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IMEC (Marie Cobel) with “Friends” 
September 14, 1985 

Session 144: Two energies create the third — the created world 

Original Question: 

In thinking about consciousness, it is difficult to think about it without the concept of 
choice. As we get further from out, own concept of form it’s difficult to think about an 
insect for instance having choice. Could you speak to how the concept of 
“choicefulness” applies in that instance? 


If you use the illustration of the two energies, then step back one step further in 
recognizing that these two energies - being individual onto themselves - became aware 
of the uncreated force and directed that energy to produce their rate of vibration, their 
being individualized. The individualized vibration being separate from but supported by 
the uncreated forced and maintaining a vibration rate of its own, knowing of its own but 
to interact, to experience change without losing its individualization but interact with 
other energies having reached the same level but being of a different rate because of 
their individuality. 

The coming together of the two energies create the third- the created world. All have 
their source in the uncreated force. Consciousness is contained in the two energies 
(male and female) both of which are of different vibratory rates. Recognition of the 
uncreated force allows overall consciousness to occur which then flows into individual 

When the two energies interact, then come into manifestation, this happens on a 
chance basis. Chance=choice. From the perspective of the uncreated force, each 
manifestation creates a new awareness of itself — something like infinite choice? 

Enlightenment is being in the flow of the uncreated force — balanced — being neither 
overly male or female. 

Our consciousness is not dependent on the earth energies. When we recognize this 
and connect directly to the uncreated force, we are free. 

Report by Helene Ramos