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IMEC (Marie Cobel) with “Friends” 
April 25, 1985 

Session 64: State of Being Is a State of Observation 

Original Question: 
Since Friends are not an aspect, do you come from outside of those who are present? 

Channel begins session with eyes open — a new protocol that is working well. 

Our concepts of the realities of the state of “being” prevent full understanding of other 
realities and who Friends are. Behind the physical bodies that we see is a whole state of 
being and consciousness that becomes an individual reality. From a detached vantage 
point, physical bodies come together in form various philosophies (bodies of 

State of being is a state of observation rather than participation. Earth entities 
consciousness is distributed into the various functions that comprise their reality so their 
state of being is reduced and they become active in reality. Individual entities on the 
earth plane play with each other creatively as if ina game. 

Within the individual is the possibility of consciousness without projection outward onto 
others and to the outside world. Difficult emotions are calls within the entity for attention 
that can be transformational. 

In order to connect with other realities, being/experiencing without judgment is required. 
Seeking to change something we don’t understand prevents accurate perception and 
true experience. 

Realities are not fixed but fluid, constantly being destroyed and recreated. This tends to 
cause confusion for us. 

Outside of space and time there does exist a point in time there resides beings without 
the physical bodies and concepts with which we choose to create our environment. 

Purpose to bring to themselves peace and harmony. This will change your reality. 
Reaching out to change is futile. It’s all inner work which radiates outward. 

Report by Helene Ramos