster, she was ad. to Lebanon 
2d Ch., 4 Apr. 1736, with her brother, Ephraim and the latter’s 
wife. Children (Foster), eldest b. Lebanon, rest b. Sharon, 
Conn., (1) Phebe, b. 5 Apr. 1736; (2) Sarah, b. 19 Nov. 1738; 
(3) Daniel, b. 2 Feb. 1742, d. 10 Aug. 1751, Sharon; (4) Phineas, 
b. 15 Aug. 1745, d. 17 Feb. 1745-46, Sharon. The Foster Gen. 

This name may be a clue to the identity of the mother of Jemima (Ramsdell) Hills, 
io it has been suggested that Sarah was born an A1 verson. 

A r A .m '1 v;;!£ O'' sor/il 
r .1 > i 

jf .. • !• b B I Si .* o o'/J i : I b-'.ri rl. 


n {y>l •. Iii loi ain h iJ :o •»«;* m: t>->H/sJeiaaa 


* \ M. ,1 ;->tn .{j :< ii ioV .qiliHH . 'liJoid skm -tirrf 

.(. A «&\\ cKitll ni «*» m ttwv' vr / jjs jo. ’ 

,fj y ! k . '*ui. " odi ‘jhife bluer* shTaaag* lauiiu' 

/nm!/ di ,f I ,0i I sJ. V. .v Au vl h ,H<f3aoi» j v 

b . u ;/ .iit: villi el J ?:■< .0175 . f A " .d .amiyJ .iii7 

v.:»i J< ! » 04 jiofluKl vr. .» ,8iT( 

. /!• b;» , a \ iVA\ 0001 mIj tr Jim. m *' .* if?o4 

, i % > n \ 0 (if,l s’r.n*»i‘ |r ait n ;>!>*.• >* ..*«« «L 400 

• c .1 . •; ; iV" ■ * nil ftA ■• •')* n« -to 

(•I'l.-i/l) nv » .obw 

, o i (i-i ;r > w- i J< 71 .t|«A <4 .} ' 5 I .<14 $ .<! .M (*) 

ilioui • b V> -i ■' Oi u. J ' L ; Li il'. j. f.U'T 

.r i 7 n:«. m«*l -... 7 d.-.ij.- ij.d. urxi --fill J Oilibk 



adds a Phineas, b. 15 Aug. 1737, of whom I find no record, and 
calls Daniel, “David,” etc. 

2. EPHRAIM 2 HILLS ( Samuel x ), born in Duxbury, Mass., 13 
Dec. 1707, baptised in Marshfield, Mass., with four siblings, in 
March 1709, died in Colchester, Conn., 29 July 1778, aged seventy, 
testate. He married, first, in Lebanon, Conn., Second Church, 19 
Feb. 1735 *, Hannah Bentley, baptised there in the First Church, 
1717-1718, died there, from childbirth, 27 Nov. 1736, daughter 
of William and Mary (Eliot) Bentley.f He married, secondly, 

about 1737-1738, Lydia -, born probably about 1710-1720, 

living, his widow, in Colchester, 12 July 1779, her identity not solved. 

A most careful search was made in regard to Lydia, the second 
■wife, through whom this lineage descends. Thus far the results have 
been negative. A manuscript of some dozen pages about this Lydia 
has been compiled.! It contains notes on the Nobles-Williams family 
of New London, Conn., as Ephraim named his third child, Nobles, 
and it is suggested that Lydia was, in some way, related to John 
Nobles; also, Ephraim's brother was, in 1737, of New London. There 
are also data about Elizabeth (Noble) Church of Colchester, and 
Lebanon families in which, early, the name of Lebbeus appears. One 
major investigation was the examination of the deed indexes of all 
the towns, extant 1770, east of the Connecticut R.iver, plus eight 
towns west of the river; these towns are listed. All sorts of possi¬ 
bilities have been entertained and pursued, and the name of Hosford 
considered, inasmuch as the Record , 36: 56-57 , in an account of Lydia 
(Hills) Young, vide post , states: 

“She was of Marlboro’, Conn. Her mother is said to have been a Hos¬ 
ford, but I cannot find her father’s nane. She had a brother Ephraim Hills, 
and a sister Mary who m. Oliver Phelps.” 

Now w^e know that this Lydia (Hills) Young was a daughter of 
Lebbeus and Hannah (Brown) Hills, so the question arises was she 
named for her grandmother, Lydia (Hosford) Hills? The 1936 
Horsford-Hosford Genealogy does not place her nor do any of the Lydias 
therein fit the picture. However, this little book is not carefully done. 
There were in fact Hosfords in the Lebanon-Colchester area but a 
study of extant records has proved negative. I shall never cease my 
interest in this Lydia, second wife of Ephraim Hills, and the mother 
of all his children but the eldest. 

One thing is apparent, as Lydia (-) Hills did not join the 

Lebanon Second, or Goshen, Church, after her marriage to Ephraim, 

* For a photo copy of this first marriage see my Hills Notes, 

t Vide my Bentley Notes, at N. E. H. G. Society. 

t Vide my Hills Notes. 


, ri O .ar <] * a V* iu , adl .’ih/i) -r viii / m <■ nMmj VnoiusdoJ 

.1) fr?il en; ftniroj » ;i V : \o i*ovr two) 

‘\*qk»! 1 -’WHO .in <m1w A bo* 

ill I IVH kc* i) Aft^i /lodjOCfli lii^g loll ll/i IhMI1££I 

*1 .In'if! t .1 > } Ion wii v' o' ■ > w > *to' ; '\ Vn< • ■ ■ '• 

b • n;. • ion Jt d / Mil ifij .rr/owo I .ourJoiq odj Jii aimdJ 

a J -I j nii isl - uhlo’ >-itoms - 1 I Lf rd abioteoli Jnid ni mw mdT 
t, , . j '• r/on r rfi t .ovi j. ion l nvo*rq *ad nc > n iflfljxo to v.buie 

odl bnt> ,<dlilt inundqtf * > i v bno-oa feidJ ni Jewlai 

J *nb odi Mid noibbifo aid Ub to 
) i VfcJ an .inir. ;q j; ai ^nirfj onO 
3 u 1 '^isimn! iwl i * » < £b^i«tO ,a»daoO <bao9e^ iMMiadAl 

.< i.W \ . !•> n ' f • *o y.p© oJodq a iv'l * 

.t>’l»'A v'> \\ ^ a? VI / 



it would seem that she was already a baptised member of the same. 
We must bear in mind that our particular Lydia could have been a 
young widow when she married Ephraim Hills, and that as her last 
child, by Hills, was born in 1752, she could not have been born before 
1700; I have placed her birth as between 1710 and 1730. Original 
records always give the final “s” to the name of Lydia’s third son. 
Nobles Hills, which is a very important factor. And now to return 
to her husband, Ephraim Hills. 

At the age of nineteen, Ephraim accompanied his parents to Leba¬ 
non, where he acquired his first wife, when aged twenty-eight, in 1736. 
We have already noted the interesting bargain between Ephraim and 
his father, Samuel, enacted 32 Feb. 1734-35, when the latter was 
about to embark on his second marriage, and before the former’s 
initial step in matrimony. Ephraim and Samuel were living together 
in the same homestead, and continued to do so. Then we have a 
long conveyance, by Ephraim, to his father, with provisions for life 
care and maintenance, as was often the custom in that era, drawn 
29 Aug. 1740, vide ante , Lebanon Deeds , 5: 129; 6:157. 

In the interim, Ephraim and his first wife, Hannah, were admitted 
to full Communion with the Second Church of Lebanon, the so-called 
Goshen Parish, 4 Apr. 1736, his sister, Lydia (Hills) Foster, joining 
the same day; 7 Nov. 1736, Ephraim’s eldest, daughter Hannah, was 
baptised therein, his wife dying the following 27th of that month.* 
As his first born, son Lebbeus, by the second wife, Lydia, “saw the 
light of day,” 3 Oct. 1739, to be baptised in the same church, as 
“Lybius,” 7 Oct. 1739, it is apparent that Ephraim married his wife, 
Lydia, by 1738. 

11 Sept. 1740, “Ephraim Hill” appears in the Freemen’s List of 
Lebanon; a careful search of the original Lebanon Town Meeting 
Records (1698-1802), from 1725 to past 1760, showed only one other 
item for an Ephraim, this was an undated ear mark, page 150 , and 
written-in; it may apply to our Ephraim, to his nephew, or to his son! 

“Ephraim Hill his mark for his Creaturs is a peice Cutt Slopeing off of the 
underside of the Left Ear 4 a Square Crop in the lop of the Right ear.” 

Samuel Hills, Ephraim’s father, drew his will, 6 Sept. 1748, proved 
22 Oct. 1753, given in full and verbatim in Samuel’s account. In this 
document, the agreement with son Ephraim is mentioned and he was 
to pay the funeral charges, as he inherited the real property, also 
Ephraim was given the wearing apparel, his father’s Cane and riding 
mare or horse, etc. We also have presented, in full and verbatim , 
Ephraim Hills’ receipt, dated at Lebanon, 9 Nov. 1753, for a gun and 
cane received from the executor of the will, Amos Thomas. 

* This church and parish was situated in the s.w. part of Lebanon, near the Colchester 

«Li to itjtlfn-Hn h-^iJqad a r.v/ 9d« ti:ii moot bluow ii 

j- i t>H sa iadj bna r 4ifH inimrtqM fomara Jib nf»d/* wohiw ^nuoy 

. ! v - .ft r».i, , 

i 1 • [ .Lai td v*d oJ 

j<i“ b h qx> od wjr'fr .non 


tfdJfnivil n 97 ? hu (nv L-fiB ear k“4c[ 3 .vnGndtima rti q^lR IisiJiai 


• •■?•■': '■•'■:■ •- •• I 


u y -ri nog .m< if.n I ?t ; t k 

. t v f. yd ,aibyJ 

► ( ; a* -n i odJ ni assaqqa “HiH mindcf^/ OA' f Jqo 8 IX 

BbW rilii r I!T(jH.i q l Ilii lol flieJf 

! 1; 1 oi io .v/vdqoa aid oi ,i dftidqll mo oJ A qqa yon i ;ni-fi£>WtYW 

(j : > o pii qo B JJifO • - q £ fti % thyn .) gfd loi diara art! Hill miaidqllA 
ii i! *i 1 qf Ii ui ryvi ; a 1 u JV> fnU io sbip.iobau 

; .i< 7 ) , ; gi vr-' h e i9dird Ami ndq3 ,ydill lournuH 

J JOOOi r <:,% oi •- HvAbaa i! j] ni nsvijj dioTI .joO *$* 

.7/ >d 'ii r. . * gi mia3itqi l no. W 1/ odJ dn-jniuoob 


v. >h l.a ?. todA' id ,)*yiBqqu i- I r >vi • *ar ran idq 3 

, v rt i c • Jo .,i nq wad u- ■ 0 ’// . 9 J 9 t 9 eioiJ io yiain 

b • t o y lot ,8t?f .vo . \i s fioaod».l Is fc dri> ,J<gta&*rt ^Uifl raiaidq^ 
.fennoi 4 A ,lftw >di \o *iaJimz*> atij men! bsvixm ^nao 

■ !o r ,j . loHt»q h*% *jniJ oi bm*u1b t ,q baaii>iui7j • ■ T • 




Thus Ephraim succeeded to the home farm in Lebanon. He was 
not a land speculator and only appears once more there in the deeds, 
some twenty } r ears later, after his last mention therein in 1740, when 
he sold out the farm and moved across the town line to Colchester. 
Here he bought in the western part, within Marlborough parish, which 
was set off as a separate township, being taken from Colchester, 
Glastonbury and Hebron, in October 1803, years after Ephraim’s 
death. In Colchester he only appears twice in the deeds: his 1760 
purchase and a 1773 sale to his eldest son, Lebbeus: 

27 Feb. 1700, warranty deed, Joseph Peters of Colchester, for £350, “Re¬ 
ceived ... of Ephraim Hills of Lebanon . . . confirm . . . Two Sertain 
Tracts of Land ... in Colchester in the parrish of New marlborough one 
peice containing 38: Acres Laid out on the Right of Noah Coleman deceas d 
. . . the other piece Containing 59 acres,” laid out to right of Noah Fuller 
deed.; ack. same day at Hebron, Conn., reed. 29 Feb. 1760; wit: Samuel 
Gillet Jr., and Jonathan Peters. ( Colchester, Conn., Deeds, 7: 426.) 

28 Feb. 17C0, Ephraim Hills, of Lebanon, sold Amos Thomas, of same, for 
£355, land with a dwelling house thereon, in said town, being the farm on 
which I now live, in the parish of Goshen, and contains seventy-two acres 
and one hundred thirty-seven rods of land, an estate by inheritance, etc.; 
ack. and reed, same day; wit: William Metcalf and Abigail Metcalf Jr. 
(Lebanon Deeds, 9: 435.) 

5 May 1773, “I Lebbeus Hills of Colchester, in the County of Hartford 
and Colony of Connecticut! in New England for . . . Twenty Pounds . . 
rec d to My full Satisfaction of My Hon d Father Ephraim Hills of Colchester 
. . . confirm unto the s d Ephraim Hills one . . . Piece of Land ... in 
Colchester in the Parish of Marlborough Containing about four acres,” signed 
by “Lebbeus Hills,” ack. same day and recd. 7 May 1773; wit: Epaphras 
Lord, J.P., and Dorothy Lord. (Colchester Deeds, 9: 65.) 

Marlborough Society, or parish, had been established in May 1747, 
as Marlborough Society in Hebron, Colchester and Glastonbury, by 
division of Hebron Society, the Colchester First and Third Societies 
and Glastonbury Second Society. When the town of Marlborough 
was formed in 1803, as noted, it had the same bounds as this Marl¬ 
borough Society. Unfortunately the records of this church, or parish, 
are incomplete, but have been covered as far as various “copies” are 
concerned.* There is no mention of Ephraim and his wife, Lydia, 
therein, or in the other Colchester churches. 

The Colchester Tovm Meeting Records were examined for the period, 
1760 to past 1804, with a negative result for any mention of Ephraim. 
The records of the Justices Court , 1767-1790 , at the Conn. State 
Library, were also scanned, 1767-1780, but the only mention of an 
Ephraim, w'as in 1772, wdth the residence of Lebanon, so not our 

* For further data see the account of Lebbeus Hills, vide post. 

t These Colchester Reeds. Justices Courts were read by Mrs. Townsend. 

HOA.T/J.I gJ.GP os 

vino bni i. ^ bn I ft 4 on 



. .. .^.usuVvV; 

t .od ;Q ,. c r.vl 

, ' f: <- ; i • I 1 lilt < i- ; i > ,v, ■ & ‘ •• * -1^ 


•- J bn ft ii iftf c t/bfo' ,v?‘>ioo< n, V > i >iaivtb 

-i , : I a abnuoC om *vri;t bud ji t boJotfe8 ,S08! fli b > na\ gntf 

ii )iqc »* joiiu/ <*; «a >‘jv zoo trjtid o/>.ul J;?d t >!qrnooni 9ii 
.1 ivvl i? •- 1 n« fffii.iibki to nVrtn > * on -si -mr ’.bxnwooa 

>>(!■ cji.-j •? &■ " > ) lOillo nit ni io .nr nb 

'[■{ d 1 nit . :•*> yjjw fcbuvv A \ w\ ~A< «*'WV rMykAd' <il 
: u! . nob - ,r;\ vr lot * dtrv/ ,4-UHf t nq oJ 087^ 

• ;>3 .nm/l ' t rr t efc7$-7«V7\ Mm'S v.v>W*vt\* •»»{} u a !myjtn »IT 
>4* j : it . i rjno ori.1 JirT «0<5Ti TO".' , bon run* * »? a >!•»*». ,vi*>Tdi.i 
iu r ion o ,n n/v.bxl to yonabie^t M ibivr ,StTW hi *»ivr l 

f.rr findqri 

.bu-onv/oT bi*^ : -r \V\ntO t$ViV>.u\» .*Wm\ ^ »- td'l r 



There is no record of any military services for Ephraim in either 
Massachusetts or Connecticut. And a search for the records of his 
death, and that of his widow Lydia’s, in town, church and the Hale 
Collection of Epitaphs (Conn. State Library), proved negative. Did 
Lydia remarry? Possible but not probable. 

Ephraim died during the third year of the Revolutionary War, 
whicli perhaps explains the lack of any gravestone for him. He fol¬ 
lowed his father in dying testate. 

There are three original documents in the estate of Ephraim Hills, 
the will, inventory and distribution of the widow’s dower. All are 
recorded in the Colchester District Probate, at Colchester {]+: 375 , 
376 , 67), in addition to which there is an acceptance of the trust, by 
the executor, !+: 37 4, see below, of which there is no extant original 

“In the Name of Gcd Amen I Ephraim hills of Colchester being in a weak 
and Low State of health Yet of a Sound and disposing mind and memory 
God be Praised therefore and having a mind to Settle this my outward Estate 
as God in his Providence hath betrusted me with all do firstly and Princiably 
Commit my Soul to God who gave it hoping for the free Pardon of all my 
Sins only through the merritts and Rictionness [righteousness] of Jesus Christ 
my body I Commit to the dust to be desentlv buried at the descretion of ray 
Executors herein after mentioned hoping to Receive it again att the Resurec- 
tion of the Just 

Item I Give unto my beloved wife Lvdia one third Part of my moveable 

V 1/ 

Estate for Ever and the other two Thirds during her widowhood and at her 
death or marriage the two thirds to be delivered to Lydia and faith in Equal 

Item I Give unto my wife the Improvement of one half of my Real Estate 
during her widdowhood and also the East End of the dwelling house with a 
Privilidge in the Seller and barn 

Item I Give unto my Son Labeus Hills the one half of the house and Lands 
for Ever and at his Mothers death or marriage the other half of my farm 
houses and appurtinances To him S d Labius for Ever 

Item I Give unto my Daughter Hannah Stuart twenty Shillings money 
to be Paid by my Son Labeus after the house and farm becomes his 

Item I Give unto my Son Ephraim hills twenty Shillings money to be 
paid by Labeus after the house and barn becomes his 

Item I Give unto the heirs of my Son Noble hills deseas d twenty Shillings 
money To Be Paid by Labeus after the house and farm becomes his 

Item I Give unto my two Daughters Lydia Dean and faith Root Six Pence 
money Each in addition to what I have above Given them after their mothers 

Item my will further is and I do here appoint and Constitute Cap 1 David 
miller and my Son Labeus to be Excutors of this my Last will and testament 
hereby Revoaking and makeing null and void all other and former wills by 
me done or made 

Item my will further is that my Just debts and funeral Charges be first 
Paid out of the moveables before a division thereof be made 


v vi . . 


« ot varujn sauilitil'? r 1 idwi *liii n.i 

%id %*Mtioo'>d in: i i i v'lioi > it giivdij *£ci bi&q 

/jiJ ovodfi /i>n I f ot a< i >u ri:>fl3L ^iwia 


1 IB nioqq.i. -V cl I - > r{ ■ /'* M*n» ym •. M 

it • i luyi-iiU aui- * • >1 ;<i r.jjil >/<*xa ai»l Jo iiio bis 4 ! 



Item I Give unto my Grandson Ephraim hills my Cain 

Item my Will further is that allthough I have above-willed all my move¬ 
ables yet my will is that my waring apparrell be Given and belong to my Son 

In testimony of what is above written on this Paper I have hereunto Set 
my hand and Seall this 15 th day of March A:[D] 1778 
Signed Sealed Published and Ephraim Hills 

declared to be Last will and 
testament of Ephraim hills 
in Presence of 

David Blish Jr 

Elijah Bemiss 

Lucy Blish.” 

David Blish and Elijah Bemiss attested, 3 Aug. 1778, as did Lucy Blish, 19 
Sept. 1778, all before Epaphras Lord, J.P. (Colchester Dust. Probate, 1622 , 
C. S. L .) 

Evidently, David Miller, a close neighbor of the testator’s, declined, or 
was unable, to serve as co-executor, for, 6 Oct. 1778, the Court appointed 
“Labous Hill,” as sole executor of the estate of “Ephraim Hill,” late of Col¬ 
chester, deceased, and the said executor exhibited the will, the inventory was 
also ordered accepted and to be recorded. (Colchester Dist. Probate, 4- 274..)* 

W e note that the inventory, dated 2 Oct. 1778, of the estate of “M r Ephraim 
Hills of Colchester Latly Deceased,” is lengthy and detailed, the valuations 
therein being the depreciated currency of the war years. It lists his wearing 
apparel, including a beaver hat, blue coat, great coat, his “Cane,” etc.; his 
real estate comes next, with just the house, land and barn itemized; then 
considerable household linen, various household effects, twx> large pewter 
platters and other pewter, earthen ware and glass, a sidesaddle, two snuff 
bottles, candlesticks, two looking glasses, a powdering tub, “Old Books,” 
some black steers, an ox, a bull, a cow, pide cow, red cow, two calves, eight 
sheep and three hives of bees.f 

Elijah Kellogg and Elihu Marvin were appointed by the Court of Probate, 
for the District of East Haddam, to distibute the widow’s thirds, “in the 
Estate of M r Ephraim Hills late of Colchester Dec d ,” according to his last 
will. She was to have the use and improvement of land adjacent to the 
dwelling house, about thirty-five acres, bounded by Ebenezer Strong, Eleazer 
Carter and “South by Land Given to M r Lebbeus Hills by said Dec d ,” and 
to have the west part of the barn and east half of the house, with liberty for 
the heirs to pass to the cellar and well in and out of the kitchen “Dore.” She 
was also given two small lots of land near the highway, bounded by Samuel 
Kellogg, Capt. David Miller and Mr. Elisha Lord. Dated 12 July 1779 and 
recorded 1779. (Colchester Dist. Probate, 1622 , C. S. L .%) 

Children bom in Lebanon, Conn., baptised there in Second, or 
Goshen Church §: 

* Original not on file. 

t Names of the appraisers difficult to decipher as paper is creased. 

t Photo copies of the three original documents are included in my Hills Notes. 

§ As Ephraim went to Marlboro Parish of Colchester, Conn., in 1760, presumably 
his younger daughters were married there. 

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brift 1< *t ‘<ukl 96 oJ byialoab 
50 '0119*19*3 as 
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d .■ i jJ; 1 . •-! ’ fu > Jj q Jww 01 *vad oi 

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. 1 ‘ 1 ‘ ht ,nu ‘X fid 



By Hannah Bentley, 

i. Hannah 3 , b. 6 Nov. 1736, bapt. 7 Nov. 1736, living 1778; m. (1), 
27 Aug. 1755, Lebanon 2d Cli., as Hannah Hills 3d., James 

Barxaby. She m. (2), by 15 Mar. 1778, - Stuart, or 

Stewart. Further research needed. 

By Lydia-, 

3. ii. LEBI3EUS, eldest son, b. 3 Oct. 1739, bapt. 7 Oct. 1739, as “Ly- 
bius”; m. Hannah Brown 

iii. Ephraim Jr., b. 21 Feb. 1741-42, bapt. 28 Feb. 1741-42, living 

1778, d. by 1 Mar. 1809, aged 67, as “Hill,” according to Hart¬ 
ford, Conn., newspapers. He was of Lebanon in 1772, when he 
owed Jabin Strong, of Hebron, Conn., 16s. 06d., who recovered. 
(Colchester Reeds. Justices Ct.) 6 Apr. 1767, Hinchman Bennet 
and Asael Clark, both of Lebanon, for £18, sold Ephraim Hills 
Jr., of Colchester, two and a quarter acres with a house thereon 
in the N. parish of Lebanon; ack. and reed. 1767; wit: Wm. 
Buckingham and Simon Clark; 30 Mar. 1772, for identical sum, 
Ephraim Hills, of Lebanon, sold said property to Eliphalet Gillet: 
ack. and reed. 1772; wit: James Penneo Jr., and John Joy. 
(Lebanon Deeds , 11: 152 , 406.) Probably the Ephraim Hills 
who served in the 12th Regt., under Hosford, from Lebanon, in 
1776. {Conn. Hist. Soc. Coll., 8: 163; 1889 Conn. Mil. Reeds., 
1+50, 624-) The name of his wife is unknown to me. Child 
(Hills), Ejphraim *, b. ante 15 Mar. 1778, left a cane in his grand¬ 
father’s will. Perhaps other children. 16 Feb. 1809, Ezekiel 
Skinner was appointed admr. estate of Ephraim Hills, late of 
Lebanon, deed.; debts were listed by the Commission of In¬ 
solvency, 17 Mar. 1809, including names of Simon, Mercy and 
William-C. Hills. {Windham Dist., Prohate, 1884-) 

iv. Nobles, b. 14 Oct. 1747, bapt. 25 Oct. 1747, d. by 15 Mar. 1778, 

perhaps in service, left issue. As “Nobels Hills,” he served from 
Colchester, see mention of photo copy of original roll in his 
brother, Lebbeus’ account. A gun, blanket and cartridge box 
were delivered to him, as a member of Capt. Abijah Rowley's 
co., of Hebron, Continental Army, July 1776, see Selectmen's 
Accts. of Hebron, Rev. War Archives, 6: 320: 117A (C. S. L.) 

He prob. m. about 1770, Sarah -, who, a widow, was 

named as her son’s guardian, 1786, at which time her son, 
“Richard Hill” of Hebron, xvas aged 15. {Colchester Dist., 
Probate, 1625.) Children (Hills), at least, (1) Richard**, b. 
1772, d. 4 Feb. 1831, test., Glastonbury, member of Marlboro 
Ch., 21 Feb. 1797; m. (1), Mary-; m. (2), Avis-B. Cook; 

* See unplaced Richard Hills, 1906 77 ills Fam., vp. 605-606. Richard made his will, 
3 June 1830, reed. 4 Feb. 1831, to wife Avis-B., son Ozias and he to be ex., daus.: Rachel 
Loveland and Polly Covel; wit: Sabin Stocking, Buddy Hollister, John-H. Hollister. 
Avis decided to take her thirds, 17 Aug. 1831. {Hartford Dist. Probate , — [not num¬ 
bered]). In 1800, Richard was of Colchester and in 1810 of Glastonbury; in Marlboro 
deeds, 1805; in Chatham deeds, as of Colchester, 1802; was his wife a Buel? 

aoAgmi sum 

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-id lo iU;i. unr« > 9; f vJ tw: if Wtf 8}<J',*b ;.b3ob f noflBd kJ 

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^ aV >) .f f b tv ; «jt/ / ,noi0’j £ £o lii£I Ln«. ! »)>!“ 

;\ (1) |43 not hf if 10 (.i &i ^W.-vt 4 '! 

1 . ’ v - I ,/f y0<*.l J V» . :« ftd.tiuO 0 ;r.;»r ,«lxK>b 



had bapt. said Ch., (a) Noble, bapt. June 1792, d. 2 Oct. 1810, 
aged 19, apprentice to Samuel Bull ( Rocky Hill Ch ., 1: 9S)\ 
(b) Polly, bapt. Nov. 1794; (c) Rachel, b. 17 Sept. 1796, bapt. 
Oct. 1796, d. 7 Aug. 1874; ( d ) Ozias, b. 21 May 1799, bapt. 1799, 
d. 6 Feb. 1888; perhaps (2) Gains , b. about 1774, d. by 10 Apr. 

1817, Bristol, Conn., m. Mary-, had (a) Justin, b. 3 Sept. 

1801; (b) Noble, b. 9 Nov. 1803; as see guardianship reeds., in 
1817. (Farmington Dint., Probate, 1445.) 

v. Lydia, b. 13 Oct. 1750, bapt. 14 Oct. 1750, alive 1778; m. by 15 

Mar. 1778,- Dean. Needs further research. 

vi. Faith, b. 12 Jan. 1752, bapt. 21 Jan. 1753 (N. S.), d. 2 Aug. 1825, 

aged 74, Marlboro; m. about 1775, Capt. Jonah Root, b. 3 Mar. 
1744, Hebron, d. 20 Dec. 1831, aged 88, test., Marlboro, son of 
Nathaniel and Mary (Tarbox) Root. Both are bur. in the Old 
Cem. at Marlboro. The 1906 Hills Fam., #199, p. 37, merely 
copies data from the 1870 Root Gen., #478, p. 123. No special 
research was made re Faith, but what was gained is added here. 
Children (Root), not in order of birth, b. Marlboro Parish of 
Colchester, (1) Abijah; m. Charity Jones; (2) Elijah (Dr.), b. 
1786, d. 18 Oct. 1827, aged 41, left heirs, (3) Elisha, b. 4 Nov. 
1788, d. 22 July 1868, (4) Joel; m. Charlotte Acorn, (5) Jonah , 
d. 1 Sept. 1827, left heirs; (6) Howell, or Hoel, b. 1792, d. 27 Dec. 
1859, aged 67, bur. Old Cem.; m. (1), Jerusha Phelps, who d. 18 
Mar. 1849, aged 48; he m. (2), Prudence Blish, who d. 1 Dec. 

1882, aged 84, both bur. same; (7) Faith; m. - [Herrick?], 

left heirs; (8) Lucy; m. Erastus Bigelow, left heirs; (9) Polly; 
m. Elisha Strickland, not named in father’s will; (10) Caroline, 
b. 1789, d. unm. 4 Nov. 1854, aged 65; (11) Laura, b. 1797, d. 
unm. 19 Aug. 1858, aged 61. (Note that Faith (Hills) Root’s 
nephew, our Asahel 4 Hills, also named a son Hoel Hills.) Needs 
further research. 

3. LEBBEUS 3 HILLS (Ephraim 2 , Samuel x ), bom in Lebanon, 
Conn., 3 Oct. 1739, baptised there, in the Second or Goshen Church, 
as “Lybius,” 7 Oct. 1739, eldest son and the first born of his father, 
by the latter’s second wife, living in the Marlborough Parish of Col¬ 
chester, Conn., 31 Alar. 1784, and probably died between 1792 and 
1809. He married, in the First Church of Colchester, ceremony by 
the Rev. Ephraim Little, 5 Nov. 1760 *, Hannah Brown, born there, 
28 Oct. 1738, died, a widow, in Marlborough, Conn., 21 Jan. 1828, 
aged ninety years and three months, daughter of George and Elizabeth 
(Wells) Brown, about w’hom see the Addenda. 

He was evidently named for one of the Tw*elve Apostles, “Lebbaeus, 
whose surname w'as Thaddaeus.” (St. Matthew 10: 3.) About 1760, 
his father moved from Lebanon to Colchester, where he settled in the 

* Bailey’s Conn. Marriages, 3: 103 gives incorrect name and date. For the Rev. 
Ephraim Little, Harvard, 1728, b. 1708, Marshfield, Mass., settled in Colchester 1732- 
1787, A.B., A.M., etc. see 1936 Weis’ Col Clergy. 



, lo*U] (r 1 ’.liw -!-i »iii i h*>»p..-i ;•>-« .bm iiidK .in 


T aon. dxI ni mod , &I4IH Ew3flfl3J .S 

,cio*t: . ) r ) no bf «ll ni y/t^di i»o i !• < ' L f .nno3 

/ fti.i . i wx. jr • j i nn noa if. obis fTPI Jo(> T 

-i. ) lo il-i* i 4 i t'y oiodfvM oi J 14i gam! ,*rtiw brio^se a ioJ &l vri) 

■ ■<! ... \k!..Jmr • f • Ci .ik! ’I I'i «iijioO 

»: 1 o t T>J o. bO 10 lim > J*iiM o.'t li* J>o<TW5Ui oil .0081 

t ‘j: mod ,HV/Oirfl ha/.kaH , DO'PI .voX ?. .olMul rniin ' I .voH 9iU 
i ,n«i t& ,.ifito ,« liLiuit »Ha if. ni e woi>iw a ,boib ,8r:vl JoO 38 
J. 11 ! >i ■ ) .. •> > ,ti in iuo'j * )4u;«! ■*. ^v; a n > 

.r o J OJt cnoriw jirndu ^rrwoifl (p.fbs'/f) 

t > oi dd&J “ # ^b*«>-7V ' /lev, tiii lo ono aol boman y nobi /o B«W oil 

t j ;/. (J '. .V.'* " :■ dT nrw snvu in i seocfw 

non . 0 J »o*rt tvom iiH-lii - ail! 

I ■ J ' ti ;» -.i J ri ■••• -“l ■*• ?,i • .« o ' i v ; .■; 

-$%Tt witsdolcQ at tk'J'■■■’■- ,.» / .WtafttUisW ,^’TJ .J ,A*' ,bai mAtt^l a -tndi'tA 

,\| **Y} - - ki '// 0 - 4 !f j ’ .ai * . 1 .A t . ' A ,T »f 



Marlborough Society or Parish, at which time Lebbeus had just 
attained his majority. This Society had been formed in May 1747, 
in the towns of Hebron, Colchester and Glastonbury, by division of 
Hebron Society, Colchester First and Third Societies, and Glaston¬ 
bury Second Society. Eventually, in October 1803, the new town 
of Marlborough with identical boundaries as the Society, was formed, 
from the three towns. Marlborough is thus surrounded by the 
towns of Glastonbury, North, Hebron, East, Colchester, South, and 
Chatham (since 1915 known as East Hampton), West, of which Glas¬ 
tonbury was formed 1693, Colchester 1698, Hebron 1708 and Chat¬ 
ham 1767.* 

We have noted, 5 May 1773, Lebbeus’ conveyance, as of Colchester, 
to his father, of four acres there, in the parish of Marlborough. In 
his father’s will of 15 Mar. 1778, w’hich w r as proved 3 Aug. 1778, 
“Labeus” was given one half the house and lands forever and at his 
mother’s death, or marriage, the other half forever. He was to pay 
out certain token sums to the other heirs and with Capt. David Miller 
was to act as co-executor. However, Miller did not serve so, 6 Oct. 
1778, the probate court appointed “Labous” as sole executor, and 
he w r as bonded and presented an inventory; the widow’s dower being 
set off to her, 12 July 1779. As she had some thirty-five acres in land, 
the west part of the barn and the east part of the house, we infer that 
Lebbeus had about the same quantity of land, with the east half of 
the barn and the west part of the house. 

As w*e shall see later, Lebbeus only appears as a grantor in the Col¬ 
chester Deeds , twice, after his father’s death, in 1780 and in 1784, and 
by the latter year had apparently succeeded in full to his father’s real 
property. Thus we learn that by 1784, his mother, Lydia, w*as either 
deceased or had remarried. Lebbeus’ first conveyance w~as probably 
of his wife’s property: 

29 Mar. 1762, “we Lebbeus Hills and Hannah Hills of Colchester . . . for 
. . . Twenty four pounds . . . Received ... of Elias Ransom of Colches¬ 
ter,” sold the latter a tract of twelve acres there; both sign as Hilb; ack. same 
day and reed. 4 Mar. 1763; wit: Epaphras Lord, J.P., and Theodore Lord. 
(Colchester Deeds, 7: 5J2.)f 

A survey of the unindexed original Town Records of Colchester , 1760- 
1804, reveals that “Lebbeus Hills,” was admitted a freeman there, 
20 Sept. 1763; as “Lebbeus Hills,” he was sworn a surveyor of high¬ 
ways, 3 Oct. 1764; as “Lebbeus Hills,” was chosen constable, 9 Dec. 
1765; held same office, as “Lebeus Hills,” 10 Dec. 1766; and as 
“Lebbeus Hills,” 10 Dec. 1767. He was both constable and the 

* Hall’s 1904 Marlboro Centennial gives a diagram showing the formation of the town. 

f The amount of land and the fact that it was bounded by Jonathan Avery, Timothy 

Stark and - Treadway, surely identifies it as Hannah's inheritance, from her 

father, George Brown. 

• •' 

5 -rfWik.O*.’ 'Zii&t bo'Tim! ti 'l wuduoi 


. (i fq } ; l ani i T fao 11 ji na c4 maJTOJlio 

' ' : ’ ' ' ' ' 1 ‘ 

•n K V- f : 'f o* \Us\ ni knb-j <>?& * " 1 maJJfll a ii 

.1 >n rr it if • ,b * >wb 
:yU**<V : q r y\hr liif lo 

. ; : \ n c^ia il; vi ;u. $ mirri wl ’iu isj} >j! >lo8 '/»* 

f ( v v- \7 

-0071 Wo swro Y h'jyi’jbumu adJ hi A 

, . * ,m > «i' )> b'.'j.' ii )*> WiW v.iful 8ux .kI ' djaavyi ,4‘l8f 

. 0^(1 0. .oil iJtiflOO fl'J8t>do 8£W "^11 ill J 

P h. *‘07 i .->hU 0’ ’Tallin 81' ; ‘ ft ,0‘iirt;) -ru biarf ;cOVI 


.ffwoiH ojpro * * ,v>dial 



collector of town rates, 13 Dec. 1768, again a constable, 11 Dec. 1769 
and 13 Dec. 1770, as “Lebbeus Hills.” His name thereafter appears 
in these records under the same spelling, serving as constable, 12 Dec. 
1771 and 8 Dec. 1772, as tything man, 15 Dec. 1778 and as a surveyor 
of highways, 1# Dec. 1780, this last being repeated as 15 Dec. 1780, 
after which there is no further mention of him.* (Colchester Reeds., 
Vol. I: 155, 222, 223, 225, 226, 228 (. 2), 231, 233, 236, 249, 255; Vol. 
II., 1780-1829, early pages not paginated.) 

From the above source, it is interesting to learn that, 7 Feb. 1782, 
Colchester was a small town, there being then 1675 males and 1690 

Returning to land record evidence, we find Lebbeus buying land 
in 1767 and 1768, as follows: 

29 Apr. 1767, Niles Coleman, of Colchester, for £7-15-00, sold “Lebbeus 
Hills,” of same, about four acres there in the parish of New Marlboro; wit: 
Daniel and Joel Hosford; aek. same day; reed. 14 May 1767. 21 June 1768, 

Samuel Kellogg, of same, for a like sum, conveyed to “Lebbeus Hills,” of 
same, about four acres in the parish of New Marlboro; wit: Niles Coleman 
and Ebenezer Strong; ack. same day; reed. 30 June 1768. (Colchester Deeds, 
8: 642, 332.) 

A brief survey of the records of the Justices Court for Colchester, 
1767-1790 f, reveals that: 

18 June 1770, Lebbeus Hills acted as attorney for Jonathan Hollister in 
a case of debt against Jonas Wilder; execution granted 25 July 1770. 31 Mar. 

1772, Lebbeus Hills, of Colchester, was sued by Prince Brewster as attorney 
for Hosea Foot, in the amount of £5-10-03, per note dated 30 Sept. 1771; 
execution granted 18 Apr. 1772. 30 May 1772, Lebbeus Hills, of Colchester, 

owed a small sum: £2-08-07, to Asa Graves, of same, per note dated 31 Mar. 
1772; execution granted 26 June 1772. 15 Sept. 1772, Lebbeus Hills, of 

Colchester, owed Nathaniel Harris, of same, £14-17-00-02, due per note of 
4 Sept. 1771; execution granted but date not cited. (29 Oct. 1772, Elijah 
Hills was sued for a small sum, execution granted 10 Nov. 1772.) Finally, 
insofar as these records are concerned, 21 June 17^3, Lemuel Fitch and 
Ebenezer Street owed Lebbeus Hills for £7-03-05, per note of same date [?]; 
execution granted 24 June 1773. 

In the interim and later, he again appears in the land records: 

7 Nov. 1772, Thomas Carrier, of Colchester, for £15, sold “Lebbeus Hills,” 
of same, thirteen acres and fifty rods in the parish of Marlboro; wit: Daniel 
and Dudley Hosford; ack. same day, reed, [no day] Jan. 1773. 5 May 1773,J 

Lebbeus Hills, of Colchester, conveyed said land to John Wyllys, of same, 

* As the Marlboro Town llecds., commence Oct. 1803, they have not as yet been 
covered, for Asahel left there before 1800, and presumably his father either died or left 
there soon after 1787. I may decide to examine them later. 

t At C. S. L., and covered for us by Mrs. Townsend. 

t Mention has been made of Lebbeus’ deed to his father of even date, 5 May 1773, 
tide ante. 

ao/ axu ?jmi 


r !< "f .? -Cl H /»{d<>)ciioo a ffffe^CE ,8971 „tfc>U er rwoj 1o loJtwifoo 
*i i-w I *» »*n< H iiiH *ir •<! *1" *•• OT :i .ooCl fcf bna 
'-•u n->« amu* »di t i/toMrx -3?“wb ni 

. b^UJ -q^w »:ci: d J, ,[ titj f ,OkT l ,-rjQ <t }o 

• ,\t ,A\ 

t i. !i . *Vd V JmtJ mi t> ' T iii r' 0 t 'v 77 *j<» <JV6<. B 9f{j moi'I 

! in •: - lo *\afIIH 

4 i .boot; • > «?i.. . j !'is :i T 4 J «a to-aaCI 

: 1 :ibv h iJ . wo> > ibn q •* ir; • . . *tm.> Jtoda .ynn 2 

.read onul. 0€ .boot; viu ouu* .>ba $gwn>ri is^osdS boa 


T itiV-W "a\ aoO A .')*iV u\# o. l<p nhioosi : $ti) \ > v'-yrun. lohrd A 


;v>! f ' idol 1 n : i kiob 1o s >so a 
' ar> r ii :>*•• Yi / i fu< ?.-:vr ^IliH 5>0'jdd-xl ,SC?I 

V» Jmrootr silt ni .looi soaoll lol 
•-• d a ( . 31 !>oi(T£t % ooitw'iow 

. 9 r -do . T I Jq .'. ci .$ 1 onifb '>iung a« Hrjs/j ;£TTf 

o torr t •? oid ^O-OO-Tf-^JTSb ,o<n:;? to ;.mi !i \lA b- wo ,t teoiMor) 
tl -'-‘d .j:»0 01) .boJio Jon a|ab iud bjiut <g noJimxs ;I??I .JqaS > 

., -i ill 

■ ; ' jf xl , •> • . -jnro-n :•> * 1..J( -.Jii 

:i“•} iii»b Marne, i o: v i ,c0-£0-7!j .>>1 ii .1. u f J I bowo J-v-ijS -mooodvi 

."■T-i 'jnul iri I 9».•»«•!§ aoihi-yixa 

:a ol'ji i ( 'jdt ni etaeqqj r. sn*. o ! fn.o inii dni ;>dJ u! 

>d< -kJ * I/i v A| i io : , 1 $ yil do ! io .runfO t&. nai ^'7’Xl ,vo>l T 


yal/. c. .vTT; 41a!. (y .0 a ,b^oi . vbL oiu:. ./>£ ;inol .H y-dboCI boa 




for £15, by warranty conveyance; wit: Epapkras Lord, J.P., and Dorothy 
Lord; ack. 5 May, and reed. 18 May, 1773. (Colchester Deeds, 9: J4, 66.) 

The following deed helps to prove his wife’s identity: 

8 Mar. 1774, “We Lebbeus Hills & Hannah Hills both of Colchester,” for 
£10, conveyed to Amasa Brown, of same, three and a quarter acres there, 
bounded S. by Ezra Brown, W. by heirs of Lydia Brown “Alice Avery” [alias 
Avery], deed., N. by land which was Jesse Brown’s, E. by Lemuel Fitch, 
“together with ye tenth Part of ye house & Barn which was our Hon rd Fathers 
George Brown Late of Colchester Deed”; both sign; wit: Epaphras Lord and 
Thomas Fitch; ack. same day and reed. 16 Aug. 1782. (ibid., 10: 276.) 

The Revolutionary War commenced with the Battle of Lexington 
and Concord, 19 Apr. 1775. Lebbeus Jr., see later, served as a drum¬ 
mer boy, in 1776. 

Lebbeus himself served from Marlborough Society, in Colchester, 
Militia, 13th company and 12th regiment, as per orders of the General 
Assemblv of Connecticut of October 1774 *, for twelve half-days 
training, being paid in June 1775, on the 9th, the receipt being dated 
16th, June 1775. (Conn. Archives, Rev. War, 1763-1789, ser. 1, vol. 
2A: 25, 25b .)f 

It will be noted in the original that Lebbeus’ brother, “Nobels 
Hills,” served with him in this local militia service, see second column, 
Lebbeus name being the last name in the first column.f Vide ante for 
Nobles, who died before 15 Mar. 1778, w’hen their father, Ephraim, 
drew his will. This will was proved 3 Aug. 1778, with Lebbeus 
eventually acting as sole executor, as has been explained in detail. 
Doubtless his concern with the estate, and settlement thereof, pre¬ 
vented any further military duty. 

In 1780, Lebbeus again appears in the deeds: 

6 June 1780, Elijah and Grace Hills, of East Windsor, Conn., sold to Leb¬ 
beus Hills, of Colchester, land in latter place west of Dickensons Stream, said 
land being given to them by their bond, father, William Marriner, late of 
Colchester, deed., containing about five and a half acres; both sign; it was 
bounded N. by land given by said Marriner to Abigail Beebe and S. land 
given to Sarah Dickenson, etc.; wit: Samuel Fish and Eben r Russell; ack. 
same day; reed, [no day] July 1780. 18 Aug. 1780, Lebbeus Hills, of Col¬ 

chester, for £10, sold Thomas Hills, of same, the same property; signs; wit: 
Joel Fox and Isaac Brown; ack. same day; reed. 15 Jan. 1781. (Colchester 
Deeds, 10: 108 , 137.) 

In 1783, “Lebbeas Hills” was a creditor of the estate of Hezekiah 
Kneeland, late of Colchester, deceased. (Colchester Dist. Probate, 
1929.) t 

* Conn. State Reeds., 1!+: 327. 

t Photo copy of original roll included in my Hills Notes. 

j See my Kneeland Notes, at the N. E. H. G. Society, compiled for Mr. Hills, and 
given by him, as were the Hinckley Notes and the Bentley Notes, to the said Society. 
All three manuscripts were originally part of the Hills Notes. 

■' ! 


£ tfl- :,oH-nW**<Wii » i isttiBiimlniS ' ' ^ 

&'■% .j 2 uJ <11 v « h • v«b 'J * ■* •>•' * - 311 61 rTodi 


nmtiioo tei 9 sHJ ni *u«n i *.A o.: ’ k n *uocfc»J 

, ,a .1. t*l ti ill n ,1 / ,«rti ...’ ■ c .1 ;A ■ b orfv .*•> n,;A 

• , k , | ,;.n/ « lv*-« ’ i * " ‘ - 11 IV ' * ,d ' 79,b 

(.,i> iii wiai i / ) e»d « ioIjh x- Joe tt gruJifl xB« 

-W 1 ,’u 1 -J||J lilts * <■ 

.v i;*i* ;i! ji'iiii 10-iI’Tul vr.i- o-itiwr 

»[ -i, rii ni «i«'K [q ■ nijiyB au'xk vl ,0bTI nl 

!< , oO ,i. ii *uil to b, " ; 1 ; |J / ; 1 8 . 


,1 . im Usd ft bos «* Hwdft smin'Unno Imo 

. , ii I |»„ : * •' -- ■ •*' ’"! 

.1,. >\u . h eindd J ,<WTI .*uA 8t .<WI v.Jni !' «J bn i ;x* ••‘•urn 

r.dwtoW T V> IiaTr jb»T. cl .b*xn ;vsb *wa .afoa jflwifl f>»uvj bn* 

(AU ,m : 0 V ,%i*»CV 

,• J I, lo i i -0 ?Ht 'to TOlil^O B 2 BW fcIKH . >b' .1 k'fcvj ill 

A r A u>\ mSVI ,w)adi-‘)Io-> io ' ’ * ,:.«nsi3^n^l 


^V*/ rttvft r; a« b ! H»n * > V> v;|09 olad'l : 

i viViW If. < i vijnai h - 9i.»w asm* 0/- 


His final recorded deed in Colchester was made the next year: 

31 Mar. 1784, Lebbeus Hills, of Colchester, for £150, sold to Elisha Lord, 
of same, two pieces of land there “in the Society of Marlborough,” containing 
about ninety acres; one piece bounded by “Ebin” Strong, Eleazer Carter, 
said Lord and Daniel Kellogg; the other piece lying the opposite side of the 
highway “against my dwelling house,” bounded by David Miller, etc.; 
warranty conveyance; signs; no r.d.; wit: David Miller and Elijah Kellogg; 
ack. same day; reed. 2 Apr. 1784. (10: J 21 .) 

This is our last record for Lebbeus with absolute proof that he was 
alive; moreover, by this deed, he sold out most of his property in 
Colchester but apparently did not include the house in this sale. 
Ephraim had originally purchased, in two lots, ninety seven acres in 
Colchester, 27 Feb. 1760, and bought four more of his son, Lebbeus, 
5 May 1773. He built a house apparently on one of the said lots, 
and by his will of 15 Mar. 1778, gave his wife, Lydia, the improve¬ 
ment of one half this real estate and the east end of the dwelling house, 
son Lebbeus was to have the other half of the house and after his 
mother’s death the rest of the house and land. The widow’s portion 
of the land was estimated at about thirty five acres, 12 July 1779. 
Lebbeus must have acquired land in Colchester, either by town grant 
or by some sale or gift, not of record, for, 29 Mar. 1762, he sold twelve 
acres there; however, his wife Hannah joined him in this sale, so that 
it may well be it was her inheritance. In 1767, Lebbeus had four 
acres sold him which he at once sold or mortgaged. Again in 1772, 
he bought and sold (in 1773) some thirteen acres. The 1774 deed in 
which his wife Hannah appears was a quitclaim on her rights. In 
1780, Lebbeus bought and sold an identical small piece of land. 

So, after 31 Mar. 1784, Lebbeus held evidently the home place 
consisting of the dwelling house and under ten acres of land. There 
is no further action in either the Colchester or the Marlborough (after 
that town was formed in 1803) deeds for our Lebbeus; what became 
of the house and adjacent land, did a child automatically succeed to 
the same? Was there a deed of gift, with an agreement for life care 
and maintenance that was never recorded? Of Lebbeus’ known sons 
to reach maturity, all left Marlborough but son Ephraim. Recall 
that in 1784, Lebbeus was but forty-five years of age, what became of 
him? There is no further record in any of the many sources con¬ 

We do know that, 23 Apr. 1786, a petition was signed in Colchester 
by Lebbeus Hills Jr .* And Taintor’s 1864 Colchester , page 156 , 
cites: Polls in Marlborough Society, 1787, include both Lebbeus Hills 
Jr. and Thomas Hills. Also, as we shall see in this son’s account, in 

* Conn. Archives, Travel , 1670-1788, ser. /, vol. 3: 237C., C. S. L., of which a photo 
copy is included in my Hills Notes. 

ioy,sr/.u aura 8 $ 

47. .n|j £ b? ;yjt) Sanaa .jfoa 

t j nr . t.Ij i-> bii*> I? Hi n,ii-ijv a>i- t ai. 111 ?.d 9110 oiflom 

.t r 7 f >1 f: •. >ioa r / M'B \r ■ ;*< r by/ Lcial Slit !■•> 

? - f v . • >d Hv#r ■'{hot '-i 

. •; ? M. :T7 i or) bltw '> \t big roc »H 

.i r i no'iup r, r,i>w ai *»liw aid .'fair'w 

b ;1 \o r noti^bnir hi n 1 j*vo. ^4ti>dJ \o gntiebmb 
>.!] i) ; n t . ! 1C "-i io *i -i o;n > ) orl i ulib :i n>i)o* isxiJiul 00 tl 

i -?>9 *dii s*rr • nil 't r .v , o .*'»•*. ** ‘ isiJJ rjj •" '.oniaa $dJ 

/ r,7/o a 10 Sb^i cx> ; tv in Rjav/ b,rfJ T^rxaiTslniBCO bn* 

K 90 ilJ<- n . i.i self lo /ab iii .noooi wlinjl ou *ti yiorii 


. >i V <n nr i> *!«il »fis c.i y<loo 



1792, he appears as Jr., in the Chatham deeds, to which town he 
removed, but not in 1809. It would then seem probable that our 
Lebbeus Sr. was alive as late as 21 Sept. 1792. He does not appear 
as head of a family in 1790, in Connecticut or elsewhere. The Leb¬ 
beus listed that year in Glastonbury was the son. There is no 
settlement of Lebbeus Sr.’s estate, nor that of his widow’s, in Connec¬ 
ticut Probate. The land records of Hebron, Colchester, Marl¬ 
borough, Glastonbury and Chatham have all been covered and with 
a negative result.* 

The census records for 1800, 1810 and 1820 have been examined 
for all the above noted towns and no male or female, over forty-five, 
appears in the records of Lebbeus Hills’ sons, except in the family of 
son, Ephraim, of Marlborough, 1810 and 1820, who in both years had 
a female over forty-five, in his family, evidently his mother. In 1810, 
Ephraim had no male over forty-five with him; in 1800, Marlborough 
was part of Colchester, but Ephraim is not listed therein. The 
records of the sons-in-law, insofar as census is concerned, w r ere also 
covered, f 

There are a number of copies of the Marlborough Parish, or Society, 
Church Records. There is the Talcott, or Colonial Dames, copy at 
the Conn. Historical Society, and a photostatic copy (originally made 
by Myrtle A. Jones, of Hebron, in 1901 and loaned to the Conn. State 
Library, for purposes of photostating, in 1939, by the late Charles R. 
Hale). There is the original Robbins “copy” at C. S. Z., and in 
1952, there was printed in the D. A. R. Magazine, The American 
Monthly , copies of the baptisms, 1749-1833 only. Not only do these 
various copies all vary somewhat, but what is so important in this 
search, there are no marriages at all in any of them! 

The organization of this Congregational Church and Parish has 
already been fully explained. The early records were simply not 
kept, but in the Winter of 1798-1799, while serving there as a supply 
preacher, Thomas Robbins, then a candidate for the ministry, became 
concerned over this lack. And, as best he could, he gathered the 
records, mainly relying on verbal accounts, with personal trips to see 
the older inhabitants and members, entering the result in a book, 
which, in his own hand, is now at the Conn. State Library. Portions 
of this “Diary” have been published and in this appears, under date 
of 16 Apr. 1799: “Finished with the Church Records. I have done 
much more to them than I expected.” Virtually the same remark 
appears in the original book in his own hand. From Mrs. Townsend’s 
careful search of this original, the following items were gleaned: 

* Microfilm at C. S. L., covered by Mrs. Townsend; I personally examined deeds in 
the towns of Lebanon and Colchester, in 1954. 

t Simeon Young, of Chatham, in 1800, had a female over 45 in his home but not in 





h V ,r >dt $00 p-i minii[q3 Jud lo Jiuq &«w 

.vino c :£dl (R \l ,a*»iJqad orfi lo r qoo t ^AlsttkU. 
r: ': itoqnv o A .1 ifiv/ Jud ,i .c //30ftv. u:w fi . Eoiqoo euohjtv 

!r n It lo rft ni 11 ii> r vr t < tt >ijb mdt ,d*nu^g 
. l! { hat. tint il'J I« noi ‘ .»r ' *yr r no ' A U lb iiwJ&v iiajio od'» 

.b iff: !qxo vHifl n vod ^>A9til 

v:«ir.v ■ .v-l- n*«i ‘id) tol atBb.bnBU u nvrfi ^itiddo* f -Hnioil ' t ioi )S9iq 
-»*!t i <*[{ J luiv) ;-»i{ it',d kb ,1 iA . of tiiiti i 9 vo bomaonoo 

ni Jlufe^i *:!l ,31 bna tloAiid .’ni lobfo odi 

loiirtir ,Eiit9qqii rid; ni bn is f.vuLdidiiq mod ovbj! viaKl 11 
’flbfi vflfi l .p!;iot> 9>! iinud’) jdi litiv/ ivnhui id : Ti .iqA d r lo 

yhfiill‘31 91UBK VifJ / ",b XtO KpCV I iliilii nioxlJ ol ‘Vjom doucii 

.hnitfi uv/o At\ ni iood hsniarro 9ili ni Eiasqq* 
.! >n I: yi > $niw<l{vl odi ,limij|Mo nidi o »foi a lu‘;*naa 

Cm - : : foxu» vl . iMtoq I ;bn i\ roT v/J i n$v >> ..A .?• . ) jc rafRorjiH * 

. r, ( : ,!i .tv- »>i■ > hrn noiif-i’ fJ \o phvh i 'iHj 




Baptisms * 

Oct. 1765, Lebbeus & Roswel, children of Lebbeus & Hannah Hills. 

1768, Hannah, dau. of Lebbeus and Hannah Hills; no month cited, the 3d 
entry beyond is a March entry. 

1770, “Asahel”, son of Lebbeus & Hannah Hills, follows Feb., and precedes 
a March entry. 

1771, Lucy, dau. of Lebbeus & Hannah Hills, first entry followed by a June 

1773, March, Hannah, dau. of Nathan and Hannah Hills; entry above this 
is an Alice, dau. of Lebbeus and Hannah Dickinson, “this is obviously a 
reversal of given names in the entries since subsequent records give other 
children to Nathan and Hannah Dickinson.” It therefore applies to a child 
of our Lebbeus and Hannah Hills. E. W. T. 

1775, Lydia, dau. of Libbeous and Hannah Hills follows June and precedes 

1777, Polly, dau. of Lebbeus & Hannah Hills, both follow a May entry and 
precede a June entry. The “both” refers to a Phelps record. 

1778, Oliver, son of Lebbeus & Hannah Hills, directly follows a Polly Root 
entry and precedes a December one. 

1779, Ephraim, son of Lebbeus & Hannah Hills, follows August and pre¬ 
cedes December. 

1780, Silas, son of Lebbeus & Hannah Hills, follows October and precedes 

1782, Rusel, son of Lebbeus & Hannah Hills, follows May and precedes 

1784, David, son of Lebbeus & Hannah Hills, no month cited, this is the 
first entry that year and is followed by a 1784 Phelps item likewise no month 
given, and then by a November entry. 


1777, Lucy, child of Lebbeus Hills aged 6. 

1777, Lebbeus Hills child; these two entries follow one of 18 Sept. 1777. 

1778, Ephraim Hills died July 29th in the 71 year of his age. 

1779, Libbeus Hills child. 

1828, 21 Jan., Widow Ililb, aged GO yrs. 


1765, Lebbeus & Hannah Hills, no day or month. 

Members Dismissed etc. 

(No Hills that apply to our family.) 

Other Hills noted: 

1774, Anna Hill dedicated by her grandparents David & Zeruah Blish, 
precedes July and follows May. 

1792, June, Nobles son of Richard & Mary Hills. 

1794, November, Polly, dau. of same. 

1796, October, Rachel, dau. of same. 

1799, Ozias, son of same, no month, followed by 24 Nov. entry. 

* Months only are given, seldom a day, and in some cases only the year. E. W. T. 

.vitus> saift b obootnf 

:» ■ 14 r.wol .! I rlanm? i A tu ' lo no* » cTI 

.... i... ... f .i - u u 

,vntf» *v* novoZ b vd biiB ,ngvia 



iliilOffi io on ikon l nuoddoJ .SOtl 

0 -’ b H ..jijjI- IS- ,85*81 

.ote wAmsV. 

(.•{! n;M n.o oJ {!qq i Iftrfl eflfH otf) 


.OillBB to 

.oiMi. to iu > tJI .ladoioO ,0 VI 

. r 5 .Vo : - yd b*jw< ’*<.' ,f 'Vi c .* c> a<* 0 « 0 ftTf 

.o - no* at be* ,\*b « n: b ,aovi?* n s adtrtoTA ’ 



The above records are not all quoted. I have underscored the death 
of a “Widdow Hills,” who died in Marlborough, 21 Jan. 1828, aged 
“90” — that is, aged ninety years and three months.* This, of 
course, is the death record of Hannah (Brown) Hills, widow of Lebbeus 
Hills Sr., and the mother of our Asahel Hills, whom she outlived. She 
was born, we recall, in Colchester, 28 Oct. 1738. It is said that there 
is no settlement of her estate, apparently, in either land or probate 

As to the two deeds of her son Lebbeus Jr., which are important to 
us in placing an approximate date of death for her husband, Lebbeus 
Sr., brief abstracts follow- 

21 Sept. 1792, David Clark, of Chatham, Conn., for £30, sold “Lebbeus 
Hills Jr.,” of same, about three acres there, in Easthampton Society, with a 
dwelling house thereon, also one half of a barn; wit: John Clark and James 
Bill; ack. same and reed. 18 Oct. 1700. (Chatham Deeds, 0: 514.) 

8 June 1809, “Libeas Hills” [no Jr., follows his name], of Chatham, for 
$200, sold [his son] “Chancy Hills,” of same, a certain piece of land in Chat¬ 
ham Easthampton Society, containing ten to twelve acres, with a dwelling 
house and a barn thereon; same bounds as in the 1792 purchase; signs as 
“Libbeus Hills”; writ: David White and John Bottom; ack. same day and 
reed. 10 Oct. 1809. (ibid., 14: 134.) 

A copy of the Colchester Toicn Vital Records made there personally 
by me, from the original records, and certified by the Town Clerk,f 
follows, after which, w^e consider Lebbeus’ large family of children. 

Volume One , page 22, Colchester Vital Records, Colchester, Conn., originals: 

“Lebbeus Hills & Hannah Brown was Married Novemb 1- 5 th 1760 

Lebbeus their Son was bom August the 13 th 1761 

Rozel their Son was bom Febru y : 18 th 1763 

Hannah their Daughter warn [was born] May the 6 th 1764 

Asahel their Son was born Januar\ the 29 th 1766 

4 / 

Lucev their Daughter Born December 31 1767 

Ellis their Daughter Bom October 17 th 1769.” 

I certify the above is a true copy of the Vital Records in the Colchester Vital 
Records, Volume 1, page 22 

Attest: John G. Fedus 

Register of Vital Records 

Children, first six recorded in Colchester, Conn., baptised in Marl¬ 
borough Parish, or Society, in said towm: 

i. Lebbeus 4 , b. 13 Aug. 1761, bapt. Oct. 1765, living 1815, Paris, 
Oneida Co., N. Y., where his younger brother, Asahel had pre¬ 
ceded him; m. 22 Oct. 1789, Eastbury Ch. (2d of Glastonbury, 
Conn.) t, Polly Gibson, b. as Mary, 27 June 1772, Glaston¬ 
bury, alive 1811, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Kimberly) Gibson, 

* Original Marlborough Ch. Reeds., C. S. L., a photo copy of Vol. 1: 120 is included 
in my Hills Notes. 

f He was most helpful when I worked there and since. 

t The reeds, of this parish are pub. in Register, cols. 61-02-63. 


,*< ...uw'j ,*v*< ' ***» win - •]’ Jm*- 

; 1{ H ». • / fc n -..ittf ^<*3 d. 

Jj 7 M 9f{j iaugwA mod rbw ‘ - 1 m1 * * 1 ; 3 1 1 

f iTT t : y indV? inoc? ?bv/ n • f 1 )MV ^ 
jTI ■» n)y;l' •• If " -nit. • ^ £ '.‘> J 

Ov?i «Hi£ 'jdi , mutvrt* * fi7/ n, ' c ll ?^ 1 , 

?n;i ft fnoH 'joidgtfi;'« '-i*- J T 

’ P07I aj ?I isdoJ >0 mo8 v * *< i6,: 1 

\tftl .i' ixiiid .JssoJJA 
4*o99ft Iiit V to 

.nv/oJ bise i io tifeni: i kh> * 

_ .. >i f' i . * 

.■ r o -Vj .r\09 inv^.^VA ai .<Juq r >i-. ffern-l 1 - *• • Ab ,yl “ * 



her siblings were: Anne, Clara, Florinda, Roger, Ruth and 
Samuel. As a drummer boy, he served in the Revolution: “A 
List of Cap 1 David Millers Co., Lt. Col. Obediah Hosford’s reg 1 
that march d in Sept 177G to East Chester to join Gen 1 Washing¬ 
tons Army” includes “Libbeus Hills J r Drummer.” {Coll. Conn. 
Hist. Soc., 8: 100 , pub. 1901; also 12: 370 , pub. 1909.) * We 
have already noted his petition in Marlboro Parish of Colchester, 
23 Apr. 1786, signed as “Libeus Hills Ju r .” f And we have men¬ 
tioned that the polls in that parish, or society, in 1787, included 
Lebbcus Hills Jr. His two eldest children were bapt. in the 
Eastbury Ch., in 1790, and he appears therefore as of Glaston¬ 
bury, in the census of 1790, with one male over 16, one under and 
two females. “Lebbeus” and wife Marv owned the Covenant 
and were admitted to full communion with the Eastbury Ch., 30 
Oct. 1790, the day these two children were bapt. therein, but 
they soon removed to Chatham, Conn., where their children are 
recorded in the town records, 1793-1808; this town, estb. in 
1767, had its name changed to East Hampton as late as 1915. A 
word about this Eastbury Ch., from which there is no record of 
Lebbeus’ dismission: it was established May 1731, as Eastbury, 
or 2d Soc., in Glastonbury J; perhaps Polly Gibson’s people were 
members. There are no deeds for this Lebbeus in Colchester, 
Marlboro or Glastonbury. From the Chatham 1st Ch. Reeds., 
1: 126; 2: 37, at C. S. L., we note Lebbeus Hills, a member in 
1792, was dismissed in 1810, and a separate list states that he 
removed to another church, place not stated, in 1810. This is 
substantiated by the deeds and census records. Note that in 
1792, Lebbeus Jr., of Chatham, bought a dwelling house there, 
part of a barn and land in the Easthampton Society, which he 
sold, in 1809, sans the “Jr.,” to (his son), Chauncey Hills. 
{Chatham Deeds , 9: 514; 14-' 1342) In 1800, we find in Chatham, 
Middlesex Co., Conn., p. 386: “Lebias Hill” with one male and 
one female, 26-45, one male under 10, and one male and one 
female, 10-16, in his family; but he is not listed there in 1810 or 
1820. Unfortunately the 1810 census for Oneida Co., N. Y. is 
not divided into towns and but the 1st initial of the given name 
is cited, the only “L” Hills, or Hill, thereof, does not check, in 
sex or numbers, with Lebbeus’ known familv. However, 3 Nov. 
1811, Lebbeus Hills and wife, Polly, were admitted to the United 
Ch., of Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y., and were later dismissed from 
same, but no place is given to which they moved, and no date is 
given; this church was formed, 8 Jan. 1810. {Paris Ch. Reeds., 
261, 262, 283 , 271, 260, D. A. R. 6, Oneida Chapter 3.) § That 

* Photo copy of original Roll from Conn. Archives, Rev. War, ser. 1, vol. 6: 151, in¬ 
cluded in my Hills .Xotes. 

t Vide ante re photo copy this original petition. 

♦ % division of the 1st Soc.; a portion set off. May 1747, to Marlboro Soc., later 
called the E. Glastonbury Soc., and then Buckingham Soc. The records are not extant 
before 1768. 

§ At Utica, N. Y. 


,V\ M *1 MNtfdRT* eolu/ >ni v.nn/. ano 4 


ai .d>8*> rrnoj *idf :808! .ubiorrrt flffo-1 JiU ni b*b**M* 

• <(i , •»ioo3 no1qfnfitiir£t-1 i -n i»n£ bi ' *» * •> —- 

V t (noe «uf) <*» "./il 1 * W 0 f. ni 1 U>- 

.laoilJ HV> ni Uab w .0081 nT {.lt\ \' \ XI . 

di ,Y ,. c > ai)i‘iflO icrt 8tt-n -> <M8I 9i\i rfajysnnh »ln'J ^ 81 
shj n n f -vi • ult V Ifiiliui is! o-fil * <J b •• ar ' ffl ■ ;i 

. •■/.<.; • vo 1 i .vli:a • nrfrov.'A eu‘xlci'jJ Vil ‘'''' ;: ' 10 '• 

b»li;< 5 odJ oi iislJim k- *rw »*drw bom'iiU guodi! >.i t ; I• - 

i <••»! i i >t#f now [hub f .7 .K ..o r > : 1 .- *• 1 «•*' * 

ijoi* on b( a ,bavom yodl Hoitiw ol no ip 1 W ° 1 " 1 - 

. A -A ) on) .0r81 .*wl 8 Jb«mo / jlonuHo aid* ;mvig 

K ( j u) « h*mO «' • .S\ .lv A 1 /’- v - •* W. ,■ ^ 

.tVsov • i\\ VET M iv>t uh 

. . . ' ,.-,.ib t/ c4 J4?I y»tH ,«o Jape • - V> aVftWibjjl J 



same year, 22 Oct. 1811, Lebbeus Hills was named as the executor 
of the will of his brother, Asahel Hills, of Paris, vide ■post. The 
Paris Ch. Records cite that an Aurora-Octavia Hills was bapt. 
between 1815 and 1823, “at the house of Lebbeus Hills,” thus 
we learn that the family was there as late as 1815. There are no 
deeds for him in Oneida Co., nor any estate.* Children (Hills), 
3d through 11th, bapt. Chatham, Conn., (1) Chauncey 5 , bapt. 
30 Oct. 1790, Eastburv Ch., “of Lebeus Hills Jr.,” to whom his 
father sold the Chatham property, 8 June 1809; (2) Poll)/, bapt. 
30 Oct. 1790, Eastburv Ch., dau. of “Lebbeus & Mary Hills”; 

(3) Zeruiah-Blush [Blish ], bapt. 12 Mar. 1793, d. 11 May 1794; 

(4) Zeruiah-Blush [Blish], bapt. 26 July 1795, d. 2 Feb. 1800; 

(5) Oclavia, bapt. 8 Oct. 1797, d. 17 Mar. 1800; all three d. 
Chatham; (6) Samuel-Gibson , bapt. 10 Xov. 1799; (7) Pamela, 
bapt. 17 Jan. 1802; (8) Gustavus, bapt. 13 May 1804 t; (9) Char¬ 
lotte, bapt. 11 May 1806; (10) Julius-August us, bapt. 18 Sept. 
1808; (11) Julia-Augusta, bapt. same, a twin; (12) Aurora- 
Octavia, bapt. 1815-1823, prob. b. ante 1820, Paris, N. Y.; 
perhaps others between 1808 and 1815? 

ii. Rozel, a son, b. 18 Feb. 1763, bapt. with elder brother, Oct. 1765, 

as “Roswel,” d. 1770, aged 5, as “Roswel.” 

iii. Hannah, b. 6 May 1764, bapt. 1768, d. by 1773. 

4. iv. ASAHEL, b. 29 Jan. 1766, bapt. 1770; m. Polly- 4 

v. Lucy, b. 31 Dec. 1767, d. by 1771. 

vi. Alice, b. 17 Oct. 1769, bapt. March 1773. § 

vii. Lucy, bapt. 1771, d. 1777, aged 6. 
viii. Hannah, bapt. March 1773. § 

ix. Lydia, b. June 1775, bapt. June 1775, d. 18 Mar. 1839, aged 67 [?], 
Chatham, Conn.; m. there, 12 Oct. 1790, Simeon Young, b. 
about 1768, bapt. there, 21 Jan. 1770, d. there, 30 Xov. 1822, 
aged 53, bur. there in Lake view Cem., son of Simeon and Me- 
hitable (PHubbard) Young. “She was of Marlboro’ Conn. Her 
mother is said to have been a Hosford, but I cannot find her 
father’s name. She had a brother Ephraim Hills, and a sister 
Man 7 who m. Oliver Phelps.” The will of Simeon Young of 
Chatham, dated 3 Xov. 1822, names the children given below; 
the family attended the 1st Ch. there. ( Record, 36: 56—57.) || 
Children (Young), b. Chatham, (1) Demos , scholar in Chatham 

as see Diary of Elisha Niles, p. 12; m. Sally-, who was ad. 

Ch. there, 1 Nov. 1818, dismissed 1820; (2) Abigail, d. 12 July 
1884; m. 25 Nov. 1813, Olmsted Gates of Chatham [she was prob. 

* The research in Oneida Co., N T . Y., was accomplished for us by that very able 
genealogist, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Merritt, of Utica, N T . Y. 

f The Hills Fam., states he m. Elizabeth Mansfield but this seems doubtful. 

J Asahel’s name clearlv appears under this spelling in both town and church reeds. 
He was never called “Ashbel.” 

§ As Lebbeus Hills bur. a child (besides Lucy) in 1777, and another in 1779, one or 
more of these daughters may have died young. 

|| This statement that Lydia’s mother may have been a Hosford has been considered 
before; her mother was of course Hannah Brown, but was her paternal grandmother, 
Lydia-, wife of Ephraim Hills, born a Hosford? 

33 A 3 M 1 J ?*UIH 

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:< Hi .d Sr. .b & »i vlui . Jqnd f (Att HI! suuVA ■' >\*r - 1 

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of f r ■ it rtbiii] odl a^man ,iS- 8 f .voX 8 bob b ,m il fai: > 

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bvi^i v :uri iio-x; md bnoWilf « c-»xt wbii yani V)Aiam e'eib'^I Si d 1 }jv*moJi5»-j t irfT | 

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linofeoH ct tn.d :dl H oiimiiq F Jo i;w ,- tllyJ 



the eldest child]; (3) Sally, d. 14 Oct. 1839; m. 8 June 1820, 1st 
Ch. there, Willard Sears Jr., of same. 

x. Polly, bapt. May or June 1777, according to the 1899 Phelps 

Gen., pp. 3S2-3, b. 8 June 1773 [sic 1777], her name a diminutive 
for Mary, d. 11 May 1847, Marlboro, Conn.; m. 28 Nov. 1794, 
Colchester, Oliver Phelps, b. there, 4 Aug. 1771, d. 15 Aug. 
1838, Marlboro, son of Timothy and Sarah (Skinner) Phelps. 
Children (Phelps), b. Colchester-Marlboro, (1) Sarah, b. 23 Oct. 
1795, d. 21 Mar. 1878, Genesee, Allegany Co., N. Y.; m. Epa- 
phroditus Bigelow, went there in 1819; (2) Cyrus, b. 27 Feb. 
1799, d. 9 Mar. 1862, Corfu, Genesee Co., N. Y.; m. Sarah-M. 
Bailey; (3) Oliver, b. 8 Oct. 1800, d. 16 July 1801; (4) Oliver, b. 23 
June 1803, d. 13 July 1887, Bolivar, Allegany Co., N. Y.; m. 
Lucy-Ann West; (5) Timothy, b. 26 Mar. 1806, d. 10 Oct. 1844, 
Bristol, Conn.; m. Sarah Austin; (6) David, b. 31 Aug. 1810, 
d. 10 July 1873, Marlboro; m. Hannah Freeman; (7) Emeline, 
b. 11 Mar. 1813, d. 17 Aug. 1840, Cuba, Allegany Co., N. Y.; 
m. William Carrier; (8) Caroline, b. 10 Jan. 1815, d. not given; 
m. John Freeman. 

xi. Oliver, bapt. 1778, named for uncle Oliver Brown. A child of 

Lebbeus Hills d. 1779. 

xii. Ephraim, named for Lebbeus’ father, bapt. 1779, d. 26 Apr. 1848, 

Marlboro, aged 71[?]; m. about 1797, Britta Curtis, prob. 
dau. of Nathaniel Curtis. We note a Britta Curtis bapt. 21 
Apr. 1799, Eastbury Ch. of Glastonburv. The onlv Hills, or 
Hill, in the 1810 census of Marlboro is Ephraim, who had a 
family of one male and one female, 26-45, two males under 10, 
two females, 10-16, and one female over 45.* In 1815, Ephraim 
agreed to a sale that involved Britta Curtis, minor, etc.; in 1817, 
with wife Britta, he conveyed land there formerly of Nathaniel 
Curtis deed.; and bought land there in 1815. ( Marlboro Deeds, 

3: 403; 2: 57; 1: 475-6.) He does not appear in the Glastonbury 
or Chatham Deeds. Children (Hills), b. Marlboro, (1) Britta- 
Curtis 5 , b. 23 Sept. 1798; (2) David, b. 20 Dec. 1804; (3) Betsey, 
b. 21 June 1806; m. 24 Mar. 1829, Edmund Blish; (4) Philo, 
b. 30 May 1808, d. 11 Oct. 1843, aged 34, bur. Old Cem. Marl¬ 
boro; m. Betsey-W. -, and had child, b. Jan. 1838, d. 3 

Mar. 1839, and child, b. Oct. 1840, d. 20 Dec. 1841, bur. there; 

(5) Nancy, b. 17 June 1810; m. 29 Nov. 1832, Francis Cotton; 

(6) Asahel, b. 6 June 1812 [named for Ephraim's brother who d. 
1811, vide post], d. 1 Jan. 1829, also 8 Jan. given, Asahel-H., aged 

16, bur. Old Cem.; (7) Sherman , b. 8 Dec. 1814, prob. m.- 

-, who d. 14 Mar. 1843, aged 30; he m. (2), 24 Apr. 1844, 

Glastonbury, Maria-S. Roy, of Middletown, Conn.; (8) Lyman, 
b. 22 May 1817; m. (1), 27 Nov. 1839, Glastonbury, Maria 
Wier, b. 1817; he m. (2), Alvira-?; issue: Edward-F., b. 

* His mother? Ephraim still had a female over 45 in 1820 census of Marlboro; his 
brother-in-law, Oliver Phelps, also of Marlboro, in 1810, had no female over 45 in his 

1 ao/.av'u &.UIH M 

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: !?{ !h L .0581 ~bM U .m *«*f «l •<] 

; t . * ,iud . ll&l .OOG Ofi b ,0 RI .*>0 .d jM-> bai • ‘ 

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,K8I d^ *»d ;W b tj» ,8i8l .ik b r .b - . " 

! » M A («’■ :.n«0.£rv.,HM,il<: |o *« H ^«rruK nn^w^U) 



30 Nov. 1840; m. Adelaide-M. Hollister; Frances-C., b. 1842, 
d. 17 June 1869; by Alvira, had James-B., b. 1 Jan. 1851 [?] this 
is mixed; (9) Cornelia, b. 22 June 1820; (10) Cynthia-Ann, b. 10 
Apr. 1824; m. 17 Feb. 1847, Glastonbury, Gaylord Curtis, 
xiii. Silas, bapt. 1780, prob. Oct. A Silas appears in Chatham Deeds 
from 1834, but evidently a younger man as a Silas m. there, 
1834, Mary-N. Goff, etc. No Silas appears in the 1800 or 1810 
census of Marlboro-Glastonbury-Chatham. 
xiv/ Russell, same name as Roswell above, bapt. 1782, b. 10 Feb. 
1782, d. 5 Aug. 1831, aged 49, bur. Old Cem., Marlboro; m. 30 
Sept. 1804, Chatham, Ann is Holmes, b. 20 Aug. 1785, Wethers¬ 
field, Conn., dau. of Charles and Martha (-) Holmes, and 

sister of Howell Holmes. Was she also called “Polly”? For 
Polly, wife of Russell Hills, d. 5 Aug. 1831, aged 49, bur. Old 
Cem. Marlboro. Of Chatham, he appears in the deeds there in 
1806 and 1821, as a grantor ( Chatham Deeds, 12: 34-3; 17: 437.) 
He is in the census of 1810 as of Chatham but then had no 
female over 45 in his family. Children (Hills), b. Chatham, 
(1) George 5 , b. 15 Aug. 1805, res. Middletown, Conn.; m. Eliza¬ 
beth Wright, had Marv-W., b. 19 Apr. 1834, d. 30 Dec. 1867; (2) 
Caroline, b. 21 Nov. 1806; m. 21 Nov. 1S26, Philo-II. Taylor, of 
Verona, N. Y.; (3) Betsey, b. 25 June 1808; (4) Mary, b. 26 July 
1810; m. 4 Oct. 1829, William Hunt, of Chaplin, Ohio; (5) Har¬ 
riet, b. 21 June 1812; (6) Charles, b. 4 May 1814; (7) Emily, b. 
9 Apr. 1816; (8) Martha, b. 24 Mar. 1818; (9) Charlotte, b. 25 
July 1820; (10) John, b. 27 Mar. 1822. 
xv. David, bapt. 1784. A David appears in the 1800 and the 1810 
census in Chatham, in both years having a female over 45 in his 
family, but as David was but 16 in 1800, and his sisters married 
or dead by that year, this David of the census is an older man, 
and probably connected with the Daniel Hills family. A David 
bought fifteen acres in Marlboro, which as of Chatham, he 
mortgaged in 1808 to James Wadsworth of Geneseo, N. Y. 
{Marlboro Deeds, 1: 131/..) In 1816, Daniel Hills of Blandford, 
Mass., quits claim to land in Chatham, bounded by Ackley 
heirs, to a David Hills of Chatham; this David and a David Jr., 
had further dealings in this land in 1820 and 1821. ( Chatham 

Deeds, 18: 99; 17: 362, 364; 19: 371) These references are 
obviously not to our David, b. 1784. The David Hills who d. 
25 Apr. 1804, aged 18, Chatham (East Hampton) Church 
Records probably applies. 

These pages have dealt, briefly, with the fifteen children of Leb- 
beus Hills Sr., by his wife, Hannah Brown, with the exception of 
Asahel, their fourth child, whose account is presented on the following 
pages. A number of these children died young, but Lebbeus and 
Asahel lived to have children of their own, and went to York State, 
where both were living in Paris, Oneida County in 1811. Rozel, 
Hannah, Lucy (two of the name died in infancy) died young, and 



' ' r * •• J ■ ' 1 
t ,,n,. < 1 . - f,i»- ■£ -> ' 

! [| ii '«Vt JJ 1 tV ♦» <“ r . .fflfeil iBii .1 i I -ii'.-J v 

t n;:(Tl »• ■ w .0' * ft I 0- !, tci <*.#’** I »*%’#' l fcfl 0 

tjIjIo sic - * ’* m:I io br'iiCf fcidi ,*n >’i 1 ' ; ; 

3,i < ji!£it)j,jri ‘ ) aa Jifttdw t o txihaM oi ws n, it* }d$ro<l 

dhc/nbnW -towl oi 8081 ni be? 

[>h tj ^ bita i i ra< i dj ;raiirftflfO to nHiH 1 t oj ^«9fi 

Oi- ’i ai !>r ; ! - s » : *ili; tj>, ■ •* bfld 

> 1 : • » V 

.b on -n mn biviCI *ifT .WITT .( .bi-rcCl tuo oi ion vl>: tolv. a 
(no ]frtBli auu'!) > t 8f .*!•'!» vV 

Jj'lo r i!v’'{*>’o ilft s S iMiw ,vRo<r J . 4b-»b avjuf - * .» T 

lo noijq9DX» fiJivt ,nwoifl dfifWflH tM %c ♦•**< 11 its-1 

bn a '%auo'i boib (xpajAai ai bail) ^£iiau oii J b ov? 




probably either Alice or Hannah did, moreover we have no further 
record for these two. Then we come to Lydia and Polly , both of 
whom lived to marry, remained in Connecticut, and had issue. Many 
of the latter’s children settled in Allegany County, N. Y., which might 
point a chance for further research on what became of Asahel’s widow. 
I think Oliver died in 1779, which brings us to Ephraim, who re¬ 
mained in Marlborough, where he died as late as 1848, and with whom 
I think the widow Hannah (Brown) Kills lived. We have no definite 
record for Silas after his baptism in 1780, nor for David, after his bap¬ 
tism in 1784, perhaps they also died or left the State? Russell re¬ 
mained and he also was buried in Marlborough in 1831, although a 
resident of nearby Chatham. 

The children were evidently fond of brother David, for Polly, 
Ephraim and Asahel all named children “David.” Ephraim named 
a son, Asahel. And among AsaheVs children was Lydia, for his sister. 

4. ASAHEL 4 HILLS ( Lehheus 3 , Ephraim 2 , Samuel J ), born in 
Colchester, Conn., 29 Jan. 1766, baptised there in the Marlborough 
Parish, February or March, 1770, died in Paris, Oneida County, 
N. Y., between 22 Oct., and 30 Dec., 1811, testate. He married, un¬ 
doubtedly in Connecticut, about 1790, Polly- , who survived, 

her identity and death as yet unknown.* 

Before w r e consider his career, it seems reasonable and proper to 
present below* the facts concerned in the positive identification of 
David Hills, as a son of this Asahel Hills: 

Briefly, in June 1953, I was commissioned to prove, if possible, 
the parentage of the David Hills, who appears, as unplaced, in the 
1906 Hills Family , by W. S. Hills, and Thomas Hills, page 600 . 
This genealogy states that David was born in Ithaca, N. Y., in 1806, 
named his sons, Kneeland f and Delos, had brothers Hoel and 
Thomas, and sisters Lucy (who married a Coates), and Eunice (who 
married Joseph Allen) and removed to Willoughby, Lake County, 
Ohio. [If a brother Thomas, he died young, and sister Eunice mar¬ 
ried James Allen.] 

Ithaca, now* in Tompkins County, was combed thoroughly, w T ith 
the able assistance of Helen (Finch) Smith of that city, w r ho searched 
all possible unpublished sources, such as deeds, surrogate, church 
records, as also in the various counties that constitute the “ances¬ 
try” of Tompkins County, all with a negative result. William- 
Galbraith Smith, of Washington, D. C., helped wfith the census 
and pension records at the National Archives, and again we gained 

* Inasmuch as she had two grandsons of the given name of Kneeland, it seems 
extremely probable that she was born a Kneeland or had Kneeland ancestry. See 
my Kneeland Notes, at N. E. H. G. Society. 

t Kneeland spelled incorrectly, as “>seiland.” 

it . W- v/ > h I mi-*'- *’ t'-'T.K >’ i ,;1 ^ >f ^ w 

-qad aid vxtU Jwv <1 ioikm .OH;i oi method >df 101 Unol * iooj /1 

5 t;.-) 1 '■ • • :•' • H i ‘ '>.‘d ' •• '■ 1 » ‘ ’ ! ’ • > ' tI 

. MHiitmD Hhmu \o Jflvbiatt 


* .a loirAiw 4>y *'» liaol) brua yJiJcobi wrf 
, f • . . h(t,i id jj<>- , • 1 '--' i ill rji-:r«oo m >v>bd 

1o r^ivw.V- i -,\v ^ rft ni Imrtfnoo Htax-.l sd’ wobi lu^n 

! 0 flOfc i ;.LU i ClI V/.’ i 

• ;r , li 4Mao<xT imp, . -I A 2 U d ftSiwti tVVsW IKK’* 
r i)OBf ni ,.Y ./, f ui .ui f'i mod > iv/ bivuCI rif « late « 5 r 

,)H Bioriiotd bad ^cbc: 1»n« * bixabfn .m;Ofc ai ! b->»a#tf 

• bi’-iJ J i >nT(• ji! c: ! U : ,J ' 

•: : -A t’ittfsA. bsw 

; i . , -,rfl bodinoo a .vbrno > r. tl:s i on ,be 01 

£ >* y/j* hIv/ .v3i*> J«di \o dilute (ibui?) nihil » -*>«>. 1'ieaa old* 5:0 
f > 1 ! b r - boob Eli ibi.* ,vwu*' bodAldiiquli 'Jdi *<jq lift 

OliJ )Si:UJc.noo Usdt roftmt n 8U"n,7 uij jd Oi ..c a 'dnootfi 

I »ti .. ■ »r ‘mm • ) j r ■) • -db.O 

bo irfisi w ' !>nj? ^o/iibii i :-.-w>iiii/ lit .1 b e.yiov >1 note not] bun 


; r«E ii }' ■ bv:X lo t .nr.a iv 1 somb r. ^ o»J ’ 4 ->i!'. >u dwattMtl v 

'’.Litj.ii -.H .ylmiiMui i i J[«*a>C *■ 



But, in the course of these surveys, Mr. Smith consulted with Leon- 
C. Hills, a personal friend of his, and an author, who has amassed a 
manuscript on the Ifills family, with many additions and corrections 
to the 1906 work, named above, and its 1908 Supplement. Mr. 
Leon-C. Hills informed Mr. Smith that the names of Hoel and 
Kneeland appeared in the family of an Asahel Hills, of Villenova, 
Chautauqua County, X. V., who by wife Sally [sfc] Wright, had: 
Hoel, Kneeland, Dora and Harriet; that the said Hoel, born there 
23 Jan. 1819, by wife Hannah, daughter of John Dye, had Jane, 
George, David, who died aged one year, and Milton Hills. He also 
recalled that the names of Kneeland and Delos Hill appeared in a 
roster of Ohio men who served in the Civil War, which fact is correct. 
So I had Mr. Smith follow up these clues by a search of census and 
pension records, in Washington, and of the deeds and surrogate 
records in Mayville, county seat of Chautauqua County, the results 
of which are included herein. 

Surely it was more than a mere coincidence, that our David Hills 
had a brother Hoel and a son Kneeland and that this Asahel had sons 
Hoel and Kneeland! Were David and Asahel possibly connected, 
were they brothers? 

Fortunately we have at the New England Historic Genealogical 
Society, a typed copy, made in 1923, of gravestone inscriptions in a 
small yard in Willoughby Center, Lake County, Ohio. From this 
unpublished source, I discovered that not only was Eunice (Hills) 
Allen and her husband, James Allen, buried there, with their dates of 
birth and death on their stone, but also her sister, Lydia and her 
brother, Hoel. Mr. Smith then secured the census records, 18oO- 
1860-1870-1880, for this group. 

Before 20 Dec. 1908, death records in Ohio were recorded at the 
county seat, if recorded at all. The only death record I have been 
able to secure of the Hills family of Willoughby, w-as through the 
courtesy of the Deputy Clerk of Probate for Lake County, Ohio, at 
Painesville, Miss Bertha-E. Clark, who secured the death record of 
Eunice (Hills) Allen.* Miss Clark stated that there w'ere no estates for 
the family excepting James Allen, vide post; she also most kindly read 
the obituaries in the local Painesville Telegraph , at the Public Library, 
for a month after each death, but found nothing. A survey of deeds 
and a re-check of the probate records, etc., w r as later undertaken for 
us by a Cleveland, Ohio, genealogist, vide post , and with positive 

And that valuable death record of Eunice (Hills) Allen, who died in 
Willoughby, 24 Apr. 1887, aged eighty-nine years and five months, 
states she was bom in Oneida County , N. Y. Her birth, 1 Oct. 1797, 
appears on her gravestone in Willoughby. Again, we have at the 

* Photo copy of the certified death reed, included in the IIills Sotes. 

-ii >.( riliv/ [> 'Autwry dtitab Alt >d' • ■; • d at .|hB 

.y iv>V i >M Bii ' v/ !* I- »«« _.: ,?* 1 -f - 

.i hoiB-c -ii! a i • 

.. Hiolii / lo ,-lliUfJ **!'*■ «* »«» v/uubI ottJ ni b'JUsMjq* VM »' A 

'■I r. ■ .:**<'■ '"t'™ 1 -™” 

li ni 1 >ju XM* HiH «oi . ! ii.: 1' sI->mA lo Uptsn Mil <“ * 1 *•*■* 

’ bouufom ‘Jiii doiilw xo 

c >,v.mI!:W I V/KlJ SlOW 

i,,,> : .. ■ 'H li? i - / .1 ■ >iol 

n . v ii ■», v-Awr- - 1© nt * >*n . - ' \0 i . 

1 , > ifeiti i )iv/ t <nodJ bjhiiil t anl A ao*o«l .tafft* ud n r1 on* n A 

nr /r - >i n atiftcm sdj bauiooa n^di di\in-i . 1 M ->'>d 


n 3 D oidO ui ii I< >91 dlioi) .8081 .» f 0 * "da* 
odl n- ndt * •* ,y,dd ■olliY/ lo ylimnl dliTl odl t> <nu « ol olda 

0 rV 9 Tifti liiif * I)»ia -4 dialD }-ci I £ 

.\»udion intro- iud t Ji.o ► d - f i•' d) ! j .ol 

•j : o(. : diiw bin; M&i *& l ' «•!«-.otrfi ,i.xu: 3 a -,»* * ,f 


,?I i U I .diiid i • .* . »W**0 ili mod ais« ;i* ***** 



New England Historic Genealogical Society, typed abstracts of Oneida 
County Wills, in which source, appears the will of Asahcl Hills, 1811, 
of Paris, naming his daughters as Polly, Eunice, Lydia and Lucy; 
sons as Asahel, John-A. [sic], David and Joel [sic]; and executors as 
wife Polly and Lebbeus Hills. (Barber’s Abstracts of Oneida Co., 
N. Y.y Wills, 1: 17.) * 

Thus was secured, after some six months research by myself and 
others (part time), the identification of our David Hills, born in Paris, 
near Utica [not in Ithaca], N. Y., about 1804, as a son of Asahel 4 , 
of Colchester, Conn., and Paris, N. Y., a nephew of Lebbeus 4 , and 
a grandson of Lebbeus 3 . 

Returning then to the subject of this account, our David’s father, 
Asahel, we have noted, in his father Lebbeus Hills’ account, that 
“Asahel” — never “Ashbel” — for his correct name appears in his 
birth record (personally copied by me in Colchester), 29 Jan. 1766, 
and in his baptismal record, in 1770, either in February or in March, 
noted in the original records of the Marlborough Church, or Parish, 
by Mrs. Townsend, at the Conn. State Library, son of Lebbeus and 
Hannah Ilills, appears in no other records in Connecticut, thus far 
discovered. In 1784, his father’s last appearance in the Colchester 
Deeds, Asahel was eighteen; of full age, 29 Jan. 1787, he was not 
included among the list of Polls in the Marlborough District in Col¬ 
chester, that same year. It would seem that he had left that area by 
then? He does not appear in the Colchester, Marlborough (from 
1803), Glastonbury, Hebron or Chatham Deeds. Unfortunately, 
Connecticut has no county system of recording its deed and probate 
evidence. That he was still of Connecticut we know, for his son, 
Asahel, gives his birth as 1793 and in Connecticut, vide post. Asahel’s 
marriage is not of record and the Marlborough Church Records con¬ 
tain no marriages; a great loss in this search. 

Between 1793 and 1 Oct. 1797, Asahel went to what is now Paris, 
Oneida County, N. Y., but has no deeds recorded in LTica.f Much 
of York State was held by renters who leased from wealthy land 
owners, at that period. x\lso many land transactions were never 
recorded there. 

Paris is now not much more than a hamlet in pretty hill country, 
and is a farming community. Saquoit a village in same is much 

* Copy of the full will, attested, corrects the errors, vide post. 

Note: The results of research in Philadelphia, Pa., and Cincinnati, Ohio, will be 
considered in David’s account, both failed to solve his parentage. 

t Paris was set off, 10 Apr. 1792, from Whitestown (formed 1788), mainly settled 
from Conn. Herkimer formed 1G Feb. 1791 from Montgomery Co., but when Oneida 
was set off, 15 Mar. 1798, from Herkimer, Oneida retained the records, the co. seat now 
being at Utica. Asa Gray, the famous Botanist, was a native of Paris, which was first 
settled about 1789. Mrs. Merritt did the research there for us, consulting land and 
surrogate records at the Court House, and copies of church, cemetery and other such 
sources at the local library, made by the D. A. R., and in her own personal collections. 


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.«•, ,jw»i «J i.l »•. • I - - , 1 • O. I Jouooott * hi'/fiCl ni b»vd>i«n<» 

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larger and in the valley. Paris is about fifteen miles from Utica 
and is bordered on the east by Litchfield, in Herkimer County, which 
is of importance to us. Mrs. Anna Zimmerman Jenks, Town His¬ 
torian of Paris, was unable to give us further data; she reported 
there are but a few scraps of the Paris Town Records, ante 1880. 
Possibly the school lists, if they have survived, might be of assistance? 

Apparently Asahel Hills and his wife were not members of the Paris 
Congregational Church, which is still of that faith and did not change 
to Presbyterian as did so many of the early New York Congregational 
parishes. An offshoot of this church, formed in 1791, was the Union 
Society of Paris, formed in January 1810, in Saquoit, in the eastern 
part of the township of Paris. This has now become Presbyterian. 
A copy of the records of this church, made by the D.A.R., has already 
been utilized in the account of Asahel’s brother, Lebbeus, vide ante , 
but all items will now be repeated here: 

Page 200, Received letters to other churches [?], Polly Hills; list not dated 
but probably before 1822. [Should the “to” not read “from” ? TF. L. H.\ 

Page 261, Male Members added included Lebbeus Hills, 3 Nov. 1811. 

Page 262, Female Members Added, included Polly Hills, same day. 

Page 283, Membership List, same information with “Dismissed” but no 
data as to when or where. 

Page 271, Baptized at the House of Lebbeus Hills, Aurora Octavia Hills. 
No date given but probably circa 1815 to 1823, from nearby dates. (A 7 . S. 
D. A. R., Vol. VI., Oneida Chapter, vol. 3.) 

Query, was the first Polly Hills named in this United Society of Paris 
church record Asahel’s wife, or does it refer to Lebbeus’ wife of that 

Turning to such positive evidence as has been gleaned, we do find 
Asahel Hills appearing in Paris, Oneida County, in the census of 1800, 
head of a family consisting of one male and one female, between 26 
and 45, one male, between 16 and 26 *, two males under 10 and three 
females under 10. 

The next federal census, that of 1810, does not help us, for not only 
is Oneida County’ not divided into townships, but the Christian names 
of those listed are indicated by the first letter only’, and that hard to 
decipher. Also, Asahel’s known family r at that time included not only 
himself and his wife, and in 1810, he was aged forty r -four and his wife 
the same, 26-45 bracket, but at least these children: two sons under 
ten, one son about fifteen, one daughter thirteen, two daughters under 
ten; if the older children, Polly’ and Asahel were at home in 1810, there 
was then to be added one female, about nineteen, and one male of 

* Was this a younger brother of Asahel’s or of his wife’s? The only other Hills in 
Paris in 1800 was Elisha Hills who is identified. There was also an Asa Hill. For 
Elisha Hills see 1906 Hills Famp. 42, which repeats the error in the 1875 Hart Gen., 
that Paris is in Herkimer Co.; Elisha m. Polly Hart. 


-eill frrw T nti 

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rj »•> ; ai Jio y - if , 018 r • \l r ^ ^ ^ *° v ,9! '" 8 

9-iW3 ,^;.l qi few 1 •■ • »s -H 

.->• lo : -.tiiw oJ t Diab 

. >|flb h •) • t ,8*8 oJ cI8! wnb I *ie*q *'•> -v/.iR »•*• • o’-l 

(A .V.« .nsVqn&t i’ :wV) ^Vl .V ,/A K A 

; 5 *! 1o vJoioc /1‘oiii: I 8'trll ni binfMir - U.'H vilo I Jar?FI oi -J zh ,vr. ufy 
‘Uiij ';w ,W iodJjJ oi i 3 WT Ji eoob no ,9b v fthiiv'.k bioooi /oiuib 


i\t i>n.n 01 vibrw Arm owj ,* S i>n» ; 0: ti'jwi >d «?• '• Q ° ♦ ^ ba.a 

.01 vtlmu eolfimol 

\!i . Jofiiol , 94 s c o ;t ion aoob .0t8T *••> -'1 « *' 1 >o ; / >1 /.sii oil L 
« • iw;n (!• jjriiT 1 ' > odi Jud «&r ida a wo J o‘ni bobi fi' b>n < J d'> O ®* 
< i irtfw tsdJ bna ,ylao aoJJol J*a& o<Li y< boiooi^tfi ou- ’ #- l d, 

ol - ji *>< bfia inoVviioi a*w od 0 8 ni baa ,oliv7 aid 
• 'mu ado* o*.v.) tnonblirio iao*’! Jrt ind . j^v! xiru' c t--0t t 9 r nBJ< odi 

vbnu anv 1 • ;b ©wi jiooiniriJ lotd^u.ib ono , .» -lb Jiioda noa ono ,noi 
* 0; J ;■ i . ■ '* d 1 \ 3 i 119 ^ 

to */ in »no bna cflooimiis tuoda t 9 is>m r d ono i>obi^a oJ f* 9 d) 

ni *l!i!I i*.! r vKio « IT W*r* airf lo *»o «W^-/. to iftritmd /o^ * 

A ' *ii <r/T n r.':' K».W 4 '* O ?.» OI ^ irii ! 't ‘ 00^ ? ' 

.tj i v i..4 .rn -iii : O fMnbh<»H fu w *i f*w 



seventeen. And none of those listed seem to fulfill these require¬ 
ments, with the exception, of an “E” Hills, who had tw r o males and 
one female under 10, one male and tw T o females between 10 and 16, 
one male, 16 to 26 and one male and one female between 26 and 45. 
At any event, w r e know that Asahel w*as still of Paris in 1810, for he 
drew his will there in 1811, and he w r as certainly there in 1800. 

In Jones’ Annals and Recollections of Oneida County , published in 
1851, he writes, page 302 , “A man by the name of Hill kept the first 
boarding house in a log building,” and as late as 1801, it was the only 
building within a mile of Paris Furnace. 

This reference to a “Hill” may really be to a “Hills” but there is 
nothing to show us to which Hills, and we have already noted that 
in 1800, there w’ere two Hills and one Hill listed in Paris as heads of 

One further positive record, besides the 1800 census, for Asahel, 
before he died, is his service as an officer in the local militia in 1803: 

Jesse Hale, Adjutant and “Asahel Hills Quartermaster,” served in 1803 in 
Major Commandant .Joseph Farwell’s (Farenrell) Battalion, Oneida County. 
(A 7 . Y. Council of Appointment, 178J+-1821, Military Reeds., 1: 688.*) 

We have considered, briefly, Lebbeus Hills Jr., eldest brother of 
our Asahel Hills, wdierebv it was noted that Lebbeus sold out his 
real property in Chatham, Conn., in 1809, and w’as dismissed from 
the East Hampton Parish there, in 1810. Lebbeus and his wife, Polly, 
w r ere admitted members of the Union Society Church, in Paris, 3 
Nov. 1811, and w r ere later, after 1815, dismissed from that church. 
We do not know’ where they removed to. They had twins baptised 
in the East Hampton Church, in 1808, and between 1815 and 1823, 
a twelfth child was baptised for them in Paris, very probably between 
1815 and 1820, as Lebbeus does not appear in the 1820 census in Paris. 
He does appear in the will of his brother, Asahel, in 1811, being named 
co-executor with his sister-in-law’, Polly, the widow. Note that 
both Lebbeus and Asahel had wives of the same name, also Elisha 
Hills of Paris, a contemporary, had wife, Polly. (Polly is of course 
the diminutive of Mary.) 

All of wffiich brings us to our last record of Asahel, his will, which 
was drawm, 22 Oct. 1811 and proved 30 Dec. 1811. An attempt was 
made to have this copied will, as recorded in the surrogate volume, 
as no original papers are extant, photostated, but it w r as reported that 
the record was so faint that any such idea would be better discarded. 
This was a disappointment. So, a certified copy was obtained but 
was useless as the officials there are evidently unable to read the old 
writing. Therefore, Airs. Merritt w*as requested to make a verbatim 
copy of this will and any other records pertaining to the estate and 

* Published 1901. 

30A3VttvI &MIH 



.i-runb 1«H tw.ll l)9'fcitn it> .6181 wfl* .»*« «« blM .1 M 

ilqud fctiiv/l Ud -rA'l .Oi bwMMl 

t».!H 6181 .1 .wJ*f bi i* ,8081 m .tbittt! > aokjn.aH *..t it. 

b« ' .a .m 'd .1181 ui .lad /. ,".itUoi.i ail t» H>" «N '' "*' 

(.T (/. !0 • nJimunib !>ui 

i Aliw -id .fodaaA 1o Mom te*l vto <» *u i<' ibid* to IL‘> 

, •/ all--... run «ii i.i babioatn at ,ttw baiqoa udi wad oi •«>** 

ti.ija h« 4 i uifami o3 bateau* *** HmM •«!'• .snotowri» 

bo* sialea aril <>J '»nim*l«Kt ebtoam ladto *«« ! .<i* lltw udi to <qoo 

.{091 Iwdfc&lrr*! * 



attest to her copy before a Notary. This was accomplished and a 
photostatic copy of her attested copy appears in the Hills Notes , 
of which a copy follows: * 

“In the name of God amen ... I Asahel Hills of the Town of Paris in the 
County of Oneida and State of New York being in a weak state of body, but 
at present of sound memory do make and publish this my last will anti Testa¬ 
ment in manner following (Viz) In the first place I order and direct that my 
Funeral charges be Paid. In the next place I give and bequeath unto my 
Wife Polly Hills one third part of all my real and personal Estate, after my 
debts are paid, during her life, excepting my farming utensils which I give 
and bequeath unto my two sons Asahel Hills & John K Hills I also give and 
bequeath unto my two sons Asahel and John K Hills the remaining part of 
my real estate on condition that they attend to bring up my two Youngest 
Sons David Hills & Iloel Hills and keep them at school untill they arrive at 
the age of fourteen years and then put them to some Mechanic to learn a 
trade, and Pay them fifty Dollars each when they arrive at the age of Twenty 
one years. 

I also give and bequeath unto my two Sons Asahel and John K. Hills the 
remainder of my personal estate after my debts are paid and my Wife has 
received her third part as above. And I order my two sons Asahel & John K. 
Hills to pay unto my four Daughters Polly, Eunice, Lucy, & Lydia Hills the 
sum of fifty Dollars each when they arrive at the age of Eighteen years; 
And untill they arrive at that age I direct my Sons Asahel & John K. Hills 
to take Care and Support them and give them Propper Schooling. I also 
appoint Lebbeus Hills and my wife Polly Hills Executor and Excutrix to this 
my last will and testament; And I hereby order my said executors to attend 
and see. that this my last will is performed according to what is above written. 
I hereby revoke all wills by me before made; In witness whereof I have set my 
hand and seal to this . . . my last will and testament in presence of tlie 
subscribing Witnesses Paris 22 nd October 1811 

Asahel Hills L. S." 

The witnesses, R. Blount, Nael Jones and Nathaniel Hoadley proved the 
will 30 Dec. 1811 before the Surrogate, in which the first named is called 
Rollin Blount. ( Oneida Surrogate Reeds., 1: 31 J.) 

Now it would appear, from the above instrument, that the two sons, 
Asahel and John-K. Hills were of full age, and if so, were born before 
1790. Yet in the census of 1855, Asahel, then of Villenova, gave his 
age as sixty-two. So, if Asahel was born in 1787 and his brother in 
1789, their father was married in 1786. Later research might reveal 
the correct years of birth of these children. It is certain that the 
two sons, David and Hoel, were born after 1797, as under fourteen 
in 1811, and that their four sisters, Polly, Eunice, Lucy and Lydia, 
were born after 1793, as under eighteen in 1811. The only birth 
records we have are those for Eunice and Lydia, 1 Oct. 1797 and 26 
Oct. 1801, respectively, and that of Hoel, who died 14 Jan. 18G7, aged 

* Mrs. Merritt reported no guardianship reeds, until 1870 . This is most unfortunate 
as Asahel’s children were nearly all minors at his death. 

• :awoi!oi vqoa b fbi iw lo 

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* { at . ' ni ;ohwn snoiod 9ni vd silivr !!b a l 

lu >r [ iii jfrafli ij>9j h. ;l If// J*id ^£B . . . ^idl Ol ’M* bflA bciiii 


> :icr{}ii/. iiiiB ?‘>coT. ‘j ' Jnuo . I t 2 *' v ' * v v: ' * 

aril cfoiflw ni 'Ste^ontf^ a i aio:j<i h i .oaCl u<; Hi* 
-A ,.*S u-. V.-.^o'.-vxr?, aVnuO) Jmic A iiiflofl 

5 f| t ovo< b »’ i Jit ,icoqqis bliiov; Ji wo/ 

•■: m .o ; )in; nl lo j • 1 Mill .yi -1 ol bos foifatA 

;• . vt / >o nadt ,i v k lo ivtnao ad t ni tsV 

u las J»n< tsl {» i T ; . j ni mod ?.f»w b>i a/A li f t>". .owV^ixin eft agfl 

.1 iblirfr) o^Hi lo £ tiid o ; ut ot towoo ftdl 

, > -uol i' <i r , v i :VI *i )jiB mod 9 i -w JaoJit bnc iwd # n *« owi 

•H H J J » ) ,J V i bsi:» a cl If t -,<oi j > 1 Ji 3/fit 9W tln009I 

Alli'-ruj.r qi.kruutot.yj 4 on ‘~ioqjrii‘j n->‘ J 
.ilJi b aid io eionim )U xbosn ccnblicb e’taiiaa/. ea 



sixty years and six months. These records appear on their grave¬ 
stones. Due to these uncertainties, I have given the approximate 
date for Asahel’s marriage as “about 1790,” although “about 1786” 
might be more nearly correct. 

Son Asahel was old enough to serve as a teamster in the War 
of 1812-1814, as claimed by his widow, although her application 
for bounty land was rejected (vide post), from which we learn that 
he married, 1 Oct. 1815, in Litchfield, Herkimer County, N. Y. 
Litchfield was bounded west by Paris in Oneida County, which indi¬ 
cates that the Asahel Hills’ heirs were still of Paris in 1815. And 
we also know’ that Lebbeus Hills, Asahel’s brother was still there in 
1815. By 1820, both families had removed, the only persons of the 
name then in Paris, as heads of families, being Alden Hill, Jabez 
Hill, Elisha Hills, William Hills and a Dan Hills. As Asahel Jr., 
settled in Chautauqua County, in 1818, possibly the widow and her 
younger children also removed there? Or did they go to Jefferson 

The items obtained that apply to Asahel Jr., appear under his ac¬ 
count; undoubtedly further research would give us more facts about 
him but this is not needed as our interest is in his younger brother, 
David. The latter, we have learned, was under fourteen, in 1811, 
was to be supported and taught a trade and w’hen he arrived at full 
age was to have $50. He did learn a trade — printing; but w T here? 
Between 1811 and about 1841, when he is stated to have appeared in 
Philadelphia, Pa., is a blank of thirty years! 

Mention has been made of David’s siblings, w T ho w r ent from York 
State to Ohio, where they lived, from at least 1850, in Willoughby, 
a town about fifteen miles from the county seat, Painesville, Lake 
County, Ohio, and east of Cleveland. Originally called Charlton, 
Willoughby w’as formed in 1814 as Chagrin, the name being changed 
to Willoughby in 1834. Lake County w r as set off from Geauga and 
Cuyahoga Counties, 6 Mar. 1840, before our family w’ent there. A 
study of the census records of Willoughby follows: 

1850, Lake Co., 28:157: James Allen, aged 45, farmer, worth $1800, b. R. I. 
[sic, he was of R. I. ancestry], wife Eunice, aged 40, b. N. Y.; Amy, aged 23 
and Samuel, aged 10, both b. N. Y.f 

1860, Lake Co., 37: 305: James Allen, aged 51, farmer, w T orth $3000; $1000; 
wife Eunice, aged GO; Daniel Allen, aged 62 [brother]; Leander Allen, aged 19 
[prob. a nephew]; and Lydia “Hill,” aged 50, all b. N. Y. [For Leander vide 
post under Eunice.] 

1870, Lake Co., 3k: 181: James Allen, aged 62, farmer, real $6500; personal 
$2000; wife Eunice Allen, aged 71, keeping house and Lydia Hills, aged 68, 
doing housework, all b. in N. Y. 

* Jefferson set off from Oneida in 1805. Eunice probably married in Jefferson Co. 

t Hoel Hills, brother of Eunice and Lydia, buried 1867, Willoughby, is not there in 
census 1850 or 1860, nor is his widow until 1880. 

3 C 0 A&T/LI 8 JJIH 

<v»juoiioi<jq6 eilt <w#b> 

dhr.l to Uiia aswr •< 

/ torfu .rl /! A .altili nxkW Jr:ifo wocui wia m 

. i;4 o <n ■ ■' '.o l «s<B fc 'o flan oeis imbliife vi&uh v. 

I ;. . ' '*• v* b ‘ ' ' ■■ ' ' v ' ;? ' V! ; , 

Lii femr.-q. - 19 V, .1 ol I 9 ll »•'>’« ; :m ‘. * U '. 

yhirH ’O a *u ,fc! »<I‘ * 

• i hi f r, «iv,flii ba bb vb ! I V 3 .1 , A -n : 
i : Ot- dr. ‘ J i od A>wl v -Hi #/ . lIO oi 

,n rfi in.: u li'AiO. .bnsiovyD tc ; r * *>»: .c O ,v>uoJ 

I - : t. • tiferf ' Wi <u : : * r > ’ ? * 1 ni * E *Y' ! 

bn,. wunyd rao-tl ; to i c <&w yinuo > 0; A 

yraril tnw yliruitt nuo siobxi , •'**• ; *■ ' ; . .uJ 

:swoUol vdrir trolliV/ to ebic)*i sib • > ybuia 

.< [$dtiow ,T>arial M bf *" ■ 1 xl . , 
VS bos* t vmA ;.Y & .<i -Oi r-»*«ii5l ><» A W t«w n Mtj 

f.Y X .d d* d ,§I «feunw 2 bo* 

OOuit* ;0i*< ■ rf.'K * .unmet «I£ bf^B .fls'-A ?.* ’ h • c'j . %'<• .0 > , 

Ml l,v>. .noli A nobfiBoJ ;{iwii^d] S -3 b^fi .noi.A loineU (H» oliw 

q lU B .datqj 

[.‘»->iCU.i wbi’u V.oq 

«3 i ; V, U MVfrV bo* aeood aniqwJ J? ***** «' wr j 0<K 

.Y ./. ni d i)e .JiowsexioH sr:ob 




1880, Lake Co., vol. not cited, p. 61, Family #300: James Allen, aged 72, 
retired farmer, b. N. Y., both parents b. same; wife Eunice, aged SI, keeping 
house; Delia 31. “Hills,” aged 73, sister-in-law, boarder and Lydia Hills, 
aged 76 sister-in-law, boarder, all b. N. Y., and parents b. same [sic].* 

And thus we have full proof that between 1850 and 1860, Lydia 
Hills joined her sister in Willoughby, Ohio, and that between 1870 
and 1880, the Allen family was augmented by Delia M. Hills, presum¬ 
ably the widow of Hoel Hills, a brother of Eunice and Lydia, who 
died in Willoughby in 1867. 

In the Hills Xotes are photostatic copies of the pages of interest to 
us, made from the 1923 Philip-L. Cobb typed copy of the epitaphs 
in the Willoughby Center Cemetery, through the courtesy' of the 
New England Historic Genealogical Society', who possess the full 
copy'. A 1928 copy' of the same gravey'ard, made by Rawson, which is 
at the Western Reserve Historical Society', in Cleveland, Ohio, calls 
this the Willoughby' Ridge Cemetery'. Both copies, 1923 and 1928, 
have been checked with each other and neither is fully' correct in 
regard to the inscriptions in which we are interested. Also, as part 
of the Hills Xotes are photographs of the stones to the memory' of 
the three Hills: Eunice, Lydia and Hoel, which were made in Septem¬ 
ber 1955, courtesy' of Thomas Mazich of Willoughby', who describes 
the gravey'ard as the Willoughby' Center Cemetery, in the incor¬ 
porated Willoughby' Hills Village in the City' of Willoughby. Mr. 
Mazich also made a verbatim copy' of the stones, of which a single 
polished marble shaft, quite large, gives the inscription of James 
Allen and his two wives, the Hills sisters: 

[Front] “James Allen 


[Right] “Lydia Hills 

Wife of 
James Allen 
Born Oct. 26 1801 
Died June 22 1889 

[Left] “Eunice Hills 

Wife of 
James Allen 

* A J. C. Hills ran a store in Willoughby, as see the 1878 History of Geauga, and Lake 
Counties, 256, and appears there in the 1850 and the 18G0 census. The store is still 
extant but under the name of HILL. In 1860, he was 51, a grocer, born Mass., wife 
Martha, 50, born Ohio, Belle, 22, Lisander, 19, Frank, 14, and Augusta, 10, all born in 
Ohio, and as “Hills.” This was John-Case Hills, who died 6 Feb. 1885, aged 65 years, 
one month; his wife, Martha (Meredith) Hills, died 26 Jan. 1S85, aged 61 years, 8 
months, both are buried in the Willoughby “Center” Cemetery, where these children 
are also buried: Reuben-Byron, died 1857, aged 4; Lysander-Bascom, died 1871, aged 
21 ; and Mary-Arabella, died 1889, aged 41. 

A Jabez Hill, who lived in Willoughby, in 1850, aged 60, born in N. Y., wife Elizabeth, 
aged 58, and others, apparently was not related to our family. 


.ST A. 89 XiibF» :O0£* vli/xu’; A » .q .b>Jb it*i .V* ,.tO ,0881 

i ,fb I $jj ,?*»i.'Uj.'l 9 b// .**/i: u- .d giii9iaq dJod ,.Y ./ .d ,i9nnat baniian 

x iiVf .1 .0081 bun 0> 8f n>-)v/jed JadJ locnq Ujj! wad »w end! bnA 

(J r. lfijiii to a *gaq :1 lo eoKjOO oiiji’ao o !g v » • tAViH srii nl 

h'jqyJ dcio’3 .J -qtlifPl ES 21 »dj ni<ril At&m <ku 

.jfim .tiujvovuv on'r.hodji.^v H Oi - .vqoa 


rrr Jooitoo vjbrt ai bflfi isxi.o (bn* djiw bodo^do nvxf 9vad 

.(rjJaoTKlm wa fW t >kfw ni auoi <;irjftni sdi of tn&goi 

n.’:>yj t o-: i fiu d rallxH srfi 

■ • ii r iv 7 .- i -■ h.( 


7 aiilli ^dii^uolfi// b^iaioq 


:ai9j?.irt aHiFI »i?j ,gwrw *wj aid bn nailA 

fJiiH sibva" 

]o sb // 
ndfiA souibI 

1081 8? JaO 1110 S 


\o * \ 7 T 


• -v.v i ■ ••'.) \o vtoW-H 8T8r -nil *c t vdnj ioi(iV/ ni • J* «n II. A .0 l A* 

*• ••< d 1 ’ *•’ ‘ '81 sdi bflo OMl J ^ \ t r;* ! ne ,V.C\ ,«vhuift) 

•» ; . .-V am- ,19 >• .• ,U .v mi <u>>&i nl . ..JI i. j um ii jurf 

bjjifi .IV 8 I i> 9 tb ;(• b^a .Ti-i bsio ,tunvfr*i> ri^rnio* o*ia aia 

.v inifc'i mo oi batata ion ■ .» jirqqo ,ei 9 xito baa big* 



Bora Oct. 1 1797 
. Died Apr. 24 1887 * 

“James Allen 
Bora Feb. 2 1808 
Died Apr. 24 1896” 

In the same Allen lot is a small marker with “Lydia” upon it; also 
two more on the left side are marked “Mother” and “Father.” Both 
Eunice and James died 24 April, although in different years, com¬ 
ments Mr. Mazich. 

Hoel Hills is buried some distance from the Allen lot and has a 
sandstone gravestone; it was difficult to photograph: 

“Hoel Hills 

Jan 14, 1867 
Aged 60 Yrs 
6 Months 

Gone But Not Forgotten ” 

There is no stone for Delia M. Hills. It was impossible to take a 
good photograph of the left side of the Allen shaft. 

My surmise is that Polly was born a Kneeland of the Hebron- 
Colchester-^ vie ., Kneeland-Neland family, or that her mother was 
a member of the same, and that she, our Polly, wife of Asahel Hills, 
and thus the mother of David Hills, was born in Connecticut, between 
1765 and 1775, probably about 1770, and was married by 1791, at the 
latest. If her two eldest sons were of full age in 1811, she was married 
about 1786, but this seems doubtful. 

As I have noted, certainly it was more than a coincidence that 
David named a son Kneeland f, and that his brother, Asahel Jr., also 
had a son, Kneeland. We know that this name does not appear among 
the forbears of their father, Asahel Hills. 

As Asahel Jr., himself, presumably the second child, gave the place 
of his birth as Connecticut, and the year (deduced from his age) as 
1793, it is evident that Polly married in, and was undoubtedly from, 
the very same section of the Nutmeg State as was her husband. By 
1797, she and her husband were living in Paris, Oneida County, N. Y., 
where we know the family continued until at least 1811. Between 
1810 and 1822, Polly was a member of the Union Church there and by 
her husband’s will, drawn in 1811, received her thirds for her lifetime, 
except the farming tools, being also named co-executor. 

What names did Polly give her known children? Of these, what 
names were perhaps from her side of the family? Her husband had a 

* This agrees with her death record which gives her age as 89 years and 5 months 
and her birthplace as Oneida Co., N. Y. 

t “Neiland” states the Hills Family. Note that the Kneelands of Hebron spelled 
their names as “Neland” and “Neeland” during the 18th century. 

3 HMU 9 /.U aiiXIH 


r 1 ^ 11 ( 11 ! !i I " n y* IGZ ill 

.i i JsuM a]/- Vhvx i 

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- uobA edi W> n>ia l\ 4 ^df \> ikurr^ilo/lq boos 

.aJlirl Ifjrii aK >o air* ,viio*L rvo «■ :til! bOfl /jar : odl lo isxbiiMH * 

bomimi aaw odts <1 f81 ni •« du Vo w '■ *r>w J^bl >trb ioii l .isoJid 

Julie b F.raa«« • : i Jud ,08"£ iuocU 

1 (r .-ibionioo j iiuili oi om aaw Ji vjfli* • .l,U~n ovsd 1 *A 
o t .i! lodt.*/ t iod.tofd *W ted! bn* ,t -•'>< * b^uim bcvnU 

,dii I bd Ki/ jodlfl ~ it lo am * lol odi 
i i»l<j >iLt ovjsg .biiil-j biioooa 9fl3 ylib.fuur. nq ..-oauiiJ ! * *^A A 

# h!0*l1 : . ^iJuobfUI fc£W Lllii .flj ii «lUi J 1'- Jfl >biV9 8lJ ! 

.boJ tad saw an *Ui2 \ >£ in/ • J to noilo-j* aow» aril 
. i r .X ,\MnuoO JibifmO t ah <1 ni siicvil oiov? i n&dami t> d bns i ria «TG?I 
.1181 iarai 1 b lijnu bwniinoo vjiinjJ odi wond aw aiadw 
. n <r -J ]•:■ mi I > • »i JT srUloixJinir: :ubv/ y \. l i , . U hnflO r 8I 
>/r iolii r> l *iol plniifj v d boviooi JlHi ni rr/nnb Jlr/7 /bnudaud iod 
iloiuojxa-oD boainit ofeiis $ 0 !** Mo*>t oanmnl oiii Jqooxa 
j«rfw ,O"/; li *0 *i rioiblido trxv ' iorf y/i.** yVoft bib esaura JfidW 
£ had baadetfd ioii SvlicarJ edi Vo obia v>d moil aqsihoq ww aaaum 

fottsafe n<nd^i lo sbiifilyin^ **iii slo V \ rAVU oHl ’ baali V/. ‘ f 



brother, David, and sisters Lucy and Lydia; however little Lucy Hills 
died aged six, so this name may also come from Polly’s family. 
Hence, these names mav well be indicative of Pollv’s connections: 
John-K[neeland?], Eunice , and perhaps Lucy. 

As has been pointed out, it is evident that the family of Asahel 
Hills, that is, the widow and children, left Paris, about 1818, and 
surely by 1820. It is entirely possible that Polly, the widow, re¬ 
married, for she was only about forty-five at the time of her husband’s 
death, and perhaps even younger. 

My notes about the Kneeland family have been presented by Mr. 
Hills to the Conn. State Librarv, the D. A. R. Librarv and to the New 
England Historic Genealogical Society, where they may be consulted.* 

At first I thought that our Polly w^as identical with Molly (another 
diminutive for Mary), bom in Hebron, Conn., in 1774, and baptised 
in Marlborough Parish, in 1775, child of Joseph and Ruth (Pratt) 
Kneeland, who had a sister, Eunice Kneeland, born in 1788, etc. But 
careful research, in Hartford, on winch I personally engaged, proved 
that this Molly married someone else. A great disappointment to me. 

Later, for various reasons, I became interested in two Benjamin 
Kneelands, both of w’hom I eliminated from being the father of our 

The search of the copy books for all Kneeland estates in Colchester 
Prohate has not been made. For in estates before about 1820, it is 
essential to cover both the Files (accomplished) and the copy books, 
or volumes, to secure the entire story. Often the Files, or documents, 
were destroyed and of course the bonds were never recorded. 

Although this difficult search has thus far proved negative, we have 
been able to eliminate many possibilities. It w’ould seem that if our 
Polly w r as indeed bom a Kneeland, the best chances for her are: 

A child of Edward 4 Kneeland, if so, bom between 1759 and 1766, and 
probably in Vermont. I think that some day Edward warrants a more 
careful study. 

A child of John 5 Kneeland ( John 4 ), born 1739, if he lived to marry and 
have children. 

A child of Ichabod 5 Kneeland (John 4 ), who went to Ballston, now in 
Saratoga County, N. Y., and who had a Paris, N. Y., connection. He also 
warrants further research. 

We must recall that Polly named a son John-K. Hills. Of course, if her 
mother was bom a Kneeland, the possibilities are many. She had two 
grandsons w’ho bore the given name of Kneeland and that name is not through 
her husband’s ancestrv. 

There are chances for further research on the identity of Polly, but 
these have been put aside, temporarily, in an effort to publish this 
account of her husband’s proven lineage. 

* Also the Genealogical Society of Utah. 

tt 30 AJTZ!.]" 

,-$SV\ * |HI! '‘■'1 hn« i ♦'■ .A -J\Ao\* 

foliar./. yliniiil odJ Jed* Jnohivo «i ii «iiio bsiflioq nood sf.d ?A 

nadJons- vlh'i ’nii vk i.M t* &rtfv/loM UK* J*i I Jd-m:d* I i*.th JA 


‘ , , ifTl rfm, ,1 ru'i > .n >1a« a ! o:lw ,J> vVoMid 

. Ho*I 

>oi v ^ ‘ftt orfi no:K) .yoote wtno $if) oi ftidov no 

m‘}\ n idv9n 919W ' mt 9 f ii 9?r.ou< o fo bn *. 3 b 

>n fesvoiq *urt r*uf§t Mf ibia .u: J u )rHib in uo >J ^ 

iuo *ii Jndi cB99< blnow il .Es>bH df. 

:rr. \ v-d no*- 99 ‘mibc \ Jasxi oi hanlsofivl is r od bool ni e •v /Ho*! 

bn& ,ri5TI bn* *u\t£ mwted mod ^ b bnulono/l * biaw! to bV .•» A 
• o r £ * lr iAv Lr Rwi/:i y*b onu >: i*fii ii't 1 .,1 nottflo ■- ui ddr-doiq 

.ybuia fidonao 

I 4 . vtibm oJ bovi! oi! \*v mod «(* m.o\») ho«i-• >nv 1 odot. v> u.i A 

.ayiMilb svbxI 

’■■if il ’ ot ’ i >v Or • (' ;! : . »»« o i bod . . » O >titi > A 
oatu oil .n»•:i , j'juHoo ,.Y ./: , a r - 0 b®d ©dvr bn* t . ( .A ,vtnuo < *jjojir.jsS 

.ftarcxs - sndH.d pjaana# 

1 ju ;i t o*iuoo H) .rJitH .Vi •(idol* ooa * Vo / ,1 'urn 9 // 

<i- urn Hi Am *i omen taijj bn;: bstfc'iMwVl lo omen noviy 9 '♦ wod ox aooehjlltj 


.c^iionrl novonq ?'bimi>-ijd nod k> Jnuoooa 
.Hoi ! >o vtsj jc^ lAoqoIfioiiii > 91 O o*lA * 



Jefferson County * 

In the brief account of Eunice (Hills) Allen, certain clues point to this 
New York County as being the early home of some of the children of Polly 
Hills. Did the widow Polly go there from Oneida County? Sources easily 
available to me have been searched but were not helpful, nor was the census; 
but the deeds and estates have not been covered as yet. 

Omaha, Nebraska 

In 1898, James Allen, husband of Eunice Hills, had son Samuel-E. Allen, 
then of Omaha, who married, as of Nebraska City, in 1861. If his age of 
sixteen in 1850 is correct, he was bom in 1834, and was Eunice’s own son. In 
1899, Samuel-E. Allen was still of Omaha. We should try and locate his 
heirs, there might be extant a family Bible with its valuable records or some 
other family records of importance to us. 

Chautauqua County 

Descendants of Asahel Hills Jr., son of Polly, were living in the very small 
town of Yillenova as late as 1890. It might be possible, by a trip there, or 
perhaps by writing there, to locate living heirs, who might have a Family 
Bible or some sort of information about Polly. 

As two of Polly’s children lived to be really aged, there is the great 
possibility that she may have also lived to old age; also, as her husband 
died when she was comparatively young, she undoubtedly remarried, 
as I have suggested. 

Children, those bom from 1797, in Oneida County, N. Y.: f 

i. Daughter s , b. about 1791, prob. Conn., d. ante 1811. 

ii. Asahel, b. 1793, Conn., aged 62 in 1855, shoemaker, b. Conn., 

res., Villenova, Chautauqua Co.+, N. Y., d. there, 7 Oct. 1859, 
intest.; m. 1 Oct. 1815, Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Polly 
W right, b. 1796, Dutchess Co., N. Y., d. intest. 1888, Villenova, 
prob. related to five Wright brothers, w’ho early settled in 
Chautauqua Co., from Herkimer Co.: Charles, Augustin, Lewis, 
Daniel and Sylvanus. In 1811, Asahel was named in his father’s 
will, in 1815 married in the next town to Paris, and in 1818 re¬ 
moved to what became, in 1823, Villenova, formerly Hanover. 
Young’s 1875 Hist. Chautauqua Co., p. 576, states that in the 
village of Hamlet, said Villenova, Asahel Hills settled first on 
lot 52, then on lot 36, “deceased. His sons, Hoel and Kneeland 
G., reside in town.” Evidently w’hile still living in Paris, he 
served in the War of 1812-1814, for which his widow claimed 
rights to bounty land, rejected, R. 329270-1855: Declaration: 

* Jefferson was formed in 1805 from Oneida. The town of Worth was early settled 
by men from Litchfield, Herkimer Co., where Asahel Jr., married. Worth was for¬ 
merly in Lorrain (set off 1804 as Malta, from Mexico). 

f Oneida was set off, 17 Mar. 1798, from Herkimer and the latter, 16 Feb. 1791, from 
Montgomery Co. Litchfield was orig. Snowbush and is bounded on west by Oneida 
Co. Before 1791, judicial matters were conducted at Whitestown in what is now 
Oneida. When the Court House burned in Herkimer, 1834, not all the records perished. 

t Chautauqua Co. erected 1808 from Genesee, and Villenova from Hanover in 1823. 




v! I s, t,' o({ * ,«ifc>d : il 



,.IVA > A t i -U 1)01^ ,< • ui S?d 1> . g ..mio’ ) ,8 rx A A:-«±y h .ii 
,io ,.Y K ..oD rjiQi *11* l .war i<>0 1 .m *J**Jf*i 

- : c ; .» 'j iiol ,b oflfjiu'/ ,£. "'il ni ,‘.nu,;>3‘- ia # oJ i?ovom 


iK.' > . i ofi ,5?ooa ?.:!•! .h ;vw * • tol Qo m Jo* 

o.l > ;M ni 5 rr/ii ttiJUi olirlw v ti. >v-3 ".irwoi at 3bi«M ..O 
1; '• i .1. A > > ' to J’./f ' ' i-i • :YV iJ 

.ft ( b9iop,‘" i' ia* vinuod oi aii^ i 

•v »• r 1 J' .b -mi:' i ;T, V-ire/ w * » r*a../h >if oh*.4 • I mo i flvm t‘* 

.(rW/ >1/- moil .ajIbI/. e* liMt flo i*i) aianal ii vl a 

.1 --ii ,!SV). I !• ITO r I . r 1 ' : J->- ! ‘ * * !1< T 

- ■ - I i. f»ui< • i i>nr. Ak J w ;<?. . : '-J .t*” 

t i tavoiieH j I ;'/<Xj >Hi / lx », .• .! oi". Oti ‘ Ir-. ) .<> J juij- »> *!• 3 ♦ 



30 June 1874, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., by Polly Hills, aged 73, of 
Villenova, swears she is the widow of Asahel Hills, who was a 
teamster, Q.M. Camp Bliss, N. Y. Militia, who served over 30 
days, and was hon. disch. Dec. 1812; that she m. him, 1 Oct. 
1815, Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y., ceremony by the Rev. 
Goodier, that her maiden name was Polly Wright, that her 
husband d. 7 Oct. 1860 [.vie], Villenova, that her P. O. is Hamlet, 
said co., as wit: Lewis Lux of Lyons and G. C. McAllester, of 
Forrestville; also, “Kneelon G. Hills” and “Celestia L. Hills,” 
of Villenova, swear to knowing them for 30 years and 25 years 
respectively. Claim rejected. On reverse of declaration is 
statement that Asahel Hills was a teamster for the baggage of 
Capt. Campston and also drove twenty other loads to “So. 
Harbor.” This minister, the Rev. Aaron Goodier, b. in England, 
was bur. Cedar Lake Cem., Litchfield, 9 Mar. 1849, aged 75, and 
formed the M.E. Ch. there, ante 1813, his desc. still there in 
1879. (Beers’ 1879 Hist. Herkimer Co ., pp. 131-135.) The 
census of 1820, for Hanover township, Chautauqua Co., shows 
Asahel Hills, one male, 26-45, one female, 16-26, and one male 
under 10, no other Hills there but a Benjamin “Hill.” In 
nearby Pomfret, was an Anson-B. Coats. (J: 89. 87, 120.) In 
1830, an Ephraim and our Asahel Hills w’ere in Villenova, the 
latter had one male and one female 30 to 40, and four children. 
[It is evident that his mother was not with him.] (p. 176). In 
1840, Asahel and Hoel Hills were of same town, but Asahel had 
only his own family and Hoel had himself and wife. In 1850, 
Asahel’s listing is omitted, but we find his son, as plain “H” 
aged 30, farmer, wife Hannah, 30, Jane 6, Milton 3, all b. in 
N. Y. (9: 97). The state census of 1855, on file at the co. 
seat, was covered by Mr. Smith: Villenova: Asahel Hills, 62, b. 
Conn, wife “Hannah” [$ic], aged 59, b. Dutchess Co., N. Y., 
living alone; also in separate home, Hoel Hills, 36, farmer, b. 
Chautauqua Co., wife Hannah, 37, b. Chenango Co., Jane 11, 
Milton-A., 9. Mr. Smith covered the Deeds and the Surrogate 
Reeds., viz: 30 Jan. 1838, reed. 24 May 1852, indenture between 
Willink & Co., to Asahel Hills, of Chautauqua Co., for 894.59, 
map appears in the vol., showing land “heretofore Deeded to the 
said Asahel Hills,” bounded by land deeded to Isaac Corev. 
0 Chautauqua , N. Y., Deeds, 58: 278-279.) 11 Feb. 1852, Abel-.T., 

and Annes Wright convey to Asahel Hills, of Villenova, part of 
lot 36, 5th T. R. 10 of Township, for $1,725, at SE corner of land 
deeded to Sylvanus Wright by George- W. Warner, subject to 
bond and mortgage executed by Thcron-E. and Edmund-R. 
Wright to said Varner, etc. (ibid., 57:309.) * No formal estate 
for Asahel Hills but there is an agreement of his heirs in the 

* The David-S. Hills and wife, Louisa-M., of Portland, Chautauqua Co., in deeds 
dated 1835, 1838 and 1840 could be our David if he had a first wife. This man appears 
as both “David” and “David S. Hills” in the deeds. [Our David, b. about 1804, was 
old for a first marriage in 1841 to Anna Kirk.] ( Chautauqua Deetls, 17: 17 4; 29: 52; 
bl: 88.) 

30/.SVSJ «ijih 



■ ■■ . • 1J '• • •' L 

niafcj ,r. mS l.iirt o*w Jud ,!«>*♦« c> ni 3111 toil a'teriaffc 

i ; f |i. , . !il/. 'ft ,4niiflH otiw /i-wtiurt ,0R 

■ t c \ >.;f ju I • iv- ft 1 V span*) oil 


1 „// ./* O v .0 )j: (I .») ,GS bo^fi ,[o«] 

i:j:S. ..o:) a^n jr*A > .d .fft jLaunali 9 :h 
«>> ", 91 1 t »r . >.'»•• >(I 9f't ho^MYOO (I • • .T ' '■■ 


.! fj 1 t(i 9 " 9 91 ** ill " *< :! t •' ; I. <TB ft' 

10 , .1 ol 09 b bi i vi ioi * 

j. ft, ,1 ' : ? {.ftV. --SK ,6b ,.X .’A O) 

V» -i/, ,rv mo iV k» .aliil' foHfi&A ol v9Vimo JtbjjhW -on/tA baa 


A 7 / . ) v-f 7 , iBiiv-tya obbolmb 

M r» u al>3 1 • ■; . r no m!‘I \ ! drn/' -3 an .’-min : : ji*; Uk-1 

Vi l? nr >:.{ airi Ho Ui 11 : mya qa \ or: Lf Jftii • H .11 I ii>. *»oi 



deeds, dated 8 Oct. 1859, between Hoel Hills and Hannah, his 
wife, James-S. Warner and Flora, his wife, George-W. Warner 
and Harriet, his wife, and Polly Hills, “widow of Ashel Hills” 
deed., all of said co., and “Knelon G. Hills” of same, for $500 to 
“each of us” land in Yillenova, also personal property used by 
“Ashel” and “Knelon G. Hills” was divided, (ibid., 86: 67.) 
Same day, Polly and “Knelon G. Hills” with others, for $50 
quitclaim deed to Hoel Hills, part of lot 19 T.5 R.10, etc. ( ibid ., 
86: 150.) Letters of administration were granted on the estate 
of Polly Hills, late of Yillenova, deed., 6 Oct. 1888, to Kneelon-G. 
Hills, the heirs being listed as: daughter Harriet Warner, aged 
62, son Kneelon-G. Hills, aged 65, and son Hoel Hills, aged 69, 
all of Yillenova. ( Surrogate, 7: 192.) Children (Hills), b. 
Hanover-Villenova, N. Y., (1) Hoel 6 , b. 23 Jan. 1819, aged 69 in 
1888; m. Hannah Dye, dau. of John Dye; had (a) Jane, b. 1844; 
(b) Milton, b. 1847; (c) George, b. post 1850; (d) David, b. post 
1850, d. aged 1 yr.; (2) Flora, b. about 1822, living 1859 but not 
in 1888; m. James-S. Warner; (3) Kneeland-G., b. 1823, aged 65 

in 1888, d. 1890, intest. Yillenova; m. Celestia-L.-, letters 

of administration granted on estate of “Kneelon G. Hills,” 5 
June 1890, to his widow, Celestia, and to John-B. Gardner, the 
heirs being the wddow, a daughter Elma Harrington, of Dayton, 
N. Y., Ader [Ada] Dexter, a daughter; Mark Hills, a son, aged 
20; Asahel Hills, a son, of full age, all of Yillenova, as w'as Jane 
Hills, a daughter, aged 11. ( Surrogate Reeds.) He had: (a) 

Alma; m. - Harrington; (6) Ada; m. - Dexter; (c) 

Asahel; (d) Mark, b. 1870; (e) Jane, b. 1879; perhaps Kneeland 
m. twice?; (4) Harriet, b. 1826, alive 1888; m. George-W. Warner. 
It appears possible that descendants of Asahel Hills Jr., could be 
located in Yillenova and might know the identity of our Polly 
(-) Hills, wife of Asahel Sr.* 

iii. John-K[neeland?], b. about 1795, Conn., or N. Y., living 1811, 

one of the two older sons. 

iv. Polly, b. about 1796, Conn., or N. Y., living 1811. 

v. Eunice, b. 1 Oct. 1797, Oneida Co., N. Y., prob. Paris, d. 24 Apr. 

1887, aged 89 yrs., 5 mos., Willoughby, Lake Co., Ohio, where 
she is buried, vide ante for gravestone inscription which gives 
date of birth; m. by 1834, prob. Jefferson Co., N. Y., as 2d wife, 
James Allen, b. 2 Feb. 1808, N. Y., d. 24 Apr. 1896, intest., 
Cleveland, Ohio, bur. Willoughby, gravestone gives date of 
birth, son of John-Pearce and Elizabeth (W'all) Allen, of R. I. 
descent.f James Allen m. (1), about 1826, Brownville, Jefferson 
Co., N. Y., Sally Davis, who d. 1829; he m. (3), his wife’s sister, 
post 24 Apr. 1887, Lydia Hills, b. 26 Oct. 1801, d. 22 June 1889, 
Willoughby, bur. there, gravestone gives date of birth; he m. (4), 

* This clue will be followed up later. 

t Allen data courtesy of Miss Clarice-M. Ferguson, of Morganton, N. C. James 
was not related to Amasa-I., and Abner-T. Allen, natives of Warren, Mass., early of 
Willoughby, see 1893 Northeastern Ohio, 1016; Warren V. R.; Willoughby G. S ., etc. 


8D/&KI1 aid'll 


j. V^Lcjiiit -Hr • i. H AST#! • '* •- 8 -i-b 'b>>i' 

v. birii vIt . nq faiiOM'rtf ofciu- .uvof! ni bn* 1 aw to v ^ 

ib J-..ST *V! U • fld fl/f 

, >., .ntV- ol • / > -tfti . UiJl ^ 


! i; ,fu>: ii . i! • •! »»!/:• i t ' /• > •'•• 

'"i ’ " : 

.K,sP .7/ ajioaO Ml ;*-38I vivlfis ,;^8i .0 .Wm \\ (0 jSariwJ .«<i 
•d !»! > 1. .!* i.i IwwA }o *J. hiiaoadb *£fii .* v svjgo J- 
V :k \ n > \o viiiaabi -jd» "On/l Mfiia* ba* erroivA.'if ai bolac 

Uibf’.K \o ^YtU (-) 

, : ,:r :/ to t .Kiio') m mi -jjo « .d *** o- .ill 

unoe i?d!o a wi idf lo »uo 

4181 Burnt ,.Y .V! v ,. ’1 />«' I In !.> x . uoH .vi 

. q h 19 .b ,«iu r .do/ ,.Y .VI ..<*> rf>br > .TCtl J >0 J .d .joiwiSI .v 


, •: ,.Y ,.o ) • ? 'd .ai jrftii.i to fri.-.b 

Vqi .dGBI .inA bS .b ,.Y ./. ,8t#I «a-//b 

* > i 3 ono *ov>n& ,Y.dft^uc .i A .to . i,f ’ — • ^ 

no- • !: r,yi;r ,dSBI iik>dc i(0-m aoll/iaona^l j.ifl9Msb 

.11' ;d! .boil.f .r 1'u.U. 2 T 

c : ; ;I v l5 \ . 1 ,1* Sf iO .d . (I AiaYwI.« 8r' j ; . V h- : 

i>) 0 d ; dilid :J, mis aaoieovr^vs .‘^.7 tad ;; 

.1 !f t tv woilijl xt Llnr tt.b - ! 

ii l ') .nolai oV lo,m»u S Ti >• •«. • * ■» . •«{• “ft* 

' , it. • ' 



Marietta Houck, of Dexter, Jefferson Co., N. Y., from whom 
he separated and who survived him. Vide ante for James Allen’s 
census reeds. His initial purchase in Willoughby, 2 Jan. 1850, 
does not cite his place of residence; his sister-in-law, and later 
his wife, “Lydia Hills” wit. a deed passed by James and wife, 
Eunice, 1 Feb. 1S80; and Eunice is named as his wife in deeds 
drawn earlier; 12 Sept. 1853, 21 May 1801, 23 Jan. 1863, 13 Apr. 
1863, 12 Apr. 1865, 15 June 1877 [to George-A. Brown, b. 5 May 
1836, d. 10 Aug. 1885]; and 8 Apr. 1854, a purchase by Allen was 
wit. by [brother] Sheldon Allen [b. 3 June 1804, d. 9 Mar. 1878, 
wife Eliza-A., d. 17 May 1854, aged 49, bur. Brown’s Corner 
Cem., Kirtland, Ohio]. 28 Jan. 1893, James and wife “Mari¬ 
etta” sold and the same day, James-R. Ferguson and wife, 
Hallie-I. [.vie], also conveyed.* 10 June 1890, John-F. Ferguson, 
of Cleveland, “single” [widownr], conveyed to James-R. Fergu¬ 
son, of same, eighty-seven acres in Willoughby, for love and $1.00, 
being the homestead of Ilezekiah and Martha Ferguson, except 
the cemetery and four acres previously sold. 30 Aug. 1902, 
James-R. Ferguson sold fifty-four acres of this. [I have at hand 
full notes on all these deeds, references: Lake Co., Ohio, Deeds , 
H: 12,15; I: 455, 456; K: 154; L: 67, 68; R: 610; T: 372; V: 455; 
X: 454; 5: 532 , 592; 7: 366; 13: 421; 14: 554; 23: 627; 24: 187; 
19: 596; 35: 137.) There is no Civil War pension reed, for 
Samuel-E. Allen, but a pension was obtained for a Leander 
Allen, b. 10 July 1846, Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N. Y., who rem. 
in 1865 to Arbella, Tuscola Co., Mich., where he d. 3 Oct. 1920. 
(C. 721313.) Leander may have been a nephew' of James 
Allen’s. 8 Feb. 1898, an application for the administration of 
James Allen’s estate was made for purpose of mortgage release, 
he having d. 24 Apr. 1896, the heirs being: “Martha” Allen, 
widow, of Dexter, N. Y., son Samuel-E. Allen, of Omaha, Xebr., 
and grandson, James-R. Ferguson, of Cleveland, the petitioner. 
(Lake Co., Probale, 3: 175.) Children (Allen), by Sally Davis, 
(1) Amy , b. 9 Mar. 1827, Brownville, N. Y., d. 2 Feb. 1883, 
Willoughby, Ohio, bur. there; m. 20 Feb. 1851, Lake Co., Ohio, 
John-F. Ferguson, b. 23 Nov. 1821, d. 23 Nov. [?] 1891, bur. 
Willoughby, son of Hezekiah and Martha (Smith) Ferguson, 
natives of N. Y., and grandson of John Ferguson, a soldier in 
the Revolution. In 1867, John-F. Ferguson conveyed the 
family cemetery to the Willoughby Center Cem. Asso. Child: 
James-Ross Ferguson, b. 12 Nov. 1858, d. 20 Jan. 1928, Deland, 
Fla., bur. Lake view Cem., Cleveland, Ohio; m. 16 Nov. 1887, 
Lake Co., Hattie-I. Pierce, b. 22 Feb. 1862, d. 12 Feb. 1941, bur. 
Lakeview Cem., prob. d. Wilmington, Del., dau. of Dewitt- 
Clinton and Mariette (Spencer) Pierce; Mr. Ferguson was a 
jeweller in Cleveland about 1882-1883, later became a w'ell 
known druggist there; issue: (a) Clarice-Mariette, Director of 

* Research at Painesville and Cleveland was handled by Miss Harriet Scofield of 
Cleveland, in 1956; we are grateful to her for her careful report. 

ao&sncrj ajwiiH 

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>1 : !•>!■; h/ oaoipuq to ob&ia nr. • oJ;Jfe9 a'nidlA carnal. 

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■ ,f -■•onrJO (to) :'% uk >\ ;oTjdJ _\Ln] J wotn4 



Therapy, State Hosp., Morganton, N. C., 1956, unm.; (6) Ray- 
mond-Stanley, b. 20 Jan. 1889, Cleveland, res. Taylorsville, 
N. C., 1956; m. Sue Ramey, has two children *; probably by 
Eunice Hills, if age in 1850 correct, (2) Samuel-E., b. 1834, N. Y., 
aged 16 in 1850, then of Willoughby, with father, in 1898, listed 
as son of James Allen and res. Omaha, Nebr., still there in 1899 
Directory of Omaha; m. 13 Feb. 1861, Lake Co., groom of 
Nebraska City, Maria Waldo; I would like to trace his heirs , for 
if his mother was Eunice (Hills) Allen, he was a grandson of 
Asahel and Polly (-) Hills.f 

vi. Lucy, b. about 1799; m. - Coates; she did not go to Villenova 

or to Willoughby; did she go to Jefferson Co., N. Y.? The 1820 
census of Pomfret, near Villenova, shows an Anson-B. Coats. 

vii. Lydia, b. 26 Oct. 1801, d. 22 June 1889, Willoughby, bur. there; 

she m. as his 3d wife, her brother-in-law James Allen and was 
at least 86 at the time of her marriage. 

5. viii. DAVID, b. about 1804; m. Anna Kirk. 

ix. Hoel, b. June 1806, d. 14 Jan. 1867, aged 60 yrs., 6 mos., bur. in 
Willoughby, vide ante, probably where he removed post 1860. 

Perhaps he never lived there? He m. Delia-M. - , or 

Delia M-, who was with the Allens, in 1880, aged 73, no 

gravestone for her there and no death reeds, for either of them. 
The 1928 Rawson copy of the graveyard in which Hoel is interred 
gives his age as 70 yrs., 6 mos., but this is not correct. There 
are no deeds or estates for Hoel or Delia. If a Mason, the 
Willoughby Lodge, #3-2, F. & A. M., organized 1858, might 
have records of help. 

5. DAVID 5 HILLS ( Asahel 4 , Lebbeus 3 , Ephraim 2 , Samuel *), bom 
in Paris, Oneida County, near Utica, N. Y., about 1804, died in 
Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, 15 Dec. 1862. He married, 
perhaps in or near Philadelphia, Pa., about 1841, Anna Kirk,! born 
in Pennsylvania, in 1821, died in Philadelphia, 12 Feb. 1900, aged 
seventy-nine, daughter of-and Susan (-) Kirk. 

It has been claimed that Anna Kirk was a Quakeress but the Friends 
Records , always well kept, do not reveal this fact; probably she had 
Quaker forbears. Further data about her and her immediate family 
will be given later in this account. 

Mr. Hills, in filling in a genealogical form for the New England 
Historic Genealogical Society, of which he is a colonial member, stated 
that David was born in Syracuse, N. Y. [Ithaca, states the 1906 Hills 

* Mr. Ferguson and his sister are members of N. C. Soc. Mayflower Desc., their 
mother, a native of Floyd, X. Y., being a lineal desc. of Edward Fuller. Both have 
been helpful to us in supplying data. Mr. Ferguson’s children are James-Rufus and 
Laura-Mariette Ferguson. 

t There are no death reeds, at Painesville for Lydia Allen, only for Eunice (Hills) 

f Was Anna Kirk a second wife? Vide ante. 




J, in .E 0.81 1 mm. II.. .A * a. ** *•> 

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.$$81 .y >CI 61 ,oaiO t viiuio' > i ^ .illitanni > 

! A:B Mil .d 51 ,j>irfq!obii!id ff I fli b-xb Am m ,w«**I^nno«i m 

Jii>l (-~) n t/ J !»rui —— 1 :)nfn^li»v 38 

• ^ /.no^r.n 1 , wu >ai • • 3‘dJ i>''■■>■•■-ty- > 1 > ,j ■-■ a* - 

V , „ ;i: Mi lay/*! *mi oh M‘ « *' f " * '• : 

;!i.,1,1 - l v„», .• ttii‘ ijmI bv b tod iuods *Ub north m’J , lot iwwt' 

.jnucmfi fcidi ni *T*>ir:L n^vi$ od IliW 

bn.u : - wo/ odt nol i 1 *"• : >i %ol‘ ’S b ni !^ n i - ^ ^ 


^VvVi 000 i 9 J io 4 Bta t £'it - iil) .Y . T / t ocim~ "* fn< ” ' BV/ i>ivi ' a 

Vn« t „n >*1 io^oRvcM .008 . r i .X lo erxlttrim '** J**;*,* * i,! [’* M '^ 1vi 

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utf v 1 v.iao .hoIIA liib/J iol «Uivp ic » ou «* nv' 

A\$t» *bi‘l Isiiw bflt- j u jhivi u- > * 




Family], which we have proved to be LYica, or near Utica. He also 
stated that David was a scholar and printer, being a founder of the 
firm of Smith, Driscoll & Hills, of Cincinnati, fore-runner of the 
American Book Company and American Type Founders. My brief 
survey of Cincinnati Directories , shows David to have been connected 
with this firm, but subsequent correspondence with the American 
Book Company reveals that this firm was never a fore-runner of the 
latter. Another tradition, that David had attended Harvard, has 
been discredited. Probably early apprenticed to the printing trade, 
he may have carried on this work in Xew York, Ohio, or Pennsyl¬ 
vania; we really know nothing of him, after the mention of him in his 
father’s 1811 will and then of Paris, until his eldest son, Kneeland, 
was born in Philadelphia, 28 Dec. 1842. It has also been claimed 
that David came to Philadelphia from Boston, Mass., but thus far 
no evidence has been ascertained to bear out this idea. 

Evidence and proof of the identity of our David Hills, as the son of 
Asahel and Polly, and a descendant of an old Xew England family, 
will not be repeated here. 

A search of census, for Philadelphia, 1840 and 1850, failed to reveal 
David; it does not seem likely that he is the David “Hill” who was of 
the Middle Ward there in 1840, or the David W. “Hill,” of Locust 
Ward, for their families do not “fit” with what we know about his 

The services of Lewis-D. Cook, F.A.S.G., of Philadelphia, for re¬ 
search of the Philadelphia career of the family were secured, especially 
in regard to the marriage of David Hills and Anna Kirk. His report 
is able and concise, and appears below’, although not verbatim: 

The marriage of David Hills and Anna Kirk does not appear in these church 
registers, transcripts of which, indexed, have been examined in the Collections 
of the Genealogical Society (Philadelphia): Christ, St. James, Gloria Dei, 
St. Pauls, St. Stephens and St. Andrews, all P. E.; 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, oth and 
10th Presbyterian: St. Johns, Lutheran; St. Georges, M. E.; Ebenezer, M. E.: 
1st Reformed; Frankford Presbyterian; St. Johns, X. Liberties of Philadel¬ 
phia; also N. Dist. Philadelphia Monthly Meetings of Friends; Marriages 
Register of Mayor of Philadelphia, several Registers of Aldermen and Jus¬ 
tices. The newspaper marriage notices, 1840-1841, have not been abstracted 
for the Collections of the Society. [Mr. Cook later made a search of marriage 
notices in the North American, 1840-1841, with negative result; 1842 should 
also be done.l i 

The best evidence for the statement that David Hills married Anna Kirk 
is the fact that she is buried in the plot owned since 1850 by one Susan Kirk, 
Odd Fellows Cemetery’, 23rd and Diamond Streets, Philadelphia, since re¬ 
moved in 1951, to Lawnview Cemetery, Rockledge, Pa. Xo stone. 

Susan Kirk, abovesaid, born in 1793, died 19 May 1865, aged 72, at her 
residence at the rear of 326 Garden Street, Philadelphia, and was buried on 
22nd in her plot, ?382, Section S in Odd Fellows Cemetery’, abovesaid, which 


. , ' : • i •' ' ’’nniA 

31 !lo r, *>nbc! /iolnnq b in t Sorb- f, .rr br/flCI lari) boJate 

T eH)]t /> HoodbrO ,njrrn 8 lo nnB 

vw i u{ , U -■t/ojU . wno' n X\ : t immoniO lo ^oviua 

oi!j i ib/ *■■•»{ ; av»q< voo in &'■■ r ,nnil aiitJ fiirw 

o: » r -*or r.v/ Ofi. feiiij lull <4 s-MTtn. \iiisqOTQ3 :4oofl 

? ! .’i it: b tbn- Jtj; t J J> / .(I Jrli .n< :1 • d ittiJooA /jollal 
f ‘> >iiq *jik o* »• 1 :?? qr 'JtJiu .h i - 1 vnsib naod 

, . n 7 mv 

r ■ • i'ii f an»* lo • • bn* iiw 11 v I e'lodla! 

*>:'• J « ./Ml- v.xn v.n 'to <ti) : bi yrlJ o lo< iq bflB »ofi«>biv3 

•i.** >n ob 4 s 5.I« rial in :J tol «b ibW 

-01 id r «'sMi i;;iii{ r l lo rfor/ i .(j <VH si lo 2‘JOIVIOB «RT 

vHisb-v {>/>. v‘T:// viiiiiBl il.t lo v>gnG‘»aifiqioi>a idd odl lo dbiase 

rXv.,'. air ?. bi-.a allil• bivrXl io *> ji-maiu «mU • biBjv*! m 
i i v • r ,]« t roijd -ir/* *q. >5 f * • >floo Luijs olda &i 

ni nroqqft on jsob AilA anaA bun r J MvjjQ lo sganriBUi «nfT 

hr n :• * . :•.!*• «bC .hi ,$a; ;.3 .3 lbs .awsibct . J3 b n < > tqo)- .13 «»ius3 .13 

.-m’ »n*jd ; >/'. > J :nj tit ... , .innate t*n c I dJOI 

- 1 ...uJ I 4 io .->K .tf- ; /• Tt i bu jbaimoUH J»I 


l i. i . !»» iiiSoE bnov t airt ;«• 1 \j lo 

t >1 - iIb .a no-’ I 3< -v. •».*;.,{ ,1^81-0^ If , .tniinn 9 \ r mi laqaqar/ad wiT .tvoil 


i u48l ;iiLdjn oviji;; »a iliiw ,L^5i-Oi-8I mwl. Aho'A odl ni eaoilofl 

on n •■■'.it 

.3Cti3 • > 9r f. v/ 0c8i bon -yo lolq •> 1 £.• boi 4 m'- iaill IobI »di ei 
tr.vii.- m j ; Itfl 1 -1 boom i(I bar. ^ tloflioO ewo41*H bbO 

;iioJ . a/ b >rI vi3tofii*> r > woi'vnwikl ol t fCCI ni bvoffl 

i d ii: T oia y,«IA ftl boib ,^Ti ni ifi; d ,biiirovodfi 'A. aaau3 
••io I 1 n-v « .4d J-d r"d*f f io*ni3 nobieO 0 S(; o ir m oifl Is *>S 9 bift 9 i 

• ,bi . >• ir ,^'i >J >ni )'D aotioi 1 jO i 3 f. f loIq-idii ni bnS:S 




plot, she had acquired by deed of 13 May 1850. She was apparently a widow 
Kirk, but as a notice of her death is not found in Philadelphia newspapers of 
20 and 21 May 1865, and as her estate is not of record in the office of the 
Philadelphia Register, her status has not been possible to resolve here defi¬ 
nitely. Search has also been made in the Philadelphia Deeds, grantors and 
grantees, with negative results. But she was evidently the Susan Kirk, 
nurse, of 328 Garden Street, so listed in the Philadelphia Directory for 1864, 
the year before her death. Susan Kirk, nurse, 3 Baker’s Court, first appears 
in the 1840 issue of said Directory , but a search of the issues for the preceding 
ten years does not show any Kirk at that address, so it cannot be inferred 
thereby that her supposed husband had died there by 1840. Susan Kirk, 
nurse, is thereafter listed in 1842 as of 40 Tammany, in 1845, of 16 Eutaw, 
in 1846-1847, as of rear of 15 Eutaw. in 1848, as of talker's Court, not listed 
in 1850-1851, in 1852 of Walker’s Court, in 1853 of same, in 1854-1855, of 1 
Short’s Court, not listed 1856, in 1857 as of Rugan Street, in 1858 as of rear 
of 406 Rugan, not listed, 1850-1862, and finally as of rear of 328 Garden 
Street, in 1863-1864. From the Records of Odd Fellows Cemetery, Philadel¬ 
phia, it appears that besides daughter Anna Kirk, who died, 12 Feb. 1900, at 
her residence, 1713 N. Darien Street, Philadelphia, widow of David Hills, no 
estate on file in Philadelphia and no gravestone; she had daughter Jane 
Kirk, born in 1818, who died unmarried, 26 Feb. 1888, at the home of her 
sister, Mrs. Anna Kirk Hills, 822 Carlisle Street, Philadelphia. 

Kirk, On the 26th Inst. Miss Jane Kirk, in her 71st year. Funeral on 
Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock, from the residence of her sister, 822 Car¬ 
lisle Street. (The North American, Philadelphia, Wednesday, 29 Feb. 1888.) 

Hills, On the 12th Inst., Anna, relict of David Hills, aged 79 years. The 
relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the 
funeral, on Thursday at 2 o’clock, from her late residence, 1713 North Darien 
Street. Interment at Odd Fellows Cemetery. (The North American, 
Philadelphia, Wednesday, 14 Feb. 1900.) 

With this report, Mr. Cook enclosed a death certificate of Anna 
(Kirk) Hills and a letter from the Secretary of the Odd Fellows Ceme¬ 
tery. Later, a death certificate for Jane Kirk and another letter from 
said Secretary was forwarded.* Notes from his search of Directories 
of Philadelphia will be given later as the Hills family do not appear 
therein until after the return of the widow Anna (Kirk) Hills and her 
children to Philadelphia from their stay of some fifteen years in 

* I had just secured the services and aid of a most experienced Cincinnati genealogist, 
Mfrie Dickore, A.M., to do some research on the sojourn of the family there, 1853-1868 
roughly, when Mr. Hills requested that no more research be made there. I trust that 
later this can be accomplished. I was and am anxious to secure the correct and full 
date of birth of David Hills. Perhaps a further search of death notices in local news- 
files there would reveal his faith and the cemetery in which he is buried, and thus a 
gravestone or church reed, would reveal this date? It was also suggested that Direc¬ 
tories, 1853-1870 be done, to know the exact years the family was there; David’s estate 
and guardianships for his minor children; his land records, and other routine unpub¬ 
lished sources. 

t Photo copies of these four items are included in the Hills Notes. 

vjrti/. %l « vd boittfpo* bfirl t>i!a ,Joiq 

van * «' i ;• duo .f>n i inti lc» ornJofi * ftft J»d 

-n ,.jq, , ( • '< -*.JI 1 .. DU. :;A is Ur. * 1 $.U »o 1 wl Mil 

Of 8 ! vd :milJ h»?ii 'fcii bai <- .1 Os-ov; 1 i ltd ? ^dwi ? .t 
w^jsiT 01 U» .o' il fri ,*/r - l f io; y» S<i* 8 f ni n 1 iv 'ogfiwij <-i ,<MWtt 

.-■ - •. • ; ■ . ' t . « . •''.: ».-•'• ■ 1.4 II . f ■•. } r.’jlOllR 

>t !i r.i o ii* i v -J-. v ::si Y< *1 ion .«sgi/H 004 !u 

’ ' < ' > 4? -' 



ii • b >/ M rr imi»i. i i>b : t d rami ,/bofo'o & m vji'v.tiu 1 no .Uiounl 


(.00 1 if .vui-'jnL > / ,oij qbbalidT 

•% !.(> mlIi netm ii wort laiis! ft baAettiil {MIA) 

ttioii' :: i 70.! inr. b.,r jhi/i fwnt <!<rt oHv:>Y. I b.r.:> ■ iisob i ,7 Jj I 

v -t >'7 \ Id ibru. . ph! s’lort zoJo’/ .bobiuvr <•• <siw xwJwy. bine 
ion ob /ii nr. < !b * U eii lyiisi nuvig -»d Itiw iwiqtahaitft ' 1 '*> 
> ).{.. r/ /< ’ v> r taiv, Jilnu ntsT^iil 

j ' fi r/ nooi’iil snto? \o ii rdi r itiilql'bBlrfid oi norbliiiD 


M i'Hi 1 . ..b vV- nl'9fjt 1 nu >? >< odi ao dnii '' i v*£ii ob©t..! / VicrbiGililM 


■ > t i■ ‘in 1 > •>' <;!’ ;/u . i biti; - I ‘Sq.m >n '"i mo *mt iaJf»I 

i ». • '■ 

, ;! . .;v ' ■ : - ■ • ,? 0 

)V..V. r.VW 9 i() ri b>;wi jj v:,. tein^ii Tiled v if* » »i ;o*> oiod'; t 



David removed to Cincinnati, between 1853, when son George was 
born in Pennsylvania, according to the 18G0 census, and 1856, when 
he first appears in the Cincinnati Directories. In 1856, we note: 

Hills D. & Co. stereotype foundry 141 Main. 

Hills David (D. H. & Co.) 125 Cutter. 

From 1859 through 1863, the firm of Hills, O’Driscoll & Co., (David 
H., Cornelius F. O’D.) Stereotype & Electrotype Foundry 141 Main, 
is listed. Cornelius F. O’Driscoll appears first in the city directory 
in 1853 and then had a full page advertisement on page 366 , in which 
he states that he had been connected with the type and stereotype 
foundry of L. Johnson & Company, in Philadelphia , for upwards of 
twenty years.* 

The 1860 census of Cincinnati, 8th ward, volume 26, page 3^1: David 
Hills, aged 52, stereotypist, $1000, $1000, born in N. Y., wife Annie, 
aged 39, born in Pa., as were: “Nvland,” 16, Delos 14, Caroline 12, 
Mary 9 and George 7. 

The Directory of 1861 lists him at 152 Cutter Street. His death is 
not recorded in Cincinnati. In 1884, during the famous riot, the 
Court House was burned, but Miss Dickore informs us that not all 
the records perished. Moreover, she has a well known collection of 
manuscript copies of church, cemetery, family, etc., records which 
would be helpful. She discredits the story that Mr. Hills’ home was 
commandeered for a hospital during the Civil War. The Cincinnati 
Enquirer , issue of 17 Dec. 1862, contains this notice: 

“David Hills December 15 at 6 o’clock P.M. David Hills, formerly of 
Philadelphia, died in the 58th year of his age. His funeral will take place 
from his late residence No. 78 Betts Street, on Thursday, 18th inst, at 2 
o’clock P.M. His friends are respectfully invited to attend. (Philadelphia 
Ledger please copy.) ” f 

The 1906 Hills Family states David was born in 1806, the 1860 
census would make him born in 1808, the above notice in 1805, thus 
we have 1805, 1806 and 1808, for the years of his birth. But I place 
his birth as 1804, vide ante. 

His sons, Kneeland and Delos-Charles, both served in the Civil 
War, of which we have proof gained from the 1887 Ohio Roster , from 
the former’s records at the Adjutant General’s Office and from the 
latter’s pension records, vide post; they both enlisted in Cincinnati 
and both were mustered out from that city, in fact they served in the 
same company. 

Between July 1864 and 1868, the family returned to Philadelphia, 
and from Mr. Cook’s careful survey of the Directories y we know that: 

* Courtesy Ref. Dept. Public Library of Cincinnati. 

t Miss Helen Moore scanned the Ledger and other Philadelphia papers for obits., but 
there were none. 

.* . n» iD no* *!>xiv7 * nv ,i smnK i nt vhwwi MvbG 

.*.jnoWAl rj*t(fii*»ni > jrffr ni Rii^qqfi 

{. 6 r > a U < 3 ):fciv«d «IKH 

: ■ ' ; 

.1 )JW Iiioiii ni L>*>biO 09 i Joa 
hi. v,u ,adJ ts m m i w i; >{<A > il' ifid «fc »mud iw osnoH AuuoD 
> i or I {! • •■' . ‘m 1 . / ,-o jo - 

ri v r'viu-^ ..*))'> ,vii -1 ,vT7Hat>o winiiito V' a^iqoa Jqn-jorifKWCl 

; •*, ; J r*r i. Dm i 1 . 5 h •:> "ftsv . *v.! if ,r- • -8*1 

,.! ; t; !l n iu\ no ,Jo; > 1*8 ,f . > i ■ • ' •rmoi»i: •« oJ>u aiH mcnl 

' , ' 9 ’ A .1 / 2 ! .. .'VO 

t ' (.y;qo9 tvaolq 7*gi>9J 

, ■ ; , :*v 1 • •: . •• ■..'•• \0- 

ail It J* '* i i *r>iJon svofifc >i j #8081 nr frroo rnifl *> • ti, hluow 

r.VYt I’OBI *.s iliiid aid 

enoil f v>Uoi\ o'.AO Y88I >xii luo-i bonier- tocnq jvei! otr ;toidw % .o t l // 
i on ;m A if i:* / '.iim fljod v*>i J f Av i ^hinosi H' h rvxj ‘ 1 


.no«'i; nwr o?»rii 



1868-1869, Kneeland Hills, hat presser, house at 6 Shaffer’s Court, at same 
address were George Hills, student, and Delos-C. Hills, printer. 

1870, Anna Hills, widow of David Hills, house at 926 Nectarine Street. 

1874, Anna Hills, nurse, 3229 Darby Road, at same address: George-F. 
Hills, bookbinder; Delos-C. Hills, compositor, had house at 413 Albion Street. 

1875, Anna Hills, widow of David Hills, nurse, at 1009 Nectarine Street, 
with her was George-F. Hills, bookbinder. 

1884-1S95, Anna Hills, widow of David Hills, had house at 822 Carlisle 
Street, with her was George-F. Hills, bookbinder. 

1898, Anna, widow of David D. Hills, had house at 1713 Darien Street, 
also there in 1899. Not listed 1898 and 1900-1901, but was of that address 
in 1900. 

The old Odd Fellows Cemetery was located at 23d and Diamond 
Streets, in what is known as North Philadelphia but was cleared in 
1951 for a Federal Housing Project — all the interments being re¬ 
moved to Lawnview Cemetery in Rockledge, Pa. The Odd Fellows 
still operate another cemetery at 31st and Lehigh Avenue in North 
Philadelphia, writes Mr. Cook. 

Children born in Pennsylvania, probably all in Philadelphia: * 

i. Kneeland # , b. 28 Dec. 1842, Philadelphia, stenotyper; 1906 
Hills Family states he d. unm. 1892 but gives no place, calls him 
“Neiland.” Kneeland Hills (1-101) (2: 164), Pte., aged 19, 
mustered 20 Apr. 1861, for 3 months; mustered out, 20 June 
1861, Co. I, 5th Regt., Ohio Yols., mustered in at Camp Harrison, 
Ohio, mustered out at Cincinnati, Ohio; also, 20 June 1861, aged 
21, 3 years, mustered out, 1 July 1864, order of war dept. ( Ohio 
Roster Civil War, 1887, pub. Columbus Ohio, no index; special 
index covered at Columbus). He was wounded at various times 
in this war but claimed no pension. {A. G. 0.) His brother, 
Delos, served in the same outfit and was pensioned, vide post. 
Did he leave Philadelphia? 

6. ii. DELOS-CHARLES, b. 21 Nov. 1846, Philadelphia; m. Maria-M. 

iii. Caroline, b. 15 Feb. 1849; m. 1867, Albert-M. Wagner. Chil¬ 

dren (Wagner), b. Philadelphia or vie., (1) Albert-M., b. 6 Jan. 
1869; m. Emma Kounz [not “Koous”], had three children, among 
them Caroline (Wagner) Green; (2) Atma-R., b. 4 Dec. 1870; 
(3) Charles-H., b. 4 Dec. 1872; m. Mary Elmer, had three chil¬ 
dren; (4) George-F., b. 14 Nov. 1874; m. Agnes Scanlon, had two 
children. Who was the Albert-E. Wagner, bur. 5 Sept. 1891, in 
the Kirk lot, Odd Fellows Cem., aged six weeks? Was this one of 
the children of the eldest son? 

iv. Mary, b. 1851; m. Allan Heany and had son, Allan Jr. 

v. George-F., b. 1853, living as late as 1895 with his mother; a book- 

* The 1860 census of Cincinnati, Ohio, lists all these children as born in Pa., with their 
ages, vide ante. 

or a JraoO froVm lg 0 J« .i£*«*nq Mil ] \ >-***“’ * i?l ' 8 " 

.to? ; iq . friU :y,oh(\ l.n* jn*!>u^ t ?.n n 9$io$o w r wnM* 

jr>!v>iicblo< I .. UiE . r i~ -i' > mw v><! ilHw .iosrtJg 

. vt ?8 flohsd 8I?f tn fpi<oii Ul' afliJl 0. 5>iv*iU i< *oUw ( .,noA «»'' >r 

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binder. The Hills Family omits him, yet he appears with his 
siblings in the I860 census of Cincinnati, and in the Philadelphia 
Directories, vide ante. 

6. DELOS CHARLES 6 HILLS ( David 5 , Asahel 4 , Lcbbeus 3 , 
Ephraim 2 , Samuel *), born in Philadelphia, Pa., 21 Now 1846, died 
there, 22 Nov. 1906. He married there, in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 
ceremony by the Rev. William O’Hara, D.D., 19 Jan. 1868, Maria-M. 
O’Connor, born in Ireland, 5 Feb. 1844, died in Philadelphia, 15 Apr. 
1928, sister of Thomas O’Connor, parentage unknown.* 

His grandson, Francis-J. Hills of Rahway, N. J., in filling in his 
data for the New England Historic Genealogical Society, in 1953, 
stated that Delos was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, about 1840, served 
in the Civil War in the 5th Ohio Infantry, resided after the war in 
Philadelphia, where he married, about 1867, Maria O’Connor, dying 
there, 3 Dec. 1906. 

The 1906 Hills Family gives the date of Delos’ birth as 2 3 Nov. 
184J, his marriage as 1J Jan. 186J, and the dates of birth of three of 
the four children are also incorrect. 

The dates are correct as given in the first paragraph, above, and 
below are presented the facts and the authorities for the same. 

Taken by his parents to Cincinnati, from Philadelphia, between 
1853 and 1856, Delos appears there in the census of 1860, as “Delos” 
aged 14, born in Pennsylvania. Two years later, his father died, at 
which time the family were residing at 78 Betts Street. The family 
tradition that their home was an army hospital during the Civil War 
is doubtful, but they did live very near a large hospital. Miss Marie 
Dickore writes, in part, about this, in 1955: 

“I do not believe the story that his home was commandeered for a hospital 
during the Civil War. The hospital was at Camp Dennison and wounded 
soldiers were brought back from battle, sent by train to this large hospital. 
However, the confusion comes from the fact that St. Mary’s Hospital was 
located on Betts and Linn Streets in 1859. But it was built by the Sisters 
who had previously, for about a year occupied a house at another location 
before lots were bought at this location where the hospital still is and con¬ 
sidered one of the best.” f 

But a year before their father’s death, both Delos and his brother, 
Kneeland, enlisted in the same company and regiment in the Civil 
War, in which they served throughout, and as volunteers: 

Delos Hills (1-101), (2-164), aged 18, private, mustered 20 Apr. 1861, en¬ 
listed for three months; mustered out, 20 June 1861. Also, aged 18, private, 
enlisted for three years, 20 June 1861, mustered in at Camp Harrison, Ohio, 

* It seems odd that no one in the family knows from whence in Ireland, Mrs. Hills 
came; undoubtedly the immigration reeds., in Washington, would inform us, but this 
source has not been consulted. The R. C. Reeds., in Philadelphia, might reveal the 
place of her birth. 

f Perhaps the Widow Hills boarded convalescent soldiers for St. Mary’s? 


. L . V *. . . _ if \ 

i ,i . ) t’-A-mWi Jt r: ,ot .1} !> .main ■ ' ' . r< Vi ,mv.U 

, ' , ■- . j ,\oan ‘y fcJ- lo ■ 

I./ - I •,;< >1 I .y oiioJs l -ueisna •«•»/. <> ■ TOI *»«> 

i 0 . i; I hi m »UH> odJ bn* «v Ki .m I. { • -.v ,ir, i a» > 8 i 

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,1. , 'fd ■ .f Bq 11: <wihft bio biO 

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£ bo icfifDoo i83v 3 iuoiii. v-i w - < **> -r 

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f ".Jtod «>r? lo no hanabia 

,vy i< hi fi i 8obO diod iiiob * hm-. t tbiii enol&d imv b US': ^ 

j \a r ea bur. , uo im<s \j. ubinv*’ r* <i l *M 

••I .uj/ . 1 ,»J iq <6l .» .( ' t(J ' * ! - 

f o4l .1 6\ j till 0? ti».» u j;?.; tnoi ;'i ixU t<: b* Ja«f 

„ ) ,i«. S'* II qo.,0 ill III t Vm ‘ ! **d* ioI baiaita* 

j O I f ». q\s. in ,.tWA .0 V o T - .f .* •'« *td -mwoe 

.(■1 l'c; b M«[q 



mustered out, on expiration of term, at Cincinnati, Ohio, 1 July 1864, by 
order of War Department. This was in Company I, 5th Regiment of Ohio 
Volunteers. (Civil War Roster of Ohio Men.) 

He first appears in the Directories of Philadelphia, in 1868-1869, 
as a printer and living at 6 Shaffers Court. Also at that address the 
same year were his brothers, George, a student, and Kneeland, hat 
presser; Delos is listed as Delos-C. Hills. Their mother first appears 
in these Directories, in 1870, then at 926 Nectarine Street, but in 
1874, she was at 3229 Darby Road and living with her w T as George-F. 
Hills, bookbinder; while Delos-C. Hills, compositor, was in his own 
home at 413 Albion Street. Later Directories were not consulted 
for the last named. 

He became a convert to the Roman Catholic faith and was buried 
in the Cathedral Cemetery in Philadelphia. He followed his father’s 
occupation in being a printer. Photostatic copies of his pension appli¬ 
cation have been secured from which the following digest was made:* 

Delos Hills , Civil War, W. C. 63442: 

Copy of Marriage Certificate: St. Patrick’s Church, Philadelphia, “Dilos 
Hill” and “Mary O’Connor,” married by the Rev. William O’Hara, D.D., 
19 Jan. 1868, according to the rites of the Catholic Church; wit: Thomas 
O’Connor and Mary Egan; signed by the Rev. William Hieran, D.D. 

22 Apr. 1874, Delos Hills applied for restoration of invalid pension, aged 29, 
of 413 Albion St.; wit: W.-R. LeChevalier and L.-F. Steel. 22 May 1874, 
aged 29, same addresses and witnesses repeated. 

9 Feb. 1876, declaration for original invalid pension, Delos Hills, 31, of 
Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., swears as to his service, was wounded in the 
service; since the war has lived in Pa., a printer, P. O. 2142 Kater St., wit: 
Enoch-E. Mulford of 909 Arch St., and A.-F. Adams of 1206 Camac St. He 
had suffered a gunshot wound in left thigh, 9 June 1862, at Port Republic, 
Va., was in a Washington hospital for treatment; after his discharge, he applied 
for a pension through a Cincinnati agent and was given a Pension Paper but 
never drew a pension and has since lost this Paper. 

10 Mar. 1877, made an application for an increase of pension, same address, 
attested by Theodore-A. Waters of 816 Fallon St., and Christopher-G. Pepper 
of 1141 South St., all of Philadelphia; he gave age as 31. 

In March 1879, he applied for arrears, then lived at 2210 Lombard St., 

21 Nov. 1890, he made another request for a pension increase, address care 
of the Inquirer office, aged 46; wit: W.-H. Kephart and W.-G. Haegels. 

4 June 1898, a questionnaire answered by the soldier, gives name of wife as 
Maria M. O’Connor, whom he married, 19 Jan. 1869; their living children: 

Delos C. Hills, b. 22 Dec. 1870 

Thomas F. Hills, b. 20 Mar. 1875 

Margaret M. Hills, b. 25 June 1877 

Anna M. Hills, b, 23 June 1879 

*From the National Archives, Washington, D. C.; they contain signatures of both 
“Delos Hills” and his widow, also certificate of marriage, of which a photo copy is 
included in the Hills Notes. 

30A3KU 8.U1H 

<3 .if . uf ]bb-. i-H lo fcy it ' <1 oJt ai • ]<; *«■*••• "»H 

1, rf ; 1 jiioilii > moH a L» oi tvwfM* u •'*> <: '>* 

. i U .n ,vjtawp ,.«<* oi bfVii «■' <>■ ’ ®^ rn J 


: j jx .id* i ml, r, . igfjfct Jbl ii bmiow JoK’.'tmii '• b-^ue uad 

t [r:,; : :>4 .-yt^uhsib err! i&JIjj ;iii*rate!*i ir>i ,ioJ?rmiei. ■' e numw ..a / 

^ ■ 

o'J sijli Je^S wii* d }»m:. nor- ' n *tnb ^ wan 


- ■ ' 

. ~ ^ :: kI 01 S ii. btvii ., sur iia iol hailqq/i o«! ‘ .oi ir.nsK. ,'l 


• . v.nWb* ,'mkwuI • loi.-.u^q & lot izwsptt ^ s - «*' ' ‘ * •* 

0T8i sairl tD ,d , IiH .1/1 amiA 

i « rial.: > »H - ; > XI ^ nl '/ » -«hiA boot’ ^ 

.t > r i!. *.'U xu hsU’Ioai 



This statement he signed as “Delos Hills,” for apparently he did not use his 
middle name or the initial representing the same. 

No date [1900?], then of 624 N. 39th St., Philadelphia, he made a declara¬ 
tion for an original disability pension, aged 54, cites his service but states 
that he was discharged, 20 June 1864, at Chattanooga, Term., and is five feet 
seven and one half inches in height, of light complexion, with brown hair 
and hazel eyes. 

After his death, his widow claimed a widow’s pension, and a copy of his 
death certificate is included in the File, of which a photostatic copy is included 
in the Hills Notes. This record gives his birth as 21 Nov. 1846; elsewhere it 
appears as 22 Nov. 1846. 

1 Dec. 1906, declaration for widow's pension made by Maria-M. Hills, aged 
61, of 42 N. Hobart St., Philadelphia, wffio swears that she is the widow of 
Delos Hills, who died there, 22 Nov. 1906, that she married him under the 
name of “Maria O’Connor,” 19 Jan. 1868, in said city, by the Rev. Dr. 
O’Hara, and appoints H.-Walter Miller, of the Gerard Trust Building of 
Philadelphia, as her agent; wit: Delos-C. Hills [Jr.] and Margaret-A. Noonan. 

Affidavits made 22 Dec. 1906, by the widow, that the deceased possessed 
no property and left no will; the same by Delos-C. Hills (signed) [Jr.], aged 
36, of 1021 Filbert St., and Mrs. Margaret Noonan (signed), aged 30, of 42 
N. Hobart St. Also, same day, Carrie Wagner, aged 54, of 2738 N. 8th St., 
and Rose Ferguson, of 219 S. 24th St., testified, the former as to the lack of 
property, and the latter as to the marriage of the soldier and the said claimant, 
his widow. 

Certified copy from Board of Revision of Taxes for Philadelphia, dated 3 
Jan. 1907, shows that a negative search has been made of the Indices of the 
Assessor’s Book of the 34th Ward and that no property was assessed in 1906 
in the name of Delos Hills or Maria M. Hills. 

20 Sept. 1916, the widow wrote the Pension Bureau about an increase; she 
than states her husband was born 21 Nov. 184J, that she was bom in Ireland, 
5 Feb. 1844 (signed). She died 15 Apr. 1928. 

The stone erected by the United S cates in Cathedral Cemetery to 
Mr. Hills’ memory bears the date of his death, his company and his 

Children born in Philadelphia, Pa.:* 

7. i. DELOS-CHARLES 7 , b. 22 Dec. 1870; m. Ellen -Mary White. 

ii. Thomas-Francis, b. 20 Mar. 1875; m. 24 Apr. 1895, Camden, 

N. J., Elizabeth McClure, b. 5 Jan. 1876, Williamsport, Pa., 
presumably both were alive in 1906. Children b. Philadelphia 
(Hills), (1) William-D . 8 , b. 28 Nov. 1895; (2) Esther , b. 29 Sept. 
1896; (3) Thomas, b. 20 June 1898; (4) Mary, b. 11 Dec. 1899; 
(5) Margaret, b. 17 Apr. 1901; (6) Leo, b. 23 Apr. 1902; (7) 
Charles-D., b. 25 July 1903; (8) Anna, b. 11 June 1904. (Data 
from the 1906 Hills Family.) 

iii. Margaret -A., b. 25 June 1877, res. with her mother, 42 N. Hobart 

St., in 1906, aged 30; m. 10 June 1903, Philadelphia, Joseph-M. 

* The dates of birth are from the pension application and not from the 1906 Hills 

tin i «n Lb vJJiiotHqq* -iot *• vHili aofXi" fc-^fe or! JflacnataJ* aiiiT 

.ota % 9 sit p n?r *' q'n ujitii : 9<ft to 9m*a ©ILliica 

-misfoab b abmssi ad ./.i.'.jb!‘-.»ii. l .UuH .Z to. no t .{‘LilJ olab oW 

... -70 laxati bn* 





«»iiJ > ?.aoiluiI *t'i lu shfioi fh^d <.r,ii tB’iim avitJrgan a Jwtt'«woife *"'<*81 .Ml 
(jA<:{ uj { :h ; w 'h-Mioiq cn in 1 bn* (yra*// r'f4*P, odi to doo# c'iomaiA 

i!l?U .It!l *n*M t > m to amjan adi ni 
v. ;t v -rjo i an tiled* lAreifiK nu. iwfll adi atenvr wobiw ©lit ,3161 Jqa'i 0& 
t U .* I t m til 7 a. a J^idi vZi voZ IS moi E£W bn* end iad a*Ht 

.</ « .tcs>• cl b - ; b (jd'd .(bauj;*) I r8l .d>'{ c. 

i /; r ) jit/Of ba ir ) oil’ vZ bo.tofyw onot?» adT 

>fii. <n q Jio ,-/d ,i j»; b ?.i»' to ojfil oti .iifiod *£Toai*}ra ‘’isUili. .iM 


;labjBl/d r I ni mo naibiidD 

xn; 7 i/JA-ktmjS ,.i :078i .aod I -■.d « T o'-.I V? H i. .T 

ioSmZ> f A08I .,qy tS .cti ;cT8J .iaIA Oi J ,d .r-i vks d -rJ /OhT .if 

: ; i. : ;o H .d no'.uir’O «XM]I ni rr ; a*iav/ rfior vldaiw 

f v:o\‘ :< • .voi'. t ,c Zv-.vUH'Vi- ' } *1) 

;4L.;f .o-X1 H i' ahoU. (♦>’• ;E‘:9I am;l» OS .d (ft) 

7T) *$OOl .1 • iA Sb .d ,w \ (0) :f06f .*ki/v TI .d «teT»%T»\b (c) 

, so ( o - • dq did "I .Cv on 01 an ;0£ bo*;* «d.’ i ni ,.i2 

\ :• ' u .<• ii'i -q >:b a<vit it • lid t< « n. <uT * 



Noonan. Children (Noonan), (1) Helen; m. John Bergin, res. 

Elkins Park, Pa., 1956; (2) Margaret; m. -Brown. 

iv. Anna-M., b. 23 Jan. 1879. 

7. DELOS CHARLES 7 HILLS JIl. ( Delos-Charles \ David \ 
Asahel 4 , Lebbeus 3 , Ephraim 2 , Samuel *), born in Philadelphia, Pa., 
22 Dec. 1870, died there, 29 Apr. 1925, aged fifty-four. He married 
there, 10 Nov. 1896, Ellen-AIary White, born in Sydney, Nova 
Scotia, 8 July 1869, died in Santa Monica, Calif., 21 May 1956, buried 
in Philadelphia, 26 May 1956, daughter of John and Anna (Mc¬ 
Carthy) White. 

A merchant, Mr. Hills lived for some years in Collingdale and in 
Sharon Hill, Pa., but returned to Philadelphia. 

Children, all but the youngest, born in Philadelphia, Pa.: 

i. Charles-Edwin 8 , b. 29 Sept. 1897, living 1956, Santa Monica, 
Calif.; m. 10 Feb. 1923, Tucson, Ariz., Amalia-AIarion Alli¬ 
son, b. there, 22 Dec. 1900, living 1956, daughter of Warren and 
Frances (Corral y Swasteavi) Allison. Mr. Allison, b. 1857, 
Dixon, Calif., went to Tucson in 1874, where he was a pioneer in 
agriculture and mining; his wife was from Kermosillo, Mexico. 
Mr. Hills has lived in Santa Monica for over thirty years and is 
a civil engineer, receiving his degree from the Towne Scientific 
School of the Univ. of Pa. He served in World War I, 1917- 
1919, and was in France for 21 months; is a K. of C., Grand 
Knight, District Deputy; Member of Board of Freeholders 
(which wrote the new charter) for the City of Santa Monica; 
president of the Bay Builders Exchange, 1952; a member of the 
Pacific Palisades Rotarv and of the Societv of the Sons of the 


Revolution. His wife was educated at St. Joseph’s xAcademy in 
Tucson. Their daughters received degrees of B.A., from Mt. 
St. Mary’s College, Bel Aire, Calif. Children (Hills), (1) 
Marion-Louisa 9 , b. 2 Jan. 1924, Los Angeles, Calif., res. San 
Fernando, Calif.; m. 6 Sept. 1952, Santa Monica, Richard-C. 
Farrell; issue: (a) Mary-Jane Farrell, b. 5 Nov. 1953, same; 
(6) Elizabeth-Allison Farrell, b. 4 Alar. 1954, same; (2) Patricia- 
EUen, b. 16 Alar. 1925, Los Angeles, res. Charleston, S. C.; m. 17 
June 1947, Santa Alonica, Capt. Grover-P. Parker; issue: 

(a) Suzanne-Theresa Parker, b. 11 Mar. 1948, Santa Alonica; 

(b) Michelle-AIarie Parker, b. 25 Feb. 1949, same: (c) Paul- 
Edwin Parker, b. 23 Sept. 1951, Honolulu, Hawaii; ( d ) Patricia- 
Ann Parker, b. 4 Aug. 1952, same; ( e ) Kathleen-Luamaa Parker, 
b. 10 Nov. 1953, same; (/) Philip-Charles Parker, b. 22 Jan. 
1955, Charleston; (3) Frances-Delos, b. 3 Jan. 1929, Santa 
Monica, res. Hawthorne, Calif.; m. 21 June 1952, Santa Alonica, 
Lt. Charles-L. Sorrentino; issue: (a) Ann-Frances Scrrentino, 
b. 9 Aug. 1953, Santa Alonica; (6) Clare-AIarie Sorrentino, b. 9 
July 1954, same. 

8. ii. FRANCIS-J., b. 30 Alar. 1899; m. Edith-Christine Shanno. 

'a'mxyxi ?. :jui 


/ m , c unAfoJL /HAstk 

,"L ,•>-«•»;*• , iV : *1 .*>oG $$ 


■ • ■ ' • 

t ' 

;. m i.. ;■ ) ■>,, J k»j <■ >f .to won oiIj oJu •/ lioidw) 

r . » ■ *,u i f /»: am' ' 5 biin& r j3& o/{j o i- biewq 

*.dj lo vfiorl o I . io V'ioi'jaS od.t lo bnu vti&Jo 5I oil 

I. * m: • - iV . i tG !>•. ' •" OU^O ov/ o' < - U 

ilL fmnl lo - /j'ioh loot fcloJ gui b lioilT .a^.JiiV 

, uino. 1 _ iiinx i cOI J to< ft .( • •- * € oIn\-m-A 

: ;.i . gcO . ■ c ,<i r l • - -.'•! OOi> r ; f - (n) .1 ' •■ B'i 

•l'.-WI (S’) roan ? .i«•: r t- .d .Dorn;' r m•> iiA- ' Jj’.i (A) 

Tl .in -olwiiO .roi ,solos [A «<xl .1 I .ifli ■ r » ,j A 

rauszi 1 .4-iovoii) Jqu'J t #oiric I Alfu.3 , r 'H ontr f 

Im'I (S) ; *mj : ,0|^I ,d-. 1 .d aimR-oUoibd/. (A) 

- r * ( .ululobi fci ,1361 Jqvi 8 & M A : u«v/b31 

<- (/ •/! !jsM («»)'• 'mo A-COf .!oi/ 4 .*{ ,io;hj *) , A 

. o'.i. I' .«! , . ,* **.' i: ■; !r )-q • if 5 f\) ;»inus ,^.«I »' €■ .d 

I .d ,uai‘ m "• onal/.-OT^I - ) (A) jnoiiioi/ j&Jnr .fcCOI .£r A 0 .<* 

.octsiia .1401 y.L*l 

.ozxwi'- a^TTP'H O-htIoI ,m ;008l .u;. t 08 .d ,.1-SOMAOT .ii 



iii. Alfred-Delos, b. 24 Jan. 1903, living 1955; m. 1 Dec. 1934, 

Philadelphia, Elizabeth-Gertrude Shelley, b. 15 June 1906, 
Clifton Heights, Pa., living 1955, Philadelphia, daughter of 
George-Clarence and Elizabeth (McConville) Shelley. Mr. 
Shelley, a successful wool merchant, was co-president of the 
James G. Kitchen & Co., that citv for some years. Mr. Hills 
attended St. Joseph’s College Preparatory School and La Salle 
College, taking his degree of Civil Engineer from Drexel Insti¬ 
tute. Mrs. Hills was educated at St. Leonard’s Academy and 
Manhattanville College; she and her husband are separated. 
Children (Hills), b. Philadelphia, (1) Alfred-Delos 9 , b. 11 Nov. 
1935; (2) George-Gordon , b. 24 June 1941. 

iv. Vixcent-DePaul, b. 4 Mar. 1905, d. about August 1908, Colling- 

dale, Pa. 

v. Helen-White, b. 5 July 1906, Collingdale, d. there, September 


8. FRANCIS J. 8 HILLS * ( Delos-Charles 7 , Delos-Charles 6 , David 5 , 
Asahel*, Lebbeus z , Ephraim 2 , Samuel 1 ), born in Philadelphia, Pa., 
30 Mar. 1899, living in Rahway, N. J., in 1957. He married, in 
New York, N. Y., 6 Nov. 1928, Edith-Christine Shanno, born 
in Berwick, Pa., 29 Jan. 1903, living 1957, the daughter of Leopold 
and Emma (Ansbach f) Shanno. 

A contractor, Mr. Hills attended Roman Catholic High School and 
St. Joseph’s College Preparatory School in Philadelphia, being gradu¬ 
ated in June 1917. He then entered Towne Scientific School, the 
University of Pennsylvania, for one term, September 1918 — January 
1919, followed by three years attendance of Drexel Institute (nights), 
1920-1923, and received a degree of Doctor of Chiropractice, April 
1925, from Doughty-Marsh College in Philadelphia. He was an 
engineer at the Hog Island Shipyard (Stone & Webster), September, 
1917-1918, and January to October 1919. His education was inter¬ 
rupted by World War I, during which he had service as see below 

Mr. Hills was Engineer for the Sprinkler Equipment Corporation, 
Philadelphia, February 1920 to October 1925, was with the Grinnell 
Company of same, 25 Oct. 1925 until 26 June 1926, and then with 
the Rockwood Sprinkler Company, the Globe Automatic Sprinkler 
Company, the Independent Sprinkler Company and the Ace Auto¬ 
matic Sprinkler Company. In June 1929, he went to Newark, N. J., 
as Fire Protection Engineer for the Celluloid Corporation, but due to 
plant shut-down, he left in April 1930, and started in business, in 
partnership, as the Hills-Thompson Incorporated. This firm was 
dissolved in 1932, and he then commenced business as the Frank J. 
Hills Incorporated, in which he remains the principal. 

* Known as Frank J. Ilills, in public life and in business, he maintains his residence 
at 1028 Mid wood Drive, Rahway, N. J., and his office at 15 North Ave., Garwood, N. J. 

f Or Anspach. 


.*) H I .03 ^nivji ,eO<M .ncT, £S .d ,p.£Xi?(I-<33Jr*jA .iii 



/ j KHIIftS bdB 

* n! • ' ' i;l :io '• tf. -■ " « .Hilt . ?/ - = o r»i<! >> A 


. I Cl T-xIimJip'i .nn-jJ ono i<>t,Bi 0 jrv!your 11 o yjirt twin U 
aii/ifiKtij In Mflr.bfi *1U aord yd b‘>wollel «GIQI 

iqA «9aiiassqmid ) \o -oi'jciG Jo a owioooi han ,P.SG r -0$(H Oq v- o.‘ Jfc ?wio.i&) iltayqif ^ bnafel $oH «i! 

.QIQI i )do)oO oJ bna 

n »bx; j j-m a yohn-* f»urf ^ doijl/r ^iou'> .1 1 &'ft bi 10*' yd baJqin 

• m.J t tliw n&'/T lodoi A) ot 0&8I yip.irtlbi fiuriqbbBlid 1 ! 
dirw it*/ li bm; , )Sf€£ *hujI» dl liJim ?.£<JI .toO oS .quirx lo yneqmoO 
i*>I?kih<i c>ui. r aotuA *>doU) ^ii.t q/naqoio'^ rddrtifqb boow looH edi 
-ai«A 6 / *‘»j i 1 i iii yuBqcnoO isidanqft jnsbnoq^feiit ; 5>dJ /oieqmoO 
.V. oJ jrr*j7/ jjri d&OI onuT» nl .ynaqino) loUniiqci rxifini 

l . 2 -. uif-.. .: :ii . >£*’•■ ,0 1 *b . :*.t • r ! • *.;■>-itida Jtndq 

^ n.v i'iO\ Kiit i .b*,. b*. tji.ixd bo> qr tor .-c'.riH ofiJ ,qid*i 30 Jtcq 
aOj," . uriid Konf ;.n -*» n-tdl oil f 1 ; ni bvloaaib 

b ihq o ij enru nga sd iioii n ni ,boi:aoqioonl iliill 

.1 ,U • *) ,.iv/ o 3« saftto gir hm ,.4,v£ ii ,'jW* < UnewhiM 8Srl)I ia 

,fi »qeaA 1 O f 



He served as private, United States Army, C5, 133, 662, Co. 5, 
S. A. T. C., University of Pennsylvania, September 1918 to December 
1918. He has been Commissioner of Health, for the City of Rahway 

A member of the Engineers Club of Philadelphia, and a junior 
member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Mr. Hills 
is also a member of Rahway Lodge 1075, B. P. O. E.; the Colonia 
Country Club and the Uderan Outing Club, of Rahway; the Pottsville 
Club, of Pottsville, Pa.; the American Philatelic Society, #23760; 
Rahway Post 5, American Legion; Voiture 227, La Societe des 4.0 
Hovimes et 8 Chevaux , and is a very early member (about 1924) of the 
Premier Voiture of Philadelphia. He maintains a country place near 
Pottsville, Pa. 

Francis-J. Hills is a colonial member #284 of the New England His¬ 
toric Genealogical Society, of Boston, Mass., to which membership his 
second son will ultimately succeed, and in which his eldest son is now 
a life member. In 1955, Mr. Hills became a member of the Society 
of the Sons of the Revolution #1135, through the services of his ances¬ 
tor, Lebbeus 3 Hills, and a member of the Society of Colonial Wars 
#648, through the services of his ancestor, Philip Leonard, the father- 
in-law of Samuel 1 Hills.* 

Mrs. Hills, a graduate of the Danville State Hospital, Danville, 
Pa., is a Registered Nurse in the State of Pennsylvania. She w’as 
affiliated, during her training, with Bellevue and Fordham Hospitals, 
both in New York City, and was Night Supervisor, the Pennsylvania 
Hospital Neurological Department in Philadelphia. At present she 
is the Secretary (1955-1956), of the Rahway Women’s Club. 


i. Delos-Charles IV ®, b. 10 May 1930, Berwick, Pa.; he prepared 

at Valley Forge Military Academy for Lafayette, from which he 
received his A.B. degree in 1954, and entered his father’s firm, 
on his discharge from the Army in Oct. 1956. A Delta Kappa 
Epsilon , he is a member of the Sons of the Revolution, the Society 
of Colonial Wars, the Uderan Outing Club, of Rahway, N. J., 
and of the Rahway Lodge, 1078, B. P. O. E. 

ii. Francis-J. Jr., b. 17 Dec. 1934, Elizabeth, N. J., will be graduated 

from Brown University, June 1957, for which he prepared at 
Rahway High School. An Alpha Delta Phi , he is business man¬ 
ager for Liber Brunensis , and a member of the Sons of the Revolu¬ 
tion, the Society of Colonial Wars, and of the Uderan Outing 
Club of Rahway. He plans to enter Law School. 

* Later, Mr. Hills will file with the Society of Colonial Wars, as supplemental ances¬ 
tors: Capt. John Allis, Lt. William Allis, William Beardsley, Ensign Ephraim Wells, 
Thomas Wells, Thomas Meakins and George Polly. 

aoAvT/n autiH 


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-r. a i I » 3, , .V .. • iWA ofctf • -• fi * .1'* ™ : 


*ai)uO ftft-nbU ♦«& *» bus .wit# f . 50 v - : * u °\ 



JOHN 1 HILL, birth and parentage unknown, but of Saybrook, 
Conn., by 1670, where he married, 14 Apr. 1670, Jane, widow of John 
Bushnell, of Boston, maiden name and birth not known. They were 
living in Saybrook, in 1671, when their only recorded child was born, 
and probably were there in 1678. 

As has been pointed out, under the account of Samuel Hills, W. S. 
Hills’ and Thomas Hills' 1906 Hills Family in America , page 8 , places 
our Samuel of Duxbury, Mass., sans proof, as that Samuel, born in 

Saybrook, 29 May 1671, son of the abovesaid John and Jane (-) 

(Bushnell) Hill. I gave the various reasons for which we do not think 
the two Samuels the same man. One thing seems quite apparent, 
this John of Saybrook was a FULL and not a HILLS, as was our 
Samuel, also the latter was born in 1673, and a shoemaker by trade. 
And this John Hill of Saybrook is not identical with John Hills of East 
Hartford, Conn., son of William Hills of Hartford, as has been er¬ 
roneously printed and re-printed. 

John Hills, son of William and Phillis (Lyman) Hills, was bom 
about 1644-1645, buried in East Flartford, 5 Apr. 1692. He married, 

date not known, Mary-, who married secondly Thomas Adkins.* 

The inventory of John’s estate was taken, 20 Aug. 1692, by Thomas 
Kilbourn and Samuel Welles, at which time, Jonathan Hill, aged 
twenty-eight, and Dorothy Hill, aged twenty-five, testified, 1 Sept. 
1692, that during brother John Hill’s last sickness he said that when 
debts were paid his wife should enjoy all the estate for life, and then 
what was left at her death, should be divided equally between his two 
daughters. It is clear that this John Hills, son of William, left no sons. 
He did leave two daughters: Elizabeth , born about 1678; married 
first, William Buckland Jr., who died 12 Dec. 1724; she married 
secondly, James Forbes Jr., born 14 May 1676; a daughter , who per¬ 
haps died after 1692, unmarried and at an early age. I quote from 
Mr. Jacobus’ footnote page 582 , of his Hills account :f 

“He was not the John Hill who m. at Saybrook, 14 Apr. 1670, Jane Bush¬ 
nell, widow of John Bushnell (1615-1667), a woman probably of over 40 years, 
by whom he had one child, Samuel, b. at Saybrook, 29 May 1671. The Hills 
Family in America (190G) errs in this identification. John of (East) Hartford 
shows in his provision for wife and two daughters that he had no surviving 
male issue. The alleged son Samuel was just under the age of 21 when John 
Hills died and would not have been cut off without mention in his nuncupa¬ 
tive will.” 

* Coll. Conn. Hist. Soc., 14: 248-249. 

f Manwaring’s Hartford Probate Reeds., 1:1^66; Jacobus-Waterman 19.32 Hale , House 
and Related Families , 581-2, by permission of the authors, and of the Conn. Hist. 
Society, which holds the copyright. 




.dooid^ft": lo iud nwondrru ^fttn*nxxj baa iliiid ,JJIH 1 VTHOL 

.uwoiul ion d>Tfd bn* «>m£n n* >?«m ,m>ieoH lo ,! tariffs u 8 
,inad kbv 7 btirfo b • ioot! ybio *itadj fiadw t lVdf ni ,dooidyafi ni §ni /ii 

.8791 ni si'jdi *ri 9 w ^Idsdmq baa 

.8 .7/ * jjjH jj ju^ri Vo inoooM I T.i)nu «tio itaiuioq n->9d end bA 
fcwdq «¥> .o'-mwl*. m ^Vjstt»v\ t4V I\ 8001 'dlill ajtniodT bits 'aliiH 

>ta. Ion oil o'// H / iol enoBBn anonmi *>riJ I .1! LI (italic airH) 
,Jimaq< . yJi ip Btnooe anidf anO .fli.Ji amii > J ataum owi 9ifi 

*hjo i >/ 8« ,r ..UIU ii ion na JL 1:1 e anw x.xnttaaB la ndot ?idi 


Jwk '■ loa ill n U>i . juiJ oi \ a -i jfootdvi? lo JiK niioL eidi bn A 
-id n k tad uj jLioiHjiII to e!HH mr.ilfi'// lo noe f .nnoiJ .inoliiaH 

mod aaw t \l (nsitr/J) eilli ’T bus luadJi?/ lo no* ndoL 

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,!<})( nisdJanol r acriii doii! x is «ealta'/f htiau3 bun ntuocHTI 
’ .botlij .yvit-vin iwi bo^ja ,1111' viiJoioO him t Jd^i9*7)n9//i 
n > ' ndi bias ad eaondofe h*.-. f'llill ndol ladioid juiiub iud! f 2<:91 
j Tj v; Mil iol aiBtaa tub Ha ^ojna b!uod< sliw eid biuq aiow ?Jdab 
( i . srsyjitad v W b*iV>wsb ad bino 'a .rfJaob lari iB ilol bbw iadw 
o • iV i inisiiii// lo hob t aii H ndol ?.ulj Jisdi laotaei J) 
bo .in ; TOf iiiods mod tmaidgucb owi ev^al bib aH 

'»ni* ii 9ib ;^S?) , 0 ‘jvl SI )oib odw ,.it bcidonfl mail a 11 
t-xj odw \i /.:n.\ » ;<)TOI -^b' 4*; mod ,.tI aad'!•■•'! fcaniuL p^lbnoo 

i<-' oyp . 9 ^ 1 ; ^haa na is bna bamuraan ,^H9I lailc boib at ad 

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j arrivnw on b«.» wi Ji ili . 'ioi.i^uBi) owi bn^ i* .w lol no voiq aid ni ewoda 
niiol dvf' w to tigii *»ili t&bnn J^r eaw ft i n* bagaHU >rfT .9ue. B .i oIaoi 
- jiqnot in «iil ni noi)n'>ai iuodiiw io Sud nood «>/ Ion bluow bna b'nb tlftH 

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m " i r . i'.l *,W^’ v ,j >i\ v <r l \ Jav^VtoU eiifliiiv^aiiM f 

.■'.av'J *ji <*• . ,r.ic iJu. 9 iii h io-.- ,'i V ii oA V: vmUn ** 

ni * Mod dr liw ,xi9it>od 


The Saybrook Vital Records were published in 1952, and from pages 
3 and 7, we note: 

“John Hill was married to Jane Bushnell the 14th of Aprill 1670 

Samuel Hill his son was born the 29th of May 1671 

William Bushnell the son of John Bushnell Senior late of Boston deceased 
the 31 day of August 1684.” [all on p. 7.] 

Dea. Francis Bushnell d. 4 Dec. 1681. [p. 3.] 

Sam Jones m. Mary Bushnell, 1 Jan. 1663. [p . 7.] 

Jonathan Smith m. Martha Bushnell, 1 Jan. 1663. [p . 7.] [same day.} 

There is an account of the Bushnell family in Dawes-Gates , 2:163- 
172 , compiled by the late Mrs. Mary Ferris and printed in 1931. 
The progenitor was a Francis Bushnell of Guilford, Conn., who was 
probably the father of Francis, the younger, of Saybrook; William of 
Saybrook; Rebecca, who married John Lord; Richard, who married 
Mary Marvin, and possibly John. 

It is thought that the reason that Jane, widow of John, and mother 
of his seven children, left Boston, and went to Saybrook, where she 
married, in 1670, John Hill of same, and by whom she had one child, 
son Samuel, in 1671, was that her deceased husband, John Bushnell, 
was closely related to the Saybrook Bushnells. 

It has been claimed that John of Boston was the same man as John 
of Salem, a glazier, but this is not true, for the former was a barber or 
barber-surgeon. Notes on his estate follow: 

John Bushnell, 1667, administration; inventory and distribution, originals 
all on file. Copies of the same appear in 5: 66, 64, 66. There is also a 1685 
administration d.b.n. and warrant for inventory copied in 9: 249. The bond 
is copied in new series 1: 516. 

Inventory of the estate of “John Bushnell” who died 5 Aug. 1667 appraised 
19 Aug. 1667. Contains his plate, books, two Bibles, an apparently well to 
do man, all personal property and amounting to £241-01-02, as taken by 
Robert Pateshall, “John Conney” and James Brading. [This was Coney 
of the famed silversmith family of Boston.] Jane, the relict and widow at¬ 
tested; it was ordered that she was to have her thirds and the rest to be 
divided among the children; the widow to give bond. 

Bond, John Bushnell, cordwainer, with John Conney, cooper, both of 
Boston, said Conney as his bondsman, appointed administrator d.b.n. of the 
estate of his “late father s d John Bushnell of Boston Barber dec d ” 16 Dec. 
1685, both sign. 

Warrant for inventory, 14 Dec. 1685, full power to administer the estate 
de bonis non of John Bushnell, sometime of Boston “Barber” granted to John, 
his son, being now come of age in right of himself and in right of his surviving 
sister, and the child of his deceased sister. Deacon Henry Alline, Mr. Ed¬ 
ward Wyllys and Mr. John Usher to make a new inventory of the house and 
land; for the administratrix, Jane, has now removed out of this jurisdiction. 
On reverse it mentions the house in Boston where Mr. William “Haukins” 

aoAara.i xuih ta 

i -icnl bnr*. t 5 '.t :f iti i>-j ' ibftiq oi >v/ *WmY\ \i\W I AooiA\£d& odT 

:'xfon ew bn« fc 

0 <*i UrcgA lo dj4*J «ij I{ »u feu® aqgl, oildhruusv i«w HtH »trfoV* 

f I! i. fa :l • oj d W. fl 

"•* ‘t .j/i lo > ;I>A£ *. 4 |J 
f.& .<jJ .I 8 t>f .' Q .b Ham • jV zbfLa-’.’I j» i(I 

. 11 ; .; '• •; a tC. r i .cr «u8 

.2 (II .clbI* t , t> •' i/ yd A". .m ri •.n- n- {?#cot 

l •. J . id tj. r ii ; -.jjH y})\ a* : i 6 wjw *ioi t >< iq )dT 
.'“vi- iJ Id ,i ^ffiK / .j '• 1 •: ( o t .1 n: iji v{d/xfoiq 

■ -V . : ■ i ■ : ) ■ ' COI xi : '.1 *»xr!t 


ion fci'.iii iun ,i .isj.'s * ^niafaS lo 

. iioogiua-iodiad 

i - lb ho r ii tui > bus ^loinavni t ‘fioiJs*Tl'iniwf « Tttdl ,lbn»i--uH nrfofc 
V ; ; < .-in I :: in ?'• j 'i&d ,<$ X •• inn -i >dl lo .sift no II# 

.0- .tJ xu b o yioJasv. ■ aol mm- .. bon .hUv <io/)#*>^'.-.ic:b« 

.»>' • •. vst r*s\ iii Lniqco **i 

qqc J&i .gf 5 Jjaib od * 'll ■ ; >1“ <o •< nixo 9»lj lo \noiiwuiv 

i t”r;i y o ne ,a9ldili o t . \kv.’ ,‘itx q i n! emaJno) .T(>0f .g / 91 

« at 1 '-id-r-r ii oi sniJnnc b ban vJTsqoiq n i «j It# .ittfcn ob 
’•C -i J xi' t ; . T xui •. b r ?.amjsl . db von no?) mb JisdoH 

-J.* -yob'-vr m j- o j .oar.l [.noiaoH io vlimi 1 Him!- >vb, b?awj siilto 

.bx:ovl *jv ri o' ’Ob • i-iil jusablifb *o! 5.010m# bobivib 

i<) 1 ? jo ,1^000 ,v /J mioT, di: r ,1 .ninwlnoo .(b u',jH n .0 , 4 bito£L 


•• C‘ ’..*b .-..L no^'Ovi V» ‘i- ■ i :.t >1 b e lorilol j r( io 'xtrJiss 

h • . . 

oil 0 sdJ i' oi 1077oq iiul ,i£ x .ooCl 4*1 ,v;/oJr >vni ict tnarwHI 

Xfix • o ' ir.'i 1 uiS ' iioi^pU lo •ndiViHu^ JhaitsuH ndol lo mn\ %Vjxx 5 «b 

-bG . . ,9 "troH nopfio\ ( .loi .' i b»anooob ?. I lo bliifp srli bn# t ?oiaiB 

ho# .9W'«i »> io ic 4 fl *n: voa •; o 1 v* n !; l. .rlf: bn# 8'dU ,r ^ 

. »i *•’ rlill lo jod over at wo *#ii i iib# io\ ;bc«I 

(i .1 jtjiIv/ iioJiio ai nod *»/ii etioiMwa ii oini/yi lO 


lately lived and now in the occupation and “tenur of ye widow of Joseph 
Haukins,” 25 Jan. 1G85-86. 

(Suffolk Probate , J7i.) 

“Ordered that notice bee given to James Hill in Saybrook who married 
with the widdow of John Bushnell that at the next County Court there wilbe 
a Setlement made of that Estate, one of the children being married, and that 
in the meane time D r Hawkins who Lives in the house pay no Rent without 
order of Court.” 29 Jan. 1677-78. 

(Suffolk Co. Ct. Reeds, from Pub. Col. Soc. t 30: 885.)* 

Children of John and Jane (-) Bushnell, born in Boston: 

i. Dorothy, b. 19 Feb. 1651-52. 

ii. Sarah, b. 24 Mar. 1655. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. 30 Aug. 1657, d. 17 Apr. 1662. 

iv. John, b. 19 Jan. 1659-60, d. 10 Apr. 1662. 

v. Jane, b. 18 Dec. 1662. 

vi. John, b. about 1665; by wife Sarah had son, John, b. 4 Aug. 

1687, Boston. 

vii. William, b. 2 June 1666. (d. 31 Aug. 1684, Saybrook, Conn.) 

Returning to John Hill of Saybrook, Conn., little is known about 
him. The name of Saybrook was changed to that of Deep River, 
1 July 1947, and this is where the old records are on file. Mr. Jacobus 
covered these for us, as follows: From official copy' of Volume /, 
Saybrook Deeds f: 

Page 42 : 

[“The Lands of Edward Codner” described: under this} 

John Hills marke 1670 That he puts upon his Cattle is a crop upon the tope 
of each ear and a slott cut down on the Crop of the near ear 

The lands of John Hill 

the abovesaid [refers to Codner entry! house and home lote of 1 acker and a 
quarter [written 11 ackers and looks like a line drawn through one “ 1” and 
the “s” of ackers: 11 acres was a good deal for a home lot and ( odner s alxjve 
was 1 acre and a quarterl and 3 Ack of land in the planting held and 2 Ack of 
meadow at Raged Roke were sold by Thomas Codner to John Hill of Say- 
brook this sixteenth of November 1670. 

John Hill was married to Jane Bushnell the 14 th of April 1670 

Samuel hill his son was bom the 29 th of May 1671. 
the lands at Pataconke that was laid out to Edward Codner doth belong to 
John Hill being comprised in the bill of sale made by Edward Codner and by 
his order was recorded to John Hill 

William Bushnell the son of John Bushnell of Boston deceased the 31»* day 
of August 1684 

* Pub. 1933, after Mrs. Ferris’ book was published. The “Janies is an original 
error, of course, for John. 

f Not checked with the original states D. L. J. The early deeds, or land records, 
contain various types of entries which are not always chronological, piper was so scarce 
that every blank portion was utilized. 

»kj o' \o 7ol-iw oy Vo umoi " bflj* noii&qnooo $d* m 'non bna tuml yf*>j«f 

—) % l bus mloi >o fl^ibftfD 

. - •■ , .. 

.SOI ? 3?(1 8f M <aii{Al ,y 
■t* l > v > .»<> barf i>.H, \ J slw yd ; 891 b odu .<’ xnot .rr 

1 -i J • ♦.n;(oL> ,/!• .nti io Kill l. <-j * lirniiiaH 

’ ■ [ - v »v. . . .,nifi 

» 0 • > i ib'To iam{ ra/^ Kol an tu ioj ]><>t voo 

vi ■. ..•■ •'• ■ 

1 * r- -i ?>!#*'> ?.i AfKj r aJrrq oi!, =. t 0T81 . affiH ndoi 

• nnsn if.'; *o qoiD dif 1 no aw. .» Juo *<»f •, ki'B ie-* fiw.* )o 
Hill wicd, \o >.bo oKT 

«lq srii ni hfli.i V.> ,.!•./• oa ioiiaiJp a ha 4 t to* I «aw 
' inJ ■ D’i'iHT '• . 3 V . ST .i • TO£‘jn 

.<»T( t iodic y/oV! ‘to dia^-bri ?j| • md 

1 ■ ' ' • ■ l V "!' r L 

■ VOI ytM dl C 2 oil) mod sgrtr noa Hid 

r , A, T VC. r.i.l il l » 

I ’Tf? )'. oi J jo l)ir.i .•!',*« jjnlt slim >s *a c I la - m a i D 
n ' - J -* r .d ohr.m sixyj io Kid t/di ui fi&aiiqfiaoo *j ' »d n lol 

b ,7 ‘ V> tloorisxrH o.ioh to ;>li baiiaur m 

.ndol to) ,^-iuto ,nm* 

•' ? A. A CL ^j»u iHivw xh ■:<:*! fewh-qh io/i i 

• 1 e JuUUr ' 11 t j * - jyi *1/0 .*/ until n 



Page 5J>: 

Lind of Mr Bellamy and house 27 th of February 1675. bought of John 
Hill his house and home lot consisting of one Ack more or less gining [lying] 
and being in the towne of Say Brock bounded by John Westall on the east and 
William Southmaid on the north the highway west and the meeting Comon 
on the South allso two acres of meadow lying on the north side of William 
Dudley and John Clark, and also my distedent [dividend] land at Pataqunk 
with all privileges belonging thereunto as doth more fully appear in a deed of 
sale under the said Hills hand bearing date with this record 

Page 36: 

John Hill one of two appraisers, 16 Feb. 1726, of three “Gades” [i.e. jades, 
or horses]. This is a much later John Hill, who entered his ear mark, 16 
Apr. 1723. {page 90), a different mark entirely than that of the older John. 
Lands bought by Joseph Ingham, of John Hill (page 71), could refer to the 
older man, as apparently not dated. (Z). L. J.) 

We have noted that this John Hill, of Saybrook, sold out his prop¬ 
erty there, 21 Feb. 1675 and there is no further mention of him in 
the local records. However, see the Court action, in Boston, 29 
Jan. 1677-78, by which it would appear that John Hill and his wife, 
Jane (widow of John Bushnell of Boston), were still of Saybrook at 
that time. 

Child of John and Jane (-) (Bushnell) Hill: 

Samuel, b. 29 May 1671; no further record. In my opinion this 
Samuel Hill was not identical with the Samuel Hills, of Duxbury, 
aged 62 in 1735, etc., and a shoemaker by trade. 

:iDA37J! fUJUI 

hn£ fco v vHWifDtd adi rihcic adt no faviusdiuoS nifulli/Y 

Jn ^ocnd >;& 

;;$Ti .iqA 
Kni tbflikl 
njjux lablo 

--. , ' . V 1)1 . ) 



SGT. PHILIP 1 LEONARD (Thomas, Henry), bom in England, circa 
1630, died in Duxbury, Plymouth County, Mass., 3 July 1708, in¬ 
testate. He married, perhaps late in life, Lidia -, who died 

in Duxbury, 13 Nov. 1707. 

A proved brother of the prominent ironmongers, Henry and James 
Leonard, early of Taunton, Mass., Philip probably originated in 
county Somerset, Old England, near Pontypool, Monmouthshire, in 
Wales, where these brothers were presumably apprenticed to the iron 
trade. The claim that these Leonards were of the Leonard of Dacre 
family is not only without foundation in fact, but quite fantastic. 
We have contemporary evidence that Somerset was their home shire 
and very possibly the parish of Sparkford.* 

As dictated, in 1732, by Hannah (Leonard) Deane, to her great 
nephew; she was a daughter of the first James Leonard of Taunton.f 
her mother being a Martin and her siblings being: Thomas, James, 
Benjamin, Uriah, Abigail and Rebecca Leonard. She also stated 
that her grandfather was a Thomas Leonard, whose wife was born 
a White, and that their children (in addition to her own father) were: 
Henry, William, John, Philip, Thomas, Margery, Joan and Sarah. 
Her great-grandfather was Henry Leonard. She gave more data 
about the family with the fact that her aunt Sarah died “at New 
Salem.” Her various statements, thus made in 1732, have proved to 
be correct; she was an old lady with a remarkable memory. 

From the Friends’ Records (Salem, N. J. Monthly Meeting [Quak¬ 
ers]), it appears that: J 

Robert Fairbanks borne in lestershire in or about the veare 1632. In or 
about the veare 1653 the said Robert Fairbanks transported himself from 
England to Ireland. In the yeare 1676 the said Robert Fairbanks took to 
wife Sarah Leonard daughter of Thomas Leonard, borne in Spenccfield in 
Summerset Shire. In the yeare 1677 the said Robert Fairbanks transported 
himself with Sarah his wife and one daughter Elizabeth Stubings he the said 
Robert having her by a former wife, and her husband Henry Stubings, from 
Ireland to the province of west new Jersey. They set saile on the 16th day 
of ye ninth month in the ship called the Mary of dublin, John Wall l>eing 
Master, and landed at Elsinburgh in the province of west new Jersey the 22 
of the 12 month following. 

Mr. Cook then continues with abstracts of the New Jersey wills 
which give us the estate of Robert Fairbanck of Elsenburgh (Salem 
County), tailor, in 1682, the administration being granted to one 
John Thompson, of same, carpenter, “who has married Sarah, the 

* Someday I should like to pursue these English clues. 

t Register (1853), 7: 71-7 

j “Origin of James and Henry Leonard,” by Lewis-D. Cook, F. A. S. G., in American 
Genealogist , 10: 200-201. 


r:u r/ jcr *10 < haa(MJ <iuim TAA&oma 

iJfilH.O f 'U ■t ,-!': , / T i, ( ;ii boib ,0 frf 

i ,*»it • Uio f .fooq’ 3noS ,bd.r$m’i bl(* J*v,toru >ri liuod 

• b-'otoh 4. » i'.nsq aril vidi eoq vt yr Lna 


f" « { : Mr. 1 s arw f<fi ; ssj'qon 

.1 h <: Mf'l : ni irir. n n. i / a sniscf is ftorn isif 

ir .u \l y> ijil baa (;«} ft?/ viiiiiU ,muu/HaH 


:flvw \v- 1 jn. o iqd oj uoijibba n.) a-wblii 0 i ; nlj ^rlj 'Mr- .oJirfW £ 

■b a". HU; rani. >•’" jyh ; t/i *n oubl ,iu. I .nii llfW 

* ii ‘y • ■•'. i n ;m- > v » * ■•.* *] r .i! Ir’ibjnir!,. • ?jH 


.vi»m j‘)jn dun: 'ifinm a d rw ^hal bio rr air# ‘ da [Ao'vnoo 

t: fad) a'taoqqa ii t ([8i9 

P. )f mty/ orif fuc uJ io a' oiijhTobof nr om >d g; ■ •hic'^ ftadoH 
‘ ■’ '•'•! • b->hoq-:ni,Lt oh» hi;; . le* v’t »»«;• ii. J jI yiB9\ 9 j!) iuoda 

« nn b .1 .1 .^!<•'•( bi Jig iil 070 F sir. 5 7 . v; I ‘l .bn J'nl o) biiri?;« r T 

utatl• "• n on-’ 1.1 • ,otbijg'>J <mr ; nr ;ab btano^I -dr// 

' ! • j -At'.} J-n o f bi... -rj TTOi 71B9V ori 1 1 r'-'-i .}•• :*>uicail3 

’.i ufiritluj^ dfedaui | «3iio baa c >bw dru;-i dJivr lioemiH 

no \ J'ty, v$irfT .‘iwri : wm« 1 - 9 // xo aonivojq ad) o) bnubnl 

I- " ,i - bib jo fiaM ad) boiuio qiHa an) m i\* 10 j libt to 

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widow of Robert Fairbanks.” Also the estate of Sarah Thompson, 
will dated 1720, of same, widow, who divided her “worldly estate,” 
between kinsmen Henry Leonard of Cape May and Thomas Leonard 
of East Jersey, to other relatives and gave legacies to various persons, 
including the children of brother James Leonard. 

There is no doubt that the “aunt Sarah” who “died at New Salem” 
mentioned by Hannah (Leonard) Deane in 1732 is identical with the 
above Sarah (Leonard) (Fairbanks) Thompson of New Jersey. How¬ 
ever, whoever compiled or copied the Friends' Records misread the 
name of the place, for Mr. Cook states that “Spencefield” should 
be read “Spenceford” [Sparkford]. As Mr. Jacobus, editor of the 
American Genealogist comments: 

“It is one of life's ironies that a family so uniquely fortunate as to possess 
a statement of origin made by a daughter of the first settler should be con¬ 
cerned to disregard this statement in order to accept an entirely unproved 
claim of descent from an English titled family. No reason, so far as I can 
learn, has ever been given for disputing any of the statements of fact made 
by Mrs. Deane, nor is there any reason to doubt that James Leonard and his 
brother Henry [and brother Philip] were from Pontvpool, Monmouthshire. 
The claims of descent from the Dacre Lennards (as they consistently spell the 
name) are conflicting, undocumented, and (disregarding the impossible claim) 
decidedly improbable. . . . With all the interest that has been shown in the 
origin of the family, one can but wonder that research has not been under¬ 
taken in the neighborhood of Pontvpool.” * 

{The Americayi Genealogist, 10: 162-166, 200-201; 11: 53.) 

And so we can prove that our Philip Leonard was a son of Thomas 

and- (Martin) Leonard and a grandson of Henry and- 

(White) Leonard, presumably from Somerset and in the neighbor¬ 
hood of Sparkford and Pontvpool. Inasmuch as Philip Leonard left 
no male heirs, he and his career have been sadly neglected. 

We have already noted in the account of Samuel Hills, who married 
the only child of Philip Leonard, Phebe Leonard, that this marriage 
was enacted in Duxbury, 6 Nov. 1694. 9 July 1702, Philip was 

named as a bound in a land grant to his son-in-law; 17 May 1703, 
both Philip and Samuel protested about a town action; 13 Nov. 1707, 
Lydia, Philip’s wife died, followed, 3 July 1708, by Philip’s own death. 
Brief notes about Philip’s estate appear in Samuel Hills’ account, 
which are amplified later here; finally, 2i\ Dec. 1712, when Samuel 
renewed the bounds of his lands, they are described as possessed 
formerly by “his father’s Phillip Leonard.” ( Duxbury Tovm Reeds., 
1893, 193, 90; Duxbury Gen. Reeds., 16^5-171^9, 56; Duxbury Miscl. 
Reeds., 161^2-17!fi, 285; Duxbury V.R.; Mayflower Desc., 10: 18£; 
Plymouth Probate , 12663.) f 

* Pontypool is adjacent to Somerset. Both Mr. Jacobus and Mr. Cook have assisted 
us on the Hills research. 

t Vide ante. 

mAzvjj aiaiH 


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ad b-bivib difW f Y7obi // /j'lnK-s to ,0©T l f>aiab IKw 
‘mi; . ■.)? .to*Y\ inifi v«b • ?*& fO to \vmwv A vnv, Vi jromv.t'rA ffaawted 
»q runiii’.v oi r >i 1 /bite p H J rt isr, > < ^sn^l JaaH to 

adJ be- r> m *W->*U '4ir W\ 9i& baiqqo l b.?liqjr.< > T>vaodw t »v$ 

•-o'A ,*j;A 'jul adj to amen 

Iyi 4 > ] r> iaq 8 *' bean 9 d 

C. * oq ( ? •£.J' i‘ ♦* ■ ■; • 0 > 

HOT fxi lino , * I ’i '! V J It ,» I 1 .;*# I ,nl r. n ;.) > « 

-lobnu i- m rr «i 1 riyia--. Ji f isbnow Jtkl nsa -Hi.» f vs ;tiU - ; odJ to aigho 


• bn to noabna-n* a b jb bra no .1 (ni-helA)-btia 

od ■ r : . o i .! . , 1 )} ; -*} ( ; r ) 


■ • i-.-r- tn J Jet I Jnenc- k >Joj ; .bom • qilid c l to H: ■> -Jiio >di 

vr»l'* Vf ;/ ut-nofc i ji o) JnaTs -uai a , bniio l s pa bat- en 
t ’ i .VO/. Jil ;no nvj'oi a jjjoda befestoiq iaun c8 bna qdidM dJod 
. ab av/o a'qii rfl ^ A >TI vftrV8 .bawol'i^ J i! A .*< < c|ifrr!S[ t fl’rb^J 
,JanooLH{ ; c-iiil 1 u knH ui *ie*.Hiq4 ateJ* p'qifii H lux u aaioii bii3 
ioi)j;i 8 c ><; ,< n .o&U v ,yjbifi;l ;*?t if boi ifqma aie ilaiilw 

h^f.^oq -da bsKfhahab aia v;sJi ,?.bnei <'ni to abniiod odi bawanoi 
t .?.tovdA wwv.’V ) " bieac»aj qilln-J p't rltol eid^ vd vhorniol 

*.0l ,.o? A\ iv«^ V oil. ;A\ ^ ^utavstA \c:t\ \ 

t ( • • l ' 'woVV Mitosn^V’t 

5vut.' 2^x>'_) .i t[ Lea gudo^i i .A." iitcff itif'i'Munt ot iaa’Jtr « ei hoq^/Juu/i * 

.i »i jtlliFi »dt no tu 



Philip first appears on these shores in connection with the Iron 
Works at Hammersmith, on the Saugus River in Massachusetts. 
Often known as the Cradle of American Industry, “the Hammer¬ 
smith works draws significance from the fact that it was the first in 
the colonies to produce successfully both cast iron and wrought iron 
from pig iron. Its productive life extended from about 1646 to about 
1675.” Philip’s brothers, Henry and James, supposedly came over 
about 1640; Henry was of Lynn in 1668, and later of Boxford, but 
failing in business fled to New Jersey about 1673, where his sons, 
Samuel, Nathaniel and Thomas, followed him. James, however, 
became established in Taunton and “sired a mighty clan of iron 
workers.” * 

The only item found for Philip in connection with Hammersmith 
is the following: payment to Philip and Henry, for hunting a missing 
Scot [perhaps one of the Scotch prisoners, brought to these shores, 
after the Battle of Worcester (1651) and sold, in 1652]: 

Payment made to “henery and phillipe lennard for seekeing after scott” 
six shillings, December 1652. ( Superior Court of Judicature , File 225.) 

(Gifford and Undertakers of the Ironworks, paper 11 , case heard 1654.) 

By 1657, Philip was of Taunton, then in Plymouth Colony, and 
since 1686, within the county of Bristol, when he became a freeman 
by taking the “Oath of Fidelitie” as “Phillip Lenard.” ( Plymouth 
Col. Reeds., Miscl. 1633-1689, 8:186.) Two years later, 6 Oct. 1659, 
we read that: “James Lenard, Phillip Lenard,” and others, all of 
Taunton, were warned to appear in court, for sundry misdemeanors 
committed in Taunton, (ibid.. Court Orders, 1651-1668, 3: 176.) 

1 May 1662, the estate of Thomas Billington, of Taunton, was ap¬ 
praised and Jeremiah Newland, “Philip Leanard” and “James 
Leanard,” had sums due them by the estate. (Mayflower Desc., 
17: 216.) 1 Mar. 1663-64, “Henery Green of Taunton, for breach 

of the peace by striking Phillip Leanard, fined 03: 04.” (Plymouth 
Col. Reeds., Court Orders, 1651—1668, J: 50.) Next, 29 Oct. 1669, 
“Phillip Leanard” and others were presented for not “paying theire 
rate to the minnestry,” the verdict being that they must pay as rated 
last year “and that the constable be payed for his distresse.” (ibid.. 
Court Orders, 1668-1678, 5: 28.) 

In the estate of Ralph Chapman Sr., late of Marshfield, who died 
testate, we find that the inventory was taken by “Philip Leanard 
(who signed by a mark) and Peregrine White, 27 Jan. 1671-72. 
Chapman’s estate was also indebted to “Philip Leanard,” and others. 

* Correspondence with Prof. Neal Hartley of Mass. Inst, of Tech., 1954-1955; Per- 
ley’s article in 1888 Coll. Essex Inst., 25: 291-300; Emery’s 1893 Hist, of Taunton. 
Those interested in the Saugus Iron Works (Hammersmith) Restoration are referred to 
booklets issued by the American Iron and Steel Inst., of New York, N. Y., 1951 and 
1952, also various issues their “Gazette,” 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954. 

aoAcr/n a f jiii 

ncal *>rfi iliiw noij*v>(moo ni ®osoifa oaorft ni> R' Isnft qiliri 1 ! 

auM ni iovi>1 stroma >ib tio to uhoff 

,!:** 4 '/lifljolifil nir.mofti/i lo *»ib«s ) '>i'i >•« ir-7 octal nsJK) 

T' ; 

: 6 ^niim; . ioI, ; h >i 1 bus qJi!fi f i aS j ivtun ui : .nrwbo] orlj ei 
•ifiJ *3 • /li»Uv>*K! t >r>jWr nq :i ?ioo 3 odi u> otio isi|JM v t‘>qi Joo 3 
i ''{rrr. bn ■ ( 01; ’V t 7 to : I ‘ iitt '* T) J-.‘j 

,) . ; ; -v • » ■ v. /ix 


sKimoim fcfoi y/ilmir* nd jitioo ni T« 3 q_qB oj b^maV oiow t floinmsT 

)] \< M VuroO f ,ViVfo .naiiw YJ ai h^JJiininoo 

-qjj ,no\ jju 1 l > ,nf H ?*iiuodT io jJnJaoedj «S5dr I 

b:i« ‘uu ; r l {*! 1 , bn Ia*‘j r if :io bna botitiq 
CV v>V'i\v?u - ) > id: v * ! - 7 ■ oj :> -n ua Lis:; t bisaaoJ 

;. -'•;?! v> „r Jr: >; • V> n--ni) vion • f" JO-Ef). ? .ii;l£ 1 '.XI 

JD :• ) m JmnifcoJ qillixH s i U v<_ ooaoq odi to 

. bl j-aO fJ . •>’/ (. & *1^1 ,.tAmA .VoO 

*3 • t 5i<7fVi" | ton io1 b-jjir oiq r >7/ eiodio bnp. * in> fieisJL qillidV' 

odJ ol oiai 

. HEoiJaib febl idI 1) ,-'/aq 3 d yld&tenoo 91 ii ifixfj bits'* *r#i3V, Jea! 

(AV. *.o , r 6X*dl-fc»&I ( mtaO hwoO 

fc b <»■!• f b! p.ts; f. \o Jii?: f .ife rtiiinq: fD liqbJJ 10 3iisirt3 odi ni 

■; \» .v*’ • ! ' 'v ,ot a* 

. : itr. bbmi/v>J q'Ji'14 M ot boidobiii tvlii ei ..7 oiiw.o e’nuinqBiO 

*‘l ;* ‘ i li ti i’i • I' iiau .Birt b so y :>i h*jl 1 in •/'l .1. . I fti w irnoD * 

.■ 1 • •>%••} •>•;»> jimi'i; »»--•»:* .({)?,.•? .)..•■■ fi) nJWff arai ?.s/:. ni «odT 

ha IW1 «.Y .VI ,^'k 1 -r>'/ lo ..}« al {y Jrl l»ii! rtoii Hi yJ tJ^fiood 

I‘HI . ;1 ,iC.y ; I 5 fil -i .*x 1 c - sijt i«y nJa 



(.Mayflower Desc., 19: 132-135.) * This item is the first we have 
showing Philip to be a resident of Marshfield, from where he did 
not remove to Duxbury, as has been stated, but lived on the line 
between the two old towns, and when the bounds between them were 
finally established, 23 Feb. 1683, his place came under the jurisdiction 
of Duxbury. 

In the expedition to New York against the Dutch, “Phillip Lean- 
ard” was one of four “Sarjeants” and was to be paid three shillings 
a day, 17 Dec. 1673. ( Plymouth Col. Reeds., Court Orders, 1668-1678, 


5 June 1678, “Phillip Leanard, of Marshfeild, in the jurisdiction of 
New Plymouth, nailer,” was bound unto the Court in the sum of £30 
sterling, etc., to pay towards the support of a child he had of Eliza¬ 
beth Loe, a singlewoman, until the child attained the age of seven. 
(ibid., 5: 260-261.) We will let the actual records tell the tale. 

Debts due the estate of "William Sherman, late of Marshfield, de¬ 
ceased, included one by Philip “Leonard,” the estate being appraised, 
30 Dec. 1680. In January 1680-81, Philip “Leonard” was named 
as indebted to the estate of William Sherman of Marshfield. (Pope’s 
1918 Plymouth Col. Scrap Book, 19; Mayflower Desc., J: 172; Holman’s 
1936 Dcsc. William Sherman of Marshfield.) 

Philip Leonard was an appraiser of the estate of Lt. Samuel Nash, of 
Duxbury, “being aged, and not in a capassety to live and keep house 
of himselfe, hath therfor put his estate unto the hands of William 
Clarke, of Duxburrow,” etc., 5 Mar. 1683-84. (ibid., Court Orders, 
1678-1691, 6: 126.) t 

There is a mention of “Philip Lenard” as a bound in the published 
1893 Duxbury Town Records, 25 Apr. 1694 and 30 Oct. 1695, pages 
67-68. He was evidently living near the South River there, near 
Marshfield line. 

He has no recorded deeds in the Plymouth Colony Deeds, the Plym¬ 
outh or the Bristol, County Deeds, and various sources, published 
and unpublished, pertaining to Essex County contain no mention 
of him. There is at Plymouth, in the Registry of Deeds, a single 
large copied volume entitled: Marshfield Proprietors, not paginated 
or indexed; it is difficult to discover what years it embraces but it is 
evidently of an early period, this volume was not scanned for lack 
of time.t 

According to the Duxbury Town Records, 1893, page 91: 25 Dec. 

* Copies of the Plymouth Col. Deeds and Estates , made about 1860 when it was in¬ 
tended to print them, may be consulted at the Mass. Archives. Originals are at 

f Estate of Samuel Nash, 18 June 1683, John Cole and “philip Leanard” named the 
“prizers.” ( Plymouth Col. Scrap Book , pp. 35-36.) 

J Gen. Sessions of the Peace , Plymouth Co., covered 16S6 past 1725, also concurrent 
(from 1702 only extant) Reeds, of Court Common Pleas; both negative. 

SftfcSKLi aiJIH 


yvftit *yw }r*i& aiij ?i iH 9 *i fcifi ■ d.\ i*‘ v ^. 

. riudziid lo 

. 1? ** q«‘ : H” , 4 oJiid '-»iii Jtimiyi >bo 7 foX oJ ik : 'ib>qzs> arfi id 

) . - ■ •• ’ > 

),,!•' f •. rtf . If:- (j- ) • .-'qq f'- •> d 

* .* Ilt 

,v. ^VaO > ..uO t Au&) .tfefiftf .1*^. C ,.0iJ f \vioiiifd/.ua o 'Whftl’J 

t(:o.A •.& 

b':d j .iidiia o& al. bfluod & a* " b-iBiwJ qiiiiH** lo aoiinMfi * «i oMV 

u ju ^u/ij rjvid iltwo3 iiiaii jnivL ,li win** *** sH 

.anil bl-^diisisM 

; ,-A v . ^oO A‘ v, a ni -> - io*j 1 on - tl »H 

ai rn . i ih>o " f JftooD rwt'A « ! nuui.h »q t b-j.i b'fjnu bn£ 

i• j q jo-. ,«*,4AVtf Av:t*V -*mulo7 b^iqoo *%ud 


-.i< i» n J? rt3.1^ ^ Yi ii'cda dbuca .v?’&W3i -Kn %>•’ •'■' io *'■ ' ’** i'»s<>uO 

i., OKI elurtK iO « -.Awk .*. !>\ll sit Js inth/wv •> v; jj , „ .dl innq oJ b*bo-»i 



1712, Caleb Samson was to have an addition of land to his lot “next 
to Phillip Leonard’s land.” For other mentions of Philip, see his 
son-in-law Samuel Hills’ account. 

In a “Topographical Discription of Ravnham,” 6 Feb. 1793, by 
the Rev. Peres Forbes, LL.D., is a statement that James Leonard, 
“the great progenitor” had three brothers, and towards the end: 

“The circumstance of a family attachment to the iron manufacture is so 
well known, as to render it a common observation in this part of the country, 
viz. where you find iron works, there you icill find a LEONARD.” * 

A brief mention of Philip Leonard’s estate appears in the account 
of his son-in-law, Samuel Hills, who, having married Philip’s heiress, 
succeeded to the Leonard property. There is no extant bond now 
on file, but in the copy books are the inventory and the letter of ad¬ 
ministration, see volume 2: 99-100. The original inventory appears 
in File 12663. Photostatic copies of the two records (inventory and 
letter) and of the original document (inventory) are included in the 
Hills Notes. 

“To Samuel Hill Son in law of Phillip Leonard Late of Duxbor- 
rough in the County of Plimouth . . . Deceased Greeting ... I 
do by these presents Committ unto you full Power to Administer,” 
to the estate of said deceased, 12 July 1708. The inventory was 
made, 8 July 1708, by William Carver, and Arthur Howland, to 
which “Samuel Hill” made his oath, 11 July 1708, real and personal 
effects are listed; a copy of the original follows: 

“Inventory of the Estate of Phillip Lenerd taken by William Carver & 

Arthur Howland jr the 8 th of julv — 1708 




Imp r s to his purs and aparel 




to house and Land 




to 2 oxen 




to 3 Cows 




to 8 swine 




to a feather bed and beding 




to a little bed & 2 bed steads 




to a table cloth and other linen 




to pewter 




to brass and a bellmettle pot 




to a great iron kettle & other iron weare 




to cob irons fire slice & tongs 




to tramels and pot hooke 

I 01 



to books 




to 1 chest and a box and other small things 




to Earthen ware 




* Printed in italics and pub. 1793, in 3/. H. S. Coll., ser. I, 3: 173. 

Note that part 

of Taunton was set otf in 1781 as Raynham, both are now in Bristol Co. 

tof i rd o J bn d io ii ' ? oi tarn ii«^ixlb 3 dalt'!) ,SfT£ 

; nbiJfldfd w' ".bn .! r fn»i l> k! qillid 1 ! o| 

o ?i vur. >v.i m w *.>;[] pi Ji <*»Jc vt.-oiul £ \n ■ m\u, nw. th odT” 

AVA . 0A1 ii W AVjj uo\$ v ,£vl :o •-/ o;; b f ?S uo via lw .siv 

n laocvl i. ii c i 10 it i;$ a Vjrxd A 

nq bliiEUMk oifci oi b ba ^Ji/8 



.f r. v VsV\ 


< « ' A •:! d ; v /r- £«sii: ? v i , i ■ 3 ,vh >m 

* *.»q bru iiioi r B0v r vlu ! - II Jtoo aid >l)Bm ' ilil i (w.mjsg* 4 riaidw 

>dc‘i \un‘i\jno Oi 15 b> vqo u ; bited oia ai suite 

oi ) f/ V. * JlOyffij tnansJ ( 1* ‘>}r : tiiit lo V10Jfl0»|f| ** 

— V.lui in *»e »di ii. hnfifwoH itMliA 



lo iKJfl biJ£ r il q aid oi 
n xo 9 oi 

■ If i «>> 
v . b ' ■ !>o i •• ad ids ^ j 
*ba • )-? d S bad aliiii a oi 
ii -Ji I -ttJiiJo baa do. o • : d j t . 

lalvr kj oi 

Joq t JJvifdlod £ bne sasid oi 
ai £3 / noil • o v. iud iic*Tf j<a vrg & oi 
ague: & soil a . noii try o) 

agnii J ibuna addio baa xod a ban !*■.,!•> I oi 


eq jI 

.c > lo; r*H ni won -* rfiod ,in ri y l . <. : : "I oi Uo Ji>e aow doit ;i*T lo 



to wooden wair 




to 2 tables and 5 chears 




to corn and meat and butter 




to lomber 




to a cart & plow chains axs hows 




To a frying pan & looking glass both old & some Putter 
& a silver whysle given to John Walker 2 guns given 

away in his life time - 

127 17 00” 

(Plymouth Probate, 12663.) 

The silver whistle is of interest. Was it due to his being a “non 
com” in the Expedition against the Dutch at New York? 

Child of Philip and Lydia (-) Leonard: 

PHEBE *, b. circa 1070-1075, perhaps Taunton, Mass.; m. Samuel 

The small chart , 'printed on the next page , comprises 
the ancestry of Hannah (Brown) Hills, and is not the 
result of exhaustive research , so is subject to change 
and amplification. In an effort to make it easy to 
follow 1 have only given the dates by years. I am 
grateful to Miss Ruth E. Thomas for her lettering. 

W. L. H. 




; AlWtrtaV > \FV v . 'ftW& && 

1 •>.'.' V 1 .i\r o’i W\>tot% 



(D. ANTE 1700) 
M. 1682. 


M. 1730 _ 

Elizabeth poIly 

0657 ANTE 1709) 


C173© -1823) 



CA3T.I 672- ANTE 1751) 
M. 1696 


(BP. 1709-ANTE 1771) 




(D. 16 83.TEST.) 






(D. 1695) 




M-165 1 


(D.I678) HADLEY 












(D. 1678) 


(D. I 677) 


(1641-ANTE 1705) 

(D.I687) BOSTON. 





*WIV HT3flAiiJ3 

y.tj0A>i ©Ydi.Q) 

'• .i a: •• ■ MAUJIW 



: i JT23HQJO ’ 



- ' : ■ > 

$jjih < s3s3 j to ::tiw 

neTix ,,lA ^'' •>'■*** 

KOOV'C'J W i< ’JJ 3 t'T/H 
A'i' W+OJM A 


<ATd< -0) 
(3j p: ‘-a; tmjavu 

- y: 


WAfV )MI/iA31'- : A -OHT 


> U 53ff T WA^ 
-u ~n T AK, HA^Ae 


cedf .ii 

a*AJ>(WI*A3M) *7 »ah 

' ,3V/ IT39AXU3 

(it n i^ 



ceo i - • 




Hannah Brown, wife of Lebbeus Hills, was the daughter of George and 
Elizabeth (Wells) Brown, and the granddaughter of John and Elizabeth 
Brown, of Colchester, Conn. In the course of the identification of her 
father, George Brown, a few notes were gathered, not only in relation to him, 
but also respecting his father, John. From this research, it would seem that 
Jolin Brown is identical with the John of Billerica and Woburn, Middlesex 
County, Mass., who married Elizabeth, daughter of George and Elizabeth 
(Winn) Polly of Woburn, for reasons that will be explained on the following 
pages. Therefore, a few notes about this John and his immediate family, 
precede the short account of George, his son. Later we hope to complete the 
search on these Polly and Winn ancestors, and to continue the investigation 
of the ancestry of Elizabeth (Wells) Brown, viz: Wells, Beardsley, Allis and 

There is an unpleasant court case concerning a John Brown of Colchester 
but our John is completely absolved as he died before the events took place. 
Moreover there were a number of John Browns all living in the early days 
within that town and the problem was to differentiate them. 

JOHN 1 BROWN of Billerica, Woburn and Colchester, born about 
1655, died in Colchester, Conn., intestate, before 14 Nov. 1707. He 
married in Woburn, as of Billerica, both towns within Middlesex 
County, Mass., 22 Apr. 1682, Elizabeth Polly, born in Woburn, 
14 Apr. 1657, who perhaps died in Colchester, between 18 Feb. 1707- 
OS and 8 Mar. 1708-09 *, daughter of George and Elizabeth (Winn) 
Polly and the granddaughter of Edward Winn of Woburn.f 

A footnote in Johnson’s 1891 Woburn Marriages , page 35, states: 

In Dec. 1682, a John Brown of Woburn was convicted of stealing a horse 
and was sentenced to restore threefold damages to pay costs and to be whipt 
twenty stripes. Middlesex County Court Records, Volume 4. 

No proof is offered that this applies to John Brown who, April 1682, 
and December 1683, was of Billerica. 

Hazen’s Billerica , published in 1883, page 18 of genealogical section, 

“31.10 m . 1683. At a meeting of v e Selectmen, John Browne being sumoned 
and appearing before y e Selectmen to give an account of his coming to inhabit 
in our towne without liberty from the town first had and obtained [?] accord¬ 
ing to our town orders. The Selectmen having received an evill report of 
y® s d pson, they gave him Notice of our towne orders, respecting ye enter¬ 
tainment of persons into y e towne to be inhabitants, and that wee were not 
willing to entertain him as an inhabitant, and warned him forthwith to 

* From the dates of the first bond and inventory of her husband’s estate and the 
second bond of the same. She could have remarried. 

t A copy of the will of George Polly concludes this Brown account. 



aoo a vk Kmaow w avv/omi sht 

)(> 1 i!; r , b -n^ b' - >r * : b»W) HisdnsilK 

,i,i: ■ i)j ;•. < >j},.! • i I tnoto .1 ' t-r /7 **>t, -»t //*>? c ,n ;a*>; » «T.:diB? 

9 i t jff:• I•■ i j i I i'irf teJi nv.->u *1 > > y io 1 ! (a . i //) 

uit * ». ii . .» *>qoH y// .ooe * vnno'jD k* jhiji »b iioiia arii ob on-iq 

i ”• -■ u - -■ 


1 *i * i. l< • t ni;n virio> mo J-jiko Jn aa ei avatfl 

[ » v. i », /i r ; v! ; : > A «dol iju«» Juo 

j Mi >: • l/i'jr-? !r t .i/ l.-* ’<■■;( ■: L, c Jssdi rrrliiw 



z^: >l xi vot J.od / riblfif i ; * •■•• n jnuro 7 ni !>drnflrn 

■ '• • 

< i, - i h i. lo loldjjiiiib i* 00 — 80 VI 8 bna 80 

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:«s.: • .<• ( vv; .tstyar.nib IG3f sj'cidatii.oli ni dJonioo* A 

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oi nii/rtiiiol mirf bo» ii v brr. .inajidaiini no ta raid xi'aJisiJM oi ^ai' 

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ft hv/ot I k »iJ ftjbui 'huxi yl! i lo Hr* *>i ; r ► ^gqo» A f 



remove out of our towne on the penalty of our towne orders, which is 
twenty shilling* per weeke, unless lie gave bond, with security (within one 
week) that lice should not be chargeable to y e towne, nor his family.” Also, 
George Grymes is also warned of the penalty he would incur “hi case he suf¬ 
fers the s d Brown to live in any of his housing or tenements more than one 
week longer.” ‘‘But this Browne did not leave in a week and the constable 
reported his tax, with others not paid in Dec., 1687.” 

This was merely the old Town Warning Law, which some towns 
were careful to keep and other towns ignored and, as a general rule, 
had nothing to do with the morals or financial aspect of those so 
warned. In case the newcomer, did become indigent, for any manner 
of reason, it absolved the town from caring for the person, or their 
family, of those so warned.* 

John and Elizabeth (Polly) Brown had five children recorded in 
Woburn, of whom the eldest is stated to have been bom in Billerica, 
in the Woburn Town Records. These children were: John, bom 27 
Mar. 1683, died 28 Mar. 1683; John, born 22 Jan. 1684; Elizabeth, 
born 6 July" 1685 (who evidently" died in infancy"); a second Elizabeth, 
born 10 Feb. 1687; and Hannah, bom 27 Apr. 1689. 

On the reverse of the inventory of the estate of John Brown of 
Colchester is a list of his children, which gives John, aged tw*entv-four; 
Elizabeth, aged twenty-one; Hannah, aged nineteen; Joseph, aged 
fifteen; Samuel, aged thirteen and George, aged eleven, in 1708. It 
will therefore be noted that the ages of John, Elizabeth and Hannah, 
agree as to the \"ears of birth of the John, Elizabeth and Hannah, 
bom and recorded in Woburn: John, bom 1684; Elizabeth, bom 
1687 and Hannah born 1689. 

Also, Elizabeth Poll\"’s siblings w r ere named: John, Joseph, George, 
Samuel, Hannah, Sarah and Edward. Disregarding the name of 
John, as that was her husband’s given name, we note the appearance, 
in the John and Elizabeth of Colchester family, of these names: 
Joseph, George, Samuel and Hannah. 

An examination of the Colchester Deeds failed to reveal the former 
home of John Browm. Turning to the Middlesex County Deeds y Pro¬ 
bate and Court Files in Cambridge, Mass: The land records in the 
name of John Brown w-ere read past 1735 and those of George Brown 
past 1765, and nothing was gleaned to disparage our assumption that 
the John of Billerica and Woburn and the John of Colchester are one 
and the same person. At the same time the estates of George Polly" 
and Edw r ard Winn wnre covered. There is no estate for Elizabeth, 
wife of George Polly", and no guardianships for Joseph and George 

* The Town Warning law in Mass., is considered in my article pub. 1956 in the Oregon 

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?i. B > • U‘.« ,! -,7 :• Vfi [ Jon Jjib • ' •• Ji Ht 2-.lV. 1 ".KQliil d«fir 

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09 •• :or!j o iosqxti i^k-nand 10 & tr.v o oil J cL t ob o$ gru too biut 

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.dtsdji: , 1 $ bnooaa si ;(/;miTtni ni both yltnohivo oiN) vja^ D mad 

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mocf djd v ! :t;Ml jytod ,adoL :mudc • n o a bn« mod 

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aao iii i'j c r ! ) io iidol or* bhfi nilid U - h« : i:' hli io ndol. odd 

d Jco'rM on a ioi 1 . 1 >*j yoo oi .w< uniV/ bifiwfc 1 ban 
dqo«ob ' oi grrid.*• oil uiijg o v bio K/i. woO lo nliw 

i' . »q • oihs ydMU bt jf)l>j ; ai.09 




Brown. There are several items in the Court Files that apply to 
John of Billerica and Woburn, one of which reads: 

Petition heard 1 April 1684, dated 28 March 1G84, Billerica, that “John 
Browne himselfe and his family” are come to inhabit without liberty from 
the town and the town is not willing to accept them and he refuses to leave, 
etc. [original document]. W. P. A. Index: 168108: 5. 

There are three documents in the estate of John Brown of Colches¬ 
ter *: the inventory and two bonds; photostatic copies of the originals 
are included in the Hills Notes, of which brief notes follow. The 

inventorv commences: 


“Colchester November the 14 1707 an inventory of the estat of John 
Browen deceset 

a houes and home Lot of 21 acres at 45 00 00 

eight acers of upland an meddow at Stebinges meddow and 12 00 00 

tow acers of meddow to mack = that 10 acers at one 
hundred acres of Lands more at 25 00 00 ” 

Then follows his cattle and stock, household goods, farming tools, 
grain, wearing clothes and “severall Bookes,” also a “gunn,” to a 
total of £132-01-00. Thus it is clear that at his death, he was 
possessed of a house and a total of about one hundred and thirty 
acres. On the reverse of the inventory appears: 

“The Names and Ages of the Children of y e Deceased. 

John Brown 24 years of Age 

Elizabeth 21 

Hannah 19 

Joseph 15 

Samuel 13 

George 11 

This Inventory Tacken and Sett dowen in November 1707 By us 

Joseph pumery 
Nathaniel loomys” 

And “Elizabeth Brown widow’ and Relict of John Btowti Late of 
Colchester deceased” appeared at the Probate Court held in New 
London, 18 Feb. 1707-08 and attested this inventory, which was 
recorded in the Book of Wills in folio 101, 28 Feb. 1707-08.| 

Bond: 18 Feb. 1707-08, Elizabeth Brown with John Brown, as her surety, 
both of Colchester, was bonded in the sum of £80, and appointed the adminis¬ 
tratrix of the estate of John Brown, late of same, deceased: both sign by mark. 

* C. S. L. y Hartford, Conn. Note that when Benedict Arnold invaded New' Lon¬ 
don, 6 Sept. 1781, all the Probate Records were destroyed, also the Files from 1777 and 
the Journals from Apr. 17G3. So there are no extant records (copy books) for this 
estate. The Deeds and Town Records were in the part, now Waterford, so were saved. 

t Only in Conn., do we find that quite commonly the names and ages of the children 
are written on the inventories. 

jabn-.i r ! i »'o •*» .inudoV,-' ban a-m-jllia ;o rnlol 

*<uii ,®i ilia .wi • #H * h " > »> ; 1 I **** 1 „ 

00 ft ,n ufif itoifii" iMr-ilm oJ iram w 

V.w • { s.\ *.\? - V .K . tt ■! »» '•««! *>! • :>J » 

oitr BctoJq ;tbnod i>. t •• jrtwm s* iaJ 


>,,W •• .. ■ . : '• - J : 5 1 -> i - 1 • ' 10 " 4 

■ V O a 'Hi iri 3 1 !o h-v/-. !a <• ••; ^ " 

t{ H< « : ’ 






/ n *1 m *u > wi-.nH -kH in '\ Jdr, "' ib i-iJttifoloJ 

ilufj v/ t yiotno7fli &<dj bate'>jJfc bn£ 

.80 TOtl 8* ,i01 oi' f >! Jii fcli ’/ &>o5i s HI ’v>biWl 

,vj u vj/1 a ,awc’*»U mk:» d*r« irwoiH ri- v ^ • 8* . 

s, ! . yihuy. ' *o .•r vd* m: hr- • r ■> - > blo 31 oiih>;l 

•am v«T Jipi H .1 < j .a ; r onuj?. ‘ •'»$*’ .cniripfl ad lo >j - **> *:»!) io xnflwJ 

-n J ./ . h J -m a ii«4w ! «J 55 -j to' •» ; ‘ •• * : ; * 

v&? 3 fiW *.• ,bv »* 7 won ,tiaq dJ nt 9W abv ■ r n n l ..;‘ . . . '*( ' 



Bond: 8 Feb. 1708 [-09], John Brown of Colchester, with Joseph Pumrv 
of same, as his surety, was appointed the administrator of John Brown de¬ 
ceased [no residence cited]; signed by “John brown'’ and “Joseph pumery.” 
[The latter’s signature agrees with that on the inventory, but had John Brown, 
the son, learned to write his name during the past year?] ( New London Dist. 
Probate , 781.) 

Some of the following surveys apply to this John Brown and some 
to his eldest son * [Born in 1684, John was of full age in 1705]: 

By virtue of a former grant to John Brown deceased of a homelot it is now- 
recorded which is in breadth "21 rods & in length 160 rods bounded north on 
Jonathan Ivilbourn’s homelot and south on Henry Tomison’s lot east and 
west on highways; entered 3 Mar. 1708-09. ( Colchester Deeds, 1: 137.) 

Laid out for John Brown in March 6th 1704 sixty acres of land w-hich is 
called his first division lying west of Longmeadow bounding first at the north¬ 
east comer with a near stone by the road to James Brown's & so runs north- 
w-est 80 rods to bounds set by a run of w-ater and then runs southwest 120 
rods to a black oak tree marked by the Governor’s road and then runs south¬ 
east 80 rods to bounds and then northeast 120 rods to the first bounds laid 
out; entered 3 Mar. 1708-09, John Skinner, Surveyor, (ibid.) 

17 Jan. 1709, laid out for John Brown two hundred acres of land which is 
his second and third division lying near the deep brook beginning at the south¬ 
east corner bounds of Lt. Well’s land and runeth southeasterly 8 score rods 
then runeth northeasterly 200 rods to a place called the falls then runeth 
northw-esterlv 160 rods then runeth southwesterlv 200 rods to the first bounds, 
Samuel Pellet Surveyor, [probably 1709-10] (ibid.) 

5 Mar. 1706, laid out for John Brown eight acres of meadow in the meadow 
called the Stebbins meadow- bounding north on land of Joseph Wright's 111 
rods west on common land 12 rods bounding south on Joshua Hemsted’s land 
111 rods bounded east with common land 12 rods, John Skinner, Survevor. 

3 Apr. 1716, Then laid out for the heirs of John Brown, deceased, one hun¬ 
dred acres of land which is in the fourth division lying on the north side of 
land of Ebenezer Colman on the east side of the old road to New- London 
bounding first at Colman’s northeast comer and so runeth east by 8 score 
rods to Colman’s northeast corner and from thence north and by west 100 
rods to bounds set and from thence west by south 8 score rods to bounds set 
by the road and from thence south and by east 100 rods to the first bounds 
aforesaid, John Skinner, Surveyor, (ibid., 1: 223.) 

As the following survey appears on the same page it probably per¬ 
tains to Samuel, son of John, wdio w^as of full age in 1716, and who is 
called Jr., to distinguish him from Samuel, son of Thomas and Hannah 
(Lee) Browm: 

27 Mar. 1718, laid out to Samuel Brow-n Jr., one hundred acres of land 
which is the fourth division of that right which was his father’s lying about 

* Abstracted for me from the microfilm copies at the C. S. L., by Mrs. Townsend: 
I did not personally cover the Colchester Deeds on the Browns. 


- >b ii/K. ft n. !. \o •>.-!) bohiioqqii »sw .v.J*!ts» Rit‘ an to 

r muq ilq v.ol" twin "O'fferui fltfoV’ v l ‘ on] h****) 


. . ;•./•: n-rrm'i . a kl :i < via-i av^vr.i? >1 • >OI °3 

: i. ; i iii , uMo-a** u!' I ,4< I " - tf.1 • * i obb uit ot 

r > tfJnwt i- ){)n ;cM* ?b<n 001 iii " >f ni vi sboi 15 iUb*r*»J m « ‘ Mnorr 

*b01 J?0W 

' - 

t gf: II, 1 .j:. .[i ' rbfv 0 . ■ j tr > ffC.iiici.-. i iri • i’-Vn 0-v f0? • ion 

- ' , i I; f ono . 1 ** S/)l/. ,fl fOI 1 li. >•'. * Vl'A.l ‘>i.l j‘ fjiO i>i I -J-t .<>i - . :qi- 8 

«>* >z H vfr j>K-» fli nin ts> hflus 190100 iwu'i Hon a '*f '••*• ■ ^ j -> a.i ywbuuod 


j . :i oti « . al> i 910DH 8 i-iuoa \d ter* • * * • - : * ! U* 1w ’ 'b< * km! ° J * l,,yi 

;oo ),& yrti o a *>1 00f tRB0 yb biw Hk i yji^di raoi^baa haw oiii yd 

\ , *i .. *&) .oov »v«*8 ito .iflof. ,bij>.9iolft 

• kb ?' -q it T q o np =.!* no mjj q ; - ”wiiir 5piw tMo* jrfi «A 
ni <•/> Uni ,:HV[ i 11ul lo eaw oriw ,ab • > noe JwaitA oi mhuJ 
iiyiir.Ji bn. 8-i i! 1 . i- vr,' *boJ ,/tV b^*-> 

;nwo*iK (osJ) 

: •roT .-A?, v.f ..A .' . r ) J* y i ;< « { > 011 ■ a * * . 




half a mile from Salmon River on the east side of a place called Chestnut Hill, 
bounding first at a white oak tree marked stones about it and from thence 
northeast 8 score rods to a heap of stones and from thence northwest 100 rods 
to a black oak tree marked stones about it and from thence southwest 8 score 
rods to a chestnut tree marked stones about it and from thence southeast 100 
rods to the first bounds above said, John Skinner, Surveyor. This is again 
recorded 4 Feb. 1710-17. (ibid., 1: 223, 110.)* 

Those deeds that deal with the estate of John Brown in which 
George Brown, his youngest son, appears, will be considered in that 
son’s account. They should be consulted by those interested in the 
children of John, for they prove where some of them removed, e.g., 
John went to Farmington and then to Canaan, Conn., and Joseph 
settled in Lyme, Conn., etc. 

The abstracts below probably apply to John Brown Jr., born in 
1684; he must not be confused with that John, born in Deerfield, 
Mass., 10 Feb. 1694-9.5, son of James and Remembrance (Brooks) 
Brown. After the father’s death, in 1707, John Jr., became, it seems, 
the senior John in Colchester. 

22 May 1710, John Brown, of Colchester, sold John Baker, of same, land 
there, on the road to New* London, one mile below Lt. Wells’ dwelling house 
and bounded north on land of Benjamin Fox, etc.; wit: Joseph Pumery and 
Ephraim Foot; ack. 13 Nov. 1710 and reed. 11 July 1713. ( Colchester Deeds, 


10 Nov. 1710, John “Browne” of Colchester sold to Ephraim Wells, of 
New r London, for £50, land in Colchester, comprising some fifty-three acres 
in upland and meadow r with a house, upon part of same, the boundaries being 
Noah Wells, Joseph Pumery, John Adams, James Taylor, Samuel Pellet and 
Edward Wolf; w r it: Joseph Pumery and Caleb Jeffers; ack. 13 Nov. 1710 and 
reed. 13 Nov. 1712. (ibid., 1: 405.) 

2 Nov. 1717, John Brown, husbandman, of Colchester, sold to Joseph 
Kellogg, for £30, land there; wit: Josiah Phelps and James Treadw r ay; ack. 
17 Dec. 1718 and reed. same, (ibid., 2, part 1: 284.) 

In 1724 and in 1728, by three deeds, a John Brown Jr., of Colchester, sold 
land there. Evidently a younger man. (ibid., 2, part 1: 409, 654, 776.) 

Testimony was given by a John Brown, aged eighteen, 10 Sept. 
1713, at Colchester, in a witchcraft case.f This was evidently John, 
son of James, born 10 Feb. 1695, who is said to have married 28 Nov. 
1725, Hannah Janes. 

In the Preface to this little Brown account, reference was made to 

* Samuel, of full age in 1719, son of Thomas Brown, appears in the deeds. (Col¬ 
chester Deeds, 2, part 1: 287.) A Samuel m. 12 May 1713, Colchester, Elizabeth Collins; 
a Samuel m. 14 Apr. 1715, Suffield, Conn., as of Colchester, Priscilla Kent, reed, both 
places. Mrs. Townsend states that the Samuel who m. 6 Aug. 1729, Colchester, Mary 
Dunham, by whom he had three children 1729-1732, was an illeg. son of Thankful 
Brown, dau. of James and Remembrance (Brooks) Brown, by Samuel Fuller; later 
Thankful m. Richard Carrier. 

t Crimes and Misdemeanors, 2: 75, at C. S. L ., noted by Mrs. Townsend. 

h A/m acini 

■ 02 001 JaftV'diion nwioift niaarlt hrm e*.nuoir- lo qirarf is oi that ooori 8 ic/s^iltion 
• '<•■' :i r i , • • ..• ft! •.■■■ } '■■ ') >fild a oS 

‘yll J.- i-i }. o •rnjfitl* . • » o v- ..*' .(» '.?*.•"# hq - > ,r. oj pIxjj 

i-'ir-v i wnti nJo(* lo oJnte-j udi dl b ju(J ab • .oifT 

d litv/ t ('OH b.o^nwov ; ;.fi ,117/ 011 ' 9 }*| 0«0 

,.\p i m vuioi mid.! lo urno«j * null7/ ovmq yodj • n ;!oL lo uenbiixfj 

«! 1 v ui nor , ’dot. lur : l dH:// a -I Jo.. j@ r*,i: a ( ; ; 8#1 

no* ,60 Kft)l .dvT 01 ,.« bM 
e ! • a if /Mil--. 7 „~X jo! T. ,. * iT I oi : >’.Ay-. V>:i \i 1: .• wifi 

i*« • i. i (!■ : n '•• >' ,."W.nd u led* . ' r . ;ju '. S£ 



t j;- d’.lo r > m: b jil .01 icd .aobnoJ v/uVt 
o 1 n.'u.iifi'iiCH' ft i . iv ;-i lo Jiiitj ftoqo ,-:>aifod j; djiw wobjeinri bfifi hji&fqu ni 
-• nifv.JtT -Mtrn ,?jn^bA fidub viuotoH dq •.stol MWif duo A, 
i . v s -ivA\ ■ t : £) hiw. /tji fi/i : r >j ,: Jlw ;l!o / - ■ { 

‘-'i \\ ,.V,uyi IT I .vk A -I .h 'rt 

• r • * • f • wiifitin .rr/ :j a - l >“] "f .void 9 

(.< ’<?. \l Vti*q .S. , V.tVi) .oirfic .buui bm; 817 f .ouCfft 
1 } av/oiil ,k,t is ,«l*5r b ooidJ yd .81 1 fli i»t.i <fV7I al 

’• ■ • . «• 1 t Y ,.\i Yv) .m il Tj^niit. r /i 1..>L»r/ f .mod* bum 

vuJd^i'j '' [ m!oL & yd jtvv.:: arm vnoaiiJguT 

f.uai > Jljii.i s', 'd ’toJp/-doio9 in 
. /o ' : *m, a jyj.d oi bin? pi'or /? ,o0dl .du^ OT mod ^oausi lo no?. 

. fltmocH ,££V1 

, ,*/ uoi'ft'i- Vn t imiooo. : - nv/oili uljiiil gixl.t oi v.-:\ . .Hl ? ii of 

1 ' l «' lii'/ Hjt; ^n//<>'M fciwfuwn''?' In nof ,CfT f iii *»’•_!*1 Mid to t l ■xtmtT-’i * 

“ • • t- ; .r. ■ | 

'* -*'• /• : !>•>. •(! ..A . . • . vt ' .o in i t 



a court case. This relates to the events about a John Brown of Col¬ 
chester that took place there, 11 Oct. 1710, the case being heard 19 
Sept. 1713. Joseph Chapman was also accused of the same crime 
(sodomy), the verdict: 

“viz 1 that they shall sit on the Gallows the space of one hour with a rope 
about their necks and then be taken down and whipt on their naked bodies 
the number of thirty nine stripes.” 

(Crimes and misdemeanors , 2: 82-88.) 

Children of John and Elizabeth (Polly) Brown, first five recorded 
in Woburn, Mass., rest probably born in Colchester, Conn.: 

i. John *, b. 27 Mar. 1683, Billerica, Mass., d. 28 Mar. 1683. 

ii. John, b. 22 Jan. 1684, aged 24 in 1708; m. 1710, Colchester, M\ry 

Chandler. He was the admr. of his father’s estate, 8 Feb. 1709, 
was of Farmington, Conn., by 1732 and of Canaan, Conn., 1752, 
as see his brother George Brown’s deeds. A wddow Mary Brown, 
d. 22 Dec. 1761, Cornwall, Conn., near Canaan. Children 
(Brown), b. Colchester, 1710-1729, (1) Elizabeth; (2) John; 
(3) Hannah; (4) Sarah; (5) Timothy; (6) Nehemiah. A few* notes 
on another John Brown of Colchester are given at the end of this 
list of children. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. 6 July 1685, d. infancy. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 10 Feb. 1687, aged 21 in 1708; m. as his 2d wife, 

17 Apr. 1717, Samuel Horsford, b. 1669, Windsor, Conn., d. 
there, 1746. 3 Jan. 1725-26, Samuel Horsford and his wife, 

Elizabeth, conveyed to brother Samuel Brown, of Colchester, 
all rights in the estate there of their hon. father, John Brown, 
late of same, deed. (1936, Horsford Gen., p. £J.) Children 
(Horsford), (1) Samuel; (2) Jesse; (3) Elizabeth. 

v. Hannah, b. 27 Apr. 1689, aged 19 in 1708 *; m. (1), 27 July 1720, 

Colchester, Daniel Huntley, b. 5 May 1682, Lyme, Conn., d. 
there, test., 14 Jan. 1732-33, son of Aaron Huntley; she m. (2), 
6 Mar. 1735, Thomas Baker. Daniel Huntley in his will of 
1733 cites land that came to him from his wife Hannah Brown. 
11 Oct. 1737, George Brown, of Colchester, was apptd. guardian 
of James and Amos Huntlev, sons of Daniel Huntlev. 8 Oct. 
1755, the sons of Daniel and Hannah Huntley, viz: Daniel, James 
and Amos, of Lyme, gave their rights in Colchester lands to their 
brother, Jacob. Children (Huntley), bom in Lyme, (1) Daniel , 
b. 17 Aug. 1721; (2) Jacob , b. 5 June 1723; (3) James, b. 16 Aug. 
1725; (4) Amos, b. 31 Oct. 1727f. 

vi. Joseph, b. 1693, aged 15 in 1708. H. W. B.\ states he m. Ruth 

-. The deeds show him to be of Lyme in 1746 and 1753, 

vide post. 

* The Record 36: 100, incorrectly identifies the Hannah who m. Shubael Rowley, 
for this Hannah was a dau. of James and Remembrance (Brooks) Brown. 

t See Hartford Times, H. K. B., 8 Jan. 1955; I. H. H. and E. H. R., 30 Oct. 1954. 
t H. W. Brainard Collections at the Conn. Historical Society. 


1 t r ■ ■ ' !• ■" l ' ■ ■ Vl 

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.b ono£> ,«f'Ai sK S .d f 7:,jLtK ;)i oai'.i « ! ,nd?/JL woV 

t ; " ! -lo.' fii. k> jj -i ,8 ; - . ’ • u-i «.Jaai ? 3" r >r.t 

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j} 1 .m nd tt'iiiJ. ’ ‘ .*»•’ .ft .do I ni of bo^ii r .d i«ol» 


(e ido':d.i -y i t dl bn»; »«n.i *<* .» * «w <b onaH «iol W 

.v i. ii ■ I .i tiioO i»uJ J* r.Mj. .y,‘ bitMiUnti . m .n ♦ 



vii. Samuel, b. 1695, aged 13 in 1708. II. W. B. states he rn. 13 Aug. 

1724, Mercy Brown, b. 4 Jan. 1689-90, dau. of James and 
Remembrance (Brooks) Brown. Note that a Mercy Brown m. 
10 Dec. 1754, Cornwall, Isaac Spalding and that in 1755, for 
one shilling, they quitclaimed rights to 200 acres originally laid 
out in Colchester to John Brown, deed., to George Brown, tide 

viii. GEORGE, b. 1697, aged 11 in 1708; m. Elizabeth Wells. 

A John Brown of Colchester m. there, 13 Aug. 1724, Sarah Harris, who m. 
(2), Pelatiah Bliss. Children (Brown), b. Colchester, (1) Sarah , 1>. 20 June 
1725; m. Joshua Ransom; (2) John , b. 11 Sept. 1727. I have a few notes on 
various early Colchester Browns. W. L. II. 


GEORGE 2 BROWN (John x ), born probably in Colchester, Conn., 
in 1697, died there, intestate, 6 Feb. 1761, aged sixty-four. lie mar¬ 
ried there, 12 Apr. 1730, Elizabeth Wells, baptised in New London, 
Conn., 17 July 1709, died in Colchester, testate, between 25 June 1769 
and 1 Jan. 1771, daughter of Ensign Ephraim and Abigail (Allis) 

Evidently named for his maternal grandfather, George Polly, when 
the inventory of John Brown’s estate w r as made, the youngest child 

listed in this original document is “George-11.” As an orphan, 

he had his way to make and did not marry until he was thirty-three. 
We have noted that, 11 Oct. 1737, George Brown was appointed the 
guardian of two of his Huntley nephews, vide ante. In 1745, he was 
administrator of the estate of Jonathan Kellogg of Colchester. No 
exhaustive research has been made; only his deeds and probate records 
have been covered: 

4 Nov. 1719, Colchester, Mr. Taintor pray be pleased to record to my 
brother George Brown a piece of land lying on Deep Brook Hill being in esti¬ 
mation 70 acres be it more or less which is part of the 3d and 4th division 
begining at a stake and runing northward half a mile to a stake from thence 
eastward 70 rods to a black oak tree from thence southward half a mile to a 
place call’d the falls from thence westward 70 rods to the first bounds and also 
his part of the land not yet divided 

Your friend and servant John Brown 

Reed. 13 Nov. 1719. ( Colchester Deeds, 1: 32J4.) 

15 Feb. 1727-28, James Pison [Persons?] of Hartford, Conn., for £18-10, 
sold to George Brown, of Colchester, eighteen acres there bounded by land 

* Ephraim Wells was of New London, 10 Nov. 1710, when he bought a house and 
land in Colchester, of John Brou n, George’s oldest brother, vvie ante. A son of Thomas 
and Mary (Beardsley) Wells of Hadley, Mass., Ephraim was a grandson of Frances 

(-) Wells and of William Beardsley; his wife, Abigail, a dau. of Capt. John and 

Mary (Meakins) (Clark) Allis, was a granddau. of Lt. William Allis and of Thomas 

Ephraim Wells was appointed Ensign of the Colchester Co. 12 May 1715, (Col. 
Reeds, of Conn., 5: 496); also served as deputy for the said town, 1724, 1727, 1728 and 
1730. (ibid., 6: 483, 7: 89, 121, 148, 190, 266.) 

ui ,?.i:wli il s.irJrl . 4 - 5:71 .gu/ •tawfolo) \o / voifc Hi A 

v \\ .v\ . H .tvmnb iota .. IcO rl i •? k i©rwv 


/ ; t*ni; u i *i m>i :i - <> m b ,CV7f .i ! I bi • 

i» ■ } , • /* o)ic •«> rfJ ift i g n^.J i m hi 5id tot h-wann yJinsbivSL 

I ij; <v. ; /•£>,; i t tJjiij-e. • . avi*.n-1 to‘, to v QifteViTf or!; 

i • u• .. . Ij;j •- -io c f iv ! ai! 

.»Hl i>»ii '>t; j i; jw. :iv;oiH tqrioU) ,»f .JoO ! I U t boJoa svml tiff 
i id r U 7 f fil ' , e \ ,ui X r .s u- r • >r "V'djnjjfT ! to ov/i lo rmibmsifg 

' - 

:b^TTir< . rx f'Yiirf 

•VI • t .Hr* -• < i ->k- d .aiq ipiflia'I .lit. ,v i>-■» 1 loO !! ■ .TO 1 4 

.oii'rtl i I ,k • ;& q 3(1 no rjni .1 )wuf to t)oir< a nwoiH. 5 ^iosO lUlond 
• < :i hr j - firft V- Ji -i il i 3 io yioLci Ji d ? >ra C-’ : ,ioi: A .«i 
r- oi5J mcni gilijjf. a it otina a lien <r non &flinin >n& lAn't r. tu ^niai^od 
oJ dint a nd rijr.on 90 fi&h rear! til d*> «j « oJ *1)0" 07 biswiefid 
U ban - J>iii 9*ii at /.bar 07 burtfiaw s-.KWiiJ moi! tdli : -.r t b'Mfco a>«Iq 

. b '•» r : i ■ ' ho Jitq Bid 

jr/rot- : adol. tua/iaa :>n« bnsiil nioY 

' «MTI .v 1 A .. . 

. i *■ ’ . ttno't jno^nil i<, ( > i- ,»*\i ‘v ; ,<jb1 tl 

t * >r 919 iii nooJii? > t i 9 la‘jnol< J * J o t iriro b. jgicoJ oi t.o'< 

•*>• *i Jii.'iiM- ’ •»■ « >dv; .OfVI . -aV. Of .i.afiiitxT w* ' >-• r !{?*// iLvauiq^ * 
i ' »i ■ i j 'w -tiloi t i ! »r) '• >1 ! ■•■*.">]-.• :l )!o3 fli baal 

; .. ...!' •. os;.'. >bir.*?T) vijiM bua 

hi# ) ; • t T. 7f ,izl , Iioiv’jiq rrv -->k ! ; 54> ■ ,.nm- . • .1 <*.7 

(.'m ,b il 4^1 k • d ; ,%»1 ■* Jits# .0 M 



of the said grantee; wit: John Dod and Aaron Gillet; ack. same and reed. 
1728. (ibid., 2, part 2: 775.) 

7 June 1732, a quitclaim by John Brown, yeoman, of Farmington, Conn., 
to Joseph and George Brown, both of Colchester, for a valuable sum of money, 
land in Colchester, bounded by land of the heirs of Noah Wells deed., to¬ 
gether with all such divisions as have been laid to said Joseph and George, 
since the death of our hond. father, John Brown deed., on a £200-right in 
undivided lands there; wit: Samuel Welles and John Bulkley; ack. same day, 
date of reed, not cited, (ibid., 5: 270.) 

8 Sept. 1732, George Brown, of Colchester, for £25, sold eight acres and 
sixty-four rods of land there to Lemuel Fitch, of same; wit: John Bulkley and 
Gershom Bulkley; ack. and reed. 1732. (ibid., 3: 217-218.) 

2 Jan. 1745-46, Joseph Brown, of Lyme, Conn., for £32 sold George Browm, 
of Colchester, all his right in the sequestered commons so-called in the two 
divisions laid out on the right of our hond. father, John Brown, late of Col¬ 
chester deed.; wit: Young Fuller and Daniel Foot; ack. 1746; no date of reed. 
(ibid., 5: 310.) 

12 Mar. 1746, George Brown, of Colchester, sold John Johnson Jr., of same, 
for £57-16-06, old tenor, nine fourteenths part of a lot there laid out in the 
sequestered commons, containing twenty acres in ye whole, bounded by Dca. 
Taintor, Elisha Pratt, Wm. Chamberlain and Dill Waters, the other five 
parts not being mine as highway running across it being excepted; wit: 
Nathaniel Kellogg and Elisha Pratt; ack. and reed. 1746. (ibid.. If.: 325.) 

24 Oct. 1750, George Brown, and Elizabeth, his wife, with Hannah Wells 
convey to their brother, Thomas Wells, all of Colchester, for £80 old tenor, 
all right and title to one house and land there which was left to us by our 
hond. father, Ephraim Wells, late of same, deed., bounded east on the New' 
London road, southerly and westerlv on Thomas Wells’ own land, north on 
Samuel Tozer, being about eight acres, divided into eleven parts, and one 
eleventh part of said house and land belongs to said George and his w*ife and 
one eleventh to said Hannah, which we now convey to said Thomas; w T it: 
none cited, but ack. same date; reed. 1751. (ibid., 6, part 2: 10.) 

8 Jan. 1751-52, John Browm, of Canaan, Conn., conveys, for £5 old tenor, 
to George Brown, of Colchester, land in latter place in the sequestered com¬ 
mons and all undivided land that is not yet conveyed to get survey on record 
to himself and that already laid out in said commons; wit: Nathaniel Foot 
and James Jones; ack. same day; reed. 1752. (ibid., 6, part 2: 109.) 

25 May 1752, George Brown, of Colchester, conveyed to Oliver Buckley, 
of same, for £30 old tenor, small plot of land to be laid out in undivided land 
on right of John Browm, late of Colchester deed., which right I purchased of 
my brother, John Brown; wit: Nathaniel and Daniel Foot; ack. 1752 and 
reed. 10 Nov. 1762. (ibid., 7: 27Jf.) 

13 Dec. 1753, Joseph Brown, of Lyme, Conn., for £20 old tenor, conveyed 
to George Browm, of Colchester, rights to any lands and buildings in Colches¬ 
ter; wit: James Smith and Benjamin Lee; ack. and reed. Dec. 1753. (ibid., 
6, part 2: 390.) 

18 June 1755, Elizabeth Horsford, of Litchfield, Conn., quitclaimed, for 
one shilling, to George Brow n, of Colchester, all rights to two hundred acres 
in latter towm, laid out to John Brown, being his 2d and 3d divisions, and 


\ *v X tot) 

f ici/jry mol /i* > 'Ho H: ■ .»iwcr.H ■*!£'>« * «iq«ol oi 

i Jl 7 ,lno/ •>■Ho fcmjl f !> = '-* > m hat* 

u ,, . 4i»a jiiic a - 

i-ir.R jii§: -to, H -J* > f »'r ' ; t,v f' «*'■ 1 ' ; ; : ~ . 

.I© r > 1 o i . f ri 7 , f piil ft- 

,».** v>„-iv, -.-.lot.■ .foi-i.: * t>h. '■ ■■ ’* ; 

,dl li Juo hii! att n l-'f E ta ..«) wii.- iiJiin'l son ion-1* Ho .*> o 



.»« at V., .in -.i-f 1 

i .l.fli,. ■•.;>!.: V : d fans! bns 1= mi bti-1( h«q njpv*. 

iraoi r J, n- of V n -. -n •« -b I'" • «»<•*.U - oi 

(,0V ■ hr - { .» . Wi« - t«l J«*» it . • « J, d ; ,)lD ° 

.-. . Ho IS to' . mi » mio * ,r n * U 5 : ’■ . - -J’ 0fl ' ® 

«... :-i-.h,■«,.-■ «b«« ,-iq t,*je( oi bn.1 ;o »V. oi : »to- 

■ , ; ,r.. ■ i,-. ... !!! | " 1: : L '' ,n ; '*^ n 

wdol .111 l.ilo'J* 1o - -i v«tl «•- 



n 5:1 tl .» a (tool faioHJ hM Maul i™ n ooid r.rfol. 

(.} -.1 ..Vuii) 1 .foY. 01 .H>»* 

!,0S- riq«oi,, ,a«I 

... . iHr- ’! .-«. >. 1*1 unit of. >d?.i ,toMi- o > .nwolll oai<* J_oJ 

.,. .11, i .:>)U . -'>91 -to - to : »* ' . l»ut : f i - • rj f 

- l ,1, ,i bti,., , oiioO l- i.ldolul V, Inol -■ 1 iU- ,<«il3 .ul ■ • 

u. ivib bK fc!8 bt .d ».u - n ot. , .M i«< ,r *ol 19*. >1. rn 


lying near the Deep Brook; wit: Ebenezer Marsh, J.P., Jesse Hosford and 
Isaac Baldwin; ack. and reed. 1755. (ibid., 6, part 2: 20.)* 

19 June 1755, Isaac Spalding and Mercy Spalding, both of Cornwall, Conn., 
convey to George Brown, of Colchester, for one shilling, by quitclaim, ail 
right and title to land in Colchester, now owned by said George Brown, riz: 
two hundred acres as laid out to John Brown deed., it l>eing his id and 3d 
divisions; wit: John Beebe and John Beebe, Jr.; ack. 1755 and reed. 1753. 
(ibid., 7: 289 .)f 

16 Oct. 1755, Jacob Huntley, of Hartford, Conn., for £10, quitclaimed to 
George Brown, of Colchester, land in latter place on which said George Brown 
now dwells and which was laid out, 17 Jan. 1709-10, to John Brown, for his 
2d and 3d division, containing two hundred acres and bounded as in the 
records of the town of Colchester, Liber 1, Folio 138; wit: Joseph and Jerusha 
Pitkin; ack. and reed. Oct. 1755. (ibid., 6, part 1: 5.) [He was an heir of 
Hannah (Brown) (Huntley) Baker, sister of George Brown.J 

Notes on George Brown’s estate appear below. The original file 
consists of one bond, one inventory (not dated), and one distribution, 
of which photostatic copies are included in the Hills Xotes. The con¬ 
temporary copybooks, (probate volumes) have not been consulted. 

2 Mar. 1761, Elizabeth Brown, with Elias Worthington, both of Colchester, 
as her surety, was appointed the administratrix of the estate of George Brown, 
late of same deed., and signs the bond by mark. 

The inventory was filed 3 Mar. 1761, having been made by Daniel Morgan. 
Elijah and Elias Worthington. It lists the household furnishings and farm 
utensils, as well as the clothing of the deceased, among these items we take 
special note of a Bible, an old Bible, two spelling books and other a 

gun and bullets, pewter and brass, a beaver hat, a great coat, leather breeches, 
beds and bedding, linen goods, cows, sheep and oxen, an old mare, a httle 
mare and a year-old colt, grains, and finally the real property: one hundred 
twenty acres with buildings and orchard itemized at £480. [Depreciated 
currency of that era.] 

The distribution, made by the appraisers of the estate, was filet i in the 
Probate Court, 1 Mar. 1762. The real property was accorded the widow. 
Elizabeth, who had her thirds; then to Darius Brown, the eldest son; Ezra 
Brown; Jesse Brown; Oliver Brown; Amasa Brown; daughters: Ehzal*eth 
Brown, alias Stark; Chloe Brown; the heirs of Lydia Avery, deed., the w dr of 
Jonathan Avery; Hannah Brown, alias Hills, as see verbatim copy below, 
a “pent way” is provided for across the lots of land. Roughly the widow 
received twenty-seven acres, Darius, sixteen acres, Ezra eight acres, Jcv*\ 
eleven acres, Oliver, twelve acres, Amasa, twelve acres. Elizal>eth. ten aerr-*. 
Chloe nine acres, heirs of Lydia, ten acres, and Hannah, twelve acres, as sec 

“To Hannah Brown alias Hills twelve acres lying at the South end of the 

* This was Elizabeth (Brown) Horsford, sister of George. 

t George’s brother, Samuel Brown, m. Mercy Brown and in 1751, Mercy Brown rn. 
in Cornwall, Isaac Spalding, see article by Kendall-P. Hayward in i’ imran (itn. 21. 
Thus Mercy (Brown) Spalding was undoubtedly an heir of Samuel Brown s. 

be* l : { t ,/f.l 1 -i «K j :!•« '< • t ifi'Mi yai-^i 

o ? .T .bar j 8 :u.wl)l«a oabeI 

„nat>') Jlcv/mn') V rfjod air^Wq* v;.n >K mti gmb ; so**! M ~£ any 1 . «I 

f, .. w Iot,i |j in 9U ,191. 90 >W lo ,« • U*|H H ) <*i *{9 /HOO 


f b. ... ,j > .0:1 t rt r jino’3 lie i* :K b> ,v; <i<r , 6 &?l JoO 1 
ii . - ’>a {>*,-b tu i arrrt 31 ..•• • •>! ’■ n' 1 t- 

.wo! ■ ! >q(iK if.i- 1 ?. ri m ! s: *1 no e oldVI 


i '•»' 

... . 

i 1 .,1 :n. [>. ' . 

1 ' u .*1 1 ; ,b. >•> > «f!.l 'u JJj > o ‘i ■■*•* v • in 

. i-~ t> ir, . . <>d gaiStafy. uvr i r -^I*is- J l Wo *®irji0 & jo oion : -;io9q« 

,f ; v», i .;oa iaoiji a , .uif T»vjsod u .<«4nd bua t#»4q yJsMud bn« fu /3 

UA t P-r/i iwii {! ••:;!. ■ 1)00 • ii.'i! ' • 1 J« >W»d 

: w h‘ 4 ’i<^iq U-»i oiii buu , niu , i , 1 ,j|oo Wo-18'^ a bn« msfr. 

[ no tadi 1o xarow 


. DTI .i; I ,huo'3 oJadoA; 

« .•♦• * n Ji> I.r:/ u vw O ;nw.oii l ■*-. » ;nwitf 

» - .vi v A r >/J lo. - 1 ! 1 ;it -oifi ooM > ;m; 5 ; . •w«) 

'■•I •'* . disv •)■>, ,«HIH guHs Htsao H ->/j nndififlo^ 

l . ji! lo ?Jol or* Agoi '>-8 |pi i i ivoi j *j ■$#*• iaoq"* « 
ri ,?ni 3 B nooj 4 ;'• i ,>•'"> r--> 9 fe-vj 0 r i b vis 91 

» vis !M ..•»•• >»i dvlowi ,*• > «i;/ ,i«ym o. .vri ,wilO t f-- >u 09V9I9 

• .'I Oy! >w 1 , lrtO'l| r I f>nn 20108 09J .oibvJ \\> : ’ ,j )108 • •'.!.< will's) 

, v. ' ,u n . ,;) f 

v II .'• Cc -d .. li ■ 'm ■. J Jin’ moO a; 

" o liid «tt'{io^jduo'bnu nwoiU) fawM wi(T 



farm Between the lots of Elisabeth and Lydia Bounded as follows Begining 
at Lydias, north east Corner runing East 28 Degrees north 54)/2 rods to 
bounds set by Starks[?] land then South 33 Degrees East 35 rods to Bounds 
Set by Tredwavs land thence west 28 Degrees South 55 rods to bounds set 
by Treadways and Lydias land thence north 27 Degrees west 36 rods to the 
first mentioned bounds with Liberty of a pentway through the northeast 
Corner of Lydias lot to the west side of the farm And [one ninth of two thirds] 
. . . of the old house and Barn.” 

The others also received varying amounts of the old house and bam: the 
children, except the eldest son, each had the same share as Hannah, the eldest 
son had two ninths of two thirds and the widow had her full thirds, or dower 
rights in the same. Finally: 

“Distribution of the personal Estate of m r George Brown late of Colchester 
Deceasd as follows (viz) 

To Elisabeth Brown alias Stark £15-18-03 

Received of Her parents 




To Chloe Brown 




To the heirs of Lydia Deceas d 




Received of her parents 




To Hannah Browne alias Hills 




Received of her parents 




To the w idow 




So, each daughter had about the same in personal goods, the value of about 
£21. Chloe Brown, as unmarried, had not had her share. (Colchester Dist. 
Probate, 420.) 

The widow drew her will, 25 June 1769, which was proved 1 Jan. 
1771, so, at most, she only survived her husband not quite ten years. 
The probate volumes have not been examined for her estate but a copy 
of her original will follows:* 

“In the Name of God amen June the 25 th 1769 

I Elisebeth Brown of Colchester in the County of Hartford Widdow 
Being at present Weak in Body but through Divine goodness of Sound 
Mind and Memory Praised to God therefor And Calling to mind my Mortal¬ 
ity Make and ordain this my Last will and Testiment 

firstly when ray great Change shall Come Would Resign my Soul into the 
hands of God that Gave it hoping to Receive the Remission of all my Sins 
through the merits of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and to be admitted 
to Life Eternal my body then I would Committ to the Earth to be buried in a 
Decent manner Nothing Doubting that I shall Receive the Same Again at 
the Ressurection of the Just by the Mighty powder of god and as Touching my 
Temporal Estate I Give Dispose of and bequeath the Same in Manner fol¬ 
lowing Viz my Will is and I do Order that all my Just Debts and funeral 
Charges be paid and Discharged by my Sones in Manner following and here¬ 
after Mentioned Viz I Give and bequeath unto my four Sones Ezra Brown 
Jesse Brown and Oliver Brown and Amasa Brown all my Land that I shall 
Die Seised of on Conditions hereafter Mentioned Viz that they the sd Ezra 

* A photo copy of the will is included in the Hills Notes. 

■ ■ • , : i>-, 


^I v £ ; 1 .mbvj. bra ;‘f'i i y.. :i{ ]..* {joi ‘vrfj OftOWtafl flnil 

^ t'ljf d of dx 1 U Hi; 4i f.o» H i *4 t«.rw , avawb-nT •<<! i$2 


■ l • 1 ^ "• *iH H*>!:•♦,iioB '• S : o :t*• iq-Kw-j 

i )V. mb *ii eJ/igii 


V •!. ■ - - 09(1 

nuia srwo.-i H hUvj13 oT 

» p i y lov.-oyJT 

s r. ? : tfj b k i tkd .b: voii > K n mS zoldD JSl 

'“H - 1 -' 1 <*%*> bon b«cd?.ud ->r* bj/vnuz y[qo *dt ,bom Ja t oe t ITTI 
■> Ju( ij jyj i*. * id!!»' >d foil -'.v-H asatuU)-/ ofadcnq oiiT 

,voi '• lliw jam i*j. > r>d lo 

'I * u L c^nifi ,'t ) •» re'^ sitf nl*' 

^ boo o • dCi H^oo-jHJ fgri v ,U ii iia^W ja^iq . 

in' ut.'it bcri: fiiw te»l ja ddi ziicbio bns adiiM {ii 

'* m,j " ” 1 I' H:r oi il fi ovxsD bad* Ik> 0 lo bead 

* [t • * u *d oi H hail -j! t oi iiimme ) Jbbiaw l xiadi y;bod v,»u lamaill 9HJ oi 

) v t» r in bn* .toXk lo 10770q ^iiljj ; J4oHi vd igul oHi lo noiJoo ua.-oJC odi 
JW1 - 1 - a* nah' Hi :f?nojupixi bn« lo *.«oqdG ovjh T • • 3 f-i ■ 10 T 

i>uB Pick* r haul v fn Ifa JjbiII ioIhO of- I baa hi ifiV/ ym siV ^aiwol 

' A.3 «>aoS luol °b™ b;; k rni lip/t 0 K) I ,i7 bMUMiasli rdU 

/ H ’.{] al bal.ul^ ’i p.'i (liw *jjJ lo vqoo aiodq A * 



Jesse Oliver and Amasa pay and Discharge the one half of all the Debts that 
I shall owe at my Decease and the one half of My funeral Charges and probate 
Charges out of s d Lands that I Give them or out of their own Estate Said 
Land to [be] Equally Divided between them 

Item to my Sonc Darius Brown and to my Grand Children Mary Avery 
and Abel Avery And to my Grand Daughter Cloe Dewey I give four shillings 
— Lawfull money to be paid to them out of my Moovable Estate by my 
Executors hereafter Named Within one Year after my Decease to be Equally 
Divided between them 

Item my Will is and I Do order that the Other half of my Just Debts and 
funeral Charges be paid out of my Moovable Estate by my Executors here 
after named Item to my Daughters Elisebeth Stark and Hannah Hills I 
Give all the Residue of my Moovable Estate that shall be Left after s d Debts 
Charges and Legacies be paid to be Equally Divided between them 

and further more I Do hereby Nominate and appoint my two Sones Ezra 
Brown and Jesse Brown of s d Colchester to bee the sole Executors of this my 
Last Will and Testiment and Do hereby Dissannull Revoke and Make Void 
all . . . Other Wills and Testiments by me heretofore made and in confirma¬ 
tion of What is above Written I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seal the 
Day of the Date aboves d * 

Signed Sealed published and Declared to be the Last will and testiment of 
the above Testator in the presence of 


John Watrous Elisabeth Brown” 

Lemuel Fitch mark 

Zebulon Ames 

Proved 1 Jan. 1771 by all three witnesses; the will was evidently written 
by John Watrous. (Colchester Dist. Probate, 4.16.) 

We have noted, that Hannah joined with her husband, Lebbeus 
Hills in a quitclaim of rights in her father, George Brown’s homestead, 
in Colchester, 8 Mar. 1774, recorded in 1782, to her brother, Amasa 
Brown, this property being bounded by Lemuel Fitch, Ezra Brown, 
heirs of “Lydia Brown Alice Avery,” [alias Avery] and land formerly 
Jesse Brown’s. An earlier deed by Lebbeus and Hannah (Brown) 
Hills, dated 29 Mar. 1762, recorded in 1763, conveying property 
(twelve acres) there, to Elias Ransom, may also have been her in¬ 
heritance, it was bounded by Jonathan Avery, Timothy Stark, and 
-Treadway, (vide ante.) 

Apparently no stones are extant to the memories of George Brown 
and his widow, Elizabeth; her record of death is not in the church or 
town records so we lack the exact date. In 1779, her brother remem¬ 
bered his deceased sister: 

The will of Thomas Wells of Colchester, advanced in years, drawn 13 Nov. 
1779, filed 3 Mar. 1780, names wife Sarah; heirs of: deceased brother, Ephraim 
Wells, of brother Joshua Wells, of deceased sisters Abigail Marriner, Mary 

* The part I have omitted is merely a repetition at top of reverse of the page. 

30 A 3 XIJ aUIH 

5#,.!.) • '<’■ •*•' s \ !i.d >m 9Tvfb>$t<S boa v»;».r n *• oA b- T £ wi!0 aaeot 

•A ■ t ta feajfij i io;i*1 o If ml onoodf bi i tewoOftdtl 

Ui-jfi u r?/l n o t >1 •; !o too io io *dJ >/i ) 1 ixn i in .1 > ;<> iuo 89giad3 

bio L i- i J : i v -i i: :t (®dj of bnaJ 
: -v; .. i jLiiTJ by : 10 vxn oi b«p turin? ;jm >j ■ on 2 ipi of trwi! 

• r » \ j* 

v! y v .i »lib.'/oo /<rt <! 3iio i *i0 of . 'q o; >nocn Liubral-* 

viiuup. *k! <4 Oiuw'wtt < tv v»U« vx'': •)£! ) nii 7 i> mt : ! -9ii noluoozvi 

1 .‘tiii riti • ill win utfi ii i i! vat oi «; i\ b9ta*a nlli 


■•'10 *;•»-. 7 t 0 (i I, Ol V_i VM... O'! j J V- « ■MiZ'sl t>C 1 »»gU:D 

: ;« r. S liistr.w -i*'I ?£■ o<l i >•• ? ; ' ’ JajJ 

j bfiii b(i£ii vm 1J»0 ttffuioi »«f ay/td i nsfJii r/ da *■ jjai'ff io ooii 

foil »i iinoJ bflB JJiw fr.cJ 0 J od of im&taotl hire • b ! < ?• i»«iv 2 b90&:8 

"•. •- • .■•/■■• : • •• ■ ■ I r 



tioii'i ioirmeJ 

o*>si ,rrr vbn •**■ jo aw Uiw »dJ ; al v ondf l« y/J U VI ,iul I bavoi'I 

(.• , <e4»dov1i .VAv n!v\v^j\>vo ’7 i ff n lol 

*]Jydd k 1 ztid lod djiw b;>nfo[ dfianeH U f ,b‘ 0 oti av«d :>W 
b.yrnof 0 iv/oiil 9*4/1070 ,iddto} tad tii io a\h bjiup a id alliH 

,«•« ntl insl ,r’ >tr ? r v.d bshnuocf airli t nw<nlC 

( ) jiimuiiH ! m '.y d b£ {.d bu-uj loihfw ck ? void mA 

-fli *>*>!’ n* > • ovbA or . * «; .uiofs.'tfiH auiiw-i o* t (/ 710 a oviawi) • 

f :b i; < xif)<M 3 i I j'/noy mufi. udl. v:.i bsbnutk. ftr.77 ji ,oom didd 

(.^Vr.r^ .VBwbs*yiT- 

. 7^1 ■) io aohomoifi 9 ii) o *n , «•». s on ^iinoiaqqA 

0 fti »«: <;i ib K * u h >71 iod Si Cl .wobhr eid br.4 

.oJiib Jo.i:xo odi d*j 08 sino j^i nwot 
n A - bo. By.».>b nid b^nod 


• ii iii" dA ai 9 l?.i, bio jtlh'ff >dfaid 0 Jdhffi 

• ■ ;•*■! • * .0 •• .. yi 1 . W .J- :: • .•>;. • ■• <val' * 



Day, Sarah “Whay,” Elizabeth Brown , Hannah-,* Lydia Rowley and 

Rebeckkah Edgerton; witnessed by Elias Worthington Jr., Joshua Morgan 
and John Watrous. (Colchester Dist. Probate, 3232.) 

Children of George and Elizabeth (Wells) Brown, born in Colches¬ 
ter, Conn.: 

i. Elizabeth*, b. 7 June 1731, alive 25 June 1769; m. by 1 Mar. 


ii. Darius, b. 24 Apr. 1733, alive 25 June 1769; removed to Horton, 

Kings Co., Nova Scotia (E. M. R.) f; m. 6 Dec. 1753, Sarah 

iii. Chloe, b. 30 June 1735, d. by 25 June 1769; m. after 1 Mar. 1762, 

Abraham Dewey. Child (Dewey), Chloe, alive 25 June 1769.| 

iv. Lydia, b. 27 Aug. 1736, d. by 1 Mar. 1762; m. Jonathan Avery 

( E . 3/. R.). Children (Avery), alive 25 June 1769, (1) Mary; 

(2) Abel. 

v. HANNAH, b. 28 Oct. 1738; m. Lebbeus Hills. 

vi. Child, b. 9 Sept. 1740, d. 28 Sept. 1740. 

vii. Child, b. 10 Feb. 1743, d. y. 

viii. Ezra, b. 29 Aug. 1744, alive 25 June 1769. 

ix. Jesse, b. 2 Feb. 1747, alive 25 June 1769. 

x. Oliver, b. 21 Sept. 1748, d. 23 May 1823, aged 75, bur. Linwood 

Cem., Colchester; m. there, 24 May 1770, Mary Arnold, b. 
1748, d. 17 Feb. 1821, aged 74, dau. of Enoch and Dorothy 
(Emmons) Arnold. He gave two sons the name of ASAHEL. 
Children (Brown), b. Colchester, (1) Asahel, b. 18 Oct. 1770, 
d. 31 Dec. 1774; (2) Anna , b. 11 Oct. 1772; m.-Wightman; 

(3) Alice, b. 17 July 1774; m.-Rathbone; (4) Polly, b. 1 

Nov. 1776; m. - Randall; (5) Lucy, b. 31 Jan. 1779; m. 

-Rathbone; (6) Asahel, b. 20 Mar. 1781, d. 9 Feb. 1859, 

Norwich, Conn.; (7) Russell, b. 15 July 1783, alive 1823; (8) 
Enoch, b. 28 Feb. 1786; m. Sept. 1814, Delia Brown; (9) Betsey, 

b. 23 Aug. 1789; m.-Rathbone; (10) Daughter, b. and d. 

Sept. 1791. See Brown Ms. of Colchester, by the late H. W. 
Brainard. Four daughters of Oliver Brown married into the 
Rathbone family. The will of Oliver Brown, of Colchester, 1 
Jan. 1823, names son Asahel; eldest dau. Anna Wightman; six of 
my children: Alice Rathbone, Mary Randall, Lucy Rathbone, 
Russell Brown, Enoch Brown and Betsey Rathbone. ( Colches¬ 
ter Dist. Probate, L37.) 

xi. Amasa, b. 26 Feb. 1751, alive 8 Mar. 1774, of Colchester, wdien he 

acquired his sister Hannah’s rights in their father’s land there, 
vide ante. He m. Sarah- , who d. 5 Nov. 1775, aged 22. 

* ? Gun. 

t E. M. Rogers Collections at the Conn. Historical Society. 

j The 1898 Dewey Gen., p. i09, states that Chloe d. 19 Mar. 1767, and m. 28 May 
1766, Abraham Dewey. It omits her child, Chloe Dewey. He had other wives. 


bi iW £:r^I •. .v, \\ is St \ J ' .y« 

(%■ ’. r, l v- . U .11 li.M if nrio 1 >T» 

tlo ) fli nitai .fiwcrtfi ( ii?r»tfb. J^iesO *.o naibf. fID 

; -rj ryjji of t>*)/0«l3l ;Q : >. ; HIV*- € 

V^V. (I) * CJ : UJ ' w ’ ;Ut •’ * v/ - 

rij ' : . 

A 4&0 &L -suM ihr y*U IS. ii m :v \< lr ”°'> 

.in ;&? 7 i JiO fi .d .ffcwk ($) »I ^ •'• 

.m TTI vh(i, i'i .d - k fi; 

i; 7 71 . g ii l I v. d I (<• ' 1 1 •■'A 'fi ’* - 

C- ,d H <2 .l> .Ii - I vij . - Oli .ii ,V> v . (9) ;siro.!iiJ r 

, ^ •«»■ ;cr r. >*! MBl Iqsr. .m ;'987t ff/4. *& .d 

Ot ;i»fl £& .1 

4 oi-ti b^w TBm 

1 v^rhhn W ,H«C fl ISr'/ilO lo Iliw ?>dT 
*o Tjr. : iif a 7 / ami A .mm!.* 4 W>lo iv ^ . rr ” 

AsitmB. \3tfJ lUtbmdl I .Mbdtbp:) vy ■ “ ,iWi ’ ••**; 

(7v Jl e>i>r’ v i . v . ill xi\ 

w{ aedi i*> ^doloO \o .*T?I .in\L 8 wrl® ,1 -Vi .di l OS- .d ,MkU .« 

As i nfii m «' teflueH J9^ b*iiiipoA 

.yy b*> ft , 9771 .vo '1 9 b oil# «- 

.airO S • 



A copy of the original will of George Polly follows: 

By these presents be it Knowne that I George Polly sen of Woburn in 
the Massachusets Colony in the County of Middlesex being of sound under¬ 
standing and perfect memory: Doe heerbv make this writeing my last will 
and Testament: Renouncing all former wills by me made Committing my 
soule unto g d in Christ my Saviour and my body Decently to be interred in 
the Earth: And After my Debts are paid and my funerall expenses discharged; 
I Doe give my estate both personal and Reall as follows 

Imp: I give unto my beloved wife Elizabeth the use of my now dwelling 
house all my land which I now posses my household stuff and the use of two 
oxen two Cows a mare together with cart plow and to my son John Polly 
all my land and meadow belonging to my houselott lying on the south west 
side bounded by a white oake stump at the upper end and so by a line through 
the middle of Drie pole swamp to the river and one Cow; two thirds of all 
my woodland: paying fourty Pounds as is heer after Expressed: I give 
unto my son George the other part of my land on the North East side of 
my houselott and my meadow on the south side of the river one third part 
of my woodland and one Cow: paying fourty pounds as I hereafter appoint; 
but if he fade to pay the fourty pounds: then I give him only his ten Acre 
lott he now possesseth one Cow and one quarter part of my woodlands: I 
Doe give unto my Daughter Elizabeth twenty pounds and one Cow as part 
of the twenty pounds: with that she hath already received: to my Daughter 
Hannah twenty pounds and my seven Acre lott on the other side [of] maple 
meadow river: to my son Samuel twenty one pounds or my great lott and 
twenty shillings and my musket; to my son Edward twenty one pounds; to 
my Daughter Sarah twenty one pounds: I Doe Give to my Daughter Hannah 
one Cow as part of the twenty pounds mentioned before: I Doe Appoint 
my sons John and George to pay my legacies to the other Children when 
they come to possese the lands; that is to say ten pounds yearly as it ariseth 
due untill the four scoure pounds be paid: only when Edward comes to Receive 
his legacy I Doe Appoint them to pay fiveteen pounds that yeer. I Doe 
give to my son Samuel a pair of steers Coming three year old when he is 
at age: I Doe give unto my beloved wife Elizabeth two cows a mare and my 
household stuff for her use dureing her Naturall life after my wives decease 
I Doe give my household stuffe equally to be devided Among my Children: 
I Doe Constitute and ordaine my sons John and George joint executours to 
this my will: I Doe Appoint my trustie friends Mathew Edwards and John 
Baker overseers: unto what is above written I George Polly have put to 
my hand and seal the fifth day of June one thousand six hundred and Eighty 

his mark 

In p r sence off George X Polly 

Sam Carter 

her mark 

Deborah X pierce.” 

Proved 1 Apr. 1684. The first named witness evidently wrote the will. 

“An Inventory of the Estate of George poly sen r who deceased upon the 
twenty second daye of Janewary 1683-4,” was taken, 21 Feb. 1683[-84], by 


,'r.i i ivih// '*: v- ii • : :vn< ilX tosn-q bar g»ibtisJa 

gt vlinnoaC; ;bod via k -ns. vie /£» vm .+! ndt) «• aimt siao# 

Ti:* •• biojrf^uoil ,u. so > 4 yon 1 " i n en Ha efeirarf 

Jilin -‘i :j,rrfiiboo77 Yffi 

• ' , '> : *i ■ • ■ 

•• A S ■ i vi on il ’.'V :iiPiviutoq •"'••>2 ■ -j . [ o ‘Alak ftd t. iifd 

•|| )V. a I? iuj (!o» u C • v ,Ti: bfflfaq yJiVX^S iL'hosH 

• :;tr 70 !w -q *>no v Ja:> i ion, • ’ . <vt :isvh v/otaum 

;• io?■■ tr i • n »1 -vi noU I : ><i . - vi , .5 < f 

:< h-Mio tosir tbfliioq vinavri ii V - ii| «j» woD MO 
c !: nbttf! 3 ft'} oi ssbags >n sq oi kjiosO him iidol. aaoe ^ib 

v : f : 3irb 

i r;DiiiJi q j 31-vxi */ :q oi mftOJ twt'/it. aoCi f cir* 

* uf n ' ' i 'q vii'st s :?{.* anrcaoD p/mir to 7: £ -rf s :••?vu ; - • vm oi svij| 
v 'ii |-na e-u.m n ew» owi >1 b* insist eV* bar ‘i ;rfi ? <*><1 I :*$* to 

■ r hw rtf //it T jlfi alii iJillUJJi/i *iO grrfiub V-UJ T rf 701 Hi*?- L OlilKfUOff 

■ il i jiiioti A .jsbivab ad oi v.Unup> e mi bfc inwrod x m * V| 8 qoG I 
c j. i [• ( a..-■ .:■,! tii•. r.‘ jl o> vm •> -bt » : is J soU l 

r ;i, box; vr /. ,i wedjiti tub", j ni vi : in* :• A. oijQ I iliw vui sidl 
oi ijc. avail \ t^iovO I avfShvt '.>-/od* m Jaitw <*}m s?T»-^avo 

(i »r» i;u». 7.h bnaeiiod} sn o ? .ujI. ‘o ysh jii i t !■ fa a bus baud via 


2 ram f d 

Xii C / a > Tio oorroe'q ni 

T'itraO m«8 

»ii i • I 9»t » -b od’«r -r -: •. • O b, 1 ^r't to '. iO.tna. flf cA** 

\;d JA ISf r os:la} saw '*,4 -fcfciil v^ia^onsl to r/.sb boons* 



4 ‘{Trances Kendall & James Converse,” the total amount being £298-09-06. 
It included ‘‘one small hous and about 35 acres of upland adjoyning,” some 
one hundred and one additional acres in upland, swamp, meadow and wood- 
lot; his stock, with “one mare and bridle sadle and pilion and harnes”; 
carpenter’s tools; household effects with a “brass seilet” listed; a “Swarm 
of bees,” etc. 1 Apr. 1684, “Deborah Polly” attested to the truth of the 
inventory. {Middlesex Probate , 17699.) * 

* Photo copies of the original will and inventory are included in Mr. Hills’ files which 
contain unfinished data on the various families in the ancestry of Hannah (Brown) Hills. 
(See chart.) The “Deborah Polly,” is an original error for Elizabeth Polly , the widow. 

.< m CMV-3(. I 3 • taut re > taint 51 t . vv,;o’> fcscuif & wonnH** 

; ft ..' 0 j’O Ci in 'q I an >!i ,f !h .1 o $t Lubuhai il 
• u*>v» bua vvo »>4 »ar ( <;i 04 >tfd buckfi 1 0 ; r-n i; timo/it . ; *rv> bna boibuud auo 

dii// ^ } oii*. Lftid ;«fooi v>Jiv > i«o 

M • . • . 1 . ,'j V, 

(>;•* . k f . ivwsf '. »v. W.)" 


Lebbeus IS 

L.-W., Mrs. 9 14 
Sarah-L. 9 15 

- 35 

Charlotte 24 
A.-F. 56 
John 79 
Mary 63 
Thomas 63 
David 4 5 

- 44 48 50 

Abner-T. 48 
Amasa-I. 48 
Amy 42 49 
Daniel 42 
Eliza-A. 49 
Elizabeth 48 
Eunice 36 37 42 43 
44 46 48 49 50 
Henry 64 

James 36 37 42 43 44 
46 48 49 50 
John-Pearce 48 
Joseph 36 
Leander 42 49 
Lydia 43 44 48 49 50 
Maria 50 
Marietta 49 
Martha 49 
Sally 48 49 
Samuel 42 
Samuel-E. 46 49 50 
Sheldon 49 
See Allen 

- 75 

Abigail 74 81 
John 60 74 81 
Mary 74 81 
William 60 74 81 
Amalia-Marion 58 
Frances 58 
Warren 58 

Sarah 17 
Zebulon 85 
Emma 59 
Benedict 77 
Dorothy 86 
Edward 6 
Elizabeth 7 
Enoch 86 
Mary 86 
Seth 4 5 6 7 
Sarah 34 
Abel 85 86 
“Alice” See Lydia 
Jonathan 25 83 85 86 
Lydia 27 83 84 85 86 
Mary 85 86 


H.-K. 80 
Sarah 86 

Frederic-W. 3 24 
Sarah-M. 34 
Hannah 80 83 
John 79 87 
Kenelm 8 
Samuel 8 
Thomas 80 
Isaac 83 
Hannah 23 
James 23 
See Batharick 
Ichabod 7 
Josiah 14 
Albert-C. 11 
Abigail 14 15 
William 15 
- 75 


Mary 74 81 
William 60 74 81 
Abigail 27 
John 83 

F.-W. & Co. 47 

-Mr. 66 

Elijah 22 
Hinchman 23 
Hannah 17 18 23 
Mary 18 
William 18 
Helen 58 
John 58 
Epaphroditus 34 
Erastus 24 
Lucy 24 
Sarah 34 
James 31 
Thomas 69 
Betsey 34 
David 22 30 
Edmund 34 
Lucy 22 
Prudence 24 
Zeruah Zeruiah 30 
Pelatiah 81 
Sarah 81 
Roll in 41 
John 31 
Benjamin 17 
Jemima 17 
James 64 
Homer-W. 80 86 
Prince 26 

■'3.5.' i 

■ ■ ■ 

ri/ iin>N 

l? Ami? 

TV. jFCXia 


18 oHol 

m Kim 


o ini 


m .X-H 


K" OS daati .H 

8 c ay': 


88 rianfiJI 



V borfnriol 



40) H AH f AS 
ci m i a 






81 di'xi'SilX 
cf SI' T8 33 yaianS 
O' < ! 8* 3* 14 

J l 

0?. fii 8f $* 

81- fcm-/I-adoT. 

38 dqwot 
Of S'?' I 1 -.vkI 
OS 0* 8f H f lub^vl 

Of aJJshflM 

Of 8* xlfo8 
if I 

oi Of of ,3-K otbS 
Of aoblyd3 


fly 11/ %$8» 


ST - 

18 fY [is^idA 
18 fY 08 adol 
18 IX c*aM 
18 4; 03 auiiWtW 

8t. flon*M-AjL*mA 

8£ c-m r,/y 



Remembrance 79 80 


- 58 78 81 

Alice 86 

Amasa 27 83 84 85 86 
Anna 86 
Asahel 86 
Betsey 86 
Chloe* 83 84 86 
Darius 83 85 86 
Delia 86 

Elizabeth 24 74 75 76 
77 79 80 81 82 83 84 
85 86 
Enoch 86 

Ezra 27 83 84 85 86 
George 24 25 27 74 

75 76 77 79 80 81 
82 83 84 85 86 

George-A. 49 
Hannah 18 23 24 31 
33 35 36 73 74 75 

76 77 78 79 80 83 
84 85 86 88 

Isaac 27 

James 78 79 80 81 
Jesse 27 83 84 85 86 
John 74 75 76 77 78 

79 80 81 82 83 
Joseph 76 77 79 80 


Lucy 86 

Lydia 27 84 85 86 
Margaret 58 
Mary 79 80 86 
Mercy 81 83 
Nehemiah 80 
Oliver 34 83 84 85 86 
Polly 86 
Priscilla 79 
Remembrance 79 80 

Russell 86 
Ruth 80 

Samuel 76 77 78 79 

80 81 83 
Sarah 80 81 86 
Thankful 79 
Thomas 78 79 
Timothy 80 

William 23 


Elizabeth 63 
William 63 

Oliver 82 

- 23 

Gershom 82 
John 82 
Samuel 24 

- 1 64 

Dorothy 65 
Elizabeth 65 
Francis 64 
Jane 1 63 64 65 66 
John 1 63 64 65 66 
Martha 64 
Mary 64 
Rebecca 64 
Richard 64 
Sarah 65 
William 64 65 

John 13 14 16 

-Capt. 47 

Emeline 34 
Richard 79 
Thankful 79 
Thomas 26 
William 34 
Eleazer 22 28 
Samuel 87 
William 5 71 
W'illiam 82 

- 4 

Mary 80 
Joseph 80 
Ralph 69 
Elizabeth 18 
Andrew 13 
Asael 23 

Bertha-E. 37 
David 31 
Gershom 10 
John 31 66 
Mary 81 
Simon 23 
William 70 

- 36 50 

Anson-B. 47 50 
Lucy 36 50 

Philip-L. 43 
Edward 65 
Thomas 65 
John 70 

Ebenezer 78 
Niles 26 
Noah 20 
Elizabeth 79 
John 64 
James 88 
Avis-B. 23 
Lewis-D. 51 52 53 
54 67 68 
Isaac 47 

Frances 58 
Francis 34 
Nancy 34 
Polly 23 24 
Britta 34 
Cynthia-Ann 35 
Gaylord 35 
Nathaniel 34 
Ann Anne 15 
Hannah 15 
Keziah 15 



See Lennard of Dacre 

«f • r * r > asTAOJ 

vn:d'T?j. id «flOS> 

a:. ,. rji-w-’.'i 

*e v 

• . :• vi." ; i 

*8 l.rrf.rir?/ 

ovtiT o y.affirj 

Cf '»n ri / 

■ • iiiCI Vj frt Dfl'-v &» 

aoi m /.u aLim 

•... .. - 

/IVJA 3 

;V IcWn .i 
d& B 6 r ". 

irar had 

IT ' 

/jA.iKaai' .13 

S 3 nuuMiT/ 


l - 

vn/Mt ao 
08 «*T *t 

j i ni > 1 nro 


\ tAooan 

08 87 ‘yinonlojorn^fl 

• , , zA 

• 'A >!£»!lA 


v- *7 ft 08 vfe £2 

■•' • ? i •'■ 

iU 0 * CT f ’ t*f ‘ : - 
87 vr 67 67 £7 uH* l 

<y, er YT 67 nq»ov 

S 3 


0-; 6A 4-8 71 f A 

88 18 ' 

08 fUinnii-jtf 

68 68 4-8 88 *8 


07 aDioeh ; 

08 67 somndmotnv^ 

03 tt* 1 
08 liJuil 
«T 8V YT 67 buffltaS 

03 18 OH d#i~ 


mako/Xi ' a 



Sally 48 49 

Mary 85 86 

- 24 67 

Hannah 67 68 
Lydia 21 24 
Abraham 86 
Chloe 85 86 
Ada 48 
Alice 30 
Hannah 30 
Lebbeus 30 
Nathan 30 
Sarah 27 
Marie 52 53 55 
John 82 
William 66 
Mary 79 

Hannah 37 48 
John 37 48 

Rebecca 86 
Mathew 87 
Mary 56 
Jacob 9 11 
Mary 18 
Mary 54 
Dorothy 86 

Elizabeth 67 
Robert 67 68 
Sarah 67 68 
Joseph 40 

Elizabeth-Allison 58 
Marion-Louise 58 
Mary-Jane 58 
Richard-C. 58 
Joseph 40 
John-G. 31 
Amy 49 

Clarice-Mariette 48 
49 50 

Hallie-L See Hattie-I. 
Hattie-I. 49 
Hezekiah 49 

See James-Ross 
James-Ross 49 
James-Rufus 50 
John 49 
John-F. 49 
Laura-Mariette 50 
Martha 49 
Raymond-Stanley 50 
Rose 57 
Sue 50 
Mary 64 65 

Samuel 27 

Lemuel 26 27 82 85 
Thomas 27 
Daniel 82 
Ephraim 79 
Hosea 26 
Nathaniel 82 
Elizabeth 63 
James 63 
Peres 71 
69 Asa 14 

Daniel 9 17 18 
David 18 
Katherine 17 
Lydia 11 17 19 
Phebe 17 
Phineas 17 18 
Sarah 17 

Benjamin 79 
Joel 27 

Caroline 34 
Hannah 34 
John 34 
Katherine 17 
Edward 50 
Noah 20 
Samuel 79 
Young 82 

John-B. 48 
Abigail 33 
Olmsted 33 
Anne 32 
Clara 32 
Florinda 32 
Mary 31 
Polly 31 32 
Roger 32 
Ruth 32 
Samuel 31 32 
John 69 

- 10 

Aaron 82 
Ebenczcr 10 
Elijah 10 
Eliphalet 23 
Jonathan 10 
Joseph 9 11 
Nathaniel 9 10 
Samuel 20 

Mary-N. 35 
Aaron 47 
Mary 1 
Asa 26 
Asa 38 
Caroline 54 
Henry 69 
George 76 
Hannah 86 

T/.t.'AQ VLk 3 d 

m to X"' /i 


U 81 vll »8 


ftib X J 

jk* rxM 


oe mubsX 

H aadUtuql 
ll « A 

* r *i • </o 

'1 //HO 

«A V! 81 ?I 


V? < la 



r • > . Tf 

* T8 mb* 


i>8 KxndsSl 


V8 v 


H.lK J3E 
» \iM 

0& «m qol «b. a: H 
i« *wi 



I.-H. 80 
W.-G. 56 

Charles-R. 29 
Jesse 40 
Mary 25 
Caleb 9 11 
Alma 48 
Elma See Alma 
Nathaniel 26 
Sarah 81 
Polly 39 
Neal 69 


-Dr. 65 

-Widow 65 

Joseph 65 
William 64 
Kendall-P. 83 
Henry A. 2 75 
Allan 54 
Mary 54 

Joshua 78 
—— 24 
Faith 24 
Solomon 7 
William 56 

- 2 3 4 7 8 9 10 

14 30 34 37 40 43 
44 68 

Abigail 1 2 4 5 10 13 
14 15 

Abijah 17 
Abner 16 
Ada 48 
Adelaide-M. 35 
Alden 42 
Alfred-Delos 59 

Alice 31 33 36 
Alma 48 
Alvira 34 35 
Amalia-Marion 58 
Ann Anna Anne Annie 
9 15 17 30 47 50 
52 53 54 55 57 
Anna-M. 56 58 
Annis 35 
Asa 39 

Asahel 24 26 30 31 

33 34 35 36 37 38 

39 40 41 42 44 45 

46 47 48 50 51 

Asahel-H. 34 
Ashbel Ash bell 33 38 
Ashel See Asahel 
Augusta 43 
Aurora-Octavia 33 39 
Avis-B. 23 
Belle 43 
Benjamin 47 
Betsey 34 35 
Betsey-W. 34 
Britta 34 
Britta-Curtis 34 
Caroline 35 53 54 
Celestia 48 
Celestia-L. 47 48 
Charles 35 
Charles-D. 57 
Charles-Edwin 58 
Charlotte 33 35 
Chauncey 31 32 33 
Consider 16 
Cornelia 35 
Cynthia-Ann 35 
D. & Co. 53 
Dan 42 
Daniel 35 
Darius 16 

David 30 34 35 36 37 
38 41 42 44 45 47 
48 50 51 52 53 54 
David & Co. 53 
David-D. 54 
David-S. 47 
David-W. 51 
Delia 50 

Delia M. 43 44 50 
Delos 36 37 53 54 
55 56 57 

Delos-C. 54 56 57 
Delos-Charles 53 54 
55 57 58 60 

Dilos See Delos 
Dora 37 
Dorothy 15 63 
E. 40 

Ebenezer 4 10 13 14 
15 17 

Edith-Christine v 58 
59 60 

Edward-F. 34 
Eliab Elihab 9 10 16 
Elijah 16 26 27 
Elisha 39 40 42 
Elizabeth 35 43 57 63 
Elizabeth-Gertrude 59 
Ellen-Mary 57 58 
Ellis See Alice 
Elma See Alma 
Emily 35 
Ephraim 4 9 10 11 
12 13 14 15 17 18 
19 20 21 22 23 28 
29 30 33 34 36 47 
Esther 57 
Eunice 36 37 38 41 

42 43 45 46 48 49 

Faith 21 24 
Flora 48 
Frances-C. 35 
Frances-Delos 58 
Francis-J. v vii 27 45 
50 55 58 59 60 88 
Frank 43 
Frank-J. 59 
Frank J. Incorporated 

Gaius 24 

George 35 37 48 53 
54 56 

George-F. 54 56 
George-Gordon 59 
Grace 27 
Gustavus 33 
H. 47 

Hannah 5 8 10 15 16 
17 18 19 21 23 24 
25 27 28 30 31 33 
35 36 37 38 47 48 
73 74 75 83 84 85 
86 88 

Harriet 35 37 48 
Helen-White 59 
Hoel 24 36 37 41 42 

43 44 46 47 48 50 
Huldah 16 

■ » . d 

fi oi 

w .o-.w 
3 jah 

■ •' ‘ • • v: 

8C -l... 

I Of f: 

■ ■■: e .1 

... i • rr . 

83 88 €C PC Cu 0?, aa 

t» 81 88 .1,1 >0 


. . ■ ii) 

’.V • Din: 5 T8 08 C8 

ci Of 8 : 

*$ fci rs e.( 8i tc 
>° xe ot ps vs 
t'i ■ i 88 v: ^ IS 



rr q 





n CBNiiUW 

STS .A -ct«,H 


4 V • 


tS tYie'I 
T 3 W 3 H 
V ao-oofoS 


018 8 T M J - 

8* 04* Vfe It 08 *1 

«i 01 a t £ a d A 

W ,‘f 

TI d«i»fA 

W« *•« -f * ii«ya<i 

ea vi i€ bo’sa. oi *>ndA 

8 * abA 

f* 78 fit * - -oil VC dft n . ' , 

81 08 88 VB W 

It M~*bbhbA 
88 j'oluCI-iyyiUA 




J.-C. See John-Case 
Jabez 42 43 
James 9 10 15 65 
James-B. 35 
Jane 1 37 47 48 63 

64 66 

Jemima 16 17 
Jerusha 17 
Joel 38 

John vii 1 35 63 64 

65 66 

John-A. 38 
John-Case 43 
John-K. 41 45 48 
John-Kneeland 45 48 
Jonathan 15 63 
Joseph 4 5 14 15 16 


Julia-Augusta 33 
Julius-Augustus 83 
Justin 24 
Keziah 15 
Kneeland 86 37 44 
45 51 53 54 55 56 
Kneeland-G. 46 47 48 

See Kneeland-G. 

See Kneeland-G. 

L. 32 

Lebbeus Labe us Labius 
Labous Lebbeas Leb- 
eus Lebias Libbeous 
Libbeus Libeas Libeus 
Lybius 18 19 20 21 
22 23 24 25 26 27 
28 29 30 31 32 33 
34 35 38 39 40 41 
42 60 74 75 85 86 
Leo 57 
Leon-C. 37 
Leonard 16 17 
Lettice 17 
Lisander 43 
Louisa-M. 47 
Lucy 30 31 33 35 36 
38 41 45 50 
Lydia 4 5 13 15 17 

18 19 20 21 23 24 
25 28 30 33 36 37 
38 41 42 43 45 48 
49 50 84 

Lyman 34 
Lysander-Bascom 43 

Margaret 10 17 57 
Margaret-A. 57 
Margaret-M. 56 
Maria 34 55 
Maria-M. 54 55 57 
Maria-S. 84 
Marion-Louise 58 
Mark 48 
Martha 35 43 
Mary 17 18 23 24 30 
31 32 33 34 35 40 
45 53 54 56 57 63 
Mary-Arabella 43 
Mary-N. 35 
Mary-W. 35 
Mercy 23 
Milton 37 47 48 
Milton-A. 47 
Molly 45 
Nancy 34 
Nathan 30 
Nathaniel 17 
Neiland See Kneeland 
Nobles Noble Nobels 
18 19 21 23 24 27 


Nyland See Kneeland 
Octavia 33 
O’Driscoll & Co. 53 
Oliver 30 34 36 
Ozias 23 24 30 
Pamela 33 
Patricia-Ellen 58 
Phebe 1 4 5 7 8 10 

12 15 16 72 
Philip 2 4 8 9 10 11 

13 15 17 
Phillis 63 
Philo 34 

Polly 24 80 31 32 33 
34 35 36 38 39 40 
41 44 45 46 47 48 
50 51 

Rachel 24 30 
Ralph 2 
Rebecca 17 
Reuben-Byron 43 
Richard 2 4 9 11 13 

14 15 16 17 23 30 
Roswel Roswell 

See Russell 
Rozel See Russell 
Russell Rusel Roswel 
Roswell Rozel 30 

31 33 35 36 

Samuel vii 1 2 3 4 5 
6 7 8 9 10 11 12 
13 14 15 16 17 19 
60 63 64 65 66 68 
71 72 

Samuel-Gibson 33 
Sarah 16 23 
Sherman 34 
Silas 30 35 36 
Simon 23 
Submit 17 
Thankful 16 
Thomas vii 1 16 17 
27 28 36 57 63 
Thomas-F. 56 
Thomas-Francis 57 
Thompson Incorporated 

Vincent-De Paul 59 
William vii 1 42 63 
William-C. 23 
William-D. 57 
William-Sanford vii 1 
30 63 

Zeruiah-Blish 33 
Abigail 1 10 12 
Gershom 14 
John 1 
Mary 1 
Thomas 1 
Orlo-D. 11 
Nathaniel 41 
Adelaide- M. 35 
Buckly 23 
John-II. 23 
Jonathan 26 

Mary-Ixtvering 70 
Annis 85 
Charles 35 
Elizabeth 7 
Howell [Iloel] 35 
Martha 35 
Polly 35 


- 18 33 

Daniel 26 
Dudley 26 
Elizabeth 80 82 83 
Jesse 80 83 


f.i m . 

k~ natiJ-. . 'i n*l 
01 ft X i * f wfotW 
« kT or &f 
. r ci o i 4 • < ?*rf r ! 

vi eg • <:e ft 

SI Xi i) vvl it * 


YX KDD-'Jv;t 

81 II .6 4 - k lr.'/ 

Qt aft st ift 

( >L 1 IH JJIff 

fcft ftv XI T8 r seal 

ft*- ft* bnclsvir^-mtol 


88 a: uguA-ailt.t 

*-*- Y<; $1 ha. ' t 


ift J 

: J. 'Iiodfkl c.U**fd*J 

UKradt&I p.fei i$J r U9 
*«• i .» Hjwdkliu nidil 

XL <;S (il H * •: />! 

T$ ft® <DS *t 8$ » 
f v S 

: 8 re er ; oo a* 
va on.: 
rs :3^oaJ 
yi »: 

It toboseiJ 
T* -wiaoJ 
dft r« ft* Ift Oft 

OH U ft« 

<•8 rtmiTxJ 
Kf aio-je fl-ia -ansv.I 



( cont.) 

Joel 26 
Lydia 18 38 
Obediah 23 32 
Samuel 80 
Marietta 49 
Arthur 5 8 71 
Mehitable 33 
Mary 35 
William 35 
John 12 

- 81 

Aaron 80 
Amos 80 
Daniel 80 
Hannah 80 83 
Jacob 80 83 
James 80 

Joseph 66 
Margaret 17 


Donald-Lines vii 1 63 
65 68 
Hannah 79 
Caleb 79 

Anna Zimmerman 39 
Edward-F. 75 
John 82 
L. & Co. 53 
Charity 24 
James 82 
John 8 9 
Myrtle-A. 29 
Nael 41 
Pomeroy 40 
Samuel 64 
Henry 7 


John 23 

Daniel 28 
Elijah 22 28 
Jonathan 81 
Joseph 79 
Nathaniel 82 
Samuel 22 26 
Francis 88 
Priscilla 79 
W.-H. 56 
Jonathan 78 
Thomas 63 
Mary 31 
W.-G. 14 

- 50 52 54 

Anna 47 50 51 52 
Jane 52 
Susan 50 51 52 
James-G. & Co. 59 

- 36 44 45 

Benjamin 45 
Edward 45 
Eunice 45 
Hezekiah 27 
Ichabod 45 
John 45 
Joseph 45 
Mary 45 
Molly 45 
Polly 36 44 45 
Ruth 45 

KOOUS See Kounz 
Emma 54 

See Leonard 
W.-R. 56 

Benjamin 82 
Hannah 78 


See Leonard 


- 67 


- 3 4 7 67 68 71 

Abigail 67 
Benjamin 67 
Hannah 67 68 
Henry 67 68 69 
James 67 68 69 71 
Joan 67 
John 67 

Lydia 1 4 67 68 72 
Margery 67 
Nathaniel 69 
Phebe 1 3 4 6 12 15 
68 72 

Philip 1 3 4 5 6 15 
60 67 68 69 70 71 

Rebecca 67 
Samuel 69 
Sarah 67 68 
Thomas 67 68 69 
Uriah 67 
William 67 
Ephraim 24 
Mary 8 
Sarah 16 

Elizabeth 70 
Nathaniel 77 

Dorothy 20 27 
Elisha 22 28 
Epaphras 20 22 25 27 
John 64 
Rebecca 64 
Theodore 25 
Rachel 23 24 
Lewis 47 
Phillis 63 


Delia 50 

Archippus 14 
James 14 



£i fci ^i.Xi 
t [ tOfOftl 




ar ■■■>) T'> t- ! t.t 


?: •• >0 PJRiOQJ 


S« t-.'-'uI 
7$ ^ St OS *miiq*q3 

Hi eoo**i 41 
lit *rob< iriT 
<„/ • - m\i 
4r& St bill 41 

• ■ • irfj 

to d U": 


«V dL’ -hT 

’/H H)H J H 

axyj;i/. a/; . ■■'• 


C4- n - - 

C! 3 

ft dflbS -s I 

Cl nd-»t 


a n ®e 

SOifO d 0*C* 

UHO'iftOH GH032H0H 
dS fool 
88 Hr «Hr{J 
te 8* rfjlibodO 

«V w/ 0 i 
4 -' TOTH 


vllo I ‘ 

antu3 m 

j ■uhatjho -t 

PC 41-.W 


■ B v j#; 

■ ? 



tti 08 fUaflaH 

88 08 dw*l 

T1 Ivvfi^uIC 


■ r 1 iiv * nU«bbnoG 


!T r r *«i.i«H 




C . " T-dvi 

S8 mfol 


•ill x'haiiD 
$8 cotnal 
0 H f: lfftl 

Of .A -oltr^lC 


X \u»H 



Elizabeth 38 
Charles-William 63 
Abigail 85 
William 27 
Ebenezer 83 

- 67 68 

Elihu 22 
Mary 64 
Thomas 43 44 

G. -C. 47 

Anna 58 
Elizabeth 57 
Elizabeth 59 

- 75 

Mary 74 81 
Sarah 74 
Thomas 60 74 81 
Martha 43 
Elizabeth A. 33 38 
40 41 

Abigail 20 
"William 20 

David 21 22 25 28 32 

H. -Walter 57 

Helen 53 
Daniel 83 
Joshua 86 
Enoch-E. 56 

Samuel 70 

See Kneeland 
Jeremiah 69 

Elisha 33 

- 18 

Elizabeth 18 
John 18 
Helen 58 
Joseph-M. 57 58 
Margaret 57 58 
Margaret-A. 57 
Elisabeth 4 
Ephraim 4 
John 4 
Patience 8 

Maria 55 57 
Maria-M. 54 55 56 
Mary 56 
Thomas 55 56 
Cornelius-F. 53 

William 55 56 57 

Grover-P. 58 
Kathleen-Luamaa 58 
Michelle-Marie 58 
Patricia-Ann 58 
Patricia-Ellen 58 
Paul-Edwin 58 
Philip-Charles 58 
Suzanne-Theresa 58 
John 14 
Robert 64 
Samuel 78 79 
James 23 

Christopher-G. 56 
Sidney 69 
Jonathan 20 
Joseph 20 
Isaac 14 
- 30 

Caroline 34 
Cyrus 34 
David 34 
Emeline 34 
Hannah 34 
Jerusha 24 
Josiah 79 
Lucy-Ann 34 
Mary 31 
Oliver 18 33 34 
Polly 34 
Sarah 34 
Sarah-M. 34 
Timothy 34 
Deborah 87 
Dewitt-Clinton 49 
Frederick-Clifton 17 
Hattie-I. 49 
Mariette 49 
James 81 
Jerusha 83 
Joseph S3 

- 75 

Deborah 88 
Edward 76 87 
Elizabeth 75 76 

80 87 88 

George 60 74 75 76 

81 87 

Hannah 76 87 
John 76 87 
Samuel 76 87 
Sarah 76 

See Pumery 

Charles-H. 70 
Elisha 82 
Ruth 45 


Joseph 77 78 79 


E.-H. 80 
Sue 50 
Jemima 16 17 

axoa>ia'i to x'lay.i 

if Viiir.u i' 

-• . •• 

. iO 

(• i «*inrfy 
*<< M>m 

11 rfluH 

> yh- urn 

it? trt ■ r ..; W, 

J.J “.V-- M 

VI 91 tuutaA 

e&XmV isLAtfO 1 

TT « 3 H 0 V; ITODflOft 



r*Z *u1bJ - r ^i 

C‘t - ■ it • -JCf 

J.IAU : ; 

07 I'J ' r •? 

oa v. d*' o: r/asc 
a i*ia i 

Ott wnktrt 



KO ntaiffidf mIhkD 








n nib n 

%?. tt .a t'K.; na 

> Cgl - 


S 8 fc* l c i fiS IS J vuCi 

r* imn+h 

d« fiuti?ol 


OS .21-1 X)Cta 


o^Aviaa^ u/iA.uix 




RAMSDELL (coni.) 
Sarah 16 
Thomas 16 

- 86 

Mary 86 
Polly 86 
Elias 25 85 
Joshua 81 
Sarah 81 

- 86 

Alice 86 
Betsey 86 
Lucy 86 

- 43 50 


Marion-Charlotte vii 
Thomas 29 
Ichabod 12 
Elizabeth-M. 86 
Abijah 24 
Caroline 24 
Charity 24 
Charlotte 24 
Elijah 24 
Elisha 24 
Faith 21 24 
Hoel Howell 24 
Jerusha 24 
Joel 24 
Jonah 24 
Laura 24 
Lucy 24 
Mary 24 
Nathaniel 24 
Polly 24 30 
Prudence 24 
Abijah 23 
Hannah 80 
Lydia 86 
Shubael 80 
Thankful 16 

Maria-S. 34 
Ebenezer 27 



- 24 

Caleb 8 71 
Agnes 54 
Harriet 49 

Francis-Richmond 16 
Sally 34 
Willard 34 

Edith-Christine v 58 

Emma 59 
Leopold 59 
Elizabeth 59 
Elizabeth-Gertrude 59 
Gcorge-Clarence 59 
William 70 
Ezekiel 23 
John 78 79 
Sarah 34 

Driscoll & Hills 51 
Helen (Finch) 

See W. A., Mrs. 
James 82 
Jonathan 64 
Martha 49 
W.-A., Mrs. 36 
William-Galbraith 36 
37 47 

Ann-Frances 58 
Charles-L. 58 
Clare-Marie 58 
Frances-Delos 58 
William 66 
Edward 7 

Isaac 81 83 
Mercy 81 83 
Mariette 49 
- 84 86 

Elizabeth 83 84 85 86 
Timothy 25 85 
L.-F. 56 
See Stuart 
Sabin 23 
Ebenezer 26 
Elisha 24 
Pollv 24 

Ebenezer 22 26 28 
Jabin 23 

- 23 

Hannah 21 23 
Elizabeth 67 
Henry 67 


-Dea. 82 

-Mr. 81 

Charles-M. 28 
Mary-K. 29 
Mary 24 
Caroline 35 
James 79 
Philo-H. 35 
Lebbaeus 24 
Amos 13 14 19 20 
Elizabeth 6 7 
Gideon 8 
Isaac 6 
Israel 7 
James 6 
Ruth-E. 73 
John 67 
Sarah 67 68 
Isaiah 13 

Henry 78 
Clarence-Almon 15 
Henry 2 


' i. -TP8 
r VAO(m 

. - -;-'n 

. . - • 


h aw . 


j : .a-dtiiii 

■ *n out 

t» i :oi 

8& X V li# S& 

rv »;r 

vjc ;//• 

i R H r r-aS 


OiWtJi (••I 
<H l-'t * 

«*£ li (Ut W 

<- 1 tofoi - .U i'i 


Kniomu job 

t bns;A .. 

ft* A8 - 





i v xmoi *0 

i T H ,aa 

*Sr IS dJial 
IS oil boH 
<•. ufeiml 


*2 laij irfJV' 

-':S \MA 

0, hidviiB 
M iijlinj»HT 




Charles-Delmnr, Mrs. 
vii 20 20 29 30 38 
78 79 

Edna (Waugh) 

See Charles-Delmar, 

Samuel 82 

- 25 84 85 

James 79 
Jonathan 12 13 
Elazarus 8 
Eliab Elihab S 15 
Hannah 15 


John 64 

James 35 
Agnes 54 
Albert-E. 54 
Albert-M. 54 
Anna-R. 54 
Caroline 54 
Carrie 57 
Charles-H. 54 
Emma 54 
George-F. 54 
Mary 54 
Maria 50 
John 72 

Elizabeth 48 
John 67 
Flora 48 
George-W. 47 48 
Harriet 48 
James-S. 48 
George 32 

- 63 

Edgar-Francis 63 
Joseph 5 
Dill 82 

Theodore-A. 56 
John 85 86 
Sarah 86 


Dorothy 15 
Jonathan 15 

Frederick-Lewis 11 24 

- 75 

-Lt. 78 79 

Abigail 74 81 
Elizabeth 24 74 75 81 

Ephraim 60 74 79 81 
82 85 

Frances 74 81 
Hannah 82 
Joshua 85 
Mary 74 81 
Noah 79 82 
Samuel 63 82 
Sarah 85 

Thomas 60 74 81 82 

Amos 9 
Joshua 11 
Lucy-Ann 34 
Nathan 10 
Samuel 9 10 
Sarah 11 
John 66 

- 67 68 

Anna 58 
David 31 
Ellen-Mary 57 58 

John 58 
Joseph 14 
Peregrine 69 
Maria 34 

- 86 

Anna 86 
Jonas 26 


- 18 

- 75 

Edward 74 75 76 
Elizabeth 74 75 
William 8 
Edward 79 
John 12 

Elias 83 86 
Elijah 83 
Abel-J. 47 
Annes 47 
Augustin 46 
Charles 46 
Daniel 46 
Edmund-R. 47 
Elizabeth 35 
Joseph 78 
Lewis 46 
Polly 46 47 
Sally 37 
Sylvanus 46 47 
Theron-E. 47 
Edward 64 
John 26 

Abigail 33 
Andrew-W\ 46 
Demas 33 
Lydia 18 33 
Mehitable 33 
Sally 33 34 
Simeon 29 33 


Tl •.«* vll 


<Ji nJrrl, 

&£ ii. ■! JA 

C* . 7-v- jibfl/ 

i8 £ 

V.i I/tfMTAT? 

88 111. J 

done rfi.i 7-/ • tab-.- '1 


Sr & I »i:i v 
V - 

8 18 i-V o i 

U wjv. >l» 

01 a&diuVL 

I r ; • ; w 

11 d-.ijcfe 

.1’//■>;. ff 

IK* fidvA. 


80 ra — 

■ .■' 


* r: *‘)COaI> 

Y8 ..: 

15 i. - '>hr ' 

to M- iW.Z) 
i ?. vi *M 


Sr, M.Mol 


8 l 


ai jrro!Y 
Pi V .Y'-srp-; ) 

Si ioiTT*F 
8* .ft-f-Hoel 

Sr H 'XjUrtt't