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IMEC (Marie Cobel) with “Friends” 
September 12, 1985 

Session 142: Consciousness is linked to the uncreated force we manifest 

Original Question: 
Can we talk a bit more about consciousness as an attribute of the uncreated 
force/energy? Is our awareness continuous before and after we enter this plan? 


Using earthly energy sources as common concepts (gasoline, electricity) Friends says 
our thinking of a one-to-one exchange between uncreated and created force is incorrect 
and limiting. If we can see beyond this limited (in all forms) concept we will find the 
freedom that we seek. We don’t need to budget anything as there are no limits to the 
creative force as one substance is not being exchanged for another. Subconscious 
limits are pulled from inside the self and projected outward but there are actually no 

The elements of earth, air, fire and water are present inside and outside of each 
individual and serve as the fuel for our vehicle and perceptions on the physical plane. 
Each element contains consciousness and constitute the creating force. Joined with the 
vitality of our thoughts consciousness and linked to the uncreated force, brings things 
into being. These “things” operate on a “program” or belief system, driven by intention of 
the creator that is inherently destructive or supportive of life. 

When humans resist and make negative projects again “others” alienation occurs in the 
vibratory fabric which united us. 

Report by Helene Ramos