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Full text of "Elmgrove Poultry Farm 1921 : Rose Comb Brown Leghorns, Single Comb White Leghorns, Lakenvelders, Rhode Island Reds, Barred & white Plymouth Rocks, White Wyandottes, Bronze Turkeys, Embden, African and Toulouse Geese, Rouen, Pekin and Indian Runner Ducks. --"

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Elmgrove Poultry Farm 


Rose Comb Brown Leghorns, Single Comb White Leghorns. Black Minorcas, 

Silver Camplnes, Lakenvelders, Rhade Island Reds, Barred & White Plymouth Rocks, 

White Wyandottes, Bronze Turkeys, Embden, African and Toulouse Geese, 

Rouen, Pekin and Indian Runner Ducks. 




It is with a great deal of pleasure I issue my 1921 Price List. I have been too busy to get copy ready 
for an expensive cetalooue, so as this price list is not so expensive I will try and give my customers the 
benefit, by giving them better value for their money than ever before. To my old customers I wish to 
thank them for their past orders, and to those who have not dealt with me before — I solicit a trial order, 
I am sure you will be pleased with the results. Trusting to be favored with your valued orders. 

Yours very truly, 

Read what J.S.Martin, one of the best Poultry Breeders in America has to say of the birds bought from me. 

Mr. .1. H. Rutherford, Port Dovi-r, Dec. 27th, 1920 

Alhtoii. Ontario 
Dear Sir:- 

Your letter received and in rep'y would say that the Turkeys reached herein fine shape, and I like them very much. With regard to the pair 
of Embden females woJld say your ofler is quite satisfactory, I am enclosing cheque for same. 

With very best wishes, I remain. 

Yours Sincerely 

John S. Martin 
Mr. .[ H Rutherford, Port Dover. Jan. 3rd, 1921 

Albio 1, Ontario 
Dear Sii:- 

Ymir letter of the 30th received and in reply would say that the geese reached here on Saturday and 1 am well pleased with them. They appear 
to have good quality. 

With best wishes, I remain. 

Yours Sincerely, 

John S. Martin 

J. H. Rutherford 




Barred Plymouth Rocks 

The Barred Rocks need no introduction from me, 
they are one of the best all round breeds, and we have 
seen ours to lay and pay. Anyone getting eggs from 
them would be sure of getting good results. 

Eggs, $2.75 per 15, $5.00 per 30, $7.00 per 45, 

$12.00 per 100 

Breeding Birds $5.00 each 

White Plymouth Rocks 

We are justly proud of our White Rocks, we have 
them on a farm by themselves and they can and do 
produce both eggs and meat. Birds from our flock 
won second prize in the dressed poultry at Guelph 
last year. 

Eggs, $2.75 per 15, $5.00 per 30, $7.00 per 45 

$12.00 per 100 

Breeding Birds $5.00 each 

White Wyandottes 

The White Wyandottes are very easy to raise, and as winter egg producers they cannot be beat. We 
a large flock of splendid birds on free range, and are prepared to fill all orders on short notice. 

Eggs, $2.75 per 15, $5.00 per 30, $7.00 per 45, $12.00 per 100. Breeding Birds $5.00 each. 

Single Comb Rhode Island Reds 

The Rhode Island Reds are a very beautiful fowl, they are very hardy and make very rapid grcvith. 
Eggs, $2.75 per 15, $7.00 per 45, $12.00 per lOO. Breeding Birds $5.00 

Rose Comb Brown Leghorns 

For good hardy egg producers you cannot beat the Rose Comb Brown Leghorns. 

Eggs, $2.75 per 15, $5.00 per 30, $7.00 per 45, $12.00 per 100. Breeding Birds 5. CO each 


Single Comb White Leghorns 

These Leghorns are breed for egg production, and are used on nearly all the large egg farms. 

Eggs, $2.00 per 15, $3.75 per 30, $5.00 per 45, $10 00 per ICO. Breeding Birds $5.00 each 

Black Minorcas 

The Black Minorcas are the greatest layers of large 
white eggs of any breed in the world and they are always 
in demand. 

Eggs, $2.75 per I 5, $5.00 per 30, $7.00 per 45, 
$ 2 per 100. Breeding Birds $5,00 each 

Baby Chicks from above breeds 

$ I 2.00 per 25. $22.00 per 50, $38.C0 per I CO 

5afe delivery guaranteed. 

J. H. Rutherford 



Silver Campines 

1 lit Silver Campines are called the everlasting egg machine, and if you want something nice to look at as 
v\ell as get lots of eggs. Give them a trial. Eggs $3.00 per 15, $5 50 per 30, $8.00 per 43, Breeding birds$5.00 


1 have a select pen of these beautiful birds, and 1 
can sell a limited numbei of eggs for haiching ai 
$).U0 pur L->, $5.75 per 30, Bleeding Hiitis $5.C0 tach 

Mammoth Bronze Turkeys 

At the present price of 'lurke\s there is a fortune 
in raising oronze turkeys, my birds are all selected 
stock free from disease, and good and vigorous, thee 
is no better way ot getting new Hoed into )cur Hock 
than a setting ot eggs from me, they always 
hatch well. 

Eggs, $8.00 per 1 0, $ I 5.00 per 20, $28.00 pei 40 
Ri ceding birds, I cms $20.C0 each, Ftens $l8.C0each 
until the 1 5th Feb., after that date the price of Bronze 
Turkeys a matter of correspondence. 

Pekin. Rouen and Indian Runner 

Eggs for Hatching $3.00 per 12, $6.00 per 25, 

$12.00 per 50. 

Breeding Birds, $5.00 each, $6.G0 after hebiuarv 15. 


Embden, African & Toulouse 

Eggs for hatching $9.00 per 10, $18.00 per 20 
Breeding Birds $10.00 each, until after February 15. 

Eggs are shipped in strong light boxes, made for the purpose of shipping hatching eggs. I will 
guarantee safe delivery at your express station, it you want eggs sent parcel post enclose enough for 
postage and they will go that way at the buyers risk. 

Termsi-Cash with order in caso of live birds if they are not satisfactory they can be returned and 
money will be retunded, less express charges. 

Enclosed you will find an order blank and return envelope. 

J. H. Rutherford 



Poultry Supplies 

Key-Ring-O Leg Bands. Price postpaid, 12 for 25c, 25 for 50c, 50 for $1.00, 
1 00 for $ 1 .75. State breed you want them for. 

Leader Adjustable Bands, 12 for 40c, 25 for 75c, 50 for $1 25, lOO for $2.00. 

M£0/r£ffMN£AN T 1 . 1 T* 1 

Incubators and Brooders 

How to Hatch and Raise Chicks 




The principle of this Incubator is simple. The lamp is in the centre and only has six 
inchf'S to radiate hieat to the farthest egg. 

You adjust the regulator to open when the thermometer reads above 103. 
This incubator requires no applied moisture as the current of fresh air passing through 
it carries enough. All that is necessary is to run it where it gets fresh air. 

These ,S0 egg incubators are wonders; they certainly will hatch, and chicks are always 
strong and vigorous. Beginners can run them from the start. They just need common sense and one gallon of oil to make 
the eggs hatch successfully. 

Every home should have one to raise fresh meat and eggs for the table, 

The Brooder Hatcher is a very papular machine. As you have a complete outfit for the beginner, in that you can 
hatch the chicks, and also brood them and thus take care of them the day they are hatched. You can brood a batch under- 
neath and incubate eggs above at the same time. 

These Cycle Incubators only hold 50 eggs, but it is the best system, even for plants where 200 or 300 egg capacity is re- 
quired, as you can have several machines running and start one as soon as you collect 50 eggs, and then start a second 
one a little later, and so on. 

Fresh eggs hatch better, and in saving up several hundred eggs some get stale and do not hatch so well. 
Full directions with each machine. 


CLEAN, SAFE AND SERVICEABLE Small size, $10.00, Large Size $12.00 

This Hover is made in two sizes. The 24inch one will brood up to 75 chicks and the 30 
inch one up to 150 chicks. It is constructed on a Central heat principal. 

The Lamp is inside a galvanized compartment and no fumes can get at the chicks, nor 
can the chicks get near the flame. 

Very little oil is required to run this Hover as the lamp is in the centre and the heat 
radiates all arOund. 

The machine is built very strong, and is shipped fully equipped ready for use. 



Earlton, Ont., March 3rd. 1920 
J. H. Rutherford, 
Dear Sir:- 

Kindly send me price list of your eggs for hatching, last spring I 
bought a Tom Turkey from you. He is a grand bird. 

Truly yours, 

Mrs. W. A. Reid. 

Mount Forest, March 10th, 1920 
J. H. Rutherford, 
Dear Sir:- 

The bird arrived all O.K. and I must say that he is a dandy, much 
better than I expected. Would it be possible to buy a hen, not related to 
him. What is your price? 

Yours respectfully, 

Jas. R. Anderson. 


Cypress River, Man.. Dec. 22nd, 1920 
Mr. Rutherford, 
Dear Sin- 

I would like if you would send m» the price of your Silver Cam- 
pine hens, the Embden Gander 1 got from you proved to be a dandy bird, 
he won first prize at Cypress River Poultry Fair. 

Yours truly, 
Mrs- John J. Baker 

Siou.x Lookout, Ont. Mav 18th, 1920 
Mr. J. H. Rutherford, 
Dear Sir:- 

The Cockerel arrived on the 17th and I must say that we are more 
than pleased with him. and the neighbours tliink he is the lincst bird they 
have seen in this part of the country, thanknig you for your trouble and 
wishing you success, I remain, 

Geo. C. Herbert. 

J. H. Rutherford